Sheeba And Natasha Enjoying Sex After Farewell Party

I am Balu. You remember our last post about the college farewell sex and how my friend and I took two girls in my room, Sheeba and Natasha and enjoyed the farewell party. If is after two months I did not hear anything from the girls, my friend who was there with me went to Mumbai in search of employment. I spent time giving tuition to college and school going students.

Suddenly I got a telephone call in my mobile phone, it was from Natasha, my college days crush. She just was talking about how we spent our days in the college and the grand farewell we all enjoyed and the special farewell sex party in my room with my other friend and his g/f Sheeba.

Natasha said she is in touch with Sheeba and both used to talk about out performance during the farewell sex party. Sheeba evinced interest in having a repeat of the same party somewhere else. Natasha also agreed and that is why she called me. I had fond memories of that day and a repeat of that party was very welcome, but my friend is not in station. I told this to Natasha.

She said they will think over. Sheeba told her that she will bring her younger brother with whom she does sex frequently. He was younger by 2 years and was still in the college. If Natasha and Balu dont have any objection, Sheeba said she will ask him to come, which is safer that going to a stranger. His name was Biju and very tall and well built.

I thought over it. If the girls do not have any objection why should I worry. I was familiar with the girls whom I have fucked before. On more chance to fuck them will be welcome. Sheeba said her brothers friend has contact with some resort people and he will book a double room apartment for 24 hours. It was also agreed that all the four will share the expenses.

Sheeba and Natasha planned it in detail, how to go, where to pick up, food items etc. At last Natasha told me that on a Friday evening they will come in a car and pick me up from my house. Natasha knew my house and she knows my sister.

Sheeba's brother Biju will take their car and bring it along with Sheeba and pick up Natasha and pick me up and on the way buy food items and liquor if needed and reach the resort by 5 pm. It is a holiday resort and our trip comes under the holiday package of somebody. So there is no question of paying the rent. There will be two bedrooms furnished and a drawing room in the apartment.

They have a restaurant, if we like to take any food from them, but we have to place orders early. They said all was arranged. I eagerly waited for the Friday. It came. Natasha telephoned and told me that they will reach my house at 4 pm. Since the nature of the party is such that we should not tell anybody where we go and what we do.

I was waiting for them and at 4 pm the car came and the girls were sitting in the rear and I went and sat in the front seat. Biju was a handsome young man and he was introduced to me. Sheeba and Natasha were doing hush and hush talking. They wanted to stop at a shop and buy some pills and condoms.

Sheeba asked her brother to go and buy the pills and condoms and the young man coolly went and brought a strip of pills and two packet of condoms. We moved and reached the resort at 5.15, Biju parked the car and went and made necessary entries in the receptiton and somebody came and opened the door for the apartment we had booked.

Biju and I went to the car and brought the bags of eateables and two bottles of beer and a bottle of whiskey. The apartment was on the first floor and it had a beautiful spacious balcony. Biju and I brought four chairs and a central table to the balcony and spread the plates with eatables. Biju said he will go down and order for dinner for four of us and bring soda and ice for the liquor.

I asked Sheeba, you are lucky you have a handsome brother who is cooperative and does all the work. Since how long you are both doing sex. We sleep in the same room. We used to do hugging licking sucking and pressing since a long time. But started doing real sex after I left the college.

I tasted sex on that day in your room and I could not be without it and hence I just initiated my brother and he was willing. But we are careful that others dont get suspicions. How about you are you having sex with your brother or sister, she asked. Natasha was fumbling for a while and said that her cousin used to fuck her when he comes to the city on work.

But he is an elderly person married and having children. Because we sleep in the same room and when he found that I dont have any objection for having sex, he started to fuck me. We used to have two or three session in one night. He used to give me lot of gifts and loves me very much. How about you Balu, she asked. I said I have a sister, but she is too small hardly 17.

But she is a hot stuff and she used to hug me and press her boobs and pussy against me. I know she is itchy and wants some relief. I used to kiss her in her pussy and lick her cunt. She used to suck my cock. But I have not started fucking her. She lies on me and pressed her pussy on my body. Biju came and we started to pour the liquor in the glasses.

Girls wanted only beer and I started with whiskey. I told the hesitant Biju to be a sport and start. He too took a glass of whiskey. We were in total privacy and it was getting dark, I removed my shirt and vest and sat bare bodied. The cool breeze was pleasant and invigorating. Biju also changed from his jeans to a lungi like me and removed his shirt. We looked at the girls.

Sheeba removed her blouse and bra and Natasha also. Their large boobs were jumping when they walked. Now it gave pep to the atmosphere. Biju and I got erection. We both went inside and examined the bedrooms, both were identical and comfortable. I asked Biju to take the inner one and I will the other one. Biju said he will take Natasha first. I said I will take Sheeba.

We came back and told the women that I will fuck Sheeba and Biju will go with Natasha first. Girls agreed. I asked them whether they have had their pussies shaved or is it hairy. They said they have shaved on that day and they were all fresh. I went to sheeba and slowly undressed her. Biju was undressing Natasha.

