Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - II

Previously: Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - I

Should I? I asked myself and butterflies fluttered in my belly. "No I can't do this" I replied to myself. As such I could not see any doubt in Shweta Di's gesture and giving me one glass she got up with two in hands and with a smile she uttered "follow me" and my heart started pounding heavier.

I was scared of what all was going to happen in the house, what will happen if our parents will come to know about this but apart from that significant excitement dwelling in me which drove me behind Shweta Di instantly.

Wearing shorts and cut sleeve top finally Di reached to Keenu Bhaiya and tried giving him one glass and I saw with strange uneasiness Keenu Bhaiya's eyes getting stuck to Shweta Di's fair and fleshy thighs. "What?... aise kya dekh rahe ho?" Shweta Di also noticed Keenu Bhaiya getting uneasy and with a cunning smile she asked Keenu Bhaiya in sarcastic tone and sat beside him.

"Nothing..." Keenu Bhaiya replied back while holding a drink and asked if it is Sprite "Sprite hai Na?" "Haan...but with a pinch of Vodka" "What are you saying?" Keenu Bhaiya was surprised and he sipped to confirmed and first looked at Shweta Di and then at me and once again Shweta Di took his attention with a sarcastic question

"what do you think...main aapko yahan apna project discuss karne laayi hun...?" "To fir kiss liye laayi hai...?" Keenu Bhaiya asked back while sipping his drink casually and Shweta Di touched his glass with her glass to cheer and replied with "aapke saath drink karne ke liye". Standing few feet away near dining table I was stunned to see and hear what my sister was speaking and doing.

How can Shweta Di be so shameless? She was sitting beside Keenu Bhaiya on the same couch while touching her bare knee with his thigh over the cloth and Keenu Bhaiya was again and again looking at Shweta Di's thighs and I clearly saw his tent raising his lower.

"You know Golu is angry with me...aaj raat ko issko porn movie dekhni thi iss TV par...aur main aapko le aayi.." Shweta Di continued behaving shameless and my heart beat went higher. For a moment Keenu Bhaiya was amazed to hear that but he instantly came out of surprise and looked at me while saying "why not...Dekh low jo dekhna hai"

and just then Shweta Di interfared and holding Keenu Bhaiya's chin turned his face "Don't look at her...look at me..." with that she stared into his eyes for few seconds, Keenu Bhaiya also remained silent and eventually looking into Keenu Bhaiya's eyes Shweta Di uttered what she needed "mujhe isko hum dono ki movie dikhani hai...! Live telecast".

Though he was but Keenu Bhaiya did not reflected much surprise over his face and accepted Shweta Di's proposal in soft and low voice "why not...?" Next Shweta Di turned to see me with a smile and uttered "see I told you....he cannot say no to it" and after that Shweta Di once again turned her face to Keenu Bhaiya and asked him "koi girl friend hai aapki?" Keenu Bhaiya denied with No in Hindi

"nahi" and Shweta Di continued with "fine…aaj se main aapki girlfriend hun" and once again Keenu Bhaiya spoke same two words "why not..." but with a huge smile. “You are not Virgin…right?” Shweta DI asked him and Keenu Bhaiya knobbed his head in no with a smile and after a moment uttered “you are also not virgin…” and Shweta Di replied “obviously…”

and they once again cheered by touching glasses of their drinks. Next looking at me Keenu Bhaiya asked my status “and you Golu?...tu virgin hai?” for a moment I did not uttered anything, I just moved my vision from his face in shyness and Shweta Di gave him reply by saying that I am still virgin.

It was bizarre; both Shweta Di and Keenu Bhaiya were so casual in speaking as if there is nothing wrong in what they are doing and about to do. Over his expressions Keenu Bhaiya was delighted and could not stop smiling over his luck, Shweta Di was also happy and excited and me; standing 5-6 feet away near dining table my heart was still pounding and my panties were damp like hell.

I was scared and nervous still deep inside I was somewhat waiting for something to happen between Shweta DI and Keenu Bhaiya but Di was giving time to it and she told me to connect the pen drive to the Telivision. For a moment I thought about saying no to it but as I also wanted something to happen in front of my eyes and I moved ahead to connect the Pen Drive to the Television.

"We have all kinds...kaisi movie dekhni hai..." While I was facing tevevision Shweta Di asked Keenu Bhaiya "threesome dekhte hain...! humare jaisi...ek male aur do females" Keenu Bhaiya replied and his words instantly turned my head. Shweta Di smiled while looking at me and spoke to Keenu Bhaiya again "ye nahi karegi..." and then after a pause spoke again

"...ye sirf mere saath karti hai" "lesbian hai kya?" looking at me Keenu Bhaiya asked Shweta Di with a smile and to my surprise Di said yes to it..."haan ye lesbian hai" "nahi..main lesbian nahi hun" I interrupted with mild roughness and got aside from the television and while picking up television remote Shweta DI came up saying “then prove it….” and I went speechless.

As we had 20-25 porn videos in pen drive after that Shweta Di was busy finding appropriate movie to play and Keenu Bhaiya continued looking at me shamelessly. “Come on…Golu… tu bhi aa jaa… mazza aayega” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to me and this time Shweta Di interrupted by saying “pahle mujhe satisfy karo…fir usske barre mein sochna…” “main tum dono ko satisfy kar dunga…”

Keenu Bhaiya replied and just then porn started on the big screen. Shweta Di played exactly what Keenu Bhaiya needed, it was a threesome; two females with one male but there females were somewhat dominating the male.

They were kissing him together and including their own gradually both the females took off all his clothes and soon sitting beside on a couch one was feeding her milk to him and other was sitting on her knees on the floor and sucking his monster nicely.

It was an old video, I don’t know how many times it was watched by me and also by Shweta Di but this time it was sending strange shivering in my spine. Don’t know how; both Keenu Bhaiya and Shweta Di were calm, While looking at screen, looking at each other and also looking at me in short intervals they were sipping their drink and just opposite to them looking at screen for few seconds

and then moving my vision to them, to see how will they begin I was getting wetter and wetter in my panties. Eventually something happened, Keenu Bhaiya adjusted his monster which was making a significant tent in his lower and Shweta Di extended her hand to his crotch while saying “let him grow ….” Ahhh…. Keenu Bhaiya puffed in pleasure with a delightful smile,

where my heart skipped a beat. “bahut ho gaya….let’s start now” leaving his drink in the middle Keenu Bhaiya spoke to Shweta Di and Shweta Di said Ok to him. “tu bhi aa jaa” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to me and my heart started pounding high. “Come on aa jaa…itna kya soch rahi hai” Shweta Di also asked me to join.

I really don’t know that instant I wanted to go for it or not, mentally I was wedged, my brain was blocked but down there; between my legs, there was movement, I was flooding like hell and my pussy was going through mild contractions. “Leave her….aana hoga to aa jayegi…” Shweta Di spoke to Keenu Bhaiya and next instant she just started.

