Sushma Enjoying Cheating Sex

I am Sushma. I got married at the age of 20 and my husband only took my virginity. We had very enjoyable life. My husband was crazy over sex and used to fuck me two or three times a day. Whenever he wanted sex he used to give me a signal and I without any demure lie down and open my legs so that he may do it.

We both used to reach orgasm and he was particular that I also enjoy my sex and reach orgasm everytime we fuck. As a part of foreplay he used suck my nipples, and lick my pussy and then insert his cock and manipulate my clitoris and finally start fucking at high speed. We used all methods, like dogging and reverse cow girl etc.

His cock was big that I cannot take it in my mouth. When goes to bed early and tries to sleep, I just sneek in and take his limp cock in my mouth and it will fill my mouth. But within no time it will assume its full size and jump out of the mouth. I used to complain to him to keep the cock small so that I may suck it to my heart's content.

He used to laugh and bury his face in my crotch and lick my pussy. He will use his shaving kit to shave my pussy and keep it totally hairless. He will play with my pussy, insert the tounge in the hole and remove it and lick the clitoris and then bring it back to the hole and then to the clitoris I make different sounds of enjoyment and complaints and he used to laugh at my discomfiture.

Unfortunately he had high blood pressure and he had to take lot of medicines which affected his sex life. But this was after twenty years of marriage and bore three children. We could have gone slow on our sex life. But the moment we touch the bed, he will remove all my clothes and start licking my pussy. He had erectile problem and I used to suck him to bring him to some hardness.

But within a short time he will reach his climax, while I was far away from it. But he will realize my contition and lick my pussy and suck my clitoris to bring me to my climax. But clitoral climax is not that perfect as vaginal climax. There was a sense of incompleteness every day.

Sometimes he used to travel on official duty for a week or ten days and when comes, he will be very hungry and fuck me in broad day light, which I too enjoyed. But my need for daily sex was not fulfilled. I used to keep busy with some social contracts like ladies club etc.

I used to go to a doctor for medicines for the health problems of my children and I sued to wait at his crowded clinic for my turn to come. The doctor who was our family doctor used to take me to his consulting room and close the door. When I tell him that the medicine is for my children, he will laugh and just hug me and kiss me. I was wondering what this man is doing.

But his touch used to give me solace and I allowed him to do what he wants. But gradually he went further and we were fucking regularly in his consulting room. This gave us total privacy and nobody used to disturb us. He had a short but stubby cock and he had several techniques which pleased me. I used to return home before my children return from their school.

There were two bachelors staying in our neighborhood. One of them Jones, was a very pleasant person and he used to carry always a smiling face. When I return from the temple in the morning, Jones used to watch me a make a comment, (he used to call me aunty) "aunty you look so beautiful and divine when you come from the temple,

with the temple prasad in your hands and sandal paste on your forehead, you look like a gooddess herself" I used to retort askimg him not to tease me. But I liked him. He may be just 24 or 25 working in a private firm, with a smiling and pleasant face. One day when my housing chore was just over and I was taking rest reading the days newspaper, Jones rang the bell,

when I opened the door he asked me to allow him to use the phone as his phone is not working. I said ok and went inside my bedroom. After talking over phone for a few minutes, he came into the bedroom to thank me and seeing me lying in the bed,

he came very close to me and when I tried to get he pushed me down and said it was his long cherished wish to fuck me and he asked me not to resist, but allow him to fuck me. I told him no, no, but he had by that time raised my saree and my pettycoat up and his hands were at my panty to pull it down. He lied over me and kissed me on my lips.

When I lifted my head and saw, he had already taken out his cock and is ready to put it in my pussy. His hands pulled my panty down and I had to lift my hip for easy removal of my panty. He ran his hand over my pussy and opening my cunt lips he kissed and licked my cunt. All my resistance disappeared.

I turned my head to a side and I could feel his iron rod like cock slowly entering my fuckhole, creating new sensations of pleasure. Although I had delivered three children, his cock was just tight fitting my hole and he moved it in and out slowly. I notined his cock had an upward bend and its tip rubbed over my G spot sending waves of pleasure each time he moved in or out.

Within two minutes of his fucking I had my first orgasm. My whole body was shivering, my legs stiffened, and my pulsations in my cunt could have been felt by him and I moaned heavily rolling my head and clenching the pillow with both of my hands. But he was not stopping. He went of pumping without stopping in a normal speed.

I had my second orgasm in another three minutes and it did not subside. His magical cock was making me crazy. I have never experienced sex like this. Finally he shot his shots inside my hole and it took a long time for him to empty his pouch. At the end he pulled out, said thank you aunty, sorry for the trouble, and ran to the door and within a minute he was out of the house.

