Guruprasad Enjoying Sex With Classmate Bhavana

Hi all, I am an avid reader of HD and thought of sharing one of my real life incidents. This is the first time I am writing please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. My name is Guruprasad, basically from North Karnataka. I'm in Bangalore from last 10 years for my engineering and then for job.

I'm currently working as business consultant in one of the reputed MNC. I'm 28yrs old. 5'11 with an athletic body. I am a medium distance runner which helps me to keep my body in shape.

Coming to my experience, it all started with my class mate Bhavana in the last year of my BE. I had hardly spoken to her before that. I don't know how she became interested in me. We exchanged our contacts for some academic reasons and then we started chatting.

Describing Bhavana, she is 5'5 and a bit plump. She has huge breasts(36DD) and has her buts are awesome. She is not at all a sex bomb, with a big tummy but was pretty in appearance. Her ass swing was too good.

As I said we stated chatting over academic reasons but in few days the topic stared becoming personal. Started from asking why dint you had dinner and very soon became too personal. One day she proposed me and I accepted. We both were virgins then.

Luckily we both got placed in same reputed company and we were in Mysore for training. During training we used to chat and talk a lot. We used to go out for dinner and some long walks. During one such long walks I just pushed my hand into her top and she was showing week resistance. That was the first time I felt her boobs and they were huge.

We continued this and the matter didn't go any further but we had numerous sex chats. Then we both were posted to Bangalore and got into same project along with 3 other batch mates as we were from same technology and there were openings for 5 freshers.

We continued our naughty things inside and outside office. By now Bhavana was happy to be touched and was cooperating with me. Sometimes while going for long walks, she even cooperated by not wearing bra and/or panty and she always used to wear leggings while coming out with me so that I can easily access the treasures.

Whenever I got a chance we used to kiss, smooch. I used to press her huge boobs over her Kutti, slip my hand into her Kutti, feel her pussy and ass by slipping my hand into her legging, slap her ass(which I liked the most) and would console her. She would just be holding my bulge over my pants. We used to do this in office lifts, mall lifts and corridors, on roads.

But made sure we were not noticed very much by people. Bhavana was naughty and used to press my dick even when there were people in lift. After doing this, we used to do sex chat in the night and used to masturbate. This continued for some time and once I gave Bhavana my digicam and next day she returned me the same in office.

I went to rest room to check the pics and I jerked off twice there. I was seeing my lover in her birth dress. By now we had had many sex chats and both were ready to experience something in real. Though Bhavana was bit afraid of the first time pain(she had feelt my fully erect dick many times) she used to say how would that monster get into my small hole?

But I used to console her saying we will do it easy. Also some of her friends got married and they shared their experiences so she was bit ok. We were planning for a safe place to lose our virginity. I planned to have sex with condom but Bhavana was very particular about having it direct. So we chose one Saturday when she was in her safe days and booked a room in ginger hotel.

Bhavana checked into the hotel by around 7pm and I was there in my bike at 7.30. When I entered I saw my babe in a very sexy position. I couldn't control myself and dragged her to the bed and started kissing her. She stopped me by saying we will have dinner first. I told her will stop but only on once condition.

She said what, I said you will come to dinner only in a T-shirt and a legging. She wasn't happy but reluctantly agreed. I undressed her, kissed her boobs. I was mad at her cleanly shaved pussy and started fingering it. She was already wet then she wore a loose T-shirt and a dark colored legging. Anybody noticing properly could see the camel toe.

I felt her pussy area in the lift and her juices were oozing out of her legging. This made us more horny. We had our dinner and there were not much people in the hotel. We were sitting side by side and I pressed her boobs on all pretext. During dinner I told Bhavana that I will tear off her legging if there was no one else. She dint agree but I convinced her.

But when we went near lift there was one gentleman waiting. We returned to dining area on some pretext and entered the lift next time. I used my bike key and tore off her legging from back in the lift. We checked if there were anyone in the corridor, since there were none I kept my hand on her bare ass and walked to the room. She had kept her hand on my dick all the way.

Once we entered I locked the room and tore off the legging completely exposing her pussy and ass. Bhavana was bit nervous but was enjoying. I started licking her pussy. She was loosing her control. She asked for my dick, I got up took of remaining legging from her body, remover her T-shirt aa well. I undid my track and tee and we came in 69 position.

This was first time my dick was being licked, I lost after some time and started banging her mouth for some time. I was making her mad by licking her pussy. she was lifting her hips and giving me more access. She came once and asked me to leave her, I licked her juice and started doing again, second time she came and she got up from bed and asked me to fuck her.

I playfully said it will be painful, will not do it. She said I'm mad and want it now. I said ok and placed her on the bed. She spread her leg I started rubbing my dick around her pussy which was making her really mad. She was begging me to enter, after 5 mins I tried to push my dick inside,but her pussy was very tight.

I pushed with all my force and Bhavana let out a small scream.. it hurt her a bit and there were some blood marks on my dick... I slept on her for 2mins kissing her then started to bang her slowly. Now she was enjoying.. after some time she was asking me to fuck her hard, I stated pumping hard and after some time we both came, she wanted me to cum inside her pussy and I did.. we slept like that for some time..

Bhavana woke me up around 12.30 by licking my dick, she really dint want to miss our time alone. We fucked once more on that day. In the morning we checked out of the hotel. Later Bhavana became much closer to me. We had sex again couple more times(before she relocated to Delhi) one was in a sleeper coach bus to Mangalore.

I will write that experience in a later post. Bhavana insisted on recording our first experience but I denied stating security reasons. I just took a pic of her pussy after her first fuck.

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Sangeetha Enjoying Lesbian Sex With Maid

Attraction to opposite gender is very common for a human being but getting attracted to the same gender was very uncommon and the whole people disagree it. Even though it was very common to have sex with same gender in these present era having pleasure with same gender has gained a lot of interest in hell a lot of people.

Likewise I too had sex with my maid lady, Hamsa. At first let me give a brief intro about me. Myself Sangeetha fair in color B.Sc. computer science, mid-thirties happily married for 13 years. I have a normal 34 sized breast a little dummy for a house wife and a normal sized ass. I am mother of 2 lovely daughters and a handsome son this shows how my sex life goes.

Till present date I and my hubby would involve at-least 6 times a week. Now featuring my maid, Hamsa - healthy, mid complexion women she has a 42 sized protruding breast and a pretty good shape and a nice round bottom ass and a very pretty good looking face. The relationship started about a year ago after my 3 child started going to 1st standard.

Normally she will come in the morning at 10 and she leaves by 12. But after some disturbances in my health for this past year she would stay and help me out in cooking and other works. Only during that time she and I got to get along very close to each other. As a normal chit chat we used to discuss many stories personal etc...

