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Seducing Newly Married Neighbourhood Lady

This story is a true story of how I seduced my neighbor aunty and fucked. I’m 25yr old and looks handsome. I stay with my friends in an apartment. Opposite to our flat a sexy and very hot looking newly married girl is staying with her family. Her name is Sindhu. She is very fair and has very big boobs with perfect shape. She has a daughter of 2yrs named Priyanka.

I fell in love with her beauty when I saw her for the first time in my apartment. Her husband used to go on business trip regularly. So her daughter Priyanka used to come to our flat to play with us. She became very close to me. I also started to go to their home to play with her and to see Sindhu.

One day, I came early from the office and as I was getting bored in my room I went to bring Priyanka to my room to pass the time. I knocked the door and Sindhu opened the door. That was the first time I have seen her in a nighty. That was a light pink colour tight satin nighty. I have seen her from top to bottom. I have seen her cleavage very clearly as I was very near to her.

Her boobs colour is very fair than her face. I could not turn my glance from her. As soon as she noticed me watching her boobs, she immediately covered them with a dupatta. I thought how lucky her husband is, he must be fucking her every day. Then I went in and started playing with her daughter to stay for some more time in her home.

I went to her kitchen to see her bigger sexy boobs, surprisingly this time I got to see her ass… It was a visual treat for me that day. In that satin nighty, the shape of every part of her body was looking very clear. I hardly controlled my tower which became very hard and trying to come out of my pant. I immediately returned to my room and masturbated.

After seeing her milky white skin at her cleavage and her sexy ass, I really felt very excited and decided to seduce her and fuck her very hard. I wanted to suck her boobs like anything. So I started to go to their home whenever I get a chance. I started cool conversations with her. But unfortunately, I did not get a chance to see her in that nighty again.

But I tried very hard to seduce her by staring at her boobs and other body parts while chitchatting with her. We both used to discuss movies and our college life etc… Slowly she also became very close to me. She stopped covering her boobs while I was staring. I was getting some indications that she also interested in me.

So I started touching her body pretending that it happened unknowingly while playing with her daughter. One day while she was standing in her kitchen by carrying her daughter in her hands, I went very near to her and played with her daughter while she was in her hands, Then I touched her boobs and pushed. She did not say anything then I did the same again and again.

And she put her face like she is not noticing that or I am not doing it wanted. But I can see in her eyes that inside she is enjoying that touch and she is allowing me to touch and rub them more. Then I understand she is looking for sex from me. One day when I went to her home to see her, surprisingly she was in a nighty again. I was so much excited and decided to fuck her that day.

I gathered some courage and told her that she was looking very sexy and hot in that nighty. She gave a pleasant smile, and that was a clear indication for me to say anything about her body parts. Then I started explaining how sexy all her body parts are. She did not say anything and went into the kitchen. I also went into the kitchen and hugged her very tightly from behind.

She got shocked and forcefully removed my hands. She turned back and was angrily said how did you get that much courage to hug me…. I said love you so much and your beauty is making me mad. She said ‘I love my husband, I can’t do this’. I said ‘ I love you so much than anyone else in the world. You are the first women I touched. I never saw a girl as much beautiful as you look’.

Somehow I was succeeded in convincing her but she just accepted to suck her boobs nothing more than that. I told her that itself is the biggest gift in my life. Then I slowly put my hand on her boobs, I amazed by the softness of her boobs. She suddenly removed my hand and walked out of the kitchen. I got disappointed.

When I came out of the kitchen and followed her.. Then I saw she was locking the door of the room in which her daughter was sleeping. My heart was pounding again and cock was hard and hot. With a smiling face, she came near to me and stand in front of me. This time I hugged her very tight from the front. I felt the softness of her boobs touching my chest. I was on cloud nine.

I started kissing on her neck and on her ears. She also aroused and hugged me very tightly. Then I touched her soft lips with my tongue and had liplock for almost 15mins. I put my tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue as well. Then we both were in a great mood. Meanwhile, my hard cock is pressing against her soft pussy.

I slowly tried to put my hand on her pussy and rub it over the nighty. But she already told not to fuck her, she removed my hand from there and kept it on her left boob. I started pressing her soft boob it was so nice feeling. Her boobs are very bigger I could not hold all of that in my hand.

Then I hugged her very tight, I removed her bra hooks by putting my hand in her nighty from the backside and took her to the sofa and make her sit in that. She then laid on the sofa and I started kissing on her entire face, lips, and neck. Then slowly came to boobs. I removed her nighty from upside to taking out the boobs.

I started sucking them like anything. She completely aroused and said ‘come on I can’t control myself now. Please go down and satisfy me completely’. Then I removed her nighty completely. She was laying naked in front of me on the sofa. She was looking very sexy with the naked body. Then she removed my t-shirt to touch my bare body with her body.

I removed my pant and took my 6inch cock out of my jockey. She really got surprised by seeing my cock as her husband’s cock is not that much big. Then I asked her to suck my cock but she refused as she did not do that ever before. I then removed her panty and kissed on her pussy. Her pussy is very clean and hygiene. But she has some hair around her pussy.

I kissed all around her pussy and licked the lips of her pussy and I sucked her vagina with my tongue. She is very much aroused now and asking me to fuck her hard. We both enjoyed the sucking. After that I inserted my fingers into her vagina and finger fucked until juices came out of her vagina.

Her pussy was very wet and then I slowly tried inserting my cock and started fucking her with my cock, in the begining I fucked her slowly and gradually I increased the speed as she was enjoying the pleasure of it. I am pressing her boobs with my hands and kissing on her lips and face. We enjoyed fucking for 10mins after that I cum inside her pussy and she also cummed.

I laid on top of her for some time and I wanted to fuck her again. But my cock need some rest. So I told her I wanted to fuck her again and she immediately accepted as she was enjoyed the last session very much.

This time she took me to her bedroom. We both laying naked on her bed seeing each others bare bodies we smiled and hugged again. I told her that I love her so much and want to continue this hereafter. She smiled and said ‘sindhu now became all yours, you can fuck her when ever you want’.

I felt very happy and then I again started fucking her and we tried many angles this time as it was much comfortable on the bed. After fucking her second time I cummed on her boobs. She then massaged on her boobs with that cum. She then got up and dressed and I too got dressed up. Finally, I hugged her and said the 3 magical words in her ear.

She kissed me on my lips and I kissed her on her forehead. I took a selfie with her, but she asked me to delete it. I then said see u soon again and returned to my room. This is how I fucked my neighbour and made my dream come true..Till date we are enjoying a lot and we fuck often. This is the end of my story.

It will be maintained very secretly feel free to send your valuable feedbacks..See you guys soon with my next and best story.. Thank you, each and everyone for reading my story.

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Guy Losing Virginity To Sexy Land Lady

After my graduation, I got placed in a private firm which was around 20 kms from my home, where I used to stay with my family. It was too far for me to travel daily, so my parents started looking to rent a house near to my workplace, a month later we shifted to a 2bhk house which was 3 kms from my office.We were in ground floor where the landlord was on the first floor.

A week passed after getting into the new home where I hardly noticed our house owner coming out. I got to know from my mom that they were basically from Mangalore and only husband and wife stays here, the man used to work as a government official, but my mom did not utter a single word about his wife.

Anyhow even I was no curious hearing about them thinking that they were too old. The next day after getting back from work I noticed a letter hanging on the gate. It was from some insurance company, but what shocked me was, the name on it was Anushka (name changed) and her age was 29. I kept it inside my pocket and entered my room, but did not open it.

An hour later after getting freshened up, I started listening music through my headphones inside my room, which I usually do, and then I realized that the letter was inside my pant pocket which I removed for washing. To get the letter, suddenly I took off my headphone and I was shocked to hear a sweet voice of lady speaking to my mom in the hall.

I hesitated to go out as I was a very shy person, but the voice did not let me control much. The conversation continued for a couple of minutes, and I noticed that my mom was calling her by the name “Anushka”. My mom usually gets closer to our neighbors in a short period of time. Later I decided to get some water from the kitchen via hall so that I could get a chance to meet her.

Once I opened my door and started towards hall suddenly the conversation stopped between them, without caring them I casually went to the kitchen and took some water and started towards my room. When I came out of kitchen my mom introduced Anushka to me as the landlord.

We got introduced to each other by just saying “Hi”, I was so shocked to see that cute fair face, aged 29 but looks like just 18, though her “Hi” was very traditional I noticed that she was a shy lady same as me, she was on her legging chudi with impressive color combination.

Though she was sitting on the sofa I could clearly imagine her shape, it reminded me the shape of an hourglass, average breast with a huge ass. Later I had no idea what to talk, so I told my mom that I have some work inside and left the hall by just saying “Bye” to Anushka. I swear that I was really not interested in leaving that hall, but I had to.

The whole day I thought about her and started jerking myself 3 times. As I already said she rarely comes outside, her husband moves to the office around 3 pm and comes back late night around 2 am. Three days later, I decided to go to her by keeping that letter in hand, so I did the same.

It was around 7 pm, through the window I noticed the lights and tv were on, but she was not in the hall. I knocked the door for about 5 mins but there was no sign of her, I thought she might be busy at some other work and I started leaving. Then I heard a voice of Anushka from inside saying, who is that?? I said my name to her and she said to wait for 5 min.

She opened the door in exactly 5min and now I thought that I would jerk more than 3 times today because her structure was so visible in night pants and t-shirt on her. She noticed my reaction towards her sexy body and called me inside in an uncomfortable voice.

