Vikram Enjoying Fuck With Girlfriend After Dinner

This story is about the same girlfriend, stats- 35-28-36, hot fuckable body and an ass to die for… I’m Vikram, an average built guy with a dick of 6.5’’, the stamina of a bull and ability to make a girl squirt…We had a dinner plan and then she was about to stay over at my place… I had a wild session in my mind…

After we were back from a candle light dinner, she was really happy, we started kissing each other softly first, then my hormones kicked in and it soon became a wild kiss, lots of tongue fight. We must have kissed for about 10 minutes and after than amazing wet kiss, my dick was ready to destroy her pussy, she anticipated a wild romping session by my way of kissing and was fully supporting me.

I picked her up from the couch, hands started moving towards her big fat ass where my face would be dug in after 5 minutes… started pressing it like a dough over her thongs…The mood was perfect for a wild night ahead. Her hands were on my rod and my hands were inside her thongs enjoying her ass… I slowly started skiing her neck and giving soft bites which made her moan loudly…

I went to her cleavage and began giving wet kisses, her hands were in my hair and were pressing my head towards her tits. Slowly her strap came down and then her right boob was out in the open, ready to be sucked, ready to bite, and nipples ready to be played with… but I wasn’t going to make it easy for her… I wanted to make her beg to suck her boobs…

I kissed the whole tit then the other one but not the nipples… she was going crazy and was pressing my head continuously towards her boobs…One hand was sliding on her wet pussy lips, other hand pressing boobs and my face between her breasts… made her moan a lot, finally, she shouted ‘ Why the fuck aren’t you sucking my nipples?’

I replied “ you never asked me to ;)”, it made her angry and she started forcing my head towards her nipples and finally I gave her what she wanted, I sucked her nipples ferociously and started biting them, she was on cloud 9 and moaning very loudly.

Now she took control of the situation and got down and started opening my trouser and my dick was extra hard at that time which she started slurping like a lollipop, oh it was an amazing blowjob…I didn’t want to cum so easily, so I brought her up and took her on the bed and removed all her clothes, now it was time to devour my bitch’s bubbly ass.

She lied down on her stomach and I started sucking her toes, she was in heaven, started moving towards her inner thighs, I gave soft bits there and she squealed, it was her weak spot and I’m sure every girls is…I instantly dug my face between her ass cheeks and started moving my face too and fro, she loves that,

I started kissing her ass, biting it, and what I saw was her asshole… which I always wanted to bang and tear it…I started tonguing it and was moving my tongue till her pussy, she was moaning really loudly, to shut her up, I thrust her thongs in her mouth… turned her around, played with her boobs, bit them, sucked them, gave love bites, marked my territory on her neck…

It was time to plunge that pussy, I peeled the condom and made her wear me one….. she was a bit concerned at it was bigger than usual that day.. pleaded me to be soft but I had something else in mind.

I started sliding my dick on her pussy and teased her a lot and finally it was time to conquer that overflowing hole of hers and kill her with pleasure, I inserted in a go and made her eyes pop out, before she could shout with pain, I kissed her and subsided her voice, she started scratching my back so that I remove my dick but I wasn’t going to cave, her scratches turned me into a beast…

Started pumping her pussy slowly at first and when she was least expecting pumped her like a piston, oh god, her face was worth looking at, she would have died with pleasure, she started kissing me and biting my lips. After fucking her in the missionary position for about 10 mins., I removed my dick and started fisting her pussy furiously which made her moan loudly

but now I was least concerned about the neighbors hearing her out… the room was filled with pchch pchch sound due to her wetness and she wanted to close her legs to cum but I wasn’t letting her, she started begging me to let her cum but I did not stop my fisting and at last, she squirted a huge load… before she could recover from an earth-shattering orgasm,

I turned her around, folder her legs, made her a bitch ready to be pounded and inserted my already hard rod into her pussy in a go, she was begging me to stop and give her 5 mins at least, but no…. I wanted to fuck her like a dog…

I pumped her from behind like a bull, spanked her, pulled her hair and increased my speed, she was about to cum again, she started moaning so loudly saying I m cummmmmmminnng don’t stoooop fuuuuckkk meeee haaaaard looovvveee uuuu jannnnuuu… I was on the edge too, after she orgasmed, it was time for me to take out my white cream and what is better than taking it out on her face…

I told her I’m about to cum, got up and she started giving me a handjob with occasional licks on my balls and then I cummed on her face.. it was one of the biggest cumshots… her face was full of my cum…After the cleanup, we rested and drifted off ta nap…I romped her pussy 2 more times that night and finally let her sleep at 4 am…

The next day morning she was unable to walk… That’s all folks! Please give feedback about my writing in the comments below.

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Mahesh Fucking Ex Girlfriends Cousin Ammu

Hey this is Mahesh again with another story about one of my ex gf s cousin sorry if story is bit boring and long. Ammu, a lady with great action in bed. Let me come to the story. After a while after my ex gf marriage I got a request frm Ammu in fb. As usual I accept and chatted for a while exchanged numbers n started to chat in what's app.

She was bit open frm starting so I went along with the flow. Then slowly we use to do video calls. It all changed one day while in a video call she was wearing a sleeve less nighty I saw stretch marks on her arm pit, while I asked she said she have lot of stretch marks on her tummy too, also she told me like she wanted to get rid of some extra fat too.

I said I would help her with both and we ended the conversation for that evening. At night she again called me and ask about oil to use for massage n way to do I told her which all oils will help with stretch marks and it's propositions to be mixed etc etc n how to massage, n time it will take. N told her will show the exercises to do on video call tomorrow.

N next day she called me (video) around 11 in the morning, she was in a track pant n tee shirt (deep neck). She asked me about exercises and I told her one by one n just showed some demo as she too did and to my surprise she showed me her tummy area till navel (navel always a weak spot for me ) n she had lots of stretch marks and little fat over there.

