Rahul Having Sex Fun With Priya In Sariska

The story which I am going to write is about me Yash and my friend Priya.A few months back we meet each other at a party through a mutual friend and our bonding grew strong. I myself work with an MNC into Hr Profile and my age is 28 Priya is working as an Account manager with PR Company she will be also of same age. We both live in Gurgaon on M.g Road.

Without wasting much time, I will narrate my story Still, I remember it was Thursday and I took a week off on Friday and planned a long weekend. I was looking for some friend who can accompany me on the trip which I have planned for the Weekend I posted the same on WhatsApp group and checked with people.

Surprisingly Priya pinged me on the private window and we planned a trip to Sariska National park. On Friday early in the Morning, I called her when I was about to reach her apartment on DLF Phase 2 to pick her up.As I reached she was waiting at her gate in khaki shorts which were only covering half of her thighs and army printed T-shirt.

Her sports bra was clearly visible from the deep neck. I helped her to settle down with her luggage in my Thar and headed towards. On the way, we picked our Breakfast from the Mac Donalds and loaded a cartoon of Miller. As we crossed Gurgaon we opened our beer and grabbed our food.

As we took cut from the Highway it was 11:00 Am and beer started showing its effect and we started to open up. Priya pushed her seat to back and put her leg over dashboard. My eyes were continuously gazing her toned leg and she noticed it and gave me a winking smile.

By seeing this I gained some confident and moved my hand over the gear box to get something and touched it she looked at me and moved back to my seat after a while she came close to me and kept her shoulders over my chest and I was feeling her smell.I looked at her and kissed her lips slowly the kiss turned into smooch and then we started eating each other lips.

By now I took my vehicle off the road in the middle of the field and parked it beside the pond in the middle of the bush. She moved to the back seat and took me into my arms and placed a kiss on her lips and neck. Then started eating her ears and back of the neck. I asked her to do her hand up and started licking her underarms.Her chic grew pink and nipples got firm.

I pushed my hands under T-Shirt and felt the boobs.They where warm and moist.I pulled out her T-shirt and Unbuttoned her Khaki shorts and managed to push my hands in her maroon sports style panty. She started breathing heavily I kissed on her cleavage and took the maroon bra out I was amazed to see Her Boobs they were firm and tight Her nipples were dark like chocolate.

I grabbed them and started biting them. She Moaned Haaa haaa. I pushed her to the seat and started kissing her cleavage, boobs stomach and then naval. The fragrance of her Ck was making a complete atmosphere very exotic. I pushed her down started kissing her waist line she pulled me towards her face and started smooching me.

After a smooch, she murmurs I my ears baby Fuck me hard. By hearing this I took her shorts out along with the panty and parted her legs and imparted wet kiss over her pussy. She was so horny that she came all inside my mouth and I licked every bit with my tongue. It acted as an energy booster to me.

I slapped her ass and told her baby now it’s your turn.By hearing this she got mad and pushed me over the back seat and pulled t my T-Shirt out and started licking my neck chest and with a slutty smile over her face she gave me love bite and told the first bite to our lusty friendship. She unhooked my jeans below and took my dick in her hand. It was erect like 22mm hot iron Rod.

She rubbed my dick over her cleavage and nipples then gave me a blow job for 10 mins. I got excited and took her boobs in my mouth and started licking it and biting it her pink nipples got erect we both were moaning loudly and sounding ohhh yehaaa !!!! Oh yehhaa!!!

I As I put my face again between her legs and licked her pussy for 5 mins after that she started shouting fuck me yash Fuck me. I took my dick and inserted in her pussy she moaned loudly and bit my shoulders. She was having a Quite tight pussy and it took a lot of effort to push my disk inside in a single short.

I paused and my dick was still inside we smooched for some time.Once I realized that she has relief I started giving her small pushes slowly frequency of pushes increased. I asked her should we come inside each other she said no and suggested to taste each other love juice as it was our first time we took the 69 position as it was very difficult to do it in Jeep but we managed.

We both were moaning very loudly and sweating heavily in sometimes both of us came out with full force in each other mouth licked each other love juice and cleaned each other with our tongue.

Once we were done I hugged her and helped her to get dressed and headed toward our camp. I will post about our second session in next story how we had fun besides the Pond and under open sky beside a bonfire.

Guys, please share your comments below. Thanks.

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Rahul Narrating Male Escort Service Encounter

My love to all the Human Digest readers. I am Rahul 29-year-old working guy average guy and can satisfy any pussy, and I live in Udupi(Manipal). I love sex very much and easily I get an erection. Also, I wanted to earn money from sex.

I also love to chat on the net. Now my story starts from here, a few years back when I was chatting on the yahoo chat, I met a girl named Arundhati whose age was 32 years and she told me that she was married with two kids (1 daughter of 4 years and 1 son of 2 years), as she was married at the age of 20 years and she was a Gujarati.

While chatting we became very friendly with me and she told me that she also lived in Manipal and her husband is it professional working in us. After having a long chat we both agreed to exchange our pics.

Now 2 days later I was got her pic and got the erection of my life, as I saw that Arundhati was a Gujarati babe with a fair complexion, big round boobs with long silky hairs, she was totally looking hot Gujarati babe in the pic, so I wanted to seduce her.

Then in the night we again met in the chat, indhu told me that I was a handsome looking guy and I also told that she is a pretty looking lady. Indhu wrote that she wants to talk to me on the phone and increase our friendship, I at once understood the reason of her being desperate and we exchanged our numbers.

Immediately I rang her up and she was happy to hear my voice which I felt and we started talking like good friends and I also asked about her husband. She asked me whether I had a girlfriend. I picked up the courage to ask her about her sex life, as I asked her she became depressed and told me that she wanted sex very badly.

Then I proposed her that I want to be her sex partner, also if she pays I ‘ll satisfy her v much, she accepted immediately, as she could make out as a decent guy from the pic. Indhu told me to come to her house at around 10:30 the next morning, as her daughter will go to school and she will leave her son in a friend’s house.

Then I reached her house she welcomed me in her house, but we both knew what we were going to do. She was in a red salwar with red nail polish and lipstick. She then told me that she was missing sex. She then took me to her bedroom and we started chatting sitting on the bed, but she was giving all naughty smiles at me.

She saw the erection in my pants and she smiled at me I slowly embraced her by taking her in my arms and we both were breathing heavily and I gave her a moist kiss on her lips for at least 2-3 minutes and we were embracing each other erotically and now I kissed her in french style, exploring each others mouth. She told me lets enjoy.

