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Horny Guy Fucking Maid Chanda - I

Hi, I am Tanmay; a good looking male of 38 with good height and health. I am a regular reader of this blog from past few years but I have always skipped reading stories under Maid/Servant category as it is coloum which I have hated most.

I often use to think that how one can feel like having sex with a servant, especially married people living at higher level and for me it’s a matter of surprise that destiny has brought me to the point where I am expecting my sex experience to fall down in the same category. Yes this is about me fuckng with a female who was sort of maid in my house.

Chanda was actually my mother's attendant, as compared to me financially she was at very low level and I had sex with her almost for seven consecutive nights in my bedroom. Now while getting straight to the point I would say bit more than a year back one day suddenly my mother faced a left side paralysis attack and she went on bed.

As now we needed good care for her, through some agency we met 23 year old girl Chanda as 12 hour attendant. Although Chanda is not her real name still I won't say it is a bogus name. Actually during casual interview we came to know that Chanda belonged to different religion,

the one which is totally opposite to ours and I was somewhat sure that my mom and dad will not accept her in the house and not at all in the kitchen but as she was good at her work and looked concerned in nature, we; me and my wife found her appropriate candidate for the job and with her consent, for my mom and dad we renamed her as Chanda.

In appearance and physical structure I would say initially Chanda had nothing to attract a male like me. 12th passed with some course of nursing, almost 14 years younger than me, belonging to a lower income group, though innocent looking but very dark complexion with average height and thin body structure Chanda never took my attention in that way.

From day one she started addressing my mom mummy Ji, my father Papa Ji me Bhaiya and my wife Bhabhi and also asked my daughter to call her Bua (father's sister) and we accepted her that way. Like that over the period of one month Chanda was adjusted in our family as a family member and as we needed she took very good care of my Mom and in next six months she recovered mom well and my parents also started liking her.

Time went on flying smoothly and over the time span of an year for my mom she was somewhat her daughter and best part was that by now my parents knew this fact that she belongs to particular religion which they never liked.

Because of Chanda's love affection and dedication my parent's perspective was changed and they did not bother about her religion and Chanda became somewhat inseparable from my mom and entire family. For my interactions with her I would say as Chanda use to stay at my place for 12 hours;

8 to 8 in week days I use meet her in the morning for hardly half an hour but on Sundays we use to be for entire day and she was always good in talking to me; confident frank and concerned. It was certainly physiological that because she was a sort of maid in our house, I never thought about trying fucking her but yes from last few months she was taking my attention from her physical structure.

Chanda was 24 now and because of food we Punjabies eat, physically she was quite changed. Her health was improved; she was not thin anymore, rather now she was perfect to lure a male like me whose sex life was getting monotones. Flat belly but as compared to past now she had thicker thighs and along with gaining flesh over her ass her breasts were also gone bit heavier.

Not only that, while being in my wife's company her clothing sense was also improved and instead of giddy clothes she use to wear simple and sober outfits. In short keeping her dark complexion aside in last one year from an average looking girl now she was in the category of good looking females; at least for me and many times I sneaked into her clothes from her neck to see her luscious fruits cupped in a bra.

Anyway now while getting straight to the incident I would say Chanda was part of our family from more than a year and it all happened when suddenly my mother-in-law fell sick and my wife desired to go to her home town to see her mom.

My wife belongs to renowned cosmopolitan city of Maharashtra and to visit her mom comfortably she needed at least 7 days spare from the house. But because physically my mom was still dependent and Chanda was attending her just for 12 hours, and for rest of the time it was my wife who use to look after her, it was not possible for me to let her go even for a single day.

We were stuck and we could not see any solution to this problem. Couple of days passed just like that, yet not relieved from the hospital but by now my mother in law was better and I was expecting that now my wife will drop the idea of going to her mom but she desperately needed break and on third or fourth day suddenly she called me in office and told me that Chanda

is ready to stay at our place in the nights and she will go back home for 2-3 hours early in the morning. I was happy, not because I could see an opportunity to seduce Chanda, truly speaking it did not came in my mind until I saw Chanda next morning, that instant I was happy because from last two days my wife was depressed because she could not make a visit to her mom.

Anyway on the same day in the late evening when I reached back home my wife briefed me few things in concern of Chanda’s stay at our place, that as she is well adjusted in the family she will cook for all of us, also she will sleep in our parents room on the floor and she will go home for 2-3 hours in the early morning and most important thing for Chanda; that instead of agency,

through which she has came we have to pay extra money directly to Chanda and I agreed to all that casually. Like I said earlier things at my end started to change when in the morning I saw Chanda, when addressing me Bhaiya she wished me good morning and as I replied same looking into my eyes and she blushed strangely.

Like every day I stayed in the house for nearly half an hour after her arrival and I saw her getting conscious over her looks for the first time ever. What has happened to her? And why was she blushing? Throughout the way to the office Chanda ruled my subconscious brain and by the time I reached to my work place I was hard like anything.

I had few of her pictures with my daughter in my mobile, though in breaks I spent adequate time in seeing her face. Chocolate skinned innocent face, lovely large Dark brown Kajal rimmed eyes, nice luscious lips, small gold earrings with a tiny golden nose stud and a black threaded taabiz around her neck,

she looked beautiful to me and unconsciously I started thinking about trying fucking her in my wife’s absence. On the same day I spoke to some travel agent to book my wife’s ticket and date of her departure got fixed. It was after two days and in theses two days I noticed Chanda precisely and found that she was changed, suddenly innocence she was having in her gesture and over her expressions was vanished.

Except wishing me good morning she stopped talking to me, not only that, for whatever time I stayed at home after her arrival she was very conscious for her looks, like I never saw her before in past one year, apart from that I rarely saw her wearing western outfit; jeans and top but including the day when she was not suppose to go home in the evening she wore western outfit for all three days.

Anyway eventually desired days passed peacefully and my wife boarded the train with the child. Time was well passed to 9 in the night of the weekday when my wife started her journey and throughout the way to back home I was hard and delighted with a thought of being somewhat alone with Chanda in the house.

Finally around 10 or bit more I reached back home and like I knew my parents were on bed and sitting in front of TV in living room Chanda was waiting for me to serve food. I met my parents to inform them that my wife and child have boarded the train safely and came to the dining table where dinner was already waiting for me.

"Aaj khaa low Bhabhi ke haath ka...kal se mere haath ka khana padega" Chanda spoke out casually; that from next day onwards I have to eat food cooked by her and I realized that just after my wife's exit she is back in her previous tone as far as talking to me is concerned.

Like I mentioned earlier from last two days she was wearing jeans and top and as she walked to the kitchen to get something for me and I took a glance of her body; from head to toe before trying approaching her for the night and she was really very tempting. Standing 5'4", silky dark long hairs, slender waist with flat belly, boobs bit heavier than big sized mangoes and perfectly fleshed ass,

"Wow man...agar raat ko mil jaaye Chodne ke liye to mazza aa jayega..." I murmured within myself and while having dinner repeatedly saw her sitting in front television. Throughout the time I had dinner with a hidden smile and delight with in herself Chanda was conscious over her looks and just to open up, while getting up after ending my meal I gave her compliment that she look good in western outfits.

"Tum western dresses mein achhi lagti ho". Expressing bit of surprise from her big eyes Chanda looked at me with a smile and in bit of sarcastic tone came up saying "aapko aaj teen din ke baad yaad aaya hai mujhe ye batana" I smiled and moved ahead and her statement confirmed me that she was wearing western outfit because I like my wife in western outfit.

Next I moved into my bedroom and while changing decided that I have to try fucking her. After changing I came to my parent’s room to sit with them, to see their status; that how long they will take to sleep. Chanda was still watching TV in the living room and we; I my dad and mom had casual chit chat for 10-15 minutes and eventually I got to go to the sleep.

My dad told me to send Chanda in to sleep and I casually suggested him to let her watch television if she wants. I came to my room again and for an instant could not think what to do next, It was my study of Chanda’s gesture of past two days that I was feeling she is also attracted to me and somehow I have to encash this attraction.

Next to open an opportunity I told her to inform me as the movie she is watching ends and added that after that I will also watch television for some time and Chanda casually asked me to sit and watch the movie she is watching. Salman Khan staring it was a typical masala movie and I denied seeing that movie,

not because I did not wanted to see that movie but because I was conscious about my parents who were still awake in their bedroom. I came to my bedroom and switch off the light, I was somewhat sure that my dad will certainly get up see the things happening in the house and it happened after around 15 minutes.

I heard voice of his stick coming closer and he pushed my door and saw me lying facing away on the bed in the dim light. I pretended sleeping and he moved to Chanda and asked her to sleep and leaving her movie in the middle she got up to get into her bed. I heard she told my dad what I have asked her to do,

that she has to inform me when she will leave the television and my dad told her not to disturb me as I am slept. Eventually my dad and Chanda went in the room and I thought about waiting for some time to get up and switch on the television.

I was quite positive that after my parents will be asleep Chanda will come out of the room to see if I am there in the living room and to my surprise Chanda was far ahead from my assumption. Hardly five minutes were passed when I received a text from her no, Hindi written in English, informing me that she has switched off the television and I can watch it.

That was too good for me and I replied back in same way, I mean Hindi written in English and informed her that I will go out in the living room after 15-20 minutes and asked her join me as soon as mom and dad fall asleep. In response of that Sms after a minute or bit more Chanda wrote back and somewhat informed me that my mom has already slept but dad is still awake.

