Lusty Usha losing cherry to childhood friend Naval - I

Hi, even before introducing myself I would like to admit that neither I am very good in this language nor I am a good story teller. Few days back I accidently found this blog and read many narrations, and just started writing down my sex experience.

Thought I have tried to learn narrating stories just by reading stories of this blog but I still feel that I will not be able to narrate my sex experience very expressively but I promise that I will write in English as much as possible so that readers who do not understand Hindi can understand my fucking saga but along with that I would say like I read few stories of this blog I would like to write Hindi words too as they add up spice to the incident and I will try writing translation too.

Anyway now without wasting much time I would like to move to the main course of this site. I am Usha, a female from Delhi in my mid thirties and still unmarried and this write up is about me fucking with my old friend Naval who was actually married when he fucked me.

While talking about Naval I will say he was my classmate since my 1st standard and we studied together in the same class till our high school. After that I lost contact with him, moreover at that time as such he had nothing in him which could recall me about him but then after bit more than one and half decade I met him again on one social networking site.

He was located by one of my another classmate and fortunately soon after meeting him everybody of my class of that time thought about meeting someday and like that I met Naval for the first time after around seventeen long years. By now Naval was good looking male with good height, though not very muscular but with a good health and down to earth nature.

When I met him he was not only married but also a father of a baby girl and truly speaking when I met him for the first time I could not imagine myself with him on the bed to get fucked especially after knowing this fact that he is already committed, but over the period of around 2 years or may be bit more things changed drastically at my mental level and I not only lost my virginity to him but also had really good time with him on bed repeatedly for few days.

Anyway going back to sequence now if I will try and talk about myself then first thing I would like to speak about myself is that I am bitch, reason; at one instant I was so desperate to get a fuck that I was not ready to think about anything except fucking and I ultimately to tranquilize my sexual urge I approached Naval up to the extent that he cheated his wife.

Otherwise in appearance I am not beautiful, rather I am average looking female with very dark complexion but with very seductive and bursting sexual assets. I am standing around 5’5” with reasonably big milks and jutting out ass mounds while having good fleshy thighs and arms but no belly at all and truly speaking I feel my statement for myself that I am not beautiful has just one reason that I am not fair.

Certainly if I would have been bit fairer, then instead of average looking I would have came in the category of good looking girls and any guy of our cast would have said yes to me for marriage. While detailing about the hurdles I was facing in my marriage in brief I would say over the time span of more than 3-4 years I was tired of formal meetings of arrange marriages with the guys of my cast,

for me it always ended in disappointment because of no from guys side for one or another lousy reason and like this apart from depression of getting rejected again and again I was going through bad time sexually too, my body was fully ripened for manly treatment and I was somewhat in desperate need of having sex,

I was spending sleepless nights in desire of getting a real pleasure of feeling a man into my fuckhole but unfortunately what I could do or what I did in this time span was just rubbing of my fuckhole while watching porn movies. Anyway apparently apart from my color complexion, there is one more hurdle in way of my marriage;

that is I am Manglik, being Manglik is something in relation with constellation of stars of the time period in which I was born. I can easily say that delay in my marriage was the sole reason of my desperation of getting a fuck and that’s why I thought about trapping simple man like Naval into my lust.

Now after bit of intro I would like to jump to the incident and circumstances in which I started lusting over Naval more desperately and ultimately things became so irresistible for me and that I started thinking about trapping him in my sexual lust. Since I met Naval first time by now around 2 years were passed and we were meeting regularly after 3-4 months, obviously with the whole gang of classmates.

At that time deep inside within myself I was admirer of Naval as a person; with very good sense of humor he was very down to earth in nature, unlike my other classmates I never saw him staring at my body or to any other female’s body of our gang, maybe I was wrong and he was sharp in doing that but certainly I never caught him staring at us with that perspective.

Anyway apart from this I never saw him showing off himself and opposite to him my other classmates were very artificial, most of them use to reflect themselves on highly paid jobs with lot of style and very high living standards and when I asked him, Naval gave me true picture of his financial status, though it was not bad, rather it is good but not at all hyped like my other classmates use to reflect.

