Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - II

Previously: Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - I

Anyway finally they all were gone to the bedroom to do the real fucking with each other’s wedded partners and I lied down lifeless on the floor after shagging my load. I was in the mind state which I cannot describe in words, my heart was pounding and I wanted to cry over what I just saw but I also wanted to see what all is happening next.

There was a way from where I could reach to Mom Dad’s bedroom window but it was bit risky, also for that I had to be in the living room but my door was blocked from outside. I staggered the door lightly just to check it but it was useless.

I was frustrated over my helplessness but as I moved into my bathroom to get something to clean my gunk from the floor I saw my bathroom’s other door was not blocked from outside. Actually my room has a common bathroom with living room and usually it is kept blocked from outside but it was a matter of sheer luck that instant it was unlocked from the other side

and nobody among Mom and Dad saw that. Eventually I found the way to get into the living and I opened that door lightly and with all the lights on there was nobody in the living room. I tip towed to the place where my Mom was stripped by Neetu Mausa and picked up her leggings and panty and it was deeply wet and stinking with her love juices.

Divya Massi’s jeans, top, bra and panty was also there on the floor of the living room and for an instant I picked her panty too and like Mom’s her Panty was also damp and stinking. I was scared to go towards the bedroom, yet intended I moved ahead to check out the room in which action was on and like I needed every one was in my parent’s room.

Certainly they have to be there because as compared to guestroom it was having a huge bed on which all four can climb at the same time and as I tried peeping inside through keyhole I saw the glimpse of my Dad with Divya Maasi on the bed. That instant Mom and Neetu Mausa was nowhere in the frame and before I would have make out exactly what is my Dad doing to Massi

suddenly my Mom’s huge Ass obstructed my view to the bed. Facing away Mom was standing barely couple of feet away from the door and the keyhole from which I was peeping and I got scared and I immediately moved away from there. Like I said earlier, for me there was a way to reach to the window of that bedroom,

though it was bit risky but to see things happening in the room I was ready to take that risk and opening life size window of the Living room I came out to the long porch attached to that and climbing around its three and half feet barricade tried reaching to the other balcony which was barely two feet away from the porch of living room and in the ended landed safely outside Mom Dad’s room.

It was not first time I was doing that, once I was asked by Dad to do this when main set of key of his room was lost and I had to enter that room from window to get the duplicate key. Anyway after landing safely outside the happening room I tried finding unobstructed view of the room through the open spaces of curtain.

There were many but in the end found small but such a wonderful portion over the edge of the window that including bed from there I could see almost every corner of that room. Along with that to my good fortune they had a plan of fucking with the room glowing with all the white lights on.

Eventually standing on my knees with my head bit low I fixed my posture and like it can be guessed the very first moment I peeped inside I searched for my Mom and saw her smiling while looking at Dad playing with Massi on the bed. Though by now Dad’s underwear was also off; I could see his Ass but real game was yet not started.

What I could make out from there was that Dad was tickling Divya Massi on her under arms and while laughing and requesting him not to do that Massi was trying her best to push him away. For me for a minute or not even that Neetu Mausa was nowhere but soon stark naked and holding his Cock in his hand he too entered in the room after using the washroom.

Looking at his wife laughing and struggling he moved in while saying something and in the end stood beside my naked Mom and I saw my Mom looking down at his Hard Cock with smile. Next Neetu Mausa wrapped his arm around my Mom’s shoulder tenderly and Mom spoke something while looking at his face with smile.

They both continued looking at Dad and Maasi without much movement and after few seconds Mom spoke something, possibly asked Dad to stop tickling Maasi and obeying Mom, Dad stopped teasing Divya Maasi. Next giving me good view of her bare body; breasts, thighs also tiny glimpse of her cunt Divya Massi got up on the bed over her knees and spoke

something to my Mom while rolling her hairs into a bun and just then saying something my Dad rapidly pushed her on the bed on her back. This time he did not tickled Maasi but holding her thighs hard he spread them apart and buried his mouth into Massi’s Cunt.

“Ohhh…shhhh” arching her back Maasi screamed with a shivering shock and this time I clearly heard her grunting voice. Holding Massi from her waist and burring his mouth deep into her thighs Dad sucked and sucked and sucked and Maasi screamed and screamed endlessly and my Mom started laughing over her sister’s devastating state.

Soon after watching his wife going through rough yet playful cunt sucking Neetu Mausa spoke something to my Mom and smiling and saying yes from her facial gesture Mom too climbed on bed to get her cunt sucked. On the farther side of the bed while Dad continued sucking Divya Maasi roughly,

my Mom laid down on bed on her back somewhat showing me her cunt clearly and soon after that Neetu Mausa came over her lower half and opening her massive thighs started sucking my Mom’s fuckhole. For an instant both the males were sucking cunts of each other’s wives but there was hell of difference in the treatment they were giving to their respective pussies of the night.

Though in low voice but Maasi was still screaming but Mom was enjoying, side on which Mom was laying was close to my vision and from there I could see side of Mom’s face, her eyes were closed and she was murmuring something while moaning in pleasure. Possibly she was telling Mausa that she enjoying the way he is sucking her cunt and Mausa just went on going like that.

On the other side of the bed finally Dad stopped sucking Divya Maasi and while crawling up over her body buried her under his weight and started kissing her. Though because of Mom’s posture I could not see Maasi clearly but I could see Dad laying over her and he kissed Maasi for really long.

On this side Neetu Mausa did not stopped licking my Mom’s Pussy until Mom started moaning loud and clear for my ears. Few minutes back I was so exhausted after shagging my load but by now I was hard again and I once again took out my Cock and started jerking back and forward.

There in the bedroom eventually Mom stopped Neetu Mausa from sucking her cunt and raising herself up on her elbows spoke something to Mausa, I saw her face clearly but really failed to read her lips and next instant while smiling over Mausa’s reply Mom turned around and stood over her four in doggy style.

“Oh…God what a big and lovely Ass my Mom has” sitting outside in cool air I puffed in hot breath with a sinful thought and next moment kneeling down his head Neetu Mausa lifted my Mom’s big Ass bit up and ultimately burred his mouth into Mom Ass; certainly to suck her cunt from behind.

Mom moaned and turned around to see Mausa and I saw her lovely face again with evident signs of pleasure she was going through. She spoke something to Neetu Mausa and next instant while trying licking her cunt Neetu Mausa started fisting my Mom from behind.

