Ruthvik Riding With An Aunty In Hyderabad

Hi guys….Hope you are looking this kind of stories. Let me introduce me…I am Ruthvik from vijayawada lives in hyderabad. This is my first story in this website. I have been a regular reader of this HumanDigest.

Lets get into the story….I had a great time with one unknown aunty. Her name was sanju age of 30 ….With 36-32-34…Such a stunning beauty she was. This happened two months back when I traveling to vijayawada in the scania bus.

One fine Friday after office…I was traveling to vijayawada in which I have already reserved a ticket and the bus started at 12:30am. The bus was almost filled and there only one vacant seat next to me and there come the sanju aunty all of a sudden she have to go to vijayawada. For their property issues she has to be there as her husband is not having the leaves in the office.

So the bus driver told that there was only one seat next to a male. Even though she agreed to that and she sat beside me. After 15-20 minutes she sat silently and later she started sleeping. I was not able to sleep as such beautiful aunty was seating next to me. After some time she has covered herself with the blanket and slowly she started to lean on me without her knowledge.

But I didn’t take a chance to touch her. Because I had a fear of what happens of she woke up. Even I had a fear I have just tried to wake her and she immediately woke up and asked what I said that she is leaning on me. So she just let a smile and said sorry and again went back to sleep.

I don’t know when I have slept…When I came into sense the time was 2:30 am and we two were in one blanket. I was shocked and I have woke up and I came to know that my dick was out my night track. And her hand was on my dick. And I turned towards her and she has closed her eyes and letting hot breath.

There come the movie starts. Then I slowly stared to search for her boobs and again I was shocked she has already removed her blouse hooks and she was not wearing any bra. I have started playing with her boobs and started to suck boobs and tried to get milk but it didn’t then she took her boob and pressed and the milk started to flow that was an awesome moment that I never expected.

I have teased her a lot biting her boobs circilings her boobs…Her boobs were just like the big mango and that doesnt fit into my hands and evening bit the nipples and kissed the boobs like a baby….And kissings her face….Kissing ears neck in the blanket and even had a finger fucking session in the bus…

She was not able to stop and asked me insert my dick into her cunt. While doing so I kept on doing the work with hand at cunt and my mouth works at her stiff boobs… Please do it pls…..As it was bus if some one might see it will be problem for both of us. We both have exchanged the contact numbers and address of her vijayawada home. And until the Vijayawada bust and we had a good fun.

After my work in vijayawada I have made a call to her and asked if she is free with the work or not. She immediately asked to come to her place and I went there and have found her in a big house. She with a beautiful smile she invited me into her house and gave me some orange juice and we both had lunch and then started watching movie.

Then I have asked what made you to do that in the bus. She felt shy and told when I saw you I don’t know from where I have got the feelings towards you. But made my mind to sleep. And leaned on you. But you did not take a chance.

So when you started sleeping like dead then I started to satisfy my self while playing with your dick. Then you asked aunty do like my dick. She immediately came on knees and started pressing my dick over the jeans. And unbutton the pant and started licking the dick…

With in not much time I have burst out my seen into her mouth but she spit out and washed her mouth and again she did the same and in the mean time I undressed her and started pressing her boobs and sucking her milk and played with her boobs like a small child and she too enjoyed the act and very even I caress her boobs cunt butts buts and she enjoyed like anything.

She bit my lips suck my lips and asked me to do the same. And I then there I self in the sofa we started lip locking and then came to her cunt and lucked it for some time…All these time she was shouting like ahhhh uhhhh abbaaa reyy plsss please don’t leaveee meee ….. Fuckkkk meee like a whore.

The I have slowly tempting her with rubbing my dick in her cunt. She begging me to insert into hers. After some time I slowly inserted and moving to and fro in slow and then increased speed she was shouting like hell. …Fuck me hard baaga dengu ra baaga dengu ne pella avattho kani baga sukha padiddi. Like who ever you wife she will enjoy a lot she was shouting.

I end up on cumming in her cunt and laid on her for some time.And also I did the boob fuck and had three more sessions till the night in different angles missionary, doggy, 69 and then in the evening I have came back to hyd and if get any chance when sanju aunty was alone in her home in hyderabad I go there and will have some fun with her. Hope your dicks are standing and your cunts are wet.

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Sexy Weekend Fun With Ev - I

Ev had to move to Mumbai from Delhi because she knew Mumbai is where her heart is. She was always one person I loved talking to about my bests and worse. Finally one day we met. But it was not the last one.

Ev and I had only been together for a few weeks, just long enough for us to be confident in our feelings for one another. Even in public, I could barely keep my hands off her, and Ev delighted in teasing me when I was least able to take advantage of her skin. This became a game between us, and she took every opportunity to drive me crazy with her not so naive touches.

It was a Saturday night and we were enjoying a nice dinner at one of those Socials that offered good food, drinks and music. While we sat and enjoyed each other’s company and the music, Ev slipped her hand under the table and began squeezing my meat through my pants. That playful smile while enjoying my rising but frustrated hardon.

She was driving me crazy with desire and I throbbed under her touch. I was going crazy with lust and all I could think about was getting her home and giving her what she clearly wanted...the hard fuck. It was then, Ev pushed me too far. “Did you see the way the waitress was smiling at us?” she whispered into my ear.

“She knows I’m playing with you and making you frustrated. I bet it made her as wet as I am.” Then she giggled and squeezed me hard. “I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” My heart pounded and my self-control just vanished. I kissed her hard and then almost pulled her out of the table we sat. I fixed my eyes on her.

“You aren’t going to have to wait,” I said as I quickly led her outside (of course I left a good tip for the waitress ;) ) Ev giggled with surprise as I pushed her into the back seat of my car in the parking lot. “What are you doing! Oh, my god, S. There are people around! We can’t do it here!” “Sure we can. It’s dark and nobody's gonna care anyway.

