Hari enjoying tuition class sex with Sania

I am Hari, 25, tall and well built, and my mother is working in a govt. office and my father working abroad and my younger sister Neelu doing her +2. After my PG I did not get any job, but I went on applying to many banks and PSC etc. In the meantime my friends suggested why not start a tuition center for undergraduate and graduate students.

My mother agreed with this idea and she readied our upstairs hall and the rooms. We bought some desks and chairs and table etc. Leaving one room as a bedroom all other rooms were equipped to be class rooms. Just as the word went around, I got about 10 students for undergrad. classes. of which 7 were regular college going students and three were to prepare for the next exam from home.

I organized classes from 7 am to 9 am for college going students and again at 6 to 8 pm. For the three home study students I thought I will take them during day time. Out of the three two were for u/grad classes and one for graduation. I asked them to come each on one day at 10 am so that I can concentrate on her studies. They were Sania, Fathima and Geethu.

My suggestion was acceptable to them and leaving Sania behind the other two left. I just gave her some problems and asked her to solve them. From the way she attempted them I understood she did not know even fundamentals of the subjects. I asked Sania, how did you fail in the last exam. She said she had fever during the exam time and she could not prepare properly.

I asked her details of her home and family. While she was narrating I found that she wore only a chemise and no bra with fairly well grown body. She said she has an uncle who comes to visit them every month. He is working as sales man of some company. I asked her when there are only two bedrooms in your house where will the uncle sleep.

Sania reluctantly replied that she and the uncle occupied one bed. I asked her how old was her uncle. She said may be 28 or so. I asked her how you both can sleep in one bed without touching each other. She did not reply. Does he put his hand around you, she said yes. Do you put your hand around him. She said yes. He may be touching your boobs and ass.

She looked up at me and said shyly yes. I called her near and lifted her frock and chemise and ran my hands over her boobs. She did not object. They were large and hard. I put hand over her panty and found it to be wet. I pulled the elastic of the panty and inserted my hand inside. She had no public hair and it was nice and smooth.

Licking her nipple I tried to insert my finger in her fuck hole. She was gasping and seem to enjoy very much. I asked her shall I put my finger in. She said softly yes. I took her to my bed and made her to lie down and lifted her frock and pulled her panty down. I opened her legs and inserted my middle finger and touched her G spot.

In the meantime I was licking her nipple and with my left hand I was nudging her clitoris. She was very much aroused and asked me to fuck her. I showed her my 8" cock. She said "Oh, so big" I went on rubbing her G spot with my right hand and clitoris with my left hand while licking her nipple, her hand gripped my cock. Suddenly she reached her orgasm.

Her fluids flowed copiously. She wanted to get up and go to the bath room. I removed all her clothes and made her totally nude. I took close look at her cunt. Her public hair was too thin and cunt lips were very smooth and soft. I asked her to keep on foot on the closet and I squatting on the floor licked her cunt and touched her clitoris with the tip of my tongue.

In the meantime I inserted two fingers in her hole and rotated it to make it big and then three fingers. Sania enjoyed all my actions and wanted more. I made her lie down in my bed and kept my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed it in. It was too tight and she feared it may not go in at all. I slowly pushed it in and by about 15 minutes it went fully in. She felt the tightness.

I started to fuck slowly, withdrawing fully and inserting upto to the brim. Sania liked my cock and said it is just double the size of her uncle's cock. When my cock rubs her clitoris she moans loudly and holds me tight. She then asked me to increase the speed and I increased the pase. She reached her orgasm and her legs wound around me got tightened. But I went on fucking.

After some time she said she is coming and I too was nearing my orgasm. She told me she is in safe period and asked me to discharge inside her. We both had a very enjoyable climax. Sania kissed me and said she will come daily and asked me fuck her at least once a day. I shared my lunch with her and fucked again, before my sister returned from her class at 3.30 p.m.

Neelu, my sister and I had very good equation sexually. Since last two years she used to sleep with me in my bedroom upstairs. When mother calls to sleep with her, she used to say she has lot of things to study and she will have to consult me and hence she would say she will sleep with me. She was just 18 and had good features.

After supper she will come up and be with me for the whole night. She calculated her safe period and we fuck only during her safe days. Otherwise we enjoy oral sex. After Sania left, Neelu asked me whether I fucked her. I said yes. She said she just wanted to see me fucking another girl. I told her I will arrange. Next time.

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Sanjay gets kinky at Pali Hill with mature lady - IV

Previously: Sanjay gets kinky at Pali Hill with mature lady - III

I am not sure why my previous part of the story took so much time to get published, but here is the fourth part. As I looked down I saw in between my legs her lovely feet painted bright red and as she slowly raised it up to touch my balls.... fuuuuck... I exclaimed as it felt so nice to have a soft rub on your ball sack.

