Sunitha Getting Fucked In The Haystack

This incident took place in a rural area. Sunitha, 20 just graduated and was helping her mother in the household matters. Theirs was an agricultural family with about 2 acres of land where they cultivated, vegetables, coconuts, and ever so many products. They had 2 milch animals which were looked after by the mother of Sunitha.

They used to give about 10 liters of milk a day and hence they took very good care of them. Sunitha was trying to get job and in the meantime her parents were searching for a bridegroom for her. Sunitha had lot of friends out of whom many are married and settled with children. When she visits them usually the convesation moves around sex.

Sunitha was very inquisitive about everything about sex. Her friends used to tell her about the pleasure part of it and how the sex play is done with the husband. Many said the cock of their husband was very big and long and very hard like steel. They used to have at least once a day. Sunitha could not imagine, a male person getting on her and fucking her in her bedroom.

Usually the person who used to come for milching the cows comes at 4 am and Sunitha's mother used to be there to give him the vessels to be filled and pay him the wages. But one day she was not well and asked Sunitha to do this job and Sunitha got up at 4 am and when the milchman came she gave the milk can and that man did his job and handed over the milk to Sunitha and she gave him his wages.

She kept the milk in the kitchen, closed the door and when the milchman went out she went to close the gate. She suddenly heard the cycle bell ringing from the darkness. She looked intently and found somebody standing near his cycle asking her to stop. She recognized him as Antony the newspaper man who delivers papers daily to his customers.

She asked him what is the matter. He put his cycle inside the compound and came near her and asked her to come along with him as he has something to say. It was totally dark except for a small bulb near the cowshed. He took her near the cowshed and led her to a corner and placed his hand on her shoulders. She looked into his eyes and asked what is the matter.

He just lowered his hand cover her firm and erect boob and gave it a soft squeeze. An electric shock went through her body and she did not resist his action. Without saying anything he took both of her books in his hands and gave a good squeeze. She was not wearing any bra and he unhooked her blouse and placed his hands over her naked boobs.

She was softly moaning and she leaned on him. He pulled her hand and took her to the hay stack and pulled some hay on the floor and spread his lungi over it and asked her to lie on his lungi. She obeyed and did as he asked. He removed her blouse and took her boobs and nipples in his mouth and sucked them.

He lifted her skirt up and found that she was not wearing any underwear. Her small pussy was covered with thin hair. He made her to wide her legs and he placed his face over her pussy and gave it a strong lick with his tongue. Sunitha was covering her mouth with her hand to prevent her own sound from coming out. Antony asked her whether she has been fucked ever by any one.

She said no. She did not tell him that she had pierced her hole with her finger and with vegetable and broke her seal. Antony told her that if it is for the first time there may be some pain but not to cry because it will go away and then it will be alright. She nodded her head.

Antony found her tender cunt hole was filled with her cunt juice and he placed his cock and pushed it in and because of the tightness it went very slow. For Suni the glow from the single bulb was not sufficient to see what is happening bue she recollected the stories told to her by her friends and understood she is being fucked.

The cock pushed its way in and the cunt walls gripped it strongly. By jerking it slowly he made his complete entry in and it filled her hole completely. Sunitha had copious tears and her own hand was covering her mouth. Antony kissed her cheeks and then kissed and licked her nipples and started to pull his cock out slowly.

He made very slow action in pulling and pushing and after he realized that she is enjoying the action started to increase the speed. It was total silence except for the sound the body movements created over the hay. Sunitha was enjoying that the iron rod was going into her and made her dream come true. Antony was enjoying a virgin cunt.

He was married and had two children. But when he goes to his wife he finds his children sucking her breasts and she was not able to move. She was very hot type but was helpless. Poor Antony was searching for a new pussy and he met Suni luckily. She had a shuddering orgasm and he was continuously fucking.

He asked her about her periods and she said it is over three days back. Finally when he came he shot his fluids inside her and it was a fantastic expeience for both. He asked her whether she will have one more session. She said yes. He started his second session and he completed it within 20 minutes. He confirmed that she also got her orgasm.

He got up wiped his cock on her skirt and before she could get up, told her that he will come again the next day and disappeared into the darkness. Suni got up with her fluids flowing down over her thighs and legs. She closed the gate and closed the door and went to the bathroom and cleaned her leg and her cunt. She felt a sense of victory.

All the stories of sex she heard she had experienced now and the pleasure part of it was great and inexplicable. The mere thought of her repeated orgasm gave her a shiver. Putting out the light she went to her bed and lied. Though she was tired, she did not sleep. Next day her mother was not well and she asked Suni to look after the milching of cows for another few days.

Suni agreed. Next day Antony was hiding for the milchman to go out and he came in and hugged Sunitha and they ran to the hay stack to save time. Suni has made it more cushion like. She unhooked her blouse and lifted her skirt and was ready. Antony as usual kised her kissed her boobs and licked her pussy and then inserted his cock and started to fuck.

Suni widened her legs and gave more room for him to move up and down. He kissed and whispered some love words in her ears. She lifted her hip and made an attempt to meet him half way. They both had a great orgasm. He said since they are going to have it everyday he will fuck her just once. She agreed. As usual he wiped his cock in her skirt and ran to vanish in the darkness.

Sunitha was simply in heaven. She never thought it will be so nice. She had to tell this to someone, but whom she will tell. She had no pain at all and overal she was physically and mentally happy. We went back to her bed and thought about the incidents of the previous day and this day. She just dozed off. In the morning the workers who work in their farm came.

Her father got busy with his work and his mother was busy in the kitchen. After finishing kitchen work she went to tend the cows. Sunitha took bath changed her clothes and remembered her friend Raji in the neighbourhood. Between them they dont keep any secrets. Raji told her how her cousin came and lying near her tried to molest her.

Suni told her all that she heard about sex and sexual intercourse. She said today I have something more thrilling to tell you. She told about all that hapened very much in detail. They ran in search of a secret bush where they can hide and what they talked may not be overheard by any. Raji put several questions and Suni replied. But accidentally the word Antony fell from her mouth.

