Getting Lucky With Thai Lady In Bhubaneswar Spa Parlour

Hi everyone, this is my first story here. I have been visiting this place for more than five years as I find this site to be more genuine when compared to the other sites. Introducing my self - I am 23 years old guy. I've done my engineering ( from Bhubaneswar). This story which I am going to describe happened in my final year of graduation.

I did not have any girlfriend during college days, though I have some good female friends. As most of you must be knowing that in final year after getting placed most of us don't attend classes, just hangout with friends or chill in hostel room. My condition was the same. And as it is said in hindi " Khali dimag saitan ka ghar hota hai" (Empty mind is evil's den),

so I used to watch a lot of porn movies. I used to see the Japanese massage videos which had happy ending it and wondered if this really happens in India too. In beginning I never dared to think about going to the massage parlours but gradually built courage as I grew too lusty being single for a very long time.

One day I googled spa parlours in Bhubaneswar, I got a list of it. I visted an Indian massage parlour after checking that it was cheap. The massage I received was disappointing, also the Indian lady was a turn off for me so I rejected the request for a happy ending. I cursing myself why I visited this parlour and wasted my money.

After few months, I came to know about a Thai Spa in Bhubaneswar. It wasn't exactly luxury spa but was a decent one. I was very hopeful this time, I even purchased condoms in the way thinking what if we end up having sex. When I reached there, I was delighted to see Thai ladies. Some were very beautiful, I was imagining playing with them while sitting in the reception.

I was allotted a Thai lady who led me to the room and asked me take off the clothes and wear the underwear present on the bed. I lied down on the bed she started massaging me. While she was giving me massage I refrained myself touching her. Even if I touched her accidently, she would not give reaction. She took care that she did not touch my dick which I wanted badly.

Now 10 minutes were left for massage. After massaging my complete body, she asked for a handjob. I replied yes for which she said she want 2000 rs and I was what the fuck. I said that I will give her the amount if she will have sex with me. She said a big NO and also I realised that we don't have much time left now. You people won't believe but we started bargaining.

I was like I will give her only 500 for handjob but she wanted 1000. Finally I agreed as I wanted something for my dick. She gave me a good handjob and in return I touched her soft ass. I pressed them like anything then slide my hand under her panty and just felt her ass crack. I was thinking to do more but she made my dick cum and I was feeling exhausted and robbed.

I was cursing why the hell did I give her 1000 for just handjob. While leaving the parlour I made up my mind that I will come here again but the next time I will have sex. Months passed away as I was preparing for my 7th semester exams. After the exams I was again in the same condition, either sleeping in the room or hanging out with friends. My evil lust was again knocking me.

Then finally one day I planned to visit that parlour again. I made an appointment in the afternoon. While going I purchased condoms thinking if this time I get lucky. I reached there and was told to wait in the reception room. I told to the receptionist this time that allot me a young lady. The receptionist smiled at me, I smiled back too though I was feeling shy.

She called out the lady's name which was Rose. Rose came to the reception, smiled at me and told me come to the room. I was praying that something good happens this time. While entering the room I accidently touched her butts as she was in front of me. She gave me a naughty smile. It gave me some confidence, but I resisted the urge.

We talked for few minutes like where she is from Thailand, how old is she, is she married. I came to know that she was a divorcee and now lives with son. She was 32 years old. I forgot to tell you about her looks. She was beautiful, her figure was amazing( I can't tell you exact figure in numbers because I am not good at it ), she had long straight hair up to the waist I always love but she was little bit short in height.

She told me change my clothes and be in the undergarment which was provided. I did that and wore a robe placed there, I was waiting for her to come. She came after five minutes. She was smiling at me, I smiled back. She came closer to me, I held her hands and told her that I liked her and I wanna have sex with her. She laughed at me and said she will give me a handjob after massage.

I said that I don't want a handjob, I want sex. She was quiet but still smiling at me. I brought her close to me. I was sitting on the bed, she was standing infront of me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and was looking to her eyes. I told her you will have fun too, believe me. I slowly moved my hand from waist to her ass. I started feeling her soft ass cheeks over her dress.

I was loving playing with her ass ( let me tell you guys I am an ass lover). I asked her once again. She agreed now but told me to pay 4000 initially. I was like what the fuck man. I told her that I can give her only 1500 as I didn't have more than that. She started laughing. I said her that I am a student so give me some discount.

Finally she agreed and asked me that have I brought condoms. I finally got the green light. She was going to remove her clothes. I stopped her and said I will do that. I sat on the bed and made her stand in front of me. I was in seventh heaven. Finally I was going to fuck a beautiful lady. I looked to her eyes for few seconds, then kissed on her head, then on her cheeks.

I rubbed my cheeks on hers. Slowly I brought my lips on her lips. Those lips were so soft, I started sucking those. Then we went for the French kiss, I was playing with her tongue. She hold me tightly. I was loving the moment. I never knew kissing would be so fun. Then I told her to lay down on the bed on her stomach. I went on top of her.

I moved the hair from her neck first and started kissing the neck. She was loving it. Then I moved down to her waist, I took off her shirt. She was wearing a red bra. I started kissing her shoulders, then moved near the bra hook. I was kissing and licking the area but I didn't unhook her bra. I moved further down now. The moment arrived for which I was waiting for - Her ASS.

First I squeezed her ass over her dress and gave a bite on her ass. She moved her ass in reaction. I took off her dress, now she was only in her bra and panty which was a combination of red color. I looking at her ass like how a fox looks at his food, dripping saliva. I buried my face over her ass. I was feeling the panty on ass, gave multiple bites on her ass.

I made the panty stuck in her ass crack and then moved my hand on her pussy. It was hot. I saw her ass got squeezed up, the moment I slid my hand on her pussy. Finally I took off her panty. I was delighted to see the bare ass and pussy. I again buried face on her ass, started rubbing my face on her naked ass. I was soft as cotton. I kissed and licked it for five minutes.

I gave her multiple bites, I literally ate her ass. Then came the turn for pussy and her asshole. I made her do to doggy position then I ran my lips from asshole to her pussy. She started shivering, making sounds. The moment I put my tongue in her pussy, she moaned. I was licking her pussy now. It was so juicy, my mouth got filled with it.

In the mean time, she laid down on her waist and I was still eating her pussy. She grabbed my hair tightly. I was loving this scene. I did this for 10 minutes. I looked at her, she was completely in the mood. I moved towards her and gave her a deep kiss which she did not expected. Then I unhooked her bra and was delighted to see her boobs. They were not big but of decent size.

I started licking the nipples first, I could see her breath started increasing. She was moaning too. I was rubbing the other nipple at the same time. Then I tried taking the whole boob in my mouth. I kept sucking the boobs for 10 minutes. She was getting restless now. I brought my dick near face. She started giving me a blowjob. I was loving it.

She was very good in giving me a blowjob. Also she licked balls which made me stand on my toes. She looked more cute while giving blowjob, I helped her by setting her hair so that it didn't come to her mouth. The dick was erect now. I laid down on the bed and she came top of me now. She put a condom on my dick and guided it to her. Her pussy was bit tight.

