Zoltan having sex with ex girlfriend Alka

She opened the door slowly. She looked resplendent in a beautiful red saree. Her beautiful long hair was open and the lighting was perfect to the T. She looked like a bride as she welcomed me in.

I watched her come back into the living room and it was clear that she had dressed for the occasion. The gold chain around her small waist glittered like miniature Diwali lamps. Her smile was a million watts. She laughed at my awe stuck expression. I had never realised that she was so good looking.

Hi Folks, this is Zoltan again back after a long break. A guy has to earn a living after all. Hope you people have been naughty and horny all the while. As always no personal details here, will suffice to say good in all departments ( No lady has yet complained ! ! !)

This update is fresh. I mean really new. Happened just last week. I ran into my ex at a market place in Noida recently. We had parted quite bitterly over some misunderstanding long time back and had never been in touch. I was shocked to see her face to face in the mall. So was she. The entire history flashed by in seconds for both of us.

We passed each other without acknowledging the other. Only she wasn’t a stranger. Lets call her Alka. I didn’t want to talk to her so moved on the section where my girlfriend was shopping without any further interaction. But soon I got the feeling that someone was watching. I used the multiple mirrors in the mall to scan the area behind me without saying anything to my babe.

Sure enough there she was. Alka was hiding behind a row of clothes in the close by section eyeing me carefully. Why???? Soon a sales person came and handed me a slip of paper. Alka had sent me her mobile number ! ! ! ! I was quite surprised at the turn of events and pocketed the slip. The evening shopping with my girl went off well and after I had dropped her back home.

I hit my pad. I was relaxing over a drink when I suddenly remembered the evening’s incident. Alka had been looking sexy as usual. Dressed in a long skirt and a high neck she had looked quite a head turner. I fed the number into my mobile and threw away the slip. Remembering the bitterness over which we had split I didn’t want to call her at all.

Some more days went by when I got a facebook request from her. She sure wanted to connect. Only I didn’t know Why????? After much misgiving, I finally gave her a call. She picked it up after a few rings. As soon as I spoke She recognised my voice and said, “ Z I have been dying to speak to you for ages. I sent u my number but u didn’t call. I need to talk to you.” “About what ? “ I asked.

“About us and all the misunderstanding and all that transpired between us” She replied. “There is no necessity. Both of us have long moved on from that time and there is nothing left.” I said. Alka insisted and replied, I know what I did was wrong I just want to apologise and meet you once.” Not wanting to be ultra-stuck-up I said ok and agreed to meet at a coffee shop in the same mall the next day.

Alka was waiting for me the next day when I reached the Coffee shop. She looked neat in her trademark long skirt and a simple top. Over the coffee she said her sorry and said that the misunderstandings were all due to a third person. So we buried the hatchet and decided to stay in touch.

One fine day after a torrid secession between the sheets with my babe I noticed that my phone had a number of missed calls from Alka. I called her up a few hours later after I had left my girls’ place. Alka picked it up on the first ring itself and enquired as to why such a long time. Just to tease her I told her that I was fucking my chick and it wasn’t possible to answer her phone then.

Her answer surprised me. Alka sighed and said, “ I wish I had a fuck buddy too.” “Why? Whatever happened to your boyfriend?” I asked. “No boyfriend, I have been too busy moving up the ladder after we broke up that I never got close to anyone.” She replied. “ So get a one nighter ! ! ! !” I joked. “ I can’t do that” she said. “So what do you do to get your rocks off” I asked.

“Nothing, just my own fingers and that’s all” she said. “ Are you trying to tell me that you have had no sex all these years ? I asked totally surprised. Alka was quite for a long time and then came a small “yes”. “ You are a virgin at 30 Years ! ! ! ! ! ! !” I blurted out. That doesn’t happen in India at all these days and definitely not in NCR to my knowledge.

Alka rebuked me saying “ It is not all that easy to get laid either. You are not a girl and you will not understand.” “OH Sure”, I said. “It is totally easy” I said. “How” she asked. “Next time you are horny and need a fuck badly call me. I will cure you of the virginity problem and fuck your brains out too.” She was silent for a while. Had I gone too far I wondered.

“Alka You there”, I said? “ Yes” she replied. “Meet me at my place tomorrow night at 7 pm sharp. I am texting you my address.” Saying that she hung up. Now I was Shell shocked – was I actually invited by a 30 year old virgin to fuck her. Oh Man I don’t even know her that well now a days. This was going to be hellva Sunday. So come Sunday, I freshened myself up.

Dressed up like a gentleman and rang her bell at 7 PM sharp. After a few moments Alka opened the door. She looked radiant in her shimmering red saree and she smelt like an angel. Her smile lit up the room as I presented her with fine bottle of wine and the Orchids which I mercifully remembered were her favourite.

We settled into a comfortable set of sofas in her living room and were soon chatting away to glory. There was a lot of apprehension in the air and it was quite like going on a date for the first time. As the level of the wine in the bottle decreased we were both flushed with all that had transpired earlier and also what we had planned to do tonight.

Alka soon gave me a promising look and went to do something in the kitchen. I watched her sway past as I inhaled her exotic perfume and remembered what I had been invited here for ! ! ! ! After a moment or two I followed her into the kitchen and peeped in. She was facing the microwave and fussing with her lovely hair. I decided that it will be now or never.

So I sneaked in and snaked my arms around her waist. Far from being surprised she snuggled in backwards into my arms and turned her head to a side. “Why did you take so long” She whispered. I gave her a kiss on the nape of her neck which made her tremble like a fish out of water.

I could see goose bumps on her silky arms. As she snuggled backwards into me she turned and angled her head upwards for a kiss. We kissed deeply in that position for what seemed like ages. She then gently broke the kiss and led me to the bedroom. The room was candle lit. Lots and Lots of candles all over the place. It looked straight out of some erotic movie.

“ I wanted to make my first time special, ” Alka volunteered as she saw my expression. I knew that I had to perform my very best tonight. This girl had waited for so long for this night and obviously wanted it to be perfect. The wine that we had consumed was adding to the charm. I slowly pulled her to me as she had just put on some light music.

