Monmee first sexy job interview - II

Previously: Monmee first sexy job interview - I

“Sir…Sir,” I kept panting his name in a weak voice while he was deeply engrossed in eating my pussy. The erotic oral interlude didn’t last very long as my love canal began flowing with love juices. He paused for a moment and quickly latched on to the cunt lips to suck more oozing fluids. I sighed in excitement and kept chanting his name.

I reached the pinnacle in 5 minutes and cummed in his face feeling a bit guilty of cumming during my fuck. I bucked my torso forward in total ecstasy. I flowed a lot during my climax. After one hour of tongue fucking my pussy came 2 times… The guy was amazing to say the least. He was not satisfied with sucking my cunt. He got ready for further assault.

He became nude. I was shocked seeing his 9” fat cock. I begged him “Please….don’t do anything sir… please… I am a descent girl. If anyone comes to know this.. I will loose my reputation… please sir…” I saw his hairy, erect, hard, monster black penis pointing at me. He asked me, “How it looks? Do you like it?” I kept mum.

Then he kneeled down over my body with his knees near my head and thrust his penis to my face my lips. I kept my mouth close. He began rubbing his penis on my cheeks, my eyes, my hair and my mouth. But I refused to open my mouth for his penis. He pinched me hard on my nipples. I screamed thus opening my mouth. He held my hands and kept his fat cock in my wonderful mouth.

He made me to suck his cock. It was the great sight; I was sucking his fat cock. It was the great sight to see. He was on the verge of shooting I could sense his cock pulsating. He removed his cock from my mouth leaving it empty. A sudden wave of excitement took over Rajini and he turned me around to let me lie on the sofa himself leaning against the door.

His right hand gripped both my hands with enormous strength and pushed them well above my head. His left hand grabbed his long shaft and he began thrusting his waist against my body. He began rubbing the tip of his dick against my pubic hair and soon he traced my pussy lips under the dense cover.

His left hand worked quickly rubbing my pussy lips up and down in frenzy letting his victim to jump in joy. His eyes watched my enormous breasts sway and swing as I jumped while his dick kept brushing against my wet cunt lips with amazing speed. “You are driving me crazy,” He screamed in pleasure. I pulled him against my body to stop him from teasing my pussy any further. I wanted him to fuck me without any further ado.

His hands reached behind me and cupped my round ass cheeks. He buried his face in between my breasts and began squeezing my ass cheeks harder and harder. I gradually found it extremely difficult to free myself from his lusty grip. I was pleading, “Sir, please don’t ruin my reputation, don’t spoil my life. Let me go.”

“Sit on my lap,” He hushed into my ears. He moved backwards without letting me get off his hug. He slowly sat down on the sofa and began spreading his legs wide enough to let me sit on him. He carefully positioned himself to let my moist cunt brush against his erect manhood and I took a deep breathe before placing my entire weight on it.

His hands gripped my ass cheeks very firmly and helped me to settle on his lap without much difficulty. Her legs were hanging out on his either side and with a gentle hump he was letting the tip of his dick to make its way inside my cunt. Oh God it felt so nice. I wanted the time to stay still for hours. I wanted the interview to go to hell and let him fuck me for ages.

I felt the strange combination of the warmth and moist inside my pussy and as he began hoisting his dick deeper, I came down gripping his dick with my cunt lips while clenching my teeth. My feet were touching the cold floor once his dick managed to get halfway inside my pussy.

He gave a gentle slap on my ass cheeks before he began moving me up and down on his dick until the entire length of his shaft made its way inside my pussy. My heavy breasts brushed against his face as he began making me riding his dick and he couldn’t resist the temptation to go for them yet again.

While he held his victim in a tight leash by holding my waist, his mouth jumped from one breast to another suckling the nipples with relish. I began feeling the joy and soon let hands press against the wall behind Rajini. He smiled rather immediately as though he had managed to find the right position to fuck my young cunt.

He watched me jumping on his dick like mad and whatever little agony I had as he began soon vanished like magic. He said, “You fuck like a slut.” I felt his dick being gripped very tight inside my soggy pussy while the experienced man went about humping on meticulously. The old man couldn’t wait long as he started thrusting his waist against his jumping cunt.

The noise of our thighs slapping against each other began echoing inside the room. Amazingly, his dick looked like growing for ever as he kept thrusting his waist. His right leg went up and behind my body to pull me close towards his thighs and his cock escaped from my pussy leaving a moan from my lips.

I jumped as his throbbing dick teased my almost naked thighs before making its way towards my bush again. In spite of being a woman of no experience, I easily coped up with his advances by parting my legs as wide as I could. After a few minutes of frantic fucking, he started feeling a gentle shiver gripping his dick while it went about rigging his captive’s pussy in frenzy.

I was overwhelmed with the feel of his huge dick expediting inside my moist cunt and jumped on his laps with pleasure waves hitting me all over. I was cumming for the third time that day. My cunt was overflowing with my juice and cum. He soon found out that my juice was flowing again and he felt as though his dick was having a shower inside my cunt.

Within seconds, I almost stopped jumping as I hugged him and merely motioned my waist up and down quick enough. Rajini realized that he was about to explode. I screamed again in a very high pitch as my pussy clenched hard during orgasm. “You will kill me you bastard,” I yelled out. He wasn’t feeling my bodyweight anymore as we soon fell into a nice rhythm.

His excitement made him to go harder and he was thrusting against me with more intensity. He closed his eyes feeling how nicely my pussy was clenching his dick. He went about accelerating his thrusts further and quickened his rhythm. He was treating me like an animal. I was not able to withstand his strokes….

I was crying with pain. Whenever I cried, he slapped my melons heavily. Now picture this, my boobs were dancing and colliding with each other. He was fucking me like a whore. And I was enjoying all this, keeping my eyes closed all the time. He fucked me in my wet pink pussy vigorously. I was in heaven because of his wonderful fuck.

I was deeply moaning whenever his cock made thunder stroke inside the pussy. I got the best fuck ever. He fucked my pussy for more than 30 minutes. I felt the beginning of his explosion being ignited at the bottom of his shaft which swiftly transmitted through the stem of his hard dick. For a moment, I felt like the tip of his dick ballooning in my tight pussy before a lightning struck all over his body.

