Sneha Enjoying Crazy Sex With Prasad - I

Sneha staying in the housing complex was living with her mother. Her husband who was in gulf married her just six months back. Sneha had a sister in a town about 50 km away. Her mother used to stay with her for a month and with Sneha for a month alternatively. Sneha wanted to get a job so that she may be busy in the day time.

Her mother said when I go away you can search for a job, otherwise I will be lonely inthe house. Sneha wanted somebody to pay her electric and mobile bills. She asked her husband whether he can pay them online from gulf. He said please go and pay it yourself for the time being, I will pay after two months.

Poor Sneha went to the electricity office where there was a long Q in the hot sun. A young man came and offered to help her and said she may go sit in the shade of the tree and that he will pay. Within 15 minutes, he paid her bill and his bill and came to her and paid her the balance cash and the receipt.

Sneha was greatly relieved and thanked him and asked for his name and his mobile number. He said he name was Prasad and gave his mobile number. He said he is not employed and is searching for a job. He had a bike and offered a lift to her flat. Prasad, tall and handsome, may be around 20 dropped her in her flat and went along his way.

Sneha thought how nice was Prasad. He was thinking about him during night. She thought she should call and get friendly with him. Such kind persons are hard to find. If he is searching for a job, Sneha thought she too can join him in searching. Next day she telephoned him and asked him to come if he is free. He asked when should he come, she said say at 9 am.

She told him to join her for breakfast. Sneha just 21 years old, graduate, and had a diploma in comP. science and office management, can easily find a job. She asked her husband who gave his consent and she prepared her bio data and took some copies and prepared breakfast and was waiting for Prasad to come. He was handsomely dressed.

They both had breakfast and started on his bike. She had no idea about the companies whom to approach. Prasad took her to a cluster of companies and they went to different companies and distributed their bio data. In one company, they wanted Sneha to wait, and had a spot interview with the boss for the post of private secretary with handsome salary and other perks.

Sneha was happy expressed her willingness to join but sought one weeks time. She told this to Prasad who was also happy because in one company specialised in marketing they wanted people like him and the salary they offered was also attractive. He too was happy and he said that because of Sneha he got her lucky charm.

They bought some food from the hotel and took it to her flat and ate and relaxed. Sneha said it is because you Prasad, the idea of job came to my mind, and Prasad said he was wandering all these days today it is because of the lucky charm of Sneha that he got a job and his life is going to undergo a change.

Suddenly Sneha got up from her sofa went up to him hugged him and kissed him. Without resisting he also hugged her with his powerful hands and kissed. They did this without any forethought. It was just a gesture of gratitute. But it did not stop there. Sneha was sex hungry. She never thought she should not indulge with another man when she had a husband of her own.

Prasad also never gave it thought that he should not have proceeded ahead with another married lady. If her husband comes to know it will ruin her life. Sneha felt the hairy chest of Prasad which was very soothing. She unbuttoned his shirt and her hand went under his vest and was feeling the thick forest of hair on his chest.

He felt her bra hooks inside her blouse, which he unhooked and unhooked her blouse and beautiful boobs came out from captivity. They were golden in color with pink aerola and deep pink nipples. Prasad mever thought that he will untimately undress her. His heart was beating at a fast rate. It was a momentary decision. The time was 3 pm.

Sneha guided him to her bedroom, removed her saree, blouse and bra were already loose and she removed them and then she removed her petticoat also and now she was naked except her panty. Prasad got the message, he too removed his shirt, vest, and pant and he was n his boxer. They again hugged, he caught hold of her boob and massaged it one by one.

His eyes were roaming over her flat belly, raised round ass and her stought thighs. His touch over each part of her body just inflamed her. She remembered what she was doing was wrong. Her husband loved her and sent her lot of money. Called her daily and asked her to get a job to kill her boredom. She was to convey him the happy news.

Now she looked at Prasad, such a nice boy, he was younger than him. He will be around her calling her Didi and do all the work that she orders him to do. He too got a job, income from which would be a great help to his mother. She looked at Prasad, so young a boy, innocent face and he had no bad intention against her. He thinks it is because of her luck charm that got him a job.

Sneha lied in the bed and asked Prasad to lie down with her. She saw a bulge in the boxer he wore. That is the problem with men, they cannot hide their hornyness. It shows in the form of a bulge. For a girl when she is hot, her fluids may flow into her panty, which nobody will know. They both had reached a point of no return. Both were breathing heavily.

To Be Continued...

