Ramya And Shankar Enjoying Fuck - II

Previously: Ramya And Shankar Enjoying Fuck - I

A shell shocked Ramya saw that her manly and muscular boyfriend Shankar had no cock and in its place she was horrified to see a hairy slit. ”Oh my god, You are a woman, you are??”. ” Yes sweetheart, I was a girl all my life till 18, I never felt like one. I always was comfortable in boys clothes, always tried to have short hair, wear baggies, wrestle with boys.”

“But how did grow a mustache, what about breast”.She asked. My mother was really understanding, but we are from an orthodox brahmin family, so nothing queer would be accepted, it so happened that my dad died when I was 11 years and as I was the only child, my mother after she realized how much I wanted to be a boy moved out to a city, where we knew no one.

She was in the government and easily got a transfer to a smaller city. Here I grew up as a boy, and my fetish for becoming a boy was so much, when I told her of the testosterone therapy which people take to effect the change,she wanted a few days to study it.

The third day she came back and I found an effective doctor and started at 15 and day by day my structure started to change, voice, hair growth, shoulders widening, jaws becoming prominent and finally in my 17th year, mastectomy was done. This made me into a complete man.

Then after that there was no turning back.I worked extra hard at the gym and built my muscles, grew a beard for some time”. ”I am shocked and also really happy for you, I am not at all mad, in fact I am proud of you, in fact I am more proud of your mother. I really did not know all this when I met her the first time”

”So, so you are not mad, so, we are still lovers, tell me Ramya kutti,tell me dear”. ”Yes baby, chellam,aamaan daa naan eppovum onnoda girl dhaan. ( yes dear always I am your girl.), I love you so much” Saying this Ramya pounced on Shankar and gave him a barrage of kisses, then started french kissing Shanky.

He was surprised as she had never done this before, pushing her tongue into his mouth and after a second he started responding and tongue was fighting tongue. “Dei Shanky, nee rombho sexy daa, keezhai cock illamaey kooda sexy yaa dhan irrukkaey”.( Hey Shanky you are really sexy,even without a cock down there).

And she grabbed his pussy cupped it and squeezed it. Shanks let out an yelp ‘ Yennadee pannindu irrukkaey, nekku andha pressure rhombho nanna irrukku”.(Hey what are you doing, your pressure is really nice) Shanky boomed in a brahminical lingo as she has permitted him to use it.

”Dei indha brahmana paechu eppadi daa enkittandhu ivvalavu naalaa maraichu vichikitu irrundaey.”( how did you hide your brahmin lingo all this time) she teased him. “Normallaa engalavaa kittaey dhan andha paechu automaticcaa varum., nee ippo engalavaa ayitiyono, adhan vandooduthoo”

(Usually we talk like that only to our people, now you are mine so the lingo flows automatically) Shanky drawled in even more orthodox lingo. He then went to the bed room and came out with a box, when Ramya opened it She found a lovely black dildo with a strap.It even had a small projection on the backside to allow entry into the cunt.

”Dei, so lovely daa, I love black cocks, that too big ones.” Shanky put the strap on and the projection snugly fit into his cunt and the black fellow was sticking out majestically. This is when Ramya decided to break her secret. ”Ennadaa ready ayitiyaa”9 what! you are ready)”

Amaandee Ramya, needhaanaey rhombho shooda irukradhunnu shonnaey, Adhan innikku onnoda virginityyaey kizhichoodllaannu naenechaen”.(yes dear, you only said that you felt hot, so I thought that I should take your virginity) ”But, but, I also have a secret to tell you ” and in one go stripped her insert and panty.

Shanky got the biggest shock of his life a her cock just jumped out six inches in front,dark and shiny.his eyes almost popped out of the socket “aayyayoo, nee andha maadiriyaa,ennadee ippadi shock pannaraey, nekku thalayaey shutharadhu”. (Oh, you are like that is it,I am feeling dizzy) Shankar said.

”Nee maathiram ennakku shock kudukkalaeyaa” ( As if you did’nt do to me) she retorted. ”Ramya, your cock is so so beautiful, nice and black like my dildo., now let me throw this strap on out, you can now fuck me. Oh my god what a contrast,I am supposed to be male and fuck you, but now, now with your long cock you are ready to pleasure me”.

”Yes baby, I love it what a change, but I think it is a perfect match, anybody seeing our top half would never imagine how the bottom half would be”.Ramya excitedly said. ”Yes dear we are really made for each other”.And Shanky climbed on to her cock and started to ride her cock, she started to moan in exctasy.

