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Arjun Fucking Neighbourhood Widow Shanthi

Our house had two portions, in one of which we stayed and the other was let out to a small family on a nominal rent. My parents and I consist our family. I, Arjun did my PG and await my applications for job to bring favourable reply. The new tenants were a old couple with a daughter of about 20.

They agreed for our terms for rentals and we gave them the place, which consisted of two bedrooms, with attached bathrooms, cots and mattresses were also there. In one room there was a study table and book shelves. They had brought their own kitchen utensils and gas connection and gas stove etc. I asked them repeatedly whether they want any more facilities.

They said no and they started to live. I have been talkng with the man and his wife, their daughter never came up for discussios. In the dividing wall between the portions, there was a door, which was never opened, and a window opening from our store room to their store room.

Our store room is not properly lit and when I open the window, because I am in the dark, the other party may not even recognize me. She was there. Short statured, about 5'4" wih full boobs, narrow waist, big projecting ass, etc. Her face was not visible as she was searching for something. Time was 11 am.

Her parents would have gone for work and my parents also have gone for work. I made a shshsh sound, she turned her head and saw me. There was a shocking look in her face. I asked her what is her name. Shanthi, she said and asked back what is your name, I said my name is Balu. Just to keep the conversation going I asked what are you doing. She said nothing.

Have you finished cooking, she replied yes, my amma did all the cooking. What do you do, she replied I wach TV, read books, or sleep. Come this side, we will talk, I said. No, baba, I am not supposed to go out at all. Come to the back yard, you can jump over a small wall and come to my house, I have lot of books, we can sit and read together, I have a computer,

we can watch movies together. NO, No, If my parents come to know they will kill me. No, they will not know. You stay just for a short time and then you can go back. But she ran away from near the window as if to avoid me. I called Shanthi, Shanthi. She did not come. I kept quiet. After some time she came peeping in and seeing me at the window, she laughed loudly and I too.

After long arguments she agreed to come for a short time, say just for half an hour. I said yes, agreed. She came via their backdoor, jumped over the dividing wall and came to our back yard and walked into our house. I took her hand and took her inside our house. I showed her around and then I took her to my bedroom and showed her my computer. I asked her to sit on my bed.

You are beautiful, Shanthi, that is why I wanted to call you to come to my room. I took her both hands in my hands and looked into her eyes. Sher had a youthful charm in her face. I took her hands to my face and kissed them. She was shocked. I asked her to lie down in my bed and move so that I may also lie near her. She said no, no, dont lie near me.

She got up and sat in the chair. I did not press her. I knew she will come around one day. I gave her a book to read and asked her whether she would sit and watch a movie in the computer. She asked what movie. I said English, or Hindi, or blue. She asked blue what is blue movie. I told her I cannot tell you you have to watch it and make out what it is.

She smiled. Poor girl, does not know the world. After some time, she said she will go and come again next day for watching movies. She went the same way she came. Her body nature was amazing. Her boobs were firm and erect that it filled her bra and blouse. Her ass also filled her rear. Her thighs were huge.

I put my hand on her thighs casually, she did not know what amount pleasure it gave me. Next day as soon as I called her, she came we straight went to my bedroom and sat on my bed. I told her that as soon as she comes she has to give me a kiss on my cheeks. She asked why. Because I like it. Give me now. She turned her face and gave me a kiss on one cheek.

I said no on both the cheeks. She gave on my both cheeks. I reciprocated and planted kisses on her both cheeks. She was thrilled and looked at me surprised. I told her I want to kiss you in many more places. She asked me where do you want to kiss. I told her behind the ear, on her neck, at her nipples, stomach, etc. She laughed not today some other day.

Let kiss today on your ears and neck. Before her consent, I kissed her on her neck and behind her ears. They are very erotic points and I could see her having ghoosepimples all over. I mildly pushed her and made her lie in the bed and buried my face on her boobs and caught her nipples with my lips. She was looking at my face, but did not push me away.

I kissed her many times on her ears, neck and boobs and she was enjoying my act. I told her I want to do this every day. Do you agree, she just smiled and did not object. I just kept my hand on her thighs and moved it up and down. She did not allow my hand reach her pussy. We played this kissing game for more time. Since she did not object I knew she was enjoying it.

After some time she said she is going. I said ok. She went away. Next day she came wearing a nighty. As usual I took her to my bedroom and gave her a tigh hug. Surprisings she was not wearing a bra under her nighty. I ran my hand down below and I think she did not wear any underwear. Underneath her nighty she was nude. I was thrilled but I did not show it.

I was in my t-shirt and lungi without any underwear. As usual we sat in the bed and hugged and kissed. She was taking the lead and allowed me to kiss her ears, neck and then when the turn came to kiss her boobs, I asked her to open her nighty and show me her boob so that I can kiss on it.

She stared on my face and then unbuttoned her nighty and opened up her chest to expose her melons. I just looked at them to enjoy their sight, with the nipple hardened and projected. I took time to lick around her nipples and sucked her nipples mildly one by one.

Santhi was moaning and enjoying my act with her eyes semi closed I put my hand one her boob and squeezed each softly and then hard, while sucking her nipple. My one hand was busy unbuttoning the remaining buttons of her nighty. My cock so stiff that I thought it may burst.

My hand touched her soft back, ass mound, her abdomen, and then her pussy, fully hair covered pussy. She did not resist any of my actions, or rather wanted my detailed exploration. Now her totally nude body was totally out of her nighty. Slightly fair in colour, she was a thing of beauty. There was no accumulation of fat and every inch is just hard and with full of muscle.

Opening her legs wide I sat between them and placed my hands on her hairy pussy. Why so much of hair, why dont you shave it off, I asked. She said she does not have any razor, and she did not know how to shave. I said wait, I will do it. I went to the bathroom I asked her to come there. I applied water over her mat of hair to make it soft.

She kept one leg on the top of the commode so that I will have free access to the area where there is hair growth. I took my shaving brush and applied soap lavishly on places where there is hair growth. In between my acts, I did not forget to suck her boobs which were projected towards me. I applied soap on her anus also.

Then taking the razor, I just drew it across her pussy and quick came of her hair in a thick mat. Washing my razor, I again pulled it all over her pussy lips, anus to remove all her hair. There was no hair remained in her public area. It was brilliant and glowing. Her fair color was exposed and I just stood looking at it and enjoyed the sight.

Shanthy reposed confidence in me and did not doubt my intentions. she was just acting as I told her to do. I poured water and washed her pussy and anus. I applied soap again and washed her pussy and anus. While doing all this my erect cock thrust against her face many times. I washed my cock and wiped it and put it in her mouth.

Wiping her body thoroughly we walked to my bedroom. My erect cock was a matter or surprise for her. She took it in her hand and examined it closely. Then she started to cry, shedding tears. I asked what is the matter. She was not replying but going on crying. After long persuation, she told me that she was married and lost her husband within 10 days in a scooter accident.

She lamented that she did not get a chance to enjoy sex with him. He was eager, but said the the fear go away and let friendship develop and then we will do. In the night he will fondle my boobs and let me handle his cock. His cock was not this big. It was the punishment of God that I should not have sex. I am sorry, I am going away. I will not come here any more.

Dear Arjun, dont get angry with me, just understand my situation. Before I could reply her she had gone. I realised that I loved that girl. If I marry I will marry only her. I made up my mind and told my mother that I want to marry Santhi and Santhi only, talk to her parents and get her for me. When my father came they both talked, he asked me whether I have ever touched her or spoiled her.

I said no. There may be more beautiful girls available in our community, why you are particular about this widow. Finally they talked to the parents of Santhi. It was a shocking thing for them. However they were happy that their daughter is being salvaged and she gets a new life. The marriage took place on a auspicious day and Sandhi came to my house as dulhan.

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Ajay Enjoying Sex Along With Physical Workout

I, Ajay, 19, one day skipped my classes and came home, got into my casuals, put on the TV and was watching some english channel, but it was boring, switched it off and then opened my laptop, all porn videos stored in the disc have been seen many times and boring, searched the net, may sites were closed.

Put out the laptop, went to the kitchen to see any snacks remaining for munching. Suddenly from the far off kitchen window I could see the window of the flat in the neighboring block, a lady was doing exercise in front of the mirror. I could not see the mirror, the lady was in fantastic shape, big boobs, narrow waist, big ass, thick thighs, clean shaven arm pits,

with hair tied on top and she was jumping with legs spread and hands lifted up and legs come close and hands down. I could imagine she is doing exercise in front of a large mirror. She did not wear, but wore a polka panty. Though her window and our window are just opposite to each other and she could have seen had she turned her head, she was concentrating in her exercise.

And I hiding from her direct view hid my self to see more action. She must have started the exercise just then and later she may remove her underwear when she starts perspiring and show me her pussy. She was so beautiful, that I wanted to jump across and go and kiss her,

But jumping from the 9th floor window to the other 9th floor window however close it may appear to be is a great risk. Though I had hand ful of snacks, I didnot munch for fear of her hearing the sound and sensing my presence here so close. After taking a gap again she started to twist her body and touch her tight toes with her left hand and vice versa.

WoW, her boobs and erect nipples were indeed a sight. Within a minute I could see her skin glowing with perspiration. Overhead fan is swirling in full speed. She takes a gap for about five minutes before she starts with her next. She looks like to be of my age. I could not make out which floor it may be.

