Guy Enjoying Only Oral Sex With Sharda

After writing my final degree exam, I was waiting in my house. Every day I used to go out with my friends for walk. But on that day I did not feel like going out and I was in our veranda sitting and watching children playing in the street. There were boys and girls in their eary teens running around in various games.

I saw a particular girl beautiful, must be around 18 playing with children much below her age. She was in her skirt and t shirt with her projecting boobs which needed to be covered with a shawl. While she was running her boobs shook which was particularly noticeable. I did not know her name or where her house was.

In our house in the front veranda, we had a parapet wall which was a favourite spot for the children to play hide and seek. Suddenly this girl came running and hid behind the parapet wall behind the chair I was sitting. She asked me not to disclose her hiding place. A boy came running asked me whether Sharda was hiding there. I said I dont know any Sharda.

He ran away, and the girl, sharda, thanked me.Thereafter we became friends and she used to come to me to just for chat. Since there was nobody in my house, sitting inside the house or watching TV was very boring. I did not want to watch porn in my laptop, because it always ends in my shagging. Thereafter I wont be interested to watch porn in the day time.

In the night after dinner, closing my bedroom door, I watch porn for about one hour and finally after shagging I will go to sleep. But in the afternoon, this girl Sharda, sitting on the parapet and talking to me gave a good view of her boobs. She had a voice which was full of passion. She asked me whether I have a laptop, I said yes, why not go inside and watch some moovy she asked.

She persuading me so much that I said ok and got up. There was none in the deserted street. When I went inside the house, sharda followed me and closed the door behind her and bolted it. I bolted it because the boys will come and trouble me and ask me to join me in the hide and seek.

Why dont you play with them, she said they are all young boys and there is no fun in playing with them. that is why I came to you. Please show me the laptop and switch it on. I switched on and went to answer the phone. When I came back to the laptop, OMG, it was playing the porn site I left the previous day night.

Sharda shocked and wide eyes and was watching the site of a boy sucking the cunt of a girl. I ran and switched off and told Sharda not to watch any movies that day but some other day and I asked her to go home. Sharda, was pleading with me, please let me see that movie which was playing in the laptop, please. I said it is a bad movie and not for children to see.

She said I am not a child, I am grown up and now I am 18. Please, I wont tell anybody, I watched a movie in your laptop. I promise, I wont tell, please. She held my hand iwth both of her hands and pulled me closer to the laptop. My cock was in a semi erect condition in my bermuda pants it was noticeable.

Her hand accidentally touched it and she felt its hardness and was looking at my face, and with one hand she touched it again. I shook her hand away from touching my cock and asked her to keep quiet and not to talk about anything for some time. I asked her to calm down. She sat on my bed and I sat in the chair in front of my laptop.

I quickly changed to youtube site to a movie site and searched for some new movie. In the meantime Sharda came near me and was leaning to get a better view of the monitor of the laptop. While leaning her one hand was on the hand of the chair and the other hand on my pant, covering my erect cock. Remove your hand, Sharda, what are you doing, this is wrong, I shouted.

She was pleading, please show me yours, uncle, please just for a short while, I have not seen any grown up one. I have seen only that of boys, small boys. Please, I will show you mine. You can see and even touch or do anything you want. She suddenly lifted her skirt, pulled her panty down revealing a lovely virgin golden haired cunt.

All this happened so fast that I could not tell her to stop. With puffed up lips parted only a a line, her cunt made me instantly horny. I have not seen of a virgin or grown up girl and she came near me so that I can touch her and feel her cunt. She placed her hand on my bulged up pant and pulled my cock out by unzipping my pant.

Sharada widened her legs so that she could rub her pussy against my knee. I just pulled out my erect cock so that she could see it. Giving out a shriek, she leaned forward and put her face near my cock and opened her mouth and touched it with the tip of her tongue. I pulled her closer and put my hand on her naked ass and felt its smoothness and softness.

She was sitting on my thigh with her legs on either side and her pussy close to me. and bending she was holding my cock in her hand. I physically lifted her and laid her on my bed so that I can have a better view of her pussy. When she saw my attention is fixed on her pussy, she just closed her face with both her hands out of shyness.

I pushed her both legs wider and she cooperated and her ivory colored big thighs were wide open and I could have a closer look of her pussy. I opened the cunt lips and examined its interior. My touching her very intimate area tickled her and she started to giggle and twisted her body.

I took my nose closer to her and found it smelled of her urine and some other smell which was not bad. She was fully aroused and my cock was also fully erect and I wanted to initiate fucking her so that she may come daily at this hour when my parents are not there and I can show her some porn and fuck her nicely.

To give her a taste of sex, I just licked her cunt and her clitoris, which gave her a jolt. I told her that we will not do anything or watch the movie, but just come tomorrow when nobody is watching and when my parents are gone, we will watch the movie and you may hold my cock and I will lick your cunt.

She begged me to give one more lick of her cunt, I said ok and made her to open her legs wide and licked her cunt and clitoris deeply. she cried out OHHHHHH. I pulled her up, helped her to put on her panty and I put my cock inside my pant and went to the door and sent Sharda her way. It was already late and my parents may come at any moment.

Next day in the morning at 10 am, my parents had gone to their working place and I took bath and ate my breakfast when I heard the knock on the door. When I opened the door it was Sharda. I let her in and looked around to see whether anybody have noticed her entering my house. Sharada was particularly attractive wearing a t shirt and a long skirt.

