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Raj first time sexperience with maid Shabana

Hii Guys, This is Raj from Lucknow UP. I am a average guy with a average tool but with a huge appetite for sex.This is the story of my first sexual encounter where I had sexual intercourse with a women pretty much older then me and a Maid servant at our house.

I am now 33 years old and this incidence happened when I was around 20. Our maid was of around 54 years. Hers Tits and ass were pretty curvy and huge. She had 40 D Boobs and the ass to go with it. Her name was Shabana. Although old enough she was a jovial lady with a sense of humor.

Always joking and larger then life lady she had beautiful eyes and smile which complimented her nature. On the contrast I was a studious lad, a bit on the shy side and always busy with my studies. My monotony and schedule made me some what a loner, and I use to satisfy my sexual urges by jerking off late at night when everyone was asleep.

Let me tell you this that I have an average wiener measuring just 5.5 Inches when erect but on a thicker side and I literally pee cum, streams by streams & spurts by spurts. At that time I was somewhat embarrassed by the volume I use to shoot. Apart from the volume what amused be more was the thickness of cum. It was very thick and glue like, white in color.

Anyways off late I stumbled upon the fine art of pornography and it was like I had discovered heaven. Watching porn and jerking off to it became my favorite pass time. Eventually it made me even more horny.

Owing to this hornyness I started looking at females with a different perspective, I began mingling with the neighborhood girls, attempting to woo them for a sexual encounter but use to fail miserably. However my efforts were quietly being observed my shabana aapa. Now shabana was the one who use to take care of our household laundry also.

This began when my family went away for vacations for 10 days and I was left alone in the house under over watch of shabana. She would cook meals for me & took care of my daily needs. As usual she would take her time joking with me and making me laugh. On the second day since the folks left I was really horny in the night and began watching a raunchy porn.

My dick was rock hard and the lucknow summers were at their cruelest. Since I was alone in the house I undressed my self and layed down my clothes near the bed, watching porn and jerking my cock lubricated with olive oil. As the stud in the movie came all over the tits of the slut I also spilled by seed all over my belly.

It was close to 3 AM and a saturday plus no one was at home so I became a little careless and wiped cum off with my shorts. The shorts were soiled with semen mixed with oil and had a pretty sizable cum spot on them but I didn't gave a shit about it and left it on the floor, wore my french cut red colored underwear and slept.

I woke up to the door bell ringing and it was shabana aapa. I was so sleepy that I forgot that I have opened the door only in my underwears. Shabana saw me and bursted out in a laugh saying "lagta hay Garmi Bahut Lag Rahe hay aapko " to which I didnt reply anything and went straight to my room and slept for another 15 minutes while shabana was preparing tea & breakfast for me.

I came back to my senses after waking up properly and straight away jetted towards bath room for shower and other morning stuff which everyone must do throwing away my shorts,t-shirt and underwear in the laundry bag. I had a nice shower then wore a towel and t-shirt and came down to dining table for my breakfast.

While having breakfast shabana asked me if I was feeling too hot in the night. I said yes the weather is too hot on which she replied that the weather is hot and so is your age, laughed and went to collect the laundry giving a small friendly pat on my shoulder.

I also finished my breakfast and was moving towards my room when shabana aapa intercepted me in between with the laundry bag in her hand. For the first time she said some thing very sultry to me which made my cock move in the towels. She said "in kapdo mein kuch toh hay mardo wali bu aa rahee hay", I was a little embarrassed, by that time she had not taken a look at my clothes,

she stood there talking to me and took out my tshirt and said "ye toh theek hay" then she took out my shorts and was a bit confused and asked naughtly " isme kya poch diya zanaab" I stood there smiling, then came the moment of truth, she took out my red underwear and started feeling it from the outside, I was almost red with embarrassment.

She felt the dick area from outside and it was a bit rough due to dried up cum, but was not visible from the outside due to the color of the underwear. She looked inside and found a huge dried blob of my man seed, then she took the shorts in other hand and smelled them smiling very naughtily.

She said " Garmi nikalana shuru kar de huzoor nay" I said "Jane do na, ho jata hay" then she replied " ye apne app toh nahin hua hay, hantho ka istmal kiya hay aapne, aisa mat kiya karo sehat kay liye accha nahi hota, isko toh aurat kay andar nikala karo" I said mene aaj tak nahi dala aurat kay andar.

On this she asked me to show her my cock. Which I did by removing my towel. My dick had shrunken due to embarrassment and was looking like a small nut. Watching the condition of my dick shabana laughed and said " ye to chup kay so rha hay, isko jagate hu, aap aaram say kursee par beth jao" which I obeyed like a man under spell.

She then went on to lock all the doors and came back and removed her kurta and bra. Then she came directly to me and like a hungry bitch in heat took my cock in her mouth and sucked it as if I had stuck my cock in a vacuum cleaner. I let out a little shriek and she loosened the grip a little bit. One benefit of having an average cock is that ladies can completely take it in their mouths.

Then my cock got fully erect. she said "chota hay aapka par theek ho jaye ga " she pulled my foreskin back and held it tightly and started making circles at the cock head which send shivers down my spine. I said "aapa nikal jay ga" She replied "chinta mat karo tazurba hay, lo ruk gaye, mere nipples ko chuso tumhara aur tang ho kar khada ho ga tab isko mere chut mein daalna",

I follwed her instructions and stared to lick and suck her big brown nipples, she was moaning a little and jerking my cock a little while holding its base tightly. After a while she removed her pajamas and panties showed me her clean shaved cunt. "chato issey dheere dheere tab ye ache say gili aur garam hogee tumhara lund ko lene kay liye"

I did and trust me guys it was yummy, damn clean with slight aroma and salty taste, I just fell in love with the taste of the women and developed fetish for licking pussy. After she became completely warmed up and wet she held my cock in her hand and moved to bed room. There she lay on the bed and opened her legs and positioned my cock on the entrance of her cunt.

"ye lo dalo " I did then she said "pura daal kar thodi der mehsus karo aaurat ke garmi" I was really enjoying the heat of her fuck hole. "ab andar bahar karo tezee say" I started pumping her cunt with speed. I felt the pressure building in my cock and balls and conveyed the same to shabana " aapa niklaney waala hay" she said "andar he nikalo " and then I exploded in her like I never did while jerking my cock with my own hand.

I came as usual in huge amounts and withdrew my cock from her vagina. A thick stream of semen flowed from her cunt. She put in a finger to check the stuff and was amazed " ye toh pure baag mein phool uga de, itna saara beej, 5 aauroto ko maa bananey kay liye bhe kam na pade",

she had not cummed and I asked her aapko nai aana to which she replied next time right now she is enjoying my sticky seed in her baby hole. I said ok and then she licked my cock clean and washed it nicely and told me not to masturbate and to let her know when I need to shoot my load.

Well guys this is my first vaginal adventure story... Please let me know your views on the same, will help me in posting more.

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Raju having exxciting sex with maid Sudha

Once I joined a new IT company. They gave me house, car etc. But no work. They were to set up their office and do some more recruitment till then I was free, just roaming around and take food in good restaurants etc. I am Raju, with PG qualifications in IT and management and specialization in SAP.

The company simply wanted to hold me on paying whatever salary I asked for. They never said I may have to share my flat with anybody else and hence I lived like monarch. I never met any other apartment owners/tenants, but I needed somebody to clean my flat. I just met a girl in the staircase, a good looking able bodied girl, When I asked she readily agreed and we came to an understanding about wages also.