Raji was a hotter girl. She was doing her degree in the local college. She was beautiful and big boobs, big bulky thighs and big buts. When they get too deep into sexual talk their hands go in search of the private parts of the partner and take physical pleasure manually. Suni told her since this is going to be a daily affair they will fuck just once every day.

Suddenly Raji asked her whether she can join them the next day just for once. Suni was shocked, she asked, do you know the dangers you would be exposed, can you manage to come hoodwinking your mother and others in the family. Raji said I will do anything just for trying it once. If it is so enjoyable please let me have it for once.

Suni yielded, but said he will consult her partner and only if he agrees she may come. Next day early morning Antony came as usual they had a great fuck and she asked him whether he will fuck her close friend who wants to get fucked. He asked who is it. She told him the identity of the girl. Oh, she is really a plum, ok, ask her to come.

But you go on telling all your friends and they come in a queue to get fucked. That is not possible. He showed fake anger. Suni hugged and kissed him and said just this one and none else. Antony was happy he gets another virgin to fuck the next day. Suni signalled Raji and the matter was arranged. Raji was nervous for the whole day.

With a blade she shaved off her public hair and had a good bath to remove body odor. In the early morning she washed her pussy wiped it and sneaked out of the house without anybody noticing and came to the fence between her house and that of Suni and waited. At four thirty she saw the milck man going out and Antony walking in briskly.

Raji crossed the fence and tip toed to the cow shed and waited for the events to happen. She saw Suni lying in the hay stack and Antony getting ready with his monster. Seeing its legth Raji was shocked. As usual Antony kissed the cheeks of Suni, kissed her boobs and licked them and sucked the nipples, went down and buried his face in her pussy and licked her pussy briskly.

Raji who was watching was overwhelmed and seeing the scene was fully aroused. Antony was fucking Suni and Suni was bearing his weight and enjoying every stroke. But she is not giving out any sound for fear of her mother or anybody hearing it. Suni say the dark figure of Raji sqatting on the floor and watching their game.

In the final fast strokes, they both got their orgasm and Antony waited to pump his entire fluids into the cunt of Suni and then got up. Suni called Raji to come. Antony turned back and foud this new girl of 18 more chubby coming to get fucked. He had seen her many times when he throws the paper in their house.

In the meantime Suni helped Raji to lie down instructed her to open the hooks of her blouse and lift her petty coat and skirt up and keep her legs wide. The heart of Raji was beating fast and she looked at Antony, a tall hefty figure with his erect cock murmuring something to Suni. Suni sat near Raji to give her confidence. The fair skin of Raji glowed in the light from the bulb.

Antony that this is the real ripe fruit and need some care to handle it. He kissed her on her cheeks and on her neck and then on her naked boobs and circled his tongue around her nipple and sucked them alternatively. He gave a soft squeeze to her boob and he could hear her soft moans. Suni was watching. Antony buried his face into the new pussy and licked it.

Be cause it was clean shaven, his tongue searched for her clitoris and rubbed it. Slowly placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of her fuckhole he pushed it in. Her cunt hole was narrow and he thought it will take more effort to achieve deeper penetration. Just to divert the attention of the girls he just looked around and it was dark and pitch dark everywhere.

He asked her whether she had ever been fucked. She said no. He wetting his cock with the cunt juices flowing in he inserted his cock into the hole and pushed it in. The cunt walls were resisting. Suni kept her hand over the mouth of Raji to prevent any sound coming out, sound of pain or sound of pleasure. In the meantime she was squeezing the ample boobs of Raji.

Antony made a quick job and pushed his cock in with all force. He reached full penetration. Tears were flowing from the eyes of Raji. Suni consoled her and wiped the tears. Starting slowly Antony fucked her and then briskly. Suddenly he pulled out and asked her to stand on all her fours to assume doggy style.

By keeping her legs apart he located her cunt and inserted his cock from behind. This gave deeper penetration and more pleasure for both. He reached for her boobs and gave them good squeeze. Suni was aghast. at this new pose. The girl was fucking by moving her but behind.

They both reached immense orgasm. He pumped all his fluids into her and she too enjoyed to the maximum. Antony said ok, ok, my time is over and he ran to his cycle and pedalled his way into the darkness. Both the girls almost naked, sat on the hay and exchanged their experiences. Raji said this is fantastic. I never knew that this will be so great pleasurable.

She thanked Suni for the opportunity. Suni watched Raji entering her house. Raji's mother was shouting at her where at this early morning she went. She gave some hush hush reply and mother asked her to take bath and get ready.

Next day Suni came to know that a marriage alliance has been finalised for Raji and the marriage may take place within a week. The affair of Antony and Suni continued for some more months when her marriage also got finalized.

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Tales Of Sexually Unsatisfied Indian Aunties

My friend Vasu says that most or majority of the women are not loyal to their husbands s they claim to be. They do not miss a chance to sleep with another man, provided sufficient secrecy and privacy are available. He says this is not just a stray thought, but born out of experience and from the experience of other people. But nobody dare say that his wife is not loyal to him.

Women whose husbands are working in Gulf countries and visit them once in a year or two or three years. Sex is as imporatant to the body as water or food. Society close to her closes its eyes and allows her graze in the nearby grassland. Sometimes father or brother or close relative fuck her so that the story of immorality will not seep outside.

The sin of incest is forgotten. The family honor is considered supreme. The convenience of proximity is also taken into consideraiton. When husbands are working in far off places within the country, husbands on travelling duties and come home ony once in a week or ten days, Handsome and pushy young man staying in the neighbourhood,

when husband is out the wife goes out for work or meets lot of strangers, young beautiful wife being away from home till late in the night, are all occasions when her mind just flirts and forgets about morality. A wife of middle age, goes to the temple everyday in the morning and comes back after worshipping with sandal paste on the forehead, a youngman in the neighborhood says

"oh Aunty, you are so charming that you look like gooddess coming home walking" This flattery shocks and changes her mind. On the third day, as soon as the husband left for office at 10, the young fellow comes to the house of the lady under the pretext of using their phone since his phone is out of order. The lady does not find anything wrong.

