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Zolton seducing hot maid

Hi guys, This is Zoltan. I am back with another adventure. For those of you who need an introduction I would request u to try out the search engine on the site. I was recently deputed by my firm to go to a way off small town to oversee a vital project. I had to stay there for a long time. And as u all are well aware life without a pussy is extremely boring. But since there was no other option I had to go.

So after a sweaty afternoon between the sheets with my current girlfriend I drove off to my new place. I soon reached my new setup. It was just a few hours from Delhi. I was allotted a cute little house and there was one stupid looking man waiting for me. He shifted my luggage in told me that he is the care taker and would leave now.

He had hired some maid on my behalf to do the house work. I was to pay her Rs 500 per month. Paradise compared to Delhi !!!!!! He gave me a cup of tea and left saying that he would send the maid. I was sitting in the veranda looking around at the property. It was a nice piece and had been very tastefully made.

Lots of privacy and no nosy neighbours as these small towns normally have. I was already making plans to call my girlfriend over on weekends when I heard a soft “Namaste sahib”. I turned around to see a young woman not more than 25 years standing. “I am Rupa, the watchman sent me.”

“I will do all the household work that you need.” She told me. I told her to prepare some dinner and come the next morning. “Ji Sahib”, She said. I lazed around on the porch in the fading sunlight and then went into the house. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my suitcases had been emptied and neatly laid out in the cupboards and the dinner was already smelling nice.

Rupa laid out the dinner and then left saying that some things are needed for the kitchen and gave me small list. She told me that she will come in by noon as she was also working in other houses nearby. Days passed well as I settled into the new job and it soon became clear that there was not much to do. Just a few hours every day and then I was largely free to do what I wanted.

Rupa was invisibly efficient. Everything was where it was supposed to be. One Sunday that I happened to be home Rupa came in as usual in the noon looking tired and sad. I asked her if she was feeling ok. She said yes and went to work. I was watching her move around and suddenly realised that she was quite well stacked and fairly good looking.

With makeup she would be neat. I also notice some marks on her back as she moved a little stiffly. I asked her if she had got hurt, I could give her some medicine. Hearing this she started to cry softly. She told me that her husband beats her up for money and she had not eaten for two days as there was nothing in the house. Her husband had spent all the money on drinks.

No one was willing to give her any advance money. She went on and on cursing her fate. All the while that she was telling me her story I was watching her carefully. My dick had already approved of her and I knew that she would be an easy seduction. I told her to eat her fill and then have some medicine. She did that and was suddenly looking much brighter as the medicine had its effect.

I had done my planning by now. She would work for me alone. I asked her as to how much she earns. Around Rs 1500 was the answer. I will give you 2000 but hence forth you will work for me alone. I will also handle your husband. Rupa instantly agreed and was visibly glad. I gave her a bottle of rum to give her husband so that he doesn’t beat her up. She thanked me and went home.

Few days went by and I decided that Rupa was looking happy enough and would easily walk into my arms with a few more incentives. I picked up some clothes for her and some cheap imitation jewellery. I called Rupa to my room the next day gave her the items. She was delighted and jumped like a child with joy.

I also told her that I would increase her salary by Rs 1000 but her work will increase. Her happiness knew no bounds and she willingly agreed and asked what more work as she was already doing all the house work. I replied that you will hence forth look after all my sexual requirements. She blushed, looked down and nodded her consent.

I was right in my assessment that she was sexually starved and her hubby was useless. I told her to leave cleaning for a day and to go shower away the dirt and come to my room wearing a new dress. She nodded and went into the bathroom. After a few minutes the door opened slightly and she peeked out and said,” Wouldn’t sahib like to help his new woman take a bath?”

Things were looking very promising indeed. I almost sprinted to the bathroom and saw the rural beauty standing with her petticoat around her bulging boobs. She saw my reaction and gave me a big smile. She was absolutely stunning. I silently thanked her husband for being such a creep so as to ignore this heavenly creature. I gave her a big hug, crushing her bulging breasts to my chest.

She smelt of sweat and dust so I opened the shower drenching us both. I pulled opened the cord to reveal a lovely golden brown beauty with water streaming down everywhere. She looked up angling herself for a kiss and I was not the one to refuse. Our lips met with an unexpected emergency as I crushed her to me.

She was now running her leg between mine to feel my crotch which was bulging out shamelessly. Rupa slowly unbuttoned my shirt and trouser and I was in my drenched underwear soon. She liked what she saw and grabbed my hard on and was rubbing it through the thin cloth. I grabbed a bar of soap and began soaping her all over. Her tits felt marvellous.

They were nice and heavy without the slightest bit of sag in them. The nipples stuck out like pencil erasers. I spent a lot of time soaping them clean (I am a hard core tits man). My soapy hands spent ages on her mounds of flesh kneading them with gay abandon. Rupa had by now become hot and heated up with all the foreplay and was breathing heavy.

Her tits were heaving as if she had run a marathon. I put a hand between her legs to discover a huge bush and juices running down freely, felt even with the shower on. She let out a loud moan and jammed her lips on mine. I fingered her pussy, sliding in one finger for a while and then two. My thumb was rammed against her clit and she was humping herself on my hand.

She was hot and had obviously not been sexually satisfied for a long time. My underwear was by now decorating the floor and Rupa was unwilling to let go of her newly found treasure. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! She was breathing and moaning heavily into my mouth or shoulder wherever she happened to support herself. OOOOOOHHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHH!

She screamed. Rupa came on my fingers drenching them with her juices. I was grateful for the secluded location of my house. That scream would have got the neighbours very, very curious!!!! Rupa was hanging around my neck limply trying to regain her breath after her huge orgasm. I gave her a huge smooch to welcome her back into the world of great sex.

She was soon heating up again. I slowly turned her around and pushed her against the wall. She was a bit confused but got the message soon enough as I pulled her hips towards me. My ragging hard on now needed to dive in. I slowly pushed my rock hard cock into her steaming pussy. I took it easy as she had been without a cock for some time.

I pushed my cock in a slow inch at a time OH ! ! ! ! OH ! ! ! ! OH ! ! ! ! OH ! ! ! ! OH ! ! ! ! OH ! ! ! ! OH ! ! ! ! OH ! ! ! ! She went as I gave her the cock she missed all her adulthood. Soon I was crammed into her hot pussy and my groin was plastered against her ass. I made a mental note to try that hole too in due course of time.

I let her tight pussy get used to my meat for a while as I started moving in and out of her slowly. Rupa balanced herself by hanging on to the taps in the bath room. The shower continued to pour water on our heated bodies. Her pussy was like a furnace gone wild. She was flowing her juices heavily. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Rupa went as she drifted closer to another orgasm. I couldn’t believe that a pussy so wet could be so tight. Rupa now started pushing back to meet my thrusts. Our unsatisfied bodies pushed for release. The sounds of frantic fucking were filling the bathroom. OOOOHHHHHH. Harder Sahib harder ! MORE, MORE she chanted as I continued to fuck Rupa with complete animal abandon.

There was no pretence of any love making as we fucked with gay abandon. This was pure animal sex just the bodies doing all the work. This woman had not been fucked for ages and needed it desperately. I caught hold of her waist and rammed in with all my might. The minds were clear of all the clutter and pure animal lust ruled the moment.

Our bodies were soon a blur with water flying off everywhere and the sound of the bodies slapping together in the water was everywhere. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH ! ! OOOOOHHHHHHHH !! ! ! ! ! ! went both of us as we climaxed together. Rupa went rigid as I emptied my balls into her steaming pussy.

I hung on to her waist for my balance as I continued to pump my seed into her without a break. It was a wonderful release. I slowly pulled out of her and turned her around and gave her a big kiss. Rupa’s eyes were still closed as she continued to enjoy her release. She responded to the kiss in a slow drunk manner of a girl well fucked.

My semen was flowing out of her and down the drain as she regained her breath. “I am your slave for life”. Rupa said breathlessly. We then washed our selves clean and walked into the bed room to continue the games that we had started. We curled up on the bed between the sheets as I poured us a soft drink each to recover between the sheets.

