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My sincere thanks to readers for your time and wonderful feedback. I got many mails for my first sex story and happy to see such good response. Here we go with my second erotic encounter. If you feel story is lengthy please jump to para 5 where action will start.

One my friend’s is searching for interior decors and googled for it. He shortlisted few and we both visited one office on Saturday. In 2 mins one young good looking girl aged around 24 came infront of us and invited us with a handshake… Her hands are so soft like a baby…

She presented herself so nice. She took us to her desk and started showing catalogs as per our requirements meanwhile she is showing her previous assignments too which are quite impressive. While taking catalogs she was bending which gave me a glance of her yummy cleavage which she too noticed…

After 30miutes of discussion she took us to a modal room which has bed and wardrobes to show us lively view. While walking unexpectedly our shoulders rubbed against each other…Her skin is smooth like butter… We came back to her desk and after few mins of discussion we told her we will get back to you in 3 days.. She was bit unhappy and took both of our details.

She called my friend after 3 days to enquire about our decision… My friend gave phone to me for negotiating over price. I told her it’s v good and we are impressed too but it’s out of our budget.. She tried to convince me and at last she gave more discount than what she offered. I said I will let you know in 2 days and cut the call.

As my friend is asking for my suggestions every time she understood that I am deciding factor to close the deal so she called me directly on Friday to enquire about our decision. I came to know from her words that this deal is crucial for her as she has targets to reach. So I thought of negotiating more to get more discount.

At last she asked me to come to her office on Saturday to discuss and finalize the things. As I couldn’t visit her office on Saturday I told her I will come on Sunday. She said Sunday is holiday and asked me to come on Monday. On Saturday evening she again called me and asked to come on Sunday as she is coming to office upon her boss request to collect a cheque from customer.

I told her that I will come by 11.30 and cut the call. Para 5 I visited her office on Sunday around 11.10. The whole office is empty except we both. She welcomed me. She was in jeans and low neck t-shirts which fits her body perfectly and elevating her beauty. I was staring at her and admiring her beauty… We went to her desk and she asked me to close the deal.

As she already lost 3 assignments this has became critical for her. She requested me to somehow close the deal. As I said it’s beyond budget, she said let us close this deal in a win win situation. I asked what was it. She told me to convince my friend to close this deal and in return I can have fun with her. I was shocked by hearing that and told are you mad.

After few sec gap she put her hand over mine and said I observed you staring at me many times so let us win together. I thought for a min and called my friend and convinced him for this deal after talking 10 mins. He got convinced and accepted. I see a huge smile of relief on her face and thanked me… I asked her about my return gift.

She smiled and said sure sir I will give it right away and walked to main door and closed the door. She came towards me and took me to modal room. She came close to me and I put my hands around her waist and pulled her closer to me. We started smooching each other she responded well.. I slowly unbuttoned her jeans and put my hands inside her pant.

I am caressing her butts and slowly started to squeeze them.. She let a soft moan and put her hands around my neck and stood on toes and started smooching wild…I completely pushed her on me and her soft boobs are crushing against my chest.. My dick has become rock hard and poking her flat tummy.. I slowly undressed her and myself too.

She is really amazing with 32 30 32 figure…We both are naked breathing heavily. I slowly pushed her towards the wall and sat on my knees. I started kissing her thighs and rolling my hands over her tummy, waist and squeezing her boobs simultaneously… She is moaning sweetly.

I slowly parted her legs and reached slight hairy pussy… She maintains herself very clean. By my sensual moves she became so wet and I slowly lifted her one leg and put it on my shoulder… Got clear view of her pink pussy and started tickling her pussy walls with my lips by making circular motions and tapping in between… She is really going wild.

A wild thought hit my mind and I slowly lifted her another leg and made her to sit on my shoulders. I put both my hands under her butts and lifted her up very slowly and carefully…Wow what an amazing view it is she is sitting on my shoulders at 6 feet ht in air supporting wall and my face is buried in her pussy… Even I gone crazy and started eating her pussy.

Her moans turned out to go wild and started shouting crazy…I ate her pussy for almost 15 mins and with extreme pleasure she started blabbering… She had strong and heavy orgasm. I carefully put her down on floor… All her juices are flowing over her thighs and down the legs.. She hugged me v tight for few mins and whispered she had v good orgasm and thanked me.

She went to rest room and cleaned herself. I was lying on bed with my erected dick. She came back and took my cock in her hand and started caressing it and took into her mouth. She pulled my foreskin and started circling her tongue around the pink tip of my cock.. I was going mad and couldn’t control myself.

I hold her head and pushed her so that my whole cock entered her mouth. She started sucking soo well she sucked for almost 15 mins.. I said I was about to cum. She made me to stand and she sat at the corner of bed. She quickly took my cock between her 32 boobs and holding her boobs in both hands she started rubbing her boobs in up and down motion with my cock in between them.

After few sec huge load of cum spilled all over her boobs and nose… She said too much of stock… We both laughed and cleaned ourselves..It is 1.30 pm I went and got lunch for both of us and packet of condoms too.. We had biryani and resting in sofa and watching tv. I started playing with her boobs and hair and she started rubbing my cock…

I became hard again I took her to her desk and made her lye on the table..I opened her legs and started teasing her pussy by tapping it with my rock hard dick while my other hand was busy in squeezing her boobs… I slowly pulled her to the corner of the table and inserted my dick in her pussy in one go…

Because of much lubrication I entered completely inside her and she shouted… I slowly started banging her little cute pussy… She lifted her head and started looking down her pussy while I am busy smashing it hard. Another wild thought came to my mind and I made her sit on the corner of the table.

I lifted her legs and put my both hands under her thighs and asked her to hold me tight by wrapping her hands around my neck…I slowly entered my dick in her pussy and positioned it properly. Now I lifted her up in air… She is sitting on my hands by wrapping her legs around my waist and hands around my neck.

I slowly started thrusting her pussy and she applied little bit opposite force… What a fucking position it is … She started laughing at my different positions and enjoying too.. I fucked her for few mins and took her to modal room… I made her to sleep on bed and fucked her in missionary position… We fucked for 20 mins and collapsed on bed…

After 45 mins we had one hornier round on sofa. I made her to kneel on sofa and entered in doggy style.. I fucked there for some time and I brought her boss big revolving chair. I made her sleep on that by lifting her legs up. I pushed the chair against wall so that it will not move.

Then I started ramming her pussy and we both started sweating..She started shouting please fuck me hard don’t stop please go ahead…… After some hard work I once again cummed… In the whole process she cummed for 5 times… After that we got fresh up and left office around 4.30.

Next day I took my friend and closed the deal for which she was happy.. But till the time I was in office the fucking frames are passing across my eyes… I am sorry if you feel it’s a lengthy story… But please bare with me friends… I hope you enjoyed another horny story… Awaiting your feedback in the comments below…

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Raju Enjoying Sex As Service Charge

Women though they appear to be calm and modest, she cannot tolerate her sexual hunger and when in her bedroom she turns into a tigress to satisfy her thirst. All her modesty vanishes. According to their body chemistry, some women get easily satisfied and after begetting two or three children, their hunger for sex vanishes. But some with itchy cunts are just the opposite.

Their urge for sex remains and go on increasing till their middle age. Their libido does not quench so easily. If her man is inadequate, they start to look around to get their quota of satisfaction. I had come across all this kinds of women in my life, mostly from my own close relationship.

I am Raju(name changed) 27 with good physique, I was working in a firm servicing washing machine and hence I get frequent calls from ladies saying that their washing machine is not working and to come immediately and set it right.

Usually when they can the time would be 11 am, their husbands would have gone to office and their children would have gone to their schools/colleges, unless there is a bandh. Usually the ladies are alone and in their nighties before taking bath. The washing machine are kept in the working area beyond the kitchen.

By the time you reach the work area, you get a idea of the geography of the place. I look at the lady and if she is young around late 20 or early 30s. I call her to help me to lift the washing machine and to bring down from the stand. I know she has overloaded the machine and that is why ii is not working. But I do not want to make it appear to be so simple.

I ask about her husband and children. All in the form of formal chat just for familiarizing with the customer. She too asks my marital status and etc. In the meantime I make the machine lie on flat by its one side. In the meantime I remove all the clothes from the machine and fill a bucket. I remove some part from inside and replace it.

When the machine is empty I make it run and it runs smoothly. I stop it and take the wet clothes one by one from the bucket and put it inside the machine. When it is her under garment, I take a closer look and put it in. I reduce load and start the machine and lo, it is working. There is a smile on her face. I tell her that she is so beautiful that if she calls two times a day I will come.

Sometime she answers you are also hand some. I ask her for a cup of tea, in the meantime I prepare a service bill, give to her and and take payment. When she brings the tea, I manage to touch her hands and then ask her her bedroom. She shows me the bedroom and ask her her bathroom, she will take me upto the bathroom.

I may ask her to come with me so that I may plant a kiss on her cheeks. Sometimes, they oblige and accept my kiss as a compliments. sometime, they say no, no, no kiss. Collecting Rs.500 service charges I may leave to go to the next house.Life is enjoyable.

Some lady had allowed me to take rest in her bed room for half an hour, some offered me nice fish curry rice towards lunch. We may get unexpected adventures during our professional calls.

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Horny Man Enjoying Hot Sex In Barn

Women are modest when it comes to the question of sex, they are beasts when their own demands are not met. They to any extreme to have full satisfaction. Once in the bed they dont mind if it were brother they have indulge in sex, or cousin or any close relative, they may cheat her husband once I saw my friend and classmate married to an agriculturist and working in a paddy field.

I sent communication that I want to fuck her immediately. she came to their cattle barn and we hit in the heeps of hay, there was nobody to notice or watch, her husband was in deep sleep at home, we had our sex in the heeps of had totally unmindful of the outside world.

Once, twice and thrice we finished and fully satisfied, I did not know when I will meet her next, we got separated and I went my way, with tears in my eyes. I very much wanted to marry her, but because we belonged to two different communities we cannot do.

We were together in the school days and in college days also, But before anything could be thought of she got married and went away to Dubai. All my plans were shattered. I took to some touring business and then working in hotel industry. My days and years went on and on.

After five years having earned enough she and her husband came back home invested in an agricultural land and and started their work. Their calculation was that they may earn more than what they earned in Dubai. They had some cattle and they yielded to supplement their income. I though she may be happy and not to disturb their life.

But when I men her she said she is not happy and waned to meet me urgently. She was not sexually satisfied. She was not willing discuss in detail Thus I happened to her barn to fuck her. She was as tight as a virgin. Without any inhibition we fucked. She kissed me lavishly. I told her I want to go away. She said no dont go away, come here often and let us fuck.

My husband does not fuck me. He simply cannot. I cannot abandon him and go after somebody. He trusts me so much I have go to be with him. If you can satisfy my minor sexual needs I am quite happy I asked her whether I can come and get introduced to him. Not now. Now be as you are come daily do your duty and go. I left to the fate and went around our routine.