Once again I wrote back that I will be waiting for her in same format “main tumhara intzaar karunga” and she wrote Ok to it. Truly speaking friends till then I was not at all aware of Chanda’s exact mind state, it was Chanda’s over all gesture and facial expressions which was giving me strong feeling that there is something in her mind too.

To Be Continued...

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Atul Enjoying Sex With Unsatisfied Aunties

Some strange stories appearing in HD are very nice and interesting. How effortlessly some people reach sex and for some it is almost unreacheable. While lying in the bed, in the dead of night I used to wonder how may girls, women etc will be fingering their pussies for want of a proper cock.

Unmarried girls having tasted incestuous sex may be waiting for a chance to get proper sex. Married women, with their husbands working away may be rolling in their beds out of sheer fustration and lust without finding a way to satisfy their physical needs.

In our house complex, of 10 stories of ten flats in each story, all the flats are occupied and all the flat owners need urgently the services of an errand boy, who can go at their command to places to fulful their needs. Inone of such complexes one Atul, bengali boy was there with intense energy.

There were 100 cars and all of them wanted Atul to wash their cars and Keep it ready when they come to go to office. Atul chaged Rs.100 per wash. He earned about Rs.10000/- within two hours in the morning. Once the menfolk go to office, he will bring a push cart full of vegetable and all the ladies will flock around him and within no time his stock would have got exhausted.

He will to to the fish market and buy fish to those who want fish, similarly chicken, or meat or beef. By noon his income would be another Rs.15000 to 25000. He moves around in his motor bike, sometimes she takes in his pilion ladies to go to the mall for their purchases.

All the ladies are kind to him and someone gives him breakfast,some give lunch and some dinner and he sleeps in some flats. By evening he would have earned at least Rs.50000 to 60000. Some woman whose husbands are away for a long time, take special care and satisfy all his needs, while satisfying themselves.

This is a closely guarded secret known only to a small group of women and Atul. Atul has another blessing. His cock is extraordinarily long and strong and he can control his orgasm as he wishes. This is also known to very few people. To make work easy and effortless, he brought a high pressure car washing machine. Depending upon the dirt and grime he washes the cars thoroughly.

Seeing his efficiency there were many invitations from other blocks to wash cars. His ultimate aim is to make an income of a lakh of rupees per day. He withdraw from vegetable business slowly, making others to do this business, he is concentrating only on errand work. He gets access to any flat in the complex. Some ladies simply love to have sex with him.

The way his 7 inch cock slides into thier pussy makes they cry out of pleasure. Hr fucks them in the bathroom, or kitchen or in the drawing room couch and of course in the bedroom. When mothers are away in the clubs, he woos the daughters. He gets them sex CDs or sex novels for taking them into his hold.

Once a teen age girl comes into his fold her entire gang cmes and he knows how to handle it. He takes them to the terrace, or beneath the staircases, or in ever so many unused corners in a multi flat comples. Once a Mallu woman took him to her flat and they had nice fish curry meals. Fish curry is a weakness of Atul. Knowing this the meal consisted of nice pomphrets fried and grilled.

When Atul was eating that woman whose husband is away in Delhi, put her hand underneath the table and caught hold of his cock. They both laughed at this hide and seek game. He finished his food fast and camewith his cock extended. She wanted to take it in hermouth, but Atul said no. Your mouth is full of chillies, I want to put it in you hole.

She stood up and raised her leg and placed it on the chair and Atul could find a way to poke her cunt and enter deep inside. She put one piece of fish in his mouth and she took one piece, while fucking continued. Mallu woman emptied all the plates and Atul was pumping and pumping.

With his cock inside her cunt he took her to the wash basin and washed her mouth and rinsed his mouth and then they went to the bath room and went ahead with the fucking and culminated it successfully.Once the daughter of this mallu woman asked Atul whether he can give her a lift back home from her college where due to college day celebration she will be delayed.

Atul went to the college when the function was getting over and went in search of mallu girl. He asked somebody about her and he was told that she will be in a car parked under the tree. Atul went in search of her and found her being fucked by two of her friends in the rear sear of a car. She was in a frenzy and was moaning and crying and the boys took turn and it was not over.

Finally Atul unzipped and went to her and she was lying with her eyes closed, Atul put his cock and pressing it into her cunt. Because of the new experience she opened her eyes and found Atul fucking her vigorously.

She hugged him and enjoyed the act thoroughly. She got up, wiped herself with some tissue and told him not to tell her mummie about this. Atul dropped her home and left immediately. So goes the adventures of Atul.

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Fucking sexy maid sisters Kamla and Sita

It five years back. I just joined a MNC in Bengaluru and they said they may send me to Pune and Hyderabad for training. I was happy that I have an uncle in Pune and another cousin in Hyderabad and I can stay with them when I am in their cities. First they sent me to Pune. My uncle received me at the station and took me home.

Aunty was happy to receive me and asked about family details etc. Both of them are working and hence and hence before they leave they will keep my b/f on the table. There will be a maid servant who will serve you. Noon lunch I will take at the office canteen. I have to leave the home in charge of the maid servant.

I said no problem. I will be away for the whole day and will be back only in the evening. First day aunty and uncle left in the early morning and when I woke up Kamla, the maid servant was there, a 18 year old beauty. She was a rustic beauty with big boobs, ass, big thighs and a smiling face. On that day she came and called me at 8 am and I lifted my head and saw her.

But I could not get up because my dick was in full erection and I had worn only a lungi. She would have seen my delicate condition and was waiting for me to get up so that she can sweep the room. For me I cnnot get up unless she moves away because my dick was in full erection and I had to wear the llungi around me which in her presence I cannot, without her seeing my dick.

Finally Kamla decided to sweep the floor when I was sitting in the bed, she holding one hand on my cot was sweeping the lower floor. Her face was hardly three inches away from my hardened dick. Suddenly she lifted her head and raised my lungi and saw my full bloom cock. She looked at my face and her hand slowly moved towards my dick and touched it.

I removed my lungi and showed her my whole dick. She showed a thrill on her face and moved forward and took my dick in her mouth and licked it. We did not even talked and how dare she could take my cock into her mouth, I was wondering. I could see from the top her huge boobs and I bent over and touched one of her boobs.

She looked at me and she unbuttoned her blouse, lifted her bra and pulled out one of her boobs and signalled with her eyes to fondle it. Having come upto this I lifted her to come to my bed and I fondled both of her boobs and nipples. We both were fully aroused. I made her lid down in my bed and pulled up her skirt and saw that she was wearing a panty.

Her wheat coloured thighs were glowing. She was giving me a good blow job and I threw my fluids into her mouth and she swallowed it completely. I tried to pull her panty down so that I can see her pussy. But she resisted and said that we will do it tomorrow not today. I got up, stood naked before her, wore my lungi, gave her a kiss and then proceeded to my toilet.

After my bath I got dressed and was ready to go to office. I told her I may come back only by evening. She said she also may be there till evening and go only after my uncle and aunt return from their office. I said ok and went to office.

But I found my superior inthe office to whom I should have reported was not there and I went around talked to some people and then returned home before noon. The door was bolted from inside and I knocked. After some time Kamla came wrapped in a saree and a towel wound over head. She saw me and ran into the bathroom.

I went to my room undressed and wore my lungi and went to the bathroom which was also was bolted from inside. I knocked and knocked and Kamla opened the door slightly. I pushed it forcibly and I was there inside to see her stark naked and her body was being soaped.

She out of shyness covered her pussy and boobs with ber both hands and asked me to go to the sitting room and that she will come soon. I just removed her one hand and saw her boobs and the other hand to see her hairy pussy. I said ok and went to the sitting room. Kamla came after some time dressed and asked me whether I am ready for my lunch.

I said before lunch I was to see your pussy and dragged her hand and took her to the bedroom. I made her to lie down on her back in the bed and I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panty. She did not resist, and was cooperating. Her wheat coloured thighs and her pussy were very beautiful. I touched her pussy and saw her public hair was long and bushy.

I asked her shall I remove your this hair. She asked me how will you do it. I said just a min. and went and brought my trimmer put it on and ran it over her hairy pussy. All the bush vanished and only small stubs remained. I made some adjustments in the trimmer and did a second run and it gave a smooth shave, even the intricate cavities around the clitoris were cleaned.

I asked Kamala to get up go to the bathroom mirror and see for herself. She was amazed how soon and how easily it was done. I looked at her. It looked like a divine body, with huge boobs, beautiful legs, ass narrow waist and no public hair. I just dragged her closely and made her lie down in the bed, opened her legs wide and then buried my face in her pussy.

My tongue searched for her clitoris and started to meddle with it. Kamal was moaning heavily. I tried to make her legs wider and took my erect cock and placed it at the entrance of her cunt and pushed it in. It went deeper inside. Her fuck hole was not very tight as she was being regularly fucked by her uncle and her bother. I fucked her twice and poured all my juices into her hole.

We went to the bath room and cleaned our privates. We had our lunch and sat for a while. She told me that her marriage is fixed to take place next week. But her younger sister is at home whom she will bring and introduce. She is a virgin and not yet touched byany one. She asked me to break her seal and take her virginity.

I told her your consent is not suffiient, The girl should give her consent. Kamla got dressed up went home andbrought her sister Sita. She toldSita what all household work she has to do Sita may be sixteen, well formed body and a nice atrative face. She brought her too my room and introduced her to me.

Suddenly she lifted my lungi and took out my cock and showed it to the girls and told her that she had to give blow job twice to this cock.She squatted on the floor and showed the girl how ti give blow job. She opened her mouth wide and took my cock inside and closed the lips over it. The she asked Sita to do it.

