Madhu Fucked In The House

My name is Madhu (name changed) and I am going to narrate my experiences. This story is not more painful than erotic. I had 3 sisters and I was the eldest. I was tall, slim and beautiful. I was very good at studies. But lack of money made my parents to marry me at a young age of 19. And now I am 32. Fortunately, my hushband Shantanu seemed very understanding.

Or I thought so intially. He lived in a big joint family in the village. He had 2 elder brothers both of whom were married with kids. It took me some time to adjust but in a couple of months, it became really comfortable. But suddenly, one day I caught my hushband with his eldest bhabhi Neeta. They were both naked and well, fucking one another. He did not see me.

I slowly closed the door and went to my room and weeped heavily. I went to my home after this incident. I did not return for 3 months. However, my mother in law's bad health made me to return. On my return, I was shocked to see that eldest bhabhi Neeta was pregnant. I decided to deal with this once and for all and asked her in isolation as whose child is this.

She smiled and asked me to follow her. She took me to the living room where everybody was kind of waiting for us. My mother in law told me "Dekh, ye yahan ki parampara hai. Meri sab bahuyein ek hain aur mere teeno bete bhi inhe ek hi mante hai. Ab tum bhi is ke liye taiyaar ho jaao. Kisi ke saath bhi shaaririk sambandh banane mein mat hickichao."

I said, "Ye app kya keh rahein hai. paagal ho gayein hai kya?" Listening this she ordered her eldest son Ravi for something. I dont remember much after that but he dragged me to my bedroom. The next morning, I was having a strange pain in my vagina. It was all wet and smelly. And I was sleeping nude with Ravi. I understood that he had fucked me.

I was feeling so ashamed. But suddenly Ravi's wife Neeta came there and gave me a cup of warm milk. She than sat there with me and said, "Ise pee lo. Aaram milega. Aur maan jaao. maza aayega. Jab Shantanu ko koi farak nahin padta to tum kyon itna sochti ho." This made sense and I decided to take revenge with Shantanu. I got ready.

I was waiting for the perfect moment and when all 3 brothers were sitting in the living room, I went there and sat besides Ravi. I told him in his ear - "Aaj nahin chodoge". I wanted to irritate Shantanu. But instead he asked "Bhaiya kya bol rahi hai". Ravi started laughing and told him that "Tadap rahi hai. Aaj tu hi le le."

To which Shantanu replied "Aaj Raju ki baari hai naa. Mein to bhabhi ke saath hi sounga". I was shocked to see their daring. I was screwed. Then suddenly, Raju, his second brother took me in his arm and took me to the bedroom. I was about to have sex with 2nd strange men in my second night. Raju was a bit different. He was fat with big moustaches and wore a lungi.

I hated him. He closed the door and removed his lungi. His 7" dick was hanging like a hungry child. I closed my hand and requested, "Please, mat karo. Mujhe achcha nahin lagta." He paid no heed and completely undressed me. I understood that resistance will not work. He put his dick in every hole of my body. I did not realise that he was not using condoms.

This happened for the entire month. Every night, one of the brother would fuck me. I even forgot who my hushband was. After one month, I was pregnant. The child could belong to anyone. Now 12 years has passed. I have one kid. Now it has become my habit. Every night since the last 12 years, one of the brothers would fuck me. And I kind of like this.

I try to hide my inner pain with the short term pleasure I get. This ended yesterday. Yesterday night I was fucked but not by one of the brothers. But my college friend Karan. We loved one another and so I ran away with him. I am happy now and I am thinking of settling with him.

He has gone out to bring some food. I can wait for him because he loves me and accepted me inspite of everything that happened to me. Signing out. Madhu.

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Atul Enjoying Sex With Unsatisfied Aunties

Some strange stories appearing in HD are very nice and interesting. How effortlessly some people reach sex and for some it is almost unreacheable. While lying in the bed, in the dead of night I used to wonder how may girls, women etc will be fingering their pussies for want of a proper cock.

Unmarried girls having tasted incestuous sex may be waiting for a chance to get proper sex. Married women, with their husbands working away may be rolling in their beds out of sheer fustration and lust without finding a way to satisfy their physical needs.

In our house complex, of 10 stories of ten flats in each story, all the flats are occupied and all the flat owners need urgently the services of an errand boy, who can go at their command to places to fulful their needs. Inone of such complexes one Atul, bengali boy was there with intense energy.

There were 100 cars and all of them wanted Atul to wash their cars and Keep it ready when they come to go to office. Atul chaged Rs.100 per wash. He earned about Rs.10000/- within two hours in the morning. Once the menfolk go to office, he will bring a push cart full of vegetable and all the ladies will flock around him and within no time his stock would have got exhausted.

He will to to the fish market and buy fish to those who want fish, similarly chicken, or meat or beef. By noon his income would be another Rs.15000 to 25000. He moves around in his motor bike, sometimes she takes in his pilion ladies to go to the mall for their purchases.

All the ladies are kind to him and someone gives him breakfast,some give lunch and some dinner and he sleeps in some flats. By evening he would have earned at least Rs.50000 to 60000. Some woman whose husbands are away for a long time, take special care and satisfy all his needs, while satisfying themselves.

This is a closely guarded secret known only to a small group of women and Atul. Atul has another blessing. His cock is extraordinarily long and strong and he can control his orgasm as he wishes. This is also known to very few people. To make work easy and effortless, he brought a high pressure car washing machine. Depending upon the dirt and grime he washes the cars thoroughly.

Seeing his efficiency there were many invitations from other blocks to wash cars. His ultimate aim is to make an income of a lakh of rupees per day. He withdraw from vegetable business slowly, making others to do this business, he is concentrating only on errand work. He gets access to any flat in the complex. Some ladies simply love to have sex with him.

The way his 7 inch cock slides into thier pussy makes they cry out of pleasure. Hr fucks them in the bathroom, or kitchen or in the drawing room couch and of course in the bedroom. When mothers are away in the clubs, he woos the daughters. He gets them sex CDs or sex novels for taking them into his hold.

Once a teen age girl comes into his fold her entire gang cmes and he knows how to handle it. He takes them to the terrace, or beneath the staircases, or in ever so many unused corners in a multi flat comples. Once a Mallu woman took him to her flat and they had nice fish curry meals. Fish curry is a weakness of Atul. Knowing this the meal consisted of nice pomphrets fried and grilled.

When Atul was eating that woman whose husband is away in Delhi, put her hand underneath the table and caught hold of his cock. They both laughed at this hide and seek game. He finished his food fast and camewith his cock extended. She wanted to take it in hermouth, but Atul said no. Your mouth is full of chillies, I want to put it in you hole.

She stood up and raised her leg and placed it on the chair and Atul could find a way to poke her cunt and enter deep inside. She put one piece of fish in his mouth and she took one piece, while fucking continued. Mallu woman emptied all the plates and Atul was pumping and pumping.

With his cock inside her cunt he took her to the wash basin and washed her mouth and rinsed his mouth and then they went to the bath room and went ahead with the fucking and culminated it successfully.Once the daughter of this mallu woman asked Atul whether he can give her a lift back home from her college where due to college day celebration she will be delayed.

Atul went to the college when the function was getting over and went in search of mallu girl. He asked somebody about her and he was told that she will be in a car parked under the tree. Atul went in search of her and found her being fucked by two of her friends in the rear sear of a car. She was in a frenzy and was moaning and crying and the boys took turn and it was not over.

