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Sanjay gets kinky at Pali Hill with mature lady - V

Previously: Sanjay gets kinky at Pali Hill with mature lady - IV

Rachita to V..."spare us for a minute...i want to teach him a lesson", and V obliged by getting up pulling her saree along as she walked out of the room. With just both of us Rachita got onto the bed and climbed over me...i though a fuck was in place but was surprised as she came up and tied her bra over my eyes with an assurance that i would not look...

I could feel movement on the bed and the ruffling of the bedsheet and suddenly I felt warmth on my nose and mouth. it was just so instant that I could not react and felt like I would choke and I knew what it was.... she was friggin squatting on me and grinding her pussy lips on my mouth and nose.. and I could hear her moan....

i kept flinging my tongue in and out trying to deliver my best and hoping for one hellova orgasm anytime now. as she squealed she started scratching me and that too on my scalp, hair and with one hand at her back on my chest. It was a stinging pain as she had long nails that were painted RED and they just cut into my skin.

A sudden gush of salty liquid filled my mouth as I heard her scream and slowly give in as she slumped on my body. With her wieight on me in a 69 pose I was not moving anywhere when suddenly I felt some warmth on my dick.. oh was the tingling of a warm tongue over my lil' johnnny.... she has stamina...

I thought.... as I removed her bra and tried to look up... and lo! that was V... she was with us on the bed and this was a 3sum... she was sucking my dick off which R was lying down and gathering her strenght and I obviously had my hard on as I had not come yet !

As V continued taking my johnny in like a lolipop, I decided to live this adventure out like there wasnt anymore coming, so I pulled Rachita up towards me as she slithered over my body and I asked for her milk... I am not lactating you nincompoop...she snarled back... I know that darling..i want your breasts and want to suckle...

as she came on to my face and poised her nipples into my mouth, I just went slurping... if I could please her, she'd be lifetime keep or mistress, whatever but she was a dream lady. Meanwhile V came up and straddled me and I could feel the warmth of her pussy as it engulfed my rod.

Sitting upright she held on to R from her back and started riding me making all sorts of noises that I have been alien to. Suddenly R pulled out and turned around, straddled herself on top of me with her vagina on my mouth and facing V.... I could not frigging see anything but heard both of them moaning. WTF..

I was like a gigolo for them.... One riding me and the other getting me to suck.. as I reduced flicking my tongue, she just pinched my nipples painfully and I her pushed her off me.i got V also off my dick and rolled to the side of the bed.

Both of them just stood there looking at me as if waiting for me to do something as I just held on to my nipples which were paining and sensitive now... as I stood, they both looked at each other and smiled and started smooching....WHAT THE.....this was lesbian action in front of me...Wow... they were bi-sexuals.

They knew how to make me give in... I gave in...slithered my way across the bed and started licking Rachita on her back.. I could see the goose pimple form as she felt my wet of my tongue on her back and I was enjoying it... She went on her fours as she started eating more of V and I just could not stop myself from penetrating her doggie style...

She pained as I entered I could say from her voice but I just enjoyed seeing my dark dick entering her off-white skin and coming out in lubricated strokes.... man! was she tight !!! "twas late afternoon and none of us had kept a track of time... when suddenly V's phone rang and she got up to take she spoke, there was a sense of urgency and her finger across her lip for us to stay quiet.

I continued humping Rachita and was close to a climax and wanted to exhale and moan..... but I kept holding my strokes for the right moment. As V kept the phone down, I increased speed and moaned as I started CUMMING and pulled out and collapsed.

As I lay down, V came close to us and said...'pack up'... my husband's coming back early...
we stumbled for our clothes without freshning up while V sprayed deo all over the was clear that I was the one to hurry and get out.... as I brushed my fingers through my hair and moved towards the door... I smiled on victory... and it seemed that I was starting off on a new sexual journey.

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Sex with neighbouring guy Kadir

I have been entertaining the idea of a good fuck since long. But I could not get a boy friend inspite of my strenuous efforts. I stay in one of the suburbs and my parents from a middle class go for work, I am in the degree class. In my class there are boys but most of them are not mature enough to even talk to girls. Finally Sadiq became friendly with me.

He showed interest in sex, but the problem was he was too interested that he just wanted a fuck mate. I kept him under reserve. There was a boy in my neighborhood who was just out of school i.e., he is 3 or 4 years younger to me. Does not matter, I thought I will cover him and bring him home and use him for my purpose. His name was Kadir.

He was a handsome boy, tall and well built and quite friendly. But how I will ask him to come. He was not serious about pursuing his studies, but I told him to come so that I will show him some books and he may decide what to do to build his career. Finally he came. He preferred to sit in the sitting room, but I told him my room will be more comfortable and dragged him to my room.