”Dei Brahmanaa, idha maadiri naan expectaey pannalaey, rombho gushiyaa irrukku”.(Hey Brahmin,never expected like this, feeling really happy) ”Ammandee, shudrachikku paapaan koodhi irrundaa yen happyya irrukaadhu ?. Enna naan shollaradhu correcttaa”.( Yes,for a shudra having a brahmin cunt is always good, is it not?)

Then they had the best first fuck ever as both were first timers. Ramya literally flooded his cunt and it started overflowing as this is the first time she ejaculated without any guilt. Then they hugged each other and rolled off to sleep.

The End.

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Ramya And Shankar Enjoying Fuck - I

Hi Human Digest readers, This is a secret story of a transsexual. What is different about this one is that,unlike the usual trannys who are females supposedly trapped in male bodies, this is about a male trapped in female body.

Shankar is one such person, about 26 years of age. He is tall,young and handsome with a dark mustache,contrasting his fair color. he started dating Ramya who worked in a software company.He worked in one of the automobile companies in Chennai in the HR department.

They were dating for almost six months when the small pecks had turned into kisses and stroking each others bodies. Ramya was quite tall for a girl at 5’6” fair and had a wonderful figure.She had small busts and her waist looked typically girlish.There were certain features which made her look different.

Her broad shoulders. her adams apple and hair growth pattern made her go scurrying for the Anne french or other hair removal creams.Her flawless ebony skin and the pout used to blow away men in her place of work. But, her interest was Shankar, to whom she was really attracted due to his gym trained body, his height, at 5’10” and chiseled jaw line.

She used to marvel at his physique when she used to caress his arms and shoulders, which were rock hard. ” Hi Shankar, why so late, been waiting for over an hour at this mall.” “Sorry dee, Naan traffic’lla maatitu irukkaen,( I am stuck in traffic)Will be there in the next ten minutes”.Shankar was apologetic.

He joined her at the usual place in the mall, she ran and hugged him, very few times they have shown such emotions in public, but not meeting him for over two weeks had prompted her to this.He had been away for a HR conference in Phuket in Thailand.

“Naan onnai rhombo miss panninaen, never been like this before. I think, I have completely fallen in love with you”, ( I missed you a lot) said Ramya. “Chee loosu ponnu,naan eppovaey onna love pannaey arambichutaen”.(hey crazy girl,I started loving you long ago)He wrapped his big arms around her and gave her a russian bear hug.

“Ennadaa crush pannaraey”.(Why are you crushing me) Okay,okay ! today we have to go for lunch then for a movie, enna nalla cinema Escape’lla ?”( What good film at Escape, a movie multiplex). Five hours later, she was hugging him as his pillion of his Honda bike, the angle of the back seat makes the pillion hug the front rider sexily.

Her breasts were crushing his broad back and she was resting on his shoulders. Every time they go through a speed breaker, she used to use the energy of the breaker to give him a peck on his cheek.This was really a turn on for Shankar, who was beginning to feel a tingle down below. His body shuddered a bit at the thought of what would happen if reality strikes Ramya.

He shrugged the thought away as he has already decided to tell her today about it. They took the familiar turn into his road. He lives in an apartment in Anna nagar in Chennai.He has been here for over 5 years, ever since he joined the company.He never prefers to live with others for the fear of rebuke.

Ramya was already hot and was making body contact with Shankar at the smallest of opportunity.She squeezed his stomach on a few occasions when he was driving really fast,her saree literally flying in the wind.Her pecking had increased and the constant rubbing had increased her libido.

She has come quite a few times to his house for a cup of tea or when his mother had visited Shankar, he introduced her as his friend.His mom fair and chubby like a typical brahmin lady was very nice to her. He just braked his bike suddenly at his house and she hugged him to avoid falling.

“Ennadaa ippadi suddennaa stop pannitaey” (why are you stopping suddenly like this) Ramya purred. ”Sorry daa chellam, did not see the pallam.”( sorry dear, didn’t see the ditch) They literally rushed in and the minute Shankar closed the door Ramya pounced on him and slobbered him with kisses.

“Dei, I love you daa, I love you so much my sweet baby “.She was pawing him all over and he was squirming unusually. ”Enn daa ippadi neliyaraey, ( Hey, why are you squirming) why you don’t want me. I thought you men always wanted it. I have been dreaming about touching you all over and feeling you all over all these months, when I set my eyes on you the first day itself”

”Adee thirudee !!(hey sly bitch) never told me that, and always you have been making it difficult for me to reach you”. By now Ramya was in her brassiere after throwing her saree and blouse away.and in one stroke she stripped Shanky of his T shirt too.For a minute she gazed at his muscular top, with chest jutting out and muscles in his arms making a perfect profile.