Finally Atul unzipped and went to her and she was lying with her eyes closed, Atul put his cock and pressing it into her cunt. Because of the new experience she opened her eyes and found Atul fucking her vigorously.

She hugged him and enjoyed the act thoroughly. She got up, wiped herself with some tissue and told him not to tell her mummie about this. Atul dropped her home and left immediately. So goes the adventures of Atul.

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Fucking sexy maid sisters Kamla and Sita

It five years back. I just joined a MNC in Bengaluru and they said they may send me to Pune and Hyderabad for training. I was happy that I have an uncle in Pune and another cousin in Hyderabad and I can stay with them when I am in their cities. First they sent me to Pune. My uncle received me at the station and took me home.

Aunty was happy to receive me and asked about family details etc. Both of them are working and hence and hence before they leave they will keep my b/f on the table. There will be a maid servant who will serve you. Noon lunch I will take at the office canteen. I have to leave the home in charge of the maid servant.

I said no problem. I will be away for the whole day and will be back only in the evening. First day aunty and uncle left in the early morning and when I woke up Kamla, the maid servant was there, a 18 year old beauty. She was a rustic beauty with big boobs, ass, big thighs and a smiling face. On that day she came and called me at 8 am and I lifted my head and saw her.

But I could not get up because my dick was in full erection and I had worn only a lungi. She would have seen my delicate condition and was waiting for me to get up so that she can sweep the room. For me I cnnot get up unless she moves away because my dick was in full erection and I had to wear the llungi around me which in her presence I cannot, without her seeing my dick.

Finally Kamla decided to sweep the floor when I was sitting in the bed, she holding one hand on my cot was sweeping the lower floor. Her face was hardly three inches away from my hardened dick. Suddenly she lifted her head and raised my lungi and saw my full bloom cock. She looked at my face and her hand slowly moved towards my dick and touched it.

I removed my lungi and showed her my whole dick. She showed a thrill on her face and moved forward and took my dick in her mouth and licked it. We did not even talked and how dare she could take my cock into her mouth, I was wondering. I could see from the top her huge boobs and I bent over and touched one of her boobs.

She looked at me and she unbuttoned her blouse, lifted her bra and pulled out one of her boobs and signalled with her eyes to fondle it. Having come upto this I lifted her to come to my bed and I fondled both of her boobs and nipples. We both were fully aroused. I made her lid down in my bed and pulled up her skirt and saw that she was wearing a panty.

Her wheat coloured thighs were glowing. She was giving me a good blow job and I threw my fluids into her mouth and she swallowed it completely. I tried to pull her panty down so that I can see her pussy. But she resisted and said that we will do it tomorrow not today. I got up, stood naked before her, wore my lungi, gave her a kiss and then proceeded to my toilet.

After my bath I got dressed and was ready to go to office. I told her I may come back only by evening. She said she also may be there till evening and go only after my uncle and aunt return from their office. I said ok and went to office.

But I found my superior inthe office to whom I should have reported was not there and I went around talked to some people and then returned home before noon. The door was bolted from inside and I knocked. After some time Kamla came wrapped in a saree and a towel wound over head. She saw me and ran into the bathroom.

I went to my room undressed and wore my lungi and went to the bathroom which was also was bolted from inside. I knocked and knocked and Kamla opened the door slightly. I pushed it forcibly and I was there inside to see her stark naked and her body was being soaped.

She out of shyness covered her pussy and boobs with ber both hands and asked me to go to the sitting room and that she will come soon. I just removed her one hand and saw her boobs and the other hand to see her hairy pussy. I said ok and went to the sitting room. Kamla came after some time dressed and asked me whether I am ready for my lunch.

I said before lunch I was to see your pussy and dragged her hand and took her to the bedroom. I made her to lie down on her back in the bed and I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panty. She did not resist, and was cooperating. Her wheat coloured thighs and her pussy were very beautiful. I touched her pussy and saw her public hair was long and bushy.

I asked her shall I remove your this hair. She asked me how will you do it. I said just a min. and went and brought my trimmer put it on and ran it over her hairy pussy. All the bush vanished and only small stubs remained. I made some adjustments in the trimmer and did a second run and it gave a smooth shave, even the intricate cavities around the clitoris were cleaned.

I asked Kamala to get up go to the bathroom mirror and see for herself. She was amazed how soon and how easily it was done. I looked at her. It looked like a divine body, with huge boobs, beautiful legs, ass narrow waist and no public hair. I just dragged her closely and made her lie down in the bed, opened her legs wide and then buried my face in her pussy.

My tongue searched for her clitoris and started to meddle with it. Kamal was moaning heavily. I tried to make her legs wider and took my erect cock and placed it at the entrance of her cunt and pushed it in. It went deeper inside. Her fuck hole was not very tight as she was being regularly fucked by her uncle and her bother. I fucked her twice and poured all my juices into her hole.

We went to the bath room and cleaned our privates. We had our lunch and sat for a while. She told me that her marriage is fixed to take place next week. But her younger sister is at home whom she will bring and introduce. She is a virgin and not yet touched byany one. She asked me to break her seal and take her virginity.

I told her your consent is not suffiient, The girl should give her consent. Kamla got dressed up went home andbrought her sister Sita. She toldSita what all household work she has to do Sita may be sixteen, well formed body and a nice atrative face. She brought her too my room and introduced her to me.

Suddenly she lifted my lungi and took out my cock and showed it to the girls and told her that she had to give blow job twice to this cock.She squatted on the floor and showed the girl how ti give blow job. She opened her mouth wide and took my cock inside and closed the lips over it. The she asked Sita to do it.

Poor shy girl hesitatingly took my cock in her mouth, but she could take only half the length. Kamla told her half will not do she has to take the full cock. She made the girl lie on my bed, lifted her petty coat upto waist, pulled down the panty and revealed her pussy. There was scarce hair.

She took my erect cock and opned the cunt lips of Sita and inserted my cock into her cunt. It was too tight and the girl was in tears. But Kamlawont leave, she insisted that my whole cock has to go inside breaking all blocks. I fucked and fucked and broke the seal and sita was crying loudly and finally my cock made full entry.

Kamla was sucking the tiny boobs of Sita to alleviate her pain. Then her cries subsided. I fucked vigorously and reached my climax and the girl too reached her climax. Kamla said she will also lie with me in the bed on othre side so that sex lessons to her sister shuld be over. I was fucking both Kamla and Sita alternatively and I was tired.

I went for the marriage of kamla and gave her a good presentation. I continued to fuck Sita for some more days till my final posting was received.

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Abhishek Fucking Sexy Painting Teacher

Hi! This is Abhishek (name changed), from Kolkata. I am an avid reader of HD and I like almost all the stories that are published in this site. Here I want to share with you folks an experience of my life.

Before that, let me introduce myself. I am a Bengali. I love travelling, especially in the mountains. Painting and photography are my two other hobbies which I pursue for the food of my heart.

This particular incident which I am going to narrate here occurred more than a decade ago. That was the time this city has not changed its colonial name, and we called her Calcutta. That was the time when sky kissing high-rise apartments were not such a common sight.

Golpark, a posh location in the southern part of this city. In an apartment there, I used to take tuition for painting. I was in the IX standard that time. My painting teacher was a lady. She was at that time in late twenties or early thirties. She had a great figure, admirable. She was tall, beautiful.

I remember her fair complexion, hairs up to hip length, her specs with black rim, and a big bindi on her forehead. She was very much particular about her body and fitness, and she was one of the morning joggers in the nearby lake area.

