Harish and Manish fucking newly wed sister Simmi - IV

Previously: Harish and Manish fucking newly wed sister Simmi - III

“I am Sure ye Harish hai…isko maine mana kiya tha humen disturb karne ke liye”. Simmi Didi got up from the bed while saying that, “aap please darwaza matt kholna” I too got up and tried collecting my clothes while saying that. “ek minute….” Simmi Didi spoke to me to hold on and reached to the door and asked “kaun hai….?” “main hun…aur kaun hoga” Harish Bhaiya spoke from the other side.

“Bol…kya kaam hai….?” Simmi Didi replied back while facing door and along with wearing my clothes again I started staring Simmi Didi heavy ass packed in a tight Panty. “Mujhe bhi andar aana hai…” Bhaiya spoke from outside and Simmi Didi said No to him “nahi…please tu jaa yahan se” “tum dono ne shuru kar diya kya….?”

Bhaiya asked again and Simmi Didi replied with a yes “haan….” And after a pause spoke again “tujhe manna kiya tha na humen disturb karne ke liye…” “Please yaar…. just try to understand…I can’t sleep” Bhaiya spoke in cribbing fashion and Simmi Didi giggled over her state and turned to see me.

By now I was almost back in my clothes and she looked at me with bit of disappointment and spoke “tune fir se kapde kyun pahan liye…?” as such I did not had any reply for her question and before I would have thought of saying anything she asked me what to do by asking “kya Karen….? Aane den Harish ko bhi andar” “nahi….”

without giving a second thought I denied instantly but deep inside Simmi Didi wanted him there and she spoke to me or somewhat tried to convince me “aane dete hain…koi problem nahi hai…!” and in continuation spoke to Bhaiya again while facing door “tu humen disturb to nahi karega naa….?” And Bhaiya agreed by saying “bilkul nahi….I will just watch…”.

Simmi Didi looked at me and moved her head positively but one again I denied by moving my head in no, but Simmi Didi need Bhaiya “koi baat nahi…aane dete hain….ab to hum sab friends hain” and without waiting for me to say yes Simmi Didi unbolted the door and Bhaiya appeared in the room. “kya baat hai….” Didi was just wearing panty and Bhaiya spoke out while looking at Didi’s state.

Next he saw me standing far close to the wall and spoke again “arre issne to poore kapde pahne hue hain” “teri wajah se…” Simmi Didi replied back to Bhaiya instantly and spoke again in continuation “ab tu chup chap kone mein baith jaa….kuch bolna bhi matt” “fine….” Bhaiya replied back and sat down at one corner of the room on the floor and Simmi Didi walked back to me.

Everything was about to start again but now because of Bhaiya’s presence I was very conscious and as Simmi Didi tried to take off my clothes again I stopped her. “Don’t look at him….tu uski taraf dekh hi matt…” Simmi spoke to me “Manu now we are not brothers…! We are friends…. Uttarne de Simmi ko kapde…and Just enjoy”

Bhaiya too spoke from where he was sitting and once again Simmi Didi tried to lift my t-shirt and I lifted my arms slowly. Next Simmi Didi drifted down my Pajama and now I was standing stark naked in front of my brother and sister both. Once again Simmi Didi started by jerking my Penis back and forward with one hand and massaging balls with the other and I groaned in pleasure instantly.

I tried a lot to avoid looking at Bhaiya but I failed and went on going conscious because of his presence and Simmi Didi once again told me not to see him and in continuation told me to take off her panty, “uski taraf mat dekh….aur meri panty uttar”.

We both were standing on the floor and as Simmi Didi told me to take off her panty, holding elastic from her waist I drifted down last cloth of her body and sat down on the floor to take it out from her legs. Simmi Didi’s fuckhole was so beautiful, clean from hairs, wet and swollen in excitement and for a fraction I forgot to feel conscious and stared at her juicy fuckhole without a flick.

Simmi Didi wriggled out of her panty by stepping aside and signed me to stand up holding my shoulder. I was yet not comfortable as once again my eyes got stuck to Bhaiya and Simmi Didi was sensing my state, she looked into my eyes, caressed my cheek with affection and once again told me not to look at Bhaiya and in continuation took my hand and touched her fuckhole with it and spoke

“rub kar issko acche se” and she once again took my Penis in her hand and started jerking back and forward. Ohhh…..in spite of feeling conscious I moaned in delight, Didi was jerking me so hard and fast that I failed to open my eyes and that’s what she needed.

“Manu rub kar meri BUR ko achhe se” Didi spoke to me and used the word BUR for fuckhole, it was very arousing for me to hear something like that in her voice. Once again Simmi Didi brought my hand over her fuckhole, I opened my eyes and looked at Simmi Didi’s face and started what she told me to do.

Didi was so soft and wet over her fuckhole that just in few seconds I felt her leaking, certainly not up my level but she was also excited and as I continued rubbing her fuck opening she too started moaning in pleasure. “Finger insert kar….” Simmi Didi spoke again and I inserted my middle finger in her wet fuckhole.

Ohh…wow Didi was so wet and dripping and what a feeling it was for me, “Hmmmmm….” Simmi Didi too hummed in pleasure, smiled naughtily and spoke again “dusri bhi daal de” she told me to insert another finger and I did that and started moving in and out of her wet fuckhole. Sitting at the corner on the floor Bhaiya was looking at us and gradually I was moving out of consciousness of her presence.

We stood there for few minutes, Didi jerked me hard and fast and I finger fucked her with a steady pace. Next Didi pushed me on the bed and came over me; she crushed her melons against my chest while kissing me and slowly moved down to my body while brushing her wet lips over my bare skin.

I was on my back and once again Simmi Didi got hold of my Penis and started jerking me hard and fast. Closing my eyes I was moaning in delight and apart from getting jerked like that, sweet sound of Simmi Didi’s bangles was increasing my desire to blow.

“Manu…ye dekh main kya karne waali hun….” Simmi Didi uttered to make me look at her and as I opened my eyes and looked at her she instantly took my hard and erect Penis in her mouth and just sucked tip of it and that is very tenderly. “Ahhh…..” I grunted in surprise and tried to push Simmi Didi’s face away but she did not stopped and sucked tip of my rod with same tenderness with more saliva.

“ohhh…..”For next couple of minutes Simmi Didi sucked me like that and while lying on my back on the bed I moaned and just moaned. It was a very strange feeling, not pleasurable like it seems in blue movies but still I was enjoying all that a lot. Bhaiya just kept silent and as I could not see him he was somewhat gone out of my mind.

Gradually heat and wetness over my monster increased, as now my sister was taking me in her mouth bit deeper. Along with sucking me by taking half of my monster in her mouth Simmi Didi swirled her tongue over the tip of my monster and took out her as much as saliva while doing that.

Simmi Didi was doing whatever I use to see sluts doing in blue movies and I don’t think I will be able to write what I was feeling; it was something which we can just feel. Raising my head I was looking at my sister going that nasty with me, her Mangal Sutra was resting on my belly and beautiful face was filled with my monster and it was appearing and disappearing her mouth again and again.

Didi keep on taking me in her mouth tenderly and slowly she tried to take my entire length in her mouth and sucked me nicely. “Haa….” It pained me a bit and I groaned with a strange shivering but I did not stop her and tried to bear the pain. Next Simmi Didi peeled off the skin of my monster and released lot of her saliva over the tip and starting sucking me again.

Ohhh…. It was painful but also pleasurable, I was hard and getting harder and harder in Simmi Didi’s mouth while moaning in intense pleasure and bit of pain. Once again I saw my monster going in and coming out of my sister’s mouth but now it was moving with a good pace and she was looking prettier while doing that.

Heat and wetness in Simmi Didi’s mouth went on increasing with every passing moment and Simmi Didi sucked me till she realized that now my pain and pleasure is going out of my control. “Hmmmm….chal ab daal de issko apni Didi ke andar” that’s what Simmi Didi spoke after she stopped sucking me; I was puffing in pleasure and pain and feeling that I am hardest of my life and her words aroused me even more.

She lied down on the bed and I got up, I saw Bhaiya was sitting quietly where he was sitting and his hand was over his crotch. I did not looked at him again as now it was a time for me to feel the pleasure of being inside a woman for the first time and that instant that woman was none other than my elder sister since now whom I have always seen as a sister and nothing else.

Simmi Didi pulled me and I somewhat collapsed over her fleshy body, she widened her thighs to touch her crotch with mine and as they touched we both moaned in low voice. “Pahle kiss kar mujhe achhe se…fir daalna andar”. Leaving my entre weight I lied over Simmi Didi and we started kissing again.

Her massive breasts were getting somewhat crushed under my weight and I was feeling hardness of her long and thick nipples over my chest and along with kissing and loving each other with our wet lips we both were moaning in pleasure.

Down, between her fleshy thighs Didi was wet and flooding over her fuckhole, I could feel plenty of her pleasure juices over my crotch and like me Didi was feeling my hardness over her belly. Gradually Simmi Didi started grabbing my body in her massive thighs and arms and somewhat gulped me in her huge body.

“Hmmmm….Daal de ab apna Nunu apni Didi ke andar”, Nunu is the word for Penis which we use with very small children and I remember she has often used this word with me when I was just a kid and Didi spoke out that just to arouse me. I lifted my bottom and extending her hand Didi got hold of my Penis and brought it to her opening.

Ohhh…. as my cock tip touched her damp love opening I felt the delight of upcoming pleasure and I just pushed myself inside her. “Ahhh…..” I grunted in delight, “hmmmmm….” Simmi Didi too hummed in joy; I was inside Simmi Didi, my own sister, who has actually seen me growing up from the time I was born, till I was a complete man and for me feeling was good as well as weird.

