Mayank Enjoying Sex With Ex Girlfriend Anamika

Hello, everyone! It’s mayank this side with my 5th story!! This sex story is about an incident which happened back when I was in college, I was in 4th year studying in ghaziabad. I had a steady girlfriend to whom I was very loyal, before her I had one more girlfriend which was a very small time pass kind of relationship,

anamika- that is the name of that girl she was a year older to me and came from a very rich family. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl, but had a very sexy figure -36,30,38. She was a little plump and her assets were such that you just can’t ignore them, I was always an ass lover and her big ass was the reason I got in a relationship with her.

We fooled around for a month never went too fast physically just kissing and holding, never more. I got bored of that relationship and broke up just in a month. Now coming to the situation I had been dating my new girlfriend for 6 months now and we were having a great time, we kind of knew we were soul mates and were happy with each other!

I was in 4th year of my B-tech in Ghaziabad and was already placed. A school friend asked me to get her brother admitted in a particular college. I had some contacts who had contacts in that college and we agreed for that deal.I thought I would make some extra bucks too.

So we took 25000 as advance from that girl’s parents and gave them to the person who was going to get the admission done, I took that money on my guarantee, my young and not so matured brain didn’t sense that there is a risk, and that’s what happened on the final day the admission couldn’t happen and we lost 25000 bucks.

I was just a student with just 5000 in my bank account,my girlfriend helped me with another 5k,but I needed 15 more, didn’t really know what to do, didn’t want to ask my friends for the same. I was still in touch with me ex- girlfriend, though I was in a steady relationship, Anamika’s curves and her hot body never left my mind. She used to flirt with me too, she was still single.

Though I fantasized about her many times but didn’t want to cheat on the girl I loved. So one day while talking tAnamikaka, I told her about my situation and she responded with, yeah I can give you the money, I was surprised and happy. I told her that I will return her money asap.

She said it’s okay she don’t need the money but as there is no one at her home she can’t come out and wanted me to come to her place to get the money! I kind of understood what she wanted,I didn’t want that but I needed her help. I thought a lot about it. Though I didn’t want to cheat, but bein with Anamika at her place without anyone was giving me the thrill like no other.

And I needed the money to.So I drove to her place and called her Me- hey Anamika I am right outside your house, let me enter She- get inside, the door is open. I went inside and their house was huge. She came and hugged me from behind and kissed my cheeks.

I turned around to see her, and wow she was looking very sexy, in small shorts and a tank top, her boobs were barely covered her big breasts, I couldn’t take my eyes off her cleavage. She- so finally you are here Mayank, you remembered the way to my house Me- yeah Anamika, it has been just a year! She- yeah but you forgot me! I knew she was a little sad but I didn’t want to upset her!!

Me- nothing like that dear. You know I have a new girlfriend now! And she won’t like it if I will talk to you. I really missed you! She- I missed you too Mayank She said that and kissed my cheeks again! With every touch of her, I was feeling aroused! Me- thanks Anamika for helping me at this time, I was very wrong when I never contacted you. I hope we can bury that all now!

She- sure dear that’s the past, I don’t care about it now Me- thanks, Anamika, I smiled. She held my cheeks. She- I just loved that smile N saying this kissed my lips this time. I was taken aback. Her kiss was hot, I pulled her back and kissed her lips again. And this time kissed her deep, umm her lips were so soft, I held her tight in my arms and kept kissing her,

my hands has already traveled to her big ass and were literally grabbing her ass and pulling it closer to me. She broke the kiss and started kissing my neck, to my chest,, and went down and wow. She opened the button of my jeans and pulled them down.

Ummm my hands were in her curly hair and she pulled down my underwear. She held my cock in her hands and rolled up her eyes to see me. I was looking at her. My cock was growing in her hand. We were looking into each other’s eyes and she took the cock inside her mouth,, ohh what a feeling that was.

That was the first time I was getting sucked. I was not a virgin but I had never experienced a blow job, and it was amazing she was sucking my cock like an ice cream, I was very close to cumming. I told her baby I am gonna cum. But she didn’t leave and I spurted all my cum inside her mouth and on her face. It was her first time too. Me- oh anamika. It was soo good babe.

She- mayank I love your cock its soo big I wish I can suck it all day. Me-ohh Anamika.I brought her up and started pulling off her top. She- wait let’s go to the bedroom. She took me to her bedroom and asked me to wait there.She was still dripping with my cum. So went to the washroom.

I was sitting on her bed waiting for her. My pants were already removed. And I removed my shirt too.Waiting was getting hard so went inside the wash room. She was washing her face. I held her from behind and started kissing her shoulder. She- ohh Mayank you couldn’t wait. Me– no baby. And I kept on kissing and licking her.

My hands were inside her top and were pressing her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra.Ohh wow her breasts were big I kept pressing them. My cock pass pressing against her big ass which made it hard again. I pulled down her shorts and slapped her ass. I don’t remember why I did that. She screamed and I loved it. I slapped her again.

