Raju Enjoying Sex With Hot Neighbour Sai

I am Raju, 22, just completed my BTech and got selected by a MNC and waiting for my posting. I was staying with my parents in a huge residential complex. Complex consists of five blocks of ten stories each and almost all the flats are fully occupied. I was staying with my parents and they both were employed.

Mother cooks food and leaves it on the table and I take it whenever I feel hungry. There was a wide verabdah in front of our flat in sixth floor and it is a pleasure to walk along the verandah just watching the ladies going hither and thither. I like watching women of any age, may it be teen age girls or auties of twenties or thirties, or ever forties.

Their boobs, thighs and ass attract me and I keep watching some when the walk along and look with great interest how their boobs wobble. Suddenly a girl of about 17 or 18 emerged in the veranda or our floor who just gazed down below from the parapet of the veranda. Her hind portion was very nice and I felt like going and touching it.

I just wanted to get friendly with her and one day when she was just looking at me I threw a broad smile. She turned her head away and after some time again looked at me, again I smiled. On third time within half hour when she looked at me, I smiled and she also smiled back. I just signaled her to come and she looking all around came and asked why did you call.

I told her that I am standing without anyone to even to talk. I saw you also standing alone. I thought if you come I can get somebody to talk and that is why I smiled. I asked her come inside my flat and sit in the sitting room, and leave the door open. She said no, close the door, why people should see me sitting in your flat. Ok, Ok, as you please, I closed the door.

First tell me about you, I said. She said she is Sai, staying with her parents, who both are employed. She was studying in the second year degeee in a Chennai college staying in the hostel. I told her about me and she was smiling all the way. I am fed up of the TV, same serials and every where. I asked dont you browse the net. She said no, I dont have a computer, or a laptop.

My father and mother use it in the office. But they have not bought a laptop for the home use. Do you have a laptop, she asked. I said yes. Wait, I went inside my bedroom and brought mine and placed it on the side table and asked her to use it if she wants. She was amazed, but she was not aware of how to use a laptop. She asked me to show her.

I asked her what are her favourite sites. She said she does not have any favourite site, she used to just check her mail box, thats all. I asker you whethr she sees movies, she said no, any sex movies, she said no no nothing at all. I went to bedroom and sat in my bed with stetched out legs and placed my laptop on my lap. She sat close to me, with her keen eyes planted on the monitor.

Her boob was so close to me and I had a temptation to just touch it and feel it. I waited. I showed her the major browser sites and portal sites and then I went to a sex site (mild) To get a better view she was leaning on me. The problem is Sai, if I show you sexual sites, you will get very hot and horny. Tomorrow you should not blame me for what I may do to you.

She laughed and said what you will do you will have sexual intercourse with me. I too want but before that I wanted to know about sex. Because in my college, girls do not have any clear knowledge about sex and unnecessary and false information is spread.

My father has promised to get me a second hand laptop which I will take to the hostel and with internet I can have correct and scientific information about sex. I said ok, ok, and then showed her some mild sex sites and then to the hardcore sites. She was looking at them keenly and I was sure she must have been aroused. My cock under neath my laptop was erect and restless.

I could see her heavy breathing and her boobs rising up and down heavily. I put my hand across and just touched her nipples. She looked into my eyes and then closed her eyes half and apparently she was enjoying my act. I kept the laptop aside and made her to lie down and put my hand over her face and turned it towards me and kissed it on the cheeks.

She then pouted her lips and urged me to take her lips in my mouth. I just got over her and I took her underlip in my mouth and went on sucking it. she offered her tongue and I touched her tongue with mine. Then it was a wild kiss. My hand went in search of her boob and it was underneath her blouse. I had to give it a mild squeeze.

Sai had a bra underneath and he unhooked her bra by putting her hand underneath her back. Once the bra is raised and the boobs were released from their captivity, I turned to it and with my tongue I licked around the nipple, my hand gave the boob a soft pressure and Sai was moaning with joy. I licked both the nipples and boobs alternatively.

She had a skirt underneath and a dhavani.(half saree) I asked her to remove the dhavanee and I tried to untie the knot of the skirt. Sai did it fast and in no time her skirt was removed and she was in her panties, a blue dotted panth. I ran my hand over it and could see a small damp spot in the middle.

My mouth was full of her boob and sucking her nipple, I put my hand inside her panty to search for her cunt. There was a bushy hair in her mount of venus. When I searched down, I found her entire pussy is full of hair. I got up and pulled her panty down and now she was stark naked.

I asked her why you grow so much of hair, it is unhealthy to have so much of hair, you should have removed it. She said I dont have any blade or anything else to remve it. I said what nonsense, there are so many brands of hair removal creams, which you could have bought from any ladies store. I will do it next time, she said. I told her I am going to remove your hair with my trimmer.

I took a sheet of an old newspaper and spread it underneath her. Making her spread her legs wide, I took my electronic trimmer and ran it from one corner of her black forest. I was careful when it runs over the soft tissue. I made her legs wide and no hair stub escaped my machine. I ran it around her anal area where there was a cluster of hair.

Her wheat coloured skin came out and when the black hair was removed, her cunt was looking beautiful. I asked her to get up and go to the bathroom and was her cunt with soap so that any hair particles sticking may get dislodged. I could see her watching her shaven cunt in the wall mirror in my bath room. Her face was brightened up and she said she never knew it could be so beautiful.

I switched off my laptop and put it aside and made Sai to lie in the middle of my cot. Sitting by her side, I just bowed and planted a kiss on her shaven cunt. Sai seemed fully aroused and she lifted her legs and widened them so that I may go and sit between her legs. Her cunt was open and I could see the red streak between her widened cunt lips.

I just opened her cunt lips further and examined her interior more in detail. Her tiny clitoris and her urine hole and her fuckhole. I asked Sai whether she had been fucked before. She said no. Are you still a virgin, I further asked. I think so. Because I had participated in lot of sports activity. They said my membraine would have torn off when you do such sports.

I dont know and I dont care. OK, ok, I am going to insert my finger into your cunt, that is why I asked you. Bending over her and licking her clitoris, I inserted my middle finger into her fuckhole and pushed it in. My left hand was busy squeezing her boob. My lips got hold of her clitoris and pulled it out. I was elestic like a rubber band.

My right middle finger was making a fucking like movement in her cunt. Sai was moaning loudly and she was pressing my head down on clitoris. Suddenly hand felt the spasmodic pressure on it ti show that Sai was having a heavy climax. Throwing her leg over me she hugged me tight and kissed my face profusely. She said this is the first time she had a real orgasm.

Oh Raju, you did not have climax, tell me what I should do so that you too may reach your climax. I asked to go to the bathroom and clean her pussy and dry it and come. She washed and dried and came and lied near me. I asked when did you have your last mensus. She asked why, Are you having it regularly every month.

