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Confessions of a horny desi housewife 2

Previously: Confessions of a horny desi housewife

After that I took a bath and changed my dress from nightie to deep neck double straped t-shirt with bra and capri this is my usual dress in my home. I don't have any elder person who will have objection to dress me like this. Childrens reached the home we took lunch together and I was busy in their homework and study.

Ramu went to kitchen and cleaning all utensils after that he went to sleep. 4.30 o'clock when kids homework is finished and they also wanted to sleep. I also lay down with kids and my minds was running to him what is he doing in the kitchen, is he sleeping. I stood up and went to the kitchen I seen him that he is sleeping. I decided to hold his cock once again.

I reached to him and he was sleeping in straight position I aparted his lungi from middle as I mentioned he is not use to wear any underwear in his lungi. My taste is changed now I was touching his cock very gently. But I refused, I stood up and about to coming back.

He awaked and asked me, "what happened Bhabhi Ji, you are here do you want something" I replied "yes I wanted a coffee If you're not sleeping please make two cups of coffee". He asked "is anybody came'. I again replied him "nobody, you will not drink". He said " Yes I will". He was making coffee and I was looking on the lungi.

He was talking with me about some usual and very first time in personal matters that, "I am a very beautiful and sexy lady he ever seen". I am about 5.2' long and my breast and figure size is good enough according to this height. He was 5.8 or 5.9 with good built. I went near him and pretending to do some work. He grabbed my hand and he kissed on my hand.

I enjoyed this and he took my hand onto his cock under his lungi. His cock was semi erected and it was very good to hold the penis when it was in semi erection mode because cock is not able to hold weight on his own and become heavy. I enjoyed this with my husband as well. I was playing with the cock but the hair near his cock was big enough.

They were also coming in my hand when I was rubbing his cock up and down. I adviced him to clean these hair because it was also coming in my mouth when I was sucking his cock. He agreed but he told me how to clean those because he don't have any experience and he want me to hold his cock and assist him to clean them. I told him that I will help him in this.

We finished our coffee and went to the bathroom and he bring his twin blade razor. I suggest him," first to trim them with a sizzer and then use this razor". I will hold your cock and you shave this. He took so much time to cut those hair but after cleaning his that part his cock is become very visible and sexy. I was amazing to see this size of cock.

I want to lick his member and I did. I took my mouth near to his cock and kissed him and licking from down to up. His cock head is become red and I wanted to bite on that but I refused myself to do this. I leaved his cock and stood up to came back from bathroom. Thinking of this that I mentioned him that my husband has the same size of cock.

I came back from bathroom he was upset to see this act from me. I went to the kids room to see what are they doing I seen both the kids are still sleeping. I went near to them and waking up. After this they waked up and after some time they wre playing with eachother. He also came back from bathroom and time is already 6.30 PM. I ordred him to make dinner.

I also came in the kitchen to help him. He was looking at me with smile and I was also looking him in the same manner. As time past my husband is about to come and I don't want to create any scene infront of my hubby I came back to my room and start the computer to read some erotic story. Sishir my husband rang the door bell and I went to the door to welcome him.

We went to the kids room and he talk for a while with kids. Then we came to our room I described him all the details. Pls let me know I was doing right or wrong. Thanx for your valuable comments.

Confessions of a horny desi housewife

This is a true story of my. Let me introduce myself I am Geetika from New Delhi. I am staying with my husband (Sishir) and two kids in four rooms flat somewhere in South Delhi. I am 31 year old when I got married then I was 23 year old. And first of all my English is not so good, if any mistake in any sentence please forgive me

because I am here to describe my feelings in past and present and get some encouragement through comments. Before marriage I was leaving in Jaipur and this is my love marriage. My husband's business in both the states. He never stays in home more then fifteen day. One year ago I suggested him to take a servant because of work load, and he agreed.

But first he agreed for a maid and after he changed for a male servant, but not a permanent servant. I insist him to give me a small boy to handle some work in home but permanent. We found a boy who was around 20 years old and he is from UP his name is Ramu. My husband and me watch some porn movies and tell stories to each other.

And we used so many things like sex toys to enhance the sexual pleasure. After some time we I found him (Ramu) very interesting because he use to talk me as long as I wanted because we were the only person (when kids go to thier school), who was in home and sometime I touched him on his laps and he also touched me whenever he wants.

After his touches I had different feeling about him but I never go beyond my limits. One day my husband at home and we were planning to have sex he told me to tell a story about someone is fucking me. As I was telling him a story to keep Ramu in my mind suddenly Sishir asked me, "Have you ever think about Ramu is fucking you". I said him, "no'.

He asked me "why if you want to have sex with Ramu, you can because I want to know what is your feeling having sex with another guy". I refused him because in real life I was not like a women who is so opened because I am from very conservative family and I know what difficulties I faced in my love marriage.

So we talk about him and we had a great sex and he cum into me two times in one night first time. As we talked about this last night my perception was changed because I never thought about Ramu is having sex with me. I was looking in him in different way. I want to know what is he doing after went inside in the bathroom. As you can understand I wanted to see him.

Finally I got the chance to see him nude, we have a bathroom which is common for two rooms. I was in my room and I heard some faint voice from my bathroom usually he used a different bathroom as we got two bathrooms in our flat. I seen through the keyhole of the door. He was jerking his hand and rubbing his pennies very brutally.

And he was masturbating him and speaking slowly that please don't go any where bhabhiji and want to fuck you. After this I want to see his cock and it was not like my hubby this was around 8 or 9" long and I never seen a cock like this in real. Because my hubby has only about 5" cock. So I decide to get this opportunity.

But I not entered in the bathroom and I was waiting to let him out and I like to see his reaction after this. As he came out from bathroom he was little shy and I asked him furiously what you was doing in my bath room. He was stunned and standing there he was and he had no words to describe what he was doing there.

After that I loughed on him and told him that if you have a separate bathroom for you self then why are you using my bathroom, in future you want to do these kind of activity then you can use my bathroom otheerwise use your's" I winked him. As the time passing by I was looking him and he was little scared. Sishir reached the home at 7:30.

I took him to my bedroom and told averything about him. He was loughing and told me that He will manage rest of the things. He went to the market and bring two bottles of strong beer, one lager beer for me and one bottle of whiskey for himself. I drink beer when he is in good mood to have sex wildly with me.

I asked him "why you bring two strong beer do you have some plan" and replied, "yes I have a plan. You go to your room and drink your beer. I will come after some time". I scared what is he going to do, is he going to beat him. I watching them what are they doing in drawing room. They are drinking thier whiskey and beer, I start drinking mine.

But after some time both of them entered in my room and my husband asked me, "Geet could you please defrianciate that which pennis is longer". I stunned and looking furiously to my hubby what a foolish question is asking to me. Both of them drunk too much and he asked me once more, "please hold in your hand and feel which is bigger.

And He was not showing his pennis. He indicate me to hold his cock into my hand and I obey his command. I hold his cock in my hand and my heartbeat was racing. It was very tight and strong like a steel rode, once I hold that I don't want to loose him. And Ramu was looking at me and asked, "tell babhiji which is longer".

I seen him in anger and I told him, "both of you gate out". They both went out and I was in thrill, what is he done. After sometime when he came back to bedroom he asked me,"what you feeling when you was holding his cock". I was little shy and said, "It was amazing holding his cock and It is heavier then yours". Once again we had a great sex in that night.

In the next morning when kids gone to thier school and Sishir to his work, we were alone in the home and I was looking to him while he was doing his work. And he was looking to me when I was passing him. After passing some time we were not talking to each other. I was thinking about last night and him.

Suddenly he asked me, "bhabhiji you haven't replied me last night who has a longer pennis, as I never seen bhaiyas pennis and he not shown me last night as well, and you was the reffree in that game." I told him," Your bhaiya has a same kind of pennis as you are having". I replied him because I don't want to insult my husband is having a less size pennis.

I asked him,"could you please show me once again as I have not seen properly last night." He wears lungi in home and he dosen't wear any underwear underneath. He present in front of me his semi erected cock as I was in exitment to catch the monster and I grabed in my hand. I told him "is this the size or this will increase".

