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Daughter of Lovemaid wants sex - II

Previously: Daughter of Lovemaid wants sex - II

As promised I called Kamna, the daughter of my 1st Lovemaid Vedna, for a night out with her. We mutually fixed the day, time & place from where I was to pick her up in my car. On the decided day & time, I parked my car at the place we had fixed. Within hardly 3 minutes, I saw Kamna, in the rear view mirror and my 1st Lovemaid Vedna was also alongwith her.

I got out of my car to welcome them. It was a little surprise for me to see Vedna alongwith Kamna. As they both came to me, both had a big smile on their faces. I hugged Kamna and Vedna. They seemed mighty happy to see me. Before I could say anything, Vedna said,"aap soch rahe honge ki main bhi saath kaise.

Main soch rahi thi kyonki Kamna ki pehli bari hai kisike saath bahar janeke liye aur who bhi raat ke liye, main use aap ko khud sapurd karke aaon aur isi bahani aap ko bhi mil loongi." "Tumne bahut achha kiya ki saath mein aagayi, I said. I opened the front left hand side door and asked Kamna to sit in. Then I opened the rear door & asked Vedna to get in.

She got in and after making sure there was no one around I hugged & kissed her, lay her on the seat, put her saree & petticoat up and planted a wet kiss on her choot & sucked it. She then sat up and opened 2 lower buttons of her blouse & took out her choosies for me to suck. Having done that she closed her blouse.

She then opened the zipper of my trouser, pulled out my cock from the underwear and gave a short & very passionate suck to it and put my cock back in. She then got up and stood on the ground. Kamna dear was all the while keeping a look-out for people. I then proceeded to sit in the driver's seat and started the car.

Vedna darling was waiting at the door where Kamna was sitting. As I was not putting the car in gear to go, Vedna enquired,"kya hua? Ja kyon nahi rahe?" I replied, " itne garam kisse ke baad main kaise jaoon. Tum bhi saath chalti to kitna maja aata." "phir kabhi," she replied. "theek hai, chalo ab tum jao varna main nikal nahi paunga." I said.

She patted Kamna, blew me a kiss, turned & said, "maje karna dono, love you." and went away. Once she had gone I put the car in motion. I proceeded out of the city and on the way asked Kamna,"kuch khana-peena hai?" She replied,"Nahi abhi nahi thodi der baad." I then asked her, "tumhe dar to nahi lag raha?"

"Kyun, dar kis baat ka, aap ke saath hoon phir dar kahe ka. Balki main to raah dekh rahi hoon ki hum kab pahuchenge jahan aap lekar ja rahe hain, tanki main aap ki lund choos sakun." I said, "to ab aise kar ki apne dono choosen bra mein se nikal aur saree se dakhle, tanki main jab chahoon unhen daba sakoon."

Immediately she did so. I also asked her to raise her saree & petticoat upto her knees so that I could have easy access to her choot when desired. On the way we played with each other, taking care not to be visible from outside as well being very careful as I was driving.

Soon we reached our destination hotel, checked into our room, refreshed ourselves, had some tea & snacks and Kamna straight away proceeded to come to me and began to kiss & hug me. I responded equally. She then removed my shorts & underwear, sat on the bed, took me along and seeing my lund a little slump, started massaging it. It soon grew to its full length.

She put the tip of her tongue on the tip of my lund and I loved it. Slowly she started to take my lund more & more into her mouth. Once it was fully in, she started to suck it, first slowly and then so fast that within no time I was ready to discharge and told her so. She signalled to release my cum in her mouth. After taking the last drop of my cum, she swallowed it and smacked her lips.

"bahut achha laga aap ki lund chus ke aur aap ka garam garam maal pi ke,' she said. I kissed her on her lips and could smell my cum from her lips, which was invigorating for me, due to which I opened her blouse, removed it, opened her bra and removed it too. I started to knead her choosies and when I put the tip of my tongue on one of her boob's nipple, she shuddered.

I did the same to her other boob. She hugged me tight and said,"meri dono choosie ko khub jor se dabao, maslo aur chuso, muje bahut hi achha lag raha hai." She simply loved it when I sucked her nipples, which grew big, and her boobs. She was so aroused that she picked up her saree & petticoat and started fingering her choot and exclaimed, "ab aap meri choot chato muje bahut chad gayi hai."

Immediately I lay her on the bed, raised her saree & petticoat and put the tip of my tongue on the tip of her choot. Again she shuddered. I started to move my tongue from the bottom of her choot to top most part. She was hissing & moaning,"ah, bahut hi achha lag raha hai. Jor jor se chato, mera paani nikal do."

With that she started wriggling and raising her lower body as she was simply enjoying it. I increased the insertion of my tongue deep inside her choot and did it faster. She was ecstatic with joy. She put her hands behind my head and pressed it tightly on her choot. Her juices started to flow. And by God the flow was so tremendous that it seemed unending.

She was raising her head to see & enjoy the show and yelled,"uncleji tusi great ho. Ekdum jor se karo aur apni jaban poori andar daldo. Wah, kya maja aa raha hai. Aap bahut hi achhi tarhan chooste hain." And then there was a huge burst of her cum on my face. I waited for some time with my face still on her choot to let the oozing of her cum finish.

Once she stopped her discharge I lapped up all her cum in my mouth and believe me it was indeed a mouthful, removed my face from her choot, stood up and showed it to her. She too got up and on seeing the mouthful exclaimed,"are baapre, dekha kiti garmi thi meri choot mein. Bahut maal nikla hai. Thoda muje bhi dena, maine bhi apna maal taste karna hai."

I gave some of her cum in her mouth and she swallowed it and said,"garam garam hai." I then swallowed the rest. She then licked my lips & mouth clean and kissed & hugged me hard. She then removed all her clothes and removed my T-shirt too. We were both completely naked.

"Uncleji aap na apni Kamna, aap ke pyar ki beti, ki choot mein apni lund daal ke meri aag poori tharha se bhujado, apna maal andar chhod kar", she said. My lund was dripping like a tap. She licked it, lay on her back on the bed, raised her legs and I inserted my lund in her choot. It was burning & wet. She said, "jor jor se muje chodo, jaise meri mummy ko karte hain.

Meri pyas bhuja do." While pumping her I started pressing her boobs and pinched her nipples and she sighed,"jitni jor se ho sake muje chodo, muje bahut maja aa raha hai." I increased the speed and insertion, when it was completely inside her choot she started to match the rhythm of my movements by raising & lowering her lower body.

She then halted as her choot began to tighten and she burst. I could feel the hot bursts on my lund. Her burst was so huge that part of her cum started to ooze out. Once she stopped bursting, she said, "uncleji, mummy ne bahut achha kiya muje aap ke saath bhej ke. Wakke aap bahut maja dete hain." With that she planted a passionate kiss on my lips, put her arms around me and hugged me tight.

"Ab aap aisa karo ki meri gaand bhi maro," she said. And with that she stood on her hands & legs and offered me her gaand. I tried to put my lund in her gaand, but as it was so tight, my lund would not go in and I asked,"Kamna, tere pati ne teri gaand nahi mari thi?" "Nahi," she replied. I then applied some oil on her gaand & my lund and then tried to insert it.

Slowly with the oiling my lund started to go in. First she screamed with the pain, but since she was enjoying it, asked me to insert it in completely. After my lund was able to penetrate her gaand fully, I slowly started to pump her. With time I was pumping her fast and she asked me to release my cum in her gaand. Gladly I obeyed her and burst my cum inside her gaand.

She asked me to remain in that position for some time and placed my hands on her big boobs which I squeezed & rubbed. After some time she asked me to remove my lund from her gaand, gather my cum in my hands and she licked & lapped it all up by swallowing it. She seemed pleased.

Since all this took quite some time, we both started feeling hungry. We washed & dressed up and went to the restaurant attached to the hotel and had our food. After this it was back to our room. Kamna wanted another round of sex and I told her,"dekh, ab khana khaya hai, ab hum dono thoda aaram karte hain."

"Theek hai," she said, "par hum kapde utar kar, thoda TV dekhte hain." And so we watched TV for some time and dozed off. After the afternoon nap, I ordered some tea in the room, which we had, I smoked a cigarette, offered her, which she smoked a little and it was sex again.

Kamna was so pumped up for sex, as she had not had it for quite sometime, that we had one before dinner and one before lights out. Early next morning, I had my lund blown up into a monster size, seeing which Kamna took it in her mouth straight away and then thrust it in her choot for a bedfuck, just like bedtea. She never missed any opportunity for sex.

During bath, after breakfast and the last time before departing back for home. I think I lost count of the number of times she had sex with me. On the way I phoned her mother on her mobile that we would be reaching home by about 7PM. She was there to receive us near her home.

She kissed me, while sitting in the car and asked Kamna to thank me, which she did and I told her, "Vedna, tum ne achha kiya Kamna ko mere saath bhej kar kyon ki is ko bahut he garmi aayi hui thi." She said, "apka bahut hi dhanyawad uski garmi uttarne ke liye. Ghar ja kar isse poori report leti hoon aur aap se kal subah milti hoon."

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Daughter of Lovemaid wants sex - I

It so happens that sometimes this daughter, of my 1st Lovemaid comes to do the household work, when she is either not well or has to go out. And whenever I go out of station, I make it a point to call my 1st Lovemaid on her mobile every time and many a time this daughter picks up the phone and recognising me passes it on to her mother.

My 1st Lovemaid's name is Vedna (changed) and her daughter's name is Kamna (changed). As such Kamna, I am sure, is quite aware that there is an affair between her mother & me, otherwise why would I phone her so often and talk to her mother for a long time on the mobile. Also no other employer she works for ever calls her.

It so happened, in the recent past, that Kamna came in the afternoon to scrub the vessels. I let her in and went to my bedroom and continued with my laptop. That day I was alone at home. After finishing her work, she came to my bedroom to say that she was going. I nodded in approval. After sometime, I noticed that she was still standing near the door.

I enquired, "kya hua, kuchh chahiye kya?" She replied, "aap se kuch baat karni hai." "haan, haan kaho kya baat hai?" I asked. "pehle aap apna computer band kijiye, " she continued. So, I closed my laptop. She came near me and sat on my bed, while I was at my work table. She said, "main aap se jo bhi puchhugi please mujhe sach sach jawab dena." "Haan main such hi jawab dunga, kasamse," I replied.

