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Fucking neighbours maid Rosy

Rosy told me when I met her climbing the stairs that she will come to my appt. at 11pm after putting everybody to sleep. She was walking with a chest forward gait and her boobs looked very prominent. she saw my watching her cleavage, but just smiled. Rosy is the maid in my neighbour's flat. When my wife was there she used to come to clean up our house in day time once in a while and accepted lavish tips.

Now that my wife is not there and my house is total turmoil. Rosy said she will come late in the night so that people may not watch. I entered my house, I had taken some snacks and waited for Rosy to come. She may be around 18 or so and possessed one of the best shaped bodies in females. Her waist was narrow and boobs and ass very huge and prominent. Her thigh was fat and.

Though I looked at her quite often and I never had any sexual look at her.The house where she worked there were only two females, a mother and her young daughter. Mother was around 35 working in some private and daughter around 19, studying. I did not have any close acquaintance with them. The time was 10.30pm,I could hear faint noice of knocking.

When I went and opened the door, Rosy just slipped in brushing my body and she closed the door and bolted from inside. I was surprised at her speed. In her house the mother and daughter just slept and she wanted to hurry through work in my house so that before they wake up, she may be there. She went in seach of a broom and started to sweep rooms one by one.

I had to move along with her to help her to change the position of some furniture and pulling them back. I as surprised that Rosy was not wearing any bra and when she bent with her broom, her both boobs dangled enticingly. Her loose blouse showed through the cleavage the entire boobs with the nipple and all. How long you can just watch this and without even touching it.

Just as she came close to me sweeping under the pretext of moving the teapoy, my hand touched the dangling boobs. I was in erection. The soft touch of her boobs made thing more worse. Rosy was working silently but fast. In the next room also I kept my hand in such a way that her boob will gloss over it.

Now Ross thought that it is not an innocent act but a deliberate act to touch her boob. She raised her head and looked at me and smiled. Thank god, she was not angry for my overture. I told her by way of an excuse that since my wife is away I was tempted by the beauty of your boobs. Rosy just laughed and did not say anything.

I took a little more boldness and went near her and put my hand on her boobs and pressed them. She said first let me complete my work and then we will see. I just lifted her head and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She received in in good spirit and told me just to wait She finished cleaning of the house and placed all dirty clothes In the bin so that it can put for washing the next day.

She went to the kitchen and cleaned all the dirty places etc. I went near her and caught her boobs from behind. She did not resist and turned to look at me to solicit a kiss. I gave her a grand kiss which definitely must have changed her mood. I removed her upper garment and her naked boobs were a beauty to look at.

With both of my hands I went on kneading them and she was moaning. I undid her petty coat and it dropped to the ground, Her pussy full of dark hair. She hugged me tightly pressing her boob against my chest. I searched for her pussy and found it to be leaking. Rosy removed my shirt and pyjama quickly and my throbbing erect cock surprised her.

She took her in her hand and we stood there in the kitchen in bright light, both naked and touching each other and taking pleasure. She said she is free in the day time, but I have to go to my office during day time. If I take leave and stay at home people will start asking what is the matter. Rosy quickly prepared tea and we both drank and moved to our bed room.

Lying in the bed, we embraced each other and I gave her a kiss on her lips and made her to climb on me. I sucked her nipples and she was writhing in pleasure. Her pussy was pressed against my cock which she enjoyed and was grinding her pussy on my cock. I asked her to put the cock in her cunt.

She got up and came to sitting position and with her hand she inserted my cock in her pussy. It went in with much difficulty and she had to make three four attempts to get it inside. I asked her to do the fucking. Rosy though clumsy at first picked up the trick later and did a good fucking, moaning always.

She got her orgasm and she wound me with her legs and had full massive orgasm. I was yet to reach mine. She said she wanted it more. I asked her to get ready for the second trip. This time I made her to lie down and I got on her and her wet pussy made things easier for me to insert. But the tight passage was very nice and thrilling.

I fucked her very fast and she got her second orgasm and I mine. Just as I was getting up from my bed. I heard a faint knock in the door. I forgot for a moment that I am naked and rushed to open the door and there, lo, was the mistress of Rosy, looking at my dripping cock and asked where is Rosy. I asked her to come in and closed the door.

She looked at me with my erect cock and looked at Rosy lying naked in the bed. Rosy got up and rushed to the bathroom for washing. I went to the bedroom and put on my pyjama. and came back to my guest. The lady appeared to be very upset. I told her that it is all my fault since I needed her help to clean the house, I asked her and I took advantage of her.

The lady said it is unfair, just imagine, in case of a scandal what will people speak about all of us. I said there is nothing to worry, nobody saw us and nobody will see us. Rosy came fully dressed. The lady asked her to go to her home since her daughter is alone there. She said I will come in a minute. Rosy went out.

Madam sat comfortably without any signs of leaving and wanted to know about me, my work, etc. I got up put on the fan and told her to just have a cup of tea and then talk. She looked 35, good body, but husband is abroad and comes once in a year. From the looks I could make out that she is sex starved. If I just play sympathy I too get her to my bed. She sipped tea in slow sips.

She was in her night suit and sitting at the edge of the sofa. I told her to be more relaxed and I sat in the next sofa. I had only a pyjama on and my upper torso was naked. I asked her to come and sit near me because she was looking not much comfortable in the chair where she was sitting. But she came. I put my hand around her and pulled her closely towards me.

She did not seem to object. She stopped talking and was waiting for something to happen. I just pulled her face towards me and kissed her on her cheeks. I kissed her on both of her cheeks. and then on the mouth. Her hand was reaching for my erection. I asked her to remove the night suit. she lifted it up through her head. she too did not wear any bra and only a panty.

I placed my hand only boob and went on squeezing. Having come up to this, having nothing to talk, we moved to my bedroom and made her to lie down and removed her panty. Her hairless cunt was a beauty. I bent low and gave her a nice kiss on her cunt. My tongue searched for her clitoris and I proceeded to give her a nice oral sex.

It was followed by one of the most memorable sexual experiences. She climbed on me and fucked the hell out of me. We had two rounds of fucking and it was already late, 2 am. She wiped her cunt with her panty, put on her night suit and said she has to go since both the girls are there in the house.

She said I will certainly come again. You do not know how much I suffered because my husband is away. Now that I have found you, please fuck me at least once a week. I said certainly. She left in a jiffy.

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Vishal having sex with busty maid

Hi friends this is vishal from chennai of age 20. this below story is an true an real piece of hot sex with my orthodox maid. Me studing in an reputed collage in chennai I used to go to collage at 7.00 am and return back at 6.00 maid is of the age 32,mother of girl, daily wager husband and she has an big and attractive boobs, nice round ass.she used to come in the morning at 6.30and leave home at 12.00 pm.

The story starts from the day 05 september.that day we have an govnt holiday and its was raining here.As usual I woke up at 6.00 and had a bath.As it was raining heavily she got drenched in rain and she was in her light pink colour saree.As she was drenched in rain her boobs reflected our very well with her nipple proturding out.

That day was the first day I noticed her full body as my parents was at home I could just see her only one time I was cumming my self looking at her huge brest for a period of 3 day (1/day) I thought if I get an oppurtunity to fuck her I would never miss it i was waiting for an excellent day to occur on september 09 my parents went to our native land for a period of 15 days

I could not accompany them since my last exam was on the very next fine day I dont like to accompany them to my native land my parents told the maid that to stay in our and take care of me. FInally on september 10 morning she came with all her clothes to my house I greated her showed her room for the stay.

She went to the kitchen prepared breakdfast and served it to me.She also ate it with me. Our conversation went deep to ur family problem and pleasures in the meanwhile I started talking about sex life which had undergone.she refused to tell me with an smile.on the day noon I started to seduce her like touching her body hips, shoulder.

i made my penis to be erect an made sure that it touched every time when i cross here. For the first 5 time she showed some rejections and after that she made sure that it wont touch her since she is from an orthodox family she is very jenuven about the sex i.e to place sex only with her man(husband).i made enough an necessary move to seduce her she never ever fall in my moves.

At the last I made a decision to tell her that I would like to have sex with her. on sep 12 morning breakfast we were chating deeply about sex of here life and that she would have sex only once in an week for a period of 10-15 mins on sunday night above 9 pm when I questioned why she said that her mother in law stated like that for her i was most dwelled in those story she narrates.

After breakfast I went to my room and called her and showed her some of the prons which I had I saw the her boobs had grown stiff and she was placing her hand on her vagina after the show she went to the kitched to finish off the last work of lunch.when everything ws finished the time was 11 am I became more horny to fuck her she was marvelous in her light green saree

exposing her boobs she went to the bathroom bathed herself and returned and wore an yellow saree. she next to me wanderin me to show to prons after an short pron I put my hand around her shoulder. she left it un discovered after 2-3 prons I asked her whether I could touch her boobs she said no.