We kissed lightly at first, like two boxers sizing up each other in the ring. Then the hunger over took us as the lips clashed with an urgency of their own. The patterns of lights and shadows thrown up by the candles was bewitching. As the kiss intensified, I gently pried open her mouth with my tongue to exchange saliva with her. Her inexperience was showing.

And she was showing a lot of courage for a virgin. She was hugging me real tight. It was almost impossible to move and to proceed. I slowly massaged her back and hugged her back. She was breathing heavy by now. Her moans were slow and light and her eyes shut tight. I wondered what exactly must she be experiencing ????

After all virgins are far more endangered than Tigers these days!!! I slowly rubbed her entire back and proceeded to squeeze her hips. She inadvertently tried to pull and push her hips in my hands and In doing so she was rubbing her crotch against mine. Predictably I was soon sporting a boner and it was at full mast waiting to pay its respects in a damp squishy place.

Undressing a virgin is always tricky. And this one was ultra horny. ... I slowly turned her to a full length mirror and made her stand facing it. She looked beautiful. Almost golden in the light of the candles. I stood behind her concealing myself behind her body. “Don’t do any thing”, I told her. “Just keep standing still.”

Alka smiled and stood still. Her gentle but full curves were driving me mad. And that romantic setting in all that candle light. I had to muster up all my will power not to rip off her dress and fuck her like mad. I decided to fine tune the foreplay and prolong it. After all the thrill of the hunt is always in the chase ! ! ! ! !

I first unclasped the gold chain around her waist and kept it on the dresser taking care to caress her beautiful waist gently. A shiver ran up her spine as I did so. Next came her bangles and caress on her lovely super smooth arms. Her breathing was starting to pick up. A long kiss on the neck and gentle sucking of the earlobes followed the removing of the necklace and the earrings.

Alka was by now breathing fairly heavily. I could sense her heartbeat rising. I looked at her eyes in the mirror and I could see excitement and lust rising. I unhooked the shoulder brooch that held the saree in place at the shoulder and another kiss followed in the hollow of the shoulder.

It was now turn for the saree to go. I asked Alka her permission for the same silently though our eyes in the mirror. She gently smiled and kept standing very still letting me do what I wanted to. I slowly pulled the pallu of the saree off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Her beautiful young breasts were visibly rising and falling with each breath.

She looked gorgeous to the high heavens. I snaked my arms around her waist to free the clutch of the saree at her waist and pulled it free of the petticoat. The saree fell to the floor in a silky whisper. Alka remained still breathing heavy but not moving. I smiled at her through the mirror and she suddenly started turning towards me for a hug. I gently prevented her from doing so.

She had dressed for the day. Everything she was wearing was either red or golden. What a combination ! ! ! The blouse and the petticoat were again shining red silk hiding her treasures. I had not planned this undressing foreplay but she was prepared to perfection. Next was the turn of the red blouse hiding the perfect twins.

Alka was now turning deep red herself as she watched herself being undressed. I kissed her cheeks from behind as I snaked my arms around her. Her blouse was the front open type. She leaned back into me letting me be comfortable reach of all the goodies. A few more kisses only helped in accelerating her breathing.

As my finger reached the bottom hook Alka closed her eyes and leaned back into me as if in some kind of a trance. I whispered to her to open her eyes. She did as instructed. I pulled all her lovely long black hair to her front. Effectively covering her in a black curtain of glossy hair. Slowly and steadily my finger worked their way up opening all the hooks gently.

The heat from her breasts was burning into my hands I had to muster all my will power not to cup and squeeze those beauties. The red blouse too joined the saree on the floor. I could see the magnificent red net bra that she was sporting that day but her lovely tits remained hidden under her glossy black hair. She looked like a Goddess ! ! !

Her petticoat was the next to slide down her magnificent waist and legs. Her panties were red net as expected with a little bow on the front and the sides as if gift wrapping to an exotic gift. Which it effectively was. Alka looked into the mirror and into my eyes as if waiting for my next move. I decided to let her be for the time being.

Whispering her to stand still and keep looking into the mirror. I then proceeded to undress myself slowly. As the garments fell on the floor in due turns I was soon standing naked behind the divine beauty. She could only see the outline of my frame as I stood behind her. My erect cock poked her in the back as I leaned forward to hug her from behind.

Alka now looked at me through the mirror as if to say what next ? She knew I was naked behind her. She was still in her red net undies. I pulled her back into me and now circled my arms around her. She angled her head backwards for a kiss. I was only too happy to oblige. As we kissed in that position I could see her reflection in the mirror. She looked like a Goddess.

I had now teased her enough. I then moved my hands to her bra and hair coved breasts. I cupped them delicately and squeezed them from behind. AHHHHHH a small moan escaped her lips as she reacted to the first ever male hands touching her. I continued to gently rub some pleasure into the fabric covered tits. She was kissing as if there was no tomorrow.

Her eyes now were tightly shut and she had surrendered herself to the world of pleasures. While rubbing her beauties I pulled back all the hair to see her in all her glory. I still do not have the words to describe the sight. GODS had really smiled on me that day. She looked like a model from the Victoria’s Secrets ! ! ! ! ! Only way more beautiful !! ! ! !

While admiring the incredible beauty I slowly unhooked the bra and unveiled the beauties. As my readers know that I am a hardcore tits man and these beauties really took my breath away. I could hold myself no longer. I cupped the delicate beauties in my palms and rubbed some pleasure into the light brown tips.

They stood at complete attention, stiff like the soldiers in a parade. They were so tempting, so I gave into the temptation and rubbed them with my fingers and tweaked them gently. Alka let out a sharp breath. I then decided to take my beauty to the bed. I scooped her from the floor in my arms and walked over to the bed. That too was covered in black satin.

As I lay her down on the satin sheets She looked beautiful on them. Her fair colour standing out in contrast to sheets. I then gently lay down besides her. Alka snuggled into my arms and we resumed our foreplay. I wanted it to be nice and long as I didn’t want to frighten her or shock her. As the kiss resumed I caressed her all over her lovely silky back.

