Man Fucking Housemaid Vedna - II

Previously: Man Fucking Housemaid Vedna - I

One day it so happened that my family was out since early morning. I too was out for some urgent work and was due to return home within an hour or so. Our maid, Vedna (name changed) who usually comes in at about 9am to do the household chores, had a duplicate key to our apartment, it was no worry for us, as she would be able to come as usual and start her chores.

As I got free by about 10am, I proceeded for my home. On reaching the main door of our apartment, I observed that the latch was not engaged and was sure that Vedna was in doing her chores. I opened the main door with my key and entered the house.

When I proceeded towards my bedroom I observed that my bathroom door was closed, usually this remains open and there was a distinct sound of someone inside and the tap was running. Very carefully and without making any noise I opened the door and to my pleasant surprise, Vedna was sitting completely naked on the sill of the wet area and was washing her clothes.

Noticing me, she scrambled to cover her naked body with her hands, as she was washing her clothes and as such had no clothing to cover herself up and said,"aap bahar jaeeye." I did not budge as I was completely spell-bound by her complete naked body and said, "Vedna, ab kya, maine tumhe nanga to dekh hi liya hai aur main ab yeh chance chhoduga nahi."

I went up to her and exclaimed, "Vedna, dekh bhagwan ne chance diya hai aaj meri ichha puri karne ke liye, please gabhrao mat. Main kisiko kuchh nahi bataoga." "Matlab kya?" she questioned. I went very near her and took her in my arms. I could sense her melting. I then planted a soft kiss on her cheeks and finally on her lips.

Probably she understood my intentions and closed her arms around me. She then ventured to open her mouth to take in my tongue and sucked it. In return I asked her to give me her tongue, which she readily did. We kissed passionately and suddenly she pushed me aside and said, "bahar ka darwaza lock karke aiye."

At once I bolted to lock the main door from inside and quickly went to the bathroom. I asked her,"tere kapde to tune doo liye, to naha kar kya pehnogi?" To which she replied, "aap ke pichhe killi par hai na doosre kapde." I turned around & saw her fresh clothes on the hangar.

I then asked her,"hum bedroom main chale?" "han, par koi aagya to, matlab aapke ghar ka koi aagaya to?" I replied, "voh log sham se pehle nahi aane wale." "chalo phir," she retorted. I led her to my bedroom, she being completely naked. On entering the bedroom she asked me to remove my clothes too. I did so. We both were now completely naked in front of each other.

Seeing my lund she said,"aap ka to kafi chhota hai. Muje laga aapka bada hoga kyonki aap Punjabi hai na isliye." "kya meri lund?" I enquired. "Han" she said. I told her,"arre baba main 70 varsh paar kar chuka hoon, to ab bhi bada rahega kya? Tum thoda usko hilaogi, jatke dogi, dabaogi aur apne moonh mein lekar chusogi to woh bada hoga." "aisa kya?" she enquired. "to kya," I observed.

She then took my lund in her right hand and started massaging it. She placed her left hand below my balls and kept massaging it gently. Gradually my lund started to grow in size. She then put the tip of her tongue on the tip of the bulb of my lund, slowly took it in and was sucking my lund in smooth, slow motions.

My lund was now really thick, fat & long, when she remarked, "chalo apki lund badi aur lambi ho gayi hai, ab meri choot mein dal ke muje chodo, jor jor se." "kyun nahi meri jaan, is waqt ke liye hi to muje taalash thi," I replied. "Par tumhe chodne se pehle tuje aur maje dena chahata hoon." "Jaise ki kya?" she enquired.

"Aise kar ke tu palang pe let ja, pith par," I told her. Obediently she lay on my bed on her back. I raised her legs with my hands slightly and saw that her choot was already dripping. I put my face near her choot, breathed the odour of it and put the tip of my tongue on the lips of her choot. Immediately she let out a soft moan, "Aha."

I then took her entire choot in my mouth and started licking & sucking it. As she was already dripping with her juices, she now let out a louder moan, "Aha, bahut achha lag raha hai," and simultaneously pressed my head with both her hands on her choot and started wriggling sideways & up and down, and exclaimed,

"mere pati ne mera choot kabhi nahi chusa, aap pehle aadmi ho jis se main apni choot chatwa rahi hoon aur muje itna maja aa raha hai ki main soch rahi hoon ki aap se yeh pehle kyon nahi karvaya. Jor jor se chuso aur chata, bahut hi maja aa raha hai." Within no time she burst with her lower body raised to the maximum possible and her pressure on my head very hard.

She kept on bursting & bursting and on my part I had opened my mouth to devour all her juices that my mouth started overflowing with it. Once she stopped bursting, she lowered her body. I showed her my overflowing mouth and she exclaimed,"are baap re, aap ka to muh bhara pada hai. Mera itna maal niklega, muje pata nahi tha."

I then swallowed all her juices and she pulled me towards her and smooched be real hard and licked my mouth clean. "Kya ab to apni lund meri choot mein daal ke jor jor se chodo muje. Bahut chad gayi hai". "Chalo ab main tumhe chodda hun. Pure maje lelo." Saying so, I started rubbing my lund on the lips of her choot and she exclaimed, "bahut hi achha lag raha hain.

Jaldi se apni lund meri choot main dalo." I then inserted my lund in her choot. Since her juices were flowing, my lund easily slipped in her choot and she said, "ab jor jor se chodo apni Vedna ko." I started pumping her, first slowly and gradually increased the speed and thrusts. She raised her body to take my lund in completely. After some hard pumping, I burst in her choot.

After some time she too burst. She seemed so satisfied that she said, "Muje pata nahi tha ki aap se chudwa ke itna maja ayega." She clung to me and planted a very deep & passionate kiss on my lips. I responded equally well.

We lay there for some time enjoying the pleasures of fucking. I then took her to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves under the shower, wiped our bodies and hugged each other. It was indeed a dream come true for both of us.

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Man Fucking Housemaid Vedna

This a true story, only the names have been changed for privacy. I have had many escapades with my housemaid, Vedna, since the last 3 years. I was after her for nearly 10 years, but she did not respond well. I secretly snapped her thighs, cleavage, legs, while she scrubbed the vessels, swept the floor and mopped the floor of my house, which she was aware of, but never encouraged.

Then one day I told her that I need to talk to her alone. She first asked as to what about and when I did not answer, she said I could do so then. I told her that it was to be only between her & me and if I did it then & there, someone may come. She again asked what was it about. I told her there were a few things which I wanted to talk to her about alone.