Then she cut the call and done exercises all she called me again, she was sweating like anything and her nipples was visible. I laughed seeing her condition n told her to continue doing every day. She asked me y r u laughing. I told ur nipples are visible she smiled for same and said "it's you tho it's ok" I was like wtf then we just talked for some times I told her to take rest n went on with my chores.

With that call we start evening open and talk about lots of this hook ups of her friends etc etc. Then after 3-4 days she told me she have a body pain and all so I told her it's due to exercise and with in few days it will be ok, if she wants I can give her a full body massage. She just told me to come over, I badly need a massage.

I just took my bike and rushed to her home. I rang her bell , forgot to mention her husband works at Bangalore n comes once a month only and she stays alone with her 2 year old daughter just 7km away from my home. She opened door and the she was all sweating again she just finished work out.

Welcomed me in told me to be comfortable and she went in came back with a towel and on the fan sat near me and talked a bit. While she calm down she asked me for massage and guided me to her room took a bead sheet and putted it on the floor I asked her to get nude n cover herself in towel and come back or if she is not ok then she can wear inners,

she silently went in and came back wrapped in a towel without any inners and lied on the floor.she told me oil is in the cupboard so I took it. She was lying upside down I folded towel till her waist line sat an her bum and gave a dry massage to her shoulder n back she was enjoying it so I took little oil in my hands and started applying it on her shoulders and then on back

and while I massaged near her neck behind ears she gave a light moan then I finished her back and went to legs and removed towel, sweet bum with light stretch marks I love stretch marks on such areas as I can feel them while moving hands around it lightly. I massaged it properly I told her to turn around and cover her boobs, pussy she Said it's ok and she just turned around

with an errect nipples which was inviting me to eat but I controlled, her eyes n looks was so sexy with those big juicy lips. I took some more oil and applied it on her firm boobs n massaged it properly for good long time she was giving out light moans. I went further down to her tummy region around navels applied oil and massaged there too to the sides went down to her ankles

and foot massaged there and took her fingers massaged it and her hand n to last to her thighs n pussy region. I slowly started massaging there she started giving out slow moans and I parted her pussy lips with those oily fingers started playing around there. And slowly inserted one finger and started fingering her "ohhhhhhh fuck come onnnnnnnnnnnnn"

she started moaning she told me insert one more finger and I did the same. ". Ohhhh yes yessssssssss it feels so good ohhhh yaaaaA really mahi it feels so good fuck my pussy with your fingers eat it baby eat it now" with that she holded my hair n pushed my head towards her pussy and I started licking it deep inside while I was finger fucking her, she was moaning like no tomorrow.

At last she cummed and I drank all the juice she lied still. I just got up and washed my hands put the geaser on she was lying there still.She kept lying there told me to come near her she just pulled me and kissed me so deep saliva exchanged, my hand started slowly going to her boobs oily boobs it was fun touching those tight erect nipples and squeeze them with my fingers and kiss her deep.

Then I stopped her and told " will give u a hot bath now " she just smiled took towel and walked in to bathroom I changed took one spare towel and walked along with her she started shower looked at me and took the towel out with a smile n lustful eyes she went below shower which was pouring out mild hot water.

Wow what a scene to watch oily sexy bitch on shower n water just moving from top to bottom. With her fingers she called me I removed my towel n went near her put my hands around her waist n pulled her towards me my errect dick was pocking her tummy and we kissed again my hands went down to her ass and just crushed it. It's always a hike to kiss in shower, I was loving it as she was.

Then I took soap and started applying on her body and applied it fully n just moved my hands around her body slow and gentle then she did the same. She gave me few strokes too but I stopped her. Then again shower started and we kissed cleand our self. She started drying me.

And while she reached near my dick which was rock hard ( normal size it's) she just took it in her mouth and a big OOOOO came out of my mouth. She was pro at it. She blowed me full until I cummed in her mouth and she looked at me in a lustful eyes.

It was my turn to dry her so I pressed towel to her body and just took away most of the water and there was few drop left all over her body which I slowly started sucking out with my lips. It started from her shoulders which I slowly started to lick n suck in and slowly went down through her neck to chest and boobs. Her nipples was still intact n firm I just chewed it with my mouth.

Then slowly started biting it she started to moan again. Slowly I want further down to navel licked around it with my tounge. Then I just turned her around and pushed her towards the wall and started Kissing her bare back. And slowly down and down to her ass I just kissed an tip of ass crack which gave her a small shiver.

Then just opened the ass and started licking her ass hole which she least expected wow it was fresh n felt good. She held my hair and pulled me more towards her and I ate it more as I heard more moans from her. Then I just picked her up to the bed and thrower her into the bed. Slowly started kiss her legs to up till her pussy she started moaning again.

"Ohhhh yes baby eat that pussy eat it fully oooooooooooooooo yea I am loving this....... " And I started licking out all juice coming out of it. And then she asked me to fuck her now, I slowly inserted into her. Ohhhh wow it was hot n I was liking this hotness I slowly started to move and she was coming with the flow. Slowly I increased my phase and in some time I cummed inside her.

I stopped her for few seconds. I was still hard so she just turned around took charge and started to fuck me she was just going on moaning and moaning. Then we changed to doggy position which was hers n mine favorite position. And started fucking her from behind. While I saw her ass hole again I was tempted but controlled,

and started fucking her with full force she was tired and cummed almost twice in btwn so she just squeezed me inside. And I cummed in her again. And we fall in bed lied there for sometime it was almost 3 by then so I just got up got ready to leave. While leaving she asked me the way to massage her stretch marks which I reached her.

I told her I wanted to fuck her ass next time which she denied. And while I was leaving she gave a kiss n I left. At night I got a message from her not to meet or call her again she was feeling guilty, which I can understand and did the same.I got a message from her after few months saying her body is fit and stretch marks are little gone. I am happy It was a great day with her.

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Saritha Bhabhi Fucked By Devar

When my brother went to US for his postdoctoral research, his wife, that is my bhabi was left alone at their house. Her mother could not come because of her daughter had come home for confinement. My mother herself was not in good health and hence she too could not come. My brother asked whether I can be of help to her.