I got up slowly and went to the bathroom and emptied my hole of his and my fluids and I was very tired. I did not go to the doctor on that day since one more fuck was not bearable. Jones continued to come to me on alternative days and I seeing him will accommodate him and enjoy his fucking although from my heart of hearts I did not want to cheat my husband.

Sex is a great pacifier. The style of Jones was very enjoyable for me and sure he knows how to make his mates enjoy. Howevermuch I was determined not to allow him henceforth, his smile used to disarm me and the moment he inserts his rod, all my resistence vanishes and I start to cooperate with him to the maximum.

After two months one day I told him that we have to stop this. Because the neighbors are inquisitive and my husbands trusts me fully. I do not want to cheat them and my family life will be disturbed. Jones begged to allow him just once a week. I said no. I told him I like him and I very liked his fucking, but it has to end. Finally he ageed and got a transfer and went away.

But doctor continued but the occasions were few and far between. Just like examining any other patient he took me in and took a longer time. His own wife and daughters were there but nobody suspected. I had to change the doctor and go tosome other doctor for medicine to get out of his clutches.

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Vivek Fucking Sexy Neighbour On Her Anniversary

Hello, I am Vivek, my age is 20 and I am 5.9″ tall. I love jogging and I am from Hyderabad. Any lady or girl can trust me and first get to know me. I’m safe and fun, you would feel loved every moment you spend with me physically and mentally. My neighbors name is Poornima and has 36D cups.

Coming to the story she stays away from her husband few months back she fought with her husband and she left him. They are not divorced yet. And she didn’t have sex with him since two years. I still remember that day it was her anniversary and I wished her on Facebook. She messaged me with a sad smiley.

Then I asked her what were her plans to which she said that she would stay at home the entire day. I felt bad also, I have been planning this since long so, I thought that today would be the best day to do it. I went to her home and as discussed she prepared white sauce pasta for me they were yummy just like her pussy.

Then we were talking and she told me what all they used to do together. And just when she went inside the kitchen to get pasta I put sex pills in her glass. She saw me keeping that in her glass which I got to know later. We both were sitting on sofa and talking sex pills started to show it’s effect.

She started keeping her legs apart and she was wearing a light green legging and a black underwear. Well I couldn’t see her pussy wet but she was surely dying to rub it but couldn’t in front of me. We were watching T.V and she took the remote and slowly slowly started to rub the remote to her pussy and I could notice it clearly. She made it look casual but I understood that.

I couldn’t control her cleavage was seen clearly and both of her boobs were seen partly coming out man they were milky white and you would have loved to suck on them. I slowly slowly came near her and started to rub my shoulder to hers. I didn’t want to go further I wanted to see and feel her hunger. Because men always take the initiative I wanted her to take it this time.

She started moving her hands towards me and looking at my pant her eyes looked hungry she wanted it madly. She wantedly threw coke on my shirt and pant and asked me to remove my shirt and she started wiping my bare chest. She started increasing the pace and also the pressure around my nipples.

She then asked me to remove my pant to which I did not agree in the starting but I did after she told me that it’s okay you are already wearing boxers. My bulge started rising because of the cold air fan was blowing. She slowly slipping her hands on my bulge and started rubbing it she didn’t know what she was doing she was out of her mind.

I asked her what was she doing, she didn’t listen anything she couldn’t control what she was doing. I let go off my grip and let her be. She removed my boxers and told me that it’s fair and it’s thicker than her husbands dick and that made her excited. She started rubbing my dick playing with the balls and then she put it in her mouth.

Her lips when touched my dickhead felt like soft toy, her mouth was wet and so was my dick now. She gave me blowjob and I held her head and increased the pace. I cummed in her mouth and she sipped it all in. She wanted more. I lifted her up and removed her top and all her clothes including her bra and panty.

She then told me that she never felt like this before her body was shivering and she wanted pleasure. She took my hand and put it on her pussy and I didn’t finger her instead I started moving my finger around her pussy.

She stated moaning and shouting lick me lick me she tightly held my head and pushed it on her pussy I took my tongue out and she started to move my head up and down. Her juice was leaking, I removed my condom and put it on she removed it and told me that she wanted to feel my skin inside.I did I gave a jerk and my entire penis went inside her.

It was so very soft it was like you wear fucking a stuff toy and it was tight I cummed instantly my entire dick felt pressure. I caressed her stomach and her buttocks I lifted her up and held her butts tightly and started fucking her. I fondled her boobs using my mouth. I kissed her nipples, and bit them. They were so soft and hard both at once can’t describe it.

She moaned and moaned and then squirted. She started crying with happiness. I didn’t leave any of her body part and pleasure part. I got some juice mango juice and poured them on her boobies and her pussy also put ice cube on her pussy, she was frozen and I licked her and gave her warmth. I licked those nipples man, her body was more tastier than mango juice.

