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Sangeetha Enjoying Lesbian Sex With Maid

Attraction to opposite gender is very common for a human being but getting attracted to the same gender was very uncommon and the whole people disagree it. Even though it was very common to have sex with same gender in these present era having pleasure with same gender has gained a lot of interest in hell a lot of people.

Likewise I too had sex with my maid lady, Hamsa. At first let me give a brief intro about me. Myself Sangeetha fair in color B.Sc. computer science, mid-thirties happily married for 13 years. I have a normal 34 sized breast a little dummy for a house wife and a normal sized ass. I am mother of 2 lovely daughters and a handsome son this shows how my sex life goes.

Till present date I and my hubby would involve at-least 6 times a week. Now featuring my maid, Hamsa - healthy, mid complexion women she has a 42 sized protruding breast and a pretty good shape and a nice round bottom ass and a very pretty good looking face. The relationship started about a year ago after my 3 child started going to 1st standard.

Normally she will come in the morning at 10 and she leaves by 12. But after some disturbances in my health for this past year she would stay and help me out in cooking and other works. Only during that time she and I got to get along very close to each other. As a normal chit chat we used to discuss many stories personal etc...

When sharing her life I get to know that she is aged 55 and has 4daughters and 2 son and 5 grand daughters and 3 grandson. I was shocked to hear that. She said she has a very healthy life so her age will be casted less than she appear.

I started to get feeling for her on one cloudy day it was heavy pouring outside and as she came in with fully drenched saree. I got a full look at her body including the nipples protruding out and all other sorts which made me fell a great urges in me which I had never experienced.

She went to bathroom to change the clothes which I gave and she left all her dress in the bathroom itself. The whole day I was watching her body her face and all other sorts. Oh my god she was a one heck of a piece which anyone would want. After 4 she went and she did not take her clothes because it was wet she said she will pick it up the next day.

When I went in to bathroom for my evening shower I saw her panties bra and all her clothes. I took the panties bra and wore it on my body and then I realized how big her breasts and ass are. Since I cannot control my urges I had a session with my hubby that night.

As days went by my eager ness to touch her grows drastically and had a great opportunity after 8 months. As my husband had to leave to a field trip to nearby state for 3 days he asked the maid to stay in the house to help out in which she accepted.

On the first day I started talking about the sex life I openly said that how many times I will have sex with my husband and asked for hers she said that all her daughters and son are all married and they are all live in independent house so she and her husband would fuck 2 times a day and her hubby age is also just a year’s more than her.

I was taken a back, for me to have sex 6/week I have a very restless day she will fuck her husband 2 times a day yet she stays healthy without even tiredness. I knew that she is not eager about having sex with other people especially not with me. So I made a plan to seduce her.

After my children are gone to school I will accidentally place my hand around her waist breast ass. She noticed all these but will not even utter a word. In the mid days I will watch porn and I made it a point that she too will take a peek at it. I always played all the lesbian videos I had and made her to take a peek at the computer. I knew she saw my computer with lesbian video.

In the afternoon during lunch she suddenly said I saw something in your computer will you show that to me. I acted I don't know what u r asking. She said that video u were seeing a video of two girls licking each other’s parts. I said do you see those videos she said no I have not seen those type of videos but she needs to see them.

After our lunch I opened my computer and showed her all and only lesbian movies. She was rubbing her vagina periodically and went out without uttering we slept our afternoon sleep and in the evening during tea time I asked how was the video she said do they do these things for real I said yes.

The next day after the kids went to school I went straight to her room where she was changing her clothes and I went in excusing myself and sat near the bed as she changes her full set clothes because she came out of showers just then. she did not mind me sitting beside her I got high on my urges and after she removed her bra I caught her breast and said what a lovely breast

you have and started to play with it she was resisting my touch continuously even though she was resisting I held it firmly she said to stop but I did not stop and started licking it she just pushed me away and said what you are doing is in appropriate.

I said plus started having feelings for you when I saw your full body in urn fully drenched clothes so please let me touch your body I need it more desperately. I said please do this one help to me and begged to her. She after some time of refusal allowed to touch her parts. I asked her to be naked and lie in the bed and I went to check all the windows and curtains are closed.

By the time I went there she was nude and was covering her body with blanket. I pulled out the blanket and made myself also nude and started kissing her lip lock. She was hesitating a lot but after some time her too co- operated with me. After some time of kissing I moved down and started licking and sucking her breast.

Mg it tasted heavenly I was sucking for a very long time and started fingering her vagina. First I inserted one finger which she did not show any movement after some time I inserted 3 fingers which she resisted with little pain. then I made her to lick my breasts she said no I wont then I made her and made her to suck my breast in a bit of harassment.

I changed my position to 69 and started licking her pussy she was mourning a lot but she did not lick mine. I said please lick mine she refused and inserted 5 fingers in her vagina to which she made a loud noise I said unless u start licking I won’t stop doing this she then started licking. This happened for some time and I drank her juice while she spilled all my juice in her face.

We continued this throughout the day while we are in the kitchen and during lunch and rare in evening since the children will be back home and at the night after my children sleep I went to her room and we enjoyed at initial stages she showed many hesitation but the end of 2 day she started to enjoy with much involvement.

After my husband’s arrival I said her to come at sharply 9 because he will leave by then and the children too. The next two days were Saturday and Sunday my husband had leave so I asked her not to come and I had a great amount of sex with my husband he fucked me like 4 times

on the next day of arrival (sat) and since kids will be home on Sunday he fucked me in the afternoon sleep and night and gave many blowjobs to him because I will drink all the fluid. The next day morning she came at sharp 9 by then my husband was a few min late to get down after his departure I went to her.

She was washing the dishes and I hugged her from behind and squeezed her breasts and she turned and gave a long kiss. I asked how her week end went she said her husband company will be closed for one week for maintenance and he was home when I went because the leave started from that day, Saturday.

Since he did not see me for 3 days he fucked me like he has not fucked for many years. I asked how many times she said may be btw 10-12 per day. He never left from my side. Where ever I go he was there behind me like a dog and fucked in every place every position. I too said about mine.

After finishing our work we went straight to shower and enjoyed having pleasure there and after our shower we went straight to bed room and started doing our thing. Scissor type were our one among the favorite positions to fuck each other’s. We would rub each other’s vagina using the scissors position.

Once a week we would apply oil on each other body and try to fuck each other in that oil. We would give each other heavy massage and muscle relaxation massage and apply more oil to our boobs and vagina since we use them a lot and take bath in moderate hot steam bath.

Nothing give pleasure than having sex while having bath after an oil massage that too with the once who satisfy you the most. For me getting oil massage was new but for her she would get an oil massage from her husband every Sunday and intercourse. She Said to try that with my husband also and I tried with that with my husband on the very next Saturday.

He felt more relaxed and in the due time of massage my hubby fucked me. I took oil to our room and lubricate my hubby pennies with it and will give an oil massage blowjob whenever I fell. These things turned him so much that he used to go rage than ever before in satisfying me. I would apply every night while we go to sleep so that his penis will not suffer from burning sensation.

I ordered 5 different size dildos and vibrator. I hid it in such a place that my husband wouldn't find it. We will use those dildos and fuck each other to death. We will even try anal position using the dildos. She had only little pain because her husband would try anal daily so she had a lot of lesser pain than me. I on the other side will cry out loud in pain.

We will even use carrot banana and whichever fruit we can use on each other to gain pleasure. We became very sex addicts that even when my children where home on some school holidays we will make it a point to satisfy each others pleasure at any cost.

During cooking either I will have my hands over her or her hand will be over me most of the time we will stay naked because it’s easy for two of us to get pleasure. When children are home I would were nightie because it’s very easy to cover when they appear suddenly. Till now we have never missed fucking one day except Sundays because our husband will be home.

I get to enjoy with my maid during day time and with my hubby in the nights. Sometime my cunts gets pained but enjoying your life with your loved once what high pleasure is there than that. Hope you guys enjoyed the story.

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Horny Desi Housewife Enjoying Erotic Massage From Tara

I am staying in one of the flats in the seventh floor or a housing complex. The flat is big and quite comfortable, breezy and bringht light in all the rooms so that I may not have to switch on the lights at all. When I decided to stay in town for the purpose of the education of my two children,

my husband who is in gulf purchased this flat and he comes once in three months and stays with us for a week or ten days. The housing complex is self contained, that ie, there is a department store where we can get anything and everything and hence there was no necessity to go to the town at all.

There was a restaurant at the entrance and their food is good and it is easy to get a take away parcel. Seven or eight ladies staying in this floor meet occasionally and exchange ideas and there is a ladies conglomorate of all ladies in the block. One lady in the sixth floor was just runing a beauty parlour for the convenience of us all.

She is TARA and she is helped by two girls who come from outside. They have all the equipments and the materials that we dont go to the town at all. They had a private room where the used to arrange for massage also. A massier couple are available but on prearrangement only.

But the room for massage has a seperate entrance and it is not possible to know from the house who is getting the massage. Some times men also come for the massage and the man comes to do the massage. But for women only woman does the massage. The have different grades at different costs.

For a trial I asked for a massage and Tara was happy to book for me and it was a three hour affair and the details of it were explained to me and I being the first timer I was a bit nervous. At the appointed time I went and I was asked to undress in the antiroom and with my bra and panty I entered the massage room where I was asked to lie down on a big table.