My dick went in after lot of effort. I never experienced such pleasure before. She started riding me, I was growing mad. I grabbed her boobs. Then I told her to do the doggy position on the edge of bed. I put my dick behind her. Slowly I increased my speed of fuck, she started making noises. For one time, I was worried if the noise reached to the reception, we will be in trouble.

But we kept things in control. Then I made her lay down on her stomach and fucked her from behind. I was loving my dick going between her ass. I wanted to enjoy the moment so I was fucking her slowly, then I asked to increase the speed which I did. I came on top of her completely crushing her ass. The sound of fuck and her noise was filled in the room.

I fucked her in that position for 10 more minutes. I reached my peak and I cummed in the condom. She was releasing cum too from her pussy. We smiled at each other. She took to me bathroom and cleaned my dick. We dressed up and released that we still have 5-10 minutes left. She told me sit on bed and then she gave a head massage.

I was talking to her about her experience in India, how this thing works, are they allowed to hangout outside. Actually I wanted to take her on a date. But she told me that they are not allowed to go outside. Their contractors are very strict. I felt bad for her. I wish I could have done something for her but I had no money left.

I wish I could spent more time with her but that was not possible. Before leaving I hugged her and we kissed each other. Right now I am in Delhi, all alone. I don't have any friends here. Also you can give me feedback about the story in the comments below.

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Shruti Enjoying Oral Sex Pleasures

I was walking up the stairs of a 4 Star in Chandigarh to book a room. The hotel reception is on 2nd floor. Someone who has been there would know. I am looking around and observing my surroundings just to make sure I don’t see anyone who knows me, the chances were rare but I am not careless, I had two red bulls my senses were sharpened with the caffeine shot.

Room was booked and I walked back to my car to pick up my Nike holdall, And Shruti as I told her to wait in the car until go book the room, check surroundings to make sure everything is in order.

As I walked up the stairs of the hotel entry the porters were standing on top of the stairs to help. As soon as I got close to them they offered to help to take my holdall to my room, which I politely denied. They were a bunch of middle age men about 4 of them.

The reason I refused to get help was because I could see them drooling while looking at Shruti s thick and creamy thighs as she was wearing a skirt and top with heels on freshly pedicured feet and silky legs. Let me take you little back in time, I live in London from past 15 years and I visit India every two to three years, I wanted to share this as this is one of my best experiences in my whole life.

I had to visit India due to some work from my office as they were outsourcing and sent me with another executive form our company. Because I am India they think I would have better perception of things and may be able to help the other executive. We were going to be there for 6 weeks.

Chandigarh as a city has quite a charm to it and especially the girls are hot and fashionable. They are liberated which makes them attractive. With some fantasies in my mind I was excited to board my flight.But we always think of fantasies and something hardly happens in reality.

To make matters real I remembered I had a friend from Chandigarh who always boasted about having girls by his side all the time. I called him as he lives in Canada now. He sent me an email with pictures of a girl and said that she want to go to UK so you can speak to her and see if she requires some help.

So hoping to get a date I sent an email to the girl that I am from London and I am told to give you any assistance you require. I did not get any reply for about two days. Then while I was out on my office work I received an email back on my blackberry, which I was not expecting. You guessed it right it was from Shruti Sharma.

I got excited even though she only wrote about how thankful she is to receive my help if she end go to London. I am a gentleman and I do not throw myself at any girl or make advances unless I am sure that she wants something between us. And due to this reason I missed out on so many opportunities of fun with women.

So I replied saying that we should meet up for a coffee to further talk about her plans and we started texting each other. I was getting very excited as I had seen her pictures in an email from my friend and I knew she is very good looking. Another reason was that she had exactly the sort of figure that I have strong desire for.

Albeit she was much better looking in person and pictures didn’t do justice to the true beauty of hers. Shruti is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and have an exact figure like Huma Qureshi or Sonakshi Sinha. I guess you understand what sort I am talking about.

So we started texting each other and there was little flirting in the air. In the evening I received a phone call from her, to be honest I had get a hold of myself before talking to her just to hide my excitement. After little talk we decided to have a coffee together the next evening as I was busy during the day and Shruti had college.

We kept texting each other that night till late and started in the morning the next day. She said in one of her texts that she is feeling butterflies in her tummy and it made me even more excited to know that she was looking forward to meet.

Time gets just so slow when we are waiting for something exciting specially meeting a beautiful girl. Wait was over and evening came I went to pick her in my car it was Suzuki swift. I saw her walking towards in my car in my rear view mirror. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was this beautiful girl walking in blue jeans and off white silk designer top.

Her hair was straight and as soon as she opened the passenger door I was kind of taken aback by the personality and body she possessed. I was sweating to get a grip of things and play cool but deep down I was working very hard not to be nervous. Somehow I managed and asked her how is she. I said you are looking very beautiful, I know it may feel cheesy now but it just came out naturally at that time.

My next question was where shall we go and she told me that there is cafe coffee day close by so I started driving which helped me gain my confidence back. We went and she ordered coffee as I said you order whatever is best. We started chatting I was mainly talking in English and I had a bit of accent as well due to living abroad for so long and I could tell that she liked it.

I don’t look like a Bollywood hero but I have a good physique and I have some dressing sense and we started talking like we knew each other for very long time. So we were chatting for next few days on the phone and meeting up regularly for coffee. On some days we went to have shisha, It is banned in Chandigarh and only available in Haryana and so we went to Zirakpur to have it.

That was nice thing to do as it is very private and I managed to touch her hand at times and we sat very closely so our bodies were touching at times. Like I said earlier I am a gentleman. One day I held her hand while having shisha and just wanted to kiss her but we got interrupted. Shruti knew a place outside the city where we went to just sit and I hoped to get a kiss or two.

It was and old dam which is not in use now but there is still a water lake and it is beautiful on a summer evening at the time of sunset. This place was empty like a deserted island and you can’t see anyone around. There is a staircase so we went down the stairs and sat there.

I put my arm around her and started caressing on her arm as she was wearing a skirt with a sleeveless top. Shruti started to get excited and it was our first proper kiss. I put my lips on her lips and our tongues were playing with each other. Pure pleasure, my brain was overcome by the pleasure hormones and I let myself loose to keep kissing Shruti.

Then my hands started to touch her tits, they were big and nipples were erect. Oh it felt good touching them. Without stopping the kisses I have opened top two buttons of Shruti’s top and slid my hand in her bra. She wanted me to touch her I was caressing her tit and kissing her at the same time.

Then Shruti put her tongue into my ear I wanted to lick her armpit, I felt the salty taste in my mouth and I was taking immense pleasure in doing so. I opened her bra from within her blouse and took one of her melon in my mouth. She was moaning with pleasure by that time. I started to suck on her tit one by one. And Shruti was closing her eyes with pleasure.