Her boobs inside her t shirt was so much bulged out that her nipples were projecting out. I asked, Sharada, what do you want now today. She said let us watch the movie in the laptop. I put on the porn video we saw the previous day. The beautiful teenage girl was giving the boy a blowjob. His long and stout cock was going in and out of her mouth.

She was taking in the full legth of the cock. The boy was wriggling with pleasure. Sharada was thrilled to see the visuals and she put her hand on her pussy and watched intently. The making the girl lie on the mat, the boy widened her legs and leaning over her licked her cleanshaven cunt.

The girl enjoying the act, opened her cunt lips with her hand and exposed the interior of her cunt for the boy to lick in detail. Her small tiny clitoris pink colored, was focussed and his tongue ran over it. It began to grow in size and came to the size of a pea nut. The girl with her hand pressed his head down burying it into her cunt. She was enjoying it immensely.

Sharada gave out a hissing sound extended her hand to search for my cock. The scene changed. the boy holding his cock in his hand rubbed its tip along the gap between her cunt lips and then rubbed it on her clitoris and then placed it at the entrance of her fuckhole and pushed it in.

The girl closing her eyes put her hands at her head, and gave a shrill sound, as the cock entered her. The cock went in and in and in and the full length disappeared inside her cunt. The clean shaven cunt was shown in close enlargement. I too had a big erection and I looked at Sharada. She closing here eyes, inserted her hand inside her skirt and was touching her cunt.

I pulled hher closer to me and planted a kiss on her cheeks. Sharada opened her eyes and looked at me with half closed eyes as if drunk. I unhooked her long skirt and dropped it down and pulled up her t shirt. She was left in her bra and panty. Her boobs were bigger than the size of the bra and when I removed the bra, the boobs jumped out to freedom.

Her tiny nipples were already projected and hard. I just lower my face and took one nipple in my mouth and sucked when I squeezed her other boob. I made her to stand up and pulled her panty down. Sharda cooperated and was keen in pulling out my cock from my jockey. Sitting on my beg I opened my knees and allowed space for her so that she can come closer.

She squatted on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and played her tongue around it. Her mouth was small and she could not take my cock in her mouth. I pulled her up to sit on my thighs with her legs on either side. My cock like a pistol was aimed at her pussy. I pulled her closer and with my hand rubbed the tip of my cock in the divide of her cunt.

With her hand she opened her cunt lips and allowed my cock to press against her clitoris. Sharda hugged me and pressed her boobs against my chest. Sitting in this position we were watching a new video which opened up in my laptop. It was a repetition of blow job, oral sex and fucking with more vigor by a new couple.

Sharada hanging on my neck with her hands made a swinging motion with her hip so that my cock may enter her cunt. I told Sharda not to be in a hurry to make and entry of my cock into my cunt. When her seal is broken, her virginity will be lost and when my cock enters fully her cunt and fucks vigorously my cum may go inside and the risk of her getting pregnant will arise.

Hence we will take small small doses of pleasure than go for big pleasure, without any precaution and get into trouble. She knodded and agreed with me. Let us concentrate on oral sex. It will last longer and we can enjoy for more time. I showed her the 69 pose shown in the laptop by a new couple.

While I was lying down she rode on me from the top and pressed her pussy into my face, her fluids were flowing all over my face. I licked her cunt and clitoris, while she made effort to take my cock in her mouth and succeeded. We went on like this for about a month and by the end of the month we became experts of oral sex. Either I will be lying down or she.

She became an expert blow jobber, and I an expert cunt and clitoris licker. Without discharging we could hold on for an hour or more. Everytime we were riding the zenith of pleasure, while her virginity was intact. I got a job interview and was about to go. We did our farewell sex in grand gala way and I left. When I come on leave I search for her and continue to enjoy her.

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Enjoying hot sex with Maya

There was a girl in the neighbouring house, who moved in along with her parents. I got just a glance and she looks a stunning beauty. She looks 18 but with big boobs and ass, with beautiful face anybody would like to fuck her. I was waiting for my chance to talk to her. Next day evening she and her mother came to my house searching for my mother.

They sat for a long time getting to know each other. The girl, it seems her name was Maya, was probing with her eyes our house. She noticed, the TV, my laptop and must have learnt from my mother about my whereabouts. I was away when they came in, later when I came home, my mother introduced me to them and my mother told me that they are our new neighbors.

I asked Maya what she is doing, she said she just joined the degree class with maths and physics. My mother told Maya, she can come and ask me any doubts she had in these subject as I had a PG in maths. Thereafter she came requesting me to help her to replace a fuse in her house.

Her parents had not returned from work and the house was totally in darkness and she could not do it herself. My mother recommended me to go and help her. Their switchboard was placed a ligh high on the wall and I could not stand and reach it. I asked her to get me a stood and she brought the stool and then went to light a candle. I was wearing a dhothi and my T shirt.

When she was standing so close her body odor was avery arousing. There were three or four fuses and I wanted to make out which one needed replacement. When I glanced down, in the glow of the candle her boob showed its full size. I was getting an erection. One by one I checked all the fuses, my eyes were busy at looking at her face and boobs.

She knew it and she was shy and looked away from me. I wanted move the stool a little forward. I had to step down move the stool and then again climb. Holding the candle in one hand she helped me with the other hand to climb down and climb up. The softness of her hand was silky and made me to keep the hand further.

In the meantime, the molten wax flowed down and burnt her hand and she dropped it on the floor. It got put out and it was totally dark again. Suddenly I hugged her and climbed down while she too hugged me with both of her hands. Her boobs were pressed against me and my erect cock pushed her at some part of her body.

