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Kumar Fucking Neighbours Wife Sudha - II

Previously: Kumar Fucking Neighbours Wife Sudha - I

She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning after some times Sudha told me to increase the pressure of my hands on her breasts.

I did so and she further encouraged me to squeeze her breasts harder and harder. I started squeezing her superb pulpy breasts as hard as I could. Sudha was in great excitement. She was encouraging me with words like oooohhhhh hooo sqeeze it, blast it, rub it hard with your hands are quite expert you know how to squeeze breasts dear press my breasts more hard ahh yes.

I like it and I went on exerting as much as pressure into her firm and tight breasts. The more I pressed her breasts, the more pressure she demanded on her breasts from me, the harder I squeezed her fleshy and spongy breasts, even herder she requested squeeze her breasts.

She started uttering only broken unclear words like aahhh you uuhhhh oooffff etc. and was caressing me all through. My erect hard cock was getting pressed and rubbed against Sudha’s soft, silky, fleshy and round hips as her heavy launching hips were projected back sexily.

My erect cock was digging between her fleshy hips as if trying to enter into her right then. Feeling my erect hard cock making its vain effort to enter into her, Sudha told me sexily ooohhhhh dear your smart dick is getting restless it is trying to drill me from behind.

I told Sudha don’t worry darling I will drill you in the place where you would wish. She just told me ooohhh dear fuckme and smiled looking into my eyes. I was pressing and squeezing Sudha’s firm and tight breasts very hard with my both hands and she was moaning and moaning and moaning sexily closing her eyes aaahhh off uuiiimaa.

I asked her while pressing and squeezing her breasts Sudha how are you feeling Sudha whispered sexily in husky voice then she asked me dear how are my breasts da. I replied her Sudha, your breasts are very fine you have maintained your breasts very well yes Sudha, your breasts are very fleshy, spongy, firm and tight.

I like such breasts very much Sudha darling! I am always in look out for such shapely firm breasts. Sudha was very happy to hear those words from me. She thanked me sexily for my praise for her breasts ooohhhh dear thank you, and she tells your simply joking.

I told her that I was not joking but her breasts were really very extravagant and extraordinary and I went on squeezing her breasts in the same way. She was writhe her body sexily. She gave jerks to her launching hips. She wriggled in pleasure. She waggled her hips sideways and to and fro making my hard cock rub against her smooth fleshy and round hips!

I found that Sudha was getting hotter and hotter. She was in strong urge for sex. Her each action revealed her strong urge to take me in immediately after some times Sudha asked me to take her to bed. I took her upstairs in her full nudity.

I was also in the same state. She took my dick in her soft hands while getting upstairs with me as we came upstairs I lifted fully nude Sudha in my lap and move towards her room. I told her okay my sexy darling Sudha it was great moment for me to lift Sudha in full nudity in my lap while I was also completely naked. I took nude Sudha to her bed. I again took her in my arms.

We both started rubbing our body against each other Sudha herself took the initiative. She started kissing me and all over increasing my sexual urge to have her. I also kissed Sudha all over her nude sexy body. I sucked her pouting lips then I moved towards her breasts again. I licked her nipples one by one. Sudha caressed my head in excitement.

Then I kissed her breasts all over for a pretty long time. Sudha was simply moaning aaahhhh and I started sucking Sudha’s erect hard nipples one by one. Sudha kept on moaning and sibilating biting her lips with her teeth and making sounds like aaaahhh etc then I kissed Sudha’s thighs and crotch. She again moaned and sibilate in the same way.

After some time Sudha told me oooohhh dear it is too much please dear, come on, come on and fuck me dear my dear, I can’t wait any more come on fuck me seeing her fully aroused I mounted upon Sudha. She separated her thighs to make way for me.

I adjusted my dick right in front of her pussy and pushed it. My erect and hard cock slid easily into her as her vagina was fully wet as my dick went in right inside her. Sudha sighed heavily in sexy voice aahhhh dear then I started to and fro movements of my torso in order to make my cock go and come into and from her vagina.

Her vagina was very hot. My cock gradually became more and more thick and hard. Initially I was fucking Sudha gently. She was moaning sexily aaaahhhhh and she was grating her hips and I gradually increased the speed. Sudha arched her thighs upwards.

She was throwing her hips up in order to receive my cock inside her every time I made stroke. She was doing so in order to accommodate me more and more inside her. I pushed my cock into her hot vagina with force. She started making sounds a bit louder in her excitement hhhhhh.

I went on fucking sexy Sudha like that for some time. My cock had become thicker by that time. It was making a swift to and fro motion. She then asked me to increase my speed. I like it oohh dear fuck me fast aaahhhhhhhh. She went on encouraging fucking her fast with her words in sexy voice with moans. She was urging me to increase my speed.

She requested me to push more and more with full thrust into her hot and wet vagina. I further increased my speed and I made hard strokes. She received each of my hard strokes skilfully throwing her hips up and up every time. I was romping fast Sudha sometimes entwined her legs with mine and sometimes threw upward.

That gave me all sorts of pleasures. Sudha was then in full excitement and was uttering words like oohh dear oohhhhh.I asked her Sudha how is it h and how do you feel my Sudham darling. Sudha sighed and whispered dear it is very fine.

I like it you are quite expert in fucking aaaahhhhhh off dear you are an expert you know how to fuck you know how to fuck a woman and I like it. I like it dear go on fucking me like that you and I was fucking Sudha with full vigour and speed.

She was encouraging me with her words and I was fucking her fast. I stood on my knees and started giving vigorous thrusts of my cock into her lovely vagina caressing her hips. Sudha was trying to take all sorts of pleasure of fucking and at the same time she was giving me the maximum pleasure.

I was pushing my cock harder and harder, faster and faster and we enjoyed fucking for quite some time. I took care of not ejaculating early so that I could continue fucking Sudha finally my hot sperm was started ejaculating and we both were exhausted.

We both were spent. We took rest in each other’s arms. She got up after about half an hour and brought hot milk from kitchen. We took the milk after a few moments we were energised again. We were aroused again and I again kissed her.

I kissed and sucked her lips, breasts, nipples, etc. Sudha told me to fuck her once again right then. I told her to change the posture. I suggested her to be in standing position and lean with the help of the large table placed in the corner of the room.

She immediately agreed and smiled in style. She did so as I suggested her and I pushed my cock into her from behind. I started stroking her in standing position then. Sudha was sexy enough to throw her hips back to have my fully erect hard cock inside her as much as possible. She was trying to accommodate me in more and more with her to and fro movements.

So I found that she was not only hot and sexy but was a smart one also. I gradually increased my speed. I fucked her with full speed making very fast to and fro movement of my torso. Sudha was again moaning and was praising me for fucking and was encouraging me all through.

I went on fucking like that and I fucked Sudha in that posture for a comparatively longer period that time after we were exhausted and we again took rest. She was giving me full co-operations. We went on enjoying fucking for much longer period after we got exhausted.

We took slept for about a couple of hours and when I awoke Sudha brought tea for us. We took tea when I asked Sudha for more rounds of fucking, she laughed at me and told me that we would be alone in the house for a couple of days more.

I must conserve my energy for the coming nights. I hugged her and kissed. She also responded me with her hot kisses. I took bath and got ready and I went into the kitchen where Sudha was preparing food. I held her from behind.

I kissed her and asked her Sudha how was the night did you enjoy da Sudha told me in sexy style you are really very strong and smart da and she kissed me turning towards me. She asked me and how about you?

I replied her squeezing her boobs Sudha you are very fine you are really very hot and sexy you are much sexier that what I had thought about you are great in the bed. It is nice fucking you I would always like to fuck you as long as I would stay here and I would like to fuck you Sudha. I kissed her and left her to do her works. I performed my daily routine works.

I did the nursing home duty also. I mean took there the food and other required items for the landlord there. I got back from my work place early. I took rest and went to the nursing home with Sudha along with the food, etc after getting back we both got into the bed room and we kissed each other.

We undressed each other quickly. I again started fucking Sudha. We enjoyed fucking for the whole night as earlier. She was all praise for me. We enjoyed fucking for three nights in a row. I always fucked Sudha to her satisfaction.