The AC was nice on the naked skins. Rupa was relaxing as if she was in heavens. She sighed and snuggled up to me slowly stroking my now limp cock. “This has made me very happy” She said. “I will also do everything to keep it happy”. I told her that next time we start I must use a condom or there will be trouble. She smiled and said that it was not required.

She had not wanted any child from her useless husband and had taken pills from local health centre. I gave her a thank you kiss for her thoughtfulness. I was now fingering her lush bush. This is one place that I like hairless and I told Rupa so. My bold and adventurous minx gave me a sly smile. “If Sahib does not like the hair then sahib please do something about it.”

She said. I got the point. I got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom to fetch up my razor and the shaving cream. When I got back to the bedroom my little minx was lying spread-eagled on the bed displaying all her charms. My cock was starting to stir back to life. I silently thanked God for this minx. I spread out a towel under her butt and pulled her on it.

I then put some shaving gel on my fingers and began to lather her up. Rupa moaned as I worked up the lather for a close shave. I had actually never done this before and this was almost a dream come true all in this remote township. Rupa was breathing real hard now as I would deliberately give her heated up pussy a miss and the warm water used for shaving was contributing.

I used the razor to clear away the jungle slowly and steadily. Rupa was lying quietly on the bed breathing deeply and letting me do the wonderful work. It was soon over and Rupa was looking great down under. Smooth and fresh. I wiped her clean with a fresh warm and wet towel. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! ! She moaned and pulled at my hands.

She was hot and so was I. The signs were loud and clear. I flicked her clit with my tongue and blew softly on it. Rupa bucked like a wild horse with the sensation. “What are you doing sahib?” she asked. “Just enjoy yourself” I replied as I proceeded to give her another lick across her clit. She grabbed my head as she tried to get used to this new sensation.

Nobody had obviously gone down on her before. Since I have a talented tongue she was definitely in for a treat. As I gently continued to take her oral cherry she bucked and bounced on the bed. OOH....!!! OOH....!!! OOH....!!! OOH....!!! OOH....!!! OOH....!!! OOH....!!! OOH....!!! OOH....!!! OOH....!!! AAHHH>>>!!!!!! AAHHH>>>!!!!!! AAHHH>>>!!!!!!

AAHHH>>>!!!!! Were all that she was capable of saying as she twisted and turned on the sheets. She was flowing as if there was no limit to her pleasures and sensations. Her eyes were tightly shut and her lovely hair was spread on the pillow as this wonderful maid continued to give me her all. I moved up to her tits and started sucking them gently.

I alternated between her mounds and flicked my tongue across her elongated nipples. I could feel my dick throbbing and brushing past her now bald pussy. I was caressing her back and her neck. So did she. I moved my hands towards her buttocks. They were soft too. I massaged her buttocks. Meanwhile she held my penis and pressed my balls.

I inserted my middle finger in her butt hole. Then I entered my index finger inside her butt hole. I then traced her ass crack using my thumb. She cried out of pleasure. I kissed her all over her face and neck. I kneaded them with both hands softly without touching her nipples. Then I traced her left boob with my tongue. Then I kneaded the side of her right breast.

I licked her nipples. With my right fingers I pinched her right nipples. With both my hands I massaged. I then licked her nipples harder. Bit them occasionally. Worshiped her wonderful breasts to my full satisfaction. Her soft skin drove me crazy. I licked her navel. I was holding her ass cheeks very hard. She moaned both out of pain and pleasure.

Now I kissed through her waist line. I started kissing her back. Moved downwards and started kissing her cute ass cheeks. She moaned loudly. Rupa now pulled herself out from under me. “ I want to suck you” She said. I nodded. She then, kissed me all over my body without any hurry. She pulled my penis's foreskin and licked my penis for a few times.

When I moaned louder, she took off her mouth. She said, I want you inside but a little later. I have never sucked a cock before so let me know if I am doing it right. She continued to suck in an awkward manner and I made a mental note to set that right. I then gently pulled out of her mouth and pushed her back on the sheets.

She spread her legs, parted her lips, and invited me for the ultimate fuck. As I gently inserted my rock hard cock into her velvety pussy. We lay together in missionary style enjoying the sensations and the warmth of each other’s bodies. I then started to move slowly. I raised my self on my elbows and taking care not to crush her under me I pulled out till I was almost out

of her and then gently rammed back my entire length in her. The strokes got faster and soon we were fucking as if there is no tomorrow. We moaned together out of extreme pleasure. Whenever I felt that she was about to cum I would slow down let the sensation subside and the start all over again. I could feel my cum crawling up from my balls. I stopped for a brief moment.

I licked her breasts, her navel whatever was within my reach. My penis hardened. I continued to fuck her deeply and kissing her nipples at the end of every penetration. She climaxed. As her juices flowed onto the sheets like a waterfall. When I reached orgasm, my cum erupted like a volcano and filled cunt. We were dog tired now. The evening was already coming to a close.

Rupa wanted to go home to put her husband at ease. I understood. The charade of a happy marriage was necessary for her to continue having fun. I gave her a bottle of rum for a husband and a long smooch before she left for the night.

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Kashif having first time sex with maid Sakina

Dear readers I am kashif (name changed ofcourse) from islamabad pakistan, I am a regular reader since many years and read a thousands of stories posted here and always thought of sharing my own but never got a chance, personaly now I prefer these stories over porn films. I hv had a fair share of females and sex in my life as I am 30 now working in a reputed govt organization

on a nice executive position but life been happier before. to make things spicy I am from a very conservative family and sex was a taboo. I am good looking and normal stature guy with pleasent personality but a very high sex drive. Some times I think I am a sex addict. I am 5'-9" with good health and sharp looks.enough of the background lets get to the point.

the incident which I am going to share here was my first experiance of sex when I was 17 years of age which happened in lahore with the maid in my uncle's(mothers brother) house. my aunt and uncle both use to work with three boys of same age group at home the eldest was 3 years younger then me, and we are all very close so during my summer hollidays after I did my F.Sc.

I went to lahore to get admission in an academy to prepare for entrence exams of Pakistan army. There in the house there was a maid named sakina, she was 14 or 15 of age at that time, dark but very sexy and with a very sexy figure 30-24-32. As my cousins go to school and come back around 2-3pm and my academy timings were 9-11 in the morning

when I use to return home I was alone for 3-4 hrs with sakina. She worked in the house and I use to sit in the room and watch TV or just hang arround her and use to see her working/cleaning etc and always try to see her assets which were hidden uder her tight clothes. she also use to look into my eyes with a devilish smile on her face as she knew what I was thinking at that time.

but I never had enough courage to say any thing to after a week she her self approched me and told me she like me and blah blah and I also told her the same and I Immediately hugged her tight in my arms and we kissed each other. but it was not the time as my cousins were playing arround in the house.

so I let her go and we decided to meet the next day after I come back from academy. whole night we were waiting for the next day I hurriedly came back and as soon as I enter the house I saw her alone and waiting for me and we hugged each other and our lips met and I picked her up and took her to my room where I was staying.

there we lay on the bed in each others arms and starting kissing, I took her lips and my mouth and hold her lower lip with my theeth and sucked on it. in the same time she sucked my upper lip. our hands were moving on each other freely and with my right hand I was holding her but tight and squeezing it and my left hand was in her hair pressing her mouth to me.

she was also doing the same. then she opened her mouth and pushed my tongue in her mouth and our tongues met and we sucked each other for about 15 mins. At that time I never seen a porn movie but only heard and read some b grade stories to know only the basics of sex so that day we olny kissed again and again untill it was time for my cousins to return from school and we were both waiting for the next day.

I also told her to fininsh her work before I came back the next day so there will be more time for us togather. she happily agreed and we said I love u to each other. Next day I discussed it my my only friend and he gave me few tips on how to fuck her and I returned home early because I couldnt wait.

she was also waiting for me and just took a beth and her wet hair were loose and wet on her back. we kissed and I told her to come to my room and she told me in a minute and I went in my room sat on my bed waitng for her. she come in after 5 minutesand was smiling, upon my asking she told me that she was locking the doors and finishing her work.