Also we had a same taste of music and movies, artistic and comedy and we use to exchange movies and music of our collection which we both use to download from the internet. Anyway over the time my admiration for his nature and attitude rose significantly, may be because among all males of our gang I was well connected just to him and I really don’t know when I occasionally

started masturbating visualizing him fucking me with lot of love and affection as if I am his wife. I can easily say that initially I was not obsessed with him but certainly somewhere deep inside I had a desire of getting a husband like him and in real life just opposite to what I was desiring I was meeting guys who were not worth calling a man and because of them I was going through a real torture on the name of arrange marriage.

Gradually my depression of not getting fixed and desperation to get physical love went on increasing and I started feeling lonely and in that span as a friend I thought about sharing my feelings with Naval and I started calling him to chit chat regularly. Up to an extend he was aware of my life and later when I shared him whatever was going in my personal life he gave me lot of mental support;

he was so casual and down to earth that I never saw him misunderstanding my casual phone calls like most guys do when females call them frequently, rather he too starting sharing his routine life with me and he seemed happy with whatever destiny has given him. My regular phone calls really enhanced my attraction for Naval and I started saving his photographs;

which he uploaded on FB in my Laptop and in free time I use to see them to masturbate myself better. Finally one day my pleasant and mild lustful feelings for Naval turned into madness, it was one of our female friend’s marriage party. Whole gang was gathered there and Naval was also present with his wife and 2-3 old daughter.

Although that day I met his wife formally for the first time but virtually I knew her very well, obviously through social networking site and from Naval’s chit chatting and the best part was just like me his wife also knew me. While talking to Deepali (his wife) I was realizing that Naval has shared every minor detail about me and his transparency with his wife about other female really impressed me.

I Must say that by praising Naval for his attitude, I am not trying to say that he was a kind of saint, rather it was just me who could not put him out of my mind, by being so good in nature it can be considered some sort of hypnotism which Naval was doing over me and I was falling in love with his every simple gesture, I saw him very caring for his wife and somewhere started feeling envy for Deepali, for being a wife of such a wonderful person.

Anyway that night gradually our friends started going back after dinner and within half an hour just we three were left. I was there with plan of staying in the night to attend all marriage ceremonies but truly speaking I did not wanted to stay there, after reaching there I was realizing that ultimately I am going to get bored because as such except bride I did not knew anybody.

I could not think of going back home at that hour and could not except Naval dropping me home as I was living in the direction of almost 90 degrees from his way to home and I casually spoke this to Deepali (Naval’s wife) that I have made a mistake by making a plan of staying here and I don’t want to stay here and Deepali instantly invited me to come along with them.

At that time somehow Naval was missing from there and as he came back Deepali somewhat informed him that I don’t want to stay here and in continuation told him that she has invited me to come along and stay with us for the night. Naval reacted casually on that and told me to come along and once asked me if I want to get dropped at home but I denied for that.

Since Deepali invited me to come along to her place, somewhere deep inside I was feeling strange rapture, I wanted to go with them and stay at their place, certainly I was not thinking about fucking with him in the night, I just wanted to spend more time with Naval and in presence of Deepali as such for me there was no question of feeling insecure and finally after bit of persuasion from Deepali’s side

I agreed and Naval committed me that he will drop me home early in the morning. Finally within next 10-15 minutes we took leave from there and in within one more hour I was at his place. Like me Naval also belonged to middle class family and his house was also very much like him, simple and ordinary.

Those days his parents were gone to his elder brother’s place so I was suppose to stay in their room. Deepali showed me my room for the night and then whole house and in the end gave me one of her night suit to change, top with buttons in front and casual Pajama and because of difference of physical structure between me and Deepali I could see that nightwear

which she gave me was not only bit tight over my body but also shorter in length but it was comfortable as it was made of light stretchable material. After some time Deepali came to my room again to see me and saw me in her nightwear and asked me if I am comfortable in it and we chit chatted for a while in which she casually told me that after 2 days she is going to her mother’s place for next 15 days and that is why her In-laws;

means Naval’s parents have gone to his brother’s place as they need lot of attention. After sometime Deepali took leave and I was left alone in the room and now I had a clear plan of masturbating, visualizing myself getting fucked by Naval but as per my regular practice before starting rubbing my fuck opening I wanted to get aroused up to some extend by thinking about

an imaginary situation in which we both will get intimate and after getting this information that after two days Deepali is going out of town and Naval will be living alone for next 15 days it became easier for me and I started assuming that after leaving his wife on Saturday evening on the train,

I will meet him on Sunday and he will get me to his place and then he will fuck me in the same room, on the same bed of the same house. And like this I was enjoying making imaginary conversing dialogs within myself between me and Naval around this situation and within a minutes time I was about to insert my hand into my panty to rub my fuckhole when I heard some noise outside.

