Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - III

Previously: Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - II

Me with Shilpi in their car, Shilpi driving and Vishal with his superior Chetan, finally we moved on and right after the start Shilpi asked me if I ok with the music on and I moved my head in yes. It was a CD of some English tracks which I could not understand, looking out of window I was silent and very deprived over my decision of saying yes for swinging,

I was realizing that even after trying hard I am yet not prepared for all this and sensing my mind state Shilpi casually told me to relax. "Relax yaar...sab theek ho jaayega...!" I looked at her and she was smiling "First time mera bhi yehi haal tha..." saying she was in same state when it was her first time she continued smiling and after a tiny pause spoke again

"I must tell you that..There is something in you…that’s why Chetan is crazy about you...” that took my attention and I looked at her and Shilpi spoke again “wo tumhara deewana hai..." "jab say tumhe party mein dekha hai...sirf tumhari hi baat karta hai" I don't know if Shilpi was lying or it was true but certainly she was trying to comfort me but her words enhanced my uneasiness.

Still perturbed I was silent and sensing my psychology Shilpi changed the subject and started talking to me about my son. That was better and I answered whatever she asked, like it happens usually subjects of conversation kept on changing and slowly Shilpi once again came back to the subject and told me that in this world nothing is wrong and nothing is right,

everything lies in our brain, also partner swapping cannot be wrong as nobody is cheating his or her partner, moreover it’s just sex done for fun, it is a best way to spice up our personal life. To cut a long story short I would say whatever Shilpi spoke more or less it was replicate of what Vishal has spoke out in last few days to convince me and I just kept on humming for whatever Shilpi spoke.

Car was running, Music was boring and slowly subject of conversation changed and went dull and I don’t know when I fell asleep. May be 10-15 minutes passed and I suddenly woke up with a revelation and apologized Shilpi for falling asleep and she eased me and told me to sleep if I want to.

Next I asked her if we can change the tracks and I chose Hindi songs disc and Shilpi once again tried talking to me about real substance and suggested me to speak out whatever I have in my mind as that is the only way to get relief from the stress and I moved my head in acceptance.

Anyhow I cannot write whole conversation which we had afterwards but trying writing main portion which I clearly remember I would say as Shilpi knew ours is arrange marriage, to begin Shilpi asked me if I had any affair before marriage and I denied. “Ohh…that means you were Virgin on your wedding night…”

Reacting over that Shilpi came up saying that and also said that Vishal is really very to lucky have such a wife and in continuation revealed past fact of her life that before getting married to Chetan she had two boyfriends and sexually she was deeply involved with them. After that she casually briefed about her past affairs.

Most of the time it was Shilpi who was speaking and I was silent and after some time she formally told me to speak something in this concern “aap bhi to kuch bolo is subject per” and with some hesitation I asked from how long they are into this partner swapping “aap log kitne time se is swapping me ho?” “More than one year…”

Shilpi replied and before I would thought about asking anything else she herself detailed me what all I wanted to know “Including Chetan I have been on bed with three males….your husband is going to be the forth one and if I will include my collage affairs then Vishal will be the sixth man who will fuck me…”

saying that Shilpi blinked one of her eye with a notorious smile and once again uttered "why should boys have all the fun" and I failed to resist smiling, “believe me I am enjoying my life to the fullest….main sex ko sex ki tarah leti hun…it’s a source of pleasure… not a duty...”

Sex with 6 different men, for an instant I could not believe, sitting beside her I looked at Shilpi from head to toe, highly educated, very fluent in English and physically in marvelous shape; far sexier than me but she was nevertheless that a slut and worst part was that right behind her I was also heading to the same track.

Anyway our chit chat continued for some time and Shilpi detailed me bit more about their swapping. Like I mentioned in the beginning that at present total we are four couples but till then except Shilpi and Chetan there were two more couples into this and without revealing their identity Shilpi told me that they get together in the evening at some farmhouse in outskirts of Delhi

once in a month and there is always alcohol provided to relax the brain and after casual chit chatting with drinks and food they mutually decide who will fuck who’s wife in the night. Sometimes they choose to have sex inside rooms in solitude and sometimes in the living room in front of everyone else.

Once again it was Shilpi who was speaking and I was just listening with a revelation of three couples fucking in a same room; how can any female have sex with someone in front her husband? Moreover how could she tolerate her husband fucking some other female in front of her eyes?

It was startling for a dedicated housewife who was deeply in love with her wedded husband and suddenly I shivered eccentrically with a thought that’s what is about to happen with me after few hours and suddenly I realized that in spite of feeling nervous and worried I am also wet in my panty.

No! I can’t do all this, how can I get naked in front of Chetan, moreover how can I have sex with him; I hardly know him. How would he fuck me? He might hurt me in excitement? I can’t tolerate Vishal and Shilpi together, it is better to commit suicide instead of doing all this.

Looking out of window, possibly rushing at the speed of 100, thousand thoughts dwelled in my mind just in few seconds and I don’t know when I lost track of what Shilpi was speaking and I realized when she touched me to ask if I am lost, “kahan kho gayi….” and I just moved my head in no. “Actually mujhe bahut ajeeb lag raha hai…I think I am not prepared for all this….”

With a fear of unexpected reaction from Shilpi, I spoke out exactly what was running in my mind and Shilpi smiled over my hesitant facial expressions. “Don’t worry…everything will be fine….” She took it casually and after a pause praised her husband saying “Chetan is a wonderful lover…tender as well as passionate” and after a pause added “and he is crazy about your physic…”,

I blushed with strange sensation passing through my spine and next instant Shilpi asked me if I would like know what does her husband like most in my body “do you want to know usko tumhari body mein sabse achha kya lagta hai…?” I could easily guess that; I think it was discussed between them earlier and once it was spoken out by Vishal,

moreover whatever outfit I was trying a day before, I was turned around by Vishal to see my plump ass and before I would suppressed my hesitation to speak that Shilpi came up saying “it’s your ass…” and after a pause spoke in continuation “Mark my words…throughout the night you will be on your four…” and hearing that next instant I broke up in significant sweat.

I was madly nervous and it was evident over my face, for an instant Shilpi looked into my eyes, certainly she was sensing my uneasiness from the beginning and finally busted in sarcastic tone “Come on Nisha ….take it easy…kuch nahi hoga… tum pahli baar sex karne waali ho kya…?” “And please speak up ….talk to me about sex…speak anything…. it will ease out your fever…”

“I am your friend….mere saath Gandi Gandi baten karo…if not English…speak in Hindi…Lund…Chut…Chodna… Whatever…you want to say!” her tone was little rough in the beginning but by the end as she uttered Hindi words she failed to resist smiling and I too smiled over that.

That’s what she was trying to do since we were together and my tiny smile brought rapture over her expressions and she once again asked me to speak something “Come on speak up…tell me when did you had last sex with Vishal?” and I replied “parson rat ko” (a day before yesterday in the night) “Ok…” she smiled while looking at me and next instant came out with a vulgar Hindi statement

“You know…usne tumhen kal raat ko kyun nahi Choda…so that…tum Chaten ke saath Chudai ka mazza le sako”. That was bizarre but she was smiling and I blushed away after looking into her eyes for a moment and Shilpi continued “one more thing…kal raat ko Chetan mujhe Chodna chahta tha…per maine usse Chodne nahi Diya…kyun ki mujhe meri Chut mein Vishal ka Lund chahiye tha…”

How can she say all that so casually? I looked at her with a surprise and Shilpi was still smiling “I am just trying to arouse you….” and with a big smile I blushed again. Though it was filthy but it was attractive and it was working too.