We again hugged each other and started deep kissing. after 15 mins I told her that I wanted to suck her boobs and she said 'ap jo karna chahte ho kar lo mai rok nahi rahi' then I asked ' apni kameez utaar do' to which she hid her face in her hands and said ' mujhe sharam aati hai plz ap khud karo jo karna hai'

so I make her stand near the bed and I was sitting on the edge and she was standing between my legs hiding her face not looking at me. she was looking so cute and sexy in a yellow kameez(shirt) and a red shalwaar(pants), breathing heavily. I just picked her kameez and pulled it off her body and now she was standing there in white cotton bra and red shalwaar smiling with closed eyes.

I become mad with lust and immediatly started kissing her abdomin and her arms and aal the upper body which I could see naked in front of me. slowly I put my toungue in her navel and started to suck and lick it. she put her arms arround my head with her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her tummy with full force, and moans coming from her mouth,

uuuuummmmmmmmhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh etc. I loved her voice and put my hands on her breasts over the bra. I started squeezing her boobs with both my hands and licking her nevel at the same time. then I pushed her bra up and took out her breasts. wow it was the most amaizing sight I still remember as it was yesterday. I was looking at naked breasts for the first time in my life.

they were hard yet so soft in my hands looked like chocolate icecream scoops with black very small nipples looking like small cherries on the top. they were a perfect round and I never saw breast like those again. i immediatly picked her up and made her lay on the bed next to me and started to kiss and squeez her boobs with all I got.

then I licked her nipples and sucked on them for almost 15 mins. I bite on her boobs with my theeth marks on them and sucked hard untill they got purple in colour. and finally she begged me to stop as she couldnt take it no more. then we again kissed and I put my hand on her shalwaar on her inner thyes and start to rub them.

she closed her legs but after 5 minutes of rubbing and kissing I was able to open her legs wide enough to let my hand to her pussy, it was dripping wet with a wet patch on her shalwaar which showed she was not wearing any panty. i slowly put my hand in her shalwaar and found a dripping wet and cleanly shaved pussy.

I pulled her shalwaar down she hasitated a bit but I looked into her eyes and she let go of my hand and I slowly took off her shalwaar. then I layed down on her started to squeez her buts with both hand and kissing her on her face eyes and lips. then I took her earlobe in my mouth suck it for 2 -3 minutes untill I put my hand on her pussy and started to rub it slowly.

her moans were getting lowder and lowder by the minutes but I was not caring as I knew the house was empty. then I put one my finger in her pussy and she let out small cry in pleasure. closed her eyes with a smile on her face showing she like what I was doing to her. then I finger fucked her for about 5 mins in the mean time I was kissing her face her boobs

and every where I can get my lips on. with my left hand I was holding her but and moving my finger in her ass crack on her back hole also and she was enjoying it to her max. then I got up and decided to complete the final act. she opened her eyes to only see that I was taking my clothes off and got on top of her back in no time. she hugged me tight and I put her hand on my 6" cock.

she start rubing it with her small hand and said "uf kitna garam, sakht and lamba hai" mai daikhu is ko?" i replied "meri jaan ye tumara hai jitna dil kare daikho and is ko pyaar karo" I was feeling in heaven as it was the first time a girl was touching my dick with her lovely strokes. we rolled and she got top of me then got down and examined closely.

she was blushing red but also taking keen interest in my cock then I ask her to kiss it and she did 2 3 fast smooches but hid her face in shyness. i pulled her up and layed her down on the bed. all I knew was that in sex I hv to put my cock in her pussy so I spread her legs wide and layed on her huged her with one arm and guided my dick in her it went in easily

as it was very wet and slippery as soon as got my whole cock in her wet and hot pussy she had her first orgasm and jurked with full force and bit my shoulder hard, to keep her cries in control. soon she relaxed and I started moving in and out with a steady rythm. in about 5 minutes I was ready to come and I exploded in her pussy. putting my seed deep inside her.

as soon as we realized what happened I was so afraid so was she but I was trying to find some excuse to make her relax.after a minute or two she relaxed and we kissed each other and I went to take a bath and she picked her clothes and went to her quarter for bath.

soon the kids returned and we were acting normal as nothing has happened. but giving each other hidden smiles when ever we saw each other. i fucked her daily for the next 15 days till I was in lahore and then returned to my home town after my course with many sweet memories ill tell u details in my next post only if I get good response.

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Fucking sexy maid Maya

Maya was our maid for quite some time. When she joined duty I never thought I can fuck her one day. In fact there was no intention in my mind to fuck a maid. From young age we had maids but I never wanted to venture not even once.

My friends used to comment about my luck of having young and reasonably good maids and they used to go to the extreme of asking me explain the affair I had with them. I simply brushed aside and never wanted to elaborate to them.So when Maya joined us I never felt any thing new and the fays were passing on.

My wife was having an indifferent health and she was aviding sex for the last few months. I never wanted to trouble her for that reason and for some time I forgot about that. But unfortunately wife developed a suspecion on me due to a small issue and I don't want to go to details.

So when ever other ladies and girls come tomy house she had a fear complex in mind and kept an eye on me. I knew that and I too behaved very cautiously to avoid a family fued. So Maya's age and her structure gave her some doubt and deliberately wanted to avoid her from me always. She was introduced by a third person and as such there was nothing bad to comment on her.

So wife wanted to send her out not beause of her failure but to avoid me from her. Some how this gave me a negative effect and slowly I started to move close to Maya with out giving any clear evidence. Some how maya was not knowing all these and she worked quitely. Let me tell about maya a bit.

She was unfortunate to become a mother of two children at the age of 19 and a widow at 27. She had to take care of the family and the only lively hood was the wages from houses. She was wheat colour and had good physique. She had a pleasing smile and good butts and breast. A nighty is her dress for work and while coming for duty will have an extra cloth on chest.

For the first few days I never looked to that side and slowly started to observe her movements. while sweeping the floor her good brest slighly peeped through the knighty and the beautiful cleavage was visible. I made it a practice to watch her cleavage every day and and the absence for a day made me uncomfortable.

When she sweeps in my visinity wife used to come and watch me and I was cautious to take precaution. While she walks her butts used to dance and she deliberately it or not I don't know. But absolutely there was no change on her face when ever she see me. I was totally confused to read any thing and the affinity increased day by day.

At this stage I send some feelers to know her mind. that also didn't work out properly. I was spending enough time on my system and used to see porn movies and other porn sights. This being on the first floor wife nevr used to come there. when she come to sweep the first floor I used to come down to avoid any doubt in bottomwife's mind.

But this I wanted to try on her and watch the response. W hile she comes to sweeping I used to play some porn action and keep the site dark with only the sound will be hearable. I kept it at low tone and the mourning, screaming and dialogue will be heared. I used to keep the space vacant and listenme she from bottom how much time she spends near that.

Initially she didn't care but after hearing for a few times got the clue. One day she told me the computer is on. I said ok and went up to switch off it as if I have forgotten. Next day I didn't keep it on and she waited for some time before leaving the site. There after I again switched on and played a local language film so that she can understand the language.

On that day she spend quite some time and my wife was asking what she is doing so long. I said I have asked to clean the nook and corners as lot of dust accumulation was there. I understood that sh is sex starved and in need of sex. It is quite right to have a desire as the age is that. No one wants a poor widow for remarriage.

She will have the physiological urge and how to meet it. So I understood the first part, she likes sex. I have to understand whether she likes to have sex with me. In one aspect I was very clear. I don't want to compell her for that. If she whole heartedly agrees I have no objection. was going on searching for a way.

One day I played a porn film and kept on while she was sweeping and came out. it hit at the bulls eye and she enjoyed it for a few minutes. After coming down she told me very secretely and mildly that some bad film is running in the computer. I ran up and switched off as if I was not knowing it. She made it a practice to watch the pc for a while and I deliberately kept it off.

I was searching for a suitable film and got one from net. It ws a small porn action where a guy fucking his maid. The made sweeping, the guy peeping, bottom slapping, pressing from back, knwligly pulling out the jeans etc and finally banging her after pressing a bundle of dollars in her breast. I kept this film for her on the next day and played it.