Now she started again, first making faces at her own image, smiling and then hands stretched up, bowing forward and touching her feet, rising up and then bending backwards. Her boobs were pushed so much forward and I would have taken the whole thing in my mouth. My chhota was already erect and protruding inside my bermuda.

Then something happened which was quite unexpected. She put her palm over her pussy and started to rub it over her panty. As she was enjoying the act, her face showed some contortions. I was watching intently as to what she is doing next. Oh OHHHHOOOO she pulled down her panty exposing her clean shaven pussy. I was amazed at this visual, quite unexpected.

My mother who uses the kitchen most would not have seen this kind of scene, or she would have asked the girl to close their window while doing exercise. In that case I would not have had this golden chance of see this golden execise. The girl, after removing the panty, was inserting her middle finger into her fuck hole and making in and out exercise.

Initially starting in a slow exercise, she proceeded making it faster and vigorous, beinding forward, with half closed eyes. What can I do with a fully erect tool on this side of the wall to help a girl on the other side of the wall struggling to get some pleasure out of her finger. She stopped, looked at her hand, chose two fingers and inserted both the fingers instead of one.

It was so agonizing for me. When the girl next door is struggling, I am here with one of the finest cocks in the world standing helplessly. I do not know her name, or their flat or door number, or their phone number. I put on some clothes, locked the door, ran down, went to the watchman on the next block and asked for the name of the tenant of this flat, He was most non cooperative,

he asked who are you, why do you want so much information, Then I came back to our watchman and asked him to talk to the watchman of the next block and ultimately after parting with couple of hundred rupee notes, they gave all the information I needed.

I dialed the number from the veranda of our 9th floor and called, hellow, Geetha, I understand you are very much interested to do exercise everyday. She asked who are you, I said I am your neighbour and have seen you in your tracksuit going out for jogging etc. I am Ajay in your next block, can I join you in doing physical exercise.

I am very much interested but it is boring to do it alone. If there is a companion, we can do it with a competitive spirit it will be interesting. She said ok, come to the terrace, we will do it in the open. I went with her, on reaching the terrance I told her that I used to watch you doing the physicals and then ending with fingering.

What, what do you mean, when did you see, she threw spate of questions. Finally she agreed, and told me not to tell anybody, I said no, why should I, especially when we are friends. She said her husband soon after marriage left to gulf and bought this flat for her stay. His parents used to be with her, But they went away as their daughter came for delivery. Now she said I am alone.

I dont want to have sex with any stranger. They are dangerous and will start blackmailing me. I told her I am a simple man, student, and have no experience in sex, no girl friends, I must be younger than you in age. I would like you to teach me about sex. But you should not make fun of me.

She laughed and said ok ok, but you look simple, first of all let us do some exercise and then we will decide. We exercised for half an hour and then she told me, you look ok. Just lower you underwear and let me see your cock. I lowered my jockey and my semi erect cock was getting fully erect. Lovely, she said and said it is of the same size as that of my husband.

Let me smell and taste it. She smelled it and licked it and said it smells and tastes just like that of my husband. I told her, then show me yours also. She said, no, not here, we will go down to my flat, in my bedroom. We went to her flat, she closed the door and bolted it from inside and lead me to her bedroom. She removed all her clothing and went to the bathroom in her panty.

She called me also to come so that we will have bath together. I went inside her bathroom, She removed her panty and I removed my t shirt and jocky. She directed her shower handle on me and washed my armpits and my cock. Then she washed her body, pussy and its interior very meticulously. After drying our bodies we went to her bedroom and stretched into her bed.

Geetha was in her youthful glow and she pulled me to her side and sealed her lips on mine. After a long and passionate kiss, she told me that she will teach me how to kiss. By a good kiss you should be able to arouse a girl. We went on kissing and she came over me and kissed me and we lying by the side of each other kissed. She showed me different methods of kissing.

It was so arousing that my tool stool erect like a steel rod. Then she asked me to press her boobs and lick around her nipples and suck them. She was moaning loudly. She was very much aroused like me. Then she said we will do some oral sex. She showed me how to lick her wet cunt and lick her clitoris. She opened her legs wide and guided my head to her pussy.

She opened her cunt lips with both of her hands and showed me her clitoris and asked me lick it and then suck it softly. Then she asked me to get on to a 69 posture, and took my cock into her mouth. It was only for a short time. Then she asked me to get up and come upon her and took my cock tip into her fuckhole and asked me to push it in slowly and softly. It was very tight.

She said it is a long time since a cock has entered her hole and hence she said it will take time. She said she learnt all these things only from watching porno videos. By the time I was deeply inside her she asked me to take it in and out slowly and gradually increase the speed. I felt like being in heaven.

Then she asked me to lie down on my back and she straddled me with her legs on either side of me and took my cock inside her cunt. She was moving it so nicely that my cock was pressing against her clitoris. Her orgasm was very near and she told me to get my orgasm also so that we both can enjoy together.

I shot my cum into her and her own fluids were copious and it wet the bedsheet. We went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts. She told me very much about pregnancy and she said she will take all precautions. We fucked for three or four times that day and then I returned home fully satiated. I made it a practice to fuck her daily and do some physical exercises.

Geetha was very hot girl and wanted me to stay with her in the night also, but since my parents would be there and what reason could I tell them for my disappearance in the night. But she took advantage of me every minute I was with her.

After our half an hour work out, she will take me to her bedroom and make me naked and sit on me with her legs on either side of me and put my cock in her hole and fuck me. I get her boobs nicely to suck and I get her cheeks to kiss, when she she moves backward and forwards. Till her husband took her away to gulf I fucked her to my heart's content.

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Single Mother Sarika Fucked By Neighbourhood Guy Ashish - II

Previously: Single Mother Sarika Fucked By Neighbourhood Guy Ashish - I

No words for few seconds, I looked at her face and also gave a glance to her body from head to toe, Wow I must say with tight leggings as lower with lose t-shirt on upper half she was looking so stunning with that timid gesture that I had to control myself for getting wild over her and next I tried catching her lie by saying that she has just mentioned that he work in her office

“but you just said ki wo aapke office mein kaam karta hai” and with a fumble she accepted that too “Haan ye mere office mein kaam bhi karta hai” and to that I came out speaking same verdict confidently “Friend's friend or colleague or whatever...ultimately he is a call boy...” and she once again denied “No...” and I asked her how much she paid him “Abhi Kitne paise diye aapne usko?”

and Sarika replied back saying “Jyada nahin...just two thousand...aur wo jaldi wapis kar dega” means not much…just two thousand and he will return soon. Apparently behaving casual Sarika was trying to make me believe her lie but by now I was reached to the verge where I could not resist her false story and I straightforward came out with a proposal that I can fuck her for free.

“Ye sab main aapke liye free main kar sakta hun” and Sarika reflected herself surprised to hear that “What?” “What else? Fucking!” “What are you saying...” she exclaimed but in low voice but I stayed confident “I said I will do it free...and I am very good at it” and wit that I turned and closed the main door of her house and moved towards her.

Sarika moved back with clear deny “No... You can't do that...” and I blackmailed her by saying that I will tell everything to my wife and she will spread this to entire street “ fir main ye sab Shweta (my Wife) ko batta dunga… aur wo poore mohalle ko batta degi...” “No please don't do that...” she requested me in bit of appealing tone and I tried dominating her

“to fir ek baar mujhe bhi apni sewa karne de do…I promise I will not disappoint you” Means then let me serve you once and as I moved further ahead Sarika moved further back. “aap mere saath zabardasti kar rahe ho...” she somewhat warned me and with a naughty smile I came out with “app pyar se karwa low...main zabardasti nahin karunga”

“don’t try to act smart….just go from here” she spoke loud, suddenly her confidence was back and for an instant I thought about quitting but it was really difficult for me to let this opportunity go so easily and I swiftly moved to her and trapped her between the wall.

“Aashish…tum please chale jaao yahan se…unless I will scream” looking into my eyes with serious gesture she threatened me, and for an instant I agreed with a condition that first she has to accept the truth that he was a call boy. “Ok…I am going…but first you say ki wo call boy hi ha…” and she accepted “Haan…wo call boy hi tha…now you please go…”

She accepted and looking into her beautiful eyes I shamelessly spoke if she can do with call boy then she can do with me too “Agar tum call boy ke saath kar sakti ho to mere saath bhi kar sakti ho…main uss se to better hi hun….” and before she would have said anything in reply I grabbed her waist and squeezing her against wall I planted my lips over her wet moist lips.

Sarika fluttered, she tried pushing me too but sucking her both the lips passionately somehow I managed to lip lock her for a minute or bit less and she was shocked with what I did. Anyhow I could not think about attempting a fuck so I tried to pick this opportunity in different way “See I am not going to fuck you, neither I am blackmailing you…”

and after a paused I revealed fact of my sex life “believe me I am very unhappy with my sex life…I think we can help each other”. Looking into her eyes I waited for her reply, I was expecting that she will say yes but after few second of stare into my eyes Sarika knobbed her head in disagreement.

I was not ready for that I once again lip locked her, squeezing her protruding out melons against my firm chest I clenched her hard from her waist and somehow managed to lung into her mouth. Finally Sarika failed to resist and kissed me back and we kissed mutually consistently for a minute and suddenly I tried to reach to her cunt and squeezing her thighs together Sarika

tried to remove my hand from her pussy but failed and as I rubbed her cunt clenching her eyes hissed in pleasure. “Tell me kyun nahin karogi mere saath….?” “Main uss call boy se accha karunga aur free mein karunga…." I spoke and while rubbing her cunt over the cloth I started brushing my lips over her neck "Aashish please leave me..."