I started circling around her nipple without touching the nipple she wanted me to touch the nipple but I like to tease. I can take the teasing to the upmost level. She put her hand on my head and pushed it on her tits. She wanted me to suck on that nipple and I obeyed. I put my tongue on her nipple and gave her a little bite with my teeth and Shruti let out a loud moan.

We were both enjoying that moment. I wanted to take things a bit further so I decided to put my hand in her skirt Shruti opened her legs for me I started caressing her thigs with my hand. I would go as far as her panty area and move my hand back. For few mins I kept on doing that. Touching both her thighs. I could feel the heat around her panty. I could feel she was hot and wet.

To find out I moved her panty aside and put my hand on her pussy.She was dripping wet and she was moaning loudly with pleasure by this time. I wanted to suck those juices out of her pussy so I went on a stair below her and put my face between her thick white and creamy legs where the pussy had some hair and I loved it and put my mouth on it,

Shruti put her hand on my head and started pushing it down, I was obeying and put my tongue in there. I could feel the heat and that erotic smell right on my nose. I loved every second of it, with one hand I was holding her panty to the side and other hand was on her thigh. After few mins on this I felt Shruti s thighs were trembling and suddenly I felt a gush of her cum coming out.

I licked every drop of it, we were getting late and it was getting dark and I felt I saw someone on at the top of the bridge so I helped Shruti put the bra back on and we left from there. This was our first sexual meeting I will write more in next story.

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Jai And Tanvi Enjoying First Time Sex

It was early 2006. I am Jai. I was single, virgin, uninitiated in the world of sex. I was 20 then and had only recently broken up with my girl friend from high school. I was not bad to look at and did get some female attention. The back story.

In high school, there was another girl in our class, Tanvi, in another section. Most of our boys talk in school since class 9 revolved around Tanvi, what she said, who she was with and what she is wearing. I remember we guys celebrating the day one of us discovered Tanvi had started wearing a bra in class XI. Even in class XI she looked straight out of a bollywood movie.

Milky fair, super sexy smooth skin, pretty mid length hair, lovely ass and decent boobs. Every guy in school wanted to date her, touch her, fuck her and what not. There were gang wars between guys who were infatuated by her. With me her equation was non existent. She just knew I existed.

Count of the number of times I would have masturbated thinking of Tanvi would surely run into thousands. But later in class XII we came to know she was dating a guy from outside the school. We just heard he drove around in an Esteem. We all hated him without even knowing him.

One day I was going back home on my bike while I saw a car had broke down and a guy was standing next to its bonnet cluelessly. It was evening and dark. He waved at me to stop and told me his car has issues and he needs help. I asked what help he needs. He said pointing at a girl sitting in the car that he needs to drop her home and its getting late.

I looked into the car and I saw it was Tanvi. I instantly went weak in my knees and seeing me Tanvi got out and said hello. He asked if he can use my bike to drop her off to her home and bring a mechanic and that it wont take more than 15 mins. I barely reacted and gave him the keys. She sat behind him and he went off to return 40 mins later with a mechanic. ASSHOLE!

Next year we went separate ways, she had joined a good college on some quota and I had joined a grade 3 college closer to home. A year passed by with me now hearing about Tanvi and her bf but never bumped into her. In the 2nd year, within the first week I saw a familiar face in college. It was Tanvi. I was puzzled, but thrilled.

Later got to know she had migrated to be closer to home. 4 months passed, I had broken up with my ex and Tanvi and I never even smiled at each other. Then came the day of strike in our college, which was regular. It was announced mid day after the talks between management and council hadnt worked out. There was a chaos. I went to the parking and got my bike out.

Tanvi stood at the empty auto stand clueless trying to call someone. I thought this was my chance to talk to her. I went to where she stood and waited for a few seconds. She looked at me and smiled faintly. I told her "This time I can drop you home." She smiled and said she's trying to reach her brother who might come to pick her up and she tried calling him again. I noticed her.

She had changed from how she was a few years back. Her hair had grown long till her lower back, she had got them coloured golden brown, she had gained weight on her ass, hips and chest. She wore a sleeveless green top and fucking tight denims. She looked at me blankly saying he didnt pick again. I told her the protest might get more violent and she must leave now.

She thought for a second or two more and sat behind me looking hot at all hell. I am sure I became many a loser's hero that day in college. She sat awkwardly on the bike while I rode. I looked back and said "I am surprised you are so uncomfortable on this bike. This bike should be familiar to you." She laughed and said "thank you".

She mentioned they had got very late that day her bf borrowed the bike from me and she got saved because of my bike. I felt good. Again there was a long silence and I asked "where's the Esteem guy today? he could've come to pick you". She told me they weren't together anymore. Just as I could digest the awesome news, her bungalow arrived. She got down and thanked me again.

While she turned to leave, I just said, "we can talk in college, you know." She gave a smile that melted my whole body and said "sure". We started hanging out in college often and guys started calling me her "PA", "chamcha", "boy toy" and what not. Did I care? Hottest girl I've seen in my life was getting super friendly with me.

We had grown close enough to tease each other about our exes. I started dropping her back home frequently. Amongst all this you must be thinking what a nice guy I am. No. I was doing all this because I wanted to have sex with her and fuck her brains out! I never wanted to date her or make her my girl friend.

In January 2007, our college fest was held. Tanvi was convinced by her friends to participate in a dance item. It was retro dance and there were some costume changes too. On the day of the show, she had asked her father to drop her to college but on the morning he fell ill and couldnt do so. She called and asked if I could get my car. My father had already left so I had to say no.

She asked if I can come to her place, take her to college in her car. I didn't mind. She took her father's consent and we were off. Now let me tell you, Tanvi loved attention from men. She could instantly gauge who's looking at her and what's he looking at. While I drove, she sat wearing a simple tee and denims. But he boobs looked amazing in the tee she wore.

She's caught me ogling at her boobs a lot but today they looked irresistible. She just said "Jai, can you concentrate on the road? What is up with you today?" I was caught. I quietly drove to college and joined my friends in the audience as Tanvi went into the green room. Few hours later, it was time for her dance item.

They performed to various songs and I was a good show but I just couldnt take my eyes off Tanvi, like many many men in the audience. She looked incredibly hot with her hair falling and in her tight pants and black tank top. After the fest some of my friends wanted to grab a drink and invited me. I reluctantly said no as I had to drop Tanvi.

She realised that and said we'll both come but for just one drink. I was surprised. While at the pub, the loud music, alcohol, good company, Tanvi's knee weakening presence just added up and I asked her for a dance. Everyone of the table went quite. I thought I was going to ask Tanvi out to date me. She just stood up and we went to the floor.

I would have been perfectly alright if I had fallen in love with Tanvi that day. She looked that hot and seductive. I didn't. I wanted to fuck her and fuck her tonight. While we danced I made sure I didn't touch her objectionably. When we were walking back to our seats, I said in her ear "you look amazing today" and I gave her a little peck on her cheek. I had a feeling Tanvi was falling for me.

