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Ravi Fucking Innocent Neighbour Sneha - II

Previously: Ravi Fucking Innocent Neighbour Sneha - I

She then told about her previous 2 days how she spent. She told that she was scared when I was giving her that looks during the movie and finally she set her mind and will allow me to do it. Sneha stood in front of me and told, help me out.

This made me crazy and innerly I thought I shouldn’t attack her directly and end up quickly, I should tempt her and make her crazy and enjoy the whole night. Mean while when I was thinking, Sneha went to the door and closed it. Even the windows. She took me to her last room and closed that door too. I was on cloud9 and I was not getting how to start and how to drill her.

We came close to each other and started kissing. It went too deep kissing, I still taste her saliva. My hands began rubbing her bumps and back. She has good bumps. It when till 15mins. Then I inserted my fingers in her saree and rolled out her whole saree. Doing this was so amazing.

Now, she was on lehenga(Skirt) and blouse. I took her on my hands to the bed. Sneha’s weight would be around 65kgs. I was very impressed with her ass. Whole fun was in her ass. I laid her down and removed her blouse and her bra. It was hard to remove her bra because of the buttons it has a backside.

The moment I removed her bra, her boobs were shaking and dancing. I started kissing her head, neck and boobs. I was licking and biting her boobs part that she was screaming and this was making mood crazy. She was holding my hairs hardly when I was doing this so. It was awesome when I was biting her boobs and she was screaming. Her word ‘ouch’ still I hear it my ears.

As slowly, I came down and I kissed her belly. Then I untied her lehenga(Skirt) and told her to hold it and not to release it till I say since I wanted to see her whole ass when she stands up. I took her to the mirror and stood up her there and asked to see the mirror. She was holding her lehenga and her boobs were uncovered. I sat on the floor and told her to remove her lehenga.

When it dropped on the floor. I couldn’t resist seeing her ass openly. Being Sneha stood, I started licking her ass and stretched it to see her glory ass hole. Then I turned her around and saw vagina how it looks when she stands. I asked her to give me 60mins so that I can do what I want, then I will allow her to do what ever she wants with me.

I told her to do doggy style on bed. When she did, I started licking her ass hole, she was pushing my mouth saying not to do so since poop comes out from there. I cleaned it and I was licking it hardly that she started enjoying it. I was fingering hole and smelling it. Woo hooo… it was awesome.

I did it for around 20mins and told her to lay down properly and stretch her legs aside lick her vagina. When I started fingering and rubbing her vagina’s upper part, she was deep in mourning and screaming mood. When my tongue was licking her vagina, her mood kept on increasing and started forcing me to lick it deep in.

Her crazyness was driving my mood and I did what all she told. Later, her vagina was watering and licked it too. After this, I handed myself to her and laid on the bed. Trust me guys, Sneha was exploring me like an alien. Her blowjob was too enjoyable, she was enjoying tasting my balls and she did blowjobing for 30 mins and I was about to cum.

She was telling me to cum in her mouth. I declined her, she kept on telling me to cum inside her mouth. I told her, it may impact her health but she was not listening. At last, she was in a state to urge me. I was not happy with that and accepted. She started blowjobing, after 10-15mins, I cummed inside her mouth. Sneha’s mouth was full of my sperm. She then spits it and came back.

Since I just cummed. My dick was not getting erected. So I started kissing her body, boobs, underarms, belly, and vagina. I kept fingering her ass hole. As on time passed by and now we both went to get freshened. I took some water and cleaned my cock since sperm was surrounded it and cleaned her vagina too. Since it was new to me, I held my cock and slowly I inserted in Sneha’s vagina.

I was feeling very cool but when I was inserting it, Sneha’s cried in pain. Slowly, I started in-outing it. My cock getting rubbed was giving a good pleasure but later Sneha’s pain was gone. I did for 20mins since my sperm was not coming out because I already cummed a hard in her mouth.

Finally, I removed my dick from it and it was around 12 am that night and we both lying with out clothes. We were kissing while sleeping. Later, after an hour, Sneha started blowjobing. My cock started erecting and I was cooperating with her to satisfy her all needs. Likewise, we had 69 too. But not so good.

Already she was blwjobing she may didn’t enjoyed I believe but her ass on the face made me crazy. And at last, my sex desire was over. But there was a comp off for me. At around 5 am, Sneha was getting a nature’s call for a piss. I took her to the bath room and the open door she pissed in front of me.

Then I gave her a good bath, cleaned her all parts fingering deep in ass hole and vagina. She too then cleaned my parts and we dressed our selves. Around 6 am, I came back to my home. A woman who completes all the desires what a guy wants is always great.

In my first experience, she made me lick all her parts, fingered her ass hole and vagina, blowjob, 69 and also shared a piss call. Memories to be remembered. All thanks to Sneha. This is all happened yesterday, let see how many nights I get with her. Hope so. Thanks for reading.

The End.

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Ravi Fucking Innocent Neighbour Sneha - I

Hi Human Digest readers, I would like to share my first sex experience that I had yesterday with my cute and innocent mate. People, the story which I gonna be narrating is a real and genuine one, so I think few words will make you feel unwanted but the fact is that it is true.

Before I start, let me introduce myself. I’m Ravi from Hyderabad, age: 27, colour: White, height: 5’9″ inches, dick size: 6 inches and width: broad. I work for an MNC in Hyderabad. This is my first sex experience. Earlier, I use to imagine my mate and masturbate it but all my wishes came true and finally, I drilled my cock in her vagina.

The angel with which I had sex, her name is Sneha(Name changed), age: 34, colour: whitish, body: perfect fit (No fat), height: 5’6″ inches. She has a good quantity of boobs and bumps too. I call her Angel by nick name and rather, I call her innocent because her parents played with her fate. They are very very rich and her father works for some good organization.

They married her to a man who looks very old and he is 8-10 elder than her. Every time I see her, I feel pity because no one will consider them as a couple and that man doesn’t perform his duties as a husband. He is not a responsible person. Sneha has 2 daughters of age 10 and 14.

I feel pity for her because when I imagine how their first night would’ve been when an old man is tearing an angel alike girl’s hymen. It brings tears to my eyes. It happens when your loved one is used my other person that too with a weird person.