Puffing in pleasure Sarika pleaded but in weak voice and in rising passion I spoke out my intentions clearly "No...Baby...! aaj to main tujhe Chod ke rahunga....Jitna chillana hai chilla lay". Sarika was surprised to hear that and pushing me bit harder she looked into my eyes and I smiled shamelessly.

"Aashish this is wrong...please leave me" she once again requested and to that this time I came out sarcastic with smile "Fine…I am also a call boy….tum mujhe paise de dena..." and after that I once again lip locked her. Ohhh yes this time it was a wonderful kiss, initially Sarika did not responded to my kiss but soon she too started sucking my lips

and finally like me she also entered her tongue in my mouth. I was not at all worried about my wife as she use to sleep so sound that usually I have to stagger her to wake her up in the morning, moreover in last 20-25 days when I was keeping an eye over Sarika's house she never came to knew that I go missing from bedroom as soon as she fell asleep.

Anyway after breaking the kiss I dug my fingers around her waist into the elastic of her leggings and sat down over my knees while drifting down her lower and panty together. Thought she tried to hold her lower but did not resisted much and released her leggings more or less with her consent and as her cunt got exposed to me she started breathing heavy.

Wow man what a lovely fuckhole it was, clean shaven, wet and swollen and sitting over my knees I moved into her thighs to lick her juices. Unconsciously Sarika tried to stop me but just for few seconds and in the end gave me clear access of her swollen pussy.

I licked her nicely, also wiggled tip of my tongue over the edge of her slit to tease her clitoris and soon holding my scalp in her hands Sarika started lurching her ass back and forward while gasping in divine pleasure. I stayed consistent in sucking and exploring her pussy for one or two minutes and later I started fisting her cunt and her soft pleasure moans went louder.

More she cried more I went harder and did not stooped licking and digging her cunt until her thighs started shivering and she seemed going to peak. Next I got up and stripped Sarika completely by unhooking her bra after lifting her loose top and leaving my clothes as well, there on the floor brought her to the three sitter couch.

Though I really love my cock getting sucked and I desperately wanted to see Sarika’s lovely face filled with my meat but that instant I did not wanted to waste any time I laid her over her back and opened her thighs to plunge her. Although I knew she must be conscious and must be using condoms while fucking with a call boy still I asked her same

“Call boy ke saath aap condoms to use karte ho na ?” and she revealed the fact that she do not fuck with call boy and she just get her sucking done “I don’t fuck with him, main uss se sirf sucking karwati hun”. I smiled over that and she blushed "How much he charge for sucking..." I asked her and with some embarrassment she replied saying two, "and for fucking?" "May be three"

" you will save 5 everyday" and Sarika simply failed to resist smiling over my tiny joke. Next I laid over her and kissed her and this time Sarika was completely in consent. “I am sorry….Mere hote hue tumhen call boy bulana padda...!” I spoke and with a naughty smile told her that next time instead of call boy she has to call me first

"Next time Call boy ko phone karne se achha mujhe phone karna" and she denied saying that I am married “No…You are married…” “So what…?” “You are cheating with Shweta…” “tumhare liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hunn…” and saying that without looking down,

rather while looking into her deep light brown eyes I lifted my bottom and searched for her cunt with my cock tip and holding my rod in her fist she took me to her opening and I plunged her with a hard screwing thrust. “Ahhh….” I lunged deep in her womb and Sarika trembled in exhilaration, she grabbed me in her arms and long legs and while kissing and licking her face I started digging her cunt.

Since beginning I was steady fucker and I do lot of love making while fucking and I sucked her nipples hard while invading her cunt and Sarika’s grabbed me harder. Thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth I kissed her deeply and fenced her tongue with my own.

As compared to my wedded wife Sarika’s slit was petite, above that change of face getting fucked under me and within a minute of consistent fucking my excitement started rising high and soon with each downward thrust my cock went deeper and deeper in her womb.

Sarika cried, panted, puffed but with clenched teeth; every thrust of my thick cock deep in her fuck hole was sending unbearable sensation to her body and her lovely face in devastating state continued driving me crazy over her.

My hips swung furiously back and forward and I tried driving my cock in and out of her swollen flesh with all my passion and energy and suddenly with a loud cry Sarika nailed my back cruelly. She orgasmed hard and squeezing my ass in her thighs she tried her best to stop my rocking motion.

Her body got rigid and at the same time down there; over my cock I felt hard spasm of her burning hot cunt. Finally Sarika started to cum with a shudder of strange tidal waves passing through her body and seeing her getting shattered so badly I too lost my control and screamed and exploded with a quiver and jerked out my white sticky jizz deep inside her cunt.

Finally I released my weight on her and she held me and we stayed without any words for barely for one minute and Sarika told me to go now. Saying that her voice was low but tone was rude and as I got from her top she instantly moved from there and started wearing her clothes.

I stayed naked over that couch and asked her if we can do it one more time and throwing my clothes to me she denied and in continuation told me that is not interested in any such relation with me. Though I have fucked Sarika 3 more times in last couple of months and she has enjoyed every moment of getting sucked and fucked with me but it happens only

when I pursue her and kiss her forcibly. She is a female having very active sex drive but don’t know why even after 4 times mentally she is yet not involved with me completely. Let’s see if it happens in next fewer times and I succeed in getting my cock sucked by her.

Readers please leave comments over my inexperienced story writing also I would love to read views of readers about Sarika.

The End.

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Single Mother Sarika Fucked By Neighbourhood Guy Ashish - I

Hello Friends, I am Aashish, typical Delhiite; at present living in renowned NCR of UP, 34 years of age, standing 5’6” I am not exceptionally muscular but physically I am fit and strong to calm down any female in heat and my experience is about me fucking and satisfying a single mother who was my new next door.

I am married from last 7-8 years and anyhow I cannot say that I was not happy with my sex life. Surely after delivery my wife was consistently losing interest in bed but apart from that since I was married I know why thought of extra marital affair use to fascinate me a lot and deep inside I was eager to explore my sex life with at least one additional cunt on regular intervals.

Years passed but I never got any such opportunity and suddenly one fine day destiny sent me relief from my sexual restlessness when Sarika and her 5 years daughter shifted down to the house next to mine.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was engrossed in newspaper when while looking down from the balcony my wife informed me that the vacant house we have on our right on the ground floor has been occupied. After that for next half an hour my wife disappeared and ultimately came back with our new neighbor. Wow man! Kya maal hai? I exclaimed within me.

I was floored with her very first glance. Fair and creamy skinned, I won’t say Sarika is exceptionally beautiful but she is pretty. An oval face with slightly chubby cheek, small sexy mouth with moist lips; her eyes are large and light brown, nose straight with a golden ringed nose stud.

Hairs silky and short with lot of golden tints all over, tall easily 2-3 inches more than me with balanced flesh all over her body; neither thin nor plump. Flat and firm belly, melons bit heavy in proportion of her lean body with lovely long legs leading to nicely fleshed thighs and delectable ass mounds.

I stood up in welcome and greeted her and shook hand with her daughter after offering her seat. Soon after telling me her name my wife went into kitchen to prepare tea and my son who equaled almost her daughter took her inside to play. I casually asked her exactly from where she originally belongs and found that she too is a Delhi girl.

Well educated with rich gesture and fluent English, I came to know that by profession Sarika is a content writer. Age 38; nearly four years elder to me, she was passed out from very hi level school of capital. Next I asked her about the father of her child and as she said she is a single mother I was rejoiced within me and started concluding myself being in extra marital affair with her.

Eventually tea got served to me, to her and also to the bunch of guys who were putting her furniture into the house and in the end I came down with her and for next one and a half hour helped her to put basic furniture on its place.

Later we had Lunch together and after spending another one and half hour by the time she went back to her place I was gone eager to try finding a way to begin my extra marital affair. Why not? For me everything was just perfect as far as her personal life was concerned.

According to my wife Sarika never got married, she was into live in relation with someone and because of some inattention she got pregnant and that guy denied to take responsibility of this child. They got separated and Sarika returned back home and gave birth to the child.

Rich and sound her parents were still alive and they were living in Delhi but to avoid illiberal surrounded people she decided to live alone. Anyway couple of months passed, in the mean time me and my wife helped Sarika in many ways to settle down in her new house including by taking care of her daughter whenever it was required and more I saw Sarika

and more I spoke to her and more looked into her light brown eyes more I went eager to fuck her. Suddenly my bachelor day’s habit of masturbating once again engaged me in the nights and it was none other than Sarika for whom I shagged my load. I hardly missed meeting her and wishing her good morning on the street whenever she is out of the house to go to work in the morning,

after putting her child in the nearby day care. Not only that, more or less I was always back home and use to be in the balcony or on the terrace before her scheduled arrival. In short I was keen to go ahead and I was enthusiastically seeking opportunities to make things happen between me and my newest heart throb Neighbor and ultimately it happened in a very dramatic way.

Friday night, I remember it was December; weather was cold and it was matter of sheer coincidence that after dinner and after my wife and child were gone to bed to sleep, I abruptly decided to walk on the terrace. Time was almost mid night and with a cigarette in my fingers I was leaning over railing and looking down to street when I saw a male entering into Sarika’s walled veranda.