She said yes, Then just think over and tell me the exact date. She went to the calender and made some calculations and said she is due for mensus within a week or five days. Ok. I said and I told her in full length about the safe days and unsafe days. I told have that you can download an app into you mobile phone to know whether a day is safe or unsafe.

There are antipregnancy pills available in the market and keep a stock of them in a hidden corner in you bag. I searched for safe sex in the Google in the laptop and she was surprised that so much information is available. Before I fuck you, You should know all about safe sex, I said. Since that day was safe for her I got ready for my bout.

She lied with her legs widespread and raised her hand to invite me onto her. I started kissing her on her cheeks and then sucked her lower lips and inserted my tongue inside her mouth and pressed her boobs and nipples, Sai having known the sex vibrations by her earlier bout, was ready to receive me in a missionary position.

My cock was fully erect and it surprised her, she just took it in her hand and gave it a kiss and then tried to take it in her mouth, I said wait if your teeth touches this cock the entire pleasure will vanish. We will try it later, now we will try a new post, doggie, stand on all your fours.

She knealed and stood on all her fours. I went behind her and inserting my hand located her cunt opening and placed my cock and pushed it in. It went tightly in. I pushed and pushed it went very tightly in and finally it reached its full length. Bowing forward, I touched her boobs and asked her whether she is feeling ok. She said yes.

I started to fuck her first slowly and then increased my speed. She cried that she too is coming and when my orgasm is near I pulled my cock out and threw my cum on her back. I went to the bathroom brought the towel and wiped my cum and We both went tothe bathroom. It was noon and we both were hungry.

I told her let us finish what my mother has made for me and we both sat on the dining table and finished the entire food. Sai took all the plates to the sink and cleaned and kept them on the drining board. She came and we got dressed hurriedly and to her flat in the same floor and ate whatever food was kept for her by her mother. Sai said why not have the next session in my bedroom.

I said no. We may not know and go on fucking when your parents will come knock the door. It is better you have rest for the afternoon and come prepared for the next day to my flat. Sai agreed reluctantly. She wanted to have a fuck face to face, because you can know the emotions of the other party only when you fuck one on top of another. OK, Ok, we will do it.

Thus we departed promising to meet next day. We met next day and many days till she had to go back to her hostel. During the vacation she would have been fucked at least a hundred times. In the meantime my employer asked to report at Hyderabad on my onward journey to UK.

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Professional Masseur Become Male Escort

Hello everyone.. I really feel blessed to be here among all of you guys and girls and. And I’m overjoyed with the response I have received and I want you guys to keep them coming and I hope you are satisfied with my speed and my replies.. Unlike other writers I shall reply you within in an hour or 2 max to max in a day.

As you guys know I’m a sex advisor, a proffressional massuer. I encourage all kinds of chats, and I would love to get in bed with you my innovative and creative ideas. I don’t mind if it’s a cuckold experience.. all I want is to eat a horny pussey dripping with love juices.

Well as all of you know how I got a chance to massage and make love to my client Neha.. She loved our experience and she shared it with her roommate.. Her name is Shruti. I got a call from Neha asking for another appointment this time for her roommate. I felt so happy for that second but tried to control myself and don’t show my excitement.

We fixed our appointment at 2.30pm, 4th of may. I couldn’t believe my luck and all kinds of thought were going through my mind whether I’m going to have a threesome, or will I get to fuck another horny bitch. I felt very happy and finally the day arrived and I was all ready to bang on… I reached her place by 2.15pm and gave her call.

And she informed me that she will inform her friend as she is out of town.. I felt so bad for a second as all my plans were ruined and I might get a chance to fuck only 1 girl for now..I knocked the door and my new fucky buddy, opened the door with a smile.. she looked gorgeous.. She was so fair and cute!!! She was short. Her height might be around 5.2..

The best thing about her was her lips.. She had beautiful pink lips and let her hair lose.. She was wearing a yellow skinny top with blue micro shorts.. She asked me to come in and when she turned I got to see her lovely ass. It was quite big for her height.. Must be 36..We sat on sofa and introduced each other.. And we shared our likes and dislikes.

And now coming to the main story, Shruthi- Rohan I have never done this before!! Neha has made me to do this as I too love sex but was always scared.. She loved having sex with you and told me that you are too good in seducing and are very creative when it comes to pleasing a girl.. she asked me what am I planning to do with her.

Rohan- thanks for the compliment, and I love to please all the women who try to get in touch with me.. And I shall try my best to satisfy you and you book another appointment to soon S- I love your confidence Rohan, but I don’t think I’m gonna need you again..R- mam trust me I shall think I’m not good enough if you dont need me again.. Lemme give my best effort and you decide what do you want..

So shall we start? S- sure.. R- Where is your bathroom?? She guided me toward the bathroom and was about to leave the room. I suddenly got hold of her hand and pulled her inside the bathroom and switched on the shower.. The water was cold as we dint switch on the heater and she shivered. She was angry and was about to scold me when I gave her the first smooch.

We started to smooch under the shower. I started biting her lower lip and she was hugging me tight.. And then slowly I inserted my tongue in her mouth and started feeling her tongue.. She responded with the same and we had a tongue fight for almost 3 mins.. Then I slowly started feeling all corners of mouth with my tongue and started to feel her back with my hands..

I love to have an element of surprise when it comes to love making. Always try to do something new and out of the box which my client would have never imagined.. I then pushed her to the wall and she looked fabulous all drenched in water.. Her top was sticking to her boobs and I could clearly see her black bra. It was as if she was just in her bra..She felt shy, closed her eyes and just gave me horny smile..

I then started kissing her, all over face.. I then slowly started feeling her eyes with my tongue.. Trust me guys.. feels amazing.. She held my tee tight and was loving being loved like this.. Then I slowly moved towards her ear and licked the same way I licked her eyes but I spent more time on her ears.. She lost all control and she started enjoying it..

I turned her around and removed her hair from her from her neck and started biting her neck.. I was holding her hands as if we were in the titanic pose and I reached her lower neck.. I tried to push her top to the side as best I could with biting her skin all the way. She was moving her head in joy and I got aroused and realised that she is loving it..

Then I slowly took pushed her top and start to kiss her shoulder and started kissing her.. I went close to her and made her feel my penis on her ass..Then I slowly moved both my hands towards her waist and inserted my hands in her top.. I got down and started to kiss her back as I was raising her top.. I reached her bra hooks and stopped there kissing and biting her skin..

I removed her top and started to unhook her bra with my teeth.. After some difficulty I opened her bra and then moved up with the strap and pushed each side of her strap down with lips.. her bra was still on her breast as he was standing near the wall..I slowly turned her around and she kept her hands in my hair and was waiting for my touch..

I again got low and started to lick her around her navel.. she couldn’t resist this and she started pulling my hair…I loved this feeling and I started licking her navel and finally inserted my tongue in her deep navel… I slowly started moving up and started kissing her lower boobs..

She left a low moan and is increased my pace and got a little wilder and started to bite her breast around her pink poky nipples.. She had tight and firm breasts and I understood that she was a virgin..I then took her nipple in my mouth suddenly and started to suck it as hard as I could and started to unbutton her shorts..

