Shradda Fucked By Lucky Neighbour In Dallas

Hi to all fans of this wonderful site. I am following this site from few years and always dreaming about my turn to write an experience. It happened to me last year where I used to live alone in my apt, Dallas tx. I see so many hot girls and aunts in my neighborhood. Shradda beautiful (married) woman whom I thought a college student when I first saw her.

She noticed that I am admiring her beauty. one day I am standing in my balcony, she was walking and saw me gave a big smile, inquired if I am working in the same company as she does. Thats how it all started :) We talked after that many times and exchanged our phone numbers.

Days went by she started sharing more personal details about her life. we became very close to each other. Shradda: where are you from? Me: I am from Hyd. Moved to Us few years ago. And you? Shradda: me too from Hyd. I am really bored at home as I came here as dependent, can’t work. Me: That gave me some confidence in going to next step.

Shradda: asked why I used to stay single, any gfs? Me: I told her no, didnt find a beautiful girl like you. Shradda: stop joking. Are you serious? do I really look that great? Me: Your beauty can’t be expressed in words. I can only show you in person how much I admire you. there was no reply from her for some time.

Shardda: Naughty guy. I always know you have such intentions on me. Every time you see me, looks like you want to eat me. I can’t wait for that moment. come to home my for dinner this weekend. Me: My dreams are coming true. I was so excited and happy reading that message. Finally its the weekend. I want to make it special for both of us.

I brought red roses to make it a romantic night. called her and went to her apt around 8. she opened the door, she wore a saree (on my request), I was on the heaven seeing an angel infront of my eyes. It took few seconds to come in my senses. She was laughing seeing my face and told its all yours. I gave her the roses, then hugged her tightly.

Started kissing her neck and slowly reached her lips. we kissed for more than five mins both of us were breathing heavily. while kissing I was holding her butt and pressing it tightly. she gave a moan and kissed me with more intense.

Slowly I started removing her saree and reached her boobs pressing it hard. sucking those boobs I can see the nipples getting hard on her boobs. I moved back to the top kissing her neck, ears, and started kissing her deeply again. I did bite her nipples very hard that made her erotic. Then removed her bra, panty and she took off my clothes.

We are completely naked facing each other, both smiling happily. Standing on our knees facing her continued to kiss (french kiss) her. My dick is saluting to her beauty and waiting to go inside her. I made her sleep on her back, kissing every part of her body came down to her pussy. Her pussy is already wet and so hot. That made me more excited started sucking her pussy.

Meanwhile my hands are doing their job pressing the boobs and my tounge continues to taste her pussy. I inserted my fingers into her pussy moved it very fast. This made her cum for the first time of the night.

She cant wait any more and want my dick inside her. cow girl position, I was lying on back on bed, she came on top of me inserted my dick into her slowly started moving in and out. she increased the pace, it was paining at the beginning, later sex pleasure took over the pain we started enjoying it. Shradda was riding on my dick it is making awesome sounds her butt hitting my thighs.

While continuing in that position I pulled her close to me held my hands on back of her head kissing her deeply again. This continued for some time. I was about to come and she wants to drink it completely so moved down to my dick and starting giving the best blow job. She took my dick into her mouth and took all the cum in her mouth.

After that she was on me cuddling her and slept for some time. we woke up and my dick is inside her pussy. seeing her beauty my dick is hard again ready for some more sexy time. Now we are back to the missionary position. reached to her nipples biting them very hard. To make it more exciting I had ice cream on her boobs.

The moment I put Ice cream that brought vibrations all over body, hugged me tightly. I inserted my dick into her pussy started moving it slowly later increased the pace. my lips are in action kissing her deep kissing and increase the stroke pace into her pussy. this continued for 10 more minutes. Increased my pace and released my sperm load inside her.

She was caressing my hair came close to me. She shared her personal pics and videos. we spent some time talking about each other and met her many many times after the action night. every meet with her is new shradda to me. Her excitement in the bed became addiction to me. she was amazed with my surprises with every time I meet her.

We traveled to different places as a couple had great time together. We had many more interactions and fun times after this. Based on the responses I will write my next story. Please feel free to post your feedback in the comments below.

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Shrestha Fucking A Stranger In Mumbai

Hi to all readers on human digest. My name Is Shrestha. Introducing myself, I am a 21 year old college girl from Mumbai. Physically (which is all we care about), I’m a tall girl. I have dark hair, fair skin and curves to keep your hands full!

I come from a conservative Marwadi family. Yet, being exposed to porn, the internet and sexual encounters since I hit puberty, I enjoy having sex. I’m not a slut though – because, I am promiscuous behind closed doors. I don’t let boys know how much I too want the sex, till we’re in bed.

This incident is about when I went for a night out clubbing in South Mumbai. Usually, with the alcohol, clubbing nights are really blurry. But I remember this incident really well. I had worn a little purple dress, bright orange thongs and bra beneath. Cleavage showing, hair tied up neatly, slim ponytail, high heels, light pink lipstick.

Dressing up makes me feel really good – looking good, having bouncers, boys, girls checking me out. Everything was as usual at the club, I entered with a couple of friends, we hit the bar, downed alcohol and started dancing. Clicked photos and drank some more. The second round at the bar and the attention from men began.

I got a couple of free drinks and a lot of shy smiles and nods at the bar. As I finished my round of jager shots, my favourite song came on – How Deep is you Love (by Calvin Harris). I popped up and skimped to the dance floor and started rocking out. A few minutes in, and I felt him. He was this extremely tall, slim and good looking guy who I had seen noticing me a few times that night.

He came from behind and whispered a quick, “I couldn't help myself” as his large hands slid onto my waist. My dress ended a few inches below where his hands were. I smiled, biting my lips and gave it to him, I put my hands on his, feeling his expensive watch, and I arched my lower back, popping my bubble butt into his crotch as we started dancing.

This was the first time I didn't want to be seen as a good girl in public. I didn't care. I wanted it. And guys sense that…In a few minutes of dancing, I could feel him so close to me, using the dance steps as an excuse to pump his hips against my ass, as his hands firmly wedged below where my tits started, pushing them up, which made my little dress slide up all the more.

