Kamala Fucked Nicely By FIL

My story is from a rural background. I am Kamala, 30, staying in a low income group housing colony in the city. My husband is a rubber tapper. During the tapping season he may go to the hills where there are more rubber estates and he may get full work continuously.

When he comes back after a week or ten days he may have plenty of money but he will use the most of it in drinking. I have a son and a daughter who go to the school. My father in law, an ex service man stays in his home town about 30 km away. But he comes once in a month to draw his pension.

He will go to the services canteen and buy his quota of liquor and come our house for lunch and he will take the evening bus to go home. When he come he may have some gifts for me and the children. I buy special beef or pork for preparing his lunch. He likes my cooking and used to praise me for my cooking. Let me say a word about me.

Even at the age of 30 I maintain a good figure. My boobs are large and erect and without sagging. I have big broad behind and however much I may try to cover them, my asset are there for everybody to look and appreciate. My husband who is busy or drunk always is not doing full justice to his duties as a husband.

When I am too much in need of a good sex, I used to give a blow job to my snoring husband and wake him up and force him to get on me. Once he is fully awake he will go a good job, but to get him awake was a real problem. Ours is a small house and I may have to wait till my children sleep to get on with my husband.

He does not care and used to say let them see and learn and they have to do it some day. But I do not want my children to see our performance. One day my father in law came after receiving his pension and brought a bottle of liquor and asked me to get him a glass and some water and some touchings. I gave him a plate of beef deep fried and a glass and a water jug full of water.

It was noon time and the children had gone to their school. The beef was frying in the kitchen and the chicken curry was just getting ready. The smell of these food items filled the room and my FIL was staring at me. But he was old and I never expected any attack from him.

But I just wanted to tease him and hence I may my gait a little more slow and purposely walked in front of him to attract his attention. He had brought a saree for me and some sweets for the children for which I was grateful to him. I asked him whether he is ready for his lunch. he said yes. He had finished half of the bottle and he was looking drunk.

I brought his food in front of him and he just started to eat with great taste. He ate the complete items I placed before him and he asked for another helping. After he finished, I asked him to take a nap before going to his village. He followed me to the kitchen and hugged me from behind. I said what are you doing, uncle, this is bad.

He said after his wife died he has never had any sex with anybody. He said he was watching my boobs and my butts, he could not tolerate. He took out his cock which was huge and erect like a wooden stick. He took my hand and placed it on my cock.I was shocked at the very size of it. He dragged me to my bed and asked me to lie down and pulled down my clothes.

He opened his mouth wide and took my boob and started to sick my nipples. It was long time since I had such detailed sex. I was aroused and his cock was just punching around my pussy. I took it in my hand and directed it to my hole. Because of its size, it did not move easily inside. But he made it by jerks and it filled my hole and I was very much happy.

He started to fuck me in medium speed. But within five minutes I got my orgasm, but he was continuously fucking. He was tired, I asked him lie down and I climbed upon him and my moist hole could take his monster in. I rotated my waise and his cock was pressing my sensitive points in my vagina. I lied on him and may a forward and backward movement.

My clitoris pressed against his cock gave me a series of orgasms and he too got his orgasm and his fluids filled my hole and drained out. He said such a good stuff like you should have been well used, but my foolish son does not know your value. I am going to stay back and fuck you again in the night and will go only tomorrow.

I was very much pleased, because my husband is not going to be there for another week. My FIL stayed for three days more and we fucked in the day when the children are away and in the night when my children are asleep. I admired his stamina because he could hold his erection for at least half an hour when I would have had three times my orgasm.

He was very happy and told me that he has a piece of agricultural land which he will gift me and on the next pension day he brought the gift deed and gave me. Thereafter he will stay for a week every time he comes for pension and I gave him the best food which will help him to keep his stamina.

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Bittu Fucking Sex Starved Riya Bhabhi - II

Previously: Bittu Fucking Sex Starved Riya Bhabhi - I

Time was well passed to 10 when my phone rang, I picked the call instantly and our conversation started with my question; if Bhaiya has slept "Bhaiya sow gaye" Bhabhi replied with yes "haan…he was very tired" next I came up saying "bach gaye...if we would have reached to the bedroom, certainly he would have caught us"

I was expecting that Bhabhi will also reflect some fear but she was casual and came up saying "don't worry...next time we will play safe" and after a moment she spoke again "you will not go to work tomorrow…." And then added “kal aap meri duty pe ho” "ok" I agreed with a deep rapture and next she told me to reach to the metro station of her region by 10 and wait for her call of confirmation.

As it was summer vacations I asked what will do with her son "hum ishaan ka kya karenge?" and Bhabhi told me not to worry "don't worry...I have planned everything...kal aapko aaoka surprise mil hi jaayega". Next I tried describing my mind state of the moment when I saw Bhaiya there and after that Bhabhi came up with a thought of doing some sex chat

“Chalo ab thodi der sex chat karte hain” that was bit unexpected for me and I agreed to that too and here I would to love write that arousing conversation with some cut downs. More or less Riya Bhabhi started sex chat with a question “do I look sexy to you” and I accepted “off course” and next Riya Bhabhi came up giving me complement “you are also very handsome”

and continued "I was waiting for somebody like you in my life"…"good looking as well as trustworthy" As I was new to the world of sex I was silent and thinking about what to say and she asked me next question "I think you will not think about getting married for another year" and I replied by saying "at least two years” and Bhabhi calmly came up saying

“Good...! main aapko sab sikha dungi… jo kuch bhi aapko shaadi ke baad apni wife ke saath karna hai” that was good one and her words aroused me a bit and before I would have said anything she spoke again “saath saath mera bhi bhala ho jaayega…Vijay to ab kuch karte nahin hain mere saath….” and next using all my dirty mind I came up saying

“haan Bhabhi…main bhi thak gaya hun aapke naam pe mooth maar maar ke” and she came up repeating my word in questioning tone and replied herself “mooth…? You mean masturbation …?” I accepted with “haan…” she came up saying “aaj raat ko last bar maar low mooth….par aaj ke baad aap kabhi bhi mooth nahi maaroge…! Main hun na …you can fuck me whenever you want”

things were getting naughtier and I was enjoying getting harder but I had something in my mind to ask and I asked her about her sex life with Bhaiya “Bhaiya kya aapke saath bilkul sex nahi karte?” and she said no “nahi…he has taken...what do you say…Sanyaas” “but why….?” And she came up saying “What else I can say…Pagal ho gaye hain aur kya” and with a pause she spoke again

“I have spoke to him many times…but he is a stubborn” I remained silent and she spoke again "Chacha main sach bol rahi hun I am not a pervert...bus mujh mein sex ki desire normal female se thodi jayada hoti hai..." ….and once again she uttered "and look at my destiny....kaisa husband mila hai mujhe...he has not touched me from more than one year” and I came up saying

“koi baat nahi…ab main hun na aapke paas…you can call me anytime..." and I further added "I am your call boy" I was expecting she will laugh on that but she came up asking "does that mean you charge me?" and we both giggled, "No I didn't mean that..." I spoke back and Bhabhi came up saying "I don't mind even that....mujhe bus sex chahiye"

once again I was thinking about what to say now but next instant Bhabhi asked me "aapka Size kya hai" and I came up asking stupid question "kaunsa size?" and for few moments Bhabhi went silent and I asked her if she is present there by saying "hello" in query fashion and Bhabhi replied back in sarcastic tone "Aapke Lund ka...aur kaunsa size?"

and I was surprised to hear that and replied back by saying "I don't know...kabhi napa hi nahi" and she came up asking "abhI khada hai na?" once again it was surprising but I replied back casually "haan" "to fir naap ke batao" "but right now I don't have scale" I replied while getting bit conscious and she tried ending the subject by saying "relax...I was just joking...."

after that I asked her what is Vijay Bhaiya’s Cock’s size and Bhabhi said it’s around 7 but then added that it is of no use, “ saat(7) inch ka hai…lekin mere kisi kaam ka nahi hai…” By now my cock was out of my clothes and I was jerking it back and forward slowly.

