Aashima Enjoying Sex With Horny Sanju Mama - I

Few days back there was a sex experience written by a male about fucking his niece, since I have read that write up I was also temped to write my fucking experience with my Mama. Like everyone I will also say that except names everything written her is word to word true.

I am Aashima, fair and above average looking female of 25 years of age, I am not tall; barely 5’3” with flat belly, not huge but I have big breasts. Altogether I have a balanced body but with significant heaviness over my ass. I live with my parents in NCR which is a part of Haryana state and I work in NCR which come in U.P.

It’s more than two hours one side through metro and usually I do daily up down. But sometimes, when I get late in the office I stay at my Mama’s place who lives barely 5-6 Km away from my work place. Sanju Mama; he is my mother’s real younger brother, youngest in all siblings he is somewhat 45, obviously married and he also has one daughter.

Since beginning I have seen Mama as a very caring person, not just for me but also for my mom and everybody around and I never got any clue about Mama’s dirty intentions for me. From last few months I was somewhat regular in visiting Mama and Mami and many times I have been there without informing them and he was always casual in talking to me

and most of the times use to address me “Gudiya” in the tone as if I am his daughter. Anyway that day when it all happened after office I was dating with my seiner over dinner and I didn’t informed Mami about my stay in their house and later pretending as if I was working late in the office when I reached at Sanju Mama’s place somewhere around 9:30 I came to know that

Richa Mami has gone to Delhi to visit her mom. Apparently everything was fine, I wished him on the door itself, he too wished me and soon after entering in the house while Mama told me that Mami and Anu (his daughter) are out for the night I realized that Mama is little drunk.

For an instant I hesitated and thought about going back home but in the end moved in casually and entered in study cum bedroom of her daughter. After few minutes, without opening door of my room Sanju Mama asked me if I will have dinner and I denied casually.

One hour passed, in the mean time I called my mom to tell her everything is fine and after using washroom for quick shower and changing into nightwear, Capri and t-shirt I switched on my laptop and I was in the middle of one Hollywood movie when Mama suddenly entered in the room with a glass full of soft drink for me.

I was on bed with laptop on study table and he settled down little far from me on the chair and asked me which movie is running on my screen and after having little chit chat over that movie he asked me how is my job going. Till then everything I was fine, though as compared Mama was looking little more drunk,

still he seemed very much in his senses but suddenly he changed the subject of talk and in dazing fashion came out saying that I was born in front of him I am so grown up now “Tu mere saamne paida hui thi…ab dekh kitni badi ho gayi hai” “You are 25…right?” in continuation he confirmed my age and as I moved my head in yes he came up saying that now they have

to marry me as quickly as possible “ab bus jaldi se jaldi teri Shaadi karni hai”. By now I was feeling little uneasy because of his overall gesture so I did not replied anything, I just looked into his eyes and Mama asked me what I was expecting him to ask next; if I have a boyfriend “Tera koi boy friend hai?”

I denied “nahi…” “Jhoot mat bol..main tujhe bike pe ek ladke ke saath chipke hue dekha hai” and I was shocked to hear that “Nahi wo…actually” he was right and I tried to save myself and fumbled and Mama told me not to feel scared as there is nothing wrong in having boy friend “darr kyun rahi hai…boy friend hona koi galat baat nahi hai…” and I moved my vision away from his face

“I want to tell you one more thing…” he continued and I was shocked as he came out saying that looking at my body he can make out that I have also done sex, not just once but several times “teri body ko dekh kar patta chal raha hai ki tu sex bhi kar chuki hai…” “ek baar nahin…kai baar”.

I don’t know he could truly make out that or it was just a fluke but he was absolutely right, from last one year I was in sex affair with my seiner. As my boy friend belonged to different religion there were no future commitments from any side, it was relation purely for fun and I was enjoying regular fucking with him for 2-3 days continuously every month.

Anyway I was stunned to hear Sanju Mama just spoke and really failed to deny him instantly and with mild dominance he tried verifing “Say… yes or No?” “No…” I denied with all my confidence but he said I am lying “tu jhoot bol rahi hai” he spoke that with a wiked smile, for few seconds I continued looking into his eyes without a flick but I ultimately moved my sight away.

“Darr matt…I am your friend….” and I looked up again and he asked me again “Kar chuki hai na…?” I wanted to say No again but don’t know how I accepted and once again moved my sight away from his eyes. “Good…” he smiled naughtily while saying “good” and further asked me if we both are serious for relation “tum dono is relation ko lekar serious ho?”

and keeping my vision away I knobbed my head in No. I was little scared because I was expecting that now he will ask me my boy friend’s name(which would reveal his religion) and after knowing that he will go crazy over me but Mama remained silent for next few seconds, possibly he was waiting for me to look up and as I looked up at his face he spoke again

“You know…tu paanch saal ki thi jab…” means you were 5 years old when, saying that he paused for a moment and smiled naughtily, anyhow I could not guess what was he about to say and for an instant Sanju Mama once again repeated initial statement and ultimately revealed his dirty desire in weird words “Tu paanch saal ki thi…jab last time maine tujhe Nanga dekha tha…”

and before I would have realized what he just said Mama spoke again “aur aaj fir se main tujhe Nanga dekhunga” and I was madly stunned to hear that. “What do you say…? Mere saath Sex karna hai…?” he asked me for sex so casually as if there is nothing wrong in it and totally choked over my throat my heart started beating high “darr matt…samajh lay main tera boyfriend hun…”

with that he got and I reacted instantly “Nahi…Mama…please…aesi baaten mat karo…” “Mazza aayega….!” he said it will be fun and I denied again “Nahi mujhe nahin karna…” and he told me to let him suck my cunt “Ok…I will not fuck you…just let me suck your Pussy….” “No….!” “Please Aashima maan Jaa” adressing my name he requested me to agree and I knobbed my head in no

“Ok…just show me your Pussy…” he came closer while saying that and folding my legs inwards I moved into the corner “Please… Maan ja…” he requested again with a cunning smile and I started breathing heavy “nahi Mama… please don’t do all this to me” “I promise I will not do anything….you just show me your Pussy…” he replied and with that he came further close and I went more into the wall.

