Rejina having sex with father-in-law

Abdulla haji one of the rich businessmen in the locality. At the age of 44 he lost his wife and he did not remarry. His son Kadir without getting involved in business was busy studying and took his degree with high marks. Kadir was a sportsman and took part in all sports and games and was not a prey to the youthful temptations.

The uncle of Kadir was in Kuwait who wanted him to sent over to Kuwait where it was then easy to get a job. But Abdulla haji wanted to get his son married before being sent abroad. They found Rejina, daughter of Ismail haji a proper bride for Kadir. She was beautiful, with big boobs, ass, and thighs All relatives considered her to be the proper bride for Kadir.

A proper day was fixed and the nikah was formalized. When Kadir saw Rejina he was very much enamored. But he did not do anything in the first night although Rejina was prepared. Both young boys and girls have their own dreams about their first night. Friends of Regina warned her to be prepared for a rough and painful encounter during the first night.

But friends of Kadir warned him not to fuck his bride in the first night but talk to her and dispel her fears and take her gradually with love. Rejina by nature a hot girl was very much attracted to Kadir and expected he will atleast touch and kiss her. When he was not doing anything, she took his hand while talking and put it on her boob.

Finally Kadir had to unbutton her shirt, unhook her bra and took her boob in his hand and just planted a kiss on it and seeing its erect nipple he just licked it and sucked it. Rejina's hand moved in the direction of his dhothi and found his cock fully erect. They were talking about their college days, but Rejina hand was on his cock.

On her insistence he removed his underwear and brouhgt out his huge cock. Rejina had not seen so huge a cock. While playing with her cousins she had seen them carrying only small cocks of five inch size. But this appeared to be anything more than seven inches or even more with a red glowing bulb at the tip. Rejina felt like planting a kiss on it.

To the surprise of Kadir, she just gave his cock a kiss and opened her mouth wide and took its tip in her mouth. Kadir could not wait any longer. He just removed his shirt and other clothes, made her also undress, examined her shaven pussy closely and decided to have his fuck. He knew she too was eager to have her first fuck.

He put the tip of his cock in her pussy and moved it around to find out where it will go inside. Rejina guided him to her fuck hole. But it was very small and tight. His huge cock did not go in. With lights fully on, Kadir somehow pushed his cock into the hole and Rejina showed pain in her face, but he pushed and pushed his cock and made half of it go inside.

The was Rejina was making peculiar sounds Kadir thought he had to do the fucking at any cost. He pushed and pushed with all strength that his huge cock went inside her. Tears were flowing from her eyes. But Kadir started to move in and out slowly. Suddenly Rejina stopped crying but seem to be enjoying.

She hugged him tightly, her boobs pressed against his chest flat, she was encouraging him to do it faster. It was his first sex experience, but Rejina has had many sex adventures with her cousins, like making them lick her pussy, sucking their tiny cocks, etc. Once a fellow tried to put his 5 inch cock in her pussy which she resisted. Kadir got into a rhythm and Rejina enjoyed it immensely.

Finally he shot his juices inside her and she too got her climax. Kadir pulled out his cock which was erect, Rejina saw blood stains mixed with his fluids and hers all over her hole. They both went and washed in the bathroom. He asked her whethre she enjoyed, she with a bright face said, yes. They again fucked and fucked and the whole night was spent in fucking only.

Her hairless cunt gripped his cock tightly and he enjoyed the feeling very much. His cock went deep inside her filling her unknown depths, which she liked. It was a sex celebrations in the days followed. The girl was clever not to get pregnant. She knew all about the contraception. Poor Kadir knew very little about sex. She taught him so many details in sex.

Her favorite posture was to straddle him and fuck. Suddenly there was a call from the uncle of Kadir to come as early as possible. He had sent a visa and said there is a job ready for him. Kadir got ready, but Rejina was crying. He consoled her that he will get a family visa and see that she also goes as early as possible.

Kadir made all preparations and left for Kuwait in the following week. Abdulla Haji and Rejina went to the airport to see Kadir off. The girl was crying continuously and it became very difficult for Abdulla Haji to console her. He put his hand around her and wiped her tears and spoke endearing words. Rejina put her hands around Haji and seemed to have been consoled.

Rejina had a bedroom for herself and Haji slept in his bedroom. Rejina had a TV in her room for her own use, beside VCR etc. Haji just went daily to the mosque and prayed for all the five times a day. Rejina felt very lonely. She used to finger and satisfy her sex needs. Kadir used to call her on all alternative days and told her that he is moving papers for her visa.

One day due to onset of monsoon there was a huge lightening and thunder. It was 11 pm in the night. Poor Rejina was scared of the sound of thunder. It was loud and continuous. She got up from her bed scared and ran down to the bedroom of Haji crying. The door was not bolted. She just pushed and it opened. She ran into the bed of Haji.

He got up and knew that poor child is scared of the thunder and lightening. He pacified her and asked her to lie down near him. Closing her eyes tight she hugged him. Haji tried to push her away but she was coming closer and closer. Her boobs were pressed against his chest. He notined she has not worn any bra or panty while going to bed.

The lightening continued for a long time. Rejina was pressing herself against the body of Haji. The man in Haji was awake. His hand touched her bare back and her ass. His cock was stiff. Suddenly Regina realized that the cock of Abdulla Haji was pressing against her stomach. She raised and put her leg across him. His hand was searching for her pussy.

Slowly she climbed over him and his cock was direcly above her pussy. After the death of his wife he never had any sex with any other woman. Passions of Haji arose. without waiting for him to take initiative, Rejina got up took his cock and inserted it into her cunt and she lied on him. Haji was shocked. His huge cock was buried deep inside the young juicy cunt of his daughter in law.

Her fear and her cry stopped and she was moving her cunt up and down and sideways. It was a new experience for Haji. He could not push her out. He just allowed the girl to have it her way. She knew how to go about. Suddenly she made some brisk movement and then stopped. This way the fuck will never culminate. It was pleasure and pleausre of the extreme order.

Finally he shot his fluids inside her. He was sorry she may not get pregnant. But she said dont worry it is safe period for her. She sucked his cock and made it ready for further fuck. One day he asked Haji to lick her cunt. He was shocked. But he leaned over and licked her cunt. She opened her cunt lips with her fingers and showed him his clitoris and asked him to suck her clitoris.

Haji liked to lick and suck the young cunt and her lust encouraged him The father in law and daughter in law enjoyed life immensely. He got her the best food, fruits in the market and she ate well. After about an year Kadir told her that he is coming back home to take her back with him. She was surprised. Life was very enjoyable now.

How it will be with Kadir she did not know but she has to go, otherwise what will people say. When Kadir came she found to her utter surprise that his cock was smaller in size than that of Haji. But she cannot stay back. She had to go with Kadir and she went crying.

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Ravi helped by Mom in sex during studies

Hi everybody, I am Ravi married male 32 yrs working currently in a pharma company in Mumbai. I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I want to share my first personnel sexual experience with all the HumanDigest readers.

This incident happen when I was in XII standard preparing for my preliminary examination in the month of Feb. As the state board examination was very close, I was little nervous, as I was not interested in science stream, my dad had force fully got the admission in science, which I did not all like.

As I was preparing for the preliminary exams, I used to study at night. Our house is 2 bedroom house, my parents (mom and dad) used to sleep in bed room and I used to study in the drawing room. I had a habit of reading porn book which I used to buy from the local book stores on the footpath. I would read this porn book in the toilet and while seeing the open naked pictures I used to masturbate in the toilet.

But as I was preparing for my exams, I had to read these porn books in between the studies. I used to lock the room from inside and become naked and read those books. The same routine continued for 10-15 days. One day we received a phone call from my native place that my grandmother (father’s mom) was very serious, hearing this dad had to go to attend her.

As my exams was near my mom did not go and stayed with me. On that very night, as usual, after dinner I went to the drawing room for studying and locked the door and started studying. After 15 minutes my mom knocked the door and said, “Ravi, open the door.” I was completely naked and after hearing my mom’s voices I stood up wore my shorts and ran towards the door to open the door.

Mom said, “Ravi as your dad is not there, you can study in my bed room. I cant sleep since I do not have the habit of sleeping alone.” I had no other option but to comply so I gathered all the study books along with the porn books and went the bed rooms. I was very sad that I could not read my porn books that night due to mom’s presence but did not know that my fate was going to change forever due to mom’s request.

My mom finished all the kitchen work and came to the bed room wiping her wet hands with her pallu. I want to describe my mom, she was 38 at that time good looking, fair, slim, with good circular boobs, her boobs was not that loose unlike other even though she did not wear bra. She always wore sari as a traditional south Indian women.

After doing all her works she came near the bed and said, “Ravi you can study here. As I am alone I am not able to sleep.” I said “Its ok mom, you can sleep here and I will study for the exams. But I will keep the lights on for me.” The light in the room were on and I was reading for my exam. As the light were on, mom was not able to sleep properly.