Like this our conversation went on going for few minutes but unfortunately ended abruptly because her son got up and came into the living room where she was sitting while talking to me. In the end my night ended after I shagged my load and eventually reached to the metro station which was nearest to Riya Bhabhi’s house and waited for her call.

She called me hardly couple of minutes passed to 10 and I almost flew to reach to her place. Doorbell rang and Bhabhi opened the door with a smile. I must say she was looking amazing, far more seductive than yesterday, wearing casual pajama with a t-shirt she was recently bathed and her freshness was adding hell of sex appeal in her gesture.

For few seconds we looked into each other’s eyes with a smile on the door itself and eventually she uttered “come in”. I was awake from 6 in the morning and I was so aroused that even after trying hard I could not resist myself and even after masturbating once I was hard and hungry to screw her with all my passion.

I was expecting that like me Riya Bhabhi will also be too excited and she will pull me in the house immediately and everything will start instantly. Though it did not happened but Riya Bhabhi was nevertheless excited, she casually asked if I’ve had breakfast and I said yes to it she said then we should get on bed, “to fir bed per chalte hain”.

"aapne Ishaan ko kahan bhej diya?" I asked her about her son and with the infomation Riya Bhabhi came out with a sensual statement "at my cousin sister's place...he will play there with his friend and here I will play with my friend". I moved my head in yes with strange sensation passing through my spine and like yesterday Bhabhi locked her arms around my neck and jumped a bit,

she wrapped her legs around my ass and at the same time I got hold of her lovely ass. “Guestroom mein chalo” Bhabhi kissed me lightly over my lips and told me to move to guestroom and I did that. Now there was nothing which could disturb us and like it can be expected within a minute we were not only in the guestroom,

crushing her petite body I was also laying on her while kissing her deeply. We explored each other’s mouth like crazy and just after breaking Bhabhi rolled me down and started taking off my clothes. She took off my t-shirt and undershirt together and threw it away. Because of deep and long kiss by now I was also charged and I rolled over her and did almost same with her,

I lifted her t-shirt and threw it away after taking it out from her arms; my god!…. I was stunned to see her luscious milks packed in tight bra. Making a deep cleavage they were so fair and good looking that my heart beat went bit high and sensing my mind state lying over her back Riya Bhabhi smiled while looking at me, “kya hua…?...ab sirf deko mat… chuso inko…Ye dono aaj se aapke hain…”

with those words Riya Bhabhi drifted her both the straps down and uncover her milks for me. Ohhh… Wow her nipples were also very beautiful, just like a cherry on the soft cake, I was sitting and next holding my arm she pulled me tenderly over her and I lied over her again and this time I was sucking her long erect nipples.

They were lovely, light brown in color and hard like anything and as I started sucking them Riya Bhabhi started moaning sexily while surfing her hands in my hairs. I fondled her soft breasts and sucked both the nipples for quite long time; until Riya Bhabhi stopped me. Eventually she got up, unhooked her bra and threw it away.

I was looking at her beauty like a brat and she smiled and pushed me slightly to my back and spoke “show me your size” and with that she started opening my lower and just after few seconds I moaned in intense pleasure, her soft feminine hands were inside my jockey and Bhabhi was playing with my rod,

soon Riya Bhabhi drifted my lower down to my knees and now both of her hands were busy in playing with my monster. “Chacha you are good…bahut achha size hai aapka” she uttered while looking at my face with a smile and just then while moving my hard Penis up and down, her one hands went under my balls and she somewhat massaged me and my moan rose further high.

She was looking at me, at my pleasure expressions with a smile and I too was looking at lovely face. “mazza aa raha hai…hmmmm…?” she asked me and I replied while puffing in low voice “haan…bahut”. Eventually after a minute or two Bhabhi stopped playing with my balls and rod and took out my lower entirely from my legs and once again threw it away.

Now I was stark naked lying on the bed of her guestroom and Bhabhi’s lovely breasts were sagging freely in front of my eyes, still she had lower over her body and next she leaned over me kissed me nicely and asked me “now you want to see my pussy…hmmm…?”

I did not said yes to it but feeling intense pleasure at the depth of my soul I smiled a bit and while getting up Bhabhi somewhat asked me again “naughty boy…apni Bhabhi ki pussy dekhoge…hmmmm?” and with that she pulled thread of her pajama and drifted her lower down to her feet and like all clothes, she threw that on the floor too.

Wow Riya Bhabhi was standing just in a panty and her fair fleshy thighs were looking gorgeous. Resisting heat of her wet fuckhole, her light color panty with tiny flowers on that was wet from the front portion. She looked into my eyes lustfully and uttered, “Chacha abb isse aap uttaroge” she told me that I have to take that her last cloth off and I obeyed my lovely Bhabhi,

I got up and holding elastic of her panty from both sides finally pulled down Bhabhi's last cloth to make her totally naked and threw her panty away “hmmm…..” I hummed in pleasure from my soul; finally her wet, swollen pussy was exposed to me and as for me it was first time that I was seeing a real pussy and my eyes were glued to the most beautiful thing every created by god.

No sign of hairs, fully soaked in her own love juices Bhabhi's pussy lips were bit swollen in desire of getting stuffed and just then parting her soft swollen pussy lips with her finger Riya Bhabhi moved her finger on her slit from top to bottom couple of times and spoke in excitement, “Chacha see this is real treasure for a man, aur mere pattidev kya kar rahe hain”…

unknowingly her addressing me Chacha was arousing me since long and that instant my arousal was reached to its peak and just then Riya Bhabhi spoke again “he is running behind saints for wisdom…aur yahan unki biwi kisi aur ke saath bistar gharam kar rahi hai” Bhabhi was somewhat gone crazy in lust,

standing in front of me with exposed cunt she was speaking erotic and next she pushed me to make me lay on bed on my back and sat around my belly and spoke again while leaning, kissing and caressing my face “Chacha aap Vijay ke bhai ho…wo nahi to aap sahi…you have to satisfy me…” and before I would have said, “yes…I will satisfy you” she spoke again

“you have to suck me….please Chacha do it… like you see in movies….just do whatever you want to do with my pussy… open your mouth and suck it hard…I am all yours”. By this time Riya Bhabhi’s juicy dripping fuck hole was close to my mouth and next intant smell of her fucking juices flew to my senses and before I would have realized anything, without asking me;

whether I want to do it or not Bhabhi moved forward and sat down over my face with her wet love hole over my lips and started moving in to and fro motion while moaning sexily with her every push in my mouth. I could not think anything, holding my scalp with both the hands she was trying burring my mouth into her thighs and I had to do it,

in the beginning it was really very strange feeling, her cunt was badly wet and oozing out sticky juices, it was creepy but lust was rising and trying overcoming my hesitation I started sucking her, I was not liking it but Bhabhi was not bothered about anything she was enjoying and I continued, some kind of mental fever was driving her and she was getting crazier and crazier.

Her moans and words were really arousing and driving me crazy and she spoke again in puffing voice “suck me Chacha… suck me, I am your slut now…I will give you whatever you want…. just do it with me” and with that Bhabhi started rubbing her cunt on my lips faster and leaving behind all feelings of doing filthy act I griped her fleshy ass mounds in my both the hands and pressed them hard,

pulled them in my mouth to stop her movement and burring my tongue in her hot fuck hole took her entire cunt in my mouth. I tried to jiggle my tongue all around her fuckhole and sucked her hard and gulped thick stream of her sticky juicy with rising passion and Riya Bhabhi just went mad in pleasure. Her pleasure moans turned into whimpers “yes…yes…yes….fuck me…fuck me”.

Not much but I knew about clitoris; that it is a sensitive part of female gentile located somewhere at upper edge of her vertical lips and next I wiggled I tongue over there and for an instant I heard Riya Bhabhi puffed erotically. Buried in her fuckhole I was holding Bhabhi tight from her ass and I intentionally licked over her clitoris continuously and that made her crazy,

arching her back she grunted loud while clenching her teeth and tried getting away casually but I held her ass tighter and this time tried sucking her clitoris and within a minute of restless sucking Bhabhi screamed erotically “Oohhhh… Chacha I love you…Ohhh….Fuck…” bringing her thighs together, possibly to clench her fuckhole Bhabhi trembled erotically and pushed me hard to get away.