One drink became three and she started getting calls from her mother. She made some excuses and we left. While driving back I noticed her hair had got a bit sweaty due to the dancing and I found it quite sexy. I casually ruffled her hair with my left hand and she came and lied on my left shoulder. I leaned leftwards and kissed her hair, sexily smelling off her shampoo and sweat.

Suddenly, she said "Jai, just pull over." I thought she wanted to throw up. I asked are you okay? She said yes. She rolled the windows down and said "lets enjoy the winter breeze". As I smiled at her, she asked me "so, what's happening?" I acted as if I didn't understand. She said "you've been super sweet with me today. Is there something we need to talk about?"

Very seriously I asked her, "About what?" She said "alright, enough with the games. I can believe this has happened but I think I like you and being with you makes me happy." As she ended the sentence, I grabbed her face and we started kissing.We had parked on a road with trucks and heavy vehicles plying but we didn't care. We kissed and caressed like there was no tomorrow.

I told Tanvi I had a crush on her since class 9 and then there was more kissing. I was no kissing the lips I had dreamt and hoped of kissing for the last 6 years. While kissing I took my hand near her crotch and she was dripping. Her panty, from inside her skirt felt like a drenched towel. When I tried to put my finger she resisted. I looked at and applied more force.

She was moaning and she came close to my ears and said "careful Jai, I am a virgin". I looked at her in thrill and surprise and she looked at me naughtily and nodded saying "yes, I am virgin." I said me too and she surprising said "I know, I knew you exes friends". While we continued kissing and fingering, I saw a cop car at a distance behind our parked car.

I started driving and I said I am not going to let you go home without losing our virginity. She smiled and asked whats the plan. I called a friend who we were drinking with and told him to go elsewhere as I needed his apartment, no questions asked.

She called and told her mother the car had broken down and Jai dropped her to her friends place and has gone to get the car fixed and that she'll be staying at her friends place as long as it takes to fix the car. Her mother felt secure. I stopped on the way and bough a three pack of condoms. She saw them and said "you have high hopes."

Her every look, her words and her smile were all killing me gradually. As we entered the room and locked it, we felt as if this is it. She seemed to be in an amazingly horny mood. We locked our lips and kissed madly. I took her top off and flung it and took her bra off. Those were the most amazing boobs I had ever seen, including those on porn movies.

She helped take my pants down and took her skirt off. We were both naked and she looked like Venus. I held her close. I was now holding the girl who I have shagged off thinking about for 6 years of my life. And what's more, she was in love with me. She made me sit on the bed and started playing with my dick and without a warning took it in her mouth.

I had seen it in porn, heard it from friends but didnt know it was the most amazing feeling ever. While blowing me, she threw her hair on my torso. I held her hair and started combing it with my fingers. Due to inexperience, I shot my first load in her mouth. Her lips and jaws were splashed with my semen. She asked me to enter her. I wanted to lick her, give her oral.

She said she wasnt comfortable. I didn't wish to force. So, wore the condom and entered her. Years of watching porn and imagining fucking Tanvi was finally fruitful. I was banging my dream chick. I entered her but she felt immense pain but she egged me on. I gave her mild strokes which she loved and then started giving her slightly harder strokes hearing the volume of her moaning.

She kept saying "fuck me hard Jai." I knew I wasn't still fully inside her. I knew I had to give one strong stoke. I asked Tanvi to hold me tight and told her this will hurt her a bit and I gave her a strong stroke and there I felt something. She felt it too. Her hymen was broken. In the thrill I didnt realise she had dug her nails well in my back. I didn't hurt at all then.

I was still rock hard and I continue to stroke her pussy. She was now enjoying it as the pain part was over. Within a minute Tanvi reached her orgasm like a volcano. I was scared her screams would wake neighbours. I instantly locked lips. In a few minutes I climaxed too and filled the condoms like a water balloon.

As I took my dick out of her, we realised Tanvi had bled but not much. We both smiled looking at each other. We kissed and kissed a lot. We went in the bathroom and cleaned each other up. While in the bath, she said something I couldnt believe. She said "I can't believe I had sex with the moron who left an anonymous greeting card in my garage on valentine's day."

I couldn't believe she knew it. That was me. I pulled her close and we kissed more, tongue all over each other's faces. She asked me to drop her home. I dropped her home and went to my home. We texted each other till 6 am.

Next morning I woke up and realised I was in love with her. Met her next day and asked her out and we dated for 4 years. Broke up for 2 years. Dated again for a year. Broke up for 6 months. And now married to each other. The sex between us has been mind blowing always.

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Sexplosive Meeting In Baroda

Hello friends at Human Digest, firstly i would like to thank the moderators of this site for successfully running this platform which gives voice to so many hidden and suppressed feelings, emotions and desires in this great country of ours..! Keep up the good work..! I am Jack from Baroda (name changed).

I'm 31yrs old, 6ft tall, fair skin and larger than average sized in the down under department. i have had a good life and great opportunities to travel around the world and meet women from around the world, though i feel that Indian women are the sexiest. i love to write stories about my encounters, however i add a little fiction and fantasy to them.

So whatever i have written is absolutely true as to the actions described, but maybe sometimes the story around it might be made up a bit...! i let my readers take that call. I am interested in meeting open minded and desirous women who appreciate good sex and good humor. Please leave your comments about this story.

Story:- "Explosive Meeting"

It had been a few days since they had met each other.. Their thoughts about each other and their desire to be close had long since been working on overdrive... But like everything else that was almost magical around them, the opportunity presented itself...

Her friends were gonna go out of station the very next day and she had opted to stay at their house while they are away to look after their pets... She loved doing that..! She was usually so busy that she loved spending some time by herself.

So when he buzzed her the next day morning.. She told him to stop by at her friends place on some excuse... He went to the gym that morning and did worked up quite a sweat.. His grey vest totally drenched and sticking to his body...he had a decent body..! Not too ripped but no extra handles...

When he rang the bell, she opened the door and was tying her hair with the hair clip in her teeth... Her hands on her head made her full breasts thrust forward and look inviting in her White sports bra... She was in a naughty mood and she knew he liked this... He immediately grabbed her and moved in for a kiss...

It had been days that seemed like years since they had even kissed...he was hot for her and she was too.. But being the naughty queen personified herself.. She was also in a mood to tease..!!

They kissed... She pushed him against the closed door and his hands almost by reflex moved to her butt and pulled her towards him... She kissed him for a while and then slowly backed off...turned around and walked towards the bedroom.. Her glorious butt swaying in a "come slap me" motion.. He was surprised to see her back off so soon.. He followed..

Once inside the room, she closed the door behind him, pushed him onto the bed and straddled him...pinning his hands down... He could feel the warmth of her crotch grinding over his own bulge in his running shorts.. The thin material of his shorts clearly showing the outline of his manhood...

Not a word had been spoken since they had met... Their lips were too busy exploring the others.. She sat on his crotch and slowly pulled up his sweat drenched gym vest upwards and over his head...he brought his hands over his head so she could remove it... She had other plans...