Now she undressed me and my long erect penis popped out. I opened her salwar kameez and her bra and I climbed over her and started making love badly by kissing her forehead, eyes, earlobes, lips and she was moaning aahhhhhh, mmmmhhhhhh, bahut maza avee chee and also sucked her nipples. Now I was kissing her lips and my one finger was inside her pussy.

Now I parted both legs and I started licking and inserting my tongue inside her pussy, she was enjoying and moaning very loudly, aaaahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh her love juices flowed inside my mouth. I also stimulated her clitoris which she enjoyed very much and much.

The chance was mine to get a blow job and I slept on my back and she covered my penis with her beautiful soft lips and started moving up and down and she gave erotic bites to my penis, then we were in 69 position, as she was on top of me. We again embraced and kissed each other’s lips badly and our body had become hot.

Now it was time for the real action, as I slept on my back and she sat on my penis and I caught her ass with both of my hands and she started pumping up and down and she was. After some time we both changed our position, as I slept above her, both the legs tightly wrapped around my waist and I was pumping in and out and she was moaning loudly.

Now I increased my speed and so her moans increased, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I was kissing her lips and neck. I felt that my semen was boiling like anything inside my penis and it was tickling me.

I told her that I am going to cum’ and then I took out my love tool and I released my load of cum on her boobs and on her stomach and she massaged my cum on her body moaning in great pleasure, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

I slept on my back with my both legs folded upwards and with her nails indhu started tickling my cock and testicles and my love tool was again erect, she also tickled my thighs and with her long nails she tickled the area below my testicles, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, bahut maza aa raha hai,

my love tool was erect again and she started rubbing my penis on her boobs and told me that my love tool is really hot. Then I fucked her in doggie style from the back and was caressing her ass with both my hands and then my cum again gushed inside her pussy. Then she slept above me and she caught my face in her hands and started kissing my lips, forehead, and earlobes.

We then kissed each other and slept in each other’s arms. When I woke up I got a bottle of cheese spread and spread over her clean shaven pussy and started licking her pussy. Then my love tool was again inside her pussy and she was sitting on my penis and was pumping very hard as if she was riding a horse.

We were exhausted and we fell in each other’s arms and slept for an hour. She told me that it was the time for her daughter to come back, so I kissed on her lips and pussy and I went home. After that 2-3 times, I went to her house and had sex with her and enjoyed sex in 69 and many other positions.

She paid a huge amount to me. One day her friend Julie came to know about our relationship because she told her. And she was ready to pay me. Julie was a 29-year-old married girl and she was also interested in me and due to this, I went to her house when her husband was out of the house and in the meantime my long hard penis was inside her pink pussy and fucked her in all positions.

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Rahul Fucking Super Hot MILF Neighbour Meera

Hey, guys! This is Rahul from Bangalore back again with another true story that had happened with my neighbour. I’m sorry about the delay guys because true stories take a lot of time to happen and then for me to write it, it takes time. With that being said let’s move on to the story.

This happened during the first week of December, the later part of the story where I got her to bed was during the last week of December. So I basically live in an apartment. It was one of those days I killed it in the gym and was getting back home and was waiting for the lift as I was waiting the lift did not come down. It was stuck on the 7th floor where I live.

On the 7th floor, there are a bunch of kids who keeps playing with it so I thought it was them and got frustrated. As it was coming down I realized maybe I should warn these kids to stop playing in the lift, I was all ready to fume out, the lift door opened. It was this beautiful lady who was slightly tanned with 36 boobs with a few labourers and I didn’t how to react.

So she smiled at me and said so sorry I kept you waiting, I’m moving into this apartment so the shifting took some time via the lift. I was awestruck at her beauty and body. All I remember saying was “Hey, that’s totally fine.” She said thanks and moved on and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I checked her out and her ass was so wide and bouncing as she walked away.

I wanted to get in right away. So then I was like wow, a new neighbour. Time to find out which house she lives in. So on one floor, there are 6 flats with house number being in 3 digits. So my house number was 702, but I didn’t know hers. So I went up and saw that the door of 701 was open it was just opposite mine.

I went near the door and it was that house with workers in and things were being arranged. Days kept passing and I never really saw her. She rarely came out. We have this grocery shop close by the apartment. So I had been to the grocery shop to get my groceries and on my way back. Guess who showed up? It was her! I was so happy to see her.

So we spoke and she told me that her name is Meera, she’s from Mumbai and lives here with her kid and her husband works in Dubai. So then I was like okay that’s good but don’t you get bored at home being alone all the time? She just gave a laugh and said not really I just keep talking to my friends over the phone and pass time, also my daughter is such fun to play with.

I was like that’s great I love kids too. She was like you should definitely come home and play with her. She wouldn’t mind someone to play with as she’s shy to make new friends and she’s new to the area. So she gave me her number and asked me to come home sometimes by informing her in prior. Then she was like you’re very tall and handsome.

Must you be having a girlfriend, don’t you? I just giggled and said no, I don’t. So then we bid ways. She had this very naughty smile after she gave me her number but I didn’t know what to take of it as maybe If I hit on her what if she made a scene out of it? So I was thinking of a plan. We were texting on WhatsApp, just the usual texts.

One fine day I had this naughty WhatsApp forward message which I forwarded to her and immediately I sent a sorry saying the wrong message, guess what? She texted me back saying “Hahaha, that is indeed hilarious, I enjoyed reading it even if it wasn’t for me ;)” I was like woah so she’s definitely the naughty kind as well.

So I made this plan to send her shirtless photos of mine once in a while and see how she reacts to it, did this as I was pretty ripped and built. So a few days later I sent her my shirtless picture with a good morning message to her phone. I got back a reply saying Woah, you’re so damn ripped. I should be working out like you. But with Rahul, I have this tight lower back.

I’m thinking of consulting a doctor or a physio. Do you have any idea what could be done? I was like Yes, I do know what to do. I’ve been into fitness for a long time now. I can definitely help you out! So then later she texted me saying how about in the evening around 6? If you could come home and play with my daughter and help me out with what could be causing my lower back pain.

I was like yeah, sure I’ll be there. So it was 5:45 I got all dressed up. So I went and knocked the door. She opened and she was so beautiful in a top and jeans. Her bra strap was shown it was blue and her boobs so perfectly shaped. So I just greeted her with a hi and complimented her by saying that you look very beautiful. To which she blushed. So then she introduced me to her daughter.

So I started playing with her while Meera started to cook some dinner for me. It was around 8 that her daughter had to sleep. After putting her to sleep, Meera came and sat next to me on the sofa then she was like yeah so Rahul I’m 35 years old. I’ve been exercising in my past but had to stop after my daughter. Now see the lower back region no?