Finally I released her, puffing with short breath, her face was turned red and over her expressions I could see that Riya Bhabhi has gone through storms of pleasure, I was also wheezing roughly and most of my face was wet with her love juices. Riya Bhabhi looked at my face for few seconds and then leaned over me and we kissed deeply.

I was still on my back and while kissing, resting her head over my shoulder Bhabhi came over me partially and took hold of my Penis and started jerking me back and forwards and closing my eyes I started puffing in pleasure. “Chacha now I will suck you…it may pain in the beginning…but you will enjoy”

Bhabhi spoke that and moved down to my couch and I lifted my face to see her doing that. I was waiting for this moment from ages, I was watching xxx movies from years and getting my cock sucked was always my dream, Bhabhi jerked me hard for few seconds and “Ahhhh……” I moaned in strange sensation, finally I was inside her wet and warm mouth.

After taking half of my monster in her mouth Riya Bhabhi sucked just tip of my cock and with tender suck I shuddered in pleasure. She looked up, into my eyes and started licking tip of my cock while smiling and I continued puffing in pleasure. Slowly Bhabhi started sucking me properly,

taking half of my length she rolled her tongue around my cock and sucked with lot of wetness and I apart from delight of getting sucked grunted with a pleasure of watching her beautiful face filled with my length. Bhabhi was looking gorgeous while sucking my meat foreskin of my cock was off and I was getting hard in her mouth.

Slowly Riya Bhabhi took my cock deeper in her mouth; sucking me hungrily her hands were clenching my thighs. Her mouth was wonderful, warm and moist and her tongue was doing magic on my rod and with that she started massaging my balls and I got further excited and stopped her.

“Chacha ab daal do issko mere andar…! Fuck me” Bhabhi uttered as she stopped sucking me and with that she lied down on her back. I got up and came over and holding my Penis and stretching her thighs wide, Bhabhi guided me to her love hole and once again told me to put in “Daal do”.

I did that, I flexed my ass and my hard monster went inside Bhabhi. Ohh… fuck what was that? Feeling was weird but amazing. In a moment I was fully inside Riya Bhabhi and she moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes and felt my hard cock distending her pussy lips and touching her vaginal walls.

Her legs were widely open, knees were bent and feet were resting on bed, and after getting my entire length she wrapped her legs around my hips and grabbed me between her hands and legs. Her hot and wet clamped my thick monster and her juices flowed out of her fuckhole, I felt them over my balls and puffed in delight.

Riya Bhabhi told me that my Penis is bigger than Vijay Bhaiya in erotic Hindi, “Chacha aapla Lund Vijay ke Lund se Lamba hai” and her words further hardened me. “Chacha fuck me…” Bhabhi spoke again and resting myself on my knees and forearms I started moving in and out and we started enjoying.

Riya Bhabhi was moaning in a low voice continuously and her moans started driving me, I wanted to fuck her hard but I knew that if I will go fast I will discharge and suppressing my desire I continued moving in and out of her wet fuckhole with steady pace. Riya Bhabhi was sensing my state and after few fucking strokes Bhabhi looked into my eyes and spoke,

“fuck me Chacha, fuck me hard… tez tez karo, mujhe jitna tez Chod sakte ho Chodo….I am all yours” and her erotic Hindi drove me mad, I moved bit faster and asked her “Bhabhi tell me… mazzaa aaraha hai… ya aur tez karoon?” and Bhabhi moaned nicely and replied “Haan Chacha aur tez karo, aur tez aur tez… fuck me…. fuck me yes yes…”

Pressure was building inside me, with that my speed was increasing every second and I was panting in pleasure like mad. Like me Riya Bhabhi was also in extreme pleasure, her body was jerking and snapping back and forward on the bed, her breasts were jiggling with my thrusts in rhythm. Sweat streamed out of our body and we both started crying with rising heat.

By now Riya Bhabhi’s legs were spread wide, knees were bent and her feet were high against my back and I was ram-fucking her, thundering my rod in and out of her flesh like an animal. Sometime back I was on my knees and elbows but with rising pace I don’t know when I lied over her completely,

crushing her luscious melons under my weight I was fucking Bhabhi furiously and finally I buried my rod with a hardest push and squeezed my hips together while Cumming. What a burst I had, I cried loud in unbearable pleasure released my gunk deep inside my Bhabhi and next moment Riya Bhabhi also reached to her climax,

she grabbed both of my hips and crushed them in her hands and pulled me further inside her fuckhole and orgasmed with a loud cry. I felt her pussy pulsating around my monster and that sensation was superb. I was dead tired, puffing and gasping furiously and Bhabhi too was unable to move for few seconds. Fucking ended, but just for a while.

We lied naked after washing our genitals and had conversation about positions and decided in which position we will fuck next. Bhabhi wanted to ride on me and I was asking her for doggy style. In the end it was me who surrendered and eventually Bhabhi rode over me but after a long 69 posture sucking and licking.

Filthy yet attractive I enjoyed licking, sucking and gulping her sticky juices and Bhabhi sucked me so much that I was almost reached to the edge of explosion. Whatever at present, I am fucking Riya Bhabhi even more frequently, actually Bhaiya has taken some responsibility of his Guru Ji’s aashram and he is never at house on Sundays unless it is 10 in the night.

So on every Sunday Riya Bhabhi’s son play video games at his friends place, I do foreplay with his mother and when Vijay Bhaiya serves his Guru Ji with all his faith and dedication, I serve his wife with all my love and passion. I have written down my sexperience with Riya Bhabhi’s consent and not only me even she would love to read readers comments.

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Bittu Fucking Sex Starved Riya Bhabhi - I

I am Bittu, I belong to a small town and recently I have came to Delhi NCR with a job in hand and my experience started when after a week of joining my job, on Sunday afternoon I meet my cousin brother Vijay Bhaiya. Bhaiya was living in NCR since long and there I met his wife Riya Bhabhi for the first time.

Eventually Riya Bhabhi was the female over whom I lost my virginity and I must say that before meeting Riya Bhabhi I was just aware about the word nymphomaniac, but now I believe that such females do exist. Physical description; As Bhaiya is almost 40 now, Riya Bhabhi must be in her mid or late thirties, curly hairs hardly up to her shoulders, not exceptionally beautiful,

rather she has some sort of marks over her cheeks but she is fair and has a pleasant and smiling face. Physically she is short and petite with very seductive body. Her breasts are not very huge but surely they are big in her slim body’s proportion and draw instant attention of bachelors like me.

As she is a dance teacher in a reputed school of that region, she has a flat belly and her arms and legs are slender, her thighs and ass is perfectly balanced with flesh which literary killed me when I saw her for the first time wearing tight stretchable Capri with a t-shirt up to her waist.

Anyway the day I came to meet Vijay Bhaiya I was introduced to their son as his Chacha (paternal uncle), and like that child Riya Bhabhi also addressed me Chacha while talking to me. Couple of times I told her to address me with my name because I am younger than her but she said she likes addressing me Chacha.

Anyway time was 12 of the noon and most of the time Bhaiya was talking about Health; what all we should do to remain healthy and all and repeatedly gave examples of his own daily schedule; that he gets up early and do yoga daily, instead of junk food he eat nutritious food, he sleeps early and all.

Most of the time Rich Bhabhi was sitting with us and time passed casually while eating snacks and up to an extent I was bored from the kind of conversation Bhaiya was doing with me and eventually Bhabhi came up saying me “Chacha aap inki baaten mat suno...ye abhi se hi budhe ho chuke hain…aap abhi young ho… life ko enjoy karo...ek achhi si girl friend banaao…aur usko raat ko lekar ghumo”.

That was really very pleasant shock for me which made me giggle loud and ultimately made Bhaiya silent over this subject. As now Riya Bhabhi was leading the talk subject of conversation changed and it went to my plan of getting married and as I said I don’t want to get married right now and want to focus on my job and future once again Bhaiya took charge

and discussion moved to my job profile and future aspect of that. I stayed with both; Bhaiya and Riya Bhabhi till lunch and eventually moved out to get back to my place. Before I would take leave Riya Bhabhi took my number and gave me missed call from both Bhaiya’s as well as her number so that I can save their numbers.