Sheeba was brushing her nipples on my chest hair and she removed my lungi and made me totally nude. My cock was erect and she was excited and placed her hand over it and gripped it. Biju was also undressed by Natasha and now we all the four were totally nude. Biju had a tool which was of the same size as mine, but it was fairer in colour.

After emptying our glasses, I and Biju led our girls to our rooms and to our bed. Sheeba was in a hurry to take my cock in her mouth, but I said let me begin first and let us go systematically. I made her to lie down and sucked her nipples Just as I was sucking, I heard Natasha and Biju coming inside and they wanted to do it in our bed and wanted to see what we are doing.

Natasha told Biju to follow what I am doing. Since I have started with sucking of the nipples, she asked Biju to start by sucking her nipples. She told Biju to see what I do and copy it. As I was sucking, I could hear the sounds of moaning from Sheeba and from Natasha.

After sucking both the nipples of Sheeba, I got up and Sheeba slided down and squatted on the floor and took my cock in her mouth. Similarly Natasha squatted and took the cock of Biju. Both the girls were experts and they took the whole length of the cock inside their mouth and were sucking like a lolly pop.

Within a minute, Biju said it is ok, it is enough, please otherwise I will shoot into your mouth.... Both the women stopped and they were asked to lie down with their legs wide open for pussy. Biju and I squatted between the legs of the girls of our choice and started to lick their pussy. Both the girls were moaning loudly and we went on licking and sucking their clitoris.

All of us were highly excited. We both got up and readied our cocks and made them wet with the cunt juices of the girls and started to insert. Girls were arching their back to receive our cock as both were very much aroused. We fucked in unison and made it rhythmatic.

The girls came first and they tightened us by wounding their legs around us and they crying and cooing showed that they are at the end of their game. We too made it fast and cummed into them. It was indeed a pleasure to see another pair fucking while you fuck your girl. It was double excitement.

We took a small interval and exchanges our girls and in the next session we changed the pose to doggy style. Sheeba and Natasha had ample bossom and hence to lean over them and catch their bossom while fucking them was very nice. Girls also enjoyed this. Their big ass cushioned our bodies. The cunt fluids were flowing down by the side of their legs.

We increased our speed and shot into their cunt and the girls also liked our action and they also cummed along with us. After two successive sessions we were tired and perspiring. We went to the bathroom and washed ourselves. I took a shower and Natasha joined me. To hug her under the flow of the shower was very enjoyable. We came to the lounge after drying.

Here Biju was fucking his sister Sheeba in the bed. I and Natasha took our drinks, Natasha took her glass of beer and I took my whiskey. We were eating the nuts and other eatables. After finishing their session Sheeba and Biju went and took shower and came and joined us. We spent an hour analysing our first two sessions.

Girls were thrilled to have a successful repetition of the college sex. They said our both the cocks were like iron rods and they never slackened even in long sessions. We got dressed and went down to the dining room and asked for our ordered dinner. It was very sumptuous and delicious. There was no crowd and we were alone in the dining room.

After food we came back and undressed and retired for the day. The girls said they will sleep with each partner for some time and exchange the partners. Next day during day time we had three more sessions. The girls having finished their stock of beer shared whiskey with us and we enjoyed the sex very much.

After lunch we were all tired and took leave of the resort much before the closing time. We got into the car and Biju drove and dropped me at my residence and Natasha at her residence and went back. I came to know that the marriage of Sheeba was fixed with an engineer working in Chennai and I participated in the function.

Biju was crying as he was loosing his sister and a partner. Natasha consoled him and asked him to go over to his place for tuition. Biju was happy. He started to go to the house of Natasha with a bunch of books for tuition and fucked her. I resumed my tuition center for school and college going boys and girls.

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Pratheek Enjoying Erotic Holiday With Sexy Colleague

Hi all, this is Pratheek from Bangalore. Guys, feel the romance in doing small things also which I mentioned in the story.girls there just allow guys to plan, execute and surprise you with all the romantic efforts they have for you.

This is my first and real sex story which happened 2 years back when I was working in Mumbai. I’m a guy with decent height and body. The main attraction of this story is my office colleague who is a cute and hot girl with required stats of your imagination and expectations. We were working for same company and different locations in south India initially.

Later we were deputed to Mumbai on business requirements and that’s when I met her in our office cafeteria with group of friends including my common friends in that group…The story preface starts here. As we were from south India working in Mumbai in same office and same floor we got to know each other soon because of common language.

Later as I was staying nearby to her hostel, we used to plan outing on weekends where we became close as I was taking good care of her and never missed out on her favourite eateries and places to visit in her wishlist.and later plans were done for only both of us as we got more closer in touching and holding hands in previous outings.

She asked me for an holiday one day after so many situations where we felt there was less freedom and more people around even to justify a small hug also our frequency matched and we kept it hidden only in our expressions which were exchanged carefully and our friends didn’t notice any difference from day one to till date. then I planned a perfect one on weekend to a hill station.

Once we reached our hotel which I had booked, we got into our room and it was a very romantic place ever visited with balcony view of nature far away from city, a special way to start a special episode…. ;) and perfect bouncy bed and sofa to add up spice and a washroom for other needs.