After the return of her hubby I cloud not get the chance for at least a fortnight but again when he went away on business tour, I fucked Sudha for several rounds. So whenever we got the opportunity we enjoyed fucking.

Sudha was so bold that she offered herself to fuck her during the day time when her hubby was not on tour. So I used to come during the lunch time and fucked her. So for a couple of months I fucked Sudha and after I changed my house, there I didnt get touch to her.. but she some times calls me ask me to come…

The End.

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Kumar Fucking Neighbours Wife Sudha - I

Hi my name is Kumar and I am going to share my real life experience when I fucked my aunt and then she became a real close friend. Let me tell you about myself, I am from Vizag but lives in hyderabad, working in MNC.

I am 5’8″, 7inch cock, great eyes age 30. This happened around 1 year back. Here name and family names are changed because and I don’t want to spoil the family. It was happened in an apartment.

I was living alone there. It was the house of a business man Ramu. He had only one son nikhil and a daughter who was married and was living in Mangalore. Ramu had a manufacturing unit at Banglore. Ramu had to visit different places in order to monitor the sales of their products.

I had got a big room on the second floor attached with a bathroom with all luxury fittings and of course the terrace was very big. There were two stairs. In fact I got that accommodation on the very strong recommendation by a person known to me and was very close to Ramu.

Here comes the heroine of the story, Ramus wife, Her name was Sudha and she was around 33 so there was some ten years gap between them. Sudha’s look was as sexy as her name. She always made it a point that her breasts should be projected well and should look firm so as to attract any young man as I felt to look at her boobs.

I used to prepare my breakfast myself in the beginning and took the tiffin on monthly basis. I kept my conduct normal as well as Co-operative with the landlords. So they gradually started liking me on seeing my conduct and behavior.

I started doing many of their personal works particularly when Ramu used to be away on tour and after three months or so my landlady herself offered me to have food at their place only. I used to pay for my food to the landlord which they reluctantly accepted in the process.

I had more chance of seeing Sudha. I called her Sudha Aunty when nobody used to be around. Sudha always gave some special smiles when I called her sudha Aunty, so it was clear that she appreciated the way I addressed her. I had the opportunities to touch her hands which I found to be very soft and silky and she did never mind it.

I sometimes praised her for her beauty also. She had blushed at the first instance, but she thanked me afterwards. I always tried to look at her cleavage through the low cut blouse or her Nitie which she wore normally.

She was educated up to M.A. She used to wear especially designed blouse and kurti. I saw her wearing nighties having very deep low cut neck revealing the upper part of her full sized shapely boobs particularly when her hubby used to be away from the city while going up or coming down the stair.

I had the chance to brush her boobs with my arms. It all happened to me by accident. But later I liked it. I found that she did not took it otherwise and later I found that she deliberately used to be in the position on the stairs seeing me alone.

She gave me way in such a way that there was no option for me other than to brushing rather rubbing her boobs against my arms. So it was clear that sudha was also taking interest in me. Her acts used to stir me very much. Some sort of urge for sudha had started developing within me.

I started thinking in terms of fucking her also if I got chance and I started fantasising about her in my fantasy I used to fuck her. It was the month of September when ramu’s father, suddenly got seriously ill and was admitted to the nursing home on the advice of the doctor for treatment observations, monitoring, etc.

Since Ramu was away on tour so I had to make all the arrangements for calling the doctor and taking him to the nursing home. The landlady was there along with him in the nursing home in the night while I was going to take the food to nursing home for the landlady Sudha also wished to go to see her father-in-law.

I had no problem as I was going by the Kinetic Honda of Ramu. So, Sudha sat on the pillion and I drove to the nursing home after one hour or so we got back. I felt the touch and a little pressure of Sudha’s boobs on my back while she was sitting behind me on the Kinetic Honda.

That excited me any way I just did not do anything and went to my room for sleeping. I fantasized about fucking her in the bed. I did the duty of taking the foods and other articles for my landlady the next day as usual. In the evening Sudha told me that she would also go with me at about 8 in the evening.

I along with Sudha started for the nursing home with the food and other required articles there. Before leaving form the nursing home Sudha asked the maidservants, servants and other workers to go home. She was wearing very light sky blue sari and matching sleeveless blouse with deep cut on the back exposing much of her back rather than concealing.

She was looking very sexy in those clothes that time Sudha sat behind on the pillion seat close to me so that the tips of her boobs were just touching my back. I was already excited when we came to the main road she came a bit closer to me holding me by my waist giving more pressure of her fleshy and spongy boobs on my back.

It was a positive indication to me on her part while we were returning back it started raining heavily all of a sudden and both of us were drenched completely. Sudha had clung to me from behind her boobs were fully pressing on to my back. I was feeling the softness of her full sized spongy boobs which were being crushed between me and her.

I and was getting excited and we reached the house and got in only she and I were left in the house. She bolted the door immediately as all her clothes were completely stuck to her body making her look more sexy and inviting every curve, ups and downs of her sexy body were clearly in my sight.

Her boobs were looking more inviting than ever. They looked more opulent than what I found earlier, may be because of the netted bra she wore that day which might have lifted her boobs a little higher than usual. One thing I still remember that her nipples were visible even as she had put the pallu of her sari on her boobs since her clothes.

I had becomes completely see through after being drenched and it had stuck to her sexy body. The curves of her boobs were in my sight more clearly. I was tempted to see the circumference of her boobs. The roundness of her fleshy heavy hips was also being revealed to ignite me further. I was looking at her lustfully from tip to toe.

She was in a state of half blush-half smile. I went forward and took her in my strong arms. She just whispered in a very low voice ouch and smiled looking in to my eyes. I started kissing her. I kissed her lips, cheeks, neck, etc. Her lips were very juicy. I rubbed my lips on hers. She looked in to my eyes sexily. I took her juicy lips in my mouth.

I sucked them. Ohh, her lips were very soft, red and like piece of orange. I went on sucking her lips. She came closer to me holding tightly in excitement. Her eyes had become pink in excitement as if she had drunken wine.

I placed my hands on her boobs. Wow, they were really marvellous. I pressed! Her boobs from over her sari, blouse and bra and it was really a great touch on my palms. Her breasts were fully swollen. I pressed them for quite some time and kissed her lips, cheeks and neck.

I started removed her sari and I could see that she had put on a panty through her wet petticoat, it is worn under sari her boobs were clearly visible through her blouse and bra that had become almost see through as they were completely wet. The blouse she wore was very low cut.

So much of her boobs were left uncovered. Her cleavage was looking simply killing. I kissed her boobs all over. She was making all sexy sounds. Then I took Sudha to her bedroom. I again started kissing her. I kissed her for quite some time. She kept sighing in excitement.

Then I unhooked her blouse and removed from her sexy body. I kissed her boobs again. I rubbed my mouth on her fleshy boobs. She was just moaning. I slowly pulled down her petticoat she was then left in her bra and panty.

I removed my Tee-shirt and pant also, and was in my underwear. She was looking at my front. My cock had become hard and stiff by that time and its length was also increased in excitement. She was looking at the bulge on my underwear which was due to the increase in size and stiffness of my penis. She smiled sexily.

I took her in my arms and again kissed her all over. I again pressed her boobs then I quickly unhooked her bra and removed it. I also pulled down her scanty panty. She was then stark naked from top to toe. She told me and so you have made me completely nude. I told her Sudha you really knew that I would make you completely nude.

She instantly replied with sexy smiles looking other ways ie a deep French kiss, I was further excited to her action from her mouth so frankly without any inhibition or hesitation. I told her Sudha you are very bold, free and frank then I pulled down my underwear also. She looked at my fully erect stiff cock stood in front of her.

She smiled and twisted her lips looking into my eyes showing that she liked my erection, length, thickness, etc. I looked at her nude sexy body from tip to toe. She asked me in a special sexy style what you are looking for da kalla.

I told her Sudha you are looking more beautiful that ever Sudha in your full nudity you are looking very beautiful sexy and inviting you have a very proportionate figure you have not bore any extra flesh on your sexy body your boobs and hips are simply marvellous you have maintained you boobs very well.

Your boobs are quite shapely in spite of the fact that your boobs are fully swollen and very fleshy they have stood firm even without the support of any bra and the roundness of your boobs are still there without bra they are still bulging and opulent.

