Horny Desi Housewife Enjoying Erotic Massage From Tara

I am staying in one of the flats in the seventh floor or a housing complex. The flat is big and quite comfortable, breezy and bringht light in all the rooms so that I may not have to switch on the lights at all. When I decided to stay in town for the purpose of the education of my two children,

my husband who is in gulf purchased this flat and he comes once in three months and stays with us for a week or ten days. The housing complex is self contained, that ie, there is a department store where we can get anything and everything and hence there was no necessity to go to the town at all.

There was a restaurant at the entrance and their food is good and it is easy to get a take away parcel. Seven or eight ladies staying in this floor meet occasionally and exchange ideas and there is a ladies conglomorate of all ladies in the block. One lady in the sixth floor was just runing a beauty parlour for the convenience of us all.

She is TARA and she is helped by two girls who come from outside. They have all the equipments and the materials that we dont go to the town at all. They had a private room where the used to arrange for massage also. A massier couple are available but on prearrangement only.

But the room for massage has a seperate entrance and it is not possible to know from the house who is getting the massage. Some times men also come for the massage and the man comes to do the massage. But for women only woman does the massage. The have different grades at different costs.

For a trial I asked for a massage and Tara was happy to book for me and it was a three hour affair and the details of it were explained to me and I being the first timer I was a bit nervous. At the appointed time I went and I was asked to undress in the antiroom and with my bra and panty I entered the massage room where I was asked to lie down on a big table.

On the table top was a big plastic sheet so that the oil applied on the body may not seep in spoil the wood of the table. They gave a big towel to cover my crotch area. A young female came, very slender but with attractive smiling face and nice body features greeted me and put on soft music in the room. She inquired about me and my family.

She said her husband and she are employed here and it will be quite pleasant and enjoyable experience. But I was a bit nervous because they will ask me to remove all clothes and play with my body. Even corner of my body is sensitive whether touched by a man or woman. It may cause ticklish sensation and I may gigle and laugh or push the tickler away.

It will embarras me and the other party, but let us see. The girl who said her name was Aisha came to me asked me to lie down on my abdomen. She kept on talking about her clients, film stars, TV personalities, etc. She poured some oil, on my back and spread the oil all over my back. She touched my body softly just to spread the oil all over, back from neck downwards upto waist.

She removed my bra and pulled my panty a little down. She asked my permission to remove the panty from my body, I said yes. She pulled it down and removed it from the bottom of my legs. Woh, I was totally naked in front of her.

She poured oil over my buttocks and spread the oil in the cavity and to the sides of the buttock and then ran her hands all over from buttocks to the back and then upto my neck. Her soft hands gave me a small ticking sensation but enjoyable. She then spred hebind my hands and she said I have a beautiful body with firm muscles which inspite of my two deliveries has not slackened.

It was just to praise me and inculcate confidence in me. The she asked me to turn and lie on my back. She gave me a short towel to cover my face from the bright light coming from the ceiling. Now my boobs and my cunt are emplosed to her. There may be some hair in the cunt, because I did not remove the hair because I did not remember to remove it.

Aisha poured oil over my boobs and started to spread the oil all over. Her soft touch over my boobs made my nipples to harden and stand erect. After spreading oil all over the my chest and abdomen, She started to kneedle my boobs, which gave pleasureable sensation. She the massaged my hands, arm pit and again went back to the boobs and massaged my boobs.

I felt dampness in my cunt. She massaged my chest and shoulders, neck and then the hands and again started form the boobs. She massaged them as if squeezing the dough and I liked the way she did it. She came down to my abdomen and my umbicus and then she poured oil on my mount of love and spread it all over.

She pulled her hand down over my cunt, concentrating on my cunt lips. She asked me to widen my legs and she poured oil in her hands and applied oil in the area down below the cunt up the anus. I was feeling shy and ashamed as I felt some smell coming from my cunt what to do, I cannot help it, I washed my cunt in my bathroom when I started to the parlour,

another girl will understand that all woman smell a little, it may not be offensive, but natural. But clever girl Aisha was talking without mentioning anything about it. Her massaging my pussy was classic. She rubbed just the outter lips downward without touching the clitoral area, she then asked me to close my legs and she poured oil over my legs and massaged the thigh muscles, knee etc.

She then asked me to turn over and massaged my buttocks, kneeding them hard and behind my thighs. That was very erotic and my cunt was oozing. again asked to turn over, lifted my legs straight up and massaged my leg muscles. It was very relaxing.

She then pulled my knees up and keep them wide and my pussy would have opened up and she took oil in her hands and massaged my clitoris and all over my cunt. That was pleasureable and lifted me up to the skies. She then asked me is that enough, meaning whether I have had my orgasm. I said yes. She then asked me to get up and to the bathroom and have a good bath.

I saw a bathtub full of warm water with soap bubbles on the surface. I stepped intothe tub and Aisha also came in with a handsome young man. She asked me whether I need any help while bathing from her husband Ali. I looked up at his pleasant face. But I said no. Aisha you can jump in with me.

Aly took a bow and left the room and Aisha came into the tub and with a sponge rubbed my body wth soap bubbles. She too was naked with clean shaven pussy and our bodies entwined to give pleasure to both of us. Her breasts were hard and she brushed them against mine and in the meantime her pussy was pressing against mine.

My body was got rid of all oil and we finally rinced with fresh water and we came out. We wiped my body with a large towel and I wiped her body with a big towel. We became friends. She said she enjoyed doing massage to my body since I cooperated with her fully.

She asked me to get dressed up and go through the antiroom. I gave her a substantial tip, which she happily accepted. I felt fresh and well relaxed when I walked out. I went back and thanked Tara for the wonderful experience I had.

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Anil Losing Virginity To Shobha Bhabhi - II

Previously: Anil Losing Virginity To Shobha Bhabhi - I

Even though I had the entire world of porn at disposal through my computer, I wanted to shag thinking of my Shobha Bhabhi only. No sexy woman on the planet could beat my bhabhi. God, I wanted her so badly. I had realized that Shobha Bhabhi indeed used to love a bike ride. Even though my brother had a car, bhabhi often asked me to take the bike out whenever she had to go for vegetable shopping.

On the bike, she would causally hold me from behind and I was sure that she had no sexual intention. I gave her ride umpteen number of times and after every ride, I would recollect those casual touches and mind fuck my bhabhi several times. But after my shagging was done, The reality would bite me and remind me that it was impossible to have sex with my bhabhi. She was such a decent woman.

One day, there was a small accident at our office. The electricity transformer had exploded. There was no backup power either. We were given a half day off. So, I returned home at two in the afternoon. I knew it was my Bhabhi's nap time so I retrieved my keys and very gently opened the lock so that her sleep would not be disturbed.

As I entered, I gently shut the door and walked to my study room. Surprisingly, the door was half shut. When I approached it, I realized that bhabhi was inside, in front of the computer. And to my surprise, she was video chatting with some unknown man. I also noticed that she had dropped her pallu and she was lifting her blouse to give that man a glimpse of her bare boob. My heart started beating fast.

My bhabhi, who I was dying to have sex with was exposing herself to some jerk on the internet. I was having mixed emotions. I was angry for her act, but at the same time I was very aroused. Without hesitation, I pushed the door and entered the room. Bhabhi was shocked and she shut the monitor and lifted her pallu and said "Anil you?" "Bhabhi what are you doing?" I asked.

But she did not respond. She quickly got up and left the room. I was stunned. I switched on the monitor. That jerk had logged off, but the chat window was open. My bhabhi was having a cyber sex chat with him. He had started asking her to show her boobs when I entered. I was so aroused to read the chat transcript.

The woman, who I wondered if ever has sexual feeling, was actually having a slutty chat with a stranger on internet. And I was dying to have her in my arms for last so many days. Shame on me! I thought. I got up and left my study room to see my Bhabhi. She was standing in the kitchen near the counter top facing away from me. I could see that she was panting heavily.

I don't know what happened to me, but I rushed towards her and forcefully turned her towards me and looked in her eyes. My hands held her shoulders. She looked down. The next thing I did was totally unimaginable. I still don't believe I had courage to do it. I lifted her face and kissed her lips. She pushed me away and said "Anil, what are you doing?"

But I had lost control over myself. I again pulled her closer to me and said, "You act like sati savitri at home and do such things? I wanted to fuck you so long but you don't let me touch you but you don't mind getting undressed in front of strangers you bitch?" "Leave me Leave me Anil" She screamed and pushed me forcefully. She escaped from my arms and ran towards her bedroom. She locked herself inside.

I started crying. The anger, the arousal and the feeling of dejection, all attacked me at the same time. I sat on the chair with head resting on the dining table. After 15-20 minutes, bhabhi opened the door. I lifted my head to look at her. She too had been crying. Her eyes were sore. She came to me and stood behind me. I was looking away from her.

And her hand came on my shoulder. She gently patted my shoulder and said, "Anil, I am sorry for what happened." I stood up from the chair, turned to her and said, "No Bhabhi I am sorry for the bad things I said to you". Her eyes watered again. "Bhabhi.. why did you do this?" I cried and hugged her. There was no sexual feeling at all. "She remained in my arms and started sobbing".

After two minutes, She separated herself from me and asked me to sit and she sat besides me on another chair. She said, "Anil, you are not just a brother in law but my friend too. I will tell you everything. But please please keep it a secret. I don't want to ruin your brother's happiness." "Ok!" I said. My bhabhi saying that she considered me a friend was a great honor for me.

