Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - IV

Previously: Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - III

Sitting over my knees in the middle of three cocks I was nevertheless then porn-star we usually see in XXX movies and after Rahul once again Vinod and later Arvind again and as I got tired of sucking, Rahul asked me to stand up and turned me around. He bent me forward and asked Vinod and Arvind to hold me firm, he wanted to fuck me from behind,

that too in standing posture and he slapped my ass and agreed to Arvind's statement that I have a beautiful ass in same Hindi slang "such mein...Teri Gaand bahut khubsoorat hai..." and with that he slipped his hand into my thighs from behind, to find my fuckhole and moaning in pleasure I involuntarily widened my thighs for him.

His fingers searched my hole and started fisting me with two and holding Vinod and Arvind firmly I gasped in pleasure. I was charged by Arvind but before I would have reached to my climax he was over and now I was once again rising high and next I heard Rahul addressing me bitch

and speaking what all was happened between us in school days with the fact that now I have approached him to get fucked "You know school time mein jab maine issko propose Kiya tha...iss kutia me mujhe thappad mara Diya tha...aur aaj ye apni marzi se mere liye apni Chut khol ke khadi go gayi..."

with two of his fingers moving in and out of my flesh his voice was not loud and violent while he spoke that but suddenly he got aggressive and started fisting me brutally while saying that he will blow my cunt tonight “Saali Raand… aaj Teri Chut faad dunga main…” That was too harsh and for an instant his brutal fisting took my breath away,

I cried loud and tried to get away but all three males held me hard and Vinod suggested Rahul to plunge me else I will cum, "Rahul ab daal de...nahin to ye jhadd jaayegi..." and saying OK to it Rahul bent me further down and reached to my fuckhole with his Cock tip.

Rahul was actually taking revenge from me for that school time slap and I really don’t know if I liked those abusing words but this time it barely embarrassed me, aroused like never before I was somewhat waiting for Rahul to plunge me with his huge Cock and as Rahul did that with a powerful upward thrust I puffed in delight.

“Yes….yess….” Holding my waist Rahul groaned in pleasure while banging my ass and trying fucking me with upwards thrusts with all his strength and up to an extent he was doing good but as I am quite plump over my ass he really failed to gain his rhythm and after fucking me barely for couple of minutes in that posture he got tired and brought me to bed and plunged me hard in simple missionary.

I cried loud with the jolt he gave me and Rahul crushed me under his massive weight “Vibha meri Baaton ka bura mat maanana….I am Sorry I spoke all that…tu to meri Jaan hai” he apologized for his spoken words in rising excitement and continued screwing me with sudden jerks to go deeper and deeper in my fuckhole.

I was also getting mad in lust and holding him hard in my embrace I just kept on moaning in pleasure and that turned Rahul further on. “Meri Jaan…! Maaza aa raha hai na…? He spoke and with that started kissing me while screwing me with short but rapid thrusts.

Well in control I must Rahul was just amazing, his ass rose and fell with intense energy and after a minute as he seemed losing his control he withdrew and asked Vinod to fuck me. Vinod was ready and as Rahul rolled off Vinod climbed over me and began with kissing me.

By now I was set on fire and I wanted to get fucked fast and furious but Vinod was just opposite and after kissing he started rubbing h is cock over my opening. “Ohhhh….Fuck me….please fuck me” I cried in strange husky voice and as Vinod went into me I grabbed him hard in my arms and thighs.

Vinod took me first with a slow, measured rhythm with his ass rising and falling almost casually, he kissed me deep and long and steadily built up some speed. I was dying, I was close to pinnacle and I just wanted to blow and crying out loud I clenched his pumping ass fiercely, dragging him deeper into my fuckhole and Vinod gasped in pleasure of harsh suction of my cunt on his cock.

Barely one minute with Vinod and crying in pleasure nevertheless than a slut in heat, once again I was rising to my climax but suddenly Arvind came closer and stopped Vinod and he got away instantly. “Kutia bahut garam ho gayi hai….” Means this bitch has became too hot, Arvind spoke that and plunged me and I just went on crying in desire of reaching to my climax.

After Arvind, Rahul and after Rahul, Vinod again and finally I orgasmed with Vinod. This time he fucked me restlessly for a minute, till I cried out loud with a shudder of dam inside me getting shattered and seconds later drilling me deep with all his strength, he too came and released his seed in my womb.

Completely devastated, sweating like hell I was nevertheless than a dead but Rahul and Arvind were yet alive and they Rahul took me to the washroom to get my fuckhole cleaned from the Vinod’s gunk and back on bed he asked me to get into my four.

I was tired, my fuckhole was aching but they were madly charged and to begin Rahul took me from behind and holding my waist fucked me nicely with steady pace and after a minute or bit less asked Arvind to come and fuck me and Arvind too took me casually in the beginning.

