Rajiv Fucking Friends Mom Sheila Aunty On Vacation

Summer vacations were always a piss on the face here in Dubai, nothing much to do, most of my friends were off on vacation to their hometown. And here I am sitting at home watching porn and waking off day in and day out.

My name is Rajiv, been living in Dubai for the past 18 years, never had much of traveling or getting to know my state (Kerala), hence stuck here with both parents working and a lonely house. Coming to the story, this story is dedicated to the “Sheila” of my life, my friends mom who has been VERY generous to keep me busy over the summer holidays.

Sheila aunty is a widow, her husband passed away a few years back, she has got a son who is my classmate and a good friend. They are very well off to do with his dad’s construction company, which aunty is right now in charge of. My friend who is a typical spoilt brat and an arrogant son is away with his girlfriend to Bangkok for vacations,

have been keeping in touch with him on Facebook and during our conversation he asked me that why don’t I help his mom at work, and that at least I could make some money off rather draining my balls wanking off.

I called up aunty the next day, “Hey Sheila aunty, this is me Rajiv”, “Hi Rajiv, I am going in for a meeting now, Yusuf told me that you are willing to work for us, why don’t you come over and we could talk about this at home?”, “Sure, just give me a call whenever you are free and I could come over”.

Wasn’t really excited to meet her as such it’s the start of the weekend, and I really didn’t want to move my clubbing plans. The evening I get a call from her, I get ready and drive down to their place. “Hey Rajiv, how have you been”, she greets with a hug and takes a look at me since it has been a while since we have met, we walk towards the massive hall

“You don’t have a girlfriend to hang out with over the weekend?”, “Not really the relationship kind” was my answer and I kind of felt awkward saying that. Went with her to the kitchen as she wanted to discuss work and not waste any time, told me that she just needs assistance while preparing submittals and needs someone to supervise their documentation team,

I was more than happy to say yes as there was literally no technical stuff to be done with. We went back to the hall and started generally talking, “Do you really go to the same university as my son? I don’t see him behaving like you have been so far, and trust me I never expected you to show up today as it being a weekend and you young guys have your clubbing and drinking stuff to be done”.

Well there goes my clubbing plan for the night, “I’m not always out aunty, I really like to spend time doing something creative” (such bullshit), “You look young yourself aunty, why don’t you go out clubbing or for drinks with friends?”, with a smirk on her face “Well, you don’t really know about the image you have to keep when you are the owner of a company and widowed,

and plus being a Muslim woman in this country, you know, people just keep talking about things”. I looked at the wooden bar stand that her husband adored, and the bar stand that I and Yusuf have taken alcohol from and asked her “So I guess those are empty now? Since you don’t drink?”. “Haha, I never told you that I don’t drink, I do, but not really in public”.

She asked me to help myself to the bar as she wanted to change, went to the bar poured a glass on the rocks and sat on the sofa to watch TV. Now being a university student, alcohol pretty much replaces water and I was at my 3rd peg, she got out of the room in her PJ’s and I was kind of shocked with what she was wearing. A light blue silky kind of maxi, of course, sticking to her body.

I asked if whether I should pour one for her, she told me that she could help herself. What happened next was completely unexpected, she poured a freaking glass of flavored vodka on the rocks and sat next to me watching tv. There was no more me in my body as I got to my 6th glass and her on her 3rd, after a bunch of talks about the university and the hectic work life of hers.

I got a snap chat from Yusuf, it was an image of him and his girl at the pool with him wearing nothing and with a caption saying, do my balls look hairy, well that’s what you can expect from the drunk Yusuf. What didn’t I notice was that his mom had taken a peek onto my phone and she let out a laugh, “What the fuck is wrong with my son? Is that retard always like that”.

I told her “This is nothing, Yusuf started doing his girlfriend when another chic was staying over at my place and we were drunk, the best part was we were all at the hall”, “hahahah, reminds me of his dad”. When I asked her, she told me that something similar had happened with her when she was in university.

“Wasn’t it awkward?” I asked, “Well, it depends on how you look at it, we both were adapted to the western world more so things happened a bit differently for us”. She went silent after saying that, and I told her that I am sorry if I got back any memory that puts her in a bad state. She told me that there is nothing like that,

it is just that it’s been a very long time since she has been open to someone since her son does not even have the time to spend a little with his mother. I hugged her and told her that I am here and I could spend the weekend over if you don’t want to be left alone.

She had a big smile on her face, we put some songs on and went on drinking, we ordered for food and I went to the restroom to take a leak. My mind was eagerly looking out for her undies, I haven’t had my evening/night wanking sessions for the day. Older women are a big turn on for me, and boy this lady had a busty layout, I found the pair of bra she was wearing that day,

since it was left on top of the dirty set of clothes, I sniffed it and with the other hand I unzipped my pant and wrapped my dick around her bra, while I was at it, I could feel a breeze of the wind behind me and I turned around to see that I had left the fucking door unlocked and it was a bit open. Half of my buzz went down thinking whether his mom saw me or not.

Went back to the hall and she was pouring freaking tequila shots for us, well 4 shots, went to her and she told: “Since you have emptied your tank, let’s have these together”. Well, fuck me, we took the first shot and I could see that she was in the groove, and then the second, and then she put some music and we were signing and dancing.

Later on, she stood in front of me, took my hands in front of her belly told me to hold tight and she was bloody grinding. What boner was lost had come back and I was pretty sure that she was feeling it, I got really hard. She turned around and put her arms around my neck and asked “How did my bra feel?”, at that awkward moment, the music stopped and the whiskey in me replied:

“Got me harder than ever”. She placed those thick lips onto mine and we started making out her hands were on my chest unbuttoning my shirt, she took my shirt off and told me to sit on the sofa. She turned the lights off, but the room was lit with the TV being switched on. Came towards me and she got on her knees, unhooked my belt and she slowly started to unzip my pants,

it was hard for her to unzip in one go as my dick was hard as a fucking rock. She put her palm to press my dick down and then there was a naughty smile on her face. The pants were off, and she pecked my dick over my boxer as she was pulling it down, my dick popped up and slapped her cheek, “It didn’t look this thick and long when I peeked in the restroom.

That turned me on even more, I took my hand and held her hair in a bun and guided her up and down my dick. She wanted to swallow the whole dick but she would just gag whenever she tried to do so, I picked her up and we made out again, I turned her around a told her to sit down, she sat, and I started to slide her maxi up and started kissing her calf and guided my way up,

had to lift her up to get a good view of that clean pussy, I looked up to her and asked “Are you seeing someone else?”. She said, “Nope, you can figure out why I took so long to change”. The woman knew how to drive me crazy, I dived right in between her legs, started licking the cute clit of hers with my tongue, she kept closing her thighs and pushing my head further towards her pussy.

She let out a loud moan and relaxed her muscles, I could taste her juices in my mouth, I kept licking and sucking her pussy clean, even though she was forcing me to stop with her body trembling. I let her calm down for a while, grabbed her PJ and wiped her pussy clean. I grabbed her thighs and slid her down the sofa closer to my pelvis, “It’s been a while, please be gentle” she said.

I had one of those devilish smiles on my face, I grabbed my cock and started teasing her by slapping it on her clit and all over her pussy. I leaned forward a started sucking on those massive tits of hers, her nipples were as hard as my cock, I kept switching between the two nipples.

Looking up to her face I started kissing her, and with my other hand down near my cock, I rammed right it. The mark she left on my lip because of the pain stayed for a week. I lifted both her thighs and started ramming into her like there was no tomorrow.

The warmth inside an older women’s vagina is a whole another experience, she rolled her eyes as she clenched her pussy and I pulled out and started fingering her, she squirted all over the sofa and the floor, my dick was coated with her cream and my belly with her squirt. She had that look on her face where she knew she had to stop, but she couldn’t resist.