I then felt him collect my ponytail and put it over my right shoulder, and then few lazy kisses from him on my exposed neck and it was complete. I turned around and smiled at him, pulling him close to my face and asking him loudly so I could be heard above the music, “Do you want to go somewhere quieter?” and left a cheeky lick on his ear lobe as I said that,

biting my lips and making an innocent face waiting for his reaction. He looked at me for a second then I felt both his hands strongly squeeze my butt – both cheeks – and let go as he nodded and took my hand. It drove me crazy! I looked over at my friends at the bar who were watching everything, tongue-in-cheek as he led me away. They knew I was going to fuck.

We came out of the club and looked around, there were people everywhere and privacy nowhere near. He squeezed my hands and dragged me back inside, and took me to the men’s wash room. I blushed, in a skimpy dress, in heat and half drunk in a men’s wash room. He used his strong voice then and ordered the two guys in there to get out. They immediately left.

He was a guy who got what he wanted. It made me so, so hot for him! The men left and he locked the wash room door. He turned to me. I could hear the bass and beats in the background as he walked up to me and kissed me. I pulled his hands onto my tits as he went down, and rolled up my dress. The purple spandex type dress snapped up.

I saw my bubble butt, in those orange thongs pop out. His strong hands were all over my butt as we passionately flicked tongues. I ran my cold, eager fingertips into his shirt feeling the hair on his arms and the curves on his biceps. He then uttered, “What’s your name, princess” as we kissed. “Shrestha” I replied, panting for breath as we kissed.

He smiled at me as his hands came up and grabbed the straps of my dress and bra, jerking them down to my elbows. My tits were half revealed as I sucked his neck and tugged his shirt off him. He had a tight stomach and broad chest. The perfect combination. I left a hickie on his neck and went below to flick my tongue over his Adam’s apple as my hands boldly went for his cock.

And it was big. I could feel the outline through his skinny jeans. And then he did that thing all strong men do, turning me around, taking control of my body and my actions. He didn't care if my little dress had a zipper. He hooked his hands in and tore it down the center! I was shocked! It hurt a little on the sides as I watched my dress in two, at my ankles and looked up at him in the mirror,

biting my lips, in nothing but my (wet) thongs, a half undressed bra and high heels. I could tell he liked what he saw when he almost walked into me, groping me and snatching my bra off my tits. I felt a wall behind me, as I ran my leg around him, squeezing his biceps as his shirt rolled off him.

I could feel my breasts roll and squeeze against his toned, tight and hairy chest as our hands explored each other’s bodies. What we both were imagining seeing each other in the club, how he would look naked, those hairy arms, broad chest and tights and my curves, my legs without clothes on – it all came true.

Within seconds I found myself flicking my tongue against his, eagerly rolling his jeans off as he dry fucked me from the front. I looked down as he was sucking on my neck and saw that really big bulge in his Armani underwear, grinding against my (soaked) thongs and the underneath sex. I was in such heat.

Wanted it, and so did he! I gave him a loud “ooh!” as he rolled me onto a colder part of the wall. My next move was to get onto my knees, looking up at him, as I licked the elastic of his undies, gently teething that bulge and rolling my hands onto his hairy thighs as I watched him with wide, innocent eyes and he grunted, devilishly smiling down at me…

I rolled those undies down, eagerly, as my nails scaled his thigh muscles, down to his knees. That big, hard pulsating cock plopped out onto my face. ! I know girls don’t talk about cocks. Even the slutty ones. Male genitals aren't that attractive. But trust me, when you’re a pathological people pleaser like me, I love sucking cock to please boys (and men).

And I'm a size queen. Big cocks get me excited. Next thing I remember, I was holding his cock up against his stomach, and working my mouth on his balls. I placed my fingers behind his knees, and slid my tongue all over his balls, pinching the sac between my lips as I almost made out down there, gripping his strong muscular knees.

I slowly moved up, sucking on the base of his cock, and then squeezing that thick fat vein down the backside of his cock from base to tip. That is when I caught a glimpse of his eyes half closed writhing with pleasure. Pleasing boys by sucking cock makes me really horny!

That really got me going as I then parted my lips and took his cock into my mouth, watching my lipstick leaving stains on his foreskin as I felt his veins throb against my lips. I half closed my eyes and loosened my grip on his knees, starting to slide my pretty face down on his cock. Felt his hands come down on my head and grip my ponytail gently.

Tickling the back of his knees, I started to bob on his length now. And in a few seconds, I could tell he really like that as dirty sweet words for me started coming out of his mouth as he started to slide in and out of my mouth. I placed my hands on my thighs and went down a little, looking at him with widened innocent eyes, making a duck face as he grinned at me and dipped his cock till the end of my throat.

I could tell I was the best he had ever had. As I started to struggle for breath, I went for my deal breaker move – deep throating. I closed my eyes, squeezed his hairy thighs and slid my face all the way down on his cock, feeling my mouth get stuffed as his shaved pubes pricked my nose and his balls rested on my chin.

I held it in for as long as possible, and then let go, drooling (and swallowing) a little and gasping for breath, one hand on my thighs, and the other holding the base of his cock. I saw a look of extreme pleasure on his face, aghast almost, and that made me blush from tip to toe!

To be Continued...

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Guy Enjoying Fuck With Virgin Best Friend

To describe myself, I’m 6 feet height, fair body with 7 inch dick. This was happened when I was in my final year of The girl with I had my first experience is my best friend. I had a lot of lust on her but I never expressed it since we were really best friends and we never got such situation.

To describe her, she is 5.4″ ht, very thin, small boobs but had a well shaped ass which attracted me a lot. We used to be very good friends, never discussed anything regarding sex but I had a lot of lust on her. Since, that was the final year, I decided to open up and to enjoy with her but I was in fear of loosing her.

One day with lot of courage, I texted her “I wanna tell you something, but promise me after listening to that you shouldn’t leave me”, and I told her about my feeling and to my surprise she was not angry on me rather than started making fun of me. Then I realised her intension and started sexting. To my surprise she is really enjoying it.

That went for 20 days but we didn’t get the chance to meet up and have first sex. One day, I got a call from her and she told that her parents are leaving to attend a wedding and they will not come home that day. I was really excited, went to her home by 9 PM with 3 packets of condoms. I literally decided to fuck her as many times as possible but I know she cannot bare as she is very thin.