She said she will come at 11 and do the work. She came at 11, Sudha, very ablebodied girl, with ample boobs, big thighs and ass. I told her to sweep the floor thoroughly and them mop the floor. She asked me to buy a good mop and the one available is worn out. My own clothes were very few and washing them was easy. I noticed her examining my underwear and sniffing at them.

I thought she wanted to detect any smell of semen or dried semen. She cleaned the walls of all cobwebs and changed the bedsheet and pillow cover and spread new ones. Every time she leaned I could see her cleavage and enjoyed the scene. She asked me when my wife is likely to come. I told her I am not married. Suddenly she looked up at my face.

I asked her whether she can bring me food from the hotel. She said why hotel, there is somebody who makes good home made food, I will bring it from him. I asked about her. She said she is unmarried and that she takes food from the houses where she works. I asked her where does she stay.

She looked at my face and said her house is far off and she cannot go there every day. She stays in any of the houses she works and then goes home once in a week to meet her mother. Then why dont you stay in my house also one night, I will give you bed and everything. She laughed and said how can I stay when there is no other woman here.

What of that, is there is no woman does not matter, I am here, I will give you bed and we can share food you bring. She asked you like non vegetarian food. I said yes very much. She said none of the people she worked liked non veg and hence she has to take only veg food every day. I told her bring fish curry, fish fry, chicken thanduri we will have nice lunch today.

Her face lit up and said I will run and place order and come. I will go and bring it when it is ready. I went around and saw that her work in my flat is almost over. I have taken some bread and egg for breakfast. She has cleaned everything. I will go and finishe my bath and wait for lunch to come. Sudha did not come for two hours. I thought she would have gone to work with other flats.

Suddenly at 1 pm she rang my bell and when I opened she brought the food carrier and plates. I told her to spread it on the table. She said she will eat later. I said no we will eat together. She laid the plates and served the food. The food aroma was excellant. She served the food and I made her to sit with me and take food. I saw her closeby. She was indeed very good.

I just felt like touching her boob. Her thigh was almost touching mine. Two three times I touched her thigh to draw her attention. I relished the food and she too. Within a short time only the bones and fish bones remained. I had my stomach ful and she too ate well. I got up and washed my hands and she also washed her hands and the plates and the vessel.

I called her closer and planted a kiss on her cheeks for getting me good food. And again kissed on her lips for sitting with me and eating. She responded well and she sucked my lip. I just ran my hand over her boob and ass. She hugged me and was going on sucking my llips and tongue. I cut it and asked her how much to pay for the food. She brought the bill from inside her blouse.

I paid her about Rs.10 extra and asked her to come and prepare tea in the afternoon and to bring supper for night. She said she will bring appam with stew for supper. I said ok. Though I had an erection I did not show her. I went for my afternoon seista. In the evening she came and prepared tea for both of us and went out. She said she will come at 9 pm with supper.

I went out and brought some sweets and some fruits. and returned at about 7 pm. I was watching TV when at 8 the bell rang. It was Sudha again with vessels with my supper. She again went out and brought a bag full of clothes. She was wearing a night suit. I told her to sit and watch the TV for some time and then we will take our supper. She sat on the floor.

I pulled her and made her sit near me in the sofa. She went and bolted the door and closed the windows. She did not want anybody to see that she is sitting in the sofa with me. I pulled her closer and she leaned on me. I asked her whether she has to go out for work anymore. No, she said she has finished all her work. Then relax, I said and kissed her cheeks again.

I just unbuttoned her blouse and her boobs were in a tight fitting bra. I unhooked her bra and her boobs were large and erect and were in good shape and did not sag at all. With brown erect nipples they were very beautiful to look at. I asked her to get up and give me to lick and suck. The moment I licked her nipples she started to moan and held my head against her boobs.

I sucked both the boobs alternatively. I think she got her orgasm. I did not want to hurry at all. She wanted to see my cock and was pulling at my pyjama. I said first let us eat. We had appam and chicken stew, very tasty. I put one piece in her mouth and she put one piece in my mouth. It was very nice. After supper, after washing our hands we sat again in front of the TV.

Buttons on the top of her night suit were open and her boobs were visible dangling. I thought of showing her some porn videos in my laptop. She was very much aroused due to my sucking and licking her nipples. If I show the porn videos she will simply jump. I wanted to see the fun. Without giving her any idea, I took the laptop and put on the porn video. She sat with me to watch.

She pressed her boobs on me. I asked her to remove the night suit. She reluctantly removed it and stood naked. I pulled and made her to sit near me. The porn movies thrilled her. The scene of blowjob, thrilled her and she wanted my cock for her to suck. Then came the scenes of fucking. Sudha was watching it wide eyed. Each stroke went went deep into the cunt, she was shivering.

I thought she will get orgasm by just looking at it. Finally I gave her my cock untying my pyjama. She was thrilled and she just kissed it and rubbed against her face and then hurried me to fuck her. Making her to lie down on the couch, I climbed her and fucked her slowly. Her cunt was very tight and it took time to gain deep penetration.

Pressing her boobs and sucking her nipples I fucked her in slow pace and gradually increased speed. She reached orgasm very fast. She wound her legs around me and hugged me tight when the orgasm came. When My orgasm was coming I pulled out and threw the fluids in the floor. She asked me why you did so. I told her to prevent pregnancy.

I asked whether there are any single woman staying in the apartment. Why do you want to fuck more people, she asked. I laughed and said yes. Ok, I will bring one girl tomorow, but she is very young and small. We fucked two more rounds and slept naked in my bed. Next day morning she got up early and prepared tea for me and bathed and with new clothes went out for working in other flats.

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Prasad fucking maid Saru in old age

I am Prasad, 75, retired and widowed lone in my spacious house. My elder son is in US with his family, my daughter is in Germany with her family and my younger son was staying with me but he got a very good job in Mumbai and he took his family and moved away to Mumbai. He told me that he will come once a month and see me. My food has been arranged.

A maid servant comes and cleans the house, clothes, etc. She is Saru, aged 35, but keeps distance from me. Sometimes she prepares green tea for me and leaves it on the dining table. Many a times I thought why not ask her to massage my knees. They are aching and makes it difficult for me to walk. In the night one Joseph comes to keep company with me.

Sometimes I ask him to massage my knees with some ayurvedic oils. He does it well and I could sleep well. In the morning it pains again. I asked Saru whether she has any neighbor, or daughter or cousin who can do me this small job. She asked what job. I told her of massaging. She said she will try, but she does not know how to do it in the proper way.

I said don't worry just apply some oil and see. Saru was a widow and has a daughter of 16 years studying in the school. She lost her husband in an accident. I used to help her financially. She is not so good looking but does her job very well. I lifted my dhothi upto the knee and she came near me and applied oil on my knee, both on top and bottom.

Her body odor hit me and I was getting a small erection. She was looking at the possibility of a bulge. When she was leaning her cleavage gave me a good view of her boobs. She massaged for about five minutes and I said that will do. I had a bulge and she noticed it. She asked me when should she give the next massage. I said in the evening when you go.

It was after a long time that I was getting the sexual thoughts in my mind. In the evening before leaving she came and asked me to lie down so that she may apply oil. I lied down in the bed and she too oil in her hand and applied on my knee. But I noticed her eyes were on my bulge. She too would be sexually hungry.