She took my hand placed it on her back and said yes this place hurts like mad. Could you help me with a stretch? So then I was like yeah sure but I want you to sleep on the bed so that I can stretch easily. So she took me to her bedroom. So I asked her to lie down and I started to stretch. After that, I asked her to sleep stomach side down and I started helping her stretch her back.

I started to lightly massage the back area and that’s when she started to moan. So then she’s like the pain isn’t there it’s lower. So then it was right about her butt crack. Guys trust me, she had the sexiest butt I’ve ever seen. Just perfect. So then I started massaging there she just loved. So I know this was my chance.

Slowly I went lower and got into her underwear started to finger her pussy from behind. Fuck she was moaning and moaning. She was like Oh fuck yeah Rahul, get deeper in that pussy! I knew I had her this time. She slowly started feeling up my cock and freed it from my pants. Then I took her pants off and my god! She’s in a beautiful blue panty. I wanted to smash that ass so hard.

So then she started sucking on my cock. Started biting the tip of my foreskin and sucked on my balls. She sucked it dry. Then I undressed her top and she’s in her blue bra with boobs that were waiting to jump out. I unhooked it and started to suck on them. Squeezed them and she was screaming so loudly. Her nipples were thick and dark in color.

I slowly went down and started to lick her pussy and finger it. It was very wet. I stimulated her clitoris. She then asked me to close the door so that her daughter doesn’t hear and wake up. So then she went to cupboard got this strawberry flavored Skore condom and put it on my penis and started riding me in Cowgirl position. Her pussy was so tight.

When she took a break from riding I started smashing that pussy. After a while we moved on to doggy style, her pussy was damn tight but it was amazing. She started dirty talking saying “Fuck me in the cunt Rahul, cum in my pussy, I’m all your baby.” I kept smashing her and I occasionally spanked her ass and she orgasmed.

Then I licked her pussy, carried her in my arms fucked her against the wall. Her moaning was driving me crazy and I cummed. Then we got onto the bed. We laid next to each other and she was telling me how amazing I’m in bed, so I complimented her saying you’re beautiful to which she gave me a deep kiss. She said her hubby wouldn’t even last for 15 mins.

But she’s glad this happened. I was like I’m glad I made love to you, from the day I saw you I wanted to. So then she was like wow, who knew this would happen. All so quickly. Then we made out for one last time. Then it was 9:30, I took a shower, wore my clothes back and went home. Hugged her and left. We’re still in touch but she’s busy with guests at home.

So we haven’t been able to meet. Honestly the fact that she was beautiful is what made me fuck her really hard. If there’s anyone who’s ugly or not good looking I don’t go for it. But yeah I’m good looking so I go for similar standards. Trust me guys if you fuck someone ugly you’ll lose interest after you orgasm.

Anyways this was my story. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Send me feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Nakul Losing Virginity With Ankita In One Night Stand - II

Previously: Nakul Losing Virginity With Ankita In One Night Stand - I

Ohhh…God…! Stepping down from last stair as I moved in, I was stunned to see her; she was hidden behind the door and formal suit she was wearing few minutes before was entirely disappeared from her body. No bra underneath, she was wearing just large neck white cut sleeve slip of thin strings which was ending few inches below her waist.

Long legs, massive thighs and I could see her panty too. It was light blue in color with some tiny print on it and over her breasts I could make out her thick nipples standing erect under soft and stretchable cloth of her spaghetti. Our eyes met, I was shocked and Ankita smiled beautifully “Ye kya hai?” means what is this,

I asked her with perplexed but rapturous smile and she laughed wonderfully and came out with “Ye wo hai jo tum soch rahe the per kar nahin paa rahe the…” means this is what you wanted to do but you were failing to do. Standing face to face; barely couple of feats away, for the first time in my life I was so close to any female in such state and my condition was evident over my gesture,

I was nervous and madly excited but Ankita was smiling and she step ahead and came very close to me; face to face, almost touching and her body odor spammed my senses, “you like me… hmmm” she asked me and I uttered yes, “mujhe bhi tum bahut achhe lagte ho…”

stepping ahead Ankita looked into my eyes with naughty smile and locked her arms around my neck and I was dumbfounded. Her soft breasts touched my chest and as she was not wearing any bra underneath I could feel her rigid nipples even with a cloth in the middle. “Main apne boyfriend ko to nahin chhod sakti…but tumhare liye main uske saath ek baar cheating kar sakti hun…”

(Means I cannot leave my boy friend but for you I can cheat him once). That was bizarre but it was good and before I would have realized what is she going to do next Ankita planted her soft lips over mine and we went through deep and long lasting kiss. Ankita drew her lips over my lips and sucked them gently, next slowly she slithered her tongue out between my lips, knocked my mouth,

I parted my lips and her tongue slipped inside my mouth and in a moment her tongue roamed inside my mouth thoroughly. Unknowingly I also started kissing her by sucking her soft rosy lips, keeping them between my lips, I too entered my tongue in her lovely mouth and sucked her tongue delicately and soon we were eating each other.

It was first kiss of my life and I didn’t knew how it went so well; I just did what Ankita was doing to me and that made my first kiss memorable forever. Anyway I was still hesitant, also confused over whatever was happening with me but Ankita knew what she has to do and soon while kissing, her hand was caressing my chest over the cloth;

her sensual touch sent strange shivers into my spine and my cock went further hard. She opened few buttons of my shirt and moved her hand inside to touch my bare chest under my innerwear and I groaned in pleasure. She brushed her lips on my neck and bites my ear and I once again gasped loud.

Ankita was already gone bizarre and slowly I was also getting crazy and finally empowering my hesitation I got hold of her waist and crushing her big breasts against my chest she embraced me hard. Wow! I too started brushing my lips all over her face and neck and she once again lip locked me and this time it was a real crazy kiss.

She ate me madly and released her sweet saliva in my mouth, I too ate her and gave her my saliva and she guzzled it, our body was so close and tied with each other that my body started emitting fragrance of her feminine perfume. I could feel marks of her lipstick on my face and around my lips and there was a blend taste of that brand in my mouth along with the taste of her saliva.

I was delighted as spasms of blissful sensation was passing through my soul and suddenly Anikta’s hand reached to my crotch and rubbing my hardness she asked me to go and wash my Cock “Jaao issko achhe se wash karke aao” her big black eyes were full of naughtiness and thought of my cock getting sucked drove me further hard.