As our legs intertwined with each other I let my hand stray lower and caressed her beautiful bums over her red net panties. I then wanted more. I slowly rolled Alka on her back and supporting my self on my elbows started raining kisses on her face, her eyes, her nose, I sucked her earlobes and then latched on to her beautiful gravity defying breasts.

I sucked on one elongated nipple as I played with the other one. I then changed the treatment to the other beauty. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH ! ! ! !! ! came the first moan from Alka as she arched her back to push more of her tits inside my mouth and into my palms. I understood and obliged with doing the same. I then decided to snake down south and go for the prize.

So cupping a tit in each of the palms I snaked down wards kissing between her beautiful mountains. I even cupped both her tits and licked both her nipples at the same time. Alka was delirious with ecstasy. Unknown sensations were invading her body. AAAAAAAHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! OOOOOOHHHHHH ! ! ! ! MMMMMMMM were all that she was uttering.

I kissed and licked around her deep navel and moved below. Alka tensed a little as she felt me moving down, but she did nothing to stop me or slow my advance. I could make out that her slender shapely thighs were trembling in anticipation. I was by now just above her red net panties. They were beautiful. Completely transparent and so very light.

I could see that Alka had shaved herself clean. There was no hair at all. Complete Bridal Treatment. ! ! ! ! The panties were soaked with her juices and the crotch area was a little darker that the rest. I liked that. I left her tits and shifted her thighs above my shoulders to get a direct access to her preserved virginity. I kissed her over her pubic mound, over her panties with max force.

OHHHHHHH ! ! !! ! !! ! ! was the immediate response from her. I then started licking her over the delicate cloth. AAAAHHAHAHAHAHHHHHH……HHHHH…… She went as she involuntarily started to draw her thighs close. But by now I had her lower body in a complete grip and she could only enjoy the sensations for the very first time ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I licked the wet crotch of the panties and through it her dripping wet pussy ! ! I then pushed the cloth to the side and kissed the clit directly, sucking it into my mouth. OHHHH ! ! ! ! went Alka as she jumped up from the sheets due to the forceful and pleasurable sensation. I then slowly pulled the panties off from her hips and down her lovely legs.

For the very first time she was naked in front of a man. The golden candle light was making her look golden. On the black satin sheets she looked Divine. Her red net panties were lying on a side to provide a completely erotic look. Her beautiful pussy was gleaming in the candle light. Tiny droplets of sweat and pussy juice were accumulating.

I decided not to wait any further and dived first into my first ever virgin pussy. I wanted to use all my experience to give her the time of her life. I delicately licked her pussy from the bottom to the top ending at her clit. OOOOHHHH ….. AAAAAAA HHHHHH…….AAAA HHHH….she went as the sensations started to flow again.

I repeated the process a few times giving her clit an extra lick as I finished the run. I then settled in. Her pussy juices were leaking like a river. The sheets below her were getting swamped. She had her eyes tightly closed. Her hands were on her tits – rubbing them lightly as I had done. Her Pelvic motions were starting as she began to thrust her pussy onto my invading tongue.

I had her legs over my shoulders as I licked her core mercilessly. OOOOHHHH ….. OOOOHHHHH…..OOOOOHHHH……. she moaned as the sensations invaded her body. She suddenly arched her body and clamped her soft thighs around my head and moaned AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……………………… Her first orgasm for the evening.

I did all possible to free my head and breathe while she mashed her juicy pussy all over my face. It was an intense and a long orgasm. After a few minutes she floated back to earth and collapsed back on the sheets. As I surfaced from between her legs she smiled sheepishly at me.

“Come here” She whispered as I crawled back up. She wiped my face clean with a wet wipe and gave me a deep kiss to convey her appreciation of my efforts. Between kissing and her soft caresses I decided to go for the task for which I was here. I slowly rolled her on her back and kept my weight on my elbows, so as not to crush her. She spread her legs to give me space.

I could feel that she was apprehensive of the oncoming event. “Gently Please” came the whispered request. I nodded and kissed her in confirmation. I gently widened her legs to give myself some more room. Her legs were now wide and my junior was sniffing around the gates of the paradise like a tiger homing in for a kill.

I gave a small push and the head of my prick entered her virgin gates. “OOOHHHH” came an immediate response. More out of surprise than of any discomfort. She silently nodded her approval to go on. I started to push further. She was tight. Quite obviously even with all the wetness. Her breathing was deep and she had me tightly in her arms.

She was subconsciously trying to squirm away from me. I too put my arms around her to prevent any such action and give me a better grip. I pushed in and out gently for a while to make her get accustomed to the feeling She slowly relaxed and started moving with me too. I now decided that the time had come to do the honours.

Without any forewarning I then gathered her in my arms and gave a big push. I could feel her hymen putting in a final resistance as it tore and gave way to one eyed monster plunging into her depths. “AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW” screamed Alka as she bore the pain. Her hand quickly reached between us to push me away.

I kissed her and asked her to relax and get used to the feeling. She reluctantly relaxed and I could feel her heart pounding in her chest. I lay still for a few moments savouring the tightness and letting her get accustomed to the feeling. My Lady readers may recall that feeling. It is a heady erotic mix of pleasure and pain and of crossing the threshold.

She soon started small movements on her own. She was pushing in her pelvis to rub her pussy on me and to hump me back. I thanked her silently for her encouragement and we exchanged a long kiss as I pulled back to push in again slowly. I then started pumping her slowly to heat her up again and to get her to increase the rhythm.

I rotated myself on her in a manner so as to rub her clit more. AAAAAAHHHHHH ! ! ! !! ! and it had the desired effect. Soon she was pushing back with almost equal vigour to meet my strokes. I now had both her breasts in my hands and we were fucking away to glory. My virgin had been relieved of her restrictions and was now like a woman possessed.

Alka was bouncing on the sheets as if to compensate for all the lost years. AAAAAAAHHHHHH………..OOOOOOOHHHHHH ……................ OOOOOOOHHH ….. AAAAAHHHH were all that came from her as both of us came together. I pushed in my cock to her depths and released the first ever sperms to invade her pussy.