I have rarely seen such heavy boobs in such a good shape even without bra. I like such breasts very much Sudha and I continued by saying Sudha your hips are also killing they are quite heavy and they are projected backwardly so much that it is enough to ignite a young man yes Sudha your hips are very inviting and they are simply arousing.

She told me thanks for the compliments; dear you flattered me too much. I told her that I was not at all flattering her and she was really looking very sexy voluptuous, gorgeous and inviting then I took her in my arms ohh, her body was really hot, soft and silky.

My cock got further erected and stiffened as I moved my mouth towards her lips, Sudha herself moved her pouting lips towards my mouth and offered them to me closing her eyes in ecstasy. I took Sudha’s pouting and juicy lips in my mouth and sucked her lips.

I kissed her lips for quite some time there. She also kissed me in great excitement at the same time I was caressing her boobs. Wow, her boobs were really marvellous. I pressed them with my hands they were very firm and tight.

I went on playing with her boobs. I moved towards her succulent boobs. I kissed her boobs. I liked them. I rubbed my mouth on them and then I took her nipples in my mouth. Her nipples were very pointed too. Her nipples were hardened by that time.

I sucked her nipples and I went on sucking them for few minutes. Sudha was getting excited more and more. I kissed sudha here and there frantically then I moved down towards her crotch thighs, hips, etc. and kissed her there. I again kissed and sucked her juicy lips encircling my arms around her narrow waist line.

Sudha co operated me very well encircling her arms around my neck keeping her very closely hugged while I sucked her pouting lips. Her breasts were being crushed badly against my chest. My hard cock was being rubbed against her sexy smooth crotch after kissing and sucking her lips in that posture for sometimes.

I held her from behind in the same posture. I mean in standing position itself and placed my hands on her bulging breasts from under her armpits. I started caressing sudha’s breasts. She was again in her excitement as earlier. I moved my hands gently on her fleshy plump breasts then I pressed them slowly.

Sudha was moaning in a very low suppressed voice oohhhhhh. I further increased the pressure of my palms upon Sudha’s pair of firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. Sudha was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease.

To Be Continued...

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Fucking With Neighbourhood Aunty Usha

Here comes my heroine her name is usha she was married to prasad uncle her age was 30 and her shapes are 36 34 38 very fair in colour she had one daughter. This is real story happened between me and usha in our home. We both very staying in same apartments in 4th floor she was out neighbour and good friend of my mom.

One fine day she came to our house when her husband went to office I was sitting in sofa she asked me where is my mother I said she is in kitchen they had light discussion and came to hall room and started to cut vegetables she (usha) was wearing black nighty they sat down in front of me she slightly bend so I can see her cleavage and half of the boobs all of sudden my cock

got erected she suddenly saw me that I am watching her she got up and went to her home I was feeling very guilty after she went this is the first time I watched in her that angle. After some time she came and went to mom room I was so afraid she tell to my mom that after some time she went but my mom didn’t tell anything she did not tell anything to my mom I was cool.

Next day she came in the morning to my home and rang a bell I opened the door she asked me where is my mother I said she went to market.she will be coming soon I asked her to sit she came in and sat on sofa I was guilty to see her slowly I saw her she was in she was in blue Saree looking so sexy I was watching her boobs

she suddenly saw me and asked what are you staring at me I was in silence then she smiled seeing me she asked me what do you like in me I slowly said our big boobs she smiled suddenly my mom came we stopped our discussion and she went with my mother and they had light discussion after some time she came out and went off.

After 2 days I came to no my parents were going to marriage they will be coming after 4to5 days then my mother asked usha to look after my food she said ok. Then I moved to the railway station with my parents to give a sendoff to them and I returned to my home and I was thinking about usha how to process and had my dinner and went to sleep I watched some porn thinking of usha.

Next day morning she came with Tiffin at 10 clocks we both sat on the sofa and had my Tiffin I saw her she was in nighty she was looking so sexy she gave me a little smile and I thought she is giving me a signal. We was watching tv nothing was good on tv and I asked her we will watch new movies in my system I said it is in the bedroom we went in the bedroom and me on the system

we were watching a movie we sat side by side and I was watching her.she told me to watch a movie not me then slowly I touched her hand she didn’t say anything she saw me and smiled at me I slowly raised my hand to shoulder. Usha: suddenly hugged me tight and her boobs were touching my chest my dick was erected.

I: asked her to do you love to watch porn movies. Usha: asked me to put I went and put movie. I : then I went to her and sat beside her I slowly put my hand on her shoulder and started to move slowly towards her boobs and insert my hand on her right boob and squeeze it and put another hand on her another boob I was enjoying with 2 of them my dick got fully erected

I slowly unzipped her nighty zip I saw two big watermelons they were big and beautiful round shape I saw her nipples got so hard while watching porn. I started to kiss her she suddenly turned towards me and started to kiss on face every was she was in full mood. Usha: asked me to check whether you have locked the door or not I went and locked the door.

I: asked her how is ur life with uncle she got dull. Usha: he is heavy drinker he doesn’t care me.he looks me like a slave. I: don’t worry I am there for you she hugged me and said thank you so much and slowly started to kiss on her lips they were as soft as juicy I drank all her saliva of her I slowly removed her nighty she was not wearing bra I asked her why you didn’t wear bra.

Usha: laughed and said I know we will have sex today I: saw her big boobs she was in her blue panty I put my hand on her panty it was already wet I removed her panty she was totally naked Usha: slowly removed my t-shirt and started to lick my nipples I slowly moaning and she put her hand on my dick it was fully erected she was jerking in my jockey she took it out and was

in shock looking my dick I asked what happened she said I am watching first time this much big cock and started getting. I asked her to suck my dick she said chiee chee I asked you never did with ur husband Usha: no I: asked her to do it plz she slowly put my dick and started sucking for 5 mins she licked my balls too then.

I pushed her and sucking her boobs very hard she was moaning then I slowly went down to her navel I kissed there and I started to liplock for 10mins and slowly went down to my pussy and me separated her legs and saw her pussy it was cleaned and was wet over there then I slowly started to lick her cunt which was smelling good she got into full mood she was moaning bigger

Aah Aah ooh fuck me hard then after 10 mins she cummed and licked all her juices in my mouth I totally swallowed it. Usha: is asking to fuck her quickly she was in full mood now then I took my dick put in her mouth and she was sucking very hard I was full entered now I slowly went down to her pussy I opened her pussy lips and started to insert my rod but it was so tight I asked her

when you had last sex she said 6 months ago I slowly inserted my dick she was in pain and asking me to do slowly my dick went slowly inside her vagina and started slowly moving in and out she was moaning bigger Aah Aah ooh fuck me hard and started fucking faster and faster my room was full of sound she was moaning bigger Aah Aah then I turned her into doggy style

and slowly inserted my dick it was very tight and pushed my rod totally her ass was so big and round now I was going faster and faster after 15mins I said I am going to cum she asked me to put my semen on her boobs and we lied on bed for half an hour.

We had our 2nd session after our launch we had sex for three times that day.she said I had enjoyed a lot with you dear I will never forget your fucking dear we had daily sex for one or two times. His husband got transfer they moved to another place.

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Mallu Guy Fucking MILF Aunty Living Next Door

Hi guy, I know it’s been a very long while I had written a story. Boys and girls here is what you have been waiting for. If any doubts or interest in meeting me. This is happening real next to my house. I am living in Kerala. Names will be changed. So girls and boys here we go. It was two years before a family from Kuwait came and bought a house next to us.

The family was good, two young daughters, wife and husband. Husbands name is Rajiv and wife s name is rupa. They were a happy family. Husband worked in a rig and has to go for work every 2 months and will get a leave for 15 days. I met them the whole family. They were nice to me, we played with the kids.

There was actually nothing wired. After one and half years every thing changed. I was not working, in my house full time. Rupa aunty was a housewife and her daughter will go to school in morning. We will speak sometimes. One day, her daughters left to school and was completely alone. I was alone at my house and was in a horny mood. I was feeling to jerk off.