When she was doing the massage her boobs were shaking inside her blouse. I looked at her and her boobs. After five minutes she did not stop. I stopped her and told her that is sufficient for today. But my whole leg is smeared with oil. Unless I wash it with soap, it will stain my dhothi and bedsheet. I told Saru to help me in the bathroom to apply soap and wash it away.

She said then wait for ten more minutes. Ok, I said. I wore an underwear. After ten minutes, Saru came and asked me to get up and go with her to the bathroom. I raised my dhothi and walked to the bathroom. I sat on the plastic stool. When the dhothi is raised up, she can see my underwear and my ball pouch and erect cock overflowing from the underwear.

She poured water on my legs and applied soap. Her soft touch made my erection surprisingly more strong. I leaned on the wall and extended both of my legs to her to wash. She pushed my dhothi up for preventing it from getting wet. Her hand touched my erect cock. She looked at my face. I just looked at the roof and did not even look at her face.

She was again pouring water and applied soap on the entire leg. She was taking a lot of time to wash it off. In the meantime my dhothi loosened and fell down. She took it and kept on my lap. I think her hand purposely touched my erect cock. I got up and removed my dhothi and stood in front of her in my underwear, with my cock peeping at her.

She took a towel and wiped my leg, from my thigh downwards upto my feet. I told her why don't you wash my cock also. She laughed and shyly applied soap on my cock and pulled the foreskin back and applied soap thoroughly and washed it slong with the ball pouch. I know she much have been very much aroused.

Although I am an old man more than double her age, the cock in front of her erect and hard did attract her very much. I just placed my hand on her head and pushed it towards my cock. She got the message and she opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue and lips started to work. She asked me, let us go to the bed.

I walked in that condition to my bedroom and lied in the bed. Saru came and sat on my bed and started to suck my cock. I thought why not ask her to open her blouse so that my hands can be doing some work on her boobs. On my asking she undid her blouse and her huge oobs were full of my hands. With brown nipples, they gave a good sight.

I asked Saru to give me a break and allow me to suck her nipples. She again giggled and thrust her nipples in my mouth. I went on sucking for a long time and she was having a good time. She moaned and was enjoying my sucking. I told her let us stop now. We will continue it tomorrow. Whether pain or no pain, massaging became a habit.

Saru took coconut oil and applied it all over my body and bathed me. Sometime I used to ask her to join me in my bathing. Shyly and giggling she will undress and join me. I will apply coconut oil on her body, boobs, stomach, ass, thighs pussy and all. I told her to remove her hair from her pussy. She said she did not have any razor and she does not know how to do it.

I made to lie down on my bed and applying my shaving soap and brush, I used my razor to remove her public hair and asked her to see it in the wall mirror. I asked her to wash it well and made her to lie down again and tried to lick her cunt. She was resisting. I made her to open her legs wide and licked her cunt and clitoris. Poor thing, had a massive climax.

She said she had never experienced so much of pleasure in her life. Her husband used to fuck her but before she could realize what is happening he will shoot his fluids into her. She got pregnant in a very young age and got a daughter. Her husband died in an accident and thereafter she never thought of a husband.

Now only she realized how much pleasure she would have got. She told me that she will not take advantage of my relationship with her. But wanted me to fuck her whenever I feel like fucking. We decided to fuck in the morning. She came in the early morning after taking bath, fresh. She entered my bedroom. I called her near and asked her to remove all the clothes.

She stood naked. She is not shy to show her body because we have seen each other naked many times before. I sucked her nipples and brought her to proper mood. I then buried my face in her cunt and licked and sucked her cunt and clitoris. When she was fully aroused, I climbed on her and inserted my cock in her cunt. It was very tight.

But we both enjoyed. I asked her to stride on me and do the fucking herself. She did it clumsily first. Later she did ti nicely. she reached her clmax very fast. Again she fucked and she enjoyed the sex very much. I could retain my erection which surprised me. Finally I made her to lie down and fucked her in missionary position. I got a climax after so many years.

But though I discharged, no sperms would have gone. Saru liked it very much. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself. Thereafter we fucked sometimes twice or atleast once a day. Saru was very happy and it showed in her face.

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Shafia fucking Basheer

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You read my earlier story of Amina, 22 who could not go accompanying her husband to gulf, but had to stay back home and cajoled Basheer to apply pain balm and then to rid her of her itch. After Amina and his sister Shama left for gulf, Basheer was in a miserable condition. Absolutely no sex. He had excessive sex when Amina and Shamla were there.

The going around of Basheer with these two girls was seen by the maid servant of Amina and she did not approve brother fucking own sister. Her name was Shafia, 26 and very much able bodied. She did not know that they had taken all precautions against unwanted pregnancies.

She was wondering if any one of the girls get pregnant with Basheer, the good name and reputation of the family will be lost. She saw Amina going away with her husband and Shamla getting married and being taken by her busband to gulf. Though both the girls promised to get visa for Basheer to go to gulf, they could not because he does not any trade, nor he was educated.

But Basheer did not seem to be bothered about it. He went around as usual. Sometimes, he will ask Shafia to serve him food. He never looked up at the assets of Shafia. She had a pair of beautiful boobs, good round ass, narrow waist, but she was not very fair nor very beautiful. She would have very much liked to oblige Basheer had he asked her at least once for sex.

But this fellow will not look at her face or her boobs. One day when he came for lunch, Shafia was there to serve him. She served him rice and fish curry. He was not looked up at her. She had purposely unbuttoned her blouse and both her huge boobs were out of captivity. She just touched his hand. He looked up. She showed him her boobs. He stopped eating.

She said go on, eat and finish your food. We will have later. Basheer got the message. Amina's father had gone to their shop and mother is out to some neighbour to gossip. Shafia took one more bold step. She put her hand into the dhothi of Basheer and pressed his already erect cock. Shafia had seen this cock whenever he used to fuck Amina and take it to the bathroom for washing.

Shafia used to sleep near the bathroom door. She had even seen Amina and Basheer fucking in the bathroom totally naked. Basheer finished his food and went to the wash basin and washed his hands and called out for Shafia. She came told him not to shout. She will take her food and come upstairs where Amina used to lie. She asked him to go and wait there.

But Basheer was in a hurry. He said you take food later. Now come for a short time. They both went up. The moment they entered the room, Basheer removed her clothes and made her nude. Her pussy had scant hairs, but it was beautiful. She told Basheer that if she gets pregnant, he should marry her. No pregnancy, Basheer said and he explained to her whatever Amina had told him.

Shafia said this is a good idea, she immediately calculated her safe days. That day was a safe day for her. The hand of Basheer was already on her body, one on her boob and another on her pussy. Shafia removed his clothes and his erect cock was her fancy. WOW how big. She kneeled on the floor and took it in her mouth. She could not. She rolled it on her face, neck, boobs.

Basheer asked her to lie down. She lied on the bed. He opened her legs and buried his face in her cunt. Her viscus fluid was relished by him, He went on licking and licking her cunt and clitoris. Shafia never though of the prospect of this act. She was elevated skyward. The pleasure was supreme. His tongue was large and covered her entire cunt in one stoke.

She reached orgasm after orgasm. Wanting to cry at the top of her voice, but restrained herself for fear of being heard by others. Basheer finally took his cock and kept it at the entrance of her cunt. Whether she had been fucked before he did not enquire. He just inserted his tool inside, it went slowly, Shafia felt great pressure and pain.