For an instant I thought about going down to see who is he and what are his intentions but I before that he took out his mobile and made a call. I stayed there, that guy looked left and right and all around but fortunately did not look up and after few seconds Sarika’s door opened and he went in.

Truly speaking friend I just went crazy to see that and I was ready to stay there on the terrace in that cold climate for whole night; just to see when that guy goes out of the house. Eventually somewhat after half an hour once again Sarika’s door opened and that guy walked out of the house swiftly.

No exaggeration; seeing all that I was burnt till my soul with jealously, that instant my first and last and only conclusion was that guy is her boy friend and he was there to fuck her. I slept furious, stayed very restless for whole night and by next morning I was depressed over my assumption that because of absence of physical pleasure Sarika might fuck with me.

Next day was off from work, not for me but for Sarika and I saw her in the late evening from my balcony. She too saw me and waved with smile and I greeted her good evening, for an instant I felt like asking her about the guy who visited her last mid night but as my wife was also around I avoided getting into any controversy.

Later I decided to be on the terrace every night to see the frequency of her boy friend’s arrival to her house and with that I continued meeting her every morning as usual but tried getting friendlier with her whenever I got any chance to talk to her. I consistently stayed over my terrace for around 20-25 days and in that hang around nobody came to her house.

I was little happy to realize that there is nothing like what I was assuming and that guy could be her some other concern; may be her brother. But I was wrong, fortunately after assuming that she does not have any boy friend I did not stopped coming to the roof after 11 in the night and on one odd day I once again saw that man entering into her veranda almost at the same time.

Like last he called Sarika while standing outside and she opened the door for him. I was once again burnt in jealousy and in that fervor I went down to street and waited for him to come out. Like last time once again 20-25 minutes passed and as that guy stepped out Sarika closed the door immediately.

I was standing behind 5 feet wall of her porch and I held that guy as he came out of her premises. No, way! He cannot be her boy friend, saale ki aukat hi nahin thi Sarika jaisi Bomb ko patane ki. I mean with over all looks and body language of that guy in a moment I took out conclusion that he cannot be her boy friend and holding his arm I pulled him back into the loggia and bolted the metal gate.

He tried to escape but I was far stronger than him and holding him with both the hands I asked him who he is. He was scared and he stayed silent while trying releasing himself from my grip and I repeated my query in low but angry voice with a warning that I will beat him “Bol saale…kaun hai tu…nahin to bahut maar khayega” “Main...! main Sarika madam se Milne aaya tha”

he fumbled while saying that and I asked him why he met her “Kis liye...milne aaya tha” and in same fumbled voice he replied saying he had some work “kuch kaam tha...” and I continued dominating him “kya kaam tha...”. He did not spoke anything and suddenly succeeded releasing himself with a sudden jerk and fell down on the floor.

I moved close to him to capture him again and saw him pushing something into her jeans pocket deeper. He was on the floor and I held him again and tried taking that thing out of his pocket and it was pile of Indian currency. “Saale…Tu chor hai...main police ko phone kar raha hun”

with that I pulled out my mobile and he requested me not to do that and told me to talk to Sarika once as this money is given by her only “Nahin...please… aap ek baar Madam se baat kar paise unhon ne hi mujhe diye hain”. I accepted and told him to ring the door bell and door opened. Totally speechless with her eyes tore opened I must say Sarika was stunned to see me with that guy.

“Ye aapke yahan se chori karke bhag raha tha...” saying that I extended my hand to give her money and in low timid voice she accepted that she has given him this money. “Who is he...?” I asked her while getting close to the entrance of her house and Sarika came out with an excuse that this guy work in her office and he needed some money in emergency.

“Ye mere office mein kaam karta hai aur issko emergency mein kuch paise chahiye the” Immaterial what she said by now I was up with my conclusion and I told her that I have seen this guy coming to her house in the night two times earlier “Maine issko do baar pahle bhi issi time per aapke ghar mein jaate hue dekha hai...”

certainly it was just once in my knowledge but I exaggerated and Sarika accepted that he was here earlier too “ pahle bhi aaya tha...”. My brain was running fast and I instantly came out with my conclusion “I think Ye call boy hai…” and I saw after hearing that Sarika got disappointed over her facial expression.

Next I looked at that guy and he tried to walk away from there. I held his wrist, gave him that money and told him to go away with a warning that if I will see him here again I will take him to police. That guy walked away swiftly and next instant mentally I was ready with what I had to do now.

I moved into the house and looking into her light brown eyes deeply confirmed my final conclusion “So he is a call boy...” and Sarika denied saying “No...He is actually my friend's friend...isko emergency mein kuch paise chahiye maine yahan bula liya”.

To Be Continued...

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Karthik Fucking Sheila Aunty

With all the precausions they could take their sex life was going on successfully. Without any inhibition they fucked each other and enjoyed to the maximum. What each person felt they told openly.They fucked and fucked throughout the night. But Meena did not inform her friends of the new relationship.

They were bla berring every about how many times each did and with all whom they did etc. Meena lost interest in such talk, because she was getting her stomachful from Karthik and why bother about others. Once her friend Jessy, asked Meena a small favour. Her cousin who was fucking her regularly had gone to gulf and hence she is totally sex starved.

She just wanted Meena to tell her brother to fuck her at least once for a week. Meena said she will ask him his convenience and inform her. Meena was surprised at the spying eyes of her friends who find out who fucks her. Karthik was maintaining his health in trim condition and was going to the market one day for buying vegetables as per his mother's instructions.

Quiet unexpectedly some body called him fro behind. He turned back. It was no other than his neighbour Sheela aunty.She was a good friend of her mother. She wanted a favour to buy a bottle or tube of pain balm. He assured her to buy and took the money from her and went to buy his articles. He bought the pain balm and wanted to give it to Sheila aunty before going home.

But Sheila aunty was nowhere to be seen in the sitting room. He went inside the house and found her in the bedroom lying fully covered. He asked her what happened, aunty. Aunty said she a flu and severe head ache and body ache. Ok, I will come back in a minute and rushed to his house to place the bag of vegetables and then he came back.

Sheila was their neighbour and is close to his mother. May be around 35 she was beautiful and did not look her age. She had a daughter, Maya, 16, doing for the tenth in the school. Her husband was a sales representative and will be constantly on tour. Aunty, aunty, called Karthik. Aunty was moaning and looked to be sick. Karthik felt her forehead and it was warm.

Take a little on your finger tip and apply it on my forehead, Karthik said aunty. She moved and made enough space for Karthik. While applying pain balm, she asked him to apply some on her throat, chest and knee. She was wearing a nightee. Sitting on her bed sideways, he was applying pain balm on the forehead.

It was the first time he was seeing her in such close quarters. She pulled the zip of her nightee and asked him to apply on her neck and chest. He applied balm on her neck front, sides and back. She said there is so much of phlem in her chest, that by applying this balm it is go away or diminish substantially. She said, the balm applied on the fore head has given her great relief.

She unhooked her bra and covered her boobs with her hands and asked him to apply balm in between the boobs. He applied as he was told. His hand was on some private area of the aunty and he felt some stir in his underwear. He was wearing only a pyjama and not a pant or jeans. He cannot conceal his bulge in a pyjama and was wondering how to manage the situation.

He kept the conversation going and asked where is her husband and her daughter, Maya. Her husband has gone on tour and Maya will come back only at 3 pm. She asked him politely whether he can apply some balm on her knee. Sure he said without knowing what is in store for him. She lifted her nightee upto the knee, folding up the other leg.

Karthik had to shift his position and apply balm on her knee. It was plump, fair colored, a little bit of her thigh exposed. He rubbed on the top of the knee and on the bottom of the knee. She was moaning and we do not know whether it is out of pleasure or out of pain she was moaning.

Karthik was experiencing full erection and he could not conceal it. Her hand accidentally fell on his croach and she felt the hardness of the bulge. Karthik was rubbing both the knees and he raised them and applied the excess balm on her calt muscles. His probing eyes could see her clean shaven pussy at the meeting point of her thighs.

Thank you, Karthik, you have done me great help, and pain is very much subsided. Knowing his discomfiture, Sheila pressed the bulge with her hand and realized that the object underneath is not a small one, but a big adult one. When Karthik was very much embarrased, she pulled the string of the pyjama and put her hand inside his underwear and searched for his cock.

Her cold andfever seem to have disappeared in a moment. Sheila was sex starved since her husband comes back home once in two weeks and again goes back on tour. Her hand was full of the massive cock of Karthik. She held it in both of her hands. Karthik was twisting and twirling to pull away and go home. Sheila said, wait, wait, let me have a look, arey this is too big.

I have not seen this big a cock. She measured with her hand and said this must be above 7 inches. Do you have any girls friends, Karthik, to use this. He said shyly no, aunty, I dont have any girls friends. Karthik, please close the door and she removed her nighty and lied in the bed nude. She had a stunning figure, big boobs, big ass flat navel and clean shaven pussy.

big fat thighs. Karthik went and closed the door. His thing was standing erect at 90 degrees. and his pyjama and under wear have fallen on the ground. Come on, dear Karthik, let me see your monster, she called and when he came near she opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth. But it was too big for her to take in her mouth. Come on karthik, Lie on me.