I saw glimpse of my Mom’s Cunt getting fisted but just for a fraction and very soon as Mausa enhanced pace of finger fucking Mom screamed erotically with palpable shiver over her Ass. Though her voice was not very loud but I heard Mom saying “Ohhh God” and at the same time I saw on the farther side laying over Maasi, Dad lifted his bottom up,

definitely to adjust his Cock over Massi’s Cunt and in the end Plunged Massi with sudden Jerk. Maasi moaned loud, I heard her cry crystal clear and more or less at the same time Mom too started grunting loud as by now Neetu Mausa was more or less gone inside Mom’s Ass as holding her fleshy buns apart he was licking her cunt along with her thick Ass crack.

“Ohhh…Yeessss “ that was Mom asking Mausa to suck her more but on the other side Maasi was not in state to ask anything as she was already getting fucked ruthlessly by my Dad. Pumping her fuckhole hard and fast by now my Dad was gone crazy over Divya Maasi and holding him hard in her arms and thighs Divya Massi was crying in pleasure erotically.

Soon Neetu Mausa stopped sucking and licking my Mom’s Ass crack and cunt and by the time he laid my Mom over her back again, my Dad was reached to the verge of his burst with Maasi and I saw with a loud grunts he screwed Massi few more times and finally squeezed his hips together to release his jizz in her womb.

Right after Dad Maasi also orgasmed hard and gulping Dad’s Cock till its root she arched her back with a delightful moan. Finally Dad and Divya Maasi were exhausted and after watching their wedded partners reaching to their pinnacle Mom and Neetu Mausa too started there session.

Neetu Mausa opened Mom’s thighs and to begin rubbed her opening while saying something to her for which Mom just smiled and finally I saw Mausa’s Ass going closer to Mom’s crotch. Unlike my Dad Neetu Mausa plunged my Mom tenderly and after burring his Cock in my Mom’s flesh moved his crotch bit upward,

possibly to go deep in Mom and I saw my Mom’s thick fleshy fuckhole getting crushed under his heavy balls clearly. Next staying unmoved in her womb for an instant Neetu Mausa kissed my Mom for which my Mom responded nicely and after few seconds of kiss I saw his Cock moving slowly in my Mom.

In out, back and forward for a minute Neetu Mausa invaded Mom with slow and steady movements but as Mom moaned thickly and spoke something in husky voice while raising her legs up to Mausa’s back I saw significant change in Mausa’s fucking pace.

Though Mausa was yet not fucking Mom as hard as my Dad was fucking Divya Maasi few minutes back but he was quite quick in moving in and out of Mom’s flesh. “YESS...Fuck me …Fuck me….” Her voice was not loud but I clearly heard Mom screaming in demand and soon after that Neetu Mausa just went crazy over my Mom's cunt.

I saw his Ass started rising very high and falling down hard and deep in squeezing motion, somewhat thrashing my Mom's womb with all his strength and energy and just in few seconds Mom whimpered to her fullest. No need to say I heard her crazy cry of the moment as I could be heard in my room too.

Next Neetu Mausa clamped my Moms mouth with his hand but keeping her thighs widely spread with his knees continued pumping her fuckhole with that madly passion. Once twice thrice four five, six, seven rising and falling, screwing my Mom like animal, I felt Neetu Mausa was somewhat taking revenge from my Dad for fucking Divya Maasi hard and fast.

“OHHHHHHH Fuck OHHHHH yes! Oh god yes!” That was Neetu Mausa, crying and puffing while rising to his verge and he too was too loud for me to hear him clearly. Finally with a loud husky grunt Mausa ceased his throbbing cock in my Moms flesh and next instant I saw my Mom getting traumatized in fucking ecstasy.

Though there was a glass in the middle but I was hardly 5 or maximum 6 feet away from Mom’s fuckhole and I saw her thick fleshy thighs wobbling helplessly while holding Neetu Mausa’s throbbing cock deep inside her womb.

Mom cried and cried and cried with no control over her voice and somewhat crushed Neetu Mausa in her arms and thighs while going though electrifying orgasm. Looking at my Mom getting shattered so badly by now I was also reached to the edge of my second shag and closing my eyes I jerked myself hard and fast to spew out my gunk one more time.

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Rohan Watching Horny Parents Having Swapping Sex - I

I am Rohan, somewhat newborn reader of this blog I am almost 20 years of age, though by cast I am Punjabi but I am living in one of the IT hubs of southern India with my parents. At present I am doing my graduation and this is about me watching my parents doing swapping sex with my Mausa and Maasi.

I am sure many readers will not trust over my write up and rest will abuse me after reading my script because I am writing such things about my own Mom and Dad, I know it is a biggest sin for anyone of this world but I can’t do anything.

Since I have seen all that I am going through real tough time as everything what I saw is floating in front of my eyes all the time and I am trying if I can get rid of it by writing it down. Certainly to make a sex story and to get published on this blog I have made minor changes,

like names and also I have spiced up my script with bit of imagination but more or less what I am trying writing is as it was happened in front of my eyes. Now to begin I would say my Dad and Mom are in their mid and early forties, 45 and 42 respectively and Divya Maasi; real younger sister of my Mom is around 5 years younger than my Mom.

She is married to Neetu Mausa from last 10 years. My Mom is short in height, 5’3” not very fat but with bit of heavy body. She has a fair and beautiful face with curly hairs and very pleasant smile. My Dad is standing couple of inches extra than Mom and he has a body structure which matches Mom perfectly.

Now Divya Maasi; she is my heart throb since I am grown up as a man and even when this was not happened I use to masturbate while looking at her Pictures in my mobile. Though she is dusky and not as beautiful as my Mom but she is good looking with very bubbly nature. Like my Mom physically Maasi is also bit heavy but she is not as plump as Mom, moreover as Massi is heighted.

5’6” so she do not appear that fat. Unlike my Mom’s her breasts are not heavy but they are big and Massi too has fleshy thighs and round flabby Ass. Now Neetu Mausa; to whom Divya Massi is married from last 10 years is a good looking male with very good height, standing almost 6 feet he has broad shoulder and firm physique.

Age somewhat 40, Neetu Mausa is a very fine badminton player with good stamina and until few days back, till I haven’t seen him fucking my Mom I was hardcore fan of his friendly and down to earth nature. As Massi and Mausa lives very far from us; in the capital of India, we all do not meet frequently, just once a year for around 7 to 10 days,

either they come at our place or we go to their town and whenever we all are together it’s nevertheless than a festival for us. Expensive gifts for each other, consistent outing for movies and dinners with lot of badminton and cricket all the time and our Holidays use to fly very fast.