Her husband, as far as I remember, was a professor of Economics in the nearby university. Both of them had exquisite taste towards art and culture and I remember the walls of their huge apartment were gallery of large paintings and craft works of eminent painters and tribal artisan of our country.

We were a batch of seven-eight students. But among them, I had observed that she used to give a bit of extra care towards me. Most of the days I noticed her, she maintained herself well dressed in saree, sleeveless blouse, bindi, and specs. I used to gaze at her beauty tirelessly; her bare arms, a bangle in her left hand, and a writ watch in her right one; her waist line.

She flaunted her saree bit low waste, and her navel peeped frequently. I was good in painting and I used to think that her partiality towards me was due to that very sole reason. We all batch-mates, including three girls, were obsessed with her figure, and we boys discussed about her a lot amongst us, to which the girls used to laugh a lot, but at times they also participated in it!

I remember, it was a routine class, and at the end, she asked me and Sreshtha (batch-mate) to visit her following Saturday as we both missed the previous class where she taught about tempera painting. We nodded and the time was fixed at noon. It was August, and this time it rains a lot in Bengal.

It was raining for the last three-four days like cats and dogs, and the city had practically come to a hault. I thought that I could not go to the tuition because of the incessant rain. But around 10 am it stopped pouring, and after an hour I changed my mind and decided to go. It was drizzling all through. I reached around 12 noon and aunty opened the door.

She was pretty surprised to see me as Sreshtha called her in the morning and told her that she was not going to come due to rain. Now I was in a fix, what to do. Aunty asked me to seat and she went to the kitchen to fetch water. I sat on the sofa, assuming no class today and me also leaving soon. I was planning how to spend the afternoon.

Movie, or Rahul’s place (friend, who stays nearby). There was not adequate money in my pocket to settle down for a movie ticket! As I was thinking all these trivially, aunty came with the water. She was dressed as usual. And I remember, she didn’t wear her wrist watch that day. She came and sat by my side and offered me water.

But I don’t know where my mind was! I was gazing at her. Her long untied hair was telling that she bathed not long ago and I could smell a beautiful fragrance as she sat near to me. I was just been overwhelmed by her beauty, her bare arms, her neck line… I noticed for the first time a tiny black mole just beneath her ear lobe.

“Hello, where are you? What are you looking at?” she asked with a smile. I came to my sense and was shy enough to look up; somehow managed to utter “No, nothing…” There was nobody else in the apartment. I saw her maid left at the main entrance while I was coming in. And her husband went abroad last week to attend some international conference.

It was all silent, except the ceiling fan making noise, and a Bengali magazine’s pages were incessantly trying to be free from the binding with a little help from the fan! Suddenly she broke the silence and asked me whether I have any other appointment. I confessed no. She then casually asked me about my hobby.

She was also elaborately discussing regarding different fields of painting. I don’t know, but my mind was not at all in her lectures. I was feeling restless from within. She probably noticed me. She suddenly asked to look at her eyes. I made contact with her eyes, and she told me that she wants to paint on my body. I was shocked as such a thing was totally outside my domain of thinking.

“What?” It was the only reaction I could make at that time. She lowered her voice and whispered the same. She took my bag away from my lap and asked me to take a bath. She passed me the towel. I hesitated and even tried to raise objection. But my faint voice was too feeble in comparison to her confidence. I had no other choice but to step in her washroom with the towel.

I locked and undressed. I found my dick to be erect and my heart was pounding. I was under the shower and when about to finish, she knocked the door and asked me to come out covering with the towel. I saw my naked body in the mirror. I don’t know what’s in the store outside, but was fully sure that something not normal.

Well I am tall, 5’11”; slim athletic body (used to play football everyday) and thankfully, courtesy to porn movie cassettes back home, I grew up a habit of cleaning my pubic hair regularly. I remember I was clean that day, only embarrassment was my cock not coming down, it was just a hard rod.

LOL. Since I could not help myself, I desperately tried to cover the front tent like structure of the towel with my posture and the knot. I stepped outside as it was the first time I appeared before her with bare chest. She was sitting on the sofa, leaning slightly on the front, with her elbow resting on her knee and her palm on her chin. She was gazing at me, she was smiling.

I was totally carried at the way she was looking at me. With all of a sudden she asked me to put off the towel and roam like that. Huh! What was she saying!!! But hey, inside the washroom somewhere I got the signal for this going to happen. I fumbled and she then called by my name and said “Come dear, remove the towel, I want to see you.”

I had no girlfriend and it was something heavenly for me as it was the first time someone in this world is eagerly waiting to see me naked. I closed my eyes with pleasure, and removed the towel. GAWD!!!! I am standing naked before her eyes. I opened my eyes and saw her. She was still gazing at me. She stood up, opened her hands and called me. She hugged me.

I also wrapped her with my arms and for the first time I felt her tits touching me. They were so soft. She whispered in my ears “you are so beautiful! Lie down.” I managed to lay down on the adjacent divan, and on my back. My cock was erect and I had no hesitation. I had a feeling that it is celebration of my nudity.

She sat by my side and caught hold of my cock in her palm and started giving gentle up and down massage. She was sometimes rubbing my balls, to which I was breathing fast. She was looking at my cock, and then after at my eyes. “What are you thinking? How long is it?” she asked. “I…I don’t know. May be 7 or 8.” I replied. She laughed.

She stretched her palm to measure my cock. She was still smiling, but didn’t utter any word. Might be she was enjoying my nervousness. I was gazing at her untied hairs covering her back, her black blouse, her saree, her bindi, her specs. She then brought her tray of colours and took a brush and mixed some colour from the palette and made a stroke with the brush just beneath my navel,

and dragged the brush upto the tip of my cock. It was a totally different sensation and I can say that sort of sensation never happened again in my life. OMG! She started to colour my dick. My entire body was making different moves because of the brush and she smiled and went on saying keep calm, keep calm dear! I spread my hand to touch her, to which she said not to touch her now, but later.

I don’t know what was she doing. My condition was really going bad that time as I was virgin till that day, and I had a constant fear of ejaculating at that moment due to high orgasm. She was giggling at my condition. One time she stopped and said pointing at my penis “see, how is it?” I sprang up, and without thinking any other single matter in this world, I kissed her.

I lip locked with her and both of us started kissing. She took me to the washroom and made me stand before the mirror. I saw that she all took the joy of painting some floral and diagonal pattern from my naval covering my penis fully. It was really beautiful! She came to the front, took some soap and started to rub my penis.

I was holding her shoulders and kissing her lips, her cheeks, her shoulders. Her saree was almost dripping down and I could see her deep cleavage. She took me out of her washroom and headed towards her bedroom.

The room was aesthetically decorated again with large paintings, photographs; amongst one is an erotic nude painting of Nagara style, commonly seen on the walls of the Khajuraho temple. She kissed me for the first time and I felt that she almost bit my lips. I was holding her tight and rubbing her bare waist, her cleavage, her neck, her arms.

Her saree fell down from her upper part and I came to my knees to open the waist knot of her saree with my teeth. She was rubbing my hair as I was kissing around her navel. She was too enjoying every bit of touch from me. Suddenly the telephone rang, breaking all the silence and humming sound of us. She went to the drawing room and I could see her talking to somebody.