Either it was Deepali or it was Naval and mentally I was in the state that within a fraction I decided to take a chance to see if it is Naval and came out with a planned excuse of drinking water and found Naval standing in the kitchen in shorts and undershirt. He turned and seemed bit surprised to see me in his wife’s nightwear and that day first time I saw her looking at my body with different perspective;

probably because my body was bursting in that tight outfit. Actually top I was wearing was not only tight over my upper half it was also short in length. My breasts were looking even bigger because of the tightness of the upper and it was hardly reaching to my waist and Naval could see my fleshy thighs well in the tight pajamas along with the portion between my thighs which is most desired part of female’s body by all men.

I caught him staring at me and asked him with a smile that because of night dress I am wearing he is not getting confused between me and Deepali by asking “night dress ki wajah se confusion to nahi ho raha na….I am not your wife…I am Usha” and he laughed a bit while saying “nahi…nahi” with bit of disappointment of getting caught red handed while staring at my thighs and the portion between them.

Truly speaking it was not at all planned from my side, it was spontaneous statement which came out of my mouth but it really made me feel good in the end when I saw Naval blushing after getting caught.

Anyway while being in kitchen to my surprise Naval was making coffee for Deepali and himself and he asked me if I will also have and I said yes to it for no other than that somehow I wanted to spend some more time with them, to be more precise I wanted to spend more time with Naval, rather deep inside I had a desire that he should see my bursting body more.

I stood with him in the kitchen for a while and chit chatted and tried to read his mind through his eyes and somewhere felt him bit uncomfortable because of my physical appearance of that instant and that really gave me strange pleasure. We both came to his bedroom and I was little more surprised see that Deepali was almost fallen asleep,

Naval awakened her and as expected she was surprised to see me along with her husband. Truly speaking I didn’t realized the situation there, and main reason for them to have coffee at this hour and casually asked them “waise tum log iss time coffee pee rahe ho…raat ko jaagne ka plan hai kya” and my words turned Deepali’s face red instantly and she smiled a bit,

next instant I realized my mistake and exactly what my words meant. Unknowingly my statement was absolutely true; they had a plan making love. I smiled while looking at Deepali and she blushed a bit, I looked at Naval and he was also smiling with timid gesture and I thought about leave them alone by getting up and going out of the room and spoke “I think I should leave…”

but Deepali stopped me by saying “please…take it easy…baithe raho” I sat there for a while as Deepali instantly changed the subject of conversation and we spoke about the food which we had in the dinner. As my Coffee ended I got up and Deepali also got up to come out with the cups,

I tried to stop her and tried to get all cups from her but she came out with me and by saying “I am really sorry…I really didn’t mean that…tum please bura matt maanna” I got a chance to say sorry to her for what I spoke accidently just few minutes “it’s ok aur bura maan ne ki koi baat nahi hai….”

She replied back casually with a smile and spoke something which was not at all expected by me, by saying “waise you were right…humara jaagne ka hi plan hai” she smiled even more and somewhat confirmed me that they have a plan of fucking and in reflex I also smiled on her reply and looked into her eyes and she spoke again saying

“actually after two days I am leaving….you know…ab do din ye regular hoga” just like friends do, Deepali casually shared me her bedroom life of next 2 days, that they are going to have sex regularly and I replied back with just a smile again but truly speaking that moment because of envy feeling for being a wife and bed partner of such a wonderful person I was burnt deep inside.

I came back to my bedroom and but surprisingly even after knowing this fact that in other room fucking is on, I did not felt like masturbating, I don’t know what was happening to me, after getting confirmation that Naval is going to fuck his wife I was very restless, I was going through some sort of agony or you can say jealousy for Deepali, as if he is my husband and Deepali is a third person who has came between us.

Anyway I tried to resist myself but that time lust was ruling my senses, after around 5-10 minutes of trying hard to divert my mind I got up and came out of the room again and tip toed towards Naval’s bedroom and tried to hear noise from their room, I heard few words which I could not understand but nothing like moans or gasps of having sex, which I was expecting or you can say desiring.