I was feeling significant wetness in my panty, it was gone sticky and unintentionally getting up a bit I tried adjusting my tight lower and Shilpi sniggered over my state and continued “Come on now it’s your turn and you have to say something….” she tried to encourage me to speak but I was choked, I could not think what to say and she asked me my favorite position in hardcore Hindi

“tell me tumhe kiss position me Chudai ka sabse jyada mazza aata hai?” “oopar aakar…” (while being on top) finally I spoke and with a smile I spoke the truth and Shilpi instantly came up saying that whole night I will get fucked in doggy style and that is in Hindi “Sorry to say but tum raat bhar Ghodi ban kar Chudne waali ho” and even after trying hard I failed to resist smiling,

I don’t know if I was getting carried away, I just know the way things were happening I was feeling bit relaxed. I remember whatever Shilpi was speaking and the way she was speaking I use to speak all this in my school and college days with my close friends, and since I was married I was somewhat disconnected from all of them.

Deep inside I was feeling good hearing these words and possibly somewhere lust was also empowering my senses of being an ideal wife. “You know what do we call Ass in Hindi” back on track Shilpi asked me again and I moved my head in yes and gave her reply “Gaand” “Yes…!”

Shilpi felt really good as I replied and accepting my reply and once again praised me for my ass “Tumhar Gaand bahut sundar hai…I wish meri Gaand bhi tumhari Gaand jaisi hoti” and this time I giggled quite openly. “Thank God…you laughed…” Shilpi sniffed in relief. “ye sab hum school aur collage days mein bolte the….” I spoke and Shilpi instantly replied back saying

“tum abhi bhi boodhi nahi hui ho…and just feel ki main tumhari school friend hun…and speak out…”. Shilpi was trying getting friendly with me and needed me to speak sex and by now I was perfectly alright with that but I was hesitant thinking that I have to fuck with someone other than my husband and next I spoke that

“actually baat karne mein koi problem nahi hai…mujhe kisi aur ke saath sex karna ajeeb lag raha hai…” “Nisha Life ko enjoy karo…aur human life mein sex se jyada enjoy karne ka kuch bhi nahi hai….” “Life is very short…marne se pahle achhe se jee low”.

That was really amazing, deep inside Shilpi very well knew that whatever she is saying is wrong and unethical still she had so many things to say to defend her thinking and I who knew that whatever I am thinking is absolutely right and ethical and I didn’t had to say anything to save my side.

Anyway car was running consistently and we could also see our males running parallel around us and for an instant waving hand to Vishal, Shilpi asked me how is he on the bed “tell me how is Vishal on bed…” and once again I could not think what to say and I came up with just “good” “Just good…? That means mujhe nahi satisfy kar paayega…I am too hot”

Shilpi smiled back while saying that, though I knew that she is trying provoking me to speak still I felt bad and before I would have thought anything in reply she spoke again “I am sure mujhe Nanga dekhkar hi uska paani chhut jaayega” hearing that don’t know what happened to me and suppressing my ethics and hesitation I replied back to her in irritation

“Jaan se maar daalenge wo aapko Chod Chod ke…” and my reaction sent rapture to Shilpi and saying “yesss…I did” she whimpered with a giggle and I too laughed loud over that. Using Hindi slang for a while all this went on going; Shilpi spoke to me about oral sex in same fashion and replying back to her in same manner I started pulling me out of uneasiness I was going through.

Later Shilpi asked me if did I saw the movie which was given by Chetan in which wife swapping was imitated and told me that we have decided to begin the sex in same way as it was shown and it facinated me. It was like males will hand over their wives to the other male after taking take off her clothes and females will take off each others husband's cloths.

Anyway by now most of the distance of first session was covered and we were reaching to the midway where we were suppose to have breakfast, although not fully but up to an extent I was prepared to face biggest sex event of my life.

To Be Continued...

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Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - II

Previously: Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - I

Though on the same subject Vishal was talking to me almost after two days and if I will count the days since this problem was up it was longest argument between us in last ten years. Truly speaking from the core of my heart now I did not wanted spend even a single minute of undue silence between us and I asked him some time to give my decision "please mujhe thoda sochne do..."

and fortunately Vishal did not got irritated over that and kissed me lightly over my lips after saying low voice "Ok". I don't know what was happened to me, because of stress I didn’t knew that I am starved for love and as Vishal touched his lips with mine I desired him to go deep with a kiss but he withdrew himself after a delicate touch,

though I wanted to but I really I failed to suppress my desire and holding her scalp brought his face over mine again and we went through a deep kiss. "Please...say yes...I am requesting you..." Vishal spoke while looking into my eyes closely after the kiss "ab aapko mere saath sex karne mein mazza nahi aata? (Means you don't enjoy having sex with me anymore)"

I asked Vishal in soft emotional voice "how can you say that...? Mujhe bahut mazza aata hai..." Vishal replied and after saying that his hand searched for the cord of my salwar and that's what I desired him to do and with that Vishal continued "I love you more than my life...but main ek baar partner swapping try karna chahta hun...! Bus ek bar... for whole night".

By now my husband's hand was moving in my salwar and while going into my panty he spoke again "please say yes...ek baar karne ke baad if you will say no...I will not ask you again" I closed my eyes with pleasure as Vishal was reached to my pussy with his fingers "Please...don't force me...I can't sleep with anyone except you..." I tried convincing him "don't worry...sab ho jaayega"

Vishal replied back while putting his finger in my hole and I hummed in pleasure and he continued speaking "I will be there with you..." this time his words took my attention and I opened my eyes to see him and Vishal spoke again "if you want we will do it in same room" I looked at his face continuously for few seconds while presuming what is he saying;

that we will fuck with someone else in each other's presence, how can it be possible? But before I would have asked him anything Vishal spoke again "I will speak to Chetan...I am sure he will be ok with it" by now my salwar and Panty was drifted down to my knees and Vishal was rubbing my opening tenderly throughout talking.

I closed my eyes to feel the pleasure and unintentionally scene of porn movie seen on last weekend, in which two couples were fucking on the same bed floated in front of my eyes. Among two one female was moving up and down, back and forward while being on top of other's husband and second female was buried under the massive weight of other male, out of two who am I?

I enjoy riding on top of my husband but I cannot ride on any other male, certainly I will get fucked while getting crushed under Chaten. Ohhhh....I can't explain what all I was going through, since then I was quite wet but suddenly with the presumption being one of those females drove me mad and I felt thick stream of pleasure juices starting from the depth of my womb.

I puffed in pleasure with a tore open mouth and that was enough for Vishal to realize my mind state " will shave your Pussy for Chaten...Ok...! Rather you have go for full body waxing" it was intentionally spoken to arouse me and it worked. "Chaten will certainly suck your Pussy..."

Vishal continued and I felt more excited, I was enjoying getting finger fucked as it was never so good in last ten years. By now I was somewhat flooding from my fuckhole and rubbing inner walls of my fuckhole Vishal was moving two of his fingers swiftly in and out of my flesh.

"I am sure he will fuck you in Doggy style…you have a lovely ass" and my excitement started touching its peak and I asked Vishal for the fuck "please fuck me" and hearing my demand Vishal got up and after taking off his lower plunged me with a sudden jerk and I trembled while reaching to my climax next instant.

I can't say about other females but for me it is always great to get fucked during climax and Vishal fucked consistently with a steady pace for a minute or two, till my orgasm lasted and ultimately screwed me fast and touched his sexual peak in the end.

"I am saying yes to Chaten" that’s what all was running in Vishal's mind and he spoke after getting up from my top and I once again asked him for some time to think. "Don’t think...let’s do it" Vishal replied while kissing my cheek "promise me you will not change after all this...! you will not leave me" I revealed my insecurity and Vishal cuddled me in his arm and assured me while saying

"believe me I cannot live without you..." and after a pause he spoke again "what we are doing is just for fun...if you will not like it we will not do it again". Like I was scared, even after trying my best to avoid, I was reached to the verge of acceptance and I hugged Vishal in that last moment dilemma.

