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Kishore having sex with office maid Sandhya - II

Previously: Kishore having sex with office maid Sandhya

Hi friends this is Kishore again writing another sexual experience which I had with my office maid Sandhya. The truth about the maid sex is that whenever you see the maid you used, alone your mind set will automatically change even though you had a rough sex with her the last night or even before a couple of hours. This is the fact that happened with me. My story continues from my previous one.

After two month,she gave birth to the child which pop out from our relationship and that she did not had any sex for a long period of time, she had told her mom that she need to again start the relationship and get back to work which was conveyed to me by her mom.

I visit her in her home only twice after her delivery because her relatives were all there coming and going all the time and me frequently visiting would raise the questions. Now after a 10 months gap she again joined in my office, until then we hired a replacement and it was a male, we both are seeing each other after a 2 month gap and sex gap of about 10 months.

We even had sex at her initial stage of her pregnancy which she asked to her doctor and she told that it’s safe if practiced slowly and only once a week calculating all the safe periods. Since we are seeing after two months gap we both rushed to each other and hug each other and kissed. We were so happy and I didn’t start having affair with her. We sat in my sofa and talked a lot.

She sat on my lap and were hugging each other like a real couples. She told all the things that happened when I was away and the doctors who treated her and the condition of baby was our most timed talk. She asked whether we can start the affair I said No because my parents have found a best girl for my life and that I can’t cheat on her.

She again told that “I cheated on my husband and had a baby with you and for you to cheat with your wodbee is bitter for you”. She left crying and angry with me. For the next 5 days she did not turn up and the replacement filled in. After the week end I went to her house with sweets, dress, toys, some holy books, special cotton saree for her.

When I went to her home I know that she would have told to her mom and her mom also did not welcome with great respect. She made me to sit in the hall itself. Before and all she would take me directly to her bedroom even though I wish to sit in the hall.

Sandhya was breast feeding the child and came out with the child I gave the things I bought to her kids and she handed me the child with not even uttering a word. I looked at the child and was kissing it. The whole long she stood there and did not utter a word.

I asked her mom to take the other two kids out and come back after 2 hours she refused and I murmured to Sandhya that please tell your mom to go I will not make a problem I have come to rectify it. She then said to her mom that go out and come back in an hour if anything happens she would call and gave Sandhya gave her mom her phone.

Then her mom left. I told that I am sorry and have come here to apologize to her and that we can start the relationship. She said that I am not your bitch and that whenever you decide to fuck me I am not your fuck tool in angry voice. I said what I said other day was not my idea and that I changed my mind after seeing the child photos which you sent.

She said that our relationship ended and that will not continue and she is finding another place to work. I pleased her and hugged her she refused by pushing me. She then took the child and went inside her bedroom I too followed her like a dog and said sorry and that we can have a fresh start. She did not listen to me at all. I was very depressed and went away to my office.

The next day too I went to her home with some sweets and snacks. She was not even willing to speak to me itself. I continued this for more than a week. Then on the next weeks Wednesday I again went other houses with some toys dresses for kids and sweets.

On that day I went to her room while she was breast feeding the child and saw her mammary glands which made me dig up my memories with her, playing with her breast and enjoying with her all day long. I used this idea and as usual her mom left and I sat in the chair opposite to her bed and I unzipped my pants as she was feeding our baby.

I Pulled out my tool and started hanging it in front of her. She was staring at it and said what are you doing? I said can you remember the thing that we have done with this, you being heavily pounded, fucked hardly, you sucking it, ass fucking et all.

As I was speaking I went near her and held my tool near her face and she sat there as if she has not noticed. I said I will do anything for our relationship to continue and that will continue with her in the office. She sat there and started kissing her in the cheek and she was not willingly participating and started pressing her another breast and was playing with it.

She then said to make promise in the child I made my promise after wards she was a bit easy with it. The baby slept as feeding and we started our work she then took me to the hall locked the front door and started kissing me and began sucking my cock. I am now having sex after a very long time and was bit out of form.

She too removed her dress and then called her mom and said to come only by lunch. While she was calling I was licking and fingering her clitoris. She was mourning as she was speaking and her mom could also hear all the happenings. We then both engaged in the action and we started to work out with her on the top.

She was a bit fast than normal as she is having after a long time and the same goes for me too. Then before the lunch I left before her mom could arrive to be in my office for some official things. The next day I called in sick for the work and went straight to her home by the time I went there she was ready fresh wore the new saree I gave her and heads full of flowers and with very little make up.

When I arrived the got the manners which I once got and her mother said thanks for not abandoning my child when she had given up on you. Then she left and we started having the affair. I went strategy down on her clitoris and started sucking it and removing. When we were removing someone knocked the door we both hurried with the dress and I went hiding in the under cot.

It was her one of relatives who came to see the child. They were there for an hour and was under the coat where no one will see she was a bit afraid as if they would see our affair but praise the lord they went away without noticing. When they went she went to bolt the door and we began our work and the work out this time was little bit harder and faster as she said nowadays she likes it this way.

We both enjoyed a lot and for my penetration it was easy for me she had a big opening as she just has her pregnancy. The ever the baby cries when we work out she would feed it and I would get the pain out from her vagina. In the afternoon her mom entered and served me lunch. Sandhya I last on the table sitting beside each other and her mom and children in front on the floor.

While having food we only had two or three mouth. All the time we were kissing and me sucking her breast and since she was lactation heavily I poured some amount of milk in the food while doing so her mom got up from the ground and saw us. She turned herself the other way and said keep something for the kid or else she will be hungry all day long.

We both laughed and didn’t stop when the kids got up she suddenly dragged her breast into her saree and acted as if eating. Her mom too them to the room and put them on bed while we finish eating and she served me fruits after the meal and I eat happily plain in her mouth and dipping it in her vagina and fingering.

We both had a good time till 4 and her mom was still inside the room and never came out till we said so. Since we were much attached to each other I told her we can go for a 2 Weeks tour and that our relationship will be strong bonded. She said what she shall tell to her husband.

I said that tell your husband that she needs to go on a pilgrimage for the healthy birth of her third child to her home town god and has to go alone. She said these and in next 3 days we went. I said that I need to completely take rest before marriage and will be going out for two weeks and no one will know where the place is it.

While departure she boarded on a bus in front of her husband and got down in the next stop and got on my car. We went to kodaikanal along with the new born and she was very enthusiastic and on the journey she gave numerous blow jobs and we had to stop at various points since you know what happens if you go on a tour when you intent to make love with you maid.

We went to kodaikanal lodged a king suit room and enjoyed all the comforts of the room. She breast feed the baby and put it to sleep while I went for refreshments and when returned with some eatables she was getting ready for bath I too accompanied her and we both went to bath tub and had bath for an hour.

After returning to the cot we never went out sometimes occasionally and we both we always in bed and enjoying the cold and warmth of our love. We then went for sight-seeing and in mean time whenever I get a chance to fuck her in the outing I would. I would press her boob’s often in the open field and when no one will see and we would search for some nice secret spot to go on a rouge with each other.

After our return from the tour she was not willing to leave me instead she need me as her husband and she said in the return journey that she too went to honeymoon with her husband but in that trip all of his family members we there and the trip was to the nearest amusement park.

She said she would like to be my wife and can make love all day long but her marriage with her husband is the only thing that lie between them. The pleasurable moments didn’t stop after the tour it continues in my office and also in her home too.

In her home her mom was a very helpful one which she never hesitated in fucking her own daughter and would tell me to fuck her even if we were taking rest after a long wild work out. We both will continued until we both eventually agrees to end it.

Please feel free to post your honest and valuable feedback in the comment below. Thanks.

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Aby enjoying new fucking job - III

Previously: Aby enjoying new fucking job - II

On the third day, Mr. Menon told Aby that his company will pay him a salary of Rs.25000/- because they were fully satisfied of his services. Aby thanked him. But Mr.Menon told him that he has to be in the service of his family members who are all executives of his company. Mrs. Menon gave him a broad smile and asked him to get ready to go to the club.

Aby came and they went to the club. Mrs. Panicker who was the vice president of the club wanted Aby for some private work. But Aby said he has some work at home as he has been asked to bring Saritha from school. Mrs. Panicker was a middle aged lady of 50 years and to go with her means to fuck her.

Why should he waste his energy when young pussies are waiting for him. He went to the school and picked up Saritha. Her two friend wanted to get dropped and they also jumped into the car. One of the girls, Ameena, very fair and well built was sitting with him in the front seat and told him in hushed voice to come to her house in the afternoon. Aby asked what for.

She said to break a seal. He looked up into her face and she smiled and nodded. After dropping them all and after dropping Saritha, he went to his quarters, had lunch and by three he left with the car. He went to the house of Ameena and knocked the door. Ameena opened the door and ushered him in. She told him that she is alone at home and there is nobody coming soon.

She took him to her bedroom upstairs and they both lied in the bed. She hugged him and Aby kissed her rosy cheeks and his hands were pressing her boobs. He was undressing her He removed her kurta and salwar and bra and she was in her panty. There was a wet patch in the panty. She removed his shirt and mundu.

He did not wear any underwear and his cock was semi erect. She took his cock in her hands and kissed it. She took it in her mouth and rolled her tongue over it. Aby made a small in and out fucking motion. His hand pulled her panty down and her pussy was clean shaven and golden in color. Aby lied between her legs and licked her cunt from bottom to top.

She made a hissing sound and told him that she is still a virgin and wanted him to break her seal. He told her that he has a big cock and she will get pain when he fucks her. She said she has to bear it one day or the other. Aby with his tongue digged her clitoris and pulled it out of its place. It sent a shock wave into Ameena and she gave a cry of joy.

He tickled her clitoris with his tongue and it aroused her immensely. She asked him to put his cock in. He said wait and he inserted his finger in her fuck hole and rotated it to expand and make the hole bigger. Her fluids were excessive and it lubricated her hole. He put his cock at the entrance and tried it push it in.

Slowly it went in and she was crying and her tears were flowing down her cheeks. It took a lot of time for him to fully insert his cock into her. He held it there tight fitted for some time so that her pain may be reduced. Finally he started to fuck her slowly and asked her how she feels. She said she has less pain. As he went on fucking he found signs of her enjoyment.

He went to increase the speed and finally he felt that she reached her orgasm and her inner muscles were palpitating. Without reaching his orgasm, he pulled his cock out and they both went to the bath room. There was lot of blood and he helped her to clean the blood and other fluids. She kissed him profusely and wanted him to lie with her for some more time.

He said he is in a hurry. Ameena asked Aby whether he can fuck her aunty. Her aunt is there in the third floor of the same block whose husband is in Dubai. She quite young and is crazy after sex. She used to insert vegetables etc into her cunt. Aby asked for the address and Ameena told him the flat no.

She told him that he has to manage himself and without mentioning any thing about Ameena. Aby agreed and went to third floor. The time was 4 pm. He rang the bell in the flat. A beautiful young lady opened the door. Aby told her that he is from the gas stove company and he has been asked to check all the stoves in the area and if burners are defective they will change it.

That lady allowed him to come in and they went directly to the kitchen. There was no sign of anybody else in the house. Aby just casually lifted his mundu and pulled out is cock when the lady was looking at him. She was shocked. He just squatted on the floor with his folded mundu and his cock was out with it full size for the view of the lady.

He meddled with the stove and turned to her and she was looking at him in great amazement. He went near her and told her to just touch his cock and test its hardness. Without hesitation she took his number in her hand and tested it for its hardness. Gas stove was forgotten and concentration of on his cock.