Simmi Didi was so hot and wet at her fuckhole that in a fraction I just slipped inside her deep, till the root of my monster. Grabbing my body in her arms Didi was feeling as if she is in heaven; I could feel it from her facial expressions and soft moans.

I think she was not delighted just because she was having sex with a male, Simmi Didi was fascinated with a fact that she is getting fucked by her loving younger brother whom she has never seen with that perspective. “Manu…Kiss me” holding my scalp Didi brought my face closer to her and told me to kiss her and I started.

We explored each other’s mouth while staying still but as excitement rose bit more I broke the kiss and unknowingly moved bit out and then went in her fuckhole deep again, “Ohhh… God” that’s what I call heaven.

As I moved in and out of her fuckhole Simmi Didi also moaned in pleasure and locking her legs around my hips she grabbed me in her arms and fleshy thighs and gasped lustfully while looking into my eyes and saying “Yes…fuck me now”. I lunged deeply into Didi’s wet fuckhole and felt heavenly pleasure when tip of my Penis rubbed inner walls of her wet pleasure hole.

Simmi Didi started moaning and shrieking out with pleasure, I was also grunting in bliss of fucking my own sister. Heat rose in my body just in few seconds and unintentionally my speed of moving in and out of my elder sister’s pleasure hole increased and I started fucking her with rapid thrusts.

Unlike I always expected from me while thinking about having sex I did not retained inside Simmi Didi for long. I fucked Simmi Didi consistently with that pace hardly for one minute and I felt as if I will go mad in this pleasure, I was moaning and puffing like I never imagined and in a fraction I lost control over my body and holding her fleshy body I started fucking my sister as fast as possible,

my hips rose and fall over her crotch very fast for few seconds and I spoke out while clenching my teethes “Didi mera hone wala hai”. “haan…hone de….mere andar hi chhod de” Didi replied back instantly and extending her arms to my bottom grabbed my pumping ass nicely in her palms and just then I dived forward, deep into her womb and felt my sperm shooting out of my monster and filling her fuckhole.

I was spent and I just keep on lying over my sister’s fleshy body. Simmi Didi also kept on holding me with love and affection and caressed my hairs for a while. “mazza aaya…hmmmmm….” Didi asked me “Hmmmm…..” I replied back. While holding my scalp in her hands Didi kissed me on my cheek and told me to get up by saying “chal ab ooth, wash karke aate hain…..”

I got up slowly and saw Bhaiya was not sitting now; while resting his back on the wall he was standing with his Penis in his hand. “Simmi mujhe bhi karna hai….” He spoke as he saw that we are getting up. Simmi Didi looked at him and smiled and spoke “let’s see…pahle wash to karke aane de”.

Leaving Bhaiya there we both came to the washroom which is actually out of the room and Simmi Didi washed my Penis with her own hands. She watered her fuckhole and asked me with a smile “mere saath shower lena hai?” how could I say no to it,

and while touching each other bare body we stood under the shower for a while and Simmi had a tiny conversation with me which I think I must mention as it is arousing as well as important reason of whatever happened.

“Ab to naraz nahi hai na mujhse?” she started with a casual question and a smile on her face and I replied with same sor of smile “nahi…” and she spoke again with little sarcastic smile and tone “hona bhi nahi chahiye… kyunki ab to maine tujhe bhi Rishwat dedi hai” and then after a pause Didi spoke again “aur ye Rishwat tune mujhse raat bhar leni hai” and using all my wit I asked her back

“kyun ye Rishwat kal nahi doge kya” and Simmi Didi giggled a bit on my words and replied to me by saying “milegi… kal bhi milegi…aur jab tu maangega tab milegi”, Didi spoke out with a smile and looked into my eyes. We both were standing under water flowing with a medium and after a fraction of replying back her smiled disappeared and from her expressions I felt

as if she wants to say something and finally Simmi Didi uttered after giving a thought to whatever she wants to speak “tujhe ek baat battaun?”… “Haan…bolo” because of her expressions I was little eager to hear her and Didi uttered again “ye baat maine Harish ko bhi nahi batayi hai” and after a pause she spoke out the truth of her married life “Tere Jija Ji mujhe satisfy nahi kar paate…”

I was little surprised to hear that and before I would have asked her anything in that concern Simmi Didi spoke again and somewhat detailed me the cause of her problem “I think unki galti nahi hai…unki age bhi jayada hai…dusra wo mentally bahut occupied rahte hain…above that meri desire bhi normal se thodi jayada hai…”

Didi paused and looked into my eyes while moving her hands over my bare chest and smiled a bit before speaking again “you can say I am nymphomaniac…aur tere Jija Ji normal se kam hain” “You mean aap unke saath bilkul satisfy nahi ho paate…” I asked her in surprising tone and at her Simmi Didi tried to protect her husband’s integrity by saying

“wo apni taraf se to poori koshish karte hain….par unse jayada der tak ho nahi paata…..” then with a tiny halt she continued again “unka discharge ho jaata hai to mujhe finger se fuck karte hain….” “But main uss se satisfy nahi ho paati”. Then there was a silence for few seconds, as such I could not decide what to say and Simmi Didi spoke again

“when I was getting married, maine socha tha ki main ab Harish ke saath dobara kabhi nahi karungi…but kya karun…I was like dying to have sex”. Once again I was in the state when I could not think of saying anything and just then we got a knock on the bathroom door. It was Bhaiya and Simmi Didi walked to the door and told him that we are taking shower and coming in the room in two minutes.

Simmi Didi came back to me and turned the shower on full speed and started rubbing my body with her hands. In reflex I started caressing her milks and Simmi Didi spoke again “Harish ki shaadi ke baad main uske saath sex karna band kar dungi…par tere saath karti rahungi….jab tak teri shaadi nahi hoti “and after a pause she completed her statement with bit of ordering fashion

“and you have to satisfy me….” “But how…I mean…main yahan aap wahan….” I asked her an obvious question and Simmi Didi replied back by saying “tu wahan mere pass rahega….tere Jija Ji se bol ke main teri job wahan lagwa dungi” Didi was looking into my eyes with a hope and I accepted with a single word “Ok” that’s what I could say that moment.

Next Didi turned the shower off and opening the door called Bhaiya and told him to get the towel. Bhaiya gave us towel and while drying her body Simmi Didi asked me “ab main Harish ke saath bhi kar lun….? Mera bhi mann hai….” And instead of replying in yes or no I spoke what I was thinking from last few minutes “main bhi aapko satisfy nahi kar paya…”

and hearing that Simmi Didi smiled a bit and spoke “Pagal….it was your first time….aur first time mein aisa ho hota hai….” And then after a pause she spoke again “I am sure next time you will do much better….” I already knew that as I was reading sex articles since long and I have read usually sex is lasts for long from second time onwards.

“ab bol…kar lun…Harish ke saath…? Bura to nahi maanega na?” Simmi Didi asked me again, though I wanted to say no but I said yes, just because that instant Simmi desired to have sex with Bhaiya. We came back to the room and first Simmi Didi told me to bolt the door from inside and then just walked to Bhaiya and started taking off his clothes.

Simmi Didi was already naked so while she was taking his clothes off, Bhaiya just took his hand to her fuckhole and started rubbing her fuck opening. Like we were doing some time back, within a minute after making him stark naked Didi was pulling and jerking Bhaiya’s monster hard and fast and Bhaiya was fucking Simmi Didi’s fuckhole with two of his fingers.

They both were moaning in low lust laden tone and while wearing my underwear standing bit far from them I was getting hard again but that instant I could not do anything except massaging my monster.

Bhaiya and Didi came to bed, Bhaiya climbed over Simmi Didi and they started with kissing but I think because both were very aroused their kiss did not lasted for more and after sucking Didi’s luscious milks for a while Bhaiya moved down to her crotch and instantly started sucking Simmi Didi’s fuckhole.

Simmi Didi widened her thighs further apart to give better access of her fuckhole to Harish Bhaiya’s mouth and held his scalp in her hands to bury him deep in her fuckhole. Once again Simmi Didi hands full of red bangles took my attention, she was pressing Bhaiya’s mouth in her fuckhole deeper and Bhaiya went on going into her fleshy thighs and continued sucking his sister with all his affection.

Simmi Didi kept on moaning and grunting while looking down to her brother buried in her fleshy thighs. She looked at me and smiled as she saw me massaging my monster over the jokey and spoke “Manu…Raat ko main tere pass hi soungi…” I think Simmi Didi wanted to tell me that that I can fuck her again in the night.

Bhaiya sucked Simmi Didi for long and after that while licking her fuck opening inserted his fingers into her fuckhole and that really made Simmi Didi to stop her playing with her fuckhole. They switched position, Bhaiya lied down and while showing me her big, round and fleshy ass Simmi Didi leaned over his crotch and started sucking his monster like she was sucking mine.

Like it happened with me, now Simmi Didi’s Mangal Sutra was resting on Bhaiya’s body, over his thighs and like Simmi Didi sucked me she sucked Harish Bhaiya tenderly in the beginning without peeling off foreskin of her monster and slowly improved her pace of sucking, then she peeled the skin off and tried to take his monster in her mouth as much as possible.

Bhaiya grunted in delight and I saw him getting harder and harder in Simmi Didi’s mouth. I did not realized when I took my penis out of my jokey and started jerking back and forward. I was hard again and wanted to go inside Simmi Didi just then but it was Bhaiya who was supposed to fuck her now.

