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Sex lessons with Munimmama

My dady had a very honest and faithful servant called Muniappa. He came to our house in very young age and because of his trustworthiness he was taken into confidence by all of us. He grew up into a handsome young man fair and tall. He knows what all are the likings and disliking of my dad and mum.

He went to the market and bought all sorts of things for the kitchen and family. I and my brother were brought up by him. He went and bought our text books, got our uniforms stitched, came with us to the gate of the school, carried our lunch boxes. When my brother had chicken pox, he used to sit with him and feed him.

When I had my first menstruation he bought the sanitary pad. My parents had practically no role in our life. When studying late for the exams, he used to sit with us till we go to sleep. We considered him more than our uncle loved and respected him. He used to wear only dhothis and kurthas, and we had never seen him wear any pants.

He was well known among the family members who saught his assistance during special functions like marriages etc. He was a good organizer and would remember what all things are necessary for such special occasions. None our parents ever thought of getting him married. My parents affectionately called him Muni and we called him Muniuncle or Munimmama.

One day during summer, my fan in the bedroom was put on full speed and I could not sleep because of the heat. Munimmama who used to sleep in the corridor on a mere mat was sleeping well mildly snoring. I was full of jealousy and went and lied near him. He did not know that there is strange bed fellow for him. My parents were in their a/c bedroom.

They never used to allow us to sleep with them since they had their own business to perform during the night. The coolness of the floor was more comfortable than the fluffy bed. I just slept over. Sometime in the midnight when Munimmama woke he was shocked to see me lying by his side. With his strong hands he lifted me and placed me softly in my bed.

Next day he scolded me for sleeping on the floor along with him. He asked me to wake him if I dont get sleep. In the night I was watching TV and then I went to bed and called Munimmama. He came and sat on a stool by my side and was massaging my feet and asked me to close my eyes and try to sleep.

His massage was very comfortable and I felt a strange sensation in my groins. I asked him to massage softly upto the knee. He was sleepy and I could see him dozing off. But he was massaging me from knee downwards. I asked to massage my thigh also. Sleepingly he ran his hand over my both thighs.

I felt unusual wetness in my panties and I pulled his hands a little upwards and he continued to run his hands from the seem of my panties without of course knowing what repercussions it makes in me. I took his one hand and placed it on my hard virgin boob. Suddenly he woke up and scolded me and said I will touch that area and you should not allow anybody to touch it.

Instead he ran his finger through my hair in the head and massaged it mildly. It felt sleepy and slept off. Then onwards this massaging became a regular affair. He did not tough my boobs but massaged my thighs and head. Once as he was massaging I dropped my hand as if by accident on his crotch and found his cock was in semi erect condition.

I did not remove my hand and allowed it to remain there. Munimmama also did not remove it. I found that his cock was pulsating and was rising into hardness. I just put my fingers into his dhothi and caught hold of his erect cock. Shocked he woke and hit and threw my hand away and said dont do such things.

It took me more than a week to make him hold his cock in my hand and massage it. After about a month's persuation, he was willing to massage my boobs and pussy. Another two months of hard work I made him lick my pussy and clit. He used to lick my pussy and clit and bring me to orgasm and I used to shake his cock and made him to shoot his cum.

He learned new tricks in the licking the cunt and tongue fucking and now he is an expert cunt licker. I used to sit on his face and bury his face into my cunt. All our adventures were during the night time when everyone else go to sleep. Once when my parents were out of station and my brother was away on a college picnic, We did it in the upstairs room.

Both naked and his cock strong and erect and I sucked it continuously for 15 minutes and brought him to orgasm and his cum shot into my mouth was swallowed by me. When I asked him to fuck me he refused and said that will be the most dishonest thing he will ever do. On the next similar occasion when my parents were away I took him upstairs

and made him to lie on his back and straddled him and took his cock to rub my clit. With my hand I opened my cunt lips and inserted his cock inside my cunt and it went in. Though he protested I managed to lie down on him and his entire cock was deeply buried inside my cunt. Then he relented and I moving up and down had a glorious fucking and orgasm for both of us.

Since I was nineteen and not very much interested in the academic pursuits, were searching for a bride groom. Then found a US based boy and marriage was fixed. My efforts in fulfillng sex ambitions were progressing well with the help of Muni.

We were fucking at least once or twice on all days except the days when I am menstruating. Two days prior to the marriage day we had a final fucking of three times of which twice I on top and one he on top. After marriage my husband was very sexually active and he fulfilled all my sexual needs.

But I cannot forget the Munimmaman for being an effient student of all my lessons. After I left for US with my husband I heard that Munimmaman got married to a young village girl and moved away from our house.

Sex with horny maid Sudha

Hi, This is another incident that happened a week ago with my new maid servant. After moving to outskirts of Bangalore I hired a maid who could do all chores and she visited thrice a week. Her name is Sudha, slim built, wheatish, firm boobs and a small tight ass. She was around 38 married and lived in the same locality.

I hired her for 800 bucks and although this price was high for just doing some petty things, I knew I will nail her one day. Since she was married and has a kid, as always family troubles, financial troubles etc.. She started borrowing money from me often and I helped her both for her needs and my needs which I would get later.

It was one afternoon when she came to work she was dressed in her saree and exposing most of her tummy and back area as she always does. I was taking my afternoon nap and was only in my shorts with a huge erection. When I opened the door she looked at me and smiled and her eyes were on the big bulge on my shorts.

She asked what was I doing and I said I was asleep. She smiled and went inside to start her work. I layed down on the bed in half sleep and she walked into my room. She switched off the fan and instead of sweeping she sat down next to the bed and started talking to me. We spoke for about 30 min asking each other about our life, family etc.

She said she likes me because I always help her in need, I held her hand and said she can always take my help and she will need to take good care of me in return. I was rubbing her hand by then. She knew what it was, she smiled got up and quickly cleaned the house. When she came back to my room she was sweating and so was I due to the summer heat.

She locked the main door and sat on my bed running her hand on my legs and my chest. I was rubbing her thighs and her navel area. She was moaning and her sweat was dripping down her neck and tummy. It was sexy enough to get my dick rise upto 8 inches. I pulled her towards me and started smooching her,

our lips were locked licking and rubbing our tongue exchanging love saliva. She was breathing heavy and my hand was rubbing her back and her firm ass. She was rubbing my cock over my shorts. We kissed for about 15 minutes and then lay down next to each other tired and exhausted.

She got up untied her hair and opened her blouse for me, she wasn;t wearing a bra and her white boobs with big tits were exposed with sweat. I started licking and sucking them while rubbing her shaven pussy. She was going wild and mad, never enjoying this kind of extacy. She pulled my shorts down and started to lick the head of my 8inch rod.