Her name was Sheeba and she tested his balls sac and ass and everything and she is convinced that he should fuck her then and there. She caught hold of his hand and pulled him to her bedroom. Luxuriously laid with all amenities. Both of them undressed each other. His cock was pulsating and swinging widely.

A telephone came it seems from one of her cousins and she replied she is busy. All sorts of embarrassing questions were being asked and she could not reply all and sshe disconnected. Sheeba started to apply oil on the cock of abi so that its entry would be easy. She has never had such a big cock ever and it should tear any tissue in the interior.

Abi was lying gloriously in the bed and Sheeba was running around in her panty and without bra. There was a knock at the door. who will go, Sheeba alone has to go to see who has come. She just put on a jacket and went to see who has come. It was her cousin and childhood friend Sheela of he own age and bent upon disturbing them from any pleasure they had planned.

Sheeba just fell on her feet and asked her to go for some time and that she will explain everything later. But Sheela wanted just to see the victim. Finally Sheeba had to take her cousin Sheela into the bedroom and introduce Aby to her. Aby's disproportionate assets were fully in view. Having seen them will any girl leave.

Sheeba was very much embarrassed and she had to go to Aby and ask him whether he has any objection in her cousin also joining the fray. Aby wanted the girl to be brought for examination before a final decision could be taken. Sheela was asked to come in front of Aby without any clothes. He asked her whether her seal has been broken. She said no.

Aby lying in the bed saw two girls, Sheeba and sheela standing in front of him, without any cloths on, both very beautiful and ready to fuck. He considered how lucky is his cock. He asked both the girls to lie down near him in the bed. Both had clean shaven pussies. WoW, it was indeed an awful sight. How to fuck them can he fuck one in the presence of the other.

Even if they are cousins there has to be some privacy. He asked on of them to go to the next room and wait while he fucked another. Sheeba asked Sheela to go to the next room and wait. Aby first kissed Sheeba and sucked her lower lips when his hands were massaging her boobs. Sheeba was moaning out of pleasure.

While continuing kissing his one hand was busy with her boob and the other hand went to her cunt and his middle finger went in search of her clitoris. Sheeba was well aroused and wanted him to fuck her. He asked her legs to open wide and he sat in between and inserted his cock at the entrance of her fuck hole. It was very tight but he pushed and pushed and got it in.

It was a very pleasurable sensation. After he made full entry, he started to fuck first slowly and then gathered speed. Sheeba was moaning loudly and Aby saw her cousin, Sheela peeping through the door. After a few strokes, Sheeba reached her orgasm and her cunt muscles were pulsating and gripping his cock.

Aby got up and asked Sheeba to go and call her cousin to come. It was the turn of Sheela now. She was younger than her cousin and still a virgin. Aby took more time to warm her up. She looked bewildered and her face showed it. He asked her to calm down and relax. He noticed Sheeba returned from the bathroom and was watching his handling of Sheela.

Aby kissed and licked the boobs of Sheela and kissed her cheeks and then moved down to her belly button and kissed and sucked there. The he made her to open her legs wide and raise her knees. He planted between her legs and then buried his face in her cunt and his tongue searched for her clitoris. Sheela was fully aroused. Her fluids were flowing copiously.

Aby then got up and took his tool and inserted into her cunt and pressed slowly. It was an important occasion for the girl because she was losing her virginity. He asked Sheeba to come closer and suck the nipples of Sheela. Aby pushed his cock into the cunt of Sheela and making small jerky movements he struck the obstruction.

By making another push the obstruction was cleared. Sheela gave out a cry of pain. But it was all made by the pleasure of fucking. The stout tool of Aby reached all corners of her fuck hole and she was enjoying the fuck. By making some vigorous strokes, Any also shot his fluids into her cunt. Both having reached their orgasm, it all ended well.

He asked the girls whether these days are safe for them. They both said they were absolutely safe. With a sigh of relief, Aby went to the bathroom, cleaned himself and got dressed and bade farewell to the girls and they kissed him for their gratitude and he left their home.

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Aby enjoying new fucking job - II

Previously: Aby enjoying new fucking job

Next Aby got up and finished his morning ablutions and got dressed. Seetha came running with his cup of tea and plate full of hot appams and chicken stew and boiled eggs. Seetha told him to go to the room of Saritha as soon as he finished his b/f/ Leaving the plates outside he went to the bungalow.

He met Radhika who asked him to come to her room first as Saritha will go later to her school. As he entered the room, Radhika bolted the door and asked him to take a fresh bra and put it on her. When she removed her nighty, she was stark naked, a thing of beauty. Aby put the bra on her chest and pressed her boobs as if adjusting the bra and saw her pussy not clean shaven.

He told her to keep her pussy clean shaven if at all he has to use it. He moved to the room of Saritha where she had just finished her bath. Seeing Aby her face brightened and she asked him to help her to put the nada on her pyjama. He saw she was standing on her panty. He looked at her face and found a mischievous smile in her face.

He asked her to come closer and pulled her panty down. Her pussy was clean shaven and he tiny clit was protruding from the crevice. Aby asked her to lift her leg and place it on the cot and bent low and licked her pussy with emphasis on her clit. Saritha released a hissing sound. He told her to break her seal takes time and asked her to come to his outhouse in the night with Seetha.

He assured her that he will make a full women of her. Seetha came to call him to the room of Sarada devi. Sarada Devi thanked him and said her back pain is much reduced, but wanted to take bath with his help. Aby told her to wait since he has to leave two girls to the school and the college. Radhika was ready with her stalk of books and she was waiting for the car.

Aby brought out the car and she sat in the rear and they drove to the college. Radhika told him that her friends are making fun of her alleging Aby to be her lover and requested to allow him to share for one night etc. Aby said I don’t mind. When the car stopped a swarm of friends were around the car.

Radhika introduced her friends to Aby and aby jocularly asked whether all of them are with seals broken. One by one raised their hand that their seal is not broken. Aby said he has no time he will come again for this purpose of breaking the seal. All the girls giggled. Radhika got down and waved Aby and he left to take Saritha to her school.

Saritha tall slender beautiful girl wanted to hug him before getting into the car. Aby just avoided tactfully and the left. He told her to introduce to him any of her friends who have itchy cunt and want a fuck urgently. Saritha laughed and said all of them are of the same category. As soon as the car stopped a lot of girls came swarming around as all of them wanted to see Aby.

Aby said in low voice anybody want their seals broken urgently, I am ready. Saritha was laughing and watched whether anybody will come forward accepting the offer of Aby. Lexy a buxom girl asked how much time it will take. Aby said just half an hour. She asked where to go. Aby said your home. Lexy said but mummy is there. He said does not matter.

Lexy excused herself for some time and left with Aby. They went to their house and she had the key and she opened the door and they both went in and they climbed the stairs and went to her room. Her mother was not to be seen may be taking bath. Aby removed all the clothes of Lexy and made her fully nude. She was a beautiful girl with good attractive features.

She may be 16 years of age and very hot girl. His touch lit fire in her body and she took his erect cock in her hand and was fondling it. He readied her, made her aroused, opened her raised legs opened her cunt lips and then inserted his cock into it. She had pain but she tolerated and he went safely and softly and slowly in.

With one hand he was pinching her clitoris and when she was fully aroused he gave one push and her seal went away. He did a good fuck and she was in seventh heaven. She said she never thought it wil be so much enjoyable. After bath they both eleft for school. Her mother came suddenly and asked who it was. Aby said I am a handyman doing sundry work in the household.

She said don't go I have some work for you. He said I will come back within five minutes after dropping her in the school. Lexy told him that she is alone in the house and her dad is in Oman and has not come home for more than a year. She may have small sundry work in the kitchen and pantry. Please help her. Aby said I will certainly help her.

After dropping Lexy in the gate of the school, Aby returned to her home to meet her mother. She had just then finished her bath and was in the process of drying her hair. Aby parked the car, and rang the bell. She opened the door and he went in and bolted the door behind him. She took him to the kitchen and asked him to tighten the screw of the gas cylinder.

He knelt on the floor and his cock was exposed to her. He asked for a screwdriver and was doing the work and she was looking at the size of his cock. He exposed the full 7 inches and the woman was wonder struck. He noticed that she is stunned. They moved to the bedroom where the light switch is broken.

She may be around 30 or 33 years of age and beautiful but sex starved for many months. Aby purposely dashed against her body and once while going to the switchboard, he poked his cock on her buttock. The switch is broken and needs to be replaced, I will come some other time.

She said does not matter, you have helped me and came closer to him and extended her hand and touched his cock. He slowly pushed her to the bed and removed her dress. She wore no underwear or bra. H immediately fell on her and kissing on her cheeks, neck, ear lobes, boobs nipples, he made a fast approach to her clean shaven pussy.

She was moaning and moaning and Aby licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris. The woman roared with joy and Aby took his cock and inserted into her fuck hole. It was not going in. He asked her to help him to put it in. She got up, went to the kitchen, brought some coconut oil and applied it on his cock and in her hole and a fresh attempt was made. It went with difficulty.

In no time he send the whole cock inside her cunt. She said she had never seen such a big and stout cock. It touched new pleasure areas in her hole and she wanted him to begin slow fuck. Then he increased the speed and was doing it at full speed. She got her orgasm and was rolling her head from right to left. Aby pulled out and wiped his cock on her dress.

She asked him how much time is there for him to spare. She asked Aby whether he has time and whether he can go to another flat and do the same thing. Aby agreed. She said it is her younger sister with her husband in Dubai, she is very hot and wants a fuck urgently. Aby asked for the number of the flat and went out. He located the flat and rang the bell.

A lady of about 25or 26 came and opened the door. He told her he is from the gas stove company and he wanted to check up. She allowed him to come in and closed and bolted the door. They went to the kitchen and gas stove was hot and could not be touched. He just squatted on the floor and unleashed his cock out. The lady saw the cock and was looking at it.

He got up and told her that he has to wait for some time since the stove is too hot. The nearest room was a bedroom and she called him to sit in the chair for a while when the stove gets cooled. In the meantime his cock was getting erect and it was making a tent like formation in his mundu. The lady was looking at it with wide eyed wonder.

Suddenly he called her closer and asked her to hold his cock for a moment. She simply obeyed. Its steel like hardness and the length and girth impressed her and there appeared a drop of pre cum at the tip. She just looked at his face and he just nodded his head and she opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth.

He lifted her and made her to lie down in the bed and undressed her and made her totally nude. She had beautiful boobs, medium size, fully erect and the nipple also erect. She had flat belly and beautiful belly button and clean shaven pussy. Aby kissed her on her cheeks, on her neck, boobs, sucked her nipples, and then licked her clitoris. rolled his tongue and inserted into her fuck hole.

The woman was highly aroused and wanted him to fuck her. Aby got up and inserted his cock into her pussy and started to fuck. Her hole was deliciously tight and entry was marvellous. Both the woman and Aby enjoyed. He asked her whether she is in her safe days. She said yes, go ahead.

Aby starting slowly went on increasing the speed and the woman enjoyed it to the maximum. She moaned and cried and created so many incoherent sounds. She reached orgasm, but Aby did not stop. She was heading for her second orgasm. But he was going on fucking. Finally when her third orgasm was building up, he threw his fluids inside and he was on the peak of his pleasure.

When he tried to pull out, she did not allow him. She lavishly kissed him and uttered many loving words. Finally they both went to the bath room and washed themselves and dried their bodies. She said she had no children. Her mother was with her but then she had gone out for listening to some discourse. She asked him to come again and again and fuck her.

