Kadir Fucking Horny Sisters

In rural areas, Malabari gentlemen either go to their shops and they dont come home until it is dark and come only after closing shop. It used to be joint family and the mother manages the household and the daughters or daughters in law have nothing to do. I know a girl who brought his boy friend in a burqua and hid him for a whole day. Her mother did not come to know.

They were fucking and having a good time. If other young girls come to know of this and threaten to go and complain to the mother, they will also be roped in and initiated into the pleasures of sex. Rarely one fellow may get caught and may get thrashed by the public. There are some big houses where more number of gulf brides are entrapped.

They all take advantage of him secretly and they all join to hide his identity. In one instance Fathima a student for degree course in a college fell in love with a boy Kader. They used to meet at odd places and talk. They did not get an opportunity even touch each other and were frustrated and bother searched for places where they can meet.

Kader cannot take her to his home because there is always a big crowd of people, his brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts and their children. Kader asked Fathima can she arrange for him to meet and sit for some time in combined studies. Fathima had an aged mother and another sisteer who is married to gulf and they had convenient bed rooms upstairs where they can sit to study combined.

Only problem was that Fathima has to convince her sister and buy her peace. Fathima's safe days and her sister's safe days are marked in the calender they wont jump into any blunder. One day Fathima told her sister that she may bring her friend for combined study. Her sister asked her hundred questions, who is he, is he in love or just combined study,

You can study for one or two hours and why spend a whole night etc. Fathima convinced her without arousing suspicion..Finally it was agreed that Fathima will carry one of her burqas and give it Kader and wearing it he will come to Fathima's house and go straight to upstairs. This was the plan. They wanted to keep it a secret from mother.

Her sister, Nazira, has to be taken in confidence, but no mention about sex, just study because the final exam is due. Sister may come and examine who the boy is. Fathima told Kader, if her sister is cooperative, just give her some sex so that she may also be silenced. All women are sex starved and it is the only compensator.

When told to sister she started to interogate so much that Fathima got frustrated. Finally out of frustration they were about to drop the plan. After two day sister asked Fathima when are you bringing your friend for combined studies. She said we dropped the plan because you were so much non cooperative.

Sister started to sermonise and said I just wanted to warn you that something untoward should not happen. You are young and beautiful and added to it you are married. If people come to know that a young man is coming secretly to our house, nobody will think he is coming for studies. If you both are careful I will certainly help you.

Fathima carried the burqa in a plastic bag to the college and asked Kader to put it on when he comes to her house. Kader tried it once or twice, the size is ok. One day he put it on in the college bathroom and came out engaged an auto and went to the house of Fathima.

Luckily Fathima's sister was there and she recornized him, took him upstairs and left him in the room and she went down and brought a cup of tea for him. When burqa was removed she found him a handsome young man well built, tall and soft spoken. He wore a beard neatly trimmed which gave him the look of a greek hero.

She said Fathima had to go urgently accompanying her mother because of a sudden death of an aunt at a place little away from town. Her mother also had gone. They are expected any moment, She gave him a lungi for changing and asked him to relax. When she went down, she felt sorry that the boy Kader is alone upstairs, here she had no particular work to do.

She was thinking how handsome a fellow, this Kader, She and Fathima are both married otherwise he would have been an ideal husband for either of them. She thought who knows they may have plans for sexual intercourse, otherwise why they sit for the whole night. Can anybody study for the whole night. They may study for an hour and thereafter they my take chances to try sex.

She was sorry that she never got such opportunities. Her husband had gone now for more than seven months. All her male cousins have gone abroad. Fathima is lucky to have a boy friend like him, such a handsome fellow. Somebody said that all tall fellows will have very long cock. In that case this fellow would have at least a 7 inch cock. Fathima is lucky to get fucked with a 7 inch cock.

She thought poor fellow will get bored, let me go and keep company with him. When she went upstairs she saw him sitting in the bed and day dreaming. Seeing her he was schocked. She said we have no information from Fathima. But she promised to come as soon as the programme is over. Have you told her, kader, that you will be coming today.

He said not exactly, she knows I am coming. I did not tell her specifically that I will come today. Nazera thought if Fathima does not turn due to their own reason, what to do with the boy. Her heart missed a beat. He need not be sent back empty handed. She may lie with him to keep company.

Suddenly it stuck her, if he had come for combined studies, he should have his own load of books, but he came empty handed. A shiver ran over her body. Is it fair that she usurps Fathima's boy friend and enjoys sex with him. Anyhow she went up and called him to come down for taking food. Since their mother also has gone he need not put on the burqa,

he can come in his lungi and shirt. Kader came down the stairs and Nazera served food for her and him and they sat to take food. Besides rice, there was mutton curry, mutton fried and fish fried. Kader ate greedily. Nazera was looking at him and she felt that there was a special charm in the boy. She asked him whether he is married, he said, no.

The she asked whether he knew that Fathima is a married girl and husband is away in the gulf. Yes, she told me, he said. She asked him what is that so urgent to have combined study of a whole night and the exam is still far away, He simply looked at her face and smiled and said it was all the plans of Fathima.

She said my room is down, but to keep company with you I will come with you, just wait till I change and come. She went to her room, changed into a nighty, went to the kitchen washed all the plates they had used for taking food and kept everything in order and came adn asked Kader to come. She switched off the lights, closed and bolted the doors and went up with Kader.