I moved out to the balcony to reach to the window of their bedroom and tried to see things happening inside but failed as there widow was completely covered with the curtains. I came back to the room and tried to sleep, as I said I was not feeling like masturbating, I was depressed for no reason,

it can be considered my love or infatuation or just lust for Naval because of which I was not ready to except this fact that Naval is married to Deepali and not all interested in me. I needed him desperately, I wanted to have sex with him just then but as such there was no way I could get him that moment and that really made me cry for couple of minutes.

I tried to sleep without masturbating and slept for a while but it was just a nap of hardly half an hour and once again after that because of lust my eyes were wide open. Finally I took off all my clothes and started masturbating while moaning and gasping Naval’s name in controlled voice and climaxed a bit and felt bit relieved from the fucking pressure which was built inside me.

After that more or less I slept but I was restless for whole night and could not take my mind out of Naval. Early in the morning when I got up time was around 7 and I thought about masturbating again and like I said earlier I have a habit of creating an imaginary situation and conversing dialogs around that fucking situation,

I started doing that and now I was imagining myself arousing Naval to get a fuck from him and to my surprise without thinking about masturbating I got lost in imagining situations and conversations between me and Naval through which I could commute my lustful feeling to him and attract him sexually and that half an hour of day dreaming in the early morning made me

even more desperate to get on bed with Naval and I decided to try trapping Naval into my lust after Deepali’s departure. Anyway ultimately before getting up for morning courses I masturbated in the morning too, but unlike past that really did not tranquilized my urge much and went on planning to trap him within myself and really enjoyed that lustful mind state.

Finally I met Deepali and Naval and had light breakfast with them and throughout that span, I was madly occupied with different ideas through which I could give him hint of my fucking desire for him and to make my desire come true once again I casually asked Deepali about her plan, date and time of her departure and within myself instantly came up with a thought to see her off on the railway station with a gift for her child just to meet Naval again.

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Sex with Baby aunty and Prema

Everybody want sex, more urgently like food or water. But they are not willing to accept it. It is sheer hypocrisy. My neighbourhood aunty always keeps her face in serious form. Never even smiles, When you see her in the road she will turn the other way and go away. But she will come and ask my mother to send me to change the fuse wire, or repaid the computer, or help to buy some medicines.

I used to ask my mother, where is her husband, let him do these tasks. My mother used to feel proud that she is asked to depute her son for such trivialities. She used to advice me that we should always be of help to others. This neighborhood aunty is Baby, looks 35, never dresses attractively.

With narrow waist, medium boobs, and big ass and stoute thighs Baby aunty is a real stuff if she only dresses well. She wont tell her requirements to me, it will go to my mother and through mother her jobs will be conveyed to me. Once I went to her house in the early morning. I banged the door. She came running and opened the door.

Her towel was wrapped in her head, her saree was just wound around her body. She did not have any other clothes on her. The way her ass was jerking I knew she did not even wear any underwear. I just pushed her aside and closed the door and bolted it. The bunch of saree she kept covering her bosom fell down and her boobs were exposed.

I she bows down the remaining portion of the saree also would have fallen down. I picked up the saree end and gave her so that she may cover up her nakedness. She was staring at me. I just put the saree around her and covered her bosom and her boobs. Her boobs were very beautiful. Both of them were very erect.

But what I could not understand was that there was no urgency in her covering her nudity. Or did she want me to see her boobs. And then....And then...I should have lowered my face and licked her nipples or sucked them. Even now it is not late. She turned and was going back to the bathroom.

I went rushing to her and went in front of her and with an open mouth took her one nipple in my mouth. She was surprised. She stood leaning over the dining table and removed her clothes that covered her boobs. Baby aunty was a real hot stuff. I sucked her both boobs and she was moaning and was feeding me one after the other. I asked her to keep one foot on the chair.

She looked at me quizzically. I just squatted on the floor and lifter her saree from bottom and her cunt wet cunt was then untouched. I buried my face and licked her entire cunt. Baby aunty, just lied on the dining table with her legs wide open and with her hands she opened her cunt lips so that I may not have difficulty to reach her clitoris. I licked and sucked her clitoris.

She jerked out of pleasure and moaned. I went on sucking the tiny button like clitoris. She got an orgasm. Her whole body shuddered. She removed her entire saree and was lying totally naked on the table. With her both hands she lifted me up to lie on her. I got the message, She wants missionary style fucking. I urgently removed my clothes and got on her.

