Dimple fucking with younger sibling Bunty - II

Previously: Dimple fucking with younger sibling Bunty - I

After saying that Dimple went silent but I was curious to know few more facts and I asked her “ye sab kab se chal raha hai…?” and she said “from last six months” “shuru kaise hua…?” I asked her how it all started and Dimple said that she doesn’t know among three males initially it was whose idea,

she just know that these three males are best friends of their college time and use to meet very frequently along with their wives and one day after coming from dinner from one of thems house Jija Ji asked her if like him she also feeling that their sex life is getting monotones and as Dimple agreed to that Jija Ji asked her if we can try partner swapping.

Initially Dimple denied but after knowing the couples she felt bit excited with a same thought and after some perplexing mind Jija Ji agreed her to get swapped and it started. After that Dimple said that initially it was thrilling but after doing for couple of times she started feeling bad about it as every time limits were getting crossed and now she was feeling tired of all this.

I listened everything Dimple spoke calmly and once again I would say apart from feeling bad about her I was feeling heavily aroused and for me it was good that I was lying almost over my stomach and my hard Cock was buried under weight. After that I did not asked her anything and just kept on lying on my chest and eventually Dimple asked me something and it was surprising,

“you are feeling aroused…hai na?” I did not replied to her question, behaved as if I have not even heard her and kept on lying with opened eyes and Dimple got up and lied over her belly with the support of her elbows in the same direction and looked into my eyes closely and spoke with a smile“say yes…main gussa nahi karungi” in response I too smiled and said yes in low voice.

Next Dimple got to go while saying “main jaa rahi hun…you can do whatever you want to do” with she meant l can masturbate and saying that she walked out of my room. For few minutes I did not moved from my posture but yes as Dimple went out inserted my hand in my lower and once again started rubbing tip of my Penis,

even though I was still aroused but I was not hard like I was earlier and I felt as if I have leaked and I tried jerking myself back and forward to release my load but eventually stopped. Don’t know why I was not getting hard, possibly because many more things were dwelling in my mind and I got up and came out of my room to see Dimple again.

Dimple was sitting in a living room with a TV on and as it can be expected glass of orange drink mixed with Vodka was kept on the central table. I walked to her and as Dimple realized I am there she asked me, “kar liya Masturbate…?” by now I could expect that question from her and I moved my head in no,

“mujhse nahi hoga” I replied and sat beside her on the same three sitters but with one empty seat between. Before I would have said anything over her drinking again Dimple spoke and it was shock of my life “Main kar dun masturbate….?” I don’t know what came in her mind and she said that and she looked into my eyes for long after asking me,

possibly to get a reply from me but I was speechless and she moved ahead came close to me and caressing my hairs she kissed on my cheek tenderly and spoke close to my ear in a low voice “if you want…you can fuck me…” and then “mere saath hi apna first experience le le”.

I can easily say that instant my heart started pounding in real sense, since then I was just uneasy “what are you saying” I asked her back in confused voice and she continued looking into my eyes with a very mild smile and uttered “I am serious….” With that she once caressed my cheek in affection and kissed me over my lip tenderly.

“bol karna hai…?” Dimple asked me again I was neither in state to say yes to her nor I wanted to say no to it. I don’t know how but gradually Dimple was reached to very strange mindset and as she was also aware of my mind state and she next she did not asked me again and straightaway said “let’s go to your room” and she got up.

I did not moved from my seat and she took hold of my hand and pulled it to say stand up “Dimple you are drunk” I spoke and she replied “no I am not…" she smiled and spoke again "I want to give you an experience....” I was in dilemma, after all she was sister but effects were clear in Dimple’s mind and she spoke again “you forget everything aur bus enjoy kar”

and with that she pulled my hand again and I got up to go with her in my room. Dimple walked ahead silently and I followed her, certainly I was uneasy or you can say little scared with the presumption of whatever was about to happen between me and Dimple but there was a strange blissful sensation which was passing through my body.

Though it was just 10-15 steps but I stared at Dimple's round and plump ass through out the way she walked ahead and eventually we reached to the bedroom. Next Dimple entered in the washroom and in a minute came out and looked at me with a naughty smile and suggested me to take a quick shower and in continuation told me to come out of the bathroom as it is without wearing any clothes

“jaa ek shower le aa…aur aise hi bahar aa jaana…bina kuch pahne”. Her words sent strange sensation in my body and I followed what Dimple told me to do, I stood under water with my rod fully erect 4-5 minutes and it was getting harder and harder. Feeling I was going through is really indescribable, I was about to lose my virginity and that is with my own sister,

by now my fear or you can say uneasiness was almost vanished and I was feeling charged and joyful. I jerked my Penis under water couple of times to pleasure myself and came out of the washroom after drying my body without wearing anything and got amazed to see Dimple lying on my bed stark naked.

Revealing her beautiful breasts with lovely long and erect nipples, facing me Dimple was lying sideways with a support of her elbow, hiding her pleasure hole between her fleshy thighs her legs were; one almost straight and other bit folded into her belly, her ass was much wider and heavier than what it use to appear in clothes.

Undoubtedly for me that was one of the most breath taking moments of my life; it was first time I was seeing a naked female and it was none other than my own sister. With a big smile Dimple called me on the bed “jaldi bed par aaja” and I moved ahead with a mild smile and rapturous feeling.

Holding my wrist Dimple instantly pulled me over her, she intentionally crushed her melons against my bare chest and hugged me, my hard monster packed down against her belly and touch of her bare skin over my skin sent strange shivering in spine and she instantly wrapped her arms around my neck.

She looked into my eyes closely with a smile and spoke “let’s start with a kiss” and with those words our kiss started and anyhow I cannot explain exactly how it went. I was expecting that we will suck each other’s lips but Dimple straightaway inserted her tongue into my mouth and releasing her saliva explored me thoroughly,

I too responded back to her and tried entering my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it, next I did what she was doing with me and we just keep on eating each other like that for few minutes. It was first kiss of my life and anyhow it could not be better than this. By the time we stopped we both were puffing and I could feel butter flies in my belly.

“Want to suck my breasts….?” Dimple asked me with evident lust in her eyes and I moved my head in yes innocently. I caressed her soft breast caringly and Dimple hummed lightly in pleasure, extending her hand she rolled her fingers in my hairs lovingly and told me to squeeze them “dabba inko” and I started clutching them with both the hands.

For a timid guy like me who never dared to approach any girl for any such relation it was moment sheer pleasure, I was playing with the breasts I was staring from years but anyhow could not imagine that I will ever be able to touch them.

“Saath saath suck bhi kar” Dimple was somewhat guiding me and once again I obeyed her and took one of her luscious melon in my mouth and sucked her long and erect nipple. Once again Dimple hummed in pleasure in low voice and rolled her fingers in my hairs. I sucked her both the mounds while caressing them and eventually stopped to go ahead.

Next Dimple rolled me down and came over my top, “if I can give pleasure to strangers…. than why not to my own brother” she spoke that while looking at my face and caressing my forehead and then kissed over my cheek and I understood why she is having sex with me.

I don’t know exactly what sort of thoughts were moving in her mind because of which she was intended to have sex with me but certainly it was in my favor. Anyway slowly Dimple moved her wet lips down and kissed my neck and reached to my bare chest.

I was already breathing heavy as she took my tiny nipple in her mouth and sucked it I moaned in low voice and before I would recovered from that pleasure I felt her hand over my crotch and next instant Dimple got hold of my fully erect Monster.

“Nice…” possibly that was the compliment she gave me for my size and thickness and just then she jerked me steadily hardly twice and I shuddered in strange pleasure. I can easily say feeling I went through that instant was something which cannot be imagined while masturbating by any male.

“Kaise daalega Bunty apni Didi ke andar?” Dimple asked me next in sensual voice and once again I went through divine sensation because of her words. “As you say” I replied by saying and she told me to come over her top “oopar aaja…” I got up to climb over my sister and Dimple lied down over her back and widened her thighs for me.

That was first time I saw her fuckhole or you can say any fuckhole properly, no sign of hairs with very mild dampness it was looking so beautiful so attractive that I felt like kissing her over there and next instant I thought about asking her for oral sex but felt hesitant to speak and before I would have tried speaking out my desire Dimple asked me on her own

“if you want I can suck your Cock” and I just came up with “haan…” in timid voice and Dimple smiled over my blush and got up and told me to stand over my knees. I stood up and she once again started jerking me and told me to bear some pain “thoda sa pain hoga…you have to bear it”.

I was in extreme pleasure because of hand job she was doing and I just hummed to accept and next instant Dimple took tip of my cock in her moth and sucked it tenderly. “oHhhhhh….” I cried in strange pleasure, my belly wrinkled with weird sensation. In a moment started sucking me properly and I saw my entire length disappearing in her mouth.

Dimple clamped my Penis in her warm mouth tenderly and continued sucking me and I started moaning in pain and pleasure at the same time. After a minute of continued sucking she stopped but just for few seconds, she peeled off foreskin my rod slowly and once again took me in her warm mouth.

This time I cried louder and it was more of a pain and less of a pleasure but slowly as the wetness in Dimple’s warm mouth increased pain subsided and I started moaning in pleasure. I won’ say I enjoyed getting sucked throughout but it was certainly a pleasure to watch Dimple doing that nasty act,

I saw her beautiful face filled with my hard monster continuously for couple of minutes and my pleasure started climbing and clenching my teeth I grunted endlessly. Finally Dimple stopped and lied down on her back instantly, “aaja aab daal de” she rubbed her opening while saying that in lustful voice and I asked her if I can also suck her.

Dimple smiled over my request and asked me if I am sure about it, “sure…?” I said yes “haan….” “I think you will not like it” but I requested her again “please let me do it” “ok…come" Dimple accepted and I leaned over her crotch. Like I said Dimple was clean shaven though her pussy was not as good-looking as I use to see in porn movies but still it was attractive.