I told her to get up and bend over, as I went to grab her PJ to wipe my cock, she slapped my hand and sucked my dick clean. “You are the biggest I have ever had,” she said, the sentence that makes any man proud at that steamy moment. She went to one corner of the sofa and bent over with her belly on the handle and her spine curved up.

I went close to her and she grabbed my cock from under her belly and guided to her glory hole, while I kept my hands on her massive butt cheeks and spread it wide open. I started fucking her like there was no tomorrow, the loud clapping noise of my hip hitting her butt was all we could hear in the hall.

She squirted again and I told her “I’ll make you squirt once more, and then I will come on your tits”, “You can put your load on my tits when we go to the shower in the morning, for now, I need all of you inside me”.

I rammed back into her, my thumb was tickling her butt hole and then I spat on her butt hole and kept fingering her butt hole, made it nice and slimy, took my cock out and started sliding in slowly. I knew this would take some time since it was hard to penetrate, “Is it okay if I go ahead?”, “I’ve always wanted to try it, I bet you can find the balance between pleasure and pain”.

I slowly started moving in, I leaned forward to grab hold of her nipple and pinch it so that she could divert her mind off the pain in her butt hole. I managed to get through half my dick, I little more saliva and I was going in and out slowly while she was screaming out loud. I turned her around, spread her legs wide open, and rammed into her pussy again,

she was begging me to spray my load since she couldn’t stop trembling, I told her I am about to come and she clenched her pussy and I just couldn’t stop unloading into her, I collapsed on her boobs and slowly got up and pulled out my cock,

she was pushing my load out of her slowly, and boy was there a lot of it. She sucked me dry and looked me in my eyes and told: “You are now totally packed for your summer holidays with work and fucking my brains out darling”.

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Peeping Girl Lekha Fucked By Brother-In-Law

To Lekha the lovemaking scenes of her brother in law, Raghu and sister were at first irritating. They never bothered about the presence of other people but went on hugging and sometimes even running the hand at unwanted places and even kissing in public.

Her brother in law had come from gulf after six months after his marriage to her sister and he is said to be on leave for fifteen days and again it will be absence for another six months or may be a year. They both were busy taking advantage of every minute they spent together. Lekha was just 18 and doing her degree and her sister Rekha was 20 and had completed her degree before marriage.

She could not go along with her husband because he could not secure a family visa. It may take some more time he said. He was very handsome and lovable. Rekha fell in love with him at the first sight and all her friends acclaimed that she was lucky to have such a handsome husband. He was a B.Tech, tall and well built, besides very handsome.

Unfortunately he could spend only fifteen days with his newly wedded wife, but during the fifteen days they had to travel a lot to meet relatives, hers and his and hence could not spend time much in love making. Lekha learnt lot of things about sex from her college mates and she imagined how Rekha and husband will be spending their nights together in their bedroom.

Both the sisters were very beautiful and intelligent. They were very close like friends but Rekha did not tell anything about her first night experience to Lekha and Lekha was afraid or shy of asking Rekha.Lekha was not at all jealous of her sisterfor all the sex she enjoys. She thought she should atleast one day see what they do which generates so much noise.

Her parents fucked, her uncle fucked. It is that which evokes so much of laughter in her. Lekha reconciled that each is one's private affair and they are free to do as they please. One after studying for quite a long time, Lekha felt like taking some water to soothen her nerves, She thought she will go to the kitchen and drink some water from the fridge and then to go bed.

While going to the kitchen she had to pass though the bedroom of her sister Rekha.As an instinct Lekha turned and looked through the gap in the door. Their bedroom was brightly lit, Both naked were fucking lying in the bed. Small moaning sounds could be heard. Lekha stopped to take a peak at the fucking couple.

Rekha lying in the bed with her naked legs wide apart and her husband lyin on her and fucking her though it was hidden, one could make out that his cock was moving up and down in the pussy of Rekha. Though Rekhas has heard so much about fucking, it is first time she was winessing the actual scene. The action was going on vigorously and there was no let up in the tempo.

Lekha thought she will watch how they end the gave and whether they will start another game. She squatted on the floor, keeping her eyes sealed on the gap in the door. The action was in full swing. Suddenly brother in law increased the speed and then he just lied on Rekha may be to pump his fluids into her.

Lekha was in worse condition, her panties leaked and drenched and the fluid running down her thighs. Suddenly she thought her brother in law approaching the door to open it. Lekha suddenly felt alert as to what to do and how to manage the situation. In a jiffy he was there right in front of her, standing stark naked and his huge cock in limp condition dangling in front of her.

She could not hide herself. He saw her. He bent low and took hold of her by her elbow and took her along with him to the kitchen. There he asked her what were you doing at the door. She was shy and said she was standing just to watch. Her BIL just laughed and asked her to come inside so that she can have a clearer view of the fucking.

She freed herself from his grip and ran away to her room and locked herself. Her running attracted the attention of Rekha. Rekha asked her husband what was the matter. He told her that Lekha was in the kitchen drinking water and her seeing him suddenly in naked condition scared the girl and she ran away.

Rakha scolded her husband for having moved around the house in naked condition. They continued their business for the rest of the night and then slept. Next day as usual, Lekha confronted her BIL and there was no mention of the incidents of the previous night. Next day was a working day. Lekha's parents and Rekha had to go to attend a marriage of a relative.

Which they could not avoid. Lekha and her BIL alone were left in the house. Lekha had no college and she was to sit at home. Her mother had prepared food for both of them and hence there was no problem. She had a leisurely bath and went back to her room to groom herself and to get dressed up. Suddenly she heard the sound of her door being openen. Raghu entered.

Lekha got guarded and was cautious. Raghu said, Lekha, for how long you have been standing at the door or your sister's room and what all you have seen.Lekhas was shy and did not reply. Raghu said if you tell me what all you have seen we are going to do all now. If you want more tell me, we will do. Lekha looked up at the face of Raghu.

He hugged her in such a way that her boobs were pressed against his chest. Raghu was bare chested and Lekha was in her chemise. Raghu lifted her chemise over her head and her boobs were exposed. Large globes with erect nipples were a grand sight. Raghu lowered his face and licked around the nipples. Lekha was getting hot.

She did not resist but gave him the other boob for licking. Keeping his left hand at her back to balance her, Raghu while licking and sucking her nipples, pulled down her panty with his right hand. It got stuck at the bulge of her ass. Lekha with both of her hand pulled down her panty and she was totally naked. Raghu pushed her to the bed and made her lie down.

He opened her legs wide and buried his face in her pussy. His tongue was licking the cunt lips and the mont. Lekha was moaning and she had heard about the pleasures of pussy licking and it was much more than she had imagined. Raghu's tongue ticked at her clitoris, a tiny bean shaped projection.

Lekha gave out a cry of pleasure and she opened her legs wider to give more area for Raghu. Her honey started to flow from her fuck hole which Raghu licked and swallowed. It was a virgin pussy and Raghu wanted to do everything slow so that he and she can enjoy to the maximum. He got up and squeezed her boobs well. and again went to the pussy and started to lick.

Lekha extended her hand and wanted to grab the cock of Raghu. Raghu pushed her flat on the bed and pushed himself to a 69 position so that she can suck his cock while he licked her cunt. The tongue of Raghu rolled into a cylingdrical shape and entered her fuck hole. Lekha was jumping with pleasure. She could not utter any sound since her mouth was full of his cock.

After some time Raghu turned his body and positioned on her so that his cock was at the opening of her cunt. He adjusted the tip of his cock at the entrance of her fuck hole and started to push it in. Lekha asked him to go slow and told him not to cause any pain. He said there will be some pain but it will be short and momentary.