As I latched the room door, she was in sofa looking seductively at me which I observed for the first time for a longtime as there was full freedom for us to see and do anything and everything, and I was in a mood to jump and eat her.but I started slowly.went near her saw her eyes, sensed her breath, touched her nose with mine and felt her hair fragrance at same time which adds much more intense feel…

With this she proceeded forward and our lips met and my hand had a nice grip shifting from hair to waist regularly.she was wearing a transparent shirt with a tank top inside and suitable leggings to add the beauty touch.the air from balcony into the room and the small chill feel which was adding up more heat to our bodies increasing the urge of wanting each other left me felt like,

nature has its own way of supporting romance and that should be felt and identified sensitively. Now she pushed me on the couch and started smooching deeply where we were pulling out and biting tongues. Then she raised her hands up and I slowly removed her shirt and raised her tank top little. Now biting and licking on shoulder and kisses in naval region started rigorously.

Then I carried her to bed and she removed my t shirt and jeans.I removed her tank top and leggings.each cloth removal was leading to each step arrived to dive deep into ocean of bliss which can be experienced only when you have ittttt…

Now we were breathing heavy and she touched my shaft over my boxer and told its wet;). Then I leaned over her kissed and we rolled. She was on top and I removed her black bra after many many kisses on it and started kissing and sucking her boobs as a whole and nipples in pre bite manner to make her ask for more of it, then she couldn’t wait or control, so she removed my jockey with her legs, that was a WOW feel.

Then I removed her panty with my teeth.much more WOW. then as I was between legs approaching her, she invited me into her more and more I started sensing new world of fragrance between her legs and was lost.and then started to kiss and lick her walls for sometime. She then pulled me up and told NAUGHTY BOY.

I was more into it by then, with the same smile kissed her and tried to come more close down there. It was tight initially bit gradually it went in and she told yeahhhh … mmm …ahhhh..Pace was slow initially and later picked up and then from missionary changed to woman on top.omg it was wow.she was on charge pushing and creating way to indulge in the deepest pleasure.

Now she asked me to sit and she sat on me guiding my shaft smoothly into her as her walls were lubricated enough to cater to the need, and the the magic of smooching and her pumping on me with my hands holding boobs and waist switching their place and her hair with a layer of sweat creating new flavour of fragrance to increase the pleasure was awesome and to its best.

We both were like YESSSS YAAAA YESSS HARDDD OKKKK?? CLOSERRR,,, TAKE ITTTTT…Then we switched to spooning where she was feeling quite different but excited at the same time, but slowly started enjoying it to the core. and I was kissing whenever I get a chance to and then doggy style where boob bouncing was wow and her back was smooth and silky.

She was almost there and me too told her the same. Then with few hard pushes I came in her and fell on her back with those slow kisses after ejaculation.she was satisfied to the core and asked me what next???

To be continued in next part about how next sessions and days were spent. Please give me your feedback in the comments below.

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Saurabh Losing Virginity To Sexy Dentist Ankita

Hello, I am Saurabh 19 year old from Mumbai an engineering student as well. I am fair, 5’10” with a dick size of almost 6 inch. Let’s start with the story now as I have braces I go for a regular checkup to the dentist (every month).

Her name is ankita (unmarried) and she is the one who runs the clinic she is in her late 20’s a young gujarati girl with perfect body a very fair girl with perfect shape boobs and sweet voice. Her clinic is not so big its just a small clinic where she can attend only one patient at a time.

It was my checkup day and I remember my appointment was at 9 am so I went inside the room she greeted me in her sweet voice and told me to sit on the hair. I always loved her she is the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

I sat on the chair and she started operating me. She was sitting so much close to me as I was feeling to kiss her. While she was operating me I kept constantly looking into her eyes and we almost had a eye contact of 6-7 mins.

Today she was sitting so close to me that my shoulder was touching her boob and I was enjoying that thing the most. And I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t notice I was getting a erection and she could clearly see it as I was wearing track pants.

After seeing it she quickly went back and asked what is this? With anger listening to this I came out from my dream and quickly covered it with hands and said m sorry I don’t know how it happened and was so afraid that she’ll tell everything to my mom.

I just kept on saying I am sorry I had no intentions of doing it I am sorry (it was the worst situation I cant even explain) and I was literally about to cry. Seeing my condition I don’t know what she thought but she just acted like nothing serious has happened and said its okay. And continued to treat me.

This time I kept my shoulders very tight and tried not to touch her my heart beats went faster than a bullet train and now it was hard to believe it for me that she didn’t even react. She is very talkative and knows everything about me as I was her patient since last 2 years.

To get over the thing she asked me do I have a gf? As my mouth was open I wasn’t able to reply I just made the sound “Umm (I meant no)”. Now she asked me why did I get so much afraid it was an accident and no one has control over erection. And came a bit closer to me.

This time I controlled myself and didn’t react (my treatment was done and I was just gargling and cleaning myself) everything was done and I was about to leave then she asked me to wait and keep lying on the chair. She removed her lab coat and now her boobs looked even clear and big but I was controlling myself.

Then she came closer to me her and bend a little but upon my face I cud clearly feel her breath on my face ( her breath was so much refreshing) I was just feeling it with closed eyes. Then she started rubbing my thigh slowly with her smooth hands and I cud feel the erection this time but I didn’t care. I just wanted this to never stop.