She was stunningly beautiful as she has a sculptured figure. But my cock was starting to limp down. She was wearing a deep cut blouse which made her bare back a canvas. I could not resist, and silently I stood behind her and kissed her back. She grabbed my left hand and started to rub it over her belly. Her skin was so soft.

I started to roll my tongue up and down of her back to which she got horny and banged down the phone. I made her turn towards me, and we hugged and both started kissing. We reached the bedroom and I started to make her naked. Her saree was lying on the floor of the drawing room, beside the sofa. I removed her blouse which she did not object and allowed me to go further.

I unhooked her bra, and for the first time I saw her tits. She was damn beautiful. Her nipples were pinkish red. And her boobs were tight. Her nipples were erect and faced north. I touched her bosom and pressed her boobs. WOW!!! It was like heaven. All the time she was rubbing my dick head with her thumb. This act made me super horny and I was almost about to cum.

But I had no desire to ejaculate so soon. I need to explore more. Removing her hand from my dick would have been an easy option, but I settled for an easier one. I sprang up to her lips and stated kissing her lips, her cheeks, her neckline vigorously. Being unprepared with my action, she lost her body balance and laid down on the couch. She was just wearing her panty that time.

I jumped over her like a hungry wolf. She tried to hug me. I forcefully removed her hands and made them above her head. I held her hands above tightly and started licking her tits. With her hands up, her tits were looking more beautiful and round. I was pressing them with my tongue, ma lips. She started making sound mmmmmm…mmmmm…

She was trying to get rid of me as she was reaching her orgasm. She was creating pressure with her hands, her waist… but at the same time she was saying gimme me more... I resisted all her movements forcefully with my hands, my face on her tits, and my waist. I made her lie beneath me. She calmed down. I looked up at her face; her eyes closed, she had turned pink and she needed more.

I concentrated at licking her left right nipple. I loosened my hold over her left elbow, and I rolled my palm down rubbing her arms, her armpit, till I reach her left tit. I licked her right tit, while my fingers play with her left one. I could feel that my right thigh which was in between her legs was getting wet! I started rubbing her nipple head to which she screamed.

I changed position, now to lick her left tit, while playing with her right one. I then started rolling down my tongue to her cleavage and down south. I paused reaching her deep navel, I kissed her there, and removed her soaked panty. I pulled up my head to look at her pussy. OMG! I am seeing a pussy in real for the first time in my life. It was such a beautiful sight.

She was cleanly shaven and smooth and soft like a sponge. I could see her clitoris. I noticed her. She was looking at me and smiling. She could understand how happy I am seeing her all like this!!! I rubbed my fingers all over her vagina, to which she closed her eyes in pleasure. She was biting her own lips.

I came in between her legs and for the first time I touched her pussy with my tongue. Mmmm… I tasted her juice! It was my first encounter, and hey, I was myself driven crazy. I rolled my tongue up and down her pussy walls; I was pushing my face so that my tongue could reach as much as within her. It was warm and wet. I was just rolling my tongue up and down; my tongue teased her clitoris.

She folded her knee and that made extra space for me. She was wreathing with pleasure, and she shouted and asked me to insert my finger inside her pussy. With my other hand she pulled and started rubbing over her breast. I could hear her moaning loudly. O-M-Y-G-O-D!!! She started to cum and it was all over my mouth. Some I swallowed too! I started to finger her rapidly.

She bent her knees, lifted up her waist and almost took the shape of an arch. She was moaning like anything. The bed was all wet. GAWD!!! I stopped, to watch her divine beauty. Few minutes later, as she calmed down, she sat, got hold of my face and kissed me tight; I could feel her tongue inside my mouth in search of mine. She made me lie on my back.

My cock already limped. She bent and rolled her tongue over my dick head. It was full of drops of my pre-cum juice. She rolled her tongue. I moaned suddenly. I have no idea of what to do than just to lay and enjoy her acts. She took my entire cock in her mouth and it started to get hard inside her mouth! I felt my cock to reach almost her throat.

With her fingers she was rubbing my balls. It was an ecstatic moment for me! My body was in full control of her now as she is giving me blow job, as well as teasing my balls. I bent my neck upwards with heavenly pleasure and managed to see the sky through the window. I was moaning too! G-O-D!!! I may cum soon. But hey, I wanna shoot all of mine inside her.

What to do now!!! Most probably, assuming my condition, suddenly she stopped and laid down beside me. I whispered her that I wanna fuck her NOW. She smiled and invited me on top of her and in between her legs. She kissed me “Nothing to hurry. All day is left. I am all yours now!” I kissed her back and positioned myself in between her legs.

She grabbed my cock and rubbed it over her pussy. On the other hand she took some saliva and rubbed it all over my cock and inserted it inside her. MAN, she was wet, and I had no problem entering her, though she was tight! Again, my first time. In my mind, there were all flashes of fucking scenes that I watched back home in the porn movies.

I pushed slowly, then came out and this time, I made a sudden push. She made a sound and then smiled. I smiled back with full confidence and pride, as my entire cock was within her. I started fucking her up and down, slowly, and gradually increasing speed. But with every stroke I was trying to reach deeper and deeper. My eyes were upon her face.

Even today, I can close my eyes and see her face turning pink; her mouth was open and she was moaning. Sometimes with my speed her soft moan was changing to scream; she lifted her long legs to wrap my waist which was giving me a bit of less mobility. I pushed my cock fully inside her and started to move my waist from left to right, and then from right to left, in pendulum motion.

She grabbed my back with her fingers and I could feel her nails on my back. She moaned loudly. I was getting crazy with her expressions, and time came when I was about to cum. I whispered in her ears, to which she said “gimme now, more, and I want to take all of juice inside me”! I was like in cloud 9. Me moaning too, along with her.

And we both could hear the sound of my cock hitting her inside. But my cock seemed to know no rest. I was fucking her wildly. Damn! I felt to have orgasm along with her and started to cum. Ooooooo… yeeeeeaaaa…… I was hitting her pussy with all my force as was releasing my all inside her and she was hugging me tight screaming loudly.

She was almost in the air, clinging to my body. I unloaded my all inside her. Then I collapsed on her with my head on her tits, and my cock still inside her. I was then hugging her too. I looked up to see her face, and then kissed on her cleavage and rested my head again on her tits. We were both breathing deep and at the same time. I came up to kiss her lips.

We lay like that for some time, and both being naked. She told me softly that I was beyond all her expectation and she enjoyed ever moment. I looked up and whispered that I am so lucky to make love with you! You are so beautiful! The sky was easily visible through the window. Rain has stopped, and the western sky has turned orange.

I then turned my head to look at her, to gaze at her nudity. That was the beginning…

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Raj fucking sexy Pooja and cheating on wife

Hi guys this is Raj, about me I am 34 normal physical body married have a beautiful wife and have an extra martial affair with much more beautiful and prettier galfriend, This story is about a new connection I started after receiving a mail, Well I had created ids on few online dating website just for time pass, This mail was from a female named pooja.

So to tell u guys about pooja, a matured female Very cute u can say very beautiful simple she is a perfect lady with whom u can sit all day long talking and in return u would get back only that awesome smiles which was worth more then anyone can expect.

She has maintained herself Very well aged 32 she is 5.2 in height her stats 34 30 36 she was married which I came to Know later after a month of exchanging mails. Her husband was working as a engginner in the gulf and had not returned to her and it was more then 3yrs and She had a daughter who was studying in a boarding school so she was left with her MIL.