Now, I will narrate you how Sneha and me came together. Sneha drops her daughters to school on her activa and usually, that time I start to my office and I use activa too. We know each other since we stay in same house lane, I know her name but she doesn’t know me. She knows my face since I stare her daily.

One day, I started to my office. On my way, I saw Sneha with her daughters road aside and I stopped and asked her do you need help? It’s our duty if we see any women in trouble or at unexpected place. Sneha answered that fuel in her bike got over. I tried helping her and managed get an empty bottle from road side and gave her some about half litre of petrol to her.

She thanked me and we both went away. That day, I was keep on recollecting the thing and the talk that I had with her and kept smiling. Around 3 days later, I saw her again. This time, she gave a smile after seeing me and greeted. This way, my time started. Likewise, our morning greetings started.

For a month, we both were friendly and I got a chance to talk to her for 15mins. In the convo, I asked her, why she was been married to an old guy. This made her emotional and she any how diverted the talk and went away the next minute. That day, I felt very bad and I was worrying that she might not talk with me again.

A week later, I saw her again and I started talking with her casually, her replies were too as casual. Next moment, I apologized her for hurting her and she told that she was upset remembering her parents (not in touch with her parents now, since she was not happy with their decision of marrying her).

Any how I managed the situation and I made her feel like I’m there to care her and expressed my pity feeling on her. She was happy to hear that some one cares her and understands her situation. Then, I asked her for her number, she gave on one condition that I can call her during 11-7pm timings since her husband will be not at home.

I assured her that if I call her also, it will be from my office landline number. Then, our calling started and it went for a month and I was getting a good impression with words I use to say her. Then, one day I asked her on call that ‘If you need your husband the time when you want him badly, will he help you?’ She didn’t got this and asked for what kind of help?

I couldn’t say her directly that the time when she wants to have sex. But any how I managed saying from alternative ways and later, she got my point. This time I was sure that I will get an answer because the way I was with her these days was more than a husband and a wife, since I use to call her many times a day.

She answered that, he his busy with his work life, indirectly she told no sex with her husband. Then I stopped this topic and was willing to say that I will help her to feel better but I couldn’t. I thought like if I work more on impressing her then I would may get a chance to sleep with her and this plan worked for me.

For a week, Sneha’s husband went to Delhi on some work and will be returning back next week. When Sneha told me about this, then I made a plan like I should nail her within a week. I told Sneha that its a good chance that we can meet outside for a coffee or a dinner. Sneha agreed to coffee and we went to have it at cafe day. Here, I thought to ask her for a date or a movie.

Looking for a chance, in middle of the convo, I asked her that lets plan to go out and enjoy. She denied, I requested more and more and lastly, I told her that I will movie tickets at least. She agreed on that after thinking for 10mins. In my heart, I was thinking that I should grab a chance. Day-2, I informed her about the show timings. Day-3, we went for a movie.

This day, I was waiting for a chance to talk about sex. I was not missing any of the chance which I was getting to touch her. But, my angel Sneha easily found out something is bad for me. Since that day my behaviour was completely different. She noticed all things and she was testing me hiddenly, by giving chances. Later, show was finished and we were back to our home.

I was feeling bad that I haven’t made any sexual impression on her. Later, that night she called me on phone was talking normally. Suddenly, she asked I noticed some changes in you. Why? On call I was unable to hide and managing the situation, I expressed all my inner feelings and also about the pity feeling which I get when I imagine her first night.

There was completely silence on this and we disconnected the call. I thought thinking about to have sex, I may lose her. Day-4, I called in the morning. There was no response. Same way tried multiple times but no responses. Day-5, I messaged her by apologizing but no response. Later, that night I got a message from her that come and meet me at my home.

It was Saturday and she called me in the morning time. I went secretly so that no one notices me, her daughter was in school and she was alone at home. When I went home, she was ok and talked to me normally.

Then time passed by and I didn’t take out any word of sex and she too didn’t. But, she could notice my depression and face downness. Later, I came out and went my home. I was dis-hearted and I didn’t messaged or call her that night. Day-6, Sunday, I was busy with some work and day passed. At around 9pm, I got a call from her to visit his home secretly.

I went at around 30mins later and met her. She was well dressed in an ethnic wear saree and was watching tv. When I entered she smiled and I sat on sofa opposite to her. I asked about her children, she gave a crazy eye direction towards other room and in low voice said they slept.

My heart was beating with her new behavior and innerly I was holding my horses that what she wants that day. I asked why you called me here? Sneha told simply and went towards kitchen and her figure was so awesome and my pants began wet seeing her. I was still not confirmed what is happening around.

I just started giving sexual looks to confirm if she wants to have sex with me. She came near to me and told me that she wants to do something new today. This hint confirmed me that she is feeling horny. I asked what new you want to do? Should I help you doing so?

To Be Continued...

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Amul Getting Sex From Neighbourhood Lady - II

Previously: Amul Getting Sex From Neighbourhood Lady - I

I was only watching her with all lust in my eyes. I never thought I was missing such a beautiful sight of women in my neighbourhood. All this actions and lust made my cock grow and I didn’t notice it. Shraddha saw me watching her body and gave me a naughty smile. She was happy to see my cock grow. And I can see that in her eyes.

“Are you feeling better?” she asked hiding her smile. “yes aunty,” I replied back with heavy breath. It was the first time to face such an encounter in my whole life. Being 19 I didn’t have such bad intentions on any girl or women until today. But Shraddha aunty made my mind go in a different direction.

She was watching my cock with all the lust in her eyes hiding her emotions. She intentionally treating my wound very slowly. I understood that and gave it a try by pressing her shoulder by shouting as I was in pain. Actually, I was acting. This made her breath heavy and she jerked off a little with excitement.

Again I pressed her shoulder, as she was leaning she lost her balance and caught my crotch and pressed it for support. I was in heaven, my dick was hard. I was in the towel so she did feel my hard cock. She was hiding her sight to see me and my cock. But she is failing as she found it so attractive.

She tied the bandage very quickly now asked me to stand up just to check she tied it well or not. I was unable to stand so she helped me. My hand was still on her shoulder. As I stood up my towel fell down. She was stunned by my cock size which was inside my underwear.