The ultimate moment arrived soon with Rajini shooting loads of warm cum into my unprotected pussy. I quivered feeling the dick exploding inside my moist cunt and splashing the thick fluids. I squirmed as I felt receiving successive loads inside my pussy and groaned in absolute pleasure. We remained in a loose hug after our climax mourning in joy and fulfillment.

I could feel my cunt was clenching his dick till it milked the final load of his semen. He wasn’t letting me to get off his laps as we hugged with closed eyes like wonderful lovers. I was looking at him and inadvertently a Thank you escaped from my lips. He said, “I am satisfied with your sex skills.” I said, “Can I have the appointment letter. And please give me back my blouse as I am half naked without it.”

He picked up the phone and ordered, “Hello, Ranju bhai, do you have ladies jacket of size 36 in your shop.” He asked me, “Your size is 36 na?” I nodded my head in affirmative. He continued on phone, “Please send it to my office neatly packed in a parcel by your staff. I will pay him here.” I was relieved due to his generosity. He smiled at this.

He suddenly asked, “Miss Monmee, I am surprised that you did not bleed now. Does it mean you were not virgin? If so who was it?” I stuttered, “No sir I was virgin.” His smiled widened, “If so why did you not bleed? Tell me who has fucked you before?” I was feeling shy to reply so I looked at the floor and told him with utter shame, “My uncle had fucked me.”

He chuckled at my discomfort, “That is wonderful. He is very lucky to have fucked a sexy girl like you.” He asked again, “How were you keeping your pussy when he fucked you? With hairs or without hairs?” This was too much for me but suddenly I was also enjoying his questions. “Tell me Monmee.” I replied, “That time I kept my pussy shaved sir.”

He enquired, “How many times he has fucked you?” He touched my wet pussy and rubbed. He located my clit and rubbed it. I felt hot when he touched pussy and felt current in the body. I moaned, “Aaaaah. some 3/4 times… sir!” “Wow its wonderful. Any one can fuck 10 times if he gets a sexy bitch like you. What was the size of uncle’s cock Monmee?”

It was hardly 6-7” sir… Yours is very big…” I was amazed at my reply. How could I be so blatant? He asked, “Do you want to get fucked by this cock again? Did you like the fucking?” He said what I was also wishing. I wanted another session so replied, “Yes sir, I liked your tool and the way you treated me. But don’t tell this to anyone sir… please…”

He called, “Good dear. Now tell me. How many times you got fucked… I mean…. How many cocks you have taken in your pussy till today…..” I replied. “Sir… that is the only person who has fucked me besides you…” Hey what did I just say? I was using the same language he was using. He was having a telling effect on me.

I tried to talk but throat got choked… I was breathing heavily because of this question and told.. “Only from one I got fucked sir…one uncle. He was my dad’s friend.” I could barely whisper now. He yelled, “Stop Monmee. Don’t lie to me.” I was on the verge of crying again, “Please believe me, only one person has touched me earlier.”

He scowled, “Even if you are correct, it means your cunt is not virgin. I am not the first person to fuck it. Let me inspect your ass hole.” I was taken aback, “No, sir, no.” But he didn’t pay respect to me. “Monmee, show your ass. I can tell how many guys have fucked you by inspecting your ass hole.” I moved forward, turned around and let him see my big asses. He was not satisfied.

He yelled, “Monmee …. Show your ass hole. Spread your ass cheek wider so that I can inspect your hole properly.” “Sir…Don’t spoil me.” I whispered with frightened eyes. He went to me and opened my ass cheeks apart and saw the cute shivering ass hole. Yes… my precious, private ass hole. I began shivering, “Sir… do not do anything in my ass hole, sir…” I screamed.

As I tried to bring down my ass to floor as if to cover it. He held me midair and widely opened my ass hole and licked it. I screamed with pain…..and pleasure “Sir….. no……… aaaaaaaaaaaahhh….” He kept his one hand on my waist in the navel region and was lifting my ass up in the air.

He was enjoying my mountain ass, the beautiful private ass hole and he loved my pleasurable moaning. He inserted his finger in my ass hole. “I love your ass hole. You want this job or not?” I said, “Surely sir.” I moaned with pain in my hole.. “Sir…. Aah…..I can’t move sir…. Aaaaaah… I can’t sit…. please…….remove your finger from my ass hole.”

He ordered, “Shut up, I will drill your ass hole as it is virgin. I will fuck your ass hole.” He pulled out his finger from my ass hole. I was relieved to get my hole freed but he spitted on his finger and again inserted it in my hole. He took out an ointment tube from his drawer and applied generous amount on his finger and inserted in my but hole lubricating it.

I pleaded, “Please don’t spoil my life sir…. I am begging you sir… please don’t fuck my anus… I will do whatever you want… I will come wherever you call…. Fuck me wherever you want….. If you continue your insertions I will die of pain… whenever you will call me and I will come to get fucked by your massive cock…Anything but not my anus”

He smiled as he was enjoying my screams. I was in complete fear and tears started coming out of my eyes. He was silent. He again inserted his finger in my hole. I screamed due to pain, “ NOOOOooooooooo. Don’t touch my butt hole. No not there please…………..I loved your fuck sir. You showed me the heaven. No one can fuck me like this.

Still I feel your dick in my ass hole will tear it apart. I want to get fucked by you all over the day…. Fuck me some more time, if you want, but not my ass hole…. Ouuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Your big cock will tear my ass hole…. I want to be nude in front of you always… I want to marry a fuckable guy like you sir…. Treat me like your wife…. Fuck me, but spare my rear hole……Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.”

He moaned with pleasure and felt this was the time to keep his fat dick in my ass hole. He made me bend forward in doggy style. Then he made me stay so that my ass hole was in air. I could understand what he was going to do. But I was not in a position to do anything other than giving my secret ass hole to him.

He held my hanging big breasts and squeezed them and kept his 9” thick straight iron rod at the entrance of my shit hole. It was tingling my butt hole. He kept his one hand on my oval shaped navel and other hand on my hot hairy pussy. I was about to cry because I knew his cock was much bigger for my tiny ass hole.

I was praying to Lord Krishna to save my honour and not let me be fucked in ass hole. With this both hands lifted my right leg and kept it on the table. Now picture my position, my boobs was hanging, nude pussy was glistening, right leg was on the table and I was standing on my left leg with my ass hole wide opened. I was so vulnerable to him.