He sat in the chair while I sat in my bed and discussed with him about different career courses. He was keenly listening. It was noon immediately after lunch and it was quite warm. I unbuttoned the top buttons of my blouse and opened my blouse so that I may get some air to my cleavage. Kadir was looking keenly at my boobs. He was in a lungi and a t shirt.

I just pulled up my skirt upto the knee to that my leg would be exposed to the air from the fan. My fair coloured leg without any hair was quite a sight for Kadir. He too pulled his lungi upto the knee, but his leg was full of black hair. Leaning on my back I stretched on my bed. The air from the fan pushed my skirt further up and my thighs also were exposed.

I controlled it and brought it down to conceal my thighs. There was a sudden gleam of interest in his face. I asked him how old was he. He said past 16 and going to be 17 in the coming month. I asked him whether he had any girl friends in the school. Laughly he said no, no. I dragged him further into relaxed talk and wanted to know his knowledge of sex.

He asked me whether I had any boy friends. I said of course I had one but the problem with him was that he wanted to get married immediately. I said how can it be possible without a job. You should finish your studies and earn a job and then think of marrying. I lifted oneof my legs and kept the foot on the bed as a result my skirt opened up suddenly and my crotch was exposed.

I saw Kadir looking at my crotch. I immediately covered it with my hand and I did not want him to have a free show. I think Kadir was getting aroused and I noticed some movement inside his lungi. I got up and went near my book shelf and called him there and showed him my collection of books.

When Kadir took a book from the shelf I took it back from him and told him that such books are meant for youngsters like him since it contained more adult content. He asked me what is this adult content. I looked into his eyes and told him that it is sex and sex acts etc. I asked him whether he has read any such books. He said shyly yes.

Whhaat? I asked where do you get such books and what does it contain. He said such books are circulated among friends and contain lot of pictures and stories. I asked him what pictures and what stories. Kadir avoided looking at me and said the pictures are of men and women together and the stories relate to love making between boys and girls.

I looked down and there was a clear tent in his lungi and he was fumbling. Poor fellow was very much aroused and he was breathing fast and his mouth has gone dry. Casually I moved my hand close to him and his erect cock touched me. I quickly got hold of it over his lungi and asked him what is this how you got it so erect. Kadir was embarassed.

He moved back so that his cock will slip out of my hand. But I held it in firm grip and lifted his lungi to have a look at his naked cock. Kadir was shy and was trying to prevent me from lifting his lungi. I was faster than him and his lungi fell on the ground and he stood naked with his 6 inch cock in my hand. It was thick at the base and fair in colour with veins running all over.

Oh, Kadir, this is a really big thing. For your age to get a big thing what manure you give it. Kadir laughed and the atmosphere of tension was eased for a while. He was the only son to his parents and he did not have any sisters. I asked him whether he mastrubates. He said yes. How often, I asked.

He said daily and some times twice daily. I pulled him closer to me and made him to sit near me in my bed. His cock was under my firm grip and I asked him whether my holding him pains him. No he said. Do you like my holding it, I asked. He said, yes. I made him to lie down in my bed and examined his ball pouch. He looked fully ready for action. what should I do now.

I was fully clothed. I removed my blouse and was in my bra. My full boobs gave him feast to his eyes. I asked him whether he wanted to touch my boobs. Have touched before. He said he has not touched any, but wanted to touch mine. I bent low over him and smelled the tip of his cock. When I pressed it with both hands it was iron like hard and a drop of precum stood at the tip.

I licked it and it was slightly salty and sticky. Kadir was just watching me intently and I opened my mouth and took his mushroom in my mouth. Kadir gave out a gasp. My tongue circled around his cock and opened my mouth further and took some more length of his cock into my mouth. I kept looking at his face to study his reaction. He kept his mouth half open and was enjoying.

For both of us this was the first experience. I did not was to make haste and I was careful not to make any mistake. I made him get up and unhook my bra. He with shaking hands unhooked and my virgin boobs were there erect and with nipples erect. I took his hand and kept it on one of the boob. He pressed it softly and looked at my eyes.

He held both of my boobs in both of his hands and pressed them softly and he nibbled at the nipple. His firm manly hands holding my boobs sent pleasure waves inside my body and I was very much aroused. I just stretched in my bed and allowed him to have his own way. I extended my hand and held his cock. He had some public hair but not much.

He asked mildly whether he may lick and suck my boob. I smiled and asked him to lick and suck them. Kadir leaned over and ran his tongue around my nipple. Oh, it was fantastic. He took the nipple one by one in his mouth and sucked softly. I asked him to unzip my skirt and to bring it down. My pink panty caught his eye and he was looking at it.