Poor shy girl hesitatingly took my cock in her mouth, but she could take only half the length. Kamla told her half will not do she has to take the full cock. She made the girl lie on my bed, lifted her petty coat upto waist, pulled down the panty and revealed her pussy. There was scarce hair.

She took my erect cock and opned the cunt lips of Sita and inserted my cock into her cunt. It was too tight and the girl was in tears. But Kamlawont leave, she insisted that my whole cock has to go inside breaking all blocks. I fucked and fucked and broke the seal and sita was crying loudly and finally my cock made full entry.

Kamla was sucking the tiny boobs of Sita to alleviate her pain. Then her cries subsided. I fucked vigorously and reached my climax and the girl too reached her climax. Kamla said she will also lie with me in the bed on othre side so that sex lessons to her sister shuld be over. I was fucking both Kamla and Sita alternatively and I was tired.

I went for the marriage of kamla and gave her a good presentation. I continued to fuck Sita for some more days till my final posting was received.

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Sex affair across generations - V

Previously: Sex affair across generations - IV

Next day Rukmani came in the morning to prepare breakfast. I went out and saw the watchman sound asleep in the servant quarters. I quietly came back into the house saw rukmani busy in front of the stove in a saree, with her blouse sticking on to her body with her sweat. From the back I could see that she was not wearing any bra…

I took off all my clothes locked the doors quietly and with a raging hard on quietly went behind her and hugged her…She turned around with a shock with a slight squeal as well but relaxed with a big smile hugged me and gave me a big long wet kiss on my lips. Opened her mouth and probed into mine with her tongue. My hands were all over her body.

I was squeezing her breast and noticed the purple color of her nipples showing through as the blouse got wet. I noticed that she was wearing one with press buttons instead of hooks. I dragged her into the bedroom, pushed her onto the bed, jumped into it and grabbed and pulled at her blouse the buttons snapped open and her breasts popped out in full glory.

I quickly lifted up her legs and parted them. Her saree fell to her waist and found her pussy glistening white and clean shaven ! I thrusted my penis into it and started pumping in furiously…. I was wild I latched onto her breast and started sucking and soon enough the milk started flowing in, I was in heaven, with my mouth getting filled with fresh warm sweet breast milk and my penis pumping into her furiously.

She wrapped her legs around my waist in the back and was thrashing and loudly begging me to ram her pussy harder… when I was about to blow my load, I wanted to pull out but she held me firm by wrapping her legs around my waist and didn’t let me pull out…. I violently came inside her with semen oozing from the sides and when I pulled out it started coming out… I asked her why, you might get pregnant.

She replied “you are the same buddhu, I am breast feeding my 2 months old, it will be some time before I get my period and then only I can get pregnant. I will not be stupid like last time, when I got pregnant by you….. !!!”

I was surprised hugely to hear that she got pregnant by me and suddenly, there was a knock on the door followed by a loud “Amma are you there ?”, Rukmani said it is our daughter who has come from village and adjusted her blouse and ran from the bedroom. I hurriedly put on a track pant and t-shirt and got out…

When Rukmani came it she was accompanied by none other than Jaya, with Rukmani introducing me as “Sir, this is my daughter Jaya. Jaya also works in a house in your town…”

Those words completely shocked me. My penis shrank further instantly and drops of semen were starting to come out. Jaya had a smile and then with surprise, “Sir what are you doing here, Mom I work in Sir’s house. He is the one I wrote to you about who takes very good care of me !”.

“I am so happy that you are in his house, he is a true gentleman when I worked there he took good care of me then and will take good care of you…. now”. I could see the initial shock and surprise on Jaya’s face and followed by a huge smile as well…

I was shell shocked and just nodded, went took a bath and off to work. Had a very busy day and got back to the guest house around 8pm, found Rukmani and Jaya in the kitchen… Upon seeing me, Jaya said Amma you go and take care of the baby I will serve sir…

I kept my head down avoided eye contact with Jaya and sat on the dining table. Jaya served me with a smile without speaking any word I ate very quietly and went to bed… Jaya was busy cleaning up … After a while I felt someone sliding next to me in bed and an arm around me… I turned around and found Jaya completely nude in the bed…

I turned towards her, hugged her and before I could say anything, she put her finger on my lips asking me to be quiet.. She said “I now know fully about you and mother, how being young and inexperienced you both created me.. I am totally and madly addicted sex from you.., I have spoken to mother and she has agreed that I am better off having in the safety of your environment from you….”.

She then called out Amma and to my further surprise Rukmani came into the bedroom sat next to me and said “please keep her safe and don’t get her pregnant” with a stern look told jaya also “not to get pregnant, as you have to get married”… She then left leaving me and Jaya alone…

Jaya went turned off the light and crawled into the bed. Without speaking a word grabbed my head and buried my face into her bosom… The girl I made passionate love to, took virginity felt like a whole different woman, I just buried my face deeper and felt my penis hardening and springing back to life after what seemed like eternity…

I slowly started sucking her nipples one by one and then tracked a long line completely with my tongue to her pussy, it was smooth without any evidence of hair being there.. She shuddered and asked “Do you like it I went to the village barber and she shaved it thoroughly, all for you. Sir please fuck me…”.

I licked her pussy probing deeper opening the lips and tickling her g-spot…. She went wild thrashing violently grabbed my head and pressed my face deeper between her thighs.. I then crawled back up and very slowly and deliberately entered her pussy. I realized how tight hers was compared to Rukmani and I slowly built a rhythm and reached a crescendo blasting a load into her…

after several minutes…. I just lay exhausted on the bed didn’t even cover up completely nude. Jaya gave me a kiss wiped her pussy with some cloth and left.. I dozed off and was woken up later by the feeling of warm mouth on my penis and it was Rukmani !!

Needless, both the women took care of me completely, a year later Jaya got married and left. I also got married to a beautiful girl who is also very eager in bed. Still, Rukmani and Jaya occupy my mind even now…

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Sex affair across generations - IV

Previously: Sex affair across generations - III

After an incredible night, Jaya ran away wearing her clothes. Leaving me completely shocked and surprised at the fact what an incredible animal she was in bed !! This shy demure soft spoken girl was a tigress in bed…

Needless to say, that our encounters increased in frequency and vigour, she refused to take any pills or allow me to wear condom, she was upset at lack of stimulation with a condom ON ! So I would fuck her bare all the time and ejaculate inside her for the first week after her periods.

After that before I blast my cum I will pull out of her pussy and she would immediately put it in her mouth and suck it out completely and swallow, or take it in her hand and apply it all over her face, saying it makes her skin glow… She completely loved the taste of my cum, claiming it was slightly salty and tasty !!!

Even when she had her periods, she wanted me to fuck her but I refused and she would give me a blow job !! She would be waiting for her periods to be over and immediately demand that I fuck her in the pussy !!! Whenever we were alone in the house for any reason, we would spend the entire time in bed…

Usually, upon hearing the doorbell, she would be running out naked from my bedroom most of the time !! After 6 months of such adventurous sex, I had to go to a different town for project work… This town was very near my ancestral village and my father wanted me to visit the village and ensure that our ancestral house was in order and being well kept by the tenant.

He also wanted me to tour our agricultural lands and ensure things were normal… I told him that after wrapping up my work on Thursday and Friday, I will spend time in the village starting Friday Evening and return on Monday…. He agreed.

Jaya also asked for a week’s leave to go to her village (she was from our native village). Left for the village on Saturday evening by train, after giving me one hell of a fuck. She collected the sperm that was oozing out of her pussy applied to the crotch of her panty and said she will wear that till she reaches home in my memory!

I took the Sunday night flight to the city and checked into company guest house to attend to the site work.. When I reached the guest house in the evening, the watchman said that he has to go to his village to bring back his wife and their two month old son ! He apologized and said that he has kept the dinner and will be there for duty in the morning with his wife !!!

I asked him not to worry and ate the dinner and after watching some TV went to sleep…In the morning, I got up took shower and got ready and came down to eat breakfast.. The cook (watchman’s wife) said she will bring the dosa shortly… Immediately, there was a sound of baby crying and she came out and I was shocked. It was Rukmani!

The girl who introduced me to sex, took my virginity and lost her virginity to me ! Her eyes widened with surprise before she could say anything her husband the watchman came and told her that the baby is crying and she has to attend to it. He will serve instead.. I was dumbfounded, Rukmani just pleaded with her eyes and went out… I quietly ate and left for work.

I was completely distracted and couldn’t concentrate at all. One of my colleagues informed me that the watchman is a drunkard and asked me to ensure that he has locked the door etc… I returned to the guest house and was actually very excited at the thought of seeing Rukmani, who was outside sweeping the portico and the garden.

She was still slender, busty and slim waist leading to beautiful curves. Her Hair was still thick and long, she had a slight tummy, which I presumed must be due to the recent delivery. The watchman came with and sheepishly said that he came from the market. From the smell of liquor, I could see that this guy was drunk.

I went inside, took a shower and changed into shorts and t-shirt and settled in front of tv. Eight o clock, Rukmani came in and laid out the dinner on the table and left immediately. I was disappointed but ate he dinner and went to my bedroom, after some time I could hear Rukmani cleaning up, she asked whether she can take the remaining food home, I nodded and she left !!

I was on my bed staring at the ceiling and after sometime, must have dozed off to sleep… In the night, I felt a warm body next to me and hugging me, I turned and found Rukmani in her nightie in my bed…. We didn’t speak a word, when I wanted to ask her something, she put her finger on my lips and asked me to be quiet. Pointed to her baby sleeping on the floor next to the cot.