Though I was over, yet closing my eyes I was puffing in pleasure of post orgasm fucking and suddenly I found Vinod asking me to open my mouth. He was almost limping and wanted to get hard again and he enforced me to open my mouth and I started sucking his cock while getting screwed from behind.

After Arvind once again Rahul and later they laid me over my back and fucked me hard till they both came. Arvind rode over me fast and furious and as Rahul asked him to do he did not hollowed himself in my cunt and sprayed his cum over my belly and next instant resting my legs over his shoulders and flooding me into my half Rahul fucked me vigorously and finally released his immense load in my fuckhole.

Though just for the time being but finally all three were spent now and we all stayed on bed for few minutes with mostly Rahul and Arvind speaking out something or other. Anyhow I cannot recall, mentally what all I was going through but while being stark naked with three males certainly I was feeling humiliated.

Anyhow I could not do anything and I had to bear this mess till next morning and like I was expecting we really did not slept even for a minute in entire night. Although after this session they allowed me take rest but did not left me alone in the room. Rahul stayed with me and Vinod and Arvind went out of the house to buy some liquor and I had 3-4 of Vodka drinks more or less with my consent.

Up to an extent fucking fervor was over at my end and getting drunk was the only way out from the awkwardness I was going through. Later, may be after an hour or bit more from the first session our second session started and till next morning, till somewhat around 8, I was fucked 10 times in all possible postures; thrice by Rahul, thrice by Vinod and four times by Arvind.

Dream or nightmare! I don’t know what was it? But it is a matter of fact that since I have started watching porn after my marriage break up I have often liked threesomes, especially two males with one female and while watching all that I have fantasized myself with two males and here, in real life I have experienced three at the same time.

Anyway after that day I stayed out of the group for really long and barred all three male’s phone numbers but somewhat after around one month as I opened Vinod’s number I got call from him within two days and after long telephonic conversation he agreed me for formal date.

No wonder after that sexual blast my body was demanding sex more desperately and at present, out of three I am connected with just Vinod. Although he is not as strong as Arvind and Rahul but he is the only one I need to tranquilize my physical desire. This is it!

Readers please post their views, I am sure many readers will consider me a slut and most of them will not trust my write up but believe me friends this is my real life story and I have just tried to look like a sex story.

The End.

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Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - III

Previously: Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - II

Eventually Vinod broke the kiss and started sucking one of my breasts and seeing him Rahul started sucking other. Going deeper and deeper with his tongue Arvind continued exploring me while fisting my cunt with his finger and soon I started rising to another pinnacle.

I could feel thick streams of my love juices coming out from the depth of my womb and as my thighs started shivering again Arvind stopped sucking me and somewhat told Rahul that I am about to cum again “Ye to dobara jhadne wali hai…” and Rahul told him to fuck me in same Hindi slang “To fir Chod de issko ek baar…”

My body, my soul, I was literally dying for that and reflecting no resistance from getting fucked I just asked them to use the Condoms “Tum log please Condom lagga ke karna” and Rahul came out saying that he has bought pills for me followed by a statement “hum teeno Condom lagayen…is se achha tu i-pill le lena…”

means instead they three putting Condoms it is better I have pills and before I would have thought about saying NO to fuck without Condom Arvind widened my thighs and rose up to adjust his Cock over my opening. I tried to push him saying No but Rahul held me and next instant Arvind plunged me with sudden jerk.

Eyes closed and mouth tore open and I gasped sharply, don’t know exactly what is his size but Arvind was thick and long and hard like iron rod and as he shoved his Cock deep in my fuckhole I got bowed under him. “Ohhh…Vibha…meri Jaan…I love you baby…”

He murmured softly and came over me completely, his words aroused me and holding him in my embrace I puffed in relief of getting stuffed with a real cock after ages. Though Arvind was not at all good looking but his body was wonderful, lean and hard and sculpted and crushed my breasts hard under his thick chest.

His balls squeezed my thick fluffy opening and my fuckhole convulsed over his throbbing Cock and unconsciously I opened my legs and rose higher and coiled them over his ass. “Ohhh…yess…I will fuck you baby….” Arvind groaned in desperation and finally his ass flexed and unflexed.

I cried in delight as he started fucking and next instant he lip locked me while screwing me with slow but deep thrusting jerks. Arvind fucked me slowly and steadily in the beginning, while exploring my mouth with his tongue, his hips rose and fell in rhythm and Rahul and Vinod who were lying beside me went down over my lower body, certainly to see my cunt getting filled and unfilled.