I reached her home by 9 PM, she opened the door and she is looking at me with full of lust and shocked to see 3 packets of condoms and said ” you decided to kill me tonight“. I entered her home, locked the door and started smooching her and since that was the first kiss for both us, we are enjoying it a lot. We are sticking each other tongues.

She broke the kiss, asked me control until we are done with dinner and I was unable to control myself. However I waited till we finish dinner. The moment we are done with the dinner, I started smooching her again and took her into the bedroom. Sorry, forgot to mention her clothes, she was wearing a tight t-shirt and a skin fit trouser.

Even though her boobs are so small, tightness of her t-shirt showing her boobs clearly. I took her into the bedroom smooching her, laid her on the bed. I started removing her t-shirt and to my surprise she is not wearing anything inside. I started sucking her boobs slowly and passionately. She is really enjoying it as it is her first experience.

Then, I started pressing her boobs and licking her beautiful navel. Now, I moved down little bit and removed her pant. Oh my god! I really surprised to see her in panty. She is wearing a white color panty and is looking damn hot. Now she is lying on bed exposing her boobs and beautiful panty. That was my dream to watch her like that I literally gone mad.

She have a lusty smile and I started kissing on her panty. She stated moaning and I understood her intensions. I kissed her tights, licking and pressing her pussy on her panty. She is going mad I’m unable to hold my excitement, removed her panty with one pull. Ohh God, she had a damn sexy clean shaved pussy which is already wet with her juices.

Now, I removed my shirt, widened her legs and started sucking her beauty hole deep. She is enjoying it and giving lot of moans. I started finger fucking her pussy and was fucking it with my tongue deep. She had released her juices 4 times in the process.

Now, it’s her turn to statisfy me. I laid on bed and gave a blind signal to get which she understood my intensions. She came on me immediately, removed my pants. She started playing with dick on my inner. She kissed my dick on my inner and slowly removed it. She is giving a lusty smile seeing my dick which is boosting me more.

She slowly kissed the tip of my dick which gave me the immense pleasure and that was the first time someone playing with my dick. She slowly started sucking. At first, she was not a good sucker as that was the first time and slowly started sucking it like an expert. She then started stroking my dick hard with mouth and I cummed inside her mouth and she is really enjoying my juices.

Then we came in 69 position and shared sucking her pussy deep while she started to make my dick hard once again. As soon as my dick became hard, I made her lie on bed, widened her legs apart. She took a packet of condom, put it on my dick. I was really excited since that was the first time my dick entering a pussy. I slowly placed my dick on her pussy and rubbed it.

She stated moaning. Since she is a virgin, I decided to bake l make it slow. I slowly pushed my dick inside her pussy. She started crying with pain as she is very thin and her pussy is very tight. She is shouting in pain “please stop it, I’m gonna die”. I just took it out, sucked her pussy and again tried to push it little harder. My dick went half in and she is dying in pain.

Tears are rolling out of her eyes. Then I took courage and decided to push it in completely in one push. Now my dick is completely in her pussy, she is bleeding and crying in pain. Then I slowly took my dick out and once again started to push it in but this time a little harder. After two three fucks, she started enjoying it. She is moaning loud which is giving more pleasure to me.

I started fucking her hard in her pussy and she is really enjoying it. I was pumping my dick in her pussy in missionary position. Then, I turned her up side down. She had very beautiful ass which is very well shaped. I usually go mad for her ass. I just put my dick on hey pussy from back and started fucking her hard. I can feel the smooth ass under my belly.

I started pressing her boobs, kissing her neck and fucking get pussy under the ass really hard. I’m almost to explode the cum and she is enjoying the fuck with loud moans. I finally released the cum inside her pussy with condom. Then I took my dick out, she removed my condom and started sucking my dick which is filled with juices.

We once again came to 69 position and started playing with her pussy. By the time, the time was 12 am and she continued sucking the fuck and I was finger fucking and tongue fucking her pussy for almost 20 mins and we are hard again, took out another pack of condom and started fucking her in doggy style.

I fucked her in doggy style for almost 30 mins and I cummed inside her pussy. Then we started playing with our assets and slept. I woke up 7am and looked at her. I once again hot hard looking at her naked body. She was in full sleep and I started sucking her pussy. Then, she woke up was high since I was sucking and finger fucking her pussy deep and hard.

And I took the 3rd pack of condom and started fucking her in missionary position while she is still feeling sleepy but horny as well. I banged her pussy really hard and this time I took my condom off and cummed on her face which she really enjoyed it. Since, their parents will be returning by 11 am, I got freshed, kissed all over her body, her cheeks, lips, neck, boobs,

navel and finally gave a deep kiss on her love hole and left her home. She was completely nude until I left her home. After that first experience, we really became so close and free, used to have sex chats everyday, used to share private photos and masturbate speaking to each other. After that, we had sex 2 more times and enjoyed her body completely and satisfied my lust on her.

This is how I fucked my best friend for the first time and she is great ass Queen that any guy will go mad of her ass shape. Even though I fucked her 3 times, still I have more lust on her, I really love her pussy and apart from that I have a great respect towards her as she is my best friend.

Thank-you guys for reading the story and enjoying it. Since it is my first story, sorry if I had made any mistakes. Please feel to drop your feedback in the comments below.

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Siddhant Enjoying Sexual Pleasures With Kavya - III

Previously: Siddhant Enjoying Sexual Pleasures With Kavya - II

After the movie ended We came out & I could see she was shyed & bit uncomfortable looking at me but I gave her comfort by holding her hand & clutched her fingers with mine & she looked into my eyes with smiling face. And I said “Thanks Kaavya”. For? She asked.

For coming in my life. & she smiled & said “Actually, I was empty in my life, Needed a Man exactly like you which is not possible to get. As all are artificial & selfish. You have courage so I accepted you.

We chit chatted for a long time at Restaurant & at around 9 PM I dropped her at her residence & she Invited me for a cup of coffee which I humbly denied & “Some Other time “ Not only Coffee…………Everything what I want & what I can give you” & winked at her. She smiled & slap my shoulder for teasing her.