Her face was all red. And she shouted with pleasure asking me to go rough. She preferred chocolate so I got chocolate and melted it in microwave, and she put it on my dick my entire dick felt hot and she using her tongue and her lips sucked it all and meanwhile I gave her help by pressed her head and deep throating. This was the best sex we ever had.

She slept on me and her boobs touching my chest very hard and I started my business again banging her pussy. I pressed those boobs so hard they turned red and her belly button I started fingering it too. She felt ticklish in her stomach. We cummed again and she drank all my juice.

Let me tell you the smell and the taste of women’s pussy will drive any man craze. I licked her from top to bottom. We then had bath I’ll tell you about this in next part.

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Bhavna Fucked Nicely By Jeeju Swapnil - I

Hi readers my name is Bhavna (changed name) and after reading lots of stories here I m motivated to share my experience here as this incident I can not share with anybody in my family/friend circle as if it will be shared it will ruin life of many people including small kids.

I have kept this secret of initially horrible but subsequently terrific experience with me only since last 3 years but after reading so many episodes of extramarital sexual affairs on HD finally I have chosen to empty my heart & secret here.

I got married almost 5 years ago to Bhavesh (Changed name) a software engineer & within a year my younger sister Priya also got married to Swapnil who works in a film Industry as technical guy an assisting a famous cameramen.

Swapnil is a tall guy of around 6.3 & he looks handsome having broad shoulder & broad chest with lots of hair might be due to his profession he was inspired to keep heroic look. Priya is not close to her as she is thinner & hardly have height of around of 5.2 with unattractive figure. But somehow they fell into love during travelling & got married.

Our Parents were so happy that both of their daughters settled down with in a span of 12-15 months. My life was full of enjoyment for initial 2 years as Bhavesh is a perfect hubby & he is so romantic cheerful & naughty that even after spending no.of hours with him I didn’t get bore & he is always cautious to keep my mood fresh n joyful.

Sometimes I shout at him to stop & allow me to take some mental rest from laughing. Life was really beautiful those days. Suddenly one fine morning I got a call from my Jeeju (Swapnil) that Priya is not well & his mother is also not in town so please come to take care of her as she is pregnant & hence need somebody’s help for few days till his mother return back.

I agreed & quickly got ready & called my hubby & he too immediately agreed & gave his consent to go. Since we had no child in those days there was no much difficulty to adjust. Since we were staying in the same town I reached to her house within an hour & take care of Priya who was in her 8th month of pregnancy.

The due date was 20-25 days away but still she was feeling restless & paining like full maturity date. I consoled her & took enough care & also managed the other household work of managing cooking & instructing servants etc. Those days Swapnil was very busy with her work & used to come late in the night at around 11.30- 12 etc. sometimes he returned in morning.

I used to sleep in Priya’s room only next to her & used to serve food to Swapnil whenever he come back from his work. I observed that many a times he comes after taking heavy dose of drink & I was hesitant to say anything on this as we were not that frank.

Out of non-frank relationship & he was elder than me I used to avoid scolding him on this issue as his wife was unwell & pregnant & he can’t skip his drinking schedule. Priya had never disclosed or complained to us about his this bad habit. Log kehte hai naa Ki husband –wife ka sahi relation Sirf Oon dono ko hi pata hota hai.

No Outsiders can guess what is the real relationship between husband n wife. Anyway few days passed & initially Bhavesh used to come every evening to see me but he too was feeling awkward to come every day so stopped coming & only he was calling at night when Priya fall asleep for a long chit-chat with me & also making nasty chats to thrill me & one fine day (in fact it was night)

he was doing sex chat with me & I was losing my senses imagining the way he was describing & with my closed eyes I was listening to him ( I was in Living room as My sister was sleeping in her room ) & I was unaware when suddenly Swapnil entered & was silently listening to our chat & he was observing my erotic reaction on that.

He understood who is the other side & was enjoying the scene. After 15-20 minutes I was lost in fore-play session started by Bhavesh on phone & was slightly moaning touching my own delicate n vital parts & as if Bhavesh touches & suddenly I found a Man’s touch on my thigh & shoulder & Initially I was not aware as I was imagining as my hubby only &

I don't know how but my phone was disconnected from the other hand & I found a strong muscle touch to my crucial body parts n I started loosing my senses & started liking it n felt much much better. I felt dampness between my thighs & after a minute or so I could open my eyes n found Swapnil exploring me I realized & immediately pushed him away & screamed at him

“Jijju….what r u doingggg?” He rushed to me & kept his hand on my mouth to stop my sound & with broad eyes I was looking at him with a shock. He just signaled me to be calm & keep quiet. “Relaxx……Bhavna……….I say relax……….ur didi is sleeping & its not good to wake her up at this moment” I m here naa………to satisfy you……why r u dreaming??

