Pooja Enjoying Cheating Sex With Anurag

Hello to all readers, myself pooja ( name changed ) aged 33 and simple house wife.. Today I share my true life story with you all.. so please excuse me of any mistake as iam not a professional writing.. This is fairly a long story which actually happened with me and somehow deep down I believe its not right infect its cruel.. so please dont comment moral values,as I already know my sins and already living with it.

Before I began let me tell you something about myself, I belong to simple middle class Indian family but open minded thinking..reason was married to a person whom I love.. our is a love arrange marriage with mutual agreement from all our family and relatives.. before marriage was an avg looking person but as time escaped I started to look more or less attractive and beautiful.

my height is around 5.2 with slim body shape with fig 36 32 38.. having long hairs and basically milky complexion. Before I met my husband I was an open minded girl, having alot of friends males and females, Life was never boring to me.

The story began with one of my friend whom I found attractive back those days but later found its just an affection nothing else and after almost 7 to 8 years of that, " I fall in love with my husband and got married. After having much eventful life all these years I got I touch with our old childhood friends and planned for a Reunion, where all are invited.

Now before I go ahead its important to mention my feeling and relationship with my husband.. like I mentioned our is an love marriage then its quit obvious that love was never a problem.. actually there is no problems as such which I can mention. he is the most fun lovable and trusted person ever in my life, have support in all my life ups and downs.

I love him alot and he love me like crazy but still I dont know how it happened but I end up cheating on him. This is one of the reason I share my story here to make peace of mind, as I have no one else to share my experience.

Now coming back this started when I visited home for vacation there all of my friends planned for a reunion party. here I met him ( anurag) again the person whom I had a crush before.. also now is the perfect time to explain some similarities between us which apart from my husband. he about same it height respective to mine about 5.4 with healthy build..fairer than me and have good looks.. this was the very reason I had a crush on him.

I was feeling so much excited as everyone does feel after such a long time we all be meeting eachother.. finally the date come where iam getting ready to go out and have reached before anyone in one of my friend place.. after having a much waited chit chat everyone else started to come.. some of them came with family and some alone and there its a time I saw him after such along time coming to joins us.

I heard he got married but was divorced from past 2 years.. after sometime we started to chit chat about life happenings where he explained all his ups and downs and I did the same. the party ended with a promise that all be in touch with each other if not by call at-least chats.. He ( anurag ) shared his phone number with mine and all set to get back to home after having much awaited fun.

on my way back I was thinking all the conversation I had with anurag about his life and mine, but instantly there was something which I felt bad as he lost his marriage.. and now is he all alone in this world with one else but formally I believe this is due to fact he was a friend.. and most importantly childhood friend.. ( We all have feeling for our childhood friends dont we ).. so I had a soft heart somewhere for him.

after few days pasted as planned we keep in touch with chats and sometimes occasionally phone conversation which is somehow is good to be in touch with friends.. then I started to talk with him sometimes in a week then on regular basis. We talked many topics normally day events and so on.

Then start some conversation about our married life, He informed all about his relationship with his wife and how he miss her completely. I always force him to get married again but he always says loves happens only once and he is not ready for any relationship at this stage to which I can understand.

Slowly the conversation between us was getting lighter and lighter where we share many things even topics of sex.. To which I believe nothing is wrong as we both are married and have gone all in life.. we talked freely but restricted to our limits.. I will put a chat conversation for all to know the level of conversation.

Anurag - hi how are you? Me - Fine aur batao ky haal chal Anurag - nothing yaar was just having an off day, was not feeling well me- why, what happened Anurag - bahut dino se kiya nhii hai na thats why not feeling well Me - Kiya Nhii ?? Kya Anurag - Sex, aur kya me - toh karlo, kab se toh kah rahi hu, shaadi karlo Anurag - nahii yaar, im close to find someone who will support me in this...

These type of conversation was happening from last days, So finally I decided to ask whom he is referring too. So called him one day and to my surprise he was breathing heavy. I asked what happened ? to whom he replied- nothing yaar. I asked again - kya hua batao toh sahi, sab theek hai na, he replied- nothing I was doing something.

I asked again - kya, he replied - yaar masturbation kar raha hu..par ho nhi paa raha.me- chee..kiyu ? he replied- I guess support is required..me - kysa support, he - kisi ke sath mile yaa kuch ho jo excitement to increase karde atleast.... I kept licence then he said again - acha kya tum toda help kar doge.. Me-- What !!!

He - kiyu kuch galat kaha, kon sa isse koi frank padega phone pe kya galat hai. me- its not right anurag, he replied - choro jane do its ok..mein khud he settel kar lunga dont worry too much.. after this he disconnected the call.. I was socked and surprised what just happened, did he really asked me to join him.. how dare he said this to me.

Alot of things was going on my mind but at same time I was thinking might be he was horny and in the heat of the hour he asked something which you did not mean it completely. Some days passed I did not heard anything from him, So I called him again to check on him..this time picked my call and immediately said im sorry if I said nothing wrong but cant help it to whom

I replied its ok and I understand. after that he informed me that day he was feeling uneasy to which I asked - koi mili phir.. he replied mile thi par chor diya usko, kiyuki vo aurat hai bhul gaie hai.. ( She forgot that she is female ). I said no, nothing like that.. to which he asked me something which I will never forget.

he said - then proof me by sending your naked boobs pics and let me check if you are female or not. I said are you serious to which he replied - Yes iam.., after that I kept silence.. he spoke again - are you sending me or not ? to which I replied - pagal ho kya.. He said - kiyu there nothing wrong in that yaar.. we know each other for long time now and I respect you.

if you want you can hide your face in the pic I will not mind it.. I just need some fuel to be able to do it properly.. and I have no one else to help me out in this.. so asking you for the favour. Seeing his need and lust I was carried away and said will do the favour. after few hours I got a call from him asking for the pics to which I responded not possible as its not right,

he said there is nothing wrong as it will be our secret,and we will be helping each other for the good of both.. he then asked to check on chat as he will be sending few pics which will help me to believe him, I checked and found his naked picture with a big and thick tool.. Which is even bigger than my husband. It was around 6 half inch long with 3 to 4 thick.

I was completed blown away with the picture and woman inside me is getting mad seeing this huge tool. Now I start to rub my Virginia and at the same same my phone ring again.. He said did you liked it, to which I mentioned very much. Now he asked to send some of mine.

I followed it to click some of the picture and sent to him. after that for about half an hour he did not called me, So I called him and asked what happened to whom he replied was doing jerking watching my pics, We did phone sex for almost an hour and had multiple organs together.

After that we used to do almost every day with more and more intensity and lust.. we enjoy each other company and sometimes do a real sex over phone where he fucks me hard. He wanted to have me in real and I also thinking the idea to be comfortable with.. This is correct point to describe my point of view, As a human we all need someone to care and love,

which I was getting completely from his side. I was completely blown away from his need and my pleasure. After this we where searching for an opportunity to be in touch with each other for the real enjoyment and to my luck that day came quickly than I imagine.

I have to go our home town to atten a marriage ceremony of one of my cousin to which due to heavy work load my husband not able to come along with me. I was suppose to leave in 15 days time. To my happiness I informed I was informed to come early and stay which my husband agreed without any drama.