I handed the letter to her as soon as I entered inside, she acknowledged with a big thank and asked me for a favor. As I was expert working on the computer she asked me to delete the virus from her laptop. I just wondered how did she know about my skills and asked her, she said it was my mom who told her about it.

She directly took me to her room and seated me in front of the laptop which she had placed on a computer table. I started working on it, meanwhile, she gave me a coffee. It took me 30 minutes to repair her laptop and then finally I went to the browser to download some software, there I found all sorts of porn sites in her history which was opened 30 minutes back.

I was shocked to see that and then I realized that this was the actual reason which made me wait outside for more than 10 min. At that time she was working in the kitchen. My horny mind made a plan in fractions of second by opening all the sites and leaving the room. I came out of her room and informed her that laptop was all set, as she was busy washing dish.

Though she said me to wait, I was pretty nervous and left immediately. Nervousness did not ruin my day, as I was much hornier than never before and the day cost me two long splashes. Next day was definitely a big day, as my whole family was traveling to native on some marriage function leaving me alone.

They left around 6 pm and I was all alone, and I loved to be alone, actually I loved to roam nude inside the house. I locked my door and covered all window curtains, then got nude and started watching porn on 50 inches tv. 30 minutes later when I was about to cum, someone rang the bell. I rushed dressing up without wearing any innerwear and opened the door.

And it was Anushka with her laptop. I was shocked and was in a confused expression thinking of what I did last night, but she was out of her shy after changing her view from inside the hall to me. I tried to be normal as nothing happened yesterday, but her majestic expression and her low hip sari made my dick harder.

Anushka- what were you doing? Why did you take so long to open the door? (in a bold voice) Me- I…I was on the phone..(in a nervous and doubtful voice) Anushka- really?( by looking inside the house) I was confused on why she was looking at me and speaking. To check, I turned back and then I realized that my tv was on, with a nude picture of a desi woman.

Suddenly I ran for the remote and tried switching it off. But to my bad luck, remote did not work. Anushka entered and kept her laptop on the sofa and locked the door. I was standing in middle of the hall turning towards her. She came slowly towards me asking.

Anushka- why did you do that yesterday? (in a much more bolder voice) Me- I am really sorry, please don’t tell anyone..(was about to piss in fear!) Anushka- I will definitely won’t tell anyone, but you can’t stop me telling what you were doing today..(she saw my underwear on the floor) Me- oh no, please.(I almost started crying) Now she was very close to me, I could smell her.

Anushka- oh no baby, I’ll not tell anyone. And then she took my hands of my teary eyes, hugged me tightly for a minute. All of a sudden my dick hardened and even she noticed it. Later she placed both her hands on my face and started a deep smooch for about 5 minutes. I could feel her tongue and taste her sweet saliva.

Though I was still nervous, I made my mind and took my hands off her face and moved them to her huge ass. It was actually a highly strung heaven. The smooch was going much deeper and faster. Now her hand was inside my pants.She suddenly stopped kissing just to give a shy smile after noticing my precum.

I started removing her saree and she started with my shirt and moved to my night pant. I was fully naked and she was on her blouse and petticoat. Slowly we moved into my room and we were on my bed now. I started removing her blouse with one hand and the other was under her control. She took my other hand inside her petticoat and then inside her panties.

I could feel her juicy pussy with one hand while the other hand was struggling to open her blouse. She did not let me take my hand off from her pussy but she helped me to remove her blouse and then bra too. Now she was half naked. I could not resist my mouth from sucking those two charming nipples.

I helped her to lie down on the bed while sucking her nipples. She now started sounding like a bitch. This made me much hornier and I was controlling my cum. Now it was my turn and I removed her petticoat and panties.

Her pussy looked very fresh with zero hairs and as pink as her lipstick and fully wet. I started kissing her from the toe and moved upward. Her voice was getting higher and higher, her wet pussy was asking to be licked badly. I inserted my middle finger inside it. It continued for a couple of minutes and then she started cumming all over my face.

But my tongue was not relaxed. Now I turned to 69 position and she cummed for the second time. My dick was getting stronger and stronger inside her mouth. I was tired of that position and then I finally decided to be a man. She was in her same position, I was in real heaven now with my dick inside her pussy. I felt it was too tight and realized that her husband was no worth it.

It didn’t take too long this time and without her permission, I cummed inside her. We were naked for about 5 hours and tried all types of position which I knew. It was around 12 pm and her husband was about to come. So she dressed and went back to her home. 20 minutes later she offered me a delicious dinner and this continued many a time when we get a chance to do.

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Kiran Having Hardcore Sex With Neighbourhood Aunty

Hi everyone, I am kiran 25 years old today I am going to confess my sexual encounter with my neighborhood aunty her name is virginia sadly she is married and she has a kid rikku studying in 5th.

So coming to the story my aunties husband is abroad, her house is also in our colony. Rikku and I are good friends, in my free time … We play video games in his house regularly. The video game console is located upstairs, one fine day during visiting aunty’s house rikku told me to go upstairs and start playing and that he will use the bathroom and come.

So I climbed up and went to rikku’s room adjacent to rikku’s room is aunties room her room was not properly locked so through the gap I saw aunty sitting applying some body lotion and she is wearing only a towel her skin was glowing it was so milky suddenly she noticed me watching her she ran and shut the door that day started my sexual arousal to aunty.

Another fine day rikku bought his mom’s smartphone to play games, I was curious to see the browsing history unexpectedly there were a lot of porn …..Rikku is a kid so it was the aunt. So this was an eye opener, so then whenever I went to rikku’s house I started staring at her, this continued for a lot of time.

One fine day rikku’s had gone to school aunty called me over from the balcony so I went to her home. She asked me “Kevin I’ve noticed you staring at me what do you want from me”. I replied, “Aunty you look attractive that’s why I couldn’t control “, for that she said blushingly said….. ” do you find aged ladies like me attractive seriously”.

For that, I bent before she took her hand kissed and said “You are a very beautiful aunty and every day I regret your marriage has happened “, at that moment aunty hugged me with tears she whispered, ” kevin I love you even my own husband doesn’t love me “. She told, ” my husband won’t be in the home for most of the time I want all that love I missed from you, satisfy me“.

We r still hugging I suddenly grabbed her buns for that she blushed and said: ” naughty satisfy me every day “. We started smooching she started licking me her saliva was all around my face I loved it I also started pressing her 34 b boobs by that time rikku came the small villain of our lust life I left.

Another day me and rikku were playing aunt came in the room rikku was busy playing……. Aunt winked and called me down stairs somehow I managed rikku and went down she was in the kitchen in her nighties I slowly caught her buttocks and we started smooching I carried her made her sit near the fireplace and started squeezing her vaginal area she was going mad

I lifted her nightie and removed her black panties and started licking her hairy pussy she was moaning . Her pre-cum was flowing to my mouth then I started fingering and licking I knew how to hit the g spot in the vagina she squirted on my face …. Wow the expressions on her face was priceless she was so satisfied and she told

”enough enough this is the first time I am experiencing orgasm” what a dick husband she had … She told that well have protected sex some other day, my lovely aunt planned one day when rikku had full days school.

I went a bought a special dotted super thin condom and massage oil. On my special day as planned I went to her home we went to the bedroom. She was looking so hot in her red sari. First, we smooched then she was like opening my shirt I put my hand inside her blouse piece and started squeezing her boobs, she is moaning.

I slowly removed her blouse and sari and forcefully put her in the bed then slowly I removed her underskirt then I started kissing her thighs she was moaning slowly. I removed her panties then I took off my clothes she was impressed by my erected cock and I started pouring oil on her boobs, pussy, and legs. I started massaging from her leg slowly sucking her toes.

Squeezing her thighs she was going on moaning. I massaged her pussy then slowly to the belly button her cute tummy. Then I started to play with her boobs squeezed both the boobs together …I started even sucking on her brown tits ….It was heaven.

I then made her give me a tit fuck rubbed my penis against it too and forth and I ejected cum on her boobs she was so impressed by the amount of cum. After that, she told ” darling come and take it from my body ” so we started rolling on the bed together and we went to the 69 position I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my cock her pre-cum was flowing through my mouth.

She couldn’t control as I licked her pussy drastically she told she couldn’t control and she said ” baby now I want your thick cock up my pussy”. I took the condom and wore then she told me to do the doggy style I inserted my penis I started ramming her.

I was slapping her buttock, her bumps turned red also she was moaning I was again ramming her in increased pace I wanted to see her face and she told me that she was going to cum so I stopped and I wanted her to ride me so l slept and made her sit on me with my cock in her pussy it was very new to her I told her to move up and down she was moaning

and even I gradually gave sudden jerks to her and finally even I was ready and I increased the speed by this time she was shouting and she squirted and after a few ramming in her pussy even I ejected my cum ……. And we both slept for an hour and I went to my home she told me

”I have never experienced such good sex and I am cumming for the first time during sex so she begged me for more sex” and left to my home.

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Akay Sexually Healing Neighbourhood Lady Savita

Hey, Human Digest story readers, this is Akay from Pune, about myself – I’m a 21year old engineering student with wild desires to satisfy women of all age, I am 5’11 with a muscular physique and a monstrous little friend of 7inches, I took me some courage to approach this woman whom I healed sexually.