I just opened my eyes bend a bit upwards and started kissing her her lips were so very soft and juicy I didn’t want to stop kissing her we kissed for 4-5 mins. And then with the light hands I started touching her boobs they were so perfectly shaped I told her to lie upon me then I gently stared pressing her boobs and kissing on her neck.

And her body started to warm up.I could easily feel the warmth in her body. I enjoyed kissing her neck it was milky white and she was smelling so good that I couldn’t resist kissing her. Then I started rubbing my mouth against her warm boobs and she was enjoying it very much then I touched her pussy I cud easily feel that she was wet even when she was wearing a jeans.

Then I slowly helped her to remove the top as she was not in the condition to do it by herself. Her body was as fair as snow with clean shaved armpits and she smelled soo good it was like a heaven to me.

I started kissing in her bra it was a purple colour silky soft bra then she removed her bra and she’s got the best boobs I have ever seen she had pink nipples and best juicy boobs I slowly started rubbing her nipples and they were hard as hell.

The boobs were soo soft and fleshy I started sucking them like I was thirsty for many years as soon I started sucking them her body become even warmer and she started making sounds ” ahh ahh umm ummm ah” and then I started to kiss her whole body and started moving downwards slowly. Removed her jeans her panties were so wet I loved it.

I removed her panties and her her pussy was white shaved and soo wet. Her pussy lips were thin and perfectly made for sex. Now she was lying all nude on the dentist chair I took the water spray( which the dentists have attached to chair for cleaning) and pointed the spay on her pussy and she stared moaning soo hard she was repeating don’t stop.

Then I started kissing her pussy I didn’t want my braces to cause any harm to her so I was doing it gently and slowly with my tongue. Then I removed my pants and I was hard as rock. She directed my dick to her pussy and it was so it tight with some pressure my cock was into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight that I cud feel it on my dick.

After 7-8 strokes it got easy for me and slowly started to increase the speed and simultaneously rubbing her nipples. She was moaning with pain but she didn’t want me to stop. In 4-5 mins I stared to cum and my cum was all over her body and we both were so exhausted. I lied down there on the floor for a while. Cleaned myself and kissed her.

She told me that it was the best sex she ever had we would do it again some day. I smiled kissed her boob and said bye. So that’s it. Let me know whether you enjoyed my sex story by commenting below.

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Punith Fucking Colleague Shruti

ts a really story lengthy one please bear with me I was starving for sex for about two years after my first child my wife has lost interest in sex, I used to beg her for intercourse and so many times she got irritated on me. I left like dying, cursing god why he gave me that urge for sex.

I am punith from Bangalore working for software company, one day I got a message to my mobile from unknown number asking how am I doing and about family. I causally replied to know the person but there was no reply for time...

I started calling on that but no response after couple of days got reply saying I am shruti I was shocked coz I dont have any friends or colleagues on that name. I replied her to get some clue about her but she sent a sms saying recollect.

I tried many ways to recognize her name but failed...the conversation started between after couple of days I got to know she was my ex colleague but for a short period..days passed I was asking her to send her pic but she was hesitant but she knows me,

my family everything about even day to day where I am what I am doing which actually increased my anxiety and was feeling very excited to find someone who is actually showing interest in me.

Days passed finally we have decided to meet and fixed the place, I drew my bike and was standing at the spot unable to find out where is she 15minutes passed no sign of her coming to that place I was calling her she was disconnecting my calls...

i left ashamed of myself and thought someone in my circle is fooling me by sending this kind of sms to check my character, back of mind I felt caught with cruel intentions to cheat my wife ( actually ours is love marriage ) suddenly someone sat on my bike and asked to start the bike and dont turn back may be caught by others, still I was tensed because I have no idea who is sitting behind me it may also be my wife.

After travelling for ten minutes I made my self little courageous and said ' hi ' she replied me back ' hi ' she asked me to drop at one place and said she is staying there, it was 45mns with mixed feeling one side I was aroused the other side very tensed. finallly we reached destination she said bye and left I could only see her eyes because she covered her face with scarf...

i stood there and was seeing her she was slim and great curves shown by attire she wore skinny types...i left for my home after 30mns received sms saying ' did u identity me ' I replied 'yes' which I lied to her she immediately replied saying 'lair I am not shruti' again was tensed who is that women??? y did I meet her when I couldnt recognize her.

I didnt reply to her and again got a sms 'bye' I left its all ended and was sweating like hell while stepping into my house. my daughter was playing and my wife came sat beside me I didnt utter a word because I am really tensed she then broke the silence n said is everything fine y r u sweating so much???? after few minutes replied her saying nothing just office pressure.

she said r u sure these sentence made me more tensed immediately I moved to my bedroom and locked it saying will freshen up and come back...i collapsed on bed and was relaxing I was trying to recollecting who is she and all stuff. my hand fell on my wife mobile I took it and started searching on the contacts and message nothing I found...

i heard my spouse saying dinner is ready come fast I got freshen up and left for dinner but I couldnt had my dinner properly and was unable make an eye to eye contact with my wife left ashamed for cheating her. my daughter came to me crawling I took her in my arms and started playing with her within few minutes my daughter childish behavior

I was back to my senses and I too started laughing with her that night dont know suddenly my wife asked for sex and me being starving had intercourse after that we went to washroom to freshen up once back on the bed my started stroking my tool..i was surprised because she did this to me before she sleeps post sex.

