Horny Sheela fucking colleague Nirmal in winter - II

Previously: Horny Sheela fucking colleague Nirmal in winter - I

I responded to her sorry with a smile and saying “koi baat nahi” drifted me over her and Sheela Didi opened her fleshy thighs further wide to settle me between them and just in few seconds tip of my thick and hard monster was resting over Sheela Didi’s wet love opening.

Now she was waiting for me to plunge her and I must say that she was looking beautiful lying under me like that with lustful expressions and to enhance her desperation I rubbed my Penis over opening and for a moment Sheela Didi just went mad in pleasure and stopped me from doing that,

“Ohhhh….please…aisa mat kariye…nahi to hum jhadd jaayenge” she was aroused like hell and she told me not to do that as she might cum and I stopped and further opened her thighs and holding my monster pushed it into her love hole and just in a fraction I slipped inside her womb till the root of my Penis.

Wow…She was so wet and hot, I grunted in pleasure with clamp of her starved fuckhole over my monster and as I reached to the depth of her fuckhole Sheela Didi also panted erotically while getting crushed under me.

I halted for a moment and finally began fucking Sheela Didi with a steady pace, I wanted to fuck her as long as possible and showing no hurry I moved in and out of her fuckhole in control and my steady pace made Sheela Didi even more desperate, she needed me faster and she sprawled her legs further wide and her feet climbed backs of my thighs.

I just went on fucking her with all my control and Sheela Didi clenched my pumping ass with her thighs and wrapped her arms around me nicely. "Mmm... yes... Ohhh yes... oh god yes... Nirmal Ji bahut achha lag raha hai...fuck me... Nirmal Ji fuck me fast...thoda tez tez karie..ohh yes... Nirmal Ji I love you…” her words,

her gesture and pleasure moans aroused me just in few seconds and began to fuck her with deep screwing thrusts, my hips rose and fell, swung back and forward with bit more pace but somehow I continued pressing Sheela Didi’s swollen cunt-lips with my balls with every down thrust and Sheela Didi was delighted with that.

Couple of time I rubbed my croutch over her fuckhole after burring my whole monster in her womb and I felt significant changed in pleasure gasps. We both were still in blanked but partially, it was barely covering my pumping ass, we did not needed it either,

heat of our body was rose so high that we both were seating and Sheela Didi was looking stunning while panting in pleasure with the wetness over her face and all around her neck and breasts which were partially getting crushed under my shoulders.

Within a minutes time excitement rose further high and like I use to do it with my wife I started talking to Sheela Didi while screwing her with all my passion “Sheela Didi mazza aa raha hai mere saath sambhog karne mein…hmmmm….?” I asked her but Sheela Didi did not replied me back, certainly my question aroused her further high as her gasps went shriller but as I wanted to hear her voice I asked her again

“bolo mazza aa raha…mere saath Sambhog karne mein…? And Sheela Didi came up with yes “haan….bahut mazza aa raha hai….” Her acceptance that she is enjoying aroused me and my pace rose further high and in rising lust I spoke again “mujhe bhi mazza aa raha hai…Aapki Yoni bahut garam hai…” and with those words my fucking pace went beyond my control,

it was highest level of sexual excitement came ever in my life, I was getting mad in lust and I just wanted to fuck her as hard as possible. Our bodies slapped together as I moved faster and faster, my monster was slamming hard and deep in Sheela Didi’s pleasure hole like a machine and each thrust made her gasp and jerk under me helplessly.

Sheela Didi was in extreme pleasure, her big and heavy milk mounds were bouncing under my brutal thrusts, her eyes were closed, neck was arced, face was tilted to the right but her mouth was open and was moaning in gasping in bizarre fashion. Her feet were locked behind my pumping ass and she was trying crushing my body in her arms and thighs.

She was at the verge of climax, so was I and suddenly Sheela Didi cried out loud and arched her body in shock, extended her hands to the maximum and clenched my ass with all her strength and told me to stop fucking her “Ahhh…..Please….rukiye…please….Ahhhh….”.

As I was also reached to the point of no return I was not in state to stop and over hearing her request I just continued fucking but hardly for couple of seconds. Finally while squeezing my ass together I also dived down into her womb and began to climax.

Sheela Didi orgasmed hard and loud, she was holding ne with all her strength and I saw her trembling strangely while releasing her pressure with clenched teethes and just then I too came up with a loud cry and started discharging my gunk into her fuckhole. That was the most wonderful fuck I have has till now, this kind excitement is very rare in marital sex,

we both were soaked in sweat like hell and did not had strength even to go to the washroom. I remained over Sheela Didi for long and eventually we used one of the pillow covers to clean our wet and messy gentiles and threw it away on the floor. After that once again we went into each other’s arms while being under blanket.

For an instant Sheela Didi was satisfied, she was relaxed and it was evident over her facial expressions and she uttered that by saying “mazza aa gaya…” “hummm….” and I hummed to accepted that. Holding each other’s naked body we kissed again and it was a long and delicate kiss with full of love and affection.

“humri wajah se aapne apni wife ke saath cheating ki hai…. bhagwaan humen kabhi maaf nahi karenge….” That was the first statement she came up with after breaking the kiss and I took that casually “koi baat nahi….ab jo ho so ho…aap sirf life ko enjoy karo” and Sheela Didi accepted that by changing the subject of conversation by praising my fucking strength “maan na padega…. aap bahut powerful hain…”

and I replied back to her by saying “aur aap bahut garam ho…” and we smiled while looking at each other’s face closely. “aapke saath ye sab pahle shuru ho jaata to kitna achha hota” “haan…tab main shayad wapis nahi jaata..aur na shaadi karta” I replied back and to add a spice to my statement added “aapki Yoni mein hi ghusa rahta” and Sheela Didi giggled over that.

She hugged me with lot of affection and spoke out after a minute “Thank you very much…” Sheela Didi spoke that while looking into my eyes and I asked her why she is thanking me. She said that she was very lonely and sexually she needed me desperately “hum bahut akele the…humen aapki bahut zarurat thi…”

I smiled a bit over that and revealed the fact when I was with her in the same office I use to masturbate on her name and she too accepted that even she use to fist her fuckhole while fantasizing me. We both were stark naked and tied with each other casually in the blanked and we chit-chatted for some time like that, she told me that I am a third male who has fucked her since now.