After an brief conversation she stated to touch it over the blouse alone.when I started touching her breast she immediatly stood up an went to lock the door and windows and screened all the windows i sques her boobs for a period of 10 mins and weted her blouse with her milk I slowly removed her blouse hooks she did not realise since she was busy watching the prons

After some time I pleaded her and mabe her to remove her blouse and bra and placed my mouth in the nipple and sucked her milk wooooooo what a taste for the milk I started to kiss her in her cheeks fist she refused but as repeated she could not stop it I made it clear that I make an lip kiss i move close to her lips and holded her head tightly and made an deep lip kisss she tried to move my head off but I holded it tight kiss lasted for 1 min

she then looked at me in anger and said u can touch only my boobs not any other parts I replied that not only u r boobs are attractive all the parts are attractive.she bend down in an smile and looked up again I took her head and kissed her she never rejected it she too co-ordinated with me and then I asked to give blow job as shown in the movie she rejected it I took her hand

and made to touch my penis she first touched as if I have told her to touch an fire. she rejected several time I made it confirm that she give me an blow job she at last got my penis and gave me 2 cum shots wowwwwwwww so soft and nice to have an blow job from an ladys hand I made her to suck my penis in an very rude way by making he to put on the bed and insert my cock in to her

she gasped and then I gave 2 cumshots and left her mouth with the cumshot she hurried to split it out i got her and made her to swallow my cum after this she was very nice to me she obeyed whatever I said when questioned about the sucking she told she have never experienced such an incident in her life.

in the aftrnoon we ate an went for the next round.She sat very close to me and I showed an 30 min film as she was watching I slowly placed my hand on her thighs and slowly moved my hand to her cunts she stoped me and said I have give only the permission for upper job alone. i kissed her and plaeaded her and asked her to lie on the bed she lifted her saree and I removed her pants

and slowlly inserted my middle finger in and squeesed it by a short time she reached her orgasm and cumed with an pain supressing sound i then asked whether I could put my penis in her she replied that she is intrested in getting that if its inserted and if gets pregnent she would be caught. I told her to wait and went to an long pharmacy bought 10 pcs condoms and retuned home

i inseted in it to my penis and made here nude ohh my god what a structure an colour I inserted my penis in to her cunts I never sucked the cunts bcs I was very earged for the fuck an we made it to cum 3 time by the time she reached 5 times orgasms when we finished the time was 4.00 pm we were tired got some sleep she woke me up at 6.00 pm and had tea we both had bath

sat in the hall talked for a while she cleaned her hair and I requested that whether I could put my penis on her cunts without any protection she said that okk only for one cumm shot.By te time 7.30 pm we both were in great mood to fuck each other shae said I was the only preson to delight her sexual satisfaction we went to the room nuded ourself got top the bed made all upper job blow job and fucked like any thing till 11.00pm.

we became very tired had diner in the nude position and went to bed for more 3 sessions at the end of 2 she started crying out of pain and I did not stop I started for the third she said I am paining a lot pls stop I did not hear and started for the third. Afert the third we went as sleep nude with cock inserted in her cunts.

the very next day we woke up in nude position and I told her that I need to go out for an important work she nodded her heade with sad face ad if wandering for sex we hade breakfast and I dressed and went to the door she said can u give me any thing right now I smiled and unzipped my jeans and gave her a 2 cum in her face and she inserted my penis into her cunts and with 50-60 strokes I cumed and she reache orgasm

After cuming in her ass near the door we heared a door bell suddenly I put my cock in my pants ahe was wiping her face and ass as it was full of my cum and opened the door to see her husband at the door steps I was bit shocked and afraid if he finds out our sexual affair she hurried and made me comfortable and I went out at her husband went at 11.00 am

at my arrival @ 7.00 pm I noticed that ther is some change in the environoment as I ranged the bell and I saw her in an green saree hand & legs full of mehandi head full of flowers lips with rose lipstick and she has arranged the room ready the only thing I have to do is to have dinner and to have sex with that women I had dinner,

as I was having dinner she took my hand of the plate sat on my lap and feeded me with every kiss and hade a great sex the whole night I gave cum about 8-9 times and we both became tired and we slept.thing went on like moring 2 cums noon 4-5 cums night 9-10 cums my body became very tired and un healthy when my parents retuned.

the day before my parents retun was a day of feast we hade sex for the whole day and she cried for very long time I pleaded her. At my arrival of parents in morning 7.00 we hade one final cum we woke at 5.30 started to insert and cummed till 6.30 we summed like animals I did she did it several times at the last she became more horny and fucked like an animal.

we cleaned the room and hurried with all sex items etcccc..from that day on ward we would do cum by 1 per day till the day now hope u enjoyed my sex experience hoping for an second part at here home bcs her husband I going to daily wage work at delhi for a period of 3 months have a good day

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Sujata getting fucked by servant Raghav

Let me first describe myself to you. I am Sujata, 30 years old, married, have a one year old son. I stay in Mumbai (India). I am 5 feet 7 inches, fair in colour, more then average looks. My vitals are 38-28-40.,My friends always told me that I should be a model as I had a very sexy body.

My husband died in road accident due to drunken driving, 4 years before and my son was taken away by his sister. So I shifted to my parent’s house and resumed my higher studies, so that I can independently work and earn a living.

My parents work due to which they travel a lot.We have a full time servant – cum – cook. His name was Raghav. He was around 55 years, with a very dark complexion. He otherwise had good facial features. I often noticed that he use to give me strange looks but I never cared. There was not much work for him as my parents love to stay out at night and party.

One day my parents told me they are going on a month long vacation with their friends to Europe. I was unable to come as my final exams was going on. They left on a month long holiday. Now the house was left entirely to me and Raghav, for one month.

That day I came back from my college after giving my last exam paper. I was feeling very relaxed and free. I took shower and ate. Raghav cleaned the table and went to his room. After watching some TV I went to my room.It was late night but I was unable to sleep. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat. It was dark in the lobby. I saw some light in the living room.

I slowly walked towards it and peeked through the door. It was Raghav sitting on the floor. He was watching movie songs on TV. My attention was on Raghav who had his lungi open and he was caressing his dick while watching actresses. When I saw his dick I froze, as I never saw such a big cock in my life.

It was semi erect but even in that condition it was at least 9 inches long and it was thick as the size of my forearms. For the age of Raghav at 55 years, it was a massive cock. I don’t know what got into me, but I felt like touching Raghavs thick long lund, immediately. May be I was sexually frustrated, not having been fucked for over 4 years.

I started getting a tingling feeling between my legs and my pussy began to get wet and itchy. I was thinking that how it will feel to take this giant thing in my hands and inside me. Most of you must be thinking me crazy that a 28 year old beautiful girl can have any man she wants; why then need a 55 yr old servant like Raghav; but at that time, I was so caught up in passion that I was unable to reason clearly, because I was deprived of sex for so many years.

Main jawan thi aur itna bara lund dekh kar mujhme josh chad gaya tha. I slowly went back into my bed and that whole night I fantasized and started to make plans on how to have sex with Raghav. I had noticed that Raghav sometimes stares at me. So I guessed he is interested in me but was scared to do anything. From next morning I started to stay at home. I mostly wore very tight and fitting clothes with deep necks in which my body looks very sexy.

When ever Raghav works in kitchen, I would go there as I need something to eat or drink. Most time I noticed Raghav glancing at my boobs and figure. Some times when he was cooking I started going and stand very close to him pretending to watch what he was doing. In my next step of plans I stopped wearing any bras under my clothes.

I even shaved my cunt and stopped wearing panties. So whenever I walked, my breasts bounced like two heavy balls and my buttocks used to swing freely. At dinner time I mostly use to wear my nighty. I purchased see-through nighties which were short. I was trying to make Raghav more frustrated, so that he will come to me by himself. But it seemed that even he was afraid to make the first move.

One night when it was dinner time I wore a very light yellow nighty which was see through. My big boobs were visible from it and swung freely. I sat on the chair. Raghav started serving dinner. I noticed he was very nervous as he was keep on looking at my body. I noticed that he slowly rubbed his cock when ever he gets a chance, as he was getting horny by the sight.

My mind was working fast. After dinner, I went to my bedroom and I let Raghav have his dinner. Near the bedroom door, I purposely poured some water and acted as if I slipped and fell down and gave a loud shriek of pain. I acted as if I was badly sprained my lower back. Acting as per plan, Maine jadli se apni nighty utthayee and was showing my silky thighs.

I was not wearing any undergarments. Raghav came running was stunned what happened. “ Kya Hua Memsaab?” I said that I badly slipped and fell down and am not able to get up. He said "Mem sahib I will take you to your room where you can put an ointment". He than carried me to my room with his left hand encircled upto my left breast and his right hand holding my buttocks and bare thighs. I put a blanket on myself and turned to lie face down.

He brought a bottle of Nivea Milk cream and asked if he can apply it. I said “yes”. Raghav asked “Kahaan dard ho raha hai ?” I said the pain is on my shoulder and lower back. He then started massaging my shoulder. I told him to massage my lower back also. He slowly put his hand under the chaddar. Now he was massaging my lower back and my buttocks.

My eyes were closed but I could feel his strong hands on my buttocks going up and down and kneading them like flour. I opened my eyes and saw that he was enjoying it too. I could see the hunger of sex in his eyes. Occasionally, he was also feeling horny and rubbing his cock from the top of his lungi slowly.

He said "Memsahib aur kaha lagaoo?" I said Raghav "Thora neeche mere jaangho ke andar be massage karo. Bahut dard ho rahi hai". He moved his hands more towards my inner thighs. I could feel his hand some inches away from my wet cunt. I was enjoying it thoroughly. I asked Raghav to massage some more cream on my back and ass-cheeks as it was paining from my fall.

I removed my blanket and lifted my short nighty. I was completely naked in front of him.He slowly put some cream in his hand and start massaging my buttocks. He was getting bolder and squeezing them gently. My cunt was soaking wet and was oozing. I could see he was ready to join me in bed any second. He was now touching my cunt and I could feel his fingers on my soft shaved pussy.

Raghav was getting bolder. Slowly he started playing with my clitoris and inserted one finger in my cunt. I said "Yeh kya kar rahe ho” he said 'Mem sahib, aapke badan ka saara dard door kar doonga. "I was enjoying it so much, I just closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure. Raghav started to increase the speed of his finger inside my vagina. My cunt was wet and fully lubricated.