I quickly moved out of basement and washed my Cock thoroughly and by the time I reached back all the lights were off and it was just computer screen which was glowing, I stepped into the basement and saw Spaghetti and Panty Ankita was wearing minute earlier was also lying on floor and as I closed the door of the basement Ankita shouted “apne saare kapde wahin uttar ke aana…”

(Means take off your clothes there only) and after taking off my clothes, holding my cock in my fist as I reached to Ankita I once again dumbfounded. Her Bra and other taken off clothes were hanging on the back of chair and sitting on the couch, legs crossed and stretched and resting over chair Ankita was smiling naughtily.

All the lights were off but monitor of my computer was emitting sufficient light, thick and long nipples hard like nut and her enormous breasts were sagging beautifully, I wanted jump on her but being an armature I was scared of something and before I would have moved ahead Ankita got up slowly and for the first time I saw real Pussy live.

My eyes glued to her clean shaven cunt and she came closer to me and looking into my eyes closely she released my Cock from my fist and Wowed in low sensual voice “Wow….it’s beautiful”. Anyhow I cannot write exactly what kind of feeling I was going through, hardest of my life, no need to say I was happy but I was also confused over why is this happening

and reading my expressions Ankita asked me why I am getting nervous "tum nervous kyun ho rahe ho?" and with tiny smile I came out with sarcastic reply “ab achanak kisi ke saath aisa hoga to wo nervous nahin hoga kya?” and Ankita laughed over my state. “Ok…I want to tell you ki ye one night stand hai…and we will not talk to anyone about this night”

Ankita spoke and without trying knowing reason why she is doing all this I said Ok to it. “One more thing….please don’t’ fall in love with me….”and before I would have thought about saying anything in reply Ankita took hold of my Cock and I gasped loud. Ohhh man what a sensation, anyhow I cannot write the blissful feeling I went through with the first touch over my cock

and next instant Ankita started jerking my cock back and forward. Looking at my pleasure expressions she smiled and holding my wrist with the other hand brought my hand over her breasts and told me squeeze them nicely “Low dabaao inko achee se…” and I started doing that. Both the hands over her luscious breasts and I started squeezing them nicely.

Ankita moaned sexily and in rising lust cupped my balls with the other hand and I once again gasped in strange pleasure. Standing face to face, thighs touching thighs, she jerked and I played with her breasts for a minute and Ankita told me to touch her cunt too “Meri Pussy ko bhi touch karo….” and I drifted my hand down and touched her cunt tenderly.

Ohhh Man it was so hot, wet and dripping that in a moment my entire palm was sticky, Ankita moaned in pleasure and told me to rub it hard “rub karo issko achhe say” and I started doing that. “Hmmmm…..do it….” She grunted and I searched her opening and entered my finger into it. It was a big hole; flooding likes hell and I added one finger to it “Yessss…do it”

she exclaimed in pleasure and caressing my balls started jerking me harder and I stopped her. “Kya hua…..chhootne wala tha kya….?” She asked me if I was about to cum and I accepted, Ankita smiled and holding my Cock brought me the couch and told me to sit. I obeyed and she sat down on the floor over her knees and continued jerking me but very slow.

I knew what she was going to do now and soon Ankita started doing that, for an instant she looked into my eyes, smiled, took out her tongue and licked tip of my cock. I moaned in low voice and next instant leaned over my crotch and took tip of my cock in her mouth. “Ahhh….” I puffed in pleasure and raising her eye balls Ankita smiled over my expressions.

Eventually proper sucking started, she opened my legs and moved bit forward and resting her heavy breasts over my thighs she took me bit deeper and sucked me. My cock swelled and grew harder in her mouth and I cried in pleasure and giving me no time to recover Ankita peeled skin of my cock and started sucking me harder.

I cried in pain, tried to stop her but she did not stopped, but slowing down her pace she took out her saliva across my cock and moving her head up and down over my length continued sucking me. Although it was still painful but it was good and erotic view of her beautiful face filled with my cock was astonishing.

My meat appeared and disappeared in her wet and warm mouth repeatedly, I moaned, grunted, gasped helplessly but did not tried stopping her until things went beyond my ability to bear. Eventually Ankita stopped sucking me and slowly rose up over me and sucked my tiny nipples, nibbled them between her teeth tenderly also kissed me for few seconds

to give me taste of my own cock and in the end told me to get up and suck her “ootho….. aur meri sucking karo…”. Our sitting posture reversed, I got up, she sat down on the couch and kneeling down over my knees I went down between her opened thighs to please her. Few minutes back her cunt was beautiful but when it came sucking, it was looking very ugly.

Soaked in her own juices her fuckhole was fleshy and fluffy and as an armature I was really hesitant to suck it and next instant Ankita spoke that out “Shuru mein tumko achha nahin lagega…but you just have to go on…..and you will be Ok with it”. I accepted with tiny hum and started licking her cunt, my tongue moved over her slit tenderly and Ankita puffed in low voice.

Unlike it always seemed in blue movies, it was wacky, creepy and filthy but I had to go on and I kept on licking her damp fuckhole and I moved my tongue tentatively over her slit couple of times and found Ankita is leading to heaven. “Ohhh…Yess do it….” Ankita opened her thick fleshy thighs wider while grunting in pleasure and caressed my scalp.

By now tangy taste of her sticky juices was all over in my mouth and overcoming my hesitation as I tried burring my tongue deeper in her cunt Ankita hissed in pleasure erotically. Her pleasure moans were arousing me since beginning and to hear more from her I flipped my tongue from bottom of her slit till the upper edge of her crack and Ankita moaned thickly.

She was enjoying so was I and soon I was digging her cunt without much trouble. She was right; it was barely 5 minutes I was so ok with it that opening her thick fleshy pussy lips with my finger I buried my lips between them and tried to wiggle my tongue all around her cunt and with a loud groan she squeezed my scalp into her fleshy thighs and suddenly pushed me away to stop me.

“Wow….you were amazing….!” She smiled while puffing and moved forward to kiss me. We kissed and this time I gave her taste of her cunt. Next Ankita asked me how I will do “kaise karoge….?” and I replied as you say “jaise aap bolo”. She told me to sit on the couch and holding my Cock straight she sat over my couch while facing away.

It was not easy for a big ass girl acquire that posture with a brat like me but after couple of tries somehow Ankita plunged her cunt with my cock and I groaned in pleasure. Next she moved up and down but it was not affective as more than sex we were bothered about our balance and we broke the posture.

Madly excited, mentally I was not in state to think how to do it but Ankita was experienced and looking around she went to the entrance of my office and came back with a roll of carpet which belonged to my landlord.

After carpet she laid 10-12 apparel samples over that as a sheet and finally putting a back cushion of cane wood couch under her waist she laid down with opened thighs and called me “Aaja abb”. Yes that was far better, I kneeled down and laid over Ankita and holding my cock in her fist Ankita brought me over her fuckhole.