As I went close to her pleasure hole I felt mild aroma of her love juices and just then Dimple once again rubbed her opening with her finger and spoke out in bit of puffing voice “hmmm….Bunty lick kar issko…”. I widened her thighs bit more with my hands and moved into her pleasure hole and licked her crack tenderly and Dimple puffed again in low voice.

She moved her fingers in my hairs and somewhat pushed me further into her thighs and started licking her opening steadily. Apparently there was no sign of wetness over her Pussy but as I started licking her properly I realized that she is damp from inside and hardly in a minute or so she started flowing freely from her fuckhole.

Up to an extent Dimple was right; that I might not like sucking her fuckhole, certainly it was filthy yet attractive may be because I was regular viewr of porn movies and oral sex has always excited me on screen. Overcoming my hesitation I moved my tongue all over her pussy and Dimple’s moans enhanced in volume.

Next Dimple opened her thick pussy lips with her own fingers and told me to insert my tongue into that “….isske andar bhi daal” and I did that. Opening her vertical slit with my fingers I swirrled my tongue over my sister's pink opening and Dimple cried in pleasure louder. I liked her pleasure moan and went deeper in her cave to hear more of those cries and Dimple started panting in bliss nicely.

She gripped my scalp in her hands better and caressed my hairs in rising excitement. Suddenly flow of her love juices improved and her cries went shriller and that raised my enthusiasm and resting her thick thighs over my shoulder I tried exploring her love hole deeper and flicked my tongue inside her pussy abruptly all around and just in few seconds Dimple reached to the point

of excitement where she could not bear my licking anymore. She pushed me while shivering and uttered in lust laden tone “Come on...fuck me now…Chod mujhe achhe se”. What was that? I was surprised to hear that word from her and it excited me further high.

Eventually I rose over sister and widening her thighs Dimple adjusted herself under my crotch and took hold of my Cock and guided it into her pleasure hole. Finally most awaited moment of my life came to me and was with my own sister. I plunged Dimple with a sudden jerk and cried in strange sensation.

Dimple also puffed in pleasure and grabbed in me in her arms and thighs nicely. She wrapped her legs around my ass and hands over my back and told me to fuck her “Bunty fuck me” and I started fucking her. Ohh…God I withdrew myself from her and moved into her again and grunted loud while clenching my teeth.

Anyhow I cannot write what was that feeling, though it was pleasure but it was very weird and I just went on going in and out of my sister warm and wet fuckhole without any control over body and within few seconds everything went bizarre for me. Rubbing of my hard cock-head against wet walls of her swollen fuckhole was producing devine sensation in my entire body.

I was crying and panting while flexing my ass rapidly while looking at my sister’s face and it was thrilling to see her in that state, though not very loud but like me Dimple was also moaning in pleasure and her facial expressions were taking my sense off. Since then Dimple never looked so beautiful to me, her entire body was tossing with my thrusts and her milk mounds were moving erotically.

Finally things went totally beyond my control and I started crying louder and shriller, suddenly I felt as if I am going to burst and I started ramming myself into my sister like a mad and eventually collapsed over her. I Shuddered frantically as my cock blew like I never experience while masturbating and I clenched my teeth while spewing out my gunk deep into my sister’s womb.

While I was getting drained Dimple was holding me in her arms nicely and after discharging I started feeling very weak and Dimple just kept on caressing my hairs with lot of affection. Finally I got up slowly and Dimple kissed me over my lips tenderly with a matured smile.

“Enjoyed….hmmm…?” she asked me and I blushed with a smile. After that we got up and entered in the bathroom to clean our body and I asked Dimple if she has also climaxed, she replied in no but added that she has enjoyed a lot. After that we came to bed again and as I was not in state to fuck her to culminate her sexually, I fisted her fuckhole with my tongue and finger and brought her to climax.

That was end of my first fuck but it was not the end of my first sexual experience, we chit chatted for a while casually and at my end I tried asking her about her partner swapping experiences but Dimple did not uttered much, she did not wanted to talk about it and eventually after wearing just panty on her lower half and that cut sleeve t-shirt on the upper without any bra she went out and had a fresh drink of Vodka.

I too had one more and ultimately we came back in the room and had another session in which Dimple rode over me in the beginning and later we climaxed in normal missionary position. After second session physically I was so exhausted that I failed to retain myself awake and went into sleep. I think Dimple was awake for long and finally she also slept in half naked state.

In the morning when I got up Dimple was already up with preparing breakfast and lunch for me and she was about to go to take a shower. I asked her if after attending her office she will come here in the evening, she denied and asked me if I want to have sex now. As I said yes she told me to join her in the shower and I had wonderful time with her under flowing water,

we played with each others body nicely, she jerked me hard while caressing my balls tenderly and at the same time I sqeezed her lusious breasts and also fisted her fuckhole with two of my fingers to arouse her. Eventually we ended up fucking on our parent’s bed and after that she got ready quickly to go to her work place.

I requested her to come back in the evening she denied again and in continution told me that tonight once again they have a plan of wife swapping, Truly speaking friends her words “aaj raat ko in logon ka wife swapping ka plan hai and it will be at our place” burnt my soul completely in anger and agony.

After having sex with her once I did not wanted to assume her having sex with anyone, not even with her husband, certainly it was foolish but it is true and I remained agitated for whole day and whole night. Throughout the day I was abusing my Jija Ji with the worst words I could speak and throughout the night scene of Dimple getting fucked like a slut floated in front of my eyes.

That day I masturbated around six times and finally my restlessness ended next evening when Dimple came again and I fucked her whole night with all my passion and in all possible positions. After that day throughout the remaining days, till my parents came back home Dimple came on alternate days and stayed with me in the night and we fucked and fucked endlessly.

I don’t know exactly what her inner motive to have sex with me was but I believe Dimple was trying taking silent revenge from her husband for intruding her into dirty sex life. At present my parents are back and since then Dimple has came home several time but we have never succeeded in fucking,

although we have kissed and I have played with her soft milk mounds numerous times in solitude but for me that is not enough. In the end I must mention this fact too that it is just not me who is dying to get on bed with her, it is immaterial for whatever reason, revenge for her husband or affection for her brother,

somewhere Dimple is also attracted to have sex with me again and now it’s just a matter of tiny opportunity which will certainly come to me in next few days. Readers do give feed back over my experience in the comments below; it will inspire me to write again.

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Dimple fucking with younger sibling Bunty - I

Hello readers, I am Bunty almost 25, I have finished my graduation looking forward to do some Job as professional course I am doing is at the verge of completion. I am reading sex stories over this blog from last few years but since long I never had anything to share but recently I have lost my virginity and it was with none other than my own sister Dimple with whom I fucked.

Dimple is nearly three year elder than me and also married. I don’t know whether I will be able to turn my real life happening into a sensual story or not but I want to assure readers that it is a real life incident and quite different from what I have read so far in last few years.

Now without wasting much time in introduction I would say my parents were suppose to go out for a month’s time; to spend their summer and I was eagerly waiting for them to go. I had a plan to party for whole month; drinking, blue movies, masturbation and full masti along with two of my close friends all night long and then no wake up calls in the morning.

Eventually my parents left and I spend 4-5 days like I desired but suddenly things changed. One day casually my parents called and behaving expressive I casually said to my mom that I am missing her and suddenly my mom got very emotional and said that she is coming back,

I corrected my mistake instantly and compelled her to stay as per schedule as it is too hot here in Delhi and it is not good for dad’s health. Next I don’t know how mom came up with a thought of sending Dimple to live with me. Once again I instantly tried to stop her but she did not agreed and after an hour or so Dimple called me to inform that today she will come to me directly from her work place.

I was annoyed over myself but could not do anything except expecting that she will go back to her husband after staying day or two with me. Finally Dimple arrived in the late evening directly from her work place, by now every sign of whatever was happened here in last few days; I mean drinking, and smoking was vanished.

All the bottles of liquor were gone into my wardrobe and both of my friends were gone back after cleaning the house properly and no need to say Dimple was impressed to see the way I was keeping home; neat and clean. Anyway since then I was eating out but that day Dimple cooked and we decide to have dinner together but later.

Dimple was wearing Jeans and formal top and she was looking good, although in past while masturbating I did not spared even Dimple to fantasize but still that day there was no sign in my gesture of being aroused because of her and anyhow I could not think that while being alone with her I can try having sex with her;

rather that instant I was not thinking about even masturbating in the night, possibly because I was little depressed because of her presence. Anyhow after cooking food and putting it into casseroles she went into mom dad’s room to take a shower and as I was sure that she won’t come back before one hour, I came into my room with a glass half filled with Fanta and poured some Vodka into it.

I was playing online games while facing away from the door of my room while having sips of my drink in between and suddenly I found Dimple standing behind me. For a moment I got frightened but behaved normal and instantly stood up and gave her seat to play.

Actually I wanted to take my glass away from her reach as I was scared that she might take a sip of that drink casually and next instant it happened. Assuming that it’s a plain Fanta Dimple took a big sip and cried in shock “ye kya hai….? What is this” I was stunned and scared and failed to utter anything for few seconds and eventually tried behaving normal,

“kuch nahi…Fanta hai” “tune iss mein kuch daala hai” Dimple uttered and took another sip, smaller one. I kept my mouth shut and she started into my eyes for few seconds, “bol kya daala hai tune iss mein?” Dimple asked me again and I surrendered… “Vodka”

I uttered in barely audible voice and for few seconds she kept on looking into my eyes with anger but finally changed her gesture and that is drastically, she smiled and uttered “Good….agar whisky hoti ta main nahi peeti”. I was surprised to see her reaction and next she asked me for the bottle and I took it out from my wardrobe.

