Upasana Having Affair With Best Friends Husband Sanjeev - III

Previously: Upasana Having Affair With Best Friends Husband Sanjeev - II

Anyway putting the call down in the night I was feeling that from my gesture Sanjeev will conclude that I am not willing to have any such relation with him but I was wrong, he was positive over my conduct; from my behavior he could see that I am not reluctant to him and that was keeping his hope alive.

Whatever like it was fixed next day around 12 I met the concerned person for my job and after confirmation of the job and the date from when I have to join I was going back home I got a call from Sanjeev and he asked me the detail of everything and after that asked me if we can have lunch together.

How could I say no to that, deep inside somewhere I also wanted to see him and without giving a second thought I accepted his proposal and within an hour we met at decided south Indian eatery and he ordered the food.

Initially everything was casual, while waiting for the food to get served Sanjeev gave me few details about the company I was about to join in a week and as food got served some other topic came in conversation.

It was really very strange situation, deep inside I was waiting for him came up asking me for sex again and over his expressions and into his eyes I could see that he also wanted to get on the subject but somehow things were not happening. Eventually meal came to an end, I got up to wash my hands and he ordered the sweet dish.

I came back and before sweet would have been served Sanjeev held my hand with his both the hands and to my surprise without going through indirect words, addressing my name he straightaway requested me to have sex “Upasana …! Let’s have sex…” no need to say once again I was amazed with his straight forward approach;

though after few seconds but I pulled my hand back and he spoke again “I know you are in need…actually we both need each other”, I didn’t knew exactly what was running in his sex life, if he is lying about Priyanka’s disinterest in sex but what he said was absolutely true for me, I needed a male very badly; I was far away from my divorce and before that I could not think of remarrying.

All this was running in my unconscious mind even when I was firm over my decision of not betraying my best friend. Deep inside fire was lit inside me and now somehow I wanted to lead healthy sex life and for a female like me it was almost impossible to find an appropriate male like him; with whom I could feel security from any kind of blackmailing in future.

At the verge of saying yes, with a pounding heart I was looking at him, into his eyes and he spoke again “forget Priyanka…forget everything” …“don’t suppress your desire…time mat waist karo….life ko enjoy karo…” he was speaking and sometimes looking into his eyes,

sometimes blushing I was sitting in front of him like a dumb and he once again took hold of my hand and this time I did not withdrew and eventually uttered “Ok” while looking down. “Thanks” he thanked me to give my consent to get fucked and next instant I realized that I am getting wet in my panties.

I was not recovered from the sensation of feeling that very soon I will be getting physical pleasure and he told me that he has a vacant flat close to this region and we can go there and I skipped my heart beat. He wanted to fuck me just then, “wahan abhi hi jaana hai kya?” I asked him same in a choked voice and he said yes,

“haan…abhi chalte hain…ab time kya waist karna, I will drop you home in the evening” and once again I went through strange sensation and unintentionally brought my thighs together to clench my wet fuckhole to pleasure myself. “Bolo…chalna hai na?” he asked me again and I moved my head in yes while looking into his eyes.

After a moment Sweet got served and we had it while looking into each other’s eyes; he smiling and me blushing and smiling both. While ending and paying the bill he told me exactly where his flat is located and apparently I tried reflecting listening and understanding the way to reach to the place.

Eventually we reached to the car again and as now I could feel that I am hardly 15-20 minutes away from getting fucked, by now my wetness was enhanced significantly and deep inside I was feeling strange shivering. It was not my first time but it was my first sin ever, I was about to betray my best friend and somewhere I was feeling bad about it too but more than that I was excited,

lust was reached to the height where I did not wanted to think about ethics or any such thing and I started suppressing everything except lust. Anyway still there were 15 minutes and how could we be silent for that long and after getting on the road Sanjeev rephrased his last night’s question “ab to batta do…apko kausni position sabse achhi lagti hai?” he was smiling and I too smiled and uttered

“doggy style” “same here…” he replied and after a pause he spoke again “I must say …you have a lovely bottom” while saying that for an instant he looked at side view if my folded ass at and it turned my face red. It was a rapturous feeling with bit of uneasiness and Sanjeev sensed my mind state and spoke again “don’t be shy now…feel free to speak everything…”

and with that he raised his hand to get mine and with a blushing smile I gave him my hand. He kept on holding my soft hand all the way, even while changing gears and we had open conversation over sex. "you like tender love making or bit of roughness is also allowed" "actually it depends on mood" I replied and like he said tried getting free and he asked again

"abhi kya mood hai?" and I went speechless, how could I say that I am dying to get fucked like a bitch, I just kept quiet and blushed a bit with a smile but he insisted me to reply and I came up saying "I don't know, aapne jaise karna ho kar lena".

Our conversation continued and next Sanjeev asked me if I am ok with oral sex and I accepted with bit of hesitation and once again he shivered me with his words saying that he really loves Pussy sucking.

Eventually we reached to our destination and by the time we reached in the parking slot of one high rise apartment I was bit comfortable from my feeling shy and mentally very much prepared to get screwed from my best friend's husband. Without many words we casually walked throughout the way to the lift and eventually reached to the flat,

Sanjeev unlocked and gave me the way to enter and I walked in first and before I would have looked around to see the beautiful interior, shutting the door Sanjeev suddenly grabbed me from behind and I trembled in pleasure. Wrapping his hands around my waist Sanjeev pulled me back and while rubbing his crotch over my bottom licked me on the nape of my neck.

That’s what I was desiring since long; good passionate sex but that instant I was uneasy and while puffing erotically in most awaited pleasure I tried getting out of his arms and requested him to leave me “please leave me….” “No…now I will not leave you”

he replied back while puffing and brushing his lips over my bare skin and next instant moving his arm down to my knee joints he picked me up in his arms as I am a doll. I was shocked and terrified and for a moment thought about pushing him but he was holding me confidently and I wrapped my arms around his neck and he started walking to the bedroom.