We cuddled together as we drifted down from the clouds. I gently pulled out my blood stained cock from her pussy as she cuddled into my shoulder in post coital bliss.

More in the next part. Please comment below.

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Sanjay gets kinky at Pali Hill with mature lady - II

Previously: Sanjay gets kinky at Pali Hill with mature lady

Pursuant to my last, I received a call from V, and she fixed with me to meet up on a weekday around noon-time. Suited her best as no one would be home then. From my previous experience I hoped that I could experiment a lot more with her. I requested her whether she has could wear a bright saree and blouse to greet me.

With a grin in her tone she said "why not naughty boy, why not?" Come afternoon, I arrive and parked my car a bit away from her building, walked in the lobby and took the lift to her apartment. She greeted me at the door and the sight just floored me. She was in a saree that looked completely bright red and bridal.

As I got in and she shut the door behind me, I asked her where she got this saree from and she said it was her bridal dress, used decades ago and she pulled it out of her wardrobe as she thought I wanted a bride. Ah!! I said, seems like I have to take your virginity today ! She bit her red lipstick coated lip and I heard a most unassuming sound of her trinklets on her feet as she guided me to the bedroom.

Without delay, I asked her if I could live a fantasy and she responded positively. I asked her to remove her bra and panties and only wear her blouse with saree for me. she acknowledged with this knowing smile and asked me to step out of the room. In a few minutes she came out and except for me having known what I asked for no-one would have known that she was without undergarments.

I asked her to pretend that she was cooking something in the kitchen waiting for her husband to come home. She obliged and I slowly crept from behind crawling on the floor. As I came closer, I saw her trinklets on her feet and her well pedicured feet. I slowly inched close and lifted the back of her saree and slowly made my way up her saree licking her legs.

The saree fell over mmy head and I was slowly getting engulfed in her saree with a lot of her legs to lick. as I licked and slowly moved up I could feel her quiver and could smell her wetness from where I was.... I slowly slid my tongue up and as I reached her ass cracks I slid my tongue on the rim of the crack. I had to find my way to her vagina and pushed her legs apart.

As she slowly spread and I perspired completely inside her saree I flicked my tongue as far as I could on the clean shaven patch of her vagina. Ummmmmm... salty and warm... fuck ! it was amazing. I think I lost all control and just went lapping at it... I could feel her almost squat and with her hand over the saree and trying to hold my head and grab my hair.

It must have been a sight for most people. A woman in her saree with no sign of anyone near her except if you look below and find the saree all spread around a human body. After 15 minutes of lapping, I came out from under her and smooched her real hard... she loved her smell and she licked her cum off my face and kept moaning.

I pulled her towards the washroom and like I said, it is a lavish one which I would spend more time in than in the bed. I pulled her close, put the saree pallu over her head, opened her blouse buttons and see her saggy boobs collapse showing their dark brown nipples, I seated her on the WC. I opened my zipper took out li'l johnny and asked her to suck me.

She loves doing this to me like no one else.. oh she just goes sucking as she uses her tongue to rim my tip. I told her that I wanted to pee on her boobs and see it drip down her belly button. She said "No" you'll spoil my saree. If thats the only worry you can wash it later... but lets do this kink pleaaasee.

She obliged as she held on to my balls and I slowly waited for the pee to flow... as it started spurting out I aimed at her boobs and the golden shower went all along her skin wetting her boobs..nipples..navel.. and down towards her vagina. she must have felt amazing as I saw her shut her eyes and just relax and I could not have felt better as she kept holding and twisting my ball sack.

Now I was horny as hell and I was going to talk dirty ! I asked her to raise her legs as I pushed her saree back and told her... imagine that your best friend is watching us and recording us on your maiden night... she is standing at the other end of the wahsroom and looking at us while she gets horny and you dont want to share me and want all of me till I am dried of all my cum !

She lifted her legs onto the WC seat and I pushed her saree back and tried to enter her.. as I penetrated, she screamed not in pain but just to be noisy and we were drenched on our front side with my pee. who cares ! we were like dogs in heat i humped her that way for the next 15-20 minutes as I felt myself close to arriving, I got her up and lay down on the wahsroom floor.

I asked her to ride me while she squeezed her boobs of the imaginary milk, it did not have. Within 5 to 8 minutes I came and shot completely inside her... Advantage Menopause....No need to WORRY !! And as I came I heard her say, can my friend join in ?

Pleasseee I promised to share you with her, she is very co-operative and will listen to all you ask... I just quickly looked up and back, like I expected someone to be there and realised she was uttering her fantasy to me...as I looked back at her, I smiled and said... yeah sure, why not ? can I call her by her name ?

Yes, she said...you may call Rachita to come next to us......What happened next... next time ! Thanks for the previous responses and yes... I will answer mails of females that are interested in discreet meets.

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Dan having sex with his Bua - II

Previously: Dan having sex with his Bua

Hi friends this is DAN again, Hope u like my previous story with my "BHUA"... I AM BACK with one more real incident which happend with me after I fucked my Bhua, I was sex starved I use to think about her and mastrubate.

After I fucked my bhua I got more guts in me, lemma introduce ally aunty she's 53, she's pulpy ( Fat ), she had good pair for boobs 38c and I use to look at her like crazy, I was lucky enough to get a neighbour like this.

I use to visit her place anytime, she stays with her husband, her daughter is married with 2 kids and son in other state, so I started mastrubating thinking about her, I use to feel like heven, she usually use to wear nighty and lil transperent.

One day I pressed the door bell in the evening, no one was opening the door I was supprised and I had a curiosity to check what's going on, I checked it from the peephole to check what's going on inside I saw she was wearing golden colour nighty lifted up till her Ass fuckkkkkk it was a fuckin round big ass, it was all blurr, uncle took her on the sofa she sat uncle removed his pant and started humping her in was not able to see them completely in was shocked.

After a week or so I went to their place in afternoon and she was in nighty I was speaking with her and I was able to c her blue panty and no bra her nippels were hard, I returned home mastrubated like crazy.