"Just relax...sab ho jaayega..." Vishal embraced me while saying that and we retained that posture for whole night. That night I slept tight and I can say as compared to last few mornings I was quite fresh when I got up; if not mentally at least physically.

After sending my child to school I was in kitchen and still feeling biased over my decision of saying yes for getting swapped when Vishal came from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist and after hugging from behind and kissing me over my cheek told me that he has spoke to Chaten.

What else one can expect from Vishal, after getting up in the morning first thing he did was calling Chetan and telling him he has agreed me and I realized now I could not step back. Next we took shower together and he adored my body nicely and breakfast table told me that today he will be on leave from his work to do shopping with me and tomorrow morning

we are going on holiday to some resort in Rajasthan and detailed me entire fucking plan; that leaving our town by road early in the morning we will come back home on Sunday afternoon after spending two nights with each other's partners.

For an instant I opposed for second night and recalled him his promise of his hundred percent presences with me and doing everything in the same room and Vishal assured me that he will not break his commitment.

Next after some time we left the house for shopping I must say that after getting a yes from me for swinging Vishal was entirely a changed man, he was never so fluent in spending money like this even when we were newly married. Western out fits like jeans and T-shirts, tops, palazzo and long skirts, beautiful and expensive bras and panties with lot of lacework,

see through night wears ending far above my knees, couple of perfumes, couple of deodorants and lot of other cosmetics, I can say nothing was left to buy for me within couple of hours of shopping and after that Vishal left me in a very expensive beauty parlor to get my full body waxing along with pedicure, manicure and facial and all.

I can say while sitting on a parlor chair face covered with a pack it was long time span when I was alone to think what all is happening and what will happen in next two nights and to my surprise now I was not feeling scared, rather I was getting aroused and feeling badly wet while presuming myself getting fucked by Chetan in all possible postures;

including my favorite, me riding on his top and getting him deep with my desired pace."What I will do if he will ask me suck his Penis...? No I will not! How can I suck his Penis...I cannot suck anybody except Vishal" continuously something or other was running in my mind and now I was confused just over doing oral sex with Chaten.

Neither I wanted to suck him nor I needed to get sucked by him and I thought about talking to Vishal about that. By the time I came out Vishal was back after picking up our son from the school and we all had meal in a good restaurant. I must say that everything was perfectly planned by Vishal,

giving me almost no time to think and talk over my decision Lunch was once again followed by shopping, bit of mine most of his own and few things for our child too and in the evening we saw a movie and while coming back home after dinner with a decision that he will skip his school next day he dropped our child at his cousin brother's place where there were two more kids

almost of his age and now we both were free to move anywhere to do anything. "Suno mujhe kya unka suck bhi karna padega?" I was waiting for get alone with Vishal and I asked him as we started for our home "Haan... karna bhi padega aur apni karwani bhi padegi" he was casual with his tone while replying and I immediately denied

"No...I will not suck him..." "Why...? Kar lena suck …Mera bhi to karti hi ho!" for few seconds I looked at Vishal's face without a word, how can he say that so shamelessly! And before I would have said anything Vishal spoke again "Shilpi bhi to suck karegi mera...aur main bhi uski suck karunga" and I went speechless as I saw his eyes glowing with lust for Shilpi.

"If I can take him in my womb then why not in mouth...let's do it properly" I spoke to myself while looking out of window. I could see that I am getting completely into it with all my consent and truly speaking there was no other option left for me.

Talking about Vishal; he was gone somewhat crazy in lust, after spending thousands over my clothes and appearance throughout the way to back home either he was talking about the resort in which we were suppose to spend two nights or he was telling me about the tourist places and local market around that region.

He was not at all uneasy like me and seeing his excitement I wished for feeling excited like him. Anyway we reached back home and Vishal told me to try all clothes one by one. Apparently I was Ok and trying my best to be in pleasant mood to feel that I am not doing anything wrong.

I wore jeans and T-shirt, Long skirt with a top one after another, tried lingre and nightwear too and Vishal just kept parsing my body and commented about my protruding milk mounds and round and plump ass and his naughty comments eased out my remaining uneasiness.

By the time trial of cloths, bras and panties and night wears ended and I packed my air bag after deciding clothes for the morning, time was bit passed to midnight. Certainly mentally I was very tired but this is also true that after whole day of fantasizing myself getting fucked by some other man now I needed a fuck to sleep sound but Vishal did not fucked me.

He cuddled me in his arms, kissed me, played with my melons but did not even touched my Pussy and when I asked he denied to fuck me, just to keep my sex hormones high for Chaten. He stayed awake with me for some time and tried to relax me but eventually he fell asleep but aroused and confused I remained awake for little long but ultimately I too slept.

Eventually night ended and around 5 alarm clock rang, more or less I was already awake but I did not wanted to get up, it was foolish thinking that if we will get late in going then I might get an escape still I tried but after a minute Vishal woke up and shaken me to wake me. In the end pretending myself getting up from deep sleep I too got up and we started getting ready to leave.

Specifically to reveal my round, plump, wide jutting out ass and big luscious melons I was suppose to wear tight jeans with perfectly fitted t-shirt ending few inches below my waist and in around half an hour we both were out of the house. Excited and eager Vishal was continuously talking while driving but I was silent, I was nervous like I was not nervous on my wedding day;

when I was suppose to get fucked in the night for the first time. My heart was pounding and I wanted to step back from my decision but I did not dare to disclose my feelings to Vishal and continued suppressing myself.

Don’t know exactly but it took us maximum 20-30 minutes to reach to the place where we were suppose to meet Chaten and Shilpi and with no sign of any sexual arousal throughout the way I was scared and worried. By the time we reached their Chetan and Shilpi were already waiting for us. As we reached they both came out of the car and Vishal asked me too to come out.

We all greeted each other and I blushed looking at Chetan’s face while saying hello to him. Next I looked at Shilpi to say hello and realized that there was a dress code for females as Shilpi was also wearing tight jeans and t-shirt and after saying hello to her I saw Vishal and his eyes were glued to Shilpi’s breasts.

Next for an instant my sight went to Chetan and just like Vishal his eyes were glued to my breasts. Shilpi and Vishal had few words about the time we both took to reach here and in the end Vishal gave her compliment that she is looking beautiful.

As they ended Chetan tried talking to me and formally asked me how I am and next looking into my eyes he too gave me compliment that I am also looking good in this outfit. Ultimately formalities ended in few minutes and plan of going further came in discussion,

more or less it was a ride of around 250 km and after fixing the venue for breakfast as we all thought about moving Vishal gave me surprise by saying that I have to accompany Chetan throughout the way. For an instant I was stunned and looking at my husband with serious gesture I denied in low voice and pulling me aside Vishal tried convincing me

that it will be good for me as I will get comfertable with Chetan before reaching to the resort "tumare liye achha rahega...tum wahan pahunchne se pahle Chetan ke saath comfertable ho jaaogi"

Me with Chetan and Shilpi with Vishal, together for more than four hours in the car, it was already decided among them but I was not aware of this plan. Certainly it was a good idea for everyone to get comfortable with each other's partner but I was not prepared for that and to avoid I reminded Vishal his promise; that he will not leave me alone.

Vishal was disappointed over his expressions with my stubbornness but before he would have spoken out anything Shilpi addressed him from behind and moving ahead instead of asking him she asked me if I will be Ok in her company. Although I wanted to be with my husband still I was Ok with that, may be more than myself I was getting possessive for Vishal,

anyhow I did not wanted to let my husband go alone with Shilpi. I did not said instant yes to it, for an instant everyone went silent and once again my husband tried convincing me to ride with Chetan and this time Chetan stopped him and gave keys of his car to Shilpi and told him not to take stress over such tiny matters.

To Be Continued...

