Seema Bhabhi Getting Fucked By Horny Monty - II

Previously: Seema Bhabhi Getting Fucked By Horny Monty - I

Next time was bit passed to mid night, leaking in my panties with same sinful thoughts of getting madly fucked by Monty I was wide awake when like last two nights once again my door got knocked. I did not open the door and even when I knew it is Monty I asked who is it and Monty requested me to open the door.

I denied and told him to go from there and saying that he wants to say sorry he started pleading me to open the door and forgive him. I did not wanted to open the door but the way and with the volume he was knocking and speaking I was scared that his father will get up because of the noise and I opened the door.

To my good fortune this time Monty did not tried anything weird, rather as I opened the door he fell over my feet and continued pleading for forgiveness. Anyhow I could not forgive him for what he did to me in the morning but for the time being I told him to go and sleep by saying that we will speak about all this in the morning.

Eventually Monty went off and I came to my bed without forgetting my door to lock from inside and I would say that for me and Monty too it was a narrow escape that soon after his go back once again my door got knocked and this time it was my father in law standing outside.

He asked me about the noise which coming and avoided telling him the truth by reflecting doubt that it would have been Monty watching television. Actually Papa was not here only to know about the noise, as weather was very cold he was feverish and he needed warm to take medicine and next he asked me for that. He went back to his room and I gave him water on his bed.

As he was little unwell for an instant he asked me to sleep with him and it was my first mistake that I said no to that. I could sleep there; with my father in law, certainly it would have been good for me but because I wanted to masturbate I gave him excuse that I fail to sleep anywhere else except my bed and accepting that next Papa requested me not to lock my door from inside so

that he can reach to me easily for any need in the night and I said yes to that. Seeing Monty ’s expressions of grief and regret over his deed I was not much worried about him now and that was my second mistake.

Anyway after sitting with Papa for around 15-20 minutes, till he started falling asleep I came back to my room and just close my door and did not lock it. I stayed awake for another hour and it was just fucking which was dwelling in my mind and none except Monty who doing it to me in my fantasy.

Truly speaking friends I don’t know what was happened to me, deep inside I did not wanted to fantasize all that but I was helpless, anyhow I could not forget what all was happened with me in the morning and also what all could happen if Monty would have tried going further.

Certainly it was lack of sex in my life otherwise fuck is nightmare for every female and I was feeling so aroused with a thought of getting fucked and laying over my belly in a warm blanket I rubbed my cunt tenderly for really long while imagining Monty fucking me rudely and me asking Monty for mercy.

It was weird and immoral, but surprisingly it was very satisfying and as my excitement rose high, like a real pervert I fisted myself badly with low voice murmuring of crying as if I am getting fucked by Monty and finally reached to my climax.

Eventually I too fell asleep and as far as I feel it was a sound sleep until I felt something over my waist. I was lying sideways, facing away from the door and as I felt something heavy over my waist and I turned I was shocked to see Monty lying behind me under the same blanket. “Monty …!!!”

Room was dark but there was sufficient light coming from living room and seeing his face next to me I screamed but in very controlled voice and he asked me to let him fuck once in weird words “Bhabhi please ek baar Chodne Do….” and before I would have got up and reacted over that he climbed over me and started kissing me over neck.

“Monty …chhod mujhe…leave me…” I pushed him again and again while saying that and realized that he was naked, not only from his upper half but entirely. As under the blanket my nighty was drifted up until my thighs I could feel his bare thighs touching mine and also I could sense his heavy balls and thick Cock over my belly.

As I said earlier Monty is a tall guy with good health he was too heavy for me to get away easily and after kissing my neck and face repeatedly for a minute or bit more he lip locked me. I did not responded to his kiss, anyhow I could not do that but he did not stop sucking my lips until I started pulling his hairs.

“Bhabhi…aapse request kar raha hun…bus ek baar Chodne do…pyar se karwa low…nahin to mujhe aapko fuck karna padega….” He got up over his elbow and released his hairs from my fist and spoke that in lustful aggression and as it was evident in his eyes that he really mean what he is saying, instead of getting angry over him I requested him to leave me

“please Monty…mujhe chhod de….” “Bhabhi main aapse bahut pyar karta hun….aur main aapko achhe se satisfy kar dunga…please ek baar karne do” looking into my eyes he spoke that shamelessly and next instant his hands reached to my lower body, certainly to take my panty off.

My nighty was already moved up to my waist and as hands touched my thighs I fluttered again and tried to push him hard and to stop my movement Monty once again crushed me under his massive weight and locking my wrists, to prevent me pulling his hairs tried kissing me and unfortunately this time he managed to find a way into my mouth.

His thick tongue wiggled into my mouth aggressively, anyhow I could think of responding to his kiss but moving all around he started sucking my tongue nicely. I won’t say I was losing control over myself but certainly I was very edgy; even after masturbating once sexually I was still bit over-sensitive before getting into sleep. Why not?

After one and a half year of complete absence of physical love suddenly I was staggered by someone so badly that undue desire of having real sex was rose high in me and lying under Monty with his hard Cock over my thighs and while getting kissed deeply, somewhere at one corner of my mind I was thinking about let the things happen.

I don’t know if I am a nymphomaniac or a pervert or a slut but it is a fact that as compared to my husband I have a high sex drive and in past one and a half year; since I was left alone by him many times I have felt like crying after masturbation. Moreover from last few months I was feeling that my body I was going beyond the satisfaction of self fisting, until 2 days back;

until Monty did weird with me and I believe that was the reason, soon after when Monty was really trying to fuck me I was feeling strange pulsation over my fuck opening. Though I was struggling consistently to get away from him while trying my best hold my desire but somewhere I was feeling myself getting weak and wanted to get fucked on the name of getting fucked.

Anyway Monty kissed me deep and long and after that looking into my eyes he once again requested me to let him do it lovingly while saying that it will be fun for both of us “Bhabhi…please pyar se karne do….aapko bhi mazza aayega aur mujhe bhi…”

and no words from my side and looking into his I just continued breathing heavy in fever of saying Ok but really failed to dare accept his demand and once again requested him to leave me. Anyhow there was no chance that Monty could leave me now, I could clearly see the animal in his eyes, moreover he was laying over me naked,

more or less ready to plunge me and next instant throwing the blanket away he once again got up to try taking off my Panty. “Monty please matt kar….” I continued flurrying my legs while trying pushing him and requesting him for not doing all this but somehow Monty overcame my efforts and reaching to my waist and holding elastic of my panty as he moved my Panty down to my thighs

I opened my thighs to not let it go down so easily and held it hard in my fists. Monty tried to take off my Panty and in that struggle suddenly his fingers touched my bare cunt and that really shivered me erotically. I was wet; I didn’t knew that and seeing my reaction of getting touched over my cunt Monty found a way to weaken me and he started rubbing my opening bit roughly with his fingers.