Poor thing was having such a big thing for the first time. His final push was severe. He started to fuck slowly and then gained speed and within ten minutes he reached his orgasm and she reached many times. He squeezed her boobs and slowly he pulled out his cock and went to the bathroom to wash. Shafia went to the bathroom and emptied her cunt of his fluids and her own.

When she came back, he asked her to lie down again. He came with his tool and started his plunge. It appeared that he wanted to compensate for the days he went without sex, he started his second fuck. Shafia asked for some time. He said no. This time it went it faster and his fuck also was faster. Fuck, Fuck it went on and on that he did not stop until he did it three times.

Shafia told him to stop, because she has to go for her food and wait for the old lady to come. Basheer stopped and wiped itin his dhothi and put on his shirt and went downstairs. Shafia had to wash her cunt, because the fluids are continuously flowing down her cunt.

Finally she put on her dress and came down to take food. She is happy that now hencefore Basheer is her property and can ask him anytime to fuck.

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Liza getting fucked by Jaggu the gardener

Liza came back home from the hostel after the school is closed after the final exam. She got a great relief and was just running around the rooms to familiarize herself with the new atmosphere. Her parents left for work and her mother told her that her breakfast and lunch is kept on the dining table and she has to help herself.

Liza has to take bath leisurely and take her breakfast. She was just 18 and possessed very well formed body. She was beautiful and she was not able to apply make up when she was in the hostel. In her room she had the best of deos and creams and she had just to sit and try each one. Suddenly she heard the door bell ringing. She went and opened the front door.

A young man was standing. Very handsome fellow but in very dirty clothes. She asked what is the matter. He said something in hindi meaning that he has come for work. She asked what work. He said he has come to tend the garden. He asked for her mother. She said she had gone to her office. Jaggu, the gardner, an Odiya was greatly impressed by Liza.

He was doing the gardening work in many houses, but he has not seen such a beautiful girl. He was overwhelmed and was just thinking of her. Liza also felt amazed at the stature of the new gardener. He was fair, good muscular body. But he was in his work dress and that is why he appeared to be dirty. She just wanted to have a look at him.

She just opened the door and came to the veranda and looked around. He was there sitting near the bush and mending the earth. Liza for a moment forgot that she was in the process of undressing before taking bath, she had removed her skirt and t shirt and was only in her chemise over her panty and bra. She need not to have gone into the garden so scantily dressed.

She thought afterall it is her house and she is not going to stop there. She just goes takes a glance and retreats back, She just got down from the veranda and walked into the garden where Jaggu was working. Jaggu had placed the water hose on the floor for watering the plants, one end of the hose is connected to the tap and the other end was in his hand.

Jaggu did not see Liza coming towards him. Just as she was stepping on the hose he pulled it accidentally. Poor Liza fell down on the floor, in the newly watered wet floor. It was quite unexpected. She did not notice the hose. She was just looking at Jaggu and she never thought she is stepping on the hose and if it moves she will loose her balance.

She cried "Haaaaa" and Jaggu stopped pulling the hose. She fell in the mud, her chemise went up to her abdomen, her panty was full of mud and mud entered inside her panty. Her whole body was full of mud, her breasts and hands. Jaggu came running to help her, she put out her hands asking him to lift her. Jaggu lifted her whole body with both of his hands.

Her naked thighs were on his right hand and her body was supported by his left hand and she stopped crying and put her hand around him to support her body. He took her inside the house and to the bathroom and placed her down. She got up. She did not know whether she should be angry with him or thank him for helping her home.

But Jaggu just turned and went out closing the door behind him. He turned because he did not want her to see the bulge in his pants. Liza went inside the bathroom, removed her chemise and panty and bra. Mud was there in her pussy and in her thighs. She wound a towel around her and went to the door and bolted it from inside. and then got her toiletries for taking bath.

Luckily here was no bruise on her body. She rinsed the mud and poured hot water on her body and started to take bath. She poured lot of water in her pussy because lot of dirt was there in her public hair. She applied soap and lathered it and was to pour water to wash herself. She heard the door bell again.

Opening the bathroom door she shouted towards the front door that she is in the bathroom and she cannot come now. But the bell was ringing. She wrapped the towel around her and with water dripping she walked to the front door. Jaggu was there asking for a bottle full of water to drink.

While walking to the front door the towel wound around her lost the grip and as she was talking to Jaggu it fell down exposing her totally nude. She bent down, took the towel, turned to a side and wound it around her and banged the front door and ran to the bathroom. Her bathing was almost over. She had to wipe her body dry and wear fresh dry clothes.

Her dry clothes were in her bedroom as she forgot to bring it to the bathroom. She again wound the towel around her and came out of the bathroom. The front door was open and Jaggu was standing there. Holding her hand on the towel she went to the front door and told Jaggu to come later and made sure that the door is bolted and went to her bedroom and changed into dry clothes.

Her had was wet and needed more time to get dried. She went to the kitchen, took a bottle full of water and came and opened the front door and gave the bottle to Jaggu. The fellow was a charmer, no doubt, and was greatly concerned about her fall and was asking her in hindi which she could not understand. He bent low and was touching her knee to see any injury.

But she withdrew and told him, kuch nahi, kuch nahi. Liza could have shouted asking him to get out. But she was impressed by his concern and told him kuch nahi, kuch nahi. Jaggu's hands were there on her knees and down to her feet and going up to her thighs. He, kneeling on the floor, hugged her body and his face was buried between her thighs.

Liza has goose pimples all over her body. She did not resist his action but stood there with her hands covering her face. Touching a young girl's body in all sensitive spots, Jaggu was very much aroused but he did not know how to proceed. Liza was very much aroused as this was her first experience she stood there allowing things to happen.

Jaggu lifted her bodily in his hands and took her to her bed room, and laid her softly on her bed. Liza opened her eyes, saw him and smiled at him. Jaggu was kissing her thighs, on her panty, her breasts, her neck and on her cheeks. Liza just got up and kissed him on his cheeks. and hands. She saw his bulge in his dirty pants touched it with her hand.

Juggu who got the message, undid his pants and pulled it down to take out his erect cock. Liza was seeing and adult cock, fair color, over 6" long, and with bulging veins. Jaggu took her hand and placed it on his cock. Liza was shocked to feel a live cock in her hands. She had heard lot of stories about cocks from her friends.

Some even told her stories of how they sucked the cocks of their boy friends. There was bright light in her bed room and she just the cock in both of her hands and planted a kiss on the top of it. She then just licked a drop of precum coming out. She opened her mouth wide and took the entire cock in her mouth. But it was so huge that only half of it went in her mouth.

Her tongue rolled around it and gave her a strange sensation. Jaggu, never, never and never thought that such a beautiful girl would ever take his cock in her mouth. He gently made her to lie down, opened her thighs wide, pulled down her panty and kissed her pussy.

Liza tried to prevent him, but Jaggu applied a little force and started to lick her pussy with his strong and powerful tongue. An electric shock went through the body of Liza. Jaggu kneeled on the floor and leaning over her body he was licking her pussy and thighs. He does not know the anatomy of the pussy, but his tongue was reaching everywhere and lifted Liza to a great height of pleasure.

He was holding her knees with his hands and his deep licking sent a massive orgasm to poor Liza. Her entire body shook and shivered. But jaggu was going on with his licking. Knowing that she is enjoying, he thought this is the only way he can repay for the mistake he had done. She had three or four orgasms. She moaned and cried.