“Tu please darr matt…main tujhe nahin chodunga……main jo kuch bhi karunga to tere consent se karunga” and with that he took glass of soft drink from my hand and kept it on the study table. “Now show me your Cunt” looking into my eyes Sanju Mama spoke out bit seriously and I pleaded again “Mama Please…what are you saying…” “Hindi mein Bolun? …apni Chut Dikha de”

he spoke in sarcastic tone and with that resting his bottom over the edge he sat down on the bed little far from me. Breathing heavy also sweating a bit I don’t know exactly what was I thinking that perticular instant, I could scream, also I could hit him but before I would have thought about doing anything like that Mama extended his hand and caressed my cheek tenderly and I puffed in undue delight.

Mama was going against my will still I moaned in pleasure; I really don't know how it happened, why his touch pleasured me? And unfortunately Mama sensed my state, he smiled naughtily over my tiny puff and asked me mild teasing tone “naughty girl…. tera bhi mann kar raha hai na?" and I was dumb folded.

Just looking into each other’s eyes, no words exchanged for for next few seconds and in the end Mama told me not to feel shy and straightway asked me to get naked “Sharma matt… ab bus fatafat Nangi ho ja” and with quick movement I jumped out of bed and got away from him “Main ghar jaa rahi hun” I picked up my bag and started packing my bag while saying I am going home.

Time was almost 11, Sanju Mama looked at time on the wall clock and behaving completely brazen used hardcore Hindi in saying that if I will go home at this hours, somebody will certainly fuck me on the way and instead of getting fucked by a stranger it is better to fuck with him

“iss time ghar jaayegi to raaste mei tujhe koi na koi to Chod hi dega…kisi aise waise se Chudwane se achha hai tu yahan mujhse hi Chudwa le” he was speaking vulgar consistently but that was real stunner for me, though I was aware of all these words, moreover I use to enjoy this nonsense while being on bed with my boy friend but Mama saying such words to me

was unbelieveble and next instant with no hesitation over his gesture he moved forward and wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. My breasts knocked his firm chest lightly, for an instant our thighs also came in contact and before I would pushed him Mama wrapped his other arm over my ass and kissed me over my cheek.

I pushed him but he was holding me with both the hands and he once again kissed me but this time over my neck and very close to my ear.

To Be Continued...

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Ajay Enjoying Sex Along With Physical Workout

I, Ajay, 19, one day skipped my classes and came home, got into my casuals, put on the TV and was watching some english channel, but it was boring, switched it off and then opened my laptop, all porn videos stored in the disc have been seen many times and boring, searched the net, may sites were closed.

Put out the laptop, went to the kitchen to see any snacks remaining for munching. Suddenly from the far off kitchen window I could see the window of the flat in the neighboring block, a lady was doing exercise in front of the mirror. I could not see the mirror, the lady was in fantastic shape, big boobs, narrow waist, big ass, thick thighs, clean shaven arm pits,

with hair tied on top and she was jumping with legs spread and hands lifted up and legs come close and hands down. I could imagine she is doing exercise in front of a large mirror. She did not wear, but wore a polka panty. Though her window and our window are just opposite to each other and she could have seen had she turned her head, she was concentrating in her exercise.

And I hiding from her direct view hid my self to see more action. She must have started the exercise just then and later she may remove her underwear when she starts perspiring and show me her pussy. She was so beautiful, that I wanted to jump across and go and kiss her,

But jumping from the 9th floor window to the other 9th floor window however close it may appear to be is a great risk. Though I had hand ful of snacks, I didnot munch for fear of her hearing the sound and sensing my presence here so close. After taking a gap again she started to twist her body and touch her tight toes with her left hand and vice versa.

WoW, her boobs and erect nipples were indeed a sight. Within a minute I could see her skin glowing with perspiration. Overhead fan is swirling in full speed. She takes a gap for about five minutes before she starts with her next. She looks like to be of my age. I could not make out which floor it may be.

Now she started again, first making faces at her own image, smiling and then hands stretched up, bowing forward and touching her feet, rising up and then bending backwards. Her boobs were pushed so much forward and I would have taken the whole thing in my mouth. My chhota was already erect and protruding inside my bermuda.

Then something happened which was quite unexpected. She put her palm over her pussy and started to rub it over her panty. As she was enjoying the act, her face showed some contortions. I was watching intently as to what she is doing next. Oh OHHHHOOOO she pulled down her panty exposing her clean shaven pussy. I was amazed at this visual, quite unexpected.

My mother who uses the kitchen most would not have seen this kind of scene, or she would have asked the girl to close their window while doing exercise. In that case I would not have had this golden chance of see this golden execise. The girl, after removing the panty, was inserting her middle finger into her fuck hole and making in and out exercise.

