Karthik Enjoying Sex With Radha Bhabhi - II

Previously: Karthik Enjoying Sex With Radha Bhabhi - I

I continued to suck her nipples with more vigor. Closing her eyes Bhabhi was moaning heavily. She was murmuring fuck me, Karthik, fuck me, please. I asked her to open up her legs and I placed my self between her legs and it would be convenient for me to fuck her. With my on had I searched for her cunt and I found out the entrance to her fuck hole.

I asked her to keep her cunt lips open and I took my cock and with its tip ran full length of her cunt from bottom to top and placed it at the entrance and pushed it in. Her hand got hold of it and she pushed it inside her hole and asked me to push it in. It was tight like that of a virgin and I pushed and only my cock head entered.

Her healthy cunt muscles held the side tight that I my cock was making very slow progress. I push and it pained her and me, I cannot leave it like that. Finally my whole seven inches were buried inside her after a strenuous effort. I slowly fucked her and my whole cock went inside and came out and initially I had to make an effort,

but later with larger secretion of her cunt juices my cock slide more easily and it touched many pleasure points inside her hole which were not touched by her husband. I increased my speed and she was moaning and she hugged me tight and her legs were wound around me.

I asked her whether it is her safe days, she said she does not know but allowed me to release all my cum inside her. We both had our orgasm together and she was breathing heavily on account of the strain. When I tried to pull out she said no, remain like that, let me feel a real cock inside me for some more time.

She opened her eyes and kissed me repeatedly on my forehead and cheeks and said Karthik you have shown me really how it is to feel a real woman. She said fucking by her husband was a tragedy and he was not able to enter her at all. He would discharge his fluids outside and make a mess of everything.

Since last one year he never ever attempted and did not allow her near him at all. We got up and went to the bathroom and she was feeling my thick cum flowing out of her and she took it in her hands and looked at it. We both washed, she washed my cock and was amazed at its size. She said it is like the one we saw in the video. I took a mugful of water and made her hair wet.

We came back in the bed and keeping an old newspaper under her, with my trimmer I removed the thick mat of hair from her pussy. I could see her clitoris which was hiding behind her public hair. I asked her to wash her cunt and I smelled her cunt. I was nice healthy smell and I licked her pussy and licked her clitoris like we saw in the video.

My sucking her clitoris made her aroused again and she wanted to give me a blow job. My cock was too big for her mouth. After watching videos of blowjobs, she learnt how to take it in. We tried several new sex poses, like doggy, scissors, cow girl and cow girl reverse. Now she is devoid of any shyness and she is prepared for any time for a good fuck.

She cleans her pussy everytime she passes urine and there is absolutely no urine smell at. As soon as I return from office we start the session. By the time the third session is over time would be 9 pm. she may not have time to cook food and we go to the mall and eat whatever good food is available. She wears while going out leggings or tight jeans.

On the seventh day she announced that her period is delayed. I had to go Chennai and my brother is due at any time. He can and he was impressed by the changed atmosphere at home. I told my brother that I am going back to Chennai and would be back by next week. Radha bhabhi and her husband have to adjust themselves for bringing their life to normalcy.

She came back to her cotton saree and continued to sleep in a separate cot. When she told her husband that he may buy a laptop for her, he said no, there is no necessity. She asked her husband to sleep with her for one or two days and she wanted to bear his son. Finally it was agreed that they both will sleep in the big bed. she brought him a glass of milk and they both retired.

She asked him to remove his vest and brief and then his mundu. He said no no no, I am shy I am accustomed to sleep without any clothes. Then how you are going to do it to me. After she cried and created a scene, her husband agreed to sleep with her naked. As as the lights were switched off, she hugged him and wanted to arouse him at any cost.

With great effort for half an hour finally his cock got erect and she asked him get on top of her and insert his cock into her pussy. Somehow he got up and put is erect cock inside his cunt and started to fuck her. This is the first time he does as he thought undertaking intercourse with a woman is a sin. His five inche cock went inside her and threw his fluids inside her cunt.

She was happy for this accomplishment. The as his shyness is gone he took initiative and started to fuck her every day twice or thrice. Bhabhi was very happy. When Karthik came next, his brother as ususal was going to Kolkata. on a 15 day trip. Karthik took him to the airport and put him in board the plane. When he came home Bhabhi and Karthik were immensely please.

because of the later developments. Karthik took her to the genealogist and it was confirmed that she is pregnant. They know it is the child of Karthik. He did not allow her to work in the kitchen, but took her to all the famous restaurants and had food. Karthik fucked her in all possible way,

On the tenth month Karthik's brother was very pleased that he has a healthy boy. He brought very costly clothes for Karthik and for Radha bhabhi and for the infant. They called near relatives and friends and gave a good party.