I undid her Shorts and she was just standing in front of me with just panties on her. She had her eyes closed all the while and I inserted my hand in her panties and started to feel her pussey while sucking on her left boob..She started breathing heavily and I came to her right breast and started sucking it..

Suddenly she started shivering and all of you know she was about to come I increased my pace and started to finger her vigorously.. And she finally cummed..And pushed me aside. But I was in no mood to leave her at this time. So I pushed her panty down and started to lick her pussy.. She had just shaved her pussy and it aroused me like hell.

I inserted my tongue in her mounds and she had her second orgasm..Then I removed my tee and she understood it’s her turn now.. She started kissing me all over my chest and I slowly undid my tracks and undies standing all naked in front of her.. she was amazed to see my penis and asked me something I loved.. WILL IT FIT IN ME???

I loved it and gave her my penis in her mouth.. she dint knew what to do and I started to stroke my penis in and out of her mouth.. Then I asked to lick it starting from my balls and I felt as if I was on cloud 9.. She licked my balls and started coming up towards the tip of my penis and I asked her to lick the hole on the tip of my penis. She obeyed my orders and started to do this..

I couldn’t control myself and I asked her to open her mouth and I cummed in her mouth.. She drank it all and said it’s salty.. I loved her innocence and realised it times for the master stroke..I asked her to suck my dick again and make it hard.. In no time I was hard again and I raised her in my arms and took her to her bed..

I slowly started smooching her again as I knew she won’t be able to take the pain when I get my penis in her..I suddenly pushed my penis inside her and not even 1/4th of my penis could enter her.. she was too tight. She screamed in pain and I realised this isn’t gonna be done this way..So I took a lubricator from my bad and applied it on my penis and again started to smooch her.

She refused to smooch and asked me to stop as she couldn’t take the pain..I dint listen to her and started to smooch her wildy and she lost her control and started responding. I suddenly with all the force I could pushed my penis in her and almost half of my penis was in her.. tears start to flow from her eyes and she couldn’t utter word because of the pain..

I gave a break of almost 30 seconds and started to lick her tears. I was in love with her and then I started pumping her slowly.. She kept pleading me to stop and I pushed my penis in after 2 mins..It felt so tight in there and I have never fucked such a tight pussey ever.. I loved this feeling and started to fuck her, increasing my speed all the time..

She know started enjoying it and started saying..COME ON ROHAN!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! HARDER!!! I’M LOVING IT.. HARDER!! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH. FUCK ME HARD, MAKE ME CUM!! THIS IS MY FIRST TIME!! DON’T WISH TO FORGET IT EVER.. FUCK ME HARDER I got motivated with her words and increased my pace..

While I was making love to her I started to slap her boobs and she was turned on..She again started sayinh FUCK ME YOU ASS HOLE.. FUCK ME HARDER..I increased my speed to the best I could and I started squeezing her breast now.. And I finally she started to say.. I’M CUMMING HONEY.. FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME and we finally cummed together and I lay next to her.. kissed all over face..

We both were out of breath and rest there for a while and fucked her in standing position. Hope you loved my story you horny bitch.. now it’s time for you to get laid and realize what pleasure is all about.. Let me make love to you.. Let me please you.. Lemme fuck you like a bitch.. I’m waiting for ya mails you horny girls.. And gimme a chance to make love to you.. we can chat..we can have some fun..

If you guys want any help then please let me know.. I’m a sex advisor, a professional masseur too..Love you my horny ladies.. This is Rohan Sharma singing off!!!

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Pink Cunt Lips Being Enjoyed By Rohit

Yes I am the proud owner of myself, my protruding lips, my heavy round and extra large boobs along with tight pink Cunt. These are my “friends” with whom I always played and enjoyed since school days. Yes I was and am and will always proud of my ‘friends’.

So I believed that it is not just sufficient for me to be happy but I must keep all my ‘friends’ also happy and should never devoid them of happiness and contentment they need as per call of nature. Who am I to keep them hungry and thirsty?

Ever since my mind and body matured to think of man woman relations I developed this type of logic and grew up helping my ‘friends’ too to have their quota fulfilled as and when opportunity came across. So when actually I started to help my ‘friends’. I knew that helping ‘friends’ will help me.

On my first birthday after I matured, I got an opportunity to help my ‘friend’ by name ‘pink lips’. The formal cake was cut and I blew the candles to the cheers of class mates and parents wishing me very happy birthday. I too ate cake and other sweets.

Then my friend ‘pink lips’ was complaining that I ate all even licked the lips and nothing was left to ‘her’. I asked her mentally as to what she actually needed? The answer was shocking as she directed my ‘eyes’ to a handsome friend who had come to the birthday. Pink lips told me he has a matching rose lips and she wants it. I asked her as to how can I give her to him?

She said I need not give him to her but can give her to him. I was wondering how to do it. He was big and looked like a model. I didn’t know his name. How can I go and tell that pink lips want his rose lips. I was confused. I was introduced to him by someone as an upcoming model in town by name Rohit. He was son of my father’s friend and I didn’t know him earlier.

He shook my hands and held on to for more time than needed. I was getting hotter and Pink lips was feeling jealous. I had do so something. I requested Rohit if he can tell me something about modelling as I am also interested. All were busy in party and there was loud music. I could not hear him properly and requested him if we can sit in my room upstairs.

He nodded and I took him to my room and closed the door. Not waiting anymore I dragged him and allowed my ‘friend’ pink lips to join his ‘rose lips’. He was taken aback but pressed on to pink lips. As pink lips opened up his tongue just entered in like a snake going in to its hole. Pink lips was very happy and continued rubbing against rose lips for a very long time.

I was holding Rohit tightly so that pink and rose lips will be in fully jointed. I heard my father calling me from down. We detached and Pink lips also got detached from rose lips. Reluctantly we came down and mixed with guests in the party. Whole night while my ‘friend’ Pink lips thanked me and was very happy my other ‘friends’ were feeling let out and said that I favoured only Pink Lips.

I did not know what to do to console them. I dialed Rohit. He received my call and said ‘Hi baby’. His rose lips spoke to Pink lips and thanked her for the long soft and wet time she gave to rose lips. Pink lips said that she is not satisfied and is waiting for more. Also she said that her friends too want to meet Rohit.

Rohit asked me to bring Pink Lips to meet him next afternoon at his apartment and gave the address. I decided to take other ‘friends’ also with pink lips. Whole night all ‘friends’ did not allow me to sleep properly. While Pink lips was reminding me of her thirst for more and more other ‘friends’ were jealous and in vengeance they started to trouble me and urged me to console them with my hand and fingers.

I had no other option than to caress and rub them till they heaved and moaned with satisfaction and then only allowed me to sleep. Since morning all my ‘friends’ were troubling me and urging me to take them to Rohit. Everything appeared to be taking more time that day. Breakfast was also served late by mom.