She opened her mouth and shut it so fast avoiding me. I now took the situation into a full advantage and hugged her from the front. She put her hands on her boobs to avoid the contact of my bare chest and her boobs. I then started kissing her on the lips she resisted at first and then cooperating me and within a minute she was outpacing me.

Now she removed her hands from between us and moved her hands to my cock. I was feeling in heaven. Now she broke the kiss and she started pulling off my underwear. Now my 6-inch cock was out. She saw it and have a naughty smile to it. I was watching her. She started kissing my chest and slowly moving downwards and kneeling down.

She took a full view of my cock and touched it with her bare hands. This is the first time someone touched my cock. She now made my foreskin back and smelled my cock. The current was passing through my body. I was watching her huge cleavage. She now inserted her fingers in her mouth to bring down the saliva.

She now spat the saliva in her right hand and started stroking my cock up and down. She looks like an expert on how to please a man. She was smelling my cock and stroking it hard. I was about to cum and she understood it as I was breathing heavily. She then put the cock in her mouth as soon as she put my cock in her mouth ejaculated in her.

She didn’t miss any drop of my cum and she swallowed it. “It is a warm and little bit salty,” she told with very lust in her voice and her eyes. I nodded to her giving a satisfactory smile. She gave me a big smile and went back to the bathroom.

I sat on the sofa naked. She came back and cleaned my cock with her mouth and asked me how did I feel. I said it is amazing and wrapped my towel and went back to my house and slept.

The End.

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Amul Getting Sex From Neighbourhood Lady - I

Hi Human Digest, my name is Amul. I’m 21 years old. I am 5.9″ tall and has 6 inches cock and I’m not joking. This story is about me and my neighbour aunty. Her name is Shraddha. She is 5.5″ coming to her body measurements she has 36C 30 38. Well, this is absolutely a good measurement someone can have.

Coming to the story, this happened when I was 19 years old. My family consists of my dad, my mom, a brother who is elder than me. My dad works in mnc and my mom is a housewife my brother also works in mnc in another city. Hope their ages are not required for now. Basically, I’m from Hyderabad.

I play a lot of cricket and it was Sunday. Mom told me she is going to some relatives house and comes back late at night. Dad is also out of station for 3 days so she made lunch just for me and gave a little money to eat outside. I nodded her and collected my cricket kit and went to play.

After an hour I came back with injury on my right knee. I was unable to walk. My friend dropped me at the house and I have to take the lift on my own. I was waiting for the lift and their comes my neighbour aunty. She is one of the beautiful women I saw. Her age is 36 and she doesn’t look like that. She has a perfect body that every man dreams for enjoying.

I don’t have any bad intensions towards her. I wished her good afternoon with a smile. We were in lift now and she noticed me walking lamely. “What happened Amul?” She asked me. “Nothing aunty just an injury while playing cricket,” I said. “Beta I think you need first aid, see you have blood marks on your track,” she said.

“Yes, aunty the first aid will be good. Mom gave u keys?” I asked. Yes, Amul they are in my house. Your mom went out an hour ago giving me keys. She told. I followed to her house for the house keys. She told me to sit and relax and gave a glass of water and keys. I told her thanks and came to my house and made a straight way to my room.

I took off my pants and t-shirt struggling with pain and went on hunting the first aid box on my underwear itself as there was nobody in the house. I was in the hall and forgot to lock the main door. Shraddha aunty suddenly entered my house with cricket kit which I forgot in her house. She saw me in my underwear with wide eyes.

I noticed her after half a minute she came in and was shocked to see her. I immediately went to my room and wrapped a towel around me and came back to her with a shy smile on my face and a little bit of nervousness added to it. She smiled me back and said she came to give me the cricket kit which you forgot at her house.

I thanked her back and she told me sorry for not ringing the doorbell. I said it's ok and pushed my kit aside. “What are you searching for?” She asked me watching my bare chest. “Nothing aunty I'm unable to find the first aid kit,” I said in hesitation. “Come with me I will give you the first aid or else the wound will grow a lot worse,” she said.

I locked the door and went with her to her house. There was nobody in the house except us both. She went inside her bedroom and bought the first aid box. And I'm still sitting on the sofa half naked. She came to me and I headed my hand to the box and she told me don't give your hand give your leg, I will apply the lotion.

I was afraid what she's talking and told her it's ok aunty I will manage. She insisted me and at last, I have to listen to her words. She told me to put on my leg on the table which was in front of the sofa and I did it. She came near me leaning forward sat beside me on sofa and my God her perfume smell was so fantastic.

She saw my growing chest and smiled as I was breathing her smell. She now lifted my towel up to my thighs and started cleaning the wound with cotton applied some medicine to it. As she put the Cotton on the wound I started shouting due to the pain. She saw my face and blew air from her mouth and the current started passing my body.

I could feel her air it was so cool and she continued dabbing the cotton ball and then blowing air on my wound. The heat started growing between us and there was all sweat on my body and face. As I was suffocating she was busy treating my wound. I asked her to switch on the fan which she agreed and got up to switchboard to on the fan and returned back to her business.

The fan made me live again and I relaxing by leaning my head to the sofa closing my eyes. A mosquito started disturbing me which led to making my eyes getting open. The mosquito now landed on aunty’s shoulder then aunty slapped herself on the shoulder and her saree pallu fell down. That was the mesmerizing sight I have ever seen in my entire life.

Aunty wore a blue saree with a deep neck. Her boobs were milky white. The deep blouse saree made her cleavage look so good which added more when she bent to keep medicine and the blouse was so tight that her boobs were fighting come out. That made my mind change towards her. Her belly looks so soft and the saree she was wearing below her navel.

To Be Continued...

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Massage Leading To Sex With MILF Lady

This encounter happened a week ago in Chennai. Husband out for work and I begin my work. Let me go to the story. I usually go for jogging in the morning around 6 in my neighbourhood. I see so many middle aged men and women walking at that time. There is this lady, Jasleen (name changed) whom I see every morning walking alone.

I cross her everyday and every time I cross her I look at her and go. She had noticed that several times but never made any face. By the way, she has an amazing ass and coconut type boobs. It was mind blowing.

After a week, I decided to talk to her. Next morning I went for a jog as usual and found her. Again while crossing her, I looked at her and smiled. She saw me and just moved on. She didn’t smile back. I felt weird and went home. Next day, as usual, I went for a jog. Again while crossing her, I just looked at her. But surprisingly she gave a naughty-cute smile. I was shocked and I stopped.