He slowly inserted his fat dick in my butt hole and pushed it inside. As half of his cock went inside the ass hole…I felt as if a hot iron rod has invaded my hole and felt my hole will burst anytime. Any woman’s ass hole was capable of taking only half of his cock. I cursed the day when I decided to apply for this job as because I was going to get ass fucked that day.

I murmured to god to help me. I was thinking about my destiny as such a loyal homely person was in the position of showing her private ass hole to some one who is just an interviewer, then getting fucked in cunt as well as in ass hole where no one has fucked before.

I still begged him to not to fuck me in the ass hole, “Sir…. OOOOOOOOoaaaaaaaaaaa. Don’t fuck me in my ass hole sir… Please… I will be grate full to you always…..Please sir…Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiii. I can’t hold it sir… please… it is paining sir…..leave me sir…. Pleaseee….” I begged him with tears in my eyes.

I pleaded him further, “Sir…. My friend is outside and he is waiting for me… Aamaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmaaaaaaaaa. Leave me sir…. I am a homely girl ….. don’t make me slut sir… please….” All my pleading fell on his def ears. He was very happy to find an innocent girl showing her navel, boobs, hairy pussy and her secret ass hole to him.

And the very saree lady is begging him to not to fuck in her ass hole. By hearing her words, he became hotter and forcefully inserted his fat cock inside my ass hole until it fitted completely inside my lovely ass hole. It pained a lot. The pain was unbearable. I screamed loudly… “Aaaaaappppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaa.”

I shook my torso to throw him away but in vain, his cock was lodged deep inside my butt hole…. Sir started fucking my ass hole violently. He spread my legs wide open and hammered in my puckered hole. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I never expected such thunder fuck in my shit hole. I was in heaven. I became his whore. He was out of control now. … My boobs were hanging and bouncing…

My pussy was getting pinched and tight ass hole was getting drilled. Even God was not able to save me from Rajini’s drilling. All I could do was open my beautiful mouth and cry. His cock was plundering my hole and piercing it like a knife cutting through butter. I felt as if my ass hole had reached a position to tear into pieces that time. Where as it was a great pleasure for Rajini to keep his cock completely inside my ass hole.

I was sobbing loudly and tried to remove my right leg from the table in a bid to dislodge him… but he caught my leg and again positioned it on the table. Now all of my assets and my soul were in his control…I was not able to shake my legs and ass. My senses were completely gone. I never imagined this kind of punishment in my life.

I cried with pain and wished this ordeal gets over as quickly as possible. He drilled my tiny ass hole with his huge cock and pistoned it in and out of hole. I was about to loose my conscious as my head was in spinning like a top. I was not able to see anything my vision was getting blurred. I was on the verge of collapsing but he went on pumping his cock in and out.

Thup thupo thup thup thup thup thupt thup thup thup thup thup…………………Fuch fuch fuch fuch fuch fuch fuch fuch fuch fuch Only sound I could hear in the room was of his thighs slapping my ass cheeks as I was in heaven that time… because my ass hole was getting drilled like anything. He was continuously slapping my hanging boobs and kissing my neck…drilling me.

I was crying… moaning…. Enjoying…. Screaming with pain… I became whore that day… I completely lost myself to him just for that filthy job… To hell with my situation I was enjoying my predicament. I had lost my anal hole’s virginity to him…. I became his slut for that day or maybe forever because His fat cock was my demand not his gift.

This drilling continued for 20 minutes although it seemed hours have passed by then he ejaculated in my anus. I was surprised by his ability to withstand. Then he arched his body and yelled out, “Ooooooooooohhhhhhh, I am cumming Monmee. Receive my semens.” And he spilled his seeds in my anus almost filling it.

Then he got off from my back. And he rested while I relaxed. My dear I loved this fucking also. The man is amazing I tell you. I was crying due to pain and pleasure. He came near me and kissed me. My dress, hairs and pussy was in mess. His cumm was dripping from my anus down my thighs.

He asked me, “How was it dear?” I wa in heaven so replied honestly, “I enjoyed your battering. You are master in fucking. Your wife must have enjoyed you a lot.But no one fucked in my ass hole sir….. You are the only man who has inaugurated my ass hole. Today was my opening ceremony.

I never imagined I will get fucked here… by you…. That too in my virgin ass hole…though it is heavily paining in my asshole….Thanks to your massive dick.” Saying this I squeezed his limp cock. “Monmee … hope you didn’t forget your loud cry when I fucked in your asshole. Still do you want a fuck in your ass hole?” He teased me. I asked him, “Sir…. I agree with you.

That my tears came. I accept this. But due to this act..I cant tell you how much pleasure I got, you know a woman very well….I loved your painful fuck sir….I loved to be treated like this only. Till now no one fucked me until I cried. But you have shown me the heaven by your thunder fuck. My ass hole need your fuck sir… please fuck me secretly. I will come wherever you call.

I am your slave sir, whether you give me this job or not. You know how to fuck my ass. You know how to treat my ass hole. I love my ass hole getting fucked by you ….” He also got happy hearing this and congratulated me for getting the job He handed me the appointment letter duly signed. By that time my new jacket(blouse type top) had arrived and he handed it over to me.

I took it along with my saree and went in the toilet go get dressed. It took about 40 minutes for me to get dressed. When I came out I heard some talking. It was Param talking to Rajini sir. Rajini was saying, “Congratulation my boy. Your friend has been provided the job. How could I refuse her job when it was recommended by you?” Param said, “Thank you dad. You are so nice. How was her interview? I hope you enjoyed it.”

What did I hear, Dad. Rajini is Param’s dad. The entire show was fixed. He offered me and my body to his dad as gift and I thought he was my real friend. I barged into the room to scold the fellow but when I saw the appointment letter I had to withdraw my anger. I said, “Hello Param, thanks for the lovely job. I will always owe you.” He moved forward and kissed me.

“Don’t feel sad. You will be my best friend and the best employee of this company.” Param was apologetic. I joined the company the next day and till date I am there. Rajini sir uses me as his laptop ie I am always sitting on top of his lap.

He never allows me to wear panty/bra at office so he can touch my pussy/boobs whenever he likes. I have sex with Param whenever Rajini is away on tour. He occasionally shaves my pussy. He hates hairy pussy. He even takes me on tour to far off places where we enjoy a lot.

