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hi readers its your favourite big b from bangalore again with new sexperiences, hope u have not forgotten me and my secretary shashi sexcapades, and her experieance in volvo bus and getting gang banged on jaipur road, anyways I could write due to my busy schedule abroad for the last 4 months and I am back in action in Bangalore.

Coming straight to the story it happened in mid feb when I had gone to my bank on bannergatta road, I saw one boy and girl pleading to the manager to pass their withdrawl cheque for Rs 8500 as that was the last day for their exam fees to be paid and they would miss the full semister if they dont pay, these two people were from uganda which I came to know later and they were blacks and young.

the manger was untouched by their plea and rejected all their requests as the money tranfer what was supposed to come hadnot materialised, the girl was almost in tears and were dumb stuck what todo and I out of own sympathy, told them I will give them the fees and they should return without fail and not spoil their name and the college name which they were studying on bannergatta road.

they were full of thanks and we exchanged our mobile nos and parted ways. some time in first week of march I got a call from them, by the way boys name was john and girls name was cindy ( names changed ) which was stored on my mobile and when I answered it was john on line and thanked for all the help and couldnt call earlier as they were busy with their exams etc etc,

after chatting with him for a while cindy came on line and thanked me too and invited me to their house for evening tea and also to pay up the money what I had given, which I accepeted and went to their house which is in a village called gottigere, where they had hired a rented house slightly interior and no neighbouring houses,

I parked my car and to the door and john came and gave a hug and invited and cindy too gave a hug like how all foreigners greet when they meet with peck of kiss on the cheeks, when she did that I could feel her breast crush on my chest, which I really didnt take as intentional and chatted for a while,

they offered some tea for which I refused as it was already 7pm and tea will spoil my taste for my whisky drink and we all had a good laugh, john with very obedient voice asked whether they can serve me some whisky for which I said that I dont drink alone and if they do give company we will have provoided I pay for the drink, as I didnt want to burden them or get obligated,

without any choice they accepted and gave money to john to get the whisky and he keft on his bike and I sat back chatting with cindy, now I started to see her and get horny as she had lovely pair of boobs and her clevage was showing and she was wearing a tight jeans shorts,

anyway I never had any bad intentions and within no time john was back and fixed drink for all the three and with all the jokes and chatting the first drink went down pretty fast, john was quick enough to fix the second round and after about half drink excused himself to attend something important and will be back soon and left,

cindy went closed the door and came sat next to me on the 3 seater cane sofa what I was sitting, some how I sensed the lust in her eyes, after all so many pussies I have fucked, she came close with one hand around my shoulder and passionately kissed on my lips, which continued for a french kiss, she pushed her thick toung into my mouth and my hands started caressing her boobs,

the tops was loose enough for my hands to go inside and could feel her tids getting harder with every pinch what I was doing, we broke the kiss and asked where is john for which she replied, for the trust what you had on us for money we felt this is a better way to thank you with some private time and intentionally had gone out.

by this time I was clear of their intentions and replied it would have been nice if he had also joined the party,within seconds her face lit up and asked are you sure you will enjoy the threesome, I closed in and kissed her lips with all my saliva and pushed my toung into her mouth, she sucked on it very well and started to handle my dick over my pants,

when we parted from our kiss she called john on his cell phone uttered few words in their language and disconnected, and we carried on with the fingering this time I opened her tops button and freed her melons from the bra, it was really big with jet black tids, I lowered myself to suck on the huge melons, while my hands massaged the other one,

few minutes passed this way and I could feel her heavy breathing with exitement there was a knock on the door, she went peeped through the window and opened the door and john walked in, he was very hyper with her tops open and started to maul her breast standing near the door and I went and hugged her from back, and I started to grind my dick which was like a steel rod in my pants over her lovelly fat ass.

i hugged her from back and undid her tops and then the bra, she was topless sandwitched between us, I unbuckled her shorts and pushed her shorts with the panty down, with john still mauling her breast she took few steps and took out her legs from the shorts and the panty, I started my kissing from her neck to back to spine and to her ass,

as bit her ass sofltly I invaded her pussy from the back, my god it was fully wet and slippery, as if I had lubricated it with jelly, I guided my 2 fingers in to her pussy and started finger fucking for which she pushed her ass back to accomadate my fucking, as I was doing this john stepped back and undressed himself nude in no time, in the dim lit room I could see his shining cock which was almost 8 inch long but not as fat as mine.