Then slowly swallowing the whole lenght. She was a pro in blow job and was driving me mad. She sucked it all over, licked the edges and my balls like T bags style...then making my lie on my back, she got on top of me and with one push my entire length was inside her. She started to ride me screaming out loud as it was tight.

She was riding me so fast that my hips were paining because of the thrust. We made out for about 30 min and we both were about to explode, she bent down kissed me, said I love you and with loud moans we both ejaculated. Her pussy was dripping with her juice, my cum and our sweat.

we lay for sometime and again we made out another session in missionary style. Today we have regular sex and now she is carrying. I believe its our efforts that lead her to this stage and she is very excited about it. She has arranged her two sisters for me while she is away due to maternity.

Fucking love maid Radha

First of all let me thank you for giving overwhelming response to my story. I felt encouraged. First I waited for my story to get rated story forum but could not resist myself to write some more innovative creative stories. The incident which I am recalling was when I was doing my FYBCOM. Month was of May very hot. We were having holiday for two months.

I used to go and play cricket almost all the days. It was in such golden era of my life that I got an accident while playing cricket on the fields. My left leg got a fracture. I was hospitalized and brought back to home. I was nearly 20 days bed rest. Felt very difficult to walk myself.

Fortunately or Unfortunately being month of May my parents had to go out of city for one month because of my uncle’s serious illness. My parents were in dilemma whether to care me or go to see the uncle’s condition. I thought for a while and somehow managed to convince my parents that they can go for the few days and I will be able to manage myself.

They first refused but later thought to do the same. Now it was Saturday evening 5 PM. My parents were packing their luggage to go. Train was supposed to go by 7 PM. My mother was feeling very sad to leave me alone but had no other alternative. But being considerate, she immediately contacted our kaamwali bai whose name was Radha

and asked her to stay with me n take my care. First she refused but later on agreeing to give some money she agreed. At time of 6 Radha came to our home. My mother explained my condition to her n my both parents left for the train. Now let me describe Radha. She was a slim statured lady of age 30.she was dark black skinned.

But her facial features were having resemblance to our yesteryear actress smita patil. She had oval face n battle leaf stained lips. She had (later came to know) very long black silky thick hairs up to ass, which she always tied in loose bun (ambada). Till that incident I never felt any sexual inclination towards her. My parents left. Radha closed the door.

I was in bedroom laying under blanket (topless) n wearing only Bermuda. I was reading romantic novel. She first started sweeping floor in hall. Slowly she cleaned the kitchen. And finally she came in to bedroom. When I took my eyes off my book n saw I was glued to that scene. What I was seeing was that she was sitting on floor on her knees n sweeping.

She was wearing green saree n black tight low quality blouse. What fascinated me was she had raised her saree and petticoat up n tucked it on her waist thus in result I was able to see her black hips. Her saree was also low to reveal her navel. And most exciting her pallu was covering only right boob n exposing left boob very clearly and her blouse had 5 buttons of which 3 were open due to tightness.

Inside I could easily see her wearing nothing. (no bra) hence I could see her globes more clearly. I guess her sizes were 36d/24/36.her boobs very milky tanned voluptuous n pointed.her blouse were revealing her cleavages.2/3 rd of boob (left one) was almost coming out. She was in her mood sweeping. I couldn’t help to get my eyes off that scene. She was humming the song.

I had a tent inside my pant. She noticed this. I felt embarrassed n guilty. But later found that she was enjoying my stares n was smiling. She asked ‘kya dekh rahe ho?”.I defended myself by mumbling ‘kuch nahi radha’. After sweeping she went to hall. I feel she was now watching out TV.I felt mad and was thinking of means to fuck her. But was scared to do so.

At evening 8:30 she came back to my room. She sat beside me. I was sleeping dreaming of her. She placed her hand on my forehead n say uttho Darshan khana taiyyar hain. I got up. I again felt current as I felt her warm palm on my forehead. I said tum khilaaoo naa. She felt shy n said thik hai. I felt excited with this response. She walked to kitchen n came back with thali.

She sat beside me. Placed thali on her laps. I sat front of her. She took one morsel of rice in her hands n placed near my mouth. I felt opportunity knocking my dick. I took her hand n ate that morsel n licked her hand. She responded ‘yeh kya kar rahe ho’ I replied kha raha Hun. I saw lust in her eyes. I took the rice n also fed her.

While she ate rice from my hands I felt her lips on my hand. I felt nice. At 9 PM we finished our dinner. I asked Radha jara mere pair dabaaaoo naaa. She said wait I will be back in few minutes. I waited eagerly for her. Then in 5 min she came n sat on bed facing me. She took my leg in her laps n started pressing them with her hands. My legs were feeling her open stomach.

I purposefully placed my leg on her left boob (below nipple). I FELT electric voltage in my dick. she saw the tent in my pant. she did not said anything. I felt encouraged by her silence. I asked mera sar dabaaoo naaa. Saying I get up n laid my head on her laps now. My face was near her boobs. she started pressing her tender hands on my forehead.

As she bend I had good view of her boobs. Unknowingly I tried to pull her pallu n by force of my hand her saree pallu fell from her body. I saw boobs in her black half opened blouse. My dick took form of 12 inches rod. I hold her other hand n placed it on my tent. She felt shy but also eager to go further. I started gently moving my hands on her both boobs still in black blouse.

I felt as if I was having dream come true. Slowly I roughly pressed her boobs. I used to cup her both boobs and press n caress wildly like a blow horn. I pulled my pant down for her. I was not wearing panty dick saluted her. She started moving her hands on my dick n inner thighs n jhattas. I felt magic of her hands. I said radha I am unable to hold.

She started moving her hands on my balls. I moved my fingers along her borders of her black blouse. Now my fingers traversed in the open area of her boobs. on her cleavages. I gently inserted my two fingers from below her blouse as it was open. I felt her warm boobs. I managed to get my entire hand inside her left boob.

Now her left boob still inside blouse was under my hands. I pressed left boob wildly like a balloon. While I pressing I raised my head n started kissing her open cleavages. I kissed that part of long time. Now I brought her face near mine n deeply started kissing her lips. My other hand was caressing her back. I almost cummed in her hands.

She said ufffooo yeh kya kar diya tumne. saying she cleaned my dick with her saree pallu. She again started kissing my lips wildly. Almost one hour we kissed sucked n licked each other’s face n lips n tongue. Now it was 10 pm. She felt pity for me n opened her remaining blouse buttons n pulled her blouse off. Both 36d brown tanned boobs pop out before me inviting me.