Just keep your eyes closed & enjoy the flavor “ I pushed him again & warned him “behave yourself Jeeju………I m not dumb………you will suffer a lot if u dared to touch me again!!!!! & he just laughed loud………….r u threatening me??? U yourself is deprived for sex & mee too……Why don’t we satisfy each other……….Lets enjoy n forget later. Its just an adjustment “Give n Take”.

I stared at him with angered face & he was cunningly smiling at me with lusty look He again tried to come closer & I shown him my punch & prepared myself to resist & hit him but he cleverly hold my wrist of both the hand & locked me near wall in a standing position & with his angered face he told me to keep quiet else his sister will awake & she is pregnant

“Aur agar oose kuchh bhi ho gaya to mei tuje chhoddonga nahi samji” better U stay calm & enjoy with me” His voice was strict & fearful that I shaken from inside. That has shaken my confidence & I was looking into his eyes with a requesting gesture to relive me but he sensed it & said

“Don’t worry…..Bhavna……If u will co-operate with me ……We will have good time together & it will be a memorable experience for you to cherish for no. of years to come” “Just close your eyes & imagine I m Bhavesh …your sweet heart & I will give you the equal feelings you get from him”

I was speechless, thoughtless & helpless....... my throat was choked up with thirst as I was horribly scared to protect myself. I was given a choice to either save myself or my Didi & in a process looking at him without any expression & he sensed my state & tried to dominate me by coming close to me & tried smelling my neck & took a deep breadth & murmured

“ohhh…….Bhavna you smell so sexy…….come on kitnaa soch rahi ho”. before I react anything he pulled me closed to him & started roaming his hand all over my back & whispered “you to tum muje kaafi pasand karti ho naa………Priya k saamne meri kaafi taarif karti ho aur ab itni hesitation kyun? “I tried last time ………Please Jeeeju…….jaane do naa…….this is not right…

thoda didi k bare me to socho………Jab usko pataa chalega to……….? But he was prepared. “He hugged me n said …………Bilkul bhi pata nahi chalega……..bas sirf tum yuhi……co-operate karti raho……dekho jannat kyaa hoti hai mein dikhaoonga tumhe. (Actually I had spoken to Priya in past that you r so lucky as Swapnil is very handsome n seems very satisfying on bed)

I was driven away by him & with an apology to my Husband & my Didi inside my heart, I just closed my eyes & let it happen whatever happening to me. Finally I gave up my resistance efforts & that encouraged Swapnil to move further ahead & he started kissing all over my neck & I chanted my hubby’s name

“Ohh Bhavesh…...plzzz……….” slowly he took control of all my body & mind & I started giving him all the co-operation he demanded. Slowly he move upward & started kissing all over my face & opened my lips with his & gently caressed my lips & after initial effort took it completely in his grip & we have done a perfect smooching that has risen my heartbeats &

as a result my heavy cleavages were rising up n down with a moaning sound. Swapnil just lifted me from my bottom & unknowingly I cuddled him & he took me into his spared guestroom where a large double bed was there. He made me laid there & came over me after locking the door from inside &

I was lying there helpless he took complete charge of my body by crushing me through his body & I could feel his hard monster he was poking on my delicate n soft pelvis which I found painful but slowly he adjusted & while kissing me again he poked little gently to arouse me & I started humming in pleasure & I don’t know when I wrapped my hands around his back to welcome him.

To Be Continued...

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James Fucking Mallu Doctor Aunty In Train

Hi, I am James, a 23 year old from Chennai and because of my studies I live in Chennai and used to visit my parents in Madurai. I am 5’4″ tall, fair looking and good enough to get the attention I deserve from the young girls.

Today I am posting my true experience which happened with me some month ago with a Mallu aunty that I met in the train.Guys lets get into the experience now…the hairy pussy of this experience is the doctor her name is swathi. I love all the women, I get more excited looking at married women and much eager to enjoy the life by fucking.

This doctor is of age 32 whitelist color, size 34-30-36 normal boobs and ass got attracted to her dressing and her physic. My god I love her, she is so hot and can fuck her all night. Okay now coming to the story, the sexual adventure I am going to pen down happened when I was travelling from Chennai to Madurai in an AC 1-tier.

The train was scheduled to start at 10.45 PM and bidding farewell to my friends I reached the station on time to board the train.As I boarded the train I started settling down and keeping my laguage, and there she was sitting in a corner and reading a book,all I could see was this beautiful women in her black saree,i was awestruck and looking at her like a dog.

Then she noticed me and took a glimpse at me then went back to her books. After a while train started and soon TTR came and checked our tickets,while he left she was closing the door and she accidentally dropped her purse and all her thing were scattered on the floor,wow she literally bent down and started searching,

i was sitting to the left and to be my lucky day her pallu was totally revealing her hot curves and I was shocked to see her sexy body with her white navel revealed right before my eyes and she was wearing this gold navel chain which was glowing in her,my dick was so erect and I started helping her by picking up her things.