Me and Anurag was very excited to meet finally for which we where planning for a long time. I started being on pills from the day onwards so that we can both enjoy our sexual encounter completely. We have planned everything how we will be getting in touch and planned for the timings.

On the day when I arrived everyone was soo happy to see me as after much awaited wait we where all togather for function. now as planned I suppose to go out to meet my old friends and informed same to family member. so by morning I will be leaving from my place to visit anurag home so that we can meet till evening time.

I left from my house and reached to anurag place and rang the bell. he opened is happiness and anticipation for a long break over finally. we entered the house and immediately he grabbed me and kissed me endlessly till the last moment where I could get myself wet. after this he asked for any snacks to which I rejected. then we start to talk towards the bedroom where he already place everything in place.

(I was so excited and wagered the best inner wears which I could to make him completely mad, let me remind you all im not soo good looking person by face but have the best body a man can desire, my boobs are a bit in heavier side with 36 size and round and pointed.. not those big boobs which is hangs around cheats area. and pink virginal lips with right proposal everywhere in body to whom man can love it)

So we entered in bedroom and started kissing, every kiss he was getting inside me ingnating the lust more and more. after much awaited kissing we start to look each other in different way, he was completely blown away by my beauty. I totally surrender to his will.. He stayed for while watching each other with lustful eyes and then he start to remove my cloths slowly.

I was wearing a saari which he first kissed on my neck to release the tension and surrender my whole body and will to get ready for action. he then removed my pallu and start to kiss the uppar half of my chest which was open part of my blouse.. he was kiss my cleavages (the hollow between a woman's breasts when supported, especially as exposed by a low-cut garment)

then start to unhock my blouse buttons. now iam standing with only bra in front of him to which he removed my complete saari.. he then lose the petticoat and I was in my inner only. He then saw with complete lust for a moment and removed all his cloths at once.. he then put me on bed kissing my cleavages.

after much intention kissing he removed my bra and panty at same time making me completely naked.. after that he continued fondling my boobs like there is not other day. he sucked it so hard that nipple where getting red hot and almost drank blood out of it.. He pressed it soo hard that could not sense it after sometime.

He was like an hungry animal all over me.. after almost an half hour of action he then puts his finger inside my love hole to check its wetter to allow his love rod to slip in, which was already wetter than before. he then sitsup and make an pose which pointed his love rode to the entrance of my love hole.

and only to my torture even the being wetter than ever before his love rod would not go inside easily.. he was pussing it in and my breath was going out with every puss. slowly slowly it started to get inside and after much pain he finally manged to get all that inside me and was a perfect match hitting my Virginia walls.

then he start the front and back motion coming down on me to kiss while he was giving it a slow motion.. then he said " pooja aaj bahut acha lag raha hai, aur shayad aaj ka din tum bhi har roj jeena chahogi " ( today I just loving it and hope you also want to live it every day ) to which I just "hmm".. then he started speed up his back and pro action kissing me all the time.

after much long time I was getting the extreme pleasure and his love rod is hitting me.. by this time I lost count how many times did I had my organism and complete lost in my experience then suddenly he asked to listen him.. he stopped for a moment ans asked to open my eyes to which I responded.

he then adjusted himself completely on me and asked to join my boobs together and asked to grab on hold on him from back with my arms. He asked to look at his face all the time and dont kiss untill he does it from his side..Our faces are just incs away from each other and I was looking to his face and he is looking at me.

after this he started to back and pro action again with deeper strokes and faster.. after about 1 min of deep and fast stroke he given his love rod one hard puss to my love hole and remain there for moment.. I could feel his rod pressed on my Virginia walls AND then something happened which I cannot express in words.

This is might be biggest and strongest sperm discharge I will ever felt in my life.. his love rode spraying load of manhood sperm inside me which started a small quantity then coming at faster and heavier rate with each spray. at this moment I was watching him and he is watching me,

his face was completely silent with no expression and then suddenly it got changes when he hit his final shot inside me to start his breathing again. it lastly for atlest 15 to 23 sec.. then he kissed me hard and fell over me. after heavy breathing for a moment he then asked "this is real men seeds which is inside you" "did you feel it" to which I said yes I can feel.

after that he move over to my side and let me all alone to feel it.. I remained there for sometime so that I can feel it completely running inside. After this he continued to do it a couples of times that day and then we cleaned each other and got freshen up. I got ready to go out back to my home and planned the second encounter.

On my next part I will writing deeply about my experiences and will also provide our current meeting which is still going on almost 2 times every month.. how and this is possible and everything you all will be getting to know once I get some encouragement by your comments.

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Rahul Fucking Sexy Lady Landlord Aarti

Hi, this is Rahul from Delhi. (30 Years Now, 5’9, Average Looks and 7.5 Inch of Pride) I have been Following Stories on Human Digest for many years now. This is my First Share on Humandigest.com. Many More Stories to come…

Been Brought up in a Traditional Household, and Studied in an All Boys Hostel, I had always been kept away from Sex. However, as they say, the more u hide, The more one wants. That’s what happened to me also. By the time I Got into a reputed College of Delhi, My Sex Drive was way tooo High. Having Spent my Teens Masturbating Couple of times a day, I decided, Now is the time to Quench my thirst.

So, Starting College, I came across the Young and Beautiful Wife of my Landlord, “Aarti”. A very Preety Lady, 5’6, White Round Boobs that always grabbed the most perfect shape in the Tight Kurti she used to wear. The day I first Saw her, In her Red and Yellow Kurti with White Plazos, I was Struck by her Beauty.

I just looked at her, even as my Landlord was there, trying to strike a conversation. Perfect Smile, Waist Length Hair, Deep Brown Eyes. I never saw someone so preety, so close. There was something in her smell…. Fresh Mountain Flowers in a Gentle Sea Breeze…. Was what it felt to me.

However, coming back to my senses, I just kept mum, for the rest of the week… Trying to feast my eyes… on this divine beauty. I would feel jealous of her Average Looking Marwari Husband, Who neither could match her Charm, Nor her Looks. God… So much for Arranged Marriages…

As College rolled by. Things got Busy but the satisfaction in seeing her each evening, In her balcony, In her Light Designer Suits, Open Hairs used to keep me Going all Day. I shared a nice relationship with her and I knew she Trusted Me. We greet each other with a smile and I used to notice her Standing each Day as I used to come back from the College at around 5 pm.

One Saturday Evening, as I came Back from the College… She was Standing There with a Cup of Coffee in her Hand. I Smiled as I usually did, spoke to her for Couple of Minutes like Normal and then was about to go back inside. She Said, You wanna have Coffee, I have made It. Even though I wanted to take a shower, How could I refuse the offer. I smiled, Told her I am coming in 5 mIns. She Smiled and said Ok.

After taking a Quick Shower, I changed into My Tshirt and Shorts, And went to her. Of all the 1 hour Talks, all that matters is that, She Misses her Unmarried times, And she doesn’t like her Marriage at all. She felt they too different. I heard her as she Spoke. I could agree 100 percent to what she was saying. Any Girl, her age, would feel troubled the situation she was In.