“Arvind ragad ke Chod…bahut garmi hai isske andar….” Rahul spoke, he asked Arvind to fuck me hard and Arvind broke the kiss and began moving faster and faster. His ass moved up and down rapidly and my body started rocking under his thrusts. “OHhhhh uhhh Oh God…..” I cried ecstatically while nailing his back and seeing me in pleasure Arvind abused me

“Vibha…you are a bitch…Tu Raand hai…Rand…” it was embarrassing yet arousing and gritting my teeth and gasping and panting I just went on going crazy in lust. Sweating like hell by now Arvind was gone somewhat mad over me and suddenly he groaned loud and started grinding his cock into my cunt with short but rapid thrust again and again and finally twisting his head exploded with a loud cry.

I felt him quiver in my womb and next instant he flooded my fuckhole with his thick and warm Jizz. Hardly two minutes, though I did not climaxed but it was wonderful and laying over me for another minute Arvind was nevertheless than a dead. No resistance, by now I was completely surrendered and buried under his weight I really don’t remember exactly what all was running in my mind,

certainly I was embarrassed over what all they were doing with me but I was fucked after somewhat two years and in spite of feeling humiliated I was feeling lightheaded and relaxed. Anyway after a minute or bit less Arvind rolled off from my top and I saw, holding their cocks in their fists both Rahul and Vinod were ready for me.

Rahul asked me to get up and holding my wrist brought me to the washroom and while I was watering my cunt from the tap he turned the shower on. He curdled my body from behind and started playing with my breasts and as Vinod saw him having fun under flowing water he too came in.

Vinod; simple, bashful and very down to earth, as I mentioned he was the best male of the group as far as basic nature is concerned and in spite of this fact that he is nevertheless bastard and opportunistic I got bit more aroused to find him playing with my body.

Although Vinod was not as muscular and manly as Rahul and Arvind but I always liked fantasize him while watching porn and while Rahul was squeezing my breasts from behind as Vinod tried kissing me I responded to his kiss instantly. “Vinod ab tune Chodna iss Raand ko…” “Nahin…Tu Chod le pahle….main baad mein karunga….” “theek hai….yahin pe lay leta hun isski”

once again addressing me prostitute in vulgar Hindi Rahul spoke to Vinod, somewhat told him that now he has to fuck me but Vinod asked him to fuck first and Rahul accepted by saying that he will fuck me just there. Once again Raand; but Rahul was not at all wrong, that time I was nevertheless than a slut and to my surprise I was very much adjusted into all that.

I was enjoying two males playing with my body under shower and next Rahul turned me around to face him and asked me to sit down and suck his Cock. “Neeche baith jaa…aur mera Lund Choos…” Though not casually but sometimes I use to do all this with my husband, actually I never liked going filthy in that era but from last two years,

since I was separated and since I was watching porn movies regularly such things were fascinating me but that instant I did not wanted to do that and for an instant I denied saying “No…I will not do that…” and he insisted me with mocking words “Yes baby…you have to do it! Randiyon ko Lund to chusna hi padta hai….” and after him,

Vinod who was now standing behind me came out with a kind of request that I have to suck his cock too “Please Mera bhi Chusna….” No choice and as Rahul pushed me down over my knees I kneeled down and he plunged my face with his Cock. Thick and long and hard, he was also good in size and after sucking tip of his cock for few seconds as I took him deeper Rahul groaned in pain.

I liked the way he cried and holding his thighs I just went on sucking Rahul hard until he himself stopped me. “Vibha ab mera Chus…” Vinod spoke that and turning my face around brought his Cock over my lips and I took him in mouth too. Almost same as Rahul, Vinod was also good and as I started sucking tip of his Cock he started caressing my cheek while moaning in pleasure.

Since that day Rahul was my favorite but suddenly I was feeling more attracted to Vinod, Why? I don't know, may because he was not abusing me saying Rand and all and I did not tried to suck him hard. I knew soft gentle sucking gives pleasure to males and I did that with Vinod for a minute and groaning in pleasure he grew hard in my mouth.

Next before Vinod would have stopped me Arvind was also in queue "Mera bhi choose..." he spoke and turned my face for his crotch. I sucked Arvind too, may be for a minute and after him Rahul once plunged my mouth with his cock.

To Be Continued...

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Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - II

Previously: Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - I

Everything was set now, though somewhere deep inside I was little conscious for getting caught by Vinod, also I was feeling bad for Rahul’s wife but it is a fact that slut inside me was not letting me think much about his wife and I was more concerned about the pleasure I was about to have in the night and as far as getting caught by Vinod was concerned I was sure that Rahul will handle him casually.

Whatever eventually door bell rang and it was none other than Rahul. I was bit nervous but like always he was too casual and moment I opened the door he tried to kiss me on my lips while addressing me hello darling. I pushed him a bit and behaving formal for an instant reflected concern about Vinod seeing us and as he asked me not to worry about him I told him that

I am feeling bad for his wife and he told me to leave all that and asked me to just start “chhod na ye sab…chal ab jaldi se shuru karte hain….”. He was far more desperate than me and next instant he grabbed me his arms and kissed me hungrily. I was dying for all this to happen with me and I started responding to his kiss instantly and with in no time while kissing me deep

Rahul started squeezing my breasts roughly and I grunted in delight of getting handled by a real man after ages. Next moving his hand down Rahul reached to my cunt and pressed it hard with two of his fingers over the cloth and I just went crazy in pleasure.