I was doing my PG and I may have to spend my nights in the house of my brother. His wife, my bhabi, Saritha was an asst Prof. in a college and hence she could not accompany her husband. My bhabiji asked me how I am going to manage. I told that I will discuss with my parents and move in shortly. My parents also urged me to stay with her.

During day time she goes to the college and I too go to the college. My main problem was my sleeping habits which are not known to anybody. I want minimum or no clothes when I sleep. In the winter I may wrap my body with a comforter, but will be nude underneath. This was the first time I am asked to stay away from home and I have to be very careful.

It was the biggining of summer and the temparature was soaring high. To have a body wash before sleep will be pleasant. She asked me to occupy the second bedroom. It was self contained and hence there was no problem. I placed my laptop, books, on the table and the bag containing my clothes in the cupboard. Just as I was relaxing there was a knock on door.

Bhabiji called me for he prayers. We are all a god loving family and evening bhajan, aarthi and chanting of god's names are are regular practices. I dont avoid such family get togethers. But I never thought bhabi will be doing it. I went to her pooja room. She had finished the puja and it was time for the aarthi and parshad.

She did aarthi and I prostrated before the god, and she gave me the prasaad which I took with all reverance and bent low to touch her feet. She too bent and lifted me up and hugged me. In doing so her face came close to my face and my lips brushed against her cheeks. She was thrilled and did not release me, but asked me why I did that. I just laughed and she too laughed and left.

I was worried, howshe has taken the incident. Has she taken it seriousy. After supper she retired to bed. I went to my room studied for a while and then lied in the bed and slept. I did not bolt the door from inside. I as usual was sleeping totally naked and when I sleep I have deep sleep.

I woke up in the morning and I had my customery bath, had breakfast with Bhabi and she went her way and I mine. We did not talk much. In the evening as usual I was in the room. the prayer time came and I went to the puja room, same routine. she did aarthi and parshad was distributed.

I bowed to touch her feet, She bent low to lift me up and as I raised, I saw her face ready to receive my kiss and I Planted my kiss on both her cheeks. She knew it is coming and it seemed that she was waiting for it. Day time went on as usual and in the next day evening again puja, chanting, aarthi, parshad, touching the feet, and as I get up her standing near me expecting the kiss.

I hugged her with my hands around her and my hands then moved to her ass mounds and squeezed them as I was kissing her cheeks. She seemed to be waiting for itand never uttered a word against it.One word of objection I would have stopped the practice. I thought she is enjoying it and I continued. Climate was very hot.

Next day she called me to move to her bedroom where an a/c is installed in her room. I politely declined the offer and said I am quite happy in the present room. She said ok, you occupy that room but I am asking you to come to my bedroom for sleeping, because it is too hot and in the coming days it is going to be hotter.

She repeated said this and I have no escape and most reluctantly I went to her bedroom. It was a big room and a huge cot and king sized bed, I may have to sleep in one side of the bed, and get up in the morning and go away to my room. But I tried to avoid getting naked during sleep, but it was my habit, First I will remove my t shirt and then my undergarments and then I will have only a lungi.

As I go deep into sleep my boner will be stiff standing like a flagpole. Once I go to the bathroom and pass urine, the fellow may be tamed, but I dont get up unless it is that urgent. So far I was never in any company, except now. Next day Bhabi asked me why dont you change your sleeping habits, this is horrible. I did not understand what she is referring to.

Devarji, put some clothes on your body, it will protect you from cold. In the evening she gave me a white sheet for wrapping my body. Again in the middle of the night when she woke to go to the bathroom she saw me in my naked condition. She started to observe my tool, a full 7 incher, thick in the bottom, fair coloured with the fore skin slightly pulled back exposing the red interior.

She had not seen her hown husband's cock so much in detail. She was wearing a think nighty with her undergarments. She tried to wake me up, shaking me. She moved closer to me keeping her hand over my shoulder tried to shake me. I opened my eyes and saw her just near me asking me to cover myself up. I did not understand what she says.

I thought she is asking for a kiss. I put my hands around her and pulled her closer to me and planted a kiss on her chubby cheek. Though she did not resist, went on complaining what are you doing, no, no, not this, I said cover your body, you dont have any clothes underneath. I took her hand and placed it over my erect cock.

The moment her hand touched my cock her objections stopped and her face was buried in my chest. I pulled her closer, and kissed on her both cheeks and lips and neck. She said, wait wait, no you should not go further, I am your bhabi, your brother's wife. Ok,Ok, tell me what I can do, what are the permissible acts, She said you may just kiss me, thats all nothing more than that.

Ok, where to kiss, I will decide, I said. She looked at me with a smile, thought a while and said ok, ok. You have agreed, now you should not change your word. She smiled and asked where you want to kiss. I said I may kiss you on you cheeks, neck, below ear lobes, on your back, on your ass mounds, on your calf muscles, on your ankles and ever so many other places.

But Devarji, I am elder to you just my one year. We are more or less of the same age. We have to be careful. We shold not get deeply involved. No sexual intercourse. If you are confident you may proceed, otherwise it is better we stop now. Bhabiji, what you said is correct. I will be within my limits.

I promise. But when you sleep in the same bed, we take some liberties with each other for mutual pleasure. Thats all. Bhabi said, ok, ok. I just want to kiss your boob, just bare it for me. She removed her nighty, unhooked her bra, and her boobs were out open with pink nipple and pink areola. She was nude except for her panty.

I moved closer to her with my erect cock, placed my mouth on her nipple, keeping the nipple in my mouth kissed the boob. The sound SSSSSSSS came from her mouth and she seemed to enjoy it. After kissing I started to suck her nipple rotating the nipple with my tongue. Bhabi opened her mouth and gave out a sound hahahahahaaa.