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Karthik Enjoying Sex With Radha Bhabhi - I

I am Karthik, working in an MNC in Chennai. I did my BTech and got a good posting. As a part of my job I have to undergo tour and whereever I may I am entitled for five star accommodation. I am 6 footer and like reading music sports etc. But my job duties do not allow me to indulge in any of my pastimes.

After joining the employer, they asked me to go to Bengaluru and meet some of our clients and discuss their problems with them. In the case of software development, there may be many doubts which our customers may have and we have to clear the doubts so that we may get further business from them.

My elder brother was in Bengaluru and I telephoned and told him that I am coming to Bengaluru and that I am entitled for a five star accommodation. He no dont go to any hotel, come to my house in....nagar and I have spare guest room you can stay there and take homely food prepared by your bhabhi.

Again he told me that he is going on a business tour to Hyderabad on Sunday night and may be back only after a week. I got down from the airport and took a taxi to.....Nnagar and searched for the flat of my brother. It was in a housing complex, in the fourth floor. I reached the flat and rang the door bell. My bhabi opened the door and asked me to come in.

I had met her only during her marriage and thereafter I had not met her. I removed my shoes and sat in the sitting room. She said Karthik, your room is ready. You can place your baggage, change and come I give serve you coffee. I said no Bhabi I dont want coffee, I will finish my bath and come, please give me supper, I am famished. She smiled and said ok ok.

I went to the room placed my airbag and laptop bag on the floor and removed my shirt and pant and found that I have not brought any dhothi for casual wear. I went to Bhabhi and asked her to give me a dhothi and a towel. She saw me and was laughting since I was standing before her in my underwear.

She gave me the dhothi and the towel and shamefacedly I grabbed them ran to the bedroom and then to the bathroom to take bath. Warm shower was quite refreshing and dried up my body and wore my dhothi. I dropped my brief and vest in the bathroom floor and the wet towel hanging in the clothes line. In the room there was a table and a chair.

But I preferred to sit in my bed and opened up my laptop to recheck my jobs on the following day. I opned a porno site and watched it side by side. I am a avid porn watcher. If someone enters the room, I will minimize the page. I was thinking about Radha bhabhi who is almost of my age and is extremely beautiful. She had round boobs, well elevated and nice tight ass mounds.

She was wearing only plain cotton saree and a matching blouse. Suddenly she called, Karthik, dinner is ready and you can come any time. I closed the laptop, put on my shirt and went to the dining room. I think she made aloo parathas and some paneer curry. She sat opposite to me started the talk about the family and about my career and about any marriage proposals etc.

These are the usual questions ladies ask and I replied her. I asked her why even after three years after marriage you dont have any children. Is it planned parenthood or something else. She just laughed it off and did not give any reply. I ate two parathas and then another and again another, they were delicious and the curry was superb.

When she gave another I said no and said Bhabhi your food is great, you are really a great cook. Shyly she said dont praise me. As a dessert she gave me carrot halva, oh, it was marvelous. When I looked inside the kitchen I found I ate all that she made and there is nothing left for her.

I felt apologetic and told her I am sorry, I was hungry and what ever you gave I ate, Now you have nothing left for you. You have make fresh chapathis for your consumption. It is ok, karthink, it is ok. I asked shall bring from the nearby restaurant any food. She said no no. I sat with her till she finished her food and she was gorgeous.

I was looking into her eyes and then her boobs. She finished her food fast and said she will set my room in order and came to my room and took the laptop and placed it on the table, but what was shocking was that the porno film was running. I rushed and put it off.

Bhabhi spread a new bedsheet, changed the pillow cover and went inside the bathroom and checked where was soap and she took the wet clothes and said she will put them in the washing machine. I asked her to place some water fo rmy use in the night. She agreed and she went to the kitchen tocomplete her work and I came back to my room and opened my laptop again.

Suddenly I heard a small humming sound of a song, a meera bhajan. Her voice was sweet and she was not singing for me to hear, but to herself. may be her habit or routine to sing while going to bed. Another bhajan followed and another all filled with emotion and compassion. I had tears running down my cheeks. It was so nice.

When I thought she had finished, I opened the door and went to her, Oh Bhabi, You are great, you are a divine singer and Your songs touched my heart deeply. She was sitting in her pooja room and was shocked to hear my uttererances. Her eyes were also in tears. She put her hands on her face and was weeping. I asked her what was wrong, please tell me why you are crying.

I only praised your cooking and your music. But why should you be sorry about it. I had not uttered any thing wrong. Bhabi please dont cry, please come with me, please come with me to my room and tell me what is your problem. I caught her hand and pulled her to my room and she sat in my bed and asked her what is the matter.