She was some time sleeping facing this side and some time facing that side. As she was facing this side and that side her saree pallu was disturbed and her both boobs curve were clearly visible in the blouse. Seeing this, my heart beating rate got double and tool inside pant started rising. Then after 15 minutes she slept calmly as if she was in deep sleep.

Then I kept the book for the examination and took out porn book and started reading it. In between I saw the big boobs of my mom and started reading the story. I slipped hand into my pant and started playing with my tool. During night time I never wear undies, due to this the bulge was clearly visible from the top of the pant.

Reading the porn story and looking at my mom’s boobs I became so desperate that I wanted to grab the two melons and suck it, but I didn’t have the guts to do that. Then I started reading the story again, the story was so nice and interesting that I got very much involved in the story and I failed to notice mom who had by that time woken up and was watching me intently.

With one hand holding the books I was shagging my cock inside the pant. I came to the climax of the story; I didn’t know when my tool came out of the pant. Before I could ejaculate I opened my eyes. I got shocked to see my mom sitting next to me and watching what I was doing. I was totally shocked as if my heart beat stopped. I was in a loss to react.

The porn story book dropped from my hand on the bed. My other hand was still on my tool which was partly roaming outside. My mom looked at my eyes but said nothing. She picked up the book and read if for 2 minutes. The books also contained some naked photos of male/female in different sex poses. She saw those photos very closely by turning page by page.

Her expressions changed from serious to stern. Then she kept the book on the bed and went to the wash room. I was totally shocked due to this incident. I immediately cleared all the books for exam and also the story book and kept them a side and switched off the tube light and switched on the night lamp. I slept on the bed with blanket covering from head to toe.

After 10 minute my mom came to the bed room and said, “Ravi, are you asleep.” Then she switched on the tube light and lifted the blanket over my head and said “Ravi reply, are you sleeping.” I didn’t have the guts to look at her face. Then she said, “Look Ravi this is very common at your age, I have also gone through your age, it is very common don’t get upset.

See I will explain you all thing.” Then I opened my eye and looked at her. She was standing very close to me and said, “See, Ravi I am your mom I know what you want at this age. I have also gone through this age way back. It is common don’t worry.” Her eyes were searching something in me. My body was shivering like a leaf. I dared not look into her eyes.

She sat near me and put her right hand on my shoulder and said “Don’t worry I will tell you how to over come this age. Where are those books.” I reacted as if nothing happen replied, “What book.” She said, “That porn book.” Then I said, “That it is there.” I pointed to the drawer where I kept the porn book.

She brought the book, sat next to me and opened the centre page. She started seeing the naked photos of the male and female. She said, “All these photos are fake, they are photo/camera trick and catching this photos. In real world no man will have tool this big and no female will have the boobs as big as this girl in the picture have. Don’t get disturbed seeing this kind fake photos.

Hence forth don’t read such kind of book, which would create bad image in your mind and will tell false things about sex. If you want to ask any thing I will teach you and I will solve your query about sex. So concentrate in study and get good marks in the exams, ok.” Then I waved my head, “Ok mom.” Then she switched off the light and came next to me and slept.

I was not able to sleep properly due to her talk. Her talks were disturbing me. Then I thought to go to the wash room and masturbate and release the tension. After half an hour I went to the wash room which was next to the bed room, I was casual as mom was in deep sleep and opened my pant took my tool out, with out locking the door properly.

Imagining the story that I read from the book I started jerking my tool vigorously closing my eyes. Within 5 minutes I was reaching climax to pour out my load of sperms, within no time I came with the load of sperms. When slowly I open my eyes, I was shocked to find my mom standing in front of the door. Watching all act coolly.

She was again shocked with this incident, without saying any words she again went to the bed room. I washed my tool and slowly went to bed room with out making any noise. I peeped into the bed room and found mom sleeping. Then I entered the bed room and went to sleep next to mom. I was unable to sleep due to these 2 incidents.

After 5 minute I heard my mom calling my name, “Ravi, are you finished dear.” I was shocked to hear this and I was speech less. Mom turned towards me and said, “Ravi, what were you doing in the wash room dear.” I could not say any thing. Mom again said, “Ravi what you were doing in the wash room was bad habit dear you should have not done that.

Who has taught you these things?” I mumbled, “My friend Ritesh has taught me to do this.” Mom smiled mischievously, “Hence forth don’t do this, it will affect your health adversely. If you want any thing, then you tell me or ask me. I will help, don’t ask your stupid friends, who will teach you this false thing.”

Then mom came near to me and said, “You have grown up enough to teach all things. Come here I will take you the world of sex;” Saying this mom lifted the blanket over me, and came very close to me and said in a whispering tone, “Son I have seen your penis. It is very big and thick. It is long enough to satisfy any woman.”

She kept her right hand over my penis above the pant and at started caressing it. She asked me in a sexy tone, “Have you seen any women or girl naked.” I shook my head and said, “No, but sure will love to see.” Then she brought her face closer to my face, I could feel her heart beats. Our breathing got heavier and clashed with each other. Her breathing was warmer then me.

She said, “Today is your lucky day, you will see your mom naked,” Hearing this I became very happy inside but did not show on my face. Then she kissed on my forehead and started removing my dress. I had not shown any reaction till then. Then she opened my pants and started sliding it down wards.

Within no time I was naked as the day I was born. Due to her caressing my cock was proudly sticking upward. She brought her face towards my cock, she was very close to my cock, and her warm breath was touching my cock, which made me move my cock up and down. She said, “Ravi your cock is very nice and big yaar, it is even bigger than your dad.”

Hearing this I was flying in the heaven. Do you know all men will like the praise of their cock from any woman. Mom started licking my cock; I was helpless lying on the bed. Mom was rotating her tongue over my cock. Moving back the foreskin and also playing with my balls. Even though I have masturbated 15 minute ago my cock was rock hard facing the sky.

Mom was in full flow licking my cock and drinking all my precum without wasting any drop of it. Then mom stopped sucking and looked at me and smiled. I also smiled at her without saying anything. Mom said, “Son you are really grown up. Your cock taste even better than your dads cock.” I asked mom, “How long is dads cock.”

Mom said, “It is small about 2 inch smaller than yours.” My smile becomes even wider. Then mom came towards my face and kissed me on my forehead again and then kissed on my lips within no time my lips locked in mom’s mouth. Both of our tongue started fighting with each other. Then mom lied on the bed taking me over her.

Our kissing continued mom was below me and in was above her. Them mom slowly removed my face way and said, “Son undress me quickly.” My hands were trembling due to excitement and fear. Sensing my position she took my hand and kept on the blouse hook and said, “Open it.” I obeyed as mom said and unhooked her blouse, then 4 hook of her blouse were freed.

On that particular day she was not wearing the bra. Her big melon were free and inviting me to eat them. I slowly touched the boobs and encircled the melons slowly I touched the nipple of the right breast and squeeze between the thumb and index finger. Similarly I did with the left boobs. Then I grabbed both the boobs with both hand and started squeezing it.

Mom started making sweet noise, the noise made me hornier and I started squeezing more hardly. I bent down further and touched the nipple with tongue tip. An electric current ran through my body. Mom said, “What happened.” I said, “Nothing. This is my first time mom.” Mom said, “Relax, take your time, do it slowly son. I will teach you how to make woman enjoy sex with your cock.

I will make you master in this act. When your wife comes she will be enjoying every bit of it.” Her breasts were bigger than I had thought and they drooped a bit. Her nipples are almost black in color. I went to her and cupped her breasts and then kneaded the nipples. All the while my mother was moaning and taking my name and calling me her husband.

It was a great feeling for me to be called by my mother as her husband. I started sucking the nipple like a child who drinks milk from his mom. I was sucking one nipple and pressing and squeezing the other one. After 10 minute I slowly came down to the tummy and kissed it. Then I didn’t know what to do? Mom lifted her face and saw my blank face, said, “What happened Ravi.”

I said “Nothing mom, I don’t know what to do further?” Although I had read in books about sex but I wanted mom to take the lead. Mom said, “Ravi, open the petticoat and make me naked. Then I will show what to do?” I obeyed mom and opened the knot of the petticoat and removed it down ward. Mom gracefully lifted her buttocks to facilitate my move. Mom was not wearing the panty also.

The hairy pussy was visible; I really froze seeing at it. This was the first time I was seeing a pussy live. I had seen it only in porn books. Her pussy was much lovelier than those in books. There sitting before me was the hole from where I was born. The hole my dad had fucked since long. Then mom understood that I had become nervous, she sat on the bed and told me to lie down.

I lay on the bed, mom freed the remaining dress and became complete naked and stood on the bed with pussy facing my side. She lifted her body and placed her ass on my chest. Then she widened her legs so that her one leg was on my left side and other on my right side. Her pussy was positioned exactly over my face.

