Single Mother Sarika Fucked By Neighbourhood Guy Ashish - I

Hello Friends, I am Aashish, typical Delhiite; at present living in renowned NCR of UP, 34 years of age, standing 5’6” I am not exceptionally muscular but physically I am fit and strong to calm down any female in heat and my experience is about me fucking and satisfying a single mother who was my new next door.

I am married from last 7-8 years and anyhow I cannot say that I was not happy with my sex life. Surely after delivery my wife was consistently losing interest in bed but apart from that since I was married I know why thought of extra marital affair use to fascinate me a lot and deep inside I was eager to explore my sex life with at least one additional cunt on regular intervals.

Years passed but I never got any such opportunity and suddenly one fine day destiny sent me relief from my sexual restlessness when Sarika and her 5 years daughter shifted down to the house next to mine.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was engrossed in newspaper when while looking down from the balcony my wife informed me that the vacant house we have on our right on the ground floor has been occupied. After that for next half an hour my wife disappeared and ultimately came back with our new neighbor. Wow man! Kya maal hai? I exclaimed within me.

I was floored with her very first glance. Fair and creamy skinned, I won’t say Sarika is exceptionally beautiful but she is pretty. An oval face with slightly chubby cheek, small sexy mouth with moist lips; her eyes are large and light brown, nose straight with a golden ringed nose stud.

Hairs silky and short with lot of golden tints all over, tall easily 2-3 inches more than me with balanced flesh all over her body; neither thin nor plump. Flat and firm belly, melons bit heavy in proportion of her lean body with lovely long legs leading to nicely fleshed thighs and delectable ass mounds.

I stood up in welcome and greeted her and shook hand with her daughter after offering her seat. Soon after telling me her name my wife went into kitchen to prepare tea and my son who equaled almost her daughter took her inside to play. I casually asked her exactly from where she originally belongs and found that she too is a Delhi girl.

Well educated with rich gesture and fluent English, I came to know that by profession Sarika is a content writer. Age 38; nearly four years elder to me, she was passed out from very hi level school of capital. Next I asked her about the father of her child and as she said she is a single mother I was rejoiced within me and started concluding myself being in extra marital affair with her.

Eventually tea got served to me, to her and also to the bunch of guys who were putting her furniture into the house and in the end I came down with her and for next one and a half hour helped her to put basic furniture on its place.

Later we had Lunch together and after spending another one and half hour by the time she went back to her place I was gone eager to try finding a way to begin my extra marital affair. Why not? For me everything was just perfect as far as her personal life was concerned.

According to my wife Sarika never got married, she was into live in relation with someone and because of some inattention she got pregnant and that guy denied to take responsibility of this child. They got separated and Sarika returned back home and gave birth to the child.

Rich and sound her parents were still alive and they were living in Delhi but to avoid illiberal surrounded people she decided to live alone. Anyway couple of months passed, in the mean time me and my wife helped Sarika in many ways to settle down in her new house including by taking care of her daughter whenever it was required and more I saw Sarika

and more I spoke to her and more looked into her light brown eyes more I went eager to fuck her. Suddenly my bachelor day’s habit of masturbating once again engaged me in the nights and it was none other than Sarika for whom I shagged my load. I hardly missed meeting her and wishing her good morning on the street whenever she is out of the house to go to work in the morning,

after putting her child in the nearby day care. Not only that, more or less I was always back home and use to be in the balcony or on the terrace before her scheduled arrival. In short I was keen to go ahead and I was enthusiastically seeking opportunities to make things happen between me and my newest heart throb Neighbor and ultimately it happened in a very dramatic way.

Friday night, I remember it was December; weather was cold and it was matter of sheer coincidence that after dinner and after my wife and child were gone to bed to sleep, I abruptly decided to walk on the terrace. Time was almost mid night and with a cigarette in my fingers I was leaning over railing and looking down to street when I saw a male entering into Sarika’s walled veranda.

For an instant I thought about going down to see who is he and what are his intentions but I before that he took out his mobile and made a call. I stayed there, that guy looked left and right and all around but fortunately did not look up and after few seconds Sarika’s door opened and he went in.

Truly speaking friend I just went crazy to see that and I was ready to stay there on the terrace in that cold climate for whole night; just to see when that guy goes out of the house. Eventually somewhat after half an hour once again Sarika’s door opened and that guy walked out of the house swiftly.

No exaggeration; seeing all that I was burnt till my soul with jealously, that instant my first and last and only conclusion was that guy is her boy friend and he was there to fuck her. I slept furious, stayed very restless for whole night and by next morning I was depressed over my assumption that because of absence of physical pleasure Sarika might fuck with me.

Next day was off from work, not for me but for Sarika and I saw her in the late evening from my balcony. She too saw me and waved with smile and I greeted her good evening, for an instant I felt like asking her about the guy who visited her last mid night but as my wife was also around I avoided getting into any controversy.

Later I decided to be on the terrace every night to see the frequency of her boy friend’s arrival to her house and with that I continued meeting her every morning as usual but tried getting friendlier with her whenever I got any chance to talk to her. I consistently stayed over my terrace for around 20-25 days and in that hang around nobody came to her house.

I was little happy to realize that there is nothing like what I was assuming and that guy could be her some other concern; may be her brother. But I was wrong, fortunately after assuming that she does not have any boy friend I did not stopped coming to the roof after 11 in the night and on one odd day I once again saw that man entering into her veranda almost at the same time.

Like last he called Sarika while standing outside and she opened the door for him. I was once again burnt in jealousy and in that fervor I went down to street and waited for him to come out. Like last time once again 20-25 minutes passed and as that guy stepped out Sarika closed the door immediately.

I was standing behind 5 feet wall of her porch and I held that guy as he came out of her premises. No, way! He cannot be her boy friend, saale ki aukat hi nahin thi Sarika jaisi Bomb ko patane ki. I mean with over all looks and body language of that guy in a moment I took out conclusion that he cannot be her boy friend and holding his arm I pulled him back into the loggia and bolted the metal gate.

He tried to escape but I was far stronger than him and holding him with both the hands I asked him who he is. He was scared and he stayed silent while trying releasing himself from my grip and I repeated my query in low but angry voice with a warning that I will beat him “Bol saale…kaun hai tu…nahin to bahut maar khayega” “Main...! main Sarika madam se Milne aaya tha”

he fumbled while saying that and I asked him why he met her “Kis liye...milne aaya tha” and in same fumbled voice he replied saying he had some work “kuch kaam tha...” and I continued dominating him “kya kaam tha...”. He did not spoke anything and suddenly succeeded releasing himself with a sudden jerk and fell down on the floor.