She said I have never heard a word of appreciation from my husband so far and when you praised my cooking I became emotional. I asked her how is your relationship with your husband. As a younger brother I have no authority to ask such questions but still I am asking to know the reasons for your misery. Most of the days he is touring and how can a relationship develop.

Even otherwise we do not sleep together, we sleep separately. Otherwise we are quite close and loving. I asked, holding both of her hands in mine, what I can I do to help you get together. She said you can do nothing, because he is your elder brother and it is not proper to advise elder brothers.

Ok, Bhabhi, please go and change, and come I am greatly impressed by your songs and I would like to record your songs in my laptop. No Karthink, I will sing on some other occasion. I will change and come so that we can talk. She came in a cotton nighty. I was sitting near my pillow with my laptop open and hence she sat at the legside of the bed.

Her hair was done up like a cone. She was indeed a beauty. With protruding boobs and night raised ass. I closed the laptop and asked her Bhabi, how is it that you sleep separately. I am younger brother, unmarried andhence do no know anything about family life.

I have not seen how husband and wife behave with each other, I just wanted to observe how your behave and see and learn many things before I get married. But this is shocking to me, I dont know how to ask you. She said dont worry, forget what I said, if you have any specific doubt ask me, Karthik, show me how to operate a laptop.

I mechanically turned it to her side and opened. She kneeled forward and was looking at the screen, I inadvertantly touched the key and the porn site opened up full screen. I was looking at her face and she looking closely at the laptop screen and the sound was off and the porn site with a man fucking a girl seen in full screen.

I noticed her eyes opened widely and her mouth also opened and she was about to give out a cry and then I noticed I have committed a blunder and I shut down the page and looked at her sheepishly. Keeping her both hands against her face, she said oh, oh, what I have seen, Karthik, is this the urgent work you said you are doing to prepare your tommorow's meeting.

Oh, I am sorry, bhabi, I am very sorry, a mistake happened, please forgive me please Bhabi. But she was not obviously convinced. Karthik you are seeting this everyday? It is exactly what we married couple do, she said, looking at the ceiling. I thought she would get up and go away, but she did not, she sat and keeping a mischievous smile on her face.

I did not know how to come out of the embarassing situation. Ok, just show me that scene, just for a moment, she said and I had no alternative but to put the scene on and turned it to her side. She too was blushing and was looking at the laptop.

The sex act was in the final stages and the pleasures of orgasm was seen on the faces of the man and the woman and he pulled out his cock and she got up opened her mouth and received the whole lot of his gunk in her mouth. Bhabi was looking at the scene with awe as the show came to an end. Then she started asking me about how you get such things in the laptop.

The way she was asking me she looked aroused and was asking me for further details of how to get porn sites. I was squatting on the bed and there was full erection concealed in my dhothi. I put on another porn video from beginning with sound.

The boy and girl meet in the street and say hello and then she calls him to her room and closes the door, they undress and his 7 in long thing is hanging between his thighs and she undresses and takes his thing in her hand looking at her face takes it in her mouth and gives him a nice blow job.

I watched her and she was looking at me occasionally and then the scene changed he pushed her down the bed and he leaned on her and kissed her on her boobs and sucked the nipples and the sound of her moans filled the air, he goes down between her legs and lick the hairless pussy lustily. Then there was a closeup of her pussy and his tongue rubbing her clitoris came.

He licked it some time and then his lip held the clitoris tightly and sucked. The girl was pressing his dead down. Bhabi said, ok, ok close it. I stopped the video. I thought she will go away. She got up and said she will come within a minute and went outside my room, checked the main door,

bolted it and switched off all the lights in her bedroom and the kitchen and sitting room and came back to my room and sat on my bed and was looking at me. I too was looking at her and I knew she just went to cool off, I got up and went near her and stool close to her and put my hands over her shoulders. My cock was erect and I turned slghtly so that it may not touch her.

Whe leaned on my body and said Karthik, I am in a very bad condition. When my left hand was on her shoulders my rght hand touched her chin and raised her face. I bowed down and kissed her cheeks. She just hugged me and with me she lied in the bed that I was on her and she down me.

I kissed her cheeks and her mouth was seeking my mouth and I kissed her and was sucking her lower lip and my tongue was going into her mouth to seek hers and we were in the same condition for 10 minutes. Now that the ice is broken, she asked me to sit near her and she moved nad gave more space and asked me to continue the video.

I started the video, in the meantime, I pulled out her knighty from her body and she was in her bra and panty. I unhooked the bra and nice hard big boobs were out. I leaned forward and took the nipple in my mouth and my tongue played with it. She was moaning like the girl in the video.