On the table top was a big plastic sheet so that the oil applied on the body may not seep in spoil the wood of the table. They gave a big towel to cover my crotch area. A young female came, very slender but with attractive smiling face and nice body features greeted me and put on soft music in the room. She inquired about me and my family.

She said her husband and she are employed here and it will be quite pleasant and enjoyable experience. But I was a bit nervous because they will ask me to remove all clothes and play with my body. Even corner of my body is sensitive whether touched by a man or woman. It may cause ticklish sensation and I may gigle and laugh or push the tickler away.

It will embarras me and the other party, but let us see. The girl who said her name was Aisha came to me asked me to lie down on my abdomen. She kept on talking about her clients, film stars, TV personalities, etc. She poured some oil, on my back and spread the oil all over my back. She touched my body softly just to spread the oil all over, back from neck downwards upto waist.

She removed my bra and pulled my panty a little down. She asked my permission to remove the panty from my body, I said yes. She pulled it down and removed it from the bottom of my legs. Woh, I was totally naked in front of her.

She poured oil over my buttocks and spread the oil in the cavity and to the sides of the buttock and then ran her hands all over from buttocks to the back and then upto my neck. Her soft hands gave me a small ticking sensation but enjoyable. She then spred hebind my hands and she said I have a beautiful body with firm muscles which inspite of my two deliveries has not slackened.

It was just to praise me and inculcate confidence in me. The she asked me to turn and lie on my back. She gave me a short towel to cover my face from the bright light coming from the ceiling. Now my boobs and my cunt are emplosed to her. There may be some hair in the cunt, because I did not remove the hair because I did not remember to remove it.

Aisha poured oil over my boobs and started to spread the oil all over. Her soft touch over my boobs made my nipples to harden and stand erect. After spreading oil all over the my chest and abdomen, She started to kneedle my boobs, which gave pleasureable sensation. She the massaged my hands, arm pit and again went back to the boobs and massaged my boobs.

I felt dampness in my cunt. She massaged my chest and shoulders, neck and then the hands and again started form the boobs. She massaged them as if squeezing the dough and I liked the way she did it. She came down to my abdomen and my umbicus and then she poured oil on my mount of love and spread it all over.

She pulled her hand down over my cunt, concentrating on my cunt lips. She asked me to widen my legs and she poured oil in her hands and applied oil in the area down below the cunt up the anus. I was feeling shy and ashamed as I felt some smell coming from my cunt what to do, I cannot help it, I washed my cunt in my bathroom when I started to the parlour,

another girl will understand that all woman smell a little, it may not be offensive, but natural. But clever girl Aisha was talking without mentioning anything about it. Her massaging my pussy was classic. She rubbed just the outter lips downward without touching the clitoral area, she then asked me to close my legs and she poured oil over my legs and massaged the thigh muscles, knee etc.

She then asked me to turn over and massaged my buttocks, kneeding them hard and behind my thighs. That was very erotic and my cunt was oozing. again asked to turn over, lifted my legs straight up and massaged my leg muscles. It was very relaxing.

She then pulled my knees up and keep them wide and my pussy would have opened up and she took oil in her hands and massaged my clitoris and all over my cunt. That was pleasureable and lifted me up to the skies. She then asked me is that enough, meaning whether I have had my orgasm. I said yes. She then asked me to get up and to the bathroom and have a good bath.

I saw a bathtub full of warm water with soap bubbles on the surface. I stepped intothe tub and Aisha also came in with a handsome young man. She asked me whether I need any help while bathing from her husband Ali. I looked up at his pleasant face. But I said no. Aisha you can jump in with me.

Aly took a bow and left the room and Aisha came into the tub and with a sponge rubbed my body wth soap bubbles. She too was naked with clean shaven pussy and our bodies entwined to give pleasure to both of us. Her breasts were hard and she brushed them against mine and in the meantime her pussy was pressing against mine.

My body was got rid of all oil and we finally rinced with fresh water and we came out. We wiped my body with a large towel and I wiped her body with a big towel. We became friends. She said she enjoyed doing massage to my body since I cooperated with her fully.

She asked me to get dressed up and go through the antiroom. I gave her a substantial tip, which she happily accepted. I felt fresh and well relaxed when I walked out. I went back and thanked Tara for the wonderful experience I had.

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Shwetha Enjoying Lesbian Sex With Khushi

Hi, I am Shwetha from Bangalore. I am 28yrs old 5.5 feet tall, fair, a 34 30 36 figure, deep black bright eyes with long lashes and Long black hair ending exactly above my crop top. I have had an inclination towards girls since college.

When I look at their face the pink lips the strawberry flavored lip balm, expressive eyes, the body the tshirt dat hugs around their breast the jeans fit tightly around their back n thighs feels like caressing each part that brings pleasure.

My fantasy came true when I saw Khushi. She is a 26yr old girl from Ranchi, an intern at my office. She is 5.2 feet tall very fair, has light brown eyes with small juicy lips. Brown hair with a stepcut ending at her shoulders. Has a 36 30 32 figure. Has those perfectly round breasts dat a guy wud fantasize about. Has a round small back dat sways wen she walks.

Fashionable and fab. We quickly mingled with each other and became best of frnds. We used to spend time every evening over tea. Whenever she wore those short dresses she looked like a doll.

Whenever I wore a saree I caught her eyes on me staring at my waist and belly and wen she noticed I caught her she complimented I have a good figure and I look sexy in saree. I felt really good dat day. I could notice she is attracted towards me.

One evening I cudnt control asking "how do u maintain ur figure so well?" And she blushed n answered "power yoga" I instantly imagined her in a sexy yoga body hugging suit and smiled. I den thought of asking her more questions for the way she opened up to me. I asked "Do you have a boyfriend?"

She looked sad and said she had a breakup recently and the relationship lasted for a year and now she is single but she missed the physical intimacy. I kissed her on her cheek saying "U r really a sweet person, I'll be there wenever u need me." She hugged me for the first time and her boobs pressed over mine. I felt a rush inside.

I could feel n sense a similar feeling in her the way she breathed in my ears and moved her hands on my back. I couldn't sleep that night thinking about those big breasts the way they pressed against mine. I can still feel my breasts swell n nipples grew harder.

The Next day again at tea I asked her "Can I ask u something really personal?" And she laughed and said deres nothing personal between us. "What is bust size and wats d shape like?" She frowned a bit and said why do u ask? I said that dey look beautiful and firm. She said yes dey are. It's 36 and dey are round and firm.

Noticing deres no one around I asked "can I touch them?" She said not here dear maybe later someday.. I felt positive and thought dat she is willing to give in too.. I would try to wear a little transparent tops to catch her attention n she would stare at my bra contours the way dey looked thru the fabric. I enjoyed those sweet nothings and it would make me feel high.

Thinking of her body and her words dat nothings personal between us made me imagine her in my arms and I would masturbate at times. On one summer weekend we decided to go to the pool to swim. This was a perfect opportunity to show off my body and see her fabulous figure as she had mentioned later someday. This was the day I thought and I would not let it go.

We went into the changing room and quickly put on our swimsuits. I wore a white and pink swimsuit and she wore a red 2 peice bikini she looked so hot dat immediately I imagined kissing her pink lips and fondling her breasts but I waited to see her fair hotness shining in the water under the sun. We applied the sun protect lotion to each others body.

First she startled but den quickly became comfortable on my touch. I could sense her attraction towards me. Once we entered the pool I occasionally touched and held her in the pool and played. She hesitated for the way I touched her and made her feel. She was hesitant but did not reject me completely.

She was growing hotter under my caress touch n I imagined kissing her right dere in the pool. We decided to get out of the pool n in the changing room and got into one changing room. We Undressed each other and I started to suck her breasts and she shivered with pleasure her breath was hard and she was excited.

Her swolen boobs were inviting and the nipples were hard. I sucked her hungrily and I put in my finger in her mound and finger fucked her and teased her and after a few minutes she moaned out loud and came over my finger. I licked my finger and said "U taste good". She became shy and high at the same time.

She den instantly held my breasts which were waiting for her tongue to lick my boobs and she started to kiss n sucked dem and fondled my back and touched me where my shaven mound was and she touched me the way I imagined from the time I saw her in that red bikini. I was wet and dripping with pleasure.

She started to go down and kiss me on the belly and before I realised she knelt down and started to lick me down dere and I shouted with pleasure which I never felt before. She continued to lick and fucked me with her finger. I couldnt control and I came with a splash of an orgasm. I felt embarassed to come on her fingers and she smiled after.. we both hugged and felt our heart pounding.

We both had a cool shower after applying soap to each other slipping our hands on each other feeling skin to skin and after dried our bodies dressed each other and walked out hand in hand. From den on we would spend time together in each others arms every other weekend and it's a lot of fun.

If you liked my chemistry with my girlfriend and want me to write some more of my adventurous experiences you can send your comments below. Thanks.

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Rupali and Suva Enjoying Lesbian Sex

Rupali and Suva were living in as neighbours with their familys in Jaipur. Suva was good at heart and very friendly so Rupali liked her. Suva used to tie rakhi to Rupali husband and Rupali used to tie rakhi Suvas husband Although Suva was in early thirties and Rupali was also of same age as Rupali, Suva used to call her bhabhi.