“Ohhh…God…” closing my eyes I moaned in pleasure and just in few seconds felt as if I will cum and using my delicate state Monty pulled my panty out my legs. He was already naked and now I was also bare from my lower half and next instant opening my legs Monty once again touched my cunt with his fingers and as I tried to push him he fisted my fuckhole rapidly.

I cried again and over my expressions it was evident that I am in pleasure and leaning over me to kiss Monty once again told me to let him do “Bhabhi kyun nakhre kar rahi ho…? Chudwa low…! mazza aa jaayega tumko bhi” and closing my eyes I just continued enjoying his fingers exploring my cunt.

He kissed me and along with exploring my cunt explored my mouth too and that was the moment I started losing the battle. Gradually my protest subsided and wasting no time Monty opened my legs wide and came in the middle and finally plunged me hard with sudden jerk.

OH My god, it was too good to feel it after so many days and finally with an intense gasp of clenched lips I released myself to let him fuck me and Monty started vibrating inside me with deep screwing strokes. I can’t say he was big or thick as compared to my husband but certainly he was very powerful and just in few seconds of consistent fucking I was totally lost and holding

him hard in my arms I started enjoying me getting fucked by younger brother of my husband. “Ohhhh…Bhabhi…I will fuck you….I will fuck you….” “Main tumhen bahut Chodunga…aur roz Chodunga….” “tum meri ho…sirf meri….” Passion, aggression, power and everything;

being an experienced and sex starved female I would say the way Mooni was invading my cunt he was simply amazing in all aspects. He was rapid, yet in control and holding me hard from my shoulders he just continued fucking me while saying something or other and his words drove me further into all this with my consent.

Finally I clenched his shoulders, then his waist and then his pumping ass, I wanted Monty to stop fucking me, no other reason except I was reaching to my climax but no use and gritting my teeth and gasping and panting he drove me to wild orgasm.

For an instant I skipped my heart beat and next felt my cunt convulsing frantically on his vibrating Cock and just then Monty too groaned and grinding his cock deep into me may be three more times with a shuddering cry, he buried his entire length in my fuckhole and released his seed in my womb.

I exploded, mewing and panting and crying out in husky voice and Monty just clenched my mouth to control my voice, I shivered head to toe, throughout my release while feeling heat of his cock filled inside my cunt and by the end leaving his entire weight Monty collapsed over me like a dead body.

I was fucked now and anyhow I could not write the feeling I was going through while being buried under him lifeless. “Bhabhi I am sorry…main apne aap ko bahut control kiya…par kya karun….main aapse bahut pyar karta hun…” Monty spoke and reacting reluctant as I tried to push him away from my top he held my wrists and once again started kissing me.

I did not responded to his kiss but he explored my mouth like a lover. I was feeling very week and did not felt like fighting with him at the moment and as he stopped kissing me I asked him to get away and Monty got aside.

Next I moved into the washroom and by the time I came out Monty was gone. I don’t remember exactly what was running in my mind but I was traumatized with what all happened in last half an hour or bit less and eliminating any chance of all this happening again I picked up my blanket and reached beside my Father in law.

Anger and agony along with lot of guilty, I really failed to sleep for rest of the night and went through lot of feelings at the same time but it is a matter of fact that after having real sex I was feeling very light too.

Friends; this is what all I had to share over this blog, after that I never had sex with Monty again, although he tried a lot but he was never so aggressive that I could not resist him. Whenever he tried to touch me or spoke anything weird I smacked him but this is also true that somewhere deep inside I wanted him to continue attempting all this over me and fuck me so forcefully that which could not prevent.

I believe that was the only reason I did not complaint about his deed to his brother and after another 10 days Monty went back to his hostel. Till now almost one month is passed, still no hope of my husband’s come back in near future and I am always occupied with same sinful thoughts of getting fucked by Monty on his next visit. Readers please post comments if possible.

The End.

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Seema Bhabhi Getting Fucked By Horny Monty - I

Hello readers, My name is Seema, I am fair and good looking female in my early thirties; married from last 6-7 years but yet not have any child and my sex experience is about me having sex with younger brother of my husband Monty. Physically I am short in height with petite body and balanced flesh all over but my breasts are quite heavy in proportion of my elfin structure.

I live in one of the newly build region of specific Delhi NCR; mainly with my father in law as from last one and a half year my husband is living in Dubai to earn. To begin I would say it all started when after around 2 years of my marriage, one day suddenly Vishal;

my husband lost his job and after sitting idle at home for two months he opted to take a contract of canteen in one reputed school of NCR. For an year or bit more things ran like that and on one fine day Vishal got very lucrative job offer from Dubai and he decide to go for that.

As now canteen was also fetching good money, within week’s time my father-in-law took charge of that canteen and after few more days to that Vishal flew out of India to earn money. Now Monty ; my husband’s younger brother who is at present doing his post graduation lives in hostel in Punjab and usually come home for a day or two.

As such I don’t have much to write about my relation with Monty except this that Monty was studying in 10th standard when I got married to Vishal. I have always considered her my own brother but he never took me as his sister as many times I have seen him starring at my body with lustful intentions.

As it is a natural phenomenon of a growing boy I never bothered about his way of staring and things just went on going like this for few years until few days back when he came home by the end of the year and that is for around 15 days.

By now he was 22 years of age, grown up to a complete man, tall and good looking with good health but anyhow I could think that in any circumstances I will be confronting with him. Anyway it was second weekend of December, dinner was over, time was bit past to 10 PM, Monty was watching television in living room,

my father in law was gone to sleep and as per my usual routine after winding the kitchen I came to my bedroom and changed into a long nighty. Lack of sex, lack of good company; my life was getting monotones with every passing day and from last one year I was somewhat regular in masturbating and watching porn over small screen of my room and it was purely my bad luck

that day I thought about watching some porn but forgot to lock the door of my bedroom from inside. It was a Massage room Movie, recently downloaded by me and fucking was just started when suddenly Monty entered in the room to ask me if I can give him anything to eat.

I was lying over my belly under the blanket and rubbing my cunt and as he entered, he saw the screen and his eyes got glued to that. I groped and switched off the TV as soon as I could but by then it was too late and in questioning tone he boldly spoke I was watching porn “Bahbhi aap Porn movie dekh rahe ho…?” “Nahin…! wo galti se play ho gayi thi…”

I fumbled a bit but next instant reflected reluctance and saying “tu jaa yahan se…” told him to go from there and in reply he asked me to give him something to eat and I told him that there are certain fruits in the refrigerator. Eventually he went off and I locked the door from inside but did not felt like playing movie again.