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Monmee first sexy job interview - I

Hello reader my name is Monmee. I have just passed my engineering from a government college. I have also done diploma course after matriculation. I belong to a decent upper middle class family. In my family I have my parents and my brother who is two years younger to me. Here I want to share with you an incident that happened with me during a job interview.

At first let me tell you about myself. I am fair looking and got a very smooth skin. Have long hairs. But I am a bit short height of around 4’6. My present age is 27 and so I got a mature looking body with well developed breasts and buttocks. Rather my breasts are large which makes me embarrassed for my height is small and I often feel embarrassed when people look at them.

So I always wear shalwar and try to keep my breasts covered by spreading on it with my ‘chunni’. During college I had to stay away from home in a hostel in another city. The distance between college and my hostel was some 2km and I often took rickshaw for it. There was a Boy’s paying guest near my hostel and in it stayed a boy who also studied in my class.

Soon we became friends. His name was Param. He was from Tamil Nadu. We talked with each other in English as he was not comfortable with Hindi. In fact he did not know Hindi at all. We often came along to our respective hostel after college by rickshaw. He was a good guy. He used to help me a lot in my studies. He was very talented too. I often took help from him for my studies.

I used to call him over to my place and we used to discuss studies. I was sincere in studies as I wanted a good job as my father was retiring from his job the next year. I told him about my need for job and he helped me a lot for it with my studies. This went on for months. It was our annual function in college and so everyone wore different and pretty clothes.

I wore a pink saree and attended the function. All my friends said I was looking great. While returning it became dark and so I called Param and together we decided to go to our respective hostel. That day Param on the way back commented about how beautiful I was looking. Finally when we reached our hostel we waited outside to say good bye.

There was ample light and seeing me properly he again praised me of my beauty. He told me that my hairs, when let loose look stunning. However I noticed that while talking with me he was looking at and imagining my breasts size. I felt it is quite natural for any boy to get attracted to a female and so it is. I let it pass.

After few days various job companies came for interview in our college. I was in need for a job and so I tried my best to get through their written test. But despite my best efforts I could not pass. I was beginning to get upset. Our session ended but I was still without any job. Fear bred in me. I was beginning to worry whether I will get any job or not.

Param came to know about it and he decided to help me. He wanted to pursue higher studies and so he did not bother for a job. He told that his uncle is in a very reputed company and so he can directly get me to an interview for job in it. All I have to do it make through the interview and the job would be mine. I saw a ray of hope.

On the day of interview I wore pink saree and blouse and called Param. I went to the place for interview. We reached the company and while I waited outside Param went in to meet his uncle. He came out and told that his uncle and other people were having a meeting with clients and so we need to wait for few hours.

We waited a lot. Mean while I began to admire how beautiful the office is the place is. I felt that it will be great if I can make it here. Even the money was very good as a fresher. Finally the moment came and I was called in for the interview. There were three persons to take interview. Param’s uncle was one of them. The question session started.

But their questions were tough and I was not able to answer them. The interview went pathetic. I was afraid that I will not be able to make it. I came outside and told Param about it. Param went in and inquired it with his uncle. He was told that my interview was bad and I could not be selected. I pleaded, “Param, please do something.”

He again went in and talked with his uncle and came out. He told me, “It is not possible for you to get an engineering related job but I can try for another interview for management and promotion department of the company.” Also he told me that since his uncle is in charge of this department so I can expect to take it for sure. Half a loaf is better then none and so I decided to go for it.

He went in and told his uncle that I am ready for this job interview. His uncle told me to wait as some paper works need to be done for it and then we can begin the interview. It took long. Finally I was called in for the interview. This time my interview was taken by Param’s uncle and another man. Both were in their mid 50s.They belonged to South India.

They had a huge built and dark complexion. My interview started causally by asking me about my hobbies, extra curricular activity etc. The other man’s name was Rajini while Param’s uncle’s name was Ram. Rajini started asking me questions of customer handling and after few minutes of questioning he asked Ram to proceed with his part of questionnaires.

Ram left and so now there were only Rjini and me in the room. I felt little scared to be with a man alone in a room but kept my nerves as I badly needed the job. He now asked me “Listen dear, the job is of Public Relations. Will you be able to perform the job?” I replied, “Yes, Sir I will try my best shot.”

He went on, “You will have to handle our valued clients. I want to give you some situational based questions. Are you ready to answer?” I nodded my head in affirmation. He asked, “If a client comes and behaves rudely with you, how should you react. As you have to please him since we will not expect you to lose a client.” I replied he best I can.

Then he asked, “If the client is sexually provoking then what you should do.” I remained numb. He asked again but still I was at a loss what to tell. He then started to look at my body asked “How do you feel now?” I started getting goose pimples but I tried to remain calm and said, “It is okay. People on the roads usually do, so I don’t mind such kind of act. He then told me to remove my pallu.

Reluctantly I did. He was not looking directly at my big size breasts. I was feeling very uneasy. He told me to stand up and turn around. I asked him, “What are you doing.” and he said, “It is standard interview protocol. We want you to look presentable.” I did as he asked me to do. He said, “Business representatives need to look pretty, smart and should have a willingness to do work at all cost.”

He is testing me. I then told him to test me. He came near me and held my left breast in his hand gently. I looked at him. He was without any expression. “Monmee, the name looks sexy. You too look sexy, and your eyes are seductive” I smiled with a reply to him “Thank you sir.”

Rajini went on, “Are you aware that our company needs hot and confident girls for this work because it involves lot of interactions with male clients.” I said, “Yes sir, I came to know through my friends.” “So, you are prepared for everything?” He asked naughtily, I replied thinking the job is mine, “Of course yes sir.” He got encouraged by this response. He looked at my body slowly.

“Ok tell me about yourself.” I explained my qualifications in detail. “Since this is not a technical or knowledge oriented job, we would like to know more about your soft skills and sex skills.” I looked at Rajini a minute with small confusion and asked him. “Excuse me.., what you meant by sex skills” “How do you use your physical assets to get a work done?” I stopped talking and looked at him with anger.

“Sir, I am not that type.” He smiled, “Well, I can see from your dress that what type you are” ”Mister, what are you talking…. Who kept you to take interview? Rascal…. How I m looking for you…. If I tell to Param, you will be in jail. Mind it… Bye.” With so much of angry I warned him and went fast towards the door.