I took my mobile phone and start to play porn. I put on Bluetooth headset in full volume. In tat video two milf was having lesbian fun and suddenly her step son comes and they have sex with him. The video was 30 min long. I came down to the living room and I spread the curtains to cover the window and put the tv on.

I took my dick out (6″) and started to play the video. I gently stroke and for 30 minutes after I cum a huge amount. I turned off the tv and removed the headset. As I looked at the black tv I could see someone just moved from the window. I turned and went to look who it was. I saw rupa aunty walking away from my house. I was like ho shit.

Two days passed, nothing happened then I thought everything is forgotten. That morning I got a call. Rupa aunty called me to her house. I just went. We sat on her couch, she gave me tea. And we chatted for some time. And we became silent. Tat was the time I noticed her whole body. She was having a 36D breast and was average looking and wore specs a.d she was 37 yrs old.

She was wearing nighty that her boobs were like two mountains. She came near me and sat. She looked at me and sad I saw Wat u did two days before. I was a little shy at first then, I told her all men to do, it’s human nature. She looked at me and put her hand on my thighs and said yea. Ur right, and started rubbing my thighs.

But all men don’t have a big dick and won’t last 30 minutes. She was looking straight into my eyes and her hand was rubbing on my thighs. I looked at her straight into her eyes and I was having an erection. Shit is happening. I was not into her and got a little scared.

She told me don’t b scared. I just wanna help you. Her hands slowly opened my zip and started to rub my dick. My dick was full sized and she got it out. She looked at it for a second and started to stroke it. 5 minutes she stroke wit one hand. She asked me to stand up. When I stood up. She just pulled down my pants and started to give a handjob with both hands.

She was stroking and pulling my balls. I was in full pleasure. But I wanted something more. I was afraid to touch her boobs at first. But I touched her boobs over her nighty. She was wearing a bra. I could feel it was stiff. she looked at me and she just removed the bra. I was pressing the big boobs. It was big very big my one palm was not enough.

I went through the nighty to feel her skin. Soft and I started to press hard. Almost 10-15 minutes was over. I saw her hands was tired. She just pulled my dick and put in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. Damn, I was under serious pressure. I started to use my both hands to press her huge boobs.

I could feel I was going to cum. I told her. And pulled my dick out of her mouth and started to jerk off. She told me u cannot make my home dirty. So u should cum in my mouth. I was almost ready and told her. She suddenly put her mouth and took my full cum in. I looked at her her mouth was already full. She just swallowed it fully. And suck my dick dry.

She told that the bathroom is to the left go and clean. I went she also went to clean. I came to Bacms and sat on the couch. She came near me and gave a book. She told this is better than porn. “Playboy”. She told me. If ever I feel to jerk off come to me. U can see the book and I will help.

I went to my home and thought of Wat happened today. I could feel my dick was still in full size. This story has continued and more happened. I will let u guys know more about this story.

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Raj Enjoying Sexual Affair With Neighbour Radha

Hi all, waiting from long time to post my stories here…Finally decided to post it. So I am Raj, 30 male from Chennai. The story started when I shifted to new flat in chennai with my friends. Apartment had 7 flats in it and all are occupied by family. We were the only bachelors staying in the apartment.

Usually we go to office by 10 and come by 7 and have lots of fun, loud music, drinks and partying etc. One weekend party was overloaded and some families from apartment complained to our house owner and we were asked to vacate the house. Then we met all the families in the building and apologies for the mistake and they allowed us to stay in the building if we will not repeat it again.

Now here comes the heroine of the story… Her name is radha …. She will be around 34-35 of age and had one kid. When I went to her home to apologies she was very angry and scolded us but after some time she was ok and she started talking to us. She took some time around 2 weeks to mingle with us.

She was very jovial and fun loving housewife who always used to invite us for tea, coffee and breakfast. Her hubby was businessman and had business in chennai and kochi and he was our smoking partner. Slowly 2 I became very close to her and used to flirt with her and even she used to flirt with me and you can say it started like that but nothing was serious.

Whenever her hubby goes out of town she used to call me for dinner and we used to go movie together. One day I was working from home and she came to my house and said she needs some help in her laptop. I went to see the problem in laptop and battery was gone. So I went and bought new battery and started her laptop.

When I opened the browser, it asked me restore the pages and I clicked on yes. Suddenly, porn videos started playing and she hided her face. I stopped the videos and told her I am leaving and came out of her house. The moment I reached my house, I got a message from her, saying sorry as she was alone and getting bored so was watching some adult videos. I didnt reply.

At around 10 at night again she messaged me, she wants to talk to me and asked me to come to her house. I went to there house and was playing with her kid. She served me some sweets and asked why you didnt replied to my message. I told her you dont need to give explanation to me, its your life whatever you want you can do it.

Then she told she wants to have fun with me tonight as she is longing for sex since last one month. I was initially shocked that she would ask me for sex. I told her I have never seen you in that manner and yes I was flirting with you but not in this sense.

Then she told she likes me from the first day she has seen me and wanted me in her bed very badly tats why she convinced apartment families to let us stay in the apartment. After lot of discussion I told her, if you want me then you have obey me and I will fuck all 3 holes of yours. Initially she told she had never done anal and blowjob.

But when she sees that I might not be interested then she told we can try but dont force for it. I was ok with that. Immediately I went to my room and brought packets of durex, long lasting and dotted ones.We put her son to the bedroom and went to bathroom as she wanted to have bath together first.

She took out all her clothes and removed all my clothes and given me good bath and she cleaned herself.I took her in my arm and started smooching, biting her lips. She was fully aroused by my kissing and she started giving tongue in my mouth and we were literally eating each other for next 10-15 minutes.

Finally she broke the kiss and asked me drop her in bed but I was in no mood to drop her, I lifted her and asked her to hold my neck and we gain started smooching and this time I was pressing her boobs very harshly that she started moaning while kissing and she started scratching me with her nail.

Finally I throw her to bed, and went down to her pussy and started licking and she was amazed by the activity that she started shouting in pleasure and pulling my head inside her pussy. Her juices started flowing with in a minute and I think she came 3 to 4 times in 20 minutes. Once I left licking her pussy she directly pulled me up and started kissing me very badly.

Finally I asked her, please use your first hole your mouth to suck my cock. Without any second thought she started sucking it and she was doing it very fast. I was really surprised by the way she was doing it for first time. Then I held her head and given deep throat to her.She was really liking the way I was doing it and finally without telling her, I came inside her mouse.

She did not stopped even after that and continuing to suck my cock. Then I asked her to come to 69 position and she likes it very much. In next 10 min my rod was ready to fuck her, once she felt my rod is ready, she asked me to come from behind as she wanted to try doggy style first.

Using mouth she put the long lasting durex in my rod and she bent down.I just put my dick in her pussy entrance and asked her to look at me, when she turns towards me I inserted my rod with full force inside her and she moaned very loudly.

Then I started fucking her very wildly, first holded her both hands and given continuous shots around 2 min, then holded her neck and again for 2 min and she had her first orgasm while fucking. Then she climbed over me and started riding my rod and I was playing with boobs.

Once she got tired we started in missionary position and this time I was fucking her like machine and she was scratching my back. After fucking her for more than 30 min we both came together. She was very happy and she removed the condom from my rod and started sucking it again.

I told her it will take time to rise up again but she was like to have right now…I told her to bring vaseline and oil bottle.Then only she stopped sucking my cock. She went to bathroom and cleaned herself and came to bed. We rested for around half an hour and started smooching again. This time she brings oil and we were in 69 position.

I fingered her ass and she was shouting like hell. Slowly I inserted my 2nd finger and she started crying. In the meanwhile my rod was ready again and I applied some oil in her ass and in my rod. She slept in her stomach and I asked her to spread her butt cheeks. I wore condom and put my rod near entrance of her ass hole and slowly started putting her inside.

After so many attempts it finally went inside and she was in lot of pain. I kept lying in that position for sometime then started giving mild jerks. She kept pillow in her mouth and was crying. Once she was comfortable I made her in doggy position and started giving shots and this time she was in more pain and was shouting to remove my rod but I kept it inside and stopped my shots.

Finally she asked me to fuck her ass slowly and we both started to move front and back. It was very pleasurable for me to have virgin ass for the first time and we had this session around 45 min and this time I came in her mouth once again. She again drank my sperm completely. And we finally slept together naked in her bed.