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Sekhar Enjoying Sex With Neighbourhood Girl Sudha

When I was working in a small town, I was searching for a single bath arrached room to stay. When you stay with others there are many kinds of people who are difficult to get along. In a single room I can be on my own without any disturbance. Oh let me introduce you, I am Sekhar, 26, resident representative of a MNC. I am 5'10" well built, fair with sporty atheletic body.

I wear a pant, shirt and tie when on duty otherwise I prefer a jeans, and t shirt. In the night I wear only a lungi and I prefer to sleep without any undergarments. I have very limited friends and I enjoy boozing with them during week ends. I was lucky to get a single room apartment in Santhi Apartments situated in a bye lane, carable of course.

There is no parking space inside the apartment and hence I had to park my bike by the side of the road and enter the apartment which was in the second floor. In the first floor they had small family apartments or rather studio apartments. Only small families stayed there. Because of my busy schedule I did not know anybody staying there.

I used to see some ladies standing and chit chatting and children playing. There two or three grown up girls of about 16 or 17 years of age. At a cursary glance they were all good looking and with good boobs and other physical features. One day as I was climbing the stairs, I saw a girl coming down.

I just smiled at her and she responded and I just asked her her name, she replied Sudha. I gave her one more smile, before I could further my conversation she ran down fast. Next day again as I was going up, she was coming down and asked for my name smilingly, I said Sekhar. In which room you are staying in the second floor, she asked.

I was taken aback at her courage I told her my room is second from the stairs, No.2. Which is your flat I asked, she said it is first. Who are all there staying with you, I asked. She replied only my fathear and mother. I asked do they both work. She said yes. In which class you are studying I asked, she said in XI in St.Mary's. After this she ran away. Next day again I met Sudha.

Now we have become familiar. I asked her why dont you come to my room, we can watch nice movies in my laptop. She asked, you have laptop. I said yes, they have given me a laptop for sending them daily reports. Can we play CDs and DVDs in your laptop. I said yes, certainly, do you have any CDs I asked. Yes she said some dance songs.

Do you dance, what kind of dance, I asked. She said I am just learning. Tommorow come to my room, as soon as your parents go. I am free for the whole day.I said. No No, if anybody sees it will give them a bad impression. Come if nobody is there, I said. Let me see, she said. Next day I bought some sweets, nuts and buscuits and left them on the table.

In the night I used to watch some porn sites. But as soon as I finish watching I remove their IDs from the history list. In the evening I was going out for taking tea and for a walk. I saw somebody standing at the door of the flat No.1. I just extended my hand and told him my name. He wish me and asked to go inside. I saw Sudha sitting in the chair and watching TV.

Her father, Raghu, introduced me to his wife. I told them I am staying in the next floor and working for an MNC. They were happy to know me and they showed this is our daughter, Sudha studying for her XI th. I did not show that I knew her. Sudha's mother brought two cups of tea and some snacks. Raghu and I took tea and after some time I bid them farewell and left.

Next day Sudha was there to see me off when I left for office. She said I am not going to the school as there is a student agitation. Oh, I said, let me see whether I can come early. I came back within an hour and went up and opened the door of my flat. I left my things and changed into lungi and banian and came down. Sudha was there in her flat watching TV.

I asked to come up and she came closing and locking her door up to my flat. As I was watching her running up the stairs, I saw her boobs bouncing. As soon as we both entered, I feeling her back asked her whether she has worn her bra. I placed my both hands on her boobs and felt them without bra. She shyly said since it was a holiday and my parents were out I did not wear a bra.

She was wearing a blouse and a long skirt. I pulled her towards me and made her to climb on me. When I was feeling her ass, I could understand that she was not even wearing a panty. When my hand ran over her ass, she gave out a hissing sound, ssssssssssss as it was tickling her.

I leaned backwards on my bed and she was lying on me with her boobs pressing against my chest and her legs on either side of me. I pressed both of her asses with my both hands and lifted her so that I can see her virgin pussy. It was a small pussy with scant hair and her clitoris protruding out.

I did not get resistance from her and I never thought I will get her naked on my top. But since she is so young and fresh, I did not want to have any sex with her but only to play around externally. I unbuttoned her blouse and she was naked above her waist. Her small boobs were well shaped and the tiny nipples were erect.

I cupped my hand over her boobs and she half closing her eyes was moaning softly. Making her sit on me, I removed my banian and the thick mat of hair on my chest induced her curiosity and she ran her hand over my chest. I removed my lungi from under her and she saw my fully erect cock. I undid her skirt and removed it over her head and with that she was totally naked.