I stared at those boobs wildly. She bends forward n placed her left boob near my face. I first wildly kissed her left boob (almost every corner n part of her) left boob n licking the boob making it wet with my saliva. Now I started sucking that left boob slowly. First I only sucked her nipples. But she pushed her left boob tightly in my face. I had no option but to suck.

I almost sucked that left boob to my heart content. In mean time my other hand played with her right boob. I kissed her neck earlobes shoulders armpits n again boobs. I now turned my mouth to her right boob. I started sucking her right boobs. In that time my other hand went inside her saree n was searching for her pussy.

While feeding me she opened her saree loose n pulled her petticoat down. (No panty inside) now I was on her laps n she was sitting completely nude. While sucking her boobs my hand explored her pussy. ohhh it was so warm. I put my one finger in her hole. Gradually almost all four fingers went deep inside her pussy.

I was fingering her. She moaned ‘aaaaaaaa’ he fingered her till she cummed. Now I kept my face on her lap’s n started kissing her pussy. Now I started gently licking her pussy. I licked n sucked her pussy for almost one hour. Now time was 1:30 am. She now bend forward n started kissing my cock madly. I felt she was hungry for cock for many days.

She started licking my cock tip gently. Ohhhhhhh so tantalizing experience it was. Now she licked my cock from sideways, now licked its base. Now licked my balls too. While she was licking I moved my hands on her head. I loosened her ambada (bun) n her long black silky hairs fell all over my thighs.I felt very wild n mad. My cock took its original form instantly.

She started sucking my cock. While she moved her head on my cock up n down I pulled her hairs. I pulled her hairs n pushed my dick in her mouth. I almost fucked her mouth to my heart content. Now it was 2 am. I pushed her on bed. I asked her to lay on her stomach. She obeyed. I saw her back n brown tomato sized buttocks.

I started pressing fondling her buttocks like a sponge. I kissed n licked her ass. all her long black silky hairs were at her back till her ass. now while I was fingering her ass I lay on her n kissed n licked all over her back. I kissed all over her hairs. They were smelling awesome. Now I sat n spread her legs wide. I pointed my dick (10 inch) onto her ass.

I took her long hairs in my hands n pushed my dick in her tight ass. first it went half in. Then I pushed more forcefully. Now my entire cock was in her ass. it was warm. I started fucking her ass n pulling her long hairs. I fucked her ass for half an hour. At 2:30 am I put my cock out. Now I made her lay facing me. I bend over her n pushed my cock in her pussy.

She pulled me over h 000000000 UUUUU MMMMMM”. Finally at 3 am I released my loads of cum into her holy pussy. I made her pussy wet all over. I felt on her body. She hugged me n kissed me wildly. It was 4 am. We slept in same position till morning. Till my parents came home, I fucked her almost all day and in all possible positions.

Sex hungry babe Saru

Previously: Fucking Sex Starved Muniamma

I told you that in place of Muniamma, one girl, Saru, came with food when I returned to my room from the work site. I did not tell you the details of my encounter with her. Saru was just 19, shy, tall with a thin body. Her face was childish and innocent looking. Time was about 8 pm and she was standing in the dark corridor with the food carier in her hand.

I was expecting Muniamma the vibrant girl but this new girl was a surprise to me. I opened the door and asked her what is the matter and she replied in soft voice that she had brought food and to help me in what ever work is to be done in my room. I asked her for her name and to come in and place the food on the table. I asked her whether she had taken food, she said no.

I told her that I want to take bath before I take food, Muniamma used to help me to take bath will you do it like Muniamma. She looked up and said yes. I asked her did you take bath, she said not yet.OK, then come in we both will take bath. Saru said that Muniamma had instructed her that she may have to help me to scrub my back and body to give me a good bath.

Oh, you know what all things happen in the bath room. She giggled and kept quiet. I asked her whether she is married. She said no. We both entered the bathroom and Saru ran out and checked whether the door is bolted from inside and came back and closed the bath room door behind. In my bathroom I have a big bath tub, beside showers.

I opened the tap and filled the tub and then slowly started to undress. I removed my pant, shirt, vest and went to the bedroom to drop them in the wash basket and came back with a lungi. My cock was in a semi erect condition. I asked Saru to pull down my brief and out jumped my cock. Saro was staring at it as if it is a strange animal. I asked her to remove her clothes.

Saro said that Muniamma had given her how to go about with my bath ritual. She slowly undressed and to my surprise, she had a saree, a petticoat, and a blouse. She did not wear any bra or a panty. Her boob was very small and a small protruding bulge with erect nipples. Her cunt was small with very little thin hair. I asked her bluntly whether she has ever been fucked.

Shocked and shy she bowed her head and said yes. Who fucked you, I asked. My uncle and my brother, she said. How often, I asked. Almost daily she said. She lost her mother in the early age and she grew up amidst the male relatives. Her father also died last year and this uncle was bringing up Saru and her brother.

One night uncle came into her room in a drunken condition and fucked her. He asked her bother to go out, but he did not. He hid behind the door and was watching the uncle fucking her. She cried due to pain. But uncle did not care about it. After finishing the act he simply walked away and slept in his room. Her bother who was watching came and helped her to the bathroom and helped to wash.

I pitied her and asked her to jump into the tub along with me. She entered with caution. I asked her to apply soap and scrub my back. She did it. Her youthful fingers and the hand was brisk and she soaped my arm pits and hands etc. The I got up and my cock was in fully erect condition. She gripped the cock and applied soap all over it and then the balls, legs etc.

I took the soap from her and asked her to turn and I applied soap on her back and upto the ass. Turning her to face me I applied on her boobs and kneaded he nipples. Poor Saro was enjoying my touch and she was moaning lightly. I then asked he rto stand and applied soap on her public hair. My fingers opened her cunt lips and touched her clit.

Her body shuddered because of the upsurge of pleasure. I inserted my finger inside her cunt. She closing her eyes and with open mouth was moaning loudly. I asked her to widen her legs and to keep one leg on the rim of the tub. Leaning forward I touched her clit with my tongue and inserted my finger deep inside her cunt.

She caught hold of my head and was pressing my face into her cunt. Suddenly her muscles tensed and I knew she was on the throngs of a good orgasm. I then pulled her down to sit on me and I pointed my cock into her cunt. Her cunt hold was small and it took lot of time to enter her deeply. She took the initiative and helped me to put the cock inside.

I sucked her nipples and we remained like that to hear her rest of the story. When did your brother started to fuck you, I asked. She said my brother was younger to me by one year but he was tall and strong. He used to watch my uncle fucking me daily. We cannot take any retaliatory action since it was at his cost we both lived.