With a little nervousness in her voice she asked, "meri mummy ka aur aap ka chakar chal raha hai na?" I was astonished and dumb-founded by the question. "Tu yeh kya keh rahi hai?" I enquired. She continued,"dekhiye muje sab maloom hai, varna aap meri mummy ko har baar, jab aap bahar jate hain, India mein yan London, phone kyun karte hain aur itni lambi baatein karte hain?

Main aap ka mobile number aur aap ki awaaz pehchanti hoon kyonki zyada tar main hi phone uthati hoon." "Tumhe kya pata hai, jara main bhi to sunoo," I queried. Kamna replied, " aap ko to pata hai ki mere 2 bache hain aur meri shaadi chhoti umar mein kar di gayi thi, par ab mera pati muje chhod gaya hai." I replied, "han muje yeh sab malum hai."

Kamna continued,"pehle batayiye aap ke gharwale kitni der main aane wale hain?" I replied,"kumse kam ek ghanta to aur lagega hi, kyon?" "Woh is liye kyon ki baat sunate sunate time to lagega na," she said. "Theek hai, batao jo batana chahti ho", I said. She continued, "aap to jante hain ki har aurat ki kuch jarooratein hoti hain.

Use bhi time time pe apne sharir ki aag bhujani padti hai. Aur agar uska pati na ho to veh yan to doosra aadmi dhonti hai ya apne aap apni aag bhujati hai. Kuch din pehle mere saath bhi kuch aisa hi hua. Raat bhar angrayiyan leti rahi aur neend nahi aa rahi thi. Isi main aadhi raat ho gayi. Main uthi aur bathroom gayi, light on nahi ki taki koi jaag na jaye.

Apne night gown ke upar wale button khole aur apne choose dabane lagi. Nipple dabaye, poore choose dabaye. Achha lag raha tha, par aag nahi bhuj rahi thi. Phir maine apna night gown upar uthaya aur apni choot ko ek haath se aur doosre haath se nipple daba rahi thi. Aur achha lagne laga.

Phir maine apne haath ki ek ungli, phir do aur phir teen apni choot mein dali. Phir ek ungli apni choot mein andar bahar karne lagi, apna nipple dabade hua. Muje bahut achha lagne laga aur meri gardan peeche jhuk gayi aur aankhen band ho gayi. Muje chad rahi thi. Ungli jor jor se marne lagi aur mera paani nikal gaya.

Yeh maaja le hi rahi thi jab kisi ne light on ki aur meri aankh khul gayi aur apni mummy ko samne paya, jo pishaab karne uthi thi. Maine jhat se apna night gown neeche kiya aur bistar par bhaag gayi. Us raat mummy ne kuch nahi kaha. Hum dono thori der me in so gaye."

Kamna continued,"agle din jab ghar pe koi nahi tha, mummy ne muje apne paas bethaya, sar pe haath phera, mera haath apne haath mein liya aur bade pyar se boli,'Kamna beti main samaj ti hoon ki kal raat ko tum jo kar rahi thi, woh kyon kar rahi thi, kyonki main bhi ek aurat hoon aur tumhari pareshani samaj sakti hoon.

Bol, teri doosri shaadi kara du kyon ki main teri pareshani dekh nahi sakti?' Main himmat juta ke mummy se poocha, 'kya guaranty hai ki woh doosra pati muje chhod ke nahi jayega?' Mummy thori der ke liye chup rahi aur boli, 'par teri pareshani to door karni padegi, warna teri halat bahut kharab ho jayegi. Muje kuch samay do main kuch rasta nikalti hoon.'"

Kamna continued,"kuch do teen din ke baad, jab meri mummy aur main phir akele the ghar par, ve boli, 'beti Kamna, main kuch socha to hai, par pata nahin tumhe achha lage ya nahi aur agar tumhe achha lage to tu kar payegi ke nahi.' 'aap batayiye mummy aap ne kya socha hain? 'maine apni mummy se puchha.

Mummy ne kaha, 'dekh mere dhyan mein ek aadmi hai jo tumhari aag bhuja sakta hai aur us se kisi bhi tarha ka koi bhi khatra nahi.' Maine use kaha, 'mere khayal mein muje pata hai aap kis aadmi ki baat kar rahi hain.' 'kis ki?' usne puchha. 'wohi jiske ghar aap kaam karne do baar jati hain aur jo aap ko hamesha phone karte rehte hain aur jiske saath aap ka chakker chal raha hai',

maine jawab diya. Mummy boli,' haan wohi. Woh itne achhe hain ki unki jitni tarif karu kam hai. Woh mere pichhe kam se kam 9 saal pade rahe, par main darti rahi aur unhe mauka nahi diya. Aur woh 9 saalo mein unhone muje kabhi nahi chhoa. Unke saath mera chakker kaise shuru hua main phir kabhi bataungi,

par unho ne muje woh maje diye jo tere daddy ne kabhi nahi diye the.Yeh bhala manas hi teri aag bhuja sakta hai, par main beech mein nahi aaungi. Ek din main unke yahan kaam karne nahi jaoongi aur tu chali jana. Han main pata rakhugi jab woh ghar pe akele hon. Tumhe khud koshish karni hogi. Aur muje umeed hai woh tumhe naaraz nahi karenge.''

Kamna continued "aur isliye maine aaj ye mauka liya aur aap ke pass aaee hoon, ab aap ko kya kehna hai," she continued. I said, "jab tum sab jaan hi chuki ho, to main kya kahoon." Kamna continued, "dekhiye main apni mummy se kafi jawan hoon aur mere choose bhi mummy se bade hain aur muje pata hai ki aap ko bade choose bahut pasand hain."

What she did next surprised me. She opened her blouse and showed me her choose. Yes they were quite big, with big nipples and shapely. What she did next, surprised me more. She lifted her saree & petticoat and showed me her choot. It was very inviting indeed, very clean shaven.

"Dekh Kamna, tumhe vishwas hai ki jo tum karne ja rahi ho, woh sahi hai?" I enquired of her. She replied, "ji haan muje pura vishwas hai aur sab se badi baat aap pe poora bharosa hai ki aap muje bahut khush karoge, jaise ki aapne mummy ko kiya aur main aap ko yakeen dilati hoon ki main bhi aap ko bahut hi khush karoongi."

I got up from my study table and asked her to stand up. I called her to me with open arms and she immediately clung to me. I took her face in my hands and saw a hunger in her eyes for sex. I put my lips to her lips and she in turn started smooching me hard. I shoved my tongue in her mouth and she sucked it hard. Then she shoved her tongue in my mouth and I in turn sucked it hard too.

Then I placed both my hands on her gaand and immediately she placed her hands behind my head and pressed it hard. I slowly put one hand to her boobs and started rubbing them. She ventured to put one of her hands on my lund and started rubbing it. I then started rubbing her choot with one hand.

Yes she was enjoying and so was I. Once we parted I asked her to close her blouse, but she pleaded with me to suck her choose. I held one of her boobs in both my hands, gave it a massage, pressed it hard and tweeked her nipple. She left out a small moan and asked me to suck it.

First I did it slowly and upon her asking, sucked her nipple & boobs really hard and she let out a louder moan. She then moved my face to her other boob and I did the same with it. Once she had her fill, I moved away my face and she closed her blouse. "To kaisa laga?" I enquired. "Bahut hi maja aaya, she replied.

"Achha aab kafi der ho gayi hai aur koi aana jaye. Main kuch program bana ke tuje phone karooga aur hum ek raat dono bahar bitayege, jab main tumhe saare woh maje doonga jo teri mummy ko ab tak de raha hoon. Ab tum ghar jaoo.." I told her. With a tight hug & kiss she parted to go, saying, "I love you.

Main aap ke phone ka intezar karoongi. Bye" "Bye darling, I love you too." I said. Well that was the beginning of my affair with a young married daughter Kamna, of my 1st Lovemaid Vedna, having 2 kids but no husband, as he had deserted her.

I shall narrate in my next part of our adventure together. Till then, please give your comments below.

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Bala enjoying good fuck with maid Sulochana

I am Babu from Andhra, 24, tall and well built, staying in one of the suburbs of Mumbai in a single room apartment and working in a trading firm in Malad. It was difficult for me to cook food as I was not quite familiar with cooking. I was getting married and hence I arranged to buy all the cooking utensits etc with the helpof a neighbouring aunty.

After some days another Andhra lady came asking whether I need a servant, a Andhra girl of about 18 who will do all the domestic work. I thought it will be useful for my wife as a newly married wife to burden with all the domestic chore will be difficult. The girl, by name Sulochana, came for work from the following day.

I observed that though thye said she is only 18 she had very well developed boobs and her her wide hip and asses indicated she is much older etc. We had a open bathroom in the corner of the kitchen and common toilet. When I take bath, she used to watch when I rub my cock and balls etc.

I told Sulochana not to go out and mingle with boys in the locality since they are all very mischivous. She meakly agreed. She used to wear only a blouse and a skirt and her huge breasts thrust forward. When I went for my marriage, I asked Sulochana to go and stay with her mother. I was away for about a week and I came back with my wife Rambha.

She was not fair and not quite impressive features. I thought she may develop all those things later. Her cooking was also not perfect. I called Sulochana to come and take over. When I sleep with my wife in the cot in the bedroom, Sulochana used to sleep in the kitchen with the full view of our action on the cot.

I used to put out all the lamps in the house, but the dim street light was there to reveal all our sex actions. The fucking sounds, like,moanings of my wife, creaching of the cot, will be heard by the servant who lies very close by. When I was away she used to ask my wife many questions about sex, and details of what we did in the night.

My wife usually of shy nature never liked to discuss such things with servants. Some times, she used to help me take bath. She will apply oil on my body and pour water and apply soap and rinse my body. Sulochana used to watch this and used to watch how my wife handles my genitals. After two months, there was some festival for which my wife wanated to go home.