Next morning I wake up around 7 that time she was in bathroom and I directly went to bathroom and we had a nice bathroom session in her ass and pussy.We are still in touch with each other and used to have fun whenever possible.

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Amit Enjoying Sex With Cougar Dr Rekha

Hi this is Amit again. I wanna share another interesting encounter of mine which is true and happened 2 years back. I’m 34, 5’10’’, wheatish, athletic built with attractive eyes. I live in the western suburbs of Mumbai in an apartment having plush interiors and cool sea breeze filling the rooms. I’m on the 12th floor and have a few friends and acquaintances in the society.

Amongst them was a woman who was on the 6th floor, called Dr. Rekha, 40, fair, decent looking, average built, doctor by profession, married, but having problems with her husband. We used to greet each other often in the society and became good friends and met in a group for parties etc. We were quite free and did a lot of adult talks and exchanged non-veg jokes in the group.

She was quite free by nature and helpful too. Little did I know about the fire inside her. She was Konkani and friends, Konkani women are damn hot. We used to exchange msgs on the phone too. I never had any sexual intentions for her …never did I ever think on those lines. I learnt later that she always had an eye on me since the time I shifted in that apartment.

One day when I returned from office I found her nervous near the entrance. Her mobile was misplaced and she was very worried and couldn’t recollect where she dropped it. I started searching, first in her house, then around but no luck. Finally I asked her the car keys and searched in the car, although she had done it properly.

However, to my luck I found the phone fallen between the seat and hand brake lever. When I retrieved it she was overjoyed, thanked me and hugged me tight also gave a peck on my cheek. I blushed and said u are welcome. She said ‘how can I thank u as u have helped me even in the past’. I modestly replied that its ok and its my duty as a neighbour and friend.

She said she will treat me someday and winked. I didn’t realize what she meant then as I didn’t know that she was a sex starved cougar. We continued exchanging msgs and bumping into each other when I returned from office. One day while we were talking, she gave me some looks and hinted me on her desires using double meaning.

That evening I masturbated thinking of her for the first time and also had sex with my wife, imagining her. Next day onwards we chatted more and the topic revolved around sex and our preferences. Then she revealed that she always liked me from day one as I was young, friendly, good looking and helpful.

Things moved from one to another and we were chatting real hot stuff, discussing our sex life, positions etc. Then one day, I had taken an off as I had some passport work. She also had come home early and pinged me. She learnt that I was alone at home. We both knew that this is a right time. She sneaked in to my apartment wearing a pyjama and thin top, I closed the door.

We looked at each other like never before. I was in my shorts and a T and I could see loads of lust in her eyes. She came closer and held my hand then kissed me on my lips, I reciprocated and in no time we were hugging and kissing each other deep. She said ‘Oh Amit, I longed for the smell and touch of a man, u are so hot’. These words got me excited and I had an instant hard-on.

I caressed her back and kissed her all over. My hands ran down entering her pyjamas and squeezed her bare ass. She let out a moan, pounced on me and kissed me wildly while running her hands on me and caressing my hard cock. ‘I can’t wait anymore’ she said. We got on the couch and continued licking and kissing each other.

I removed her top and pyjamas n she removed my T. She was in a red bra and a thong…seeing this I got even more excited and thought that she is really a cougar. I removed her bra and saw nice round boobs with dark aerolas and erect nipples. I wasted no time in placing my mouth over them & sucking one by one. She moaned louder and told me to suck them more.

She removed my shorts and I was nude. She pushed me away and observed my cock and exclaimed ‘Oh God, its amazing, suits your personality’ and started caressing it. She held it like a pro and moved it sensuously. I felt so good and was playing with her tits. She touched my balls, cupped them, rimmed my cock and pressed gentle then hard. I was never so hard.

She bent down and took it in her mouth. I let out a big groan ‘AAAAHHHH’. I tell u …I have never experienced such a suck in my life. She was awesome….man, the way she licked and sucked would put most porn starts to shame! She literally sucked all inside stuff of my cock, like an ice cream hungry kid. She said she just loves to give head. I never heard a woman say that before.

She sucked me for 10 mins, rolling her tongue over, taking me deep in till her throat, nibbling on the tip and when I realized I can’t control, I pushed her back. She spread her legs and I saw the cleanest pussy ever. She had done a laser treatment and had a glistening pussy, free from any intrusions. Wow I said to myself and touched it. It was dripping!

I licked her gently which made her wriggle. I kept licking her clit and gradually pushed my mouth onto it and started eating her. She moaned and moaned loud, pulling my hair, scratching my back and said, ‘ yes Amit yes….nobody ate me like this before…do it baby do it… I‘m gonna cum big time’. I kept doing it and also inserted 2 fingers in her and moved them.

She went wild, grabbed my head and screamed loud. I felt her juices exploding out and she rubbed her pussy against my face. She came heavy. She got up, kissed me and again sucked me for a while till I was rock hard again. She said ‘ Amit, baby, I want u to fuck me…and fuck me real hard…I’m dying for it’. I place my cock on her wet pussy and pushed it in.

My my…for a 40 year old, she was tight! She looked into my eyes as I stroked her and she licked her lips, giving me the wildest of expressions that even a pro wouldn’t have. I stroked her deep..she wanted it harder. I obliged her by doing the way she wanted it. I sucked her boobs meanwhile and she licked my ears n neck driving me crazy …

I increased my pace, she placed her palms on my ass.. pushing me deeper and lightly spanking. She went ‘Oh fuck.. Oh fuck.. Oh fuck…Im cumming again!!’….and there she came clenching her teeth and screaming, digging her nails in my back.

I lay on the bed and after a minute she came n sucked me again. She sucked so well that within the next minute I was hard again. She asked to cum while she sucked me. She told me ‘I have yet not seen such a handsome cock… I wanna see it shoot!’ She moved me faster, sucked hard, caressing and playing with my balls, licking my groin.

I couldn’t control longer & shot my load in her mouth, she removed me and placed it on her boobs, where I unloaded the rest of me. She spread it all over her boobs & told me ‘u are so tasty man!’

We cleaned up and got dressed. Rekha kissed me & said ’Your wife must be having a gala time. Thanks for de-stressing me & giving me the fuck of my life’. While leaving, she indicated me of a threesome sometime, with a friend of hers. I’m eagerly awaiting that day…to take on 2 pussies together.

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Sex Starved Mona Fucking With Ankit - II

Previously: Sex Starved Mona Fucking With Ankit - I

Time was yet not mid night, my drink was reached to half and Mona got up to make second for her. Once again she stood somewhat facing away from me and looking at her ass and thighs I thought about trying asking her for physical relation indirectly but as she reached back on the couch I lost the confidence and just smiled hesitantly while holding my eternal desire in my heart.

"If you want you can sleep here…" Mona offered me her living room for the night but in the end told me that I had to go from here very early in the morning else her mother in law will doubt over her for no reason. I smiled a bit over that and accepted her invitation of sleeping on the couch.

Everything was casual and I could not see any such attraction at her end but the fact was that deep inside Mona was intended to get closer to me and for an instant she asked me to end my drink quickly so that she can make one more for me. I denied for second drink and suggested her to leave this daily habbit and she told me that she is suffering from insomia and she need it daily.

Insomia is sleeplessness, I didn't knew that, I asked her what is it and she told me. She was drunk or what but the way Mona looked into my eyes while telling me that she cannot sleep in the nights I sensed she is expecting me to approach her and with pounding heart I asked her if somehow I can help her.

I must say Mona was somewhat waiting for something like that from me and she looked at my face for few seconds without a word and then asked me if she can trust me. I said yes to it "yes you can trust me" and in low timid voice she came out saying "Bolne mein bahut ajeeb lag Raha... per I can't handle this lonelyness anymore..." and I moved my head in acceptance.

No words for few seconds, we just looked at each other and Mona expressed her heartiest feelings for me "I don't know why I like you so much...aapse milkar bahut bahut achha lagta hai" her voice was low and bashful and with same sort of shyness I told her that I like her too "mujhe bhi aap bahut achhe late ho" and she smiled and moved her eyes from my face in shyness.