Moreover, I felt she might be frustrated far too much and that’s why she is Easing Pressure by telling Me. As I saw tears swell in her Eye, I Surprisingly kept my hand on her Palm, And Said, Hey. I know it is Tough. But you can still take control of your life. Live your life. I am sure, Your husband wont mind.

She looked at me, Nodded and Said, Ya I know, He asks me to Start doing something from Home, Take up a Job or to take up a hobby, But. The Problem is not that. I was Listening. She carried on, I feel stuck. I feel Burdened. I am young. I have hopes. I might have been the Most Preety girl, in my College, and I know it.

I still remember the faces of Boys, when they used to try and start up a conversation. I used to feel Good but I always kept everything away for future. I want to be someone’s Favorite. Want to get unlimited attention from my Man and I deserve. I dreamt of an independent Modern life, Fresh Love, The Teasing, Lifestyle and yes, A Charming Husband, I can Flaunt too. he aint.

And see, my charm has faded as well!!! I have nothing. Saying this, she starting crying. I was confused. Didn’t know how to react. Still gathered a lot of courage from I don’t know where, and said.. Hey Aarti, Didn’t knew u would want to hear this, but, you are very very pretty. I have been Struck by your beauty since the Day I have seen u. I try and find time every day, here and there, just to get a glimpse of you.

I find you very attractive. And You are. If your husband is not able to appreciate you, or give you the attention u deserve, It is His Mistake. Not yours. U deserve the best in this world any day. As I said this, she looked into my eyes, with a mix of expressions. I thought she might be angry. But still I continued what I was saying.

Aarti, I would have loved to have a wife like you, and would have given you all the love I could, just to keep you Happy. I have never been in love. Ever, But seeing you, Each Day, I don’t think, I could ever fall in love, with any one else. She looked into my eyes again, read them. And hugged me.

I Froze for a second. The I took by hands and took her in my arms and hugged her tight. She Carried on, Rahul, I am very alone. I am very Down. I feel terrible about myself. My femininity I have been thinking this for many days, didn’t find the courage. But would u love me. I want to feel loved. I crave for it.

I knew, I had struck gold. Maybe my Warm and loving nature had done the trick. I broke the Hug, looked at her, And Leaned to kiss her. Felt the Soft and Moist Lips, So full. As my tongue found hers, A flash of lighting struck us and hell broke loose. I knew were are now set loose. I looked at her. She Nodded. I took her hand, and took her, Upstairs, Into my room.

As a habit, I keep my room organized and neat all times, and she somehow felt even more comfortable entering into it. As soon as she turned back to latch the Door, I knew I couldn’t wait and this evening was not the day to go slow. Her husband was Due in an Hour and we both knew it. I hugged her from behind, And gently kissed her neck. She Pushed herself back.

Into my arms and Melted into me. That is the moment I felt, This Lady wants love. I would give her body just that. Today, Rahul, its her chance to feel love. You can help yourself later. With that thought, I turned her around and Kissed her. That was the best kiss of my life so Far. I felt the Energy of the universe flowing through me, and all the pleasure I could ever have imagined, That tigress gave me that moment.

Yes she was starved. She Literally Pushed her Tongue deep in my mouth, found mine, and played with it. While doing this, She was nibbling on my lower lips. Her hands Were on my Back, trying to pull me closer and our eyes closed. As we broke the kiss. I asked her. Can I See U. She Nodded, And With one Swift Movement, Removed her Kurti from the Top.

The Lady Love, Was standing right infront of me….In a Palazzo and Deep Blue Bra. God, She was so Gorgeous. I Skipped a breath and for some time just admired her beauty. She understood how I felt, and took her hands behind the back, and Unhooked the Bra. I saw the most perfect Boobs ever that evening. Far better than any Video I has seen till that day.

White Skin, Round Boobs, Might be 34 or so. Not Too Big…Nor too Small. Just perfect. In the middle were her Tiny Areoles. Small round and pink. I just looked and them. I wanted to touch them. As my hands moved towards those Small Melons, I loved at her, Expressed Love for her through my eyes and reassured her, That she was Stunning.

Touching her boobs, Warm. Softer than anything else in this world. And firm. I knew I had to kiss them. Took the right of them, in my mouth and flicked my tongue ever them. I gentle moan left her Lips. I started sucking the right one, was fiddling with the left one with my hand. I knew there was no taste. But her natural fragrance, and the heat of the moment, I felt Sweet.

I couldn’t stop sucking. And I had to be gentle as well. When I thought I had sucked enough, went to the other one and sucked that one as well. By this time, she was tugging at my tshirt and trying to remove it. I knew she has a fire and I had to keep pace. I allowed her to remove the T shirt and went a step ahead and removed my Shorts and Black Jockey as well.

She looked at me for a moment and at my 7.5 Inch Dick for the next moment. She knew I was Hard all evening I was there, but she didn’t imagine me to be This Long and have a girth of around 3 Inches Plus. Something in her eyes told me, She was happy about making me her Choice. I Played along.

As she came forward to touch me, I stopped my breath. Her warm and Small palms were trying to grab the Complete Dick and I knew the size satisfied some corner in her mind. She went visibly relaxed. I knew, I didn’t have much time today and I had to make it special for her. Her First Day, (Lest guilt should take over and she change her mind) I knew I had to get her in my trap as well.

I tried to remove her Palazzo. She was in a hurry herself. She helped my and I removed her Palazzo and the Matching Deep Blue Panty she sported on her Creamy Legs. As I saw her Vagina for the first time, I was Glistening with her Nectar. There was small hair just above her Vagina and below that, I was all Shaven Clean. She Looked so Hot.

I stopped myself from going into a trance admiring a beauty, I set to treat her body, to a feast, It never might have Got. I pushed her back on the bed, Kissed her on her Lips. While she still had my Dick, in her hand. (Will someone tell her; I wasn’t running away).

I moved downwards, to were I had to be. Her pleasure mounds. Over her boobs. Teasing them with a flick of the tongue, Going downwards, Smelling her Lovely Body Smell. As I reached between her legs. She Froze. She Waited for me to do something and yes I did. I worked myself, my tongue, My Lips, From around her thighs, Her Navel, moving slowly, to her pleasure hole.

She just waited, Frozen. As I took my time… Teasing her. Building up heat, from kissing, Massaging her thighs… The inner Portion…. She knew she couldn’t take longer. She put the hand behind my head, And gently nudged me. I gave it to her. My toungue found her Vagina. The Lower Lips. The Aromatic Feminine Musky Smell.

The Unique Taste and the Opening of my Darlings Pleasure Hole. I knew, I could make her Feel loved if I loved her Body the way I can love her Heart and Mind. I yes, I gave her Body all the Love I could. I the Next 10 Minutes, I gently Sucked the Delicate Clit, making movements with my Tongue, Pressing my toungue at the points she Let out a Moan.

Learning her Body, with every movement of her Body. Now knowing what her body likes, What it Doesn’t. I knew. She felt better, When I pushed her Clit Upwards, And Licked just below that. I knew I had to be gentle to her Clit and Use Enough Saliva, so as to make her enjoy more in Pleasure than in Pain.

