Horny experiences of naughty girls around India

Writing out of own experience or from the experiences of friends and relatives is always fun, provided the identity is not revealed. There is lot of illicit sexual relationship going on around all places from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Every woman in her late twenties is a ball of fire and wants regular fucking from her husband.

If he is not in a position to meet her demands, either due to his deficiency or lack of time or schedule, she starts searching for an alternative. If the opportunity is available, in 90% of the cases, she will make use and satisfy her needs very secretly.

Intelligent women start to assess whether the alternative source is safe, whether he will blackmail her, or whether he will make more impossible demands and then decide. In many cases, she may resort to incest to be in safe ground. Brothers elder or younger, brothers in law, or nephews or any other person who will give her a safe cover is always welcome.

Under these circumstances, she is intelligent, cunning, scheming and very hungry. Newspaper boys, milkmen, electricians, phone lineman, plumber etc are all very handly but subject to assessment. Giving tuition to the neighborhood boys is quite welcome. I have known many women of all the above categories but I will not generalize their character.

There are many who are virtuous. But the modern day thinking and life style makes them to go after pleasure. One secret affair or two will not be discovered, they think. They are all right. We may not know all that is happening in the society. The new TV serials also help many women to have a relook at their life. Working women have a paramour.

Sometimes the husband may know about it but he does not question because he is having an affair with his colleague. Modern communication methods like FB, whatsapp help to keep the communication very secret. My friend who was working in a bank was transferred to a north Indian city.

He did not take his family as he had studying children and he did not want to disturb their education. Within three months his wife got a secret contact and they used to meet almost daily during day time. My friend did not know of it.

But one of his neighbors kept watch and saw that the lady received the guest regularly at 10 am after the children go to the schools and college and kept him for an hour or so. Many years later when he knew about it he could not bear the pain. Pain of being cheated by one's own wife.

But she died early due to cancer. When ladies who stay alone without their husband are bold to call somebody to keep company in the night. I know a middle aged woman whose husband was working in a north indian city, was giving tuition in spoken English to some yuong men. One of them told me later that they took turn to fuck her and she enjoyed with all of them daily.

In one of the call centers in a famous city, girls liked to have night duty because they used to be picked up and dropped. Most of them drank beer and were enjoying their duty. Boys took turn to call them to the rest room so that all boys would have over a period of time fucked all the girls and vice versa. In one of the techno parks, the sewage line got clogged due to used condoms.

It is interesting to know the lives of people who live under the above circumstances and I know many instances in each category. I had already writen even so many anecdotes, but I have many more to be written to the HD.

Recently a newspaper boy who visits the houses in the early morning and throws the subscribed newspapear and magazines, fixes appintment with five girls to be visited on five different dates each week. Girls wait for him in the early dark hours in the morning. They lie on the parapet or lie on the dirty floor to get laid.

The fellow finishes his work and comes fast and without much talk starts the work. He is married and with children. But to get a hot and horny virgin girl in the morning hours who will miss. Just as day breaks he finishes his task and disappears. Both are immensely satisfied. I asked him whether he can take me as his assistant; he said no problem, come with a bicycle and start.

I will introduce you to the people. But you have to be fast and should not get caught. He told me that there are demands on him which he was not able to fulfill. If I could also join that is well and good he said. I will tell you details in my next.

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Devi having hot sex with brother in law

When I went to Secunderabad on official duty, I had to stay with my brother. He was a sales manager and does lot of travelling as part of his job. The have a two BR flat in an apartment complex. I went there, left my luggage there and went to my office and when I returned in the late evening, my sister in law, Devi was alone there.

They had no issues and she wanted to take up some job to kill her time, but my brother did not allow her, because the days are bad and the men are very bad and none of the working women are safe in any office and there will vultures to take away their chastity. My SIL said if I am firm what they can do. But my brother was firm it seems and Devi was sad.

That day my brother had gone to Kalkuta and may be back after one week. I took my bath and went to the kitchen for taking supper. She too sat with me and I was just observing her. She was very beautiful, well built, big boobs, narrow waist and big thighs fair colour etc. She had a voice which was musical and expressed passion unlimited passion.

The dishes she prepared were very tasty and I was praising her food preparations and saw she was staring at me. I just looked into her eyes. We used to talk freely without any ulterior motive of course. She was knew computing and she iused tospend her time browsing and chatting with friends. She used to talk about the new websites she visited and new knowledge she acquired etc.

We watched TV for some time and then I moved into my bedroom. I was tired due to travelling and due to work in the office. I slept the moment I hit the bed. SIL Devi might have been busy in the kitchen to clear up things and for the preliminaries for the following days preparations for the following day. She was just singing in a low voice may be some kirtan.

But her way of singing was very touching and I woke up and could not sleep any further. I had not heard her singing. Perhaps she did not know that I have got up and was listening to her. She kept on singing in a low voice. It carried meloncally. Before going to her bedroom she just peeped into mine to see everything is alright and whether I need anything.

When she saw me awake, she stopped singing and was looking at me shyly. I told her your singing is as delicious as your food. your husband should be lucky to have you as his wife. Devi was in her night dress. She came suddenly crying and sat in my bed. I asked her what is the matter, why are you crying, Devi, what I said was true your food and music both are divine.