While going that I get to touch her ass and believe me that was the hottest moment.Then she thanked me and polity introduced her to me,and said she was a teacher and going for her friends wedding.And soon we started talking casually and I said about my school and college experience and her about her life,then slowly we were enjoying talking to each other joking and teasing.

It was around 12 and everyone next to our cabin was started sleeping and we were still talking and this time it turned into a little intense topic,we were sharing about out young life and how we were partying and having fun.I was only casually speaking but as soon as that topic came it turned me on and I started to look at her boobs and her navel while she was talking.

At time she caught me staring at her but still kept on talking without any response. And now comes the fun part,and while talking I said about my gf and how we used to spend time with her and she was telling about her divorce and started to become a little sad.

Om seeing her I started to cheer her up came close to her and kept my hands in her shoulders and consoled her and complementing her looks,i said “you are looking so beautiful in this saree” for that she gave a smile and thanked me.To divert her of I asked what she was reading and she showed me the book and it was some romantic novel,

i took a peek inside and it was marked all over soon she started describing me about them. She was busy while I was so much aroused by her scent and those beautiful folding in her waist where the gold chain was resting and wow damn her boobs in those blouse got my dick rock hard I was in full intention to fuck her.

She was talking and I slowly moved close to her with my thighs touching her thighs,she dint even cared about that so I got bold and tied to put my hand behind her almost touching her ass and other hand pointing at the words in book to keep her occupied.

My heart was pounding heavily and I could almost fell her warm body all over me,suddenly she moved backwards and my hand just felt her ass and I thought she would move but to my surprise she didnt and stopped talking,her breath started to increase and she was looking right at me. she was sweating and trembling,i moved close to her and said “you are sweating,should I take care of it?”,

i could see the sweat drops in her waist in that 18^C room, Slowly I moved my hands in her navel and wiped her belly,which gave her a shock and she grabbed my hands over the saree,and I grabbed her ass from behind and felt those delicious round things in my hand,then I gave her a kiss of which she responded and we were kissing for a long time.

Then I removed her pallu and grabbed her boobs and squeezing them with both hands and teasing her nipples,for which she gave a naughty smile and was biting her lips.I whispered in her ears “i want to fuck you like a bull ” for which her got so turned on and moved to the corner,

Then I removed my dress and raised her saree and started touching and rubbing her pussy for which she started giving sweet mourns,then I removed her panties with my teeth which she liked and said I was naughty,soon we were both naked and I started tasting her juices flowing from her pussy,i was sucking her clit and having a great time of my life.

I spread her legs and sat nicely between her legs and rub mine on her vagina and enjoying. At last I inserted my penis and pressed hard..She screamed.. and started to move slowly and started to kiss her face and suck her boobs…

She lifted her legs well as she was experienced and I fucked her for 20 minutes in between I used to press her ass nicely.Her love juice started to flow and provided me with good lubrication to fuck..I fasten up my movement and with loud noise I ejaculated inside her.For a while we were staring at each and I said “I love you”for which she responded the same.

In morning we woke up and bid farewell and from that moment on we used to meat occasionally and have lot of fun. After months when I’m writing this and imagining her, she gave me a hard on.

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Vani Seduced And Fucked By Brothers Friend

Hi friends, the story is between me, my friend Karthik and her married elder sister Vani. I am a good looking boy from Nagercoil. It is in the south side of Tamilnadu. I and karthik studied together till our engineering. Today I am 29 years old the incident happen 2 years before at that time I was 27 years old and vani is 2 years elder to us. All the names used in the story are not real. That is including my name sursh.

Myself I am 65 Kg slim athletic body with good looking Morden boy. Most girls in our area give romantic looks to me. But I don’t believe in Love. If someone wants sex I can provide with my super strong 8” tool that have stamina upto 40 minutes nonstop.

Now about vani she is 55 Kg light weigh soft body with 5 feet tall and shiny black in colour. Her shapes are perfect 36-28-34. I had my eyes on her from my collage days but I never get a chance. She also used to give romantic looks but we don’t proceeded further. She got married with one of our senior in our collage he works in abroad visits his wife yearly once.

She completed her Msc in computer science and looking for a Job opportunity. The incident happen after karthik left his home. He got a Job opportunity in Chennai. Normally Karthik visit along with her sister if she needs to attend any interviews in Chennai. But now she must go alone and I made my plan. I got a new simcard and call her mobile no.

She is not able to recognize my voice through mobile. I called her to Chennai in the name of popular software company. She agreed to come to Chennai for personal interview. After few hours I visit her home with sweet box and give sweet to her and I told I got a Job in Chennai tomorrow I am going to Chennai. Immediately she asks my help to take her Chennai along with me.

She told about the interview she needs to attend in Chennai. I said it is my pleasure. I booked our tickets in AC valvo bus. In this type of bus they provide blanket to cover. The bus started around 7:00 Pm we covered our self and start my game after some time.