Then I had to sit with Papa for some time. Then I told mom that I am going out with my friends for lunch and she should not wait as I may be returning late in the evening. I took bath in warm shower helping all my ‘friends’ also to enjoy the bath, soaping them with perfume soap. Then I satisfied them with body spray, perfume and then started to wear my dress.

I decided not to do any make up as I was sure it may get spoiled. So I was about to wear my bra and panicle. But my friends objected saying that Pink Lips is as she was and why others should be locked. First I saw at my twin friends called Purple tips. They stubbornly told me to leave them alone and not to touch them. I agreed and consoled them by softly caressing them.

They felt happy. Then my other ‘friend’ by name ‘Soft Petals’ also objected and wanted freedom just like Purple Tips. So I had no other option and allowed them complete freedom. I wore a mini skirt and left home. It was half past twelve and I reached the address Rohit had given me in my Kinetic Honda. It was not difficult to find out.

But being winter it was cold and chilly wind was entering my skirt making my friend ‘Soft Petals’ miserable. I decided to provide good warmth with help of Rohit at his place. Rohit was waiting for me in balcony and opened the door and welcomed me with a smile. He was wearing half pant and gym dress.

He asked me to be seated. He said that he stays alone in the flat and begged my excuse for being unable to provide good hospitality. But he had ordered lunch from nearby hotel and in few minutes the lunch arrived. He asked me to wash and made the plates ready. I was sitting on sofa and he held his hand to take me to the dining table.

I stood up and the Rose Lips wanted to welcome Pink Lips. We had nothing to say when they wanted some privacy. So Rose lips met Pink lips for a very long time and realized only when the lunch on table beckoned us. Rohit had made two glasses of red wine. I had not taken wine or any other drinks till that day.

But he requested me to give company as I had visited him for the first time. I could not say no and we cheered for our first visit (I didn’t know which all first is going to take place that afternoon). Initially I did not like it but after few sips I felt nice. Simultaneously eating we finished three glasses of wine. I was on what they call ‘high spirits’.

We finished lunch and Hot Gulab jamun for sweet dish. I cleaned the table and then sat on the sofa. Rohit came and sat by my side. Pink lips was hungry and complained that I have taken my lunch keeping her hungry. I looked at Rose lips and he understood the hungry look of Pink lips. Dragging me on to him Rohit ordered Rose lips to feed Pink Lips completely and fully.

Welcoming, Pink lips opened up and started eating and drinking Rose lips. I felt Pinky was very thirsty and hungry. She feasted Rose lips initially and then started to eat them, lick them and swallow those Rose lips. It took about half an hour so for Pinky to somehow get satisfied.

Remembering that other ‘friends’ are also hungry, Pinky let go of Rose and I guided Rohit to give lunch to twin sisters, Purple Tips who were also hungry and were crying for food. I had removed my tops by then freeing the Twin Sisters so that they can have their food. Rohit welcomed the sisters with a shake by hand and kissed them fondly.

The twin sisters were exactly alike, same hemisphere shape with big peak nose at the centre. Rohit pinched the noses one after the other and with love pressed the sisters alternately. But I knew my friends very well and also what they wanted. I looked at Rohit and he understood what Purple Tips wanted.

Rohit was too good a person and could not say no to them. He made me sleep on the bed and started to give his juice from rose lips to one sister after the other in instalments. Both enjoyed the juices provided by Rose lips. He had huge stock and the sisters enjoyed for a very long time when my other friend was waiting eagerly with empty stomach as she not taken any food or juice till then.

Understanding the plight of our friend who was hungry and was waiting in down stair with wide opening the twin sisters let go of Rohit. Rohit now shook hands with my other friend whose name was ‘Petals’. His hand slipped as Petals was very wet and hot. Smiling, Rohit said sorry to Petals and kissed her with his rose lips.

Then she calmed down and asked him to press himself to her for long time till she could offer him some hot drinks. Rohit relished her hot welcome drink as I could see him licking his lips again and again. But the little naughty Petals was not satisfied. She wanted Rohit to offer a return drink which she wanted to be very hot and thick.

So she asked me to Pull Rohit and ask his ‘friend’ ‘Fire hose’ to quench her thirst. His friend ‘Fire hose’ was very long and big and it was difficult for me to hold and guide him to my friend petal’s doors. Also Fire hose was dancing up and down and found it very difficult to control him. I had to lot of cajoling by patting him stroking him, kissing him and even using him like a lolly pop.

Finally he said he is ready to offer what Soft petals wanted badly. For that Fire hose wanted to enter her house. It was difficult as the soft petal’s house door was small. But as the door was well lubricated and wide open Fire hose could enter but with some jerk. Now my other friends, Pink lips, Purple Tips also wanted their share.

So all three came active, Pink lips joined hands with Rose lips and Purple tips offered herself for any play that was wished in the act. I could see how slowly and then with speed Fire hose was functioning to extinguish the fire inside Soft petals.

Due to heat she was shouting asking for more and more water with force. It took almost near to an hour to control and fully put off the fire. Fire hose had pumped lot of hot fire dousing chemical in petals that even after the hose was removed the hot whitish chemical was oozing out. By then my other friends Pink Lips and Purple tips were also tired and were fully satisfied.

But these dirty friends daily want to go to Rohit for eating, drinking and control the rising temperature. What can I do? I have to help my friends which is my duty.

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Rahul Fucking Horny Bangalore Aunty

Hi booby girls and aunts.This is rahul (name changed).My age is 20.Iam staying in Bangalore.I am smart looking guy.Having 7 inch tool. Everything will be kept confidential. Lets begin the incident happened few days before. I am staying in bangalore.I uploaded my previous story few months before.I got a mail from the reader.

Her name here sruthi aunty (name changed for privacy). She said she liked my story and she said about her.She is 30 yrs medium white 36-30-32 married young lady.She is from bangalore.She had a 1 year child and she is housewife. Her husband not satisfied her fully, because he goes to abroad.She was a sex starved past years.She needs my help.

To my luck while she mailed I was shocked because she stays 15 km away from my house.We chatted a lot about sex and shared our pictures.We also had a phone sex were we touched ourselves in that act.After 1 month she invited me for her home.Then she said that she will only pick me.so I agreed. She said she will pick me from a bus stop near where I am staying.

It’s time morning 11am.I am waiting for her in bus stop.One scooty came near removed her helmet.WoooWooow she was damn beautiful and looks like a young college girl in my eyes.She said “Get in to the scooty”.I seated back to her.She said “Hold my hip I will drive fast”.Then I held my hands on her hips and she drives fast as she told.

While driving I started moving my hand up and touch her boobs.It was a different feel while touching her boobs.She not said anything. Then we reached her home.She asked me sit on sofa and went to kitchen and bring a cool water.I drank it.She switched on tv and sit near me. She said “Today I am going to give a special suprise for you.You will definitely enjoy”.