She was sitting on my cock. I hugged her with both of my hands and she too put her hands around me. She pulled her hands out and took my cock and wanted to feel how hard it is. I got up carrying her with her legs around my waist, I moved to the side where my laptop was kept. I opened it and put on a porn site, showing hardcore sex.

Sudha was amazed and was looking at the monitor with wide eyes. I asked her whether she had seen man and woman fucking. She said no. Just see, how his cock is going inside her, I said. In the meantime I put my cock against her pussy and brushed it up and down. I pressed the tip on her clitoris sending an electric wave in her youthful body.

She hold my cock and started to brush it aginst her cunt herself and pressed the tip on her own clitoris and was enjoying the feel. She opened her cuntlips wide and asked me to insert my cock into her cunt. I said no, you hole is too small, you have to grow up before you take this big a cock. But I will show you another thing.

I made her to lie down on my bed, with her legs wide open. I licked her cunt and pressed her clitoris with my tongue. She was pressing her head down into her pussy and was moaning. I put my tongue around her whole cunt and within a short time I could feel the sensation of pulsations in the young cunt muscles. I could understand she has had her first orgasm.

Her whole body shuddered and flow of her cunt juices was copious. Within a short time Sudha was limp and her eyes closed. I got up and went to the bathroom and was shagging when Sudha came running to the bathroom and wanted to see what I am doing to my cock. I showed her how my cock sprayed spurts of cum into the floor of the bathroom.

She took a drop of the cum in the finger and felt its viscosity. She smelt it and tased it with the tip of her tongue. I washed my cock and her cunt. I explained to her the basics of sex act. We lied naked for some more time. I showed how to suck my cock. She could take only one fourth of my cock in her mouth. She gradually learnt to give good blowjob.

We used to enjoy oral sex and without penetrating her cunt I gave her two or three orgasms. I stayed in that room for another six months and during which time we met dozens of times and enjoyed sex without violating her virginity.

Sucking her nipples and clitoris I gave her great pleasure and she took my entire cock into her mouth and gave me great blowjobs. I was posted to Delhi and I took a painful goodbye from her.

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Mallu Housewives Enjoying Cheating Sex

Arifa and Chanda were childhood friends. After their college education they got married and by coincidence their husbands worked in gulf countries. Their husbands Rafiq and Rahul became friends due to the initiative of thier wives. When a residential project came up, they both bought flats so that their wives can be together to keep company to each other.

Arifa had a son aged 4 years and Chanda a daughter aged 3. They got both of them admitted in a primary school and they were in the KG class. Arifa to kill her spare time wanted to take up a job, but Chanda wanted to stay at home watching TV and browsing laptop. Both were sex starved and hence their topic of discussion used to be matters relating to sex.

Always they thought of sex and cock. Their husbands who come on leave once in a year on one month's leave give them maximum sex enough to last one year. Their only pastime to stand on their third floor veranda and watch the busy crowd passing in the road.

Their children return from their school by about 1.30 and after giving them food and putting to sleep, again they come to the veranda. Suddenly Chanda remembered that her electricity bill is due for payment on the next day and she asked Arifa how she manages to pay the electricity bill.

Arifa said her cousin told her that there was a man who does this as a service, and you have to pay him a small fee. Arifa said she had asked her cousin to send him to her so that she can engage him for the payment of various bills. Chanda said thank God, otherwise I may have to walk in the sun and stand in the queue. Please send him to me also Arifa. Arifa agree.

Next day a middle aged man, around 45 year old, clad in a lungi and came and told Chanda that Arifa madam and sent him. He was one Ali and did this kind of odd services to known people. He was trust worthy so most of the ladies liked him to make payment of their bills and for making small purchases, like vegetables, meat, fish, beef etc. After the days work, they fed him.

Chanda gave him enough money and asked him to pay her electricity bills, phone bills, mobile bill and on the way back to buy some fish. Ali without uttering a word, took the money and the bag for buying fish etc. Finishing all the work, Ali retrned within one hour and Chanda was anxious whether this fellow is decent and honest and wether he will pay the bills and come.

When Ali came in a short time, Chanda was happy and checked the cash and found it was all perfect. She told Ali to stay for some time for her cooking to be over and that she will give him good lunch with fish curry. Ali said he will just lie down for some time. since it was noon and the walking in the hot sun has made him tired.

He went inside and found the pantry very convenient and spread the mat and slept. After some time Chanda went in search of him and found him lying the pantry on a mat, in deep sleep, with him lungi in total disarray, and his 7 inch cock in semi erect condition.