Initially starting in a slow exercise, she proceeded making it faster and vigorous, beinding forward, with half closed eyes. What can I do with a fully erect tool on this side of the wall to help a girl on the other side of the wall struggling to get some pleasure out of her finger. She stopped, looked at her hand, chose two fingers and inserted both the fingers instead of one.

It was so agonizing for me. When the girl next door is struggling, I am here with one of the finest cocks in the world standing helplessly. I do not know her name, or their flat or door number, or their phone number. I put on some clothes, locked the door, ran down, went to the watchman on the next block and asked for the name of the tenant of this flat, He was most non cooperative,

he asked who are you, why do you want so much information, Then I came back to our watchman and asked him to talk to the watchman of the next block and ultimately after parting with couple of hundred rupee notes, they gave all the information I needed.

I dialed the number from the veranda of our 9th floor and called, hellow, Geetha, I understand you are very much interested to do exercise everyday. She asked who are you, I said I am your neighbour and have seen you in your tracksuit going out for jogging etc. I am Ajay in your next block, can I join you in doing physical exercise.

I am very much interested but it is boring to do it alone. If there is a companion, we can do it with a competitive spirit it will be interesting. She said ok, come to the terrace, we will do it in the open. I went with her, on reaching the terrance I told her that I used to watch you doing the physicals and then ending with fingering.

What, what do you mean, when did you see, she threw spate of questions. Finally she agreed, and told me not to tell anybody, I said no, why should I, especially when we are friends. She said her husband soon after marriage left to gulf and bought this flat for her stay. His parents used to be with her, But they went away as their daughter came for delivery. Now she said I am alone.

I dont want to have sex with any stranger. They are dangerous and will start blackmailing me. I told her I am a simple man, student, and have no experience in sex, no girl friends, I must be younger than you in age. I would like you to teach me about sex. But you should not make fun of me.

She laughed and said ok ok, but you look simple, first of all let us do some exercise and then we will decide. We exercised for half an hour and then she told me, you look ok. Just lower you underwear and let me see your cock. I lowered my jockey and my semi erect cock was getting fully erect. Lovely, she said and said it is of the same size as that of my husband.

Let me smell and taste it. She smelled it and licked it and said it smells and tastes just like that of my husband. I told her, then show me yours also. She said, no, not here, we will go down to my flat, in my bedroom. We went to her flat, she closed the door and bolted it from inside and lead me to her bedroom. She removed all her clothing and went to the bathroom in her panty.

She called me also to come so that we will have bath together. I went inside her bathroom, She removed her panty and I removed my t shirt and jocky. She directed her shower handle on me and washed my armpits and my cock. Then she washed her body, pussy and its interior very meticulously. After drying our bodies we went to her bedroom and stretched into her bed.

Geetha was in her youthful glow and she pulled me to her side and sealed her lips on mine. After a long and passionate kiss, she told me that she will teach me how to kiss. By a good kiss you should be able to arouse a girl. We went on kissing and she came over me and kissed me and we lying by the side of each other kissed. She showed me different methods of kissing.

It was so arousing that my tool stool erect like a steel rod. Then she asked me to press her boobs and lick around her nipples and suck them. She was moaning loudly. She was very much aroused like me. Then she said we will do some oral sex. She showed me how to lick her wet cunt and lick her clitoris. She opened her legs wide and guided my head to her pussy.

She opened her cunt lips with both of her hands and showed me her clitoris and asked me lick it and then suck it softly. Then she asked me to get on to a 69 posture, and took my cock into her mouth. It was only for a short time. Then she asked me to get up and come upon her and took my cock tip into her fuckhole and asked me to push it in slowly and softly. It was very tight.

She said it is a long time since a cock has entered her hole and hence she said it will take time. She said she learnt all these things only from watching porno videos. By the time I was deeply inside her she asked me to take it in and out slowly and gradually increase the speed. I felt like being in heaven.

Then she asked me to lie down on my back and she straddled me with her legs on either side of me and took my cock inside her cunt. She was moving it so nicely that my cock was pressing against her clitoris. Her orgasm was very near and she told me to get my orgasm also so that we both can enjoy together.

I shot my cum into her and her own fluids were copious and it wet the bedsheet. We went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts. She told me very much about pregnancy and she said she will take all precautions. We fucked for three or four times that day and then I returned home fully satiated. I made it a practice to fuck her daily and do some physical exercises.

Geetha was very hot girl and wanted me to stay with her in the night also, but since my parents would be there and what reason could I tell them for my disappearance in the night. But she took advantage of me every minute I was with her.

After our half an hour work out, she will take me to her bedroom and make me naked and sit on me with her legs on either side of me and put my cock in her hole and fuck me. I get her boobs nicely to suck and I get her cheeks to kiss, when she she moves backward and forwards. Till her husband took her away to gulf I fucked her to my heart's content.

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Horny Desi Office Guy Fucking Lady Staff One By One

When I got a posting to a north Indian city, I was happy. As a bachelor I had no encumbrances, my parents at home would be taken care of by my sister. I was a free bird, just 24, with a healthy physique. My employer asked me to open a branch in this city and I took a suitable office, arranged for suitable furniture, I engaged minimum staff only females.

I liked to take females because they will take responsibility and work, it is always pleasant to have a couple of chicks running around in the office. Roza, 20 was my private secretary, Suni 21, was the computer operator, Mary, 24 to look after the admn. Kamalamma to take of the office, to clean, and take care of the general work. She was 30, a widow, without children, good looking.