Crying she was leaning in my bed. I had to go near her and put my hand on her head and soothen her and pacify her. It looked like she had a huge amount of grief suppressed and when I uttered appreciatory comments she released those grief..I had to sit near her and put my arms around her and wipe her tears and utter words of consolation. It time for her to come back to normalcy.

She said imagine my condition, there is no word of appreciation from anybody. I cook and I sing and never he has mentioned a word of appreciation. I hugged her and said you are really great, Devi, your music comes from your heart. You sing to satisfy your own soul and not to get any appreciation from anybody. It is really great.

She immediately put her arms around me and and her face was resting on my chest. She is my elder brother's wife and perhaps she may not be elder to me. I have never looked up at her with any evil thoughts. But now her sitting in my bed, hugging me tightly made me embarrassed. I cannot ask her to go away. I too embrace her and lead her to her room.

But before that I should know what she wants from me. It was night 10 pm. When I looked into her face, she muttered that she wants to sleep with me. I said ok. Lie down, I will go to your room and bring your shawl so that you may be more comfortable. Closing her eyes she muttered that she will be more comfortable if I hold her tight against me. I said I will hold you against me tight.

But let me go and put out all lights and close the front door. I just went out, put out lights in the kitchen, her bedroom, verabda, sitting room and my own bedroom and lit a small bed lamp and came back to my bed. Mine was a double bed and two people can comfortably sleep in it. The moment I lied in my bed, she hugged me and her boobs were pressed against my chest.

She put her face closer to mine and prompted me to kiss her. I kissed her cheeks and she raised her lips and pouted them by offering them to me to kiss. I kissed her lips. She took my lower lip into her mouth and kissed it. Her prominent boobs were pushed against me. I just placed my hand over them and I found she was not wearing any bra.

My hand touched her boob and her erect nipple over her nighty. She got up and took out her nighty over her head. She was stark naked inside. In the dim light of the bedroom lamp, I could see she had a shaven pussy. The lungi I wore around me was already gone and my 7" cock was in full erection. It was never in my mind that I may get a chance to fuck Devi.

I never looked upon her from that view point. She came on me crushing her boobs against my chest, and her leg was thrown over me and she pulled me closer to her. I had to put my hand around her and keep my lips on her cheeks. She tells me in my ear that she never had sex for a long time, and that my brother had no time to satisfy her.

I told her dont worry I will give you enough and more and kissed her cheeks and lowered my face and kissed her boobs and took her nipples in my mouth. She had very smooth wrinkle free skin and it gave out a healthy fragrance. Closing her eyes she was just enjoying my action. I was not in a hurry. I wanted to proceed methodically. I lifted her hands and sniffed at her arm pits.

She felt ticklish and was pushed me away. There was some hair in her arm pit and giving out smell of her perspiration. Her had went down in search of my cock. So far we have not talked anything. But her face appeared cheerful eager for further exploration. I asked her whether I can put on the main light so that we can see our images in the wall mirror.

She said no, not for the first time. Ok, I said and then I proceeded to her navel. She had a flat stomach and her belly button was deep and I could see a row of tiny hair going down to her crotch. I licked her belly button and kissed it. I moved my mouth down to her venus mount. It was all hair less and I licked her venus mount and she was giving out a hissing sound.

Her cunt lips were very soft and I sucked each one of them. Devi appeared to be very much aroused. My tongue tip searched for her clitoris. I opened the lips with my fingers and found a tiny bean like projection. My tongue touched it and Devi shuddered as if an electric current has passed through her body.

Lying between her legs comfortably resting my head on her crotch my tongue was working on her clitoris. She was making hissing sounds and some incoherant noices. My right middle finger with the ring finger found entry into her fuck hole. She opened her fuckhole with both hands so that my entry would be easy.

Bending low and keeping my mouth on her clitoris and my tongue rubbing it, my fingers made full entry into her fuck hole and started to make a brisk movement in and out. Devi was pressing my head down onto her clitoris and lifting her bottom to meet the thrusts made by my fingers. Finally I got up and removed my fingers from her fuckhole and put my cock at the entrance and pushed it in.

Devi widened her legs and held it like that so that my entry would be made easy. Her hole was tight and I made entry in jerks and finally my full cock was inside her. I was wondering how her hold can be so small. Perhaps my brother would not have fucked her in the recent past. Why should I bother about those things and spoil my game.

I was enjoying my act and now Devi is there full naked, aroused waiting for me to go on full fuck so that she may also get a good orgasm. I fucked her rolling my face on her boobs and my cock went in and out in quick succession. Devi was enjoying it immensely and I could see that she is trying to kiss my face. She said I am coming. I said go ahead, I am yet to come.

My pumping was vigorous and finally I too threw my fluids into her and she seemed to have had another orgasm. Her vaginal muscles palpitated and squeezed the last drop from my cock. The the kissing session started. She kissed me all over the body. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned our parts.

She wanted to take my cock in her mouth and suck it.I pacified her and we came back to the bedroom stark naked. I made her to bent on all her fours and I tried to fuck her in a doggy style. It took a lot of time for getting hot. I then lied on the bed and asked her to straddle me and fuck me from the top. She was shy at first, but later agreed and sat on me with her legs on their side of me.

