Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - II

Previously: Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - I

I was feeling intoxicated and with whatever Ritesh was doing with me, I was not willing to dance with him but I suppressed my hesitation with a thought that he is drunk and it is a matter of couple of more minutes until clock will reach to mid night and unexpectedly assuming my ignorance as my acceptance Ritesh started playing with my ass mounds freely;

he rubbed his hand all over my bottom and squeezed my ample flesh repeatedly; just like my husband was playing with his wife’s ass mounds and by the time clock reached to mid-night sexually he was so turned on that shouting “Happy New Year” he clenched me hard against his firm chest.

Mohit also screamed same from somewhere behind at the same time and I tried to push Ritesh, mainly to see my husband but he was too powerful and after crushing my breasts with his chest he grabbed both of my ass mounds in his hands and tried to pick me up.

Anyhow that was not possible for him without my consent and soon after getting away from him as I looked back to see my husband I was shocked to see Mohit lifting Ridhima by holding her both the ass mounds and her legs wrapped around his waist.

“Mohit….!!!” Addressing his name I somewhat yelled in shock and next instant releasing Ridhima back on floor he moved to me and hugged me saying Happy New Year. Not just Ritesh but Mohit was also smashed, I could make out from his body language and next as Ridhima also came to me and hugged me I realized that she is also in same state.

“Feeling jealous hmmm…?” looking into my eyes Ridhima asked me with naughty smile and I tried to bring my expressions back to normal and denied for being jealous with tiny smile. I thought that it is just a momentary obsession and now everything will get to normal but next as both the males settled down on different couches

with one more drink in their hands Ridhima came and sat down into my husband’s arm and took sip from his drink. It was unpleasant to see but assuming that she is just trying giving me envy feeling I smiled to suppress my real sentiment and very next instant Ritesh got up from his place and sat beside me and took me in his arms same way.

I looked at Mohit and there were no odd expressions over his face, rather he smiled looking at me and asked Ritesh to give me a sip from his drink. “Thodi pila issko apne glass se” and hearing that from Mohit Ritesh tried doing that.

Obviously I resisted, I was already feeling drunk and I tried a lot to avoid but wrapping his arms around my shoulder Ritesh did not stopped insisting me until I took one sip from his drink. After that I almost released myself from Ritesh’s arm but Ridhima went better into my husband’s embrace and started sharing his drink properly.

“Now you are feeling jealous….” She smiled while asking me again and knobbing my head in no; I continued suppressing my real emotions with casual smile. Ridhima was drunk and I thought she is just trying teasing me; that’s what anyone at my place would have assumed but everything was running planned and after taking couple of more sips from my husband’s

glass Ridhima somewhat challenged me that I will certainly feel jealous if she will kiss Mohit “agar main Mohit ko kiss karungi tab to tum definitely jealous feel karogi”. I got perturbed with what she said but I did not reacted over her words;

anyhow I could not imagine that she could be serious over that but soon after seeing my firm facial expressions she turned her face to Mohit and started sucking his lips. What is that? I was not surprised but I was traumatized; I was jammed at my place with my heart beating high and as I turned my head to look at Ritesh, he moved ahead and planted his over mine.

Now what is that? I was more than shocked and I pushed him and before I would have got up from there, Ridhima got up from her place and sat beside me. “Let’s have group sex…! Mazza aayega” she smiled and while saying that moved her hands on my breasts roughly. That was erotic and her touch stirred me with strange sensation,

yet I was not so intoxicated and as I removed her hands from my breasts in disagreement Ridhima straightaway took off her t-shirt and threw it away. No words; truly speaking friends I really don’t have any words to describe my mind state of that moment, till then for me it was just that Mohit is crazy about Ridhima and he has always ended up fucking me after meeting her

on such drink and dine and with that I knew this fact too that Ritesh is also crazy about me, Ridhima has shared this truth with me but anyhow I could not imagine these two along with Ridhima can think of being so nasty. Whatever Ridhima was wearing white color stylish bra and after looking in my eyes with smile she turned to see my husband.