He stopped Simmi Didi from sucking after an extent and got up while saying “mujhe peeche se daalna hai…” and Simmi Didi spoke back to him instantly “Harish normal position mein daal…doggy style mein tera jaldi chhoot jaata hai” “nahi…mujhe peeche se daalna hai…”

Bhaiya remained firm over his decision for the position in which he wanted to fuck Simmi Didi and Simmi Didi surrendered and turned around on her four. Bhaiya looked at me, I was jerking my rod, he smiled a bit and moved behind Simmi Didi while jerking his rod and spoke to her “thodi aur taange khol”

Simmi Didi widened her thighs apart and by turning around and extending her hand under her belly she got hold of Bhaiya’s Penis and guided it in her fuckhole and moaned in delight of getting Harish Bhaiya inside her fuckhole second time since morning. Bhaiya too grunted and holding Simmi Didi’s waist rocked her hips forward to drive his monster into the depth of Simmi

Didi’s womb and at same moment Simmi Didi impaled herself over Bhaiya’s crotch to get him even deeper. Finally Bhaiya started fucking Simmi Didi in doggy way with a slow and steady pace. I must say that it is a position which I always enjoyed watching in porn movies and that instant I was doing nothing but watching a live porn movie.

I was standing on their right and I could see Bhaiya’s Penis appearing and disappearing between Simmi Didi’s heavy ass mounds. Her heavy breasts were jiggling back and forward and once again I would say Simmi Didi was looking beautiful while getting fucked with all the makeup of a newlywed over her face and with all the ornaments over her body.

Her Mangal Sutra was rocking with Bhaiya’s fucking strokes while hanging in air; her bangles were making soft and sensual noise and her silver anklets were looking beautiful over her naked skin. Anyway holding her waist Bhaiya tried continuing fucking Simmi Didi with a steady pace but I think Simmi Didi was set on fire and hardly after a minute she started coordinating with Bhaiya’s

back and forward movement and while banging her bottom back over his crotch she started gasping in desire of getting fucked bit faster. “Yesss…. Harish fuck me harder…. Please Thoda Tez tez kar”. Simmi Didi told Bhaiya to fuck her faster and like me Bhaiya too did whatever his elder sister told him to do.

Bhaiya moved with some speed and continued pumping his hips into Didi with a steady rhythm; his balls were getting pressed against my sister’s huge ass and his thighs were slapping with Simmi Didi’s thighs again and again, he wanted to fuck Simmi Didi as long as possible and to do that he was driving his thick penis in and out of Simmi Didi with thrilling control.

But ultimately like Simmi Didi said that he won’t be able to last for long in this particular position, he failed to retain his rhythm and within a minute Bhaiya increased his fucking pace and now he seemed going out of control. Bhaiya dug his hands into Simmi Didi’s ass mounds, held her huge hips tight and began to rock her back and forward and just went on going faster and faster.

Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!" Simmi Didi cried in heavenly pleasure. "Yes... UNhhh... Yes! Unhhh... Yes! Unhhhh... Yes!" Bhaiya panted joyously. Standing at the right place, while jerking my Penis hard and fast I was enjoying watching a live porn movie of my siblings.

Suddenly arching his back and clenching his teethes Bhaiya grunted loud, I understood that he is close to his burst, after that his hips swung back and forward just once and he buried his entire length into the swollen flesh of Simmi Didi’s fuckhole. At the same time Simmi Didi clamped his thick Penis in her fuckhole and Harish Bhaiya cried madly and collapsed over Simmi Didi.

They both fell on the bed and Bhaiya’s Penis slipped out of Simmi Didi’s fuckhole, I saw Bhaiya spewing out most of his gunk on the bed. Bhaiya was spent but I think Simmi Didi was yet not over, she was left by Bhaiya at the verge of her explosion.

“Manu….aa jaa aana hai to….daal de mere andar…mera bhi ho jaayega” while lying on her belly Didi spoke to me in demanding tone and once again I just did what my sister told me to do, I climbed the bed and came close to her. Simmi Didi turned, came on her back and cleaned her fuckhole with whatever piece of cloth came in her hand and widened her thighs for me.

Holding my Penis straight, into the direction of Simmi Didi’s fuckhole I leaned over her and in a moment I was vibrating inside my elder sister again. "Yes... ohhh god yes yes yes!" I was very aroused and I started fucking my sister fast and furious instantly and Simmi Didi started crying erotically.

Like I could see when Bhaiya collapsed she was at the verge of explosion and with my rapid fucking it took me hardly few seconds to take her to the climax. As Simmi Didi reached to her pinnacle, grip of her arms and fleshy thighs increased over my body significantly, she somewhat gulped me in her massive arms and thighs while panting in strange husky voice and suddenly her body shuddered,

she arched her back like a bow and started shivering like a fish without water. Holding her quivering body I could not stop looking at her facial expressions, she was looking gorgeous while going through a shattering orgasm and her erotic state made me go mad over her and I just continued fucking her with all my passion and my couple of inwards strokes brought me too to my climax ant I buried myself in her womb with an erotic gasp.

Spent; we all were spent now and that instant we did not had strength even to get up and clean our self. We all three siblings lived there for few minutes without a word. Simmi Didi got up first and we both the brothers followed her in the washroom to clean the mess. Later Simmi Didi sent Bhaiya in his bedroom and stayed with me in my room.

Though I wanted to but anyhow I was not in state to fuck my sister again. We just slept and as our parents get up very early and try to wake us to we did not thought about fucking in the morning. We got together again in the night and again in my room and had proper threesome where we all were involved in doing something at the same time, just like we see in threesome porn movies.

Anyway in the end once again I would say this is not a story, it’s my real life occurrence and I have tried my best to look it like a sex story and threesome we had next night is an independent episode in itself and I will try to write it down if and only if readers will say yes to it.

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Harish and Manish fucking newly wed sister Simmi - III

Previously: Harish and Manish fucking newly wed sister Simmi - II

I got a knock over my door and my heart started pounding a bit. “Kaun hai…?” I asked “main hun…” it was Simmi Didi’s voice. “Bolo…kya baat hai” I spoke and Didi replied back by saying “darwaza khol…I want to talk to you…” a minute back I desired Simmi Didi to come to me to me, so that I can blackmail her but don’t know that instant I denied to open the door and to talk to her by saying

“No….I don’t want to talk to you” and Simmi Didi requested me “please yaar…darwaza khol….ek bar meri baat to sun le” “Bhaiya bhi hai kya aapke saath…?” I asked her if Bhaiya is also there with her and Simmi Didi denied and said that she is alone.

Finally I got up and opened the door and Simmi Didi entered with a poly bag in her hand and once again looked into my eyes with bit of serious gesture, as if she is trying to read me and this time I looked back into her eyes bit confidently. I turned and walked a bit and just to do something picked up one book to read. “Mujhe tujhse baat karni hai” Simmi Didi spoke.

I looked at her with confidence and replied just “bolo”. She came closer to me and told me to sit and sat opposite to me on the bed and gave me that poly bag and spoke “pahle ye dekh…ye main tere liye laai hun”. She herself took out the stuff and it was a set jeans and t-shirt. “Thank you” I thanked her without any expressions in the voice.

“mujhse naaraz hai?” Simmi Didi asked me next. “nahi…” I denied in a flat voice without looking at her face. “tujhse ek request hai…..” Didi spoke again and after a pause continued what is she requesting “tune jo kuch bhi dekha…wo kisi ko batana mat…just keep it up to you”.

In response I looked at her, into her eyes and Didi spoke again “dekh main tujhe samjhati hun…..!” and after a pause spoke again “you very well know ki tees age main meri Shaadi hui hai….” And hearing that I looked at her face, may be to express that I am listening “ek ladki ke liye bahut difficult hota hai is age tak apne aap ko control karna”

and with a very tiny pause Didi spoke in continuation “ye har body ki demand hoti hai”…..“Ladke to prostitute ke pass chala jaate hai… lekin hum Ladkiyan raat bhar tadapti rahti hain” I don’t know statement Simmi Didi gave me about the problem females face in desire of having sex was true or not but it was little surprising for me,

Simmi Didi was talking to me so openly over this subject and she continued speaking after giving a gap of few seconds and this time she was more open in speaking her past mind state “Manu…main sach bol rahi hun….main thak gayi thi…” “pahle Papa ke business ke loss ki wajah se meri Shaadi delay ho gayi…” “fir jab sab theek ho gaya to…koi Ladka mujhe pasand hi nahi kar raha tha”

and she ended her statement in sarcastic tone “khud Ladka chahe jaisa ho…wife usko slim hi chahiye hoti hai”. I looked up into her eyes, I knew what she just said was absolutely right; few years back, can say when Simmi Didi was at the perfect age of marriage my dad faced a great loss in his business and it took him lot of time to recover and by the time our parents started

searching for her match physically Didi was no more in good shape and before getting fixed for marriage she was rejected by guys mostly because she had a little weighty body. “Main raat-raat bhar sow nahi paati thi….ab tu hi batta main kya karti…?” Didi spoke again or you can say asked me back while reflecting her helplessness.