She then asked me if not here then where & how. I told her that when she has about half an hour free she could tell me and I would tell her where to meet. She said that she would let me know. Then one day while hanging the clothes to dry, which I always help her with, she said that she could meet me that day in the afternoon.

I said." OK, I will stand outside my car outside the mall a little away from my house at about 3 PM. So, I went to the place decided upon at 2:55PM, as I did not want to miss the opportunity. A minute past 3 PM Vedna arrived. I made her sit in the rear seat and went into the basement parking of the mall and parked my car in a remote parking slot.

There I asked her to come in the front. I told her, "see first of all please bear in mind that this meeting should be a secret and that you should not tell anybody, not even my wife, about the same and secondly please let me say all that I have to say and then only give your reactions and say whatever you want to say." She agreed.

I told her, "since nearly 13 years I have been trying to get friendly with you to bring you closer to me on a number of occasions, but most of the times you did not allow me to get closer to you." Continuing, I said, "I am in love with you. I want you to give me one chance to hold you in my arms and make love to you. After that it is your wish whether you want to continue or not."

"I know that you have been after me all these years and secretly clicking photos of me in your room, your bathroom & kitchen, but what you are saying is not possible, she replied. "and why is that?" I asked. "For the simple reason what if my husband or your wife come to know of it?", she asked.

"How will they come to know if neither of us tells them, we can secretly meet, make love and keep the affair to ourselves," I replied. "Where, when and how can we secretly meet?" she enquired. "First of all when you are doing work anywhere in the house don't cover your boobs with the saree, secondly when you are washing clothes in my bathroom don't cover your legs too much,

thirdly when your are sweeping & cleaning the floor especially in my bedroom expose your boobs & legs as much as possible and finally, when you are with me putting the clothes to dry let me touch your body. This will be the beginning of the affair. Further, when you go to the servant's toilet, let me know of the same, so that I can come out and fondle you.

Once we are sure that such acts will not be noticed by anyone, then we can arrange to go out together overnite and make love to the fullest." I said "Fine, but when we arrange to go out, what will I tell my family?" she asked. "Again simple, you are many a times going out overnite to do seva, that's what you can say." I replied. "But what will you say to your family?" she enquired.

"You don't bother about that, I have many reasons to give." I said. "OK, let's try things out." she said So, from the next day, she did like told while doing work in the house. She was quite casual while doing like told to her. One day in the afternoon, when she came to scrub the vessels, I was alone at home.

She started to scrub the vessels and I told her to come to my room, once she finishes the scrubbing. I was awaiting anxiously for her in my room. Soon she finished her work and came to my room. I was sitting on my bed and asked her to sit alongside. She did so. I asked, "are you ready to come out with me onvernite?" "When?" she asked. "Whenever you want to," I replied.

"Give me a couple of days and I shall arrange the outing," she said. "OK with me, but let me know in advance, so that I too arrange my setting," I said "I will let you know at least 1 day in advance," she said "Now, shall we gave it a try?" I asked. "What now?" she enquired. "Yes now," I said She was silent. I asked her to stand up and put my hands around her waist.

She did not say anything, but asked, "If somebody comes." "Don't worry nobody is going to come till the evening," I replied. I too stood up and hugged her tight and put my lips on her moist & tender lips. She was trembling a bit. I caressed her to calm her and she stopped trembling. I started to unbutton her front buttoned blouse, while massaging her boobs.

Once all the buttons were open, I had her small but erect boobs in front of my eyes. They were a sight. I started to rub them with my hands and her nipples became tight. I put my mouth to one boob and started to lick & suck it, while pressing the other one. She got excited and held her boob with her hands to give me more of it. I then started with the other boob and finally both together.

She loved it so much that she closed her eyes and her head tilted backwards. All the while she was holding both her boobs with her hands. Finally, she murmured, "I am loving it, you indeed suck very nicely. This is the first time I am having my boobs sucked so much, as my husband did not suck them much."

I then shoved my hand inside her saree & petticoat and felt her choot. It was dripping. I asked her to lie on her back on my bed, raised her saree & petticoat and started to lick her choot. She loved it so much that she raised her lower body and pressed my head hard on her choot. Within sometime, she burst and I licked all her juices and swallowed them.

Once she stopped bursting, she lowered her body, pulled me up and kissed me really hard and passionately and exclaimed, "you are the first man in my life to suck my choot. Now I am feeling so horny that I want to suck your lund, which will again be my first time and then fuck me." So, I opened the zipper of my shorts and offered her my lund.

She sucked it like a woman possessed that within some time I was about to burst and told her so. She stopped sucking it and guided my lund into her hot & wet choot and asked me to fuck her real hard. I started with slow motions and gradually increased the thrusts and speed. She was enjoying as she started to match her movements with mine. After some time, I burst in her choot.

She was so satisfied that she too burst again simultaneously. We lay there for some time and then went to the bathroom to clean up. Once we both were cleaned we came back to my bedroom, when she hugged and kissed me so hard as if thanking me for the enjoyment.

Finally, I said, "see how much you enjoyed. This was just a sample, but when we go out, we will both get completely naked and have all the more fun." "I fully agree and see that I arrange for the outing at the earliest," she replied.

Kindly give your comments and I shall then post Part II

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Sunil Fucking Sunitha On Vacation

My sister Sunitha and I Sunil were the only children to our parents. My father and mother were state govt servants. Sometime my father will get a transfer and my mother will follow suit. We also get shifted to different schools. There was only two years age difference between my sister and I and we were very good at studies.

She took Chemistry and graduated and she got a good alliance from an engineer at the gulf and she was got married. My sister was extremely beautiful and they did not ask for any dowry. I was in my first year degree in maths when she got married.

She was a good friend, philosopher and guide for me and her sudden departure upset me, but I concentrated in my studies and scored high marks. My teachers were fond of me. They paid special attention as they throught that I will become a rank holder in our college.

My classmates were having girl friends and talking all sorts of nonsense about sex, but I kept myself away from all such talk. My aim was to get into UPSC at any cost. I was reading and reading books at all times. My exams were over and the college was closed. My parents gave me a free hand and gave all sorts of encouragement.

One year after marriage my sister came back home with her baby son. We were all happy because of the new entrant in the family. In our two bedroom house my mother asked me to put up a cradle for the baby in the bedroom where I too slept. Formerly two single cots were put together where I and my sister slept.