I closed the laptop placed it on the table and asked her to lie down in the bed on her back and continued sucking her nnipples. I was looking at her and she was stunningly beautiful. Her husband is a fool not fucking her daily. She took my hand and placed it on her other boob and made me to squeeze it.

I massaged her both boobs and ran my hand hand down to her pussy which was full of thick black hair. Though I am not much experienced in practical sex, watching porn video gave me enough information to manage such dream situations.

To Be Continued...

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Madhan Enjoying Sex With Mature Hyderabad Aunty

Hello! Guys this is Madhan here. I have been reading Human Digest stories past 5 years and a huge fan and read almost every sex story which is about matured woman as I get attracted to them.

About me I am 22 years old completed B Tech from reputed college in Hyderabad. I am around 5’11” in height athletic body and quite fair. So coming to the sex story, this happened around 6 months back. The heroine of this story is Aruna, aged around 36 stats around 36 32 38 my aunt our old family friend. She is our distant relative but is quite close to our family.

She used to visit us once in two moths and stay for a day or two. I never had any bad intention on her until an incident shook me. That is when I returned back from my college I threw my bag on the sofa and had to pee so in a hurry went to my room and was shell shocked seeing my aunt changing her dress near the dressing area. She didn’t know I was seeing her.

I didn’t know why but I stood there and was watching her going nude. That was the first time I was seeing a mature woman’s body so close. I then came back to my senses and knocked the door she in a hurry dressed up and came to the door and gave smile and hugged me in that process my huge boner touched her and she was taken back it was an embarrassing situation.

I rushed to the bathroom and masturbated thinking about juggling those huge boobs and cummed a huge load. I then set my mind to fuck her in any way possible and started to think about ways. She always liked me very much and used to very close. So that day she had to sleep in my room beside me and I was very much excited.

She normally used to sleep beside me whenever she visit us but this night was different. So we chatted a bit till 11pm and she fell asleep by 12am. I was still awake and was staring at her boobs which were moving according to her breathe. I couldn’t control and slowly placed my hand on her stomach and moved it up very slowly and in that process, I had a very hard boner.

At a point, I was very close to her boobs and put my hand on her boobs. A current like wave was sent through my body. My hand was there in that position for a while and I slowly searched for the nipple and found it and started making circles.

In that process she started breathing heavily I then thought she was dreaming and continued my circling moments at a point her nipple became very hard and suddenly she moved to my side, I thought to myself that I was caught and I closed my eyes and slept like I was dreaming. The next day I woke up and saw her it was all normal I felt relaxed that I didn’t mess it up.

During the day she used come intentionally close to me brush her boobs as if she did it by mistake I was confused as she does that normally like that but today was a different story. The day went as usually normal and then came the night like normally she slept beside me and we were chatting about random stuff. She was a bit in an active way today.

At a point, she asked me about my girlfriend and to that I replied I used to have one but now we broke, she continued asking me that did u kiss her and all. And all of sudden the topic changed to sex and she looked a bit disappointment and asked her the reason, for that she started crying and said that she never got satisfied with your uncle he is always busy in his work and doesn’t take care of me.

I then went close to her and wiped her tears and gave a kiss on her forehead and said everything would be alright, in that moment our eyes met and I didn’t know where I got guts to do so but put my lips on hers. I was kissing her, she was still and didn’t know how to react and she slowly opened her mouth and we were kissing like mad couples for about 15mins.

I started undressing her and slowly licked her neck and her cleavage which got her excited and started moaning hard. I then caught hold of her boobs and started licking it and was ignoring her nipple and she was begging me to suck it I then in a sudden bit her nipple and she caught of my hair tight and started pressing into her boobs.

I then removed her panty and there was her pussy pink in color neatly shaved. I just gave a lick on her cunt from out and her whole body shivered at once, I then started sucking her pussy madly and went 69 she was also giving a good suck and made my cock enough hard.

I made her in missionary position and in a stroke pushed my whole dick into her cunt, she moaned very heavily fearing my parents would wake up I locked my lips with her and was fucking her hard, she moaning like ahhhhh hhhuuhh commooonn madhan make me your bitch today filll myyyy pusssyyy come on madhann satisfy your aunt.

She was scratching my back with excitement and rolled her legs around my back and pushing me more in and suddenly she ejaculated a huge load and after a few seconds even I ejaculated and collapsed.

She then came close to me and kissed and said thanks for this wonderful night and we smooched again for a few minutes and had another 2 sessions till the morning and tried every position.We have sex whenever she comes to visit us.

So guys as this my first story forgive me for my mistake or if I disappointed you in any aspect. Please let me your feedback in the comments below.