She put her lips on mine and started a deep kiss, hugging me like crazy. All we could hear was the rustle of our clothes. I must have kissed her for hours it seemed. She grabbed my head nestled her face in her bosom and slowly rubbed and patted my back and head. I felt so relieved and just relaxed for what seemed like eternity.

The smell of her body, especially the sweat was very erotic and enticing…. There was also an unusual thrill, realizing that she was somebody’s wife now !!! There is a saying that stolen fruit tastes better, I was itching to find out how true it was !

I hugged Rukmani tightly and inserted one of my legs between hers, to my surprise I found her not wearing any panties. I could feel her pussy hair and with pressure her pussy lips on my thighs and the lips opening as well. My thigh was rubber her pussy and she started lubricating. I could feel the profuse wetness on my thighs…

Meantime, I felt my t-shirt getting wet and so her nightie was also wet in the bosom. I slowly opened the buttons on top and saw her breasts with engorged nipples in full glory ! I kissed her areola repeatedly and nipples as well. I latched on to her right breast nipple and started sucking on it.

I was shocked when warm liquid, tasting like milk powder and sweet started coming out, I then recalled how she must be breastfeeding and vigorously sucked on it. Steady stream of thin, warm, sweet milk started flowing in to my mouth. I was in heaven.. I sucked on that breast gently but firmly, taking in the whole black nipple area into my mouth.

Soon, Milk started gushing in, her breasts were glistening in their engorged state, taste of milk and the smell of sweat in her bosom was out of this world. I She kept on rubbing my cheeks and head reassuring like she would do to her baby and I quietly kept on drinking her milk ! Soon the milk reduced to a trickle and stopped.

I wanted to move to her other beast, she kissed me and said “Please leave that breast for my baby, I will again feed you in the morning…” those words sent shivers down my spine…. I buried my face in between her breasts and kept on rubbing her pussy with my thigh vigorously… I lifted my face up and kissed her fully on the lips.

She slipped her tongue in and started probing inside my mouth. I also got my tongue into action and we were literally tongue wrestling for what seemed like hours…All of a sudden, we heard the sound of her husband (watchman) yelling Rukmani in a slurred voice still drunk.

She jumped out of the bed, grabbed her baby darted out, when her husband asked her where she was replied that she was calming the baby by taking it out to cool outdoor and feeding it… He then went inside, after a few mins she waved to me and went into her quarters…

I lay on the bed totally shell socked and from the experiencing of breast feeding from a woman. Wicked imaginations ran through my mind, I dozed off happily with memory full of breastmilk, eagerly anticipating what tomorrow will bring…

To Be Continued…

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Sex affair across generations - III

Previously: Sex affair across generations - II

Continued from part II, wherein I managed to develop a relationship with the maid in our house Jaya.

As I was furiously pumping her pussy she said “Now I know, how my mom got pregnant, working, without getting married… It is so much pleasure.. Please, Please fuck me… hard”. As I climaxed and was blasting a huge load into her pussy I kissed her and asked her “who is your Mom ?”, she said Rukmani !!!

Literally all blood drained and my penis shrank instantly and was beginning to pop out of her pussy, with her blood and my semen all mixed were oozing from the sides.. Her body was convulsing on orgasms and shuddering. Her pussy was involuntarily clutching and milking my penis of every drop of my semen as it was shrinking and popping out.

She tightly hugged me wrapping her legs around my waist and begging me not to go…. We started sweating all over. She licked my face and kept on kissing me repeatedly…I kept on thinking, was it the same Rukmani I lost my virginity to ? “Oh My God what have I done” was the thought and I simply couldn’t get over it…

Finally, I recovered and decided unless and until I confirmed it for sure it is not worth worrying about it… Jaya wouldn’t let go of me and kept on hugging me.. begging me to fuck her again. I had to tell her that I need time to recover. I took her to the bathroom, made her sit on the toilet and then completely washed her pussy which had lot of hair, of all the blood and semen that were gushing out…

I told her that she would look great with her pussy shaven bald. She initially said NO. Asked me whether I will fuck her if she shaves !! I said yes, and she asked me to shave her pussy…. It was a dream come true for me…I took my BRUT shaving foam and applied it liberally on her pussy.

Used my razor and slowly started from the top of her pussy triangle and shaved down very deliberately and gently. Jaya grabbed the middle of my hand which was using to stretch the area I was shaving and put the middle finger into her pussy and started thrashing in orgasms !! I had to stop as I didn’t want to risk any cuts to her pussy. I shaved all around her pussy lips.

Finally inserted my thumb into her pussy, let her subside in her thrashing orgasm and then shaved off her lips gently. I then asked her to spread her butt sides wide and applied foam in the crack and all over the anus opening leading into the pussy lip and shaved it completely hairless. I again applied foam all over and repeated it this time from the bottom up, to ensure her pussy anus were totally Bald !!

I then took my bathing soap and completely washed her pussy area. It was glistening with the shaved area appearing almost white in color with the slit opening into very pink pussy lips and vagina…. I simply couldn’t resist it, I latched onto her pussy with my mouth and sucked it forcefully. Jaya shuddered and just collapsed I had to grab her to get her steady…

We moved onto the bed, she spread her legs wide and asked me to lick her… !!! I never knew that this girl who was shy and calm would be this wild in bed.. Thoughts of Rukmani who was also very open in sex flashed in my mind… I again latched onto her pussy sucked it hard and then with my tongue just parted her lips and probed inside.

Jaya put her hand onto her mouth to muffle screams… she was thrashing wildly… I then inserted my middle finger into her pussy and with my thumb probed the button on top of the lip. She went completely berserk. Closed her thighs and begging me not to pull the finger out… This continued for 10 minutes and the girl went nuts !!!

I also wanted a break and pulled out with Jaya begging me not to. I asked her to take rest, completely hugged her we both were naked and she inserted one of her legs into mine and was busily rubbing her pussy on my thigh. We dozed off, an hour later I was awoken by Jaya who was sucking my penis !! She saw it getting hard and then sucked more and harder.

I instantly let off a blast onto her mouth…. She initially choked and then recovered. Asked me why I peed into her mouth. I told her it is not my pee but semen which is the baby making juice… She then opened her mouth and showed me that white curd like cream. Shocking me completely she swallowed it fully, without any aversion whatsoever !!!

Even after my penis had gone limp, this girl again put it into her mouth and kept on sucking it saying that my semen is a bit salty and tastes nice…. !! She then came up and kissed me open mouthed, inserting her tongue into my mouth and probing it all over…. She them moved up grabbed her right boob and pressed the nipple into my mouth and asked me to keep on sucking it.

She grabbed my right hand and inserted the middle finger into her pussy and was shuddering violently…. She was a total animal in bed… I had experienced sex with Rukmani but she was never like that and it was shocking me to see such a demure young girl could be such a slutty one and totally animalistic in bed… !!!

We both hugged each other tightly and with our bodies completely entwined went to sleep. My face nestled in her bosom, the body smell and warmth plus her kisses to my forehead made me doze off in peace !!! In the morning, I was woken up by the noise of my mom calling out for Jaya but she was in my bed !!

I woke her up quietly and we both put on our dresses and she kissed me deeply and went out… The night and what happened still felt like a dream and Rukmani kept on coming back again and again into my mind…

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Kishore having sex with office maid Sandhya - II

Previously: Kishore having sex with office maid Sandhya

Hi friends this is Kishore again writing another sexual experience which I had with my office maid Sandhya. The truth about the maid sex is that whenever you see the maid you used, alone your mind set will automatically change even though you had a rough sex with her the last night or even before a couple of hours. This is the fact that happened with me. My story continues from my previous one.

After two month,she gave birth to the child which pop out from our relationship and that she did not had any sex for a long period of time, she had told her mom that she need to again start the relationship and get back to work which was conveyed to me by her mom.

I visit her in her home only twice after her delivery because her relatives were all there coming and going all the time and me frequently visiting would raise the questions. Now after a 10 months gap she again joined in my office, until then we hired a replacement and it was a male, we both are seeing each other after a 2 month gap and sex gap of about 10 months.

We even had sex at her initial stage of her pregnancy which she asked to her doctor and she told that it’s safe if practiced slowly and only once a week calculating all the safe periods. Since we are seeing after two months gap we both rushed to each other and hug each other and kissed. We were so happy and I didn’t start having affair with her. We sat in my sofa and talked a lot.

She sat on my lap and were hugging each other like a real couples. She told all the things that happened when I was away and the doctors who treated her and the condition of baby was our most timed talk. She asked whether we can start the affair I said No because my parents have found a best girl for my life and that I can’t cheat on her.

She again told that “I cheated on my husband and had a baby with you and for you to cheat with your wodbee is bitter for you”. She left crying and angry with me. For the next 5 days she did not turn up and the replacement filled in. After the week end I went to her house with sweets, dress, toys, some holy books, special cotton saree for her.

When I went to her home I know that she would have told to her mom and her mom also did not welcome with great respect. She made me to sit in the hall itself. Before and all she would take me directly to her bedroom even though I wish to sit in the hall.

Sandhya was breast feeding the child and came out with the child I gave the things I bought to her kids and she handed me the child with not even uttering a word. I looked at the child and was kissing it. The whole long she stood there and did not utter a word.

I asked her mom to take the other two kids out and come back after 2 hours she refused and I murmured to Sandhya that please tell your mom to go I will not make a problem I have come to rectify it. She then said to her mom that go out and come back in an hour if anything happens she would call and gave Sandhya gave her mom her phone.