Let me first describe the hotness of the sex story, her name I shouldn’t disclose, she was a 24-year-old, height 5’6 with a slim yet bulky figure, by bulky I mean the extra curves of her assets. She didn’t weigh much as I recall picking her up to bed that night. However, we should call her Savita, as we already dream about our very famous beloved Savita bhabhi.

She lived in a society opposite to mine, as I lived on the 6th floor I could monitor the movements in the building. Savita was a housewife who was recently married to a lawyer. They didn’t have a child. She would spend time doing housework, I laid my eyes on her on a Monday afternoon when she had left home to buy some stuff, she had a figure of a goddess, she always whores a dark sari.

I couldn’t stop looking, one fine day I happened to go to the same grocery shop as Savita, after gathering lots of courage, finding her struggle with the grocery I offered to help. She said “I would have dropped the bags and made a mess” I responded by saying “Not today, not when I’m watching”, my naughty smile went right to her brain, I acted as if I didn’t know she was married.

I took the bags and showing off my veins on the arm I offered to help her walk till the lift, she agreed. I asked her about her education, life, family etc. Her response on the family part was a little sadistic, she said she was married for 3 years to Prakash, who often played cricket on Sundays in the hood.

I said I knew Prakash, and he had never said he was married, and his behavior was weird. I said, “Prakash plays like a little baby, he needs to lift some weights” saying this she started to laugh and understood that she had married a jerk. She didn’t approve of the marriage as it was fixed by their parents.

She said “Maybe you should train Prakash in the gym” to which I said, “I wouldn’t mind training you”. She said she didn’t require to exercise as she was fit. I kept her wanting to talk to me more. I didn’t exchange numbers the first time. One day I ran into her, she stopped me while I was on the bike, she said “Prakash is in Singapore okay…. I need some company” I said,

“Savita I’m in a hurry give me ur number”. I saw her missed call after I reached home, I called back. Me: Hi, what’s up? Savi: Kuch Nahi, was bored in afternoon, let’s go for a walk? Me: no, I have to go to the gym, can I meet you later?” Savi: Okay, come to my building after gym. I could feel Savita being attracted to me.

Meeting her in the evening was electric, she was wearing her push-up bra and some tight female clothing which outlined the goddess figure. I went in for a hug when I saw her, as I had a bath after a workout, I smelt just good. She had made some dinner home and was not feeling like eating alone, she invited me up, the house was well furnished.

She arranged the food as I ate my apple while talking to her. Savita kept looking at my pants. I had a hard on ever since she bent down to put the plates. I stopped her my putting force on her hand. Slowly smelling her hair I got close to her face and kissed her cheeks, I said “You needed this” looking at her not get angry I went to her lips and kept kissing till she responded back.

She said “Akay … This is wrong” I said “Maybe, but a beauty like you and a monkey like Prakash is not right either” she giggled and hugged me tightly, I felt her butt and grabbed it, she knew my intentions, she kept breathing heavily, I thought removing the push up bra would reduce the heavy breathing, but it increased.

She pulled my t-shirt out, our naked bodies meet, I got a wave of ecstasy transferred from her to me, we couldn’t stop kissing, our tongues were long lost fighters, I put my hands on her warm pelvic region, almost simultaneously she did the same to me, she like what she had touched. I could notice her begging for the pleasure I could deliver.

I picked her up, with her legs wide open against my chest, as I licked her nipple, she pointed to the door, I took the action there, with her hands around my back I lay down yourself on the bed, I ripped open her pants to reveal her pussy, it was well shaved, she made an expression which signaled me to lick her navel, I headed to do the pleasure, she said

“Just like that…. Keep licking it,……Don’t stop okay…… I need this” I increased the speed I could feel the pussy licking me back, her pussy was dripping with tasty juices. She was in heaven, her eyes were shut. When she opened them she wanted to suck my penis, I wanted that too, she started to lick my shaft with the tip of her tongue,

she took my penis into her mouth and went up and down. She said, “I want to eat this candy every day”. Her every word made me horny. I knew it was time to fuck her silky pussy, I brought my cock to the summit of her pussy and went wild till she actually squirted her juices on her bed, I lay in the bed with her till she woke up, she kissed me again for an endless time.

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Vinay In New House Enjoying Sex Affair - IV

Previously: Vinay In New House Enjoying Sex Affair - III

I was slobbering and slurping from her hot pot trying to gulp all the juices that kept flowing every now and then from it. Moans of infinite joy and contentment were rising out of her mouth ahh, Vinay, my god, pls don’t stop, keep doing it, pls push it in, yeah, yeah, oh god.

I kept squeezing her tits they felt so soft and natural and I rubbed the now erect nipples with the tips of my fingers as her hand attempted to grope my hardened cock. I raised my face and looked at her holy shit – the expression on her face was demanding more from me, she had the most beautiful body I had ever seen.

Her tits were natural and perky and topped with nipples just irresistible, I could not hold and moved my face from her pussy to her nipples popping out to be sucked. I sucked out of its’s juices like never before. I again lowered myself sucked, licked and stroked her pussy with my tongue and fingers in tandem, while she whimpered and arched her back,

she raised her hands held them to the metal rod and widened her legs, her boobs now juggling up and down and the positon creating a perfect gateway for my tongue to make its manoeuvres, it was an exhilarating experience in the bathroom. Once again as my tongue flicked the lips of her cunt in frantic pace pounding it mercilessly she raised her voice a notch and cried –

Vinay fucker, fucker, yeah, yeah. Do it, fast, fast, oh God, mama, I will die, oh god, I cant, ah,ah, god, god, Vinay, Vinay, no, no and she began to shake and when I pulled her lips wide open with my fingers and started to lick from the bottom to the top over and over again, she grabbed on to my hair and went into, what appeared to be, a rip-roaring amazing award-winning orgasm.

It took almost 5 minutes for her to regain her senses after 2 massive orgasms and I helped her get up. She was feeling shy and ashamed of herself for the way she had ejaculated and conducted in this act. We got up and she stepped forward, I lifted her onto my waist holding her up with my arms and pressing her chest to mine.

He hands were on my neck and she had wrapped her legs around my waist, we did all this while still kissing each other, I was impressed and slightly scared by her courage and was worried because I would drop her or slip. She seemed unconcerned with the risks and was enjoying every moment.

I lowered her a little and made her feel the tip of my cock against her opening from below and she looked at my face with an invite to perform my act on her thirsty pussy, I knew she wanted me right now as she was trying to guide my fire pole in her honeypot. I lowered her some more and tried to pushed up my dick at the same time.

With little difficulty I slid my dick little inside her causing her to moan, her pussy was wide opened as she had wrapped her legs around my waist but the opening hole to insert my dick was not comfortably positioned. She left a loud cry and held me tight gasping for breath as I again recklessly tried to pierce my dick in her starved pussy.

She rested her head against my shoulder and moaned. I started slowly, holding her up and moving my body to move my hot burning cock in and out of her and keeping her floating. She wrapped her arms tightly around me to try and hold herself in place so the movement of my dick in her throbbing pussy could be easier. The position had its advantages and disadvantages.

I was able to let go with one hand and hold her up against the wall but could only move enough that I pulled my dick half way out and plunged back into her burning hole. After few difficult moves, I was more than half inside her and was able to punch from below. She made a rhythm by moving her lower waist and ass that worked for me.

She moaned with every thrust being punched in her pussy from the bottom. It was a very difficult position but I kept her holding trying to smack her with hard jerks. I could not hold her weight and lifted her and moved to the living room and made her lie on the sofa in the same wet condition.

Once she as on the sofa I decided to go hard at her and there we were, filled with pure animal need, as I pinned her to the soft sofa, and cruelly whipped her naked bottom ass check with a firm slap, both of us were sweaty and panting, she was screaming, and I was grunting, our primal sexual natures overprinting the living room’s pretence at gentility, and refinement.

I got into missionary and I tried to push in my burning rod, her pussy hairs were wet and stopped the entry. I tried hard and her hairs hurt both of us badly and I was only little in she asked me to be smooth. I used my fingers and split wide opened her wet pussy tiny drops of water on the hairs still dripping from it,

as her smooth silky little girlie lips opened up to gulp my dick I without waiting sunk the head of my dick into her vaginal opening in one hard thrust, she lifted her ass in pan with the force is pumped my dick in her magical hole, I was practically enjoying myself being rough and hard.

As I proceeded to carefully deposit my remaining inches into her honeyed hoo-haw, little pre-cum waves started to roll up through Radhika’s abdomen. This was a perfect gentle butchering of a hot pussy by a healthy hunk and she was in ecstasy receiving this heavenly humping, she showed her other side to me she screamed, Yeah, ouch yeah, give it to me,

“smack it baby ah, ah, go hard baby fuck it man, yes yes, don’t stop Vinay, ah, ah, oh god, fuck, fuck yeah, yeah,” she cooed and I kept spanking her pussy. Soon I was pounding her pussy as she called out “Yeah, yeah fuck, fuck, fuck, oh, Vinay, fuck, yes, yes “ in time with each beat.

As I increased the pace she pulled on my hair, dug her nails into my back and desperately tried to kiss me, she had to move her hands and clutch on the sides of the sofa, bunching it tightly, as I continued to hit the hilt of her pussy and slapping her ass cheeks occasionally.

She screamed me to slow down after a brief pause I again kept increasing and decreasing my thrusts to ensure that we did not cum as it was my first shot at Radhika and wanted it to be memorable and as long as possible, with every punch on her pussy, her grunts increased.

