Philip Enjoying Cheating Sex With Priya

Hi all wonderful readers, I always loved the site and I was just awaiting the chance to write my story and it happened 3 weeks ago. My name is Philip and I work an analyst in London. I am a Married man in late 20's. I have a pretty high flying job but I keep a low profile and stay modes which a lot of people around me like.

I was enjoying a happy married life but the change over from being a chilled out bachelor to a committed married guy seem to have curtailed my freedom. I love my wife but I was looking to explore others to have more fun. I knew I had to do it with caution and utmost secrecy.

I used to be part of this wider community and Priya was a normal good looking housewife. I wouldnt call her a sex bomb or a absolute stunner but she had good assets and was always smiling which I loved about her. She was in her early 30's and had 1 kid. Looking at her for the first time, you wouldn't realize she was a mother.

Whenever we met in public gatherings, we would exchange looks and smiles. After some time, I added her on Facebook. She was also a full time employee like me. I would message her when I was in the office and she seemed to give me quick replies. We start talking more often and into wider subjects.

We would use a secure social app to chat so that no one else could see what we were upto. I complimented her looks especially when she wore a saree and exposes more of her amazing waist line. I told her that she deserved a lot more attention that what she was currently getting. We would exchange looks and even the odd touches at social events.

She loved me pinching her ass without anyone else noticing. We both soon got to the idea that we needed to explore for more fun that our marital lives and that should no way be affecting our current relationships. We promised upfront that if we were to have sex, that would be a one-off and would not be a repeat occurrence.

I think that made her a lot more committed to me and made her bold to meet up. We would go out on dates after work on the pretext of over time. I would take her to fancy restaurants and treat her well. She used to love getting pampered like a princess. I would tease her a lot like by kissing her neck and pinching her nipples over the top. I enjoyed her getting wet in public.

Her husband normally works nights so that they could look after the child in turns. He was concerned about how much money they would make rather than how happy they were with each other. During the summer she sent her child to Kerala and she invited me over to her on a night when her husband was away.

We both took the day off and hence we had a great date, She had a wet underwear before she decided to head home. Her husband was away to work and she called me in. As soon as we got in, we started smooching as if it was our first kiss. We smooched deep. She loved it rough and I didn't mind sucking the lips hard. I could taste her lip stick.

We kept ourselves engaged in each other for a good 20 minutes. We decided to change. So she went and came out in my favourite saree. I had changed to my more relaxed shorts and as she came in to the living room, I couldn't resist. I tasted all over her bare back and licked and kissed all over her neck.

I whispered in her ears. She enjoyed foreplay so much. She just wanted to sit down and moan out loud. I realized she didn't have an underwear and her thighs were dripping. I got her to sit on the sofa and I started kissing her up her feet. I loved her meaty flesh thighs. I slapped them and gave her a good hard love bite on it. I could smell her amazing love hole.

She wanted me to eat it as we had sex chatted before. Her husband had never tasted her amazing pussy. I was sucking her clit and fingering her. My fingers were going deep as she moaned so loud. I grabbed her erect nipples as I tasted more of her. Priya was moaning louder as she was getting closer to squirting. She splashed it on my face.

She pulled my hair and begged me to fuck her. I wanted to be like a baby. So I slept on her lap and sucked her boobs. She then knelt down and started giving me an amazing blow job. She loved sucking a cock. She was soo good at it. She gave me the best blow job ever and had no reluctance in taking it all in. Her face was soon covered in my truck load of cum.

We still had majority of the night for us in which we explored every bit of our bodies and tried various positions. I shall give you the details in my next story. Both me and Priya were not unsatisfied. We just wanted to have more fun. We kept our promise and have never been naughty with each other since that night.

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Lucky Desi Guy Enjoying Pleasure On Bus Journey

After completing my lab. work relating to my project, I started back home. It was 2 pm. I waited to talk to my colleagues about the progress of their project. I went to the canteen with them and took just a tea and wanted to get to the busstop. It was nearing three pm. I saw the bus coming. There was not much rush and I took an empty seat and took my ticket.

When the bus stopped in the next stop there was a huge rush of school boys and girls talking in high pitched voice. The took all the empty seats. The bus was full and it started to the next stop. Here again girls with their bagpacks entered entered the bus. They were all grown up girls may be of XI or XII class.

They were all talking in high pitched voice and I could not make what is the subject they were shouting about. One girl dropped her back pack in my lap and thrust her way in between the two seats.

She was just standing between my legs, because the whole bus was fully crowded and it started to rain and people sitting by the window seats pulled down the sheets used to cover the windows so that rain water may not come in. The standing in front of me, with her ass directly projected to my face, of course her bag was their in my lap.

My hands on my knee were directly in contact with her thighs. Her uniform half skirt did not cover her knees and I could not help my fingers touching her thighs. She was holding the iron bar in front of her firmly so that she may not fall down when the bus takes turns. When I looked up to see her face, her boobs were do projected that I could not see her face.

But my work on her thighs continued. They were very smooth and firm thigh. my hands moved up. At first she resisted and tightly closed with her thighs, but later she relaxed separated her thighs so that my hand may go around. My finger further went up and touched her panty. The girl seem to have been horny that her panty was wet and dripping.