When sharing her life I get to know that she is aged 55 and has 4daughters and 2 son and 5 grand daughters and 3 grandson. I was shocked to hear that. She said she has a very healthy life so her age will be casted less than she appear.

I started to get feeling for her on one cloudy day it was heavy pouring outside and as she came in with fully drenched saree. I got a full look at her body including the nipples protruding out and all other sorts which made me fell a great urges in me which I had never experienced.

She went to bathroom to change the clothes which I gave and she left all her dress in the bathroom itself. The whole day I was watching her body her face and all other sorts. Oh my god she was a one heck of a piece which anyone would want. After 4 she went and she did not take her clothes because it was wet she said she will pick it up the next day.

When I went in to bathroom for my evening shower I saw her panties bra and all her clothes. I took the panties bra and wore it on my body and then I realized how big her breasts and ass are. Since I cannot control my urges I had a session with my hubby that night.

As days went by my eager ness to touch her grows drastically and had a great opportunity after 8 months. As my husband had to leave to a field trip to nearby state for 3 days he asked the maid to stay in the house to help out in which she accepted.

On the first day I started talking about the sex life I openly said that how many times I will have sex with my husband and asked for hers she said that all her daughters and son are all married and they are all live in independent house so she and her husband would fuck 2 times a day and her hubby age is also just a year’s more than her.

I was taken a back, for me to have sex 6/week I have a very restless day she will fuck her husband 2 times a day yet she stays healthy without even tiredness. I knew that she is not eager about having sex with other people especially not with me. So I made a plan to seduce her.

After my children are gone to school I will accidentally place my hand around her waist breast ass. She noticed all these but will not even utter a word. In the mid days I will watch porn and I made it a point that she too will take a peek at it. I always played all the lesbian videos I had and made her to take a peek at the computer. I knew she saw my computer with lesbian video.

In the afternoon during lunch she suddenly said I saw something in your computer will you show that to me. I acted I don't know what u r asking. She said that video u were seeing a video of two girls licking each other’s parts. I said do you see those videos she said no I have not seen those type of videos but she needs to see them.

After our lunch I opened my computer and showed her all and only lesbian movies. She was rubbing her vagina periodically and went out without uttering we slept our afternoon sleep and in the evening during tea time I asked how was the video she said do they do these things for real I said yes.

The next day after the kids went to school I went straight to her room where she was changing her clothes and I went in excusing myself and sat near the bed as she changes her full set clothes because she came out of showers just then. she did not mind me sitting beside her I got high on my urges and after she removed her bra I caught her breast and said what a lovely breast

you have and started to play with it she was resisting my touch continuously even though she was resisting I held it firmly she said to stop but I did not stop and started licking it she just pushed me away and said what you are doing is in appropriate.

I said plus started having feelings for you when I saw your full body in urn fully drenched clothes so please let me touch your body I need it more desperately. I said please do this one help to me and begged to her. She after some time of refusal allowed to touch her parts. I asked her to be naked and lie in the bed and I went to check all the windows and curtains are closed.

By the time I went there she was nude and was covering her body with blanket. I pulled out the blanket and made myself also nude and started kissing her lip lock. She was hesitating a lot but after some time her too co- operated with me. After some time of kissing I moved down and started licking and sucking her breast.

Mg it tasted heavenly I was sucking for a very long time and started fingering her vagina. First I inserted one finger which she did not show any movement after some time I inserted 3 fingers which she resisted with little pain. then I made her to lick my breasts she said no I wont then I made her and made her to suck my breast in a bit of harassment.

I changed my position to 69 and started licking her pussy she was mourning a lot but she did not lick mine. I said please lick mine she refused and inserted 5 fingers in her vagina to which she made a loud noise I said unless u start licking I won’t stop doing this she then started licking. This happened for some time and I drank her juice while she spilled all my juice in her face.

We continued this throughout the day while we are in the kitchen and during lunch and rare in evening since the children will be back home and at the night after my children sleep I went to her room and we enjoyed at initial stages she showed many hesitation but the end of 2 day she started to enjoy with much involvement.

After my husband’s arrival I said her to come at sharply 9 because he will leave by then and the children too. The next two days were Saturday and Sunday my husband had leave so I asked her not to come and I had a great amount of sex with my husband he fucked me like 4 times

on the next day of arrival (sat) and since kids will be home on Sunday he fucked me in the afternoon sleep and night and gave many blowjobs to him because I will drink all the fluid. The next day morning she came at sharp 9 by then my husband was a few min late to get down after his departure I went to her.

She was washing the dishes and I hugged her from behind and squeezed her breasts and she turned and gave a long kiss. I asked how her week end went she said her husband company will be closed for one week for maintenance and he was home when I went because the leave started from that day, Saturday.

Since he did not see me for 3 days he fucked me like he has not fucked for many years. I asked how many times she said may be btw 10-12 per day. He never left from my side. Where ever I go he was there behind me like a dog and fucked in every place every position. I too said about mine.

After finishing our work we went straight to shower and enjoyed having pleasure there and after our shower we went straight to bed room and started doing our thing. Scissor type were our one among the favorite positions to fuck each other’s. We would rub each other’s vagina using the scissors position.

Once a week we would apply oil on each other body and try to fuck each other in that oil. We would give each other heavy massage and muscle relaxation massage and apply more oil to our boobs and vagina since we use them a lot and take bath in moderate hot steam bath.

Nothing give pleasure than having sex while having bath after an oil massage that too with the once who satisfy you the most. For me getting oil massage was new but for her she would get an oil massage from her husband every Sunday and intercourse. She Said to try that with my husband also and I tried with that with my husband on the very next Saturday.

He felt more relaxed and in the due time of massage my hubby fucked me. I took oil to our room and lubricate my hubby pennies with it and will give an oil massage blowjob whenever I fell. These things turned him so much that he used to go rage than ever before in satisfying me. I would apply every night while we go to sleep so that his penis will not suffer from burning sensation.

I ordered 5 different size dildos and vibrator. I hid it in such a place that my husband wouldn't find it. We will use those dildos and fuck each other to death. We will even try anal position using the dildos. She had only little pain because her husband would try anal daily so she had a lot of lesser pain than me. I on the other side will cry out loud in pain.

We will even use carrot banana and whichever fruit we can use on each other to gain pleasure. We became very sex addicts that even when my children where home on some school holidays we will make it a point to satisfy each others pleasure at any cost.

During cooking either I will have my hands over her or her hand will be over me most of the time we will stay naked because it’s easy for two of us to get pleasure. When children are home I would were nightie because it’s very easy to cover when they appear suddenly. Till now we have never missed fucking one day except Sundays because our husband will be home.