Next day she called me and said Dan please come to my place I have some work I went she closed the door and she was in blouse and paticote she said my elbow is paining please tie plates for me ( Choti in Hindi ) her hair was long and open I she turned and her ass was facing, I started Tieing plates and after tieing plates I left and I was going crazy by looking at her.

Next day again she called me to tie plates and did and she said my hand is paining a lot and I said in massage you, " ally said okay so sweet of you, I said sit down and I started massaging her hand with oil " ally said thnxx Dan" there was an tent in my shorts.

And the day arrived she called me said "please massage again Dan it's paining" I said " ok" she took me to the bedroom and lied on the bed I took olive oil to massage her I started massaging she was in paticote and blouse, after some time she was breathing fast and by mistake Lil oil was spread on her blouse I said "aunty oil is spread in your blouse"

She said "It's k in got knocked she removed her blouse.... she was only in her pink bra I started massaging again and I told to my self " Let's take a chance" I asked her " Aunty can I give you a body massage she said " hmmm I love u for that please do " She lied on her tummy and I started massaging her back and she was making noise " Hmmmm ahhhh ah huh godd thnx dan "

I was busy massaging and staring her Ass, I started pulling her bra hooks up and massaging she said "open it " I was like " yes she will give a fuck " I opened it she was bare back and I was massaging after that I asked " Aunty can I massage your legs" she said " yes, just push my peticote down "fuckkk my balls were paining by looking at her she was only panties and bare back then I started massaging her legs till her ass cheeks had a hard Boner...

I asked her " do u want me to massage you other side " She " hmmm wait " She took a blanket and covered her boobs, I started massaging her legs started from her Toe, and started massaging hard and I started massaging her thighs, my fingers were reaching inner thighs my middle finger was touching her pussy over her panties I did it for 3-4 times after that she realised she said only till needs but still I was massaging her thighs

After sometimes she started moaning and she was not restricting me to do, I stopped she said " Why did you stop massaging " I said " wait " I started to rub her pussy over her panties her moans were getting loud,, " ahhhhh dan please, ahhhhh " I started rubbing fast she removed the blanket she was now only in panties,

I went up and started pressing her boobs and my right hand was down rubbing her pussy I was, I started sucking her boobs, she said " it's been ages no one sucked my breast" I started sucking it hard and now my hand was in her panties and her pussy was clean shaven as she was waiting for me to get fucked, her pussy was full wet, her waist was in the air, moaning like crazyyy "

Dan please don't stoppppp keepp doing it " we started kissing deep, our tounges were playing with each other, she said " I am ready " I said " m ready since weeks now, get up and bend keep your hand on the bed ill put enter from behind " she followed my instructions and I pulled her panties down, what an Ass I slapped her Ass and her Ass cheeks were shaking,

after that I started rubbing her pussy with my dick she said " Stop " I was like what happened, She said " show me your monster " I showed her, she went down on her knees and started playing with my dick ; moving up n down.

Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it, I was in heaven, I caught her hair and started mouth fucking her, I was moaning " ahhhh ally suck it hard ", this went up till 15 mins. Then I said bend and stand take the same position, I teased her pussy with my dick, and I pushed it one go, she yelled " ohhhhhh myyyyyyy goddddddd aaaaaaaaa aaaaa aaaa ahhhhh slowly dan slowly,

then I stated moving and fucking her doggy style, she was moaning " it feels soon gooddddddd I like it, I.like it', I increased my speed, she was going crazy, she said " ahhhhhmmmmmmm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mmmmm I am cumin dan" she started shaking her ass, and she stoped I removed my dick out, my dick was covered with her cum.

She lied I her back she said " I want more baby " I got charged up, I spread her legs and started fucking her in missionary position she was moaning " fuck me bastartd as it's a last fuck, fuck me dan like I am yours uuuiiiiiiii maaaaaaaa ,like u never did before ( she was holding the bedsheet tight ) fuckkkk dannnn I am cuming I am cuming dannnnnnnnnn " she came and I was fucking her hard

"pack pack pack pack sound was making me crazy I made a loud noise and I came in her and lied next to her, I told her " thank you aunty, was a nice fuck I love, she looked at me and winked at me and said " 2mmrw morning come at 9.00 ill give you a special massage.

Hey guys, part 2 ill post it soon and something crazy we did, and more 2 stories to reveal !! Please leave your comments below.

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Guy screwing nymphomaniac daughter of boss Chaitali - III

Previously: Guy screwing nymphomaniac daughter of boss Chaitali - II

Next holding my monster straight Chaitali sat around my waist while looking into my eyes shamelessly and spoke with a smile, “Sir now you just get ready to scream….aapki izzat lutne waali hai” and I replied back by saying “I am ready….loot low meri izzat…”.

While lying on my back I saw Chaitali guiding my monster in her fuckhole while looking down, I was about to get seduced by daughter of my boss and with that thought I started puffing and just then Chaitali shoved my entire length into her cunt hole and moaned deep while saying “Ahhhh…. Sir mazza aa gaya…..”

Wow I too gasped in strange delight, for me it was totally a new sensation, I have ever felt and what a feeling that was? I must say being inside a woman is just like being in a heaven. “I love you Sir…I wish main aapse Shaadi kar sakti” Chaitali spoke again and moved her massive ass over my crotch and bit her lower lip in excitement while feeling my monster in the depth of her fuck tunnel.

My whole length till the root of my throbbing cock was inside her wet fuck hole and I could feel her hot cunt juices flowing down to my balls. Slowly Chaitali moved back and forth and started thrusting my penis in and out of her hole and her huge swollen breasts started moving. We both moaned nicely while looking into each other’s eyes and proper fucking started.

After slow movements for a while Chaitali began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts, holding my chest and rocking her own fleshy hips steeply up and down, to and fro, she was driving my inflamed erection in and out of her wet cunt flesh nicely while gasping erotically and I was also moaning nonstop and whole room was filled with our pleasure cries.