Initially while at the beginning of movie I was aroused but later with the mess just happened I lost my mind state and slept. Next day was first working day of the week and before Monty would have got up my FIL was gone to the work.

As such no talking and I served Monty breakfast and facing away in the kitchen I was working when he came to me after eating and spoke that he really like me “Bhabhi mujhe aap bahut achhe lagte ho…”. That was surprising but I stayed silent and unaffected and as he repeated same again this time I asked him “so what?”

in flat and rough tone and he shamelessly came out saying as there is nobody at home let’s do it once “Ghar pe koi nahin nahin hai…chalo ek baar kar lete hain….” Though I knew that he look at me with hell of lust but anyhow I could not imagine that he could speak her dirty intentions so brazenly and as I heard that I turned to see him and reacted rude “what….? kya bol raha hai…?”

and no hesitation, no shame he spoke out his filthy desire more clearly by saying “I want to fuck you…”. I was stunned and no dilemma I moved ahead and slapped him hard over his face. Next Monty went off from their and soon without saying a word went out of the house after getting ready. I was angry and really did not bother to ask him where is going and when will he come back.

Throughout the day I was very restless and really did not want to see him again but I decided to avoid telling all this to my husband. Later in the evening my Father in Law came back and after few hours, somewhere around 7 Monty also came.

I did not spoke to him much, just whatever was required and just like last night and as per daily routine I was free from dinner before 10 and this time I did not forgot to lock my door from inside. Thought I did watch any porn that night but because I was mentally tired I was bit edgy for some sexual pleasure and decide to lay lethargic and rub my opening for a while.

It was good, light was off and lifting my nighty up and pulling my panty down, under the blanket I was enjoying within myself when suddenly my door got knocked. Like last night Monty was watching TV outside and I was expecting he is once again seeking something to eat while sitting in front of the TV but as opened the door looking at my screen he straightaway asked me if I was watching Porn movie,

“blue film dekh rahe ho….?” “nahi…tu Jaa yahan se…” and saying no in furious tone as I told him to go from there he moved further into the bedroom and spoke out that he wants to see “Mujhe dekhni hai….” and as I once again screamed over him saying “get out…” unexpectedly this time he attacked over me by holding my face between his hands and kissing my lips aggressively.

I pushed him hard with all my strength but it was not enough for a powerful male like him and next instant he clutched my both the breasts and squeezed them hard and in the end threw me on the bed and ran out of the room. I was shocked and could not believe what he just did and now anyhow I could not think of not complaining about all this to my husband.

By now Time was somewhat 11 here and it was my mistake that I did not called or massaged my husband just then and waited for his call to speak to him about all this and unfortunately that night Vishal did not called me.

As I was restless for whole night, next morning I got up little late and somehow managed to send my father in law for work on time and I was still standing in the kitchen when Monty came out of the room and said sorry to me while standing few feet away from me at my back.

“Bhabhi I am sorry…” he spoke and without looking at him I asked him to go from there in reluctant tone and told him that I will tell everything to his brother. He remained silent for few seconds, I too did not turned to see him and he once again said sorry. I stayed firm over my mood and told him to go from there and next instant Monty gave me another shock of my life.

Moving ahead rapidly he lifted my nighty till my waist and held me half naked with all this strength. “Monty....leave me…you bastard” I was exposed over my lower half with just a panty over my ass. Screaming over him in utter shock I tried my best to released myself but Monty was too strong for me and while moving his hand over my ass over the thin cloth of my panty

he came out saying that if ultimately I am going to complain his brother then he should do what all he wants to do “agar aap Bhaiya ko complaint karne hi waale ho…to mujhe jo karna hai kar leta hun”.

Hearing that I once screamed over him and fluttered with all my strength and pushing me against kitchen slab Monty bent me hard and before I would have believed what is he doing he pulled my panty down to my feet.

“My God….” I yelled, my ass was completely exposed to his eyes and screaming in anger and shock as I once again pushed him hard I this time somewhat succeeded in loosening his grip over my waist. I tried pulling down my nighty also tried to sit down to cover my bare body but Monty did not gave me much time to rescue and before I would sat down and covered myself

holding my nighty he once again started trying lifting it and just few seconds of struggle and it was completely out of my arms. Just a bra over my upper half and rest almost everything was exposed to Monty and next instant squeezing my legs inwards I sat down on the floor while crying in agony and giving me no time to think moving ahead Monty started trying taking off my bra too.

I screamed over him, also pushed him but he was gone mad and pushing me flat on the floor he continued molesting me and struggling between holding my bra and hiding my cunt from his eyes I continued screaming while abusing him but in the end I lost the battle. He Tore hooks of my bra and while throwing it away told me to complain his brother that he has stripped me completely

“Bhiaya ko batta dena ki maine aapko Poora Nanga kar diya tha”. Hiding my breasts with my arms and fuckhole by squeezing my legs inwards, sitting on the floor I was angry, also very scared with a thought that next he is going to fuck me but after seeing me sitting like that for a minute or bit less he rushed out of the house.

Certainly after Monty I too rushed to my room and wore my clothes but anyhow I cannot describe the mental state I was going through, I was somewhat traumatized with whatever happened and in that shock I really failed to call my husband to tell him everything. I did not cried but I stayed collapsed on bed for hours, until it was lunch time and I was hungry.

Later, after tiny meal I massaged my husband, asked him to call me with a thought of telling him everything happened with me but he massaged me back saying that he will call me later. Few more hours passed and laying over bed over my belly, for me it was a matter of surprise that along with feeling angry over what all Monty did with me I was feeling bit aroused for sexual pleasure.

I don’t know exactly what was it but it was a very weird, after going through real assaulting I was somewhat visualizing what would have happened if Monty would have attempted fuck over me. Certainly if he would have tried fucking me, there is a possibility he would have succeeded and in that case I would be in very different mind state but as that time I was left just after getting stripped

I was going through strange sensation of getting completely naked in front a male other than my husband. In a way Monty was replica of his brother, tall 5’10” same as Vishal with better health and while being on bed and wide awake I was really failing to imagine me getting fucked by Monty on the floor of the kitchen.

It was sinful and very shameful but it is true that I was getting aroused over whatever happened with me. I don’t know if I am nymphomaniac, but I was starved for sex from somewhat one and half year and that moment I was so helpless that I really failed to resist myself to fist my cunt fantasizing me getting fucked by Monty forcibly.