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Rahul Raj Enjoying Awesome Night Sex With Call Girl

Hi readers, I’m new to Human Digest as an author but a great reader of stories for so many years. I’m Rahul Raj, 6ft and muscular body with a 6-inch cock. Here is the incident which happened some 6 months ago with a call girl named Lal(name shortened). I’m relatively new to sex and only once I had experienced before.

As one of my colleague and a good friend suggested getting a girl as we were talking about this from a long time. So when my roommate was not in town, we planned to do this. I was working from home that day and my friend told he will join after some time. After getting a contact and called them, one girl was selected and I picked her up and came to my home.

Since afternoon I gathered all the things like drinks, stuff, and safety. We got home by 6:30 pm and had started to chit chatting. She was 26 yrs old and came to Bangalore recently. As she is from AP, language isn’t a barrier and we mixed up very well quickly. I gave a boxer of mine and a t-shirt and she looked damn sexy in that.

After some time of chatting and light touchings, we started to drink Blenders pride. I don’t know before but she was a hell of a drinker which made her give me more pleasure in sex. After 3 pegs, I asked shall we go to the bedroom. She said ok and we went and started slowly. She took initiative and kissed me slowly and it got wild after a minute.

I was always curious for a blowjob and asked her the same. She did it with the condom. I asked her to remove the condom and blow me. She hesitated first as she never did that but she liked me a lot in these time and agreed to do blowjob without a condom. It was an amazing and awesome experience. After a couple of minutes, I felt like I’m near to explode.

I stopped her and started to kiss and play with her boobs and pussy. She was in another world with my finger fucking. She asked me to enter my dick as she cannot wait anymore. She put a new condom and guided me. I started slowly and gradually increase the speed. She was enjoying the most and Me too. Her expressions made me mad and started to thump faster.

After 10 minutes, I came and fell on her. She kisses me on my forehead and hugged tightly in pleasure. We laid there for 20 mins cuddling and came back to the hall to resume boozing. She was behaving like she is in love with me. The other thing which she liked is the chicken fry I made which was a hit that day. She praised me for the chicken.

We continued to drink and I called my friend meanwhile to ask when he will come. He said in another 45 min and we finished 3 more pegs. This time, she asked me lets go inside. I happily obliged and went and had an awesome session. I tried doggy and she is enjoying fully as impressing her hips and thumping simultaneously. She is asking for more and not to stop.

I also liked this position and giving hard strokes. Due to alcohol I guess, it is nearly 40 min and I’m still not cumming and by this time she is pleading to finish. Somehow I came to climax in another 10 min and we are fully exhausted and laid there for another 15 min and came back to the hall to booze. After 15 min my friend came and joined us to booze.

I introduced her to him and we started to chat. He had a couple of pegs and took her inside. They came back in 30 min and I can clearly see he was not satisfied and she is also not happy. We boozed some time calmly and she called me inside. I asked what happened and then she started to complain that he smells very bad and also forcing her to do what she didn’t like.

I cannot comment on what happened between them but I consoled her and gave a tight hug. She cooled down and hugged me tightly and put a hand on my dick. It started to rise hard and in no time it became hard. She stroked it for a while and I also fingered her. She took my dick and started to ride on me.

It was again a new position for me and I enjoyed a lot. She rode very hard and I cummed in 15 min she fell on me and kissed my cheeks and chest and licked my nipples. We stayed and spoke sometime and then went to the hall. My friend had another peg and he left home as he did not get satisfied. It was 3:30 am and she also tired and we slept naked till morning.

I woke her up by fingering and had an awesome morning fuck and I dropped her back after exchanging numbers. She went back to AP but still in touch over the phone. She calls me Bava as she liked spending time with me and told me to call her whenever I visit Hyderabad and I also told her to call me when she comes to Bangalore.

A big long sex story, so I skipped some parts, but it was an amazing night for me. Thanks for reading it. Please feel free to drop your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Raj Kumar Enjoying Sexy Fun In Bus With Stranger

Hi guys, I’m Raj Kumar. I’m 5.8, lean guy, kind of nerdy looking with glasses and curly hair. I had just completed my engineering and started working in a software firm. This sex story is about how much fun it was on a crowded public bus in the city of Chennai.

Two years back, I had just started working here and I was just getting used to the roads and routes etc when once I took an AC bus on a crowded evening. So I was being pushed and all and finally ended up standing being this incredibly curvy looking woman, who was wearing a white color top and leggings. She was also wearing heels, which made her height perfect.

Since it was crowded and I was being pushed from multiple sides, no one suspected as I inched closer towards her. So this bus had this place right behind the first set of seats and just before the second set of doors which the driver has the control to open.