After some days one day, suddenly the husband came to the cattle shed, we did not know. We went around and saw unusual activity in the barn. He came closer and recognized who the players are. Without uttering a word he coolly went away. There is question of hiding it. But how to tell him. She was in terrible dilemma. We sat and thought over for some time.

In the meantime we could hear his voice calling her. She sprang up and gave reply to his call. She had to go to him. I asked what should I do. She said wait. She went in and they were talking in the normal tone. Her voice was not that of submissiveness. I could not get details of their conversation. After some time he called me or sent word through her to go to him.

I was embarrassed. I went to him with my head bowed. He said please sit down. She tell me that you studied together and were together before marriage. My marrying her upset your plans. I say why dont you stay with us. We all will keep our minds open. Be among us. Let us get along. Tears started to run down my eyes.

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Horny Guy Losing Virginity With Sexy Niece Vimmy - IV

Previously: Horny Guy Losing Virginity With Sexy Niece Vimmy - III

Vimmy took long to come back, may be 10 minutes, I was still naked but wearing same outfit, t-shirt with a tight leggings she was up with a quick shower. “…tum bhaag kyun gayi…?” I asked her with a smile and like I was expecting Vimmy was unwillingly to do anything now “Mama mujhe ab sone do…”

she said she want to sleep now and I asked her if she is angry with me “kya hua…mujhse naaraz ho kya…” “nahi….per mujhe ye sab ajeeb lag raha hai…” she said she is feeling weird and I asked “ajeeb hai per achha bhi to hai…” by now I was good enough to read her and Vimmy was speechless.

I don’t know it was intentional or unintentional Vimmy was not ready to accept that she is enjoying until I insist her and I continued insisting her “ye sab bus pahli baar hi ajeeb lagta hai…” I spoke again and Vimmy blushed and I saw good hope and asked her if she has cummed while I was sucking “sucking mein tera ho gaya tha kya…?”

and with a tiny smile Vimmy moved her head in no and after few seconds came up saying if I would have sucked her for some more time then it would have done, “…thoda sa aur suck kar dete….to shayad ho jaata” I smiled and came up saying that if she would have told me then I would have continued “to fir mujhe bol deti…main thodi der aur suck kar deta”

and after a pause spoke again and asked her to lay down on bed I will start again “chal Koi baat nahi…bed per late jaa…I will do it again” “nahi mujhe nahi karna…” she said no again and this time I tried dominating her “Fir wohi nakhre…jab achha lag raha hai to problem kya hai…?” with that I got up and asked her to come closer “come…now I will take off your clothes…”

Vimmy did not moved but she did not said no either and I went close to her lifted her t-shirt. Though Vimmy was little uneasy but not for a fraction she resisted me from taking off her t-shirt. After t-shirt I drifted her leggings down and caressed her massive thighs and Vimmy puffed in delight.

She was enjoying getting unclothed by me and after that bra and finally Panty too and Vimmy was once again standing stark naked. As now I was free to touch her anywhere without wasting any time I clutched her fruits and started sucking them. Vimmy puffed in pleasure, grabbed my head, caressed my hairs and spoke in lustful voice

“Mama aap sach mein bahut naughty ho…main apne aap ko jitna control kar rahi hun…aap mujhe utna pagal kar rahe ho…” “Pagal to tune mujhe kar rakha hai…” with that I stopped sucking her fruits and drifted her to the bed and climbed over her instantly. Since then Vimmy was untouched by my cock and as she felt my hardness over her belly she pushing me,

but I was not in my senses now, moreover it was too good to feel her thighs and belly with a my hard cock and I somehow retained myself over her fleshy body “Mama please mere oopar mat chadho…” with that Vimmy tried pushing me harder from my chest and I held her wrist and took her hand to my cock, “tu issko hilla ache se…”

I asked to jerk my cock and Vimmy started puffing, she tried avoiding but somehow I managed to fill her fist with my rod and Vimmy went through strange delight while holding my cock. She jerked me and I too started puffing in pleasure and unintentionally my hand reached to her Pussy and I too started rubbing her opening.

Ohhhh…it was real delight of being a Mama of a girl like Vimmy, partially laying over her jerking and rubbing each other we both were grunting in pleasure, Vimmy was getting wetter and I was getting harder and harder and soon I stopped her from jerking, volcano was started erupting inside me and I wanted to last for long and I moved down to Vimmy to suck her pussy.

Vimmy was somewhat waiting for that and she drifted her bottom up get in the middle of the bed and opened her thighs for me “Mama…yahan pe suck karo…” that was amazing, reaching over the edge of her pussy lips she asked me to suck her at particular point and I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and rubbed her gently “Yahan pe…?”

I asked for exact location and she said yes in sensual voice “Haann…yahin pe…” “Tu bhi mera suck karegi na thodi der…?” and before diving in her fuckhole I asked her if she will also suck me for some time and like I knew Vimmy was hesitant to do that, “mujhse nahi ho paayega….” “karegi to ho jaayega….”

“shuru mein mujhe bhi achha nahi lag raha tha…lekin fir ek minute baad achha lagne lagga….” For an instant I tried convincing her but did not wasted much time in that and opened her knees and went into her fleshy thighs and started licking her like a dog. No hesitation at all, neither for her sticky juices, nor for hairs, this time I was at my best and soon Vimmy started grunting in delight,

I open her pussy lips nicely and moved my thick tongue over her pink and Vimmy shivered erotically, for an instant she pushed me but next moment asked me to suck while lurching her waist in unbearable sensation “Ohh…Mama…yess… ….” I liked the way she stipulated and I continued pleasuring her and folding and parting her thighs wider and wider slowly Vimmy gave me complete access of her pussy.

After sucking her for 2-3 minutes consistently I opened her pussy lips wide and inserting tip of my tongue deep in her pussy licked her entire pink flesh like a hungry animal and Vimmy went crazy, she tried getting up but banged back on the bed and tried rubbing edge of her opening with her fingers hurriedly,

suddenly she was reached to the verge of her climax and she wanted to cum but I stopped from doing that, I clutched both of her wrist and lifting her bottom she whimpered in lust “Mama…please karne do mujhe…mera ho jaayega…” I did not allowed her to touch her pussy, even I did not sucked her for a minute and she relaxed downed a bit,

puffing and grunting in incomplete pleasure Vimmy looked at me with innocence and spoke “mera ho jaata….!" “Hmmmm….” I hummed to accept what she said and looking into her eyes spoke out my eternal desire “ Vimmy mujhe tere andar daalna hai...” with that I took hold of my cock and tried to get myself between her spread thighs

“but you said you will not fuck me...aapne promise kiya tha…!' Vimmy got up immediately “please karne de…” I requested her and after a pause spoke again “ab itna kar liya hai to fucking bhi kar lete hain...”... “asli mazza to ussi mein aata hai….” And Vimmy went further uneasy over her expressions.

Anyhow I had to convince her and I continued buttering “I am not forcing you…I am requesting you…” “I promise main bahut dheere karunga aur tujhe bilkul dard nahi hoga….” “Mama aap pagal ho gaye ho…!” “Haan…and it’s you…tune mujhe pagal kar rakha hai…” “Main tujhse pyar karta hun…I really love you”

I spoke out whatever came in my mind, and Vimmy tried to settle down with sucking my cock “Mama main aapki sucking kar deti hun…but please don’t fuck me…” but I needed both sucking as well as fucking “mujhe tujhse sucking bhi karwani hai…aur tujhe fuck bhi karai hai…” “Mama mujhse darr lag raha hai….” “darne ki koi baa nahi hai…mere pass condoms bhi hain…”

with that I got up and took out the condoms from the pocked of my lower and Vimmy was surprised to see them “Mujhe patta that aap mujhe fuck karke hi maanoge…issi liye main ye sab avoid kar rahi thi” she spoke out in complaining tone and I continued trying “Vimmy life ko enjoy kar…jaise tumhari friends enjoy kar rahi hain…”

“Tum bachi nahi ho jo mummy se darr rahi ho…you are big enough to take your decisions…” I told her to enjoy her life, the way her friends are enjoying and somewhat provoked her by saying that she is not a kid that she has to be afraid of her mother and my words made Vimmy think about it.

Next I passed her packs of 3 condoms each “see it’s a lubricated condom….tujhe patta bhi nahi chalega aur andar chala jaayega”. For an instant Vimmy looked at the attractive picture printed on its top and once again looked into my eyes with uncertainty.

I climbed the bed again and moved ahead to comfort her and kissed her nicely while playing with her fruits and in the end caressing her cheek once again requested her to let me do “please mujhe karne de….” and Vimmy hugged me hard. It was beautiful, she was really scared, I could feel that in her embrace and for an instant thought about quiting from my demand

but you know guys....dil hai ke manta nahin and I tried again, "I love You Baby..." whispering in her ear slowly I drifted my hand to her pussy and started caressing her opening, still hugging Vimmy opened her thighs better to give better acsess of her pussy and cleanched me harder in her arms,

wet and hot physically Vimmy was ready for anything and with a tender massage over her pussy soon she got further aroused and locking me in her arms looked into my eyes, I smiled and she kissed me over my lips. It was surprising and before I would have recovered from that Vimmy's hands searched my cock and burring her face over my shoulder came up saying

"Mama...ye bahut bada hai... mujhe bahut pain hoga..." "Jyada pain nahin hoga...main dheere dheere daalunga..." I replied with strange rapture passing through my soul "Promise...me you will not fuck me hard..." saying that Vimmy looked into my eyes and spoke out her fear "Neha ko uske boy friend ne bahut buri tarah fuck kiya tha...usko bahut bleeding hui thi"

"bleeding to shayad tumhen bhi hogi...but I promise tumhen jyada pain nahi hoga..." It was first time for me too, even I didn't knew exactly what will happen when I will plunge her tiny hole with my thick cock but I was behaving calm and confident, I tried convincing her I will not pain her much and in the end my matured reflection worked.

Vimmy kissed over my bare chest and finally gave her consent without looking at me “Ok…kar low…” and next instant looked into my eyes and spoke again “but apna promise yaad rakhna….” “Off course …you are my doll” I replied and pushing her on her back simply climbed over her.

Since then I was behaving patient but in a moment I went bizarre, I wanted eat her and I lunged deep in her mouth, Vimmy was nevertheless excited and she reverted back to my kiss equally well. While kissing and sucking her mouth my hands moved down to her breasts and I squeezed them nicely and Vimmy was delighted with that mild roughness and next instant

I started sucking her nipples and puffing and moaning with an open mouth Vimmy started enjoying getting eaten. Slowly I moved further down and kissing her all the way reached to her pussy again and licked her with all my passion. I knew this fact very well that more she will flood from her pussy, lesser the pain she will go through.

With that thought I liked Vimmy for really long, till she started streaming endlessly and seemed getting to her climax. Fortunately I stopped on the right moment and got up to cover my cock with rubber and saw Vimmy getting crazy in desire of reaching her climax, she tried rubbing her opening but I stopped her and asked her which flavor she would prefer for her first time

“pahli baar kiss se karwana hai…Chocolate se ya strawberry se and while puffing in excitement she came with a choice of strawberry and later asked me to do it hurriedly “Mama jo karna hai jaldi karo…” and peeling off the wrapper I covered my rod as quick as it was possible for a first timer.