Next day morning I started to office and very frequently checking my mobile but there was no message or call from her I couldnt reply her back still I dont recognize I planned to call little early for the day it just passed 4pm I received from her ' r u still searching for me ' I replied sorry unable to recognize she replied 'good bye'

To be continued waiting for your comments.

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Guruprasad Enjoying Sex With Classmate Bhavana

Hi all, I am an avid reader of HD and thought of sharing one of my real life incidents. This is the first time I am writing please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. My name is Guruprasad, basically from North Karnataka. I'm in Bangalore from last 10 years for my engineering and then for job.

I'm currently working as business consultant in one of the reputed MNC. I'm 28yrs old. 5'11 with an athletic body. I am a medium distance runner which helps me to keep my body in shape.

Coming to my experience, it all started with my class mate Bhavana in the last year of my BE. I had hardly spoken to her before that. I don't know how she became interested in me. We exchanged our contacts for some academic reasons and then we started chatting.

Describing Bhavana, she is 5'5 and a bit plump. She has huge breasts(36DD) and has her buts are awesome. She is not at all a sex bomb, with a big tummy but was pretty in appearance. Her ass swing was too good.

As I said we stated chatting over academic reasons but in few days the topic stared becoming personal. Started from asking why dint you had dinner and very soon became too personal. One day she proposed me and I accepted. We both were virgins then.

Luckily we both got placed in same reputed company and we were in Mysore for training. During training we used to chat and talk a lot. We used to go out for dinner and some long walks. During one such long walks I just pushed my hand into her top and she was showing week resistance. That was the first time I felt her boobs and they were huge.

We continued this and the matter didn't go any further but we had numerous sex chats. Then we both were posted to Bangalore and got into same project along with 3 other batch mates as we were from same technology and there were openings for 5 freshers.

We continued our naughty things inside and outside office. By now Bhavana was happy to be touched and was cooperating with me. Sometimes while going for long walks, she even cooperated by not wearing bra and/or panty and she always used to wear leggings while coming out with me so that I can easily access the treasures.

Whenever I got a chance we used to kiss, smooch. I used to press her huge boobs over her Kutti, slip my hand into her Kutti, feel her pussy and ass by slipping my hand into her legging, slap her ass(which I liked the most) and would console her. She would just be holding my bulge over my pants. We used to do this in office lifts, mall lifts and corridors, on roads.

But made sure we were not noticed very much by people. Bhavana was naughty and used to press my dick even when there were people in lift. After doing this, we used to do sex chat in the night and used to masturbate. This continued for some time and once I gave Bhavana my digicam and next day she returned me the same in office.

I went to rest room to check the pics and I jerked off twice there. I was seeing my lover in her birth dress. By now we had had many sex chats and both were ready to experience something in real. Though Bhavana was bit afraid of the first time pain(she had feelt my fully erect dick many times) she used to say how would that monster get into my small hole?

But I used to console her saying we will do it easy. Also some of her friends got married and they shared their experiences so she was bit ok. We were planning for a safe place to lose our virginity. I planned to have sex with condom but Bhavana was very particular about having it direct. So we chose one Saturday when she was in her safe days and booked a room in ginger hotel.

Bhavana checked into the hotel by around 7pm and I was there in my bike at 7.30. When I entered I saw my babe in a very sexy position. I couldn't control myself and dragged her to the bed and started kissing her. She stopped me by saying we will have dinner first. I told her will stop but only on once condition.

She said what, I said you will come to dinner only in a T-shirt and a legging. She wasn't happy but reluctantly agreed. I undressed her, kissed her boobs. I was mad at her cleanly shaved pussy and started fingering it. She was already wet then she wore a loose T-shirt and a dark colored legging. Anybody noticing properly could see the camel toe.

I felt her pussy area in the lift and her juices were oozing out of her legging. This made us more horny. We had our dinner and there were not much people in the hotel. We were sitting side by side and I pressed her boobs on all pretext. During dinner I told Bhavana that I will tear off her legging if there was no one else. She dint agree but I convinced her.

But when we went near lift there was one gentleman waiting. We returned to dining area on some pretext and entered the lift next time. I used my bike key and tore off her legging from back in the lift. We checked if there were anyone in the corridor, since there were none I kept my hand on her bare ass and walked to the room. She had kept her hand on my dick all the way.

Once we entered I locked the room and tore off the legging completely exposing her pussy and ass. Bhavana was bit nervous but was enjoying. I started licking her pussy. She was loosing her control. She asked for my dick, I got up took of remaining legging from her body, remover her T-shirt aa well. I undid my track and tee and we came in 69 position.

This was first time my dick was being licked, I lost after some time and started banging her mouth for some time. I was making her mad by licking her pussy. she was lifting her hips and giving me more access. She came once and asked me to leave her, I licked her juice and started doing again, second time she came and she got up from bed and asked me to fuck her.