She sat on my face and told me to lick her pussy. Dear friends I am really telling what a scene it was as I don’t have the words to explain. I licked the hairy pussy. Her pussy smelled of urine. The smell was intoxicating for me. I wanted to get inside it. Some white liquid was oozing out. It was shivering as if asking me to enter in.

I think she had not shaved for last 3-4 months. I opened my mouth and started licking the pussy. After some time some juice started flowing from her pussy. The smell of the love juice was making me horny; I started drinking all the juice flowing from the cunt. I could stay all night drinking the love juice from my mom’s cunt.

I slowly raised my both hand to support my mom hips. She was moving forward and backward as if she was fucking with my tongue. Then I raised hand still further and grabbed her both melons and started squeezing it and mean time I was sucking and licking her cunt. The big mirror in bed room showed the full image of us.

Them after 15 minutes of licking she stood up went little back and set in the position that my tool could easily enter her pussy. She took some saliva from her mouth and applied on the cock, her pussy was wet enough as I was licking for more than 15 minute. She positioned her pussy over my erect cock and lowered her cunt on my cock.

And she sat slowly on my cock and guided my cock towards her hole it slowly entered the pussy. Her pussy was very tight. She kept both her hands on my chest and started slowly pumping on my cock, as she did this I was flying in heaven with pleasure. She also enjoyed every bit of it. I took my hand and kept on her boobs and stated squeezing it and also pressing.

She was making some kind of sweet sexy noises ha.. ha.. iss iss iss. As I had already masturbated in the wash room my cock was rock hard. After 10 minutes of pumping she said, “Ravi you come up I will lie down as I am tired.” She got down and we changed our position. She lay on the bed and I came over her.

I positioned myself between her thighs and went down on her. She took my cock and guided in to her pussy. First attempt it missed and burrowed between her hairy thighs. She sighed and then took my cock in her hands and positioned it to her cuntal entrance. I could not wait any longer I pushed completely and I went in about half.

Mother was screaming “Slowly, it is many days since your father fucked me, go slow, I need to become wet. Spit in my cunt and then you can fuck”. I pulled out and then bent down and collected a lot of saliva in mouth and as she spread her legs I spat into her cunt. Then I went down on her again and this I was able to position myself on my own and pushed.

As I entered her I felt like my cock was on fire. 2-3 times my cock came out of her pussy. Mother’s cunt muscles were grinding against my cock and all the while mom was feeling the pain. She was weeping with pain but when I asked her if I should stop, she said “NO this is heavenly pain. My body will accept you as my lover; I have in my heart accepted you”.

I felt for her love and just hung there. She suddenly gathered up all her strength and pushed up her hips. Now I sank in completely up to my balls. She urged me to fuck her by moving back and forth. I could not hold any longer and I started fucking her taking long and slow strokes. I slowly started pumping my hip as this was my first real pussy show.

She was all the while moaning and I suddenly realised that she was no longer in pain. I started fucking her faster. I didn’t know suddenly I started blabbering “My dear mother, my love, I want to make you pregnant. I want to have a girl from you. I want to make you my wife”. Mother started moaning “I am all yours my son, take me and fuck me, I am not having any protection.

We will think of that later but now I am all yours to fuck me. I will sure give you a baby but not now.” Then I gained confidence I increased my speed, she was enjoying every bit of it. She was saying, “Come on son that’s good, fuck me tear my pussy. I like you speed son come on.” Hearing these encouraging words I increased my speed which by then had become almost double to my earlier speed. I kept on pumping my mom’s pussy.

Then after 5 minute mom said “Son, your mom is reaching the climax come on increase you speed.” Then I started fucking harder. And the harder I fucked more the juice started coming out from the cunt and the entire bedroom was echoeing with fucking noise. Mom reached her climax and I was also nearing to explode my load of sperm. Mom said, “Son I want to drink you cum, if you are to cum, come in my mouth.”

I removed the tool from the pussy and came near to her face and guided my cock in to her mouth, she sucked it and started shaking it front and back vigorously within no time I exploded in to her mouth. She drank all my cum not wasting a single drop of it. Then I lay aside of her. She came near me and hugged me and said, “Son you are very strong, you can satisfy any women as you have more stamina than your dad.”

She kissed me on my forehead and went to wash room with out wearing any cloth. I also cleaned my tool and slept on the bed naked. After 5 minute she came to the bed room properly arranged the bed sheet and slept next to me with out wearing any cloth. I hugged her and slept.

As next day was holiday we both got up at 11.00 am in the morning. We both entered the bath room and had bath together. I fucked her 3 more times that day and had more fucking session on standing position in doggie style.

After that every day we had fucking session in different style till my dad arrived from the native place. She had mastered me in the fucking art. If you like the story, post your comments below.

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Desi college lovers fucking in various positions moaning loudly sex video 1

Removed. Sorry.

Fucking hot and spicy neighbour Poonam - II

Previously: Fucking hot and spicy neighbour Poonam - I

Now I did not wanted to have coffee, I wanted to have something hotter than that, everything was set and now it was matter of a moment and to break the bars I followed her to the kitchen and wrapped my arm around her slender waist, touched my crotch over her jutting out ass and kissed over bare skin of her neck.

Poonam moaned loud, touch of my hand over her waist and my crotch over her ass made her shiver in sparking sensation and my wet lips added fuel to her excitement, “ohhh….. please yaar…what are you doing?” she spoke in trembling voice and I replied with “Main soch raha tha ki agar jalle pe namak maine chidka hai to marham bhi mujhe hi lagana chahiye” and I continued what I was doing,

I rubbed my crotch over her fleshy buns and slowly reached to her luscious fruits with my hands and Poonam tried to stop me from squeezing her melons and spoke again “please yaar…kya kar rahe ho ye sab” “kuch nahi…bass marham lagga raha hun tumhre jalle hue par…” I replied and extended my hand and turned the gas off while saying “nahi peeni mujhe coffee…let’s go to the bedroom….”

And grabbed Poonam’s body better and tried to turn her. “please yaar…this is not right…” “Right or wrong…whatever it is….I am going to fuck you” I grabbed her face in my hand softly and made her look into my eyes while saying that in excitement.

Our eyes met and I could clearly see lust in Poonam’s eyes and I spoke again “aur mujhe maaloom hai…you also need me and this is time…..Deepa is not here and we can do whatever we want” I paused for a fraction but kept on looking into her eyes and asked her the final verdict “say yes or no?...I will not ask you again” “Yes…fuck me”

Finally Poonam spoke out her deep desire and now there was nothing which could stop me from handling her body like I always desired. I was waiting for this almost from last 20 days and as that moment came I went crazy, I kept my lips over Poonam’s luscious lips and squeezed her ample fruits nicely.

“Ahhh….hmmmm….” Poonam’s lips were locked and she was moaning from her soul” I ate her, sucked her lips passionately and moved my tongue all around her mouth and tried to pull her tongue with my lips. Poonam responded to my kiss equally well and in a moment her tongue was moving inside my mouth.

While kissing and licking each other’s mouths with all our passion, down there our hands were busy in feeling each other’s body. I was holding Poonam’s luscious milks nicely with one hand and my other hand was moving over her fleshy ass mound and while moaning by breaking the kiss again and again she was rubbing her palm over my torso to feel a real man after a long time.

“Let’s go to the bedroom” I spoke out in rising lust while looking into her eyes and she agreed without uttering a word, just from her expressions. Within a minute we were standing in the middle of the bedroom of her flat and I took off her long t-shirt on the very first instant we reached there.

Wow...Poonam was just in her inner wears and for me it was a dream come true, her skin was utterly clear and smooth, her heavy melons were swollen in excitement and seemed eager to get free and over that a silver divine figure locket with a silver chain around her neck was adding up fuel to her sex appeal.

Next I slipped down strap of bra from her shoulder and took out her luscious milk and caressed it with my hand. Closing her eyes in pleasure Poonam moaned deliciously and next moment I took her long and erect nipple in my mouth and felt her breast going heavier in excitement. Gradually while sucking her one breast I exposed her other melon too and sucked that too.

I squeezed both the milks together to hear her gasp and Poonam tried to hug me grunting. We hugged and I brushed my lips over the bare skin of her neck which made her pant further “…Poonam I will fuck you baby…I will fuck you whole night” “hmmm….fuck me...aap bhi apne kapde uttaro” Poonam told me to take of my clothes and I started doing that.

Poonam helped me, by the time I came out of my trouser she opened buttons of my shirt and like that within a minute or two I was stark naked but Poonam was yet wearing her panty and to take off that I pushed her to the bed lightly and she lied down. I took out last cloth from her legs and she was lying wide open in front of me. It was clean; Poonam was not having even a mark of single hair over her fuckhole.

I rubbed her opening with my hand while getting on the bed and Poonam moaned sexily over my touch “Wow…. you are totally clean” I spoke while rubbing Poonam’s fuckhole tenderly “Haan…abhi hi to kiya hai issko clean…when I came in to change” she replied while lying on her back “Oh… so you knew ki aaj humare beech mein kuch hone wala hai….”

