Venki and Renu having sex in Pondicherry

Hi Guys! I am Venki, age 25, good looking and well built. Presently working in MNC in Bangalore. The story happened 2years back when I was searching for a job in Chennai. The Heroine of the story is Renu(38 28 36). who was classmate during college. Although she is on chubby side, she has an awesome face features and perfect round boobs who will make any guy go crazy.

Before entering to the story let me tell you some background. Renu and me were just friends during college. Once the college was finished, she moved to Chennai for job and completed occupied with the job. One fine day while browsing on fb, suddenly I got a ping from her, saying Hi, how are u. and I replied.

From that day, our chatting was continued and we started making calls and day by day It increased so much that we talked for almost 2-3 hours a day on weekdays and 6-7 hours on weekends. During the month of Dec’13, I went to Chennai for job interview and that was the game changer.

After the interview, we both met at the decided place and went for shopping in nearby shopping mall, there she bought two tops and we stopped at a lipstick store, I asked to try one shade which I liked and she took it. While coming out, I complemented her lips for the lipstick that she kept, then she replied me ’do you want to taste my lips’ and I was in a complete shock and it was an ice-breaker for me.

While going down in the lift, I stared at her lips and she got the intent and as no one is there we lip locked, her hand was on my head and mine on her back, I took control of her tongue and we started playing with each other till the door was opened. We departed from there with a hug and left to our place in the night and I shagged over her name and slept.

Next day morning I got up at 4 AM(don’t know why) and started thinking what to do. I got an idea that we can go to Pondy(Pondicherry) which is 2hours from Chennai. I called her at 6 and told this, first she denied and later got convinced for the overnight stay. We started from Chennai at around 11-11.30 from CMBT and reached Pondy at 1-1-30.

We checked in to a hotel and took one room(budget problem) and went out lunch. We roamed around the place and did some shopping. While coming back, as liquor is cheap there I proposed her of drinking tonight, she was also excited. I told I will bring and asked her to leave to the hotel. I took half bottle of vodka and quarter of whiskey and some cigarettes too and returned.

I have the duplicate keys and got in without knocking. She went for bath and my naughty mind started exploring ideas to get inside the bathroom but kept quiet. She came out in towel and surprised to see me at once. I was also dumbstruck to see her with that wet hair and big protruding boobs. She went inside the wash room and changed to top and three fourth.

I started arranging the drinks and took two pegs each. The drinks are having some effect on us. I gave her a cigarette and she asked me to lit it. I told I don’t know how to smoke (I really don’t :P). Then she got a wild idea. She told I will teach and took the cigarette and lit it and took one puff. She came close to me and opened my mouth with the hands and released the smoke.

This got me wild and pushed her and fell her on the bed. I think she is also waiting for me to make a move. I threw the cig aside and kissed for 10 mins while my hands went on to her boobs over her top and other on to her pussy and things got open up. I realised she was not wearing inners. I immediately got up, took off her top and bottom and was excited to see her boobs.

I attacked her boobs and was sucking them like a there is no tomorrow. Those were really round and soft… I started swirling my tongue around her nipples. She moaned …aaahhhhhhh and pressed my head against her breast then I took the whole boob inside my mouth and started sucking it. She is moaning and I am exploring all parts of her body.

I sucked her pussy and later fingered her. I started licking her pussy and inserting my tongue inside it. Her moans increased and I had a real hard on. Then I inserted my tongue into her vagina. I stroked her G-spot with my tongue and she started moaning and squeezing her boobs. She pushed my head towards pussy and increased the pressure.

She started screaming with pleasure and I felt her vaginal muscles contracting and expanding and she exploded. Her juices tasted just like honey. I drank them thirstily. Now she told it’s my turn and released my 7inch dick dying to come out my inner. She took it in mouth and gave a nice bj and after 10mins I released my pressure on her.

The sight of my cock going in and out of her mouth is still fresh in my memory. We cleaned ourselves in the washroom and came back and lied on the bed nude. My cock in not time raised to c the sight of her pussy. She was equally aroused as me. We kissed each other and my cock is rubbing over her pussy. She broke the kiss and came to riding position.

She took my cock and directed in to her pussy. As she was wet enough, half went in the first stroke and she cried out my name loudly. After few strokes I inserted to full length and we both are in rhythm. She was riding me like a pro and what a sight! Her boobs and bouncing up and down and I took her boobs in hand. Later she slept over with her boobs facing me.

We kissed for some time and I started stroking her in that position. Later we changed to missionary position and I started pumping her real hard and she got wild with it and moaning loudly and I can see it on her face. I was about to cum and told her, she told to cum inside and I shot my load in her pussy. She also cummed simultaneously.

We felt exhausted after the long session. Cleaned ourselves and slept in each other arms. Woke up in the morning with a good morning kiss and bathed together, had Tiffin and started back to Chennai. Later we had few more sex-episodes in different places and tried new positions which I will write later. Till then, please feel free to give me your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - VII

Previously: Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - VI

I got ready for Office at around 9.30 AM & eagerly awaiting for my honey "Sunoo" She came with a Tight low vest White jeans & Red Top with big Red hanging earrings & applying Red hot Lipstick. I was stunned looked at her & she again raised her eyebrows asking "What r u looking???".

I said "Darling !!!!!! Tum bhi kamaal karti ho, Pehle to Zakhm deti ho aur phir Haal bhi poochhti ho" She arrogantly said " Sir, Today We have to submit corrected report to Boss, else he will start firing again" Chalo lets move to office fast. With wired face I sat in the Car. And we rushed to office.

Initially, for 2 hours, I was extremely busy with the work & at around 12 noon I got free so texted her " Today u r looking damn hot bebe, " ( No feedback from her).............. Again I wrote " B ready for Action tonight, I need your Active Participation, involvement & co-operation with complete dedication" & sent.