After removing the remaining clothes, Karthik went and lied on her body. Her body was so big and he was only half her size. She kissed him on his lips, cheeks, neck and placing her hands around him she hugged him tight. Just fuck me Karthik, do you know how to fuck, otherwise I will show you, You are so young you would not have had a chance to fuck any girl.

Come on get up, give me your tool, Said Sheils, opening her cunt lips, she shoved his cock tip into her fuck hole and asked him to push it in. For him her hole was very tight. He pushed and pushed and somehow put the entire cock inside. In the meantime he was sucking her nipples and squeezing her boobs. The smell of pain balm did not detract him.

His cock went deep inside her cunt. Sheila pressed his asses further down so that he may go deeper into her. In the meantime at past 2 pm her daughter Maya returned from school and saw what is happening in her mothers room, hid herself behind the door. But finding it unsafe, she went out of the room and watched it from window pane which was half open.

Come on start fucking, said Sheila. Karthik began to rise up and down and his cock made a tight journey in her fuck hole. Her cunt muscles held his cock in tight grip and he had to apply pressure to move it in and out. It was giving immense joy to Sheila. Karthik increased the speed of his fucking and she started to moan loudly.

They both did not know that Maya is watching keenly the happening minutely. She knew Karthik from early childhood, but the knowledge of the new relationship between him and her mother was new to her. She was in school uniform and she put her hand on her panty and her finger was inside her little hole.

Karthik was pumping Sheila like a punching machine and each stroke downward brought about a loud sound of moaning from her. From her sound Karthik could make out that she was near her orgasm. With three or four deep thrusts, both of them came to full orgasm. Sheila hugged and kissed him.

He slowly got up and wiped his cock in her nighty and said I am going aunty and rushed out of the house. Maya hid herself from his view. Sheila fully satisfied got up went to the bathroom and cleaned herself and came back to her bed. Her fever and body pain totally vanished. She was sorry she could have had another session with him.

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Desi Guy Enjoying First Love Making With Elder Lady

Hi all, here am going to narrate about my first complete love making in my life happened with a women who is elder to me by 8 years. however I had some experience (only kissing and sucking) with my ex gf when I was doing my 12. the complete experience I had when I was 23 and she was 31.

coming to the matter, I will explain about the second encounter which I had with her. so the question is what happened on the first encounter? let me tell. it was a disaster since I was a very new to the world of sex, I was really hungry & I was not giving her enough time or space. but for me it was a great experience since it was my first intercourse but for her it was a shock.

coming back to the story. let me tell something about me. am basically from Kerala living here in Dubai from last 8 years average looking. about my lover she is also from Kerala married,staying with her husband and her son was studying in Kerala and she was working too. I found her from one of the social site & we started chat over gmail and we become good friends she was very enjoying type.

then day by day we became very close. ans we was discussing everything, sharing each others pics and sharing minute to minute happening in our life. I disclosed my love towards her and it was unbelievable for her but I said its real what I feel then she accepted and we was chating like teenage lovers I was feeling like my 12th std she too said same that she feels like school time.

then we planned for out first meeting and it was nearby one park where she come by 6 pm. even though I saw her many photos but the first face to face meet was a great feeling she was wearing a light yellow salwar with duppatta and loosened hair reaches her butt. I was not able to look at her face for long time since so many peoples was there in the park doing exercise.

we too had one round of walking with some talking my heart was also beating faster. then she said she has to reach home at the earliest. then I said I will follow her till her apartment it was nearby only so I was really disappointed that with in some time I will loss this great moment in life.

once we entered in the lift I took the first step & pulled her right hand to me hug her and gave a nice kiss on her lips. she was shocked. she was staying in 3rd floor lift reached with in 10 seconds. once life reached we separated and I just went next floor and came back I pressed again 3rd floor just to try my luck to see her again but she went already to her apartment.

I was in heaven and I just walked back to my place I was not in that world. I was just walking crossing roads with out checking traffic. in between I received her call telling she was shocked never thought I will do that. then I said I planned well to do that. then she said she too enjoyed but panic. I was sleepless whole night and morning I got her call talking normal and started chat.

in chat I was kidding her told that I got hurt on my chest with her 2 beautiful mountains pointing towards. really it was a nice feeling I enjoyed her big boobs touches on my chest. then I asked her bra size which she replied that she use 34 and 36. 34 was tight for her where as 36 is loose. that day she was wearing 34 she said so I said thats why it was too pointed.

she continued and it was 85 cms bottom and she said 30 was her size when she was in college. then we continued hour chat day by day and she asked whether am virgin and I said yes. then she thanked me that she will be happy to have my virginity and said same pleasure she cannot give to me since she is already married.

then our chat was full of adults we discussed about selfies. she said sometimes she do rubbing and nowadays she was writing my name on fingers. I was really happy hearing this. then we discussed about making love where she said she is already in copper T so I dont need to take any precaution. we had our first love making in 2009 June.

I enjoyed well but she was shocked by my act and it was a shock for her later she said. then in between gap formed and she was not communicating me and smells something wrong I said sorry for my act but she said she was busy in office something something.

but I was not ready to leave her. I just keep loving her with out seeing or calling her. I just keep sending her mail daily discussing about my whole day and how I miss her and I love her very much. I did this for almost 1 year between she was sending sms and mails regarding her busy schedules about her vacation to Kerala,

regarding her house shifting and all also she said missing me too much. but I was really in a stage of believing that I loses her. but one fine evening after almost one year I got a mail from her saying she was really shocked with my act on our first love making and she was not ready to have that. she invited me to her place just to have some time together.

it took whole one year to overcome that situation. then I said sorry and told her forgive. then we started talking over phone daily and she invited me to her new place on a friday which her hubby was having some conference. she send me the google map for the location and explained me how to drive. I was not that much familiar with that area. I took printout and kept in car on Thursday.

time was not at all moving I was really restless. on friday morning drive to her place very early and waited in a mall parking nearby her place and waited for her green signal. then after 30 minutes I got call from her. she said her hubby left 30 minutes ago and was waiting for him to reach his office. she called him and confirmed once he reach office and called me.

she asked where I am I said am waiting from 30 minuted nearby mall. she said to come. my heart was beating too much (when I think about that moment now also I can feel the same heart beats). I drove and saw her building name which she informed. I parked my car back side of her building and walked to her apartment, there also she was in 3rd floor.

while walking I was really excited of thinking about what is going to be happen next few hours. when I reach entrance I saw watchman coming out from his room. so to confuse him I get into lift and pressed 4th floor. so he will not know am going to some flat in 3rd floor.

then I walked down to 3rd floor and searched for her flat. I ranged the bell I heard she is stepping towards to the door to open I was excited to the peak. then she opened. she welcomed me she was wearing a orange nighty with some flowers and hairs was tied with bath towel to dry after bath. she was wearing a spectacle too. first time I saw her in spectacles she looks little different.

I asked why spectacles for that she replied she was reading some papers.there was good aroma of agarbathis. I settled in sofa it was a 1BHK I just went inside to see the flat. forgot to tell I had asked her to make breakfast for me since I want to be feeded like a baby. she said to wait for sometime she was cooking. she brought one plate some dosa and chutney and she offered me.

she was feeding me like a baby which I requested. I was enjoying the moment. I was really hungry not for food. but I dont want to make hurry. while she was walking I understand she was not wearing any underskirt. and her big boobs was pointing far from her.

after breakfast she came to me sit in sofa. I asked why towel still on her hair. she said hair not yet dried. I just put my hand on the towel and checked it was wet. then I said I want to feel her wet hair. she removed her towel. ohhhh nice her hair was straight but wet hair looks curly and it feel nice wet. I just run my hand through her wet hair and I pulled her to me.

she rested her face on my chest and her head was under my nose while running fingers on hair I got the nice aroma of her hair. she use pantene (later she said) while caressing her hair we was talking and she was running fingers over my chest. I said I was missing her lot for that she replied she didnt since I was in her heart all the time.

then I just lifted her face with with right hand and placed a kiss on her forehead ohhhh it was such a nice feeling. her forehead was so cool the mix of aroma from her hair makes me so hard. I placed kiss on her left eyes and then right eyes. then I just rubbed my jaw (with trimmed beard) on her right cheeks and then left cheeks.

she closed her eyes and I can see her lips was waiting for me to place a lip lock. with out keeping her waiting for long time, I kissed her on lips ohhhhh a electrifying one I was licking her lips at the same time she opened her mouth gave me her tongue to suck.

I sucked it for 2 minutes and pulled out my tongue then it was her turn she put her tongue in my mouth was searching for my tongue I gave her same and she was sucking it so nicely. at the same time I hold my right hand on her left boobs and start caressing ohhhh it was heaven I was caressing it over her night I can feel her tight bra straps and cups I pressed it very slowly

I took my time I caressed it nicely she was sucking my tongue so passinately since my caressing was too much pleasure for her. I tried to squeeze her nipples over night and bra but was not able to. we was still kissing passionately each other and I took her left hand and kept on my hard dick. ohhhhhhhh she starting pressing it myyyyyyy

i was in heaven just imagine our position sitting on a sofa resting her half body on me caressing my hard dick where am caressing her left boobs and she huging me with right hand and my left hand caressing her spine. the situation was getting so hot I start kissing her neck and ears also licking her nose and ears. she was responding well and supporting by lifting her neck.