Without caring a bit about V, I turned back and looked at Rachita as she twisted her painted lips and stared me back as if to say... i dare you. I lunged for her lips and clamped on to it sucking on it as I held her hair which was strewn all over her shoulders. fuck... it wasnt enough.. as she opened her lips...and let my tongue in I wanted more and just could not control.

Leaving one hand from her hair I rolled it over her beautiful fair breasts and caught her taut nipples between my fingers... fuck its unimaginable... fair breast.. light brown half an inch long nipples she was a beauty and thank god I did not miss out on her.

As I continued... she pushed me back and since I was so close to the bed, I tripped and fell on to it with my face up and partly on V, who was lying and observing all. Rachita to V..."spare us for a minute...i want to teach him a lesson", and V obliged by getting up pulling her saree along as she walked out of the room.

With just both of us Rachita got onto the bed and climbed over me...i though a fuck was in place but was surprised as she came up and tied her bra over my eyes with an assurance that i would not look... I could feel movement on the bed and the ruffling of the bedsheet and suddenly I felt warmth on my nose and mouth.

It was just so instant that I could not react and felt like I would choke and I knew what it was.... she was friggin squatting on me and grinding her pussy lips on my mouth and nose.. and I could hear her moan....i kept flinging my tongue in and out trying to deliver my best and hoping for one hellova orgasm anytime now.

As she squealed she started scratching me and that too on my scalp, hair and with one hand at her back on my chest. It was a stinging pain as she had long nails that were painted RED and they just cut into my skin. A sudden gush of salty liquid filled my mouth as I heard her scream and slowly give in as she slumped on my body.

With her wieight on me in a 69 pose I was not moving anywhere when suddenly I felt some warmth on my dick.. oh no..it was the tingling of a warm tongue over my lil' johnnny.... she has stamina... I thought.... as I removed her bra and tried to look up... and lo! that was V... she was with us on the bed and this was a 3sum...

she was sucking my dick off which R was lying down and gathering her strenght and I obviously had my hard on as I had not come yet !

To be continued in next part...

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Sanjay gets kinky at Pali Hill with mature lady - III

Previously: Sanjay gets kinky at Pali Hill with mature lady - II

And finally it seemed the day was near when V called up and asked me if I had any plans for the coming Tuesday. It's a work day, obviously I have plans !! I am working all day... She smirked as she further said..Rachita will be here.. and uh! oh! yeah sure, I will make it, splurted out.

This was a first for me ... two women (above 60) and hot n horny as hell, I believe ! I had butterflies in my stomach just in anticipation wondering what would happen, how would we start, what if I did not live up to their expectations etc..

Come Tuesday, I moved out of office on pretext of personal work and arrvied at my destination by 2pm. (generally a time for lazed out afternoons and lesser observers. As I rang the doorbell, it was opened by a lady in blue saree, heavily perfumed, around 5'7", very fair skin and thick lipstick.

As she opened the door for me to enter, i tried to smile at her, failing to invoke a response as I moved in. I saw V, sitting on the sofa and she called out to me "Sanjay.. come in .. that's Rachita !" As I paused to let Rachita move ahead, I examined her and my interpretation of what I saw, is, a superbly rounded arse, worth a million kisses, around 36 cup breasts, extremely fair and well manicured and pedicured.

Fuck you! I wanted to rip her then and there.. her hair was tied in a bun on her head and brownish black in color. As I reached the sofa to join them, I said Hi and she responded most un-interested and that sort of made me extremely conscious. After a few exchanges, V got up and called Rachita into the kitchen while i browsed my android phone just to look busy.

I could head the hush of some exchanges and in a while they came out and V called me into the kitchen as Rachita left to enter the bedroom. She has a problem with your skin color... What do you mean? I asked... She thinks you are too tanned for her liking. Hey, neither did I evver say I was fair, I responded superbly offended.

With mixed emotions of embarassement and anger i wanted to avenge this remark. Anyway, I have convinced her and she will first observe us and take a call whether to join or not, and I am sure once she sees what you are hiding, she will beg for you, said V. So we are going to be in the same room while I make out with you and she just sits and watches fully clothed ?

No way, I cant perform this way.. Nopes, all as you said except she will strip down too, but by herself and watch us. Oh..ok.. that's cool, I said. As we entered the room which was more chilled with the aircon and curtains all pulled up, I looked at Rachita and said, hey.. its ok... but if you change your mind, do join in, as a wry smile formed on my lips. Sure, she said.