Suva had 3 children and Rupali also had three children and all of them were in same school nearby. Both familys were a middle class. Rupali was fair and well built and had fairly large round breasts where as Suvas was also fair and healthy but her breasts were smaller and perky type.

Both were good friends and used to visit each others house every day and exchanged food items and other things daily . Suva always noticed Rupali ample breasts and used to feel jealousy of her breasts and her large cleavage which was visible always to Suva.

She used to tease Rupali jokingly frequently about her breasts in bhabhi nanad manner and she used to try to touch them sometimes because she was also attracted to them. One day they were to visit someone in another distant area of their city. So Suva got ready and went to Rupali house and found she is not still ready.

As they were to return back the same afternoon before their children came from the schools. Suva urged Rupali to speed up. Rupali was changing and Suva just went in the room to help her. Rupali was trying to find some clothes with her pallu dropped. Blouse was partly open revealing breasts and cleavage was very long & deep and Suva could not take her eyes off and felt some pleasant shock.

In a hurry Rupali unhooked her blouse and revealed her big breasts with large light reddish brown rings around nipples and she did not notice Suva was watching her breasts. Rupali nipples were wide, erect and very inviting. Suva felt a strong urge to suck those breasts. Suva never felt like it earlier except when she was as a child used to sometimes suck her mother breasts till she was teen.

Rupali suddenly saw Suva was staring at her, she shyly tried to cover…Suva did not want to miss it. She said: Rupa, you have very good breasts and your husband is very lucky. and moved to back of Rupali and cupped her big breasts from back. Rupali laughed and resisted but Suva was adamant and did not remove her hands.

Rupali said Suva what are you doing and should not do it like a man and also we are getting late. Suva was in a trance and whispered in her ears I call you Bhabhi and Bhabhi is like a mother, there is nothing wrong in asking for mothers milk so please let me suck your breasts. Rupali was speechless for some seconds when she heard this.

Suva taking it as chance and took Rupali bigger left breast and put it into her mouth as much as she can started sucking it and was happy to receive some drops of sweet milk and her other hand cupped Rupalis right breast. Rupali told her that her UKG daughter chhoti still drinks her milk in nights. The milk tasted sweet and Suva was very happy as her secret desire for breast milk was filled.

Rupali was still surprised but she also felt nice and after a minute or so Suva guided her to the bed and she slowly made Rupali sit on the edge of the bed without removing the breast from her mouth as she did not want to change Rupalis mood and she kneeled on the floor so that she could reach breasts easily continued sucking Rupalis breast for sometime.

She changed one breast to another as the breasts were getting empty very quickly after two three drops of milk. Rupali helped her get some milk while sucking the breasts for four to five times by pressing the breasts. Suva tried to touch Rupalis other part but Rupali strongly stopped Suva.

But Rupali automatically put her hands in Suvas blouse removed buttons and took out Suvas breasts from her bra and started fondling them she noticed Suva breasts were smaller than hers. She gently squeezed Suvas long nipples to find any milk but there was nothing. Suva kept sucking Rupalis breasts and finally Suva was satisfied after Fifteen twenty minutes.

After that Suva stopped, stood up and ran away to the corner of the room as she felt ashamed strongly and turned her face away as she was not feeling alright to face her friend. Suva hooked her blouse and she ran to her house. They did not go to any place. Suva and Rupali children came back from schools.

Suva sent her children to play and sat alone and was thinking of the incident and feeling guilty and shame. The door bell rang and she opened the door and got surprised to see Rupali who was smiling. Ruapli turned around and shit the door and came to her and embraced her with affection and comforted her and asked Suva, why you ran away?

Suva started to cry and said Bhabhi I was feeling ashamed for what I have done. Rupali said Suva You should not feel shy and guilty and Rupali took her to Suvas bed and lied down and unhooked some buttons of her blouse. Suva lied near her and lifted Rupalis blose to get her breast and greedily started sucking it and put her other hand inside Rupalis blouse to play with other breast.

Rupali also played with Suvas breasts. After they were done Rupali said you are my best friend and nanad and I also enjoy while you drank my milk. You are free to suck my breasts and drink my milk whenever you want to as I am your bhabhi and you are my nanad . Suva told her that she used to suck her mothers empty breasts sometimes.

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Archana having lesbian sex with roommate Pune - I

I woke up with a start, drenched in sweat, and thirsty. Puja Didi was resting her head on the edge of my bed, while sitting on the floor, half asleep. She too woke up and helped me drink some water and wiped my forehead. She caressed my head gently while I fell asleep. I was down with fever and my Puja Didi was taking care of me.

This incident happened a few months ago and I felt a need to write about it, to share it with you guys. So here is my story. I'm Archana, 19, a college student living in the hostel. Puja Didi has been my best friend since day one of joining college; she is my senior by two years and also my roommate. We have such a strong bond that the other girls call us adopted sisters.

This story is more about love and not just raw sex, so I am leaving out unnecessary details such as our stats and our location. I had come down with a terrible fever and was left so weak that I was unable to even drink water by myself. Puja Didi took care of me through that week as my own elder sister would have, and I was touched. I couldn't find the words to express my gratitude.

Towards the end of my illness, as I was getting better, I asked Puja Didi to join our beds together so that she wouldn't have to face discomfort. That night, my fever finally left my body, and I sat up in bed feeling better. I looked at my watch and it was about 3am. Puja Didi wasn't asleep, she was watching out for me. She came closer to me and brushed the hairs away from my face and asked "Feeling better, Archana?"

To this date I don't know what happened to me at that moment, but I sure as hell don't regret it. I just cupped Puja Didi's face in my palms and kissed her deeply, passionately for a few seconds. When I broke the kiss, the enormity of what I did hadn't struck me. It didn't strike me when 2 seconds later Didi kissed me too.

It struck me 10 seconds later when Didi and I had wrapped our arms around each other and were rolling on the bed, kissing each other passionately. Nibbling at each other's necks and ears, we were caught up in the heat of passion for about 2 minutes. I was too weak, and just flopped back on the bed, panting.

Didi came and rested her head on my breasts and I whispered "I love you Didi." "I love you too Archana" she whispered back. "Didi.... I am not sure about this. I love you. My body craves for you. But is this wrong?" I asked her sadly. "No Archana, the body has its needs. And those needs need to be taken care of."

I blurted out to Didi that I never had any boyfriends because I wasn't physically attractive. The few guy friends that I had would try to grope me and I was scared. "Who said you need a boy to fulfil your body's needs?" Didi asked, and then went on to tell me how the girls in the hostel regularly had sex with each other.

"Didi, will you make love to me please?" I asked her with all the raw emotion in my voice. "Of course, Archana. But you need to get your strength back. And I need to invite my friends Shaily and Deepa." "Why them, Didi?" "Because Shaily has toys and Deepa is a sex goddess." Didi quipped.

Over the next fortnight as I gained my strength back, Didi and I watched porn together, read articles together, and decided on all the things we would do together. We even went shopping to a lingerie showroom and bought a pair of barely-there lacy bra and panties, black for her and white for me. My body was filled with a strange anticipation as the day arrived and I couldn't concentrate on anything else.

It was past midnight when us four girls, Puja didi, Shaily, Deepa and I gathered in our room. After a bit of chit-chat, we turned off the lights and we stripped in front of each other. We were not pornstars, we were average, a little bit of fat here and there. That didn't matter. We were here to make love to each other, to fulfil our bodies' needs. I turned around, and showed my body to the other girls.

They too did the same. My skin was tingling with goosebumps. That is when Puja Didi and I changed into our black and white lacy lingerie. They barely covered our assets. Shaily and Deepa, however, did something different. They put on towels on their body, in a seductive way, looking like courtesans.

We gathered on the bed and the girls put their arms around me, kissing me, feeling me, slowly tugging at my lingerie. I lost patience right there. I ripped off those lace panties and bra I was wearing and then tugged off Shaily and Deepa's towels. Stark naked, we were rubbing, squeezing and fondling each other.

It was a heap of arms and legs, breasts colliding with each other as we fondled and caressed each other. The heat of passion in the room was wild. Didi pushed me back on the bed and Shaily and Deepa latched onto one breast each, slowly teasing me and sucking me, giving small bites on my nipples with their teeth.

Puja Didi began to lick her way around my tongue and slowly to my pussy. I reared violently with pleasure when she licked me like that, making me moan. I had masturbated a few times but this was a whole different level altogether, someone dong wonderful things to me with their tongue. I allowed myself to be swept away in the moment, heaving and moaning softly with passion.

Shaily then went to get her dildo. It was smooth and transparent and a little soft. I grabbed it and began to suck it. I wetted it like I had seen girls suck cocks in porn and I lubricated it nicely with my saliva. Shaily took the dildo from me, and then grabbed Deepa. Deepa had been getting her pussy and ass licked by Puja Didi all this while.

Shaily took the dildo and rubbed it on Deepa's clit to tease her, and then in one smooth stroke inserted the dildo in her wet throbbing pussy. I watched mesmerized as Shaily fucked Deepa like I had seen in the porn movies. My hand moved involuntarily to my pussy and I began to rub myself. Meanwhile Puja Didi was sucking Shaily and I was just watching this whole scene by myself, enjoying this.