And Said “Okk Good Night” & was about to move out of Car but I pulled him back & cuddled her & started showering kisses all over her neck, cleavages & Face & finally smooched her which She gracefully accepted & Co-operated & she started losing her senses when suddenly we heard a sound of Horn from Backside of my Car & we thus departed with hunger of Lust keeping alive in each other.

I reached home at around 11 & used my reserve key & opened the door & found both of my family members were sleeping. I just changed the cloths & ended my day cuddling my wife from behind. (She always keeps her face away from me).

But deep inside my mind kavya was there & I caressed my wife’s back thinking she is Kavya & that awakened my cock & when the cock awakens one can not sleep without making him calm. So I started rubbing it on her bums & with its poking movement I with my closed eyes imaging She is Kavyaa & using my thigh I took her in my clutch &

found further grip to raise pleasure but to my surprise she pushed me back & scolded me “ You are man or Animal????? Cant you see I m in deep sleep. Shitttt U spoiled my night. If you want all this why don’t you come on time. And pushing me rudely she turned her face & slept far away from me.

I felt so insulted but I ignored as cursed myself for disturbing her and stayed awaken till late night thinking about how to proceed further with Kavya. She is shining like a rainbow in my clear sky life. She has added multiple colors in my starved & boring life. And I don’t want to miss this opportunity. I don’t want to skip this chance.

Next day as usual I left for the office & during my crowded Train journey I didn’t pay attention to my ringing mobile but after getting down from Train I checked & found couple of miscalls from Kavya & one SMS saying “If u r so much busy I wont disturb you again” “Ohhh no. “it seems opportunity is skipping So I immediately called her & she after many rings picked up the call &

I convinced her that I was in Train yaar n you know how are Mumbai Loacals in Peak hours. She giggled & said “Just check your belongings are safe naa?” & I too laughed at her Naughty joke & I thanked her for yesterday’s company. “It was a wonderful time I spent with you, memorable for me,,,,,,,” “hmmm. For Mee too she acknowledged. But……. I left it incomplete & she asked

“But….. what” “But Ye Dil maange More “ I instantly replied & she laughed “Aap ka dil Badaa shaitaan hai……….hmmm” Bolo na kab milna hai??? I straightway asked & she said “Lets see “ “No ………U meet me today only……..I will manage my both the bosses. & she giggled “Both??? Hmm …….both. ….. I m sending the details thro’ SMS. Just be ready. Okay? Ok she finally agreed.

I reached to office thinking about plan to take half day off as After her “Ok” I was lost in imagination for some time as to how will we proceed & how I will feel sensing her aroma & that imagination made me hard Instantly & I was about to go further deep into imagination when suddenly my intercom ranged & spoiled my dream world.

My boss told me to compile the data from SAP & prepare one MIS urgently. I cursed him & hurriedly prepared the MIS & dumped on his head & he was surprised as I delivered the result quickly. He appreciated & I instantly requested to leave me early for some personal work & he happily agreed.

I scrolled down some Good resorts list near Thane Ghodbunder (Popular area for this kind of stuff) & booked one resort & immediately sent the SMS to Kavya to be ready & meet me at around 3 PM at National park So that I can Pick her up in Ola Cab I booked till the destination.

Also I send another message “Ohhh Jaaan………….Aaj badi besabari se Intezaaar hai Tera………Jee bhar K tumhe eke k inch pe kisses karoonga. You will be Paani paani ………I bat……………” She read it & sent me instant reply “ Ohh siddd…..mat naaa……don’t tease me ……”. “Okkk then get ready soon………& meet me” & she agreed “Okk honey”

I book the Ola cab & left the office & within 1 hour reached to National Park gate where She was waiting for me “Wowww…..She was in Purple Saree with sleeveless & backless Blouse & her hair was kept loose & like Aishwarya Rai she also applied Purple Lipstick & was looking dam hot…… Her slim Naval with belly show was exciting & I opened the door &

came out to escort her & with a naughty smile & looking in my eyes she took her seat & I used another door for entrance. I instructed Driver to be fast asap & he too smiled & said “Yes Sir”. Hey Kaaavyaa……u r looking awesome …………..hott babe…….& she blushed & pinched my thigh.

We sat closed to each other & I said “Kavvyaa….m so excited ……just see….& tried to show my tent but she pinched me again & hint me to be cool as driver has eyes & ears on us. I just controlled & covered her naval from behind to pull her close. & she rested her head on my shoulder.

I started touching her soft n silky skin of Naval & that made her shiver but she bear it with closed eyes. I was uncontrollable & eagerly awaiting for destination. Gradually I reached to her upper portion of hips & felt soft flesh of her ass-mounds & gently pressed she moved a bit & tighten her grip of hands with poking nails on my back.

I think she was turning on with partly my touch & partly thro’ her imagination with her closed eyes thinking of forthcoming session. After almost half an hour drive we finally we reached to the venue where nobody knows us so we were bit comfortable n relaxed.

I made her seat at Hall & completed the check-in formalities & soon we moved to the 3 rd floor thro’ lift & the care-taker prepared to escort us but I humbly denied as we don’t have any luggage (Actually I wanted to have some fun in Lift), As soon as the lift door closed I pulled her & hugged her tight & she too wrapped her arms around my neck &

I started kissing all over her neck & shoulder area & she moaned “ohhh sidd……aarram se dear”……Itni bhi kyaa zaldi hai…….” I used my both hands & grabbed her from her naval & hold her ass-cheek & she fumbled with pleasure & whispered “Siddddd….ummmm” I was about to lip-lock her & suddenly door opened & we were on our destination floor.

& she giggled & pushed me away. I just shake my head in disappointment & moved out with her cuddling her from naval & opened the door & It was nicely decorated room with aroma of Rose & Jasmine flowers Fresheners which they must have applied before we came. She also exclaimed & it was a big room with Balcony & Open Valley view.

Inside also nicely bed with comfortable sitting arrangements & Two sitter couch, Centrally AC with Expensive Shower & Bathroom accessories. TV was there but who cares? I m gonna enjoy live session. We looked at each other & she blushed & looked down with a smiling face & I took her in my arms & she hugged me & said……….Ohh sidd……U r so Romantic. Its very nice Place. & I replied.