I was bit limping now but Ankita knew what she has to do and she rubbed my cock tip over her cunt hole and with an intense gasp I was hard again. Fleshy thighs wide open, knees bent inwards and feet bit in air and as I impaled myself over her crotch Ankita wrapped her legs around my hips and gulped me in her arms and thighs.

“Ahhhh……” I plunged her and moaned in strange pleasure and next instant I was slipped inside her fuckhole till the hilt of my monster. Ankita also hummed in pleasure and closed her eyes while feeling my hard monster distending her pussy lips. Wow what a fuckhole she had; hot and wet and as I entered my meat deep inside her flesh I felt her juices flowing out and touching my balls.

“Fuck me” Ankita spoke and resting me on my knees and forearms I started moving in and out of her fuckhole instantly. “Ohhh….Hummm” what a pleasure, surface was hard and my knees were aching a bit but pleasure I was going though was something for which I was ready to bear anything.

Hardly a minute or not even that and my knees adopted hardness of the surface and I started ramming and reaming in her fuckhole steadily. Laying under me with her massive breasts tossing with my fucking strokes Ankita was looking amazing, like me she was also little uncomfortable but she was also enjoying and she urged me to fuck her hard

“Yes…fuck me, fuck me hard… tez tez kar, jitna tez kar sakta hai kar” and her words drove me crazy. Legs spread wide, knees bent inwards, and feet high against my back and as she said I started thundering my rod in and out of her flesh faster and Ankita went mad in lust.

Grabbing me harder she started crying in pleasure while speaking erotic Hindi “Haan Nakul Chod mujhe…Aur Chod…fuck me… … fuck me…. fuck me yes yes….” and just in a fraction I reached to the point where I began losing control over my body. I pounced deep and fast with all my passion and energy and finally I reached to the point where my Cock was about to blow.

Ankita was also close to her climax and she grabbed me so hard in her arms and thighs that I collapsed over her and buried my rod in her womb and squeezed my hips together to release my gunk. Almost at the same instant extending her arms to fullest Ankita grabbed both of my hips and crushed them in her hands and pulled me further inside her and orgasmed with a loud cry.

My cock shuddered deep inside her flesh and as I released my seed in her fuckhole I felt her fuckhole pulsating on my rod and that sensation was superb. I was dead tired, puffing and gasping furiously after cumming and Ankita also gasped feverishly for few seconds after releasing her juices. “mazza aaya…?” “Haan…”

Still tied in each other’s arms she asked me and I replied “Tu bahut achha Chodta hai….” She spoke again and I was little surprised to hear that. Finally we got up and after wearing our clothes and using washroom decided watch some porn before getting into action again.

I had few in my mobile, she too had few and to begin next session putting spongy cushion under her knees Ankita went into doggy posture and bending down her upper half she raised her ass for easy access of her fuckhole and standing around her big ass over my feet I fucked her from behind for a minute.

As it was not an easy posture to retain we decided to fuck in standing doggy style and spreading her legs as wide as possible Ankita bent down over the table. I plunged her from behind but hardly for a minute, as she was taller than me it was not easy for me to fuck her consistently from behind with such a huge ass on its way.

Ultimately we laid like we fucked earlier and I really enjoyed digging her hot wet cunt but we both failed to climax and finally as Ankita suggested sitting on a couch we one by one masturbated each other along with giving each other oral pleasure. First she sat down on the couch and I kneeled down.

Exploring her fuckhole thoroughly with my tongue I sucked her cunt and fisted her hard while speaking erotic and drank everything she released. Later I sat down on the couch and being in her knees on floor she sucked me tenderly till I rose up to the peak and later jerking me hard she shagged me.

Though she did not drank my cum but like we see in porn movies she took my load over her face and breasts. Eventually we both rested on couch with our legs starched on chair in casual chit chat she told me that she has fucked with me because she really like my shy nature and it was just a fraction in which she decided and ultimately took my innocence.

Ankita was Ok with doing this much of cheating with her boy friend because once her boyfriend has also gone for one night stand. After that day we have been face to face numerous times but we never fucked. Comments by readers are awaited.

The End.

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Nakul Losing Virginity With Ankita In One Night Stand - I

Hi, Friends, I am Nakul, Male 25; I am somewhat 5’6” with good looking face and fit body. By profession I am a fashion designer; self employed; passed out from one reputed design institute of Delhi and my sex experience is about me losing my virginity with one female designer Ankita. While describing Ankita I can’t say that she is fair beautiful female with gorgeous body.

Though she is good looking but not fair, little dusky with sharp features and her entire beauty was laying in her big black eyes and open hearted nature. Physically she is not at all sexy and slender; moreover bodily she is on the heavier side. Somewhat 30 years of age, big breasts, thick fleshy thighs, wide and plump ass with evident belly but as she is quite tall;

standing somewhere 5’10” she never looked that fat to me. Anyway as I said earlier I am a self employed designer, working freelance with many reputed design houses and Ankita was 3-4 years senior to me from same institute, working as one of the assistants of big names in fashion industry.

I have a small independent basement office in NCR in industrial area and on behalf of her Designer boss Ankita was quit regular visitor there. Initially I didn’t knew much about her but because of her casual and friendly nature I came to knew that she originally belongs to Rajasthan and while working in Delhi she is living with few of her friends in independent flat.

As such I never had any talk with her over her personal life but over hearing her telephonic conversations I could easily conclude that she has a boyfriend. Over the period of time as our work interactions increased we went on going friendlier, we got attached over FB and what’s app and as I got access of her pictures all the time,

in spite of this fact that she has a boyfriend and also I am thin and she is fat, I started getting attracted to her. Her big black eyes and casual nature with alluring laughter flattened me every time I met her and there was no way I could stop myself falling for her.

Next looking at her lovely face and dreaming about kissing her, also looking at her pics in my mobile and fantasizing her fucking with all my passion and affection in the night while masturbating and seven eight months passed just like that.

For Ankita I would say in this span I never saw any such attraction in her eyes or gesture for me but I was surely among her good friends and addressing me like “Yaar…what are you saying or Arre… Yaar aise mat kar” she always seemed happy and relaxed in my companionship.

Eventually it was middle of the week, probably Wednesday, time was 5:30 and Ankita rolled down to my basement office without informing me. She was in extreme trouble, there was one fashion show of her designer boss after 3-4 days and she was lacking in her work badly. She was supposed to give lot of work to production unit next day and she didn't have much to give.