“Look Monmee…I can see that you got angry. This is a stress interview. We will be asking all type of questions. If you get selected your pay is Rs.12,00,000 per annum. If you are not ready for it, you may leave. We are not forcing anyone” “Its O.K Sir I will stay…” He was now staring at my boobs. My saree so sexily covered my boobs.

He stood up and walked towards me and looked at my fleshy milky mangoes and said, “You have really big round boobs.” It sounded so insulting so I yelled, “What do you mean mister?” I wanted to leave the room but I stayed on, I could barely keep still and my face became red.

He kept pacing the room, “Don’t get angry I tested you with an awkward questions and I am very convinced about your skills.” “Thanks sir” I felt the interview tough. He continued. “You know Monmee … I am the CEO of this group.

My decision is final.” “Sir…. You are the CEO…. I thought of an interviewing officer…. Sorry sir… Hmmm without knowing this I have scolded you. Please forgive me if I hurt you really”…… I excused with nervous looks. “Its OK. Are you really feeling bad about scolding me….” “Yes Sir… really.” I could barely smile as I thought I had won the battle.

He prepared an appointment letter and showed me. I was in heaven. I thanked him profusely. Then he received a phone call on his cell. He talked on it and later said to me, “It was my astrologer. Muniji, He asked me not to appoint any female staff else I will have to suffer a big loss.” I kept looking at him as he prodded further; I pleaded him to appoint me.

He said, “Let me finish my line. Muniji further said, if I urgently require a female staff the female should not be having periods now and her breast size must be above 34. So I have to look for such person only. You may leave if you desire.” I blurted out in enthusiasm, “I am not on period and my breast size is 36. You can appoint me, sir.”

He came near me and touched my breasts. I was taken aback. I was shocked. I scolded him and tried to get out of the room. Then he yelled at me from back, “Do you need the job or not.” Thoughts of my need for a job came back to my mind. I waited and turned towards him. He was smiling. I asked him, “What do you want me to do?”

He told me, “Remain calm and we will now talk with each other while my hand will be on your breast. This is a test to see how patient you are while I can verify your breast size.” He began asking me question while his hands were on my breasts. After sometime he got behind me and held both my breasts with his hand and began questioning me. I remained calm.

But soon he began to knead my breasts. I told him to stop it. He scolded me saying, “Show your ability to face adverse situations.” I had to obey him. I was feeling shy and gradually loosing my firmness of rigidity. He then cupped my breasts and squeezed them hard. Now my nipples got erect and were visible over my pink blouse. He pinched my nipples over my blouse.

I felt a shiver running down my spine. For a moment I was shocked but regained my posture. I was sweating and breathing heavily. In fact I began loving his intense touch on my breast. I could barely remain calm. Even he was breathing fast. He though for a moment and told me, “I just wanted to check your size whether you were telling the truth or not. Anyway I have a better plan.

Take off your bra and give me so that I can ascertain that your breast size is above 34.” I said, “I beg your pardon, sir. Are you talking sense?” He was smiled, “Good, Monmee. I want your bra which you are wearing now.” I was shocked after hearing this… and was speechless. “Sir… What…. What you are asking…” “Your bra, give it to me….” He was as calm as rock.

I was stunned and got angry… I was shivering with anger and my face became red. He showed me the appointment letter and told. “I am asking just your precious bra. Hope you will not loose this job because of this. I am going to another room and I will be back after 15 minutes. If I find your bra on my table, you can get this letter. If not, you can move.”

He left. I was totally upset because of this. I didn’t expect he will ask for my inner wears. I didn’t want to loose this golden opportunity also. I finally decided to give him bra…. I thought it is just a bra but it was my honor and who will know if I gave my bra to him. Then I thought what if he asks for my panty then?… I went to the corner of the room, opened my blouse and removed my bra… and kept it on the table.

After some time, he came inside and saw my bra on the table and looked at it. I was too ashamed to look at him so I lowered my eyes towards floor face still red. “Thanks Monmee ….” He smiled. “Can you hand me those.” He was playing tricks. He wanted me to hand over the bra.I rose from my seat walked past him to table with heavy feet picked up the bra and handed it to him.

He checked the bra its size number etc and smiled. He even smelled the cups smiling all the way. “Now Monmee, I can see your size is 36, and your bra is not padded as I felt your breasts earlier. How can you ascertain that you are not on period?” Now he was playing another of his stupid tricks on me. I was totally in his control now. I cheekily asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Well, I wanted to check your panty. If you are on periods, you will need to wear sanitary napkins as such. And your panty will be slightly soiled due to discharge. So would you be kind enough to remove and hand me your panty that you are wearing now.”

I stood up, went to the far end corner, inserted my hands inside my saree, pulled out my precious panty, checked my panty and gave it to him feeling shy and utter shame of doing this. Suddenly I noticed that the crotch of the panty was little wet and soiled too. I felt too embarrassed now as he could see that I was also in heat. He put the crotch of panty to his nose and smelled it and told it is sexy smell.

My face became further red. I was expecting the appointment letter. All of a sudden he tore my blouse and lifted it up and removed it from my body. I stood in my natural state in front of him. I started crying, “Why did you tear my blouse?” “I wanted to be sure that this is your bra and not anyone else’s” I now told him that this is the extreme and that I am going.

He slapped me and dragged me to the nearby sofa. He closed my mouth and said that he wanted me to cooperate with him or else I will have to face the worse. I covered my breasts with my hands. He asked me to remove my hands. I had to obey him. I yielded. I removed my hands. He saw my huge melons hanging in front of him and became hot.

He squeezed my boobs and sucked it for 45 minutes. I did not have any other way…Then Rajini gave a wicked smile and said, “But Monmee… How I will know this panty is yours? Can you prove me?” What did he want to say? I was in heart breaking shock and screamed.

“Sir… It is mine…” He was smiling at my predicament, “Sorry Monmee … in this fifteen minutes you would have got some other’s panty through your Param. Please prove me this is your panty.” I was going to die. I was standing without any blouse or bra and he was smelling my panty and asking me about whether it was my panty or not.