Suddenly Raghav said “ Memsaab,Main apne aap ko kaabu mein nahin rakh paa raha hoon. I told Raghav “ Theek hai, mujhe bhi bahut mazaa aa rahaa hai..isliye main kuch nahin boloongi…par,vaada karo ki tum bhi kisiko kuchh nahi bataoge.” He agreed. I knew that he was a villager and must be very raw with sex.

I turned on my back, smiled sheepishly and pulled him on top of me. He started sucking my boobs. He was sucking them, and soaking them with his tongue and also kneading my breasts with both hands.My nipples were fully erect.He was pinching my nipples which made me more wet. He stood up, removed his shirt and joined me again in bed. Now he was wearing only a lungi.

I slowly pushed him down towards my pussy. He knew what I wanted and started licking it. Till now my cunt was full of my juices, Raghav meri choot buhat teizi se chaat raha tha. Sometimes he slowly bit my clitoris and kissed and sucked on it. I was moaning uncontrollably. I was holding Raghav’s head between my legs. I was thrusting his face hard into my pussy.

At one time, he thrust his tongue deep in my pussy hole and I screamed with pleasure. My moanings were becoming louder AHHHHHHH UMMMMMM. Meri awaz sunkar woh aur josh main akar meri choot chatne laga. After a while I started moving faster. I was ready to cum and a huge orgasm was building up.

Raghav started licking me harder and faster and then with a large moan and scream of joy, I came. I thrust Raghav’s face deep in my pussy and held him tightly there. I was moving my pussy up and down as if I was fucking his face. Voices of pleasure were coming out of my mouth AaaaaaaaaaHHHHHH….oooohhhhh…hmmmummmmmmm.

Bahut mazaa aa raha hai Raghav….I sighed. Raghav started to push his tongue deeper inside my vagina and I splurged my first big orgasm. He came up and said "Memsahib apki choot buhat naram hai aur uska maza bhi lajawab hai" I said "Raghav ab yeh choot aajse tumhari hai, tumhein jo karna hai tum iske saath karo".

He then threw open his lungi and out sprang his massive cock. I was awestruck. I was scared and also overjoyed. Hesitantly, I took it into my hands. It was jet black with all its veins protruding. The cock was about 8” long with an additional 2 inches of its mushroom sized head. I was admiring its length and girth. Suddenly Raghav asked me to suck his lund which was fully erect.

He said “Memsaab, kya aap meri lund ko apne muh mein lekar choosogi? Kya main aapko mooh mein chod sakta hoon?. I said…”Raghav, main chaahti hoon ki tum mujhe meri har chhed mei chodo…tabhi mujhe chain milega”. I obliged him and started sucking his massive 10” pole. I was licking it and sucking it as it was huge ice cream cone.

I was slowly caressing his huge balls with my other hand I kept on sucking and licking him all over the length of his dick and also took his balls inside my mouth.Uske moo se dabi dabi siskariyan nikal rahi thi. AHHH…aaahhh… he kept on moaning and after 30 minutes of good sucking he start to moan louder. I knew than that he is about to cum.

I start to suck him faster and tried to take his full cock in my mouth. His cock hardened and after few minutes he ejaculated his semen in spurts and his spurts kept on coming . He emptied his entire load in my mouth and my mouth was full of his juices. He came for about 30 seconds continuously and I greedily swallowed every bit of his juice. I kissed him full on his lips. He was awesome and had the stamina of a horse.

After sucking Raghavs dick clean, I felt very horny and was now ready for a good long session of raw sex. Raghav sucked my boobs for some time, then again licked my cunt. I was again soaking wet. He then stood near the bed, pulled me to the edge of the bed, opened my legs wide, and holding his lock cock placed its mushroom head on my pussy and tickled my clitoris with it.

After some time he placed his cock-head on my vaginal opening and gently pushed his cock inside. He never imagined that a person like him will have sex with a girl like me. Raghav then slowly thrust his big lund in me. I sighed with pleasure.I said, "Raghav tumhara lund itna bara hai yeh mere under kaise jayega - meri choot to phat jayegi".

In response he smiled and thrust his dick fully in my pussy. I screamed in pain and pleasure. His entire 10 inches had slided into my hole. He stopped again and started sucking my boobs. At the same time he was slowly moving his dick in and out, which was completely and deep inside me. For the first time, I felt that a complete man was inside my cunt.

His huge cock had engulfed every bit of space inside my vagina and it was a sensuous feeling of fullness inside me. In short it was indescribable and heavenly pleasure. Now I had started to enjoy his cock inside me and Raghav was sucking my boobs hungrily and at the same time he was thrusting his massive pole in and out of me.

He pulled out half his length and then he thrust all of his dick deep inside me - he stayed there for a while then took half of his dick out from my pussy and give another large thrust. I screamed with pain and delight. My cunt was full with his long and thick lund. His massive cock was touching all the walls of my inside cunt and the sensation was heavenly.

Raghav stayed still for a while than he started to caress my boobs,my buttocks, ass-creeks and was also kissing my lips and rolling his tongue inside me. He was slowly moving in and out of my pussy and at the same time was thrusting deeper and deeper. I was loving every bit of this great fucking and Raghav didnt stop. He kept on moving in and out. I was enjoying his magnificient cock.

The sounds of “chhapp…chap… chhapp…chhapp..” of his cock pounding my cunt and balls slamming against my buttocks were reverberating in the empty house. I was moaning loudly with pleasure but there was no one to listen as whole house was empty. "AHHHHHHHHHHH Raghav", “ chodo mujhe, aur zor se chodo,,,fuck me…fuck me…deeper…harder.

Keep on banging..keep it going…chodte raho mujhe Raghav..I screamed in delight and pleasure. I was enjoying it throughly. All of a sudden Raghav pulled his cock out, lifted and turned me upside down and placed me on all fours. He separated both my legs and pushed his cock inside my pussy from behind and started to ram and thrust me.

Raghav was lovingly, caringly but strongly pumping his massive cock inside my cunt…My pleasure and enjoyment knew no bounds and I kept on screaming in delight. aaahhaahhhh… hmmmmmummmm.. Raghav, mere yaar, mera dost…mujhe chodo…chodo.. tumhaare lund ka koi jawaab nahin…. Kya mast chudai hai… ooohhh…aaaahhhhh…Chodo…fuck me…fuck me…aaahhh…uuhhh.

Jam ke mujhe chodo Raghav… “ Raghav’s balls were hitting my G-spot and was creating a multiplying effect of enjoyment. With another hand he was tickling my ass-hole gently. He spit some saliva onto my ass-hole and started to rub it and it was giving me a heavenly pleasure. I had never imagined that ass-hole could also be a tool for sex.

But it was sensational feeling to have his finger in my ass and his lund fully embedded into my cunt. My cunt was now getting more wet with lubrication. Mujhe buhat maja aa raha tha. Raghav ne ab zor se dhake marne shuru kardiye ;woh mujhe buhat bedardi se chod raha tha. Uska majboot lund engine ka piston ki tarah andar-baahar ho raha tha.

Mere mummay uske haath mey the, jinhe woh khoob zor zor se masal raha tha. Beech beech mein, Raghav apne ungli meri gaand ke andar-baahar kar raha tha. Woh meri khoob chudai kar raha tha. Main bhi neeche se, gaand uchka-uchka kar dhakke maar rahi thi. Mujhe chodte hue 30 minute hogaye, lekin woh abhi tak nahi jhara tha main 30 minute main 2 baar jhar chuki thi.

Lekin woh ruk nahi raha tha aur khob zor se meri chudai main laga hua tha. Pure kamre main humdono ki zor zor ki siskariya aur aahain aur chudai ki awaz goonj rahi thi AHHHHHHH, UMMMMMMMM. Meri choot bilkul geeli hogayi thi aur chudai karte samay khoob “chhap chhap – Phuchh-Phuchh” ki awaz lagataar goonj rahi thi. Hum dono paseeney main naha rahe thei, lekin rukne ka naam nahi le rahe the.

We both were like a dog and bitch and Raghav was clasping me like a bitch and was pounding me. I was in seventh heaven. I had never been fucked like this before. Ussne mere dono chuttar haath se pakre hue the aur ungli meri gaand ke ched par jaadu kar rahe they, aur khub jor jor se apna lund andar-baahar kar raha tha. Main phir jharne wali thi.

Maine apni raftar tej kardi AHHHHAHHHHHHH "Raghav main jharne wali hoon AHHHH UMMMMMMMMMMMM, Main josh se zor zor se siskariya bhar rahi thi aur khushi sey chilla rahi thi. Poore kamre main meri aahain goonj rahi thi lekin mujhe kuch hosh nahi tha AHHHHHHH Raghav main jhar rahi hoonnnnnnnnnnn ummmmmmm aahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh."And then I came, again and again.

Karib 45 minute ke baad Raghav ne bhi apni raftar aur tej kardi aur khoob teiji se mujhe chodne laga. Main samajh gayi ke woh ab jharne wala hai. Main bhi khoob jor se dhake marne lagi. Thori der main uske moon se josh se awaz nikalne lagi.Main phir sey jharne wali thi aur khoob zor se awaz nikaal rahi thi.

Raghav ne aik zor ka dhakka mara aur apni lund geherai tak mere under daldi. Hum dono ek saath jhar rahe thei.Raghav ne pichkaari ki tarah apna sara veerya meri choot main nikal diya. Meri choot uske veerya se bhar gayi thi. I started to lie down on my face, with Raghav’s cock still embedded inside my cunt. Raghav was sleeping on me and started to lick my shoulders and back.