I get to enjoy with my maid during day time and with my hubby in the nights. Sometime my cunts gets pained but enjoying your life with your loved once what high pleasure is there than that. Hope you guys enjoyed the story.

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Raju Enjoying Sex With Akka And Cousin - II

Previously: Raju Enjoying Sex With Akka And Cousin - I

I am Raju again. I wrote to about how Akka and I finally fucked because of the help of Sarasu my cousin. I wrote that she wanted me to come to her home town and how I fucked her and her colleague Rani teacher. After fucking them for two days I wanted to get back home, but Sarasu said there is one more of her colleague who would like to meet me. It was Fatima.

I asked Sarasu why you people are like this why dont you get married and live like others. Sarasu said her story. She had some horoscope problem and hence she could not marry unless a suitable boy is found. Of course her people are searching, but her youth is getting wasted and she somehow wanted to get the best out of life. She does not go mix with too many people.

There was a teacher, Simon, who had very few classes and he was free most of the time. his family was at a far away town and he could go only once in a month or once in two months. Sarasu got friendly with him and whenever she was free, she used to meet Simon master. Rani's husband was away at the gulf.

She spent just a few days with her husband soon after marriage and tasted sex with him. His going away made her sex starved and he told her agony to Sarasu. She asked Rani to join her with Simon sir. Fathima teacher was divorced by her husband who had a fancy for another girl. Luckily Fathima got this job.

She had a child and hence she decided not to marry and she to joined Simon sir. Simon had one of the biggest cocks and he was never tired of fucking. If all the three girls come together he will fuck and satisfy them. He had a flat for himself and the entrance to this flat was from the rear and nobody will notice when someone goes or comes out.

One of these girls will always with him and cook his food, bath him giving him oil bath eat food and then go home. Sarasu said he had a method of playing sex with women. He will do oral sex, massage their bodies, fuck them in the front and rear and satify her in all respects. Sarasu, Rani and Fathima took care that they all do not tire him and they went at the rate one per day.

If somebody feel very horny she was quite welcome. Simon has gone to his home and that was why Sarasu called Rani and Fathima. Sarasu took me to the flat of Simon sir. Rani teacher was already there. Fathima came later. Fathima introduced her to me. She was very beautiful and had a slim body and good sized boobs and nice projected ass.

She was fair in color and had a sweet voice. Sarasu lifted my dhothi and showed my semi erect cock to the other girls. They were awed and showed signs of exclamation. Rani came near me and held my cock in her hand. Though I had fucked her earlier, she was very greedy that she wanted to have it again. Slowly the girls started to undress and I had only a t shirt and dhothi.

The removed it and made me fully naked. All the three had hairless pussies and Sarasu had only stubs. I was sitting in the sofa and called Fathima to me. she came shyly and sat near me and took my cock and was kissing it. She said it was because of Simon they had some relief. Otherwise it was miserable.

Sarasu consoled them and told tham Raju, that is I, will come whenever they want and I was younger than Simon and can perform well than him. All the three sat in frot me and by the side me and rubbed their boobs on me. I said let me do one by one, I will take Fathima today. Fathima stood up and came to me, I made her sit on my lap and squeezed her boobs.

They were firm and he nipples were already erect. I kissed her on her cheeks and on her neck. Apparently she was aroused. I asked Fathima to sit on my lap facing me with her legs on either side of me. She sat. I took my cock and directed it to the open lips of the cunt of Fathima and pulled her hip towards me. My cock entered her hole.

It was tight and I had to make two or three attempts to make a full entry. It was tight fitted and Fathima started to moan. When I pulled her and pushed her, the tip of my cock rubbed against her g spot which gave her great pleasure. With two minutes she got her first orgasm and my fast movement inside her made her cry and it was again and again orgasm.

I asked her to get down go and call Rani teacher. I asked Fathima to help Rani to sit on my lap, Rani also sat in the same way. Rani had smaller boobs and slender body. My cock entered her hole tightly and Rani was kissing me repeatedly. She said she enjoyed fucking me is more enjoyable than fucking with Simon. Fathima who was sitting near us also said the same thing.

Fathima held the body of Rani and moved it forward and backwards. Rani again was moaning loudly and each time my cock touched her g spot she cried loudly. Fathima adjusted the legs of Rani and now the body of Rani swung in and out. The was her mouth was open and gurgling sound coming from her mouth I could make out that Rani was getting series of orgasms.

I did not discharge and my erection was intact. Fathima called Sarasu to come. She came similingly. I had fucked only in missionary position and this swinging in the lap was new to her. She was slightly heavy and her boobs were large. Fathima and Rani opened her cunt lips and placed my cock and pulled her towards me. It was tight and my cock went in tightly.

Sarasu was surprised that this pose gave more pleasure than just lying and taking my cock in. Each time my cock went in or came out, she was crying and moaning. The other two girls was gigling, because they knew how and why it happened. Sarasu caught hold of me with her hands and made her body move in and out very fast and she got full orgasm withing minutes.

She asked me whether I had dicharged, I said no. I will have one more round and then discharge. Girls all said this is a very good posture and they all got great pleasure than getting fucked lying on the floor. Sarasy got down and went to the kitchen and got me a glass of milk. Fathima fried two eggs and brought me to refurbish my energy.

They were all surprised at my capacity to retain my erection. I asked them to sit on the sofa in a row with their face down and asses up so that I may fuck them in doggy style. They all bowed in the settee with their heads down and asses raised up. I went and saw that all their fuckholes were in one row. I inserted my cock in the cunt of Rani who was first in the row.

In this posture, the vagina gets extended and becomes very long. I inserted my cock and it went in fully and filled her. She was moaning. After two or three stroked, I pulled out and took it inside Fathima. My seven inch monster went in and in and it was knocking at the entrance of her uterus. After three or four strokes, I put it inside Sarasu. All the girls came very fast.

They were surprised how soon I got them to reach their orgasm. I fucked Sarasu a little longer and I got my orgasm and shot my cum inside her. She too enjoyed it immensely. She went to the bathroom and washed and came. I said now I was some interval since I fucked all you twice. They said yes.

We took rest for some time and they all said my fucking them was very pleasureable than that of Simon. I said dont be ungrateful, he only gave you months long pleasure and I came only now. The girls agreed and laughed at my saying.

I fucked them one more round on my lap and final fuck to Sarasu. I told Sarasu that I cannot be staying here and fucking them all the time, I should go back. They agreed and I got back home. This is just a fantasy.

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Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - VI

Previously: Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - V

“Ummm…..” to begin Kapil licked my sodden slit tenderly and with a gasp I trembled in altogether new feeling. Ufff... with a jerk I panted again as next instant holding me wide open Kapil moved further into my fleshy thighs and started sucking my pussy bit faster, his tongue swirled over my thick flesh restlessly and feeling I went through was out of this world.