as I released her from my clasp of finger fucking, he knelt in front of her and started to lick her pussy, standing she spread her legs as apart she could and john was doing his sucking well withe room filled with his slurping of her juices from her pussy, I wasted no time to undress myself in a jiffy, by this time she sat on the cane sofa and john on the floor sucking her pussy,

it was indeed erotik scene, as I went near her she forward and grabbed my cock and didnt bother to wipe my precum either she rolled her toung on my circumsized manhood, man these blacks first of all look like apes and the way she swallowed my erect dick I could feel my dick reaching her throat, she violently deep throated me, while she massaged by balls,

this went on for 5 minutes I had a good mouth fucking with her, the room was filled with all erotik sounds and smell. we all eased off and she got up from the sofa to goto bedroom, and in no time john who was sitting down was inches away from me erect dick, and could feel his mouth engulping my dick,

he started to move up and down on my dick and with every stroke I could feel it touching his throat, he did a wonderfull deep throating my cock, all our inhibitions were gone and we were like sex starved animals, I retracted my dick from his mouth, which was shining from his saliva and walked towards the bed room where cindy had gone,

by the time we both went cindy was lying down on the bed with bent knees spread apart, which was inviting for a suck or a fuck and both of which I wanted todo and burried my face between her thighs, the must aroma was very strong and the taste of her juice mixed with her sweat and johns salivagot mixed with my saliva inmy mouth, I gave her my best suck and toung fucked her,

I knibbled on her clitoris, she was wriggling like a fish out of water on the bed, and john didnt waste any chance of his as he tried to fuck between my bums. went of for about 5 mts and cindy came with a shuddering orgasm, I thought the bitch is going break my skull between her thighs, when she left the pressure I crawled on ker body and dived my monster into her pussy,

she almost gasped for her breath, I let her feeel me inside and in slow rhythmik strokes pistoned her pussy, some thing strange I was feeling in my ass hole as jon was lubricating it with some thing and started to finger fuck in my ass, it was my first feeling when fucking getting fucked also, we were all with wild filthy words telling each other what the other was doing,

my back began to ache and pressure building in my groin I grunted wildly and shot my sperms into her pussy in jerks after jerks. not even a minute when I rolled over john pounced like a hungry lion and penetrated her, she was pleading for some rest, but he was abusive and told her " bitch you enjoyed and now its my savage turn to fill ur cunt with my gunk" and pounded her,

he was gyrating his hips in all direction and she moaned helplessly under him, she was so tired to even hold him as he savagedly fucked her for a long 10 mts before unloading himself into her. i got up from bed went to the hall to get my whisky glass by the time john had released her and I could see her pussy endlessly ozzing both our cums,

she to sat up on bed streched her arms for my glass which I gave, she too had a couple of sips and went to bathroom to clean herself, as she walked both our cums were dripping on to the floor, as she closed the door john again knelt in front of me and very passionately sucked my cock within no time I could feel it growing in his mouth,

as I sat on the edge of the cot he continued and I was sure he too wanted me to finish my second round in his mouth, I saw cindy coming out of bathroom sat next to me and french kissing me while john was at the act with my cock, he widened my legs apart and again re inserted his finger in my ass, which was giving me a high,

he did a wonderfull sucking for almost 15 mts and finger fucked in my ass and I exploded in his mouth, till my last jerk he kept my cock in his mouth and just swalowed my sperms and flushed it down to his stomach with a sip of whisky from his glass. i was half dead tired walked slowly to clean myself up and john to followed me, we had a wash wiped ourself,

he gave a warm embrace in the toilet and lip locked with me, even thogh I am bisexual at times but hated kissing a man but it was too sudden and the pleasure what he had given me overode everything and closed my eyes, I opened my eyes with our separation and he requested for a suck of his cock which I couldnt refuse, as I knelt and took his monster into my mouth,

my jaws were aching, in decades I had not blown any guy, but here I was kneeling and allowing someone to fuck my mouth, even before I realised he ejaculted with so much of exitement, portion of which I swallowed un knowingly and the rest was on my face beard and neck, had a wash again came out all of us sat nude had another drink and said good night to each other and left the house.