No wonder seeing her fair and perfect round breasts caged in tight bra Mohit smiled with evident lust in his eyes and seeing his reaction I screamed and got up from my place. Next with me everyone got up and as I moved bit close to Mohit, holding my wrist he pulled me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

No time to think as everything was running fast and I was yet not out of shock of what Ridhima just did and Mohit lifted my t-shirt and somehow managed took it out from my arms even after my opposition. I once again screamed in shock and without looking at Ridhima and Ritesh tried to get my t-shirt back from my husband but he threw it away.

We both the females were topless now but with entirely different mind state, me in shock and Ridhima in pleasure and before I would have thought about rushing towards my t-shirt Ridhima came from behind and bumped into me. “Let’s do it….” she spoke and her hands once again squeezed my breasts rough and hard.

I puffed in low voice but tried to get away from her and Mohit blocked my movement. “Let’s do it…” he too spoke same words and reached to my waist to unbutton my jeans. “Please…Mohit…what are you doing?” saying that I removed his hands from my waist swiftly but before I would have tried getting away from being sandwiched between Ridhima

and my husband Ridhima drifted straps of my bra down from my shoulder. I shouted again and for and instant saved my breasts from getting exposed but next instant Mohit grabbed me from my waist and clenching me hard against his chest and started kissing me.

He was my husband but it was weird, I resisted but really failed to stop him and after a minute or bit less started responding to his kiss. “Aaj hum group sex karenge” after kissing me Mohit did not asked me, he somewhat told me that and with that moved his hands on my back to unhook my bra.

I was yet not prepared and as I tried to stop him he asked me to turn and see Ridhima “Ridhima ko dekho” he spoke and I turned and I was shocked to see her standing just in panty. Next Ridhima smiled and moved ahead and once again clenched my breasts from behind and spoke

“Aaj hum dono Cars hain…aur ye dono ek dusre ki Car chalyenge” (means today we are Cars and they will drive each other’s cars). I was not willing but I was drunk and hearing Ridhima’s words I felt losing control over myself. Ridhima continued squeezing my breasts from behind after removing my bra completely and I did not protest much when my husband unbuttoned my jeans.

I was already topless and soon my jeans also went down to my feet, Ridhima did that and seeing my uneasiness looking into my eyes Mohit smiled a bit and once again kissed me long and deep. Mentally I was yet not completely into the act but I was getting aroused with every passing moment and soon after breaking the Kiss Mohit also started taking off his clothes.

Ritesh was standing somewhere behind me and next as I heard Ridhima asking him to take off his clothes too my heart started beating high. I did not turned around to see him, I did not had courage to see him but soon holding my wrist Ridhima pulled me and asked me to turn around and I saw by now Ridhima was stark naked but Ritesh was yet having his underwear over his body.

I was also just in panty with my breasts exposed to Ritesh and I blushed as he wowed with smile while looking at my sagging melons and took off his underwear in front of my eyes. In the mean time including his underwear Mohit also took off all his clothes and moved forward to me and drifted my panty down to my feet.

No words; once again I don’t have any words to describe the sensation I was going through while standing stark naked with three more ready to get into group action. Certainly by now sexually I was well charged but my heart was still beating in strange fear and my arousal

and uneasiness enhanced when wrapping his arm around my waist my husband brought me close to Ritesh and came out saying “YE LAY….TU MERI CAR CHALA…MAIN TERI CAR CHALATA HUN” (Means; take it…you drive my car… I will drive your car)

To Be Continued...

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Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - I

I believe for men cars and wives are alike, usually they don’t share these two with anyone, still there are many males who give their car to specifics to ride and there are very few males, like my husband and his close friend Ritesh who give their wives too to specific to ride.

Yes! This is about wife swapping between two best friends and it all began with exchanging of cars and finally reached to the exchanging of wives. For introduction I would say my husband Mohit and Ritesh are childhood friends; since they were in 3rd standard but soon after schooling somehow they lost contact and later, thanks to FB they once again came in touch after around 15-16 years.

By now both were married, me; Pooja married to Mohit and Ritesh married to Ridhima. We; both the couples are married more or less from last seven years, both the marriages were love marriages and at present we all are reaching to our mid thirties. I am mother of one but Ridhima is mentally yet not prepared for a child.