It was a 15 minutes film and while she was going up I particularly asked her to wipe out the computer table and monitor with wet and dry clothes. I said loudly to make my wife understand for her delay. That day she came down with a different smile and said she cleaned every thing well. I understood she saw she saw the film and enjoyed.

When I met her alone at the sit out I asked her how was the film. With a blushed face she said good. She asked whether I have any plan like that. I said I don't mind if she agreed. She laughed and went away. So I have crossed the second hurdle and the only one hurdle remaining is to arrive at the modality of operation.

By hiding the eyes of my wife it is difficult to have any affair in the house. Out side the house it is highly risky for both. so I started to think deeply about this and I hinted her my intention and sked her to waite for appropriate time. Often I provided the stimulating dose by good scenes. days went off quickly and both of us were anxiously waiting for the best opportunity.

It happened as a windfall. My wife was forced to attend a very important function in her cousin's house where my presence was not needed. She agreed to go alone and attend the function and asked maid servant to take leave on that day. I nicely asked her to come for duty and asked her to come after she leaves and told the timings.

I made all preparations for our first endevour and arranged some good quality condoms. The day approached and both of us were very eagerly waiting for that. A s soon as she entered the house I asked her o disturbe any of the thinhs and not to give any sign of her presence in the room. I closed the door and took her to our bed room and saked her to sit on the coat.

She had worn the usual working dress as no one could could suspect when she goes out. She was seen very nervous and I told her not to get scared. She had the doubt in her mind about suspecion of my wife. She feared some one may know and inform her. I gave her full confidence and assured all help. I asked her whether she wanted to take a bath before the start.

She asked how can she change the dress as no spare is available. I agreed to provide the inner wears, a bra and lingerie. How I knew her size she asked and Isaid its all assumption. I offered her a towel and soap and asked to take bath nicely. I knew she has no facility to take bath in her house and she has to go to public pond at specified time.

She completed bath quickly and came out with new inners and old dress. I was waiting near the front door to find out any outcomers. As soon as she reached the room I intered the room and made to sit near me on the bed. Then it was a second honey moon. As she knew me for quite some time there was no embarassement at all.

More over she has undergone all these stages. Itook her hand in my hands and started a small dialouge. I asked what all I wnted toknow from her and she replied nicely. my affinity to her incresed step by step and I slowly hugged her. She cooperated very well and reciprocated and I gave a hard kiss on her lips.

I embraced her and kissed her several times and my hands were roaming allover body.Slowly I lifed her gown and both hands went her tits. I took both in hands and knurled the the nipples with fingers. Often I pressed the boobs and continued for several time. She pulled out her gown and removed the bra and sat half naked on the bed.

I lifted her legs and placed on my lap and rubbed her foot from anle to knee. The petticoat was lifted to knees and my hands went in search of her thighs. I was getting exited and my dick started hardening. My hands went upto her ligerie and rubbed over the pussy mouth. I untied her petticoat and she helped to move it out.

I slowly pulled her lingerie down and saw her bush curly and dark. I have never imagined suck a sight and she showed no shiness in the broad sun light. I could not resist my passion and kissedonceover her pussy mouth. For lust there is no discrimination between boss and maid. I pulled her bush with one hand and kissed her lips with all force.

my dick started misbehaving and I got freed from her legs. I threw the cloth and underwear and took the condom from below the coat. I pulled it over my dick and lied near her. in that positon I put one leg over her and my dick was kissing her pusy mouth. I kissed her and squeezed her tits with two hands and rolled over her. Spread her legs slighly.

I pushed a pillow under buttocks and the pussy got exposed fully. I put one finger inside and the slit was wet enough. I pressed my dick slowly and carefully inside and I could not waite any longer. I pumped with full force and speed possible and ejaculated in the condom. In final press my dick throbbed inside her pussy and probably she attained one orgasm by that time.

I kept pressed my dick and she gave slight moarn. She closed her eyes and bit her lips and turned her face to one side. I wispered in her ear whether she attained the helm and she replied in the affirmative. I don't know how far I have lied like that. We both got up and checked the time and nearly half an hour is passed.

I asked her to come after wash and afterwards I removed my cum filled condom and washed well the dick. I shared the available food items in fridge and sked her whether we can have one more. She agreed and we took rest on the bed for the second shot. Now she gained confidence and she was quite free at action. She initiated the next action by kissing me and hugging.

I simply gave the lead to her and carefully watched the action. She was quite active and did as a professional. I never made any comment and didn't want to spoil her mood. Both of us were completely naked and we never felt any problem. She slowly kissed on my cheeks, chin and neck. Then she came down and sucked my nopples. She bit on it and the small niples got erected a bit.

She continued the action and at times I gave apresson her buts and tits. She was licking on the nipples afterwards and the licking went down. She made some tricks on my navel and went down further. I got her point and comfortably posed for the next action. She took my dick in hand and gave a good shake. it partially erected and she carfully removed the skin down.

The action was very gentle and she fingered on the head for some time and licked on the top. Slow by slow it was swollowed by her and gave a nice blowjog for minutes. Since this was the second my erection was a bit slow but I knew the dick getting hardening in her mouth It was completely wet with saliva andshe took in her hand and gave a hand job for a few strokes.

Now I started to work on her pussy with my fingers. First I played on the pubic by pulling and combing. Then introduced middle finger in side and inserted full. After pulling out I kept her clit in my fingers and have a nice job on hit. often I never forgot to insert and take the finger to G spot area. She started to flex aher hip and loosening and tightening her pusy lips.

I understood that she is developing an orgasm and so carefully continued to complete one. It happened as I wished. She pressed my hand to her pussy fully and tightened the pussy to maximum and gave some peculiar sounds of extasy. A little pussy juice flowed on my findger which I pasted on my dick and I put the second condom for the second bang.

I sked her to stand on the knee on the bed and moved back. I just widened her legs and looked to the pussy. the slit was not properly visible by the bush. With fingers I moved the pubic to both sides and inserted two fingers inside and gave stirring action. She sizziled and shook her but. I inserted my dick from the back and pushed.

Both breasts were caught with two hands and gave good squeezing. I pumped from back and she reciprocated by good push. I removed one hand from tits and caught on the pelvis and slightly played on her clit and pumped. It didn't take more time. Each stroke went till end and final was my leaning on her back with a strong hug on the hip.

Once the ejaculation was over Ipulled out the dick and it dischrged with a sound. Actually it was a vacuum cut. and she laughed. Just like that we lied for some more time and finished the show for the day. she again cleaned and got ready for the outing. I looked through the fron door and no one was there. She was oermitted to go with a deep kiss and a few notes in her breast.

She refused to accept but I compelled to take it not as a fee but as a token of my appreciation. Next day Maya came for duty in the presence of my wife and she never pretented as if some thing has happened. She was a stranger to me and when she started sweeping the floor my wife came to the scene and I left the place.

But we had several encounters after that some of them very leasurely some quickly. I was never sex starved afterwards and the pleasent memories are still my mind. I cat elaborate due to space constraint. eagerly waiting for your comments.

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Seducing hot maid Malti

This is how I managed to seduce my maid.I think this is a safe way to initiate the seduction. I say safe because it can be covered up and aborted if the maid is not cooperative. You don't want the maid to shout "rape" when you try to get her into bed.I have heard it many times how guys make a rash attempt to get cosy with the maid and then end up with lost reputation or end up as victims of blackmail.

I'll narrate my story and give some pointers along the way. I've had luck with other women before this happened but I always fascinated about seducing a maid. It was more of a desire to fulfill a wish to have this experience rather than fulfilling my sexual craving. I've had a number of maids working at my house over the years.

I had this thought in my head about seducing a maid for a long time. Initially I hesitated because of fear of things going wrong. Finally after a long wait I decided to take some action. So far I have bedded 3 maids using these tricks.So even though I started this just to satisfy my curiosity I have gotten addicted to the chase and score game.