Her ass was big and was all read now. I quickly removed all her clothes now and took her to bed. She was on her back and I got top of her. Her bare breasts were in from of me and I started eating it aaahhh!! They tasted so good! I was eating her like animals. She kept moaning and screaming my name. My cock was full hard and I pushed it inside her pussy!

Aahhh she screamed loudly this time. And she was very tight. Just the head was inside her! She moaned! She- Mayank go slow it’s my first time! I realized she was a virgin and that excited me more. I pushed it in harder. She had tears in her eyes and was almost crying asking me to stop it there. But I didn’t and gave the final blow!

Aahhh my cock was completely inside her now and she was so tight! I started moving in and out slowly. And by that time her screams started turning into moans! She was enjoying it too now. I was loving it! She- ohh Mayank it feels so good now aahhhh Me– ohh you bitch! You wanted this, don’t you! She- yeah Mayank I want you to be inside me forever!!

Me- I am gonna fuck you so hard you slut. And you will be my slut from now on saying this I increased my speed and started fucking harder. She- ohh am gonna cum mayank aah aahhhh I felt her body jerk and she orgasmed! I took out my cock and sprayed my sperms on the bed sheet and fell over her. Her eyes were closed! And we both almost slept in that mess.

I woke up to my girlfriend’s call. I told her I am busy with my family. I woke up anamika. We kissed each other again.And went for the shower together.While bathing we smooched, we kissed. I made her suck me again. I was enjoying dominating her. I abused her called her my slut. She was enjoying it all.

This went on for another two years until I got married. I used to call her whenever I was horny. She sucked me many times in her car. I never asked for money again and even returned her the money in some time. But never stopped seeing her!

I hope you all liked my this sex story too! Thanks for the feedback on previous stories. Looking forward to your comments and feedback below.

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Ishara Fucked On Birthday By Mahesh

Hey this is mahesh, not that good in English n specially writing, Ishara ( name changed) a normal girl 3yrs elder to me. met her through a social networking site friendship flirted had sex n later found out she was married still continued the relationship as she was not satisfied husband n me 26 yr old normal guy with a normal dick.

It was her birthday last month ( we don't talk much NW a days ) I wished her at 12 n asked for a birthday party which she first denied and later agreed booked tickets for me to Bangalore as she works there. I reached there in the morning I already had reservation in a hotel and I informed her that I reached.

As she will come after work only so I had nothing to do so I just watched TV had few pegs and just killed time. In the evening she came all tired n we went to a restaurant as it was her party the choice was hers we just had food n just small chit chats she wanted to reach back to my room as she wanted to take rest so we just came back n once at the room she just went to freshen up.

As she came out she just lied in bed saying her body is paining and I suggested her for a massage (I am kind of a good massager). She readly aggreed and I was excited as I am gonna see her after a pretty long time (and also gonna touch a girls body after pretty long time). Without anything saying itself she got nude and put the towel in bed n lied on it.

I had put the can of olive oil( which I carry with me always ) in hot water so that can get it light hot. She had lied upside down n I could see the stretch marks clearly I love touching those marks. Soft skin n in btwn those stretch marks. I took out my track pants n shirt n just sat on her bum without giving much weight on her and started massaging her shoulders.

My little guy was had and was pocking her ass. She commented about it too I took the oil and it was little hot and applied on her bare back and started massaging she felt good and I went from shoulders to spines and then legs and down till knees and finally to her ass poured little oil in her ass crack and put my finger there she started breathing heavily.

S slowly applied oil then and to both buns. Then slapped it continuesly she started moaning. She turned around and wanted to kiss me but I stopped her and told later. Then I took more oil to hand made her lie facing roof applied on her chest area first without touching boobs I applied all around it and then poured little oil around her navel area

as it was still hot and her stomach area was bit sensitive she again started breathing heavily. I put little pressure and started applying oil in stomach area and sides then I took oil in my Hand and applied on her boobs, I squeezed them and a "ohhhh...." Came out from her mouth.

I wanted it slow (as I love passion the. Roughness more) then I pinched nipples and rotated my finger around it slowly and massaged full boobs then went down to her thighs. I purposely left inner thighs area and applied oil rest of the leg as it came to end of toe I made her keep her legs on my chest so that I can massage her leg properly.

She started to play with her leg on my chest hairs. So I stopped massaging legs took her arms licked her arm pits first then applied oil in her arms bited her finger and properly massaged her finger. Then I again took her legs sucked it's finger kissed the plam and then applied oil there too.

The only places left was her inner thighs n face I just went between her legs parted her leg and opened her pussy and started licking there. With this sudden action she started moaning "oooohhhhh fuck...... " And holded my hair tight and made me eat her pussy and she was continuesly saying lots of things along with moaning "ohhhh yes ohhhh yes eat me more"

then I inserted one finger too and licking continued with this she lost her control and orgasmed.s he holded my head there n I was happy to drink her juice. She lied still I took little oil and applied it on her pussy and inner thighs she was expecting me to insert her. But still I wanted her to wait and then went up and kissed her as our saliva mixed and her juice taste was awesome.