“Haan…I knew….and I was waiting for this to happen from so many days….” Poonam replied back, “let’s do it then….” I spoke and started jerking my monster and asked her again “daal dun naa… andar” “haan daal do…” Poonam replied “condom lagga ke daalun ya aise hi daal dun….?” I asked her again “aise hi daal do…I will manage….”

She replied, though I wanted to do since long but that instant I did not thought about oral sex, we both were getting mad in lust and there was no way to release the heat except fucking and to do that I leaned over her and Poonam widened her thighs further apart to settle me between her fleshy thighs and I guided my monster into her.

I rubbed tip of my thick Penis over her wet opening to make her grunt and she grunted like I was expecting and next moment my thick and long monster made his way in Poonam’s thirsty t fuckhole stretched her virginal muscles wide apart and we both moaned erotically in fusion of our genitals.

Wow what a pleasure it was, Poonam was too good at her fuckhole and the way her fuckhole convulsed over my thick Penis was just divine. As I reached to the depth of Poonam’s womb instead of coming out I retained my monster inside her and tried to get into her deeper by pushing me inwards and somewhat crushed her vertical lips with my balls,

“Ahhh….” I gasped in ecstasy; she was incredibly wet and hot at her fuckhole. As I crushed her fuckhole Poonam also grunted in pleasure by arching her neck from her lovely facial expressions I could make out that she was really starved for this.

“Fuck me…Please fuck me” closing her eyes Poonam grunted while saying that, she wanted me to fuck her now and with in no time my thick and throbbing Penis was pounding madly in her starved fuckhole and Poonam smoothly beared my sudden jerk inside her and accelerated her motions with mine, and started pushing her up for a quick orgasm.

I plunged myself deeply into Poonam, stroking quickly in and out of her pleasure hole, making her whole body jerk and snap with my thrusts and saw her big milks jiggling with my thrusts. I further leaned over her and tried to suck her hard nipples and with a soft moan Poonam started digging her fingers into my shoulders, she held me tight and started lifting her hips to mine,

she needed me faster and I rose my speed and suddenly Poonam arched her back steeply and squeezed her fuckhole over my energetic monster several times in quick succession. I gasped erotically and drove myself back into her, ramming in hard and brutal and Poonam moaned thickly and began to orgasm.

Her fuckhole trembled on my penis and she started shivering with loud and erotic gasps. Poonam’s entire body shuddered as if some sort of current is passing through her body and watching her in such erotic state in a moment or two I too groaned and pushed my rod deep into her womb and began to come,

burring myself into her channel I squeezed my hips together twice or thrice over her fuckhole making her jerk randomly. I spewed out into her crack and as Poonam felt hot stream of my jizz streaming deep into her she moaned again while closing her eyes.

My climax passed in seconds and I released my entire weight over her and lied like a dead body, My hard Penis promptly began to shrink and by the time I caught my breath it slid out of her fuckhole and I lay while panting beside her. Poonam was also grunting and her state was telling that she has enjoyed every fraction of this quick fuck.

“mazza aagya…” I spoke without looking at her but Poonam remained silent. I turned sideways, got up a bit and rested my head over my palm with my elbows support and waited for her to speak and before I would have spoke again she got up and tried to go,

may be to clean the gunk which was injected into her fuckhole by me but holding her wrist I pulled her back and in a moment while coming partially over her I took her luscious body under me again “What happened…mazza nahi aaya?” I asked her while looking into her eyes, Poonam smiled a bit, for a instant she was satisfied I could see it from her relaxed gesture but I think she was little uncomfortable over what we did.

“kya soch rahi ho?” I asked her “nothing” she replied and tried to hide her feelings for a moment but then spoke “I tried a lot but I failed, I have cheated my husband….” “Hmmm…and I have cheated my wife” I spoke back and then after a pause I spoke again “but truly speaking mujhe koi regret nahi hai…rather I am very happy…you were too good…”

then again I spoke in continuation “tum bomb ho bomb and I feel I am luckiest male of this planet…. jisne abhi abhi iss bomb ko foda hai…aur next 20-25 days tak fodta rahega..” Poonam smiled a bit over my words and I spoke again “don’t feel guilty….just be like me….use the opportunity and be happy…. Life ko enjoy karo….”

We looked into each other’s eyes for a fraction and then I leaned over her and tried to kiss her, sucked her luscious lips. Poonam responded to my kiss little late but she responded and we explored each other’s mouth thoroughly. “ are delicious” I spoke after breaking the kiss and Poonam smiled a bit before saying “let me go” “first tell me…are you still feeling guilty?”

I asked her and Poonam responded by saying “actually I don’t want to think about it…” “Good” I spoke out with a mild smile, from Poonam’s expressions I could make out that she wants to speak something, I waited and she spoke “you know main bahut akeli hun…and because of this loneliness I could not sleep for whole night…”

Poonam paused and then spoke again “I desperately need a company unless I will committee suicide” “forget everything…. now you have a company…” I replied back while looking into her beautiful eyes and then just to create humor spoke again “and best part is even now you won’t sleep for the whole night….because I will fuck you whole night”

Poonam smiled over my words and uttered “Ok…now let me go” from her expressions I could make out that that she is almost back to normal and I got aside and I too got up with her, “just be careful…kahin tum pregnant na ho jaao” I spoke and then added “we can use condoms” Poonam was going to washroom and she spoke before getting in,

“I don’t like condoms” “Good…even I don’t like condoms” I spoke from outside and waited for her to come out. Poonam came out and I asked her “do you like oral sex?” Poonam smiled a bit over my question and uttered “yes I do” “good….now let’s have a coffee first” I replied and moved to the washroom.

Poonam picked up her long t-shirt to wear but just before getting in the washroom I told her to wear my shirt and she did that while looking at me with a smile. When I came out to the living room, wearing my shirt and just a panty on the lower half Poonam was almost up with the making coffee and she was pouring milk in the mugs while standing facing away from me.

She came out and smiled a bit while looking at me, “you are looking great in this shirt” I spoke and I really meant with my words, Poonam was looking a real bomb in that outfit, the way her breasts were jiggling I could see that she was not wearing any bra underneath and my shirt was ending in the middle of her fleshy thighs,

although I could not see her panty clearly but because of transparency of the fabric I was getting glimpse of it and it was increasing her sex appeal and once again felt movement in my jockey. As she kept the mugs on the central table I pulled her in my arms on the couch and rubbed my hand over her milks and felt their softness.

“I still can’t believe that I have fucked you” I spoke while kissing her cheek while playing with her soft milks. “Even I can’t believe…I don’t know how it happened…” Poonam spoke back in soft voice and somewhat stopped me playing with her body and picked up both the mugs and gave me one. “I tried but main resist hi nahi kar paayi” she spoke again.

We started having coffee, “Can I ask you something…?” this time I asked her but before she would have replied I asked again “Why you chose me…I mean you must be in touch of many guys…I mean collogues…friends” and to my question Poonam replied by saying “I never thought about any guy of my office for this… it could be dangerous…”

she paused and then spoke again “as such mere koi friends nahi hain…I mean with whom I can…” and then again after a pause she spoke “and if I will talk about you then I will say… I liked you from the day one and….. I don’t know how and when I started giving you hint”.

I was silent because I wanted to listen her and Poonam spoke again after few seconds “although I know this is not right…meri wajah se aapne Deepa se cheating ki” “forget that…life is very short…isko enjoy karo” I spoke and then I spoke again “I must say that you were amazing on the bed…mazza aagaya” “mazza to mujhe bhi bahut aaya…I was dying for this pleasure…”

“I know I could see that….the way you trembled in the end was amazing…I have never seen Deepa shivering like that” I spoke and saw Poonam blushing a bit but still she spoke “bahut din baad kiya na iss liye…” “Last time kab kiya tha…” I asked her and she replied by saying “more than one year back….when my husband was here…”.

“Army officer hai…achhe se karte hoga tumhare saath…I mean with lot of power and control…. main to bahut jaldi discharge ho gaya tha” I spoke and tried to know her sex life casually, Poonam smiled a bit over my words with blushing gesture, looked down for a fraction and then spoke in soft voice “nahi…you were very good…” Poonam replied and then after a moment she spoke again

“tell you frankly…hum dono mein kaafi age difference hai…and he is like…! I mean little less interested in all this as compared to me…” and probably just after a fraction Poonam realized that she should not go into the depth of her sex life and she corrected “I mean he is normal aur main nymphomaniac hun” and further to hide the fact she giggled a bit.

Up to certain extent I understood but I did not try to get further into the depth of her sex life with her husband and changed the subject. Poonam asked me few things about my sex life with my wife and like this we continued talking for a while and slowly Poonam started getting freer in talking to me.