At the same time his semen was still coming out inside me in small bursts. After some rest we both got up and went to kitchen. We had some milk with dry fruits. We both were hungry after our very long love session so we ate and became reenergized again. We both then went to sleep with his big cock inside me.

Next day we woke up, had breakfast together, took shower together and both of us were nude inside the house. We had nothing to worry as there was no one to come at the house. We stayed naked the whole day. While we both were having bath together. First, I was soaping him fully. His shoulders, back and then when he turned to face me, I was rubbing his chest and applied soap over the full length and width of his mighty 10” cock.

His mighty cock was again ready and standing upto its full glory. It was his turn and he was bathing me with soap.He was rubbing soap on my buttocks, in my ass creek and was tickling my ass-hole. All of a sudden, Raghav said “ Memsahab, ek ched mein lund ghusaana toh bhool gaye hum dono” Raghav ne apne ungli meri gaand ke ched mein ghusate hua bola “ Yahaan memsahib”.

I was horrified and said “Nahin Raghav, mujhe bahut dard hoga aur maine kabhi bhi gaand nahin marwaaya hai”. He said… ”Memsahab, shuru mein thoda darad hoga, parantu uske baad jitna mazaa aayega, aap hamesha gaand maarne ki hi baat karogi…mujh par vishwaas rakhiye…bahut mazaa aayega aapko aur mujhe bhi.

Saying this he asked me to bend over the bath tub, got some oil from the shelf and liberally applied oil inside my arse-hole with his thick finger. I screamed in pain…. Seeing me in pain, Raghav then lifted my ass in the air and poured oil into my asshole. He also took some Vaseline and pushed Vaseline inside my ass.

Gradually his finger started to go in freely inside my ass and my pain reduced. I started to gradually enjoy his finger inside my ass and asked him to pour some more oil inside. After this, I mixed oil and Vaseline and put it liberally onto his mighty cock so that it became soft and slippery. He asked me to bend once again like a dog/bitch and mounted me from behind.

Raghav placed his huge cock on the entrance of my ass-hole and gently gave a push. His cock head had gone inside but it was paining me immensely. So Raghav took it out and applied more Vaseline on his cock-head. A little more pressure and nearly 4” of Raghav was inside my ass. He kept it there for some time, while with his hands he was fondling my breasts and fingering my cunt & clitoris.

My cunt was oozing and liquid was dripping from my cunt. It was a great sensation to be fucked in your ass. Raghav was right. Ass fucking is a great and novel idea. Raghav pressed more and almost 8 “ of his meat pole was sliding inside my ass with ease. Raghav noticed this and also my pleasure and gradually started to increase his thrusts slowly and steadily with regular pace.

His entire length of 10 inches was now sliding inside easily and his balls were hitting my G-spot and cunt. He was now holding me like a dog and pushing in and out of my ass. With one finger he was tickling my clitoris and had pushed one finger in my cunt. At the same time his cock was sliding and gliding inside my ass. I cannot explain the pleasure of ass-fucking, but it was exquisite.

I had found my MAN and my man was fucking me mad with joy.My enjoyment know no bounds. Suddenly Raghav started ramming me in my ass, harder and faster and with one huge thrust, he was splurging semen after semen inside my ass. I do not know how much semen Raghav had in his huge balls, but they were coming in splurges of small bursts, continuously.

Raghav had filled my ass with his semen and when he pulled his cock out, the semen was pouring onto the floor of the bathroom. My parents were out on a vacation abroad for one month. During this time Raghav was fucking me at least four to five times during the day and night. He had fucked me in every position. I was the most sexually satisfied woman on earth.

I could not have asked for a better lover who could satisfy all my sexual needs. We were living together, sleeping together and fucking together. I took all precautions that I should not get pregnant so that I could enjoy all my sexual fantasies without any encumberances.

Raghav still works for us and is still my lover.It is strange that I never thought of having any other guy apart from him as my lover as he satisfies me completely. I am addicted to his dick. My parents still go for long trips regularly and then we both have sex crazily for all day and nites.

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Hot breast milk sex

The infant developed some infection in the eye. She could not open her eyes and was constantly crying. Water was flowing from her eyes. Grandmother suggested that breast milk has to be put in the eye drop by drop and not to put any other medicine. Geetha, mother of the child had some problem and her milk canals dried up.

Hence they have to get breast milk from somebody outside. Who has breast milk? The servant woman told that her daughter has delivered a boy and she has breast milk. But somebody has to go to their house in the outskirts of the city. Geetha asked her brother Babu to go to the house of the servant and get some breast milk. Babu said he wont because he has lot of other work.

But Geetha pleaded with him and told him to go just once. Babu agreed and took and bike and asked for directions and went. Babu was 18 year old but has growth of an adult, with mustache and all. He just completed his predegree couses and waiting for getting into the college. He searched and searched and found out the house of the lady.

He knocked at the door and a girl opened the door. He said he has come from so and so house and he wants some breast milk for pouring into the eyes of the child. The girl, Santhi, who gave birth to a boy recently, was the daughter of the maid servant who worked in the house of Babu. Santhi called Babu to come inside and sit in the chair.

She went and searched for a glass and finally she got one. But she squeezed her breast and she could not get any milk. She remembered that her son and her husband used to suck and get milk. She asked Babu can you suck and take milk out. Babu also had no experience and he agreed. She showed him her left breast nipple which was protruding.

Babu was taller and he had to bend low to reach the breast. He sat in the chair and took the nipple in his mouth. But she was moving and hence he placed his hand on her back and pulled her forward and sucked. Within no time his powerful suck brought a lot of milk. He poured the milk into the glass.

His sucking of her breast made Santhi very hot and she wanted more of it, She asked him to suck the right breast also. Babu now knew the trick. He placed the glass on the table and held Santhi with both hands and sucked her very powerfully. Soon his mouth was full. He too had an erection. Santhi was moaning with pleasue. She was not taking the nipple out of the mouth of Babu.

He went on sucking both the nipples alternatively. Some he gulped and some he poured into the glass. The glass was full. But she wont leave him and asked him to suck more. She thrust her breast into his mouth and with one hand behind his head was pressing her nipple into his mouth. Babu had both of his hands around her. His tight hug made her to water her pussy.

She bent low and felt his cock. It was fully erect. She unzipped and lowered his Bermuda pant. His 7 inch cock was standing out like a iron rod. She kneeled on the ground and took it in her mouth and sucked. Babu was flabbergasted. He just yielded. She took him to her bed room and lifted her petticoat, undid her wet panty and asked him to fuck her. Babu did not know what to do.

She guided him inside her and he was made to lie down and she rode him and fucked him. She got her orgasm and he also go his orgasm. He shot his cum inside her. They got up and she asked him to come again in the noon time if he wants more milk. Babu nodded and took the milk in a small bottle and took it home. Some how a lot of milk was spilt on the way.

Geetha told Babu to bring some more milk because it is too little quantity and it wont be sufficient. Babu went enthusiastically to the house of Santhi by noon and asked for more milk. Santhi was more than happy. She took him to the bedroom and asked him to lie down and took his limp cock in her mouth and started to suck.

She planned a detailed sex play before she gave some milk. Babu was a virgin and how lucky she was to get a virgin boy to has his first fuck. Her husband had gone for work and when he comes back after work he would be drunk and may not fuck her at all. Here this boy has come back again mainly to fuck than for milk.

She will make him come once again in the evening before her husband comes. She will have three fucks after a long time. She got on him and directed his cock into her cunt and she started to fuck moaning. Babu was also moaning closing his eyes. The place was all dirty and if it were not for fucking he would not have even sat there. But this fucking is a great experience.

His cock went inside like a needle piercing a banana. She was rotating her hip and jumping up and down and do all sorts of movements. Finally he shot his cum inside her. She got up wiped his cock clean with her clothes. She just kissed it and sucked it once, but it was getting stiff again. This time she lied on the bed and asked him to fuck her. He did it, did it well.

He had become an expert. It took more time for him to reach climax. In the meantime she reached her orgasm twice. Finally she went to the bathroom cleaned herself and then came back, wiped his cock and asked him to suck her breasts and take the milk. She knew he will again get stiff and ask to fuck her.

Babu sucked her nipple and took milk and poured it in the bottle and his cock was stiff. He took milk from the second nipple and poured it in the bottle and put the stopper so that the milk may not get spilled. His cock was fully erect. He was shy to ask to fuck Santhi again. Santhi knew and she was laughing, because she also wanted another fuck.

They went to the bed and fucked again. Because Babu was young and Santhi was also young three or four fucks do not matter. Santhi was very very happy. She never thought she would get so much of sex in one day. babu also was happy that a new era of sex had opened for him. He rushed home because he may have to explain the delay. But luckily nobody asked.

Geetha was happy that so much milk could be procured. She said enough for the day. If necessary you can try tomorrow. Babu said it you want I will go in the evening. Geetha said let us see and went to pour it in the eyes of the infant. Just two drops in each eye. By evening the child was ok. Still milk was left in the bottle. But babu wanted to go and get more milk.

Grand ma and Geetha said no not necessary. We have enough of milk. But babu could not get patience to sit. Santhis hairless cunt was haunting him. He took the bike and went to Santhi's house. When Babu reached there Santhi's mother and husband were there. Santhi seeing him expressed fear and anxiety in her face. Babu just thanked for the help Santhi gave by giving her milk.