She then removed her bra too. “dei paura onnakkaga naan enna panni irrukannu,( Hey, see what I am doing for you) I am all yours chellam(love). She was struting her breast out and dark nipples were stiff. Shanky saw the whole view and instead of pouncing on her, calmly said. “Okay,okay, I have a secret, will you promise me that you will not hate me after that.”

”Why would I do that,my dear, I not only love you. but feeling so hot for you and after I seeing you topless for the first time has made me even more horny dear”. Ramya purred. ”All that is fine, but what I am going to tell you is going to shock you beyond your acceptance level.” ”As you said, I will not hate you, or shout at you.”

”ahm, mmm how do I start, an eppadi adhaey shollradhu”( how do I start) “Yenna Shanky, iyer bhashaikku poyitta”.( what you are talking in brahmin slang) Ramya said. ” sorry dee tensionlla appadi aaydithu, innomaey naan appadi peshanna nokku okay dhaanaey”( sorry dear, due to stress I spoke, hope it’s ok for you)

”Enakku enna problempaa, nee onnoda language’lla pesaraey, nan onnum adhukku sollamaataen.”( No dear, you are talking your lingo, why should I object) ”Appadaa, ippodhan nimmadhi, naan freeyaa peshallaam, onnoda engavaa bhashaillaey.” (Good now I can freely talk my Lingo) Shanky sighed relief. “Okay daa let me know your secret”

”I am a woman, really I am,” ‘But, But I can’t believe it, you must be joking, look at your body, your meesai( mustache), your murattu odambhu( tough body)”. as if to confirm Ramya checked Shanky out once more from head to foot shaking her head slowly. ”You are lying, just to fool me”

”No Dee, I am not ” and he pulled her hands and kept it on his genitals. Ramya did not react for a few seconds, then as it dawned on her. she suddenly took her hands out in fright.Her face turning pale and then she slowly shook her head. ” It is a trick, I still don’t believe it”.

Now Shankar decided, enough is enough and stripped of his jeans and in jiffy his jockeys came out too.Out there in the open the secret of Shankar was revealed.

To Be Continued...

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Rahul Enjoying Crazy Fucking With Girlfriend Divya

Hello, friends & Human Digest readers, this is Rahul. Who don’t know me for those, I am Rahul, 26years old from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I am here with another sex story. After a huge response from my first sex story, I am really excited to write my next sex story. I hope readers like this sex story as well. This sex story is a crazy fuck day with my girlfriend.

This sex story is about a 24 hrs fuck festival with my hot and beautiful girl. Her stats are 36-32-38. She has great boobs and also a tight ass ready to be drilled. My dick is getting hard even when I am writing this experience. Her name is Divya (name changed), she is working in an IT company and we met each other on a dating website.

She is very horny and extrovert. We have been thinking a lot to increase spice in our sex life and then she comes up with a plan and says let’s stay in a hotel and fuck the whole day and night which we cannot do as she lives in a girl’s PG. So we started looking for places that are near Delhi NCR to spend the weekend and we were discussing a lot of things.

Now she comes up with a place and also has ideas for new experiences. We booked the place for the weekend and we are now waiting for the Saturday and all excited. She took me to the shopping as well to get new lingerie and also seductive dress to wear for the weekend. This Saturday is taking way too long to come and we are getting all jitters.

So, Saturday morning, I and she get ready for adventure and I pick her up and then checks up in the hotel. The moment I locked the door, she hugs me from behind and kisses me on my neck. I got electric shock in my entire body because of the warmth and the kiss. I want to turn and kiss her back but she is stopping me and teasing me from behind by licking my neck.

I put my hands on her ass and start pressing her beautiful ass. Our body temperature is rising and she is saying stop it and I am now pressing her ass even harder to which her grip on me loses and I turn and then plant a kiss on her lips. We are smooching and she is playing with my hairs and I am playing with her ass.

Then, I lift her by her ass and take her to the bed and start kissing her on her neck and I am licking her from neck to her cleavage and she is moaning. My hands are now pressing her thigh and she is moaning ahhhhh uhhhhh ahmmmmm as I press her thighs. She puts my head between her boobs and presses hard and I am licking her cleavage.

I am licking her cleavage over her top and pressed her boobs. This happened for a while and now I cannot wait to see her lemons and take her lemons out of her T-shirt and start sucking them. Left and then right boob and then both and she is enjoying it.