In short since beginning we all 6, 4 adults; Mom, Dad, Maasi and Mausa plus two kids which includes me are close like one family and we were always happy to see each other. Now after introductions if I try moving to real incident I would say it all started when there were couple of days left for Xmas and Maasi and Mausa were here at our place from last four days and it was weekend,

precisely Friday night and around 10 in the night when I was asked to go and sleep while taking Divya Massi’s 8 years old son along with me. We all were laughing and having good time from last couple of hours and I still wanted to stay there and I requested my Dad to let me stay but he ridiculed my demand and within next 15 minutes I was sent to my room forcibly.

I would say even then everything was casual as what I could think that all Bigies are planning to drink and up to an extent I was right as after 15 minutes of my exit when I peeped out in the living room everyone including my Mom, who do not drink otherwise was having glasses in their hand.

Half an hour passed, by now Massi’s son was sleeping sound but I was awake with my Tab and as I was laying close to the door I heard my Dad asking my Mom to see I am slept and as I realized that Mom will be heading to my room I downed the tab and pretended to sleep.

Light of my room was already off and Mom switched on the light to verify if I am slept and I was good enough to make her feel that I am sleeping. Anyway shutting the door with minimum possible voice Mom went back and I heard her saying “Sow gaya hai…per thodi der wait kar lete hain”. What was that…?

They knew that I know that they drink fewer times whenever they get together with Maasi and Mausa and my thought moved in all directions to guess why they are waiting for me sleep sound. I won’t say I was so innocent that I could not think about sex, I was already 20 and grown up to a complete man but as it was a matter of my parents I did not wanted to think in that direction.

In the end when there was nothing which I could guess about what are they are planning to do that curiosity kept my eyes wide open. I stayed awake and after another 30 minutes once again door of my room opened, Mom or Dad, I don’t know who was it but once again door was opened just to see that I am slept or not.

After that I heard my door getting bolted from outside and soon there was low voiced pleasant music in the living room. I got up and kneeled down to see outside from the key hole and I saw my Mom doing ballroom dance with Neetu Mausa. It was one of my Mom’s favorite Hindi film romantic song and holding each other;

My Mom arms over Mausa’s shoulder with Neetu Mausa’s hands over my Mom’s waist and moving on their axis slow they were dancing nicely. 1 or 2 minutes passed just like this, certainly my heart was beating high but I was yet not ready to accept what brain was telling me to believe but suddenly something happened which staggered me so badly that even at this moment,

when I am trying writing what I saw from the keyhole my fingers are trembling significantly. Since I was looking out, it was just my Mom and Mausa, and Maasi and my Dad were nowhere in the frame but I suddenly I heard Divya Maasi blaring with laughter “Bachaao….please mujhe koi bacao” and she came running into the living room and right behind her,

Dad with just underwear over his body was rushing to catch her and finally holding her wrist he pulled her to the long couch. Divya Maasi was wearing what she was wearing when I was gone to sleep, t-shirt and jeans and right after her collapse on the couch my Dad somewhat climbed over her and took off Massi’s top forcibly.

For a moment Mom and Mausa looked at them and as Mausa saw that his wife is topless very next instant he too tried taking off Moms top. My Mom was wearing tight leggings and long t-shirt and she happily raised her arms and lifting her long t-shirt and throwing it away Neetu Mausa made my Mom topless too.

I was stunned, I could see my Mom’s side view, she was wearing just white color Bra on her upper body and there on the couch my Dad was trying taking off Massi’s Bra for which she was struggling while laughing. Next instant things went further ahead and I saw My Dad throwing away Maasi’s bra and closer to my door after saying something with smile Neetu Mausa

turned my Mom around gently and unhooked her bra. I could not believe what all was happening but it was happening in front of my eyes, my heart was beating very fast, hands were trembling also physically I was feeling weak and I wanted to cry, but I was glued to that keyhole and soon both the males started sucking each other’s wife’s breasts.

Maasi was lying on three sitter couch with closed eyes; bit far from me, I could see her face and my Dad’s head leaning over her mounds but just few feet away from my door, I could clearly see my Mom feeding her milk to Neetu Mausa.

Standing facing her and leaning over her Mausa was sucking one while playing with Mom’s other sagging breast and like Maasi Mom’s eyes were also closed and I could feel that she is moaning in pleasure.

Behind them Dad did not stopped sucking Massi’s breasts, he continued squeezing and switching her mouth from one milk mound to other and over her expressions Massi was enjoying whatever her Jiju was doing with her. Here at my Mom Neetu Mausa was calm and I saw soon Neetu Mausa stopped sucking breasts and started kissing my Mom.

As from there I could see Mom‘s side view clearly, holding Neetu Mausa Mom was responding to his Mausa’s kiss nicely and I saw while kissing him soon her hands started moving over Mausa’s crotch. None of the couple was not bothered about their wedded partners, neither Mom was looking at Dad to see what he is doing with her sister,

nor Mausa was concerned what is my Dad is doing with his wife.; they were enjoying each other’s spouse and sitting on my knees I was boiling while looking at them doing all this. Puffing and sweating I was scared as well as aroused and I don’t know when I took out my cock and started jerking myself back and forward and finally winded and groaned as just in few seconds

I started feeling reaching to my peak. I was about to cum but suddenly I skipped my beat as I saw both the males moved ahead and continued stripping each other’s wives remaining clothes. At the farther end Dad got up from Massi and I clearly saw him unzipping her jeans and taking it out completely from her legs.

Smiling and enjoying Maasi stayed lying on her back on the couch just in panty but her panty did not stayed over her body for much time as right after her jeans Dad pulled out Massi’s Panty too. For an instant Mom and Neetu Mausa saw Dad stripping off Massi’s clothes but soon they were back on to themselves and Mausa also started stripping my Mom’s remaining clothes.

By now Mom was wearing just tight leggings and holding its elastic from her waist Mausa sat down on his knees and pulled down Mom’s legging and Panty together. Like Maasi now my Mom was also stark naked and like Maasi she was also smiling and enjoying whatever her sister’s husband was doing with her.

Next there on the couch seeing his hands movement I could guess my Dad is rubbing and possibly fucking Massi’s cunt with his fingers but closer I clearly saw Mom opening her thick fleshy thighs for Neetu Mausa and while keep on sitting on his knees he was rubbing and fisting my Mom’s fuckhole with upward movement of his fingers.