She checked & smiled & send me " Smiling face & wrote "Good drafting Sir, In Office U r so decent & sober". I wrote " A Man should always change the gear according to the Time, Place & Action" You will See How sober I m at Night" She replied " I m impressed".

At around 7 PM We were through & went back to Hotel. I was making Plan for today's sexentertainment schedule as being only 2 days left......I want to capitalize upon it to make a memorable end to our journey. So I thought why not use our official language during our love-session.

I texted her.........." Hey bebe, Don't change your outfits as we are meeting after dinner for official review meeting" She questioned " R u serious??" I confirmed "Yes, sincerely serious" She sent "Ok, Sir".

After our dinner, we meet at around 9 PM & She came with her Laptop & Notes & I pretended acting serious by referring her notes & project related work from Laptop, she started Yawning. I asked her " R u feeling Sleepy?" She said " Obviously Sir, You are not allowing me to sleep since last 5 days."

I smiled & said......come on I will massage your will feel better & have peaceful sleep. She laughed "Peaceful????" U r wild Animal & talking about, "Peaceful" ( Inside She tried to provoke me again as it was her wish too to have a fantastic session). I sensed that & said "Dont Provoke the wild animal.....hmmmm" She giggled & Rested flat on her stomach.

I wind up official mess & cleared the bed for Official action. Slowly started massaging on her shoulder & said "Today I will make your appraisal for last week & I m quite happy with your last week's performance as your complexion of face & vital body parts has been substantially improvised. Also the net worth & wealth of your luscious assets are enhanced to its peak.

Your figure has improved a lot & has become more sharp & attractive. The Return on Investment (ROI) ratio shall be the highest in our entire team of the FY 2015-16. She smiled at my appraisal & turned her face & said " Awesome mann, You are great appraiser" I slowly started massaging her back downwards to her Naval & said

"You have got adequate current assets at required part of your body ( Flesh), She asked "Like?", Like, Your Naval, Thighs bums & of course luscious melons. This has raised to its optimum attractive level since last 5 days. Let me re-check it & caressed her thighs "ohhh Sirrrr......" She moaned "Please carry on.....your drafting too, I like the way u describe".

I raised her red-tomato colored top slightly up & caressed her bare skin of naval & circled her belly with fingers. She felt butterfly on her stomach & jerked her body. with closed eyes & smiling face she was enjoying the fun. I continued " Even your liquid assets (Vertical lips & glistering juices) are healthy & adequate to satisfy the current liabilities (Required hunger of a man).

& unzipped her White jeans & lowered slightly. touched her thighs skins & said, Your Investments (body skin ) are glowing & healthy ( smooth & enough fleshy ) to give a good Interest & Dividend ( Pleasure) to the Investor (myself). She smiled wide. You still have Adequate Inventory inside you ( Enough Energy & excitement) to meet the growing demand of the customer (Myself).

She said "Sirrr.......Plzzz...u r tooo muchhh" Now Take full use of my Balance sheet......I m eager to merge with your valuable Assets. " Wow........ Intelligent" I complimented her support in drafting. "Come on lets amalgamate (lost in each other) & create a healthy net worth (Heavenly pleasure for both)".

She added & I pat her shoulder "Very Good!! My student has learned a good lesson" "Oh Yeah!!! Sirr, & you taught me 3 in 1 session & I taught you good lesson, Women on top". I added " Now just solve all the queries on amalgamation (Remove the cloths) & lets expedite the merging process ( Let's Start hardcore action)

We both caressed each other organs for some more time using our technical Accounts language & then I made her in a riding position & she took the charge & remove her top in sitting pose raising her hands upwards & I found a red colored net Bra partly revealing her spongy oranges. He flat tummy & fair skin raised my tool-size, instantly.

That was a superb view & just imagine how it looks. She felt it below her, giggled & Said "Oh Sir,,,, thoda aaraam se........ itne bhi bechain na bano" I replied " Tum badi kamini ho......" & bent upward hugged her, kissed her neck, shoulder, earballs & finally sucked her rosy lips & caressing her back loosened her 1 1/2 strings & uncovered her melons.

They were pinkish red with increased size of nips & I started sucking them one by one & she screamed "Ohhhh fuckkk sirr" I slowly bent her body opposite side, towards my legs & she lied on her back & I kissed all her smooth skins below her breast, her naval & raising her legs I kissed her thighs & inner part of her thighs.

She was mad in lustt & started ozzing her juices which can be seen from her glistering pussy lips. I sucked both the vertical lips with sipping sound & she shuddered with her fresh lemon juices with a hissing sound "shhhhhhhh.....Oh yaaa dear" after 2 minutes of deep sucking she fumbled & raised her stomach upwards & pushed me with her legs & holding my T-shirt colors she pulled me up

& sucked my lips & tongue in excitement & whispered in low voice......Please Raahul.....aaj ekdum tezz karo.......chodo muje mere rajjaaa...achhe se chodo muje. badi kashish he tuj me " I feeeel sssso goood.........give me your cockk, honeyyy". Please daal do naa jaldi se...I smiled & said yaa bebe even I need to enjoy your fragnance & pleasure from each of your parts &

sniffed her full body gradually from her forehead to downward & making slurping sound I kissed each of her parts " tere Jism ka ek ek katraa choom loo meri raaani" She jerked..... & ummm..mingled her legs over my body & tried to remove my underwear from her leg. I helped her & gave my Thick n Long monster in her hands & she started masaaging him & raised it size......further

I got up & sat on my knee between her legs & put my dick at entrance anddddd.........fucthhhhhhh, due to muddy pink flesh of her went completely......& slapped her lower parts with balls.........she pufffeddd & hugged me tight... & the action started fast.........I never looked behind & mentally prepared to fuck to finish like a bottoms up drink........ & increased my speed to its peak

& she with my wild action gone mad & started biting my shoulders, my ears with a sexy sounds like " ohh yaaa.....fkkkk me harddd.... ummm......aaah aah aah". We were lost in lusts & bothered for nobody in this world. After a rigorous fucking session of around 15 minutes I with a loud maon....."Ohhhh jaaaan.......Sunoooo.....m cumming bebe........."