After her divorce from her husband she got involved with her husband’s friend who promised her that he will marry her but ultimately ditched her after fucking her fewer times. After that deceit Sheela Didi decided to live alone, but as I appeared in her life she fell in love with me,

she said that never wanted to marry me because it was not possible but she always wanted to have sex with me but while I was here she never dared to speak to me about her eternal desire and also told me that the day I got married she cried a lot.

Anyway like that some time passed and intentionally or unintentionally to change the subject of conversation I reached to her breasts with my hands and I caressed them and praised about the size of her breasts, “aapke Boobs bahut achhe hain… they are just perfect in size” Sheela Didi smiled a bit and spoke out “ab ye aapke hain… chusiye inko…”

she told me to suck her breasts and I obeyed. I sucked her long and erect nipples one by one with all my affection and she enjoyed and eventually reached to my semi erect Penis with her hand and casually asked me “aap apni wife ke saath oral sex karte hain…?” “nahi…we have never tried…she does not like it….” I replied back and Sheela Didi spoke back

“hum suck karenge aapke Penis ko…..aap bhi humari Yoni ko suck kariyega” that was something I wanted to start doing with my wife but she never agreed to even try that. Even I was not sure that whether I will like sucking fuckhole or not but I wanted to experience getting my Penis sucked so I agreed and after that our second session started.

We started with a kiss and after that once again I sucked Sheela Didi’s breasts, slowly Sheela Didi turned around and took me under and reached to my crouch while kissing and brushing my entire body with her wet lips. By now blanket was off from us and I could see Sheela Didi sitting on her knees between my opened legs.

She was looking at me with a smile while leaning over my crotch and jerking Penis with her hand and eventually took out her tongue and licked tip of my Penis. I liked it; above that it was a good view for a male like me to get aroused and I started getting harder and next instant Sheela Didi took tip of my Penis in her warm mouth and sucked it tenderly.

I moaned nicely, it was so pleasurable, above that Sheela Didi was looking gorgeous while doing that nasty act. I was getting harder and harder in her mouth itself and slowly she was taking my entire length in her mouth, heat and wetness of her mouth was increasing slowly and slowly her beautiful face was getting inflamed with my size.

Although I was feeling bit of pain too but because Sheela Didi was tender in sucking me it was more of pleasure and I just went on grunting in weird but pleasant sensation while looking at my monster appearing and disappearing in her mouth. Sheela Didi brought me to my full size just in few minutes but continued sucking me using plenty of her warm saliva and my belly rippled repeatedly in divine pleasure.

She massaged my balls with her other hand and that enhanced my excitement and I went harder and ultimately stopped her from sucking me. I wanted to fuck her now but she needed her fuckhole sucked and she lied down on the bed on her back. I got up half heatedly with a hope that sensing my mental state Sheela Didi might stop me from sucking her fuckhole

but she needed that desperately and as I reached between her fleshy thighs she widened her fleshy thighs and told me suck her fuckhole in lust laden tone “hmmmm…..suck kariye humari Yoni ko….jaise movies mein hota hai….” I came between her legs and held her fleshy thighs wide with both the hands, I looked at Sheela Didi’s fuckhole closely,

it was wet and swollen and ready for me to eat, aroma of her love juices was in the air all around me, I looked at her face and she smiled, she was breathing bit heavy while waiting for me to start sucking her and finally I went into her fleshy thighs while being on my knees. I tried to lick it as I use to see in number of blue films and as I moved my tongue over her vertical slit Sheela Didi trembled with excitement.

For couple of minutes it was really very bad feeling, bit embarrassing and filthy but Sheela Didi’s pleasure moans were insisting me to continue licking her juices and suppressing my hesitation I just went on going.

While licking her swollen slit I parted her pussy lips lightly with my rough tongue and dragged my tongue from bottom of her slit to up till the edge of her crack and Sheela Didi’s face got arched, her eyes got shut and she moaned nicely and murmured erotically “Ahhh…Nirmal Ji mazza aa gaya….”

Her words drove me and I continued, I distended her thick and sodden pussy lips again with a powerful lick of my thick tongue and sucked her opening tenderly and Sheela Didi started puffing erotically. Her state aroused me so much that in a moment I found myself getting out of that filth feeling and I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and my tongue just rippled into her fuckhole.

Sheela Didi gasped sharply to that, her belly rippled feverishly and her hips lurched erotically "Ohhhhh... God yes!" she cried and next instant Sheela Didi lifted her legs in air and opened it wide to give more access of her pleasure hole to my mouth.

My tongue was over her fuckhole, I was licking and sucking her opening randomly and suddenly I pulled out one of her thick pussy lips with my lips and took it completely in my mouth and sucked it tenderly for few seconds and Sheela Didi just went mad in pleasure.

Her gasping state was arousing me continuously and in that rising excitement holding her fleshy thighs apart I just went on going deeper in her fuckhole with my mouth and sucked her without any hesitation and Sheela Didi started streaming out fresh, erotic juices.

By now I was gone mad in lust and as I felt intensity of her pleasure juices increasing I went further deep into her fuckhole and sucked her hard to take out every drop of her nectar and Sheela Didi cried out erotically, she trembled helplessly and lurched in bottom in unbearable pleasure and ultimately pushed me away to stop sucking her fuckhole.

That was a point where she could not resist that pleasure anymore, her hairs were spread all over and her face was full of lust. She was looking gorgeous while puffing and I thought about plunging her beautiful face one more time, I got up and moved to face while jerking my monster back and forward with my own hand and told her to suck me again for a while and she asked me if we can get into 69,

“please mera Penis thoda aur suck karo na…” “69 karenge?” I agreed and we attained required posture sideways. Resting our heads over each other thighs my Penis was close to her mouth and her love hole was in front of my lips. Their Sheela Didi held my monster in her hand and started jerking here I moved into her thighs.