All the girls worked as a team. I was busy to contact new customers and to acquire new business. Mary and Roza did identical work. Roza being young and beautiful, remained in my room most of the time so that I may look and enjoy her boobs and nice round ass all the time. She comes to office neatly dressed and talks sweetly to all customers and they all like her.

I asked her whether she can accompany me in my tours, of course only in short tours, she said she will come. I had told all other girls that they too may have to come with me to meet new customers, because in case I am not available in the office, customer should not go unattended. Total transparency is my aim and there is no secret in the office work.

I treated them all equally and they should not think that I give more preference to somebody etc. One Sunday I asked Kamalamma to come for some work, she came and we cleaned my cabin and worked for two hours. We both went to the mall and had a rich food. Kamalamma was very happy when I gave her some extra tip in the evening.

All the girls expected that as a bachelor, I will ask for some sexual favours from them. I was sex starved and sex hungry, but I did not want for the time being show to my staff. Kamala started telling other girls about the lunch we had and how well I treated her etc. That day in the evening Roza asked me to stay for some time as she wanted to empty her drawers and clean them.

I said ok and went to assist her. There was nothing much to be cleaned but made this an excuse to chitchat with me. We sat in the lounge and talked and she expected that I would make some advances towards her. But at 7 pm I asked her to go to a restaurant for supper. We had lot of things to eat and I asked her whether she would take wine. She agreed and we had good wine.

I offered to drop her at her home, but she said she stayed in a guest house and hence she offered to come with me to my home. I told her see Roza, I am a bachelor and I don't have a wife at home. I thought I am yet to settle in life and then get married. Do you mind coming to my home. She said it is ok, sir. We went home and I asked her to freshen herself and come relaxed.

She had no spare dress or nothing to change. I went to the downstairs, where there is a cloth shop, I bought her a nighty and another set for wearing the next day. I changed my dress and put on my casuals. Roza got rid of her old clothes washed her body and put on the nighty. I knew she is not wearing any undergarments.

I opened a bottle of redwine and poured a glass for her and for me I poured a peg of brandy. She sat with me in the couch and took the glass of wine and when I sipped my brandy, she gave me suddenly a kiss on my cheeks. I turned to her side and hugged her and gave her a deep kiss on her cheeks. I asked to sit on my lap with her legs on either side of me.

She was happy to sit like and the bottom line of the nighty went up and her legs and thighs were exposed. I put my glass and her glass on the table and I hugged her, pressing her young boobs against my chest. She was young and was very hot time and became horny very fast. She removed my t shirt and pressed her boobs and her nipples against my chest hair.

I kissed her on her ear lobes, on her cleavage and took her nipples in my mouth and sucked and licked them. Roza was very horny. She gave me the other boob to such and was moaning loudly. I gave her her glass to finish and I finished mine and I removed her nighty and made her totally nude, and I too removed my clothing and my 7 incher stood erect pointed to her.

Roza lied in the couch and opened her legs wide. Her hairless pussy opened up like a lotus flower and I immediately buried my face in it and searched for its interior with my tongue. I located her fuck hole and her clitoris. tickling with my tongue, her cunt started to ooze lot of honey like liquid. Roza was moaning loudly pressing my head down into her pussy.

I sucked her clitoris and I could sense it brought about a violent orgasm in Roza. I got up and put my cock at the entrance of her hole and pressed it in. It went in tightly. Roza being young was beautiful and her muscles were very strong and she hugged me tightly. I asked her to release me so that I may fuck and fuck you deeply.

Slowly pulling out my cock I plunged it deeply fast and it gave fantastic feeling to her. She begged me to fuck in similar fashion. I fucked for 15 minutes and she came another orgasm and I too through my fluids into her. She was a clever girl and had taken all precaution by carrying necessary pills. After visiting the bathroom, we had another round of wine and brandy.

She was very enthusiastic about sex and she wanted more and more of similar wild fuck. She said she will move from her lodge to my house so that we can fuck daily day and night. I laughed and we fucked for three or four times and went to sleep. She had a perfect body and every limb was just proportional. It was a pleasure to watch her sleeping naked.

Next day morning I woke her up and dropped her in her lodge. I wanted to take my other staff, Suni and Mary separately out and give them some sex. I know these girls always compare notes and I do not want them to feel neglected. Kamalam comes daily to clean my house and she found the used panties of Roza in the bathroom.

She understood what kind of games we would have played. She hinted to me whether she should stay for the night so that she may make my bed tea and breakfast. I laughed and said ok, ok. In the night I asked her to shave her pussy clean of all public hair. she was surprised, but understood what games I intend to play.

She took my old razor and shaved off her pussy and took a thorough body wash. In the night I asked her to buy supper fo both of us and we both ate. Although Kamalamma was slightly dark, she had very good and attractive features. She went to the other room and spread a mattress and lied on the floor. I called and asked her to sleep in my room which was airconditioned.

I then pulled her to come to my bed. In the process, I removed her dress, which she understood. I too removed my dress and we both lied in the bed. I asked her whether she is married, she said no, she is a widow. her husband died a year back. I pulled her closely and hugged her.

When I was pressing her boobs, her hand was busy with my cock. She wanted to take it in her mouth. Her clean shaven pussy was nice to feel and I sucked her clitoris. She was moaning loudly. I fucked her with my 7 inches rather rudely, but she took it well.

She was sex starved for a long time and hence my rude and rough handling of her pussy with my cock was very much enjoyed by her. Early morning she made good tea and then breakfast and she left for her home, promising to come to office in time.