She also with heavy breath "Yaaa plzzzz.....cum honnney...aa jaao plzzz..... & pulled my hairs & raised my face & kissed me with ultimate passion full of love n lust. " she also explode her pleasure juice with sudden jerks & we both climaxed at a time.

After getting calm down, She smiled & hugged me with affection & kissed on my cheek & said Thanks honey.. I have enjoyed & extremely satisfied with your appraisal method. I too responded & Kissed her & we sleep till morning. I wish I can fulfill my last dream of enjoying her in bath-tub. Let's see how it works tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience & encouraging feedback. Please be more liberal in giving comments...

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Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - VI

Previously: Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - V

We started our journey from Plant to Hotel & due to heavy traffic in evening we were running slow & getting bored due to Reddy's presence. Couple of times Sunayna touched my hands skipping the sight of Reddy & I clutched her fingers with passion but further we can not do anything.

After almost 2 hours we reached to a place near Reddy's house & he said "Sir, I m staying nearby only, Can I leave ? I said (Pretended) hmmmm Yaaa but the Driver properly knew the road naa!!!! "Oh Yes...He will drop you as he is local & hence familiar" He requested us for a Cup of Coffee at his residence as a formality but we politely denied & Cursed Inside

"Abey jaa naa chipkoo", finally he left & we both were quite relieved & happy. We came closed to each other & she cuddled me & rested her head on my shoulder. She whispered "Hey honey, I m tired yaar, feeling sleepy. " I said " Yaa bebe ! I can understand & made her sleep in my lap & pampered her head, I too rested my head backward & took a Nap,

We sleep for good 1 hour & due to further city traffic we reached almost after 1.5 hour to our hotel. I wake her up & reached to my room. She straightaway went to bed & said Good Night to me. Even I was also tired due to hectic schedule & lied beside her & hugged her from behind. Next day there was no hurry as we are supposed to reach the office by 12 noon.

We slept peacefully till morning 5 AM. Suddenly I feel my chest is explored with kisses n my nipple is being sucked. I thought I m dreaming as I was in deep sleep. But no, it was fact, Sunayna was awaked & started playing with my organs. She was exploring my whole body after raising my T-shirt she kissed all over & gently bite me I kept my eyes shut & pretended in deep sleep,

that encouraged her to be bolder & she partly climbed on me & kissed my face & gently touched my lips. Slightly pulled my lower lip with her teeth & sucked it. I was enjoyinnngg a lottt mannn ! How Lucky I M !! Her other hand was exploring my hairs. She slowly went below & lowered my boxer. Her hand gently caressed my tool & played with my balls & she was still playing with my lips.

Due to her love-making My tool size enhanced & sensing this she took hold of it & started stroking. Then she slowly went down n down & suddenly swallowed my dick. I shocked & hold her hair & half seated " Aaah Bebe,,,,,,meri junglee billliii Kyaa kar rahi ho??? " She didnt replied & started sucking my dick hard.

Slurped the top & again stroked & gulpled my balls "Oh fuckkk" I screamed & she laughed "Achha.........Itna saa dard bhi bardasht nahi ho raha aap se????" "tum sach me beshram ban gayee ho..... " Hmmm " Aap se hi ye adaaye sikhi he janaam" She cleaverly replied. I urged " Ab chuso jannoo raha nahi jaa raha" She sucked my dick hard & in between stroked it.... I was Hardd like a Tower.

I too started caressing her assets. Her soft n spongy Orange sized melons.......rubbed her nipples between my fingers" & leaked her panty over her pussy on which she fumbled....."Issshh Raahull.... Plzzz" Her pussy was wet & I sensed her fragrance of juices flowing continuously.

I made pose 69 & removed her Panty completely Her Fair skin was glowing in dim light & I immediately attacked on her rose petal like pussy lips. leaked her inner walls & smelled her with making smelling voice on which she jerked in excitement & that increased her oral grip on my dick & I got better blowjob treatment.

Till 10 minutes we both gave oral pleasure to each other & I was eager to penetrate her as my dick was in its all time peak length. She was also on the verge of explode but I stopped her climax to see her wildness & she really became wild, got up & pushed me down & sat over me & adjusted her hole, hold my dick straight & without any warning..........deeply jumped over it.

"Oh.......Godddddd" I shouted....... She laughed....... My dick went deep & straightaway touched her womb. She also screamed with joy & making 45 degree angle resting her hands on my chest she started movement & we both were in rhythmic action again with full command. I removed her top & nude her, pressed both her boobs harshly & bent upwards & sucked one by one.

She was jumping n pumping me with extra vigor. I encouraged her " Oh....Yaa bebe come on u can do it....... honey..... u r minddd bloowwing beauty".......She loosened her hairs & again started jumping........ Her dancing locket movements on her boobs along with her hairs were looking so pretty that I admitted with excitement

"Oh........sunaynaaa....meri jaaan.........muje bahot mazaa aa raha he... just keeep doinggg thiss.... Aise hi chodo..........chod te raho.........plzzz......Ab mar gaya to bhi ghum nahi...... " She stopped & laughed & said......." Waaah mere aashiq shaayar..... itna mazaa aa raha hai aap ko? """ Haan Jaan tuje nahi pata kitna sukoon he tere saath sex kar ne me" U made my life honey.

& I hugged & kissed her. She also became emotional & cried & said I love you Raahul.... Even I m getting attached to you. With tears in her eyes.....She lied on my chest. I thought " lets not be senti as its not good for both of us, so I said "come on lets play geometry game, She got up "What???" Yaaa Geometry game,,,,,,,, Just make Angle of 120 degree treating me as straight line under you.

I lied straight ( My dick was still in her pussy).. She rested both her hands near my knee & made 120 degree angle & started bouncing " Oh yesss Rahhul... its gr888 "......It touched her side walls which she liked. "Oh sunnooo.......Its unique expreience.........& I raised my hip upwards to support her stroke.