I playfully said it will be painful, will not do it. She said I'm mad and want it now. I said ok and placed her on the bed. She spread her leg I started rubbing my dick around her pussy which was making her really mad. She was begging me to enter, after 5 mins I tried to push my dick inside,but her pussy was very tight.

I pushed with all my force and Bhavana let out a small scream.. it hurt her a bit and there were some blood marks on my dick... I slept on her for 2mins kissing her then started to bang her slowly. Now she was enjoying.. after some time she was asking me to fuck her hard, I stated pumping hard and after some time we both came, she wanted me to cum inside her pussy and I did.. we slept like that for some time..

Bhavana woke me up around 12.30 by licking my dick, she really dint want to miss our time alone. We fucked once more on that day. In the morning we checked out of the hotel. Later Bhavana became much closer to me. We had sex again couple more times(before she relocated to Delhi) one was in a sleeper coach bus to Mangalore.

I will write that experience in a later post. Bhavana insisted on recording our first experience but I denied stating security reasons. I just took a pic of her pussy after her first fuck.

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Sangeetha Enjoying Lesbian Sex With Maid

Attraction to opposite gender is very common for a human being but getting attracted to the same gender was very uncommon and the whole people disagree it. Even though it was very common to have sex with same gender in these present era having pleasure with same gender has gained a lot of interest in hell a lot of people.

Likewise I too had sex with my maid lady, Hamsa. At first let me give a brief intro about me. Myself Sangeetha fair in color B.Sc. computer science, mid-thirties happily married for 13 years. I have a normal 34 sized breast a little dummy for a house wife and a normal sized ass. I am mother of 2 lovely daughters and a handsome son this shows how my sex life goes.

Till present date I and my hubby would involve at-least 6 times a week. Now featuring my maid, Hamsa - healthy, mid complexion women she has a 42 sized protruding breast and a pretty good shape and a nice round bottom ass and a very pretty good looking face. The relationship started about a year ago after my 3 child started going to 1st standard.

Normally she will come in the morning at 10 and she leaves by 12. But after some disturbances in my health for this past year she would stay and help me out in cooking and other works. Only during that time she and I got to get along very close to each other. As a normal chit chat we used to discuss many stories personal etc...

When sharing her life I get to know that she is aged 55 and has 4daughters and 2 son and 5 grand daughters and 3 grandson. I was shocked to hear that. She said she has a very healthy life so her age will be casted less than she appear.

I started to get feeling for her on one cloudy day it was heavy pouring outside and as she came in with fully drenched saree. I got a full look at her body including the nipples protruding out and all other sorts which made me fell a great urges in me which I had never experienced.

She went to bathroom to change the clothes which I gave and she left all her dress in the bathroom itself. The whole day I was watching her body her face and all other sorts. Oh my god she was a one heck of a piece which anyone would want. After 4 she went and she did not take her clothes because it was wet she said she will pick it up the next day.

When I went in to bathroom for my evening shower I saw her panties bra and all her clothes. I took the panties bra and wore it on my body and then I realized how big her breasts and ass are. Since I cannot control my urges I had a session with my hubby that night.

As days went by my eager ness to touch her grows drastically and had a great opportunity after 8 months. As my husband had to leave to a field trip to nearby state for 3 days he asked the maid to stay in the house to help out in which she accepted.

On the first day I started talking about the sex life I openly said that how many times I will have sex with my husband and asked for hers she said that all her daughters and son are all married and they are all live in independent house so she and her husband would fuck 2 times a day and her hubby age is also just a year’s more than her.

I was taken a back, for me to have sex 6/week I have a very restless day she will fuck her husband 2 times a day yet she stays healthy without even tiredness. I knew that she is not eager about having sex with other people especially not with me. So I made a plan to seduce her.

After my children are gone to school I will accidentally place my hand around her waist breast ass. She noticed all these but will not even utter a word. In the mid days I will watch porn and I made it a point that she too will take a peek at it. I always played all the lesbian videos I had and made her to take a peek at the computer. I knew she saw my computer with lesbian video.

In the afternoon during lunch she suddenly said I saw something in your computer will you show that to me. I acted I don't know what u r asking. She said that video u were seeing a video of two girls licking each other’s parts. I said do you see those videos she said no I have not seen those type of videos but she needs to see them.

After our lunch I opened my computer and showed her all and only lesbian movies. She was rubbing her vagina periodically and went out without uttering we slept our afternoon sleep and in the evening during tea time I asked how was the video she said do they do these things for real I said yes.

The next day after the kids went to school I went straight to her room where she was changing her clothes and I went in excusing myself and sat near the bed as she changes her full set clothes because she came out of showers just then. she did not mind me sitting beside her I got high on my urges and after she removed her bra I caught her breast and said what a lovely breast

you have and started to play with it she was resisting my touch continuously even though she was resisting I held it firmly she said to stop but I did not stop and started licking it she just pushed me away and said what you are doing is in appropriate.

I said plus started having feelings for you when I saw your full body in urn fully drenched clothes so please let me touch your body I need it more desperately. I said please do this one help to me and begged to her. She after some time of refusal allowed to touch her parts. I asked her to be naked and lie in the bed and I went to check all the windows and curtains are closed.