He slowly pushed his cock inside her hole and there appeared to be some obstruction, but he pushed it forefully and made his cock go deep inside. In the meantime he kissed her on her cheeks, on her boobs and on her nipples. He saw tears were rolling down from the eyes of Lekha. But some how managed and asked him to fuck slow.

Raghu fucked her slow and them gradually increased the speed. Lekha was enjoying and she reached her orgasm first with a man's cock. Raghu was going on pumping speedily and when he was about to reach his orgasm, he pulled out his cock and threw his fluids on the floor.

Lekhas hugged and kissed him on his cheeks and thanked him for giving her so much of pleasure. Thereafter whenever Regha goes out of the house, Raghu made it point to fuck Lekha.

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Priyesh Fucking Best Friends Girl Amrita

Hi, myself priyesh 32 m from Nashik. Here to share my sexperience with my best friend’s girl. This incident happened 3 years back. I & Amit were a friends since our college. He loved flirting & had many affairs. I had gone for some course to Aurangabad since past one year. I didn’t knew his latest achievements.

Once I went at his home, as soon I sat he said “gf aa rahi hai, zyaada mat bolna, kaand ho jayega”. I winked & enquired “latest hai kya???”, to which he smiled & said “kuch waise hi samaj”.

Soon she rang the bell he introduced me to her. Her name was amrita. We had formal hi & hello. She was sexy. When she headed for the kitchen I was dumbstruck for her ass, tempting. She was perfect girlfriend material. Nice boobs, hour glass figure & dancing ass.

Then we met frequently at his home or for some outing or lunch etc. In between, I got to know that she was very serious about him. He used to call from her cell whenever he wanted to talk to me. A typical miser & selfish in college times, which I knew he was good at. I & amrita began chatting via SMS frequently.

I tried adult jokes & she replied some or another thing like “kuch bhi” “yuk” “hahaha”. I knew one thing for sure that they had regular sex, as I was a frequent visitor to his home & heard them a couple of times. Amit even told me once “she loves sex too much & a very good kisser”.

Time passed & we became very good friend with no secrets. We commented sex openly with a friend or without his presence. I’ll describe her before marching ahead to the main story. She was little short to me say about 5.5’. Curvy. Her dancing ass always made me crazy to go for. She had hour glass figure to die for 34d 28 36.

Her parlor visits were often which kept her clean head to toe. Getting back to the story. It was 3 years from the memorable day, they knew each other. Finally, Amit & amrita decided to get married. She was double minded, coz of her flirty attitude & selfish nature. I somehow convinced her for getting married to him.

Even I was into a relationship with a girl (arranged marriage fixed six months ago). Just before 6 days of their wedding, she called me & said: “can you help me go to our old flat, as I want some imp docs from there, amit is busy in wedding preparations so he can’t come”. I said ok & left to receive her. It was 11/12/12, (my best day of life). I picked her up at sharp 5 pm went to her flat.

We entered settled down. I had no hints. She showed me her old stuff & was busy with reshuffling cupboard. I asked her if needed any help, she called me into her room to show some old stuff. She was bit tired & messed up, she got up & sat opposite to me. We were staring at each other. Don’t know what happened she stood up came near me & planted lip kiss.

I was shocked. That was my first kiss with my long awaited love :). We kept kissing for next 15mins. Unlocked the kiss & she said “why dint u propose me. I liked you but dint knew what you had in mind or your family will accept me or not.” again kissed hard. This time I broke n said, “I am in love with you since past one year, I never proposed as I thought that would end our relationship”.

I was madly hugging her tight & so was she. Lifted her & took her to the bedroom through the corridor & made her lie on the bed. She was smelling good. There was she my beautiful princess. Again we lip locked & started sucking her lips hard. Had a great tongue fight. Meanwhile, I started caressing her hairs. She had gripped my back really hard & was enjoying the kiss.

She was damn good kisser. I started moving my hand from her hairs to the neck, she was all aroused. We broke the kiss & I was staring her in her eyes. She whispered, “ why you never expressed your love??” I kissed her neck & she moaned “ahhhhh…”, was licking her ear lobe. Soft & smooth. She was going crazy. She gripped my dick. I saw in her eyes & she had a naughty smile.

I smiled back & continued licking her neck. She was very impatient & was fully aroused. I started pressing her soft boobs, super soft cotton balls. She closed her eyes. She was massaging my dick over my pants. I kept massaging her boobs hard, unbuttoned her shirt. She stopped me & asked to lie on my back & close eyes.

Within a couple of minutes, she sat on my dick kissed my lips & asked me to open eyes. There was my sexy queen in her sexy navy blue bra n panty. Most beautiful sight it was. My dick was full hard. She started unzipping my pants. I pulled her over for 69. Her naughty eyes had found the gap between her legs & kissed my dick. I started rubbing her pussy with her panties on.

She was “hmmm… hmmmm…” moans while sucking dick like a lollypop. Grabbing my balls squeezing them & I was just in world of ecstasy. I removed her panty & kissed her clit. Her exotic smell of wet pussy took me over. She pressed my dick at that moment out of excitement& let out a soft moan “aaaah…”.

I started fingering her. I inserted the second finger started finger fucking she started moaning louder. She took out my dick from her mouth & kept moaning louder, I was afraid her voice could be heard beyond walls. I removed fingers rolled her over & lied her on bed & started inserting tongue in her wet pussy. She was shaved.

As soon I started licking she moaned “ohhhh fuck… suck me hard”. I kept licking her & was massaging her boobs meanwhile. She was in complete ecstasy as her pussy was being sucked deep. Her moans got louder & louder. I inserted finger along with licking her sexy pussy.

She was moaning like hell. “u asshole … you lick damn good… Teach your friend to lick… ohhhhhhh fuck… keep sucking …”. Her moans all of a sudden raised in between. Once she moaned so loud I was scared as neighbors could have heard. I kept licking pussy & inserted a finger in her asshole. She screamed & hold my head rigidly, pressed it hard.

I was hardly able to breathe. I knew she was going to explode. Somehow I lifted my head for breathing but she was in no mood to allow that. She pressed me more hard on her pussy. I started tongue fucking her more deep & fast, was inserting finger more & more deep in her both holes. She exploded, her juices oozed out. I was sucking all her juices.

She was continuously moaning. She was short of her breadth & was panting heavily. She was unable to speak. I saw her eyes & they were still closed. She gripped my hairs & lifted me. I spanked her sexy boobs, “aaahhhhh… from where did u learn all this, my sweetheart…”. She had a big smile on her face. She took me over her & hugged me tightly.

I inserted my fingers in her mouth & made her suck. She rolled over me & said, “now I will show you real fuck”. (she knew well, I was virgin). I removed her bra got a sexy view of her milky boobs. Soon I was sucking her boobs. She wanted to move but I had gripped her hard & wanted to suck her hard. She had closed her eyes & was biting her lips.

I sucked them for more then 15-20mins until I saw love bites. I smiled & said, “your would be hubby will be surprised with this marks on your wedding night ;) ”. She said “who cares, you can have me the way you want me… I am all yours… I don’t want to lose a single moment with you…” I loosened grip soon she placed her wrist on my dick & started stroking it.

She was pressing it hard. She kissed tip my dick & smiled at me naughtily. My dick was just getting hard. She started sucking it. Slowly she started sucking it deep. What the fuck feeling it was. She was expert in blowing. She pressed balls in between sucked them hard that I almost screamed a couple of times. She started sucking fast & deep.

This went on non-stop for more than 15-20 mins. I could not hold longer, told her “I would be cumming”. I started fucking her mouth. She took it deep & pressed my balls. I cummed in her mouth. She choked for a while & started sucking it clean. She cleaned it totally & came to kissing.