Stretching his legs straight and resting them on central table Keenu Bhaiya was sitting on a three sitter couch and with a touching shoulder Shweta Di was sitting beside him, and without any hasitation Di got up a bit and sat around Keenu Bhaiya’s crotch and before I would have thought what will happen next she lifted his t-shirt and undershirt together and threw it on the floor.

Keenu Bhaiya was bare from his top and Shweta Di moved her hand tenderly over his thick fleshy chest and licked his nipples. Ohhh… Wow Di was feeling a real man… I took a deep breath and just then once again Di looked at me, she smiled and asked me to speak action, “action bol….!” the way director speaks to start shooting,

I did not spoke anything, anyhow I could not speak anything; my throat was choked with my own saliva. “Hum sub kuch karenge….jaise movies mein hota hai” turning his face back to him Shweta Di spoke to Keenu Bhaiya and he once again came up saying “yes….why not…”.

And next instant his hands moved to Shweta Di’s waist and he lifted her top. Like Di did he also threw her top on the floor and finally it started. Shweta Di was not wearing any bra underneath and her sagging breasts popped out in front of Keenu Bhaiya, he grabbed them with both the hands roughly,

Ahhhh…. Shweta Di moaned in pleasure and supported Bhaiya to squeeze her melons harder by holding his hands and at my end I once again puffed in pleasure silently. My God what all is happening here….? How can they do all this? Keenu Bhaiya was massaging Shweta Di milks roughly and I felt my breasts getting heavier in excitement, my nipples were already erect and they grew harder.

Next sitting in same posture, Shweta Di moved ahead and holding Keenu Bhaiya’s scalp gave her fleshy milk mound and Keenu Bhaiya started sucking her nipples instantly. “Ohhhh….yes…suck it baby…suck it” Shweta Di moaned in pleasure while saying that and I just went on going bizarre over whatever she was doing.

My Panty was so wet as if I have peed in that, I was feeling like touching my pussy with my hand but as while chewing Di's nipples Keenu Bhaiya was somehow looking at me again and again and I controlled myself. After sucking one for ample time Keenu Bhaiya squeezed Shweta Di’s other mound in his mouth and sucked that too nicely.

After a minute or may be two, as Shweta Di once again realized my presence in the room she looked at me and once again invited me to join, this time just for getting my breasts sucked “aaja…sirf Chuchiyan chuswa le apni…Chut mat marwaiyo”.

I can say Shweta Di was quite casual in speaking out all this Hindi stuff, especially when we sisters use to confront on bed for licking and sucking but Keenu Bhaiya was surprised to hear that, for a moment he stopped sucking Shweta Di's nipple, looked at her with a smile and uttered "good" "Ruk kyun gaye...chuso meri Chuchiyan" Shweta Di spoke again,

may be to enhance Bhaiya’s arousal and her words worked well as next instant grabbing her harder from her waist he pushed the central table from his feet and stood up while holding Di in his arms. "Tu ghabra mat...tere ko main aaj raat bhar chusunga" with these words Keenu Bhaiya bumped back on couch and took Di other way round, now Shweta was lying on couch and Bhaiya was over her.

As their posture changed I too got up instantly; to see them properly, they both were bare from top with there lowers still on and crushing Shweta Di under his massive weight Keenu Bhaiya started kissing her deeply. Shweta Di was nevertheless crazy and grabbing Bhaiya in her arms and wrapping him in legs she responded back to his kiss equally well.

They both ate each other for really long, may be 3-4 minutes and sucked each others tongue after licking every fraction of each others mouth and soon after breaking the kiss Keenu Bhaiya started to lick Shweta Di's face and kissed and rubbed his wet lips all around her neck and ears and Shweta Di started moaning and gasping erotically.

Standing 5-6 feet away from them, resting my back over wood cabinet by now I was squeezing my breast on my own. Room was filled with loud erotic puffs and moans and fire of lust was lit inside me too. Keenu Bhaiya was once again sucking, squeezing and biting Shweta Di melons and arcing her head with the shut eyes Shweta Di was enjoying whatever Keenu Bhaiya was doing with her.

Ohhh... My God…finally that too happened! After a minute or bit more of breast sucking, kissing and licking Keenu Bhaiya got up a bit and tried taking off Shweta Di's shorts and Di lifted her bottom to let her last cloth go.

Ahhmmm... I failed to resist, unknowingly my hand was reached to my pussy over the cloth and with a tender rub while looking at my sister lying stark naked in front of our brother I puffed in audible voice. They both looked at me, smiled and Keenu Bhaiya threw Shweta Di's shorts to me.

Next he got up, stood on the floor and loosened his lower, Ohhh…finally I saw thing I was waiting for; a real cock. It was beautiful, huge, thick and hard, my eyes were stuck at his size and looking at me Keenu Bhaiya moved his Penis back and forward and uttered "come on baby…have it" and I felt embarrassed.

“let’s go to bed…” Next while getting up Shweta Di spoke and took hold of Keenu Bhaiya’s monster and once again I puffed in pleasure while assuming the feel of holding a man meat in my hand. Anyway smiling over my condition, Shweta Di holding Keenu Bhaiya’s hard Penis and Keenu Bhaiya resting his hand over Shweta Di’s jutting out ass, they both moved to bedroom.

I was dying in lust but I tried to stay there and after entering into the bedroom once again Shweta Di looked at me and called me with a flair of Hindi erotic words, “Aaja…meri Chudai nahi dekhegi kya….” and I too moved to the bedroom.

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Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - I

First thing I must write before starting my experience is that neither I am a writer nor I am very good in grammar of this language but I want to assure readers that this is my real life happening and altogether it will be fun for readers to read my sex experience.

This about me and my elder sister Shweta Di fucking in a threesome sex with our first cousin Keenu Bhaiya. To give a standard intro I would name myself as Jyoti, nick name Golu: female of 22 years of age doing final year of my graduation, in appearence I am fair and good looking, tall around 5'9", though almost flat belly but with heavy Boney structure,

medium sized boobs with thick fleshy thighs and round jutting out plump ass. My elder sister Shweta Di is 27 years of age, at present working in a software company, in appearance she is fairer and far prettier than me but she is bit short in height, must be 5'5" or an inch less with fleshy sexual assets.

Bit of belly, not huge but she has heavy breasts as compared to me and just like me she also has thick and fleshy thighs with wide and plump ass mounds. Since begining we sisters were nevertheless than friends and as we grew up our openness reached to the height that we not only started sharing our like and dislikes and eternal fantasies about sex but also started masturbating one another;

I remember I was in 7th standard and Shweta Di was doing her 12th when Shweta Di managed to bring book of fucking pictures and while watching them we rubbed each other's opening for the first time and ultimately by the time I reached to 12th standard books were replaced with blue movies and we sisters were kissing and sucking each other pussies without any hasitation.