In the room, she asked him where are your books. She asked him where are your books for combined studies. Kader said I am sorry, I am studying with Fathima in her college. We like each other and we never got a chance to sit and talk in solitude. It was the plan of Fathima that I come with a burqa so that we can talk for the whole night. So you are lovers, is it not?

He said no not yet, we are just friends and sit and talk that is all. But if the situation is congenial we would have gone further. You mean to say you would have had sex. He was ashamed that he walked into her mouth. You are handsome and clever, who can deny, saying this Nazera went near Kadir, unbuttoned his shirt. Kadir put his hand around Nazera and embraced her.

Nazera said, I was worried that I should not be betraying my sister if you both are lovers. Kadir said no, no, we are not lovers yet. Kader got busy to undress Nazera, by removing her nighty and bra and panty, he made her totally nude. He did it very fast and was getting ready to suck her boobs.

In the meantime Nazera removed his t shirt and lungi and his underwear and wanted to see how big his cock was. Wow, it was bigger than her estimation. Both were determined not to waste one night. Nazera verified from the calender that that day was a safe day for her Kadir was running his hand all over her body.

This was an unexpected bonanza for him, in the absence of Fathima to get her sister for sex was unexpected. Actually Fathima and he planned to have plenty of sex, they even discussed what all poses to be tried. Kadir the moment he came to know that Fathima is not there wanted to get away. But his bigger catch was more teasureable.

Nadera was more beautiful, bigger boobs, ass, more experienced. He was in a hurry to suck her nipples, but she was in a hurry to take his cock in her mouth He sucked as much as he wanted and she sucked so much that he cummed in her mouth. First they tried missionary pose. He got on top of her and his monster cock went deep into her tightly.

Nazera never thought she would ever get a bigger cock that her husband's five incher. It went deeply into her sending her to new heights of pleasure. She wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Kadir appeared to be a younger boy and in his every movement his youthful vigor was reflected. Nadera and Kadir came to an understanding if Fathima did not come before day break,

not to tell her of his visit. They fucked and fucked and again fucked. Kadir wanted to have oral sex. But Nadera was always ready and needed no stimulation for sex. She was always ready. Moments when they were idling were very rare. They both enjoyed as if they were long lost lovers. They did not do oral and anal sex.

At 6 am Nazera went down and prepared tea and they both took tea. she asked him to come every week so that he can fuck both Fathima and Nazera. If Fathima comes to know that Nadira also got fucked she will be happy Because in future both of them can enjoy kadir. Till Kadir left Fathima did not come.

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Orgy In The House With In Laws

The problem with our family was that they marry their daughters in very young age. We are not supposed to show our face to other men and hence are always required to cover our face with a black cloth. I, Mherunnisa was got married at the age of 15 my husband was aged 20. I was lucky otherwise other girls are made to marry men of 40 or 50 or even 60.

Usually girls of our family are sex hungry from very young age. Hence early marriage is objected to by the society but we girls welcom it as long as the husband is young. Another problem was that we are made pregnant and before I reach 20 I become a mother of four children.

My figure is lost, my boobs start sagging and I turn old and my husband does not show much interest in me and they start searching for a second wife for him. Men are allowed to marry four times. But with our love we keep our husband in our hold so that he does not abandon us.

In this era of gulf boom, the problem is that they search for a gulf bride groom who soon after marriage leaves the wife behind and goes away promising to come with a family visa. Soon after marriage, they have lot of sex and it creates a special bond between them and he sends lot of money to her so that she may live happily and comfortably.

Money will give her comforts and luxury, but how to quench the thirst of her pussy. After fifteen days of vigorous fucking after marriage my husband also left for gulf. I was in the ninth standard. Luckily I did not get pregnant. He pressed my tiny boobs so much that now it has developed into big and shapely. Similarly my ass also became big and round.

My mother and my sisters in law advised me to be very care ful because anybody can take advantage of a girl in my condition. Any young man going in the street makes me go wet in my panties. All the muslim girls studying in my class knew about the safe period and how to calculate the safe days.. They maintained their own diaries and calenders marking their safe days.

I was wondering why they were so meticulous. I came to know that most of them had their own paramours. Some had shady relationship. They had excuse for that. If an outsider comes, he may blackmail and bring disgrace to me and my family. If it is from within the family for the sake of just pleasure, it will be preserved as a secret.

It is wrong only when we get children out of it. Otherwise it is ok but be careful. I too maintained a calender marking my safe days. I had a younger brother who was younger by just one year. We lied in the same room but in different beds. One day I could not stand anymore I moved to his bed when he was sleeping and searched for his cock. It was in limp condition.

I tookit in my mouth and started to suck. He woke up suddenly and asked what I am doing. I put my finger to my lips and told him not to make noice. He understood. He fucked me everyday once or twice till my fire is extinguished. When I go to my husband's place, his brother of the same age as my brother used to be too much friendly with me.

He slept in a seperate room and in the dead of night he will sneak into my room and bury his face in my crotch. He licked and sucked my cunt vigorously. This made him hot and then he would fuck me. His tool was slightly bigger than my brother's. But he discharged fast and took time to revive. I like the methods of both of them.