Now with the cradle between the cots, the cots were separated and my sister slept in one side and I on the other side. She found it surprising that I dont have a laptop for helping my studies. My brother in law had asked her to buy a suitable laptop for me and gift it on my birthday.

Since she was not familiar with the configuration of the laptop, she asked me to accompany her without telling me that it is intended for me. The shop keeper asked lot of questions about the proposed uses I am likely to put. But I insisted for one with multimedia, graphics, all windows components etc.

He said it will be the costliest but sister insisted does not matter and she paid for the laptop and we carried one home. We arranged for internet connection and my sister showed proudly cinemas which we had never seen, hindi, english and in any other language.

My mother was very happy and she wanted to hear some bhajans, sister got some bhajan sites and lo the room was filled with bhajan songs. I asked her "Di, Di, show me how to operate it and how to get the site we want" She asked me to go and sit with her. Because of its mobility it can be carried to any place in the house.

We kept it on the dining table and we sat on two adjacent two chairs. She told me about the operating system and the portels icons on the desktop etc. She was sitting very close to me and I noticed then how big she had become withher boobs and body curves etc. She wore only a nightie while home so that she can easily feed her child. She must have noticed my noticing her.

She showed me how to use the mouse. My across her body touched her boobs and she did not resist and it was a new experience for me. I tried several sites on mathamatics, it was thrilling. I could save all my worked up sums for easy reference at a later day. My sister had her own uses, she chatted with her gulf friends, her husband also.

In the night they chatted hush hush and she asked me to keep away from the room for some time. She showed the child to her husband and his voice came loud and clear through the speeker. One day at noon I was returning home and I saw her with the laptop in the bedroom. But the door was just closed. I entered the bedroom, and seeing me she just closed the laptop.

I asked her what site you were watching, didi, without replying she was fumbling. I went near her and opened the laptop and I found some figures moving naked and at first I could not understand. My sister with a strange look on her face told me that "it is a sex site. you must have seen blue films.

There are sites showing the sex in the internet and I was just watching one site." "oh, didi, I have never seen a blue film, although my friends offered to show me. I was worried it will distract me from my studies. Now my studies are over for this year and my exams are also over, please didi, show me how to reach this kind of sites." Ok, ok, just I will show you how to reach this site.

But it is not recommended that a sister and brother watch such sites together." "That is ok, just show me and go away, there after you need not come I will find my own way". She opened the laptop and showed me the site and how to reach for individual videos. With this my cock began to rise. I was wearing just a lungi and it is clearly seen that it was forming a tent.

I opened on vide screen and saw it detail. Oh, my god, it is just physical intercourse between a boy and a girl. The went through it in very great detail. My sister who said she will not watch with me was found sitting near me and watching it with wide eyes. It was the first time I was seeing the pussy of a girl. Her boobs were big and he was just squeezing them and licking and sucking them.

I heard a hissing sound coming from the mouth of my sister. I pressed my rising cock down between my legs and pressed my legs together so that it may not rise again. My sister observed this. We have to do nothing but to gap at whatever is happening in the monitor. The boy buried his face into the crotch of the girl and was sucking and licking her pussy.

Both the boy and the girls may be of the age of 18. The camera showed close up of her pussy and how his tongue travelled into various nooks and corners of her cunt. I could hear deep breaths from my sister. She moved her chair very closer to mine and our bodies were touching each other. She was keeping her hand on her boobs.

My hands were pressing my cock down between my legs. The boy in the monitor got up and the girls gave him a fantastic blow job. His whole 7 inch cock was swallowed by her. It was amazing. But shortly he pulled out and made her to lie on her back with her legs wide open, he lied on her and she took his cock and guided it to her cunt and he with one push inserted his cock into her cunt.

There was a sound of gasping coming from my sister and I too was very much aroused. I was afraid by just seeing this my fluids may jump out of my cock. At a moment when my legs loosened and my lungi gave way, my cock jumped out of captivity. My sister was looking at it in sheer amazement. A white piece of meat coming out of the dark colored lungi.

She jumped and caught hold of it and said, "Aye Sunil, what have you got here, such a large thing. I never knew you carried such a large thing between your legs. Come on, come on, turn this side, let me get a clearer view" she pulled down my lungi and I was standing stark naked and my cock was fully in her grip. She pulled me closer to her and she took a closer look at it.

My cock was a huge monster, bent upwards with the skin slightly pulled back, while in colour with blue and red veins running all over, and pulsating. It was filling her both hands. "Oh, what a beauty, what a beauty", she said,kissing it. She ran her tongue all over it, from bottom to top and on its sides. I had great pleasure from what she was doing.

She took my balls in her hands and was kissing them and took them in her mouth one by one. She then looked at me and kissed me on my cheeks and asked me to lie down on the bed. She sat near me and took my cock in her mouth deep inside. It would have reached her throat and with her lips and tongue she played with it for some time.

She then removed her nightie and she was totally naked under neath. There was a thick black mat of hair on her pussy and her boobs were large and nipples erect. Fair in colour she was really a beauty. "Come Sunil, see my pussy" she called and I went that was the first time I was ever seeing a pussy. A strange smell was emanating from it.

I asked her, "why dont you remove the hair, didi" She said "yes, will you help me". I said "certainly". I went to my room and brought a comb and a pair of scissors. I placed an old news paper underneath her but and then asked her to open her legs. I ran the comb over the mat of hair and cut the excess hair and dropped it in the paper.

Within a short time I got the excess hair cut and removed. I put the hair cuttings in the commode and flushed. I then brought my razor and shaving cream and brush. I applied soap lavishly and then shaved off her pussy taking care at the edges and at her cunt mouth. within a short time all the hair was removed and her pussy gave a golden glow.

I asked her to get up and wash her pussy and have a look at the wall mirror. She thanked me for doing a clean job and showed me her parts in the pussy, say clitoris, urine hole and the fuck hole etc. I was charmed by the beauty of her cunt that I lowered my head and planted a kiss over it. I tried to lick the cunt lips, but she asked me to lick her clitoris.

It was a pink button like object about half an inch long. I licked her clitoris and held it with my lips and sucked it. Sunitha was moaning loudy and was pressing my head down. "Get up, sunil, now itis time to insert your cock in my cunt. I got up and leaned on her my cock like a semi circle object was hanging down. She caught it with her hands and placed its tip at the entrance of her fuckhole.

I told "didi, it is not wrong, to have sex between sister and brother" "So many wrongs are happening in this world, dont worry, we will do it just once, I cannot stand having seen you object without taking a chance to enjoy it" She asked me lower myself so that my cock my enter her cunt. It was tight, but the viscocity was making my entry very smooth.