While she saying itself she given a naughty smile.After a minute I kissed her lips and her neck,boobs at a wild speed.She lost her control immediately and started kissing me wildly.She said “We can go to bedroom rahul”. I took her in my arms and I threw her on bed and I jumped to bed. I kissing her lips for 5 minutes she given very good company.She was a best kisser.

I kissed her ears cheeks her nose and I kissed on her neck.While kissing I am pressing her boobs hardly.On hurry I tore her clothes, she was wearing chudidar.i slowly undid her top wow it’s a big sexy boobs.I sucking her right boob and pressing her left boob. Then I changed sucking left boob and pressing right boob.

While I am sucking her boobs hardly she pulled my face into her boobs and making sexy sounds ssshh uussss sxsss.Her sounds made me wild I am sucking her wildly and went down to her navel kissing it I further went down removed her panty and started fingering her pussy & licking it continuously this makes her to go out of mind & she started to push my head towards her love hole hardly which finally makes her orgasms.

Now it was her turn she slowly came down towards my pant & started removing it my dick was already hard like a rod she took my precious dick inside her mouth & started sucking.I was enjoying a lot.After 20 min blowing me I came inside her mouth which she drank without leaving single drop of it.

Then I came towards kissed on her continuously few min.Then I went down to her pussy. I started teasing her by rubbing my dick’s tip in her pussy,then she started begging for my dick. So I didnt waste any single second.I started entering my tool inside her.At first it was tight after moving my tool front and back it enters inside her.

I am increasing my speed continuously she was making sounds because of both pain and pleasure.She making loud sounds ” shhhss ssshh do it rahul I am yours now ya do it baby xxxss ccsss you are wild baby sssssshh”. Then I kissed her back.I kissed her each and part. She was kissing me on chest and my tool face and everywhere.

Then we lying in bed nudely for some minutes and we both again kissed wildly and started sucking her boobs hardly.I liked her boobs very much. I am sucking continuously till blood come and she kissing me everywhere and we had heavy stroking at high speed. We had it one more session.

Now it’s time to pick her husband from airport to home.We both wore our dresses.Before I am leaving she given a long kiss and said “Today only I am satisfied in bed.You are wild and best in sex.Please you come to my bed whenever I need you”.She also asked me to maintain this incident secret & all she told to mention this story on iss as she is mad to read her incident in HumanDigest.

Before leaving from her home I kissed on her boobs.Guys even I’ll tell how I had a 2nd chance to fuck her ass hole of sruthi aunty when her husband goes to abroad.

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Manu Making Love With Priya At Home

Hey guys, manu height 6’1 fair average build from ncr… This is my first story, so please ignore my mistakes if any as I am not that good in narrating… It happens 8 years back I was 22 at that time, this is a true story except her name as I don’t want to defame her coz after all she is a girl & no matter what I always respect females.

So it started when I was in relationship with a girl priya (name changed) 19 years at that time. Height 5’6 fair perfect body flesh at right places (assi punjabiyan nu hatti katti kudiyan pasand ne). She was in college final year and I started working with dad in der business. We know each other thru some common friend…

Initially we become good friends use to chat on social site called orkut at that time then slowly exchanged our numbers started chatting on sms or sometimes calls. Her family knows about me that I am very good friend of hers. Slowly our feelings for each got stronger and at last I proposed her and she accepted.

Like mostly love birds do we use to go for movies & roam here n der in my car which were having tinted glasses. So we use to do hugs, kisses, smooches or feeling each other in car. We both were dying to feel each other completely coz car was not that safe and even its not that comfortable too & we are desperate for each other.

We use to do phone sex almost daily but that was not so use full. After spending 2-3 months like this at last we got opportunity. My parents planned to go out of city for 2 days & I told her about the same, also discussed that this is the best opportunity to full fill our desires.

At last the day came my parents were out and my sis was in office so I picked her from her college at come to my house. We both were nervous as it was first time for both of us. We entered my house without getting noticed by neighbours and locked the door. She sat in living room, I asked her if she want to have any soft drink or something but she refused.

Then we started chatting casually, after chatting for 10-15 mins I asked her come I will show you our home so that in future you should know which thing is here and there, as we thought we ll get married in future. 1st I showed her my parents room then my sister’s room then took her to my room and say “This will be our room”.

She was standing in the middle and looking here and there. Then I hugged her from behind and put my chin on her shoulder and asked her slowly “Kaisa laga hamara room?” she said acha hai. Then I took her near dressing table which were having full length mirror and stand there in that pose only. Kissed her cheeks hugged her more tight.

Turn her around looked in her eyes and we hugged each other properly. Started kissing her face, forehead, coming down on her neck. She got aroused she was holding me tightly. When I saw her face she was breathing fast then slowly our lips met and we opened our mouths & smooched each other lovingly. My hands roaming on her back to hips.

Slowly we came to bed while kissing and sat there without breaking kiss. Her hands were around my neck, my right hand on her back and other on her fleshy thighs to feel them. We forget everything we just engrossed in each other. I put my right hand inside her top from back to touch her bare skin. She just jerked when she felt my hand. She was so soft like butter.

Then we broke the kiss after 20 mins and signalled her to sit properly. She removed her heels and sit quietly. I also removed my shoes and sat with her in sideways & put my hand around her shoulder. She came in my arm put her head on my chest one leg over mine and hugged me. Then again we smooched.

Then I again kissed her all over face, neck and the came to her cleavage. Her top was deep neck, made her lie down straight came over her while kissing. Kissed her boobs over top then she was closing her eyes and enjoying every bit of it. Then came towards her navel, made her top little up and kissed her navel & licked her.

She started trembling then came more down kissed over her pussy over jeans and hold her both thighs and kissed them too. I hold her hands made her sit and removed her top and pushed her again straight. She was in black fancy bra also remove my t-shirt. Then I opened her jeans and slide it down. She was wearing matching black panty.

Feel her white soft fleshy thighs. Put her one leg on my shoulder kissed her leg then thighs. I turned her around kissed her entire back from neck to legs. Removed my trouser too, we both were in undergarments. I opened her bra hooks licked her entire back & turned her around made her lie straight her panty was wet.

Removed her bra then licked her erect nipples of light brown colour then sucked both boobs one by one for some time. Then we removed our last cloth & got nude, she had medium size hairs on her pussy and again we hugged each other tightly (best feeling to feel her nude).

I asked her lolly pop she understood and got up hold my cock without hesitation kissed it then put it in my mouth and started licking it. I was in heaven and feeling her body with my hands. I stopped her after 5-7 mins put a condom(guys must use it for safety “Zindagi na milegi dobara so use gubara) spread her legs came over her.

Locate my cock on her pussy as we both were exited and it was first time so it got slipped. I asked her “Pakadke daalo” she hold my cock with her hand and locate it and said “Push it”. It was tight and she was in pain she hold my arms tight and shut her mouth tightly too. I slowly pushed it more she cried “Noooo or nahi bahar nikalo bas karo” I made her calm and stay like that for 3-4 mins.