I was ready to forgive all her sins for being her friend. "Your brother and I still have a good married life. But Anil, I am a woman. And every woman needs an attention. Your brother does not understand that. After Mohit was born, your brother has never bought me a single saree or never has appreciated my looks or my body. I know that deep inside, he loves me.

But when I am alone, I dream about how it would have been to be appreciated. Whenever I go out, I get looks from other men. It feels nice. I also knew you too liked me." "You knew?" I asked surprisingly. "What do you think Anil I didn't know? Tell me how many times have you peeped through the keyhole when I bathed in your bathroom?" "Bhabhi, how did you know?

I used to take so much care." "Yeah thats what you think. But remember, women have sixth sense. You know, the bathroom door reflects on the steel barrel we have against the wall. When you peeped through it, I noticed the movement in the reflection. That's how I knew". Now it was my turn to be ashamed. I looked down. Bhabhi held my hand and said "That's not the point though.

What I was saying is that it felt nice when you peeped like that, or men turned their heads when I went out. But your brother never shows any indication that he is attracted towards me. And my orthodox culture held me back from demanding such attention from him. But still my emotions ruled me at times. I knew you liked me sitting behind you on the bike.

So, it was my excuse to get some kinky fun by going out on a bike ride behind you." I was getting hot now. So, my bhabhi was not the cold, dull orthodox woman the way I thought. She was pretty advanced in these matters. I put my other hand on her hand and said, "So, you liked my touch?" My voice was very husky. She blushed and looked down smiling.

I knew this was my chance. She already had some feelings about me. I had to take my next step very carefully. I dragged myself closer to her and pressed her hand. My face was very close to her. I whispered in her ears, "Did you also enjoy my kiss I took in the fit of rage?" She nodded. Wow! It was going well for me.

"Then why do you show your beautiful body only to the strangers dear Shobha? Why not to me?" She slapped my hand and said "Shoo! naughty boy". I did not loose any more time and held her face and kissed her lips again. Then I kissed her neck. I pulled her pallu. "Stop Anil, not here. Let's go to your study room. " She whispered. I released her.

She adjusted her pallu and saree and headed towards my study room. I followed her. She sat on the bed and asked me to lock the door. I smiled in agreement and bolted it. I jumped on the bed and pushed her down and climbed over her. I pulled her pallu and kissed her. She held my neck and parted her lips so I could insert my toungue inside. Oh man! I was kissing my Shobha Bhabhi.

Then I moved down and kissed her cleavage. She unhooked her blouse and pushed her bra down so that her boob would pop out. I kissed it and started sucking her nipple. "Ah! Ah!" she moaned. I was sucking the boobs of my strict bhabhi, who I used to be so scared of. Bhabhi patted my shoulder and asked me to separate so she could unhook the bra. I lifted myself from her.

She arched her back and unhooked the bra. Then she removed both blouse and the bra. She was topless now. Her big round, white melons and erect tits were so gorgeous. I again started sucking them. My erect cock was rubbing on her crotch. While sucking I bit her nipple. "Ouch!" she screamed and slapped me on my ass. "I looked at her and said, didn't you like it?" "No silly! don't bite me.

Your brother can notice." We both smiled. I said, "Ok Shobha! I will be careful". "Why are you calling me Shobha?" she asked. "Becasue we are making love?" I said. "No! call me bhabhi. Especially when we are making love. Its more hot!" I smiled. I had never imagined that my bhabhi would be so advanced sexually. "Take your clothes off Anil. Come to your bhabhi naked" she whispered.

I got off her and removed my all clothes. She too removed her saree, petitcoat and panty. Now we were both naked. I again leaped over her and started kissing her. She held my bare ass. Her fingers buried in my bum cheeks. My rod was rubbing over her busy pussy. It was hot and wet. "I want to fuck you bhabhi!" I whispered. "No! not today Anil." I was surprised with her answer.

"But why?" I insisted. "You need to wear a condom" she replied. "But I will pull out my dick it before I cum ". I badly wanted to fuck her. "No, that doesn't work. No risks okay?" her voice became stern as it used to become when she was strict with me. "That's unfair. I am so hot and we are having so much fun, but looks like I will have to shag to get relieved?" "No my dear brother in law!

I will help you relieve" She naughtily said. Then she asked me to lie on the bed and she came between my legs. She held my erect cock had a close look at it. "So, this naughty thing gets big when you see me Anil?" She said. "Oh yea bhabhi! He is eager to get inside you." "Ummm! Remember the first time I had accidentally seen you naked Anil?" "How can I forget that incident Bhabhi?

I have been shagging on you since that incident." "Really? I too have thought of it many times when I was alone." Bhabhi said while she gently stroked my dick. "So you want me to be the first woman to take your dick inside Anil?" "Oh yea bhabhi! I do.. " Bhabhi opened her mouth and wrapped he lips around the tip of my dick and slowly pulled her mouth away like eating an ice candy.

Her lips rubbed against my tip. "Ah!" I exclaimed. Now bhabhi licked my tip thoroughly making it wait. I crossed my legs around bhabhi's back. She was locked between my legs. Her boobs rubbed against my groin. She held her falling hair in one hand and took my dick in her mouth. The wet and warm touch of her inner mouth sent shivers through my body.

It was an unexplainable feeling. I moaned as she stroked my dick with her mouth. Her head lowered and raised over my dick. Whenever she raised her head, she sucked my dick. It was such a grand feeling. After sucking me about a minute or two, she released my dick and looked at me and asked, "How are you feeling Anil? Is it better than shagging alone?" "Infinite times better Bhabhi!"

I said "Don't stop. I want to get my liquid out." She smiled and said "Okay. But tell me when you are ready to release. Don't release in my mouth else I will vomit". "Okay bhabhi, take it take it please!" 'Ok.. but keep praising me loudly when I suck you okay?" I nodded. Bhabhi took my dick inside her mouth and started sucking it. I started praising her looks. Her body.

Her sexy boobs. As I continued praising her, her strokes on my dick paced up. It was such an intense experience. I came to a point where I knew I would ejaculate anytime now. "Stop Bhabhi, its coming out" I yelled. No sooner did she release my dick than I ejaculated. Her entire face was sprayed with my semen. "Eww Anil! Couldn't you wait?" she said. "Sorry! Sorry bhabhi! I couldn't control."

I said and I got up to find a towel. Since I didn't find one, I pulled my underwear lying on the floor and wiped her face with it. "Are you ok bhabhi?" I asked her. "Yes my dear brother in law! You had fun?" she asked. "Oh yeah Bhabhi! you are awesome. You made me loose my virginity today!" "Not yet Anil. Virginity will be lost when you get inside me here" she responded while pointing to her naked bushy pussy.

"So, when will we do that?" Bhabhi smiled and said, "Get a condom. I do not want to take any chances". "Why you are afraid that Mohit will have a brother fathered by his uncle?" I said naughtily. She slapped me and went to the bathroom to get cleaned. I followed her like I used to, and peeped through the hole again. "I know you are peeping Anil!"

I laughed and said, "Yeah Bhabhi, Old habits die hard! your ass is sexy" She also laughed and said. "Now enough for today. Lets cleanup fast. Mohit will come home in 15 minutes". I agreed and I gathered my clothes and waited for her to come out of the bathroom.

As she came, she kissed me and said, "Brother in law is sexier than his brother after all huh?" We both laughed. Bhabhi started wearing her clothes and I went to the bathroom to cleanup.

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Anil Losing Virginity To Shobha Bhabhi - I

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon. I was home since the college was closed for two days due to the professors' strike. After taking meals,I had come to my study room. The atmosphere was such that I did not feel like picking up any book to study. So, I rummaged through my cupboard and pulled up a couple of playboy magazines my friend had loaned to me.

I plunged into the bed and started browsing through the magazine. The white smooth naked boobs of the models were arousing enough and my tool started responding to those pictures by growing in size. Automatically, my hand went inside the pants and started rubbing it. But my pants were too tight, so I unbuckled and lowered the pants and underwear.

My fully erect penis immediately popped up like a pole and I started stroking it gently while enjoying the beauty of playboy magazine. Not even two minutes passed since I started stroking my erect penis in the open, and my study room's door was pushed open and Shobha Bhabhi walked in the room saying to me something like "Anil, the rain is wetting these clothes.

I will dry them in your room". But when she had a sight of me lying on the bed half naked, she just froze like a statue, her eyes widened, her jaw dropped and the clothes she held falling on the floor. I swiftly hid the magazine under the pillow and covered myself with a bed sheet and rose from the bed. Shobha Bhabhi too got back to her senses.

She gave me a stern look and left the room immediately. While leaving, she banged the door shut. I was shaking with shame and the worry that she will complain to my elder brother Rohan. After Shobha Bhabhi left the room, I wore my pants and picked up all the washed clothes bhabhi threw on the floor. I hung them on the drying line to dry.

Since it was afternoon time, I had thought that Bhabhi must be going to take her daily noon nap so I wasn't expecting her to enter my room until 3:30PM when she would bring me tea. It was a mistake to keep the door unlocked. I told myself to be careful next time. Next time? Would there be next time? Would I dare to do these things next time? I wondered.