Though mildly Dimple smiled while holding the bottle in her hand and told me to come to the living room “Drawing room me aaja aaram se baithte hain”. I was shocked with whatever happened just now but took a breath of relief because now I was not scared that Dimple will tell all this to Mom and Dad.

Anyway after switching off the PC I came to living room and after switching on the television Dimple told me to make drink for her and she will be back after taking a shower. I made drink for her and she came back in next 5-10 minutes and we settled down in front of Television. By now Dimple was wearing casual Pajama with a cut sleeve top.

Here if I will try writing that how Dimple look then I would say she is dusky skinned, average looking girl with sharp features, standing around 5’2”, bit plump for her height with very slight belly, thick and fleshy arms and thighs with a round fleshy ass, her breasts are big but not huge, possibly equaling to muskmelons, big dark brwon eyes with hairs ending below her shoulders.

All in all she is good enough to attract any male sexually including me. Anyway Dimple was sitting on main three sitter couch and I was on her left, she was watching Television and while being conscious I was trying to do the same and suddenly my sight flew to her armhole and as she was wearing sleeveless top I got a glimpse of mound packed in white bra and I suddenly started feeling aroused while looking at her.

Gradually I went on going hard and as I saw Dimple is sipping her drink and seemed focused in TV I tried adjusting my erection in my underwear and suddenly she turned and spoke out “kya dekh raha hai...?” She caught me adjusting my Penis red-handed I just ended up with a blush and she spoke again with mild serious gesture “don't forget I am your sister”

that was embarrassing and I moved my head down and tried avoiding looking at her again but Dimple did not stopped looking at me and spoke again in calm voice “waise iss mein tera koi fault nahi hai...ye age hi aisi hai....” and then continued “iss age mein life ka axis sirf sex hota hai... I have gone through all this” with that she gulped half of her drink in one go and finished her glass.

I was surprised to hear such words from her, immaterial of this fact that being siblings of thrre years of age diffrence we were quite friendly with each other, but sex as a subject of conversation was never came in our life and since then there was long distance between us in this concern and before I would have thought anything what she just said Dimple spoke again

“you know not only at this age…hum Indians ki poori life hi sex ke aas paas ghumti rahti hai”. The way and the words Dimple was speaking out with me it seemed as if she is drunk but how, drink she was having was made by me and it was not at all hard. Next she closed her and arching her neck rested her head over the back of the couch and went silent for couple of minutes.

By now my drink was also over and as I was in strange mindset I did not wanted to have more but Dimple wanted, she opened her eyes and told me to make another and I tried to stop her by saying “Dimple I think one is enough…” “please yaar…banna de ek aur…I am use to of it” that was another shock for me as in my knowledge Dimple was married to the cast where non-veg

and alcohol was forbidden and we all knew that including Aashish Jija Ji(Dimple’s husband) nobody in his family drink. Anyway I made another drink and it was once again on mild side and Dimple took a long sip before arching her neck and resting her head over the back of couch and eventually with the closed eyes came up saying “tu Khaana kha le…mujhe bhookh nahi hai”.

Once again I would say I was in really very strange mind state, I looked at her facial expressions and don’t know why she seemed stressed to me. Assuming that it could be her personal problem for an instant I thought about not asking her anything and as by now I was little hungry I thought about having dinner alone but eventually sat beside her on the same couch and asked her

"kya hua...is everything alright?" "Haan everything is fine" Dimple replied without opening her eyeys and suddenly I saw tiny tear flowing down from her right eye. I stayed beside her and continued looking at her face but Dimple was somewhat waiting for me to go and after a minute she opened her eyes and even though with closed eyes she could feel my presence beside her she asked me

"tu gaya nahi abhi tak?" and for an instant I came up saying "nahi...." but in continuation asked her "kya problem hai...why are you crying" and while saying "I am not crying...ye to bus aise hi....!" she cleaned her eyes and continued sipping her drink while trying watching television. "please bata na yaar kya problem hai...?"

I casually requested her to speak her problem and she looked at me with really very warm gesture and eventually uttered..."something is buried inside me and I want to share it with someone..." in response I remained silent and keep looking at her face, for an instant Dimple tried to speak something but failed to utter even a single word and closing her eyes knobbed

her head in no and stepped back to speak anything “forget it”… “I cannot share all that with anyone” ….”bol de yaar… what is the matter…?” I replied back in irritating tone and once again Dimple denied to speak her problem “no…you just forget what I just said…I don’t have anything to share” with that she ended her second glass and asked me for one more "ek aur bana dey"

"No…" I denied in loud voice and she released her glass on central table and spoke "fine...you go and have dinner" "No...Even I am not hungry" By now I was curious to know her personal problem and I replied back to her in mild anger but Dimple remained calm and spoke back "koi baat nahi...jab bhookh lagegi kha lena" with that she got up and walked to our parents bedroom;

possibly to sleep and I came back to my room disappointed. Once again I switched on my PC and started playing games and once again Dimple came behind and told me to come to living room to have dinner.

Even though I desperately wanted to know her problem but I did not asked her anything and we had dinner without much conversation and after dinner we settled down in front of tele vision to kill some time. Once again while watching television Dimple looked lost to me and guessing what I could maximum guess I asked her "Jija Ji se koi ladai hui hai?"

and without looking at me Dimple just knobbed her head in no, “then?” “nothing…bus aise hi thoda sa depress hun…I will be fine” Dimple replied back to me with a concerned smile and I got up and sat beside her and asked her again “you said…something is buried inside you and you want to share it with someone…”! What is that?”

In response of my concerned question Dimple initially looked into my eyes with lot of affection and then widened her arms to hug me and we hugged. It was a beautiful hug, pure and divine, surely far away from the lust and after the hug I asked her again same question and Dimple remained silent for few seconds, possibly to decide how to start and next what Dimple uttered was shock of my life.

She started by saying “You know Bunty after marriage I have become a slut” I was surprised to hear that and realized mild effect of alcohol in her gesture. I did not uttered anything and kept on looking at her face to believe what she just said and Dimple continued “ I am a bitch now…. tere Jija ji mujhe apne friends ke saath bed par share karte hain” her voice was hollow,

I could easily feel that while saying that her heart was pounding “Kya baat kar rahi hai…?What are you saying?” my heart also started throbbing and that’s what I could utter in that mind state and Dimple once again acknowledged her statement by giving further detail “haan…these three friends share their wives with each other…..” and then after a tiny pause she continued

“and I believe except me both the other females are very much comfortable with all this” “You mean tu Jija Ji ke alava aur kisi ke saath bhi sex karti hai?” I still could not believe what she was saying and Dimple showed two fingers and spoke “do hain…Deepak and Anuj…” and then spoke again “we are three couples...aur ye mix and match chalta rahta hai…you know partner swapping”.

I don’t know exactly what all was running my mind that instant, certainly I was shocked but unintentionally I was feeling aroused too, though it was mild but I was hard over my Penis and it was moving up. “tere saath zabardasti karte hain?” I asked Dimple, and Dimple knobbed her head in no and after few seconds replied “nahi…koi kisi ke saath zabardasti nahi karta…”

“Then…why you agree…?” I asked her and she looked at my face and then moved her eyes down in disappointment and spoke “it is my mistake… I agreed in excitement…and now it's getting too much....and I am feeling burdened” I was speechless, so was Dimple and for next one minutes we did not spoke anything,

Dimple continued watching television and sitting beside her I started trying believing what she just said. Dimple was married from last three years and after seeing her nobody in this world can say that she is such female who have sex with multiple males, apparently with the makeup of married woman Dimple looks very normal, concerned and faithful to her husband

and do not look like a slut at all but the fact was very different, she was a kind of a slut only. I did not wanted to think about my sister with that perspective but I was helpless, anyhow I could not stop myself from staring at her body with a thought that she gets touched over that by three different males;

not only touched she gets fucked in her hole by them and while sitting beside her don’t know when I started visualizing her getting fucked casually. I was aroused like I was never before, somehow I was trying holding my erection unobserved over my lose lower but it was difficult for me to remain calm and as I tried to put my hard Cock back into my underwear Dimple caught me again,

possibly she was waiting for such sort of act from me and she looked at my face with serious gesture and spoke in sarcastic tone “you are getting hard…?” And then spoke again in same fashion “that is why I did not want to tell you…you are also a bastard” and I moved my sight from her face in embarrassment.

Dimple was already irritated and in a fraction her anger pitched high and she cried in annoyance “just get out and go….go and shag your load….go”. I was never so embarrassed and I was helpless and I just walked from there and just fell over my chest on my bed.

My heart was beating high and eternal feeling I was going through was really very weird, like I said earlier I did not wanted to feel aroused but I was helpless and could not think anything else except this fact that my sister is a slut and except her husband she gets fucked by a two other males.

I just kept on lying on my front and slowly and unintentionally my hand went into my lower and started rubbing tip my Penis between my thumb and a finger to pleasure myself. Slowly I started losing control over my thoughts and went on assuming things about Dimple’s sex life on my own and one among that was that she also has sex in threesome;

she alone on the bed with two men at the same time, one in her mouth and other in her Pussy, like it happens in blue movies and with that thought in a fraction I was hardest of my life. As I said earlier in past when Dimple was not married rather even after her marriage sometimes I use to masturbate while fantasizing her and like past once again I thought about getting up

and going to the toilet to shag my load over her name but don’t know why I did not moved from there and just kept on rubbing tip of my hard Penis in hand, possibly I was enjoying getting aroused slowly and hardly after 5-10 minutes since I was here from Living room I heard noise of feet from outside.

It was none other than Dimple and as I heard her presence outside my door I pulled out my hand from my lower and turned sideways to face away from the door and next instant Dimple opened the door, “Bunty sow gaya kya?” Dimple asked in soft and low voice “nahi” I replied back without moving even a fraction.