She needed much more to get from me. She lifted my head and whispered into my ear to fuck me slow and long. She said it was the first time ever on the sofa and also with a person other than her husband and it encouraged me. After few soft gentle spears in her burning hole, I picked up the pace.

She did her best to keep her legs wrapped around my body but was slipping due to the slippery conditions on the sofa. I connected with her lips and juggling melons the best way, sucking and squeezing then but could not hold on as I was pumping her high-class fire breathing cunt so hard it was difficult to hold that position for long.

However, when I did manage to lean far enough forward her tits were rubbing against my lips and that just drove me to go faster and faster. When my red hot dick started to stream into her velvet crack with her ass moving in tandem I just yelled like a wild man and gave her frantic thrusts that sent her up towards the sofa.

She wrapped her legs around and shouted, “Yeah, yeah, this is lovely, ah very nice, again Vinay, yeah keep hitting, hard Vinay, pls, but don’t release pls, pls, don’t stop oh god, god, Vinay, yes, yes, ah, ah Oh god, pls pls do it Vinay fuck me, yeah, Vinay, fuck, fuck” and she was driving me nuts and what more could a man ask for?

She gasped as I penetrated deep inside of her and she arched her back so I could pierce my every last inch of dick in her. The sofa began to rock backward and forwards as I developed a steady rhythm. She held me tight and yelled “Vinay, yes, yes, pls fuck me, fuck me harder, I’m close, please….Please,” she begged me.

I gripped her waist and lifted her up some before pulling her down doing my best to slam into her as deep as possible. I heard her breathing change and I knew she was close along with me. She kept begging for more, telling me she was close and needed me. With my strokes getting as hard as they could, I tightened my grip around her waist as she released and screamed with pleasure.

I didn’t let up as she came but moved in faster and harder. I put both of my hands and gripped her waist hard when I thrust up one last time with a loud groan I too released my cum inside her this followed with a few short pumps. I felt breathless on her hot body and she hugged me tightly.
We were both breathing hard, I laid my forehead against her head, doing my best to hold her.

She gave me a minute and a small push on my shoulder to get the strength to lift myself and remove my dick from her pussy. We separated and it was then we both realized the water was still running in the bathroom.

She quickly jumped out of the sofa and grabbed a towel and rushed to the bathroom, I stayed there and rested on the sofa after few minutes she peeped out from the bathroom door and I noticed she was waiting for me, I indicated her to give me a blowjob, she signalled me to wait and came out in 2 minutes with towel wrapped around her body.

She took me to the bedroom and her question stunned me – how long is it since you have got a good suck job,” she asked, dangling her half covered breasts in front of me. “three months,” I replied “it’s been three years for me,” she said, throwing down the towel and sashaying towards me, nude leaving behind the little bit of shamelessness that was remaining in her,

“I’m not sure whether I can satisfy you but I would try to give you a suck to remember.” I was excited and also petrified by the look on her face, I said “pls don’t hurt me “she said “Oh you can trust me,”, I ended up nodding my head up and down like one of those dogs you see in car rear windows, “you can trust me,”

she said again as she bent over me and rubbed her delicious looking tits all over my face. I grabbed on to her waist and lying back on the bed I pulled her on the top of me. Her nipples were erect and just waiting for my lips and I didn’t disappoint them. I sucked and licked and I moved my fingers up and down her soft warm skin.

As I was l at the end of the bed with my dick again standing erect ready for action she slithered across the covers like a snake and took it right into her mouth. I wondered when it was going to stop as it seemed to be so deep down her throat, then she withdrew it completely, looked at me with a roguish smile and plunged it back in.

“Oh fuck,” I cried out with sheer pleasure of her licks on my pink cork and I held on to her hair wildly as she glided up and down my throbbing shaft. She reached forward with one hand and began to finger my balls. My nerve endings felt as if they were about to explode and with another, “Oh fuck,”

I yelled out at the top of my voice as I could not withstand the sensation that she was creating, she was a master in this art. She kept licking the end of my dick as though she couldn’t get enough of it. She stopped took it out in her hands and asked me “how was that,” she asked, peeling the tender skin up and down, I replied “fucking marvelous,” still a little short of my breath.

I had fondled her tits but to see them juggling – and she playing with them and pushing then into my mouth -that was something else. They were lily white and perky, with nipples that looked like two beautiful ripe raspberries. She again moved down and began to plunge up and down my shaft, continuing to probe my nut sack as she did so.

To make it more exciting she would apply pressure to her lips and then relax them again. Radhika just opened up her lips and then very slowly, looking up at me with her big blue eyes, slid down my entire shaft.“o my god,”I cried out and she, knowing that she was pleasing me went up and down, up and down, slipping her fingers around me balls at the same time.

Although my foreskin was pulled well back she took her hand and pulled it further, then she lowered her head until her lips were just touching the tip. I held my breath anticipating that she was going to plunge into her mouth. In spite of being prepared for it, the thrill was so great when she did, I let out a loud cry and she stopped for a second thinking that she’d hurt me.

When she began to work up and down my shaft again I just drifted off into a world of ecstasy, dying to cum but wanting it to last as long as possible. Gently fingering my balls she sucked and sucked on my dick until I felt my body tighten up and I held my breath as I shot my load.

Radhika took it in her mouth and gobbled every drop of it and sucking till the last of sperm filled her mouth. What a blow job it was, just sucked the energy out of my body. She said this was the first time she allowed someone else touch her with the intent to pleasure, and she loved it. She loved not that person, but with the act itself. Such intimacy and accord.

Even with the awkwardness of first-time lovers, there was a grace and purity, carnal and beautiful that she would cherish for a long time. Sadly many people see this lack of sex as a warning sign that things will always be this way. That the spark has vanished — never to return, but just look around you will find one around the corner.

Anyone who doesn’t want you to be happy with who you are is an asshole. Fuck pleasing everyone else. You only live once. Who are you gonna live and do it for? Having great sex is like taking in huge lungful’s of fresh air, essential to your body, essential to your health, and essential to your life.

The End.

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Vinay In New House Enjoying Sex Affair - III

Previously: Vinay In New House Enjoying Sex Affair - II

“Or…,” she paused wondering if her idea would sound good to me. The shower was big, big enough we could both fit and shower. “Or…,” I waited for her to continue. We…Could…Maybe…” Radhika trailed off, this felt weird to me but she continued. “maybe shower together, we will save time and water also, oh god what an excuse,

I walked to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and said, pulled her towards me and said “I thought you’d never ask.”. “You could have asked vinay,” she told me, thinking I could have taken the lead. “No,” I shook my head, “I kind of have liked to watch you bath and kissed her on her shoulders,

while speaking she started to pull my underwear down and left it halfway indicating what she wanted, I threw aside my remaining piece of cloth and she was staring at my dick wide eyed. She freed herself and nodded before going to the bathtub and set the water running. She stripped down complete nude as the water warmed, feeling my eyes on her.

She turned her head to find me staring directly at her ass. She shook her ass before climbing into the tub. She didn’t look back to see my reaction. She had a very suckable pair of tits and a very attractive ass and a dense black pussy. My dick was hard and ready for action but I wanted to engage in a little foreplay to know her likes and dislikes in this art of fucking.

She knew precisely how to taunt a man sexually and was doing it skilfully just surging the urge of both. The warm spray of water felt amazing on my skin and immediately helped me relax. Radhika entered the shower behind me. She turned around and laid her head back and lifted her hands to get her hair wet.

With her arms raised her breasts stuck out with her nipples at attention. I wondered if the pose was to tease me. The air felt thick with the feeling between us like it was filling the room: a room full of our carnal heat, our hot desire for each other. She lowered her head and peeked at me. I was watching her with a smile.

Once her hair was wet, she asked if I wanted to switch places so she could wash her hair and body while I prepared to wash, I helped her switch places so we wouldn’t fall. Our bodies squished together as we passed one another, her nipples scraped against my stomach, sending shivers down my spine. Sex was a practiced art to her.

Each move calculated, her brain always worked while she performed, her body seducing her prey with ease, noting each response of his target. She was sweeping me into a tidal wave of pure sensation, and I willingly let go and let her take me with her.” Radhika grabbed the body wash, deciding to do that first.

She turned her face towards me, I pretended to close my eyes and getting my hair wet. She poured the body wash into her hand and started with her arms. I finished my task got up and was now focused on her. She pretended to not notice me and began to wash her breasts, running her hands over them and innocently pinching her nipples.

She slowly worked her way down her stomach to her pussy, opening her legs to give me a view of working down to her legs. She turned around and grabbed the body wash again to obtain more soap. She bent over more, stepping back slightly enough to bump into me. While her ass didn’t reach my crotch, she would have felt something semi-hard rub against her back.

She was herself playing and seem to be very happy with it, she grinned to herself, and proud that she could get the reaction she wanted. She stood straight and turned around. I could not believe and shake my head at her with a smirk. She shrugged as innocently as she could, asking “What?” I didn’t reply, but simply pointed to her shampoo, silently asking if I she could was going to wash my hair.

She nodded and washed my hair, repeating the movement that pushed her breasts out occasionally touching my chest. This time I could not resist and softly pinched her breasts each one slightly twisting them, softly licking them causing her to yelp. I touched my cock head to the side of her pussy and she raised an eyebrow at me, as if to ask what I expected.

