Man Fucking Housemaid Vedna - III

Previously: Man Fucking Housemaid Vedna - II

Having tested and tasted me, my dear Vedna was too anxious to go out with me overnite for the complete fun & enjoyment. And sooner than later, she informed me that she was ready to go out with me overnite, after 2 days. As such I too informed my family that I would me out for an overnite trip with my friend in 2 days time.

Accordingly, I chalked out the time and place with my Vedna. On the day settled, I took my car to the appointed place at 7am. I had to hardly wait for a couple of minutes, when Vedna arrived. I opened the front door for her and she hopped in quickly. At once I drove away. I saw that she was carrying a bag for the overnite trip.

On the way I told her to take out her boobs from her blouse and cover them with her saree, so that I could fondle them when I had the opportunity and also to raise her saree & petticoat to the maximum possible so that her legs & thighs would not be visible from outside. She did as instructed.

I proceeded towards towards Pune and on the way near Panvel we had our breakfast and proceeded to our destination hotel, which I had already booked in advance. On the way whenever I had the opportunity I fondled her boobs and fingered her choot. She was too ready for all this and sometimes she pressed my lund from by shorts.

Finally, we reached our hotel, just before Pune and straight away proceeded to our room. Once we were in, we freshened up and I held her tight in my arms and kissed her hard. She responded equally by pressing my body against hers and kissed me very very passionately. We also explored each ours tongues and sucked hard.

Once the kissing was over I said, "Are you ready for the ultimate fun?" As intimated in Part I of this story, I am writing our conversations in English, but we conversed in Marathi. "Yes, I am eagerly looking forward to it and am ready," she replied. I started to remove her saree and she was there now in her petticoat & blouse only.

Slowly I started to open the buttons of her blouse and with each opened button I would massage her boobs. Finally, all the buttons were open and I removed her blouse from her body and put it on the bed. She generally does not wear a bra. There were those not very big but erect boobs of hers before my eyes.

I pressed them passionately and then untied the string of her petticoat, which fell down on her feet and I picked up and placed it on the bed. She has a shapely body. Nice thighs, waist, gaand, it fact her whole body is in perfect shape. She then ventured to say, "you have now seen my naked body, I want you too get naked so that I can feast my eyes also."

I too removed my Tee & shorts, I normally don't wear an underwear when wearing shorts. So finally we were both completely naked. I asked her to come near me and hugged her real tight and could feel her shapely boobs on my chest. My lund was dangling near her choot. We kissed & smooched for quite some time, till both's saliva began oozing from our mouths.

Next I kissed & licked every inch of her complete body, her face, neck, tummy, back, gaand, thighs, calves, feet and choot. She was ecstatic and clung to me and said, "I have never been loved so much in my entire life to-date." She said that she wanted to do the same with my body too. She started to kiss & lick my face, neck, stomach, back, gaand & lund.

In the end she took my lund in her mouth and started to suck it. She sucked it so vigorously that I was about to ejaculate and told her of the same. She signalled, without letting go my lund in her mouth, to ejaculate. I did so and she immediately swallowed all my cum. Once done over with she removed my lund from her mouth and smacked her lips.

Now it was my turn to pleasure her. I asked her to lie on the bed on her back, raised her legs and put my tongue to her choot. I started to lick it all over and once I reached her clitoris she raised her lower body and pressed by head and had her orgasm. Her cum was all in my mouth, which I showed her and swallowed it all. She said,"never before have I enjoyed so much having my choot licked."

Finally, it was time to fuck her. She guided my lund in her choot and stated, "now fuck me as hard as you can and for as long as you can." I started with slow motions and she said, "please do it faster and shove your lund completely in my choot." I fucked her real hard with my lund completely in her choot and she said, "O, I am enjoying so much, please release your cum inside my choot dear."

Before I could ejaculate, she had her orgasm, which made her choot completely wet and slippery. With this I felt so good, having realised my dream to fuck my dear lovely Vedna, that I too ejaculated. Immediately she raised her lower body, so that my lund would stay in her choot. While fucking her I has pressing her boobs and sucking them too.

She then wanted to ride me. So without removing my lund from her choot, I went down and she was on top of me now. She really really rode me so fast & hard that I was in seventh heaven and she was enjoying so much that her head tilted back. Having satisfied ourselves, we again changed positions. She clung to me and gave me a very long & passionate kiss.

We lay there like that for some time, she clinging to me all the time. Once we had our breaths back she asked me to get up. Immediately I took her petticoat to wipe our spills. After this lovely fucking session, we lay side by side to take a rest, after which she said,"I want to have your lund in my gaand too, my sexy lover," "Sure darling," I replied.

She went into a doggy position and I started to insert my lund in her gaand. At first it was not easy, as compared to the choot the gaand has a smaller hole. But gradually my lund went in and I started to fuck her while pinching her nipples & boobs. "So, are you liking it," I asked. "Yes, I sure am, though this is a completely new experience for me," she replied.

Fucking her gaand hard & fast I released my cum in it too. Put, put, put was the noise that came with this and my lund slid out. Again I wiped her gaand with her petticoat. Quickly we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. Once we were through I asked, "aren't you feeling hungry" "I am," she replied. "So let's get dressed and go to the restaurant to have our lunch," I said.

"But my petticoat is full of all our cum," she said. "Wash this one and put it up for drying and wear the other one you have brought along," I replied. We dressed up and had our lunch in the restaurant. Once again we came back to our room and switched on the TV and had some rest, after which I summoned for some tea for both.

"Now what?" I asked, after our tea. "We'll have another session of fucking, as I am really enjoying here with you," she replied. And so we had another round of fucking, after which we went down for a stroll. After the stroll and before dinner there was another round of love-making, then dinner and then the last round of fucking before going to sleep.

The next morning, we had our bath together, enjoying each other. And before departing, we had our last round of fucking. "So my dear Vedna, how was the time we spent together," I asked. "Never before have I been fucked so many times and I enjoyed every moment with you. Rather I regret why I did not respond to your advances earlier.

Thank you very much for all the fun & enjoyment. I promise I shall keep on making programmes of outings with you at every opportunity I get," she said. "For me too it was a lifetime experience as I always wanted to make love to you and fuck you. So, thanks to you too dear. I shall always look forward to our outings together again." I retorted. With that we proceeded back home.

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Bhavna Fucked Nicely By Jeeju Swapnil - III

Previously: Bhavna Fucked Nicely By Jeeju Swapnil - II

Next day I got up early & lost in my routine work without carrying yesterday’s lustful episode in my mind & there were few more relatives have visited the place to see my sister & almost till 3 noon I was busy in arranging tea snacks & Lunch preparation for the visitors. Jeeju was at home only as he had taken a leave from office to take care of her ill wife(!!!!!).