But after using the phone the young man talks to the lady into her bedroom and with little persuation makes her to lie down and he has nice fuck of her. Nobody saw, all the neighbors are busy, all the children have gone to their schools or colleges, this affair goes on unhindered for days.

In big cities like chennai, in many flats, by 10 am the husband would have gone to office or for work, children would have gone to schools or colleges, most of the housewifes are alone and free and relaxing, They chitchat among themselves, in some cases vendors shout from the ground so that the ladies may go and buy their wares.

Usually the watchman does not allow strangers to enter the building, but I know an enterprising young man bribes the watchman and gets inside and visits a flat regularly. A sexually disatisfied housewife, meets this youngman once in the mall and got introduced and he came as an interior designer, but he was more interested in her.

She was frantically in search of a young dependable young man who will keep her secret confidential. They were very happy and copulated for hours in most of the days. Her husband had some erectile problem which could have been cured. But here a iron rod like thing was available for easy take and at convenient time. Mr.Vasu has several such stories to narrate.

In most of the cases people are well known to us. We cannot imagine that this lady would go astray. Some ladies seek another man just for a change. Sex apetite levels of hers and her husband's may vary and she wants someone to fill the gap. Car drivers, tuition teachers, house boys come handy for such needs.

I know of a lady doctor whose husband took up a post of a professor in one of the medical colleges abroad, had a loyal driver who used to rub pain balm on her legs. But later she used to ask him massage her whole body and finally he became her lover. I know of another case where the driver used to fuck the daughter whom he used to take to the college and for tuition.

The second daughter also demanded her share of pleasure. When the widowed mother came to know she had it openly with him. Mother and daughters were fucked by the driver. But law used to blame the men and punish them for many sexual offences. There are several cases of incest reported in the papers. But the role played by the females are never known outside.

I don't say all women are bad. There are many many good and virtuous women. My humble pranaams to them. But a few bad elements spoil the names of all.

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Prema Fucked By Horny Neighbour

I was very much impressed by my new tenant, Raju and Prem, newly married. Raju worked in a bank and his wife was a housewife. Mine is a 2bedroom appt. andfot them it is more than sufficient. I provided them besides cots and beds, a small sofa settee to be kept in the drawing room. They pay me equal or more than the rate prevailing.

They used to call me often on some complaint or the other and I promised to get them rectfied. I introduced them to my provision shop where I buy my provision. They have almost settled down. Raju has a car and a two wheeler. Only when he needs to take his wife he takes his car otherwise, 2 wheeler is his usual transport.

Raju may be 23 or 24 looks handsome and minds his business. When he goes in the morning hecarries his lunch packet and comes back only in the evening. One day Prem called me upstairs complaining of a leaking tap. I called for a plumber and got the tap repaired. It was not a big issue but she could have tightened it a bit and avoided the problem.

After the plumber left we sat for a while to talk. prem was a beautiful girl well formed, may be 19 or 20. She was very much inexperienced did not know even cooking just the common dishes. I made fun of her that husbands in the early stages of mariage eat whatever their wife cook, without bothering the taste. Their taste lies somewhere else. Where uncle, she asked.

I just laughed and did not answer. she was again asking where their taste lies, uncle. Dont get annoiyed with me if I reply I said. No, No, please say, I just curious to know. I said first he tastes her lips, they both enjoy. Then he tastes her boobs. Then there are many parts of the body where he extends his tongue and finds it more tastier. It is for you to make it tastier for him.

She blushed andbowed her head. If you have any doubt please come to me I will clarify for you. She just smiled at my face and I left to my flat. About a year back I lost my wife and I was living with my son and his wife. I engage in some social activity to spend my time. My son and his wife, both are working, leave at about 9 am and return only at 6 pm.

Next day Prema came down in her satin nightie and when I opened the door she just came in and sat in the sofa. I asked her whether any more tap leaking. She said no, uncle, I am bored and that is why I came down to keep your company. You son and daughter would have gone and you would be alone.

How do you spend your time at home. I said I watch TV, browse computer, read newspapers and books. Sometimes I am bored of the TV serials, Prem said and I immediately switch it off. I am not much familiar with computers, uncle please guide me which sites to watch.

I was explaining to her about the sites etc. and the facilities available in the computer to read or watch movies etc. Uncle, please dont mistake me, where do you get sex sites. There is a lot of talk about the sex sites and all my friends talked about it. But we did not a have a computer at home and hence I could not watch. Raju has promised to get me a laptop for my exclusive use.

Before I get it on hand I just wanted to have some idea about it. See Prema, I have desktop PC. You should always watch sex either alone or with your husband. Because watching it makes you suddenly hot and you may have to find solutions. What solutions, she asked. I told her I cannot explain to you further than this. She said Uncle, can I see it in you computer?

I looked at her, she looked innocent. She was very attractive and she did not seem to wear any inner wear under the nithtie. Her boobs were moving right and left at every body movement and I did not find any panty linings on her but. I switched on the PC and I was wondering, by showing her the porn sites, I will also get hot and in my sex starved condition, I may loose control over me.

The girl being inexperienced with certainly get very hot. I turned to her. Prema, do you mind if I ask you some personal questions. She said yes you may ask. Do you have sex with your husband every day. She looked wondered and said not every day. Some days he is in town I will have sex, sometime when he goes out I may not have.

Sometime he works late, and tell me that he is tired and hence no sex. Just one more question, have you had sex before your marriage. She just bowed and thought for a while and said yes. How many times, I asked. She again hesitated and siad, may five or six times or even more. Uncle, please dont tell this to anybody.

After marriage have you had sex with anybody other than your husband. I will keep it top secret. Prema said yes twice. But please uncle why you are asking so much. Let me ask you the same questions you asked me. I said I had sex before marriage and after marriage. But I will tell you the occasions in detail in due course. You want to watch the computer.

She said yes, and came near me. In front of the computer table there is only one chair. She pulled a dining chair and sat close to me It is long time since a woman is sitting so close to me and her body smell was very strong and was making my cock erect. I was just thinking and searching for some site.