So she was holding on to the rod and standing with a handbag that came down up to her waist. She looked like almost about my complexion, not too fair, but like the south Indian brown. She had a short ponytail, which looked very cute. Her ass looked very inviting. So I went close and stood near her.

The bus driver kept putting on a lot of brakes and each time the bus would stop or start again, there were these jerks. And every time her ass would move towards me, I’d move in the opposite direction so that my dick would hit her ass. Oh my, what a feeling it was! My dick was hard even before it started touching her ass. Around the 3rd or 4th time, she felt it I think.

There was one time when my rock hard dick went right between her ass cheeks and then she gave a kind of a jerk, that had nothing to do with the bus movements. She turned back slightly but didn’t do anything to change her angle. So I knew that the game was on and her ass was as inviting as ever.

The leggings were sticking tightly to her legs which made her irresistible. Her height was perfect, her ass placed right at my dick. Then I put my hand beside hers, on the rod, she was holding and got even closer. It was heating up for me because it was a public bus. Then I slowly moved my hand and brushed her waist. She didn’t react and so I went and placed my hand there.

The handbag was the only one that was covering my hand and I used my backpack to cover the other angles that people may see through. And then I moved my hand almost on to her stomach and each time the bus jerks, I would pull her and hump her ass, right in her ass cheeks. That feeling went through the roof and I was getting bolder and bolder with every step.

I moved her hand onto the front side of her stomach and started caressing her slowly at first and then I picked up speed. She would turn back slightly, her eye would meet mine and she would quickly turn the other way. Then as if that was not enough, I started squeezing the flesh out of her stomach and I think I heard a couple of moans escape her mouth.

I tried putting my hand under her top to which she tried taking my hand off. I kind of made her and she ended up resting her arm on mine. Oh man, her bare skin felt so good. I moved my hand around her navel and then stopped at her navel. She tried stopping me again, but I wasn’t gonna listen. I placed a finger inside her navel and she shivered. She arched and now her ass is again on my dick.

The bus lurched again and that time, I humped her so hard, I ended up cumming. Oh man, that had to be the most pleasurable orgasms I’ve ever had. She was breathing heavily too, and I think she felt that I came. Her boobs were bouncing on and on and she breathed. I’m pretty sure she was very wet, but I could never find out.

I was wanted to squeeze her boobs and suck everything out of them, but I think she was scared that people would find out, and even I should have been. But I was having the time of my life. She turned back again and she looked at me. We didn’t talk, but our eyes seemed to communicate!

And then I guess her stop was approaching, I also decided to get down and was walking right behind her, slowly humping her every time the bus lurched. My dick was hard again. I dunno if people saw or if they whispered, I was too aroused to care. It turned out that, it was my stop too and we got down.

I went and asked her for her number, but she declined. She got into a bus and went away. Although I felt bad, I went home and jerked off multiple times to this experience. Although it was a tragedy, I was glad I had my share of fun.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if you were disappointed for not finding sex. But I really wanted to share with you people. Please don’t hesitate to write to me in the comments section below.

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Parth And Keerthi Enjoying Hot Fuck During College Festival

Hello friends, I have been an avid reader of Human Digest stories for a long time. I used to masturbate hard with some of the stories. So I thought I must share few of my experiences here, maybe more depending on the responses. I’m Parth, of course not a real name, man 31 from Gujarat.

About me, I am a businessman based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, doing fine in life. Married with two kids, have a decent tool whose sole aim to is to satisfy women, I’m on the heavier side, funny guy.

This experience goes back in 2005 when I was a student of engineering. It was my second year, and we were on the same campus as nursing colleges. I must say mallu girls are so good in bed, so delicious. There used to be a hottie named Keerthi, man, she was a bomb, 34- 28-36. Every guy must have masturbated once imagining her.

She was least interested in studies, but was more than an expert in organizing events, and used to participate in them. I was introduced to her by one of our teachers as I was good in drama during those days. From there onwards, we used to meet regularly in college.

Our college’s main event was approaching fast, and she was given the responsibility of fashion show, dance, and drama. So we all get busy during those days, and in these days I have observed that she has been showing more interest in me than my work, and I thought this must be my chance.

She used to wear revealing clothes, used to touch me, even I saw her peeing once, and these were the events which were making me excited. She participated in dance unit, and man, she was so seductive, even our teachers were lusting her, and I believe she used to enjoy it, her pelvic movements, swinging of her arse, movement of her breast, yaad he mujhe abhi tak.

Rolling of the tongue over her lips, her deep navel, and her sexy waistline. After completion of drama event, she came close to me and congratulated me saying I was best, and she thinks I will be the winner, and how she loved what I did, I was watching her, holding her hand, I was getting an erection, I asked her to join me.