I moved close to him to capture him again and saw him pushing something into her jeans pocket deeper. He was on the floor and I held him again and tried taking that thing out of his pocket and it was pile of Indian currency. “Saale…Tu chor hai...main police ko phone kar raha hun”

with that I pulled out my mobile and he requested me not to do that and told me to talk to Sarika once as this money is given by her only “Nahin...please… aap ek baar Madam se baat kar paise unhon ne hi mujhe diye hain”. I accepted and told him to ring the door bell and door opened. Totally speechless with her eyes tore opened I must say Sarika was stunned to see me with that guy.

“Ye aapke yahan se chori karke bhag raha tha...” saying that I extended my hand to give her money and in low timid voice she accepted that she has given him this money. “Who is he...?” I asked her while getting close to the entrance of her house and Sarika came out with an excuse that this guy work in her office and he needed some money in emergency.

“Ye mere office mein kaam karta hai aur issko emergency mein kuch paise chahiye the” Immaterial what she said by now I was up with my conclusion and I told her that I have seen this guy coming to her house in the night two times earlier “Maine issko do baar pahle bhi issi time per aapke ghar mein jaate hue dekha hai...”

certainly it was just once in my knowledge but I exaggerated and Sarika accepted that he was here earlier too “ pahle bhi aaya tha...”. My brain was running fast and I instantly came out with my conclusion “I think Ye call boy hai…” and I saw after hearing that Sarika got disappointed over her facial expression.

Next I looked at that guy and he tried to walk away from there. I held his wrist, gave him that money and told him to go away with a warning that if I will see him here again I will take him to police. That guy walked away swiftly and next instant mentally I was ready with what I had to do now.

I moved into the house and looking into her light brown eyes deeply confirmed my final conclusion “So he is a call boy...” and Sarika denied saying “No...He is actually my friend's friend...isko emergency mein kuch paise chahiye maine yahan bula liya”.

To Be Continued...

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Karthik Enjoying Three In One Sex

I draw your attention of the readers to the story of Karthik, and his sister meena. They were indulging in sex regularly because she was told by her similarly placed friends that incest is a sin only when you get pregnant. Other wise if it is for pleasure it is safe and more enjoyable.

They indulged in every kind of sexual activity and without disturbing their study schedule they were passing days and weeks. One day Meena told Karthik about her friend Jessy who was regularly being fucked by her cousin was feeling devastated because her cousin had gone away for work and now she does not have anybody to fuck her in her family,

she asked for humanitarian help from the brother of Meena. Meena asked Karthik he objected initially and said he does want to be known as an expert fucker in her circles. Meena, laughed and said no, no, there will not be anybody, this is a pitiable case, if you can please help her. He asked Meena how is she what is her nature etc. Meena said she is just an ordinary type.

Ok, let her come for combine study with you. She should come only when you are here. Meena agreed. Next day she told Karthik that Jessy may come for tuition in the evening. Next day as soon as Meena left for college, Sheila aunty called from her kitchen window for Karthik loudly. When Karthik responded, she asked him to go over to her house urgently.

Why what is the problem aunty, asked Karthik. She siad come, I will tell you here as soon as you come. Poor Karthik there is some emergency and rushed to the house of Sheila. Sheila said, you see........ and took him inside her bedroom and closed the door and said I wanted a fuck urgently and my cunt is itching and aching.

Oh, aunty, I thought it is some emergency and that is why I came running. It is ok, it is certainly an emergency for me. Come on get ready, she said. He asked has Maya gone to the school. She would have taken breakfast and gone to school. But Maya was very much there as it was a holidy for the school.

Maya knew that her mother will have a fuck with Karthik uncle and she was eager to see all the details. Sheila undressed and asked Karthik to get undressed and come as she was in a hurry to get his cock into her fuckhole. After she took such a monster inside her hole, she cannot think of anything else other than fucking again with his tool.

Karthik pushed his cock into her hole and as usual it slowly moved in and Sheila was enjoying every moment of that entry. Though her husband had fucked her many times, this pleasure is great and supreme. As it was going in she kissed him on her cheeks and neck. Maya took her place near the window and started to wriggle her finger into her virgin hole.

Karthik supporting his body with both of his hands fucked her deeply. Then he pulled out and asked her to stand on her fours so that he may fuck her on doggy style. He inserted his took between her thighs and reached her fuck hole and it went deep in. She too moved her torso forward and backward while Karthik fucked her deeply from behind. Maya was flabbergasted.

Loud moaning sounds were coming from the mouth of her mother. Then they changed the pose again. He lied in the bed flat on his back and Sheila straddled him and inserted his cock into her cunt and started to move in a rotatory and then started to jump up and down while Karthik was squeezing her boobs. Finally he tempo increased and they both reached their orgasms together.

The virgin pussy of Maya also oozed her cum. When her mother went to wash to the bathroom, Maya went to her upstair bedroom. Karthik went to his house and took bath and wore fresh clothes and waited. He say Meena and her friend coming with bunch of books in the hands.

As soon as they entered the house, Meena introduced her friend Jessy to Karthik. Karthik said hello and Jessy responded. He noticed that Jessy had fully developed boobs not sagging a little. Her raised asses were very attractive. As Meena went to the kitchen to make tea, Jessy and Karthik climbed the stairs and went to the their bedroom.

Jessy placed her books and and came to Karthik with wide open arms for hugging and kissing. Karthik kissed her and his hands were pressing her boobs. She did not want to waste time. She removed her t shirt and bra and her naked boobs were exposed. Karthik removed his banian and lungi and underwear and his 7 incher was dangling.

Jessy was amazed at it size and she kneeled in front of him and took it in her mouth and gave him a nice blow job. Karthik's hands were squeezing her boobs. He lifted her and they both moved to the bed, he made her to lie down, lifted her legs and saw her hairless pussy. He placed his face on her cunt and licked it from bottom to top.

His tongue played with her clitoris and his lips pulled it out. Jessy was moaning. Karthik got up and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in. As Jessy has had many such sessions with her cousin there was no hitch. As the action started, Meena came with cups of tea and was happy that Jessy's desire is being fulfilled.

Maya was looking at the action with great interest, when she heard the door bell ringing. She went down and opened the door and found Maya was there. She asked what Maya what do you want. Maya said she wanted to meet Karthk Uncle. No Maya his is busy now with one of my friends taking tuitions, please come after some time.

Maya said I too came to get some doubts in English language to be clarified. She went back promising to come back after some time. When Meena went up, she found Karthik and Jessy in a different pose fucking. Both had immense capacity to withhold and prolong, they were fucking in different poses enjoying sex to the maximum.