Later Shweta Di went out of the town for further studies and came back home after experiencing real fucking in a passing affair with some guy and detailed me every moment of her first fucking; from pain till pleasure and after that don't know how many times Shweta Di masturbated me by telling her sex tales.

Although couple of times I felt jelious of her because she was gone through real experience, still I was very much willing to retain my virginty for my future husband but after coming back home Shweta Di was gone somewhat mad to have sex.

As I said during her Graduation and post Graduation; you can say in six years of studies outside home town Shweta Di was fucking with her boy friend from last two years and she was somewhat missing sexual pleasure since she was back home and from last few months she was seeking an appropriate boyfriend with whom she could continue her sex life.

While having sort of sex we two have I could feel her desperation for a man but anyhow I could not guess that she go to any extent in lust and ultimately because of her desperation I too lost my cherry and to the male whom I have always considred my brother.

Although Keenu Bhaiya was nevertheless corrupt and he fucked Shweta Di and me without giving a considration that we are his sisters but still I would say that night whatever happened it happened because of Shweta Di.

Now straight to the incident, it was middle of the week; Wednesday evening and because of some distant reletive's sudden demise on my mother's side both of my patents were going out of town next day in the evening for around 3-4 days. We both the sisters were supposed to live alone in the house and we were happy and excited about that.

Since long we desired to drink some Vodka while watching porn movie on our new big screen of living room with a good volume and wanted to masturbate in relaxed way. Everything was set, Vodka was bought on the same evening and selected porn was also saved in USB drive to get connected with a telivision and suddenly few hours before leaving,

my father asked his sister or you can say Keenu Bhaiya's mom, if she can stay at our house in the nights in there absence and Bua (fathers sister) said yes to it. Initially we were disappointed over this but as we knew that once Bua will fall asleep, though not on high volume but certainly we will be able to see the Porn movie in the living room with a Vodka.

Eventually our parents left in the evening and Bua (father's sister) called us to her house to have dinner. We tried to avoid but it was useless to argue with Bua and we met Keenu Bhaiya on the dinner table. Taller than Shweta Di but shoter than me possibly 5"6' Keenu Bhaiya is a good looking male with good health,

almost at the same age of Shweta Di he always looked mysterious to me and that day too after casual hello and few more words he was more engrossed into news channel than talking to us. Anyway as per scewdule after dinner including his mom Keenu Bhaiya was suppose to drop us at our home but suddenly things change when Bua asked Keenu Bhaiya to stay at our place alone.

I think Bua wanted to sleep in her house and she desired us sisters to stay with her at her place and send Keenu Bhaiya to our house for the night. Giving excuse that he has to do some office work in the night Keenu Bhaiya instantly said no to it. As Bua knew nature of his job she told him to take his laptop along to do the work and Keenu Bhaiya went speechless.

Over his expressions I could see that he did not wanted to go to our place to sleep and next he came with a thought of keeping that house locked and no one staying there in the night and Bua rediculed his idea by giving threat of theaft and now there was noway Keenu Bhaiya could disobey his mother and he agreed to stay at our place in the night half heartedly.

I was disappointed but Di was far more calculative and prompt than me and like Keenu Bhaiya Shweta Di also came up with a same excuse; that she also has some office work to finish and to acompany her I too told Bua that I too have one collage asignment to finish before going to collage next day and eventually Bua backed off from the idea of sending Keenu Bhaiya to stay

there and started thinking about getting up to get ready to go along with us. For me it was a sign of relief but as I said Shweta Di is very calculative, something really very nasty was running in her mind and before Bua would have got up from Dining table to get ready to move out of the house with us Shweta Di asked something technical to Keenu Bhaiya regarding their work concern

and tried to explain him kind of project she was working on. I am somewhat sure that Shweta Di did not explained her problem to Keenu Bhaiya properly as a result Keenu Bhaiya failed to explain her exactly what she has to do and in the end Shweta Di requested Keenu Bhaiya to come along in the house to explain when he will drop us at home.

According to me still everything seemed fine, as after solving the problem Keenu Bhaiya suppose to go back but anyhow from Shweta Di's expressions and gesture I could not imagine what all was running in her mind.

Eventually Bua got up to get ready to leave, she packed the kitchen and instructed Keenu Bhaiya to put the milk in the refgirater as it gets on normal temprature and just then Shweta Di played her next card and casually told Bua to stay there only and tried assuring her that we two sisters can stay alone comfertably.

Like I was expecting once again Bua reflected disagreement over our staying alone and Shweta Di spoke to Keenu Bhaiya in sarcastic tone, "Aapki problem kya hai? Aap kyun Bua ko pareshan kar rahe ho?...Aap kyun nahi ruk jaate humare saath?....hum khaa jaayenge kya aapko?" she somewhat asked him in anger that why he is troubling Bua and why he cannot stay with us.

That was really very surprising for me, after looking at Shweta Di I looked at Keenu Bhaiya to see his expressions and before I would have guessed his reply he said yes to it. Next for an instant I saw lines of doubt over Bua's facial expressions and Shweta Di instantly took over her cofusion by suggesting her to sleep peicefully and with that added that Keenu Bhaiya will sleep in our parent’s room.

"Bua aap aaram se sow jaao....Keenu Bhaiya mummy papa ke room mein sow jaayenge" and hearing that Keenu Bhaiya instantly came up with disagreement and asked for Living room to sleep as it has a television. Without giving a second thought Shweta Di agreed to that too. Bua was really tired and she did not argue over that and accepted the proposal of Keenu Bhaiya staying with us.

As I was unaware of Shweta Di's intentions I was disappointed but could not do anything except clenching teeth in anger over Shweta Di's deed. I could not understand why Shweta Di did that? Just to solve the problem she was facing over in her project! it was somewhat like digging own grave,

in Hindi it is called "apne pair pe khud hi kulhadi maarna" and I said when I stood with Shweta Di for a moment "Di aapne to khud hi apne pair pe kulhadi maar li" and in reply Shweta Di came up saying "Think Big". I failed to understand what she meant with that and I tried to ask that and she once again avoided speaking anything clearly and just said "you won't understand right now".

Eventually we started from there, Shweta Di was sitting beside Keenu Bhaiya and I was on rear seat. Shweta Di asked Keenu Bhaiya usually at what time he sleep and after knowing that he sleep around 12 she told him that she has to understand lot of things in concern of her project and it might take long.

From her tone and way of speaking I was thinking that Shweta Di is serious but just then she looked back on the rear seat, at my face smiled and blinked her one eye. For an instant I felt I have understood her intentions but next instant I disbelieved myself with a thought that Shweta Di cannot think of doing that.

Whatever Finally we reached to our house, Keenu Bhaiya was already in casual wear, which he was suppose to wear in the night while sleeping and he instantly took control of the Television. Shweta Di sat with him for couple of minutes to see what all movies are coming and eventually got up while saying that she will be back with her laptop after changing.