Time was already past 11pm, how the last 4 hrs was spent was like a dream. we promissed to be good freinds and will write the many episodes what we had in the full month of march 2014.

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Akash and Shilpi making love first time

Dear readers, let me tell you right at the start that this is going to be a long story. Perhaps really long, so I apologize. I hope that you will still read it. I hope you will like it. And I would absolutely love to read your comments. I'm Akash, and this story is about how my wife Shilpi and I made love for the first time. I have chosen not to reveal some details, I hope they won't affect the story.

Shilpi and I had an arranged marriage. Our match was made through common friends, and our parents approved. We had met a few times after that, exchanged numbers, and would often chat on facebook and WhatsApp. I would call her sometimes late at night, just to hear her voice a few times. We had almost fallen in love.

Our parents, however, did tell us not to meet too often before the wedding. Anyway, let me start the story, from our wedding night reception. The night where the couple is supposed to have the most beautiful sex of their lives.

I entered the room, and softly closed the door behind me. Shilpi was sitting on the bed, her knees pulled up, and her arms around them. She looked beautiful in her bridal finery. I smiled. She gave a nervous smile, and I went and sat beside her. I gently placed my hands on her hands, and looked at her. She slowly lifted her gaze, shyly. I knew what was going on in her mind.

"You look beautiful," I said. She smiled shyly again. "Shilpi, there's something I want to say." She looked at me questioningly. "I think we shouldn't rush into sex if you're nervous. I don't want to force myself on you. And I'm nervous myself. I think we can wait till we're both ready."

That broke the ice. She exhaled, her shoulders relaxed, and I rightly guessed what she was nervous about. She smiled warmly at me. "I think I'll change," she said. "Let me help you." I replied. I helped her out of her jewellery, and she took a nightdress out of her bag and went to the bathroom to change.

She came out after a few minutes, and I changed into a light pair of pyjamas and a t-shirt. Shilpi was sitting on the bed, half covered with the sheets, and letting her hair flow over her shoulders. I settled into bed beside her, keeping a little distance, reached for a the bedside switch and turned off the lights.

We both lay on our sides, facing each other, and we talked. At first, about the wedding, relatives, and then we moved on to other things. We just whispered softly to each other, and shared some of our deepest secrets. All those chats over facebook, WhatsApp, and those late night phone calls made in secret during our brief "courtship." It was wonderful knowing her even better.

There were a few moments when Shilpi recalled something from her past that made her somewhat emotional. I wiped her tears gently, and slowly ran my fingers through her hair during these moments. They say you never know a person well until you talk to them late into the night. It was about 4am when we finally felt we should sleep.

Shilpi came closer to me, and put her arms around my neck. I whispered "Can I kiss you please?" She said "Yes." Our lips met for the first time in a passionate lock of love. When we pulled apart, we were gasping. She blushed. She gently caressed my face and hair. I gently rubbed her back. We fell asleep, our arms around each other.

Over the next seven nights, we really opened up to each other. Post wedding, some of the relatives were staying on at our place for a few more days. Hence only saw each other at night, and our soft-voiced conversations went on early into the morning. We had grown really comfortable with each other, and though we didn't think we were ready for sex yet, we did hug and caress each other.

A week later, we went on our honeymoon to a seaside town. The journey was in an overnight train. Shilpi was the centre of attention in our compartment, her bangles giving away that we were newly married. There were some middle aged couples around us, who were expecting that we would start kissing anytime soon, but we didn't.

We kept a friendly banter throughout the trip; we didn't really want to show our affection in public. When we reached the hotel, it was almost evening, as our train was delayed. Shilpi was very happy on seeing our room, as it had a beautiful view of the ocean. I finally set the bags down, closed the door, and turned to her. She came and put her arms around my neck.

"I love the view," she said softly. "Me too. It's going to be a beautiful week." I smiled, kissing her.
She took my hand and led me out to the balcony, where we watched the sunset over a nice cup of tea. It was a tiring trip due to the delays and we had an early dinner in the hotel restaurant. We settled into bed around 8. That is when Shilpi said the words that were on my mind.