Finally they both had orgasm and Karthik wiped his cock in a towel and Jessy ran to the bathroom. On coming back she kissed Karathik and remarked that this is best sex she ever had and her cousin did not last this long and his tool was also slender than Karthik. After drinking tea, Jessy left, after thanking Meena and promising to come again.

Karthik and Meena cleaned up all the mess in the room and it was evening and at any moment their parents may come. It was at 7 pm Maya came and the mother of Karthik met her. Why Maya, what brought you asked the aunty. I wanted some doubts in English language clarified from Karthik Uncle, she said. Aunty called Karthik and asked him to help Maya with her English lessons.

When Meena was helping her mother in the kitchen, Maya and Karthik went upstairs. On reaching the bedroom, Karthik asked what is the doubt. Maya said I will tell you my doubt later. But I saw you doing it to my mother, yesterday and today. She seemed to enjoy it very much. I want you uncle, please give me the pleasure which you gave to my mother.

No, No, you are only a child, and I cannot do it with you, said Karthik. I will give you tuition, but no sex. The girl started to beg, please uncle, if you refuse, I may have to go to my other neighbour, Mohamed, who will certainly fuck me, but ask me to marry him and get converted to Islam.

I will be lost to my family and my father and mother will be heart broken and my father, a heart patient may suffer a heart attack. Please uncle, I am no more a child, I am fully grown for sex, not for child birth. Please dont make me pregnant. Just sexual enjoyment like my mother. Because my father is not there she made you fuck her.

Similarly I will come here for tuition two times or three times a week, teach me for half an hour and the next half hour we will have sex. I will ask my mother to inform you and she will make a request to you to give me tuition so that I can come to your home without being questioned by anybody. Karthik was amazed at the sharp thinking of the girl.

He asked her whether she knows her safe days. She said yes, I will come only on safe days. Ok, you ask your mother to talk to me, said Karthik. Sheila called Karthik next day and told him to give tuition to Maya in English grammar. He agreed and Maya came to Karthik and went straight to the bedroom and closed the door.

He wanted to tell Meena about the tuition to Maya since they dont keep any secret between them. Meena was shocked as Maya was hardly 16. Meena said dont bolt the door, just leave it closed. I will come in the middle and help you in case of any problem. Karthik removed one by one, the pieces of dress Maya was wearing. Maya had beautiful hard boobs and tiny nipples.

Her navel was flat and narrow waist. Big thighs and football sized ass. Her pussy was covered with thin strands of hair. Sitting on the chair Karathik hugged her and kissed her boobs and cheeks. He made her to sit on his lap with her legs on his both sides. He took his cock and brushed the tip on the clitoris. The girl was wriggling with shyness and pleasure.

She put her hands around Karathik and hugged him. Karthik to arouse her brushed his cock on her clit more vigorously. Fluids started to flow from the cunt of Maya. Karthik made his cock wet with the fluids and try to enter her fuck hole. But her fuck hole was too small. But Karthik keeping her tiny nipples in his mouth and pushed his cock into the hole.

Suddenly the door opened and Meena came in. She started laughing and said Maya is only a child why are you bothering her Karthik, she asked. She only asked for it, said Karthik and asked Meena to get a bottle of vaseline. Meena took out the bottle of vaseline. took a scoop from it in her finger and made Maya to lie down flat on the bed and making her legs wide open, applied it in fuck hole.

Maya covered her face with both of her hands out of shame. Meena applied some vaseline on the cock of Karthik and urged him to proceed. Karthik pressed his cock into the hole of Maya and she was crying with tears rolling down her cheeks. With one massive thrust, Karthik made his entire cock enter the hole.

Meena was squeezing both the boobs of Maya to enhance her pleasure. Leaning on her Karthik fucked Maya with full force and Maya suddenly started to feel the pleasue and her crying stopped. Maya asked Meena to kiss her on her lips and both the girls were enjoying. Meena asked Maya to lick her pussy. Maya agreed.

Meena lifting her pettycoat sat on the face of Maya and pressed her pussy on the mouth of Maya. Karthik felt the internal cunt muscles tightening and Maya was getting her first orgasm. Karthik also arrived at his orgasm and he shot his fluids into the young cunt of Maya. Maya sucked the clitoris of Meena and she too got her orgasm.

It was a three in one performance and successfully completed. They promised to meet again the next day, they all departed kissing each other.

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Karthik Fucking Sheila Aunty

With all the precausions they could take their sex life was going on successfully. Without any inhibition they fucked each other and enjoyed to the maximum. What each person felt they told openly.They fucked and fucked throughout the night. But Meena did not inform her friends of the new relationship.

They were bla berring every about how many times each did and with all whom they did etc. Meena lost interest in such talk, because she was getting her stomachful from Karthik and why bother about others. Once her friend Jessy, asked Meena a small favour. Her cousin who was fucking her regularly had gone to gulf and hence she is totally sex starved.

She just wanted Meena to tell her brother to fuck her at least once for a week. Meena said she will ask him his convenience and inform her. Meena was surprised at the spying eyes of her friends who find out who fucks her. Karthik was maintaining his health in trim condition and was going to the market one day for buying vegetables as per his mother's instructions.

Quiet unexpectedly some body called him fro behind. He turned back. It was no other than his neighbour Sheela aunty.She was a good friend of her mother. She wanted a favour to buy a bottle or tube of pain balm. He assured her to buy and took the money from her and went to buy his articles. He bought the pain balm and wanted to give it to Sheila aunty before going home.

But Sheila aunty was nowhere to be seen in the sitting room. He went inside the house and found her in the bedroom lying fully covered. He asked her what happened, aunty. Aunty said she a flu and severe head ache and body ache. Ok, I will come back in a minute and rushed to his house to place the bag of vegetables and then he came back.

Sheila was their neighbour and is close to his mother. May be around 35 she was beautiful and did not look her age. She had a daughter, Maya, 16, doing for the tenth in the school. Her husband was a sales representative and will be constantly on tour. Aunty, aunty, called Karthik. Aunty was moaning and looked to be sick. Karthik felt her forehead and it was warm.

Take a little on your finger tip and apply it on my forehead, Karthik said aunty. She moved and made enough space for Karthik. While applying pain balm, she asked him to apply some on her throat, chest and knee. She was wearing a nightee. Sitting on her bed sideways, he was applying pain balm on the forehead.

It was the first time he was seeing her in such close quarters. She pulled the zip of her nightee and asked him to apply on her neck and chest. He applied balm on her neck front, sides and back. She said there is so much of phlem in her chest, that by applying this balm it is go away or diminish substantially. She said, the balm applied on the fore head has given her great relief.