I put her in the train and she said she will get down from the train and go home. Next day Sulochana came to me with oil and said she will help me to take bath. Before I uttered something, she took oil in her hands and applied it on my back and on my shoulders. I told her that is enough and I will do the rest. But she was more interested to oil my private parts.

I stood naked facing her with my cock in semi resen condition. Sulochana sat on a stool and started to apply oil on my cock and massage it. Occasionally she will take it in her mouth and suck it and then again massage. Finally she bathed me like my wife did and applied soapnut powder and washed all over the body and dried up my body.

I went to office and when I retured she prepared nice supper and saw that I ate my stomachful. After supper when I was watching the TV,she cleaned up the house and urged me to go to bed. When I lied in the bed, she put off the lights and came and lied near me in the bed. I asked what is this you are doing you are not supposed to sleep in my bed, go to your place and sleep.

She said since you are alone I thought I will keep company with you and hugged me. she had unbuttoned her blouse and her naked boobs were out and they were pressed against my chest, which I liked most. She parted the ends of my lungi and took out my cock and took it in her mouth and tolled her tongue around it. It was one of the pleasureable sensations I ever felt.

She took my hand and put it on her crotch and I felt her clean shaven pussy very soft to touch. This much was sufficient to make me very horny. I hugged her and licked and sucked her nipples. She urged me to get on to her and she took my cock and put it in her cunt. I had no other go but to push it in and it went it with full of tightness.

I told her why are you making all these things, I have a wife and I cannot abandon her and marry you. I love her and she also loves me. She said I know, I will not lay claim to be your wife. It was my long felt desire to get fucked by you and today my desire was fulfilled. Please fuck me till your wife comes back. I will not blackmail you or tell your wife about our relationship.

There are so many people after me to fuck, but I want you to be the first person to fuck me. Because I like your character. I tried to tempt you and you were not falling. My own uncles are forcing me to allow them to fuck me. But I never allowed them to touch me. Please fuck me as much as you can today and till your wife comes. I was touched by her words.

I fucked her to make her the most happy. I licked her cunt and clitoris and made her very much aroused and fucked her again. Sulo took very good care of me. She did all the household work and took bath in the night and lied near me in the bed. I fucked her and fucked her very many times till the arrival of my wife. Afterwards I never even looked at her. She too reconciled to the situation.

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Robert having sex with maid

Hello Readers, I am Robert (Name Changed).I live in mumbai and am currently doing Bsc. in a local college in Mumbai itself. I have a dick measuring 6.5 inches and started masturbating since I was in school. The event I am gonna describe took place a few months back at my place in Mumbai.

My parents, both of them work so I am pretty much alone at home after I finish my college at 12. The rest of the day is spent in Doing random things and rarely studying. As my parents both work, we hired a maid to clean the house once or twice a week. The thing fell apart because of her late sudden brief disappearancs for weeks at a time.

Let me tell you how she looked : her body stats. She had small breasts and a petite body. She must be around 23 years old,unmarried and averagely tall. She usually wore sari to work. This meant her navel was left bare. She was average looking,dark and had a tight arse. Nothing attractive about her at first glance.

She worked well when she came to us, though it lasted for only a few short months. She used to clean the house with a broom and then with water. One day I was sitting in my sofa. Parents were at work as usual and the maid(Let's call her Rekha) had finished brooming the whole house. She started cleaning the house with water and a cloth.

She was sitting on her knees and was using tje cloth to clean the house. She occasionally bent which meant I could see her small, cute breasts jiggling with her every motion. She had sweat all over her pink blouse. I could clearly see that she had not worn any bra and the boobs were more at ease than ever.

She once caught me ogling at her but I cleverly sidetracked her doubt by tell her that she missed out a spot and I had just noticed it. She believed me and started working again,this time bending a little less. But this did not last long as she soon forgot about the incident and started bending as she did before. She was deep in her work and me lost in her perfect little tits.

She looked up and caught me again -this time red handed. I could not say anything to make her believe othewise. She looked a little embarrassed and she took off and started cleaning the other room. A week had passed and I masturbated to her tight, little boobs more than a couple of times. Just thing about the sweat running though her cleavage gave me an instant hardon.

She came early today at 10:00 and started with her duties as usual. She just started brooming and I was a bit embarrassed from the event that took place last week that I sat at the dining tavle with my books. She started cleaning the space below the dining table. The table had glass top and you could see the floor from the top.

I had books on tje table which meant that now I couldn't see the floor. Rekha got under the dining table and started cleaning the floor. I was too shy to face her so I was feigning deep interest in my studies. But the flashback was giving me a boner. I was unaware that I had a boner and stared at my books waiting for her to come up.

But 5-7 minutes passed and she was still under there so I shifted my books to see her staring at my cock. She seemed embarrassed and horny at the same time. She was scanning my dick unaware that I could see her. She suddenly looked up and saw me staring at her. She panicked and came out of the dining table and started walking away.

I caught her hand and she stopped and looked back. "Sorry. I am really sorry for what happened back there", she said in a sad voice. "What are you apologizing for?" I asked. "For…..for…staring…..", sge stammered. "For staring at my dick?" I added quickly. "Yes, I am really sorry" "I don't mind you staring.So did you like what you saw?" I asked.

"No…..I mean yes…..i mean…i don't know…i am sorry.... I wont repeat it" she said almost in tears. "Stop apologizing and lets make a deal. It's evident that you really want to see my dick and I too want to see you naked. So lets get nude and see what's there to be explored" I suggested. "That wouldn't be good. What if ur parents came to know about it?…"

"And how would they know…..i wouldn't tell her and you wouldn't and there is no-one to doubt us" She seemed to be liking the idea. "what say? Are you ready? Ready to see an erect dick?" "Okay", she said softly. I removed my track pants and my cock had formed a large tent of my boxers.Rekha seemed happy and inquisitive about my dick.

"Is this your first time seeing a dick?", I asked. She nodded. "Well then you should take down my boxers yourself." She came close and got to her knees and placed her face right before my erect dick. She looked me in my eyes and then slowly pulled down my boxer and my did popped out of my boxer, happy to be free and it hit her face.

She laughed briefly and then got on to investigate the dick. She touched the dick with her pinky and then with her index finger. She was horny and her hand was reaching her pussy.She was rubbing against her sari pretty hard. "I think you should get the sari out of the way." And winked. She got the message and she stood and started removing the sari.

She finished and I could see her in a blue petticoat and a black blouse. Her boobs we waiting to be freed. I went close to her and started removing the hooks on her blouse while she started removing her petticoat. Once done, she stood there toples in her yellow underwear. She looked wonderful. My dick was rock-hard at this sight.

Then she took my had toward her pussy and started playing with my dick, inspecting the veins on it. I started rubbing the pussy and she too grabbed my cock with her pretty little hands and started shaking it. She climaxed pretty fast and was horny after her first orgasm. She bent and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it profusely.

She went it and the dick reached her throat giving me insane amount of pleasure. She ent on deep throating me for another minute or so and I lost control and came in her throat and she swallowed it whole not wasting a drop of it.

She even licked my dick clean. She then lay there with me with me playing with her boobs, pinching her boobs softly. This was just the beginning, later we ended up having sex in our bathroom while bathing and even in our neighbour's bedroom.

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Double fuck bonanza for servant boy Ali

Rahim Haji, 45, was doing business in rice and was a whole saler. About 10 years back he married Fathima then 20. She was studying in the college and graduated when her father fixed her marriage with Rahim Haji. Fathima was a beautiful girl, fair in color and gifted with very good features. She had her own secrets to store.

Her cousins who used to visit them used to play with her and one fellow showed her a new type of game of sex. Fathima liked the game and she used indulge with him quite often. Her mother got a hint and they wanted to get her married before she gets into any trouble and that was how they got her married to Rahim Haji.

He was dark in color and with large thick lips and a huge round nose, did not possess an image which will make him attractive to women folk. Fathima had not seen him and the marriage was decided by the elders. During the first night when she saw him she did not like him at all, but what to do she had to share her bed with him.

She came and stood beside him all bedecked in costly jewellery and clothes, but Rahim Haji just looked at her and smiled and asked her to remove all the jewellery and clothes and wear only ordinary clothes and lie in the bed. She bad many dreams about first night. Since her seal had been already taken by her cousin, her friends advised her to complain pain when her husband penetrates her.

Fathima returned to her bed after putting on just an ordinary cotton nightie. But to her utter dismay he was fast asleep. She sat in the bed just watching her husband sleep. She thought perhaps he was too tired because of the marriage day. She consoled herself and slept by his side.

Next morning, she went around attending the daily chores around the house. Lot of friends and relatives came to see her and her husband. But Haji had gone to the shop as he will miss the bulk of the business. Fathima waited for him till evening. He came in the night took his supper and was sitting with the account books for some time and then went to bed.

Fathima was furious that he did not even speak to her. She finished her food fast and went to the bed room. But Haji was fast asleep. She woke him up and when he woke wide eyed, she asked him why he did not fuck her so far. He said why it has to be done in a hurry. We will do it in course of time. Fathima could not believe her ears.

She was such a beauty queen and this fellow does not know her value. Purposely she half revealed her boobs and even her naked thighs to tempt him. But he did not see and slept off. In the morning he took his bath and changed his clothes, took breakfast and left for his shop. His servant, Ali used to come at noon to collect a food carier with the lunch for his boss.

One of the girls engaged to help Fathima, whispered in her ears that Haji uses, this Ali to sodomize. That is why he is not interested in his own wife. Fathima looked at Ali. He is just a boy of 18 or 19. Very handsome, fair and tall clad in a lungi and a t shirt. She went in front of him and smiled at him and handed over the tiffin carier.

Next day when Ali came to collect the tiffin carreir, she called and asked him to sit in the sitting room. She sat opposite to him and talked about his background. She puposely widened her legs and showed her thighs deep and her boobs to him. Ali was shocked. He came just to collect food and he cannot fall into the trap of his boss's wife. He got us and asked for food carrier.

She went near him and with angry eyes asked him to show her his cock. She could see there was a bulge in his lungi and she suddenly went near him and pulled his lungi and saw his beautiful cock of the size of 6 inches standing erect. It was white in color and standing erect at 90 degrees. Ali looked embarassed.