I repeated the same to the second boob, while holding the first one with my hand. Bhahi was aroused and she put her hand on my head and her fingers were kneading through my hair. Then I put my hand on her ass mounds. They were round and hard and well elivated. Bhabi liked my touching them, But it was covered with her panty. I lowered my head and kissed her ass and licked.

They were so smooth and nice. But the only obstrucle was her blue colored silk panty. I asked her shall I remove it, she said no, dont it hides my nakedness. Ok, Ok, I kissed, down below her thighs, lifting her leg, I kissed her inner thigh which are very sensitive. Her panty was wet with her cunt juice.

I turned her and made her to lie on her back and with her legs wide apart, I went on top of her and sucked her boobs again. My hands went down to her navel and then to her panty, I placed my hand on her pussy and could locate her clitoris. Over her panty I gripped her clitoris and massaged it.

Bhabi was restless and moved her knee up and down and she pulled her panty down so that I may handle her pussy. My mouth came down to her pussy, licked the clean shaven hairless pussy, dug my tongue deep into her fuckhole, and circled around her clitoris and then took it in the mouth and softly sucked it.

Bhabi was in seventh heaven, So many incoherant sounds came out of her mouth, she pressed my head buried deep inside her pussy and from her pulsating cunt muscles I could understand that she has had a massive orgasm. Flow of fluids from her cunt and I licked them all and drank, I asked bhabi how was it. Oh, devarji, you have shown me heaven.

Your brother has as big a tool as yours but he does not know how to give pleasure to me. He fucks dischanges his semen, pulls out and sleeps, but never asked whethr I enjoyed. After marriage this is the first time I had so much of sex. I will keep watch over my safe days, please give me deep sex, I will buy some condoms and ipills. Your oral sex was fantastic.

You see Devarji, after my husband left, many of my colleagues offered to keep company with me so that I will not be alone in the house. But wanted tohave sex with me. I refused. I preferred you to stay with me, because, you are my devar and even if I have sex with you it is better than having sex with an outsider. But you are fantastic.

When you said you will only kiss me, I was disappointed. You kiss on my body parts took me to heaven. Oh, devarji, you are my hero, dont put on any clothes while sleeping. Oh, I forget, You have not reached your orgasm. Come on fuck me and get your fluids out. Fuck me, fuck me deep and fast.

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Ravi Enjoying Hot Sex With Girlfriend Riya In Kitchen

Hi, guys. This is Ravi. A software engineer from Bangalore. Well built and with a handsome salary. I am in a relationship since last 6 years and it’s amazing. The girl of my life is named Riya and she is extremely beautiful and sexy as well with the right amount of flesh at right places. She is figured by 34-28-32. She has the best breasts in the world. Believe me when I say that.

Great size great softness. She has an ass to die for. Her back side look is a killer. Every boy of our class used to try on her as we were school friends. Now coming to the story. One fine evening during the winters she called me and said there’s no one in the house except her grandmother who is quite old and visually impaired. And dared me to come to her house.

I accepted that challenge but was difficult because I had to take the back door as coming from the main door would not be safe for her. India you know. Mentality speaks. I still went to her colony. Silently went through the road which took me to the back door of her house. I had to cross through 2 houses in between to reach her.

I somehow reached which was tough and knocked the backdoor of her kitchen. She opened and was surprised to see me. I went in and she immediately hugged me tightly and that made her huge boobs get pressed on my chest. I took her face in my hand and gave a kiss on her lips. She smiled which I took as a positive indication and then lip locked her lips with mine.

Let me tell you she is a fantastic kisser. We started smooching so hard that we almost ate each other’s lips. I used my tongue to make her lips wet. She too did that. Then I asked where is your grandmother, she said in the next room so we should better be in the kitchen. I said its all right and closed the kitchen door pushed her to the walls of the kitchen and kissed her neck.

She got seduced which I got to know by her deep breaths. I started lifting her top and took my hands to her waist and stomach. Caressed her and slowly removed her top. I was surprised she was not wearing her bra. (Later she told me because she didn’t wanted to waste my time).

I was seeing those breasts might be for the 100th time but it’s the 1st time for me every time I see it because of the sexiness it has. Her breasts are very big. Made to be pressed sucked and played with. I took both her breasts in my hand and cupped it and started pumping heavily. She was seduced and I took hold of that and pressed them more heavily.

There were red marks on her breasts. Then came the moment of sucking her nipples which are big and brownish in color. Licked her nipples at first and then took her nipple into my mouth and started sucking it very hard. Wanted to drink her milk at then. Sucked then very hard pulled it by my lips. She pressed me more towards her breasts. I sucked and pressed it with more pressure.

Then she pulled off my shirt and started kissing my chest and meanwhile opened my zippers and took my cock out which was rock hard and 7 inches long. She handled it well and suddenly went down and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Oh god, what a feeling. She was an expert. She took it deep and I fucked her mouth. She kept on blowing me for 15 mins.

Then I pulled my jeans down and was nude. So I also started unhooking her skirt hooks. I dropped her skirt on the floor and there she was in a blue coloured panty. She looked so sexy only in a panty. Great figure with sexy boobs. I made her sit on the racks of the kitchen with her legs across my back and took her erect wet nipples in my mouth and sucked it well.

Intentionally I gave a bite on her nipples which she liked a lot. Pinching and squeezing of nipples gave me to hear sounds such as Aaaaahhhhhhh uuuhhhhhhhh. Now I started pulling her panty down and threw it away and now she is completely nude in front of me with her dripping wet pussy in front of me with hairs all around. ( I live hairy cunts). Her pussy was totally wet.

I didn’t wasted much time and spread her legs and gave a quick lick on her pussy which tasted so nice. Then I slowly licked her clit, spread her pussy and lucked her pussy hole. Fucked her hole with my tongue and her reaction was wild like uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. She pushed my head to her pussy and said please don’t stop.