Now her huge melons were swinging up and down, to and fro and her nipples were getting stiffer in excitement. I was holding Chaitali from her waist and moving bit up and down to shove my monster and our movements were getting in rhythm. Tip of my Penis was rubbing on her virginal walls and my pleasure was beyond my imagination.

Site of her heavy juggs bouncing up and down was life taking; Gold chain around her neck with a spiritual figure was tossing abruptly here and there, above that her pleasure moans with naughty expressions were driving me crazy. We both were nowhere near cumming and pleasure was incredible

“Oh….YEsss... Ohh.. GOD yes...Sir bahut mazza aa raha hai ….. ab main har Sunday aapke pass aaungi… aur aapko mujhe satisfy karna padega….” Chaitali uttered in excitement, “mujhe bhi mazza aa raha hai” I too spoke back in excitement Chaitali was around me somewhat on her knees, ramming and reaming my monster in and out of her juicy,

dripping cunt and hearing my words she increased her speed and moved back and forth furiously in passion. As I said Chaitali’s bottom is heavy and her furious fucking started paining me a bit, holding her waist I tried to control her speed but she took off my hands from her waist and held them tight with bed by leaning over me and looked into my eyes while stroking my monster length in her cunt flesh rapidly and spoke

“Sir karne dijiye mujhe jo karna hai….aap bas latte rahiye” She then leaned further over me and started to and fro movement and mashing her clitoris with my pelvis for while and kissed me lustfully. I freed my hands from her grip and held her big ass mounds and tried to squeeze them harder and then parted them with full strength and pulled her to get myself deep inside her fuck hole in fucking rhythm.

Chaitali moaned sexily as I went deeper inside and it was really strange feeling for both of us. Chaitali’s body weight was hurting me a bit and I was getting tired too but lust was increasing and I could see Chaitali rising to her peak, She looked lovely, her face was full of lust, hairs were spread, her eyes were open and she was looking into my eyes, her mouth was open,

moaning and murmuring vulgar Hindi words “oh… God you are so big… Sir Kitna mota Lund hai aapka….?” Oh...God her statement was so arousing that instant that I felt that I have gone further hard in her fuckhole. Chaitali went on shouting and uttering non sense and her Hindi vulgar words drove me crazy and I started gasping loud.

Though I was not near ejaculation because of pain and tiredness but I was well hard on my penis and Chaitali was making full use it. Gradually Chaitali went bizarre and her huge ass started bouncing rapidly up and down; her hips were swinging very fast to and fro on my thighs and she was ramming my thick and long penis faster and faster in and out of her cunt and our mixed juices were flowing like anything on my balls.

I was shouting in pain and pleasure with lot of control. I was feeling pressure building inside me, but very next moment Chaitali’s cries grew sharper and shriller and she just exploded. Chaitali whimpered erotically in a husky voice and I saw her fleshy thighs shivering significantly and felt her fuckhole somewhat trembling on my penis.

Her eyes got shut with a shrill gasp and she squeezed my monster tightly in her wet fuckhole and started releasing her pressure while quivering for few seconds with sudden jerks. Chaitali was spent but I was yet not over but I was very close to my peak. Pushing her a bit I got up instantly and pushed her further on the mattress on her back and widening her fleshy thighs shoved my rod again and started fucking her.

Knowing my state Chaitali embraced me from back and wrapped her legs around me. In spite of orgasming once, Chaitali seemed excited and she just continued murmuring vulgar and erotic while getting fucked under me “Sir Chodiye mujhe achhe se….. Sir Fuck me like a bitch…I am dying for this pleasure”. I rose over her and released my entire weight on her fleshy body.

Undoubtedly there was big difference in our body structure, Chaitali was much heavier and fleshier than me and physically I was much thinner than her, but from the beginning I was attracted towards huge sexual assets, big melons, fleshy thighs, healthy and erotically spread ass, and that’s what I was having at that time while being with a slutty daughter of my boss.

Chaitali gripped me in her arms and thighs and somewhat gulped me into her huge body and spoke again in sensual voice. “sir… fuck me….fuck me…aur tez….. aur tez….jaan se maar daaliye mujhe” I did not stopped pumping her fuckhole and she did stopped speaking out crazy words “Chodiye sir, aur tezz…. aur tezz… Chodiye… Chodiye… mujhe …yes…yes…. Fuck me…. Fuck me”

I think once again Chaitali was reaching to the verge of explosion and going crazy in lust and that is why she was speaking more and more slang and her words were arousing me a lot. I too was at rising to touch my peak and after that I fucked her hardly for one more minute and tried to fuck her as deep as possible with strong thrusting strokes and finally dived down into the depth of her fuckhole and moaned loud while releasing my gunk into her womb.

Clenching her teethes, Chaitali too gasped erotically and climaxed one more time and griping me hard in her arms and fleshy thighs she gulped me in her massive body and shivered for few seconds before I could feel mild pulsations deep inside her fuckhole. Ohh…What a feeling that was, getting sexually exhausted is a feeling of being on ninth cloud and it is true for both, male and female.

I could see like me Chaitali was also tranquil and relaxed. I lied over her till my Penis shrunk and slipped out of her fuckhole and then we lied beside each other for few more minutes. Time was around 4 when electric supply resumed and after few minutes of that Chaitali got up to get ready to go back home.

We both entered in the washroom together and while looking at me with a smile Chaitali cleaned her fuckhole with a water filled hands and spoke “Aaiye Sir aapka Penis bhi saaf kar deti hun” I walked to her and she watered my semi erect monster while looking at my face closely and spoke “aaj to mazza aa gaya…Sir you are too good in the bed” I smiled a bit over her words and she spoke again

“Sir…I was dying for this pleasure….and with you I just got what I needed” and after a pause Chaitali spoke again and praised me by saying “as first time you were just amazing…” “Mujhe lagga tha main aapko satisfy nahi kar paaunga….” I spoke back my mental state and Chaitali replied back by saying “nahi Sir…aapne bahut achhe se kiya…you just took me to the height of sexual pleasure”.