I went behind her and said “Hi”. She: hi. Me: I see you every day. She(smiling): hmm Then we introduced ourselves and continued talking for some time. Me: Bye, See you tomorrow. She (smiling): Sure I was so happy with an adrenaline rush in my body. I was eagerly waiting for next day.

For next few days, we reduced walking and did more of talking. Then she told about her family and where she lives. She has a daughter who is in 4th std. Likewise, I told her about me. I also told I do massage and I touched her shoulder. She was shocked and slightly moved away. I was scared and there was a silence. We then said bye and went back home. I was feeling nervous.

Next day she came and spoke like everything is alright. While talking I accidentally touched her ass but she didn’t say anything. So I thought I’ll do it again because it was so lovely touching her ass. I again touched but she did not say a thing. I moved my hand over her ass. She then looked at me.

She: You were telling something yesterday. Me: What? She: You said you do massage and all. Me: oh yeah. I like doing it. She(naughty smile): How good are you? Me: I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me one day. She was blushing. We then exchanged numbers and chatted regularly. One day she asked me to come home at 9:30. It was a Monday.

So I was sure that her hubby and child would be not at home. I got condoms and went to her home. She opened the door and invited me in. We sat and there was a silence. Me: How come you called me home? I’m surprised. She: Just simply. Don’t you like it? Me: I’m glad you called. So what shall we do? She: I want to comment on your massaging skills.

I was like cloud nine hearing this. She smiled and took me to the bedroom. Me: I can’t massage with the clothes on. She: I know. and she removed her salvar in front of me. I could see her whole body. Immediately I got a spike and she saw it. She was fully naked and was looking gorgeous with her features. She laid on her back and I started massaging her feet.

When I reached her thigh, her breath got heavier and she held my hand. She turned and started taking off my clothes. I could see the passion and hunger for sex in her eyes. She started kissing me passionately and my hands completely on her body. I then touched her vagina and she bit my lips. My fingers were playing with her vaginal lips. She kissing got intense.

She then started licking my lips. I took my middle finger and inserted into her vagina. She moaned with a “AAHHH” and whispered “I want more. do it”. I fingered her and she was enjoying. She was moaning with a heavy breath “AHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHH”. She then fell on the bed and pressed her boobs. I said it’s mine and started licking her boobs.

Her nipples were firm. I sucked it hard. She then got up and removed my underwear. she took my penis and started sucking it hard. It was my time to moan and I was enjoying it. She was very good at it. She licked and sucked for few minutes and I was holding her hair. I pulled her hair and made her lie. I went down on her and licked her vagina.

I was doing it more on her clitoris and she was shouting in pleasure like “ohhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. I got aroused hearing her moan. She was curving her body like anything, moving and arching her back in amazement. Again she moaned “AAHHHHHHHHHHH” with her breath getting heavier and heavier in each moment.

She tightened her thighs and locked my head with her vagina. There was no way out. I kept on licking her clitoris. She laid back and kept moaning and moaning. After a few mins, she CUM. She was so happy. She told me DO IT. I took my penis and glided on her vagina. I went in smoothly and we went for a ride. Her moaning sound and her boobs bouncing were so amazing.

We did for some time and I cum inside her. We cuddled for some time and lay in bed. I told her that I had brought condoms and forgot to take it out. She told she is happy that I didn’t use condoms. She said she liked it Raw. After that, we met often and had a lot of sex. Hope you like my experience.

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Married Guy Having Sex With Yoga Batchmate

I was a silent follower of this site for a long time. I’m 42 years of age married with one kid, but never been in any relationship until this incident happened. And this is the first and last relationship till now. She is also 42 years of age married with one kid. Let her call as KS.

For yoga class, both men and women are used to come. Our yoga teacher was irregular in conducting the classes, so everyone asked to create a WhatsApp group to update the teacher availability in the group. So the teacher created a group with all the members. KS is from the evening batch of yoga.

Evening batch is especially for ladies and I used to go for morning batch in yoga, so we never see each other. In that Yoga group, KS used to share nice articles and messages every day. So I casually appreciated her personally, not in the group. But I did not get any response till one month. Even I did not bother much, as I just appreciated her.

After one month she sends me a thanks message. Even after that, I did not respond to her thanks. And I was busy with my office work and in the mean time I got a US opportunity, so I left for the US. I used to follow the Yoga groups posting regularly. One day KS pinged in the group saying today after a very long gap it is heavily raining.

So I pinged in the group saying that “I’m missing it”. Then she immediately pinged in my personal chat as “Y?”. I told her I’m in the US and missing the rains. She told that she also likes rain and wanted to go for a long drive when it was having heavy rains. So like that our personal chat started from friendly chat to personal information to sex talks.

During our chat, we came to know that our apartments are very close by, so that we are really very happy that our residents also close. Like that our conversation become very close and we used to have a video chat and show her assets and I used to play with the tool in that video, she is used enjoy and sometimes she used to call me and talk for hours together on WhatsApp voice call.

In December 2016, all of sudden I need to travel to India for a family emergency for one week. So she was very happy that I’m coming to India. For first few days I was very busy with my family, then one night she called me and wanted to see in person to come to her apartment gate, so I went, she saw me in person and told “Hi” and immediately she left to her flat.

Then she called me and asked how am I looking. Really, friends, she looks more beautiful than in the video, she does not look like 42 years, she looks very younger. Her all assets are in proper place and well-shaped at that age. I complemented and she was very happy.

Just before flying back to US, one-day morning she asked to meet in person for a dating. For both of us, it’s a strange feeling. So we met in one of the penthouses which were vacant, initially, she was bit hesitant and I took her hand in my hands and assured her and make her comfortable.

Then I hugged her very tightly, she also cooperated with her tight grip in hugging me. We stand up in the hugging style and moved to the bedroom, in that process, I squeezed her ass, she moaned very sexily and I liked that way she moaned. We both kissed for some time then I started squeezing her boobs then she opened her blouse and I sucked her both boobs

and she was moaning very sexily and she lifted her saree to her waist and I saw her clean shaven pussy, I sucked her pussy for some time, it was wet and tasty too. For the first time in my life, I have tasted the pussy, it was yummy. Then it’s her turn, so lowered my trouser and she started giving me the blowjob,

oh man it was so sexy that I started moaning and she did a very good blowjob. After that, we fucked in a missionary style and she immediately got up and left that place. I and KS liked our first dating very much and thanks, each other.