I acted like sleep and placed my hands around bottom part of her stomach no reaction from her and started smelling her hair hot breaths of mine flowing towards her neck she wasn’t react but I know she is becoming hot. It continued around 1 hour now I got bolder and inserted my hand inside her kurtha my hands are touching bare skin just above her jeans pant button.

She wasn’t react for that too. I placed a kiss in her neck in the darkness inside the bus no one can watch us. And the game is going on inside our blanket. I started moving my hands up and touch her nipples over her Bra and kurtha. Her heart beat and breathings become heavier. I said I love you in her ears now for my surprise a hand traveling over my 8” tool.

It is completely erected condition she gives gentle massage there and I keep giving massages to her boops. After some time I unbutton her jeans and inserted my 2 fingers inside the love hole and kept there for long time. Our bus journey ends at Chennai early morning 6:00 Am. She adjusted her dress and come down.

We booked a hotel room and she told if we gets time after interview we can play buy some condoms for us. And now I was told the truth and trap about how I was bring her to hotel room. She was extremely shocked but that shock ends with naughty smile. Immediately she brings her lips close to my lips. I take her lower lips inside my mouth it tastes good. We break our kiss after 10 minutes.

She told lets fresh up and continue our game. We both go together to the bathroom toilet of the hotel room she removed her panty and pee and pissed there. I clean ass her with hands using water and I take her out of toilet without cleaning her pussy. She says no but I love to clean ladies pussy with my mouth I love the salt taste in girls pussy. I eat her pussy for 30 minutes.

Then we take bath together my dick was in between her legs my hands giving gentle massage to her ass. Her soft poops where pressing against my chest. Kissing on the lips and neck and forehead area continued for some time.

We both come out wet and she orders me to wear condom she don’t want get the risk of getting pregnant I wear my condom and I ask her to hold the bed and bend a bit. Her pussy is visible from back side and I inserted my dick from back. My hands are giving massage to her soft mangos. I bit her ears and I gently massaged over her pussy lips by using my hand.

Comparing to she is not so tall I turn her a bit without removing my long and strong dick and kissing her lips. I hold her hair and bend down a bit and started hammering her. We tried different positions. And she told I am better then Karthik and her husband Ramesh. I ask Hey babe do u fuck your own brother? She told yes I do. And she told she is trying for me for several years.

She called karthik’s mobile no and told she is with me and what happen between us. Karthik also come to also come to room. Till today she is an ass virgin but today she decided to give her ass for her own brother karthik. She told she can’t take mine because it is much big one for her ass. I am also agreed.

Karthik removed his dress in minutes and lubricated his 5” tool with oil and apply some oil in the ass hole of vani. Slowly he insert his tool that makes her more pain. She opens her mouth because of pain and I inserted my tool inside her mouth to make her silent. Each stock of karthik in her ass gives me a blowjob stock in my dick.

We played in different positions and continued our relationship for another 6 months. Now she is with her husband in abroad. I miss my darling vani.

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Nitin Fucking Sexy Stranger Sanika

Hi Readers, this is Nitin back with another experience. Thank you for all your responses. This story is about a reader who wished to spend some time with me and enjoy. To start with the story, I received an email from this female named Sanika. She wrote that she liked my previous stories and would like to chat with me.

I pinged her on hangouts and then we began chatting. Initially we talked about each other. In the end she asked for my number. She told me that she would call me at night. At night I was waiting for her call, but the phone did not ring. The next day I pinged her on hangouts to ask if she wants to talk to me. I got no response.

After about a week, I got a call from an unknown number. It was Sanika. She immediately started sex chat. She told that she wants to masturbate and wanted me to make her cum. We had an amazing talk for almost 4hours. I cummed twice while talking. I don’t know how many times she must’ve cummed.

She told that she would love to spend a weekend with me and asked me to meet her on Saturday evening. We both reached the place decided on time. She sat in my car and directed me to her place. She used to stay with 2 other roomates but the other 2 were out of station for that weekend. While going she told me that I will have to do all that she says.

I told her that as long as it does not include licking the floor or eating anyone’s poop or stained food, I was ok with it. She agreed and asked me to stop the car. She told me that she wants to drive the car. We switched places. She was a beautiful girl, fair and tall. Did not have huge boobs, but were good enough. She was wearing Denims and a jacket.

She sat on the driving seat and asked me to remove her jacket. I removed the chain slowly, touching her stomach and then her boobs. She pinched my hand and said, “Don’t you dare do that again”. I apologized to her. She was wearing a sleeveless top inside. She had a tattoo on her arm.

She told me to lick her armpit. I was shocked. “What!! Really?”. “YES do it softly. With your tongue”. She grabbed my head and placed it on her armpit. I started licking it. It was neatly shaved. The sweat smelled very good. I gently licked her left armpit. She shouted, “Spit on it. I want your saliva all over it”. I spit on her armpit and licked it. I tickled it with my tongue.