Besides, you’ve been making me crazy all night and I’m not waiting until we get home!” “Oh god, I can’t believe you’re doing this!” She was saying no most of the time… I guess.. but as I closed the door, she accepted my kiss without complaint. Within minutes my pants were at my knees and her skirt was up at her waist.

When I brought my hard erection up to her soaking pussy, Ev’s eyes grew wide and her breathing uneven. She took my dick and guided it into her. Feeling her wetness, I thrust hard, sinking deep into her. Ev eyes were shut and moan in surrender as I began doing her on the back seat.

Her hands gripped my shoulders tightly as we found our rhythm and soon we were kissing deeply as we fucked. I could see her erect nipples from her top, trying to break free for my attention. I bit them from her top. She screamed in pain and smiled with pleasure. I realised her scream can put us in trouble, how much I wanted her to moan loud I had to zip her lips.

I kept my fingers on her soft hungry lips, she started sucking my thumb. Ah! I can't wait to make her suck my dick. And then return the favour and taste her flavour. I was getting hornier with her sucking. I wanted to rip her from her clothes and fuck her till morning. We kissed more and I digged her more.

I was on the edge and few more seconds before I will cum...Ev held me close and wrapped her legs behind mine as I was pounding hard into her. “U feel amazing inside me baby. Go harder… deeper. I want to feel you cum inside me” Moments later, I exploded into her. It was an incredible moment and I can't wait to get her home.

That goes in part II.

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18-Year-Old Virgin Shree Losing Cherry

Hi, Readers this is mugunt (Name changed) from Chennai and this story happen two year back I’m a regular reader of human digest for past 5 years.myself good shape with normal fair 5.7 with good looking…

This where the fucking story begin I used to go Regularly YMCA Chennai., friend of mine introduced her to me….she used play with me in shuttle court after one fine day I texted her in fb chat for fun making her.number exchanged we used to chat normally.

One fine day I got a text from her saying “give me kiss” …I was like shocked and replied “what” …Same text I got it back as a boy why should I afraid to give kiss while girl is asking voluntarily. After two days she texting me usually and asked me to take her out somewhere, I said don’t crack a joke time 7 pm how come you come out on this time…

she said do you have bike let me know I will come out with in ten minutes I was like okay come out let me see how come you come out on this time. After ten min she reached the place picked her we went to the place which is nobody will be there on the road always private area road after 15 min riding on the road... She said’,

your waste your just talking only no guts you have ….after hearing this words from her …. Just turned my bike into small street nobody there on that time as it is already 7.30pm. Without the word Started kissing her wildly she doesn’t say single word for what I’m doing she completely aroused enjoy it pulled out the her big boobs into my hand and sucked it 30 min in that small street itself.

My mind voice is also checking whether anybody coming... she is moaning like hell and the best think is nobody will found us is same time raining like hell ….we doesn’t care about rain we kissed and I sucked her big boobs for 30 min we got full wet in rain and its time up..She needs to reach home at 9pm… dropped her in home left to my home...

After oral sex she wants to have more fun with me day’s gone, weekend she called me same as “take me some where I want be alone with you”...But time has not come for us …we just went to beach and she kissed me on chick said I love you…

One fine day her mom and dad went for out of station for two days…this is celebration day for us…she called me on the evening told me stay with me for two days I said to my parents that I’m going tour with my friends left and reached her home with all safely.

once entered her home she is just wearing panty and t shirt without bra …….her boobs are so big then normal may be 38 I guess,….boobs are like delight full mango I can’t able to wait for my time she is perfect shaped body and dark skin perfect shaped ass after entering bedroom jumped into her as she lying on the bed kissing her wildly and removed her t -shirt oh god!!!!

What a boobs she have!!!! Just sucked nipple with my tongue she went mad whiles holding her boobs in my hand an sucking her nipples simultaneously she was shouting like hell with that sound anybody hear it on ….I was like pls don’t shout” she said’ this is my fucking house and your fucking me nobody cares pls don’t stop whatever you doing keep doing my sexy boy

“after nipples I started to suck her boobs as much I can swallow on mouth she is enjoying like hell …suddenly she stopped me and pulled be back and pulled down my pant kneel down and watching my dick like baby watching ice cream first time..she said you got big cock she suddenly sucked by dick like ice cream with her tongue for moment min later she swollen my

whole 9.5 inch cock into her mouth ……I’m flying into heaven while she giving me blow job ate just like ice cream and sucked by balls its really heaven to me and I told her I’m about to cum she stopped and got tissue paper and started giving blowjob for again and sucked my balls while sucking I can’t control myself cummed on her face and boobs and neck she gave smile at

me said k d after cum she swallow my dick for min I was about out of the world and then she clean my dick with tissue and herself. And I washed my penis she went kitchen and bring vodka we had it some rounds and the fucking session started…

I don’t know she is a virgin??? Turned off lights its dark we both full nude in the bed I started kiss her whole body started from neck to down boobs and hip while my kiss reach on pussy she is shivering like hell..Kissed whole body is shivering on my kiss...for a while I kissed gently from bottom to bottom and suck her boobs again both got drunk like hell.

After she started to kissed my body and sucked my cock like supper bitch with only with her tongue and swallow my whole cock and keep it on her mouth for 30 seconds I cummed in tissue paper again after 2 min she again blow me for make my penis big after I try to insert my cock into her pussy she was in the pain shouting like ‘pls don’t I don’t want to have sex pls don’t it hurts”

…but after while my whole cock into her virgin island traveling smooth tour in her pussy after the two mins she was like don’t do it slowly fuck me harder fuck me whole night I don’t wanna sleep fuck me harder deep into my pussy…she has blood flow on first session.