It is more than three months that her husband fucked her and she had terrible itching in her cunt and wanted only a good cock to satisfy her. But how to ask him to fuck her. She standing by the door, called him to wake him up and to come and take his food. But he was not moving. She went near him and had a close up view of his cock.

If it was 7" when in limp condition, it certainly would be bigger than this when it is erect. Chanda thought about the cock of her husband. It was just half of this. In the first night when he wanted to fuck her, she thought it was big and gave her pain when her seal was broken.

Though he fucked her three or four times for the next two days, she was not bold enough to take his cock in her hand. He persuaded her to take it in her mouth, which she did not like, and when it was limp, she took it in her mouth and soon it grew bigger and bigger and filled her mouth and she had to spit out.

Her husband's cock grew big in no time and was ready for fuck if she happened to even touch it. Chanda was enjoying the very look of the cock of Ali. When she looked closely she could see it was pulsating. She called the name Ali twice loudly, but he was not responding. She just wanted to take this in her hands and fondle it just for knowing the feel of it.

Ali was in deep sleep and was not even hearing her or responding. Perhaps he was too tired. Chanda squatting near him, took his cock and fondled it with both of her hands. When pressed it was soft to feel. She was afraid if he wakes up and finds her fondling his cock how embarrassing it would be. Why not place a kiss on the tip of the cock, Chanda thought.

She was so much fascinated by it. She just looked around and looked at the clock, the time was 1.30 pm. She went and checked the front door, it was bolted. She felt moisture in her panty and it was damp already. She was wearing churidar kurtha, and thought of changing into a saree. Ali did not seem to have bathed for the day. There was a smell coming when she went near him.

How can she ask him to go and take bath. After all he is just a messenger to do odd jobs for her and she gives him food for what favours he has done. She cannot ask him to take bath. Even if he takes bath, his cloths are dirty. If while she fondling his cock, he gets us and questions her, what she will reply. No, No, no more fondling. He is so dirty and not to do any sex with him.

But a lovely long stout cock was just readily available for Chanda in her panty. She fondled it to her heart's content. The fellow was not getting up. She wanted to try kissing, licking and sucking it. That will be too much. She just went away and thought she will ask Arifa whether Ali would give sex service also.

She took her lunch, went to the bathroom and changed her panty and put on a fresh panty. In the meatime her child came from the school and after some time Ali woke and came, She gave him food and he sat at the end of the table. She asked him so many questions, but he replied only in mono syllables. After finishing his food he asked whether he has any other work.

She asked him to come the next day. In the evening She met Arifa in the veranda. Arifa asked her whether Ali came did all the work she wanted him to do. Chanda thought should she tell Arifa that she saw his 7" cock and she took it in her hand and fondled it.

Then she thought against it. Again their talk turned to sex. Arifa said in her new office there was a handsome young man who wants to take her for lunch. Arifa was seemingly happy to tell this. I do not know whether he is trustworthy, let me see.

Chanda envied Arifa she gets new colleagues who will fuck her and give her sexual pleasure. I dont have a person whom you can trust. Going to Ali seeking for sex is demeaning. Let me see thought Chanda and her sexless days went on.

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Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - IV

Previously: Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - III

We kissed again and without saying a word Neeru started taking off my clothes and ultimately took my Cock in her fist and started jerking me to make it harder. I was bit discharged and there was bit of wetness on the tip of my Cock and just like my GF do, I was expecting that Neeru will also ask me to wash my Cock but she took tip of my cock in her moth without any hesitation and sucked it tenderly.

“oHhhhhh….” Her mouth was hot and wet and I cried in pleasure, my belly wrinkled in divine sensation and in a moment she started sucking me properly. For any male it is always great to see his length appearing and disappearing in females face and like every female Neeru was also looking gorgeous with my meat in her mouth.

Whatever Neeru clamped my Cock in her warm mouth tenderly and continued sucking me and after a minute or bit more she stopped and peeled the foreskin my rod slowly and once again took me in her warm mouth. This time I cried little louder as it was more of a pain and less of a pleasure but slowly as Neeru enhanced wetness of her mouth and I started moaning in pleasure again.

Heaven! I was never sucked by my GF for so long and with such affection and as I saw her lovely face filled with my hard cock continuously my pleasure started rising and clenching my teeth I grunted endlessly. Eventually I stopped Neeru from sucking my Cock and asked her in which position she would like to do “Kaunsi position mein karna hai?”

and she replied to that saying whatever position I like but asked me not to fuck her fast because if bed will shiver her daughter will get up “Jo bhi aapko achhi lagti hai ussi mein kar low…per jayada tez tez mat karna, bed hilega to ye jaag jaayegi”.