As such I did not had any words to reply over her question, I just keep on looking into her eyes and Didi spoke again “ek baar main aur Harish ghar mein akele the….aur humse galti se ho gaya….” Didi paused and we just looked into each other’s eyes for few seconds and Didi spoke again “ab ek baar ho gaya to fir uske baad control hi nahi hua….” “aap dono ke beech mein ye sab kab e chal raha hai…?”

finally I uttered after long and asked Simmi Didi from how long she is fucking with Bhaiya and Didi replied by saying “ek saal se jayada ho gaya…”. Once again I did not had anything to speak in her reply and I just keep on looking into her eyes and Simmi Didi spoke again while caressing my cheek, “tu mera pyara bhai hai na?...apni Didi ke baat manega na?”

before I would have said yes or no Didi spoke again “please kisi ko kuch matt batana…tujhe meri kasam hai” and I was about to say that I will not tell anything to anybody, Didi blackmailed me emotionally by saying “agar ye baat khul gayi to main zahar khaa lungi” and she continued after a pause “teri Didi mar jaayegi….”

Though Didi did not had tears in her eyes but she was getting sentimental and she asked me again “nahi bolega na kisi ko…?” and I replied by saying “nahi….bolunga” “promise…?” “Promise” Didi confirmed and I assured “thank you” Didi spoke again and raised her arms to get me to hug and I moved into her arms.

We hugged tight, I don’t know since my childhood how many times we would have hugged each other like this, I just know that first time in my life I was having a different feeling than what it used to be in the past. I don’t know what Didi was feeling while hugging me, from my side along with affection there was bit lust in my gesture.

My hands were over Simmi Didi’s back and I could feel the hook of her bra and her heavy milks were getting pressed against my chest significantly. Certainly I was also gone sentimental but fire of lust was still alive in me and I wanted to feel her.

I don’t know if I have succeeded describing the whole scene between me and Simmi Didi, the way Simmi Didi described her helplessness because of which she ultimately started having sex with Harish Bhaiya was very arousing to hear and it was evident from my erect Penis.

I was hard but I could feel that I do not have courage to ask her to have sex with me and I just kept on holding her with a mixed feeling of love and lust. “tell me tujhe kuch chahiye….” Simmi Didi asked me casually in same hugging posture and before I would have replied she cleared her mind state by giving me option “badi screen wala mobile phone…ya aur kuch….?” “nahi”

without giving a second thought I denied instantly and Simmi Didi asked me again “aur kuch bhi chahiye to bol de….”. Didi’s tone was so casual that I could not make out exactly what she means with her question, I thought she is asking me if I need anything like good mobile which I need and she cannot guess and I once again denied by saying same word “nahi”.

Simmi Didi broke the hugging posture and looked into my eyes with a smile “are you sure…tujhe kuch nahi chahiye….you were saying ki tujhe apple ka i-pod chahiye…” “nahi chahiye…” once again I denied and just then Didi gave me a tiny shock by kissing me on my lips. Though it was just a touch and go Kiss but it was more than enough to blow my mind and I looked into her eyes without a flick.

“I know what you want…tu bhi mujhe pyar karna chahta hai….” Didi spoke out everything clear and in straight forward words and after a tiny pause she asked again “say yes or no?” Truly speaking friends I was so shocked to hear her that I failed to think anything and Didi spoke again “agar main Harish ke saath kar sakti hun to tere saath bhi kar sakti hun…”

Surprisingly I was so speechless that I was failing to utter even a single word “Yes” and after few seconds of eye to eye contact Simmi Didi asked me again with a smile “bol…karega… na…?” and I uttered “aap ye matt samajhna ki main aapko blackmail kar raha hun” “I know that….I know ki tu mujhe kabhi black male nahi kar sakta…because you love me…”

and after a pause Didi spoke again with a naughty smile “ye meri taraf se tujhe gift hai…” and then spoke again with same naughty gesture “bol…chahiye ye gift…?”. My yes was evident from my gesture and Simmi Didi could read it very easily and she moved forward and kissed me on my lips and this time it was not a touch and go kiss, she sucked my lips with her soft rosy lips and rolled her tongue over them.

She got up while looking at me with a smile and turned and went to the door to close it from inside while saying “Maine Harish ko bol ke aayi hun ki aaj raat ko main tere pass sowungi…” Friends anyhow I cannot write what I was thinking that moment, my heart was pounding high, Simmi Didi was trying bolting door from inside and I could not take my eyes off from Simmi Didi’s erotically spread bottom.

Although now I was at the verge of getting on bed with loving sister even then I told her to step back and she do not have to do it to secure her secret with me “Didi Aap please ye mat samajhna ki aisa karne se aapka secret aur jayada safe ho jaayega….I promise I will not say anything to anybody….” and Didi replied me back while standing at the door itself

“I know tu kisi ko kuch nahi bolega… main tere saath is liye sex kar rahi hun kyunki mera mann hai tere saath sex karne ka…” and after a pause Simmi Didi spoke again while walking back to me “any day main tujhe Harsh se jyada pyar karti hun…aur jo pleasure maine usko diya hai wo main tujhe bhi dena chahti hun”

After bolting the door finally Simmi Didi sat down in front of me like before and smiled while looking into my eyes and spoke “shuru kar…” “main shuru karun….?” I asked her back in low hesitant tone and Simmi Didi replied back with a smile “aur kya….tu Ladka hai tujhe hi shuru karna chahiye…” While waiting for me to act Didi continued looking into my eyes with a smile.

Once again I would say she was looking beautiful, her lips were drenched in red shade lipstick, Bindi in the middle of her fore head, lot of red Bangles in her hands, Mangle Sutra around her neck with couple of finger rings and Mehndi painted hands, everything was just perfect, I was aroused and she was also ready to take me, I just wanted to jump on her but don’t know why I was feeling jammed.

“Ok….” Didi spoke out after sensing my state and took my hands in her hands and bought them around her heavy milks and gave them to me and spoke with a smile “yahan se shuru kar…inhi ko ghoor raha tha na dinner karte hue”.

As Simmi Didi said I was staring at her breasts during dinner I looked into her eyes and blushed “ab shama mat… achhe se khel inke saath…..dabbana hai to dabba…suck karna hai to inko bahar nikal ke suck kar….”. That was first time I was touching female’s breasts and that is of my own sister, it was altogether a new feeling for me,

weird but very rapturous and as she told me to play with them I cupped them in my hands and pressed them lightly and Simmi Didi spoke again with a smile “don’t hesitate….Achhe se dabba…” and once again holding my hands she gave me better grip of her melons and I squeezed her milks properly.

Wow what a feeling that was, since I started masturbating I use to fantasize that I am playing with female milks, but I didn’t knew one day I will be playing with my own sister’s breasts. Next Simmi Didi moved bit forward, so that I can play with her flabby breasts more effectively and I cupped them hard and squeezed them with all my strength.

Simmi Didi moaned nicely and came closer and once again kissed me and sucked my lips nicely. hhhmmmmm…. feeling was very strange and beautiful and I felt a tingle in my belly and after a kiss I was feeling as if something is still sticking on my lips. “mera Kurta uttar….” Simmi Didi spoke after breaking the kiss and I simply obeyed what she said.

Slowly I lifted her Kurta and Simmi Didi raised her arms and in a moment it just went off from her body. Wow…my sister’s breasts were so big and beautiful; making a deep cleavage both of her melons were caged in white color bra so tightly that bra could hardly cover half of them and above that her Golden Mangal Sutra, symbol of her marriage was resting.

Next Simmi Didi moved forward and lifted my t-shirt and under shirt together and in a moment I was bare from my top. Simmi Didi was yet having a bra over her upper half and I wanted to take off that too but she moved forward and started loving me over bare skin of my chest.

“Ahhhh…..” I moaned in delight, my sister was wet brushing her lips over my neck and area around that and slowly she pushed me on the bed on my back and rose over me. Simmi Didi lied over me with most of her half and kissed all around my face and once again brought her lips to mine, Didi kissed me once lightly before starting sucking my lips, I opened my mouth and it became proper smooch.

Truly speaking friends anyhow I cannot described my feeling of that instant, Simmi Didi was exploring my mouth I was somewhat getting unconscious with her love making. Lust was rising in me with every passing second and I started responding to Simmi Didi.

I inserted my tongue in her mouth and explored her mouth like she was exploring mine and within few seconds it was a proper kiss where we were trying to eat other like true lovers. While getting kissed I was feeling softness of her massive juggs over my chest, Simmi Didi was resting most of her weight over me and soon our kiss broke and now once again I was getting licked over my face and bare chest.

I was moaning in bliss of getting seduced by my own sister who was nearly 6 years elder to me and gradually Simmi Didi reached to my nipples and started sucking them delicately and my pleasure went just incredible. “Meri bra khol” Simmi Didi spoke while leaning over me and we got up.

Simmi Didi turned around to give me access to the hook of her bra and I unhooked it with bit of shivering. Simmi Didi turned to me again and took out her bra from her arms while looking into my eyes with a smile and next instant my eyes got stuck to my sister’s sagging melons. They were so big, much bigger than they always seemed to me over the clothes.

Simmi Didi’s thick and long nipples were looking so beautiful while standing erect in wrinkled areolas. Next Simmi Didi raised her arms to get me and I moved into her arms, I thought she wants to hug me but holding my face in her hands Simmi Didi took my mouth to her melons and spoke in lust laden tone “Manu suck kar inko….”

And I just did what Didi told me to do, I took her breast and tried to pick it in my hand and pressed it with bit of force. Wow she was so soft and they were so heavy, I continued squeezing her milks tenderly and took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking her like a hungry child.

I sucked Simmi Didi’s both the melons like sucking one and caressing other and I felt her breasts going heavier in excitement. Simmi Didi was delighted with the treatment I was giving to her flabby milks and she could not stop gasping in pleasure. Gradually we moved and lied down on the bed and now while sucking her long and erect nipples I was over my sister.