"Akash, I think I'm ready now." "I think I am too," I smiled, and pulled her close for a deep, passionate kiss. The thrill was rising in me, my heart was beginning to beat faster, and a heat was beginning to flow through my body. Shilpi and I had discussed what we would do the first time we made love. We knew it was not going to be wild like the movies, and I had to be gentle with her.

"Let me go change into something else" said Shilpi, and went into the bathroom. When she was gone, I reached for the condoms in my bag, and kept them under the pillow. I had brought plenty. A few minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened and Shilpi emerged, wearing a deep red gown tied at her waist. Her neck was open, and I thought I had never seen a more stunning woman in my life.

Shilpi turned off the light and joined me on the bed. I took her in my arms and began kissing her gently. "Easy, tiger" she giggled, when I reached for the ropes of her robe. I slowly pulled apart the strings. Shilpi was wearing a pair of black-laced bra and panties. I stopped kissing, and stared at her body, mouth agape. "Well, aren't you going to do anything?" she laughed.

I took off my t-shirt, pulled off her robe, and pressed my warm body against hers, kissing her lips, moving down to her neck, and slowly to her cleavage. She closed her eyes, and an involuntary moan escaped her lips. Her hands were beginning to play with my hair. I slowly worked my way kissing her navel, her thighs, and planted a quick kiss on her panties.

Shilpi sat up, and took off her bra to reveal her breasts. While I was staring at them, she took off her panties and tossed them into a corner of the room. She then tugged at my pyjamas, and I took them off. I was still looking at her body. I had fantasized about her body a few times before our wedding, imagining what she would look like without her clothes.

"Like what you see?" she asked. I gulped. She giggled, and pointed at my cock. "You're big." "Nothing like a pornstar," I quipped. "Still enough for me!" she laughed, and pulled me closer for a kiss.

Our warm bodies were rubbing against each other as we lay on our side. Her breasts were pressing against my chest. I kissed her neck, and finally began to kiss those lovely breasts, gently squeezing them, careful not to hurt her. She was enjoying herself, as was evident from the soft sounds of pleasure she was making.

I began to kiss her thighs, and slowly worked my way to her waxed pussy. I gave a quick lick, and she shivered. The heat in our bodies began to mount, and she began to shake and shiver as I began to flick my tongue over her pussy lips. My dick was already leaking pre-cum. Shilpi was beginning to get wet down there.

I found the taste of her pussy a little weird, but all I wanted to do was pleasure her on our first night to the maximum. All of a sudden Shilpi began to squeeze her legs, and gave out a loud moan, and clasped my hair hard. She was having her orgasm, pretty early! And I hadn't even begun to fuck her! Shilpi gave a few gasps, and her orgasm passed.

She was dripping wet, and I licked her juices a little. I reached up and kissed her again. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. I let her recover while I gently caressed her. Her anklets, her bangles and the girdle around her waist were glistening, and making soft tinkling noises, adding to the romantic mood.

After Shilpi had recovered, it was finally time for me to fuck her. Shilpi had told me that she had masturbated with objects earlier. I reassured her that her being a virgin or not was irrelevant. She then said "Akash... I'm really sorry, but I don't think I am comfortable with giving you a blowjob. Not just yet."

"That's okay, dear. I won't ever force you," I smiled. I reached for the condoms under the pillow. As I was about to tear the pack open, she stopped me. "Let's do this without them for the first time," she said, "I've got the pills." So I asked her to get me the vaseline from her bag, and I smeared it on my dick liberally.

Shilpi helped me with it, and smiled naughtily when she played with it a little. I was hoping I would last a bit. I mounted Shilpi in the missionary pose, and placed my dick at her pussy entrance. She held the tip and tried to guide me in. I began to push, but couldn't penetrate her. We laughed.

I tried again, and failed. Third time lucky, I thought, as I finally managed to get a little of the head past and inside. I pushed a little harder and managed to get my dick head inside. I could make out that Shilpi was in pain, so I stopped. Shilpi took some time to adjust to the pain, she was gripping my arms really hard. After a minute or two, she asked me to push a little more.