I had to meekly agree to whatever our uncle said. He promised to marry me. One day he said if I offer all my land to him, he will pledge it to some moneylender and start some business. I had no choice. But my brother was against it. But before we could give him our lands, he fell sick and was not able to do any hard work. From then on he fucked me only once a week or two weeks.

But my brother who comes home for taking food asked me that he wanted to fuck like uncle. He pushed me to my bed and lifted my saree and started to fuck me. I said it is a sin to fuck own sister. He he had seen me enjoying when uncle fucked and he wanted to see whether he can give the same enjoyment to me. He fucked well and we both reached climax.

From then he used to fuck me regularly. I noticed she was making movements on me and her words faltered when my cock touched some sensitive spot in her vagina. I gave her a nice fuck, hard and deep. She was in seventh heaven and her orgasm spread all over her body. We fucked three times on the floor each time better than the previous. It was 9.30 pm.

We got up, dried our body and dressed ourselves and went to finish supper. I took a little and gave her the rest for completing. Poor thing was very hungry and she ate up the whole food and cleaned the vessels and was ready to go. I gave her a new saree from what I had brought and she went back happily. She came for a full week and took lot of gifts from me.

Sex with the maid girl 2

Previously: Sex with the maid girl

Hi this is shashi here again to tell u further more of my sexual episodes with my maid vani. After the last episode it became very common to kiss her fondle her when ever I wanted, and almost 3 to 4 times in a week we used to be in bed nude and playing around, and made her get used to it, she used to get crazy sucking my pussy and I taught her to finger fuck in my ass

while she sucks. one day sir gave a XXX cd and said u keep seeing it and that he will come at 7 pm as if its not planned and told me that both of u be nude. I am shashi boss MR B, I will continue now as to how we had sex that night, it was around 7 I went to shashi house and rang the door bell and both shashi and vani were busy watching the cd I had given,

shashi just wrapped a towel and came and opened the door and I hugged her tight upon closing the door and took her to tv room and I pretended that I dont know that vani also was in the room, and I removed her towel to see her nude, I slightly bent and was sucking on shashi nipples and was caressing her thighs and she started to moan,

this went on for a while and she started to undo my pants, I removed my pant and panty and stood with my erect cock only with my t shirt and I could see near the sofa vani sitting and seeing what all we are doing, I pretended not to see her.

then slowly I hugged shashi and was trying to shove in the standing position and what a entry it was with her sexy words flowing out, and one side all the sexy word on the tv coming then I slowly took her to sofa and mouted her pussy in the missionary style and vani could see only my ass pounding on shashi, guys on that day for this occasion I had taken a penegra 100 mg

tablet it was making my cock feel like made out of steel, and the way shashi was reciprocationg for my fucking was great, this went of for abt 15 mts and she almost had couple of oragsms and seeing her face like that I left my control and fi filled her pussy with my cum. she jst lay for a little while I got up and went sat on the other side and she went to vani

who was sitting in the dark and cought her hand nad pulled her to the front of me and told this is vani, I got up slowly went to her ran my hands on her cheeks and could feel her trembling, I said not to worry and gave a passionate hug and ran my hand on her back and stated to kiss from her ears to cheeks and onto her lips,

I could feel my half erect cock rubbing her pussy, I slowly pushed my toung in and out of her mouth with my hands caressing her buttoks and pressing them so that her pussy touches my cock. i took her slowly to the bedroom with shashi following us and I put her on bed, I went on her and she was not willing to spread her thighs and I forcibly separated them

and started to kiss her thighs and went staright to her pussy, oh god it was so wet and her juices covered all over my face and I was getting mad with that taste, I started to suck and bite her nipples and seeing this shashi also came on bed and came on her face and possitioned her pussy to vanis mouth and started rubbing her pussy to vanis mouth,

oh god all my cum what was in her pussy was now going to her mouth and she lay enjoying it, when vani was distracted with all shashi pussy sucking I started to push my hard cock in her pussy and I could feel her wriggle here and there but the exitement was more to overcome alll the pain, in few minutes I was all inside her chuth I told shashi to give way

and I started stroking my hard cock in slow rythms and got into full speed, I could see little tears coming frm her eyed but didnt stop me, I fucked her in this motion for abt 15 mts and suddenly with a hard bang I loaded my cum in her pussy, I laid on her like a dead man for a few mts, and slowly retracted my cock, and went to wash room.

when I came back shashi and vani were sitting with all smiles and said, so BOSS WHEN WILL BE THE NEXT FUCK, I had a hearty laugh and they showed the bed sheet with little blood stains what had come vani, hey man at this age with the permission of a virgin girl to fuck was great thats all I can say, we all got dressed up I gave a nice lip lock kiss to both for having given the wonderfull time and I left.

Sex with the maid girl

Hi readers this is shashi here, who has been having good fun with my boss, I work as his secy. My sir is sitting here with me and asked me to narrate in my words how I made my maid have sex with me. With all the fun I had with my boss, I really wanted to seduce my maid so that we can have the three some, she is very cute and not very fair,

it was a sunday my hubby had gone to his parents house and I took the courage to talk to this girl, her name is vani. for the past several days I had been putting my arms on her and hugging her when she did good job and all I had made her comfortable for my body touch with her.

I called her to my room and said vani I would get you a new churidhar and one set of undergarments and all if you could help me with some thing, she said what akka you have to ask na ? u command me I will do anyhting for you, so I told I am feeling like having a nice oil bath why cant you apply oil for my hair and body, immediately she replied why not akka,

it will be my previlage to massage you without knowing what I really wnated. so she started applying oil on my hair standing in front as I was sitting on the chair and my face was near her breasts, I just felt like hugging them and feel those young bossoms, after that she started putting that cocnut oil on my hands,

at that point I said let me take out my nighty as it may get stained and removed it, I was not wearing any bra but I was only in my panties, I could see from the corner of my eyes she was staring at my body, I told her I would lie down and she can put oil to my back, and I slept on the bed with facing down,

she applied for a while and then I told her why cant u sit on my hips and put so that she gets good pressure, she was very hesistant so I got up and told her not be shy as we both were girls and that she should also remove her skirt and blouse before it gets oil stains and started to un button her blouse, she was feeling very shy but before she knew what was happening I was undressing her,

with only her panty she mounted on me and massged my back and it was my turn to show her my front side, as I turned I bent up and removed my panty also, she kept staring at my clean shaved pussy, I asked her why is she starring and she smiled, so I knew this episode she had beagn to like, and I told her to remove her panty too,