Gradually folding my thighs inwards and stretching them further wide Kapil opened my love hole to the roof and sizzled his tongue in my pussy. Ohhhh...that was bizarre, Kapil was trying going deeper into my womb, his thick tongue wiggled like a snake in my pussy and my pleasure moans went sharp and shrill.

He was gone mad as more I cried more he went deep and gradually my bliss went beyond my tolerance, my belly rippled, my back bowed, my entire body shuddered like fish without water but holding my thighs wide and resting them over his shoulders Kapil continued eating my thick pussy like and an animal.

“Kapil… Kapil…. please please….please….please leave me” suddenly some sort of current started passing through my body and pushing his head and lifting up and down I banged my ass over bed and requested him to stop sucking me. He stopped and instantly rose over me and once again we kissed deep.

“Kapil Ji bus ab daal do!” looking into his eyes I requested him to plunge me now. "Meri Dulhan bahut pyasi hai....!...aaj main iski saari pyas bujha dunga" adjusting his crotch over my groin he almost whispered in my ear and before I would have thought that finally I am about to get fucked Kapil slipped inside my womb.

Ohhhh….It was huge and very thick, distending my thighs painfully wide Kapil crushed my thick pussy lips with his heavy balls and reached to the depth where I was never touched by husband in so many years. "hmmmm... you're mine… Juhi, just mine… tum sirf meri ho...! hai na?" "Yes," I moaned, "main tumhari hun...sirf tumhari…fuck me”

lust was reached to its peak and burring his entire length Kapil asked me while releasing his entire weight over me and wrapping him in my arms and thighs I replied back in lustful voice. “Ahhh.....” “Hmmm…” finally Fucking started and we both groaned together. Showing no hurry his ass rose up and fell into me with a steady pace and I puffed in real delight of being a woman.

Kapil was amazing, calm yet passionate, while invading my pussy for a minute he kept on looking at my facial expressions and I closed my eyes in shyness "Juhi... meri Jaan ab sharmaao mat...apni SuhagRaat ko enjoy karo" he caressed my cheek while saying that and kissed me deep and long.

Juhi… meri Jaan…! Wow he addressed me as his life, his words drove me further high and holding him firm in my arms I responded to his kiss hungrily. Fondling my huge breasts, squeezing and sucking them Kapil kept on fucking me with thrilling control and I continued moaning and puffing in delight of my dream coming true.

I don’t know in last few years how many times I have fantasized this moment; and finally my sweet heart was fucking me with all his love and passion. Legs spread wide, knees bent, feet high against his strong back, fucking me unhurriedly his thick cock was sliding steadily in and out of my cunt, going in deeply, pausing and then pulling slowly outward only to squeeze in again,

I was never fucked like that. At least six years less in age but as compared to my husband he was evidently an experienced and powerful lover and pleasure I was going through was something which I could not even dream to feel with my husband. "Ohhhh god yes!" I gasped "Fuck me, Kapil! Fuck me hard!"

Eventually I cried in demand and granting my wish Kapil began fucking me with rapid thrusts, plunging deep in and out of my womb, his hips started rising and falling in powerful rhythm. "…Juhi I will fuck you baby…I will fuck you whole night” he was getting excited, "Uhhhh... OHma" and suddenly his cock mashed my swollen cunt-flesh so badly that I gasped loud and cried out in weird joy.

My sharp whimper exited him and pumping me hard and rough his taut hips started rising and falling over me faster. Bodies flamed in lust, fucking furiously we both streamed off sweat in freezing room and suddenly things fluttered away, “Mera ho jaayega…Ahhh….Ahhhhh….mera ho jaayega…”

Dam inside me was bursting and saying I am cumming I whimpered loud, Kapil was also at his verge of explosion and knowing my status he slammed furiously into me and held still. “Ohhhh….God...Yesss…” my thighs shivered vulnerably and I panted loud; volcano erupted from my depth and at the same time Kapil also gasped like mad.

His cock quivered inside my womb and I grunted again as heat of his gunk spewed all around my womb. Pure bliss; I was never fucked so delicately and energetically at the same time, easily it was most shattering orgasm of my life.

Sweating and puffing Kapil sank in my arms and I embraced his wet body tenderly, caressing his hairs and his powerful back with all my love and affection I tried kissing him and once again we lunged deep in each other’s mouth.

That was the end of our first sex session and for the time being our passion was subsided. Soaked in sweat and wrapped in rose petal we both use washroom and took quick shower together. We kissed, licked, adored each other under flowing water and while playing with my flabby milks Kapil asked me if I enjoyed “aapko mazza aaya…” “Hmmm….it was best sex I ever had…”

and saying “same here…” Kapil mentioned that it was his best sex too. Next after coming out of the washroom naked I thought about going to the other bedroom to get something to wear but Kapil stopped me and gave me something wrapped in golden paper and like I guessed it was set of short nighty of light pink color made of net over breasts with a matching Panty having net over pussy region.

Facing away from him I wore that then and there and next he wrapped his arms around me from back and taking my wrist in his hand slipped gold ring in one of my finger. Though not very expensive still it was a beautiful design of countries best gold jewelry brand. I was surprised and happy to get that but I tried avoiding accepting that and once again bringing in Dulha, Dulhan context Kapil came up saying

“Ab Dulhan ne Dulhe ko sab kuch karne diya…to uske liye usko gift to milna hi chahiye” Whatever; moving ahead with what all happened in the night I would say we seriously did not slept for whole night. After bit of romance Kapil went out to make some coffee and removing rose petals from the bed I organized our worn out clothes.

After having coffee, me wearing that nighty and Kapil wearing just jockey we relaxed in each other’s arm while watching some TV and slowly our second session started. Drifting his underwear down I slipped my hand over his crotch and began caressing his heavy balls.

Like I knew Kapil liked that, closing his eyes he sniffed in pleasure and like he was doing to me I rubbed my wet lips tenderly around his ear and he moaned in pleasure nicely. I was on his right and lying with a support of elbow continued playing with his balls and kissing his neck and and slowly his Penis started acquiring its size.

Up and down, back and forward moving his monster I sucked his nipples and licking his skin reached reached to crotch and took him in my mouth. Deep inside Kapil desired that but because he knew I don’t like oral sex he was not asking me to suck. Initially when I took him in my mouth for an instant he tried stopping me and this time I came up saying

“ab Dulha Dulhan ko sab kuch karne dega” means now groom will let bride do everything. It was my first time, slow and tender, Kapil really enjoyed the way I sucked his monster and up to an extent I also liked feeling him growing hard in my mouth.