I lied near her she wanted to massage me ( actually tease me n take revenge) she took oil and sat on my underwear legs both side it was rock hard she was nude and then she sat on it tho you can just expect how it would be. She started applying oil on my chest and she was moving her hip as she applied oil. Then she started to pinch my nipples and tickle me with her oily hand.

She stood up and took made me completely nude and just took oil and applied it on her hand then she just holded my thighs and took my dick in her mouth ( she was pro at it as we had a session before at my house n I never got such bj from anyone else till date) and she was sucking me to the core make me do the big Oz she stopped all of sudden and with her oily hand

she started to strock it hard and fast the feeling was new I screemed that I am gonna cum so she just took the mushroom of my dick to her moth n did some magic with her tounge I cummed a load and she drank it full and smiled to me. She just got up and walked in to washroom on the heater again and with light hot water we took bath.

We took bath playing with each others body and then we came back to bed lied nude looking up to the roof. She again came in to me kissed me I responded back then slowly my hand went to her boobs n started squeezing them. Then I came down to her neck kissed there licked her ears and again came down and started eating her nipples up.

I circled my tounge around her nipple keeping my teeth around it she started moaning AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH n started breathing fast. I took care of both boobs equally and further went down her navel licked around it and kissed there then I again went to her hair less clean shaven pussy it was so wet I placed a kiss on it,

it's Smell was welcoming n taste was yummy I slowly opened my mouth n placed my tounge around pussy and started licking from to to bottom she stopped me in few minutes and she got up sat on my face and said " now you eat me full" as I started licking her she started moaning hard (her moans n words in bed are always energy giving) I started licking more and more and eating her clitoris.

She had her orgasam n that went completely in to my mouth. She turned around I continued liking her and nw we were in 69 position I kept on licking her and her bj was giving me more kick. We continued it for sometime and then she said enough she wanted to ride now.

So she herself adjusted on my pole as she was super wet it went slowly inside her was that feeling is unexplainable tight hot wall and she slowly started moving up ( I like woman taking charge, to be submissive) and down saying " ohhhh yes ohhhh yes fuck me... Fuck me hard... "

Then she turned to doggy position and started fucking her it was her favourite position she had multiple orgasam and mine was building too so I fucked her from behind with more power keeping my finger on her asshole I started fucking faster aaahhhhhhhhhh… uhhhhhhhhh… Fuck me faster faster harder...

I cummed all of a sudden so I slowed down but she wanted more so she made me lick her pussy again it was weird taste my cum her juice sweat and all I fingered and kept on licking her with two fingers and my tongue. Mine was still erect so I again inserted her in missionary position and kept fucking her for sometime.

Then I took her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her deep and hard which she liked the most and she asked for more """ oooohhhhh yyesssss baby, more deeper, I am liking it ohhhhhhh yyyyaaaaaahhhhhh yes yes yessssssssss" and she cummed again. I was tired she was tired we slept off for sometime it was already late.

While I got up she was not there she had already went I saw little money my return bus ticket and a small note writing " thanks for the night ". Waiting for next chance to be with her. Sorry for making it long if boring I am sorry it's a real life incident with little spice up here and there. Feel free to comment below and let me know your opinion.

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Amy The Sex Bomb

Hi all, Rags here. My age is 30 currently married to a girl who is not much interested in sex. I had a girlfriend let’s call her Amy we both had a good intimate relationship.

This is true story laced with romance and sex. Brace it up.I started watching porn during my school days while I saw my brother Aman who is 26 years old now, was watching porn on the computer and masturbating.At first, I didn’t understand what was it,later I understood.After that, I saw the same video he was watching and then got addicted to it.

Later on, I started masturbating every day.And I think I am addicted to sex and masturbation. I used to work in it firm back then and Amy joined as a fresher in the company weirdly she is a couple of months older than me. She did Mtech and I just did Btech.

So I was asked to mentor her before that she thought I was a cheap Romeo type of a guy. But when I started mentoring her and her friends she was impressed by my tech knowledge so a couple of pings and WhatsApp and then few dates and finally to I love you all this happened in 3 to 4 months.

Unfortunately when we became a couple I had to shift my company and location to Bangalore. After one month, I met her again. Till now we just did holding hands and kissing on cheeks. I am 5 feet 10 inch tall my complexion is wheatish and good tool size. I have an average structure.

Let me describe Amy she is not fair nor dark but dusky like Bipasha Basu,Koena Mitra, Tanushree Dutta etc. She is about 5 feet 2 inches. Her vital stats are 34d 30 38. She is described as a bomb.

So I reached near her pg called her she came down we went to a park on a weekday so it was very deserted and there we smooched for first time we kept smooching till we lost out breadth. Best smooch experience when both of your tongues fight for supremacy and your lips ache when you are done.