I too came in the room with her and bursted in bit of anger "Di what have you done; now we can't have Vodka...aur movie bhi issi laptop pe dekhenge!" For a minute or bit less Shweta Di did not uttered anything, facing away she continued finding a night wear for herself. Eventually she turned and spoke to me in casual tone

"Tujhe Vodka ke saath Movie dekhni hai Na? Dekh liyo... Mujhe Movie nahi dekhni..."? And before I would have said anything in reply my sight went to the clothes she took out to wear and I was surprised, it was shorts and cut sleeve top "aap ye pahanoge?" I asked in utter shock and she casually said yes "haan"

and before I would have said anything she said she will wear this but for very short time "yehi pahnugi...lekin bus thodi der ke liye" "uske baad?" I instantly asked back obvious question and Shweta Di smiled back cunningly. I waited for few seconds to get her reply and with a smile Shweta Di came up asking "tune Movie Dekhni hai na...?" and my heart skipped a beat,

from her smile I understood what is she thinking to do; still I asked back "Movie dekhni hai...kya matlab?" and looking into my eyes she came up saying "tu aaj meri aur Keenu ki movie dekhegi" hearing that my heart stared beating high "Are you crazy..He is our brother..And what do you think Keenu Bhaiya maan jaayenge?"

I uttered in shock but Shweta Di remained calm in her tone while saying "Bhai hai to kya hua? And what do you think? He is a number one harami... Chut khuli Hui dekhega to ek second mein ghus jaayega uske andar...immatrial wo teri chut ho ya meri chut" "No...You will not do this..." I tried to turn her thinking and with a smile Shweta Di replied back in teasing fashion

"Yes...I will do this" and after a tiny pause Di spoke again "Keenu is a guy I was looking for sex...safe and sound…" “He is strong and also good looking…and no fear of blackmailing in future…! Just perfect”

"Di he is our brother...!" I once again tried stopping her giving same excuse and Di replied carelessly in complaining tone "I don't bother" with that Shweta Di entered in the wasroom while saying that she going to shave her Pussy and asked me to get the glasses "main apni pussy ki shave karke aati hun".

That was unbelieveble, I waited for Di to come out and she came out after bit long and she was not wearing any bra underneath; I could feel her heavy breasts sagging freely under her cut sleeve top. “Di..tumne andar bra nahi pahni…?” I asked stupid question, Shweta Di smiled and spoke “you know what…main panty bhi nahi pahni hui…”.

She was gone mad, but I was in my senses and once again I tried to speak to her in this concern but in sarcastic tone "if you are so despirate for sex to shaadi kar low... why you saying no for marriage" "I want to enjoy sex without marriage...you know what is marriage…shaadi mein sex kam hai aur tension jyada hai...teen saal mein do bache ho jaayenge aur bus fir Budhapa shuru..."

Shweta Di tried giving me her prespective without looking at me, she was looking in the mirror combing her hairs and in the end she randomly sprayed perfume over her clothes and while taking out bottle of Vodka from wardrob once again asked me for the soft drink and glasses.

I stayed there for few seconds to show my reluctance but as she persued I came out of the bedroom to bring the stuff. Unaware of Shweta Di's lustful intentions for him Keenu Bhaiya was switching channels of the Television while resting his legs over central table.

I came back to the room with a soft drink and 3 glasses and asked her if she has protection and asked her what if she will get pregnant that was another way to stop her “tumhare pass Condoms hain…agar tum pregnant ho gayi to?” Shweta Di smiled over my words replied back in sarcastic tone “tune,,,I pill ke bare mein suna hai na…?” and I went speechless.

After a minute while pouring liquor Shweta Di suggested me to shave my pussy too "tu bhi apni Chut saaf kar le...I can share Keenu's cock with you... after all we are best friends" and I don't know what in those words shivered me deep inside. I was wearing Capri ending few inches above my ankles with a top well below my waist, covering my ass mounds completely and I realized I am bit wet in my panties.

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Ranadip Fucking Horny Lady Client Paromita

Hi, This is Ranadip, a Bengali software engineer from Bangalore. Apart from my job in the IT industry, I provide gigolo service to matured women to quench their thirst like never before. Here, I would like to share my experience with one of my lady clients which took place around three months back.

I am 28, 5’9″, a matured, passionate, educated, descent, energetic guy with a well built masculine body, and carry myself in a classy way. I have a strong, thick and long tool which can last for hours and thus it helps me to take my lady to the peak of ecstasy.

Moving into the incident, as discussed earlier, one Saturday evening, I walked upto her flat. Her flat was a 2bhk one, on the tenth floor, in a post apartment. About herself, she is Paromita, a bengali married lady of 42, with a stunning figure 36C-30-38. As I reached, she welcomed me with a warm hug.

She had told me earlier that she likes cocktail of vodka, and so I had carried the stuffs required to prepare the cocktail. We were chatting on tbe sofa, sitting close by, and after sometime, I headed to preparethe cocktail. The beast in me was wild by then, so I wanted to take her out of this material world by the cocktail.

While having the cocktail, she made some awesome comments on my cocktail, and liking it she had three cocktails. After that I lit a ciggerette and gave it to her nd I too had one. By this time, she is in a full mood of sex and I went to her back, grabbed her waist and planted a light kiss on the back of her neck.

She gave a light moan and I licked through the back of her neck and shoulders. I wanted to tempt her more and more to increase her thirst. She was in a blck transparent saree with sleeveless blouse When she started breathing a bit heavily, I removed her pallu and was licking her almost bare back, and was holding her tight round her smooth white tummy.

Finding her enjoying, I came infront of her and gave a lick to her lips. I then put my lips on her and started to suck her lips smoothly, to make her feel the smooch from her heart. Soon within 10 minutes, she started sucking my lips hard and we were into deep smooch. At the same time, I was playing my hand all over her, her back, her boobs, her ass.

Specially I pressed her ass to make her come close to my dick, which was already rock hard. Our tounges were playing deep with each other and we were in a lip lock for half an hour. I am too much passionate about deep smooch, because I feel a deep passionate smooch is the best start for an erotic sex.

Then she proposed to go to bedroom, where I soon took off here dress and she was lying on the bed withblack inners. She stripped me off as well. It was an awsome feeling to see a lusty matured lady with only innera on bed. I jumped on top of her and started licking her neck, she was shivering like a snake. The more she was shivering and moaning, the more passionate I became.

Gradually I headed down to her breasts, took off her bra slowly and planted sweet kisses on her dark swollen nipples. Soon after, I started licking her niples gradully hard and pressed her other boob tightly with my hand. I just wanted her to cherish each and every moment of my company. By this time, she was moaning quite loud and was hokding my head tight on her boobs.