Since today was not that well prepared for me and my first in a threesome, I was unsure how to start when suddenly V came up and caught my face as she sucked my lips and real hard at it... as I shut my eyes and responded my hands went on to her blouse and I squeezed on her melons... no bra... haha .. she has learnt and I love it.

We just turned wild impromptu and on the spot. She knelt down with no delay pulled my denims down along with my undies as she engulfed my li'l johnny. fuck.. its soo good being in her warm mouth.. she does end up using her teeth a bit, but then I might not have wanted a bigger mouth lady too.

she sucked on my dick, my ball sacks and she rimmed my arse as she was on her knees and I let out a moan. I bent to squeeze her breasts and then grabbed her hair as I guided her motion of the mouth. in 5 odd minutes she came up licking me all over and under my tee as she reached for my chest and rolled her tongue on my nipples.

wow! a good feeling, and I dont know what camme onto me as I said, Bitch, I am gonna rip you apart as I pushed her back on the bed fully clothed and tried to rip her blouse apart. She just seemed to have got soo excited by the idea of some submissive role play at her end.

As I unclothed her without tearing anything, I glanced back to see Rachita and she was looking closely at us as I saw her put her hand on her blouse and caress her breasts, lips sligthly pouted. Aw!! I just wanted her more than anything else right now, but she had an attitude ! and I wanted to fuck her with that attitude and me on TOP!!

Now V was nude and I was ready to give her a cunnilingus... the best thing about that is if she is clean, it is so odorless and soft and supply that you can just keep licking and exploring.. they are lips after all. I asked V for some lipstick, and after trying to question me she gave it to me. I painted her vaginal lips with them and went for the side smooch.

With her moans and movement of her legs I knew she was enjoying it thoroughly... as I moved my hands across her to her breast, I felt her stomach clinch and I presumed she was close to an orgasm. So while I continued smooching her lower lips i tickled her nipples and this just works wonders...

she was palpating as she screamed and bit onto her pillow and clenched her thighs in... she had come as I knew it in 3 different ways.. palpations, my head stuck between her things and her scream. as I wiggled my head out from between her thighs, I felt a slight cold feeling on my balls, and something moving.

I looked down to see a beautifully painted foot coming in and out of sight from behing me as it touched by balls and base of my lil' johnny..... next part to follow.... comments welcome.

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Arun having first sex encounter with Sarita - II

Related: Arun having first sex encounter with Sarita

Hello again, Arun here with 'S', sorry for people who thought my story was long and boring, thought would be interesting to write it in detailed description not just right to the point like "khola or daal diya" sorry, anyways please bare with me... this would be the continuation of the 2nd day... and will be a shorter once...

Tuesday... Mom and Dad had to follow their same routine of their daily activity and I was alone as always. knowing nothing that something was going to happen where half of it was planned by 'S' the other half by me... morning 7 'S' today she actually knocked on my door before entering... that's a change in her GOOD.

'S' was wearing a red shalwar Kameez made of quite a thin fabric which was tight fitted to her curves, I looked at her she was a bit chubby (kind of actresses here in South and surely not of Bollywood) to be true I like girls bit fleshy not like "chusa huaa aam ka gutli" for me she was ok...

I just remarked her by raising up one of my eyebrows like THE ROCK & was giving the expression Wow, she understood... 'S' - "aaj kya plan hai kuch kaar nahi rahey ho" (what's today's plan are not you doing anything?) saying this she took off her dupatta and tied around her waist.

Hell her neckline was more deeper than what she wore yesterday... 'I' - kyu phir se kya free ka show dekhna hai ?" (Are you willing to see a free show?) ; 'S' - "nahi just puch liya" (No, just asked)... I was sitting on my desktop and was looking towards her, she intentionally bend over to sweep and also to give me a glimpse of her dangling boobs through the neckline,

I was shocked but understood now why she tied the dupatta around her waist, now the free ka show was for me I stayed quite just followed her each way she was moving around my room for 20 mins and she too helped me now by not showing her back but always sweeping in the direction where she can show her melons {with double OO) to me...

I enjoyed the show to my fullest... she went out came back again with a bucket of water to wipe... again presented the same sight... I got the feeling of my pole raising up didn't touch it... (many of young guys would like to keep the pole up so just as to enjoy the moment), she noticed... giggled... and continued showing off her JEWELS... I on the other hand was getting nuts cannot understand whether to grab those or leave it.