“Ready…?” I asked Vimmy while sitting between her wide open thighs with my Pink rubber skinned rod and looking at my hard Cock Vimmy hummed to say yes. Next I moved my finger over her vertical slit and with a lovely moan Vimmy griped my wrist tightly, I moved my finger on top of her slit couple of more times to relax her and Vimmy asked me to stop doing that

“Please….Bus karo…nahi to mera ho jaayega….”. Leaning over her crotch I opened her pussy to see her tiny pink opening but there were just thick streams of sticky juices coming out. Eventually holding my rod I matched myself over her crotch and rested tip of my cock over her pussy and Vimmy moved my cockhead bit down to take it to exact opening and I started sizzling into her hot pussy.

Uff… I don’t know it was heaven or hell, it was just tip of my thick cock pushing her tiny opening and Vimmy exclaimed in pain, she pushed me a bit with one hand but after a moment held my shoulder tight with the other hand and asked me to go slow in twitchy voice “Please…dheere…dheere…”.

As she said I moved further into her pussy very slow and resisting me from going fast with one hand over my belly, grip of her other hand over my shoulder went tighter. Sweating like hell Vimmy was trying her best to bear the pain, and her expressions were arousing me and inadvertently I pushed myself in with jerk and her seal wrecked off.

Ohhh…God, anyhow I cannot explain the real feeling of that moment, eyes closed with a tore open mouth Vimmy nailed me cruelly and cried in pain but without any voice, puffing in weird sensation I was also not in pleasure, it was creepy, Vimmy was too hot at her pussy and in a moment heat of her body broke me into sweat and with almost half of my length obscured in her tiny hole

I clenched my teeth to resist the hell I was going through. Soaked in sweat, holding each other tight we were looked at each other’s face without a word and slowly I moved further in and felt every fraction of my thick and hard cock sizzling into her tiny hot opening and once again closing her eyes Vimmy screamed in pain but just from her expressions and grabbed me tight in her arms.

Inch by inch finally reached to the edge and buried my entire length in Vimmy and gasping in low voice she started crushing me in her arms. Vimmy took few seconds to recover and resting my weight over my elbows I looked into her eyes, caressed her cheek and said sorry to her “I am sorry Baby…” and Vimmy came out with “I love you Mama…”

“Naughty girl…apne Mama ke saath sex kar rahi hai…hmmmm” I was thinking about teasing her by saying that since long and before she would have reacted over my mock I kissed her deep and long. Started from hell it was heaven now, though soaked in sweat and wet all over her face, neck and breasts,

Vimmy was still in pain but she was trying to enjoy the heat we were going through and as I kissed her she kissed me back hungrily. Now what, it was time for me to fuck her and as I drew myself out; hardly an inch and Vimmy panted in pleasure but next instant as I went back into her Pussy she cried in pain, I did that again and once again Vimmy went through pain and pleasure at the same time.

I kissed her and asked her if she is in too much pain “bahut dard ho raha hai…?” and Vimmy came up positive “koi baat nahi….dheere dheere karte raho…..” that was amazing and I kissed her again “baby…you are my doll” I spoke out in rapturous lust and started fucking her very next instant.

Uff…. what a pleasure that was… Leaving my entire weight and crushing her soft and luscious fruits against my thick chest I was completely on her top and holding me in her arms and wrapping her long legs around my ass Vimmy was spread wide and as I started screwing her with slow but deep thrusts and my heavy hips rose and fell over her crotch,

closing her eyes she started gasping in pleasure and pain. No hurry, I remained slow and steady and surprisingly within a minute of hurting experience I saw Vimmy was adjusted with a pain and I was fucking her properly, like I have always dreamed and desired while masturbating on her name.

Certainly she was yet in bit of pain but lust was rising and she was more into experiencing real pleasure of being a woman. “Maaza aa raha hai meri Vimmy ko….hmmm….? Meri Jaan…I love you” “I love you too…Mama” “tu mujhe Mama bolti hai to maujhe bahut accha lagta hai….” “mujhe bhi bahut achha lagta hai…”

fucking bit faster now it was just pleasure we were going through and moaning and grunting in fucking bliss, we had few words and soon after that we both started puffing heavily. Heat was rising and we both were heading towards our first real fucking climax at the same time and losing control over my body my fucking pace went bit higher,

Vimmy was in pain but she was enjoying too, she was crying with broken words “Fuck me..Mama fuck me….” and her demand drove me further crazy and our heaven started turning into hell again, invading her soft Pussy deep and fast I was totally out of control now and trying gripping me harder in her arms Vimmy started panting in husky voice,

I was dying and sensation was overpowering still I wanted to fuck Vimmy till my last breath and somehow I just went on going deep in her pussy and suddenly nailing my back with all her strength Vimmy clenched her long legs around my pumping hips to prevent me fucking, I tied to continue but next instant extending her arms she clamped my ass and I got shattered

“Ahhhhhh…… ho gaya...ho gaya…bass… bassss.,ho gaya” sqeezign my hips together I gasped while clenching my teeth and my cock quivered inside her searing hot pussy but before I would have spewed out Vimmy also orgasmed intensely; crushing me in her arms and thighs Vimmy tightened her cunt against my rod and her entire body trembled feverishly,

buried under my weight with few hiccups her belly shuddered and looking into each other’s eyes we both released our cum together. Heaven or hell whatever it was, certainly it was out of this world; getting exhausted was never so wonderful.

Sweating and wheezing I was nevertheless than a dead body and I sank in her soaked arms but Vimmy was bothered about her safety and she pushed me and asked me to dispose the condom first “Mama…hato…aur sabse pahle condom ko flush karke aao” in the company of sexually active friends she was quite aware about all this.

I got up, peeled the condom off and crushed it in the newspaper. Vimmy also got up and asked me to get the wet towel and using bottle of drinking water I gave her that then and there and she cleaned her pussy tenderly and I saw ample blood over the towel. I think because Vimmy was haired over her pussy it did not dripped to bed unless we had change the bed sheet.

Anyway after that we both started wearing clothes and I saw Vimmy is lost in thoughts. “I am sorry…maine tumhen bahut pain kiya…!” I apologized and saying “itna pain to hota hi hai…” she spoke out without looking at me and went into washroom soon after that.

I stayed in the room as I was little worried about her mood and as she came out I took her in my arms and asked her if she is angry with me “mujhse naaraz to nahi hai?” and she moved her head in no, next I asked her if she also enjoyed “tujhe bhi mazza aaya na?” and she knobbed her head but replied saying that she is feeling strange “per mujhe bahut ajeeb lag raha hai…”

“Don’t worry…everything will be fine” saying that I kissed her again and later asked her if she will have coffee and she innocently came out saying “Mama…mujhe bukh laggi hai….” and we both used the kitchen to prepare simple bread butter and to regain some strength Vimmy preferred glass of hot milk instead of coffee.

Time was well passed to mid night and sitting in balcony while we were ending our mid night meal I was hard again, I was getting aroused from her every tiny gesture and realizing that pleasure moments just flew away in hurry and in the end I came up saying my desire in bit nasty fashion, by saying that now I will feed her chocolate “Ab main tumhen chocolate khilaunga…”

And Vimmy accepted and told me it is there in the chilled tray of the fridge and denied for that chocolate “Wo waali Nahi…I mean abhi tumne strawberry khaai hai…ab main tumhen chocolate khilunga” and Vimmy smiled beautifully over my naughtiness and came up with “Mama aap had se jyada naughty ho” and her addressing me Mama added fuel to arousal.

Anyway initially Vimmy tried avoiding fucking again but by now I was good enough to read her and I settled down with lying together and just kissing and touching each other over the clothes. We came back to bedroom and had some fun with our clothes on and like I knew I succeeded in agreeing her for oral sex and asked her if she will also suck me.

After some peruse Vimmy agreed but just for two minutes and those two minutes were just amazing. That instant more than getting sucked I desired to see her face filled with my cock and throughout the time I was just doing that, inflamed with my size VImmy’s innocent face was looking gorgeous with my cock appearing and disappearing in her mouth.

Later I also Sucked Vimmy’s pussy, as she was freshly hurt there I was slow tender and Vimmy really enjoyed getting licked like that. After sucking I once again insisted her for proper fucking and finally I succeeded in feeding my chocolate skinned cock to her pussy.

I must say it was great fucking session for both of us, far far better than the first one, long lasting with ample kissing and breast sucking once again we both climaxed back to back and in the ended up with a deep and long kiss. Though that night we did not had sex again but we stayed awake for almost entire night.

Sitting in balcony we didn’t had scarcity of subjects to talk about and she told me that since Neha and Pooja (her friends) has started having sex with their boyfriends she was somewhat jealous of them, she also wanted to have boyfriend and have sex but she was scarred of her parents.

Later apart from telling me how is she feeling after losing her cherry with me Vimmy compared her first sexual experience with her friends first time and open heartedly said that as compared to Pooja and Neha she has enjoyed more.

Anyway next day in the evening Vimmy boarded the train and came back after around week, I asked her to stay at my house, initially she did Nakhra and all but she stayed for another night. No need to say till our parents were awake we were Mama and Bhanji interacting with each other in limits but as they slept we turned into boy friend and girl friend and like I was dreamed throughout the week,

holding her lovely plump ass for few minutes I fucked Vimmy in Doggy style. Later it was conventional fucking me riding over her and that night till morning I fucked my lovely niece three times.

Well, now to end I would say from this particular moment, when I am writing down closer of my first ever written sex story, all this was happened between me and Vimmy around 8 months back and next day right after Vimmy’s departure for her home town I was on with writing down my experience and within a week,

even before Vimmy would have came back to town I was over with the writing but it took me 8 months to refine my write in trying making it a best post of the blog. Yes or no, readers please tell me if I have succeeded in that.

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Horny Guy Losing Virginity With Sexy Niece Vimmy - III

Previously: Horny Guy Losing Virginity With Sexy Niece Vimmy - II

I don’t know Vimmy slept peicefully or not but was awake till 4 in the morning after having untouched sex with Vimmy now I was getting desperate to fuck her. Readers who are sexually experienced can understand the restlessness I was going through, I was lost in imagination, wet and hot, how would it feel when I will go inside Vimmy.

As I was virgin there was some preplexity in my mind but I was confident that I will be able handle Vimmy on bed without getting nervous but the concern was how can I get her on bed with her consent. Next day I had entire day to try as she was suppose to leave day after tomorrow in the evening,

and suddenly I realized that she will go home only if I will get her confirmed ticked through Tatkal quota, if not; she will stay here in my house till her friends will come back and my dirty mind decided not to get her ticket. I slept till 9, till 6 on couch and after that in my parent’s bedroom and Vimmy woke me up while shaking me softly.