She guided my cock into her cunt. It went smoothly in of course tightly. My whole cock was buried inside her. I lifted up and plunged again. I fucked her slowly first and gradually increased the speed. Only now Baby aunty uttered something, my darling, I kissed her on her lips, cheeks, on her boobs and went on banging here. She would have had many orgasms.

My erection was intact. Hence I could go on one after another. She just tolerated and enjoyed all my onslaughts. Dining table was a mess. After the final fuck I asked her is it over. She said yes. We both got down from the table and went to the bathroom We bathed afresh. Baby told me that it is today she turned into a woman.

She could give so much of pleasure to a man and take so much of pleasure from the man. I asked what about uncle. She said uncle cannot do sex. He is abroad and sending money. His cock will not rise, even if it raises it will spit semen and go limp. She said uncle may come within two or three weeks, In the meantime please make me pregnant.

I will make uncle also to fuck so that it will become his child. Don't tell anybody, this is our secret deal. She prepared some special dishes so that my sexual ability would not decline. I am only 24 and I can fuck three or four women daily. But Baby aunty was unnecessarily skeptic. Baby aunty told my mother that the flat required to be repainted and that my services are required to supervise.

Mother agreed. Baby aunty said the computer requires to be set alright. I was practically fucking her six times a day. I made her to remove all public hair. Her cunt was of golden colour. I like to like and suck her cunt. But she said no, no, only fuck. I told her that once Uncle comes I will not come. She agreed. After three weeks uncle came. He brought lot of chocolates and toffees.

Aunty brought a good quantity of them to my home. In the meantime she had her menses. All my efforts have gone waste. Four valuable days for me and uncle gone. Uncle was crazy after movies. Aunty said she will not come. She kept back only to be fucked by me. Finally before uncle went back, she missed her periods. There was lot of happiness.

Uncle extended his leave by two more weeks. He took her to all the doctors and got confirmation that she is pregnant. Aunty refused to go to her home for delivery. She stayed in her flat. A nurse came daily to check her.. Finally on the due day she delivered a male child. She told me it is my child. Uncle came on special leave and stayed back for one month.

He brought lot of toys, jewellery, clothes for the baby and for Baby aunty. A nurse was engaged to take care of the child. The child was always in the cradle. I went and fucked the aunty twice a day. The nurse who was engaged to look after the child got friendly with me. She told Baby aunty that she is not with children and her husband is not able to produce because of the counts.

She asked Baby aunty to recommend her case to me so that she too may get a child. I refused. I will be known in the city as child giver. No No, I cannot do it. But Baby aunty went on brainwashing me and finally I agreed. I said I will fuck her here only. She has to come without any public hair etc. It was agreed that next day morning we will start.

Baby aunty gave us a room and locked us in. The nurse, Prema, was young hardly 20, good looking, with solid body. First day I made her totally nude and looked at her. She was very good. She also looked at me and she took my cock and put it in her mouth and sucked it. Her cleanshaven cunt was a beauty. I wanted to lick and suck it. She was more cooperative.

She opened her legs wide and asked me to lick and suck her. She was prepared for doggy style, spooning, riding on me etc. Trying all the poses just once took more than half an hour. Finally I fucked her and my entire fluids were put inside her.

She enjoyed my fucking very much and told me that she never had so many orgasms in a day. Usually Prema took initiative. She took my cock out and would suck it to bring me to a good mood. She would brush her cunt on my face so that I will get very hot easily. Within three months she got pregnant.

Without any shyness she sucked my cock in the presence of Baby aunty to express her gratitude. I casually asked whether there are anybody in the queue. She laughed and said, Sir, If you don't mind, my intimte friend, Rosy wanted me to recommend her case to you. Oh My God, I thought.

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Ashok having sex with Saritha during combine study

I am Ashok, 20 in the final year of my degree. Most of the days I don't go to the classes, because I go to so and so tournament or so and so match. But I bring the cup and hence all are happy and are willing to help me teachers prefer to take extra classes, HOD is ready to leave the lab open for the whole night if I want.

Librarian says he will leave the entire library open they all like me and love me. Girls are all my fans many are writing notes for me and are willing to come for combine studies even if it is in the night at any chosen place. I don't want to show any hurry and have sex and spoil the show. Most of the beauties are so enamored that they are ready to spend a night with me.