I touched her edge of pussy with my fingertips and began to play with the lower lips. Her body started to shake and she was moaning as I started to tantalize her. We switched again, this time I was on her back, my cock rubbing her lower back as we did. She was in a hurry to wash her hair and body, so she started rinsing herself off.

My hands reached up to her breasts and teased them again, and then following the flow of the water, my hands lowered down to her stomach and pussy, where I stopped and toyed with her clit before reaching her legs. I moved to bend down a bit to rinse my feet and gawked when she acted to realized that I was fully hard.

She shouldn’t have been surprised, but she was also amazed at the length of my cock once it was in peak position. I pulled her head back, and I could hear her ragged breathing as her mouth came close to my ear, sounding so desperate for me. God, I was turned on so much…
I kept my calm and stepped aside to allow her to wash her hair, she started to rinse her hair,

perking her breasts up for my with a glance of an eye towards me with a hope that I would do something again. She was almost done getting the shampoo out when I slowly held her waist and kept my lips on her warm hot nipples, followed by a gently nip. Inside she grinned, excited for me to continue.

She removed the rest of the shampoo in time to react to my hand reaching between her legs for her clit and rubbing it, she moaned softly. I took this as a sign to go on. I turned my attention to her other nipple and used my free hand to play with the abandoned breast. I still had one hand on her clit, rubbing my fingers to her clit and back again.

She grabbed my shoulder to hold herself up, feeling her body get hot from my actions. Radhika pulled away from me, causing me to groan. She heard me chuckle as she made me switch places with her. I pushed her back against the back wall of the tub and lifted her one leg over my shoulder.

I kneeled down and before she could get fully comfortable, my mouth covered her clit and started to toy and tease it, she didn’t hold back from moaning loudly and grabbing my head to hold herself in place. I dived in deep and kept flicking her clit with my tongue. She gripped my hair in her hands, slowly applying more pressure on her wide vagina begging me not to stop.

At this point, it seemed as though the sensation was too intense for her as she moved back before bending over and stretching her legs. Radhika writhed in ecstasy as I skilfully manipulated the lips of her vagina with my tongue, her moans filled the room and as it is rightly said “a horny man is seen and a horny woman is heard”, I could hear her moan senselessly.

I had squeezed myself down to knees and felt around for the inside of her thighs and then pushed them gently apart until I could insert a finger in her pussy flower. Radhika started to whimper this time it was not under her control she was turning mad.

The lips of her crack were ultra-sensitive and when I licked them her whole body shook, making it difficult to keep my tongue in motion. She whimpered Vinay Oh god, ah, ah, ah, lick me, oh god, oh, don’t stop, uff, uff,aiyoo oh god, god, vinay,slow, slow, vinay ahh, don’t stop, vinay softly pls, oh god, ah, ah.

I used my fingertips to open up her delicate pink folds and slowly slipped my long tongue into her soft tunnel of love. Her body jerked upwards as I penetrated my tongue deep inside and then I began to lick her wet crack from bottom to top using the tip of one finger to stretch it gently downward. My tongue dipped into her hole to her clit and back again.

I knew she wasn’t going to last much longer as I could feel her body begin to firm and muscles tighten. She must have known too because I latched onto her clit and sucked and teased it. I used one hand to hold her up as much as possible and from the other, I used two and three fingers, to finger fuck her.

She screamed my name and moaned, as my finger made swift moment in her tight pussy, her knees buckled under my onslaught, I was ready and moved to help her stand, holding her up.
Radhika started to shake and writhe like someone going into a fit, she cried out, “vinay, oh god, shit, uff uff, holy shit, holy fucking shit, yes, yeah, don’t stop yes, yes, oh god”

several times as my tongue moved up and down furiously slurping all the juices that were flowing. Up and down, up and down. Deep, deeper, soft, softer, fast, faster, in and out, in and out, stop and go, stop and go, my tongue was tantalising her pussy in all possible ways and she could not hold on any more.

As her body twitched and she twirled she left a loud scream she unloaded a large quantity of honey from her honey pot on my face, she grabbed on to my hair forcing my face deeper and firmer into her fully haired hot pussy. She set me free after few seconds with still writhing in the joy of the explosion that made her tremble.

I was the kind of man she wanted: wild, hot, horny, and making her lose control. And it all pointed back to me, about how much I felt in control of her. There is no world, no land, no god or heaven or earth outside of the two bodies naked and trembling in the act of love, it is just magical.

She could not handle the pressure of the orgasm and sat on the wet floor holding me passionately and affectionately. I kissed her forehead, cheeks, and then lips as I caught her breath. She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling my body down against her as much as she could. She wanted more, needed more.

I wanted her in me but wondered how that would work in the shower and with the height difference. I couldn’t imagine me holding her up as I knew how strong I was and how well built she was. We got up and helped each other clean under the shower, she kept feeling my dick hard and kept pulling it towards her pussy indicating me to plow it inside her.

There was still enough time left for children to return from school so I was in no hurry. I wanted to fuck her hard in the same bathroom under the shower but before that, I placed the plastic stool under the shower I grabbed her ass in my hands, lifting her against the wall and made her sit on the plastic stool.

She sat on the stool and I placed my face between her warm thighs again and opened up her already butchered crack with my fingers and flicked it with my tongue. I sat down and pressed my face harder against her wet dense hairs she began to tremble again and that turned into violent shaking.

“oh my god” Vinay pls fuck me put that in Vinay, pls Vinay, Vinay, pls, pls put it in Vinay, ah I cannot pls, she cried as I started to lick and tongue fuck her again, my soft twirls on her pussy lips were making her quiver and shiver again. It was almost as if it was Radhika was completely sex-starved and as if that she was having sex for the first time again,

she was again prepared to get licked and she widened her legs and she was almost weeping in joy as I my tongue continued to make way through the thick private hairs, she held my hand and placed them on her boobs asking me to squeeze them hard.

To Be Continued...

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Vinay In New House Enjoying Sex Affair - II

Previously: Vinay In New House Enjoying Sex Affair - I

I said lucky Ajith and started praising her looks and was straight looking at her boobs as if I would gooble then right there in the middle of the hotel, Radhika noticed it but did not react & tried to be very normal, she was sure I was flirting with her, surprisingly she sat next to me on the sofa, with great difficulty I could take my eyes off her, her wonderful smell still striking me hard,

my desire of getting physical with her was developing like mad, but there was no way other than controlling my feelings, after some talking I started to take few selfies and I placed my hand on her shoulders, aww that feel after touching her body was just maddening me !!!!!! In the next snap I took my chance and placed my hands on her waist,

just to feel the large bare open skin that was visible as she had tied the saree really low, she saw towards me I behaved as if I placed my hands accidentally and said sorry she said its ok and gave that seductive smile again. I felt I had sowed the seed of doubt in her mind with my approach and behavior and she seemed ok with it.

We were seated in a corner and she ordered food of her choice, I was constantly staring at her boobs at every given opportunity and touching her bare open milky white shoulders, her purple lipsticks and mascara with the small bindi on the forehead were playing an equal role in making her look sexier and inviting.

I grew bolder and placed my hand on her thighs also for a couple of times and she would push my hand away every time I placed them on her thighs. As the rule of nature says that women tend to grab attention with their looks only and men, on the other hand, tend to attract a potential female, by showing off all his, smartness, tactics and resources,

I was trying to do the same with Radhika, I behaved very normally praised her 2 or 3 times on my looks and beauty that made her blush occasionally, I was being mischievous. Flirty and little dirty but was ensuring to make her fell really comfortable.

I was getting turned on by the closeness and heat of her body I had to sit cross legged to hide my monster dick which had grew to its full peak size, she noticed my uncomfortable situation and asked innocently on what had happened and kept crossing her eyes between by bulge and my face.

To be honest “my cock actually sort of staggers like a punch-drunk boxer who doesn’t know when to stay down, it keeps raising at every possible opportunity”. Facing the situation bravely I changed to topic and asked her how do you manage your life when half of the time your husband is not with you,

she said “it had become a routine, very less choice, I have also discussed with him about changing his job, but job security same pay scale etc matters so he does not wants to take chance, but things are going fine this way so we are managing “. I said “but not having ajith half of time with you should be very difficult at times“,

she said “yes but with kids around just have to manage very limited choice “,I started to make my moves and asked her “it should be very difficult for you “. She said yeah it is, but let us discuss something else. I told ok sure and we finished our lunch.I finally poured out what was in my mind & said “ it is all about love and sex baby, get that and be happy “, she did not reply and kept quiet.

Deep down in my mind, I was visualizing her being loved and aroused. I loved to see that feeling overcome her, as she would look at my erect cock, as she would feel my hands ripping her clothes from her body, as the air caresses her naked skin, and how she would feel like when I would suck her boobs and her expression when I would mercilessly pierce my hot erect dick in her hot burning hole.

I told her “I have not come in the car today, but I know you only travel by car or auto”, she said “who told you that I only travel by car, I use my scooter daily and you have seen me also. I replied “we both prefer to travel in 2 wheeler only”, she asked why???, I told Radhika you ask my wife she will tell you,

she insisted and I said “it gives us the opportunity to sit uptight close and we can feel each other“, she giggled and said, “ you guys are crazy, I never thought about it”. She walked with me to the parking lot, I took out my bike and she sat one side on the bike and kept her hand on my shoulder.

I got bolder and told her I am not getting that feeling, she said “shut up and drive“ and gave me a pat on the back of my head. I kept chatting with her in low tone purposefully and whenever she could not hear something, she would come very close to my neck and I could feel and smell her. I got a feel of her hot boobs on my back when I applied sudden brakes.