We both were resting our head high in air looking upwards & making rough movements against each other body like a machine & giving thrust n pleasure to each other. After 5 minutes I made her body parallel over me (except our groins) & holding the handle of bed, she tried giving strokes from upwards n equally & simultaneously I pushed upward from downwards.

She screamed hard......" Oh Rahhhul.... I mmm tireddd. Mera ho ne walaa hai.... I gonnaaa cumm...... She fall on my body & I hugged her & hold her bums & fucked hard from below.....She shuderred & her juices started flowing downwards & made my thighs wet & also fell on bedsheet..... She was completely spent......It was hardcore session for her.

But I was not enough yet....So after a rest of 10 minutes I smooched her & told her to give me from behind in doggy pose. She denied & said I m over.....dear....." I slapped her bumm & said " Mere soye hoove sher ko jagaa k ab khud so rahi hai.....hmmmm" Challl ab khel tune shuru kiya tha khatm mei karoongaa"........She laughed & said U r really a fucker villain........."

I loudly laughed & made her on her four...... Went behind & sucked her pussy like a smelling dog.......She was bit uncomfortable but still allowed me.......& I picked her clitoris with my tongue & explored her on which she fumbled & jerked & moved her bums with hissing sound "shhhh....Uffff"

I started fucking her pussy with my tongue & she move backwards trying to insert my tongue completely inside & I slurped her vertical lips which were releasing her juice.... It went for few more time & Now She took hold of my cock & sucked it hard making ready for deep deep penetration.

I got up & stood near the bed & put my cock at her entrance & asked her " Daaaal doo........Poooraa??? She with closed eyes....replied''''''Haaan Daaal dooo darling......Poori tarah se andar" & With 1st huge stroke I went half without any friction....She was wettttt....So my dick drained inside...

I gave another pushhh & she screamed "Ohhh dear......jusss jussss fkkk mee plzzzz" It went almost 80% I slapped on her buttock & she shhh.....edd I started my movements of In & out & was watching my cock was completely appearing & disappearing inside her pussy & her pussy wall was gripping my dick....she was raising her head with each of my strokes &

it seems I was giving her complete relief inside. I hold her Naval & fastened my movements of ramming her pussy in doggy pose & we were literally hanging in heaven of lust. I then... hold her loosened hair & made like a "Lagaam of Horse" & fucked her like riding a horse.

She was now near her orgasm So told me pllzzz do it fast.......zaldi se......chodo aur chodo......plzzz faddd dooo'...... cho doooo muje......Paaagaaal ho gayeeee hoon me..... maar do meri....... poorri tarah seee." She was in red-hotttt face with excitement & was not inn her senses & forgotten all her decency...

But sometime in bed room we must be freeee in expressing our feelings & its good to express in your own words..... I liked it...... " I banged her hard & said " Ohhh Sunnnooo........Aaj tumhe chod te hoovey agar mar bhi gayaa to ghum nahi......... tune meri saari secret khwahishe poori jo kar di he"............Hmmm muje bhi koi ghum nahi mere rajjaaa....... Kasam se bada mazaaa de raha he Tu.

( She directly.....said Tu from Aap) As I won her heart....... & she loved me lot & treated me her best freind.........." Yaa Jaannoo.....Yu r my best freind & whenever I want ur help I will come to you" She said. Haan Jaanam.......Anytime......I will always be for u. (I responded)......... Plzzz ab muje relieve do apna Amrit (cumm) muje.....plzzzz. " I too liked this & said sure jaaan...

Abhi.......& fastened my movements.......She too helped me by reverse push in rhythm......It resulted into erotic fucking sound of "fuchhh fuchhh all over the room" & after a rigorous fucking of 10 minutes I cumm harddd with a loud relieving scream & she took all over her body, her boobs & sprayed the white lotion all over her body & thanked me. I hugged her & kissed her thanking for this wonderful session.

You won't believe but this entire session lasted for good 3 hours & it was 8 AM. So we rested for another 2 hours & wake up at 10 Am for reaching office. Only 2 days left now.......... I have still few dreams left....... to have fun in Shower.....bathtub & energetic session in open view terrace. See u soon in next part. Awaiting for your encouraging feedback.

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Sex with make up man during Art festival

School art festival was being held and most of the schools in the state are participating on even or the other. Besides art items, there are public speeking, poetry recitation, and every so many other items. All the rooms in the schools are cordoned off for rehearsal or for make up or dressing.

Organizers have a list of the names of make up artitists and accompaniment artists etc. and they found my name and address and telephone number. They will pay for the make up materials and give us good food and transportation besides handsome fees. Our secret pleasure is that we will be handling the private parts of scores of senior girls.

Most of the girls are hot and hence cooperate with me and some raise objection and I send them away to other make up people. My name is Biju, 24, and my sister also used to come to help me. Seeing her girls will come without hesitation and remove their clothes for wearing the dance costumes.

My sister knows the mischief I play with the girls and she used to laugh at the predicament of the girls. After making them naked my sister will ask me to put on make up to them. I apply make up on their virgin boobs, neck and back and my other hand will be in the pussy of the girls. After the make up is over, my sister will put on them the costume for which she will seek my help.

To put the boobs inside a rigit costume is difficult and so is it difficult to put her ass inside a dance dress. Befor the dance dress is put on my hand has to touch all parts of the pussy of the artist and her ass and thighs. Some enjoy and giggle and some keep a morose face. They all call me Bijusir.

But girls know that when I do the make up and put the costume on them, they are sure to win a prize. Sometimes, the parents of the artist girls or their elder sister want to come and watch how the make up is put. I tell them not to trouble me now, but to come later when I will show you all the secrets of make up. Elderly women may not come, since they are not interested.