He was little upset and told me, " Bhabhi Ji what are you talking about this is not erected once this will erected you will love this". I was little confused what will I do if his cock will erect. It was half past twelve and I have only one and half hour to coming back the childrens home. I decided to get his cock in my mouth.

His cock was still in semi erection then I told him this will not erected untill this will not go into mouth. I told him and he untide his lungi and stand like Eiffel Tower. He was very good lover of mine, because he was not waiting for any command and chance. But the size of his cock is too huge for me.

I am very habitual to take my hubbies cock and which was half the size of Ramu's cock. But I despratly want to have that monster in my moouth. So I was trying my level best. It was was thicker and longer and the result is not getting in. I was turning on and I don't want to waste the time. Finnally I won and it was giving me a diffrent pleasuree in my mouth.

I was not able to licking from inside but I was sucking that very best of mine. I was sucking and jerking his cock to cum out because time was running fast. He had to go to bring the kids from the bus stand. He was asking me Bhabhiji you want to do like this only or you want this in your pussy," I replied him "some another time because kids will come and we will not have that much joy".

He uderstand and he told me that he is about to cum and I was waiting so eagerly to taste his cum. Finally he cummed into my mouth and it was too hot and cumming a lot. We separated each other and he worn his lungi and went to bring the childrens.

I went to the bathroom and I was watching myself in the mirror what I am begun. I will write next when you people that I am doing right or wrong to share my real incident with you. Please post me some comments. Thanks.

Sexperience with Ramu before marriage

Previously: Servant Ramu fucking mother and aunt

Hi readers, I am Kalpana again. Thanks for your comments on my earlier story about Servant Ramu fucking my mom and aunt. This encouraged me to write my story with Ramu. I was dumbfounded after that day when I saw Ramu fucking my mom and my aunt. I started to hate my mom and my aunt and was very angry with Ramu also. For a while.

I thought of informing this to my anna (father) and remove Ramu from our house. But I had a feeling that my father which not sustain this pressure as he had a mild attack once and secondly he use to like Ramu very much. Anna had allowed him to wear t-shirts, shorts, cap, goggles etc and had also purchased for him a new brand bicycle.

My uncle use to always be in tense due to loss in his Grocery business and always use to be in his own world. Ramu was really a very good looking, had cat eyes, white skin and he was 5'10" tall. His physique was sufficient for any girls/women to get attracted and my mom and my aunt was not exceptional in this.

My mom was average looking, Roopa Aunty is quite beautiful even today, good features and all and I too was filled up and was looking really sexy and attractive at the age of 18 years. Height of 5'4', with a straight long hair, a lovely face, and every curve on body had been created with seduction in mind.

My breasts had developed even as early as 12 years old, and now at 18 which had sported a shapely and sexy 36FF which attracted admirers like bees round a honey pot. I had enjoyed the attention of many boys who use to fumble with me on many occasions. My stunning breasts had always been their target.

But I had never gone any further as use to live in fear of my parents if the truth were ever to get out. Being late home always resulted in an inquisition from my parents and they use to always send Ramu to bring me back home on cycle. My classmates use to tease me on Ramu as my Boy Friend which I use to shy fully disagree though I too had a much attraction towards him.

But after that incidence, I thought of seducing Ramu and taking a revenge on him for fucking my mom and aunt and I was waiting for an opportunity. One day I got the right opportunity. One day it so happened that extra class in my college stretched a longer time and it was dark till the class was over.

Parents were worried and therefore they sent Ramu to bring me back home on cycle. Ramu was waiting for me on the entrance gate of our college and it was dark outside. Ramu had dressed up in Red Tea Shirt and tight jeans. I sat on the carrier (back seat) of his cycle. Ramu was going on the muddy road and it was pretty dark as street lights were on the very corner of every road.

First time, I deliberately wounded my right hand on his thigh and made sure that Ramu should feel warmth of it. While Ramu was riding the cycle and I started to move my fingers till his member and while he was peddling, I touched his dick and kept my hand there till Ramu became restless.

After sometime, Ramu removed my hand from his dick but once again I put my hand on the similar place. Ramu again removed my hand. I was annoyed on this and screamed at Ramu. Ramu said he do not like me doing like this. At that time, I asked him that how he takes my mom and Roopa Aunty takes him. Ramu was stunned and immediately stopped his cycle.

He asked me how I came to know.. I told him that I have personally seen that incidence and will tell this to my father and uncle. Ramu started begging with me and requested me with a water in his eyes that I should not tell this to anyone. He also said that about his affair with my mom and aunt and they had been doing it since last 6 months.

He said that my mom is really very hot kind of a woman who loved varied positions and she taught him and aunt many experiments. Though I was excited hearing all this, I pretended as if I am very angry with him and will not pardon him. He told me about his past… He said that he is orphan and his mother left heavenly aboard when he was only 6 years old.

His father was very rich man of North India and his birth had happened to illicit relationship with his mom. After staying in his village till the age of 15, he came to our town and started to do any odd jobs. He use to clean the office where my father was working and use to sleep in the verandah.

My father is very kind hearted and could not see his hardships and thus brought him in our house. He also said that my house is a only shelter for him and he will be again put to hardship if he is thrown away from my house and therefore he is forced to do all these things by my mom and aunt and he said that he too started to enjoying.

I was really stunned by learning all this and I told Ramu that I will never tell anything about his affair with my mom and aunt to anyone but only on one condition. I told him that he should listen and obey anything what I say.. Ramu readily agreed and felt happy. One day, our parents and aunt went out to attend the funeral of one of our near relative,

I pretended to be sick and having severe headache thus they left me and asked Ramu to take care of me. Uncle was in his grocery shop and my younger brother had gone to school. After sometime, I called Ramu who immediately came near me. He was wearing shorts and T Shirt. I told him to bring the bottle of coconut oil and apply on my hair.

I sat on one stool and he started applying me oil from behind me. I ordered him to be in front of me. I was wearing a nightie with only panty inside. Ramu stood in front of me and started applying oil on my head. His dick was dangling in his shorts in front of my face while applying oil and my spread legs were in-between his legs and my mouth was touching his member,

without any qualms I pressed his dick with one of my hand and started massaging it. Ramu had a long breathe but continued to massage like a obedient slave. I then told him to do the oil massage on my neck and further below my bare back. Further I lifted my nightie till my knee and his rough hands started massaging till the visible parts having nil down position.

I closed my eyes, started moaning and happiness of this brought tears in my eyes. I started lifting my nightie above my knee and Ramu started massaging all my visible body. I without waiting for a single minute, removed the top buttons of my nighty and lifted the same from my head and ordered Ramu to massage my breast and navel area.

Ramu was obeying each of my instructions quite obediently. I was ashamed to be half naked in front of somebody for the first time in my life but simultenously I was enjoying and was moaning heavily on his touch. He was massaging my shoulder and slowly dropped his hand down. He massaged chest n my bumper breasts.

I winded both my hands on his head and dragged him on my boobs. The shyness in me had disappeared. My boobs were soft but very firm. I told him to press them and fondle it and made his chin towards me and gave the first kiss of my life. Till this time Ramu was fully arosed. His member beame like Kutub Minar after looking my Taj Mahal.

But he kept himself massaging me as per mutual agreement. He did not show any aggressiveness. He bent himself and was caressing and massaging my navel part. I pulled down his shorts and told him to take out his T Shirt also.. He did as per my instructions and now he was standing completely naked in front of me like a statue of Gomateshwar.

I just took his member in one of my hand, he hesitated but didn’t object neither he participated from his side to do other than my instructions. I took a very good look on his naked body and Kutub Minar as it was my first time in whole of my life. He had an erected rod of about 7 “ and his pubic hair were neatly shaved.

I asked him why he shave his pubic hair and he said that he shaves it always because my mom and aunt loves to see his member cleanly shaved. He told me in a very weak tone that he have yet to give me a proper thigh massage. He started to rub his hands on both of my thigh, very near to my panty. I further asked him to give me an oral pleasure and not to remove my panty.