She smiled. She was driving the car while I was doing all this. I tickled her more and spit and licked her armpit. Then she told me to do it to her other armpit. “Just lie on my lap and do it, I’ll drive with my left arm.” I laid on her lap and started licking her right armpit. It was weird but fun. I was constantly spitting making her right side completely wet. She was moaning and smiling.

We finally reached her room. She opened the door and asked me if I was thirsty. I said yes. She brought 2 big 5 liter bottles and said this is your water for the next 2 days. You have to finish it before you leave. It looked as if something was added in it. But then I had to drink it. I realized it was saliva. I spit it out. Sanika said that I have to drink it else she will punish me.

I said “You had promised you won’t give me rubbish to eat.” She told me that I gave it to you for drinking not eating. I had to drink it. But it just came out of my mouth. She slapped me and sat on my lap. She kissed me and rubbed her boobs on my chest. She was an amazing kisser. When we finished kissing I saw that she had tied my hands.

Then she spit on my face and started licking it. “What the Fuck are you doing?” She said, “Shut up and open your mouth.” She spit inside my mouth. Kept on spitting her saliva. Then she put her tongue and licked my mouth. I tried to close my mouth but she put both her lips inside and kept spitting. She said I won’t let you close your mouth until you drink my saliva. I swallowed all the spit in my mouth.

She got down and told me be a good boy and I shall reward you with good sex else you will have to suffer. Saying this she went to the other room and closed the door. She came back in a sexy lingerie. My cock sprang up. Came close to me and said “I will do something to you. Watch, feel, learn and do it to me later.”

I nodded. She climbed up on me and started licking my face again like a dog. Her spit was dripping down my face. I was enjoying it now. My hands were tied to the chair. She dig her face to my armpits and licked it. It was uncomfortable for her so she untied my hands. I voluntarily lifted my hands and let her suck my armpits. My upper body was full of her saliva.

Then she gave me the bottle containing her saliva to drink. I was thirsty so drank it, it didn’t feel that bad now. She smiled and said “I am happy you are drinking it.” Saying this she removed her panty and I could see her pussy. There were some pussy hair. But her pussy was looking so beautiful among the bushes. She went under the chair and slid open the base.

My ass was open now. She laid under the chair over a couple of pillows and asked me to spread my legs. I did so. Then she started licking my ass hole. Aaaahh …. I moaned loudly. She was gentle and knew the right spots. What a magician she was. She put her tongue inside my hole and kept spitting on it and spread her saliva all over my ass.

Then she licked the place between ass and cock. Heaven it was. None of the women I have been with, gave me this pleasure. She continued for around 20mins. She got off me and told me to do the same to her. I first kissed her on lips and started licking her ear lobes. She shouted, “Make me wet with your saliva”.

I gathered as much saliva as I can in my mouth and spit it out on her face and then started spreading it all over her face and neck. I licked her nose, her eyes and her ears. I moved down to lick her boobs. She pushed me away and screamed at me, “Kutte, mene tere chest ko touch kiya? Jitna kaha gaya hai utna kar”. I obeyed. I lifted her hands and licked her armpits.

Soaked up all the sweat and made it wet with my saliva. She was moaning and smiling with pleasure. Then I laid down on the pillow and started licking her ass hole. My mouth was getting dry so I told her that I will drink some water and come. She kicked me on my back and told me that I should not touch water. I can only drink the water in the bottle.

I had already finished more than half of one of the 5 liter bottles. I drank more from it. It quenched my thirst but somehow was not as useful as pure water. Then I laid down again and started licking Sanika’s ass. I was not finding the right spot initially. She pushed my face on her butt and kept pushing until I touched the best spot.

I tried to put my tongue as much as possible inside her hole. I spit my saliva and pushed it inside her ass. I tried circling my tongue and many things. She was moaning very loudly. Saliva was dripping down her ass and my face. After half an hour I stopped and licked her pussy. She said stop it, but I am very good at licking pussy. She let me do it and came twice. I drank it all.

She then, got up and asked me to get the cake from the kitchen. When I came back from the kitchen she had gone to her bedroom. When I entered the bedroom I saw her lying on the bed, naked. Her nipples were erect and beautiful. She told me to cut pieces of the cake and spread it on her body and eat it.

I cut the pieces and placed them all over her body starting from her pussy right upto her neck. Then I started eating it off her body. She said, “you are such a selfish man, didn’t even ask if I was hungry”. I asked her and she said yes just give me whatever you take in your mouth. I lowered and open my mouth inside her mouth.