They were very pleased. Her husband and mother asked him to come on the next day if more milk is needed. Babu was asked to stay back for taking tea, but he politely refused and promised to come on the next day and left. Babu went thrice on the next day and again thrice on the following day. and then he had to stop because Geetha started enquiring why and where he went.

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Rony watching mother get fucked by servant - I

Hey all its Rony again. This story I am gonna tell you was told to me by a friend about how is mother got fucked hard in the fields by the village servants. The names have been changed to preserve identity. Now getting to the story.

My name is suraj.I live in Mumbai with my mother.I lost my father when I was 10 and since then my mom has been taking care of all that I need.My mother is 40 years of age,an average looking traditional Indian woman.After my father’s dad she normally keeps to herself and her job as a teacher.I have seen people in my neighbourhood eyeing her but I never gave any attention to that because men usually stare at women regardless of their age.

I was done with my 12th board exams and had a long 3 month vacation.Me and my mother decided to visit our native village where my uncle was staying with her wife and kids. We left for our village a couple of days and later and I was excited because I always loved to be in my village.Its very peaceful out there and I enjoy the company of my cousins.

We reached our village the same evening and I greeted uncle and aunt and the cousins. My aunt had some problems with her health and so they kept a servant named Bhola. He must be around 30 and had a very muscular built like any hard working villager.Bhola seemed very polite and took great care of us for the next couple of days.

He used to help my mother and aunt cook food,help uncle in the fields and sometimes play with us as well. Once we were having lunch in the hall and mom,aunt and bhola were in the kitchen. Mom was cooking chapatti on the sigadi and aunt was serving us.

As it was really hot inside the kitchen my mom was occasionally wiping sweat of her body using her pallu revealing her cleavage for that time.I saw bhola staring at my mother’s cleavage a couple of times but dint give much importance to it.He would occasionally touch my mother on her ass and shoulders but I guessed it happens when two people are working together in such close proximity.

As days passed on I saw that mom was talking a lot with bhola he used to make her laugh with his stories and jokes. I was really happy because after so many years I saw my mother enjoying her life.

My uncle one day had to go to the city for some urgent work and he told Bhola to look after the fields on that day.As bhola was about to leave for the fields,my mom stopped him and said,”Its been a while since I have been to the fields,I would like to see how the crops are there so I will come with you too”.

I was there hearing all this and I quickly told that I would go too because I wanted to see the fields. My mother said no as it was very hot and I could get a heat stroke as my cousins were having heatstrokes too,she seemed to be a bit concerned but I was very eager to go and I finally persuaded her.Bhola told my mother,” Don’t worry,it wont be a problem memsaab”.

My mom agreed and I was really happy.The road from our house to the fields is not very uneven and there are a lot of small pebbles on the path. My mother was finding it hard to walk on the way.Her foor hit one of the pebbles and she almost fell but Bhola caught hold of her by her waist. Then we started moving again.

As we were moving,I noticed that bhola hasn’t took his hand off mother’s waist from the time he helped her and was moving his hand on her waist slowly. My mother seemed unnoticed by this moment of Bhola. I was quietly looking at bhola’s hand and he sleeped his hand to my mother’s ass and was moving his hand there.

I was shocked that my mom was not reacting to his hand movements and neither was she shrugging his hand off. Slowly bhola started to squeeze my mother’s ass.Now it was getting too much for me to take so I suddenly asked,”Bhola how much more time”. Bhola was taken off guard and he quickly removed his hand from my mother’s ass and asaid,”Just 2 mins more”.

We reached our fields and started collecting ripped mangoes as told by uncle.As it was a very large field and there were a lot of mangoes,soon we realised that it will take us a complete day if we go at that pace.Bhola came up with an idea he told both of us will go in opposite directions to collect mangoes so that it will take less time.

My mother said she will be going with bhola as she had to know about the fields and crops. I agreed and we started in opposite directions.After about 5 minutes I remembered about how bhola was touching my mom on our way to the field and I got scared as he was alone with my mother,he might try to zabardasti her or something.

I went back to the starting position and started following their footmarks.After moving a mile I saw my mom and bhola from a distance lying under the tree.The first thought that struck my mind was that bhola was trying to zabardasti my mother.I was behind them and started running towards them.She dint realise I was coming because of the noise of winds and leaves.

I was full of anger and was ready to kill bhola when I heard my mom’s voice,”Yeahh do it bhola,fuck my pussy”.I was shocked.My legs froze and I couldn’t believe my ears.I stopped and hid behind a tree. Bhola was lying completely nude over my mother who had her sari up to her thighs and I could see her black panty lying at a distance. Bhola was banging my mother really hard.

My mother was moving her one hand over bhola’s hair while with the other she was pressing her boobs.She was saying,”Fuck me hard bhola,fuck me like a bitch.Its been 15 years that I had a cock.Tear my pussy apart.”I was totally shocked to hear these words from my mother.She always seemed like a very traditional lady and I never expected that I would see her fucking with a servant.

Bhola now moved up to my mother’s boobs and took off her sari and blouse in a hurry.Now my mother was lying in just her bra and bhola was pressing her big boobs over her bra like an animal.She was moaning and it seemed she was enjoying.I was standing there shell shocked. Bhola then took that bra off and came out the biggest boobs I have ever seen.

They were perfect and as big as a pornstar’s.I started sucking my mother’s nipples and pressing the other breast with his hand.After 15 mins,they had a smooch and then bhola got up.Bhola’s cock was standing like a pole and it was around 9”.He took his cock in his hands and my mother knew what he wanted.So she got near his cock and took the tip in her mouth.

She was giving him a blowjob now and she seemed really good at it.She was doing it like a professional and Bhola was really enjoying it.He was uttering,”Kya mast lund chusti ho aap memsaab.Itne dino se aapko chodne ka man kar raha tha.aaj mauka mila hai.Kya nasheela badan hai aapko.”After about 5 mins,he turned my mother made her sit in doggy style.

He spanked my mother’s ass a couple of times and then started ramping hjer from behind.He was moving so fast that it seemed he was really hungry for sex and my mom was moaning in pain and excitement.They were having sex like animals.As they were about to reach climax,a adivasi guy who must be around my age jumped from the branches of one of trees.

He was very dark,well built and had torn clothes over his body.My mom and bhola were taken by surprise and they got apart and my mother tried to cover up her body with a sari.The adivasi boy said,”Saale bhola yaha par memsaab ke saath chudai macha raha hai,abhi jaake maalik ko batata hun,aaj to teri kher nahi.

Or memsaab aap bhi iske saath chudh rahi hai.ab me sabko bataunga or aapki izzat ki dhajiya udaunga”My mother started crying and begged him not to do it.But he seemed unperturbed by her tears.

What happens next..?? Does the adivasi guy,go and tell mu uncle about all this..? Or is bhola able to pursue him..? What happens to my mother next..?? Did the adivasi boy saw me..?? For answers to all these wait for the second part which will be out soon.

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Nafeesa fucked by driver Abdul

I am Nafeesa aged 21, doing my PG. My elder sister Ameena had an affair with our driver Abdul and they fuck regularly either in the car or at home in the bedroom. Abdul was a handsome guy and I too am interested in getting into sex relationship with him. I was already close to my lecturer who stays back to help me in the lab. He is Latheef, nice fellow, married, but very fond of me.

I tried to avoid his advances but he is very handsome and very well behaved and loveable. In the lab he used to touch me in places which set fire in me. I do not expect he will do this, but it so happens. His cock was a good shaped tool, which I like to suck. When the crowd in the lab is thin, Latheef sir used to unzip and take out his cock and put it right in front of my face.

I cannot but suck it. He will take it back when somebody moves inside and is likely to see us. His cock was always erect and he had a knack of hiding it. He was not in a hurry to fuck me. When I suggested fucking he said not today later sometimes. I used to go home dripping in my panty. Sometimes the wetness used to come out. I cover it with my shawl.

Abdul used to come to the college to pick me up. I did not know then that by that time he would have fucked Ameena two or three times. My heat would not have subsided and the taste of the cock of Latheef would be lingering in my mouth, when Abdul opens the door for me. Since nobody would know it I thought why not ask Abdul to fuck me and lower my tension.

I knew that my sister Ameena would know of it. Ameena had told me a lot about the sexual proves of Abdul. She said he had immense holding capacity and can go on and on for any length of time. My problem is not for holding capacity. I am already at the brim. All that I want is that he should just enter me, thats all. I will blow into pieces.

When Abdul opens the door my eyes wander at his crotch. He wears white cotton pyjama. Sometimes he does not wear any undies. I could notice the shadow of his long rod dangling between his thighs. I usually sit in the rear, where Ameena sits in the front along with him. In the rear I can conveniently go on pressing my pussy with my hand and keep the heat on till I reach home.

As soon as I reach home I just run into the bath room and masterbate with my finger or any object getting into my hands. if I happen to go abroad and go for shopping I could go and buy a nice dildo which will have plenty of work in our home. Becase of this gentleman Latheef, I have to think of sex only all the time I am awake.

If he just fucks and make me reach my climax, I can forget about it and go about with my other work. Because he leaves it half done, I go around pressing my pussy and think of sex always. When I see Abdul, I think about his cock, or any other male member I can think only about the probable length of their cock, its shape or its color etc.

Sometime I used to think that I am a weird character. Not at all normal like any other girl. Once when I went to a big shop I asked for some hair removing wax or cream. The sales girl showed me a variety of brands and started to explain the features. I bought one and brought home and asked Razia to help me to apply it. She did it happily because she too can use it.

We both stood with all the public hair removed. It looked beautiful. But people will appreciate only when one sees it. We cannot go on showing it all friends and relatives like a new dress of jewel. I appreciated Razia and she appreciated me. She ran her hand over mine and I over hers. It was smooth and fine and shining. Suddenly Razia bent her head and kissed my pussy.