Her breaths became long and loud, which resulted in enlarging of her boobs. Whike sucking her boobs, I was running my hand all over her body, and also gave light pushes to her soft pussy. I sucked her boobs deeply for about 40minutes, and then came down to her naval. Started to lick her tummy, moving my hand all over her body, specially massaging her breasts and see her shivering in happiness.

I licked all over her body from the front and turned her to the back. I started caressing her back, starting from her neck and shoulders. I had put a light bite on the back of her neck, which made her more erotic and I ran my toungue along her spinal chord, to which she responded with a lusty moan.

In the meantime, she was making a many comments on my acts which made her feel to be the luckiest lady of the world. I lied on her back and licked all over back, whike moving my hand all over her big round ass. My bites on her waist line is another worthy act to take her out of this material world, without even going to her pussy.

Then I headed my tongue on her swollen, as she told, I put some love bites over there. Soon after, I came to her feet and licked her toes and feet, gradually I went up to her inner thighs. In between I had put lots of kisses on her long legs. I put a bite on her inner thigh, grabbing her round her ass.

I was licking her inner thighs and she was quiverring on the bed, straightened her body and I could feel the hunger of this thirsty lady through her lusty eyes. I went mad and planted a deep kiss on her pussy lips, which she liked madly. Then I again came to her thighs and started to lick the outside, surrounding her pussy.

She was trying hard to push her pussy in my mouth, but I wanted to tease her more. So I kept licking all over, but refrained from her pussy. After 30minutes, she begged me to bite her pussy lips and eat her up. Seeing her lust, I went deep into her clean shaved pussy and stated to suck it slowly at the beginning. I was enjoying the whole length of her puasy with my energetic lip.

She was shivering so much, that it was making me more and more wild to give her the happiest moments of her life. Soon I was deeply licking her clits and started to press her pussy walls with my fingers. She was moaning like a virgin and puahed my head deeper into her pussy.

She commented that she never got such soul pleasing moments from her hubby, and also said that my manliness can tame the most wild lady ever. I was energized more by her likings, and sucked her pussy for around forty minutes, and I took care that she enjoyed each and every moment of it.

In the meantime, she cummed three times, and I qunched my thirst with her lovely love juices. I drank all her juices, licked her pussy till all her juice in my tongue. She praised my caringness and again went on a lip lock with me. She was out of words to express her feelings. Then she made me lie down and came to my dick.

She took the whoke long strong dick in her mouth and was licking all over it. She was taking it soo deep that it made me feel to get the best blowjob ever. She told me that she was more than happy to take such a strong dick in her mouth. She gave me a deep throt blowjob for forty minutes, but could not make me cum. She was over excited and begged me to fuck her deep.

I made her lie down on the side of the bed with her legs outside the bed and went inside her from the front. Before entering her pussy, I had put on the condom and slapped her pussy with my dick. Then in one deep thrust, I went deep inside her with my whoke dick tight inside her.

She screamed at the top of her voice, I put my tounges on her lips and gave her a deep smooch again, by which she took a deep breath and told me to fuck her as my wife. Initially, I started to fuck her slowly in a rhythm, with hard strokes suddenly in between. With the hard strokes, she was moaning and expressing more lust in her eyes.

She was a healthy lady and hence was enjoying th deep thrusts of my dick. I fucked her like this for twenty minutes. Then she came in doggy style and wanted a fuck from the back. I rammed her hard from the back for a long time in different speeds and gave her the best fuck ever. It was sooo good to hit my balls hard on her round ass.

After fucking in doggy for another half an hour, I could see her hunger increased. Soon I made her lie on the bed and cam on top of her. Again with a deep thrust, I went fully inside her. I started to ram her hard with my strong dick, enjoyed the pussy walls and kept my dick inside her pussy, and was pressing it deep. I coukd hear her ultimate moan, which made me to fuck her harder.

In the meantime, she has cummed a number of times, but I woukd cum at the end. So I fucked her deep, licking her body. I was fucking her sooo hard, that she could feel the tip of my dick on ger g-spot and was moaning to the top of her voice. She help me tight round my back and was trying to push me deeper inside her.

In the same way, I fucked her for 1.5 hours and then she begged me to cum inside her. With full force and the deepest thrusts ever, I cummed inside her and she she simply lied on he bed enjoying each and every movement if my strong deep inside her deep pussy.

After I had shot my load inside her, I lied on top of her and she caressed my hair and tokd that she enjoyed the best sex ever, the 4.5 hours play. And to me, the end of one session leaves me more lusty for the next session. Soon after 30minutes, she again sucked my dick and made it hard and wanted me inside her again.

We had 4 more sessions, each of minimum 3 hours long, till next day morning. After sleeping, we both woke up in the noon, we had our luch. She wanted me to sattisfy her again, and fucked her deep and hard two more times till the evening. We both enjoyed the best weekend ever.

Life has changed a lot and we enjoy quite often. We have gone to hotels, resorts and also to her apartment a number of times.

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Man Narrating His Threesome Sex Encounter

Hi everyone, I am back to tell my threesome experience with couple I meet. I told u in my last post how I meet them and had threesome experience with them so I am telling about how we had threesome fun.

Coming back to experience with couple hari and priya(name changed) in last post I told about them and how I message priya and then hari fucked her then we had dinner they freshed and washed themselves after dinner all three where naked due to body message and oil body even she fat also looking sexy and mindblowing to see her after wash also her body is glowing.

We three were in bathroom naked and lieing on bed then priya came on me and started to kiss me on my lips and hari jerking his dick seeing us I was ruuning my hands on her back and press her ass that is butts hard and hard she was kissing me and slowly coming down she licked my nipples and went down to my dick hold dick in her hand and giving me jerkings and started sucking my balls and licking them.

After few mins she took it in her mouth and sucking my dick and licking my balls with tongue. She said me lets come in 69 so I agreed she stood up and kept her pussy on face so I started licking her pussy lips she is fat and her pussy is loose so I started sucking her lips pussy and with fingers I inserted in her pussy and she was sucking my cock and I was sucking and licking her pussy she was moaning loudly her husband is jerking his cock seeing us.

In few mins she cummed and then she said me to inserted my dick in her pussy and told me to fuck her hard so in stoop up and she lied on bed and in missionary position I widened her pussy lips and inserted my dick in her pussy due to wet my dick went easly inside her and started fucking her slowly increase speed and fucking her and giving her hared strocks she was enjoying.

Then I hold her legs and wided them and holding with my hands and fucking her she is moaning and shouting to fuck hard and hard and hard I was enjoying she is fat so her thights were also fat so I kept plow under her ass and bend her legs and inserted my dick and fucking her.

My totally tool was inside her and she was enjoying it then her husband kept her dick in her mouth and started mouth fucking her she was moaning with sounds and dick in her mouth and in her pussy she was enjoying. Then I asked her to change the positon so said to come to doggy style and she said okay then I stood up went to edge of bed and dragged her to edge

and tried to inserted in her pussy from back in doggy style her husband was lieing on bed and she took hari dick in her mouth and sucking and made it hard and then giving blowjob to him in on time he cummed.