I gave her all her body asked from me. I learnt all I could about her body. As I was moving Movements, with my tongue, My fingers found her vagina and In went a finger. I pushed it Deep and turned it upwards so and to feel the skin deep inside. God, She have had enough already and couldn’t take it more.

She Clenched her Jaws Tight, held her Fist, Pressed her legs together and “CAME”. And came too hard. I noticed her breathing grow Fast. Her Heat rising. And her Shivering Gently from head to toe. I gently removed my Fingers and Let her enjoy her New Found Pleasure. Within the next 15 seconds, she opened her eyes and smiled.

I went near her Lips and Kissed her. She kissed back. As I was kissing her. Her Hands Found my Dick. It was Hard already. She Spread her Legs. And her other hand went over my hips, signaling me to enter her. I couldn’t feel luckier. I Obliged. As I entered her already Wet and so warm vagina. It was now my turn to freeze.

However, I carried on, And with a gentle movement, Pushes all of 7.5 inches into her. She was soo tight. Went I had pushed myself all the way inside her, Her Eyes, Went Blank. I knew, I had reached a place, that had never been reached till now. She Felt her Pussy Expanding. And Yes we both felt too good.

Letting the animal take over, We increased our speed to let animal instincts and need of the body to take over love and emotions. She knew, She felt safe with me and I knew, She was all I needed ever. This was the Girl; I was going to shower with all the love I Can. I didn’t last long. As The next 10 Minutes went by in a flash of seconds, with nothing said. I knew I was close.

She nodded. And wrapped her legs behind me. I looked at her questionably, she just smiled and nodded. I wasn’t thinking, I just went on and came….In Gallons… Deep inside her. Filing her Up….. She just closed her eyes and felt my warm seed fill her unprotected pussy. She Captured every moment, With her eyes closed and just faintly smiled.

As I went Soft, I Kissed her and hugged her. Letting her know, I am still there, and would be as well. She liked my gesture. We knew we had to now get back before her husband came back. I smiled and made way for her to leave the room. She got up, wore her dress and before she left the room, She kissed me full on the lips. And then left.

Her Husband came back some 20 minutes later. We continued our relationship till my college got over. Many more Stories to follow of our encounters that happened over the next 2 years.

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Hot Sex With Delhi Housewife in Gachibowli

Hello friends I am back with my new experience which is actually pretty exciting.After my previous post I received a lot of emails and critics which I appreciate. Alot of guys asking for the number of the masseuse and few asking for the name of the spa.

However I am sorry that I didnt give the number of the masseuse or the name of the spa as guys please understand if a woman is sleeping with a guy all she will expect is secrecy and trust, which I am not willing to break.

Neways getting back to the story, few days back I received an email from an unknown id, saying that she has read my story and would like to talk or may be meet if things go well between us. I replied introducing myself and agreed to talk before meeting.

I asked her for her details to which she replied saying she is 28 married and her name is sunitha from delhi and her husband is working in an IT firm. I informed her well in advance that I am married as well however I am not satisfied with my sex life and so am looking around for mutual lust.

We exchanged a couple of emails of regular jazz of likes dislikes and then we started having sex chat on hangouts. She : so how long is your dick, me : 8", me : what are your stats, she : find out when we meet, me : what is your fav sex position, she : doggy and missionary, me: what are you wearing now,

she: im in my lingerie, red bra and panty ( victorias secret), fuckin hell I had an instant hard on, I asked her to send her pics she denied as the internet is not safe. I asked her for her number to which to my surprise she gave her number, I asked her if I can call her, she agreed. and I made a call with a hard on stroking my dick all horny,

she picked up my call and I heard one of the most sexiest and soft spoken lady ever. She had a husky voice. I asked her what was she doing, she replied saying- what do u think. damn it was uncontrollable. I told her that I am naked to the T and am stroking my dick thinking of her.

She made sounds mmmmmmm I like that, I wish I was there. I said why not lets meet, I am horny and so r u, so why not meet and fuck. She said her husband is about leave to USA for an onsite visit next month then we can meet and fuck at her place.I agreed and didnt pester her about it until she asked me to coe down.

We spoke everyday in the afternoon when my wife went to work and her husband was out. we spoke for hours and one day she asked me to send a pic of my dick, I immediately took a pic and sent it. She was happy that she wasnt talking to a wimp and yeah not a monster aswell.

I asked her fr her pic, she sent a pic of her without her face.....damn I mean...fuckin in hell..........fair, round boobs around 36d, flat stomach, round ass and medium thighs. I was spell bound. I appreciated her beauty and her assets. I asked her about her sex life with her husband, she said its not that her husband doesnt fuck her its just that he doenst fuck her enough (I said same story as mine). We giggled.

After few days her husands trip was confirmed, she gave the details it was early august, I informed my wife that I have to go on a trip to karnataka for some work and I left on D day. I called her, damn she didnt pick my call. I was on roads and she fuckin didnt pick my call.

I thought she was just fooling around, just few minutes later she called me back and apologised and told me that she was taking a bath and cleaning her pubic area. I was freekin excited. ( I am no hriithik roshan, but yes I look muscular and am yeah good looking ) She guided me to a luxurious appartment in Gachibowli and asked me not to give any of her details. I faked my details and also hers and got in.

She asked me to come to her flat at 6th floor and there I was. I would say I was quite nervous. my palms were sweating and with a little trembling hands I rang her door bell. My heart was pounding, the dorr unlocked and damn I saw a beauty in front of me, I should say my heart was pounding like hell I could hear it.

A gorgeous woman standing right in front of me with a beautiful smile, wearing a red punjabi suit welcomed me inside. We greeted each other with a handshake aand a hug after getting in to her house.She shut the door behind making sure none has seen us. She welcomed me in and asked me to sit on her luxurious sofa.

It was fuckin hell like a blind date, she offered me coffe to which I obliged, I was just walking through her house and saw her sexy bedroom it ooked decorated and nothing was out of place. I was just dreaming of what all ways I would fuck her today and for the next one week.

Let me describe Sunitha, 28 years, fair sexy, big bossom, sexy ass, curves to die for her stats 36,30 38....mmmm she was a piece of art. she came back with a cup of coffee, I kept the coffee aside and held her hand and pulled her towards me. omg she smelt lust she smelt soooo awesome.She fell on me and instantly said why the fuck did u take so long to make a move.

I answered her with a kiss on her lips, kiss lead to a smooch and within no time we were tasting each others saliva and exploring our mouths. she tasted delicious.My hands started moving all over her back and started feeling this sex goddess.i threw her dupatta on the floor and moved my hands on to her sexy ass and started squeezing it. she let out a soft moan.

She was soo horny that she bit my lip and was eager to rip off my trousers. She unzipped my trousers and started feeling my dick over my undies, I undressed her from above and was feeling her 36 d's I started sucking them over her bra, which made it all wet, unhooked her bra and started sucking her sexy boobs, mmm they were tasty.