Within a flash.. She had used the wet gym vest to tie his wrists together over his head... She reached under the pillow and brought out a silk sash to further tighten the knot... She was kissing him so deeply all this while that till his hands were totally secure he had no clue what was happening...

She had planned it well... The silk sash was further attached to a carved pillar on the bedstead.. So not only his hands were tied up.. He couldn't even bring them lower... She had such a wild expression of a naughty victory on her face that it made him a bit squeamish on what her plan was..!

Her plan was going exactly as she had wanted.. She had long been wanting him and now she had him exactly how and where she wanted...! She held his face in her hands and rubbed her lips on his.. He loved this and the whole excitement about getting tied up by that sexy tigress had him rock hard and his erection straining against the thin material of his shorts...

She then began her routine... She dangled her breasts close to his face within biting distance... When he grabbed her sports bra with his teeth.. She asked him to hold on.. And pulled herself back.. Removing the Bra and leaving him panting... He could tell she was excited too by the hardness of her nipples.. Standing out erect and begging to be squeezed and touched...

She backed up a bit and brought her face closer to his throbbing erection... She held his shorts in her teeth and slowly pulled downwards... His erection flopped out so hard from it that it almost hit her face and she giggled... He had never been so turned on... Once she had his shorts out of her way... She began licking his twitching shaft with light teasing flicks of her Tongue.

Not using her hands at all.. His eyes closed and he threw his head back in pleasure letting go off a moan... Slowly she took the head in her mouth and that brought him some relief.. But she wasn't gonna let it happen.. Within a second she was off... Now on her knees and straddling his torso.. Her hands on the bedstead and her glorious breasts dangling close to his face...

Slowly bringing them closer...he frantically trying to reach out to them with his mouth and Tongue... She lowering them only enough to let the nipples graze his beard and his Tongue.. And then raising them again..! She finally let him have a few good licks of them.. She then lowered her body so that her nipples were just touching his chest.. What followed.. Drove him totally crazy...

She pulled her breasts up to her face and licked the nipples.. With a naughty expression on her face...just the image itself would have made him cum right then... Once she made sure they were totally wet... She dragged her nipples along his body from his chest.. All the way down to his ankles... Leaving two wet lines...

Then she took the liberty of blowing cool air on them slowly making her way back up to his face.. And then moved in for a kiss... He couldn't take it any longer.. A few seconds more and he would have sprayed all over her.. But somehow he didn't.... There was something else that was wet... Her pussy had been leaking like a tap ever since she had tied him up...

her whole plan of tying him up and successfully teasing him had her so turned on herself that unknown to her her juices had totally wet her panties and were now leaking Down her legs... She stood up an pulled her panties down seductively... Put a finger on her clit And massaged it... Taking some of the juice on her finger and seductively licked it...

He was panting already.. Then she did the same thing again and brought the finger to his mouth.. She let him smell it and then thrust it into his mouth.. He held onto it with his lips and sucked it dry... She knew very well that smell turned him on a lot.. And especially the smell of her juices... Finally he spoke.. Please baby.. And closed his eyes...

She knew she had accomplished it... She straddled him... Slowly taking his entire length into her dripping wet and hot pussy.. And the both moaned together..! She bent backwards and started moving up and down on him.. His head back, eyes closed and breathing fast and deep... Her hands on her breasts.. And then on his lightly hairy chest.

While she ground her crotch onto his... It didn't take her very long to reach a screaming finish...! And shudder and fall onto him..their breaths matching each others heartbeats... He was still in her and hard... She got off him and moved down.. Held his shaft in her fingers and in one smooth movement engulfed it completely in her mouth... He let out a long groan...

As she started moving him in and out of her mouth.. She could taste her juices on him.. And that made her wet again... She quickened her movement and felt his body tighten and his back arch... He let out a loud moan and came in gushes into her waiting mouth...he had never imagined he could come so much in a single time...she swallowed it all and sucked him dry...

He thought she was done.. But her dripping pussy had other ideas... She moved upon him and straddled his face...! He absolutely loved to go down on her and she never complained... He was good with his Tongue and that's exactly what she wanted now... She began grinding her pussy on his mouth... He stuck out his Tongue to meet her strokes and stroked her clit with each thrust...

The feel of his beard on her soft inner thighs drove her wild as she started moving faster.. She reached under and undid his hands.. He brought them up to her breasts and with one tweak of her nipples he had her screaming to orgasm...

She didn't finish shuddering till he lifted her off him and held her tight... Their eyes open but dazed in pleasure and unable to focus. Their hearts matching the others breath... They held each other and drifted off into deep sleep..!

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Horny MBA Students Karan And Disha Enjoying Sex

I am Karan, 29 years old now. This is an incidence I am narrating from 2009. My first year of MBA. It involved me and the prettiest girl on campus, Disha. This is how it started. It was orientation day in college. We had just got settled in hostel the previous day. Before orientation, we were asked to meet all our batch mates and introduce ourselves.

I met a few guys and hit it off with them, but my eyes were searching for some pretty faces in the crowd. Just when I thought I was going to spend two years without a pretty girl around in my class, I saw Disha. She look incredibly cute, and quite amazing. She looked about 5'6 tall, fair complexion, longish silky hair tied up with a clip & she must've been 32-24-32.

While I was ogling at her, she too looked at me and turned her face away. I walked up to her and introduced myself. We shook hands and she said her name. I heard her voice and immediately went weak in my knees. I knew I wanted to have her. She had a sexy voice, but kinda innocent and child like tone.

I found it very hard to take my eyes off her lips, especially her upper lip which was juicy and very seductive. In a few days when our classes began, I got to know Disha would sit in the row ahead of me according to the seating arrangement recommended by the college. I was pretty happy about it. In those few days, many guys in our campus already started taking fancy for her.

She featured on top in most guys' list of most dateable girl in our batch. I was kind of smitten by her already. Every time she would come anywhere close to me, it would set my pulse racing. After a few days when everyone got comfortable, the college recommended seating arrangements were flouted.

Disha's current neighbours were one nerdy guy from Bangalore & a typical gujju chick from Baroda. Disha asked if she can move to my row and exchange seats with my neighbour, Tanvi who was friends with the gujju girl. No need to say I was over the moon. I started getting friendly with Disha and she too got comfortable with me.

In this time, I got to know she is dating a guy in Mumbai. Knowing that made me a little sad but it didn't dent my hopes of getting close her soon. I would wait for days when she used to wash her hair, the smell of her shampoo was intoxicating. I used to get insane erections.

On days when she would wear a skirt to class, I'd have to excuse myself a few times in between lectures to quieten my dick. She was driving me fucking crazy! One day between classes, Disha started asking me about girls I have dated. I told her I have dated only one girl, she couldnt believe it. She said she thought I would have dated more than a few girls with my good looks.

It felt good to know Disha had observed me. I had become comfortable enough with her to remove clip from her hair playfully and give her casual side hugs. I knew many many guys who were very jealous of me. She also started teasing me about a girl in class who clearly seemed to have a crush on me.