Pooja was very shy type of lady the reason she was on the dating sites was she wanted a friend who can show her love and care with whom she can talk and share her feelings her happiness and her loneliness This was about pooja. Now coming back to the story we started with exchanging mail when ever we had time then it came to chatting on hangout we fixed a time to chat everyday,

as I told u pooja was a shy type of lady who wouldn't open up so easily. So it was getting me difficult to understand what this Lady really wanted, so one day on the chat I directly asked her what she wanted from me, either sex or just friendship I said I am ready for both but I better known coz this chatting was going no where except hi hello and a few extra lines.

So for next two days she didn't msg me so I thought I was to fast to ask this question. On the third day I received a msg ( need a friend who can understand me and with whom I can share my feeling and sex is not on my mind as lost interested can u be the one or u like all men who want only sex) So I replied her if she really wants me as a friend she needs to be open and treat me as the one she wants.

So it was on the day of Diwali last yr she asked me for my contact number I wash happy to share It. So in the evening she gave me a miss Call and I didn't care as it was unknown number. Then she buzzed me on whatsapp with Diwali wishes I wished her back and asked who was it for that she Replied forgot ur friend so soon. I was like surprised and called her immediately.

She has such a sweet voice so soft low on pitch I could feel the smile she had while talking to me. We just spoke for few mins and I hung up the call as I was busy. It was around 10pm received a msg from her even I am like other guys who was playing with her feeling as I am not bothered about her and enjoying with my wife and gf.

Ohhhh I was dam fuck and called her back but she was not receiving my call I continue called her on the 9th call she received and I could feel that she was crying. As it was Diwali and she was all alone missing everyone and I too didn't give her time I said sorry and then tried to change her mood.

At last succeeded in getting back that beautiful smile spoke to her for about an hour that was the day she sent me her pic. I was ohhhhh dam so beautiful I had an hard on but could do nothing as she had said she has no sex on her mind.

I praised her for her beauty and cuteness she was flattered, so next day I again called her and she was normally talking so I insisted to be open and speak out everything that was hurting her she was not ready then said it's Diwali let her life change and after many attempts she bustered out in tears and cried I didn't stop her she told me about her family she is very rich

but no happiness her husband who is cheating on her and her sick MIL who was on bed. At last it was a relief that she felt and thanked me for making her feel that way, I was happy I did something gud and made someone happy. A week passed by and now she wanted to meet me, I am from belgaum that's in north karnataka and pooja was from Bangalore.

So I made up a plan and asked her if we can meet out of blore she was scared as this was our first meet but I ensured her I would not even touch her. So after giving her all the assurance she was like let me think. So it was month of Dec winter. So she asked me where I wanted to take her and I said some hill station or a beach, so after discussion we planned Goa for the weekend.

Everything set dates confirmed she herself booked a resort that was in arambol Goa where u can find mostly only foreigner no Indians much. Time came when we had to meet we both were desperately wait to meet each other as we had become so close to each other.

But guys we never spoke about sex for the three months that we were friends and this got her more confidence on me for which she agreed to come with me. The day. Came we were in goa We met at the airport so happy to see each other we hugged for so long as if we know each other from a long time she had tears in her eyes but she never told me the reason and I didn't

force her to tell me we took a cab to our destination it took us an hour to reach there all the way we both were speechless and just looking at one another and smiling we didn't have words to speak our eyes was doing it all. We reached Arambol went to the resort and checked in. It was a decent resort near to the beach.

We entered the room closed the door and again started hugging each other I started getting a hard on and I didn't want to show It to pooja and To break her trust so just moved back. Guys it was in Goa that I saw this simple beautiful lady turning to a wild beast,

which I could never imagine, to continue in the second part how myself and pooja ended up having wild sex for the next two days on the beach and in the room. You can send me your feedback in the comments below.

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Enjoying Sex With Marwadi Aunty In Pune

Hi friends I am telling you the experience which I had with Swati (Name Changed) aunty my neighbour. I would really appreciate if you could get in touch with me so I can satisfy all you lovely women also.

To tell you more about myself, I am from Pune. 5.11 ft tall fair with a atheletic body & my greatest passion is to spread love among all the lovely women who are deprived of it.

After my girlfriend left suddenly I was really upset and was slowly getting over it and moving on with life when suddenly after about 3 months I got a call from Swati aunty. I was really surprised to receive her call and we chatted generally as to how was I and what was I doing these days I asked her as to how was she and her family. Then again after two days she called me asked me to meet her.

I asked her why she told me she wanted to meet me and I should call her when I reached close to home and not come to her house. We decided to meet the next day as I had already taken a off for some personal work and work was to get over by 12:00 noon. I reached close to my house and called her and she sounded really happy that I made it to met her.

She told me to go to a nearby Cafe Coffee Day and told me she would join me in about 10 minutes. I reached the CCD and was waiting for her and I was surprised to see what I saw. To tell you about Swati, she is from a typical Marwari family.

Swati must be around 42 years old about 5’5”, 36-28-38 her size, silky hair up to her mid back and very attractive face, with lovely big hips that one would die for for a fuck. Swati aunty was dressed to kill, she had worn a nice black saree of thin chiffon material, the saree was properly worn and it was tightly wrapped and I could clearly see all her curves her long hair was very well tied and she had a sleeveless blouse.

I had met her so many times earlier but never saw her looking so good she smiled at me and came to my table and shook hands and she gave me a gentle squeeze and a naughty smile. Then we ordered coffee and started talking about general talk.

I told her she looked very pretty, and hot too, she smiled back and said she had dressed up for me I was really surprised and was getting a hard on as I knew something was coming up. She told me if I got over my gf etc I said yes then what she told me really took me aback. She told me that my girlfriend had told her about our love making episodes and she wanted to have me since then.

She did'nt want to spoil our relationship but now that my girlfriend was not there she would like to have and that she knew I was good at love making had a big tool etc. She said her husband never satisfies her and she wanted to be with someone she liked and also she should be safe. I was happy and smiled back her she got the indication and told me to come with her.

Swati aunty told me to call her just Swati & I said ok Swati. She told me to come with her I was surprised that she had already booked a room at the Beverley Hotel in Lulla Nagar which is not far from our place at Ganga Dham.

She had infact got the keys with her I suppose this was a offer I could not refuse. We entered the room and she asked me to come and closed the door behind me. I had never dreamt that I would get a chance to have Swati. She came close to me and smiled she looked really hot in that black saree and her long hair tied up in a bun and a flower over it.

She opened her arms and I hugged her and stated kissing her hair as she was short to me, her hair smelt really good. As I was kissing her she was moving her fingers and nails on my back it fell really good I was really very hard by now.

I also started moving my hands on Swati's back and felt her bra over her blouse it was a really thin strap I moved my hands down and caressed her ass from her saree the soft material of her saree made it really easy for me to press her sexy ass.

Now I moved back and smiled at her she was looking like a sex goddess I again kissed her and placed my hand on her boobs and squeezed it tightly. She was moaning with her eyes closed and said ohhhhhhh….. ahhh…. I fondled with her boobs over her blouse and pressed and squeezed them.

She was whispering and moving her head and moaning ohhhh…..uuuuffff….ahhhh. then I inserted my hands inside her blouse and bra and felt the smoothness, softness and warmth of her boobs with my palms. She was moaning loudly and could feel that her nipples were really hard now.

Now I started removing her saree, I first removed the pin by which she had attached the sari to her blouse it was a bit difficult o remove it but she helped me and was smiling as I was removing it. I then made her turn around 2 times and her sexy black saree was off her, now Swati was standing in front of me only in her blouse and petticoat.