He then embraced me and kissed me all over my face and inserted his tongue in my mouth. I too firmly gathered him in my arms and was kissing him impatiently. For more than fifteen minutes he kept on kissing and folding every part of my body. I used to feel his hardened member whenever he embraced me.

I slowly took my hand and put it on it. It was very hard and very big and I started massaging his balls. I was fascinated, I touched it, grabbed it in my hand many times. I was imagining as if I am holding one pretty big banana in my hand. I even sniffed it. It was smelling sweet and a drop of precum was there at the tip of the cock which Ramu immediately wiped it out with his Shorts.

He kept on squeezing, fondling, kissing my body, my hips and my breasts and gave me an utter satisfaction. I kissed him all over the body from head to toes and his backside also. His had white and smooth skin. He had hair on his chest which I liked most and his mustache and beard were pinching me nicely when we were kissing.

I was thinking that the time of this enjoyment should not end. He was very soft while treating me and I was very cautious about my Jewel. Very soon I reached my orgasm and whole my body ws shuddering. Ramu now tightened his thigh muscle around my head and within few seconds sent jets of his thick and hot seed on the ground.

Immediately he took one cloth and cleaned his spread thick, white substance. This was my first beautiful experience of sex with Ramu. Again I took Ramu in my arms and tightly hugged him and gave numbers of kisses all over his face which had turned red. I further told him to clean himself and come to bathroom and give me a nice bath.

He did as said by me and I once again had a squeezing, fondling and kissing exercises for me. After finishing the bath, I dressed up nicely and became ready as it was the time for my parents coming back home. We had many such occasions after this incidence and we tried varied experiments of oral sex but we never tried to cross our limits

and has surrendered my virginity to my soul mate only after my marriage. Now I am married with one caring, loving husband who is presently in Holland for his four years assignment. We are blessed with two beautiful kids. Ramu also got married with equal smart looking village girl. My father has built a small house for him in our field and is staying in that house and looking after our field,

our grocery shop and also my ripe aged parents. Uncle expired due to heart attack and aunt is staying in our house with her children who have grown up now. Ramu is regularly giving them royalty of the grocery shop and field and continuing to be honest and loyal with our family.

Servant Ramu fucking mother and aunt

I am a reader of humandigest. Some stories are really makes us to think and some are exaggerated on imaginery grounds. But my story is true and it has happened in my teen age. I am Kalpana, age 34, married, housewife and having two beautiful kids. Husband is working abroad and visits once in one year for a month. My elder daughter in of 11 years and son is of 8 years.

They are going to school and thus I get plenty of time to surf on the net and read and write anything of my choice. I was born and brought up in Southern Karnataka. We had joint family. Our family and my Uncles family. My father was Government servant and my uncle was a businessman. We had a grocery shop and a small field.

We had a young and smart servant to do all household things at home. We use to call him Ramu.. He was very smart and had a good physique. I was the second and eldest daughter of my parents and I had one cousin brother and one cousin sister who were at that time of pretty kid age.

Ramu was doing all the works of the house as well as of the field. He use to get up early in the morning. Keeps the breakfast ready for all of us. Then use to wash the utensils/clothes and also use to clean the House. Use to take a tiffin to my dad and my uncle and after a little nap of the afternoon again use to start his work for our evening dinner.

He use to also supervise our field in the rainy season but never use to be at Grocery shop. He use to just give the tiffin to my uncle and use to come to our house at the earliest. I use to be in the college for the whole day and use to come in the house only in the evening after my practicals/classes/gossip etc.

One day I went to college as normal, but it was raining heavily and therefore college was closed due to incessant rain. I came early at home because all our classes and practicals had cancelled. It was afternoon and at about 1 AM.... I knocked the door but no one responded. I was little surprised because everytime my mom and my aatya (uncles wife) use to be in the house.

As I was little confused, I went to the backside of the house and tried to knock. But even from there, no one opened the door. I was worried and about to shout, but getting the courage, slowly I peeped in our master bedroom from its window... For few minutes, I was shocked, drumbstruck and speechless... Such thing which use to never in my dream also.

The scene was terrible which I will never forget in my entire life. My mother (38 yrs) was on herknees,sucking the hard and big tool (around 7") of Ramu who was holding her face in both his hands and moving his hips very frantically.

And besides her, I could see my Rupa aunt (name changed) who was looking like a dream with her 38 inch tits covered in a black bra poking out from her transparent night gown and her sexy lacy g-string panties. Her long straight black hair, fair complexion, 40 inch hips were inviting Ramu to take her too along with my mom. I started shivering so as I could not bear the sight.

Ramu was taking my aunt in his arms and kissing her passionately for a long time. She obviously wanted more but Ramu could not move as mom had his member in her mouth and was sucking it. Ramu was just kissing, nibbling and licking of aunts smooth skin as she was standing when my mom was in neel down position.

Suddenly Ramu removed his member from my mom's mouth and went to her sweet pussy, my mom was already dripping wet, infact flowing wet. Ramu explored her every fold with his tongue as she moaned quietly. Ramu swallowed all the cum of my mom and in other round he was pressing the big hips and boobs of my aunt and was making her crazy.

He then left my mom moaning and made my aunt completely naked. I was never imagining that Ramu could be so much of smart and active in this sex activities. He was just at the age of 28 years where as my mom of 36 and my aunt was two years younger than Ramu.and for him too it was a thrilling experience.

One of the most beautiful women are lying in front of him naked with their legs wide open and their cunt pierced. Roopa Aunty held him very tight with her hands and wanted to enjoy the tightness. Ramu made small jerky movements with his hips so that his cock may make small movements.

His hand was completely carassing the nipples and hips and his lips were tight locked with each other. In other side, my mother was advising both of them with varied positions and both Ramu and my aunty were enjoying the thrill... Mom came closer and sat on the bed and saw Ramu's cock entering aunts cunt opening.

This scene and the moans of Roopa aunty made my mom also horny. She pressed her own boobs and nipples. Ramu had tremendous capacity and thus could reach the peak of their orgasm. He could take Roopa Aunty twice before laying down with my mom and entered her in one fast thrust.

I never imagined Ramu could be so wild, this continues for at least another 35/40 minutes where Roopa aunty was refree. My mom came twice and after they finished, she took him in mouth and sucked him for at least another 10 minutes. I was so wet in my panties that I was shaking. Sky had started becoming clear and rain had stopped. Clouds had disapeared but I was shivering. I will tell my experience with Ramu in my next after reading your comments.

Exhibition and Seduction with Maid

This incident happened in Hyderabad where I started my career after completing my degree. I am Seenu, 23 years old then, was staying in a hotel in Hyderabad. As the monthly income in 1999 was very low, I along with 2 of my friends moved to a Govt Colony consisting of LIG flats. We three of us are from Kammam and got to know each other when we were staying in the same hotel for more than 1 year.

Initially, we did not have anybody to help us and we were doing all the household work on our own. After three months, one of my friends, Babu, got transferred to Delhi and myself and Ashik were alone at home. I was working as a sales man in a pharmaceutical company and my friend was working in a nearby factory.

So, we decided to hire a maid who will wash our clothes and clean the house every alternate day. We enquired with our neighbour and through their reference; we hired a servant maid Rani. She was 19 year old and her family including her sister and mother were working as maids in the colony. Now let me describe her in short.

She was black in colour, with a lean structure and very small size tits and boobs. But her face structure is such that she will look like a homely girl with above average structure. She used to come in half saree, which is a traditional south Indian dress. Initially, I did not have any unusual thoughts about her.

My friend Ashik used to go in regular shift by 7 am and being a salesman in pharmacy, I used to go in unusual timing. Most of the days, when Rani comes for work; I used to be at home and give our dress for washing and allow her to clean the house. Being a LIG flat, the house was only having a hall, which also serves as our bedroom and a kitchen in the corner of the hall

and a bathroom opposite to the kitchen and a small balcony. The house was located in the ground floor of the colony and in the corner of the entire campus. After 2 months of interaction, Rani was feeling comfortable and started talking to me very freely. Normally, being a bachelor I used to stay in my house with dhothis and t shirts.