And I took her pussy lips in my mouth and sucked it so hard that she had an orgasm. I took my middle finger and put it in her pussy and fucked her with my fingers with a very high speed. She was out of her control with moans so loud as uuuuhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhh aaahhhhhh.. I followed it up by rubbing her pussy very hardly with my fingers. Which I think gave her another orgasm.

With my dick so hard at that time I brought my cock closer to her pussy and kept it near her hole and rubbed it there for a while. Then slowly started inserting my cock in her pussy which was painful in the beginning but became pleasurable later. I gave her strikes continuously for 10 minutes and she was on cloud nine by the fucking I gave her.

I stopped and licked her pussy again to give lubrication. I spat in her pussy and again inserted my cock and fucked her for heavily for another 5 minutes. I was about to cum and I told her and she said to cum it on her breasts. I did so and her breasts were full of my cum.

I kiss her lips again and went to the washroom. We took a bath together where I again sucked her nipples. Also licked her pussy. And came out. We dressed quickly and I left through the back door again.

Hope you all loved my story. For feedback, please post in the comments below. Thanks.

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Hot Sex Encounter Of Ashok With Two Kerala MILF Aunties

Hi everyone, this is Ashok back again and I am gonna tell you a true story which happened to me just a few weeks back.How I had an encounter with two hot milfs who are from Kerala. I am a good looking 25 years old from Hyderabad. When I am checking my emails I met this woman named Pallavi (name changed)a 45-year-old housewife from Kerala.

She is married but her husband stays in Australia. So as you can understand she was sex hungry.We chatted for a few days.We exchanged our numbers and started sex chatting. We did for 2days. One day she told me she will be coming to Hyderabad on Saturday. Where she want to meet me.

So on Saturday I dressed well and went to the hotel which she told and ranged the bell. She welcomed me inside. What a sex bomb she is??? Uffff my dick started to rise. I started a conversation like this. Me: hi Pallavi nice to meet you P: hello. Me: you look beautiful P: thank you Me: you got a beautiful structure P: only staring, are you are going to do something???

I am waiting for that answer, I went close to her and hugged her and then slowly started patting her body. My hands are busy roaming on her body. Both of us were waiting as to who would make the next move.

Then I kissed her on her eyes and slowly started biting and licking her ears and neck. Soon our lips met and started smooching biting lips. Now slowly I started squeezing her boobs. She began moaning loudly which turned me on even more. I started undressing her, Suddenly she blindfolded me She removed my dress.

I went shocked for those act. I then began licking her nipples over her bra itself and also her clean shaven but sweaty armpits. The smell was heavenly. I removed her bra and put her tits in my mouths. The soft heavenly feel. She was in heaven she started moaning ahhh ummm ufff sssssss ahhh fuckkkkkk meeeee mmmmmm ahhhhh ahhhhh deeppppp more deeppppp suckkk it suckkk ittttt hard.

I twisted her nipples hard. I then grabbed her head pushed my dick into her mouth.And my god did she suck it good, twisting her head and licking my dick completely. Meanwhile, I had a smooch on my lips. I got shocked. I withdrew my lips and opened my blindfold. I was shocked to see beautiful women late in her 30s. Pallavi told me that she is her friend who is also unsatisfied.

Her husband is unable to satisfy her. Her name is Pallavi with big boobs and hot ass. I then took her near me and started smooching deeply and made her lie down and removed her jeans and panty. I swear to god what a lovely pussy it was. Pallavi giving blowjob to me and I then started tongue fucking Priya giving long licks on her pussy and I started licking her ass too.

She was overwhelmed by it and within minutes she came all over my face. But I didn’t stop there I continued licking her for 10 minutes more giving her a lot of pleasure and making her come once again. Now Pallavi positioned my dick on her clit and teasingly started rubbing it around her pussy. She started entering my dick in one go she put my dick inside her hard.

She shouted out in pain. The feel inside her pussy was heavenly. She was tight not having being fucked in a long time and her pussy walls were milking my dick. She is riding me and I am sucking Priya pussy. Priya reached her orgasm.Now I made Pallavi in doggy style and As I pumped in and out of her I bent forward and crushing her tits.

She is moaning like hell ahhh ummmm fuckkkkkk me hardddd ahhhh sssssss ummmmm ahhhh fuckkkkkk make me your bitchhhhh ahhhshhhh hmmmmmmm uffffffffffff I was both tender and harsh giving her best of both the worlds. She then started sucking Priya’s pussy and meanwhile, priya started smooching me. We exchanged our saliva and biting our lips.

She had orgasmed 2nd time in the meanwhile and after few minutes I cummed on her boobs. Now Priya and Pallavi started exchanging my cum and Priya started giving blowjob to me. Within no time I got an erection again. We kissed each other and I started entering Priya passionately. Its very tight and I penetrated slowly and started to and fro.

Once I got the phase I rammed her pussy she was moaning like hell ahhh ashhhhokkkk ahhhhh fuckkkkkk more harrdddddd sssssss ummmmm mmm ahhhhhhhh then I fucked her again in doggy style and came inside her. Now we slept for some time and Pallavi asked me for one more round this time I positioned my dick in her ass.

She screamed a lot and was trying to run away I held her tightly I kept on fucking her and fingering her pussy. After some time she started enjoying and started moaning. I made her orgasm again for 3 times and fucked her and came inside her.Then we both went for a shower together where we made love to each other

and between Priya too joined and I fucked her ass applying soap to my dick under the shower and Pallavi kissing Priya’s body. Where she was licked by me once again and made her orgasm twice. We had one more oral session on the bed and they were totally exhausted. We chatted for some time and smooched them again.

Then they left saying they will be back very soon for a most pleasure able experience again. They offered me some cash which I denied but they said it will be your reward. Looking for them again. I will post you once I had any encounter again. Thanks to Human Digest for giving us such a platform.