I wanted to fuck her doggy style, no other reason in last few days I was fallen in love with her plump bottom but accepting her words I asked her lay down on her back. I told her that I have Condoms and I can get them but Neeru was too excited and opening her thighs she asked me to leave that “Chhodo…rahne do”.

Next I came over her and holding my Cock in her fist she bought me to her opening and for an instant rubbed my cock tip over her fuckhole. I moaned in pleasure, she too gasped and finally I entered inside her fuckhole unhurriedly. Ohh Yes…she was incredible; hot and very slippery and closing her eyes Neeru enjoyed every fraction of my length going into her fuckhole.

Panting and gasping, we stumbled on the bed slowly and holding me in her arms Neeru widened her legs and locked them around my pumping ass. I kissed her, squeezed her breasts roughly and just in few seconds of slow and tender fucking our bodies grew tacky with sweat.

I licked her sweat from her neck and grunting in intense pleasure Neeru asked me to fuck her bit faster “Thoda fast Karo” and I told her that bed will quake “Bed Hilega…!” No wonder Neeru was once again heading to her climax and ignoring quivering of bed she requested me to fuck her faster “Koi baat nahin... Please fast Karo...Please…fuck me”

she uttered in low shuddering voice and moving my ass swiftly I hammered her hard. Neeru cried intensely and sensing her demand I continued to fuck her deep screwing thrusts. Neeru was overwhelmed with excitement, her breasts were hot and heavy against my chest and our bodies were gone slippery with sweat, heat was rising and I started fucking her further hard.

Oh…Fuck..! Hungry and desperate, she was incredible, as I rammed her savagely her fuckhole squeezed and contracted greedily on my cock and crushing me in her arms Neeru clutched her legs around my waist. That was too much to bear for me yet on and on I just went on digging her flesh with all my strength and finally with a loud moan I exploded like hell.

By now Neeru was also reached to the verge and moment I drove my length in her womb for final spew her hips juddered undermine and her fuckhole seemed to suck me deeper and deeper. I groaned desperately as heat surged from my Cock and moment I released my hot jizz in her womb Neeru clenched her lips and orgasmed with significant shivering over her crotch.

Oh…Wow! Finally I fucked Neeru, from last one month all I could see was just Neeru, all I could think of was her body and all I wanted was to bury my cock in her fuckhole. I was satisfied like I was never with my girl friend and puffing in relief with her eyes closed Neeru was also feeling like haven.

Eventually Neeru got up first and before she would have came out I too entered and we had a long kiss while standing in the washroom. I remember time when our first session ended was almost mid night and after coming out of washroom and wearing her clothes back Neeru asked me if I would like to have anything and we both had half cup of tea.

No wonder after tea we had another session and this time I fucked her in my desired posture. Though we started with a kiss again but soon we turned inverted to give each other oral pleasure in 69 and later we laid mattress on the floor and fucked in doggy style. Whatever this was just my first night with Neeru and in next 4-5 months I spent countless nights with her.

No exaggeration, I had never known a woman so wonderful, more I saw her more I desired to see her, same as more I fucked her more I desired to fuck her. At present almost one month is passed since I have came back home and in this one month I have broke up with GF. My parents after my life to hear my yes for marriage but I am tempted to go back to Neeru.

I am sure my parents will not agree for my marriage with Neeru, moreover even I am not sure ultimately what I want. Readers do give your feedback over my sex experienced and suggest me what should I do.

The End.

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Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - III

Previously: Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - II

Oh…Man what is that? I exclaimed in pleasant surprise as I saw Neeru standing in front of me wearing that lingerie. It was Pink in color with just thin straps on her shoulders and because she was not wearing bra underneath half of her massive breasts were exposed to my eyes, not just that it was ending few inches above her knees and her thick fleshy thighs were simply breath taking for me.

“If you want…you can fuck me” she uttered in low but clear voice and deep inside I was really dying to do that but behaving romantic I knobbed my head in No and asked her for the hug. “I want to hug you” I uttered and next moment she moved ahead and once again came in my arms.