Since morning he was looking restless probably due to I was lost in work & was not looking at him. He was roaming here n there again n again and whenever he got the chance he touched my fleshy assets some or the other way which I rejected by pushing his hand or looking with angered face.

My behavior inflamed more n more fire in him to again cuddle me in bed & he became more n more desperate & was eagerly awaiting for the guest to leave. Here my side I was also nervous with hidden desire awakening gradually with Jeeju’s each move & flashback of yesterday night’s awesome intercourse experience.

Somewhere even I need to have privacy with him but I don’t want to take any chance as it’s a big risk for me at least. So I was avoiding eye contact with him to suppress my desire n feelings. Finally at 3 Noon all the guest left & Didi was taking rest in her room after taking heavy dose of medicine (Including sleeping pills) & Jeeju started his role play by murmuring romantic songs to indirectly welcome me.

But I ignored & deliberately kept myself busy in kitchen with tiny cleaning jobs. Without need also I started the Gas stove & kept Milk for boiling to kill more n more time in kitchen only & suddenly he called me “Bhavna……….eyyyy……Bhavnaa….Jaraa idhar to aana……” & I replied from there “Kyaaaa he? Chain nahi Padtaa kyaa aaapko? Abhi abhi to guest gaye hai…”

Isiliye to………zaraa yahaa aanaa to? & I avoid to reply him ………..& he coughed again to hint me to call but I ignored. And after couple of unsuccessful attempts to woo me, he calmly entered the kitchen & I was facing away so could not notice him & he hugged me from behind to shaken me from each n every spinal code.

I shivered with excitement & his tough touch he literally grabed me in his arms & started rubbing his lips all over my neck & shoulder bare portion I moaned with exciting pleasure & my moaning sound was also encouraging sound rather than scary sound which added flavor in the scene.

And I could only utter “Please….Jeeeju…………abhi nahi………..” to which he sniffed my hair & said “Ufffff…………tumhari zulfon ki khushboo ………….Kab se deewana bana rahi he muje………Ab Kaise rokoo mein Apne aap ko????

He also sniffed my cleavage portion & my body spray aroma mesmerized him & he smiled with sniffing action & closed eyes which enlightened me n I started loosing control. He murmured “Ohhh Bhavi……….Kyaaa zism ki khushboo he yaaar……..” “Nahi Jeeeju….plzzzz” but I was prepared as I know Now Jeeju wont let me go.

Even I was charged & desperately waiting for his next move. We mingled each other there n then & Jeeju took my lips with his lips & gently started sucking my upper lip & I had no option but to hug him & give away my mouth to him for exploring. We were in perfect smooching pose & simultaneously jeeju’s hands started his tricks by roaming all over my back &

I raised my toes to meet Jeeju’s Height So that proper justice can be done to my job. Jeeeju realizing this hold me from my bum & raised me up away from the surface & thus he took full control over my lips n tongue & I closed my eyes & started enjoying the kiss.

After couple of minute’s rash smooching my heartbeat started rising & that resulted a strange intoxicating humming sound from my mouth which made him more wild & he whispered ( me aa jaao…& I shook my head in No) …………..Poochhh nahi rahaa hoon...bataa rahaa…jaaao jaldi se...Mei aage jaakar k preparation kar raha hoon…

(Like Bedding, curtain closing etc etc) ……I still said No…….Nahi Jeeeju…….Abhi nahi……..& he pulled me closer & chewed my lips n gently bite me to pain & I screamed slightly to which he said……..”jaldi Aa Jaao warnaaa………Ye biting aur painful hogi” I pushed him with Naughty smile & winked at him signaling my acceptance.

He went away fast & I went to my room for changing my outfit & worn a Loose Wine colour Nighty & applied some make up & body spray & re-arranged my hair style & looked myself in mirror & don’t know why I started liking my face n figure better than ever before. May be this is the miracle of Jeeju’s shaping my beauty & re-nurturing sex Appeal in me.

Unknowingly I was smiling at me when I heard Jeeju’s singing voice inviting me & I rushed to the room where he was waiting for me. As soon as I entered the room he took me in his arms & exclaimed “Ohhh yessssss……….honey….U look gorgeous………& I too hugged him with slightly moaning sound “Ohhh Jeeeeju…..Aap ne to muje ekdum Nayeee bana diya hai……..”

& he started kissing me all over my neck & raising my head he kissed all over my neck & chin portion with gentle baby kisses which proved more exciting n inflaming for me & I just started rolled my fingers in his hair with ummm….hummm…sound skipped from my mouth. He efficiently used his one hand to cup my buttock & touched my soft flesh & pressed with force.

Simultaneously he was kissing inch by inch all over my upper cleavage portion & deliberately he avoided lip kiss & also avoided to touch my boob. He was intentionally depriving me from these with an intention to make me more n more involve into his nasty acts to urge him for real action &

his trick was working slowly n steadily as my desire started rising with each n every touch of his hand n lips movement & I could utter “Please…….Jeeeju………..” . I was in seventh heaven with closed eyes & don’t know when my panty got fully soaked with my pleasure juice vital waves.

Jeeju sensed my state & started caressing my fleshy thighs removing cloth from there & my bare thigh was getting a manly- touch which was giving me divine pleasure. He was so gentle in fore-play but his muscles were so strong that even a gentle tocuh was enough to ignite fire of lust in any woman.

His hands reached to my love hole & he felt my dampness there & sucked my lips suddenly which shivered me lot. As so far he was avoiding but double pleasure at a time with his fingers on my love opening & his lips to my lips made me weaker n weaker & I started falling on him due to his love-intoxication.

“Mein poori tarah se Madhosh hone lagi thi” He immediately took me into his custody & hold me from my naval & rested me on bed. Muje poori tarah se Aagosh me le kar bed pe leta diya. & I was eagerly waiting for him to come up. He fully covered me with his shape n weight & It was my pleasure that I welcomed him with Open hands & wrapped him.

“Ohhhh my Gooddd. His manhood was at his best state. Stifff n straight. I felt somebody is poking nail (Khilla) on my stomach. Slowly he undressed me & I was obeying him with full co-operation n pleasure n in no time he removed my nighty & I was in Wine color two piece set.

My bioobs were grown up in size (May be around 36D) & the Bra (of my Didi) was unable to cover it full which proved costly for me as upper portion was excessively exposed to him which in no time he took in his mouth & started sucking the soft skin there making red marks & Inside also I was enjoying that bitemarks.