Sheela Didi broaden her thighs wide open so that I can reach to her fuckhole with my tongue comfortably and at the same instant took tip of my monster in her mouth and started sucking me tenderly and buried my mouth in her fuckhole like before. Sheela Didi kept on massaging my balls while sucking me with lot of her warm saliva and I explored every corner of her soft,

sodden and swollen love hole and for an instant felt her thighs shivering with unbearable excitement. Eventually Sheela Didi stopped me at the point where she was losing control over herself and while getting up asked me in which position I would like insert my Penis “kounsi position me daalenge”

I came up with an idea of getting into doggy style but she told me to let her come on top “humen oopar aane dijiye”. I agreed and we took that posture, I lied down and Sheela Didi sat around my waist And while looking into my eyes with a smile shoved my whole length into her cunt hole and ultimately moaned intensely while lifting her head,

her eyes were closed and she bit her lower lip in excitement while feeling my monster in the depth of her fuck tunnel. Wow for me what a feeling that was, being inside a woman like Sheela Didi is just like being in heaven. I must say Sheela Didi was so demanding in bed that anyhow I could not imagine that my wife will ever be able to give me this sort of pleasure in our entire married life.

Anyway my whole length till the root of it was inside Sheela Didi’s wet fuck hole and I could feel her love juices flowing down to my balls. Her swollen breasts started moving slowly as Sheela Didi moved back and forward and started thrusting my penis in and out of her hole. As fucking started we both started moaning in pleasure while looking into each other’s eyes shamelessly.

After slow movements for a while Sheela Didi began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts, resting her palms over my chest and rocking her own fleshy hips steeply up and down, to and fro, she was driving my inflamed erection in and out of her wet fuckhole nicely while gasping erotically. I was also moaning nonstop and whole room was filled with our pleasure cries.

Now her huge melons were swinging up and down, to and fro very fast and her nipples were getting stiffer in excitement. I was holding Sheela Didi from her waist and moving my bottom bit up and down to shove my monster and our movements were getting in rhythm. Tip of my Penis was rubbing on her virginal walls and my pleasure was beyond my imagination.

“Oh….YEsss... Ohh.. GOD yes... Nirmal Ji bahut mazza aa raha hai humen …..” Sheela Didi uttered in excitement, “mujhe bhi bahut mazza aa raha hai……..” I replied back and also added “aapki Yoni bahut garam hai”. Sheela Didi was around me somewhat on her knees, ramming and reaming my monster in and out of her juicy,

dripping fuckhole and hearing my words she increased her speed and moved back and forth furiously in passion. Like I said Sheela Didi’s bottom was heavy and her furious fucking was paining me a bit, holding her waist I tried to control her speed but she was getting mad in lust, she took off my hands from her waist and held them tight with bed by leaning over me and looked into my eyes

while stroking my monster length in her fuckhole rapidly and spoke “karne dijiye humen jo jo hum kar rahe hain ….. aap bus latte rahiye…humari garam Yoni ka mazza lijiye” She was puffing in excitement while saying that and then Sheela Didi leaned further over me and started to and fro movement and rubbed her crotch with my pelvis for while and kissed me lustfully.

I freed my hands from her grip and held her fleshy ass mounds and tried to squeeze them harder and then parted them with full strength and pulled her to get myself deep inside her fuck hole in same fucking rhythm. Sheela Didi moaned sexily as I went deep inside her womb and it was really strange feeling for both of us.

Sheela Didi’s body weight was hurting me a bit and I was getting tired too but lust was increasing and I could see Sheela Didi rising to her peak. She looked lovely, her face was full of lust, hairs were spread, her eyes were open and she was looking into my eyes, her mouth was open, she was moaning and murmuring in excitement

“ab kuch bhi humara nahi hai….ye Yoni bhi aapki hai aur hum bhi aapke hain” her words were really very arousing for me, though I was not near my ejaculation because of pain and tiredness but I was very hard over my penis. Controlling every fucking thrust as she desired Sheela Didi went on fucking me, I was shouting in pain and pleasure with lot of control.

I was feeling pressure building inside me, but before I would have reached to my peak Sheela Didi’s cries grew sharper and shriller, and she busted abruptly. Oh my God I could not believe the way Sheela Didi shattered; she whimpered in a husky voice very differently, her fuckhole trembled helplessly on my penis.

She clenched her thighs together, squeezed my monster in her wet fuckhole with all her strength, shutting her eyes flipped her head to roof and shivered for few seconds with sudden jerks over her crotch and breasts and finally started releasing her cum. I must say that for a guy like me; whose sex life was started couple of years back, watching female exploding like that was a matter of sheer luck.

Anyway I was yet not over but I was also very close to my peak. I got up as I saw that Sheela Didi has recovered a bit from her orgasm and pushed her on bed on her back and widening her fleshy thighs rapidly and finally shoved my monster in her fuckhole again and started fucking her.

Knowing my condition, Sheela Didi embraced my back and wrapped her legs around my pumping ass and continued murmuring, while getting fucked under me “Ohhh…yes Fuck me…Nirmal Ji fuck me…..” My hips flexed up and down, I fucked Sheela Didi in missionary position for hardly one more minute and felt myself reaching to my climax and ultimately squeezing my hips

together released whatever gunk I was left with deep inside her fuckhole. Ohhh… I believe that was a kind of fuck which every male desire, we both were exhausted like never before, at least me and for a while we did not had strength even to clean or gentiles.

We lied uncovered for a while and then slowly got up and used the washroom and decided to have tea with something to eat and finally settled down in each other’s arm to sleep. That was end of my first fucking night with Sheela Didi and like it can be expected my next day started with fucking again.

It was Sheela Didi who got up first and after using the washroom woke me up and asked me if I would like to have sex one more time “ek baar aur karenge na…?” who could say no to it? We fucked again and it was simple but very satisfying intercourse in typical missionary posture and after that we got up and got ready to go to the office.

I was suppose to board the train on the same day but Sheela Didi requested me to stay for one more night and I did that. While I was busy in office with my boss and work, Sheela Didi made early exit from the office and after visiting her home once, reached to my place almost at the same time like yesterday and I fucked Sheela Didi thrice in the entire night and once in the morning before leaving that place.

That was the end of my first fucking trip and it was happened in the first week of last month of the year; since then almost two months are past and I have already made this kind of trip twice in this span and stayed there for 2 nights every time.