I lifted her right leg and kept it on my thighs and massaged her right thigh over night I confirmed she didn't wear any under skirt. now I put her right hand under her nighty and felt her calf wowwwwwww she had waxed completely. it was so soft. I move my hand to her bare right thigh and felt her left thigh too. for my easy movement she lifted her night up till her butt.

now I can move my hand easily. ohhhhhhi just pressed hard her inner thigh ohhhhh she she gasped. then I reach her love triangle where love honey hided for me. I touched her panty and I can feel wet on the bottom of it. I feel happy to know that she got horny with my act. then I felt that love cut over panty with my right fore finger.

I caressed it for few minutes while that I was kissing her nick and cleavage also kissed her boobs over nighty even I bite it over nighty she gasped. she adjusted her butt little to make way for my fingers to her horny pot. ohhhh I moved deep to bottom over her panty. she wastoo much wet. she was moaning and I rubbed hard on her clits.

she bite my ears ohhhhh I understood she was too horny. then she whispered in my ears that its risk to make love in hall lets move to bedroom. she invited me when she stood up I buried my face between her ass cheeks, ohhhh nice feeling.

then I stood up and kissed her neck back and ears at the same time I caressed her biggggg booobs over nighty from behind she was moaning (she said before that she would liked to caressed and kissed from behind) I did it perfectly. I licked her ears and kissed well.

she said she stand anymore lets move to bedroom. I followed her. ohh I wrote too much, since I was imagining each and every moment even it happened 7 years ago it is still great moment in my life. will write later what happened in bedroom.

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Radha And Padma In The Fucklist Fucked

After two days, Usha aunty introduced me to Padma, her friend. While taking me to her flat, Padma introduced me to Radha her friend. Both Padma and Radha knew my relationship with Usha. Radha in her mid twenties was little brown in color, well shaped in pyjama and t shirt. She took me inside her apartment.

There was a bench and two chairs and a small TV, a big curtain across beyond which might be her cot, kitchen etc. Radha was looking at me sitting near me. I asked her where is her husband. She said he has gone for work and my come back by 10 pm. I asked about children, she said no children. She asked me how do you know Usha. I said I stay in the next flat.

Did you meet her daily, she asked. I said I met her just for last three days. She asked in a low voice did you fuck her daily. I told her I fucked her three to four times a day. Bapre, she exclaimed, so much stamina. Do you want me to fuck you, tell me, otherwise I am going, said I. Wait, I will make tea for you, she went to the kitchen. I went following her.

Where is your bathroom, I asked. She showed me a door. It was a small bathroom, well kept. She made two cups of tea and we drank it in the kitchen. She asked me, show me your thing. I showed it to her lifting my lungi. It was limp. She kneeled and took it in her hands. Achha hai, she said and kissed it, and slowly opened her mouth and took it in.

Her mouth was hot because of the hot tea.I put my hand inside her blouse and caught hold of her boob. The neck portion got tightened and made it discomfortable. Unhooking the blouse, she opened it and unhooked her bra and her both boobs were free. I tweeked her nipples and caught the entire boob and squeezed it.

I seem to have gathered courage to put my hands on the boobs of unknown ladies, or little known girls and communicate with them with whatever hindi I picked up from them. I learnt that licking and sucking of nipples aroused them and I made it a point not to waste time talking but get hold of her boob and go on licking.

The moment my tongue touches the nipple all their hesitation vanishes, their shyness goes away, I asked Radha to remove her pyjama and stand in her panties behind the curtain. Her hands were holding my erect cock. I made her to lie flat on her back in the bed and open her legs. She did not seem to have taken bath that day. Neither she nor I had any patience.

I shoved my cock into her fuckhole and it went straight in. Her hole was tight. I think most of the menfolk had a small and slender cock and hence the women fold finding a lengthier and stouter cock are fascinated. I can go on fucking for a long time, but by then the girl would have got her orgasm once or even twice. Finally when I get my orgasm, I throw my fluids into her and pull out.

Radha was very happy and satisfied.She told me that it was such a long time since she got a good fuck. She bought two eggs and made fried eggs and gave me to restore my stamina. She said she will go and take bath and come In the meanwhile if Padma comes, go ahead and fuck her in my bed. I said ok. Within a minute Padma barged in with a parcel greatly excited.

It is biriyani and fish fry and boiled eggs for yuo, You have to build up your stamina because you have to do lot of fuckings. Kya bolthi ho, I asked. Hamse nahi hoga, I said. Arey pagal, thume ek badiya noukri milegi. Ek night club ka manager banoge. Bahout paisa milega, quater milega. Dont tell any body about your railway ka kam. Hearing this I was fascinated.

Padma would have told to any of her clients connected to the night club and that is why this offer had come. Padma told me that somebody will bring me the address of the club and a car to take me to the club. Finding that the bathroom door is closed, she said she will go to her own room and come back in a minute.

On return Padma told me that the manager of the night club, comes to her and gets her clothes stiched by her. Padma told her about me and she was excited and told her they were on the look out of a manager. The gents manager will get good salary, 2 suits every year, all three times food, he can use club car, a separate quarters for him and his family to stay in the club premises.

While hearing all this my mind was rowing in a different world. Padma lying the cot of Radha pulled me near her and unbuttoned my shirt removed it from my body. The she untied my lungi and my cock was fully exposed. She removed her t shirt and bra and her firm boobs were fully exposed. She said two young girls want to see how you fuck me. They will call after some time.

You have no objection to fuck me in their presence. If they are willing you may fuck them also. Ok let them come. I went ahead with Padma. Her boobs were large and slightly sagging. Her cunt was without any hair, perhaps she would have applied cream. It was very soft. I rubbed my hand over it and stroked her clit.

She was quickly aroused and got hold of my erect cock and made me to get on top of her. She helped me to put my cock into her fuckhole. It went in tightly but adding to the pleasure of Padma and me. Radha came out of the bathroom and saw us but without disturbing us she went around the cot and sat in the chair. The was a milk knock on the door.

Radha opened and seemed to talk to two girls. Radha went and reported to padma that two girls have come to meet her. She said ok, send them in. They both came and stood aound the cot. Padma signalled me to start fucking. I was going on in and out very briskly. The girls observed in wide eyed wonder. Fucking of Padma finished and she got her orgasm.

She rolled away and asked one of the girls to take postion, One girl, removed her panty and skirt and lied below me opening up her blouse exposing her small boobs. I asked her whther anybody fucked you before. Yes, she said, my brother. I gave my erect cock in her hand and asked hef to insert in her hole. Her hole was very tight. It took lot of time for making an entry.

After vigorous fucking the girl got her orgasm and then the second girl took position. Till them I was withholding my orgasm. The second girl was younger and smaller boobs etc. My cock went inside her with great difficulty. The girls was crying.

I did my fuck very fast and finished it as soon as she got orgasm. I shot my fluids into her and kissed her goodbye. I ate the food sharing with Padma. I said it is enough for the day. I am going back to my room. If that club manager lady comes please call me. I went back to my room.

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Guy Enjoying Sex With Mumbai Neighbourhood Aunty

I was in one of the suburbs of Mumbai, staying in a fourth floor flat confronting the main road. Standing in the balcony and watching the road was enjoyable, different kinds of people, vehicles, running, walking to catch the train to south Mumbai. All were busy and nobody had time to even look around. The flat where I was staying was a one room flat with four bachelors sharing.

All were employed except me. They had a routine and I allowed them to use the bathroom first as they all were in a hurry to go, while I stood in the veranda. They were all friendly and worked in different offices. Some of my neighboring aunties observed me and on the third day one aunty asked whether I am not going to work.

I said no, I am waiting for my selection to the railway and the order may come any day. She looked around 30, medium structure, all tired and sweatty because of the domestic work. She had to get up early, send her husband for work, and her children to their schools and now only she can relax. She asked me to lock my room and come and sit with her so that we can chit chat.

For me it was a new experience, I did not know enough hindi to converse, she did not know much of english and we were somehow communicating. She asked whether I had breakfast, I said no I have to go to some chai shop. She said wait, dont go, I have something extra, we both will eat.

She called me inside to her kitchen, where some puris were left after sending their share to her husband and children. She asked about me, my family background and when I said I am from south she took some liking. She said you take breakfast with me. Dont go to hotel. She had dough to make a few more puries and she made and sat with me and we both ate.

It was nice puri and the bhaji was also nice. I told her her cooking is good. She felt nice to hear some praise from a stranger. She asked me have you taken bath, I said no, go and bring your towel, we will take bath here. we have plenty of water. For a moment I did not give a second thought, I went to my room and brought my towel and she said wait a moment,

let me finish cleaning my vessels. I said ok. I was wondering whether she is planning a combined bath. I looked around and found a bathroom door inside her bedroom. She took a towel and came and asked me to come. You are almost of my son's age, I bathe him daily and your mother also would be bathing you when you are at home, is it not, she asked.

It was a small bathroom. She asked me to undress and filled the bucket. I removed my lungi and shirt and put my towel on the clothsline. She sat on a stool, took a mugful of water and asked me why dont you remove your underwear, you are like my son, dont feel shy, dont feel shy I will bathe you. She pulled my u/wear down. She saw my thing dangling between my legs.

Are bapre, how big it is, it is bigger than that of my husband, she said. She took it in her hand and turned it right and left. It started to get big. I felt very shy and embarrased. Arey, it is more than 6 inch. If you have have a six inch lund now at your age, you will have a foot long lund when you grow up, said she and started to laugh. She put her hands on my balls and the cock.