She was ready to do anything for him. He bade farewell to her and left to take the car to the school to pick up Saritha. Saritha who was waiting for him was a sport and asked him how many fucks he had that day. He told her total he had five. She exclaimed five fucks and then you are still alive. He just laughed at the innocence of the girl.

She wanted to hear the full story of his adventure, but he said some other time and rushed to bring Radhika from college. Radhika asked how was the day to day, Aby. He said not bad. They both laughed. Both these girls are at his hands reach and he can have them anytime he feels fit. Seetha was waiting for him and told him that Sarada devi was asking for him.

He went to her room with Seetha. Sarada was lying in bed with her body totally covered. Aby asked why he was called and what services he can render to her. She asked Seetha to close the door and take a bottle of pain balm and to give it Aby. She told Aby that he has to apply the pain balm on her back. Aby went near her and removed the wrap and found that she was totally nude.

Aby took the pain balm in his hand and started to apply it on her back. Aby knew that pain balm is an excuse and she wanted a total body massage. He asked Seetha to get a bottle of coconut oil from the kitchen. He applied the oil on he buttocks and on her thighs and then on her knees, and the entire leg. He made a special massage on her back and shoulders etc.

He then asked her to turn over. She turned over. Aby applied oil on her neck, boobs and abdomen and massaged in circulatory motion. Sarada was very much aroused and she kept her eyes closed and moaning. He took some oil and applied it on her pussy and made a circulatory motion with his palm. She was very much aroused and opened up her legs.

He massaged his thighs and legs. He noticed that the door was open and two girls, Saritha and Radhika were watching the happenings in the room. Seetha was already there. Raising her legs and placing them on his shoulders, Aby inserted his cock into the cunt of Sarada devi. She was expecting it. Slowly his entire cock entered her pussy and rested.

He massaged her boobs and clitoris to arouse her and she was already horny. Sarada raised and told him that she would like to get on top of him and asked him to lie down. Aby just lied back and Sarada got on top of him. The observers were just behind her and she did not notice them. She was dancing on him and his cock buried deep inside her.

She jumped like a horse riding, rotated her waist and then lied on him in a swimming movement. Finally she reached her orgasm and she was grunting and cooing. Saritha and Radhika who were seeing a fucking action for the first time were shocked. Seetha asked them to get back to their rooms.

Rest in my next. Till then, please feel free to post your valuable feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Aby enjoying new fucking job

Abraham,22, having completed his PG was sitting idle at home. He used to go to the gymnasium and do some physicals just to keep himself fit. Rest of the time he took books from the library. Though not fair, he was handsome and liked by his friends.

His brother in law johny who was working in Chennai called Abraham to come with him and told him that he will get him a job as a driver in one of rich families of Chennai. But he should keep academic qualification a secret and just work as a driver. They will give him good salary, good food, and good apartment to stay. In the meantime he can search for a better job for himself.

Abraham thought for a change this would be interesting. He likes driving and there were three cars at his disposal. Johny took his brother in law to his employer and introduced him and showed the driving licence and they were impressed and got the job instantly. Johny told Abraham that there are too manywoman and to be careful while handling them.

Abraham nodded. He was guided to a small out house by the side of the bungalow and it was self contained. with all furniture. Abraham kept his belongings and took bath, and a lady brought him breakfast of about six idlis etc. Abraham looked at him, may be the cook of the household, Seetha looked about 23 or 24, brown skinned but very good features.

She asked what breakfast you preferred. Abraham said no special preferences for breakfast. She asked whether he likes NV food, he said yes, daily eggs, fish would be preferred. Abraham liked this girl and made up his mind that at the first opportunity he should fuck her. Seetha while leaving asked him to get dressed up and be in the porch of the house where cars are parked.

Abraham asked Seetha, when you bring lunch will you be there for some time, I want to talk to you. She said yes. When Abraham came to the porch an Audi can was there to take Mr.Menon who is the cEO of the company to his office. Within five minutes, Mr.Menon came out wtih his brief case and a laptop and sat in the rear seat.

His wife, an lade of 45, with too much of facial make up came and sat in the front seat. She instructed Abraham to take her to the lady's club and them drop Mr. Menon at his office and then come back for Radhika to go to college and Saritha to School. Abraham nodded for all the instruction dropped Mrs. Menon at the ladies club, Mr. Menon at his office and then came home.

For the next journey he was asked to take a Ford car and Radhika, a 18 year olf beauty sat in the front seat. She was wearing a legging and a top with protruding bossom. She asked him hautily how much he has studied, he said he has studied adequately. She unnecessarilly stretched her legs to show off her legs and thighs.

Abraham dropped her inside her college and she called him back and asked him to come to pick her up at 12.30. He said yes and then rushed home. His next duty was to take Saritha to her school. She got into the car in the rear seat and asked him to stop near a shop as she has to buy certain things.

She got her telephone recharged and then looked around and bought some pills and hid them in his bag and then came back. When she reached the school, her friends, came running to welcome her and asked her is this the new car and the new driver is handsome etc etc. They were all girls of 18 years age range and hence Abraham did not take them seriously.

Saritha asked him to wait since there was a rumour that there may not any class functioning and in that case she wanted to go home. She came back and told that the morning session may not be there and she may have to come onlyin the evening. Two of her friends also joined the ride as their homes are on theway and theywanted to get dropped.

The two girls were openly commenting that the driver is very handsome he can be a boy friend to anyof us. All of them laughed loudly. Abraham heard this and made up his mind that he may have chance to fuck all the three. He dropped Saritha and then took the car to be parked. Saritha called him to his room. When the boss's daughter calls how can he deny, he went upstairs.

She was alone in her room and asked him to sit and asked him to put nada in her pyjama. She was standing in her panty and shirt. Her shaply legs and thighs made him get his cock erect. She came very close to him and see whether he is doing it correctly Yes, you are doing it correct, Abraham, you are an expert. Abraham is too long a name, I will call you only Aby, do you mind.

she asked. He raised he his head said and was shocked, she was only in her bra and panty. A 18 year girl standing before him semi nude. When he had completed putting nada in the pyjama, she came near him laid her hand on his shoulders and asked him to put on the pyjama on her. Abraham has never touched the body of any girl and now she want him to touch her body.

Ok, She lifted one leg and inserted in the legging, which was tight and Abraham had to pull the legging up up her thigh.. His hand touched her pussy, thighs and ass and alll other places. And the she raised her second leg, Abraham pulled the legging upand see it is placed tightly on her pussy and ass and asked her how it is. It is beautiful, Aby, you are an expert.

I want you to help me to dressup daily. But dont tell my mummy and sister. She stood before him again and asked him to remove it. He inserted his hand at her waist line and lowered it. On the way he did not forget to touch her pussy. Because she raise any objection, he just inserted his hand inside her panty and touched her pussy. There was lot of hair.

He asked seriously why dont you shave the hair. I cannot do, will you do it for me. Abraham said let me see there is no time. Please find time and do it for me. Ok, Ok, He completed the job of pulling down the pyjama. He told her that he has to go and bring her sister from the college.

Saritha said ok, but come back I have some work for you. But dont tell anybody that I had called you. OK, said Aby and went out. When he reached the College Radhika was standing surrounded by her frends. Radhika was angry that Aby disturbed her chat with her friends. With an angry face she got into the car and they returned home.

She also wanted to stop for some shopping, she too recharged her mobile and she bought something more. They drove back home. Radhika did not talk to Aby anything but went up to her room. Aby went to the kitchen to get some drinking water, Seetha said she will bring his food within half an hour to his room.

He asked her when he has to go to pick up Mrs. menon and Menon. But a sister of menon, is coming by train by evening. You may have to go and bring her from Rly station. Dont worry I will come with you said Seetha. Aby came back to his room, undressed and with a towel he went to the bathroom to have a bath.

When the bath was half way, he heard Seetha brought the food and laid on the table and asked him what he is doing. Aby said I am in the bathroom and I will come out within a minute. He came out wrapped with a thin towel, the impression of his 7 inch cock clearly visible. Seetha was surprised and was looking at him in great wonder.

Aby conveniently took a dry mundu from his bag and removed his wet towel from his waist and wore the mundu. In the meantime Seetha saw his cock two or three times. Her pussy was leaking. His broad chest with curly black hair impressed her and she wished they embrace with her boobs rubbed against his chest hair.

She had broght fish curry, fish fried, mutton fry and egg omlette. with rice Aby likes good food and he appreciated each and every item which made Seetha very happy. She said her bosses never said a word about such good food. Aby asked her about her bakground. She said her husband was a drunkard and deserted her. Now she does not have any issues and supported her mother.

He asked her since how many days you did not have any family life. She said what family life, I never had any family life. He asked do you mean to say you are a virgin. She said I am not a virgin, but since last two years I have not enjoyed at all. Aby told her to come here in the night for further discussion and solution.

She agreed. Suddenly Seetha called and told him that Radhika is asking for him at her room. He just put on a shirt and went to the bungalow in search of the room of Radhika. He was wearing only a mundu and a shirt without any u/w. Radhika was lying in the bed, wearing a nighty which was just knee deep. She asked him to sit inthe stool near her bed.

Suddenly Radhika asked Aby whether he helped Saritha to get dressed up in the morning while going to the school. He said yes. Why did you not help me also. He said you did not ask me, but she asked me and that is why I did. She said I am asking you now, hereafter you have to help dress and undress me everyday. She told me that you have done it so expertly. Aby said ok.

You just tell me I will come. But I too have some conditions. What are they, she asked. You should not have any hair in your private parts and you have to get it removed. You remove it, that is your job, she said. He said ok. He left for his room. It was evening and Mrs.Menon wanted aby to go and bring her home. He took the car and went to the ladies club.

There were lot of people and all the ladies looked at Aby and asked Mrs.Menon whether you have a new driver. She said yes. But very efficient man and very much duty conscious. Mrs. Menon got into the car in the rear seat and some of her friends also got into the car asking Aby to drop them in their houses.

They asked Aby to remember way to their homes and to remember always and to come there whenever they call. Aby agreed. After dropping them one by one, Mrs. Menon reached home. She called Aby to come to her room and told him that she has severe back pain and he has to apply some pain balm.

Before Aby could reply there was a phone call to Mrs. Menon that her sister-in-law is coming by evening train and to make arrangements to pick her up from the station. Mrs. Menon told Aby to go to the station and pick up, Sarada, sister of Menon and bring her home. Aby said I do not know her and how to recognize her.

Mrs. Menon told him to take Seetha with him who knows her very well. Who will bring Menon saab from office. she said the office driver will bring him, dont worry, you please go. Aby came out and Seetha was ready and they both got into the car and left for the statiion. It was understood the expected train was late and it may be two hours before it reaches the station.

Aby and Seetha moved the car to a bushy area and sat there. He made some adjustments in the rear seat and they both moved to the rear seat. There was nobody around and it was totally dark. Aby pulled Seetha and loosened her clothes and took her head and gave her a deep kiss. His hand made a quick movement over her body, her boobs, her ass and her private parts.

His 7 inche cockwas fully erect and Seetha opened her mouth wide and took his cock in her mouth. Aby squeezed her boobs and licked her nipples and sucked them. Seetha was very much aroused. He asked her whether the day is safe for her. She said yes. He lifted her saree upto her waist and asked her to sit on him with her legs on either side of him and his cock entered the cunt of Seetha.