Wow! Huge and very soft and no bra underneath, feel of her Breasts were too good on my chest and my hands were on her back and waist. Really I didn’t had any clue that exactly what is running in her mind, I was feeling that she is intended to have relation with me but with a commitment that I will marry her after her divorce

and truly speaking after seeing her in that lingerie and holding her wonderful body in my arms I was thinking about making that bogus commitment and for an instant I said sorry to her “I am sorry…” but to my surprise hearing my sorry she knobbed her head in no and hugging me harder requested me to fuck her “please fuck me…”

I was surprised and before I would have reacted to her demand she came out saying that she does not want to marry me and after that once again asked me to fuck her “mujhe aapse Shaadi nahin karni…you just fuck me…”

That was too straight forward and really very difficult for me to believe and sitting in her living room on the couch while holding her in my arms I asked Neeru exactly what does she want from me she admitted that she really likes me and she too is sexually attracted to me “aap mujhe bahut achhe lagte ho…aur mujhe bhi aapke saath sex karne ka bahut mann hai…”

and after a tiny pause she said it was her mistake that she thought about marrying me “aur jo maine aapse Shaadi ke liye kaha…wo meri galti thi” “Sure?” I asked her and she said yes without any hesitation. Next there was nothing which could stop me and while being on same couch I squeezed her in my arms and I started kissing her like crazy.

Neeru did not respond to my kiss that crazily but she was good while she sucked my lips. After exploring her mouth nicely I moved down to her neck and with my hands caressing her breasts roughly I brushed my lips over her thick cleavage.

She moaned in pleasure in low voice and grabbed my scalp in rising excitement and as I drifted that thin strap down from her shoulder and took out her breasts to suck her nipples she asked me to come to her bedroom. It took me barely one minute to lock my flat and finally I entered in her bedroom.

Room was dark but light of washroom attached with her bedroom was on, child was sleeping sound on one side and within next few seconds I was on the other side laying on her Mom. We once again started with a kiss but soon I drifted her lingerie’s both the straps down and started sucking her breasts like hungry child.

Keeping her eyes closed Neeru moaned silently while grabbing in her arms and slowly I moved down and reached to her crotch. Oh…Man, wet and flooding like hell she smelled erotic and moment I pulled her Panty out of her legs pungent aroma of her love juices drove me crazy. I widened her fleshy thighs and moved into them swiftly and Neeru cried in pleasure with sudden jolt.

She tried to stop me but I was unstoppable and I started sucking her fuckhole with all my passion. I opened her thighs wider and lunged deep in her womb with my lips and tongue and hissing in pleasure Neeru continued flooding thickly with significant shivering over her belly.

No doubt Neeru was far more excited than me; it was evident with a wetness of her fuckhole and as I did not stopped sucking her fuckhole for another minute she clenched my head between her thighs and with broken breath repeatedly spoke that she will cum “Mera ho jaayega…mera ho jaayega…mera ho jaayega”.

Her gasps drove me further mad and I continued sucking and flicking her fuckhole and finally with electrifying sensation passing through her body and soul Neeru got traumatized in shattering orgasm.

I don’t about her past experiences but I never saw my girl friend getting devastated in such an intense orgasm and that is just by sucking. Anyway keeping me buried in her fleshy thighs I did not stopped licking her sticky juices until her climax passed and she tried to get up.

To Be Continued...

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Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - II

Previously: Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - I

Next day Neeru hired a maid for my flat and took charge of getting my flat cleaned in her presence and with her such concerned gesture within a week’s time I got so tempted to seduce her that I started masturbating on her name almost daily. I must say anyhow I could not see any such attraction in Neeru,

apparently she was seeking just a good friend in me but I was not satisfied with just her friendship, I wanted to feel the sweetness of her feminine character like a man and I decided approach her. I waited for few more days when her parents were once again suppose to the same nearby town to attend the formal death ceremony which is usually held after 13 days of the specific date.

In the mean time I applied for one day off at my work place for that particular date and along with Condoms also bought single piece lingerie to gift her but all my hopes seemed getting shattered when a day before from the specific day Neeru’s mother got bit unwell and it was just her father who went off to the nearby town.

I was disappointed yet I had some hope and I stayed at home with an excuse of stomach upset and like it can be assumed Neeru continued doing to and fro between mine and her flat to look after me. I was pretending myself physically weak because of dehydration but the fact was that I was charged like never before in my past life with my girl friend,

Neeru was wearing simple kurta as top and tight leggings on her lower half and seeing her fleshy thighs and plump ass again and again resting on my bed I was getting madly tempted to pull her and climb on her. Couple of hours passed and she served me light food as Lunch and casually suggested me to get married now and I don’t know how it came in my mind

and I came out saying no for marriage and in continuation told her that I don’t need to get married until she is here to look after me “jab tak aap ho mera dhyan rakhne ke liye, mujhe shaadi karne ki koi zarurat nahin hai…” and hearing my words Neeru blushed a bit with bit of uneasiness and as I smiled over her blushing gesture she went off from there.