My current maid's name is Malti.She is in her late 30's.She started work at my place about 7 months back. The first day she worked I immediately recognised that this maid will land on my bed for sure. So here is my first tip-how to decide which maid to attempt to seduce. I personally feel we should not attempt any of our stunts on maids who are below 20.

Still better to totally avoid any maid that is not married. In my opinion it is best to attempt to seduce a maid who is married.More her age the better. This is simply because as we all know, after some years everybody's married life and sex life becomes dull. So this is the best chance for you to take advantage of this fact.

She will be bored with her married life and ready to experiment a bit.So take advantage of this. First month Malti worked I did not attempt anything.It is best to be patient and study the behaviour of the maid.If she seems friendly your task will be easier. Start by being nice to her.Most indian families treat maids like dirt.Stop ordering her around and be nice to her.

Be polite yet firm. Next step I tried was to get to know her on a personal level.So every now and then I would ask her about her family, her kids, her husband.This opened her up a bit. She seemed more comfortable around me after that. Then give her some goodies if possible.Some new clothes, sweets for kids will earn you some brownie points.

This game is same like how you would dine and wine your normal girlfriend before getting her into the bed. So be generous a bit. The key again is to be patient and take your time. Rushing into things will put her on the defensive and make things difficult for you. Around the end of the second month I tried the next step.Here I started to make light and random physical contacts.

Just a friendly pat on the shoulders when I was asking her to do this.Or a pat when she was leaving. My advise is to do this quickly,Dont linger else she will sense your intentions and get defensive. Doing this for a few weeks will now get her even more friendly. Slowly and gradually make the touches more frequent and longer.

If all is well she will start sensing your intentions and responding accordingly. By end of month three Malti was acting very friendly to me.She was inquiring about my personal life like she was a normal friend.So then I proceeded to my next step.I changed her timing so that it would coincide wit the time of my shower.

After coming out of the shower I started wearing a towel without any underwear.Then I would sit on the chair or couch and read the newspaper.My legs would be spread giving a glimpse of my cock but I would appear to be totally engrossed in the paper.So when Malti was sweeping the floor or washing it bent down I knew she would get a peek of my dick.

It is very important to make everything appear natural and unintentional. This was you can gauge her reaction to this without any trouble. If she makes some noise simply apologise saying you didnt know this was happening. More likely than not, if you have done the previous steps properly then be assured that by now she wont mind you exhibiting your cock a bit.

She will know your intentions now and act coy or shy. Keep up the work. The next step is to take this game to its conclusion.So here you have to make it very very obvious to her what is on your mind. The previous maid I had done by keeping some pics from debonairblog open.

For Malti I tried it a bit differently.One day while I was on the couch and she was sweeping the floor next to me I tried to get up very fast and "accidently" dropped my towel.I remained motionless long enough for her to lift her eyes and notice me. Then I acted as if it was really accidental and started apologising profusely to her.

She acted as if she felt bad but there was a smile on her face. So by this I knew I had succeeded. My tip is to study her reaction to this and then decide on the next step.If she is really angry then abort mission. So Malti responded positively to this.Then I appeared to be really sorry and went close to her and held her by her arms and said "I am really sorry".

By now she was blushing.Then I said "Please dont tell anyone".She shook her head and said she wont tell.Then I smiled and said thank you and hugged her. And as I expected she hugged me back. This hug is the final step.I continued hugging her for a while and she seemed to like it. I took her head in my hand and kissed her.From then it was easy to do the rest.

I took her by her arm and made her sit on the couch.After a lot of kissing I started to fondle her breasts. Slowly my hands were under her blouse squeezing her big boobs.I undressed her, rushed into get a condom from my cupboard,came back and fucked her on the couch. Again as expected she was very sexually frustrated and enjoyed the fucking as much as I did.

I continue to fuck her till date.Its a win win situation. Again my advice to you guys is to be patient and not to act in haste. The fruit is sweeter after the wait.But be sensible and use a condom.Avoid oral sex without a condom too. If any more of your guys find some success with this method then do post your experiences here on debonairblog for the rest of the guys to enjoy.

Confessions of a horny desi housewife 5

Confessions of a horny desi housewife
Confessions of a horny desi housewife 2
Confessions of a horny desi housewife 3
Confessions of a horny desi housewife 4

Thanks for your appreciation in every part of the story. Lets come to the story after that night we were not looking for the chances to get closer. Because whenever we were going, we were going together. In kitchen, bathroom and bedroom as well. Next morning when kids went to their school we started the game again.

In the middle of the game while he was sucking my cunt, my mobile phone ranges. I seen whose calling,it's my hubby. He started to ask me what happened in the last night. I don't want to reply him on that time and in front of him because I was busy in very important work as you can understand. I replied him in English, because Ramu doesn't know English.

I replied him "I will call you when he will go to bring the children". He asked me "where is he right now". I replied him "in the middle of my legs and sucking my cunt". He asked "Is he know who is calling" I replied "no". He told me take care nobody will know about this. I assured him nobody will know about this. I disconnect the phone and remain in the game.

We enjoyed almost in every corner of the four rooms flat, two bathrooms and one kitchen. We were together, while we were eating bathing and sleeping. I told my hubby about everything, he was very exited to come back from Jaipur, but I denied his discussion. Because I wanted to have more fun with him, he agreed. We had day night sex together.

My husband came and then again I told him all the story once again and he banged me for the whole night like twice in a night. After four five days When Sishir ( my hubby) was not in the home. He was begging me for a quick fuck as this was becoming difficult for him. I accept his request and I arrange one shot for him as I also want to fuck with him.

I assured him that I will come to the kitchen in this night to fuck with you, when your Bhaiya Ji will sleep. I called him ( my hubby) to bring some bottles of beer and whisky for him. As I am becoming horny today. He accepted my request as he understood all the mind game of mine. As night is coming we sent kids for sleeping and we start our work like drinking beer me and Sishir.

We offered beer to Ramu, but he was hesitating to take. I gave him a wink and he accepted. While we were drinking my hubby was looking at him, is he ( Ramu) looking at me or not. First he was not looking at me but after two or three mugs of beer he was starring at me. As he will eat me or fuck me in front of my hubby.

I stood up from there because I don't want to create any scene there, and I came to my room but they both were drinking in the drawing room. My hubby had two three pags extra in and smoke the cigarette very much and sleep ed on the sofa. I was waiting for him in our bedroom but he not came. I came out to see the situation, he was sleeping and Ramu was drinking beer alone.

I went there and make a mug of beer for me and we ( Ramu and me) came to my bedroom. My husband always said I am very horny after drunk and not able to hold by a man. I finished my mug of beer and I removed his lungi completely and removed his shirt as well. I was searching his cock to hold in my hand. I pulled him on my bed and I was removing my clothes as early as possible.

I pushed him on the bed and took his entire cock in my mouth and sucking very badly because of drinks I became very horny. I climbed on him and scratching his chest with my sharp nails. And he was almost crying with pain. I went to the middle of his legs and once again sucking his cock very powerfully. He was unable to understand what happened with me but he was quite.

I went more down to his legs and took his balls in my mouth. This is first time I was took his balls in my mouth, his ball was, obviously bigger than my hubby and easily to take in the mouth. I took one by one his both the balls.And he was shivering with joy but this time I was out of control and he was not able to control me.

And I think I was not able to control by two or three mans as well. I never tried this because I don't have the another cock other than my hubby. I was thinking that I should call to my hubby. But after a thought I denied my decision and I was enjoying myself with him. Because this time I like to see the power of Ramu.

I took his cock into my hands and I was knocking on to the my tits and and I was touching all around on my breast, and again of the size giving me the pleasure and voice of....phat.... phat.... phat of my breast. I was enjoying so much and then I thought to took his cock in the middle of my breasts and giving him a boob job.

He was just lied on the bed and unable to understand what will be the next. I order him to lick my pussy in 69 position and he did. Because I was having burning sensation there and I want to extinguish the fire with his saliva. I was on the top of him as I mentioned earlier he was taller than me.

He pulled me on the corner of the bed and he stood up and directing his cock to my mouth and he was bend on me to lick my cunt. This action is not giving him any difficulty and I was the one who had cock in this style very first time. I was wrong that this fire will come down with his licking. It was raising higher and finally I knew that how to end this fire.