Simmi Didi grabbed my scalp in her hands and continued moaning in pleasure while feeding her milk to me. “Manu…meri Salwar khol ke uttar de” Simmi Didi spoke while stopping me from adoring her breasts and I got up to do what she said. I took out the thread from her Salwar and pulled it.

Simmi Didi loosened her Salwar from her waist and told me to pull it out from her legs “Hmmmm…Uttar de”. Once again I just did I was told to do and next instant Simmi Didi was lying in just in panty. Wow….finally her smooth legs were exposed to me.

As Simmi Didi was recently married, from her feet till few inches below her knees, her legs were painted with Mehendi and they were looking beautiful, above that her enormous thighs My GOD…. They were so fleshy that my eyes got stuck to them and to the portion between them, I could see wet spot on her light color Panty, from which I could guess her state.

Like I was hard in excitement of fucking my loving sister, Didi was wet in enthusiasm of getting fucked by her loving brother. I was on my knees and next Simmi Didi got up and pulled the thread of my lower and instantly drifted it down till my knees and before I would have thought anything she inserted her hand in my jockey and caressed my Penis by jerking it with her hand.

“Ahhhhh…..” I sighed in strange delight. Since I was masturbating I don’t know how many times I have jerked my monster to pleasure myself but the pleasure I was getting that instant when Simmi Didi was jerking me, it was something which I could not even imagine.

Next instant Simmi Didi drifted down my jockey too and started caressing my ball with the other hand, Ohhhh…. Simmi Didi very well knew how to give a good time to a fresh male like me, I was grunting continuously as along with jerking my hard Penis Simmi Didi was caressing my balls with lot of love and care.

“Mazza aa raha hai mere bhai ko…..hmmmm….” while looking at me pleasure expressions Simmi Didi spoke in soft and adoring voice and her words aroused me bit more. “Pajama poora uttarne de” Simmi Didi spoke while pushing me a bit and I lied down on the bed over my back and she pulled out my lower and jokey from my legs.

I was lying stark naked in front of my sister, but Simmi Didi was still having panty over her lower half and that’s what I was suppose to take off next but just then we got a knock on the door and I got scared.

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Harish and Manish fucking newly wed sister Simmi - II

Previously: Harish and Manish fucking newly wed sister Simmi - I

Ohhh…Wow it was breathing taking view of a brother fucking his sister with all his love and passion. I was standing just 3-4 feats away from the bed I could see nearly whole bed and also my siblings having fun over that.

Like I was expecting their face were away from the door, Simmi Didi was lying on my bed totally naked, both of her feet were in air and fleshy thighs were stretched out to maximum. Harish Bhaiya was also completely naked, lying over Simmi Didi on his forearms and knees, while keeping Simmi Didi’s fleshy thighs wide and apart his legs were also broadened wide.

I could see my loving sister’s fuck hole clearly and it was overblown with my brother’s thick long monster, he was fucking Simmi Didi furiously. Harish Bhaiya’s body was moving steadily and his heavy hips were rising and falling in rhythm over Simmi Didi’s crotch.

While pressing her thick and swollen pussy lips with his balls I could see Bhaiya’s thick monster appearing and disappearing into Simmi Didi’s widely stretched fuckhole again and again. As Simmi Didi was newlywed her hands were full of red color bangles but that instant, instead of her wedded husband’s body her Mehndi decorated arms were wrapped around her brother’s back,

and while clenching Harish Bhaiya’s muscular shoulders she was moaning in heavenly pleasure. Bhaiya continued thrusting himself into Simmi Didi carelessly and within few seconds his thick shaft started plunging and pistoning Didi’s fuckhole bit roughly and Simmi Didi seemed enjoying more while getting fucked like that.

With rising lust and Bhaiya’s fucking pace gradually Simmi Didi’s cries were getting sharp and erotic and even in the loud voice of AC I could hear them crystal clear. While looking at the things happening I did not realized when I opened the door bit more and turned my entire face into the room.

I saw there was a chair on which Simmi Didi Kurta and Salwar was kept along with Bhaiya’s jeans and t-shirt, Didi’s bra and Panty were lying on floor and Bhaiya’s inner wears were on edge of the bed. While fucking furiously they just remained totally unaware of my presence and I clearly saw their bodies were streaming with sweat, I could see the shine over Simmi Didi fleshy thighs;

slapping wetly together they just continued tossing frenetically on my bed and along with making loud churning voice bed was moving vigorously with their fucking movements. I was glued to the unobstructed view of my brother’s long swollen penis plunging and pistoning up and down, appearing and disappearing between my sister’s distended cunt-lips.

Simmi Didi’s round and fleshy hips were getting crushed under Bhaiya’s pumping ass and her fuckhole was also rising and falling to match his thrusts. As it can be easily assumed that I was not in state to think anything, I was somewhat glued to that place and soon they were close to finishing.

I saw Bhaiya gasped couple of times while arching his head and his heavy buttocks started bouncing up and down even more madly. Now his monster was ramming and reaming into Simmi Didi’s slit more furiously. Simmi Didi’s feet rose further high and now they were facing roof. Her breath started coming out with shuddering and heaving moans.

Even while standing around 4 feats away from the bed I could feel the heat of their bodies, I could smell their sweat and aroma of their mixed pleasure juices which was coming out of Simmi Didi’s fuckhole and flowing down to the bed. Suddenly Simmi Didi’s cries became sharper, and her faltering gasps rose significantly in pitch and volume and her orgasmic state become clearly visible.

"Oh ... oh ... ohhh ... ohhh .... OHHHHHHH Harish….please stop!" arching her back like a bow Simmi Didi cried in passion and shoved her fuckhole up and tried to grab Bhaiya tight in her arms and thighs may be to stop Bhaiya from pumping her fuckhole and in a moment her body started quivering in tension.

Above Simmi Didi just then Harish Bhaiya gasped loud and rammed himself into her hard and snapped his hips together while squeezing them tight and groaned in fucking ecstasy and finally buried himself deep in Simmi Didi’s flesh. It would have been altogether a story of different category if I would have moved from there just then, but I was not in state to think anything and I just remained there.

As passion subsided a bit, Bhaiya moved and his Penis slipped out of Simmi Didi’s fuckhole and ultimately saw Simmi Didi’s fuckhole oozing out thick sticky and white liquid and just then Simmi Didi tried to push Bhaiya away and before I would have realized that Simmi Didi is about to get up she got up and saw me standing partially inside the room.

“Manu….!” She cried in shock “Manu….?” Bhaiya turned and he too spoke out just my name in fright. Simmi Didi heavy milks were sagging in front of my eyes and I was looking at them, Simmi Didi stared into my eyes with a fear and just then looked down and for a fraction and her eyes got stuck over my crotch. I realized my Penis was out of my clothes and I was holding it in my hands.

I instantly stepped back and climbing all the stares before I would have reached back to the terrace I heard Simmi Didi addressing my name from behind “Manu..Sun…Manu…meri baat sun…..” I waited on the entrance of the terrace for a minute and I think while addressing my name Simmi came till the door of the bedroom.

For a instant I thought about going back, for no other reason I wanted to see Simmi Didi stark naked, especially her beautiful melons but with a thought that Bhaiya might start beating me I decided to ran away and once again after jumping over neighbor’s roof I came down to street and disappeared from there.

I don’t know what I was thinking while running and walking as fast as possible; I just went on going until I reached to the big park located outside our colony. Closing my eyes I rested on the bench to catch my breath. I don’t know what was that? Truth or a nightmare, It was impossible for me to believe whatever I saw, Harish Bhaiya was fucking Simmi Didi,

our real sister and I was asking myself again and again, does this has really happened or it is just my imagination. As I said while reading sex stories over this blog and few other I never believed that these stories are true, they always seemed like fantasies but this incident made me believe that all this happens in real life too.

I just kept on sitting on the bench with an occupied mind and suddenly I saw Bhaiya standing outside the boundary wall of the park. While being on the bike he was looking at me and he saw that I have seen him he waved his hand to call me but I turned my face in the opposite direction. Bhaiya addressed my name in loud voice to call me and I started walking away from him,

to the far exit of the park but I kept on turning to see him and I saw Bhaiya was speaking on the phone, possibly with Simmi Didi. I stopped behind the tree to see him. In a minute or two Bhaiya ended the call and looked at the direction in which I was standing, started the bike and rode away towards the main road possibly to go to the factory.

Next within a minute Simmi Didi called me on my mobile; I missed the call. She massaged me with a text “please come back home….I want to talk to you”. I deleted the massage instantly. I was restless and could not decide what to do. I sat down in the bench again and called my mom.

Without giving her any hint about my location I asked her where is she and she told me that one of my father’s old friend was expired in the morning and they have came to their residence and might reach back home late in the evening after cremation and all.

Next my mom asked me about me and I told her that I have couple of extra classes and ongoing project and I might reach back home 2-3 hours late from my regular schedule and to that my mom spoke out something which was absolutely true but altogether in different way, she said “Jaldi ghar chala ja….Simmi tera wait kar rahi hai”.

Anyway I disconnected the call and realized that there was another text from Simmi Didi’s number she was asking me if I am coming. I thought about ignoring that massage too but ultimately I replied her back by writing “NO”. I sat down in the park for really long and recalled whatever I saw and heard.

It was evident from the conversation which I heard that their fucking relation is quite old, how come I never realized that Bhaiya and Didi started fucking? How could Simmi Didi do that, how she agreed to get on bed with Bhaiya? Whole fucking scene was floating in front of my eyes.