I was happy to see her, also to see the work which could fetch good money for me and I started working with her instantly. One hour passed and stopping me in the middle of one pattern Ankita revealed this fact to me that all this work was actually given to her and I will not get paid for all this by her boss.

I was disappointed to hear that and as it was evident over my face Ankita smiled beautifully over my expressions and requested me to help her in this difficult time and later showing some curtsy promised me that she will pay me for all this work from her pocket but in installments and asked me to give her some discount on that.

I accepted that and we worked for another two hour constantly without much extra talking and I was exhausted. I told her that we will continue this work tomorrow and she requested me to finish it today only. Ankita was ready to stay for another hour and I once again engrossed myself and finished the work but by now two hours were spent.

Time was little more than 10:00 now, I was living barely 5 km away from my work place and reaching back home after 11 was my regular practice but Ankita was suppose to go somewhat 35-40 km at that hour of time. She asked me if I can drop her on metro station,

I said yes and drove her there on bike and as she got down from behind and said bye to me I sensed marks of stress over her facial expressions. I casually asked her if she is worried about something and moving her head in yes she asked me if I have parents at my home. I said yes to that and tried knowing reason of that question and she asked me if she can stay at my home.

"No… way..." I exclaimed in surprise. Actually Ankita was little scared in going back home at this hour because after getting out of metro station of her region she has to cross distance of around 2 Km via auto rikshaw or cycle rikshaw and that entire area was very lonely and there was news of few loots in past few months.

I told her that my parents are very conservative and instead of taking her my home I would prefer driving 90km up and down to drop her at her place but she denied for that and said final bye to me. I wanted to help her and I asked her if she can stay alone in my basement office and after thinking for few seconds she said OK to that.

I drove her back to my basement office and on the way got our dinner packed. I called my parents to tell them that I will get late and I am having dinner here and we sat together for dinner. Ankita was wearing ethnic suit with palazzo as lower and no wonder looking at her outfit and entire body I was highly fascinated by assuming what all can happen between us tonight

but this is also true that deep inside I was little scared of trying all this. Basically I am very shy in nature and till then I was never so friendly with any female, moreover Ankita was really wonderful person and anyhow I did not wanted to lose her as a friend and without reflecting any such expressions I ended my food and soon got ready to leave the office.

I gave her some casual instructions for the night and as I wished her good night Ankita came out saying that she is feeling scared and she will not stay here alone "mujhe darr lagg raha...main yahan akeli nahin rahungi" with stressful facial expressions her voice was low and hesitant and I smiled over her overall gesture

"Arre yaar...don't worry...you are safe here...I will come very early in the morning" I stayed casual and once again told her that I cannot take her to my home. Ankita looked into my eyes for few seconds seriously and somewhat ordered me to stay here only "fine...then you also stay here...main akeli nahin rahungi" and suddenly her serious expressions changed and she smiled beautifully.

I too smiled but did not spoke anything, anyhow context was obvious and I once told her to relax and suggested her to join two single sitter cane wood couches to sit comfortable and she once again said that she will not stay here alone. I smiled again and once again told her that I cannot take her along and she once again told me to stay with her and with that she gazed me

saying that she will not attempt to fuck me "don't worry main tere saath zabardasti nahin karungi" I giggled on that and responded back saying "actually I am scared of myself...kahin main koi gadbad na kar dun..." and she teased me for my slim body by saying that she will crush me "Ha ha ha...main tumhen kuchal dungi..." and we both laughed loud on that.

Certainly I too wanted to stay there, if not for real sex, at least for good fantasy to masturbate and I called my parents to update my stay in the office. Eventually I pulled the main shutter down and we both came to the main portion of my office and decided to watch particular Bollywood movie on computer.

I placed two cane wood couches beside to sit and two computer chairs to stretch our legs. Movie started, 10 minutes passed, sitting next to each other apparently we both were fine but I was too restless, as I said I am a shy person but somehow I wanted in cash this opportunity and to take first step in desired direction I abruptly asked her if she has a boyfriend and Ankita giggled over my query.

I was surprised to see her laughing over that tiny question and tried knowing reason of that laughter and she teased me saying that she was expecting this question from me "main bahut der se tumhare iss question ka wait kar rahi thi..." saying that Ankita looked into my eyes continuously with beautiful smile and I blushed.

"Yes I have a boyfriend...!" she declared in the end and I suppressed my desire. 10 more minutes passed and Ankita asked me if I can get soft drink from somewhere I moved out to nearby 24X7 petrol pump Shoppe. It was sort of general store and with soft drink I bought few casual snacks too.

I came back and served cold drink and chips to Ankita and suddenly Ankita invaded my shirt pocket and took out everything from it. I was surprised and seeing few papers and 10-12 currency notes of different denominations she released everything back in my pocket. I asked her what is the matter and she took glance of my lower half;

touched pockets of my jeans and asked me what all I have in my other pockets and I took out everything; my mobile phone and wallet and few more papers and gave it to her. “Aap meri talashi kyun lay rahe ho…?” I asked her why she is checking me and she smiled and knobbed her head to say nothing and retained her sitting posture to continue watching movie.

I could guess what she was looking for; I think she was searching if I have bought condoms too but I was not sure and with divine sensation passing through my soul I too retained my posture to watch movie. “Please tell me what were you looking for…? aapka kuch chori ho gaya hai kya” I asked her and she said “nothing bus aise hi…”

Though I was shy in nature but now I was intended to go ahead into this and I came out saying that I can guess what was she looking for “I think mujhe patta hai aap kya dhoondh rahe the….” and my words brought huge smile over her face and she asked me what was it “Ok tell me main kya dhoondh rahi thi…”

I was not sure but assuming she was looking for condoms I came out with sarcastic reply “forget it….I don’t want to talk about it…I am very disappointed” and my words drew her attention instantly and she came up with “please Yaar…don’t take it otherwise….” I did not replied anything against that and told her to focus on the movie and for next five 10 minutes there were no words exchanged.

I was sitting with flat gesture; no smile no anger, I did not even turned my head to see her but I could see that Ankita was really bothered about my expressions and finally she apologized “please Yaar I am sorry….” and I told her first she tell me what was she looking “pahle ye batao..aap kya dhoondh rahe the…”

and Ankita smiled over that and came out saying if I know why I am asking “agar patta hai to pooch kyun rahe ho….” “May be I am wrong” “I know you’ve guessed right” she replied and once again we both went silent. Another 10-15 minutes and after pouring some soft drink in my glass as I extended my hand to her Ankita told me to forgive her

“first you forgive me…please…” and I smiled and asked her “for what…?” and she smiled and came out with her perspective in very few words, “please try to understand…being a girl humen bahut conscious rahna padta hai….” and smiling back to her I replied by saying “I can understand…just forget it…”

She smiled back over my reply and I jokingly once again came out asking what she was looking in my pocket “waise app meri pocket mein dhoondh kya rahe the” and she came out with a reply what I guessed “Condoms…!” and I ended up with just smile. Truly speaking friend’s that was real narrow escape for me as when I was paying money,

behind cashier there was small rack of different types condoms and I was regretting over my fate with a thought that I have a girl with me for whole night but I cannot fuck her. Though not for a moment I thought about buying them, still I would say if I would have done that mistake then I would have lost opportunity of fucking Ankita.