Anyway by now I was so much aroused because of staring at Riya Bhabhi’s fit and petite body along with her strange smiles while looking into my eyes that I could not hold myself from shagging my load just after reaching their.

Whatever after meeting them I came back home and went busy in my new job, certainly from Riya Bhabhi’s gesture I could make out that she was not normal, she was smiling while looking into my eyes without any reason again and again but still I could not make out exactly what are her intentions behind those smiles and in two weeks time she started getting diluted in my mind.

But anyhow Riya Bhabhi could not forget me and after two weeks she called me on Friday evening and asked me if I have a five day week. As I said yes to it she asked if I can take her for shopping next day and mentioned this fact that Bhaiya never take her for shopping and she is not confident about her driving scooty in Delhi’s traffic.

Eventually I promised her and next day leaving their child at one of her friend’s flat, in the same apartment we took leave around 11 in the morning and landed back around 4 in the evening. Throughout the time Bhabhi was casual, we had conversation over many subjects but as such there is nothing which I could write in relation of my sex with her.

Possibly Riya Bhabhi was trying reading me, if I am worth trusting and she started when after reaching back we sat together in the house with a cup of tea “So koi girl friend banni aapki?” Bhabhi asked me casually and I replied by saying “kya baat kar rahi hain… Bhabhi!” means (what are you saying) and she uttered

“nahi bani to ban jaayegi…aap itne handsome ho ki aapko koi bhi ladki haan bol degi” that appraisal was given to me to read my expressions and I blushed a bit and Bhabhi smiled while looking into my eyes and further asked me how many females work in my office and I said there are many “aapke office mein kitni ladkiyan kaam karti hain” “bahut saari hain”

next she asked me if I like someone “aapko koi pasand hai?” and I blushed with a smile again she casually told me to consider her as a friend “you can talk to me…I am not Vijay… we are friends” Eventually I came up saying that I don’t like any one among them as they all are elder “nahi mujhe koi pasand nahi hai….sabhi mujhe age mein badi hain…”

“then what…badi hai to achhi baat hai…experienced hogi…” that was surprise for me and Bhabhi looked into my eyes after saying that and as she saw me blushing again she came up giving me compliment that I am very shy “aap bahut Sharmile ho”.

She was wrong, I was nevertheless horny and keen to get my first sexual experience but how could I take any initiative just after bit of open minded conversation, looking at her face and expressive eyes, deep inside I was having a intuition that something is going to happen between us but anyhow I had to behave like a brat until Riya Bhabhi’s intention gets bit transparent.

Anyway after that we did not have any such conversation which I could mention and I took leave before Vijay Bhaiya’s come back. Like last time by the time I reached back home I was aroused and I was aroused like hell, while being with me Riya Bhabhi was wearing a simple kurta with a tight jeans on her lower half and throughout the day I was staring at her thighs and round fleshy

ass and apart from that in the end the way Riya Bhabhi was looking into my eyes while talking to me about girls was something which I could not bear and I masturbated as I reached back to my accommodation. Though temporarily I calmed downed myself after shagging my load but Riya Bhabhi was restless,

after spending whole day with me she was reached to the conclusion that she has to get further close to me and on the same night she called me somewhere after 12. I was surprised to see her number at that hour and eventually took the call and first thing she asked me if I was asleep.

I denied by saying that I was watching movie on the laptop and next she asked me which movie and I spoke out the name of the movie which I was watching. She started talking to me by saying that Bhaiya has slept and as she was sleepless she thought about talking to someone and she called me casually.

Immaterial what time, I was always ready to talk to her and Riya Bhabhi started the conversation casually with the subject what Bhaiya liked and what he did not liked in her shopping and slowly reached to the subject of Bhaiya’s interest in Yoga, meditation and over all spirituality and disinterest in daily life like movies and eating out.

I just kept myself in the conversation and she complained a bit about Bhaiya’s negligence in her concern and mentioned that on Sundays or whenever he is home either he is teaching the child or he remains busy in studying his material of spirituality.

Slowly my intuition was getting stronger and just to confirm that I asked her if I can take for the movie, although like I was expecting she did not behaved enthusiastic over that idea but she did not ridiculed me either and ended up saying “let’s see…if it will be possible”.

I was bit disappointed but there was something which was keeping my hope alive, the way she was talking to me about Bhaiya’s negative points I could sense that she is forlorn and at least seeking a good friend in me; with whom she can talk freely and I knew it could be the first stage of our sex relation and I was absolutely right.

That night later our conversation did not took any such turn which I can mention but over all I was once again charged to shag my load on her name and I must mention that was first time when I was masturbated twice in the same day. I calmed down after hollowing my balls and slept peacefully in the night but I believe Riya Bhabhi remained restless for the whole night,

it was not even 9 of Sunday morning when she called me again, asked me if I can meet her in the afternoon in Mac D of particular market of her region and explained me that she is talking her child there to feed the burger and all and further told me Bhaiya has gone to some spiritual discourse or you can say sacred gathering of his Guru Ji and might come back in the evening.

Obviously I have to say yes to her invitation of meeting her and eating out, I was free for whole day and more than that I was somewhat addicted to masturbate while finalizing her and for better fantasy I had see her again and again. Anyway I reached on decided venue on time and waited for Riya Bhabhi’s arrival and eventually I was too happy to see her.

She was looking gorgeous; wearing light pink color Capri or you can say Cargo which has lot pockets all over with a white t-shirt; nicely fitted over her top, luscious lips soaked in matching color lipstick Bhabhi met me with a lovely smile and I was floored over her physical appearance of the moment.

Her big breasts were protruding out from her front erotically and as her t-shirt was ending just below her waist, I could not take off my eyes from her curvy body, her luscious thighs and jutting out ass hardened me just in few seconds, above that her smiling face was adding up fuel to my arousal.

Anyway we settled down after getting the food and because of my hardness over my Penis I myself could sense that I am conscious while talking to her and many times I felt that Riya Bhabhi is sensing my mind state. Like always she was looking into my eyes and smiling without any reason and because of that I just went on going nervous.

I don’t know if she was emitting so much sex appeal to me intentionally or she was always like that, I just know that slowly I was getting sure that something naughty is running in her mind and my intuition will get real very soon, there was something in her way of looking at me which I cannot write but I could feel that she is attracted to me.

Anyway as such we did not spoke anything matured for no other reason, her son was also there and he was big enough to understand such things. Apart from telling me Bhaiya’s scheduled we all watched quizes, puzzles and jokes over big screen which usually runs in Mac D and eventually came out and roamed around the market to do some widow shopping.

As it was peak summers and climate was bit humid tio and we could not bear that sort of heat and moisture and we decided to move into nearby mall. We killed some time in window shopping there and stopped at air hockey table and I played one game with her son and for next game Riya Bhabhi challenged me to win.

We started and while playing she told me that if I will beat her she will give a surprise gift; she spoke that when her son was not attentive over our table and as she smiled sexily after saying that I got little surer about my destiny regarding my first sexual experience. I played with her and easily won the game.

Riya Bhabhi smiled beautifully while looking into my eyes while leaving her racket on table with which she was playing and I smiled back equally well. “You might have to wait for some time for your surprise” “Ok…” I replied back with a strange rapture passing through my body. More or less things were clear and to get them clearer I asked her if we can go for a movie.

At my end I was sure that Bhabhi will say yes to it and I was positive that by the time we will come out of the dark everything will be transparent but to my surprise Riya Bhabhi said no to it and came up with an idea of going back home. I was Ok to hear that but her son started requesting her to stay for some more time and I once again insisted her to go for a movie and she denied again.

There was big difference in our thinking of making an opportunity, as her son was there I was sure we won’t be able to do anything at home and I was looking forward for an opportunity of touching her in the dark but Riya Bhabhi was having better idea in her mind and next she lured her son for playing video game with his friend at his house and he instantly agreed to that.