Fathima took a strong grip over his cock and she asked him whether he is using it for any used other than urinating. He did not answer. She asked whether the Haji is sucking it daily. He said yes. She asked is he being fucked in the anus by the Haji. He meakly said. He forcibly took him to the bed room and asked him to fuck her.

Ali standing now without the lungi and an erect cock could not help but do as she says. She lied in the bed and he put his cock in her cunt and pushed in. It went deep in. It was pleasurable to both of them. He started to fuck slowly. The servant girls hearing the shouts of Fathima peeped through the window and door and saw Ali fucking their boss. They were amazed.

Ali went on fucking and fucking and Fathima was building up her orgasm. She asked him to fuck fast and hard. She was getting fucked for the first time after marriage. Instead of being fucked by her husband now she is being fucked by his servant. He was doing a good job and his strong cock went deep inside her and she enjoyed the whole action.

Finally both of them came to their peak and he shot his cum into her and it was a large quantity. Perhaps he is fucking for the first time. Girls watched the whole show and they had their pussies leaking. Ali pulled back and rushed to wash his cock in the bath room.When he returned the food carrier was ready and he rushed to his boss with it. Fathime was still lying in the bed, tired.

Ali fucked her real hard and it gave her great pleasure and she was happy to have so much of sex and his strength make him weak. The girls helped her to go to the bathroom and clean up. She told them that she will see that they fuck them the following day. She was afraid that Ali would have complained to his boss that his wife tried to molest him. But Haji was cool as usual.

He did not talk, just took food and went to sleep. Next when Ali came, Fathima and the servant girls were all ready. Fathima took him directly to the bedroom and asked him to fuck her. He was expecting this and without much demur he undid his lungi and rode on her and started to fuck her. Her cunt was full of the cunt juice and she asked him first to lick her cunt and then fuck.

He bent low and licked her cunt and her clitoris. he drank the juice and he invigorated the clitoris and Fathima was very much aroused. She said ok, now fuck. Ali started to fuck. His cock was tight fitted in her fuck hole and he could feel her internal muscles gripping him. Looking at her beautiful face and smiling at it he started to fuck her.

She could not resist to give him a kiss on his cheeks. She asked him to put his hands on her boobs and squeeze them, which he did. Her orgasm came crashing and she gave a gasp and there it was but Ali went on pumping and pumping. Fathima called one of the girls who was watching the show from the gap of the door to come and lie beside her.

She came and lied near Fathima. She asked Ali to pull out and fuck the girl lying near her. She was a young girl of 19, good looking with big boobs and a shaven cunt. Ali as taught earlier, licked and sucked her boobs and then licked her virgin cunt and the clitoris and then inserted his cock and pushed it.

The girl cried of pain, but Ali apparently enjoying the second catch, inserted his cock fully and started to fuck. Thought the girl complained of pain, Fathima consoled her and the girl started to enjoy the fuck slowly and as Ali went on fucking she enjoyed immensly and gave out loud moans.

In the meantime the second servant girls came inside the bedroom watching the show with the food carier and placed it on the table. Finally Ali got his orgasm and pumped his fluids into the hole of the girl and got up and ran to the bathroom to clean his cock. Fathima told Ali that they had put some extra pieces of meat and fish so that Ali may take them after his boss finishes his meal.

Ali was happy that he gets better stuff to eat. This went on very regularly. First he fucked Fathima and then one of the girls alternatively. Fathima missed her periods. Girls were worried that there will be bad name, because the Haji has not fucked Fathima so far. That day night Fathima went to the bedroom and talked nicely to Haji and took his black cock in her hands and sucked it.

Haji showed interest. She slowly rode him and put his tool in her cunt and fucked from top. Haji was taken by surprise. He enjoyed the fuck and shot his cum into her cunt. Fathima and the girls got regular fucking by Ali and they fed him well. This went on and finally Fathima showed her swollen belly and she could no more take the fucking of Ali.

On the due date she gave birth to a fair coloured boy child. Haji thought it was his child and he distributed sweets to all the people in the shop. Fathima saw that Ali married one of the girls while she continued to work for Fathima. The other girl was married off to a gulf returnee. Ali was happy that he can fuck his wife and his bosses wife regularly.

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Raju having sex with maid Sita

I am Raju, 23, doing my PG in the local college. I had a lot of books to read, collect data, tabulate them and feed them in my laptop to prepare my dessertation. Both my parents were employed. My father took food from his office canteen and my mother used to carry a lunch packet along with her. They used to leave for office by 9 am. We had a servant, Kaveri, 60 to clean and cook.

She used to sweep the floor and mop it and clean the clothes and prepare curries and other food. We used to take non vegetarian food also and Kaveri used to prepare fish in all forms very tastily. Of late she used to bring her daughter, Sita, to help her in her work. Sometimes Sita used to sweep the floor and Kaveri cooked food in the kitchen. I never used to bother about her.

One day when went to the court yard to place some clothes for washing I saw Sita, sniffing at my underwear. I hid behind a door and watched. She took my underwear and took it close to her nose and kept it for a long time. I knew here is a girl with an itchy cunt. Next day when she came to sweep my room, I purposely left my lungi open and allowed my cock to hand between my legs.

Sita was mopping the floor and when she came to mop below the table she must have seen my 7" cock and the ballsack. I noticed she remained them for a few minutes perhaps to take a clear view of my dangling assets. The she moved and I noticed she went away from the room reluctantly. Thereafter I made it a practice to allow my cock exposed to the maximum.

Next day I leaned under the table and noticed that she was taking a closer look at my cock. I caught her and asked her to get up and come near me. She was shy and came and stood near me I took a closer look at her boobs. They were average in size and her ass was round and raised. Without talking anything I put my hand over her ass and pulled her closer.

With the other hand I pressed her boobs. They were hard and she did not resist. She wore only a long skirt and a t shirt. I put my hand underneath her t shirt. She was not wearing any bra. I touched her boobs and her nipples. She gave out a hissing sound and enjoyed my touch. My other hand could feel her panty beneath her skirt.

I just kissed her on her cheeks and on her boobs and allowed her to go. She was learning cooking from her mother and got busy in the kitchen. Next day she came early to clean the floor and mop my room. When she came beneath my table, I signalled her to take my cock in her mouth.

She hesitated, went and looked around and came back and opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth. She obviously does not know the trick of a blowjob. She kept it in her mouth for some time. I asked her to rotate her tongue around it and she did it. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth and she got chocked and coughed and took it out.

I signalled her to come near me and as usual I put my hand underneath her t shirt and pressed her books. She was expecting this and was enjoying my action. I put my other hand underneath her skit and touched her panth over her pussy. She felt tickled and pulled back. I ran my hand around her waist and inserted my hand inside the elastic of her panty and touched her pussy.

There was no hair, but very scanty thin hair. I asked how old she was and she said she is 16. With my forefinger I touched her clitoris. One hand was squeezing her boob and the other hand was meddling with her clitoris. She was very much enjoying with her eyes semi closed. I did not proceed further. I patted on her ass and asked her to go and help her mother.

She ran away to the kitchen. Slowly she became bolder and used to mop the floor very fast and take my cock in her mouth beneath the table. I used to pull her near me and kiss her cheeks and kiss her nipples. She came to me without her panty so that I can touch her pussy and clitoris. She told me she hid her panty in the bathroom. She used to open her legs wide so that I may rub her pussy.

I used to take some hair oil in my hand and rub her pussy in circulatory motion. She used to reach orgasm very fast. She used to kiss me on my cheeks. I resisted from fucking her as she was a virgin and I did not want to take her cherry. I did not want her to know the pleasures of fucking. Sita just limited her enjoyment with my manipulation of her clitoris and her pussy.

She was not shy and used to play with my cock openly. One day her mother told me that she was to go to a doctor and she will go early. Sita will stay for some more time and fry some pieces of fish. I said ok. Sita served me food she made, rice and fish curry and fish fry. I asked her to sit with me and to take.

She said she never took food from our house and she went home to take her food. I said no, from today you take food here and take a parcel for your mother. We both ate our food and I asked her to come to my room and lie down in the bed. She asked me what for. I told her I will show you a trick. She came and lied in my bed. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panty. She did not resist.

I lifted her knees and opened her cunt. It was smelling of urine. I asked her to go and wash it well in the bathroom and come. She came. I leaned over and licked her cunt. She said no, it is dirty. I said just watch and continued to tickle her clitoris with my tongue. She was moaning loudly and with her hand she pushed my head down into her crotch.

Licking and tickling with my tongue she reached her orgasm and pressed her thighs by the side of my head. I asked her how was it. She said it was heavenly. I made her totally naked and I changed to 69 position and my cock was deep into her mouth and I licked her clitoris and tongue fucked her.

We prolonged our action for more than half an hour and when we both reached orgasm, we both were tired. Since it was late Sita rushed home. Her mother came to see me to thank me for the food parcel and told me that she may have to go to the capital to attend the marriage of the daughter of her brother and may not come for three or four days.

She wanted to take Sita with her, but Sita refused to go and told her that the food problem of the our whole family. I telephoned my mother that Kaveri will not be available for three or four days and that her daughter, Sita will be there, but she will have to stay with us. My mother said it is ok. Finally her mother said she will go alone. Sita came back and hugged me and kissed me.

I found she had only one spare set of clothes. I took her to a mall and bought for her four sets of skirts, blouses and churidar and pyjama sets. I bought her fresh under garments and bra etc. Sita said she will sleep with me in my cot and we will sleep like husband and wife. I told her foolish girl, my mother and father will come in the evening. They will not allow you to sleep with me.

You will have to sleep in the kitchen. She said ok. When my mother came from work in the evening, Sita went to her and touched her feet. My mother was overwhelmed and blessed her. My mother asked her whether she can sleep in the kitchen. Sita said there are lot of cockroaches in the kitchen and she was afraid of them.

Ok, Mother said you sleep on the floor in the Raju's room and gave her a mattress. I was surprised at the ingenuity of Sita. Once the supper is over, Sita cleans up the kitchen and takes a wash. Once my parents go to their bedroom and close the door, she will come to my room, remove all her clothes and become totally naked and hug me.