When I felt she is feeling fine I again pushed it more and started moving in & out of her pussy. She was in pain, I put my hand on her mouth while fucking even she controlled herself and fucked her slowly. She was moaning as she was in pain and pleasure too & I was in heaven. I like talking while fucking I asked her.

Me: “Jaan kaisa lag rha hai?” She: acha Me: bass acha? She: jaanu boht acha lag rha hai bass karte raho. Me: mai kaun hun baby? She: mere pati Me: mera pura haq hai apni biwi ko aise pyar karne ka… She: haan baby karo jitna mann kare karo Me: kitne time baad mauka mila baby aaj rukunga nahi bas karta rahunga…

Then around 15-20, mins I felt like cumming even she was also leaking. I pounding her lil faster then we both moans louder and talking while fucking. And at last had climax almost at same time one after another. We both were exhausted and stay like that for 10 mins. Then we both got up used wash room one by one to clean our self.

Then hugged each other nude and slept for sometime (she partially over me). After 45 mins I woke her up and asked ghar nahi jana but she was not in mood to go. Then we got dressed and I dropped her near her home. Then after few days we got another opportunity like this so we spend entire day in each others arms.

Even 2nd time she cleaned her pussy and I sucked her too. I fucked her 2 times that day in different positions missionary & doggy. Then had shower together and dropped her home. After that also we got opportunity one more time. Then she got a job and she got busy with her schedule.

We use to fight on this & few new people came to her life who brain washed her that I am not good for her bla bla bla…

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Siddhant Enjoying Sexual Pleasures With Kavya - II

Previously: Siddhant Enjoying Sexual Pleasures With Kavya - I

My birthday was a forgettable day, it was over without any awareness, without any excitement, without any Love, respect & sex, it went unnoticed.

Next day as usual I headed towards my office & while struggling in crowd I found a place where I settled & I know I have to remain in same position for next 45 minutes so just closed my eyes for getting some peace. And suddenly I remembered yesterday’s call from Kavya. How suddenly she called me after 3 years?

My birthday comes every year then why not last 2 years she wished me? Is there any secret motive behind her approaching me? Is she followed the instruction of her boss to be in touch with me for offering better opportunity for re-joining them? Is she alright with her personal life?

As she had married to our colleague only couple of years back (after my departure of that company) multiple questions surrounded my mind & I thought let me check her facebook account, since I m quite disappointed since last few months I rarely uses facebook & so after a long gap of around a year I logged in & found many notifications, messages & friend requests of unwanted person.

Out of this request, one request was from Kavya. And out of curiosity I opened her account. I was shocked to see her status as “SINGLE” as I never heard about their separation. I was lost in her thoughts when my fellow passenger awakened me to ask whether I m going to exit in next station? Oh no… My destination arrived. Don’t know when the time passed?

I got down & hurriedly reached my office to avoid late marks & once I settled from Morning routine Overview if work & giving required instructions to my juniors, I got free at around 12 noon. And I thought Let me check facebook account again to know further about them. And I found her various gorgeous photographs at various hill station n beaches etc.

She was looking very hot n attractive especially when she wears western outfits like Minis & Thigh-revealing Bermudas, it is enough to seduce any man. I was starring at her body & luscious curves & forgot the main purpose of checking her account (regarding her separation with her hubby) but I could see that she must have deleted all the snaps with her hubby &

I remembered once they haed gone to Goa for their honeymoon, somewhere around December & there are plenty of her snaps of Goa but there is no her hubby’s snaps. Out of my curiosity I called her with an excuse to thank her for wishing me & within couple of rings she picked up the phone & gave me pleasant reply as if she liked I called her & I thanked her for B’day wish to me.

She also started talking casually about my new job, my family & etc etc & I acted innocently & inquired about her & I felt suddenly her pleasant tone changed to formal & I felt I hurt you So I asked “Is everything Alright? Kavya???” & she just said “Okk yaar” & I further probed ……….See kavya I m married person & have almost 10 years experience,

I sense some problem between You & Nimit (her hubby). “Actually……….Siddhant….I m not comfortable on phone…..” With little hesitation I asked ………you wish we should meet? & she just hmmmmed……. “Okk tell me when you want me to arrange ? I asked. She said …….Saturday noon if we can meet at office-nearby CCD & I agreed as I can make it.

On Saturday, I lied for attending a seminar & so I can comfortably keep my phone in switched off mode nobody can disturb me. I already sensed some sensation in the coming days & it remind me of my college days when I was dating 3 Girls at a time & enjoying all stuff with them without revealing to each other.

I smiled at myself & told “Monkeys always remain monkeys, even if they grow old, never forget to hang up” At decided time I reached to the venue & waited for half an hour & I found A beautiful Lady with Nice bright Orange color knee-length dress with breast length hair covering the view of her cleavages came to me & I kept staring at her

“Her figure, Her ripen mango sized boobs & said “Hi Siddhant……….” & we shaked the hand “I didn’t replied her but continuously staring at her with a surprised look & she spanked her finger at me “Chutki Bajakar” awakened me & said “Heyy Siddhant” Kabhi ladki dekhi nahi hai kyaa? I felt embaracced & said “Sorry……Kaavya “ Actually you changed drastically.

She was plump & bit orthodox in those days but As I saw in facebook snaps & now personally when I saw her I was stunned looking at her. I complimented her for her look & dressing style & she thanked me. We settled down & ordered cold coffee for us & started our casual chit chat for next half an hour & I lost my patience & asked “I saw your status as “Single” “Kyaa hoova ? is everything Okay naa?

& She just bow down her head to hide her expressions & when I consoled her “ Come on…..you can tell me………Perhaps I can be of some help to re-unite you” & She refused “No ……I m fedd up of him now……” He is not only jealous, he is of doubting nature, dominating, rude & violent too “ I was fool to marry him & Spoil my golden days.

He just looks handsome but he doesn’t have any quality of a gentleman. Now I m quite relieved when I m alone. Will see further ahead in my life. I just listened to her & looked into her eyes & encouraged her it seems that you have taken good step, you should not waste your life on worthless person.

You have so much caliber n talent & that is sufficient to make you independent & move ahead in future. But I m confused why you have chosen me for sharing this feelings. She looked straight into my eyes & said “Because……..I know you r gentleman, you are the one who stand for me when my Boss tried to exploit me, I still remember that incident” I smiled & said

“Any gentleman would have done that” “No……all were scared & hesitant to come forward to save their job, you started & then they joined” “Ohho,,,,,,,,aap ko Itnaa sab kuchh yaad hai” “Of course……ye to mera bad luck thaa ki……….& she stopped” I probe her……..”Ki….what? She looked down & said “Ki aap married the……Else I would have proposed you” & she blushed & smiled.