The Males; Mohit and Ritesh are tall, more or less 5’10’, broad shoulders with bit of tummy, physically as well as mentally they are almost alike but females; I and Ridhima are very far from each other in looks and otherwise. Ridhima is fair with average looking face and light brown eyes where I am good looking but dusky in color with big black eyes.

Tall, not exact but almost same as males with flat belly Ridhima has balanced fleshed all over her body but I am barely 5’5” with lot of extra flesh over my arms, thighs and hips. She has perfect round medium sized breasts but mine are huge.

Her hairs are dark brown with few golden tints ending few inches below her shoulders and mine are black and long, ending few inches above my waist. Ridhima wears only western outfits and because I live with my in-laws, also physically I am bit plump I rarely wear western outfits.

I must mention this fact too that I and Ridhima are different not just in appearance but we are also dissimilar in overall nature, I am little reserved with bit of sheep thinking but Ridhima is very straight forward and far open minded than me.

Anyway, while moving back to sequence I would say after meeting on FB after 15 years my husband Mohit and Ritesh were like gone mad for each other and in next two or two and a half years we saw dozens of movies together and had countless drinks and dines at each other’s place and like males soon we two females also got close to each other like childhood friends.

Whatever, recently; couple of months before when all this happened we; both the couples bought new cars. Both SUVs but different brands and soon Mohit and Ritesh started exchanging their cars on regular intervals. No problem! Not for moment I felt anything wrong in this but things turned nasty on New Year Eve's get together.

It was held in Ritesh and Ridhima’s flat and like always my child was left with my in-laws at home and it was just we 4 in the house. I was wearing formal Salwar Kameez with entire marital make up while leaving the house but after reaching at Venue I was made to change into western outfit by my husband.

Time was 10 or bit more when we reached at Ridhima’s place and till 11:30 we had lot of snacks along with drinks. I was two drinks down of Scotch and Ridhima and both the males were three drinks down of same when suddenly Ritesh came out with a thought of dancing on New Year moment with each other's partners.

Everything was preplanned by both males and Ridhima but when Ritesh spoke came with this idea everyone except me behaved fascinated. There was yet 20-25 minutes left for New Year and Ridhima quickly made one more set of drinks for all of us. I was not willing to have more as I was already feeling intoxicated but Mohit insisted me and soon after ending our drinks we;

all four came in the middle of the living room to dance. Ritesh played particular romantic no. which was appropriate for the kind of dance we decided to do and Ridhima reduced the lights. Music started and with exchanged spouses we all came close to each other.

Almost touching and holding my one hand in his hand Ritesh moved his other hand to my back and I accomplished the ballroom posture putting my left hand on his upper shoulder. Nothing wrong, looking into each other’s eyes with bit of smashed smile we; I and Ritesh moved slowly on the beats and I saw Mohit and Ridhima were also dancing in same pattern.

Couple of minutes passed and from my back Ritesh’s hand moved down to my waist. Yet no problem and I continued dancing with Ritesh silently without much hesitation. Couple of more minutes passed, in the mean time I did not bother to see Mohit and Ridhima,

rather I was waiting for clock to reach to mid night and suddenly Ritesh moved his hand further down and rested his palm over my ass mound. Nothing else, I removed his hand from my bottom instantly and looked up at his face with a question in my eyes and he asked me to see behind. I turned and saw Mohit's hand was also on Ridhima's ass mound.

I was surprised and for a fraction looked at Ritesh and he was smiling. Next I turned again to see my husband and I saw his hand squeezing Ridhima's mound. That was unpleasant but before I would have reacted over that Ritesh slipped his hand over my ass mound again and squeezed me there same way.

I removed his hand swiftly again but before I would have moved away from him he once again took hold of my fleshy mound and squeezed it again."Arre yaar thoda bahut to chalta Hai..." Ritesh spoke that as I got away from him and to my surprise my husband supported Ritesh's statement and asked me not to feel shy and somewhat showed me his hand which was resting on Ridhima's ass mound

"Ab tum Sharmao matt...dekho main bhi touch kar Raha Hun Ridhima ko" and after saying that he once again squeezed her mound nicely and turning her head Ridhima smiled while looking at my face. That was unbelievable, how can Mohit do that? Moreover how can Ridhima accept that?