With so much of sex, I completed my schooling. In the meantime my husband came on a month's leave. I selected the safe days, or took pills and escaped pregnancy. He allowed me to study further. I went to the college. My bother and brother in law grew into handsome lads. Their tools also became big and their methods developed refinement.

With more money, we built two rooms upstairs and moved. They built rooms in the house of my husband. My husband's sister was also there in my condition. Her husband was also abroad. She had a child. But her brother was fucking her regularly. I got friendly with her. While telling me her woes she said about her hunger for sex. I asked her how she manages.

She smiled and said casually, it happens. Finally she too admitted about her brother giving her relief. I consoled her and said why brothers are made for. She laughed and said she understood. I called to come to my home. She came and stayed for a night. I asked my brother to fuck her. He was hesitant. I acted as a mediator and put them together.

Next day I heard that they had three sessions in one night. Next day my sister in law was happy and shy. My mother had to go for some religious function and hence left early It was full freedom for us. We closed the door to go upstairs and We both removed our clothes and my brother fucked both of us openly. The inhibition was removed.

It was decided that next day brother and sister of my husband and my bother and myself will join in a group sex. Walking naked in the house was the attraction. When there are no elders to question us, it will be a pleasure to move around naked and to rub the boob against one another. On the crucial day we all the four assembled.

First we planned oral sex, and then doggy, and then cow girl etc. We played light music so that sounds of our orgy may not be heard outside. Within two hours we closed the show. But a great sense of camaraderie was developed between us.

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Guy Enjoying Orgy With Hostel Girls Rima And Megha

Staying in one of the metros in a flat in a multiblock complex, which was a township by itself, with its own walkways, swimming pool, shopping complexes, bars etc. All other open area was converted into garden and a total dust free atmosphere prevailed.

Though I had affairs with many lone women staying there, the situation did not change, many left with their husbands and many still stay there. My experience with woman, of course, you may differ, it is my own opinion, is that any unmarried girl, or at least 90% of them are interested for some nice luxury life and if you call the to come for a visit to a mall for lunch or for a movie they agree.

In your private space, if you touch them bodily they dont mind and they even cooperate. After such three or four visits to the mall for lunch and movie, if you call them for a weekend at a resort they come knowing fully well that it is for sex that she is being called and she may give you a convenient date to coincide with her safe days. Most of them know when their safe days are.

Most them do not expect you to make a promise of marriage, the youth is for enjoyment and they do really enjoy. One day I met a girl in the bus stop and I stopped the bike and offered her ride to her home. She readily agreed and got on my bike. I asked her where she stays, she said she stays in a hostel and was waiting for her boy friend to pick her up.

When I said I am sorry I will drop you back, she said dont worry, I will send him a message that I am with my cousin and will not be free today. In that case shall we go to the mall where we will take tea, and then go to a movie. She enthusiastically agreed. We went to a coffee shop and took some snacks and coffee.

She said her name was Rima and was doing for her mechanical BTech. Parents abroad and she staying in the hostel and going to join parents only during vacation. Rima appeared nice looking girl, with very good features, in smart leggings and top, without any make up to look natural.

As I was making a survey of her, she too made a survey of me and by the time we finished coffee, we were very close and sat in a corner in the movie theatre. My elbow touched her boob and her hand fell on my thighs. I tuned and took a measure of her boobs over her bra, she was unzipping me and inserted her hand and took hold of my cock.

Rima was wearing her bra loose so that it was easy to insert my hand inside and get hold of her boob. Boobs were firm and the nipples were hard. Rima lifted the hand rest up and leaned over me and took my cock in her mouth. I inserted my hand into her waist band of the leggings and I reached her hairless pussy.

I sliped my middle finger into her fuckhole and I could hear small moanings keeping my cock in her mouth. Within 10 minutes she reached her orgasm and pulled my hand from her fuckhole. I shot my cum into her mouth and she gulped the whole thing. and wiped her lips. I whispered into her ear, how was it, she replied fantastic, aske me the same to get the same reply.

Is tomorrow a working day, I asked. She asked why you ask. I said I thought we may go to my flat spend one or two hours and then after supper I will drop you in your hostel. Or do you to go there tomorrow morning. She said I dont mind going in the morning. Wow, I said ok, let us move.

I took her to my block, left my bike there and took the car and drove to a dept store, bought some liquor, wine for her and brandy for me with soda and drove back to my block, carried the parcel to the flat, Rima accompanying me. I opened the flat, kept the parcel on my dining table. Rima asked me whether she can call one of her close friends to join me.

I told her that I am planning a night full of sex, she said does not matter, she also would join. Ok, Ok, I said. Rima called her friend and they spoke for some time and said it is arranged. Do we have to pick her up. Yes, Rima said and we took the car and left. On the way I telephoned the caterer to keep some food ready and that I will pick it up on my way.

Rima said her friend Megha is a good for company and she will be a game for any company. I stopped the car at the prearranged bus stop and Rima went and brought her friend Megha who sat with me in the front seat and Rima in the back seat. Rima introduced her to me. She looked quite charming, with long skirt and a t shirt with a pleasant smile on her face.

We went to the caterer and the food was ready. We collected and went to my flat. Rima was telling Megha, we are going to have jolly good time today, never ever had such evenings before. Girls helped me to carry the food parcels to my flat. I parked the car in the garage and went up and opened my flat.