Once again Riya Bhabhi looked at me with a sexy smile and sarcastically asked me “ab chalna hai movie dekhne?” and I realized that time of losing virginity has came and because of that for few seconds my heart beat went up.

We reached to Scooty and Bhabhi told me to drive, I was expecting that while I will drive child will sit in the middle and for an instant he climbed on the vehicle too but Bhabhi told him to sit in front and on the rear seat she sat next to me. Initially everything was fine but as bike moved for a while Bhabhi wrapped her arm around my chest nicely and deep inside I went through strange shivering.

That was second time when Bhabhi was sitting behind and I was driving but I could feel the difference, day before throughout I drove she was just resting her hand over my shoulder but that day she was sitting closer and holding me as if she is my girlfriend.

Gradually we reached in the middle of noisy traffic and in a very low voice Riya Bhabhi asked me if I have understood the surprise “Aapko mera surprise samajh aa gaya hai? And turning my head I replied with “kuch… kuch” and she replied by saying “ghar jaakar poora samajh aa jaayega”. Can’t tell you guy after that how I have covered those remaining 5-6 Kilometers,

I don’t drive rash but that instant I wanted to, I was dying to reach home but there was too much traffic and it took us quite long than usual. While parking and locking her vehicle I asked her when Bhaiya will reach back and after looking at time over her mobile phone she said “easily after an hour” and in the end silently but with a smile added "one hour is more than enough".

What else better than this can be said by her? and after such words I was expecting steamy hot things happening between us just after reaching at our flat. Anyway pretending no hurry we moved towards the flat where her child was suppose to stay to play games and there was one more hurdle waiting for us,

the child with whom Riya Bhabhi’s son was supposes to play was gone to some other place to play and eventually her son came with us. Hope was shattered, everybody was sad, child; because he could not play video game and we both; because now even we could not play our game.

Even though since then nothing was said clearly but there was strange dimness over our face and pretending normal in front of her son Bhabhi asked me if I will have Coffee and I casually said I will make it. She gave me all material and sat beside her son in the living room while watching television and unexpectedly door bell rang.

I was standing in the kitchen and not even for a fraction it came in my mind to guess who it could be? But I will say it was a kind of a magical moment which suddenly came to us. It was that child with whom Riya Bhabhi’s son was suppose to play and after chit chat of a minute they both went to the other flat.

As I was busy in pouring coffee into the mugs I didn’t knew what all was happening on the door and I realized when Riya Bhabhi came to kitchen and wrapped her arms around my chest from behind and spoke “ye hai aapka surprise" and I was really surprised, I responded to her hug by griping her hands but asked her "Ishaan chala gaya kya?”

No need to mention Ishaan is her son and now there was nothing which could stop Riya Bhabhi from eating me. "Haan chala gaya…now we can do anything" Riya Bhabhi hissed in pleasure while replying and squeezed her soft melons against my back. I was thinking that I am heavily aroused but Riya Bhabhi was gone far ahead than me, resting her face over my back,

gripping me harder, she continued crushing her body against mine and once again uttered in lustful tone "Ohhh...Chacha I will fuck you…I will fuck you hard" Bhabhi was gone mad in desperation and with that she somewhat rubbed her burning hot fuckhole with my ass over the clothes. I too moaned in unknown pleasure and turned around to see her lovely face.

Bhabhi looked into my eyes with strange shyness, like deep inside she wanted to be free with me but she was feeling hesitation “Chacha I was dying for this moment….” She spoke with some choked voice and I replied with “me too!” and Bhabhi hugged me tight. Anyhow I cannot brief my real feeling of that instant, for the first time in my life I was so close to any female,

Riya Bhabhi’s ample breasts were touching my chest and I was going through strange sensation. “Chacha I am not slut…main bahut starved hun…” Bhabhi spoke again but without looking at me; while resting her face over my chest and I once again embraced her tight.

Next Bhabhi hooked her arms around my neck to bring me closer and kissed me over my cheek tenderly and deep inside I puffed in pleasure of getting loved by a female. Slowly Riya Bhabhi moved ahead kissed me all around my face and uttered “Ohhh…Chacha, I can’t believe this….! Finally you are mine…”

Next she caressed my hairs and then cheek sensually with her hand and brought her lips closer to mine and spoke “…give me a kiss” and she placed her rosy lips over mine and sucked them nicely for few seconds. Unknowingly I was uneasy and initially failed to respond and Bhabhi stopped sucking my lips and looked into eyes and spoke “you have to open your mouth”

and with that she once again started kissing me and this time I did well and ultimately it was a long delicate kiss. Riya Bhabhi drew her lips over mine and sucked them and slowly her tongue slipped inside my mouth and in a second she roamed inside my mouth thoroughly and in a fraction I too started kissing her by sucking her soft rosy lips.

Like she was doing me keeping her lips between my lips I entered my tongue in her lovely mouth and sucked her delicate tongue. We stood in the kitchen and kissed for really long and while kissing and licking each other’s mouths with all our passion, down there our hands were busy in feeling each other’s body.

My hands were close to Riya Bhabhi’s luscious breasts and Bhabhi was rubbing her palm over my chest to feel my manliness. “I can’t wait now…let’s go to the bedroom” Bhabhi spoke out in rising lust while looking into my eyes and I agreed without uttering a word,

just from my expressions and next instant locking her hands around my neck Bhabhi Bhabhi jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist and holding her bottom I lifted her easily. I moved out of the kitchen and it was just few steps towards the bedroom suddenly we heard little noise over main door; it was keyed to open it.

We instantly threw each other away and we were just recovered from the fumble and Vijay Bhaiya appeared in the living room. He did not saw anything still I was shocked and somewhat gone dumb because of fear but Riya Bhabhi handled my uneasiness well and behaving casual very next instant told me to divide two mugs of coffee into three and I moved back in the kitchen.

Bhaiya rested himself on the couch and Bhabhi sat beside him and reflecting interest started asking him about the spiritual event and I just remained in the kitchen even after turning two coffees into three. What was that? It was a matter just few seconds and I would have been murdered by Bhaiya, I was still in shock and did not wanted to face him and I waited for Bhabhi to come.

Eventually Bhabhi came and saw my sweating face and with serious gesture told me to behave natural and walked away with two mugs. I came into the living area and casually said Hello to Bhaiya and Bhaiya asked me how I am and casually said thanks to me to accompany Bhabhi in shopping yesterday.

I somehow spent 10-15 minutes with him and eventually said that I would like to leave now. Bhaiya was tired and he remained sited and Bhabhi followed me till door and smiled a bit before saying “bye Chacha” in audible voice. Next I think I would have reached to the main gate of the apartment when I received the text “I will call you in the night”.

I did not replied back and till night I remained really very restless, at one end I was scared and terrified with whatever could happen if we would have caught but at other corner I was aroused because I was touched by female with those intentions for the first time, and apart from that the thought which was disturbing me most was,

I was expecting that because of today’s narrow escape Riya Bhabhi might step back from having sex with me but I was wrong, she was unmoved by any fear.

To Be Continued...

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Mark Stepping In After Best Friend Passed Out On Honeymoon

Hi friends I’m Mark residing in Kerala. I’m here to share an experience with my best friend’s wife during his honeymoon. I’m working with an MNC and have to travel frequently to middle east and back. My friend Arun was in love with his classmate from collage days. Her name was Anju.

They used to spent a lot of time together and me and my friends arranged accommodation for them before marriage to have sex frequently. Some times my parents go out or his parents went for some pilgrimage or so.

The relationship became strong and they decided to get married. A lot of objections were there from both side and with friends help they overcome all and got married. I helped him in all ways including financial support. Only few of us were aware that he had an alcohol addition issue and when he drinks he just losses control.

When his marriage was taking place I had to go for an urgent requirement from company to Dubai and came back after a week of marriage. I bought few good liquor from the airport duty-free and wanted to give it to my friend.

When I called him in evening he was packing for his honeymoon to ooty a famous hill station near kerala. He said he need company and if I joined they it will be really helpful in long drive. Also they have trust on me because previously when they used to fuck in my home I stood guard for them. So I also picked my stuff, gift bottles and joined them.