In that condition, in the dark surroundings, without anybody in the house, we did not want to get separated. My hands around her and her hands around me as if to support each other. At this moment I did not want this golden opportunity to go waste. I just lowered my face and her face was lifted up and my lips just brazed over her plumpy cheeks.

She turned her head and offered me her other cheek. Holding her head with my hand I kissed her on both of her cheeks repeatedly. It was her turn then, she too kissed me on my cheeks. Maya was asking me what about the fuse, I asked what fuse. She said you came to change the fuse, I said I have changed it. But why no lights, she asked.

I told her I have switched off the main switch so that we may get this chance. After we finish we will switch on. She asked have we not finished, I said no, we have just begun. We both laughed and continued with our sweet job to finish it later.

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Fathima And Santhi Getting Fucked Hard

The word adultery is being removed from the Indian Penal Code and there are people strongly against making adultery as a crime. They say many countries have dropped adultery from their list of criminal offences. Why India alone should have it. They want full freedom to fuck our neighbor's wife when he comes in my absence fucks my wife.

If the law is enacted, every thing will be open and free. You can go and fuck your neighbor's wife even is he is sitting in the drawing room. Your wife may be fucked by her boss so that she may get a wage rise or promotion. It so happened Santhi had a itchy cunt and her husband did not gave her full satisfaction. But within two years he lost interest in sex and went in spiritual life.

Electrician and plumber were young and able bodies fellows. They may satisfy her, but they will blackmail her later and ask for money. Her boss was an old man and his cock will not rise. One day she was talking to Fathima her classmate and friend and whoe husband is in gulf. She said she will send a man who will certainly satisfy her, no money is wanted, but he wanted good food.

Santhi was happy that her problem is being solved. She planned it meticulously that she indulge in sex for a long time in the absence of his husband. The telephoned and said he is Mammad and asked when he should come. She asked him to come at 10 in the morning, and when she remembered about the maid servant, she changed the timing to 3 pm.

She had her pussy shaved and perfumed. Mammad look in his late twenties, came he was not hefty man as we feared he was just ordinary type of man clad in a lungi and t shirt and a towel worn around his neck. He said he was hungry and wanted food. Shanthi had prepared some chappathis and curry and placed the entire lot before Mamad.

He ate one by one and ate the full stock and drank a glass water. Shanthi was watching him devouring the food sitting on the dining table. He wanted a banana, luckily there was banana and Shanthi gave it to him. He asked where is the bedroom and bathroom. She lead him to the bedroom and then to the attached bathroom.

Mammad asked her is there anybody in the house, She said no. Is there anybody likely to come home soon. She said no. Dont you want to see my tool, which ultimately is going to enter you. Shanthi turned her head and saw his 7" cock in semi erect condition. He called her to come to the bed and gave her his cock in her hands. It was long and as hard as an iron rod.

She planted a kiss on the top and took it in her mouth and sucked it. But Mohamed was in a hurry. He removed all her clothes from her body and found it to be elegant and beautiful. He told her that lot of ladies whose husbands are in gulf want him to go to their houses. There are some wives whose husbands cannot satisfy them.

We are three or four young men going around to satisfy all these women. It has to kept in absolute secret, without an outside soul knowling. First let me finish your case and then we will talk. He saw her cleanshaven pussy. This is an inspiration for licking and sucking. Open your legs, he said and he was sucking her boobs.

She opened her legs wide to enable him to lick and suck her pussy. He licked the whole pussy and sucked her clitoris softly. She was moaning and twisting her body out of pleasure. Since she was sufficiently aroused, he pulled her to the edge of the bed and took his cock and pushed it inside her cunt. Santhi was thrilled and she gave out a gasp. The rod went in tightly.

It was rubbing some sensitive points inside her cunt and it gave her more pleasure. He started to fuck her in average speed and slowly increased the speed. Santhi got her orgasm. But Mohamed was going on fucking and Santhi was getting warmed up for the second session. Because of the excess fluids flowing from her cunt, the fucking was smooth.

Finally Mohamed reached his orgasm and shot his cum inside her cunt. When he looked up into her eyes, Santhi told him that it was her safe day. He asked her whether she is happy and satisfied. She hugged him and said she was happy immensely. Mohamed and Santhi went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Mohamed told her that there is a girl who wants to get fucked.

But though her husband is away, her mother in law is staying with her and hence I cannot go to her house and fuck her. I will ask her to come to your house. Do you mind I fuck her, when I come to fuck you. No No, said Santhi and asked him to tell her to come to this house. You can fuck both of us conveniently. Mohamed gave her a parting kiss and left.

She called Fathima and thanked her for giving a good introduction. Next time I will ask him to send Raju to you. He is younger than Mohamed, handsome fellow and with the same size of assets. Santhi told her about another girl coming for getting fucked. Fathima said it is ok. But tell me how it all went about.

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Arjun Fucking Neighbourhood Widow Shanthi

Our house had two portions, in one of which we stayed and the other was let out to a small family on a nominal rent. My parents and I consist our family. I, Arjun did my PG and await my applications for job to bring favourable reply. The new tenants were a old couple with a daughter of about 20.

They agreed for our terms for rentals and we gave them the place, which consisted of two bedrooms, with attached bathrooms, cots and mattresses were also there. In one room there was a study table and book shelves. They had brought their own kitchen utensils and gas connection and gas stove etc. I asked them repeatedly whether they want any more facilities.

They said no and they started to live. I have been talkng with the man and his wife, their daughter never came up for discussios. In the dividing wall between the portions, there was a door, which was never opened, and a window opening from our store room to their store room.