and I helped her remove, what a sight it was as her pussy had her first silky hair, when she sat on top of me I made both the pussys were touching and I guided her oily hand to massage my breasts and she stated to like it. As she did I was caressing her thighs and I kept admiring her body and told her her breasts also need a massage to grow well

and she smiled and I took some oil to my hand and started massaging her breast, she was enjoying it to core and I stared to press my pussy on to her, with this I knew nothing to stop now and I told that I would come on top of her, and I totally slept on top of her hugging and whispered let the body to bady have massage,

with both our breasts touching and pressing one another I started to kiss her cheeks and slowly moved to her lips she whispered, akka what are you doing to me, I replied we are just trying to enjoy each other lets do it and kissed her and slowly pushed my toung into her mouth, and my hands slowly went down to her pussy I spread her thighs apart

and opened her pussy lips and started to explore, she started to moan and enjoy, I started to finger fuck her and whispered her todo the same with me, we enjoyed it and within few minutes she had the orgasm and was tired,but I was hot I mounted on her face and positioned my pussy to her lips and started to rub and asked her to suck,

it was her first time but not bad she did quite well, even I was nearing the orgasm I made her lick up all my juice and shivered with my orgasm. we lied down side by side chatting what we did with occasional kissing and fondling each other breasts and slowly explained things that we could enjoy with a responsible male and I told that if we both join we can enjoy with my sir,

as he knows what do when and how, she hesistatingly accpted, anyway I will have few more sessions before we have the threesome, then we got up and went for bath, I shaved her pussy for her as it was her first time and again finger fucked her on the pretext of putting soap and she too did with wantingness and we both came out of bath and got ready as it was my hubby time to come.

Fucking my maid Sangeeta

Hello friends I want to share my experience with this sexy maid servant I hand. Her name is Sangeeta and she is like 30-31 when she started working in my house at Delhi. I am a bachelor and staying with another friend. She is married, petite and a bit good looking. I had an eye on her from the very first day and I thought she too knew that I was always looking at her.

Each day we talked a bit and for some reason she would try to talk with me even though the work was to from my roomie. It was only about a month since her arrival my roomie went abroad for 6 months and it was me who was alone in the house to pass the winters.

Each day she would come to house early and wake me up. I would try to flirt with her and she would just smile and enjoy. One day she asked me how to watch movies on computer as I usually pass my time on my computer and so does my roomie. I said I'll teach you a bit and she came and sat near me.

I could smell her body and since it was quite early in morning I started to feel a bit hard as well. Anyways I kept hold of her hand while just telling her how to play a movie. While doing all this she was just like in my arms and after all I couldn't just resist and tried to lock her in my arms and she said nothing. I said she is very beautiful and I liked her very much.

She said she had been expecting this from me and smiled. This gave me more courage and I asked what more she expected. She said nothing and just smiled. This gave me more courage and I just pulled her and started smooching her. She just to withdraw for a moment and gave in as quickly.

I kissed her for about 5 mins and then slipped my hand into her blouse and started crushing her small boobies. She made horny expressions while I did this. I then asked her to get rid of her blouse and which she did. She was now in my arms and her bossom in her black bra looked sexy like hell. I helped her out of her bra and smelled it while she got rid of her sari.

Now she was only in her peti coat which has a long slit from the side where she tied it. I saw bit of her sexy thighs and knew she wasn't weary and panty. I pulled her towards me and started to suck her small boobies like a hungry kid. I rolled my tongue over her nipples several times and they were quite stiff to my enjoyment.

Then I slipped my hand into her peticoat from side slit to feel her pussy. At this point I went back to her lips and lip locked her. From my hand I felt her moist hairy pussy and mouth had the taste of her lips. I soon made her lay in my bed and sat near her feet. she pulled her peticoat up and showed me her nice hairy pussy which I was longing for.

My cock was all hard till this time but the sight of her pussy made it more stiffer. I pulled her legs apart and pulled her legs right upto me. She made a lock from her legs and I bent upon her. She helped my cock right over the entrance of her love hole with her hand. Her hand was soft and it gave my cock hardness it never had earlier.

I gave her a jerk and was inside her, she was I think a bit surprised by this and her eyes got wide. At this moment I felt like she hadn't had much sex earlier and I started my thrust to make up for it. I started in slow motion but my speed grew and she kept hugging me tighter and tighter.

The more her body touched me I got more wild and so my pumping started her moans and my spirits rose more by her moans. God at that moment I was totally wild and so stiff that felt I would just make a hole through her. She pushed me and got on top of me but I still kept humping her.

This was difficult for me but she helped me by starting her own thrusting motion in sync to mine and I really enjoyed her. We were just making noises and kept hugging her tight and pushing into her deep. Though I had been pumping her with great force and then I realised that she was getting a bit loose and wild and I gave her two big jerks

inside her to reach the depth and then she gave in and so did I. It felt like I had just squeezed all my strength into her. All my hot syrup exploded into her. I tried to pull out but she resisted and had all of my juice inside her. At this point I tried to withdraw but she hugged me again and started to roll her tongue on my nipples and it acted like a quick recharge and my cock was all stiff again.

I pushed her onto her fours and got behind her. I tried to enter from behind and she resisted. Then I pushed myself into her pussy and got hold of her nice soft ass and started to pump her again. It wasn't long before my machine got into fourth gear and her moans were now like screams as I was now nearly tearing her apart.

She tried to push me back but I gave her some 10-12 jerks quickly to which she was almost ready to fight off. And another explosion inside her. I pulled her and kissed her back all over. I liad down like a tired person she just smiled and laid over me. After this I played with her small but firm boobs and kissed her all over.

At this time I talked to her and asked her to make love me whenever she liked. She told me that her husband works in a factory and many times in night shifts. So many times she wants to make love he hurried yanks in her and pushes her aside. She told me she liked me very much as she felt good and equal partner in the act.

What more can I ask for my roomie is yet to return and my bed has been hotter since this winter started. I recorded a small clip of her nice ass and boobies a few days back but she bargained to me into deleting it and gave me a nice blow job. She sucks the hell out of me since then.

Manjari fucked by manservant

It happened some time ago. Manjari, 20 having done her graduation was not pursuing her studies and just just lazying around. Her big setback was that she had an attractive face and a big pair of boobs. She was staying in a joint family and there were many cousins of her age with whom she used to play all evening.

Manjari's mother was worried about the growth of her daughter and she used to urge her husband to think of arranging the marriage of their only daughter. Manjari was not very keen to pursue her studies and hence getting her married was the only option available.

In the evenings she used to play hide and seek with her cousins which habit she was following since her childhood. When her boobs started showing up, her cousins liked to touch them as if by accident and Manjari never used to get angry or upset. She experienced a electric shock like experience whenever somebody squeezed her boobs.