She took my cock in her hands and inserted into her cunt and in two or three attempts she made a full entry of my erect cock in her hole. She seems to like this pose very much. Every small movement of her bottom sent through her pleasure waves. I was free to hold her dancing boobs and lift my head and to kiss them or suck their nipples.

Finally she came to a magnificent orgasm, total and complete. She lied on me and was panting. I just lifted her placed herby my side and we had the deepest sleep of our life. In the morning we both got up at 7 and moved around totally naked. I did my toiletries and bath. She prepared tea and then went to take bath.

She removed all the bedsheets and her nighty and my lungie and put them for wash. When she was still naked I called her to come to me urgently. She came running as if it is some urgent information. I hugged her and squatting on the floor licked her pussy. She laughed and asked me whether this was the urgent work for which you called me.

I asked for a days leave and then we did not cook any food at home, went on fucking fucking in different poses. Devi was singing and the melancholy in her voice was not there.

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Confessions of Kathy

Kathy, 18 was studying in the college and was good at her studies. She was fair and quite beautiful and sufficiently religious conscious. She had her parents at home and a younger brother who too studied well and was busy in sports activity. Her parents were frequent church goers and they participated in each service and the Father Titus kept them in great regard.

He was young and new to the parish and any problem relating to the church or its administration he sent for Mr.Simon for consultation, that was the name of Kathy's father. One day in the middle of the week there was not much activity in the church, Father Titus was sitting in the parish hall and reading some newspaper.

Kathy while returning from college, thought she should meet Father Titus and talk to him about a problem which has been weighing her mind. Good evening, father, said Kathy, Good Evening, may god help you, Miss Katherine, how are you and how your studies are going said the father Titus. I wanted to have a talk with you, father, said Kathy.

You mean you want to make a confession, asked the father. Yes, she said. Come on, let us go to the confession box, said the father and they both moved the confession box, where the father sits in a concealed wooden cabin and the confessor stands outside and speaks in a low tone through a small window.

Father sat in the cabin and made a small prayer and asked Kathy to start the confession. Poor Kathy's voice was choked and no voice was coming out of her mouth. Father waited and asked yes, child, tell me what has been burdening your mind. Did you do any wrong to anybody. She said no. Did anybody do any wrong to you? She said no.

Did you by mistake take any money from your father's or mother's purse and feel guilty about it. She said no. Did any boy tease you or touch you in the college. She said No. Then what is the matter, Katherine. Tell me in detail so that God will pandon you for the sin you have committed. Father......... father.... Kathy could not proceed. Yes, child, come out with it.

I think it is burdening your mind Tell openly to me, nobody else will hear or know of it. However serious the sin may be once you confess God will pardon you. Father, I have sinned, said Kathy. In what way asked the father, tell me in detail. I have masturbated, said Kathy. On thats all, this everybody does, every boy and girl do, but tell me in detail how you did it, asked the father.

Kathy in a low voice said I used to put my finger in my private part. Father said tell me in detail, whether one finger or more fingers, how much time you keep in your private part, how many times you do in a day, when do you do. Tell me all details, said the father.

Kathy said one or two fingers I insert in my cunt, and do it briskly for a few minutes, sometimes two or three or more times a day or night. Father said that is bad, mastrubation is like self destruction. But I will hear more about it not from here, please come to my room under the alther where we will continue the confession. I am sure the Lord will pardon your sin.

Father moved out closing the cabin door and asked Katherine to accomany him to his private room. Kathy meekly followed him. Underneath the basement of the alter, he had his private room, sitting room, bed room, bathroom etc. Father Titus opened the door and allowed Kathy to enter and closed the door.

He just opened the door again and looked around to see whether anybody noticed Kathy entering his room. There was none. He bolted door from inside and asked her to sit on his bed and he sat opposite to her in a chair. Kathy sat with her head bent low. She was in a college uniform with a bunch of books in her hand. Father asked Kathy to continue.

Kathy said I masturbate everyday and it has become a bahit, father, I wanted to stop it but could not. Why you cannot stop it, my child, is it because it gives you more pleasure, or relieives you from tension. or helps you to concentrate in your studies. Kathy did not reply.

Do you visualize any body in your mind, any film star, or some hero in the college, your boy friend, You would certainly keep some image in my subconscous mind. When she was not replying Father made a close observation of Kathy. Though well concealed in her uniform, she had ample boobs. Her thighs were round and large. Her face was beautiful, fair in color.

Kathy, called the father, I want some more particulars. Tell me whether you put your middle finger or fore finger. She looked up and said middle finger. Of which hand, asked the father. She said left hand. Show me your left hand middle finger, asked the father. She extended her hand and father took it in his hand. They were soft to touch.

He asked since how many years you follow this habit, Kathy, asked the father. Four year is a long period. Have you ever been enjoyed by a boy, Kathy, asked the father. Kathy did not reply. Once you know what is sexual pleasure, you will duplicate it with your finger, that means you would have had the experience of sexual pleasure with a male member. Kathy did not reply.

Father asked Kathy to put the books on the bed and come closer, and when she came closer, inserted his hands under her skirt and touched her panty. It was surprising for Kathy but she did not resist. Father pulled her panty down and ran his hand over her pussy. There was lot of hair. His middle finger searched for her fuckhole and located it and he pushed his finger in.