We had a deep passionate kiss. We were much more crazy about each other after all this. She started caressing my hairs & planted kisses all over my face, chest, bit my nipples, dick & started rubbing her boobs on my dicks. She gave the feel of her big boobs, was diff feeling & dick soon responded to it. As she noted that it was responding she rubbed it more vigorously.

I pulled her in 69 poses. Started sucking her pussy. She started sucking my dick slowly playing with my balls. It sooner responded & started fingering & licking her all at together which just making her wild & was letting out wild moans. Soon she changed position & saw me naughtily & came over in riding position. She was holding her boobs up & licking nipples herself. Lusty sight.

She knew perfectly to tease dick. Slowly sliced her pussy on my dick & it was mind blowing feeling. I gripped her waist & she kept pumping until pussy fully ate my dick. Raised & lowered. It was just crazy down & looking sexy boobs dancing. Everything added to a sexy sight. Back to mind devil said ‘you missed chance from a long time & for a lifetime too…’.

Unbelievable as I had not thought of all this surprise pleasure to happen from her side. She kept pumping in every angle, she leaned over me, sat straight, rested on my legs. She stopped, rested her hand on my chest & started riding fast. I wished to see her dancing ass that moment. I gripped her ass & matched her strokes. I was pumping her deep with every stroke.

So she was moaning “ohhhh fuck me hard, I am just loving it. Go deep…”. I was engrossed in her boob view. She got tired so stopped. I immediately rolled her over & kept her legs on my shoulders & started fucking. Initially was slow & was going deep with each stroke.

She was chanting “fuck me deeply… fuck me harder… Aaaaaaaah…
Aaaaaaaah….Aaaaaaaah……. Fuck me faster…. Ahhhhhhhhh…”. I was enjoying slower strokes at max. She was grunting many times in between. She had gripped bedsheet & was pulling it. I increased speed. She was about to cum & I too would be cumming soon. So increased speed.

She gripped my back with her legs & said “fill my hole, my jaan… I would like to feel your seeds deep”, started moaning “aah aah aah aah…”. Finally, I was verge on cumming & made deep strokes. She orgasmed, feeling her juices I too exploded in her. We both were damn exhausted. I slept over her with my dick in her hole we had one more deep kiss.

We slept like that & kept kissing. Finally, I rolled over the bed. She whispered, “I had one of d best fucks ever, I actually wasted time with your friend”. Soon we got up & went to the bathroom & cleaned each other & had a bath. While leaving her flat she said, “I wish we could stay forever like this”.

She offered me getting married to her, but I denied as all the wedding preparations on my side of my friend’s side were up to completion. Later, even after her marriage, we had many steamy sessions whenever we had a chance.

Now she stays in Bangalore & we still enjoy those talks & sessions if she comes down to Nashik. This was my best experience till date. I still cherish that session many times back of my mind & also with her.

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Krishna Fucking Shop Lady Shweta

Hi guys, I am Krishna (name changed). I have been a great fan of HD for years. I am going to narrate the story of how I lost my virginity when I was 19. I was doing my BCA in a small town in India. I am an average looking guy with a great body. I exercise in gym regularly. My cock is 7 inches long.

Coming to the story, the lady I fucked the first time was a lady who used to work in my dad’s shop. Her name is Shweta. She used to stay near my house and used to smile at me whenever I went to the shop. She was 20 years old and had nice breasts. She was not dark but was wheatish in complexion.

One day, my dad and mom had gone to some temple which was 200 km from my city and would not return until late night. As vacations were going on, I was made to look after the shop. I arrived there to find her sitting alone on the stool. I could see her breasts hanging from the salwar suit as she had taken her dupatta off.

After lunchtime, we started talking about her family, how she cant afford education, how all of them work in family. All this time, my eyes used to check her breasts out. When she started to clean, I could see the shape of her ass while she was bending and decided that I have to fuck her somehow.

Several weeks passed, nothing happened. I used to see her at the shop occasionally. Then in june, it started to rain heavily for two days. In the evening, my dad came from shop but Shweta was also with him carrying a plastic bag. He told that due to the rain, the house she lives in is damaged due to the rain (she used to live in those old houses) and she will stay here for couple of days.

A thought crossed my mind of seducing her without my parents knowing. First day nothing happened, when they came home I was sitting and watching tv. We had our dinner and my parents went to sleep, we both were watching tv, I was secretly checking her body as she was sitting on the floor and I was on the cot.

As we were watching tv, she said “Saab, body mast hai aapki, bahut mehnet karte honge gym me”.I was wearing only baniyan, so she could see my arms. I said I like to take care of my body and got to know that she also likes looking at me. Before I went to sleep, I tried to feel her back and she let me with a smile.

I got full courage and wanted to proceed further but I heard a noise in my parents room so we had to just go to sleep. She was told to sleep on the floor in the hall. Next evening, when she came back from the shop, I cornered her near the bathroom, and tried to give her a kiss. She was a little shy, so she just let me kiss her on lips for two seconds.

I told her to come to my room after my parents are asleep. As I live in a 3bhk house, my room is in the other corner of the house. After dinner, I went to my room saying I have some assignment to do. I went to my room and waited for an hour until she finally came. I latched the bedroom door very quietly and took her to my bed.

I kissed her on the lips, first she was hesitant but later she opened her mouth. I started sucking her lips and her tongue. She was also enjoying and made umm umm sounds. I then kissed her ears and neck, she started to feel ticklish first but she started feeling horny. I then slowly removed her kurta, she wasn’t wearing any bra. For the first time in my life I was seeing breasts in real.

I immediately started sucking one breast while I started to massage the other one. This continued for some time. Then she said “mere ko upar se nanga kiya aur aap ab tak baniyan pehne ho”. So I removed my baniyan and my shorts, I was in my jockey now. Next I removed her lower, she was wearing a black panty. She resisted when I tried to remove it.

She said “meri dost ne bola hai uske pati ke saat kya karti hai, muhje darr lag raha hai karne mein”. I said “Daro mat, kuch nahi hoga. Then I started to kiss her on the thighs and touched her pussy over the panty, it was wet. I removed the panty and started licking it.

She started getting more horny and started saying “sab ruko mat bahut acchca lag raha hai, I continued licking her for 10 more minutes and then came near her and removed my jockey. My lund was hard, I told her to suck it but she was not ready, I told her “ dheere dheere se shuru kar aur lollipop jaise choosna. She took it in her mouth and started to lick it.

I was in heaven when she started licking it. After some time I told her, “bed pe let jaa, mein tujhe chodunga”. She said “sab nahi, agar bachcha hua toh”. I said kal mein tujhe pill laake dunga. She slept on her back. I put my dick on the entrance of her pussy and tried to push in, as she was a virgin, it was very hard. I tried hard and could pushed my dick in, I felt the hymen tear.

I slowly pushed my entire dick all the while she was crying, Saab bahut dard ho raha ha hai, please nikalo”. I did not listen to her and started to pump my dick in and out. After a while she started to like it. I slowly started to increase my speed, she was like “saab aur jorr se, achcha lag rahahi, haan umm”. After 10 minutes she had an orgasm, but I was still going on.

At one point, her legs started to shake due to orgasm. After a couple of minutes, I cummed in her pussy. Even though it was cold, we both lied there sweating. She slept in my arms for a couple of hours and went to sleep in the hall. Early in the morning I went to a pharmacy and got her an I pill. We couldn’t do anything for the rest of the stay as my cousins had come.