While being lifted in his arms I looked into his eyes with a strange pounding feeling and he brought me to the bedroom. It was huge room with a huge spongy bed waiting for me and Sanjeev rolled me on the bed tenderly and next moment started taking off his clothes. He was wearing jeans and t-shirt and including shoes and socks within a minute, except his underwear all his clothes disappeared.

Delightful sensations went of passing through my body and soul, lying on the bed I was looking at him without a flick of an eye, he was so tall and seemed very strong; perfect fucking mate every horny girl like me desire. Eventually Sanjeev too rose on the bed and my breathlessness enhanced, I was wearing formal Salwar Kamiz and next instant my clothes started to disappear.

He threw my duppata away, next his hands reached to the thread of my Salwar and he tugged it and my Salwar met the floor. He lifted my Kameez and I myself got up from my back to get out of that. Eventually my bra, my panty everything vanished from my body just in fraction and stark naked I was buried under his massive weight.

Like I needed Sanjeev was simply amazing, crushing my breasts under his broad chest he kissed me madly, he explored every corner of my mouth and leaving his saliva sucked my tongue and in a minute or I too started responding to his kiss equally well. We both were gone mad and after a long and deep kiss he moved down to my body,

he got up a bit and grabbing my melons bit unkindly with both the hands, he started massaging them ruthlessly and I started panting in pleasure, he was sensing my body’s demand, he could see that I am enjoying getting treated like a slut and soon he squeezed one of my milk mound in his mouth and sucked me while teasing my long and erect nipple with his tongue and lips

and my pleasure cries continued rising in volume. He could not for long and while sucking and eating my nipples he widened my thighs with his knees and lifted his bottom to take of his jockey and just in few more seconds I started puffing even more loudly. Without looking down over his and mine crotch,

holding his monster Sanjeev was trying finding my opening and touch of his thick cock tip over my swollen pussy was taking my breath away. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" finally I cried while arcing my back, Sanjeev flexed his heavy hips inwards and slipped inside me till the root of his cock and it was too big and thick for me to take it comfortably.

I panted louder as he empowered his crotch over mine and rubbed his pelvis with mine; intentionally to crush my thick pussy lips under his heavy balls and I felt myself going away from my senses. Possibly it was absence of sex in my life that it was hardly few seconds of feeling filled in the fuckhole and I felt myself close to the blow.

Sanjeev was deeply buried in me that closing my eyes with an open mouth I was crying and screaming in urge to get properly fucked but holding me tight from my shoulders Sanjeev continued crushing my pussy with all his strength and eventually to express myself I nailed his back while pulling him hard “fuck me…please”

I cried loud while saying that and as he withdrew and plunged me again I almost lost myself, with a single inward thrust I was reached at the verge of climax and if that instant Sanjeev would have halted even for one second I would have climaxed but Sanjeev was just amazing, in a moment he took such a wonderful pace that my pleasure pitched up very high and my climax disappeared.

Ohhhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes!" with a pleasure moan I saw his face leaning over me with fluttering eyes and holding me hard from my soft milk mounds he started to pump me fast and gasped in pleasure.

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Upasana Having Affair With Best Friends Husband Sanjeev - II

Previously: Upasana Having Affair With Best Friends Husband Sanjeev - I

Night ended uneventful but next day was weirdest day of my life as far as my mental restlessness was concerned. I woke up early with an intense desire of getting sexual pleasure, this was not happening with me for the first time, I was struggling with my sexual desire since long, from last three years, when I had last sex with my husband but that morning I was restless like never before,

my unconscious mind was not ready stop thinking what all would have happened if I would have surrendered myself to Sanjeev and I was again and again visualizing myself having sex with Sanjeev; leaning over me sometimes he was fucking me with my consent and sometimes I was visualizing myself getting fucked forcefully.

In a way I was gone mad, I stayed awake in the bed for more than an hour and my mind was set on fire, usually whenever I have been in this mind state I have used my finger to dig my fuckhole but that morning I did not tried doing that, either I was enjoying that level of arousal or my body was desiring to have sex with a real man and worst part was I could see the possibility of getting that.

I was enjoying day dreaming of getting fucked by my best friend’s husband and I don’t know when I started trying convincing myself for having sexual relation with him. Sexually he is not happy with Priyanka, fortunately till now he has not taken any wrong step in this concern, later either he will get into an affair and might leave Priyanka or he will get indulge with Prostitutes.

That was none of my concern, I knew that, but I wanted it to be my concern. Not only for me, it is better for Priyanka too; that Sanjeev has sex with me instead of roaming around Prostitutes and fucking them. Clenching my pussy tight between my thighs I was lying on my front and leaking in my panty continuously, deep inside I knew that whatever I am thinking is wrong,

still I was visualizing everything happening with me and by the time I got up from the bed I decided if Sanjeev will try approaching me one more time I will not stop him. Finally I fingered myself in the shower but as my mind was gone too far in imagination my restlessness did not end.

I came out to the living room and found Sanjeev waiting for breakfast on the dining table, with a casual good morning he invited me for the breakfast; I wished him back almost without looking at him and instead of taking seat went to Priyanka in the kitchen. We had few casual words, Priyanka told me to stay till lunch but I denied and eventually sat opposite to Sanjeev and Priyanka to have breakfast.

Everything was normal except my mind, most of the time Sanjeev and Priyanka were talking and I was looking at Sanjeev again and again, like I said he is not a good looking man but in female’s perspective he has a good body, standing almost six with broad shoulders.

Like me Sanjeev was also looking at me with some expressions in his eyes and whenever our eyes met unintentionally I blushed, couple of times Priyanka spoke to me too and I replied back to her and I could feel that deep inside I am conscious and hesitant to speak in Sanjeev’s presence.