She being so close to me and her feminine odor oozing from her body was make me very horny. She was not shying away from brushing her boobs on my back on every given opportunity. As I kept driving recklessly she placed her hands on my thighs to sit tight and safe.

I dropped her at the gate and she thanked me for the lunch and gave a handshake and purposely I did not leave her hands for few seconds, her hands were very small compared to her body, she looked at me and asked “what”, I playfully said was just trying to feel your hands they are so small, she laughed,

and the very thought of she holding my thick fat dick in her small hand made me horny again, I measured our hands and was teasing her. She laughed and her melons were juggling, I stared at them, she noticed it and she was enjoying the attention, she behaved normal and pulled back her hand and asked, want to come up, I asked her if you wish, she said to come.

I was close to what I desired and wanted. I could not find any reason that could be a barrier between us. She murmured “I know you have been shamelessly undressing me with your eyes from the day we met “, I said what, she said you heard it right. She knew what I wanted and probably she also was looking for someone, wow, was this happening???

We reached her flat and she asked me without any hesitation “what do you want “, I said “no force, it has to be mutual “. She said “ok sure”. I was jumping with joy, I asked now, she said “not now we will plan “. I told “radhika pls don’t say no, now pls“,. I again said “I cant wait to feel you Radhika pls “.She said “ ayyo, oh god you are making me mad pls wait, have patience“,

I did not want to give her a chance to think and held her hand pulled her closed and said pls Radhika. She said “vinay you are a crazy guy, I am still confused and afraid”. I told her “ pls Radhika I think we both are missing something common in life and we have an opportunity to fulfill it pls

“she stood in front of me and was pretending to protest, her chest was moving up and down by her heavy breathing, and she was staring at my cock inviting it to spear her. She seems to go blank and had a black out of her senses as she did not notice her saree top drop and I could view her deep valley and nipples that were protruding out from her bra as she was slowly getting aroused.

She said “I don’t know this is correct or not “you are not allowing me to think”, wait I will change and come and she entered the bed room and came back in 2 minutes she was wearing a pink colored silky 2 piece nighty. We were in the living room, she looked me with a puzzled look as I was still in my office attire, she asked me why do you have this on you still.

She came near me and helped me take off my pants and shirt. I asked her “can I touch you “, she said “ go ahead feel it”, I pulled her towards me. Time seemed to stop; the world around us stilled. There was only her & me, my thumb caressed at her lips, the lips that I wanted to kiss.

She was protesting slightly as I lifted her face and kept my lips on her lips, I took her delicious lips in my mouth and started to softly suck them one after the other, she was breathing heavily and she melted in my arms, her protest had turned in moans. I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her closer to me, her boobs were moving up and down as she was breathing,

they were of majestic size, just unbelievable, she was already too aroused and the lust that had seem to be unsatisfied for long now manifested itself with a ferocious intensity and made her surrender to me so quickly. I slowly released her lips and moved downwards on her neck are earlobes, my soft twirls on her earlobes and kisses on her neck made her go crazy and she hugged me tightly.

I hugged her and placed my hands on her ass and pulled her more closer to me. My dick had turned firm hard and was desperate to get free she started to feel my dick. I was making her feel of the hardness by making her hold my dick in her small hands, she was feeling shy as I lifted her face and saw in her eyes, she lowered her eyes and again hugged me.

Radhika moaned as I fondled, tickled, squeezed and caressed her breasts from the top of the satin nighty. I released her from my grip and untied the belt of her nightly and threw it aside, I slowly turned her around, I started to play with my beard hairs on her shoulders and back of neck making her moan in pleasure, she said Vinay “fuck me,” she whispered,

giving me permission, taking me into her flesh, a soft invitation to madness, she moaned uff, pls oh, oh god, Vinay. I slowly dropped the shoulder strap of her second piece of nighty from her shoulders, it did not fall down it was with the support of her boobs, I moved my hands towards her boobs and released her nighty, she was standing in bra and panties in front of me,

her bra was holding her boobs with great difficulty and her panties would barely cover her pussy hair. I took a step backward and looked at her again from top to bottom, in bright daylight she was feeling very shy, she again came and hugged me. Her pussy hairs were clearly visible from the sides of her panties.

I slid off the strap of her brassiere from over her shoulder totally exposing her one breast. They were well shaped and round with her nipple jutting out in perfect proportion. I kissed her on her lips and then my tongue rolled down her neck, onto her breast grabbing her nipple in my mouth. I began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as her sexuality began to rise at her peak.

I sucked it hard until her nipple was swollen red. She was now like a bitch in heat, her pelvic thrusting on my dick. As I sucked her hard my hand freed her other breast of her brassiere and began to maul her. Radhika looked down at my undies pulled it down little and kept her hand softly stroking my throbbing semen pump and gasped, “Oh my god, how big is that?”

I squeezed her melons and said, “how big and soft are this?”. She had great looking tits, long legs that culminated in a heavily dense hairy pussy. As I pulled her towards me she hugged me tightly trying to feel me and her whole body trying to claim me, want me, own me in lust, and it made me feel so valuable and wanted., I felt like I was the world to her for that moment,

and she could think of nothing else, could feel nothing else she was consumed with my body, dedicated to exploring my masculine sexual power and energy, and her passionate kissing indicated me think that was this the chance she was waiting to connect with me in sex. I had a monster hard-on.

Radhika released herself from my firm grip and asked me to wait for some time and said she needed a shower, she headed to have a shower and gave an amused smile and I realized she wanted a shower together. I raised my eye brows at her, wondering exactly what we were going to do. As is followed her I realized there were a shower and bath tub too in the bath room.

Behaving innocently like a child she said “I can wait until you’re done,” she started to walk out of the bathroom. I told her to remain there and said “No. I can wait,” “let me wait here and watch you”, and I stood holding the door.

To Be Continued...

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Vinay In New House Enjoying Sex Affair - I

Hello friends, Vinay here with one more narration of how I was able to convince and unplug the deep desires of a wonderful hot, sexy lady, with mutual consent. Enthusiasm can help you find the new doors of sexuality, but it takes passion for opening them. If you have a strong urge in life against sexual desires and needs of yours, then you don’t have to be pushed.

Your passion will drive you there & there is no better reason for being alive. Sexual opportunities need to be created in life, there is nothing wrong in being candid and opportunistic on sexuality and its needs. Understand that your morality is not law, if we decide to have sex whether safe, safer, or unsafe, it is our decision and nobody have no rights in questioning your sexual desires,

it is as necessary as anything else in this world, sexual pleasure is the legitimate right of every human being. The more you hide the urge, the more it drives you towards it. I am 35-year-old man, fair, well built and decent looking. We had just moved to our new home in Chennai, it was very close to my daughter’s school,

earlier we used to stay almost 3 km away and my daughter school and she would travel to school by auto, from our new home it was just walkable distance so it was very easy to commute. My visit to schools was very limited only when my daughter would participate in some competitions or when my wife would not be able to attend some meetings.

I was in the chat group created by few parents but never gave any interest in it. Once my daughter missed to take one of her class note and she called me borrowing mobile from her friend’s mother, requesting me to bring the note to school immediately. I rushed to the school and she was waiting along with her friend and her mother.

I gave the book and thanked Radhika, she was my daughter’s best friend’s mother. My wife keeps taking her name every now and then but this was the first time I saw her very closely, she shared a very good rapport with my wife. As we stood there chatting she caught me scanning her body, she was gorgeous looking woman, sexy one of the best in my known circle, shiny,

dark brown hair, deep inviting eyes, sweetest full and firm ass with round shapely buns, her greatest assets were her breasts, big, firm and protruding, almost an invitation to grab and squeeze them hard,. They hung heavily, but stood out proudly and came to a beautiful upturned point.

She really had the type of breasts that most men just can’t keep their eyes from their head, similarly an innocent smile and a voice that could just mesmerize anybody. I could not take off my eyes from her despite her noticing me. After few minutes our daughters entered school and we were still standing there chatting.

Dirty thoughts give relationship a little spice…, sexual life in marriage had come to a point where nothing new was happening, I was getting bored, there were no rekindling of emotions and the feelings for each other had become less intense and all dirty thoughts popped out in mind towards Radhika.

It had been long and desired something different and I wanted to delve into the pot of gold and taste a different kind of tender fruit of womanhood for a change that was standing right in front of me. The prickly heat of Chennai had made Radhika sweat and the drops of water on her skin made it look like she was out from a recent shower.

I looked up and into her eyes, and she saw towards me with a smile. I was having a bulge in my shorts as I kept staring at her juggling boobs, I was admiring her beauty as a woman, she had maintained a perfectly curvaceous figure. She was wearing a tight short t-shirt & tight pant, her tight t-shirt was displaying perfectly the shape of her white colored bra,

my manhood was making moves inside my shorts, oh god early morning I had an ugly bulge in my shorts and I was hiding it with great difficulty, I was feeling embarrassed as she noticed my bulge and that awkward position that I was standing in to hide it, I guessed that she was feeling embarrassed because she was the reason for creating that embarrassing moment.

I was getting excited and aroused to the core as she moved closer to me to speak as the traffic sounds were disturbing us. She seemed to be a sportive lady and despite the situation, she remained unperturbed and continued her conversation with me. She asked me “vinay you are a very busy person

“, I replied “ yes my business is like, “Radhika said, “ even ajith ( her husband ) keeps traveling 2 weeks in a month, so more or less it’s the same with most of the families and husbands today”. I said “if kids are not there at home then it’s very difficult, she said,” yes that’s true “.