I was biting her nipples and squeezing her boobs at the same time, she just dropped my undies and made me naked and was feeling my dick to her hearts core. I took her lower out and dropped her panties with it. Damn I moved my self away from her to have a look at this gorgeous thing standing in fron t of me stark naked she crossed her legs,

she looked as if she is a statue from the khajurahos. I fucking pushed her to the sofa and knelt down to kiss her pussy. She spread her legs as much as she could, I started kissing her thinghs, her inner thighs licked her outer pussy, she just couldnt hold it and pushed my face deep into her cunt. Damn she smelt and tasted equally good.

She kept pushing my head in her pussy while my hands were squeezing her jugs.she controlled her moans biut made alot of hissing sounds, I was about to get up to which she said keep licking and tongue fucking her as she was about to cumm.

She shuddered within minutes, I got up to see a satisfactory smile on her face she pulled me towards her with affection and we had a long kiss, my hard on was touching her pussy and within no time her kisses went wild and she grabbed my tdick and guided it towards her honey pot.

With one jerk I was in her and within no time we were savouring each others bodies with lust, feeling everybit of each other and loving each second which passed by. I was ramming her pussy and could see her jugs moving up and down with every stroke. I bent down and started sucking her boobs and licking her nipples.

My dick in her pussy my mouth on her boobs my one hand on her pussy rubbing her clitoris and another hand on another boob. My whole body was into making her feel more loved and mpre horny, she said she was about to cumm I asked her to move to doggy and entered her from behind and started ramming my dick deep inside her pussy.

My dick started pulsating I informed her that even I am about to cumm and where she wanted it, she asked me to fill her cunt as she is in safe days. few more jerks and fuck I exploded in her with a loud moan, I bent down and bit her back giving her a hickie. damn that was one sexy fuck we had.

I just dropped dead on her for few minutes and slid aside she came close to me we lied down on the floor with she in my arms and we were kissing just like new weds. I felt close to her and we started smooching again. We both were drained out, we got up to clean in the bathroom.

IN my next post will let you know how we spent our next one week fucking each other and also how we had a threesome with her friend ankita. Your valuable feedback is welcome and any ladies married or single if need a fling buzz me around.I will make sure you get what you ordered for.

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Sarika Enjoying Threesome Sex With Mark And David

Hi, my name is Sarika and this is about my experience with me having some fun with our company's onsite partners. I am working as an associate manager in a reputed company in Mumbai. I have a fair complexion with a toned figure on a healthy side. I come from a very conservative family.

It had been 2 years that I have been working and had no serious relationship in the past or present and that was the reason that I was more than committed to my work which led to many applauds for me.

We have our foreign partners visiting us every semester as a relation building activity and each time an associate is assigned as a buddy to them to make their stay pleasant and comfortable. This year I was assigned to a group of 2 of our onsite partners visiting us in February.

I was pretty excited and days before they were scheduled to come I prepared a list of places, activities and restaurants they can visit while in India. Finally, they D-day arrived and I went to the airport to receive them. I stood at the airport gate with the name card "Mark & David" and was eagerly waiting for them.

After few minutes of waiting I saw two guys walking towards me and giving me a smile I realized that they were Mark and David. Both were looking a bit tired but very handsome.Mark had a light beard with few white hair strands while David was blonde and both of them had great physique, tall and a fit body.

I welcomed them and took called the driver, then afterwards I took them to the hotel that they were staying in and wished them goodbye. Next 5 days they had series of meetings with various stakeholders and since I was joining them everywhere we all got along really soon. Each day I use to accompany them to lunch and dinners where we use to have a few drinks and then bid farewell.

Finally on 3rd day they asked me if there is any good place near Mumbai where they can spend a couple of days before they head out of India. And there was only one place which instantly came to my mind Goa. Next day they both came rushing to me during lunch and told me that they had finalized everything for Goa and as soon as they finish on Friday they would be going to Goa for 3 days.

Just when I was about to tell them about their remaining schedule for the week they bombed with a surprise that they have made bookings for me as well. Since I was their buddy and they were really happy with my gestures they decided to gift me this trip as their token of appreciation.

I was a bit hesitant but then I realized that I was already meaning to go to Goa with some of my friends the week after and now I can go a bit early and extend my stay when my friends come over. I also became a lot excited since I was already planning for Goa from long time. That day when I went home I packed all my things since I had to leave the next evening.

Finally, the D-day ended and me, Mark and David went straight to the airport. After a quick 1 hr flight we reached Goa. We took a cab to Calangute to reach our guest house. When we reached I was surprised with how beautiful our place was. It has a duplex bungalow with 3 rooms and a small pool with lush greenery. I was feeling lucky already.

We all took our rooms, I took the one in the attic and both of them took the ground floor rooms. I went straight to my room to have rest and was looking forward to upcoming days. Next day, we all decided to head to the beach for a morning splash.I wore my shorts and tee with a laced bikini. That was the first time I saw Mark and David in shorts.

They both didn't wore any t shirts and to my surprise their body was far chiseled then I imagined. Mark had a little hairs on his chest and David was completely waxed. As we reached the beach I took off my tee and could see both of them checking me out and I felt a bit shy but it was good and I didn't took off my shorts to avoid more eyes on me.

We all went in to the water and after sometime I could not resist to check them out as they flex their muscle in water. I was completely mesmerized with the sight and decided to give them a little treat as well so I took of my shorts and went for a sun bath as they headed towards me and I could sense both of them admiring my body by their eyes.

Post that we went to our bungalow and after hiring 3 scooties we visited churches, local market for whole day. In the night we came back got freshed and planned to go to a nearby beach shack for some food and booze. I wore a pink skirt and a black tubeless top with no bra.

After having some food and couple of beers we decided to hit the dance floor in a nearby club which was playing good loud music as we could hear it on the beach as well. After entering the club we had a few shots and hit the dance floor together, we were really enjoying the mood with our drinks doing the trick on all 3 of us.

Suddenly I realized Mark who was dancing behind me kept his hand on my waist and was dancing very closely to me I liked the way we were dancing and then he lowered his hand a little bit to grab my ass cheeks. I was a bit taken back but was loving the way he was caressing my body. Just then Davind came by with 3 shots and we had another round of them.

After few more songs we decided to head to our bungalow and call it a day. When we were about to leave the club Mark asked me to wait inside for a few minutes as he had to go to buy a few things and asked David if he could join him. After some time they both came with shopping bags in their hands and we went to our bungalow.

After reaching our bungalow they both opened the bags and to my surprise it had a crate of beer and a tequila bottle. I was already a bit high and would love to be more since we were enjoying together. David plugged his iphone to speakers and started some good songs to play while Mark opened the tequila bottle and pour our first shots at home.

After one shot David took out a packet from his pocket and I realized that they have also bought some weed. I had tried weed in the past but not a regular smoker. They rolled a thick joint and started smoking and since with weed passive smoking also gives a high I was started filling trippy. They finished the joint and we started dancing again, now with only 3 of us and no one to watch us.

After 2 songs I felt something on my back and when I turned back it was David caressing my back and playing with my hair. I loved the way he was touching me and just then Mark also came towards me and held me from my waist.Suddenly I was in middle of both of them and dancing together with very little room between our bodies.