There was so much of fluid in her hold that it was flowing down. My sister was moaning as my cock entered her cunt and it went deeper and deeper inside. My entire seven inches got buried inside her and she closed her eyes and was enjoying my object inside her. I too felt this new sensation very enjoyable. She asked me to move in and out slowly, which I did.

She was moaning heavily everytime there was a movement of my cock. She was reaching her orgasm and she wound her legs around my waist, but asked me to move fast. With every movement she was enjoying and was showing her joy in her sound and she was kissing me profusely.

I went on pumping her at a fast pace and finally I shot my cum inside her and I too got a great orgasm along with her. We lied like that for some time and she gave me a squeeze and hug and we got up and went to the bathroom. She said my fluids were too much and it took lot of time for emptying her hole of all fluids and we came back to our bed.

She told me that the bend in my cock gave her too much pleasure as it rubbed against her G spot every time I moved it in. Then she explained to me about the G spot and part played by it in sex. She said her husband does not play like this, he just fucks and once he ejaculates, turns and sleeps. No foreplay, no oral sex, no sucking of the nipples.

His cock was also just about five inches long and it did not reach the inner depths of her hole. Though he gives her pleasure and she reaches orgasm, the real pleasure of sex, she said she could get only from me.

We made it a practice to fuck keeping the laptop open with some porno video and we fucked twice in the day time and again twice in the night time. She taught me different poses and methods to prolong the action. Then some thing else happened which I will narrate in my next post.

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Hot College Farewell Sex Story

My classes were over and we were in a hurry to bid farewell to the teachers and other friends in the college, particularly to the teashop owner at the gate of the college. Bidding farewell to the girls is the most difficult task. They start crying and I never knew they nurtured so much of love and affection for us.

If we had known earlier we would have given them more love physical and spiritual or emotional. Sheba could not control her sobs. I told her if she has no programme in the evening to meet at the mall so that we take tea together and plan either to go to a movie or just sit in the lounje and chit chat. She agreed.

Afterall we have to make the departure memorable for remembering for the rest of our lives. Sheba was a lovly girl and she always kept away and mum. She had good boobs and but butt and nice face. It was a huge mall and plenty of space to move around in airconditioned luxury.

My elbow touched and pressed against her boob and she did not resist much. I told her why not go to a movie and then have food at the food court and leave. She agreed. We rushed to the movie theatre and bought tickets. The movie was about to start. We entered the dark hall and ad strips were being shown. We searched for our seats and sat.

Sheba was wearing a maxi and a t shirt and I a jeans and a shirt. It was easy to raise the t shirt and reach for her boobs and also it was easy to reach her panties from under the maxi. I took her soft hand and placed it on my thighs. The film titles were being shown. Slowly I dragged her hand and brought it to the zip of the my jeans.

When her fingers touch the raw skin of my cock, she shuddered and looked and saw the monster. She clutched it with her fingers. I put my hand underneath her t shirt and raised it to her bra and unhooked her bra and cupped her boob. she was gasping each time my hand touched her boob. Her boob was butter like softness and her nipples hardened and got erect.

I put my hand around her neck and dragged her closer and kissed her cheek and lips. She was cooperative. My right hand was bussy with her boobs. I raised her t shirt and lowered my face and took her one nipple in my mouth and licked it repeatedly and sucked it. Sheba's hand tightened around my cock.

After I finished with her nipples, Sheba bent forward and took my cock in her mouth and made her tongue to play around it. Now we were reaching a point of no return. She needs a fuck and so am I. But where to go. I put my right hand under her maxi and touched her thighs and reached her panty. I inserted my hand inside her panty pulling it down a little.

He public hair came to hand and searched further and for her wet crack. It was there in soft surroundings a wet crack leaking. We cnnot do it there. We have to go out as soon as the film was over. I remembered a friend, Balu of mine who was staying in the lodge. I called him in my mobile and told him my predicament he said come around I have my girlfriend here with me.

But you can go to the next room, do not worry come. I asked him who is your girl, he said it is Nadira. He asked who is mine I said it is Sheba. Its ok, both the girls are friends. Come on. We had a tea in the restaurant and then drove to my friend's place. We both went up and reached the room of my friend. Sheba when she saw Natasha she looked surprised.

My friend asked me to go to his next room where a bed was arranged. I whispered to him"have you finished" he said "no we are yet to start, we both will start together". In the meantine Sheba and Natasha were hugging and giggling. I pulled Sheba and took her to the other room and I started to undress and asked her to do so.

She went to the bathroom, undressed there, hung her clothes there and came semi naked to the bed. Here with my erect 6"I was waiting patiently. I lied in the bed and my flatpost was erect. Sheba was surprised at the size of my cock. I made her sit near me and pulled ber bra and panty down. Her pussy was covered with thin gold colored hair.

I pulled her to over me and she lied on me, crushing her boobs on my chest. Cock was pressed my her croatch, I pressed her both asses with my hands. She cried "HAHAHA" I asked her to give me in my mouth her nipple one by one. While sucking her nipples, I with the end of my cock, rubbed her pussy from bottom to top. Sheba was very much aroused.

She wanted to lie down. I made her to lie down in the bed and open her legs wide. I sat between her legs and put my cock tip at the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed it in. Balu asked from next room " have you finished" I replied back, "no we have just begun" Sheba's hole was tight and it took time to make full insertion, she was having tears running down her cheeks.

It will be over now, I said and started to fuck slowly. Sheba seemed to enjoy and she said it is nice, do it faster. When I was fucking in full speed, Balu and Natasha came in full naked. I asked what is this, dont disturb. He said no, that cot broke, we will lie next to you and continue. I said ok.

Sheba moved a little and gave some space for Natasha to lie down, and Balu started to fuck Natasha. We both continued for fucking. We both knew closely each other and the girls aslo knew each other and there was no hitch. After we finished, the girls shy of each other ran to the bathroom and cleaned themselves and I and Balu went and cleaned and wiped.

We four naked bodies sat for a while to start our second session. Balu had brought some eatables. Balu asked why no exchange our partners. I asked Sheba and Natasha shall we just try exchange of partners. Both the girls were discussing things between themselves. Just try the other cock for a change. The girls agreed and I went to Natasha, and Balu took over Sheba.