I was deeply feeling the pleasure of whatever happening t me & meanwhile Jeeju played his master stroke ………..he suddenly put one finger over my wet fuckhole & started teasing me there & I jumped with moan “Ohhh mmmy Godddd……….” due to his sudden n surprising move & his other finger was rubbing my nipple he slowly removed my Bra & lowered my panty too &

I upwards my hips to get rid of all fabric barriers & Now I was completely nude under him & after sometime I too started pulling his T shirt which he realized & in no time he removed all his cloths I immediately hold his throbbing young n commanding cock & started stroking his length.

“Aaah…….raaani………ache se……..mazaaa aaa rahaaa hee yaaraaa…..” I felt wetness of his mushroom but never mind I was in no mood to leave him as I was now crazy after Jeeju’s cock. He slided his finger inside & lost in vital wave pool inside my pussy he liked the sticky liquid there & raised his insert speed with each n every move to shaken me, enlighten me, thrill me & gradually kill me.

I was now dying for his cock So I used all my strength & rolled over him & changed my position to took full hold of his cock. But in a process My butt was exposed to him & considering this golden opportunity he took control of it & made complete 69 Pose & said “ o Raaani……..Chalo Aaaj Hum dono ek dusre ko Oral pleasure denge” & used his tongue to explore my fuckhole.

Without waiting for my consent he started the action but now we do not have formal relation of giving n taking consent. I too reciprocated the same by sucking his mushroom which made him shiver wth joy. I was massaging his cock again n again more than only sucking due to which his cock was growing like a monster cock. Unknowingly I was inviting problems for myself.

His large cock was shining with my saliva & his balls were glowing. I was cherishing each n every moment of blowjob & he too was completely involved in my pussy & I don’t believe he was kissing my pussy lips like my mouth lips & I wonder How expert he is!!!!!! My Didi is really Lucky to have hubby like this. Really My Jeeeju is a Raymond………….A Complete Man.

After 10-15 minutes Oral pleasure I was done now As I had started releasing stream of juices time n again & my uffff n aaaahs were inadequate to prevent my Jeeju’s willpower & he was continuously feeding my pusssy with his tongue n saliva. My all internal muscles were now pro-active to feel the real hardcore pleasure from my lovely Jeeju.

So handsome n Sexy. I urged him to leave me n give me live & lovely pleasure. He smiled at my English n complimented me for poetic language. Finally he got up & said I want your Dicky baby………I m die hard fan of your Dicky. I shyed & hmmmmed.

He told me to come on my four which I immediately done & he took backfoot position & with finger he checked the right entrance & holding his cock he adjusted for entrance & I felt his hardness “Aaah…Jeeeeju…slowly dear” …… He guided slowly & “Ohhh yeaah.” I accepted his move & signaled him Right.

He started his movement & I felt my all internal muscles suddenly awakened n enlightened with his roughness Inside n outside movement. “Ohhhh jeeeeju………Yessss.” & Jeeeju got a good grip holding my naval bone from both the side he actively used the posture & that gave me heavenly pleasure as his deeper n deeper move opened up all my hidden pleasure senses &

with a closed eyes I was enjoying that relief He cupped my boob & started exploring my nipple which added flavor in my joy. His consistent in n out movement was giving me chilling n thrilling pleasure all over my mind, my body & my relaxation. I was just murmuring his name “jeeeju……O mere Jeeeju……..U r too good.”

He was also enjoying my futchy futchy pussy & saying Bhavi……..U r fittt like a teenage honey……….Ekdum Jawaaaan ho abhi tum, tumhe chod ne ka ek alag hi sukoon he. To which I smiled & he hugged me from behind & I turned my face to kiss him we kissed…deeply...smoochingly. Jeeju removed cock for a moment & I could see it ws shining with all my exhaust juices.

I don’t know how many time Jeeeju made me cummm. I was tired but still need more n more from him So looked at him & he made me rest on my back & spread my legs, hold both my legs & said “ Dekho darling……..tumhari chut……..ek dum mast ho gayee hai……….Like Lotus……Poori bulandi par hai apni…….& I shyed & slapped his chest………Ohhh jeeeeju…

Aaap naaa muje maar hi daaloge….. Kyaaa hoga mera……..??? Kuchh Nahi Saaali jeee, Jab Tak Jeeeju ki Jaan me Jaan he Saaali ko Chain aur araaam he” & took my boob fully in his mouth I was wondered Heyyy Jeeeju…..Thode araam se. But he was exchanging one n other I was just wrapping my hands all over his mighty body & surfing my hands all over his back.

That touch was giving him more n more pleasure whch he was expressing by sucking my boobs more n more. I wrapped my thighs around his buttock & that made him realized the main course hardcore job & he got up & warned me for rough fucking this time & without waiting for my consent he raised my legs up & rested on his Shoulder & kept his monster at entrance &

like we dived in swimming pool his cock dived in my fuckhole showing no mercy to me. & I screamed “AAAhhh Jeeeeju…………….kamine………….” but he laughed & started kissing me with affection to made me subsidized my pain. I felt my pussy was feeling an earthquake & recovered slowly from that shock & for signaling Jeeeju I raised my bums upwards &

Jeeeju resumed his rhythm Steadily & I felt my womb has widened extra by couple of inches. As Jeeju’s extra Large Size has reached to the bottom of my womb & that delighted me Our fasten movement created a unique rhythm of breathing & soothing sound & whispering sound of pleasure all over the room & Jeeju took me completely in arms & hugged me & made me seat &

we fucked in seating posture mingalling each other “Ohh jeeeeju…….Mere kaamsutra ke Hero ho tumm Yaar” & we smooched for long long time. I just look at the clock & it was almost 5 PM & It’s the time Didi may awaken any moment So I told Jeeju to do it fast else we will have problem. Jeeeju too agreed & making me cross he raised my one leg & rashly started fucking me.

Jeeeju Aaap bhi naaa…….kaafi expert ho Ladkiyo ko chod ne me…… Naye naye angle kahan se late ho? Jeeeju smiled & said “ Paagal teri body hi itni mast he ………Itni flexi hai ki Kaamsutra K saare angles try kar ne ko Jee Karta hai “ Haaan baba aap baad me try kar lena……..abhi jara jaldi se kaaam tamaam karo…

Okkk darling & Jeeju usd all his expertism to fuck me deep deep & with my ooh n aaaaah I reached again to my orgasm which Jeeeju felt over his cock & he raised his speed enormously & at last cummmed hard all over & My pusssy started overflowing with his juices. Jeeeju U r too good ………In Quality as well as Quantity. & We smiled & cuddled each other.

Chalo ab Jaldi se………..& we got up Jeeeju had taken promise from me to give him more n more Kaamsutra angles as now only 2 days are left for me at his place.

To be Continued…

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Hot Body Of Amina Enjoyed By Sunil

Previously: Sunil Doing Civil Services Study And Sex

My sister left for gulf and and now I am alone at home, of course my parents are there. I was undecided yet whether to pursue my studies for civil services or search for some job as a teacher or go for higher studies.