I was fucking her like ridding horse and fucking harder and harder I can hari went to wash room and cleaned and came back I was still fucking her then in few mins I about to too and I told her then I took out my dick and put my cum on her boobs and again she took my dick in her mouth and cleaned my cock with her mouth we both went into washroom and cleaned oursels had nice shower and came out then.

Hari said lets have threesome then priya sat on chair holding both of ur dicks and started given blowjob for both of us holding in both her hands and then in middle sucking dicks. Mine is hard in no time and hari was big but not thick mine was big and thick then she stood and went near bed and lie on bed I was lie beside she came top of me and put her ass on face I was sucking

her ass and hari took my dick in his mouth and giving nice job and sucking my balls I was sucking her ass and inserted my one finger in her ass her finger fucking her and licking it and making it wet then. Then hari said lets fuck her so hari lie on bed and priya went on him inserted his dick in her pussy and doing up and down then I went back of her and tried to put my dick in her ass.

But could not do that because my dick was thick so it didn’t went easly I tired and tired but could not put inside her so I was giving her harder push and stocking her hard and hard then it went half inside she was shouting it was paining a lot so I asked can I take out she no don’t she say give me hard stocks so slowly was giving her stocks she was shouting with pain and pleasure all three of us enjoying that.

Then I stood up and went and sat on chair the both also stopped came to me then she sat on me face her back toward me and trying to inserted my dick in her ass her ass was tight and my dick too thick for her ass so it did not went easy she was doing up and downs seeing this hari went out of bedroom and came back with something in his and then priya took out my dick

from her ass and applied on her ass and dick and made it wet then again she sat on my dick and started fucking me in her ass even my dick went ¾ inside her then her husband also put his dick in her pussy and fucking her I was on chair and holding her boobs with my hands and pressing them harder and harder and pinching her nipples they were harder and red due

to I was pressing them hard and she was moaning due to pain then her husband started kissing her I was fucking her and he was fucking her pussy in middle he took out his dick and started jerking with hand.

I was still fucking her sitting on chair on them with one hand pressing her boobs and with another rubbing her pussy and pussy lips and fucking her and inserted my finger inside her she was shouting and shouting due to pain then. we where in heaven due to that I was about to to cum she said to do it inside her ass only so I was fucking her harder and harder I cummed

inside her then due to my cummed her ass was wet then she stood up and I changed position told her put one leg on chair and stand she did it then I stood and went back of her and instead my dick her ass and started fucking her due to my cum her ass was wet and my dick went inside her in few jerks and few mins it went completely inside her and were fucking like hell.

After some both cummed and got tied so all three washed ourselves and came back and took rest naked in early morning we again had threesome but it was totally different time I hari sucked my dick and even I sucked his dick and fucked hari in his ass I will tell that In my next post.

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Sushma Enjoying Cheating Sex

I am Sushma. I got married at the age of 20 and my husband only took my virginity. We had very enjoyable life. My husband was crazy over sex and used to fuck me two or three times a day. Whenever he wanted sex he used to give me a signal and I without any demure lie down and open my legs so that he may do it.

We both used to reach orgasm and he was particular that I also enjoy my sex and reach orgasm everytime we fuck. As a part of foreplay he used suck my nipples, and lick my pussy and then insert his cock and manipulate my clitoris and finally start fucking at high speed. We used all methods, like dogging and reverse cow girl etc.

His cock was big that I cannot take it in my mouth. When goes to bed early and tries to sleep, I just sneek in and take his limp cock in my mouth and it will fill my mouth. But within no time it will assume its full size and jump out of the mouth. I used to complain to him to keep the cock small so that I may suck it to my heart's content.

He used to laugh and bury his face in my crotch and lick my pussy. He will use his shaving kit to shave my pussy and keep it totally hairless. He will play with my pussy, insert the tounge in the hole and remove it and lick the clitoris and then bring it back to the hole and then to the clitoris I make different sounds of enjoyment and complaints and he used to laugh at my discomfiture.

Unfortunately he had high blood pressure and he had to take lot of medicines which affected his sex life. But this was after twenty years of marriage and bore three children. We could have gone slow on our sex life. But the moment we touch the bed, he will remove all my clothes and start licking my pussy. He had erectile problem and I used to suck him to bring him to some hardness.

But within a short time he will reach his climax, while I was far away from it. But he will realize my contition and lick my pussy and suck my clitoris to bring me to my climax. But clitoral climax is not that perfect as vaginal climax. There was a sense of incompleteness every day.

Sometimes he used to travel on official duty for a week or ten days and when comes, he will be very hungry and fuck me in broad day light, which I too enjoyed. But my need for daily sex was not fulfilled. I used to keep busy with some social contracts like ladies club etc.

I used to go to a doctor for medicines for the health problems of my children and I sued to wait at his crowded clinic for my turn to come. The doctor who was our family doctor used to take me to his consulting room and close the door. When I tell him that the medicine is for my children, he will laugh and just hug me and kiss me. I was wondering what this man is doing.

But his touch used to give me solace and I allowed him to do what he wants. But gradually he went further and we were fucking regularly in his consulting room. This gave us total privacy and nobody used to disturb us. He had a short but stubby cock and he had several techniques which pleased me. I used to return home before my children return from their school.

There were two bachelors staying in our neighborhood. One of them Jones, was a very pleasant person and he used to carry always a smiling face. When I return from the temple in the morning, Jones used to watch me a make a comment, (he used to call me aunty) "aunty you look so beautiful and divine when you come from the temple,

with the temple prasad in your hands and sandal paste on your forehead, you look like a gooddess herself" I used to retort askimg him not to tease me. But I liked him. He may be just 24 or 25 working in a private firm, with a smiling and pleasant face. One day when my housing chore was just over and I was taking rest reading the days newspaper, Jones rang the bell,

when I opened the door he asked me to allow him to use the phone as his phone is not working. I said ok and went inside my bedroom. After talking over phone for a few minutes, he came into the bedroom to thank me and seeing me lying in the bed,

he came very close to me and when I tried to get he pushed me down and said it was his long cherished wish to fuck me and he asked me not to resist, but allow him to fuck me. I told him no, no, but he had by that time raised my saree and my pettycoat up and his hands were at my panty to pull it down. He lied over me and kissed me on my lips.

When I lifted my head and saw, he had already taken out his cock and is ready to put it in my pussy. His hands pulled my panty down and I had to lift my hip for easy removal of my panty. He ran his hand over my pussy and opening my cunt lips he kissed and licked my cunt. All my resistance disappeared.