What did he want now ….. to show him my pussy that I am not wearing any panty “Sir… please believe me sir… It is mine.” “Miss Monmee …” He shouted. “I can’t believe this. Lift your saree and show me you are not wearing any panty inside.” I said, “You can touch and feel that I am not wearing panty now.” He enquired, “How Miss Monmee?”

I went up to him took his hand and placed it on my hips for him to feel the panty lines if any.. He could feel my ass cheeks. He pinched my flesh and laughed. “No I cant feel anything.” “Sir….” I was in utter shame, silent…. Standing ideally….. My head started scrolling…. I looked bleakly at the letter in his hand.

”Monmee … fast… If you feel shy.. turn that side… lift your saree and show me your bare ass the same that I touched now. It is enough.” I didn’t have any other way out. I had no option but to obey his order since, my precious future was in his hand. And more over he is just asking me to lift my saree and wanted to see if I was wearing inner wear or not…And I couldn’t go out without my blouse.

I had to obey him. So I thought there was nothing wrong in doing this for the job. I turned towards the door showing my ass to him. I was crying. Tears were rolling down from eyes. I closed my eyes in shame. This was the first time it was happening in my life. I was cursing the day and bent down and caught the border of the saree and lifted up to knees.

“Lift the saree Monmee.” …. He ordered. I was sobbing with utter shame… I raised saree inch by inch upwards…. And finally the saree was above my bare ass. I could feel the coolness of air conditioner on my bare skin. He got breathless now. He was thrilled watching the round ass. He came near my ass and stood still for a second. I closed my eyes in shame and disgust.

He bent on his knees and held the fold of my saree. I could feel his hot breath on my ass cheeks. I began praying to god to help him as if I wanted him to touch my ass. He kept on inspecting my ass for few moments and blew kisses to it. The suddenly he kissed my ass cheeks. I could not take it any further and collapsed o the floor. He held me from behind so that I don’t fall further.

His hot breath was touching my neck. I was also feeling the heat now. Rajini;s hand went around me before halting right under my breasts. I rose an inch from the floor on my heels as the old man hugged me from behind stroking my stomach and navel gently. His hardened member was pressing against my firm round ass cheeks making me thrust back against his thighs.

His hands moved upwards to hold and squeeze my wonder globes with passion. “Let’s keep moving,” He murmured. He began pushing me into walking towards the Sofa. The moment we got in, I turned around and took him in a tight hug. I for the first time in the life felt like flying amongst the clouds feeling my marvelous breasts mashing against his broad chest.

But cried, “Please, leave me, sir. Let me go.” I was too hot and enjoying his touch. “Kiss me,” He ordered and I rose to the level of his face. Rajini readily obliged his captive and planted his lips firmly against my mouth. We began brushing our lips gently before the experienced old man seized the initiative by pulling his tongue inside my mouth.

I closed my eyes as I was letting his tongue invade into my mouth to search all around. It was a terrific experience for me as he took the clue and began chewing my lips gently. I moaned inside his mouth while my arms eagerly went through his armpits to grip the back of his head and pull it hard against my face.

He wasn’t willing to break the erotic kiss and once he did, his face slid down brushing my neck, bosoms, abdomen before settling on my public hair. Yes…I was completely nude in front of Rajini. My pussy displayed to him. “Wow… Monmee …. You have sweet pink pussy. And you are hairy too.” He commented. I blushed with utter shame and I cursed myself… oh god…

It was the golden opportunity for him to see my soft hairy, pink pussy. Who will get this chance to see my private pussy? He lustfully watched my pussy. I was tempted to hide my pussy with my hands but could not. He was intently gazing at my hairy pussy. My pussy was a feast for him. He amazed the beauty of sexy hairy pussy.

He loved to lick and suck any pussy, but he did not have time to do all this. So he decided to fuck me. “Miss Monmee … May I ask you one thing… Don’t you have time to shave your pussy?” I looked at my hairy pussy and again looked at him nervously, “Sorry sir…. I … I thought of shaving… but…” I struggled to arrive at an answer. ”Shall I help you…” He asked.

”No sir… Its o.k…” I immediately refused. He commented and inserted his middle finger in my wet pussy. I was floating on cloud nine heaving with his each touch.. I was moaning and screaming with jerk…. “Sir… no… aaaaaaaah sir…. Don’t do sir… pleassssssee…” But he didn’t listen to my screams and inserted his finger completely in my pussy and started finger fucking.

I couldn’t help it and was moaning… my eyes were filled with fear and little lust… my mouth was opened… I gradually spread my legs apart to make easy for him to finger fuck. He put his finger in and out violently in my pink pussy. I was deeply moaning…. I was not able to stand… I kept hand in his shoulder for support and started to obey his dirty acts.

He touched my clit and pinched it. I yelled at the top of my voice unable to keep down my volume. He was enjoying my state of despair. Actually I was enjoying it and wanted him to continue. Then he put his greedy mouth on my pussy and kissed me. I was astonished to note his prowess. He was very good in cunnilingus. He began licking my pussy while pressing my breasts. I was also supporting him.

“You seem to know things,” He muttered with an electrifying feeling. He wasn’t sure if I loved to have his face pressing against my womanhood as I meekly tried to push him off. His nostrils were filled with the aroma of my cunt sending wild sensations into his mind. It was my warmth and softness that caught his wild imagination as his tongue couldn’t stay any longer inside his mouth.

His hands wrapped my legs firmly and he began licking me all over the pubic hair until he found my yielding pussy lips. “Sir, please,” While I kept pleading although he never knew what actually meant. It was a bit thrilling to continue with my cunt while my hands repeatedly tried to push his head off my crotch.

I was succumbing to his youthful exuberance unable to muster the strength to push him any further. He eventually gathered the courage and let his tongue slip through my pussy lips. I screamed again feeling the tip of his tongue having a lash at the soft tissues and began arching my body. He never seemed like lifting his face and went on working his tongue at the clitoris.

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Mithun fucking mother and daughter

I am Mithun, 25, working in an IT company with a domestic assignment. I st at home with my laptop wait for the clients data for processing. After processing I transmit the same by email to him and wait for more data. I can work in the comforts of my home. I take my own time to take bath and to take lunch.

I stay in the company allotted flat. making my own tea, I go out for the rest of the food. I was involved much with my neighbors. one day just as I was busy with my work, I heard some sound at my door. The door was ajar, and a girl was standing there looking at me. I asked her what is the matter. She said just I was looking around and saw this door open and you sitting and working.