My finger by the side of the seem of the panty went further up and touched her hairy pussy. Droplets of her juice were all over her public hair. As if she is unconcerned of what I am doing, she was as usual participating in all discussion with her friends standing all over around us.

All of the appeared to be XII standard girls because they were fully grown up and with their boobs projecting and all in the same school uniform. My fingers touched her cunt and I inserted my finger inside her cunt and my forefinger searched for her clitoris. I nibbled with it and inserted my finger into her fuckhole and it went for about an inch or two.

She suddenly became silent and seem enjoying what is happening under her skirt. I finger fucked her for some time and massaged her clitoris. Suddenly there was sudden flow of fluids from her cunt hole and after dampening her panty it was draining down her thighs. I think she made an orgasm.

The bus was running in the pouring rain, unconcerned of what happens inside the bus. Immediately she tightened her thighs and I had to remove my hand with my finger full of her cunt juices. With even looking back she took her bag from my lap and got out into the aisle of the bus and moved forward as the bus was about to stop.

The conductor was shouting all those at the entrance please give way for others to go, the girls moved toward the outlet and my girl did not even looked at me. I located her. Just she was getting down the steps, her face turned, located me, smiled and gave me a flying kiss and she vanished into the crowd. Her fluids was stained my fingers and it was still wet.

I just smelled it and found to be her cunt juice. I just did not want it to go waste and hence took it to my mouth and sucked its salty taste. The lucky age may be aged 17 or 18 entered the bus and stood before me and had her private parts rummaged by me and had a beautiful orgasm and without even knowing who gave her so much pleasure,

walked away from the scene just giving me a smile and a flying kiss. I had to go home with her memories to masturbate. This incident remained in my mind for a long time.

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Rahul Fucking Valli After Watching Porn Video - II

Previously: Rahul Fucking Valli After Watching Porn Video - I

In the morning, I went to office as usual to see whether there are any assignments, finding none, I returned home by 11 am and asked to telephone operator just to call me in case the Chief Editor or anybody asks for me. Most of the reports have gone out to cover their own stories.

I came home, having taken breakfast, finished reading the newspapers, I had no special job and hence lied in the bed and took my laptop and started to search for good videos. Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, sweedish, aunty videos, school videos, college videos, I finalled for Indian porn videos. The head showed it was some Calcutta college students fucking.

Undressing the girl was the big task, somehow the boy takes a lot of time and removes her clothes one by one and her boobs were revealed and she must just 18 or 19 judging from the size of her boobs, but hot and horny. Laughingly she lifted the boy's tee shirt and suddenly I heard the front door opening and somebody entering. Again Valli.

Oh-ho again I did the same mistake. I did not bold the door and I cannot stop her and ask her to go out. I shut the laptop and kept it aside, covered my body with my lungi, I got up and looked at Valli, and said "Valli, why did you come, dont you have classes". Valli came and sat on my bed and was looking at my seminaked body.

She said, "the student agitation continues, I did not want to go because, if I go I will also get involved, I thought I will keep company with uncle to watch his favourite movies, porn mvies. Why, uncle, shall we start" Her face was bright with a thilak on her face, her hoobs were within her green blouse and she wore a green coloured midy.

She saw the laptop on my bed and thought I may have started looking at it, or about to start. She said, my parents have gone out as usual and will not be back till 5 pm. Teacher aunty works luckily in a different school and hence she is not disturbed by agitations etc. She too would have gone to school and would be back by evening and hence we have plenty of time to watch porn videos.

Please uncle, please let us start. I told her "See Valli, watching porn everyday is not good, one day if they come to know, the blame would only fall on me. They would say you are a matured person and you should have thought about the pros and cons before make the girl watch these bad videos" "Uncle, many of my class mates have porn video cassettes and new discs.

They take copies and give it girls. They call the girls to go to their homes for combined study that means only to watch porn and enjoy sex. My classmate, Naushad, called me many times. There is nobody in his house, her mother and sister have gone to gulf and would be back only after six months, he takes food from his aunty's house.

He has his own a/c bedroom in the top floor and told me that nobody would come. We can watch hours and hours of cinema and eat as much dates as possible, Valli please come to my house" he used to say. Why I did not go, if I go he would fuck me watching porn and he may have a trap made ready for me. He may either call his friends to come and they all may join him and fuck me.

Or he may ask me to marry him and convert into Islam. The only safe place I can go is your house, uncle, if you ask me to go out, I will go to the house of Naushad. Otherwise how long I can sit alone in my house watching TV. I asked my parents to buy me a laptop. They do not know the usefullness of laptop, all my friends have laptops, with or without internet connection.

My father says "you go to engineering college, we will buy you a laptop. Or score A+ marks for your 12 std subjects, we will certainly buy you a good laptop. Oh it is 12 noon, please uncle let us start. I was answerless. What to do. Her reasons appear to be correct from her angle.

However let me restrain and be cautious, I thought. In the meantime, Valli has taken liberty took my laptop and searching for the porn channels. As usual I wear only a lungi and no undergarments. I lied in the bed and placed the laptop on my body and continued the search and came back to the Indian porn page which I turned on some time back.