As we both drunken I fucked like animal she loved it and she is keep on shouting fuck me harder don’t stop.. I fucked her like hell for 45 mins after we washed our self slept for 30 min…my hand is searching again for her pussy in dark I rubbed and sucked her boobs for while in dark and chill climate…

she is moaning I inserted my cock again started to fuck her gently she loving the way my whole cock going inside and outside she said to me fuck slowly and after 10 min it goes wild fuck while fucking I used to suck her boobs play with tongue with nipples and kiss her in lips and boobs nipple tongue twist makes her goes wild and shout like hell second round goes nearly one and half hour…

AC room temperature 16 but we are like full sweat whole body is sweating I was pumping dick like bore well. I dint stopped fucking her, she doesn’t stopped me fucked like no more tomorrow and we slept and started fucking in the early morning wake up sex had breakfast and fucked again and lunch and fucked again and slept evening saw a movie and night wild fuck again with drinks.

We never miss a chance … fucked like never before …..And she fell in love with me we fucked every single week for two year she always goes wild giving me blow job I always goes wild while sucking her boobs while fucking and sucking. Sadly last six month back we got break up!!!!!

And it’s not cook up story it’s my real time experience …… I know most of the comments say cook up story as I’m also the reader of human digest for past 5 years…

Comments are welcomes ……hope you guys enjoyed my real experience…

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Mallu Lady Saji Enjoying Hot Sex With Ahmed

Staying and studying in the hostel for the final degree exam was very strenuous. Waking up during odd hours and reading and reading and revising whatever you have read; at home mother would have left a flask of hot coffee to ward off sleep. Somehow we were pushing days so that the tension filled days of exam finally arrived.

Girl students who we flirted with and who came with us for outing and made lot of fun all stood like statues, busy with their books. Some of them beshevelled, not changed, food was not tasty and hence looking for somebody to take them to the restaurant for a sumptuous and tasty food. But all were busy and tense.

Somehow the exams one by one were over and finally it was all over. Someone arraged a send off to the seniors bythe juniors. Girls were less rigid and came willingly to ride in the pillion and did not mind an occasional touch by the boys of their boobs or crotch. Memorablias were exchanged. We left one by one by bus, or train and some lucky ones byplane.

I am Ahmed, coming out of the engg college after BTech exam. Going home was thrilling for every one and for me too, but the prospect of going to an empty house bored me. My prents were working and hence I may have spend my days alone in the house, watching TV or browsing computer.

Of course there were some of my class mates staying in the nearby places, couple of girls and about four boys. They all were selected in the campus interview, many have gone and I too got selected by I have to wait for my call.

Anyhow I will take complete rest for two days, just eat and drink and sleep and on third day my Dad had promised to buy me a bike, I am thrilled at the mere thought of riding the bike. Third day my dad asked me to accompanying his to select a bike.

We went around several show rooms and finally one I found suitable to my fancy and dad also liked it and we both rode it and brought home. Paperwork for the licence, registration, insurance etc took two days and I alone ran around and I had no time to look around and see whether anybody is their sharing my anxiety.

On the last day my friendly neighbourly lady called me, Abmed baiya is it all over, did you get the bike for yourselves. You should give me a riide to make me feel a new bike. I looked at her face, she was Saji, my next door neighbour, good friend of my mother, she is fair and well built, looking after her two small children and her husband in Dubai.

She is a freely mixing type, very frank. She tells mummy of her daily problems and wants me to help her, but I preferred to keep myself away and ask a known electrician to do her work. Her laptop was not working and she was after me for quite some time. I finally went to her house and looked at the laptop.

It was a virus problem when it was scanned with an anti virus software,it was ok. Many a times she used to sit with me almost touching me. When I was going through her favourtie websites I found many erotic and sexy websites. I just closed the laptop and told her that itis ok for the present and if any problem arises in future to inform me.

She knew I was alone at home and she once called me to come to help her to rearrange her bed room. I said why dont call a manual labourer to do such work. She said it is almost over and that the bed requires two people to lift and she asked me to come and help her. I had then finished my bath and was in a lungi, combing my hair.

I thought I will go change the position of the bed and come back and get dressed and go out. She was in a nightie and welcomed me and called me to go over to her bedroom. Holding two ends of the beds, I had to lift it and turn it. when she alwo held two corners of the bed and helped me to turn.

She was leaning forward and her top of the nightie was almost open and her boobs were clearly visible. That view disturbed my concentration, when I placed my legs apart, the grip of my lungie around my waist gave away and my lungie was falling down and I could not prevent it as my both hands were lifting the bed.

The lungi revealed my 7" cock in semi erect condition dangling between my legs and Saji was staring at it in great amazement. She dropped her ends of the bed, clapped her hands and was laughing loudly at the revelation of my nudity. I had no alternative, but to place my side of the bed on the cot, lifted my lungi from the floor and tried to wrap it around my waist.

But Saji, like a mischivious child came running to me and pulled my lungi apart and leaned forward and took my cock in her hands, in the meantime it got into its rigid monstrous condition and pulsating violently. Saji, aye, man, why this sudden show of your treasure.

She pushed me into the bed and I was lying there helpless with no cloth over me and my cock fully erect and moving like a flag mast. Saji was leaning over me taking a closer look at my cock and ball pouches, Suddenly she planted a kiss on the tip of my cock. Then slowly she opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth making her tongue circle around it.

Having come upto this, I made her to remove her nightie over her head and lo, she was also wore nothing underneath. Her boobs large and erect with erect nipples were my first target. I pulled her up and took her nipples in my mouth and sucked them lustily.

Between me and Saji she may be elder to me by two or three years, but was used less sexually since her husband was away in the gulf. All her unsaitisfied sexual fury was revealed and she growling like a tigress, put her let across me and was trying to get over me adn took my cock in her hand and insert in her cunt.

I too was equally aroused and needed no invitation to enjoy the girl sitting over me. My cock was slightly bigger than she expected and she was struggling to make a deep insertion. I too helped her and finally it entered deep into her and it was my first experience.