Anyway gradually clothes from my body also disappeared and after sucking my breasts Kapil once again sucked my pussy until I reached to the verge of climax. As It was my session and it was my long time fantasy to fuck him with his hands cuffed; like it was shown in Hollywood Movie "Basic Instinct" so tying his hands over his head with his undershirt I climbed over him and took him deep in my womb with my own hand.

“Kapil Ji mere wapis jaane se pahle aapne aesi hi ek night aur plan karni hai” while masturbating I have often dreamed talking to him while having sex and resting my hands over his thick chest, puffing in pleasure I asked him to plan another night of this kind before I go back home.

Riding on him, moving my heavy ass up and down, back and forward and feeling my love juices flowing down to his balls I was taking his entire length in my sodden flesh repeatedly with a steady pace and lying on his back with the tied hands over his head Kapil was looking awesome with mixed expressions of pain and pleasure.

“Deepa ko shak na ho jaayega” he spoke while panting in pleasure “I don’t care…I just want to get fucked...aapki Dulhan ko sex chahiye” I carelessly replied while enhancing my fucking pace “Ok I will do something…” Kapil gasped in pain and pleasure with that improved speed and tried to set his hands free.

I stopped him from doing that, kissed him deep and gave him my long erect nipples to suck. Gradually my excitement rose further high and I fucked him hard and fast, my heavy ass rose and fell over his crotch vigorously but in the end I got tired and collapsed over him without reaching to the climax.

Next releasing his hands Kapil told me to get into my four; that was his favorite posture and he was somewhat in love with my round and plump ass. As I got up and turned around and gave him my love opening from behind he got so fascinated that clenching soft skin of my heavy buns licked my entire ass.

I cried in pleasure and tried to stop him but moving further into my thighs and holding my ass mounds apart he buried his lips in my pussy in same posture and licked my love juices like a dog. It was filthy yet attractive and once again I would say it was real bliss for me to get on bed with Kapil, actually he was a kind of male which I always needed as my husband,

horny and energetic, romantic as well as filthy. Anyway for me now he was nevertheless than my husband and finally holding my thick waist he fucked me steadily for really long and in the end burring my upper half on the bed and lifting my big ass up fucked me hard and fast while standing on his feet and finally collapsed on me.

That was end of our second session, we both were tired and badly exhausted but we did not wanted to sleep, time was yet not mid night and we moved out of the house to have some ice cream and after coming back we were once again charged and our third session started with sucking each other in 69 and ended in tender love making while kissing and sucking in simple missionary.

By the end of third session we were almost dead, still we did not slept and had coffee again and spent long time in sharing our sex lives with our respective partners. Around 5 we went out for a morning walk and spent long time in fresh air. After coming back and after having tea we spent long time in bathtub and that’s where our forth and last session started.

Standing across his face I almost sat over his face to get my pussy sucked and later Kapil fucked my mouth in same fashion. We started fucking in bathtub in doggy style but ended on the bed, once again in missionary posture. Later after having breakfast we started from their and reached back home separately with a time gap of half an hour.

After reaching back home Kapil took shower again and got ready to go his work place and I slept till lunch time. Well that’s the end of my wedding night with my sister’s husband and like I needed after a week Kapil planed everything again but altogether in different way and we had sex for whole day.

As now I have realized that writing anything is really a hectic task I won’t say I will write again but I would love to read comments from the readers about my experience and the way I narrated.

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Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - V

Previously: Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - IV

Eventually Car reached to the apartment and in next few minutes we too reached to the flat. I was waiting for this moment like a mad but don't know why I was feeling little hesitant now. Kapil unlocked the door and gave me way to enter, no rush; everything was casual,

I entered first and suppressing my hesitation moved towards bedroom and suddenly holding my wrist Kapil tried taking me to the other direction. I walked with him, "My God…!" I exclaimed in pleasant surprise as he switched on the light after opening he the door of other bedroom.

That was master bedroom of that luxurious flat and glowing in white light huge bed was completely covered with thick layer of rose petals. AC was on since long and room was freezing, also there was some sort of aroma all around but my eyes were stuck on the bed.

There were thousands of rose petals, all fresh and soft, ready to get crushed under our naked body. I was traumatized to see his idea of romance and before I would have spoke out anything he asked me how is it "kaisa lagga aapko apna SuhagRaat ka bed...?" and I was speechless "is bed par kapde pahan kar jana allowed nahi hain"

he spoke again and with that turned me to his face and next his hands reached to my shoulder to undo the pin which was holding pallu of my sari and in a moment it fell down. Deep neck, my blouse was bit tight over my breast and looking at my thick cleavage Kapil grabbed me tenderly from my armpits and kissed me like a true lover.

That was amazing, deep and exploring it was dream kiss of life, fencing my entire mouth he sucked my tongue and eating his lips with all my love and affection I too sucked his tongue nicely. "Juhi...I love You" looking into my eyes he spoke after a long delicate kiss.

That was first time when instead of Didi Kapil was addressing me with just my name and it was so good to hear that I hugged him hard. Kapil took me in his embrace and crushing my big breasts against his broad chest started kissing me over soft skin of my neck.

His wet tongue moved all around my thick cleavage and slowly reached to my ears, I puffed in pleasure, gasped loud and pushed him, he was sucking my earlobes and sensation I was going through was unbearable. Pallu of my sari was already off and next he sat down on his knees and reached to few other safety pins which was holding plates of my sari.

He undid all pins carefully and slowly pulled off my sari. Eventually Sari went on the floor and I was standing just in blouse and petticoat. He got up and without saying a word I began to unbutton his shirt and as his shirt went off he started unhooking my blouse. Before he would have taken out blouse from my arms I opened his belt and released his trouser on the floor.

Next he tugged the cord of my petticoat and as it went down on my feet I took off his undershirt. Facing each other we were just in our inner wears, my panty was soaked and with a huge tent his cock was desperate to come out. Shivering slightly in chilled room I was breathing bit heavy, Kapil was also little conscious and we hugged again.

Thick and firm his bare chest was too good to feel "Kapil I love you" I uttered while moving my hand over his hairy chest and his hands rolled over my back and he unhooked my bra. Sliding down both the the straps eventually he took out my fleshy mounds from the tight cage and threw the bra away.

My huge melons were sagging in front of his eyes and holding both with both the hands Kapil massaged my soft milks nicely and while puffing unknowingly my hand moved down to his crotch. It was huge and hard like iron rod; I could feel it over the cloth and as I tried drifting his jockey down, he too slipped his hand across my panty and we both took off last cloth from each other’s body.

My heart skipped a beat, it was too good; far bigger and thicker than what my husband had and looking at his monster as I looked at his face he was also looking at thick sodden slit. Tall, handsome and well in shape, stark naked Kapil was looking good but short, fat and fleshy I was looking ugly and I blushed in disappointment.