No doubt that statement was purely unintentional from my side but I took it as a way of expressing my lustful desire to her and after finishing my food gave her missed call to call her to my flat. Neeru came to me and collected her dishes and I formally asked her to sit for a while and talk to me.

She sat down on the same bed and I asked her exactly what the status of her divorce in the court is and she replied saying that her father will not let this divorce happen until her ex-husband will give her reasonable compensation and according to lawyers this whole thing will take few more years to end.

For an instant I reflected agreement over her father’s outlook on the matter and next I asked her what she has thought about her future after getting divorce and moving her vision away from my face she replied to that saying “I don’t know”. I was planning for this intimate talk from last 5-6 days and I had lot of more things to speak to her to make stage to express my ultimate desire

but next I jumped straight to the conclusion and holding her hand in my hand spoke that anyhow I cannot marry her but I have intense feeling for her, “main aapse Shaadi to nahin kar sakta per mere man mein aapke liye bahut pyar hai…”. More or less my intentions were clear with those words but as Neeru did not reacted much amazed over my statement

and continued looking down in shyness I concluded that and certainly there is something in her heart and mind too and holding her wrist I tried pulling her into me. She looked up with blushing gesture and as I asked her to give me a hug she came into my arms nicely.

We hugged and we hugged tight for really long, I don’t know how many times me and my girl friend have hugged each other but not for a moment I felt my GF’s hug as intense as Neeru’s hug. I am not sure if she would have already guessed my real perspective for her or no wonder if she would have thought that I will marry her after her divorce but reading her overall gesture

I could make out that certainly she was expecting something like this from me, that’s why she did not reacted much surprised over my approach and next after caressing her hairs for a while I detached her from hugging posture and planted my lips over her lips.

Neeru did not react to my kiss instantly but she did not try to stop me either and as I sucked her soft lips continuously for a minute she started responding to my kiss. We both sucked each other’s lips nicely and later as I knocked her mouth with my tongue she allowed me to enter and at the same time she too invaded my mouth with her tongue.

My one hand was on her waist and other was on her back and while kissing her deep and long as I grabbed her firm from the portion just below her breasts she broke the kiss and tried to get away from me. “Kya hua…?’ means what happened, I asked her as she got away from me and Neeru responded to that saying that if we cannot marry we should not do all this,

“agar hum Shaadi nahin kar sakte to humen ye sab nahin karna chahiye…” “Ok…I am sorry” I replied back to her and ultimately Neeru went off from my flat. I was disappointed, she was intended but she wanted to marry me after her divorce but I was not ready to commit anything like that just to fuck her. Anyway I masturbated on her name one more time and stayed at home.

Later as now I was not expecting Neeru coming to me with dinner somewhere around 8 in the night when I was about to change to go out to hunt for food my door bell rang and it was once again Neeru with the food. I was surprised and I gave her same expressions but she remained calm and polite over her expressions and voice asked me to call her if I need anything else.

I finished my dinner with lot of things running in my mind and decide to take one more chance. Ultimately; after an hour or bit less when Neeru came back to get her dishes I gave her the gift (one piece lingerie) while saying that I bought this for her and if she doesn’t like she can throw it “Ye main aapke liye laya tha…aapko achha na lage to feink dena…”

Truly speaking friends I was not expecting much from all this, I was just trying one more time and after around two or two and half hours; when I was sure that her parents; especially her father, will be sleeping sound after tiring travel of whole day I sent her text asking, did she liked the gift or she threw it “gift achha lagga ya fir fenk diya…?”

and I was disappointed when I saw that she has seen my massage but she is not responding to it. Few minutes passed, may be 10 minutes and I don’t know suddenly what came in her mind and she responded back to my massage saying that gift is very good but it is not meant for ugly looking female like her.

I was embarrassed and I wrote back that she is not at all ugly but she is beautiful not just in appearance but also at her heart and soul. After reading my text once again Neeru did not responded back to my massage. I waited for her reply for around 5 minutes and ultimately asked her to talk to me face to face and she said Ok to it.

I was expecting that in a minute or two my door bell will ring but after another five minutes Neeru sent me text asking me come to her flat. I was little hesitant to go to her flat, with an uncertainty what if any of her parents will see me with her at that hour but I got up and came out of my flat and moment I reached in front of her door she unlocked the door.

To Be Continued...