Let me tell about Anju. She was 25 at that time and had a good athletic body. Even though she was not that good looking her physic was outstanding and any man would like to have a go on her assets. I had jacked off many times before their marriage keeping her body on my mind.

I had sniffed her wet under wears couple of time when they came to fuck in my home for a week end and she left those in my laundry to wash on next day. However I never felt bad as I believe most guys have such feelings about their best friends partners.

In fact those who have done such act has to know that we all are wired deep inside our brains as animals and it’s normal for them to sniff potential mating partner’s reproduction organs to find if they are healthy for producing offsprings.

Coming back to the incident we started driving from kochi in afternoon and it was six hour long drive after two hours I took over the driving and he opened a bottle. While his wife was taking a nap in back seat he kept drinking and we were cracking jokes and discussing old incidents in his love story.

Anju was wearing a skirt and tight T shirt and while napping she stretched her legs and for me I could see her thighs trough corner of my eye. I started enjoying the view of my friend’s wife pretending to have a talk with him. I’ll turn my head towards him while he spoke and when going back I’ll glance at his wife’s thighs.

As we reached our destination resort my friend had already finished 3/4 of a bottle and was showing some indications of drunk guys. We went inside rooms secured our luggage. Since it was off season the resort was deserted. We all decided to take shower and to have dinner after that. Even though our rooms were separate our bathrooms had common wall.

I could hear their conversations from my bathroom. Having experienced a good show in car I was aroused and want to listen wants happening on other side I switched off my exhaust fan and suddenly I could listen their voices clearly. I understood that they are taking shows together and he want her to give him a blow job.

But she kept refusing and also not allowing him to go down on her telling that she is hungry and tired and will have sex after dinner. I heard him pleading many more times and she just finished her bath and went outside. I also finished my bath and when I’m ready my friend came to my room.

I can see that he was pissed off and he took the bottle from my bag and finished it with some water. I asked him to be sober since it was his honeymoon and he said I had done all with her before and this is just formality to show her family. He was more interested in opening second bottle before dinner. My friend had two more pegs and we all went to dinner.

After dinner all three of us sat around a camp fire and while me and anju were having small chat we heard her husband snoring. Arun was passed out cold and not responding to her wake up calls. I also tried to make him conscious and he just muttered some words. I lifted him on my shoulder and asked Anju to help me carry her husband to bed.

We took him to room and make him lay on his side. I didn’t want him to choke in case he vomit at night. When I came out of there room I saw Anju standing in balcony. She wasn’t wearing any warm cloths and was rubbing her palms on her fore arms. I took a shawl and covered her from behind. She just stood there looking at the valley and distant villages.

The silence was deafening. She turned to me and asked if he was like this before. I lied and said some times when he is happy then only he drinks like this. She said how insecure she was feeling as her husband is laying unconscious and nobody is around to protect her. I placed my hand on her shoulder and said dear you are upset now.

Let’s have a walk and we will talk this later. So we set out of our room and kept walking inside the large compound of that resort. We talked a lot about many things and we reached a Hut made of wood in the boundary of resort. That Hut was not illuminated and it was dark around. I smelt a chance of getting closer to her in that place.

I said to her to rest some time before we head back to room. When we entered the Hut she held. My arm as it was very dark. I asked her if she was afraid or not and she said hmmm as reply. I kept my arm on her shoulder and pulled her close and whispered on her ear that nothing will happen to her if I’m standing with her. She didn’t protest and I made her sit on a wooden bench.

Still my hand was on her shoulder and I gently pulled her to my chest. She took her shawl and covered both of us. Things started getting warmed up and we got comfortable with each others body. I planted a kiss on her forehead and she just accepted it will a moan. I softly pressed her shoulders and with my left hand I started caressing her arms which was resting on my chest.

Both of us knew where we were heading and there is no turning back from that. I lifted her face holding with my both palms and gave her a short kiss on lips. After a few seconds break, our lips meet again and this time she opened her lips to give me access to her wet and warm inner side of lips. I sucked her soft lips and tasted her inner sides.

To my surprise she pushed her tounge inside me and started sucking mine with passion. We just kept our lips together locked for about five minutes. When we separated finally I could see glimpses of faint black out on her face. For sure her head was spinning. It was for me to take things to next levels.

I lifted her T shirt and felt her soft skin on top of her navel and it was incredible feeling. I am going to do things which I was imagining for a long time. I reached her bobs and started feeling them and squeezing them softly. Till that time anju didn’t spell a word and she brought her lips near my ear and gave a small lick on my earlobes and asked if I would like to taste her sweet melons.

She talking like that in our mother tongue was a super exciting moment and I replied by a kiss and yes. I removed her bra hooks and her massive boobs just swing down. I felt her nipples and those were aroused and waiting for my oral treat. I sucked both of them and kept pressing her nipples between my lips frequently.

Now she started moaning and her hand was caressing my hair all this time. Her actions which surprised me didn’t end there. I was wearing a track pants and she inserted her right hand inside that while I was busy sucking her boobs. She kept pressing and feeling my dick on top of my under wear. She inserted her hand inside and made a good grip on my penis.

My friend’s wife was really good in pleasuring and she rubbed her long fingers one by one on tip of my dick which was oozing out pre cum. Once I finished sucking her breast she pushed her head inside my track suit and started kissing my chest and few time she sucked and bit my nipples which was extremely horny.

I was reluctant to ask her for a blow job as I want her to feel free and not pushing as her husband. But she just kept going down kissing and pulled my erect penis out of my pants. She lowered her lips on my pole and God it was the best ever moment in my sex life till that time.

With out any jerky moves she just pulled my skin back and forth while sucking and I was in the verge of pumping my juices into her mouth. I whispered on her ear to pull back but she instead of leaving my dick pressed on the Base of my dick hard with her fingers and suddenly my urge to empty my balls was gone.

I was amazed by her skills and relaxed back on that Hut enjoying my best friend’s wife’s warm mouth. She lifted her face and planted a kiss on my mouth. It tasted different and I could smell her mouth and lips with my pre cum. I was madly attracted to her by the pleasure she just gave me and want to return favour badly.

I sat on ground and kept her both legs on my shoulders and pulled her leggings and panty down till knee level. I placed my face on her sweet spot and took few deep breath. Same smell I used to get while sniffing her panty but was more stronger and lively this time. I gave my best efforts to her pussy by sucking and licking her cunt and pussy walls.

I only had one thing in my mind that make her feel special and even she is on bed with my friend later in her life she should remember the pleasure I gave her. I could feel her body begin to become tensed and her breathing became heavy. Anju put her both palms on my head and was grinding her pussy against my face.

I didn’t do anything against her pressure just let her do the remaining as she made final thrusts and twists with my face and suddenly withdrew her vagina from my face and lifted her legs from my shoulders. I left her to relax for few minutes and just kept our bodies touching for the warmth. I didn’t want to go for full fledged sex there and relived my hard penis by short hand job.

After cleaning up with the shawl we headed back to our rooms and we both were already warmed up. She was silent during the walk but we were holding our hands. On reaching back to our room we checked on her husband who was still snoring and was in deep sleep. I took her to my room and she went to my toilet.

I switched off our lights and waited for her to come back. She came out totally naked and I just got a glimpses of her great figure when she opened the door. She switched off the bathroom lights and climbed on my bed. I was also semi naked and when she hugged me she said that it not fare that I’m wearing something while she is totally nude.

She pushed my pants down and removed it from my knee level with her foot. Now both of us started kissing and licking and she went down on me again but this time is pulled her on top of me and we were in 69 position for ten minutes. She just turn around after that and with out any warning climbed on top of me and inserted my hard dick into her vagina smoothly.

She was super wet and experienced in sex but I was not. She kept pumping her hip on my dick and I was going to ejaculate again. She realised it and stopped for some time. She whispered in my ears that don’t worry about early ejaculation and she will train me to have longer penetrative sex.

We finished our love making by another two hours and she got up dressed and went back to her room. Next day my friend wake me up and said thanks to giving company to his wife. He thought she will be pissed off at him for getting passed out but she wasn’t. Only me and anju knew what happened between us.