It was already wet and his finger went smoothly in. Initially Kathy squirmed for a while and later lifted her leg and placed it on the bed to give easy access to the father. Father asked in a low voice whether anybody is fucking her. She said yes. Father was finger fucking her with his firm middle finger and he inserted his ring finger also.

He slowly pushed her to the bed and made her to lie down with her legs wide open and her pussy fully exposed. Father removed his church garments and his pants, undergarents and wound a lungi around him and came near Kathy and inserted his fingers in her cunt and asked how it was. She said very nice. Is it better than your fingers. She smiled and said yes.

Shal I get you orgasm. She said yes, He moved his fingers briskly and his left hand fingers searched for her tiny clitoris and pressed it. Within two minutes, Kathy was moaning loudly and then showing symptoms of a massive orgasm. Father asked who is fucking you. She said I wont tell that. I had comefor a confession and not to make a complaint.

Father said now you realize that my fingers can give you more pleasure than your own fingers. hence come here regularly for your enjoyment. Kathy ran to the bathroom and cleaned her cunt of all the fluids andcame back and told the father that she is going. Father titus asked her to come the following day for a prayer study. She agreed and took her books and went away.

Kathy went and told her mother that father has called her for a class of prayer study. Mother urged her to go but gave her a small parcel to be given to the father. Kathy went to the church in the evening. It was totally empty. She just went around and went to the private room of the father and knocked.

He opened the door and seeing her, he allowed her to come in and closed the door and bolted it. He asked her whether it is one of her safe days. She smiled and said yes. He asked her to lie down in the bed and he took the parcel she brought inside to leave it on the table. Kathy was in a skirt and a t shirt. He removed both and she was in her panty and bra.

He asked her to remove them. Without any hesitation she removed them and lied stark naked in the bed. Father just looked her body. She was like a goddess of beauty. He started to lick her nipples and suck them one by one. And then he came down to her belly hole and kissed it and then to her pussy. He opened her pussy lips with his hand and licked her pussy.

His tongue searched for her tiny clitoris and licked it. She was very much aroused and pressed with her hands his head down into her pussy. Father got up and inserted his 7" cock in her tiny cunt. Kathy was not scared and just accepted it with pleasure. Her fuckhole was tight for his huge cock but it went in without any obstruction. She was not a virgin and there was no problem.

He fucked her with small easy strokes folowed by long strong strokes. She took all well with a moan. She appeared to have had good experience in sex. Father made her to stand in doggy posture and fucked her from behind and then made her to straddle him. She fucked him from the top effortlessly enjoying every small movement.

The entire fuck session lasted an hour and Kathy had a thorough wash and got dressed and asked the father when she should come next for the prayer studies. Father said come daily at this time. Am I alone for the study, she asked. He said no, there are several session from morning. But this is the session for you. They both laughed and she left home.

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Biju getting proxy husband for wife

Biju, 25, who stayed with us in our hostel, had a more pronounced homosexual tendencies. He liked to play active and passive roles and enjoyed doing it. Because it is a lodge, many kept away from him, many got closer to him, many made use of him. But externally he was quite alright and mixed with people very well. Biju was professionally educated and had a good job.

Naturally his parents went to search for him a suitable bride and they found Maya 23 a PG in English fair and very beautiful girl with singing and dancing talents. She was exceptionally beautiful and any person would give anything to get her. Though her body nature was thin, her big boobs, big ass and stout thighs made her very attractive sexually.

We were envy of Biju for getting such a beautiful girl inspite of his weaknesses. After mariage we did not see much of him, because he was siad to be commuting in a car between his wife's place and office. After about three months after marriage Biju dropped into the lodge and was inquiring about me. I am Sharat 40, a close friend of Biju.

I am well employed and I had a family with two children. Though I dont like the life and likings of Biju, being his friend I advised him to keep away from these habits and lead a normal life. When Biju came to meet me I took him to my room and asked him how his married life was. With a long face he told me that it is a failure. I was shocked.

I asked him whether he has consumated his marriage, he said no. I was angry, I told him that such a beautiful girl like his wife will think of him. I asked him did you indulge in sexual intercourse with her. He said You see Sarat, the moment I see her pussy, my cock goes limp and I am not able to make a penetration.

What does you wife say, to which he replied that she just cries and curses her fate. I want you to help me, Sarat, and you alone can help me. I asked what kind of help you want from me. He said you know what kind of help is needed and you alone can give and no one else, please Sarat, dont decline, please help.

I told him to have a close chat with his wife and make her understand the problem and then meet a doctor who can help you. Biju said you please talk to Maya and convince her. Biju suggested to book two rooms in one of the hill resorts where he will come with Maya and Sarat has to be in the neighbouring room to call Maya and advice her.

As a true friend Sarat said he is agreeable for doing anything if Biju and maya can live happily. Sarat made a lot of mental calculations about how to go about the whole issue. Sarat knew the owner of a medium sized resort in Kodaikanal and arranged for two family suits for couple of days.

Sarat reached there first, placed his brief case and organized with the room boy, for a bottle of whiskey, four bottles of beer, four bottles of soda and suffient light eatings and stored them in the room. Shortly he got a call in his mobile from Biju to say that he and Maya have reached and asked for the location of the hotel. Sarat guided him so that they both may reach the resort easily.