But modesty prevented her from asking the boys to squeeze her boobs. When there was no resistance boys took turns to squeeze her boobs in some corner of the house or under the staircase or under the mango tree etc. They had a manservant, Bhaskar who used to watch the games these boys play with Manjari but he kept mum.

One day a letter was received from the Public Service commission, Chennai asking her to appear for a written test and interview. She remembered that her father asked her to sign some forms. She thought perhaps those forms she signed were connected with the Public Service Commission.

When Manjari's mother showed the letter to her father, he hived a sigh of relief and was happy that she may a govt. job. He told his wife, if Manjari gets a govt job, they may be able to marry her off without any dowry. Hearing this her mother was also happy. But the exam was in Chennai. and she cannot be sent alone.

Somebody has to accompany her. Perhaps she may have to stay in Chennai for one or two days. They did not find anybody who knew Chennai very well to accompany her. Suddenly Manjari's mother thought that Bhaskar had some experience in Chennai and he knew the city thoroughly. Manjari said she wont go with Bhaskar, the servant.

But all her uncles were busy and if they go they may have to call on the relatives and they all will know that she had come for writing the exam. Manjari's mother persuaded Manjari to go with Bhaskar and he will take good care of her. Bhaskar was only 22 but he carried around a serious and matured look and was thoughtful and would not do anything recklessly.

The parents decided the he will be a suitable escort for her and two days prior to the date of the exam, Bhaskar and Manjari set out to Chennai. They were asked to take rooms in a decent hotel where the food also is good. Bhaskar said he will select Woodlands hotel.

They went in a crowded train and reached Chennai and they went to Woodlands and asked for two adjacent rooms. Rooms were available and they both moved into the rooms. Manjari was wondering about the traffic in Chennai roads, the size of the hotel etc.

The hotel was full and there were scores of uniformed servants moving around with trays full of food to be served in the rooms.They made so much of noice that Manjari not accustomed to such situations feared that their privacy was being invaded by the team of butlers.

When she went to the bath room she could see that the ventilator window was open and she could see the feet of the people climbing the stair case adjacent to the room. Somehow without putting on the light she undressing herself and took bath. She was keeping a watch over the ventilator to know anybody peeping into the bathroom.

Having got dressed she went to the door of Bhaskar and knocked. Bhaskar came out neatly dressed and she found him quite handsome. The time was in the morning 10 o'clock and after sumptuous breakfast they set out in search of the office of the PSC. They had to ask so many people for directions to reach the office of PSC.

And finally they arrived at the office and inquired about the exam to be held on the following day. They showed the board displaying the identity numbers of the candidates who where to write the exam. They went back to Woodlands by noon and took food in their restaurant and went to their rooms. Both were tired on account of the rigors of the travel on previous night.

They slept for about three to four hours and Manjary woke up and called Bhaskar to order for some coffee and snacks and asked it brought to the rooms. Bhaskar sat in the chair and Manjari in the cot. She noticed that her cot was big and two or even three people can sleep in it. They had bajji and coffee.

They both went out and had a stroll. While walking once or twice Bhaskar knocked against her and she impulsively sought for his hand and held it firm. Bhaskar was shocked, but did not say anything. While walking in the crowded footpath he had to put his hand around her and his hand was pressed against her boobs.

His rustic and strong fingers held her soft hand firmly and once or twice he had to hug her tightly to prevent her falling down. Manjari's nipples were getting hardened and she felt wetness in the panties. While walking behind him once or twice her body was pressed against his back and her soft boobs were pressed hard against his back.

A small tent like formation was seen in the dhothi of Bhaskar which he struggled to hide. They took supper in the restaurant and reach back their rooms well by 9 pm. But the touch of the hand of Bhaskar made lot of changes in the attitude of Manjari and so also vice versa. Manjari changed into a sleeping dress which was like a cloak like house coat.

The sound of the butlers in the corridor was very loud that she thought they are watching her through some crack in the window shutters. She was restless and was fearful of some invasion into her privacy. By 10 pm she was afraid and thought she cannot sleep alone in the room. She went out and knocked on the doors of Bhaskar.

He was semi nude with only a lungi on his waist and his broad hairy muscular chest exposed. He asked what is the matter. She called him to come to her room. They both rushed to her room. She closed and bolted the door and switched off the light and scrutinized the cracks in the wall, windows, doors, and the ventilator etc.

Bhaskar went through all the places and confirmed that there is nothing to get worried. But Manjari said she is afraid to sleep alone and why not Bhaskar come and sleep in her room. Bhaskar said ok and brought a pillow from his room and was ready to sleep on the floor. But Manjari insisted that he should sleep in the cot, since there was ample space in the cot.

Not showing his shock Bhaskar got into the bed and slept at the far end near the wall. Manjari said I will sleep near the wall and you sleep at the edge. OK said Bhaskar and moved to his new position and Manjari went to the wall end. In the process Bhaskar who had only a lungi forgot to put on an underwear was experiencing a glorious erection.

The manly smell of his body intoxicated Manjari and her juices were oozing. She had removed her bra and panties as was her practice and her wetness was visible Somebody has to get up and switch off the lights. She asked Bhaskar to switch off the light. The lights in the corridor was making the room brighter even without any lights.

When bhaskar got up he knew the danger, his tent was perfect. Without turning to her side he rushed and put the lights off. When he turned his toes got entangled in the lungi and the lungi got untied and fell down revealing him stark naked with an erect cock to the full gaze of Manjari.

She burst out in a laughter and closed her eyes with her hand in mock protest and asked him what happened and what is that standing erect in his body. Though picked his lungi and while tying it around his waist he again fumbled and his cock was projecting outside the lungi.

Manjari asked him to turn around and put her hand in his lungi and searched for that thing which stood erect. The 7 inch meat rod was a wonder thing for her. She never held one this big in her hand. It was throbbing and pulsating and hot. Removing his lungi totally she ran her hand over the cock and the balls. It was all a wonderful experience for her.

Neither Manjari or Bhaskar did not know how to proceed. Suddenly he saw her cleavage with two big shining boobs covered by the house coat. Bhaskar extended his hand and touched her boob. Manjari felt the electric shock. Bhaskar slowly unbuttoned her house coat and was surprised that she was totally naked underneath.

She did not protest. Her cunt scantily haired was shining with wetness. Bhaskar leaned forward and kissed her boobs and nipples. "SSsssssssssssssss" was the response from Manjari. She brought her face closer to the cock tip and sniffed at it. His manly smell coming from the crotch was arousing her immensely.