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Single Mother Sarika Fucked By Neighbourhood Guy Ashish - II

Previously: Single Mother Sarika Fucked By Neighbourhood Guy Ashish - I

No words for few seconds, I looked at her face and also gave a glance to her body from head to toe, Wow I must say with tight leggings as lower with lose t-shirt on upper half she was looking so stunning with that timid gesture that I had to control myself for getting wild over her and next I tried catching her lie by saying that she has just mentioned that he work in her office

“but you just said ki wo aapke office mein kaam karta hai” and with a fumble she accepted that too “Haan ye mere office mein kaam bhi karta hai” and to that I came out speaking same verdict confidently “Friend's friend or colleague or whatever...ultimately he is a call boy...” and she once again denied “No...” and I asked her how much she paid him “Abhi Kitne paise diye aapne usko?”

and Sarika replied back saying “Jyada nahin...just two thousand...aur wo jaldi wapis kar dega” means not much…just two thousand and he will return soon. Apparently behaving casual Sarika was trying to make me believe her lie but by now I was reached to the verge where I could not resist her false story and I straightforward came out with a proposal that I can fuck her for free.

“Ye sab main aapke liye free main kar sakta hun” and Sarika reflected herself surprised to hear that “What?” “What else? Fucking!” “What are you saying...” she exclaimed but in low voice but I stayed confident “I said I will do it free...and I am very good at it” and wit that I turned and closed the main door of her house and moved towards her.

Sarika moved back with clear deny “No... You can't do that...” and I blackmailed her by saying that I will tell everything to my wife and she will spread this to entire street “ fir main ye sab Shweta (my Wife) ko batta dunga… aur wo poore mohalle ko batta degi...” “No please don't do that...” she requested me in bit of appealing tone and I tried dominating her

“to fir ek baar mujhe bhi apni sewa karne de do…I promise I will not disappoint you” Means then let me serve you once and as I moved further ahead Sarika moved further back. “aap mere saath zabardasti kar rahe ho...” she somewhat warned me and with a naughty smile I came out with “app pyar se karwa low...main zabardasti nahin karunga”

“don’t try to act smart….just go from here” she spoke loud, suddenly her confidence was back and for an instant I thought about quitting but it was really difficult for me to let this opportunity go so easily and I swiftly moved to her and trapped her between the wall.

“Aashish…tum please chale jaao yahan se…unless I will scream” looking into my eyes with serious gesture she threatened me, and for an instant I agreed with a condition that first she has to accept the truth that he was a call boy. “Ok…I am going…but first you say ki wo call boy hi ha…” and she accepted “Haan…wo call boy hi tha…now you please go…”

She accepted and looking into her beautiful eyes I shamelessly spoke if she can do with call boy then she can do with me too “Agar tum call boy ke saath kar sakti ho to mere saath bhi kar sakti ho…main uss se to better hi hun….” and before she would have said anything in reply I grabbed her waist and squeezing her against wall I planted my lips over her wet moist lips.

Sarika fluttered, she tried pushing me too but sucking her both the lips passionately somehow I managed to lip lock her for a minute or bit less and she was shocked with what I did. Anyhow I could not think about attempting a fuck so I tried to pick this opportunity in different way “See I am not going to fuck you, neither I am blackmailing you…”

and after a paused I revealed fact of my sex life “believe me I am very unhappy with my sex life…I think we can help each other”. Looking into her eyes I waited for her reply, I was expecting that she will say yes but after few second of stare into my eyes Sarika knobbed her head in disagreement.

I was not ready for that I once again lip locked her, squeezing her protruding out melons against my firm chest I clenched her hard from her waist and somehow managed to lung into her mouth. Finally Sarika failed to resist and kissed me back and we kissed mutually consistently for a minute and suddenly I tried to reach to her cunt and squeezing her thighs together Sarika

tried to remove my hand from her pussy but failed and as I rubbed her cunt clenching her eyes hissed in pleasure. “Tell me kyun nahin karogi mere saath….?” “Main uss call boy se accha karunga aur free mein karunga…." I spoke and while rubbing her cunt over the cloth I started brushing my lips over her neck "Aashish please leave me..."

Puffing in pleasure Sarika pleaded but in weak voice and in rising passion I spoke out my intentions clearly "No...Baby...! aaj to main tujhe Chod ke rahunga....Jitna chillana hai chilla lay". Sarika was surprised to hear that and pushing me bit harder she looked into my eyes and I smiled shamelessly.

"Aashish this is wrong...please leave me" she once again requested and to that this time I came out sarcastic with smile "Fine…I am also a call boy….tum mujhe paise de dena..." and after that I once again lip locked her. Ohhh yes this time it was a wonderful kiss, initially Sarika did not responded to my kiss but soon she too started sucking my lips

and finally like me she also entered her tongue in my mouth. I was not at all worried about my wife as she use to sleep so sound that usually I have to stagger her to wake her up in the morning, moreover in last 20-25 days when I was keeping an eye over Sarika's house she never came to knew that I go missing from bedroom as soon as she fell asleep.

Anyway after breaking the kiss I dug my fingers around her waist into the elastic of her leggings and sat down over my knees while drifting down her lower and panty together. Thought she tried to hold her lower but did not resisted much and released her leggings more or less with her consent and as her cunt got exposed to me she started breathing heavy.

Wow man what a lovely fuckhole it was, clean shaven, wet and swollen and sitting over my knees I moved into her thighs to lick her juices. Unconsciously Sarika tried to stop me but just for few seconds and in the end gave me clear access of her swollen pussy.

I licked her nicely, also wiggled tip of my tongue over the edge of her slit to tease her clitoris and soon holding my scalp in her hands Sarika started lurching her ass back and forward while gasping in divine pleasure. I stayed consistent in sucking and exploring her pussy for one or two minutes and later I started fisting her cunt and her soft pleasure moans went louder.

More she cried more I went harder and did not stooped licking and digging her cunt until her thighs started shivering and she seemed going to peak. Next I got up and stripped Sarika completely by unhooking her bra after lifting her loose top and leaving my clothes as well, there on the floor brought her to the three sitter couch.