Wet and aroused I was already dripping in my panty since morning and touch of his fingers literary blazed me in lust and no hesitation, I shamelessly moved my hand over his cock over the cloth and Rahul was hard like iron rod. “Vibha…aaj tu Raat bhar Chudegi…” Rahul spoke while lifting my top and throwing it away and being a slut in heat I really liked the slang he uttered.

What else? Next we both moved in the bedroom and wasting no time stripped each other completely and rubbing my clean shaven, wet and flooding cunt with his fingers Rahul asked me to wash it with the words “issko achhe se dho ke aa…I will suck it” and I entered in the washroom.

I didn’t had any clue what all is ultimately going to happen with me whole night and barely after 5 minutes, after peeing and washing my cunt thoroughly when I came out of the washroom I was stunned to see three males standing stark naked. Not only Vinod, Rahul called Arvind too and holding and moving their cock back and forward in their fist they were waiting for me.

I screamed a bit but giving me no time to do anything, Rahul moved ahead and holding my wrist brought me close to the bed. “Aaja meri Randi....dekh main tere liye do Lund aur lay aaya Hun….” Rahul uttered, addressed me “Randi” which means prostitute and before I would have realized what he spoke he took me in his embrace and started kissing me.

I don’t remember exactly what all I was going through mentally; it happened so suddenly that I could not think anything. Certainly I was terrified with the mess I was about to face with three males but this is also true that there was a kind of pleasant sensation which was not letting me revolt.

I don’t know if I am a nymphomaniac but I was not touched by a male species from somewhat two years, above that I was waiting for this moment with Rahul from last few days despiratly and suddenly standing in the middle of three males to get fucked was so fascinating that I cannot describe in words.

Anyway Arvind; my third cock of the night; still unmarried and I never fantasized him because of his appearance, although like Rahul he too was quite cheerful in nature but he was not at all good looking, Very dark; almost black, he was not as tall as Rahul, may be 5’8” but physically he was very good and as clenching my breasts against his firm chest Rahul was kissing me deep

and hard Arvind moved ahead and holding one of my ass mounds addressed my name and told me that I have a beautiful ass “Vibha teri Gaand bahut Khoobsurat hai” and touch of his hand and his words drove me restless. I pushed Rahul and requested them not to do anything with me “please mere saath kuch mat karo…” “arrey yaar tu tension mat lay…we will not hurt you…”

Rahul spoke and holding my wrist once again pulled me closer and started caressing my breasts. For and instant I tried to set myself free but next moment Arvind once again reached to me and started kissing my back and shoulders while playing with my ample ass.

I was nowhere, they were three and I was alone, anyhow I could not escape, somewhere I was uneasy with a thought of getting brutally fucked and also with a fear of getting filmed but my hunger of sex was not letting me oppose them to my fullest and I started puffing in pleasure.

Vinod; who is little shy in nature was still standing far from me and next Rahul called him closer and asked him to rub my cunt “Tu bhi aaja…aur Chut ragad isski….” and Vinod did that. He moved ahead and extended his hand into my thighs and started rubbing me there.

Ohhhh…God…I cannot forget that weird yet blissful moment of my life, standing in my own bedroom, when my starved body was getting caressed by three males at the same time for the first time. Rahul was squeezing my breasts and apart from fondling my fleshy hips Arvind was moving his finger in my ass crack and just then Vinod started rubbing my Cunt.

I gasped loud and before I would have thought about trying to get away from them Arvind also reached to my cunt from behind and somehow inserted his finger into my flesh. “Ohh…God” holding Rahul hard from his arms I cried helplessly and no time to think and I felt myself rising to pinnacle.

I was Cumming and I really failed to hold my state within me and started crying in husky voice while saying that. “Mera ho jaayega…. I am Cumming…I am…” that was me and seeing that Rahul asked Arvind and Vinod to fist my cunt hard to make me cum “Achhe se ungli ghussa ke Chod issko” and I think it was Arvind who did that.

As Rahul said he widened my thighs from behind with his feet and adding two more fingers to my cunt fisted me hard swift and I started quivering in unbearable delight. My thighs shivered, not only thighs my entire body; from head to toe trembled in electrifying sensation and with woofing gasps I started cumming with sudden jolts over my belly.