He told the room boys to received the couple and put them in the room booked by him and inform him. They reached their room within 15 minutes and were settled. Biju brought Maya to the room of Sarat and introduced him to her. He told her that Sarat is a bosom friend of his and will do anything for him.

He has come to help us to live normally and hence whatever advice he gives we have to listen carefully and go by it. Maya could not understand how the third party could give advice to my living happily. I told Biju to go to his room so that I may talk to Maya freely. Biju went out. I told Maya, Biju has some problem, he is homosexual, but not beyond cure.

You should act with understanding so that he may come back to normalcy. Maya started to weep cursing her fate. I consoled her and told her to plan a process so that he may enjoy sex with her just as any normal person does. I told her to take me into confidence and not to feel shy whatever I am asking her to do. She said yes, but what she asked.

I told her I am going to ask you frankly whether you do oral sex. She looked confused and asked me what I mean. I told her to take his cock in her mouth and suck and allow him to lick her pussy and suck her clitoris. Maya said Bhaiya I have not done it before. If you guide me I am ready to do anything but in your presence under your supervision.

Sexual enjoyment is your private affair and I should not be there. She said this is a special case and you have to be there. First let us have some spirit and start. I called Biju and poured whiskey in two glasses and beer in one glass for Maya. All three of us called cheers and sipped our drinks. After the first round I mixed a small quantity of whiskey in her glass of beer.

With two rounds I stopped and asked Biju to be prepared to lick her pussy. He said it is not possible. I scolded him and said it is but natural that all husbands do this and licking the cunt or sucking the clitoris is a part of sexual intercourse and you have to be prepared for it. Maya has agreed to suck your cock.

You have to remove your clothes and and stick out your cock so that she may suck it. I told Maya and Biju to remove their clothes and be ready for this great act. I had embarassment to sit in front of the fully clothed. Maya said you also remove your clothes to keep company with us. I said ok.

Without clothes Maya was a stunning beauty. Her medium erect boobs, her fair coloured shaven cunt, globular arse and bigh thighs were highly provocative. First I asked Biju to lick her cunt. Biju, said Saratbai, please show me just once how to do it. Maya was lying in the bed with legs wide open and her cunt was glistening in the light.

I told Biju, what nonsense, it is your wife and you have to do the licking and I cannot do it. Maya, who was already tipsy, told me just to lick her cunt once so that her busband may do it later. In the normal course I would have given anything to get an opportunity to lick the cunt of a girl like Maya. She was a film star material.

But now I should not become a slave to temptation and hence I just wanted to keep away, but here both of them are pressing me to lick. Ok, I said and positioned myself between her legs, leaned over and sucked both of her erect nipples, A hissing sound came from her mouth. Then came down and buried my face in her cunt and licked the entire cunt.

There was a flood of her juices. I just folded her leg and lifted her knees so that her lotus like cunt is open in front of me, her cunt lips were open and her tiny clitoris was glistening and I could see even her fuckhole. I reminded Biju to see it in detail and told him I will not do this a second time.

OK said Biju with a full glass in his hand. I directed my tongue tip on the clitoris and keeping my pouted lips on it I just sucked it. Maya was in ecstasy. I circled my tongue all around the place and against sucked her tiny clitoris. Here I felt guilty that I am doing it for my own enjoyment than for teaching Biju.

Maya placed her hand over my head and was pressing it down and was on the threshold of a massive orgasm. I just glanced at Biju who was not looking at my act but was busy with his glass. I continued with my task and gave Maya a nice clitoral orgasm. After her spasm died down I lifted my head and asked Biju to do now.

Maya got up and hugged me pressing her naked boobs on my chest and thanked me to have taken her to the heaven. Her hand was searching for my cock which was in fully erect condition. I asked Biju to keep the glass down and show his semi erect cock to Maya. Maya knelt on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and was sucking it. Within two minutes his cock was fully erect.

I asked Maya to lie down immediately and asked Biju to lick her cunt and insert his cock in her cunt. Biju fumbled and I opened the cunt lips of Maya with my left hand and took his erect cock in my right hand and placed it in her cunt and asked him to push forward and make it enter her cunt. But the clumsy fellow did not push it in and in the meantime it became limp.

I asked him to get up and requested Maya to do it once more and she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it and it became erect. She herself opened her legs wide and took his cock and placed it in her fuck hole and pushed him down. It entered but before he could make a push it went limp. We repeated this exercise five or six times.

Finally Maya requested me, Saratbai, we will continue with Biju after some time, now you give me one more suck and then give me a good fuck. Afterall I am also a human being and my needs are also to be met. Biju also said, yes, Saratbai, please fuck her now. We will continue my case later in the night or tomorrow. Please Saratbai. What to do, as if I am doing a great sacrifice, I got up.

Maya took my cock and gave it a good blow job. I pushed her down and licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris. I sat between her legs and positioned my cock in her fuckhole and tried to push it in. I asked her whether she is still a virgin. She said yes, I preserved my maindenhead for my husband, But Saratbai, please fuck me daily once or twice in his presence and let us see whether it will awaken him.