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Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - I

They say you marry a man who is like your father. In my case I married a guy of my father’s choice, he is a successful banker just like my father but the similarities end there. My father would never dream of doing anything like that with my mother what my husband has done with me.

My husband asked me to be part of a wife swapping with his superior and his wife; yes it happens, wife swapping is a dirty secret that exist in real life. Some do it willingly and some do it because they are asked into it by their seniors. I won’t say my husband was asked by his boss, he was asked by his superior and he agreed but certainly I was made to get into this by my husband.

Though in the end it was great pleasure to have sex with a male of different temperament still I would say I was made to get into this by my husband and my write up is about how all this started. Starting from the beginning I would say I am Nisha 36, obviously, mine and all the names mentioned here are unreal but everything written except names are hundred percent real.

Living in Delhi NCR I am married to Vishal from almost 10 years with one eight year old son and my husband is working in a private bank on a reputed post, I don’t know when it came between my husband and his boss but with me it all began when after lot of persuasion for the first time I attended my husband’s office party and there I met his boss.

I am a fair and good looking female with undue tiny pimples over my cheeks. Average height of 5'5" though not slender but I have attractive body; with bit of belly I have big and good shaped luscious breasts with a striking bottom. That evening I was wrapped in a Sari and the moment Chetan (my husband’s boss) met me I saw a strange glow in his eyes.

Chetan; tall, easily six feet, avarage looking male with a very good heath introduced me with his wife Shilpi. Shilpi; though not fair but a very good looking female with a very good height and a balanced figure, she smiled while looking into my eyes and touching my cheek with her cheek she hugged me lightly with a low voice hello.

She shook hand with my husband and had few words with him and I guessed she has met him earlier too; may be in same sort of parties which are held on regular intervals but I never attended.

Throughout the evening; during party most of the time Shilpi remained close to me and tried to know about me as much as possible and without sensing anything fishy I casually replied all her question and asked her few too. On the other end, I saw that most of the time my husband was with his boss but anyhow that instant I could not make out what all is running in everyone’s mind.

Eventually party came to an end and on the way back Vishal told me that Chetan has given him compliment that you have a beautiful wife, and in continuation asked me did I liked them(Chetan and Shilpi) as a couple and I accepted that with a casual yes.

Even that instant I was unaware what is going on and in the end Vishal adored me in the bed and we fucked before getting into sleep. Next two days were Vishal’s off from the office but he had something important to do in these two days and in the day time I don’t know from where Vishal came up with porn movie and he played that movie in the night on the big screen when were in the bed.

It was not first time I was watching porn with him in the bed and but that was very different movie from what we use to watch usually. It was sort of wife swapping plot, though actors were professionals but they were acting like married couples; two males and two females unknown to each other were behaving like two couples and they were gathered in a vacant house to try partner swapping.

Initially they were acting good and behaving timid while talking to each other’s partner which was very arousing but as movie proceeded and main action started it became ordinary porn movie with two couple fucking on the same bed. With Vishal's fingers over my fuckhole certainly I was feeling aroused with the kind of start movie was having and eventually we too ended with a good passionate fucking.

Finally time was 11 when we both were exhausted after having sex, I was expecting that now we will sleep but something was running in Vishal’s mind to ask me and to start he asked me for a cup of tea and in continuation told me that he will fuck me one more time.

At my end everything was casual and still I could not sense anything and I came back to the bedroom with a tea and that was the point from where things started to come in my knowledge. Vishal began talking to me with a question did I like the movie and as I accepted, next he casually asked does all this happen in real life

“ye sab real life mein bhi hota hai kya? Wife swapping and all…!” and I came up saying “hota hoga…! I am sure western countries mein to hota hi hoga” and next Vishal said that he thinks that all this happen in India too and I casually ended up saying “may be”.

Next I noticed he looked into my eyes continuously for few seconds, he hesitated a bit but in the end came up saying that he is feeling that our sex life is getting monotonous, I did not replied to him as by now I could sense that he was not normal in saying that and I looked back into his eyes without a flick and next instant, with bit of choked voice he came up saying that he wants to try this partner swapping.

I was shocked and I revolted back instantly by saying "aap pagal ho gaye ho kya?" and he tried convincing me. I can write what all he and I spoke while arguing but without wasting time and energy I would say I ridiculed him every time without listening him and as I was suppressing his every statement many times he even failed to speak and he got irritated with that and screamed over me.

I too yelled over him and I went to the other room to sleep with my son. I was really very upset from whatever Vishal was insisting me to do, even though during argument Vishal did not mentioned with whom he is thinking about trying swapping me but while being alone I could guess that it is none other than Chetan and Shilpi,

that is why Chetan was looking at me again and again with such perspective and Shilpi was asking me so many details. Anyway, with such a filthy proposal from the person I love most, I was moved till my soul, I don’t know about Vishal but while being in weird mind state I slept very late and woke up early in the morning.

It was a Sunday and I was expecting that Vishal will try to express regret and might say sorry for what he asked me to do, and considering it a mistake, up to an extent I was very much prepared to forget all that but it did not happened, Vishal behaved reluctant with me as if I am wrong and I retorted back with a similar gesture;

reluctant and loath and that irritated him even more and somewhere around 12 in the noon he left the house. He did not called me for the whole day, even I did not took his know how and he came back home bit drunk after 11in the night. Vishal was never so casual in drinking, he hardly drink 5-6 times in a year and he never exceeded two drinks, but that night he was fairly drunk,

even though I was not at all thinking about agreeing what he was asking me to do but and I can say that was the point from where I started feeling scared from him. Being a male of particular sun sign he is very inflexible and most of the time it is me who has surrendered next to his wish but anyhow I could not think about surrendering this time as this time he was asking me for my dignity.

Anyway Vishal slept unconsciously for the entire night and after waking up late in the morning continued reluctant behavior and left the house for the work without even talking to me and I started feeling depressed. I spent whole day in strange depression and tried talking to him in the evening on phone but he did not took my call, though not in drunk state but like last night Vishal came back home after 11.

Our child was asleep so I tried talking to him and once again Vishal tried to convince me for having sex with his boss and detailed me everything; that Chetan and his wife Shilpi are into partner swapping from last few years and they are enjoying there sex life up to max and now they want to try this with us.

From the glow of his eyes and enthusiasm of talking to me about all that Vishal looked keen to have sex with Shilpi; possibly because she was far more seductive than me and I was disappointed to see lust in his eyes and words and I once again said no to it.

Vishal continued doing efforts to agree me and after a long convincing speech he requested me to give a try just once and assured me that if I will not be comfortable he will not insist me again. I was not at all convinced even to try that and once again I ridiculed his request and once again we ended with an argument in rough and loud voices and slept without talking to each other.

That night we were on same bed, facing away with each other and once again throughout night I was uncomfortable and failed to sleep sound. I woke up with a heavy head and did all the work with strange fear in the mind. I was scared of myself, although I was rigid in my mind; that I don’t have to do all this but still I had a hunch that somehow Vishal will agree me.

It was an arrange marriage and in last ten years I was fallen deeply in love with him, since beginning my love for him was my weakness and worst part was that Vishal knew this fact very well. Vishal continued behaving reluctant and just like last day he took leave without even talking to me and throughout the day I just went on going into depression.

My mind state was getting miserable with passing time; I was not in mind state to agree to get on bed with someone else and also could not see any way out to make Vishal understand my insecurity and by evening mentally I was reached to the point where I could not take that stress anymore.

Once again Vishal came back home very late and this time I literary begged him for not doing all this with me but he ignored me and slept without saying even a word and I spent almost entire night while looking at the roof. Mentally I was so tired because of all this that for an instant felt like surrendering myself, but how could I do that? How can I have sex with someone else?