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Delhi Guy Enjoying Sex With Married Woman From Australia

I am jord from Delhi. And the lady in the story is Rita (name changed). This happened a few years back when I was 21 in college. I got a friend request on my social network site. I couldn’t recognize her first but then recalled that we studied in the same school and she was my senior about 3 years ahead.

In school days she was not so popular with I knew her because we used to go to same tuition classes. We used to talk but not so much as she used to hang out with different friend group. I accepted the request and was pleasant that she remembered from that long. She lives in Australia now with her husband and 1-year-old kid.

We started talking remembering our school days and all old memories. We used to chat regularly and slowly became close. Her husband used to work a lot and she stayed home taking care of the baby. Slowly she opened a bit and we started sexting and sending pics and all. She was happy with her husband but she wanted something more.

As she was an alone lot of time she used to send a lot of pics. I use to wait for her pictures every day and sometimes masturbate looking at them. She had big boobs because of the baby. I used to love her boob pics. One day she messaged me saying that she is coming to Indian in few weeks as she has to sell her properties and some bank stuff.

I was happy that she was coming and she was coming alone. When she came to india she was busy for a week with her work and meeting her relatives and all that. I could hardly talk to her then. We both were desperate to meet but was hard. After many tries, she finally got free and called me to meet. we met at a coffee shop.

We hugged each other when we met and she was looking wow. The perfect figure for a lady of her age. She also had that little Australian accent. I used to just watch her boobs as they were just popping out of her black sexy dress. She noticed quite a few times but didn’t say anything. I even tried to touch her hands few times and she let me. After an awhile, we decided to go to my home.

As I lived by myself in a rented apartment. As soon as we walked in my apt I touch her ass and start rolling my hands. She looked at me and smiled and went away. She asked for the bathroom to freshen up. I showed the way. She went to bathroom leaving the door open. After few minutes I couldn’t resist and grabbed her from back and started kissing her neck.

She closed her eyes and started biting her lips. I slowly started rubbing her boobs and caressing my hands all over her. I put my one hand on her ass and started smacking. She loved that she wanted more and more of that. I pulled her hair and put my fingers in her mouth and she started sucking them. Her red juicy lips were to die for.

She put her hands in my pants and started playing my dick. Her soft fingers were too much to handle. Slowly we started kissing all over our face for abt 20 minutes. We both undressed and went to bed. She had big boobs and clean pussy. After some kissing, I sucked her boobs and also playing with her pussy. She started moaning loudly and I could tell she is wet already.

Slowly she started with my dick. Her soft hands stroking my dick making me feel the top of the world. Then slowly she went down and took my dick in her mouth. She took my whole dick in her mouth. She kept on going fast and fast. She didn’t want to stop and I was loving it to the fullest. She then started licking and playing with my balls.

Then I sat on her face and she took my dick in her mouth. It was heaven so much fun. Then we started kissing again and now she wants to put my dick in her wet pussy. She already came two times by now. I wanted to tease her so didn’t put my dick in her yet. I started kissing her ass and started fingering her pussy. My fingers were doing all the magic. She was going nuts.

After that I slowly started kissing her legs and-and she had smooth skin. I slowly put my dick in her wet pussy and she moans loudly. After few strokes, I started going fast. We were going out of breath. After 15 min we started doing in doggy style and after 10 min I was abt to cum and I said do u want in ur pussy or on the face she said pussy. I loaded all my cum in her it was great.

We took a shower after that and started kissing again inside and slowly started to fuck again. This time I sucked her pussy so much she already came 2 times in my mouth. She sucked my dick and after I cum she took all in her mouth. She was loving all the drip. We kissed for few minutes after that. Throughout all day and next few days, we had many sessions.

Loved those days with her. In next year she came two times for her work purpose and again we had some good time. We went to so many different places and did so many times in different hotel rooms. I eagerly wait for her next arrival to India to have some more fun and good times. We are still in contact and she is planning a visit soon back here so will add more stories later.

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Horny Engineering Student Enjoying Date Sex With Junior

I’m a 22-year-old boy just passed out of engineering with a size to die for (whatever you can imagine ). It so happened that I and one of the juniors started talking very casually because of a group of mutual friends.She was a very short girl with the right amount of assets at the right places.I had an eye on her from the first time I talked to her..She was just so cute that I felt like pampering her all the time and rightly so would look for reasons to talk to her and the feeling was mutual too.

We had our freshers party where I got to know her better through all the games and after the dinner, we were going home and I dropped her home.We gave a tight parting hug while leaving. So we were constantly in touch with each other all the time through texts and calls and regular meet ups in our friends group.

And whenever our group would go out I used to sit next to her very closely and she wouldn’t mind..we would hold each other’s hands very often under the table and she would put her leg over my leg and I would hold her waist and all that.

I went to drop her home and while we were about to reach her place she gave a peck on my cheeks and I couldn’t resist and stopped the car and started smooching passionately in the mid of the road..This was the beginning of our so-called relationship.

We always needed reasons to be with each other and just hit it off lightly..I would always caress her hair and hold her hand and have those soft touches with her and she reciprocated it well always and would just let a breath near me everytime I did that.

After a few days I asked her out officially as a dinner date and she agreed.As decided I went to her room at 8 in my car..She was all dressed up in a purple gown.I couldn’t take my eyes off her and hugged her tight right away and her fragrance made me go even crazy.We reached the place, had dinner and while dropping her she told that she can come inside as her friend is out of the station.

So this is where I make my move.I replied Sure I’ve been waiting to be with you in a cozy place ever since I met you and she blushed.As soon as she locked the door, I held her by the waist and brought her closer. Her breast touching my chest and practically feeling each others breath..the very next moment I starting kissing her and went on for almost 10 mins.