Our store room is not properly lit and when I open the window, because I am in the dark, the other party may not even recognize me. She was there. Short statured, about 5'4" wih full boobs, narrow waist, big projecting ass, etc. Her face was not visible as she was searching for something. Time was 11 am.

Her parents would have gone for work and my parents also have gone for work. I made a shshsh sound, she turned her head and saw me. There was a shocking look in her face. I asked her what is her name. Shanthi, she said and asked back what is your name, I said my name is Balu. Just to keep the conversation going I asked what are you doing. She said nothing.

Have you finished cooking, she replied yes, my amma did all the cooking. What do you do, she replied I wach TV, read books, or sleep. Come this side, we will talk, I said. No, baba, I am not supposed to go out at all. Come to the back yard, you can jump over a small wall and come to my house, I have lot of books, we can sit and read together, I have a computer,

we can watch movies together. NO, No, If my parents come to know they will kill me. No, they will not know. You stay just for a short time and then you can go back. But she ran away from near the window as if to avoid me. I called Shanthi, Shanthi. She did not come. I kept quiet. After some time she came peeping in and seeing me at the window, she laughed loudly and I too.

After long arguments she agreed to come for a short time, say just for half an hour. I said yes, agreed. She came via their backdoor, jumped over the dividing wall and came to our back yard and walked into our house. I took her hand and took her inside our house. I showed her around and then I took her to my bedroom and showed her my computer. I asked her to sit on my bed.

You are beautiful, Shanthi, that is why I wanted to call you to come to my room. I took her both hands in my hands and looked into her eyes. Sher had a youthful charm in her face. I took her hands to my face and kissed them. She was shocked. I asked her to lie down in my bed and move so that I may also lie near her. She said no, no, dont lie near me.

She got up and sat in the chair. I did not press her. I knew she will come around one day. I gave her a book to read and asked her whether she would sit and watch a movie in the computer. She asked what movie. I said English, or Hindi, or blue. She asked blue what is blue movie. I told her I cannot tell you you have to watch it and make out what it is.

She smiled. Poor girl, does not know the world. After some time, she said she will go and come again next day for watching movies. She went the same way she came. Her body nature was amazing. Her boobs were firm and erect that it filled her bra and blouse. Her ass also filled her rear. Her thighs were huge.

I put my hand on her thighs casually, she did not know what amount pleasure it gave me. Next day as soon as I called her, she came we straight went to my bedroom and sat on my bed. I told her that as soon as she comes she has to give me a kiss on my cheeks. She asked why. Because I like it. Give me now. She turned her face and gave me a kiss on one cheek.

I said no on both the cheeks. She gave on my both cheeks. I reciprocated and planted kisses on her both cheeks. She was thrilled and looked at me surprised. I told her I want to kiss you in many more places. She asked me where do you want to kiss. I told her behind the ear, on her neck, at her nipples, stomach, etc. She laughed not today some other day.

Let kiss today on your ears and neck. Before her consent, I kissed her on her neck and behind her ears. They are very erotic points and I could see her having ghoosepimples all over. I mildly pushed her and made her lie in the bed and buried my face on her boobs and caught her nipples with my lips. She was looking at my face, but did not push me away.

I kissed her many times on her ears, neck and boobs and she was enjoying my act. I told her I want to do this every day. Do you agree, she just smiled and did not object. I just kept my hand on her thighs and moved it up and down. She did not allow my hand reach her pussy. We played this kissing game for more time. Since she did not object I knew she was enjoying it.

After some time she said she is going. I said ok. She went away. Next day she came wearing a nighty. As usual I took her to my bedroom and gave her a tigh hug. Surprisings she was not wearing a bra under her nighty. I ran my hand down below and I think she did not wear any underwear. Underneath her nighty she was nude. I was thrilled but I did not show it.

I was in my t-shirt and lungi without any underwear. As usual we sat in the bed and hugged and kissed. She was taking the lead and allowed me to kiss her ears, neck and then when the turn came to kiss her boobs, I asked her to open her nighty and show me her boob so that I can kiss on it.

She stared on my face and then unbuttoned her nighty and opened up her chest to expose her melons. I just looked at them to enjoy their sight, with the nipple hardened and projected. I took time to lick around her nipples and sucked her nipples mildly one by one.

Santhi was moaning and enjoying my act with her eyes semi closed I put my hand one her boob and squeezed each softly and then hard, while sucking her nipple. My one hand was busy unbuttoning the remaining buttons of her nighty. My cock so stiff that I thought it may burst.

My hand touched her soft back, ass mound, her abdomen, and then her pussy, fully hair covered pussy. She did not resist any of my actions, or rather wanted my detailed exploration. Now her totally nude body was totally out of her nighty. Slightly fair in colour, she was a thing of beauty. There was no accumulation of fat and every inch is just hard and with full of muscle.

Opening her legs wide I sat between them and placed my hands on her hairy pussy. Why so much of hair, why dont you shave it off, I asked. She said she does not have any razor, and she did not know how to shave. I said wait, I will do it. I went to the bathroom I asked her to come there. I applied water over her mat of hair to make it soft.

She kept one leg on the top of the commode so that I will have free access to the area where there is hair growth. I took my shaving brush and applied soap lavishly on places where there is hair growth. In between my acts, I did not forget to suck her boobs which were projected towards me. I applied soap on her anus also.

Then taking the razor, I just drew it across her pussy and quick came of her hair in a thick mat. Washing my razor, I again pulled it all over her pussy lips, anus to remove all her hair. There was no hair remained in her public area. It was brilliant and glowing. Her fair color was exposed and I just stood looking at it and enjoyed the sight.