"Kya hua shram aa rahi hai..." sensing my expressions Kapil asked me and I moved my head in yes. “ab sharm nahi karam karne ka time hai….” Rhyming in Hindi he passed casual statement saying now it’s time to act and not of feeling shy and holding my wrist Kapil took me to bed and I puffed in pleasure of feeling soft rose petals over bare skin of my back.

Kapil also came to bed and after kissing my Mehendi decorated hands started taking off ornaments one by one. Both finger rings, bangles from both the hands, necklace, earrings, stark naked on bed of roses I was laying straight and tender touch of his fingers was driving me high and slowly he went down and rubbing one of my fleshy thighs and giving a glance to my clean shaven pussy

undid my silver anklets one after another and next took out my toe rings from both the feet. He was slow and tender and by the time it all ended I was puffing fast in excitement. Next sitting beside and looking into my eyes with a smile he showered flowers all over my body, uff… it was a height of being romantic;

a real delight for a female who was starved for love and attention and I opened my arms to get him. Kapil came into my arms and we hugged. Slowly he climbed over me and we kissed and once again we kissed deep and long. Exploring each other’s mouth we exchanged saliva and slowly he moved down to my neck and licked every pour of my soft skin.

I was moaning and grunting in pleasure and I trembled with a loud gasp as he once again reached close to my ear and sucked my earlobe. Gradually his lips further down and holding my heavy breasts he started sucking my long erect nipples.

Puffing and panting in pleasure, holding his scalp I caressed his hairs while feeding him and crushing me under his weight Kapil chewed my both the nipples one after another for really long. After ample sucking looking into my eyes he started squeezing my milk mounds and asked me softly if bride is enjoying "Dulhan ko mazza aa raha hai hmmm...?" “Hmmm….” I hummed to say yes.

He was treating me like his newlywed bride and I was enjoying assuming getting seduced like a virgin. Going ahead slowly Kapil turned me around came over me and I groaned with a feel of hard Penis over my ass and soft petals under my breasts and wet pussy.

Next sliding his hand under my breast and grabbing it hard he started rubbing his wet lips over the nape of my neck and I moaned restlessly as he was once again licking every pour of my soft skin and that is close to my ear. Gradually his wet lips moved down and after licking my entire back he reached to my waist and I started trembling in pleasure with the movement of his tongue.

My pussy was once again at flood and I was feeling soft petals wedged to it. Slowly he reached to my plump bottom and clenching my ass mounds with both hands massaged my ample hips and I continued moaning in his tender love making. Slowly his wet lips moved all around my ass and licking my thighs he reached to my toes and delicately sucked fingers of my feet.

Ohhh….that was crazy; I was already dying in lust and now I could not bear the pleasure I was going through, laying over my belly and clenching pillow in my fist I was moaning in delight and after sucking my toes Kapil licked my entire feet. Next he once again turned me on my back and there were rose petals all over my breasts belly and crotch.

Including my face Kapil once again showered flowers over my body and while licking my leg and knees moved up to my crotch and sensing his intentions I clenched my thighs. “Kapil Ji kya kar rahe ho..? Please meri pussy mat suck karna...” I requested him not to suck my pussy while puffing and after a pause added that I don’t like it “...mujhe bilkul achha nahi lagta.... please...”

and trying opening my fleshy thighs he said but he likes it “Lekin mujhe bahut achha lagta hai….” and after a pause added that on wedding night bride do not oppose groom for doing anything “waise bhi SuhagRaat pe Dulha kuch bhi kare…Dulhan manna nahi karti”

melodrama of wedding night with his Dulha Dulhan statements were driving me crazy and from aleast few minutes I was feeling strange shudder over my pussy, I needed him hard and fast in my pussy but rubbing his wet lips over my lower abdomen and waiting for me to open my thighs he was massaging ample flesh of my thighs.

Eventually bride gave access of her pussy to the groom and opening my thighs wide Kapil started removing rose petals which were stuck over my pussy and all around my inner thighs. Hmm...Now what is that? He was removing rose petals one at a time and I was lurching my waist in strange sensation with the repeated touch of his fingers along with the fever of getting sucked for the first time in my life.

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Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - IV

Previously: Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - III

Finally leaving cab on the Delhi border I entered in Kapil's car and my heart started beating fast. Without a word we both smiled repeatedly for few minutes and like yesterday Kapil took my hand and changed gears while holding it. I was not scared, neither I was feeling any guilty, still I was uneasy, more or less it was sort of a feeling,

I was going through when I was about to have sex for the first time and over his expressions Kapil was also going through same sort of rapture. After some time I broke the silence and told him that Deepa called me to tell that he might not come home in the night and next he told me what are we going to do next.

We were heading to the place where we were suppose to confront in the night but before getting on bed he had plan of taking me out for a formal dinner. It was romantic as well as erotic and by now once again I was totally spoiled in my panty. Eventually we reached to the place and I was surprised to see the flat,

fully furnished it was huge luxurious flat of a renowned real estate company and Kapil showed me the bedroom where that instant I was suppose to change my clothes and wrap myself in a Sari. Ufff…what a feeling it was; I locked myself in the bedroom and collapsed on the soft spongy bed.

It was lust at its best, we both were madly excited but we were not behaving crazy and the calmness we were expressing was driving us towards a big thunder; at least me. I was leaking like I never leaked in my entire life, it was third panty since morning which was ruined and real thing was yet to come.

Anyway I took long to get ready, Kajal rimmed eyes, lips light pink, small dot (bindi) in the middle of the forehead, gold necklace around the neck, gold earrings, couple of gold rings in fingers, colorful bangles, silver anklet and silver toe rings, wrapped in a pink color sari I was looking nevertheless than a bride ready for her first night and in the mean time Kapil also freshened up his looks,

though he did not changed his clothes but it seemed as if he has taken a shower. Whatever, as I came out looking at me from head to toe and praising my looks Kapil gave me bunch of red roses and kissed me tenderly over my lips. By now I was gone so horny that ripping off his and my own clothes I wanted to eat him then and there but behaving calm I ended up just by kissing him same way.

Locking our arms finally we moved out and settled down in a dim light Indian restaurant for the dinner. Except calling Deepa and conferming his stay in the production unit and later looking at each other and smiling as such I don't have much to write about our ride in the car but as we settled down on the table for two Kapil took my hand in his hand,

looked at mehendi design for few seconds and in the end asked me how I am feeling "kaisa lag raha hai?" and looking into his eyes with a smile I moved my head in no and came up saying "I can't explain..." and after a pause spoke out my mental and physical state straight forward "I am dying to get fucked..." "Main bhi..." (me too)

rubbing his hand tenderly till my elbow he replied and feeling delighted with his touch I told him that I don't want to have dinner and suggested him to go back "mujhe dinner nahi karna...let's go back" he smiled over my despiration and saying we have whole night he told me to relax "just relax...humare pass poori raat hai..."

and I revealed the fact that my husband has not touched me from last six months and also added that one night will not be enough for me "mere husband ne mujhe chhe mahine se touch nahi kiya hai...ek raat se mera kuch nahi hoga..." and he said he will plan something after few days "don't worry...main thode dino baad fir se kuch plan karunga"

and after a pause revealed fact of his sex life that he did not had proper sex from last one year, "waise maine bhi ek saal se proper sex nahi kiya hai...." that was surprising and I tried getting into detail but Kapil closed the subject by saying that Deepa has totally lost her interest in sex after delivery and as she has stopped responding while having sex he has stopped asking her for that.