And after few more thoughts of this kind I started assuming what all will happen if I will say yes to Vishal and with that fucking scenes; Vishal with Shilpi and I with Chetan started floating in front of my eyes and with a strange uneasiness I remained awake almost for whole night. Deep inside I did not want all this to happen but now I was having an intuition that ultimately it will happen.

Next morning I did not tried talking to Vishal and remained reserved and he too behaved like I was expecting, he once again went off to work without saying even a word to me and I spent entire day with a presumptions of agreeing over what Vishal was asking me.

I am not sure if my thinking was changing as by now with a strange fear and uneasiness I was feeling bit aroused too and in that weird mind state I don’t know when I started finding Chetan and Shilpi on FB and after finding them in Vishal’s friends list saw their pictures for some time.

They were good couple; both of them were good looking with very good height and body and while seeing their pictures my mind went on going bizarre and like last night once again fucking scenes started floating in front of my eyes and this time my imagination was more effective as in couple of minutes I was feeling significant wetness in my panty.

Once again Vishal came back late and behaved like he was behaving, silent and ignorant, by now mentally I was reached to the point where I was ready to surrender but before that I wanted few future commitments from him and I decided to talk to him in the bed.

Eventually I reached to the bed, Vishal was laying facing away from the door, I tried turning him gently to speak to him; he turned and looked at me for few seconds, waited for me to speak but I failed to utter that I am ready for what he is asking for he once again turned and retained his posture.

I lay on my side facing away from him, reconsidering everything and after a minute or two Vishal tried turning me to look at him. I turned and saw him with zero expressions and adressing my name Vishal said be loves me in soft voice "Nisha I really love you" "then why are you insisting me to do all this?"

I spoke with a choaked voice "what I am asking you is just sex... pyar sex se bahut oopar hota hai... (love is far ahead than sex)". Vishal was calm and sensing his soft mood I was about to request him not to force me to do all this but before that he requested me to give it a try once, and promised me he will not force me again

"I am requesting you...ek baar try kar low...agar tum a bologi to main tumhen dobara nahin insist karunga" and I looked into his eyes for few seconds, just read how will he react if I will say no again and he spoke again and this time it was regarding the couple with whom he wanted to try swapping

"Chaten is a gem of a person aur Shilpi bhi...she is very down to earth...we can trust them...nahi to main tumhen kabhi insist nahi karta..."

To Be Continued...

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Unsatisfied desi wife Nisha Enjoying Cheating Sex - II

Previously: Unsatisfied desi wife Nisha Enjoying Cheating Sex - I

Time rolled by and I was approached by my colleague repeatedly. Though I was hesitant to get into another relationship, I was constantly approached by him for a wed-lock. Despite, being a divorcee he was persistent and on consulting with Ganesh who said, at 29 you should look at having a true life partner and whatever happened in the past should be forgotten.

Ganesh too had multiple joint discussions with us, to understand Ganesh's perspective and during those interactions Ganesh narrated our incidents too. Siddharth never bothered about it and was mad in love with me. Hence. I was convinced by Ganesh to accept the proposal from Siddharth.

Siddharth, 27 then was a local Bangalorean and with the consent of his parents and mine, we got married. Ganesh attended our wedding and wished us a new colourful life. Ganesh told me, though we live in same city, he did not want me to be in touch with him as I would start comparing Siddharth and Ganesh every time.

I tried reaching Ganesh in vain and he would cut my call every time. I slowly understood that he was a principled man and always wanted the best for me in my life. My life with Siddharth went on, not so exciting sex life but then we had a baby boy in a year of marriage. Life was not so exciting but was moving along. That was when things went for a tipsy-turvy.

Working for a ecommerce company, Siddharth had befriended one Sindhu, fresher in his team and they were sexually active. Siddharth, thanks to closeness with Sindhu also shared her in bed with their superior and he got 2 promotions in quick succession and so did Sindhu.

I was not aware of this, until one day Siddharth's friend, in a family get together, after being drunk, started discussing this in front of all. Siddharth has been trying this trick even before we had got married and it was a shocker for me as he had not mentioned a word about it before our marriage. Somewhere felt the transparency was lost between us. I was gutted.

That evening we returned late and decided to thrash it out next day. Siddharth woke up early the next morning and started drinking and when I woke up at 8 AM he was already high again and started hurling abuses on me. While I was listening politely, the door-bell rang and it was Sindhu at the door. She was not fresh and her dress crumpled, hair not done, looking tired.

Siddharth greeted her, how was last night with Sudhakar? (Sudhakar was their superior). Just then I realised even Sudhakar was not in the previous night get together. Sindhu told Siddharth that it was a threesome along with Sudhakar's wife and they were discussing as though I did not exist.

After about half hour of listening to this, I lost my patience and questioned Siddharth if we can discuss about this relationship. No sooner did I ask this, Siddharth slapped me repeatedly and tore my clothes, gagged me and entered me roughly. Our baby was asleep and thank god he did not see this.

He rammed me so hard that my pussy was burning and ejaculated half way in me. Felt ashamed that it was happening in front of another girl, Siddharth asked Sindhu to hold my hand and turned me around and entered my anus too. It was a pain I could not bear and literally passed out. As I was held by another person and gagged with no one to help me I was fucked.

After ramming for a while on my ass hole, Siddharth ejaculated again and went to our bedroom along with Sindhu. Now, I could not tolerate this anymore and I called Ganesh. He did not pick my call, but I texted him Ganesh - please save me, speak to me. He called me immediately and I told him what had happened.

Ganesh came and picked me and my son home, gave us time to forget all of this and around evening, he set up a meeting along with Siddharth. Siddharth was heavily drunk and met us with Sindhu and told Ganesh to fuck-off. It is his life and he needs Sindhu to grow faster. "My career is dependant on Sindhu from now on and I dont need Nisha anymore".

This made Ganesh lose his cool and he retorted, "you shall face the consequences". Ganesh helped me file for a divorce and continued to be supportive to me and my kid and back to my old living place now. That was in 2012. Siddharth and me got divorced in 2013. My parents have not been informed yet about this as this will devastate them. For them, we are still husband and wife.

I could never stop admiring him with his care, gentleness. I was depressed most of the time and with Ganesh's wittiness, humour and guidance I slowly was getting back to normal and was wanting him again. Ganesh's daughter, was in a residential school and we got to spend more time at his home a lot. My son too got a calm surrounding and started growing up.

This life was getting too comfortable and my desire for Ganesh was going up every minute. There came an opportunity. On a particular Saturday, it was Ganesh's birthday. My son had gone on a school picnic and was to return in the evening. Ganesh was at home, attending to his regular week end chores. I decided to fulfil my desire that day.

Though society may look at it wrongly, I wanted it. My mind was filled by Ganesh all the time and was not sure if I was committing a societal mistake. But still had the boldness to execute the plan. As I had free access to his home, I reached his home by 8 AM, when he was just about to get off the bed and I silently went and lied down next to him.

Still in final stages of sleep, Ganesh was not disturbed and I adjusted myself into a good position. Then in one smooth movement, I hugged him and kissed him in his eye and was over him. As he opened his eyes, I was there wishing him first on his 42nd birthday. He had the same smirky smile and for a change I could feel his dick a little erect poking me on my thighs.

Not waiting a minute, I started kissing him on his lips and deep. He responded. It was a deep kiss between us after about 5 years and we were enjoying each others mouth. Exploring every nook and corner of ours. To my surprise, Ganesh hugged me tighter and I felt not even air could pass between us. It was that tight a squeezy hug and his hands started exploring my ass.

As I was on a skirt that day, his hand easily was rubbing against my naked ass and his dick started growing and poking harder. He whispered, "want you to wear your birthday dress"... I replied, "its your birthday, and you should wear it" and saying so, slid my hand inside his shorts. Oh wow! he was not wearing underwear and my hand was rubbing his penis.