I was speechless and without saying a word as I tried to gaze Mohit in objection he ignored looking at me and turned Ridhima back in dancing posture and continued moving on music beats with his hands on her ass mound.

“Come let’s dance” saying that Ritesh once again took me in his arms and with mild hesitation I continued to dance with him. I saw Mohit repeatedly and his hand did not stop playing with Ridhima’s mound and to my revelation Ridhima seemed enjoying all that.

Next for a minute or not even that Ritesh’s hand stayed on my waist and as he saw Mohit is playing with his wife’s ass continuously he too landed his hand over my mound and squeezed it. Ridhima was fine with it but it was not accepted to me but as I once again tried to get away from him, gripping me harder Ritesh asked me to relax.

To Be Continued...

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Guy Losing Virginity To Bhabhi - II

Previously: Guy Losing Virginity To Bhabhi - I

Next day after she came from classes, again we spent a routine day but almost 10 to 15 intentional crosswalk from door & every time I saw her smiling from mirror. That day I decided that that night was the night to have it all.

After dinner again we slept & I asked her for her hand. Surprisingly she asked “why don’t I come up in bed & be comfortable”. I was shocked & equally glad with the opportunity..! she told me just to check on my parent whether all r slept & told me to lock the door. I ran & checked everything & came near her. She made some room on bed & I slept near her.

She asked “so where you want to touch me to check how soft my skin is tonight ?” I asked “huh..??”, she laughed & asked “Arey which hand do you want to hold now ?” I took her right hand & started caressing & told her that she is most amazing person I have ever met in my life. We came so close that I could inhale her heavenly aroma & could feel warmth of her breath.

While caressing her hand, I slowly moved my palm towards her elbow & then to her shoulder & roamed my fingers on her skin between her neck & shoulders. She was breathing heavily by now. In dim light I could see that she had calmly closed her eyes & was looking like being in meditating stage yet anticipating what was coming next.

I asked her “Bhabhi, can I touch you more ?” She said “You are already touching me.” I said “I wanna touch you even more”, she said “where exactly “Me : I am loving feel of your skin so much that I have never touched so soft thing before. So I feeling urge to touch you more n more (my fingers were roaming on her neck back to her hand back to her neck during this..!)

She : How much do you wanna touch me & where else you wanna touch me ? Me : I wanna touch you all those places where even you have not touched yourself.. I wanna touch you where you have not even imagined of getting touched.. I want to touch every inch of your body. (She held my moving hand & guided it to her boobs..!)

She : You wanted to touch me here ? Me : Yes, ever since you have come here, I wanted to touch your boobs..! She giggled & slipped my hands under her top. She : Touch them as much as you want. Me : Thanks…! Ummhhh what a heaven you really are..! I am so lucky to have you… !

We started cuddling & caressing each other more passionately & in no time our tongues were united & fighting with each other to get more n more peace of saliva from each others mouth. We kissed for long & She let me press her boobs for almost an hour but then stopped me & told me to go down as it was enough for tonight.

I obeyed her as I had got even more than I dreamt off. She gave me one long kiss & suck as much as saliva as she could & made me go on my bed on floor. It was just a start for nights yet to come ahead…!! I will share if you all want to know more..!

The End.

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Guy Losing Virginity To Bhabhi - I

Hello Readers & story tellers, I have been reading stories from this amazing site almost daily since past two years I guess. Got almost addicted of reading one before falling asleep. A good orgasm after masturbation really drives me into tight sleep, I am sure many it does the same with many of you..!

Well this is about how I lost my virginity to my Bhabi (sister-in-law). Today I am 29, this all happened when I was just 18 plus & had finished my 12th’s board exams. I had vacations & had nothing to do until board & entrance exam results would be out for further rat race of admissions into engineering colleges.