We fuck and fuck and just fuck whole night. I am happy because I fulfill all my filthy desire with Sheela Didi and I do not have to insist my wife for that, my wife is happy because I have stopped asking her for oral sex,

Sheela Didi is happy because now sexually she satisfied and my boss is happy because in the same salary I am looking after a particular segment of this town’s branch too. That’s all for now, do write your comments, it might motivate me to write again.

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Horny Sheela fucking colleague Nirmal in winter - I

I am Nirmal at present 28, good looking male with a good height, I am not muscular but I retain good health and this is about me fucking a female named Sheela whom I use to address Sheela Didi. She is almost ten years elder than me and we work in same organization.

Although she was far elder than me but from the very beginning she use to address me with a prefix of Ji after my name and for me fucking Sheela Didi was a matter of sheer surprise. She was divorcee and lusting over me since long but I didn’t have a clue about that and ultimately she approached me straight forward and I was not a fool who would have let that opportunity go like that.

It was not that I never thought about her with that perspective, she is having fleshy and luscious body, above that she was so down to earth in nature and free in talking to me that in my bachelor hood I was regular in masturbating and shagging my load over her name but things never became clear between we two up to that extent until my boss shifted me back to my home town to look after our new branch office in specific concern.

If I will try writing in bit detail about everything about our past relation then I would say I originally belong to Delhi NCR but some time back I was working in one renowned business city of eastern U.P and I and Sheela Didi were collogues, she was looking after the accounts of the company and I was handling creative department of same company.

After around 4 years of my working in the organization my boss decided to open a branch office in my home town and while working with a same company I came back home. While I was there Sheela Didi and I worked together four long years and we had a very friendly relation and like other people in office I always addressed her with Didi after her name.

If I will try writing about Sheela Didi then like I said she is fair, not extremely beautiful, rather above average looking female, divorcee from more then 10-12 years and she just have a mother left in a family. In appearance and over all personality like I said she is very down to earth and caring with bit of villagy looks and life style.

Although she is well educated but most of the time she prefer speaking Hindi. Physically she is almost of my height, 5’6” or an inch less but with fleshy body. Her breasts as full and ripe almost of the size of big muskmelon, with a significant belly, her ass is plump and jutting out of her body proudly and her arms and thighs are also nicely fleshed.

Anyway now if I will move back to the sequence then I will say after I came back to my town within an year I got married but as I was working with the same organization I and Sheela Didi remained very much connected through phone and chatting and later through what’s app and our conversation was not only for work concern but also at personal front and couple of times she spoke to my wife too.

Although over the phone Sheela Didi was always interested to know what all is happening in my personal life but even then I never felt any such sexual attraction in her gesture and time just passed casually until when after around two years I went back to the that town again for 3 days to discuss my appraisal and few other things with my boss face to face.

I don’t know if I have succeeded in briefing kind of relation I was sharing with Sheela Didi, it was very friendly but till then none among we two tried exceeding limits and neither I had any intentions to break these bars but Sheela Didi was very much intended to that.

Anyway now I would like to move straight to the incident, it was a beginning of the week when in the morning I was suppose to reach to the town but because of too much of fog my train got late for around 10 hours and I reached their around six in the evening.

Sheela Didi was continuously in my touch over the phone to know the status of my arrival and like it was already decided driver who knew me very well picked me up from the station and dropped me at the place where I was suppose to stay for the night.

It was a fully furnished vacant flat of my boss which was part of his investment and after reaching and freshening up I spoke to my boss and we decided to meet in the next morning. Time was bit past to seven when I decided to move out of the house to eat something but before I would have thought anything else I got a ring on my cell phone and along with that door bell also ranged.

It was Sheela Didi at both the places. She met me with a pleasant smile and instantly started opening up the eating material she had in her hands in the poly bags. For a moment I was surprised to see her there, not because she came there with a food; she was always caring for me, but because she was there at that time and in that climate,

it was cold and in the evening it was as dark as if it is night above that she was here after traveling for an hour. She served me food quickly while talking to me casually about the trains getting delayed these days and I started eating immediately with a thought that she might have go back just after feeding me but she was here with a mood to stay in the night.

After meal she went inside the kitchen to make tea, kitchen was equipped with basic things and Sheela Didi was carrying everything like fresh milk, sugar and tea which are required for tea. Till I had food and we settled down with a cup of hot tea in the living room there was nothing in her behavior which was unusual except this that she was happy to see me.

She was casual and free in talking to me as she was couple of years back when I was here and as she use to be on phone and as she was aware of this fact that my wife is pregnant she asked me many things about her and time just flew like that.

Throughout the time since she was here I was occupied with a fact that she has to go back home in this chilling weather and finally I spoke that casually “aapko nahi aana chahiye tha…itni sardi mein wapis jaane mein aapki halat kharab ho jaayegi” (you shouldn’t have came, now you will suffer a lot while going back in the cold climate)

Sheela Didi smiled back mildly over my words and replied back with the words, “koi baat nahi… aapse milne ka bahut mann tha…” (It’s ok…I wanted to meet you) for which I replied we would have met tomorrow in the office and she casually said that she wanted to meet me and chit chat with me calmly and not in office environment.

I think that was first clue which she gave me casually but I failed to understand and just smiled back in response and then assured her that when she will go back home, though on public transport only I will accompany her till her house “main aakpe saath chalunga aapko ghar chhodne”.

Sheela Didi did not replied back over that statement and somehow subject of conversation changed and went to over our office work and about our few other collogues and some more time passed. Sheela Didi was wearing simple salwar kameez with a woolen cardigan and to resist cold above that she was wrapping her upper half with a warm shawl.

I was enjoying talking to her, after all she was my heartthrob of one time; I use to masturbate while fantasizing about her. In past two years her sexual assets were gone bit more heavy, her thighs were fleshier then before and her ass was gone little more flabby and to add spice to my pleasure at one instant to go to the washroom washroom Sheela Didi removed shawl from her shoulder

and for a moment my eyes got stuck to her fleshy milk mounds wow they were so bog, much bigger then my wife had. Anyway she went to the washroom and came back and once again I casually expressed my uneasiness about her going back home “I think ab humen chalna chahiye…aapko ghar pahunchne mein der ho jaayegi…its eight O’clock”

I was expecting that she will agree with me but she behaved sarcastic with very surprising words, “Aapko itni jaldi kya hai mujhe yahan se bhagane ki…koi ladki aane waali hai kya??” and before I would have thought about replying her Sheela Didi spoke again “humare alawa koi aur girl friend bhi hai kya aapki yahan pe??” (Here do you have any other girl friend except me??)