Saji leaned over and kissed me and started to move her hip so that my standing cock will touch all nooks and corners in her fuckhole. She was contantly moaning enjoying every moment and movement. Then she asked me to fuck her up and squeeze her boobs. I did as asked and she was reaching a massive orgasm.

My orgasm was gathering in my groins and I shot my fluids into her and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the thrill immensely. Though we both had orgasm simultaneously, my erection was not abated and Saji was also in full steam. She asked me to roll over and comeon top.

We rolled over and I was on the top wth my cock deeply inside her. My second fuck took too much time. But Saji was enjoing every moment of it. And finally we hugged tightly and had our discharges fully.

While coming out of the bathroom after cleaning ourselves, Saji said, she had planned for this encounter for the past two month but only now it could take place. There after we fucked almost every day, with some porno site displaying in the laptop. Saji was a hot girl and is difficult to satisfy her fully.

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Smita Bhabhi Enjoying Sex With Young Tenant Deepu - II

Previously: Smita Bhabhi Enjoying Sex With Young Tenant Deepu - I

Door bell rang, Deepu opened the metal door of the terrace, I offered him bowl while moving forward and told him not to feel embarrassed as all singles do this, “tu embarrass mat ho….ye kaam to sab kunware karte hain” and while accepting the bowl he blushed with a smile.

I moved further in but stood in the open area and he instantly started having ice cream, now for me it was time to get shameless, my pussy was flowing heavily since dinner was started but once again I was feeling choked over my voice. Finally somehow I managed to utter, I wanted to say something else but I came up giving him suggestion of getting married “tu shaadi kar le”

and once again Deepu blushed and moved his head in no and said he wants to earn bit more salary before that, “salary thodi aur achhi ho jaaye uske baad…” and finally I shamelessly came up asking him if till then he will just masturbate “tab tak kya masturbate hi karta rahega?”

and my words once again took his senses, he looked up into my eyes with a surprise in his eyes and my tiny smile almost cleared my intensions to him. Next my sight flew to his crotch and I saw prominent uneasy there, I looked up and once again smiled while looking into his eyes and this time with a blush he replied back with a smile.

I believe by now he could what I am seeking from him and I came up asking him whom does he fantasize while masturbating “tu kis ko soch ke masturbate karta hai?” not like before but he was once again surprised but he too overcame his uneasiness and like I knew came up saying that since he has met me he always think about me while masturbating

“Bhabhi jab se aapko mila hun main to hamesha aapke hi bare mein soch kar masturbate karta hun” and I revealed distrust over his words “jhoot…I am sure teri koi girl friend hai” and he came up pledging to convince me “nahi hai sachi…I swear” “kabhi sex kiya hai?”

I asked him next and I was expecting he will instantly say no but he fumbled before denying and I insisted him to speak the truth and he admitted couple of times he has fucked prostitutes. Next reflecting concern and elderliness I asked him if he used condom while fucking them and he said yes to it.

By now I was almost done with what I was supposed to do and now it was matter of few seconds and I dramatically warned him not go to prostitutes again and with a smile he said ok to it. “tere Bhaiya mere saath kuch nahi karte…” I continued breaking bars and getting close to the point and finally after a pause came up saying my lustful desire “I want to have sex with you”

I was looking into his eyes shamelessly and Deepu was looking at me with mixed expressions of happiness and disquiet. “karna hai mere saath sex?” I asked him with a naughty smile and he moved his head in yes. His Ice-cream was over and I asked him for the bowl while saying that I will call him after my son will fall asleep.

“Yes I did it…” I murmured within myself while suppressing my uneasiness and came down to the house. It was easily an hour; I don’t how Deepu spent that time, at my end things were gone beyond thoughts of ethics and moral, I was lying with my son in his room in the dark and I was so restless and desperate to get going with the fucking that couple of time I scolded my son to get into sleep faster.

Eventually my son went into sleep and locked his room from outside. Before giving Deepu green signal on phone, I changed my attire into just a t-shirt which was ending few inches below my ass mounds: no bra underneath but Panty on the lower half I opened the door for Deepu and his eyes glittered as he saw me.

His eyes got stuck to my fair and fleshy thighs and behaving casual I told him to lock the door from inside and moved into the room. He followed me and eventually action started, we did not spoke anything, he entered in the room and stood silently, I went close to him while smiling and moved my hands over his broad chest to feel the real man after really long.

Next holding his wrist I took him closer to the bed and gently pushed him over his back and climbed over his muscular body. I kissed him deeply while moving my tongue all around in his mouth I released my saliva and sucked his tongue and soon Deepu started responding to my kiss equally well.

I was over him and slowly he wrapped his arms around my back rolled to get on my top. As I said I am short in height and have petite body structure and opposite to me Deepu is a good heighted male of heavy and muscular body with broad shoulders, he took me under and buried me beneath his massive weight.

I really enjoyed getting crushed, my breasts got squeezed under his chest and I felt then getting heavier in excitement. We kissed for really long and while kissing we started taking off each other’s clothes. I lifted his t-shirt to make him bare and he lifted my t-shirt and threw is away,

in proportion of my petite body my breasts are quite big and fleshy and they got exposed to his eyes and Deepu instantly took them in his hands to fondle them. In continuation I pulled the thread of his lower and after taking out his Pajama from his legs he pulled down my panty and took it out from my legs.

I was stark naked in front of him and next I pulled down his jockey and his monster popped out into my vision. Wow: it was thing of real beauty, thick and long, fully erect. I took it in my hand and started jerking and Deepu puffed in pleasure. I caressed his balls while jerking his rod back and forward and he groaned in pleasure bit louder.

Next his hands went to my pussy and he started rubbing my soft opening and I too started moaning in pleasure. “Let’s suck each other” I spoke to him while looking into his eyes shamelessly and he hummed to agree. We lied on the bed to get into 69, he was on his back and me on top and in a moment I took his fully erect monster in my mouth and started sucking.