Dimple came close to me and tried turning me to look at her and I turned, “I am sorry…I know it is not your mistake…” over her expressions she was feeling embarrassed and next instant she spoke again “mujhe tere saath ye sab nahi share karna chahiye tha…!” I looked at her face for few seconds and then turned back to my previous posture and Dimple spoke again

“please don’t speak to anybody about all this…” obviously how could I share all that with anyone, I did not reacted to her words and once again Dimple turned me to look at her and I turned “promise…?” and I moved my head in yes. I was expecting that now she will leave but Dimple sat down on the bed,

as there was plenty of space she also laid down with a pillow between her head and arm and straightened her legs. We were on same bed with legs in opposite directions, “When I get alone…I start thinking about all that and I feel really very bad...” anyhow I could not guess what she was thinking that instant but as she said that I understood that she need somebody to talk.

No need to say hundreds of questions running in my mind which I wanted to ask her about her sex life with multiple males but this is also true none of them were important for me to know, still I wanted to know everything; possibly to get further aroused and with a tiny buzz of clearing my throat I started with “wo dono JIja Ji ke friends hain?” “haan…”

Dimple replied and went silent, I too went silent may be because I was in dilemma what to ask next and in a fashion that she won’t mind asking me and before I would have asked her anything Dimple told me not to talk about all that “please don’t talk to me about all that….”

Her voice was soft and very touchy and then after few seconds she spoke again and asked me about my personal life “tu apni batta…teri koi girl friend hai?” “nahi…” I denied, next she asked “kabhi kisi ke saath sex kya hai…?” as subject of sex between us was casual now it was not shocking for me but still it was surprising and I tilted my head and looked

at her and Dimple smiled a bit and asked me again “kiya hai…?” and I knobbed my head in no with a smile and asked her back in bit of amusing tone “jab girl-friend nahi hai to karunga kiske saath?” and Dimple came up saying “prostitute ke saath…!” “Never…. I can’t even think about it…” I ridiculed her words confidently and Dimple smiled and uttered “good boy”.

Next nobody spoke anything for few minutes, but while lying in opposite direction somehow Dimple just kept on looking at my face, into my eyes with a smile and I failed to keep an eye contact with her and eventually blushed with a smile. Next Dimple spoke again and she told me to ask her whatever I want to ask her in that concern “tu jo puuchna chahta hai pooch le…”

certainly I wanted to ask hundreds of question but I replied by saying “tu jo share karna chahti hai kar le…I wI'll not ask anything” and Dimple started by saying “we are three couples…Deepak-Vandana…Anuj-Manisha and Aashish and me” after a pause she spoke again “We meet once in a month for whole night and spend night with some other partner”.


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Mr Rao enjoying hot fuck with Eliza

I have learnt from my experience that if a woman is determined to have sex with someone, she is sure to have it and she will find out her own ways and means to achieve her goal. Her relationship with her husband is mostly based on sex and if he is not able to satisfy her, she is sure to find an alternative. In sexual matters status or position does not count for her.

Her full satisfaction is the only criterion. A woman's body is so structured that besides her husband, she can copulate with any number of people provided, she gets sufficient rest and nutrition for her upkeep. There are ever so many women who have never experienced good and complete orgasm in their life.

But once she gets full orgasm from anybody and it becomes her benchmark and she goes to get it. I dont blame them, it is 90% their nature. Virility of a man fades after 50, but she is active even in 60s provided proper opportunity comes. I know several middle aged ladies prefer to have sex with young men and old people prefer young teen aged girl to have sex.

A 40 year old woman takes fancy to a tuition teacher who comes to teach her teen aged daughter. She is severely sex starved since her husband is in gulf and looks forward to a safe way to enjoy illicit sex. The maths teacher who is just 22 comes very handy.

She talks sweetly and ropes him in and gives him lot of good delicious food and presents to get fucked three times during day time before her daughter returns from school. When a retired bank executive takes out his car for a drive, a young girl shows her thumb and asks for a lift. Though retired, he is quite handsome except for a few grey hairs.

She is in her early 20s, with parents abroad, staying in the hostel and bored with the hostel life. They both have no place to go and to just kill boredom they came out for a drive. There is no one in his house as his wife is away to take care of his daughter. He goes to good restaurants to take food and takes a drink or two before going to bed. Girl is thrilled to join him in his pursuits.

They eat in a good restaurants and land up in his house, take part in drinks, she took only one peg, and sleep in his bed with him. Both promise to keep this relationship a top secret and promise to meet again next day. She knows her safe days and she has stock of pills and he is worried about taking her in and out of his flat without the neighbours noticing.

Her young body makes him virile and their nights are very successful and both of them are happy. This happens in big cities where it is very much crowded. Ladies working in IT are fabulously paid and staying as paying guest feel terribly lonely. They feel young friends are not trustworthy and hence prefer greying middle aged friends with whom they can roam around in car.

If going to his flat for spending the night is decided, the girl may bring her room mate also to join the fun. The gentleman of course should agree. Managing two drunken girls may not be difficult during the night. sex can be got from several sources not by fucking alone. The main aim is killing the boredom for all. Here I am referring to a particular girl, Eliza, 19.

Well featured and well mannered. When she asked for a lift Mr.Rao was equally or more bored. Her wife had gone to take care of their daughter and he was alone in the flat. He was fed of watching porn and watching TV where only stereo typed programs are shown. H never expected a nice girl will fall in his net who was equally bored as him.

They planned where to go for food, what movie to see, go to his flat and lie and talk or just sleep. Eliza thrilled to meet Mr.Rao, who ate all non veg food and he had his own choice restaurants which Eliza was yet to reach. Their tastes very much coincided. He was not at all in a hurry to take the girl and fuck her. He asked whether she has adequate stocks of pills, she said yes.

I have plenty of condoms Rao said. His dress in simple cream coloured pants and while shirt was elegant. He had a bulge in his pants. He stopped the car suddenly and ordered for fresh mango juice from a nearby shop. The juice was heavenly. Moving slowly they collected lot of eatable from the wayside shops and reached his sixth floor flat at 9 pm.

Leaving the parcels in the sitting room, Eliza ran inside and looked at the master bedroom. It was palatial. Nice decor and luxurious. To be able to come and sleep in this bedroom occasionally was very thrilling. Rao was sorting the food items they brought and some may have to be micro waved, some to be heated on the stove.

Rao likes to eat and drink and he takes lot of time for perfect drink and food. Eliza was simply enjoying the luxury. Rao called her to the table for the drink. He had kept two glasses of Johny Walker and asked her what she would prefer, water or soda or just on the rocks. She told her preference and they started. First peg was completed fast.

Rao filled the glass again. He just removed the shawl from the shoulders of Eliza, which was an indicator of what she should do. One by one she removed her clothes and soon she was in her bra and panty. Rao also removed his clothes and finally his boxer remained with a bulge in the front. Eliza was high and started to waltz around.

Rao took out the plate of chicken tikka from the oven and it fragrance was throughout in the room. Eliza came and took tow pieces and put them in her mouth. Rao just unhooked her bra and released her boobs from captivity. They were nicely shaped erect medium sized boobs with pink areola and nipple.

Rao pulled her closer and licked both of her nipples, she thrust her boobs into his mouth. Her hand went down to catch his bulge in the boxer. After eating four pieces of tikka each Rao asked whether he should pour one more peg each. Eliza came and hugged him and hit him in his chest with her boobs. Rao poured one more peg each.

Eliza told Mr. Rao whether she can bring her class mate next time who will enjoy such company. Rao asked for her name age etc. His wife may not come for another six months, he just wanted to enjoy till then. Eliza pulled the boxer from the waist of Rao and he pulled her panty from her waist. Rao's 7 incher was pulsating and Eliza had clean shaven her pussy and it was glistening.

Rao poured his whiskey down his throat and poured his next glass. Eliza appeared drunk and she caught the erect cock of Rao and squatting in front of him took the cock in her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the mushroom of his cock and took it in her mouth. She was horny and slowly took half of the cock in her mouth and was sucking it.

Rao caught her boobs and was squeezing them. Both were very horny. But Eliza seemed to pull his cock into hermouth and force him to shoot his fluids into her mouth. She was sucking vigorously. It was clear that it is not her first sexual experience. Rao asked whether she is still a virgin. She said no.

Because of her efforts he shot his cum into her mouth and it was well received by her and she swallowed every drop of it. She led him to his bed and his erect cock was dangling in front of him. He lied in the bed on his back and she got on him with her legs on either side of him,

she took the tip of his cock and inserted it into her pussy and she just lowered herself and his cock was entirely inside her. She stood erect of him like a statue. Fair in colour, erect boobs, narrow hip, she gave a picture of beauty. Raising her hand she tied her flowing hair into a tight knot on her head and she started to move up and down.

Rao thought he was very comfortably placed and if there is one more such horny and drunken girl he would have sucked her clitoris and made her to cum. Eliza started her action more vigorously and she was fuking him in good speed. His 7 inch cock was going deep into her and touching many pleasure points. She gave out a loud cry of victory and then proceeded to fuck.

Rao was fucking from down upwards to meet her thrusts. It is one of the most enjoyable pleasure moments for both Rao and Eliza. Rao was holding her boobs with both of his hands and squeezing them. Eliza felt her orgasm coming. She worked briskly and asked Rao to take over. They rolled in the bed andthe girl was now in the bottom and Rao on top.

He fucker her with good speed and finally both reached orgasm simultaneously. She told him that she is on pill and hence he can throw his fluids fearlessly inside her. They took some rest and fucked again before going to sleep. After first fuck both of them were hungry and they finished the food they brought. They both lied in the luxury of the air conditioner.