I asked him to put his finger behand the elastic and to pull it down. Kadir jumped to the floor and removed my skirt and the panty. He was looking at my pussy, clean shaven, shining pussy. Without even looking at me he brought down his face and touched his nose on my pussy. There was a sudden ring of the telephone. I jumped from my bed and ran to the table and lifted the receiver.

It was from my mother and she informed me that she will be late to come home and I need not wait for her to take my tea. I said ok. Disconnecting the phone when I turned, I saw Kadir standing with his cock slightly limp. I lied in the bed diagonally and opened my legs wide. Kadir came back to his original position and kept his face close to my pussy and planted a kiss on it.

He asked me whether he may lick it. I said yes. He just licked my pussy. Perhaps he would have read in any of the small books how to lick a pussy. He did it methodically from bottom to top. I opened my cunt lips for his convenience and he licked in the gap and his tongue touched my clit. I gave out a sound of joy, which thrilled Kadir.

He continued to lick firmly with his rough tongue sending pleasure waves throughout my body. I just pointed my finger above my clit and asked him to lick it. He did lick firmly my clitoris. I was enjoying his oral sex and my orgasm was building up. It came gate crashing and my body was shaking and twisting. Kadir knew something was happening and he looked at my face.

I pulled him up over me and hugged him. His cock was pressed against my crotch and his chest was pressing my boobs and he kissed me on my cheeks. Kadir's cock was pressing on my pussy searching for a way in. Somehow it came to the gate of my fuckhole. He went of hitting at the gate and it made a small entry. I just closed my eyes and was waiting for the piercing pain.

kadir seems to be knowing more from his small books. He held his cock in position and pressed it in. My vaginal walls refused to give way. But he pressed and made his was in. He had a way of doing it. He just pulled back and pushed in and again pulled back and hit again. He made slow progress but he was progressing slowly. I could feel his entry into my body.

Stretching of the tissues caused me pain. Finally he came to the strong tissue. He pressed hard and tore it and entered deep inside and hit up to the hilt. He just remained pully entered. My pain was excrutriating. I bore it with a grunt expecting pleasure after pain. Kadir kissed me on my lips. I told him to start fucking slowly.

He pulled back and pushed in and the same small action he continued for some time. Gradually he increased his speed and he pulled the whole length back and pushed it it. I was now enjoying the action. He went on his in and out action for quite some time and I was very happy and enjoying the whole thing. It took lot of time for him to get his orgasm and for me too since it was my second.

His forcefull thrusts were heavenly and each thrust sent me to heaven. We both reached orgasm together. Uttering some incoherant sounds we reached our final point and he sprayed his skunk into my hole fully. I could feel his hot strong spray inside me. We lied like that for quite some time and then he pulled back. He cock was still erect. I asked him how it was. He said it was nice.

He asked me the same question. I said it was very good. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned our parts. A huge portion of his cum flowed out of my hole. When I looked at the clock it appeared that we have taken more than one hour in our first act. I dressed up and went down to the kitchen and made tea for both of us. We drank tea together and came back to my bedroom.

I asked him how he learnt the theory of fucking. He said the small books he read explained everything in detail. He told me to mark my safe days when we can fuck fearlessly. I was surprised at his depth of knowledge. When I calculated it was my safe day that day. Withing next two hours we had one more round of fucking.

Bring me to the edge of the bed, Kadir fucked me standing so that his thrust will be deeper and powerful. Although I was paining due to bruises to the tissues, I enjoyed the fuck immensely. We decided we fuck everyday. I asked him to come immediately after lunch. We used to indulge in sex without any fear and we used to take our own time to culminate our act. Days went on and on without arousing any suspicion.

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Razia having luxury of two cocks

I am Razia, 24, waiting for either marriage or chances to pursue my studies further. Lonely daughter to my working parents. finding it difficult to spend the time except by watching porn in my laptop. God has given me very good features and a good face. But the boy coming to marry are all undereducated and not with good background.

My mother one day told me that her sister's son is coming from Dubai to continue his studies here and he is 16 and I may have to help him to choose a good course and guide him properly.Next day Kadir came with a shoulder bag and a suitcase. He hugged my mother and told me Hi. He was almost a 6 footer and big frame of body, fair in colour.

We sat in the sitting room sipping tea, watching TV, discussing about his plans for further studies.He had no idea about the courses available and which suits him. My mother told him to sleep in my room where we can discuss more in detail. After supper we moved to my room. He could have been asked to sleep in the sitting room in the sofa cum bed.