They were comfortably seated and Seetha made small movements and his cock was deeply inside her cunt. She said it is two years since she had a cock in her cunt. He told her to keep it for two hours till the train comes. They both laughed. Seetha made up and down movements and very soon she reached her orgasm. He told her to continue siting and have another round.

His hands were on her boobs squeezing them and kissing them, very soon she became horny and she started to move and within half an hour she got her second orgasm. They heard the bell ringing at the station announcing the arrival of the train. Seetha got up, wiped her cunt with a towel in the car and they both moved to the front of the station.

The train came and Sarada Devi looked like a sanyasin came out. Seetha touched the feet of Sarada Devi and they both came to the car. Aby looked at her and she was young and looked lusty. Swas brought home and a special room was arranged for her in the bungalow. Mrs. menon came to the room and welcomed her and asked about the journey etc.

Mrs.Menon asked Aby and Seetha to look after the comforts of Sarada Devi. Aby went inside the bathroom and saw that there was soap, shampoo and other toilet requirements. Seetha opened the bag of Sarada Devi and took out some tubes and creams and took it to the bathroom. Aby say that there was a hair removal cream in the lot.

Aby went in front of Sarada and with folded hands told her that his services are always be available to her requested her to send word through Seetha whenever she wants him for any services. Sarada smiled and appreciated him for his guesture. She told Seetha in hush hush voice that Aby may be sent to her room in the night after all go to sleep.

Seetha agreed and bowed. Aby and Seetha went out of the room and Seetha told him that she wants him to go to her room after all retire. It was dinner time and Seetha first took care of Aby with chappathis and chicken curry and fish fried. For Sarada she took pure vegetarian meal of chappathis and vegetable curry. Radhika and Saritha had their own menu.

They ate pizza and burger brought from outside. They were searching for Aby. Mrs. Menon took vegetarian curry with rice and curd. Mr. Menon took only some kanji with salad. After food all retired to their rooms and the dining hall was deserted. Aby after a hectic day took a small peg of whiskey and finished his meal. Seetha took good care of him.

He stretched his bed and was about to go to bed, when he found Seetha coming in the darkness towards him. He asked what is the matter. She said in a hush and hush manner that the sanyasi, Sarada Devi wants him to go to her room after all go to bed. He asked her what is the matter, why she wants me? Seetha said what else she wants sex, she is crazy after sex, but all secretly.

But when it takes too much time I will come and save you from her. He said thank god, ok, agreed. Aby took bath and took one more peg of whiskey and then went with Seetha to the bungalow. Seetha left him at the door and went away. Aby opened the door and he saw Sarada Devi, eagerly waiting for him. She asked him to bolt the door and called him to come closer.

When he came near her, she suddenly put her hand in his mundu and caught his cock and took it out. She was impressed by its size, a full 7 inch monster with 3" girth. She got up from lying position and told him not to tell anyone about what she is doing to him. She just planted a kiss on his cock head and licked its tip.

It had attained gigantic proportions and was pulsating in her hands. Its head was too large that it wont go into her mouth. She licked all over it and kissed it and the ball sac. She asked him to lie down near her in her bed. When Aby lied on his back in the bed, he could see the face of Seetha in the opening of the ventilator. She was watching the happenings in the room.

Sarada Devi undressed Abi and undressed herself. She had very youthful and young body with large raised boobs and clean shaven pussy and big round ass. She lied on him and was kissing all over his body his cock, thighs, stomach etc.

Aby asked her to lie down and she lied down in the bed and Aby bent and kissed her cheeks and then her neck and boobs, nipples and licked and sucked them. Holding her boobs with his hand, his mouth kissed her stomach, her belly button and then went down to her pussy and his tongue licked her cunt and a whole and then he buried his tongue to pull out her clitoris.

She was moaning and pressing his head down into her pussy. He widened her legs and laid between them and licked her crivice with full vigor and his tongue licked her clitoris. Aby put his two fingers in her fuckhole and pushed them in. and made in and out movement very vigorously. Sarada was moaning heavily very soon she reached her full orgasm.

Aby got up and took his cock and placed it at the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed it in. It was not going in. He asked her whether she wants a fuck. She said yes. He further asked whether she is a virgin. she said yes, he further asked whether I may break your seal. she said yes. He went and opened the door and asked Seetha to come in.

Both Seetha and Sarada were shocked. He asked Seetha to hold the legs of Sarada wide and he inserted his cock in the fuckhole. Sarada was crying of pain, seetha pacified her and said it will be over now just to wait. Aby made one more push, half of his cock was inside. Again Sarada cried.

He pulled back his cock and pushed it with full force and his entire cock was inside the cunt and Sarada gave out a big cry. Seetha left her legs and sat near her and was consoling her. Now the pain is over and now it will be just pleasure and pleasure. Aby started to move slowly in and out and there was obviously no pain and then he made it a brisk movement.

The face of Sarada showed that she is enjoying. Seetha was holding her boobs and squeezing them to add to the pleasure. Finally Aby fucked in full speed of a galloping horce. Sarada was reaching her orgasm and she was raising her body up. With five more strokes, Aby also shot his fluids into the cunt of Sarada. They both crumpled.

Sarada was kissing the face of Aby and he pulled out and went to the bathroom. Sarada also got up and Seetha went with her to help her. There was lot of blood and cum flowing from her cunt. Seetha helped her to clean up things and wiped dry and then all the three, Aby, Seetha and Sarada came out.

Sarada wanted Aby to sleep with her, but he said no, he has his own out house and kissing her good bye aby and Seetha left. Sarada standing naked after her first fuck went and closed the door and lied in the bed. Seetha having seen all these things wanted a quick fuck before going to bed.

Aby made her to lie in his bed and gave her a quick fuck and within a short time she got her orgasm. She got up kissed goodbye to him and went to sleep in the kitchen. Aby thought his first day was successful with a broken seal and two other fucks. He too went to sleep in comfort. Rest in my next.

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Ashwin having sex with maid Viji

Hi friends this is Ashwin from Chennai I am a frequent visitor to human digest. First let me introduce myself I am fair, age 19, average looking, correct physic not a gym physic, 6 feet height and 5.8 inch tool. The story revolves around the female named viji who is our house maid comes at the dawn by 7 and leaves at 9pm.

Now structuring her she less fair than me but her cute looking face outstands her color. Her age is 30, medium size breast and flat ass. She is married at the age of 25 and her husband is a chain drinker, goes to work at 9 and reaches home at late night by 11and has no kids. She lives in an independent house.

As a typical Tamil married women she always wears a saree, a matching blouse, and hand with not less than 4 plastic bangles on each hand, a pierces nose, and the anklet with lot of beeds. She used to work in our home when she was 27, since we were a well settled family and both of my parents are the head of marketing managers in 2 different company in two different poles

they hardly find time to come home and they would always be in traveling to their regions. They will debit the amount to my card and I should take care of the house hold things. Since both my parents debit the money I will always have a minimum of 25000 as minimum balance which would be more than enough for a month’s survival.

As both my parents were on tour so they arranged a trust worth maid to be held in the house. Now on to the story I started having sex with her when I was 18, since it was the teenager’s life I would like to enjoy my life and have sex. As days passed by I didn’t notice her body and face as a beauty because thinking of her a maid.

I would talk to her like a just friend and wouldn’t interact freely. These things were happening for a long time and I didn’t even thought of having sex with her. One fine day when she came in for work and I was in vacation I saw her very sad and her eyes was red since she was weeping.

I saw her sad face and as I was going to ask her she rushed to bathroom and closed the door and was washing her face. when she came out and headed to kitchen I rushed to her and asked what happened she was crying and said that her husband came home drunk as usual and she stopped I asked her again by holding her shoulder she said that she argued with him for not to

drink he slapped her and kicked her on her stomach and he went to sleep. Poor women was suffering from pain and feeling. I made her to stop all the work and took her to the hospital and as insisted we took all the scan and doctors confirmed that nothing is there to worry only swelling due to the impact and it will get cued in less than a day.

Then the doctor gave some tablets we bought and headed to home. I gave her the tablets and after she eat I told her to sleep since she was suffering from pain. She said no I need to work I said if one day this house is not clean nothing will happen and that I will buy food for both of in the nearby hotel.

Then I made her to sleep in the guest room and switched on the AC she said that fan will do better I said its summer and that this room is very hot. She was drowsy and she went to sleep in few minutes and I left the room.

By mid-day I went to the hotel bought food and came home she was still asleep and when silently went to her room I saw her she was in a deep sleep and as sleeping she forgot to close her breast with saree. I saw her medium sized breast protruding and her cute face. That’s the time I realized that I had a beautiful women in my home and didn’t noticed it.

As she was sleeping I was gassing her body I even tried to touch her body and took some photos of her body her breast and took all the precautionary measures that she must not see. After some photo shoots I woke her by touching her hand but she didn’t woke up I stated shaking her hard and then I place my hand in her stomach and woke her she then suddenly woke up

and said sorry that she was a bit drowsy and we both had lunch together. Since we became close we started chatting about the doctor’s record and asked that you have a good carriage and still not you're not pregnant is there is some fault in you. She replied in sad voice that her husband is a dunked and will not fuck her. Till now he might have fucked me 4-5 times that’s it.

I was shocked to hear that and was starring other body. She saw me starring at her body but she felt a bit uneasy when I had a look at her body. As days passed by we became thick friends and will chat like hell and watch movies together and occasionally i.e. once in a month I will take her out which she resists all the time. I would masturbate thinking of her and photos which I took her.

Once day when I was teaching her how to use the BlackBerry Q10 phone she was pretty interested in learning the operation as she was using it she went and saw some photos. While she was watching she saw her body photos and was shocked to see her body and breasts were revealed. I didn’t notice that she was looking it the photo after noticing that I grabbed the phone.

She shouted at me to show the photos but I hesitated and she questioned that “all the kindness and affection u showed was all to use me as to fulfill your desire”. I couldn’t answer anything but stood there as a rock. I was ashamed and was frightened whether she would tell to my parents.

I got a bit of courage and went near her and said sorry and deleted all the photos I took her in front of her. She asked whether I like her not meaning sexually but character wise I nodded as yes and she was little ease and I said again sorry and went out and came only by 7 pm.

She was cleaning and getting my dinner ready and went straight to my room and was chatting with my friends over phone. She entered into my room and asked again the same question whether I like her or not. I replied that yes but as a sister.

She then came closer to me and sat near me and held her hand on my lap and again asked with a lower voice whether I like her or not I was breathing heavily and again said yes with a stampeding voice. She then placed her hand in my cock and again asked the same question whether like her or not I again said yes and gave her a deep French kiss and was exchanging our both saliva’s.

While kissing us she was rubbing her hand all over my cock and me squeezing her boob. We then broke our kiss and she took my penies out from my shorts and started sucking its head alone. Oh My God what a pleasure while getting a blowjob from a female rather than from one’s own hand.

I have seen giving blowjobs and other sort of things only from the porn and now experiencing it for the first time in my life time was heavenly. She stopped sucking my cock and leaned against me and stated French lip kissing. I also kissed and licking her and I kissed her in her neck and ears.

I have seen these from the many porn that kissing on a women neck and ears will make them much more arouse. While doing so she stopped me and guided me to her breast. I started removing her saree and unhooked her blouse and bra and I sucked her breast and bit her nipple.

Even though she had an average sized breast she had a long nipple in which I was constantly sucking. After I finished sucking she guided me to her vagina by the time I was sucking her breast she has removed all her undergarments and made it ready for me to go on a rouge.