Finally the phone rang and he stopped his licking and got up, pulled up his pants and went out. Liza had to pull up her panty and run to the phone to answer the call. It was her mother asking her whether she had taken her breakfast. Liza said no, just then she had finished her bath. Mother scolded her for the delay. Liza placed the phone on the cradle and looked for Jaggu.

He had gone to the garden closing the door behind him. She went to the bathroom and washed all the area where he licked. Her fluids were all over the bed. She changed her own clothes and went to finish her break fast and looked for Jaggu. He was not to be seen. Perhaps he would have finished his work and gone. Our next note will be when they meet next.

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Raju having sex with maid Santha

I am Raju. 23, doing my professional course, tall, and well built. My parents were at home, my father retired and my mother still working. She had a servant to look after cooking and cleaning etc. In the younger days I used to be out in the evenings and I never met the maid servant. By the time I return home the servant would have gone home.

I was busy with my studies, or my friends, or doing projects in my laptop, or watching movies in the laptop. I used to come home only during holidays. I used to talk to my parents through mobile and there was no urgency to come home at all. Finally I came for summer holidays, tired, wanted to take some days rest at home.

My father gets busy with some social organizations and get busy in the morning. My mother goes for work and returns late. I never inquired who makes food. I went to the kitchen and found a young girl who was laughing at me. I asked what is the matter. She said she is Santha the daughter of n old servant of ours.

I recollected, she used to play lot of games with me in my younger days. She has grown up now, tall, well built, big boobs, big ass, big thighs. She also told me that I too have grown up tall well built, handsome etc. I asked her whether she got married, she said yes, but her husband has gone in search of work. How is he I asked, she said she drinks too much.

Ok, take care of the house In the morning I get up late by the time my parents would have gone. But Since Santha knows my routine, she keeps everything ready. Her preparations are nice. I took heavy breakfast and went the headline of the newspapers and then went out in search of my friends. Noon I hurry home for a quick lunch and then against rush out.

In the night I come late, by the time my supper is laid on the table and Santha will be waiting for me. My parents would have retired I finish my supper and go to my bedroom for sleeping. Before going to sleep I may see some movies in the Youtube. Hearing the sound of music she came running up. I made her sit and watch the movie.

One day I put on a porno movie by mistake which Santha watched in amazement and when I disconnected she objected. I told her it is for girl friends to watch and not for others. Girl friends means who will sleep will me nude in my bed. Santha did not reply me anything. Next day in the morning when she came to clean my room.

She came very close to my cot and was looking at me. I was covering my body with a thin sheet. When she lifted the end of the sheet she could see my semi erect cock. I was in deep sleep. Slowly she removed the entire sheet from my body and My body was totally nude. After about 15 mintes I got up and found that I was sleeping totally nude. This was happening quite often.

Then I realized it must be the work of Santha. I waited for the arrival of santha and when she cane I pretended to sleep. After cleaning the room she came near me and was lifting my sheet. My cock was fully erect. She looled at,my face and making sure that I am asleep, she took my cock in her mouth and was sucking softly. I noticed her very closely, poor girlis sex starved.

She may be twenty three or twenty four and had good attractive figure. But the husband does not realize her full value. Suddenly I got up and fucked into her mouth. She was shocked but managed. She swallowed my entire cum. She told me that she will bathe me. I went to the bathroom and sat in the stool. Fortunately my parents have gone out.

Santha applied oil all over my body and rubbed and massaged it. My cock was in full erection. She applied oil all over my body and was about to bathe me. I said wait let me do for you. She resisted at first but finally came around and I undressed her and applied oil all over her body. I massaged her boobs, back, assess, thighs, pussy, legs and every other place.

I applied oil in her ass hole. Her pussy was covered by thick black curly hair. I told her to remove them totally. I took my own razor and applied soap lavishly and shaved her pussy off and make it smooth and clean. We applied soap on both of us and poured water. We stood under the hot shower and enjoyed the bath thoroughly.

Wiping our bodies and getting dressed and we were hungry and took our breakfast with great apetite. I gave her new clothes and ipill to prevent pregnancy and we began to fuck regularly. She was crazy after sex. Her slim body slide over me and it gave me more pleasure. Her favorite was to fuck from top. and I too enjoyed it.

She told me her husband is coming the following week and she may not stay back in the night. I said ok. It seems her husband bas made a lot of money and wanted to move her along with him to his place of work. Santha when she told me this she was in tears. She said she will try to get me another servant.

Within two days she brought another girl, her relative, Paru, looks aged 20 not married, with good features and all. She told me that she had told Paru everything, everything, and she is willing. I gave her lot of gifts beside what my mother gave. Paru took over. Paru was first to be handled by my mother about the household chores. I will tell my dealings with Paru in my next post.

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Darshan fucking sexy Bengali maid

Hello Girls !!! My name is Darshan N m 4m Navi Mumbai. M bout 6 ft tall, atheltc body N fair complextion. The story m going 2 narat here is of me n ma Bangali Maid. Her name is sano. She is bout 5.6 ft tall, nice slim body, Patlli Kamar 2 die 4...bit dark in complexion. Nice Round ass N Right Shape BooBs.

I was of 20 yrs then. N she migght of around still Sexxxy...My house membrs were out 4 some weddng 4 7 days. N I ws @ home on D name of studies.. ;-) I had an Eye on Ths made since I 1st saw her Patali Kamar as she used 2 wear Saree N It used Give Me all View of Her Kamar N Bare Back without small Blouse area...

N smtyms Her Cleaveg also throgh her blouse...she used 2 wear tight Bouses...I already had planed 2 have her on ma Bed When Evry1 will Go 4 weddng. The nxt day whn ma house membr left, sano came around 9.30 in d morning 4 her daily stuff. She went steight 2 d kitchn to clean d plates N all...I ws roaming around kitchn nly n was seeng her kamar again n again...

Bt didn't dare 2 entr d kitchn N grabb her...she finished her work n left mma place N I ws stndng still as Dumb Ass...:-/ even Aftr 2-3 days wasted Like ths...but thnks 2 Humandigest maid gave me an Idea. D next morng when sano came I Prpsly kept ma pc monitor on with A sexxy Porno clip plyng on it...n when she entrd ma room 4 sweepng I left d room with monitor still on...

I was peepng in ma room 4m hall N 2 ma surprz sano ws lookng d clip very decided 2 Go frthr nw...I entrd d room N she hessitedly tryed 2 leave d room...But I grab all Ma courage N Catched Her Patli Sexy Kamar 4m Behinde N stoped her 4m going N asked Her " Aapne Kya Dekha Abhi ??"

Samo didn't say Nethng. I again asked " Aapne Vo dekh liya kya ? " She noded her head I turned Her 4 her waste face2face N asked "aapko Ye karna hr Mere Sath ??" She Smilled Noughtylly N tried 2 escep 4m ma I didn't allow sano...I pulled her 2wrds me N Planted A kiss On her Chik...she ws blushng...thn I kiss on her 4head N then all over her face...she ws still in confused sate...

I asked her, " kya hua aapko ??" She said, " kisiko pata chal gaya to apke gharpe ? " I said, " agar hum dono nai bataenge to kaise pata chalega ?? Aapa Tension mat lo, kissko Kuch nai pata chalega." N started kissng Her Lips...they Were 2 juicey Man...I lliked her Lipps huridly....:* Our Toungs were axpolng each Othrs mouth...