Her lips lingered over my pussy and over my clitoris for a little longer time than is necessary. It felt very good. I asked her to kiss once more. She wants to make me happy, afterall she is my sister. I should also make her happy. We kissed on each other's pussy. Till we get a male cock we will practice lesbian habits. Ameena thinks she is superior and does not join us nowadays.

Our father informed that they have got a good alliance for Ameena. A boy in gulf. They send his photo and family details. He is said to be well educated and with good family background. He is said to be making lot of money. From the photo he looked handsome. They should have sent the photo of his dick. The day for the marriage was fixed.

Frenzied shopping of jewellery, clothes and other items for the whole family. Our papa came with other relatives. Groom and his relatives came. Nikha was conducted as per the practice. Bride and the groom met. He came to get to know us. He had an array of younger brothers. The couple went out to meet relatives and then for a honey moon. Ameena looked happy and cheerful.

We got her for a moment. We asked her how was it. She said she got a pounding machine. So far so good. She seemed happy. Within a month there was a proposal from them for two of his brothers to me and Razia. Poor Abdul having fucked Ameena for some time, felt the sense of loss and was frantically trying to contact me or Razia.

We both travelled with him daily and he could not get us singly. I just wanted to try him once. I asked him that I will accompany my mother when she goes to the doctor. Once Amma is inside, we knew it will take two hours for her to complete her treatment. The doctor himself massaged her whole body. I came out and asked Abdul we will go for a small shopping.

Abdul was happy. We went to a shop, I bought some pills and a packet of condom. I asked Abdul to take me to the secluded spot whether he used to take Ameena. He looked up and smiled. We went to the woods and I asked him to come and sit in the back seat. The fellow never wears any underwear and when he was entering the car I could see his tool dangling between his legs.

He knew I am also going to get married soon and I stretched myself in the back seat and asked him to kiss me in my pussy. He untied my pyjama and I spread my legs to the extent possible and he buried his face into my hairless pussy. His strong tongue was working on various pleasure spots and I was very aroused.

He then took out his tool and he came on me and inserted his cock into my pussy. I was no virgin, but this is the first time I am subjected to a real fuck. Abdul took his own time, causing me pain, to make a total insertin and e started to fuck, he managed his weight on his own hands and did not make me feel the weight. He went on and on. I got my first orgasm.

My whole pelvic area received the pleasures of the climax. But Abdul was going on pounding. Again I was working up for my second. And it came abundantly. But he was not aware of it went on pounding. I asked him to bring it to a close. After two more strokes he pulled out his tool and wiped it in his own lungi. I got up. My own fluids were there in abundance.

I had a towel and wiped it clean and we went back to pick up our amma. I did not speak to Abdul not even thanked him. I told Razia about my experience. Our marriages were getting close. All the purchases were already over. We have to under go the ceremony and get ready for the nuptials. Ameena had gone with her husband abroad and now it is our turn to go.

Both the marriages were conducted together and we had two bedrooms made ready. The person who married me was employed in the govt service and the person who married Razia was a business man. We both had separate houses luxuriously furnished. We left to enter our new life with out husbands.

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Ameena having sex with driver Abdul

I am Ameena, 23, the elder of the three sisters quite beautiful, graduated, computer literate, with two other sisters, Nafeesa and Razia both 22 and 20 equally beautiful. Our papa is in gulf doing business there and mama did not want to go to gulf due to climatinc reasons and hence we are stay put here in a palatial building leading a luxurious life style.

My sisters and I are involved in music and arts groups and we meet frequently for listening to good artists. We move in a limited circle of our own and we are not aware of the world outside. Our papa has to bring good earning, beautiful bridegrooms from the gulf. We are waiting for that moment. Abdul our driver is very obedient and cooperative.

Our mother is not well and complaint of sickness always. Pain was her problem, sometimes, lower back pain or knee pain or shoulder pain. Most of the time she went alone to meet her doctor. Some times she called me to accompany her. My mother was hardly 40 and still maintained her looks. He met one Dr. Razack the pain specialist.

A busy doctor with lot of patients. But my mother waited till his last patient went away and then went inside. Dr.Razakh, tired, but jovial went on talking about the family problems etc. He was said to be having a magical touch and his mere touch was said to heal the severest of pains. Once I went with her I saw Dr. Razack touching her in places where there was no pain.

She asked me to go and sit outside. I wondered why should he touch her in other places. Sometime Nafeesa went and she too observed the same thing. Dr.Razakh, a middle aged doctor, made our mother to lie down on the examination table, loosened her dress and then asked the accompanying relative to go outside. Mother's complaint was back pain.

But she liked Dr.Razakh's methods and she waited patiently for him to get free. Once I got bored and came out of the clinic and sat in the car and asked Abdul to take the car out and go to a shady place and park. Abdul very timid boy used to wonder why we came to this secluded spot. Once I asked him to come into the back seat and sit near me so that I can relax with my head on his lap.

He obeyed. The smell of a masculine crotch was peculiar. I made purposely lot of movements with my head and poor Abdul had an erection. I could feel his erect cock on my cheeks. I just wanted tease Abdul, made him sit sideways and support my head on his left thigh. I purposely lowered my jacket so that he could see my cleavage clearly. He saw and his erection was ful and hard.

I turned my head and his thin lungi only was between his cock and my mouth. I remained like this for a while increasing his discomfiture. Afterwards we went back to the clinic of the doctor and saw that our mother was not yet free. We came back to the same spot and asked Abdul to come back to his original position and I placed my head on his lap and his cock pressing against my face.

One day at the end of my patience, I with my hand removed his lungi and touched his raw cock and pressed it against my face. Abdul was shocked. I told him not to tell anybody. He agreed and promised not to utter a word about it. I ran my hand all over his cock and balls. Opening my mouth wide I just took it in my mouth and tasted it with my tongue.

I took his hand and placed it on my boobs and to facilitate him I just opened two of my hooks in the blouse. His hand moved over my boobs and went over my erect nipples. Aye, Abdul, dont tell anybody, I said. No, No, didi, I will not he said. I was enjoying his touch. His deft fingers sent electric waves throughout my body.

If only he could lean forward and suck my nipples I would have had a full orgasm. I did not want to do things faster. Let it take its own time. Finaly when we went to the clinic, our mother's consultation was just over. She looked happy and waiting for us. We sent home. I asked her whther the doctor gave any medicine. She said the usual tablets.

But he said I may need some medicinal massage for seven days for relief, she said. That means the doctor has planned out a seven day programme. I and abdul have to plan a seven day programme. On reaching home Nafeesa was angry since she wanted the car for going to a music practice session. Razia said she also will come to the clinic.

I somehow managed it in such a way that after dropping amma at the clinic, we will drop Nafeesa and Razia at the music practice center and then pick them up when going back home. They agreed. From the next day our plan went meticulously. Finally Abdul and I landed up in our usual spot and he in the back seat and I lying in his lap. This routine became very familiar.

Abdul automatically loosened his lungi so that his cock could come out and enter my mouth. Just a small tilt of my head, his erect cock was in my mouth. I just sucked it. Abdul was giving out a hissing sound. I told him to make a quick drive home. There was nobody there. We can have one hour programme of pleasure. He drove home and we both went inside to our bed room.

We bolted all the doors and I removed all my dress and made Abdul also nude. He was much younger to me. His cock was big size and very hard and erect. Abdul was ready to do anything. I asked him to lick my cunt. Lying in the bed with legs spread wide, I showed him where he has to concentrate. He knealed and started to lick my cunt. I orgasmed within two minutes.

All my pent up sexual energy got aroused and I wanted more and more. Finallly I made Abdu to fuck me. He was very much ready. His cock went inside against much resistance, deeper and deeper searching for new areas of pleasure. I was sinking in the ocean of pleasure. He fucked first slowly and then briskly. His public hair protected pelvic bone hit my bone.

Finally he released his fluids in a powerful spray into my cunt. I had three orgasm in the process. It was sheet concentrated pleasure. We got up cleaned outselves hurriedly, dressed up and rushed to the hospital. My mother's massage was just over. The massage seem to have made a cure for her. She looked cheerful. We went and picked up Nafeesa and Razia and reached home.

Seeing the condition of the bed, Nafeesa and Razia asked me how it happened. The bed was well laid when we left but now it appears that a world war was done here. She looked at me. I avoided her looks and went away. I dont usually hide anything from my sisters and they too. I had to tell them a brief account of what happened. They were shocked and asked for details. They took all the details from me.

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Razia having sex with drivers son Rafiq

I am Razia, 20 doing my final year for graduation. I am fair in colour with good features. I stay with my mother and two sisters elder to me. My father and brothers work in gulf and we ladies are alone here leading a comfortable life. We have an SUV driven by a driver. He goes around for all of our errands, dropping me at the college and bringing me, taking my sisters and mother for their shopping, or for any social visits etc.

Abdul, the driver is middle aged and is with us for quite a long time. Once one of our aunts came from Kolkata with her son. She had to consult some doctor and brought her son as an escort. He was Rafiq, nice smart boy, tall and mischievous. He could handle computer, key board, guitar, etc.

We sisters liked him very much and we asked him to play some song which he expertly played in the key board. We were fascinated by his deftness. When his mother called him to go with her to the doctor, my mother volunteered to go with her, so that let Rafiq remain here and keep company with the children.