In the morning they had another fuck and Rao left Eliza near her hostel and returned home. This fuck has not changed anything in the body of Eliza and she is ready to get fucked the next hour. She told her room mate who was similarly placed, Rani, and Rani was eager to come next time when Eliza goes. Eliza told her to shave her pussy and armpits in preparation of the next weekend programme.

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Vishnu having sex with childhood friend Anshu

This is my first ever try of writing anything, readers might not find me a good narrator but as it is real life incidence it is worth reading. I am Vishnu and this is about me fucking my old friend Anshu. We both were married and as such we were not facing any trouble in our married life, even then we confronted sexually,

may be because we were attracted to each other since our childhood and we could not find any other way to tranquilize our magnetism for each other. While recalling our past I would say, though we never reached to each others home and our friendship was up to the school premises only but in a way me and Anshu were childhood friends,

we have studied together for 12 long years in the same class from 1st standard till the end of our schooling and since then we both were attracted to each other mildly. I don’t remember anything of my very early days with Anshu but I can easily say that the time I can recall I have always found her in my memories.

I was never brilliant in studies but among 25 odd boys of my class it was just me with whom Anshu use to talk frequently, may be because I was the only one who never spoke out any weird abusing words for anybody with the girls present in the classroom and apart from that leaving important subjects like English, Science and Mathematics I was good in Hindi,

Social Studies and Sanskrit which actually use to bore other students, and Anshu use to seek my help in those subjects and as we know the kind of hesitation children of 6-7 standard has for opposite sex, I was always timid to talk to her those days. But as the time passed gradually our friendship enhanced and many times we walked till the main gate of the school after final call of the day,

which eventually took our classmates attention and guys around me started teasing me with her name. I don’t know what reaction Anshu faced from her girl companions over this but as far as I am concerned, outwardly I use to behave reluctant over those teases from my male companions but surly I was happy deep inside.

Some time passed and gradually I started taking help from her in the subjects who use to bore me, like Science and Mathematics and cleared my board exams of high school convincingly. Deep inside I wanted to get into humanities stream where I could get plenty of Hindi literature but Anshu insisted me to get into Science stream, she wanted me to be in her class.

That time my grades were little more than minimum marks required getting into sciences and I granted her wish for being in the same class. We studied together for two more years and she often helped me in studies because she knew I am weak in almost all the subjects I have chosen.

Truly speaking friends today I recall my those two years as Golden period of my life, I remember sometimes deep inside I use to feel myself falling in love with her but as I was very immature I was more attracted to the girls who were more prettier than her and never gave a peaceful thought to Anshu as my love companion.

Basically at that age and mind state I could not make out the difference of attraction and love and like this two years went off like a flash. Somehow I cleared senior secondary too and ultimately because of low grades I opted for B.Com for graduation from correspondence and like she desired Anshu opted for better course from some other town and that is related to the studies she did in last two years.

Those days mobile phones and internet were nowhere in our lives, also STD calls were neither cheap nor easy to make, so we just lost contact with each other. I missed her a lot but because I was at the certain age where I could not keep her for long in my mind and eventually with a passing time Anshu almost disappeared from my memory.

Years passed, almost two decades and on one magical day I got a massage on my social networking site “I am looking for one of my very old friend, are you Vishnu passed out from such and such school in the specific year”. Visually I was changed drastically, I was having thick mustache over my face but Anshu was as she was twenty years back,

her facial features were just intact and it took me hardly one tenth of a second or may be not even that to recognize her and suddenly I felt as if I will go crazy in that divine and rapturous feeling. I responded to her massage positively with a strange shivering and could not wait to get a reply from her side.

Eventually Anshu replied and like I knew she was nevertheless happy to get connected with me after ages. Suddenly my disinterest in browsing social networking site took a madly turn and I could not keep myself away from my PC and ultimately in a day we got online at the same time and chatted for a while.

As I am not very good in writing and chatting and all I asked her for her cell number but Anshu was little hesitant to give her mobile no. so I gave her mine and she called me from some LAN line and we chit chatted for more than an hour as if there is no tomorrow.

She was married with one issue, so was I, We both were married more or less from last two years and everything was great at the both ends and we were happy with our lives. We did not realized when we started talking to each other on phone regularly, we shared our past twenty years,

recalled our school days and our other friends and gradually started exchanging casual quotes and normal jokes through Sms, couple of times Anshu massaged me husband wife Jokes which were little naughty and I too started and in next 2 months times once again Anshu was ruling my brain and few more senses of my body.

That instant I could not say anything about her feelings for me but anyhow I could not put her out of my brain and I wanted to meet her face to face. Though I knew that there is nothing wrong in asking her to meet me but still I could not do it, many times I thought about asking her when we were on the phone but I really failed and pretended myself casual.

Time passed, almost one more month she asked what I desired but not alone, Anshu came up with an idea of reunion, she was still in contact of few girls of our batch and like her I was also connected to few guys of our class. We all gathered and spent quality time together in recalling our past and discussing our present.

Though I was face to face with Anshu for more than three hours and we both were happy to see each other, but still it was not like I desired. We chit chatted just like old friends, by addressing each other Tu and all and shared our ordered food casually like friends do and like always good time passed like a flash and except me all my friends went back on their tracks.

I really don’t know what was happening to me, few months back I was feeling blessed with beautiful and loving wife but now I needed something which was not at all my fate. I started feeling it would have been great if we would have met her little earlier, just couple of years back.

Anyhow I wanted to be in Anshu’s company and this time I was sure exactly what it is, if it was not love then certainly it was not even just attraction because neither Anshu was prettier then my wife, nor she was slender like her.

After her delivery Anshu had put on some extra weight with a significant belly and surly it was not her physical structure or facial appearance which was pulling me towards her every moment, she was my oldest friend ever and in a way my first crush, since my teen age I had a desire to get closer to her and that is why with in no time of meeting her face to face and I was simply gone crazy to get that desire in real life.

Couple of months passed like that and my friendship bond with Anshu went on getting stronger and stronger. Apparently I was very much normal for my wife but deep inside my urge to get intimate with Anshu went on increasing and anyhow I failed to get complete sexual satisfaction from my wife and ultimately unknowingly like my bachelor days adopted habit of masturbating and that is almost daily.

I was restless but could not do anything for myself, though I was well aware of this fact that among all her friends I have a special place in her life but she never gave any hint about her heartiest feelings for me until one day, when just we two met for the first time. Since morning I was gone to the other edge of the town for some official work and that place was close to Anshu’s work place.

I called her around 12 and informed her that I am nearby and casually asked her if we can have lunch together. Like I knew Anshu said yes to it and we met in a good restaurant to have food and initially had casual chit chat about my work, why I am here and for how many days I will visit this location and all. Later I casually asked her how she commutes between her office and home.

She said she do up and down via metro and next I asked her if I can drop her home in the evening. Initially she said no while behaving formal but ultimately agreed when I insisted and also said that she would like me to meet her husband. I believe that was the point where matter of conversation changed when in response I said that I don’t want to meet her husband, she asked why?

And I casually said because I am jealous of her husband. I still remember each and every word spoken by us in that conversation and I would love to write it down as it is. When she said why I don’t want to meet her husband my words were “Bas aise hi…may be because I am jealous of your husband”.

That instant I was casual and did not knew that ultimately this conversation will lead us to the extent where we will open our feeling for each other. As I said that I am jealous of her husband Anshu smiled in bit of surprise and again asked me “Why?” and I replied by saying “I hope you won’t mind if I will say that you are my first love…. and I don’t want to see your husband beside you”.

For a moment she was speechless and she just smiled while looking into my eyes and then blushed a bit and finally spoke out “What if I will say I am also jealous of your wife?” I was happy to hear that and I said that “I am happy to hear that” and Anshu replied back to me in same fashion “fine…then I am also happy to hear what you just said…but still I would love to meet your wife”.

I knobbed my head in no and spoke neither I will ever meet her husband nor I will let her meet my wife “na main kabhi tumhare husband se milunga…na kabhi tumhen apni wife se milwaunga” and my statement surprised her and she uttered “this is silly” and I spoke back “whatever…” something was running in my mind to say and without giving much brain to it I spoke that too and my words were

“I don’t know what it is? But after meeting you I have started feeling as if I have hurried up in getting married….agar thoda ruk jaata to shayad tum mil jaati”. Anshu went silent, although I could make out that she has not felt bad with whatever I have said still I told her not to mind “tum please mind mat karna…”.

This time she knobbed her head in no to say that she hasn’t mind and said that she wanted to stay in the town but her father made her to go out and study in particular institute. I don’t know exactly what was running in my mind but I was never so disheartened in past over this fact and it was evident over my gesture.

Anshu smiled a bit and tried to cheer me up by holding my hand casually and spoke “don’t be sad…we will always be friends”. Though I casually moved my head in acceptance but also spoke out that this pain will never go from my life now.

Anshu did not had anything to say over that she was just looking into eyes, by now our lunch was over and we were sitting idle and to avoid further disappointment for her I called waiter for the bill and eventually we moved out of the restaurant. Once again I asked her if she would like to go back home with me and she said yes to it.

In the evening we met on decided place and before I dropped her home while listening music and having casual chit chat she took her child from the day care. I was supposed to work on same venue for around ten days and while Anshu was getting down I asked her if she would like to have lunch with me throughout these days.

She said no to it with a smile because it is not possible for her to stay out for such a long time regularly and next I asked her if she will come back home with me daily, she said yes to it. Next she casually invited me upstairs for a tea and when I tried to avoid she joking said that her husband is not in house “don’t worry…mere husband ghar pe nahi hain”

I giggled on that and said that I will have tea with her some other day. I don’t know what was happening to me, exactly what was it, love, lust or infatuation, that night I had sex with my wife three times in quick succession and I still slept unsatisfied. Unlike I was expecting next day my office did not sent me to that venue, certainly I informed Anshu about that and this continued for two more days.