I slowly open her Blouse, Then withn No time her Bra also...sano was lookng @ ma face N I ws bzy in remvng her clothes...I ws touchng each N evry Part of her body...we Both Were Naked nw...N I Took sano 2 Bed N told 2 sit...her Boobs Were very Big thn I thought...with Bigg Broun Nipples...I jst couldn't Cntrl ma self N started kiss N bite Her Nippls...sano ws caresng ma hairs...

I ws Preng hr Right boob hard while suckng d leftt...she moaning....aahh aahhaa...aahh....I ws ennjoyng her moans....her Moang made me crzzy....I slowly went Down between her legs...her Pussy ws Hairy.....I touched her Pussy...she said, " saab Plz muje choddo...jalddi choddo saab, me aaur intjaar naai karwwa saab...choddo mujjje..."

I said, " itne jaldi kaha jaaneman abhi me teri Chut chussnga badme chodunga" she said, " saab abhi raha nai jatta..." I started 2 lickk Her Pussy....N she startd Moaning very Loudlly... "aaaaaahhhhhhaaaa.....saabb yehh aap...aahhaa...aaahhhaaa...kkyaa kaarr...rahhe hho saabb....aahhaa...aahhh...aaaahhhh....."

I ws licckng her reall hardd....I ws insrtngg ma full toung inside her...she ws nw presng ma head in pussy very tight....n her leggs were also getng Tight around ma head.....she ws mmoaning....aahh...aaahh...ssaaabbbb plzz.... ssaabbb.... aaaahhhhhaaaaaaaa........ saabb..merraa...chuttega..ssaabbb...aahhh...aaaahhhhaaa...aaahhhhhhhaaaaaaa...

She suddnly Came On ma face....All hr Love Juices wr on ma Face...I liked It....I told her 2 suck Ma Lund nw...N she agreed....She strtd Suckng Ma ws Awsm Flng....:* I holdng Her Face N givng her nice Mouth Fuck...N we did 69 Position also @ tht tym She ws Enjoyng D Most.....we both Were swetngg alott....the room ws full of Moans.....

I told sano 2 spread her Leggs Wide open 2 Take Lund in her....she obeyd....I insrted ma Lund in Her Chutt....she ws Moning.....aaaahhhhhaaaaa.......sano said, " saab dhirre... aaaaahhh..... dardd...aaahhhha......" I insrtd slowly thn...N stayed there 4 smtym...aftr sm time I stared Pumpng her....she ws comfrtble nw with ma Lund In....She ws wanted More nw....

I ws Pumpngg her Verry Fastt nw....grabng her Sexy Kamar....N thn aftr smtym she ws sayng, " saab jorrsee....aaur jorse ssaabb..." I incrsed Ma speed....she said, " Saaaaaabbb faaaddd do Merre CHUTTT ko saabbb.....bohot Dinn Tarsssi hhu me Lund ke lie saab....aurr jorsse karro....chodddo Jorsse jorsse Choddddo....

Phaaddo apne Sanno Ki Chutt kko saab... aaaaaahhhhhh... aaahhhhhhaaaa.... aaaaahhh... ssaabbb...... phaddo...." I ws enjoyng hr dirtty Talkk n Incrsng Ma speedd...:* she ws reay Hardd 2 Fuckk....her Purry ws Tight....:* ws Enjoyng evrry Btt off Lund Ws Touchng her Inr partss.....she ws moanng Verry prevnt d Noice I started Kissng hr Lipps....

N she ws Bitngg Ma me 2 bbtng her Lipps.....:* :* afttr smm Strongg stroakes I ws about 2 cum...I told her sso...she said, " saab mujjme chodo tummara saab...mujje aapkki Garrammi chaiee anddarr bhi saabb...merre me hhi chodnna saab aapka Chkk....aaaahh....ssaab.....abbhi saabbb....aaahhhhaaaa...abbbhii chhodddo ssaaabbb...aaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa....."

We both Cumed @ same tym...I shotted ma Hott CUM in Her HOT pusssy.....2 make Her Thandda...:* we Both wr very Tired....she Hugged Me tightly N thnkd me 4 ths Love Section....she told me tht aftr her Husbnd m d only guy 2 Fuck her and She Enjoyed 2 corre...her husbnd Dnt Satsfy her at all...:-)

N we had a Quikee aftr some rest....N rest 2-3 days also We had Greatt SeX...with Dfrnt posetions....;-) n even aftr ma house membrs returned, I used Kiss N touch her Boddy when Ever Get Chance...whr evr in presnc of evryBody...;-) N Fucked Many Girls aftr ths insdnce..that all I'll narate in anothr stories..Girls Waing 4 Ur Comments...

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Rohit having hot sex with water lady

I stayed in a single room apartment in Bengaluru on one of those days when there was acute shortage of water. Water was being brought in lorries and you have to be in readiness to get the water when the lorry comes. May be at 3 am or 4 am. They give only two vessels full of water for bathing or for cooking.

Getting up at 3 am and running for water was the routine for all the people in the locality men and women. There may not be adequate light. In some households the menfolk do not know who and how the water is brought inthe morning. Young girls, married and unmarried straight from the bed with two or three vessels wait for the lorry.

When the lorry comes, there is so much of tussle that the lorryman fills the vessels which are placed in the queue. People whomever got the water vacate the place so that others may stand inthe queue. I am Rohit, staying alone in a single room tenement, woring in a hotel.

Most of the women know me and I help them occasionally by carrying their water filled vessels in my house veranda so that when they come latar they may pick it up. They know I dont have any females in my house and I am hungry for a female company. Some ladies stay back for a few minutes for an occasional flick, a harmless gesture in return of a favour.

It is three or four women, they all know they help me in return of my help to them, they dont talk to each other. But somehow things take place. I know the lorry fellow and he helps me to fill in as manyas my own vessels as I want. The same fellow comes to the hotel with water and we meet there daily. Malu asked me to help her with two pots full of water I said ok.

When I look at her face the message is conveyed and she says ok and nods with a smile. I keep about four or five vessels of water and keep them in my house for them to come later and take away. After half an hour, Malu came. I was about to take bath. She said you have done great help Rahulji. and comes inside the bathroom.

She looks at me expectently and lifts her saree and pettycoat for me for a quickie. I make her stand leaning over the door frame of the bathroom and search for her hairy cunt so that I may insert my cock. She widens her leg and I insert my cock inside. I start pumping keeping my hands on her boobs. He had unhooked her bra. squeezing her boobs I go on pumping into her cunt.

She gets aroused and starts to moan. But I need more time. She gets three or four orgasms before I get mine and shoot the fluids into her. This is the only sex got by the thirty year old Malu, because her husband does not fuck her because he is drunk most of the time. Malu thanks me for the water and for the sex. She is fully satisfied.

Next day it was the turn of Sulochana, Sulu for short form. She is a 25 year old widow with one child. I collect two pots for her and she carries two pots herself. She thus gets four pots, which is a luxury. Beautiful, fair skinned and well proportioned body of Sulu is liked by many. Many people say many stories, I dont care. But I fuck Sulu twice or tree times a month.

She does not have any public hair and it is a pleasure to fuck her. She enjoys and she makes you also enjoy. She does not mind spend some time in the bedroom, without clothes and try different poses. Riding on top is her favourite. Working in two or three houses she earn well and has put her son in a English medium school. Fucking Sulu is something which I look forward to.

I bring some sweets from the hotel and keep it for her. She enjoys sweets. Poor woman she cannot afford to buy sweet either for her or for her son. Another lady whom I help is Maria. She is the youngest of the lot and very hot type. She comes almost five days in a week and when I tell her that taoday water was given to somebody else she understands the whole thing.