I took off her t-shirt and then her bra and her lemons are now out and she winked at me to come and lick them. I just grabbed those lemons and started pressing them and sucked one by one. Then, I went down and rubbed my hand on her pussy and she is enjoying the pleasure and I just pulled her panty by my mouth.

She shaved her pussy and wow that’s the best view you can have, pink pussy with juices coming out waiting to be licked. I lick her pussy and she moaned aahhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh and she is saying “chus le meri chut(Lick my pussy)” and I am playing with my tongue and now the moans are getting louder aaaahhhhhhhh ooohhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm aaaahhhhhhh

and she is pressing my head against her pussy and also adjusting her pussy for me to lick it. I fasten my licking and she is shouting “chode mujhe Rahul(Fuck me Rahul)” and now, I come over her and was rubbing my dick over her pussy and she is begging me to insert it. I like teasing a lot and she cannot wait any longer. She throws me off and grabs my tool.

She starts sucking my tool and wow, that’s the best blowjob I got from her. She licked my dick and balls like never before, she is a pro and she is improvising on sucking the tool. She then jumped over me and starts kissing and arranges her pussy over my dick and starts playing with it. Now she inserts the dick in her pussy and jumps over it.

Her melons are flying in the air and she is enjoying it. Now, I pull her towards me and kisses her and increases the pace and fucks her and she moans aaaaahhhhhhh uuuuhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck me aaaaahhhhh aahhhhhhh ahhmmmmm and the moans are getting louder.

We now turn to a missionary position without me taking my dick out of her (First of few new experiences). Now, I was over her and was fucking her and she was moaning. She has reached her orgasm and I am close to mine and she wants me to cum in her pussy(Second experience, she was always feared for pregnancy)

and I am excited and now without holding back I am fucking her puucchh puucchh puucchh puucchh puucchh and I cum in her vagina. We are tired and were cuddling in the bed, taking a breath. We now are hungry as well, so went the shower together. We cleaned each other and then head out for lunch.

Now it is my turn to for the new experience and we decided to have a quickie in the restaurant washroom(Third experience). This restaurant has a common restroom for men and women. She goes inside and then calls me, I just stand up and heads to the washroom with her bag. I enter the restroom and there she is waiting for me with her panties off.

I grabbed her and licked her pussy and then she took my tool out and I fucked her in the doggy style. I covered her mouth with a handkerchief to silent her moan. We fucked for 5 minutes and then I left the washroom first with her bag and to my surprise, there was a girl waiting and I just told her women problem, she will take a minute.

We had our lunch looking in her eyes, what an amazing experience. We then walked for a while and then went to the loiter in a mall for a couple of hours and then went back to our hotel. We cuddled naked in the bed talking for a while in the evening and had evening tea. We decided to go outside for dinner. It was a normal dinner and we came back to the hotel.

As we entered the room, she whispered in my ear, do a strip dance and after that, I will give you a lap dance (next experience). She went inside and wore that seductive night dress and then put on some music.

I don’t know how to do a strip dance but thanks to movies, I know a few tricks and I started to groove on the music and start taking my clothes off one by one. I start to throw my t-shirt and then jeans, I was dancing in undies.

She came closer and took them off and asked me to continue with the dancing and she was laughing hilariously and then her turn came and she started to dance very seductively and my dick was getting hard but she is a teaser.

She tied me to a chair and made moves which made me horny to fuck her like anything. Then, she came over me and adjusted my cock in her pussy and started jumping. She was pressing her boobs and not letting me lick and then I somehow managed to untie myself and told her you are going to be fucked hard bitch and to my surprise, she responded show me your animal.

Hearing her words, I paced fucking her pussy while sitting on the chair. I lifted her and pushed her towards the wall. Her entire body was against the wall and nothing on the ground and impounded her rigorously. She was pulling my hairs because of the pleasure and was moaning.

I fucked her for around 15-20 minutes in that position and then threw her on the bed and started fucking in the missionary position for another 10 minutes. Her juices were all over the room and now I made her face towards the bed and started anal fucking (last trick for the day). We haven’t tried anal fucking till now as she knows it hurts a lot.

We then tried 69 then reverse cowgirl and I was pounding her ass like anything. We had 3-4 sessions that night and on the next day my dick was swollen and her ass was hurting making it difficult for her to walk. Damn, the fuck session with her was awesome and then it was all regular. We enjoyed a lot and then went out looking for some new sex adventures.

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Guy Enjoying Birthday Sex With Girlfriend

Hello, all, I’m a novice reader of the sex story and felt I’d share my sexual experience with my girlfriend to you all. I would love to hook up with girls and aunties. I have a lot of sexual fantasies to fulfill and I promise I will give you a good sexual experience. I wanna have really passionate sex so ping me and I’ll reply you back and we shall decide the stuff.