Mine is small family consists of me, my mom & dad. During this vacations, my cousin brother came to visit us with his wife. They were always welcomed at our home. They used to live in small town near our city where my cousin was working in small branch of state bank. Bhabhi was house-wife until then but she wanted to start something of her own.

My mom suggested her to do beauty parlor & tailoring courses which were available near our home only. After courses, she could start her little parlor or boutique in their town. My cousin & Bhabhi liked the idea & decided that Bhabhi would stay at our home for 2 months for training. I was happy with it as I loved to have someone at our house as guest.

Next weekend Bhabhi came to city to live with us. I had no sexual feelings about Bhabhi till then. Then our routine started. Mom & Dad were working 9 to 6 so whole day me & Bhabhi used to be home. Her classes were 11am to 1pm. Within a week Bhabhi & me became like best friends. She was 24 that time.

After her classes, we used to watch movies at our home or would go to roam around city on my bike. She had taken charge of our home by taking care of cooking & cleaning as she wanted to be good help to my mother as much as she could.

I slowly started getting attracted to her as we started being close & sharing all the stuff. She was beautiful. Her hair would fall perfectly on her shoulders & her lips used make a perfect curve of smile. I noticed that she never used to apply lip-stick yet her lips always looked wet glossy & juicy to me.

He boobs were perfect in shape & always looked untouched even if she was married since 2 years. She used to look Goddess in Saree.. Almost like an Aphrodite..! I started lusting for her. My dick used to be erected more than it was in sleepy mode those days. It was hard to hide bulge in my shorts when she was around.

We had 2 BHK house, Bhabhi used to sleep in my room only. I had habit to masturbate before sleeping but since Bhabhi had came, I could not masturbate before sleeping. I didn’t like masturbating in bathroom as much as I liked being naked in locked room on my bed massaging & moving my dick with wild fantasies.

I started lusting for my Bhabhi with every passing day. After all, she was like a dream to me, even more perfect that no guy can even dream so perfect woman. I badly wanted to have her. It had been two weeks since she came & time was running fast. I realized that if I wouldn’t move faster, time will just fly & opportunity will go.

I decided to seduce her even though I had not a slightest clue how to do that as I never even had gf before that. From next day, whenever we used to sit to play video games, I used to sit more closer to her & started touching her playfully during games. She didn’t mind my increased touching as we had became much comfortable so she didn’t get any wrong idea about it I guess.

Whenever we used to talk, I started staring in her eyes without blinking. She asked me that is something changed as my way of looking at her was feeling different to her. I replied that I am just becoming fond of her looks & her flawless skin that I don’t want to blink my eyes even for second. She took it as compliment.

I used to rest my head in her lap occasionally, she never mind it as if she considered me as her younger brother I guess. While resting my head on her lap I used to brush my cheeks on her boobs. & sometimes I used to stay near her boobs & talk to her. She didn’t care. It increased my confidence.

When we used to pass each other while walking from doors, I used to brush myself on her. I used to brush crotch area on her back even more when she would turn opposite to me while crossing.

One day, I was coming in my bedroom & she was going out from my bedroom so in the door frame, she turned to wall side & I took advantage & brushed my already erected dick on her bottom while passing. I was looking at my front where mirror was there, & to my surprise when I passed through her, I saw her smiling back at me in the mirror.

In that moment, I realized that she was knowing that I was intentionally brushing myself to her & her smile proved that she was enjoying it. It increased my confidence to seduce her & my eagerness to touch her even more & more. That night, as usual after dinner we came to my room & switched off lights.

She slept on my bed & I slept on floor & started chatting in hush hush voice. I asked her to lower her hand as I wanted to check size of her palm with mine. She lowered her hand & I held it in my palm. I rested her five fingers on mine & started to tell some random things (I don’t remember exact talk now..!).

I praised her for her soft skin & complimented her that any model of those cosmetics TV ads would feel jealous of her beauty. She just giggled. She didn’t pull back her hand that day as I fell asleep holding her hand.

To Be Continued...