I was little surprised to hear that but assuming that she is just trying to create humor I took it casually and spoke out after a giggle “nahi nahi meri koi girl friend nahi hai…ab to main shaadi shuda hun” (No no I don’t have any girl friend…I am married now) and once again Sheela Didi spoke out in sarcastic tone “shaadi shuda hain to kya hua…girl friend to rakh hi sakte hain…”

(What if you are married…you can have girl friend) and to that for an instant I responded back with just a smile but then casually spoke out “ab kaunsi ladki mujhe apna boy friend banayegi….” (Now who will accept me as her boy friend?) “aap bus haan boliye…aapko ladki hum batta denge” (you just say yes…I will tell you the girl).

And that was another hint about what she needed from me and for a moment it shook my head too but I took even that casually and giggled a bit and once again asked her if she wants to go and she spoke that she does not want to go right now and wants to chit chat with me a lot “nahi hum abhi nahi jaayenge…humen aapse bahut si baate karni hain…”.

I accepted and once sat down on the couch and Sheela Didi took a seat on the other couch which was bit far from me. Anyhow I could not guess whatever was running in her mind and she casually asked me about my wife and I detailed her bit about our preparations for the coming child and after listening that she asked me if I am happy after getting married “aap shaadi karke khush hain?”

at this stage when I was about to enter into fatherhood that question seemed little awkward to me but I replied casually with a yes by saying “haan…bahut khush hun”. For a moment Sheela Didi went silent but her facial expressions were clearly saying that she is little confused or you can say hesitant in saying something and somehow she managed to asked me something which I could not imagine that she will ever ask me

“aapki sex life kaisi chal rahi hai….” Her tone was low and timid and for a moment I was stunned to hear that and did not replied anything, Sheela Didi was looking into my eyes with a pounding heart but next instant overcoming her fear and hesitation she asked me again with a smile “boliye…sharma kyun rahe hain…?” “Sex life bhi theek hai…”

I replied back with bit of smile and bit of shying gesture “theek hai…! Achhi nahi hai?” Sheela Didi asked me back in bit of sarcastic tone, she was looking into my eyes with a strange smile and from her overall gesture I could make out that she was trying her best to come out of the hesitation.

“Achhi hai…” I spoke again and after that for few seconds no words were exchanged, Sheela Didi was looking at me and it was evident over her face that she wants to say something, I was still clueless about her eternal desire I just asked her if she wants to say something and she moved her head in no and moved her eyes from my face.

Now I was restless, I was sure that that she has something in her mind and she is hiding that and I casually insisted her to speak out whatever she is thinking “kya soch rahe ho…bol do jo bolna hai” she looked up, and I was surprised to see that in the freezing weather suddenly she was having drops of sweat over her forehead and I asked her again “aap theek ho na? are you alright?” “haan hum theek hain…”

Sheela Didi replied back and then after thinking a bit spoke again and said that she wants to say something to me “hum aapse kuch kahna chaahte hain” once again her voice was low and timid and I told her to speak “bolo…” and she spoke out what she wanted to say since long and it was “hum aapse pyar karte hain”

once again I was stunned to hear that and could not think to say anything in response “what are you saying…?” that’s what ultimately came out of me in a choked voice “haan…hum sach bol rahe hain…” Sheela Didi replied back while looking at me, into my eyes, her heart was pounding and she was still trying to overcome her fear “par ab to main married hun…”

(But now I am married) I spoke out in reply and once again Sheela Didi looked into my eyes, words were on the tip of her tongue and she was hesitant to speak but at that stage of conversation she could not think of stepping back and she uttered what she needed “aap humen apni girl-friend banna lijiye…”

that was sort of another shock for me and before I would have thought anything Sheela Didi spoke again “Nirmal Ji hum bahut akele hain…ek aap hi humare friend hain…”. With that statement I was little clear with her mind state but I kept silence and waited for her to speak and Sheela Didi spoke “hum aapke saath sex karna chaahte hain…”

this time it was very straight forward and the moment she said that I got shiver in my spine because of strange rapture, I smiled a bit and in response Sheela Didi also smiled back in same way. “aap aaj raat ko yahin rook jaao” I spoke that, told her to stay there only in the night and she said that she has already said that to her mother; that will she will not come back home in the night

“hum Maa se bol kea aye hain hum raat ko bahar rahenge” and when I asked her what excuse she has made to her mother she said that she has to prepare her friend’s daughter for the exam of Sanskrit language. I smiled a bit over that and Sheela Didi also smiled back and spoke again “hum aaj soch kea aye the ki aapse baat karke rahenge” “chalo bedroom mein chalte hain…”

I spoke back while getting up and she told me to get the condoms “aap bahar jaakar Condoms le aaiye” and as she said after locking the door from outside I moved out of the house to get that. Truly speaking friends throughout the time I walked down to the street in search of chemist shop to get the condoms and came back I was barely settled with one thought,

It was really very difficult for me to believe whatever was happened and whatever was about happen between me and Sheela Didi. Like I said in my bachelorhood; till I was here I use to masturbate while thinking about Sheela Didi and now my that desire was about to get into reality.

Not for even a moment I thought about this fact that I am about to cheat my wife, rather I was getting harder and harder in my lower while thinking about the position in which I will fuck Sheela Didi after reaching back home.

I was again and again recalling the way Sheela Didi approached me, for me it was a matter of surprise that she was so simple and true from the heart that instead of trying anything weird to arouse me sexually or saying anything double meaning she straight forward asked me for sex.

Anyway as it was peak winters and dark like mid night it took me almost 20-25 minutes to get the Condoms and when I reached back to the place where I was staying lights of living room were turned off. I reached to the bedroom and first thing I saw that wearing one of my shirts, resting her back Sheela Didi was sitting on the middle of the bed under the blanket.

Next I saw, along with the white color bra, Salwar Kameez which Sheela Didi was wearing just before my exit was hanging on the handle of the wardrobe and with a thought that Sheela Didi is wearing nothing underneath my shirt and just panty on her lower half my erection went further high.