She understood the whole affair and told me reluctantly that she is agreeable to my terms and conditions provided it is kept secret. I said ok. Next I send away Malu and Sulu and waited for Mary. Mary came inside my house and went to my room. Quickly she lied in the bed and asked me to come. I told her not to be in hurry since it will take time for the engine to start.

She said bring the engine I will start it for you. When I went near her she put her hand inside my lungie and took my cock and put it in her mouth. Within no time my cock was ready. I went to her and climbed on the bed and started to do it in missionery position. Mary had a well in their compound, and the water I get for her is used for drinking and cooking purposes.

Mary is a tough nut and is not satisfied easily. I have to fuck her for at least 15 minutes vigorously to make her reach her orgasm. But her cunt is tight and her boobs were small and hard. Her slithing body easily gets on to me and takes over the action. She fucks nicely. But she wants to leave before day break.

Besides the above there are some casual Tamil ladies and Telugu girls who want to see how I do it. Some women sneak into my room in the night and keep doing for the whole night. Some bring nice mutton preparations or egg preparations. Most of them know I am helping several ladies. They are not angry or jealousy. Nobody have caught me so far. My days go on like this helping others and enjoying at their cost.

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Fucking neighbours maid Rosy

Rosy told me when I met her climbing the stairs that she will come to my appt. at 11pm after putting everybody to sleep. She was walking with a chest forward gait and her boobs looked very prominent. she saw my watching her cleavage, but just smiled. Rosy is the maid in my neighbour's flat. When my wife was there she used to come to clean up our house in day time once in a while and accepted lavish tips.

Now that my wife is not there and my house is total turmoil. Rosy said she will come late in the night so that people may not watch. I entered my house, I had taken some snacks and waited for Rosy to come. She may be around 18 or so and possessed one of the best shaped bodies in females. Her waist was narrow and boobs and ass very huge and prominent. Her thigh was fat and.

Though I looked at her quite often and I never had any sexual look at her.The house where she worked there were only two females, a mother and her young daughter. Mother was around 35 working in some private and daughter around 19, studying. I did not have any close acquaintance with them. The time was 10.30pm,I could hear faint noice of knocking.

When I went and opened the door, Rosy just slipped in brushing my body and she closed the door and bolted from inside. I was surprised at her speed. In her house the mother and daughter just slept and she wanted to hurry through work in my house so that before they wake up, she may be there. She went in seach of a broom and started to sweep rooms one by one.

I had to move along with her to help her to change the position of some furniture and pulling them back. I as surprised that Rosy was not wearing any bra and when she bent with her broom, her both boobs dangled enticingly. Her loose blouse showed through the cleavage the entire boobs with the nipple and all. How long you can just watch this and without even touching it.

Just as she came close to me sweeping under the pretext of moving the teapoy, my hand touched the dangling boobs. I was in erection. The soft touch of her boobs made thing more worse. Rosy was working silently but fast. In the next room also I kept my hand in such a way that her boob will gloss over it.

Now Ross thought that it is not an innocent act but a deliberate act to touch her boob. She raised her head and looked at me and smiled. Thank god, she was not angry for my overture. I told her by way of an excuse that since my wife is away I was tempted by the beauty of your boobs. Rosy just laughed and did not say anything.

I took a little more boldness and went near her and put my hand on her boobs and pressed them. She said first let me complete my work and then we will see. I just lifted her head and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She received in in good spirit and told me just to wait She finished cleaning of the house and placed all dirty clothes In the bin so that it can put for washing the next day.

She went to the kitchen and cleaned all the dirty places etc. I went near her and caught her boobs from behind. She did not resist and turned to look at me to solicit a kiss. I gave her a grand kiss which definitely must have changed her mood. I removed her upper garment and her naked boobs were a beauty to look at.

With both of my hands I went on kneading them and she was moaning. I undid her petty coat and it dropped to the ground, Her pussy full of dark hair. She hugged me tightly pressing her boob against my chest. I searched for her pussy and found it to be leaking. Rosy removed my shirt and pyjama quickly and my throbbing erect cock surprised her.

She took her in her hand and we stood there in the kitchen in bright light, both naked and touching each other and taking pleasure. She said she is free in the day time, but I have to go to my office during day time. If I take leave and stay at home people will start asking what is the matter. Rosy quickly prepared tea and we both drank and moved to our bed room.

Lying in the bed, we embraced each other and I gave her a kiss on her lips and made her to climb on me. I sucked her nipples and she was writhing in pleasure. Her pussy was pressed against my cock which she enjoyed and was grinding her pussy on my cock. I asked her to put the cock in her cunt.

She got up and came to sitting position and with her hand she inserted my cock in her pussy. It went in with much difficulty and she had to make three four attempts to get it inside. I asked her to do the fucking. Rosy though clumsy at first picked up the trick later and did a good fucking, moaning always.

She got her orgasm and she wound me with her legs and had full massive orgasm. I was yet to reach mine. She said she wanted it more. I asked her to get ready for the second trip. This time I made her to lie down and I got on her and her wet pussy made things easier for me to insert. But the tight passage was very nice and thrilling.

I fucked her very fast and she got her second orgasm and I mine. Just as I was getting up from my bed. I heard a faint knock in the door. I forgot for a moment that I am naked and rushed to open the door and there, lo, was the mistress of Rosy, looking at my dripping cock and asked where is Rosy. I asked her to come in and closed the door.

She looked at me with my erect cock and looked at Rosy lying naked in the bed. Rosy got up and rushed to the bathroom for washing. I went to the bedroom and put on my pyjama. and came back to my guest. The lady appeared to be very upset. I told her that it is all my fault since I needed her help to clean the house, I asked her and I took advantage of her.

The lady said it is unfair, just imagine, in case of a scandal what will people speak about all of us. I said there is nothing to worry, nobody saw us and nobody will see us. Rosy came fully dressed. The lady asked her to go to her home since her daughter is alone there. She said I will come in a minute. Rosy went out.

Madam sat comfortably without any signs of leaving and wanted to know about me, my work, etc. I got up put on the fan and told her to just have a cup of tea and then talk. She looked 35, good body, but husband is abroad and comes once in a year. From the looks I could make out that she is sex starved. If I just play sympathy I too get her to my bed. She sipped tea in slow sips.

She was in her night suit and sitting at the edge of the sofa. I told her to be more relaxed and I sat in the next sofa. I had only a pyjama on and my upper torso was naked. I asked her to come and sit near me because she was looking not much comfortable in the chair where she was sitting. But she came. I put my hand around her and pulled her closely towards me.

She did not seem to object. She stopped talking and was waiting for something to happen. I just pulled her face towards me and kissed her on her cheeks. I kissed her on both of her cheeks. and then on the mouth. Her hand was reaching for my erection. I asked her to remove the night suit. she lifted it up through her head. she too did not wear any bra and only a panty.

I placed my hand only boob and went on squeezing. Having come up to this, having nothing to talk, we moved to my bedroom and made her to lie down and removed her panty. Her hairless cunt was a beauty. I bent low and gave her a nice kiss on her cunt. My tongue searched for her clitoris and I proceeded to give her a nice oral sex.

It was followed by one of the most memorable sexual experiences. She climbed on me and fucked the hell out of me. We had two rounds of fucking and it was already late, 2 am. She wiped her cunt with her panty, put on her night suit and said she has to go since both the girls are there in the house.