I was flying in sky from inside & after so many years some Girl impressed with me. We chit chatted further & coming to the topic of hobbies, I asked her hobbies & she narrated few & bollywood movie was one of them. I too agreed that even I like Bollywood movies & she immediately told then “lets move to the new movie released this week.

It’s a romantic movie & as the beginning of our friendship lets start with it.” But I corrected her “Heyy….Kavvyaa…….Its not romantic in fact it is bold movie & have many erotic scenes “ & she made her face & said “ R u Kidd? Cant you handle the situation when the scene comes? Nowadays even TV shows this type of scene. I just smiled & agreed.

“Then Let move, else we will miss the beginning” I thought inside “Beginning to already ho chuki hai……..Kaavya…..let see how it moves ahead”. We rushed to the Multiplex & I booked two upper corner recliner for privacy & the movie was just started & luckily the cinema hall was full dark So nobody could see us & we settled at our place.

Next 30 minutes movie was normal love story & I was getting bore & accidently my elbow touched her breast & she looked at me with smile & I said “sorry” & changed my posture bit away from her ………but to my surprise she rested her head on my shoulder & clutched my fingers with her. I was delighted as the new entertaining chapter of my life started.

A neglected husband & father at home has become a attentive by Kavyaa. “Kaavya…..” I spoke & she just “hmmmed” “R u serious????” I asked to confirm & she just nooded her head in acceptance without looking at me & again rested on my shoulder. Meanwhile in movie the lead pair’s erotic scene started & that added fuel to the fire &

without any hint/instruction I raised her chin & took her lips in my lips & as if she was waiting……..she sucked my lips & gently bite it with a naughty eyes gesture & smile. That encouraged me more & I converted into deep smooch & we literally chewed each other from the core of heart & our smooching sound was hidden in on-screen smooching sound.

I dared further & pressed her naval flesh & she slightly jumped with erotic uffff. & she started biting my earlobe & my hand reached to her left right boob & mango is my favorite fruits so pressed her mango & she nailed me. Her breathing was also high n fast n signaling me like “haaaan……haaaaan …….Hmmmm Ohh siddd.”

Her whispering call rise my lust & I put my hand inside her dress & touched the bare skin of her naval & started roaming my hand. & I caressed her skin & it was so soft………like Makhmal………I enjoyed her skin-touch show & my legs also cuddled with her legs & I used my other hand to caress her fleshy n milky thigh.

Her complexion was not that fair but it was enough fair for adding flavor to her luscious look. She spread her legs to welcome my hand & in no time I went to her inner thigh & enjoyed the softness of her skin. My one hand was enjoying her Mango & other hand was roaming on Vanilla Ice-cream like thigh. & I was sucking her strawberry like lips.

I was enjoying so much as the much needed glory returned to my life. I was wearing casual T (As it was Saturday) & she unzipped my T & inserted her hand inside my T & started roaming on my chest (I raised my Banian for her convenience & So she too used her hand backward & unhooked her Bra & I was fearless now straightway I hugged her & took one more sip of her lips & my hand grabbed her right one mango.

“Wooww……..sooo softtt…….& bubbles like “ I searched the nipple & started rubbing it & looked at her facial expression & she with smile & closed eyes enjoying my touch. We both were engaged with each other organ & soon she reached to my jeans & found a big tent like cock hidden inside So without wasting much time she grabbed it in her hand & started playing with it.

I slightly moaned “Aaayeee…aaraam se jaann…….& she winked with smile & said “nahi……….Aaraam haraaam he” & unzipped my jeans & crossed one more barrier & hold the head of my fullsize cock. & she roughly measured the length & slowly screamed “wowww…….its awesome……yaar”

Meanwhile in Movie one more scene started when Heroine seems riding on hero & she whispered “I like this……….it is my favorite…..pose” hearing this my length increased further & she could feel it. I was just about to insert my hand in her panty when the Movie was half way mark………”Interval” & Lights on. We hurriedly took our gentle position back.

I looked at her & she was looking down & felt hesitant to face me & I called “kaavyaa. Chalo yaar ab jee lete hai……….jee bhar k ………..koi tension na lo……..just look at me” & she smiled & looked at me & our eyes met. “Kavya………….tumhe kyaa lagtaa hai……….sailaab kyaa sirf tumhari life me hai???

But let me tell you, Jab koi BV pareshaan hoti hai naa to uske paas raaste hote hai…………Seperation ke, Sympathy ke, Alimoney claim kar ne K, New partner search kar ne k n all. Par jab koi gentleman gents apni wife se pareshaan hot hai to wo ekdum helpless ho jata hai. Especially when the children grew up the wife takes more care of them & completely ignores hubby.

“Bas……….saalaaa…….Bull ban K reh jata hai………stock echange ka Bull nahi…………..EMI bhar ne walaa Bull” (Hindi me jise Kollu ka Bail kehte hai). She put her finger on my lips & said “Ye bahot important baat hai……….Interval me karne jaisee nahi………..I want to hear you…….from the bottom of my heart……… thoroughly involve hoke………Please try to understand.

It needs proper justice. I shook my head in acceptance & she said “Kuchh khane ko lete hai……..I m hungry” Okk & we headed towards food stall & ordered Pizzas & I asked “Which Ice cream you would like to take? & she instantly replied “Choco-Bar” & I pinched her. You shameless………….& she blushed.

We again settled to our seat & enjoyed the Pizza & Ice-cream & exchanged Ice cream from each other mouth & soon lost in 2nd erotic session. This time she showered more love on me rather than lust by frequently kissing on my face & forehead and I liked it a lot. She hugged me like true lovers do & also put my head on her breast to console me.

And speak “Honeey………don’t worry,, we are made for each other & I won’t give u any chance for complaining. “ I removed her cover & sucked her nipple which electrified her & as a revenge she grabbed my cock with same speed & arrogance. We both again started exploring each & finally I inserted my hand inside her Panty & found she was completely wet.

Literally watering her pussy n thighs. I played with her oozing cream & gently slapped her pussy lips with my palm. & she fumbled & closed her thigh to clutch my palm. I used my finger & unlocked her hole & started rubbing G spot. She was breathing high & dumping all her excitement over my cock.

We both made uncomfortable to each other through our fore-play session but It was the most convenient moments of our life. Movie was about to end & Thoughts started in my mind whether to complete exclusive full show today or keep for second visit.

Let see…………what she says.

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Siddhant Enjoying Sexual Pleasures With Kavya - I

Sharp at 8 AM I left for the office & rushed to the Platform to catch my regular train. The Mumbai Local trains are as usual over crowded & after a horrible struggle I could enter the train & could set myself near the door.

I looked here n there & found people were the victim of day to day boring bread n butter earning battle which starts from the moment you leave your home for office to the moment you fall into the bed & allowed to sleep by your better (!!!)half.