I take her to back side of the college campus, as it was night and it was paddy fields no one would have bothered to come there. I asked her how she finds me, to which she said she would love to be my girlfriend, this made me excited and I pushed my lips on her, so juicy lips just like strawberries, and she started responding to my kisses.

We were exploring each other’s mouth, and were running our hands over each other’s body; she was rubbing my rock hard dick. She was getting restless, I removed her blouse, and her black laced bra, and man there I was what a sight, a topless goddess with erect nipples inviting to be licked, sucked and pinched.

I didn’t disappoint either, I put my lips on her nipples and started slurping as a dog, rolling tongue in circles, and she was going mad moaning aah, aah, Parth yeah please don’t stop. I started to suck along with licking, and she was rubbing her dripping pussy.

I went further down removed her petticoat and panties, wow brown pussy oozing honey, it resembled as in honey pot, once you dip in there all your sins will be washed out. I placed my lips on her wet pussy, and I was like jannat.

I started licking madly, and she was pushing me deeper and moaning and murmuring in Malayalam which I don’t understand but the words were like an adding ghee to fire, I licked her clit, fucked with my tongue like banana, squeezed her breasts which exploring her pussy, light hit her pussy and again dig her deep, did the same thing for few times which made her mad,

she too scratched my back and hit my dick lightly which made me mad as well, and then pushed my four fingers in her pussy, and started fucking vigorously, this made here explode big. I asked her to lick my dick, she rolled skin back and took it in her mouth, wow what a feeling it seems like I was in heaven,

and gradually I started building up, I let her know and she wanted it and her breasts, so I sprayed it and her. She again started licking my dick, and in no time it erected, I placed dick on pussy opening and pushed it, wow it was s wet, I kissed her again and again, and start fucking her in missionary position, asked her to come in doggy, rammed her pussy as a bitch,

and she was going like aaahh, aaaah, maaaa, it’s so good Parth, fuck me hard you son of a bitch, that added as a fire I started ramming her hard, and she said she is about to cum, and even I was nearing, we changed our positions to 69 and cummed in each other’s mouth. She said that it’s been best fuck she had, and crazy fuck as it was in the field.

We wore our clothes back and get back to function, we then move to my flat, had food, and again we mated like there is no tomorrow. Next day we both bunked college as we were tired, few of her friends asked her whether she is not well and some passing comments as if she got fucked her brains out.

Since then we became girlfriend-boyfriend and enjoyed thoroughly for 3 years. She moved to the UK after her marriage but we still meet when around.

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Rajan Fucking Horny Divorcee Fathima

My name is Rajan 26-year-old, live in a small town near Coorg, Karnataka. From last 8 years, I haven’t been in the home for long.. I was studying away and been working in all major cities. At last this February I came back to my native place and settled happily.

My sex journey started at early 18 and I have been enjoying my sexual pleasure frequently whenever I got a chance.But this time, I was looking for a sex mate in my city it wasn’t that easy. After several months of searching, I decided to try my luck on her.

Her name is Fathima a hot babe she is 29 years old but looks like below 25. Height 5.5 a round ass round cup boobs I don’t know exact her measurements but her boobs must be around 38 to 40 and she had the most attractive ass that could make a 10-80-year-old male turn and look for it.

Divorced her husband just one month after marriage. There are rumors that she had a relationship before her marriage. She always wears salwar kameez. She used to wear a tight yoga pant and churidar top. She is a modern girl and kept her physical fit by exercising every morning. She is a beautician so it’s usual that she looks very attractive.

We are from the same area so her mom used to come our home frequently sometimes Fathima also comes with her mom. But my mom doesn’t like Fathima because of her attitude and behavior. When she comes our home and if at all I was there then Fathima used to tease me by asking about my girlfriend in front of all. When I say I don’t have any.

She told me not to tell lie, and that I am handsome there will be at least one girlfriend. Previously I have noticed her so many times.And had an eye on her.. I was waiting for the opportunity.

And the day came when my parents went to aunts house at morning. Fathima came just after they went. She had a plastic cover in her hand. Asked about my mom. I told her she just left and will be back by evening.

Hearing this she sat in sad. I asked what happened. She told that she came for stitching her new blouse. We had a tailoring machine in our home and my mom taught her stitching. So she used to come home if at all she had something to stitch. I told her no problem she can stitch her cloth I am not going out because I have a headache. I lie to her and thought this will be my opportunity.

The stitching machine was in the corner of the living area and also tv. I switched on the tv and sat on the sofa where she was in her knee length tight pant and in low neck t-shirt. She started to mark the cuttings of cloth in the floor while she was doing it she used to bend I started to enjoy her melons which are milky white.