No Its Nice because you are here…….with me ………else everything is useless. & she slapped my shoulder. Hmm U know how to impress a Girl hmm……..& kept starring at me with a smiling face as if waiting for my next move. I came closer & took her lips in my lips & she closed her eyes & accepted my kiss with full grace & affection.

I kept sucking his lips upper & lower again n again & she just could utter “ummm…muuaaaahhh” meanwhile I started roaming my hands all over his luscious body curves & especially the bear portion of her Naval & back & felt her soft skin gradually converted into hot with each of her erotic breathing.

Her Saree palloo fell down & her rising & falling cleavage movement made me mad & It directly resulted into enhancement of my size & I pulled her more closer & started sniffing all her upper body part & her body aroma mixed with her sweat n perfume enlighten all my wild cells & I clutched her ass-mounds & simultaneously started gentle sucking n biting near her cleavage &

she started moaning bit high now “ Sidd……ohh bebeee……..ummm….slowly…..jaaan” I too motivated her “Ohhh Kavyaa…….Tum badi hottt ho yaar……..khaa jaane ko jeee kartaa hai” I hold her hairs & gently pulled them for kissing her lips & this time she bite my lips & I allowed her to be tigress & she gave me pain but I still enjoyed to be a victim of her lustful move.

We started playing with each other tips of tongue & circled clockwise & anti-clockwise with each other tongue & she started unbuttoning my Shirt & soon I was in Vest & removed my Trouser too. I too removed her Palloo & made her lie on Bed.

I started chooming her all over right from her Forehead to gradually her eyes, her cheeks, her chin, her neck, her ears, her shoulders & she raised her head with blissful feeling & I kissed everywhere till her deep cleavage & finally grabbed her lips for deep smooching & her breathing rose with each of my move. I was deliberately making chooming sound to excite her further.

She was now desperate with Lust & expecting rough action from me. As her fingers n nails were indicating her state of wishes. I turned her & used all my expertise in foreplay over his back by kissing in small small installments & also poking my croatch part at her ass-crack.

She was reacting as is she is wet like hell. & I hold & fold her hairs & started kissng near her ears & bite her shoulder She just screamed “Sidddd……..Mattt naa……aao naaa plzzz………….karo naaa…….Yaaar……..”

I know Now nobody can stop us from our heavenly journey & I turned her again & came fully over her & she hugged me & started biting my ears & whispered ………”U fucker………why r u teasing me……….Just fuck me now……..I want your………..deeeep deeeeeep Inside………..Plzzzz……….give it to me.

To Be Continued...

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Sahil Enjoying Hot Fuck Territory Manager Bindu

Hi guys, My name is Sahil 34, and I am from Hyderabad. I work for a reputed organisation at a respectable position.i travel alot mainly all over south and some parts of north and west. The story I am about to narrate happened couple of months back when I was on an official trip from Hyderabad to Pune.

I am married and not that satisfied with my sex life however I love my wife and decided to keep my thoughts in my pants. However u know there is a huge difference in love and lust. when lust takes over love fades away for a while.This might get a little lenghthy and as I am not a professional writer please excuse if there is anything u find inappropriate.

Most of all this is true and I dont care what people think of it. Few months back I hired a female territory manager for one of our centeres. Her name is Bindu a fair wheetish complexion girl, with sexy smile, silky hair, amazing curves and an amazing body smell. We ( Bindu and me ) had to travel to Pune for a business meet for a week.

As a manager I booked her tickets with me in a sleeper bus. The day came and we had to travel to Pune. I was waiting for her at the bus stop and she arrived, damn she was looking gorgeous in her red free, lousios lips, sexy smile and a sexy figure. I had to kep the decorum and just shook hands. Post half an hour our bus arived.

Initially I booked tickets in two different seats in a 2+1 sleeper, the conductor thought we are a couple and asked us to share the bed. I agreed with her consent. We started the journey, for around an hour we spoke about work and then likes and dislikes, slowly she felt tired and dozed off.we closed the drapes, and she turned towards the other side facing her back towards me.

It was then that I realized that she had a sexy sexy sexy ass. I had a hard on almost instantly and wanted to jump on her. The devil in me took over, I tried to wake her response, I moved a little close to her and a little more closer in this way within half an hour I was so close that I was touching her whole back with my frontal,

I could smell her hair and her body odour was just driving me crazy. I couldnt control myself and put my hands over her waist, she suddenly worke up, I shut my eyes and pretended to sleep, she just removed my hand and slept. Guys you can imagine how it would be with a sexy woman lying beside you, you can touch her feel her, fuck her yet can do nothing about it.

After 5 mins I again put my hands over her waist and this time slowly moved it upwards towards her boobs. I was soo tensed that I was sweating in a a/c bus.She moved a little but didnt move my hands from over her boobs, This encouraged me and I got more close to her, now my dick was rubbing her ass, she let out a moan. ooooooooooo man I went crazy listening to it.

I started squeezing her boobs slowly and rubbing my hard 8" cock ( no fancy,,its real ) over her ass.due to the movement in bus it felt as if she was grinding her ass over my dick. I couldn't control myself and lifted her kurta and slipped my hands under it and felt her bare skin, soft as butter,

Moved towards her boobs and started squeezing them over her bra she couldn't control and turned towards me with eyes closed, and I built my courage and landed my lips over hers, it was first only a kiss may be she didnt know what to do, I took her lead and took her lower lip in my mouth it was heaven, felt as if I am kissing rose petals.

Now slowly I pushed my tongue in her mouth and started applying more preasure on her boobs, as if I was kneading a dough. She just put her right leg over my legs and started enjoying it. I was on cloud nine, even now I jerk off on magining that scene.

Now our tongues were wrestling with each other and I unhooked her bra and felt her soft boobs damn they were the most tender once I have touched till date.her nipples all erect wanting to get sucked.

I lifted her kurta until her neck and started sucking her boobs and squeezing them at the same time. She was in heaven, she put her hand over her mouth so that she doesnt let out a moan loudly.I like multitasking and think this is what leads to a shuddering orgasm of a woman.