Valli unhooked her blouse and I saw she wore no bra and her erect nipples and were projecting out with her large boobs. The video of Calcutta college sex and the girl was made nude by her boy friend and he was being undressed by her. He pulled down his jeans and underwear together and his 6" cock sprang out and the girl leaned forwarad and took his cock into her mouth.

Valli gave a gasp. Her right hand was already holding my cock, she pushed her nipples on my lips urging me to open my mouth and suck here nipple. Suddenly Valli got up, bent forward over my erect cock and took it in her mouth. It appeared that my cock is too big for her mouth and sucked the head only and raised the head to watch what the calcutta girl is doing.

By that time the calcutta girl has taken the full size of the cock of her friend into her mouth and its tip might have reached her throat. The boy suddenly pulled his cock back and pushed the girl to lie flat with her knees raised and widened, he threw his face into her crotch. Her pussy appeared to be without any hair.

She held her cunt lips wide apart and he was licking her cunt from bottom to top. Here Valli pushed her nipple again into my mouth and I sucked it rolling my tongue around it. SSSSSssssss sounded Valli and raised a little and planted a kiss on my lips and sucked my lower lip.

I was wondering how this girl would know so much about the game of sex, perhaps she would have had it earlier with any of her friends. I should have asked her whether she had sex any time with anybody. Valli was rubbing her pussy on my thigh. I could feel her cunt juices on my thighs. Calcutta boy was sucking the clitoris of his girl friend and she was enjoying it closing her eyes.

Valli got up and was keeping her leg on my left side and sat on my hip and took my cock and was rubbing it tip on her tiny clitoris. This idea she got from the calcutta girl doing it with her boy friend. Valli tried to insert my cock into her fuck hole. It was too small and could not take my cock in. Again she rubbed it on her clitoris and was enjoying it very much.

With both of my hands I was squeezing her boobs and sucked her nipples alternatively. Unable to make an entry of my cock into her cunt, Valli lied on my chest, pressing her boobs on my chest. I asked Valli, "Valli, tell me frankly whether you had sex ever with any of your friends or relatives? Dont worry I wont tell anybody. Has seal been broken by any before.

You can be confident and this information is just for my info. Please tell me" Valli thought for a while and told me that" her cousin, i.e., Shyam who was the son of her uncle told her that elders have decided to get her married to him. He was studying in the engineering college and a very handsome boy.

One day when he came to her house, he could be accommodated only in her room for the night. He started to kiss and do thing with her giving assurance that they will marry ultimately as elders have decided so. Then Valli did not think twice. She allowed him to kiss her and sqeeze her boobs and kiss her pussy, but he could not fuck her as her hole was too small.

When he pushed his cock it was painful and he said we will try later. She just took his cock in her mouth and he shot his cum into her mouth. That is all we did" I told her "See Valli, your cousin, i.e., your future husband has tried and could not break your seal, perhaps he may do it on your first night. Now I can break your seal applying my finger and coconut oil, but I dont want to do it.

Let the seal breaking be done by your husband, that is his right. You do only the superfluous acts and not the original sex act." She agreed. When something sensible was told she listened and understood its implecations. I sucked her cunt and made her come to orgasm and she too sucked my cock and I shot my cum into her mouth.

Then Valli said, she is going and she may not come for some days as they expect some guests in her house. The she did not turn up except to invite us for her marriage to her cousin.

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Sindhu Enjoying Sex With Umesh During Audit Report

After B.Com, Sindhu's parents asked her to take up Chartered Accountancy as a career. Sindhu and her father went around several career guidance institutions and finally she joined a well know firm of CAs as an Articles clerk. At the of 20 she had a bright academic career. Physically she was very beautiful and well endowed with assets about which anybody would envy.

She started to work and a senior Articles clerk was asked to teach her the nuances of the work. She got friendly with all her male and female colleagues. They were checking the accounts of very many firms and preparing the balance sheets, tax returns etc for them. She went to attend seminars to update herself about the changes in the tax structure.

Her employer was appointed as chartered accountant for two of the PSBs and the work involved the articles clerk to visit the branches and go through the entire transactions and report to the boss who will have discussion with the bank officials and try to rectify them. It involved travelling and staying in hotels in distant towns for the purpose of audit.

As far as possible, the firm sent only men for such outstation jobs. But when the pressure of work and shortage of personal, makes them to chose female employees also to go but only on their consent. Sindhu was asked whether she has any objection to undertake such travel if need be, she said she is willing, as she was fond of travelling and staying in high rated hotels.

Usually they sent a team of two or three girls with a senior male colleague. The male colleague, Umesh was a young man, very strict adherant to discipline, and hard work. Umesh led the team with Sindhu and Lakshmi. Umesh had gone on such errands many times and it was the first time for Sindhu and Lakshmi.

Their travel agent arranged for the tickets and booked rooms in good hotels. But Lakshmi did not turn up at the station because her mother was seriously sick and was hospitalised. There was no one except her at home to take care of her mother. Only Umesh and Sindhu had to go.