We had a nice trip for three days more and she ended up sleeping with me on two days out of three. She went ahead and compelled my friend to have threesomes with me after an year which I’ll share some other time. hope you guys enjoyed.

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Horny Guy Narrating His Erotic Fantasy

On a fine day, I will wake up and find u on my arms. I will remove my hands under your head and went for quick bathroom and comeback. Then I will go to kitchen to make 2 cup of coffee and bring it to u. I will make u wake up and give u coffee. I was just about to sit on the sofa and turn on the TV, u will call me on bed.

I will go there and give u a nice wet kiss to make u fully wake up. Then I will make u sit on my lap and watch some music on TV while drinking my special made coffee. At times I will cuddle ur boobs, belly and arms and u will turn back to give me a kiss in regular intervals. After our coffee is over we will hug ourselves and kiss to the infinity.

Then we will get off from bed and u will went for bathroom while I will sweep the room and make it clean. Then I will make the bed and knock on your bathroom door exactly u will be about to take a bath after all your daily works. U open the door and we will take bath together. Then I will clean you up with soap followed by normal water.

Then you will go out and dry yourself and go to kitchen to prepare breakfast for us. I will come out after all the work and go to god's room for daily prayers and puja. After my puja is done I will come out and wear a Lungi and go to kitchen to see what you are doing. I will find u there with a above knee high heart-throbing one piece dress and will caught you from behind.

I will give u kiss and hugs and u will turn around and beat me with love and resist my doing with interest to do it. I will overpower you and make u hot and u will also start giving me kisses and hugs and then I will help you in making food for us. We come out of kitchen, sit on dining and eating breakfast while you being sit on me. I will feed you and you will feed me.

Then I will wash our dish and you will prepare tiffin for us to take office. After that done we will enter our bedroom with each other's arm to get ready for office. We will get ready. I will help u in some and u will help me in some. Hugging and kissing are part of every now and then moment of our together life. After we get ready we will go office on my bike.

I will drop you at your office which possibly a bank and I will go to my office. You will call exactly at same time to ask if I have reached or not. After that we will get busy with our official work and at lunch time I will find a message of you to ask me about a selfie of mine. I will send you a selfie and u will send me back with a selfie with kiss posture.

I will be very happy to see it and wait for office to over. After office is over I will go to your office to pick you and will take you to the market. There we will buy some groceries and drinks(soft ones). Then we will go home and first thing we will do after reaching home will be hug and kiss. Then we will go bathroom to freshen up and followed by kitchen to prepare dinner.

You will make rooty and I will make curry for dinner and after that's done we will move to bedroom for some fun. You will be wearing a nice red one-piece which can be opened up frnt and I will be wearing a bermuda pant with nothing on top. You will force me to wear a Lungi and I will change in to that.

Suddenly I will remember to wash out clothes and put all dirty one into washing machine and will go to you. You will be watching some hot song in TV. The song will make you feel hot and you will turn off TV and pull me to your boobs. I will suck them well with my hand searching for your wet hole.

You will hit me for not being able to find it and open your robe and pull my head deep into your crotch to find the heaven. I will find it and suck it like sucking malei ice-cream is flowing out of it. Then after 10 mins you will have your orgasm and ask me to stop and I will lie down on bed. You will go to bathroom to wash it up and come out find me sleeping with me manhood standing like Kutab Minar.

You will hike my lungi and take my manhood in your hand and play for a while then you will sleep on me with your holes near my face and your face on my manhood. Then I will start putting my finger in your love hole to widen it up and you will start becoming hot. You will start jerking my manhood and after 2-3 mins u will find a fluid coming from it.

You will wipe it with my lungi and put it in your mouth and start licking and sucking it like a child does with Lollipop Chocolate. You will mix handjob and blowjob up to 10 mins and I will be fully ready to explode. I won't tell u and explode in your mouth from which u will drink some and some will be on your face. At the same time I will be fingering your love hole making it fully wet.

You wipe your face and find my manhood at sleeping position and hit it will love and cares it cuddle it, play with it to wake it up and in 2 mins I will be standing with glory in between your juggling milky jugs. Then you will get off from me after seeing my fully growth tool and invite me to go on top of you. I will not willing to go but u will pull me on top of you and ask me to enter in you.

I will slowly enter while u will close ur eyes to feel the moment. I will start kissing you at the same time to make you more hot and u will go wild and ask me to move it faster and faster. I will increase my pace and you will be keep shouting to be faster with some abusing to make me motivate.

After 10 mins of long work I will discharge and your fire inside hole will be calm down with my fluid inside it. You will ask me to sleep just like that. We will sleep just like that for few mins then I will go to bathroom and clean my self up and then I will go to kitchen to serve dinner.

You will go bathroom after me and clean yourself up and come out to dining. I will make food warm in microwave and serve it on table. We will take food on a single plate with feeding each other. After dinner is done, u will take dishes to kitchen sink and wash it and clean kitchen thoroughly.

At the same time I will be preparing our unsorted bed into a sorted one with some scent to make our mood alive. After your work in kitchen is done u will come to the room, lock the room, turn on AC, and jump on me on the bed. We will sleep on each other's arm while watching TV. Then u will fall asleep and after I find you asleep, I will turn off TV and sleep.

After few hours in the middle of night my sleep will break for bathroom and after I come doing it, I will find your dress will be gone up revealing your private parts. Those whitish fleshy thighs, those small small pubic hairs around your love hole and lastly the pink lips of the hole will inviting me to check it.. I will go and hide both of us with a blanket and rub your pussy.

Then you will turn your back towards me sleeping on sidewise. I will become sad but suddenly find your legs are bend in a good position and I can enter in to it. My manhood will be already ready for some action and I will try to enter but will fail to do it. And after 2 mins of struggling I will see your legs opening and one leg going into air giving me access to your hole.

I will become 100times happy knowing u are awake, will kiss u, hug u and make u sit in doggy position. Then I will come behind u and ram ur pussy with my cock untill I am fully exhausted. I will discharge inside u and fall just like that beside u. U will clean me up and go bathroom to clean urself up and come.

Then u open my arm remive my lungi and open all ur cloths and come into my arm and put on the blanket sleep on my arm. I will also sleep with holding u in my arms.

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Siddhant Enjoying Sexual Pleasures With Kavya - IV

Previously: Siddhant Enjoying Sexual Pleasures With Kavya - III

She was ready to get roughly banged from me & as a next move she caught hold of my Cock & started squeezing the mushroom top with winky smile n looking into my eyes cunningly. I was sure she is hungry since long & So I just took my position between her legs & she allowed me proper access for the pleasure zone I caressed her smooth & soft thigh &

pampered her pussy over her cloth & she fumbled & jerked with my touch. I gradually removed all her cloths & her natural beauty was glowing before my eyes. I can see each n every body curves of her inviting me to explore her. My goddd……..honestly (although it is dishonest act)…

The touch n clutch of other woman’s body is usually amazing and it gives extra pleasure to any man. My condition was also similar as My cock was going beyond its regular limit & was anxious to enter the different zone (Outsider’s zone). I came completely over her & took her in my arms & she closed her eyes with chanting my name.

“Ohhh siddd……..plzz………maar daaloge muje ……….” & I kissed her bare upper portion & my finger was searching her right entrance hole & I found juicy pussy in slippery mode & literally my finger was swallowed by her pussy & she arched her body with “oouucchh…….aaah……” & as I found the right hole she bite my shoulder with pleasure & to hide her moan.

My monster was rock hard to replace the finger. I was desperate to fuck her & So was she. I spread her thigh & hold the cock-tip with my hand & removed my finger & put my cock head there & pushed…………..” Aaaahhhh…..no……….plzz………She screamed painfully & nailed my back & started hitting me with her hand

“Nikallooo………galat jagah…….he…..Plzzzz. slightly oopper dallloo…….” I realized & immediately rectified & re-inserted at right place & her facial expression drastically changed from Pain to relief & she uttered “Haash……….” I also felt my cock found extra place in her pussy & covered the vacuum inside.