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Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - V

Previously: Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - IV

Gradually, Neetu Mausa increased the pace, going faster and faster inside my Mom he dug his hands into Mom’s huge Ass and began rocking my Mom back and forward, jerking her Cunt down on his Cock furiously. " OHHHhhh hanh unhhh hanh OHHh uhhh OHHH hanh anh uhhhh hanh!"

Mom screamed and next instant she really failed to hold her posture and collapsed over her belly on soft and spongy bed. Neetu Mausa stopped and tried turning Mom over her back and I again saw my Mom’s lovely face, her hairs were staggered badly and while widening her thighs to continued fucking she spoke something to Neetu Mausa with a lovely smile.

On the other side of the bed, as Dad and Divya Maasi saw that Mom and Mausa are changing posture they also stopped fucking and took same posture to continued. By the time Dad got up and laid Maasi on her back and plunged her, Neetu Mausa was already invading my Mom steadily and holding him in her arms and thighs Mom was enjoying every fraction of her cunt

getting fucked by her sister’s husband. Sooner or later Dad also started fucking Divya Mausi and as he saw Neetu Mausa is kissing Mom while fucking her, he too started kissing Massi. “hanh anh uhhhh hanh” that was me grunting silently while masturbating but before I would have reached somewhere to spew I got distracted by seeing my Dad fucking Maasi furiously.

I don’t know how but suddenly from slow steady fucking he started fucking Maasi madly and wrapping her thighs around his waist Maasi began crying loud and very clear to me. Dad was gone mad but Neetu Mausa was very much in his control and after fucking Mom steadily in simple missionary posture for a minute or bit more he paused and resting My Mom’s legs over his shoulder

he impaled himself over her with his entire weight. Mom cried, it was painful for her but she enjoyed and I saw soon Mom was getting fucked after getting folded into her half. Now I was not at all interested seeing farther end as my Dad was already spent in Maasi’s Cunt and here as my Mom’s feet were pointing roof I was getting clear view of her fuckhole getting filled again and again.

Neetu Mausa’s balls were very heavy and every time he lunged into my Mom with deep screwing thrust I saw his weighty balls crushing my Mom’s thick Pussy lips. Virtually Mom was crying while demanding more and more and Neetu Mausa was doing his best to fill her demand. Resting her legs over his shoulders he was pumping my Mom with all his passion and energy

and I could see that gradually Mausa is also going to his climax. Mom was also screaming loud and as lust rose further high over Neetu Mausa he brought Moms feet down and wrapped them around his waist and started fucking her harder and Mom’s pleasure gasps went shriller.

Though now I could not see her fuckhole clearly but I could see Mom’s hips were getting crushed again and again against Neetu Mausa’s Ass. Also Mom’s cunt was rising and falling to match Mausa’s inward thrusts and soon Mom started shivering. Looking at his pace and inward squeezing motion of his Ass I could make out that Mausa was also close to finishing.

He gasped while arching his head but tried his best to retain his Ass persistent in bouncing madly up and down over my Mom. Just like previous fuck once again his Cock was ramming Mom’s fuckhole while thrashing her womb deeply. Mom was screaming and in between skipping her breath because of consistent hammering in her fuckhole but she was enjoying

as I could still hear her saying fuck me. Even while sitting outside in the balcony, in the cool weather I could feel the heat of my Mom’s body; also I could smell her sweat and sex. Eventually dam inside my Mom got shattered and I once again saw her thighs trembling feverishly.

Mom nailed Neetu Mausa over his back while blaring with tore open mouth and in the end once again got devastated in intense orgasm. Right after Mom Neetu Mausa also groaned loud and squeezing his hips together sank his entire length in my Mom with a quivere of releasing his gunk.

Here at my end by now I was lost from masturbating and as I was traumatized to see my Mom getting fucked like a slut and really failed to shag my load this time. Anyhow I was not left with much in my balls but Neetu Mausa was really huge over his white sticky volume, I saw that as it flooded out of my Moms cunt as his cock slipped out.

Next though they did talking but there was not much movement on the bed for next 5-10 minutes and after that every one got up and entered in the washroom one after another while smiling and giggling over some context. Mom was tired, why not? She was ragged twice but over her expressions she was happy and smiling and seemed satisfied.

Anyway finally Mom wore some clothes and came to bed and later as I saw that every one is wearing clothes and there is no more chance for more action I too decided to move from their and once again taking risk of my life jumped back into living room’s porch. As I was bare foot I got bit hurt over my toe but I reached to my room swift and safe.

I waited and finally heard my door getting unblocked from outside and it was either Maasi or Mausa who did that before going into the guestroom. Eventually night ended and next day started casually, no clue over anybodies expressions about what they were doing last night.

In the end I was surprised that after that night Mausa and Maasi stayed with us for two more nights but they didn’t had group sex again as neither my door got blocked from the outside nor I found anything happening in any room while I peeped from the key hole.

That’s what all I have to share and here when I am at the verge of ending my write up once again I would say what all I have wrote down is as is what I have actually seen with every minor detail. I also want to say that I know that by writing all this about my own Mom I have done biggest sin one can ever do, but believe me friends I am helpless.

At present Maasi and Mausa are gone back and my patents are also back on their schedule but since that day I have gone totally mad over my Mom. I love to see my mom's thick fleshy thighs in tight leggings and whenever she wears tight jeans I look at her love triangle which is there in the middle.

Moreover whenever I get chance I stare at her plump ass with intense lust of touching it and whenever I see my Mom’s beautiful face closely, I fantasize thick Cock in her mouth. I often smell Moms used Panties and if I find it wet, I lick it to get taste of her cunt. Not only that since that day I am losing my health as I have gone sleepless.

Whenever close my eyes I see my Mom stark naked playing with Neetu Mausa, either feeding him her melons or standing in doggy style and giving away her huge ass to Mausa to get her fuckhole licked and fucked from behind. Every night before getting unconscious, fantasizing Neetu Mausa fucking my Mom I masturbate at least thrice and later I shag my load in the morning too.

Truly speaking friends, I really love my Mom and do not want to see her with that perspective but anyhow I cannot keep myself away from weird thoughts about her. After that day I am somewhat regular in watching my Mom and Dad fucking in their bedroom and seeing Mom’s demand on bed, no wonder if I would say Dad is not enough for her and she needs something like what Neetu Mausa

gave her twice in front of my eyes. Anyway that is just my observation and it could be wrong but whatever it is for me it is a real hell and I don't know how I will come out of this hell, or I will ever come out of it, because soon; may be after three months, somewhere in the mid of April we all have a plan to go to Delhi to attend a marriage and their we will certainly reside with Divya Maasi and Neetu Mausa.

For us it is a 5 days holiday and I am sure in the nights Mom and Dad will certainly fuck with Maasi and Mausa. Deep inside I do not want to see all this again but somewhere I am dying to see all that again, at least my Mom getting fucked. In the end I would say from last one month, since all this happened I was really tired all this

thus I decided to write down what all I saw with a hope that it will bring out everything which I cannot share with anyone. Readers please comment, whether you liked my script or not, suggest me what should do to regain my previous mind state but before putting on any comment about my Mom please consider my delicate mind state.

The End.

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Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - IV

Previously: Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - III

Dad, Maasi, Mausa, Mom and in a way me too; everyone was bushed and as soon after my release I was back on window I saw nobody moved from its place for next 5-10 minutes. Mom stayed buried under Neetu Mausa until he himself rolled from her top and it was Divya Maasi who got up first to use the washroom and that was first time I saw Massi's Ass properly from behind;

round and well in shape though it was not as fair as my Mom's Ass but it was beautiful. Anyway after Maasi my Dad also got up and entered in the washroom along with her. After that Neetu Mausa got up over his elbow and spoke something to Mom; may be sorry for fucking her so hard but Mom replied him something with a huge smile over her face.