They cancelled the ticket of Lakshmi and they got into I class coupe compartment to undertake overnight journey. They ordered for food from the caterers and after taking it Umesh took the upper berth and Sindhu the lower berth. She was wearing a jeans and a t shirt and did not change her dress. Umesh wore a dhothi and removed his pant and kept it in the upper berth.

Before sleeping they sat for while for talking. Umesh could not resist looking at the boobs of Sindhu which were projecting out under her t shirt. Sindhu sat in a pose leaning forward and her boobs were bulging out. She was looking at the handsome face of Umesh. He was asking her about her background and told her about his. The talk was friendly.

When they felt sleepy Umesh occupied the upper berth and saw Sindhu stretching in the lower berth. She wanted to go to the bathroom and she requested Umesh to go with her as the corridor was empty and she was not bold enough to go alone. He obliged her and she went to the bathroom and finished her use and came out and saw Umesh standing outside.

They both came back to their berths and took to sleep. They reached their destination at 4 am and Umesh got up as he had set his alarm. He came down put on the light and saw Sindhu sleeping. He called her and shook her and saw her boobs shaking inside her bra and t shirt. She got up and they got ready to get down form the train.

When the train stopped they got down with their luggage and took a taxi and went to the hotel. But the hotel manager told them there is no room since the booking was not confirmed and hence they alloted the room to somebody else. They took the taxi and went to another hotel and there was a double room available.

Umesh took the room and the hotel boy took their luggage and took to the room. Umesh found there was a double bed in the room. That means he and Sindhu have to sleep in one double bed. He asked her what to do. She said it is ok. we will adjust. Umesh was also thrilled to sleep in one bed with a beauty like Sindhu.

Sindhu went to the bathroom and changed into a nighty in the meantime Umesh wore a dhothi and removed his shirt and pant. He told her to sleep in the bed and he will go to the sofa to sleep. She said, no, You sleep in the bed and I will sleep in the sofa. Finally they reconciled to sleep in the same bed each in the far corner of the bed.

They both turned to the other side and dreamed of the other party sharing the bed. None ot them could sleep and they thought of each other. Next day they got up and ordered for coffee and they finished their morning oblusions and Sindhu washed her undergarments and hung them in the bathroom to dry. She came out dressed in churidar.

Umesh saw her undergarments put to dry, he also washed his vest and brief and put it next to hers, and took bath. When he came out after bath he saw her almost dressed and ready. He also put on his working dress and got ready and they both came out and went and had their breakfast.

Umesh carried his laptop while going for auditing besides his writing instruments and asked her whether she has her pen etc with her. They both reached the bank. On reaching the branch they got a cover from their office that they have to do audit of two more branches of the same bank in the same city.

Umesh called Sindhu aside and told her that they may have to stay in the same hotel for 30 days more. He asked her whether she would like to continue or go back to her home so that he may call for somebody else. She said no, I would like to continue. They both smiled at each other.

Then they met the manager and introduced themselves as auditors and asked for checking up the cash on hand, both Umesh and Sindhu counted the cash and found it to be ok, then tey checked the gold packets pledged and started the work in right earnest. Umesh gave her instructions as what to do next and they went out for lunch in some hotel.

The manager told them that he will make arrangements for bringing food from the hotel and that they may not to go in the hot sun. When the food was brought, Sindhu took up serving the food to Umesh and for herself. In the evening they finished the work early and went back to leave their work dress and the laptop and put on casuals and went out to the mall and a film was just ready.

Umesh bought the tickets and they both went and sat inside the theatre. The hands of Umesh and Sindhu were together in the hand rest and after sometime he took her hand in his hand and her soft palms thrilled him. Umesh was a bachelor and it is not that he gets the company of beautiful girls often. Now Sindhu is sitting near him was thrilling for him.

He has never had a female colleague to accompany him for audit. Her soft hand in his hand gave him many dreams, for her too. This is how they both will hold hands in a wedding ceremoney. He could not watch the film or concentrate on the story. It is the same case for Sindhu, she too never felt the hands of a boy. Umesh felt a ring in her finger.

He asked her who put this ring in your hand. She said it is her mother who gave her finger to wear. Umesh said, I thought it is your engagement ring. She said, she is not engaged with anybody and both laughed. He took her hand above his and was just running his other hand over hers.

He felt her fingers, None of them did watch the movie although it was a new movie with their favourite actors. The movie was over and they both came out and while going to the eatery, he asked her how was the movie, whether you liked it. She just bowed down her head and laughed, because he also knew that she did not watch. She asked him, how was it.

He also laughed and said who watched I was busy with your hand and fingers. After taking food they returned to their hotel and went up to their room. They as usual changed into their sleeping clothes and then lied in the bed. Umesh told her that from next day they may have to visit the clients of the bank. With her nighty tucked between her knees she lied near him looking at him.

He took his left hand and was running his hand over it enjoying its softness. He put out the light and asked her to come closer and hug him. First she hesitated, but later she came close to him, their bodies touched each other and he kissed her cheeks and she was over whelmed.