Apparently Sanjeev was normal over his facial expressions but I could see that like me he was also little conscious, but I must say he was any day in better mental state than me, I was uneasy with no fault of mine and my apprehension was giving confidence to him.

Finally breakfast seemed coming to an end and Sanjeev asked me if he can drop me somewhere and Priyanka told him to drop me at metro station. Time was barely 9 and that instant I could easily avoid going with him but I accepted, surely because deep inside I wanted to give him another chance to approach me.

We moved out of the house and after hardly a minute of drive Sanjeev thanked me for not saying anything to Priyanka about last night’s incident. I remained silent, looked at him for a fraction and then moved my vision out of the window and he spoke again, “you must be thinking why I am not saying sorry”

once again I remained silent and I looked at him and he said that he is not sorry for what he tried doing with me, “because I am sorry about that” I was bit surprised with his attitude and he spoke again “sex is basic need of every body, male or female….it is necessary for every mind to remain healthy…”

I didn’t had anything to speak, keeping my mouth shut I just kept on looking outside the window, it seemed as if in night he has prepared himself to speak to me and he spoke again and this time his words simply banged my senses “sexually unsatisfied brain starts doing weird things….like you did and later I also did”.

I looked at him with serious gesture, somewhere my ego was hurt and I was about to stop the car but he sensed my expressions and instantly said sorry “I am sorry if you felt bad …but it’s a truth…” He was right; it was me who started, I was caught peeping inside his bedroom red handed and I moved my eyes from his face in humiliation, “please don’t feel embarrassed….”

I was silent and I remained silent and he continued “I can understand your mind state…I am also going through all this…that’s why I too did weird” he paused a bit and spoke again and this time his words were really weird, “you know usually I watch porn movies and masturbate in the night in living room” that was shocking and I looked at his face without a flick of an eye,

I was not surprised to hear what he just said, I was shocked how casually he said that and his words sent pleasant shivering in my spine and he spoke again, “Don’t know why Priyanka does not feel like having sex…most of the time she say no to it and whenever she says yes…she just lies down and expect me to enjoy….” and after a pause he added

"kal raat ko bhi ye hi hua tha...it was totally one sided" I could not believe, he was speaking out his bedroom life to me so freely, this much of detail was never given by Priyanka, whenever she spoke to me about this, she has just said that as compared to her husband she has less desire, she never said that she does not like having sex at all.

Car was moving continuously and after few more minutes we reached to the metro station. Sanjeev stopped and casually said if I want he can drop me home but I denied and unlocked the door to get down and he stopped me by addressing my name "Upasana....!" I looked at him and he spoke again "I think we can help each other..."

his voice was soft and for next few seconds we looked into each other’s eyes, I don't know if he was waiting for me to reply, like always I remained silent and eventually he spoke "Ok…let's be friends first..." with that he extended his hand for the hand shake and I responded back for being friend and shook hand with him.

Deep inside I was already convinced and I wanted to accept this relation then and there but in hesitation nothing came of my mouth and he spoke again "Please think about it", once again I was intended to say that I am ready for it but once again I my fear and hesitation overcame my potential and I failed to speak anything and just moved out of his car.

I don’t know when I reached back home, it was a span around 20-25 minutes sitting idle in the metro and I was lost in day dreams of getting fucked by Sanjeev. Rapturous sensation went on passing through my body and by the time I reached back home I was significantly wet in my panties.

After reaching back home once I thought about sending SMS to give Sanjeev my consent for this befitting relation but eventually I locked myself in the bathroom and dug my fuckhole brutally to tranquilize my urge. I took shower again to resist heat of my lust and slept for some time and later gave a calm thought over everything and came to conclusion that Sanjeev is exaggerating his problem to trap me;

Priyanka cannot be so dull in bed and anyhow I cannot betray my best friend. Time passed, apparently I was firm over my decision but whole day my insane mind revolved around dreams of getting fucked and in the end at night I reached to the bed with perplexing mind state; don’t know how long it will take me to get a divorce and get married again, in the mean time whether I should go for it or not?

Once again lust was ruling my senses and I was feeling myself in desperate need of manly love. Time was well passed to 11 when I was thinking about watching some porn over my mobile but just then I received Sms from Sanjeev,

asking if I am awake and I went through strange happiness and in a moment I forgot all sane thoughts and decided that if he will ask again I with say yes to it and I replied back to his SMS with one word “yes”. Next instant he called me and started with a reminder that I have to send him my resume and further told me that he has spoke to someone regarding my job and it’s almost confirmed.

Is he trying to lure me? I wanted to sense that and next instant Sanjeev on his own told me not to think that he is doing all this to get that favors from me “please don’t think that I am doing all this for that…” and I ended up with just “Ok”. Next Sanjeev asked me if he is disturbing me and I replied with “No…it’s ok”.

On surface I wanted to behave coquette; bit unconcerned but deep inside I was keen to talk to him; I wanted to know more about his sex life with Priyanka also needed him to ask me for sex again and apparently behaving normal I asked him how his daughter is and he said she is fine;

next he himself said that Priyanka has slept and in continuation told me that he is sitting in living room in front of television watching some news channel. “Why News channel…?” indirectly asking why he is not watching porn movie I spoke that in sarcastic tone and he giggled and casually said “that’s because right now I am taking to you….”

“You mean talking to me and watching porn is same…?” I continued being sarcastic but with mild pleasant gesture and he giggled again and replied by saying “no…but there is one thing common…” “What is that?” I was surprised and I asked an obvious question and he came up saying “sexual arousal”.

I was speechless for few seconds there was a silence and he spoke again “I must say that you have a wonderful body” and his compliment pitched my sex Hormones bit higher, I went through strange sensation and for a moment in return thought about giving him hint about my consent by giving him compliment that he too had good muscular body but I just ended up saying thanks for the compliment.