Food was yet mot served and as I was getting anxious over the delay Kapil came up with thought of doing some sex chat. I badly needed something like that and I agreed, he told me to begin but I denied and insisted him to start and he asked me if have shaved my pussy "I hope aap apni pussy ki shave karke aaye ho" and with a smile I moved my head in yes.

Now it was my turn to speak something and I came up saying "I want to kiss your Cock" “Kiss...! That’s it?” he asked me back in surprise and I understood what does he mean by that, he meant sucking but I just smiled in reply and next he came up saying “let me tell you one thing in advance, I will not kiss your pussy....I will….! You know what I will do…”

and I knobbed my head in no while saying “No you will not do that….” And he replied to that by saying “SuhagRaat pe Dulhan kuch nahi bolti….Dulha jo karna chahta hai usse karne deti hai…” (On wedding night bride never oppose, she let the groom do whatever he wants to do)

hearing that for an instant I skipped my beat and before I would have spoke out anything over that he came up asking me my favriout position "aapki favriout position kaunsi hai?" "me riding on you" I replied with naughtiness in my eyes "aapki favriout position kaunsi hai?" l asked him same question and he said "Doggy style..." and after a pause added "I really love your Ass..."

I liked the compliment and asked him if he will fuck me in doggy style first, "That means sabse pahle aap mujhe doggy style mein fuck karoge?" "No...!" he denied and before we would have gone further food reached to our table and we both went silent. Sex chat ended in the middle and we got busy in eating;

food was good and I was hungry too but I was eating to fill me as soon as possible, certainly because I was more hungry of something else. Eating and looking into each other’s eyes with smile, without much talk; it was really killing, moreover now I had lot more to imagine; he wants to suck my pussy!

Holding me wide and open he will bury his mouth in my fleshy thighs, he will lick my sticky juices, like it happens in porn movies. Even after more than a decade of my marriage I was feverish for oral sex, since beginning my husband was a subdued lover and never crossed my breasts with his lips,

with him I too never thought about trying anything weird as my mind was also fixed with his psyche but now thought of licking and sucking pussy and cock was driving me bizarre. It was my fourth Panty since morning and once again I was feeling thick beads of my cunt-juices seeping out of my twitching pussy.

Eventually dinner came to an end and now without wasting even a minute I wanted to move quickly towards our fucking venue. Right after reaching back, ripping off mine and his clothes I was thinking about fucking him in the living room itself but Kapil was in totally different mode and without asking me he ordered desert which was my all time favorite.

“Kapil Ji aap mujhe tadpa rahe ho…” as waiter went away I exclaimed in complain that he is teasing me he said that he is also floundering “Main bhi tadap raha hun…” “Then why are we wasting time?” and he came up saying “Dulha Dulhan ko thoda to tadapna chahiye…tabhi to SuhagRaat ka mazza aata” means bride and groom has go through bit of fluttering,

then only wedding night will be pleasurable. That was bizzare; I was gone crazy and looking into his eyes I straightaway counseled him that I will not let him sleep for whole night “aaj main aapko raat bhar sone nahi dungi…” he agreed to that but told me that our first session will go according to him and after that I can do whatever I want

“Ok…but first session mere tarike se hoga… after that you can do whatever you want”. I agreed to that as deep inside, at one corner I was enjoying the way things were going. Finally desert also ended and paying off the bill we walked out of the restaurant with locked arms and reached to the car.

It was dark and I saw nobody was around and I suddenly kissed him over his lips and for a moment Kapil also sucked my lips in reflex. We sat down in the car and I failed to resist myself and moved my hand over his broad chest over the cloth to feel his manliness and leaning towards me he once again sucked my lips tenderly.

“thoda sa aur control karo….I promise you will never forget this night in your entire life”. I rested my back and closing my eyes released my body free, it was lust and passion at its worst, sexually I was never so charged, even when it was my real wedding night,

totally spoiled in my panty forth time I was feeling that quantity my pussy have discharged in last 24 hours is more than what I have released in my entire married life. Car was running with a consistent speed and I was expecting me on bed stark naked in next 20 minutes.

My heart was pounding, no fear no guilty, pussy leaking and twiching and keeping my eyes closed I squeezed my sodden swolen pussy between my fleshy thighs to prevent flowing and just then applying breaks on red light Kapil asked me if I am alright "aap theek ho na?"

I opened my eyes and replied with No, "Nahi...main bilkul theek nahi hun...I am dying" he smiled over my state and before red would have turned to green caressing my cheek tenderly he once again kissed me over my lips. I puffed in pleasure and Car moved again.

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Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - III

Previously: Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil - II

Eventually we moved out of the car and entered in the house and I was feeling so humiliated that it went impossible for me to stand even for minute in a living area in his presence and I instantly entered in the washroom. I wanted to cry and scream but feeling I was going through was so strange that I failed to do anything, I was feeling that my heart will burst in this disgrace.

He must think that I am a pervert; how will I face him now? Sitting in restroom I was cursing myself for what I just did. I wanted to run away from the house and for a moment I thought about catching a flight on the same night to go back home. But what will speak to Deepa? I will say, I am missing Rachit (my son).

Eventually with a thought of going back home I immediately came out of the washroom but before I would turned to the bedroom to pack my luggage Deepa called me in the kitchen and giving me task of chopping tomatoes rushed into the washroom.

Kids were playing in the bedroom, oldies were also busy in television in their room, standing alone in kitchen, scared and dying in shame I was chopping tommatos and suddenly Kapil entered in kitchen from behind. Mentally I was so badly messed up that I unknowingly turned my face further away from him. "Ohhh...." now what was that?

Standing behind suddenly Kapil wrapped his arm around my waist and some sort current passed through my spine, I hummed in pleasure from the core of my soul and tried removing his hand. "Let’s do it" resting his palm over my belly he whispered in my ear and head to toe my entire body shivered in strange sensation.

"I am sorry...actually main confuse ho gaya tha” he spoke again and turning my face lightly as I tried looking at him, he grabbed my waist firm in his arm and kissed over my ear lightly. Ohhh… I gasped again, don't know why but for a moment I lost my physical streangth and felt as if I will collapse on the floor.