But I was having fun in this because I had his cock in my mouth and I was unable to move my head up and down, as he was giving me mouth fucking. These all experience I was getting it first time. I was becoming more hornier to have these kind of act. I don't want to waste the time because my hubby is sleeping outside in the drawing.

So I want to finished this act in very passionate style. I said him to leave me and ordered him to lay down on the bed as he did, I climbed once again on him. He asked me very slowly "Bhabhi ji what is next". I said him "just shut up and see". I climbed on him and spread my legs and took his cock into my pussy and I was just up and down on him.

I was pressing my boobs my self but it was not enough for me but I was doing to tease him, he was watching me. He grabbed my both complete breasts in his big palms and squeezing very smoothly, but I was not in the mood to having sex in delicately, I want to play this game very wildly. So I ordered him to squeeze these badly and powerfully.

And I was getting support from his knees because my total weight on his penis and I was drunk ed there was some chances to loose the balance. I was very badly going up and down to have pleasure of his big cock. He was madly pressing my boobs those are becoming red as I can see in the dim light of night lamp.

Then I was completely enjoyed myself on top I wanted to come down in under to have some powerful jerks. I told him "If you want to fuck me next time, so you have to jerk me powerfully and very fast". He told me "you already banged me and suck my all the power but lets see what can I do for you". He started slowly as I know he was a good lover of my body and fucker as well.

He was gradually generating the speed and my fire is on peak and I was about to cum. I told him "don't stop until I tell you". He agreed and he was fucking like bullet. I was moaning and crying with joy. I don't want to talk that time because I wanted to feel the pleasure of great fucking.

My orgasm was came and his cock got some lubrication and now his cock is coming and going so fast and noises are coming so loudly of...phuch phuch and phuch. I told him "show me your power how much and how long you can fuck me, come on do it very fast". He was pushing, pushing and pushing very passionately.

He was real good fucker, my hubby was also a good fucker but, he has a good size of cock to fuck and more powerful and passion. After about thirty minute of this session his speed is become slow.and he was breathing very fast and asked me a mug of beer. Because he was right when we drunked we were more powerful and now we were loosing our power the satisfy of each other.

I told him just leave me as I will go and get the beer for us. As I came in the drawing room my hubby was about to awaking. I thought that what he will think about me if I will go nude in front of him. I took my nightgown from there and I reached to the centre table of drawing room. I picked one mug first and pour the beer in that and gave to the Ramu.

And then come back to checked him whether he was sleeping or not. I checked him and than I came to the bedroom he was drinking the beer, and he finished almost half the glass, I took the glass from him and I drunked rest of the beer. Than I told him just finish the game with power. He took me on the corner of the bed and first he spread my legs wider and fucked harder.

And after a while he put my legs reverse on my breast near my shoulder, this was really a pain full act as we never did in our life. I was feeling more pain so I stopped him. And I completely came back to bed and he start once again from top and I was doing the same from bottom. He was pushing me down and I was pushing him up.

This was really amazing for him and he loosed his concentration. And he was about to cum and I know that my hubby is also sleeping outside. I order him that you should give your all load on my stomach. He was pushing me madly and very badly. I know that he is about to cum.

So I pushed him back and his cock came out with the voice of slurp, and his first drop of load is gone over my head and then in my hair and then on my breast and then on my navel. He dropped a lot on my stomach his load was coming a lot, it was going here and there. Like left and right of my stomach because my stomach is very flat but still because of quantity.

I gave him a order to bring some tissue paper from toilet and go back to your kitchen. He obeyed and then I cleaned myself and then I went to the drawing room to fuck with my hubby.

Please readers this part of the story is little bigger than earlier one because I wanted to finish the chapter of Ramu here than I will tell you the next encounter with my husbands friend. So please tell me about my real confession.

Confessions of a horny desi housewife 4

Confessions of a horny desi housewife
Confessions of a horny desi housewife 2
Confessions of a horny desi housewife 3

Dear friends thanks for appreciation but some how I am not getting that much encouragement that much you gave me in the first part of the story. But still I am sending my next part of the story. We went to the bathroom, and he was dyeing to see my body. When we reached in, he was loosing his control.

He start fondling my breast and he wanted to remove my clothes from my body. I told him "why are you exited so much, when I am going to show my body myself". He agreed and he leaved me, I start removing my t-shirt and then bra. He told me "Bhabhi Ji I never seen this kind of body and colour, you are very fair".

He hold and griped my left breast in his hand and start sucking my right nipple. While he was sucking he was also biting on the nipple that is making me crazy. Because I never felt this ever before. I was wanted to lay down on the floor but he pushed me on the washbasin to take some support because he was taller than me and he was not comfortable to bend on me.

He was touching and moving his hand all around my body and now sucking my both nipples one by one. My body is attractive my hubby said "any one can lose their Patience after seeing me for a while". This I know but I was handling this first time. He was out of control, he was pumping me hard and sucking very fast.

While he was sucking and fondling his member was touching on my lap. I was wondered that he just ejaculated and getting hardness once again. He was like dominating me he hold me and sit me on the corner of washbasin and set down on his knees and start sucking my cunt once again.

I was getting exited too because this is the first time I was about to fuck in this short time. I was getting on and he stood up and aiming his cock on to my pussy. He was teasing me to touch and rubbed his cock on pussy and removed. I was getting upset with his this move. I ordered him to enter his entire cock in my cunt.

He did and I was moaning and enjoying this second time in this short period. I was on the corner of washbasin and he spread my both legs and he was jerking into my pussy. I was little uncomfortable because I was on the corner of washbasin I told him to make me comfortable and I want to lay down on the floor of bathroom.

He agreed and he took me in his arms and banging me in the air. I was having this much pleasure and adventure first time. My both legs was tied him from his back and my arms holding his neck to balance my self. He was doing me up and down to hold me from my hips. He was doing this so perfectly but I was little scared about to fell down.

I request him to put me down on the floor or take me to the bed. But he was thinking little further than me. He put me on the floor (under the shower) and started the shower. Water was directly coming on my face, it was difficult to open my eyes and I closed my eye. He thought that I was having joy and he start building his speed.

I was cumming, so I was enjoying his speed but little scared, what happened if he discharged so early. I ordered him to calm down there is no hurry to go somewhere as we are alone in the flat. He agreed and he stop ed himself and he was on me. He was playing with my tits and asked "Bhabhi Ji you are so beautiful and sexy so how do you stop your self to not have sex".

This question was difficult to answer by me, I replied him "now you are here to cover this empty space in my life to have such this lovely fucking game". He was happy to hear this answer from me and start his storks into me. Now I want him to leave me because time is already reached to 12:30 and he had to go to bring children's from school.

I ordered him to finish this act as early as possible because you know where to go. But this his second time and it was not so easy to ejaculate so early. I was having joy a lot and my second orgasm is about to cum. He was stroking me in full speed. I was moaning and crying with joy I beg him to not stop himself. Please carry on with all your best.

The voice of jerk is coming so loud like pat pat pat pat. My complete flat was surrounding with this voice and I realised that this was so loud. But he was still jerking stroking fondling and kissing me all the way. He was taking so much time to discharge and sometimes he stopped himself and some time he accelerate the speed. He took more than an hour to discharge.

At last he was cumming into me because his very hot sperm is feeling inside me and he was gradually stopping himself. And the shower is still felling down and we were hugged each other and resting for a while because his sperm is still leaking into me. He was done with his ejaculation, he moved to my left side now his sperm is oozing out and oozing a lot.

I was lying on the floor of bathroom I ordered him "you please bath soon and bring the kids from bus stop of school bus". But he was not in the mood to leave me. As once again he came near to me and fondling my tits and kissing me. I gave him an assurance to act this in the whenever we got the time. So friends please give me your comments to write more about next. Thanking you ( Geetika).

Confessions of a horny desi housewife 3

Confessions of a horny desi housewife
Confessions of a horny desi housewife 2

He was very exited what will be next and he encourage me to do whatever I want. I told him I need complete night with him and he accept my words and he told me. I was planning to go tomorrow morning if you want to have this night with me that will be great "I will give you lots of pleasure in this night". And we had a great sex in that night.