Though in the end, after discharge I was feeling guilty for masturbating but truly speaking it was very satisfying as it really calmed down passion. Later; after 5, more or less as per his daily schedule my father in law came back home and casually asked me about Monty, that where is he gone and I didn’t had any answer for his question.

He called him in front of me and my problem started when he told me that his phone is off since morning. I was not bothered about Monty, I knew why his phone is off; I was hesitant in replying my Father in law’s query, that when he went out of the house and why I did not asked him where is he going.

Couple of hours passed and it went dark outside, what all happened was a matter of 10 or bit more in the morning and now it was 7 of the evening but yet there was no clue about Monty and in the mean the mean time my husband called me and before I would have gone aside to talk to him about the morning incident my father in law asked me to let him speak and told him about all this

that stressed Vishal too and saying that he is massaging few of Monty ’s friends numbers he told me to call all of them one after another to know about Monty. Anyway ultimately Monty came back home well passed to 10 and got badly scolded by his father and brother but ultimately I really failed to reveal my story to Vishal in this mess.

To Be Continued...

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Sudha Aunty Fucked Hard By Anirudh

I was on my tour when I came to the town where my uncle was staying. His wife, Sudha, was a beautiful woman, though she is much younger to me I have to call her mami because of the relationship. She called me by my name, Anirudh. She was very beautiful face and had a very attractive body features and a cheerful person.

My uncle was suddenly transferred to Guahati and coming home from Guahati every month also was unthinkable. He can get a transfer back home only at the end of three years. The problem was that he was in a bank and posted as an internal auditor to audit all the branches in the NE region and hence he may have to leave her at Guahati alone for many months together.

Instead leaving her at home is better as the neighbors are good and relatives are there from whom she can get visits frequently. My stay in that city was for seven to ten days. It was hot summer and it was a saturday. I came back home and bought two bottles of beer and placed them in the fridge. My aunty asked me what is it that you are hiding in the fridge.

I said it is just some beer aunty, it is very good for summber it keeps the body cool. I gave a detailed lecture on the benefits of beer and my aunty was impressed. I told her just take a glass of beer after food you will feel very refreshed. No baba, I have never drunk any alcoholic drinks and your uncle also does not like.

I said thats alright take just a glass of beer at noon and I will bring a food parcel for supper you dont cook any supper. She liked good hotel food and asked me to buy from their favourite hotel. At noon after lunch, I opened a bottle of beer and pourd in two glasses and gave her one glass and I took one class.

She showed all distaste on her face and the fizz was liked by her and taking in bits and finally she took a long time to finish it. I too took a long time to keep company with her. A little portion left in the bottle I poured in both the glasses. Though she objected initially, she took it also in small bits and seemed to enjoy it.

She was wearing a cotton nighty and I wore a lungy without a shirt or even a vest. We finished our lunch and I told her to relax in her bed and sleep. She had a small effect of the beer on her and she slept in her bed leaving the door open. I too relaxed for some time and in the evening when I peeped in her room she was still sleeping.

I locked the main door and went to nearest shop and bought a bottle of whisky and two bottles of beer and came back and kept the bottles in the fridge. I hid the whiskey bottle in my room. I went and woke her and she was shocked that she slept so late. She got up tied up her hair and went to the kitchen and made tea for both of us.

I told her I am going to that hotel of her choice and will buy her favorite dishes for both of us. I brought the food parcels. I went to my bathroom and had a body wash came to the drawing room when I observed that she too had a bath and was fresh. She looked very beautiful. She wearing a different cotton nighty which projected her boobs and her ass mounds.

At 8 pm, she opened the food parcel and seeing her favourite dishes her eyes opened wide. She served in two plates one for me and another for her. I asked how do you like the beer. She said it tasted bitter but the effect was nice. I felt slightly tipsy and hence could fall sleep and took deep sleep after a long time. In that case we can have a glass of beer in the evening, what do you think.

Why Anirudh you want to make me a drunkard. I laughed and said people take four or five bottles each time. They are drunkards. But just one glass at a time is very soothing. She said ok, ok. After eating food, she cleared the plates and spread the glasses on the table and I went and brought the bottle of beer.

Without much persuation she took her glass and emptied it in four or five swigs. I poured the remaining been in both the glasses and I asked her to get some water. When she went out I poured a little whiskey in her glass and about a peg in my glass. She came back and started to taste the beer and she did not realise the presence of whiskey in her drink.

She difficulty in getting up. It was 9 pm. She called me my name and asked me to go near her. When I went near her she asked me, Anirudh please give me a hug, a tight hug. I had no other go but to put my hands around her. She said tight, further tight, full tight. I gave her a tight hug. She gave out a loud sigh. Do you know how many days are over after I got a masculine touch.

My husband sometimes is strange, and ignores me totally. OkOk, that is a different story, let us not think about it. I want to sleep with you, Anirudh, hugging you. I took my glass and took two sips and placed it on the table. Sudha suddenly came near the table and took my glass and took the whole content in one sip and swallowed. She just sat heavily on my bed and lied down.

I noticed she had not worn any bra or panty and is having only the nighty. Sudha got up and just pulled my lungi and I too had not worn any underwear. She saw my erect cock and came near me squatted on the floor and fondled my cock with both of her hands. It was as if she is seeing a cock for the first time. She kissed it on the bottom and from top she licked it down to the bottom.

She licked my balls and she appeared to be very much hot. I lifted her up and unhooked her nighty and found that she was totally naked underneath. She closed her pussy with both of her hands. Her boobs were large and nipples were erect. I pulled her hand forcibly and found her pussy is full of black curly hair.

She hugged me with both of her hands and she wound her legs around me. I kissed her on her cheeks on her forehead, on her neck on her earlobes, Oh, it was indeed a pleasure to lie with a semi drunken and horny woman. I wriggled out of her grip and kissed her on her neck and on her boobs, I just licked around her nipples and she was moaning loudly.

I sucked her nipples and licked and kissed her thighs and love mounds and I kissed on her pussy. I ran my tongue in the divide between her cunt lips and found her clitoris a small pink dot. I told her Sudha, I want to remove the entire hair from here, as they enter my nose and I cannot lick it properly.

I took my shaving set, cream and brush and placed an old newspaper under her and shaved the entire hair from her pussy, Her cunt lips concealed some hair and her clitoris also had some hair around it. When the hair was removed I asked to go and wash it thoroughly. When she came back from the bathroom she looked like a greek goddess, in her sleek body and curves.