I turned my head to a side and I could feel his iron rod like cock slowly entering my fuckhole, creating new sensations of pleasure. Although I had delivered three children, his cock was just tight fitting my hole and he moved it in and out slowly. I notined his cock had an upward bend and its tip rubbed over my G spot sending waves of pleasure each time he moved in or out.

Within two minutes of his fucking I had my first orgasm. My whole body was shivering, my legs stiffened, and my pulsations in my cunt could have been felt by him and I moaned heavily rolling my head and clenching the pillow with both of my hands. But he was not stopping. He went of pumping without stopping in a normal speed.

I had my second orgasm in another three minutes and it did not subside. His magical cock was making me crazy. I have never experienced sex like this. Finally he shot his shots inside my hole and it took a long time for him to empty his pouch. At the end he pulled out, said thank you aunty, sorry for the trouble, and ran to the door and within a minute he was out of the house.

I got up slowly and went to the bathroom and emptied my hole of his and my fluids and I was very tired. I did not go to the doctor on that day since one more fuck was not bearable. Jones continued to come to me on alternative days and I seeing him will accommodate him and enjoy his fucking although from my heart of hearts I did not want to cheat my husband.

Sex is a great pacifier. The style of Jones was very enjoyable for me and sure he knows how to make his mates enjoy. Howevermuch I was determined not to allow him henceforth, his smile used to disarm me and the moment he inserts his rod, all my resistence vanishes and I start to cooperate with him to the maximum.

After two months one day I told him that we have to stop this. Because the neighbors are inquisitive and my husbands trusts me fully. I do not want to cheat them and my family life will be disturbed. Jones begged to allow him just once a week. I said no. I told him I like him and I very liked his fucking, but it has to end. Finally he ageed and got a transfer and went away.

But doctor continued but the occasions were few and far between. Just like examining any other patient he took me in and took a longer time. His own wife and daughters were there but nobody suspected. I had to change the doctor and go tosome other doctor for medicine to get out of his clutches.

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Vivek Fucking Sexy Neighbour On Her Anniversary

Hello, I am Vivek, my age is 20 and I am 5.9″ tall. I love jogging and I am from Hyderabad. Any lady or girl can trust me and first get to know me. I’m safe and fun, you would feel loved every moment you spend with me physically and mentally. My neighbors name is Poornima and has 36D cups.

Coming to the story she stays away from her husband few months back she fought with her husband and she left him. They are not divorced yet. And she didn’t have sex with him since two years. I still remember that day it was her anniversary and I wished her on Facebook. She messaged me with a sad smiley.

Then I asked her what were her plans to which she said that she would stay at home the entire day. I felt bad also, I have been planning this since long so, I thought that today would be the best day to do it. I went to her home and as discussed she prepared white sauce pasta for me they were yummy just like her pussy.

Then we were talking and she told me what all they used to do together. And just when she went inside the kitchen to get pasta I put sex pills in her glass. She saw me keeping that in her glass which I got to know later. We both were sitting on sofa and talking sex pills started to show it’s effect.

She started keeping her legs apart and she was wearing a light green legging and a black underwear. Well I couldn’t see her pussy wet but she was surely dying to rub it but couldn’t in front of me. We were watching T.V and she took the remote and slowly slowly started to rub the remote to her pussy and I could notice it clearly. She made it look casual but I understood that.

I couldn’t control her cleavage was seen clearly and both of her boobs were seen partly coming out man they were milky white and you would have loved to suck on them. I slowly slowly came near her and started to rub my shoulder to hers. I didn’t want to go further I wanted to see and feel her hunger. Because men always take the initiative I wanted her to take it this time.

She started moving her hands towards me and looking at my pant her eyes looked hungry she wanted it madly. She wantedly threw coke on my shirt and pant and asked me to remove my shirt and she started wiping my bare chest. She started increasing the pace and also the pressure around my nipples.

She then asked me to remove my pant to which I did not agree in the starting but I did after she told me that it’s okay you are already wearing boxers. My bulge started rising because of the cold air fan was blowing. She slowly slipping her hands on my bulge and started rubbing it she didn’t know what she was doing she was out of her mind.

I asked her what was she doing, she didn’t listen anything she couldn’t control what she was doing. I let go off my grip and let her be. She removed my boxers and told me that it’s fair and it’s thicker than her husbands dick and that made her excited. She started rubbing my dick playing with the balls and then she put it in her mouth.

Her lips when touched my dickhead felt like soft toy, her mouth was wet and so was my dick now. She gave me blowjob and I held her head and increased the pace. I cummed in her mouth and she sipped it all in. She wanted more. I lifted her up and removed her top and all her clothes including her bra and panty.

She then told me that she never felt like this before her body was shivering and she wanted pleasure. She took my hand and put it on her pussy and I didn’t finger her instead I started moving my finger around her pussy.

She stated moaning and shouting lick me lick me she tightly held my head and pushed it on her pussy I took my tongue out and she started to move my head up and down. Her juice was leaking, I removed my condom and put it on she removed it and told me that she wanted to feel my skin inside.I did I gave a jerk and my entire penis went inside her.

It was so very soft it was like you wear fucking a stuff toy and it was tight I cummed instantly my entire dick felt pressure. I caressed her stomach and her buttocks I lifted her up and held her butts tightly and started fucking her. I fondled her boobs using my mouth. I kissed her nipples, and bit them. They were so soft and hard both at once can’t describe it.

She moaned and moaned and then squirted. She started crying with happiness. I didn’t leave any of her body part and pleasure part. I got some juice mango juice and poured them on her boobies and her pussy also put ice cube on her pussy, she was frozen and I licked her and gave her warmth. I licked those nipples man, her body was more tastier than mango juice.

Her face was all red. And she shouted with pleasure asking me to go rough. She preferred chocolate so I got chocolate and melted it in microwave, and she put it on my dick my entire dick felt hot and she using her tongue and her lips sucked it all and meanwhile I gave her help by pressed her head and deep throating. This was the best sex we ever had.

She slept on me and her boobs touching my chest very hard and I started my business again banging her pussy. I pressed those boobs so hard they turned red and her belly button I started fingering it too. She felt ticklish in her stomach. We cummed again and she drank all my juice.

Let me tell you the smell and the taste of women’s pussy will drive any man craze. I licked her from top to bottom. We then had bath I’ll tell you about this in next part.

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Bhavna Fucked Nicely By Jeeju Swapnil - I

Hi readers my name is Bhavna (changed name) and after reading lots of stories here I m motivated to share my experience here as this incident I can not share with anybody in my family/friend circle as if it will be shared it will ruin life of many people including small kids.

I have kept this secret of initially horrible but subsequently terrific experience with me only since last 3 years but after reading so many episodes of extramarital sexual affairs on HD finally I have chosen to empty my heart & secret here.

I got married almost 5 years ago to Bhavesh (Changed name) a software engineer & within a year my younger sister Priya also got married to Swapnil who works in a film Industry as technical guy an assisting a famous cameramen.