We all were class mates and we studied together for three years. Hence there is no sense of guilt. Balu's cock just like mine, same length and girth. Natasha had clean shaven and I just wanted to lick her pussy. Balu also wanted to lick the pussy of Sheba. Squatting between the legs of the girls, with their legs wide open, be both buried our faces in the pussies of the girls.

Both the girls were moaning in uniform sound. I got up and pressed the boobs of Natasha and sucked the nipples. Balu got up and saw what I was doing followed suit. Again we started to lick the pussies of the girls and we both swallowed whatever juices were flowing.

We started to lick and suck the clitoris of both the girls and they were placing their hands over our heads and pressing them down to their pussies. Both girls had another clitoral orgasm. Their clitoris were pulsating and we could know that they had come. The got up and inserted our cocks into the fuck holes of the girls. The girls were looking at each other and smiling.

Starting slowly we went fast and within five minutes we completed and Balu and I threw our fluids inside the girls and hugged the girls and enjoyed the sex immensely. This programme was not preplanned, but happened accidentally because of the cot broken, but we enjoyed. Both the girls had two cocks each and we both had two cunts each.

Fucking watching another couple fucking is more enjoyable. Girls wanted similar programme to be arranged say the next week and make it a picnic. Both Sheba and Natasha were in one voice. They said we all will share the expenses. Our next series of sex picnic was more enjoyable. Let us see it in our future posts.

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Bhavna Fucked Nicely By Jeeju Swapnil - II

Previously: Bhavna Fucked Nicely By Jeeju Swapnil - I

My unintentional co-operation encouraged him to do better performance & he started caressing my hair & face with true looking affection. I liked his gesture & keeping my eyes closed I was just enjoying his each move.

He seems not at all in hurry to begin the fucking episode & he was truly involved in making foreplay & in no time I lost my heart to him as the way he was exploring my each n every sensitive points near my belly, near my neck, on my upper cleavage & teasing my earlobe with his teeth n tongue I was fully charged to indulge sexual relationship with him.

Initially I was murmuring my hubby (Bhavesh) name but soon I started chanting “ohhh jeeju…….hmmm..aaahhhh……. pleaseeee.jeeju……….ummmm…..” My breathing n smoothing sound made him mad & that affected his length below which was poking to my belly n upper pelvis portion.

Slowly he started kissing my face with tiny smooching sound & especially when he made whispered smooching sound inside my ear. It reached to each n every sensual organ of my body & immediately I felt flowing juices inside my panty. I raised my pelvis due to that & accidently my Triangle portion touched his poking cock & I realized how stiff n long it was.

That added fuel to the fire & I further released the stream of juices & that increased the flavor of aroma inside the room. He was very well experienced & he realized that Now I m under his complete control & he has no fear of any resistance from me. He touched my lips with his lips & found that my lips were fully wet like my pussy lips & that happens when the woman enjoys the sex.

He smiled & looked into my eyes & out of embarrassment I closed the eyes & whispered “Jeeju ……plzzz… bhi karna hai jaldi se kar lo………..Muje bahot dar lag raha hai” & out of excitement again raised my pelvis upwards to feel his monster. Ohh my goddd…….I gone mad. & I don’t know when I cuddled Jeeju with the pleasure of feeling his cock.

He hold me from my back using both his arms & we hugged each other & his strong bicaps hold my slender body & his wide hairy chest crushed my melons & I could make only relieving hissing sound “ aaaahhhhhhhhhh…….haaassssh….. & unknowingly expressed my likings for his touch.

He used his lips harshly & made a deep smooch & exchanged saliva from my mouth & I liked his taste & I co-operated in kiss by opening my mouth for him. I started giving him whatever he desired for. He used his hand to explore my bare body portion near belly & started removing my cloths.

Within minute I was lying only in my two & he removed his all the cloths & I was shocked to see his throbbing cock in a commanding position & he hold my wrist & told “Ye lo Bhavna…….pakdo isse. & I pulled back my hand & looked at him. he smiled & said……….Lo naa yaar……..thoda isska masaaage kar do ……….mazaa aaygaaa.

Please rub it with your smooth fingers & again he hold my hand & gave his cock in my palm &this time I hold it bit hesitantly & started jerking it. “Aaaah……Bhavnaaaa. Your sensual touch……… amzaiinnggg…. “ he moaned & that encouraged me to do it bit faster & I raised my handjob speed & I literally felt his cock is growing in size &

his pleasant facial expression gave me more motivation & I started teasing his balls with my fingers while jerking his rod & now I was not feeling any guilt & purely became a Female rather than sister or sister in law. We were just opposite gender animal hungry for rough sex & no moral obstacles were preventing us.

I changed my position & made him lay on bed he rested on his back & took charge of his cock & now I could completely charging him with a rising handjob which excelled him & he started murmuring my name with excitement “ aaaah……..bhaaaaviiiii ( Short of Bhavna ……my pet name). U r too gooddd.

Achhaaa lag raha hai………karti raho…….. keep doing ……..please rub it more baby…….pull him …….” I found his top mushroom grew substantially & became red like Strawberry & I cant stop kissing him & that gave him more pleasure…..haaan bhavi……suck me plzzz. & I galloped whole mushroom circle in my mouth &

pulled his rod further inside me he raised his pelvis to offer me his full length & he sceamed with smile “Aaah……..meri saaali………tu badi kamaaaal ki cheez hai yaaar……..chuso raaani (suck me more plllzzz). I was restless now as I too was starved for sex now & as soon as he touched my Bra hooks from behind, I unhooked myself & thrown away my Bra removing from my shoulders.

He just move upward & took me in his arms & we were lying beside each other & we smiled at each other. I convinced myself “ Bhavna Just enjoy the sex……..Its a gifted pleasure deserving to a woman like you. Hot n sexy” & I whispered “Jeeju…..Please fuck me……….fuck me hard…….U have good cock……..just just give it to me” & started kissing him.

He smiled & rolled over me & Sure honey………even I like your softy pusssy…..& touched my pussy above my panty & found I was leaking like a hell. He smelled my wet juice from his finger & smiled at me “Bhavna…….Meri jaaaaan……..U r extraordinary ready re……….& I blushed & smiled.

I opened my thigh & invited him from my eyes & he took his position in between my legs & removed my panty using his fingers on the side of my naval & I raised my bums & immediately he pulled my panty down out of my ankles & with his thumb he widened my Pussy lips & I arched high with excitement he pointed his cock at my entrance &

trying couple of times found the right hole & simply pushed inside “aaaah………Ohhh yeahhhhhhhh.” I screamed & gulped his cock inside my pussy. It went deep in one go as I was leaking like a hell. His throbbing cock made its way & he started to n fro movement taking me in his arms with fully gripped posture.