Then I left for the US and as the family situation was not good, so I was back to India for good in February 2017. After reaching India, we had one session in my house in the March 2017 where my wife and parents were not there. In this session, she has very limited time, so I sucked her pussy and just fucked her.

My goodness her moaning was really sexy and it was very tempting, but don’t have time for the blowjob. I missed the blowjob so much. The issue is my wife never allows me to suck her pussy and she will not suck my pennies. So I was more fascinated by those things than sex. That is the last session between us.

Then she told that she got caught with another relationship to her relatives, so she stopped completely contacting me and blocked all my contact numbers. I’m also respecting her privacy, stopped contacting her. But it was the best feeling I had during those two sessions and I miss her friendly chat. She is very good in chatting.

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Lady Fucked By Pervert Landlord - II

Previously: Lady Fucked By Pervert Landlord - I

He held me close and murmured in my ear begging me ‘please Neeta don’t be angry with me.’ He also said ‘You know Neeta; I have not touch a woman since my wife died.’ ‘Since you and your husband moved here; I feel alive again.’ He turned me to face him and almost in tears he said, ‘you are not only kind but you are so beautiful too and I love you so much,’ he said.

Then he held me with one hand and with the other he lovingly caress my cheek and hold my chin he said, ‘look at me and listen’ and he continued ‘since you came to my life; I had not slept a single night without thinking about you, please Neeta do not torture me anymore.’ I did not say a word but continue to release myself from his clutch but he was much- much stronger than me.

Holding my chin with his right hand; he moved his face closer to kiss me, but I turn to the side to avoid him. ‘Kiss me Neeta just once, kiss me’ he said with deep voice and I said ‘i can’t Ravi’. He then held me tight with both his hand kissed my neck instead.

I said ‘please Ravi don’t do it’ and tried to move him away from me but with his right hand he held both my hands on my back and I cannot do anything with my hands anymore. ‘I want you now Neeta’ he said almost crying.

He then hold me close and tight and put his head on my shoulder with tears rolling down his cheek he asked, ‘can you feel my heartbeat?’ then he released me from his clutch and move away and said ‘look Neeta, I don’t want to force myself on you and if you don’t want me I will walk away.’ ‘I just want you to know that I love you so much, I want you so much and I can’t live without you.’

I was standing there half-naked and dumbfounded and don’t know what to do. Then noticing my bewilderment, he again moved towards me and held me from the back. He put his nose on the back of my head and said ‘Neeta you are so beautiful and you smell so good baby.’

He kissed the back of my neck while his hands move towards my boobs and because I was not wearing a bra, he hit the jackpot immediately. ‘This is wrong Ravi,’ I said but he kept kissing me and replied ‘no it isn’t; if it feels good.’

He continued to kiss my neck and then move his hand to grab my whitish fleshy ass and I was standing there like a rock. ‘Baby your round tight ass is as so beautiful’ and grabbed and pinch both side and move his hand caressing my thigh.

I stand there without responding while he continued to kiss and caress my breast till he pinched my nipples. It was when he pressed my nipples that I was awake from being bowled over. Like a bolt from the blue I realize that I was with a man other than my husband and his hands were pressing my boobs as well as playing with my nipples.

‘Let me love you Neeta just once. I want you now’ I know it is wrong but then the pleasure from being caressed pinched has just started building and I mourned aahh, aahh ssshhh as I bit my lips. He then moved one of his hands to my cunt and slowly and delicately started to play with my clitoris. ‘Ravi stop, stop please’ I beg him but he continue to love me.’

The sensation started to overwhelm me and I want him to play more. Then he made me sit on the dining table and put his head between my legs and started to eat my cunt, he lick my clit and then fucked me with his tongue. ‘A beautiful woman like you should be cherished’ he said. I was over the moon.

Grabbing the hair on the back of his head; I pulled him closer to me while he fucked me with his tongue and with his finger. He then kissed me and let me taste myself and without wasting anytime he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, lowered his under wear and pushed his hard cock inside me.

He fucked me for some time at the same time kissed me and grabbed my boobs and then discharge inside me. He then removed his rod from my cunt, pull his pants and sat on the chair while I collected my cloth and went to the bedroom to change to proper clothing. When I came back to the kitchen he told me ‘Neeta; now I am ready for a cup of tea.’

After we had our tea, he again started to kiss me but this time it is slow and steady and there is no more rush. ‘Neeta I am not young anymore’ he said ‘come let us do it properly in bed baby.’ Without waiting for my consent; he then carried me to the bedroom (it is his house he knows where the bedroom is)

made me lie on the bed and started to kiss and caress my breast from over my t-shirt. We removed each other cloth till we are naked and kissed each other faces and bodies and lips. Then I get down and started to suck his penis. I started by kissing the pink bulge and teased the tip which oozes clear pre-cum with my tongue.

I kissed the pink knob while he begged me ‘suck me deeper Neeta, go deeper baby’. Then I deep throat him till he can’t hold it anymore; he soon made me lie on the bed and started to enter his cock inside my already wet cunt and fucked me for some time. ‘you are so wet, I like it baby he said.’

I then pushed him over and told him that I want to fuck him sitting on his lap. I like this position because it gives me control over the movement and I enjoyed it very much. I told him ‘this is my favourite sex position’ and added ‘pity my husband can’t take it.’ I said and continue ‘He do not last long as he come very soon whenever we fuck in this position.’

I told him ‘let see Mr Ravi if you can last longer than my husband in this position.’ After few minutes I realised Ravi is much better than my husband and last much longer. ‘I hold him tight and kiss him while he played and suck my boobs. After I had fucked him sitting on his lap till I satisfy, he then asked me to turn my back to him as he penetrate and fucked me doggy style.

I was already wet so he can easily enter me; finally we lie as he fucked me in the missionary position and he fucked me hard and fast and finally; he ejaculate and I orgasm at the same time. For me the climax is only when we come together at the same time.