But younger relatives, like sisters, cousins, or younger mothers may come and sit with me in my inner room, make up room eager to hear what I have to say. I give them a big lecture, without revealing anything in the art of make up. I touch their faces, cheeks, neck, ears and bosom, by the time they are hot and their breathing becomes fast.

I tell them this is not the way to wear a boob. It is a great way to arouse a female, whether young or old. Young are more vulnerable, they fall for you easily. You have to make up your story according to the person. Look into their eyes and speak in soft voice. You can put your hand inside their skirt and touch their panty.

Once the artist was a senior girl of 18, very beautiful and cooperated fully. I touched her boobs to apply the make up powder, touched her abdomen and asses pulled her panty down and touched her pussy. She knew I am not going to make up her pussy, but she simply could not resist. I touched her clitoris and she just hissed.

I asked her softly whether anybody have fucked her, she yes, her brother. I did my job very correctly and she was oneof the best artists and she won a prize. She came again to thank me. She had her cousin with another girl of 18. I asked her to wait and meet me later. They both waited and she invited me to come to her house and took my mobile no.

Her cousin smiled at me and I drew her near and kissed her. My sister knew all the tricks I play with the artists girls. He job is to dress them up with costumes. She dresses up almost all the girls but some she will aske me to help. I will put my hands inside their panty and touch their asses and boobs and put the costume. Ready made costumes are not always upto the size.

Sime may be tight and some may be loose. I may have to put my hand inside and press the hard boobs to put on the silky blouse. Similarly the bharathanatyam dresses are ready stitched and may have to be zippen on or fastened with clips and pins. There I have to put my hand into the panty to clip or pin a garment over it. Most ot the girls enjoy and some giggle with shyness.

I never allow parents or elders or even any relative inside the make up room or dressing room. Many of the girls collect my mobile number and call me afterwards to thank me and call me to their homes and I may go when their parents are not there and sit and talk to them. Most of the girls may compete in the art festivals for two or three years and won prizes in more than one item.

Having appeared in a kuchipudi item, she may come back to dress up for bharathanatyam or mohiniattam or for a folk dance. When the girl wins prizes, their parents may thank me and reward me appropriately. Two or three girls became very close and allowed me to have sex with them. The story of the make up artist in the cinema field also is not different.

He may be handling cinema artists of repute in the presense of the director and the producer. The artist knows that all these three people are waiting to have sex with her. She does not mind because her compensation also goes up accordingly. Her costume may have to be changed many times in a day and hence the make up artist may have to be ready for the whole day.

There are some well known names who will bring their own make up artists. It may be a man or a female. The even shave the public hair and hair in the underarm. There are many interesting occasions in our professional life which if you are interested I can narrate.

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Good Housekeeping Sex With Raji

There was a big construction project far away near the hills and I Rajesh was posted there as project engineer with scores of workers both technical and non technical staff working under me. The construction was being done by a big company specialized in such project and hence my job was just to supervise the work.

The villagers in the nearby villages were very happy that many unskilled workers came from these villages. Newly constructed house of the local village chief gave me his house for stay for very nominal rent. The house was furnished with brandnew furniture. I was newly married and I brought my wife to my workplace and started to stay in this new house.

The village did not have cooking gas facility and hence my wife had to cook in the wooden hearth. The smoke and soot was difficult for her to bear. We searched for a servant and one Muniamma, 50 year old, came and started the cooking and cleaning jobs. My wife Rajani was very happy and she spent much of her time in front of the TV or computer.

Cinema theater was far away and it was not possible to go there frequently. Since Muniamma was managing the house efficiently we had no worry and we were busy in our sexual activity. As a result Rajani got pregnant.

I took her to the lady doctor in the nearby town and she confirmed the pregnancy and she advised that Rajani has to be careful as it was her first pregnancy and that she has to have complete bed rest. We were happy about the pregnancy, but how she can have bed rest here in this village. I decided to take her to her home and leave her there so that she may have the care from her mother.

Muniamma was cooking good food and there was no problem. My wife talked to Muniamma and told her about my favorite dishes and she gave other instruction about house keeping. Muniamma promised to do as she was instructed. I left Rajani at her home.

After a few days Muniamma fell sick with fever and she brought her daughter, Raji, 25 and she told me that for some days Raji will come for work as she was unwell. Brown skinned and not so beautiful Raji, with well shaped body was very quick in doing work. It seems Muniamma had told her to remain in my house and come back home only on weekends.

In the evening when I return from work after tea etc. I take bath and freshen myself and sit to watch TV. I found Raji was also sitting in a corner waiting for me to switch on the TV. I asked her whether she is marred. She said yes and her busband is working in some construction work. She said he is a drunkard and comes back from work fully drunk and goes to sleep.

She was married to him for the past one year and never he had slept with her. I asked her whether she has any children, she said no, how can she get children, since her busband does not do anything to get children. Her clotheswere all old and torn. I gave some old saries of Rajani and some unused churidars.

Raji was very happy. I told her that she has to take bath daily twice, first thing in the morning and again in the evening. I gave her an old mattress and asked her to sleep in one of spare rooms. After some time she came and told me that she is afraid to sleep alone in a dark room and that she will sleep in my room in the floor.

I was wondering whether I should allow her, because in my present condition of sexual starvation I should not loose my own control. In the night we had a bedroom light in my bedroom and I saw she was just rolling in her bed without getting sleep. She had huge boobs and ass mounds. First day I found it difficult to sleep with this female in my bedroom. I just picked up to talk to her.

I asked her why she is not getting sleep. She said because this is a new place. I noticed she was not wearing any bra and tied her blouse in the front. In the night she untied it and allowed her boobs open. Brown boobs and dark coloured nipples were very erotic and I had an erection.

Is it because you are lying directly under the light that you are not getting sleep, you can move your matter closer to the cot, then you may sleep better. She got up, pulled the mattress close to the cot where I was lying. She was just an arm length away from me and we could see each other into the eyes.She was wearing an old saree and old blouse.