Caught it softly and held it in my hand, as though holding onto my life's gift. Slowly started jerking and at which time, Ganesh loosened his hug. This gave me access to his shorts hook. Without letting go of his dick, unhooked his shorts. He lifted his waist to help me remove it and there was the monster.

The one I enjoyed playing 5 years ago. It was the same size, same girth and on pulling the foreskin down and exposing his pink head made me crazy. Without waiting a moment, started licking the tip as though it was a tasty lollipop. Ganesh opened his legs and that gave me signs of a full suck of his dick. I started deep throating him and he started soft groans.

Jerking and sucking made his dick grow full, must be 7 inches I think, and he was enjoying every in-out. It took me about 12 minutes of sucking and jerking him to make him reach climax. That is when he said, "Hey, you have tasted me before, I am shooting inside your mouth. Thats my birthday treat for you". He shot his cum and as usual I drank every drop of it. I was still amazed at his control to release.

I decided to be slutty that day. I removed my skirt and blouse and pulled my bra down to expose my breasts. "Ahh your breasts have become a bit saggy than before, but very shapely my dear" is what Ganesh said as he lifted my sports bra above my head to expose my full breasts. Now, I have a little saggy breasts but full and perky nipples.

As Ganesh started fondling and licking the nipples, I removed my panties and rubbed it on his body. It was a little wet with my pre-cum, but I rubbed all of it over his chest and threw it away. Coming over him with my legs on either side of him, I held his penis which was little limp now and still put it into my love hole. I started plucking his nipples and biting them. That made his penis grow again.

Time for me to ride his cock. With my breasts jangling, which Ganesh was holding pinching kissing from time to time, I rode his cock for 10 minutes. I came 2 times in the process and his dick was wet. I turned and lied down on bed now and pulled Ganesh to pump into me. He obliged and he started with deep strokes but slow. Full long deep strokes made me go mad.

He was doing it till I orgasmed again. Then he increased pace but kept long strokes. It was like heaven. He must have pumped in with great control for over 5 minutes before I orgasmed again. It was time for Ganesh to boss me. He turned me over. The fear of a anal fuck was appearing in my mind. But not to be. He entered my love hole from back.

My breasts hanging which he deftly held and was ramming in fast and shorter strokes. This time, he was hitting me deep. No one had hit me there. I started pouring again which made it easier for Ganesh's dick to explore deeper depth. He must have rammed me for another 10 minutes where his dick twitched and I knew he was cumming.

Then came the splurge of his warm liquid deep into my hole and I times another orgasm to enjoy his sperms. Completely exhausted, I fall on bed and gasped, "what a fuck" and Ganesh kissed me and said "we made love hun". I liked the way he said it and we had made love indeed.

We have had many such sessions in the last two years and came to know that Sudha too is supported by Ganesh. Sudha is another story which I shall ask her to write. But believe me, both of us are treated with utmost respect, love and care. We are not competition, but we are similar in both of us finding love in the same man.

We have taken turns to make love with Ganesh and never has Ganesh wanted to shame one over the other or even indicate a threesome. Such an amazing personality he is. My last periods was 50 days back and tests confirm I am pregnant now. I want to mother Ganesh's kid, who has been there for me all the time.

Will the society abuse us? Will Ganesh agree? This tension is killing me these days. Do I tell Ganesh about this? I just cant think of aborting this gift though.

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Unsatisfied desi wife Nisha Enjoying Cheating Sex - I

I am Nisha, my own name, now 33 years of age, from Haryana, was working in Gurgaon and now in Bangalore. I want to narrate my real-life which I am living and have contemplated for many years if what I am doing is right or wrong. But, I am enjoying this and hence am convinced that I am right in what I am doing.

I was married at a young age of 23 to a husband who was not as even half-literate as I am. The marriage was an arranged marriage where I could not have a say in it. My husband, though was a distant relative treated me like a slave. Born and brought up like a princess and an independent thinking girl, I am 4th daughter to my parents.

All my other sisters were married and were running their family in and around NCR. I was the most learned of all sisters and found a good job post my graduation in Delhi. I worked as a sales co-oridnator in a training institute in Delhi and an MNC client project landed on me to deliver. The project owner for my client was a smart, handsome and a happy-go-lucky Mr. Ganesh.

Ganesh's secretary would collect regular updates on the project and weekly reviews will be with Ganesh along with my senior. Thats how I knew Ganesh. As the project ran for a year, I started building a liking to Ganesh. Ganesh was a south Indian based in Bangalore, and was a knowledge-house.

The project ended successfully and Ganesh praised me and renewed the contract for another 2 years with my company. His work style, concern for people working with him made me admire him. I started calling him direct and found solace and shared more of my personal life.

I was pulling along with my marriage for the fear of my parents despite my husband becoming physically abusive. Leave alone physical abuse, he was never home without being drunk everyday. I was wanting to end this marriage and sought the advice of Ganesh.

Ganesh, as a true gentleman, counselled me and gave me ideas to make the marriage work, but after 6 months he too had given up and said 'get a divorce. Come to Bangalore, stay away from your parents for a while after that, will find a good job for you and start a fresh life'. Not sure how to believe the words, I still decided to plunge and filed a divorce.

Ganesh was 32 years then, a widower and father of a 5 year old daughter, and I was 25 and I landed to Bangalore one day. He helped me in finding a decently paying job, fixing a place to live somewhat close to where he lived. Life chugged along for a year with all the happiness and Ganesh was instrumental in that. I could feel a new life in me.

There were few physical touches during this period and I used to wonder how unlucky of his wife not to live longer with such a gentleman. At times, the mind monkey became why not he for me? But never had the guts to express to him ever.

Now to the first incident:

The closest we got was when Ganesh had entered my house with the key he had and I was taking bath. As I was alone, never bothered to close the bathroom door and that gave Ganesh a full view of my body.

He was silent and was watching me from the back and when I had finished bathing and turned gave him a naked full frontal view. That was the first time I saw Ganesh staring at my body. For few seconds, I was lost in which time, and he came near me and my eyes were filled with shame. I had a good physique, 32B breasts, thin (waist of 32) but am a little short, just around 5 feet.

Ganesh neared me and described me as a stunning beauty without clothes and how would your husband not enjoy this? I was swept of the floor as that was the first time someone could praise me and that too when I was not covered. I never realised that I wanted to cover myself, but instead went even closer and hesitated.

Ganesh was smart enough to understand what was running within me and hugged me tight and kissed my head. Felt his warmth and pulled my face away and looked in my eyes. I was oozing feminity and may be more.He kissed my eyes softly, nibbled my ear lobes and gently rubbed his lips on my cheeks.

I was in that state of mind that I couldn't resist. Had this been my ex-husband, it would have just been a rough entry into my pussy and a quick ejaculation. Here was a man, who was getting my permission from my body language to even kiss my cheek.

He pulled back and I pushed my cheek closer to his lips wanting him to kiss me. As there was a jerk when I did this, my lips landed against his. Our lips kissed each others softly. I was burning inside with desire. Havent enjoyed for close to two years and here was a man who was so gentle that I wanted to lose myself to him.

I refused to break the kiss and started licking his lips. Initially he was hesitant but I persisted in licking and he opened the lips. My tongue started searching his. And found it. Started licking his tongue and sucking it too as I wanted more of his taste. I was losing myself slowly.

He held me against him as I explored his mouth and his hands were holding my ass and softly squeezing them. Pressed my body further on him and he let out a gasp and his grip tightened on my ass. This time his ass-grip had a purpose and was running all the way on my waist.

Not leaving his mouth even for a second, I was enjoying his hand exploring my sides, all the way up to my armpits (which I kept clean always) nibbling my ears, rubbing the side of my breasts squeezed against him. After few minutes, I broke my kiss and released myself from his grip.