After passing my 12th three years ago, I had moved from our village in Karnataka to Bangalore to study Computer Engineering and stayed with my brother Rohan his wife Shobha and their son Mohit. Rohan worked in a MNC. Shobha Bhabhi was a housewife and Mohit went to primary school. Bhabhi came from a very orthodox upper class family and was very strict but caring person.

Ever since I started living with them, she had made sure to serve me warm food and ensure that I was studying hard. Although she wouldn't know much about what I studied, she certainly used to check if my studies were on track or no. Fortunately, I used to score good marks. Only once had I scored just passing level marks in Maths and Shobha bhabhi had given me a long lecture about importance of academic scores.

In summary, I was quite scared of Shobha Bhabhi. I shed all the thoughts from my mind and started studying. At 3:30, Bhabhi knocked the door and said "Anil, tea is kept on the dining table" and walked away. I could imagine that she was still very angry. I opened the study door and went to the dining room. The my tea cup was lying on the dining table.

Bhabhi was not to be seen. She was probably in her bedroom. I picked up my cup and went to the study room and continued studying. But I could not focus. I was still thinking about the incident and wondering how I would win my Bhabhi's confidence back. I replayed the afternoon incident in my mind. Bhabhi had seen my naked, erect penis. That thought made my penis rise again.

"Oh no! what is happening to me?" I thought. Imagining my bhabhi seeing my erect penis was arousing me. Shobha bhabhi was in her early 30's was very beautiful. She had a very good physique. But she always wrapped herself well in clothes so exploring her assets was quite difficult.

Still, I had a glimpse of her cleavage once in a while when her pallu dropped accidentally while doing household chores. But so far, I had ignored the sight of those cleavages. But today, I was getting only bad thoughts about my Bhabhi. At dinner, Bhabhi seemed normal. But I was very quiet since I was expecting the worst thing, my brother knowing about the incident.

I feared that he would throw me out of his house. But nothing like that happened. As a matter of fact, my brother asked me why I was quiet. I did not lift my eyes and just said, everything was alright. But he would not believe. He asked Bhabhi, "Shobha, what happend to Anil? He is very quiet?" I was shivering from inside thinking what Shobha Bhabhi would say.

But I was surprised with her answer, "He must be tensed about the exams. Anil, you need to study very hard.." She said. I was so relieved with her response. But at the same time I don't know why I thought that she intended a pun when she said the word "hard". Did she intend to remind me about my hardness in the afternoon? I just couldn't stop thinking about the incident.

Other than this discussion, the dinner was uneventful. At night, after I got in my study room, I locked the door from inside. I could not get rid of the dirty thoughts about bhabhi. I removed my paijamas and underwear and started stroking my penis while imagining that my dear bhabhi was stroking it and telling me that you have to make it hard.

The way she had uttered the word "hard" at the dinner table was very sexy. I started stroking faster. I realized that I was going to cum. So, I paused and looked for a cloth to wipe. Suddenly, I spotted my bhabhi's panty hanging on the drying lines. A wild thought came in my mind and I pulled it. I smelled her panty, but I only smelled the detergent.

I wrapped her panty around my penis. Oh! what a warm feeling it was. I shut my eyes and imagined of my bhabhi in that panty and rubbed my penis. It was feeling like my body was getting electrified. I had lost all my senses. I rubbed harder and harder and in few more strokes, I had a huge orgasm. I ejaculated my semen with the force I had never experienced in the past.

My bhabhi's panty abosorbed my whole semen. I wiped my penis with it. Now I got dressed again and washed her panty in the basin and hung it back on the drying line. I was now so exhausted that I ignored studying and went back to sleep. Several days passed by. Bhabhi was acting normal with me now. As if she had forgotten this incident completely.

But the incident had changed my outlook towards Bhabhi. Now, she used to be my star fantasy to masterbate on. Now the way I looked at her also changed. I never missed an opportunity to spot her accidentally viewable cleavage or her bare tummy visibile from a side view.

One day, when I was having my breakfast, Bhabhi said to me that she was going to take a bath in my bathroom since their bathroom had a choke-up problem. She also instructed me to stay outside of the study room until she was done. I nodded. As she went, I started having wild ideas. Shobha Bhabhi was having a bath in my bathroom. The thought gave me an instant hard.

I waited on the dining table until I heard the bathroom door closed and the taps running in my bathroom. I gathered courage and got up from the chair and sneaked into my room. I was hearing Bhabhi singing her favorite song while bathing. My bathroom has a key hole through which one can get a sneak peek.

Actually, its a stupid idea to have a key hole to the bathroom door, but somehow, the carpenter put it and no one bothered to change later. And since only I was using the bathroom most of the times, it was not a big issue. Now that stupidity of the carpenter was a huge gift for me. I sneaked through it and oh my! I was seeing my bhabhi's bare back and her ass crack.

I started rubbing my cock right there while enjoying the view of her wet naked body from behind. What a smooth texture of skin she had. And her plump ass was very inviting. I was hoping that she would turn around to give me the glimpse of her naked boobs but due to excitement I started shaking and to avoid getting in trouble, I returned to the dining table and started eating breakfast.

After 10 minutes, Bhabhi came out of the room. She was wearing fresh clothes and her wet hair tied in a cloth. She walked to me and said, "Anil, I found your watch in bathroom. Take it. And don't leave things around like this". While taking the watch, I felt the touch of her hand. In past so many times have I experienced such touch, but today it was so different that it sent current through my entire body.

It was warm and very soft. Oh man! I was again having a hard on in my pants. "Thanks Bhabhi!" I said and left the dining room. I wanted to shag immediately, but with the fear of she again finding out my dirty secret, I dropped that idea and left the house on the pretext of studying at the library. Since then I must have seen her 3-4 times through the keyhole.

I was glad that the plumber was not able to remove the clogging from their bathroom. Now I really wanted to have sex with my bhabhi. I had fantasized about her so much that now I wanted the real taste of her. But how would that be possible? She was very strict and orthodox. Sometimes I even wondered if she ever has sex with my brother.

And if she does, then how she must be reacting to my brother's humping. "Hope she doesn't chant some prayers and doesn't ask the god for forgiving the sins she made while having sex" I used to think and laugh to myself. Months passed. I graduated engineering with first rank in the entire college. I had scored very high marks and secured a very good job in a campus interview.

Every one was very happy. Actually my scores were superior to my brother's. Both Rohan Bhai and Shobha Bhabhi were very excited. We all celebrated my graduation and the new job in a five star hotel. After I got the job, I mentioned once to my brother and bhabhi that it was time for me to look for new accommodation for myself and not remain as a burden on them.

My brother was surprised with my proposal and said, "You are my brother Anil. How can you be a burden? Don't spend money on rents. Accumulate enough for your marriage." My bhabhi was very angry with my thoughts. She said, "Are we so distant to you now? Why do you want to move out? Who will cook warm food for you? Don't be stupid like this Anil." I felt bad.

I said, "Sorry Bhabhi. I did not want to hurt you. I like you so much. I will not move out. I will continue staying with you. But at least don't ask me to study now." We all laughed. I was so relieved that I was not causing a burden. Also, I was happy that I would get to be around my secret love more often.

I must admit, after my graduation, my bhabhi's attitude towards me had changed. She was no more a disciplinary person with me. Earlier, she behaved with me as if I was a kid. But now she had started becoming more friendly. I had bought a computer from my first salary. So, I taught her how to operate it. She was a quick learner. I also introduced her to facebook and gmail, chat etc.

She often chatted with me on gtalk when I was at work and she was alone at home. Overall, we were developing a very good friendship. In three months of starting a job, I also bought a bike on loan. The day I brought the bike, Shobha Bhabhi did its pooja and fed sweets to all of us. I offered her a ride behind me. First she hesitated, but my brother insisted that she goes.

Upon his permission, she readied. My nephew Mohit also wanted a ride. So, I made Mohit sit in front of me and Bhabhi sat in the back with her flank facing towards me. Since I had to sit a bit behind to accommodate Mohit, she had a very little room and she was completely sticking to my back. Such a soft touch it was.

I had to apply breaks a few times while maneuvering through Bangalore traffic and to adjust the balance, my bhabhi put her hand on my shoulder. I also felt a soft touch on my back and I was sure it was her boobs. The very boobs I was dying to press were resting against my back. That ride was memorable.

After we returned, I asked Mohit and bhabhi to get down and told them that I will take a solo ride. Actually I did so because my dick was so erect that had I got off the bike, it would have been apparent to others. Bhabhi asked me to drive very carefully and waved to me.

I took a round for 15-20 minutes and after I was cooled down, returned to home. That night I shagged very hard while recalling the soft touch of her boob on my back.

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Shekhar Fucking Sexy Neighbour Anushka

Hi Everybody, This is Shekhar from Bangalore. Going to tell a real incident that took me to the heaven in my life. As I am a Software Graduate in an Reputed University in Bangalore,I am 22 years old with average physique and good looking, wearing spectacles which mostly attracts womens in my area(Koramangala).

The area we reside all the families are rich except our family.Coming to Girls and Aunties they are sexy with revealing dresses. Among them there is one beauty queen and a princess Anushka Agarwal, who tops the position in terms of sexiness and beautiness.But she is married and have one baby girl.She is very rich in that area.

But she wont speak to any body in our area. She don’t have any friends.I tried to investigate about her personal life and came to know that she was married and after one year she got divorced and her husband married another lady.I thought how that Unlucky man left this beauty queen. Really he is UnLucky. Anushka’s baby is around Two Years old.