One of the weekends, Disha went to Mumbai and returned on Monday morning. She came to the class in a foul mood, looking all ragged. She seemed upset about something. She didn't utter a word in the first two lectures. I slowly asked her what was wrong, she said nothing but her eyes seemed bloodshot due to tears and lack of sleep.

After the third lecture, she went for lunch with her girl friends. I was very curious to know why she was upset. I was hoping she broke up with her boy friend. We just had one lecture after lunch. Post the lecture, I again asked her why she was upset. She told me she was not in a mood to talk. The intrigue was driving me nuts.

After a few hours, I got a call from her. She asked me to come meet her on campus. She now looked fresh, after a shower possibly. She still looking a little upset. But she apologised for not answering me and said she got to know when in Mumbai that her boy friend was cheating on her and they broke up.

She told me how she had trusted him so much yet he couldn't maintain a long distance relationship and how difficult it is for her since they have been intimate too. I was surprised by this revelation but it also gave me an opening to ask questions. While she was talking all this, I was noticing her lips. They were kinda big and amazingly juicy.

In my mind, I was sucking those lips. I didnt ask her anything then and gave her some solace. She asked me not to tell anyone about this as she felt people will want to sympathize and flirt with her in turn. Exactly what I didn't want either! Disha and I got even friendlier. I was a hero for other guys on campus. Some felt we were dating. I never cared to explain.

College management announced there'll be a formal photo shoot for all students for the college brochure and all had to be dressed in formals. Guys were in suits and girls picked from sarees to churidar kurta to western formals. My eyes were looking for Disha. There she came looking like a million dollars! She came in a yellow saree with her hair let down.

I know at least 20 guys who must've had an immediate erection. I was one of them. After talking to her friends, she walked up to me and complemented me for how good I looked in a suit. And asked me how she looked. I didn't find the right words coming out of my mouth. I blurted out "You are looking so good, I can't help but ask you out for a date".

She didn't seem to think much about it and said "Okay. But when?". I don't think I had much choice, I said "Tonight". She said okay, smiled and walked away. My wish to nail Disha had reached very very high levels. I borrowed a friends car's and picked Disha up from her hostel block. She, as usual, looked gorgeous.

She wore a red top, denim skirt & and her hair let down beautifully. She probably had a hint of how I loved to see her in a skirt! Believe me, she could have given an erection to a dead man. I am an eternal optimist. I carry a condom with me all the time. I had earmarked a casual yet swanky restaurant in the other part of the city. We got talking about various things.

I told her how gorgeous she looked today, she would have had many guys asking her out for a date. She said yes and she chose to say yes only to me. She asked me why I asked her out. I told her I find her pretty not just today but since the first day we met. Disha smiled. I was hoping she didn't look towards my crotch. She'd know how badly aroused I was.

While at the restaurant we ordered for a few beers. I knew she didn't drink too often, but what's the point of a date if we didn't even have a beer each. Few sips of the beer and she got talking a lot. Started telling me about her ex and how it was he who approached her and she slowly fell for him and they decided to talk to their parents after she completes her MBA as he was already working and doing quite well.

I felt the time was right. I asked her how far had they been. She didnt seem to get what I meant. I reminded her what she told me earlier of how they had been intimate, and I was asking her how far had they gone in being intimate. I regretted the question immediately after asking it. She straight-facedly said, all the way. She said, we practically lived together, what do you expect?

I loved her being so candid. I don't know what made me say it, I said it must be difficult for any guy to resist you. She didn't say anything, just blushed. In my head half my dick was inside her already. Then she added, "we didn't do it as much as he hoped for. Just a few times." I excused myself to the washroom to quieten the activity in my pants.

When I got back, I saw Disha had ordered for around round of beers. We had those beers, had a great dinner and were on our way back. Just as we entered the car, Disha came close to me and hugged me thanking me for a great evening and that it was her first outing after her break up. I could feel her cute boobies on my chest.

My hands were feeling her bra straps on her back. While the hug continued, I told her she was being stupid to thank me and that she deserved to be treated the best possible way. She broke the hug and gave me a peck on my cheek. That probably was just the signal I wanted. I kissed her back on the cheek, and our faces were still so close, I chose to kiss on her lips.

Disha didn't react to that, instead opened her lips and let our tongues meet. I was in cloud nine. It felt as if I had hit a jackpot. Disha broke the kiss and looked at me. I looked at her wanting more of what we just did. Just when I was about to say something, she said "You always wanted this na? Had a feeling you liked me.

I dress up to class only to get your attention and to see how you react." That was all I wanted to hear. We engaged in another amazing kiss and my hands were already inside her top from the back and exploring the idea of unhooking her bra and the other hand was caressing her hair which I loved. We were now kissing hungrily. Disha seemed to want it as much as I did.

Just when I was about to take her top off, I realised we were in a very public place and could get into trouble. I also had to drop Disha to her hostel before 11. Disha too realised and we drove off from there. It was already 10:45 and would be tough to reach her hostel by 11. While I was driving, Disha came close to my face and said "I don't want to go back to the hostel.

What about you?" I said "I don't want to go or leave you without completing what we started". I right away realised what a corny line that was. To my surprise, it worked. Disha said "Lets go somewhere else then". I called my friend whom I borrowed the car from and told him I will return only the next morning. He seemed to understand what was happening. He was a local.

He offered his unused flat in the city for my stay. He said the flat had what was needed, a double bed, an AC & fridge. He told me he will have his family driver come and open up the house and give us the keys. I had to return the keys to him next morning in college. That was more than what I could have asked. I was going to rent a room in a budget hotel.

That could have been risky. I told Disha about the plan. What I loved was she didn't care. While I was driving to the place, she started kissing my neck and playing with my dick. She took my free hand and touched her crotch. It was pretty wet and I couldnt drive faster to reach the flat. Once I reached there, I asked Disha to stay in the car and had the flat opened by the driver.

Once the driver left, I got Disha inside. It was an empty flat. As my friend mentioned, it only had a double bed, an AC and a fridge. Disha was looking around and I held her from the back and started kissing her neck and fondling her boobs. They weren't huge, but were of adequate size. I made her turn towards me and we kissed again. This lasted for a while.

We sucked each others lips & tongues like animals. Just when we broke off the kiss, the pulled her top off and she pulled my tshirt off. Her hands went to tie her hair up, I didnt allow her to. I removed her bra and started kissing, licking and sucking her boobs. Disha seemed to love it. I held her hair in my hand and kissed her again. I was very highly turned on now.

I pushed her on the bed and went close to her and started sucking her boobs again. Disha pushed me away and said she wants to hold my dick. I took my jeans off and there my dick was. Rock hard and in maximum size it could ever be. Disha held it in her hands and began stroking it slightly. I was out of control and wild.

My dream woman was playing with my dick and sitting topless in front of me. I was hoping she was going to give me blowjob after the hand job. But she stood up and started kissing again. We kissed and I pushed her down a bit hoping for a blowjob when she told me she never gave her ex and blowjob but she's in the mood to give me one.