She will lie over me taking my cock in her mouth and push her cunt in my mouth. The following four days we enjoyed to the maximum. Even without fucking we could enjoy sex. I showed her a pornographic site in the laptop. She was surprised to see a scene of fucking. She wondered how a big cock could enter a cunt. She wanted me to make my cock enter her cunt.

I said I dont want to break her seal. Even without fucking we are enjoying now. She said she just wanted to try once. I said no. When her mother came she went reluctantly home. We continued our fuckless sex for one more year. In the meantime she had a marriage proposal and her mother wanted some financial help from our mother. Mother gave her money and clothes and she got married.

She did not come for work for about three months. Her husband was working in state govt office and he was transferred to a distant city. She told him that she cannot leave her mother. Her husband agreed to her staying with her mother and he went alone for work. Sita came for work as her mother was very weak.

She wanted to continue our sex relationship, but I was hesitant since she is the wife of some body. She told me that she did not enjoy sex with her husband as much as she enjoyed with me. Finally I had to give in and fuck her deeply on a afternoon. Sita said her husband's cock was small in size and he cannot fuck for longer period. We continued our relationship for a long time, till my getting my PG and get a placement abroad.

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Gayathri Priya gang bang sex with servants

My friend’s name is Gayathri Priya and we call her Gayu. She is from Bangalore aged 22, single, good physique, 5’4″, weight 58 kg, 34 sized big and round boobs, big and protruding ass even at the age of 22. She was earlier very shy but later on became monster in sex. She had a boyfriend named Ashish.

She got into my touch through a common friend and we became good friends too. She used to share all her feelings with me. After talking to me her shyness evaporated and she became more and more bold and ended up having sex with her boyfriend too. This is story is not of her sex with her boy friend but her later tryst with her servant at home.

Her boyfriend had got some job in another city and had shifted to Mumbai leaving her alone. He promised to come back soon and marry her. But since she had tasted the forbidden fruit of sex she slowly became addicted to sex. She couldn’t tolerate the demand of her body’s sexual desires. She got fed up of fingering herself to satisfy her urge which was growing day by day.

She had family help or servant by the name of Sultan(name changed) whom she started fancying after having seen his erect cock while he was sleeping and his lungi was crumpled. His cock was not less than 8 inch long. She felt the urge to kiss his cock and suck it. She was thinking how to seduce the guy. She started getting sleepless thinking of cock and nothing but cock.

And slowly her full attention turned to Sultan her servant aged 38, well built, 5’10 height and dark complexion. She discussed with me how to seduce him. I guided her very well and due course we made up a plan to seduce him. She purposely used to sleep with her room’s door open at night and even in daytime.

When no one was at home she would wear the skimpiest dress and expose her body to him. He would secretly watch her actions but did not dare to make any move. Then I asked to make further move. She tried many tricks but failed. One day she stood before him and bent so her ass brushed his front. She felt a stirring in his loins but suddenly he moved from that place.

She tried giving him glimpses of her cleavages; she caught him ogling at her boobs. She felt happy for getting desired effect but when she looked at his face again he shifted his glance. She desperately wanted his attention which she was not getting. She discussed all this with me. I asked her to try again and again.

One day when no on was at home she left her room’s door open wore small skirt without panty and lose t shirt without bra. She lay on the floor and yelled aloud and acted as if she got hurt, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………………..oh goddddddddddddd..helpppppppppppppp mmmmmeeeee…Sultan bhai are you there.”

Sultan came running to her room and asked, “What happened to you Gayu? Why are you crying?” He was wearing lungi and bare bodied. As he was busy in work his body was glowing due to sweat. She said, “I fell down from bed and have hurt myself. It is very paining. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh……… Help me. Lift me and place me on the bed.”

Sultan lifted her up……..She caught his shoulders and clung to his muscular body. She purposely began pressing her boobs on his bare shoulders. He felt her hardening nipples on his bare flesh. His body was giving out body odour due to sweat but she liked it as if it was perfume for her. When a woman is in sexual trance man’s sweat is the best aphrodisiac for her.

Her head was spinning due to the heady atmosphere. Her lips were brushing his hairy chest. His hairy armpits were full of sweat. Then he lay her on the bed and asked, “How is it now Gayu? Call a doctor?” And he handed her the phone and went to fetch glass of water for her. She took the phone and acted as if she was talking to doctor, “Yes doctor saab, I fell on the floor and am suffering from acute pain.

What shall I do now? Ok yes I have that balm. Ok Ok I will rub it on the affected part. What time will you come? In the evening? Oh ok ok. Fine. Bi.” She called Sultan and said, “The doctor is busy he will come later. He has told me what to do for the time being. I will take medicine and rub some balm on the affected area. Please bring the medicine chest from the almirah.”

Sultan brought the desired box. She took the tablet and water. Then she asked, “Sultan will you rub the balm on my leg as I can’t bend my back.” Saying this she lay back on the bed lifted her leg and placed it on her knee. This way her skirt got raised and her thighs were visible to Sultan. Sultan reluctantly agreed to rub balm as he was getting erection seeing her smooth thighs.

He was unable to hide his erection. He applied balm on her knees. He rubbed balm on the inner and outer knees with trembling hands. After few moments he wanted to leave before things got out of hands but Gayu asked him to move a little closer and rub balm on her upper thigh portion. He applied balm on her upper thighs.

Gayu was deliberately shaking her knees and legs and in doing so her skirt kept on moving up and up. Her skirt had almost bunched up near her crotch. Now Sultan could easily see her crotch area her clean shaved pussy. He was finding it very hard to hide his emotions and erection. Gayu had her eyes close so she was not seeing the torture that Sultan was going through.

He wanted to leave but Gayu asked him to move his hands a little further, “Please rub a little upward…….Yes yes ………I am having pain there also………….rub your hands more gently and massage the balm. HHHhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm…….lovely Sultan bhai. Aaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm.”

Now Sutan’s hands had almost reached her pussy area. He could feel the heat. He was having clear view of her smooth and silky cunt. He was amazed to see her shaved cunt which was a new thing to him. His wife never shaved her pussy. She had big bush there. His heart beat was rising beyond control. He was unable to control further.

He looked at Gauy’s face to gather her expressions but her eyes were closed and she was enjoying his touch. She was waiting for him to take any further move. He was in two minds whether to move away as always or take up the opportunity being provided. He thought, “Let me flow with the tide. What ever happens I am not at blame.

As no one is home it is wonderful opportunity. This means she is also interested in sex.” Then he purposely kept his hands on her inviting cunt. She let out a gasp and made a sudden movement. He got scared and removed his hands. Gayu enjoyed the touch till then and got the signal that Sultan is ready for it. She opened her eyes and her gaze stuck at his noticeable erection.

He was trying hard to hide it from her but she loved his erection. She extended her hands and placed it on his erection from above the lungi he was wearing. Now he got an electric shock from her touch. He tried to remove her hand but she pressed her hand hard on his erection. Within seconds his erection reached its desired hardness.

She began fondling his erection and jerking a little too. Now Sultan also began rubbing his palm on her smooth cunt the gateway to heaven. He felt her cunt warm and wet. He inserted his middle finger in her wet hole and rubbed further. This was bringing her to her sexual pinnacle. She removed her t shirt and skirt immediately and became nude before him.

Then she knelt before him and pulled his lungi making him nude waist down. His cock was hard as pole saluting her. She pulled back the foreskin and planted a kiss on the tip. It gave out smell of fresh urine. Maybe he did not wipe his cock after urinating. She gave out a loud moan, “Hhmmmmmmmm. Lovely piece of meat here.” She licked the tip with her tongue which tasted salty.

She asked, “Is your cock long and HARD now? I want to SUCK your swollen cock-head and tickle your balls…..uuuunnnnngghhhhhhsuckkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing your cock nowwww. Oh yaaah my darling COCK………suckkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing your cock nowwww” She licked the eye and began sucking the cock head.

She engulfed the thick head and sucked and licked as if it was ice cream……………She swiped the tip with her tongue making him jump with joy. He also did not want to miss the game. So he began fondling her boobs and nipples. Her nipples were as hard as berry. He closed his eyes and began feeling her mouth on his cock. She began bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock.

When he was about to shoot his sperm he pushed her away. She got the message and stepped back. She also wanted him to shoot his cum in her cunt which was waiting for such assault since Ashish left her. Then she lay on the bed and motioned him to come forward on her body. He dashed at her naked body and began licking it. She was enjoying to the fullest.

Each inch in her body had a life of its own. He was licking her entire body from toe to head and from ass to navel. He licked her armpits leaving a trail of wet saliva behind. Although he was a villager he was very good in foreplay. Then he licked her neck and back. Then he reached her ass cheeks and began licking it. He even bit her cheek flesh making her scream. She loved each and every trick he played on her body.

She was moaning, “Yes yes lick my body……..make me feel like I am in heaven……….lick every corner of my naked body. Lick my ass hole.” Then he inserted his tongue in her ass hole and licked her. She loved it. He began swiping his tongue in the ass crack. Her ass gave a musky smell. He liked the sweaty taste.

He inserted deep in her hole, now he was able to lick her inner hole. She lifted her body to get closer. Then he saw her cunt crack totally vulnerable to his tongue only few inches away from his mouth. It was quivering and inviting him to suck it. He watched the trembling lips of her pussy. He had never sucked a cunt before not even of his wife. He could not control any further and began licking her cunt lips.

He was swiping his tongue from ass crack to cunt crack and again back to ass crack. The portion between her legs was wet due to his saliva mixed with her wetness. He sucked the cunt lips from behind. Each tongue stroke made her twitch with lust. Then she turned over so she was now facing Sultan.

She said, “Look Sultan, look at my cunt. I am soooooo wet…..Lick me here…..suck my cunt see it is trembling for your tongue…..” Hearing this Sultan began sucking her cunt lips. He sucked her both lips which were swollen due to his wild sucking. He was treating her like a rag doll. He began biting her cunt lips. She was twisting and turning on the bed due to lust. He located her clit.

He first licked it then began sucking. She was rotating in ecstasy. Then let out a scream as he bit her clit, “Ooooooooooooohhhh…aaaammmmmmaaaaaaa…………..yooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu killed meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..Get off me now….now fuck and lick me with your big cock…” But he continued his assault on her cunt. Suddenly he felt her cunt muscles quiver, he knew she was about to cum.