Anushka Agarwal is so sexy lady,she is 28 years old. Her Body Structure is 40D-34-38 which is really a sexy structure and her face looks like actress Keerthy Suresh(Tamil Actress). Any man who sees her gets erection in their manhood from Old age to Teenager. She Mostly wear Sarees(That too very Transparent we can See through Navel and Her Cleavage).

She wears Low Cut Blouses. She is running a saree bussiness some where(Not Intrested). I tried to have a contact with her at any cost and seduce her and take her to bed. Being a Graduate because of her I made my mind to work with her as a driver. As earlier she had Lady driver but now that driver got married and left that job.

Many of them came for the recruitement but she need driver with good qualification(Like He should know English and he should be a graduate also).That Driver is also a Personal Assistant(PA) for her in helping her in her business.At last I got shortlisted and she needs to speak to me face to face. I went to her House for interview.

Anushka: Why did u select this driver job as you are software graduate. Me: As I am poor I need job immediately for maintaining my family so I applied for this job. Anushka: You are Appointed.. Me: Got Happiness at my peak and dick got erected by seeing her sexy body. First day of my job…I dressed well and went in to her place.

She called me inside. Ohhh her house is like a palace and Nobody is there in the house except herself and her baby. Maid only comes in afternoon and she will go. I have total privacy to seduce her.I went to her office My Designation is PA cum Driver. Days went off…after two months she got impressed with my work.

She started to ask about my personal life and she told about her personal life also.Her Parents are all dead and her husband also left. Now she is alone with her baby.Again months went off…I started to enjoy her beauty along with my work.

One day She took me to the restaurant and she openly told her wish that she needs another baby(Male baby) as her properties will get parted if she has female baby.. so she needs a Male Baby to take care of her property. My Dick got raised at its peak and She also told another condition that she wants baby with out having sex.

I got totally disappointed but I made a statement to ask in hospitals for sperm donors. we went to the hospital and met the doctor. Doctor told that it can be done but we cant say how the baby looks like and how healthy he is like with out any disease.Anushka Got Disappointed and she tried in another hospitals also but she got the same reply from doctors.

We came to the house and she went to her room and I came to my room and in my mind I got happiness and my dick started at its peak thinking that she will end up in asking me the help and atlast having sex with her.I Mastubrated thinking of her.

After two days she called me and told me to take her to the restaurant. We went and sat. I started enjoying my dish with silence. She broke the silence and asked that she took the decision to have sex with me. I was acted like shocking…I told I can’t…… She replied and pleased me to agree on this and she don’t have any other way other than me.

I took advantage and made some condition My Conditions are..Me: I wont have sex other than the lady who is my wife..Anushka: Wife??? What do you mean?? Me: Yes I will marry You… Anushka: its not possible …No marriage in my life again..Me: Marriage means I will tie the knot in some temple out of the city and it will be like real marriage with out any body other than us..

and it is not registered any where..after some days you can remove that Thaali(Mangalyasutra). It will be kept as secret. Anushka: (Kept Silent) and she told ok I will agree and what is your next condition..Me: Second Condition.. Our First Night Should be like real first light with luxurious look. Anushka: ok…next??

Me: Third Condition… Our Marriage life will go for one month.. in other words you should be my wife for one month..Anushka: One Month?? Not possible..Me: You Look for others mam..i cant come..(in angry face) Anushka: Ok Ok …agreed..Me: Fourth Condition.. Our First night should happen in your flat in Ooty(Which I know about her properties) and we should stay there for one month Anushka : Ok..

Me: Fifth Condition.. leave your baby to your maid for this one month..as I should not get disturbed..while having sex Anushka: ok.. Me: Sixth Condition.. I want to get paid and I need some properties of yours and money.. Anushka: ok how much?? Me: 10 Crores.. Anushka: ok…(in sad face)

Me: Seventh Condition.. You Should wear the saree which I select on our first night Anushka: ok…agreed on all your conditions I asked her when we will start?? she told from tomorrow…and I got happy..I took her to her company and told her to get the sarees …She called her assistant to take the bundles of costliest sarees..

I went through the sarees.. I took the black transaparent(Totally Transparent) sarees..which costs around 50k and I told the tailor to stitch the blouse back less with very low cut such that her 70% of her boobs should come out..and I took the petticoat and told the tailor to stitch such a way that it should start six inches below navel and I took the most sexiest bra for her breasts..

and I told to deliver it by tomorrow morning..i told her this saree is for first night..and I took pattu saree for the marriage.. and we left the company. Morning I told my Mom that I am going to ooty for office purpose for a month and I left..When I went to Anushka House.. she made arrangements and gave her baby to her maid with tears in her eyes..and I started driving from Bangalore to Ooty..

She called her maid in Ooty to make arrangements for the first night and she ordered fruits,sweets and full of flowers on bed.and she told to stop the car in a jewellers shop and she purchasedthali and metti (for legs) and on the way we stopped in some temple and I called poojari in that temple and I tied the Thaali on her neck and we exchanged Flowers(Maalai).

and I wear metti on her legs..Atlast she became my wife..and I started driving the car..while driving I started to touch her boobs and navel from outside saree..She told to stop. I told that you are my wife now.. I can do what ever I think…and she smiled and kept silent..

We reached Ooty…Wow what a nice building it is also luxurious..and it is 6pm in the evening..she told her maid to take leave for one month..and she gave full salary for her..Maid left that place..I took bath and had dinner and she also had dinner with me.i asked her where is that saree.. I thought that whether she has forgotten that sexy saree…

She replied with smile that she has got that saree yesterday night itself..she told me to wait in the room as she will come after 1 and half hour.. I was thinking what she is going to decorate her body for one and half hour..??? Time passed…She came inside the room ……WOW! I was stunned looking at her..

She wore black totally transaparentsaree.and backless and low cut blouse revealed the boobs totally..and she tied her saree 7 inches below navel..revealing her awesome belly for me.She is Like Sex Goddess in the earth. I went near to her kissed her for the first time a long French kiss..

that she cant even breathe and I removed her pallu and removed saree fully from her body and throwed it on the floor and wow..her boobs is hanging like a hell..i asked her breast size she replied with shy….40D… I got massive erection and I tore her blouse and comes her bra.. wow that bra cant hold that boobs and that it is only 20% covered remaining 80% boobs is outside..

i removed that bra and removed her petticoat ann panty …She is totally naked..Wow and I removed my clothes and become naked and she got shocked by seeing my Dick and told that will that suits inside my pussy..???...i smiled and took her and thorwed her on the bed and grabbed her boobs and started sucking it…

For My surprise I got Milk from her boobs. And started drinking her milk fully…Her Boobs capacity is very high that even after drinking stomach full..still there is some milk in her boobs.and I went to her sexiest navel..and started sucking..she moaned ahhhhhh…..Yes…..Ahhhhhh…..Do..it…..Please….Yes…mmmmmmmmmmmmm

And made my tongue to rotate the circumference of her navel and she lifted her body to the fullest..AHHhHHH…Please …Shekhar…Do..it…Fuck me…and she took my dick and started to suck my dick … oh…My dream lady is Sucking my dick….i was so happy… I was in the mood to come..As I didn’t mastubrate for a week.. I will get hell quantity of semens..

I don’t want to waste that one by ejaculating in her mouth..So I took my dick from her mouth..and I made her lie on the bed and I came on top of her and inserted my dick in her Vagina..She screamed..AHHHHHH its paining …. As it was tight …it has been long time she had sex…and atlast I inserted inside her…fully…

i started riding her..oh it is like heaven fucking already married sexy ladies and sexy lady like Anushka Agarwal… oh it is like Heaven….haaaa… as it was AC room I was totally in mood..She was cumming in huge amount…HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…I am CUMMMMMMMMMMMMing….and oh that fluid is really hot…which shows how much she is missing sex…

MY Dick become more stiff and got gripped..and I started fastly..riding..She is really Enjoying the sex…Oh Come on shekhar…Release your Sperms inside me and make me pregnant…haaaaaaaaa…come on….Shekhar… As I got totally encouraged from her.. I hold her Soft boobs.. wow.. I didn’t see such a huge and soft boobs in my lifetime…

I started squeezing her boobs so roughly…She came second time…haaaaa….oh…what a man you are…u took me to heaven man…ha..i was in speed motion..My Dick is going in and out of her Vagina..very fast….and after 45 minutes and I came by squeezing her boobs and my dick started to release lots of my semens which contains millions of my off springs to fertilize her…

I kept cumming inside her womb…Atlast I cummed totally inside her womb…and still my dick is stiff and I drank some milk from her breast and started riding again..fastly..she moaned.. again… ahhhhh..you are really a god in sex…and after 30 minutes I cummed again inside her womb.. and took some sweets and made powder and applied in her navel and I started licking..

and took fruits and I ate by keeping in her lips and her pussy..That day I fucked 6 times..and remaining days also went like this.. I fucked her daily in all the places in that house.. I didn’t allowed her to wear any dress and she will be naked for most of the times..during that one month…As she was in her fertile days and was ovulating…

She missed her periods..and after one month she informed that she is pregnant with my child..She is very Happy…after nine months she delivered a Boy Baby..and she is very happy… She gave me 20 crores and properties…and I also became rich…

Please post your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - IV

Previously: Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - III

Bhaiya plunged his penis into Di’s wet fuckhole very deep in one go and immediately started plowing her with a steady pace. Shweta Di swallowed that shock easily and gasped as she started getting fucked, her back bowed steeply and Bhaiya mashed her groin against his. Moving in and out with steady pace slowly Keenu Bhaiya lied over Di and Di took him in her arms.