Both the females were moaning in pleasure in low voice, I could not hear them but I could feel their pleasure over their expressions. It was purely my providence that everything was happening in the frame which was visible to me from my keyhole, especially Mom and seeing her in that state I was just going crazy over my cock.

By now by jerking I myself back and forward I was reaching close to my burst but once again before I would started jerking myself hard and fast for the final discharge I got distracted with Divya Mausi’s loud scream. Over the couch I saw my Dad’s hands movement was gone fast and he was fisting Maasi’s cunt hard and moment after that scream my Mom scolded Dad,

certainly for fisting Massi so hard that she could not control her voice and soon after that leaving living room all four decided to go into the bedroom. First Divya Maasi and my Dad walked and along with Maasi’s flabby breasts I got clear and quite close view of her dark skinned clean shaven pussy with side view of her thick thighs and fleshy Ass.

Next Neetu Mausa spoke out something to Mom and after hearing her reply followed Dad and Massi and in the end My Mom gave me clear view of her milky white huge Ass from behind as she walked stark naked in the living room to switch the music system and later as she too walked towards the bedroom I saw her fair and fluffy cunt too.

"Oh unhh oh uh ah-ah- God…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" that was me and after their exit I cried while jerking my rod ruthlessly and in the end spewed out my sticky jizz on the floor in massive volume.

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South Indian Guy Fucking Ex Girlfriend In Her Flat

First of all, I thank the Human Digest and writers who share the stories every day and turn everyone on. Hi everyone this is Hert from Chennai currently studying in a well-reputed b-school down south. Am about 6ft with an average muscled guy and many girls say am an above average looking guy.

Now coming into the story, this incident happened between my ex and me during our first anniversary of our relationships. My ex is a beautiful one with 5ft4inches and her stats are 34-32-34 which make men to have her so hard. Since it was our first anniversary we planned to celebrate by bunking the college.

And the day arrived, we went to a movie, had lunch and bought a cake to celebrate. We planned to go to her flat as there will be no one so that we can have our privacy at its peak. then we went to her flat by 1. Then we cut the cake, first I gave her a piece then it was her turn. Then I took a part of cream and kept in her neck and kissed and licked it.

She was shocked by the move I made, then all of a sudden she had a huge smile and applied the cream all over my face and started licking it and finally, we saw each other into our eyes, it was all love with in us and slowly smooched each other. We ate each others lips bottom and top slowly and played a tongue fight between each other.

During the time I sucked her tongue and creamy saliva which was awesome. She to did the same. Then I removed her tops and applied the cream on back of her neck, then licked it all over her neck which turned her on more. Then I removed her bra and pushed her on the bean bag.

Now I applied the cream on her beautiful melons and by pressing the one I sucked the another one. Then I moved to her navel and licked her all over. Now it was all cream and saliva all over body. Then I removed her jean and panties at a go. Then I kissed and licked from her foot and thighs. Her thighs are so soft and it was awesome licking it.

Then I moved near her pussy and kissed her pussy which provided a shiver in her body. Then inserted a finger in her pussy and finger fucked her by kissing her well trimmed pussy. Then I applied some more cream in her pussy and licked her pussy and tongue fucked her.

After few minutes she started to vibrate and I realized that she is going to cum, so I fingered and licked her pussy very fast and she released a huge load of her cum in my face and mouth. Then she came upon me by having a naughty smile and said I am not gonna leave at any cause and removed my t-shirt. I replied that I am going nowhere and I ready baby.

She licked my neck vigorously and as she likes my ear a lot she kissed my ears and bite it, which made me turn on more too. As I used to trim my chest regularly it was easy for her and she kissed and licked it very well.

But she was more into my neck and ears which made me shiver at some moment. Then she removed my jeans and boxer at a go took some cream applied on my much erected tool and sucked it all over she even gave bite to my balls which pained a little but turned me more again then she licked my tool and started sucking vigorously,

had deep throat where she couldn’t breathe but she continued by sucking very fast and after few minutes we went on the floor and had 69 position where I licked deep inside her pussy which made her turn more and she moaned by giving sounds like ahh,,ahhhh,ahhh,more baby,ahh,don’t stop, and she again continued sucking my tool vigorously.

Then after few minutes I said I am gonna cum, where she stroked even faster and I released a huge load into her mouth and after few minutes she too cummed again on my face. Then again we kissed each other and with in few minutes my dick got erected. Then I kept my dick in her entry area and teased her by rubbing her pussy.

Then she said that I can’t wait anymore, while delivering this message I inserted my dick with full force where she gave a loud ah and then scolded me. Then I slowly moved front and back where she was moaning ah,ahh,ahh,ahh, fuck me,ahh,a lot. Then we went for doggy position where she caught the top of bean bag and I went deep inside her by to and fro.

And the chap chap chap sound where heard all over the room with her moaning sound. It was pleasure to watch her melons hanging and dancing in this position. Then we went for cow girl position where she rode me. She was going up and down and I was having her tits in my hand and was sucking it.

Then again we went for missionary and she was moaning a lot started shivering and said that baby am gonna cum, where I increased my speed and she cummed again with lot more cum. Then after sometime I said I am gonna cum and asked her where to cum. She came up and started stroking my dick fast and was giving a blowjob.

Then I said I am cumming baby, ah aha aha ha ah,aha ah ah, and released all the cum in her face. Now she her face was facialled with my cum. We saw the time it was 4 then we went for shower and had some oral sex there and then at 5 I left with some smooches. Now we broke up before 1year.

Your feedback and comments are most welcome in the comments below.

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Rahul Having Sex With Gujju Girlfriend Shreya

Guys and girls and this is Rahul here age 28years old and this is a story of my 3rd year engineering days when I met this girl Shreya Jain in classes. I am from Mumbai. Shreya is 5 feet tall, 34 28 34 and by looks very hot sweet and sexy Gujju!

I proposed her thrice before she accepted my request. We went on for all of 3 year and final year! First she never allowed me to kiss her, but it was first rains and rains lashed Mumbai hard. So we went out to National Park in borivali for some time together!

First time in my life while walking on the secluded road, I caught her tight, looked into her eyes and put my lips on her juicy sweet pink moist lips! Wow that was the first smooch of my life! She had closed her eyes and we were soaked in the eternal feeling of love and lust after almost an hour of kissing and smooching.

I let her off at her home sweet home and could not sleep the entire night due to continuous urge to take her to bed and wallah I got lucky the very next day! She being a gujju marwadi girl had a very reserved kind of family! Her dad went to office, but due to heavy rains she was not allowed to go to college.