Shanthy reposed confidence in me and did not doubt my intentions. she was just acting as I told her to do. I poured water and washed her pussy and anus. I applied soap again and washed her pussy and anus. While doing all this my erect cock thrust against her face many times. I washed my cock and wiped it and put it in her mouth.

Wiping her body thoroughly we walked to my bedroom. My erect cock was a matter or surprise for her. She took it in her hand and examined it closely. Then she started to cry, shedding tears. I asked what is the matter. She was not replying but going on crying. After long persuation, she told me that she was married and lost her husband within 10 days in a scooter accident.

She lamented that she did not get a chance to enjoy sex with him. He was eager, but said the the fear go away and let friendship develop and then we will do. In the night he will fondle my boobs and let me handle his cock. His cock was not this big. It was the punishment of God that I should not have sex. I am sorry, I am going away. I will not come here any more.

Dear Arjun, dont get angry with me, just understand my situation. Before I could reply her she had gone. I realised that I loved that girl. If I marry I will marry only her. I made up my mind and told my mother that I want to marry Santhi and Santhi only, talk to her parents and get her for me. When my father came they both talked, he asked me whether I have ever touched her or spoiled her.

I said no. There may be more beautiful girls available in our community, why you are particular about this widow. Finally they talked to the parents of Santhi. It was a shocking thing for them. However they were happy that their daughter is being salvaged and she gets a new life. The marriage took place on a auspicious day and Sandhi came to my house as dulhan.

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George Enjoying Food And Sex From Surabhi

Surabhi and Ganesh were married since four years and they were leading a very happy married life. Next year after marriage surabhi gave birth to a boy. Husband and wife had wonderful sexual compatibility that they fucked daily two or three times. Surabhi was a timid and shy girl. But Ganesh gave her so much sex that she wanted more and more of it.

They learnt from the internet new poses of fucking, perfect method of oral sex, etc. She learnt the trick of blowjob that she did it like a professional. Ganesh licked her pussy so nicely that she got multiple orgasms. While fucking she learnt to control her vaginal muscles so that he gets maximum pleasure. After about five years the capacity of Ganesh seemed to decline.

May be due to too much familiarity with his wife and her methods, he was not performing well. He started to end the journey before she arrived. His iron like stiffness slackened and was not standing erect. He needed more time for revival and Surabhi lost her patience. She suggested that they go and meet a doctor.

But he was shy to go and tell an outsider about his short comings. Let us wait and take a gap, I think it will become alright he said. But it remained as it is. In the meantime, in the office where Surabhi was working a new supervisor took charge, Mr. George. He was tall and handsome and very sociable. He came to the table of Surabhi, introduced himself and asked about her family etc.

He said his children are studying in the school and their exams are due and hence he did not bring his wife. He was staying alone in the quarters. Hotel food did not suit him at all, but what to do. He cannot cook for himself. Surabhi said Sir, I will bring curries made by me to the office, you may try them with some rice. But he said he has never cooked rice in his own house.

He said he will send a peon to her house and she may send through him a tiffin carrier with rice and curries etc. The arrangement worked well. Peon carried the tiffin carrier by noon from her house to his quarters daily.

But on the third day without informing the peon went on leave and Surabhi waited for him, since he did not turn up she carried the food herself and went to the house of George. It was a holiday and George was waiting to take bath with a towel wound around his waist. He said wait a minute, I will come within five minutes.

Within five minutes, he came out of the bathroom with a wet towel wound around and went to the corner of the sitting room where a lungi was kept for his use, he took it and while wearing it, the towel slipped and fell down and lungi also fell down. For a minute he was totally nude and his cock about 7" long was hanging between his legs.

Surabhi should have gone home after leaving food there, but she said she will serve him and then take the empty vessel home. George with his broad hairy chest, was wiping his body with his towel and was trying to wipe his private parts, legs etc in full view of the lady.

Having seen the total geography of his body, Surabhi felt like hugging him as he was suprior in all respects to her husband. George could understand her thoughts and he purposely unwound and wound the lungi exposing his cock to the outside world in various positions of erection.

She asked whether she may use the bathroom. He said not this one, go inside my bedroom and use the bathroom attached to it. As she was using the bathroom sitting on the commode, she looked around and found it to be a luxury bathroom, with so much of modern fittings.

As she took the faucet to wash her private parts, it slipped from her hand and fell down with full force of water spraying from it. The water sprayed on her head, face, and the upper part of her body. Her saree and blouse were wet.

Some how she took a towel from the clothesline and wiped her face and head, the water on her blouse and saree seeped inside making a bigger patch of wetness. Pulling up her panty she came out and George was surprised. He said how can you go out with so much of wetness on your clothes.

He said just spread them on the bed and put on the fan in full, it will get dried within 15 minutes. He too offered to help her. But Surabhi untied her saree and removed her blouse and spread them on the bed, when George put on the fan in full speed. Now standing only on her pettycoat and bra, Surabhi looked at George.

He came near her and touched her bra and petty coat and said they are also it is better to remove them. Surabhi did not know what to say. They were indeed wet. In the meantime, George unhooked the bra and pulled it out and her massive melons without sagging were standing erect. He untied her petty coat and it fell to the ground.

Geroge took it and spread it on the bed. Her hourglass figure and lightly wet panty flat stomach, her boobs made George to get an erection. Without saying a word, George pulled Surabhi to his side and applied his mouth on her erect nipples and started to suck. She could not stand his onslaughts.