She recalled me that I have to get her reservation done. I looked into her eyes and smiled and Vimmy also smiled back with shyness and as we were alone in the room I casually suggested her not to go home and stay there only “matt ja ghar…yahin ruk jaa” and after a pause “dono roz raat ko masturbate karenge” and Vimmy blushed and spanked my shoulder with

“Mama…behave yourself” and then added “mujhe ghar jana hai…” “Ok try karta hun….shayad confirmed ticket mil jaaye…” “Shayad nahi…pakka chahiye….” “Ok…par raat ko meri fees deni padegi….” “kya…?” “Bus apni Sundar si Pussy dikha dena…” I opened up shamelessly and suppressing her smile Vimmy requested me to go and try for the ticket and I got up to go.

That was cool, though she did not said yes to my condition of showing her for getting the confirmed ticket but I could see overnight she was out of uneasiness she was going through after masturbation and to spend full day with Vimmy; to prepare her for another night I called at my work place, asked for 2 days off and within next half an hour I was sitting with an agent.

Bcause I wanted Vimmy in cheerful mood in the night now I was not thinking about stopping Vimmy from going home intentionally, I insisted broker to get me confirmed ticket but he was not ready to assure me and told me that because of festive season there is very less chance to get confirmed ticked.

Ultimately I got the ticket but instead of AC3 it was of AC1 and I paid rest of the amount from my pocket and moved back to Vimmy with a thought of teasing her for some time. Like I decided I teased Vimmy for 10-15 minutes and when she was disappointed I told her that I can send her home with confirmed seat but before that she has to promise me that she pay off my fee in the night and it brought smile over her face.

She did not said yes to it rather she said that she knew that I am teasing her and saying that I will charge for this in the night I gave her ticket. For an instant she did not noticed but after 5-10 minute she came to me with a shock that its a first class ticket and I accepted with additional statement that “ab maine tujhe khush kiya hai to… tu bhi mujhe khush kar dena…”

and with that I insisted her to promise me for the combined masturbation in the night and expessing shyness along with uneasiness Vimmy promised me for that. It was more or less afternoon that time and next I asked her if she would like to go for a date with her boy friend in the evening and once again Vimmy blushed beautifully.

Taking consent from my parents I planned a movie and a dinner and on fixed time moved out of the house with her on the bike. It was five in the evening and as throughout the day my parents were around, looking at her taut body packed in t-shirt and leggings I was just winking from eyes and by the time we came out of the house Vimmy was not only mentally relaxed

from last nights happening but she was curious to talk to me about that and as I stopped at signal she came up saying “Agar app mere Mama nahi bhi hote to bhi humari shaadi nahi ho sakti thi...height mein main aapse Lambi hun” and I was good enough to reply back instantly “main lamba nahi hun...per mera Cock bahut lamba hai...you know that....” and once again Vimmy smacked me.

She was wearing tight jeans and top ending around her waist; big ass, thick thighs, anyhow I could not stop imagining her standing stark naked in front of me and by the time we entered in the auditorium I was hard like iron rod. I wanted to touch her in the dark but I restricted myself with apprehension that I might lose what I will surely get in the night.

Movie started, movie ended finally after lot of nasty chit chatting; about her body, about my body and size of my cock, about her friends bodies and in what possible positions her friends have sex with their respective boyfriends we ended our so called date and moved back to home.

Something was running in my mind since evening, since we were out of the house and I could see Vimmy in pleasant mood, and giving her excuse of buying choclates for her I took a halt over one 24*7 petrol pump shoppe and just to be prepaired along with few choclates bought 2 small packs condoms of diffrent flavors.

Time was bit passed to10 when we reached back home and right after our arrival my dad went to sleep. As planned Vimmy locked her room from inside after changing, mom stayed awake with TV for some time; may be an hour and till she stayed I worked silently over my laptop in dining area.

Eventually Mom also went to sleep and after around 20 minutes of her exit I called Vimmy and told her to come out in the living room. By now along with a thought of trying agreeing her for oral sex I was ready with a porn movie which I wanted to watch it with Vimmy.

We sat together on the three sitter couch while facing my parent’s bedroom and intentionally I played particular porn in which fair and very tall girl was getting fucked. It started with breast sucking and we patiently saw entire cock sucking and cunt licking and as real fucking started my patience ended and I came out speaking dirty

“Dekh Vimmy ye ladki bilkul tere jaisi hai…tu bilkul aese hi mazze legi jab main tujhe fuck karunga” and Vimmy felt embarrassed “Mama please behave….! Main fucking nahi karungi…” "aaj nahin...! kabhi na kabhi to karegi" and Vimmy got further irritated and I stepped back instantly "ok..ok...I am sorry...masturbate to karegi na….?”

and Vimmy denied for masturbation too “nahi….main jaa rahi hun sone…” Vimmy was aroused but she started behaving unwilling, either she was acting or she was really uneasy and holding her wrist I stopped her “but you promised…” Vimmy stopped and after a pause I spoke again “ab sharmana chhod na yaar…enjoy kar….kal raat ko mazza aaya tha na?”

and Vimmy once again rested back beside me and I moved to kiss her. Sucking each others lips nicely we kissed for really long and finally I asked her for masturbation "let’s go and masturbate…” with that I closed the flap of my laptop and got up and with bashful lust in her eyes Vimmy spoke out “OK...but no touching".

We reaced to our room and took off our clothes while standing face to face and I was once again delighted to see my freshly ripe niece standing stark naked in front of my eyes. Vimmy was feeling shy but as compared to last night she was enjoying being nude in front of a male. I was hard and today she was looking at my cock without much hesitation.

I asked her if she is wet and she said yes to it “Tumhari Pussy wet hai?” “haan…bahut jyada wet hai”. I was dying to feel her sticky juices, if not over my tongue, at least over my hand and I asked her if I can touch her there to feel her wetness “ek baar touch kar lun wahan per…teri wetness feel karnI hai” and Vimmy denied “nahi…Mama…you cannot touch me”

and finally once again 3-4 feet away from each other we sat down, just like last night Vimmy on bed with folded knees and opened thighs and me with my thick cock in my hand over the chair. We were suppose to masturbate now but I had just this night, next day in the evening she was leaving and in my subconscious mind I was thinking fast,

tonight I wanted to try at least oral sex with Vimmy and to delay masturbation, suddenly I came up with the thought of doing dirty chit chat for some time and Vimmy agreed for that with sensual smile. I retained my posture but Vimmy tried getting comfortable and finally facing me she lied down on the bed sideways with a support of her elbow.

Resting one over other her fleshy thighs were together now and I asked her to spread her thighs so that I can see her Pussy “apni thighs ko khol ke late, taaki mujhe teri Pussy dikhti rahe” and Vimmy did that with a smile. Gradually she was getting comfortable with me without clothes and now I just had to comfort her bit more and I started chit chatting with a question pussy shaving

“Tum apni pussy ki shave nahi karti” and she denied “Nahi….aaj tak nahi kari....” “I am sure tumhari teeno friends karti hongi...” I spoke and Vimmy accepted “Haan...” Next I told her to start shaving her fuckhole now “Ab…tum bhi shaving shuru kar do....” and with smile she asked why, “Kyun?” and I got the moment to speak out my dirty desire of sucking her pussy

“taaki jab main tumhari pussy ko suck karun to tumhare hairs toot ke mere muhn mein na jaayen”“Aap meri pussy nahi suck karoge...” (you will not suck my Pussy) she replied instantly and I came out with ”Abhi nahi per kabhi na kabhi to karunga...” Speechless; Vimmy was somewhat surprised to hear that and I noticed for an instant she rubbed thighs together,

possibly to pleasure herself and searching her hidden fuckhole with my eyes I spoke again “waise if you want...main abhi bhi tumhari sucking kar sakta hun...!” “No...! main aapko sucking nahi karne dungi...” She denied again and creating humor “Come on main tumhara boy friend hun...! mujhe nahi karne dogi to kya Nitya ke boy friend ko karne dogi...”

with that I asked her to open her cleanched thighs with my hand and obeying my demand Vimmy widened her thighs again but denied for sucking bit assertively “No…hum kabhi sucking nahi karenge” and moving my cock back and forward on my own I once again made fun of her words “Ok…understood…hum sirf fucking karenge” and she denied for fucking too

“No…hum wo bhi nahi karenge…” and I spoke out sarcastic “What...you mean hum sirf aise ek dusre ke saamne Nange baith ke masturbate karenge” and clenching her thighs again Vimmy smiled over my mocking words, I was losing patience and I spoke again “Hum sucking bhi karenge aur fucking bhi karenge…” for an instant I remained unmoved and after a pause added

“and I want to tell you that sucking hum abhi karenge….right now” “No… Viimmy denied but with a smile” she was thinking that I am joking but I was serious and I spoke again “Tum matt karna…mujhe karne do…” and with that I got up “Mama please…!” eyes on my hard Cock and Vimmy exclaimed in fear.

She difted back over the bed and saying “tum daro matt…main tum par attack nahi karunga….” I once again rested myself back on my chair and Vimmy got relaxed a bit. I tried again “Believe me tumhen achha lagega…” I spoke while continuing moving my rod back and forward “I know…mujhe achha lagega…per mujhe nahi karna”she was not ready to say yes.

“How you know ki tumhen achha lagega….” I asked her and for an instant Vimmy smiled a bit and in the end replied by saying that her friends have described many times “Neha aur Pooja ne kai baar describe kiya hai…” and I once again tried to convince her “fir to tum bhi try karna chahiye” I spoke lightheartedly and Vimmy smiled irreverently over my words.

I continued “I promise will not fuck you” and Vimmy requested me not to force her “Nahi Mama…please force mat karo…” “I am not forcing you…I am requesting you” I was getting restless and I needed her consent at any cost and next instant I tried giving her approving condition “Give me five minutes…If you will not like... I will stop”

and with that I once again got up and once again Vimmy moved back on the bed. As her bottom drifted my sight went to her Pussy and it was dripping, there was a tiny wet spot over the sheet where she was sitting and I spoke “dekh teri Pussy leak kar rahi hai…let me taste your juice…I am sure wo bhi teri tarah sweet hoga”

Vimmy looked down to her flowing cunt and she was flooding and ultimately she failed to resist from touching it and for an instant puffed in pleasure. Slowly I went further close to her and Vimmy started breathing heavy, she was scared but exited too, she could moved further away from me but she did not moved and once again requested me for not doing anything

“Nahi Mama…please matt karo….mujhe darr lag raha hai” “daro matt…I will not harm you…” and saying that I also rested some portion of my bottom on the bed “Mama aap manoge nahi….?” now I could feel evident excitment in her tone and I continued trying agree her “kya karun…tu itni pyari hai ki mujh se control nahi ho raha…”

with that I touched her ankle and Vimmy puffed in fear and delight at the same time. She pulled her leg away and uttered while moving back “Mama…kyun Zid kar rahe ho…?” “tum Sharma rahi ho iss liye mujhe zid karni pad rahi hai….”. With her thighs open Vimmy was almost reached to the wall and I could not take my eyes off from her wet and dripping Pussy.

“Please Vimmy….Chusne De….tujhe Bhi bahut mazza aayega…” looking at her fuckhole I requested again, though Vimmy denied again but with different excuse "Nahi...mujhe bahut jyada wetness ho gayi hai..." "mujhe teri wetness hi taste karni hai mujhe..." I replied instantly and once again reached to her ankle.