Once I started having the feeling of flirting with her and I decided to take my move slowly. I was waiting for an opportunity moment and it so happened that my roommate had to go to his native place for 15 days on account of his sister’s marriage and I was alone in the house. Normally, when Rani came to our house, she will press the calling bell.

But that day I decided to expose myself to Rani and I decided not to respond to the calling bell. I also removed my brief and I was with my dhothi and vest and was pretending to be asleep in the bed. As usual, she came and pressed the calling bell and I did not respond. So, she thought I was in deep sleep and she came around the house and opened the side window

to wake me up. I knew she will do this to wake me up and I deliberately lied in the bed showing my cock in a way that my dhothi was slid aside, while was sleeping (actually pretending). She called me from the window, sir, please get up and open the door. And she saw my cock out my dhothi and slightly giggled while calling me.

I pretended as if I am waking up and realizing the position I was in, I hurriedly tried to set right my dhothi. She giggled again and I told her to come around the house. On the lucky day, Rani was in red colour petticoat and white shiffon half saree with a matching white blouse. I could see the red colour bra she was wearing through the transparent white blouse.

I thanked my luck as she has come in my favourite dress which comprises of white half saree which is made of shiffon, which is very transparent and wherein one can see the boobs, even though if it is small, very clearly. The white blouse was also transparent showing the poor quality of the material as well as the worn-out of the same.

On the same day I decided to tease her further. So when she started taking clothes for washing, I also asked her to wash the dhothi and the vest which I was wearing at that time. She said that ok and I removed my vest first and gave it her in the bathroom where she was soaking the other clothes.

Then I took a transparent white towel which is very small in size and started wearing it above my dhothi and then removed the dhothi. Now I was only with the towel around my waist and nothing else. I knew that she is also aware that I am not wearing my brief. Since the towel I was wearing was very small and did not cover my hip size,

I tied it in a way that my cock was visible sideways, if I started walking and the breadth of the towel was such that half of my thighs were visible. I slowly moved towards the bathroom were Rani was soaking other clothes and handed over the dhothi to her. While turning back, she giggled again and that made me to realize that she had seen my cock again through my small towel.

Then I switched on the television and sat on the stool and started watching f TV where incidentally, a programme on lingerie was on air. Then, I made my next move and took the coconut oil bottle and started applying on my head first. Simultaneously, I moved the stool near the bathroom gate and started talking to Rani about her family.

Now she moved around herself in the bathroom so that she can talk to me seeing my face. All the while, my cock was visible through the opening of the towel while I was sitting and applying oil on my head. She asked me why I was applying so much oil on my head and I told her that this will cool the body and it is good for health.

She was telling me that her's is poor family and her family is totally dependent on the income of their members to survive. During the course of conversation, I started applying oil on my hands and chest. Then I made my next move and I got up from the stool and put my right leg on the stool to apply oil.

This move further exposed my cock to her as she was sitting in front of me on the floor of the bathroom and talking to me even though she was also washing the clothes. Now, the moment I started applying oil on my right leg, my cock was fully exposed as a major opening was created by this move.

Even then Rani did not try avoid seeing me and she was talking to me calmly all the while enjoying watching my cock in full. As the conversation progressed, she started enjoy watching this position even more. Then I relaxed myself by sitting on the stool again. Rani came out our bathroom after washing the clothes and saw me sitting on the stool watching F tv

and also my cock which was visible through the opening of the towel I was wearing. She just smiled and went and dried the clothes in the balcony. After finishing her washing, she also cleaned the house and said that she will leave for the day. In the meanwhile, my mind was working over time to ensure that I show myself in full to her.

So the moment she said that she is going to leave, I gave her the monthly salary and also the festival bonus of Rs.1000/-. She happily took it and smiled blushingly and started leaving the house, and then I asked her to get me two packet shampoos for me to take bath. She readily agreed and took change from me and went to the nearby shop.

I made my next move as I can watch her coming towards our home through the small air vent inside the bathroom. I deliberately kept the door unlocked and went inside the bathroom and removed my towel and started taking bath in complete nudity expecting her to come inside the house any moment.

I ensured that the balcony door and the windows of the house were closed and none of my neighbors are able to see what's happening inside the house. As expected, I could hear the opening of the door. Then, as I had already kept my bathroom door also unlocked, I did not see her near the bathroom door. Brushing aside my disappointment, I made my next move.

I raised my voice and asked who this is? Rani said that she had come with the shampoos. Then I slightly opened the bathroom door and asked her to give the shampoos to me as I am already getting late. She came near the bathroom door to give the shampoo packets to me. While I was taking the packets, the bathroom door being a plastic one,

opened further and now I am standing in front of Rani completely wet and in full nudity. Now she made her move and asked smilingly that Seenu do you need any help? Without waiting for my reply, she entered the bathroom. Then with a wicked smile, she looked at me from top to bottom.

She now had a closer look at my cock which was more than 8 inch in length standing upright in front of her wanting to be shaken up. Then, to my surprise, she moved out of the bathroom. I was completely disappointed with this move. But, then, the unexpected happened. In front of me, she slowly removed her half saree saying that it will get wet.

Now I asked her innocently whether she will remove her blouse and other garments also citing the same reason. She blushingly said that you are too clever. Now I asked her whether she needs any help. She said, yes... why not? Then I moved out of the bathroom knowing well that all the doors and windows are closed, and went near Rani who was standing in front of me with her petticoat and blouse.

I raised my both hands above my head and suddenly in one move removed her petticoat strings. Rani was shocked at the speed I removed it and now she was standing only with a red colour panty and white blouse. What a sight is was to see her in such a position under the tube lights in full glow inside my house.

The I took both my hand and started removing the hooks of the blouse from behind one by one. Then I removed the blouse in full and in no time I also removed her red bra. Now she was only with her red colour panty. I just moved back and a deep look at her from top to bottom admiring the hidden treasures. She said that enough of watching and pleaded me make my next move.

I asked he remove the red colour panty on her own and she obediently did it. Admiring her full nudity, I went near her and cupped her small breasts and encircled them slowly. She started moaning ssshhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. And in one move, I also took her left hand and moved it near my stomach.

She was completely warmed up now and slowly I moved down her left hand from my stomach and took near my abdomen area and took further below slightly and stopped just above my cock where there were full grown hairs was available. Rani now asked me that " You had applied oil every where but not here I believe, isn't it?"

I said yes and immediately she did the most unexpected thing. She took the oil bottle which was nearby and poured a handful of oil in her hand and started rubbing and applying oil just about my dick and below my abdomen area where I had not removed the fully grown hairs. She just avoided my dick and balls and applied oil just around my dick.

This increased my senses and my cock started rising again in front of her face in full glow. Rani again took the oil bottle and poured some oil directly on the standing cock. The oil started flowing out of my cock... it was a scene which I will not forget in my life. With a wicked smile in her face, Rani took both her hand and touched my cock.

Suddenly I felt as if 1000 watts current entered my body and jerked. At the same time, she tightened her hold around my cock and started moving her hand up and down. Now it's my turn to moan and simultaneously, I took the oil bottle and poured some in my hand. I made Rani to stand up while she was shaking my cock in full flow.

I wanted Rani to experience some of the sensations I was experiencing. So I took my hand full of oil and started rubbing the small tiny breasts. She could not control herself and asked me to enter into her pussy which was completely wet by now. I asked her to stop rubbing my cock and allow me to enter her. She did and slowly entered her wet pussy with my oily cock;

all while rubbing and cupping her oily breasts. Rani cried in total happiness and cupped my back and moved me inside her pussy. At the same time, I also moved my hands from her breasts and cupped her dick and started moving it towards me and we both were moving like a piston rod operating in opposite directing with harmony in movement.

After 5 minutes, I completely jerked my cum inside her pussy and Rani was in ecstasy. She said that she never experienced such a thing in her life and hugged me tightly with tears in her eyes. Then I took her inside the bathroom. She turned on the shower and made me to sit on the stool I had inside the bathroom.