I felt her pussy was damn hot & juicy inside & strange sensation was felt all over my cock as if some soft skin was massaging my cock body. Actually she had cuddled my cock with her inside skin and for that she adjusted her posture too by shaking n moving her hips.

We were completely in each other custody & she opened her mouth to explore my tongue & we kissed religiously like a divine lovers. Slowly I started my movement & I could feel her pussy walls was grabbing my cock & the friction was giving awesome feel. I never found my domestic pussy such a desperate & responsive.

“Ohhh Kavvvyaaa………..I m crazzzy…….Take me more……….inside……& she adjusted further to gulp my cock & surprisingly my full length cock of around 6-7 Inch completely drawn inside her with water thrashing sound & I roughly started my hip movement to explore her & she efficiently used her legs to wrap my hips & allowed me proper access to enhance my pace.

I fucked her in perfect missionary position for good 10 minutes when she shivered with nail biting all over my chest & made scratch marks on my vest & back & I could feel she is exhaling her pleasure juice & with her jolting movement I stopped my movement for a while & looked at her face. She was smiling with her closed eyes & raising her head high in heavenly imagination.

I waited till she fully evacuated her juice & then suddenly I started my movement with a steady pace & that made wrinkles on her forehead & she opened her eyes & looked at me with “ohhh yeaaahhh…..Siddd…..meri Jaaan…..aaah.aaah…..plzzz. chodddoo ……..aur andar aaa jaaao…..naa..plzz.”

I hold her buttock N felt her soft ass-cheeks & carried her inch above the bed & she was light enough for me to carry & raised my fucking movement & she gasped for breadth & I plunged her roughly & again the action started we were completely lost in lust & both were enjoying with each other vital body parts alongwith steady pace of intercourse.

I was sucking her lips, kissing all over her face & neck, shoulder & her golden chain hanging on bare body was looking so beautiful & with each of my thrust the swinging chain was enhancing the view. She was also time n again sucking my lips & biting me on my back shoulder portion with whispering gasps “aaah…hmmm..ummmhhh….yessss……..” & that kept my state & speed in tact.

After good 15 minutes I felt I m ozzzing So …….I raised my speed & gave her hint that I m cumming & she told “ Haaannn rajjjaaa………aa jaao… aajjjaaao…..pooraaaa daaal do……chhoddd dooo andar…….achha lag rahaaa hai” & “aaaah…kkkaaavyyaa………kkaaavvyyaa……&

I came with broken thrusts & in installment evacuated my all sperm inside her honey pot. & she too released her honey simultaneously & our pumping motion gradually calmed down & we kissed each other with deep affection & we smiled looking at each other with great sigh of relief. Finally I fucked Kavyaa……….the Dream Girl of my Office with complete intimate & affectionate moments.

The Game has just began……….As many more phase is yet to come.

To Be Continued...

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Sahil Fucking Co Passenger Deepthi

Thank you for an amazing responce for my previous write up. Post our fucking session with bindu I couldnt sleep and decided to browse ma phone, porn sites and obviously reading through Human Digest. I was twisting and turning on my bed as bindu already slept and I didnt want to wake her up for another session. Just then I felt someone watching me from my left.

I turned to the see who it was as I was in a bus and just finished fucking bindu.I saw a woman staring through the darkness, all I could see is her eyes glistening in the little light we were left in the bus with.

I was perplexed as to why was she staring at my bed without even blinking. I turned on the bed light above my seat and looked towards her, in the dim light I saw a early 30's woman in a red tshirt covered in a bed sheet. I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back with a tinge of naughtiness and alot of qustions in her stare.

I moved towards the end of the bed and said hi, she let out a laugh and said hi. Her eye brows raised, a nose ring on her left nostril fuckin sexy silky hair falling on her face. I asked her directly what was she smiling for and why was she staring at our bed.

She nodded and said nothing ( I had a hint that she might have seen me fucking bindu ), I showed a little disapproval and repeated ma question, and she without any hesitation said, do you think I dont know what you were doing behind that curtain ? I was not in a shock as it is very much possible.

I without any surprise asked her what the hell is she talking about, and what were we doing. She said dont be kiddish I have seen you guys fucking each other, your partners voice though was not loud I could hear and see you guys fucking like bunnies. I didnt know what to say or how to react. I simply said so do you think I did good.

Without any hesitation she said I wasnt under you so its hard to say. Damn those words gave me a boner instantly, I asked her if she was travelling alone, she without feeling shy said if I was not travelling alone even I would have been under someone and would not have been sleeping alone in a single seat.

I didnt know what to say and simply asked her what was her name....she said deepthi. I complemented her about her beauty as BELIEVE me she was a sex goddess. As she was not showing any sign of being shy I didnt care of anything anymore. I asked her I can see only one hand of your on which you are resting your head, is your left hand busy or what?????

She was stunned and there was a sudden movement in her bed sheet. I laughed and said so I was right.For the first time feeling shy she said yes her hand was busy. I asked do you want a hand. She instantly said no, I am travelling alone and what if lights come on and people see us together. I told her its 03:00 am and its impossible for the driver to stop or anyone waking up.

She still said no, I said I was horny seeing her and that I need a fuck right now. I simply pushed the curtain aside and showed my naked dick I was playing with. She was shocked, opened her mouth zapped. I said I really need a fuck, and I want to fuck her instead of my partner. she was not speaking anything and was just staring at my dick.

I moved a little closer, just made sure all the curtains were closed and it was safe enough for me to crawl in. I slowly moved towards her and put my hands on her hip, I just took her hand and placed it on my dick, she closed her eyes. I just crawled through and closed her curtain.

Just imagine a small place for one, a gorgeous woman under you holding your dick and you on top of her balancing your weight on her boobs. damn that is what was happening and damn it was real. She had her eyes closed I dove in and kissed her lips, damn she had strawberry flavoured lipstick on.

She tasted amazing she let go of my dick put her hand into my shirt and hugged me. it was just a fuckin different erotic and exotic experience I was going through.i got up lifted her top and started squeezing one of her boobs and sucking another. She spoke slowly in my "please dont waste time in foreplay" I couldnt believe what she just said, without any disturbance,

I dropped her sheet I couldnt believe what I saw she was already naked and dripping. She took control, held my dick in her hand started rubbing her pussy with it and put it on her entrance. Whithout wasting any time I gave a deep push and fuck I was in. She gasped and let out a moan.

I put my lips on her and started fucking her in slowly, she was in a rush she just started abusing, she was crazyly horny, cant you fuck a girl ? its like you are an amature " those words fuckin hurt ma ego. Thats it I started pounding her, Her moans started to grow, I put ma hand on her mouth to control the noise.

My dick was pistoning her and she took ma hand placed it near her pussy and asked me to rub her.It was like a dream come true. I kept drilling her wet pussy and rubbing it.I was in peak and was about to climax I informed her the same she also said she was about to, her pussy clenching my dick as if it had teeth to it,

her hands on my back scratching she licking my neck drove me crazy, with final few pumps I unloaded myself in her. She bloody hell bit my neck and was shivering like a fish out of water. We immidiataly without wasting any time cleaned ourselves. She gave a long sexy lusty kiss and we departed. I came back to my berth, Luckily Bindu was sleeping like a log.

Deepthi and I exchanged our numbers, we had a chat for a while and fell asleep. Next day bindu woke up and woke me up in a very unpleasant manner, lack of sleep I asked her what is it, she said that I have a love bite on her neck. I told her yeah it was given by you last night. damn my ass was saved.

We reached Pune by morning 09:00 am, I opened the drapes and there she was DEEPTHI in all her glory having a cheeky smile on her face. I winked at her and she blew me a gm kiss. Damn I had two girls who I fucked last night one after another and it was like nothing happened in the morning.

I got a message from deepthi, it had her address alternate number and few naked pics of her boobs pussy and nipples. I had to bloody hide it. Replied with a thank you wink and said will see you in the evening.with that we got down ( bindu and me ). Later will tell you how I fucked Bindu in hotel and threesome with Deepthi and her friend.

Women of all ages if you wana get fucked anywhere in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Let me know. I will come fuck you and make it a memorable experience for you and me. Please post your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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