From the corner of my eye I could see her boobs and cleavage is just open to show the boobs. Her big thighs were just close to me. I asked her whether she can operate a computer. She said no not much. Common hold the mouse and show me how to trace a google search engine. She did not know how to hold the mouse.

I put my hand over hers and showed her how to move the mouse and how the cursor moves etc, how to click and double click and right click etc. All the while my elbow was resting on her boob and I could feel its softness. I could hear her fast and deep breathing. I typed the ID of a famous porn site and made it open.

There were may videos and I selected one and made the video enlarged to cover the screen. There was sound and it was too loud and I reduced it very low sound. It was the beginning of the sex act, a boy and a girl, undressed and she started to give him a blow job. Prema was looking at the screen wide eyed.

His cum sprayed all over face and she licking it and swallowing it was shown. The she lied down it his turn to lick her cunt. He was licking majestically and she was twisting and moving with big moaning sound. She pressed his head into her crotch and she too would have had her orgasm. Prema said this is terrible, I never thought it will be so.

Then fucking started, in different poses, first on missionery posture and ten doggy, etc. When the girl straddled him, Prema got hold of my hand and asked me to switch off the computer. I said why, let us finish the show. She said no uncle, this is too much for me and leaned over me resting her head on my chest. I put my hand around her and hugged and gave her a tight squeeze.

She raised her head pouting her nips and we kissed each other sucking the lips and tongues meeting each other. I unbuttoned her nightie and threw it away. She was totally nude and I lead her to my bedroom and made her to lie down. I was looking at her beautiful body. It looked divine and every part of her body was glowing.

I bent low and kissed on her cheeks and told her she is very beautiful. She caught hold of my cock and said it is the biggest she had seen. She opened her mouth wide and wanted to take my cock in her mouth. But it was too big for her mouth. I just lied near her and with my both hands I squeezed her boobs.

I took one nipple in mouth and rolled my tongue around it and kep my hand over the other boob giving it a soft squeeze. Prem was moaning and her legs widened. My one hand went in search of her pussy. It was covered with a thick mat of curly black hair. After finishing my job with the boobs, I came down to the pussy area. Prem this is one thing I dont like, so much of hair in you pussy.

It is very unhealthy. The secretions from your cunt with get soaked in this hair and infections may develop. There will be some foul smell. Remove it with a razor or apply hair removal cream. If the entire hair goes away you husband will lick and suck you daily and he may fuck you also.

Prema said ok, ok, I will do it today itself so that when my husband comes back it would be a surprise to him. I told her today I will remove your public hair but see that you remove it every week. I took my razor and brush and shaving cream from my bathroom, made her lie down flat, spread an old paper under her but, applied soap lavishly over her mat and lathered it well.

I climbed on my bed, leaned on her and took the razor and started to shave carefully. But Prem saw my elongated cock and she took it in her hand. I ran the razor around her clitoris and down her cunt lips. The mont area was totally clean and it gave a golden glow. I just opened the lips slightly and shaved the hair at the edge of the lip. All was over in less than 5 minutes.

I asked her to go to the bathroom and wash the cunt with plenty of water. She wiped and dried her cunt and walked back to the bed. I asked her to view in the mirror. She was amazed and was laughing at her own pussy. I went and embraced her and squatted on the floor and licked her pussy. She was aroused and she ran to the bed and called me to hr side.

I put on all the lights in the bed room and opened her legs widely and lifted her knees up. Her cunt was open like a flower and the red color of the cunt against the golden background was very attractive. Her melons were standing erect with nipples enlarged and she was looking at me eagerly to start the game. I was just enjoying the view of her body and her open cunt.

I just leaned and gave a wet kiss on her cunt. Prem gave out a cry, SSSSSSSSSZZZ......... I licked her cunt lips and ran my tongue all over her cunt. The tip of my tongue circled her clitoris and Prem was giving out funny sounds. I wanted the game to prolong as much as possible.

Oh Uncle dont give a gap, please continue, do something, please, she cried. I took her nipples one by one sucked them softly and licked her melons. She was very much aroused and was clutching the pillow and the bedsheet, crying, Oh Uncle, please do something. I asked her what do you want me to do. Fuck me, otherwise I will die, please uncle, fuck me, she cried.

I gave one more lick aroud her clitoris, and sucked it softly and got up and placed my cock at the opening of her fuckhole. I pushed it in and as if a rubber ring, the mouth of her fuck hole gripped my cock. There was copious fluids flowing and it was easy for me to push my cock in. But the hole was tight and I had to make several pushes to make gradual entry.

I licked her melons and sucked her nipples simultaneously. Finally my entire cock was deeply inside her cunt and I just took some time allowing things to settle down. Prem was very much hot and eager to get fucked. She was repeatedly saying, Uncle, fuck me, fuck deeply, fuck me hard, please uncle. I said wait and started to move slowly.

It was heavenly because of the tightness of her cunt. Slowly I increased my speed and she was crying, I am coming, I am coming. Within five minutes, she reaached her orgasm. but I continued to fuck. She thrust her nipples in my mouth and said it is very heavenly, uncle, never I had so much of pleasure in my life.

Finally I was coming to my close. It was after one and half years of the death of my wife, I was having sex and that too with a young beautiful girl. I shot my fluids into her hole and she had her second orgasm with mine. She hugged me and held me in tight embrace and her legs entwined with my body. I kissed her on her cheeks and she covered my face with kisses.

It was indeed a good beginning. I was still erect. I did not pull it out. By short movements I kept her sex urge alive and started my second session and she was also ready for it. This time we took more time. I asked her whether she can straddle and fuck me from top. She said she has no experience.

I said I will show and we both rolled over and I was down and she was up on me with her legs on either of my side. She made many kinds of movements, up and down, forward and backwards and she was constantly making funny sounds and finally she was making swimming motions and came with a big orgasm and I too.

My cock was pressing her clitoris and she enjoyed it very much. We got up and went to the bathroom and we needed a detailed wash. The bed sheets were also messy. Prem cleaned my cock and when it was limp took it in her mouth fully. She said she did not know there is so much of pleasure in sex. Her husband's cock was small and he did it in five minutes.