When we are done we got up and we went to a movie in a multiplex they were just 10 couples and when it became dark we started smooching round 2 again. This time, I started pressing her boobs over her t-shirt and after 2 hr I asked her can I slide my hand inside her bra. When she nodded I groped her boobs with my bare hands and continued smooching.

Next day we went to another movie and we repeated the same thing but now her hand was on my dick slowly caressing it over my pant. I kept my hand over her panty, of course, her suit was there. Next day I had to leave she came to the airport to give sendoff and we gave mice show to cab driver.

I left to Bangalore and texted a week later that I needed to do sex with her completely and asked her to come to Bangalore. In between, we used to do phone sex and masturbate. She agreed after initial hesitation to book a hotel room and picked her and straight went to the hotel room and started smooching I would easily say we can smooch whole day.

Then she told that she wants the complete feel of my naked scene. We stripped each other until we became totally nude. I started her groping her tits and she told enough of groping suck them. I started sucking her left boob groping her right boob and vice versa.

Meanwhile, she started stroking my dick so that it became its hardest state and then I kept a pillow under her beautiful ass and started inserting into her beautifully shaven and well-maintained pussy. She moaned and cried a little later she started enjoying asking me to increase the speed.

I rammed her so much now I really don’t remember how many times we both cummed but it was enriching and best experience till date. We both oozed blood too as we were virgins then. We did only missionary position whole two days she left Bangalore then.

On our next trip we wanted to try out lifting her to the wall and do it though I lifted and did it it was not comfortable to both of us and hence we were back to our beds she told she wanted to ride me and hotness of her pussy over my dick was so good that my cock was rarely in its limp state.

She rode me that day and according to both of us that was our best position because we both were not skinny and average physique. Third trip we travelled to Mysore for holiday and there we wanted to oral sex she was pretty sure she won’t be comfortable but I wanted to try but it turned opposite she was not comfortable with my lips on her pussy lips but her lips did great job on my dick.

We then tried different foreplay like tying hands and smacking her ass. She especially used to moan very differently when I used to smack her ass I used to love that and it used to turn me on. We used to smooch in lifts in hotel and malls when we were alone.

In my room, we used to be nude all the day we used to open the main door only to take food delivery. We used to have sex in bathroom kitchen and every corner of the house. She used to ask me to grow a beard to have the feel of kissing a bearded man. We did a variety of role plays by asking her to wear saree sometimes and she used to dance some seductive Indian songs.

We used to dance nude to latest dance numbers and play number color games. I really miss her today. We reached our kinky level by lucking our assholes we tried anal sex but stopped when she compared of extreme pain. I still miss her smooches blowjobs and moans and of course her tits and vagina.

I hope my sex story did not bore you guys. Sorry for spelling mistakes if any. I am currently in Pune looking for a quality acquaintance. Please feel free to drop your comments below.

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Rohan Enjoying Cheating Sex With Aunty

Hi, my name is Rohan. I lived in Mumbai in PG with my friend when this incident happened. My friend was in different college. He had his exams so his mother came to take care of him. This was my first sex encounter with an elder lady. His mother was around 38 years old. She was fair and had nice pair of breasts. She had a figure of 36-30-38. Her ass and her boobs were best part of her body.

We had a single bathroom so we used to share it. I used to imagine how she would be bathing and masturbated thinking about her. The door of bathroom was in front of me I didn’t close the door of my room which I obviously did not to see her coming out of bathroom. Once, I sniffed her panties and bra when she forgot to put outside to dry. She wore a lacy bra.

She used to wear suits mostly without sleeves. I used to focus on her clear underarms and badly wanted to lick them.. She did not put a dupatta when she was at home. Many times I saw her cleavage. I used to get a hard on. We used to talk on different matters and she also gave me homemade cookies to eat. I wanted to fuck her badly. She did not have any idea what I used to feel about her.

Now coming on to that day when things happened. It was my friend’s last exam. The exam center was a bit far so he used to leave one hour early so he doesn’t get late and come after chatting with his friends. After the last exam he was changing his pg so aunty was packing up. I was helping her. There was a bag on top of the almirah and we had to take it down.

So, I climbed on a chair and she was holding that up. I could see her cleavage from top and was getting a hard on. I was wearing a pajama so she saw that and smiled looking at it. I felt shy. Then we had to roll the beddings and it was not easy to do it alone. So, she held it from one end and I rolled it from the other end. This time I got a more clear view of her boobs.

Her boobs were milky white and quite marvelous. I came near her while rolling the bed and could not control myself and kissed her on lips. It was just a touch of my lips on hers. I said sorry. She got angry and said I should not have done that. I asked her sorry again and said I could not control myself as she was looking really beautiful, at which she smiled.

I again kissed her forcefully. I thought she would respond this time but she threw me and turned her back towards me. She asked, “Why are you doing this?” I said, “Because you are too beautiful to be loved.” She turned face towards me.