He sucked my nipple & rubbed the other one & I bite his shoulder due to mixed feelings of Pain n pleasure & with high breathing sound we started sexual encounter & I roamed my both the hand on his bare back & frequently digging my nail on his rough n tough thrist inside me.

My pussy walls were so flexible that could easily accommodating his enlarged cock & he was reaching at deeper peak where my hubby could never reached. The movement started in full force & from my side I extended the co-operation & in reciprocal rhythm I started raising my bums in contrast to his movement & that added the glory of our sex-game.

We both were enjoying each other like a century old sex starved animals. He came up & we smooched & started tongue twisting & I bite his lips on which he chewed my lips n so on. In between he removed his cock & gave me for hand job & meanwhile he was fingering my pussy. We both lost in giving heavenly pleasure to each other. & Again he inserted till the root of my womb.

I moaned loud “ Aaaah jeeeeju…….U r so big……….yaaar…..keeeep giving me ………everyday……….every night……….whole life” He smiled n said ……….”Achhaaa……..mazaaa aa raha hai naa!!!! Hmmmmm? & I smiled & relied with knodding my head. “Bhavna waise u too r awesome bebe………Ur pussy is so tight I like fucking you…

day in n day out……… Will fuckkkk u tilllll end of my life” (Jeee kart a hai…….Zindagi bhar tuje chodoo……” We both fucked each other in reverse n reciprocal movement form long 15 minutes without taking any pose & I released my jucie all over his cock with sudden orgasm & he felt my shower on his cock & so hold me tight & started kissing me &

giving small pose to our hardcore action he allowed me to be calm & Once I settled down he again started his fucking movement high n high & he widened my legs abive towards the roof & started fast movement inside my hole & I was literally slut giving her full co-operation like professional slut & after continuous movement for 5 minutes he bursted & said

“Ohhhh Bhaviiiiii ………… mmm cummming…….Oh yesss. Yesss. & kept his action in tact & I pampered his back & said “Yaaaa Jeeeju cumm cummmm de do pooraaa paaani de do……muje ……..Yessss Jeeju fuckkkk moreeee ……….& he fucked hard till his last drop of sperm discharged inside me.

After long 45 minutes of session we calmed down & hugged each other ………………I get up first & used the washroom n looked myself in mirror ……….I was really happy for getting good sexual pleasure……………….but deep inside after a lustful volcano subsidized I was feeling guilt towards my sister & hubby both So was disappointed & came out with dull face &

Jeeju immediately pulled me close to him & hugged me tight “Thanks Bhavi……….Aap ne muje kaafi sukoon diyaaa …….u know I was dying to fuckk you from the day I saw you. & I looked at him with tears in my eyes. “Ohhh no bebe don’t feel guilty………Where we will go? If we are dissatisfied? Like we solve all other problems taking help of our relatives,

Sex is also one type of problem which we can equally solve taking help of each other naa?? I felt little convincing & rested the head on his shoulder. After some more time we again prepared ourselves for next session with multiple variety as directed by jeeju.

To Be Continued...

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Binoy Fucking 18-Year-Old Friend Of Daughter

I am a regular visitor and fan of your site and had a very wonderful and surprising experience recently which I wish to post here for other fans to read.

My name's Binoy and am a 42 yr old man living a secluded life after a divorce for the last 10 yrs in Ernakulam. I have a daughter who lives with her mom at Trivandrum. While me and my wife were together we did have a wonderful sex life which consisted of role playing, fantasy enactment and sorts.

Our daughter had a classmate by the name Lisha when she was in the first standard, the parents of whom were really good looking especially the mother who looked like a sex bomb. I must have fantasized her a thousand times before our divorce which happened when our daughter was in her fourth grade.

Since then whenever my daughter used to visit me for holidays she used to visit Lisha once in a while or so, the last visit being during the vacations after tenth when this girl Lisha had a pretty face but was so skinny that no one would give her a second look. Her mom however still looked ravishingly sexy even after all these years.

After that we had not seen her during the next two years. But last month my daughter had come over to stay with me after her twelfth standard board exams and entrance classes and happened to want to visit Lisha as it was her eighteenth birthday. Due to the heavy rain in the evening we could manage to go out only around 8.30 pm.

We arrived at Lisha's place by 9 pm but only she and her grandma were at home. Her parents had gone to the airport to pick her brother who was arriving around 11 pm. Lisha's grandma opened the door and recongised my daughter and told her that Lisha was up in her room and she could go there. I went to the living room and sat on the sofa.

I could hear so much laughter from upstairs and the girls were chatting and laughing and finally both came down. I was stunned to see Lisha. She was looking so sexy and beautiful even sexier than her mom and had put on ample weight and had the right curves. I was shocked at her dress which made my mouth go wide open in awe.

But I suppressed any emotions and acted cool as my daughter was present. Lisha was wearing a hello kitty pink t-shirt and a matching pair of pink tights which were almost see through. I could make out her nipples over the t-shirt and her light green panty over her tights.

I stood up and shook her hand and wished her a happy b'day and she said thank you and we started to talk about her studies and stuff. My daughter had gone to the kitchen so as not to bother Lisha's grandma and to make us some tea. I sat back on the couch and Lisha was standing and talking when the phone rang opposite to where I was sitting.

Lisha went and picked up. I could make out her light green panty wedged between her butt. She returned and stood by my side and continued exchanging pleasantries when I asked her to sit somewhere and not stand. She immediately sat on the right armrest of the couch.

She smelt of some perfume that was so romantic and inspite of my best efforts to control my feelings I found myself getting hard. I soon had a tent building up on my jeans and wasnt sure if I noticed it right but I thought I saw a smile come on her face and she turned her face away for a moment and returned her gaze as if she was all cool and composed.

We spoke for a couple of minutes when my daughter returned from the kitchen with tea and kept a cup for me on the table and planned to take theirs upstairs. Lisha said she would follow in a minute. She asked me for my number and I wrote it down on a paper and gave her as she said she wanted to call my daughter in case her phone was not reachable.

Finally when she got up I involuntarily did something that I feared right from the beginning that I might do. As she got up and had her butt to my face I raised my arm and pinched and held her panty over her tights and pulled them out from her ass crack and let them free.

She jumped a feet off the ground and gave a look of shock and stared at me for a second and said nothing but ran upstairs in a hurry. I was so damn terrified of what I would tell my daughter if she went and told her. I sat there fearing the worst to happen.