But my Umma wanted him to feel at hom and asked him to sleep in the same cot as me. Kadir changed into a lungi and a armless vest. I told him jocularly that he should not push me down the cot. He laughed and said no, no. Apparently he was not familiar to wearing lungi and he was clumsily wrapped it around him. We talked about life in Dubai.

Besides his parents he had a sister. he said. I told him to get up early so that we may engage an auto and go around the colleges making inquiries. he slept the moment he hit the bed. I too slept but I got up after about an hour to go to the bathroom. I put on the light and found that the lungi of Kader is all in disarray. He was sleeping stark naked with his cock of 8" standing erect like a flag post.

I WAS surpirsed. Such a small boy of 16 has such a big cock, what will he have when he reaches 22. I went to the bathroom and found my panty wet. I came back and sat in the bed and looked at this new tool. It was golden yellow in color, very shapely and red top shown glistening. I sat near and wanted just to touch it. With a finger tip I touched it.

With two fingers I just held it. Kader was in deep slumber. I grasped it with one hand and then used both the hands to hold it. It was solid like a rock but with silken skin. Kader was moving in his sleep. I just kissed the tip of the cock and looked at his face. He was awake and was looking at me. I asked Kader what kind of manure he is putting it to make it this big.

He laughed and said that it is all looked after by his sister who sucks it daily. What, I asked. Ramila applies some oil on it and sucks it daily to make it big. Is it that big. I said yes, it is really big. If Ramila his sister can suck it daily why no I try it once, I thought and opening my mouth widely I took it in.

Kader said, one of his mother's friends used to call him to her house and make him fuck her secretly. Oh, then he knew about fucking also. I rolled my tongue around his cock and kader very carefully mouth fucked me. He then asked me to lie down, removed my clothes, opened up my legs, leaned forward to kiss my pussy. His hands were searching for my boobs.

HE unhooked my bra and his hungry mouth sucked my nipples. When I was sixteen, my uncle who came to our house was sharing my bed. On the second night he just embraced me, pulled me closer, bent and sucked my boobs and his monster was poking my panty.

He got up pulled my panty down, make me open my legs, sat between them and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my hole and pushed it in.I had severe pain, but he pacified me and said the pain will be for a short duration and thereafter it will be pleasure and pleasure only. It was true but the pain indicated that he has taken away my virginity. Some blood also was oozing.

But later his cock gave me immense pleasure. He fucked me in different poses and I lost all sense of shame with him. He was there for one week and within one week he fucked me in all poses and then made me enjoy sex very much. Then he went away. It is four years later that a boy with such a huge cock is sharing my bed. He is younger to me and hence I can dominate him.

When I was sucking his cock he turned his body and placed his mouth in my crotch and was licking my cunt. His sharp abrasive tongue was all over my cunt and it was lifting me to the heavens.Occasionally he poked it into my fuck hole and it was heavenly for me. My fluids were flowing profusely and he was licking and drinking them.

I just rolled over and made him to lie in the bottom and I straddled him. His hands were pressing my bottoms and he was rubbing his face all over my pussy. I holding his huge cock was trying my utmost to bring him to an orgasm. Finally I gave up and asked him to fuck me. I lay on the bed with legs stretched apart and he bending over me took the tip of his cock and placed it at the entrance of my fuckhole.

His cock was huge and I was afraid he will cause me pain. It really pained me. But he was considerate and he pushed his cock in slowly in small jerks and he bend down and licked and sucked my nipples. His entire cock was inside me and I felt it is entering my uterus. He started to fuck me in slow strokes and then gradually increased his speed.

His movements inside me were touching very sensitive spots and a wave of pleasure was sweeping through me. I raised my legs up and wound them around his waist. I hugged him and pressed his chest against my boobs. My mouth searched for his and wanted to suck his lips.

But he was busy fucking and breathing heavily he was pumping vigorously. I dont know how many times I reached orgasm. But he was going on pumping and finally he was arriving at his peak. He breathing was fast and he shot his sperms into my interior and collapsed on me.

His cock was throwing fluids into me continuously for a long time and his fluids and mine were overflowing and were draining into the bed. I made him to get up and with a hand towel I wiped my cunt and rushed to the bath room to clean myself up. We made it a practice to fuck daily in the night two or three times. We obsrved safe period and during unsafe I used the pill.

When Kader when to gulf to spend his holidays I felt miserable without sex. In the meantime my family fixed my marriage and I had no other alternative but to share my bed with a new bride goom.

He was sexually very strong and hence I did not feel the absence of Kader very much. But my husband goes to office during day time,and in the night only I have sex. But Kader used to fuck me when he comes for lunch. Two cocks everyday is just heaven, which woman gets this luxury.

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