Eyes closed, thighs clenched and I orgasmed hard and they held me firm throughout my shudder and after a minute as I recovered a bit Rahul slipped me over the bed over my back. I was shattered and all three were smiling over my devastating state and next Rahul asked Arvind to begin “You are my best friend…aaj tu hi sabse pahle Bhog lagayega isski Chut ka…”

and he smiled while looking at me. Very dark with jagged masculine face; by profession Property dealer, Arvind was always decent in behavior with females but I never tried getting friendlier with him because of his appearance and now he was the one who was about began my fucking night.

For an instant Rahul and Vinod stayed as is and he came beside me on the bed kissed my lips, I did not responded and he started again and inserting his tongue in my mouth sucked my lips until I reverted back and soon both the other males; Rahul and Vinod also climbed on the bed.

I got bit scared with a thought of getting attacked by three at the same time and moved up to try getting away and Rahul and Arvind held me and Rahul asked me to relax. How can I relax while being on a bed with three males but I didn’t had any option and for an instant I sobbed and preached them to leave me and Rahul tried to comfort me saying that they will not harm me

and with that added that I just have to let them do what they are doing “Tu tension mat lay….we will not harm you…bus jo hum kar rahen hai humen karne de” and with that Rahul started kissing me. I did not want to respond to his kiss, he was the main culprit but after few seconds I responded and barely one minute of kissing and Arvind opened my thighs to suck my cunt.

It was bizarre, I was going through all this more or less against my will but I was getting more and more aroused with every passing moment and as I felt Arvinds’s hand opening my thighs I started puffing with imminent pleasure of getting sucked over my cunt. I broke the kiss and moment before Arvind would have gone into my thighs Vinod started kissing me.

By now I was gone high and moment I responded to Vinod’s suck over my lips Arvind started licking my wet sticky cunt while sizzling his tongue into my flesh. I trembled, my belly went through strange ripple and for an instant I tried to push Arvind but Rahul held me and started squeezing my breasts roughly.

I was laying over my bed, over my back and three males were literary milking me up to maximum, I was crying in strange uneasiness but pleasure I was going through was evident in my gasps and they just kept on eating me like this for couple of minutes.

To Be Continued...

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Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - I

Hello friends, this is about me having a sexual blast for whole night after annual reunion of my school classmates. Actually I am separated from my husband from around two years and while living and earning independently sexually I was gone so starved that I just needed something to happen with my body and ultimately it happened in way that I cannot forget that filthy also bit scary yet attractive night in my entire life.

For intro I would say I am Vibha, 36, living in Delhi NCR. Standing 5’6”; physically I am bit overweight for my height with bit of belly but I am good looking female with attractive body. Heavy breasts, round and plump ass and thick fleshy thighs. I am reading stories from last one and a half year or bit more and finally I too have something to share over this wonderful blog.

As such I didn’t had anything in mind regarding doing sex with any of my male classmates but yes; I accept that because of complete absence of sex in my life from last two years I was getting attracted to 2-3 of guys of my group. I use to fantasize them while watching porn and use to masturbate and among them Rahul was my favorite.

Rich, tall and handsome with very good height and good firm body, Rahul was one of two guys who proposed me in school days. I remember those days I use to be bit arrogant towards males and at time I just slapped him for proposing me, but at present we were good friends and at my end after leading somewhat 8 years of deprived married life I was enjoying fantasizing fucking with him.

Anyway to begin my sexperience I would say it was end of winters and proper summers were yet not started and this time annual reunion of my classmates was held in my house. I was happy to host the gathering and planned everything, like menu and all and few days prior to meet I don’t know how it came in mind that, if I can hint Rahul, I can get sexual pleasure from him in the same night.

In last two years, since my broke up with my husband my thinking was gone nevertheless than a pervert, I was reading sex stories and watching porn movies almost daily and from last few months even masturbation was not helping me and as this thought banged my mind I just went bizarre to tranquilize my sexual urge with real Man.

I remained restless for entire night with all ifs and buts of doing this; Rahul was perfect male for me; tall, bit more than 6 feet, good looking and muscular, very flirty in nature and above all being a childhood friend I could trust him that he will not do any sort of blackmailing in future.

Moreover in recent past couple of times he has accepted among friends that I was his first love and with these perceptions I was sure that if I will give him a hint he will not think twice before cheating his partner. Certainly it was wrong and for next few days I stayed in real big dilemma of doing it or not doing it.

I knew Rahul’s wife very well, she is a lovely female and because of her somewhere I was feeling like quitting from this thought but as I was literary dying for something real to happen with my body I suppressed everything like morals and ethics which were stopping me from doing all this and decided to go for it.

Taking first step I somewhat informed my mom; who live in same town that I will leave my child at her place on that particular day in the morning and might pick him next day. Eventually the day came, my heart was beating high but holding my nerves somehow I just stayed firm over my decision and somewhere around 2 PM everyone started gathering at my place.