He pressed his face harder on her cunt. She clasped her thighs on his ears and pulled him closer. He could barely breathe. Gayu hollered, “Oooohhhhhh… aaaaaaaaaa… Aaaaammmm…I am cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg.” Her cunt erupted with her love juice. Then she cummed on his face, throwing out lot of liquid love juice.

He loved the taste of her juice as it was the first time he was sucking any cunt. He had never sucked his wife’s cunt before. He never knew sucking cunt can bring a woman to such a joy. He licked each and every drop provided by her. She hugged him tight and felt his hard cock on her tummy. She desperately wanted him to fuck her, wanted to feel his hot and hard cock inside her cunt.

She caught his cock in her hands and said, “I need your huge pulsating cock in my pussy now … come fuck me…..Tear my cunt with your monster tool. Get on my body and ravage it.” Sultan placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed really hard as he was also getting restless by the passing of time. He had never waited so much to fuck his wife before.

This experience was awesome for hm. He only believed in lifting saree inserting his cock in dry cunt and ejaculate and sleep off. Never had he done any foreplay before. Surprisingly for Gayu he did foreplay so well. His thrust pushed his cock deep inside as her cunt was wet and pulsating for him. Gayu got jerk in her body due to the forceful thrust. She loved the force with which he pushed.

She was pushed too back a little. She loved the savage force he was using on her. He began pumping her cunt with his long tool. He began biting her nipples leaving red marks everywhere. Her boyfriend had never used such brute power. He was hitting her pelvic with tremendous force making her gasp for air each time he hit her. She was not able to match his stroke with her return stroke.

She was jerking her body madly to enjoy his pumping. His teeth marks were like sweet kiss to her. She realized women also like being treated like a rag doll. Her eyes rolled up as she felt his cock expanding in length and thickness in her cunt. Maybe it was drinking her love juice too. She was jerking her body in the same rhythm as him.

She began calling his name and instructing, “Hit me HARDEEEEEEEERRRRR… FASTEEERRRRRRRR !!! Aaaaauuuuuggggggggggggg… uuuuuuunnnnggghhhhhhhh… aaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa.” His breathe was getting erratic while pumping her hard. He inserted his finger in her ass hole. She gasped due to the sudden invasion.

But in few seconds her sphincter muscles allowed easy passage to his finger. He began finger fucking her ass hole while fucking her pussy. Gayu was enjoying her double assault and began saying, “Ye yes yes………….FUCK my ass hole deepeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… .aaaooommmaaahhhhh !!!

…my ass hole wants to SUCK your cock too… oooooooooooooooooooooooooo……….my pussy is so wet !!! Oh fuck me dear Sultan…….Fuck me fuck me.” Her words brought up Sultan’s climax nearer. He increased the speed of his thrust. His cock was touching her cervix. He informed her, “I am about to cum…..where shall I cum?”

She replied, “In my pussy you stud. Your thrusts have made it hot and your semen’s will soothe it like a balm. Cum inside me.” Hearing this he arched his back and in one final thrust impaled her deep and then shot his cum inside her filling her hole with it. He cummed in her pussy in spurts.

She also cummed along with him this being her second orgasm in the evening, “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhho..I am cumming too……..Ooohhhhhhhh dear.” She held him tight as if to churn out entire sperm from him. His each drop was consumed. He got from her body fully drenched with sweat and fully satisfied. He had never been so much satisfied before by his wife.

Today he learnt joy of cunt sucking. Gayu also was satisfied her cunt had been watered after so many days. She fell into deep slumber after two earth shattering climaxes within 30 mins. But Sultan could not sleep. He had different ideas in his mind. He went out in the garden and pondered. Suddenly he got what he wanted.

He called the gardener(Anoop) and the driver(Rahim) on phone and asked them to reach the house immediately. They arrived within minutes with local alcoholic drink. They drank to their fill. Then Sultan told them what happened with him in the house with his Gayu. All of them became hot and hard hearing that and the effect of alcohol was drawing on them too.

They urged Sultan to allow them to fuck her too, “Sultan Bahi let us also fuck that slut. You help us in fucking her and I will let you fuck my wife. Even I will help you to fuck my wife if she doesn’t let you touch her. See Rahim is also ready to let you fuck his wife. You will get two more women to fuck if you help us to fuck your Gayu.”

Sultan said, “No no it is very risky. I will fall into trouble guys and they will kill me. She is very hot and sexy and has very good figure. I will fuck her daily and enjoy her tight hole. Which I will stand to lose if she complains to police.” Rahim said, “See, but in return you will get two more cunts to fuck. If you succeed you will get three cunt and if she complains still you will get two holes here.

And if she complains you can say she invited you to fuck her.” Sultan agreed after both of them promised they will let him fuck their wives in return if he help them to fuck Gayu plus they offered one bottle of foreign liquor which they had stolen from their owner’s house. This was an offer Sultan could not reject. He said, “wait I will go inside and check if she is still sleeping.

Then you guys come inside.” He went inside and came back in few minutes and said, “Good luck she is still sleeping and is in nude.” Hearing this, their mouth started watering. They rushed inside to see her nude body. They saw her fully nude smiling in dreams. They immediately had hard on seeing her nude body so vulnerable to them.

Sultan locked the main door for safety if anyone comes they have time to escape. He thought of a plan that if anyone comes he will rush them out from back door and tied in ropes and say some robbers came and tied him up but he knew it will not be required. Meanwhile the other two went near her and were ogling her nudity. Sultan stopped them from molesting her.

He brought honey from kitchen and poured it on her entire body and asked them to lick it. He said, “Lick her body and clean it with your tongue but not touch her body without my permission nor press her breasts till I tell you.” They removed their dress and became fully nude. They got on their fours and began licking her nude body.

Meanwhile Gayu felt sweet sensation on her body due to the tongue work, she was having nice dream of being fucked by her boy friend. But when she opened her eyes she was surprised to see that her body was being licked by two nude men with huge erections and Sultan standing behind them.

She tried to scream fearing she has been attacked by robbers but Sultan kept his hands on her mouth to stop her from screaming. He said, “Don’t shout. They are my friends. I have called them to service you. We have taken your nude photos on this mobile and will show to your family/friends and even make blue film of it. I have a friend who does these things.

(Although he had not taken any photo he just wanted to threaten her.)” He waved his mobile to her. She kept quiet but asked him to leave her and go. Her nude body was being ravaged by the two strangers. But he was in no mood to leave. He felt he could take control of her now. So he went at her foot side and began rubbing her cunt to cool her down.

This along with the body licking of the other two guys had magical effect on her. She calmed down a lot. Rahim was licking her armpits now and Anoop was licking her navel while Sultan was licking her cunt lips. She was treated by three tongues at once. This was just the beginning as she was to have three cocks same time.

Now Rahim was sucking her left nipple and Anoop was sucking the other one. She was now too hot and wanted more action. She held Rahim’s cock which was thicker than Sutan’s and began jerking. He stood up and placed it at her mouth. She got the message and began lickng his cock head. While Sultan was sucking her clit making her more excited.

She was enjoying her life had changed within few hours. She was having three cocks which was unthinkable few days ago. She began bucking her torso up to capture Sultan’s mouth. She had one mouth on her cunt one on her breast and she had one cock in her mouth. This mouth work was too much for her. She clenched her thighs tightly on Sultan’s ears.

He knew she was about to cum. He bit her clit in excitement. She cummed in flashes, “Oooooooooowwwwwwwwwww……………….aaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa.” She wet his face with her juice. He loved her taste. He got up and motioned Anoop to take his place at her cunt while she was sucking Rahim’s cock.

Anoop got up and Sultan started sucking her nipple. Anoop placed his cock at her cunt’s mouth. He waited for nano seconds to gather breath and pushed in. it was first time he was fucking anyone other than his wife that also a young bird. Seeing this Rahim began jerking his body at her mouth as if mouth fucking her.

She began jerking her body. She was very slow to regain her excitement as she had just cummed third time in one evening. But once gained she started pushing her body up to meet his thrusts. Rahim reached his orgasm and said, “I am about to cum where you want me to cum.” Gayu pointed at her breast.

Hearing this he wanted to remove his cock from her mouth but Sultan held him there making him shoot in her mouth. He couldn’t control and cummed entire sperm in her mouth. And Gayu drank all the liquid without spilling. She never drank her boyfriend’s cum before. She used to remove his cock before he cummed. Now she drank driver’s cum and surprisingly she liked.

Rahim’s wife had never kissed his cock what to say about sucking and drinking cum. So he enjoyed this experience. Meanwhile Anoop increased his speed of fucking. Suddenly Sultan saw Anoop’s face changing expression he understood he was about to cum. He asked, “Yes yes anoop cum in this slut’s hole flood her hole with your cum make her pregnanat.”

She said, “No no no….dont make me pregnant. Cum outside.plz………” Not listening to her cry he cummed inside her cunt and Anoop flooded her cunt. She also cummed with him. This being her fourth orgasm that evening. Now Sultan said, “Let us change positions. I will fuck her virgin ass. Rahim will fuck her cunt and Anoop will fuck her mouth. Three in one fuck for her.

Never heard never seen never experienced.” Gayu was not ready to have her butt seal broken. She got up from bed and started running towards bathroom. Rahim caught her and brought her to bed. He began abusing her, “Saali slut, after such a nice fuck you are running away. We will not let you go until we have satisfied ourselves. You know we have your nude photos in mobile.

Lie down and let us enjoy.” Gayu had no choice but to lie down and enjoy. She closed her eyes and wept on her position for which she was responsible. Sultan asked, “Rahim you lay down on bed with your dirty cock raised up in air. She will sit on it impaling your cock in her cunt. I will insert mine from back in her ass.” Gayu though she will die if that fat cock was inserted in her ass hole.

Rahim lay on bed as instructed. They lifted Gayu in hands and lowered her on his erect cock. Her wet and well lubricated cunt easily impaled the cock. She felt his cock going in almost touching her cervix. God they had big sized cocks. When she had his cock fully in her cunt, she lay still. Sultan asked them to start fucking motion. This way her mind drifted from the impending anal ravage.