I was just realizing what is happening and Mark gave me a little kiss on my lips.I lost my sensibilities just then and leaned towards him to kiss me more and he started sucking my lips. In the meanwhile David raised my skirt and pulled my panties down,with this act of his I was getting more horny and he leaned down and starting licking me from behind.

Slowly Mark took of his clothes and I could see David taking out my clothes followed by his and in no time we were all naked and they both kissing, licking and biting my boobs, neck and all over body. I was enjoying myself a lot and decided to give both of them a good time as well. I asked both of them to sit on the couch while I bent on my knees and started licking their dicks.

They both had equally thick and long dicks and I was choking while I tried taking them in my mouth one at a time so I was jerking one by hand and other in my mouth alternatively. After some time they both had their dicks all raised and tight.

They both stood up and just then I realized that they both are going to fuck me together since none of them couldn't wait so I decided to help both of them. As David inserted his dick inside my pussy I took Mark's dick in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob while David fucking my brains through my pussy.

I wanted to shout with pleasure but with another dick in my mouth I was unable to do so and was enjoying my sandwich fuck. After some time they switched and now Mark was fucking me and I realized that after 2-3 jerks he cummed inside me and luckily he was wearing a condom.

As he took his dick out he laid down on the couch with David ready to have his time alone with me and inside me. Now it was only me and David with Mark watching both of us fuck which was making me more horny. David sat on another end of the sofa and pulled out a condom from his shorts lying near to him and asked me to help him wear that.

I gently tore the wrapper and pulled the condom out of it and started rolling it down on his dick. Then he signaled me to sit on his dick and ride it. I followed him and soon he was inside me. He was licking my boobs as I was jumping on his dick and was about to cum,

I told him that and he said that lets cum and after few seconds we both cummed as our body shook and hell lot of energy got released from our inside. After this tiring experience we all went into a same room tucked our self in the bed. I was in middle and went to sleep after they both kissed me. And before falling asleep I wondered what waits for me in Goa for next two days...

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John Enjoying Hot Sex With Sandra In Bangalore

This is my first experience in writing a story. I have been a regular visitor of this site and I always wanted to write my own stories. Now I thought of sharing it with you guys. Ill try to make it as fun as possible.

My name is John. Im 26 now.. working in bangalore in an MNC. I am sharing my experience of having pleasure with one of my friends friend. Lets call her sandra (name changed as per request). Im a badminton player and Sandra was my badmnton team mates girlfriend. Dont worry I didnt fuck my friends girlfriend.. Let me finish the story.

When I say friend, we know each only through badminton and we dont talk outside the court. Even Sandra plays badminton. About me.. Im 175cms tall, fair enough and based on my other female friends feedbak.. Im a damn good looking guy. Im not a guy who looks for sex in every girl. this happened very accidentally.

Coming to the story, I had to get a loan ready and when I discussed with my friends I came to know that Sandra had got the same loan approved and I can ask her for the details. Sonce we have met each other at badminton court, I sent her a fb request and we became friends in FB. I pinged her and I got her reply very late at night around 10 30 PM.

I asked her about the loan and how to get it approved and then she gave me tips. After that we just pinged each other casually and I asked her what she is doing.. and she told me that she is boozing. So I thought that she might be having a house party with friends (it happens in bangalore almost every night) and I asked her to carry on and enjoy the night.

Then she said she is drinking alone and its beer. So I told her its not safe to drink alone and is not recommended. Then she said she isnt feeling good and was feeling very low. So she thought of boozing. Then I asked her what happened and from here our story started. She broke up with her bf (my badminton teammate) a week ago.

He left her for another girl and she cant take it. her health is getting bad and she was falling into depression. She loved him a lot even her family members know this.. They had already got physcal many times. But he wasnt sincere and when he had his intentions done, he left her.

When I heard the complete story I felt like consoling her, because ive had a similar exp in past when my gf ditched me and I know how much it hurts. So I asked her to try to get over it. Go out with her friends, hang out with them always and not to be alone. She said she tried everything and she still cant, We were talking just and then I asked her to move on and forget what had happened.

And I told her my story. So then she asked me how did I got over it.So I told her even I was down for months and later one of my friend helped me to get over. She asked me how and I told her about FWB. Now FWB means Friends With Benefits. Its friends having casual sex. I have a very good frind from child hood. Her name is Anila.

Ill write another story about me and anila and her friend Shruthy later after this story. Yes you guessed it right, it was a threesome. Coming back to Sandra, she said FWB is not gonna workout and she cant get physical another guy. I told her that its the best solution to get over a break up. Trust me guys, especially lady readers here.. FWB is the best to be in.

It helps you to forget things pretty quickly. So I told the same to her (I didnt had any intentions to fuck Sandra when I told her about FWB ). I asked her to share her feelings with a guy, a close friend if she has any.. and try to be in FWB if he is ready for ir. But I asked to be very cautious because its not an easy thing to do.

There are certain things to be followed, First, in FWB u should not fall for each other, its not love or commitment. Secondly, u r not supposed to tell this to a 3rd person. It should always be a secret. So I asked her to find a very trustworthy guy. She said she will think about it. And we said goodnight.

The next day evening I got ping from her asking whether I applied for loan.. I said I gave application. Then I asked her how she is feeling and she said she is fine, Then she asked me how does FWB work.?? So I told her the first two things to be taken care which I mentioned above.

Then I told her its not that u have to fuck with the guy straight away, In FWB, the comfortability is for the girl and should be done as per the girls wish, So if u want ot to be only kissing, u can lmit it to tha. or if u r okay with smooching or u r okay to get physical except fucking.. all upto the grls wish, only thing she should take care is that the guy understand this and gives the girl complete freedom.

And its basically an understanding and not love or commitment. So the guy should be equally understanding. She said it sounds OK. Then I understood that she is interested and then I made my first move saying that Im OK to be your FWB if you permits, Its better to be with someone who already has done FWB than finding a new guy who is not aware of what FWB is.

She said she was also thinking the same thing and she said she will ping me in the nght. Now I m excited and I couldnt wait for her pings. I was eagerly waiting for her reply and then I got her " I thought about, I wanna get over this, its killing me,, lets try FWB, Im in"

I couldnt believe it coz I pinged her for completely a diff reason and now Im gonna get physical with her. I said OK, I hope I can help you. Then we started chatting, got to know each other a bit more and then I decided to make my move. She was drinking that night too and we were chatting on FB messenger, I asked her to send me her pic and she sent me a pic holding beer bottle.

She was wearing a tank top and was looking stunning. and tank top plus shorts turns me on instantly everytime. Coz I love boobs a lot. So I said the same and then she started to blush,... I asked her to send me some more pics to check how hot she is.. She was already high after boozing and she started to come in the groove.

She sent me some pics showing cleavage and bit of her tummy.. I was really getting hard.. And then I started commenting on her body. Now let me describe Sandra, she was fair, slim, short with perfectly shaped boobs of 32C size.. not a flat tummy but slim enough.. She was a bomb.. and now I have this bomb ready for me. I told her that I cant wait to c her boobs.

She asked do you really wanna see... I said.She asked me to wait.. That was the longest wait I have ever had in my life. She took off the tank top and sent me a selfie wearing a pink push up bra... she intentionally was pressing her boobs from sides by keeping her one hand folded onto her tummy and the cleavage was tight and very narrow.