Anyway next we silently saw movie for another 10 minutes and I abruptly asked her who is her boy friend and guessed his name “waise may I know who your boy friend…is? Adil? (Her designer Boss)” and Ankita smiled and came out saying that Adil is a Gay,

“Ok…” I accepted and waited for her reply about her boy friend and she spoke out his name as Sanjay and in continuation told me that he is Merchant and they have worked together in past in some buying house. I listened whatever she said about her boy friend and after that stayed silent and focused on movie running on the screen but Ankita did not stopped speaking

and she praised me for my nature and in continuation said anyone else at my place would have certainly tried to make use of this opportunity “I must say… tum bahut achhe insaan ho… tumhari jagah koi aur hota to…iss mauke ka faida uthane ki poori koshish karta” and I replied to her appraisal by saying that I am a coward “main darpoke hun…”

and she instantly retorted saying “No you are a gem…!” I smiled over her words sarcastically and spoke out Hindi proverb which means bloating someone by false praise “aap mujhe chane ke jhaad per chada rahe ho” and once again Ankita reacted by saying that she really mean it in that flow I don’t know how she came out saying that if we were tuned then by now she would have proposed me

“agar tum mere saath tuned hote to ab tak main tumhen propose kar chuki hoti” What was that? For an instant I really failed to understand what does she means with tuning “kya matlab…” I asked her and Ankita elaborated saying that she is fat and I am thin and if physically we would have similar structure then she would have left her boy friend for me

“I mean… main moti hun…aur tum patle ho…agar tum mote hote to main tumhare liye Sanjay ko chhod deti”. Either she really meant what she said or she was just making me happy but I was moved by her words and I replied to that saying that it does not matters to me at all but I am ready to gain weight for her

“waise mujhe iss se bilkul koi fark nahin padta per agar aisa hai to main weight gain kar leta hun…I am ready to do anything for you” and my words gazed Ankita badly, for an instant she was stunned to hear that but in the end she giggled, as if I am joking and this time I came out saying that I mean it.

She looked into my eyes with smile and ultimately admitted that she was joking “arre yaar... main to mazak kar rahi thi….” “lekin main mazak nahin kar raha hun…I am serious” I replied and my words vanished her smile and next moment I tried making things normal by saying that I was also joking “forget it….main bhi mazaak kar raha tha”

but she understood that I was serious and avoiding looking at me she started watching movie. Another 10-15 minutes passed with movie running on screen and looking at each other on regular intervals we stayed lost in our thoughts and slowly as I became hard over my cock I got up to use the washroom.

Washroom was located upstairs in the passage of my basement office and after knowing where I am going Ankita also got up to use the washroom and pausing the movie we came out of the basement. Main shutter was down and there was nobody in the building, I stood outside while she used the washroom and after her come back, before going in, I sent her into the basement.

I used the toilet and sitting on seat tried masturbating but it did not happened, I was excited but I don’t know why I failed to fantasize and finally after 5-10 minutes I stepped down to basement and door was locked from inside.

As my office door has a latch lock which gets blocked by just pulling it I thought it is closed down by accident and I knocked the door. No response for a minute and knocked bit harder and called Ankita and she opened the door slightly.

To Be Continued...

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Sunny Enjoying Hot Sex With Engaged Bangalore Girl

Hey there HD readers, I am back. for those who dont know me I am Sunny with a 8 and a half inch pride, Its been a while that I posted my experiences here. The experience I am about to share today took place just last week.And just so you know my experiences are real, and I dont need to get a authentication from anybody.

To start with I never thought these adult dating websites are real at all, just freekin cons until I met someone and I really had a fuck of my life. I am very unhappily married and I have been looking at different websites for quite some time now, fb, zorp, tinder and few others until I came across "XXX" (website name is held back)

I surfed and chatted with a lot of women from all across India but no go. it was only online fun sex chat, video chat and nothing further until the 5th of December. I looked up on the messenger to find a person named lila( name changed), buzzed her me : hey gorgeous. she: hi, me: what are you looking for, she : FUCK.

I was dumbstuck with the response and before even I asked further she forwarded me her number, now as a we all are (hungry dogs) I picked up my phone and called her, what I heard was the most sexiest voice I have heard in years.

me : hi, she: kya kar rahe ho, me: muth mar raha hoo, tum kya kar rahi ho, she: tumhe kya lagta hae, ungli kar rahi hoo.....damn after that we had phone sex, her sounds made me go crazy while having phone sex ooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me fuck m harder.........all sorts..as even I was horny just went along with it jerked my gunk out. she suddenly hung up the phone.

I was like fuckin hell...did I loose her. 10 mins later I called her back and she picked up my call started talking to her about what she does and all, and later got into intimate details. She said hat its been 6 months she has been fucked and that she is engaged, I informed her that I am only ooking for a friend with benifits and nothing serious to which she was totlly fine ( lucky isnt it).

We spoke for a while and then she sent me her pic and damn I was zonged...she was fuckin gorgeous..i mean gorgeous fair, round eyes sexy straight hair small boobs litte tummy small pussy and a small ass, she was a east indian cross with american. I fuckin had a hard on instantly, this comtinued for 2 weeks and then I informed her that I want to fuck her in real.

She obliged, she stays in bangalore and stays alone she said. I was least worried about all that, I informed her that I will be there on the 22nd of December on an official trip, she was happy and said we can meet, she also said that she can come to my hotel room if I wanted and stay with me. I was on cloud nine on all the development.

so the date was set and I travelled to bangalore on the said date, with a lot of hopes and a little sceptical behaviour I called her and to my surprise she picked my call and sent me her pics...i was more than happy and excited. All day just went by with work tired as hell, in the evening we set a place where I would pick her up,we decided to meet at Indiranagar Metro station.

With a lot of nervousness I was waiting at the decided spot, waited there for almost 15 minutes, and then I got a call from her asking where I was. my heart was in my mouth, we were in the opposite stations, I walked by and saw a fuckin gorgeous sexy girl waiting for me. sexy lips, dimple chin rosy lips, sexy boobs, sexy waist, sexy ass, around 5,1" she was in her top and jeans.