As such nothing about sex was said till then but everything was clear and next raising her eyes and looking at my face she requested me to sleep with her in her bedroom "aaj aap mere Saath mere bedroom mein sow jaao" finally she spoke and I rejoiced in eternal delight and smiled a bit over my facial expressions and Mona blushed as she saw me smiling.

"Sure" feeling butterflies fluttering in my belly I replied back in low voice and she told me that to be on safer side I can stay with her till 4 only "Aap subah chaar baje tak chale jaana" More or less four hours; it was more than enough for us and I said OK to that too. Next I asked her where is her daughter sleeping and she replied saying that she always sleep with her Dadi.

By now her drink was yet not reached to even it's half and she released her unfinished glass on center table and got up slowly. I too got up as for me now it was time to lose my virginity, I was already hard and I was getting harder and harder and switching off the main light of living room we both moved into the bedroom.

Room was almost dark with just tiny foot lamp over the edge of the wall, she entered in the bedroom first and after me bolted the door from inside and requested me not to consider her loose character and in continuation told me that in last three years she has never felt like doing it with anyone and she is doing with me because she really like me

"aap please mujhe loose character mat samajhna...aap mujhe achhe lagte ho iss liye main aapke Saath kar rahi Hun...last teen Saal mein Maine kabhi kisi me Saath nahin Kiya" and hearing that I felt like hugging her and did that. Mona hugged me back nicely and as I was never close to any female with such lustful emotions, feeling I was going through was amazing.

Her breasts were hard against my chest and we just kept on holding each other firm until I asked her to wait for 2-3 years and told her that I will marry her "Aap do-teen Saal ruk jaao... main aapse shaadi kar lunga". At my end it was totally spontaneous and straight from my heart and my words aroused Mona and she started kissing me tenderly all over my face.

I too kissed her on her cheek and in the end we just lip locked each other. Pure Bliss; it was first kiss of my life and like I use to imagine it was wonderful. To begin Mona sucked my lower lip and I sucked her upper and slowly we started exploring each other's mouth with our tongues.

Although we both were drunk but Mona was more intoxicated and she was so desperate that she was not ready to stop kissing me. She continued holding me hard and I responded back to her kiss equally well until she started puffing and broke the kiss and asked me something which she forgot to ask me earlier, if I am already in relation with someone.

I denied, certainly if I would have in any relationship even then I would have denied and after that we started kissing again and this time it was better as now Mona was caressing my chest over my shirt while kissing me and her soft sensual touch was driving me out of my control.

Finally suppressing my hesitation I took hold of her waist and moving upward reached to her breasts and clenched them little hard and Mona broke the kiss while puffing in pleasure. She was dying for manly treatment since years and to my good fortune it was me with whom she felt like doing.

Anyway as I started playing with her melons she opened few buttons of my shirt and moved her hand inside to touch my bare chest under my inner wear and I too puffed in delight. Slowly Mona unbuttoned my shirt completely and as she took it off I too tried to lift her long t-shirt and Mona raised her arms for me.

Wow! Although room was almost dark but light of foot lamp was enough for me to see her beautiful breasts and caged in tight bra I must say they were far heavier then what they use to appear under clothes. Next moving her hands behind, Mona herself unhooked her bra and I took it out from her arms.

It was Wow again, fair and utterly clear skinned they were huge and sagging beautifully and I took both in my both the hands and Mona groaned sexily. She was feeling shy but she was willing and she lifted my undershirt and took it out from my arms.

Now we both were bare over our upper half yet clothed under our waists and I instantly started searching for the cord of her salwar and by the time I would have loosened her Salwar she opened my belt loosened my trousers. As my trousers went down her salwar also raced down to her feet and we were just having one cloth over our bodies.

Physically I would say I was not at all balanced with Mona, though I possess good health but I am slim and just opposite little taller than me with evident belly she was having ample flesh all over her arms and thighs and ass.

Whatever, for me she was most beautiful female on this Earth and next I once again reached to her sagging melons and she started touching my bare chest to feel a real man after three years. Slowly we came to bed while kissing and layed sideways facing each other. It was my first time but I was big enough to know what all I have to do and after kissing I kissed her entire face

and brushed my lips all over her neck and region around her ears and Mona went bit high with her moans. My hands were over breasts and thick and long her nipples were erect and very hard and while squeezing her melons I moved down from her face and neck and started sucking her nipples like hungry child.

Mona moaned in pleasure little louder and fed me with all her affection while caressing my hairs and by the time I stopped sucking her milk mounds she was gone crazy in lust. "Please... fuck" she spoke that in low bashful voice and lifting her bottom tried taking off her panty while being on her back.

I helped her and took her panty out of her legs and while looking at her love hole I took off my underwear too. Ready to fuck we both were completely naked now and next holding my wrist Mona pulled me over her body and once again we were kissing and kissing and just kissing.

"Please ab daal do" It was once again Mona in demand after a long kiss and after saying that she took hold of my cock in her fist and widened her fleshy thighs to bring it to her fuckhole. By now I was hardest of my life and I groaned in pleasure of getting handled over my cock by any female for the first time and before I would have recovered from that pleasure my cocktip

was touching Mona's love opening. "Hmmmm" Mona hummed while looking at my face in the darkness and as I moved in I just slipped inside her womb swiftly. Ohh…My God..What was that? Though it was weird but it was amazing, I was inside a female flesh for the first time and sensation I went through while going inside her was simply incredible.

Mona was nevertheless in pleasure, as I moved in with a silent puff she closed her eyes and grabbed me in her arms. I looked at face closely; eyes closed, wrinkled forehead and mouth bit opened to puff in pleasure and seeing her pleasure expressions I felt as if I will go mad over her.

I did not wanted to start fucking her instantly, I wanted to feel the heat of her body but I failed and started moving in and out of her wet fuckhole involuntarily. Ohhhh….I grunted loud as my pleasure was unbelievable, she was wet and boiling and my Cock was moving in and out smoothly.

Mona groaned, gasped and moaned but did not open her eyes and looking at her beautiful face racked with lust I just went on going. I have always liked tender love making in my fantasies but in real life it was impossible for me to hold my nerves and hardly one minute of low pace fucking and I simply lost control over my body and my ass started rising high and falling deep.

Mona liked that change in pace as she moaned erotically while embracing me hard and I too started grunting fast and short. I did not wanted to stop, moreover I wanted to fuck her till my last breath but I was rising to my climax and my pace just went on going higher and higher.

I was dying but lunging as deep as possible somehow I just continued digging her hot fuckhole and as I was at the verge of burst and my pace was falling down suddenly Mona's moans changed a bit and extending her arms she grabbed my pumping ass and tried helping me to continue fucking her and in the end exclaimed in delight in husky voice while hitting her climax.

I too cried while clenching my voice and shivered helplessly while releasing my load inside her womb. Oh…Wow it was amazing, although I cannot say I gave her best orgasm of her life but certainly she reached to her pinnacle convincingly and she was looking awesome with worn-out expressions.

Bit of sweat over her neck, eyes closed and the way she was puffing she seemed satisfied and exhausted and Mona just stayed like that for few seconds to get normal after her discharge. We remained tied with each other for another minute and slowly I shrunk and slipped out of her fuckhole and rolled aside and we stayed as is without any words for another minute or bit more.

"Aap theek ho na...?" I broke the silence by asking if she is alright and for an instant Mona just hummed but after few seconds uttered that she is feeling weird and bit of guilty too "Bahut ajeeb lag Raha Hai...aur guilty bhi feel kar rahi Hun..." " you have not done anything wrong" I spoke and once again proposed her for marriage "give me some time…I will marry you"

and to that she said she is ten years elder than me "main aapse age mein dus Saal badi Hun..." and saying I don't care I came close to her kissed her cheek. She felt good when I kissed her cheek but ultimately she said no to my proposal "No ! we can't just be with me" and after that we layed in each other's arms without any word until Mona got to use the washroom.

She gave me towel to clean and giving me lovely view of her huge ass mounds walked into the washroom. Overall weather was cool and passion was also subsided a bit and as I was feeling bit cold now I pulled thin blanket to cover myself and as Mona came out I asked her to switch on the light once "Ek baar light on kar do".