While my mouth and a hand were busy with her boobs I slid another hand over her pyjama and touched her pussy she shuddered,and shivered. I rubbed her pussy over her pyjama. it was amazing how a woman can mover her body when she is horny, just like a snake soft mmmmmmmmmm. I took my hand off her pussy took her hand and rested it over my dick.

She didnt know what to do, she just held it for a while doing nothing. I held her hand and stroke my penis, she got a hang of it and started enjoyong the feel of my manhood in her hands. I didnt know what to do next as we were in a bus, I just undid her pyjama knot and slid my hands into it, it was as if I haved dived into a cave of heat and slippery land, All the while she closed her eyes,

but suddenly she opened her eyes and the first and only thing which came out of her mouth was I LOVE U, with that she just unzipped my trousers and let my manhood loose, now her bare hands were touching my dick, feeling the nerves over my dick and we started sucking each others lips.

I just moved down removed her pyjama with her panty, it was all wet. I made her squat and dived in between her legs, The first taste of her womanhood was enticing and made me mad, I just opened her cunt lips and started licking her pussy as if it was a chockolate spread. I pushed my tongue into her cunt she was pushing my head more and more deep between her legs,

and was huffing and puffing. while licking her pussy, reached out to her boobs squeezed them and pinched her nipples. After 5 minutes of licking and tongue fucking she let out a small moan and shuddered like a leaf, wriggling her body like a snake in pleasure she came like a volcano splashing her juices over ma face.

I cleaned my self moved up and kissed her,she just held my 8" monster and started to stroke it, I just pushed her shoulder downwards and I think she understood what I wanted, she moved down and kissed my dick,what an amazing feeling it was, she licked the mushroom and in a jerk she took my whole monster in her mouth it was fuckin amazing a feeling that I can never forget,

her rosy lips moving up and down, I got busy squeezing her boobs and finger fucking her, she was sucking my dick as if it was a chocobar, licking it from top to ottom squeezing my balls. we were both in heaven. I just didnt care what will happen next I pulled her, made her take the doggy position and just entered her wet pussy, I made sure I didnt give strong jerks initially.

As we were lying down in the bottom place it was easier not to get any attention.i started riding her and she was only tring not to moan as she was enjoying just as much as I was, I love to squeeze the boobs when I am fucking and also rub the clit as I feel that gives a lot of pleasure to my partner.

15 mins down the line tension started building and I increased my pace without hitting her hard as that would give out the chap chap sound....damn it was the most difficult and amazing fuck of my life. And then after 3 - 4 strokes we came together with a shudder. She just dropped herself on the bed and I fell on her.

Got up from top of her and moved aside and turned aside, I was shocked to see our drapes opened up a little and a co passenger ( female around early 20's) was staring at me. she had a wicked smile on her face. She was drained and I was tired, we both cleaned ourselves with paper napkins and dressed ourselves.

I will post how I fucked her brains out in hotel and how I got a chance to fuck the co-passenger in my next post. If you liked my story please feel free to post your comments below.

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Hot Housemaid At Worksite

Dear Readers, I have been reading stories of people living in high rise buildings, who are highly qualified and whose husbands are working in gulf countries. I am not of that type I have a different type of story to say. I was appointed as the works engineer of a huge construction company. The project was in a remove village in Andhra Pradesh.

They gave me a jeep to move around and I reached the village in my jeep with my belongings. I went and met the village chief, who is also doing some contract work for the construction work. He got up with great respect. He has three four houses in his custody and we went around and saw them all an finally I selected one on a small elevated place where there is lot of wind and mosquitoes will be less.

The was a well from water can be drawn for washing purposes. But for cooking the contractor Govindappa said he will make arrangements. He brought a maid servant for cleaning the house and for cooking food etc. The girl may be 20 or so and was shabbily dressed. She said she can make tea, chapathis, subjis. OKOK, you start the work first by cleaning the house.

There was vast area around the house where I thought I will ask to grow nice plants for flowers and vegetables. When I turned to see her, she was bent so low that her boobs were clearly visible. She cleaned the wall of all cobwebs and she was doing a brisk work, so far so good.

There were three rooms, of which one room would be my bedroom and thee was a big cot with a mattress was there. In another toom there was only a cot and a small mattress. Both the rooms had attached bathrooms. There was a motor to draw water form the well to the overhead tank, but the motor is said to be not in working condition and hence the water has to be drawn by hand.

I asked Govindappa to fix the motor by evening since water is needed for bathing. He agreed. The girl, named Raji, may of the age of 20 or 21 was doing hard work. I asked Govindappa about how much I should pay her. He said dont worry I will manage. No, No, I just want to know how much you pay. He said why worry, the company pays.

Do want her only for the day time or for the full day. It makes no difference. Keep her for the full day and tell her she has to make tea as soon as you get up. I said ok. I told him to get me a table and a chair to be kept in my room and I may want internet connection also. Since the company has internet connection to take a connection from them may not be difficult.

Govindappa appeared very nice and cooperative. My problem was that I do not know telugu and how I will converse with her. I asked Raji, where she understands hindi, she nodded her head, urdu, again nodded, tamil again nodded. She appeared to be in her early twenties and good features, big boobs and nice elevated ass, narrow waist and flat tummy.

Her clothes were totally tattered and she did not appear to have taken a bath in the near past. I told her that she has to take bath everyday in the morning and wear fresh clothes, I mean washed clothes. I asked her who are all there at her house. She said her mother, and sister. I told her to prepare tea here and to buy breakfast from a hotel.

I told her what she has to prepare for lunch and for dinner and snacks. If you cannot make go to the hotel and get it for me. She agreed. I bought some undergarments, and skirts and blouses for her since all her clothes were very tattered. She was very happy. I told her to plant some flower plants and vegetable plants in the spare time around the house and make it appear good.

She agreed. There was a driver for driving the jeep, but I seldom utilized his services. I went in the morning after breakfast and came home for lunch. Somehow her preparations were not to my taste. I asked her togo andget some curry from the hotel. In the early morning, I found she takes bath and wears fresh clothes and comes for sweeping the floor.