We lay together for some time and when we chance to look at the clock on the wall, we realize that it already 3 o’clock and my husband will return from work in about two hours time. We kiss each other got up immediately.

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Lady Fucked By Pervert Landlord - I

My husband was transferred to another city and since both our kids are studying outside the state, I moved with him to the new house till summer when it is time for the kids to come home again. In the new city we rent part of the house which was owned by man who was widowed for many years and stayed with his only daughter till recently when she married and moved with her husband.

Of course there is a helper coming trice a week, but that’s it. On knowing that we moved to the apartment; his daughter called me and expressed her happiness that at least her dad will have company and will not be alone anymore.

Since the landlord lived all by himself; my husband took pity of him and asked me to help him by preparing a meal for three instead of two; an extra to share with him every time I cook a meal. We have been staying in his property for more than three months and in the two storey building; he occupy the ground floor and we took the next floor.

During the day when my husband was at work; he used to visit our apartment every now and then and I use to serve him launch too. That is how we got acquainted. One day while returning from shopping, I saw the door to his apartment was open; I called his name ‘Mr Ravi, Mr Ravi,’ but there was no answer.

I thought maybe he was not well, so I entered the apartment and call his name again yet; there was no answer. Then I saw the door to his bedroom was kept ajar and I walked on that direction and enter the room. I thought he was sick but what I saw in the room was a great shock. It was a shocked of a lifetime as I have never seen such unpleasant incident.

He was standing in front of the mirror half-naked with his pants and underpants on the floor around his ankle. On his bed I saw a bra which looks familiar and on his right hand he was holding again a familiar panty which he placed on the tip of his hard cock while he used his left hand to move up and down his penis to masturbate.

Using the mirror; the moment he saw me entering the room; he ejaculated on the panty and I ran helter-skelter from the place. I opened the door and hurriedly locked it and threw the stuff from the market on the floor. I don’t know what I was doing, and sat on the couch unable to comprehend what I had just saw.

Then I remembered I put my cloth on the line to dry and went to see whether my bra and panty were still there. My worst fear was confirmed; the bra and the panty he used to masturbate were the one I changed after I took a bath this morning. I put them to dry; but they were not on the line anymore.

I was in shock and don’t know what to do, I had never had an inkling that he had a feeling for me. That day, although I was able to finish my chore but I don’t know how the day went. I was not able to think properly because what I saw; keep coming to my mind on and on.

Late in the afternoon before it is dark, I went to the top floor where we dry our cloth and saw my undergarment, I immediately collected all the cloth and rushed to the apartment. Inside the house I initially hesitated to touch my under wear but slowly I took my panty and put it on my nose to smell it,

then I saw a small crispy white flake caked on the panty fabric and I don’t know how and why but I took the panty close to my mouth and lick it with my tongue. The next morning after my husband has left for office; I took bath and while I was about to finish; I heard a doorbell rang. I thought it was the delivery boy, because I ordered a skirt online.

I immediately put a t-shirt and wrapped a towel round my waist and walk to the door. Before I opened the door I looked through a peephole and saw Mr. Ravi the landlord in front of the door, I initially hesitated to open the door, but then I saw he was carrying an empty bowl in his hand. I opened the door and he said that he was about to take tea and found that he had run out of sugar.

I don’t want him to stand outside, so I asked him to enter. I asked him to sit on the chair in the dining room while I prepare tea for him. I took the kettle and poor some water in it and put in on and lid the gas stove. In the mean time I went to get a cup and put some sugar into it. While I was preparing the tea I was turning my back to him not saying any words to him.

He started the conversation first and hesitantly he said ‘I am sorry about yesterday’ and I kept mum. Then he continued and said that he fell in love with me the first time he saw me. He also said that he was madly in love with me and thinks of me every time and he used to masturbate regularly using under garment.

Because I remain silent, he took the courage and stood up from his chair and said ‘you look so sexy with your wet hair.’ He moved slowly to where I was standing and reach close enough where he can smell me and said ‘Oh baby you look so fresh,’ then added ‘you smell so nice’. And I continue to remain silent.

I tried to walk away from the kitchen but he grabbed my hand and then put both his hand around my waist and holds me close to his chest. I struggled to remove his hands from my waist but he was too strong for me. I tried run and request him to leave me alone, but he did not relent and in the scuffle the towel I wrapped around my waist fell to the ground.

I was stark naked half down because I did not have the time to wear my panty before I answer the door. I tried to pick the towel but he was fast and took it with him. I then tried to cover my womanhood with my hand but now he move closer to me.

He again grabbed me from behind and whisper on my ear, ‘baby you are a lame duck, it looks like you are ready for me.’ I covered my cunt with one hand and tried to remove his hand with the other but it is all futile exercise.

To Be Continued...

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Seducing Newly Married Neighbourhood Lady

This story is a true story of how I seduced my neighbor aunty and fucked. I’m 25yr old and looks handsome. I stay with my friends in an apartment. Opposite to our flat a sexy and very hot looking newly married girl is staying with her family. Her name is Sindhu. She is very fair and has very big boobs with perfect shape. She has a daughter of 2yrs named Priyanka.

I fell in love with her beauty when I saw her for the first time in my apartment. Her husband used to go on business trip regularly. So her daughter Priyanka used to come to our flat to play with us. She became very close to me. I also started to go to their home to play with her and to see Sindhu.

One day, I came early from the office and as I was getting bored in my room I went to bring Priyanka to my room to pass the time. I knocked the door and Sindhu opened the door. That was the first time I have seen her in a nighty. That was a light pink colour tight satin nighty. I have seen her from top to bottom. I have seen her cleavage very clearly as I was very near to her.

Her boobs colour is very fair than her face. I could not turn my glance from her. As soon as she noticed me watching her boobs, she immediately covered them with a dupatta. I thought how lucky her husband is, he must be fucking her every day. Then I went in and started playing with her daughter to stay for some more time in her home.

I went to her kitchen to see her bigger sexy boobs, surprisingly this time I got to see her ass… It was a visual treat for me that day. In that satin nighty, the shape of every part of her body was looking very clear. I hardly controlled my tower which became very hard and trying to come out of my pant. I immediately returned to my room and masturbated.