I stared licking her pussy it was a little bit salty as she was wet and because of the sweat. I cleaned her pussy with her saree and then started to lick her pussy after some time playing with her pussy I dragged her to the floor and inserted my 6 inch bro in to her sis.

While my bro entering her sis she was bit mourning a bit and for me also it was a bit painful being a man I should not show my pain I dominated my pain and started pounding her. After some time of bro sis play my bro split on the sis’s outside and I stopped. But, she was not satisfied at all.

She then dragged me to her and said make my sis too split I was a bit afraid and was in a great pain because I am having sex with a real one and started to play the match but making her to satisfy was a very big problem. It took 3-4 of my fluids for her one.

Then only I understood that satisfying a women much higher than your age is very difficult. I was pretty much tired and had a very burning sensation in my tool and we both went to clean ourselves. While she was leaving I was very tired and she was very happy and gave me a blow job while I still refused it she was going on sucking my penis for about 5 minutes

I said Viji Akka my fluids are all out and just then my bro started splitting it. I was summonsing my pain for a long time and when ejaculated she drank all of it and wiped her mouth and headed home. After 2 hours of play she was not tired nor did she feel any pain she went as if she has not done anything. After she left I applied Vaseline in my penis and eat the dinner and slept.

The next day morning she came at sharp 7 and woke me up and said today all day we can have fun and started giving a blow job I in turn started squeezing her breast and started playing with it. While she was sucking I thought of cum in her face before I got to the climax I stopped her and split all of my fluids in her face and mouth and she was in a bit hurry

to clean it up but I stopped her and took a photo and then she wiped it. She said that yesterday was her best day as she never had any good time with hubby. I said me too. Then for the rest of the day we were playing all the sex games that we could and I asked her what if she gets pregnant from our relationship she said that I will happily keep it and will make her husband believe it’s his.

Likewise was pregnant at the age of mid-31 and the baby did not succeed due to miscarriage on the 2 month itself and she was very depressed and could not bear the pain and she would come crying every day to work and I pleased her and said that its only one time next time she can be careful and we took some test that whether she can become pregnant

once again the doctors confirmed as positive and I got a job in a IT company. At late 33 she again became pregnant from our relationship and gave birth to a beautiful boy. After her pregnancy her hole were a much easy to penetrate an also to enjoy.

She would bring her child to our home and does all the work and also take care of the baby and we would have our daily pleasures and enjoy. I took care of her monthly doctor checkups and all the necessary vitamins and medicine. After her pregnancy her husband also reduced his alcohol level and started earning for the family.

Since it was my biological son I also took good care of him as a father and now he is 9 months old. Next month is my marriage and I know how to pleasure my wife since I have all the experience with my maid.

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Kishore having sex with office maid Sandhya

Hi Friends I am Kishore, I am a very big fan of Human Digest and reading all the stories I would like to post mine too. Myself average looking but good physic, age 25 now presently undertook my father’s small business. My office is a very small firm with 1000 square feet area with two floors. First floor was for the workers (4 members) and the top floor was mine.

To my floor I have a different access and no one else does. My firm is not a very famous one and it's a 1 Hr. drive from my home located in an isolated area. The main job of mine is to sign the papers at the end of the day by 5 pm. We have a maid who use to come at 11 in morning (our office timing is 10-5) and cleans the area and stays till 2 and washed our afternoon dishes too.

At my initial stage I never even noticed this women. Every day I used to go to office watch porn and chat with friends and so on. And the day ends. One day while I surfing the web she entered the room, since to was summer she was all drenched in sweat and I could see her nipple protruding through her blouse.

I left my table and sat in my sofa and was acting like I am using my phone and was looking at her assets. Wow she is a beautiful and a cute looking MILF who is in early thirties, normal size breast, a nice round ass and a fair tone in complexion. I said in my mind that her husband is the luckiest fellow in the earth. Thinking of her I was masturbating for 6-7 months.

One day I got courage and boldly spoke to her asking her name and family matters. She said that she is Sandhya she live is the nearby area and she is a mother of 2(Females Age 2 &5). When she said that she is a mother of 2 I said in mind that if she was my wife she would have at least 4 children.

she said that he husband is a drunk and leave the home early in the morning by 6 and goes to work as a daily wager and come home at late night 1pm 2pm fully drunk to his days money and would not give a penny to the home for the home needs. So she should work to meet the needs of the house and her mother takes care of her children while she is away.

She also said that she is her mom’s pet and would tell her all the things that happened in the day when she gets home. From then on she would come clean my office and would stay for a long talk. While conversing I made it a point that I use all the naughty language to get her lightened up.

So one day while talking I asked her about how is her life with her husband goes, she was sad and said that he would be drunk all the time and would not have any. if she needs to fuck with him she will bath him after he come home at 1 or 2 pm and then fuck with him for 1 or 2times which he can hold only.

In return she asked mine I told I only watch porn and masturbate no girls have entered in my life. She felt a little comfortable with my answer and stated digging deep in porn. I got a spark that it might me a yes signal but I must not get in to hurry. After some days of dirty talking I started showing her porn and started to manipulate her. She felt a bit aroused and left for the day.

The very next since we became like thick friends she said that she masturbated in the bathroom thinking of the porn that she watched yesterday and while she was doing that her mother saw her doing that and left without a word since she knew all of this beforehand itself. We both laughed and again I showed her some more porn. On that day I place my hand on her ass.

She looked at me as if I did kill a person. She immediately removed hand and said if my husband finds out I would be a dead man. I said all these things happen if your husband find out right, we can keep all these naughty things in office itself. She want to have sex but her marriage to another man stops her from getting to me.

While she was thinking I was grazing my hand all over her ass and breast she stood there as if she never noticed my hand an when she came to realization she kissed me all of a sudden an I immediately start kissing her back and held up in my lap and was kissing for 10 minutes approx.

Then she told that she will go down will do all the cleaning work and will use the separate stairs to come so that one one will find out. Likewise she went and came within 45 minutes. Her blouse and saree was drenched with sweat and when she entered the room I locked the room and started kissing her and guided her to my sofa.

We then broke our kiss and I stated removing her saree, blouse, and petticoat. She was all left with her bra and underwear. I was aroused seeing her structure since she was a working women she maintained he physic correctly. I was kissing her stomach and her neck I was having a little bit smelly in her since she was sweating. This smell even though raised the craze for her.

She too removed my dress and I gave her my penis to her to suck she took with no hesitation and she told that she has not experienced any of this kind and that she got all the ideas from the porn which I showed to her. We then immediately turned in to 69 position and was getting the best pleasure we could get.

I started sucking her breast and she was milking a lot since her younger child was just stopped breast feeding. I then inserted my 6 inch long tool in her cunt and she said I cannot take it fully please insert it slowly and made me to stroke slowly. I have always dreamed about having sex with her so roughly and I couldn’t control my own frustration and then calmed myself

that in mean time she will get to that and the we were fucking slowly as my every thrust come she morns and give a deep breath and this made me more arouse and soon I shot mine over her face and mouth. Poor women was wandering for sex she drank all the cum which I split on her face and mouth. We then change to doggy position and was fucking slowly.

We both did this till 1.30 since it was the lunch time in the office and we stopped and said we can continue afterwards and went. I thought that we will be continuing this the next day alone she again came on 2.30 silently without knowing to anybody and we fucked till 4.

We left for the day and the next day when she came I first asked that whether she told this to her mom she said yes and that her mother was not such happy and she said that make sure she don't get pregnant from me.

As usual she went and came in the separate entrance and we fucked while fucking we heard a footsteps approaching we don't know where to hide and I made her to hide below my table naked and wore my shirt and pant fast and sat.

That was our company worker he came to give me a brief intro about our new client while she was sitting below my chair she unzipped my pants and she was giving me a blow job and I was rejecting since the man opposite to me will find out and our dirty secret will come to light. Even though I stopped she never stopped and made to cum once and she drank all of it.

Since I was jerking off the worker asked if I was ok I said I was having nausea and that we could have this conversation other time and he left. When he left I closed the door and made her to sleep on the sofa and I was having a rough sex with her even though she asked it slow.

She was crying in pain and as I was pounding her fast and harder for a very long time as a punishment when we finished our routine she had a sever back pain which is common in the women and she left as if she can't even walk.

The next 2 days she didn’t turn up as a result of back pain on the third day I told that I won’t be coming to the office and I went straight to her house and greeted her mom and gave sweets and dresses for her children and her mom. Then I headed to her room enquired about her health and she said she fell much well now and I said sorry to her for fucking her like that.

She said to her mom to take children out and come later during the lunch. Soon as they left she asked me to lock the door and come I did and when I returned she started removing her dress and I stopped he and said stop what are you doing she said you have come here to fuck me so I am getting ready for it.

I slapped her and said I had sex with you but it's not the reason I came here I came here to see you and your children and mom. She started crying and huge me and kissed. I said to take rest and gave her some money to check herself with the doctor and gave her a mobile phone so that we can talk.

The same night she called and we talked all the dirty talking over the phone for hours while she was with the mom and the children and then on phone she said to come to the house the next day.Her house is a very small one with one small hall, a small kitchen and a small bedroom. As she said I went to her house by 9 and she was all set for the day fresh and ready to go for a fuck.

When I entered her mom took the kids out and said don’t hurt my child like u did the other time with your tool. We all of us laughed and I locked the door and removed her saree and all the other stuff and we kissed and gave each others a blow job and while went to insert my penis she stopped and took a condom and she made me to wore it and started pounding her slowly.

I asked why you went and bought the condom if she had notified me I would have bought it on her way home. she said it was not her that she bought that was her mom who went to the shop after she told her to buy and was fucking her till 1 which stopped because her mom knocked the door with the kids and wants to feed the children.

We then stopped and dressed ourselves until then they were waiting outside and then I eat in their house. I watching her the whole time while serving and was naughty when she came near me and she sat near me.Since there were only 3 chairs the mom and the kids sat in the floor front of us while we sat on the table exchanging the kissed and boob milk and blow jobs while eating.

After the kids finish eating her mom saw both of us exchanging kissed she told her that my cum is in her hair and wipe it before the kids ask what its it.After lunch I felt like I was in my mother-in-laws house she gave me home made sweets and fruits while eating those she sat near me and the kids sat in front of us watching Cartoons her mother washing the dishes.

She placed a kiss on my cheek and I started pressing her boobs and inserted my one hand in to her cunt and made her to squirt and she was mourning. Hearing this here mother came to see what happened and she saw me fingering her daughter and licking all the juice on my hand.

She then went to the kitchen where her mom was washing the dishes and murmured something to her mom and she stopped her work and took the kids out and I guessed what she must have told to her mom and we fucked like hell and I spill all of my cum over her body and hair and by 5.30 we finished because she said that her mom will do prayer so we must end a by the time

we got ready and I was leaving I unlocked the door and Suddenly she dragged me to the opposite side and was giving me a blow job.Her mother enter while she was giving a blow job and she saw her daughter giving a blow job and she headed to the bedroom and said if you guys are not finished why you should open the door and luckily the kids were not with her as they were playing outside.

While leaving I was giving a good bye kiss in front of her mother and a hand shake to her mother. Her mother stopped me in the hall and said please don't hurt my child by abandoning her I am seeing her happy after a so long time she didn’t had any happy moments in her life from her time of birth and wished her life would change after marriage that man too only hurts her by not giving any happiness.