They had nothing to talk and only action is called for. Licking her breasts and navel and kissing it lavishly, Bhaskar came to the cunt and licked it deep. Raising her legs high, Manjari moaned "Ohhh.....ha......." His mouth was full of her cunt lips and her mouth with his massive cock. They automatically 69ed and went on eating each other.

He shot his cum into her mouth and his mouth was full of her juices. His tongue touched her clit and she pressed his face down and was shivering on account of the orgasm. In the meantime another shot was getting ready to be sprayed into her mouth. Manjari seemed to enjoy the smell and taste of the new liquid and was licking his cock clean.

But Bhaskar was not loosing his erection at all. He buried his face into her cunt and went on licking and swalling all the fluids. After about an hour they thought why not try to put the rod inside the hole. First he tried from top. But she said I will try from top. It was not going in. Widening the legs and applying pressure and pushing it forcefully,

somehow they made a half entry. Tears were flowing from her eyes and no sound was emanating. Bhaskar made a final push and lo it was there fully. Time was flying and some distant clock stuck 12. But the new experimentations were going on he on top and she on top etc.

Fucking maid servant Pratima

I have been meaning to post my sexual escapade with my maid Pratima for quite some time on humandigest. My name is Ravi. I am an average looking guy and somewhat shy. At the time of this incident, I was around 20 years old and was studying engineering.

We used to get a very long summer vacation of 3 months but unfortunately for me, my dad was posted in a small village in UP where there was nothing much to do but sit around watching TV. We used to have a maid servant who was really old but sometimes she would come to our

house accompanied by her grand daughter Pratima. Pratima was around 18 years old... around 5ft 1 inches tall with a nice olive complexion. She had a pretty baby-like round face and nice hair. But her breasts were really huge for someone who was so short.

Even her ass was a thing of beauty...Whenever she would accompany her grandmother she would just sit outside our house in the garden and I would purposefully sit on a chair in the lawn pretending to read the newspaper while stealing glances at her heavy boobs and her beautiful

ass. Sometimes she would get up and walk around and her boobs would jiggle around driving me completely crazy. It was obvious that she had no bra underneath her chooridar. Perhaps she could not afford one. On these occasions my heart would start beating twice as fast,

I would find it difficult to speak and my penis would become rock hard. I think she was aware of the fact that I was looking at her and sometimes I used to think that she may complain to my mom or something but then I realised that she was a maid and nobody would believe anything she would have to say.

In any event, this continued for a few days and with each passing day, my desire to have sex with Pratima was becoming stronger and stronger. As luck would have it, my folks recieved a call from one of my relatives informing them that there had been a death in the family.

It was not a close relative but my parents were required to go. They asked me if I would like to go with which I flat out refused. Just the anticipation of having Pratima around without having to worry about my folks was killing I told my folks that I would rather stay at

home since I had to work on a "project" for my college. The next day my folks left for my relative's place for some days. For the next few days, my old maid servant came along with Pratima...but I could not pick up the courage to do anything to Pratima.

Sometimes I would wish that the old woman would just drop dead so that I could get a chance to greedily suck on Pratima's breasts while fingering her pussy at the same time. After just a couple of days, Pratima came alone to my house.

I asked her where her grandmother was...she replied that her grandmother had gone to her village to celebrate a local festival called chhat and she had asked Pratima to work in our house. This was probably the second time that we had spoken to each other and her voice sounded

very innocent. She was also wearing a somewhat torn churidar and I could see the outline of her tight breasts just begging to come out of it. I immediately got a hard-on and my mouth became dry at the thought of Pratima working in my house without either my folks or that old hag of a

grandmother to bother me. All my fantasies were about to come true! Pratima was supposed to clean all the rooms I entered the restroom and decided to take a bath. I took off all my clothes and started bathing with the door wide open.

Pratima would definitely come to the restroom to collect water so the thought of her seeing me naked just made me go wild and I had a huge erection. I was finding it difficult to focus and was getting really horny. After a few minutes Pratima came to the restroom and she saw me

there...and her eyes fell on my erection. She uttered "ooi maa" and she left that place in a hurry. But she did not leave the house so this emboldened me. At this time I was really very aroused. I then decided to wear a thin pair of bermudas because I wanted to expose my erection to

Pratima and I started watching TV. There was not much to clean so Pratima came to the room where I was sitting and said "kaam ho gaya". Then she asked me "saab...mai TV dekhoon kya?" I was thinking that Pratima wanted to go home because of what I had done...

but she was instead asking if she could watch TV! So I said "Theek Hai.." and asked her to sit. She sat on the floor. I stood right next to her for sometime. I had a huge erection and because I was not wearing any underpants, it was very visible to Pratima.

Then I purposely switched the TV off...and pretended as if something went wrong with it. I guess, she was too poor to afford a TV so she could not figure anything out. I then said...Pratima...i have some movies on my u want to watch them?

She said I pulled a chair next to my computer chair and asked her to sit there. I had a decent collection of Indian soft porn movies and some hot songs hidden away somewhere on my computer. Then I lied to Pratima that I was actually an aspiring director of Hindi movies.

I told her that I was studying in a film school in Mumbai. She was a maid servant so believed it easily. All this time my whole body was shaking a little bit because I all this time Pratima was watching my erection. Then I asked her if she would like to see some songs and scenes from

movies which I had helped in directing. She said…"sachi mein saab? Aap ne film banaya?". I said …"haan…dekhna hai kya?" to which she replied that she would like to see them. I then started showing her some bangaldeshi porno songs.

She started watching some songs silently…I could not control myself anymore and I suddenly started feeling her boobs and smooching her. She was not opening her lips but she did not seem to resist…so I kept kneading her breasts…and smooching her.

Then I removed her chooridar and started licking her boobs. As I had suspected she was not wearing any bra. She had really big boobs with pink nipples. Her boobs were very soft to touch…like soft pillows but were also very firm.

I was a little afraid to take the next step…but I did it anyways. I put my hands inside her salwar and grabbed her ass…and at the same time…I dropped my Bermudas a little so that my rock hard penis was on full display. All this time…Pratima had not said a single word.

I removed Pratima's salwar and saw that she was wearing a white panty….for some time…I was trying to finger her pussy by putting my hands inside her panty..but finally I took her by the hand pushed her on the bed nearby and pulled her panties down.

Her cunt looked a little small and it had pubic hair on it but it was not very bushy or anything. Now Pratima was completely naked and I noticed that her eyes were shut tight. She then said…'saab ye kya kar rahe ho?' I did not say anything and instead I started licking her cunt.

At this point…she started to pull her legs together tightly so as to not expose her vagina…but I applied a little bit of pressure to her legs to part them. After sometime she stopped resisting…and I went on licking her cunt while kneading her breasts with my hands.