Then her mom left. I told that I am sorry and have come here to apologize to her and that we can start the relationship. She said that I am not your bitch and that whenever you decide to fuck me I am not your fuck tool in angry voice. I said what I said other day was not my idea and that I changed my mind after seeing the child photos which you sent.

She said that our relationship ended and that will not continue and she is finding another place to work. I pleased her and hugged her she refused by pushing me. She then took the child and went inside her bedroom I too followed her like a dog and said sorry and that we can have a fresh start. She did not listen to me at all. I was very depressed and went away to my office.

The next day too I went to her home with some sweets and snacks. She was not even willing to speak to me itself. I continued this for more than a week. Then on the next weeks Wednesday I again went other houses with some toys dresses for kids and sweets.

On that day I went to her room while she was breast feeding the child and saw her mammary glands which made me dig up my memories with her, playing with her breast and enjoying with her all day long. I used this idea and as usual her mom left and I sat in the chair opposite to her bed and I unzipped my pants as she was feeding our baby.

I Pulled out my tool and started hanging it in front of her. She was staring at it and said what are you doing? I said can you remember the thing that we have done with this, you being heavily pounded, fucked hardly, you sucking it, ass fucking et all.

As I was speaking I went near her and held my tool near her face and she sat there as if she has not noticed. I said I will do anything for our relationship to continue and that will continue with her in the office. She sat there and started kissing her in the cheek and she was not willingly participating and started pressing her another breast and was playing with it.

She then said to make promise in the child I made my promise after wards she was a bit easy with it. The baby slept as feeding and we started our work she then took me to the hall locked the front door and started kissing me and began sucking my cock. I am now having sex after a very long time and was bit out of form.

She too removed her dress and then called her mom and said to come only by lunch. While she was calling I was licking and fingering her clitoris. She was mourning as she was speaking and her mom could also hear all the happenings. We then both engaged in the action and we started to work out with her on the top.

She was a bit fast than normal as she is having after a long time and the same goes for me too. Then before the lunch I left before her mom could arrive to be in my office for some official things. The next day I called in sick for the work and went straight to her home by the time I went there she was ready fresh wore the new saree I gave her and heads full of flowers and with very little make up.

When I arrived the got the manners which I once got and her mother said thanks for not abandoning my child when she had given up on you. Then she left and we started having the affair. I went strategy down on her clitoris and started sucking it and removing. When we were removing someone knocked the door we both hurried with the dress and I went hiding in the under cot.

It was her one of relatives who came to see the child. They were there for an hour and was under the coat where no one will see she was a bit afraid as if they would see our affair but praise the lord they went away without noticing. When they went she went to bolt the door and we began our work and the work out this time was little bit harder and faster as she said nowadays she likes it this way.

We both enjoyed a lot and for my penetration it was easy for me she had a big opening as she just has her pregnancy. The ever the baby cries when we work out she would feed it and I would get the pain out from her vagina. In the afternoon her mom entered and served me lunch. Sandhya I last on the table sitting beside each other and her mom and children in front on the floor.

While having food we only had two or three mouth. All the time we were kissing and me sucking her breast and since she was lactation heavily I poured some amount of milk in the food while doing so her mom got up from the ground and saw us. She turned herself the other way and said keep something for the kid or else she will be hungry all day long.

We both laughed and didn’t stop when the kids got up she suddenly dragged her breast into her saree and acted as if eating. Her mom too them to the room and put them on bed while we finish eating and she served me fruits after the meal and I eat happily plain in her mouth and dipping it in her vagina and fingering.

We both had a good time till 4 and her mom was still inside the room and never came out till we said so. Since we were much attached to each other I told her we can go for a 2 Weeks tour and that our relationship will be strong bonded. She said what she shall tell to her husband.

I said that tell your husband that she needs to go on a pilgrimage for the healthy birth of her third child to her home town god and has to go alone. She said these and in next 3 days we went. I said that I need to completely take rest before marriage and will be going out for two weeks and no one will know where the place is it.

While departure she boarded on a bus in front of her husband and got down in the next stop and got on my car. We went to kodaikanal along with the new born and she was very enthusiastic and on the journey she gave numerous blow jobs and we had to stop at various points since you know what happens if you go on a tour when you intent to make love with you maid.

We went to kodaikanal lodged a king suit room and enjoyed all the comforts of the room. She breast feed the baby and put it to sleep while I went for refreshments and when returned with some eatables she was getting ready for bath I too accompanied her and we both went to bath tub and had bath for an hour.

After returning to the cot we never went out sometimes occasionally and we both we always in bed and enjoying the cold and warmth of our love. We then went for sight-seeing and in mean time whenever I get a chance to fuck her in the outing I would. I would press her boob’s often in the open field and when no one will see and we would search for some nice secret spot to go on a rouge with each other.

After our return from the tour she was not willing to leave me instead she need me as her husband and she said in the return journey that she too went to honeymoon with her husband but in that trip all of his family members we there and the trip was to the nearest amusement park.

She said she would like to be my wife and can make love all day long but her marriage with her husband is the only thing that lie between them. The pleasurable moments didn’t stop after the tour it continues in my office and also in her home too.

In her home her mom was a very helpful one which she never hesitated in fucking her own daughter and would tell me to fuck her even if we were taking rest after a long wild work out. We both will continued until we both eventually agrees to end it.

Please feel free to post your honest and valuable feedback in the comment below. Thanks.

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Aby enjoying new fucking job - III

Previously: Aby enjoying new fucking job - II

On the third day, Mr. Menon told Aby that his company will pay him a salary of Rs.25000/- because they were fully satisfied of his services. Aby thanked him. But Mr.Menon told him that he has to be in the service of his family members who are all executives of his company. Mrs. Menon gave him a broad smile and asked him to get ready to go to the club.

Aby came and they went to the club. Mrs. Panicker who was the vice president of the club wanted Aby for some private work. But Aby said he has some work at home as he has been asked to bring Saritha from school. Mrs. Panicker was a middle aged lady of 50 years and to go with her means to fuck her.

Why should he waste his energy when young pussies are waiting for him. He went to the school and picked up Saritha. Her two friend wanted to get dropped and they also jumped into the car. One of the girls, Ameena, very fair and well built was sitting with him in the front seat and told him in hushed voice to come to her house in the afternoon. Aby asked what for.

She said to break a seal. He looked up into her face and she smiled and nodded. After dropping them all and after dropping Saritha, he went to his quarters, had lunch and by three he left with the car. He went to the house of Ameena and knocked the door. Ameena opened the door and ushered him in. She told him that she is alone at home and there is nobody coming soon.

She took him to her bedroom upstairs and they both lied in the bed. She hugged him and Aby kissed her rosy cheeks and his hands were pressing her boobs. He was undressing her He removed her kurta and salwar and bra and she was in her panty. There was a wet patch in the panty. She removed his shirt and mundu.

He did not wear any underwear and his cock was semi erect. She took his cock in her hands and kissed it. She took it in her mouth and rolled her tongue over it. Aby made a small in and out fucking motion. His hand pulled her panty down and her pussy was clean shaven and golden in color. Aby lied between her legs and licked her cunt from bottom to top.

She made a hissing sound and told him that she is still a virgin and wanted him to break her seal. He told her that he has a big cock and she will get pain when he fucks her. She said she has to bear it one day or the other. Aby with his tongue digged her clitoris and pulled it out of its place. It sent a shock wave into Ameena and she gave a cry of joy.

He tickled her clitoris with his tongue and it aroused her immensely. She asked him to put his cock in. He said wait and he inserted his finger in her fuck hole and rotated it to expand and make the hole bigger. Her fluids were excessive and it lubricated her hole. He put his cock at the entrance and tried it push it in.

Slowly it went in and she was crying and her tears were flowing down her cheeks. It took a lot of time for him to fully insert his cock into her. He held it there tight fitted for some time so that her pain may be reduced. Finally he started to fuck her slowly and asked her how she feels. She said she has less pain. As he went on fucking he found signs of her enjoyment.

He went to increase the speed and finally he felt that she reached her orgasm and her inner muscles were palpitating. Without reaching his orgasm, he pulled his cock out and they both went to the bath room. There was lot of blood and he helped her to clean the blood and other fluids. She kissed him profusely and wanted him to lie with her for some more time.

He said he is in a hurry. Ameena asked Aby whether he can fuck her aunty. Her aunt is there in the third floor of the same block whose husband is in Dubai. She quite young and is crazy after sex. She used to insert vegetables etc into her cunt. Aby asked for the address and Ameena told him the flat no.

She told him that he has to manage himself and without mentioning any thing about Ameena. Aby agreed and went to third floor. The time was 4 pm. He rang the bell in the flat. A beautiful young lady opened the door. Aby told her that he is from the gas stove company and he has been asked to check all the stoves in the area and if burners are defective they will change it.

That lady allowed him to come in and they went directly to the kitchen. There was no sign of anybody else in the house. Aby just casually lifted his mundu and pulled out is cock when the lady was looking at him. She was shocked. He just squatted on the floor with his folded mundu and his cock was out with it full size for the view of the lady.

He meddled with the stove and turned to her and she was looking at him in great amazement. He went near her and told her to just touch his cock and test its hardness. Without hesitation she took his number in her hand and tested it for its hardness. Gas stove was forgotten and concentration of on his cock.

Her name was Sheeba and she tested his balls sac and ass and everything and she is convinced that he should fuck her then and there. She caught hold of his hand and pulled him to her bedroom. Luxuriously laid with all amenities. Both of them undressed each other. His cock was pulsating and swinging widely.