I got that as a signal and hugged her and said I want to love you more and without wasting any time I kissed her on neck and put my hands on her navel over her clothes. She said, “You are my son’s friend.” I said, “So what? I won’t tell him about this. “, and kissed her on lips. This time she was also responding to my kiss. We were kissing each other madly.

I was getting her sweet smell. Her lips were really soft. I could not believe I was smooching her. This became a really wet kiss. Our tongues were just slurping each other. My dick was full tight by then and it was touching her private area. I could feel her large boobs over my chest. She was such a good kisser. Her experience as a matured woman was really showing up.

After kissing her she opened her eyes. I started kissing her sexy neck. She moaned. I made her neck wet with my saliva, and was kissing her ferociously. She was moaning badly with my every touch on her neck. I untied her hairs. She was looking really sexy with her cleavage and open hairs. Her boobs were bouncing with her breathe. I turned her back again.

I then put aside her hairs and opened her chain of kurti. Then I kissed on her back. She was getting hornier. She turned and opened my t shirt and started kissing my chest. She sucked on my nipples. I was getting mad when she rolled her tongue on my nipples. I pulled her kurti down and pulled her hands up. I then kissed and licked her underarms. She had clean underarms.

She used veet as I had seen empty sachet in the bathroom. Then I took her to my room, since her bed was already folded. I came over her and started kissing her cleavage. I opened her bra hooks. And she was topless in front of me. She was feeling shy and hiding her boobs. I hold her hands and got a clear view of her delicious melons. I started sucking her boobs.

She was moaning, “aaahhhhhhhhhh… uhhhhhhhhh….. Rohan suck them…” I was feeling hornier listening to her noise. I came to her navel and put my tongue inside her navel. I made it wet and started rolling fingers around it. She was biting her lips and hushing. I opened her salwar. She lowered my pajama. I sniffed her panty. I started fingering it.

She was getting crazier. By now her panty was drench wet. I touched my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it on her pussy. She was getting crazy on this and was pulling my body towards her. My chest was pressing her boobs. Then I pulled her panty down. It was clean and had just little hairs around the pink spot.

I kissed her pussy and started licking it. She again moaned. I then kissed her on lips rigorously. We were kissing and our hands were on each other’s private area. I was fingering her pussy and she was giving me a handjob. We then came in 69 position and she gave me a blowjob. She was really good in giving blowjob.

I was taking full-time since it was still 1 hour for the exam to end. We were both naked in each other’s arms. She said, “fuck me rohan now….” I came on her and slightly pushed my dick inside her pussy. I have an average dick size of 5’5” and she was wet. It did not take much time to get my full dick inside her pussy. I was thrusting her in missionary position.

Her boobs were crushing against my chest. With every push, her boobs were bouncing up. After 5 minutes of thrusting, we shifted position. I came behind her and pushed my dick inside her pussy. I was now fondling her boobs from back and fucking her. After 10 minutes, we shivered, she held me tightly, I put my lips on hers, and I came inside her. We then kissed each other.

And she took my promise to not to tell anyone about this. We wore our clothes. Then, we slept for some time until my friend come. This was my first and only experience with any elder woman till date.

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Praneeth Enjoying Awesome Sex With Shiny

Hi Readers, awesome page to very erotic stories. So thought to share mine after after years of following this page. This is a Real Story and no imagination or story added. My First story so please bear with any mistakes.

This happened three years back. Let me introduce myself.This is Praneeth thirty male from Hyderabad.I am six feet height wheatish and athletic in looks. I maintain well. I lived in US for long years on job. So while staying there I used to get bored as I don’t have much to do. So I used to go into chatting rooms frequently.

So one day I met this gal whose name is Shiny from Hyderabad. So we chatted some time and she said she was in a hurry to go to work and I asked her Skype id. We exchanged and waited for next day. She came back and messaged me and it was night in india. We started talking to each other and I asked her if I can have a video call. She said ok and Started her video.

She is not damn pretty but a sexy bomb shell with a height of 5’6 and stats of 34-30-36. She maintain her physique well and I got hard on looking her on maxi at that time and somehow I managed to talk to her. She said she is widow as she lost her husband two years back. I felt bad and asked her how she is getting on. She said she is ok but missing many things in her age.

She is bold while she speak on call and may be the night time effect is working. I said if I can help her with something. She asked me how can I do it and I said may be for the time being we go for online video sex whenever we both need. She said ok and we started having wild cam sex and we both summed with huge gasps. We continued doing it every day.

As months passed we became thick friends as she introduced me to her family also. Slowly we started sharing our fantasies with each other. She is ready for anything and she opened up with how many guys fucked her till now. I also said to her about my experiences. I had sex but till now Its not complete 100% satisfaction.

So after few months I was supposed to have visit to India and as My family is from Vizag I thought to come to Hyderabad first and travel to Vizag. So I told Shiny about my visit and she is very happy to meet me. So We organised plan and asked her to book good hotel and also arrange transport.