After seeing her milky white skin at her cleavage and her sexy ass, I really felt very excited and decided to seduce her and fuck her very hard. I wanted to suck her boobs like anything. So I started to go to their home whenever I get a chance. I started cool conversations with her. But unfortunately, I did not get a chance to see her in that nighty again.

But I tried very hard to seduce her by staring at her boobs and other body parts while chitchatting with her. We both used to discuss movies and our college life etc… Slowly she also became very close to me. She stopped covering her boobs while I was staring. I was getting some indications that she also interested in me.

So I started touching her body pretending that it happened unknowingly while playing with her daughter. One day while she was standing in her kitchen by carrying her daughter in her hands, I went very near to her and played with her daughter while she was in her hands, Then I touched her boobs and pushed. She did not say anything then I did the same again and again.

And she put her face like she is not noticing that or I am not doing it wanted. But I can see in her eyes that inside she is enjoying that touch and she is allowing me to touch and rub them more. Then I understand she is looking for sex from me. One day when I went to her home to see her, surprisingly she was in a nighty again. I was so much excited and decided to fuck her that day.

I gathered some courage and told her that she was looking very sexy and hot in that nighty. She gave a pleasant smile, and that was a clear indication for me to say anything about her body parts. Then I started explaining how sexy all her body parts are. She did not say anything and went into the kitchen. I also went into the kitchen and hugged her very tightly from behind.

She got shocked and forcefully removed my hands. She turned back and was angrily said how did you get that much courage to hug me…. I said love you so much and your beauty is making me mad. She said ‘I love my husband, I can’t do this’. I said ‘ I love you so much than anyone else in the world. You are the first women I touched. I never saw a girl as much beautiful as you look’.

Somehow I was succeeded in convincing her but she just accepted to suck her boobs nothing more than that. I told her that itself is the biggest gift in my life. Then I slowly put my hand on her boobs, I amazed by the softness of her boobs. She suddenly removed my hand and walked out of the kitchen. I got disappointed.

When I came out of the kitchen and followed her.. Then I saw she was locking the door of the room in which her daughter was sleeping. My heart was pounding again and cock was hard and hot. With a smiling face, she came near to me and stand in front of me. This time I hugged her very tight from the front. I felt the softness of her boobs touching my chest. I was on cloud nine.

I started kissing on her neck and on her ears. She also aroused and hugged me very tightly. Then I touched her soft lips with my tongue and had liplock for almost 15mins. I put my tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue as well. Then we both were in a great mood. Meanwhile, my hard cock is pressing against her soft pussy.

I slowly tried to put my hand on her pussy and rub it over the nighty. But she already told not to fuck her, she removed my hand from there and kept it on her left boob. I started pressing her soft boob it was so nice feeling. Her boobs are very bigger I could not hold all of that in my hand.

Then I hugged her very tight, I removed her bra hooks by putting my hand in her nighty from the backside and took her to the sofa and make her sit in that. She then laid on the sofa and I started kissing on her entire face, lips, and neck. Then slowly came to boobs. I removed her nighty from upside to taking out the boobs.

I started sucking them like anything. She completely aroused and said ‘come on I can’t control myself now. Please go down and satisfy me completely’. Then I removed her nighty completely. She was laying naked in front of me on the sofa. She was looking very sexy with the naked body. Then she removed my t-shirt to touch my bare body with her body.

I removed my pant and took my 6inch cock out of my jockey. She really got surprised by seeing my cock as her husband’s cock is not that much big. Then I asked her to suck my cock but she refused as she did not do that ever before. I then removed her panty and kissed on her pussy. Her pussy is very clean and hygiene. But she has some hair around her pussy.

I kissed all around her pussy and licked the lips of her pussy and I sucked her vagina with my tongue. She is very much aroused now and asking me to fuck her hard. We both enjoyed the sucking. After that I inserted my fingers into her vagina and finger fucked until juices came out of her vagina.

Her pussy was very wet and then I slowly tried inserting my cock and started fucking her with my cock, in the begining I fucked her slowly and gradually I increased the speed as she was enjoying the pleasure of it. I am pressing her boobs with my hands and kissing on her lips and face. We enjoyed fucking for 10mins after that I cum inside her pussy and she also cummed.

I laid on top of her for some time and I wanted to fuck her again. But my cock need some rest. So I told her I wanted to fuck her again and she immediately accepted as she was enjoyed the last session very much.

This time she took me to her bedroom. We both laying naked on her bed seeing each others bare bodies we smiled and hugged again. I told her that I love her so much and want to continue this hereafter. She smiled and said ‘sindhu now became all yours, you can fuck her when ever you want’.

I felt very happy and then I again started fucking her and we tried many angles this time as it was much comfortable on the bed. After fucking her second time I cummed on her boobs. She then massaged on her boobs with that cum. She then got up and dressed and I too got dressed up. Finally, I hugged her and said the 3 magical words in her ear.

She kissed me on my lips and I kissed her on her forehead. I took a selfie with her, but she asked me to delete it. I then said see u soon again and returned to my room. This is how I fucked my neighbour and made my dream come true..Till date we are enjoying a lot and we fuck often. This is the end of my story.

It will be maintained very secretly feel free to send your valuable feedbacks..See you guys soon with my next and best story.. Thank you, each and everyone for reading my story.

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Guy Losing Virginity To Sexy Land Lady

After my graduation, I got placed in a private firm which was around 20 kms from my home, where I used to stay with my family. It was too far for me to travel daily, so my parents started looking to rent a house near to my workplace, a month later we shifted to a 2bhk house which was 3 kms from my office.We were in ground floor where the landlord was on the first floor.

A week passed after getting into the new home where I hardly noticed our house owner coming out. I got to know from my mom that they were basically from Mangalore and only husband and wife stays here, the man used to work as a government official, but my mom did not utter a single word about his wife.

Anyhow even I was no curious hearing about them thinking that they were too old. The next day after getting back from work I noticed a letter hanging on the gate. It was from some insurance company, but what shocked me was, the name on it was Anushka (name changed) and her age was 29. I kept it inside my pocket and entered my room, but did not open it.

An hour later after getting freshened up, I started listening music through my headphones inside my room, which I usually do, and then I realized that the letter was inside my pant pocket which I removed for washing. To get the letter, suddenly I took off my headphone and I was shocked to hear a sweet voice of lady speaking to my mom in the hall.