As she was sitting at the edge of the bed with a wall at her back she could not pull her leg much and she tried to release her ankle using her hand. I stopped her from releasing her ankle and kissed her palm, by now I was reached to the peak of excitement, her soft breasts, her soaked pussy along with innocent facial expressions,

everything was driving me crazy and after kissing her palm I moved forward to kiss her lips and touching my bare chest Vimmy pushed me lightly and I shivered in with the feel of her soft hands over my thick chest. Next I told her to lie down calmly and let me do the sucking "Vimmy aaram se late jaa...aur mujhe sucking karne de..."

inflamed in lust she was very restless and she denied again "NO…please…! Mama mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai...." "darr matt...enjoy kar..." with that from her ankle my hand moved up to her fleshy thigh and Vimmy puffed erotically.

Although she removed my hand instantly but sensing her expressions I could guess that fire is lit inside her and holding my nerves I moved ahead and once again tried kissing and this time Vimmy did not stopped me. She was aroused and unknowingly while kissing, she touched my chest. It was good and I picked that opportunity and touched her breasts.

It was just a fraction and removing my hand Vimmy broke the kiss instantly. "kya hua?" I asked her as if I have not done anything; she looked into my eyes but failed to speak and blushed away. Vimmy was puffing heavy, lust was driving her senses yet there was some hesitation left and showing no hurry I moved close to her and kissed her again and Vimmy accepted my tongue in her mouth.

Knees touching with knees my chest was barely an inch away from her luscious fruits, so close that I could feel her erect nipples over my skin and giving her no time to think about that I squeezed her soft mounds with my firm chest and went deep in her mouth. Vimmy tried to break the kiss,

also pushed me but I was unstoppable now and soon Vimmy stopped protesting for my bare chest against her soft melons. Wow.......nipples hard and erect her boobs were firm, looked soft, yet dense, and luscious, they were too good to feel and slowly one of my hands reached to her fruits and I massaged her soft lump.

Vimmy broke the kiss but I did not stop; playing with her erect nipple my hand was still over her soft breasts. Looking into my eyes she wanted to say something, but she remained silent. Vimmy was feeling good, over her expressions I could feel the pleasure she was going through and I asked her if I can suck them "main inko suck kar lun?" "haan...kar low"

moving her eyes away her reply was instant, it seemed as if she was waiting for me to ask that and next moment l leaned over her and squeezed one in my mouth. Hmmm….soft and delicious they were amazing, Vimmy’s nipples were too good to feel, they were small but hard and erect and as I flicked her tiny mound with my tongue she moaned sexily.

I went on going and took her hard and erect nipple in my mouth and sucked her breasts tenderly and Vimmy gasped in low lustful voice. Slowly lust rose and sucking and pressing her fresh fruits one by one energetically I chewed her nipples with my lips and she held my scalp, caressing my hairs puffed in delight and whispered in pleasurable voice

"Mama aap bahut naughty ho....” and with light low voiced moans she continued enjoying feeding me. I was holding her bare body more or less from her waist and while moving my tongue around her erect nipples slowly I started moving my hands down and eventually caressed her lovely ass.

Vimmy stopped me as she realized my hands are reached to her bottom and pushing me a bit she looked into my eyes and came up saying that now we will not do anything “Bus…. ab humen kuch nahi karenge…” “…please yaar…aisa matt kar…ek baar apni Pussy bhi suck karne de” and she was speechless,

like me she was also dying for something to happen with her body but she was confused or you can say scared and I kissed her again. Vimmy responded to my kiss nicely and my hands started playing with her breasts again. It was surprising, I was so aroused that I wanted to fuck her like an animal but I was behaving patient, it was demand of that moment and unintentionally I was following her temprament.

Sensing Vimmy’s pleasure gradually I moved on and once again started sucking her breasts but this time without wasting much time my hands reached to plump ass and I moved them all over her chubby hips. I clenched flesh of her ass tenderly and to my surprise Vimmy enjoyed what I did with her fleshy mounds.

After ample sucking of her fruits I kissed her again but just for few seconds and tried pushing her on her back. “Late Jaa” I asked her to lay down and Vimmy asked me what will I do with her “kya karne lage ho aap mere saath....” “kuch nahi...bus thodi der teri Pussy ko suck karunga” and Vimmy reflected fear in her eyes “please tu darr mat…Kuch nahi hoga…you will enjoy…” and I pushed her again.

Vimmy was sitting over her folded knees, she tried to resist but slowly she went on her back and in a moment she was restless like never before. Obviously; her legs were opened to a stark naked male who was hard like iron rod, insecurity was evident over her face “Mama…aap mujhe fuck to nahi kar doge mujhe….”

Trying keeping her thighs together she asked me “Nahi…jab tak tu haan nahi bolegi….I will not fuck you…” with that holding her knees I opened her massive thighs and Vimmy started puffing heavier. Densly haired Vimmy was pouring like hell, it looked filthy, yet attractive and holding my nerves I massaged her fleshy thighs and started kissing soft skin of her legs.

I moved slowly into her crotch and kissed her inner thighs; close to her pussy and couple of times Vimmy pushed me, as it was involuntary and I continued caressing soft flesh of her inner thighs with my hands and lips. Eventually I opened her pussy with my fingers to see her pink and with an erotic gasp she flooded thickly.

It was beautiful but grubby to suck, for an instant I thought about giving up sucking but I had to do and in the end I conqured my uneasyness and licked her slit softly. Vimmy trembled erotically, gasped and tried pushing me but her resistance aroused me and holding her firm I sucked her pussy and moved my tongue all over her opening rapidly and Vimmy jumped in pleasure

“Mama…Please matt karo…mujhe achha nahi lag raha….”. I promised her if she will not like it I will stop but now it was not possible for me to stop and holding her thick waist I just continued moving my tongue over her pussy and soon it got tangy in taste. It was sticky, filthy and weird, hairs of her pussy were another irritation over the tongue but there was something which was driving me,

Vimmy was maoning and grunting while trying stopping me but I did not stopped, closing my eyes I just went on going digging her pleasure hole with all my passion and in a minute or two I was ok with it. Slowly Vimmy also stopped resisting and lying straight over her back she started enjoying getting sucked.

I went deeper in her pussy and sucked her gentally for really long, had her tangy love juices with joy and in the end stopped sucking. It was a lap of maximum 4-5 minutes and by the end I stopped sucking Vimmy was deeply aroused, I looked at her with a smile and she got embarrassed and got up quickly.
I thought about asking her if she will also suck but before I would have spoke anything she started collecting her clothes and rushed nude out of the room to get into the washroom. That was very disappointing, I was thinking that after sucking her Pussy I will also get my cock sucked but now it seemed unattainable, still with a tiny hope I remained unclothed and sat down on the chair.

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Horny Guy Losing Virginity With Sexy Niece Vimmy - II

Previously: Horny Guy Losing Virginity With Sexy Niece Vimmy - I

Certainly I would have moved to her but Vimmy was sitting on the single sitter couch and holding her wrist I asked her to come close to me “Mere pass aao….!” “Mama mujhe dar lag raha hai…” addressing me Mama Vimmy once again said that she is scared and I continued comforting her with my spontaneous replies

“ek baar kiss karne ke baad tumhara sara darr khatam ho jaayega…” and Vimmy went speechless. “Please….!” I requested her in low sensual voice and after few seconds Vimmy moved. I was delighted but I stayed calm and got aside to give her space.

Vimmy got up slowly and sat beside me on the same three sitter couch, willing to go for it but she was scared and I tied to relax her “sach mein tum bahut sweet ho….” and Vimmy blushed beautifully over my words. Only she was not restless, over my expressions I was confident but deep inside my heart was also beating high.

Why not after years of day dreaming and six months of this particular female it was first time in my life I was about to get close to any female and outcome of that was; over my crotch I was hardest of my life. Intentional or unintentional since beginning I was not in hurry and expressing same gesture to begin I caressed Vimmy’s cheek tenderly and we both went through divine sensation,

with a silent puff Vimmy closed her eyes; just for few seconds and my eyes got stuck to her luscious breasts. They were looking amazing but suppressing my impatience of touching her fruits I kissed her tenderly over her cheek and Vimmy once again shivered silently. “tum meri Bhanji nahi hoti to main tumse abhi Shaadi kar leta…”

I spoke out in low sensual voice and Vimmy looked back into my eyes with flooding affection. “Give me a hug” I asked and we hugged nicely, squeezing her breasts I felt strange pleasant feeling passing through my spine and Vimmy also puffed in pleasure as I tightened her in my arms.

“Accha lag raha hai na….?” “Hmmm….” I asked her if she is feeling good and she hummed to say yes. That was enough to relaxed her and now it was time to go ahead and with a strange rapture passing through my soul I moved close to her face and sucked her lips gently. Hardly 2-3 seconds it was touch and go kiss and it was quivering for both.

Soft like rose petal Vimmy’s lips were little slippery and looking into each other’s eyes we smiled; next instant she blushed and once again I moved her lips and sucked them for little long. It was first kiss of my life and it was amazing and after few seconds as I kissed her again, sucking my lips in reflex Vimmy responded back to my kiss with some hesitation and it was a delightful feeling.

I kissed her back with some excitement and after few seconds Vimmy managed to cop up with me and we started sucking each other’s lips together. Me upper and she lower and slowly like I use to see in movies I inserted my tongue in her mouth and with a puff Vimmy trembled erotically.

She broke the kiss and pushed me a bit “kya hua…?” I asked what happened and she replied saying nothing “kuch nahi!” “Then why you stopped?” and in low timid voice she said it was weird “bahut ajeeb lag raha tha…” and I said it’s weird but its good “ajeeb to hai per achha hai…” I smiled and once again Vimmy blushed beautifully.

I was feeling confident and for an instant I tried holding her waist to pull her to began kissing again and Vimmy removed my hand from her waist instantly “Mama…please mujhe kahin bhi touch mat karo….” Little scared her voice was soft “kyun…? tum meri girl friend ho…!” and she looked back into my eyes for few seconds and then spoke out “mujhe tension ho rahi hai…”

and while looking my parents room’s door spoke again “agar Nana Nani mein se koi bhi aa gaya to problem ho jaayegi” my parents are actually her grandparents, Nana and Nani and she was scared of their sudden appearance in the living room but I had an easy escape of her statement “don’t worry…bahar aane se pahle…they will switch on the light and we will come to know…”.

Still she was not comfortable with my touch over her body and she denied again “Nahi….please…don’t touch me” “Ok…I will not touch you….” I accepted but paused with incomplete expression, something was over the tip of my tongue from last few seconds and I was little shy to speak that but in the end I just spoke that out

“but you please show me your body…! Without clothes….” I don’t know how it came into my mind; possibly in my unconscious mind I could sense that it will not be easy for me to agree her for fucking and I came up with a thought of trying whatever I can get;You Know jo mil jaaye wo hi lelo.