We slept both in that night before we slept Sishir told me that "You can have sex and enjoy with him until I don't here, once I reached home you will have to stop these activity with him and and you have to tell me each and every thing. I will phone you about this. After this he left from the Delhi.

Kids went to their school and we breakfast together, while we were having BF he was looking me with smile. I gave him the same reply with smile. Ramu went to the kitchen to finish his work as I call him up in my room. As he was waiting for my call, he came in and stand in front of me. And asked me "what do you want Bhabhi Ji".

As we act in the last morning so I told him "you really don't know what I want to have. I untied his lungii and took off my capri and underwear. I don't want to waste the time to take his cock in my mouth because I seen that It is not comfortable for me. I showed him the way to lick my pussy, my hubby is not licked last night.

So he was licking my pussy and again it was a different then my hubby. I was moaning and crying with joy, I hold his head onto pussy and he was inserting his tongue in my cunt. I was about to cum and told him to insert his complete tongue in pussy and do it fast. My first orgasm is came. I removed him from there. Now I want his cock straight in my pussy.

I ordered him just insert this monster into my pussy and I was so much turned on. Because I hold his cock in my hand it was very tight and hotter then my husband. I lay down on the bed and he was middle of my legs and now he is holding his cock in his hand and putting on my pussy slowly inside. Because of size it was not so easy to get in.

I suggested him to give his cock in my mouth and I will lubricate with my mouths water. He agreed and once again I grabbed his cock in my mouth and this time I was more enjoying than last time. This time I took his tool easily then earlier. But the fire of my pussy is burning higher.

I lubricate his cock and he took on to the pussy and I told him that he should enter his cock slowly in the pussy. And he agreed but the size is double then my hubby it was going like my first fuck with Sishir before marriage. Now this is again I was feeling little bleeding from pussy but there was nothing like that.

And I was showing him that I was not feeling lots of pain and I was moaning and crying in joy. He asked me "Bhabhi Ji your pussy is very tight like new, is Bhaiya Ji not fucking you daily". I accepted that comment and I replied "yes he has very less time to spend with me just because of his work".

He agreed with my reply and telling me "now I am here to give you lots of time and give you nice fuck", as he was talking with me he went back and come with lots of force and entered his complete cock in my cunt. I was about to die with pain but this pain was giving me pleasure as well.

I was in seventh sky girls you can imagine what I got first time in my life before this I was having a less size penis which was playing with my cunt. But now this is the real player is playing with me. I was enjoying his tool in my pussy and the time in passed my pain is completely gone now than I told him to play like a real player.

He started with slow jerks and slowly accelerating the jerks my second orgasm is about to come and I told him "please boost your speed" and he obeyed. I was doing up and down on bed to reach my second orgasm with him. Finally I reached to my climax and he was still jerking.

Now I was not feeling any pain because of wetnes of my orgasm, his cock was going very easly. I was feeling this pleasure first time than I told him please slow down your speed but he was not in the mood of slow down as he was faster than before my next orgasm is coming so soon as I never feel like this ever before. I was enjoying his jerks.

His speed was like dog is fucking a bitch with a great speed He is about to cum I told him "please wait for a while I will bring the condom from cupboard". But he reached on his climax into me and he was leaving his sperm like flooding. His member was still rocking inside me. And he was on me and he was breathing like a dog, after a while he took out his cock.

As he took out his sperm is coming out like a flood of thick white water. I came to the corner of the bed to come out all the sperm of him. And that is coming a lot after that he was laying next to me. I told him "before you go to rest or bath clean this floor". He obeyed and he is about to stand up, I asked him "where are you going".

He told me "I am going to clean the floor and I need some rest then I will take bath". I suggest him "if kids and your Bhaiya Ji is not in the home then you can sleep with me or I am alone in my room. He agreed and he asked me to remove my clothes as we not removed our clothes.

He said" Bhabhi Ji can you please remove your clothes because I want to touch and feel your body". I was thinking for a while and then replied him "what we are going to do in the bathroom, you can see, touch and feel there". He agreed, we took some rest and he stood up to clean the floor. Dear friends please let me know your comments regarding this confession. Thank you.

Seducing sexy maid

I am a student 19 years.To Start with I always had a different approach towards girls. First used to act like a innocent one and then befriend them and get favour. But one day the favour turned the best.There was a woman working in my house and she was around 26 yrs and had a son and her husband is our driver.They used to live in our building. I used to watch her daily.

Man she damn sexy boobs and anyone seeing them would try to grab them immediately and suck them. One day my family members went to shopping I was alone with her and she was washing the utensils and I went to her showing the accupunture pen I bought recently and told her that it is to test whether she is physically fit.

First I kept pen on her hand and then took her forearm and held her nerve and said I cant get heart beat and said wait a second and suddenly kept a hand in her blouse she was not wearing any bra so I held her she was bit shocked and resisting and I said we share a good relationship nothing is bad about it and tried to see the nipples by pulling them out.

Then also she was resisting but the effort lessened. I tried to open the hooks but she resisted totally so I left her. The next day she went to upper room to get something I went following her and then said I forgot to doa test yesterday and again kept my hand and this time there was no resistance so seeing the chance I pulled the boob out of bra from the gap available and started sucking it.

She started enjoying it. Then I heard somebody's voice and left her in a hurry as I was scared that I would get caught. After that one time when she was in my room I suddenly came from back and pinched on her boobs and she kept a different face and said that if we would get caught then it would be a big problem. I said nothing will happen.

I all of sudden got hold of her boobs and tried opening the blouse. This time luck was mine I opened upto 2 hooks and she resisted and I started sucking boobs.Then went on sucking for 10min and then I left her boobs and kept a hand in her pussy slowly and she suddenly gave a cry and said it was paining I left her as I didnt

want her in pain as she might next time save herself from me. After 1 month again I got a chance this time I did samething but in process we both lied down due to the force with which I was sucking her. then I tried to remove her saree but she resisted so I had just kept sucking and then moved over her body and touched all her privates.

Then came the day I was looking forward for. My parents went to my native place for Pongal and I had to stay because I had exam. they left two days before Pongal. The next day as usual she cam for cleaning my house and as she was about to leave I made an excuse that she left something uncleaned in my room.

She went and I suddenly grabeed her and started opening the blouse as I was clumsy she said she would open it for me and I sucked them then removed her saree. She was nude before me and was going mad I took my virgin cock and inserted in her pussy I didnt know much about foreplay so I did this and then started fucking her she was tight and said that she hadnt

had sex since her child is born who is 8yr old. I had 3 ejaculations and she had 5 ejaculations. I tried doggystyle but she was not interested so I didnt. We did this for two or three times. Then my parents came and she left after a few days as her dad was dead and she wanted to stay in her village and work there. I was sad that I lost my fucking partner and my mom was sad that she lost a good maid. Please post your comments.

Sex with young innocent maid

I got one very young maid of age of 18 years and her name was Rubi. Let me tell you about her she was average fair, around five feet in height and near about 54-55 kg in weight, so on an average she was cool Indian beauty, her face cut was as innocent in look as she used to be.

Her duty was to come in morning & evening same time 7 to 9. Sometimes instead of ruby her Mom used to come if she gets involve somewhere else. But her mom was black in color and every morning I look for ruby. This incident started when I got some kind of flu and I was on bed for regular one.

Week then her mom asked ruby to stay in my house for some day in case I need some help in any other time, Her mom didn’t bother about her because she was working in my house from last 2-3 month and there was no complain from either side along with that I used to give proper respect to both of them.

As I was staying in 1BHK house she used to sleep in hall and keep on watching TV for late in night. She was bit crazy about TV as in her home she had small B/W TV. And here she was having all instruments to play like music system, DVD and all and I never stop her to play with those all, she was like a free gal in my house.

She used to call me bhaiya. But anyway one night when I was having bit high fever and my body was aching like hell I called her for one pain killer in night around 11 PM, she told me that you just had one pain killer around 8-9 so better let me message your body I said, No –no, your mom might get angry.