I made her lie down, opened her legs wide and licked her cunt and found her fuckhole and tongue fucked. I licked her clitoris with my rouch tongue and she was moaning and crying. She said enough Anirudh, now fuck me. I took my cock and placed it at the entrance and pushed it inside and it was tight and slowly it went inside. In two jerks my whole cock was inside her cunt.

I fucked her and within two minutes she reached her first orgasm. She made a sound when the orgasm was reached. I squeezed her boobs and kissed her cheeks and my piston was working continuously. Finally when I was about to discharge, I pulled out and poured my fluids on the floor. She was fully satisfied.

We both went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts and kissed each other. She did not know whether it was her safe day or not. The on return we calculated, it was very much her safe day. The effect of liquor on her was totally gone and she wanted to know whether we can have one more bottle of beer. We had three sessions on that day.

Next day she cooked only breakfast. I brought lunch and dinner from the food court. We drank beer and again beer traced with wiskey. We fucked during day time and night time. We watched porn in my laptop and fucked continuously. Luckily my uncle got a transfer back and on the day he was landing we fucked furiously.

Later I came to know that Sudha made my uncle to fuck her and she was pregnant. I stopped going to their town for some months. She gave birth to a boy and they are said to be living happily.

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Enjoying Music And Sex With Sija

It was morning at 10 am. I was sitting in my room upstairs, log into my computer and put on some old film songs in the youtube. The beautiful voice of Lata was heard. I increased the volume. The room had windows on all four sides and I am sure the music will be heard in all the neighboring houses.

Suddenly I heard another human voice joining in the music and singing loudly. May be our new neighbor is interested in music and that is why she is also joining in the singing. After some time my bother brought a girl along with her and told me "Balu, this is Sija, our new neighbor. Her parents have tone for work and she has vacation now. They dont have computer in their house.

She heard you playing music wanted to hear more music. Please put on the songs she asks for so that you both may enjoy. She will stay for a short while and will go away for lunch" and she left. I saw this new character, Sija, asked her to sit. She sat on my bed. I asked what songs you want to hear. She said bhakti songs of Lata. Please play, she mentioned the name of some song.

I searched for it and put it on. Sija, a good looking girl of may be 18, casual in her attire, knee length skirt and a t shirt. When the music started to flow from the speakers, it was very sweet, loud and clear. We both were charmed by the voice of Lata and listening to the music intently. Sija knew bits of all the songs and she tried to sing along with deep concentration.

I put on the series of all Lata's Meera bhajans which started to play one after another. Sija was simply charmed by the music. Sija fpr a moment forgot my presence and wanted to sit cross legged in the bed and for that purpose lifted her knees high. I could see the whole her thighs and her white dotted panty.

Her mind was totally on Lata and hence while sitting cross legged, her major portion of her plump legs and thighs were not fully covered. I noticed that the t shirt was not fully buttoned, except two all others were open. and her cleavage was fully revealed. She did not have very big boobs, just the size right for her age.

While listening to the music and I was observing her and her exposed legs and cleavage gave me an erection. Covering my erection with my dhothi, I moved the visuals to some other site. Sija was not looking at me or at the computer, she was fully engrossed in the music.

Suddenly she got up and asked me, Bhaisab, please put that song from the beginning, it is simply marvelous. For a fraction of a moment she saw the tent in my dhothi and the visuals in the computer was of soft porn in nature, I in the shock being discovered, reversed the song to play from the beginning.

That gap of a minute was sufficient for Sija to realise what is happening around her. She looked at face sternly and I casually changed the visuals from what it was before. Sija appleared to have been disturbed. She was not concentrating in the listening of the music. She was just looking at me, of course, she was sitting cross legged in my bed.

I asked Sija, are you learning music. She said no, but I want to join music classes in this vacation. Any time you feel like hearing music just come down, we both will hear. I am also very much interested in classical music. Suddenly her face brightened up and shook her head in affirmity.

She came and stood near me and told me bhaiyaji please show me how to get music from computer. Her body odor was fascinating for a bachelor like me. I was struggling to conceal my tent, which she observed and was smiling. I will go, take bath, have lunch and come again.

Is it ok, bhaiya, she asked me. You are a lover of music, I too like music very much, you can come any time to my room to listen and enjoy music. No restriction for you. But while going tell my mother you are going and tell her when you are coming. When will your parents come.

She said they may come in the evening. My mother immediately gets busy in the kitchen to prepare food, and my dad in the pooja room chanting etc. They both have no time to play or listen to music. I like you bhaiya very much for liking music like me, she just hugged me, pressing her boobs on my face and kissing on my forehead and ran down.

Thereafter Sija became a regular visitor to my room. As soon as her parents depart she will run to my room and ask me to put on some hindi or some other songs and lie in my bed to listen. Seeing an 18 year old girl lying in my bed in my room to listen to music is one of best fascinating sights. She is innocent, but all dirty thoughts come to my mind.

But I dare not touch her as it may stain our relationship. I may be three or four years elder to her. Having completed my education, I am waiting for some job opportunity to turn up. Sija will suddenly get up and come and stand near me to select songs of her choice. Sometime I used run my hand over her knee and up in her thighs.

She used wriggle out and tell me of course smilingly not to tickle her But within a few minutes she will come stand in the same positon. Again my hand will reach her and her objections were less and less. Within a few days our intimacy grew very strong that my hand on her inner thighs did not face any objection from her and it went to touch her panty and her ass.

When the music was fully on when she was standing near me, my hand pulled her panty down a little to probe her ass. It was very tight and smooth and she too seemed to enjoy my touch. After probing her ass for a couple of days, I wanted to change the sides and come to her front to probe her pussy.

Though she ran only to a few feet behind and came back to her original position again after twi or three occasions of objection, she stood still cooperating when my fingers probed her hairy pussy under her skirt. Keeping her eyes tightly closed, Sija was as if listening to gazal music cooperating with my finger probing. I know what I am doing was wrong.

I am doing thing which may rise up her passion, but in our own mental condition for forget the reason. I made her to stand facing me, she stood. I made her to support herself holding the chair and the table, she did. I asked her to widen her legs, she did. My finger explored the channel between her cunt lips and located her fuck hole and up above her tiny clitoris.

When my finger touched her clitoris, she shuddered. All in the name of music and for the pleasure of enjoying the music. For her and for me it was a first experience. I did not know what to do next. I called her name. She opened her eyes. She saw my prince coming out of my tent. She tooked at it in surprise. She came near me and took my cock in her hands.