Suddenly Amina telephoned me and asked me what do you have in mind, you said you will come here so that we can study together, I am waiting for you and you are absent. I said wait Amina, I will come now and talk to you. I rushed to her home. Knocked her door and she opened the door and took me to her room upstairs. closing all doors behind.

There seemed there was nobody in the house except Amina. She looked very charming. She made sit in the bed and She sat in the chair andasked me come on tell me. Lying in her bed turned to her side with my hand supporting my head, I explained my problems to Amina. You see Amina you have made considerable progross where as I am just a biginner.

She was just watching me carefully. She noticed the bulge caused by my cock in my pants, She looked at my face. I wondered how this girl could take me in in such a short time. Looking at her gave me a small erection, because she was very lovely. I have so far fucked her sister and my own sister and there is no sex between us.

Suddenly she came and sat near me in the bed and said, see, sunil, I told you I will give you brief up of all that I had covered so far, then we can proceed together. one more person studying makes things easy for both. Just let us try. Her body odour mixed with some perfume was very nice. She put her hand over my body and showed very closeness which is surprising.

I put my hand on her thighs and she did not seem to mind. Of couse we were talking about the civil service exam and my touching her or her touching me did not matter at all. On her persuation I decided to give it a try. She said let us lock my house and I will come with you and see what all books you have. Just wait I will change.

Right in front of me she undressed and put on a maxi and a t shirt, in the process I had seen her thighs, naked back and amazed at the golden color of her skin. My cock was semi erect and I just controllled him from getting into fully fury. We got down and came to the road, took an auto and went to my house. The house was locked and with the key I opened and went inside.

I told her I have to go to the kitchen and prepare tea for you. She said dont worry, let me see your books and then we will go to the mall and take tea. I took her upstairs to my bedroom and showed her all my books. She took one by one and said that I have a good collection.

She said you have a good room with double cot where two people can lie and your bathroom is also neat and clean. We both can lie down and study. I was shocked in my mind. If such a girl was lie with me in the cot, will I be studying or try to fuck her. She was such a fully developed girl, good big boobs, big arse, nice face, a beauty in all sense.

She is rich and her own bedroom is an airconditioned luxury. In my house my parents may come in the evening, but in her house she is the queen and all that she has to do was to go to the dining room and take whatever food has been made by her sister. Lying in my bed, she asked me to lie near her. My cock was rising. Our shoulders were touching.

I had put on the fan and its breeze was very refreshing. Suddenly she turned in my direction and put her handover my stomach. Her boob was touching my shoulder. But we were talking academics. I turned towards her and put my hand over her and my hand was on her arse.

How often your husband comes and if he brings a family visa next time, you will leave everything and go with him. I wont blame you. That is the way it should be. Amina looked into my eyes and pulled me closer to her and said, Sunil, I was with him for two weeks after marriage, I am sorry to say that he could not perform his functions of a husband properly.

I dont think he will ever. He sends me lot of money. But we talk less. That is why I am in the civil services in the right earnest. If you could help me, we both clear it in the first year. I liked your nature and that is why I am now lying in your bed hugging you. We can have sex also but our attention should not be on sex. Let us show the word that we can make it.

Between you and me we can fuck, with due precaution, to give us a release. what do you think. You fucked my sister, she told me, she also told me that you are a good fucker. If you want more sex you can fuck her. I dont mind. But our studies must go on. I hugged and kissed her. How intelligent is the girl.

At her age, she should have given priority to sex, but she says studies first and sex next. I agreed with her and promised to study with her. She whispered to me, shall we have a fuck. I said no, let it go for some more time without sex. Without intercourse, I may hug you, kiss you, touch you in all your body. You may also do the same with me, I said.

Intercourse we will do when we finish our intermediate, agreed. Amina looked cheerful and laughed and said agreed. I touched her boobs, I put my hand inside her panty and felt her pussy. She showed me her pussy, with scant hair. She unzipped me took out my cock. She looked amazed at its size.

She opened her mouth and wanted to take it in her mouth, I said no, dont initiate a sex action, then there will be no end, we will end wiping our privates of mutual fluids. She again laughed and said no, no, Sunil, we can have occasional sex to keep our tension down.

I said ok, I will but some condoms and you also buy some pills and mark your safe days in your calender, clean of your privates of public hair and then we will start. Amina said yes. Make all these things ok by tomorow, we will fuck tomorrow.

Amina said she will get everything by evening. I took her by auto and left her in her house and returned home. In the corner of my mind there was a feeling that I could have fucked since she was ready for it. But I have to show her that I am not so easily vulnerable. Let me see what I will do tomorrow.

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Sunil Doing Civil Services Study And Sex

I am Sunil again. My results came and I was the top scorer in the college and all my teachers and friends insisted that I should go for UPSC exma for IAS. My sister, Sunitha with her baby boy was at home on holidays since last one month and she gave me an expensive laptop as a gift. which I use for my studies, entertainment, and she for her own purposes of chatting with her friends and husband.

One day she was talking to her friend Arifa who was her classmate and dear friend, Arifa whose husband was a businessman in gulf was fabulously rich and she came to our house with lot of toys for the child and called my sister and me to her home for lunch. She was also of the same age as my sister and very beautiful. She asked us to come on the following day.

We both took an auto and went to the house of Arifa. It was a huge luxurious house with huge garden. We sat in the drawing room and Arifa served us grape juice as welcome drink. She and my sister talked for a long time about the old times when they were in the college. I put on the TV and was watching some programme as I was not interested in their conversation.

They both went inside and perhaps stood in the kitchen to continue their talk. After some time, Arifa asked whether I am ready for the lunch. I said OK. It was a beautiful lunch with rich and tasty dishes well prepared. After lunch Arifa asked me to relax in one of the bed room and if needed she game me a lungi for a change.

I removed my pant and shirt, hung them and then wore the lungi and lied in the bed. It was a huge bed and they had a concealed music system which played soft instrumental music. I felt like sleeping. My sister also came and Arifa gave her a nighy and asked her tochange. Do you need a separate bedroom or will you lie down with Sunil, asked Arifa.

It is alright, he is my brother said my sister. The moment Arifa went out, my sister started to search for my cock in the lungi. By her mere touch it had stiffened and it was in semi erect condition. She took it out and leaned over me and took my cock in her mouth and was sucking it.

My cock gained further stiffness and my sister was doing a blow job as it gave her and me pleasure. Suddenly the door opened and Arifa came in and stood at the door watching our game. She came silently that we both did not notice her coming. She cooly came and sat on the bed near my sister and watched closely how my sister is sucking my cock.