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Aki Firsttime Making Out With Niharika

Hi.. Every one.. Friends call me Aki.. I'm a guy who is slightly unconventional. I have been reading blogs on this page since 2009. And I admire everyone for sharing their experiences. And would also thank them cos I have used their ways in my escapades. Coming to the point, the year was 2009. I was in high school in Mumbai.

Land of good helpful people and of course beautiful..women. the most pleasant memory is of seeing her in school at that time. Yes niharika( name changed). One year junior to me but she was what we call a totally independent and confident girl and gutsy of course. Before moving forward I would like to add that in high school I was very shy types.

Had never got drunk or smoked up. So when I saw her, I got attracted at the very first moment but didn't had the guts to approach her. Periods proceed and after school closing time I saw her.. Yes.. There she was surrounded by boys from most classes. She was an easy going girl to talk with. I on my usual self continued home.

Thinking simultaneously about my further day routine and niharika. For the whole day I had tuitions. Well what all can a 12th standard guy have. During the evening I saw her in my locality and was actually delighted to see her. It was like getting something for which I have been waiting for ages. Just a sight of her made my day. The monotonous routine turned pleasurable.

Enjoyable.. Fun what ever said. Slowly slowly I was adjusting to the fast paced life of Mumbai. One day the cupid cards played the luck game and I got to interact with her. First time I saw her closely. Her hair slightly curly... Eyes.. Black and deep.. Skin dusky.. Height around 5'4". She had an aura around her and I enjoyed stealing glances.

And while doing that the words that came from her surprised me. Why are you always trying to check me out?? I was caught out of the blue. I couldn't reply to her.. In fact I didn't knew.. How to project myself as a decent guy. And before I could have noticed things around me.. She laughed and went away.

I was In deep thoughts.. And she met me again. I remember that meeting for ever. She told me never stare a girl cos they get to know and second was that she hadn't come across a guy like me.. Who is always into himself. With later conversations with her I realized that being to much into myself people considered me as an attitude guy.

But nevertheless the only thing I have never changed in myself till date is that I can't go and approach a girl. Now say it as fate or my thought process. I have never been able to approach a girl. Looks wise what I was in 2009 and what I'm now.. Are very different. I will only say I keep my appearance smart.

Things proceeded with normal hi.. Hello and staying in same locality made it easier to meet. Time passed we became good friends.. Actually wait.. I basically don't remember when we were past the friendship base. We weren't exactly a couple but new everything about one another. We became close.

I was enjoying all this.. Having a girl to talk with.. Specially a girl who adores you.. Cares for you. I held her hand for the first time when she was worried about her mother. Her mom had got her hand fractured. I wanted to console her. We as humans react to a situation in different ways at that time I did things exactly to her.. What I saw in movies.i held her hand.

Squeezed it a little and hugged her. She knew what I'm doing And somehow didn't mind. Time was passing my boards were nearing and do were her school exams. We decided to meet after the farewell party. She was looking damn cute and I was enjoying staring at her. She gave me two.. Three serious glances but I think later she decided to ignore.

After the farewell party.. I met her at her homes terrace. She was slightly drunk.. She hugged me the moment she met me and kept hugging me. She thanked me for all lovely times. I realized its because I might be going from Mumbai to some other places. So I told her that we will meet.. Keep in touch through orkut.. Facebook. For the first time I realized that I'm important to her.

She still clapsed me.. Unwilling to go. I was feeling awesome at that time. I had never thought a girl would be so much into me. We hugged each other and I gave her small pecks on her cheeks. I did that again and again. And I slowly inserted my hand at back of her dress. Though I had seen lots of porn but I was still new in practical version.

I rubbed her back and felt her bra straps. We looked at each other and kissed. Our lips locked. The first kiss of my life. I don't know till how long we sucked each other.. But it was like a different feeling.. The exchange of saliva.. The lipstick taste and the ever on feeling of going like that.

Bit the truth is that oxygen also plays an important role and we disengaged only to start it again. It was awesome... I can't forget that very first kiss. It was not like in movies but for me I enjoyed it and remember it always... Before we could move further her phone buzzed and it was her mother.. She had to go but before going... We again kissed.. Smooched.. Sucked..

I would continue with my escapades.. Enjoy reading and enjoy posting...