I told her come in and she came in and sat in th empty chair in front of me. I took a cursory glance at her. Nice boobs, nice big thighs, good face and looks around 18 and a good looking girl just fallen into my silver platter. How to take advantage of her was my next thought. I asked for more details from her.

She did her schooling and waiting for admittance into the college, stays with mother in the second floor flat. Likes to hear music if you play it in the laptop. The door was ajar, I asked her to close the door and bolt it from inside. She just looked at my face and got up and went and did as I said. Suddenly I asked her whether she has any boy friends, only to embarrass her.

She turned serious and said no, she does not have. I further added that that means you are still a virgin and not touched my any boys. She was very uncomfortable at my statement. I asked her to come closer and sit near me. she pulled the chair closer to mine and sat. I just played a porno clib of about 5 minutes duration and asked her whether she had seen such movies.

She was embarrassed, wide eyed, angry and looked at me and said no, I have not seen such stuff. Now tell me whether you want music or this video. I can play either one. She was in great dilemma. I was in a half knicker and a vest. I got up and went to my brief case opened it, took out a chocolate slab and brought it and gave it to her. She was in good mood.

She opened the wrapper and took a big bite. I asked her what is your name, she said it is Sita. I asked her to move and come and sit very close to me. She pulled the chair and was very close to me.I could almost touch any part of her body. I put my hand on her boob. She pushed my hand away. I said wait let me know how soft it is. Taking a mouthful of the bite she allowed me to touch her boob.

First I put one hand and then I put both my hands on her boob and pressed them. I caught her nipples and nudged at it. Sita was enjoying the chocolate bite and my holding her boob. I pulled her closer and lifted her blouse and bra in one push and took out her boobs and put it in my mouth and licked and sucked. Sita was closing her eyes enjoying my act. I did not want to be in a hurry.

I sucked her both boobs and there was no resistance from her side at all. I just held her hand and guided her to my bed room and made her to lie down in my bed. She did not say anything. Her boobs were well exposed. I lied on her and went on licking and sucking her boobs and squeezing them. Sita was obviously enjoying my act. Her pink nipples were very stiff and her boob turned red in colour.

I slowly lifted her pettycoat. Her naked thighs were exposed. She was wearing a red coloured panty with flowers. I kissed her abdomen, thighs. I just pulled her panty down. She raised her hip and cooperated. Her virgin pussy with thin golden hair was visible. Kepping my strong hold on her boobs, I just kissed her pussy. Sita seemed to have very much aroused.

I asked her whether her amma is there down at home. No, she said, she had gone to meet a friend and will come only at noon. I made her open her legs and opened her cunt lips. It was red inside. I placed my cock in her cunt and asked her whetheer I may fuck her. She just nodded. I pushed my cock inside and it was going in with difficulty. Her face was wincing with pain.

Somehow slowly I got my whole cock inside and fucked her slowly. She said she is enjoying. I fucked her for about 10 minutes and she was coming to her orgasm. I too came and I pulled out and threw my fluids in the floor. We both got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I hugged her and gave her a kiss. I asked her how you liked it. She said she enjoyed it very much.

She said she will come every day and she wants to enjoy with me. I put on a music channel in my laptop and a porn video muted. Poor sita was getting into the mood again. She watched porn very much in detail and wanted to try ass poses.

But unfortunately, her mother came back at noon and told her that her admission to the college has been finalized and that she may have to go to the college the next day. I told her I will give both of them a lift to the college and back. Her mother, Geetha who was just 35 expressed her gratitude. Her husband was in Delhi and expected to come next month.

They were staying here only because of the education of her daughter. The mother was equally beautiful with big boobs etc. After putting Sita into the class we thought we will return since Sita will come home in the college bus. I too Sita's mother to a restaurant and had nice hot snacks and coffee. I bought two slabs of big chocolates and gave her and asked her to eat.

On reaching home, Geetha came with me to my flat and we sat in the sofa and talked. I put my hand on her thigh and she did not seem to object. I put my hand on her boob and pulled her closer to me. I planted a kiss on her cheeks and she responded well. Unbuttoning her blouse, I unhooked her bra and took out her huge boobs. Surprisingly Geetha responded well.

I took her to my bed room and made her totally nude. Her boobs were big, narrow waist, clipped hair in the pussy, big thighs. I did not want to waste any time. I kissed her on her cheeks and then sucked her boobs. Geetha was very much aroused. I made her to open her legs and inserted my cock inside. It went in but it was tight. I fucked her briskly and she reached her orgasm quickly.

I fucked and made her reach orgasm three more times. Geetha was very happy. She said she never had so much sex in one time. My days went very happly fucking mom and daughter alternatively. till I was transferred.

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Sajna was only 12 years old when her father passed away in an accident. Some kind hearted people helped the family to get adequate compensation and hence they survived without much difficulty. Sajina who went to the school completed her school and they did not know whether to send her to the college or to get her married.

She was a stunningly beautiful girl, with big boobs, raised round ass, thick thighs and very fair in color. Girl mother was very much worried since such a beautiful girl is always a threat to the peace and harmony of the family. Many boys were moving around to get a glimpse of the girl. The girl also was growing fast when she will fall in the trap of the boys nobody knew.

Sajina's uncle, Ali who was doing business in gulf came on leave and came to see his sister and Sajina. He was stunned to see the beauty of Sajina. He told the mother of Sajina that there was a boy known to him who was working as a driver from the same village. He asked her whether he may approach the family in connection with the marrige of Sajina.

They went to the house of the proposed boy and talked about the marriage. The family finally agreed for the marriage of Basheer, the boy and Sajna. Basheer was just 20 and went to gulf recently. Ali told them that he has a big house where he stayed alone and Basheer and Sajna may stay there for the time being. Sajna can come on a turist visa and then apply for a family visa.

The nikah was conducted on a grand scale. Basheer was happy that his wife was such a beautiful girl. Sajna also like Basheer because he was very handsome. In the first night they fucked. Though Sajna felt some pain and some blood came, she liked sex very much. Whenever Basheer wanted she was ready.