We both were in full sexual excitement that we did not mind the presence of Arifa. Arifa quickly removed her own clothes and came stark naked. Her pussy was clean shaven and her boobs were erect and large. She had a perfect body. She just pusheed the head of my sister aside and wanted to take my cock in her mouth.

My sister moved her head and Arifa opened her mouth and took the full length of my cock in her mouth and she did it vigorously. I warned that it is coming and they did not respond and I shot my cum into the mouth of Arifa and she took the whole thing in her mouth and swallowed. Sshe continued to cuck for any left over fluids. But my erection was intact.

She got up kissed me on my cheeks and said she wanted to have my taste and put her legs across and straddled me. With her hand she took my cock and inserted it into her fuckhole and it took some time for entering as her hole was small my size was big. She rubbed the tip of my cock on her clitoris and then put the cock at the entrance and sat on it and it went into her tight hole.

I asked her why it is so tight, she said I have had no sex since a long time. She only when you have frequent sex, for females, the hole will be well lubricated and hole will keep its size. Otherwise the fluid will start drying and it will be painful for fucking.

While my sister was watching Arifa started to jump on me and full penetration of my cock gave her immense pleasure, She started to moan and asked my sister to hold her boobs. My sister aske me to hold the boobs of Arifa and she sat on my face and fed me her clitoris for eating. Her clit was small and I had to suck and bring it out and make it large.

In the normal course I would not have agreed for this game, but because Arifa was a friend of my sister and she caught us redhanded in blow job action. Once my sister goes away to her husband I was stop all this concentrate on my studies, because studeis is moe important.

Arifa sitting me was grinding her hip my inside her hole was squeezed by her cunt muscles and it is very much pleasurable. I sucked the clitoris of my sister and she too got her orgasm. She was kissing me and telling that if she goes away to gulf how she will be able ot enjoy so much of sex. Arifa said not to bother and that she will take care of me.

Arifa asked me to shift to her house with all my books and laptop and I will get all comforts for a concentrated study. But you will come with your open cunt and I will not able to resist. We all laughed. We went to the bath room and cleaned ourself and dressed to go.It was already afternoon, time our parents would have come home.

Arifa said, Sunil, I am not telling you to tempt you or make you stay with me. If you stay with me you have some other advantage which you will agree when you listen to me. My sister, Amina is like you, always study study study is her manthra. She is doing for civil seervices and has purchased lot of books and met so many IAS officers and taken guidance from them.

Her husband is in Gulf and she somehow wanted to get IAS and go as a dist. collector. If you want I wll introduce you to her. How can I deny such offer. I said I wll be lucky to meet and talk to her. In that case you stay back, let Sunith go home. Sunitha looked the eagerness in my face and said ok, you stay and I will go. But come back home since I want your help to pack my boxes.

After the departure of my sister, I was sitting in the drawing room and waiting for Amina to come. Arifa said she had called Amina and she may come any moment. Amina came through the front door. She was just of my age, dazzling beauty, very very attractive face and eyes. Arifa introduced me to her and Amina came forward and shoock hands with me. We sat and talked.

She said she is just concentrating on studies and no other distraction. She said she would be happy to have somebody for combined studies as it gives chances for consulting each other every time doubt arises. Since I am only a novice, I cannot pass an opinion. Amina, said you come here we will study and when we get bored we will go to your house and study.

Day or night no matter, because here our aim is to study, what you say Sunil. I said I fully agree with you. Can I see you collection of books. Oh yes, come on, said Amina and asked me to accompany her upstairs. I bad fareawell to my sister, Sunithaa and told her that I will be back soon. I had nothing with me except the clothes I wore.

I took some money from my sister and went upstairs with Amina. Her study room was very big with huge mountain of boobs. Surprisingly she had some nice modern art paintings on the wall, TV, Laptop, music system, home theater with speakers all over the room. There was a big screen on another wall for displaying projections on the wall.

She had a buge bed and a sofa settee and table and chairs every kind of furniture. There was attached bathroom. Amina told me that she got this room furnished according to her taste and Sunil, if you want to study with me to have to adjust to my habits. I told her anything you say, I am agreeable. She said I know some are not wanted, but I got it for a vengence.

Sunil, you hve to read matters aloud so that I too can hear and listen. When I read I read it aloud. Another bad habit is that when I get bored, I may pull of all my clothes, and walk around nude in the room. But never think of sex. Are you agreeable. I said I am agreeable 100%. We will go down only for taking food. There are no males in the house. All ofthem are abroad.

My sister Arifa and me. She wont disturb me. You can be totally confined to this room and remember our aim is to pass the exams. I was amazed at this girl's determination. I notices, she is very beautiful, fair, big boobs, and big ass, narrow hips. To have combined study with her will be very beneficial, we can talk about our own subjects, record our voices in the recorder,

hear itin the home theater, get our work done on the projector and watch. But the only problem was I had mathematics as my subject and she has political science. If I also choose political science, I have great advantage, while studying with her. I have to think about it seriusly. I told Amina that I will come the following day and we will start.

I told her that my subject was maths and yours is She said there is no problem, I can teach you the basics of political science within two days and make you up, or I had maths main for my degee, I can switch over to maths. We can study both maths and pol. science. Let us take a challenge, Sunil. I was amazed at the courage of the girl.I just hugged and kissed her.

she too laughed and responded well, pressing her ample bosom against my chest. She sucked my lips and to get her away from me became a problem. Since there was nobody in the room, it did not matter. I told her that my sister is going to gulf to join her husband, I have to go and see her off. Once she is gone, I am free and come over to this room and we will study.

Amina was slightly aroused it seemed at my sudden action of hugging and kissing her. She asked me to sit with her for some time and have a fuit juice and then go. She was keeping her hands on my thighs and looking sharply into my eyes.

I told her you have to wait for one more day, just one more day for every thing, I say everything. We exchanges our telephone numbers and I left her room came down and bade good bye to Arifa and left for my home. I will give further details in my next note.

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Man Fucking Housemaid Vedna - II

Previously: Man Fucking Housemaid Vedna - I

One day it so happened that my family was out since early morning. I too was out for some urgent work and was due to return home within an hour or so. Our maid, Vedna (name changed) who usually comes in at about 9am to do the household chores, had a duplicate key to our apartment, it was no worry for us, as she would be able to come as usual and start her chores.

As I got free by about 10am, I proceeded for my home. On reaching the main door of our apartment, I observed that the latch was not engaged and was sure that Vedna was in doing her chores. I opened the main door with my key and entered the house.

When I proceeded towards my bedroom I observed that my bathroom door was closed, usually this remains open and there was a distinct sound of someone inside and the tap was running. Very carefully and without making any noise I opened the door and to my pleasant surprise, Vedna was sitting completely naked on the sill of the wet area and was washing her clothes.