She told me no issue, she won’t tell mom. Then she came to my bed and asked me to lie down on bed and she started massaging my back with her soft hand and I started laughing and told her “nothing happening as u r so light” then I asked her to stand on my back and move from here to there on my whole body,

she agreed and started walking slowly on my back, starting from my back neck area to till my knees, But whenever she reach on my buttock area I get some different sensation and that feeling was something different. And suddenly she couldn’t hold on her balance and fell down on my body,

I again laughed on her and asked her to continue with her sitting position as she was sitting on my buttock keeping both her legs on either side and both her hands was massaging on my back. I was somewhere else as heat of her hidden body part on my buttock was like toxin. I started feeling something different about her and suddenly I moved one of my hands

backward and tried to touch her thigh and felt for some quite moment around 10 to 15 sec but there was no resistance. Then I asked her to massage me on my front and keeping her on my body I tried to turn myself, now she was sitting on my cock area and I asked her to rub me on my shoulder and chest area.

I was seeing her eyes that she was bit shocked was not able to help herself nor able to stop. Mean time I continued rubbing her thighs from both my hands. My cock was directly touching her pubic area and sometime I used to move my ass upward to have much better sensation for that also she didn’t make any resistance,

and I started feeling much comfortable with her for this unprecedented journey. There was no more talking and slowly slowly I moved my hand to her stomach and rubbing her naval with fingers and one hand to her ass flashy area. Now she was not able to massage me as she started shivering then I asked her to close her eyes and she closed her eyes like an obedient baby.

My next move was bit up and slides her frock little up, then tried to touch her bra area. She was shocked, next I encircle her whole boobs with my hand and she started moaning slowly. Her face expression was like drunk. She was not able to open up her eyes. I was really lucky to have such great virgin beauty in my arms.

Till now I was lying but now I was sitting and she was sitting above me keeping her ass on my dick. You can imagine the perfect position of that little girl. I was completely in heaven seeing reality on my laps that’s also a virgin pussy and virgin body (I got to know little later).

She was rubbing my back even harder concurrently I squeezed her boobs harder fingering her nipples pushing her bra little up. Her nipples were getting stiff. I moved to her neck kissing her neck softly, she was moaning loudly as I kissed her neck rubbing my tongue on her neck. I was circling my fingers around her nipples as I pressed her boobs harder.

Now I moved to her boobs and took one at a time and tried to suck her whole boob in my mouth. She was moaning with pleasure pressing my head on to her boobs. I was squeezing her other boob with my hands at the same time. She was moaning louder as I squeezed her boobs harder in my mouth.

I sucked and bit her nipple randomly as I took the pleasure of sucking such beautiful breast. As I was sucking her boobs I pressed my fingers on her panty just over her pussy. She was wet down there. I pressed my fingers harder over her panty as she moaned more and more. Meantime I somehow managed to take her all clothes out and she was only in small panty.

I rubbed my hands on her thighs and on her panty as I sucked her boobs roughly, teasing them with my tongue and sucking deep in my mouth. We changed our position and now she was lying down on bed and I was on her top completely naked. First she observed my dick with wide open eyes later I forced her hand on my dick and the heat of the dick later anticipated

her to continue rub my dick with her fingers. It was really awesome small sweet and cute little fingers were shaking & rubbing my dick. You can’t imagine until or unless you go throw this with a little and innocent sexy bitch. My next move towards her pussy and Rubi moaned as I pressed my fingers over her panty,

ultimately she opened up and told me “bhaiya, ohhh please, get me free of my panty pull them off my body.” I slowly pulled them off. She helped by lifting herself helping me to remove her panty. I was admiring her naked body in broad day sunlight. She was so gorgeous lying naked on the bed in front of me. I again started kissing her boobs and harder than before.

She was moaning rubbing her legs to each other. I felt her inner thighs making her spread her legs a bit. I was completely out of control and moved myself little down and started sucking her pussy with my tongue. Both we were on cloud nine. It was kind of time that even if our parents gets visibility, we could have never been stopped ourselves for granted.

Now slowly I put my cock on heaven door and tried to push bit. She was bit tight and off-course getting hurt but pleasure comes along with pain and she was able to cope up with her pain because she might be able to anticipate later pleasure of sex. But in last her pain wins over her excitement and she started to force me away I could see some drops of tears in her eyes

but I was very much clear about this scene so somehow I pushed myself bit harder and won the game of two. And keeping her pain in mind I started slowly and very soon pickup my rhythm. She was somewhere else which I could have felt with her moaning and facial expression. She has forgotten that I’m her lord and she used to give me proper respect.

Now she was playing with my body and was enjoying my each and every movement. Here the moment comes to the climax and both we started to cum. Duration was awesome. Things were moving smoothly. I felt that she cummed twice in middle. I have taken longest time to cum inside, I can say it has taken almost 15 to 20 second to completely exhaust. I was lying down on her for another 15 min.

Confessions of a horny desi housewife 2

Previously: Confessions of a horny desi housewife

After that I took a bath and changed my dress from nightie to deep neck double straped t-shirt with bra and capri this is my usual dress in my home. I don't have any elder person who will have objection to dress me like this. Childrens reached the home we took lunch together and I was busy in their homework and study.

Ramu went to kitchen and cleaning all utensils after that he went to sleep. 4.30 o'clock when kids homework is finished and they also wanted to sleep. I also lay down with kids and my minds was running to him what is he doing in the kitchen, is he sleeping. I stood up and went to the kitchen I seen him that he is sleeping. I decided to hold his cock once again.

I reached to him and he was sleeping in straight position I aparted his lungi from middle as I mentioned he is not use to wear any underwear in his lungi. My taste is changed now I was touching his cock very gently. But I refused, I stood up and about to coming back.

He awaked and asked me, "what happened Bhabhi Ji, you are here do you want something" I replied "yes I wanted a coffee If you're not sleeping please make two cups of coffee". He asked "is anybody came'. I again replied him "nobody, you will not drink". He said " Yes I will". He was making coffee and I was looking on the lungi.

He was talking with me about some usual and very first time in personal matters that, "I am a very beautiful and sexy lady he ever seen". I am about 5.2' long and my breast and figure size is good enough according to this height. He was 5.8 or 5.9 with good built. I went near him and pretending to do some work. He grabbed my hand and he kissed on my hand.

I enjoyed this and he took my hand onto his cock under his lungi. His cock was semi erected and it was very good to hold the penis when it was in semi erection mode because cock is not able to hold weight on his own and become heavy. I enjoyed this with my husband as well. I was playing with the cock but the hair near his cock was big enough.

They were also coming in my hand when I was rubbing his cock up and down. I adviced him to clean these hair because it was also coming in my mouth when I was sucking his cock. He agreed but he told me how to clean those because he don't have any experience and he want me to hold his cock and assist him to clean them. I told him that I will help him in this.

We finished our coffee and went to the bathroom and he bring his twin blade razor. I suggest him," first to trim them with a sizzer and then use this razor". I will hold your cock and you shave this. He took so much time to cut those hair but after cleaning his that part his cock is become very visible and sexy. I was amazing to see this size of cock.

I want to lick his member and I did. I took my mouth near to his cock and kissed him and licking from down to up. His cock head is become red and I wanted to bite on that but I refused myself to do this. I leaved his cock and stood up to came back from bathroom. Thinking of this that I mentioned him that my husband has the same size of cock.

I came back from bathroom he was upset to see this act from me. I went to the kids room to see what are they doing I seen both the kids are still sleeping. I went near to them and waking up. After this they waked up and after some time they wre playing with eachother. He also came back from bathroom and time is already 6.30 PM. I ordred him to make dinner.

I also came in the kitchen to help him. He was looking at me with smile and I was also looking him in the same manner. As time past my husband is about to come and I don't want to create any scene infront of my hubby I came back to my room and start the computer to read some erotic story. Sishir my husband rang the door bell and I went to the door to welcome him.

We went to the kids room and he talk for a while with kids. Then we came to our room I described him all the details. Pls let me know I was doing right or wrong. Thanx for your valuable comments.


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