I hesitated to go out as I was a very shy person, but the voice did not let me control much. The conversation continued for a couple of minutes, and I noticed that my mom was calling her by the name “Anushka”. My mom usually gets closer to our neighbors in a short period of time. Later I decided to get some water from the kitchen via hall so that I could get a chance to meet her.

Once I opened my door and started towards hall suddenly the conversation stopped between them, without caring them I casually went to the kitchen and took some water and started towards my room. When I came out of kitchen my mom introduced Anushka to me as the landlord.

We got introduced to each other by just saying “Hi”, I was so shocked to see that cute fair face, aged 29 but looks like just 18, though her “Hi” was very traditional I noticed that she was a shy lady same as me, she was on her legging chudi with impressive color combination.

Though she was sitting on the sofa I could clearly imagine her shape, it reminded me the shape of an hourglass, average breast with a huge ass. Later I had no idea what to talk, so I told my mom that I have some work inside and left the hall by just saying “Bye” to Anushka. I swear that I was really not interested in leaving that hall, but I had to.

The whole day I thought about her and started jerking myself 3 times. As I already said she rarely comes outside, her husband moves to the office around 3 pm and comes back late night around 2 am. Three days later, I decided to go to her by keeping that letter in hand, so I did the same.

It was around 7 pm, through the window I noticed the lights and tv were on, but she was not in the hall. I knocked the door for about 5 mins but there was no sign of her, I thought she might be busy at some other work and I started leaving. Then I heard a voice of Anushka from inside saying, who is that?? I said my name to her and she said to wait for 5 min.

She opened the door in exactly 5min and now I thought that I would jerk more than 3 times today because her structure was so visible in night pants and t-shirt on her. She noticed my reaction towards her sexy body and called me inside in an uncomfortable voice.

I handed the letter to her as soon as I entered inside, she acknowledged with a big thank and asked me for a favor. As I was expert working on the computer she asked me to delete the virus from her laptop. I just wondered how did she know about my skills and asked her, she said it was my mom who told her about it.

She directly took me to her room and seated me in front of the laptop which she had placed on a computer table. I started working on it, meanwhile, she gave me a coffee. It took me 30 minutes to repair her laptop and then finally I went to the browser to download some software, there I found all sorts of porn sites in her history which was opened 30 minutes back.

I was shocked to see that and then I realized that this was the actual reason which made me wait outside for more than 10 min. At that time she was working in the kitchen. My horny mind made a plan in fractions of second by opening all the sites and leaving the room. I came out of her room and informed her that laptop was all set, as she was busy washing dish.

Though she said me to wait, I was pretty nervous and left immediately. Nervousness did not ruin my day, as I was much hornier than never before and the day cost me two long splashes. Next day was definitely a big day, as my whole family was traveling to native on some marriage function leaving me alone.

They left around 6 pm and I was all alone, and I loved to be alone, actually I loved to roam nude inside the house. I locked my door and covered all window curtains, then got nude and started watching porn on 50 inches tv. 30 minutes later when I was about to cum, someone rang the bell. I rushed dressing up without wearing any innerwear and opened the door.

And it was Anushka with her laptop. I was shocked and was in a confused expression thinking of what I did last night, but she was out of her shy after changing her view from inside the hall to me. I tried to be normal as nothing happened yesterday, but her majestic expression and her low hip sari made my dick harder.

Anushka- what were you doing? Why did you take so long to open the door? (in a bold voice) Me- I…I was on the phone..(in a nervous and doubtful voice) Anushka- really?( by looking inside the house) I was confused on why she was looking at me and speaking. To check, I turned back and then I realized that my tv was on, with a nude picture of a desi woman.

Suddenly I ran for the remote and tried switching it off. But to my bad luck, remote did not work. Anushka entered and kept her laptop on the sofa and locked the door. I was standing in middle of the hall turning towards her. She came slowly towards me asking.

Anushka- why did you do that yesterday? (in a much more bolder voice) Me- I am really sorry, please don’t tell anyone..(was about to piss in fear!) Anushka- I will definitely won’t tell anyone, but you can’t stop me telling what you were doing today..(she saw my underwear on the floor) Me- oh no, please.(I almost started crying) Now she was very close to me, I could smell her.

Anushka- oh no baby, I’ll not tell anyone. And then she took my hands of my teary eyes, hugged me tightly for a minute. All of a sudden my dick hardened and even she noticed it. Later she placed both her hands on my face and started a deep smooch for about 5 minutes. I could feel her tongue and taste her sweet saliva.

Though I was still nervous, I made my mind and took my hands off her face and moved them to her huge ass. It was actually a highly strung heaven. The smooch was going much deeper and faster. Now her hand was inside my pants.She suddenly stopped kissing just to give a shy smile after noticing my precum.

I started removing her saree and she started with my shirt and moved to my night pant. I was fully naked and she was on her blouse and petticoat. Slowly we moved into my room and we were on my bed now. I started removing her blouse with one hand and the other was under her control. She took my other hand inside her petticoat and then inside her panties.

I could feel her juicy pussy with one hand while the other hand was struggling to open her blouse. She did not let me take my hand off from her pussy but she helped me to remove her blouse and then bra too. Now she was half naked. I could not resist my mouth from sucking those two charming nipples.

I helped her to lie down on the bed while sucking her nipples. She now started sounding like a bitch. This made me much hornier and I was controlling my cum. Now it was my turn and I removed her petticoat and panties.

Her pussy looked very fresh with zero hairs and as pink as her lipstick and fully wet. I started kissing her from the toe and moved upward. Her voice was getting higher and higher, her wet pussy was asking to be licked badly. I inserted my middle finger inside it. It continued for a couple of minutes and then she started cumming all over my face.

But my tongue was not relaxed. Now I turned to 69 position and she cummed for the second time. My dick was getting stronger and stronger inside her mouth. I was tired of that position and then I finally decided to be a man. She was in her same position, I was in real heaven now with my dick inside her pussy. I felt it was too tight and realized that her husband was no worth it.

It didn’t take too long this time and without her permission, I cummed inside her. We were naked for about 5 hours and tried all types of position which I knew. It was around 12 pm and her husband was about to come. So she dressed and went back to her home. 20 minutes later she offered me a delicious dinner and this continued many a time when we get a chance to do.

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