One day my sisters had to go for some social visit, I was left alone with Rafiq in the house, our mothers having gone to the doctor. Rafiq was playing his guitar and I was with him open mouthed at his musical talent. But Rafiq started to keep timeing on my thigh. I did not take it seriously But his hand was moving closer to my crotch and I was feeling heat of his touch.

When I resisted his further proceeding to the top, closer to my private parts, he opened his eyes and slowly lifted my skirt and kept timing on my naked thigh. I was horny and saw his developing a big tent in his pyjama. Music stopped and his hand was entering my panty and touching my pussy. It was late for me to prevent him. He was already at it.

I closed my eyes and was enjoying his touch leaking profusely from my cunt. I was not a virgin at that time because I used to masturbate heavily. Whatever I get in my hands I used insert into my cunt. My sisters also are not saints. They used to enjoy themselves very much. It is only from them I learnt how to enjoy. I don't know whether any of them fucked Rafiq.

Rafiq was younger than them, they would have their own reservations about it. But I like his face, built and his music etc. Let me try if I can make him fuck me, I thought. His hands were creeping inside my panty and touched my pussy. I don't have much hair in the pussy. He came straight to the fuckhole and tried to insert his fingers. He touched my clitoris and started a storm in my crotch.

I moved my crotch closer to him. He is scared to take another step. He lowered his face and kissed me on my cheeks. I just enjoyed. His one hand was my boob, pressing it and nibbling the nipple. I wanted to see his tool. But I was shy. He managed to insert his finger inside my cunt. It went deeper and deeper. I was moaning. He liked that I liked his action.

Suddenly he withdrew his hand and unzipped and took his cock out. OMG, I was seeing a live big erect cock for the first time. He held it for me to see it. It is a beauty. A cylindrical long, with blue and red lines a slightly bulging head and a hole. I took it in my hand. Wow, how soft to touch and how hard as a iron rod. I brought it near my nose and just licked it.

I opened my mouth and took it in my mouth. But Rafiq wanted to insert it in my mouth fully. I told him it will choke me. His sac was a lovely piece. I kissed them. Fondling them with both the hands, I was just looking a them. Rafiq was in a hurry. He asked me to remove my clothes, and open my legs so that he may put his cock into my cunt.

Before I open up, I just wanted to see that there is nobody in the house who can barge in and see our actions. I just went around, bolted all the doors, kitchen door, front door and then came back. On reaching the room I just unhooked my bra and pulled down my panty. When I came near Rafiq, I saw his with his cock fully erect dangling out and waiting for me.

We did not talk much for fear that our sound may not be heard by somebody. Perhaps it is the first time Rafiq is seeing the naked body of a female. He was asking me to show him my boobs. I just lifted my blouse and showed him His eyes shown bright and he just touched them with his hand and squeezed them.

He brought his face down and smelled the nipple and his tongue went around the nipple sending electric waves all around my body. He circulated his tongue around my nipples one by one and I was very high. My hand searched for his rod, hard iron like rod. He took my nipples in his mouth and went on sucking. Ohhhfff, it was heavenly. His action released a flood in my cunt.

He did not seem to be in a hurry. Occasionally he kissed me on my cheeks and then went on sucking my nipples. His hand was busy pressing the boobs. I tried to undo the knot of his pyjama. It was not coming very easily. He got up, undid his pyjama, showed his strong muscular thighs and his fully erect rod. He just asked me to lie down and widen my legs.

I was ready for anything. I lifted my skirt. Panty was already removed. He saw my hairless pussy and my fleshy thighs wide eyed. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lower abdomen. And slowly licked my pussy and his tongue rested on my clitoris. My fluids were flowing down. Rafiq with his fingers opened my cunt lips and wanted to see the interior or my cunt.

He touched my hole and inserted his finger inside and looking at my face asked me permission. I said go ahead. He wanted to take his own time. He lowered his face and his tongue was licking my cunt lips and then my clitoris. I was in seventh heaven. My hands rested on his thick curly hair in his head. His tongue travelled from the bottom of the crevice to the top upto the clitoris.

I opened my legs still further. He suddenly got up and took his cock in his hand and wanted to insert in my cunt. He now knows where the hole is and leaning over me, supporting himself in one hand and with the other hand he searched for the hole with the tip of his cock. It brushed against my clitoris and sent shock waves throughout my body.

Finally his cock found the hole and it just entered it. I closed my eyes tightly as it entered the cunt. He was sending it in slowly, The entry was not smooth. It got struck at many places as the width was not enough. He pushed it in and biting his lips to control his mental tension, he pushed it in slowly and slowly. I clenched my teeth and was feeling its going in.

I could feel his rod going inside me. Finally it stopped. His body stuck against me and there is no further going in. I opened my eyes and asked him, is it your first. He smiled and said yes and asked how about you. I also said yes, this is my first. Instinctively he started his fucking slowly in and out and in and out. Its entry and exit sent waves of pleasure in my and him.

I adjusted my pelvis to suit to his line of entry. He was fucking, oh my god, I am being fucked. I have seen many dreams of being fucked. But now it is happening really. I never expected that it will happen like this. Rafiq was increasing his speed. Our breathing became very fast. Suddenly I heard the sound of our gate being opened. I told Rafiq that somebody is at the door.

He suddenly withdrew, pulled up his pyjama and rushed outside. I pulled up my pyjama, brought my blouse to the correct position, hooked them up tidying the dress. In the meantime the door bell rang loudly. I had a look at the mirror. If it was my mother, she will recognize something untoward had happened. It was my sister Ammena, she will know that I was doing some mischief.

My sister Nafeesa also was sharp and would have thought something is wrong. My face was red in color. The door bell rang again, a long ring. I just wiped my face and went and opened the door. It was a stranger, a courier boy. He brought some booklet which my sister had ordered. I signed the paper and gave him. He just stared at me and turned to go.

I told him close the gate when he goes. I watched. He closed the gate and put the latch. I turned and shouted for Rafiq. No response. Against I shouted louder. He responded and said he is coming. He came. I asked him where did you go. He said he had to go to the bathroom. What for did you go to the bathroom, I asked. He just smiled. Come on, let us finish what we commenced.

I went to the bed and asked him to take out his dick. His dick was almost limp. I undid my pyjama and called him to do what ever we have been doing. He just leaned over and kissed my cunt and started to lick my cunt. I asked him, have you done this to my didi, Ameena? He looked up and smiled. I asked him again how many times, he said just once.

How about Nafeesa didi, he said just once. Ok, Ok come on let us finish this. He continued to lick and suck my clitoris. His dick regained its original shape. He inserted it in my cunt and started to fuck. My cunt was full of fluids and it was not difficult to insert. He went on fucking and fucking. He must have fucked for nearly half an hour.

In the meantime, I got my orgasm and was getting ready for the second orgasm. This orgasm was fantastic than what I get by fingering. Finally Rafiq came to the end of the game. He just released his fluids inside my hole. I too coincided my orgasm with his. The pleasure waves went all over my body and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure waves.

Rafiq pulled his cock and went to the bathroom and I could hear his washing his dick. I also went and washed my cunt. There was so much of white cum flowing from my cunt. After thorough washing and wiping I came out and gave a kiss to Rafiq. He too kissed me. I asked him when did you fuck fuck Ameena didi? He said last week.

It was in the night after supper when everybody went to sleep. And Nafeesa didi, he said it was on the next day. Because Nafeesa didi saw me fucking Ameena didi, she told me that I should fuck her also. So you were fucking them everyday, I said. He smiled and said yes. How you came to me today, I asked. He said, you are left out and hence I thought you should also enjoy.

You like my music so much, that I thought I should make you enjoy this. I got up and gave him a deep kiss. We had three more fucking sessions before he and his mother left for their home. It was a great loss to all the three of us. Ammena and Nafeesa also came to know that Rafiq and I were fucking. Hence we exchanged all our secrets. Our papa sent money for buying a car.

We bought a car, a Hyundai and engaged a new driver, Abdul. Abdul was a youngster, obedient and non complaining. We will continue in the next post.

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Maid bathing dick with breast milk

Our maid join work after three months maternity leave, she is about 22 years old and this is her first child, so she is still learning most of the skill of being a mother. She is beautiful and has regain much of her youthful beauty and she almost look as she was before she was pregnant.

In fact I have been waiting for those three months to pass quickly, that I may see her again, she put her baby in a daycare centre and started work again. While she was working I can’t help but look at her bulging breast and saw that the portion of her blouse around where the nipples are wet in spite of the bra.

It is obvious that both her breast are discharging unused milk, because it was the first day that she had not attend to her baby’s need, so the extra milk is oozing out from her boobs. I went to my room and start working again, but few hours later I went down to the kitchen and saw her with both her boobs uncovered,

she was holding her left breast with her right hand and with her left hand she was holding a piece of cloth in front of her left breast while she was trying to pump out milk from her left breast with her right hand. She was initially shock to see me and tried to raise her bra up and lower her tops to cover her breast.

I asked her why and she replied that it is getting painful and she felt relieved when she discharges the milk in her handkerchief. I moved closer to her and told her not to feel sorry; I asked her if I can help? And she kept mum so I reach my hands to her breast and remove her top and her bra.

I move my face to her breast and told her that it smells so good and start sucking her left breast first. I drank all the milk from the left breast and then move on to the right breast and while I was feeding myself with her milk, she started to enjoy it. I took her to our bed and kiss her at the same time and because it is not the first time that we fuck each other, so both of us are not surprise.

I put her down on the bed and start to caress her body; I also remove her skirt and her panty. I kissed and rub her entire body and in few moments her mammary glands are full again. I then suck her breast again, but this time I did not swallow the milk and when my mouth is full with milk from both her breast, I moved to her face to kiss and pour all the milk to her mouth.