I mustered some courage and told her “ how can Ajith be away from home for so long that to every month with such a beautiful woman back home waiting for him” she turned red and said “what a joke, oh come on” and giggled. After a small chat, we headed back our ways.

My mind was fixed on her I wanted her, while back home I wondered why she me informed that her husband kept travelling, was it spontaneous or was she also physically attracted to me. I could not judge at that point of time. Somehow Radhika was on my mind, somewhere in the back of mind I was asking myself that was it the lack of sex with my wife that I was getting attracted to her physically.

Again next day I went to school on the pretext of dropping my daughter and waited for her, she came dropped her daughter saw me and said a hi and asked me what happened today, I said no nothing I came just like, I paused and looked in her eyes and added I would say I came to see you and laughed, she said oh again a joke,

we spoke for few minutes and she was very closely observing me staring at her wonderful body parts. We left and this time I gave her a handshake as she said bye and I looked into her eyes shamelessly. As we were leaving she asked me would I come again tomorrow to see her and laughed, I said certainly and we left our ways.

To avoid suspicion at home I do not go for the next 2 days, 3 days passed away and fuck I developed this sense of helplessness not seeing Radhika, fuck this waiting for something to happen that probably won’t ever happen and I also got busy but somewhere in my mind I still had her.

Neither I took any step nor to my disgust did she come forward with any attempt which was idiotic on my part to expect. Finally, I decided to try my luck again and as a surprise to my daughter went with her to school again in the morning, My daughter went in and I waited for Radhika, in 3 minutes she came and dropped her daughter.

I went from the back and touched her shoulders she turned and was surprised to see me and said “hi “, her voice was loaded with excitement, she stood opposite to me a very close distance and she asked me ‘felt like seeing Radhika again “and she giggled and said “tell me Vinay“ and before I could say anything suddenly 2 children who were running and playing

pushed her from behind and she tumbled and she almost fell on me, her breasts were rubbed against my chest. We both balanced each other holding our hands and shoulders, as we tried to stand properly and I mumbled a reply to the children but they rushed past her again, she looked up into my eyes with that maddening glint and flirtatious smile she asked me if I was ok.

I was surprised by this reaction as I saw her face becoming red from the embarrassing situation. I said thanks to the children and she said why I said what more can you ask for in the morning getting up close to beautiful women, she said oh god again a joke and shook her head in disbelief and smiled just brushing aside my comment. She was enjoying my advances towards her.

Femaleness and its sexuality are beautiful, I sensed that Radhika secretly admired and was open as much towards sexuality. In that display of sexuality, women are physically beautiful & breathtaking.

I was surprised and getting bolder as she seems to enjoy my advances towards her, I kept my eyes on her big boobs and she noticed it clearly that all the time my eyes were fixed on her precious gems only. At every given opportunity I came closer to her and found it very difficult to resist myself from touching her again and again.

I was damn sure she was truly and sickeningly enjoyed the attention that she was getting from me, after few minutes. She said “ ok I have a lot of work at home ajith is also leaving out of country will be back next week only “. I asked “again he is going & how happy are about you are about his trips”, she said

“I am not happy with his trips but I know that he certainly likes and enjoys his trip completely”, I wondered what she meant by that and after a brief pause between us she said bye started her scooter saw towards me give that seductive smile and left shaking her head looking me as if I was a dumb ass.

I was just getting mad towards her it was lust, pure gorgeous lust: the sacred energy that elevates us, and makes us feel so special, attracted towards somebody and makes us do crazy things. I was wondering why she looked at me like that and wondered that was she taunting me as I did not take my next step forward towards her despite she mentioning that Ajith was leaving out of station,

it stuck to me like lightning and I rushed to home got ready and left to office, I was cursing myself for not asking her when ajit was leaving and was scratching my head not understanding what to do next, and as if rains had poured in scorching heat she sent me a hi SMS.

I was thrilled overjoyed and replied her back, after a brief chat I understood that Ajith had left and then I asked her to join me for lunch. I made up my mind to start my moves towards her and to her surprise, as she entered the hotel I gave her a half hug, it came as a great surprise as she was not at all expecting it, she smiled and made it look comfortable else it would have been very awkward.

I felt her back in the process and she smelt so good oh god, she was in a saree, sleeveless blouse, long gunmetal chain, and heavy earrings, blouse was deep cut but she had covered her boobs well but the slightly transparent saree was giving a good view of both her boobs she was wearing a black bra,

the blouse was also deep cut in the back with only a thin piece of cloth on the back, it was little slightly bigger than the bra strap. Anybody would want to have a second look at her, I could feel the sexiness oozing out of her body. Her lips were like wine I just wanted to get drunk. As she walked her breasts strained to be released from their confinement.

Her bra straps were outlined in the thin material. My mouth was watering for a taste of those perky, fleshy melons. I said you are looking so beautiful and sexy and raised my eyes towards her she said thank you.

To Be Continued...

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Abhay Banging Suma Latha Aunty

Hi, this is Abhay, I am a software engineer. Now I am 30 years old, but my story is 12 years old when I was just 18-year kid. Now coming to the incident this happened during my school days. I completed my 7th standard and I did not score well so my parents planning to put me some tuition.

2 days after my results my mother was discussing this to bhabhi who leaves just half km away from my house. So bhabhi told she can only teach me as she also getting bored at home. My parents agreed to it. Bhabhi’s name is Suma Latha. She is 26 years old and married at a very young age at 18.

After marriage, she completed her MSc as well and now she is staying at home. As her husband does not allow her to work. He is a businessman most of the time spend his time roaming to different states. He has many offices. I knew this bhabhi I spoke to her few times when she came to our house but nothing more than that.

She is a very beautiful and always well dressed and nice perfumes she uses a nice perfume. I never had any bad intention towards her as I was very small. I didn’t know anything about sex. When I first go to her house she invited me with a mango juice and she didnt teach much she told today we will get to know each other, from tomorrow we start.

Then from next day she started explaining from the book, she use teach very well and make me understand. Like this 20 days are over and we became very good friends. I started spending most of the time in her house. She use to squeeze my cheeks and pamper me very much as a kid.

One day we both were watching a movie in that some hot scene came and my penis started pushing me. This sort erection was new for me this was only the 3rd time my penis was erect and I was little nervous too. I use to never wear an underwear. Only short and t-shirt. She sensed some uncomfortable in me and she asked me to get a glass of water for her.

I got up to get water and she saw my erected penis and started smiling. I was little nervous and went to fill water. Waited for few minutes, once my penis settled I came to the hall. She took the glass from my hand and asked me to sit next to her.

Sumalata: what happened why are you so nervous big boy. A: nothing Bhabhi I am ok. S: are you sure? Need some help? You can go to bathroom and come if you want. A: no bhabhi I am fine. (I didn’t even know how to masturbate) S: then why are you nervous it’s common for your age boys. Don’t worry.

A: I was little comfortable. This is only 2 o 3rd time it happened is there anything wrong in me. I m very shy to ask for anyone S: no nothing wrong no need to ask anyone. You can show me once I will check if something is wrong I will correct it. A: no it’s ok. I feel shy. S: nothing to feel shy. I am your teacher I will help you.

She slowly lowered my shorts, my penis slowly started raising again. My skin became tender. I told again its happening. She holds it in her hand and she was tickling my balls. I came out all over her hands. I was very scared I dint know what it is. She took me to the bathroom and washed my penis and her hand. She told its normal. Now you became a big boy.

Don’t tell this to anyone they will tease you. If you have any doubts or any concerns tell me I will help you. She asked to go home. From next day onwards I noticed a change in her attitude. She started touching me more she also started wearing small clothes. Nighty and nothing under it.

This and all started erecting my dick and she use to hold it and make me come out this happened for a week. One day evening she was very horny she was just wearing a towel and waiting for me. She has a super body. 36 size boobs, 32 and 38 size hips. She told she is not in a mood to take the class. She is feeling lonely she asked me to hug her.

She hugged me tight and my mouth was near her breast. Her both breast was half open my mouth was touching her breasts. She was pushing her breast into my mouth. She told she is having some itching in her back can you please put your hand inside and scrub.I was hugging her and she lifts the towel from backside asked me to move my hand on her back.

I touched her ass couple of times. It was very hard and stiff. Then she asked me to stop and asked me to open my dress. I told no. She asked me and told I will do something which will stop my erection. I opened my shorts she opened my shirt as well. She took my erected dick and asked me to close my eyes I did how she told.

She took it in her mouth and started squeezing my bum. I asked her to stop she didn’t. She made me come in her mouth. Meantime she was touching her private part as well and moaning I am coming. That time I didn’t understand what she was doing. Slowly I also started enjoying her touch. Now I use to not come very soon. I could hold long and I started enjoying. 10days passed like this.

It was her birthday she made sweets and all I bought a cake for her. She was very happy. She told today my birthday you can’t tell no to anything I ask. I told ok. She asked me to stay with her whole night. I was little hesitant what to tell in my house. She told dinner at my place. Later I will call you mom and tell while studying you slept off I will send home tomorrow. She did the same.