Then he brought a bottle of coconut oil and smeared it on his cock. Then he inserted a large amount in her anus. He was trying to lubricate her anal entry. Meanwhile Rahim was thrusting his pelvis from below. His action was too hard and savage type. He was not caring for Gayu’s feeling or body demands but fucking from below. Sultan inserted his finger in her anus to open her hole.

She let out a big scream. Anoop turned around and placed his ass on her mouth. He parted the ass cheeks and asked, “Lick my ass, whore………..Insert your tongue inside and lick it. Taste the piece of ass.” She was disgusted to hear this………….Lick an ass hole…Eekhhhhhhhhh…She waved her head in a negative fashion. She had never licked an ass hole but she had no choice.

So she opened her mouth and began licking his ass. She liked the smell and taste of his anus. She rolled her tongue into round and inserted in his ass hole. She began rimming his ass while Sultan was fingering her asshole. She repeated the actions what Sultan was performing on her anus. Sultan inserted two fingers in her anal entry.

She screamed and in that bit Anoop’s ass cheek leaving her teeth marks. Immediately Anoop slapped her and placed his dirty cock in her mouth. The cock had not been cleaned or wiped after he had cummed in Gayu’s cunt so it was coataed with cum and her cunt juice smeared on it. She got both taste at once …her cunt juice’s and Anoop’s cum taste. She mumbled and kept quiet.

Sultan kept on rimming her anal hole with oil and made sure it is well lubricated for his cock. Rahim did not stop his fucking motion for one second. He was continuously fucking her from beneath. Sultan pushed his cock in her anal hole. She let out a scream despite of a cock in her mouth. She felt as if she was torn into two parts by the thrust.

Imagine the scene, Gayu had one cock in mouth one in her cunt and one in her ass. She never ever had dreamt of such savage sex. The two guys who had their cocks in her cunt and ass were pumping like mad men. She was freaking out due to the treatment. Her body was being torn constantly into two. But slowly the pain began to subside and she began enjoying it.


Tear my cunt and ass hole make me your slut………………………….Yeah.” She could barely speak while she was saying this her mouth was closed by Anoop’s cock. Sultan was banging her ass with his fat cock and so was Rahim banging her cunt in rhythm. They would both withdraw their cock at once.

When she would feel her inside being empty then they would push at the same time ramming her like piston. She would squeal with pleasure. Her three holes were filled at one time. Her whole body was shaking with excitement and lust. She was enjoying it and wanted it to continue for ever.

After 15 minutes or so Rahim said, “I am cumming…………..take my seeds you bitch…take my water…aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhh……mmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuu.” And hearing this Anoop also felt stirring her loins. He said, “I am also cumminggggggggggggggggg…Drink my cum…you slut…drink each drop… aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm… uuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffff.”

Saying this he also cummed and Gayu had her fifth orgasm of the evening along with Sultan who emptied his ball in her ass canal. Her anal canal was filled with Sultan’s cum. He removed his cock and saw semens oozing out from her hole. Thus all her holes were filled with cum. Gayu also enjoyed her three way penetration.

Then they took her to the bathroom and wiped her clean in the shower. Again she sucked all of them in the shower. Thus the best day in her life came to end. She could daily have Sultan’s cock for herself. His big, fat and black cock and two more cocks all for herself. This is the story of Gayu and Sultan Bhai. If you like the story, mail your comments.

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Jameela getting fucked by horny Rahim

Jameela was only 18, but her boobs were big and her thigh were hulky and she was going to the house of haji sait for work. Her mother was a divorcee and sick and cannot do any heavy work and Jameela has to go for work to bring food for herself and her mother. Haji sait was a good man and helped her financially whenever she was in need of money.

But his Rahim had an eye on Jameela. Rahim was just a boy of 18 studying in college. He caught her twice and told her what he wanted. But Jameela told him that he is too young for sex and he has to grow up at least another two years. Otherwise it will hurt his health. But Rahim was not listening. He said he is fed up of masturbating and wanted her to teach him how to fuck.

But there were always people around and she could not go with him to teach him what he wanted to learn. Once he showed her his cock, which was of the size of an adult cock fully grown. She was terribly tempted on seeing his cock. Poor Jameela was exploited by her stepfather from young age. He used to sodomize her.

But he will bring for her nice biryani daily and hence she tolerated him. Her mother also became sick and she was made to go for work as a domestic help. She moved from house to house and now finally she is in the house of haji sait who was a good man. But young Rahim was troubling her. His young and big cock was very attractive to her.

So far she had been exploited only by old people She wanted a young stock cock to enter her at least once. She did not mind spending some time with Rahim alone, but there were too many people around that she cannot meet Rahim. Rahim also understood the problem. One day there was a marriage in the family and all went to attend the marriage.

In the normal course they wont return before evening. Jameela was asked to stay back till any of them return by evening. Rahim heard this. He said to himself that this is the day he has to take maximum advantage otherwise it will not come again. Rahim went along with them but returned very soon. He entered the house and bolted it from inside and rushed to meet Jameela.

Pulling her hand he ran upstairs to his room. She also knew the need for hurry. Luckily Jameela preserved the freshness of her youth in her face and in her cunt. Rahim fell for her because of her looks. As soon as they entered his room he pushed her into his bed and pulled her legs up and widened them to see her pussy. he pushed her petty coat up and saw her hair shrouded pussy.

Rahim just buried his face into her pussy and his tongue was licking her cunt crazily. Jameela was enjoying sex now. Otherwise she used to suffer in sex. This boy is giving her very great pleasure. Her cunt hair was obstructing his view. He did not know what clitoris is, but his tongue was hitting it constantly. Jameela was very much aroused and was moaning.

The more she moaned more enthusiastic was Rahim. With fingers of both of his hands he opened her cunt lips and licked the whole area and she was reaching her orgasm. Her whole body shuddered and shook. Rahim stopped suddenly and undressed and took out his cock. Jameela got up, took his cock in her hands and kissed it and sucked it for some time.

Rahim was enjoying it very much. She then put the cock in her cunt and pulled him so that he may make a full entry. It was tight. It was long time since she had a good fuck. She asked Rahim to fuck her. Rahim did it in a fast pace. Poor Jameela got her second orgasm and he was going on in his fucking. Finally he also got his orgasm and it synchronized with hers.

They both went to the bathroom and washed their private parts and she asked Rahim how it was. He said it was very good. They fucked two more times. Last time she made him lie down and she got on him and fucked him from top. It was enjoyed by both of them. He kissed her cheeks, her thighs and her cunt and hurriedly he went out to join the lunch in the marriage house.

After his lunch he brought a parcel for Jameela full of mutton and chicken pieces. After Jameela finished eating, they fucked again. Rahim was happy because it was Jameela who asked for fucking. He enjoyed the cow girl fucking. He was pressing her dangling boobs. and with one finger he used to massage her clitoris. In the meantime she had taught him the functions of clitoris.

Many of the guests who stayed in their house had gone and finally only Rahim's father, haji sait and mother were left. Rahim and Jameela had more time for sex. Rahim used to spend on her lavishly. He bought a new house for her to stay. Her mother was treated and her ailments were all cured.

He engaged some other lady to work in the house and Rahim treated Jameela as his wife. He used to go to her house and fuck her there. He wanted to marry her, but she said it is not possible since she was elder to him. She told him that she will not marry and be always ready for sex for him.

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Raj first time sexperience with maid Shabana

Hii Guys, This is Raj from Lucknow UP. I am a average guy with a average tool but with a huge appetite for sex.This is the story of my first sexual encounter where I had sexual intercourse with a women pretty much older then me and a Maid servant at our house.

I am now 33 years old and this incidence happened when I was around 20. Our maid was of around 54 years. Hers Tits and ass were pretty curvy and huge. She had 40 D Boobs and the ass to go with it. Her name was Shabana. Although old enough she was a jovial lady with a sense of humor.

Always joking and larger then life lady she had beautiful eyes and smile which complimented her nature. On the contrast I was a studious lad, a bit on the shy side and always busy with my studies. My monotony and schedule made me some what a loner, and I use to satisfy my sexual urges by jerking off late at night when everyone was asleep.

Let me tell you this that I have an average wiener measuring just 5.5 Inches when erect but on a thicker side and I literally pee cum, streams by streams & spurts by spurts. At that time I was somewhat embarrassed by the volume I use to shoot. Apart from the volume what amused be more was the thickness of cum. It was very thick and glue like, white in color.

Anyways off late I stumbled upon the fine art of pornography and it was like I had discovered heaven. Watching porn and jerking off to it became my favorite pass time. Eventually it made me even more horny.

Owing to this hornyness I started looking at females with a different perspective, I began mingling with the neighborhood girls, attempting to woo them for a sexual encounter but use to fail miserably. However my efforts were quietly being observed my shabana aapa. Now shabana was the one who use to take care of our household laundry also.

This began when my family went away for vacations for 10 days and I was left alone in the house under over watch of shabana. She would cook meals for me & took care of my daily needs. As usual she would take her time joking with me and making me laugh. On the second day since the folks left I was really horny in the night and began watching a raunchy porn.

My dick was rock hard and the lucknow summers were at their cruelest. Since I was alone in the house I undressed my self and layed down my clothes near the bed, watching porn and jerking my cock lubricated with olive oil. As the stud in the movie came all over the tits of the slut I also spilled by seed all over my belly.

It was close to 3 AM and a saturday plus no one was at home so I became a little careless and wiped cum off with my shorts. The shorts were soiled with semen mixed with oil and had a pretty sizable cum spot on them but I didn't gave a shit about it and left it on the floor, wore my french cut red colored underwear and slept.

I woke up to the door bell ringing and it was shabana aapa. I was so sleepy that I forgot that I have opened the door only in my underwears. Shabana saw me and bursted out in a laugh saying "lagta hay Garmi Bahut Lag Rahe hay aapko " to which I didnt reply anything and went straight to my room and slept for another 15 minutes while shabana was preparing tea & breakfast for me.

I came back to my senses after waking up properly and straight away jetted towards bath room for shower and other morning stuff which everyone must do throwing away my shorts,t-shirt and underwear in the laundry bag. I had a nice shower then wore a towel and t-shirt and came down to dining table for my breakfast.