A telephone came it seems from one of her cousins and she replied she is busy. All sorts of embarrassing questions were being asked and she could not reply all and sshe disconnected. Sheeba started to apply oil on the cock of abi so that its entry would be easy. She has never had such a big cock ever and it should tear any tissue in the interior.

Abi was lying gloriously in the bed and Sheeba was running around in her panty and without bra. There was a knock at the door. who will go, Sheeba alone has to go to see who has come. She just put on a jacket and went to see who has come. It was her cousin and childhood friend Sheela of he own age and bent upon disturbing them from any pleasure they had planned.

Sheeba just fell on her feet and asked her to go for some time and that she will explain everything later. But Sheela wanted just to see the victim. Finally Sheeba had to take her cousin Sheela into the bedroom and introduce Aby to her. Aby's disproportionate assets were fully in view. Having seen them will any girl leave.

Sheeba was very much embarrassed and she had to go to Aby and ask him whether he has any objection in her cousin also joining the fray. Aby wanted the girl to be brought for examination before a final decision could be taken. Sheela was asked to come in front of Aby without any clothes. He asked her whether her seal has been broken. She said no.

Aby lying in the bed saw two girls, Sheeba and sheela standing in front of him, without any cloths on, both very beautiful and ready to fuck. He considered how lucky is his cock. He asked both the girls to lie down near him in the bed. Both had clean shaven pussies. WoW, it was indeed an awful sight. How to fuck them can he fuck one in the presence of the other.

Even if they are cousins there has to be some privacy. He asked on of them to go to the next room and wait while he fucked another. Sheeba asked Sheela to go to the next room and wait. Aby first kissed Sheeba and sucked her lower lips when his hands were massaging her boobs. Sheeba was moaning out of pleasure.

While continuing kissing his one hand was busy with her boob and the other hand went to her cunt and his middle finger went in search of her clitoris. Sheeba was well aroused and wanted him to fuck her. He asked her legs to open wide and he sat in between and inserted his cock at the entrance of her fuck hole. It was very tight but he pushed and pushed and got it in.

It was a very pleasurable sensation. After he made full entry, he started to fuck first slowly and then gathered speed. Sheeba was moaning loudly and Aby saw her cousin, Sheela peeping through the door. After a few strokes, Sheeba reached her orgasm and her cunt muscles were pulsating and gripping his cock.

Aby got up and asked Sheeba to go and call her cousin to come. It was the turn of Sheela now. She was younger than her cousin and still a virgin. Aby took more time to warm her up. She looked bewildered and her face showed it. He asked her to calm down and relax. He noticed Sheeba returned from the bathroom and was watching his handling of Sheela.

Aby kissed and licked the boobs of Sheela and kissed her cheeks and then moved down to her belly button and kissed and sucked there. The he made her to open her legs wide and raise her knees. He planted between her legs and then buried his face in her cunt and his tongue searched for her clitoris. Sheela was fully aroused. Her fluids were flowing copiously.

Aby then got up and took his tool and inserted into her cunt and pressed slowly. It was an important occasion for the girl because she was losing her virginity. He asked Sheeba to come closer and suck the nipples of Sheela. Aby pushed his cock into the cunt of Sheela and making small jerky movements he struck the obstruction.

By making another push the obstruction was cleared. Sheela gave out a cry of pain. But it was all made by the pleasure of fucking. The stout tool of Aby reached all corners of her fuck hole and she was enjoying the fuck. By making some vigorous strokes, Any also shot his fluids into her cunt. Both having reached their orgasm, it all ended well.

He asked the girls whether these days are safe for them. They both said they were absolutely safe. With a sigh of relief, Aby went to the bathroom, cleaned himself and got dressed and bade farewell to the girls and they kissed him for their gratitude and he left their home.

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Aby enjoying new fucking job - II

Previously: Aby enjoying new fucking job

Next Aby got up and finished his morning ablutions and got dressed. Seetha came running with his cup of tea and plate full of hot appams and chicken stew and boiled eggs. Seetha told him to go to the room of Saritha as soon as he finished his b/f/ Leaving the plates outside he went to the bungalow.

He met Radhika who asked him to come to her room first as Saritha will go later to her school. As he entered the room, Radhika bolted the door and asked him to take a fresh bra and put it on her. When she removed her nighty, she was stark naked, a thing of beauty. Aby put the bra on her chest and pressed her boobs as if adjusting the bra and saw her pussy not clean shaven.

He told her to keep her pussy clean shaven if at all he has to use it. He moved to the room of Saritha where she had just finished her bath. Seeing Aby her face brightened and she asked him to help her to put the nada on her pyjama. He saw she was standing on her panty. He looked at her face and found a mischievous smile in her face.

He asked her to come closer and pulled her panty down. Her pussy was clean shaven and he tiny clit was protruding from the crevice. Aby asked her to lift her leg and place it on the cot and bent low and licked her pussy with emphasis on her clit. Saritha released a hissing sound. He told her to break her seal takes time and asked her to come to his outhouse in the night with Seetha.

He assured her that he will make a full women of her. Seetha came to call him to the room of Sarada devi. Sarada Devi thanked him and said her back pain is much reduced, but wanted to take bath with his help. Aby told her to wait since he has to leave two girls to the school and the college. Radhika was ready with her stalk of books and she was waiting for the car.

Aby brought out the car and she sat in the rear and they drove to the college. Radhika told him that her friends are making fun of her alleging Aby to be her lover and requested to allow him to share for one night etc. Aby said I don’t mind. When the car stopped a swarm of friends were around the car.

Radhika introduced her friends to Aby and aby jocularly asked whether all of them are with seals broken. One by one raised their hand that their seal is not broken. Aby said he has no time he will come again for this purpose of breaking the seal. All the girls giggled. Radhika got down and waved Aby and he left to take Saritha to her school.

Saritha tall slender beautiful girl wanted to hug him before getting into the car. Aby just avoided tactfully and the left. He told her to introduce to him any of her friends who have itchy cunt and want a fuck urgently. Saritha laughed and said all of them are of the same category. As soon as the car stopped a lot of girls came swarming around as all of them wanted to see Aby.

Aby said in low voice anybody want their seals broken urgently, I am ready. Saritha was laughing and watched whether anybody will come forward accepting the offer of Aby. Lexy a buxom girl asked how much time it will take. Aby said just half an hour. She asked where to go. Aby said your home. Lexy said but mummy is there. He said does not matter.

Lexy excused herself for some time and left with Aby. They went to their house and she had the key and she opened the door and they both went in and they climbed the stairs and went to her room. Her mother was not to be seen may be taking bath. Aby removed all the clothes of Lexy and made her fully nude. She was a beautiful girl with good attractive features.

She may be 16 years of age and very hot girl. His touch lit fire in her body and she took his erect cock in her hand and was fondling it. He readied her, made her aroused, opened her raised legs opened her cunt lips and then inserted his cock into it. She had pain but she tolerated and he went safely and softly and slowly in.

With one hand he was pinching her clitoris and when she was fully aroused he gave one push and her seal went away. He did a good fuck and she was in seventh heaven. She said she never thought it wil be so much enjoyable. After bath they both eleft for school. Her mother came suddenly and asked who it was. Aby said I am a handyman doing sundry work in the household.

She said don't go I have some work for you. He said I will come back within five minutes after dropping her in the school. Lexy told him that she is alone in the house and her dad is in Oman and has not come home for more than a year. She may have small sundry work in the kitchen and pantry. Please help her. Aby said I will certainly help her.

After dropping Lexy in the gate of the school, Aby returned to her home to meet her mother. She had just then finished her bath and was in the process of drying her hair. Aby parked the car, and rang the bell. She opened the door and he went in and bolted the door behind him. She took him to the kitchen and asked him to tighten the screw of the gas cylinder.

He knelt on the floor and his cock was exposed to her. He asked for a screwdriver and was doing the work and she was looking at the size of his cock. He exposed the full 7 inches and the woman was wonder struck. He noticed that she is stunned. They moved to the bedroom where the light switch is broken.

She may be around 30 or 33 years of age and beautiful but sex starved for many months. Aby purposely dashed against her body and once while going to the switchboard, he poked his cock on her buttock. The switch is broken and needs to be replaced, I will come some other time.

She said does not matter, you have helped me and came closer to him and extended her hand and touched his cock. He slowly pushed her to the bed and removed her dress. She wore no underwear or bra. H immediately fell on her and kissing on her cheeks, neck, ear lobes, boobs nipples, he made a fast approach to her clean shaven pussy.

She was moaning and moaning and Aby licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris. The woman roared with joy and Aby took his cock and inserted into her fuck hole. It was not going in. He asked her to help him to put it in. She got up, went to the kitchen, brought some coconut oil and applied it on his cock and in her hole and a fresh attempt was made. It went with difficulty.

In no time he send the whole cock inside her cunt. She said she had never seen such a big and stout cock. It touched new pleasure areas in her hole and she wanted him to begin slow fuck. Then he increased the speed and was doing it at full speed. She got her orgasm and was rolling her head from right to left. Aby pulled out and wiped his cock on her dress.

She asked him how much time is there for him to spare. She asked Aby whether he has time and whether he can go to another flat and do the same thing. Aby agreed. She said it is her younger sister with her husband in Dubai, she is very hot and wants a fuck urgently. Aby asked for the number of the flat and went out. He located the flat and rang the bell.

A lady of about 25or 26 came and opened the door. He told her he is from the gas stove company and he wanted to check up. She allowed him to come in and closed and bolted the door. They went to the kitchen and gas stove was hot and could not be touched. He just squatted on the floor and unleashed his cock out. The lady saw the cock and was looking at it.