The way Bhaiya’s monster was moving in and out of Simmi Didi’s fuckhole, the way Simmi Didi was moaning and enjoying while getting stretched painfully wide by Harish Bhaiya, they way she was holding Bhaiya’s back with arms of newlywed decoration and ornaments while gulping his monster in her fuckhole again and again, the way her fleshy thighs were wrapped around Bhaiya’s pumping hips.

For me since then Simmi Didi was an ideal girl, bashful and very limited to talking to strangers and I started recalling the way she was blushing when Jija Ji was here to see her for marriage, does it mean that every such gesture from her side was fake…and in real life she is nothing but a slut.

I was hard and adjusting my monster again and again, first time in my life I wanted to masturbate while fantasizing Simmi DIdi. Gradually my mind set was changing and I started feeling envy for my brother, why Simmi Didi did not fucked with me, I was regular in masturbating and like most males of my age I was very eager to have sex.

Very soon my thoughts started going beyond my control, deep inside I did not wanted to think about Simmi Didi that way but I was failing to do that. Now I was thinking about the possibility of fucking Simmi Didi and with such sinful thoughts, not only my fear of facing Bhaiya and Simmi Didi started disappearing but I started thinking about blackmailing Simmi Didi.

While sitting with such mind state I brought something to eat from hawker with a pet of soft drink. Almost one hour went off like that and Simmi Didi massaged me again “please come back home…I want to talk to you…please” as by this time I was reached to the height of anger and arousal I replied with a text “I don’t want to talk to you…and I will tell everything to Papa”

and Simmi Didi instantly called me back. I intentionally missed the call again and she sent me text again “Please Manu…try to understand…please come back home and talk to me” that moment for instant I thought about writing back that you have only one option, you have to let me fuck you but I failed to gather courage to write that in any words and replied back with a text

“I will not come back home till night and please don’t disturb me”. Simmi Didi did not disturbed me again but my mind set was gone very strange, I myself told Simmi Didi not to disturb me, but deep inside I wanted her to try keeping touch with me. Finally after spending more than an hour in the park I decided to go to my friends place and in half an hour I reached there.

I sat with my friend in his study room and including sex we chit chatted over various subjects. Apparently everything was casual at my end but deep inside I was moved like never before. My thoughts went on going wild and I asked my friend if we can watch a porn movie and we did that in muted volume.

10-15 minutes of porn movie set my desire on such a fire that I decided that I will certainly blackmail Simmi Didi in the night and she has to fuck with me. Though deep inside I was not fully prepared to do that but as lust and anger was raising throughout the time I reached back home either I was trying deciding the statements which I can speak to Simmi Didi to blackmail her or I was visualizing myself having fun with Simmi Didi’s fleshy body.

Anyway like I decided I reached back home after my parent’s arrival, I waited for my mom to call after reaching home and finally entered in the house. Bhaiya was yet not home, his bike was missing. After taking a shower my dad was sitting in the living room in front of the television. I casually sat with a dad and we shared couple of words over the reason why I came so late.

Finally mom appeared in the living room and scolded me for coming so late even when I knew that Simmi Didi is home and before she would have ended speaking Simmi Didi came from behind. She was wearing same Salwar Kameez which was kept on my study table chair when she was fucking with Bhaiya in my bedroom and for a moment she stared into my eyes without

a flick but before anybody among mom and dad would have seen her serious expression she moved forward with a smile and hugged me like she use to. “kab se wait kar rahi hun tera….” In a way Simmi Didi spoke the truth but that instant nobody except me could understand exactly why she said that.

Simmi Didi kissed me on my cheek after hugging me and as my parents were watching I too kissed her same way. Simmi Didi sat beside me on the couch and once again looked into my eyes same way but with a smile and questioned me “aur batta kaisa hai?” “theek hun…aap bataao…aap kaise ho” I replied back with bit of choked voice.

I must say Simmi Didi was looking beautiful with a marital makeup over her face like Bindi and “Maang mein Sindoor” with lot of red color bangles in her hand and gold and black beaded necklace around her neck commonly known as Mangle Sutra.

I wanted to see her face as after knowing that she is not faithful to her husband all those things were very arousing to see on her face and body but don’t know why I failed to look into her eyes straight and blushed a bit and moved my eyes to the television.

“subah se kuch khaya hai ya nahi….?” Simmi Didi asked me back what usually females ask when they meet anybody they care and I looked into her eyes and spoke “haan…kha liya tha” and my eyes got stuck to her heavy breasts. She saw me looking at her breasts and took my attention by asking “kya khaya….?”

She asked me back and I replied back by saying “friend ke ghar gaya tha project banane…wahin kha liya tha” she kissed me again on my cheek and got up from there after saying that she has made something special for me. Didi went to the kitchen and while thinking that how she could be so casual after getting caught doing such a naughty act and that is with her brother.

I remained with dad in the living room. Didi came again and served me and dad something I use to love eating and went back to get something to drink. As dad was busy in watching news I did not tried to control myself looking at Simmi Didi’s body and while looking at her fleshy thighs and big ass mounds over the clothes once again started recalling whatever I saw in the morning

and one again I started getting aroused as Simmi Didi was intentionally moving around me all the time. From her gesture I could make out that she did not wanted to leave me and dad alone in the living room and she just remained there and kept on looking into my eyes with a mild smile and I really don’t know why I failed to look into her eyes confidently.

At my end some time back I was so aroused that I was sure that tonight I will fuck Simmi Didi but since I reached back home and face her I was realizing that I might not be able to face her alone and that’s why I did not got up from the living room even to change my clothes.

Time passed, may be an hour and Bhaiya called that he might get late and my dad told him that as today Simmi is at home we all will have dinner together. Finally Bhaiya too came and like Simmi Didi he too looked into my eyes without a flick, I tried to face him but failed and ignored looking straight into his eyes.

Dinner got served in the living room itself and we all had with a casual chit chat. With a passing time I stopped feeling conscious over Bhaiya’s presence may be because he was busy talking to dad over one matter but even after trying hard I could not stop looking at Simmi Didi, at her face and at her body and I think she had noticed me staring at her body with all together different perspective.

Finally dinner came to an end and dad announced that till Simmi Didi is here she will sleep in Bhaiya’s room, on the first floor and Bhaiya will sleep with me in my room, exactly where they were fucking in the morning. For a moment I got nervous and though about saying that I will prefer sleeping in the living room on the ground floor but I kept silent with a thought that, Bhaiya himself might try to avoid sleeping with me.

After some time Bhaiya went off from the living room and came back after changing and told Simmi Didi that she can go and sleep if she wants to. “nahi abhi nahi” Simmi Didi denied casually and looked at me with a smile and spoke again “itne din baad milun hun tum logon se…..thodi der baaten karte hain….”.

We all sat there in the living room for quite long time and chit chatted over various subjects and ultimately when I realized that now mom and dad might not stay for long; just to avoid getting alone with Bhaiya and Didi in the living room I got up and took leave from there and came to my bedroom on the first floor.

Virtually everything was intact like it was in the morning when I was off for my collage except my view to look at that room. I don’t know in past how many times they had used my room and my bed to do the fucking. Anyway I bolted the door, changed and came to bed with a huge erection. Don’t know that instant exactly what was running in my mind; actually it was a mess of thoughts.

While seeing Simmi Didi in the living room all the time I was recalling her fucking state, the way she was getting ragged by Harish Bhaiya in the day time, second I was thinking that after mom and dad’s exit from the living room Bhaiya and Didi will also leave and they will stay on the first floor bedroom and have sex all the night because of which I was feeling jealous of my brother.

Third I had a strong intuition that after our parents exit Simmi Didi and Bhaiya might come to talk to me and deep inside I wanted to blackmail Simmi Didi for having sex with me but I also knew that I won’t be able to speak out my desire, especially if Bhaiya will be with her. Like this many thought keep on coming in my mind I lied on a bed with a complicated mindset.

I desired to masturbate but don’t know why I was delaying doing that, may be because I was enjoying that aroused state or I was little positive that Simmi Didi might come alone and I might succeed in blackmailing her and that’s what actually happened after 10-15 minutes.

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Harish and Manish fucking newly wed sister Simmi - I

This is not a story, it’s my real life occurrence and it has happened hardly 15-20 days back from the day I have started writing down. I won’t say I am very regular reader of this blog but yes I access this blog twice or maximum thrice a week.

Truly speaking friends while reading posts of this blog or any other such blog I never believed that incidents and happening s written on this blog are actually true, they always seemed fantasies to me but now I have started believing that such things happen because something like that has happened with me too.

As I said all this has occurred few days back and I remember this incident as it is, word to word and event to event and throughout life I cannot forget those sinful but wonderful moments of my life because these kinds of experiences can never be put out of mind.

While trying writing introduction as less as possible I would say my experience is about me and my elder brother fucking our own sister. Certainly it looks impossible to happen but believe me friends when lust rules your mind there is nothing like impossible to happen, lust carries away all our ethics and morals just in few seconds and then nothings stays except fever of fucking and that’s what happened in our case.

I fucked my six year elder sister in front of my elder brother and when I finished Bhaiya too fucked her. For me it was my first time and I lost my virginity that day but Bhaiya and Didi were fucking from bit more than one year. Now if I will move straight to the incident I would say including me we are three siblings, two brothers and a sister.

Simmi Didi, eldest among us is around 30, next is Harish Bhaiya who is hardly 2 years younger than Simmi Didi and then it’s me Manish, very soon I will be reaching to my mid twenties. While talking about our past relation with our sister I would say since my childhood as compared to my brother Harish Bhaiya emotionally I was more attached to her and since few days back it was a pure and divine love of brother and sister.