He pushed her into his bed and bowed down to suck her nipples and squeeze her boobs. He pulled up her legs and made them wide and her pussy freshly washed glistened with the honey coming out. He licked her honey and licked her clitoris. He got up and pointed his cock at her fuckhole and plunged it inside.

The change in the style of fucking made her horny and she moaned and received him with full vigor. Sex hungry George fucked her for 15 minutes very fast, deep, and rough and she came many times in between and he threw his shots into her. He was ready for a repeat performance and she too. Any how they had to wait for the clothes to dry.

They fucked and fucked in different poses. She got on top of him and that was the best. Finally they both were hungry. But there was food only for him. She wore her clothes and served him on his plate. They kissed and kissed for the gratitude. She bade him farewell and left hurriedly. George found her cunt very tight and she being very horny gave him maximum pleasure.

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Aashima Enjoying Sex With Horny Sanju Mama - IV

Previously: Aashima Enjoying Sex With Horny Sanju Mama - III

What a hell? In past one year, 60 odd times (tentative) I was never fucked like that. My boyfriend was somewhat 28 and Sanju Mama was easily 45 and as compared to Mama he was a lousy fucker. Both it was Mama’s fucking experience or his frustration of past two years and I was literary killed by him.

Sweating like hell physically I was nevertheless dead and it took me couple of minutes to regain. Sanju Mama stayed over me for another minute and slowly got away to use the washroom. Fever was over now, at least mine and closing my eyes and recalling what all happened in last half an hour or so and I felt as it’s a nightmare.

Mama came out of the washroom also came beside me on bed and kissing me over my cheek told me to get up and clean and holding my wrist took me in and watered my pussy with his hand. "Mujhe kabhi Richa ke saath itna mazza nahin aaya jitna aaj tere saath aaya" "and don't feel ko enjoy karna chahiye..." "aur koi tension mat lena...kisi ko kuch bhi patta nahin chalega"

I was feeling embarrassed but behaving casual Mama did not stopped talking to me until we both came out and I asked him if I can go back to that room and sleep. Mama insisted me to sleep with him in his bedroom but I requested him to leave me alone now and he allowed me go and sleep.

Eventually I came back to the previous room and anyhow I cannot describe mentally how madly I was messed up. I was tired but I stayed awake in the dark with real clutter of thought and barely after half an hour I got the knock on the door. It was none other than Mama and he was here to fuck me again.

It was a study cum bedroom of his daughter and bed was little bigger than single bed and laying beside me in the dark Mama took me in his arm and once again started talking to me. He asked me few things about my boyfriend and somehow digested my sexual relation with a guy of opposite religion.

Throughout the time his hands were moving over y body, breasts, waist, thighs and slowly he started kissing me over my cheek and gradually moved to my neck and area close to the ear and with something to ask I stopped him going further. “Aapne promise kiya hai ki ab aap peena chhod doge” means you’ve promised that you will stop drinking,

I got up and recalled him his promise and saying yes Mama accepted with a condition that I have fuck with him regularly. “Haan...per uske liye tujhe mere saath regular sex karna padega....” I knew that and I reflected disappointment over my expressions and Mama smiled and tried convincing me saying that we will not do much “jyada nahin karunga...maximum twice a month”

I denied with simple no and Mama requested me to agree and assured me that he will leave drinking completely "please maan jaa…I promise main peena bilkul chhod dunga" and in continuation he added that he will not fuck me after my marriage getting fixed.

Few more seconds of mental scuffle and I decided to go for it and I admit that it was just not that I wanted Mama to leave drinking, in addition to that it was my lust too and saying Ok I lay back on his arm. Sanju Mama smiled joyously and purity of his smirk delighted me and we hugged. Next Mama kissed me and played with my melons tenderly and gave me compliment over my breasts,

“as compared to your body tere boobs kaafi bade hain…” that was true and I blushed with a tiny smile. Now what? T-shirt, Capri, bra and Panty, once again everything disappeared from my body in next few seconds and reacting back I stripped Mama. "Tu apne boyfriend ki sucking karti hai..." Mama asked me do I suck my boy friend and as I accepted saying yes, but sometimes

"haan...per kabhi kabhi karti hun" he straightaway told me to suck his "to fir mera bhi suck kar". Mama laid over his back and sitting over my folded knees between his wide open legs I leaned over his crotch and sucked tip of his thick cock lightly. I was confident about what I was doing; I was doing this act very well from last one year and knew exactly what men like in this.

I sucked Mama’s erect cock without removing foreskin of his rod and spewed my saliva over its tip and then took it in my mouth by pulling it a bit and rubbed my tongue over that repeatedly and next instant Mama started moaning in delight. Slowly I took more of his cock in my mouth and sucked him tenderly and Mama grew harder in my mouth.

5 minutes of consistent sucking and Mama reached to the state where he could not bear the pleasure and he stopped me. Now it was his turn to please me, I won’t say I was dripping at my cunt but I was fascinated to get sucked and behaving naughty I did not let Mama get up and open my legs, I simply crawled up over his chest and reached to his face with my cunt.

Mama accepted me that way joyously and wrapping his arms around my ass started licking me with all his passion and energy. Rubbing my cunt tenderly over his lips I enjoyed every fraction of his thick rough tongue over my fuckhole and continuing behaving naughty took him in my womb while being on his top.