They were enjoying, puffing and panting their breath was hissing from their throat. Like an expert Keenu Bhaiya was burring his hard penis into my sister till the root of it and sitting nearly behind them I could see Di’s Pussy filled and Bhaiya’s balls pressing Di’s cunt-lips again and again.

Since then I was just sucked and rubbed and fingered and that is by a female, anyhow I could not imagine the pleasure Shweta Di was going through, “she is getting fucked… how I will feel when I get filled by such a thick rod?” I was once again heading to same mind state where I could not decide what to do,

whether I should go for it or not and unaware and least bothered about my feeling Bhaiya and Di were just fucking and fucking. Keenu Bhaiya continued riding on Di for a minute or bit more and excitement started rising in Di and she seemed going to her peak.

Bhaiya grunted as he saw Di gasping madly, her moans were turned into shrill cries and she gripped Bhaiya tight between her arms and thighs. It excited Bhaiya and he began fucking Di with fast and deep skewering thrusts and continued plunging his big penis steeply in and out of her fuckhole.

Keenu Bhaiya is a strong guy with good health his hips were snapping smartly with each thrust, his buttocks flexing and unflexing in a powerful squeezing rhythm and buried under him my sister was crying in pleasure like a slut. Finally nailing Keenu Bhaiya’s back with her full strength Di exploded and went through shattering orgasm,

being a female I could see that Shweta DI was going through an amazing feeling, clenching her teeth she arched her body steeply and tried to push Bhaiya and sensing her state Bhaiya immediately got away from her; so that she can go through orgasm comfortably and with evident shivering over her belly Di hissed in pleasure while cumming.

Shweta Di was dead but Bhaiya was still alive, he was hard and like I was expecting, holding his monster in his hand he looked at me asked me to come close “Golu mere pass aaja…I will not hurt” I was jammed and could not decide what to do, some time back I was left half done and now after watching Shweta Di getting fucked I was heavily aroused, leaking like hell,

my pussy was once again twitching in desire of getting some treatment and I felt like releasing myself free. “Golu karwa le…aaj le le poore mazze” lying on her back worn out Shweta Di smiled while saying that and next instant Keenu Bhaiya took my wrist and pulled me casually, for an instant I thought about freeing my hand from his grip but lust is lust,

most powerful thing dwelling in human brain and with a blush I moved ahead. “Hmmmmm…..” next instant I was lip locked, Keenu Bhaiya was excited and he got my consent he hugged me and kissed me hard. He over me, we both collapsed on the bed but our kiss did not broke, crushing my breasts under his broad shoulders his hand moved down,

he opened my thighs and I moaned in delight, Bhaiya rubbed me nicely, his finger moved over my wet slit roughly and that enhanced my desire to blow. “Bhaiya please mujhe pain mat karna…” I requested him while puffing in pleasure “meri Jaan bus thoda sa pain hoga…jaise injection lagta hai… uske baad tujhe bus mazza hi mazza aayega”

I knew this fact, that after pain we get just pleasure while getting fucked but like Keenu Bhaiya said pain was not that mild, but what could I do? Anyhow one day I have to endure that pain and leaving myself over Keenu Bhaiya’s mercy I closed my eyes. “iskko oil lagga ke karo….” Shweta Di uttered from somewhere over my head and Keenu Bhaiya told her to get that.

Leaving me and Bhaiya on the bed Shweta Di went out of the room, to our parents room to get the coconut oil and sitting between my wide open thighs and lifting my legs up while holding my knee joints Keenu Bhaiya once again dived down into my pussy to suck. “ohhh…Ahhh….” I moaned loud and erotic and just in few seconds of getting tongued felt like blowing.

Shweta Di came back and stood over my head but Keenu Bhaiya did not stop sucking me till my fleshy thighs started shivering in unbearable pleasure. I was puffing and panting with mild breathlessness and with closed eyes I heard Keenu Bhaiya talking to Shweta Di; that I am wet enough and do not need oil, “ye ekdum mast gili ho chuki hai…oil nahi chahiye…”

“koi baat nahi….daal low thoda sa….meri Chhoti ko dard nahi hona chahiye”. Eventually holding my both the legs from my ankles Keenu Bhaiya opened my pussy to roof and Shweta Di poured adequate oil over that. I was about to get fucked and anyhow in any language I cannot describe the feeling I was going through a moment before.

My heart was beating high with a fear of pain but body was burning in desire to get ripped. ”Ohhh…..” Like I saw him doing with Shweta Di, Keenu Bhaiya whacked his length over my opening and with a loud groan I clenched my eyes harder “Chhoti bus ab tu Chudne wali hai….”

Once again Shweta DI addressed me Chhoti; Chhoti (the younger) was my nick name just for Shweta Di and her loving salutation took me further high in lust and my opening started contracting radically. "Fuck me" with a rising lust I cried in demand “yes…Baby I will fuck you…meri Golu…I will fuck you baby…”

Keenu Bhaiya moaned in delight and next instant I felt his thick monster tip piercing my tiny opening. It was hurting but not much, as I was wet, sticky and excited and I did not protested rather I gave him better access of my fuckhole by spreading my thighs on my own, his hands grabbed my waist and next instant with fluttering eyes I saw leaning over me Keenu Bhaiya moved further into me.

Eventually he squeezed his length into my tiny opening, holding him firm I cried a bit as now it was paining, for a fraction Keenu Bahiya paused but before I would have recovered from the pain Keenu Bhaiya plunged me hard with a sudden jerk and ripped me completely.

I screamed in shocking pain and tried to push him and moved up to get away from him but Bhaiya was in good position to control me, he held me hard from my shoulders to stop me going away and Shweta Di helped him to jam me. Eventually Bhaiya lied over me, I griped him hard and he started fucking me immediately. One, two, three and his entire length went inside me.

I was feeling his heavy balls touching my pussy lips again and again, My God…it was breathtaking, brutally ripped into two I was crying in pain like hell but ignoring my devastating state with all his strength Bhaiya fucked me consistently for a minute while looking into my eyes.

I believe that was the key to end the first fucking pain quickly, after a minute or bit more Bhaiya controlled his fucking pace and eventually stopped fucking me. He kissed me and involuntarily I responded to his kiss. Burying his entire length he lunged deep into my mouth and sucked my tongue. Gradually he moved down and started sucking my rigid nipples.

It was amazing; showing no hurry Bhaiya remained stagnant in my fuckhole and after another minute I could feel my pain getting subsided. Bhaiya licked my entire face and kissed me all around my neck, sucked my earlobes and suddenly my pussy quivered and belly rippled helplessly with intense desire of getting fucked “Fuck me Bhaiya….fuck me”

I was yet not out of pain still I inadvertently asked him to fuck and Keenu Bhaiya started again. Ohhh...this time it was wonderful, Bhaiya moved in and out of me but very slow and I puffed in pleasure. Next I felt Di wrapping my thighs around Bhaiya’s waist and I locked him in my long legs.

Fucking continued and with slow but long screwing thrusts Bhaiya tried going deeper and it was fantastic, Keenu Bhaiya touched me deep in my womb, once, twice and suddenly my pussy quaked strangly. Keenu Bhaiya continued drilling me at same point with same pace and I cried repeatedly in sensational pleasure of feeling fresh showers of my love juices rising from the depth of my womb.

Flow of fresh juices faded away my pain completely and I started enjoying loss of my cherry. Ohhh… what a pleasure it was, moving in and out gently his thick monster was producing strange sensation in my body, wonderful, erotic my belly was fluttering with every inward thrust of Bhaiya’s hard length and every time he was pulling himself out I was puffing in desire of getting stuffed again.

For a minute or bit more everything was wonderful, grunting and panting I was enjoying feeling him hard in my wet flooding pussy but my consistent loud erotic moans drove Keenu Bhaiya high and he enhanced his fucking pace. It was hurting still blend of some kind of weird pleasure was also mixed in that pain and nailing his back I was also enjoying getting fucked with that rising passion.

Eventually Keenu Bhaiya also groaned loud and with that his fucking pace went further high, his taut hips started rising and falling over me madly, far quicker then they were falling over my sister few minutes back, Ohhhh…God that was brutal and I repeatedly cried in pain but Keenu Bhaiya did not stopped.

“Ohh....fuck...Golu meri Jaan…aaj main tujhe raat bhar Chodunga…I will fuck you baby….meri Chhoti….meri pyari…bol Chudwayegi na mujhse... hmmm...?" Bhaiya murmured while clenching his teeth, he was reaching to his peak and finally he dived deep into me and attained his climax and his words instantly took me to my first real orgasm.

His cock quaked in my hot tight clamp, my pussy spammed over his thick monster and holding each other hard and tight we both groaned loud and soon after feeling myself cumming I felt Keenu Bhaiya’s hot gunk going in my depth.

That’s it, finally I was fucked, releasing his entire weight Keenu Bhaiya lied over me for few minutes and rolled off as his monster shrunk and slipped out of my fuckhole. Keeping my eyes closed I remaind unmoved but soon realized that both; Shweta Di and Keenu Bhaiya were looking at my freshly ripped fuckhole closely, certainly to see the blood.