So she called me up but I was dying to meet her. So I reached her building and gave her a surprise call. She stays in a building where she has two adjoining flats. Her bedroom and study was in this flat and her mom and dad in adjoining flat.

Her grandpa and grand mom stayed in a room besides her room but they had gone to native place for some religious activities. So she was all alone in flat and her mom in the adjoining flat. It was afternoon and her mom was engrossed in the daily till evening dose of TV!

I called her from the gate of her building telling thati missed her too much and she also missed me so much, I cunningly asked her where and what she was doing and what her mom was doing and who all were present at her place. Luckily today was the day.

I told watchman that I came to meet their neighbouring Mr. Sarvesh Patel family and reached her flat. I rung the bell of her flat and she was surprised to see me. I quietly walked inside her flat and closed the door.

I realised she got afraid and tensed but I requested her and told her that if her mom came, I would hide in balcony and run away without her notice. She agreed and I removed my rain coat and slept on her bed watching TV! She was talking to me from a distance.

I pretended my head was aching and hence even after a lot of thought she got closer to me to press and massage my head. I pounced on to this opportunity and took her onto bed and gave her a warm smooch! She was in her straps and hotshots only.

I started pressing her boobs and she resisted by her resistance decreased with time. She started enjoying me then I licked her ear and put my tongue inside her ear then I whispered slowly in her ears Jaan I love you and she just went mad. I slowly kissed her navel and removed her strap top.

I could now see her brownish nipples and 34″ melons. I started sucking her right book and biting her nipples slowly and lustily and then her left boob and continuously pressing and sucking them. She was fully aroused by now!

I took this opportunity to get naked and also removed her hotshots! Now she was totally nude her body was on fire just like mine! Our bodies were on each other and I just slid down and started sucking her toe finger and licking her feet and started moving upwards inside of her legs till her thighs.

I started caressing her thighs and licking them on the inside and she started shivering and till the time and I reached the love hole, she lost her senses and when I started sucking and licking her pussy clitoris, she went mad.

I sucked her for almost 5-10 minutes and she started shivering and had her first orgasm then I made her sit and asked her to give me a blowjob. She took my 6 inches rod in her mouth and started sucking me and made me aroused in almost 15 minutes.

I just pushed her forcibly on bed, with the hot rod. I pushed it 3/4th inside her pussy hole in one stroke and she jus cried out loud. I covered her mouth with a smooch and slowly pushed entire rod inside her pussy. She started bleeding and I knew I had deflowered my darling’s virgin pussy slowly.

I started moving in and out and her pain started subsiding and she started enjoying the rhythm then after almost 20 minutes she had a big orgasm and mine followed as well. We laid on each other for some time. I really loved her and she loved me.

We got up, got fresh removed all blood stains and then I secretly left from her place. This was my first and most memorable experience till date. For feedback, just post in the comments below. Thanks.

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One Night Stand With Sowmya In Bangalore

In the end of December beginning of January, it was very cold weather in Bangalore. As I am doing mbbs final year my exams were going on and it was very difficult for us to wake up for studying and it was very difficult to concentrate for me as I was horny most of the time. I jerk and cum maybe around 5 times a day.

One fine evening I and my friend went for a smoke and I mentioned my problem to my friend. He was a pretty close friend of mine. So he mentioned to me about a site where we can post an ad about or interest in sex. But I didn’t take that site too serious because most of the time we could only find fake guys acting as if they are girl and fooling us. But later I visited that site and saw many ads.

I decided to post a similar ad and it goes like this “slave for married woman and unmarried woman age 22years. Would do anything and everything for a mistress.” After two days when I was sleeping I got a call, but as I was sleeping I didn’t notice and when I woke up it was around 5missed calls from the same number.i picked the next call…

She introduced me to her. “Hii I am Sowmya, I saw your ad in Locanto about the long term and short term relationship or slavery” I was literally shocked. I got super horny and with a shivering voice, I said with confidence yeah sure it is me. Her voice was a soft and light voice.

She said she wanted to meet me tomorrow night as her mom is going out as it was new year eve and can stay there in her flat for that night.she talks to me for a while and asks me if I was okay with traveling long distance. Without a pause, I said yes yes sure. She gives a soft smile which was cute.

After the call, she messages me in WhatsApp her full address including the flat number. Her apartment was near a medical college which was very far from my place of residence. On 1st of Jan 2017, I woke up early as I had to go to college and also have to leave early to meet Sowmya so I took bath in that cold water and shaved my pubic hair and cleaned myself.

I even canceled my new year plans and got a clean shave and got a perfect hair cut. I came back from college and ran bak to the room. Took bath again and packed one extra pair pant and shirt in my bag. I have to leave by 6 so as to reach her apartment by 10. Things don’t come to you easily. That’s the law of nature.

And here she texts me at 4 saying I should not come today as her mom canceled the trip, I was shocked and angry but did it show her that anger as I would loose my chance. She said we will meet on 4th of Jan. I sat down with anger and sadness and walked out leaving my mobile in the room.

I was devastated and to get out of that stress and mood I went out of the room and lighted a cigarette and smoked with friends and sat in friends room for an hour. At 6 I came back to the room and my phone was beeping because of messages. I with flash took my mobile and unlocked to see the shocking messages.

Sowmya had texted me 20 times. 20 new messages telling me to go today and reach there by 10. And she wasn’t online. She ended the message by telling she is in tuition and I have to see the address and come by my own. I said to myself I am screwed and I don’t have any luck off on the night stand. But inside me, I want to give it a try. So I took the bag I already packed and left.

My roommate knew I was going for one night stand So he wishes me Good luck with a grin. I ran to my bike and started. It started raining heavily on that day. Luckily I took my woolen jacket. I had to reach majestic and then I have to go to Dhasarahalli. But due to heavy rain after I crossed majestic my bike stopped. I try to start it again ad again but still, I couldn’t start.

I parked my bike in a garage and got into bmtc bus. Reaching halfway through I asked my fellow passengers if they knew the place and the distance and time to reach the destination. They said it would take 45 minutes to reach dhasarahalli in this rain. It was already 9:50. They suggested me to take metro form majestic to dasarahalli. As I would reach with 15 to 20 minutes.

I got out of the bus and runs to the ticket counter of the metro station.I paid and purchased the ticket and got into the metro.I was drenched in the rain and by then Sowmya had called me 5 times. I called her back and said I would reach in 20mins. It was not soon I heard shocking news from her. I literally thought she is mad.