She told him as an introduction that if we intend to get married all intimate acts we will do after that, if he does not want to marry her, she said firmly she is not for any sexual advances. Umesh said, Sindhu, I like and love you very much, if I marry I will marry only you and nobody else. In that case we will inform our parents and ask them to go ahead, said Sindhu.

Next week they had a formal betrothal ceremony. Many relatives and friends took part and Sindhu and Umesh exchanged rings and their marriage date was also fixed. The went back to their audit job and their continued to stay in double room but the stay was more enjoyable. Umesh undressed Sindhu and saw her naked body. He was taken aback by her beauty.

Her magnificent body structure was amazing. He never thought that he was lying withthis girl all along in the same bed. Though he wanted to make further progress, Sindhu was shy and was very inactive. He pressed her naked body against his and saw her boobs gets flattened against his hairy chest. They lived like married couple.

He wanted to fuck her but she said why not wait for our first night, when in decorated bed we will have our first sex. He aggreed and contained himself. After their audit assignments were over their marrage took place in a grand scale and many friends and relatives participated.

Sindhu in her wedding dress looked like an angel and was envied by all. After marriage they lived happily and completed all her exams and came out successfully as chartered accountants.

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Rahul Fucking Valli After Watching Porn Video

I am Rahul a journalist working with one of the leading newspapers, my wife Sheba was a teacher working in a local school. I was staying in a lodge and after marriage we took a house in a housing colony and started to live. I go the office in the office vehicle and after finishing a specific project I come home, prepare a report and send it to the office through email.

Or take a print and send it to the editor for publication. My wife used to be friendly with neighbouring ladies and some times some students used to come to her for consultation. Valli who was studying for +1 used to come to meet my wife to accompany her to the market etc.

My married life with Sheba was happily progressing and we both were in our early twenties and wanted some more years to lapse before we start produce children. With available resources we enjoyed our life. One day Sheba went to school and I had no particular task to be undertaken and hence I thought I will just lazy around my house, with my laptop watching porn.

It was a pleasant day and I finished my lunch and wanted to have a nap. I went out, looked around and after making sure that there is nobody around, I just closed the door and came and lied in my bedroom watched some movie and then switched over to porn. I kept my earphones so that the sound may not be heard outside.

Some of the foreign porn videos are done with so much of professionalism that they select only very beautiful porn stars with excellant body parts.I selected one such video and started watching. One you hear the sound you get involved with the video that you forget the outside world.

I did not hear our front door being opened and Valli came in and since there was no sound she came deeper in and saw me in the bedroom, lying in the bed with the laptop on my chest watching porn. She stood behind me and saw what was being played in the computer and she was shocked.

She was only 18 and was friendly with my wife she would have come to get some doubts clarified from my wife. Hearing some sound I tuened my head back and found her and shocked and closed my computer and got up asked her what is the matter, Valli, why did you come.

Feeling gulty at being caught, Valli said No, uncle I came just a moment ago and thought I will meet Sheba aunty and ask some doubts. Why you did not go to office to day uncle, I read your yesterday's story it was very nice, uncle, please open the laptop and the movie you were watching, I just got a glance please uncle, please play it.

She sat in my bed expecting that I would play again. I had pushed the laptop down to cover my erect cock. Valli, though 18 showed a well grown feature with fully grown virgin boobs, thick thighs and today she had worn a midy with a t shirt. Her female odor was catching my nostrils. No, No, Valli why did you not go to school and why are you at home at this hour.

She said my parents have gone to office, I too went to school and there was some student agitation and hence the school was closed. I was alone at home, I thought I will study and took the books, then this doubt arose which I thought I will get clarified from aunty. Please uncle, when will aunty come. I said she will come at 5 pm.

She said my parents also will come around that time, please uncle we have plenty of time to watch the movie, please open the laptop. I told her that it is a movie not for children to watch, it is an adult movie. I am not a child, I am an adult, Please uncle.

You should not tell anybody that you watched such kind of movies in my laptop, your parents will get angry with me and my wife with get wild with me. God promise, I will not tell anybody, please under open the laptop. In the lying position I put on the laptop and the video started to play.

The girl came closer to me and she lied near me to get a better and closer view and her left boob was pressed against the risght side of my chest. I started the video from the beginning. The girl kneeling on the floor was taking the 7" cock of the boy and kissed the tip, licked and then opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth.

The boy was pushing his cock into her mouth and at each push it went an inch inside and finally it reached her throat. I could feel Valli taking deep breath and her left hand was folded andkept under head and her right hand free was kept on my chest. This is the first time she ever touches my body.

Next scene was that the boy made the girl to lie down in the bed and open her legs and he buried his face into her crotch. I sensed a deep breath intake by Valli she pressed her boob against my chest. Her hand started to roam around and went inside my dhothi and caught my erect cock.

The boy was vigorously sucking the clitoris of the girl, She opened her cunt lips wide to enable him to reach her inner parts easily. The boy was licking her hairless pussy, the red interior and he came back to the clitoris. It was too much for poor Valli to bear. She put her legs across my thighs and took the complete grip of my cock and her hand was moving it up and down on my cock.