Girls went to the bathroom for freshening up and I took glasses and filled two with wine and one for me with whiskey. When they came back I gave each one of them a glass of wine and I took my glass. Proposing a toast, we started to sip. Girls emptied their glass faster and refilled them. Rima said why not we be more relaxed, why not we remove these extra clothes. Megha said ok.

They went to the bedroom, removed their dresses except the bra and panty and came back to pick up their glasses. They drank fast, by the time I finished my second peg they had three glasses each. Rima asked Megha to remove my clothes. Megha came pulled my t shirt over my head and my jeans down my legs. I was in my jockey, projecting my bulge.

Megha pressed my bulge and laughed loudly. Rima also came and made her own assessment. When Megha came near me, I unhooked her bra and pulled her panty down. Her boobs were fresh, firm and beautiful and her pussy without hair was very small like that of small girls. I called Rima and removed her bra and panty. Girls gigling, rubber their pussies on my shoulder.

I pulled one of them and lifted her leg up and licked her pussy. Both the girls were well drunk and were blabbering. I made both of them lie on my bed and licked their pussies and sucked their clitoris. Rima brought the half filled wine bottle and poured the wine in the pussy of Megha and asked me to drink from it.

I widened the legs of Megha and licked the wine along with her cunt juices. We played like this on each other for a long time. Girls took more and more wine and were high on spirits. They pushed me on the bed and Rima rode on me pushing my cock in her pussy and Megha with her legs on either side sat on my face and allowed me to eat her cunt and clitoris.

Girls then changed sides and fucked me from top to their great pleasure. We took a break and ate our food. Lot of food was remaining. But girls said they will carry the uneaten food to their hostel and eat on the next day. We continued our fucking games till 3 am. All three of us lied in my bed and slept.

We woke up at 7 and the girls hurriedly dressed up, packed the remaining food and kissed me good bye and promised to come the next week and I dropped them at the gate of their hostel. That was a great show which we repeated every week with more and more girls.

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Radha And Padma In The Fucklist Fucked

After two days, Usha aunty introduced me to Padma, her friend. While taking me to her flat, Padma introduced me to Radha her friend. Both Padma and Radha knew my relationship with Usha. Radha in her mid twenties was little brown in color, well shaped in pyjama and t shirt. She took me inside her apartment.

There was a bench and two chairs and a small TV, a big curtain across beyond which might be her cot, kitchen etc. Radha was looking at me sitting near me. I asked her where is her husband. She said he has gone for work and my come back by 10 pm. I asked about children, she said no children. She asked me how do you know Usha. I said I stay in the next flat.

Did you meet her daily, she asked. I said I met her just for last three days. She asked in a low voice did you fuck her daily. I told her I fucked her three to four times a day. Bapre, she exclaimed, so much stamina. Do you want me to fuck you, tell me, otherwise I am going, said I. Wait, I will make tea for you, she went to the kitchen. I went following her.

Where is your bathroom, I asked. She showed me a door. It was a small bathroom, well kept. She made two cups of tea and we drank it in the kitchen. She asked me, show me your thing. I showed it to her lifting my lungi. It was limp. She kneeled and took it in her hands. Achha hai, she said and kissed it, and slowly opened her mouth and took it in.

Her mouth was hot because of the hot tea.I put my hand inside her blouse and caught hold of her boob. The neck portion got tightened and made it discomfortable. Unhooking the blouse, she opened it and unhooked her bra and her both boobs were free. I tweeked her nipples and caught the entire boob and squeezed it.

I seem to have gathered courage to put my hands on the boobs of unknown ladies, or little known girls and communicate with them with whatever hindi I picked up from them. I learnt that licking and sucking of nipples aroused them and I made it a point not to waste time talking but get hold of her boob and go on licking.

The moment my tongue touches the nipple all their hesitation vanishes, their shyness goes away, I asked Radha to remove her pyjama and stand in her panties behind the curtain. Her hands were holding my erect cock. I made her to lie flat on her back in the bed and open her legs. She did not seem to have taken bath that day. Neither she nor I had any patience.

I shoved my cock into her fuckhole and it went straight in. Her hole was tight. I think most of the menfolk had a small and slender cock and hence the women fold finding a lengthier and stouter cock are fascinated. I can go on fucking for a long time, but by then the girl would have got her orgasm once or even twice. Finally when I get my orgasm, I throw my fluids into her and pull out.

Radha was very happy and satisfied.She told me that it was such a long time since she got a good fuck. She bought two eggs and made fried eggs and gave me to restore my stamina. She said she will go and take bath and come In the meanwhile if Padma comes, go ahead and fuck her in my bed. I said ok. Within a minute Padma barged in with a parcel greatly excited.

It is biriyani and fish fry and boiled eggs for yuo, You have to build up your stamina because you have to do lot of fuckings. Kya bolthi ho, I asked. Hamse nahi hoga, I said. Arey pagal, thume ek badiya noukri milegi. Ek night club ka manager banoge. Bahout paisa milega, quater milega. Dont tell any body about your railway ka kam. Hearing this I was fascinated.

Padma would have told to any of her clients connected to the night club and that is why this offer had come. Padma told me that somebody will bring me the address of the club and a car to take me to the club. Finding that the bathroom door is closed, she said she will go to her own room and come back in a minute.