By the time I went there she was nude and was covering her body with blanket. I pulled out the blanket and made myself also nude and started kissing her lip lock. She was hesitating a lot but after some time her too co- operated with me. After some time of kissing I moved down and started licking and sucking her breast.

Mg it tasted heavenly I was sucking for a very long time and started fingering her vagina. First I inserted one finger which she did not show any movement after some time I inserted 3 fingers which she resisted with little pain. then I made her to lick my breasts she said no I wont then I made her and made her to suck my breast in a bit of harassment.

I changed my position to 69 and started licking her pussy she was mourning a lot but she did not lick mine. I said please lick mine she refused and inserted 5 fingers in her vagina to which she made a loud noise I said unless u start licking I won’t stop doing this she then started licking. This happened for some time and I drank her juice while she spilled all my juice in her face.

We continued this throughout the day while we are in the kitchen and during lunch and rare in evening since the children will be back home and at the night after my children sleep I went to her room and we enjoyed at initial stages she showed many hesitation but the end of 2 day she started to enjoy with much involvement.

After my husband’s arrival I said her to come at sharply 9 because he will leave by then and the children too. The next two days were Saturday and Sunday my husband had leave so I asked her not to come and I had a great amount of sex with my husband he fucked me like 4 times

on the next day of arrival (sat) and since kids will be home on Sunday he fucked me in the afternoon sleep and night and gave many blowjobs to him because I will drink all the fluid. The next day morning she came at sharp 9 by then my husband was a few min late to get down after his departure I went to her.

She was washing the dishes and I hugged her from behind and squeezed her breasts and she turned and gave a long kiss. I asked how her week end went she said her husband company will be closed for one week for maintenance and he was home when I went because the leave started from that day, Saturday.

Since he did not see me for 3 days he fucked me like he has not fucked for many years. I asked how many times she said may be btw 10-12 per day. He never left from my side. Where ever I go he was there behind me like a dog and fucked in every place every position. I too said about mine.

After finishing our work we went straight to shower and enjoyed having pleasure there and after our shower we went straight to bed room and started doing our thing. Scissor type were our one among the favorite positions to fuck each other’s. We would rub each other’s vagina using the scissors position.

Once a week we would apply oil on each other body and try to fuck each other in that oil. We would give each other heavy massage and muscle relaxation massage and apply more oil to our boobs and vagina since we use them a lot and take bath in moderate hot steam bath.

Nothing give pleasure than having sex while having bath after an oil massage that too with the once who satisfy you the most. For me getting oil massage was new but for her she would get an oil massage from her husband every Sunday and intercourse. She Said to try that with my husband also and I tried with that with my husband on the very next Saturday.

He felt more relaxed and in the due time of massage my hubby fucked me. I took oil to our room and lubricate my hubby pennies with it and will give an oil massage blowjob whenever I fell. These things turned him so much that he used to go rage than ever before in satisfying me. I would apply every night while we go to sleep so that his penis will not suffer from burning sensation.

I ordered 5 different size dildos and vibrator. I hid it in such a place that my husband wouldn't find it. We will use those dildos and fuck each other to death. We will even try anal position using the dildos. She had only little pain because her husband would try anal daily so she had a lot of lesser pain than me. I on the other side will cry out loud in pain.

We will even use carrot banana and whichever fruit we can use on each other to gain pleasure. We became very sex addicts that even when my children where home on some school holidays we will make it a point to satisfy each others pleasure at any cost.

During cooking either I will have my hands over her or her hand will be over me most of the time we will stay naked because it’s easy for two of us to get pleasure. When children are home I would were nightie because it’s very easy to cover when they appear suddenly. Till now we have never missed fucking one day except Sundays because our husband will be home.

I get to enjoy with my maid during day time and with my hubby in the nights. Sometime my cunts gets pained but enjoying your life with your loved once what high pleasure is there than that. Hope you guys enjoyed the story.

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Raju Enjoying Sex With Akka And Cousin - II

Previously: Raju Enjoying Sex With Akka And Cousin - I

I am Raju again. I wrote to about how Akka and I finally fucked because of the help of Sarasu my cousin. I wrote that she wanted me to come to her home town and how I fucked her and her colleague Rani teacher. After fucking them for two days I wanted to get back home, but Sarasu said there is one more of her colleague who would like to meet me. It was Fatima.

I asked Sarasu why you people are like this why dont you get married and live like others. Sarasu said her story. She had some horoscope problem and hence she could not marry unless a suitable boy is found. Of course her people are searching, but her youth is getting wasted and she somehow wanted to get the best out of life. She does not go mix with too many people.

There was a teacher, Simon, who had very few classes and he was free most of the time. his family was at a far away town and he could go only once in a month or once in two months. Sarasu got friendly with him and whenever she was free, she used to meet Simon master. Rani's husband was away at the gulf.

She spent just a few days with her husband soon after marriage and tasted sex with him. His going away made her sex starved and he told her agony to Sarasu. She asked Rani to join her with Simon sir. Fathima teacher was divorced by her husband who had a fancy for another girl. Luckily Fathima got this job.