I looked at her and said Swati you look so sexy your husband is really lucky at this she smiled and said he does not understand the value of my beauty and so I am all here for you go ahead and make me feel like a complete woman and saying this she moved ahead and hugged me again I could feel my hand on couching her.

Then I moved my hands down and removed the knot of her petticoat and moved back and her petticoat just fell down I could see she was wearing a sexy black panty and it had a wet spot on it already. She looked really sexy just n her blouse and these sexy black panties her legs were well shaped.

I moved ahead and started opening the buttons of her blouse which were in front of me and soon her blouse was off her bra was also very sexy had short straps and they could hardly hold her big tits, I moved ahead and stated kissing her bare shoulders and kissed her tits over her bra I could feel her nipples were really hard.

The she told me Amarinder this is not fair I am down to my bra and panties and you are still fully dressed I smiled and told her I am all yours please go ahead and remove them. She moved ahead and started opening the buttons of my shirt and as she was opening my buttons she slid her hands on my bare chest and started kissing my chest it felt so good I could feel she was full of lust and wanted every part of my body.

She moved her hands down and open my belt and the buttons of my jeans and slid it down my hard on immediately sprang out and she started moving her fingers over it on my underwear and she said wow this is so big I am really going to enjoy this.

Then she started to slide my underwear down and soon my dick was totally erect saluting her and her beauty she ran her fingers over it and I was so exited that I felt I would cum now on her hands.

Swati was looking very hot now just in her bra and panties and her long hair tied in a bun above her head and a flower (gagra) on it I opened pulled the flower on top of her head and her long soft hair fell down she had long hair till the middle of her back. The open hair made her look even more sexy. Now I laid her on the bed and opened the bra and her big tits just sprang out as big melons.

I had told you earlier her bra could hardly hold her big tits her nipples were dark brown and really hard, I took her erect nipples into my mouth and started chewing and licking them and with the other hand started pressing her other tit.

She gave a small cry and moaned, I moved my hand down and opened her legs and she spread her legs I placed my lips on her mouth and started kissing her out tongues started playing with each other and with the other hand I was sliding her panties down I could fell her panties already wet and she raised her hips to let me remove her panty. Now I started to move my kiss down her body.

I started with her lips moved to her chin and then to her neck all this time she was moaning and moving her body she held me close to her and her fingers were making marks on my back. I was biting her ears & licking them which made Swati so hot that she started biting my neck.

She raised her chin the me kiss her neck well and kisses her neck and move to her tits kissing one and pinching the other nipple between my fingers when I pinched her nipples she moaned loudly I’m sure people in the next room must have heard her moaning. I moved down kissing her and tracing her tongue on her body to her tummy and then got close to her pussy I could smell her pussy and it smelled really good.

I ran my finger between the lips of her cunt and took her swollen clit between my fingers and pressed it. She shuddered as if an electric current had gone through her body. Her legs opened wide making more place for my hand. Her hips were now slowly moving up and down in fuck motion..I knew it was now time to fulfill her fantasy "I want you", she encouraged.

I laid down between her legs & kissed her wet inner thigh. I faintly licked the sensitive sides of her inner thighs & bit her with which she started making loud mourns oohhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhh oooooooohhhhhhhh Amarinder it feels soooooooo nice & she pulled my head to her wet pussy.

She moaned as my tongue tickled her. I extended my tongue and placed it below her pussy. She had a clean shaved pussy; I got down to kiss on her pussy lips. When I planted a kiss on her pussy lips, she started moaning in whisper & making sounds like ssss. I licked up with my flattened tongue but did not slid into her.

I went back and sucked one of her pussy lips into my mouth. With extreme gentleness I slid my tongue along both sides of the delicious flesh. I repeated the act on the other side. "Ooooh yessss oooh. Her hands moved down and opened herself for me. My tongue moved in and slipped deep and hard into the folds of her pussy. My nosed rested firmly against her clitoris.

My mouth was feeling her juices. Slowly I swirled through her wetness & tickled every bump and fold. I slowly withdrew and circled her clit with my dripping tongue & slid my lip up and down over her clitoris. Faster and faster I went, alternating between deep excursions into her pussy with my tongue, to the delicate licking of her clit. She was reaching new heights of ecstasy.

Her head was thrashing from side to side. Her chest heaved in desperate attempts as loud screams of "Oh Good. Ooooohhhhhhh… Haiiiii That is indeed what I wanted her to do. My face was being literally covered in her juices. Her climax was exactly what I wanted. " was all she could manage as her back arched.

I stood up and looked down at her as she was rolling over and mumbling. She then told me this was the best orgasm she had in years and not it was her turn to return my favor. All this time her nails were scratching on my back and I’m sure there were some marks on it but she was totally on fire and it was difficult to control her.

Now she made me lie down and stated licking my dick since it was big she first just took a part of it in her mouth and gradually took more. And more of it and was playing with my balls with her other hand it was a heavenly feeling I was getting the best blowjob of my life she went on licking it I was holding her head tight and pulling her towards me her hair felt so good.

Soon I told her I was about to cum and asked her where did she want me she did not say anything but started licking me faster I understood that she wanted me in her mouth. I soon cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it all a bit of cum spilled out of her mouth which she licked it with the tongue.

Now my dick was getting small and I was really satisfied but I had still not had her pussy soon she lay on the bed and asked me to come on her and put my dick between her tits. I put my dick there and she was pressing her tits on my dick and I started moving front and back.

Soon my dick was rock hard again and when I was moving when I went ahead she used her tongue to lick my dick she told me she wants my dick in her pussy now and asked me to put on a condom which she had got along.

I put the condom and entered her pussy it was really wet and tight too I think her husband must have not fucked her for a long time I first put it in slowly and then with a sudden jerk pushed my dick in her she screamed and then there was a smile on her face. I held her thighs and started fucking her she was making all sorts of moans ohhhhhhh aaahhhhh don’t stop.

Her tits were bouncing as I was fucking her soon her muscles for tighter and she moaned loudly I understood she was having orgasms. Soon after that I cum and she told me not to go but stay there as she liked it that way. Swati told me Amarinder you are just too great I never had so many orgasms since a long time and nothing so wonderful has happened to me for a long time too.

Soon we both got up and started kissing each other she saw the watch and said that she had to go soon we entered the bathroom and took a nice bath together exploring each others bodies and washing each other. In the mirror she showed me the marks on my back which were there because of her nails. We then dressed each other up and were kissing each other as we dressed each other.

We soon left the hotel and she told me she would call me soon for another fuck experience and I would have a surprise then which I shall enjoy. I left kissing her and was wondering what surprise awaits me. Its been 3 months & once a week we go to the hotel & have a fantastic time in each others arms & trying new positions every time.

Hope you all enjoyed this & it has made all you lovely women wet & Juicy...please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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Unsatisfied Aunty Priya Fucked By Vicky - I

I wake up late in morning after yesterday’s joyful & then Painful experiences thanks to Tarun. I was upset but positive enough to come out of my depressing thoughts. Yesterday’s Nimmi wala episode mere zehen me aur rago me khoon ki tarah daud raha thaa (Flowing like a blood in veins).

I was excited to take revenge from them n equally important for me was to get my own pleasure n satisfaction the way I want it rather than what I got, as usual. So far I was doing that only but now it is enough. No more Drama of sanskari bahoo n all.