I threw the pack of condoms to her and she spoke to me with a smile “Kapde uttar ke aa jaaiye Rajaai(blanket) mein. It took me hardly a minute to take off my clothes and wearing just my under garments I went into the blanket Sheela Didi instantly took me under her body.

Her bra was hanging out and she was wearing nothing underneath my shirt; now I was actually realizing that because her soft and heavy milks were getting pressed against my chest. Leaving most of her weight over my chest Sheela Didi looked into my eyes closely with a smile, caressed my cheek with all her affection and kissed me tenderly over there and spoke out

“humen vishwas hi nahi ho raha ki hum is tarah aapke saath hain” (I can’t believe we are together like this) I was realizing that in a way she is in love with me and with that I went through strange rapture but ultimately I remained silent and addressing me with my name with a suffix of Ji she spoke again

“Nirmal Ji… hum aapse bahut pyar karte hain…aaj se nahi bahut pahle se” “ye baat aapne kabhi mujhe batayi kyun nahi” I asked her back and she replied with the words “kabhi himmat hi nahi hui” and I casually asked her again “fir aaj kaise himmat ho gayi…?” and she smiled a bit and then uttered “aaj to hum pakka irada karke aaye the ki aapke saath sambhog karna hi hai”

I was not aware of the word “Sambhog” for fucking and I spoke out same word in surprise “Sambhog…?” “haan…Sambhog… fucking ko Hindi mein sambhog kahte hain” and we both smiled over that and Sheela Didi spoke again “aaj hum aapke saath raat bhar Sambhog karenge”

she was getting excited I could feel it in her words and tone in which she spoke that and next instant she placed her lips over mine and we started kissing. I can easily say that it was most wonderful kiss I have ever experienced in my sex life till now.

Sheela Didi was into me so lovingly and got so engrossed in exploring my mouth that for few seconds I forgot to respond back and went unconscious in her love making. I could not believe that villagy looking female like Sheela Didi can kiss so intensely. Along with sucking my tongue Sheela Didi was releasing her saliva in my mouth and I was just gulping it.

After a while I too responded back to her. I also explored her mouth and sucked her tongue and we just went on eating each other like true lovers. She was over me and we both were in blanket; warm and cozy and soon after breaking the kiss Sheela Didi lifted my undershirt and ultimately took it out from my arms and started brushing her wet lips over my face and kissed me all around.

I was enjoying getting loved by her madly and next instant she moved down to my bare chest and started licking my skin; around my neck and after moving bit down she started sucking my nipples. I grunted in heavenly sensation and afterwards just went on moaning while holding her in my arms.

I was also getting excited and eventually turned around her took her under me and responded back to her love making with same passion and kissed her all around her face. Sheela Didi was puffing in pleasure so was I and in due course my hands reached to her soft breasts and I squeezed them gently.

Ohhh Wow Sheela Didi was so soft and fleshy over her milks mounds that I couldn’t stop playing with them and I just went on clutching them with my hand over the soft cloth of my own shirt. “please suck kariye inko” Sheela Didi spoke that, she told me to suck her melons and I immediately started unbuttoning her shirt and finally got a clear view of her luscious melons.

Ohhh…they were so big and luscious tipped with thick, long and erect nipples with wrinkled areolas. I cupped them in my hand and instantly took one of her milk mound in my mouth and started sucking her nipples with all my affection and in moment Sheela Didi seemed getting mad in lust.

Holding my scalp she went on moaning in pleasure while feeding me like a mother and I just went on pleasuring her by sucking and squeezing her fleshy mounds. After sucking her both the melons properly, gradually I moved down to her belly and licked her naval and ultimately reached to her panty, as I was in the blanked for me it was dark,

I could not see much but I could smell erotic aroma of her pleasure juices and next intant holding her panty from her waist I tried taking it out of her legs and Sheela Didi lifted her bottom to get herself naked. After that she pulled me out of the blanked and went in to take off my underwear and ultimately we both got naked.

Sheela Didi lied beside me again and eventually her hand moved into the blanket and reached to my monster. Ohh…that was real heaven for me, anyhow I am not trying to justify my cheating with my wife but I must mention this fact that during those days my wife was almost seven months pregnant and sexually I was not in her contact since her pregnancy was confirmed

and I was little starved for sexual pleasure and as Sheela Didi took my Penis in her hand and started jerking I moaned with intense pleasure and in reflex tried reaching to her fuckhole with my hand, Ohhh…that was too good, knowing her basic nature and villagy lifestyle I was expecting that she will be having lot of hairs over her fuckhole but she was soft and clean with hell of wetness.

As she felt my hand over her crotch Sheela Didi opened her thighs bit apart, just to give me better access of her pleasure hole and spoke out “humne aaj hi apni “Yoni”(fuckhole) se baal saaf kiye hain” this time I knew what is Yoni and I just smiled over her use of that word and Sheela Didi spoke again and told me what does she meant with Yoni “humari issko Hindi mein Yoni bolte hain…”

I smiled again and asked her back “humare issko Hindi mein kya bolte hain” and she came up with a word “Ling”. Our hands were over each other’s pleasure zones; while talking to each other Sheela Didi was jerking my monster and I was rubbing her wet and soft love opening and like it can be expected I was getting harder and harder and wetness over Sheela Didi’s fuckhole was also increasing.

“So…ab mera Ling aapki Yoni mein jaayega” I spoke that and with that inserted my finger in her fuckhole, Sheela Didi moaned softly with a sexy hum, “hmmmmm….” And then spoke out “Haan….ab daal dijiye apna Ling humari Yoni mein” “to fir Ling pe Condom lagga do” I spoke that; told her to put the condom over my monster and she told me to put in without that,

“daal dijiye aise hi…” I was surprised to hear that “Why…? Condom nahi lagana” and Sheela Didi smiled back a bit and uttered “nahi…hum soch rahe hain bina Condom ke hi Karen…Condom se mazza kharab ho jaata hai” and in response I asked her then why she sent me out in the cold to get the condoms and she said that instant she was little biased and also said sorry to me for sending me out especially for that.