She was watching it grow in size and was amazed at its size. She looked at my face and smiled and said it is very beautiful. She as a sign of appreciation, planted kiss on the tip. The touch of her lips on my cock sent a shiver in my body. She looked up at my face opened her mouth wide and took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue played with it and she seemed to enjoy it very much.

She took further inside and the whole cock disappeared in her mouth. This was my first sex experience with a woman and I was very much aroused. She moved it in and out of her mouth and I thought I will get a discharge. I asked her to stop, or I will discharge in her mouth. She moved her head and her both hands were holding my body.

I could not stand for long, I shot my fluids into her mouth. She gulped the whole thing and sucked further to get as much as she wanted. Arey ye bahut acha hai. Your milk was thick and tasted very good. She stood up, removed her blouse and bra exposing her big melons, and pulled down her skirt and stood stark naked in front of me.

I did not know her name, neither she asked me mine. I was wondering how it all came around and now I am squatting in her bathroom floor naked and she sitting in a stool and with her legs wide open and her pussy with a mat of black curly hair asking me to lick her. Her pussy was very badly smelling of urine and some other foul smell. I said I cannot, because it smells bad.

Can you shave it, she asked. I was wondering, shaving a pussy. My God, my fate, in this unknown land, in the unknown flat shaving the pussy of an unknown woman. She took a razor from the shelf and a shaving brush, took some cream on it and started to apply it on her pussy. She asked me to get up and press her boobs and suck the nipples.

After lathering, she started to shave herself bending low. I watched. In the intricate corners she asked me to help her. I was seeing a cunt on closer distance. I just touched and pulled the blade very carefull across the area where there is hair. She opened her cunt lips and asked me to draw the blade carefully. Finally it was over and there was no hair left. Her pussy looked beautiful.

She poured a mugful of water and washed it of all hair and soap. She looked at my face and smiled, and I keeping my hand on her both thighs, buried my face in her pussy and licked the whole pussy. She put her finger at a place and asked me to suck it. It was of the size of a cashew and I tookit in my mouth and sucked it. She moaned and pressed my head into her cunt.

Finally she reached her orgasm and my cock was fully erect. She washed me first, applied soap, and asked me to pour water on her body and I applied soap on her body. I soaped her boobs, cunt and arm pits, while she was playing with my cock. Finally we washed outselves and dried with our towels and I wore my lungi and shirt.

She said she will wash my u/wear and give me the next day. We entered her bedroom. She lied on her bed, with legs wide open apart and asked me to get on top of her and put my cock inside her cunt. I was fumbling. She took my cock and guided to her cunt, to the fuckhole. She asked me to push my cock into her fuck hole. I pushed and it was tight and went in fully.

She was moaning in satisfaction. She asked me to move in and out. I started to fuck her. I did not need any more instructions. I was going into a very enjoyable action. Her cunt was full of thick fluid which made my fucking very easy. She held my face with her hands and kissed me repeatedly and I fucked her hard and fast.

She was reaching her climax and she hugged me and locked me with her legs. I could feel her spasm on my cock. This made me to reach my orgasm and I shot my fluids into her. I kissed her on her lips and cheeks. We lied like that for some time and then we went to the bathroom and washed our private parts.

The aunt said she was lucky to have found me otherwise her husband with his small thing never fucked her since last six months. She uttered so many endearing words, in hindi, which I did not understand asked me to change and come for lunch and bring my lungy and shirt for washing. It had taken more than two hours and my mind wanted her company more.

I changed and went back to her flat with my old lungi and shirt. She said she will wash dry and give it to me when I come next day. She asked me to sit and watch TV when she cooks the lunch. I called her aunty, what is your name. She came back running and kissed on my cheeks and told me her name is Usha and asked for mine.

Usha said this Mumbai life is so boring that her husband comes back only at 10 pm and has no time for sex. Her two very close friends are in worse condition. They are eager to have sex. She asked me whether I can help them. Just only fuck one day for each of her friends. She was looking at my face for my positive response.

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Rahul Fucking Super Hot MILF Neighbour Meera

Hey, guys! This is Rahul from Bangalore back again with another true story that had happened with my neighbour. I’m sorry about the delay guys because true stories take a lot of time to happen and then for me to write it, it takes time. With that being said let’s move on to the story.

This happened during the first week of December, the later part of the story where I got her to bed was during the last week of December. So I basically live in an apartment. It was one of those days I killed it in the gym and was getting back home and was waiting for the lift as I was waiting the lift did not come down. It was stuck on the 7th floor where I live.

On the 7th floor, there are a bunch of kids who keeps playing with it so I thought it was them and got frustrated. As it was coming down I realized maybe I should warn these kids to stop playing in the lift, I was all ready to fume out, the lift door opened. It was this beautiful lady who was slightly tanned with 36 boobs with a few labourers and I didn’t how to react.

So she smiled at me and said so sorry I kept you waiting, I’m moving into this apartment so the shifting took some time via the lift. I was awestruck at her beauty and body. All I remember saying was “Hey, that’s totally fine.” She said thanks and moved on and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I checked her out and her ass was so wide and bouncing as she walked away.

I wanted to get in right away. So then I was like wow, a new neighbour. Time to find out which house she lives in. So on one floor, there are 6 flats with house number being in 3 digits. So my house number was 702, but I didn’t know hers. So I went up and saw that the door of 701 was open it was just opposite mine.

I went near the door and it was that house with workers in and things were being arranged. Days kept passing and I never really saw her. She rarely came out. We have this grocery shop close by the apartment. So I had been to the grocery shop to get my groceries and on my way back. Guess who showed up? It was her! I was so happy to see her.

So we spoke and she told me that her name is Meera, she’s from Mumbai and lives here with her kid and her husband works in Dubai. So then I was like okay that’s good but don’t you get bored at home being alone all the time? She just gave a laugh and said not really I just keep talking to my friends over the phone and pass time, also my daughter is such fun to play with.

I was like that’s great I love kids too. She was like you should definitely come home and play with her. She wouldn’t mind someone to play with as she’s shy to make new friends and she’s new to the area. So she gave me her number and asked me to come home sometimes by informing her in prior. Then she was like you’re very tall and handsome.

Must you be having a girlfriend, don’t you? I just giggled and said no, I don’t. So then we bid ways. She had this very naughty smile after she gave me her number but I didn’t know what to take of it as maybe If I hit on her what if she made a scene out of it? So I was thinking of a plan. We were texting on WhatsApp, just the usual texts.

One fine day I had this naughty WhatsApp forward message which I forwarded to her and immediately I sent a sorry saying the wrong message, guess what? She texted me back saying “Hahaha, that is indeed hilarious, I enjoyed reading it even if it wasn’t for me ;)” I was like woah so she’s definitely the naughty kind as well.

So I made this plan to send her shirtless photos of mine once in a while and see how she reacts to it, did this as I was pretty ripped and built. So a few days later I sent her my shirtless picture with a good morning message to her phone. I got back a reply saying Woah, you’re so damn ripped. I should be working out like you. But with Rahul, I have this tight lower back.

I’m thinking of consulting a doctor or a physio. Do you have any idea what could be done? I was like Yes, I do know what to do. I’ve been into fitness for a long time now. I can definitely help you out! So then later she texted me saying how about in the evening around 6? If you could come home and play with my daughter and help me out with what could be causing my lower back pain.

I was like yeah, sure I’ll be there. So it was 5:45 I got all dressed up. So I went and knocked the door. She opened and she was so beautiful in a top and jeans. Her bra strap was shown it was blue and her boobs so perfectly shaped. So I just greeted her with a hi and complimented her by saying that you look very beautiful. To which she blushed. So then she introduced me to her daughter.

So I started playing with her while Meera started to cook some dinner for me. It was around 8 that her daughter had to sleep. After putting her to sleep, Meera came and sat next to me on the sofa then she was like yeah so Rahul I’m 35 years old. I’ve been exercising in my past but had to stop after my daughter. Now see the lower back region no?

She took my hand placed it on her back and said yes this place hurts like mad. Could you help me with a stretch? So then I was like yeah sure but I want you to sleep on the bed so that I can stretch easily. So she took me to her bedroom. So I asked her to lie down and I started to stretch. After that, I asked her to sleep stomach side down and I started helping her stretch her back.

I started to lightly massage the back area and that’s when she started to moan. So then she’s like the pain isn’t there it’s lower. So then it was right about her butt crack. Guys trust me, she had the sexiest butt I’ve ever seen. Just perfect. So then I started massaging there she just loved. So I know this was my chance.

Slowly I went lower and got into her underwear started to finger her pussy from behind. Fuck she was moaning and moaning. She was like Oh fuck yeah Rahul, get deeper in that pussy! I knew I had her this time. She slowly started feeling up my cock and freed it from my pants. Then I took her pants off and my god! She’s in a beautiful blue panty. I wanted to smash that ass so hard.

So then she started sucking on my cock. Started biting the tip of my foreskin and sucked on my balls. She sucked it dry. Then I undressed her top and she’s in her blue bra with boobs that were waiting to jump out. I unhooked it and started to suck on them. Squeezed them and she was screaming so loudly. Her nipples were thick and dark in color.