I was wearing undershirt and just a jockey on my lower half and there was hell of movement over my Penis and Poonam was watching me adjusting my rod again and again with a smile. Finally we finished our coffee and because of conversation we had while having coffee from my side I was ready for the next round and I could see that Poonam was also in the same state.

“Let’s go the bedroom” I spoke “this time you just have to lie down…jo karna hai main karungi…” Poonam spoke while looking into my eyes. “Cool…” I spoke “Cool nahi Hot…aaj sab kuch hot hot hi hoga” Poonam spoke again and moved bit ahead and lifted my under shirt and took it off from my upper half.

Next after making me bare from upper half she moved her hand to my torso to feel a man and rubbed her lips over my bare skin to make me moan. Our second sex session started then and there in the living room only and I don’t know about her husband but certainly in that session Poonam proved that up to an extent whatever she said about herself, that she is a nymphomaniac was true.

After kissing me for hardly minute over my bare chest Poonam somewhat started licking my skin and continued pushing me slowly. I gradually lied over three sitter sofa while moaning in excitement and Poonam crawled over me and started sucking my erect nipples. Oh Wow what a feeling that was, she was enjoying my masculine body while lying on top.

She licked my entire chest; sucked and flicked my nipples with her tongue make me gasp in real heaven. “Let’s go” excitement rose and this time Poonam spoke to get into the bedroom. We both reached to the bedroom and as Poonam said I lied down on the bed.

Poonam took the shirt off to get bare from her upper half and climbed on the bed with erect nipples and sagging melons and pulled my jockey out from my legs while looking into my eyes. I was hard and needed her handling over my monster and Poonam did that, she started jerking my Penis and leaned over me with a support of her elbow to kiss me.

Once again we explored each other mouth and as we broke the kiss I spoke to her “mujhe tumhare neeche waale lips ki bhi kiss karni hai…” and then after a fraction asked her “tum bhi suck karogi na mera Penis?” and Poonam responded positively over my question “Haan Karungi….I enjoy all these naughty acts” and I spoke back

“I wish Deepa tumhare jaise hoti…she does not like doing all this” “mere husband bhi ye sab like nahi karte…” Poonam replied back while looking into my eyes. “let’s do it then” I spoke as I was eager to make things happen but Poonam wanted all that in some other way and she asked me “aapne BASIC INSTINCT dekhi hai?” it’s a Hollywood Movie and saying “haan”

I replied with yes and in a moment Poonam started tying my hand with a stole “sex karne ke baad mera murder kar dogi kya?” just to create some humor I asked her while getting tied and we both giggled over that and Poonam replied by saying “I have always dreamed doing this to you”.

Finally she tied my hands over my head, and as knot was not very tight and I could undo it with bit of efforts Poonam told me not to move my hands and I agreed. Ohh… Wow once again Poonam started using my muscular body to tranquilize her sexual urge and I enjoyed every moment of that. She started from the top and kissed my face quickly numerous times and then started exploring my mouth like a thirsty animal.

Next she moved down and licked entire skin of my chest, she sucked my nipples again to make me moan and then once again came up and bought her melons to my mouth. “suck karo innko” Poonam told me to suck her luscious fruits and I did that in the same posture with the hands tied over my head.

I took her long and erect nipple in my mouth and started flicking it with my tongue and slowly Poonam came closer over me so that I can take her breasts in my mouth and gradually holding my scalp she fed me her both the milks one by one and moaned softly with the pleasure of getting a suck over her breasts.

After getting plenty of sucking over her breasts once again Poonam moved down gradually while kissing my entire body and reached to the place where I needed her most, that is over my monster. She took my Penis in her hand and started jerking me to make me harder and finally it was a moment for which I was waiting since long.

Holding my monster straight slowly Poonam took tip of my Penis in her mouth and sucked it tenderly, closing my eyes I grunted softly and moaned in pleasure couple of times and lifted my head to see her face filled with my rod but I could not see it. Her hairs were obstructing my view, “Poonam….show me your face” I spoke to her and Poonam did that, she flicked her hairs away and looked at me for a fraction into my eyes with a smile.

“Hmmm…..” I grunted in pleasure, Poonam was looking stunning while holding my monster in her luscious lips. “Ohhh….wow”, like we see in movies I was expecting that she will suck me hard and fast and I had to guide her but Poonam knew how to give a good time to a man, she did not tried to hurry up and sucked just tip of my monster, released lot of her saliva on that and remained tender for really long.

Her mouth was incredibly hot and moist and slowly inch by inch Poonam took my entire length in her mouth and started sucking my monster like an ice cream “Ahhh….” And like that I grunted many times in pleasure. Though it was not, but still I can say it was first time I was getting an oral pleasure and it was really amazing.

Along with sucking Poonam massaged my balls and sensation was wonderful, my belly rippled in excitement and I grew harder in her mouth and saw Poonam’s pretty face getting filled gradually. My rod was appearing and disappearing in her mouth and after watching her sucking me like this for few more seconds I grunted loudly, my head arched back.

I was getting harder and harder and her cheeks billowed with my size. Poonam gave her best to give me oral pleasure, I could feel her tongue working around my cock head and I must say that her tongue had the kind of confidence that could only have come from experience and I wondered if her husband does not like all this what her sexual history was.

Finally I stopped her as apart from excitement pain was also rising and now it was my turn to give her same pleasure. As Poonam was still wearing a Panty, she stood up on the bed and took it out from her legs and while rubbing her opening with her own fingers and looked at me with a lustful smile and uttered “ab aap issko suck karoge” and I smiled a bit for acceptance.

Wow what a beautiful fuckhole she had, with no sign of hairs Poonam’s pussy lips were bit swollen and soaked with its own love juices in desire of getting stuffed. Next Poonam sat around my chest and bought her fuckhole to my mouth and spoke in excitement “please suck karo issko” she pressed her fuckhole over my mouth and started moving to and fro with very slow pace.

Keeping my hands tied over my head intact I took out my tongue and moved it over her fuckhole and tried to part her pussy lips from bottom to top and Poonam started moaning with every inward thrust. Her fuckhole was already wet and in a moment Poonam started oozing out juices and I gulped it all.

Once again I would say in a way it was first time I was sucking female fuckhole properly but as such there was no hesitation in me. Actually my wife never liked all this and whenever I agreed her for oral sex we ended up hardly in couple of minutes and like this over the years my desire of doing oral sex went on increasing and that instant it was just not Poonam who was getting an awaited pleasure

but I was also getting a something which I never experienced properly and like I always imagined it was great. Poonam was going crazy with the touch of my tongue over her fuckhole but she wanted me to do it better and to do that she once again grabbed my scalp and pressed her fuckhole over my mouth even better and spoke “suck karo issko achhe se”,

“haath khol do mere” I told her to release my hands but saying “nahi aise hi karo” she denied to do that. I inserted my tongue in her pleasure hole and tried to move it all around and sucked her pleasure hole to take out more love juices and Poonam rejoiced in pleasure. I tongue fucked her for a while and then held her thick pussy lips with my lips and tried to pull them out and Poonam

went crazier and pressed her fuckhole over my face harder and I sucked her with all my strength and for a instant felt her releasing fresh stream of juices. Poonam cried out erotically and suddenly got away from my face. Certainly it was not best which I could do, I would have exploded her like a bomb by sucking if my hands were free and I could hold her thighs apart but it was Poonam’s fantasy to have a fuck with me like that.

Anyway Poonam got away from my face and moved back over my crotch again, she was looking even prettier in that weird state, her hairs were spread all over and her face was full of lust. It was time for real action and we both were desperate for that. She looked at me, into my eyes while puffing a bit and spoke “I will ride on you” “hmmm….” For an instant I just hummed to say yes.

Finally while holding my length straight and looking down to direct it into her fuckhole Poonam shoved my monster slowly into her fuckhole and moaned in ecstasy while lifting her head up, “Ohh fuck” she uttered with erotic facial expressions, “Ahhh….” I too gasped in pleasure.

Once again I was fully inside Poonam and she moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes and felt my thick and hard monster distending her pussy lips and touching her vaginal walls again. “Ohh… God you are so big…” as my rod touched the deepest corner of her fuckhole Poonam gasped again while looking at me.

Wow her hot love juices flowed down to my crouch as she entered my full length deep inside her and my bliss enhanced when she began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts. In a moment resting her hands on my chest and rocking her own hips steeply up and down, to and fro while driving my inflamed erection in and out of her wet cunt flesh Poonam started moaning erotically.

I don’t know whether, she was pretending or she was really in that pleasure, Poonam bit her lower lip in excitement while closing her eyes and lifting her face to roof and continued pumping her fuckhole with my hard meat while being on top.

We both were moaning continuously and I was feeling as if I am in heaven, but suddenly to and fro movement of her round bottom in slightly different pattern made me shudder in ecstasy, Poonam was rubbing her pelvis on my crouch and I could see her in extreme pleasure too. Her moans were turning into shrill cries and her speed increased significantly.