This sex story happened when I was in college second year. I loved a girl since I joined college and proposed her after 1st semester. She had right curves with a fair skin. Her body shape is 34-28-32. She accepted my proposal as she also had a crush on me. I used to drop her at her home after college.

I have my own car so we used to roam around and then I dropped her at home. Since I stayed with another friend in a separate house near the college, I and my girlfriend will go to our room and smooth or even do foreplay whenever we get free at college.

Whenever we go out we used to kiss a lot and she never leaves me soon. We locked our lips and licked each other every time. We liked to twist our tongues and play too.We always had a spot where no one would come. She gets horny soon and she grabbed my dick over clothes. I used to rub her pussy over her pants and hold her boobs and press it. She liked it every time.

It was my birthday and she asked me to come home as her parents went on to relatives’ house. She greeted me with a kiss and pulled me into her bedroom where she gave me a few small gifts. We kissed again and soon we were on the bed stripping each other. We got naked soon and I kissed her ear and moved to neck slowly licking her.

She pulled my dick immediately and rubbed on her pussy which was so clean as she shaved it for this day. Her pussy was dripping wet and I couldn’t control. She had light brown nipples and I rubbed her nipple tip with my fingers. It was so firm and hard as she was so horny. She immediately pushed me and came over me.

She spread my hands and started licking my armpits slowly. It was so arousing. She even kissed my chest and licked it. She changed sides and licked for a long time. As she was doing this, she was also rubbing her pussy hard on my dick. I have never experienced such an intimacy earlier. After a few minutes, she came up and put her nipples on my lips. I boob fucked her.

It was such a pleasure holding my penis between her boobs. I started licking her boobs and pressing it. She had perfect boobs. Her face became red as she was so horny and out of control. Later, I went down to lick her pussy. She held my head and guided me to her pussy. I was kissing her thighs and now started rubbing her pussy. She was leaking so much.

I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and licked in the middle of her pussy. I loved her pussy smell and I started drinking her pussy-juice. I tasted so good. I tongue fucked her and she left a huge orgasm drenching my face. I loved it. I even fingered her and found her G-spot which turned her so wild that she started biting her lips and screamed: “fuck me like there’s no tomorrow”.

While fucking her, she caught hold of me tightly by crossing her legs behind me and pushed my dick inside. She was moaning asked me to fuck her all day and night and never wanted to leave. Now, it was her turn. She took over me and caught my penis. It was rock hard. My penis is around 6.5 inch. She licked it all over the skin and pulled the foreskin down.

Now she kissed the top part of my penis which is pinkish and told me she loves my penis. She immediately started sucking my dick. She had a good skill for a blowjob. She also licked my balls clean. In a few minutes, she made me cum and drank my sperm clean. Now, she came up and slowly put my dick in her wet pussy.

Her pussy was so tight and I slowly pushed in and she closed her eyes. I took it out and pushed it again and in a few times, my penis was completely in. She fucked me with full horniness. Now, I put her down and started fucking her.

Slowly, I rubbed her ass hole with one finger which took us to heaven. She hugged me tight and I licked her armpits. I loved her armpit smell. As I fucked her, she felt hornier that I felt her pussy lips holding and pulling my penis inside more.

Her pussy felt so hot. It was a great feeling of having my dick in her pussy. After some 20 minutes of passionate fucking, I came in her. After a short time, we fucked in the doggy style and I was holding her boobs which were hanging down. I felt her nipples poking hard. Suddenly, she started pulling and pushing fast which got both of us so damn horny. As we got tired we fell just like that.

Now, I rested without pulling my penis outside. Later, we got outta bed and went to the shower. There we kissed and locked our tongues again for a long kiss. After that, she knelt down and gave me a good blowjob.

Later, we showered together by rubbing our bodies in the steaming hot water and cleaned each other. We were roaming around only in our underwear for the full day. In between, we watched porn together and tried some positions with a chair.

Now, I am Looking forward to hooking up with some girls and aunts soon. Feel free and I’ll give you good pleasure for sure such that you will never forget it ever. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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Naman And Akanksha Enjoying Hot Sex

Hey, people its naman here I am sorry couldn’t finish the last story well let’s chuck the past, this is my new story a true one for sure… Let me describe myself I am 23 years male from Bhopal athletic body now with some abs too. So getting on to the story will start with describing the lady of the story Akanksha (name changed) 23years 34-30-38 one hell of a person in bed.