She saying so made me so happy, I kissed her like a possessed guy. She went down and started kissing my dick and slowly started taking it in her mouth. I held her hair in my hand in a bunch. She was kinda sloppy in the blowjob but I didn't mind it. When I was about to cum, I asked her to move away but she didnt and ended up ejaculating on her neck and shoulder.

She didn't seem to mind it much. She was in her kinkiest best. I lifted her and made her lie down on the bed and took her skirt and panty off and went close to her crotch. The smell was intoxicating. She was shuddering in ecstasy as I started kissing her inner thighs and clit. Her moaning noises were driving me insane and I started taking my tongue deep inside her.

She told me she has never had her pussy sucked. I couldn't believe what sort of a relationship she was in. I wanted to give her the best time of her life. She was dripping juices and going bad in ecstasy. She couldnt take any more of that and pulled me by my hair and asked me to enter her.

I took the condom out and she snatched it from my hand and started giving me a handjob to help it gain full size. Then she put it on it. I looked at her in surprise. She said her ex made her do it and thought I'd like it too. I loved it. I pushed her on the bed and I climbed on her and we kissed before I entered her hole. I looked at her face as I entered her. She seemed to love it.

It wasn't easy entering her. She was tight. Once I fully entered her, I started giving mild thrusts. She kissed my neck and gently mumbled, "love you baby. Give me more". I couldn't believe she said that to me.But I didn't want to get into a discussion so I started giving stronger thrusts. She was moaning loud and quite loud.

Knowing she hadnt experienced much with her ex, I wanted her to see how it feels to dominate. I made her come on top of me and ride my dick. As my dick reached well inside her, she loved the feeling and we both almost came simultaneously. She lied down with me and we both hugged each other naked. In another 10 mins we again started kissing and wildly fondling each other.

As we quietened, she told me she loved it and thanked me for the best time and we both fell asleep talking. Next morning, we woke up at 7 and left for our college campus. On the way, we didn't talk much. But I had to ask her if she really meant what she said. And I asked her. She said she was in such an ecstasy that she said it out loud and she doesn't know if she meant it.

I could understand and I told her we can give it more time. Once back in college, we started doing couply things and we took the first opportunity to go out of the town, take a hotel and have a wild time. We never said "love you" to each other but for the next year or so we did some crazy things. She then came up to me and asked if we are committed.

We both were quite in love with each other so we started dating like a real couple. We dated for a year after which she started dating a rich fuck and I moved out of the city.

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Abhi Enjoying Hot Sex With Classy Woman In Bangalore

Hey guys, this is Abhi. I am from Bangalore and 20 years old. This is a true incident that happened to me a month back. It was a pleasant evening in Bangalore. I had to meet a friend at a terrace lounge in MG road.

I was waiting for her and I was feeling the cool breeze and heard a sweet voice “hey, do you have a lighter” I turned back to see who it was, there was a beautiful lady dressed in formals and having a cigarette in her hand.

I offered the lighter to her. She looked like a women in her early 30’s with right amount of flesh at the right parts. She was looking really classy and it was really erotica to see her smoking. She thanked me and I said ” pleasure :) “. I thought it would end there but it dint. She introduced herself as ” Malini” asked me if I am from Bangalore and I said yes.

She said that she is from hyderabad and she is here on a official work and would stay here for 2 days Me : This is a beautiful city, you should really have fun before going back. Malini : I would really love to have fun here! But I don’t know anyone over here and there is no one to accompany me.

Me : That shouldn’t be a problem at all, if you don’t mind we can hang out and I’ll make sure you’ll have the best time ( with a naughty smile on my face) Malini : best time?? ( with a seductive smile) Me : yup!! The best time of your life. I promise!! We both chatted for some more time and exchanged our numbers and left because she had to attend a meeting.

Meanwhile I met my friend and left the place. In the evening I got a text Malini : Hey Me : hello :). Sup?? Malini : chilling in the hotel!! I am really enjoying the climate. Me : enjoying it alone??. That’s sad!! Malini : why don’t you come here and we enjoy it together. Me : haha!! ( I thought she was kidding) Malini : Are you free tomorrow?? Me : yes!!

Malini : I have to attend a meeting tomorrow at the ashoka hotel, can you pick me up after that?? We shall go have dinner. Me : sure, why not. It would be great. Malini : will be waiting for you tomorrow ( with a wink smilie) Our conversation ended there.

The next day I got dressed as if I am going on a date with my girlfriend and went in my car to pick her up. It was drizzling and she was standing out of the hotel. She noticed me and got into the car. She was looking like a sex bomb. Her figure is 34-28-36. Get cleavage was clearly visible and the weather was so cold, her nipples were erect.

She said ”it’s so cold, so you have a cigarette”. I offered her and we both started smoking. Every time she took a drag her boobs would go up and down. The cold weather, a sexy girl beside me, it was more than enough to get a boner. I asked her which cuisine she would prefer so that I can take her to that particular restaurant.

She dint answer, she was thinking for a while and she said ” Let’s go to my place, it’s a service apartment and we can order and food that we want to our room itself and we’ll get booze too!!”. I agreed to that and we drove. We entered her flat and she said she will be right back and went to change her dress.

After 5 min she came out, she was wearing a loose white top and her black bra can easily be seen and she was wearing a blue mini skirt. I went totally Mad looking at her. ” You look really sexy” I said. ” thanks ( wink) “. Later she ordered food and we started to drinking whisky. After 4 pegs we were feeling tipsy, and I asked her ” where is the washroom”.

She said ” why?? To jerk off?? ” ( with a naughty smile) I said ” why do I have to jerk off when you are going to give me sex tonight”. She was looking directly into my eyes, the cold weather, whisky, dim lights in the room really drove me away, I straight and kissed in her lips, she too responded well. We kept kissing passionately, we were not ready to leave each other at all.

She went out of breath and left me, I started slowly kissing on her neck, went all the way to her ear lobes, gave a soft bite and whispered ” you are too sexy”. This sent shivers in her spine, we again started kissing and I placed my hand on her boobs, but I dint press it, I was just moving on her boobs, she got pissed off, she placed her hand on my hand and pressed it.

Later I started pressing her boobs really hard, she was in the 7th heaven. I made her lie down on the bed and started kissing her, slowly went down to the cleavage, I played there for some time with my tongue. Went down to the navel and kissed all over there. Then I went straightly to her toes, I started sucking one of her toe, slowly came up kissing her legs and things.

I removed her skirt, I kissed her inner thighs and started slowly biting her pussy over the panties. Her panties were totally drenched. I was kissing all around her pussy and the aroma of her pussy was driving me crazy. I went up, opened her top, I was kissing around her boobs and I was trying to bite her nipples on the bra. She was getting restless because of all the teasing.

Later I tore her bra, started pressing her boobs really hard and kept smooching her. I started to pinch her nipples while smooching her, she was showing both the pain and pleasure by moaning “ummm mm aaaa”. I went down, tore her panty and started kissing around her pussy. She couldn’t take it anymore, she pushed my head towards her pussy, and I started sucking it really wild.