When she sweeps my room she does not make any noise so that I may be awakened. I do not wear any under garments when sleeping and cover my body with a thin lungi. In all probability she would find my erect cock standing like a flagpost. If she is in the room, I turn towards the wall so tht she may not see my erection.

One day she told me that there is severe rat problem in the room where she sleeps and in the kitchen, and she is scared of rats and hence she would go to her house and come back early morning and do the work. I went to her room and the kitchen, but there were no signs of any rat. In short she wanted sleep in my room.

I said, ok, but she cannot use my bathroom and that she has to go to her bathroom for bathing etc. But there was a problem, in the night when I go to sleep, the presence of a young girl in the room disturbed my sleep. I was rolling in my bed and keep watching her and I found she was not sleeping and she took kept watching me.

At about 12.30 I called her and asked her to get me a glass of water. She was not sleeping and jumped and went to the kitchen and brought me water and was standing near me. I took the water in slow sips and asked her why she did not sleep. A female smell emanating from her was very intoxicating. I asked her to sit on my bed till I finish drinking my water.

She sat. I asked her is it the blouse I gave you you are wearing. Yes she said. How did you like it. She said yes and suddenly she removed the blouse and showed me that there is a small stitching problem she may get it corrected with a tailor. She was wearing her bra then and her boobs filled her bra fully. I asked her to turn so that I can see her bra clearly.

She looked at my face, unhooked her bra and gave me. Oh, Her lovly boobs were naked and the nipples were erect. I took the bra and examined it. I asked her whether it is fitting properly. She said yes. I took the bra and covered her boobs, she pushed her chest forward so that I may see whether the bra matches or not. From her face I could see that she is enjoying my touch.

I kept the bra on her boob and took the straps by the sides and again it slipped I cupped her breast and placed the bra again and took the straps and again it fell, Raji laughed and said you do not know how to put a bra in place. I said wait wait, I placed both of my hands on her boobs and circled my both hands around it softly. And then gave it a soft press and tweeted the erect nipple.

I had a glorious erection. In the dim light she saw she was aroused. I asked her to lie down near me and put her blouse and bra on my chair. I hugged her kissed her on her cheeks, she responded well. Her both boobs were pressed against my bare chest and she was rotating her chest on my chest. I put my hand on the skirt when was wearing.

She got up and removed her skirt and the petty coat underneath. Now only the panty remained. She was shy to remove her panty. I said ok. then let us to go to sleep. If you do not want to show me the articles which I purchased for you, it is ok. You go to your bed and let me sleep here. Raji felt embarrassed.

She said no, sir, not that way, I will take out the panty and show you, please sir, dont get angry. Please. She removed the panty and gave it to me, standing naked in front of me. A twenty year girl standing naked in your room at the dead of night and you can see all her curves and contours will certainly make your mind soft and you will like to call her closer and wipe her tears

and make her sit in your bed and le down in your bed. I asked her whether she is a virgin or has ever been fucked by anybody. She started to cry and said sir, that is a secret, please do not reveal to anybody, I am not a virgin, all people in my family have fucked me, my uncle, my brother and my father.

They were all drunk and said it is they who fed me and nurtured me and made me into a beautiful girl and it is their right to enjoy me first. Otherwise some unknown young man marries you and takes you away. OK Ok I just wanted to know. I am not fucking you. You may take all your clothes and go away to your bed.

From tomorrow you sleep in your room and I will see that no rat enters the house. If you want any more clothes, tell me I will buy it for you. Raji was crying and said she wont go unless I fuck her. I said what do you mean, you have been fucked by so many people and you know what are pleasures of sex. I can get some other girl for my fucking.

She started crying and fell in my feet and apologized and asked for pardon for all the mistakes she had done and if I throw her out she will commit suicide. Finally I had to call her near, pacify her and kiss her on her cheeks. She lied with me and we had a comfortable and pleasurable sex. We too two round and she said she had menstruated only two days back.

She said she will bring her younger sister also and you have to buy some clothes for her. she is going to college and her dresses are shabby. My work in the site went on for four years in the meantime, the family got Raji married and sent away, her younger sister came to do my household work, but she is clever.

Whenever I buy new clothes for her she will put on one by one and show me and then remove one by one and jump into my bed. She did her best to please me and I bought for her a telephone which made her more happy. She remained for two years and then she too got married and then her mother of 45 years used to come.

Nice lady, who knows how to please a man. She gave me lot of nutrition, ayurvedic leaves and medicines and made me like a horse. She taught me new tricks in enjoying sex. Bidding her farewell I left the site after five years.

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Upasana Having Affair With Best Friends Husband Sanjeev - IV

Previously: Upasana Having Affair With Best Friends Husband Sanjeev - III

Eventually proper fucking started and no doubt it was finest fuck of my life till now, invading my fuckhole restlessly from the very beginning, Sanjeev was so good and powerful that I could not open my eyes to see anything, it was a kind of pleasure which I never experienced in my married life,

my husband was neither so big and thick that he could tore me and reach to the other edge of my womb, nor he was so powerful that he could delay my climax with his power and pace. Folding inwards, lifting my feet up, pointing almost roof to give more and more access of my fuckhole, I was holding him in my arms tight while trying crushing him,

I was crying and weeping and doing whatever I could do to express my pleasure. For a female like me it was moment of sheer ecstasy, my body was whipping and tossing frantically on the bed, my hips were bucking and heaving under his, my fuckhole was trembling and contracting feverishly on his pistoning penis and he just continued fucking me with an amazing pace.

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhh yes Oh ma uhhhh yes! Oh god yes!" I cried and cried "Yes... UNhhh... Yes! Unhhh... Yes! Unhhhh... Yes!" Sanjeev too panted joyously. Bed was rocking and bouncing, pounding furiously in and out of my pussy with thrilling control; his hips were bobbing and bouncing in frenzy over my thighs.

I opened my eyes and we looked at each other’s face closely, I believed finally I am fucking with him and Sanjeev kissed me hungrily while digging me down there restlessly. Ohhhh…God what a pleasure that was, his tongue was moving in my mouth and stretching my fuckhole wide; up to maximum, his throbbing Penis was moving in and out of my fuckhole madly,

my entire body was trembling with the sensation which was totally new to me, I could feel his mammoth length rubbing down to my pussy walls and thick cock tip, again and again touching somewhere deep in my womb where my husband was never reached in so many years.