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Kadar fucking cousins Salma and Saira

Salma, 20, was married off when she was just 18. She just joined the college for degree when her family got a proposal for her from the family of Rashid and they agreed to get her married. Rashid was in gulf and was in a good job. He was quite handsome and healthy. Salma also gave her consent. Rashid came on leave and after marriage he took her to several places.

Their honeymoon was very enjoyable. Salma was not a virgin when the marriage took place, because of her affair with the servant in the family. She was very fond of sex and the servant boy, Kadar, was willing to do anything she asked him to do. It started wth only licking her cunt, but seeing his tool she liked to try it and they fucked and fucked without anybody knowing it.

After marriage, Rashid went away spending his one month leave with his family, promising Salma to get her a family visa so that she can join him. But somehow the family visa did not materialize and Salma continued to be in her home. She continued her education and went to college. Her affair with Kadar continued.

But she was careful to see that he does it only on her safe days. His tool was big and he retaining capacity was great. She stayed in her upstair room under the pretext of studying. Kadar went up with her tea and eatables, fruits etc. Every hour he used to plunge his rod in her pit and she enjoyed its tightness and frequency.

He rammed his rod into her, that is the way she wanted, and went on with the action she said said enough. Kadar grew into a handsome lad in a short time. She gave him lot of money so that he may eat anything he desires. He was younger to her by three years, but his rod fitted her well.

When she sits for study at the edge of the bed, he sat on the floor burying his face in her crotch and licking her cunt. He drank all her fluids and relished it much. She simply loved the way he did it. She never bothered about her visa from Rashid. Kader took her to heaven many times a day. But their meeting was only during day time.

In the night she slept with her mother and nobody suspected any foul play. One day a coursin of Salma came on holidays to spend with Salma. Salma's game plan was totally upset. Cousin, Saira, was equally beautiful and of the same age. Salma asked her about her opinion about sex. Saira said she cannot imagine sex in her family set up, as they were very cautious at her home.

Finally she agreed with Salma to have a trial, if it is from a trustworthy source. Next day Salma and Saira were sitting in the room when Kadar came with tea for both the girls. Salma asked Kadar to show his tool to Saira. He just brought it out and showed it to Saira. Saira was shocked. She had never seen one before. This big and this strong. She was scared.

Saira asked Salma to show her how it is done. Salma was too willing to show her expertise. She undressed quickly and asked Saira also to undress. Salma asked Kadar to come near and lick her cunt. Her cunt was clean shaven and He did it so nicely. Saira had some hair in her cunt and she felt shy to show it to Kadar. On insistance by Salma, Saira showed Kadar her pussy.

Salma asked Kadar to lick the cunt of Saira first to get her in the mood. Kadar agreed and making Saira lie in the bed with her legs open, Kadar leaned over her and licked her cunt. This was a new experience for Saira. She made some sounds of joy. When Kader looking for the clitoris of Saira searched her cunt with his strong tongue tip.

Salma sat on the floor and took the cock of Kadar in her mouth. Finally Kadar located her tiny clitoris which was just projecting. He first licked it and pulled it with his lips and again licked it. Saira was on the peak of joy and she with her hands pressed the head of Kadar down into her cunt. Salma wanted him to put his cock into her cunt while he sucked the clitoris of Saira.

Kadar did so making Salma to lie on the floor, he inserted his cock into her cunt and he continued to lick the cunt and clitoris of Saira. Both girls reached their orgasm simultaneously. Salma got up and asked kadar to fuck Saira. Kadar put his wet cock into the cunt of Saira and Salma bent over and licked and sucked the nipples of Saira.

Kadar made entry slowly into the cunt of Saira. Her cunt walls were stretched to accommodate the monster of a cock. But she got immense pleasure from the sucking of her boobs and nipples by Salma. Finally with one push Kadar entered fully the cunt of Saira. Fucking her slowly Kadar slowly increased his speed.

Saira was enjoying the fuck and was crying for more deep and strong strokes. Finally she got her second orgasm. But Salma immediately pulled Kader into her cunt and Kader smiled andstarted to fuck Salma. He fucked the girls twice during that session. Somebody called him from downstairs and he ran down.

Both the girls were immensely happy and saira told that she never knew that so much of pleasure was hidden in sex. Saira's cunt was burning and paining. They both rested and dressed up and went to the kitchen for lunch. Salma told her mother that she will sleep in her bedroom with Saira. Her mother agreed. She hinted to Kadar to come to her room in the night. Kadar agreed.

In the night after all the people retired, Kadar went to the room of Salma. Both the girls were eagerly waited for him. Both the girls wanted to have sex together. Kadar agreed and asked them to ride on him and showed them how to fuck from the top. One of them to sit on his face and make him lick her cunt.

Both the girls sat on him one on his face and the other on his abdomen and she inserted his cock into her cunt. Both of them had sex at a time and they both enjoyed. The whole night Kadar would have fucked them three times each.

The procedure was continued for the days Saira was there. Saira learnt many new lessons in sex from Salma and Kadar. The same story was repeated until they both got married and moved away. Kadar waited for his new prey.

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Venkat fucking sisters daughter Lalitha

Venkat, 53, in good health stayed in the sixth floor or an apartment complex. His wife Sudha was away at her native place to take care of their child who is sick and needed more medical care and nursing. Venkat was alone at the flat, cooking his own food, doing yoga, meditation, etc. attending a private company who pay him well.

Venkat had no regrets since his wants were limited. He had very limited circle of friends, and just browsed his computer and listened to music. His sister called and told him that her newly married daughter, Lalitha, is alone since her husband had gone abroad for job and she wanted to move into the house of Venkat so that she will be in safe hands till she is able to move away with her husband.

Lalitha was a Computer specialist, and could have got a well paid job in India. But since her husband is away she wanted to join him. Till staying alone in a house seemed inappropriate. That is why her mother asked her brother Venkat to accommodate Lalitha in his house for a short time.

Venkat knew Lalitha in her younger days when she went to school from his house and his wife used to take care of her. Now she grew up into a fine woman and got married and now Venkat does not know the habits of Lalitha. Nevertheless, he agreed and next day Lalitha was supposed to land in the house of Venkat with her bag and baggage.