"Loot gayi teri izzat" I got up as I saw looking at my fuckhole and with that note Shweta got up to use the toilet and slapping her ass from behind Keenu Bhaiya followed her. That was the end of our first session and as it can be assumed we fucked again after some time.

With a cup of hot coffee we saw couple of porn movies on big screen and before starting again over my request we all went out to one 24*7 store to get the condoms and contraceptive pills and soon after reaching back home everything started again. As it was already decided this time we fucked in the living room over the couch and the way we saw in one threesome porn movie.

Initially we both the sisters sucked Keenu Bhaiya while being on our knees and later while I sucked him Shweta Di sat over Keenu mouth to get her pussy sucked and licked. Next Keenu Bhaiya turned me into doggy style on the couch with my elbows resting over its back and parting my heavy ass buried his mouth into my buns from behind to lick my pussy.

After oral sex once again Bhaiya took Shweta Di first and fucked her in doggy style and I rubbed her opening with a pulsating cock in her fuckhole; like we saw in the movie. Later leaving Shweta Di half done, keeping my long legs over his shoulder he humped me too and after taking me to my pinnacle once again Keenu invaded Shweta DI; this time from top and bring her to climax.

In the end we both jerked out Keenu Bhaiya and took his jizz drops over our breasts. Though we did not had third session untill next day evening but we did not slept for entire night, apart from kissing, licking and sucking each other’s face and nipples we chit chatted endlessly and slept around 4 in the morning.

What all happened next day evening is altogether a diffrent experience to describe which I will try writing that some other time. Hope you liked my sexpierence and I am expecting your comments below. Thanks.

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Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - III

Previously: Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - II

Shweta Di waited for me to come and moved in as I reached to the door. Holding and moving his monster back and forward Keenu Bhaiya was lying on bed and leaving me on the doorstep Shweta Di moved to him. “You have to suck my pussy” Shweta Di spoke while getting on bed and Keenu Bhaiya replied with “yes I will”

and with that once again Keenu Bhaiya took Shweta Di under his weight and they kissed for a while. After kissing and bit of breast squeezing Keenu Bhaiya drifted down over Shweta Di and turning his face to me and asked me to get my pussy sucked "Golu...tu bhi khol ke late jaa...teri bhi chus dunga" and Shweta DI followed him “Aaja Chuswa le…”

I did not moved to them but I pulled the chair and sat down, I was feeling my legs getting weak, possibly because by now enormous amount of fluid was discharged down from my pussy. Anyway Keenu Bhaiya got up over his knees and opened Shweta DI’s thighs, Shweta Di was totally clean, wet and dripping and Keenu Bhaiya smiled while looking at her face.

"Keenu achhe se chus issko". Ohhh…. Shweta Di will get sucked by a male, why not me? I puffed in delight of assuming myself lying at Shweta Di’s place and before I would have imagined anything else Keenu Bhaiya moved into Shweta Di. Ohhh….Eventually Keenu Bhaiya buried his mouth into Shweta Di’s fleshy thighs,

Di moaned thickly with a initial lick over her wet opening and closing her eyes began feeling heaven of manly suck. Shweta Di must be feeling great! I don’t know what was happening to me, it was sensational, looking at my sister getting licked and sucked by a male I started feeling strange waves going through my body; as if Keenu Bhaiya is licking my pussy.

Hmmmm… making an audible voice of sucking gradually Keenu Bhaiya was getting deeper and deeper in Shweta Di’s fuckhole and her pleasure cries were rising in volume. Heat was rising in me too and I got up from the chair; to see exactly what is Keenu Bhaiya doing over Shweta Di’s pussy and I stood on the appropriate position from where I could see Keenu Bhaiya’s face

colliding with Di’s pussy and as Keenu Bhaiya realized that he opened Shweta DI’s thighs further wide and gave me clear view of his tongue moving over and in and out of her pussy. He moved his tongue over Di’s vertical slit from bottom to top numerous times while parting Di’s pussy lips with his tongue and suddenly it sent a strange shiver down to my spine;

I puffed loud and inserted my hand in my lower to rub my opening. With every passing second I was losing control over my senses, deep inside I was reached to the point where I wanted to tore off my clothes but unconsciously I was waiting for anyone among two to invite me again to join them and it happened next instant.

Licking and sucking Shweta Di’s pussy Keenu Bhaiya was deeply buried in Shweta Di’s womb when once again Shweta Di looked at me and raised her arms to call me with a casual demand of kiss, “Golu…give me a kiss”. Unknowingly I was waiting for something like this only and I did not give a second thought to it.

I moved ahead, reached close to Di and collapsed over the bed. We kissed like we always use to and felt Shweta Di’s hands trying lifting my top. For a fraction I felt strange but just for a fraction, as lust was ruling my senses I took off my top on my own.

Eventually with swollen breasts caged in a tight bra I was lying on the same bed and before I would have tried looking at Keenu Bhaiya I felt his hand touching bare skin of my waist and with a thick puff I shivered in delight. “Shweta jaldi Nanga kar issko….” Leaving Shweta Di sucking Keenu Bhaiya spoke to Shweta Di while getting up;

he told her to stripe me and after that it took them hardly a minute to take off all my clothes. I was pushed to my back and while Shweta Di unhooked my bra Keenu Bhaiya unbuttoned my Capri and before I would have realized that my breasts are about to get exposed in front of Keenu Bhaiya he pulled Capri along with my panty out of my legs.

Before Shweta Di would have taken out bra from my arms completely my fuckhole was opened to Keenu Bhaiya’s eyes. I was wet and dripping, just like Shweta DI but with bit of hairs over my pussy and Shweta Di spoke out sarcastic “maine tujhe bola tha na…Chut saaf kar le apni…?”

holding my knees apart Keenu Bhaiya was looking at my pussy like an hungry animal and he came up with a reply to Shweta Di “Koi baat nahi…?”. I don’t know how many times I have been sucked by Shweta Di, still I was excited, puffing and grunting I was breathing heavy, possibly thought of getting handled by a real male on bed was driving me bizarre and next instant I saw Keenu going into my thighs.

Ohhh…fuck… Keenu Bhaiya licked me hard and I jumped in ecstasy, drifting myself up unintentionally I tried pushing him but Shweta Di took hold of my arms and holding my thighs tight, wide apart Keenu Bhaiya pulled me down to bring my pussy close to his mouth and continued licking me like an animal.

Ohhh…what an astonishing sensation that was, Keenu Bhaiya was flicking his tongue over my pussy like an expert and arching my head with my eyes shut I was puffing and panting like anything. Slowly putting his hands under my fleshy ass Keenu Bhaiya tried lifting my bottom up and I lifted myself to give more access of my fuckhole to my brother.

He rested my long legs over his shoulders and went deeper, Ohhhh….his thick tongue sizzled into my pussy and I shivered in pleasure like never before. I must say male is always a male; I mean anyhow I cannot compare the pleasure I was getting with Keenu Bhaiya with the pleasure I use to get wit Shweta Di.

As far as sucking of fuckhole is concerned Bhaiya was incredible, his rapidly moving tongue was producing electrifying sensation in my body and closing my eyes I was moaning and enjoying and could not think anything, I was feeling fresh streams of my love juices coming out from the depth of my womb and I was lost in that whirlpool of lust without realizing the fact that whatever we all were doing is a sin.

Certainly it was a sin, Keenu Bhaiya was our brother and every year we use tie holly thread of Rakhi over his wrist, but that instant none among us were in such senses, holding my wrists with both the hands leaning over me Shweta Di was kissing me and down there Keenu Bhaiya just went on going deeper and deeper in my fuckhole.

He was sucking me hard, licking my opening so well that slowly I was rising to my peak. I was shivering in pleasure, my fuckhole was twiching like never before, certainly I wanted to cum but if I would have reached to my climax with just sucking I would have stepped back from getting fucked and sensing my mind state Keenu Bhaiya gradually slowed down her licking pace and eventually stopped sucking me,

Ohhh.... he released me just when I feeling sensation of climax coming near, I believe another minute of suckung would have took me high but in the end I puffed in incomplete desire and saw Keenu Bhaiya standing over his knees. He was looking at my worn out expressions with a smile and next he wiped his wet lips dreanched in my sticky juices with my bra.

I was yet not back in my senses, I was still breathing heavy and with fluttering eyes I saw Keenu Bhaiya rising on me. Hmmm... he lied over me and kissed me, I felt his hard cock over my belly and took him deep in my mouth without any hasitation. He released his saliva in my mouth and sucked my tongue nicely.

After exoloring my mouth for a minute or two Keenu Bhaiya moved down and after massaging my melons grabbed one and sucked my nipple nicely. I was already twiching over my pussy and as my nipples started getting sucked by a male I once again started grunting in pleasure.

I wanted to request him to suck my pussy till I cum but how could I say that and while Keenu Bhaiya was busy in sucking my nipples I reached to my pussy with my own fingers to rub it to get the climax but he caught me and stopped me from doing that.