She unhooked her bra and covered her boobs with her hands and asked him to apply balm in between the boobs. He applied as he was told. His hand was on some private area of the aunty and he felt some stir in his underwear. He was wearing only a pyjama and not a pant or jeans. He cannot conceal his bulge in a pyjama and was wondering how to manage the situation.

He kept the conversation going and asked where is her husband and her daughter, Maya. Her husband has gone on tour and Maya will come back only at 3 pm. She asked him politely whether he can apply some balm on her knee. Sure he said without knowing what is in store for him. She lifted her nightee upto the knee, folding up the other leg.

Karthik had to shift his position and apply balm on her knee. It was plump, fair colored, a little bit of her thigh exposed. He rubbed on the top of the knee and on the bottom of the knee. She was moaning and we do not know whether it is out of pleasure or out of pain she was moaning.

Karthik was experiencing full erection and he could not conceal it. Her hand accidentally fell on his croach and she felt the hardness of the bulge. Karthik was rubbing both the knees and he raised them and applied the excess balm on her calt muscles. His probing eyes could see her clean shaven pussy at the meeting point of her thighs.

Thank you, Karthik, you have done me great help, and pain is very much subsided. Knowing his discomfiture, Sheila pressed the bulge with her hand and realized that the object underneath is not a small one, but a big adult one. When Karthik was very much embarrased, she pulled the string of the pyjama and put her hand inside his underwear and searched for his cock.

Her cold andfever seem to have disappeared in a moment. Sheila was sex starved since her husband comes back home once in two weeks and again goes back on tour. Her hand was full of the massive cock of Karthik. She held it in both of her hands. Karthik was twisting and twirling to pull away and go home. Sheila said, wait, wait, let me have a look, arey this is too big.

I have not seen this big a cock. She measured with her hand and said this must be above 7 inches. Do you have any girls friends, Karthik, to use this. He said shyly no, aunty, I dont have any girls friends. Karthik, please close the door and she removed her nighty and lied in the bed nude. She had a stunning figure, big boobs, big ass flat navel and clean shaven pussy.

big fat thighs. Karthik went and closed the door. His thing was standing erect at 90 degrees. and his pyjama and under wear have fallen on the ground. Come on, dear Karthik, let me see your monster, she called and when he came near she opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth. But it was too big for her to take in her mouth. Come on karthik, Lie on me.

After removing the remaining clothes, Karthik went and lied on her body. Her body was so big and he was only half her size. She kissed him on his lips, cheeks, neck and placing her hands around him she hugged him tight. Just fuck me Karthik, do you know how to fuck, otherwise I will show you, You are so young you would not have had a chance to fuck any girl.

Come on get up, give me your tool, Said Sheils, opening her cunt lips, she shoved his cock tip into her fuck hole and asked him to push it in. For him her hole was very tight. He pushed and pushed and somehow put the entire cock inside. In the meantime he was sucking her nipples and squeezing her boobs. The smell of pain balm did not detract him.

His cock went deep inside her cunt. Sheila pressed his asses further down so that he may go deeper into her. In the meantime at past 2 pm her daughter Maya returned from school and saw what is happening in her mothers room, hid herself behind the door. But finding it unsafe, she went out of the room and watched it from window pane which was half open.

Come on start fucking, said Sheila. Karthik began to rise up and down and his cock made a tight journey in her fuck hole. Her cunt muscles held his cock in tight grip and he had to apply pressure to move it in and out. It was giving immense joy to Sheila. Karthik increased the speed of his fucking and she started to moan loudly.

They both did not know that Maya is watching keenly the happening minutely. She knew Karthik from early childhood, but the knowledge of the new relationship between him and her mother was new to her. She was in school uniform and she put her hand on her panty and her finger was inside her little hole.

Karthik was pumping Sheila like a punching machine and each stroke downward brought about a loud sound of moaning from her. From her sound Karthik could make out that she was near her orgasm. With three or four deep thrusts, both of them came to full orgasm. Sheila hugged and kissed him.

He slowly got up and wiped his cock in her nighty and said I am going aunty and rushed out of the house. Maya hid herself from his view. Sheila fully satisfied got up went to the bathroom and cleaned herself and came back to her bed. Her fever and body pain totally vanished. She was sorry she could have had another session with him.

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Karthik And Meena Enjoying Hot Sex

Karthik having finished his graduation was waiting for his results to decide whether he should go for PG or for MBA. For MBA lot of preparations are necessary. His only sister Meena had just entered a women's college. Their both parents were working and hence they may not be available.

Karthik was in the athletic team of the college hence he was lean, tall and with very strong and healthy limbs. He had not given much thought to sex, as it is, in his opinon would be a great distraction. But his sister Meena, on reaching college got into a group of girls who have mastered the art of sex.

Almost all of them were getting their share of sex, from friends, relatives etc and they have lot of things to say by way their experience. Girls like Meena who have had no exposure to sex would be eager to hear the narration of the experiences of those who have much to say.

One girl brought a condom and another girl an array of anti pregnancy pills etc. to show those inexperienced how they look. Another girl whose mother worked in the primary health center, brought lot of pamphlets to be distributed among the people about the safe methods and how to calculate safe days.

Most of the girls took copies of these pamphlets and for those who could not get copies, photocopies were provided. Senior girls advised that before we on our wedding day are thrown into the bed of an unknown person, not knowing what all atrocities he will commit on us on our first night, it is better we get some experience and get familiarised with a male organ.

Rany a senior girl said, she gets regular sex from her cousin and gets orgasm everyday. Sonia, said her own brother fucks her they both are happy and get their full orgasm. Sandra said her uncle when he comes on tour lies in her bed with her and fucks her for the whole night and we enjoy it thoroughly. Because of this I am able to study well.

They all concurred that when you have regular sex, you can concentrate on your studies,you need not waste time day dreaming. They all said in one voice never run after a boy friend. They are cheats, they will tempt you to go with them for picnic and see that three or four friends of theirs fuck you.

They may have other girls and all of them joinly fuck each other and it will end in group sex. When you complain, he would say you also enjoyed five cocks like I enjoyed five cunts. It was a shocking revelation for Meena. Here in her bedroom next to her in the cot lies her brother Karthik, the most eligible and most beautiful man,

and this thought never occurred to either him or her that they can fuck and no force on earth can stop provided you take precautions. They got it into her head that incest is no sin, as long as it is for pleasure. But for child birth it is not permitted. Karthik asked her what is that you are thinking so deeply. She gave him all the papers she was carrying from the college for his perusal.