Stepped away and asked him, showing my full naked body. Do you like this? He had half a shake and I was not in a mood to leave him. I prodded him, will you describe me? The feminity in me took over and was wanting me to be praised. And that too by a man, who is a mentor, guide for me.

Ganesh seized the moment and came near and said I will describe you and started with my neck. As he described the neck, his finger was gently drawing lines on the neck, then on shoulders and then on my cleavage and he held my breasts. They were feeling nice and my nipples responded a bit.

He, came close to it and said "oh this wants some treatment" with a smirk in his eyes. That sight was amazing as I replied "treat them if you wish". His lips brushed and tongue licked and slowly got gobbled into his lips. What a feeling it was. My breath was heavy and warm. He clung the nipple between his lips and pulled it. I shouted Aaaahhh waiting.

This gave him the permission to suck it deep. I have a big nipple but not much of an aerola. Looking at this, it looked more than half my breast was in his mouth. He was sucking like a baby. As he finished sucking, the nipple was erect and standing upright and the other nipple was semi-erect. I ordered him to treat that as well as he sucked it too. Wow! how good it was.

His hand was over my flat tummy, finger playing on the belly button while he sucked and when he touched the soft silky hair leading to my triangle, my body started shaking. As he bit my nipple, what a painful pleasure it was, his fingers were rubbing around my pee hole.

Electric shock in my body and the whore in me took over. I opened my leg a bit, went to the bed and with my eyes asked him, how about this. There he came and spread my leg wide and breathed softly around my vagina. His breath sent waves in me. Take me you dud! I want to lose myself. He was patient and just licked around the pee hole.

I was pushing his head to go lower and explore my love hole. He was patient, and aroused me enough by licking around the pee hole and love hole. As his tongue tip touched my pussy lips, I was building inside. He licked my pussy lips and slowly swallowing it as I could control my sensation a bit.

He sense it and continued sucking the pussy lips for a while and in one motion all of a sudden entered my hole. Straight and deep. Shiver in my body and arching up pushed his head further. He hit my spot and I couldn't hold it any longer. I shot a load and just in time he pulled his tongue out. My fluids were dripping slowly on the canal. Will he lick it clean?

Was waiting for a second when he plunged in again and started licking my juice. He sucked my hole and all of a sudden pounced on me onto my lips and made me drink my own juice mixed with his saliva. It was bitter, salty but tasty. Thats when he looked into my eyes again and said, see how lovely you are.

That was may be my first happiest moment in the world, someone who could handle me with care. Someone who could give me a taste of everything about me. As I started to relax, with no botheration to cover myself reliving every thing in my mind, he started off saying, I came for having a chat, but happy that you got to taste yourself.

Though I was sad for a moment, I could feel the limit to which he could stop and made me happy. I slept naked the whole day feeling his touch in every inch and enjoying within myself. About 6 months later, we again had time alone in my home and it was my chance to show him what I was made of.

That time, I experienced a manhood in my mouth and an amazing man who had excellent control on his cum-release ended up me tasting a real man. I was in no mood to let go of a single drop of Ganesh's. Many a times my heart willed him penetrating my love hole and never bothered even if I got pregnant for him. But that never happened.

To Be Continued...

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Priya Fucked Nicely During Threesome Sex

Hi, I am about to tell you something fantastic that happened to me a few weeks ago. I was not expecting it and it has left a lasting impression in my head. Let me tell you all a little about my self. I am a Punjabi Munda living in Mumbai.

I am about 5’9” athletic built and decent looking. I have had many girl friends over the years and am lucky to have a very active sex life. The incidence I will be telling you about has by far the best till date.

I am working with a MNC and had to go down to Gurgaon for a training for a couple of days. The training was getting over on a Friday evening. I decided to stay back in Gurgaon for a couple of days so I could catch up with my MBA batchmates in Delhi and party with them as I was going down to Delhi after a gap of almost 3 years.

I wanted to reunite with the folks and generally catch up and relive the golden hostel days. On Friday evening I started calling the guys and all I got was not in town or already committed to some other function.

Now I was repenting my decision, as I was alone without any one in Gurgaon, no transportation more so I was to meet this new girl in Mumbai for a drink and I had pushed it for the next weekend. I was really frustrated.

I was browsing the net and looking up the egroups and then I came across another batchmate in Gurgaon who I was not to particularly fond off but since I was alone I thought why not give him a call. He had recently moved to Gurgaon and was working with a call centre as a manager.

I called him up and he was really happy to hear my voice and said he will meet me but a little late as he was in a UK shift and wanted to wind up a few calls. I told him where I was staying and will meet him in the restaurant. I went to the restaurant and got back corner table facing the restaurant so I could see who all came in.

It was around 11:30 when Rajesh (My friend) walked in with a fairly attractive women (Priya). Priya was wearing a shirt with zip in front and a skirt that was just about touching her knees. She had curly hair, was a little dusky (a shorter version of Suman Ranganathan) nice tits. We met each other and sat down. Rajesh and Priya were facing me with their back towards the restaurant.

Since it was late there weren’t many people in the restaurant. We ordered for a round of drinks and started to chat. Rajesh was telling Priya about the masti we all did in college and what a brat I was but was liked by all especially the girls. I noticed she was really thirsty and by the time I had taken 3 sips of my whisky she had already drowned her vodka.

I ordered another round and we continued to chat. In some time all were happy as the alcohol was now taking its toll and we all were laughing and feeling light. Priya was a fast drinker and she was on her 5th large vodka. The conversation was now on the affairs we all had in college and Rajesh was telling Priya how big a flirt I was and how many girls I had bedded in college itself.

He also told her about a time when he accidentally walked on me when I was making out with a girl in our college buildings roof. He had actually gone there to take a joint. I could see all this time that Priya was enjoying the conversation and lately she was jerking a little.

I accidentally dropped my fork and bent down to pick it up and peered under the table and was taken a back as priya was not wearing any panties and Rajesh was fingering her. It was a site to see. She had a clean pussy absolutely smooth which was glistering with her love juices and a mans fingure was ravishing it. When I came back up priya smiled at me and said did I like what I saw.

I was taken a back and blurted out something silly. Alcohol was at its best speaking now. She then pulled her shirts zip down exposing her ample breasts with lovely brown nipples right there in the restaurant and said how do you find my boobs. I was just taken aback and could not believe what I was seeing and what I was saying.

She kept flashing and rubbing her toes up my ankle and even stretched her toes to stroke my now fully erect dick under the table. Rajesh apparently was getting a kick doing this and I felt he wanted to get back to me on the college incidence when he saw me make out with a girl and I did not encourage him to join. I guess this was his revenge on me.

It was getting late and we decided to split. I signed the bill to my room and walked them out of the hotel to their car. Rajesh was so drunk that he was finding it difficult to open the car door. Priya was so horny and was fondling Rajesh and was flashing on and off. When Rajesh was struggling with the car door I saw Priya open his zip and take his erect cock out and started stroking it.

I could see pre cum glistering on the tip of his cock. She pumped his dick for some time and scooped out the pre cum in between her thumb and first fingure and took it in her mouth. All this while I was looking at her with my jaw open and tongue touching the road. She then bent and started sucking Rajesh right there in the open paring lot.

Rajesh was taking rest on his car and Priya was half bent sucking his fully erect dick. I was standing behind Priya and they were at it as if I did not exist. I kept looking at her for some time then just lost it. Took out my cock and started to rub it in the parking lot. I then moved behind Priya and pulled her skirt up to her waist exposing her ass to me.

I could see her pussy totally wet and inviting and her pink arse hole also visible. I just put my finger in her pussy and started fingere fucking her with one hand and stroking my erect dick with the other. Her pussy was so attractive and inviting that I lost control and in one swift motion inserted full 7 inches of my monster into her.