No doubt what my Dad did to Divya Maasi was nothing against what Neetu Mausa did to Mom. Divya Massi was fucked hard by Dad but Mom was literary thrashed by Mausa but the way Mom was smiling while talking to Mausa I could guess that she is ok with all that or no wonder if she would have enjoyed the way she was fucked by Mausa.

Whatever soon Dad and Maasi came out of the washroom while laughing and playing with each other and once again collapsed on bed. Next Mausa got up, certainly to use the washroom and he asked Mom to come along by raising his hand but for a moment Mom denied, she was tired and Neetu Mausa went alone into washroom.

Next showing me her Ass Mom turned around on her elbow and asked for small towel from Dad or Divya Maasi and in the end cleaned her fuckhole with that. Everything was as casual as it could be imagined, I mean there was no hesitation or any sort of shame in anyone while doing all that so I wondered from how long all this was going on, may be from an year or probably two.

Anyway Mausa took little long in washroom and by the time he came out of the washroom Mom was ready to go in and soon after coming out Mausa asked something to Dad and Maasi and moved out of the room.

For an instant I got scared with a thought what if he will go and check my presence in my room but next instant I realized that he was stark naked when he walked out and he will not go in my room. I stayed there as is fearless and within couple of minutes Mausa was back with Mom’s and Divya Massi’s clothes which were spread on the floor of living room along with bottle of wine and two glasses.

Party was yet not over and they had a plan of another session which started after around 15-20 minutes. In the mean time Mom came out of the washroom and collapsed on bed on her previous place and Mausa served her and Divya Maasi glass full of wine. Why just two glasses? Why not four?

Certainly Mausa was going to share it with my Mom and Divya Maasi was supposed to share it with my Dad, I could guess that but how they will share it I could not imagine. Mom sipped few sips of Wine and as she tried passing her glass it to Mausa he denied accepting and apparently told her to drink more and added something which for an instant I failed to guess.

Mom did that and instead of gulping she filled her mouth with a wine and held it in and Mausa moved ahead and took it in his mouth from hers. That was sensational as seeing that I was getting hard and behind them I saw just like Mom, Divya was also feeding wine to my Dad with her mouth.

Though Mausa and Dad did not had entire wine like that but they often did same and I saw while taking wine from my Mom’s mouth Mausa was playing with her sagging breasts gently. Mom was enjoying, Dad was enjoying, Divya Maasi and Mausa were also enjoying, it was just me who was getting frustrated and for an instant I thought about going from there,

but I really failed in doing that as now lust was rulings my senses madly, by now my Mom was not Mom for me, neither my Dad was my Dad, for me they all four were just porn stars and I was watching live group sex. Anyway Mom, Dad, Maasi and Mausa, all relaxed down on the bed for somewhat 15-20 minutes or bit more and my eyes stayed glued most of the time to my Mom.

Sitting closer to the portion I was peeping in, she was smiling and talking to Maasi and Mausa and with Dad too and as many times she moved here and there I tried seeing every pour of her body in white light. It was not that I looking at my Mom only, as I said earlier Divya Maasi was my heart throb since years and that instant I was enjoying staring her assets without any guilt.

As she has a very bubbly nature she was moving on the bed more frequently and looking at her flabby milks, her Ass, her ample thighs and her freshly shaven cunt I was going crazy for the third shag in a row. Though I was in heat still I was feeling bit cold as weather was quite airy at the moment but I stayed glued to the window to continue watching live porn movie of my parents

and Maasi and Mausa and eventually it started when saying no for something Divya Maasi tried to go from there and Dad buckled her on the bed. I am not sure but I believe Maasi and Dad were teasing each other verbally over something from last few minutes and when standing on her knees Maasi tried going from there holding her ankles Dad collapsed her on bed and climbed on her.

They started struggling again and as Mom was still having half of her wine in her glass, so saving her drink from getting spilled she instantly got up from the bed and putting a pillow on the floor sat down on that resting her back against the door. Next moment leaving his wife to struggle with his Jiju Neetu Mausa also got up from the bed and sat beside Mom with one more pillows on the floor.

Just perfect! For me once again it was matter sheer luck that things were moving in favor of my location of peeping inside as now along with my Mom I could see exactly what Dad and Maasi are doing. Dad Kissed Maasi nicely while being on her top and after few minutes of kiss as he got up sitting around her waist he started squeezing Maasi’s melons quite roughly.

Maasi was screaming in pain while trying pushing Dad away but she was enjoying too and soon after that I came to knew what Dad was asking and she was saying no to that is going to next with Divya Maasi. As Maasi was trying to push him away by thrusting him over his chest,

Dad held her wrists in his hands and leaning over her blocked her hand’s movement by freezing them over her head and moved up to her mouth with his Cock. He spoke something but saying no Maasi knobbed her head while giggling. Easy guess, Dad was asking Maasi to open her mouth for his Cock and she was denying, I looked at my Mom,

for an instant sipping her wine she was smiling over whatever her husband was doing with her sister. Neetu Mausa was sitting beside her, touching and fondling her breasts all the time and jerking his Cock back and forward gently in his own hand and in between he was sipping wine from Mom’s glass.

Eventually on the bed after lot of request and peruse Maasi opened her mouth for Dad and Dad plunged her face with his thick Cock instantly. As Mom and Mausa was sitting far from the bed I could clearly see Maasi’s face inflamed with Dad’s cock and soon lurching his bottom back and forward slowly and moaning in pleasure Dad started fucking Maasi’s mouth nicely.

There, next to door, on the floor Neetu Mausa was not bothered about what his wife was doing, he was playing with my Mom’s breasts while kissing her over her neck and close to ears. Mom was moaning in pleasure while holding glass of wine in one hand and now her other hand was over Neetu Mausa’s crotch but her eyes were glued to bed where her sister was sucking her husband’s Cock.

Finally after a minute or bit less things moved on floor on the same track, Neetu Mausa asked something to Mom and after her acceptance took glass of wine from her hand and kept it away. Next sitting beside Mausa hugged Mom and kissed her deep for a minute or so and lastly stood on his knees.

Now my Mom was also about to suck cock, I could easily guess and to begin looking at it Mom took Neetu Mausa's Cock in her fist and started jerking him back and forward. Deep inside I did not wanted to see my Mom doing that nasty act but somewhere I was waiting to see her lovely face filled with Cock and at last I got that view crystal clear.

Sitting on pillow, on the floor after jerking him for a minute or bit less finally Mom leaned over Mausa’s crotch and I clearly saw she opened her lips to get Mausa’s Cock in her mouth. Neetu Mausa moaned, not at all loud but it was evident over her face that he is in pleasure.

Mom sucked Mausa tenderly for a minute while fondling his balls and next instant taking even more of Mausa’s cock into her mouth and sucking hungrily on it, dragging her head lower onto his crotch Mom was trying taking his entire length in her mouth. "OHH uhhhhh yes... uhhhh yeh ohhh god yes... ohhh” that was Mausa who cried, though in low voice but I clearly read his lips.

“Mumma what are you doing…aap ye sab kyun kar rahe ho….please ye sab mat karo….” Saying my Mom please don’t do all this in rising fervor I murmured within me and started jerking myself bit faster. There on the bed Maasi was not sucking Dad now, rather both Dad and Divya Mausi were looking at Mom, that how wonderfully she is sucking Neetu Mausa.

At my end I would say even though she was my Mom but she was looking gorgeous doing that nasty act and I wanted to see her beautiful face closely while doing that. Anyhow I could not do that so I stayed glued to my Mom’s face from there and soon Dad distracted Mom and Neetu Mausa by saying something,

possibly he asked them to come to bed as next instant both Neetu Mausa and Mom broke their posture and moved to climb on bed. That was disappointing as now I could not see both the couples clearly; still it was good that I could see my Mom and I got further close to the glass to get her every tiny action with Neetu Mausa.