Deepu grunted loud in pain and pleasure and I took out more saliva to serve him better. Next I drifted myself down to give access of my pussy to his mouth and holding my fleshy ass mounds Deepu started licking my wet opening. I moved further down and told him suck me and he started doing that,

he sucked my opening while trying inserting his tongue into my pussy and I puffed in pleasure repeatedly while sucking his Penis. Eventually we broke the sucking posture after pleasuring each other for few minutes as by now we both were ready for the main course.

Once again he took me under his massive weight while opening my thighs wide apart from his knees and rested his crotch over mine. Ohhh… I puffed in excitement of getting stuffed, I was already wet and dripping and with the touch of his balls over my opening thick stream of sticky juices flowed down to bed from depth of my womb.

My fuckhole started twitching in desire to get filled after ages and my hand went to his monster to guide him. I brought him over my exact opening and next instant Deepu jerked his heavy ass into my womb. Ahhhhh...I cried in pleasure while arching my back; anyhow I cannot forget that moment, the moment his throbbing cock made his way in my starved fuckhole for the first time;

he was so big and thick, and he plunged me such a power that I failed to control my pleasure voice and moaned loud and clear. Burring his monster till its root Deepu grunted in pleasure while clenching his teeth and I too groaned with him. “Fuck me” I uttered while clamping his back in my arms and he started fucking me instantly.

He moved his heavy bottom back and forward with intense power and I went breathless, my God it was so pleasurable; stretching my pussy as wide a possible, he screwed me repeatedly and reached to the depth where I was never touched by Suraj in so many years. I cried and gasped and felt as if I will burst in a moment and just then Deepu’s fucking pace went higher.

Ohhh….. I don’t remember if I was ever fucked with such energy. Rise in fucking pace delayed my climax for some time and enhanced my pleasure beyond my imagination. I must say Deepu was just amazing, holding his nerves he tried fucking me with that pace steadily and I just went on going crazy in ecstasy.

“Yes....Fuck me…Deepu… Fuck me” For a starved female like me it was moment of pure bliss and with a rising excitement my grip over Deepu’s back went tighter, I wrapped my thighs around his pumping ass and nailed his back. I was reaching to my climax and my pleasure moans started turning into helpless cries.

My shattering state energized Deepu further high and he went mad over me, ramming and reaming, distention my elfin fuckhole wide open, his monster started coming out and sliding back in my womb with an amazing pace. "OHHHHHHh Deeeepu….. uhhhhhhh fuck me OHHHh uhhhh *hanh* uhhhhh *hanh* uhhh OHma uhh ahhhhhh uhhhh AHHHHHH!"

I was crying like a bitch in heat and Deepu continued losing control over his body. From his pumping ass I don’t know when my legs rose up and locked his waist and Deepu went better with his fucking pace and that worsened my state. Crying and crushing his body in my arms and thighs, I was reached at the verge of explosion but Deepu was unstoppable,

his power and energy seemed endless to me and after that every thrust he made inside my fuckhole I cried out loud with a bursting sensation. Finally dam inside me got shattered, my body jerked into a steep arch in shock and I cried out without any care. Screaming and weeping out in lust, shivering helplessly while clinging to Deepu I orgasmed like never before.

My pussy quivered over his thick throbbing monster and I did my best to stop him from moving inside me. Thankfully Deepu stopped and like me he too climaxed violently, he buried his entire length in my womb with a loud groan and jerked his ass with a sudden jolt. His hips twitched at my crotch and I felt his jizz shot into my slit in steaming jets.

We both remained tied each other for few seconds and suddenly sweat streamed out from our body. Next within few seconds Deepu shrunk and slipped out of me and I felt his thick gunk coming out and flowing down from my pussy. Ohhh….what was that? Finally I was fucked and feeling of getting sexually exhausted after so long was really divine for me.

I can easily say that I was never fucked like that even when my husband was young and energetic; since beginning Suraj was involved in drinking and smoking and in the span for five years of our marriage his drinking and smoking was increased significantly and that is why he was getting weak and shabby and now after getting fucked by a normal male

I could feel the impact of excessive drinking and smoking over my sex life. Anyway eventually we got up and I entered in the washroom without looking at Deepu and spent reasonable time in peace. I was suffering with fucking fever nearly from one week and for the time being that eagerness was subsided and I once again started feeling that what all I have done is wrong,

something was pinching me but I was realizing this fact too that nothing can be done now and I had to overcome my subconscious mind and nothing except fucking could do that and to do that I called Deepu in the washroom and we stood under the shower. Under flowing water we started with a kiss while playing each other; I caressed his muscular chest and licked his nipples,

Deepu sucked my melons and squeezed them for really long, I fondled his monster to make him hard again and sucked him then and there for couple of minutes while being on my knees. Next we came to bed and our second session started. I told him to suck me and Deepu sucked my pussy with all his affection.

Folding my thighs along with stretching them as wide as possible he buried his face deep into my pussy and tried exploring every corner with his tongue and I started flooding like hell. I must mention that since beginning, since my sex life was started I was bit naughty in the bed, I always loved oral sex but Suraj never liked all this,

even when we were newly married he never sucked my pussy with his full consent and with the passing time, as he started getting egoistic because of my complaints about his excessive drinking and smoking, he completely stopped doing foreplay while having sex and up to an extent it was just penetration which was happening between us on the name of sex.

Anyway Deepu did his best to give me oral pleasure and fisted my pussy deeply to hear my pleasure moans and ultimately brought me to the point where I stopped him to prevent myself from cumming. I told him to lie down over his back as now I wanted to ride on him.

He obeyed me and next I came around his waist and holding his thick monster straight plunged my pussy while looking into his eyes with a shameless smile. Eventually taking his entire length in my flesh I sat over his thighs and pleasure was incredible for both of us.