I just went and we shaked hands and hugged.we travelled to my hotel in brigade road in a metro. we reached hotel within 30 mins, and the minute we walked in I just hugged her tight and kissed her louscious lips.we were disturbed by a bang on the door, we ordered some tea and snacks and also dinner so that we dont get disturbed later.

sat there talking for a while, after some time dinner arrived and we shut the door locked it. I just turned to her and started kissing her she had the most tasty lips, I slipped my hand under her tshrt and pulled out her boobs damn small handfull and sexy, started squeezing them while kissing her. I then went down and started sucking her nipples while squeezing her sexy boobs.

In the mean while I unbuttoned her jeans and dropped it with her panty damn she was shaven and looked sooo fuckin pretty. I continued sucking her boobs and nibbling her nipples my hands just moved down and touched her pussy....she let out a sigh ooo sunny.....i started rubbing her pussy and damn she got horny while doing all this.

she just rolled me on top of her and said that she cant wait any longer, I slowly pushed my dick in...fuck in hell she was tight just like a virgin, she started pushing me I just thrust my dick inside her and she let out a cry, I asked her if she wanted me to stopshe just said no.

I held my dick tight inside her trying to control my eagerness after a couple of seconds I pushed my dick in harder and strted ramming it deep inside. fuck fuck fuck is all I could feel she was tight she was sweating she was crying and I was about to cumm, ( I never knew tighter pussy faster cumm) so neways I increased my pace and climaxed deep inside her.

I laid on her for few seconds and then got up, she had a satisfactory smile and I gave her a kiss. This continued for the next two days..i fucked her 6 to 7 times (nothing animalistic) I am human so ya 6-7 times and had a refreshing loving and caring fuck all night long.

I am still in touch with her and will be meeting her next month again when I go to Bangalore.

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Malathy Enjoying Tuition Sex With Raghav Sir

Malathy in Bandra was a hot girl. In the 11th standard, with well developed boobs and lot of hair in the cunt, she was very sex hungry. She could not attend to her studies fully and her mother used to blame her on her report card. Their neighbour, Raghav has completed his graduation.

Malathy's mother went and told the mother of Raghav to see that he spares some time for Malathy so that she completes her 12th exam with good marks. She said she is good in languages and English, but only science subjects and Maths troubles her and she needs some coaching.

She can come at any time early morning or late night, or if Raghav can come to thier house she said she will make all arrangements. Raghav told his mother that these girls are more interested in movies and reading romance, not their studies, he said he is not interested if she is not serious in her studies. It is alright call her and try her for one or two days,

if she is a a muff just drop her off, but they are our good neighbours, we have to help them, see that you help them that she completes the course. Can she come at 9 pm if so I will take one hour in my bedroom. When this was told to Malathi's mother, she agreed and said Malathy with her books with be there at Raghav's place at 9 pm.

18 year old Malathi was a fully grown beauty, with big boobs and nice ass etc. They sat in the sitting room, Raghav's mother told them to go to the bedroom of Raghav and close the door, because they will play TV and the sound should not disturb them. Raghav and Malathy went upstairs to the bedroom of Raghav and closed and bolted the door behind them.

There was only one chair and hence either one of them have to sit on the bed. Raghav sat on the bed and made Malathy to sit on the chair and checked her notebooks to ascertain the portion she had covered. From the notebook he could not make out anything. Malathi got up and went near him and pointed out the pages where she had written notes on various topics.

She was standing so close that her body odour was making Raghav horny. He could see the cleavage and her entire depth of her boobs were seen. He had a mild erection. He asked her to sit near him and asked her to read out whatever she had written. She sat next to him on his bed and started to read her notes. Occasionally he put questions, but she could not reply.

He got angry, he put his hand on her thigh and told her that she should come prepared to the tuition, not to this as casual. He placed his hand on her thighs and looked into her eyes with anger. From his hand to her pussy the distance was hardly two inches and she felt dampness in her pussy. In one hour he could complete only one notes and there were two more.

Time was 10 pm. He asked her to go. But she said no, sir, please finish one more notebook. Raghav said it is already 10 pm. If I take one more notebook it may take one hour or even more. Will not your mother be anxious. They all would have slept. I have locked my house from outside and came with the key. Raghav said let me see how my people are.

He went down and saw that his parents were already slept closing all the door. It was a very warm day. He told her all have slept. If we sit for another two hours nobody is going to bother. Malathy,relax, if you want to go to the toilet go. I will have to go. She said you go first, Sir. Raghav got up undressed and with his underwear he went to the toilet.

His projection was clearly visible. When he came back from the toilet he found that Malathy had removed her clothes and was only in her bra and panty. He never thought she will do this. Her stunning body fully exposed will not put him in the track for further studies. He could hear the sound of her passing the urine and her washing her pussy.

She came back from the bathroom, her panty was wet and her hands also were wet. She was wiping her hands in a towel. Raghav asked her why did you remove your clothes, I told you relax, that does not mean you remove your clothes and sit in your panty. Sir, when you removed your clothes, I thought you wanted me also.....sorry sir. Now both of them were not in a mood to study.

He just leaned on his bed and to talk to him face to face she too had to lean on the bed. Her big boobs were trying to come out of her bra. He could see her erect nipples also. Her navel was beautiful. Her panty did not fully contain her cunt hair. His cock was fully projected and directed towards her. Malathy was a beautiful girl.

Neither Raghav nor Malathy could bring the subject of their studies for discussion. What other things they will talk about. Or lying in this condition, what other thing they can do. She was just looking at him. Raghav just scratched his balls. It revealed how big his cock was although within his undergarmets.

Raghav asked Malathy, come on dress up and go back to your house, I think in this condition we cannot study anything more. Malathy said, sir, this is going to be the condition everyday. We can put on our clothes and sit andstudy. Please sir, with her hand she lifted him up. Ok,Ok, as you say.

Raghav got up put on his shirt and sat. Malathy did not know what she would put on, She steadied the wrinkles in the bedsheet, went to drink a glass of water and came back and saw the bathroom door open she went close the door, all in her bra and panty. How long a man can keep on watching such a scene.

Finally Raghav called Malathy to come near, she came, made her to sit near him, unhooked her bra, her full round boobs with grape sized nipple was visible. He asked her to get up and pulled her panty down. Her thick hairy matted pussy was visible. Asked her to sit near him. He too removed his shirt and underwear. His 6" cock was in full erection was visible. He too sat near her and said let us study, Physics.

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