She took the shampoo and mysore sandal soap which is normally used by me and started applying all over my body and my back. Rani now was in full flow creating lather in my soap full of body. First she finished my face, and then she moved to my back and then turned me towards her and started rubbing her hand over my chest and simultaneously, pinched my nipples.

It created waves inside me and at the same time I also took the soap and started applying all over her body. Then I started playing with her boobs cupping and circling it again and again. Rani could not tolerate the pleasure and suddenly, she sat and started rubbing soap on my cock. We took bath under the shower hugging each other and till the soap was cleaned from our body.

Now Rani took the towel and started cleaning my body from head to toe. While do so, I again got aroused and started playing with her wet boobs. After drying myself, I took the towel and dried Rani from head to toe. When I was about to move out of the bathroom, Rani did the most unexpected thing of the morning.

She suddenly kneeled down and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously. I was under cloud nine and cummed entirely in her mouth and she happily took everything into her.

She said that she will never forget this day and kissed me in my forehead. After that day, it became a routine for me to walk nakedly in front of Rani whenever she was in home and she used to flirt similarly.

Guy having hot sex with maids 3

Guy having hot sex with maids
Guy having hot sex with maids 2

Well, this is the concluding part 3 of my encounters with my 3 lovely maids, V1, with a great attraction, V2, with big boobs & A2, with a beautiful figure & body and probably the hottest. Continuing from Part 2, it did not take long for A2 to get in touch with me, saying that as she had expected V1 & V2 readily agreed to come along with her and were rather looking forward to the foursome.

As such, the 3 lovely ladies duly arrived at the agreed place on the date & time fixed. This time I told them that the 3 could take turns sitting in the front with me in the car. I first made V1 sit with me and we were on our way towards Goa. V1 without hesitation planted a deep long kiss on my lips after having taken care that we were alone on the road.

She also unzipped my trousers, pulled my cock out of my underwear & gave it a big shaking & sucked it too. In the meanwhile V2 & A2 were also having some fun in the rear. They were palying with each other's boobs & choots, pressing, licking & sucking. After some time I asked V2 to come in the front. Not to be outdone by V1, V2 also dared to do all that V1 had done.

Finally it was A2's turn to come in the front and she did everything possible, like plant a sweet kiss on my lips, take my cock out, shake it & suck it, put my hand on her boobs & made me massage them and on her choot, she shoved my finger inside it & give it a thumping. So, we checked into the 1st hotel that we came across.

Again, after having washed & refreshed ourselves, I asked the 3 whether they were ready for the enjoyment. All 3 said yes in unison. I told them that we shall play & enjoy. I lined them up in the order of V1, V2 & A2, beginning from my left. I first removed V1's saree, then V2's & finally A2's.

I then removed their blouses in the same order, again V1 & A2 did not have bras, To make them look even I removed V2's bra. Now all 3 were in their petticoats & topless. It was a sight to see 3 pairs of beautiful boobs together. I clicked photos, even with me joining them topless. Two practically identical pair of boobs on both the ends of V1 & A2, straight & erect,

with a huge pair in between of V2. I took turns in fondling & squeezing them. I then licked their nipples in turns and finally sucked them. All the 3 ladies were horny by then, as they wanted to remove their petticoats, but I told them that that was my privilege. So, I removed the petticoats of the 3 and there before me were my 3 love maids, completely naked.

I then removed my trousers & underwear and was completely naked before my 3 lovlies. I first went to V1 & asked her to suck my cock. She very obligingly did so. Before I could release, I went to V2, though V1 did not want me to move from her. V2 too sucked my cock and finally I made A2 suck it too.

When I was ready to release I told all the 3 to take my cum in their mouths which I would drop in parts. All 3 took their share of my cum in their mouths & swallowed it. In the same sequence of V1, V2 & A2, I licked their gaands, put my finger in them, rubbed my cock on them and was about to move to the front, when V1 asked me to put my cock inside her gaand,

which I did and she was pleased. V2 & A2 too wanted me to put my cock in their respective gaands too, which again I did. When I was about to ejaculate I spilled some of my cum on the gaands of all three and they smeared it all over their bodies, rather A2 was licking her fingers. Seeing A2 do this V2 & V1 also did the same.

I then asked all 3 to kneel in the same sequence next to the bed and put their faces on the bed and close their eyes as I had a pleasant surprise for them Eager for surprises, the 3 did as told. You see readers I had bought a vibrating dildo from UK on my last visit. So, I put in ON & put it near the tip of V1's gaand. She was like, tha'ts nice.

I then inserted it inside and she went, ' O, that's lovely, what is it'? Hearing V1 say that, V2 & A2 raised their heads, but I told them for now they must keep their eyes shut. I proceeded to V2. Did the same to her & she went ' O yes it is really lovely'. I then proceeded to A2. Did the same to her & she said, 'O my my, this is just beautiful'.

I then asked them to get up and showed them the vibrating dildo. They were indeed very surprised. V1 asked me to insert it in her choot. And I obliged. And she went, ' wah wah this is simply very very nice, O my God I got horny in no time'. V2 & A2 also wanted a taste of it. V2 responded with, ' my God this is something fantastic',

A2 observed ' really this is something very good & sexciting' They wanted the dildo in their hands and experienced it themselves on themselves and on each other. It was a sight to see the 3 thoroughly enjoying it. Before I could proceed further, I asked them all to lie on the bed in the same sequence.

I then licked & sucked their pubic hair & choots and before I could proceed from V1 to V2, V1 had her orgasm and all her cum was spilling from her choot. I licked it with my tongue & was about to swallow when A2 wanted a part of it. I gave it to her. I then proceeded to V2 and when she was spilling V1 wanted a part of her cum.

And then when it was A2's turn, V2 wanted some of A2's cum. The juices of all three were different from the other, but all were very sexciting & tasty. Now I knew the smell of each cum. Wanting to go ahead to fuck them in the same sequence, A2 wanted that I fuck her first by breaking the sequence.

I told V1 & V2 that it was right on the part of A2 to demand it first, as it was because of her efforts that V1 & V2 came to me and were now also there because of her. V1 & V2 immediately agreed. A2 took my cock in her hands, rubbed & squeezed it, to make it big & fat and then thrust it in her choot and she was moaning,

growling & softly screaming and asked me to increase the speed. After getting fucked for quite some time, she had her orgasm & my cock was full of her cum. Within a short time I too ejaculated, as her choot was hot, very wet & exciting. I left out a blow and felt like a conqueror. V1 & V2 noticed that I had my orgasm too from my gasps of enjoyment.

V2 said that she would lick my cock & V1 wanted to lick A2's choot. After taking some breath, I asked as to who wanted to get fucked next. V2 it was. After both V2 & I had our orgasms, V1 ventured to suck my cock & A2 licked V2's choot. After some more breath it was finally V1's turn, in the reverse sequence, to get fucked.

This time V2 licked my cock & A2 licked V1's choot. All this was very very exciting, but also exhaustive, as I had fucked & leaked my cum in 3 different gaands & choots. Needless to say, each of them was indeed satisfied as they had had their fill. After this we all 4 went to the bathroom and had one hell of a time washing each other.

It was completely very very romantic. I clicked many photos & video of all the enjoyment. We then ordered some snacks etc., relaxed for some time and when it was time to go home, I gave A2 Rs.1,500/= (Rs.1,000/= for bringing along V1 &V2 together & Rs. 500/=for having got fucked) & with which I told her that her debt stands redeemed.

A2 was very pleased and said that she had not only wiped off her debt but also had a great time. She thanked me, V1 & V2 for their cooperation. I also gave V1 & V2 Rs. 500/= each. Before leaving I told them that this was not the end of our meetings, whenever anyone of them wanted to have fun, whether individually or in two's or 3 together, all they had to do was call me.

Reader's I am sure that very very few of you must have enjoyed 3 women together. And that I am indeed very lucky to have them, as each one had her own speciality. Matters did not end with the above encounter. V1, V2 & A2 have called me several times, individually, in two's of V1 & V2, V1 & A2 & V2 & A2 and also all 3 together.