“I don’t know if my dream will ever come true or not?” that’s what he spoke next I understood what he meant with that; his dream was fucking me, I smiled at my end and wanted to speak that I am ready make your dream come true but once again I failed and behaving normal came up giving him suggestion of consulting a doctor “why don’t you guys consult doctor” “I have tried everything…”

he replied instantly and continued “she do not take prescribed medicine… actually she does want to get treated….” That was surprising and somewhere I was sure that it’s a lie and he trying to get sympathy from me. I can say directly or indirectly if I would tried I could easily ask Priyanka about that, but I did not wanted to ask her,

deep inside I was scared that whatever Snajeev has told me about his sex life with Priyanka is false and after confirmation I will not be having any excuse to give it to myself to betray my friend. “Forget all that…tell me about your self” ….”What you like? What you don’t like…?” Sanjeev did not want to talk about his life and in concern of his question I casually said that I like chocolates.

I was lying on bed, mentally tired of my lust and deep inside desiring to talk to him about sex and don’t know how next instant he asked me same, “can we do some sex chat?…it will help me” in a way I was amazed to hear that and did not uttered anything for few seconds. Because of my silence Sanjeev confirmed my presence on the other side “hello…Are you there?” “Hmmm….”

I hummed and he asked me same question again “I said can we do some sex chat?” “Ok…” I accepted with some hesitation in my voice and he started “ok tell me which position you like most?”, I was speechless, it was not that I did not wanted to reply, I was confused whether I should go for it or not,

starting up sex chat with him meant that I am into all this and sooner and later we will have sex and once again my silence made Sanjeev asking me if I am there and after that he instantly changed the subject and asked me if I can meet the concerned person for the job next day and I said yes to it.

He gave me all detail, like address and concerned person’s name and mobile no and forwarded him my resume which he further forwarded. Eventually we ended the call and once again I failed to express that I am ready to get on bed with him.

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Upasana Having Affair With Best Friends Husband Sanjeev - I

I am Upasana ; female in my mid thirties, in appearance I am on the darker side but with sharp features and long hairs ending below my waist. Height 5’6” bit of belly, fully grown breasts; big and round, with thick fleshy thighs and plump, proudly protruding out ass mounds.

Some time back I was living in Mumbai but at present I am separated from my husband and back to Delhi; Delhi where I have lived from my childhood and done my entire studies and my experience is about when after spending around one month in finding a new job I met my best friend Priyanka and ended up having sex with her husband.

Well Priyanka and I are best friends; we have studied together for around 12 years, 9 years of schooling and then three years of graduation and I was always in her touch, even when I was going through trouble in my marriage, she knew every minor detail of my life.

Anyway I came to meet Priyanka after around month of my arrival and initially I had plan to stay till late evening and come back to my parents place but Priyanka and her 6 year old daughter insisted me to stay for the night and I agreed. Truly speaking while saying yes for the stay I did not knew that my stay at her place will somehow began my sex relation with her husband,

which will ultimately tranquilize my long lasting sexual urge in a way that I will feel helpless in betraying my best friend again and again. Anyway after agreeing for the night stay we saw some TV and somewhere around 9 Priyanka’s husband Sanjeev came back home.

As I was not residing in the same town since long and we have been face to face just 3-4 times I was not very friendly with Sanjeev, I knew him casually, we were friends over social networking and for an instant we ended up talking with a casual hello.

Trying briefing Sanjeev I would say physically tall, almost six with broad shoulders, dusky in color with jagged masculine face but very soft spoken with formal way of talking. We had casual conversation over dinner and he also sat down in front of television for a while. In the end somewhere close to 11 wishing me good night with his daughter Sanjeev took leave to get on bed.

I and Priyanka stayed in the living room for a while eventually we too thought about going to sleep. I came to bed and casually started surfing my mobile and as such there was nothing in my mind for Sanjeev but things changed just in next few minutes. I got a knock over my door and it was Priyanka, she moved in the room and with a naughty smile asked me if her daughter can sleep with me.

I accepted without giving a second thought and casually asked her what the matter is. Being a close friend Priyanka did not hesitated at all and opened the substance that as I am present in the house and their daughter can sleep with me her husband wants to have sex with her freely and further told me that usually they have sex when their daughter falls asleep and they do it with most of their clothes on.

Apparently I smiled over what Priyanka briefed me but deep inside I was moved like a bitch. I was starved for sex like hell and in a moment I was envy of my best friend ever. After knowing the fact that Priyanka and her husband are going to fuck, deep inside I did not wanted their child to sleep with me but anyhow I could not deny them and in next few minutes Priyanka came to my room again,

with her daughter and told me to tell her one fairy tale. I took the child beside me and started talking to her and eventually started telling her story and soon realized that baby is tired and might sleep any moment. I was restless with the thought that in the next room Fucking will be on full swing and after 5-10 more minutes,

as I sensed that baby is fallen asleep I got up to try watching things happening in the room and eventually got caught by Sanjeev. Fucking was already over and Sanjeev was gone to the balcony to smoke, while being on my knees I was trying peeping inside the room through keyhole and before I would have realized that it is just Priyanka lying on the bed in the room,

I heard Sanjeev saying “Show over ho chukka hai”. He was standing far behind me and I was stunned to see him. I got up slowly and looked at him with humiliation over my expression and he smiled and once again spoke “show is already over” “I am sorry….!” I was never so embarrassed and with another wicked smile Sanjeev came up saying “it’s ok…I can understand”.

Next he said that he would like to take her daughter back to his room and I did not utter a word and simply entered in the washroom after getting into the guestroom. By the time I came back child was taken away by him and I bolted the door from inside and lied down on the bed in the dark with regret over my deed.