Back and forward, up and down I fucked my pussy with my desired pace for really long and Mama squeezed my sagging breasts roughly throughout my ride over his crotch. Eventually I got tired and fell over him and turning me around Mama took me under his weight while saying that now he will show me what is real fucking “ab main tujhe batata hun ki asli Chudai kya hoti hai…”

“nahi Mama please…aaram se karna…last time meri jaan nikal gayi thi….” I requested him to do it casually as last time I was gone breathless but Mama did not listened to my request and once again traumatized in shattering orgasm. To begin putting my one thigh over his shoulder and other keeping straight on the bed he fucked me slowly but later while driving his cock

in my fuckhole Mama started thumping my clitoris with his thumb and as I rose high he wrapped my legs around his waist and fucked me hard and fast till I stared crying and shivering in unbearable pleasure. I once again orgasmed while gasping husky with electrifying sensation passing through my body and Mama flooded my cunt with loud grunt.

After that we both got up to clean our self and in the end I slept with him in his bedroom. Everything repeated next morning, Mama woke me somewhere around 7 and fucked me and by 9 I was dropped by him at my work place.

That’s it; that was beginning of my sex affair with my Mama, as he promised Sanju Mama has stopped drinking and to keep him away from alcohol, every month right after my periods I have to stay at his place and as Richa Mami fell asleep Mama comes to me and fucks me; sometimes in the bathroom and sometimes in the other bedroom, which is virtually used as store room.

After that night we've never been home alone and we are waiting for that eagerly. At present apart from Sanju Mama I am fucking with my boyfriend too but not much, actually since Mama has started fucking me I have gone addicted of his passion and aggression and now I really get bored on bed with my boyfriend.

Finally here I would like to end my writing and with a hope that readers have enjoyed my sex experience I am seeking comments from all of my unseen friends of this wonderful blog.

The End.

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Aashima Enjoying Sex With Horny Sanju Mama - III

Previously: Aashima Enjoying Sex With Horny Sanju Mama - II

Eventually I was buried under Sanju Mama in the middle of his soft and spongy bed and looking into my eyes he smiled cunningly and feeling eternal lust mixed with attachment for Mama I closed my eyes in subdued consent. Mama once again lip locked me, kissed me softly to begin and slowly went deeper and to my surprise this time I accepted unpleasant taste of his saliva.

Sanju Mama kissed me long and I kissed him back with more or less with my consent and by the time he broke the kiss I was bit more charged. Usually I am very active and very naughty on bed with my boyfriend; that was my basic temperament while having sex but with Mama I had to be hesitant and I stayed as is and without saying a word Mama started taking off my clothes.

He lifted my t-shirt, pulled out my Capri out of my legs and after that turned me around to unhook my bra and ultimately rubbing his hand tenderly all over, he kissed and licked soft skin of my entire back. I puffed and moaned restlessly but this time did not try to get away from him.

Face buried in soft pillow I was almost on my belly and his lips moved up slowly and reached to my neck and earlobes and I started gasping louder. Mama sucked my ears, licked nape of my neck and getting further restless as I tried getting away, wrapping his arm around with his palm over my soft fleshy breast Mama lied down partially over me.

I fluttered to prevent him teasing my ears while moaning in intense pleasure but Mama did not stopped sucking my earlobes until I was breathless. I tried getting up as he stopped sucking my ear but Mama impaled his enormous weight over me and next instant his hand moved down to my waist to take off my panty.

I attempted to save myself but as now I was into the act, it was a half hearted attempt and Mama easily managed to drift my Panty down to my knees and rest of it he took it out with his feet. Eventually feeling Mama’s hard cock over my ass with a cloth in the middle I was buried stark naked under his massive weight and puffing in undue lust I told him that what he is doing is very bad

“Mama aap bahut galat baat kar rahe ho….!” And he replied saying that he know that I am also desiring and told me to stop feeling shy and enjoy “Mujhe patta hai tera bhi mann kar raha hai…ab sharmana chhod aur…mazze lay…” and with that rubbing my soft bare thighs his hands moved over my belly and soon his fingers tried reaching to my Pussy.

Lying bit sideways under his weight I clenched my thighs to hide my pussy but soon Mama found the way and started rubbing my opening tenderly. I groaned in pleasure and just in few seconds I felt that I am flooding intensely. Slowly Mama’s fingers moved further into my Pussy and soon loosening my thighs I gave him access of my cunt to rub me.

Mama was well aware of my mental and physical state since beginning, he could sense that I am intended, that is why he was trying and he was happy to see that I have stopped protesting and he whispered in my ear that I am a very good girl “Tu bahut achhi bachi hai…bus aise hi mazze lay” and with that Mama plunged my cunt with his thick finger and I shuddered erotically.

After few ins and outs with one Sanju Mama added another finger to my cunt and I gasped thickly with significant quiver of my thighs and Mama asked me if his doll is enjoying in soft sensual voice "mazza aa raha hai meri Gudiya ko...?" and his words aroused me further high and I started gasping louder.

Mama fisted my cunt for few more seconds, until he saw me heading towards my climax and finally stopped playing with my cunt and turned me over my back again. Looking into my eyes he smiled shamelessly and I closed my eyes in embarrassment.

He kissed me over my cheek, sucked my lips for couple of minutes while massaging my soft fleshy milk mounds and in the end started sucking my throbbing erect nipples with lot of care and affection. Mama sucked my breasts unhurriedly, thumping my nipples with his tongue he chewed them against his teeth delicately and holding Mama’s head I moaned helplessly.

Next while sucking my melons once again Mama’s hands reached to my crotch and I can say I was somewhat waiting for that, I was so aroused that now Sanju Mama was not doing anything against my will and holding his hand I myself took him to my exact opening and once again his fingertips poked me.