He got up and told her that he has to wait for some time since the stove is too hot. The nearest room was a bedroom and she called him to sit in the chair for a while when the stove gets cooled. In the meantime his cock was getting erect and it was making a tent like formation in his mundu. The lady was looking at it with wide eyed wonder.

Suddenly he called her closer and asked her to hold his cock for a moment. She simply obeyed. Its steel like hardness and the length and girth impressed her and there appeared a drop of pre cum at the tip. She just looked at his face and he just nodded his head and she opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth.

He lifted her and made her to lie down in the bed and undressed her and made her totally nude. She had beautiful boobs, medium size, fully erect and the nipple also erect. She had flat belly and beautiful belly button and clean shaven pussy. Aby kissed her on her cheeks, on her neck, boobs, sucked her nipples, and then licked her clitoris. rolled his tongue and inserted into her fuck hole.

The woman was highly aroused and wanted him to fuck her. Aby got up and inserted his cock into her pussy and started to fuck. Her hole was deliciously tight and entry was marvellous. Both the woman and Aby enjoyed. He asked her whether she is in her safe days. She said yes, go ahead.

Aby starting slowly went on increasing the speed and the woman enjoyed it to the maximum. She moaned and cried and created so many incoherent sounds. She reached orgasm, but Aby did not stop. She was heading for her second orgasm. But he was going on fucking. Finally when her third orgasm was building up, he threw his fluids inside and he was on the peak of his pleasure.

When he tried to pull out, she did not allow him. She lavishly kissed him and uttered many loving words. Finally they both went to the bath room and washed themselves and dried their bodies. She said she had no children. Her mother was with her but then she had gone out for listening to some discourse. She asked him to come again and again and fuck her.

She was ready to do anything for him. He bade farewell to her and left to take the car to the school to pick up Saritha. Saritha who was waiting for him was a sport and asked him how many fucks he had that day. He told her total he had five. She exclaimed five fucks and then you are still alive. He just laughed at the innocence of the girl.

She wanted to hear the full story of his adventure, but he said some other time and rushed to bring Radhika from college. Radhika asked how was the day to day, Aby. He said not bad. They both laughed. Both these girls are at his hands reach and he can have them anytime he feels fit. Seetha was waiting for him and told him that Sarada devi was asking for him.

He went to her room with Seetha. Sarada was lying in bed with her body totally covered. Aby asked why he was called and what services he can render to her. She asked Seetha to close the door and take a bottle of pain balm and to give it Aby. She told Aby that he has to apply the pain balm on her back. Aby went near her and removed the wrap and found that she was totally nude.

Aby took the pain balm in his hand and started to apply it on her back. Aby knew that pain balm is an excuse and she wanted a total body massage. He asked Seetha to get a bottle of coconut oil from the kitchen. He applied the oil on he buttocks and on her thighs and then on her knees, and the entire leg. He made a special massage on her back and shoulders etc.

He then asked her to turn over. She turned over. Aby applied oil on her neck, boobs and abdomen and massaged in circulatory motion. Sarada was very much aroused and she kept her eyes closed and moaning. He took some oil and applied it on her pussy and made a circulatory motion with his palm. She was very much aroused and opened up her legs.

He massaged his thighs and legs. He noticed that the door was open and two girls, Saritha and Radhika were watching the happenings in the room. Seetha was already there. Raising her legs and placing them on his shoulders, Aby inserted his cock into the cunt of Sarada devi. She was expecting it. Slowly his entire cock entered her pussy and rested.

He massaged her boobs and clitoris to arouse her and she was already horny. Sarada raised and told him that she would like to get on top of him and asked him to lie down. Aby just lied back and Sarada got on top of him. The observers were just behind her and she did not notice them. She was dancing on him and his cock buried deep inside her.

She jumped like a horse riding, rotated her waist and then lied on him in a swimming movement. Finally she reached her orgasm and she was grunting and cooing. Saritha and Radhika who were seeing a fucking action for the first time were shocked. Seetha asked them to get back to their rooms.

Rest in my next. Till then, please feel free to post your valuable feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Aby enjoying new fucking job

Abraham,22, having completed his PG was sitting idle at home. He used to go to the gymnasium and do some physicals just to keep himself fit. Rest of the time he took books from the library. Though not fair, he was handsome and liked by his friends.

His brother in law johny who was working in Chennai called Abraham to come with him and told him that he will get him a job as a driver in one of rich families of Chennai. But he should keep academic qualification a secret and just work as a driver. They will give him good salary, good food, and good apartment to stay. In the meantime he can search for a better job for himself.

Abraham thought for a change this would be interesting. He likes driving and there were three cars at his disposal. Johny took his brother in law to his employer and introduced him and showed the driving licence and they were impressed and got the job instantly. Johny told Abraham that there are too manywoman and to be careful while handling them.

Abraham nodded. He was guided to a small out house by the side of the bungalow and it was self contained. with all furniture. Abraham kept his belongings and took bath, and a lady brought him breakfast of about six idlis etc. Abraham looked at him, may be the cook of the household, Seetha looked about 23 or 24, brown skinned but very good features.

She asked what breakfast you preferred. Abraham said no special preferences for breakfast. She asked whether he likes NV food, he said yes, daily eggs, fish would be preferred. Abraham liked this girl and made up his mind that at the first opportunity he should fuck her. Seetha while leaving asked him to get dressed up and be in the porch of the house where cars are parked.

Abraham asked Seetha, when you bring lunch will you be there for some time, I want to talk to you. She said yes. When Abraham came to the porch an Audi can was there to take Mr.Menon who is the cEO of the company to his office. Within five minutes, Mr.Menon came out wtih his brief case and a laptop and sat in the rear seat.

His wife, an lade of 45, with too much of facial make up came and sat in the front seat. She instructed Abraham to take her to the lady's club and them drop Mr. Menon at his office and then come back for Radhika to go to college and Saritha to School. Abraham nodded for all the instruction dropped Mrs. Menon at the ladies club, Mr. Menon at his office and then came home.

For the next journey he was asked to take a Ford car and Radhika, a 18 year olf beauty sat in the front seat. She was wearing a legging and a top with protruding bossom. She asked him hautily how much he has studied, he said he has studied adequately. She unnecessarilly stretched her legs to show off her legs and thighs.

Abraham dropped her inside her college and she called him back and asked him to come to pick her up at 12.30. He said yes and then rushed home. His next duty was to take Saritha to her school. She got into the car in the rear seat and asked him to stop near a shop as she has to buy certain things.

She got her telephone recharged and then looked around and bought some pills and hid them in his bag and then came back. When she reached the school, her friends, came running to welcome her and asked her is this the new car and the new driver is handsome etc etc. They were all girls of 18 years age range and hence Abraham did not take them seriously.

Saritha asked him to wait since there was a rumour that there may not any class functioning and in that case she wanted to go home. She came back and told that the morning session may not be there and she may have to come onlyin the evening. Two of her friends also joined the ride as their homes are on theway and theywanted to get dropped.

The two girls were openly commenting that the driver is very handsome he can be a boy friend to anyof us. All of them laughed loudly. Abraham heard this and made up his mind that he may have chance to fuck all the three. He dropped Saritha and then took the car to be parked. Saritha called him to his room. When the boss's daughter calls how can he deny, he went upstairs.

She was alone in her room and asked him to sit and asked him to put nada in her pyjama. She was standing in her panty and shirt. Her shaply legs and thighs made him get his cock erect. She came very close to him and see whether he is doing it correctly Yes, you are doing it correct, Abraham, you are an expert. Abraham is too long a name, I will call you only Aby, do you mind.

she asked. He raised he his head said and was shocked, she was only in her bra and panty. A 18 year girl standing before him semi nude. When he had completed putting nada in the pyjama, she came near him laid her hand on his shoulders and asked him to put on the pyjama on her. Abraham has never touched the body of any girl and now she want him to touch her body.

Ok, She lifted one leg and inserted in the legging, which was tight and Abraham had to pull the legging up up her thigh.. His hand touched her pussy, thighs and ass and alll other places. And the she raised her second leg, Abraham pulled the legging upand see it is placed tightly on her pussy and ass and asked her how it is. It is beautiful, Aby, you are an expert.

I want you to help me to dressup daily. But dont tell my mummy and sister. She stood before him again and asked him to remove it. He inserted his hand at her waist line and lowered it. On the way he did not forget to touch her pussy. Because she raise any objection, he just inserted his hand inside her panty and touched her pussy. There was lot of hair.

He asked seriously why dont you shave the hair. I cannot do, will you do it for me. Abraham said let me see there is no time. Please find time and do it for me. Ok, Ok, He completed the job of pulling down the pyjama. He told her that he has to go and bring her sister from the college.

Saritha said ok, but come back I have some work for you. But dont tell anybody that I had called you. OK, said Aby and went out. When he reached the College Radhika was standing surrounded by her frends. Radhika was angry that Aby disturbed her chat with her friends. With an angry face she got into the car and they returned home.

She also wanted to stop for some shopping, she too recharged her mobile and she bought something more. They drove back home. Radhika did not talk to Aby anything but went up to her room. Aby went to the kitchen to get some drinking water, Seetha said she will bring his food within half an hour to his room.

He asked her when he has to go to pick up Mrs. menon and Menon. But a sister of menon, is coming by train by evening. You may have to go and bring her from Rly station. Dont worry I will come with you said Seetha. Aby came back to his room, undressed and with a towel he went to the bathroom to have a bath.