Initially he was showing a disinterested look. Later he began to read with great interest and read them twice. Later meena told him in hushed voice that all her friends have had sexual experience from cousins, uncles, brothers etc. Then it was the turn of Karthik to be thoughtful. It was evening their parents have come back from their offices, Mother called them for their coffee and snacks.

She asked them why they look so serious. Karthik said some jokes and the situation was saved. In the night after dinner, Karthik and Meena went to their beds and were looking at each other's eyes. After some time Karthik extended his hand to touch Meena. Meena came half way to meet his hand.

Karthik made sure that their bedroom door is locked and embraced Meena who had slipped into his bed. He kissed her not a brotherly kiss, but the kiss of a lover. Meena turned to him and hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks. Karthik got up, removed his t shirt and bermuda, meenu also reluctantly got up and removed her blouse,

unhooked her bra and placed her hands in a cross to hide her nudity. Karthik laughed and removed her hands and saw her medium boobs standing erect without lagging. He removed her petty coat and then pulled down her white panty. Now both of them were totally nude and they were seeing each other for the first time in their total nudity.

Karthik suddenly pulled Meena towards him and she sat on his lap with her legs on his either side, her boobs were pressed against him and they were kissing deeply sucking their lips and tongue. Something was pressing against her navel and Meena bent her face and looked, it was the 7"monster of Karthik. It was the first time Meena was seeing his tool.

She took it in her hands and looked at it closely. Precum was shining at the tip of the cock. Meena liked the shape and the length of the cock and she just planted a kiss at the tip. She licked the precum and appreciated. Now was the turn of Karthik to see closely the pussy of Meena.

He made her to lie down with her legs wide open and he opened her cunt lips and examined. There was a small quantity of brown hair. He asked her to explain what are holes. She got up and explained various parts of her cunt. He searched the CD shops for a blue flim which will give a step by step progress, but he could not get one.

Meena somehow managed to get a CD from her friends. They put it in the CD player when their parents are gone to the office. It was a clear CD about sex. Karthik and Meena watched it. It gave detailed instructions about sex. They held the hands of each other and started their work from that day.

They both went up to their room, got all clothes removed, Meena was at first shy, but latere she recovered. It was the first time they were seeing other in total nude. Meena took his cock in her hand and fondled it and found it to be very hard, like iron. Her pussy was covered with thick mat of hair which concealed her hole.

Karthik took out his shaving kit and applied lather and slowing pulled his razor and removed all the hair and the pussy looked clean. He cleaned her arm pits and the hairs around her anus was also removed. He removed hair from his public places and now they have to go to the next step. Karthik tried to insert his finger in her fuck hole.

He found it too short that even his finger will not go in. From the kitchen she brought a bottle of coconut oil. Karthik applied it in the fuckhole and inserted his finger and tried to rotate so that the hole may get bigger. After some effort there seemed to have been some improvement. He sat in the bed and made Meena to sit on his lap with her legs on his either side.

Her pussy was in direct contact with his cock. He took his cock and rubbed its tip on her clitoris. It was very enjoyable. At first it tickled Meena, but later she started to enjoy. He gave that job to her to rub against her clitoris. She started to discharge plenty of fluids which was fround to be dripping. He collected the fluid in his hand and applied it on his cock and tried to insert it in her fuck hole.

Though Meena cooperated, she said it pains. Slowly he pushed his cock into her hole. Because of the presence of oil and the fluids of her cunt, the entry was slow but steady. He met some obstruction on the way, but pushed his cock so hard that the obstruction was removed. Finally all his 7" monster entered and got embedded into her. He saw tears were flowing profusely from her eyes.

He then instructed her to make the forward and backward movement at her will. Meena did it well and within no time his cock was going in and out but very tightly This tightness enhanced their pleasure immensely and Meena started to moan. Being their first fuck they wanted to do it well and finish it to the best satisfaction of both.

Meena had made sure that that day was her safe day. Then they started to vigorous action and Meena got her orgasm. He could feel her internal muscles tighten and she was twisting and twirling. Finally he too got his orgasm and his hot cum was shot into her interior. They both reached thee zenith of their pleasure. Remaining in the same position for some time.

They pulled out and Karthik saw some blood drops in the fluids that flowed from her cunt and on his cock also. They both went to the bathroom and cleaned up. There was no bound to the pleasures of Meena, she just kissed him all over his face and chest. Although her friends told her that it is one of the best pleasures in the world, Meena never thought it will be so much.

The were getting ready for the second session. Since they both were experienced, the second session went smoothly, her hole continued to be tight. Before lunch they did the third session also. Since both of them are equally hungry, I mean sex hungry, they shed all their shyness and were telling each other their demands and getting maximum pleasure.

They removed the CD from the CD player and kept it in a safe place. Meena wanted his cock inside her always, but how is it possible. They both went to the bathroom and took bath. Taking bath together also was pleasureable. After wiping their bodies they went to the dining hall for food.

Karthik said they could have put on some clothes, but Meena said we may have to remove them for our next session. Both laughed and ate plenty of food because they were very hungry. Meena said she never thought it will be this enjoyable. Karthik also said the same.

How many months and year they wasted without touching each other although they slept in the same room some time in the same bed. Meena said to compensate we will fuck every day. Karthik said no, no, I have to conserve some energy hence we will do it on alternative days and let us see. Their fucksessions were going on smoothly.

Meena never told her friends that she has started with her brother. Her friends were discussing daily on how they changed partners, How both the brothers did it simultaneously one from front and another from back. Sandra gave a horryfying story. Due to some miscaculation, she missed her periods.

When Sandra told this to her uncle, he scolded her first and decided to go to a doctor to get the tests done. Unfortunately it was a male doctor then. He asked her to come on the following day early morning. Both sandhra and her uncle went in the morning. Both Sandra and her uncle were worried and seeing their worried face, the doctor made fun of them.

When you enjoyed you never thought about the risks involved. He asked the uncle to go out and come back after four hours. Doctor asked Sandhra to undress and and lie in the examination table in the next room. Sandra removed all her clothes and was lying on the examination table. A nurse came with some tablets and asked Sandra to swallow and drink water.

She told her that after one hour heavy bleeding will start. As soon as the nurse left the doctor came into the room and bolted the door. He bent over her and had a close look. He asked her who fucked her, she said her uncle. How many times a day. She said once or twice. Did he do any oral sex. She reluctantly said yes. Doctor asked did you suck his cock. She said yes.

Come, on suck my cock and let me see how you do it. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock and thrust it in the face of Sandra and asked her to suck it and let us see how you do it. Sandra was doing it, but he pulled and went to examine her cunt. He took some cotton and a tray of lotion, he cleaned her cunt and clitoris thoroughly and started to suck her clitoris.