Within two days her shyness vanished and she used to ask for sex from Basheer. They fucked three or four times every night. Finally Bhasheer had to go back. But Mr.Ali told Sajna not to worry, and that he will make arrangement for the visa and the ticket. Tourist visa came and Ali bought the ticket and took Sajna with him when he went.

Basheer came to their house and he and Sajna slept in the floor in the spare bed room.. But Basheer had to go with the truck to Saudi and he will be away for four days. Sajna was not sad since she was staying with her uncle. Her uncle liked her very much and he told her to come and sleep in his room since Basheer is not there.

First day he brought some nice chocolates and gave her. She liked it very much. Ali just embraced Sajna and kissed her on her lips and sucked the chocolate from her mouth. They both laughed. Again he put one chocolate in his mouth and asked Sajna to suck it from his mouth. They liked the game very much.

Ali who was just 38 embraced Sajna and inserted his tongue in her mouth and searched for the chocolate. Sajna who was just 17 did the same with him. She lied on him with her boobs pressing against his chest. His cock which was erect pressed against her abdomen. Surprisingly she got up and removed his lungi and found his monster double the size of that of Basheer.

Ali did not cover it up but made Sajna to lie on it and do the chocolate kiss. Ali asked Sajna to remove her pyjama so that they both may be naked from waist below. When Ali suggested, Sajna could not decline. She removed her pyjama and the panty. Her tiny hairy pussy was pressed against the cock of Ali. She was lying on him and licking his lips for the remains of the chocolate.

To prevent her from falling she had to open her legs wide and support on his either side. Ali was not in a hurry. His monster cock was rubbing against her pussy. She was aroused. She got up and took the cock in her hand and examined it closely. Oh, how big it was. She just placed a kiss on it. Ali removed her blouse and bra and released her boobs free.

He put his cock between her boobs and pressed them and moved his cock up and down. Sajna liked this game. She was not shy to play with Ali totally nude. Ali was also nude. She was very much aroused and her pussy was leaking. He made her to lie in the bed and wondered why not shave off the hair.

He brought his shaving kit, applied lather on her pussy and with the razor shaved the public hair. Within two minutes her hair in the pussy was gone and it gave a very nice look. He asked her to get up and see it for herself in the mirror. She ran back to Ali and kissed him. Ali told Sajna that she should not say anything to Basheer about what they do in his absence.

Once Basheer comes to know on the same day she will be sent back home. Sajna agreed. They were playing like this since morning. Ali said we will take some food and then do things. He has purchased some nice beef curry and fried fish etc to be eaten with rice. Sajna like it very much and they both ate.

Ali was wondering how bold this girl is that she is still naked and has not put on any clothes. Their flat was on the third floor and nobody will notice whatever happens here. Ali asked Sajna that we have to do some fucking. come on insert my cock in your hole yourself. He lied on the bed and she straddle on him and took his cock and tried to put it in her hole. It was not going in.

She tried several times. Finally Ali asked her to lie down and he sat between her legs and opened her cunt lips and placed the tip of his cock and pushed it in. There was lubrication. He added his spittle and pressed his cock inside.It went by an inch. The pain was visible in her face. Ali pushed and pushed and half of his cock went inside.

Sajna complained that it was paining and asked him to pull it out. But Ali flashed a smile and again pressed it in and finally with a final push his entire cock was thrust inside. Sajina gave out a cry of pain and was crying. Ali said just wait you will start enjoying right now. He pulled his cock out and again pushed it in. This slow process actually reduced the pain of Sajna and she wiped her tears.

Ali kissed her on her cheeks and on her nipples, licked them and then again started to fuck. Sajna showed signs of enjoyment. Ali knew she will ask for more. He fucked her vigorously. She was moaning with pleasure. He was kissing and licking her nipples and again went on fucking. She said she is coming, but Ali went on fucking. It took a long time for him to arrive at the orgasm.

But his cock was still stiff. He rolled over and asked Sajna to climb us and do the fucking. She climbed on him and kept her legs on either side and started to move up and down. She rotated her hip and the cock inside her was touching new new sensitive spots. Ali hands were busy on her boobs. She liked the big cock inside her.

She fucked him with all her might and reached her orgasm. But he was still not reached. They went on fucking for more than an hour so that they both reached orgasm. Sajna was very much pleased. He asked her to prepare tea for both of them. She went ot the kitchen and made tea. He had brought some snacks and they both took tea.

Basheer had gone just in the morning and he may not come another four days. Ali took Sajna for a movie and ate food from outside. The came back home and watched TV for some time. Ali put on some porn videos in the TV. She had not seen porn before and she was shocked to see how many poses they adopt for fucking. She changed her dress and was getting ready for fucking.

Ali knew what the girl was upto. He lied in the bed and asked her to get on him. She liked this posture very much and she inserted his cock in her pussy. It took time for complete penetration but she liked it very much. She bent her back so that her clitoris rubbed against his cock. Keeping his cock inside they both watched the porn movie. They fucked three times during that night.

She did not seem to get tired at all. After four days of constant fucking, Basheer was to come that day. Ali asked Sajna to go her bedroom and lie down in her own bed. Basheer came and brought some clothes for her. Sajna was happy and they both went out to take food. Basheer was there for two days and again he had to go to Oman on a four day trip.

Basheer and Sajna fucked three or four times a day. But she was not satisfied. He told her that he will suck her cunt. It was a new experience for her. He lied on her and licked her cunt and clitoris. She was immensely happy. After the departure of Basheer, she returned to the bed of Ali. She told Ali how Basheer licked and sucked her cunt. She told him that she enjoyed it much.

Ali said he will also do it. Before that Ali fucked her in all the poses displayed in the porn video. Doggy, style Sajna liked. It went deep inside her. Ali one day opened her legs and buried his face in her cunt and licked. He did it nice and deep. Sajna enjoyed it immensely. After four days when Basheer came he also did the same thing. Now she enjoyed oral sex more than the actual sex.

Days went by. Nobody thought that her visit visa is coming to an end. She cannot get it extended any further. Having enjoyed her to the maximum Ali also wanted her to go. On the last day she cried very much. Pasha the brother of Basheer was asked to meet her at the airport. Ali gave her lot of money and Basheer promised to send her money.

AT the airport Pasha, the younger brother of Basheer was there. He was a good looking boy and she smiled at him. Pasha also liked her. He was in the college. Pasha and Sajna became friends.

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