She understood that I want to see her naked in white light and with a tiny smile she said ok to it. Eventually she switched on the light and stood as is near the switch board. Mind blowing! Fair and beautiful smiling face with bit of shyness, long neck leading to musk melon sized breasts tipped with long erect dark brown nipples, thick fleshy thighs with a lovely fuckhole covered with lot of hairs.

Though she had evident belly but head to toe for me she was nevertheless than goddess of love and sex. I was looking at her without flicking my eyes and I was expecting that ultimately she will switch off the light before coming back to bed and she was intended to do that only but she changed her mind and came to bed and with naughty smile and spoke "dekh lo jitna dekhna Hai"

and next instant we both were under the blanket. We were still on inverter and I asked to switch of the light but she said with this CFL her inverter will easily give backup till next morning. We remained in each other’s arm without much talking and later started with a kissed again and after playing with her melons for few minutes I thought about touching her fuckhole

but after reaching to her belly I hesitated to go further down and Mona opened her thighs for me and asked me not to feel shy and in continuation came out saying that as she has gone shameless I too should be same "Sharmao mat...main besharm go gayi Hun to aap bhi besharam ho jaao".

Though over her expressions she was normal but her tone was little sarcastic and I asked her not to feel guilty and she just hummed to say yes. We kissed again and this time while we explored each other’s mouth our hands were over each other’s gentiles. I rubbed her opening and she jerked my cock until I got hard and she was wet again.

That night we fucked thrice and I was happy to see that I have satisfied Mona completely. So, friends this is how I lost my virginity and how I started believing that sex between strangers do happen. Almost three months are passed and my sex affair with Mona is still on.

We go on dates, watch movies together, dine outside, all in all fact is that we both love each other and I want to marry her but she does not want to marry, she is worried about the society and relatives of both sides, somewhere deep inside my heart I am also scared about talking to my parents about my desire of marrying a female who is not only 10 years elder to me

but who is already a mother of one 6 years old girl. Readers please comment, suggest me what should I do, also tell me if have succeeded in turning my real life experience into a sensual sex story.

The End.

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Sex Starved Mona Fucking With Ankit - I

Hello friends I am Ankit, 26, good looking male with slim body, average health and bit shy nature. I am reading stories over this blog from last couple of years but this is my first submission to this blog. Truly speaking friends, I never believed that stories published over here are really true, I mean up to extent girls fucking with their boyfriends is fine,

but Bhabhies fucking with their devars or Saalis with their Jijues and above all sex between stranger always seemed fantasizes to me, but as some time back I have lost my virginity with a sex starved MILF who was more or less stranger to me I have not only started believing on these scripts but I am also trying writing down my experience.

Well, before starting writing down my sex experience I want to mention that along with lot of grammatical mistakes readers might not find me good narrator and if somewhere they feel that my write up is not real then surely it’s a lack of my narration.

Anyway to begin I would say while living far away from my home town and working in one reputed export house at present I am residing in Delhi NCR from last couple of years and when all this started to happened with me I was new to this particular MIG colony.

I was on second floor in single room accommodation and I often use to see one female of somewhat in her mid or late thirties, and a little girl, may be of 5-6 years and an old lady of somewhat seventy in the next house on the ground floor. Initially, may be for a month or bit more I didn’t knew anything about this family except this fact that mid thirties lady takes tuitions at home,

I could make out that with the volume of children going into her house with their school bags. Later on one fine day I got face to face with her at one local merchant’s shop of the colony, no words, we just looked at each other and she took her way and after her exit from there,

Shopkeeper casually praised about her nature and told me that she is Mona Madam and she is mathematics teacher in a particular School. Mona Madam; fair and good looking face, brown eyes with rimless elegant specs, good height, as I am 5’6” she must be at least 5’8”, though not at all slim and slender but for an amateur like me she had very attractive body.

Not huge but average water melon sized breasts and thick fleshy thighs with erotically spread ass. Certainly mentioned name is not true but everything about her physical appearance is word to word true and no need to say that not only me but every male on this earth would love to fuck her on very first opportunity. But why she would fuck with me? Where is her husband?

I was living there from around one month and I use to sit on stairs in sunshine for hours on Sundays but I never saw any male in the house. That old lady was a widow, I could make out and there was nobody to whom I could ask about Mona’s husband. Anyway another month passed, no hello-hi but in the mean time I repeatedly saw her,

sometimes playing with her daughter in her veranda, couple of more times on grocery shop and more I saw her more I got attracted to her and more I got attracted to her more I masturbated on her name. As I said earlier I was reading sex stories over this and various sites since long but I never believed on them and never thought about trying approaching her,

rather being shy in nature I never stared at her body properly and always took just a glance of her breasts or thighs or ass and just crossed her. As such I could not see any such attraction in Mona for me but the way she use to take glance of my face I use to feel that someday she will certainly start talking to me and finally that happened; I remember it was Sunday and a sunny day,

11 Am of somewhat winters and I was sitting on stares almost on the first floor in the sunshine when Mona’s little girl came out in the veranda with a big but light weighted ball and asked me if I will play with her. I moved bit more down and asked her to throw the ball and soon we were playing catch and catch.

Barely five minutes or little less and little girl’s grandmother came out and I wished her with formal Namastey. She greeted me back with a smile and tried to take the child back in the house but child denied and while I continued playing with her old lady started talking to me and asked me about my native place and parents.

Another five minutes and finally Mona also came out of the house with mug full tea for the old lady and I wished her Namastey too. She smiled back delicately and wished me back with low voiced hello and old lady offered me tea.

I denied but she insisted and asked Mona to get one empty cup and virtually that half cup of tea was the beginning of my sex affair with a fair and beautiful Mathematics teacher. Whatever, it was a lap of 5-10 minutes in which I and Mona had casual chit chat, she asked me about my profession and also told me that she is a teacher.

That old lady was Mona’s mother in law but for me question mark was as is, that where is her husband and suppressing my uneasiness somehow managed to ask her about her husband casually; by addressing him Bhaiya and guessing if he stay out of town “Bhaiya kahin bahar rahte hain…kya…?”

and Mona ended up with just yes and soon after that leaving her child playing with me and her MIL sitting in the sun shine she went in. Another 10 minutes and Mona once again appeared on the door and asked her child to come in and this time I too perused child to follow her Mom.

Child went in and I had few words with old lady who was still sitting there and ultimately my first meet with my neighbors ended. Next few days passed uneventful, may be five days and I once again got face to face with Mona on the same general merchant shop and we wished each other with simple hello. As Shopkeeper saw us wishing and after her exit he asked me how I know her.

Actually this guy knew me by face only and did not knew exactly where I am residing and as I told him that I live in house next to hers on the second floor he once again praised her nature and beautiful baby girl and I must say that I am really thankful to that shopkeeper’s talkative nature that in spite of my disinterest in talking to him about Mona he did not stopped speaking

and suddenly spoke out the truth of her married life; that somewhere around three years back her husband has suddenly left his house and he is missing since then. I was moved to hear that but I did not reflect any expressions to that shopkeeper and he did not stopped speaking and continued praising her kind nature by saying that if this would have happened with any other girl,

by now she would have gone to her parents but she is living here because there is nobody to look after her mother in law. That was tragic and I really stayed mentally occupied with this fact for whole day. I was already masturbating on her name but anyhow I can’t say after knowing this fact of her life I was assuming that she would fuck with me but somewhere I was feeling like

getting friendlier to her and on Sunday I was once again sitting on stairs and waited for her daughter to come and to my good fortune it happened again. She came out and asked me if I will play with her and as I said yes she went into the house to get the ball and this time Mona also came out with her.

I wished her Hello and she responded back casually and asked me to come down in her porch to play with her daughter and went back in house. I played with a child for somewhat 10 minutes or bit more in their veranda and this time Mona brought tea for me without asking me. I accepted her curtsey formally and we had little chat about my profession again while standing there only.

Although that day was also uneventful but I was happy that now she is little friendlier with me. Few more days passed, may be three days and one fine evening addressing me Bhaiya from behind Mona stopped me when I was rising to my floor after coming back from my work place and she gave me specific sweet of winters prepared by her at home and I accepted that with big thanks.