The train started & along with the painful thoughts in my mind. Gradually multiple subjects scrolled down & the depressing thoughts captured my sense completely. An honest & hard-working person always suffers in various stage of his life as the Platform of progress is badly occupied (rather captured ) by the cunning & diplomatic people who believes in short-cut success,

not through determination, positive attitude & Hard-work but through encashing their jealousy , spreading wrong rumors about good people , polluting their image & diluting their chances of getting Promotion & shockingly bosses also like these cunning people only around them. They drink whatever is served to them by this cunning people.

Everybody is bothered about their4 own job security & bright future by unfair means. No one is ready to stand for right person & his moral values. A Loyal & hard-working person not only suffers at office but also at home as the family members always expects “Ummeed se doogna” (Double than expectation)

& thus the whole income is automatically gets diverted to various EMIs & at the end of the month , mind , pocket, Bank Accounts & hence unfulfilled wishes stay at bottom. The first week of the month seems relieving but only on papers as Salary got evaporated with various time bound ECS & the man keep watching the monthly cycle of Cash flow & like a stupid,

becomes an ordinary middle class person waiting for another salary , & this endless cycle runs for number of months & so on. Finally after a hell-like painful journey of about an hour, the destination arrived & I was forcefully get down without using my own strength by the fellow passengers. I reached my office & lost in files as if this cabinet is my world & the four corners of office is my universe.

Hello friends , the background given above seems pathetic so also let me introduce myself I m Siddhant , a commerce graduate & MBA Finance aged around 35, a Happily(!!!) married person with a beautiful wife & notorious son. Basically I am from lower middle class but with a grace of god I was good at education so could enhance my lower middle class level to slightly high

at Upper middle class but as I narrated above due to multiple EMIs I see myself travels between Upper middle class to lower middle class throughout the month. Today is 15th June & I will never forget this day as I was being deported to this world , which is contrary to my thoughts as I find myself unsuitable & odd as compared to the others.

I was lagging behind in my career & see myself trailing year by year due to my “Moral values” nature & self-sufficient attitude. I believe my performance will some day reward me what I deserve but gradually losing my hopes as “Moral Values have no Market values”

I was expecting My wife & son will wish me my Birthday in the morning but I was wrong as so far neither they wished me, nor they sent me any message on my mobile. I felt I m being isolated not only from this world but also from my family.

I tried to divert myself into work & become workolic, as alcoholic person troubles himself as well as others where as workolic person gives benefit to others irrespective about his own wellness. I still have many hopes that My wife will call me n wish me & my phone ringed & I with lots of expectation picked up to hear her sweet voice but Oh no…

It was some other female’s voice campaigning for Cancer patients Aid & during the year frequently I got various calls for Credit Card, Personal Loan, Insurance Policy & so on but not a single phone for wishing me my B’day. Ha….ha…haaa….. I m remained as bloody EMI paying machine in this world. Who cares when I was born?

At last the office time ended & I was wrapping up my papers from the desk & my phone ring , I thought it is my boss who always disturbs on closing moments to exploit me by imposing some addl. Burden as urgent & to be completed by EOD but no…………….it was not from my boss, some known & identical female voice was there & before I could recognize her,

she wished me m B’day & I accepted it out of hesitation & out of my confusion as who she is……………..hmmmmmm……I stop trying & felt regret & said Thanks Mam but sorry I lost my old mobile & so didn’t recognize exactly whom I m talking to…….”Ohhh no……..U forgot me……….I m Kavyaa …………..Kavya Krishna from your previous company.

I surprised & apologized her as I didn’t recognized her. & out of my innocence I uttered hurriedly “Kavyaa ……..How do u know my Birthday….hmm……….You are the first one to wish me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I boiled ……..& immediately tried to rectify ………..means means…………..but she interfered & said …………No Problem Siddhant……….Sometime it happens………..

itzz part of the life………. I m in HR so have the database of all the employees including X-employees So I wished you. I thanked her & after some casual chat we ended. I left the office for a day & on the way ……I lost in my past, Its 3 years ago I left my earlier company where Kavya was HR manager & she was tall at 5.10 , having wide shaped & attractive eyes,

she was little heavy but her features & facial expressions were awesome & adding its glory her smile & friendly nature can win many hearts. There were many colleagues from our old team who tried & proposed her but she was smart enough to sense their lustful intention So never used to give lift to them.

During lunch time we colleagues always gossips & make comments about young Girls passing through us & the TRP was high for Kavyaa Krishna ………I was having lots of respect & liking for her as I always found her humble, polite & helpful nature with smile on her face.

The Other guys were making nonsense comments about her like she is handy………she is inviting……n bla bla ……….Also there were rumors about her separation, her live-in relationship with others but I never bothered to care as its not my subject. I was just ignoring & once I left the job I lost contact to all of them.

Throughout the painful journey towards my home, I was lost in thoughts about Kavya……..& on couple of occasion I remind she was trying to give some hint to me but I could not understand it & that disappointed & so discouraged her to be more close to me.

I still remember the incident when his senior was trying to take undue advantage of her by sexual harassment & I with my other colleagues had taught him lesson & had complained the Top Management about his behavior & he got transferred, since I had little loud tone , all made me leader & Kavyaa also felt I was in main lead to fight for her.

Till then she used to speak much with me. “Paagal Ladki……….Abhi tak wo Incident ki impression me hai……..” & My station arrived & I get down. I checked my mobile & found 3 miss calls which I could not check due to huge crowd in train & my cell was inside my pocket. I found it was none other than Kavyaa………I raised my eyebrows out of surprise & call back to her

(while walking towards my home) ………..”Hi…….Sir…………..she wished me again & I thanked again……..Where r you sir???? I m working with ………..Ltd. I replied & she repeated ……..No I mean where r u today? R u celebrating with your family……..???? No I was in my office & now I m reaching home……….My wife & son must be waiting for me ……..as we will go out for Movie & dinner outside.

Okkaayyy……Sir……….enjoyy………have a nice time.& she kept the phone. I wondered ……..but again ignored & headed towards my home………….I was bit excited as I thought My wife & son must have kept surprise for me by deliberately not wishing me throughout the day……I hurriedly reached home at around 9 PM & found everything was normal (!!!!!!!!)

……………I was expecting something unusual but No………they both were quite normal as usual & were lost in daily sop capturing remote with them. I got bit disappointed ………..as nobody bothered for a person who travels like a sheep, works like a donkey. I went to bathroom for freshened up , checked the kitchen & found dinner was kept covered

(So they really didn’t know my day), I took my plate & served myself & sat on dining table before TV & Saas-bahu drama was at its high. After an hour both went to their respective rooms for sleep & I was just waiting n waiting……….It was expected of me to check in our room soon where my wife was already into her deep sleep.

My son was playing mobile games in his room & Out of disappointment ……..I took position next to my wife & she immediately loaded her heavy thigh on my body for getting rest. “I was arrested for no fault of mine” Thoughts were not leaving me about kavyaaa………….& looking at my member’s concern(?) for me , the thoughts were further involving me……….& I was drawn n drawn into her thoughts.

Is this the signal to start a new exciting episode of my life??? Lets see.

To Be Continued...

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