I began to push. Inside her pussy, my foreskin began to be pulled back, hurting me. I managed to get about an inch more inside her, and I stopped. Shilpi was in pain again. I had an urge to thrust, but I knew she would be hurt, so I pulled out a little, and went back in. I did this about 5 times, and suddenly, I just couldn't hold it anymore. Her pussy was really tight.

I grunted with an explosive orgasm, and ejaculated a huge load inside her. She gripped me even harder, as I collapsed, panting, on top of her. I was disappointed a little; I had hoped to last longer.

They say the most beautiful 5 minutes in sex are the last, the soft embrace of a lover's arms. My wife and I lay, our bodies twined, breathing heavily, sweating, our skin tingling. I gently ran my hands all over her body. The beautiful feeling lasted for about 10 minutes, as my dick slowly became limp and slipped out of her.

She finally sat up in bed, and grabbed her robe and a towel, and went to take a shower. I wiped my dick with a tissue. After I had taken a shower, and put on a fresh set of clothes, the two of us were once again lying in an embrace. "That was beautiful, Akash," she whispered., "thank you for being so gentle."

"I wish I had lasted a bit longer, " I replied. "Oh don't worry, we have a whole honeymoon and a lifetime ahead!" she giggled. There was a breeze blowing, that fluttered the curtains. Our hands were clasped together, our fingers intertwined.

The passion of our lovemaking and the exhaustion of the journey had finally caught up, and we drifted off into a beautiful sleep, our bodies pressed against each other. I woke up early next morning, a little before sunrise. I gently eased her arm off around me, and went to brush and shower. When I was done, Shilpi was stirring awake.

She called me over, and we had a good morning kiss, before we went out to the balcony to watch the sun rise. That, my dear friends, was the story of the first time I made love. The days that followed were filled with the excitement of new discovery. We had plenty of lovemaking sessions, we tried new positions, and revelled in the joy of our new found love.

Dear readers, I apologize once again, for such a long story. I would love to write another story about the rest of our honeymoon, if you readers want to read it. I hope you have not been bored, and I would really love to read your comments. Do let me know if you would like to hear more of my story. Bye!

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Asha having sex during combine study

I am Asha, 19, doing my degree. I have my parents and a younger brother, Balu who is younger by one year. After degree I wanted to go for PG and hence I was serius in my studies and wanted to score high marks. I bring lot of books from the library for reference reading. I have lot of friends in my college, but all of them are just casual and are not serious in their studies at all.

The subject of discussion would be sex and they talk about their experience in sex. They are fucked by their relatives, or neighbours or servants etc. If one person tells her story there will be lot of girls to listen to her. Some stories would be real and some cooked up. I dont go and ask for such stories, but if somebody narrates her experience in my hearing distance I just listen.

The problem is my pussy gets wet and the story will remain in my mind till I go home and mastrubate. My brother is quite friendly and we speak during dinner our day's affairs and experiences. My parents also listen to us. In the night I study in my room with the help of the laptop of my father. I source from the net lot of materials for my study projects.

My friends talk about porno video sites. My friend Suma gave me the details of various sites. But I did not search for them in the net because I was busy with my own study schedule. When I study in the night sometimes my brother, Balu used to come and peep into my room. One of my friends, Ashok, asked me for some articles which I downloaded from the net.

I asked him to bring his key drive so that I may give him the copies of the articles. Ashok, is my neighbour and very intelligent boy. But because of his sports activity he missed lot of classes. One day he came in the evening and we were talking sitting in the sitting room. My parents came and they knew his parents and when he said he wanted to have combined study with me, they said it is ok.

Ashok asked me if it will suit if he comes at 9 pm so that he may sit for two hour and go. I said ok. Ashok came at 9 pm. He wore only a bermuda and a vest. But he had a stuning physique and the bermuda was a thin material and his jockey was visible from outside. He came climbing the stairs to my room and closed the door behind him. He sat opposit to me and he just looked around.

He saw the laptop on the corner of my table, he immediately pulled it in front of him and opened the screen. I asked him which portion you are interested to study today, Ashok. You study whichever portion you are interested, I will just listen and ask questions if I dont understand. I saw him meddling with the laptop. I took out the page regarding analog and digital formats etc.