“Ab tum dono mera Lund Chusogi…” Bhaiya got up from me and spoke to us but while looking just me and holding my wrist tried pulling me, Shweta Di also told me to get up and slowly I got up. Next with two pillows under his shoulders Keenu Bhaiya settled down in comfortable posture and asked Shweta Di to suck his Penis in erotic Hindi “Shweta Chus mera Lund”

and with a smile Di moved forward to his crotch and took hold of his monster. By now I was back in my senses, I was feeling bit conscious over what I was doing but it was too late to step back. Looking at me Keenu Bhaiya raised his arms and called me to give him a kiss “meri Jaan…tu meri baahon mein aa aur Chumma De” it was embarrassing but now what?

I was into it, I won’t say that I was getting made to do all that, anyhow I could make an exit from the room any moment but how could I do that? I was conscious but lust was still ruling my mind and deep inside I too wanted enjoy all this. Anyway I was still, unmoved and biased over what should I do and Shweta Di took my wrist in her hand and spoke to me “Aaaja dono chuste hain…”

I was hesitant and it was significant from my gesture and Shweta Di spoke again with a giggle “come on ab kya Sharma rahi hai…?” “Shweta Tu shuru kar…” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to Shweta Di and once again called me in his arms to give him a kiss and my lust moved me into Keenu Bhaiya’s arms.

Hmmm….we kissed and we kissed nicely, mentally I was conscious over what I was doing but I believe it was not evident over my gesture, I was kissing Keenu Bhaiya equally well. “Ohhh….Fuck” Suddenly Keenu Bhaiya broke the kiss and cried in pleasure, it was Shweta DI who took him in her mouth and sucked him hard.

“Yaar aaram se kar” Keenu Bhaiya uttered while grabbing me in his arm and Shweta Di giggled over Keenu Bhaiya’s cry. Next Di swirled her long tongue expertly over his cock-head. Her breath was warm on his tip, and then her mouth enveloped his cock in its moist warmth.

Keenu Bhaiya moaned in delight and Di began to suck him tenderly on his penis, Keenu Bhaiya’s thick cock appeared and disappeared as Di head moved up and down and once again Bhaiya groaned in pleasure while arching his head and wondered from she has learned sucking cock and how many cocks she has sucked till now

“Ohh..Wow…Shweta tu Kahan se sikh ke aayi hai Lund Chusna…hmmmm….aur kitne Lund Chus chuki hai aaj tak?” once again I was losing my conscious, obviously; how could I control myself in that situation, grabbing me in his arms Bhaiya was massaging my melons while looking at Shweta Di. It was good to feel a manly touch over breasts and felt my nipples getting stiffer.

Lying over her belly between his wide open legs Shweta DI fucked her mouth slowly and as excitement went bit up, pumping his hips at her face, moving up and down Bhaiya synchronized Shweta Di’s to and fro movement and Shweta Di’s lips blew as Keenu Bhaiya’s cock grew in her mouth.

For an instant Bhaiya looked at me and fondled my breasts I too panted loud as my rigid nipples quivered under his thumb. Down there over his crotch, appearing and disappearing in Di’s mouth Bhaiya’s cock was somewhat glistening with her saliva.

“tujhe bhi Chusna hai issko” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to me while looking into my eyes closely and next he addressed Shweta Di and said now I will suck, “Shweta ab ye Chusegi…” Shweta Di stopped, got up and once again tried pulling me while holding my wrist and this time I did not tried to resist myself.

Though as compared to blue movies it seemed filthy and totally adverse in real life as but one corner I too wanted to feel a real cock in my mouth and I moved close to his crotch. Hmmm…..eventually I took his rod in my mouth slowly and sucked its tip with some hesitation. “Chus achhe se issko Jaise lollipop Chuste hain…”

Shweta Di spoke and pushed me gently towards Bhaiya and his Penis went inside my mouth bit deeper. Keenu Bhaiya hummed a bit with a pleasure of watching me sucking his rod and caressed my head and moved his rod bit into my mouth deeper and spoke “yess…Golu..meri Jaan… Chus…issko ache se…hmmmm…”

and after a pause called Shweta DI in his arms “Shweta …mere pass aa aur Chumma de mujhe” and like it can be assumed next instant Shweta Di and Keenu Bhaiya went into deep kissing. I sucked him, wet sticky, thick hard and swollen, it was weird and not at all pleasant feeling but overcoming my feelings I continued for a minute and to my surprise soon I was Ok with it,

I took him deeper and Keenu Bhaiya stopped kissing Di and moaned in delight. I liked his pleasure cry and sucked him hard in excitement and this time Keenu Bhaiya jumped in ecstasy. Eventually Bhaiya stopped me and got up over his knees. Keenu Bhaiya was blown to maximum,

thick and hard it was at least 7 inches long and correspondingly thick and suddenly a fear of getting ripped in pain passed through my spine. For a fraction I thought about quitting from fucking part but before I would have spoke anything Keenu Bhaiya uttered that he will fuck me first “pahle main Golu ki Lunga…fir teri Lunga” he spoke to Shweta Di.

“No…please…mujhe sex nahi karna” I reacted immediately and that shook their head, “why?” Shweta Di asked me back instantly and before I would have replied to Shweta Di Keenu Bhaiya moved bit towards me “Golu this is wrong….” He took hold of my wrist, I tried to release myself from his grip but holding my hand hard Bhaiya tried pulling me

“I will not let you go like this…aaj to teri seal totegi” “Please Bhaiya…leave me….” I requested him and looked t Shweta DI with a hope that she will help me and she did that “Keenu….fuck me first…mujhe Chudta hua dekhegi to apni marzi se marwaegi” Keenu Bhaiya looked at Shweta Di and asked her if she is sure, “are you sure ki ye marwayegi….?” “Definitely…”

Shweta Di replied and somewhat saved me from getting fucked forcibly. Keenu Bhaiya released me and next instant he jumped over Shweta Di. While being on top her Bhaiya once again kissed Di deeply and after a minute or even less got up and opened Di’s thighs.

Hmmm….they were ready to get into real action, with her swollen fuckhole almost pointing roof Di’s lifted her legs high and holding her one leg from her ankle Keenu Bhaiya stretched Di’s other leg painfully wide. Next holding his monster Bhaiya leaned over Di and slapped his length over Shweta Di’s crack, looking into his eyes Di hissed in pleasure and arched her groin to his.

Ohhh….eventually I witnessed real penetration, a real cock slipping inside my sister’s pussy. Keenu Bhaiya squeezed tip of his thick monster into Di’s opening and before Shweta DI would have responded to that pleasure he flexed his ass into her slipped deep inside her.

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Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - II

Previously: Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - I

Should I? I asked myself and butterflies fluttered in my belly. "No I can't do this" I replied to myself. As such I could not see any doubt in Shweta Di's gesture and giving me one glass she got up with two in hands and with a smile she uttered "follow me" and my heart started pounding heavier.

I was scared of what all was going to happen in the house, what will happen if our parents will come to know about this but apart from that significant excitement dwelling in me which drove me behind Shweta Di instantly.

Wearing shorts and cut sleeve top finally Di reached to Keenu Bhaiya and tried giving him one glass and I saw with strange uneasiness Keenu Bhaiya's eyes getting stuck to Shweta Di's fair and fleshy thighs. "What?... aise kya dekh rahe ho?" Shweta Di also noticed Keenu Bhaiya getting uneasy and with a cunning smile she asked Keenu Bhaiya in sarcastic tone and sat beside him.

"Nothing..." Keenu Bhaiya replied back while holding a drink and asked if it is Sprite "Sprite hai Na?" "Haan...but with a pinch of Vodka" "What are you saying?" Keenu Bhaiya was surprised and he sipped to confirmed and first looked at Shweta Di and then at me and once again Shweta Di took his attention with a sarcastic question

"what do you think...main aapko yahan apna project discuss karne laayi hun...?" "To fir kiss liye laayi hai...?" Keenu Bhaiya asked back while sipping his drink casually and Shweta Di touched his glass with her glass to cheer and replied with "aapke saath drink karne ke liye". Standing few feet away near dining table I was stunned to see and hear what my sister was speaking and doing.

How can Shweta Di be so shameless? She was sitting beside Keenu Bhaiya on the same couch while touching her bare knee with his thigh over the cloth and Keenu Bhaiya was again and again looking at Shweta Di's thighs and I clearly saw his tent raising his lower.

"You know Golu is angry with me...aaj raat ko issko porn movie dekhni thi iss TV par...aur main aapko le aayi.." Shweta Di continued behaving shameless and my heart beat went higher. For a moment Keenu Bhaiya was amazed to hear that but he instantly came out of surprise and looked at me while saying "why not...Dekh low jo dekhna hai"

and just then Shweta Di interfared and holding Keenu Bhaiya's chin turned his face "Don't look at her...look at me..." with that she stared into his eyes for few seconds, Keenu Bhaiya also remained silent and eventually looking into Keenu Bhaiya's eyes Shweta Di uttered what she needed "mujhe isko hum dono ki movie dikhani hai...! Live telecast".