"OHHHHH uhh yes!" Sanjeev gasped sharply, he looked losing himself, his belly shattered inward in shock and just in few seconds his pace enhanced significantly. For me it was already too much and now I was getting ram fucked. I was dying in fucking pleasure like I always wanted to die and I started crying louder,

dam inside me was once delayed from getting shattered but pleasure was getting allocated and after rise in fucking pace I started feeling myself heading to that edge again but with breathtaking intensity, now with every inward stroke I was coming out with a strange whimper.

Finally I gasped and cried out with shrill whimper, I was reached to the verge of explosion and I told him I am cumming “Mera ho jaayega…ho jaayega …Ahhh… Ahhh…please…please” my words thrilled him and Sanjeev too cried while puffing “No …Don't cum! Abhi nahi…! Not so soon!”… “Upasana …baby I will fuck you…baby I will kill you” he was puffing and sweating like hell,

so was I and his words aroused me and wrapping my thighs around his pumping ass I responded back fucking fever "Yes!" "Oh fuck yes, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” and Sanjeev began fucking me even more rapidly, what was that? My god how somebody can be so powerful? I gasped and cried out like never before,

I must say there was a thunder in his groin waiting for me and he literary wanted to kill me. Almost torn off in two from my fuckhole I wanted to cum now but he wanted to fuck me till his last breath and suddenly I touched the peak where I was never brought and fortunately at same time Sanjeev too lost his control and dived down deep in my womb with all his strength.

Arching his back he cried out loud without any care and for me it was a moment which I cannot write, my fuckhole was exploding and the feeling I was going through was so killing that I could not even breathe, I nailed Sanjeev’s muscular arms while crying and down there my pussy convulsed over his thick throbbing Penis and I felt volcano erupting from the depth of my womb.

Making me shudder in harsh whimper eventually dam inside me busted and head to toe, whirlpool of lust blazed my entire body; panting while clenching my fuckhole, streaming with sweat, I orgasmed while mewing and crying, shuddering and jerking like a hell.

In the end I shivered with broken sobs with sudden jerks over my belly while cumming and over me Sanjeev too quivered helplessly and started to release thick stream of his jizz while clenching his teeth.

Buried under his massive weight I was dead, Sanjeev was nevertheless alive, silent but puffing, tied with each other we lied lifelessly for couple of minutes. Eventually Sanjeev rolled from my top and laid beside and broke the silence “I am sorry…I was gone mad”. Wrecked and exhausted, I still could not believe the orgasm I have just gone through.

Still going through mild contractions my pussy was aching and I could feel thick paste leaking and getting down to bed. There was a significant weakness in my entire body, yet sensation of getting sexually exhausted in such a way was delightful and overall I was feeling very light. “I am sorry” he spoke again and got up a bit over his elbow, he was smiling and unintentionally I too smiled.

He leaned over me and we kissed nicely. “You are amazing” looking into my eyes hardly from an inch Sanjeev spoke that after breaking the kiss and with a tiny smile I just kept on being silent and blushed in the end. Crushing my breasts he hugged me and I too wrapped my arm around his back.

Next we got up to clean the mess and after getting fucked from it I got the glimpse of his limping monster and it was huge even then. Anyway Sanjeev asked me for the coffee and eventually we came out and settled down in the nearby mall to have coffee.

Speaking very less apparently I was normal but deep inside I was going through storms of thoughts, with a continues pinch of guilt of my deception to my best friend. I was delighted with a feeling of getting sexually satisfied after ages.

At the other end Sanjeev looked normal, continuously talking something or another he could not stop looking at my face and body and in the end he asked me if I would like to watch some movie in the same mall. I was not interested and I denied and next he asked me his eternal desire, “what if we will go back and…you know one more session”

like always he was smiling and in reply resting my back over the couch with bit of feeling disappointed facial expression I reflected as if I am tired and he came up saying “this time I will do it tenderly…you know that fever is over now” and after a moment he added “aur fir aapki Pussy bhi to suck karni hai”.

I won’t say I did not wanted to have more sex, since then I was neutral, but his words that he wants to suck my pussy thrilled me, pinch of feeling guilt once again disappeared and I opted for going for it. Ultimately we reached back to the flat again and to brief our second session I would say, like Sanjeev said it was tender love making.

He started up with a deep and affectionate kiss and slowly removed all my clothes again and began seducing me from sucking my breasts and teasing my long nipples warmly. I was puffing and moaning and next he slowly moved down and licked my naval and my belly rippled. He moved further down and eventually reached to my fuckhole.

He licked my opening for a while and then opening my pussy lips with his fingers inserted his tongue into me and lapped my juices without any hesitation. After getting my pussy sucked for long I stopped him and I too sucked him nicely to reimburse the pleasure he gave and he grew hard in my mouth.

Eventually he took me from behind, in doggy style, holding my waist; in between cleanching soft flesh of my plump ass he pumped me from behind with thrilling control. I can easily say was never fucked for such a long time in that posture, no doubt for a starved bitch like me it was a feeling of being in heaven and my fucking bliss continued when later we changed the posture,

Sanjeev told me to ride on him and while being on top and moving up and down, back and forward I fucked myself with my desired pace; slow in the begining and fast in the end and clenching my long nipples and crushing my soft milk mounds Sanjeev played with me throughout.

In the end I collapsed over him after getting tired and he once again took me under his massive body and fucked me till we both climaxed again. Fucking day ended there, Sanjeev dropped me home in the late evening and after reaching back home behaving natural I called Priyanka and told her to thank her husband for the reference of the job.

By now more than a month is passed and since then I am on pills, we are fucking every weekend. According to my parents I have six days working, but actually my sixth day of the week is mend just for fucking. Even after trying hard I cannot control my desire,

every time I came back home after having fuck with Sanjeev I decide I will not do it again but he is such an amazing fucker that by the end of the week my sexual urge mount high and I just flow down to his bed. I know it is wrong but I can’t do anything now, at least till I get legally separated from my husband and marry someone else.

That's all readers do comment over my experience, I would love to read your true opinion.

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