One Saritha, 20 average figure, but good in studies somehow wanted to make me uptodate with all the studies asked me whether she should come to my home. I said no no no, because my house is fully my own sisters, borhers uncles and aunts etc. She then called me to her house.

She said she has a room exclusively for her self, a bath attached room with a double cot and study table and a PC and a laptop. It was tantalizingly attractive. I said I will consider and let her know when exactly I wll come. I telephoned and told her I am coming in the night at 9 pm ane she had to keep some food ready.

Poor thing, she does not know the capacity of my stomach, she borrowed some money from erher mother and ordered for biriyani, chick fried, fish fried and lot of other delicacies. Her people wondered who is that demon who will eat away such a great quantity of food. Finally I went in my bike, parked it in the road, went in and rang the bell.

Saritha came and opened the door and as I entered she introduced me to her family members. I was looked upon as some Olympic champion and the entire family cheered me. Acknowledging their greeting I followed Saritha to her upstair room, Sitting opposite to each other of a table which contained the books, notes, laptop and ever so many other things.

Saritha asked me where will we start Ashok, I looked at the face of Saritha, a embodiment of sincerity, Her face without any make up looked very natural and attractive. I just wanted to hug and kiss her. She has fairly medium sized boobs, good curved ass, narrow waist. She showed all the eagerness to feed me with Shakespeare and Milton.

She asked me whether you are hungry so that we may finish the food first. That is also a good idea. She started to cclear the table and spread the plates. I moved aside and opened the laptop. Saritha was busy serving the hot biriyani in the plates and the fried chicken and fish. I was looking into the laptop and wthout my doing anything a nice porno scene opened up.

Perhaps they have put this porno scene as the screen saver. It looked like the first like of a big porno movie. They are just starting. Saritha said everything is ready Ashok, come on, and let us eat. I was busy to watch their undressing. I just wanted to know how big their assets are. Saritha got angry and asked me why did you take it. You should not have taken it while taking food.

Saritha got up and rushed to the door to close and lock it and bolt it. Please, Ashok, come let us take food. it is hot now, later I will also join you to watch the laptop. Please come. We both can see the video together. I did not close the laptop, but turned to the food plates and the biriyani aroma is something which I cannot resist. Chicken was good and so also was the fish.

My stomach was full. Saritha also took food with me and she took all the empty plates and kept them on the floor. We went to the bathroom and washed our hands and in the bathroom mirror she gave a stunning look. I dried up my hands and just hugged Saritha and pulled her closer to me. She was very happy. She asked me whether I liked the food. I said I like you.

I planted a kiss on her cheeks and she pouted her lips to get a good kiss. I gave her a five minute long kiss. My hands roamed over her boobs and her pussy. Her hand tried to hold my rising cock. We both came to the table and Saritha asked me which portion I would like to cover first.

The hero in the laptop had thrust his huge cock into the mouth of the girls which she liked and relished. I asked Saritha, please just come this side and see how happy they are. Sarith knew that all her plans for the combined studies are ruined. I pulled her chair close to me and kept my hand on her thigh and put her hand on my erect cock.

After the blow job, the hero was licking the cunt of the girl. She opened up her legs and raised them on top of her ehead. He was feasting on her cunt. I asked Saritha to lie down like that so that I too can eat her. Reluctantly she lied in the bed, removing her panty. Her clean shaven cunt was very inviting.

I went near her and slowly started to licked the periphery and then came to the clitoris, a small buttonlike projection. I inserted two fingers into her cunt and my thumb was nudging at the clitoris. My one hand was busy on her one boob and my mouth was sucking the other boob. Saritha was extremely happy. She could not shout her moan becaue it happened to be her house.

She reached three or four climaxes and then I inserted my cock into her cunt and gave her a deep fucking experience. She was not fucked before and hence she felt guilty. Without losing my erection I fucked her twice and made her to reach orgasm. I told her dear, I had a very pleasant time. Thank you very much. Your cunt is the sweetest I have ever tasted.

I acted like a dessert after such a heavy food. For study I will come again. Tell your people that I got an urgent call and had to leave. I asked Saritha, did you enjoy and how many times you reached your orgasm. She smilingly said she enjoyed very much and she lost count of the number or orgasms but not less than a dozen. I left for home in my bike.