Ashok was watching with great interest the screen of the laptop. He looked up at me and then turned the laptop so that I may also view the screen. I was shocked becaue it was a porno site he was watching. He did not put out the sound and hence I could hear the voice also. It was going to a great fucking scene.

The unzipped and took out his cock and the girl kneeled on the ground and took his cock in her mouth and began to give him a blowjob. Ashok said, Asha, it is an interesting scene, just come on this side and sit and just watch, and as soon as it is over we both will study in full concentration. I tried to argue with him, but it was no use.

He just pulled me by my hand to his side and just took my chair and placed it next to his and asked me to sit with him. The blowjob was going on in full swing. Ashok made to sit near him and took my hand and placed it on his thigh. I had never watached a porno site in such great detail and giving a blowjob was not something I have even heard of.

Slowly Ashok moved my hand to his cock which was very erect. I was shocked that I was touching his cock and that too very erect and iron rod like. He loosened her bermuda and took his cock out and placed in my hand. He turned towards me and took my other hand and placed it on his cock so that my both hands would be gripping it strongly.

It was a pulsating piece of meat in my hands and I was watching the laptop and feeling the cock in my hand. In the laptop, the girl removed her clothes and was lying in the couch and the man was just touching her pussy and buried his face in her pussy. The voice of the girl enjoing the sucking of her cunt by the man was heard. I was leaking in my panty.

She put her hand on his head and was pressing it down into her pussy. He was licking and sucking her clitoris and the girl was giving out all sorts of sounds. The man got up and put his cock in the mouth of her cunt and pushed it in. The girl was keeping both her legs wide open and he was fucking her. Ashok looked at me. He asked me whether I have been fucked before.

I said no. Oh, then let us do now. He asked me to get up. My protestations were in vain. He just pulled my miniskirt and panty down. He saw my panty wet and dripping. Oh, you were enjoying the scene. He made me to sit on his lap with my legs on his both sides and facing him. He took his cock and rubbed it tip against my cunt.

When it touched my clitoris, a shock wave passed through me. He found the opening of the fuckhole and slowly pushed his cock in. Since I was watching the scene in the laptop, I did not feel how much he pushed it in. It was tight and painful. He told that half of it has gone inside.

In the laptop, the full length of the cock of the man was going inside the cunt of the girl and she was enjoying it. Ashok made a jerk and it pained me. He said dont worry, it is over, it will be just pleasure and pleasure only. I was shocked that his entire cock he has pushed into my pussy and was fucking like the man does in the laptop. As he said it was pleasurable and painful.

But pain vanished and pleasure only remained. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling. It was my orgasm. It was filling my hole and was overwhelming. Ashok waited for my orgasm to be over. He pulled his cock out and masturbated and got his semen thrown in the floor.

He asked me to get up and go to the bathroom and wash my private parts. With some tissue he wiped the semen on the floor and put it in the waste basket. When I came back, he just hugged and kissed me and told me that he is going and thanked me for giving so much pleasure. I thanked him in my mind for introducing me to sex.

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Palaniswamy fucking assistant Rosy

I am Palaniswamy, 40 working in a bank. They gave me an assignment as internal auditor for a period of 3 years. I have to visit branches in various centers, urban, rural or even metropolitan. If I go outstation I am entitled for a 3 star accommodation. Just as I was to leave, my Zonal manager called and told me that I have an usual task for you. I said tell me sir.

He said as your assistant I am posting one Mis Rosy Pereira. She just completed one year of joining the bank. As a part of female empowerment, she has to be exposed to the internal audit of the branches. There are several teams engaged in this work. But I think you are the fit person with whom she will be safe.

I told him it is not possible to take a girl around the branches, it will create a scandal and people will speak ill of me. Zonal Manager, laughed at my objections and told me that it I who is putting the girl in your charge and not that you did not pick her up from the streets. She is quite intelligent and would understand the situation. He called for Ms.Rosy and introduced her to me.

I was stunned. She is a real beauty. Big boobs, narrow waist, with long denim skirt and denim blouse, brown in color without much make up. She thanked the ZM for the new task and came out with me form his office. She asked me what she should do. I told her I propose to start the next day morning and she has to come to the railway station.