Next bringing his hands over my breasts and resting my palms over his thick chest I started fucking by moving my bottom up and down and once again room was filled with our pleasure moans. Initially Deepu squeezed my melons while I fucked him slowly but soon he came in rhythm and holding my waist started moving my body to suit his pleasure and we just went on going like this for few minutes.

I was looking at his face, into his eyes with a naughty smile while riding over him but deep inside could not believe what all I am doing and what all I have done so far: I was fucking with a guy who was nearly 15 years younger than me; I could never imagine that I can be so bitchy in any circumstances, but it was happening and I was enjoying all that.

We both were moaning in fucking bliss while looking at each other brazenly and gradually I began to fuck myself with deep, skewering thrusts. Holding his chest tighter and rocking my own fleshy hips steeply up and down, to and fro, I started driving his inflamed erection in and out of my fuckhole bit faster.

Excitement rose further high and my fucking pace enhanced "Ohhh…Yes, Deepu, yes yes... bahut accha lag raha hai... hanh uhh... oh yes... oh god yes...” I was going crazy in lust and Deepu was doing his best to match my rhythm. He tried to control my pace by holding my ass but my pleasure was going beyond my ability to bear and I removed his hand

and just went on going bizarre and within few more seconds my body went beyond my control and while reaching to another climax I started panting in strange husky voice. I plunged myself for couple of more time with a rising pace and ultimately I collapsed over Deepu. Quivering my entire body with divine sensation my belly rippled helplessly and I once again orgasmed hard.

By now Deepu was reached to the height of excitement and without waiting for my complete recovery he got up and took me under his massive body and plunged me hard with a sudden jerk and my fucking bliss continued for some more time.

He fucked me hard and fast hardly for one more minute but that one minute took me to another pinnacle of sexual pleasure and just after he reached to his climax I orgasmed again. It was amazing; anyhow I cannot forget that back to back orgasm in my entire life. Sweating and puffing like hell, I was so badly exhausted that I did not had strength to get up to clean myself.

This time Deepu got up first and used the washroom and brought drinking water for me. Eventually I too got up and cleaned the mess and prepared tea for both. I briefed Deepu my personal life and he shyly said that sexually he will be always available to me. Thought not in each other’s arm but that night he slept with me and in morning, before going back to his room,

somewhere around 5 Deepu fucked me again. After that I slept again for couple of hours and got up with all together new perspective of life. In the end I would say since that day I fuck with Deepu every month for two consecutive nights; exactly when my husband enjoy drinking and gambling with his friends I enjoying getting fucked by a young and energetic male

and I can easily say that since that day mentally I am far better as compared to past. I would love to read comments by readers and whether my write up was worth reading.

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Smita Bhabhi Enjoying Sex With Young Tenant Deepu - I

I am reading this blog from last one month and since I have started reading this I wanted to write my experience. Finally overcoming my hesitation of reveling my dirty secret and fear for this language I have started writing down what I have to share with the readers of this wonderful blog.

I am Smita, female of 40, standing 5’ with petite body, fair and good looking with short and curly hairs and this is about me having sex with a very young guy who was actually my tenant. I don’t know how it all happened; it was just not that I was having unhealthy married life and I was starved for sex, apart from that it was a kind of revenge which I took from my husband.

Actually I was struggling with my husband’s attitude of hitting me over tiny arguments from years and reflecting my revolt from lot more than a year I was not in physical contact with him. Truly speaking since then I never thought about getting on bed with anyone else, I feel it was a kind of metal state in which I really failed to control myself, and behaving like a slut I confronted with a guy of around 25-26.

Deepu who was actually my distant relative; my husband’s cousin sister’s son was living on my single room terrace flat from more than a year. He is a tall and good looking male with a good health but since then I never saw him with that perspective. He always addressed Bhabhi and I took him that way but one Sunday afternoon my mobile rang and it was Deepu’s mother from his native place.

She told me that Deepu is not picking up phone and she wants to talk to him. I assured her that I will get back to her in few minutes and after that I climbed the stairs and as main metal door was not blocked from inside, instead of ringing the door bell I moved close to the window to see if he is sleeping and got surprised to see him masturbating.

His laptop was on and I could see glimpse of porn movie running on the screen and with long cord head phones, over her ears Deepu was totally engrossed into. He was totally unaware of my presence over the window; I was standing hardly 4-5 feet away from the bed on which he was lying almost stark naked and moving his monster Penis back and forward.

For a moment I thought about going back and pressing the door bell but don’t know why I remained glued to the window and kept on looking at his monster. It was big and seemed considerably thicker than what my husband has and I saw within a minute Deepu’s excitement rose significantly,

while moving his cock frantically up and down he started puffing in pleasure in audible voice and just in few more seconds he wacked himself madly and cried loud while reaching to his climax. I saw his white gunk coming out of from its cock tip and next instant he released himself like a dead body.

Eventually I stepped back and came to the main entrance and rang the door bell 2-3 times, he took few minutes to come out to the edge of the terrace and I gave him his mother’s massage and stepped down to my house.

Apparently I was fine and as such there was nothing which was shocking for me, youngsters do masturbation and up to an extent it is good for them but it is not good for females like me to see them doing that. Like I said earlier I was leading unhealthy married life from last few years and I was untouched by my husband from more than a year and that was first time I was realizing absence of sex in my life.