Sandra was enjoying it. Then he opened her legs thoroughly and put his cock at the entrance of her fuckhole and pushed it in. It went tightly in. He fucked her slowly to the much enjoyment of both. He squeezed her boobs occasionally to enhance her pleasure. Finally he shot his cum into her and got up and zipped his pants putting his cock in.

He told Sandra that another case has come for abortion and it will be a school girl and she will be placed in the same room. A nurse came and covered Sandra with a cloth. After some time a stretcher was moved in with a young girl of about 15 or 16. Doctor came and asked her who fucked her, she said it was her brother, how many times etc.

After some time a nurse came and gave her some tablets and water and left. Doctor came next and after the usual talk put his cock in the mouth of the girls and asked her to suck. Sandra told her friends later, that girls is too small and looked like a child. But the doctor did not show any mercy, he took out his cock and fucked with full force. The girl also seemed to enjoy.

Sandra said the bleeding was heavy. But within four hours it was ok and she could go home. She was asked to take rest for four days and not to have any sex for three months. Sandra said without the knowledge of her parents she could get herself aborted. This was a lesson to all the other girls. Meena was double cautious and she never took any risk. You wait for another episode in my next.

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Sona Getting Fucked By Mustafa At Dubai Farmhouse

Ahmed Haji, 52, utilized his wealth in agricultural land and he and his sons worked in the farms. His elder son Ali, 37 was an agricultural graduate and he had married 30 year old Sona. Second son Ahmed also worked in the farm with BCom degree He was married to Saheena 21.

Farm was a huge 20 acre agricultural farm where scores of workers were engaged and the Haji supervised. The yield was transported to the local market and because of the quality of his products he used to get a good price.

Convent educated Sona and Saheen were unhappy that when their frieds and their families went to gulf and earned money and lived in all luxuries, they lived here in the farms among farm animals. One day a friend of Ali asked him to come and help him to set up a farm in Rasal Khaima in UAE, Ali asked his father.

His father gave permission and he flew to Dubai and from their to Ras ul Khaima. Ali was wornderstruck at the way they were doing farming in the desert land. His friend asked him to stay back and help him to develop the farm. He provided an apartment and a car. He sent necessary papers to his wife Sona and she also came and joined him.

It was all a dream come true. Mustafa who owned the farm was married and his wife worked as a teacher in her home town and hence Mustafa had to either cook himself or to go some restaurants to have food. He went home once in a year, spent some time with his wife and children and come back.

Sona and Ali told Mustafa not to go to any hotel for taking food and he can take his food from their house. Sona was a good cook. To provide food for another friend was no problem at all. Mustafa came to their house for breakfast at 9 am. Ali would have gone to the farm at 7 am. Sona would serve breakfast to Mustafa and after breakfast he will go the the farm.

Again he will come for taking lunch at 1 pm. when Ali would have come had lunch and gone to the town with the produce. Sone served him lunch and made bed ready for him so that he can relax for some time and she took food.

Mustafa was watching Sone, such a nice girl, with big boobs and large projection of her ass, round face and big eyes made anybody who happens to looks her like her. Sona saw a young man, younger than her husband with good atheletic body coming to her for food three times a day, and it so happened that when he comes, her husband Ali is out either in the farm or in the town.

One day when Mustafa was lying in the bed, Sona happened to lean over him to take her purse from the over head almirah. She leaned over him and on not being able to reach her bag, she climbed on the cot and searched for her purse. Mustafa saw her in such close quarters and he was very much enamoured by her beauty.

Sona got her purse and went out to pay some money to some vendor and came back and again climbed on the cot and kept her purse in the almirah. This time Mustafa could see traces of all of her under garments and he had an erection. After keeping her purse as Sona was going out, he asked for a glass of water.

She came with a glass of water and Mustafa made her sit on his bed and asked her how was her life with her husband. Sona did not reply, but was sitting with bowed head. Mustafa placed his hand over her shoulder and asked her why they dont have any children. She did not reply, but kept quiet. Mustafa pulled her closer to him and she responded.

Very soon she was lying with him in his bed. Then she got up went out and checked whether the doors and windows are properly closed. When she came back to his bed, Mustafa needed no more reason. He opened her blouse hooks and unhooked her bra. Beautiful virgin boobs, looks totally unused, with tiny nipples protruding.

Mustafa bent low on her and kissed her cheeks and forehead. When he kissed her red lips she was responding. She put her hands around him hugged him and pulled him closer. It appeared to Mustafa that she was waiting for this and for Mustafa to take the lead. She removd his shirt and pant, and undies.

7" long tool of Mustafa excited her. and she pulled him over her and opened her legs wide and Mustafa allowed his monster to enter her body. Mustafa thought that this was long overdue and he should have taken initiative long back. The hairy cunt of Sona was full of her juices. Her hole was small and it was difficult for Mustafa to go in.

But after four or five strokes, wth the lubrication, he could fuck her comfortably. For Sona it appeared she never had sex with her husband in the recent past and she was enjoying every minute. She asked him to fuck her in doggy post and she stood on her four legs and received his thrusts happily. Her tiny anal apperture was attractive, Mustafa asked her whether he can go anal.

She said not today, She wanted full gratification today and the rest later. She was moaning and kissed him profusely for this sudden bonanza. She requested him to fuck her daily. He agreed. They went to the bathroom cleaned themselves and came back to the bedroom. Sone put on clothes, went to the kitchen and made tea and brought tea for him.

Mustafa called Ali in his mobile phone and asked him whether he had sold away all the stocks and why delay. Ali told him, he had sold the produce, but he had to go the town to but inputs, manure, seeds etc. Because of heavy rush of traffic he is held up and he may return by two or three hours. Mustafa asked Sona to get ready for the next session.

He asked her to bring her husband's razor and shaving brush and soap. He applied lather to her pussy and removed every bit of public hair and her pussy looked as fresh as a child's pussy. He asked her to wash her pussy well with soap and she came and lied on her back in the bed. Mustafa buried his face in her pussy, licked all over and licked her clitoris.

Licking and sucking of the clitoris is the most favourite game of Mustafa, but unfortunately his wife was at her native place and he was immensely happy to have one ready on hand. He licked the entire area, buried his tongue deep into her fuckhole, teased her clitoris with his tongue. It was a pleasure to squeeze her boobs and suck her nipples.

Her whole body was like a delicious feast with tasty items served for him to eat and enjoy. He made her to straddle him and she was immensely pleased with so much of sex. They fucked many times, before the arrival of Ali. When Ali came Sona had gone to the kitchen to cut the fish and to make some fish preparations. She gave a hot tea to her tired husband. They three sat discussing the farm affairs.