The boy rolled his tongue and inserted it into her fuckhole, and the girl was pressing his head down into her pussy. I too was very horny and if my wife were with me I would have been sucking her nipples. I looked at the face of Valli and she asked me what I want.

I showed my eyes to her boobs and she got up removed her t shirt and the bra underneath and thrust her nipple into my mouth. The moment my tongue touched the tip of her nipple, she gave out a sound ssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhsh. Her grip on my cock tightened.

In the meantime the boy got up and inserted his cock into the fuckhole of the girl, the minutest detail was shown. After two strokes, the girl got up and stood in her fours and the boy standing behind gave her shiny buttocks two of three strokes and then inserted his cock between her legs where she took it and placed it in her pussy and he pushed and made it go deep in.

He fucked her very comfortably and tried to catch her boobs which were hanging from her chest. Valli pressed her body further to mine and she removed my dhothi. She changed the nipple and asked me to suck the other one. It was a tiny nipple and each time my tongue touched it she gave out the shshshsh sound.

She pulled her long skirt and made her upper thigh to rub against my thigh. She was wearing a panty and hence I could not see her pussy. Now the boy and the girl changed their position. The boy lied in the bed with his erect cock shining with his juices and the girl with his legs on either side of his lowered her body took grip of his cock and placing it at the entrance of her fuckhole

his cock make a smooth entry into her and she sat comfortably on his hip. Here the Valli girl took my hand and placed it on her panty. I inserted my hand inside and touched her hairy pussy. My fingers located her cunt lips and then her fuck hole and finally her tiny clitoris.

Suddenly my conscience pricked and felt what I am doing is very wrong. she was an innocent girl and by showing her porn videos I am making her a tool to satisfying my sexual urge. Then I thought in consolation, I never called her, she came on her own.

I never invited her to see the video, she saw the video by herself without my knowledge and when I closed the laptop wanted me to show her the rest of the video. What is the wrong I did. I never called her to come and lie near me, she came by herself. She only put her nipple in my mouth. She only took holdof my cock and played with it.

She only put my hand on her pussy and directed my finger to her fuck hole. Let us see. In the meantime the girl sitting on the boy was jumping up and down making Valli to give out all incoherant sounds. She gripped my body tightly and she pushed her pussy against my thighs.

And finally the boy pushed the girl down and she sat on the floor opening her mouth wide and the body mastrubated and thrown the spurts of his juices into her mouth, face, forehead and then the show was over. For Valli it was unexpected. She did not reach anywhere. I closed the laptop and placed it aside and got up.

I saw Valli partially naked, with her juices flowing from her pussy. I made her to lie flat and squeezed her boobs with of my hands and licked around her nipples and sucked them and poor girl reached her climax without my touching her pussy or even fucking her. Valli hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks and said it was a nice movie, it it not uncle.

I told her that is why they said such movies should not be viewed by students, because you will get disturbed and cannot study. No No, uncle you are wrong, it relaxes our mind and gives us good concentration for study. She put on her dress and said "Bye uncle, nice uncle, please show me another tomorrow same time" After planting a kiss on my cheeks she ran away to her home.

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Sai Fucking Tina And Shruti

Hi, this is Sai back again with my sex diary - fucking a pretty college girl. Once again I will introduce myself. I am Sai, age 23 years fair with a 6 inches dick. Let me come to the story. Tina called me at 6 pm.I told her that I will be there before 7.30 pm. At 7.30pm, I reached to her apartment and rang the bell.

She opened the door with a gorgeous smile (oh my gosh!). She is wearing a transparent saree with a sleeveless blouse.Her curves were clearly visible through the saree.She was looking like a sexy bitch. I entered the home and kissed on her pink lips and hugged her. Tina: wait. First, you go and freshen up. I planned a suspense.

Me: suspense! Really what is that? Tina: first go and bath. She handed me a banyan and panche (generally we wore them on the first night). I got a little idea about her suspense. I got freshened up and sat on the sofa with panche and called her. She came with a black cloth and closed my eyes with that. I asked her, “What is going on?”

She said, “Ushh ushh, I told you it is a suspense.” She grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom.When I entered the room, I felt the nice smell of jasmine. She said, “It is our first night setup with a blindfold. Sit here and I will come with a milk glass”. I sat there. After 2 mins, she came with a glass(I understood by her foot sound).She handed me the glass and sat beside me.

I had one sip and understood that it was not milk.It was vodka. I finished the glass.Then I started kissing her lips and crushing her. She was painfully moaning, “Ahaa hmmm”. I placed my hands on her big boobs and was pressing them very hard.She was moaning heavily, “Hmmm haaa ahhhh”.

After 20 mins of kissing and pressing, I removed her saree, blouse, and her langa.I was kissing her from the top to the bottom. I removed her bra and bit on her boobs. She was moaning vigorously, “Ahhhh hmmm” Her panty was already wet. I removed her panty with my mouth. Her liquid aroma was excellent.

Then I started licking her pussy. I put my tongue inside her pussy and started tongue fucking her. “Shhh mmm ahhh haaa”, she was moaning like hell.Her pussy’s taste had completely changed. I put my hand on one of her boobs and mouth on her other boob and was finger fucking her pussy. She was moaning heavily.