I was sleepless now, anyhow I cannot brief what sort of embarrassment I was feeling while being alone, I was cursing myself for trying such nasty act, it would be ok for me even if Priyanka would have caught me doing that, but it was her husband,

I could not imagine what conclusion he would make about me and with such thoughts I just kept on lying with wide open eyes in the dark and eventually heard a knock over my door. I opened the door and it was none other than Sanjeev and he was holding two mugs half filled with hot coffee in his hands.

“I was sure ki aap jag rahe hoge” he uttered while offering me one mug, I did not wanted to have it but I took that. Because of embarrassment I was wordless, my throat was choked with my own saliva and I did not uttered even thanks for the coffee and with a smile Sanjeev casually reminded me that “ek chhota sa thanks to banta hai….” “Thanks…”

I looked at his face uttered with a choked voice and blushed and after a moment once again said sorry to him “I am really sorry…actually….!” I don’t know what I wanted to say, I ended up in the middle and moved my vision from his face in shame “it’s ok…don’t bother…” Sanjeev spoke and invited me to the living area with a movement of his hand and spoke

“Priyanka was saying… you are looking for a job” I accepted and moved into the living area and we settled down on the couch. Next Sanjeev asked me my professional qualifications while looking at my face without a flick and I replied back to him while sipping my coffee.

For few minutes he continued talking to me over same subject and asked me about my profile in my previous company and told me to forward my resume on particular id which he massaged me then and their but suddenly after that he changed the subject and asked me if I have a plan of remarrying.

That was surprising and for a moment I thought about not saying anything in reply but I eventually came up saying that my divorce is pending and he moved his head in acceptance with firm expressions. I was already speaking less and to the point and for a minute or may be less Sanjeev also did not spoke anything, he looked at my face with strange expressions,

for few seconds I looked back to him but in the end I surrendered and blushed a bit. From the glare of his eyes and facial expressions, I could sense that Sanjeev has something in his mind and he is intended to speak too but somehow it was not coming out from his mouth and in the end he did not spoke anything and straightaway tried pulling me tenderly by holding my wrist and I got shocked.

I looked up; into his eyes “come to me…” he uttered in a very soft voice and I withdrew my hand. “Please…! What are you doing?” I spoke out with uneasiness “we can help each other…sexually I am also not happy with Priyanka” saying that Sanjeev looked into my eyes shamelessly.

That was too straight forward to digest and I got up from there and leaving mug of coffee on the central table tried getting away from their but Sanjeev was in really very strange mood; leaving the mug as I moved a bit he once again took hold of my wrist and this time he pulled me with a sudden jerk and I fumbled,

before I would have tried balancing myself he grabbed my waist with the other hand and I fell over him “Please try to understand…we can help each other “ I was in his arms, holding my body firmly, one hand over my breasts and other wrapped around my waist he spoke that in my ear in a low voice, I tried getting away but he squeezed me and with that kissed me close to my ear, “leave me….”

I puffed a bit and pushed him and eventually he released me and I got out of him arms. I turned to see him with shocking expressions and he instantly expressed regret “I am sorry…I was just trying to say….if we can…?” my heart was beating high and next instant I just moved to my room and bolted the door from inside.

Couple of times he knocked but I did not responded and eventually he went to his room. Throughout the night I was restless and I was feeling furious over what Sanjeev tried doing with me, initially I thought about talking to Priyanka about this but as some time passed my mind set changed a bit,

no doubt I was angry over his act but apart from that there was something which was making me recall everything, I don’t know exactly but it was sort of lust which was occupying my mind, I was touched by any male specie after really very long and even after an hour I was feeling his hands over my breasts.

I was awake in the night for really long, thinking that if I would have allowed what all Sanjeev would have done with me? Obviously he would have fucked me, He is a good mannered man with attractive body and according to Priyanka he is very good in nature too; kind of a male every girl desire for lifetime not like my man who was egoistic and violent in nature,

I wish he would have my husband and with such thoughts I mildly got wet in my panty. Sexually Sanjeev was not happy with Priyanka, I was told this by Priyanka too, couple of times she has discussed this problem with me; that she is losing interest in sex and many times Sanjeev feel annoyed when she say no for sex.

People do mistake and what Sanjeev did was also a mistake, he saw me peeping inside and assumed that we might satisfy each other and he took the bold step. I should not complain about his act to Priyanka as it might disturb their married life. Like this gradually my thinking changed and eventually I slept with the conclusion that I will not speak to Priyanka about what all has happened me and her husband.

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Raj Enjoying Sex With College Senior

Hey All, this is Raj(fake obviously) ! After reading alot of stories in this blog, i'm here to share my story. I am a guy from Mysore, working in Bangalore in a product company. This was about 2 years ago, I had joined a new company one my first week saw a familiar face among all the new faces in new company.

The heroine of the story was my collage senior, she both greeted each other with a casual talks over lunch that day. To describe her, she was in perfect shape a little thick girl but not fat,fair, wears a sleevless top and jeans, the top she wears curves at right places.

Smooth molds over her boobs and waist shape tempting and asking for a hug.she had big ass for her body, not fat, just wide!! Her skin texture over her fleshy arms through her sleveless tops were shining, soft, elasticy made me crazy every time, felt like biting her arms everytime shapely thighs,

I used to casually touch and brush through her arms in a friendly manner just to touch that supple skin and smell her fragrance. Enough of her description and back to story, We used to catch up when ever we had time over coffee and used to talk about collage and our native in particular.

As the time progressed so did our talks, asked her about her BF which I knew about,he had left to USA to do his Masters and day by day the distance was killing thier relationship. Day by day we grew closer as friends and used to talk about stuff and as time freeness increased and talk became more open, she used love to make naughty comments.

Whenever I was oogling other girls assets she used to catch those moments and used to tease me over messages and pull my legs. Since she was from my native, we were travelling together most of the time along with other friends, times were fun and we were getting to know each other better and we were getting liberal with our talks and touches both of us were not feeling all that awkward anymore.