She went mad, she was moaning really loud ” ahhh ummm ahhh ahhhh aaaa” and then she climaxed. I happily drank all the cum. She got up pulled me towards her and said ” I fucking love you” she opened my shorts and started sucking my dick really wild. That was the best blowjob I ever got. Foreplay and teasing, passionate kissing and wild fuck is my way!!

Only genuine women for a safe and secret one time relationship is welcome. The rest of the story about how we had really wild sex will be explained in the second part of the sex story.

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Rakesh Having Sex With Swathi Aunty In Hyderabad

Hi friends, I am Rakesh from Hyderabad, I am regular follower of HumanDigest since 3 years, this sex story happened one year ago in my life. About me I am 5.9 height with fair colour, 78 kgs, well built, good looking guy.Coming to sex story…

After completing my B.Tech I was supposed to go to Hyderabad for learning software course and in search of job, I rented a room with friends in kphb colony in Hyderabad. After few days I found that park and made a plan of going to morning walk to keep fit my self, I asked my friends they rejected to come,

after few days I started to go for walk regularly by 4 am and nobody is there till 5 am, after 5 am many people come and do their exercises. After few days a lady came by 4:30 am, she is very beautiful, with good structure may be 38 boobs, waist 36, back 38, her hair is clipped in pony tail, she came in saree and shoes.

She is walking in opposite direction to us, I faced her nearly 20 times on that day. I did not care much that day. Next day she came by 4:30 and continued her walk, after some time she was sweating heavily and unable to walk more and thrusty,

I saw her and asked for any help she is unable to talk then I understood situation and gave her water to drink which I carried with me daily 1 litre bottle, she drank and thanked me and left to her home.

Next day she came again by 4:30 am with bottle of water and started walking, she saw me and smiled, I wished her good morning, she replied with smile the same, Her smile is god’s gift to her face. Next day as usual we greeted, after some time I sat on bench, she saw me and came near me and asked me

she: are you tired. me : no. she: by what time are coming to walk me : by 4 am and then she left by greeting me bye. Next day to my surprise she came to park before me only, I greeted her and asked u r too early, she said she has some work at home so she have to leave early, and then we continued our walk, by asking each other personal life,

I said my proper is Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh and studied B.Tech in Siddhartha engineering college, I am here for job trails and courses for few months, she was surprised and said she is also from same city Vijayawada and married 12 years ago to software engineer, came to Hyderabad 3 months ago from Bangalore on transfer, she said her name is Swathi and asked for my name I said Rakesh.

She became very close to me for few days only as we are from same town. Daily we walked together from 4 am to 5:30 am, one day she asked me about my lunch and dinner in room, I said we cook rice in electric cooker and bought curry from curry point. She invited me for lunch on the next day, first I felt shy and later on her force I agreed to come.

Next day she said her address and flat number and also gave her contact number for enquiry in finding address, and also insisted me to come by 11: 30 am, I said and left to my room I got ready and said to my friends that I am going to meet a friend on job purposes and will not come for lunch, I started at 11: 30 am and reached her flat and rang the door bell, she opened the door,

by seeing her I was stunned she wore blue saree with black blouse very attractive in her partywear saree. I greeted her hello and she welcomed me, I said you are very beautiful in this saree and she thanked me, I asked if she is going to any party, she said no, she said party is here in her home with me only, I was surprised by her reply,

we had chat for half an hour and I asked about her daughter and husband, she said she was married 11 years ago at the age of 23 and her daughter is studying 4th standard, at that time I continuously staring at her waist, she noticed it, I said her after marriage of 11 years also your body maintenance is very good, she thanked me, she said it is already 1 pm we shall have our lunch.

I agreed and she was serving me biriyani at that time I was starring at her waist and left side boob, she noticed it and said first have your lunch and later you can have them, I was surprised and scared for her answer and I said sorry, she smiled and sat in front of me and served her plate, we had our lunch, during this time she is seeing straight into my eyes and I felt scared to face her,

after lunch she asked me to sit and watch tv she will be back in 15 mins, I said ok, she finished her work and came after 15 mins its already 2 pm, she gave a soft drink and sat in front of me and starring straight into my eyes, I was scared and said me : I will leave it is too late. she: Do I have any work. me : No she: Then stay here up to 5:30 pm till her daughter come, she is bored being lonely.

I agreed uncomfortably, she said do not worry be free. She asked what are starring while I am serving you lunch I was afraid to answer, she insisted me to tell, I said your waist and boobs are very attractive in that blue saree and black blouse, she laughed and she came near me sat down near to my knees and asked what do you like most in me.

Looking straight into her eyes I said I love your smile very much and I hold her face with my both hands and kissed on her lips. We smooched for some time in lip lock by tongue twisting in mouth and saliva exchange for 15 minutes, we stood up and hugged each other and kissed, after that she directed me to her bedroom, she switched on the AC and started to remove her saree.

Now she is in her black blouse and blue petticoat (lamga in Telugu), she is very attractive in that, I laid her on bed started kissing her belly and navel, she is very excited, I turned her back and removed her blouse and bra and started kissing and biting her shoulders and I licked her neck, I kissed and licked her bare back blouse area up to her bumps,

I separated her both ass and kissed her ass crank, she love it and gave a jerk in temptation, after that I turned her front and kissed all over her face and chewed her earlobes, she liked it moaned in pleasure aaaahhh…

Now I came to her breast chewed, sucked and kissed, bite both the boobs and nipples one after one, she loved it very much, I separated her both boobs and licked and bite in middle of the boobs crank, she enjoyed it by holding my hair very tight.

Now I kissed and licked her thighs up to her knees, later I removed her panty, I kissed her pussy with lot of love, I loved her pussy smell, I separated the pussy lips and started licking and finger fuck her asshole, I licked her pussy and asshole continuously top to bottom for 20 mins and slept beside her,

she came on to me and removed my shirt and kissed all aver my face and my chest and my nipples slowly she went down by kissing and removed my pant and started to kiss my dick over underwear, I enjoyed it, she removed it and started kissing and sucking and licking my dick like lollipop seeing straight into my eyes, I loved her lusty eyes,

she sucked for five minutes my 6.5 inch dick and came on to me and inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking by kissing my lips, after some time we came in to missionary position and fucked hard, and after 10 mins I came in her hole, we took rest for 15 mins by hugging each other.

She asked to kiss and lick her body again she loved it very much, I did it by biting, licking, kissing all over her body as she requested, and again she sucked my cock and this time I fucked her pussy in doggy style very hard…she loved me very much, we had 3 rounds that day up to 5:15 pm, and I got ready and left to my room by having a long deep kiss.

From that day we had morning walk, and day sex when ever possible, we enjoyed for 1 year, but now to my bad luck her husband was transferred again to Bangalore 1 month back. She hugged me and cried very much the day before she left to Bangalore. I also felt sad by missing my Swathi aunty.

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