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NRI Guy Raghu Fucking Sexy Babe Sravani

Hi, everyone my name is Raghu 29 m USA. This is a story that happened to me when I am working in Miami…In 2012 after completing my project in Tennessee I have moved to Miami to join a new client.

There is this Indian lady who is 2 years elder to me. She totally works on a different platform and I never tried to contact her in the first place as I am a shy guy. Her name is sravani and she is from bangalore where as I am from hyderabad. Coming to sravani she is modern and tradational based on the situation and she is very cute. People used to often check her out and I used to do that too…

She comes all the way driving 50 miles to the office every day. One day I was working late till 9 and suddenly dozed off. And sravani was working with her team on a production issue that day and when they are leaving she saw me and she came to my cube. She called my name..I suddenly woke up and saw sravani. She smiled at my situation. I said sorry I slept off.

She asked me where do you live and I said 4 miles from the office and she asked me if I need a ride. That time I didn’t have a car and my roomie used to drop and pick me up from office. I told her that I am going to call a taxi and she said fine and left. Next few days I was busy. I saw her again next week when I am waiting for my friend and she said hi from a distance…

I said hi to her and we casually spoke abt each other abt where we are from, how long we are working etc… I can’t take my eyes off her smile…Forgot to tell you she has a nice medium silky little curly hair..She looks very cute when she ties her hair..We spoke for about 10 minutes and she left. Next morning I saw her in the office and said hi to her.

She and I are totally different teams. So for the next weeks its just hi and some normal talk abt work. Days passed and one fine day I went to office cafeteria to get water and sravani were there. We started talking and she asked me what time you are leaving and I said in some time waiting for my friend.

She told me that she can drop me at my place and I have agreed to the ride. It was a 10 min drive and while driving we started talking about families back in India, hobbies abt weekends etc. She has dropped me at my place and left.

At our client not many desis..So I eat lunch little late at 1:00 pm or 1:30 pm and I was going out to lunch to a near by wendys and I saw sravani in the office entrance. She asked me where I was leaving and told her abt my lunch plans.She told me that she will give me company…We had nice lunch and chatted more. She took my number during the lunch time.

She started messaging me during evenings and we slowly started knowing about each other. Slowly she started dropping me during evenings. I started liking her companyand she used to like mine.This went on for another 4 months and kinda addicted talking to her. Slowly I started falling in love with her.. But I am not sure about her intentions.

We were so into each other like talking all the time in office and during nights on phone. Once during an indian festival day, she came to office in a green saree with hair loose and I was just staring her all the time. She noticed and asked me y am I staring at her. I told her she looked beautiful and evening I took her to temple.

When we reached her place, she was about to enter her home and I told her that I wanted to say something. She said sure and I am quite nervous about her reaction. I told her that I am in love with her and instantly she hugged me tightly and said I love you too..That moment I was in heaven. She kissed me on my cheek and went inside.

I started driving to my place and I got a call from sravani and we spoke again. Next day she came to pick me up from my home in the morning. She was feeling shy to look at me initially after few minutes she was fine. The whole day we didint work much we are chatting on the company im and while she was dropping me in the evening she asked me what’s the plan for weekend.

Then I have asked sravani if we can go for a movie and dinner on saturday. I told her that I will rent a car and pick her up tomorrow for the movie and we parted our ways. Later in the night she messaged saying what I am doing etc. I have asked her to wear the same saree that she wore for the festival and tie her hair..She was fine with that.

I have booked the shows for Saturday evening 5:00 pm show and I have picked her up around 4:00 pm. She was looking very pretty and I have complimented her saying that she look gorgeous. She had a killer perfume on her and that smell was killing me. 4:45 we went inside the theater and got our seats. Slowly theater started filling up.

Sravani was holding my hand while we both were talking. We were just cracking few jokes abt movies etc. The movie started and sravani kept my hand near her face and she was not watching the movie instead she was looking at me. I asked her to watch the movie but she is not that into the movie. Slowly she started watching the movie as well.

During the whole movie, she was playing with my hand, pinching me etc. Once the movie got over we were walking to our car in the parking lot. I just hugged her when we reached near our car and bite her neck gently and while I was doing that she hugged me so tight.

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Desi Guy Enjoying First Love Making With Elder Lady

Hi all, here am going to narrate about my first complete love making in my life happened with a women who is elder to me by 8 years. however I had some experience (only kissing and sucking) with my ex gf when I was doing my 12. the complete experience I had when I was 23 and she was 31.

coming to the matter, I will explain about the second encounter which I had with her. so the question is what happened on the first encounter? let me tell. it was a disaster since I was a very new to the world of sex, I was really hungry & I was not giving her enough time or space. but for me it was a great experience since it was my first intercourse but for her it was a shock.

coming back to the story. let me tell something about me. am basically from Kerala living here in Dubai from last 8 years average looking. about my lover she is also from Kerala married,staying with her husband and her son was studying in Kerala and she was working too. I found her from one of the social site & we started chat over gmail and we become good friends she was very enjoying type.

then day by day we became very close. ans we was discussing everything, sharing each others pics and sharing minute to minute happening in our life. I disclosed my love towards her and it was unbelievable for her but I said its real what I feel then she accepted and we was chating like teenage lovers I was feeling like my 12th std she too said same that she feels like school time.

then we planned for out first meeting and it was nearby one park where she come by 6 pm. even though I saw her many photos but the first face to face meet was a great feeling she was wearing a light yellow salwar with duppatta and loosened hair reaches her butt. I was not able to look at her face for long time since so many peoples was there in the park doing exercise.

we too had one round of walking with some talking my heart was also beating faster. then she said she has to reach home at the earliest. then I said I will follow her till her apartment it was nearby only so I was really disappointed that with in some time I will loss this great moment in life.

once we entered in the lift I took the first step & pulled her right hand to me hug her and gave a nice kiss on her lips. she was shocked. she was staying in 3rd floor lift reached with in 10 seconds. once life reached we separated and I just went next floor and came back I pressed again 3rd floor just to try my luck to see her again but she went already to her apartment.