All of a sudden Deepa began to buck violently, let out a wild moan and began to orgasm. I watched her squirt her juices out of her pussy and instantly Shaily and Didi began to lap them up. I was watching all this and then Deepa turned to me and said, "You are next."

Friends, what happened next was a really wild experience for me. If you want me to share it, I will write about it, so let me know in the comments. Till then, bye!

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Lesbian experience with Varsha

"Aaaaah... just like that baby, just like that..." I hissed. My back was arched, my head thrown back, eyes closed and my legs wide apart, bent at the knees. Varsha had her face buried in between my legs, doing wonderful things to me with her tongue. I was gripping her head with one hand and squeezing my breasts with the other. I pulled her up, and we kissed and wrapped our arms and legs tightly around each other, enjoying the sensations.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Swati, 19, a slim, medium complexioned girl with average sized breasts. Varsha is my roommate, and she has been an athlete all her life. She is built strong. We are roommates in our college hostel and we became friends right from day one. The story starts on a warm night, when after dinner we decided to watch a movie on the laptop.

It was quite hot, so Varsha removed her tshirt and was sitting close to me. I started feeling hot too and removed my tshirt, although a bit shyly. Varsha looked at me, and gave a naughty smile and put her arm around me. We shut down the stupid movie we were watching and Varsha brought up her collection of porn. Yes, we girls watch porn too!

Varsha played a lesbian move and it was slowly turning us on. Varsha was lightly brushing her hands over her crotch. I was overcome with lust and made the first move. I reached for her crotch over her shorts. She smiled at me, and then quickly reached for my shorts and tried to pull them off. She was strong and had them off in no time. I reached for her shorts too, pulled them off and there she was, pinning me to the bed under her with her strength.

Overcome with lust, we kissed each other and then she started to move her mouth to my breasts. She started to squeeze them, pinch them and suck on my nipples. It was heavenly. I tried to reach for her breast but she wouldn't let me. "Shhhh... just lay back and enjoy" she said. She started to caress me all over with her soft hands and I was really enjoying it.

She started to run her hands over my thighs. I stopped her, and we got into the 69 position. Our tongues invaded each others pussies and we both began to pleasure each other. My legs were trembling. Varsha was so skilled that I just stopped and let her take over. I sat up, and she buried her head between my legs. I spread them wide to allow her better access, and placed my legs on her strong shoulders. I could feel my passion rising with every second.

"Oh I so want to get fucked now" I said. She smiled, and brought out a bottle of lotion. She lubed up my waxed pussy slowly, and then hers. She then knelt, and asked me to face her, and put my legs on either side of her. I did. She inserted her ring and little fingers into her pussy, kept her middle finger pointed upwards, and asked me to put my pussy around it.

It was a novel way, for both of us to enjoy. She started to thrust upwards, it was like being fucked in a porn movie. Both of us were enjoying ourselves thoroughly. Her head was at my breast-level and she started to suck me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and head, running my fingers through her hair..

Being fucked with a finger was so much enjoyable. We began to moan. Varsha was strong and went on thrusting for a long time, suddenly she shuddered for a few seconds and had her orgasm, but I didn't have mine. We took a break. Varsha asked me to turn over and immediately went to work on my ass with her tongue. I was excited but at the same time apprehensive about the pain.

She said not to worry. She lubed up my ass and slowly wriggled a finger into it. I was surprised it didn't hurt at all. She slowly put in two fingers and began to fuck me, while kneeling behind me. It was sending me through the roof with pleasure and I moaned my approval very loudly.

I could feel the throes of an orgasm coming. Varsha knew that too, and all of a sudden she reached around and inserted a finger in my cunt. I almost jumped up with ecstasy. Varsha went on fucking me, when suddenly my legs started to tremble again, my toes started to curl, I felt the most amazing sensations in me, as I orgasmed with a loud shriek.

I just collapsed on the bed after that. Varsha lay next to me, pulled herself close to me and I embraced her, feeling the warmth of her soft flesh. "That was....mmm...amazing" I whispered. "Lets do it again soon" she smiled.We drifted off to sleep cuddling each other.

Hope you guys liked my story. I'll try and share some more stories and I'm hoping for wonderful readers of HD to leave their comments. Bye!

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Shalini having sex with Anne and Geo

I am Shalini, 18 and on completion of my school, my parents wanted me to join an engg. college. It is one of the most reputed institution where being an NRI I got admission under the management quota. Others wrote the EE and got admission. I sought admission to the ladies hostel and wanted a double room. I was given a double room.

My room mate was Anne, 18 who also was an NRI. Later I came to know there were many girls and boys who studied in the same school in Abu Dhabi who got admission to this college. But they are all in different rooms and we seldom meet. Food in the hostel is very bad. Hence we take nice sandwitches or burgers from the canteen. Anne is a very sportive girl.

She spends all her spare time in sleeping. We both have many kilos of good dates in our luggage which we sometimes eat. Anne is too lazy that sometimes she wants to sleep without any clothes on. She has a laptop with internet connection for chatting with her people but after chatting she uses it for browsing porn.

One when she persuaded me to watch her laptop, I was shocked to see the high rate of porn movies. But she spent more time watching them and I too had no other way but to sit along with her and watch. When some hot scenes come in the monitor, Anne fingers herself and one day she suggested to me why not we finger mutually so that both of us can enjoy.

Though I too finger occasionally and secretly, not like Anne openly, her persuation and insistance made me agree wtih her. She was happy that I agreed. She brought some wax, razor, cream and so many things. She did it to me and I to her. We removed all the public hair and made it to look clean and smooth. She applied wax to the arm pits and they were also cleaned.

Anne loved my body and its shape and my assets. She loved to feel them and to kiss them. She softly touched my chin with her lips and licked slowly all over my face. Her way of kissing was very passionate and took too much time. She fist licked the lips, and then inserted her tongue into my mouth and search for my tongue and then such the tongue mutually.

In the meantime her hands rovered over my bosom and her soft touch brought out ghosspimples all over my body. The moment her fingers touch my nipples, my pussy starts to leak. My hands also roam around her chest and touch her firm boobs and nipples. Since our pussies are neatly shaven, oral sex is sought after.

Kissing the boobs, nipples, licking the nipples, Anne travels down and reaches the navel and then she reaches the pussy. She has a method of doing it slowly and systematically. She licks with relish every drop of my discharge. So do I lick her and swallow. We dont hurry to reach an orgasm.

We just watch the laptop and take our own time to tongue fuck each other and then finger fuck and reach a climax with oral sex. licking and sucking the clitoris mutually. Anne, was a resourceful person. She managed to bring along with her some of the latest sex toys. I did not dare to tell my mother to give me a sex toy. She would have killed me.

But Anne had every type of the toy. Small, big, vibratory, chinese, korean, japanese etc. She cannot use all of them. She has to ask me to use each and tell her how it feels. Our life was going on smoothly with indulgence in sex in almost all the time after supper. Nobody in the hostel knew that we have such a great treasure of toys.

We both had beautiful bodies and we enjoyed touching each other. We always slept cuddled in each other's arms naked. Laptop was on for most of the time. Suddenly there was a guest for us. Anne's coursin, Geo came from US and he felt bored to sit in his native house and he used to come to the city every day in his bike and ask us to go with him to some hotel or resort for lunch or for relaxing in the swimming pool.

When Anne introduced him to me I was impressed by his 6 ft. frame, athelete body, very pleasant, smiling and frank face. He asked us to hop into his bike. We too got into his pillion. Geo took us to a resort, a lonely place with nice food and a pool. We both has our swimming trunks but wearing them made our figure more pronounced.

Geo who came in his shorts was just eating us with his eyes. The bulge in his shorts became too noticeable. We sat in the lounge and drank fruit juice and some snacks. The pool was of medium size and look clean. Not many people were seen using it. Geo got up and jumped into the pool and asked us to join him.

This was the first time we are getting into the pool without the presence of our parents and that too with a stranger. Though Geo is a cousin of Anne they were not very close. Yet she swam a little and was shouting for me to join her. I too lowered myself into the water. I am not that an expert swimmer. I was always supported by my father. Here I cnnot ask Geo to help me in my swimming.

In an instance they both came to know that I am not an expert. Geo came to me to hold my body and persuaded me to jump into the water. He with his hands held me at my hip and asked me to flap my feet so that I can swim. I told him to leave me and allow me to go on my way. But the fingers of Geo were already at my pussy probing to touch the lips.

Anne saw this and was laughing. Again I came near him, he held me by my boobs and ass. I swam to a corner and held the iron bar to support me. Geo called Anne to join him. I saw his hand squeezing her boobs and another hand squeezing her pussy. His erection was full and a tent like formation was there in his short.

He took Anne to a bathroom both entered the bathroom and closed the door. I went in search of another bathroom, Cleaned up my body and changed into dry clothes, I packed my wet swimsuit in a bag so that I may take it the hostel and get them dried. I knew Geo and Anne must be fucking in the bathroom under the pretext of bathing and changing.