After that, she went to take bath asked me to take bath in another bathroom as well. I came fresh with only shorts. She wore one pink nighty nothing under it. It was completely transparent. She asked me to give my both hands she tied my hands back. She tied my eyes also with the soft silky material. Closed my ears as well. Asked me to lie down on the bed.

She told it’s a game she will give different items I have to smell and feel with my lips and tongue and tell what it is. She gave one grape I found out immediately then she gave an almond I could find that as well. Then she gave her lips I told ur lips. She asked how it is. I told very softly. Then she gave dairy milk. Then she gave her boobs.

Initially, I thought some fruits then I could make out it is that. But I was very shy to tell what it is. I kept telling don’t know she asked me to suck it till I come to know. Finally, I told its ur chest she told no its pressure ball. I knew it’s her boob I kept quiet. Then something and all she gave. She told this is the last thing you have to identify. She told it will b little salty and soft watery fruit.

Don’t bite it just rub ur tongue and lips and find out. She gave her pussy to my mouth and making me suck. Initially, I was feeling salty later I started enjoying she asked me to do fast she was going violent she kept rubbing her pussy all over my mouth. Occasionally she made me kiss her ass as well. She was very clean and smell nice. Not even traces of hair on her pussy.

For her subbing force, the cloth what she tied on my eyes untied and I were seeing her pussy beating and her ass shaking. I could see some white drops on her pussy. She was very violent she saw me seeing her. She felt shy for a second and then she untied me and removed all my clothes. She was lying on the bed and asked me to come over me.

She told she has a block in her pussy she wants me to push my penis inside and open the block she pulls me on top of her and guide me inside her hot pussy. In her both hands she holds my bum and pushed me inside out. She did it for 5 min and I came out inside her.

She used to give me an hour and asked me to do the same again. That night she made me 4 times. In a couple of days, I was an expert. She used to take me in both holes. We had a nice time for a couple of years. Until they permanently moved to Dubai.

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Horny Next Door Aunty Latha Fucked - II

Previously: Horny Next Door Aunty Latha Fucked - I

One day I asked her openly, why she is not dressing like before? When she asked what I mean, she is wearing the same old nighties and sarees. I couldn't say I can't see your cleavage. Then I asked can I kiss her, which she denied with a smile. I came up with some smart. "I should have kept it to pouring ketchup on the floor or getting jasmines." She laughed like anything.

As I kept on staring at her bosom, she went on with her work. In few days I came to know she got back pain from her kids playing outside. I went to ask her what happened. Then I said I can get some ointment from my mom. When I offered to apply it myself, she acknowledged and turn around in bed. I took the liberty to move her saree and applied the ointment on her back.

I went on rubbing and asked, "Will a massage help, I will try if u want". I saddled her ass and began playing with her back. I reached for her waist. As I began to go to and fro on her back, I got a hard on and tried to hide it from her. In a while, I couldn't control myself and began rubbing my dick in between her ass.

After a while, she began mild moans. Then I noticed she is also moving her hip. After some time she suddenly stopped and got up. And saw my hard on. She asked me what is it? I said I don't know. She made me get close to her and gave a gentle squeeze as to know how big I am. She shook the head and made me sit next to her.

When I asked how is her back pain, she said "it's not back pain, she is missing her husband for a long time" When I asked he was here for almost 2-3 weeks and just left a few days back. She was "ya, he was here but not with me." I asked, "What do you mean?" She said, "He is busy with work for the last couple of months, he is not spending enough time with her, not like how he used to be before."

I said, "But he will come back in few days". She said "It's not like that, leave it" and turned away. I pulled her towards me and asked "what happened? what do you want?" Without saying anything she went to the bathroom and washed her face and came back.

She asked me "What do you want from me?" I said, "Nothing if your back pain is gone, that's enough". She said "No, not that" and eyed at my hard on. I asked her "Can I kiss you?" She went to the door and saw her kids playing outside and latched her door. She sat on the sofa and asked me to come there. Then she asked me to hug her.

I hugged her squeezing her melons on my chest and rested my lips close to her neck. She held me gently and cuddled my hair. She then said "Go on...Do what you want". I went to kiss her lips, she nodded a no and laid back on the sofa backrest. Then I began to run my fingers over her cheeks, lips, jaw and she closed her eyes and arched her neck back showing me the way down.

I brushed my fingers along her neck and came over her melons. I went on to caress over her pallu all over her melons. Then caressed on her shoulder and neck and traced the skin line of her blouse. This time ran my finger into her pallu and reached her cleavage. Seeing no resistance, I traced her skin to another shoulder and freed her pallu.

As the pallu fell, her bosom raised with a heavy breath. Knowing my way around, confidently inserted my fingers and felt her skin under her blouse. Her breath raised further so did mine. Afraid of squeezing, I went on caressing and circling. Her bra was too tight to reach her nipples. As my fingers measured the depth of her cleavage, her kids came knocking at the door.

She covered herself and attended her kids. Next afternoon I came early from the college and went straight to her house. She had a guilt in receiving me. She kept her distance and went on with her house chores. She was giving minimal attention to keep me there but not engaging face to face.

It was evident she didn't want me to leave, at the same time she couldn't let me jump on her directly. When she was doing the dish in the sink, I helped her with it. Then I playfully sprinkled some water on her face. Without showing any attention to me, she went on washing and handed me each clean wet utensil.

I went on to place them on the rack after swinging them to drain the water over her. Then I took a tumbler of water and began to leave few drop on her shoulder and nape of her neck. Seeing no resistance, I poured few more drips on her shoulder. As she finished washing her saree pallu was fully wet. I didn't allow her to leave from the sink. With some resistance, she turned towards me.

I took another glass of water and went on to pour over her face gently. As the water seeps down her pallu was getting drenched. I took another glass and went on pouring on her melons this time. Though both of us were not speaking any words, she understood I m not going to leave her, and I also understood she is liking it. When the 3rd glass of water was empty, I gave her the glass.

She filled it from the tap and raised it on top of her melons. As I eyed her to pour it, she raised her eyebrows and pointed at her breast. Getting a green signal from her, I cheerfully removed her drenched pallu which was barely covering her cleavage.

She poured few drops at a time on her blouse to tease me. It didn't take long to know there was no bra underneath. My heart skipped a beat when her nipples were visible. In no time I grabbed both her melons and licked the water droplets from her cleavage. She kept pouring me few drops at a time covering her entire breast.

I didn't know when or who or how her blouse came off, but I was sucking the water from her bare breasts. I sucked her melons wholesome letting out all the cravings for her. I realized I went too hard only when she asked me to ease a bit and presented her another breast. I chewed and sucked all around her melons, showing no mercy to her nipples.

Buried my face in her cleavage and I licked the last drop of water from her deep valley. I licked her entire tummy and navel. Sliding further down, nudging my nose over her pelvis and planted vigorous kisses.

Rubbing and clutching her thighs and ass I raised her saree and petticoat. She lifted one of her legs and placed on top of a shelf nearby, revealing her calf up to her knee. I dived to taste her leg piece and ascend my way to her beefy thigh. Her saree was raised all the way up to her crotch. When her pelvic hair came visible, I was awe stuck just to look at her private part.

All of a sudden my urge and temptation was disappeared and I was on a new adventure. Exploring the new area, I was eager just to look at her vulva. I was fondling my finger for a long time and tracing every the nook and corner. Not knowing how to proceed I looked up at her. Her erotic lips parted and she asked: "Are you thirsty?"; and poured some water below her navel.

Water flow found its path right into her vagina. Without any hesitation, I sunk into her. I must have sucked at least half a liter of water and other juices flowing from her. At a point, she grabbed my head and made me suck at her clit. Her moans grew louder and thrust my head further.

I sucked and licked as much and as fast as I can, which was expected out of me from her pelvic grind. Her moan subsided after reaching a peak and her hip was not grinding my face anymore. She relaxed her grip from my head. I didn't realize what I scored till a long time.

It was evident she was happy from her face. She asked me to go home since it's time for her kids to return from school, and she also has to take a bath. I reluctantly asked her can I stay for some more time to watch her bath? She approved my wish and went to the bathroom. Asked me to stay out and kept the door open. Her saree and petticoat slipped easily from her waist.

She made her hair into a bun and took a mug to pour water over her exquisite body. I was enjoying the water flowing on her curvature. I was a bit disappointed because of her mangalyam and a waist thread covering a tiny bit of her body. She watched me enjoying the scene and added flavor with soap foam all over her body with a seductive look.

She played with her breast and nipple making circles. She saw me leaning over to check her ass, she turned away to give me a good show. It was the first time I ever saw a woman naked. I was in 9th heaven for months. She let me play with her from then on. Showed me how to be gentle and how to please a woman with touch and scratches.

Cunnilingus was a separate subject which she took a special interest in teaching. She never liked fingering but showed me the way around a few time. Very rarely she will give me a hand job. Other than her hand jobs I couldn't take my penis anywhere close to her body. She says it bad for my health and I should save it for my girl, then only I can perform properly.

I had my liberal dose of sexual lessons for a period of 2 years. Though I pressed her to show me lip locks, she never did. When I came to know she was about to shift from my neighborhood, I went to asked her where they are shifting. She said it's not good for me to follow her. Though I argued hard about it, she won not letting me know.

As a goodbye gift, she showed me french kiss and tongue play. I never saw her again in my life. Even after 12 years and 2 girlfriends, I still dream of her. I wish for one last chance to be with her, to show her what all I learned over all these years.

Dedicated to all the woman who makes a man out of a boy.

The End.

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