She said come fast because her mom is there at home and if I come before 10:30 she can somehow get me in the flat or else please it will be risky. I had no choice other than just saying fine. Everyone was staring at me. I felt embarrassed. I ran through the woods to reach her apartment and crossed railway. It was scary as it was fully dark due to no electricity as it was raining.

I reached the respective apartment and called her. She had asked me not to call in intercom as her mom would pick up. So I called her and she asked me to hand over the mobile to security. She asked the security to allow me inside as I was their guest. I signed the register and walked towards her apartment.

She calls again telling don’t come now and should only come after she calls again. After 5 minutes she calls me and asks me to b in front of the room in 2minutes as she sends her mom to car parking to take her bag from the car. I reached the 2nd floor where she was staying and saw her for the very first time in shorts and small shirt where I could see her belly button.

I was too nervous and she was also nervous. She opened her room door and asked me to stay there and don’t make any noise as her mom would come back any minute. I sat on her bed drenching in the rain and was feeling very cold. I removed my sweater and kept on a chair for drying. I heard her mom’s voice and mom said Good night and slept off in other room.

She came back to the room and sat next to me and said speak with a low voice. I touched her and she moved away. She said I want to tell something. I was shocked and thought how many surprises am I going through. She said she just wanted to meet me and talk and she found me attractive.

She also confessed saying that she saved all of the guy’s numbers on the site and she selected me as she fell for me the moment she saw me. I felt really good. But that didn’t keep me away from wanting to have sex with her. We spoke about for half an hour and she said she is going to sleep. I made my face as if I was shocked. She laughed at it and said come we will hug and sleep.

I replied by telling I didn’t come this far to hug and sleep. She asked for what I had come and to show. I hugged her and pressed her boobs only to realize that I have never experienced in real life suck busty boobs in a 20year old girl. It was ver huge and busty with small nipples. Nipples were not prominent but boobs were very huge. I removed her shirt and bra.

And hurried my face in that huge boobs and started sucking it. Her eyes were rolling up when I was sucking her boobs. I went up and kissed her neck. She said I love you while I was kissing her neck. I was shocked but didn’t want to break the momentum. I moved my tongue across her neck and she was making low voices.

She couldn’t hold the pleasure and she took my hand and started sucking my fingers. She told me to wear a condom and put it inside. I removed her shorts and fingered her pussy. It was sexy to see her eyes rolling up with pleasure. After I had made her pussy wet and cum I inserted my dick into her tight pussy. She moaned a little and I closed her mouth.

She said please don’t go too deep as she is a virgin. I couldn’t take any more surprises from this girl I thought. When she said she was virgin my pleasure and anxiety increased. I started fucking her soo hard and she asked me to stop after half an hour of fucking. I was purposefully holding back my cum. Then she asked me to suck her boobs and lick her neck.

I sucked her boobs and went down to suck her Pussy. I put two fingers inside and moved my tongue over the clit. She pulled my hair and pulled me up to kiss. I kissed her she complained of salty taste. I said it was the taste of her cum. She made me suck it again and again. Finally, I lied down next to her holding her huge boobs. She started kissing me deeply.

After an hour at 12, she asked me to fuck her again. This time I was not in the mood to go near my bag and take condoms. I fucked her without a condom. She said this is better as she could feel my skin. She said do slowly and it is paining. I couldn’t fuck her as she was stopping each time as it was paining.

She stopped in between and ran to the toilet and said we won’t do again as it is burning. I agreed and lied down. But without cumming, I was not able to sleep. I told her that I wanted to do one last time and I would never come back to her as she was not ready for sex. But now I am helpless as I would regret this for the whole of my life and I wanted to do one last time.

She refused and told she is going to mom’s room. I said I would walk out with her in that case. She said if I touched her she would shout. I held her mouth and stripped shorts. She tried to move away but I put my fingers inside. I realized deep inside her she wants to get fucked again. She melted when I fingered her. If I moved to take condoms she would again change her mind.

So I put my dick directly into her pussy. She was lying on the edge of the bed and I was standing on the floor. I fucked her hard. And I made her sit in doggy style and fucked her. Her boobs were hanging and shaking. I held her boobs and squeezed and fucked her. She moaned and bit the bedsheet. I made her face me and I lied on top of her and fucked. I was about to cum.

I was going to take it out. She said if I wanted to meet her again I should cum inside. I was scared and horny equally. I listened to her and came inside her. It was a load. She hugged me and moved back. It is difficult to understand a woman. She cried after our sex and took her phone to text her ex-boyfriend. Telling sorry and she has taken revenge for what he has done.

And she shared a story. Her boyfriend didn’t want to have sex with her telling she is special and he would only take her virginity after marriage. But her boyfriend went to brothels to fuck a prostitute. So she took revenge and fucked me and slept with me. She requested me never to meet her and call her. So I deleted her number in front of her and slept separate on the couch.

It was emotional for her as she wants to b with me and also she was feeling guilty. It was too complicated for me to handle so I made sure she was completely asleep and left without telling her at morning 5. Got a cab to majestic and reached back with a sigh!!!

Send your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Aryan Enjoying Hot Fuck With Best Friends Sister Rhea

Am aryan; I’m into role-plays and some other things. This is my first story so please bear with me and send me feedback since there are more to come. Now without much further ado, I’ll jump right into the story.

When this story happened I was 20years old. I am medium build, straight black hair, black eyes with a hint of brown, a mustache and goatee often accompanied by the scurfy beard, skin is a mix of fair yellow and natural tan. I am not ‘some macho guy who can make girls panties drop with just a look’, but a guy who would be called cute and nice,

a guy with a smile that can make girls giggle, the good looking smart guy who would have few crushes. Having nothing to do, I took a little stroll my friend Rakesh’s house. His parents were out, attending a marriage in the next town. When I went in and checked in his room, he wasn’t there. I roamed in the house looking for him. I don’t remember why I went into the bathroom.

But boy, am I glad that I did! I heard the shower running, as turn my head I saw the silhouette of a naked girl with the petite body through the blurry glass door. My breathing became heavy and my heart started pounding like crazy. I could feel the bulge forming in my pants. I became paralyzed, as I watched the petite 18-year-old girl showered.

The foam and water were brushing against her perfect fair skin. ’rhea’ was the only a gasp escaped my mouth as I stood still like a statue. For a moment I wondered if she’s really the medusa (from greek mythology).

Rhea is Rakesh’s younger sister who was pursuing her college. She has a giggle that can mesmerize you away. She used to smile at me with her perfect teeth whenever I was with her brother. That somehow made me think that she likes me, maybe it was just a delusion. I didn’t know. So with that thought, I took a step towards the glass door testing my luck.