I turned on the TV and raised the volume a bit so that in case there was an argument or something people wouldnt notice and we could leave. I was literally scared to death thinking that hell would break lose but nothing happened. After five minutes I hear the girls voices from upstairs again chatting and laughing as usual when the door was opened.

They came down and we got ready to leave. Lisha was just smiling at me as if she was all cool and nothing had happened. We got out and went home. On the way I asked my daughter what did Lisha say and she said the Lisha was indeed so happy that we had come over on her birthday and they talked about future plans about their careers and other old friends.

She also said that there would be a birthday treat the next day for her and another friend of theirs, Gayathri. Next day around 2 pm Lisha and Gayathri came over to my place and took my daughter out for the party and returned back in about two hours.

I offered to drop the girls back at their homes and so I took them both in the car and dropped off Gayathri at her place and then Lisha came and sat in the front and we drove off to her place. I said that I was sorry about the other day and didnt mean to but she just gave me a smile and said had seen my tent and knew exactly what I was feeling.

We went to her place and she invited me inside. I went along and sat in the same couch. She went up to change and shouted out from upstairs to help myself with whatever I wanted in the meantime as there was no one in the house and all had gone to their native for a function and wouldnt be back till 9 in the evening.

She came down dressed in a sleeveless yellow top and a skimpy jeans shorts and half her ass cheeks were out. I was rock hard in no time but I stayed put to the couch. She went straight to the fridge and took out a bottle of water and came and sat on the armrest as before just a few inches away from me.

She drank water off the bottle, some of it spilling out on her chest and offered me the bottle. I too drank and then when I looked ahead I saw that her top was all wet in the front and I could make out her pink small nipples standing hard and erect. I stared at them and she asked me if I liked only her butt and not her tits and raised her top to offer me a nude view of her titties.

They were 34B and her waist was 28 Her hips were definitely a 36. I pinched the nipples lightly and pulled at them and slowly pulled her closer to me and sat her on my lap and started sucking those small nipples and her boobs. They really felt lovely. She was moaning in pleasure. She put her hand into my shirt and ran them all over my chest and then over the bulge of my pants.

She whispered to go to her room. She got up and went and bolted the front door. I followed and as soon as she had bolted the door, I lifted her off the floor in my arms and carried her to her bedroom upstairs. During that time she was kissing and smooching me like crazy.

We got upstairs and she made me carry her to the study room where she, lying in my arms itself fetched the remote of the CD player and played music full blast. Next she directed me to her bedroom and I put her on the bed finally. I pulled out her top and we lay side by side and I sucked her tits real nice and hard and in the meantime she managed to open my belt and unzip

my pants and pull down my briefs and started pumping my dick. She was moaning and was on fire. I kissed her passionately and opened her shorts and pulled them down a bit and felt her pussy. It was all creamy between her thighs. She had been leaking profusely. The moment I touched her pussy she let out a howl and when I inserted my finger she screamed out in delight.

I pulled my finger out and tasted her juice. It smelled and tasted so sweet. I couldnt wait to devour her pussy. We both undressed and pounced upon each other in no time. I had her lay on the bed and spread her legs wide and buried my face in her pussy.

I kissed and licked it all over and spread the small labia and tongued her pussy deep and managed to get hold of her clitoris which I sucked with much pressure and bit at lightly and she screamed out in delight and lifted her arse off the bed whenever she came and had a gush of milky fluid flowing into my mouth of which I didnt even waste a drop.

I raised her legs further up and spread her butt and licked her asshole. She jumped the bed and squealed and laughed in delight. Finally I got up to fuck her and stood up when she got up and started sucking at my dick. She blew it good enough and in between told me she was a virgin and wanted to do this but was it ok and was I sure there would be no probs.

I said there was nothing to worry and I would be very gentle. I fingered her pussy with one finger and that itself was very difficult. After half an hour she could manage to get just one finger of mine in. We were both on fire and wanted to do it so bad at any cost. I told her it would hurt a few seconds to a few minutes only and it was fine and there might be a few drops of blood.

She said ok and I put her legs on my shoulder and was trying to enter her. It took quite sometime to get the head of my dick in and then I started stroking slowly and she was moaning out real loud now. Every few strokes I would push myself in further till I had my whole dick inside her. Once fully inside she cried a bit but would not let me pull out.

So I started stroking again and she cried for a minute loudly and then she started laughing out loud and moaning and screaming asking me to fuck her harder. She came a couple of times and whenever she came she would dig her nails into my shoulders or neck or my back and bit at my chest too.

At a point of time I was fucking her brains out when she tried to push me off saying that she wanted to pee but I just kept ramming it into here and she squirted out her load of pussy juice all over my dick and tummy and it was flowing down to my balls and falling over her butt.

She was screaming and shivering when she squirted and shyly said to me that she pissed accidentally and was apologizing for it. I said she was wrong and she had a look and with a look or surprise asked if it was semen or something as she could not believe that she could squirt something like milk in so much quantity.

I tasted it and offered it to her and she was convinced that she hadnt pissed but squirted our her fluids. She got up and saw the blood on my dick and looked like she was in shock. I said nothing to worry and pulled out some wet tissues and wiped it all up. She said she felt a slight burning sensation but the action was too much to back out.

Next I made her stand on fours and applied some vaseline jelly on her anus and inserted a finger and circled it around and then again another one and finally a third finger too. She seemed comfortable and ready. So I inserted my dick into her arse and fucked her real hard while I put my hand in the front and tickled her clit.

She put her hand underneath and massaged at my balls. I couldnt hold on any longer. I pulled out and wiped my dick and made her turn around and stood on the bed and rubbed the head of my dick on her lips. She hesitated a moment and sucked at the head and I shot my load of cum into her mouth and all over her face.

She rolled it in her mouth and tasted it and liked it a lot and licked off all the rest from her fingers wiping them off her face and sucked my balls dry. By then it was almost 7 and I didnt want to risk being there incase her people came back early. We passionately kissed goodbye to each other and she said she would call me another day when no one was around.

She also said that she had the most wonderful 18th birthday present and would learn and make sure to thank me in kind soon. I left there feeling light hearted and happy and content. Really looking forward to our next opportunity. For the time being we are sticking to night calls and phone sex to relieve ourselves and casual meetings to steal a few kisses and grabs.INspite of my age I feel like a teenager now!!!