While having breakfast shabana asked me if I was feeling too hot in the night. I said yes the weather is too hot on which she replied that the weather is hot and so is your age, laughed and went to collect the laundry giving a small friendly pat on my shoulder.

I also finished my breakfast and was moving towards my room when shabana aapa intercepted me in between with the laundry bag in her hand. For the first time she said some thing very sultry to me which made my cock move in the towels. She said "in kapdo mein kuch toh hay mardo wali bu aa rahee hay", I was a little embarrassed, by that time she had not taken a look at my clothes,

she stood there talking to me and took out my tshirt and said "ye toh theek hay" then she took out my shorts and was a bit confused and asked naughtly " isme kya poch diya zanaab" I stood there smiling, then came the moment of truth, she took out my red underwear and started feeling it from the outside, I was almost red with embarrassment.

She felt the dick area from outside and it was a bit rough due to dried up cum, but was not visible from the outside due to the color of the underwear. She looked inside and found a huge dried blob of my man seed, then she took the shorts in other hand and smelled them smiling very naughtily.

She said " Garmi nikalana shuru kar de huzoor nay" I said "Jane do na, ho jata hay" then she replied " ye apne app toh nahin hua hay, hantho ka istmal kiya hay aapne, aisa mat kiya karo sehat kay liye accha nahi hota, isko toh aurat kay andar nikala karo" I said mene aaj tak nahi dala aurat kay andar.

On this she asked me to show her my cock. Which I did by removing my towel. My dick had shrunken due to embarrassment and was looking like a small nut. Watching the condition of my dick shabana laughed and said " ye to chup kay so rha hay, isko jagate hu, aap aaram say kursee par beth jao" which I obeyed like a man under spell.

She then went on to lock all the doors and came back and removed her kurta and bra. Then she came directly to me and like a hungry bitch in heat took my cock in her mouth and sucked it as if I had stuck my cock in a vacuum cleaner. I let out a little shriek and she loosened the grip a little bit. One benefit of having an average cock is that ladies can completely take it in their mouths.

Then my cock got fully erect. she said "chota hay aapka par theek ho jaye ga " she pulled my foreskin back and held it tightly and started making circles at the cock head which send shivers down my spine. I said "aapa nikal jay ga" She replied "chinta mat karo tazurba hay, lo ruk gaye, mere nipples ko chuso tumhara aur tang ho kar khada ho ga tab isko mere chut mein daalna",

I follwed her instructions and stared to lick and suck her big brown nipples, she was moaning a little and jerking my cock a little while holding its base tightly. After a while she removed her pajamas and panties showed me her clean shaved cunt. "chato issey dheere dheere tab ye ache say gili aur garam hogee tumhara lund ko lene kay liye"

I did and trust me guys it was yummy, damn clean with slight aroma and salty taste, I just fell in love with the taste of the women and developed fetish for licking pussy. After she became completely warmed up and wet she held my cock in her hand and moved to bed room. There she lay on the bed and opened her legs and positioned my cock on the entrance of her cunt.

"ye lo dalo " I did then she said "pura daal kar thodi der mehsus karo aaurat ke garmi" I was really enjoying the heat of her fuck hole. "ab andar bahar karo tezee say" I started pumping her cunt with speed. I felt the pressure building in my cock and balls and conveyed the same to shabana " aapa niklaney waala hay" she said "andar he nikalo " and then I exploded in her like I never did while jerking my cock with my own hand.

I came as usual in huge amounts and withdrew my cock from her vagina. A thick stream of semen flowed from her cunt. She put in a finger to check the stuff and was amazed " ye toh pure baag mein phool uga de, itna saara beej, 5 aauroto ko maa bananey kay liye bhe kam na pade",

she had not cummed and I asked her aapko nai aana to which she replied next time right now she is enjoying my sticky seed in her baby hole. I said ok and then she licked my cock clean and washed it nicely and told me not to masturbate and to let her know when I need to shoot my load.

Well guys this is my first vaginal adventure story... Please let me know your views on the same, will help me in posting more.

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Raju having exxciting sex with maid Sudha

Once I joined a new IT company. They gave me house, car etc. But no work. They were to set up their office and do some more recruitment till then I was free, just roaming around and take food in good restaurants etc. I am Raju, with PG qualifications in IT and management and specialization in SAP.

The company simply wanted to hold me on paying whatever salary I asked for. They never said I may have to share my flat with anybody else and hence I lived like monarch. I never met any other apartment owners/tenants, but I needed somebody to clean my flat. I just met a girl in the staircase, a good looking able bodied girl, When I asked she readily agreed and we came to an understanding about wages also.

She said she will come at 11 and do the work. She came at 11, Sudha, very ablebodied girl, with ample boobs, big thighs and ass. I told her to sweep the floor thoroughly and them mop the floor. She asked me to buy a good mop and the one available is worn out. My own clothes were very few and washing them was easy. I noticed her examining my underwear and sniffing at them.

I thought she wanted to detect any smell of semen or dried semen. She cleaned the walls of all cobwebs and changed the bedsheet and pillow cover and spread new ones. Every time she leaned I could see her cleavage and enjoyed the scene. She asked me when my wife is likely to come. I told her I am not married. Suddenly she looked up at my face.

I asked her whether she can bring me food from the hotel. She said why hotel, there is somebody who makes good home made food, I will bring it from him. I asked about her. She said she is unmarried and that she takes food from the houses where she works. I asked her where does she stay.

She looked at my face and said her house is far off and she cannot go there every day. She stays in any of the houses she works and then goes home once in a week to meet her mother. Then why dont you stay in my house also one night, I will give you bed and everything. She laughed and said how can I stay when there is no other woman here.

What of that, is there is no woman does not matter, I am here, I will give you bed and we can share food you bring. She asked you like non vegetarian food. I said yes very much. She said none of the people she worked liked non veg and hence she has to take only veg food every day. I told her bring fish curry, fish fry, chicken thanduri we will have nice lunch today.

Her face lit up and said I will run and place order and come. I will go and bring it when it is ready. I went around and saw that her work in my flat is almost over. I have taken some bread and egg for breakfast. She has cleaned everything. I will go and finishe my bath and wait for lunch to come. Sudha did not come for two hours. I thought she would have gone to work with other flats.

Suddenly at 1 pm she rang my bell and when I opened she brought the food carrier and plates. I told her to spread it on the table. She said she will eat later. I said no we will eat together. She laid the plates and served the food. The food aroma was excellant. She served the food and I made her to sit with me and take food. I saw her closeby. She was indeed very good.

I just felt like touching her boob. Her thigh was almost touching mine. Two three times I touched her thigh to draw her attention. I relished the food and she too. Within a short time only the bones and fish bones remained. I had my stomach ful and she too ate well. I got up and washed my hands and she also washed her hands and the plates and the vessel.

I called her closer and planted a kiss on her cheeks for getting me good food. And again kissed on her lips for sitting with me and eating. She responded well and she sucked my lip. I just ran my hand over her boob and ass. She hugged me and was going on sucking my llips and tongue. I cut it and asked her how much to pay for the food. She brought the bill from inside her blouse.

I paid her about Rs.10 extra and asked her to come and prepare tea in the afternoon and to bring supper for night. She said she will bring appam with stew for supper. I said ok. Though I had an erection I did not show her. I went for my afternoon seista. In the evening she came and prepared tea for both of us and went out. She said she will come at 9 pm with supper.

I went out and brought some sweets and some fruits. and returned at about 7 pm. I was watching TV when at 8 the bell rang. It was Sudha again with vessels with my supper. She again went out and brought a bag full of clothes. She was wearing a night suit. I told her to sit and watch the TV for some time and then we will take our supper. She sat on the floor.

I pulled her and made her sit near me in the sofa. She went and bolted the door and closed the windows. She did not want anybody to see that she is sitting in the sofa with me. I pulled her closer and she leaned on me. I asked her whether she has to go out for work anymore. No, she said she has finished all her work. Then relax, I said and kissed her cheeks again.

I just unbuttoned her blouse and her boobs were in a tight fitting bra. I unhooked her bra and her boobs were large and erect and were in good shape and did not sag at all. With brown erect nipples they were very beautiful to look at. I asked her to get up and give me to lick and suck. The moment I licked her nipples she started to moan and held my head against her boobs.

I sucked both the boobs alternatively. I think she got her orgasm. I did not want to hurry at all. She wanted to see my cock and was pulling at my pyjama. I said first let us eat. We had appam and chicken stew, very tasty. I put one piece in her mouth and she put one piece in my mouth. It was very nice. After supper, after washing our hands we sat again in front of the TV.

Buttons on the top of her night suit were open and her boobs were visible dangling. I thought of showing her some porn videos in my laptop. She was very much aroused due to my sucking and licking her nipples. If I show the porn videos she will simply jump. I wanted to see the fun. Without giving her any idea, I took the laptop and put on the porn video. She sat with me to watch.

She pressed her boobs on me. I asked her to remove the night suit. She reluctantly removed it and stood naked. I pulled and made her to sit near me. The porn movies thrilled her. The scene of blowjob, thrilled her and she wanted my cock for her to suck. Then came the scenes of fucking. Sudha was watching it wide eyed. Each stroke went went deep into the cunt, she was shivering.

I thought she will get orgasm by just looking at it. Finally I gave her my cock untying my pyjama. She was thrilled and she just kissed it and rubbed against her face and then hurried me to fuck her. Making her to lie down on the couch, I climbed her and fucked her slowly. Her cunt was very tight and it took time to gain deep penetration.

Pressing her boobs and sucking her nipples I fucked her in slow pace and gradually increased speed. She reached orgasm very fast. She wound her legs around me and hugged me tight when the orgasm came. When My orgasm was coming I pulled out and threw the fluids in the floor. She asked me why you did so. I told her to prevent pregnancy.

I asked whether there are any single woman staying in the apartment. Why do you want to fuck more people, she asked. I laughed and said yes. Ok, I will bring one girl tomorow, but she is very young and small. We fucked two more rounds and slept naked in my bed. Next day morning she got up early and prepared tea for me and bathed and with new clothes went out for working in other flats.

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