Anyway asking to show her body without clothes was a big shock for Vimmy and she expressed strange expressions over her face, for an instant I thought about apologizing but in a fraction decided to continue trying “please….!” “I will also show you my body…” mentally I was reached to the edge from where I could not step back and I assured her that I will not touch her

“tum door khadi rahna….God promise…I will not touch you….” “Mama…this is wrong…” not at all angry over my demand, Vimmy was scared and I continued convincing her “but believe me tumhen achha lagega…you will feel good” Vimmy looked back at me but did not uttered anything and I asked her something which I was thinking about asking her since long

“tum masturbate karti ho?” and like I was expecting my question surprised her “tell me…! Karti ho na?” I somewhat verified and as she moved her head in yes I asked her another question “kisi male ko hi fantasize karti ho na?” Vimmy did not replied this time and without waiting for her yes I spoke again “to fir aaj dekh low na ek male ko Poora Nude…”

and in continuation spoke again “aur mujhe bhi dikha do ek female poori Nude”. It’s a fact that just like males, females of certain age are also curious to see opposite sex naked and Vimmy was no exception, above that two of her three friends were fully involved in all this, that was enhancement to her curiosity, I believe that was the core reason of success of her lust over her fear and innocence.

“I will not harm you…main tumhare pass bhi nahi aaunga….door khada rahunga….” “Bolo… dekhna hai Mama ko Nude?” Vimmy was speechless but with tiny pauses I just continued perusing her to show her body and in the end requested her casually “please yaar…haan Bol de na…”

and in continuation revealed the fact that since I have seen her I am masturbating on her name and I don’t like any other girl “jab se tujhe dekha hai…tab se tujhe hi soch ke masturbate kar raha hun….mujhe koi aur ladki achhi hi nahi lagti” eventually my naughty efforts worked a bit and my words bought tiny smile over Vimmy’s face

and picking that opportunity I asked her if she also masturbate thinking about me” tum bhi mujhe hi fantasize karti ho na?” and my words widened her smile, “say yes…!” I was excited but she knobbed her head in no “sach bol” I insisted her to speak the truth in soft voice and moving her eyes from my face she said that she has fantasized me just 2-3 times

“bus do-teen bar kiya hai” “Ok…then whom do you fantasize daily?” I asked her and she said she does not masturbate daily “main daily masturbate nahi karti….” “To fir alternate day karti hogi…?” I continued opening up “I don’t know…jab man karta hai…tab kar leti hunnn….” and with that Vimmy also seemed getting liberal and to continue I spoke out my daily status

“main to roz masturbate karta hun…moreover the day I see you I do it twice and sometimes thrice….” “uss din tum mujhe poori raat sone nahi deti…..” “I am so crazy about you….” I was feeling delighted while saying all that and more or less Vimmy was also in same mode. Next I once again asked her if not me for whom she masturbates “tum usually Kisko fantasize karti ho…”

and over her expressions Vimmy hesitated to speak up “come on…say it” and with a blush she said she do it fantasizing her friend Nitya’s boy friend and I was prepared for next question “Is he good looking….?” “haan….” Mujhse jyada good looking hai?” “nahi….aap jyada good looking ho” “then..Why he…why not me …?” “aap Mere Mama ho na….!” “ab to main tumhara boy friend hun…”

and this time with a smile Vimmy looked into my eyes consistently and I once again moved to her lips and we kissed nicely. Kiss was not my objective, it was just a way I could melt her and after breaking the kiss I once again asked her if she will show me her body “Bolo dikhaogi mujhe apni sexy body…?” and Vimmy looked into my eyes in way as if she is trying to read my intentions,

she was willing but she was confused and in the end confirmed I will not touch her “aap mujhe touch nahi Video ya Picture to click nahi kar loge na….?” and that annoyed me “tum pagal ho kya….? Do you think I can do that…?” and Vimmy stepped back “No…I trust you….bus aise hi bol diya….!” “If you trust me then show me everything…”

I spoke back and once again kissed her over her soft lips and in the end holding her innocent face in my hands came up saying “you are my doll” and I saw over her gesture my admiring has further flattered her.

“ab tum room mein jaao…aur poori nude hokar mujhe missed call dena…aur door matt lock karna” I told her to get into the room and with an instruction of not locking the door asked her to give me missed call after getting fully nude and with sensual hesitation mixed with mild pleasure Vimmy got up and went into the room without looking back.

Hardest of my life I was thrilled like never before, though that instant I could not see myself fucking her still in her first stay in my house whatever I achieved was admirable and realizing Vimmy’s overall gesture; that she is also curious I was quite positive that soon I will convince her to let me touch her, first with my hand and then with my cock.

Anyway more than five minutes passed but there was no missed call and after another minute when I called her she permitted me to come in by saying “Aa jaao”. I think time was somewhere around 2 or bit more, now there was no chance that my patents will get up before 6 and I moved to the room, anyhow I cannot write the feeling I was going through while getting close to the door,

I was expecting glowing in white light Vimmy will be standing stark naked in the middle of the room but in the end I found room dead dark. I entered in the room and closed the door; for an instant nothing was visible except this feel that Vimmy is standing over that edge of the room. “Light matt on karna…” switchboard was just on entranced but she told me not to switch on the light

“but mujhe kuch dikh hi nahi raha…” “Ok…on kar low….” And I switched the light on, Woow...I was already hardest of my life and now my Cock wanted to tore my clothes off to come out. Facing me Vimmy was yet not completely naked, covering her breasts with her arms Vimmy was standing with bra and Panty over her body.

Standing 5’10” innocent face, timid expressions, fair and utterly clear skin, almost flat belly, thick and fleshy arms and thighs with a huge D shaped ass mounds covered with soft clothed light blue color printed panty, Vimmy was looking gorgeous while hiding her luscious fruits behind her wrapped arms, it was an achievement in itself but you know Dil Maange More,

and I asked to take off her Bra and Panty as well. "Bra aur Panty bhi to uttaro" "Nahi…Mama....bus itna hi dekh low...." "Please don't do this...you don't know...main raat bhar tadapta rahunga..." "Please show me your Pussy...and everything". Vimmy looked at my lustful expressions for few seconds and in the end came up with a low voiced OK and told me to switch off the light.

I tried to avoid "please yaar ab sharmaao matt....uttar do sub" but she insisted "nahi...please light off kar do" and I did that. As room went dark again Vimmy turned around, by now my eyes were taken on by the darkness and I could see her body impression clearly and next instant she extended her hand to her back and unhooked her Bra my hand went to my crotch and I started squeezing tip of my fully erect cock.

"Mama please sirf mere boobs dekh low...meri Panty matt utarwao..." turning her face sideways in the dark she requested me and in reply I requested her to show me everything "Please Vimmy... itne nakhre matt kar...dikha de mujhe sab kuch". Finally after drifting down straps of her Bra Vimmy's hands reached to her waist and lifting one leg after another she slowly took her Panty out of her legs.

It was quite dark still I could feel her fleshy ass mounds and next instant I somewhat informed her that I am switching on the light "main light on kar raha hun...." "mujhe shram aa rahi hai...please andhere mein hi dekh low na" "nahi...I want to see you in white light" with that I switched on the light and next moment I started squeezing my cock furiously.

Long legs, massive thighs leading to thick and very fleshy ass with a deep divider, smooth and silky waist, from behind my lovely niece was nevertheless than a 8th wonder of this world and to see rest of the wonders I asked her turn around in a soft voice "Vimmy turn around..." "Mama mujhe bahut shram aa rahi hai..." she uttered and I requested her to show me

"Please Sharmaao matt...dikhao mujhe...." I was still squeezing my hard cock madly over the soft cloth of my lower with an underwear in the middle and with that lust was rising in my voice. Finally with closed eyes Vimmy turned around and I was stunned to see her beauty.

From toe to head, nicely fleshed silky smooth legs, moving up; covered with soft hairs Vimmy was trying hiding her love triangle between her soft fat thighs, flat belly moving in and out with heavy breathing, thick arms covering her luscious fruits; lovely innocent face with mild sweat over her forehead, certainly she was eight wonder in itself.

"You are Beautiful...." looking at her bare body with hell lust I gave her compliment, she opened her eyes and with a tiny hesitant smile Vimmy's face turned red in shyness ”Now show me your fruits..." and without saying anything slowly Vimmy unwrapped her arms to give view of luscious milks to her Mama.

Wow Man Vimmy's fair and soft milk mounds were sagging sexily; far bigger than what they us to appear in clothes, tipped with small dark brown nipples they were just ready to get sucked. I wanted to jump on her to eat her then and there but neither I had that much of courage nor I wanted to break my promise and head to toe I just kept on looking at her like a thirsty animal.

"Ab main kapde pahan lun....?" Vimmy asked me after bearing my lustful eyes for a minute and I denied and asked her to spread her legs to show her opening properly "nahi pahle taange khol ke...theek se apni opening dikha" and Vimmy felt embarrassed over my demand. I requested her again "please dikha na..." and with bashful expressions and suppressed smile Vimmy agreed to that too.

She opened her thighs and involuntary I sat down on my knees to see her love hole clearly. Slightly leaking it was a state of the art created by almighty and my eyes were glued to that with a lust to touch it at least. "Mama…mujhe bahut ajeeb lag raha hai…. please...ab mujhe kapde pahan ne do..."

Vimmy requested me to let her wear her clothes and I denied again by asking why she is in hurry and after a pause added that now I will show her my thing "tumhen itni jaldi kyun hai...? ab main tumhen apna dikhata hun" and I saw lines of strange rapture getting visible over her face. I smiled back over her expressions and asked her casually “You want to see my Cock…”

and Vimmy came out with low voiced “Yes” but after a pause add that she wants to wear her clothes first “…but main pahle kapde pahan leti hun…” “No…we will stand face to face without clothes….” I denied again and she once again took out her perplexing thought “aap please mujh par attack mat kar dena….” I was disappointed to hear that “arre yaar… don’t you trust me…?”

“I trust you…bus thoda sa darr lag raha hai…” she smiled a bit and I calmed down “daro matt…bus enjoy karo….” saying that I started taking off my clothes and just in few seconds holding my thick and long cock and moving back and forward I was standing stark naked in front of my niece.

Looking at her facial expressions I can say VImmy was equally inquisitive to see me naked; eyes glued over my crotch Vimmy was delighted to see a real man meat and in rising heat I spoke out dirty “ye aath (eight) inch ka hai…imagine kar ye poora ka poora teri iss chhoti si Pussy ke andar challa jaayega”

and Vimmy got scared with that, she looked at me with strange expressions and I realized that she has misunderstood me “Daro matt…main sirf tumhen batta raha tha ki actually mein hota kya hai…I mean fucking kaise hoti hai” “mujhe patta hai…fucking kaise hoti hai” she spoke out softly but in sarcastic tone and after a pause added “ab hum kapde pahan lete hain”.