Venkat hurriedly cleaned up a guest bed room, for the occupation of Lalitha. She came in a taxi with about six boxes of varying sizes and said said hi mama and dumped her luggage in the veranda and paid the taxi and sent him off. Venkat was stunned to see her. Lali, 22, had grown up into a fine lady of beauty and she looked more elegant in her dress.

Venkat helped her to move her baggage to the room and she went and checked up the bathroom which was unused for a long time, but in good condition. The single bed had a good mattress and a bedsheet and a pillow. Venkat came and sat in the sitting room in front of his laptop. Lali said she will have a bath and change of clothes and come and sit for a talk.

After about half an hour he heard her finishing her bath and get dressed up and come into the sitting room and sat in one of the chairs in front of Venkat to chat. Her attire shocked Venkat. She was wearing just a think kurthee, without any bra and her body was totally visible though the kurthee.

She wore a knicker, just to cover her panty and her other parts of the body was totally exposed. She had long ivory colored legs, totally exposed. Venkat brought up in orthodox atmosphere and not familiar to such feminine dresses was shocked. When he loooked at her, his eyes roamed over her round erect boobs and its nipples. When he lowers his eyes her flat abdomen showed.

A small metallic button which held the two sides of her knicker together was worn out and any moment it may give way. Her panty elestic and the edges were visible from every corner. In the normal course this much of a feminine appearance was sufficient for his sex starved mind to give him an erection.

He asked Lali, in detail about her hus band and his present job and how soon he would come to take her away. He suggested she may take up some job here when she waited for his arriaval. But Lalitha said if her husband comes to know that she got employed in India, his efforts to take her to his work place will slacken. Her main aim is to join her husband as early as possible.

Lali inquired about Venkat's wife, the health of his child and he was sleeping along in his king sized bed in the a/c bed room. Venkat was quite sexually active when his wife went away. He tried to fuck her on the occasions he used to visit her, but she said in the present condition of their child, she was not at all inclined for sex and poor man had to return.

Occasionally he had to masturbate to satisfy his urge. Lali got up and went around the house and found his bed room was more luxurious and comfortable. In the night they ordered some small food from a nearby hotel and both were very satisfied. Venkat had some milk in the fridge which he got heated in the micro and they both drank leaving a little for the next day morning coffee.

It was jus 8 pm and they put on the TV and watched. Venkat was interested only in news channels but Lali wanted ot see some other channels. He went to telephone his wife about their new guest, whom his wife knew. Lalitha also spoke to Sudha aunty and talked for a while.

Venkat was watching her and found she was changing her position so frequently that her knicker was just coming down and her public hair was visible from the top. Her boobs were dangling and shaked to make anybody horny. Venkat felt a movement in his crotch after a long time.

By 9.30 pm, he locked the front door, checked up the kitchen and cleaned up everything told Lalitha to sleep in the guest bed room and he bidding good bye to her went to his bed room, straightened the sheets and lied down chanting his usual prayers was getting ready to sleep. Suddenly Lali came dashing in and said Uncle, let me sleep with you just for today.

Ok, said Venkat. His bed was huge and two people can comfortably sleep there. Lali went inside the bathroom and came back and said she will change and come. She went out and came back within a short time wearing a nightie. Taking the liberties she took when she was a child, she just jumped into the bed and lied near, Venkat.

He got up to put out the light and only a small LED light was burning. He turned to one side of the bed and was trying to sleep. Lali was talking about her married life etc. Venkat could not turn to her side or sleep on his back as he had a small erection which will appear as a bulge. Lali went on talking, that was her habit.

She pulled him to turn to her side and she found that he has an erection and that is why he is not able to face her. Suddenly a rush of blood to her groins make her more horny and she just put her hand across and embraced Venkat and pulled him closer. Her boobs were pressing against his back. Her hand stretched down and caught his erect cock. Venkat was shocked.

All these things happened in such quick succession without any preplanning that she was gripping his erect cock. Venkat turned to her and told her no, it is too much, you should not play such games, you are grown up and your husband is waiting for your arrival at gulf. Dont meddle with me and my life.

Lali said, just imagine my condition, since last three months, I have not been touched by anybody, you are also leading a brahmacharya life. I just was tempted to have just once, just once only please uncle, you also need it, I know, just once for today. Venkat did not need more persuation. He put his hand across and embraced her.

Lali removed her nightie and she was totally naked beneath it. She pulled off his dhothi and make him totally naked. His cock was a 7" rod standing in full erection. Lali just held in with both of her hands and kissed its top. She straddled him putting both her legs on either side of his and put the tip of his cock into her cunt and pushed her bottom forward. His cock was entering her cunt.

It was very tight. Venkat liked the game and he aided her with his hand pulled her closer so that his cock will enter her fully. Lali was fully horny and was crying with joy. Venkat rose and kissed her boobs and nipples. Lali leaned forward to make him suck her nipples. His cock entered her fully and tight grip of her muscles gave both of them great pleasure.

She said there is no hurry, let us proceed slowly enjoying every minute. Venkat agreed. with his hand he made her move forward and backwards so that his cock was moving inside her cunt. They went on like this for some time. Lali rotated her body over him so that his cock went round her cunt.

Venkat lifted her bottom with his hands and brought her down to bring forth the fucking action. He caught her boobs with both of his hands and pressed and squeezed them. Lali said she is going to cum and asked him also to adjust his orgasm so that they both will cum together. Venkat made some brisk action and they both cummed together. He shot his fluids into her.

She lied on him for some time and she got up kissing him and they both went to the bathroom for washing. They continued to have another fuck with her lying on the bed and he fucking from the top. Afterwards they fucked four or five times in a day. Lali was crazy over sex and she just sucked his cock and made it rise. Venkat licked her pussy and sucked her clitoris.

They both never had so much of sex with their real partners. They tried all poses day in and day out. They never cooked any food but always depended on the hotel food. She was not in a hurry to join her husband. Venkat also never went to meet his wife. In the night they resorted to 69 position and enjoyed for hours.

Finally one day Lali's husband informed that he is reaching on the following day. They had to make a lot of arrangements for his arrival. He came with her visa and ticket to fly off within a week. She could not find any reason to stay back. She left on the day bidding good bye to Venkat with tears in her eyes. Venkat also had his eyes go damp.

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