On return Padma told me that the manager of the night club, comes to her and gets her clothes stiched by her. Padma told her about me and she was excited and told her they were on the look out of a manager. The gents manager will get good salary, 2 suits every year, all three times food, he can use club car, a separate quarters for him and his family to stay in the club premises.

While hearing all this my mind was rowing in a different world. Padma lying the cot of Radha pulled me near her and unbuttoned my shirt removed it from my body. The she untied my lungi and my cock was fully exposed. She removed her t shirt and bra and her firm boobs were fully exposed. She said two young girls want to see how you fuck me. They will call after some time.

You have no objection to fuck me in their presence. If they are willing you may fuck them also. Ok let them come. I went ahead with Padma. Her boobs were large and slightly sagging. Her cunt was without any hair, perhaps she would have applied cream. It was very soft. I rubbed my hand over it and stroked her clit.

She was quickly aroused and got hold of my erect cock and made me to get on top of her. She helped me to put my cock into her fuckhole. It went in tightly but adding to the pleasure of Padma and me. Radha came out of the bathroom and saw us but without disturbing us she went around the cot and sat in the chair. The was a milk knock on the door.

Radha opened and seemed to talk to two girls. Radha went and reported to padma that two girls have come to meet her. She said ok, send them in. They both came and stood aound the cot. Padma signalled me to start fucking. I was going on in and out very briskly. The girls observed in wide eyed wonder. Fucking of Padma finished and she got her orgasm.

She rolled away and asked one of the girls to take postion, One girl, removed her panty and skirt and lied below me opening up her blouse exposing her small boobs. I asked her whther anybody fucked you before. Yes, she said, my brother. I gave my erect cock in her hand and asked hef to insert in her hole. Her hole was very tight. It took lot of time for making an entry.

After vigorous fucking the girl got her orgasm and then the second girl took position. Till them I was withholding my orgasm. The second girl was younger and smaller boobs etc. My cock went inside her with great difficulty. The girls was crying.

I did my fuck very fast and finished it as soon as she got orgasm. I shot my fluids into her and kissed her goodbye. I ate the food sharing with Padma. I said it is enough for the day. I am going back to my room. If that club manager lady comes please call me. I went back to my room.

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Guy Enjoying Sex With Mumbai Neighbourhood Aunty

I was in one of the suburbs of Mumbai, staying in a fourth floor flat confronting the main road. Standing in the balcony and watching the road was enjoyable, different kinds of people, vehicles, running, walking to catch the train to south Mumbai. All were busy and nobody had time to even look around. The flat where I was staying was a one room flat with four bachelors sharing.

All were employed except me. They had a routine and I allowed them to use the bathroom first as they all were in a hurry to go, while I stood in the veranda. They were all friendly and worked in different offices. Some of my neighboring aunties observed me and on the third day one aunty asked whether I am not going to work.

I said no, I am waiting for my selection to the railway and the order may come any day. She looked around 30, medium structure, all tired and sweatty because of the domestic work. She had to get up early, send her husband for work, and her children to their schools and now only she can relax. She asked me to lock my room and come and sit with her so that we can chit chat.

For me it was a new experience, I did not know enough hindi to converse, she did not know much of english and we were somehow communicating. She asked whether I had breakfast, I said no I have to go to some chai shop. She said wait, dont go, I have something extra, we both will eat.

She called me inside to her kitchen, where some puris were left after sending their share to her husband and children. She asked about me, my family background and when I said I am from south she took some liking. She said you take breakfast with me. Dont go to hotel. She had dough to make a few more puries and she made and sat with me and we both ate.

It was nice puri and the bhaji was also nice. I told her her cooking is good. She felt nice to hear some praise from a stranger. She asked me have you taken bath, I said no, go and bring your towel, we will take bath here. we have plenty of water. For a moment I did not give a second thought, I went to my room and brought my towel and she said wait a moment,

let me finish cleaning my vessels. I said ok. I was wondering whether she is planning a combined bath. I looked around and found a bathroom door inside her bedroom. She took a towel and came and asked me to come. You are almost of my son's age, I bathe him daily and your mother also would be bathing you when you are at home, is it not, she asked.

It was a small bathroom. She asked me to undress and filled the bucket. I removed my lungi and shirt and put my towel on the clothsline. She sat on a stool, took a mugful of water and asked me why dont you remove your underwear, you are like my son, dont feel shy, dont feel shy I will bathe you. She pulled my u/wear down. She saw my thing dangling between my legs.

Are bapre, how big it is, it is bigger than that of my husband, she said. She took it in her hand and turned it right and left. It started to get big. I felt very shy and embarrased. Arey, it is more than 6 inch. If you have have a six inch lund now at your age, you will have a foot long lund when you grow up, said she and started to laugh. She put her hands on my balls and the cock.

She was watching it grow in size and was amazed at its size. She looked at my face and smiled and said it is very beautiful. She as a sign of appreciation, planted kiss on the tip. The touch of her lips on my cock sent a shiver in my body. She looked up at my face opened her mouth wide and took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue played with it and she seemed to enjoy it very much.

She took further inside and the whole cock disappeared in her mouth. This was my first sex experience with a woman and I was very much aroused. She moved it in and out of her mouth and I thought I will get a discharge. I asked her to stop, or I will discharge in her mouth. She moved her head and her both hands were holding my body.