Anyway after Mom and Neetu Mausa climbed on bed they had tiny chat with Dad and Maasi and both the couples decided to attain 69 together. Mom lied down on her side, same as she was laying previously while getting fucked by Mausa and Neetu Mausa lied over my Mom inverted to get her cunt to suck and at the same time to give his cock to Mom to suck.

On the farther side Dad laid on bed on his back and Maasi lied over him in same inverted posture to do mutual sucking with my Dad. Finally 69 sucking started on the both the beds, because of Neetu Mausa and Mom I could not see much on the other side but there was some visibility to my eyes about Maasi’s head moving up and down over my Dad’s cock.

Even on the nearer side I could not see Mom’s face clearly I was just getting tiny glimpse of her mouth filled with Neetu Mausa’s Cock but I could see something very clearly and it was driving me really crazy. Certainly it was My Mom’s thick and fluffy cunt with Neetu Mausa’s tongue over it.

In a way keeping her thick fleshy thighs wide and flat on bed Neetu Mausa was licking my Mom’s Cunt just to show me. Teasing her thick slit his tongue was coming out and going in her mouth on regular gaps and I saw in between whenever he fisted My Mom with his thick finger she moaned and her thighs quivered lightly.

On the farther side Divya Maasi was sucking my Dad hard and fast, nothing much but I could see bit of her face with Cock in her mouth and mainly her head moving up and down swiftly and reverting back Dad was digging Massi’s Cunt equally well as in between leaving his Cock from sucking she was gasping loud in pleasure.

Anyhow I was not much interested in seeing what my Dad and Maasi is doing and I was mainly into my Mom’s Cunt and as few minutes passed and as lust rose bit high Neetu Mausa somewhat started eating my Mom’s fuckhole and in between he was opening her thick pussy lips, somewhat showing me my Mom’s puke red inner Vagina and teasing her Cunt swiftly with tip of his finger.

Though Mom was sucking Neetu Mausa but more than sucking she was gasping in pleasure because of treatment she was getting over her thick swollen Pussy. Well nevertheless than animals, My Mom and Dad and Maasi and Mausa just went on going filthy with each other’s wedded partners until they all went high to do real fucking again.

Among two couples Mom and Mausa broke 69 first and seeing them Divya Maasi also stopped sucking my Dad. After that they had few words for a minute, may be they discussed the posture in which they can fuck and in the end to begin they decided to go for different postures.

My Dad continued lying over his back and Divya Maasi sat around his waist and before she would have taken my Dad’s Cock in her fuckhole, Neetu Mausa asked Mom to attain his desired posture and with a huge smile over her face Mom happily gave access of her fuckhole from behind.

She stood on her four and I saw Neetu Mausa moving his hand under her belly, may be to located her opening and before I would seen him going in my Mom I saw Divya Maasi jumping over my Dad’s crotch. Dad was once again inside Divya Maasi and soon my Mom also got filled one more time by Neetu Mausa.

One hand over her waist and with other Mausa was holding Mom from her shoulder, though with slow pace but he again and again pulled her further towards him and easing her Ass Mom moved onto his Cock repeatedly. I was getting tiny glimpse of Neetu Mausa’s rod moving in and coming out of my Mom and as I was sitting there and peeping inside from really long and my ears

were also gone prone to hear low voices and I could clearly hear whenever Mausa moved in my Mom, Mom moaned in pleasure. On the other side Maasi was jumping and jumping while moaning in pleasure in very much audible voice and holding her waist Dad was trying her fuck her further hard.

Once again I would say as compared to My mom I was not much interested in watching Divya Maasi fucking and I once again glued my eyes and ears over Mom and saw after sliding his Cock in my Mom with slow pace for a minute Neetu Mausa pulled bit of his rod out from Mom and pushed back deep with some power and Mom moaned in enormous pleasure.

As He did that again turning her face to see him Mom started moving her huge bottom back over his crotch while saying “Yess….Yesss….” and Mom's demand enhanced Neetu Mausa’s pleasure and he started invading my Mom bit faster. Holding her waist with both the hands he impaled himself deeper in my Mom’s womb and next instant Mom’s face got twisted in joy.

She was enjoying hard fucking, it was evident over her expressions and pleasure gasps and with Mom’s pleasure gasps I could hear Divya Maasi’s grunts too. Up and down, back and forward by now she was lurching her bottom over my Dad quite fast and Dad was also puffing in pleasure.

Soon lust rose high over Neetu Mausa too and he began pumping his hips into my Mom further fast, driving his whole length, in and out of my Mom’s cunt he too started grunting in pleasure. Sitting outside in airy climate by now I was hot again, and mainly looking at my Mom’s Ass with a huge Cock vibrating in her cunt I was also jerking my rod back and forward.

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Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - III

Previously: Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - II

Anyway finally they all were gone to the bedroom to do the real fucking with each other’s wedded partners and I lied down lifeless on the floor after shagging my load. I was in the mind state which I cannot describe in words, my heart was pounding and I wanted to cry over what I just saw but I also wanted to see what all is happening next.

There was a way from where I could reach to Mom Dad’s bedroom window but it was bit risky, also for that I had to be in the living room but my door was blocked from outside. I staggered the door lightly just to check it but it was useless.

I was frustrated over my helplessness but as I moved into my bathroom to get something to clean my gunk from the floor I saw my bathroom’s other door was not blocked from outside. Actually my room has a common bathroom with living room and usually it is kept blocked from outside but it was a matter of sheer luck that instant it was unlocked from the other side

and nobody among Mom and Dad saw that. Eventually I found the way to get into the living and I opened that door lightly and with all the lights on there was nobody in the living room. I tip towed to the place where my Mom was stripped by Neetu Mausa and picked up her leggings and panty and it was deeply wet and stinking with her love juices.

Divya Massi’s jeans, top, bra and panty was also there on the floor of the living room and for an instant I picked her panty too and like Mom’s her Panty was also damp and stinking. I was scared to go towards the bedroom, yet intended I moved ahead to check out the room in which action was on and like I needed every one was in my parent’s room.

Certainly they have to be there because as compared to guestroom it was having a huge bed on which all four can climb at the same time and as I tried peeping inside through keyhole I saw the glimpse of my Dad with Divya Maasi on the bed.

That instant Mom and Neetu Mausa was nowhere in the frame and before I would have make out exactly what is my Dad doing to Massi suddenly my Mom’s huge Ass obstructed my view to the bed. Facing away Mom was standing barely couple of feet away from the door and the keyhole from which I was peeping and I got scared and I immediately moved away from there.

Like I said earlier, for me there was a way to reach to the window of that bedroom, though it was bit risky but to see things happening in the room I was ready to take that risk and opening life size window of the Living room I came out to the long porch attached to that and climbing around its three and half feet barricade tried reaching to the other balcony which was barely two feet

away from the porch of living room and in the ended landed safely outside Mom Dad’s room. It was not first time I was doing that, once I was asked by Dad to do this when main set of key of his room was lost and I had to enter that room from window to get the duplicate key.

Anyway after landing safely outside the happening room I tried finding unobstructed view of the room through the open spaces of curtain. There were many but in the end found small but such a wonderful portion over the edge of the window that including bed from there I could see almost every corner of that room.

Along with that to my good fortune they had a plan of fucking with the room glowing with all the white lights on. Eventually standing on my knees with my head bit low I fixed my posture and like it can be guessed the very first moment I peeped inside I searched for my Mom and saw her smiling while looking at Dad playing with Massi on the bed.