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Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - I

Hello HD readers, I am Tushar, almost 30 years of age, at present I am living in my home town Delhi and my sex experience is about me fucking a very simple and ordinary but sex starved female Neeru while I was on the job in one small but renowned city of UP.

Actually I am associated with a company who send me on projects all around in northern India and usually I end my work in one month or maximum two months time but sometimes these projects get delayed and this time I have to stay there for little more than six months and this female Neeru was living with her parents in the flat next to mine.

Initially I didn’t know that she is a daughter of the old couple living in my neighborhood, as I always saw her with 3-4 year old baby girl first thing which came in my mind that she is a daughter-in-law of the family but later when I got little friendly with the old couple they told me that Neeru is their daughter,

married to somebody who also lives in Delhi and because her husband is presently working overseas she has came here to live. Now if try writing Neeru’s appearance then I would say she is very simple and ordinary girl with average looks. Age couple of years less than mine, Short in height; may be 5’4” or an inch less, she was dusky skinned with firm-chinned oval face and big black eyes.

Physically; with significant belly and heavy breasts she was little plump over her sexual assets and to be frank in her first glance she had nothing in her gesture to attract a male like me. No wonder being a Delhihite, I was having a very good looking girl friend of good figure with whom I was sexually involved from last couple of years

but as few days passed and I saw Neeru repeatedly I started getting attracted to her, not just sexually but otherwise as well. Always silent she was having very mysterious gesture and whenever anyone among two oldies invited me in their flat, Neeru never talked to me, she always went off from there after serving me water and slowly her ignorance of not talking to me,

moreover not even staying in front of me started driving me lusty for her. I wanted to get friendly with her but even after a month what maximum she spoke to me was just “Hello” when on one fine evening we got together in the lift. Anyway I remember when things started to change between me and Neeru I was little more than a month old

in that apartment and time was well passed to mid-night and my door bell started ringing vigorously. I was yet awake and I opened the door and her father told me that baby girl is suffering in high temperature and with that requested me to accompany Neeru to take her to the Doctor. Why not? They had Scooty and I drove Neeru with her daughter to their known Doctor’s residence.

Specifically that was the day from where my as well as Neeru’s fate changed, by now her parents were quite friendly with me and particularly after that day to my surprise they started behaving as if I have done something really very great for them, though Neeru never behaved like her parents but she started talking to me casually.

Next to get friendlier with her I used her sweet daughter and next day onwards, almost daily after coming back from work I use to address her daughter’s name and sometimes I use to take her along in my flat but most of the time I use t play with her in front of her mother and grandparents.

Few days passed like this, may be 10 days and suddenly through one of the attended of the apartment who sit on reception I came to knew that Neeru is living with her parents from last three years and she is actually separated from her husband. This piece of information really moved me a lot, sexually as well as emotionally.

I don't what was happening to me, I was never so attracted to heavy sexual assets but more I saw Neeru's plump ass and thick fleshy thighs more I got tempted to touch her there. Whatever, few more days passed, may be a week; slowly because of her daughter’s attachment with me Neeru was getting friendlier with me and with that on one fine Sunday she got alone in the house.

Actually there was an expiry of her father’s cousin brother who was living in nearby town on Saturday late night and next morning both the oldies went there to visit the cremation and that Sunday since morning her child remained with me and Neeru continued doing to and fro between mine and her flat.

Next somewhere around 1 in the noon when her daughter slept for a while in my bedroom and Neeru picked her to take her along she invited me for Lunch casually and as I was keen to spent time with her, without behaving formal I accepted her invitation. Although I knew the truth yet over the lunch I asked her few questions about her husband,

exactly what do he do and where do she has a house in Delhi and to my surprise after replying to couple of my queries Neeru spoke the truth of her life, that she is separated from her husband. Truly speaking I was really surprised to see her straight forwardness and as I asked her reason of her separation with same frankness she told me that after around two years

of her marriage her husband found some other female who was fair and far good looking then her and he sent her back home and filed divorce against her. Divorce between she and her husband was yet not granted by the court but her husband was living with that female and with few more details Neeru reviewed her past life to me as if I am her friend.

Later she asked me if I have any girlfriend in Delhi and because by now my intentions for her were almost clear in my mind I lied; that I don’t have any girl friend but behaving nature as per my over all personality I admitted that I had one couple of years back.

Eventually Lunch came to an end and somewhere around 5 in the evening Neeru came to my flat with her daughter and served me evening tea and over tea I realized that after sharing her past life she was friendlier me. Later before her parents reached back home we also had dinner together and finally for me that day came to end; virtually uneventful but with lot of hope for me for the future.

To Be Continued...

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