I knew that I will not die if I will not have sex but still I could feel some sort of burning deep inside my body and brain and now I wanted to start having that pleasure again. Truly speaking at that stage I did not thought about approaching Deepu for that, I thought about starting getting in physical touch of my husband again,

I cooked his favorite food and wore a sensual nighty before getting on bed, but Suraj was already killed by his ego and he did not gave a glance to me. He was reading something and I pretended sleeping beside him, after some time he switched of the light and lied facing away from me and it was my mistake that I thought about giving us another chance to start all over again

and while pretending sleeping I tried hugging him from behind and he simply threw me away. He screamed over me with abusing words and I was embarrassed over what I did and walked out of the bedroom and slept with my son after changing it into a night gown. I can easily say that night I did not slept at all, and it was not sexual restlessness,

I was burnt from my soul with anger and agony, I was cursing myself too for trying all that and I thought about filing a divorce but in the morning I calmed myself down because of my son. Day passed and I met Deepu on the same evening and I abruptly asked myself “what if I will have sex with him?”

and I felt my breasts getting heavier with strange sensation passing through my body, he was a tall guy with good health, he is not innocent; not because he was masturbating, but many times I have seen him staring at my breasts and body, but he is a relative from my husband’s side, what if after having sex he will reveal the fact to anyone.

That’s what all ran in my mind for some time and I myself was surprised over my thinking. How can I think about doing all this,? I asked myself, but somehow I wanted to have sex, but with whom? I cannot beg Suraj for sex. Couple of days passed and in this span I got face to face with Deepu fewer times and unintentionally every time I saw him it was just fucking which came in my mind.

I could see that I am getting attracted to him and even after realizing that it is wrong I did not tried to stop myself; that’s what sexual lust is all about, after an year suddenly I was feeling desperate to have sex and I needed it at any cost and in the due course I started fisting myself keeping Deepu in mind.

Unfortunately regular masturbation for two days worsened my state, it enhanced my restlessness and went sleepless in the nights, my body was demanding sex and I was helpless and gradually I started surrendering myself. My thinking was changing and I started convincing myself that life I am leading is not a married life,

me and Suraj was living together just for our child and we don’t love each other. I have a right to keep myself happy and satisfied, it could be wrong in eyes of society but it is not wrong in my personal perspective. Mentally I was preparing myself to get into a sexual affair without feeling regret of cheating my husband and in the mean time another weekend banged.

It was a Friday afternoon when Suraj messaged me that he will not come back home in the night and I realized that it is a last week of the month. I knew when he will come back; on Sunday afternoon, he had bunch of friends who use to get together once in a month for couple of nights;

to drink and play cards and the moment I read that SMS and realized absence of Suraj for two consecutive nights, I thought about trying having sex with Deepu in the night. But how I can I do that? How can I be so unabashed? I was once again in same impasse but just for few minutes, lust was ruling my senses so badly that I was getting mad in hunger of manly love.

“Who knows if Suraj is also involved somewhere for sexual pleasure? I am sure he is; that is why he never urged for sex, unless he himself would have came close to me, at least it would have seen over his gesture. Why should I suffer? If he can do, I can also do, I have my own life and I want to enjoy it” that’s what all ran in my mind and I tried coming out of dilemma.

“But how will I ask Deepu for sex?” and with that question to myself I started feeling uneasy and the passing time my restlessness increased so much that I failed to concentrate over anything and it was just “how can I fuck him” which was dwelling in my mind.

Till evening; till I saw Deepu climbing stairs to get into his room I don't know how many times I thought about quitting from trying fucking with him and how many time came up with a fresh idea of approaching him to reveal my lustful desire to him and throughout this span my Pussy did not stopped leaking.

I tried to calm myself by taking a shower and fisted myself brutally to tranquilize my urge but it hardly made any difference as within half an hour I was back in same mind state and continued planning approaching Deepu. I was sure if somehow I will succeed in expressing fucking intentions, Deepu will certainly grab this golden opportunity and things will happen, but how will I express myself?

How can I be so shameless? What if he will reveal this fact to his mom, what if Suraj will come to know about it, I was in another quandary whether I should do it with him or not and as I saw him climbing his stairs I called him and asked him for the tea. He casually said no to it but I insisted him and he came down stairs and we had tea together.

It was a span of hardly half an hour with a casual chit chat and throughout the time he stayed with me I looked into his eyes repeatedly, possibly to read him, if he is safe to do that nasty act, I don’t know why apparently I was thinking whether I should go for it or not, deep inside I was already reached to the conclusion that I don’t have any other option and I have to do it with him

and it was evident as since Deepu was here intensity of flow of my pussy juices was enhanced significantly, he was wearing half sleeve t-shirt and I was staring at his muscular arms, again and again I was visualizing him leaning over me and fucking me hard and fast down at my fuckhole.

Couple of times I thought about speaking out something to reveal my desire but ultimately kept my mouth shut, unlike I was expecting, it was very difficult to speak something like that casually, moreover at that time my son was also moving around. After Deepu’s exit I went into the washroom and watered my fuckhole to clean the mess and came out after shaving my pussy.

After some time my son went busy watching television and once again recollecting all my courage I climbed the stairs with specific purpose and to find the opening to reveal my desire indirectly and I gave Deepu my USB Pen drive to copy couple of new Bollywood movies.

I wanted to ask him if he has blue movies too, just to began the substance but moment I thought about saying that my heart beat went high and I started to sweat mildly and ultimately I failed to speak even a word in that concern and leaving my pen drive with him I moved back to my place.

Like it can be expected after 10-15 minutes Deepu came down to give my pen drive back and while standing on the door step I somewhat told him that he has to have dinner with me “tune dinner mere saath hi karna hai” and with a tiny smile and stare into his eyes in continuation I mentioned this fact to him that Suraj will not come back home in the night and he blushed a bit.

With a simple “Ok” he went back, even though nothing was said from my side till then but I started feeling strange sensations passing through my body, after seeing his tiny smile with a blush over the piece of information of my being alone for the night I was feeling confident, and I was sure that now while having dinner anyhow I will convey my desire to him.

Throughout the time I prepared the dinner I was feeling uneasy over this fact that I am going to cheat my husband but I because wanted to do it and I continued suppressing my ethics sustained fury for him. Deepu came down again around 9; after I called him, by now my son was over with his meal and he was still busy in watching television.