That was one of the most beautiful sights and I understood that she is teasing me.. I told her to remove them and then she sent me a few more hot steamy teasing pics and asked me whether I wanna feel them. I said Yes, she said she will think of surrendering her boobs to me if I make her horny then.

Then I immediately video called her up in messenger. she attende the call and there she is in Pink bra looking stunning.. She was smiling at me with a teasng look.. She was blushing too and that really turned me on.. I asked whther she is ready for a hot night. She said yes and then we started talking hot stuff.. proper phone sex and I could see her turning on.

She started pressing her boobs over her bra and roll fingers over her tummy.. I was also erect and she asked me to show her my erect manhood. I showed her and she said she wanna taste it and started showing me her tongue and then she smiled.. WE continued our hot talk and I was stroking showing her.

Suddently she hung the call and sent me a topless pic doing handbra (covering her tits with her palm..). She was teasing me more and I was really getting turned ON.. She the called me.. this time voice call.. Her voice were husky now and she and she was completely horny. we both masterbated on call and was so fucking amazing.

She was fingering hard and I could hear her moaning.. I asked her to put 2 fingers and then 3 fingers and she obeyed. Each time I fuck her I could hear her husky moaning and asking me to fuck her hard. we both came that night and she asked me to wait till monday if I wanna feel her in real.

All this happened on a wednesday and she was going home the next day..,. so for the next four days we couldnt chat much.. but everyday she managed to send me selfies in different types of bras she has to tease me and make me desperate for her.. She was such an amazing gal and I waited desperately for monday.

In my next story Ill continue the story and explain how wild she was in sex than I imagined. Please let me know how you felt about my story in the comments below.

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Yash Enjoying Cuckold Sex With Bangalore Couple

Hi everyone. This is Yash, back with a new sex story. Firstly I would like to thank everybody for your overwhelming response and looking forward to hearing from you this time as well. I thank Human Digest for the great stuff you do as well. I am a 25-year-old male from Bangalore, 6 feet tall, athletic body with a high sex drive and absolutely love hooking up with women online.

All those people out there who think that a guy who watches their lady with another man cannot fuck her or cannot satisfy her are completely mistaken. Let me get to the sex story directly. I have a huge thing for people whom I can hook up with online. I had an account on a very famous hookup website and I met a few people there as well.

Most of these were Bi guys who want to suck my cock in front of their wives and then let me in her but this one was completely different and the hottest I have EVER HAD. I get a very straight text from one of the members on that site; the conversation went something like this:

Couple: “Hey there.” Me: “Hi” Couple: “We do not want to waste any time so let’s get straight to the point, Will you fuck my Wife?” I had read their preferences and it said looking for Threesomes and group sex so I was assuming that it would be a threesome but I was in for a surprise.

Me: “I WOULD LOVE TO, please give me some more details, some ground rules, Do’s and don’ts as well” Couple: “We are up for anything, Oral, anal or penetrative. Anal can only happen went she is completely turned on” Me: “Wow, This sounds hot. Is she game for double penetration? Couple: “Well she is but I forgot to mention, I will not join you guys”

ME: “Why not? What would you do then?” Couple: “Let me surprise you” I was assuming that he would ask me to fuck his ass and probably give me a blowjob but that was not how it was meant to be. Couple: “I would want you to massage her with some hot oil and you may also have to use some sex toys while you are with her.

Me: “That would be so HOT. Massaging is my part time hobby and I do not have any sex toys, I’m sorry” Couple: “Don’t worry about the toys, we have loads of them. Haha, have to go. See you soon. We texted each other for 2-3 days, shared contact details and decided to meet in their apartment. I enter their place and the house is full of mess. I have a small talk with the guy.

He was dark. Nearly 5.9’’ and had decent looks as well. I was eagerly waiting for the lady to show up. The lady walks into the hall with a baby doll and no inner wear, darn it was HOT as hell even though the lady was average looking and slightly fat but I badly wanted to fuck her. I could barely take my eyes off her. She sits in front of me and all I am looking at are her breasts.

Lady: “Don’t worry, you will get to see them properly” Me: “Just see?”(With a wink) Lady: “ Oh no darling, you will get to do a lot more than just seeing(with a sly smile) The lady gets up and turns around and I see her ass cheeks, GOD they were so yummy, I was waiting to take a bite of them. The lady then bends to pick up something from the ground and that is when I see heaven.

She was wearing a tiny baby doll and as soon as she bent, I saw both her holes. OMG, I can never forget that view all my life. I just wanted to eat both her holes right there. I was 2 seconds away from doing that but she stood up within 2 seconds. I literally cursed the time because it went so fast. Lady: “Liked what you saw?” Me: “Shall I kiss it to show how much I loved it?”

Lady: “you don’t have to sweetie, the tent in your pants tells everything (with a wink), Follow me to the bedroom” The husband did not speak a word the entire time. It felt like he wasn’t even there in that room. I walk right behind her, waiting to fuck her brains out. She removes her baby doll and lies completely naked with her butt facing upwards.

Looked just like one of the scenes in the porn movie except that porn stars have flawless skin while she had some stretch marks which I find super-hot. I start applying some hot oil and massage her back for a while and I immediately go to her ass, Oh man it was a really soft tushy and I could not get enough of it.

I massaged it for nearly half hour and I kept spreading here ass cheeks to get a glimpse of her pussy. Lady: “ you naughty boy, don’t tease me by just seeing it, use your fingers on it.” I did not wait for one more second, I just went right to her pussy and started massaging it. She would squirt a little, every time she would cum and that is when I started keeping a count.

I went at it 5 times without a single break. Lady: “you know I have another hole as well which likes being played with” I literally lose my mind and start licking her asshole. She starts moaning, “AAAAhhh you dirty boy, eat my ass, Don’t you dare stop” I eat her ass for a while and go to her pussy. It gets a little uncomfortable to lick her pussy that way so I ask her to turn around.

I start eating her pussy and go really deep, I put my tongue super deep in her pussy and she moans get louder. “MMMM that feels sooo good. Please make me cum with your tongue”. I don’t say a word as I am busy eating her out. After 2 minutes she holds my head and pushes it into her pussy, a big gush of cum comes right into my mouth and I just swallow it,

was really salty but I couldn’t care to stop as it was so hot. I cannot take it anymore so I take my cock out and get it near her mouth, she looks at it at says “nice package, hope it works as good as it looks” I say “ you will see my love”. I ask her to suck it and she says “I’m sorry baby, the only guy whose dick I suck is my husbands, but I could give you a hand job”.

I was too horny to negotiate so I just place her hand on my cock. She applies some oil on her palm and starts stroking it. It felt so good, I was almost about to burst in 5 minutes but I wanted it to last longer so I hold her hand and say “I want to get into your love hole”. She says “It is yours for the day honey, tear it apart, and show me your monster”.