And it worsened my mental state; I was dying to see her but could not do anything to meet her. Certainly I was wrong and I was aware of this fact that too but I was helpless, Anshu was ruling my all senses and I could not see any way out of this restlessness. I wanted to cry but I could not do that too and I just continued trying to tranquilize my lust for her by masturbating over her name.

Forth day once again my boss sent me to same venue and I asked Anshu if we can have lunch together. She casually denied for the lunch because of work load but herself said that we can go back home together. Like it was fixed I picked her from the gate of her work place and took a way to her home.

Anshu was casual in talking to me but I was bit conscious, as I was restless I was speaking very less and could not put my mind away from lustful thoughts, she was wearing casual kurta without any stole over her shoulde with streacheble leggings on lower half and instead of face, again and again my sight was going to her body; over her breasts and thighs.

On the way I asked Anshu if we have to pick her child but saying that she will pick the child later she brought me straight to her home and insisted me to have tea with her. Because I was madly restless from last three nights and wanted to spend as much possible time with her I did not said no to her invitation even once and came into her house.

I sat down in the dining area and Anshu stood in the kitchen while preparing tea. Sitting bit far I was staring at her body from head to toe and even after having lot of extra flesh all around her body with a significant belly that instant for me she was sexiest female on earth.

My thoughts, my feelings were slowly going beyond my control and I started dying to talk to her about what I feel for her and reaching close to kitchen eventually came up saying “Anshu I don’t know what has happed to me…?” I was standing behind her and Anshu turned to see me but did not reflect any expressions from her face except a tiny sarcastic smile.

“I love you…and I want to spend rest of my life with you”, I spoke again and my words were very straight forward and quite shocking for Anshu. For an instant she looked into eyes with surprise and then continued pouring tea into cups. “Want to have sandwich….?” She asked me with bit of choked voice and I moved my head in yes.

She gave me tea and moved back to prepare simple bread butter sandwich to eat along with a tea and I stood silent. Anyhow I could not guess what was running in her mind but from her reaction over my last statement I could easily sense that she hasn’t minded my words, possibly because she already knew my eternal feelings for her.

“I want to hug you” I spoke that when while standing in front of me she offered me sandwich and she looked up with bit damp eyes. We both smiled while looking into each other’s eyes and I took the plate of sandwiches from her hand and kept it aside. “I want to hug you” I spoke again and she uttered “Ok” in barely audible voice.

We hugged and hugged very tight, for me it was moment of sheer delight, I was feeling as if I was waiting for this moment from ages and now I did not wanted to leave her. “Anshu I love you…I love you more than my life” I spoke that while crushing her in my arms and Anshu also gripped me harder and came up saying

“you know I never forgot you…maine bahut try kiya tumen dhudhne ka…but tumhara koi clue nahi mila” and by the end of her statement I clearly felt her change in her voice, she was not crying but her state was nothing less than that. From her words and the way she spoke that she tried a lot to find me,

it was evident that Anshu was also disappointed over not meeting me early and sensing that I felt as if my heart will explode now and in that sentiment I kissed her on her cheek while hugging her. Truly speaking friends it was a moment which cannot be written in any language and what that tiny kiss over her cheek destined to me,

feeling was so wonderful that I failed to resist myself form going further and just kept on kissing her on her cheek and eventually took her face in my palms and just in couple of seconds kissed her may be dozen times all over her face. For few seconds Anshu’s eyes remained closed but as she realized that I am over stepping she opened them and looked into my eyes.

By now for me it was too late to stop myself and before Anshu would have tried releasing her face from my hands I kissed her on her lips. Anshu instantly went out of my reach and next moment I admitted my mistake and apologized by saying “I am sorry…I am really sorry”.

She turned around and walked into the kitchen and stood silently facing away from and in same poignant mind state I walked to her and grabbed her from her waist and kissed her on the nape of her neck and she puffed lightly and released her waist from my arms instantly.

Next she slowly turned around and looked at me but did not spoke anything for few seconds, we were standing face to face and quite close to each other and I spoke “Anshu I can’t live like this…I think I will go mad…” hearing that Anshu stared into my eyes for few seconds and then moved her vision from my face and tried to speak something while looking down but her throat

was choked with her own saliva and she cleared her throat with a mild buzz and uttered “this is wrong” and I knobbed my head in acceptance with barely audible “yes” and then added “but …l can’t handle this mind state…” with that I extended hand to her waist again and tried pulling her tenderly and Anshu moved ahead,

I once again kissed tenderly over her cheek and then rubbed my lips close to her ear and Anshu shivered a bit with a significant puff. “I love you…” I somewhat whispered in her ear and next instant Anshu hugged me tight. We embraced each other again and this time our hug lasted for really long.

“You are happy with your marriage?...hmmm…?” I asked her after a hug and she moved her head in yes and spoke “haan…everything is fine…koi problem nahi hai” and I replied with saying “same here…mujhe bhi koi problem nahi hai…but still I am not happy…I have gone mad….” Once again Anshu looked into my eyes for few seconds without a flick and then blushed.

I don’t know it was love or just obsession, deep inside I was tempted to touch her somehow and I caressed her cheek tenderly and Anshu closed her eyes in sensual sensation. Though she did not spoke anything clearly but I sensed that Anshu is more or less in similar mind state in which I was living from last few months, certainly that is why I was tolerated by her up to this extent

and fraction of this thought was enough for me to continue trying getting close to her and once again holding her waist with both the hands I pulled her closer and spoke “forget everything…aur jo ho raha ha usse hone do…” Anshu stared at me with strange gesture and I spoke again “let’s make love”

I was carried away but truly speaking that instant if she would have stepped back like it was happened few minutes back certainly I would have stopped but Anshu did not reacted over my words and ultimately moved her vision from my face and looked down. I lifted her face up by uplifting her chin and once again placed my lips over her lips and sucked them tenderly.

I don’t know if I have succeeded in describing mine and Anshu’s actual mind state to readers, whatever it was; love or attraction, it was mutual and for us that particular moment was so poignant, so stirring that we just released our self in the flow of emotions and ultimately kissed like true lovers.

Though in beginning when I sucked her lips she did not responded to my kiss but ultimately when I did not stopped kissing her Anshu failed to control her feelings and sucked my lips back and I can easily say that in a moment it became finest kiss of my life. We grabbed each others body in our arms, she from my shoulders and me from her waist and just went on kissing each other for really long.

Slowly my both the hands moved up from her waist and reached close to her breasts and breaking the kiss I started rubbing my wet lips over her face and gradually reached to her neck and close to her ears and Anshu puffed and moaned while grabbing me tight in excitement but at the same time reflected her perplexing mind state by saying “Vishnu this is wrong”

“I know this is wrong but I can't do anything” I replied back in same puffin voice and spoke again “let’s do it…I think that is a only way out” and with that I kissed her again and this time our kiss lasted for really long. As such I don’t have anything extra ordinary to describe my love session with Anshu still after that I don’t know when we reached to the bedroom and I took mine and her clothes off.

By now mentally Anshu was reached to the point where did not tried stopping me, while I was taking her clothes off she was melting and eventually lying stark naked I was partially on her top and we kissed and kissed endlessly. While kissing I touched her entire body tenderly with my hand, squeezed her soft breasts gently,

rubbed my hand from her breasts to her waist and then to her hips and held one of her mound and pressed it gently. Our kiss was getting intense and we were releasing our saliva in each other’s mouth. Room was dark but as it was a day there was enough light for us to see each other’s face and that instant we did not wanted to see anything else,

we just wanted to feel each other and don’t know when like me Anshu also started fondling my bare body, I realized when while being under me she cuddled my back with both the hands and tried to embrace me. Certainly we both knew that whatever we are doing is pure sin but still I would say it was purest form of love.

We were each other’s first love and that instant we were flowing into each other with our past feelings and we were flowing with no limits. Our bodies were tied together and they were inseparable by this time, one of my leg was between her fleshy thighs and my knee was touching her soft love hole, Anshu was flooding and oozing out her juices intensely,

Holding and squeezing them into my mouth I sucked her breasts and Anshu started moaning in very low voice. I sucked her breast and adore them one by one for really long and eventually brought my hand between her thighs and touched her love opening and she moaned bit higher and held me tighter, her love hole was amazingly wet,

like I have never seen my wife flowing and as I moved my finger over her slit to find the exact place where I had to enter Anshu puffed in pleasure erotically. Next instant I felt something over my Penis and it was her hand, Anshu was holding my rod and it was a wonderful feeling, she tried to guide me and I simply followed her, I moved inward and reached to her pleasure opening.

Anshu kept on holding my rod, possibly she was waiting for me to go inside her, I looked at her face closely, her eyes were closed and she was breathing bit heavier, I whispered “I love you Anshu”. She opened her eyes and saw me and same instant I pushed myself inside her, and she again closed her eyes and we both moaned in pleasure.

Once again I would say Anshu was wet like I have never seen my wife in my entire married life and I just slipped deep inside her womb in a fraction. I instantly started stroking myself into her gently and anyhow I could not stop looking at her face and facial expressions, her eyes were closed and she was grunting in pleasure in lowest possible voice.

Slowly I enhanced my pace and her moans got intense. I was still looking at her face, and listening to her moans of pleasure; no doubt like me Anshu was enjoying every fraction forbidden sexual confronting and suddenly I felt that I will not last for long, my pace got higher and at the same instant Anshu held me tight and in just few seconds, I buried myself deep inside her.

I don’t know whether Anshu met her orgasm or not but bythe end she seemed calm and satisfied. Anshu kept her eyes closed for long and also kept on holding me in her arms. I kissed her again and she too kissed me back. Once again I whispered “I love you” but she did not replied back and just caressed my face once before pushing me tenderly to say “get up”.