I did not want her to feel that I am exploiting her presence and her love of music. She was doing all she could to tempt me. Lying in my bed she was showing major portion of her naked leg and her pussy in her panties. Her semi opened shirt shows well her cleavage and afterall I am a human being. When there is a good romantic song playing Sija will come and sit in lap.

So far I had not removed her panty or bra, but playing in between the gap available. We spoke less and when the music is stopped Sija ran away down the stairs and shouting bye to me from down. When comes in the morning, she will shout from the staircase to put the music on. Nowadays music is there everywhere, in the phone, in the computer, in the TV etc.

I used to wonder why this girl does not have music at her home. Are so antimusic that she may have to always come to me seeking music. For the sake of music she was going to any length. I had squeezed her boobs to the rhythm of music. I had put my hand inside her panty and squeezed her pussy. She never resisted but encouraged me to go further.

She put her hand inside my dhothi and got hold of my rigid cock and gave me hand job. But I resisted. Except on the four or five days in a month, she used to come everyday and be with me for maximum time. Rubbing her boobs on my face and rubbing her pussy on my knees are regular. She was a hot girl, I could have fucked her without any effort.

She stood in all convenient poses. She will sit on my lap facing me and hugging me. I will never remove her panty nor allow her to expose her pussy. Then who know we may loose our control. Music will become immaterial. My hand had reached all the nooks and corners of her body but with her panty on. After she leaves I may shag and throw my fluids in the commode.

One day she said I should fuck her that day. I asked her why that day. She said her father is getting a transfer and they may go away within a week. She said I have enjoyed not only music but in sex also with you. Today and for a week till I go please fuck me. Today is safe for me. But but some condoms and fuck me daily. I will loose my virginity only to you.

I know my mother will not come upstairs. I just lead Sija to the cot and kissed her passionately and pressed her boobs one by one and licked and sucked her nipples. She was very much aroused. I pulled her panty down and licked her cunt. She had scant silken hair. I licked her clitoris making her jerk her body like an electric shock.

I put my tongue into her fuckhole and tongue fucked her. Sija was moaning it was buried in the sound of music. I pulled out my dhothi and told her I am going to fuck you. she said please fuck me. It is going to hurt you. She said please fuck me. Breaking your seal may pain you and cause you to bleed. She said please fuck me, fuck me.

I put some scented oil on my cock and in her fuckhole and placed my fock at the entrance of her fuckhole and pushed it in. The head of my cock entered but did not go further. She clenching her teeth, kept her eyes tightly closed. I made small movements to push my cock in, It went in half length.

I just pulled it back and made a push, it went further in, I pushed and pushed, I sucked her boobs and kissed her lips and by waist was pushing my cock in. Finally in a strong push made the whole thing to go in. I saw tears rolling down the eyes of Sija. I wiped her tears and kissed her. She said it was very severe pain, but by god it was over. Fuck me slowly.

I made my fuck movement slowly and made only small motions. Gradually I increased speed and plunged inside full length. She started to enjoy and finally I foudn her floating in her orgasm. Within further two strokes, I too got mine. She opened her eyes and told me that pain and pleasure were beyond imagination. I pulled my cock out and found the fluids stained with blood.

I took her to my bath room and washed her pussy and my cock. I told her that we will not fuck further, but listen to music, but fuck vigorously from tomorrow. She agreed. Lying in my bed, she listened to the songs of Kishore, Raji, Latha and Shreya. I asked her to go home take food and come. She limped way to her home and I too came home to take bath and eat my food.

Sija came in the afternoon and we listened to further music. By evening her discomfort was less. I just kissed her cheeks and her boobs and sent her to come back next day. Next day she came fully energised. I had bought some condoms and then within ten minutes of her arrival music and our fucking started.

Sija loved me immensely but her love was in sex now. I dont know where she learnt all the tricks, but she pushed me down and rode sitting me and inserting my cock in her cunt she danced to the tunes of music. We fucked many times everyday.

And finally she just left me crying, with one of my used condoms. I heard they left early in the morning and I did not see her again. But I play her music in her memory. In the memory of Sija.

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Guy Enjoying Only Oral Sex With Sharda

After writing my final degree exam, I was waiting in my house. Every day I used to go out with my friends for walk. But on that day I did not feel like going out and I was in our veranda sitting and watching children playing in the street. There were boys and girls in their eary teens running around in various games.

I saw a particular girl beautiful, must be around 18 playing with children much below her age. She was in her skirt and t shirt with her projecting boobs which needed to be covered with a shawl. While she was running her boobs shook which was particularly noticeable. I did not know her name or where her house was.

In our house in the front veranda, we had a parapet wall which was a favourite spot for the children to play hide and seek. Suddenly this girl came running and hid behind the parapet wall behind the chair I was sitting. She asked me not to disclose her hiding place. A boy came running asked me whether Sharda was hiding there. I said I dont know any Sharda.

He ran away, and the girl, sharda, thanked me.Thereafter we became friends and she used to come to me to just for chat. Since there was nobody in my house, sitting inside the house or watching TV was very boring. I did not want to watch porn in my laptop, because it always ends in my shagging. Thereafter I wont be interested to watch porn in the day time.

In the night after dinner, closing my bedroom door, I watch porn for about one hour and finally after shagging I will go to sleep. But in the afternoon, this girl Sharda, sitting on the parapet and talking to me gave a good view of her boobs. She had a voice which was full of passion. She asked me whether I have a laptop, I said yes, why not go inside and watch some moovy she asked.

She persuading me so much that I said ok and got up. There was none in the deserted street. When I went inside the house, sharda followed me and closed the door behind her and bolted it. I bolted it because the boys will come and trouble me and ask me to join me in the hide and seek.

Why dont you play with them, she said they are all young boys and there is no fun in playing with them. that is why I came to you. Please show me the laptop and switch it on. I switched on and went to answer the phone. When I came back to the laptop, OMG, it was playing the porn site I left the previous day night.

Sharda shocked and wide eyes and was watching the site of a boy sucking the cunt of a girl. I ran and switched off and told Sharda not to watch any movies that day but some other day and I asked her to go home. Sharda, was pleading with me, please let me see that movie which was playing in the laptop, please. I said it is a bad movie and not for children to see.

She said I am not a child, I am grown up and now I am 18. Please, I wont tell anybody, I watched a movie in your laptop. I promise, I wont tell, please. She held my hand iwth both of her hands and pulled me closer to the laptop. My cock was in a semi erect condition in my bermuda pants it was noticeable.

Her hand accidentally touched it and she felt its hardness and was looking at my face, and with one hand she touched it again. I shook her hand away from touching my cock and asked her to keep quiet and not to talk about anything for some time. I asked her to calm down. She sat on my bed and I sat in the chair in front of my laptop.