Poonam’s swollen breasts were swinging up and down, to and fro and her thick and long nipples seemed getting harder and harder in excitement. For me site of her fleshy melons bouncing up and down with a silver locket of divine figure in thin silver chain tossing was breath taking,

above that her pleasure moans was driving me crazy but with a tied hands above my head I could not do anything except watching her luscious fruits jiggling here and there while getting seduced by her and I was loving it.

Next moment Poonam leaned over me and kissed me, entered her tongue in my mouth and moved it around hungrily and then looked into my eyes while being close and spoke in rising lust “Aap mujhe bahut achhe lagte ho…” I looked into her eyes, she still wanted to say something and she uttered again

“I love you…and you always have to fuck me” her words aroused me and I started puffing in heavenly pleasure “bolo…you will fuck me na…?” she asked me in lustful voice and spoke again “please say yes…” “Yes I will fuck you Poonam…I will fuck you” I spoke out what she desired to listen.

Excitement was rising in Poonam; she got up and once again resting her palms over my chest started driving my entire length into her flesh and increased pace of plunging her fuckhole. Once again we both started moaning and they were getting louder and louder.

Poonam was going mad in lust she went on going faster and faster and I was feeling that now she might cum but she got tired and fell over me. I was also at the peak of excitement and desperately wanted to fuck her hard, “mere haath kholo…I will fuck you hard” I spoke while trying releasing my hands and Poonam undid my hands.

Now it was my turn to show her my passion and I simply pushed her from my top and kept her legs over my shoulders. Ohh…. God what a moment that was, we both were dying in lust, our eyes met and I spoke to her “Poonam…I will fuck you baby… I will fuck you whole night…”

I guided my monster to her fuckhole and plunged her hard with a sudden jolt and holding her from her shoulder with my hands drove my monster to the depth of her womb. Her legs were over my shoulders and I somewhat folded Poonam into her half by imposing my entire weight over her. Poonam gasped loud in pain and pleasure and started moaning with my fucking strokes.

My bottom lurched again and again in rhythm and along with my fucking strokes excitement went on increasing. Soon we both were reaching to our climax and I could see clearly see that Poonam is going to explode well before me. I wrapped her thighs around my waist and increased my pace of pumping her fuckhole and that really worsened Poonam’s state.

She was close to her orgasm and my raise in pace drove her crazy; she started crying erotically and tried to push me couple of times but I overcame her efforts and continued pumping her with a rising passion. Truly speaking friends the way I ram fucked her for an instant even I could not believe.

Griping her hard with my hands, crushing her starved fuckhole with my massive crusher I rose and fall over her crotch like a machine and with the thighs wide apart and feet facing roof Poonam could not do anything except crying in pleasure.

Before diving deep into her womb I buried my thick monster into her fuckhole till the root of it numerous times and finally squeezed my hips together with a loud moan and released my gunk into her depth.

Poonam was at the verge of her climax almost a minute back but I did not gave her any chance to release her pressure and continued fucking her with all my passion and that resulted a sexual disaster for her. As I stopped and started releasing my jizz into her, Poonam went bizarre in ecstasy, she gripped me hard in her arms and thighs with all her strength and started trembling like a fish without water.

I gripped her quivering body hard and saw her facial expressions, her eyes were closed and breath was broken, Poonam wanted to moan to express her pleasure but she could not do that, she was puffing in strange husky voice and suddenly some sort of jolts rose from the depth of her fuckhole and shuddered her entire body from head to toe in intense orgasm.

She shivered feverishly throughout her release like I never saw any female in my entire sex life. Slowly over around one minute Poonam caught her breath and with that her grip over my body loosened, I got away while looking her pretty face and she blushed a bit over her shattering state. I got up and used the washroom and as I came out Poonam went in.

More or less that was the end of our second session but not at all the end of our fucking night. Our third session started around 4 in the morning. We slept in each other’s arm while talking to each other over different subjects and It was me who got up to use the washroom in the middle and saw Poonam sleeping facing away from me.

I turned her straight and before she would have recovered from the intense sleep I took off her panty and adjusted myself between her thighs and plunged her in typical missionary position. I really enjoyed fucking her in half asleep state and she too climaxed nicely.

After that we slept again and in the morning after basic morning courses we took shower together and masturbated each other; I finger fucked her pleasure hole until she climaxed and she jerked me till I spewed out my gunk. So Friends that’s how my fucking affair with Poonam started and at present it is still on.

Anyhow we cannot let this affair end at any cost; at my end I would say that Poonam is such an energetic and demanding female on the bed that now I cannot think of stop fucking her, I am addicted of her and now I never get sexually satisfied with my wife and from Poonam’s perspective which she has admitted to me that apart from living far from her,

her husband does not have kind of passion for sex which she desire on the bed, her husband is a kind of guy who believe that sex takes away a lot from a male and he does not want to lose that energy and that is why Poonam is not ready to go to his posted region to live with him.

Anyway In the end I would say I would love to read reader’s your comments over my experience of fucking hot and spicy Poonam, it will certainly encourage me to write again.

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This is about me fucking Poonam, a young and busty female of around 30-32 living alone in adjacent flat. Poonam was actually married to an army officer of a good rank but her husband was transferred to some remote area of west Bengal and being a career oriented and immune of big city life she was living in NCR while working as an interior designer in a reputed group.

In the very beginning while briefing Poonam’s appearance in words I will say she is a good-looking female in a slightly fleshy sort of way. Although she does not have belly but there is significant amount of extra flesh over her thighs and ass.

Not fair rather bit dusky but with sharp features Poonam is standing around 5’5” with curly hairs, her breasts are full and heavy and big, thrusting proudly out of her body. Her ample buttocks are luscious and erotically spread, yet not too big and her nice fleshy thighs are leading to well shaped legs mend to curl around man’s pumping buttocks.

And I must say that apart from her physical appearance it was her manner to present herself which was most inviting for me, she always seemed confident over whatever she spoke to me and that’s why in my perspective beneath her middle-class exterior, she managed to exude an enormous sex-appeal for a male like me.

I must say that for a casual guy like me fucking a female like Poonam was a matter of sheer luck, certainly I wanted to fuck her in the slightest chance, but truly speaking I did not tried hard to get on bed with her, I feel she was eager to get a fuck because she was really tired of living alone and fortunately it was me who came on her way with whom she got so comfortable that she

considered me a right man for tranquilizing her sexual urge and as expected on the very first opportunity as Poonam gave me significant hint that she wants to get close to me I just followed her gesture and using my wit with couple of bold steps expressed my feelings too and she agreed to confront with me on the bed.

Anyway while starting from the beginning I will say for around one month or may be bit more, without seeing her I was just aware of this fact that my adjacent flat is been occupied by a female named Poonam whose husband is an army office and transferred far from here.

My wife met her on the very first day she shifted and detailed me bit about her and after around month or forty days on one fine evening of weekend, while coming back home from outing with my wife I met Poonam in the campus.

My wife introduced me with her, she wished me hello very casually while shaking hand with a killing smile and I saw a strange spark in her deep and dark brown eyes which made me look at her again. “I’ve heard lot about you” from the very first instant Poonam tried to get casual with me and I from my side reacted to her formally may be because my wife was standing beside me.

After that because of my work schedule and bit odd hours of working once again there was no see of Poonam for long time, but truly speaking somewhere deep inside I wanted to see her again and it happened on another weekend. It was Saturday evening, I was back home little early and fortunately my wife was gone to her mother’s place, though just for the night in the same town.

My door bell rang and to my surprise it was Poonam who was seeking some help. Wearing bodyline jeans and casual top first Poonam asked me about my wife and then told me her concern, actually she was having a doubt that LPG cylinder she was using was leaking and she wanted me to confirm.

I used the typical way of using soap water and confirmed her that it is leaking and further took out that cylinder in the open balcony as a safety measure and invited her to use my kitchen. For a instant saying “nahi nahi main aapko pareshaan nahi karna chaahti” Poonam behaved hesitant but somewhere deep I felt that she wants me to insist her and in the casual tone I replied her saying

“arre nahi…. pareshani wali koi baat nahi hai…aap meri kitchen mein banaaoge to thoda sa mujhe bhi de hi doge khane ke liye…nahi to mujhe to boiled eggs ke siva kuch banana nahi aata” and as I was expecting Poonam laughed out nicely on my frank reply and accepted my invitation.

I can easily say that apart from her busty physical structure there was something in her gesture which was arousing me and I was failing in keeping her out of my mind with that perspective. While being with her at my place, throughout the evening till dinner I really failed to keep myself busy and anyhow remained around her and many times got caught staring at her breasts which were significantly bigger in her bodies over all proportion.

That day we had dinner together at my place and chit chatted a lot. As such there was nothing in our conversation of that evening which I could mention, we spoke bit about our work, bit about Hindi movies but surly it was a starting of my new perspective to look at her, from Poonam’s over all gesture I could easily make out that she is enjoying my company and does not want to go home just after dinner.