I called her Raji, get me a glass of water. Water was kept in a jug at a corner in the room. She got up, she poured water in a tumbler and brought it to me. She was standing before me with her open blouse and her boobs fully exposed. As I was drinking water my eyes were fixed on her boob. I had half a mind whether to touch her boob and allow her to go and sleep.

I had a full erection because of the odor from her body. She could see the projection in my pyjama. I gave back the empty tumbler to her and and turned to the other side. Raji was fully awake and was waiting for my next move. Perhaps she would have expected that I will make some move to touch her body.

Raji, I called and asked her to bring a tube of pain balm from the shelf and asked her to apply to my knees which are paining. She went and brought the tube and was taking the ointment to apply on my knee. I found she had not taken bath from odor emanating from her body. I asked her whether she took bath, she shyly said no.

I shouted at her and told her to enter my room only after taking bath. There is a odor coming out of their body if they dont take bath. My nostril catches this odor easily and with that my sleep is disturbed. Raji ran to the bathroom with her clothes and came back and told me that there is no bulb in the bathroom. I told her to bathe in my bathroom.

Keeping her saree and other clothes in her bed she walked naked into the bathroom to take bath. I saw her full naked body. I had fair color, big erect boobs, big wide asses, narrow waist and flat belly. There was some scanty hair in her public place. Raji left the door open and I could see her wiping her body, she came out and took her saree and wound it around her without putting on any blouse.

I was watching her. I went to the bathroom and washed my cock, with soap. I lied in the bed with my out stretched legs and asked Raji to apply pain balm on my knee. My cock was in full erection and standing like a flag mast. Raji had just one piece of cloth on her body and when she leaned forward her boob was swinging from one side to another and it was a nice sight.

I had just put a cloth to conceal my cock. Raji was progressing towards my thighs and her fingers were touching my balls. I asked her to lead forward and take my cock in her mouth. She was very much aroused and she was happy to have an opportunity to suck my cock. She took my whole 7" in her mouth and the tip would have reached her throat.

She was a good sucker and was busy with her tongue running all over the cock. I extended my hand and caught her boob which was firm and hard. She was a good cock sucker and I had to throw my fluids into her mouth. She enjoyed it very much. I asked her whether whether her busband does fuck her or not.

She said, he comes daily fully drunk and does not show interest in fucking, when I force him he places his tool on my pussy and before it enters inside, he shoots his fluids. He neither gives me pleasure or child. I told her that I can give her pleasure, but no child. My child has to be born to my wife and nobody else. As you please. I asked to go and lie down in her mattress.

I got up wound my lungi around and went to her. I asked her to suck my semi erect cock to bring it to full erection. She opened her legs wide and opned her cunt lips open so that I may not find it any difficulty to search for her hole. Her hole was tight and she showed signs of pain on her face. I pacified her, sucked her nipples and then slowly inserted and went deep inside her.

I kept it like that for some time and slowly started my pumping action. She seemed to enjoy it. I increased speed and was fucking her like a racing horce. She was giving out shrieking sounds it took long time to reach climax, I pulled out and threw my fluids into her mouth which she readily accepted.

I asked her of her menstrual dates and marked it on the wall calender and calculated her safe days. I told her that I will fuck her only on her safe days and on her unsafe days I will give her a pill. She was relieved and agreed. From the almirah I took out some used sarees of my wife and gave her.We continued out sexual adventure everyday for months.

Later she brought her younger sister and introduced her to me. She was Radha, and with well developed boobs and ass. She was being fucked regularly by her uncle an old man. Raji told her that you can have full pleasure from me. Radha was a college going girl and was thin in stature. She was amenable for any pose and it was easy for me to make her ride on me.

Reji and Radha took care of my sexual needs till my delivered and came back home with the child. Reji and Radha withdrew adn our old Muniamma came and took over the work of house keeping.

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Ashu Eating Chetty of Tanya

First of all, I, Ashu, am a huge fan and regular reader of Humandigest for last 10 years. Coming on to the story, it was a regular April morning in Hyderabad. As discussed with my girl Tanya, I arrived Hyderabad on Saturday morning. First a brief description about Tanya. She is a tall Marathi girl aged 23 with a good 5′ 6″ height and flesh on right places.

Her boobs or as I call them small tanyas are 34c and a plump ass to play with. I am 24, athletic boy. I also works out and plays various sport. So this girl Tanya was my girlfriend from final year of college in Mumbai. As we met in last year, we didn’t get too much time together. After a lots of discussion, it was agreed that if she clears the interview, I will get to eat her cherry.

Coming back to the fortunate Saturday, I reached Hyderabad and straight away to the location where interview was being held. I had already booked a hotel in Khairatabad as I knew she will easily clear her interview. I did not get to meet her for the one hour as she was busy in her interview. As soon as she came out from the interview, I hugged her and raised her in my arms.

She being shy was refraining as we were still in the campus. We talked for a little while as we were waiting for the results and I was teasing her for the night ahead. As expected, she cleared the interview and got the job.

I had already planned everything earlier. We straight away went to our hotel. We kept our luggage and I took her for a romantic candle night dinner. She was wearing a stunning and sexy black one piece with black strapless bra for me that night. As we couldn’t control our anxiety, we finished the food fast and headed straight back to Hotel Suite.

As we entered the room, I had already arranged a bed with rose petals and Vodka to spice up the scene. But this girl was also full of surprises. She asked me in a sexy tone: Tanya: Ashu, You have to keep your eyes closed for 5 minutes. Me: Tanya honey, I am not in a position to wait dear. Why do you want me to close my eyes?

Tanya: Just let me tie this cloth to your eyes, and wait for 5 minutes!! Me: Come fast otherwise I will attack you like a lion!! Within 5 minutes, while I was lying in the bed with my eyes covered, I felt Tanya opening my shirt. I grabbed her back quickly. She asked me to wait and enjoy slowly. She then removed my shirt and started kissing all over my front.