People say ‘when someone is watching you, you can feel their gaze’. In the same way, rhea felt someone watching her, she opened the shower door to check if it was real, only to find me staring at her naked body with a bulge in my pants. I could see the strands of wet black hair and the drops of water dripping down her milky white skin.

All my blood rushed to the dick making it even harder. Rhea stared at me for few seconds before covering her body with the hands looking away from me. But my gaze still stayed her petite milky breasts with nipples hidden away behind her palms. Having all the blood rushing to my dick,

the brain became idle and my body kind of moved on its own to pull away rhea’s hands which were covering her tits. (maybe I was thinking with my dick!?) I felt her soft wrists in my fists as I held them trying to have a good look at the perfect body.

The beautiful rhea then yanked hear hands off my fists and moved away from me till towards the wall of the shower as I was blocking the way out unintentionally. I felt she wasn’t resisting much, I thought maybe she too desires the same. I felt the urge. I need her… I need to fuck her. There is no other way. I should do it. (in my defense, I was thinking with my dick).

I took few steps and kissed her lips, I could taste the water on her lips, smell the fragrance of shampoo and scent of her skin. I sucked on those juicy lips as I kissed, while she didn’t kiss back. She pulled away breaking the kiss and questioned “why are you here? What the hell are you doing in the bathroom, Aryan?”

with an angry gaze that made me feel like ‘she would really turn me into stone if she could’. If I had been in my right mood I would have apologized and left right away, but fortunately, I wasn’t. The lust reached all over my body and it was even showing up in my eyes. For my lust filled eyes, she looked even sexier in anger.

I replied “doesn’t matter” as I pinned her against the wall and kissed her sexy neck. Her scent was making my mind go blank, maybe it was already blank. “my brother’s not here” she protested, pushing her hands against my chest. “I know ” I pulled her hands up and pinned them both with one hand while the other squeezed her right breast. Oh boy, they are sooo softtttt.

“Then you can leave” she struggled to try to get away from my grip like prey caught in a trap. The primal urge took over me. I grabbed a fistful of her and nibbled her ear like a predator going for the kill. To my surprise, there was a moan. Not too loud but significant enough. Then she pushed her body against me, still struggling to get me off.

I tightened my left fist gripping on her hair and lowered the right to cup her ass which is as soft as her breasts but only bigger. I pushed my lips against hers and kissed on aggressively. In a few seconds, she bit my lip gently and gave in, kissing me back. The pride of victory took over my body made my dick even harder and sent mad lust all over.

With the acceptance signal, I dared more and placed both my hands against her small waist and lower my mouth a bit to suck on her petite bouncing breasts. Rhea ran her fingers through my hair, moaning in between as I suck. Being a mad predator full of lust, I bit her nipple leaving a mark. The hard bite brought rhea back to her senses.

She whimpered and pushed me away gently saying ‘it hurts…’ not wanting it to go any further. She was in her senses but I was not. I ignored her push and brushed my hand around her belly then went on to circle her belly button with my index finger. She resisted and moved away from me pressing against the other wall.

I wasn’t taking the hints anymore, I was hard and horny and I wasn’t gonna stop until I am done. My fingers traveled down, stroking against her waist and reached her crotch. It was smoothly shaved letting my fingers feels the soft flesh. The fingers rubbed her pussy that was wet with all her slimy love juices. Rhea wasn’t gonna take it anymore and nor she’s gonna be subtle about it.

She pushed my hand away and slid down the wall sitting on the floor so that I can’t touch her womanhood anymore. I was way beyond reasoning. I unzipped my trousers, took out my hard dick that was as hot as molten steel and stuffed it in rhea’s mouth. She stayed idle and looked up to me with a strong gaze, refusing to obey.

In the heat of the moment I slapped and grabbed a fistful of hairs pulling her head closer, but she still refused, pushed my hips away and turned her head away. The mad lust turned into anger, ‘she can’t do this!! Not to me!! Not before I’m done!’ in the rage and lust I slapped her with my dick. This new development scared her.

She stood up and tried opening the bathroom door to run away. Not missing the opportunity, I held her from her back and pinned her against the wall with hands holding her shoulders. I did not think… the words just came out. “you can’t go now … you slut!” I smacked the ass making it sting a bit.

“Why are you here if my brother’s not home?” she asked as she shoves her body back into mine trying to slip away. “coz you are here” I pinned her there with one hand and inserted two fingers into her shaven pussy. She left out a moan quietly and tried to turn around. But I wasn’t giving her any chance to slip away.

I slipped the third finger in her pussy and start fingering her rapidly ignoring her pleas, while kissing her sexy neck taking whatever I want. “ just..Umm… let..M-me turnaround…aahhh pleaaaseeee~” she continued pleading moaning softly. “not yet!” I circled my pinky on her tiny asshole and started teasing her more.

“Ahh… nooo… ummm please” she let out struggling screams mixed with moans of ecstasy and went on pleading as she felt the pain and the pleasure “please… I w-will sit on the counter..Ahhmmm and open my l-legs for youuu~” she moaned louder shaking a bit.

After making sure that she really did come around, I let my hand go and helped her turn around. She leaned up and kissed before pushing herself up onto the counter and opening her legs for me. I held her hair with one hand used other to position the tip of my dick in her pussy. Then I gave a hard thrust putting all my weight behind it burying it deep in rhea’s teen pussy.

“aghhhmmm~” a hard moan escaped from both our mouths as my dick hit her womb. I continued the rhythmic thrusts gradually picking up speed. The sound of periodic *thapakk thupakk * echoed in the bathroom along with our hard moans and heavy breathing. I felt her tight slimy pussy tighten even more, around my hard dick.

I thrust harder and harder, my balls slapping her ass with each thrust. Rhea wrapped her legs around my waist and held on tight as if a storm gonna come and push her away. Then she bit my neck a little holding me tight. “you really are my little bitch… aren’t you?” I continued ramming her tightening pussy biting on her juicy lower lip.

The next thing I heard is a loud “ahhhhhhhhghhhmmmmmm” sound which sounded like both moan and scream. With the fingering and the hard ramming, her pussy had enough. It pulsated around my dick cumming hard, she kept shaking and her tits were bouncing like crazy. The orgasm lasted for a while.

Then she panted for a while, once she got her breath back she leaned onto me loosening the grip and whispered “again! And don’t ignore the ass” in her husky voice full of lust and nibbled my ear. I couldn’t believe my luck. Without further delay, I resumed the thrusts.