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Ashok Enjoying Sex With Kavya During Combined Study

I am Ashok, 25, did my PG and BTech got a job in Chennai in one of the engg companies. Terms of the job were good. I was to take a furnished flat in a well known locality and a car was provided by my employer. I had a two wheeler. The flat was in a busy residential district in the third floor of a complex. I was to work in eight hour shift for some time before I get an admin.

work. The work was not very strenuous and I could just see around and sit in my cabin and browse the net. The supervisors will do all the jobs. I take food from the company canteen or I go to the mall food court. I make tea and boil eggs or make fried eggs which I can eat with bread and cheese for breakfast.

The third floor neighbors were are families, with working men and some working women, college/school going boys and girls. Some of the girls were good looking. I used to stand in the veranda and watch the girls. I always keep a smiling face and we do not which girl will fall in my net. My flat was near the lift and I could see people coming in a hurry to catch the lift.

I used to watch a particular girl, who was chirpy, beautiful, good feature, may be around 18 or 19 may be in the first or second year in degree. One day I tood courage and asked her Hey which college you are studying. She said at St.Mary's. What subject, she said economics. I said if you have any doubts you can consult me. She asked me in which college you teach.

I said after pg in Economics I took to BTech and a software engineer now. The lift came and she left in a hurry bidding me bye. In the afternoon there was a ring in my door bell and when I opened the door this girl was there asking me whether she can come in. I had just then got up from sleep and I was in a totally dishevelled condition. I asked her what is her name, she said Kavya.

What is that you want. She said she needs tuition for economics. Her parents agreed to get a good teacher. I am asking you whether you can teach me economics. Time, venue, fees etc your choice. I told her to leave her books with me for a night, so that I may go through and get myself familiarized. If you want I can give you lectures on each subject. or dictate notes.

You can come or I am ready to come to your house. She asked if some of her friends also join. I said I have no objection provided you get along with me and my method of teaching. Kavya seemed very enthusiastic and went around my flat and saw all my rooms and kitchen etc. It was decided that we will sit around the dining table and study.

In case if it so happens that they have to stay back, there are two large bedrooms where they can get good sleep. Kavya said ther teacher is not teaching properly and they cannot follow her. She had called two or her close friends to come here so that we all can study together. But at the last moment they said they can come only from the next day.

In short, Kavya and I were left alone for the night. She could have gone home, but she had told her parents that alll these girls are coming and hence she may stay back. She brought lot of food and I had to pack them in my empty fridge. Kavya was in a maxi and a blouse and I was in my lungi no brief or vest. I was wondering how this girl Kavya got so close to me within two days.

Sitting in my bed, I went through her books and I found them very easy for me to handle. I asked her whether she has to go back to her home. She said no, she has their permission to stay here overnight. I told her chage your dress, She went to one of the rooms, closed the door, changed into a night suit. We had our food and I asked her whether she would take a glass of wine.

She said a glass of wine is ok, but not any hard liquor. We again sat on my bed and I gave her an introduction to the subject. She was greatly impressed.I told her I will type out in my laptop whatever I had spoken and I will give you a printout lesson wise. She was very happy that I could so much to help her. She out of glee came to me hugged me and kissed me.

I told her that my method of teaching is that I will give you a good lecture. ask all your doubts and clarify, and then I give you printed notes, read it several times and then make a summary )ne printed copy I had taken for her and shw was reading it and she was very happy. She said Ashok sir, I am goingto sleep inyour room. I have the habit of watching porno before going to bed.

If this girl comes my plans would be upset my reoutine. She agreed to sleep in the neighburing room, but as my laptop starting to function in full speed, Kavya barged in and planted herself in my bed. The movie was sensational, they showed all sorts of poses and pussy licking and cum drinking is the regular feature.

Kavya looked at my face and took my cock inher hand and inserted it into her cunt. I had no other alternative but to fuck her in full force and fury. Luckily there were no other callers and hence nobody noticed. Kavya was not a virgin and hence the thrill of fucking a virgin was not there. But she was very passionate and aroused.

Her fluids were flowing freely and we had a wild session. I do it systematically but she was in a great hurry and she wanted somehow my cock to be inserted in her cunt. But she is an intelligent student and she could grasp whatever I say just once. I asked what about her riends. She said secretly that they allwant wild sex. All this tuition is only a ploy.

You may all of them together and fuck one by one or calll one by one and fuck them. They would greatly seeing another of our girls being fucked. Next day I went to my office in the morning shift. and returned at 4 pm. Kavya and her two friends were there. I cannot take them in my bike. I took the car and asked him to get in and we went to a good foof court in the mall.

Girls were are hungry and were devouring all the dishes served. We paid the bill and retirmed home. I went and straight lied in my room and asked Kavya to send one of her friends to my room. First Asha came. She was round faced fair skinned good featured demon. I was lying naked in my bed and my cock was standing at 90 degree. Asha undressed.

With slightly bulging abdomen, clean shaven pussy, she seemed to have aroused slightly. She leaned over the drop of my precum and licked it. Making her lie down flat on her back she widened her legs and sitting between her legs, Manipulating her clitoris with his lfet hand, I inserted my middle finger into her hole and manipulated her G spot.

Suddenly she threw her modesty to the skies and started to squeel and made peculiar moanings. And then I inserted my monster into her cunt hole and pushed it forward well. My cock was deeply buried into her fair cunt. I thought I should eat her clitoris, but there was no time I fucked her for about 5 minutes, she moaned indicated that her holewas full.

She was a non fussy girl and she reached her full orgasm and was happyto have had a good fuck. Next turn was that of Aisha. She was tired of waiting. She looked tired and she was tired of waiting.I got her dress removed and she stood naked before me. A lean girl of about 19 with tiny boobs and big ass. I asked her to straddle me and get on to me.

She seemed to have understood what she has to do and she did not fumble, but just went into business She roatated her hip and then moved forward and backward, I squeezed her asses which invigorated her very much. Our leisurely session continued for some time more.

We cleaned ourselves and then the environent and I called all the three to come to the bed, I explained to them my method teaching ad it is going to be very rigorous. I chose to have sex, because it will keep our minds in calm. Now let us proceed. I finished the entire syllabus within a week or ten days and At the end of two months he put us a test which was more regorous than University exam.

Our girls performed extremelly and They paid me lot of money and lot of gifts. They all in high marks. Their parents praised me to the skies. This is the result of the hard perseverance. But after the result was publised, the three occupied my room permanently and I had to fuck all the three daily. Finally I got a transfer Much against my wishes I had to leave those girls behind and proceed to a new bath.

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