So, I put her panty in her mouth to silence her. “Mmmm mmmm hhmmmm mmmmm” I fucked her with 1 finger first, then 2 and then 3 fingers. She was, “Hmm mmm ahhhhhh”. After 30 minutes or so, she was releasing her heavy pussy juice. She came a lot and I licked every drop of it without wasting. I removed her panty and put my full-length rod in her mouth.

She was struggling to breathe. I fucked her mouth for some time and released all my sperm in her throat. Then I relaxed for some time and asked her to give me a bj.She had done very good.Within no time, my dick became very hard. I put my dick at her entrance of her pussy and pushed. But her pussy was so tight (I was thinking something was wrong.

She was not virgin but now her pussy was tight). Again one hard push 3/4th of my dick went inside and she was moaning, “Noooo nooooo”. Again I pushed hard and then my dick went fully inside her. She was struggling with pain. “Ohhh maaaasa mmmm mmm”. Then I fucked her nearly for 20 minutes and showed heaven to her.

When I was fucking, she was moaning, “Mmmm mmmm ahhhhh fuck me. Mmm.. Fuck me bastard. Fuck me like a bitch. I was your bitch. Fuck.. Fuck.. Mmmm mmmm mmmm haaa.” She released her liquid 3 or 4 times.After a long fuck, I released my seeds deep into her womb. I relaxed a bit and asked her, “Can I remove the blindfold as I want to take a pass?”

Then she told, “No no not now, go like this”. So I got up and went like that and came back. When I came back, she again gave me a nice blowjob and woke up my dick. Then she told, “Come to the bed when I say”. After some time she called me, I went to her. She was ready for doggy fuck. I directly entered her pussy and started fucking her.

She was moaning, “Bastard is again ready for fuck… Fuck me. Show me what you got mmmm mmmm ahhhhaaa.. Aaaa mmmmm aaaaa fuck me hard…Hard.” After 10 mins of hard fucking, she asked me to remove the blindfold.

There Nicky was nude and pressing her boobs and her friend (Shruti) was licking her pussy and I was fucking Shruti’s pussy in doggy style! I came to my senses and shouted, “What the hell was happening here?!” Tina: this was your surprise and I arranged this for you.Do you like it? Me: yeah! I like it. But tell me what was happening here.

Tina: she is my friend Shruti. She was having full sexual desires.But didn’t dare to do sex. We are very good friends. So, I promised her that her seal would be opened by a good guy.The way you fucked me last night, I decided to submit her virginity to you.That’s why you are blindfolded.

From the beginning, you were licking and fucking her (forgot to tell you that both these girls had the same structure 35-24-36 and also were sexy bitches). Then I got turned on and fucked Shruti’s pussy half hour more and then wanted to fuck her ass. But Priya asked for a break. I was fully satisfied and got tired.

Then I removed my dick from Shruti’s pussy and put in Tina’s ass and fucked her ass for 30 minutes and released my cum. I relaxed a bit and we 3 had dinner. Then I told Shruti to get ready and I will tear her ass. Shruti gave me a blowjob and Tina was busy with Shruti’s ass. I poured oil in her ass and finger fucked her. Then Tina gave a nice oil massage to my dick.

Then I entered my dick in Shruti’s ass and fucked her. Meanwhile, Tina came with a strap on and put it in Shruti’s pussy.I was fucking Shruti’s ass and she was fucking Shruti’s pussy. After some time, Shruti collapsed and said, “I can’t take it anymore”.

We removed it from her. I removed the strap on from Tina and told her to get ready for the missionary position.She slept on the bed and I inserted strapon in her ass and was fucking her pussy with my dick. Shruti was watching us with a tired sleepy face.I fucked her for a long time.

The whole night, I fucked Shruti and Tina randomly and then we slept. In the morning, we greeted each other and had 1 more fucking session with Shruti in the bath tub and fucking Tina on the toilet seat.

Ok, guys. Hope you enjoyed my story.I will tell you my another experience in the next part. Please give me your feedback in the comments section below. Thanks.

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Sharan Enjoying Sex With Prostitute At GB Road

Hey Guys, This is my First Erotica. I’m Sharan 25 Years of Age 5’11” Tall & from New Delhi City ;) I always fantasized about the night life of GB Road since school. You know how guys share their experiences. The Number “69” and “64” brings the same dirty smile on our face.

My best friend “Chucha” :P lives in Chandigarh and whenever he comes to Delhi, we would take a tour of the city’s famous restaurants. This incident happened last year. We were enjoying the vodka shots and beer while recalling all the funny incidents of the past at our favorite restaurant in Paharganj.

The alcohol effect was at its peak and we chose to drive around the city at the slowest speed possible. While driving, I took a turn towards the famous GB Road to show Chucha how GB road looked in real. I parked the car just opposite to the 64 No Kotha. We were excited as well scared about things gonna happen next.

We crossed the road and were surprised to see policemen sitting on a chair at the entrance of the 64-No Kotha. I asked him that we wanted to go inside, and he said “It was closed”. Disappointed to hear that we asked him if there was any other brothel as safe as 64? And said “dalla samajh rkha hai saalo” :D :P. We laughed and moved to the nearby Pan-Wala.