I was running my hands all through her back and squeezing her ass.After the long smooch she tells me to stop..she goes to washroom and comes back with her bra in her hand with her gown on..she jumps on me and starts kissing me ever so passionately and running her nails all over my jacket..the next moment I know she has removed my jacket and shirt.

I slowly start feeling her thighs from.above the gown and she starts feeling my dick.I remove the hooks and her gown comes down to her breasts…Fuckk the cutest pair of things I’ve to see and I go mad kissing and she runs her nails all.over my back and kissing me wildly.I make her lie down and remove the gown totally to see her only in the panties.Now, this is where I show my A game.

I lick her thighs and move to her pussy..and start licking her pussy over her panty.. and boy does she go wild.She stretched her hand to remove her panty but I didn’t allow it.I lock more of her pussy and she screams “I beg you..fuck me, please… I replied I’ll remove her’ s if she removes mine..she immediately got up and removed my pant and underwear and starting licking all around my dick.

I held her hair and pushed her mouth into my dick and she did a nice job for a first timer..After she drank all my load it was my turn to give it back to her..I asked her if I need to be slow and she replied no Just fucking destroy it. This was enough to start my thing. I started to push my dick slowly and once I got the rhythm I pounded her like anything.

Her screams could probably hear to the ground floor but Fuckk “Fuccckckkkkkkkkk don’t stop you mofo..Just fucking tear it ” we’re getting me high. I pounded her for 10 mins and she let a huge aaaaahhhhh once she orgasmed and got up and kissed me and told me to treat her like this always.

After that, we had a huge kissing session and she slept on her stomach with the juices flowing all over the place..I looked at the hourglass figure and spanked her ass and asked if she was tired..to which she smiled playfully.I then thought of trying anal for the first time.I started spanking her and she was enjoying it.

I started inserting my fingers into her asshole and she got confused for a second to which I replied not to worry.She just turned back again and started to and for of my fingers with pace..she started shouting that it’s painting.. I told her this is just the beginning. The worst is yet to come.

Nearby I found a Tropicana can and poured over it and started inserting my dick into her asshole she started to shout and I told her it will be alright. I pounded with more force and finally inserted and she shouted at the top of her voice..fuccccckkkkk youuuuuu…it went on for 5 mins and I licked to Tropicana and her juices after this..turned her around and told her this was it.

She started slapping me very hard and kissed me..after that we hugged each other and slept.. I woke up in the morning to find her looking at me and wanting more.I immediately pulled her and kissed her and she have me a nice blowjob and had a shower sex in the morning. I left for the day but whenever her roommate is not there she calls me up and hit it up..like always.

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Madhu And Sita Fucking In Estate House

His family received a letter from him that he at last got a job in a tea estate in their office as a clerk. They have given him a room, a small isolated room in the middle of vast area of tea gardens. It contained of a small bedroom, a small sit out, a kitchen and a small toilet cum bath with a over head tank full of water.

As furniture they have given him a table, two chairs, a cot, mattress two pillows and a blanket. He wrote he prepared his own tea, by pouring water, milk, tea leaves and sugar all together and when it boils he takes it out and when it cools he drinks them. He wrote that he walked up the hill to the office in his sweater and mufler and there in the canteen they have bread and cheese and good tea.

He takes for lunch same bread and in the evening he buys a loaf of bread and some fruits and comes home. It is always cold and it is winter and hence he prefers to cuddle and lie in his bed with blanket covered. Some times when he is tired he does not take any food, but just sleeps off.

In the midnight he will wake up and remember he had not taken any food, he will get up and eat the bread, keeping something for the morning. His mother and sister were sorry to read the letter from Madhu. He was lazy and unless he is scolded he wont study or even take bath or eat and now poor fellow suffers for all the lazyness he enjoyed at home.

His sister who is sitting idle at home wrote to him to say that she will come and stay with him and set things in order in the house. Sita was elder to him by two years and after graduation she was sitting without any work. If she can be useful to him his routine will be set to order. At first Madhu's mother said she will go, but the journey and the climate would not suit her and hence Sita chose to go.

She would have been got married if not for the heavy dowry people are asking more because she was unemployed. Sita packed her bag with couple of dresses for a week's stay and set out. She took a train to Palakkad, Then she took a bus to the city near the tea estate, and from there she got into a jeep which took her to the tea estate and she asked for the way and reached the isolated room,

Madhu mentioned in his letter. It was evening by then and the cold wind was blowing. She forgot to take her sweater and mufler. Some boys roaming around the place ran to the estate office and informed Madhu that a guest is waiting at his house for his arrivel. It was 15 minutes earlier that the closing time.

His boss allowed him to go and he went to the canteen and took two more loafs of bread and a bunch of banaanas and carried them home. He saw from a distancec that it was Sita who had come. He waved his hand and she responded. She had not taken anything for lunch and hence she was hungry. She went around and saw the house.

The bedroom was so small that two people can hardly sleep in the bed. There was no bed to be placed on the floor. There was no utensils to prepare food. Sita pitied him. But it was too late to go to the market and buy things. She joined him and they both ate the bread and the bananas with left over milk. How they will sleep.

It was chill and he gave his sweater to Sita and took the muffler and wound it around his neck. Sitha went to the toilet, removed her churidar and put on a nighty. She removed her bra and panty and washed them and put them in the cloths line to dry. She wore the sweater beneath the nighty and came to sleep.