BY now we both were out of the washroom and Chaitali started picking up her under garments and I asked her “So you are going now?” and Chaitali accepted “haan…I have to go….Mom ka phone aane wala hoga” “thodi der aur ruk jaao….” I spoke out my desire and I feel Chaitali was waiting for me to speak that “Ok…but meri ek condition hai….you have to suck me again”

and after a pause she asked me again with a smile “bolo…manzoor hai?” and I accepted her condition by saying “Ok….manzoor hai” and she uttered again while picking up her phone “we will do 69” “Ok…” I accepted again.

Next Chaitali called her mom and informed her that she has just came out of the auditorium and all her friends are planning to go to the particular restaurant which is little far and she will get little more late while coming home.

Finally after few more clarifications Chaitali disconnected the call and I asked her what all she said to her mom and she opened the truth that she has spoken a lie to her parents that she is going for movie with her old friends and according to them, show was starting from 1 Pm onwards.

Cutting a long description short in the nutshell Chaitali accepted that she had a mind that today somehow she has to get laid on bed with me and ultimately things happened just like she desired and once again things started to happen like she said.

Facing each other we lied on the mattress sideways and started with kissing and after exploring each other’s mouth I moved down to her melons and sucked and chewed her long nipples along with wrinkled areolas. I played with her soft sagging melons nicely and squeezed them roughly.

While I was playing with Chaitali’s fleshy body she extended her hand to my crotch and holding my monster started jerking me with fast rising lust. Next I inserted my hand between her fleshy thighs and she gave access of her pleasure zone by spreading them a bit. We played with each other gentiles while gasping in low lust laden voice kissed each other numerous times.

“Sir I want to say something” Chaitali spoke to me while looking into my eyes closely and I asked her what? “Sir I can’t live without sex….” Then after a pause she spoek again in continuation “mere formal divorce ke baad…my parents will marry me again…and you cannot marry before that…you have to fuck me like this…till then”.

Though I did not wanted to accept that but that instant just to avoid any conversation over this I accepted just by saying “Ok” and Chaitali smiled delightfully over that and kissed me like beautifully”. We continued loving each other hardly for a minute when Chaitali spoke again and asked me “Sir I hope you like what all I spoke…..I mean Hindi Non-veg words… Chodna and all”

I smiled and accepted with “haan”. “I must tell you ki Mujhe Hindi words bahut pasand hain…they are so dirty that they just turn me on” and in response I just smiled back to her and she spoke again “let’s arouse each other with Hindi words” and before I would have thought anything she asked me “Aapko mazza aaya mujhe Chodne mein” and I replied by saying “haan bahut mazza aaya”.

“Mujhe aapka ye mota Lund bahut pasand hai” Chaitali continued speaking dirty Hindi words and I replied by saying “mujhe aapke ye mote-mote Hips bahut pasand hain” and she replied to my words with bit sarcastic tone “first of all Hips ko Hindi mein Chuttad kahte hain….second now you stop behaving formal with me…I am your slut now…..Mujhe tu kahkar bola karo and address me with my nick name…Chaitu..”

and after a pause she spoke Chaitali spoke again “ab bolo jo pahle bola tha….” And I spoke out what she desired to listen “Chaitu mujhe tere ye mote mote Chuttad bahut pasand hain” Chaitali was somewhat ready with her reply and she spoke out instantly “to fir ab aap mujhe Peeche se Chodna…”

and after a pause she spoke again “main apne chuttad oopar karke Ulti late jaaungi…aap mere oopar chadd jana” and I replied to her in same fashion “nahi tujhe main Ghodi bana ke Chudunga” and Chaitali liked my words but uttered something which failed to understand instantly “insert kar do” “kya?” “Finger aur kya…” I realized that I was rubbing her fuckhole while talking to her and she needed to get finger fucked.

I did that I inserted my finger in her fuckhole and Chaitali puffed in pleasure and spoke again ek aur Ungli daal do aur thoda tez tez fuck karo” and I started doing that. I finger fucked Chaitali for a minute and she just started flooding out her pleasure juices. Finally she stopped me while saying “Sir…let’s do it…69 karte hain…..” and we took position.

While lying sideways we made each other’s thigh our pillow and reached to each other’s pleasure zone with our mouth. Once again I was looking at her thick and swollen fuckhole very closely and it was literary dripping but surprisingly now it did not looked that ugly to me, rather it looked like luscious fruit full of juice and I just started sucking that.

“hmmmmm….” I sucked her while humming and now from the very first instant I was ok with whatever I was doing. Chaitali started moaning in pleasure instantly and along with that she was sucking my monster while using lot of her saliva. I buried my face in her thick healthy thighs deeper and started sucking her fuckhole bit harder and Chaitali started moaning louder and like me she too started sucking me harder.

More she squeezed my Penis in her mouth to suck me hard, more deep I went in her thighs and sucked her juices out of her fuckhole. She started rubbing my tip of my monster on her tongue and I holding her nice healthy ass cheeks tight started fisting her fuckhole with my finger and Chaitali went just mad. She stopped sucking me and cried out loud erotically.

Her state aroused me and just did that again and again and along with licking her opening screwed her with my finger faster and Chaitali started trembling erotically. Her fleshy thighs shivered helplessly and she tried to me by pushing me a bit but I went even more passionate just ate her fuckhole while plunging her hard with my finger and once again tried reach to her clitoris and Chaitali cried out like I could imagine.

Just in few seconds of rubbing she lost her breath and exploded like a bomb. Chaitali cummed heavily, I could see her juices flowing intensely out of her fuckhole and I tried to lick them and feeling my tongue over her fuckhole Chaitali just gasped while puffing. She was spent but I was charged.

We broke the 69 position and got face to face and Chaitali spoke to me in bit complaining tone “Sir aapne mera Paani chhuda diya…main control hi nahi kar paayi…” I smiled over her statement and replied by saying “koi baat nahi…now you just get into doggy style….ghodi ban jaao…main aapko peeche se Chodunga” and Chaitali smiled over my word and corrected me by saying “aapko nahi…say main tujhko peeche se Chodunga” “whatever”

I replied while jerking my monster and Chaitali turned around to give me access of her fuckhole from behind. I located her opening without looking at it, by inserting my finger in her fuckhole and brought my monster tip to her gateway and Chaitali took it in her flesh with her own hands.