I slowly went down and started to lick her pussy and finger it. It was very wet. I stimulated her clitoris. She then asked me to close the door so that her daughter doesn’t hear and wake up. So then she went to cupboard got this strawberry flavored Skore condom and put it on my penis and started riding me in Cowgirl position. Her pussy was so tight.

When she took a break from riding I started smashing that pussy. After a while we moved on to doggy style, her pussy was damn tight but it was amazing. She started dirty talking saying “Fuck me in the cunt Rahul, cum in my pussy, I’m all your baby.” I kept smashing her and I occasionally spanked her ass and she orgasmed.

Then I licked her pussy, carried her in my arms fucked her against the wall. Her moaning was driving me crazy and I cummed. Then we got onto the bed. We laid next to each other and she was telling me how amazing I’m in bed, so I complimented her saying you’re beautiful to which she gave me a deep kiss. She said her hubby wouldn’t even last for 15 mins.

But she’s glad this happened. I was like I’m glad I made love to you, from the day I saw you I wanted to. So then she was like wow, who knew this would happen. All so quickly. Then we made out for one last time. Then it was 9:30, I took a shower, wore my clothes back and went home. Hugged her and left. We’re still in touch but she’s busy with guests at home.

So we haven’t been able to meet. Honestly the fact that she was beautiful is what made me fuck her really hard. If there’s anyone who’s ugly or not good looking I don’t go for it. But yeah I’m good looking so I go for similar standards. Trust me guys if you fuck someone ugly you’ll lose interest after you orgasm.

Anyways this was my story. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Send me feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Rocky Fucking Horny Babe Fathima

I am Rocky again. I am keeping Arifa. But I wanted for a change somebody else. I traced that girl who called me to the house of Arifa. I smiled at her and asked for her name. She said it is Fathima. I asked whether any of her friends are in distress. She also laughed and said yes. Who, I asked.

Somebody asked for your name and phone number. because I did not know I could not tell her. But I can show you her flat, just go she may need you. What do you want in return. She said just show me your laptop, I want to do some homework. When will you come, what kind of homework, I asked. I am in the final year in the school.

Just some maths and science for homework. I will come at 10 pm after my parents sleep. Why dont you have a laptop in your house. She said yes, but they dont give me. Why, I asked. Because they think it is all full of bad photos and videos and movies. I will watch them and get spoiled. How long they will keep you without being spoiled. She laughed.

I asked are you not already? she laughed and said yes. Come on I will do it further. She ran away. It was already evening and I did not want to go to the flat Fathima told me. That kid was a nice catch. I went out and brought a bunch of chocolates and ordered for food and lot of chicken fried and chapathis. I was busy with my TV and then with my laptop. I started eating at 9,45.

Fathima came at 10. She closed the door behind her and bolted. She is a beautiful girl. But her garments concealed her real size. She saw me eating and I asked her to join me. She very willingly joined and ate chapathis and chicken with me. She ate a good quatity and cleaned the table. I gave her a bar of chocolates. She was very happy.

She bit the whole with her teeth and started to eat. I just opened my mouth and asked for a bite. She came near me and gave it in my mouth. I put my arm around her and hugged her. Her small boobs were pressed against my chest for a moment. She freed herself. I opened the laptop and went to a porn site. This is what you wanted to see, I asked.

Wide eyed, Fathima came running and watched the porn. She was sitting next to me in a chair and leaning over the table she was watching the monitor eagerly. The blowjob was going on in full session. The boy and the girl were enjoying. The boy slowly lifted her and laid her in the bed, opened her legs wide and started to lick around her clean shaven pussy.

Fathima was already breathing heavily. Fathima appeared to be in the early teens and I did not dare touch her. Watching hardcore porn in the monitor, Fathima got aroused. She wanted me to take initiative and fuck her. But I did not want, let her come hot and horny, I thought. I removed my tshirt and was in my boxer. The bulge in the boxer was clearly visible.

Fathima put her hand on my bulge and was squeezing it. Suddenly she came to me and hugging me and pressing her orange sized boobs against my chest started to kiss me. Her one hand went into my boxer and caught hold of my junior. He was fully hard and ready for action. Fathima, are you a virgin, I mean is your seal in tact.

She laughed why are you asking such silly questions, who cares about seal and all. If it is there you break it, if it is already broken you boldly fuck me. She said, my cousin used to come home once in a week and we used to play mummy daddy game. As a daddy it was his right to put his cock in my pussy. I used to agree.

We both will be horny and we never bothered whether the seal is broken or not. Anyhow my periods are regular, I keep a check on my safe and unsafe days. I gave her a big long kiss. I carried her to my bedroom and undressed her completely. She removed my boxer and took my cock in her hand. Her boobs were of medium size and were soft.

Her pussy was tiny and clean shaven. I licked her pussy and rubbed my tongue against her tiny clit. She was very much aroused and wanted to get fucked. I made her lie in 69 and we indulged in oral sex. She took my whole cock in her mouth and her fingers were nibling my balls. I licked her pussy and inserted my tongue into her fuck hole. Fathima was moaning.

I could feel her ass muscles tightening and it seems she was getting an orgasm. I was fucking her in her mouth and I too reached my climax and threw my fluids into her throat. She drank it all. I sucked all her vaginal fluids and drank it. Fathima complained, you did not fuck me, I wanted you to fuck me deep and for a long time. You made it short.

I said but you had your orgasm. If you had fucked me I would have got double big orgasm. Ok Ok, we will do it later. Time was 10.30 pm. I asked Fathima to get busy with her homework and took from her the flat number of the aunty who asked for me. I told Fathima I will come back soon. and went in search of the flat. I gently knocked the door.

After some time I heard a voice inquiring who it is. Without replying I again knocked. The door opened narrowly and was held back by the safety catch. A face appeared in the darkness and asked who are you and what do you want. I told her that Fathima said you wanted to meet me and that is why I came.

The light was put on and the safety catch of the door was removed and I entered the house and the door was closed behind me and bolted. The lady standing in front of me would in her early twenties, fair in color and beautiful. She was in her nighty and from the projections I could make out that she has a good sized boobs, and ass.

I told her I am sorry, I got the information late, anything I can do for you. She said I am sorry, I have some personal work to be done. I have no brothers who could have gone and done this for me. My husband is abroad and may not come for another one year. I have property in Chennai and Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

I have to go to these places, renew the rental agreements and collect arrears of rent. I cannot go alone, I want somebody just to accompany me. Whom will I ask. You appeared to be a nice man with a helping mind and that this why I asked Fathima to tell you. OK, I will help you in whatever way you want. But people should not misunderstand.

I will come tomorrow and have detailed discussion with you. She said why dont you sleep here. I said not today, may be from tomorrow I may. For the time being good night. She said her name was Banu. She came very close to me and I thought she expects me to hold her and give her a kiss. But I did not do. I went to my room where Fathima was waiting.

I asked her whether she has completed her home work. She said yes. Then you are going to your flat. She said no, I am going to stay with you. I told my parents that I will stay with a classmate of mine for combined studies. Time was past 11 pm. Ok, said I, and I moved into my bedroom and asked Fathima to stay in the next bedroom.

She said No, I wont sleep alone, I will sleep with you in your bedroom. I told her I dont have any ladies clothes to give her for her change. She said dont worry, I will sleep in my bra and panty. Tomorrow morning I wll go back to my flat and there is no problem. She had found solutions to all the problems, Ok I said and went to the bathroom and came back,

switched off all the lights in the kitchen, sitting room etc. and asked Fathima to lie in my bed. She removed all her clothes and stretched in my bed, I putting on the bedroom light I lied in my bed next to her. The a/c is on and I usually cover my body with a sheet. Fathima said give me another sheet. I did not have a spare sheet and hence I gave her mine.

She said we both will share. I did not reply. Afterwards I understood she had removed her panty and bra and pulled me closer to her to come under the sheet. Immediately she inserted her hand into my jocky and caught hold of my cock which was fully erect. Then there was no alternative. I tried to avoid fucking a minor girl, but she wont leave me.

Come what may, I thought let me enjoy and make her also enjoy. Putting my hand under her, I pulled her to get on top of me. She was happy and surprised. My erect cock was positioned on her pussy and her boobs were pressing against my chest.

Fathima sat on my waist and took hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy, rubbing the tip of my cock against her clitoris she brought the tip to the entrance of her fuck hole and slowly sat on it and made my cock penetrate her slowly. The hole was small and tight, But Fathima pulled it out and and again inserted. It took some time for making full penetration.

Finally my cock was fully embedded in her hole and she sat victoriaous. Her tiny boobs was beautiful and they were open for me to press or eat. Slowly Fathima pulled out and again inserted and she was now practicing cow girl posture and enjoyed doing it. Since both of my hands were free, I ran them over her back, pressed her ass cheeks, rubbed her thighs,

pressed her boobs, etc, in the meantime Fathima started the fucking movements. Her clitoris was pressed against my cock and she started to moan. With my hands I helped her to make her movements faster and she was reaching her orgasm. She jumbed up and down sitting on me. I fucked her up to enhance her pleasure and massaged her clitoris.

She had a big orgasm, a long one. I too shot my cum into her and we came to the culmination of our first encounter. She ran to the bathroom to clean her privates and to see whether there are any bruises in her cunt. I gave her a bottle of vaseline to apply. Thus we completed our first day ordeal. I come back to you with my dealings with Banu in my next post.

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