Madhu asked Sita to sleep by the side of the wall and he will sleep in the outer edge of the cot and they both will use the single blanket and cuddle themselves in it. Sita had slept with him when they were small children. But now how it will be to sleep lying by his side, she did not know. She has to sleep very close to him.

She did not know that he may get an erection and his cock may push against her body and his hands may seek the softness of her boobs or her asses. Both are slim and hence they can somehow adjust in the space available, but closeness of their bodies, the heat generated by their bodies, the odor of their bodies may influence their minds.

Whether it is brother and sister, it is after all a man and a woman. Madhu got up and checked the two windows, and made sure they are closed tight. He switched off the light and lied in the bed. The blanket is already with Sita and she opened it up for him to enter and covered his rear so that he is completely covered. It so happened her boob was touching the face of Madhu.

They had to grab each other tightly so that either may not slip out of the cover of the blanket. Madhu realized that she did not wear anything underneath and he too wore only a kurtha and pyjama with the muffler around his neck. Satha placed her hands before her pussy and felt his cock pressed against it. She wrapped her hand around it and found it to be of the size of 6".

She put her hand around and grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. Madhu hugged her and her boobs crushed against his chest and flattened. Both could not sleep and both were not talking either. Somehow her hand held a firm grip over his cock and his hand was searaching for her soft boob under neath the sweater. Her boobs were medium sized and were soft and with tiny nipples.

She asked him to get up and put on the light. When he came back, she opened his pyjama andwanted to see his cock in detail, his balls etc. A man's erect cock was a fascinating thing for her. There was a small growth of public hair and the cock stood hard like steel and the skin was smooth and the iiny hole and the skin which ran convering the red head of the cock.

She planted a kiss over it and then opened her mouth wide and took it in her mouth. She rotated her tongue around it and it gave her a strange pleasure. Madhu was a cloud 9, he put his hand on her boobs and ran it around and felt its softness. Time went on sucking the cock and pressing the boob.

Madhu felt his pressure raising and he tried to pull his cock out of sita's mouth but he could not control but shot his cum into her mouth. Sita swallowed the whole thing. Though it was chilly outside, they both were perspiring. They both removed their entire clothes under the blanket and started to probe each others body.

By sucking the cock, Madhu got his orgasm and by sucking the boobs of Sita she too got orgasm. Both brother and sister never felt guilty of their new sexual adventure. Next day morning Sita got up and prepared tea for both of them and called him to get awake take tea and get ready togo to office. Sita by evening shaved her pussy of the public hair and kept it clean.

Thereafter they enjoyed sex with each other under the blanket. Sita went to the town and bought pills and some condoms, but they were mad after sex. The moment she sees his erect cock she lost her control and started. The favourite posture was 69.

There was a letter from their mother next day asking when Sita is returning home as she is lonely and needed help for her daily chores. Sita gave an idea to Madhu about cooking and how to run the household. Whe she said she is leaving, Madhu asked her to come next month again for week.

Sita said she will tell mother and arrange a marriage for Madhu so that he may start his own family with a fresh virgin girl. Sita said she too wants to get married before it is too late. She went back home and told about Madhu and arranged for his marriage.

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Arjun Enjoying First Sex With Horny Neighbourhood Lady

Hi everyone,my name is arjun(not real) age of 26 from andhra pradesh vizag.Not being late over the story I would say this is a fantasy of how I made sex with a mature hot horny women who is my neighbour. This is just a fantasy I had and I never had real sex till now.

So the story goes like this,I live in a rented house alone doing job in vizag and my flat is in third floor.There used to be a women who lives opposite to my flat in an individual duplex house and is married.Her husband works in marketing field in a company which makes her alone most of time as her husband travels a lot and I never seen her anytime as I do my work and live alone in my flat.

One fine morning I woke up at 6 and came out in balcony and seen her coming towards her house.She was wearing a blue saree with transparent blouse and she is very fair in color and normal height.She was looking so sexy and when she is walking he back moves left and right making any guy to have a boner immediately.

Oops soory guys dint tell abt her so lets take her name as mrs apple(fake name) age 27 height 5.6 fair in color and average structure not fat nor too thin she seems like actress.Here goes then,so I was watching her and she was carryng a bag of vegetables and moving towards her and I was in deep scan over her,

suddenly she looked back at me and gave a normal look and went into the house and I too casually went away and had my day work and came back in evening at 8. I changed and had snacks and sat in balcony and I seen her in her balcony and she was sitting in her hanging swing chair and was reading a book and I was constantly looking at her and I can see her navel while she was swinging slowly.

It was a damn sexy she was looking like and I deep gone in her exposing naval while I forgot that she also seen me looking at her.When I came back to my senses I seen her and she looked at me in anger way and went away.I was sad and I also went back inside.

This continued for a week and I used to daily sneek peek at her and she sometimes used to stay and look at me while sometimes left.I was confused what was going in her thoughts. After two weeks of looks one fine day at morning 8 I was about to leave to office and was starting my bike I seen her coming towards her house and suddenly her bag broke and all the things scattered on the road.

I immediaely left my bike and went towards her and said may I help you to which she accepted,apple and me started to pick up the vegetables and in mean while I could see her open naval sometimes and her lips where visible.(guys boobs cant be seen because saree dint fall :-p) after picking all those I helped her to get those to her house which she accompanied me to.

We both went into her house and I kept all those on the dining table and mrs apple said me to have a seat and she went inside to get me something to drink.She came with water and I drank it.Then we both introduced ourselves and she said about her husband and I also said about me and in between I was staring at her with deep eyes towards her sexy red lips and all over.