We also had ice-cream together as a desert and that is at her flat. After dinner she asked me if I can get her ice cream and I went out and bought her desired flavor had it at her place and once again while having ice cream we chit chatted casually and she detailed me bit about her husband’s work location.

Although that night was totally eventful but somewhere deep inside I could sense Poonam’s necessity of a friend, in her eyes and over all gesture I could read that she desires a friend of opposite sex and I was very much willing to get friendly with her.

As far as my perspective for Poonam was concerned things really changed very fast that day onwards, while thinking about Poonam’s way of spending time with me, over the period of time I got sure that she is attracted towards me and just to confirm that I somehow started coming little early to see and meet her.

As she uses to walk with my wife in the campus in the evening, I met her regularly walking around in the evening and every time she saw me entering in the campus she waved her hand from distance casually to say hello like collage girls do and couple of times invited me for the tea at her place.

Although I never accepted her invitation and behaved formal because I was well aware of my wife’s nature moreover my wife Deepa was aware of our particular dinner together and I was sure that my acceptance of Poonam’s tea invitation will be considered as my attraction to her but certainly continuation of Poonam’s casual and friendly behavior for a week or 10 days somewhat

assured me that there is a bright chance that something can happen between us over the period of time and it happened too. Anyway while moving into the sequence of incident I can say up to an extent things were bit unavoidable for me and after a week or 10 days of early coming once again I went back on my schedule and started coming late and almost stopped meeting Poonam

and that played really vital role in aggravation of our desperation for each other. At my end I was certainly very eager to see her and talk to her but on one fine day I realized that even Poonam has similar feeling for me, that day I reached back home on my usual time at around ten in the night and like so many days I was not expecting to see her but that day Poonam had somewhat decided to meet me,

she kept an ear on my arrival and as she realized that I am outside the door of my flat, she came out and said hello in low and polite voice, may be because she did not wanted my wife to hear anything and I too responded to her in same voice and did not pressed door bell because like her even I did not wanted to hear Deepa that I am back and standing outside.

We chit chatted casually for couple of minutes while standing on the door in low voice; how are you, how is everything and we hardly meet and all. Poonam was wearing a night suit, a long casual t-shirt which was ending below her knees with a colorful kitty printed on it with tight Lycra leggings.

Although her body was fully covered with the clothes but still she was bursting out sex from every corner of her body, her heavy and well shaped breasts were jutting out from her top and because of good fitting I could make out smooth curves of her entire body and I really failed to stop staring at her luscious melons and once felt that she has caught me while doing that.

Thought it was just a couple of minutes conversation of know and how of each other but still while talking to Poonam I could feel a strange glare in her eyes, there was an evident attraction in her gesture and she did not wanted to end the conversation.

Though we did not want to but after saying a formal good night I ranged the door bell and before Deepa would have came to the door to open, Poonam went in and disappeared for my wife. Truly speaking friends until then up to an extent everything was normal and I was not dying to fuck Poonam but that tiny conversation of hardly couple of minutes enhanced my desire for her juicy body and even after fucking my wife once I remained restless for the whole night.

By morning my lustful temperament somewhat subsided and tried to control my fucking desire for Poonam by keeping myself busy at my work place but as the time passed once again I started feeling horny for Poonam and finally ended up shutting my work very early and reached back home with an hope of meeting her and like I was expecting I met her walking in the campus along with my wife.

Like always we had casual chit chatted for couple of minutes and to my surprise in front of my wife Poonam did not uttered anything about our last night’s meet and spoke out everything behaving as if she is meeting me after a long time and looked into my eyes for couple of times while pretending that.

That instant because of strange hesitation I failed to behave normal with her and got bit conscious in my wife’s presence and avoided talking to her for long and leaving my wife with her to continue her walk I came to the flat. As expected after reaching and throughout changing and getting comfortable in the house I could not put Poonam out of my mind,

I was hard and uncomfortable and had a desire to spend more time with her, I was realizing that I have hurried up in coming to the flat and I would have spent some time with her but by god’s grace my wish got granted. Down there while walking along with my wife Poonam invited herself for the tea at our place and came along with my wife.

When both the ladies came I was already sitting in front of the T.V in the living room and for a guy like me nothing could be better, wearing white t-shirt and track lower Poonam was looking stunning while sweating. Instead of going to her flat she washed her face lightly there only and settled down on the couch and started talking to me.

Tea got served and along with watching television we continued with a casual chit chatting and while sensing Poonam’s overall gesture and her way of looking into my eyes and smiling slowly I was getting sure that because of this female one day I will be cheating my wife and it happened, but not very soon I had to wait patiently for that.

Actually my Saali; elder sister of my wife was pregnant and after around twenty days my wife and her mother were going to her to southern India at the time of her delivery and truly speaking since last night, from the time I was getting strong positive signals from Poonam I wanted to come that time as soon as possible.

Anyway that instant just to give Poonam a hint about Deepa’s schedule I asked my wife in front of her, about the know and how of her sister and also her plan of going to her, if it is intact ? and I saw Poonam getting attentive over our conversation. My wife replied saying as per present conditions her plan is intact but if delivery date will get pre-poned then they also have to little early.

In a way with a tiny conversation with my wife over that subject my job was done, Poonam got aware of this fact that after around twenty days Deepa will not be in the town and that is for at least twenty days. I was expecting that Poonam will certainly spoke out something in between we two husband and wife and might assure Deepa that she will look after my food and all but like a

smart girl she did not spoke out anything between our conversation and keeping an ear over our conversation she pretended focusing on the television and just behaving naturally I casually spoke out to my wife that in her absence I will come back home after having dinner from the office canteen. Time passed and after some time Poonam took her way to her flat and once again like last night I slept restless.

Fire was lit inside me and I remained busy in concluding things in this regard for the whole day, I was day dreaming about fucking Poonam day and night after my wife’s departure, I could feel that there is something in Poonam’s mind too but still I was not sure up to what extent Poonam is eager for all this and by calling me on the same evening Poonam herself gave a hint that same sort of fire is lit inside her too.

I don’t know when and how Poonam managed to take my number from my wife, in the evening around 5 I was busy at my work place when I received a massage from some unknown number and text was “Hi….it’s Poonam, can we talk right now?” instead of sending a yes through text I called the number.

That instant Poonam was about to leave her work place and after a casual hello and how are you, Poonam formally told me that after Deepa’s departure I can have food at her place and I do not have to eat out.

For me that was wow, I felt rapturous deep inside, as such now I did not had any doubt that like me Poonam is also attracted to me and I did not concluded this just because she asked me for the food and all after my wife’s departure, I got sure about her feelings because she did not spoke all this in front of my wife and called me separately,

she could say all this last evening itself when I and my wife were talking about this but she did not spoke anything that instant may because she did not wanted to put any insecurity in my wife’s mind and just to assure myself I casually thanked Poonam for showing concern and requested her not to speak all this to Deepa because she might doubt over us and my exact words over this were

“thanks for asking, but ek request hai, please don’t talk to Deepa about all this…nahi to wo aise hi hum par shak karegi” and Poonam’s reply over this was “ya…I can understand, that’s why maine kal uske saamne kuch nahi kaha”.

Finally after this casual conversation we ended the call and my restlessness started touching its peak because I could clearly see that there is something in Poonam’s mind too unless if she would have clean intentions she would have not called me separately.

Deep inside I prayed to god to pre-pone the delivery date of my Saali but it did not happened and I spent around 20 days in restlessness. Just to keep my wife out of any kind of doubt in these twenty days I just made sure that I do not have to go home early except couple of times when it was necessary, when I was suppose to take my wife for shopping in the evening.

Finally day came when my wife and mother-in-law were suppose to leave, I reached back home around 6, Poonam was also just back from her work place and she formally met my wife to say good bye. As we were not having much spare time, we moved out of the house without having much conversation with Poonam and at my end I just formally said hello to her before leaving.

Ultimately both the females; my wife and mother in law boarded the train for around 36 hour journey and I started for coming back home. Desperation in me was increasing since morning and now when I was all alone in the house I was dying to see Poonam and her luscious body.

I can easily say from last 15-20 days as such there was nothing in my mind except fucking Poonam and while waiting for this moment my mind had crossed all limits of imaginations, recalling her behavior of few days back I was concluding that Poonam will try to approaching me the very first moment we will meet but it was my foolishness and it did not happened, although fire was lit in her too but she was behaving calm.

Although as I reached back home Poonam was waiting for me to come, like past she was having an ear on my door and as I tried to unlock my door she came out and as a formality asked me if Deepa and my mother in law boarded the train comfortably. Next like it was expected she asked me for the dinner and I accepted her invitation casually without showing any rapture or uneasiness.