They both came after half an hour, fulled changed and fresh. We ordered some hot tea and snacks. Geo was in a happy mood. He said this is a nice place and we will come here at least twice in a week. After snacks we left for the hostel and bade Geo goodbye. When we reached the room, Anne told me that Geo actually fucked her. She said his tool was too big for my small cunt.

But he did not bother, he just pushed it in and made her cry. He said he wanted to fuck both of us. He had already touched your pussy. But you went away to another bath room. She showed me her cunt, reddish and the hole enlarged. But she said she enjoyed the fucking and got a good climax. It after two days that Geo came suddenly. I was alone in the room and he called me to the reception.

Anne had gone to the lab for some project work and I did not know when she will come. Geo said, it is alright, you come, just for an hour, I will bring you back and leave you here. I tried every excuse to avoid, but he was insistant. Finally I took my swimming trunk and left with him taking permission from the warden. Since Anne was not there he was talking all about his heroism etc.

In the pool, he asked me to jump and go to him. He put his hands directly on my pussy and massaged it. He massaged my boobs also under water just to arouse me. All these things are under water. He took me around the pool, holding me by my pussy. We were in water for one hour and then he said we will get out. I went with him dripping to the bathroom.

He made me stand nude and then removed his short and revealed his massive tool. He then made me to place my one foot on the commode and then making me lean forward, he fucked me in the doggy style. He was ramming me so hard that I reached climax twice, but he has not reached his orgasm.

Finally he reached his orgasm and sprayed his fluids onto the floor and released me. We cleaned up our private parts and them I got dressed up in my dress and he came in his jeans and t shirt. He went on talking that this is the best fuck he has ever had etc. We ate our snacks and had a hot tea and then left. He dropped me in my hostel and left.

Anne saw me and asked whether I hd gone with Geo, I said yes. She asked how was the fuck. Same like yours. She wanted to see my cunt to compare the injury. Mine was less serious. Anne just bowed and kissed my cunt. We went with Geo five or six times to the same pool and had combined fuck. He fucked both of us alternatively. Finally when he left he gave us a golden ring each as his parting gift.

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Lisa having lesbian sex with mother-in-law

I’m Lisa, 28 years old, married. Live in small city, I‘m a housewife, as I live oversea with my husband so I’m not working now, in my country I worked as a finance executive. when I move in NZ I didn’t find any official job because of my poor English, my husband doing work in IT company as accounts manager.

I’m going to write a real lesbian sex story with my MIL (Mother In-Law). She is 47 years old woman, I’m bisexual girl from my university life, it have been few times with few different woman but I’m not gonna write that now. now I’m going to write that is happened with my MIL after my 3 years married. I don’t have FIL (Father-In-Law).

He pass way long time ago, when my husband was 10 years old. My husband now is 30 years old. We have a 4 bed room flat its own by my MIL, my MIL work in big technology company. Also got high salary. Many times I saw many pretty & beautiful woman came our house with my MIL and spend time with her but I never knew she is bisexual woman.

Last 1 months she is on leave cuz she did not take any off day from work & she doesn’t bring any friend at home either this off days, so I thought all the female came our house with her all were works friend. One Saturday night I was having sex with my husband at 9pm or something around can not remember exactly.

While we forgot to lock our door & I would moan loudly whenever I will make sex, its come from my deep feeling, maybe my MIL was hearing my sound & she came near to out door and peeping from outside our sex, suddenly I looked at the door and see door is open, my MIL was looking our sex, I was on top so my husband could not look at her, but when I saw him I just was speechless, but I didn’t stop or didn’t go for lock the door.

When my MIL was looking on my she also seen that I have seen her but she just smile on me and wink me. I was feeling shy but I don’t know what should I do, I even didn’t dear to tell my husband. At night I could not sleep at well, next day when I woke up and went to make breakfast while I seen her and she was smiling on me, I was feeling shy & could not say any word.

We both usually make breakfast together as well as cook together usually I will help her to cook as I can not cook well but she can cook very good. When cook almost end while she compliment me that I’m very beautiful and sexy, & said that she never think I’m that beautiful under dress. But I didn’t understand it fully her sentence.

Then she told me keep my body fit, it will work… I just smile to her & say thank you mom, when we was taking breakfast, she was looking at me and smiling while I was feeling shy. When she was leaving from breakfast table she wink me again. After that one week pass & we are normal, my MIL also nothing say, just mostly look at me and smile nothing more, but she is just one leave still 2 week to go.

One day I was sleeping at day time after woke up from sleep, I sat on my table and open email, I got an email from unknown ID. She said, hi how are you? How is life & many more, I reply in same meaner as I thought that maybe some old friend, as also ask her who are you? With in 5 minutes I got reply from her that she wrote that,

she is some one that looking for me and she wants to take me her bed, then I said I’m married I don’t go with woman or man behind my husband, then she reply you will very soon, I didn’t reply, next message she write, how many girl have I been with? I reply how do you know I have been with girl?

Same time I never been with girl I wrote, she reply me, 97% woman like girls… you like girls I know it very well, then I said how do you know, she said from your looks. I said can you give me your Identity. She said she will one day. Next day she send me some erotic email, some incase story as well, some times some lesbian porn clip she sent me, I always read & was that curiously.

Main while I was feeling horny too, after one month my husband move in USA from a Project he will be there 9 months could be 3 months more. While my Husband leaves from USA. After 2 day, she send me an email that my husband move in USA so I could sleep with her if I like, so I reply her that if she can introduce herself I could think about it, I say it just to know her.

She didn’t reply me. Next day she email me that do I like family sex. I said no, then she said, you will do soon, I just stop replying her. After 2 weeks I was feeling horny while I was watching porn, in the same time my MIL came in my door and nock the door, I said wait plz, and come in few minute late as I had to ready, cuz I was watching porn in my laptop,

she come in my room and said what I’m doing etc, & she ask me if I like to go in beach next weekend, I said ok, but next day night after 8pm I have seen her that she were bra and short pant at home but she never wear that in front of me, not even short pant, before she always wear long pant, she asking me how she is look I said, she is very pretty and sexy, she said not like you,

I said believe me you more sexy and beautiful then me, she said thank you, at night when I was taking dinner with her, she would touch my leg by her leg & try to touch my upper leg, I just try to resist her. Then suddenly she asked me directly, Lisa, do you like girls? I was shock, I was quite, then she said your silent mean to me you like girl, I just could not said any word,

she said don’t worry if you like girl you can be with girl, I will not tell my son, we can be like close friend & share some experience, then I speak up & tell I like girl but its all was before married after married not even look at girls, then she smile. Suddenly she asked me do I like her, I said yes I like her as my mom, she said most of the girls doesn’t like their MIL how could I do?

I said you are wrong, we should respect your MIL, she said respect & like, love is difference, then I finish dinner, at mid night I was thinking of her words that she speak to me. As well as she was touching me I also feel horny about it. Then I masturbate myself thinking some thing about my past sex.

Next day morning I see her half naked walking in kitchen, she has shape size boobs quite big, she is 47 still her breast look very frame & attractive, I was feel shy. Then day pass & night come, at night I was about to go bed & I think to check my email, I open my email the same person email me that, if I like my mother in law then I can have her,

I said why I should make sex with my MIL, with in 2 minutes I got reply that I have to make sex with MIL because of double pleaser with husband & MIL both can enjoy. Then I was feeling horny, & she ask me do I have webcam I said no, she said why I lie, I really I don’t, then she asked me do I like cam sex, I never did cam sex but some how I said I like,

then she ask me do I like to look breast on cam or pussy I said if you like to show me, she said just breast nothing else I said ok, then she open her cam but she didn’t show me anything she just show her breast, even could not guess her room but I feel the same breast with my Mother in Law, when I was feeling same breast with my MIL while I was feeling more horny, then I was masturbating,

but I didn’t lock the door, while I was masturbate my MIL came in my room without nock, every time she will come in my room even my door is not lock she will nock but this time she didn’t nock, she just come in my room and seen me, I’m naked & touching my breast, she said that’s my girl, I like it.

And I was trying to cover myself, just now I have seen breast on webcam the same breast I have seen, she was topless. She come closer to me and kiss on my lips I didn’t speak up & she was rubbing my breast I was replying to her as I was horny then she kiss me, lick my breast and kiss all my body and I just touch her breast,

then she goes down to my pussy and lick it finger it I was feeling like cum, then she said don’t cum so fast dear. You should open my pant and underwear then I follow her commend and I was open her pant and underwear, she was gorgeous, no hair in any area, its like pure white woman, all area is shave.

She attract my eyes, she said don’t look like that you are 100% beautiful then me, every single woman would like to have you lisa, 1st day I have seen you with my son from that day I was trying to have you but I could not manage but now I got chance, she hugs me tightly, I touch her breast and suck it.

Then finger for her we did 69 position she was sucking my pussy I just finger her when she was licking me I was cum. She said too fast baby, why so horny, I said your son is not here so I’m horny then she said last night you also masturbate why so horny still, I was surprise. Then that night was did 1 more times & we sleep together, at morning usually she will woke up early as usual,

at morning I have seen she was touching my breast and pussy then at morning we did 1 more time and we made breakfast together, took breaks together also, she was totally naked, she ask me to stay naked its fun, I was shy to be naked & I don’t like to stay naked. Then she tonight she will give me big surprise, at night when I was watching TV,

I got doorbell, some one came as my mom was naked I asked her to dress up, she said don’t mind open the door, I didn’t open, then she goes to door and look the door hole who is outside then open it, when open the door I seen her close friend come with her friend Daughter in law, I was big surprise then we had sex 4 person together that was great sex ever,

I have many more sex experience with her I will write it next time, my husband doesn’t know anything about it. But me & my MIL do every thing we like, even we invite many girl in our house, now I became sex Silva. I’m so sorry I make you so boring to read it but its true story in my life, I live in New Zealand. But I;m South Asian girl. I don’t want to give my Identity.