She noticed me seeing her and then suddenly she got a call and I also said bye and was about to go then she called my name and said thank you and invited me over dinner.I readily accepted and went away. I arrived in evening soon and had bath and dressed up my best with lusty perfume over me. At 8 she called me up and said to come over to dinner and I went to her house.

I knocked the soor and she opened the door.She was looking very sexy in her red saree with naval shown and deep neck blouse made me to gaze at her cleavage and immediately I had an erection.I was staring at her and she shook me and said to come in. I went inside and she said to me sit on sofa meanwhile she went to kitchen to arrange the dinner.

I was anxious and afraid bit thinking what will happen next and was thinking how to proceed forward.She came and sat beside me and we both started to watch english movie titanic and to my chance the kissing and makeout scene came and we both looked at each other and were feeling shy and were looking deep into each others eyes and I my erection was clearly visible

to her to which she in shy turned her face down and moving her hand towards her saree end. Then she broke the silence and said shall we have dinner and I nodded my head and went for dinner.She sat beside me and we both served each other and conversation started over again. Apple– your native Me – vizag but parents live in vijayawada Apple – so you live here alone Me- yes

Apple- no girlfriends? Me-no Apple-come on say really don’t be shy. Me –really I don’t have any gf Apple-any past relations then? Me-not at all, I m still virgin Apple-oh that’s good.By this time ever1 would have already many relations Me-yeah but I dint find anyone good enough Apple- ok.So what you want Me-some one who is caring loving etc Apple-that’s all?

Me-hot sexy and beautiful also Apple-hmm Me-don’t mind but someone who looks like you Apple (smiling and shy) - thank you. And she bent her head down and we had our dinner.We both stood up and went towards handwash and I was washing my hand and she was beside me and our shoulders were touching each others skin making me very horny.

After that she said me to sit and she went inside and bought me ice cream and we both had the ice cream sat beside in sofa and watching movie and again a romantic scene came and I slowly moved my hand towards her hand on the sofa and touched it lightly.

She dint move back her hand so I dared again and touched her hand slowly to which suddenly she held me hand on the sofa and looked into my eyes and came forward and kissed my lips.I held her head and kissed her slowly and put my tongue into her and exchanged each other saliva and we kissed each other for long sometimes trying to chew her lower lip and sometimes upper lip and it was hot moment.

We kissed for long and then I made her sleep on the sofa and slowly removed her pallu and started to kiss over middle part of the boobs and press the boobs also.I then removed my pant and was in my jokey and again I laid over her and started kissing naval and pressing her boobs and she was moaning very much. Ahhh ahhhh ahhh.

I then made her lay reverse and removed her blouse and bra and she was nude on top and I started to suck her one boob and press another one and rub my legs with her bare legs.She was moaning ahhhhh suck me moreee arjun suck me hard and she pressed my head into her breast and I was sucking both the boobs and holding the boobs also.

We were very horny and the environment was hot around us.I made her to stand and pushed her towards wall and started to suck and kiss over her naval and remove her langa and then her panty.Guys that was amazing view as it was clan shaved and pink lips can be seen at the down and so fair.

I started to press her boobs and kiss her lips on top and I raised her legs and started to rub my penis over her pussy on the wall holding her legs and kissing her hard and then I moved her towards bed room and then I removed my jockey also and then pounced over her and started to rub my penis over her pussy and suck all her body wildly.

She was moaning loadly many time ahhhh arjun please I cant take anymore give me your virginity to me,ahhhhh arjun please I m very hungry I cant wait anymore. I was unable to hold anymore and inserted my penis near the heavens pink gate and inserted in one push.But it dint went in as it was tight.

I again pushed hard and it went inside and she shouted like anything and I immediately closed her mouth with mine and slowly started to push my penis inside and I could feel the warmth of the heaven.I was like flying in air and I was unable to control anymore and started to stroke fastly and she was moaning ahhh arjun ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arjun do more tear my penis

(nannu bagaa dengu ra) fuck me very much and I was stroking up and down very hard and entire bed was shaking and kissing her boobs and sucking her lips and finnaly I cummed inside her.And laid on top of her.She gently carcassed my head and I kissed her and said love you apple.

She said she never had such a sex in her life as her husband never cares to show any love and satisfy her.We both cuddled and slept. When I woke up it was midnight 2 30 and I seen her sleeping peacefully nude beside me.She also woke up and seen me and smiled and asked me how m I,

I smiled and again I started to have erction and I slowly kissed her over inside the blanket and started to rub my nude body over her and said apple you r the best that happened to me and started to kiss her and press her boobs and I she was moaning aahh arjunnnn slowly I then slowly moved down and started to lick her pussy with my tongue and played with my tongue

inserting into her pussy and rub the pussy with hands and lick then and she was moaning hard ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and she had her orgasm again I cleaned it up.And inserted my tongue into her mouth and had fine french kiss for 5 mins rubbing my penis into her pussy and then I inserted my penis into her pussy

slowly and started to stroke hard and she was moaning ahhhhhh arjun aaaahhhh arjun slowly its paining but I was pressing her boobs and stroking her hard and this time bed was shaking like anything and my strokes were hard one after another and she was screaming ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa arjunnnnnnnnnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and finnaly I cummed inside her and laid beside her.I could see tear over her eyes and asked apple I m sorry she said arjun it tear of happiness and thank you for giving me such a lovely night and we cuddled and slept like that.

Thank you guys for reading my fantasy story.

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