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Wild sex with Cindy

hi readers its your favourite big b from bangalore again with new sexperiences, hope u have not forgotten me and my secretary shashi sexcapades, and her experieance in volvo bus and getting gang banged on jaipur road, anyways I could write due to my busy schedule abroad for the last 4 months and I am back in action in Bangalore.

Coming straight to the story it happened in mid feb when I had gone to my bank on bannergatta road, I saw one boy and girl pleading to the manager to pass their withdrawl cheque for Rs 8500 as that was the last day for their exam fees to be paid and they would miss the full semister if they dont pay, these two people were from uganda which I came to know later and they were blacks and young.

the manger was untouched by their plea and rejected all their requests as the money tranfer what was supposed to come hadnot materialised, the girl was almost in tears and were dumb stuck what todo and I out of own sympathy, told them I will give them the fees and they should return without fail and not spoil their name and the college name which they were studying on bannergatta road.

they were full of thanks and we exchanged our mobile nos and parted ways. some time in first week of march I got a call from them, by the way boys name was john and girls name was cindy ( names changed ) which was stored on my mobile and when I answered it was john on line and thanked for all the help and couldnt call earlier as they were busy with their exams etc etc,

after chatting with him for a while cindy came on line and thanked me too and invited me to their house for evening tea and also to pay up the money what I had given, which I accepeted and went to their house which is in a village called gottigere, where they had hired a rented house slightly interior and no neighbouring houses,

I parked my car and to the door and john came and gave a hug and invited and cindy too gave a hug like how all foreigners greet when they meet with peck of kiss on the cheeks, when she did that I could feel her breast crush on my chest, which I really didnt take as intentional and chatted for a while,

they offered some tea for which I refused as it was already 7pm and tea will spoil my taste for my whisky drink and we all had a good laugh, john with very obedient voice asked whether they can serve me some whisky for which I said that I dont drink alone and if they do give company we will have provoided I pay for the drink, as I didnt want to burden them or get obligated,

without any choice they accepted and gave money to john to get the whisky and he keft on his bike and I sat back chatting with cindy, now I started to see her and get horny as she had lovely pair of boobs and her clevage was showing and she was wearing a tight jeans shorts,

anyway I never had any bad intentions and within no time john was back and fixed drink for all the three and with all the jokes and chatting the first drink went down pretty fast, john was quick enough to fix the second round and after about half drink excused himself to attend something important and will be back soon and left,

cindy went closed the door and came sat next to me on the 3 seater cane sofa what I was sitting, some how I sensed the lust in her eyes, after all so many pussies I have fucked, she came close with one hand around my shoulder and passionately kissed on my lips, which continued for a french kiss, she pushed her thick toung into my mouth and my hands started caressing her boobs,

the tops was loose enough for my hands to go inside and could feel her tids getting harder with every pinch what I was doing, we broke the kiss and asked where is john for which she replied, for the trust what you had on us for money we felt this is a better way to thank you with some private time and intentionally had gone out.

by this time I was clear of their intentions and replied it would have been nice if he had also joined the party,within seconds her face lit up and asked are you sure you will enjoy the threesome, I closed in and kissed her lips with all my saliva and pushed my toung into her mouth, she sucked on it very well and started to handle my dick over my pants,

when we parted from our kiss she called john on his cell phone uttered few words in their language and disconnected, and we carried on with the fingering this time I opened her tops button and freed her melons from the bra, it was really big with jet black tids, I lowered myself to suck on the huge melons, while my hands massaged the other one,

few minutes passed this way and I could feel her heavy breathing with exitement there was a knock on the door, she went peeped through the window and opened the door and john walked in, he was very hyper with her tops open and started to maul her breast standing near the door and I went and hugged her from back, and I started to grind my dick which was like a steel rod in my pants over her lovelly fat ass.

i hugged her from back and undid her tops and then the bra, she was topless sandwitched between us, I unbuckled her shorts and pushed her shorts with the panty down, with john still mauling her breast she took few steps and took out her legs from the shorts and the panty, I started my kissing from her neck to back to spine and to her ass,

as bit her ass sofltly I invaded her pussy from the back, my god it was fully wet and slippery, as if I had lubricated it with jelly, I guided my 2 fingers in to her pussy and started finger fucking for which she pushed her ass back to accomadate my fucking, as I was doing this john stepped back and undressed himself nude in no time, in the dim lit room I could see his shining cock which was almost 8 inch long but not as fat as mine.