Reunion started and we all had lunch prepared by me and in next 3-4 hours more I saw Rahul more I got aroused and more I got aroused more I got nervous over what I was thinking to do. I was wearing western outfit, tight jeans and t-shirt ending few inches below my waist and I could see including Rahul every male was staring at my plump ass and fleshy thighs

but behaving casual and just like good host including Rahul I stayed engaged with many males with casual talks and tiny jokes. Deep inside I was very uneasy with this thought that if somehow any of my female friend will sense my intentions then I won’t be able to survive in the group but somehow my lust kept me firm over my dirty intentions of trapping Rahul in my cunt

and I looked into Rahul’s eyes repeatedly with undue smiles, just to let him read my intentions. Whatever, eventually Clock reached to 6, by now most of the girls were already gone and gradually remaining females also started going and after another half an hour including Rahul two more male, who was Rahul’s best friends since school days,

whose named were Vinod and Arvind got up to go. We all four, me, Rahul, Vinod and Arvind came out to the house and suddenly Rahul asked me if he can use the washroom and just we two came back in the house. I had a plan of sending a SMS to Rahul just after his exit from my place but as I got this opportunity I did that while he was in the washroom and I was waiting for him outside.

It was simple text, just; “Stay with me in the night” but I went though significant shivering over my fingers but ultimately I sent him massage and like I needed barely few seconds and I got the reply “sure”. He came out of the washroom and no hesitation and no formality and holding my wrist he pulled me in his embrace and started kissing me.

For an instant I tried to stop him but ultimately failed and we kissed long and deep for couple of minutes and unluckily in the mean time Vinod who was suppose get dropped by Rahul on nearby metro station came in the bedroom and found us kissing desperately. Vinod; married, fair and good liking male and I admit that I use to masturbate for him too.

Although he was neither tall nor very muscular; height same as me 5’6”, average health but bit thinner than me and I use to like him a lot because of his shy and true at heart nature. Although that day he proved that he is nevertheless Harami; just like most males of this world but still casual and caring Vinod was the only one in the group who was always ready to help everyone.

I don’t know how many times going out of the way he has dropped me back home after casual friend meets which are held in between our annual reunion and that day too he was not having his car because his brother’s car was gone bad and he gave him his car to use.

Anyway Vinod saw us kissing and saying sorry instantly stepped back and went out of the house and reached to the car. Next Rahul followed him without saying anything to me and I seeing from my balcony sensed that when Vinod entered in the house Arvind was already gone and soon Rahul and Vinod also went off.

Next barely after 5 minutes of his exit Rahul sent me text saying that he will be back in 10 minutes and in reply I asked him to buy Condoms and he reverted back with just OK.

To Be Continued...

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Bill And Kath Enjoying Non Stop Fucking

I went to the holiday resort, a big water fall. It was very much crowded. People, men and women just dumped the belongings in some lodge and ran to take bath in the falls. We could hear the sound of the falls from a great distance. People men and women with wet and dripping cloths were rushing to their room for changing and people who had just arrived were rushing to the fall.

Nobody bothered about covering their body entirely. unbuttoned shirts partially covering boobs, with nipples projecting under wet clothes were common sight. Some men wore underwear and their cock gave a good show in partially erect condition.

With a back pack on my shoulders, I went though the crowd squeezing as many boobs as possible and I met her, may be aged early twenties, in just a shorts and a armless t shirt. I think she did not wear any bra. I caught hold of hand. She had not taken bath. Did you take bath I asked her. No. she said. when did you come and why did you not taken bath yet.

While bathing I wanted somebody to hold my hand. I said I am here now. We both will take bath holding our hands. Yes, yes she said. Had a room I asked. She said yes. Go and ask you room manager whether you can have a guest staying with you.. Let us go and she came back and said yes, he agreed. But I have to pay extra. Ok I said.

We both went to the lodge, took the key and opened the door of the room. closed the door. I unzipped my backpack and took out my bathing trunk. I removed my t shirt and shorts and underwear. Seeing me naked she said wow took it in her hands. My cock was in semi erect condition. I put on the trunk and came out. The room was too small.

It had a cot just a little wider than a single cot. I asked her what is your name. she said Kath. She asked what is yours, I said william, call Bill. Holding hands together we ran to the falls. They have a constructed a small pond into which water was falling. People were sitting in the pond in chest deep water. Most of the people sitting in the water were gliding here and there.

Some girls were holding the cock of their partners. Some men were playing with the boobs of the partnets. Nobody felt ashamed of what they are doing. There was sex everywhere, some open and some hidden. I took Kath into the water and went directly to the falls and stood under it for a minute. Chill water falling in torrents over your body was indeed thrilling.

She wanted me to hold her hand. I just hugged her and pressed her chest against mine. She just put her hands around my neck and wound her legs around me. Holding her tight I took her to the fall and we stood there for some time. Copying what we were doing, many girls encircled their legs around their partners holding the partners neck with their hands.