Noticing me, she scrambled to cover her naked body with her hands, as she was washing her clothes and as such had no clothing to cover herself up and said,"aap bahar jaeeye." I did not budge as I was completely spell-bound by her complete naked body and said, "Vedna, ab kya, maine tumhe nanga to dekh hi liya hai aur main ab yeh chance chhoduga nahi."

I went up to her and exclaimed, "Vedna, dekh bhagwan ne chance diya hai aaj meri ichha puri karne ke liye, please gabhrao mat. Main kisiko kuchh nahi bataoga." "Matlab kya?" she questioned. I went very near her and took her in my arms. I could sense her melting. I then planted a soft kiss on her cheeks and finally on her lips.

Probably she understood my intentions and closed her arms around me. She then ventured to open her mouth to take in my tongue and sucked it. In return I asked her to give me her tongue, which she readily did. We kissed passionately and suddenly she pushed me aside and said, "bahar ka darwaza lock karke aiye."

At once I bolted to lock the main door from inside and quickly went to the bathroom. I asked her,"tere kapde to tune doo liye, to naha kar kya pehnogi?" To which she replied, "aap ke pichhe killi par hai na doosre kapde." I turned around & saw her fresh clothes on the hangar.

I then asked her,"hum bedroom main chale?" "han, par koi aagya to, matlab aapke ghar ka koi aagaya to?" I replied, "voh log sham se pehle nahi aane wale." "chalo phir," she retorted. I led her to my bedroom, she being completely naked. On entering the bedroom she asked me to remove my clothes too. I did so. We both were now completely naked in front of each other.

Seeing my lund she said,"aap ka to kafi chhota hai. Muje laga aapka bada hoga kyonki aap Punjabi hai na isliye." "kya meri lund?" I enquired. "Han" she said. I told her,"arre baba main 70 varsh paar kar chuka hoon, to ab bhi bada rahega kya? Tum thoda usko hilaogi, jatke dogi, dabaogi aur apne moonh mein lekar chusogi to woh bada hoga." "aisa kya?" she enquired. "to kya," I observed.

She then took my lund in her right hand and started massaging it. She placed her left hand below my balls and kept massaging it gently. Gradually my lund started to grow in size. She then put the tip of her tongue on the tip of the bulb of my lund, slowly took it in and was sucking my lund in smooth, slow motions.

My lund was now really thick, fat & long, when she remarked, "chalo apki lund badi aur lambi ho gayi hai, ab meri choot mein dal ke muje chodo, jor jor se." "kyun nahi meri jaan, is waqt ke liye hi to muje taalash thi," I replied. "Par tumhe chodne se pehle tuje aur maje dena chahata hoon." "Jaise ki kya?" she enquired.

"Aise kar ke tu palang pe let ja, pith par," I told her. Obediently she lay on my bed on her back. I raised her legs with my hands slightly and saw that her choot was already dripping. I put my face near her choot, breathed the odour of it and put the tip of my tongue on the lips of her choot. Immediately she let out a soft moan, "Aha."

I then took her entire choot in my mouth and started licking & sucking it. As she was already dripping with her juices, she now let out a louder moan, "Aha, bahut achha lag raha hai," and simultaneously pressed my head with both her hands on her choot and started wriggling sideways & up and down, and exclaimed,

"mere pati ne mera choot kabhi nahi chusa, aap pehle aadmi ho jis se main apni choot chatwa rahi hoon aur muje itna maja aa raha hai ki main soch rahi hoon ki aap se yeh pehle kyon nahi karvaya. Jor jor se chuso aur chata, bahut hi maja aa raha hai." Within no time she burst with her lower body raised to the maximum possible and her pressure on my head very hard.

She kept on bursting & bursting and on my part I had opened my mouth to devour all her juices that my mouth started overflowing with it. Once she stopped bursting, she lowered her body. I showed her my overflowing mouth and she exclaimed,"are baap re, aap ka to muh bhara pada hai. Mera itna maal niklega, muje pata nahi tha."

I then swallowed all her juices and she pulled me towards her and smooched be real hard and licked my mouth clean. "Kya ab to apni lund meri choot mein daal ke jor jor se chodo muje. Bahut chad gayi hai". "Chalo ab main tumhe chodda hun. Pure maje lelo." Saying so, I started rubbing my lund on the lips of her choot and she exclaimed, "bahut hi achha lag raha hain.

Jaldi se apni lund meri choot main dalo." I then inserted my lund in her choot. Since her juices were flowing, my lund easily slipped in her choot and she said, "ab jor jor se chodo apni Vedna ko." I started pumping her, first slowly and gradually increased the speed and thrusts. She raised her body to take my lund in completely. After some hard pumping, I burst in her choot.

After some time she too burst. She seemed so satisfied that she said, "Muje pata nahi tha ki aap se chudwa ke itna maja ayega." She clung to me and planted a very deep & passionate kiss on my lips. I responded equally well.

We lay there for some time enjoying the pleasures of fucking. I then took her to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves under the shower, wiped our bodies and hugged each other. It was indeed a dream come true for both of us.

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Man Fucking Housemaid Vedna

This a true story, only the names have been changed for privacy. I have had many escapades with my housemaid, Vedna, since the last 3 years. I was after her for nearly 10 years, but she did not respond well. I secretly snapped her thighs, cleavage, legs, while she scrubbed the vessels, swept the floor and mopped the floor of my house, which she was aware of, but never encouraged.

Then one day I told her that I need to talk to her alone. She first asked as to what about and when I did not answer, she said I could do so then. I told her that it was to be only between her & me and if I did it then & there, someone may come. She again asked what was it about. I told her there were a few things which I wanted to talk to her about alone.

She then asked me if not here then where & how. I told her that when she has about half an hour free she could tell me and I would tell her where to meet. She said that she would let me know. Then one day while hanging the clothes to dry, which I always help her with, she said that she could meet me that day in the afternoon.

I said." OK, I will stand outside my car outside the mall a little away from my house at about 3 PM. So, I went to the place decided upon at 2:55PM, as I did not want to miss the opportunity. A minute past 3 PM Vedna arrived. I made her sit in the rear seat and went into the basement parking of the mall and parked my car in a remote parking slot.

There I asked her to come in the front. I told her, "see first of all please bear in mind that this meeting should be a secret and that you should not tell anybody, not even my wife, about the same and secondly please let me say all that I have to say and then only give your reactions and say whatever you want to say." She agreed.

I told her, "since nearly 13 years I have been trying to get friendly with you to bring you closer to me on a number of occasions, but most of the times you did not allow me to get closer to you." Continuing, I said, "I am in love with you. I want you to give me one chance to hold you in my arms and make love to you. After that it is your wish whether you want to continue or not."