I can tell her happy only when she is around you. She was crying and said I would do anything to keep her happy after all she is n=my only child. I promised and left. From then on I would fuck her like my wife and took care of her like my baby and gave her money occasionally to take some good foods and also to feed to the children and gain strength as they were fucking for a long and many times.

After few months of fucking we would fuck like animals and would fuck in her house when her mom was there. Whenever I go I will get sweets for her children and special holy books for her mom. While fucking in her house her mom would sit in hall and we would fuck in the room. I also said to give daily some money to her husband so that he would be drunk when he gets home.

Now she is carrying my child even though I am smaller in the age she would like to keep the child as a mark of good things happened to her. Her husband also believed that it’s his and truth is known only to her myself and her mom. This things will continue till my marriage and also after my marriage since it’s an office maid I am fucking.

Please feel free to post your honest and valuable feedback in the comment below. Thanks.

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Nandha having hot sex with maid Veni

Hi Friends this is Nandha from Chennai. I am a frequent reader to the HD, after reading these stories in HD I thought that I could share my own experience with you guys.

This story is about my maid whom I had sex with. Now describing me, Age 19 Average in complexion and 6’0” in high and my tool length is of 6 inches. I used to go to the college by 7.00 in the morning and return at 6 pm. The maid usually comes at 8 in the morning and leaves at 11. I cannot see here in the working days and at the early days of her joining I didn’t even know that my family even hired a maid.

As days passed by finally one day I got to meet here on the Sunday morning. As my parents left in early morning to visit some holy temple far away from our home I was the only one in home to answer the door bell. At around 8.15 am I heard a door bell I was still in the bed enjoying my week end and cursing away I attended the doorbell saw this women standing right in front of me.

Now explaining her. She is Veni quiet fair in complexion, Huge breasts, Nice round ass and I thought that she should be around her mid 30’s. She entered the house and did the house hold works and my mom had prepared the breakfast for myself and her. So I asked her to heat it up and serve it to myself and that to help herself too.

She served me and then she sat on the floor and started eating. I asked her to sit on the table and enjoy the meal with me she nodded as no and sat on the floor itself and eat I said if she didn’t sit on the table I will too not eat. Then she sat on the other opposite end of the table and started eating, While eating we were having a little chat of exchanging names and so forth.

During the conversation I understood that her age is 47 and mother of 4 (All girls and married) and a grandmother of 2. I was shocked to hear that and I asked about her husband she said with sad face that he had affair with another women and lofted her and the kids at her age of 30 and from then she is the one who is looking after them with great difficulties.

Hearing this I got into one conclusion that she never had sex since then and decided to fuck her if I could get any chance. Like my feeling I got an excellent opportunity to fuck her after 4 months of long waiting. My Parents went to a family tour for a period of 21 days and I was detained back because of my stupid exams.

My mom asked the maid to lodge in at the house so take care of my things. On the day of their tour she came early in the morning and helped my mom with the packing and at the mid-day they left to the train. My self and veni had lunch together and started talking about many family stuff and we became more close to each other.

While talking I could only dream of how I could fuck her and I was constantly watching her big and attractive boobs, she caught me watching her boobs but she never mind. Since it was summer I switched on my AC in my room and went for my noon nap and I saw Veni getting herself ready for the sleep too in the other room I asked her to sleep with me she said no and I yelled at her

and made her to sleep in my room even thought my bed my king size bed she slept the floor she was having a quiet good nap and was watching her boobs ass and her sexy body, lips and was thinking of a way to fuck her. By eve 4 we got up she started with the house hold work and by 5 she finished the work till dinner too.

So we started talking and this time our conversation went deep enough to sex life of hers. She said that she was married at the age of 18, her hubby is dark compared to her and good physic and has a tool of size 5 inch. She and her hubby used to run a small provision shop in their remote village.

Since them both work together in the same shop and it’s their first experience they used to fuck in the shop itself. At the early stages of marriage he used to fuck like whenever he liked to some time it will be 12 or 15 times a day minimum of 6 in a day.

At the age of 19 she gave birth to first one and the remaining at 21,23 and 25.Till her age of 27 they were living there but due to high financial condition they moved to Chennai and he worked here as a daily wager in the rice mill company. She from then (i.e. after the fourth birth) she never had sex and her hubby used to fuck like once in 4 or 5 months. After he left her that also does not exist.

In return she asked about my sex life I said I watch porn & I never had sex with any one and my hand is my only partner in sex. She laughed and continued chatting while chatting I looked at her breasts and in the conversation she mentioned that why your eyes are rolling? We both laughed.

After some time I went to my room could not stop the frustration and started watching porn and suddenly she entered and asked this is how a porn look like. We both watched the porn and suddenly I placed a kiss over her cheek and was afraid that she would say anything but unfortunately she smiled and she too placed a kiss and started touching her boobs she suddenly

removed my hand and said “No I am the mother of 4 and grandmother of 2 I cannot have sex life with you. You are too young to have sex with me and that having sex with a maid is also not good”. I said “Having sex with a maid is not well enough but having sex with the beautiful women is well enough“.

She thought for a while and left the room and as usual I started watching porn. By 8.30 I went to have my dinner. She served the dinner but never looked me instead I was staring at her boobs and ass. I asked her the reply for my previous question she didn’t even utter a word and went to kitchen.

I finished having my dinner she was in the kitchen the whole time and never came out. Till 9.00 I was surfing net suddenly she entered the room and gave me a glass of milk and sat beside me waiting for me to start the porn. As watching she noticed my tools bulging and adjusted my seat and sat near her.

I again asked her for a reply she said “if this keeps between us and nobody knows then this relationship can continue”. with great joy I kissed her in the lips and cheeks and suddenly she stopped me and said “i am already having a grand children I should not get pregnant from our relationship“ to that I said

“Today I will spill the cum over your body and face from tomorrow I will get the condoms and then we could enjoy our relationship: and then I stopped the porn and told her to stand and that I would remove her clothes. She said ok and I removed her saree first and the the blouse bra and the underwear.

I was having a hell of a sight fair in color and her big breast nice round ass I was kissing and sucking her boobs and was licking her vagina and her ass. I took my tool out and she removed my dress and she was sucking my nipples and I made her to kneel and inserted my cock in to her mouth.

I think so she never had sucking his husbands cock and she was sucking my cock as if I was giving a poison. She could not suck my hole cock as it was much big for her small mouth I held her head and made her deep throat and she gasped and cried due to suffocation I never took pity on her and held deep throat for 3 - 4 minutes end then made her to swallow a huge load

of thick cuie then made her to sleep on bed and then inserted my cock in slow manner because she said my vagina is a bit tight since it has not been used for a very long period of time. I made it very slow and then inserted my full cock by then itself she was screaming in pain. After some times of strokes I made it a quiet bit fast and was fucking her till night 1.00 pm.

I spilled all the cum over her body and face and made her to swallow most of them. By then I unloaded 8 times of my cum and her was between 14-16. After that we slept together like a couples kissing and sleeping all over our sperms and squirts and all naked.

She said her husband had done nothing like this before he used to suck her breast and insert his penies in to her vagina and give a fuck and one day alone he allowed her to suck his penis and and gave her a cum to swallow she spited it out on his penis itself. I told her I learned all these from the porn movies.

We both slept till 8 in the morning and I was the one who first woke up and saw her sleeping near me and she was in a deep sleep, seeing her naked and sleeping next to me really turned me on and gave her a quickie early morning fuck and woke her up. We both went to the bathroom to clean our self-up by the time I went to the bathroom she cleaned the room and made me breakfast.

She was naked and then she went to the bathroom I follows her to the bathroom and make a quickie there and cleaned our self an returned to the table this time we didn’t sit in opposite side instead she sat next to me and she feed me the breakfast by chewing it in her mouth and the splitting it in to her mouth like wise.

I said I need to prepare for my exams tomorrow I am going to study and that we can have sex in the afternoons. She said ok and she started with the household work by 11 she came near me and said please give me a quick fuck I am needing it and begged me by rubbing her vagina. I too could not tolerate and gave her a fuck till 2 pm.

We then had our lunch and then continued our session we stayed naked all day. And fucked for the rest of the day and the day ended at 8.30 saying I need to attend my exams the next day. We slept completely naked and in the morning she woke me up and asked to give her a quick. I gave and I headed to college for exams.

Before leaving she gave me a blow job and said that she will give a surprise when I return at 6pm. I was dreaming about her all day and could not wait to go home. When I reached the door was open and was completely dark and when I switched in my lights she stood opposite to me in the way a newly bribe is ready for marriage.

She looked stunning in her green saree and hands and legs full of Mehandi high lipstick and hair full of flowers as if was getting ready for the first night. I could not control my frustration I locked my door behind and started giving her a long kiss, removed her panties inserted my penies fast and gave her a hard fast strokes and longtime fuck.

I then took her to my bedroom and the removed her full clothing and gave her a fuck till 3 in the morning and slept till 10 am. Next day we woke up with a fuck and I was getting ready to go out to buys some vegetables and she came near the door and gave me a blow job and instead I fucked her near the door itself while she was squirting a doorbell rang and we were afraid

who it was and she rushed to the room and wore a nighty and when I answered the door it was her elder and second daughter and their children. She came out with the fluid spilling out and for safety she wore a under wear.

They enquired about her health, accommodation and also about the mehandi and the disgusting smell which comes from her body,the smell was the cum which I shot over her body the night before and she told that it is all fine and for smell she said she was busy with household work and will have a bath after.

Since they were sitting in the sofa and that veni was Cumming the liquid was all over the sofa and they noticed it and questioned it she answered it was here period’s fluid. They left with a bit of curiosity at 11after they left I too accompanied then out and then I headed to the market and returned and she said it was a close one and then both of us started working out for the day.

After bringing the vegetables exactly she took one hour to prepare all the dishes for the lunch and in mean time I was loitering around her like a baby. Since we were naked I used to squeak her breast and do anal fucking and shoot the cum load on her back and hair.

She asked me to get a bath and come to have the lunch I went she too accompanied and we both helped each of us and wore dress and stat the table for lunch. This time she did not sat near me instead she sat on my lap and kept only one plate for both of us.

She served the food and I fed her and she fed me. At some point of time I stopped and I made to remove our dress and told to place the food on her vagina and that I would eat it and for her I would place it on my penis and she would eat. She placed curd rice which will be easy for eating and we made both of us eat the whole plate.

These things lasted for more than 18 days we had great fuck like every place in the house in the stairs, roof-top, inside the water containers. I took her to the cinema and booked a corner seat and made sex there.

Bought her a nice saree, chain and the designer toe ring with a pink stone (Metti) which she itself asked to were on to her by media bought her a black and red color nail polish and made her to apply in her hand nails and leg nails. I tried all positions with her and she too enjoyed those. She was screaming in pain because her spots were not used for a very long period of time.

We spent one long day in ass fucking OMG my penis was also painful and she pity body was not able to resist the pain and was crying. On our last day of my parent’s arrival we decided that not to go out from this room and fuck like animals and fuck till we are exhausted.

We fucked thought the day and spilled every drop of cum in her body at the end of the day her body was drenched with all the sperm and squirts. We slept at 11 and woke up at 5 since my parents arrive at 8. We went for a quick till 6 but it lasted till 6.30 and we cleaned together the whole house and she was busy washing the spermed spreadsheets and dresses that we wore.

From then on I would fuck her in her house since one one will be in her house while returning from college and will have a great time with her in the weekends.