We 4 are the best of friends and always come to the help of others in all matters. It is indeed a very very rare thing for a fucker like me, to have my wife, my MIL, my Saali & my 3 Love Maids. Please post your comments, dear readers. Thanks. God bless you all.

Guy having hot sex with maids 2

Previously: Guy having hot sex with maids

Continuing from my 1st narration, when I asked A2 to bring along V2, they both came at the appointed place & day. We three sat in my car, V2 in front with me and A2 in the back seat and proceeding on the Western Express Highway. On the way talking to both A2 & V2 I would touch V2 on her thighs and A2 would touch me from the back.

We three checked into a hotel about 60 Kms away from home, refreshed ourselves & had tea etc. I then asked V2 as to whether A2 had told her everything we two did and what I wanted from her. She said yes. So, I told her to come to me, but she was a little hesitant. Then A2 came near me, hugged me tight and kissed me hard on my lips.

She told V2, see there's nothing to be afraid of, as I had been very good with her and that she enjoyed my love making. V2 did not move but was silent. A2 then asked me to remove my clothes, took my cock in her hands, shook it and then sucked it. From the corner of my eye I observed that V2 was starting to get horny, as she started pressing her boobs and choot.

A2 & I continued with our love making. I removed her saree & blouse, pressed her boobs with my hands and sucked her nipples & boobs. A2 removed her petticoat and lay on the bed. I licked & sucked her choot and she asked me to put my cock in her choot and fuck her. I did accordingly till I leaked my cum in her choot.

We got up and were pleasantly surprised to see that V2 had removed all her clothes and was fingering her choot with 1 hand and pressing her boobs with the other. Seeing us get up, V2 rushed towards me, pressed her naked body against mine and kissed me. I too kissed her very hard, put my tongue inside & she responded by putting hers in my mouth.

Our both's saliva was oozing. Seeing this A2 came from back & pressed her boobs on my body & took my cock in her hands. Seeing this V2 told her to please let her enjoy me as she had already done so and that we shall have a threesome once she was through with me. Then what, V2 went down on her knees & sucked my cock very hard &

long till I ejaculated & she drank all my cum and looked up to me in a satisfied manner. I then asked her to lie on the bed and put my lips to her choot and she asked me to lick & suck it as hard as possible & till the time she had an orgasm. And I did so. She then told me to fuck her as she had not had that privilege for a long time,

as her husband had expired many years back and that we two had not dared to earlier when I made love to her. V2 looked at A2, as if asking her permission. A2 told her to go ahead without any worry. And I thrust my cock in V2's choot and she was squealing, moaning & asked for deeper thrusts.

I must her fucked her really nicely, as I could feel her vagina tightening & felt all her cum on my cock, as she had had an orgasm. With this I too had my orgasm & leaked all my cum inside her soft, wet choot. Wanting to get up, V2 asked me to remain there for some time with my cock in her choot. She then called A2 to join in.

A2 came and asked me to lick her boobs & choot. Very obligingly I did so. It was a wonderful feeling to have my cock in 1 choot and be licking & sucking another choot. After some time V2 got up after having me remove my cock from her choot. Immediately A2 started licking my cock with V2's & my cum & swallowed it.Then V2 & A2 switched positions i.e.

I had my cock in A2's choot & was licking & sucking V2's choot. We 3 did various combinations, like 1 sucking my cock & other getting her boobs sucked, 1 licking others choot & me sucking both's boobs, 1 sucking my cock & other sucking my balls, 1 kissing me & other sucking my cock etc. Oh, it was sheer enjoyment for all three.

We 3 made love & had sex to our hearts content for hours. Ultimately, it was time to go and I gave A2 Rs.500/=.for bringing along V2 & another Rs.500/= for having get fucked by me. With this I told her Rs.2,500/= stand deducted & balance remains of Rs.2,500/=. She was satisfied. I also gave V2 Rs.500/= as she had told A2 & to which I had agreed.

I also gave V2 a Bra which I had brought from UK. She put it on & this time it fitted perfectly, because the previous year too I had brought ne for her, but it was 1 size bigger. She was mighty pleased. After having returned back, one day I told A2 that there was still another way to reduce her balance due.

On being asked, I told her that she meets V1 everyday in our house & she must now convince her to come alongwith her. I told A2 that since I had never been able to crack V1's defences, sh would be quite a 'hard nut to crack', but that I was sure she would be able to convince V1. Yes, a day came when A2 told me that she was finally able to make V1 agree,

but only after much deep persuasion. So, A2 & V1 met me on the fixed day & time and were on our way in my car on the Eastern Express Highway towards Nasik. A2 made V1 sit in the front with me & she sat in the rear. On the way, chatting, listening to the music system, I would touch V1's thighs & A2 would touch me from the back.

Once she even planted a kiss on my lips when I turned around when she called. I was observing V1's reaction. She was like OK. I asked V1 whether she would like to do the same and she said not on the road. So, what I did was that I planted a kiss on her lips. She was like again, OK.

After about 90 minutes drive, we 3 checked into a hotel, refreshed ourselves, had tea etc and I told V1 that I was indeed grateful to her for having come along and that I would have to appreciate A2's efforts for that. V1, I observed, and so did A2, was a little hesitant. I told V1 to sit & relax on the bed and I sat there alongwith her & asked A2 to come to my other side.

I told V1 that we shall not do anything till she was relaxed, ready & willing. I then took her face in my hands and told her not to worry about anything. I then massaged her face & kissed her foerhead, then her cheeks and when I thought she was OK, I kissed her ever so gently & softly on her lips. She seemed quite relaxed by then.

I then started to open the buttons of her blouse one by one and with every button that I opened I also immediately massaged that part. Finally all the buttons were open & as presumed she did not have a Bra, I removed her blouse & massaged her boobs and ultimately put my lips to her nipples, sucked them and the boobs, first one then the other and then both together.

She seemed to be enjoying as her head went back & her eyes were closed. Feeling horny, she caught my cock from my pants. A2 came to the rescue & removed my pant & underwear and V1 was pressing my naked cock. A2 then removed V1's saree & petticoat & my shirt and V1 & I were both completely naked.

V1 then went down, kissed & sucked my cock so much that within a short time I leaked & she very pleasantly swallowed my cum. Then only did she open her eyes & with a very very satisfied look. As if asking for fun she lay on the bed, facing the ceiling & legs apart. I took my mouth near her choot, kissed her pubic hair and slowly started licking & sucking her choot.

And she started feeling very horny as she made pelvic movements. When I thrust my tongue inside her choot, she raised her head &started moaning & yearning and pressed my head against her choot. I licked & sucked in various movements & varying the speed and she was oozing pre-cum, which I licked & swallowed.

As she was nearing an orgasm she was panting and asking me to do it faster with my tongue & on her g-spot, all the while she had her head raised & kept holding my head with her hands. Finally she had her orgasm & she seemed very very happy as she was smiling. Before I could lick & swallow her cum, A2 came in & joined me in turns to lick & swallow her cum.

V1 seemed so happy that she thanked A2 for bringing her along & me for giving her such pleasure, as her husband had never licked & sucked her choot and she had never had sex with another man. She told me that she knew that I used to look into her cleavage & legs and also that I had taken her photos & video, but did not mind as such.

She then asked me to insert my cock in her choot and give her one hell of a time by fucking her hard & long. I did as she wanted and she was so very happy that after her orgasm she wanted me to fuck her more so that I too would have my orgasm & leak all my cum inside her choot. Within a short time I too had my orgasm, as her choot was wet, hot & wild.

Again, before I could remove my cock from her choot A2 said that she would lick my cock with all the cum and V1 said I could lick her choot. Oh, it was just lovely & like a dream come true for me, as I had always thought of sucking & fucking V1. V1 then asked A2 to join in for a 3some, as A2 had already removed her clothes.

We 3 had a wonderful time with different positions & combinations. After having had fun to our heart's content, we 3 went to the bathroom to wash & clean each other. I gave A2 Rs.500/= for bringing along A1 & another Rs.500/= for having got fucked by me. I told her that now Rs.1,500/= remains as balance.