I was in heaven and I just walked back to my place I was not in that world. I was just walking crossing roads with out checking traffic. in between I received her call telling she was shocked never thought I will do that. then I said I planned well to do that. then she said she too enjoyed but panic. I was sleepless whole night and morning I got her call talking normal and started chat.

in chat I was kidding her told that I got hurt on my chest with her 2 beautiful mountains pointing towards. really it was a nice feeling I enjoyed her big boobs touches on my chest. then I asked her bra size which she replied that she use 34 and 36. 34 was tight for her where as 36 is loose. that day she was wearing 34 she said so I said thats why it was too pointed.

she continued and it was 85 cms bottom and she said 30 was her size when she was in college. then we continued hour chat day by day and she asked whether am virgin and I said yes. then she thanked me that she will be happy to have my virginity and said same pleasure she cannot give to me since she is already married.

then our chat was full of adults we discussed about selfies. she said sometimes she do rubbing and nowadays she was writing my name on fingers. I was really happy hearing this. then we discussed about making love where she said she is already in copper T so I dont need to take any precaution. we had our first love making in 2009 June.

I enjoyed well but she was shocked by my act and it was a shock for her later she said. then in between gap formed and she was not communicating me and smells something wrong I said sorry for my act but she said she was busy in office something something.

but I was not ready to leave her. I just keep loving her with out seeing or calling her. I just keep sending her mail daily discussing about my whole day and how I miss her and I love her very much. I did this for almost 1 year between she was sending sms and mails regarding her busy schedules about her vacation to Kerala,

regarding her house shifting and all also she said missing me too much. but I was really in a stage of believing that I loses her. but one fine evening after almost one year I got a mail from her saying she was really shocked with my act on our first love making and she was not ready to have that. she invited me to her place just to have some time together.

it took whole one year to overcome that situation. then I said sorry and told her forgive. then we started talking over phone daily and she invited me to her new place on a friday which her hubby was having some conference. she send me the google map for the location and explained me how to drive. I was not that much familiar with that area. I took printout and kept in car on Thursday.

time was not at all moving I was really restless. on friday morning drive to her place very early and waited in a mall parking nearby her place and waited for her green signal. then after 30 minutes I got call from her. she said her hubby left 30 minutes ago and was waiting for him to reach his office. she called him and confirmed once he reach office and called me.

she asked where I am I said am waiting from 30 minuted nearby mall. she said to come. my heart was beating too much (when I think about that moment now also I can feel the same heart beats). I drove and saw her building name which she informed. I parked my car back side of her building and walked to her apartment, there also she was in 3rd floor.

while walking I was really excited of thinking about what is going to be happen next few hours. when I reach entrance I saw watchman coming out from his room. so to confuse him I get into lift and pressed 4th floor. so he will not know am going to some flat in 3rd floor.

then I walked down to 3rd floor and searched for her flat. I ranged the bell I heard she is stepping towards to the door to open I was excited to the peak. then she opened. she welcomed me she was wearing a orange nighty with some flowers and hairs was tied with bath towel to dry after bath. she was wearing a spectacle too. first time I saw her in spectacles she looks little different.

I asked why spectacles for that she replied she was reading some papers.there was good aroma of agarbathis. I settled in sofa it was a 1BHK I just went inside to see the flat. forgot to tell I had asked her to make breakfast for me since I want to be feeded like a baby. she said to wait for sometime she was cooking. she brought one plate some dosa and chutney and she offered me.

she was feeding me like a baby which I requested. I was enjoying the moment. I was really hungry not for food. but I dont want to make hurry. while she was walking I understand she was not wearing any underskirt. and her big boobs was pointing far from her.

after breakfast she came to me sit in sofa. I asked why towel still on her hair. she said hair not yet dried. I just put my hand on the towel and checked it was wet. then I said I want to feel her wet hair. she removed her towel. ohhhh nice her hair was straight but wet hair looks curly and it feel nice wet. I just run my hand through her wet hair and I pulled her to me.

she rested her face on my chest and her head was under my nose while running fingers on hair I got the nice aroma of her hair. she use pantene (later she said) while caressing her hair we was talking and she was running fingers over my chest. I said I was missing her lot for that she replied she didnt since I was in her heart all the time.

then I just lifted her face with with right hand and placed a kiss on her forehead ohhhh it was such a nice feeling. her forehead was so cool the mix of aroma from her hair makes me so hard. I placed kiss on her left eyes and then right eyes. then I just rubbed my jaw (with trimmed beard) on her right cheeks and then left cheeks.

she closed her eyes and I can see her lips was waiting for me to place a lip lock. with out keeping her waiting for long time, I kissed her on lips ohhhhh a electrifying one I was licking her lips at the same time she opened her mouth gave me her tongue to suck.

I sucked it for 2 minutes and pulled out my tongue then it was her turn she put her tongue in my mouth was searching for my tongue I gave her same and she was sucking it so nicely. at the same time I hold my right hand on her left boobs and start caressing ohhhh it was heaven I was caressing it over her night I can feel her tight bra straps and cups I pressed it very slowly

I took my time I caressed it nicely she was sucking my tongue so passinately since my caressing was too much pleasure for her. I tried to squeeze her nipples over night and bra but was not able to. we was still kissing passionately each other and I took her left hand and kept on my hard dick. ohhhhhhhh she starting pressing it myyyyyyy

i was in heaven just imagine our position sitting on a sofa resting her half body on me caressing my hard dick where am caressing her left boobs and she huging me with right hand and my left hand caressing her spine. the situation was getting so hot I start kissing her neck and ears also licking her nose and ears. she was responding well and supporting by lifting her neck.

I lifted her right leg and kept it on my thighs and massaged her right thigh over night I confirmed she didn't wear any under skirt. now I put her right hand under her nighty and felt her calf wowwwwwww she had waxed completely. it was so soft. I move my hand to her bare right thigh and felt her left thigh too. for my easy movement she lifted her night up till her butt.

now I can move my hand easily. ohhhhhhi just pressed hard her inner thigh ohhhhh she she gasped. then I reach her love triangle where love honey hided for me. I touched her panty and I can feel wet on the bottom of it. I feel happy to know that she got horny with my act. then I felt that love cut over panty with my right fore finger.

I caressed it for few minutes while that I was kissing her nick and cleavage also kissed her boobs over nighty even I bite it over nighty she gasped. she adjusted her butt little to make way for my fingers to her horny pot. ohhhh I moved deep to bottom over her panty. she wastoo much wet. she was moaning and I rubbed hard on her clits.

she bite my ears ohhhhh I understood she was too horny. then she whispered in my ears that its risk to make love in hall lets move to bedroom. she invited me when she stood up I buried my face between her ass cheeks, ohhhh nice feeling.

then I stood up and kissed her neck back and ears at the same time I caressed her biggggg booobs over nighty from behind she was moaning (she said before that she would liked to caressed and kissed from behind) I did it perfectly. I licked her ears and kissed well.

she said she stand anymore lets move to bedroom. I followed her. ohh I wrote too much, since I was imagining each and every moment even it happened 7 years ago it is still great moment in my life. will write later what happened in bedroom.

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