She started with my shoulders and went back to my chest and started biting my nipples. I was getting very excited. I asked her to uncover me eyes. What I saw after opening my eyes was out of the world. She was in a semitransparent white baby doll dress just covering her ass. Beneath the sheer cloth, she was wearing a very sexy black thong and a black strapless bra barely covering her mounds.

I just took her in my arms and hugged her with full force. She was also very excited and breathing heavily. I took her face in my palms and started rubbing my lips all over her face. I started licking her earlobes, I caressed her cheeks, I gave a peck on her eyes and finally came to her luscious tasty lips covered with red lipstick.

Within no time, we were smooching hardly. My tongue was entangled with her for a long time. By the end of our 10 minute long kiss. We both had love marks on our lips depicting our wild love. Just then I decided to tease her more. Now I asked her to keep her eye closed. She was damn excited and was not agreeing but somehow I convinced her.

I took a glass and poured some Vodka with her favorite cranberry juice and some rose petals in it. I took the chilled glass near her and caressed it in her cleavage. She let out a huge moan taking my name saying “Ashu, I can’t take it more. Please love me.” I just did not say anything and took a Vodka dipped rose petal and placed it in my lips.

Now I took the rose petal and rubbed it through her lips. She again let out a huge moan. She begged me to let her open her eyes but I forbid her. Now I started undressing her one by one and at the same time caressing her body with vodka dipped rose petals. She was going mad. Though, we had some intimate contacts with each other, but this night was special.

As soon as I removed her baby doll dress, I could not believe my luck seeing her in the sexy black bra and thong. I unhooked her bra in a hurry. I took some vodka in my mouth and straightaway placed my vodka filled mouth to her nipples. She was very sensitive with her nipples.

As soon as I did that she arched her back, opened her eyes and pressed my head too her left bosom. She took my right hand and started pressing her left breast simultaneously letting a huge moan. Within 5 minutes of doing this, we were lying naked in each other arms and pressing our body against each other.

Then she surprised me. She came on my top and placed her vagina right on my face and at the same time came to 69 position. She made me take a gulf of vodka and took a sip herself as well. Then she started sucking my cock with vodka in her mouth. I cannot explain the sensation. I was out of the world. I was doing the same while licking her pussy. I picked her clitoris and was biting it lightly.

She was moaning heavily and at the same time giving me the world’s best blowjob. Within 5 minutes, we both had our first orgasms of the night. We both came in each other mouths. We went to bathroom and cleaned our faces. After coming back I made two more drinks and this pegs took us to a new level.

We were again in each other arms. I made her sit on my lap with my rock again cock pressing against her ass crack. I was sucking her nipples one by one. I also started fingering her wet pussy in the same time. She could not control the excitement and was vigorously kissing me and shaking her ass over my cock.

She asked me to penetrate her. I took her in my arms and took her to the bed. I placed her on her back and widened her thighs. Her glory hell was shining with wetness. I placed my cock and caressed her clit. She took my cock in her hand and placed the tip at the entrance. I started pushing it in. Although it was wet, but still very hard as she was virgin.

Finally after some force, half my cock was inside her. It was damn tight. She started crying and was making load moans. I took her lips to mine and gave her some time. I again with a big thrust placed my entire cock inside her hole and again gave her some time to adjust to my wide and long cock. After few kisses and a couple of minutes, she started moving her ass.

I started making the in out motion and within no time we were fucking like wild animals. She came over me and started riding me. Seeing her jumping over my cock with her boobs oscillating was the best sight I could imagine. Within ten more minutes, we both were near climax.

I took her to missionary position and she came very vigorously clinching my cock with her inner walls. I was also near climax and planted my seed inside her. I placed my head over her boobs and we slept in the same position.

Hope you liked the long story. Please do comment below, I will post the rest of story after that.

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Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - V

Previously: Rahul Fucking Sunayna While On Audit Tour - IV

After yesterday's long mocktail session We dont know when we slept cuddling each other & as planned We got up at around 6.30 AM for today's Plant Visit, got ready within an hour, had our breakfast & the Co-ordinator (Mr. Reddy) & driver had come to pick-up us.

Sharp 8 Am we started & couple of times we looked at each other & smiled (Back of Mind: We both said Yesterday was a memorable one!!!!). Co-ordinator was disturbing us by nonsense Audit related questions which we both were not interested to answer as we were in our own unique world.

Thank God, Reddy was seated ahead giving company to Driver & sparing us for each other's company. Eventhough he was time & again looking behind to speak & interfere in our visual pleasure. Sunayna was wearing Black Official outfit slightly below her knee & Grey colour Top with decent make up & Pony tail Hair & was looking attractive.

Couple of time I tried to touch her bare legs with my legs to tease her but This Silly Reddy was disturbing us again n again. After 2 1/2 hour journey we reached the Plant & had a technical observation of construction process, JCBs & also accompanied JCB Driver for viewing how he operates n all.

At around 12.00 noon we were through with the site review & were allotted seating Place in adjacent building, Top floor (5th floor) from where the view was awesome as it's being remote area no other high-rise towers were nearby & we could see the green fields & mountain from our Balcony of office allotted to us.

I liked the view & looked at Sunayna She was also happy with the place allotted to us for remaining reporting work. As we two were alone & there was a medium size conference table, the interior of the office was pleasant & the paintings on wall, view outside window was awesome.

We sincerely work there Inspite of unwillingness due to strict reporting schedule but I had made a secret plan to complete my dream here only. As Since long I was thinking to enjoy hot session in office atmosphere.

She unaware of my plan was working with core interest in order to complete fast & I slowed down my speed so that all the Crew members of the site complete their work & leave for the day as They were visible from window so that we. At around 5.30 PM close time all left & Now there was no fear anybody could see us.

I called reddy & instructed that we will be getting late at around 7 PM as I m yet to complete my report. Also instructed to pick up at around 7 Pm after I confirming on call again. Now we were free birds, I looked at her & she in questioning gesture raised her eyebrow & I shut her up with a liplock.