She licked up my mouth from inside and swallowed the cake. I kept doing that. When I reached her boobs I licked her nipples where I had placed lot of cake. Sucked her nipples. She was continuously moaning. Now after eating and sharing the cake with her she said “now lay on me and wipe off the remaining cake” I was now laying on her and rubbing my body over her.

We were kissing while doing this. Finally she told me, put your cock inside my pussy. I happily put my rock hard cock inside her pussy and fucked her like an animal. The fucking and moaning continued for 40-45 mins after which we slept. In the morning, she woke me up and even before I could open my eyes she stuffed her pussy on my mouth and pissed in my mouth. The hot drink went in my mouth.

As soon as I realized what was happening I puked the urine and shouted, “We had a DEAL”. She got frightened by my anger and said “OK, calm down. I won’t do it again. Chalo I’ll brush your teeth.” Saying this she lip locked me and put her tongue inside my mouth and started licking my mouth and teeth. She spit her saliva in my mouth and told me to spit it out on her pussy. This girl was really crazy!

Then she took me to the bathroom for a bath. The bath tub was ready. I sat there and then she started rubbing my chest with her soft hands and kissed my neck and ear lobes. Then she went under water and started giving me a blowjob. She could remain under water for a long time. For her comfort I raised my hip above water. Then she gave me a boob job. It was lovely. I came on her face. She licked it off her face.

Then she got out and drained all the water and poured 3 buckets of water which was ready. I guessed it. It was her saliva. GOD, she is a saliva manufacturing machine! She asked me to have a bath with this water. She gave me a bath washing each and every part of my body. In return I also cleaned her with her own saliva. We finally finished bathing.

That’s it for now. I will continue this encounter with the Weirdest girl in my life in my next story. Till then, please let me know your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Neha Fucked By Sales Team

Hi I am Neha and I am married and have one kid and our married life was very happily going on. Today I am going to tell you a real incident which has changed our married life and now it is more enjoyable.

It was 3 years ago and it was a lousy summer noon time and I was alone in home as hubby at work and kid was in school. Suddenly doorbell rang and from door slit I saw that two sales person one girl and one boy, in their early twenties, was standing and asking that if I am interested in the nonelectrical massage instrument which may relieve body pain.

I said I am not interested but girl insist and request for a demo and said we won’t force you for buying this if you are not satisfied. I don’t know what happened to that moment and I said OK come in and I took them to my drawing room where girl said “Mam you need to sleep down so that I can give you the demo is this place is OK”.

Then I took them to my bedroom for demo and I laid down on my bed and girl started giving me massage gently with instrument & I was enjoying the relaxing the way she was doing. She asked me mam how you feeling I said OK carry on then she asked me “Mam are you not satisfied”

I said “carry on” she smiled at me and started again on my back then that handsome boy has asked “Mam can I give you this on your leg” I said OK. That boy was giving massage with instrument on one leg and by other hand he was doing massage very sensually on other leg due to that sensual massage I start losing control on myself a bit.

Then they exchanged their place silently and boy start massaging me on my back I didn’t objected because I was enjoying that massage seeing that girl have asked me to turn so that she can give massage on my front of thighs.

I turned and asked girl to give massage by hands also she said Ok and boy took a courageous move and he insert his one hand under my Tee and start giving a sensual massage on my abdomen, seeing that I am enjoying every bit of his courageous move he left instrument and insert both hands and grab my boobs which are of 36B size start massaging them very gently

and sensually I moaned with closed eyes and seeing that he remove my tee and now I am in bra only on upper side which was a fancy see through bra and I was breathing very heavily and that Boy removed my bra and made me naked from upper body I grabbed him and put my lips and asked girl to make me naked from below also and she followed that order and she also

joined me in a moment in full birth suit dress. Seeing two girls in front of him boy also remove his all cloths and he was also naked, his lund was very tight and 8”long and thick I hold his lund and put my lips over it and that girl also joined me and we both started to suck him one by one and he was fully enjoying that suddenly that girl went down and start licking my cunt by his tongue

that gave me electric sensation in my whole body and I cum heavily on her face which she licked and drunk and make me dry. My Cunt was burning from inside and I laid down and asked that boy to fuck me with his long lund, he put a pillow under my waist and start fucking me slowly and gradually he increased his speed I was enjoying a lot and moaning loudly

OOhhh please fuck me fuck me hard fuck my chut hard push more inside push more AAHHHHHH ….. suddenly he withdrawn from me and asked his friend to come and fuck me in missionary style and said that he will fuck both of us I never had such an experience now girl is over me and that boy was behind that girl and he was putting his long lund one by one

in our both cunts and we both girls were at seventh heaven. That session lasted for 5 more minutes and he cum on my cunt and asked her friend to lick my cunt she did that and I can’t tell you that how electrifying sensations went through my whole body and I cum by that third time and she licked that also.

After that session we were there in bed for 10 minutes and then both girl and boy wear their cloths and gifted me their massage instrument complimentary and left home.

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