I could not stand for long, I shot my fluids into her mouth. She gulped the whole thing and sucked further to get as much as she wanted. Arey ye bahut acha hai. Your milk was thick and tasted very good. She stood up, removed her blouse and bra exposing her big melons, and pulled down her skirt and stood stark naked in front of me.

I did not know her name, neither she asked me mine. I was wondering how it all came around and now I am squatting in her bathroom floor naked and she sitting in a stool and with her legs wide open and her pussy with a mat of black curly hair asking me to lick her. Her pussy was very badly smelling of urine and some other foul smell. I said I cannot, because it smells bad.

Can you shave it, she asked. I was wondering, shaving a pussy. My God, my fate, in this unknown land, in the unknown flat shaving the pussy of an unknown woman. She took a razor from the shelf and a shaving brush, took some cream on it and started to apply it on her pussy. She asked me to get up and press her boobs and suck the nipples.

After lathering, she started to shave herself bending low. I watched. In the intricate corners she asked me to help her. I was seeing a cunt on closer distance. I just touched and pulled the blade very carefull across the area where there is hair. She opened her cunt lips and asked me to draw the blade carefully. Finally it was over and there was no hair left. Her pussy looked beautiful.

She poured a mugful of water and washed it of all hair and soap. She looked at my face and smiled, and I keeping my hand on her both thighs, buried my face in her pussy and licked the whole pussy. She put her finger at a place and asked me to suck it. It was of the size of a cashew and I tookit in my mouth and sucked it. She moaned and pressed my head into her cunt.

Finally she reached her orgasm and my cock was fully erect. She washed me first, applied soap, and asked me to pour water on her body and I applied soap on her body. I soaped her boobs, cunt and arm pits, while she was playing with my cock. Finally we washed outselves and dried with our towels and I wore my lungi and shirt.

She said she will wash my u/wear and give me the next day. We entered her bedroom. She lied on her bed, with legs wide open apart and asked me to get on top of her and put my cock inside her cunt. I was fumbling. She took my cock and guided to her cunt, to the fuckhole. She asked me to push my cock into her fuck hole. I pushed and it was tight and went in fully.

She was moaning in satisfaction. She asked me to move in and out. I started to fuck her. I did not need any more instructions. I was going into a very enjoyable action. Her cunt was full of thick fluid which made my fucking very easy. She held my face with her hands and kissed me repeatedly and I fucked her hard and fast.

She was reaching her climax and she hugged me and locked me with her legs. I could feel her spasm on my cock. This made me to reach my orgasm and I shot my fluids into her. I kissed her on her lips and cheeks. We lied like that for some time and then we went to the bathroom and washed our private parts.

The aunt said she was lucky to have found me otherwise her husband with his small thing never fucked her since last six months. She uttered so many endearing words, in hindi, which I did not understand asked me to change and come for lunch and bring my lungy and shirt for washing. It had taken more than two hours and my mind wanted her company more.

I changed and went back to her flat with my old lungi and shirt. She said she will wash dry and give it to me when I come next day. She asked me to sit and watch TV when she cooks the lunch. I called her aunty, what is your name. She came back running and kissed on my cheeks and told me her name is Usha and asked for mine.

Usha said this Mumbai life is so boring that her husband comes back only at 10 pm and has no time for sex. Her two very close friends are in worse condition. They are eager to have sex. She asked me whether I can help them. Just only fuck one day for each of her friends. She was looking at my face for my positive response.

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Shamla Enjoying Sex With Naushad

Naushad, after he took his PG in Maths and Science was asked by his parents to apply for a bankjob. But Naushad right from his graduation days was giving tuitions to students in maths and science subjects. Some undergraduate students also came for tuitions. There was a belief that anybody taking tuitions from Naushad will clear their exams in first class of distincton.

There was a heavy rush to take tuitions from Naushad. He shifted the bedroom of his parents to the first floor and he too slept in the first floor, keeping the entire ground floor for tuition classes. There were many girls students as boys and hence he made it in two sessions, in the morning session at 7 he took tuition to the college going girls and in the evening he took classes for boys at 6 pm.

When the crowd of boys increased, he made it in two sessions of one hour each. He increased his fees so that people may be turned down. They paid whatever he demanded and came. When the number of girls increased, he asked them to come at 6 am and another session at 7 am so that they may have time to go back home and then to their college.

For other non college going students, he had sessions at 10 to 12 for girls and from 3 to 5 pm for boys. Since he was thorough with the subjects, he did not need any time for preparations. One day one of the girls Shamla who was doing for her graduation asked Naushad that she will come at 5 am and requested him to give her some special classes.

Naushad said, you see that I am overworked and I cannot increase my work load. But Shamla said sir, I will give you whatever fees you may demand. You may see my notes. I am an above average student and your tuitions have helped me. But I want to top my class which I can do only with your help. At last he relented and asked her to come at 5 am.

He actually looked at her closely only then. She was a beautiful girl with big boobs and big ass. He asked her how she will come. She said she will come in her scooter. Her husband and her pappa were in gulf and she had only her mother and younger sister at home. Ok, said Naushad. Next day when he was in deep sleep in his bedroom he heard the door bell ringing.