She never had orgasm with him. She said the orgasm was like a lightning and thunder. We took rest for a while, she went to her flat to take food and I took took my food and within a hour she came back with a different nightie. She had abundant energy and she wanted to have sex again.I told her to go slow and we will enjoy to the full.

We tried all the poses and she just was enjoying each pose. We continued our relationship for some more months till her husband got a transfer and she also went away with him. But we maintained telephonic contact and she said she gave birth to a son and said it is your son.

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Sameer Fucking College Senior Priyanka

I am Sameer, 28yrs old and married for 2 years now. This story is about my experience with Priyanka about 6 years back when I was in 2nd year of my MBA in Bangalore. I was a bit of a womanizer in clg - didn't really have affairs (as I had a gf in Delhi) but liked flirting with a few girls.

I was quite strong academically and had lots of achievements, so it was easier for me to do that as girls would often come for guidance. At beginning of 2nd year, I had a break-up with my gf (3yr relation) and so had some period of emotional turmoil. Priyanka had joined the clg as 1st yr student. She had a bf (in a different city) and was average looking (face as well as physique).

So I never showed any special interest in her other than my usual liking for chatting with girls. I didn't flirt much with her. 2-3 months later, I was feeling quite low and guilty one day because of some fight with a friend. I was feeling quite negative of myself and I was chatting to her about it. She was trying her best to cheer me up but it wasn't working much.

She then told me that I shouldnt think low of myself and that am such an amazing guy that she has had a crush on me since we interacted in 1st week. I argued that she is saying just to make me feel good and she anyways has a bf too. She tried to convince that its 100% true and the only reason she didnt tell me was ki she didnt want to be seen as lying to get any favours for me.

She said she wanted to wait another month (for internship placements to get over) to tell me but since I was feeling so low today, she told me. I finally believed her and started flirting with her while also teasing her about her bf. I was telling her to be close to me or kiss me to prove she has a crush on her.

She told me that I can lie in her lap and she can run her fingers through my hair when she comes to my room (I forgot to mention that our clg had co-ed hostels) for studies and get her doubts cleared. I took that opportunity and we started doing that for next 3-4 days. Meanwhile, I kept flirting more on the chat and made it a big naughtier too.

Then one day, when she was in my room and sitting on chair, I took courage and kissed her. She immediately responded and kissed me passionately. I carried her to bed and started kissing again. She stopped and asked "Sameer, you are not exploiting my feelings, right? Should we really do this"? I replied that "Priyanka, right now all I can think about is you.

You make me feel special and pls dont take this away from me" and then I kissed her. She responded back completely. I never expected her to be so hot and wild. It was definitely the best and hottest kiss I had.

We continued kissing for 5-10 mins and then somebody knocked on the door. We immediately set everything right and opened her books and pretended to study. I opened the door and it was a friend of mine who needed to discuss something. Priyanka then left.

Later that evening, Priyanka and I were chatting and talking about what happened in my room. Given she had a bf, there was a sense of guilty, especially within me. But I had also come out of a break-up and was looking for rebound. We didn't reach any conclusion and decided that we meet in her room next afternoon and then decide.

During the night, I couldn't forget how amazing the kiss was and soon the guilt feeling was overshadowed by hormonal desires. I ended up masturbating while imagining next step with her. Next day, I went to her room with the intention of taking things forward.

When I entered her room, I was surprised by how she was looking. She was wearing a casual halter top with deep neck in front and super tiny shorts - the shortest I have ever seen. I immediately knew she wants the same thing as I. We stared at each others eyes and I immediately pounced on her on bed and started kissing wildly.

I immediately removed her top and she removed my t-shirt. We hugged tightly, feeling each other's warm skin. I tried to unhook her bra but she stopped me. I told her "I love boobs the most. I beg you to let me play with them". She said no. I was disappointed but moved on. We continued to kiss and then I moved to her neck and then cleavage.

I started running my hands on her thighs and she was getting fully turned on. She was putting her nails into my back. She then came over and starting kissing/biting my chest all over. My bulge was quite visible from the shorts now and her boobs were touching it outside. She begin to come back up to my neck and it gave me an opportunity to slip my hands under her bra and pressed her boobs.

She gave me a sharp look for a couple of secs but I kept pressing them and she smilingly unhooked her bra and said "happy now? have them as u wish!" I got so horny and played with her boobs for so long - pressed them, squeezed them, sucked the nipples, pinched them and what not. We continued our foreplay for another 15-20 mins and then gave it a pause.

We decided to stop there for that day but we both knew that from here on there is no going back. Over the next few sessions, we started getting fully naked and she started giving me blowjob as well. She was so good at it. Once she asked me to come all over on her breasts. I did and she then rubbed the cum all over with her hands.

Once she made me cum on myself and rubbed it over my chest and stomach. She loved doing all sorts of naughty things. Would msg me so during lectures and seduce me so much that I would run to her room as soon as lecture ended. Once, we were about to start making out and her bf called. She spoke to her for only 2 mins and then made an excuse.

After that she immediately stripped herself and started making out. I felt so happy, proud and special that day. I am sorry guys, if my stories have been too long. It's just that my affair with her lasted only 40 days but those 40 days were so special and horny for me that I want to give as much detail as possible. I will stop in this part but if there is demand, I will come back with further details.

For first 10 days or so, I was happy with our foreplays and oral sex. I didn't want to hurry things as I thought she was a virgin and might end things. Also, I stayed virgin in my previous relation (for 3 yrs) as she didn't want it; so I was used to it and hadn't experienced sex.

But then one day on chat, she told me that she always had a doubt that I am with her only to get into her vagina and I dont like her but since I haven't even tried that for last 10 days, she trusts, loves and respects me even more now. She told me that she has had sex with her bf many times and she loves it and would like to have it with me.

I couldn't believe what she said and was under shock for a few seconds. Once I was back to senses, I told her that you are becoming the girl of my life and will happily give you my virginity. I added that I will run right away to chemist in front of campus and get some condoms to which she said that I already bought a few when I went out today.