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Lesbian encounter of Irum and Anum

HI! Dear readers, My name is Irum and my sister’s name is Anum(Names changed obviously) and this is a story about our incest lesbian experience, so for those who thinks it is immoral, please don’t waste your time. It’s more of a story about love rather than sex but sex isn’t left untreated.

I am a married lady of age 38 living a happy life, have 10 years old daughter 6 years old son and still pregnant with another kid. My husband is a military officer and he loves me a lot and suffices my needs for sex and every other thing. We travel all around the globe due to his job description.

My father is also a high ranked military officer and we used to live in a very lavish 2 story bungalow with lots of rooms in a city where my father was posted as commandant. We were not quite rich but as father was an army official, we were living quite a luxurious life.

Anyways, let’s talk about the story but let me be clear that Please don’t ask for having sex in the comments as it is stupidity and quite cheap as well. I am not posting to lay with people. I just can’t forget these beautiful memories and wanted to pen down and wanted to share it with readers who appreciate true incidents, so here it is.

It all started when I was in Second year. I was 17 and Anum was 15. To tell you more about me n Anum that time…, we were slim girls, very attractive long faces with prominent features. I had long black hair that catched everyone’s attention, skin tone quite fair, 5’4” with 32b, 26, 34. My curves were not that cool that everyone stares them but I do gained quite much attention due to my face.

The credit goes to my mom and dad as they both are very attractive and smart with perfect bodies. On the other hand, Anum was a very attractive girl. At that time she was hardly 15 but her very very cute face was always an eye catcher for everybody. She looks so innocent, specially her magnificent curly hair, lengthy eyelashes, slim long nose, small but chubby lips, protruding cheek bones with small dimples on her cheeks and most of all her big wide eyes.

She was so cute that anyone, male or female, that sees her, spontaneously wants to hold her cute face and kiss her. Most of the time, she’s sick just because of the evil eyes of the people. At 15 she was slim like me, but at 19 her measurements grew so astonishing that no one can help keep staring them, 35D, 26, 38, dream figure to die for with a height of 5’9” quite tall, Slight chubby thighs but slim legs and arms.

Moreover her hands and feet were even prettier, long sleek fingers and pink nails. In short she was a sex goddess…It all started when she got her first periods. We were not very close to each other especially telling our secrets and I never could have talked about my periods to her. She was at home that day, when the periods started and blood oozed out of her virgin hole, she didn’t know what really happened.

The first time she saw blood coming out of her pussy, she became morose as she thought she had caught an internal wound. She was upset the entire time and visited the toilet every 10 minutes. Astonished by her abnormal behavior, mom got curious and asked me to check if everything was fine. She didn’t tell me a bit about her problem.

I sat with her, comforted her and she sat beside me. I asked her what is wrong with her but she didn’t utter a word and stared back at me. I felt her looking into my heart as if she wanted me to ask every problem of hers but her lips couldn’t speak and I saw tear drops accumulating in her eyes and as soon as she blinked her eyes, it started flowing out of one of her eyes and started running over her cheek.

I couldn’t resist at all. My heart was about to pop out of my chest. Don’t know how but I was shocked to see myself crying as well. I hugged her tightly to my chest. I asked her that what is it that’s eating her, because she used to be so energetic, lively always and used to amused us of her silly but cute questions, but she stayed mum.

I held her face close to mine and wanted to kiss her cheek when another tear drop came out of her eyes. I don’t know what took me but as I kissed her cheek and her tear drop touched my dry lips and I found myself sucking it. She pushed me away and said “AAAAAAAAAAAPPPPIIII…..Yaaaaiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkhsssss!!!!

(Aapi is Used for elder sister)” and I said “Acha sorry baba sorry”. She said “Kitni gandi ho aap” (You are so gross!) and I smiled and hugged her again. She said “let me go” and pushed me harder that time and I released my grip too as I was little ashamed of my act. She got up and again feeling the urge to visit the washroom, stood up and at that moment I saw blood on her shalwar.

I recognized it in a jiffy and instantly her wrist was in my hand. She asked me to let her go and tried to free her hand but I gripped it even tighter this time. She was about to burst in tears once again when I said “So that’s what bothering my Princess” and pulled her upstairs. I asked her to go to the washroom and wait for me there.

I brought a pad with me to help her out and explained briefly a few things about it. Totally unaware, she was in utmost shock after listening that it’s gonna happen to her once a month with agonizing pain in the back and abdomen and as filthy as anything that will make her dull the entire time. Later that night I called her to my bed and asked her to lay her head on my lap.

I was resting my back on the bed rest and she was laying straight. For some reason she was very scared and she was not feeling comfortable due to her periods. One can clearly determine from her expressions that a flood of questions was there in her mind. I asked her and she told me that all this is very strange to her.

I was caressing her hair and she was staring at my eyes with the very same look. This time I read her mind and talked to her very gently, “I am not a very good sister, I should have been the one to tell you before time that you might face such a problem…I’m very sorry my dear…I totally failed you…” She kept silent and held my hand tightly and closed her eyes.

I kept on talking, “Guriya! I promise you that from today onwards I won’t let my baby cry for my failures. She nodded her head with her eyes still shut. I couldn’t resist the fragrance of her that was entering my nostrils. Something about her was so tempting. I don’t know what I wanted but it was something that I never experienced before. I was so much in love with my little angel.

I rubbed the back of my fingers gently on her silky soft cheeks and kept on doing it for a while. I could sense her that she liked it. I rubbed my hand on her neck, very gently; she shivered as if something hit her and opened her eyes. She was about to get up but I was completely taken by the moment and before she could move,

I reacted so quickly and hugged her such that her head was in my lap and my arms were around her waist and her face was under my belly, and then she wrapped her hand around my waist as well…That was the most precious moment I had in my life till that time. I will never forget that time. As if I were complete and she was the only asset of my world.

Then I felt that she was getting uneasy as my tummy was hindering her to breathe so I lifted my body back. We talked for the whole night. I promised to be there for her for the rest of my life. From that night onwards the sisterhood bond grew stronger. I shared everything with her. We used to talk about guys and stuff but our concepts about sex were vague as even I wasn’t aware.

We joined our beds and she used to sleep holding my hand. Every night when I closed my eyes her face was always the last thing that I used to see and always dozed off looking at her. She used to say that “AAPI how will you gonna live with your husband after your marriage”. And I used to say that “No problem sweetheart, for you I can share even my husband.

Let’s get married to the same guy” and we both used to start laughing. Days passed by and our love grew more but never thought that this love could lead to so much more that was hidden inside me and that too for my younger sister whom I love more than myself.

Things went on and I still remember very clearly that it was exactly three days before her 19th birthday that I received a call from Anum’s college that she had hurt herself. I felt as if all of a sudden I would have lost everything. I didn’t wait for the driver to come and left my home without even telling mother as she was away. Mobile phone was not there those days as common as now.

I knew where to find a cab as 2 or 3 were always present outside our cantonment gate. I rushed into one and reached her college and went directly to the college dispensary. I found Anum sitting on a bench leaning her body on her thighs. I ran towards her and called her name and after listening to my voice she lifted her face.

I was not in my senses but I gathered some courage and asked her what happened to which I came to know that she was standing next to a class mate while her friend dropped something on the ground. As her friend bent down to pick it up, Anum came forward as well and as soon as her friend got up, Anum was standing right above her head and her head hit right between Anum’s legs.

It was so painful to her that Anum was in deep agony and her tear drops and pale face was telling her situation clearly. I took her directly to a Gaenecologist. She said that it was just a minor bruise below her labia and her skin was ruptured but nothing critical and gave her a cream. She was alone with the doctor as I stood outside as till that time we were not close enough to share our private parts with each other.

All we used to do is to change in each other’s presence but warn each other while changing that don’t look back. The doctor gave her a cream to apply on the exterior part of her vagina under her labia. I took her back home. Our mother used to involve in some extracurricular activities with other ladies in the colony and held a prestigious position as the wife of a commandant and was usually away in the working hours as of that day.

So as soon as we reached home I made her lie on the sofa and prepared a meal for her while she was watching TV. After that I gave her the medicines that the doctor prescribed. It took us quite a while. Mother returned and went back to her room after listening to the entire story. After the dinner I took her to our room upstairs and I asked her to get rid of her trousers and panties.

She looked back at me with astonishment and her beautiful eyes were wide open and she declared that I’ve gone out of my mind and she is not gonna do it. It didn’t take me more than a minute to convince her to let me do it for her. I made her sit down on the bed with her legs hanging from the sides while I sat on the carpeted floor. I took off her shoes first as she couldn’t bend completely.