He never wore any under garments while sleeping. He got up and with his lungi wrapped around him he ran down and opened the door in half sleep. Shamla was standing there. He asked her whether she will go to the class room in the ground floor or to his bedroom in the first floor. She said I cannot sit alone in the class room, I will come with you to the bedroom.

He climbed up closely followed by Shamla. Leaving her in the bedroom Naushad entered his bathroom for his morning oblutions. When closed the door and came back to his bedroom he saw Shamla lying on his bed, half naked, her upper body fully exposed. Her big boobs were standing erect. What are you doing, Shamla, get up and cover yourself.

Let us start with your studies,said Naushad. But Shamla said, please ustad, please give me a hug, a tight hug with your broad chest. After the departure of my husband I am thirsting for sex. I will study to your full satisfaction, but give me a hug with your bare chest. Seeing her erect nipples and the boob, Naushad for a minute was shocked and he moved as she directed.

She got up and his wet chest with hairs pressed hard against her boobs, she hugged him and kissed him on his face. After all this Naushad could not control, his cock started to rise and he put his hands around her and gave her a tight hug. She gave out a big sigh and her hands searched for his cock.

Her hands found his big cock and she kneeled on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and her tongue circled around the cock head. She fell into the bed, pulling him along. She quickly removed her leggings and panty and her shining hairless pussy opened wide as she opened her legs wide. Naushad being a virgin and nnt experienced in the ways of sex was fumbling with her.

But Shamla was clever and her long cherished desire of having sex is being fulfilled, she just hugged him and rubbed her boobs on his face. He opened his mouth and took her nipples and started to lick and suck them. This made both of them horny. Shamla was morning and he asked her not to make any noice to attract the attention of his parents sleeping next door.

Shamla took his cock in her hand and examined it. It was about 6 and half inches long but very stout. With both of her hands she played with it and kissed at the tip and then opened her mouth and took it it. Naushad seeing Shamla swallowing his cock was very much aroused. He say the clean shaven cunt of Shamla, small and looking lovely with fluids dribling from it.

He leaned over it and opened it and saw the tiny clit and the gaping hole for fucking. He pulled out is cock from the mouth of Shamla and tried to put it inside the fuck hole. Shamla being more experienced asked him not to be in a hurry. She asked him to suck her clitoris. With her legs wide open, she opened her cunt lips and asked him to lick and then suck her clitoris.

Naushad did it for some time and it made both of them very hot. She then asked him to bring the tip of his cock to the entranceof her fuck hole. She was lying on his bed, with her legs wide apart. He sat between her legs and guided his cock to her fuck hole and slowly pushed it in. Like a bubber band the entrance of her fuckhole held his cock tightly and he had to made entry slowly.

The vaginal walls did not make the entry easy, but his persistance made slight progress and he was going in slowly. After many months, Shemla felt a cock entering her body and it pained her. Though she had calculated earlier about her safe days she again calculated and made sure that that day was one of her safest.

Leaning his body on both of his hands, Naushad pushed and pushed and his cock reached the end. He could feel her flesh tightly gripping his cock all around. Shall I start fucking, he asked her. Yes slowly at first. On attaining full erection, the cock of Naushad was like a iron rod and when it rubbed against the soft tissues of her fuck hole it cause bruises.

She tolerates all because of the immense pleasure that is awaiting to befall on her. He started to fuck slowly and then gradually increased the speed. Shamla started to give out some shouts of joy and utterances of endearment, for having fulfilled her wishes. Otherwise whom she will approach for sex. Poor girl in her prime of youth was sitting idle.

Now Naushad has opened to her a new horizen of joy. He was pounding with full vigor. Her frail body was moving up and down with each stroke. Suddenly it started to gather from all over her pelvis and came as an explosion, her orgasm. The muscles were moving in a spasm and it could be felt by Naushad on his cock. He kissed her and sucked her nipples and then pounded hard.

Finally he too got his orgasm and he threw his fluids inside her in full force. The squirt was felt by her. Both hugged each other, he squirted till the last drop. Slowly he pulled out his cock and wiped it in her skirt. Shamla kissed him on his cheeks and neck and then covering her cunt with her hand she rushed to the bath room and drained all the fluids and washed her cunt and dried with a towel.

Naushad had the first experience of sex from Shamla and they talked about it. She said there are several poses which will be more enjoyable, we will try them in the coming days. It took time for them to bring the attention back to the studies. Their minds were fully occupied with sex, and Naushad for finding time for sex in the early morning when the whole city was asleep was lucky.

Both wanted further sex. But the time was 5.30 am and any moment his parents would wake up and he may have to do lot of explanations. Further planning is required for long sex sessions. Shamla said she will cooperate to the maximum. Let us how they manage next day.

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Ronn Making Love To Old Friend Priya

Hi, fellas, this is ronn again from Delhi with a new story which involves me & a lady whom I met at a family function. Thanks to this wonderful platform where we can share our hidden desires and secrets. About me, I’m a normal guy from Delhi with a 5-inch tool and the lady in the story is Priya who’s from Noida.

About Priya, she’s a very good friend of mine from Noida working for some corporate with a vital stats of 36-32-38, 32 years young chubby girl with long hairs. I and Priya used to work in the same company around 6 years back, but then I left the job and started something of my own and she too left the job and started working somewhere in Gurgaon.