Though he was but Keenu Bhaiya did not reflected much surprise over his face and accepted Shweta Di's proposal in soft and low voice "why not...?" Next Shweta Di turned to see me with a smile and uttered "see I told you....he cannot say no to it" and after that Shweta Di once again turned her face to Keenu Bhaiya and asked him "koi girl friend hai aapki?" Keenu Bhaiya denied with No in Hindi

"nahi" and Shweta Di continued with "fine…aaj se main aapki girlfriend hun" and once again Keenu Bhaiya spoke same two words "why not..." but with a huge smile. “You are not Virgin…right?” Shweta DI asked him and Keenu Bhaiya knobbed his head in no with a smile and after a moment uttered “you are also not virgin…” and Shweta Di replied “obviously…”

and they once again cheered by touching glasses of their drinks. Next looking at me Keenu Bhaiya asked my status “and you Golu?...tu virgin hai?” for a moment I did not uttered anything, I just moved my vision from his face in shyness and Shweta Di gave him reply by saying that I am still virgin.

It was bizarre; both Shweta Di and Keenu Bhaiya were so casual in speaking as if there is nothing wrong in what they are doing and about to do. Over his expressions Keenu Bhaiya was delighted and could not stop smiling over his luck, Shweta Di was also happy and excited and me; standing 5-6 feet away near dining table my heart was still pounding and my panties were damp like hell.

I was scared and nervous still deep inside I was somewhat waiting for something to happen between Shweta DI and Keenu Bhaiya but Di was giving time to it and she told me to connect the pen drive to the Telivision. For a moment I thought about saying no to it but as I also wanted something to happen in front of my eyes and I moved ahead to connect the Pen Drive to the Television.

"We have all kinds...kaisi movie dekhni hai..." While I was facing tevevision Shweta Di asked Keenu Bhaiya "threesome dekhte hain...! humare jaisi...ek male aur do females" Keenu Bhaiya replied and his words instantly turned my head. Shweta Di smiled while looking at me and spoke to Keenu Bhaiya again "ye nahi karegi..." and then after a pause spoke again

"...ye sirf mere saath karti hai" "lesbian hai kya?" looking at me Keenu Bhaiya asked Shweta Di with a smile and to my surprise Di said yes to it..."haan ye lesbian hai" "nahi..main lesbian nahi hun" I interrupted with mild roughness and got aside from the television and while picking up television remote Shweta DI came up saying “then prove it….” and I went speechless.

As we had 20-25 porn videos in pen drive after that Shweta Di was busy finding appropriate movie to play and Keenu Bhaiya continued looking at me shamelessly. “Come on…Golu… tu bhi aa jaa… mazza aayega” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to me and this time Shweta Di interrupted by saying “pahle mujhe satisfy karo…fir usske barre mein sochna…” “main tum dono ko satisfy kar dunga…”

Keenu Bhaiya replied and just then porn started on the big screen. Shweta Di played exactly what Keenu Bhaiya needed, it was a threesome; two females with one male but there females were somewhat dominating the male.

They were kissing him together and including their own gradually both the females took off all his clothes and soon sitting beside on a couch one was feeding her milk to him and other was sitting on her knees on the floor and sucking his monster nicely.

It was an old video, I don’t know how many times it was watched by me and also by Shweta Di but this time it was sending strange shivering in my spine. Don’t know how; both Keenu Bhaiya and Shweta Di were calm, While looking at screen, looking at each other and also looking at me in short intervals they were sipping their drink and just opposite to them looking at screen for few seconds

and then moving my vision to them, to see how will they begin I was getting wetter and wetter in my panties. Eventually something happened, Keenu Bhaiya adjusted his monster which was making a significant tent in his lower and Shweta Di extended her hand to his crotch while saying “let him grow ….” Ahhh…. Keenu Bhaiya puffed in pleasure with a delightful smile,

where my heart skipped a beat. “bahut ho gaya….let’s start now” leaving his drink in the middle Keenu Bhaiya spoke to Shweta Di and Shweta Di said Ok to him. “tu bhi aa jaa” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to me and my heart started pounding high. “Come on aa jaa…itna kya soch rahi hai” Shweta Di also asked me to join.

I really don’t know that instant I wanted to go for it or not, mentally I was wedged, my brain was blocked but down there; between my legs, there was movement, I was flooding like hell and my pussy was going through mild contractions. “Leave her….aana hoga to aa jayegi…” Shweta Di spoke to Keenu Bhaiya and next instant she just started.

Stretching his legs straight and resting them on central table Keenu Bhaiya was sitting on a three sitter couch and with a touching shoulder Shweta Di was sitting beside him, and without any hasitation Di got up a bit and sat around Keenu Bhaiya’s crotch and before I would have thought what will happen next she lifted his t-shirt and undershirt together and threw it on the floor.

Keenu Bhaiya was bare from his top and Shweta Di moved her hand tenderly over his thick fleshy chest and licked his nipples. Ohhh… Wow Di was feeling a real man… I took a deep breath and just then once again Di looked at me, she smiled and asked me to speak action, “action bol….!” the way director speaks to start shooting,

I did not spoke anything, anyhow I could not speak anything; my throat was choked with my own saliva. “Hum sub kuch karenge….jaise movies mein hota hai” turning his face back to him Shweta Di spoke to Keenu Bhaiya and he once again came up saying “yes….why not…”.

And next instant his hands moved to Shweta Di’s waist and he lifted her top. Like Di did he also threw her top on the floor and finally it started. Shweta Di was not wearing any bra underneath and her sagging breasts popped out in front of Keenu Bhaiya, he grabbed them with both the hands roughly,

Ahhhh…. Shweta Di moaned in pleasure and supported Bhaiya to squeeze her melons harder by holding his hands and at my end I once again puffed in pleasure silently. My God what all is happening here….? How can they do all this? Keenu Bhaiya was massaging Shweta Di milks roughly and I felt my breasts getting heavier in excitement, my nipples were already erect and they grew harder.

Next sitting in same posture, Shweta Di moved ahead and holding Keenu Bhaiya’s scalp gave her fleshy milk mound and Keenu Bhaiya started sucking her nipples instantly. “Ohhhh….yes…suck it baby…suck it” Shweta Di moaned in pleasure while saying that and I just went on going bizarre over whatever she was doing.

My Panty was so wet as if I have peed in that, I was feeling like touching my pussy with my hand but as while chewing Di's nipples Keenu Bhaiya was somehow looking at me again and again and I controlled myself. After sucking one for ample time Keenu Bhaiya squeezed Shweta Di’s other mound in his mouth and sucked that too nicely.

After a minute or may be two, as Shweta Di once again realized my presence in the room she looked at me and once again invited me to join, this time just for getting my breasts sucked “aaja…sirf Chuchiyan chuswa le apni…Chut mat marwaiyo”.

I can say Shweta Di was quite casual in speaking out all this Hindi stuff, especially when we sisters use to confront on bed for licking and sucking but Keenu Bhaiya was surprised to hear that, for a moment he stopped sucking Shweta Di's nipple, looked at her with a smile and uttered "good" "Ruk kyun gaye...chuso meri Chuchiyan" Shweta Di spoke again,

may be to enhance Bhaiya’s arousal and her words worked well as next instant grabbing her harder from her waist he pushed the central table from his feet and stood up while holding Di in his arms. "Tu ghabra mat...tere ko main aaj raat bhar chusunga" with these words Keenu Bhaiya bumped back on couch and took Di other way round, now Shweta was lying on couch and Bhaiya was over her.

As their posture changed I too got up instantly; to see them properly, they both were bare from top with there lowers still on and crushing Shweta Di under his massive weight Keenu Bhaiya started kissing her deeply. Shweta Di was nevertheless crazy and grabbing Bhaiya in her arms and wrapping him in legs she responded back to his kiss equally well.

They both ate each other for really long, may be 3-4 minutes and sucked each others tongue after licking every fraction of each others mouth and soon after breaking the kiss Keenu Bhaiya started to lick Shweta Di's face and kissed and rubbed his wet lips all around her neck and ears and Shweta Di started moaning and gasping erotically.

Standing 5-6 feet away from them, resting my back over wood cabinet by now I was squeezing my breast on my own. Room was filled with loud erotic puffs and moans and fire of lust was lit inside me too. Keenu Bhaiya was once again sucking, squeezing and biting Shweta Di melons and arcing her head with the shut eyes Shweta Di was enjoying whatever Keenu Bhaiya was doing with her.

Ohhh... My God…finally that too happened! After a minute or bit more of breast sucking, kissing and licking Keenu Bhaiya got up a bit and tried taking off Shweta Di's shorts and Di lifted her bottom to let her last cloth go.

Ahhmmm... I failed to resist, unknowingly my hand was reached to my pussy over the cloth and with a tender rub while looking at my sister lying stark naked in front of our brother I puffed in audible voice. They both looked at me, smiled and Keenu Bhaiya threw Shweta Di's shorts to me.

Next he got up, stood on the floor and loosened his lower, Ohhh…finally I saw thing I was waiting for; a real cock. It was beautiful, huge, thick and hard, my eyes were stuck at his size and looking at me Keenu Bhaiya moved his Penis back and forward and uttered "come on baby…have it" and I felt embarrassed.

“let’s go to bed…” Next while getting up Shweta Di spoke and took hold of Keenu Bhaiya’s monster and once again I puffed in pleasure while assuming the feel of holding a man meat in my hand. Anyway smiling over my condition, Shweta Di holding Keenu Bhaiya’s hard Penis and Keenu Bhaiya resting his hand over Shweta Di’s jutting out ass, they both moved to bedroom.

I was dying in lust but I tried to stay there and after entering into the bedroom once again Shweta Di looked at me and called me with a flair of Hindi erotic words, “Aaja…meri Chudai nahi dekhegi kya….” and I too moved to the bedroom.

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