She was lying on her back with her legs hanging from the side of the bed from her knees. She slid off her shalwar till her knees and I got lost on seeing her white immaculate thighs. Something tickled me inside. She looked at me and found me staring at her thighs. She said…”Aapi!” and blushed and covered her face with both of her hands. I let go of her shalwar completely.

I came close to her and I embraced one thigh in each my arm and cuddled my arms around them. The moment I touched her, an electricity spark went through both of our bodies and we could sense each other’s states clearly. Both of us were feeling strange and couldn’t meet our eyes. She broke the silence by saying “sexy hoon na main buhut”…and I spontaneously kissed one of her thigh.

I felt something wet in my panties. This was the very first time I was having this feeling. I liked it and so does she. Her body language was telling every bit of her feelings. I tried to slide down her panties but as soon as I touched it, she held my hands and asked me to stop that it’s never gonna happen and she could do it herself but my wrist touched her pussy and the pain that she felt made her change the decision as I asked are you sure???

She didn’t say anything for a while and then said do it without removing my panties. I asked her that if you do’not remove it than how am I gonna apply the ointment to which she said to apply it by moving it to a side while she keeps on wearing it. I said no and it will spoil the panties. She argued but I won eventually.

She let go of her grip and I slid down her panties as she lifted her buttocks and she closed her legs tightly. She was blushing and blushing and her one hand was covering her mound and other her face. She folded her legs slightly and I couldn’t even have a glimpse of her love hole. I placed one palm on each of her thighs and tried to separate her but she was resistant.

I applied a little force and here it goes…It was the most beautiful mound I could ever imagine. It was all clean shaven as if hair was removed 2 or 3 days ago. I couldn’t view it completely as her qameez was holding back most of the light. I stared at it and she grabbed my hair and said what are you looking at? She said I know you don’t shave yours.

I was kind of shocked that how did she managed to have a clean shave without letting me know. She smiled in return. Next thing I asked to hold her qameez but to my surprise she removed it totally. She was just wearing her bra now. She said whats the use, if you have seen me naked than watch me completely naked as she doesn’t care. I can’t express what my feelings were back then.

I was shocked, excited, blushing and totally obsessed by my younger sister. I saw her like that the very first time. Oh my God! Her beautiful round firm breasts were so tender and still giving a pleasurable sight out of her skin coloured bra. She was like milky white and so fair that I don’t want to remove my eyes of her. I already saw her belly button and teased her about it that it’s prettier than mine.

And her complete hour glass figure with fleshy thighs and the sexiest legs I had ever seen. And finally I saw her pussy. It was such a delight ful sight that I can’t express it in words. Clear mound with shiny skin and no hair at all as if there weren’t any althrough and a line cutting through flesh as if it has never been touched going slightly inwards and completely covered.

I couldn’t take off my eyes of her opening for quite some time to which she said” Aapi aap k pass nai hai kia jo aisey ghoor rai ho” (Why are you staring at it as if you don’t have one). Believe me friends that It was the time when this bizarre thought came to my mind that am I the daughter of the same parents? How can she be so pretty and I’m not even close to her. It wasn’t jealousy; it was my pride that she is my blood sister.

For a moment I completely forget about her injury to which she reminded me “Aapi pehley mujhey dawa laga do takey main leit jaon phir jitna dil karey dekh lena mujhey. Paraya maal nai hun.” (To apply ointment and then I have her permission to watch her). I came back to my senses and found myself badly wet in my pussy. I enjoyed that feeling. I got up and brought the ointment.

She sat on the edge of the bed and I sat on the carpet now and still her legs were closed. I asked her to come forward so that I can gain access to it. I asked her to open up her legs and hesitantly she obliged. I couldn’t see because of insufficient light. I opened up a little more and a scream came out of her mouth…”Aram se” (Watch out).

I apologized to her and very slowly opened her legs again. I asked her to lie down completely and sat between her feet and asked her to put one leg on each side of my shoulder. It was easier for both of us. I couldn’t still see her lips down there yet because they were pressed inwards and hidden by the flesh of her pussy. What a sight it was!

I separated her legs apart very slowly and even then she had tears in her eyes due to pain. I asked her to open up her pussy lips but she failed. I touched her skin and a current passed between our bodies. We clearly sensed it. Her eyes were closed but she instantly opened them and tried to get up. We couldn’t look into each other’s eyes.

Rather I don’t want to look at anything other than her love hole. I placed my thumbs on both sides and opened it. Her skin was sticking to the bruise. She screamed lightly in pain. I couldn’t figure out what to do as to relieve her of it and in response I placed 2 of my fingers lightly on her pussy lips to pacify her. She relaxed. Then I attempted to move the lips again. This time I applied pressure very gently.

And finally here it was…, light pink small pussy lips which were all wet. I looked at her and said are you in pain or what? What is this wetness about in here? Are you turned on? And she gave me a shut up call. I asked her to keep the skin to sides by holding it and I went down to see the bruise. It was behind her left labia and her labium was still sticking to the bruise.

I touched it and separated it from the bruise to get it back to its original position but by it gave quite a lot of pain to her. She dint speak but hissed “sssssssssss” and I grew more careful. it was as skin got stretched and flesh torn off. I got down further to see it clearly.

I don’t know what came to my mind and how did this happened. I never thought that something like this can happen or I haven’t heard of it but her beauty compelled me. I brought my lips closer and was trying to place kiss on her pussy, but as soon as my lips met her pussy lips, she screamed lightly in pain and held my head from my hair,

trying to slide back her body and I had to take back my mouth from the kiss but as the pain subsides instantly she relaxed her grip and then again I brought my lips closer. We didn’t know how it happened? It was strange for both of us equally. I knew it that as she left her grip so now this was a go ahead signal or she wouldn’t have released my hair from her grip.

As I tried to Kiss back again a sudden sigh came out of her mouth as she shivered. She was younger but stronger. I couldn’t hold on to it. I let go. He dragged her bottom towards herself and the kiss broke. Both of us were speechless. Complete silence had taken over the room. I could see the question mark on her face but to which I didn’t have any answer.

All of this took not more than a few seconds since the time I first kissed. For a moment I thought “Irum! What were you doing?” but I forgot it there and then as I loved it totally. Friends I didn’t know about sex, not at all about oral sex. There was no inexpensive internet available like now and there was no literacy about sex as it was not possible for a girl like me to have magazines for such knowledge at that time.

It was just a reflex action. I was a very tidy girl and I had no attraction towards genitals, not at all towards females’ genitals, ladies can understand my point well because of our feeling during the periods. Well anyways back to the story…

Without saying a word I put my hand again on her knees and tried to apply pressure to slide them downwards. She was still but she complied and let go of her will. I grabbed both of her legs from her calves, down the knee and back side…she was so soft even there. I pulled her down. I watched her as I separated her lips again.

I wanted to see if her pain is relieved or not as I just opened it and her labia wasn’t sticking to the bruise anymore. She didn’t showed expressions of pain. I take out the ointment out of the box and was about to open when that feeling took me again and I dropped it and place my open mouth on her opening.

She tried to resist but I overruled her this time and the moment I finally placed my lips my tongue tasted her love juices. Oh my god what a burning sensation and such good tasty fluids. So smooth and soft and wet and warm….the moment I pressed my lips and licked her juice it felt as I was controlling her with a remote. She lifted it to my mouth with a sigh of joy.

I give a second lickie moving my tongue and applying pressure again. Her body moved with my tongue. She uttered “aapppiiii” with sighs and couldn’t control herself either. I started stroking her lightly with my tongue…she liked it to my surprise. I made my tongue move faster but she uttered lightly “araam se plz. Buhut dard hai”(to do it slowly because of pain).

She was starting to love it now. I could sense it from her motions with my tongue moments. Her hips were moving in rhythm with my tongue. I curled my arms around her thighs and she unfolded my hair on her body. It was arousing her more. Within a couple of moments her moments grew wilder and she was almost out of her breath. I was eating her pussy like it was the best dessert I ever had.

I still remember the exact sensation and aroma. Her pussy was so juicy and soft that my lips were gliding through her entire pussy as if there was a lubricant around my lips and her pussy juice that worked better than any oil in this world. I wanted to take all of it in my mouth and her pussy was even softer than my lips.

Scent of her pussy juices were driving me nutssss and I didn’t want to lose a drop out of her pussy, but the more I tried to catch, more it get flooded. I inserted my nose in her pussy to smell her deeper and her reactions were so intense that she grabbed my head between her legs tightly towards her pussy. I dig it for a few seconds and then took my nose out.

All my lips, face nose were soaked badly in her pussy juices and my nostrils were rich of her mild pussy fragrance that was turning me on. She was giving me sexy screams in a low voice and then she couldn’t control, her body shivered with tremors and her hips contracting and lifting to get buried in my mouth and rhythms were so fast that my tongue couldn’t keep the pace.

My tongue was getting tired but I continued and she was moving faster and faster till she let her pussy remain lifted, tightly held my tongue in it, strongly grabbed my face and pressed it on my mouth with all her strength and let her body converged to one point and had a powerful orgasm. I was like suffocating for a moment but I held my breath. I kept on licking for a few seconds more.

Then I stopped. I opened my mouth to maximum and moved my tongue all over her wet pussy and suck inwards as I wanted to lick every drop of her love juices. I gave a long wet kiss and removed my lips from her. She was all full of sweat but her body odour was killing me. I was still to cum and sex was building in me more and more.