I was so happy about all this and was thanking my luck for bringing her into my life. I never knew girls could be so horny too. I asked her to come to my room when she wants it and she said ok. 5 mins later, I hear a knock on my door! I immediately let her in, closed the door and turned off the light so that no one disturbs me.

I was so desperate by then that I immediately removed my shorts and underwear and moved forward to remove hers. She said "come on, you waited so many days, take it slow and make it special". I told her that I want this right now. I don't care about making it slow or special. We can do that for future occasions. She smiled at me and said ok, we do it fast but we do it my way.

She removed her shorts and panty. She took out condom and kept it on the table. I was wondering what's happening. She started giving me bj. I told her I was about to cum but she didnt stop and make me cum in her mouth. I had mixed feelings - I loved the sight of cum around her lips and she licking all of it but I got annoyed that why you made me cum. I wanted sex.

She said she wanted me to last long during sex and I can fuck her now. She was playing with my penis meanwhile making it erect again. I went to get the condom but she stopped. She said "baby, I love you a lot. Let's do it without condom and instead took an i-pill and took that in front of me". That was enough for my penis to be fully hard now.

She pushed me to the bed and climbed on me and started riding me. She was so wet and horny that my tool went inside immediately. I experienced a sensation I never had before. She moved up and down, forward and back, moved in circular motion and started moaning. After a few mins, she asked me to come on top.

She guided my tool inside her and then I started moving as I had seen in some porn. I thanked her for making me cum first through oral as I wouldnt have lasted this long. I was beginning to get a bit tired now. She sensed that and said, lets do doggie. We both will cum soon with that. And she was right.

We started doing doggie and within 2-3 mins, I came but I kept my tool inside on her instructions and she rubbed her clitoris and came within a few seconds. After that we lied on bed and I felt so amazing. I felt so special and so much love for her. I gave her tens of small kisses on face as I couldnt stop myself.

She could feel how much it meant to me and told me that she is having one of the happiest moments with me. After this, we had sex almost daily and sometimes more than once a day. She was really into it in a wild way and gave me the most amazing experiences which I have never experienced later. Will be happy to give details of some of the sessions which are still etched in my memory.

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Mumbai Couple Enjoying Outdoor Sex In The Monsoons

Lets get to the story its about pounding my gf outdoor in bushes,it was a saturday we made a plan to meet at some lonely place as we didn’t want anyone to disturb so I decided to take her near highway midc area where nobody would disturb.

She came on time nearly at 4pm as it was monsoon time it was heavily raining we were on my bike and were enjoying the ride and while driving she would pull my face sidewards and give a smooch wildly and she did it 5-6 times on the way to that area, btw I forgot to describe her she is 5.3 in height with fair skin tone and more oval shaped face with big eyes and her name is trisha (name changed)

with ample boob size of 34c flat belly of 28 and round ass of 36. Finally we reached our destination it was a quiet place and a small muddy road with a dead end and is such lonely that nobody ever comes because of dead end, I parked my bike and that is was heavily raining so we very standing very close and then I suddenly grabbed her and started to kiss her softly

but she was in a mood so she started to bite my lower lips and then the adrenaline released in my body and I started to kiss her more passionately and using tongue to try a french kiss and with doing this I directed my hand on her round ass and started to squeeze it.

After 10 min of lip locking I removed her tee and bra was delighted to see such huge boobs with raindrops pouring from above I grabbed her both huge melons with my hands they we looking like a pond of raw fair flesh ready to play after that I was squeezing and tickling her nipples softly,her nipples became hard as I was creasing her on her neck and softly licking those boobs,

the colour slighly turned red because I was going to rough on her, I could feel her breathing heavily and she started to play with my tool with my pants on after sometime I shifted little downwards and navel and further more downwards she hesitated me from removing her jeans because she was afraid of anyone could come but I started to tease her from outside

after a minute she agreed and unzipped my jeans and was awestruck to see the 7 inch big black monster and said today its bigger than the usual times then she started to move her hands and stroked it like there was no tomorrow for her after that she took it in her mouth at starting she kissed on the tip and slowly was moving her tongue tip round over the cock.

Then she slowly slowly started to take deep in her mouth and I hold her face from the back so would chock my cock in her mouth,her faced was turned full red and I ejaculated in her mouth,then it was her turn to get pampered I removed her jeans and her deep red floral designed panty and started to lick her clean shaved pussy,

I gently started in a circular motion taking her to sit sideward on the bike and opening her leg, I began slowly licking her clitoris and after a while put tongue deep into her vagina it was filled with liquids as she had her organisms earlier only but she was enjoying fully as she was forcing my head towards her vagina.

After 5 mins he again released her liquids and giving her oral I got up and started to wear a condom by she denied and said to me that she wanted it rough as it was her outdoor fantasy, I took my cock and placed near her pussy and was rolling from outside only to tease her a little but she holded the cock and guided in her vagina I started by slowly and she had my cock earlier

also she could get all in at the start only, it felt like my cock is entering some kind of volcanic hole as it was so hot inside there and outside raining and a bit of cold as we both we partially naked,then I started to pump my speed and rammed my cock in her vagina more roughly she was holding my butt and moaning like aahhh aahhhh yeess oh my god ahhh ahhh yesss,

pounding her for 10-12mins, As I was near climax I removed the cock and ejaculated on her boobs she then cleaned and then said thanks as it was her fantasy of outdoor sex but I said wait I want 1 more session as nobody is there to disturb and this time I turned her around and placed her ass near the sideways of the seat of the so I could ram her ass hole,

she thought I would fuck her pussy but when I entered my cock in her small ass hole she hesitated and to said that”No please its paining allot” but I slowly slowly put my cock inside out and used a little bit of her liquids from her vagina to lubricate but I swear she moaned like a real porn star at that time like ”Ohhhh ahhhh ahhhaa mm mmm baby…”,

I shifted my gear and started to ram her ass hole more heavily and holding her hair from back and kissing her at lips squeezing her boobs and after 10 min I told her to turn around and ejaculated in her mouth as she drank some of the liquids and spitted out some, then after we dressed and drove towards a restaurant for some snacks.