I hissed loudly and my body started trembling in pleasure and Mama withdrew his hand instantly and fondled my naked ass while teasing me that his doll is heated up now “Meri Gudiya garam ho gayi hai…” He was absolutely right, I was reached to the state where I was dying to get fucked but Mama was yet not over with his foreplay and kissing my soft skin all the way soon he was over my cunt.

He opened my thighs and looking at my pussy closely once spoke out erotic about my childhood “Hmmmm…. ye jagah hai…jahan se tu mere oopar Susu karti thi…” and with that he opened my pussy lips with his fingertip and my opening started contracting feverishly. I gasped and nodded my bottom in intense fervor and Mama decided to suck my cunt “ab mein issko suck karunga…”

Mama uttered and in broken voice I requested him not to do all that “nahi Mama please wo sab matt karo….” Though I really love getting sucked but that time I needed him to fuck me and next instant he asked me then what should he do…should he fuck me straightaway “to fir kya karun….sidha tujhe Chod dun…?”

for a fraction I hesitated but in the end opened up shamelessly “Haan…fuck me”. Mama smiled over my state and I was embarrassed and I turned my face away. Anyhow Mama wanted to suck me first and he denied to fuck me straightaway “Nahi….aise nahi….pahle main meri Gudiya ki Chut ko chaatunga…fir usko Chodunga…”

with that he opened my thighs further wide and next instant he was licking my cunt softly with his thick rough tongue. “Iiiihhhh….” I cried repeatedly with clenched teeth and Mama sank his lips and tongue into my cunt lower and lower. Slowly my knees and thighs were bent in a great obtuse V and I started enjoying Mama’s thick tongue wiggling into my cunt like a snake.

My fingers crawled allover and inside his thick hairs and lapping every tiny drop of my sticky juices Mama just went on going deeper and deeper in my cunt. “Ohh…Maaa…” finally I cried helplessly, my thighs shivered, my belly sucked inward and lurching my ass upward in unbearable pleasure I requested Mama to stop “Mama please bus karo…. mera ho jaayega…”.

I was once again heading to climax and accepting my demand Mama stopped sucking me and got up to fuck me. “Bus…ab main apni Gudiya ko Chodunga” saying that Sanju Mama took off his jockey and even after trying hard I failed to resist myself looking at his Cock.

It was big and very thick; Mama’s length was almost same as what my boyfriend had but Mama was far thicker; he smiled as he saw me looking at his cock and I once again closed my eyes in awkwardness. Next for an instant Mama got away from bed, opened Elmira and took out Condoms and started covering his rod after coming to bed again.

I was out of my monthly cycle hardly 4 days back, more or less I was in safe period, I wanted to stay silent but as I saw while trying hurrying Mama is struggling to cover his rod I told him to put in as is while telling him that I am in safe period “Aise hi daal do…mera safe period chal raha hai….” and my statement delighted Mama, “ye hui naa baat…!”

he smiled and throwing that piece of rubber away came over me and kissed me nicely. By now I was totally lost in lust and responding back to his Kiss I asked Sanju Mama to fuck me now “Mama…please fuck me…” “Yessss…. My Doll…I will fuck you and I will fuck you everyday”

with that Mama widened my thighs with his knees and rested tip of his cock over my opening and replying back to his statement, I denied for more fucking “Nahi….! aapne sirf ek baar bola tha” and without saying a word Sanju Mama plunged me hard with a sudden jolt and after filling my cunt with his cock came out saying that he lied “Maine jhoot bola tha…”.

I cried in pleasure as his thick long Cock sizzled into my twat and leaning over me and looking into my eyes closely he once again said that he will fuck me daily “Main tujhe roz Chodunga”. His face was a vision of lust, no further argument from my side and I closed my eyes to feel the real bliss of being a female and Mama started fucking me.

“Ohh…yessss…meri Gudiya…. I really love you” Up and down, back and forward, driving his length in and out of my cunt Mama hissed in pleasure while saying that and his words continued arousing me. I grabbed him in my arms and arching my back gasped loud in intense pleasure.

Sanju Mama was amazing, far more powerful than my boy friend, his body was thick and hard and cock was literary blazing my cunt. Screwing me hard and fast his hips rose and fell swiftly in incredible rhythm and within one minute his deep and long thrusts started taking my breath away.

I grunted and cried out loud, I was close to my climax and wanted to cum but Mama did not stopped and nailing his skin as I whimpered again, moving in and out of my cunt hole he asked me what happened in same loving way “Kya hua…meri Gudiya…” “Meraa…hoo…Ahhh..jaayegaa…uhhh Mamamm mmmum” broken voice and puffing like hell,

somehow I managed to tell him my state and Mama took me casually “koi baat nahin Gudiya… hone de jo ho raha hai....” and he did not stopped to let my climax pass. Desperate for release I cried and cried and continued dying in unbearable sensation passing through my womb and digging my cunt consistently Mama started kissing me.

He chewed my lips, sucked my tongue but down there; over his crotch did not stopped fucking until crying in husky voice I started pushing him. Yet not broken but dam inside me was reached to the pinnacle where I feeling that now I will certainly die in this fucking pleasure. “Bus meri Gudiya…mera bhi ho gaya…”

That’s what Sanju Mama spoke while squeezing his taut hips together with a final jolt and in the end crushing my soft cunt under his heavy crotch raised his head and grunted loud. I orgasmed hard; like I never imagined, my entire body shuddered with thick tidal waves rising from my womb and quaking my belly and breasts.

Holding Mama tight I cried husky throughout my release and above me Mama also moaned densely as his thick hot jizz churned out of his cock and flooded my cunt.

To Be Continued...

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