I quickly changed to youtube site to a movie site and searched for some new movie. In the meantime Sharda came near me and was leaning to get a better view of the monitor of the laptop. While leaning her one hand was on the hand of the chair and the other hand on my pant, covering my erect cock. Remove your hand, Sharda, what are you doing, this is wrong, I shouted.

She was pleading, please show me yours, uncle, please just for a short while, I have not seen any grown up one. I have seen only that of boys, small boys. Please, I will show you mine. You can see and even touch or do anything you want. She suddenly lifted her skirt, pulled her panty down revealing a lovely virgin golden haired cunt.

All this happened so fast that I could not tell her to stop. With puffed up lips parted only a a line, her cunt made me instantly horny. I have not seen of a virgin or grown up girl and she came near me so that I can touch her and feel her cunt. She placed her hand on my bulged up pant and pulled my cock out by unzipping my pant.

Sharada widened her legs so that she could rub her pussy against my knee. I just pulled out my erect cock so that she could see it. Giving out a shriek, she leaned forward and put her face near my cock and opened her mouth and touched it with the tip of her tongue. I pulled her closer and put my hand on her naked ass and felt its smoothness and softness.

She was sitting on my thigh with her legs on either side and her pussy close to me. and bending she was holding my cock in her hand. I physically lifted her and laid her on my bed so that I can have a better view of her pussy. When she saw my attention is fixed on her pussy, she just closed her face with both her hands out of shyness.

I pushed her both legs wider and she cooperated and her ivory colored big thighs were wide open and I could have a closer look of her pussy. I opened the cunt lips and examined its interior. My touching her very intimate area tickled her and she started to giggle and twisted her body.

I took my nose closer to her and found it smelled of her urine and some other smell which was not bad. She was fully aroused and my cock was also fully erect and I wanted to initiate fucking her so that she may come daily at this hour when my parents are not there and I can show her some porn and fuck her nicely.

To give her a taste of sex, I just licked her cunt and her clitoris, which gave her a jolt. I told her that we will not do anything or watch the movie, but just come tomorrow when nobody is watching and when my parents are gone, we will watch the movie and you may hold my cock and I will lick your cunt.

She begged me to give one more lick of her cunt, I said ok and made her to open her legs wide and licked her cunt and clitoris deeply. she cried out OHHHHHH. I pulled her up, helped her to put on her panty and I put my cock inside my pant and went to the door and sent Sharda her way. It was already late and my parents may come at any moment.

Next day in the morning at 10 am, my parents had gone to their working place and I took bath and ate my breakfast when I heard the knock on the door. When I opened the door it was Sharda. I let her in and looked around to see whether anybody have noticed her entering my house. Sharada was particularly attractive wearing a t shirt and a long skirt.

Her boobs inside her t shirt was so much bulged out that her nipples were projecting out. I asked, Sharada, what do you want now today. She said let us watch the movie in the laptop. I put on the porn video we saw the previous day. The beautiful teenage girl was giving the boy a blowjob. His long and stout cock was going in and out of her mouth.

She was taking in the full legth of the cock. The boy was wriggling with pleasure. Sharada was thrilled to see the visuals and she put her hand on her pussy and watched intently. The making the girl lie on the mat, the boy widened her legs and leaning over her licked her cleanshaven cunt.

The girl enjoying the act, opened her cunt lips with her hand and exposed the interior of her cunt for the boy to lick in detail. Her small tiny clitoris pink colored, was focussed and his tongue ran over it. It began to grow in size and came to the size of a pea nut. The girl with her hand pressed his head down burying it into her cunt. She was enjoying it immensely.

Sharada gave out a hissing sound extended her hand to search for my cock. The scene changed. the boy holding his cock in his hand rubbed its tip along the gap between her cunt lips and then rubbed it on her clitoris and then placed it at the entrance of her fuckhole and pushed it in.

The girl closing her eyes put her hands at her head, and gave a shrill sound, as the cock entered her. The cock went in and in and in and the full length disappeared inside her cunt. The clean shaven cunt was shown in close enlargement. I too had a big erection and I looked at Sharada. She closing here eyes, inserted her hand inside her skirt and was touching her cunt.

I pulled hher closer to me and planted a kiss on her cheeks. Sharada opened her eyes and looked at me with half closed eyes as if drunk. I unhooked her long skirt and dropped it down and pulled up her t shirt. She was left in her bra and panty. Her boobs were bigger than the size of the bra and when I removed the bra, the boobs jumped out to freedom.

Her tiny nipples were already projected and hard. I just lower my face and took one nipple in my mouth and sucked when I squeezed her other boob. I made her to stand up and pulled her panty down. Sharda cooperated and was keen in pulling out my cock from my jockey. Sitting on my beg I opened my knees and allowed space for her so that she can come closer.

She squatted on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and played her tongue around it. Her mouth was small and she could not take my cock in her mouth. I pulled her up to sit on my thighs with her legs on either side. My cock like a pistol was aimed at her pussy. I pulled her closer and with my hand rubbed the tip of my cock in the divide of her cunt.

With her hand she opened her cunt lips and allowed my cock to press against her clitoris. Sharda hugged me and pressed her boobs against my chest. Sitting in this position we were watching a new video which opened up in my laptop. It was a repetition of blow job, oral sex and fucking with more vigor by a new couple.

Sharada hanging on my neck with her hands made a swinging motion with her hip so that my cock may enter her cunt. I told Sharda not to be in a hurry to make and entry of my cock into my cunt. When her seal is broken, her virginity will be lost and when my cock enters fully her cunt and fucks vigorously my cum may go inside and the risk of her getting pregnant will arise.

Hence we will take small small doses of pleasure than go for big pleasure, without any precaution and get into trouble. She knodded and agreed with me. Let us concentrate on oral sex. It will last longer and we can enjoy for more time. I showed her the 69 pose shown in the laptop by a new couple.

While I was lying down she rode on me from the top and pressed her pussy into my face, her fluids were flowing all over my face. I licked her cunt and clitoris, while she made effort to take my cock in her mouth and succeeded. We went on like this for about a month and by the end of the month we became experts of oral sex. Either I will be lying down or she.

She became an expert blow jobber, and I an expert cunt and clitoris licker. Without discharging we could hold on for an hour or more. Everytime we were riding the zenith of pleasure, while her virginity was intact. I got a job interview and was about to go. We did our farewell sex in grand gala way and I left. When I come on leave I search for her and continue to enjoy her.