as I released her from my clasp of finger fucking, he knelt in front of her and started to lick her pussy, standing she spread her legs as apart she could and john was doing his sucking well withe room filled with his slurping of her juices from her pussy, I wasted no time to undress myself in a jiffy, by this time she sat on the cane sofa and john on the floor sucking her pussy,

it was indeed erotik scene, as I went near her she forward and grabbed my cock and didnt bother to wipe my precum either she rolled her toung on my circumsized manhood, man these blacks first of all look like apes and the way she swallowed my erect dick I could feel my dick reaching her throat, she violently deep throated me, while she massaged by balls,

this went on for 5 minutes I had a good mouth fucking with her, the room was filled with all erotik sounds and smell. we all eased off and she got up from the sofa to goto bedroom, and in no time john who was sitting down was inches away from me erect dick, and could feel his mouth engulping my dick,

he started to move up and down on my dick and with every stroke I could feel it touching his throat, he did a wonderfull deep throating my cock, all our inhibitions were gone and we were like sex starved animals, I retracted my dick from his mouth, which was shining from his saliva and walked towards the bed room where cindy had gone,

by the time we both went cindy was lying down on the bed with bent knees spread apart, which was inviting for a suck or a fuck and both of which I wanted todo and burried my face between her thighs, the must aroma was very strong and the taste of her juice mixed with her sweat and johns salivagot mixed with my saliva inmy mouth, I gave her my best suck and toung fucked her,

I knibbled on her clitoris, she was wriggling like a fish out of water on the bed, and john didnt waste any chance of his as he tried to fuck between my bums. went of for about 5 mts and cindy came with a shuddering orgasm, I thought the bitch is going break my skull between her thighs, when she left the pressure I crawled on ker body and dived my monster into her pussy,

she almost gasped for her breath, I let her feeel me inside and in slow rhythmik strokes pistoned her pussy, some thing strange I was feeling in my ass hole as jon was lubricating it with some thing and started to finger fuck in my ass, it was my first feeling when fucking getting fucked also, we were all with wild filthy words telling each other what the other was doing,

my back began to ache and pressure building in my groin I grunted wildly and shot my sperms into her pussy in jerks after jerks. not even a minute when I rolled over john pounced like a hungry lion and penetrated her, she was pleading for some rest, but he was abusive and told her " bitch you enjoyed and now its my savage turn to fill ur cunt with my gunk" and pounded her,

he was gyrating his hips in all direction and she moaned helplessly under him, she was so tired to even hold him as he savagedly fucked her for a long 10 mts before unloading himself into her. i got up from bed went to the hall to get my whisky glass by the time john had released her and I could see her pussy endlessly ozzing both our cums,

she to sat up on bed streched her arms for my glass which I gave, she too had a couple of sips and went to bathroom to clean herself, as she walked both our cums were dripping on to the floor, as she closed the door john again knelt in front of me and very passionately sucked my cock within no time I could feel it growing in his mouth,

as I sat on the edge of the cot he continued and I was sure he too wanted me to finish my second round in his mouth, I saw cindy coming out of bathroom sat next to me and french kissing me while john was at the act with my cock, he widened my legs apart and again re inserted his finger in my ass, which was giving me a high,

he did a wonderfull sucking for almost 15 mts and finger fucked in my ass and I exploded in his mouth, till my last jerk he kept my cock in his mouth and just swalowed my sperms and flushed it down to his stomach with a sip of whisky from his glass. i was half dead tired walked slowly to clean myself up and john to followed me, we had a wash wiped ourself,

he gave a warm embrace in the toilet and lip locked with me, even thogh I am bisexual at times but hated kissing a man but it was too sudden and the pleasure what he had given me overode everything and closed my eyes, I opened my eyes with our separation and he requested for a suck of his cock which I couldnt refuse, as I knelt and took his monster into my mouth,

my jaws were aching, in decades I had not blown any guy, but here I was kneeling and allowing someone to fuck my mouth, even before I realised he ejaculted with so much of exitement, portion of which I swallowed un knowingly and the rest was on my face beard and neck, had a wash again came out all of us sat nude had another drink and said good night to each other and left the house.

Time was already past 11pm, how the last 4 hrs was spent was like a dream. we promissed to be good freinds and will write the many episodes what we had in the full month of march 2014.

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