He said we should go to 58 and it’s just like 64. No Pickpockets, No Robbing & Same Price. Following the advice of our new-friend-for-life, we went to the 58 Kotha. It was a multistory building and the narrow stairs led us to the multiple rooms where the real business was going. With a lusty smile, we entered and looked around to see how things were going.

There were around 20 girls in a room of about 24 to 35 years of age and most of them were north eastern. We saw that we have to select a girl, pay the upfront of Rs. 230 /- ( which includes condom ) to get a token which would be given to the girl we have chosen. Chucha was hesitating so I decided to help him.

I shortlisted a 5’4” Fair Slim North Eastern Girl who was wearing shorts and tees. I went near to her and said that my friend was new and would love to lose his virginity with you. I added that he would pay you more if you serve him well. She winked and brought the condoms out of her cupboard and took Chucha to the nearby tiny room for fun.

Meanwhile, I bought a token for self & started looking for a girl for the sex-starved-guy inside me ;). I saw a 5’9” slim girl wearing black saree sitting at the corner. I went to her, and asked gently whether she would like to go with me? She asked whether I had any drinks, and I couldn’t say NO. She declined: P.

I couldn’t find any other girl that seemed interesting so I sat around at a corner while Chucha was enjoying. Chucha came after 20 minutes with a dirty smile on his face and asked whether I had selected anyone. Told him about my chutiya-kismat and suggested we should leave. He insisted to stay for a while and sat along with me.

After about 5 minutes, an average looking girl of mid-20s came in front of us and complimented my hairstyle. She sat along with me and talked about the hair products I was using. Initially, I avoided her and kept on giving sarcastic answers but then I realized that she was attracted to me. She was 5’6” tall with the figure of 36-32-36 wearing Black Tee and Blue Jeans.

We made a few jokes which led to the dirty midnight conversation and that made me place my hand on her shoulders, which I took inside of her tees and touched her back seductively. She got closed and said “Itna pyaar mat kar… rha ni jayega mjhse” to which I replied “Kaun rauk rha hai.. chaley andar ;) “ and she smiled.

I gave her the token and she took me upstairs to the more private and broader room. We closed the door and she started taking off her pants which I stopped. Said “Itni Jaldi Nahi..wait…I will take them off ;)“ and pushed her on the bed and spread her legs and made them in the V Shape to touch my erected dick in the middle while I pushed my hands inside her top to hold her boobs

and started smooching her. I also gave her a lip bite and moved my lips around her neck.. and shoulders. She started moaning “umm.. uahhhhh… aise pyaar krta hai tu…uammmm”. I winked at her and said “Abhi to shuruvaat hai ;)“. I pulled her top up along with the bra and squeezed her boobs and sucked the nipples while she moved her hands down and unbuttoned my jeans.

I continued to kiss down over the naval and moved to the waist line. I unbuttoned her jeans and took it off. I stretched her legs and started kissing around her thighs. I moved up towards the center and every kiss was making her uncontrollable. She closed her eyes and started biting her own lips. She put her hands over my head and pushed me inside.

I resisted and put my finger inside from the side of her panty. It was all wet inside. I stretched her panty aside and fingered her wet pussy. She held my arms and pushed me aside to come over. Said “Ab meri baari…. ;)” and she started kissing my neck and kept on kissing my shoulders and chest while she unbuttoned my shirt. I was feeling relaxed and enjoying her company.

She opened my jeans quickly and moved inside to get a hold of my 6” hard dick. She started playing with it and then made it wear a condom. Said “Tere liye bdiya vaala condom laayi hoon raja” with a naughty smile on her face. She then came over and held my dick and placed it on her vagina and started riding me in the cowboy position.

She was doing it so fast that I was in extreme pleasure. I was laughing and enjoying the entire session and asked her to slow down the speed a little. She was lost in her own world. I told her that I always wanted to have sex in doggy style and she obliged. She took her position and got down to hold my dick and pushed it into her deep pussy.

I held her by the waist and started stroking her slowly. I was biting my lips in pleasure and pushed my dick completely inside of her while she moaned loud with every stroke. I gradually increased the speed and spanked her ass a few times in the middle. We then changed our position to the missionary where I held her legs in the air and fucked her like a whore.

She was getting uncontrollable so I pushed my weight over her and kept on fucking her pussy. I heard the squirting sound of the juice coming out of her vagina. She was moaning in pleasure which made me more excited. I changed the position back to the doggy style and kept on fucking her for another 5 minutes. She loved every stroke and had another orgasm with me.

I collapsed on her and laid on her back for the next 2 minutes. She had the best multiple orgasms of her entire life. And I got the best partner in crime. I then hooked up her bra and kissed her on forehead. We came downstairs to hear frustrated Chucha “1 Ghanta Ho gya bhosdike.. gaand marli kya”.

P.S : I’ve respect for every girl. Prostitutes are no different. I ensured that the girl I was going to have sex with was not made to. She told me that they were allowed to take off whenever they want and they usually spend a few months in their hometown. She even asked me to join her in her next holidays.

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