"I know that you have been after me all these years and secretly clicking photos of me in your room, your bathroom & kitchen, but what you are saying is not possible, she replied. "and why is that?" I asked. "For the simple reason what if my husband or your wife come to know of it?", she asked.

"How will they come to know if neither of us tells them, we can secretly meet, make love and keep the affair to ourselves," I replied. "Where, when and how can we secretly meet?" she enquired. "First of all when you are doing work anywhere in the house don't cover your boobs with the saree, secondly when you are washing clothes in my bathroom don't cover your legs too much,

thirdly when your are sweeping & cleaning the floor especially in my bedroom expose your boobs & legs as much as possible and finally, when you are with me putting the clothes to dry let me touch your body. This will be the beginning of the affair. Further, when you go to the servant's toilet, let me know of the same, so that I can come out and fondle you.

Once we are sure that such acts will not be noticed by anyone, then we can arrange to go out together overnite and make love to the fullest." I said "Fine, but when we arrange to go out, what will I tell my family?" she asked. "Again simple, you are many a times going out overnite to do seva, that's what you can say." I replied. "But what will you say to your family?" she enquired.

"You don't bother about that, I have many reasons to give." I said. "OK, let's try things out." she said So, from the next day, she did like told while doing work in the house. She was quite casual while doing like told to her. One day in the afternoon, when she came to scrub the vessels, I was alone at home.

She started to scrub the vessels and I told her to come to my room, once she finishes the scrubbing. I was awaiting anxiously for her in my room. Soon she finished her work and came to my room. I was sitting on my bed and asked her to sit alongside. She did so. I asked, "are you ready to come out with me onvernite?" "When?" she asked. "Whenever you want to," I replied.

"Give me a couple of days and I shall arrange the outing," she said. "OK with me, but let me know in advance, so that I too arrange my setting," I said "I will let you know at least 1 day in advance," she said "Now, shall we gave it a try?" I asked. "What now?" she enquired. "Yes now," I said She was silent. I asked her to stand up and put my hands around her waist.

She did not say anything, but asked, "If somebody comes." "Don't worry nobody is going to come till the evening," I replied. I too stood up and hugged her tight and put my lips on her moist & tender lips. She was trembling a bit. I caressed her to calm her and she stopped trembling. I started to unbutton her front buttoned blouse, while massaging her boobs.

Once all the buttons were open, I had her small but erect boobs in front of my eyes. They were a sight. I started to rub them with my hands and her nipples became tight. I put my mouth to one boob and started to lick & suck it, while pressing the other one. She got excited and held her boob with her hands to give me more of it. I then started with the other boob and finally both together.

She loved it so much that she closed her eyes and her head tilted backwards. All the while she was holding both her boobs with her hands. Finally, she murmured, "I am loving it, you indeed suck very nicely. This is the first time I am having my boobs sucked so much, as my husband did not suck them much."

I then shoved my hand inside her saree & petticoat and felt her choot. It was dripping. I asked her to lie on her back on my bed, raised her saree & petticoat and started to lick her choot. She loved it so much that she raised her lower body and pressed my head hard on her choot. Within sometime, she burst and I licked all her juices and swallowed them.

Once she stopped bursting, she lowered her body, pulled me up and kissed me really hard and passionately and exclaimed, "you are the first man in my life to suck my choot. Now I am feeling so horny that I want to suck your lund, which will again be my first time and then fuck me." So, I opened the zipper of my shorts and offered her my lund.

She sucked it like a woman possessed that within some time I was about to burst and told her so. She stopped sucking it and guided my lund into her hot & wet choot and asked me to fuck her real hard. I started with slow motions and gradually increased the thrusts and speed. She was enjoying as she started to match her movements with mine. After some time, I burst in her choot.

She was so satisfied that she too burst again simultaneously. We lay there for some time and then went to the bathroom to clean up. Once we both were cleaned we came back to my bedroom, when she hugged and kissed me so hard as if thanking me for the enjoyment.

Finally, I said, "see how much you enjoyed. This was just a sample, but when we go out, we will both get completely naked and have all the more fun." "I fully agree and see that I arrange for the outing at the earliest," she replied.

Kindly give your comments and I shall then post Part II

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Sunil Fucking Sunitha On Vacation

My sister Sunitha and I Sunil were the only children to our parents. My father and mother were state govt servants. Sometime my father will get a transfer and my mother will follow suit. We also get shifted to different schools. There was only two years age difference between my sister and I and we were very good at studies.

She took Chemistry and graduated and she got a good alliance from an engineer at the gulf and she was got married. My sister was extremely beautiful and they did not ask for any dowry. I was in my first year degree in maths when she got married.

She was a good friend, philosopher and guide for me and her sudden departure upset me, but I concentrated in my studies and scored high marks. My teachers were fond of me. They paid special attention as they throught that I will become a rank holder in our college.

My classmates were having girl friends and talking all sorts of nonsense about sex, but I kept myself away from all such talk. My aim was to get into UPSC at any cost. I was reading and reading books at all times. My exams were over and the college was closed. My parents gave me a free hand and gave all sorts of encouragement.

One year after marriage my sister came back home with her baby son. We were all happy because of the new entrant in the family. In our two bedroom house my mother asked me to put up a cradle for the baby in the bedroom where I too slept. Formerly two single cots were put together where I and my sister slept.

Now with the cradle between the cots, the cots were separated and my sister slept in one side and I on the other side. She found it surprising that I dont have a laptop for helping my studies. My brother in law had asked her to buy a suitable laptop for me and gift it on my birthday.

Since she was not familiar with the configuration of the laptop, she asked me to accompany her without telling me that it is intended for me. The shop keeper asked lot of questions about the proposed uses I am likely to put. But I insisted for one with multimedia, graphics, all windows components etc.

He said it will be the costliest but sister insisted does not matter and she paid for the laptop and we carried one home. We arranged for internet connection and my sister showed proudly cinemas which we had never seen, hindi, english and in any other language.

My mother was very happy and she wanted to hear some bhajans, sister got some bhajan sites and lo the room was filled with bhajan songs. I asked her "Di, Di, show me how to operate it and how to get the site we want" She asked me to go and sit with her. Because of its mobility it can be carried to any place in the house.

We kept it on the dining table and we sat on two adjacent two chairs. She told me about the operating system and the portels icons on the desktop etc. She was sitting very close to me and I noticed then how big she had become withher boobs and body curves etc. She wore only a nightie while home so that she can easily feed her child. She must have noticed my noticing her.

She showed me how to use the mouse. My across her body touched her boobs and she did not resist and it was a new experience for me. I tried several sites on mathamatics, it was thrilling. I could save all my worked up sums for easy reference at a later day. My sister had her own uses, she chatted with her gulf friends, her husband also.