Though I really love my cock getting sucked and I desperately wanted to see Sarika’s lovely face filled with my meat but that instant I did not wanted to waste any time I laid her over her back and opened her thighs to plunge her. Although I knew she must be conscious and must be using condoms while fucking with a call boy still I asked her same

“Call boy ke saath aap condoms to use karte ho na ?” and she revealed the fact that she do not fuck with call boy and she just get her sucking done “I don’t fuck with him, main uss se sirf sucking karwati hun”. I smiled over that and she blushed "How much he charge for sucking..." I asked her and with some embarrassment she replied saying two, "and for fucking?" "May be three"

" you will save 5 everyday" and Sarika simply failed to resist smiling over my tiny joke. Next I laid over her and kissed her and this time Sarika was completely in consent. “I am sorry….Mere hote hue tumhen call boy bulana padda...!” I spoke and with a naughty smile told her that next time instead of call boy she has to call me first

"Next time Call boy ko phone karne se achha mujhe phone karna" and she denied saying that I am married “No…You are married…” “So what…?” “You are cheating with Shweta…” “tumhare liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hunn…” and saying that without looking down,

rather while looking into her deep light brown eyes I lifted my bottom and searched for her cunt with my cock tip and holding my rod in her fist she took me to her opening and I plunged her with a hard screwing thrust. “Ahhh….” I lunged deep in her womb and Sarika trembled in exhilaration, she grabbed me in her arms and long legs and while kissing and licking her face I started digging her cunt.

Since beginning I was steady fucker and I do lot of love making while fucking and I sucked her nipples hard while invading her cunt and Sarika’s grabbed me harder. Thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth I kissed her deeply and fenced her tongue with my own.

As compared to my wedded wife Sarika’s slit was petite, above that change of face getting fucked under me and within a minute of consistent fucking my excitement started rising high and soon with each downward thrust my cock went deeper and deeper in her womb.

Sarika cried, panted, puffed but with clenched teeth; every thrust of my thick cock deep in her fuck hole was sending unbearable sensation to her body and her lovely face in devastating state continued driving me crazy over her.

My hips swung furiously back and forward and I tried driving my cock in and out of her swollen flesh with all my passion and energy and suddenly with a loud cry Sarika nailed my back cruelly. She orgasmed hard and squeezing my ass in her thighs she tried her best to stop my rocking motion.

Her body got rigid and at the same time down there; over my cock I felt hard spasm of her burning hot cunt. Finally Sarika started to cum with a shudder of strange tidal waves passing through her body and seeing her getting shattered so badly I too lost my control and screamed and exploded with a quiver and jerked out my white sticky jizz deep inside her cunt.

Finally I released my weight on her and she held me and we stayed without any words for barely for one minute and Sarika told me to go now. Saying that her voice was low but tone was rude and as I got from her top she instantly moved from there and started wearing her clothes.

I stayed naked over that couch and asked her if we can do it one more time and throwing my clothes to me she denied and in continuation told me that is not interested in any such relation with me. Though I have fucked Sarika 3 more times in last couple of months and she has enjoyed every moment of getting sucked and fucked with me but it happens only

when I pursue her and kiss her forcibly. She is a female having very active sex drive but don’t know why even after 4 times mentally she is yet not involved with me completely. Let’s see if it happens in next fewer times and I succeed in getting my cock sucked by her.

Readers please leave comments over my inexperienced story writing also I would love to read views of readers about Sarika.

The End.

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Single Mother Sarika Fucked By Neighbourhood Guy Ashish - I

Hello Friends, I am Aashish, typical Delhiite; at present living in renowned NCR of UP, 34 years of age, standing 5’6” I am not exceptionally muscular but physically I am fit and strong to calm down any female in heat and my experience is about me fucking and satisfying a single mother who was my new next door.

I am married from last 7-8 years and anyhow I cannot say that I was not happy with my sex life. Surely after delivery my wife was consistently losing interest in bed but apart from that since I was married I know why thought of extra marital affair use to fascinate me a lot and deep inside I was eager to explore my sex life with at least one additional cunt on regular intervals.

Years passed but I never got any such opportunity and suddenly one fine day destiny sent me relief from my sexual restlessness when Sarika and her 5 years daughter shifted down to the house next to mine.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was engrossed in newspaper when while looking down from the balcony my wife informed me that the vacant house we have on our right on the ground floor has been occupied. After that for next half an hour my wife disappeared and ultimately came back with our new neighbor. Wow man! Kya maal hai? I exclaimed within me.

I was floored with her very first glance. Fair and creamy skinned, I won’t say Sarika is exceptionally beautiful but she is pretty. An oval face with slightly chubby cheek, small sexy mouth with moist lips; her eyes are large and light brown, nose straight with a golden ringed nose stud.

Hairs silky and short with lot of golden tints all over, tall easily 2-3 inches more than me with balanced flesh all over her body; neither thin nor plump. Flat and firm belly, melons bit heavy in proportion of her lean body with lovely long legs leading to nicely fleshed thighs and delectable ass mounds.

I stood up in welcome and greeted her and shook hand with her daughter after offering her seat. Soon after telling me her name my wife went into kitchen to prepare tea and my son who equaled almost her daughter took her inside to play. I casually asked her exactly from where she originally belongs and found that she too is a Delhi girl.

Well educated with rich gesture and fluent English, I came to know that by profession Sarika is a content writer. Age 38; nearly four years elder to me, she was passed out from very hi level school of capital. Next I asked her about the father of her child and as she said she is a single mother I was rejoiced within me and started concluding myself being in extra marital affair with her.

Eventually tea got served to me, to her and also to the bunch of guys who were putting her furniture into the house and in the end I came down with her and for next one and a half hour helped her to put basic furniture on its place.

Later we had Lunch together and after spending another one and half hour by the time she went back to her place I was gone eager to try finding a way to begin my extra marital affair. Why not? For me everything was just perfect as far as her personal life was concerned.