I wanted to pay V1 too but she declined saying that she had enjoyed so much that that was enough compensation for her. But, again V2 came to my rescue and asked V1 to accept the money, as I was giving it to her with a lot of pleasure & compassion. V1 relented. I then gave about 4 panties to her which I had brought from UK and she said that she would preserve these for special occasions.

A2 too wanted some and I gave 4 to her also. I thanked both of them from the bottom of my heart, hugged & kssed them and were on our way back home. I first dropped V1 near her home and then A2, but before seeing her off, I told her that she could wipe out the remaining balance of Rs.1,500/= with one go, by bringing V1 & V2 together with her on our next outing.

She said that it may not be a big problem as both V2 & V1 had already come & enjoyed and would probably be excited, as she was, to have a foursome. Well, dear readers, I shall narrate this probably never attempted encounter of a foursome, a man with 3 women, in my last & concluding part 3 and would love your comments to this narration.

Sexperience with maid at native place

Hi guys I am Doniv from Pune. I am a fair guy, 5’8” with a good athletic physique. The story I am going to narrate is about one of our maids. This is a true incident which goes back about 10 years when I was newly married. Just after a few months of our marriage, my wife had to go to my native place to be with my parents.

There was some function and I could not go as I did not get leave from my work. Everybody had to go to the function so I was alone at home. This maid of ours was asked to cook food for me and do all the house hold work. To describe this lady, she was around 40 years of age, short, wheatish complexion and on the heavier side. She had massive boobs, about 42 size.

No I am not exaggerating. They were really big. She had a big ass too. She really looked very sexy and hot. With the pallu of her saree always on one side, her cleavage was always visible and it really turned me on so many times. I have masturbated thinking about her so many times, and still do.

Any way, as she was supposed to cook and do all the house work, she used to come to our place by 6.30 in the morning, as I had to leave for work by 8.00 AM. A few days had passed by and I was thinking how to get this lady to bed. As usual, my masturbation continued in the bathroom, while she did the house work.

Slowly I started to keep my bathroom door slightly open while having my bath, hoping that she would see me nude in the bathroom, masturbating. Well the opportunity came one day. I was having my bath and my landline phone rang. As I was bathing, I asked her to attend the call and continued bathing. We had a cordless phone.

She answered the call and as it was my colleague from office, she came to the bathroom door to knock and the door just opened. And I was there standing in front of her completely nude and wet. I took the phone and she went away to the kitchen to do her work. I finished my bath and wrapped my towel around my waist and came out.

I straight away went to the kitchen and told her I am sorry. She did not say anything. I told her I am sorry and asked her whether she is angry. Without looking at me she said that why she should be angry. I told that because I was nude and I had not bolted the bathroom door. She said not it is ok and smiled. This gave my a little courage and I went very close to her.

She just looked at me and said, let me bolt all the doors first. On hearing this I was thrilled and went in the bedroom. She bolted all the doors and came inside. I told her first lets have bath together. I wanted to clean her nicely before fucking her. She removed her saree and blouse and petticoat. These people do not wear any bra or panties.

My cock was making a tent in the towel and I could not control myself. We went to the bathroom and I gave her a good bath. Washing and squeezing her boobs nicely. My God they were so huge, I had to use both my hands to hold one boob. I soaped her pussy and whole body nicely and then we dried ourselves and came to the bedroom.

I straight away attacked her huge melons and was sucking them, squeezing them. I was literally mauling her boobs and she was also enjoying it. She started playing with my cock. I was already very excited. She started sucking my cock, which was a new experience for me, as my wife did not like to blow me.

Well guys, she was a real expert in giving a blow job. My attack on her boobs continued, as I love big boobs. I was sucking them, biting her nipples, licking around the areola and she was moaning aaaahhhhhhh ……….. uuuuuhhhhhhh, suck them, please bite my nipples, ooooohhhhhhhh you are doing it so well, please do not stop…

Her moaning continued while she also kept sucking my cock. As I was too excited, I could not hold any longer and just came in her mouth. To my surprise she just drank all my sperm. She was really on the heat now. She again took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it. To my surprise it was up and rising again to the occasion.

She asked my for a condom and opened it and herself rolled it down on my dick, giving my dick light squeezes on the way down. I asked her to come on top, as I like this position very much. I sat up with my back to the wall. She took my dick in her hand and started inserting it in her pussy. Wow what a feeling it was.

I cupped her huge ass with both my hands and lowered her on my cock slowly. Slowly she started riding me like a cowboy. She was an expert in this. In the meanwhile, I was feasting on those gorgeous tits of hers. Guys I was literally in heaven. She was moaning uuuuhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh, Fuck me, suck my tits, suck them, bite them, squeeze them.

And I was doing exactly as she was saying. She was really riding me fast and saying chodo mujhe jor se, aur jor se…. aaaahhhhhhh mere jaan mazaa aa raha hai. I was like in seventh heaven and matching stroke for stroke with her and saying haan meri jaan aaj nahi chhodunga tujhe. Wow what a fucking session that was.

We were so tired and exhausted and sweating that we had to take a bath again, where again I sucked those huge tits. The next day, before she came, I kept the door open for her and I became nude and slept under the bed sheet. As she came, I pretended to be sleeping. She directly came to me after locking the doors,

removed my bedsheet and on seeing me nude, straight away started sucking my cock. Today she already had bath from home and came. After that we had a really good fucking session. This routine continued till my family was back from my native place.

Even after that, whenever I get a chance, I squeezed her massive boobs or even sucked them, while she used to hold my cock and masturbate it for me. I still get a hard on when I think of her.

Guy having hot sex with maids

Besides my first three loves in my wife, my mother-in-law & my saali, I also have my other three loves, in my maids. The first, V1, has been doing our house work in washing clothes, cleaning utensils, sweeping & pocha to the floor, since the time we occupied the present house, i.e. for the past 9 years.

She is a lovely lady, maybe about 45 years and already a grand-mother. Whenever she comes to work she is neatly dressed. She has a wheatish complexion, about 5Ft tall and slim. Over a period of time, I started liking her. Whenever I have the opportunity, I start a conversation with her. Many a times, I have been able to see her boobs through her blouse as she rarely wears a bra.

The boobs are almost always straight & erect, especially when she has had her monthly period, which I guess is around the 10th of the month. Then again, I am sometimes able to see the upper part of her chest when she sweeps or does pocha to the floor. I am also able to see lower part of her legs then.

When she washes the clothes I am also able to see her knees & part of her thighs. Without her knowledge I have clicked her photos & video. She is a very self- conscious woman and will not accept anything. She is very honest, that is why she has a duplicate key to our house with her. I have tried to flirt with her, but she has tried not to respond.

The only times I have touched her were once when she had a splitting headache & I massaged her forehead or once when I told her that if she requires any type of help from me, to demand the same from me and she assured me and that's when I took her hand in my hand as a promise and kissed it.

The 2nd, V2, came in as our cook. She always wore a saree, a see-through blouse with different coloured bras. She has a well built body with size 36C boobs, which attracted me to her. After having cooked for the family, after a few days, when we 2 were alone I started chatting with her and told her that I liked her. She asked me as to what attracted me to her.

Very plainly I told her it were her big boobs. Finally, I sat on the platform and spread out my arms & asked her to come forward to me. A bit hesitantly she came near, but I told her to be in my arms. When she came I hugged her and planted a kiss on her lips. She wanted to know as to why, inspite of having a wife with bigger boobs than hers, was I keen to have her.

I told her that I loved to make love to women especially with big boobs. We made love to each other quite a few times. One day I asked her to show me her big boobs & she un-buttoned a few buttons of her blouse & put the blouse up to show her boobs in her bra. I told her that I wanted to see her boobs completely naked. She took them out of her bra.

I put my T-shirt up and put her bare boobs on my chest. Then I pressed them and finally sucked them and she got horny. On another occasion I asked her to show me her gaand & her choot and she again obliged. I kissed her gaand & choot and again she felt horny. We made love many times, but did not fuck.

She generally got horny when I kissed her neck and more so when I sucked her nipples. One day V2 left work. And then A2 came in. She has a beautiful figure. Very shapely. Small boobs, like V1 and also like her straight & erect ones. I let time pass before approaching her, but secretly clicked her pictures.