We started eating and after having dinner with a casual conversation over latest Bollywood movies, I began by asking him what does he usually do after reaching back home in the evening, and he said he watch movies on the laptop, listen music and play games. Next I asked him what does he do in weekends and he said he sleep a lot on Saturdays and Sundays.

Something was running in my mind to speak and as I thought about saying that I started sweating in a instant, it was a moment which was really very dreadful for me, deep inside I was troubled like hell but somehow I had to break that bar and I came up saying that I have seen what he was doing last Sunday when her mom called me.

“maine dekha tha tu last Sunday kya kar raha tha ….jab teri mummy ne mujhe call kiya tha…!” Like I knew my words shook his head and I could see his heart pounding over his facial expressions. For an instant he looked at me without a flick of an eye and then moved is vision from my face.

“you were masturbating” and he looked up again and once again moved his vision from my face. Apparently I was looking at him confidently but deep inside I was uneasy just like him and overcoming my uneasiness I lifted his chin with my hand and smiled over his gesture. He felt embarrassed and simply got up from the chair while saying “main chalta hun”.

We were sitting in the portion of dining area which was farthest from the place where my son was sitting and I wanted to talk to him then and their but Deepu did not gave me any time and he simply moved out of the house. My son was still stuck on the television which was sort of boon for me.

By now my ethics and moral values were vanished as if they never existed and after packing up the kitchen and climbed the stairs with a scoop of ice-cream in a bowl with clear intentions of making my night full of sexual pleasure.

To Be Continued...

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Riya Enjoying Extra Marital Affair With Soham - IV

Previously: Riya Enjoying Extra Marital Affair With Soham - III

He hold my hand & made me sit but I was deadly tired due to hectic oral session but he still insisted on me & made me sit & hugged me & he fall flat & took me above his cock & I with my own hand adjusted his cock & sat on it….I felt his cock was making his way slowly out of sticky area & went exactly to the desired hole from where I was releasing my juice sometime back &

So I reacted “yessssssss…….” & he hold my Ass & maintained the balance. I closed my eyes & looked above with divine feelings of satisfied sex-hunger & could feel his long cock is sailing up like a rocket again it touched my womb. He was quite thicker n tight to accommodate but slippery n watery way have made the task possible.

He started playing with my boobs & was again n again spanking my ass-cheek & boobs to awaken me from my heavenly feel & whispered …….”Riyaaa……..ab poori tarah se set ho gayaa……..ab dhire dhire bump karo………carefully……..its all sticky inside u so don’t loose control over cock….”

I just hhhmmmmed & started my movement upwards n downwards rhythmically n started enjoying the fuck. I used his chest for support & with humping sound I started jumping on his cock & the feel was awesome. I used all my stamina & continuously keep my movements in tact till next 15 minutes with stop n start technique as signaled by him & climaxed again & deadly tired so fell on his chest.

He hugged me & kissed on my face & whispered “Now ………Let me fuck honey…….hmmm? & I agreed with my head & slowly he rolled over me & took missionary pose & spread my legs wide open & adjusted his posture & started pumping me steadily & I could feel his heavy breath all over my breast

“hhmmm…….hmmmm……hmmmm” & I too expressed my feelings by murmuring his name “ haaaan sooohhaaam…….oooh soohammmm…haaaan……..haaaan……” this all went till next 10 minutes & he tired but still hic cock was stiff So he came close & sucked my lips & said “ Riyaaa…….turn ho jaao…..plzzz. turn your back……..” &

removed his cock out ……..I could see his cock was stiffer n wetter than ever before. My all juice was stuck on his cock & he was rubbing his cock for next move. I slept on my belly & he raised my buttock upward & spread my ass-cheek to find the right rear entrance & put his cock-tip there & using grip of my naval-bones he pushed &

ohhh yeaaaah I felt strange sensation as my hubby never fucked me from behind so those skins were unused. Which now soham explored & gave me relieving fun & enhanced his speed systematically.

He kept fucking me vigorously “Aaah riyaaaa…….Aaah bebe,,,,,,,,jee chahta hai……..zindagi bhar chodoo tujeeey……I liked n responded.haaan haaaaan sohammm zindagi har chodo rajaaa……………mar jaoongi ……….par tumhare paas hi aooongi mein. “ we both enjoyed a wild sex session for next 15 minute &

he was using all his experience to make me feel satisfied n happy he fucked in various angles from rear like, holding my hairs, taking support of my shoulders, smooching me by turning my face & with fucking action, squeezing n rubbing my boobs from behind, keeping his rest of body away from me (Angle 120 degree)

n keeping his one leg above the bed in 90 degree he gave me deep deep penetration to which finally I tired & released my 3rd part of juice & fully sweating with his strokes I beg him to leave me “ Sohammm…….please leave me…….for god sake………..I will die …………plzzz……..let me live ……….spare me honeyyyyyyy….” &

he just said Okk bebe …….but never ever challenged me okay? & I hummed…. & said “Now plz…give me all ur cummm” He raised his speed & slapped my ass-cheek & thrashed my pussy lips with his balls reigrously for next 2 minute & roared like a Lion to release all his sticky white cum………deep inside my womb & kept his movement in tact with speed till he evacuated till last drop.

I never imagined in dream that one day I will get soo muchhh heavely sexual pleasure. I felt eternal peace inside & heavy dose of sexual pleasure calmed down my body n mind. At last I enjoyed a fearless & memorable sex for the first time in my life & my all body parts was chanting his n only his name “Sohammmm………sohammm……….”

We hugged each other & I put my head on his chest & lost in a deep sleep. I was feeling “Sohammmm Sohammmm like we chant during the Art of living course. Really Soham has taught me the Art of living.

Expecting your motivating comments for my next part ………………till I conceive (Winked).

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