She had a child and hence she decided not to marry and she to joined Simon sir. Simon had one of the biggest cocks and he was never tired of fucking. If all the three girls come together he will fuck and satisfy them. He had a flat for himself and the entrance to this flat was from the rear and nobody will notice when someone goes or comes out.

One of these girls will always with him and cook his food, bath him giving him oil bath eat food and then go home. Sarasu said he had a method of playing sex with women. He will do oral sex, massage their bodies, fuck them in the front and rear and satify her in all respects. Sarasu, Rani and Fathima took care that they all do not tire him and they went at the rate one per day.

If somebody feel very horny she was quite welcome. Simon has gone to his home and that was why Sarasu called Rani and Fathima. Sarasu took me to the flat of Simon sir. Rani teacher was already there. Fathima came later. Fathima introduced her to me. She was very beautiful and had a slim body and good sized boobs and nice projected ass.

She was fair in color and had a sweet voice. Sarasu lifted my dhothi and showed my semi erect cock to the other girls. They were awed and showed signs of exclamation. Rani came near me and held my cock in her hand. Though I had fucked her earlier, she was very greedy that she wanted to have it again. Slowly the girls started to undress and I had only a t shirt and dhothi.

The removed it and made me fully naked. All the three had hairless pussies and Sarasu had only stubs. I was sitting in the sofa and called Fathima to me. she came shyly and sat near me and took my cock and was kissing it. She said it was because of Simon they had some relief. Otherwise it was miserable.

Sarasu consoled them and told tham Raju, that is I, will come whenever they want and I was younger than Simon and can perform well than him. All the three sat in frot me and by the side me and rubbed their boobs on me. I said let me do one by one, I will take Fathima today. Fathima stood up and came to me, I made her sit on my lap and squeezed her boobs.

They were firm and he nipples were already erect. I kissed her on her cheeks and on her neck. Apparently she was aroused. I asked Fathima to sit on my lap facing me with her legs on either side of me. She sat. I took my cock and directed it to the open lips of the cunt of Fathima and pulled her hip towards me. My cock entered her hole.

It was tight and I had to make two or three attempts to make a full entry. It was tight fitted and Fathima started to moan. When I pulled her and pushed her, the tip of my cock rubbed against her g spot which gave her great pleasure. With two minutes she got her first orgasm and my fast movement inside her made her cry and it was again and again orgasm.

I asked her to get down go and call Rani teacher. I asked Fathima to help Rani to sit on my lap, Rani also sat in the same way. Rani had smaller boobs and slender body. My cock entered her hole tightly and Rani was kissing me repeatedly. She said she enjoyed fucking me is more enjoyable than fucking with Simon. Fathima who was sitting near us also said the same thing.

Fathima held the body of Rani and moved it forward and backwards. Rani again was moaning loudly and each time my cock touched her g spot she cried loudly. Fathima adjusted the legs of Rani and now the body of Rani swung in and out. The was her mouth was open and gurgling sound coming from her mouth I could make out that Rani was getting series of orgasms.

I did not discharge and my erection was intact. Fathima called Sarasu to come. She came similingly. I had fucked only in missionary position and this swinging in the lap was new to her. She was slightly heavy and her boobs were large. Fathima and Rani opened her cunt lips and placed my cock and pulled her towards me. It was tight and my cock went in tightly.

Sarasu was surprised that this pose gave more pleasure than just lying and taking my cock in. Each time my cock went in or came out, she was crying and moaning. The other two girls was gigling, because they knew how and why it happened. Sarasu caught hold of me with her hands and made her body move in and out very fast and she got full orgasm withing minutes.

She asked me whether I had dicharged, I said no. I will have one more round and then discharge. Girls all said this is a very good posture and they all got great pleasure than getting fucked lying on the floor. Sarasy got down and went to the kitchen and got me a glass of milk. Fathima fried two eggs and brought me to refurbish my energy.

They were all surprised at my capacity to retain my erection. I asked them to sit on the sofa in a row with their face down and asses up so that I may fuck them in doggy style. They all bowed in the settee with their heads down and asses raised up. I went and saw that all their fuckholes were in one row. I inserted my cock in the cunt of Rani who was first in the row.

In this posture, the vagina gets extended and becomes very long. I inserted my cock and it went in fully and filled her. She was moaning. After two or three stroked, I pulled out and took it inside Fathima. My seven inch monster went in and in and it was knocking at the entrance of her uterus. After three or four strokes, I put it inside Sarasu. All the girls came very fast.

They were surprised how soon I got them to reach their orgasm. I fucked Sarasu a little longer and I got my orgasm and shot my cum inside her. She too enjoyed it immensely. She went to the bathroom and washed and came. I said now I was some interval since I fucked all you twice. They said yes.

We took rest for some time and they all said my fucking them was very pleasureable than that of Simon. I said dont be ungrateful, he only gave you months long pleasure and I came only now. The girls agreed and laughed at my saying.

I fucked them one more round on my lap and final fuck to Sarasu. I told Sarasu that I cannot be staying here and fucking them all the time, I should go back. They agreed and I got back home. This is just a fantasy.

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