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Prakash Fucking Friends Wife Aarti On Date

Hi everyone...I wish a great journey to Human Digest and wish to post more stories...I actually see a different world by reading stories related to strange encounters which leads to beautiful sexual experiences.

I had a great encounters with my colleague which is still running we often get together and enjoy the day but as per society we are always a different breed and who talk about sex we are called perverts and we dont have freedom to express whats there in our way interms of sex and our desires.

This is about a couple Aarti & Anjan and his friend Prakash.. It was sunday suddenly Prakash receives call from Anjan asking him to meet him around 12noon at the coffee shop located near to Anjan residence after several requests Prakash accepts and got freshen up and started heading towards the meeting place.

Just before he reaching the place Prakash called Anjan...Prakash: Anjan I am there at the coffee shop in ten minutes...Anjan: Sorry Bhai I just came out on urgent work..Prakash: R u gone crazy then why did u ask me come I just spoiled my sunday and came to u...Anjan: Really sorry please wait will come asap...

Prakash: Kitna time lagega....Anjan: May be two hours...Prakash: No bhai I cant wait so long in coffee shop I will go back home...Anjan: Please wait I have something really urgent to be discussed....please bhai please....Prakash: After thinking for sometime ok but I will go to your house n have lunch is

Aarti bhabi at home...Anjan: Ha hai u can actually go...Prakash: Tek hai bhai come asap and disconnects his call. Prakash reached Anjan house and Knocked the door...Aarti: Hi Prakash how r u?? how r u here?? Anjan not at home...Prakash: Ha bhabi I know he is not at home but he was the reason for me to come here and he went on some urgent and expected back in couple of hours...

Aarti: ok ok...kya loge app tea coffee...Prakash: Nahi bhabi bahut bukhlagahahai will have lunch at your place...Aarti: sure give me ten minutes will arrange the meal on table..Meal was arranged at the table..Aarti invited Prakash and served him.. Conversation started between them...Aarti: Prakash when r u getting married and what kind of a girl u looking which is way taking too long.

Prakash: Ha bhabi but I looking for a women like you who is beautiful and smart enough to handle things...Aarti was little uncomfortable and bent her head down...Prakash: Bhabi is everything fine with your married life according to me Anjan is a very good person and loves u a lot and when ever he talks about you he makes you a very good person and praise you to high...

Aarti: I know Anjan loves me a lot but it was only for initial days of our married life later everything changed with his weird behavior...Prakash: After loosing job he started business and I hope is doing well...Aarti: I am not talking about his business but its about our personal relationships and started crying...Prakash: Please tell me bhabi if anything so serious will talk to Anjan...

Aarti didn't respond to his words and moved to bedroom and started crying sleeping on the bed. Prakash Moved to the bedroom and made sit her opposite to him and asked does he is not satisfying you these days...Aarti: Mein bol gaya last kab humlog pyaar kiyethe...Prakash was holding Aarti and started kissing on her lips,

immediately she withdrew him but again Prakash pulled her towards him and started kissing her forcibly this time she started to respond him in return....slowly he pulled her chunni and was seeing her cleavage and her boobs pounding because of excitement...further he made her to sleep on the bed started kissing all over her face neck and slowly removed her top n bra

and started sucking her nipples and playing with her other boob..She was on cloud nine experiencing this kind of feeling after long time and was asking him to fuck her immediately....she was searching for his cock... Prakash lowered his pants and she immediately jumped and pulled briefs and started sucking his cock like there is no tomorrow...

Prakash made her nude and they moved onto 69 position and started playing with each other private parts...Aarti and Prakash came into each other mouths and exhausted on bed...suddenly Aarti started sucking his cock and begging him to fuck her Prakash cock was big and straight he inserted in one go and Aarti screamed at once for the pressure applied by Prakash slowly he

increased the pace and was fucking her brains out finally he discharged his semen his her pussy and fell on her. After some time Aarti got up from the bed and started wearing her dress she was able to see him from glass Prakash got up and smoking...Aarti: Anjan eh kab thak aisa chelaga I am your wife and how can u fuck me like this making someones spouse...