She too swallowed it and after she had swallowed her own baby milk, I asked her if it is the first time she tasted her own milk and whether she like it or not. She answered yes to both the question and add that, “it taste good because it came from you.”

She then removed all my dress one after the other and then made me lie on the bed, she move on the top of me and started to kiss me from my mouth to my neck, then to my nipples and down to my cock. She sucked my hard cock and then she did something I did not expect even in my wildest dream.

She first holds both her hands on her left breast and pointed it to tip of my erected dick and started to shoot her milk to my cock giving me a heavenly sensation. While shooting her target, she would look at me with those cunning eyes and wicket smile, knowing well that her warm milk has hit a bull’s-eye.

She shoots milk on my cock from both her breast and till it is covered with her breast milk, when milk starts flowing from the tip of my penis down, she would look at me again stroke my penis for sometimes and then suck it. She sometime reaches my mouth and kisses me to give me a taste of her milk mixed with my pre-cum.

She would continue this process of showering my hard dick with her milk and then suck it as if to give it a milky bath again and again. She worked on my cock, as if she is worshiping it. Mine is not a big cock, but it is certainly the luckiest and the most holy dick in the whole world because it is the only cock to be given a bathe with human milk.

I then rolled her over and climb on top and start to kiss her again, I started from her mouth down to her neck, then her navel and till I reach her cunt. After I had played and lick her cunt hole and her clit, I could feel that she was very excited and wet between her legs; I start to put my penis inside her and began to fuck her slowly.

I fucked her till she come several time and her cunt was wet and after fucking her for sometime; I finally pump her hard and discharge my cement inside her, we lay on the bed tired with just enough energy to kiss each other.

After we had rest for sometimes; she went naked to the kitchen and took a bottle of old drinks which we share between ourselves. After we had finished with the drink, we both started to again kiss and caress each other. I then reach for her breast and suck her both the boobs again.

While my mouth is sucking her breast, my right hand reach for her cunt and played with the clit and then finger fuck her hole. This time too I suck her boobs but I did not swallow her milk, I get down to her wet pussy and drop milk to her cunt and start to lick her cunt again.

The mixture of her breast milk, her cunt juice and the remaining of my semen from our last fuck made her cunt the sweetest thing in the world as the liquid mixture taste so good. I suck her cunt like crazy and then I reach her mouth to give her the taste of heavenly mixture too.

She wanted more so I had to reach for her pussy several times and reach back to her mouth to give her the mixture. We then fuck again but this time it is a quick second fuck and I then told her I got work to do and we both got up and dress ourselves.

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First sex lesson of Maid servant

She is now a young woman with fair complexion and very beautiful. She is very soft spoken and has long dark hair with beautiful eyes. One thing that I like about her is that she always wear lose cloth so people can’t really make out her physique. She is about five feet high and had a beautiful body.

She started working for us when she was just a girl and we support her education till she decided to stop when she was about 18 years old. I later know that she stopped school because she was seeing a man much elder than her. Two years later when she was about 20 years old, she moved with this man who is a taxi driver.

Till then she was still a young girl to me and it never strike me that she is grown up. It was only when she moved with this man that I realized that she had grown up into a beautiful young woman. Since she live with this man, whenever she come to work I started to watch her and see how beautiful she is, deep inside me, I always wish that I had the opportunity o have sex with her.

In spite of the lose dress that she wear, I can still make out how beautiful her body is, I know she is much taller and has more build than my wife and I only wish I can undress her and see her in all her glory. I was alone at home one day and she came to work with a sad face, her eyes were still red and obviously she was crying.

When I saw this I asked what happened, but she was reluctant to tell, finally I persuaded her to sit in the couch while I sat opposite her and asked her again what is wrong. She then started to tell me about her husband, she said he always came home late and when he come home too, he was drunk and seldom take his dinner.

She said she was worried; she doesn’t want her marriage to go this way. She said she does not know what to do, because every time she started talking about his habit, he would get mad at her. “This morning too, I tried to talk to him about it but he was infuriated and he almost slap me” and she started crying again.

I can’t understand how and why I ask but I asked her the question, but I did ask her “What about your sex life?” She blushed and initially hesitated, but she musters enough courage and told me that they would only have sex when he is not that drunk, “but it is basically sex.” “When I asked her what do you mean?”

She said “sex for us means that he would move my dress up above my waist and he would then remove my panty and climb on me, then push his penis few times inside me and in few pushes he came inside me and that was it.” “I was just like a statue and receiving his sperms”, she said. Then I asked her did he ever kiss you and her answer is he occasionally smooch her and she started crying.

I then move to the couch and sat next to her, I took her head and let her cry on my shoulder. After sometimes I started to wipe the tear from her eyes and also slowly massage her head. I moved my hands on her black silky hair, and told her not to worry everything will be alright. While her head was on my shoulder, my hands started to massage her head then slowly down to her neck.

When I rubbed her neck, she then moved her head from my shoulder and turned her back to me to make easy for me to massage her neck. I massaged her neck for some time, then my hands move under her dress to her shoulder and from her shoulder I started to move to her spine. I then stand up and asked her to lie on the couch with her back to me and then I started massaging her entire back.

Because her bra was obstructing the smoothness of the massage, I asked her if she want me to unhook her bra. She said nothing and I take it as consent and unhooked her bra. I could see that she was stress out, and the massage gave her so much relief. She was lying on the couch relaxed while I massage her back;

I then asked her if she would like to unbutton her blouse to enable me to do a better massage, she again said nothing but moved her hands to the front of her blouse and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. I remove her top but kept her unhooked bra strapped on her body. Now I can see the entire upper part of her body and while she relaxed and oh how nicely shaped she is!

I again start massaging her and from the neck to her back I slowly went down to her waist, after rubbing her waist for some time I moved my hands under her skirt to the upper part of her ass and she did not complaint. I then move my hand again to her back and slowly move her bra aside and when I realized she did not complain I then tooked her bra and slowly remove it and she moved her body and her hands to enable me to remove her it from her body.

After I had removed her bra; she looked at me for a moment and I kissed her bra and she closed her eyes again signaling that I should start rubbing her back again. I slowly rubbed her naked back and gradually move my hand to her right breast. She raised her body to allow me to reach her rihgt boobs and I start to squeeze her boobs and play with her nipples.

Her breasts are firm and had and she still has those small baby nipples and I love squeezing it. While my right hand is playing with her right breast my left hand is moving towards her left breast, she raised her body to give my both hands ample space to play with her boobs. She started to move and writhe while I continue to caress and pinch her nipples.

I then move my hands to her waist and started to rub her ass from underneath her skirt and when she made no complaint I decided that she is now giving herself to me, I said to myself “she is mine now.” I removed her skirt and her beautiful ass was covered with just her small panty. I then sat on the couch and took her to me, is started to kiss her softly on the lips then gave her a passionate French kiss which her husband has denied her for so long.

I pushed my tongue inside her while my right hand was caressing her right breast. I then move my head down and started to kiss her neck and went down to lick and suck her breast one after another. I slowly made her lay on the couch again and I started to kiss her boobs again, I slowly move down to her navel and when I reach the spot between her navel and her pussy, she move and writhe.

Slowly I removed her panty and put my hands in her bushy unshaved pussy and started to play with her clitoris. She was enjoying it and she moaned like anything; she is a quiet girl but, she did made a quiet iiiiiiisssssshhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh sound and which makes me feel so hot. Then my forefinger reached her cunt and played which her wet pussy.

I move my head to her pussy and started to lick her clit; I played with it and even bit it occasionally. I started with the clit then move down to her love hole till her cunt is wet. I then move my body up to reach her face and kissed her mouth which has the taste of her love juice. This is for the first time in her life she could taste her own cunt juice and she seems to like it.

I then move her head to my left breast and indicating that I want her to suck my breast, she instinctively caress and suck my breast and kiss me till she almost reach my cock. She started with the left breast and played with the right one and then move to my hard right nipple. After she had done with my tiny nipples, she then move down from my nipples and kissed my navel till she reach my cock.

When she reached my cock she initially hesitated to touch it. In then took her left hand and put it on my penis. She is a good student; she copied every move I made and started playing with my penis but would still not suck it. I then took the back her silky hair on the back of her head in my hand and push her mouth towards my cock and once she started sucking, there is no looking back. She holds and sucked it as if she owned it.

I had to stop her several times just that I will not come in her mouth. I then lay her on the couch and move on the top of her and start inserting my cock inside her. She moaned and mover her ass up to reach my cock. I initially gave her a slow and steady fuck while I also play with her breast and sometime caress her back and most particular her ass.

I could see that this is the first time that she had ever had a real fuck, and we fuck for more than one hour and during those time I could feel her come several times. Her cunt is now very wet, it make a lovely sound “flock flock’ when I move my penis in and outside her cunt. I kissed her breast again and when I am about to come, I told her I did not have any condoms,

she told me not to worry because even if she is pregnant from me, people will always say that the baby is her husband’s since she is married woman now. She even said that she would like to have my baby. What she said increased my adrenalin and fucked her hard one last time and dropped my cement deep inside her cunt. I laid on her for sometime at the same time kisses and caress her body.

I could see that she is very happy now and I went to take some tissues to wipe our selves clean. I came back and she was still lying on the couch and I help wipe our love juice which flows down from her cunt. When I had finish she pulled me towards her and kissed me, I think it is her way of saying thank you. After she had kissed me she said that that was the first time I was really given love.

Since then I assumed that she had used all the she had learned from me with her husband because she always came to work with a pleasant and not a long face anymore.

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