A thought of fucking her is too far, I never thought about her that way even when once I accidently saw her partially naked, with a Salwar on the lower half and just Bra on top. I remember around a year back once she was changing in our parent’s room without bolting the door from inside and accidently I walked into the room for specific purpose.

It was my pure feelings for my sister that I remained restless for the whole day and regretted over my act of entering without a knock and ultimately faced Simmi Didi in the evening and said sorry from my heart over that incident. Anyway that was something which was happened long time back and at present my perspective to look at my elder sister has turned just opposite to what it was.

Now if I will talk about my past perspective of relation between Bhaiya and Didi then I won’t say Simmi Didi’s relation with Harish Bhaiya seemed just like it was me and Simmi Didi, as they had less age difference they use to address each other by name with no formalities of Aap and all, also they use fight over tiny matters but still there was a strong bond of love between the two

but as such I never smelled anything fishy in their behavior and I could never imagine that anyhow they would be fucking with each other from last one year. Now If I will describe Simmi Didi’s physical appearance then I would say that she is good looking female but she does not come in the category of slender figure girls.

As genetically we all family members have a big body skeleton, physically Simmi Didi is also little weighty. She has a good height of around 5’5”; she has bit of belly and holds ample flesh over her arms and thighs with heavy and dense breasts. Her ass mounds are round and fleshy, widely spread and they are jutting out of her body quite significantly.

While talking about me and my brother’s physical appearance; we both are tall and because of regular jogging and badminton we both retain healthy body but as compared to me Harsh Bhaiya is much more confident over different subjects of life.

Now while moving to the main course I would say this incident happened because somewhere around mid day I came to knew that two of our teachers are absent and we can go back home in lunch break. All my batch mates planned to go for a movie but I decided to go back home for no other reason that my loving sister Simmi Didi was back home first time after getting married.

Harish Bhaiya was gone to the station since morning but her train was arriving late and in the morning around 7:30 when I was leaving home for my institute Simmi Didi’s train was just about to arrive.

After reaching institute I spoke to her and told her that I will meet her in the evening after my classes and Just to give her a surprise I did not informed anybody at my home that my classes are cancelled and I am coming back home well before time. On the way I bought bunch of flowers for her and ultimately it took me little more than an hour to reach back home.

Truly speaking throughout the way I was thinking how I would behave when I will face Simmi Didi first time. Actually Simmi Didi was recently married, bit more than three months back and since she was gone far from me, there was a kind of vacuum in my life and after her departure I was realizing exactly how much I use to love her and since I knew that she is coming back home

around this date I was eager to see her and now after reaching home I wanted to hug her tight and cry a lot over her arm. But when I reached back home things turned other way round. First thing I noticed that car was missing, that meant Dad has left home.

I ranged the door bell it did not ranged, I realized there is not electricity and as few days back this portion of the house was got accidently disconnected from the inverter supply. I banged the door but there was no response. I peeped inside from the window and I saw Simmi Didi’s luggage kept in the living room.

As along with my Father Bhaiya use to go to the factory so at that time I was expecting that Mom and Simmi Didi would be at home and they would be chit chatting on first floor in Bhaiya’s bedroom. I banged the door one more time but still there was no response.

It was a matter of sheer coincidence that instead of calling Mom on her mobile, may in my unconscious mind I wanted to surprise Simmi Didi that is why it never came to my mind and I decided to get into the house through neighbor’s roof and my this decision turned lethal for Harish Bhaiya and Simmi Didi, certainly for me too.

As I entered in neighbor’s premises first thing which I noticed that Bhaiya’s bike was parked there, and that is at the corner so that it does not be noticed easily. It was little surprising for me, for a instant I could assume that as Bhaiya was at home for little late because he was gone to pick Simmi Didi,

so he has gone to factory with Dad by car but why he parked his in neighborhood when there was plenty of space in our porch. I don’t know why this point retained in my mind and I moved forward. As our relation with neighbors are just like family I did not bothered to knock them and I just rose over there outside stairs which are reaching to their terrace,

from where I was thinking about jumping into my terrace and getting down from internal stairs. As it was a mid day there was extreme silence around and unconsciously maintaining that scenario I jumped onto my roof lightly and started getting down from the stairs with very light feet.

In spite of seeing Bhaiya’s bike in neighbor’s premises I was expecting Simmi Didi and Mom at first floor either in a lobby or in a bedroom, which is actually Harish Bhaiya’s bedroom and it has a very effective AC but I was wrong as I came down from the roof I heard a giggle and it was Simmi Didi’s voice.

She was on the second floor bedroom, which is actually given to me but I hardly use to sleep there, I use to sleep beside Bhaiya in his room for the no other reason except this that I did not had a TV in my room where the other two bedrooms, the one on the ground floor which belongs to Mom and Dad and other one on the first floor which Belongs to Bhaiya has a TV.

Anyway as I heard Simmi Didi’s giggle don’t know why I got little conscious, maybe it was my sixth sense that I felt that something is wrong, first thing which was dwelling in my unconscious mind that why Bhaiya’s bike was parked in neighbor’s porch; second for a moment it was little difficult for me to believe that Mom has climbed to second floor which she rarely do because of knee joint pain.

My heart started beating little high and I moved bit down and sat down on the stair to hear if Simmi Didi is with Mom or with someone else. I saw Door was not bolted from inside, I could see that door was little away from the wooden frame.

For a minute there was not voice but I kept on waiting and did not thought about moving and once again I heard Simmi Didi saying something which was barely audible from the place where I was sitting but I took out the conclusion that she is not with Mom because I knew that it is next to impossible for anyone to keep my mom silent for so long if she is not sleeping.

I slowly moved down and reached to the door and stood on my knees and arms beside the wall and kept my ear on the opened portion of the door. As there was no electricity, AC was off and from there I could hear the voice coming from the bedroom and heard something which for a moment took my breath,

once again it was Simmi Didi and her words were “aaram se uttar…dekh kahin Kurta fatt na jaaye” then there was silence for may be minute or little less and Simmi Didi spoke again and this time it was a giggle again and just then she cried in low voice “Aaoooo….kya kar raha hai” my heart was already beating high as such I could make out that something wrong is happening

in the room and just then Simmi Didi confirmed me that by saying “Harish tujhe jaldi kya hai….? aram se kar…”. Though till then I never thought about Simmi Didi in that way but still I felt myself getting hard and to add the fuel to my arousal Simmi Didi spoke again and once again in the beginning it was a cry with bit of more volume “Aaoooo….suck kar…kaat kyun raha hai?”

and next I heard Bhaiya saying “tere nipple khade kar raha hun” That instant for me it was one of the weirdest moments of my life since then, without looking at the things happening in the room, from just the words spoken I could imagine that Simmi Didi must be laying on the bed topless and Bhaiya must is sucking and biting her nipples.

“Jijaji suck karte hain inko…yaa sirf teri panty khol ke…ghusa dete hain andar” Bhaiya spoke again or you can say asked Didi after a minute, possibly after sucking Simmi Didi’s nipples for a minute but Simmi Didi did not replied for a few seconds, until Bhaiya insisted her to speak by saying “hmmm…bol na….!” “karte hain…kaenge kyun nahi….?”

Simmi Didi replied back casually with bit of laughter and Bhaiya asked her again “achha…..aur neeche….?” “neeche ki sucking karte hain….”. While being on my knees and hands I was hardest of my life, my heart was beating very high, I was scared but I just remained there and I heard Bhaiya again and he insisted Simmi Didi to speak out what he asked by saying

“muskura kya rahi hai….? Bol na…niche ki sucking karte hain ya nahi….?” And Simmi Didi replied back by saying “haan….par hamesha nahi karte….aaj tak sirf do-teen baar hi ki hai”. Bhaiya did not stopped asking Simmi Didi about her sex life with her husband and spoke again “aur tu suck karti hai unka….?” “haan…karti hun…..”

Didi replied back little instantly this time and Bhaiya asked her again “hamesha….?” And Simmi Didi replied back by saying “hamesha nahi…jab bhi bolte hain….karna padta hai…” and next Bhaiya spoke little loud and in bit of sarcastic tone, “Mera Lund Chuste hue to tu bahut nakhra karti thi…”

and I heard Simmi Didi giggled loud and I took my ear closer the door so that I can hear her if she will speak out while laughing and I was right, Simmi Didi spoke out in amused tone “tu bhai hai …tere saath karte hue jaisa main chahti thi wo hota tha… wo patti hain…ab jo wo chahenge wo hoga”…. “bolenge Chus to Chusna hi padega” as Simmi Didi ended saying Bhaiya replied back casually “hmmm..ye baat hai….”

And after a pause asked Didi again “ek baat aur batta…. Jija Ji ka mota hai ya mera…?” this time there was bit of gap in conversation, I believe Simmi Didi would have smiled over that before replying with “jayada mota nahi hai…..tere jaisa hi hai….” Truly speaking friends I was restless of my life, my Penis was reached to the hardness that it was aching,

anyhow I could not believe whatever was happening between my sister and brother in the room which was officially mine. “chal ab khadi hokar apni Salwar khol…dekhun teen mahine mein kya haal kiya hai Jija Ji ne teri Chut ka” I heard Bhaiya speaking that and in response Simmi Didi giggled a bit and spoke

“dekh waise to Shaadi ke baad mujhe tere saath ye sab karna band kar dena chahiye….lekin main fir bhi kar rahi hun… par ye sirf teri Shaadi tak chalega…uske baad nahi…” and Bhaiya replied back by saying “theek hai…ab khol to sahi…” and then asked Didi again “baal saaf karke aayi hai na?” and Didi just hummed initially “hmmmmm….”