Those words turn me on even more. I put a condom on and the husband sitting on the chair says, “Can you do it without the condom?” I take a minute a say, “next time” so he says “ at least can you Cum near her pussy?” I say” Yes I could do that” I wear a condom and start fucking her real hard, the room is filled with loud moaning noises

“AAHHH AHHHH, Oh baby, you are so sexy” and since I was on top of her I could feel her big boobs against my chest. I then see her looking at her husband. She: “Like what you see my love?” He: “you have no idea honey, Is his cock treating you well” She: “ I have no words to describe it” and then I turn back and look at him as well.

I could see a huge tent on his track pants which made it evident that he had a decent cock size as well. She then said that she wanted to take control and wanted to be on top of me so we switch positions. She starts riding me and now I am getting a clearer view of her husband, and to my shock I see that he is recording a video of our sex and I was cool with it as long as my face is not visible in the video.

Husband: “Baby, shall I upload it online?” ME: “Please make sure you don’t get our face in the video”. She is busy riding me and moaning loudly and she says, “kahi pe bhi upload karo (Upload it wherever you want), I don’t care. Bas karte raho baby(Just keep doing it), You are so sexy, Ahhhh”

All these words nearly make me burst but I stop her because I want to be in her for some more time. She quickly gets off me and pulls out a small dildo from her drawer and gives it to me and sits back on my dick. Me: “where is this supposed to go? She: “In the hole which you first ate sexy”

Believe me guys, you have no idea how tight the pussy gets when you have something stuffed in the girls ass and the moment I put that dildo in her, her vagina felt super tight and it was getting really hard for me to hold back, I started giving jerks in her pussy while fucking her ass with a dildo at the same time and then the best thing happens.

The husband gets up and asks me to fuck her in doggy position which I do and he gets underneath her and starts licking her pussy while she is sucking his cock and I must say that his cock was as big as mine, I was in a different world altogether, could never forget that sight or that feeling.

I go on that way for 2 minutes and I say I am about to cum, he holds my cock and quickly takes off my condom and gives a few strokes and I cum like I never came before, it was like a tap which was opened. My cum kept oozing out for good 20-25 seconds and those were the best 25 seconds of my life.

She sucks her husband until he cums right into her mouth and she swallows every single drop of it. We rest for a while and then I decide to take a shower with her, tried entering her ass in the shower but it was too dry so had a little more of her pussy and left for the day. Would tell you what happened when I met them for the second time in my next part.

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Aditya Fucking Plump Classmate Suhasini

Hi, I’m not going to waste much of your time now. My name is Aditya, 20 years old, 7.5″ cock. This sex story is about how I fucked my fat classmate Suhasini. This happened when I was 18. I had just started 11th grade when a whole lot of projects were dumped on us. We were to complete them in groups.

Suhasini and I were together for both Physics and chemistry projects. On a weekend we decided to meet up at my house and complete the damn thing. My parents informed me on Friday night that they had to go out for some urgent business and they wouldn’t be home until Monday eve. What a waste I thought.

A whole weekend without my parents and what will I be doing? Fucking chem and physics projects. Coincidentally Suhasini’s mother also had to go out for a weekend to her native place. her dad worked in America, so she was alone for the weekend too. She called me up Friday eve,fixing the meeting timing and stuff.

We had decided on 10 am, just after my parents left. Let me tell you a bit about Suhasini. She’s a really brilliant academic student. She is really obedient and sincere. She always does her work on time and the teacher really likes her and stuff blah blah blah. Lemme tell you guys stuff which is interesting.. She has amazing booty.

She is a bit on the fatter side but her boobs and ass make up for it big time! She has these huge tits which fit into her shirt with difficulty and almost always you can see her cleavage when she is in casuals. She is not that kind of person. And she is the last person you’d think of as a slut. But anyway, I had dreamt of seeing those tits and squeezing that ass and I had even jerked off to them once.

So next morning, Suhasini arrived at 10 am sharp. She was wearing normal top and jeans and her cleavage was visible as usual. I greeted her and asked her to come in. I asked her to sit. We sat down talking. Suhasini and I never really talked much but she was kind and good to me. I kinda liked her. We started doing our physics project finally at 11. I sat down printing pics and she worked on the charts.

She preferred sitting down on the floor. So I sat on the chair working on my laptop and she sat down pasting pics. I had a very good view of her cleavage from here. I could almost see her nipples. And sometimes when she bent a little more I could see her butt crack emerging from under her jeans.

I was staring at her awesome cleavage when suddenly she looked up asking me for the scale. She caught me staring at her cleavage but she made no attempt to hide it. I was starting to feel a bit horny now. We completed the physics project by noon and decided to take a break. We sat down watching tv and we ordered pizza. As we sat down eating, she asked me (m – me and s – Suhasini)

S- hey listen na M- yeah? S- do you think I’m fat? Ugly? Stupid? I decided to flirt. M- hey, no! You are perfect! Why do care what I think or what others think? you should you are an Amazing person and you are really good at heart and beautiful and.. Kinda hot too. S- aww that’s so sweet! I have never had a guy say that to me before! You are sooo cute!

M-*laughing sheepishly S- hey do you mind if we take some rest? Like start Chem a bit later? M- nahh, no problem. Suhasini moved closer to me and put her head on my shoulder “You’re a really good guy Aditya. Thanks” I stroked her hair smiling, she was getting vulnerable. She must’ve felt my cock growing harder. She started standing up.

Her cleavage was right in front of my fucking face. She gave me one look and pushed my face into her tits. Ohh the feeling was amazing! Losing my face in her tits! She took off her shirt and jeans. she was standing before me in her bra and panty. She looked even sexier in them. She started undoing my shirt and pants. I was standing before her only in underwear.

I lifted her up and we went to my bedroom. I put her down on my bed. I climbed on top of her and we kissed each other passionately. I undid her bra and stared unbelievably at her pure white melons which were tight and not dangling, like other fat women. I buried my face in those tits and she moaned in pleasure. I sucked her nipples.

My cock grew harder by every passing minute. I made her remove her panties and made her lie on her stomach. I went down between her legs. I spread them to reveal an amazing shaven pussy and a amazing asshole. I could feel the heat from her wet pussy. I licked her pussy, her juices all over my face. She moaned and orgasmed.

Then I started rubbing her asshole. She moaned loudly. Then I inserted my tongue into it. I could feel the insides of her ass. The faint smell was fantastic. Then I put my cock into her pussy. doggy style. She moaned and begged me not to stop. I cummed all over her face and then we cuddled for a while in bed after which we got dressed and finished our chem project.

She called her mother at about 7 pm and told her that their landline connection wasn’t working and if she wanted to contact her, she should call her phone. She did so because she was staying over tonight. After chem we cuddled in bed for a while and then we ordered food.

After eating we decided to have a bath. We lay for a while in the hot water, my mouth around her tits, my fingers in her ass and my dick in her pussy. We then dried ourselves and got into bed. I made her lie down and started pressing her tits. I gripped my dick and I pissed on her. She washed herself in my hot piss. She then pissed over me.

We kissed each other and slept in each others arms, fucking. Next morning we went for a bath together where I made her suck my cock while she was shitting. Watching her shit and piss aroused me and I pissed on her again. This time she drank all of it. We cleaned each other and got dressed. That’s all we did the next day too.

In the night I dropped her and we had a quick ass eating, nipple sucking session at her place too. This was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life!!!

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