One of the weekend I had happened to stayed in Bangalore it was Friday evening and I reached home. rest of the evening passed and I was not getting sleep so started chatting with her time passed and it was 1AM, I was bored!! to change that I signed her off saying that I will go on a ride on my new bullet and hit highway.

I least expected her to be excited about my idea and asked me to take her,I gave it a thought and said OK. Went to her place, she came down, got on my bike. she just had her pull over to protect from the wind and cold of a winter night.

We left on my bike, hit hosur road and rode towards krishna Giri.In between we took a brake near a CCD, we had coffee. since we still had time to go to Krishnagiri. We took a walk outside CCD and started walking in cold night below the stary sky. may be because of the cold, she came nearby and our hands just had a thin air in between.

She was enjoying the cold removing her pullover and shivering in her T-shirt, I could see her nipple hard and errect over her small boobs,I tried not to look but my eyes were draged to her boobs, she did little to hide it. Her whole boob were hard and firm over the Tshirt.

Walked a little further and sat on a bench, under the open sky. we were talking and suddenly she slept on my lap and closed her eyes as we were talking and enjoying her first night outing and Bike ride.

I had least expected it and didnt knew how to react to it, tried to be casual,But My dick started to bulge under her. I tried to do all the circus to get her up, not to get erection but all in vain. she had a smile on her face, she said - I could feel you are manning up :P

I just laughedd sheepishly, she openedd her eyes and with a smile said its ok I'm liking this in this weather, you jsut enjoy the moment she said. After some silence she just opened her eyes suddenly and to check on me, I got caught looking at her errect nipples.

she laughed out, said its all natural for "feelings" to grow :P. Her sudden outburst of laugh made me embarassed, I couldnt take it anymore, just help my finger on her nipple saying let me control u r feelings !!

Suddenly her laugh fades away into mixed reaction of pleasure and tension. our eyes met, no words, just my hand playing overr her errect nipple, firm boobs pressing it over her t shirt.she was enjoying and I was enjoying looking at her face. Pulled her t-shirt up and took my finger inside her Tshirt and touched her navel, her body shivered, her hands didnt knew what to do.

I pulled her face towards me and kissed her lips, licked her lips over and over slowly she started opening her mouth and over toungue played games of pleasure and either of us were tired of it, our salivas mixed and she used to swallow my saliva, believe me it gives a wicked pleasure, all of it kept on going for like 10 mins.

My hands had it all explored inside her T-shirt.she was all red as she was that fair, eye were looking aimlessly over me, greedingly as if she would want to eat me both of us had a lot of thoughts going on, but we were in public. Though there were no people at 3'o clock still didnt wanted to take risk.

We got up and I said I want more, she looked into me and kissed again and said you want to see Krishnagiri or me ;) with a naugthy smile. I was over joyed needless to say. We headed to over bike, I corrected my dick over my track pant,she saw it with a smile, I said Men's problems and tried correcting my dick.

She just slipped her hands inside and held it pulled it up and covered back again and said "heat ge bandidya" :P I'll continue in next part of both enjoying a carefree sex with a lot of heat and sex so dirty that we never imagined about each other from past 7 months.

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Raju Drilling Cock Into Tight Cunt Of Aunty

In multi storied housing complexes many interesting dramas take place and the players sometimes think that nobody will observe them. I Raju, used to observe people who come into the complex and who go out. I stand in the veranda in frot of my flat and it is very interesting to watch people moving. Some women do not go out without covering their face.

Even small children cover their heads with black clothes when they go to the schools. There was a woman staying in one of the flats in our floor. She was young and beautiful, very fair with a small child. Their door is always closed and she does not get any visitors nor she goes out visiting people.

Only an old man selling vegetables in basket calls on her and she opens the door and tells him her requirements and he gives it her. Sometimes he gives her articles in plastic bags and takes money. Nobody bothered and I too did not care. One day a young fellow came instead of the old man, may be his son.

Young man knocked the door and the lady opened the door and the fellow took his basket and went in and the door was closed. The fellow did not come out for more than an hour. The door was opened and he came out and rushed down. After three or four such encounters the woman doubted whether I am watching the drama. She came out one day and smiled at me and called me near.

I went near her. She asked me whether I can help her to buy some medicine for her child. I said yes, certainly. She went inside and called me inside gave me money and the prescription. I took it to the medical shop down in the ground floor and bought the medicines and brought them and knocked at her door. She opened her door and asked me to come in.

When I went in she closed the door and bolted it. The child was sleeping in the cot in her bedroom, She just said she will get me tea. I said no not to bother. She went inside and brought a big slab of chocolates and gave it to me and as I was thanking her just hugged me and kissed me. Her hand was searching for my cock over my pyjama. She gave it a squeeze.

Her chest was pressing agaisnt my chest. I put my hand against her breast and pressed it. She closed her eyes and enjoyed my pressing of her boob. She asked me to press both of her boobs and I did. When her grip on me was slackened I bade good bye and rushed out. But as I was waiting in the veranda, as soon as the old man goes away, she will look for me and call me to her flat.

Nobody watches and I walk into her flat, close the door and start pressing her boobs. Sometime she bares her boobs and I press her soft boobs and my cock gets full erection. Once she gave me a good blow job and she swallowed my cum. Once I lifted her skirt and felt her pussy. But her panty was tight and I could not reach her cunt.

She quickly removed her panty and I couch her damp cunt which was leaking profusely. I put my hand over her cunt and tried to insert my middle finger into her hole. Her public hair was profuse and my fingers searched for her clitoris. She knew what all I was trying to do. She with her fingers opened her cunt lips and asked me to kiss there.

I kissed her cunt, but the fluids entered my mouth. She asked me lick her cunt. I did lick her cunt from bottom to top. Her whole body shivered and she pressed my face against her cunt. This became my daily routine. I will wait for her to open the door and as soon as I go in, without wasting my time I start the business. On a few days in a month she will said no to me and I restrain.