Please feel free to post your valuable feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Nissar enjoying fucking Fatima and Feroza

Previously: Nissar enjoying fucking assignment with Shamla

I hope you have read my story with my adventure with Nissar. He was from a poor family and did have much education. He was not academically brilliant and hence was engaged in several homes as an errand boy. He was lanky and with clothes most unsuited to his height. Without the knowledge of my mama I used to give him glass of milk and eggs.

He used to ask me why you are giving all this, I said it is to make you stronger. I used to touch his cock without anybody watching. But my mama was always at home and further game with Nissar was not possible. Once I asked Fatima how her affair with her brother goes on.

She was sad and said nothing happens, my brother has gone to Bengaluru for further studies and will come home only during vacation. I just hinted her about my fortune. She was surprised and asked me to give full details. I gave her full account of the happening on that day. Fatima just begged me to send him to her house for one day just one day.

She said without a good fuck her cunt is itching, unbearable itching. I told her I too have itching. But the problem is that I can have another session only when mama goes out for the whole day. Fatima said why dont you both come to my house. My parents go to office in the morning and there is nobody at home except me till evening. I told her that I will think of it.

My main worry is that Nissar is my prize catch. If he slips out of my hands I may loose him once and for all. Daily I used to call him and ask him to get a pencil or a notebook or a ball point refill and tell him to give it to me in my room. My mama did not take it amiss. When he comes to my room, I used to take out his cock and give it a good blow job.

Once I took out the scale and measured the legth of his cock. OMG it was measuring 7". I was under the impression it was 6" and told Fatima accordingly. I hinted to Nissar that he may have to fuck my friend just one day. He said he is agreeable. Next I told Fatima that we are coming and that she has to ready in all aspects. What is that she asked.

I told her to keep her pussy without any public hair and some money to buy biriyani for all the three and some eggs and milk for Nissar. She ok, ok, no problem. She was of my age and we studied together since KG class and hence we dont keep any secrets between us. I told my mama that I may have to go to the house of Fatima for combined study. Ok go, she said.

I will go in the morning and come back only in the evening. I said. Why so much time, she asked. I said mama, she is my friend and class mate. We may not be studying all the time, we may listen to music, watch TV and watch computer. Who will go with you and who will bring you back she asked, I said, Nissar. I asked him and he agreed.

She called him and told him that he should protect me since she is going out with you. He said yes and nodded his head. Next day we set out to the house of Fatima. Nissar wore the new jeans and t shirt and he looked really handsome. I walked in front and he walked behind me. I said bye to my mama and moved along the foot path.

My heart was beating fast since I was going for a fucking session in a house other than mine. We too an auto and reached the house of Fatima in a short time. I had told Nissar to keep reserved and should not mingle with the girl freely. Fatima was happy and looked at Nissar with lots of love in her face.

She called me aside and told me that there is a problem and that her younger sister is also there in the house. She is just 18 and was in XII the std. She is not a virgin since my brother had fucked her also. But how can we keep her away. I was annoyed because my own pleasure time is reduced when two more girls are introduced. I asked Nissar he siad ok.

As regards he is concerned more girls is more fun. I told Fatima to take us to her room so that we may not waste time. She had arranged breakfast for us. Nice appam and chicken stew. Nissar and I ate to our full. It was delicious. Fathima took us to her bedroom, where her sister, Feroza was sitting. Fatima introduced us to her and She put up a pleasant face.

Seeing Nissar they all were happy since he too is looking handsome and pleasant. We started to undress one by one. We kept only the panty on our body. Feroza boobs were hard and small with tiny nipples. Nissar removed his dress and was ready for action. He said he will start with Fatima. Fatima came and lied in the bed and opened her legs.

Her globular boobs, clean shaven pussy and narrow waist and fair skin were a scene worth seeing. I and Feroza sat on either side of Fatima and Nissar with his 7 inch cock fully erect approached. He asked Fatima to suck his cock. She got up and took his elegant cock and kissed it first and then took it in her mouth. He stop and he called Feroza can you suck m cock.

Feroza came reluctantly and kissed the cock head and opened her mouth and took the cockin her mouth. She was too young and appeared very beautiful. Nisar asked her whether she has ever been fucked and she said yes, How many times, heasked. She said many times. He went near Fatima and squeezed her boobs and made her to lie down in the bed opning her legs.

He jumped on her and inserted his cock in her fuckhole. It was very tight and Fatima told him to go slow till full penetration is reached. Nissar agreed and he slowly by jerky movement inserted his cock and it took five minuted for getting full penetration. I and Feroza watched. Keeping his hands on her boobs, Nissar started to fuck slowly and asked Fatima whether he can go faster.

She said yes. He slowly increased his speed and within five minutes Fatima was shivering with orgasm. She hugged him and tied her legs around him Nissar did not have any orgasm. Fatima signalled him to pull out. She moved away and Feroza took her position and opened her legs widely. Seeing Fatima being fucked she was already wet and flowing with ooze.

Nissar inserted his erect cock into the cunt of Feroza. As he entered her, she wrinkled her face and his cock was tight fitted in her cunt. He asked is there pain, she said no. Shall I start, he asked, yes she said. With Fatima and I watching he fucked Feroza slowly enjoying each moment.

He bent low and kissed her small hard boob and kissed her rosy cheeks and sucked her tiny nipples while his fucking machinery was in full swing. Feroza replied his each stroke with upward movement of her waist and she seemed to enjoy the most. Finally we saw her arriving at her orgasm. She hugged him tightly and wound her legs around him and kissed him on his cheeks.

He asked is it over, she said yes and moved away and I was asked to take her position. My condition also was no less. I was full of fluids and his insertion was easy into me. Without asking me he went on his in and out movements vigorously. His cock brushed against many sensitive spots in my cunt and it was simply enjoyable.

But he suddenly increased his speed and I could sense that he too is coming. I was just on the edge and with his smashing hits I thundered into a huge orgasm to combine with his. His fluids sprayed into me and it was more enjoyable. Fatima and Feroaza watched with jealousy my pressing his waist down into me and my sounds of joy.

We both got up and went to the bath room and cleaned ourselves. But the erection of Nissar was not down. He was ready for any number of cunts. But took a gap and had our lunch biriyani. Fatima had arranged for four plates of biriyani and lot of boiled eggs. We devoured the food with lot of relish and Nissar ate three eggs.

In the afternoon session we, each had a detailed fuck and the sex had gone into our head. During a gap, Fatima asked me whether Nissar will go to another lady to her house in the night. She may pay him substantially. It will be a great help to his family. She was a doctor and hence too busy in the day time.

Her husband is away in Dubai and she is staying with her mother and is wanting sex very badly. Fatima said she got the message through a friend of hers and if he is willing then only she will send word to her. I thought for a while. If he is going to be paid it is okay. But my source should not get dried up. I told Fatima that I will tell her the next day.

We finished our session and returned before the arrival of the parents of Fatima. On the way back home, I asked Nissar whether he will fuck a doctor for the whole night and she will pay him good amount.

He said as you say. I told him that he should fuck me during day time. He promised that he will do. Next day I told Fatima that he will come, but see that they pay him good amount. She said yes and that will be another story for HD.

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Nissar enjoying fucking assignment with Shamla

I am Shamla, 18 studying for my XI in the local school. Being destined to wear uniform for this year also, I find this attire very uncomfortable in as much as I have to show major portion of my leg to the greedy eyes of the public. My boobs and my rear are more than average and they protrude out. Hence most of the time I travel only auto although my school is in a walking distance.

My dad bought me a laptop during my last birthday although I have no use to it. But my friend Fatima, came and got it connected to the internet and showed me how to source different porn sites. We both are hot girls and we talk about sex for any number of hours. Her cousin used to fuck her and she used to tell me in detail how it was done and how much she enjoyed.

I was jealous of her since I dont have any cousins to fuck me. She taught me how to calculate safe period and how to enjoy during the non safe days. She carried ipills in her bag and showed me and asked me to buy a strip and keep in case of any emergency. Hiding the laptop in my bedroom, I used to watch porn and read HD stories.

I used to finger my pussy always and I was wondering how I will get a good cock for fucking. Usualy my dad goes to office in the morning and my mother attends to the kitchen and receives lot of her friends for chit chat. Since I dont go to the kitchen side at all, I did not know that they used to engage an errand boy, Nissar a young boy from poor family to buy stores, veg, meat, fish and provisions etc.

He comes on alternate days and does what work my mum assigns. I did not know about this. One day my mother's sister was unwell and my parents went to their house in the morning. I did not go to the school since it was a local holiday. Mother told me that she had prepared food for me and kept on the table and that I have to finish it off.

Ok, Ok, I said and bolting the door from inside I rushed to my bedroom and opened my laptop and put on a porn video and started to finger my pussy. Fingering the pussy and rubbing the clitoris gives me great pleasure. I removed all my under garments and went on with my work in full swing. Suddenly the door bell rang. I was shocked.

Who could it be at this hour, to spoil my pleasure. I put on my panty and the second bell came. I rushed to the door to see who it is. It was Nissar in a handwashed white kurtha and pyjama head bowed and trying to push his way into the house. I stood aside and watched where he is going. He went straight to the kitchen and searched for my mother.

I told him they had gone to her sisters house. He was a fair skinned boy, lean and tall. He asked me whether my mother had asked for any work for him. I said no. He said do you have any work for me. I said wait, He was leaning over the table and I wanted to take the pen from its drawer and hence I extended my hand and it touched his pyjama and his cock.

It was a big meat rod dangling between his legs under his pyjama. He tried to move away but I put my hand on his rod and asked him, how big it is, show me. He looked at my face shyly and said no. Please Nissar show it me, I have not seen one this big in size. He said no, if mother (my) comes to know she will kill me.

I promised him I will not tell anybody Nissar was showing the signs of yielding. His cock made a tent like formation in his pyjama. He untied the nada and pulled his pyjama down. Lo his rod was there all about 7" fair in colour and big in size. He was shy and covered his face with his hands. I kneeled before him and took his rod in both of my hands.

It was a real beauty like the one I watched in the porn sites. The head was red in colour and shining. I just took it close to my nose and sniffed at it. I just planted a kiss on it. I wanted to have my first fuck with this cock of Nissar, but will he agree. But how to make him agree. Hi, Nissar let us go to my room, I will show you something.

He wanted to pull his pyjama up and tie as before, But I said no dont worry, take your pyjama in your hand and come on. He walked naked with his dangling cock behind me and we both went to my bedroom. I jumped onto the bed and asked him to lie near me. He came. I showed him the porn site I was watching. The boy was just getting ready to fuck the girl.

He bowed down and licked her pussy and then applied his saliva on his cock and opened her cunt lips with his hand and inserted his cock into it. Nissar watched it wide eyed. I extended and held his cock in my hand. In the meantime I removed my panty. I allowed the entire video to run its course and in the end the boy threw his cum on the girl in her mouth and stomack.

I switched off the laptop and Nissar looked at me and saw my pussy. I asked him to lick my pussy just like the boy in the video. Nissar was smelling my cunt and I asked him to lick. He again looked into my eyes and then started to lick from bottom to top. My clitoris was already bulged because of my manipulation. I asked him to lick it rough. He did as I asked him todo.

I asked him to get up and insert his cock into my hole. He was wonderstruck and looked at me and planted a kiss on my cheeks and then, placed his cock at the entrance of the hole and pushed it in. Since there as lot of cunt juice at the entrance of the hole he could make a small entry. By pushing it harder he was able to make a slow progress into my cunt.