I came over her and sat on her thighs with my legs sideways trying to rub my pussy on hers by I was all dressed up. She should have felt the wetness of my panties even over my shalwar. Her eyes were still closed. I don’t know what was she thinking? I placed my hands on her belly and started to feel her more. I ran my palms all over her stomach and start moving towards her breasts.

I knew that she wont let me touch them now. She held my hands with hers and opened her eyes. I was still rubbing my pussy over her slowly. She looked into my eyes directly with a question and I just signaled by closing my eyes and shaking my head that its okey sweetheart and she released her grip. I unhooked her bra and revealed the most beautiful part of her body.

Her milky white assets…her boobs were firm and stiff. Her nipples were erect and were small and lightest brown with pinky shades pointing straight at me n small areolas in the centres. I placed my palms on each of her breast and held her breasts in both of my hands with her nipples crushing under my palms. What a sensation it was.... As soon as I grabbed them, I felt a jerk against my pussy.

My palms were warm but her boobs were warmer and they were smooth like cheese and soft like it were made of cotton and firm as airbags. Couldn’t cupped even half in each palm. They were so soft and firm. I started to slightly squeeze them. She closed her eyes as she was enjoying it. I pressed slightly more and more and my pussy was still rubbing hers.

If you ask me I just wanted to rub my naked pussy on hers, but as I was elder I didn’t have the courtesy to get naked myself. I was pressing her boobs and desires were building in my own body. I started to press harder…and harder and instead of pain her moans started to increase. Her pussy started answering my pussy rubbings.

I wanted more and her melons captivated me towards them and as if my mouth was starving for them. I opened my mouth wider grabbed her left boob in my palm and ran my tongue over her truly erect nipple. It felt like the best chocolate I ever had. Her pussy crashed against mine, she grabbed me with my hair thrusting wildly and my pussy was responding equally.

I sucked and sucked and pressed and sucked more, shifted my mouth to the right one and again felt a jolt against my pussy. I knew she was cumming again. I dint relax my mouth sucked her tits more and also kept the pace of my pussy rubbings. Her grip tightened and so did my pussy. I rubbed my pussy with hers, squeezed her tits more and sucked and chewed her nipples a little ferociously now.

Our moments grew faster, our breaths became heavier and our bodies thrusting wildly. I pressed her boobs so hard and her body thrusted and she was the one who cumed first and instantly after her my body started converging. Desires bursting, yet not satiated, I hit harder, pressed tighter, sucked her tit more madly and I was almost about to cum when I forget where I was and started screaming

……eennnnnyaaaaaaah ennnyaaaaaah enyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh n I found myself cumming….oh I cant describe the feelings how I cummed but I was as if I was being electrocuted with pleasure and flapping like a fish out of water. That few seconds interval felt like the world stood still. I forgot everything about the world, as I was literally in the seventh heaven.

I was breathless and my body exhausted. I shifted my entire body on hers and hugged her naked body tightly. Both of us were out of breath. I held my sweet angel in my arms and stretched my legs and shifted my body towards right side while hugging her. I didn’t have the courage to look into her eyes, instead I closed my eyes and pressed her body against mine such that my hand was on her hip and my leg was between her legs touching her still wet pussy.

I tried to kiss her but she resisted. She told me later that it was because my mouth was in her pussy some time ago. She didn’t let me kiss on her lips and I kissed her cheeks instead. I closed my eyes and lay there silently. Both of us were tired, our breaths took some time getting back to normal and by the time it became normal, she dozed off…It might be the effect of pain killers or something that she slept so quickly.

I was long from asleep. A million thoughts were there in my mind, that what have I done, what if our future husbands found out, what if our virginity has broken…and there were so many questions and I couldn’t ask anyone about them. I stayed awake for a long time with all these thoughts when finally I also went into the valley of deep sleep.

I didn’t know what time I wake up but we were asleep cuddling each other. I woke up when she was trying to get free from my hug. I held her tighter. She hugged me and she slept again. After that I couldn’t sleep and thoughts were again hitting my mind. Was I a lesbian? Was it ethical what I had done with my sister? what if mama founds out?

What if she told anyone that Aapi took advantage of her misery? What if when she wakes up she would be the one quarreling that I tried to rape her...? What if my little angel never talked to me again? I would have died if it happened…tears came into my eyes and I wept and wept for atleast a couple of hours and was sobbing. It was my voice that woke her up.

She was still hugging me. She got worried and got up instantly. Ohhhh my little angel!…even after waking up from sleep she was looking like a fairy…hair scattered, face swollen and blood frozen on cheeks on the side which was on my arm…she was so damn beautiful. I forgot what was I crying about? She inquired me that whats eating me? Why am I crying?

I kept mum…she was still stark naked… she looked for something to cover herself but couldn’t find the sheet and left the thought as I was still crying. All that I could utter was “I am sorry guriya” and bursted again weeping wildly.

She pacified me, and gave an entire speech that everything is Ok and nothing to be sorry about and she liked everything that happened and when she returned the question that didn’t I? to which I nodded affirmatively. She hugged me tightly and brought me water. It was a relief that she wasn’t angry from me. I lied down and she brought the blanket. She didn’t bother to wear any clothes.

She giggled and asked me that what if mother came up or what if she had heard us and what if she found out how we were sleeping as she was without a string on her body. Instead I ask her to bolt the door n that I am not gonna let her get dressed now and gave a smile. She looked at me with slight anger but I didn’t lose my grip and hugged her tighter. Her silky back was softer and smoother than butter.

I looked towards her and was still in crying mode just about to cry when she placed her hand on my neck and brought her mouth on mine. I welcomed it spontaneously. She kissed me on my lips, I kissed back…I pressed my head tighter and opened my mouth as her tongue hit my lips. I sucked her tongue and we exchanged salivas. She was sweet like honey.

We were open mouthed French kissing and that too passionately. I held her tighter and we kissed for about two minutes when I draw my face back…she lifted her head and said…why are you still wearing your clothes… to my utter surprise I looked back at her with a little anger and there was a question mark on her face…

I said shut up but she started to giggle…she was an adamant child…she had lots of ways to appease others of what she wants…but I hugged her tightly and didn’t want to keep her away from my heart for a moment. She called me a cheat n bla bla but I wan’t in a mood to answer anymore. I was dead tired but kept fighting my conscience.

I couldn’t figure my sweety doing the same to me that time. As soon as she stopped her blabbering she went into deep sleep and I followed her instantly...and we literally slept like kids for hours…:)

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I said ok… u start play I’m coming… while she open the DVD player and start playing the DVD while I was on sofa, she was other sofa too, then suddenly she came my sofa that I was sitting. The movie was going on, in the middle of the movie was 2x… like mom having sex with daughter… while I saw mom was feeling red like she was horny I guess so…

then mom went to bath room while I saw she came from bath room without any bra, just she came with a towel just with underwear, no short or shirt. Then suddenly she came sit beside me so closely, but I was watching movie very intensely. After 20 minutes mom keep her hand on my leg & keep moving her finger on my legs I feel excited more…

and slowly she is going up by touching…..then I said mom I feel uncomfortable.. Then she removed her hand. Then we finished the movie. And its being late night, mom told me don’t close the door, u sleep just open the door, I said why, she said she needs use my pc. As we have 2 pc one is laptop 1 is desktop that was in my room,

I was horny I feel to do masturbate while I came in room but I forgot to lock the door and I was masturbate myself alone on my bed, I don’t know when my mom came in my room and watching me and touching her self. I was so wet while I was look my mom was touching herself, then my mom touching my breast and give me hugs I didn’t say anything I just enjoying the sex,

now she is just touching my breast by one hand and touching my pussy hair by other hand. My pubic hair was small, cuz 5 or 6 days ago I was shave, so its very small, and I’ve less hair on there, so much juice came by my pussy hole she was touching it then she make herself fully naked.

Now she is touching my nipple and finger my pussy hole, now I can not control myself, she said just relax baby I’m waiting for this day so long…. I love u lisa, I’m urs, just enjoy it. I said mom I love u too and hugs her the we start kissing each other, and slowly she kiss my all body and touch my breast and suck it.

Then she suck my nipple and slowly she kiss on my belly and slowly she goes down on my private part and lick my clict and lick my pussy very nicely more then 10 minutes then she finger me very nicely cum 2 times already, she still kissing me and fingering me, it was like heaven.

Then more then 1 hours we do it like that, while she was kissing me I also was kissing her and touching her, later she separated my 2 legs, bring a wood stick what she put inside my pussy hole I was so horny& moaning loudly myself, and she keeps in & out long time and I could not hold it any more I cum again finally.

She told me to that her too and I just touch her breast, and finger her little while then she said she is Cumming and she told me do it faster I do it my best and she cum too and my hand wet by her juice. And we hugs each other and she told me she loves me and I told her I love her too.

And we did it again that night and now we doing almost 3 years, I will write u more later on more story about my mom and my mom colleague. I don’t have gf, but I’m looking for a girl who is Indian origin, and like to come in NZ and live with me. Every thing I will bear for her. But if any female interested then sure u can contact me. Only female will be accepted….. My story can make u boring but its real and true story from me…

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