Pratima's eyes were still tightly shut…and she was clutching the bed sheet very tightly with her hands. Her cunt had a faint odor to it…which I found really very pleasant…it tasted a little bit like raw fish. I have always had a foot fetish…so I decided to lick her feet…

her feet were smooth with no hair. I licked her toes…they were dirty…because she was a maid servant..but I found this to be an incredible turn on. I then also licked her armpits…they were also a little hairy and sweaty…which I was really delighted to lick.

Then I took my hard penis…and started rubbing it on her cunt…at this time she opened her eyes and..she said "saab..pleej…" but I grabbed her face and started smooching her…and then I pushed my penis into her vagina. It was a heavenly feeling…

I could feel her warm vaginal flesh around my penis…and then I started pumping a little steadily…I think she was not a virgin…because she just lay there and took the pounding…but she was giving little moans of pain intermixed with pleasure.

She then said.."saab..dard hota hai". But at that time…I was not listening to anything…and when I was about to climax, I somehow managed to pull my penis out and came on top of her belly. It was not worth risking getting this kaamwali pregnant.

I then laid on top of her naked body for sometime…she was sweating a lot. I then told her…"Pratima..tumko film mein kaam karne kaa hai kya?" She did not say anything to this…I told her…"mai next time aake..tumko ek video mein kaam doonga.

Tum Madhuri Dixit jaisi ban sakti ho." She still did not say anything…Then I took some cheap imitation jewellery which was lying in a drawer and gave it to her. Then I told her…"tumko agar film mein karma hai…to yeh baat kisi ko mat batana."

She said "theek hai...". Then she went into the bathroom and poured some water on her. Then she came out of the restroom naked and put her clothes on. Then I gave her a 100 rupee note and said..."tumhara baksheesh". Hopefully this would keep her mouth shut.

The next day Pratima's stupid granny came back to work at my place. Pratima came a few days later with her granny…and she would watch TV with me. As soon as I saw her I used to get an erection…we would not talk much..since her granny was there.

After a few days my folks came back and it was time for me to go back to college in a few days. It was a great vacation for me.

Fucked by elderly lover

Hi my name is Deepa, I am a 22 year old single girl belonging to a poor family in South Maharashtra. I completed a diploma in nursing and then started to seek employment. Very soon I got a job with a retired army officer called Ranjit Mhetre who wanted a full time caretaker

for his ailing mother. Ranjit himself was a good looking man in his late fifties and his mother was in her ninetees and confined to her room.Since it was impossible for me to stay alone in Pune he allowed me to stay in a spare room with him.

Now at age 22 I was a full figured young woman with a fair beautyful face and milky complexion. I always kept my arms and legs shaven and I felt the firmness of my breasts and ass as my assets. AT night I would stand in front of the mirror in my underwaer and run a hand

on them imagining a prince doing the same. Since Ranjit uncle was paying me well I also started doing some light domestic chores like making him tea/coffee or serving him and his friends drinks.

He was a polite man who treated me well and we soon began developing affection for each other. I remember the August evening when my duties for myy patient were completed and I peeked in to uncle's room to see if he needed something.

"Come Deepu," he said, he was sitting in the adjoining porch having a drink. I walked to him and noticed a loose paper lying on the floor, I bent to pick it up and the pallu of my saree fell giving uncle full view of my tight round breasts and their milky cleaveage.

I noticed him noticing and smiled and took the pallu back. Then uncle reached for my wrist and pulled me to him. I stood next to him and shivered involuntarily. Uncle pulled me so that I was sitting on the arm of his easy chair then he began stroking my arm in an absent sort

of way sending down shivers down my spine. "So now I know what you think about standing in front fo the mirror in your bra-panties" he said and I almost died of shame. So he knew my fantasies. Uncle knowing that I will initiate nothing took the lead and slowly pulled my pallu

down again to see my gorgeous shivering breasts. "Uncle" I said but made no move to reclaim my pallu. Uncle emboldened by this pulled me in his lap and kissed my lips. I closed my eyes as for the first time a man's lips closed on mine and his hands travlleed down to cup

and feel my firm ass cheeks. Uncle after kissing me full mouthes at leisure picked me in his arms and carried me inside to his bed. He lay me on it and pulled the curtains closed. I still not dared to open my eyes.

I felt his hot breath on my face as he climbed on the bed and kissed my again.This time his hands were busy deftly unhooking my blouse and pushing it aside to reveal my cheap cotton brassiere. Then I felt his hands going on my back and unhooking my brassiere too.

I offered no resistance when both the garments were removed.Uncle kissed my nipples alternately sending loud criees up my throat. Then he moved down kissing my flat tummy then my navel and licking it. I cried and pushed his head there.

Uncle's hands pulled my saree out of my petticoat band and removed the knot of my white petticoat too. Now I felt his big cold hands moving inside my saree and slowly kneading and massagining my fair thighs. I was taking his name in a low voice and asking him to stop.

Uncle raised my saree and petticoat to my waist and then asked me to raise my hips. I obeyed and then I felt the bands of my cheap blue panties being pulled down by his straong hands. "Uncle please be gentle, don;t hurt me" I said as Uncle now fully naked lay atop me.

He smield and kissed my lips again and guided my hands on his tool.My timid fingers closed around a hard pulsating object about 6 inches long and sticky at the tip. "This is my bulla deepu and now that's gonna go in your puchchi"

he said and squeezed my pussylips from outside with 2 fingers. I cried out loud and pushed his head between my heaving breasts. Uncle raised my hips and inserted a pillow beneath my buttocks and then spread my thighs.

I was sying of shame lying like this in a man old enough to be my father but now lust was overtkaing my fears. Uncle pushed my face in the pillow and smothered my cry as his dick forced its way in my puschchi, I thought as if I was getting strabbed in my stomcah,

I cried"uncle soda dukhtey" but now there was no turning back. Uncle kept my face in the pillow till the time his dick had penetrated my pussy and broekn my hymen, "Zalach.... Jara ajun" he was whispering while pushing with his hips and raising mine to meet his trust.

When he was fully in he lay still for a momemnt allowing me to get used to the monster in my chut and then started to move in a slow gentle rhytham. We were kissing a lot and uncle's strong hands were kneading my breasts and hips alternately.

I started to enjoy the way his bull was moving in my tight womanwhood making it stretch like anything and now I also responded by bucking my hunches allowing him deeper access. "Uncle don't come inside me I can get pregnent"

I said between hitching cries and sobs of ecastacy. Uncle kissed my face and said don't worry. He was now moving in a steady rhytham making sure that I would remember this exp for a long time.


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