So it was a Saturday night was at my hostel actually it’s a joint one so one can easily slip into any girl’s room. Ok so I was having a beer with my friend at the terrace we were already 2 bottles down and it was really giving me a shot but somehow managed to drink the 3rd bottle too after that we both were feeling really drunk and so we decided to go down n sleep.

While going down I stopped at a floor above his so that I can enjoy the night with Akanksha and so just asked him that I have some work and will join later. So he went away. I called Akanksha told her that I am coming and asked her to be naked as I don’t wanna waste much time doing the stripping part… So I went to her room.

She kept the door slightly open so that I could easily get in.. I went inside it was dim light inside the rum and saw that she was standing behind the door with no clothes on her and just a black and white tie around her neck… Ohhhh, fuck that was the moment I jus felt as if to rip her pussy she was looking damn sexy in that n she gave that sexy look.

I immediately closed the door pushed her against the wall and started kissing her wildly. Started straight with her lips. Will continue this in Hindi now…Main uske lips choos rha tha main itna zada garam tha uss waqt ekto daru n dusra ye ldhki to bas maine kch nahi socha and uske hotho ko buri tarah choosne aur khane lga vo machal rhi thi and main use wall se chipka kar uske lips kha rha tha.

Usne itni der mein mera lower n boxers utar diye and mera lund pakadhkr hilane lagi.. Main ab uske neck par bite karne lga and vo chillane lagi zor zor se ohhhhhhhh hmmmmmmm bite it hard yeaahhhhhhhhh main bhi josh mein tha aur uske shoulder par zorse bite kar diya vo pagla gayi usne mje dhakka diya bed par n sidhe mere lund ko pakadh kar choosne lagi and main

uske baal pakadh kar apna lund uske muh mein aur andar ghusane lga kya maza aa rha tha yar esa lag rha tha puri raat mujhe choosti rhe ye ohhhhhhhhh yeaahhhhhhh akka suck it baby yeahhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh spit on it vo buri tarah choos rahi thi mere lund ko den maine use uthaya and turant use letakr uske upar aa gya and uske boobs choosne lga main itna high tha ki

bahut hi wild hokar uske boobs choos rha tha and chba rha tha uske nipples and vo mera sr pakadhkr zor zorse chilla rahi thi aur tez aur tez khaja pura harami mc nichod de in dono ko raat bhar mein pure kha jana aur main aur zada pagal hokar khane lga den maine apna ek hath uski chut par rakha and zor zorse use massage krne lga vo aur buri tarah cheekhne lagi

Saale kameene haramkhor chod de ab bc randi bana le mujhe apni par main aur zorse uski chut ko massage karne lga and uske boobs ko bhi kha rha tha sath hi sath Esa karte karte vo jhadh gayi phir maine apne lund ko uski chut par rakha and ek zor ke dhakke mein hi andar daal diya vo virgin nahi thi and har 2-3 din mein khudh masturbate krti thi and sath hi uski chut bahut geeli

thi to easily chla gaya andr aur phir maine uski dono taange apne kandhe par rakhi aur zor zorse use chodne lga Vo bas chilla rhi thi yesssssss aaaaahhhhhhhhh aur tez aur tezz chod de phadh de meri chut saale haram khor mc rukna mat ab raat bhar chodte rehna mujhe aur meri peeth par nochne lagi buri tarah main aur pagal hota gaya and use aur zor zorse chodne laga pura

lund bahar nikal kr pure force se andr dalne lga isi tarah use 30min tak chodte rha jaise hi main jhadne vala tha maine use btaya usne kaha ki use peena h n muh mein du to main turant apna lund uski chut se bahar nikala and uske muh mein de diya vo lund choosne lagi zorse and main uske muh mein jhadh gaya

Par na main iske baad thanda hone ko taiyyar tha na vo Main let gaya to usne mera lund choosne shuru kar diya she is amazing at giving a blowjob guys she is just like mia khalifa or lisa ann when it comes to giving a blowjob. Thodi der mein mera phir khadha ho gaya and humnein ab doggy style mein chudai shuru kardi and maine use kareeb 40 min tak choda ans uske baad

maine uski peeth par pura cum chodh diya ab we wr hell tired but andar ki havas kam nahi ho rahi thi. Toh hum nahane chale gaye itni raat mein hi and then humnein ek aur session nahate hue kiya. Uske baad hum naked hi so gaye wk dusre ke upar.

Agle din dopahar 1 baje neend khuli tab phir maine use 1 baar choda and then uske rum se chla gaya. We still have sex whenever we want and it’s amazing.