Swapnil is a tall guy of around 6.3 & he looks handsome having broad shoulder & broad chest with lots of hair might be due to his profession he was inspired to keep heroic look. Priya is not close to her as she is thinner & hardly have height of around of 5.2 with unattractive figure. But somehow they fell into love during travelling & got married.

Our Parents were so happy that both of their daughters settled down with in a span of 12-15 months. My life was full of enjoyment for initial 2 years as Bhavesh is a perfect hubby & he is so romantic cheerful & naughty that even after spending no.of hours with him I didn’t get bore & he is always cautious to keep my mood fresh n joyful.

Sometimes I shout at him to stop & allow me to take some mental rest from laughing. Life was really beautiful those days. Suddenly one fine morning I got a call from my Jeeju (Swapnil) that Priya is not well & his mother is also not in town so please come to take care of her as she is pregnant & hence need somebody’s help for few days till his mother return back.

I agreed & quickly got ready & called my hubby & he too immediately agreed & gave his consent to go. Since we had no child in those days there was no much difficulty to adjust. Since we were staying in the same town I reached to her house within an hour & take care of Priya who was in her 8th month of pregnancy.

The due date was 20-25 days away but still she was feeling restless & paining like full maturity date. I consoled her & took enough care & also managed the other household work of managing cooking & instructing servants etc. Those days Swapnil was very busy with her work & used to come late in the night at around 11.30- 12 etc. sometimes he returned in morning.

I used to sleep in Priya’s room only next to her & used to serve food to Swapnil whenever he come back from his work. I observed that many a times he comes after taking heavy dose of drink & I was hesitant to say anything on this as we were not that frank.

Out of non-frank relationship & he was elder than me I used to avoid scolding him on this issue as his wife was unwell & pregnant & he can’t skip his drinking schedule. Priya had never disclosed or complained to us about his this bad habit. Log kehte hai naa Ki husband –wife ka sahi relation Sirf Oon dono ko hi pata hota hai.

No Outsiders can guess what is the real relationship between husband n wife. Anyway few days passed & initially Bhavesh used to come every evening to see me but he too was feeling awkward to come every day so stopped coming & only he was calling at night when Priya fall asleep for a long chit-chat with me & also making nasty chats to thrill me & one fine day (in fact it was night)

he was doing sex chat with me & I was losing my senses imagining the way he was describing & with my closed eyes I was listening to him ( I was in Living room as My sister was sleeping in her room ) & I was unaware when suddenly Swapnil entered & was silently listening to our chat & he was observing my erotic reaction on that.

He understood who is the other side & was enjoying the scene. After 15-20 minutes I was lost in fore-play session started by Bhavesh on phone & was slightly moaning touching my own delicate n vital parts & as if Bhavesh touches & suddenly I found a Man’s touch on my thigh & shoulder & Initially I was not aware as I was imagining as my hubby only &

I don't know how but my phone was disconnected from the other hand & I found a strong muscle touch to my crucial body parts n I started loosing my senses & started liking it n felt much much better. I felt dampness between my thighs & after a minute or so I could open my eyes n found Swapnil exploring me I realized & immediately pushed him away & screamed at him

“Jijju….what r u doingggg?” He rushed to me & kept his hand on my mouth to stop my sound & with broad eyes I was looking at him with a shock. He just signaled me to be calm & keep quiet. “Relaxx……Bhavna……….I say relax……….ur didi is sleeping & its not good to wake her up at this moment” I m here naa………to satisfy you……why r u dreaming??

Just keep your eyes closed & enjoy the flavor “ I pushed him again & warned him “behave yourself Jeeju………I m not dumb………you will suffer a lot if u dared to touch me again!!!!! & he just laughed loud………….r u threatening me??? U yourself is deprived for sex & mee too……Why don’t we satisfy each other……….Lets enjoy n forget later. Its just an adjustment “Give n Take”.

I stared at him with angered face & he was cunningly smiling at me with lusty look He again tried to come closer & I shown him my punch & prepared myself to resist & hit him but he cleverly hold my wrist of both the hand & locked me near wall in a standing position & with his angered face he told me to keep quiet else his sister will awake & she is pregnant

“Aur agar oose kuchh bhi ho gaya to mei tuje chhoddonga nahi samji” better U stay calm & enjoy with me” His voice was strict & fearful that I shaken from inside. That has shaken my confidence & I was looking into his eyes with a requesting gesture to relive me but he sensed it & said

“Don’t worry…..Bhavna……If u will co-operate with me ……We will have good time together & it will be a memorable experience for you to cherish for no. of years to come” “Just close your eyes & imagine I m Bhavesh …your sweet heart & I will give you the equal feelings you get from him”

I was speechless, thoughtless & helpless....... my throat was choked up with thirst as I was horribly scared to protect myself. I was given a choice to either save myself or my Didi & in a process looking at him without any expression & he sensed my state & tried to dominate me by coming close to me & tried smelling my neck & took a deep breadth & murmured

“ohhh…….Bhavna you smell so sexy…….come on kitnaa soch rahi ho”. before I react anything he pulled me closed to him & started roaming his hand all over my back & whispered “you to tum muje kaafi pasand karti ho naa………Priya k saamne meri kaafi taarif karti ho aur ab itni hesitation kyun? “I tried last time ………Please Jeeeju…….jaane do naa…….this is not right…

thoda didi k bare me to socho………Jab usko pataa chalega to……….? But he was prepared. “He hugged me n said …………Bilkul bhi pata nahi chalega……..bas sirf tum yuhi……co-operate karti raho……dekho jannat kyaa hoti hai mein dikhaoonga tumhe. (Actually I had spoken to Priya in past that you r so lucky as Swapnil is very handsome n seems very satisfying on bed)

I was driven away by him & with an apology to my Husband & my Didi inside my heart, I just closed my eyes & let it happen whatever happening to me. Finally I gave up my resistance efforts & that encouraged Swapnil to move further ahead & he started kissing all over my neck & I chanted my hubby’s name

“Ohh Bhavesh…...plzzz……….” slowly he took control of all my body & mind & I started giving him all the co-operation he demanded. Slowly he move upward & started kissing all over my face & opened my lips with his & gently caressed my lips & after initial effort took it completely in his grip & we have done a perfect smooching that has risen my heartbeats &

as a result my heavy cleavages were rising up n down with a moaning sound. Swapnil just lifted me from my bottom & unknowingly I cuddled him & he took me into his spared guestroom where a large double bed was there. He made me laid there & came over me after locking the door from inside &

I was lying there helpless he took complete charge of my body by crushing me through his body & I could feel his hard monster he was poking on my delicate n soft pelvis which I found painful but slowly he adjusted & while kissing me again he poked little gently to arouse me & I started humming in pleasure & I don’t know when I wrapped my hands around his back to welcome him.

To Be Continued...

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