Deeep one.......She skipped her breadth & pushed me saying "R u maddd Rahul? We will be fired with loss of dignity." I consoled her "don't worry jaan I have confirmed, nobody will disturb or trace her. & I have already mailed the report to the Boss. Now for the rest orf day we r alone & Today will enjoy our love-game here only.

She with scaring face rejected my plan but I created an imaginary scene in her mind thro' & describing the posture & erotic narration. she gently slapped me & said " Kitne kamine ho tumm,, Marwaaoge muje......." & pretended to go away from me.............I hold her from her naval & immediately removed her hair band (buckle) & her hair were relieved & spread like a "Kali Ghata"

(She blushed) but acted as if she is angry. But I was "Experienced" sensed her act & pulled her close to my heart & tried to kiss her, our lips came closer & we lost in each other eyes. She requested "Oh honey !!! I m not comfertable here!!! Please we will do it at our room that will be safe."

"Certainly dear!!! We Will, But let me experience a quicky round here, Its my years old dream & m lucky to fulfill it with you, a charming beauty" Before she said further I locked her lip & hold her bum with one hand & pressed her boob with other. She got so excited.......I felt she started dripping her juices" She sucked my lips with equal force & unzipped my trouser to remove my cock.

She hold my cock & started jerking hard. I was shocked as not prepared of her act. But enjoyed a lot. I raised her top & started kissing all over her flat belly & stomach with other hand I inserted directly in her panty & explored her wet fuckhole. Slowly inserted the middle fingre & gently started stroking. "Ohhhh Raaahul......What r u doingggg reee......Le lo muje plzzzz. " "yeah bebe.....abhi...."

I sat on chair & hold her to ride me. She tried but was not comfortable So I removed her panty & she spread her legs around my cock & we hugged each other. She adjusted my cock & it went straight away inside with "futttccchhh" sound. I realized that she is overflowing. We kissed each other & she slowly started jumping.

Started making 'SSSSShhhhhh......ooohhh" sounds I clutched her body in my arms & helped her in movements. She bite my shoulder & whispered in my ear " Oh siiirrr. U made my trip yaaar" "I was so eager to enjoy sex like this" "Oh honey.... I love you dear""" I was extra large with her erotic statement & that extra penetration gave her more jerks I hold her bums with both of my hands

& move upwards to match the strokes in rhythm. She was literally showering my cock with her love-juices & wet strokes & not ready to give up. She climaxed with a loud moan & sprayed all over my dick, tired & stopped & then I took charge & bend her upper body part moving away from me & rested partly on Table, hold her Naval & fucked her harshly. she cried, screamed

& chanted my name with excitement " O Raaahul,,,, slowly dear.....But I was fast than normal & gave her sudden jerks in between. She was damn hot & releasing her juices time n again at short intervals. I saw her face full of her spread hairs & her locket of gold chain was dancing on her boobs. I bent & sucked her nipple & slow down my movement. She hugged me & bite my ear."

Whispered " You fucker.......Aur kitna karoge......mere rajjaa" Muje khaa jaaoge kyaaa. " " Jannoo Aaj me tumhe itna chodoonga.. itna chodoonga ki tum always mere saath aane ko bechain rahogi" she said "ummm.. Ohhh rahuul.mei to waise bhi tumhari diwani ho chuki hoon ab kitna sataaoge muje" With my hindi slang language she also started in Hindi (After All A Delhi Girl),

"Raaahuul...Chodo muje achhe se...........bada majaa aa raha he......Sex me kitna sukooon he........le lo muje poori tarah se apni aaghosh me" " She was maddd " I made her lie on table & started sucking her pussy-juice & she released even more which I completely dried with my tongue. she ufffed....& pushed me with her leg & beg me for fuckkk"

"Ohh jaaaan fuckkk me hard & finish.....plzzzz" "Do it fast do it fast.....".............. I replied " Yaa honey....& inserted with fulll speed & holding her legs on my shoulder plunged her hard....." Yaa Yaa Oh Yaaa " It resulted in echo sound due to closed cabin.

I slightly changed the angle & kept both her legs at one side & continued thursting her with deep strokes without showing any mercy at her screaming requests " I was wild animal lierally....... " She cried in pain & tried to push me stop me but all in vain. After a rigorous punishment of 15 minutes I calmed down & she slapped me out of excitement which I took as my compliment.

She huggeed me & said " Itna achhe se chodna kaha se sikhe Sirr. ??? " Poori tarah muje paagal kar diya aapne " Ab kaise rahoongi aap k bina ? " I replied with affection caressing her cheeks, Dont worry bebe we will be always in touch... deeep touchhhh. She sgain slapped me & said ab Chhodo naa plzzz. Hmm wohi to kar raha hoon.

She bite my lipss harshly..... & nailed on my chest. I said Ok honey... Now it is final round. I started the climax scene & raised my speed like a jet engine & she screamed loud without any fear & that gave pleaure to both of us...." Yaaa Sirrr. Aur zor see. Poori tarah se.....Daal do Raajaa"

This went for 5 minutes & I feel I m going to shooott.......I told her & she said Sirrr...... I want to taste itt plzzzz give me.......I wondered........" R u sure????? " Yeaaaah Sirr I m your slave..... Will drinkkk alll" Plzzzz give meee all your cumm & with final 30 second speed I reached to my pick so well she & We lied in 69 Pose to drink each other juices with lot of passion & love.

I cummed all over hair face, hairs & boobs which she slurpped with her tongue & I explored all her pussy-walls & tasted her exhaust juice which feels like lemon juice with extra salt. After 5 minute of 69 session, We detached & became ready for departure, He called Reddy & Reddy was ready with the Car.

We left for the Hotel..........on the way she was looking at me with a wicked smile.............May be in anticipation of our next hot encounter...till then, please feel free to give your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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