I wont allow anybody else to fuck me other than you. Her fuck hole was small and did not allow my cock to go in. From the bathroom I brought some coconut oil and applied it on my cock and put some drops in her cunt. I pushed my cock and it went in. But I had to make a big push to make it tear the maidenhead and finally it went deep inside.

Maya inserted her hand between us to verify whether my entire cock has gone in or any thing is left behind. Biju was watching. I fucked her slowly and then gradually increased my speed. Maya was moaning heavily out of joy. Biju was wonderstruck and was observing. Maya got her orgasm and was hugging me, but I was pumping her continuously.

When I was to get my orgasm I told her and she too had hers and we combined ours together. I emptied my entire liquids into her cunt and pulled out. She got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned her cunt and I too. Biju said Saratbai I am so grateful to you for saving my marriage. Now I have confidence and seeing you fucking her three or four times, I will be able to do it myself.

We stayed in Kodaikanal for another four days. All the four days I did the main fucking. Biju practised licking of cunt and sucking of clitoris. Finally he fucked Maya twice. Both Biju and Maya were happy. We returned home with our mission successfully fulfilled. Now Maya has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

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Ramesh fucking widowed aunty Mridula

Girls married or unmarried, once tasted the pleasures of a male organ are crazy to receive one more frequently so that their lust may be diminished. I know a girl at the age of 18 was deflowered by her uncle and then fucked regularly by her brother, was mad at not having anything to satisfy her went and approached her best friend to ask her lover to fuck her.

Married women with their husbands in gulf or elsewhere are tormented in their bed for want of a masculine company. They dont mind seducing their brothers, brothers in law, father in law or grown up sons etc. There is a video going viral in the net of a mother making her son to suck her cunt to get her hunger satisfied.

Having known this trend, when you look around there are thousands of instances going on under our very nose, yet not known to us. I take inspiration for my stories from live instances, of course changing the names.

Father fucks his daughter, brother fucks his sister, or sister in law mainly because the girls appears to be a ball of fire with passion and if they do not extinguish, she will go to an outsider, without knowing the consequences and get blackmailed, ill treated, or even sent to prostitution. In the present days when birth control methods are well known all know how to avoid a unwanted pregnancy.

Hence in the families incestuous sexual relationships are not a taboo, but are of common place. In certain social circles, menfolk mostly go away abroad to earn a living, and the rest of the members of the family group together in a fashion of a joint family protecting each other.

In most of the cases their houses may be small or of medium size, making beds and putting people to sleep in the night used to be very difficult. Rooms being reserved for married couple, others sometimes may sleep on the floor in the hall. Widowed sister in law and unmarried cousin, may be together in the house that illicit relations between them develop.

In Indian families the astrological block called mangal may bar the girl from getting married unless a suitable mangal horoscope is obtained. When they are at home, their brothers or even fathers or cousins take sexual interest in them otherwise some outside fellow may find her more easily accessible and fuck her and spoil her life.

If it is within the family the secret will remain within the family and when she is ready for marriage, she may be sent off in marriage without giving any suspicion. My fried Ramesh, after graduation was busy searching for a job, when his widowed aunt elder to him by two years happened to come into the family. She was younger sister to his mother physically well endowed.

She was put to learn computer science and went to a local college regularly. Ramesh knew that there were boys in the computer college who are capable to hook her. Ramesh thought why not he himself not take her. Ramesh's aunt by name Mridula was always sober and after her tragedy she used to be always brooding and sad.

After joining the college she was normal, cheerful, mingled with everybody freely. Theirs was a 2 bedroom flat and Ramesh and Mridula had to occupy one bedroom. Ramesh had a study table in the room with a laptop computer. But after completion of his studies he did not use them, but Mridula sat on the table to study her lessons and wanted to use the laptop of Ramesh.

She asked Ramesh to show her how to operate the laptop. He came closer to her and her body fragrance was very fascinating for him. Thereafter for some reason or the other he used to come and sit with her to get her body fragrance. He did not where from this smell is coming, whether from her arm pits of her pussy or her thighs or her hair. It was not any artificial smell of perfumes.

The more he sat with her the more he enjoyed the smell. Mridula liked Ramesh getting closer to her although he is younger to her and he was the son of her elder sister. Of course there was no bad motive. She just liked him. With both of them occupying the same bedroom things became easy.

When he has his own double cot, Ramesh had no reason to go and lie down in the cot of Mridula. One day it was thundering and lightening heavily. Perhaps the monsoon is beginning. Mridula was scared of thunder and lightening. At the first sound she covered herself completely.

But Thunder did not stop and it became louder and nearer. She called out the name of Ramesh, When he asked what is the matter, she said she wanted to shift to his bed and lie down with him. Ramesh said ok, come down. She wearing only a night suit and with her wrapping sheet came to the bed of Ramesh and lied near him almost touching his body.

Ramesh thanking god for this bonanza turned towards her and hugged her putting his hand around her. Mridula came closer to him and their bodies were pressed to each other. Hands of Ramesh ran all over her. He felt her bulging arse, thick thighs, hugh boobs etc. She turned towards her and buried her face into his chest.