Partners were just squeezing the boobs of the girls and there was gigling sound all around. Everybody were seeing what others were doing and all were enjoying and laughing aloud. I asked Kath shall press your boobs. Yes, please do and fuck me if you can, I am horny already. I just moved away from the fall and we sat in the water in the pond.

She was sitting on my lap with her legs around me. She release one of her hand and was searching for my cock under water. My cock was fully erect. She took the cock in her hand and directed it to her shorts and located it in her cunt and she pushed forward so that my cock will get placed on her clitoris. She rubbed the tip vigorously and was making noice with her mouth.

I said dont make noice, others will start watching. With both my hands I pulled her closer and my cock was entering her fuckhole. When I released it was coming out. Kath with half closed eyes was enjoying my act. There was milling crowd and nobody noticed what we were doing and perhaps many of the couple who were sitting in the water may be doing it.

My cock did not do a fully entry, but that much sufficient to bring her to her orgasm. She hugged me and her cunt muscles were pressing against my cock. then I told her that we are getting up and I inserted my cock in my trunk and we both got up and went to the falls. I just asked her did you like it. Yes, yes, immensely, she said. I want more and more.

We waiting in the water for about five minutes and when we turned back there was more sex in the crowd, Even aunties and uncles were doing it openly. Nobody felt ashamed and many were watching what others are doing. We came out and went to the lodge to take out towel to wipe our body. We took the key, opened the door and closed it behind us.

Kath wiped her hair and she removed all her wet clothes and wiped her body. Her firm boobs and nipples and hairless cunt gave me an erection. She said she will wipe my body and she wiped the back and chest and my stiff cock, thighs. She kneeled on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and started to do a blow job.

I stopped her and lifted her and made her to lie down in the bed and I took a 69 position, inserting my cock in her mouth and burying my face into her cunt. I opened her legs wide and opened her cunt lips and licked her tiny clitoris and licked it. My tongue twisted her clit and slid into her fuck hole. Within two minutes we had our orgasm.

She said no, no, fuck me, fuck me deep. Making her take doggy posture, I slid my semi erect cock into her fuck hole and pushed my cock deep into her. Holding her shoulders, I gave her deep and strong strokes and within five minutes her stream of fluids stuck my legs and I too shot my cum inside her. It was one of the best fuck I had ever given to a girl.

We went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves and we put on dry clothes and went in search of an eatery. Bill, she called me and told me not to make any excuses, but stay with her for three days and fuck her and fuck her. We stayed there for three days just eating, bathing and fucking. Kath was insatiably horny and after each fuck wanted another within 15 minutes.

Her one condition was no more questions and no more answers. After three days we got tired and we bad good bye, I paid for the rent for the room for all the three days and we kissed good bye and departed each in our own way. I hope to meet her again during my journeys.

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Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter - II

Previously: Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter - I

For all the pleasures he gave her she can very well give him a variety of t shirts and jeans. She knew if he puts on decent clothes, there are many boy snachers around who are desparate for masculine company during day and night. knowing his ability, her cousins used to telephone asking her to send saravanan for some purchases, going to the market for buying something etc.

Razia carefully turned down such requests with some excuse. Razia passed her SSC and got into the college. In the meantime her mother went to gulf three times. But the troublewith Shamla was that there is no one who can be asked to come to fuck her at short notice.

One night she heard strange sounds coming from the room of her daughter, Razia, and she tiptoed to find what is happening there. It was just 10 pm and she found the door just closed. She opened the door and found a boy lying on the floor and Razia sitting on him and studying keeping her books on the bed. Both Razia and the body did not see her entering the room.

Shamla wondered what is happening and found Razia lifting her bottom up and bring it down on his cock which was standing erect. Razia had her laptop playing a hot porn film in front of her and her books were also open. Shamla was amazed at the ingenuity of her daughter. Razia was pressing her boobs with her hands or press then against side of her bed.

The boy was naked and Razia wore leggings with her cunt portion conveniently open so that his cock may enter it. Shamla went out and waited for the show to be over. It took one hour before Razia released the boy and as soon as he left the room he closed the door behind and turned to go and found Shamla standing in the corridor.

She asked him to come to her toom and the boy was scared and thought he will be thrown out of the job and will be asked to leave immediately. On reaching her room Shamla turned and looked at Saravanan and asked him what he was doing in the room of Razia. He stood there with folded hands scared stiff.

She asked him not to get worried and asked him what work he did in the kitchen. He said he is just a helper and did whatever work the cook asked him to do. The cook asked him take a pitcher of water to the room of Razia madam and he came with the water jug stood there watching a movie in her computer.

She called him to come near and removed his lungi and found his semi erect cock. It was sticky as it was inside the cunt of Razia all along. Shamla removed her dress and lied naked in her bed and asked him to come near and lick and suck her cunt. Saravanan was happy and he kneeled on the floor and started to lick the hairless cunt of Shamla.