When the bath was half way, he heard Seetha brought the food and laid on the table and asked him what he is doing. Aby said I am in the bathroom and I will come out within a minute. He came out wrapped with a thin towel, the impression of his 7 inch cock clearly visible. Seetha was surprised and was looking at him in great wonder.

Aby conveniently took a dry mundu from his bag and removed his wet towel from his waist and wore the mundu. In the meantime Seetha saw his cock two or three times. Her pussy was leaking. His broad chest with curly black hair impressed her and she wished they embrace with her boobs rubbed against his chest hair.

She had broght fish curry, fish fried, mutton fry and egg omlette. with rice Aby likes good food and he appreciated each and every item which made Seetha very happy. She said her bosses never said a word about such good food. Aby asked her about her bakground. She said her husband was a drunkard and deserted her. Now she does not have any issues and supported her mother.

He asked her since how many days you did not have any family life. She said what family life, I never had any family life. He asked do you mean to say you are a virgin. She said I am not a virgin, but since last two years I have not enjoyed at all. Aby told her to come here in the night for further discussion and solution.

She agreed. Suddenly Seetha called and told him that Radhika is asking for him at her room. He just put on a shirt and went to the bungalow in search of the room of Radhika. He was wearing only a mundu and a shirt without any u/w. Radhika was lying in the bed, wearing a nighty which was just knee deep. She asked him to sit inthe stool near her bed.

Suddenly Radhika asked Aby whether he helped Saritha to get dressed up in the morning while going to the school. He said yes. Why did you not help me also. He said you did not ask me, but she asked me and that is why I did. She said I am asking you now, hereafter you have to help dress and undress me everyday. She told me that you have done it so expertly. Aby said ok.

You just tell me I will come. But I too have some conditions. What are they, she asked. You should not have any hair in your private parts and you have to get it removed. You remove it, that is your job, she said. He said ok. He left for his room. It was evening and Mrs.Menon wanted aby to go and bring her home. He took the car and went to the ladies club.

There were lot of people and all the ladies looked at Aby and asked Mrs.Menon whether you have a new driver. She said yes. But very efficient man and very much duty conscious. Mrs. Menon got into the car in the rear seat and some of her friends also got into the car asking Aby to drop them in their houses.

They asked Aby to remember way to their homes and to remember always and to come there whenever they call. Aby agreed. After dropping them one by one, Mrs. Menon reached home. She called Aby to come to her room and told him that she has severe back pain and he has to apply some pain balm.

Before Aby could reply there was a phone call to Mrs. Menon that her sister-in-law is coming by evening train and to make arrangements to pick her up from the station. Mrs. Menon told Aby to go to the station and pick up, Sarada, sister of Menon and bring her home. Aby said I do not know her and how to recognize her.

Mrs. Menon told him to take Seetha with him who knows her very well. Who will bring Menon saab from office. she said the office driver will bring him, dont worry, you please go. Aby came out and Seetha was ready and they both got into the car and left for the statiion. It was understood the expected train was late and it may be two hours before it reaches the station.

Aby and Seetha moved the car to a bushy area and sat there. He made some adjustments in the rear seat and they both moved to the rear seat. There was nobody around and it was totally dark. Aby pulled Seetha and loosened her clothes and took her head and gave her a deep kiss. His hand made a quick movement over her body, her boobs, her ass and her private parts.

His 7 inche cockwas fully erect and Seetha opened her mouth wide and took his cock in her mouth. Aby squeezed her boobs and licked her nipples and sucked them. Seetha was very much aroused. He asked her whether the day is safe for her. She said yes. He lifted her saree upto her waist and asked her to sit on him with her legs on either side of him and his cock entered the cunt of Seetha.

They were comfortably seated and Seetha made small movements and his cock was deeply inside her cunt. She said it is two years since she had a cock in her cunt. He told her to keep it for two hours till the train comes. They both laughed. Seetha made up and down movements and very soon she reached her orgasm. He told her to continue siting and have another round.

His hands were on her boobs squeezing them and kissing them, very soon she became horny and she started to move and within half an hour she got her second orgasm. They heard the bell ringing at the station announcing the arrival of the train. Seetha got up, wiped her cunt with a towel in the car and they both moved to the front of the station.

The train came and Sarada Devi looked like a sanyasin came out. Seetha touched the feet of Sarada Devi and they both came to the car. Aby looked at her and she was young and looked lusty. Swas brought home and a special room was arranged for her in the bungalow. Mrs. menon came to the room and welcomed her and asked about the journey etc.

Mrs.Menon asked Aby and Seetha to look after the comforts of Sarada Devi. Aby went inside the bathroom and saw that there was soap, shampoo and other toilet requirements. Seetha opened the bag of Sarada Devi and took out some tubes and creams and took it to the bathroom. Aby say that there was a hair removal cream in the lot.

Aby went in front of Sarada and with folded hands told her that his services are always be available to her requested her to send word through Seetha whenever she wants him for any services. Sarada smiled and appreciated him for his guesture. She told Seetha in hush hush voice that Aby may be sent to her room in the night after all go to sleep.

Seetha agreed and bowed. Aby and Seetha went out of the room and Seetha told him that she wants him to go to her room after all retire. It was dinner time and Seetha first took care of Aby with chappathis and chicken curry and fish fried. For Sarada she took pure vegetarian meal of chappathis and vegetable curry. Radhika and Saritha had their own menu.

They ate pizza and burger brought from outside. They were searching for Aby. Mrs. Menon took vegetarian curry with rice and curd. Mr. Menon took only some kanji with salad. After food all retired to their rooms and the dining hall was deserted. Aby after a hectic day took a small peg of whiskey and finished his meal. Seetha took good care of him.

He stretched his bed and was about to go to bed, when he found Seetha coming in the darkness towards him. He asked what is the matter. She said in a hush and hush manner that the sanyasi, Sarada Devi wants him to go to her room after all go to bed. He asked her what is the matter, why she wants me? Seetha said what else she wants sex, she is crazy after sex, but all secretly.

But when it takes too much time I will come and save you from her. He said thank god, ok, agreed. Aby took bath and took one more peg of whiskey and then went with Seetha to the bungalow. Seetha left him at the door and went away. Aby opened the door and he saw Sarada Devi, eagerly waiting for him. She asked him to bolt the door and called him to come closer.

When he came near her, she suddenly put her hand in his mundu and caught his cock and took it out. She was impressed by its size, a full 7 inch monster with 3" girth. She got up from lying position and told him not to tell anyone about what she is doing to him. She just planted a kiss on his cock head and licked its tip.

It had attained gigantic proportions and was pulsating in her hands. Its head was too large that it wont go into her mouth. She licked all over it and kissed it and the ball sac. She asked him to lie down near her in her bed. When Aby lied on his back in the bed, he could see the face of Seetha in the opening of the ventilator. She was watching the happenings in the room.

Sarada Devi undressed Abi and undressed herself. She had very youthful and young body with large raised boobs and clean shaven pussy and big round ass. She lied on him and was kissing all over his body his cock, thighs, stomach etc.

Aby asked her to lie down and she lied down in the bed and Aby bent and kissed her cheeks and then her neck and boobs, nipples and licked and sucked them. Holding her boobs with his hand, his mouth kissed her stomach, her belly button and then went down to her pussy and his tongue licked her cunt and a whole and then he buried his tongue to pull out her clitoris.

She was moaning and pressing his head down into her pussy. He widened her legs and laid between them and licked her crivice with full vigor and his tongue licked her clitoris. Aby put his two fingers in her fuckhole and pushed them in. and made in and out movement very vigorously. Sarada was moaning heavily very soon she reached her full orgasm.

Aby got up and took his cock and placed it at the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed it in. It was not going in. He asked her whether she wants a fuck. She said yes. He further asked whether she is a virgin. she said yes, he further asked whether I may break your seal. she said yes. He went and opened the door and asked Seetha to come in.

Both Seetha and Sarada were shocked. He asked Seetha to hold the legs of Sarada wide and he inserted his cock in the fuckhole. Sarada was crying of pain, seetha pacified her and said it will be over now just to wait. Aby made one more push, half of his cock was inside. Again Sarada cried.

He pulled back his cock and pushed it with full force and his entire cock was inside the cunt and Sarada gave out a big cry. Seetha left her legs and sat near her and was consoling her. Now the pain is over and now it will be just pleasure and pleasure. Aby started to move slowly in and out and there was obviously no pain and then he made it a brisk movement.

The face of Sarada showed that she is enjoying. Seetha was holding her boobs and squeezing them to add to the pleasure. Finally Aby fucked in full speed of a galloping horce. Sarada was reaching her orgasm and she was raising her body up. With five more strokes, Aby also shot his fluids into the cunt of Sarada. They both crumpled.

Sarada was kissing the face of Aby and he pulled out and went to the bathroom. Sarada also got up and Seetha went with her to help her. There was lot of blood and cum flowing from her cunt. Seetha helped her to clean up things and wiped dry and then all the three, Aby, Seetha and Sarada came out.

Sarada wanted Aby to sleep with her, but he said no, he has his own out house and kissing her good bye aby and Seetha left. Sarada standing naked after her first fuck went and closed the door and lied in the bed. Seetha having seen all these things wanted a quick fuck before going to bed.

Aby made her to lie in his bed and gave her a quick fuck and within a short time she got her orgasm. She got up kissed goodbye to him and went to sleep in the kitchen. Aby thought his first day was successful with a broken seal and two other fucks. He too went to sleep in comfort. Rest in my next.

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