I freshened up & prepare my kidz ready for school & once they left Tarun wake up & hugged me & I looked into his eyes to read his mind but he was normal as usual may be he was unaware what blunder he did y’day in his drunken state. After regular activities he rushed for the office & again I was alone & I started thinking about my future course of action.

After freshened up & breakfast I picked up my phone n thought to dial the number of Vicky & dropped the ideas as being a female its not fair to begin the excitement from my end. So I called Kavita & to my luck the phone was picked up by Vicky. “Heyy priyaaa……Good Morning bebe” and I avoided him n rudely asked “Where is kavita???”

He teased me “She is no more & I m all your” I said “Shutt up……U flirty” he giggled & asked “seriously……? “ U r annoyeddd with me? “Please Vicky……don’t irritate me, give it to Kavita” “Arey baba, she has gone for Bath, and I m waiting good company for bath, r u coming???” “jaao naa…….besharam…….” & I disconnected the line.

His nasty & flirty chat has charged me & I was smiling at mirror looking at me again n again. “Am I so attractive enough to impress Vicky??” “huhhhh……..” and back to my routine cleaning & wrapping work.

At around 10 I got a message & it was none other than Vicky where he wrote “Sorry Yaar…..I won’t tease u if u felt bad” I smiled & after some time replied “Its Ok, Jeeju bechara, Saali k saath Majaak nahi karega, to aur kis se karega??” & sent poor face Smiley to him.

He read it & send “Thanks Aapne Jeeju Kaha hai to Jeeju ki responsibility achhi tarah se nibhaoonga apni sexy saali k saath” with winked smiley. I liked his flirty response as it was nurturing my teenage naughtiness which was lost somewhere in my household life, I was feeling high & when somebody gives u importance u feel better n better, especially when u didn’t get the same from within your family.

After half an hour he called me & I picked up immediately as if I was desperately waiting for the same & he was appreciating my look, my figure & my Nature. And I was drowning myself into him knowingly. Yess…..I need a Man’s company who knew the importance of a female, who cares for her feelings & who is expert in enjoying her beauty n believes in delivering complete Satisfaction to make the woman “The complete Package”.

I was eager to be “The complete Package” through him So responding him with same flirty feedback in response to his chats. Finally he thrown a Yorker at me & I was clean bowled. He asked “ Lets go for Date , Priya……..I cant wait anymore” & I was quiet but still didn’t cut the phone & after couple of minutes he asked “R u there Priyaa “ & I could only utter “hmmm”

Then tell me when r we meeting??? He was smart enough to guess my silent over phone as my consent & asking for the day & I was losing my senses to reply him but gathered courage & asked “Kavitaaa……..? he immediately stopped “forget her………I will handle that” Meet me around 2.00 PM at ‘XXXXXXX……….Hotel I will be eagerly waiting for you”

Okkay see U soon I m in hurry need to hang now ” & he kept the phone. I was in a dilemma “what to do now!!!!” My heartbeat suddenly rose to its all time high. Thinking about affair is pleasurable but implementing the same is the most difficult part & needs lots of courage & fearless attitude. I was scared of my own as My wrong acts troubles my internal & eternal peace only.

But my all other organs were forcing me to indulge into this & there was a big battle going on inside me. I don’t want to be a person who can feel ashamed of oneself facing at mirror. And this I was doing since last 15 years of my life. Initial 5 years of college days I was waiting for permission from my parents to choose right guy on my own which I never got.

And Since then I was under total control of my insecure hubby. Who always expect I should live according to his wishes. He never gave me freedom to allow to make my own group but Now I was fed up also, after 10 years of married life he was least bothered (he is under that impression that I became freeze now ) but I only know my condition.

I chose to follow my heart & decided to fulfill my wish & without wasting much time rushed to bathroom for getting ready & after almost an hour I was ready with extreme different n erotic look with Black designer kanjivaram sari & decent makeup with loose hair & I saw myself in mirror & I myself found me very hot n sexy as the side slim naval was partly bare & tempting for a touch & clutch.

I shied & smiled at me. Looked at Watch n it was 12.30 PM. The Venue was quite away from the city n good as nobody can identify us there. I chose to take a Private Cab & immediately booked radio taxi & within 20 minutes it arrived. I left for the place & after an hour & half at around 2.30 I reached there.

I was almost half an hour late So I found Vicky was waiting for me outside the gate & found him biting his nails for his eagerness & excitement to meet me. I wave my hand & he found sudden dose of oxygen & his dull face turned into a pleasant smiling face & he replied with his waving hand. We immediately went inside & he escorted to my seat.

I know its simply not a restaurant but connected luxurious hotel rooms also as most of the hotels nearby National Highway are like that only. We took our seat & starred at each other he complimented my look n dressing sense & I smiled and lowered my eyes saying “Thanks” “I liked u from the day 1 at Mall when we were stranger,

you were looking so ravishing I was planning to meet & talk to u then n there only but suddenly u got up & I found u met Kavita “ He said all this in one sentence only. I just looked at him n smiled. He was expecting I should comment but I was silent with a decent smile on my face & he again complimented, this time for my smile & I said “U know how to impress a female hmmm??

“Yess……Actually I was looking for a Girl like U only” Slim trim, having Pleasant look, A girl who believe in communicating much thro’ eyes n doesn’t require to speak. “ “Ohh!!! Really???!!!!” I asked with my eyebrows & he relied with his eyes only. We ordered some light food & I could see his eagerness to go for privacy waiting at Room for us & so instructed waiter to speed up the order.

Within ½ an hour we finished our Lunch & he guided me to the 5th Floor where he had booked a luxurious suit room for me. I was tensed n inspite of AC in restaurant I was sweating when reaching to room & time n again wiping my sweat droplets from Face & forehead with hanky.

He noticed & pressed my shoulder “Relaxxx. U r safe here & pinched (Except from me) & I didn’t respond to him this time as I was feared but equally thrilled too. I looked at him properly & he was in his formal office wear. Today he lied to both Boss n wife and was with me here.

Life door opened & we just entered our room & he invited me inside it was nicely decorated with Flowers, Air Fresheners, Baloons & At side table I found Dairy Milk chocolates n dry fruits decorated in a plate. I was looking all this & suddenly he grabbed me from behind & shocked me.

I spoke “Heyy vickyy……relaxxx. I m all sweating ………Pehle muje fresh hone do ……..” No way….Priyeee…the smell of Your sweating is also like a fragmented Perfume ……..let me sniffff it deeply & started smelling my neck & shoulder portion I was horrified as First time I could feel it other than my hubby.

He was so hard that I could feel his stiff length poking around my belly n that mesmerized me n I simply hugged him & covered his shoulders “ohhh Priyaaa……..Jab se dekha hai………Pagal kar diyaa he muje “ he started rubbing his lips at my sensitive parts near shoulder & I moaned & whispered “Ohh vickkkyy………same here yaaar”

he inserted his hand inside my palloo n touched my bear skin of naval “ohhh your this portion………so attractive…n pressed me m there ….I was melting n melting with each of his words & touches. Just responding him in humming mode. I raised my leg n started rubbing his leg he tried to hold me from my bums I helped him & stood on my toes to help him & we kissed,

without looking back, continuously, unstoppably for next 10 minutes he used his expertise thro’ his teeth, lips & tongue to gave me immense pleasure in all ways our smooching sound were rising steadily & he started roaming his hands all over my delicate body parts he was pressing my ass cheeks.