The erect 8" cock of Ramesh was poking her navel. Not knowing what it is she just with her hand wanted to move it away so that it may not hurt her. But when her hand gripped it she realized that it is the iron hard rod of Ramesh. She was confused. If she shifts it down it will be aimed at her pussy. It cannot be pushed upwards or sidewards.

She pushed the cock downwards, directing it to her pussy. She move forward and made the tip of the cock touch her pussy. After the sad death of her husband she never thought she will ever come across a male organ, and now this a grand specimen, like a monstrous iron crowbar. She did not feel like taking her hand away. Ramesh also found the situation very favourable.

His cock is directed towards a pussy. He just moved his body a little and now the tip of the cock was touching her pussy and by further movements it was touching her clitoris. Mridula was thrilled. Thunder came and went, but this monster is going to enter her body and he is already on the way and at the door.

She lay flat on her back with legs wide apart and Ramesh slowly got on top of her and directed his rod into the hole to his heaven. Slowly he kissed her on her cheeks and with one hand he squeezed her boob. He got up and removed all his clothes and stood totally naked and asked her to remove all her clothes likewise.

Mridula though shy, obeyed him and removed her night suit, her bra and panty. Thunder and lightening brought copious rains. Covering the body of the partner with kisses, Ramesh and Mridula started on their forbidden sexual encounter Ramesh wanted to make sure that it is one of her safe days for sexual intimacy.

Beginning with preliminaries Ramesh started well with his sexual encounter and he found out that the fragrance came from her pussy. He buried his face into her cunt and licked all over the place and her clitoris and made her extremely aroused. His entry into the heavenly abode was slightly difficult but since both the parties were keen things went on smoothly to a happy ending.

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Innocent wife Ramya fucked like a whore

My name is Kiran I am 34 years having two kids the story I am narrating is about my lovely wife who is a heroine of this story her name is Ramya. So coming to the main story my wife who have a beautiful body with 34 26 34 will little chubby having fair complexion just looking like an south Indian heroine anybody who see her just imagine to share a bed with her.

I always has a suspect of my wife character one fine day I found her mobile with her ex boy friend number in her call log I was very shocked & did not questioned her further I left the matter there itself but one crazy thing was always going on my mind whether she is having any physical relationship with him his name is Nagesh.

For this reason I could not show any interest in work so I wanted to know more about their relationship so while speaking one day I directly asked about the matter for that she was silent & did not speak for 1 day after that she agreed & apologized herself, for which I replied not to feel guilty instead encouraged her moves for that she was surprised & she thanked me for respect her feelings,

after lot of discussion we have planed to fix a day to make her lay with him on a bed. She immediately accept my proposal & called his number & explained the whole plan & the final day came so it was on saturday morning she was neatly dressed up with red saree with minimum makeup and on the way I have purchased jasmine flower & handed over to her because the smell

of the jasmine will make arouse on the way I dropped my kids in my father in law’s house for two days him my heart was beating faster I was feeling like half of my heart has broken and separated by my body I looked her eyes it was same innocent eyes which I saw before marriage but now the situation is different that she is in love with another person who was a stranger to me

but she was in a great mood & mixture of surprise which I can see in her face at the same time she was very much nervous about my decision, I assured I will accept even after the incident is going to happen. When we almost reached the farm house one of the servant opened the gate & let us inside after that he closed the gate in between the farm house a big bungalow was situated

with well furnished a man came who was young & handsome greeted us warmly & my wife introduced me to him as his friend and his name was nagesh & I shake the hand & he praised me that as you are a great husband, I thought in my mind the he is also a good friend & a second husband to my wife he suggested me to go & have a look into a farm house by then I understood their intention &

left the place my wife was looking so beautiful & her greatest asset was her ass when it swings in will be feast for someone who watch my wife once again looking into my eyes seeking for the permission I nodded positively they both moved hand in hand the scene was romantic & I wish them a good luck after that he kissed her lips were locked for more than 15 minutes.

He later the entered the room by the time my wife was feeling shy I said I stayed in the hall & watch the tv. The room was decorated like a the first night they first started with the milk which I was watching through the window she was sitting on the bed by bending her head nagesh took the glass of milk & gave it to her she touched the feet of the nagesh as if she is seeking blessing from her new husband,

& later he lifted her in his arm & thrown on the bed which her body did not hurt due to the flowers scattered all over the bed he slowly removed her saree pallu & started removing her blouse button. She closed her turned her face she was looking like a goddess standing in a black bra & white petticoat it was the most erotic movement of my life later he untied her petticoat which she

responded by raising her hip now she was only in her bra & panty which both are black color matching then he asked her to undress him, he inserted his finger into her pussy by sliding her panty it was so tight even after the two children she seems to be like virgin when he inserted his 8 inch monster cock inside her pussy she was in heaven.

Then he slowly increased his speed simultaneously he was pressing the milky boobs she was enjoying the act along with the pain the boobs turned into red like that they have played for half an hour later he was exhausted I think he has reached the climax the sweat on her body was looking like a diamond was shining,

I was speechless looking the act of sincere housewife changing into a whore I could not believe that she was very much tiered & he slept on her stomach by putting his tongue into her belly for few minutes while I was feeling guilty for not satisfying the honest house wife.