Though I wanted to but we did not confronted again, neither we are feeling any regret over our deed. Anshu admitted that like me she was also going through strange fever of getting close to me which was not letting her calm down and concentrate in her personal life.

I believe it was important for us to do something for that which ultimately happened. Life is back on track on both the ends and more or less our fever is eventually sub-sided after getting intimate once.

Please feel free to post your feedback about the above mentioned story in the comments below. Thanks.

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Shankar Enjoying Sex During Air Journey

I, Shankar, 50, was going to US. The agent booked my ticket from Chennai. The flight was by a German airline and to commence from Meenambakkam airport at 11.30. I came to Chennai in the morning, stayed in the house of a friend, I took bath took nice crispy dosas for supper and got dressed and by 9.30 bade farewell to them and left a cab to the airport.

Due to some flyover construction, there was lot of disruption and I told the taxi driver that somehow I should reach the airport because I am going by a plane. He understood and took some short cuts and reached the air port in time. I gave him a liberal tip and went to check in. When the boarding started I boarded the huge Boeing 747 and my seat was an aisle seat.

After leaving my luggage in the upper holder, I went to the toilet and took some time to return to my sear. There I found a lady occupying the window seat. She might have asked for two of the airline blankets and she wrapped herself fully with these blankets. She removed the hand rest and was encroaching into the middle seat to make her position more comfortable.

By so lying her knees were close to me. It was a grown up girl, typical south Indian girl with kumkum on her forehead and Afterall it is going to be a long flight and I will have plenty of time to talk and get to know my neighbor, I thought. First round the food trolley came and I took a continental food and asked for a peg of scotch.

I ate my food in a leisurely manner and downed the whisky in one go. I asked for blankets and pillow for my use. After settling in my seat I could watch the route map of the cruise of my plane. It goes via Andhra, Rajasthan, Pakistan and over Turkey to the East European countries and then turns to Gernany. I wrapped and pushed my seat back and relaxed and dozed off.

The girl in the window seat shifted her position and her toes touched me. The lights within plane was switched off and people seemed just settle for sleep. I saw my next seat girls was not asleep. I just inserted my hand underneath the blanket and grazed over her leg. Oh lucky she was wearing only a midi and hence my hand could move freely over her lower limbs.

I asked for her name and whether she minds my probing into her. She said her name was Nithya and she was going to Wisconsin to join her husband. She was from Chennai and came to attend a marriage of a relative, and went around in search of business. I leaned over her and my hand was busy in her smooth thighs and was reaching her panty.

It was a just cotton panty and I pulled it down. She cooperated and lifted her hip. I pulled it half way and she took care of it by removing one leg from it. Her fluffy cunt was damp and it seems her fluids were flowing out. How long you are sex starved, I asked. She said with a smile more than three months. How did you manage here in Chennai, with cousins.

No they were are young and they will talk around spoil my name. I had a small vibrator which took care of me. With the forefinger and thumb I just caught her clitoris and pressed it. She was enjoying my act and in half closed eyes with her hand she was pressing my hand. I inserted my fingers into her fuck hole. She opened her legs widely so that I may have easy access.

Shall I come on top of you, I asked. She said, yes, yes. I looked around all were sleeping and Since there were many empty seats most of the passengers were lying down and sleeping. Nithya was ready for my jumping over her. I just turned to her and holding the backrest with my hand I just laid on top of her. She removed her blanket her semi nude body received me.

Her hand extended and caught my erect cock and directed it to her fuckhole. She covered us both with the blanket and my cock slowly entered her cunt. Within a minute it was fully in. My hand went in search of her boob and it was difficult to get it out. I just smooched her on her cheeks and then got her lower lip and sucked it and her tongue darted into my mouth.

Except the droning sound of the engine, there was no sound. I slowly started to fuck her. She had shaven her pussy on that day and it was clean and smooth. I should have taken a break for a oral sex. But all idea come late. Since how long you are without sex, she asked me. I told her my wife died long back. But some kindly ladies take of me. She laughed and said lucky guy.

With my left hand I twisted her clitoris when my cock was deeply inside her and I too got my orgasm. I asked her how do you feel. she said Heavenly, divine. I could see that she was near her orgasm. Her cunt started to give pulsations and convulsions. Shall I hold on till we reach Frankfurt. She smiled and said no I was to wash to remove the stains.

OK, I got up and took time to take my cock inside my pant she just got up, first covered her nudity and then wrapped herself with the blanket she came of her seat and then walked to the nearest toilet which was empty. I had some tissues in my pant pocket. I took a few of them and wiped my cock of all the fluids, hers and mine and rolled the tissue and held it in my hand for throwing in the dust bin.

In the meantime Nithya came and jumped over me and got into her seat. The liquor cart came and I took a double scotch and a sandwitch. Nithya took a glass of wine. She said pre Frankfurt session is over and shall I wait for a post Frankfurt session. I laughed and said sure. She threw her soiled panty in the dustbin and she is free without any panty.

I told her to get ready for a oral session. She keeping her head on my side and turned her legs towards the window. Fully covered with blanket, of course. Before lights were switched off, she made a trial to reach my cock with her mouth of course all underneath the blanket. It was a well laid out plan. At Frankfurt very few people came to board the plane.

Some who came up our seats left us undisturbed. Again food trolley, drinks trolley and finally the lights were off and calmness prevailed. Nithya opened her mouth wide and took my cock into her mouth. She seemed to be an expert cocksucker. My entire 6.6 inches were inside her mouth and her tongue was playing havoc on it. I buried my face into her cunt and my tongue searched for her clitoris.

Having located, I licked it and twirled my tongue around it. Nithya was moaning and I told her to keep quiet. I tongue fucked her and her legs were very wide. Her flow of fluids increased and I drank the whole thing. We were not in a hurry, since we have to spend about six hours in the same posture. Oh, my first orgasm and shot the cum into the mouth of Nithya.

She drank the whole thing and rested for a while before taking it in her mouth. My tongue drew pictures on her clitoris and she was thowing more fluids on my face. My open mouth received every drop of her fluid. In the position we slept for an hour. We had one more session of sucking and licking. Suddenly Nithya wanted to get up.

To get up means lots of adjustments are to be made. She wanted to rush to the toilet. After about 15 minutes she came back and sat in the seat. She turned to me and kissed me on my cheeks. This is one of most pleasureable experiences I have ever had in plane travel. But she is about 500 miles away from me and there is no chance of our meeting again.

Within half hour we will reach our destination. Will you tell your husband about the thrill we got in the plane, she no, no, I cannot tell him. She gave me her cell no. so that we may communicate later. The plane was lowered and was touching down. It was a memorable experience. Although I travelled to and from US several times, I did not meet her again.

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Arup Enjoying First Sexual Touch With Piyali Di

After going through lot of stories in Human Digest I decided to write my own chain of incidents which happened through out my life. This is Arup Kumar Roy Male 35 an Engineer working in a reputed company.I belong to a Bengali Family and from my childhood I am very fond of girls like most of the male.

My sexual interest grew at the age of 14 when I first discovered the pleasure of Ejaculation. Although from the age of 12 I started playing with my penis during bath. I am going to describe my first incident of touching a girl sexually.At that time I was 18 years of age reading in Class XII in ICSE Board.

We used to live in Government Quarter as my father was a Government Employee at that time. People around me used to Admire me more as I was reading in an English medium private school at that time,when most of my colony friends are reading in the Bengali Medium Government School. One day in our colony a new family came.

There were four members in that family.Two girls age 20 & 23 and their old parents. The name of them were-elder sister is Piyali and younger sister Tanu. At first day we just interacted with hi & hello. Then day by day our interaction increased.When ever they need some help they started asking me. I was jack of all trade and master of none at that time.

From fixing the electrical fittings to finding some labor to work.Day by day I came close to both the sisters.They were elder then me still we were very good friends.We started spending more times and our most of the time is spent in exchanging jokes and taking funny things. I started liking the company of both.

Some times their touch made me aroused.I started fantasizing about them while masturbating. I tried to make a plan to touch their private parts but I was not sure how to start. Every morning we three used to go for morning walk and bring Milk from the milk man. One day Piyali di had not gone for the walk as she was sick she said.I went along with Tanu di.

I tried to advance towards her but it ending in walking holding the hands only.Later in evening I went to see Piyali di and asked her what had happened to her. She casually told nothing much just not feeling well. I became angry on that as she was not telling me the exact reason. I was too close to them ans still she is not telling me the exact reason this made me angry.

Angrily I went away from their home and the next day I heard that she had gone to the doctor for a visit.This made me more angry.I went to her home again to ask her what had happened to her. This time no one was there in her home as her parents have gone to market for some Puja shopping along with Tanu do.

The market where they went is quite far and I knew it very well that they will not be returning until 10 pm.It was 7 pm when I entered their home.Piyali di was watching the TV and she asked if I would like to have some tea like other days. I told no. I sicked to my question that, ''tell me what had happened to you''? Again she refused.This time I planned to force her sentimentally.

I told her that you don't have any problem to tell your problem to the unknown doctor but you cant say it to me who is so close to you.Finally she broke and told me she is having some pain in her lower abdomen. Now this made my way. I said let me see. She refused and scolded me. I told her as you know I am jack of all trade,I can give a good massage which will relieve your pain.

After some refusal she agreed.I bought some coconut oil from the bath room and asked her to lie down in the bed.She lied and lifted very little of her shalwar to give me access to her stomach. I started to brush my hands on her stomach. Slowly slowly I got aroused and I saw that Piyali di is also enjoying my touch.

She closed her eyes and I was gradually making my way to her boobs.She kept her hands in her side and she was holding the bed sheet very tight.I could feel the enjoyment in her expressions.I was making my way to her pants also while brushing my hands with oil on her stomach. Slowly my penis grew to a eight inch long iron rod.