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Rahul Enjoying Sex With Bangalore Aunty

Hi guys this Rahul ( name changed ) from banglore let me introduce my self height 6 and well built can satisfy any girl and aunty wit my 7 inch hard tool so let me come to story 1st of all let me tel Yu dat I am.

Married I wasn't satisfied wit my wife ( I am just 24 yrs old ) so thought of searching a hungry unsastified aunty throgh social app or social site finally I found a aunt she was around 32 a beauty who evry guy wuld like to fuck her her busband used to go to bussiness trip evry now n den she she was so Desparate for sex her name Supriya (name changed)

I used to text her through mails we exchanged nos We started texting throgh Wats app I started toking always I used to her abt sex she used to get arouse n ask me to phone sex we carried on this for few months one her husband went to Thirpur she called me n we fixed a date to meet up it was on winter season on Sunday perfect climate she naughty booked a resort in claforina resort

we met she was wearing tight fit jeans perfect body she was so cute perfect ass I was watering the moment I saw her we took the room key from reacption I move towards the room we sat on the bed she asked me for a drink I refused for it.

I slowly moved towards her made sleep on bed the moment I touched her she was driping I kissed for long Tym pressing her nipples guys n girls let me tel Yu her boobs we so heavy I loved it I sucked her boobs so badly n nipples were so hard guys that moment was best I licked n licked so good she moaning hmmmm hmmmm.... Aaahhhhh...

I fealt so crazy it makes me more hard she got up n sucked me it was best blow Job not Evn my wife culd give me such a good blow job loved it..... I removed all her cloths she was naked in front of she was the 2nd girl after my wife whom I saw naked I licked her Pusey she was wet she said me tat she hasn't had sex from past two weeks this might be the reason to get her

pussy so watering I licked n kissed all over vagina she came in my mouth I drank it guys I culd see tat she was so satisfied it feels good wen Yu satisfy a unsastified women she was begging for my tool I played in her entrance of her pussy I just pushed hard it pained but it was okey I culd see tat she was crying for tat she satisfied I fucked her slowly I had lots of Tym to fuck her

beauty I fucked she was mounting hmmmm... Fuuuuccckkk mmmmeeee hhhhhhaaaader fuck me Yu give me so much pleasure plz keep fucking me don't stop don't stop I fucked her atleast 45 mins she had cummed twice I was about to come I asked her can I come inside Yu she said yes I am in safe days give me all yur come I came on her and collapsed on her guys this was

my 1 st experience after Marriage if any women or girls finding me interesting can drop me a mail thank you and bye.

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Bhaskar Fucking Sexy Neighbour Shanti

I am Bhaskar, 23, did my MCA employed in a software company in Bengaluru. I have a company provided quarters in one of the multi storied residential complexes. I prefer to move around in a bike which is better cosidering the road conditions of Bengaluru. I take food from the company canteen and in the evening I bring parcels for my supper.

Occasionally I go to the food courts in the Malls and eat. I dont have any outside friends and I just find my own entertainment. TV and the laptop give me all the entertainment I want at home. I am sex footer and with gym body. Weekly thrice I go to the gym and tone up my body.

One day I went to the nearby mall and was in the queue for making payment of a small purchase I made, there was stout lady standing ahead of me in the queue. When turn came to pay she paid with a 1000 rupee note, which the counter clerk rejected and asked her to pay with notes of lesser denominations.

Her face somehow looked familiar and I thought she is also staying in the same housing complex. The lady was highly discomfitured, I went to the counter clert and offered to pay for her also. My bill was Rs.15 and hers was Rs.19 settled both the bills with a note of Rs.50/- I collected my item and she too collected hers and thanked me for the help and promised to pay

me back the amount but wanted my address and phone number and all. When I gave my address, she said she too stays in the same housing complex and in the same floor, and she will meet me in the evening. I told no, I may not be available as I propose to go to a movie and will reach my flat late.

I will meet you in your flat and asked for her phone number and flat nu. which she gave. Her name was Shanti. I went to the movie and afterwards went to a eaterie to eat a pizza my favourite food. I reached home at 10 pm. Next day I left my room at 8 am and went to my office. I had some urgent work to be attended to. evening went to the movie and then to the foodcourt for supper.

Most of my colleagues have the habit of drinking and they used toinvite for weekend parties. But as I am not for drinking, I just decline such invitations. It was Friday evening I was returning to my room with my backbag and as I entered the lift, Santhaji was there. She nudged me on my back and asked me where were you. I said I was here only.

Why did you not come to my flat, she asked. What for, asked me. You have to collect the money from me, she said. Oh that twenty thousand rupees? I asked. She said no, nineteen rupees. What for mere nineteen rupees, how many times I had to come to your door. No, No, dont lie, you never came. By the time the lift reached the floor where we both have to alight.

I told Santhiji that I will just go to my flat leave my luggage there and come to your flat. But she did not agree, she said I will come to your flat and then take you to mine. I said if you have that money why dont you give it to me here so that I dont have to come to your flat. Santh smiled and said she did not have the money and it is in her flat.

I opened the door or my flat and went in followed by Santhji. She sat in the sofa, when I place my backpack on my study table and turned back. I have something to tell you Santhiji, but you should not get angry with me and shout at me. Tell me what you have to say, I wont get angry with you, said Shanthiji.

I am very much physically attracted to you and if I come to your flat, I am afraid, I may misbehave and be hated by you. You may change your opinion about me and I may even do something very serious. What, what, you are younger to me and how do you say such things, she said. I dont know, I was trying to avoid you, it is you only who made your way into mine.

I dont want that money. To save my face and my peace of mind, please go away Santhiji, I said with folded hands. She was totally in confused condition and did not seem to know how to react or how to reply. I slowly walked towards her. She looked up into face,stared into my eyes, got up and hugged me and said, Bhaskar, it was I who wanted to say that I am attracted towards you.