But asked him again “Chusega kya…..?” and Bhaiya accepted by saying “haan…Chusunga bhi aur tujhse apna chuswaaunga bhi” and in continuation Didi spoke to Bhaiya again “tu bhi uttar de apne kapde”. Oh God they were taking off their clothes, how Bhaiya and Didi could be so shameless?

Now I was getting eager to see inside but as such there was no way to do that, I just kept my ear on the opened portion and heard Simmi Didi asking “Mummy Papa kab tak aayenge?” “abhi bahut time hai…may be raat ho jaaye” Bhaiya replied back casually, “aur Manu(my nick name) wo kab tak aayega” Simmi Didi asked him again and Bhaiya replied back in same fashion

“usko bhi time hai…aur uske aane se pahle main chala jaaunga”. I assumed by now they must be more or less naked now and I was right because after few seconds I heard Bhaiya humming a bit before saying “hmm….tu to ek dum Chikni kar ke laayi hai” that meant now Simmi Didi’s fuckhole was exposed to Bhaiya

and in response to Bhaiya’s words Simmi Didi asked him back “Condom laya hai na?” “nahi….” Bhaiya denied instantly and spoke again “ab to daalne de aise hi…ab kya tension hai…” Bhaiya paused but just for a fraction and spoke again in amused and clearly audible voice “ab agar tu pregnant ho bhi gayi ti kisi ko kya patta chalega kiska bachha hai….”

And Simmi Didi replied back in same tone clear and audible tone “nahi….nahi…Pagal hai kya? waise bhi hum log abhi ek saal tak bachha nahi karne waale” and Bhaiya asked Didi this time in little low but audible voice, “to fir….tum log kya use karte ho…? Condom?” and Didi denied and replied back “nahi……main goli khati hun…” “theek hai… thodi si goliyaan mere naam ki bhi khaa le…”

Bhaiya spoke back shamelessly and Didi replied back instantly “wo to kha hi lungi…par tu next time Condom lekar aana…maine suna hai kai baar goli fail ho jaati hai” for which Bhaiya spoke carelessly “theek hai abhi to daalne de”.

Because I could just hear them, I don’t know exactly what were they doing, but I was dying to know, I was sure that now both my elder siblings were stark naked and just then I heard some crunching voice of my bed as if they both have moved on the bed at the same time, I didn’t knew if Bhaiya was about to insert his Penis in Simmi Didi and just to clear that Bhaiya spoke to Didi

“taange khol ke sidhi late jaa…” after that no words were spoken but bed churned a bit, and I started feeling crazy, they were taking position and I was just trying to adjust my erection, I wanted to open the door but I felt I was jammed. I brought my ear closer to the door as I could hear mild moans of my sister and after a minute I clearly heard

“hmmm……Harish mazza aa raha hai…tere Jija jI theek se nahi karte” and after few seconds Bhaiya spoke in barely audible voice “main Chus nahi paa raha….taange khol acche se….”. Oh…My god that means Bhaiya was sucking Simmi Didi’s fuckhole and by saying that her husband does not do this act effectively Simmi Didi was appreciating Bhaiya for what he was doing.

I could not believe my ears, since then I always saw Simmi Didi with a purest feeling, how my sister could be so shameless and just then Simmi Didi proved herself even more shameless by saying “hmmm……Ahhhh…. Harish you are amazing…. please apne Jija Ji ko sikha de ye kaam karna”

I assumed with his mouth Bhaiya would have gone deeper into Simmi Didi’s fleshy thighs and I don’t know why I started feeling annoyed and jealous. At my end while watching porn I was regular in masturbating but doing that I never thought about fantasizing my own sister but that instant I was feeling as if I too want to fuck my sister,

just like my brother was fucking but as I said even after trying hard I was failing to move from there, neither to go away from their nor to open the door to intrude myself in their fucking moments. I just kept my ears on the door and tried to hear whatever my siblings were speaking while having fun and for next 2-3 minutes there were only moans of my sister and that is in delirious tone.

Simmi Didi was enjoying every moment of getting sucked by one of brother and me; her other brother was dying with envy feeling. As it can be assumed I was hard like never before in my entire life and now it was nearly impossible for me to control myself.

I changed my posture and sat down resting my back on the wall, took out my Penis and started masturbating but I failed to continue as instead of masturbating I was little more interested in listening whatever they were doing and without putting my Penis inside I went close to the door again and pushed bit of it with my finger and like I was expecting,

Bhaiya and Didi were so busy in fucking act that it did not came in their notice. I tried to peep inside from the vertical portion and succeeded in seeing Simmi Didi’s leg, but barely from her ankle till her feet and with a rising moans instead of keeping it straight Simmi Didi was folding her leg again and again.

From the slight view I was getting, I could make out that Simmi Didi was lying straight on the bed with fully spread legs Bhaiya was somewhat leaning on her crotch to suck her fuckhole. As some time passed, may be a minute or bit more Simmi Didi’s moans went loud and clear to me and she stopped Harish Bhaiya, I heard saying “bass kar….mera chhut jaayega”

and with that she got up and for a instant I got a view of her leg till her knee. I was over conscious of getting caught so I immediately moved back and waited for them to speak anything and I started masturbating again and that is in same sitting posture. “abb tu Chus mera…aur achhe se chusna….jaise mainechusii hai teri”

Bhaiya spoke while puffing a bit in loud and clear voice and outside the room I started puffing, I was getting mad in lust and could not do anything except listening them having fun and I listened Bhaiya again “Poora le andar…aur Chus”. My god Simmi Didi was sucking and I wanted to see her beautiful face while doing that and I tried to peep inside again.

Thought I did not got any view of her face but I got glimpse of side view of Simmi Didi’s ass mounds till her feet. I don’t know exactly what was Bhaiya’s posture, he could be on his keens but I could make out that Didi was somewhat on her four while leaning on Harish Bhaiya’s crotch and the view I was getting of Simmi Didi’s was astonishing.

As Simmi Didi was newly married she was having anklets on her feet and along with that her legs were painted till her knees with an orange color by something commonly called “Mehendi”, which is used to beautify bride during her marriage. As some time passed I started getting Bhaiya’s moans in my ears and I went on going crazy.

For a fraction I thought about going in and surprise them but I did not dared and just remained there. “yes…yes do it…achhe se suck kar” Bhaiya grunted and spoke in rising lust and after a pause spoke again “Simmi jab se tu gayi hai…main pagal ho gaya hun….aaj tere ko khaa jaaunga main” “Ahhhh…Ahhhh…..”

and Bhaiya went on feeling delight of getting a suck over her monster from his and mine sister and here I started sweating with a rising heat in my body. “Bass….abb Daal de” though I could not hear it clearly but I think that’s what Simmi Didi spoke while breathing fast after stop sucking Harish Bhaiya and Bhaiya replied back “Haan…late jaa aaram se” in low but audible voice.

They moved on the bed and with a fear of getting caught I instantly got away from the door. Next I heard Simmi Didi saying “Garmi ho rahi hai…light nahi aayi na?” Simmi Didi asked Bhaiya if electricity has come and he replied by saying “nahi….” And after a pause Bhaiya asked Simmi Didi if she wants to get him from behind “peeche se karna hai kya….?” “nahi…abhi oopar aa ja…baad mein dekhenge…..”

Simmi Didi denied and Bhaiya spoke again “raat ko bannaunga tujhe ghodi….abhi mujhe bhi jaldi hai….factory jaana hai”. Bhaiya was about to fuck Simmi Didi and I realized that I was jerking my monster very fast but still I was far from my climax, I wanted to see inside but I was little scared of getting caught because now I did not knew there posture.

“Taange mere kandhe pe rakh le….” Bhaiya told Simmi Didi to put her legs over his shoulders but Simmi Didi denied by saying “nahi…mujhe backache hota hai…abhi tu normal position mein hi daal” Bhaiya was at the verge of penetrating our sister and hearing their conversation by now I was reaching to height of getting crazy and I tried to see inside

and I got a glimpse of Bhaiya’s feet and I realized that he is still facing away from the door and just then Bhaiya’s feet moved bit inwards and at the same time Simmi Didi hummed and moaned lightly. “Aahhh….”.Finally Bhaiya was inside Simmi Didi, he groaned a bit and started fucking her with a steady pace.

Along with getting clear crunching voice of bed, from the opened portion I could see Bhaiya’s feet moving bit inwards in fucking rhythm. Within a minutes time fucking effect got even more clear to my ears, when I started getting clear moans of my sister, she was enjoying getting fucked by her brother and just to see bit more I pushed the door bit more with my finger

and I saw glimpse of Simmi Didi’s feet painted with a bridal Mehndi with bit of Bhaiya’s hips moving back and forward and my state got even more worse, Bhaiya was moving in and out of Simmi Didi’s fuckhole hard and fast and at my end I started jerking myself hard and fast.

Simmi Didi was moaning continuously and pitch of her moans were rising gradually, Bhaiya was also grunting in delight and just then electric supply got normal and AC of my room started on its own. As my room has an oldest AC it creates lot of noise and I instantly stopped getting pleasure voices of my siblings from inside.

I was getting crazy and that instant I felt as it I will go mad in frustration. In the loudness of AC Simmi Didi’s moans were suppressed, now I was just getting bit of bed crunching voice from which I could make out that fucking of my sister is on at full swing and in rising excitement I unconsciously pushed the door bit more and brought my face close to the vertical opened portion to see the things happening inside.

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