One day the opportunity came when she needed money for treatment of her son-in-law and I gave her Rs.5,000/= in her hands and held them for some time and pressed them. Probably she understood. One day I told her that she could get her debt redeemed without paying me. She was anxious to know how. I told her for that I need to talk to her alone.

So, I asked her to come to a particular place from where I could pick her up in my car. At the fixed day & time she came and I took her in my car and drove towards Pune. On the way we had tea etc., made small talk and she finally asked me how she would not have to repay the loan. I told her let us check into a hotel and we can talk over there. She agreed.

We checked into a hotel, refreshed ourselves, had tea etc and I told her that she has only to do what I ask her to do and for every agreement I would deduct a sum from her dues. She asked me as to what I would ask her to do. I told her, first of all she should allow me to make love to her. She agreed. I asked her to come close to me and held her in my arms and kissed her hard.

She responded by pressing my body and kissed me hard too. I then removed her clothes with my hands. First her saree, then her blouse and as I had observed she did not wear a bra. I pressed her boobs & nipples. Then I sucked her nipples & boobs. She seemed to enjoy that, as she did not mind when I removed her petticoat.

There was that beautiful body completely naked before me. She asked me to remove my clothes too, which I did. She took my cock in her hands and kissed me hard. I then asked her whether she would want to suck my cock and she said 'yes'. She sucked it very passionately. Then I asked her to lie down on the bed and I sucked her choot for a long time till her cum came out.

She got so horny that she asked me to fuck her. And we fucked hard for quite some time till I ejaculated. Both having satisfied ourselves, we washed each other and dressed up. She did not ask, but I told her that I would deduct Rs.500/= for this. She was pleased. I then asked her if she could stay overnight & that I would deduct Rs.1,000/=.

She said yes but what would she tell her husband and me my wife. I told her to phone her husband from a PCO and tell him that she had come to Mahad for darshan of Varad Ashtavinayak with her friends, but don't know why there was a massive crowd and the temple authorities were giving tokens for darshan and she got tomorrow morning's token.

She did as told and her husband agreed. I then called my wife and told her a similar story. She too agreed. So, we stayed in the hotel overnight and fucked 3 times, once before dinner, then before going to sleep and then again next morning before leaving. On all 3 occasions both of us enjoyed each other to our heart's content.

So, I told her now she owes me only Rs.3,500/= and for that also I would show her other ways to avoid it. She wanted to know there & then as to how. I told her that she knew V2 who stays near her house and if she could bring V2 long with her, the next time I would deduct another Rs.500/= just for bringing her along.

It was not long when one day A2 called me on my private mobile and informed me that she had made V2 agree to my proposal who also wanted some compensation. I agreed. Not make this narration very long, I invite readers to their views and I shall then narrate the rest in part 2.

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I have a friend who is about aged about 45 who occasionally meet me over a drink in the evenings and he is pretty open with me in all his personal things, he is married and has 2 daughters, on one of the occasions he mentioned that he hadnt had sex with his wife for almost 3 yrs and he he regularly masterbate while having bath and wants to fuck someone,

and I immediately reminded him of the girl servant who is there at his house, who is from the native place udupi, but he accepted of not knowing how to intiate sex with her and asked me to help him.

this girl is around 24 married and husband had left her, so to earn a living came to city and was working, she is about 5 ft medium built and wheatish complexion and having medium size breast. so it was couple of months back before the school could reopen his family went to native place and my friend did not accompany them coz of his work,

so one weekend we preapared to make a move on her..I went to his house around 6 pm she came and opened the door her name is radha, I aksed abt her wellness and went inside and sat down, while my friend fixed a drink and came out to chat with me, on the pretext of getting some snacks he left me to her

and went out saying after I call him on his cellphone he will return, in the pretext of offering her also some soft drink my friend mixed little vodka and gave it to her. on the tv fashion cahnnel was going on and it was all about lingeries, and I called her to talk to me, so for a while she was standing and I called her to sit next to me,

she said how can I sit I am only a servant for which I told when his family is not there if you are like a friend my friend will be happy and will be happy to get you new things and forced to accept and sit next to me, as she sat I put my hands on the shoulders and was watching tv,

as the time passed my hand slightly went down near her boobs for which she didnt react and I knew she is liking it, I kept wtaching tv and kept massaging her breasts, to make the next move with my right hand I caught her right hand and guided tomy crotch where my cock was rock hard,she didnt do anyhting so I told her to hold it,

wow what a grip she took on my cock and asked her to give both of us fun, her silence was the go ahead answer for me, I called my friend to come back and withing few minutes he came. as soon as he came she went inside and he also sat on the sofa and I called out to her, I had dimmed all the lights to get the right mood,

when she came I called her to sit between us and I told my friend radha will be a good friend for both of us, and I put my hands on her shoulder and my friend never wasted a second, he started to kiss her and lip locked with her and his hands caught one breast where as I wass fondling with the otherone, it went on for a while and I pulled the saree pallo

to a side and unbuttoned her blouse to see her firm breasts with erect nipples, I started to suck one and my friend joined sucking the other one and his hands went lifting her saree up and reaching her pussy, at this time he couldnt control, he got up and took her hand and took her straight to bed room and I could see him stripping her saree and he made her nude in fraction of a minute.

it was a loive show for me as soon she slept on the bed he went straight for her pussy sucking, it was like getting water in the middle of desert his slurping and sucking of pussy I could hear it out, she was tossing this side to that side with pleasure, at this point I could see him crawl over her and with one hard bang shoved his cock in

to her for her I could her her scream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he was desperate to hear all this right from the time he went inside her he pounded her pussy like a machine, I could hear the cot squeak to his motion, he hardly must have banged about 20 strokes he came with a bang ejaculating his sperms into her and lay tired on her for a while,

all along his strokes I could hear him mur mur its loveley, its lovely. he got up wrapped a towel and came out and she ran to toilet for a wash, he came and gave a hug for making things work and told dost its ur turn now, I sipped my whisky and went inside by the time she came out of toilet fully nude,

she indeed had a very good figure and a broad ass to take my cock pounding her, she sat at the edge of the bed and looked me getting undressed and eyes broadened to see my thick cock, my cock was lined straight to her face and I rubbed my cock to her chin and neck and slowly brought to her lips,

and she moved away so I caught her head with both my hands and pushed my cock on her lips and within few seconds she opened her mouth and my cock went straight to her throat and she got gagged for while and I realeased the pressure and in slow pace fucked in her mouth and she began to enjoy the cock and also the taste of my precum,

I could see my cock shine with all her saliva on it, and I could see my friend also looking into my action and he had dropped his towel down and was standing nude. After a while I pushed her on bed and went on her and rubbed my cock head on her vagina and could feel her getting wet and I started to mount her slowly as my cock is thick,

it took several minutes before I could feel the depth of her pussy, once inside her I put her legs onto my shoulders and started fucking at a slow pace and gathered speed, I was fucking so hard I could feel my balls banging her pussy and the sounds that were coming coz of her wetness were mind boggling and I could feel her having such heavy orgasms

as her pussy was tightening over my cock, as I was really peaking my friend came and joined the action, he slept next to her sucking her nipples and made her hold his cock, with full force I could feel my cum getting loaded to her pussy in almost 5 strong jerks, I stayed in that position I could feel my cock still throbbing in her pussy

and that smile of satisfaction with heavy breathing on radhas face, next what happened was beyond imagination, as soon as I pulled my cock out of her pussy my friend dived to her pussy with his toung he started to taste my cum and took my cum into his mouth and gave kiss to radha and made her taste my cum,

again went down and literally cleaned her pussy with his toung and he mouted his cock into her, and this time he was like a animal he pounded her and she was having oragasm one after the another was screaming with ecstasy, and it went on for few minutes before he shot his load of cum into her,

and lay on top of her till he got his breath back and we sandwiched her between us and lay for a while and all the three went to wash room and had shower and went to my house and came to know the next day from my friend that he had fucked her again 3 times in the night as his family was coming the next day.


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