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Akhil Fucking Sexy Receptionist Aarti - II

Previously: Akhil Fucking Sexy Receptionist Aarti - I

I had her back facing towards me and we were dancing very close. I murmured in her ears that ” you looking very beautiful tonight” Being tipsy, she just smiled in a naughty way and with her hands moved her hair to one side, exposing her nape. Guys, when a girl is dancing close with you and she does this., It’s a green signal.

I slowly kissed her on the neck and my hands went from her waist to her stomach pulled her even closer. This went on for like 5 minutes. I slowly turned her and kissed her on her lips and she responded. I couldn’t thank my stars for anything more. We kissed for like ten minutes and during that time I got a big hard on.

My cock was tearing my pants and she felt it too. She just looked down, smiled at me in a naughty way and turned around. My bulging cock was poking her ass and we continued dancing and kissing in between.

Her friend came and I offered another round to which they both accepted. This time to make the matters a little more naughty I ordered 3 long islands and said bottoms up. They reluctantly agreed and after that, all 3 were sloshed. We danced for a bit more time and agreed to leave. It was 1.30 by then.

Staying at the hotel that’s she works in, she couldn’t come with me to my room and I didn’t know how to tell her that let’s take another room in some other hotel. Before I could speak, her friend said that if I don’t mind I could come to her place and that she lives alone, so no problem. Who was I to say no. We called a cab and left for her place.

On the way, I kept touching her boobs now and then and she was trying to hint me that her friend might see us. When we got to the apartment, her friend excused herself to change. Aarti excused herself to the other room to go to the washroom and I followed her. Once inside the room, I locked the door and pulled her towards me.

We were locked in a passionate kiss. I couldn’t take my hands of her and I was squeezing her ass and boobs while kissing. She had lovely 34B size boobs and god they were so soft. I was drunk and very horny. We moved to the bed and I quickly undid my t-shirt and jumped on her. I was kissing her and biting her neck and ears.

She was moaning “aaah, fuck, aaaahh” I wanted to get inside her badly and in a jiffy took out her top. She was wearing a dark pink bra which complemented her skin very well. I undid her bra and there it was, those beautiful lovely breasts with light pink nipples. I Sucked on them so hard that she had to stop me. I couldn’t control anymore and took off her jeans and got between her legs.

She was wearing no panty and was very wet. She had a clean shaven pussy and I was playing with like a mad man. She was in heaven and kept on moaning very loud. Being so drunk we didn’t realize that her friend was able to hear everything outside. I took off my jeans and pulled her up and put my stiff 7-inch thick cock in front of her.

She knew what she had to do and quickly started blowing me. I was loving this night. She sucked me fore 5 minutes and I was thrusting my cock all the way inside her mouth. She couldn’t take it completely inside and gasped for breath.

I pushed her on the bed, lifted her and entered with one stroke in missionary position. She screamed in pleasure “aaahaaaahhHHHH” I was fucking her with big strokes and big thumping noise. All this while she was scratching my back and I was sucking on her lips and boobs. I fucked her like that for some time and then she wanted to get on top of me.

We changed positions and she was on top of me. She was riding me so hard and I was moaning “ash, aarti, go faster, faster” After like 5 minutes she came and fell on the bed gasping her breath but I was not done. I picked her ass and put her in doggy style. I entered her from behind and was fucking her fast. She was getting tired and asked me to cum and leave for a bit.

I kept thrusting inside her and came inside her…”aaaahhhhh, fuck aarti” I chummed for like 5-8 seconds which felt like an eternity and pure heaven. We both collapsed on the bed.Later we fucked again and the next day but details about that later. Hope you all liked the story.


The End.

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Akhil Fucking Sexy Receptionist Aarti - I

Hi, everyone of Human Digest! I’m a loyal reader of this site and all the good stories. Thought it’s time to share one of my recent encounters. I am Akhil, 28 from a good business family. I am 5’8 with a good body and little dusky.

Coming back to the experience. I went to Delhi last month to attend a conference related to my business. The conference was in one of the 5-star hotels in Connaught place and I was staying in a 4* boutique hotel in the same region. I reached Delhi a night before and checked in the hotel. I was tired and went to bed straight as I had to get up early and prepare for the conference.

Next morning, I got up at 6 and hit the in house gym, as m very committed towards fitness. During my time in the gym, there were a couple of other members also, who were staying there. I greeted them and carried out with my workout. After a while, a good Punjabi girl in the hotel attire entered the gym and spoke to one of the customers about something.