Though by now Dad’s underwear was also off; I could see his Ass but real game was yet not started. What I could make out from there was that Dad was tickling Divya Massi on her under arms and while laughing and requesting him not to do that Massi was trying her best to push him away.

For me for a minute or not even that Neetu Mausa was nowhere but soon stark naked and holding his Cock in his hand he too entered in the room after using the washroom. Looking at his wife laughing and struggling he moved in while saying something and in the end stood beside my naked Mom and I saw my Mom looking down at his Hard Cock with smile.

Next Neetu Mausa wrapped his arm around my Mom’s shoulder tenderly and Mom spoke something while looking at his face with smile. They both continued looking at Dad and Maasi without much movement and after few seconds Mom spoke something, possibly asked Dad to stop tickling Maasi and obeying Mom, Dad stopped teasing Divya Maasi.

Next giving me good view of her bare body; breasts, thighs also tiny glimpse of her cunt Divya Massi got up on the bed over her knees and spoke something to my Mom while rolling her hairs into a bun and just then saying something my Dad rapidly pushed her on the bed on her back.

This time he did not tickled Maasi but holding her thighs hard he spread them apart and buried his mouth into Massi’s Cunt. “Ohhh…shhhh” arching her back Maasi screamed with a shivering shock and this time I clearly heard her grunting voice. Holding Massi from her waist and burring his mouth deep into her thighs Dad sucked and sucked and sucked and Maasi screamed

and screamed endlessly and my Mom started laughing over her sister’s devastating state. Soon after watching his wife going through rough yet playful cunt sucking Neetu Mausa spoke something to my Mom and smiling and saying yes from her facial gesture Mom too climbed on bed to get her cunt sucked.

On the farther side of the bed while Dad continued sucking Divya Maasi roughly, my Mom laid down on bed on her back somewhat showing me her cunt clearly and soon after that Neetu Mausa came over her lower half and opening her massive thighs started sucking my Mom’s fuckhole.

For an instant both the males were sucking cunts of each other’s wives but there was hell of difference in the treatment they were giving to their respective pussies of the night. Though in low voice but Maasi was still screaming but Mom was enjoying, side on which Mom was laying was close to my vision and from there I could see side of Mom’s face,

her eyes were closed and she was murmuring something while moaning in pleasure. Possibly she was telling Mausa that she enjoying the way he is sucking her cunt and Mausa just went on going like that. On the other side of the bed finally Dad stopped sucking Divya Maasi and while crawling up over her body buried her under his weight and started kissing her.

Though because of Mom’s posture I could not see Maasi clearly but I could see Dad laying over her and he kissed Maasi for really long. On this side Neetu Mausa did not stopped licking my Mom’s Pussy until Mom started moaning loud and clear for my ears.

Few minutes back I was so exhausted after shagging my load but by now I was hard again and I once again took out my Cock and started jerking back and forward. There in the bedroom eventually Mom stopped Neetu Mausa from sucking her cunt and raising herself up on her elbows spoke something to Mausa,

I saw her face clearly but really failed to read her lips and next instant while smiling over Mausa’s reply Mom turned around and stood over her four in doggy style. “Oh…God what a big and lovely Ass my Mom has” sitting outside in cool air I puffed in hot breath with a sinful thought and next moment kneeling down his head Neetu Mausa lifted my Mom’s big Ass bit up and

ultimately burred his mouth into Mom Ass; certainly to suck her cunt from behind. Mom moaned and turned around to see Mausa and I saw her lovely face again with evident signs of pleasure she was going through. She spoke something to Neetu Mausa and next instant while trying licking her cunt Neetu Mausa started fisting my Mom from behind.

I saw glimpse of my Mom’s Cunt getting fisted but just for a fraction and very soon as Mausa enhanced pace of finger fucking Mom screamed erotically with palpable shiver over her Ass. Though her voice was not very loud but I heard Mom saying “Ohhh God” and at the same time I saw on the farther side laying over Maasi, Dad lifted his bottom up,

definitely to adjust his Cock over Massi’s Cunt and in the end Plunged Massi with sudden Jerk. Maasi moaned loud, I heard her cry crystal clear and more or less at the same time Mom too started grunting loud as by now Neetu Mausa was more or less gone inside Mom’s Ass as holding her fleshy buns apart he was licking her cunt along with her thick Ass crack.

“Ohhh…Yeessss “ that was Mom asking Mausa to suck her more but on the other side Maasi was not in state to ask anything as she was already getting fucked ruthlessly by my Dad. Pumping her fuckhole hard and fast by now my Dad was gone crazy over Divya Maasi and holding him hard in her arms and thighs Divya Massi was crying in pleasure erotically.

Soon Neetu Mausa stopped sucking and licking my Mom’s Ass crack and cunt and by the time he laid my Mom over her back again, my Dad was reached to the verge of his burst with Maasi and I saw with a loud grunts he screwed Massi few more times and finally squeezed his hips together to release his jizz in her womb.

Right after Dad Maasi also orgasmed hard and gulping Dad’s Cock till its root she arched her back with a delightful moan. Finally Dad and Divya Maasi were exhausted and after watching their wedded partners reaching to their pinnacle Mom and Neetu Mausa too started there session.

Neetu Mausa opened Mom’s thighs and to begin rubbed her opening while saying something to her for which Mom just smiled and finally I saw Mausa’s Ass going closer to Mom’s crotch. Unlike my Dad Neetu Mausa plunged my Mom tenderly and after burring his Cock in my Mom’s flesh moved his crotch bit upward,

possibly to go deep in Mom and I saw my Mom’s thick fleshy fuckhole getting crushed under his heavy balls clearly. Next staying unmoved in her womb for an instant Neetu Mausa kissed my Mom for which my Mom responded nicely and after few seconds of kiss I saw his Cock moving slowly in my Mom.

In out, back and forward for a minute Neetu Mausa invaded Mom with slow and steady movements but as Mom moaned thickly and spoke something in husky voice while raising her legs up to Mausa’s back I saw significant change in Mausa’s fucking pace.

Though Mausa was yet not fucking Mom as hard as my Dad was fucking Divya Maasi few minutes back but he was quite quick in moving in and out of Mom’s flesh. “YESS...Fuck me …Fuck me….” Her voice was not loud but I clearly heard Mom screaming in demand and soon after that Neetu Mausa just went crazy over my Mom's cunt.

I saw his Ass started rising very high and falling down hard and deep in squeezing motion, somewhat thrashing my Mom's womb with all his strength and energy and just in few seconds Mom whimpered to her fullest. No need to say I heard her crazy cry of the moment as I could be heard in my room too.

Next Neetu Mausa clamped my Moms mouth with his hand but keeping her thighs widely spread with his knees continued pumping her fuckhole with that madly passion. Once twice thrice four five, six, seven rising and falling, screwing my Mom like animal, I felt Neetu Mausa was somewhat taking revenge from my Dad for fucking Divya Maasi hard and fast.

“OHHHHHHH Fuck OHHHHH yes! Oh god yes!” That was Neetu Mausa, crying and puffing while rising to his verge and he too was too loud for me to hear him clearly. Finally with a loud husky grunt Mausa ceased his throbbing cock in my Moms flesh and next instant I saw my Mom getting traumatized in fucking ecstasy.

Though there was a glass in the middle but I was hardly 5 or maximum 6 feet away from Mom’s fuckhole and I saw her thick fleshy thighs wobbling helplessly while holding Neetu Mausa’s throbbing cock deep inside her womb.

Mom cried and cried and cried with no control over her voice and somewhat crushed Neetu Mausa in her arms and thighs while going though electrifying orgasm. Looking at my Mom getting shattered so badly by now I was also reached to the edge of my second shag and closing my eyes I jerked myself hard and fast to spew out my gunk one more time.

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