Oh, Bhaskar, you are more fascinating than anyone. Please let us go to my flat. We will relax there and take food and enjoy for the rest of the evening, please come, please. I could not resist. I locked my flat and we both moved to her flat hand in hand.

She did not say anything while we walked, but on reaching her flat, she opened the door and placed the bag she was carrying on the floor and hugged me and we both sat in the sofa. She kissed me on my lips and started to suck my lower lip. My one hand was squeezing her boob. Suddenly she got up and told me that she will change and come.

She brought a lungi for me to wear and asked me to undress and be in her bed room. Her bedroom was luxuriously furnished. With big round bed, a/c and all. I undressed and wore the lungi Shanthaji gave me. I sat in the bed expecting her. She came within a short time in her nightie.

She came and hugged me and told me Bhasker, I just at the very first sight was impressed by your physique and thought it would be lucky to have you in my bed. My husband is in Dubai making money and I came to take care of my son who is in the boarding. I am alone in this flat. Sometimes my mother in law comes but only for a short while.

I am searching for a friend who will come in need. Your gesture the other day was very impressive, although the amount was small, you came forward to save me from the embarrassment. My first kiss to you for that gesture. She hugged me and kissed me. I noticed that she has not put on any bra or panty and beneath the nightie she was naked.

I just pushed her into her bed and unbuttoned her nightie. She too helped me and her nakedness was showly revealing. Her boobs were erect and her nipples had already swollen. She was wheat coloured and her abodomen was flat without any fat. Her cunt was cleanshaven without any hair. Her cunt lips were swollen and there was only a thin line deviding them.

I sucked her nipples and with one hand was squeezing her boobs. Santha closed her eyes and was breathing heavily perhaps enjoying my touch and actions. There was no time to talk because we both wanted sex very badly. I put my nose to her arm pit and inhaled. There was no foul smell but the faint smell of a dio.

Kissing her on her chest, abdomen, and I kissed on the mouth and then on her cunt. Santha instinctively opened her legs and bent herlegs upwards and opened her thighs wide. I kissed her thighs and then came to kiss her cunt. Santha opened her cunt lips and I could see her clitoris, and her labias, and her fuck hole prominently.

I pulled her clitoris with my lips and it retracted. I again pulled, but it did ot come to grip of my lips. I inserted my tongue around it and circled around it. Santha gave a loud cry and was moaning loudly and crying. When I disturbed the clitoris wth my tongue, it swelled up and I could hold it with my lips and when I pulled it it came out of its hiding.

I pulled the hood of the clitoris and gave a vigorous lick and Santha placed her hand over my head and pressed it down. I inserted my middle finger and the ring finger of my right hand into her fuckhole and made a fucking action vigorously, while my left hand was squeezing her boob. Santha lifted her hips high and it seems she was on the verge of a big orgasm.

My fingers rubbed against her G spot and there she came with a big bang of orgasm and she rolled her head, moaning and her hand was pressing my head down. I could sense the spasm of her vaginal muscles on my fingers and slowly I reduced the action of my hand and I stopped of the clitoris. Clitoris was swollen and was of the size of 1 inch protruding.

She hugged me and shouted Oh, Bhaskar, You took me to heaven, and this is the height of sexual enjoyment I ever had. Nobody have given me so much pleasure as you hae given me, Bhaskar, you are my darling. She got up and saw my 7 incher standing in full erection. She took it in her both hands and kissed it, She opened her mouth and took it in her mouth.

Her tongue was playing some tricks on it and it was nice. She seemed to have some experience in giving blow jobs and slowly she was taking in considerable length of my cock. Her tongue was tickling at the sensitive spot and it hastened my orgasm. I warned her that I may shoot my cum.

She signalled to put it in her mouth and I shot my entire stock into her mouth and she swallowed the whole thing. Further she sucked my cock and drew away whatever is left behind. We hugged in gratitude for the amount of pleasure we gave each other. She urged me to take lunch. She had rice, fish curry and fish fried, all my favourite dishes for lunch.

After a cup full of icecream for dessert, we took rest for a while. she told me that she has never experience oral sex because her husband did not like it. The intensity of the orgasm was so great she said that she had never experienced so much of sex. After about half an hour rest, we started our next session. I said I will fuck her in the missionary position.

She lied in the bed with her legs open wide. I first kissed her and then sucked her nipples, and then licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris by which we was well aroused. She guided my cock to the entrance of her fuck hole and when I pushed it in, it was tight and it went in slowly. She said it was after six months she is having sex and that is why it is tight.

She said my cock is very thick and long than that of her husband and she enjoyed maximum. I pushed it in by jerks and when the whole thing entered her hole, it was full tight. She asked me to fuck slowly initially and then to increase the speed. Accordingly I fucker slowly and gradually I increased the speed and my piston worked very fast. She again was first to reach orgasm.

She cried and made noice and finally her muscular spasms got hold my cock. She realized that I did not have myorgasm. She asked me whether I need another blow job. I said no, better you ride on me. She looked surprised. She asked me to guide her. She put her one leg across me and straddled me.

She took my erect cock and inserted it into her cunt and she by bending forward got my cock totally inside her hole. I asked to move up and down or lie down on me and make swimming motions. By the swimming motions my cock was pressing her clitoris and she was moaning. I too cooperated and I coincided my orgasm with hers and we both enjoyed it very much.

Santhi said it is heavenly, Bhaskar, very enjoyable. We both went to the bathroom and washed ourselves and cleaned our private parts of all the liquid discharges. Time was 3 pm and I said I will go and we shall meet tomorrow. Shanti said please dont go. Let us have tea and then you go.

We both got dressed up and she made me tea and sat there for some time and discussed the happenings of the day. Shanti said you will have to fuck me every day, Bhaskar.

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