I know it is going to be painful when he comes to the hymen. I asked him to do it hard and fast. He made a strong push and it made me to cry and it went straight in 100%. After resting for while I asked him to fuck, he did not know what fuck is. I told him to make the in and out movement faster. He raised his waist higher and brought it down with a bang.

I said do not do it so rough, but just gentle. He did just as I told him and my orgasm was collecting. I was knowing that it is coming and everytime he went in my pleasure grew up and finally I reached full orgasm. But Nissar was going on with his fucking. I asked whether he got any pleasure, he asked what pleasure. I said then just wait for five minuted and ten start again.

The second session took a long time. Nissar had a tremendous capacity to hold on. But during the second round he said it is coming for him and finally he shot his fluid into me and it was too much in quantity. I asked him to pull out and we both went to the bathroom and washed ourselves. I told him that he should not tell anybody that we have been fucking. He said he wont tell anybody.

I gave him an egg and a glass of milk. He asked me why this. I showed him his cock and told him to make this strong and do more work. He laughed and said he is ready for more work. I asked him to get dressed and gave him money to go out and buy 10 ipills and two biriyaanis for him and me. He bought the biriyanis and then went again and bought the pills.

He asked me why this medicine, are you unwell. I told him no, this is not to make me pregnant. We both finished the biriyani in ten minutes and I swallowed a pill. I asked him shall we begin, Nissar. He said yes. We both removed all our clothes and started our third session with full vigor. My mobile rang and without making Nissar pull out, I talked to mother.

She said her sister is hospitalized and she may have to stay there for two or three days more. When we are away, my mother said who will keep your company and who will keep watch on the house in the night. I told her, Nissar was here and he said he will come again. Shall I ask him to sleep here in the downstairs in the night. My mother thought for a while and said yes, he is a nice boy.

You may ask him to get food for you from the hotel, I said ok ma. Take care child, good night, said my ma. I said good night. I embraced Nissar and he also hugged me tight with his cock deep inside me. What followed was a fuck festival. We fucked in every pose and in every nook and corner of the house. We fucked in the sofa in the drawing room, in the kitchen, on the dining table.

Hugging each other we just rolled on the floor with his cock deep inside me. He was full of ideas about where all to fuck. We bathed together keeping his cock inside me. He licked my cunt and clitoris endlessly. I tried to take his cock in my mouth but it was too big and hence I kissed it from outside.

We both went to the mall and I bought him nice kurtha and pyjama and a pair of jeans and tshirts. We ate in the restaurants and came back. For three days we just enjoyed our full.

How did you like the story? Please post in the comments below. Thanks.

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Daughter of Lovemaid wants sex - II

Previously: Daughter of Lovemaid wants sex - II

As promised I called Kamna, the daughter of my 1st Lovemaid Vedna, for a night out with her. We mutually fixed the day, time & place from where I was to pick her up in my car. On the decided day & time, I parked my car at the place we had fixed. Within hardly 3 minutes, I saw Kamna, in the rear view mirror and my 1st Lovemaid Vedna was also alongwith her.

I got out of my car to welcome them. It was a little surprise for me to see Vedna alongwith Kamna. As they both came to me, both had a big smile on their faces. I hugged Kamna and Vedna. They seemed mighty happy to see me. Before I could say anything, Vedna said,"aap soch rahe honge ki main bhi saath kaise.

Main soch rahi thi kyonki Kamna ki pehli bari hai kisike saath bahar janeke liye aur who bhi raat ke liye, main use aap ko khud sapurd karke aaon aur isi bahani aap ko bhi mil loongi." "Tumne bahut achha kiya ki saath mein aagayi, I said. I opened the front left hand side door and asked Kamna to sit in. Then I opened the rear door & asked Vedna to get in.

She got in and after making sure there was no one around I hugged & kissed her, lay her on the seat, put her saree & petticoat up and planted a wet kiss on her choot & sucked it. She then sat up and opened 2 lower buttons of her blouse & took out her choosies for me to suck. Having done that she closed her blouse.

She then opened the zipper of my trouser, pulled out my cock from the underwear and gave a short & very passionate suck to it and put my cock back in. She then got up and stood on the ground. Kamna dear was all the while keeping a look-out for people. I then proceeded to sit in the driver's seat and started the car.

Vedna darling was waiting at the door where Kamna was sitting. As I was not putting the car in gear to go, Vedna enquired,"kya hua? Ja kyon nahi rahe?" I replied, " itne garam kisse ke baad main kaise jaoon. Tum bhi saath chalti to kitna maja aata." "phir kabhi," she replied. "theek hai, chalo ab tum jao varna main nikal nahi paunga." I said.

She patted Kamna, blew me a kiss, turned & said, "maje karna dono, love you." and went away. Once she had gone I put the car in motion. I proceeded out of the city and on the way asked Kamna,"kuch khana-peena hai?" She replied,"Nahi abhi nahi thodi der baad." I then asked her, "tumhe dar to nahi lag raha?"

"Kyun, dar kis baat ka, aap ke saath hoon phir dar kahe ka. Balki main to raah dekh rahi hoon ki hum kab pahuchenge jahan aap lekar ja rahe hain, tanki main aap ki lund choos sakun." I said, "to ab aise kar ki apne dono choosen bra mein se nikal aur saree se dakhle, tanki main jab chahoon unhen daba sakoon."

Immediately she did so. I also asked her to raise her saree & petticoat upto her knees so that I could have easy access to her choot when desired. On the way we played with each other, taking care not to be visible from outside as well being very careful as I was driving.

Soon we reached our destination hotel, checked into our room, refreshed ourselves, had some tea & snacks and Kamna straight away proceeded to come to me and began to kiss & hug me. I responded equally. She then removed my shorts & underwear, sat on the bed, took me along and seeing my lund a little slump, started massaging it. It soon grew to its full length.

She put the tip of her tongue on the tip of my lund and I loved it. Slowly she started to take my lund more & more into her mouth. Once it was fully in, she started to suck it, first slowly and then so fast that within no time I was ready to discharge and told her so. She signalled to release my cum in her mouth. After taking the last drop of my cum, she swallowed it and smacked her lips.

"bahut achha laga aap ki lund chus ke aur aap ka garam garam maal pi ke,' she said. I kissed her on her lips and could smell my cum from her lips, which was invigorating for me, due to which I opened her blouse, removed it, opened her bra and removed it too. I started to knead her choosies and when I put the tip of my tongue on one of her boob's nipple, she shuddered.

I did the same to her other boob. She hugged me tight and said,"meri dono choosie ko khub jor se dabao, maslo aur chuso, muje bahut hi achha lag raha hai." She simply loved it when I sucked her nipples, which grew big, and her boobs. She was so aroused that she picked up her saree & petticoat and started fingering her choot and exclaimed, "ab aap meri choot chato muje bahut chad gayi hai."

Immediately I lay her on the bed, raised her saree & petticoat and put the tip of my tongue on the tip of her choot. Again she shuddered. I started to move my tongue from the bottom of her choot to top most part. She was hissing & moaning,"ah, bahut hi achha lag raha hai. Jor jor se chato, mera paani nikal do."

With that she started wriggling and raising her lower body as she was simply enjoying it. I increased the insertion of my tongue deep inside her choot and did it faster. She was ecstatic with joy. She put her hands behind my head and pressed it tightly on her choot. Her juices started to flow. And by God the flow was so tremendous that it seemed unending.

She was raising her head to see & enjoy the show and yelled,"uncleji tusi great ho. Ekdum jor se karo aur apni jaban poori andar daldo. Wah, kya maja aa raha hai. Aap bahut hi achhi tarhan chooste hain." And then there was a huge burst of her cum on my face. I waited for some time with my face still on her choot to let the oozing of her cum finish.

Once she stopped her discharge I lapped up all her cum in my mouth and believe me it was indeed a mouthful, removed my face from her choot, stood up and showed it to her. She too got up and on seeing the mouthful exclaimed,"are baapre, dekha kiti garmi thi meri choot mein. Bahut maal nikla hai. Thoda muje bhi dena, maine bhi apna maal taste karna hai."

I gave some of her cum in her mouth and she swallowed it and said,"garam garam hai." I then swallowed the rest. She then licked my lips & mouth clean and kissed & hugged me hard. She then removed all her clothes and removed my T-shirt too. We were both completely naked.

"Uncleji aap na apni Kamna, aap ke pyar ki beti, ki choot mein apni lund daal ke meri aag poori tharha se bhujado, apna maal andar chhod kar", she said. My lund was dripping like a tap. She licked it, lay on her back on the bed, raised her legs and I inserted my lund in her choot. It was burning & wet. She said, "jor jor se muje chodo, jaise meri mummy ko karte hain.

Meri pyas bhuja do." While pumping her I started pressing her boobs and pinched her nipples and she sighed,"jitni jor se ho sake muje chodo, muje bahut maja aa raha hai." I increased the speed and insertion, when it was completely inside her choot she started to match the rhythm of my movements by raising & lowering her lower body.

She then halted as her choot began to tighten and she burst. I could feel the hot bursts on my lund. Her burst was so huge that part of her cum started to ooze out. Once she stopped bursting, she said, "uncleji, mummy ne bahut achha kiya muje aap ke saath bhej ke. Wakke aap bahut maja dete hain." With that she planted a passionate kiss on my lips, put her arms around me and hugged me tight.

"Ab aap aisa karo ki meri gaand bhi maro," she said. And with that she stood on her hands & legs and offered me her gaand. I tried to put my lund in her gaand, but as it was so tight, my lund would not go in and I asked,"Kamna, tere pati ne teri gaand nahi mari thi?" "Nahi," she replied. I then applied some oil on her gaand & my lund and then tried to insert it.

Slowly with the oiling my lund started to go in. First she screamed with the pain, but since she was enjoying it, asked me to insert it in completely. After my lund was able to penetrate her gaand fully, I slowly started to pump her. With time I was pumping her fast and she asked me to release my cum in her gaand. Gladly I obeyed her and burst my cum inside her gaand.

She asked me to remain in that position for some time and placed my hands on her big boobs which I squeezed & rubbed. After some time she asked me to remove my lund from her gaand, gather my cum in my hands and she licked & lapped it all up by swallowing it. She seemed pleased.

Since all this took quite some time, we both started feeling hungry. We washed & dressed up and went to the restaurant attached to the hotel and had our food. After this it was back to our room. Kamna wanted another round of sex and I told her,"dekh, ab khana khaya hai, ab hum dono thoda aaram karte hain."

"Theek hai," she said, "par hum kapde utar kar, thoda TV dekhte hain." And so we watched TV for some time and dozed off. After the afternoon nap, I ordered some tea in the room, which we had, I smoked a cigarette, offered her, which she smoked a little and it was sex again.

Kamna was so pumped up for sex, as she had not had it for quite sometime, that we had one before dinner and one before lights out. Early next morning, I had my lund blown up into a monster size, seeing which Kamna took it in her mouth straight away and then thrust it in her choot for a bedfuck, just like bedtea. She never missed any opportunity for sex.

During bath, after breakfast and the last time before departing back for home. I think I lost count of the number of times she had sex with me. On the way I phoned her mother on her mobile that we would be reaching home by about 7PM. She was there to receive us near her home.

She kissed me, while sitting in the car and asked Kamna to thank me, which she did and I told her, "Vedna, tum ne achha kiya Kamna ko mere saath bhej kar kyon ki is ko bahut he garmi aayi hui thi." She said, "apka bahut hi dhanyawad uski garmi uttarne ke liye. Ghar ja kar isse poori report leti hoon aur aap se kal subah milti hoon."

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