Let e describe her, she was fair, slim with sharp features and with good assets. I glanced at her and smiled. To which she replied with an equal pleasing smile, though it was due to mere work ethics. After I changed and showered and got ready for my conference. I was wearing a black suit with a nice crisp white shirt. Not to exaggerate but I looked pretty handsome, thanks to my fitness regime.

I went down to the lobby and THERE! The same girl standing behind the counter. She was the receptionist at the hotel. She was dressed in a tight white half shirt and a black trouser. She smiled when I approached her and I asked her to call me a taxi to the conference venue. The taxi took 10 minutes to come.

Luckily being a boutique hotel, there was not much rush in the lobby and no one was near the counter for those ten minutes. Thanks to the delay of the taxi, I got a chance to speak to her. I was standing at the counter waiting for the taxi when being a good host. She started talking to me.

Her name was Aarti, 25 years, 34B-26-34 which I got to know later. She said, “Sir where are you going?” “I am going to (hotel name) for a conference” To which she said “very nice” As I was idle after the conference in the evening, I wanted to fuck some girl and have some fun that night. To keep the conversation going on, I asked her “I didn’t see you last night when I checked in.”

She said ” yea, my shift is only from morning 7 to night 7″ Trying my luck, I said ” So you free after 7″ She smiled casually in a naughty manner and said ” yes” I wanted to bang her that very moment. she was killing me with the smile. What I figured out was, there’s no harm in trying. “so you’ll be free today after 7” I said in a slight flirtatious manner.

Sensing that m trying to flirt with her, she just said “maybe” and smiled. By that time my taxi had come and the guard came to inform her. I left for my conference, still, my thoughts were lingering to the conversation I just had and was praying that some how I get a chance to speak to her again. Anyway, the conference went well and it finished by 5 pm.

I took a cab immediately and went back to the hotel, thinking all the while about Aarti. When I reached the hotel, I didn’t see her at the reception and got a little disappointed. Maybe she left or is busy somewhere and I might not be seeing her again. I didn’t smoke since morning and given my mood, I thought i”ll just smoke a cigarette outside the lobby and then go to my room.

I went out and went towards the parking lot to smoke in private. To my surprise, she was standing there with one of her colleagues and smoking. Seeing her I had a big smile on my face and she saw that and I kind of felt like a stupid little boy who just blew his chances.

I stood at a little distance and took out my cigarette to smoke. As luck would have it, I didn’t have any light on me. So I just signaled her and asked if I could borrow a light from her. She said “Sure sir and came forward to give it” I was lighting up my cigarette when her friend called her and said she would be heading inside the hotel.

I looked up to see if Aarti is also leaving but to my surprise she just said “ok, I’ll join you in a minute” Both the girls exchanged a smile, kind of in a notorious way. I said thank you and smiled. She smiled back. She started the conversation by asking ” so, how was your conference?” I said “it was good, fruitful. How was your day?” She said “Fine, same as everyday”

I glanced at my watch and it was 6. I didn’t want to miss the chance or else I would have regretted all my life. So I said, ” so, you’ll be free in an hour (with a flirty smile) what plans?” She said “none. Will go back home” I immediately said “would you like to join me for a drink” She was a little taken aback but before she could say no, I said “if you like, no force”

Luckily she agreed and said she would meet me out side somewhere the hotel at around 9ish. We exchanged numbers and went in. for the nxt 2-3 hours, I was being very restless and wanted to jerk off thinking about her. But somehow I had a positive feeling that I might need the stock during the night. She messaged around 8, saying that one of her friends will also be joining.

I thought maybe she is not so comfortable and purposely called one of her friends. Anyway, I got ready and met her outside a pub at 9.20. She was looking very beautiful dressed in a figure hugging black t-shirt and a blue denim. We hugged and entered the pub. I asked them what they would like to have and ordered for them.

Thanks to the effects of the alcohol and good communications skills, we all had a lot to talk about and we laughed a lot. During the talks, we were exchanging glances and blushing. Her friend noticed it a couple of times and I felt a little uncomfortable. Within an hour or so, we have ordered a couple of rounds and three of us were tipsy.

The music volume was turned up with the passing time and the DJ played a pitbull track. She exclaimed that she likes this track, held her friend’s hand and took her ot the sort of dance floor. I was left alone sitting at the table. I just smiled at them but after like 5 minuted her friend came and pulled me also on the dance floor.

The dance floor was very dimly light and it was getting a little crowded. We were dancing close and gathering my courage, I put my hands on her waist. She didn’t mind and I got a little more courage. Her friend seeing us, thought its better to leave us alone for some time and headed to wards the washroom. Now we were alone. I softly tried puling close to me and she didn’t object.

To Be Continued...

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