We were connected through social platforms wherein we used to chat and discuss things but there was nothing sexual. She was a divorced lady with some bad past experiences and now as I was also married so we just kind of chatted with each other once a week but I was in a habit of sending msgs on WhatsApp on a regular basis. All those adult jokes and all.

Once she just said hi and I was like hello. We started chatting about regular stuff and all. I said that you remember I used to have a crush on you when we were working together. She said yes I do remember and how can I forget those glances and you being naughty all the time in office. We shared some smileys and I asked her if we can meet each other someday for a coffee or beer.

She was like why not? Let’s catch up. So one fine day I was in Gurgaon so I asked her if she’s free to meet. She readily accepted and wanted me to pick her up from her office. I picked her up and gave her a lovely rose bouquet, we hugged each other and that was a long warming hug. She was really happy to see me and those roses.

She hopped in the car and I asked her where she straight away said that let’s go to my place and we can grab some beers on the way and have them at her place. It sounded like a plan. I was driving and we were discussing life, work etc. I took some beers from Mayur vihar and then we entered Noida.

We get into her flat which was shared by her roommate who was doing some night shift. We met her and introduced each other, she said bye in a minute and left for her office. Now we both were alone in that 2 bhk flat. I arranged those beers in the fridge and was checking out her flat. While doing so Priya called my name and if I want some coffee.

I declined and said let’s have those beers, she said ok and said that give me 10 minutes as I need to get change and get freshen up. I said ok and switched on the tv to watch some news. She came after around 20 min and said sorry for keeping me waiting. I just turned got awestruck as she was looking amazingly hot and sexy in those hot pants of cotton and that loose t-shirt.

As she’s chubby those thighs were looking so amazing and sexy. She caught me staring at her and was smiling and blushing. She came near me and I was like wow dear. You look fabulous. She said thanks and we started talking about things. I got a call from my wife so excused myself and went to the balcony to talk.

In the meanwhile, priya took out the beer and glasses with some eatables for the drinks. I came back and she winked asking what was she inquiring. I said nothing much just a normal call, told her that I’ll be little late. She was like that’s ok, come sit and she started pouring the beer into glasses. We raised a toast and started drinking.

She is a fast drinker like me, so in 30 min we were done with 6 beers. She was feeling a bit tipsy and she turned on the music channel on tv. She was humming the songs and moving her torso with the music. We were both getting high, I got some more beer from the fridge and we started drinking more.

We were feeling good by now and suddenly Priya got up and started pulling me for a dance. We started dancing and there come this lean on the song and she came closer and we started dancing little erotically. We both were high, she took out a joint and we were smoking it and dancing.

The effect was so awesome that we both got real close to each other while dancing and she started rubbing her body with mine and that effect was making me hard. I tried to get away but the emotions and feeling swept away all the thoughts and we started rubbing and fondling each other.

She was breathing heavily, turned around and started kissing me on my face lips and cheeks. We both started kissing each other and slowly those kisses started turning into some deep wet smooches. We were smooching each other like mad lovers. Her hand went down and she started touching and feeling my dick over the pants.

I was playing with her boobs while kissing and we both were moaning and we were lost in some other worlds. She opened up my fly and took out my dick and started playing with it. The horniness in her was clearly visible by her expressions. She just went down and started sucking my dick as a lollipop.

She started pressing my balls while sucking and I took out my phone and started filming her and she started showing that slut face of her. She was doing it so nicely with those facial expressions as a porn star. The effect of all the intoxication and this lovely lady was so high that I came in her mouth within 5 minutes. She just drank all my juices and was looking so happy by her face.

I just pull her up and we again started our never ending kissing session. Her saliva and my dicks taste were giving a mixed feeling now. I removed all her clothes just the t-shirt and those hot pants. She was in a black bra with no panty, I tore off her bra and started sucking those big melons while rubbing her clean shaven pussy with my hand and fingers.

Her weakness was her nipples, those were huge pointed one. She was moaning a lot whenever I was sucking or biting those nipples. Big fair boobs with jet black nipples is a treat for any human. I started fingering her pussy harder while she was playing with my dick. I was also completely nude by now.

She just pushes me in the couch and came to me in a cowgirl position and started riding me in a rhythmic way. She was a master in moving her butt with each stroke and was kissing me madly while getting penetrated. She started moving faster and I understood that she is about to cum and yes she came a lot but I was still hard.

She quickly changed position and came in for a 69 position. We started sucking each other down there. She tasted very salty but I love eating pussies so I was focused on her cunt and clitoris. While in 69 positions she again came and those juices were so tasty that I drank them all. I turned her around and started fucking her in the missionary position.

After some deep fucking, I was about to cum but I stopped and asked her to turn around and started ramming her in doggy style. Her big butts were a treat to the eyes. I was spanking her while fucking her and she was screaming with every stroke and spank. After a while, I was about to cum so I asked to suck. She obliged and just went down on her knees and started sucking my dick.

She is a good sucker. I came in her mouth again and she drank that as well. Now we both were exhausted. We cleaned each other and I got ready to leave as the wife was waiting. We kissed each other again while going and promised to meet whenever it is possible.

That’s it for now. Will be back soon with a new chapter of life. Please feel free to enter your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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