I was lost in kisses n suddenly my demanding woman from inside awakened & I decided to keep the shame aside n now enjoy the session without any hesitation. I took the charge of kissing n started exploring his mouth & looking my state he gave up & allowed me to lead the game.

I sucked his lips vigorously & made deep smooching sound n started biting his lips & he was flat…….I broke the kiss & started chooming all over his face & with my hands broken his shirt button & opened it also tore his innershirt & made a scratch marks on his chest he was shocked to see my response n reaction but I was now onn n not in a mood to listen anybody.

I pushed him n he fall flat on bed & without wasting a moment I climbed on him & started kissing his bicaps & strong arms & he started laughing & cuddled me & I bite his earlobe & pulled his hair with grunting my teeth & said “ Khaa jaaoongi tumhe saalaa kitna tadpaa rahaa hai muje” He said “Haan haan Khaa Jaao……..Jaannoo…….I m dying to die for you.

“I was unstoppable & bite his lips & dug my nails into his strong muscles he was getting onn n onn but was waiting for his turn to be a wild on me. I started kissing all over his chest & made him topless by removing all junks n hurdles. He was having hot n attractive abs which can invite any woman over him.

I started licking, sucking & biting his nipple & out of excitement we both fumbled & he calmed me “Relaxxx bebe……we have much more time to enjoy each other” I giggled & came again towards his face & started showering kisses all over his face & lips & simultaneously roaming my hand inside his curly hairs & quite often pulling his hairs out of wildness.

He was rock hard when I touched over his cloth & I waste no time to take the top in my grip & started crushing it & as a result its length rose significantly & he was puffing cuddling my body so far he was soft but due to my continuous wildness he now turned into a wild wolf & started using his strength & muscle power all over my body & soft flesh of crucial parts like Naval,

bums & I liked its rough handling & I gradually hand over the charge to him to handle me as elegantly as possible. He turn the table (came over me ) & rested his crotch part between my thigh poking my gentiles which I could not bare & screamed & bite his shoulder to conceal my loud moan.

I with a grunting teeth whispered “Ohhh…vikkkyyy…take me …….take meee to a high” & he was smiling & saying “yaa bebe……surely……..its my pleasure but we are still on a runway” will take some more time to take off. I just replied “uummm….aaaahh………rajjaaa” & he started kissing me aall around my neck & shoulder & repeating it again n again &

I felt I released a stream of juice from my love hole So tried to collect my thighs but he was there in between. I tried to remover it but give up soon & kept oozing more n more juices with jerking my Pelvis n Naval part & out of excitement I hugged him tight & my nails probably scratched his skin as he rose his face due to pain.

But soon recovered his rhythm & started kissing my cleavage & bite there to left his red marks of teeth. I was losing my senses & my eyes were slowly closed to get the extreme feeling of Lust rising inside me. I put my thigh on his thigh & that helped him to poke at right place. I shivered due to its hardness & again started kissing him all over his face.

He patiently responded this time & getting opportunity locked my lips perfectly in smooching mode. & we kissed like true lovers as if there is no 2morrow. I urged him to tear me apart.”Ohhhh Jaaannoo………haaan haaa………please……..fukkkk me now…….plzzz. naaahhh ……..fuccckkk naaaaa”

I don’t know what nonsense I was talking but it was appealing him positively as to my each moan he responded thro’ his action. And Always, the action speaks louder than words. Finally he removed my Sari & widen his eyes looking at cleavages & he spoked “Wowwww…..Priyaa…….U have one of the beautiful pair in the world”

I smiled & he started unbuttoning my Blouse & in no time he removed it & thrown away, further he got excited & started kissing my both big Oranges (36D) making choomming sound to arouse me more & I pressed his head between them. He finally unhooked Bra also & made me topless I deliberately tried to cover with my hands & he allowed me to cover.

& came over me to kiss & I lost in his lip lock & he explored his tongue with mine & I responded well & I lost & used my hands to cover him again & forgot my breast show open to him. We nicely tongue kissed & suddenly he grasped my left nipple in his mouth & used his thumb efficiently to teased the other one. Pinching & sucking of nipple made me completely wet below.

& My Panty was completely soaked with my juice. I was completely melt inside him & kept my body loose at his mercy. He realized I m thro’ & now he started his action by removing remaining cloths of our body & I was just co-operating him like his slave & in no time my soaked Panty was also withdrawn from my body.

He spread my thigh & started licking my triangle n V lips again n again & I felt electric shock in my lifeless body n it awakened & started shivering again I came to my senses for further action & started chanting his name “Ohh vicckkyy…….vikkyy………ohhh rajjaaa………aaaah…..aaah…” He also replied in humming gg “hmmmm hmmm”

as he was busy in licking my cunt he could utter “hmmm ummmm only. He used his finger & inserted deep inside me & started stroking me inside I jumped out of sudden jerk n pain but soon got habitual & started searching for his rod & I could feel its length was tremendous n that worried me but still I was ready to take risk & started jerking his length.

After 10 minutes, I released more n more juices & that excitement enhanced my grip over his cock & I twisted the top as much as I can. “Ohh yaa bebe……..let me let meee fuckkk nowww…….” Finally he was ready for Main course session.

He just took his position between my legs & holding his dick he pointed at my entrance & set the gameplan & pushed slightly & it went half inside to shiver me & I hugged him tight to prepare for next stroke & this time he used all his strength thro’ his hips & Ohhhh yaaaa…….it travelled deep inside. “ohh maaaa……esssss……..I screamed.

He started pumping n pumping without looking at me n “I was just responding thro’……….Haaaan haaaannn yessss ohhh yesssss bebeeee’ I could feel he was using all my own wetness against me only & frequently changing its direction of pumping to pleasure my inside diff diff sensitive points.

He was flawless & I was speechless………..just responding him thro’ my pleasure moans. After 10 minutes he removed out & show me as I could see his entire length was drenched with my released juice & was shining I took his full length in my mouth & tasted my own exhaust juice & made it dry again for rough penetration.

This time he hold me from my thigh & put it on his shoulder & sucked my pussy & I begggged……”yaaaa honey……..suckkk it bebe……” he was giving me a Heaven n paradise like pleasure & I was enjoying each n every moment of it.

He guided his tool again & entered deep inside me & keeping my legs on his shoulder started pumping again & “ Ohhh Priyaaaa……..U r so fitttt…….inside……..I cant believe……… enjoyyinggg” & kept fuckingg me hard. He hold my both ankle & spread my legs in V shape & kept fuckingg deep deep.

I again came with shuddering sound & the thumping wet sound increased the aroma of the room & I could feel small droplets of my juice was raining on my thigh & his chest part. It was like a grape juice thrown on body.

I was completely spent releasing those droplets & Now he raised his speed enormously to come to climax & he signaled me by his hummmminggg……”aaaah……..priyaaa…….mmm “ & he increased his speed like a energetic machine & I literally feel his cok has made extra place inside my pussy n tear it & touched at some untouched area so far.

I felt China has entered into the limits of India. N thinking this I was smiling n he was pumping me heavily. At last he screamed n unloaded his sperm inside me n I felt hot flow of water busted inside me. It took 2 more minute for him to cam his cock & slowly the machine was off.

He lied on me & I accepted him in my arms gracefully. And I complimented him “Ohh vickyyy………U r super hero dear” And he smiled & kissed me …….”U r also………the Princess of heaven honey”.

To Be Continued...

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