I started touching my penis in her knee while giving her the massage. In now time I managed to reach her boobs.Certainly she stopped my hands and told not to do. This was just a normal reaction I guess as if she needed more it seemed.I asked her not to stop me as I will not hurt her. She kept quite and I proceeded further.

Finally I managed to put her shalwar above her boobs and her boobs were clearly visible to me. My penis already started dropping juices.I kept on brushing her boobs. Gradually I moved down to her pants and I managed to pull her pants down along with the panty as well. She cooperated by lifting her back while putting it down while she was still lying on the bed.

For the first time I saw a matured pussy in front of my eyes.It was cleanly shaved.The nerves of my penis was looking as if it was going to burst.I unzipped my penis and touched it on her knees again then I started fondling her pussy.

Juices were dripping from her pussy and it was no less then any costly wine at that time In no time I kept my mouth on her pussy and started sucking all the juice. She immediately got up and started pushing me to move my mouth from there. She said it is dirty and I should not put my mouth in it but who cares. After a minute she could not resist the touch of my tong on her pussy.

She started flooding juices and I kept on drinking. She was then strongly holding my hair and pressing my mouth in her pussy. This time she made me to drink and lick her pussy and she was moaning load. After flooding into my mouth she got up and made me sit on the bed and started sucking my mouth. After a minute I removed her and ran in the bathroom to ejaculate.

After that I came back with full relaxation and we slept for a while holding each other...While writing this incident my old memories revived once again...Hope you will like it...People can get back to me with your feedback/suggestions in the comments below.

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Ashwin having sex with maid Viji

Hi friends this is Ashwin from Chennai I am a frequent visitor to human digest. First let me introduce myself I am fair, age 19, average looking, correct physic not a gym physic, 6 feet height and 5.8 inch tool. The story revolves around the female named viji who is our house maid comes at the dawn by 7 and leaves at 9pm.

Now structuring her she less fair than me but her cute looking face outstands her color. Her age is 30, medium size breast and flat ass. She is married at the age of 25 and her husband is a chain drinker, goes to work at 9 and reaches home at late night by 11and has no kids. She lives in an independent house.

As a typical Tamil married women she always wears a saree, a matching blouse, and hand with not less than 4 plastic bangles on each hand, a pierces nose, and the anklet with lot of beeds. She used to work in our home when she was 27, since we were a well settled family and both of my parents are the head of marketing managers in 2 different company in two different poles

they hardly find time to come home and they would always be in traveling to their regions. They will debit the amount to my card and I should take care of the house hold things. Since both my parents debit the money I will always have a minimum of 25000 as minimum balance which would be more than enough for a month’s survival.

As both my parents were on tour so they arranged a trust worth maid to be held in the house. Now on to the story I started having sex with her when I was 18, since it was the teenager’s life I would like to enjoy my life and have sex. As days passed by I didn’t notice her body and face as a beauty because thinking of her a maid.

I would talk to her like a just friend and wouldn’t interact freely. These things were happening for a long time and I didn’t even thought of having sex with her. One fine day when she came in for work and I was in vacation I saw her very sad and her eyes was red since she was weeping.

I saw her sad face and as I was going to ask her she rushed to bathroom and closed the door and was washing her face. when she came out and headed to kitchen I rushed to her and asked what happened she was crying and said that her husband came home drunk as usual and she stopped I asked her again by holding her shoulder she said that she argued with him for not to

drink he slapped her and kicked her on her stomach and he went to sleep. Poor women was suffering from pain and feeling. I made her to stop all the work and took her to the hospital and as insisted we took all the scan and doctors confirmed that nothing is there to worry only swelling due to the impact and it will get cued in less than a day.

Then the doctor gave some tablets we bought and headed to home. I gave her the tablets and after she eat I told her to sleep since she was suffering from pain. She said no I need to work I said if one day this house is not clean nothing will happen and that I will buy food for both of in the nearby hotel.

Then I made her to sleep in the guest room and switched on the AC she said that fan will do better I said its summer and that this room is very hot. She was drowsy and she went to sleep in few minutes and I left the room.

By mid-day I went to the hotel bought food and came home she was still asleep and when silently went to her room I saw her she was in a deep sleep and as sleeping she forgot to close her breast with saree. I saw her medium sized breast protruding and her cute face. That’s the time I realized that I had a beautiful women in my home and didn’t noticed it.

As she was sleeping I was gassing her body I even tried to touch her body and took some photos of her body her breast and took all the precautionary measures that she must not see. After some photo shoots I woke her by touching her hand but she didn’t woke up I stated shaking her hard and then I place my hand in her stomach and woke her she then suddenly woke up

and said sorry that she was a bit drowsy and we both had lunch together. Since we became close we started chatting about the doctor’s record and asked that you have a good carriage and still not you're not pregnant is there is some fault in you. She replied in sad voice that her husband is a dunked and will not fuck her. Till now he might have fucked me 4-5 times that’s it.

I was shocked to hear that and was starring other body. She saw me starring at her body but she felt a bit uneasy when I had a look at her body. As days passed by we became thick friends and will chat like hell and watch movies together and occasionally i.e. once in a month I will take her out which she resists all the time. I would masturbate thinking of her and photos which I took her.

Once day when I was teaching her how to use the BlackBerry Q10 phone she was pretty interested in learning the operation as she was using it she went and saw some photos. While she was watching she saw her body photos and was shocked to see her body and breasts were revealed. I didn’t notice that she was looking it the photo after noticing that I grabbed the phone.

She shouted at me to show the photos but I hesitated and she questioned that “all the kindness and affection u showed was all to use me as to fulfill your desire”. I couldn’t answer anything but stood there as a rock. I was ashamed and was frightened whether she would tell to my parents.

I got a bit of courage and went near her and said sorry and deleted all the photos I took her in front of her. She asked whether I like her not meaning sexually but character wise I nodded as yes and she was little ease and I said again sorry and went out and came only by 7 pm.

She was cleaning and getting my dinner ready and went straight to my room and was chatting with my friends over phone. She entered into my room and asked again the same question whether I like her or not. I replied that yes but as a sister.

She then came closer to me and sat near me and held her hand on my lap and again asked with a lower voice whether I like her or not I was breathing heavily and again said yes with a stampeding voice. She then placed her hand in my cock and again asked the same question whether like her or not I again said yes and gave her a deep French kiss and was exchanging our both saliva’s.

While kissing us she was rubbing her hand all over my cock and me squeezing her boob. We then broke our kiss and she took my penies out from my shorts and started sucking its head alone. Oh My God what a pleasure while getting a blowjob from a female rather than from one’s own hand.

I have seen giving blowjobs and other sort of things only from the porn and now experiencing it for the first time in my life time was heavenly. She stopped sucking my cock and leaned against me and stated French lip kissing. I also kissed and licking her and I kissed her in her neck and ears.

I have seen these from the many porn that kissing on a women neck and ears will make them much more arouse. While doing so she stopped me and guided me to her breast. I started removing her saree and unhooked her blouse and bra and I sucked her breast and bit her nipple.

Even though she had an average sized breast she had a long nipple in which I was constantly sucking. After I finished sucking she guided me to her vagina by the time I was sucking her breast she has removed all her undergarments and made it ready for me to go on a rouge.

I stared licking her pussy it was a little bit salty as she was wet and because of the sweat. I cleaned her pussy with her saree and then started to lick her pussy after some time playing with her pussy I dragged her to the floor and inserted my 6 inch bro in to her sis.

While my bro entering her sis she was bit mourning a bit and for me also it was a bit painful being a man I should not show my pain I dominated my pain and started pounding her. After some time of bro sis play my bro split on the sis’s outside and I stopped. But, she was not satisfied at all.

She then dragged me to her and said make my sis too split I was a bit afraid and was in a great pain because I am having sex with a real one and started to play the match but making her to satisfy was a very big problem. It took 3-4 of my fluids for her one.

Then only I understood that satisfying a women much higher than your age is very difficult. I was pretty much tired and had a very burning sensation in my tool and we both went to clean ourselves. While she was leaving I was very tired and she was very happy and gave me a blow job while I still refused it she was going on sucking my penis for about 5 minutes

I said Viji Akka my fluids are all out and just then my bro started splitting it. I was summonsing my pain for a long time and when ejaculated she drank all of it and wiped her mouth and headed home. After 2 hours of play she was not tired nor did she feel any pain she went as if she has not done anything. After she left I applied Vaseline in my penis and eat the dinner and slept.

The next day morning she came at sharp 7 and woke me up and said today all day we can have fun and started giving a blow job I in turn started squeezing her breast and started playing with it. While she was sucking I thought of cum in her face before I got to the climax I stopped her and split all of my fluids in her face and mouth and she was in a bit hurry

to clean it up but I stopped her and took a photo and then she wiped it. She said that yesterday was her best day as she never had any good time with hubby. I said me too. Then for the rest of the day we were playing all the sex games that we could and I asked her what if she gets pregnant from our relationship she said that I will happily keep it and will make her husband believe it’s his.

Likewise was pregnant at the age of mid-31 and the baby did not succeed due to miscarriage on the 2 month itself and she was very depressed and could not bear the pain and she would come crying every day to work and I pleased her and said that its only one time next time she can be careful and we took some test that whether she can become pregnant

once again the doctors confirmed as positive and I got a job in a IT company. At late 33 she again became pregnant from our relationship and gave birth to a beautiful boy. After her pregnancy her hole were a much easy to penetrate an also to enjoy.

She would bring her child to our home and does all the work and also take care of the baby and we would have our daily pleasures and enjoy. I took care of her monthly doctor checkups and all the necessary vitamins and medicine. After her pregnancy her husband also reduced his alcohol level and started earning for the family.

Since it was my biological son I also took good care of him as a father and now he is 9 months old. Next month is my marriage and I know how to pleasure my wife since I have all the experience with my maid.

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