Next before I would have thought about saying anything we heard noice of door of washroom getting unbolted and releasing my waist Kapil instantly picked the glass and started drawing water from the tap of the water filter.

Deepa appeared for a moment and crossed the kitchen to wash her hands and before she would have came back in the kitchen Kapil went out and asked her if he should get something from specific resturant as an add on to the dinner and Deepa asked my opinion; if I would like to have particular specialty of that restaurant and I accepted.

Time was bit more than seven and as I said ok to that Kapil picked the keys of his car and casually asked me if I would like to accompany him and without looking into his eyes I said ok to that too. It was instantly planned by Kapil and once again we were together and alone in the car but altogether in a diffrent mind state.

First No and then Yes; it happened so quickly that initially when I sat down in the car I was still in shock of whatever happened in last 15-20 minutes and as Kapil once again said sorry, tears rolled out of my eyes. I was yet not out of feeling disgusted and sensing my delicate state without saying a word Kapil took my hand and applied first gear to the car.

We moved from there and realizing mental stress of last few minutes I cried a bit and holding my hand softly Kapil kept on changing gears while driving. "Kapil I hate You" wiping my tears finally I exclaimed while slaping his shoulder and he once again said sorry and added that what I asked was really unexpected for him and he failed to digest my demand instantly and got confused.

After that we didn't spoke anything for next few minutes, we just looked at each other repeatedly and smiled lightly and went on going. Though I was releaved from the stress but as now it was sure that soon I will have sex with Kapil, the presumption of getting on bed with someone other than my husband was driving me uneasy and on the other side;

over his expressions I could see that deep inside Kapil was also going through same sort feeling. "kya soch rahe ho?" " jo hum karne wale hain wohi imagine kar raha hun" looking at him I asked what is he thinking and with a naughty smile he said he is imagining whatever we are going to do.

I blushed as he was looking at my big breasts with lustful intentions and in the end in a low hesitant voice asked him where we will do. "But hum karenge kaise...I mean kahan karenge?" "Let’s see..." he replied and as we were reached close to our destination once again he started searching place to park his car.

Eventually car got placed little far from the resturant we were suppose to go, I was still hesitant but because I wanted to overcome my fear, while walking I grabbed his arm like a partner and he accepted me with a blush. I asked him we can spend a day in some hotel and he denied for that and said he has a better place and he is planning for the night out.

"Whole night!" with an undue smile I went through a delightful shiver and looking at my expressions Kapil came up saying "Yes...I will fuck you whole night" and once again I went delightful sensation.

Finally we reached to the resturant and after placing order for packing, locking arms we walked around the market and he asked me if it is possible for me to stay out for the night with some genuine excuse and I told him I have a close friend living in particular NCR region, who was insisting me to come to her place for the night stay.

Next he told me that he has keys of his Boss’s vacant flat and we can stay there for the night. It was a matter of pure coincidence that Kapil’s Boss’s flat was also situated in the same NCR region where my friend was residing and in some other NCR region it was too far from the place where we were living.

Next before we would have gone further in planning suddenly Kapil came up saying "let's make it a wedding night...SuhagRaat !" and before I would have presumed anything he pointed finger where 2 guys were sitting to decorate female's hands with Mehendi. I thought he is kidding but he was serious and he instructed that Mehendi guy to draw some good design over my hands.

I tried to avoid with a casual excuse that we will get late in going back home but he did not listened to me and looking into my eyes with a naughty smile came up saying that tomorrow is my wedding night and Mehendi drawing is necessary "Kal Aapki SuhagRaat hai...haathon pe Mehendi lagwana zaruri hai".

It was erotic and too romantic and I surrendered and sat down to get my hands decorated and Kapil walked alone to get the food we ordered. It took him another 15-20 minutes to come back with the food and truly speaking anyhow I cannot describe the feeling I went through in that span of isolation.

Fully engrossed that Mehendi guy was busy in trying drawing his best design on my hand and I was lost in dream of my wedding night with Kapil. For me the word SuhagRaat was so fascinating that could not wait for a day to get on the bed with Kapil and sitting alone I started leaking in my panties massively.

Eventually Mehendi drawing ended and on the way back home Kapil told me entire plan and told me that he would like to see me in sari on our SuhagRaat. Later everything ran according to plan, reaching back home I lied to Deepa that Archana(my friend) called me again and invited me to come to her place tomorrow for Satya Narayan Ki Pooja (a spiritual gathering)

and she is insisting me to stay with her in the night. Agreeing my daughter to stay with Massi (Deepa) for a night I packed my small bag with one set of clothes and one bright color sari set with matching bangles, apparently for Satya Narayan Ki Pooja but actually to wear it to be taken off by Kapil.

Anyway time passed casually, unfortunately that night including kids Deepa also stayed awake for late and I did not got any time with Kapil in solitude. Somewhere around 12 we all went to sleep and lying beside Deepa in the dark with two children in the middle I was awake for long.

In piece I was feeling guilty that I am going to cheat my husband and sister and I felt bad about that too but to my surprise not for a moment I thought about quitting from it. At any cost I did not wanted to think about stepping back now, I was sure that anyhow I cannot change my husband’s attitude and with him I will always remain sexually unsatisfied,

moreover I was realizing this fact too that leaving my husband there is nobody in this world with whom I can have sex except Kapil, things were well set and now because stupid emotions I could not think of closing my only hope of getting physical satisfaction. More or less Kapil was also in same situation; like me he was also sexually unsatisfied from his wedded partner,

above that I knew that he is a guy who could not think having sex with prostitutes and he is too shy to make a extra marital affair, if not me who can help him? Emotionally attached with a strong mental bond we both were best answer to each other and in the end I diverted my mind from nonsense thoughts of remaining faithful to the person who has never given a thought to my needs.

Anyway in the end night ended and as planned, in the morning Kapil booked cab to pick me from the house around 4 and left for his the work place. Prepairing my body for the dream night I passed entire day fantasizing my SuhagRaat with a husband of my sister and remained so wet and dripping over my pussy that I had to change my panty twice before leaving.

Next as decided after an hour of my exit from the house Kapil called Deepa to inform her that he is going to the production unit of his company and he will get late in coming back home and also added that if he won’t be able to get out of the factory till 10 then he will stay in the unit only.

Visiting production unit twice a week was his usual practice, but he use to stay very rare over there in the night. Although it was located in same the NCR region but it was too far and not at all safe in the night on road so everytime he use to go there it was understood that he won't come back in the night if he will get late.

Whatever Deepa did not suspected Kapil for his night out and I was somewhat in my midway towards my meeting point when she called me to inform all this and I just expressed my apology for not taking her along.

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