Our eyes met and we exchanged a smile. After changing and freshen up when I reached to her flat to have dinner she was still in kitchen and somewhere in the middle of the cooking and there was at least another half an hour left. Wearing casual Pajama and t-shirt Poonam formally served me water and asked me if I will have juice or anything.

From the very first moment I met her I was realizing that Poonam was behaving changed as compared to past, either she was pretending or she was really conscious of this fact that now my wife is gone and something can happen between us and in both the options I had to take the initial step because I wanted to things happen as soon as possible,

I could not wait for long to fuck her and to do that I took first step and told her to stop cooking and asked her if we can go out and have dinner and it worked. I believe Poonam was waiting for something like that from my side and she smiled a bit over my proposal of eating out while looking into my eyes and spoke out after few seconds “is it a date?”

I too smiled a bit over her question and for a fraction thought about saying yes but then I changed and spoke “it’s up to you…if you want to consider it a date then I have no problem” “what do you mean…if I want to consider it?.... tell me if it is a date…I will dress up accordingly…” she replied back over my diplomatic reply and I spoke again and this time I was even better

“no…actually date is just not having a dinner together…date mein aur bhi bahut kuch included hota hai”. For a moment Poonam could not believe what I said and for few seconds she looked into my eyes without a flick and then spoke “very smart….Deepa ke jaate hi flirting shuru…hmmmm…” “Obviously…biwi ke saamne to sabhi shareef hote hain…”

I replied back casually with a naughty smile “aur biwi ke bina….kya hote hain….?” Poonam asked back in reflex, as such I did not thought much about it and spoke out first word came in my mind and it was “khulla Saand” and once again my reply surprised Poonam a bit and she became speechless and told me to wait for some time so that she gets ready to go out.

I too went to my flat and changed and came back as soon as possible but Poonam took around 15 minutes or bit more to get ready and came out wearing formal suit, Kurta on the upper half along with a duppata on the shoulder with a tight leggings on the lower half and smiled a bit before asking “main kaisi lag rahi hun?” “Beautiful…”

I replied back and then after a moment spoke again “I must tell you that you are most good looking female ever came in my touch….” Once again I was on my way of try making things happen for the night and like I was expecting Poonam replied over my statement in sarcastic way “Ohhh…you have started flirting again thoda to break le lo” and I replied back by saying

“see right now I am not flirting…you are beautiful… but I want to ask you…” I paused and then spoke again “thodi bahut flirting karun to chalega na? I hope you won’t mind” Poonam smiled killingly over my words and I spoke again to continue making my way and asked her “also tell me flirt karne ka koi faayda hoga ya nahi…?”

As such I was not expecting anything bold from her that instant but Poonam replied back well over that by saying “Well…right now I can’t say faayda hoga ya nahi but I assure you koi nuksaan nahi hoga…”, expressing as if I have understood what she is desiring with a naughty smile I responded back while saying “fine…let’s see aaj kya hota hai ….aaj husn aur ishq dono apne poore zor par hain”

and my words really enhanced Poonam’s mood and she responded back by saying “waah…aap to Shayri karne lage…” and once again I took the opportunity and spoke out boldly “Why not…now when it’s just you and me…kuch na kuch to karunga hi…for the time being Shyari kar raha hun” and once again my words took Poonam’s attention and she responded by saying

“I must say that you change a lot when your wife is not around…khulam khulla flirting kar rahe ho” I laughed aloud over her words and facial expressions and told her to take a leave and in continuation while getting out of the house spoke again “let’s see flirt karne ka koi faayda hota hai ya nahi”.

After that to avoid people around us watching us together with a mutual consent we moved out separately from the apartment, I drove the car out and Poonam walked down till the nearest market to get into the car. “If it is a date then I should buy you some flowers…I hope you won’t mind that…”

I asked her as she got in and I moved and in response initially Poonam just smiled a bit while looking into my eyes and did not spoke anything and from her gesture I could make out that her heart was pounding little high, she could see that I am trying to make that night happening and it is up to her now. “What…? Mind kar gayi kya…?”

I asked her again when she did not responded for few seconds, “nahi… I won’t mind…I really love flowers…especially carnations” “Ok…” I replied back and thought about saying that I was thinking about giving her red roses but for an instant I kept mouth shut and stopped my car at floweriest on the road side and prepared a bunch of carnations and also told that guy to make

small bunch of red roses and finally gave both the bunches to Poonam one by one while saying “this is what you like and this is what I wanted to give you”. Once gain in response Poonam looked into my eyes, smiled a bit and then blushed. By now it was somewhat clear to me that she has understood my intentions and now for me it’s a matter of asking her for that somehow and

from her over all behavior and expressions over my flirting I was sure that she will not take a forward step on her own but if I will approach she won’t say no either. Finally We reached to the restaurant and ordered the desired food while doing casual chit chat, although Poonam was trying her best to behave casual but I could make out that she is little conscious and again

and again she was trying to read my mind through my eyes and deep inside I too was thinking about the way to approach her. “So how is life…I mean married life….” At one instant Poonam asked me in casual chit chat, “theek hai…as usual jaisi arrange marriages ki life hoti hai…”

I replied back casually and Poonam spoke again “I still can’t believe ki aapne arrange marriage ki hai, how come a person like you never had an affair….?” And I think that was a particular moment I was seeking and I replied “simple hai…tum nahi mili na iss liye…” and like always my words once again made Poonam speechless and she looked into my eyes with the expressions of arbitrary anger and spoke “so you won’t stop flirting….?”

“You said koi nuksan nahi hoga..Then why should I stop…shayad faayda ho jaaye” I replied back smartly and we continued eating for few seconds. I did not wanted to lose this subject of married life and I spoke with bit of smile “anyhow I cannot ask you ki how is your married life…? Because I can see that” and to my words Poonam replied by saying “ab aap please jale pe namak mat chhidko”

from her expressions I could see that she has not mind my words because she spoke that casually with bit of smile but still I tried to cover up myself by saying “please don’t mind..maine to aise hi bol diya…” “It’s ok… maine mind nahi kya…and it’s a fact…meri koi married life nahi hai…” Poonam replied back and then after a pause spoke again

“I believe army officer se shaadi karne se achha hai ki aap shaadi hi matt karo…” “Was it a love marriage….?” Although I knew this fact through my wife even then I asked her and Poonam replied by saying “yes… and I was fool….you know love is blind…” “Yes I know…and marriage is an eye opener” I spoke out and in a way completed her statement with a humorous end and Poonam giggled over that beautifully.

After that I did not stopped talking to her about her marriage and intentionally kept the subject live. Although Poonam did not wanted to talk about that but because I continued she detailed me it about her past how she and her husband met and then in bit of frustration told me that out of five marriage anniversaries her husband was with her just twice and she is somewhat tired of living alone.

Reading Poonam’s mind set over the dinner gradually I somewhat got sure that things are not far and I was enjoying reaching their slowly. We ended the dinner and got up to go back home and in between I attended a call from my wife and lied in front of Poonam that I am having dinner while sitting in a restaurant alone and smiled a bit while looking at her and in response Poonam also smiled a bit.

We reached back home in the same pattern, I left Poonam close to the apartment and told her that I will be reaching home 15-20 minutes and I used that time to buy condoms from the chemist shop of the nearby market.

After coming back on her door step again, while entering in the flat once again I tried to get into the conversation of that kind from the very first moment and spoke while looking at her pretty face “once again I must say … you are beautiful…. and I am not flirting…… main jo dekh raha hun wo bol raha hun….” I paused for a fraction and then spoke again “and I am jealous of your husband…”

Poonam smiled on my words, certainly she knew ultimately what all I am going to ask her and she was somewhat waiting for that. “want to have coffee?” she asked me, may be to keep things moving and I replied with “why not?” next she asked me “I hope you won’t mind changing me first?” this time I moved ahead on my way by saying “no don’t change…you are looking gorgeous in this outfit”.

I said that just to say something and as such I was not expecting much from her but Poonam replied well and spoke out “sure…? Ho sakta hai dusra outfit iss se better ho…” though there was bit of hesitation in her voice but that was pleasant surprise for me, that was the first time when I saw Poonam stepping ahead and for a instant I could not think of saying anything and I just replied saying “ok…let’s see”.

She went in and came out after 10-15 minutes which was much more than required time to change the clothes and at my end by now I was reached to the peak of excitement. Finally she came, Ohh…Wow! Poonam was absolutely right as far as her outfit was concerned,

she was wearing that same long t-shirt with a printed kitty over it and this time she was not wearing any leggings over her lower half and I could see her bare legs from knees onwards and sight of ample flesh of her legs shoot-upped my desire for her luscious body. “I'm sorry to keep you waiting for so long” Poonam spoke out after coming out with a smile,

I failed to reply her instantly because I was stunned with a way she was looking and she clearly saw me staring at her with that perspective and she smiled a bit on my uneasy state “it’s ok” finally I replied to her and she went inside the kitchen to make coffee.

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