The minute I entered her I felt her grasp for air and I guess she bit Rajesh a little harder as he squirmed and opened his eyes. He I guess did not expect the game to take this turn but it was too late to do any thing. I started the piston action fucking Priya from the back side and kept my pace increasing. I must have gone for a couple of minutes and was ready to shoot.

I just took out my cock and started rubbing it up her arse crack and then I shot my load to the longest distance possible (for me, actually saw it flying out for the first time). Some of it landed on Priyas shirt, some on her hair and a couple of drops actually traveled all the way crossing her and sticking on Rajesh’s shirt. I kept on cumming and cumming on her back.

Then I saw Rajesh also squealing and I presume he shot his load into her mouth. Priya turned around and I saw some cum dropping out of her mouth on to her shirt. She pulled her zipper and smiled. Rajesh still was not in a position to drive his car so I suggested let us all go to my room and we can sleep there. Whenever he is ready to drive he can leave.

Rajesh wanted to go but the we convinced him as this was not the right thing to do. We moved to my room and raided the mini bar. Priya just removed her shirt and skirt and sat on the bed stark naked as she said she did not like wearing anything when she slept. I took the cue and took off my clothes stating the same reason.

Rajesh by that time was almost out and he took off his clothes and just collapsed. We were sitting on the bed and drinking and I was with a huge booner, I cupped my cock with my hand and started moving my hand up and down gently messaging my erect dick. I was watching her head get closer to my cock.

She reached out and put her fingers around the head of my cock. Her fingers slowly moved down my cock replacing mine. She grabbed me tightly and moved her hand up and down my cock squeezing as she did so. I could not talk. I could feel it building up in me and said you have to stop or it is going to start squirting!, she said u cannot and stopped.

She scooted up with her back to me. I tentatively put my arm across her hips with my hand on her stomach. She took my hand and slid it up to her breasts. I could feel a nipple getting bigger under my fingers. Her breast felt nice. She snuggled her butt up against me. My hard-on and the head of my cock was very wet and slippery. Her moving her butt around did not help my condition.

I moved my hips forward against her and my cock slid between her thighs. It felt so hot there. I slowly moved my hips back and forth rubbing my cock against the inside of her thighs. I felt I would explode any second. I had to slow down. I rolled a bit off my side so I was partially on my back and slowly pulled one of Priya’s legs over mine so it bent at the knee.

I reached over and found my cock between her legs and started rubbing it back and forth against her pussy. I pushed the purple head my cock disappeared inside of her. It felt so hot and tight. I sank deeper into her. I felt her move back against me and heard her moan. I moved my hands around her and cupped each of her breasts.

I gave them a gentle squeeze and then began rubbing my palms in circles on her nipples. She moaned louder and arched her back. I turned her around on her all fours and pounded the daylighlts out of her. Since I had come some time ago I could go on for long but then I took out my cock and turned her over. I wanted to feel her lips around my dick.

She obliged and took the dick in her sweet and hot mouth. She was oops is an amazing cock sucker. She just took the entire 7-½ inches in her mouth and I could feel the back of her throat against the tip of my cock. I was in heaven. She just sucked and cupped my balls which felt they were about to explode. I wanted to fuck her more so I laid down and asked her to mount me.

She straddled me and with one hand held my cock and sat on it. I just loved to see the cock again disappear into her. She started to rock and was rocking furiously. I then felt her getting tense and her cunt muscles contract against my dick and I knew she is going to be rocked with a powerful orgasm. She just collapsed on me.

After some time when she had caught her breath back she lightly rocked against me with a magical smile on her face of extreme satisfaction. I then felt something touching my cock first I thought it was her fingure but later on realized now Rajesh was up and was sticking his dick into her with mine already in. It was a kinda weird feeling of another cock rubbing against my dick.

He also realized he was not making any headway into the tight pussy so he started applying pressure on her arse hole and started pushing his dick in there. She was loving it and encouraging Rajesh to stick it in. I was now thinking of all the Porn movies I had seen of double penetration and this was actually happening with me one of the participants.

It was surely exiting. Rajesh managed to stick his dick all in her and was moving it. It was a strange feeling and I could not hold myself any longer. I started squirting deep in her and kept it in till Rajesh pumped her and also came in her ass. All of us collapsed after that and slept.

When I woke up in the morning they had left and I was wondering was it a fragment of my imagination or it actually happened but when I saw the sheets on the bed I knew it was the best night I had had till date and now did not regret my decision of spending the evening in Gurgaon and calling Rajesh.

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Hot Babe Ruhi Sexy Body Fucked

This is my first story so am sorry for any mistake. Without wasting any time lets come to the story. This incident took place in December 2015 it was Christmas holiday for me and that time I was 18 year old and I had a friend her name is Ruhi (name changed) she had a bf and was in relation from past 1 and half year but from last 1/2 month she was upset and was not talking to me much

but one fine day I asked her out to come for dinner with me and she readily accepted as we know each other from 3/4 years and we went to a nice restaurant where we ordered beer and then had dinner.

We went into the car and headed to the beach and started to take a walk where I broke the silence and asked her what’s wrong why are you so sad she said nothing and tried to change the topic but I hold her hand and asked her again and this time she started crying and told me she is not happy with her bf as he was cheating on her.

Then I consolidated her and made her laugh by doing some stupid things and we decided to head towards our home. We reach to her home but here flat was locked from outside then she made a call to her mom she said she has been to one of her relative’s house as someone had expired and the key was handed to the neighbours.

She took the keys and opened the door and I was about to leave but she insisted me to stay because she was afraid of staying alone and to tease her I said call your bf she became aggressive and started shouting at me and said he is a jerk and you are going nowhere stay here with me and I said ok then she said to wait in my room I will be back in 5 min

and later I enquired her she said she had been to washroom then we started talking about normal topics. Then she started asking me are you virgin and I said no and she was surprised by my answer and she was more curious in knowing with which girl I lost my virginity and I said I lost my virginity to one of my classmate which I will mention in another story.

Ruhi was getting horny which could be seen on her face she then suddenly asked me how big is your penis size and I shocked to hear that from her and I said big enough to satisfy a women and she said can you show me I objected and I said you are drunk you are not in your sense and she came closer to me and started kissing me all over my face and she came to my ear and whispered.

You are damn cute I would like to eat you up all night and she started to kiss on my lips. The moment she kissed my lips I lost all my senses and started smooching her grabbing from her waist and she started rolling her hands over my thighs and pants. She didn’t have huge pair of boobs but though it was handful about 32 her waist was thin about 28.

I started to play with her boobs and at the same time kissing and biting her neck. She suddenly became dominant and came over me and started removing my shirt and pants and I also started removing her one piece and saw her boobs covered in a black bra and her pussy covered in white panty which had a wet spot and I removed her bra and panty

and started sucking her boobs she also removed my underwear. She stated that I had a cock greater in size than her bf and she started giving blowjob which was very pleasure giving she was a pro in sucking a cock and I was about to cum and I said to her and came onto her boobs.

It was my turn now I went under her thighs and started to roll my tongue on her clitoris and to which she let out a sweet moan which made me mad and started to lick her vigorously and started to finger fuck her at the same time and suddenly she arched her body and let out a loud moan and then I came on top of her

and started kissing her again due to which my cock was erect again and ready for another session. She then guided my cock into her pussy and I started to pump slowly in rhythm she scratched my back and said fuck me harder I started to stroke harder and she was moaning like anything for about 15 min and I was about to cum.

She stated to cum inside her and I let all my cum into her pussy and felt onto her after about 10 min we were again cuddling each other and there she started stroking my cock.I was ready again and this time she came on top of me and started to ride me and while riding she was saying bad words and was scratching my chest and it ended in 15min and I cummed again.

After that, we had another 4 sessions till her parents came. Now she is in London and I am not in contact with her.

I hope you guys liked my story sorry for any mistake and guys please give me your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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