Finally fucking started again, holding her waist I moved back and forward, drove my entire length in wet fuckhole slowly and my pleasure was incredible. I must say sensation I was going through while fucking her from behind was amazing but it was really difficult posture to retain, may be because Chaitali’s ass was too big and anyhow I could pick up pace to fuck her properly.

Sensing that Chaitali lowered her upper half and raised her bottom up, just to give me better access of her fuckhole and it helped me a lot. I succeeded in attaining some pace and holding her huge ass started fucking her bit faster and we both started moaning and grunting in pleasure.

Gradually passion increased and instead of being on my knees I stood up on my feet and lower her upper half, raised Chaitali’s heavy bottom bit more and started riding on her even faster. As fucking pace enhanced our pleasure moans got higher and louder and I just went on going mad.

I continued drilling and pumping her from behind with as much as power and pace, my hips were moving back and forward furiously and I was trying to drive my entire length in her wet swollen fuckhole. holding her wide ass I was somewhat ram fucking her savagely when suddenly Chaitali tightened her thighs and clamped my entire length in her fuck hole.

Can’t tell you friends what a moment that was, Ohhhh…Fuck I cried loud, gasped madly and just failed to retain standing and somewhat collapsed over her. I hollowed my balls again and this time released my gunk over Chaitali’s ass crack and continued lying over her.

Chaitali enjoyed getting fucked like a bitch and praised me for my fucking ability by saying “Sir…I can’t believe…you are such a great fucker….mazza aagaya aapse Chudwa ke” and then added “mera bus chale to main aap ke paas hi aa jaaun rahne ke liya”. I smiled a bit and rolled from her top and lied beside her.

We both were exhausted and we just lied like that for few minutes and chit chatted and Chaitali once again said that now she will come to my place every Sunday. Finally Chaitali took leave from my place and later massaged me that she has reached back home safely. Like every Sunday in the night I had two beers one after another and slept with a divine mental state of recalling my first fucking pleasure.

Whatever next day, day started as usual and I reached to the office and later met Chaitali. I was expecting that she might say that we will not speak out anything in the office premises regarding our sex relation but things just went opposite and it was Chaitali who started the subject and I tried to make her understand that we should not even talk about all this in the office

but like I said in the beginning Chaitali is a nymphomaniac and she cannot control herself when it comes to sex and throughout the day she talked to me about whatever happened between us and what all she wants to do with me on coming Sunday. Now if I will try to write whatever happened after a week on the Sunday then I would say it things went more interestingly than they were expected.

After spending six days in desperation when Saturday evening came we both were very happy and Chaitali was suppose to come to my place next day in the morning itself with an excuse that she going for picnic with friends, somewhere outskirts of the town and she was suppose to reach back in the evening.

But ultimately things changed when my boss, means Chaitali’s father gave me some task in the on the same evening and told me to finish it off in the Sunday itself as on Monday afternoon he had meeting with a client to whom he wanted to show all those designs. It literary broke our heart because now I was supposes to work on Sunday and that is in the office.

I tried to finish the work as much as possible on the same evening so that I can get free as soon as possible on Sunday but work was too much and it seemed as if next day I have to spend whole day in the office and it happened too but very differently.

I remember time was around 12 PM and Chaitali was calling me again and again, just to ask me when I am getting free and while being on a phone she overheard me talking to the peon when he was asking if he can go and I accepted his request and told him to give me all the keys and leave.

It was little surprising for me that Chaitali did called me again and after around one hour she just reached to the office and spoke from behind “Sir, Aaj hum office mein hi sex karenge” I was shocked to see her and told her to help me in the work but like I said she is nymphomaniac and she cannot be stopped anyhow,

that instant she was just dying to get me in her fuckhole and she simply locked the office from inside and took me to her father’s cabin and started taking my clothes. Ultimately within few minutes we both were stark naked and Chaitali was standing while leaning on her father’s working table and while being under her legs I was sitting on the carpet on my knees and sucking her juicy fuckhole.

Next I sat down my boss’s big chair and Chaitali sat down on the carpet on her knees and sucked me like a real bitch. Ultimately when it came to fucking, initially Chaitali started fucking herself by sitting over my crotch. I was sitting on MD’s chair and facing away from me she was standing on the floor and driving my entire length in her fuckhole by moving up and down.

It was very pleasurable but we did not climaxed in that posture and in the end I fucked her in typical missionary while lying on the carpet and released my gunk in her fuckhole. After that we both worked fast and managed to finish the task around 5 in the evening and then another sex session started. In second round for few minutes I enjoyed fucking her in standing doggy style.

Once again she was leaning over her father’s table and holding her waist I was pumping her fuckhole from behind. Ultimately to reach to the climax we laid on the carpet again and I fucked her up to her satisfaction. So friends that’s what all I had to share with a readers of this wonderful blog. At present my sex relation with my boss’s daughter is still on and I fuck her every Sunday.

Chaitali’s divorce with her husband is taking time and I am enjoying fucking my boss’s daughter. More I get frustrated from my boss’s attitude more roughly I fuck his daughter and like a real Nymph Chaitali enjoy getting fucked like a bitch.

Till now life is running like that and at this particular moment when I am about to end my write up, after spending a week at my home I am travelling in the train to get back to my work town. I must mention that laptop on which I am writing all this actually belongs to Chaitali, she has given me her old laptop to use it and this is what I am using for.

Anyway tomorrow is Sunday again and I will reach back to my accommodation around 8 in the morning and according to the plan my slut will reach at my place around 11. One more thing I would like to mention that from last few days I am watching porn having anal intercourse and now I am thinking about Fucking Chaitali’s big ass.

She has very big ass but her asshole is very tiny; I have seen it numerous times while fucking her like bitch. In the end I would say almost everybody who writes on this blog mention this fact that names used in the story are changed but I would say I have not even changed the names and Chaitali is actually Chaitali in real life.

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