I was moving my hard monster back and forward since I was exposed to her and suddenly I thought about combine masturbation “We can masturbate while looking at each other “ but Vimmy was not interested “mujhse nahi hoga…” with that she picked her bra and Panty from the floor and I spoke again “mera to ho jaayega…tum bhi try karo….if you want I can speak dirty…”

suddenly she was feeling awkward and she was not ready to listen anything “nahi…mujhe nahi karna…” holding her inner wears in her fist she denied again and I requested in soft voice “please kar low na…what is wrong in that….?” “I know tumhen bhi ye sab kuch achha lag rah hai… bus tum Sharma rahi ho…”

and once again my reading was absolutely true and my statement brought tiny smile over her face and I continued with a smile “achha lag raha hai to enjoy karo….sharma kyun rahi ho…” and Vimmy spoke out her mind “Mama mujhe Bahut ajeeb lag raha hai…” “Ajeeb hai per achha hai na….?” “Per main masturbate nahi kar paaungi…”

I could see there was evident uneasiness over her face and she seriously did not wanted to masturbate but I wanted to and I asked her to show me her pussy so that I can masturbate “Ok tum matt karo….per mujhe karne do….” By now I was jerking my monster bit faster and looking at my hand Vimmy was amazed to see me growing further hard “Bed per baith jaao…and open your legs…“

I paused but without giving a second thought spoke out weird “show me you pussy….khol ke mujhe apne andar ka Pink color dikhao…” this time it was extremely dirty and but it was good and next I asked Vimmy to try masturbating too “tum bhi try karo….don’t look at me…just look at my cock...I am sure tumhara bhi ho jaayega" and just in next few seconds Vimmy’s face got inflamed in lust,

I think she was suppressing her desire and ultimately she failed and suddenly stared breathing heavy "baith jaao..." hardly three feet away by now I was sitting on chair and I once again asked her to sit down on the bed and Vimmy did that. Facing me she sat down over the edge and before I would have asked her to open her legs she herself parted her massive thighs to give clear view of her Virgin pussy.

"Ohhh....God...." it was a breath taking view and I puffed in delight while jerking bit faster. Next I asked her to open her pussy lips for me “Vimmy….Open your Pussy and show me your Pink” and puffing in excitement Vimmy did that too. Ohhh Wow behind soft sable bushes she was Pink, wet and dripping, “Ohhh…Yes”

using both the hands Vimmy opened her soft pussy lips and my excitement went so high that now I could not stop jerking myself. “Come on tum bhi rub karo apni Pussy ko…..” I asked Vimmy to rub her cunt and looking at me and my cock Vimmy also started moving her finger over her opening and just in few more seconds we both started puffing in pleasure.

“Vimmy tum bahot Sundar ho…aur tumhari Pussy tumse bhi jyada sundar hai…” I was gone mad and Vimmy was right behind me on the same track, gasping in low voice she was rubbing edge of her vertical crack desperately. Heat went on rising, looking down to her pussy with wrinkled forehead Vimmy was killing me every second and suddenly she started gasping differently,

Vimmy clenched her massive thighs together and enhanced her rubbing and looking at her innocent face in such an erotic state I felt volcano erupting in my cock and clenching my teeth I jerked myself faster and finally busted with a shudder. My cock quaked in my fist, for an instant entire blood of my body passed through my cock and in the end thick stream of white sticky jizz erupted over its tip.

I spewed out on floor massively with 2-3 jerks and next moment watching me cumming in front of her eyes Vimmy also climaxed. Closing her eyes with a shiver over her soft milk mounds Vimmy cried erotically in husky voice and took couple of hick ups before getting calm.

Climate was cool but we both were sweating, easily it was my heaviest load ever and looking at Vimmy's worn out face it seemed it wad her best orgasm ever. "Mazza aa gaya..." looking at her innocent face with mild sweat all over I spoke while puffing and feeling shy she started picking up her clothes.

"Tumhari ass bhi bahut Sundar hai..." I spoke as Vimmy turned around to get one of her outfit from the bed and she instantly turned back. "ab aap jaao yahan se....mujhe neend aa rahi hai..." after getting exhausted Vimmy was feeling odd, "Sow jaao aise hi Nangi...main tumhen raat bhar dekhta rahunga...." "Mama aap pagal ho gaye ho...aur aapne mujhe bhi pagal kar diya hai"

as fever was over, she was stressed a bit "relax...humne kuch bhi galat nahi kiya hai...humne sirf ek dusre ko apni body dikhai hai aur masturbate kiya hai..." I tried comfert her. For an instant she looked into my eyes but did not spoke anything and facing away from me wore her clothes quickly and moved to washroom.

Time was somewhat 3, sensing her unesiness I didn't had any hope of getting anyrhing else from her so I decided to leave Vimmy alone and after wearing my clothes and cleaning my mess from the floor I came to living room over the couch and rewinded whatever happened in last couple of hours.

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Horny Guy Losing Virginity With Sexy Niece Vimmy - I

I am an old reader of this wonderful blog, for some time I was off from reading stories here and after may be a year I came here again; not just to read but also to write. This is about me fucking my Virgin niece Vimmy.

As far as real fucking was concerned it was first time for me too, Me 26 she was 24 and if I will try describing Vimmy's mind state of that instant I would say Chhori abhi abhi jawan hui thi and she was keen to experience something new, as I was also virgin, also desperate to feel the real pussy for the first time and on very first I opportunity I cleverly managed to open the matter

and ultimately we mingled in to benefit each other. It was not easy to achieve as it seems, believe me friends convincing a girl just for physical relation is something which needs more guts than fighting a battle on the edge of the country and if that girl is your close relative then as compared you have bright chance to survive through the battle.

Anyway in the very begin I should mention this fact that my description is going to be long mess with countless mistakes and readers who cannot understand Hinglish, Hindi written in English for them it is going to be tough time. Although I will try translating Hindi written to English but I am not sure I will able to do it effectively.

To start my experience of losing my virginity over my virgin niece I would say one of my distant cousin Sister is nearly 20 years elder than me, I was mere six months old when Alka Didi got married and ultimately her daughter Vimmy and me were having age difference of just two years. I was born and brought up in Delhi NCR where Vimmy belonged to small town of eastern U.P.

Although we were never in good touch but even then till I was 16 and she was 14 we use to get face to face at least once a year; in summer vacations but after that we did not met for around 10 years and as I saw her after so many years I was stunned to see her beauty. She was my niece and I was her Mama (mom's brother) but I was not ready to hear her addressing me Mama at all.

24 years of age and she was grown up to a real sex bomb, standing around 5'10" at least 5 inches taller than me, though with heavy boney structure, just like her father but with very luscious sexual assets, her breasts were not huge but they were big for her age, rather they were medium sized and her thick fleshy thighs and a plump bottom were something I could die

for and above that her fair and innocent looking face; can't tell you friends I was hard just in few minutes of talking to her. Anyway Vimmy was not here alone, her mom or you can say my cousin sis was also here but just for few days. After completing her masters effectively from one of the renowned University of India Vimmy was hired by a particular BPO from the campus

and Alka Didi(her Mom) was here with her till she settles down. Looking at Vimmy and her beautiful body I wanted her to live in our house and with a hope that if she will stay with us, some day I will be able to fuck her, I was ready to give her my bedroom too but including Vimmy it was a bunch of 4 girls, who were batch mates, presently living scattered at their relatives,

they wanted to live together in separate accommodation and as their work place was in our NCR region Alka Didi needed them to live somewhere near our house. Next day by the time Vimmy and her friends appeared and cleared their formal interview I and Alka Didi searched for an appropriate accommodation for the girls and eventually fixed one.

Unaware of my lustful intentions for her daughter throughout the day Alka Didi was telling me again and again that she is depending on me and I have look after her daughter "Babu main tumhare oopar bharosa karke Vimmy ko yahan chhode jaa rahi hun...tumhen hi uska dhyan rakhna hai"

and every time she said that I told her not to take stress and assured her that her daughter is safe with me and I will take care of her daughter in all aspects, if she will need anything I will give her "Didi aap bilkul tension mat low...Vimmy mere saath ekdum safe hai...main uska har tarah se dhyan rakhunga... usko kuch bhi chahiye hoga main dunga..."

for her daughter's safety I meant that I will not let anybody else fuck her also with if she will need anything I will give her that, I meant I will give her everything including sexual pleasure. Anyway jokes apart in next three days after settling down her daughter and three other girls Alka Didi went back to her town and I stared seeking ideas somehow to get Vimmy staying at our place in the nights on regular intervals,

so that I can try seducing her but it did not happened as she was always interested in staying with her friends. Months passed but nothing happened, though I was in regular touch of Vimmy and her friends and including Vimmy by now I was shagging on her friends name too, Neha, Nitya, Pooja and Vimmy, one to one, threesomes, foursomes, rough, soft, oral,

anal everything was happening between me these fours but just in my fantasies and among four my favorait was my own Niece. Anyway eventually after around 6 months of Vimmy's arrival to the town God listened to my prayers, day was Friday and it was festive season of Diwali and including Vimmy all the girls were going back home 3-4 days before the Diwali date

but to my good fortune three females who belonged to two diffrent towns were going in a same train got their tickets confirmed and Vimmy who was going through by slightly different rout on some other train remained stuck in waiting list. I tried boarding her train with consent of TC,

if somehow he can arrange seat after 2-3 station but as train was already overcrowded and as there was no hope of getting any birth I brought her back home and assured her that I will manage to get her confirmed ticket from next day’s Tatkal quota. Wow...Finally Vimmy was staying at my home in the night and throughout the way while coming back my mind was running fast,

somehow I wanted to use this opportunity and Vimmy herself gave me that chance. While coming back home she told me that she has few latest Bollywood movie's DVD and asked me if we can watch anyone of those movies tonight on my laptop. I was ok with it and I accepted, we reached back home had meal and settled down, I gave her my bedroom for the night and fixed laptop in living room to watch movie.

Vimmy was about to go to change when I entered in the room and asked her the DVDs she was talking about. She opened her air bag in front of me and gave me three discs and suddenly I got a glimpse of few more discs inside her bag. I was about to ask her about those disc but Vimmy zipped her bag and went inside washroom to change.

I don't know what came in my mind as Vimmy disappeared from the room, opening her bag I took out two more discs and reached to living room to check them and like I needed both the discs were porn movies. Wow... I was excited, what should I do now...? Should I blackmail her...? No... I cannot threaten her with just porn movies...moreover it could be risky for my reputation too...

I should get friendly with her to talk to her about sex...I took quick decision and eventually Vimmy came and we started watching movie of her choice. It was a romantic comedy but nothing much to talk about especially when I could think about watching porn movie with her.

Anyway it was a span of around two hours and wearing tight leggings and covering her ass with a long t-shirt Vimmy was sitting beside me on the same three sitter couch with her long legs straight resting over center table and looking at her soft fleshy thighs I was getting harder and harder.

Many times I thought about touching her with an assumption that she will also respond back in same fashion but I failed to gather courage to take such a bold step. Finally movie ended and after using washroom Vimmy came back to me and asked me the discs she has given me, I was already waiting for something like that and along with bollywood movies I gave her two other discs too

"ye low...ye CD bhi tumhari hi hai...tumhare bag mein thi..." and Vimmy was stunned. I continued with full confidence and in an amusing tone told her that she is spoiled after coming to Delhi. "Vimmy tum yahan aakar bigad gayi ho" and she came up saying these discs belongs to her friend and doesn't know what is there in the disc "ye cd meri nahi hai....meri friend ki hai...I don't know is mein kya hai".