Morning when I heard a sound I think he was banging may be 4th or 5th round I heard lot of screaming fuck me fuck me harder when I peeped through the window he was raiding like a horse by holding her hairs he was fucking her ass due to continuous fucking she was looking like a real whore her mangalsutra was on her back she was least bothered about her dress both

were full nude till now at last they collapsed her whole body was covered by his seamen when she saw me through the window she was not in a mood to coming out of the room finally they collapsed. When they came out of the room a smile was on her lips which were the sign of the victory of the great battle.

It was morning both of them took bath together after that around time 8.30 we ordered breakfast and we all three has our breakfast on the same dining table and she was sitting on his lap & he was feeding the food while at the same time he was biting her boobs, as if baby was drinking the milk.

I felt ashamed during the situation for me to sit in front of them & my wife completely surrendered between his arms after that he kissed her all over the body & planned to go out in my car and I was like driver to them they both enjoyed in back seat & they were busy in kissing each other from there we went to movie I bought 3 tickets and they are not in a mood to watch the movie his hands were working all over her body.

He raised the saree up to the knee & he was having a figure fuck and that evening that is Sunday evening we decided to come back he handed over me a charge of rs 50 thousand cheque & I was very embraced to receive the chq I was thinking that is was my wife earnings by her hard work for 2 days and night and we returned the home with losing my wife just for the sake of money

& she with full satisfaction she kissed on my cheek thanking me by respecting her feeling. If you like the story please let me know in the comments below.

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Live sex updates by Anjali from bed

Anjali age:23 figure 32 24 32 my office colleague.. Decent north Indian and very gorgeous. Attractive and intelligent enough. We work at same place and spend most of our time working together. I always had an eye on her but never expressed my desire. Today was our first team party at a night club and so everyone was set to look good and rock the evening.

I was in my favourite blue jeans with white shirt and a leather jacket.. Looking good enough. I reached the club and entered inn… We just sat up and anjali was missing.. She hasn’t arrived yet. I got into casual talks and then I see she arrived in red hot skirt with matching top and accessories. She was looking hot and sexy. Knew that many heads will turn around.

Everyone greeted and then sat. We ordered our initial drinks and stuff and got into fun games. As always nothing is best than truth and dare. Everyone started to answer and then it was my turn. I was asked on whom do I have crush and I replied anjali… Everyone were normal but anjali looked shocked as we were close and I never gave any signs such.

After few other turns it came to her and she choose dare. She was given a dare which a girl would have not accepted. She was asked to kiss a guy she liked the most from the team. What happened next was shocking.

Red lips touched me and I was left shaken. Everyone around were so jealous. I was on cloud 9. All completed their turns and we were chilling when I asked anjali for dance and we moved to dance floor and danced for sometime. It was fun after sometime I just took a break went to bar and ordered drinks for myself.

Anjali came there and asked me about my feelings and we had chat but we were not so comfortable there, so we made an excuse and left the place. She invited me to her place. What happened next listen from her own words :p

We reached my place as it’s a 1bhk and I live alone. I changed into night wear meanwhile raj was setting up drinks and stuff. We sat and I asked him how the day was he said it was rocking unbelievable, I asked his feelings he said he didn’t wanna spoil our relationship and so never expressed. I was melting.. We had our shots and after 4 shots I asked him about how the kiss was.

He said he just felt it over his cheeks and that’s it. I was already on. I just pushed him back got over him and kissed him on his lips. He was shocked and didn’t react. After I broke the kiss he reacted with high force putting me down and getting over me and kissing me very hard. It was my first passionate kiss. After the kiss broke I said him that I love him. This was enough to turn him on.

He just unviled the t-shirt I was wearing and I was in my black bra. My boobs were in perfect shape. He kept kissing and slowly got down kissing all over and reached my cleavage. He was sucking licking it so well that I had my orgasm.

I was feeling so good. He kept exploring each inch of my body and I responded him. It was my turn now. I opened his jeans and his tool was already grown up. I made love to it. Sucked it well and the balls to. Played with my boobs and had boob fuck.

We moved to bed to be more comfortable. He opened my lower and with no panty and shaved pussy he directly started licking it deeper and deeper. His tongue was feeling so good down there. I was moaning like hell. He came up we kissed for sometime while I was playing with his tummy. I asked him if he has a condom and he said yes. Then put it on and fuck me baby.

He started between my thighs and fucked my pussy 15 mins and after which stopped because of the blood. Fucked me in my ass. We again tried in pussy it pained a little and no blood this time. He kept on ramming. With pain the pleasure was even more high. We got in different positions. Let me tell you he knows all the positions and has great knowledge to please a women.

After our fuck for about 1 hr we were resting in each other arms. He also confessed that he loves me and we kissed again. After which he shared that he has also fuck other ladies made them happy. I was taken back but when I read all his experiences I was happy. I could understand a women’s feelings and her desires. I was happy for him and so I asked him to put our story now on the site.

We are writing it live from bed. Initially he was writing and I was sucking his cock and now. I was writing and he sucking my boobs and fingering me. Time to say goodbye. We will surely post our encounters and love making here. Even if he doesn’t I will as I have his ID :p

Ladies please keep sharing your feelings hope Raj satisfies all of you. I m here till Dec and then will move back to Delhi for my marriage hope I have happy last 4 months with my love and his cock. Do share your comments with us below, I will also read them from now.

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