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Enjoying hot sex with Maya

There was a girl in the neighbouring house, who moved in along with her parents. I got just a glance and she looks a stunning beauty. She looks 18 but with big boobs and ass, with beautiful face anybody would like to fuck her. I was waiting for my chance to talk to her. Next day evening she and her mother came to my house searching for my mother.

They sat for a long time getting to know each other. The girl, it seems her name was Maya, was probing with her eyes our house. She noticed, the TV, my laptop and must have learnt from my mother about my whereabouts. I was away when they came in, later when I came home, my mother introduced me to them and my mother told me that they are our new neighbors.

I asked Maya what she is doing, she said she just joined the degree class with maths and physics. My mother told Maya, she can come and ask me any doubts she had in these subject as I had a PG in maths. Thereafter she came requesting me to help her to replace a fuse in her house.

Her parents had not returned from work and the house was totally in darkness and she could not do it herself. My mother recommended me to go and help her. Their switchboard was placed a ligh high on the wall and I could not stand and reach it. I asked her to get me a stood and she brought the stool and then went to light a candle. I was wearing a dhothi and my T shirt.

When she was standing so close her body odor was avery arousing. There were three or four fuses and I wanted to make out which one needed replacement. When I glanced down, in the glow of the candle her boob showed its full size. I was getting an erection. One by one I checked all the fuses, my eyes were busy at looking at her face and boobs.

She knew it and she was shy and looked away from me. I wanted move the stool a little forward. I had to step down move the stool and then again climb. Holding the candle in one hand she helped me with the other hand to climb down and climb up. The softness of her hand was silky and made me to keep the hand further.

In the meantime, the molten wax flowed down and burnt her hand and she dropped it on the floor. It got put out and it was totally dark again. Suddenly I hugged her and climbed down while she too hugged me with both of her hands. Her boobs were pressed against me and my erect cock pushed her at some part of her body.

In that condition, in the dark surroundings, without anybody in the house, we did not want to get separated. My hands around her and her hands around me as if to support each other. At this moment I did not want this golden opportunity to go waste. I just lowered my face and her face was lifted up and my lips just brazed over her plumpy cheeks.

She turned her head and offered me her other cheek. Holding her head with my hand I kissed her on both of her cheeks repeatedly. It was her turn then, she too kissed me on my cheeks. Maya was asking me what about the fuse, I asked what fuse. She said you came to change the fuse, I said I have changed it. But why no lights, she asked.

I told her I have switched off the main switch so that we may get this chance. After we finish we will switch on. She asked have we not finished, I said no, we have just begun. We both laughed and continued with our sweet job to finish it later.

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Fathima And Santhi Getting Fucked Hard

The word adultery is being removed from the Indian Penal Code and there are people strongly against making adultery as a crime. They say many countries have dropped adultery from their list of criminal offences. Why India alone should have it. They want full freedom to fuck our neighbor's wife when he comes in my absence fucks my wife.

If the law is enacted, every thing will be open and free. You can go and fuck your neighbor's wife even is he is sitting in the drawing room. Your wife may be fucked by her boss so that she may get a wage rise or promotion. It so happened Santhi had a itchy cunt and her husband did not gave her full satisfaction. But within two years he lost interest in sex and went in spiritual life.

Electrician and plumber were young and able bodies fellows. They may satisfy her, but they will blackmail her later and ask for money. Her boss was an old man and his cock will not rise. One day she was talking to Fathima her classmate and friend and whoe husband is in gulf. She said she will send a man who will certainly satisfy her, no money is wanted, but he wanted good food.

Santhi was happy that her problem is being solved. She planned it meticulously that she indulge in sex for a long time in the absence of his husband. The telephoned and said he is Mammad and asked when he should come. She asked him to come at 10 in the morning, and when she remembered about the maid servant, she changed the timing to 3 pm.

She had her pussy shaved and perfumed. Mammad look in his late twenties, came he was not hefty man as we feared he was just ordinary type of man clad in a lungi and t shirt and a towel worn around his neck. He said he was hungry and wanted food. Shanthi had prepared some chappathis and curry and placed the entire lot before Mamad.

He ate one by one and ate the full stock and drank a glass water. Shanthi was watching him devouring the food sitting on the dining table. He wanted a banana, luckily there was banana and Shanthi gave it to him. He asked where is the bedroom and bathroom. She lead him to the bedroom and then to the attached bathroom.

Mammad asked her is there anybody in the house, She said no. Is there anybody likely to come home soon. She said no. Dont you want to see my tool, which ultimately is going to enter you. Shanthi turned her head and saw his 7" cock in semi erect condition. He called her to come to the bed and gave her his cock in her hands. It was long and as hard as an iron rod.

She planted a kiss on the top and took it in her mouth and sucked it. But Mohamed was in a hurry. He removed all her clothes from her body and found it to be elegant and beautiful. He told her that lot of ladies whose husbands are in gulf want him to go to their houses. There are some wives whose husbands cannot satisfy them.

We are three or four young men going around to satisfy all these women. It has to kept in absolute secret, without an outside soul knowling. First let me finish your case and then we will talk. He saw her cleanshaven pussy. This is an inspiration for licking and sucking. Open your legs, he said and he was sucking her boobs.

She opened her legs wide to enable him to lick and suck her pussy. He licked the whole pussy and sucked her clitoris softly. She was moaning and twisting her body out of pleasure. Since she was sufficiently aroused, he pulled her to the edge of the bed and took his cock and pushed it inside her cunt. Santhi was thrilled and she gave out a gasp. The rod went in tightly.

It was rubbing some sensitive points inside her cunt and it gave her more pleasure. He started to fuck her in average speed and slowly increased the speed. Santhi got her orgasm. But Mohamed was going on fucking and Santhi was getting warmed up for the second session. Because of the excess fluids flowing from her cunt, the fucking was smooth.

Finally Mohamed reached his orgasm and shot his cum inside her cunt. When he looked up into her eyes, Santhi told him that it was her safe day. He asked her whether she is happy and satisfied. She hugged him and said she was happy immensely. Mohamed and Santhi went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Mohamed told her that there is a girl who wants to get fucked.

But though her husband is away, her mother in law is staying with her and hence I cannot go to her house and fuck her. I will ask her to come to your house. Do you mind I fuck her, when I come to fuck you. No No, said Santhi and asked him to tell her to come to this house. You can fuck both of us conveniently. Mohamed gave her a parting kiss and left.

She called Fathima and thanked her for giving a good introduction. Next time I will ask him to send Raju to you. He is younger than Mohamed, handsome fellow and with the same size of assets. Santhi told her about another girl coming for getting fucked. Fathima said it is ok. But tell me how it all went about.

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