According to my wife Sarika never got married, she was into live in relation with someone and because of some inattention she got pregnant and that guy denied to take responsibility of this child. They got separated and Sarika returned back home and gave birth to the child.

Rich and sound her parents were still alive and they were living in Delhi but to avoid illiberal surrounded people she decided to live alone. Anyway couple of months passed, in the mean time me and my wife helped Sarika in many ways to settle down in her new house including by taking care of her daughter whenever it was required and more I saw Sarika

and more I spoke to her and more looked into her light brown eyes more I went eager to fuck her. Suddenly my bachelor day’s habit of masturbating once again engaged me in the nights and it was none other than Sarika for whom I shagged my load. I hardly missed meeting her and wishing her good morning on the street whenever she is out of the house to go to work in the morning,

after putting her child in the nearby day care. Not only that, more or less I was always back home and use to be in the balcony or on the terrace before her scheduled arrival. In short I was keen to go ahead and I was enthusiastically seeking opportunities to make things happen between me and my newest heart throb Neighbor and ultimately it happened in a very dramatic way.

Friday night, I remember it was December; weather was cold and it was matter of sheer coincidence that after dinner and after my wife and child were gone to bed to sleep, I abruptly decided to walk on the terrace. Time was almost mid night and with a cigarette in my fingers I was leaning over railing and looking down to street when I saw a male entering into Sarika’s walled veranda.

For an instant I thought about going down to see who is he and what are his intentions but I before that he took out his mobile and made a call. I stayed there, that guy looked left and right and all around but fortunately did not look up and after few seconds Sarika’s door opened and he went in.

Truly speaking friend I just went crazy to see that and I was ready to stay there on the terrace in that cold climate for whole night; just to see when that guy goes out of the house. Eventually somewhat after half an hour once again Sarika’s door opened and that guy walked out of the house swiftly.

No exaggeration; seeing all that I was burnt till my soul with jealously, that instant my first and last and only conclusion was that guy is her boy friend and he was there to fuck her. I slept furious, stayed very restless for whole night and by next morning I was depressed over my assumption that because of absence of physical pleasure Sarika might fuck with me.

Next day was off from work, not for me but for Sarika and I saw her in the late evening from my balcony. She too saw me and waved with smile and I greeted her good evening, for an instant I felt like asking her about the guy who visited her last mid night but as my wife was also around I avoided getting into any controversy.

Later I decided to be on the terrace every night to see the frequency of her boy friend’s arrival to her house and with that I continued meeting her every morning as usual but tried getting friendlier with her whenever I got any chance to talk to her. I consistently stayed over my terrace for around 20-25 days and in that hang around nobody came to her house.

I was little happy to realize that there is nothing like what I was assuming and that guy could be her some other concern; may be her brother. But I was wrong, fortunately after assuming that she does not have any boy friend I did not stopped coming to the roof after 11 in the night and on one odd day I once again saw that man entering into her veranda almost at the same time.

Like last he called Sarika while standing outside and she opened the door for him. I was once again burnt in jealousy and in that fervor I went down to street and waited for him to come out. Like last time once again 20-25 minutes passed and as that guy stepped out Sarika closed the door immediately.

I was standing behind 5 feet wall of her porch and I held that guy as he came out of her premises. No, way! He cannot be her boy friend, saale ki aukat hi nahin thi Sarika jaisi Bomb ko patane ki. I mean with over all looks and body language of that guy in a moment I took out conclusion that he cannot be her boy friend and holding his arm I pulled him back into the loggia and bolted the metal gate.

He tried to escape but I was far stronger than him and holding him with both the hands I asked him who he is. He was scared and he stayed silent while trying releasing himself from my grip and I repeated my query in low but angry voice with a warning that I will beat him “Bol saale…kaun hai tu…nahin to bahut maar khayega” “Main...! main Sarika madam se Milne aaya tha”

he fumbled while saying that and I asked him why he met her “Kis liye...milne aaya tha” and in same fumbled voice he replied saying he had some work “kuch kaam tha...” and I continued dominating him “kya kaam tha...”. He did not spoke anything and suddenly succeeded releasing himself with a sudden jerk and fell down on the floor.

I moved close to him to capture him again and saw him pushing something into her jeans pocket deeper. He was on the floor and I held him again and tried taking that thing out of his pocket and it was pile of Indian currency. “Saale…Tu chor hai...main police ko phone kar raha hun”

with that I pulled out my mobile and he requested me not to do that and told me to talk to Sarika once as this money is given by her only “Nahin...please… aap ek baar Madam se baat kar paise unhon ne hi mujhe diye hain”. I accepted and told him to ring the door bell and door opened. Totally speechless with her eyes tore opened I must say Sarika was stunned to see me with that guy.

“Ye aapke yahan se chori karke bhag raha tha...” saying that I extended my hand to give her money and in low timid voice she accepted that she has given him this money. “Who is he...?” I asked her while getting close to the entrance of her house and Sarika came out with an excuse that this guy work in her office and he needed some money in emergency.

“Ye mere office mein kaam karta hai aur issko emergency mein kuch paise chahiye the” Immaterial what she said by now I was up with my conclusion and I told her that I have seen this guy coming to her house in the night two times earlier “Maine issko do baar pahle bhi issi time per aapke ghar mein jaate hue dekha hai...”

certainly it was just once in my knowledge but I exaggerated and Sarika accepted that he was here earlier too “ pahle bhi aaya tha...”. My brain was running fast and I instantly came out with my conclusion “I think Ye call boy hai…” and I saw after hearing that Sarika got disappointed over her facial expression.

Next I looked at that guy and he tried to walk away from there. I held his wrist, gave him that money and told him to go away with a warning that if I will see him here again I will take him to police. That guy walked away swiftly and next instant mentally I was ready with what I had to do now.

I moved into the house and looking into her light brown eyes deeply confirmed my final conclusion “So he is a call boy...” and Sarika denied saying “No...He is actually my friend's friend...isko emergency mein kuch paise chahiye maine yahan bula liya”.

To Be Continued...

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