I smiled over her gesture to reflect maturity and told her to sit. Bit scared she sat down on the adjacent single sitter and I started “You don't have to lie...there is nothing wrong in this" I was on my way of trying getting friendly and she blushed in embarrassment "don't feel embarrassed...let's be friends" I continued but she remained uneasy

"I promise I will not tell this to anybody...rather if you want I can give you more of such movies..." I don't know how but unknowingly I was going well. Hearing that Vimmy looked up at my face...and I showed her folder in my laptop which was having lot of videos "see...ye sab porn movies hain..." and after a pause I said everybody watch it "sab dekhte hain....there is nothing wrong in this...."

and in continuation told her enjoy life but suggested her not to get caught "life ko enjoy karo...bus pakde mat jaao". Though her expressions were still saying that she is not relaxed but as compared to few minutes back she was better. "Boyfriend banaao...uske saath sex karna hai karo...bus just be conscious koi mistake na ho...kahin tumhara MMS na ban jaaye"

I continued behaving trail blazer and intentionally crossed limits and this time my words surprised her a lot. Looking at me with wide open eyes she tried suppressing her smile and to make her easy I chuckled lightly while looking into her deep black eyes and in the end succeeded in bringing her smile openly.

After a beautiful smile Vimmy blushed away and I continued my track and saying that I am her friend asked her if she has a boy friend. "I am your friend…tell me… tumhara koi boy friend hai kya? “nahi” Vimmy denied and next I asked her if her friends have boyfriends "tumhari friends ke boyfriends hain?" and with a yes she said her all three friends have boyfriends

"haan...teeno ke hain" I was ready with my next question and I asked her if nobody has proposed her till now “tumhen aaj tak kisi ladke ne propose bhi nahi kiya?” she accepted that she has been proposed but she said no to him “kiya tha…par meine manna kar diya” “why? “ I exclaimed in surprise and continued “come on!...you would have said yes…!"

"arre yaar….delhi aayi ho delhi ke mazze low…” "jo karna hai karo...bus apna MMS matt banane dena..." I don't know what all I was saying, breaking bars I was flowing with a hope of getting an edge where I could express her my dirty desire and Vimmy was shocked when going further into the talk I told her not to have sex without Condom

"and don't forget...sex karna to Condom ke bina mat karna…kahin pregnant ho gayi to problem ho jaayegi" "Mama aap kaisi baaten kar rahe ho?" expressing surprise Vimmy spoke out in low innocent voice and I continued behaving pilot "I know what I am saying...we are at same age...and I know the kind of curiosities we have" and looking into each other’s eyes we smiled again.

By now Vimmy was bit comfortable but still she was not speaking openly and I asked her if friends have sex with their boyfriends "tumhari friends apne boyfriends ke saath sex karti hain ? " my question once again brought lines of surprise and dilemma over her innocent face but before she would have replied yes or no I came up saying that I am sure they do it

"I am 100 percent sure ki teeno sex karti hongi...especially Neha...!" and once again my words brought nasty smile over Vimmy's face and she blushed innocently. "say yes or no" I asked her and for an instant looking up at my face Vimmy moved her head in yes with a smile and in the end added that Pooja has also done but till now Nitya has not done anything.

"Pooja bhi kar chuki hai...but Nitya ne abhi tak kuch nahi kiya hai" and in reply I came up saying that she will also start doing in few days "koi baat nahi…thode din mein wo bhi karne lagegi..." Vimmy agreed while giving me little information that her boyfriend is insisting her for sex "haan...uska boyfriend bahut insist kar raha hai" "usko bolo life ke mazze le...yehi age hai life ko enjoy karne ki"

I told her to suggest her friend to go for it as this is the age where life can be enjoyed and in continuation saying "tum bhi apne liye boyfriend dhundho" I told Vimmy to find a boyfriend for her too. Still blushing at certain points by now Vimmy was little free in talking to me and next I verified her if she has a desire of a boyfriend, with whom she can roam around

"tumhara bhi mann to karta hai hoga boyfriend banane ka?...jiske saath tum ghoom sako" looking into her eyes I waited for her reply and like I needed after few seconds Vimmy moved her head in yes and smiled beautifully while blushing. "Sharmaao mat…this shows you are normal..."

and hearing that she looked up into my eyes and I moved forward by expressing my aspiration that I too have a desire for a girlfriend with whom I can talk on every matter including sex “mera bhi bahut mann karta hai ki meri koi girlfriend ho…jis se main har type ki baat kar sakun… including sex” and Vimmy continued looking into my eyes without a flick of an eye.

“aapki koi girlfriend nahi hai kya…?” she expressed surprise and that’s what needed her to ask me and in reply I moved in head in no. “You know I don’t have that style…jis pe ladkiyan marti hain” I continued and Vimmy smiled a bit over my words. I don’t know exactly what was running in her mind, still I could sense her feeling,

just like me she was also young, curious and never had any talk with anyone of opposite sex over this subject, over her expressions I could feel the excitement she was going through because of open chat we were doing, I was also feeling strange glee in the depth of my soul and I was getting curious to reach to the point.

Clock was reached to 1 of the next day and I was scared that any moment she would ask to go to sleep and to express my desire as earliest I went bit out of the way "You know among all four, you are most beautiful" I gave her compliment and she was delighted to hear that,

once again trying suppressing her smile Vimmy looked at my face and blushed and I gave her another compliment that she is also sexiest among all her friends "chaaron mein sabse jayada sexy bhi tum hi ho..." and her lovely eyes expanded in surprise.

Mentally I was at the verge of speaking out my desire but I failed to synchronize it in proper words and came up with asking her if I am a good looking male too “tumhen main bhi good looking lagta hun kya….?” “haan…you are very good looking….” Looking into my eyes Vimmy replied with an open smile.

Gradually I was reaching where I could speak something but still baffled I came up with another question “what do you think…agar main kisi ladki ko propose karunga to wo accept karegi…?” (If I will propose any girl…will she accept?) “Yes…Why not…? bahut aarm se” Vimmy replied back casually.

I could see that mentally she was quite open now but I was feeling worried now, I did not wanted to delay expressing my desire but my heart was pounding, she is going back to her home, what if she reveal all this to her mother? That was scary and for an instant I thought about going further into this after her come back but I might not get this privacy again,

I replied to myself and next instant I decided to go ahead and suppressing my fear spoke out my desire in a casual way, “to tum hi ban jaao meri girl friend…” I was smiling over expressions but madly nervous deep inside “Mama…what are you saying….?” Vimmy’s voice went low in perplexity “I am serious…! I really like you….”

Though not with serious expressions, I replied back without any smile over my face and Vimmy got muted. Bomb was unpinned and now I had to wait for the bang and after looking into my eyes continuously for few seconds Vimmy moved her eyes from my face. “kya hua…bura maan gayi…?” I asked her and she looked back at me.

Still muted Vimmy could not decide what to say and I spoke again “say no if you don’t like me…” and hearing that Vimmy knobbed her head in no and in the end spoke out her uncertainty “Mama…hum girl friend- boy friend kaise ho sakte hain?" (how can we be…girl friend and boy friend….?) “Why not….? Hum shaadi nahi kar sakte…per hum ek dusre ko company to de sakte hain…?”

that was spontaneous and I was feeling bit confident after saying that and next instant I spoke again “I don’t know why…jab se tumhen dekha hai…tab se maine dusri ladkiyon ko dekhna hi band kar diya hai….” (Since I have seen you….I have stopped looking at other girls) and my words further amazed her but she failed to speak anything and I spoke again

“I know tum meri Bhanji (niece) ho….per kya karun…dil to pagal hai” unintentionally I was getting filmy and it seemed working as hearing that Bollywood proverb for a fraction Vimmy looked at me with a suppressed smile and blushed in the end. “I think we can help each other…tumhen boy friend chahiye…aur mujhe girl friend…. !”

I continued and by now I was up with overcoming my fear and hearing my statement Vimmy looked up and thought about saying something but suppressed her intentions and went silent and I continued convincing her “mere saath tum safe bhi rahogi…” (You will also be safe with me). “Mama…kisi ko patta chal gaya to mujhe bahut maar padegi….”

(If somebody will come to know then I will get beaten) Vimmy spoke back in puzzlement “but…kisi ko kuch Kaise patta chalega….tum kisi aur ladke ke saath ghumogi to tum per shak karenge…nobody will doubt if you will be with me” anyhow I cannot explain mentally what all I was going through, it was worst then I was about to get my board exam result.

“But it’s wrong….!” Vimmy spoke out, she still needed some persuasion and I asked her back “what is wrong in this….?” and hearing my question went silent for few seconds and then thought about saying something but suddenly went silent and reading her expressions I asked to speak out openly “bolo…jo man hai bol do” and Vimmy came saying we will not do anything in query mode

“hum kuch karenge to nahi na?” that was foolish from her side, she was thinking that we will just roam like girl friend and boy friend and I was thinking about doing everything except that. For an instant I thought about agreeing her condition; that we will not do anything but ultimately looking into her eyes I spoke out what I had in mind

“karenge kyun nahi….?...ab hum girl friend honge to kuch to karenge hi….!” and my words staggered Vimmy and she blushed beautifully with a pounding heart and I smiled over her expressions. “tum bahut sweet ho…bilkul waisi jaisi main apne dreams mein imagine karta tha…”

I told her that she is my dream girl, I don’t know how it came in my mind but it was good and it worked as hearing that Vimmy went through evident rapture over her expressions. I waited for her to speak something but Vimmy just blushed while looking into my eyes and I asked the verdict “bolo banogi meri girl friend….?”

Vimmy looked up with sensual innocence over her expressions and moved her head lightly in no and came up saying “mujhe darr lag raha hai…” and unintentionally I continued flirting by saying “darr to mujhe bhi lag raha hai….if you will say no…mera dil toot jaayega….” And my words influenced her positively;

initially Vimmy reflected affection from her eyes but in the end came out with same terror “per agar kisi ko patta chal gaya to bahut bura hoga…! Mummy mujhe bahut maregi” and I was ready with a reply “tumhari mummy tumhen mere bharose per yahan bheja hai…agar koi unhen humare bare mein kuch bolega bhi to… she will not trust him…”

(Your mom has sent you on my belief…even if somebody will tell her something about us…she will not trust him…) and from Vimmy’s expressions I could guess I am very close to her yes, suddenly she seemed getting conscious for her looks and continued blushing and I went further and once again asked her final decision with something to shiver her

“tell me…? if its yes…then I will kiss you” and my words once again staggered her, she looked into my eyes with a strange gesture, fear mixed with rapture; at one end her heart was beating high and on the other she was suppressing her smile and ultimately she came up saying that she doesn’t know how to kiss, “mujhe kiss karna nahi aata…”

Almost there I was contented to hear that but suppressing my joy I too reflected confusion “mujhe bhi nahi aata…” but after a pause I added that if we will try couple of times we will learn “koi baat nahi…ek do baar karenge to seekh jaayenge” and with that I extended my hand hold her wrist and Vimmy went further uneasy.

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