In the night they chatted hush hush and she asked me to keep away from the room for some time. She showed the child to her husband and his voice came loud and clear through the speeker. One day at noon I was returning home and I saw her with the laptop in the bedroom. But the door was just closed. I entered the bedroom, and seeing me she just closed the laptop.

I asked her what site you were watching, didi, without replying she was fumbling. I went near her and opened the laptop and I found some figures moving naked and at first I could not understand. My sister with a strange look on her face told me that "it is a sex site. you must have seen blue films.

There are sites showing the sex in the internet and I was just watching one site." "oh, didi, I have never seen a blue film, although my friends offered to show me. I was worried it will distract me from my studies. Now my studies are over for this year and my exams are also over, please didi, show me how to reach this kind of sites." Ok, ok, just I will show you how to reach this site.

But it is not recommended that a sister and brother watch such sites together." "That is ok, just show me and go away, there after you need not come I will find my own way". She opened the laptop and showed me the site and how to reach for individual videos. With this my cock began to rise. I was wearing just a lungi and it is clearly seen that it was forming a tent.

I opened on vide screen and saw it detail. Oh, my god, it is just physical intercourse between a boy and a girl. The went through it in very great detail. My sister who said she will not watch with me was found sitting near me and watching it with wide eyes. It was the first time I was seeing the pussy of a girl. Her boobs were big and he was just squeezing them and licking and sucking them.

I heard a hissing sound coming from the mouth of my sister. I pressed my rising cock down between my legs and pressed my legs together so that it may not rise again. My sister observed this. We have to do nothing but to gap at whatever is happening in the monitor. The boy buried his face into the crotch of the girl and was sucking and licking her pussy.

Both the boy and the girls may be of the age of 18. The camera showed close up of her pussy and how his tongue travelled into various nooks and corners of her cunt. I could hear deep breaths from my sister. She moved her chair very closer to mine and our bodies were touching each other. She was keeping her hand on her boobs.

My hands were pressing my cock down between my legs. The boy in the monitor got up and the girls gave him a fantastic blow job. His whole 7 inch cock was swallowed by her. It was amazing. But shortly he pulled out and made her to lie on her back with her legs wide open, he lied on her and she took his cock and guided it to her cunt and he with one push inserted his cock into her cunt.

There was a sound of gasping coming from my sister and I too was very much aroused. I was afraid by just seeing this my fluids may jump out of my cock. At a moment when my legs loosened and my lungi gave way, my cock jumped out of captivity. My sister was looking at it in sheer amazement. A white piece of meat coming out of the dark colored lungi.

She jumped and caught hold of it and said, "Aye Sunil, what have you got here, such a large thing. I never knew you carried such a large thing between your legs. Come on, come on, turn this side, let me get a clearer view" she pulled down my lungi and I was standing stark naked and my cock was fully in her grip. She pulled me closer to her and she took a closer look at it.

My cock was a huge monster, bent upwards with the skin slightly pulled back, while in colour with blue and red veins running all over, and pulsating. It was filling her both hands. "Oh, what a beauty, what a beauty", she said,kissing it. She ran her tongue all over it, from bottom to top and on its sides. I had great pleasure from what she was doing.

She took my balls in her hands and was kissing them and took them in her mouth one by one. She then looked at me and kissed me on my cheeks and asked me to lie down on the bed. She sat near me and took my cock in her mouth deep inside. It would have reached her throat and with her lips and tongue she played with it for some time.

She then removed her nightie and she was totally naked under neath. There was a thick black mat of hair on her pussy and her boobs were large and nipples erect. Fair in colour she was really a beauty. "Come Sunil, see my pussy" she called and I went that was the first time I was ever seeing a pussy. A strange smell was emanating from it.

I asked her, "why dont you remove the hair, didi" She said "yes, will you help me". I said "certainly". I went to my room and brought a comb and a pair of scissors. I placed an old news paper underneath her but and then asked her to open her legs. I ran the comb over the mat of hair and cut the excess hair and dropped it in the paper.

Within a short time I got the excess hair cut and removed. I put the hair cuttings in the commode and flushed. I then brought my razor and shaving cream and brush. I applied soap lavishly and then shaved off her pussy taking care at the edges and at her cunt mouth. within a short time all the hair was removed and her pussy gave a golden glow.

I asked her to get up and wash her pussy and have a look at the wall mirror. She thanked me for doing a clean job and showed me her parts in the pussy, say clitoris, urine hole and the fuck hole etc. I was charmed by the beauty of her cunt that I lowered my head and planted a kiss over it. I tried to lick the cunt lips, but she asked me to lick her clitoris.

It was a pink button like object about half an inch long. I licked her clitoris and held it with my lips and sucked it. Sunitha was moaning loudy and was pressing my head down. "Get up, sunil, now itis time to insert your cock in my cunt. I got up and leaned on her my cock like a semi circle object was hanging down. She caught it with her hands and placed its tip at the entrance of her fuckhole.

I told "didi, it is not wrong, to have sex between sister and brother" "So many wrongs are happening in this world, dont worry, we will do it just once, I cannot stand having seen you object without taking a chance to enjoy it" She asked me lower myself so that my cock my enter her cunt. It was tight, but the viscocity was making my entry very smooth.

There was so much of fluid in her hold that it was flowing down. My sister was moaning as my cock entered her cunt and it went deeper and deeper inside. My entire seven inches got buried inside her and she closed her eyes and was enjoying my object inside her. I too felt this new sensation very enjoyable. She asked me to move in and out slowly, which I did.

She was moaning heavily everytime there was a movement of my cock. She was reaching her orgasm and she wound her legs around my waist, but asked me to move fast. With every movement she was enjoying and was showing her joy in her sound and she was kissing me profusely.

I went on pumping her at a fast pace and finally I shot my cum inside her and I too got a great orgasm along with her. We lied like that for some time and she gave me a squeeze and hug and we got up and went to the bathroom. She said my fluids were too much and it took lot of time for emptying her hole of all fluids and we came back to our bed.

She told me that the bend in my cock gave her too much pleasure as it rubbed against her G spot every time I moved it in. Then she explained to me about the G spot and part played by it in sex. She said her husband does not play like this, he just fucks and once he ejaculates, turns and sleeps. No foreplay, no oral sex, no sucking of the nipples.

His cock was also just about five inches long and it did not reach the inner depths of her hole. Though he gives her pleasure and she reaches orgasm, the real pleasure of sex, she said she could get only from me.

We made it a practice to fuck keeping the laptop open with some porno video and we fucked twice in the day time and again twice in the night time. She taught me different poses and methods to prolong the action. Then some thing else happened which I will narrate in my next post.

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