I started out with feathery strokes in her oversensitive cunt. I lubricated my fingers in her cum that was dripping out of her pussy and I put the pinky in the tiny asshole. ‘aghhhmmhh’ she moaned. With a grunt I thrust my dick in her sloppy cunt and moved my finger in her ass. I synched both the thrusting and fingering as I picked up pace.

She closed her eyes and moaned loud, instinctively moving her hips to match my strokes after a couple of hard thrusts I slipped another finger in her tiny ass. “oh goddd” she gasped. I tried to move my fingers in the hole but it was too tight, so I left them in like a plug and went on fucking her teen pussy. In between the hard thrusts, I alternately pinched her clit and bit her nipples.

Instead of crying or screaming, rhea was moaning to my surprise. She leaned back giving me access to her holes to fuck enjoying the pain. Seeing her like ‘a bitch in heat brought out more primal instincts out of me. I grabbed her throat with the free hand and continued ramming her cunt, with her ass plugged and twisting her clit… haaarddderrrr and fasterrrrr.

She let out series of moans matching my thrusts and held onto to the counter. I started pounding her dripping hole grunting as the sexy pink hole gripped my fat dick so tight as if it’s going to rip it off and swallow it in. I kept pounding her while sucking on her tits and biting them at times.

“Fuck ahhhmmm me haaardddderrrr… you ufff are the b-best …fucker… ahhhmmm~” she went on moaning and blabbering giving in to the lust. These moans made me go the extra mile and I started fucking her even harder pounding her instinctively. I released her throat and grabbed the hair that was dry by then, may be because of all the heat of fuck.

Then I made her to look into my eyes pounding her harder than ever. “who is my little bitch?” I asked. “I a-am… I ammm your l-little bitchhh” she replied looking back into my eyes. Her eyes, her voice, her flooding pussy and the tight little hole… I couldn’t hold it any more.

“ughhhhhhhaaaaaaa” I came in her lusty little pussy flooding it with my thick sticky seed, with her ass plugged tight. The next moment she too came moving on my dick, moaning through the roof. We both went on cumming and shaking for a while. Then I helped her onto her bed before we both passed out, fully exhausted.

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Rahul Having Sex Fun With Priya In Sariska

The story which I am going to write is about me Yash and my friend Priya.A few months back we meet each other at a party through a mutual friend and our bonding grew strong. I myself work with an MNC into Hr Profile and my age is 28 Priya is working as an Account manager with PR Company she will be also of same age. We both live in Gurgaon on M.g Road.

Without wasting much time, I will narrate my story Still, I remember it was Thursday and I took a week off on Friday and planned a long weekend. I was looking for some friend who can accompany me on the trip which I have planned for the Weekend I posted the same on WhatsApp group and checked with people.

Surprisingly Priya pinged me on the private window and we planned a trip to Sariska National park. On Friday early in the Morning, I called her when I was about to reach her apartment on DLF Phase 2 to pick her up.As I reached she was waiting at her gate in khaki shorts which were only covering half of her thighs and army printed T-shirt.

Her sports bra was clearly visible from the deep neck. I helped her to settle down with her luggage in my Thar and headed towards. On the way, we picked our Breakfast from the Mac Donalds and loaded a cartoon of Miller. As we crossed Gurgaon we opened our beer and grabbed our food.

As we took cut from the Highway it was 11:00 Am and beer started showing its effect and we started to open up. Priya pushed her seat to back and put her leg over dashboard. My eyes were continuously gazing her toned leg and she noticed it and gave me a winking smile.

By seeing this I gained some confident and moved my hand over the gear box to get something and touched it she looked at me and moved back to my seat after a while she came close to me and kept her shoulders over my chest and I was feeling her smell.I looked at her and kissed her lips slowly the kiss turned into smooch and then we started eating each other lips.

By now I took my vehicle off the road in the middle of the field and parked it beside the pond in the middle of the bush. She moved to the back seat and took me into my arms and placed a kiss on her lips and neck. Then started eating her ears and back of the neck. I asked her to do her hand up and started licking her underarms.Her chic grew pink and nipples got firm.

I pushed my hands under T-Shirt and felt the boobs.They where warm and moist.I pulled out her T-shirt and Unbuttoned her Khaki shorts and managed to push my hands in her maroon sports style panty. She started breathing heavily I kissed on her cleavage and took the maroon bra out I was amazed to see Her Boobs they were firm and tight Her nipples were dark like chocolate.

I grabbed them and started biting them. She Moaned Haaa haaa. I pushed her to the seat and started kissing her cleavage, boobs stomach and then naval. The fragrance of her Ck was making a complete atmosphere very exotic. I pushed her down started kissing her waist line she pulled me towards her face and started smooching me.

After a smooch, she murmurs I my ears baby Fuck me hard. By hearing this I took her shorts out along with the panty and parted her legs and imparted wet kiss over her pussy. She was so horny that she came all inside my mouth and I licked every bit with my tongue. It acted as an energy booster to me.

I slapped her ass and told her baby now it’s your turn.By hearing this she got mad and pushed me over the back seat and pulled t my T-Shirt out and started licking my neck chest and with a slutty smile over her face she gave me love bite and told the first bite to our lusty friendship. She unhooked my jeans below and took my dick in her hand. It was erect like 22mm hot iron Rod.

She rubbed my dick over her cleavage and nipples then gave me a blow job for 10 mins. I got excited and took her boobs in my mouth and started licking it and biting it her pink nipples got erect we both were moaning loudly and sounding ohhh yehaaa !!!! Oh yehhaa!!!

I As I put my face again between her legs and licked her pussy for 5 mins after that she started shouting fuck me yash Fuck me. I took my dick and inserted in her pussy she moaned loudly and bit my shoulders. She was having a Quite tight pussy and it took a lot of effort to push my disk inside in a single short.

I paused and my dick was still inside we smooched for some time.Once I realized that she has relief I started giving her small pushes slowly frequency of pushes increased. I asked her should we come inside each other she said no and suggested to taste each other love juice as it was our first time we took the 69 position as it was very difficult to do it in Jeep but we managed.

We both were moaning very loudly and sweating heavily in sometimes both of us came out with full force in each other mouth licked each other love juice and cleaned each other with our tongue.

Once we were done I hugged her and helped her to get dressed and headed toward our camp. I will post about our second session in next story how we had fun besides the Pond and under open sky beside a bonfire.

Guys, please share your comments below. Thanks.

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