She said I will certainly come again. You do not know how much I suffered because my husband is away. Now that I have found you, please fuck me at least once a week. I said certainly. She left in a jiffy.

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Vishal having sex with busty maid

Hi friends this is vishal from chennai of age 20. this below story is an true an real piece of hot sex with my orthodox maid. Me studing in an reputed collage in chennai I used to go to collage at 7.00 am and return back at 6.00 maid is of the age 32,mother of girl, daily wager husband and she has an big and attractive boobs, nice round ass.she used to come in the morning at 6.30and leave home at 12.00 pm.

The story starts from the day 05 september.that day we have an govnt holiday and its was raining here.As usual I woke up at 6.00 and had a bath.As it was raining heavily she got drenched in rain and she was in her light pink colour saree.As she was drenched in rain her boobs reflected our very well with her nipple proturding out.

That day was the first day I noticed her full body as my parents was at home I could just see her only one time I was cumming my self looking at her huge brest for a period of 3 day (1/day) I thought if I get an oppurtunity to fuck her I would never miss it i was waiting for an excellent day to occur on september 09 my parents went to our native land for a period of 15 days

I could not accompany them since my last exam was on the very next fine day I dont like to accompany them to my native land my parents told the maid that to stay in our and take care of me. FInally on september 10 morning she came with all her clothes to my house I greated her showed her room for the stay.

She went to the kitchen prepared breakdfast and served it to me.She also ate it with me. Our conversation went deep to ur family problem and pleasures in the meanwhile I started talking about sex life which had undergone.she refused to tell me with an smile.on the day noon I started to seduce her like touching her body hips, shoulder.

i made my penis to be erect an made sure that it touched every time when i cross here. For the first 5 time she showed some rejections and after that she made sure that it wont touch her since she is from an orthodox family she is very jenuven about the sex i.e to place sex only with her man(husband).i made enough an necessary move to seduce her she never ever fall in my moves.

At the last I made a decision to tell her that I would like to have sex with her. on sep 12 morning breakfast we were chating deeply about sex of here life and that she would have sex only once in an week for a period of 10-15 mins on sunday night above 9 pm when I questioned why she said that her mother in law stated like that for her i was most dwelled in those story she narrates.

After breakfast I went to my room and called her and showed her some of the prons which I had I saw the her boobs had grown stiff and she was placing her hand on her vagina after the show she went to the kitched to finish off the last work of lunch.when everything ws finished the time was 11 am I became more horny to fuck her she was marvelous in her light green saree

exposing her boobs she went to the bathroom bathed herself and returned and wore an yellow saree. she next to me wanderin me to show to prons after an short pron I put my hand around her shoulder. she left it un discovered after 2-3 prons I asked her whether I could touch her boobs she said no.

After an brief conversation she stated to touch it over the blouse alone.when I started touching her breast she immediatly stood up an went to lock the door and windows and screened all the windows i sques her boobs for a period of 10 mins and weted her blouse with her milk I slowly removed her blouse hooks she did not realise since she was busy watching the prons

After some time I pleaded her and mabe her to remove her blouse and bra and placed my mouth in the nipple and sucked her milk wooooooo what a taste for the milk I started to kiss her in her cheeks fist she refused but as repeated she could not stop it I made it clear that I make an lip kiss i move close to her lips and holded her head tightly and made an deep lip kisss she tried to move my head off but I holded it tight kiss lasted for 1 min

she then looked at me in anger and said u can touch only my boobs not any other parts I replied that not only u r boobs are attractive all the parts are attractive.she bend down in an smile and looked up again I took her head and kissed her she never rejected it she too co-ordinated with me and then I asked to give blow job as shown in the movie she rejected it I took her hand

and made to touch my penis she first touched as if I have told her to touch an fire. she rejected several time I made it confirm that she give me an blow job she at last got my penis and gave me 2 cum shots wowwwwwwww so soft and nice to have an blow job from an ladys hand I made her to suck my penis in an very rude way by making he to put on the bed and insert my cock in to her

she gasped and then I gave 2 cumshots and left her mouth with the cumshot she hurried to split it out i got her and made her to swallow my cum after this she was very nice to me she obeyed whatever I said when questioned about the sucking she told she have never experienced such an incident in her life.

in the aftrnoon we ate an went for the next round.She sat very close to me and I showed an 30 min film as she was watching I slowly placed my hand on her thighs and slowly moved my hand to her cunts she stoped me and said I have give only the permission for upper job alone. i kissed her and plaeaded her and asked her to lie on the bed she lifted her saree and I removed her pants

and slowlly inserted my middle finger in and squeesed it by a short time she reached her orgasm and cumed with an pain supressing sound i then asked whether I could put my penis in her she replied that she is intrested in getting that if its inserted and if gets pregnent she would be caught. I told her to wait and went to an long pharmacy bought 10 pcs condoms and retuned home

i inseted in it to my penis and made here nude ohh my god what a structure an colour I inserted my penis in to her cunts I never sucked the cunts bcs I was very earged for the fuck an we made it to cum 3 time by the time she reached 5 times orgasms when we finished the time was 4.00 pm we were tired got some sleep she woke me up at 6.00 pm and had tea we both had bath

sat in the hall talked for a while she cleaned her hair and I requested that whether I could put my penis on her cunts without any protection she said that okk only for one cumm shot.By te time 7.30 pm we both were in great mood to fuck each other shae said I was the only preson to delight her sexual satisfaction we went to the room nuded ourself got top the bed made all upper job blow job and fucked like any thing till 11.00pm.

we became very tired had diner in the nude position and went to bed for more 3 sessions at the end of 2 she started crying out of pain and I did not stop I started for the third she said I am paining a lot pls stop I did not hear and started for the third. Afert the third we went as sleep nude with cock inserted in her cunts.

the very next day we woke up in nude position and I told her that I need to go out for an important work she nodded her heade with sad face ad if wandering for sex we hade breakfast and I dressed and went to the door she said can u give me any thing right now I smiled and unzipped my jeans and gave her a 2 cum in her face and she inserted my penis into her cunts and with 50-60 strokes I cumed and she reache orgasm

After cuming in her ass near the door we heared a door bell suddenly I put my cock in my pants ahe was wiping her face and ass as it was full of my cum and opened the door to see her husband at the door steps I was bit shocked and afraid if he finds out our sexual affair she hurried and made me comfortable and I went out at her husband went at 11.00 am

at my arrival @ 7.00 pm I noticed that ther is some change in the environoment as I ranged the bell and I saw her in an green saree hand & legs full of mehandi head full of flowers lips with rose lipstick and she has arranged the room ready the only thing I have to do is to have dinner and to have sex with that women I had dinner,

as I was having dinner she took my hand of the plate sat on my lap and feeded me with every kiss and hade a great sex the whole night I gave cum about 8-9 times and we both became tired and we slept.thing went on like moring 2 cums noon 4-5 cums night 9-10 cums my body became very tired and un healthy when my parents retuned.

the day before my parents retun was a day of feast we hade sex for the whole day and she cried for very long time I pleaded her. At my arrival of parents in morning 7.00 we hade one final cum we woke at 5.30 started to insert and cummed till 6.30 we summed like animals I did she did it several times at the last she became more horny and fucked like an animal.

we cleaned the room and hurried with all sex items etcccc..from that day on ward we would do cum by 1 per day till the day now hope u enjoyed my sex experience hoping for an second part at here home bcs her husband I going to daily wage work at delhi for a period of 3 months have a good day

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