I was eagerly waiting to meet her and feel her tender love feeling first by hugging her tight. As I landed in Hyderabad,I called her and she said she is waiting outside. When I stepped out …Gosh she is in Black Saree with short sleeved blouse with Deep Back (I go mad for it).

So I gave a hug and peck in Airport and asked her if we can go to hotel. She directed cabdriver to hotel and we reached hotel in 30 minutes. As I have Vizag flight in the evening very late.I have lot of time to spend with Shiny.

I was feeling very tired and wanted to have a shower when I reached hotel. We both entered hotel room and I hugged her tight and gave a smooch and said I will be back as I need a shower. So I headed to shower and when I opened wash room and came out, Shiny was waiting and saw me in towel.

I don’t know what came to her mind she immediately came to me and pushed me to wall moving her hands on my chest and started smooching me and our tongues met and had an awesome kiss..I didn’t shag for more than ten days so my dick is very hard (No faking here. My dick is seven inches and good thickness …I don’t want to show mine as over to moon size).

She was still in Saree and I started kissing her neck too and pulled Saree pallu and open her blouse pressing her boobs over bra which is black.She is moaning a lot ( she moans normally a lot with pleasure than others) and I enjoy gals who moan in sex.

She pulled my Towel and hold my dick with her both hands and gave a lusty smile. Am sure she will empty my balls like never.she made me stand to wall and she sat on her knees with half naked blouse and bra and started lick my pink tip with her tongue( I fucked my gfs before but this was my first blow job with a gal and best).

Her licks sent shivers in my spine …Ohhh Gosshhh I can’t explain the pleasure she gave ….So she took my shaft slowly and started sucking to and fro..I ordered her to take my dick completely and she obediently did. She choked because of the size but she didn’t stop sucking. Now I started mouth fucking her with a decent pace.

She and me both increased pace and mine is building up to splash. As speed was max My cum just blasted out….To my Surprise she didn’t stop sucking while I bummed. She took my complete sperm in her mouth and gulped it like thirsty for many years. She drank all of it and made it clean. It was the best awesome blowjob I ever had. I was tired and we both took a nap for sometime.

Suddenly after some time I felt my dick wet and understood she want the game to begin.She got out of her saree and made herself ready for fuck. She sucked for sometime. I kept her to bed and said now its show time. As its second time I have enough stamina to control and fuck her longtime. She place condom on my dick and place it on her pussy walls.

I asked if she want slow push or a fast push. She said she wanted a fast push. So I pushed h into her pussy walls and she screamed as because of my size.Slowly she started to enjoy my pushes and I fucked her in that angle for sometime. As Iam well prepared to fuck her in all angles. I made her stand to wall.

As she is very right figure for my strong body and weight matches me to lift her. I lifted her to wall and put my dick into her pussy. I started ramming into her wildly to wall as my chest pressing her boobs with each push.I started sucking her boobs while fuck her. Its a hard position but I tried my best to give her boob suck while I fuck her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I fuck her.Then I made her bed in doggy to window and I fucked her in doggy while she bend on floor and each angle is giving me the awesome experience. She was screaming and shouting while I fuck her in different angles which is making more mad as I love women screaming.I slapped her hard on her ass while if fucked her from behind.

Now I asked her to go doggy on bed with her ass upward and her body on pillow like an bow.I want tight pussy. So I Started fucking her in that angle for some more time. So now its my turn to ask her to ride me and I laid on bed and my dick in upward position. She came on top of me and she started to push her pussy on mad dick.

I can see my dick entering her pussy while she does it which is a wow moment for me. So she fucked me from top in cowboy and Now I want to finish for final which is missionary again. I kept her to bed and pushed her both legs wide and inserted my dick and Started fucking her in speed pace and changing her leg positions tight.

We are puffing heaving and sweating heavily while we do this as its summer and we are coming to close climax. She screamed…”Yaa…ohhh ahhhhh…..shhhh….fuck me hard….I love this feeling….Your huge dick making hallow space in my pussy ……ahhhhh” and pressure building up in my balls too and we both Cummed at the same time.

Believe me guys I never thought I have stamina to fuck long time…But got confidence on that day…..We are tired and slept for sometime and its already evening. We hugged and smooched before we leave. She dropped me at Airport and bid good bye. Later She got married and we lost our contact.

I too got married ….Its the most memorable Moment till date…I dunno how I narrated my real feelings…Please forgive me if any mistakes. Thank you all for reading.

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Karthik Enjoying Hot Sex With Neighbourhood Lady

I am karthik (pet name) and I am regular reader of Human digests and I want share my first extra martial experience with my neighbour lady. I am 38 yrs old and she is my neighbour lady in her 2nd floor opposite to our 3rd floor.

Flower (name changed) lady is 32 yrs old and she has 2 sons of 8 & 3 yrs old. Her husband is working in manufacturing firm. She is good normal female and her vital size are 34-30-36. I used to peep her home always.