Thanks for reading and please give your feedback in the comments below.

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Swarna Enjoying Best Sex With Live In Partner

Hello all, I am Swarna age 24 size 36-26-36 from hyderabad living with my bf in a live-in relationship since a year. It’s been an amazing year together and lot of love around. For people who look up to me for love I am sorry I am not interested in any relationships, so please dont buzz me for hot chats.

Today I am gonna share the hottest session that we had last week. This is probably the best of what I had till date. We work in it company in Hyderabad and are mostly busy in weekdays but this weekend was going to be special it was my birth day on Sunday and I had all my wishes true by raj. By end of the day I wanted a nice love making time and being dominant I had my plans.

I requested him to get few things and I decorated our room with candles and flowers. It stroke 9pm and raj entered the room. I was in my white knee length barbie one piece frock without inners. He was overjoyed looking at me and soon hugged and kissed me but I stopped him and asked him to get all the stuff in the room in 5 mins.

He entered the room it was dark and only moonlight on. He kept the stuff on table and turned around and I locked him up with my lips and we were kissing passionately. Orange flavor was exchanged well between the lips. Due to same height we were holding each other by neck and eating away our lips.

While he tried to lower his hands I pushed him on bed and got on him. We kissed again for some time. I soon undressed him.. Removed his tshirt and jeans which left him only in his jockey and played with his chest hair. He went mad and kissed me madly. Saliva was all over my chin and cheeks.

With no moment to spare he moved hands inside my one piece and was surprised to see no inners. Pressing my boobs so hard, mumm it was the first time I felt so pain in my nipples. My nails were driving in his skin and within no time he unpin my one piece which loosened and left me stark naked and in moonlight I was seriously looking beautiful…

Haha his hands raise to reach out to my boobs but I pushed him back and asked him to stop. Asked him to drink my milk while he was confused for a sec later he knew where to place his mouth. I opened the badam milk bottle and started drinking it with spilling it over my neck and then travelling all together by my boobs gully and belly reaching lower lips.

He came between my boobs and started licking the milk and rolled his tongue over the milky boobs of 36. Each lick of him was making me wet and hot it just looked like a dog was eating his food. So fast and so wet tongue rolling on body ufff. He kept sucking the boobs and biting the nipples while I could just hold his head harder and closer to them. I was super charged now.

He moved to navel and rolled his tongue deeper in the hole and so did I dig in nails on his back. It is always fun to get licked and sucked. Saliva adds a lot of hotness. Lying empty I needed something to hold on. I quickly got into his jockey and took over his little boy. 5’9 inch brown colour standing like a hot rod. Giving it jerks was making me feel good.

With him done sucking it was my time to roll my mouth. Pushed on bed and between legs I took the cock deep and hold there for 10 sec and then kept going inside out. It was an amazing feeling. He was holding my head and mouth fucking me, touch of the tip deep was something new for me.

While I sucked he cum inside my mouth without informing … I drank it without hesitation to which he said sorry but he needed to be punished. I slapped the dick few times which made him hurt and then ordered him to lick my lower lips and clean all the juice that comes out. He soon got between legs and spread them wider.

With tongue entering the walls and lips touching the lips I was goose-bumped. I knew he was good at licking my cunt and I was having best time lying there and pulling his head deeper inside. With splash of juices on face over I had my orgasm and he was still not stopping licking. He came over me and we exchanged our kisses.

Took the chocolate flavor condom and rolled on his limp dick. With few suck strokes it was ready again in full form. I was on edge of my bed with legs spread wide he entered my cunt and it went in easily due to being lubricant. He kissed my boobs and then started pounding in and out. Due to good size with each jerk my boobs were shaking and moans too.

Holding my legs in air he kept drilling me for some time. It was touching me deep inside and sound of our meet was around the house. Soon he changed the position and rolled me a little with one leg on shoulder full access to my cunt he pushed more deeper and kept sucking my fingers.

It was seductive tempting and generating hotness. I kept my fingers busy rubbing my clit. I felt him tiring and so we exchanged our positions and lied him on bed and got on him. I kept jumping and taking his cock deeper and deeper, and he discharged inside soon. With kisses and cock inside my cunt we lied there for some time and just caressed each other body.

He moved to washroom to clean the dick and threw the condom and I kept lying on bed. Soon tongue rolled near my thighs and came licking me all over till my head. His hug and cool air from balcony I was feeling happy satisfied and lucky to turn 24 in his arms. It was thundering suddenly and power off.

Strong cool breeze were passing by. I moved out in balcony naked as we cannot be viewed by anyone as we lived on last floor of building and no big complex nearby. I was safe and cannot be filmed haha. The feeling of chilled air touching naked body is amazing only women can understand it. I was just revolving round and suddenly raj pushed me to wall and started sucking boobs.

Ahhh it was so good.. And then it started raining.. I wished for shower and there almighty fulfilled it too. We got wet soon and cleaned too but raj didn’t leave my boobs and sucked each inch of them biting then hard and eating away my nipples. All the milk and sweat was cleaned, I was fresh and charged. Felt a little pain and I pushed him away turned around.

He soon was on his knees and took hold of my ass. Slapped few times and then spread it and licked. This was the first time he was doing that and in rain it added more delight. Getting licked down there is always too awesome. Ohhhooo ahhh.. I was not able to stand properly and was holding the walls were tight by hands.

Before I could realize he entered his dick in my ass. Ahh I busted in pain. He took hold of my boobs and made the jerks and fucked me. Soon the weather went mad and he too. Sprinkled all the cum on the ground and hugged me close by back we moved to our room and cleaned each other with towel and lied on bed.

Hugging him and his dick in hand I was overjoyed to be with him and sharing such great time of life. While I turned 24 I turned more hot and naughty too & the night ended. Being holiday we rested for long and by time I came to senses my phone already had a lot of missed calls and texts with wishes.