Next day she came with her baggage, in the same denim suit. We got into an a/c compartment. I explained to her the naturae of our work and the secrecy shrouded in it. She asked me may I know where we are going. I told her the place and the tickets I had booked in her name I handed over to her. I told her we will stay in a 3*hotel in adjascent rooms. etc.

We reached our destination in the afternoon. We went to the hotel and asked for two rooms. The manager said there is just one double room readily available. Please take it. By evening any single room falls vacant I will give you. We took the room and got the keys and entered the room. It was a big room with double cot in the center.

Rosy immediately went to the bathroom to take bath and she came out changed into a nighty. I tool went and had my bath and put on my dhothi and a vest. I ordered for food and I asked it to be served in the room. I was talking to her what kind of work she has to do to help me and how to go about the inspection of the branch etc. We finished our food and I just laid in the bed in one corner.

Surprisingly Rosy also lied in the same bed on the other side. When I turned to her side, I found she was also turned to my side. and sleeping. I too slept for about an hour. In the meantime we both moved closer and our bodies touched each other. I opened my eyes and saw her lying very close to me with her back touching me. With her so close to me I had a small erection.

I pushed her whole body away from me. She diid not seem to mind. Within half an hour she was put her hand across my body and her leg also was over my leg. She was in deep sleep. I observed that she has not worn her bra and her nighty was pulled up upto her knee. She may ot be wearing her panty also. My erection was very stiff.

Suddenly her body was very close to me and she was pressing her boobs against me. I too put my hand across her body and pulled her closer to me. I just sent my right hand to steady my dhothi and then feel her thigh and up against her pussy. Oh my god, she did not even wear a panty and my hand touched her naked hairless pussy. She did not know my touching her body.

I put my leg across her and pulled her closer. Suddenly Rosy got up and lifted her head looked around and she embraced me again tightly. Having come upto this I unbuttoned her nighty from top one by one. She moved and gave me space. Her boobs were really big, stiff and attractive. I just told her to unbutton the rest of them. She did. Now she was totally nude under the nightie.

I got up and removed my vest and my dhothi. I too was nude. She opened her eyes and saw my nude body. She came very close to me and took my cock in her hand and rubbed it against her pussy. I asked her do you want to fuck. She said yes. Within one hour of our taking the room she was climbing on me and trying to put my cock in her hole.

She did not do it properly and I too tried it was not going in. I asked her whether she has been fucked before. She said yes, but not with a cock as big as this. Ok. Lie down and I climbed on her and keeping her legs wide I inserted my cock inside her in one push. I fucked her slowly and then very fast and brought her to climax.

I asked her why did you were in a hurry to fuck, we could have done it in the night. Rosy said she is very hot by nature. She like the company of boys and if any boy is friendly she somehow manages to fuck him. Day or night fucking is a physical requirement and there cannot be any formality for fucking. She said at least I should have the cock in my mouth.

I like the smell and taste of the cock. I asked her how many boys you would have fucked. She said ever so many. I go to very healthy boys, not those with any STD. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts. Rosy looked at my cock and wanted to know the taste of it. She took it in her mouth and her giving the blow job was very pleasurable.

I mouth fucked her and she took every drop of my fluid and swallowed it pleasantly. We fucked twice more that night. When we went to the branch she was very decent. She did her work very diligently. She asked me whatever she did not understand.She questioned the manager truly in the fashion of an auditor.

We finished the work in the branch in 2 weeks and moved to the next branch. Nobody doubted that she is of this type. People were scared of her because of her language and her sharp criticism. Our next branch was far away and we took a double a/c room. When we were alone in the room she preferred to move around nude. She waxed her pussy regularly and kept it clean.

She asked me whether I would lick her pussy. I said yes and licked and sucked her clitoris. Rosy liked my this attitude. I told her let us do the oral sex more than the physical sex. I will not drain you of your energies. She said yes, and comes prepared to sit on my face.

She never satiated in the pussy licking and wants more and more of it everyday. Thus I did three years of work with her. She was then transferred to the International division to study about export and import finance. I was sorry that I lost a good assistant and a good fuckmate.

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