I am going mad with your weird behavior saying that she left the place...Guys this is a real story happened...Anjan was fucking Aarti like this for almost three years by taking different names and different relations...After three years Aarti gave divorce to him and moved on...Anjan died because of over alcoholic loosing his spouse for his behaviour.

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Married Guy Having Sex With Yoga Batchmate

I was a silent follower of this site for a long time. I’m 42 years of age married with one kid, but never been in any relationship until this incident happened. And this is the first and last relationship till now. She is also 42 years of age married with one kid. Let her call as KS.

For yoga class, both men and women are used to come. Our yoga teacher was irregular in conducting the classes, so everyone asked to create a WhatsApp group to update the teacher availability in the group. So the teacher created a group with all the members. KS is from the evening batch of yoga.

Evening batch is especially for ladies and I used to go for morning batch in yoga, so we never see each other. In that Yoga group, KS used to share nice articles and messages every day. So I casually appreciated her personally, not in the group. But I did not get any response till one month. Even I did not bother much, as I just appreciated her.

After one month she sends me a thanks message. Even after that, I did not respond to her thanks. And I was busy with my office work and in the mean time I got a US opportunity, so I left for the US. I used to follow the Yoga groups posting regularly. One day KS pinged in the group saying today after a very long gap it is heavily raining.

So I pinged in the group saying that “I’m missing it”. Then she immediately pinged in my personal chat as “Y?”. I told her I’m in the US and missing the rains. She told that she also likes rain and wanted to go for a long drive when it was having heavy rains. So like that our personal chat started from friendly chat to personal information to sex talks.

During our chat, we came to know that our apartments are very close by, so that we are really very happy that our residents also close. Like that our conversation become very close and we used to have a video chat and show her assets and I used to play with the tool in that video, she is used enjoy and sometimes she used to call me and talk for hours together on WhatsApp voice call.

In December 2016, all of sudden I need to travel to India for a family emergency for one week. So she was very happy that I’m coming to India. For first few days I was very busy with my family, then one night she called me and wanted to see in person to come to her apartment gate, so I went, she saw me in person and told “Hi” and immediately she left to her flat.

Then she called me and asked how am I looking. Really, friends, she looks more beautiful than in the video, she does not look like 42 years, she looks very younger. Her all assets are in proper place and well-shaped at that age. I complemented and she was very happy.

Just before flying back to US, one-day morning she asked to meet in person for a dating. For both of us, it’s a strange feeling. So we met in one of the penthouses which were vacant, initially, she was bit hesitant and I took her hand in my hands and assured her and make her comfortable.

Then I hugged her very tightly, she also cooperated with her tight grip in hugging me. We stand up in the hugging style and moved to the bedroom, in that process, I squeezed her ass, she moaned very sexily and I liked that way she moaned. We both kissed for some time then I started squeezing her boobs then she opened her blouse and I sucked her both boobs

and she was moaning very sexily and she lifted her saree to her waist and I saw her clean shaven pussy, I sucked her pussy for some time, it was wet and tasty too. For the first time in my life, I have tasted the pussy, it was yummy. Then it’s her turn, so lowered my trouser and she started giving me the blowjob,

oh man it was so sexy that I started moaning and she did a very good blowjob. After that, we fucked in a missionary style and she immediately got up and left that place. I and KS liked our first dating very much and thanks, each other.

Then I left for the US and as the family situation was not good, so I was back to India for good in February 2017. After reaching India, we had one session in my house in the March 2017 where my wife and parents were not there. In this session, she has very limited time, so I sucked her pussy and just fucked her.

My goodness her moaning was really sexy and it was very tempting, but don’t have time for the blowjob. I missed the blowjob so much. The issue is my wife never allows me to suck her pussy and she will not suck my pennies. So I was more fascinated by those things than sex. That is the last session between us.

Then she told that she got caught with another relationship to her relatives, so she stopped completely contacting me and blocked all my contact numbers. I’m also respecting her privacy, stopped contacting her. But it was the best feeling I had during those two sessions and I miss her friendly chat. She is very good in chatting.

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