He opened the cunt lips of Shamla and found her prominent clitoris hiding behind the cunt lips. He licked it and pulled it out with his lips. He licked the clitoris. Shamla was making some incoherant sounds. She wriggled her body and was enjoying the lip massage by the boy.

Though she was fucked by the Jordonian and Afgan cocks, they were more keen in fucking her with their 9 inch cocks. They never bothered about her boobs or her clitoris. Shamla found the oral sex by this boy more pleasureable than fucking. She made him to come on top of her and took his cock in her mouth. She took his cock in her mouth and played with it with her tongue.

Now Saravanan was sucking her clit with more vigor and she reached her grand orgasm, but the cock remained stiff and stern in her mouth. He was fucking her in her mouth. She asked him to come down and fuck her in her cunt. Saravanan began to fuck her in her cunt and she got next orgasm yet another orgasm but the boy was pounding on her continuously.

It became her worry how to stop him. Finally she asked him to stop and get down from her top. She asked him how many times she fucked Razia in a day. He said about three or four times. How much time you took each time. He said one hour or more. Shamla was shocked. How much sex her daughter was having under the same roof and yet she did not know.

She asked Saravanan to come to her each time he finishes fucking Razia and fuck her too. He should not disclose to Razia that he is fucking her mother also. He agreed and she asked to go but from next day she said he will sleep with her. From next day both mother and daughter enjoyed the same boy lover. This lasted when they found another lover.

The End.

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Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter - I

While doing her SSC Razia was married and her husband who was a businessman in gulf told her to stay back and continue her studies and that the moment she passed her degree he will take her. Razia was a beautiful girl and she was very horny. On her first night she made her husband fuck her twice.

She acted as if her seal was ruptured to convince her husband of her virginity, but her servant knows how many times she calls him to fuck her. When the itching starts putting her finger, or a banana or a carrot does not satisfy her, she wanted only a stout cock to pound her to bring her orgasm and satisfy her hunger for sex.

A newly recruited boy to help in the kitchen who lied in the pantry will come to her room to place a jug of water daily for her purpose. Just before he leaves, she used to ask him to come to her bathroom and she will pull out his cock and wash it well with soap and kneel on ground and suck it.

Keeping his hand on his hip, the boy, saravanan, will bend backwards to give her the maximum length of his cock. When his cock attains full erection, she will aske him to come to her bed and she will open her legs and show him her golder cunt to fuck. Saravanan used to wonder whether it is a dream or reality, to fuck an angel like girl in her silken draped bed.

Come on do it fast urged Razia and Saravanan used to take a long time which was his advantage. By the time he gets his orgasm Razia would have had atleast five orgasm. After the job is over Razia asked him to hurry up and see that nobody notices his comng to her room. Her father was away at the gulf. Her mother was there.

Her mother, Shamla had a similar weakness for cocks. She used to go to gulf to visit her husband once in three months. Shamla will make her husband fuck her twice every day. He was a busy businessman touring all the gulf countries often. But he had very trustworthy servants who took care of the needs of the wife of their master.

One fellow was an Afgan and another a jordan whose sexual prowess was world known. They loved Shamla and her beautiful body. The moment their master goes abroad, they both will come and stay with Shamla and fuck her front and back simultaneously. After three months of vigorous sexual onslaughts Shamla will return to India to reminisce over her gulf experiences.

During her mother's absence her aunt stayed to take care of Razia. But aunt cannot stop people coming for combined study. Razia had a large bevi of friends and their friends. They come for combined studies both during day and night. Once she went to meet their family doctor, a matured sensible lady. She told Razia not to have too much sex.

Too much sex will disturb her harmonal balance and she will put on a grown up and matured look than that of a young teen ager. A terror ran over her and Razia suddenly stopped all combined study and stopped all outsiders except of course Saravanan. Saravanan aged eighteen sported a cock of six and half inches, The advantage with him was he was equal to six men.

His cock will stand erect for one hour or more by which time she can have four or five orgasm. She asked him to sleep in her room, on floor, with his cock standing erect like a flag post that any time she can cooly sit on it, While studying her books she wanted his cock to fill her hole and retain erection.

She wanted him sometimes to bury his face into her pussy and tongue fuck her or lick her clit. Saravanan did all these tasks with utmost care and devotion. To bring him to her level of cleanliness, they usually bathed together and she applied soap on him he did with her.

To clean the deep depths of her vagina, where fingers will not reach, he used to take the trouble of sending his cock and by vigorous rubbing with his cock head her vaginal depths will be cleaned. They both were addicted to cleanliness. They helped each other to remove their public hair. She allowed him to wear only a lungi and a sleeveless vest during day and night.

To Be Continued...

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