Meanwhile I was checking all pings and raj entered the room with coffee in his jockey which did not had a hard on. Spoke to parents and few a friends while we were done with our drinks. Raj was looking cute and his lower clean. Turned me on and I pulled off his jockey. Put it directly into mouth and started jerking him up. He was feeling relaxed and me excited.

Early morning fucks are always blissful. All married people will agree with it. Soon he was turned on and then what.. I was riding him and he was sucking my boobs. Uff what more to say.. I was speechless. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.. This time he cum early and inside me.. But I was safe.. No tension of getting pregnant.

My home would soon turn to be visitors spot and so we had shower and cleaned all the mess we made last night. Well all knew women like surprises and gifts, so do I.. I was gifted with fossil watch new white one piece till my thighs and matching inners. Well I wish to have love making again but body was tired and I had to meet my friends.

All day party and fun, while there have been lot of gifts blessings and prayers but I only feel blessed when raj’s dick kisses both my lips and his lips touch my nipples. Time guests left and we were lone again, while he always kept surprising me with one or other things.. This time he did again with simplicity.

Picked me up from hall and dropped me in bathroom while I was in my one piece that he gifted me. ” hot water is ready, have bath it’s time to relax “. By time I was done with bath, he was standing there with towel wrapped me in towel cleaned my body and dressed me in free t-shirt and night pants. Took me to bed and made me lie down.

With so much love which women would not respond, so did I.. Pulled him closer and lied on him arms wrapped around the shoulder back and below boobs. Legs between thighs I fall asleep. & when I open my eyes I find my bed empty.. Shit the it week has started and we need to move our asses again..

Hope you guys like my experience.. Awaiting your comments and please do share if you have any new ideas to make love.

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Sandip Enjoying Sex With Girlfriend In Pune

Hi all, my name is Sandip. I and my girlfriend had many sexual encounters. We used to live close enough in Bangalore. She was staying alone in a rented house and I was staying with my friends.

One day we thought to have a visit to Pune. Soon I booked 2 tickets to Pune from Bangalore via bus. We reached Pune in evening. We were tired and went to booked hotel. We got fresh and then took a nap. Then we roamed the city post evening and had a mouth-watering dinner (famouns Pune thali).

We were so satisfied we the food quality and variety of items. After an enjoyable dinner, we walked for a while then came back to hotel room. We were in a good mood. Suddenly I wanted to have fun with her. She was lying on the bed, I went near to her and planted a long kiss on her lips. She was very good in kissing and we put out mouth stuck for 10 mins.

She said – You are planning to have sex pleasure, so we came here?. I denied and told I want it memorable for lifelong. I kissed her forehead and cheeks. Slowly moved to neck. Girls actually love kissing on their neck. It’s a secret!

Then I removed her dress. She was wearing a black bra. I kissed on the breasts covered with bra. I kissed on her navel. She was tempted with arousal. Then I removed my t-shirt. She kissed me whole over face. I was enjoying a lot. Then I removed her legging and panty. She was hiding her sexual part with hand. I removed her hand and kissed on her thighs.

The my mouth liked the taste of her vagina. Put kiss on it and licked for 3 mins. She was enjoying a lot and told me to put my manhood on her. I told her to enjoy slowly. I fingered her and slowly kept on increasing pressure on her with finger. She was moaning like anything. I then moved upwards and kissed on her breasts.

Those white-pinky boobs were so tasty, I put my whole mouth and sucked like never before. My mouth on one breast and hand on other breast. I was enjoying a lot. Then I removed my pants and underwear. My dick was standing erect and ready to score. She kissed my dick and sucked it. She was enjoying and I was in heaven. I controlled a lot and gave her oral sex.

Then we moved into 69 position. She was licking my dick and I was licking her pussy. We were so satisfied from each other. After a while, I moved up and put my whole body on her. Then I inserted my dick on her vagina and slowly gave thrust. She moaned heavily with pleasure. The fucking went smooth and then we moved into doggy style.

I fucked her hard and then she was on my top. And she was fucking me deeply. We used to put our mouths together many times which fucking. It was so vigorous, we sweated heavily even though AC was on. I could not control myself and released my sperm within her vagina. She asked me what I did. I gave her a pill to eat.

We took a break and she went to get freshened up. She washed herself and came covered with white towel. Then I went and cleaned. We were on the bed and watched TV. Soon we both slept naked whole night. Next day in the morning, we visited some places and did shopping. We had lunch outside and came in the afternoon.

We took rest and in the evening we roamed nearby places. In the night, again our sexual activities started. She fucked me a lot with her full vigor. I was enjoying. She kissed my body all over. She fucked in many positions. Then I told her to lets do sex while bathing. In the night, we went to bathroom and fucked standing. It was showering on our bodies and sex was on.

A total different experience altogether. The body heat was soothing to the cool shower. We were very happy and fucking each other nicely. I was smooching her and my dick was pressing hard. I fucked her from back while pressing her boobs. I was kissed her neck. She was raising her voice in pleasure and told me to fuck hard and we shouldn’t stop for ever.

I fucked her till my strength and after 20 mins I released my fluids within her. We were so exhausted. We took washed each other with soap and did a lot of tickling. We came to sleep and we both agreed that today’s sex was out of the world and never experience while bathing. Next day when she took bath, I was caressing my dick.

When she came from bath, she caught me seeing playing with my dick. And asked we whether it need a good care. I agreed. She readily came and inserted my dick in her mouth. She was such good in licking my dick, we both were enjoying. After sometime, my 7 inch rod needed a proper place to fuck. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and told her to sit on my thigh.

She placed her pussy in my dick and sat on my thigh. I fucked her with placing my hands on boobs. She turned her face and kissed on my mouth. We were smooching and fucking. Then she changed direction and turned towards my self. We were sitting front and cross legged. It was a yogic fuck and good balance. I must say we both are very experienced in sex.

She was complementing me and I was her. Then we got cleaned up and went for lunch outside. We were teasing each other while walking. We both were free and loved each other. Our love cum sex life continued for other times as well. We stayed in Pune for 3 days and it was full with fun. Our sexual journey still continued when we were back to Bangalore.

I would love to get your positive comments below.

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