She was born in out of somewhere in south Tamil Nadu and settled in Chennai. Whenever I see her I used to watch her body structure I used to make fantasy and make masturbate as like fucking her.

She was sitting on the sofa and sometime she sits in the floor, I always watch her from our balcony and always smile in daytime and night time also whenever possible time I use to watch her. She also knows that I am watching her bottom and pussy.

One day I went to her home when her kids are playing with my son. I asked she fell down before the day and she can’t able to walk much. I asked can I massage she told do you know massage and I said yes. She allowed inside that was the one evening around 4.30pm, I told her Lady then you should show your knees to do massage.

When started to fold your nighty little up, which she told me to do and do it fast. I fold her nighty up to the upper thigh, my dick was fully up. I was massaging the lady again lied on the sofa. I was massaging and seeing lady and this time I am fully seeing her panty.

Lady was making some sound which initially thought due to the pain she was making. She was getting excitement while I was massaging. After some time lady again sit on the sofa and looking at me. I was looking on her and some time I was looking on her panty. This time she came to sit with me in the floor and gave me a kiss in my lips and hug me told please has me to do full body massage.

She told me that I know you need me and many days you are peeping me and eyeing on me.karthik please make me feel your tool in my pussy, you know my hubby is not satisfying me. Then I told her that we will move to your bed room. She took me in her bedroom and lied in her bed and start to remove her nighty.

She told me karthik don’t make in hurry my sons will come at 7 o clock and we have more time. I then start kiss from her leg and come to top and was kissing her full body. Her boobs were big and I suck and bite there. She had perfect figure which we always hide in her dress. She had the best pair of boobs, milky white and pinky nipples.

Her ass was of the perfect round shape and she was looking stunning. I removed her panty also besides her panty was wet with her juice. I remove that and put my tongue and start licking and she was moaning. I put my tongue in to deep and she was loudly moaning.

She told me karthik please remove your shorts and t-shirt and I want feel your big dick and then she opens her mouth and I put in her mouth. She gave me a good blow job. Again I climb on her body and start sucking her boobs and navel. I went down found her cunt to be wet and dripping her juices and I started licking the vagina and inner thigh.

She very hard and spring and rolls due to hot, she start pushing me more and more towards her pussy by spreading her legs and giving me access to her dripping special cunt.My tongue is playing like anything in her pussy start licking. She started giving a thrust in the upward direction asking me to do more and more. I put my one finger then three and he got pain and cried.

I put my tongue again start licking fast which she gave me her first orgasm. She moaned with pain and pleasure. I licked face and start kissing her thigh and her hot pussy continuously. She was relaxed and ordered her to take my tool in her mouth and make it hard as a rock.

She did the same way and she rolling her tongue over the head licking like ice cream. I was enjoying and my hands were busy to pumping and pressing her breast. She was a master in the art of sucking that was making my rod grow more and more big in size. Then I moved to her pussy and I put my dick in to her pussy and it was too tight and I went and buried deep.

She started pumping and slowly she took my monster inside her. She started moaning with pleasure and I too was enjoying. Her breasts were near my mouth and I didn’t waste any time and took in to mouth and suck them and fuck her all the styles. We went to bathroom together and each other wash out then come to bedroom to put the cloths.

I always enjoyed few session whenever possible I like to know is there any female is interested feel the same. Thank you all reading story of me and hope you all enjoyed.

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Jayet Enjoying Hot Fuck With Unsatisfied Neighbour Purnima

My name is Jayet, I am 28 years old now.This story is 2 years old, how I lost my virginity to my neighbor.Purnima( name changed). I am from Dehradun.With gym type body and my dick size is 6″5′.

Without wasting time, the sex story begins.The heroine of the story my neighbor Purnima. She is married for 7 years and has 2 children, she is 33 now with clear cut white face and fig- 36 32 38. She has very friendly nature and when she walks her moving ass makes me mad. Purnima and our house are on ground floor and our families have good relation with them.

I usually visit their house to teach their kids and play with them. And after finishing her work she use to join us.One day I was sitting in her house and waiting for her children to come, I started rubbing my penis.Suddenly she came there with her children.I think she saw me and sat there in the room with passing me a naughty smile.

I keep porn videos and nude pics in my mobile.Including her photo too. One day she asked me for my phone.I forgot to hide it and gave her. She started scrolling my phone and saw all those pictures. With a naughty smile, she asked me what type of photos do I keep.I was shocked and afraid and with a fumbling voice I said these girls are my friends.

To which she replied ” why she is in so small dresses” and passed me the phone with a naughty wink. Noticing her behavior.I gathered confidence and said that she likes to wear small dresses and asks me to click her photos in private. I got shocked when she said that you didn’t have some more photos of her.

Me: I have them but can’t show it to her. Purnima: why?(with loud naughty smile) is she without clothes in them. She again started scrolling my gallery and the next photo was – a girl with no clothes on. Seeing this she got a little redness in her face.I think she got a little bit shy and said -omg what is this girl.And what type of photo she wants to be clicked.