And I saw her black bra which made her boobs look sexy. Several times I passed her when I went to the kitchen. I saw her t-shirt little short in the back I think it’s because of she bent forward I had seen a glimpse of her ass crack. I went inside my room took off my shorts and underwear and worn just dhoti and came back.

I sat near to her in the chair. I folded my leg so that she can see my dick. She was busy with her work I was enjoying her huge cleavage view. I asked her whether she wants anything to drink. I made tea and gave to her. She appreciated my tea. While she looking at me she found my erect dick inside my dhothi.

Directly she told smiling “Chaddi haaku maraaya, ella kantha untu” means wear underwear everything is visible. For that, I told her let it needs some air so I didn’t wear anything and told her sorry. After that when I saw her cleavage I informed her that her boobs are visible she gave the same reply that her boobs need air too.

We laughed for a second and I continued my staring at her boobs. Now she saw me looking at her boobs vigorously, this time, she adjusted her t-shirt. I took both finished tea cups and went inside. And decided not to stare at her body. I came back and started to talk with her usual things.

And after some times out topic changed to actress gossip, their relationships with the director and their compromises with producers. She was talking so openly about the actress that she used some vulgar words about producers and directors who was taking the opportunity of poor girls and making them sleep with them.

And also she added that in this society all men wanted just one thing from women. Hearing this I felt bad about myself. I asked her about her divorce. For that, she told that her husband was a psycho and doesn’t believe her words and had a doubt on her. I asked her what if she already carrying his child before divorce.

For that she replied smiling..”What child ? He can’t make me pregnant. Not only me he can’t make anyone pregnant.” Now I came to know the real reason behind her divorce. I asked her directly does she ready for 2nd marriage. She replied that she wasn’t ready and don’t know about the future.

I asked her what will she do if she gets a mood to have sex( in low voice and in fear about her reply) She replied in a funny way “the same way how you relieve yourself”. At this time she almost finished her stitching blouse and went inside to room to check if it fits or not. I went after her. She closed the door but didn’t lock it.

I pushed it slightly she was facing me back and doesn’t know that I am behind her watching her. She took off her t-shirt I can see her bare back with only bra strips on it. It was wide and white. Well maintained body, she doesn’t have so much flesh in the belly area. Before she tried to wear her blouse I went inside and hugged her from behind and held her boobs and pressed it hard over the bra.

My dick was hard and pressed directly to her ass. She was surprised, turned around and started to push me. I held her tight and told her “please cooperate with me just for this day. No one will know. I will show you heaven” She replied “please don’t, please leave me I want to go, “I took off my dhoti and stood naked before her and told her look at my dick and tell me it’s not enough to satisfy you.

She sat on the bed and tried not to look at my dick but in between she saw it two times. My erect 7.5” dick which had many previous experiences. I don’t know what she was thinking. She still not seeing me and not even my dick. But I was sure she turned on so I went near her stood opposite her my erect dick was facing real north which was inches away from her face.

I held hand made her hold my dick and started to press her boobs. She looked at me gave me a smile and started to jerk me. I told her to give a blowjob but she refused. Then I made her lie on the bed. Removed her pant and innerwear in rush. I was seeing Fatima’s clean shaved pussy. I never saw a cleaned pussy like that.

I started to finger it she pushed me and took a heavy breath with a moan. I started to lick her pussy and started to insert my tongue. She was moaning heavily and moving her body and hips sideways and upside down. I could taste her precum. She held bed tightly and cummed all over my face and mouth.

I went upside removed her bra I was seeing a pretty good bid boobs which were firm and small black nipples. Wow, I started to bit it slowly and held her both boobs tight and started to fuck her boobs. She laughed and I told her to suck my dick. This time, she held it and started to lick it slowly. Then I told her to open her mouth as soon as she opened I inserted my dick.

She couldn’t take it all in her mouth I kept stroking. She was crying in pain. At last, I loaded my cum in force to her throat and released my urine unaware…She drunk it all. When I took it out she coughed very hard. I came below to her pussy to enjoy my fucking session. I inserted my dick it went directly without any trouble and difficult.

I know she must have been more experience than me. I stroked her hard she was moving upside down her boobs were shaking in motion I held it tight she kept pushing me. I could feel her cum she had several loads before mine finally loaded all inside. I told her to bend I rubbed her asshole. She told not to fuck her ass.

I told her I will just insert once and will take it out. It was very tight she was screaming I closed her mouth with my hand. I saw ass fucking in porn clips. But never thought it would be so nice.Finally, we stopped after 3 positions…

From that day till today we had several sessions. It’s awesome if you got a sex partner in your area. Where we had most sessions in our area’s cremation place which are near to both our home. We had sex in riverside, her home when nobody is watching.

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