She was done and started leaving the room said "kaysa laga" (how was it?)... 'I' - mast thank you... now it's my turn to backfire waited for another 10 minutes cause I knew she will be coming back to my room to take the cloths to wash... I prepared myself, took off my pants lifted my t-shirt over my head behind my neck,

clicked on the recorded video of yesterdays bathroom clip this time without zoom... started playing with my tool... there she is again 'S' - "shuru hoy gaye" (started); 'I' - "join karagi" (will you join me); she didn't say anything, took the cloths went off, but soon she is back standing beside me... 'S'- Surprisingly "haah ye to may hu" (that's me); 'I'- "kaal ka" (yesterdays) {kept it plain and simple}

'I' - "bahar k room se chair lekar aa-jaow" (get a chair from the next room)...She did so as I said, locking the door and came and sat beside me taking off the dupatta and throwed it over my bed... 'S' - internet hai, dusra kuch dekhte hai na please isme mujhe maja nahi ayega" (do you have internet, let's see something else I am not getting excited seeing this);

'I'- "mera wala dekh lo" (see my once); 'S' - "baad may dekhta hu pahele mujhe dusra kuck dekhne do" (later, 1st let me to see something else) I hurriedly got into a pornsite and turned videos of that had too much of boobs sucking, blowjob and tits fuck all of my choice... we both started seeing, slowly she starting rubbing her Vigina putting her hand inside,

'I' - "kya may karke de sakta hu" (can I do it for you); 'S' - kaar sakte ho? (can you do?) 'I' - "dekh lo warna shikha dena" (see it for yourself or else teach me). She got up opened her shalwar and her same colour panty... wow the first site of the "SHANTI KA DAARWAAJA" the pinkish colour with trimmed hair

(i never knew Indian girl can have a pinking colour vagina all I see in porn are brownish may be it cause she was fairer) she turned around and sat on the chair took my hand and placed it on her genitals... I was much interested grabbing her MELONS but had to follows the simple rule when girls permits than only... anyways I was doing all wrong just rubbing off...

'S' - "tum galat kaar rahey ho" (you are doing it all wrong); 'I' - "shikha sakte ho" (can you teach me)... 'S' - "Zaroor" (surely)... 'S' - "pahele zameen par baytho of mere dono pao k bech me" (get on the ground and between my legs)... Hell she was literally ordering me and I to get my first knowledge of fingering had to follow her order...

she kept her legs over my shoulder and stated giving instructions... 'S' - "dono haat use kaarna... isko halke halke se rub karna" (use both your hand into go on rubbing this slowly slowly) I just followed the instruction as she said... 'S' - "ab isko halke se kholo or aapne thumbs se isko ghiste raho" (now split this slowly, using the thumb gently rub it)

I continued till the next instruction came... 'S' - "tumhara ungli dekh sakti hu" (can I see your finger)... I did as she said... "Thik hai hamesha aapna nakhun Katke rakhna" (always keep your nails short)... "ab bich wali ungli ko andhar dalna or usko dherey dherey andhar bahar karna" (Now insert your mid finger inside and slowly slowly do the to and fro motion)...

"ab thora aapna ungli bend karna or pahele jaysa karte raho" (now bend you finger a bit and do as you were doing) "ab do ungli use kaarna or jaldi jaldi karna pls" (use two fingers and do it quickly) her tone changed same as our at the moment before climax, I followed she was bitting her lips and was making a humming noise suddenly a gust of fluid fell all over my face,

I was stunned thought my first fingering experience and I made her squirt hell I am great. 'S' - "ab mera bari tum chair par baytho" (now it my turn you sit up)... she too my 5+ tool on her hand and said "thik hai" (that ok) 'I'- "mai ghora nahi hu" (i am not a horse); 'S' - "nahi tumhara age k hisaab se thik he hai" (it all right according to your age)...

then the magic started the first feeling of someone else grabbing my cock shock my whole body gave me a goosebump... then her hand started to play with it, I never knew the first handjob would be so exciting that it didn't took a minute for me to cum... I came over her hand... fucking me was not able to hold it for a moment,

I was rather scolding myself for not taking the opportunity to enjoy a bit more... she gave me an expression saying so quick... I just lowered my head... 'S' - "chinta maat karo abhi to suruwat hai agay or bhi practical hogi" (don't worry it's just the starting, we will have more practical later on).

I was happy hearing this, we both got up went to the bathroom I took a bath and she cleaned herself up. I kissed her on her cheeks and said thank you... evening when she came up to sweep I was allowed to grab her boobs over the cloths from behind and I intentionally gave her a dry hump, felt happy with whatever opportunity I got and later on shagged thinking about her...

more about the third day and the fourth day will be coming later, as I would be busy with studies, will be writing as soon as I get time... Please let me know your views on the same, will help me in posting more.

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