My heart was already pumping fast.I knew that she knows everything and is showing me her innocence.I didn’t want to miss this opportunity and said her that my friend made me to click this photo.

Next photo was a girl taking a penis in her ass and no faces were in the photo. She was all naughty now and with a winked faced in eyes gesture asked me. I was now fumbling... Bla bla. And she now started to enlarge the penis part in the photograph. And asked me who is this guy in the photograph who is nailing your friend from behind.I played and said.

What is fucking aunty. To which she said do try to be innocent now, I know you have done all this. Next words were like.You look so innocent, in double meaning words she said that she didn’t expect me like this.She was now scrolling some more pics.And her children were now playing on the balcony. I started imagining her fucking.

And I didn’t remember when my hand started rubbing my penis. I got a bulge. The tent was easily visible above my pants. She suddenly sees me rubbing my penis.I was so lost that I think she called my name 2-3 times and gave me my phone back.

Then she naughtily y said I think you have a great stamina.Listening that I was sure that she is now ready to get fucked.But that day nothing more happened.My phone rang and I left. Next day I was all alone in my home.She get to know this.She came with her children to my house and after some time asked her children to play outside.

Know she asked me that she wants to learn computer.I told her that I have only one char.I she is ready to share it, I can teach her.I asked her to sit on my lap if she is ok.(we were indirectly seducing each other).She said k but your thighs will pain.I said let’s try it. She said naughtily that you have a good stamina today it seems.Hearing this I got mad.

Now I could not control myself and holding my dick..Shooting towards her I said.Yes.With a shy laugh keeping her hand on pussy she said she is also ready. I was very happy now. I get hold of her and started kissing her. She was also responding like there is end tomorrow. What a feeling it was. My first kiss to a married lady.

After a 10 min lip lock, she introduced her tongue into my mouth. Then I break the kiss and pushed to the sofa. And now I fell on her and started kissing her. The very horny point. Then her cleavage.And down her pussy above her clothes. She was slight moaning.. Aou..Ahh.Ahh..With both my hands I was squeezing her very soft big boobs. Now I was all mad.

I started taking her clothes off.First thing I could see was her navel.I kissed her on her navel. She somewhat moved her body up. I get to know that she is very horny today. After sucking navel for 3-4 mins I proceeded further towards her boobs I removed her kurti. She was wearing red color net bra. She was looking like nagar khan to me today.

Now I started playing with her boobs. Sucking. Kissing. Biting..To which she said she is all mine today.Be little soft.. I again started kissing her.Now my hands were feeling her ass. Above panty. My penis was rubbing her body.She was super hot now. I removed all my clothes except my boxer. She then kissed my penis from above my boxer and slowly removed my boxer.

1 week before I shaved my dick.She was all shocked to see my 6.5-inch dick. And said her husband’s is a kind in front of me.He is unable to satisfy me. But today she thinks all her dreams are gone fulfilled. Listening to this I inserted my penis in her mouth. She was a very experienced mouth fucker. What a blowjob it was. I don’t have words to express that feeling.

It was 10-12 mins now.I was ready to cum.I told her, she said to fill her mouth.I obeyed her and in next min I relieved myself in her mouth.She swallowed every drop. Now she said it’s my turn with kissing my dick.I immediately proceeded towards her pussy removed her salwar and panty in one go. Her pussy area was well shaved and clean with white skin.And pink clitoris.

I inserted my tongue.And started to suck her deeply.She was heavily moaning.Ohh fuck. Aha ahh.Ahhhh.I t my energizing me more and more.Then I inserted my 1 finger and started finger fucking her.Then with my 2 fingers and within around 8-9 mins she cummed in my hands.It was warm.And there was a shy smile on her face.Now we started kissing each other.

With around 5 mins I again got a hard on.I was ready now to lose my virginity. She guided me with her hands in her pussy.(this all were happening on sofa).I kept mu dick on her clit and started rubbing it up and down.She was biting her lips now.But before this I wore condom. But she said she wants to enjoy the real fun.

So I removed my condom which she brought with her..I pressed my hips towards her pussy and with no time half of my dick was in her.As she was very wet.I again pressed my dick 2-3 time and now my full penis was in her pussy.

She moaned a loud..Aahhh. We were now in pause for 3-4 mins.And I was kissing her.I could feel her warm breaths on my chest. With both my hands squeezing her boobs wildly. Now I was moving up and down on her.She was enjoying and.15 mins later we were about to cum.

I increased my speed. And she came.A was also on the verge to cum.I removed my dick and inserted in her mouth.She swallowed every single drop. Then I kissed her again and we were lying on the sofa.She went to the bathroom to herself and.I also cleaned myself and dressed. This whole session was about 1:30 hr.

She thanked me and said that I was her 1st husband from now.We usually had sex when we got the chance.Tried all steps with her.She loved fantasy sex.( themed).Now her husband got transferred.And m looking for someone to fill the gap.

I would be happy to hear feedback from my friends. Please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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