Few more days passed and another Sunday banged and I just kept myself on my routine and this time Mona called me in the living room for the tea and there I met old lady and she engaged me in her talk and asked me what do I do for meals and as I said mostly I eat outside food she called Mona from the kitchen and somewhat told her that today I will have lunch at their house.

I tried to avoid and I would have easily avoided that old lady but as Mona insisted me to have lunch with them I surrendered myself over her brown eyes and lovely smile. Anyhow I cannot say that Mona was intended to fuck with me but seeing her way to look at me with smile I could make out that she certainly wants to get friendlier with me.

For an instant I was happy for that only and at my end few more days passed just in day dreaming. Now I was masturbating for Mona almost daily and somehow want to make things happen but I did not dared to try anything for another week or ten days until I saw something in my favor in her gesture.

I remember it was middle of the week and when I came back home there was no electricity in my sector. Mona had an inverter in her house but I was in total darkness in my room. I stayed in my accommodation for somewhat an hour and then came out to stairs to sit in fresh air and after some time Mona

also came out and told me that there is a certain news that electricity problem will not resolve until next morning. That was annoying but what to do and as my phone was not much charged I asked her if she will put my phone in charging in her house and I will collect it after an hour. She instantly said yes to that and with that insisted me to come and sit in her house in the living room.

I tried avoiding formally but once again really failed to hold myself over her smile. Time was somewhat 9 now, as there TV was not over inverter old lady was in her room and as her child came to knew that I am in her house she came to me with her story books. I sat with her for an hour and read stories for her and in the mean time after knowing this fact that I have already

had my dinner Mona served me tea and somewhere around 10 asked her daughter to come to sleep. Hearing that I too got up to go and Mona expressed sympathy over my state of spending night in darkness with mosquitoes but like I was expecting she did not ask me to sleep in her living room.

Eventually wishing her good night I came out of her house and sat down on stairs again. Hope or intuition I don't know but I just stayed positive that she will certainly come to see me and she came out after an hour or bit more. "Aap Abhi tak yahin baithe ho?" she asked me in surprise and I told her that I cannot sleep in mosquitoes and she invited me in the house.

For an instant I said no but just then got up to get in and I was really surprised to see the bottle of liquor and glass of unfinished drink on the dining table. She moved in and picked her glass and came back in living area, I looked at her with bit of strange expressions and with an arbitrary smile she came out saying that she cannot sleep without couple of drinks.

I hummed in acceptance and holding my nerves told her that general store shopkeeper has told me about her husband. She moved her head in acceptance but did not spoke anything in that concern and after a moment asked me if I will also have drink. Although I drink very occasionally, but I said yes and Mona got up to make drink for me.

By now from salwar kameez she was into her night wear, same salwar but on the upper half now she was wearing long t-shirt ending at the middle of her waist and her knees and looking at her thick fleshy thighs and ample ass mounds I started gaining erection.

She poured liquor, added water and while giving me my glass told me that she does not have ice because of long power cut and I accepted the drink while saying there is no need of ice in this weather. She smiled and sat down on distant couch and once again gathering some courage I asked her about her husband and she gave me detail that mentally he was little disturbed since beginning,

sometimes he use to go aggressive and sometimes use to go in depression and as years passed he started getting attacks of violence and depression more frequently and he lost his job because of his mental problem. She tried to get his treatment done but he never followed medication properly and one day abruptly,

somewhat three years back he left the house and since that day he is missing. That was ironical and I told her that now she should think about remarrying and like I needed she did not over reacted on that and considering me her friend first came out saying that who will marry her and then spoke if she will marry then who will look after her mother in law.

"mujhse kaun shaadi karega...? aur agar main shaadi kar lungi to mummy ko kaun dekhega" As such I did not had any suggestions for her over that and for an instant hummed to accept her point of view of not leaving her mother in law helpless.

To Be Continued...

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Enjoying Music And Sex With Sija

It was morning at 10 am. I was sitting in my room upstairs, log into my computer and put on some old film songs in the youtube. The beautiful voice of Lata was heard. I increased the volume. The room had windows on all four sides and I am sure the music will be heard in all the neighboring houses.

Suddenly I heard another human voice joining in the music and singing loudly. May be our new neighbor is interested in music and that is why she is also joining in the singing. After some time my bother brought a girl along with her and told me "Balu, this is Sija, our new neighbor. Her parents have tone for work and she has vacation now. They dont have computer in their house.

She heard you playing music wanted to hear more music. Please put on the songs she asks for so that you both may enjoy. She will stay for a short while and will go away for lunch" and she left. I saw this new character, Sija, asked her to sit. She sat on my bed. I asked what songs you want to hear. She said bhakti songs of Lata. Please play, she mentioned the name of some song.

I searched for it and put it on. Sija, a good looking girl of may be 18, casual in her attire, knee length skirt and a t shirt. When the music started to flow from the speakers, it was very sweet, loud and clear. We both were charmed by the voice of Lata and listening to the music intently. Sija knew bits of all the songs and she tried to sing along with deep concentration.

I put on the series of all Lata's Meera bhajans which started to play one after another. Sija was simply charmed by the music. Sija fpr a moment forgot my presence and wanted to sit cross legged in the bed and for that purpose lifted her knees high. I could see the whole her thighs and her white dotted panty.

Her mind was totally on Lata and hence while sitting cross legged, her major portion of her plump legs and thighs were not fully covered. I noticed that the t shirt was not fully buttoned, except two all others were open. and her cleavage was fully revealed. She did not have very big boobs, just the size right for her age.

While listening to the music and I was observing her and her exposed legs and cleavage gave me an erection. Covering my erection with my dhothi, I moved the visuals to some other site. Sija was not looking at me or at the computer, she was fully engrossed in the music.

Suddenly she got up and asked me, Bhaisab, please put that song from the beginning, it is simply marvelous. For a fraction of a moment she saw the tent in my dhothi and the visuals in the computer was of soft porn in nature, I in the shock being discovered, reversed the song to play from the beginning.

That gap of a minute was sufficient for Sija to realise what is happening around her. She looked at face sternly and I casually changed the visuals from what it was before. Sija appleared to have been disturbed. She was not concentrating in the listening of the music. She was just looking at me, of course, she was sitting cross legged in my bed.

I asked Sija, are you learning music. She said no, but I want to join music classes in this vacation. Any time you feel like hearing music just come down, we both will hear. I am also very much interested in classical music. Suddenly her face brightened up and shook her head in affirmity.

She came and stood near me and told me bhaiyaji please show me how to get music from computer. Her body odor was fascinating for a bachelor like me. I was struggling to conceal my tent, which she observed and was smiling. I will go, take bath, have lunch and come again.

Is it ok, bhaiya, she asked me. You are a lover of music, I too like music very much, you can come any time to my room to listen and enjoy music. No restriction for you. But while going tell my mother you are going and tell her when you are coming. When will your parents come.

She said they may come in the evening. My mother immediately gets busy in the kitchen to prepare food, and my dad in the pooja room chanting etc. They both have no time to play or listen to music. I like you bhaiya very much for liking music like me, she just hugged me, pressing her boobs on my face and kissing on my forehead and ran down.

Thereafter Sija became a regular visitor to my room. As soon as her parents depart she will run to my room and ask me to put on some hindi or some other songs and lie in my bed to listen. Seeing an 18 year old girl lying in my bed in my room to listen to music is one of best fascinating sights. She is innocent, but all dirty thoughts come to my mind.

But I dare not touch her as it may stain our relationship. I may be three or four years elder to her. Having completed my education, I am waiting for some job opportunity to turn up. Sija will suddenly get up and come and stand near me to select songs of her choice. Sometime I used run my hand over her knee and up in her thighs.

She used wriggle out and tell me of course smilingly not to tickle her But within a few minutes she will come stand in the same positon. Again my hand will reach her and her objections were less and less. Within a few days our intimacy grew very strong that my hand on her inner thighs did not face any objection from her and it went to touch her panty and her ass.

When the music was fully on when she was standing near me, my hand pulled her panty down a little to probe her ass. It was very tight and smooth and she too seemed to enjoy my touch. After probing her ass for a couple of days, I wanted to change the sides and come to her front to probe her pussy.

Though she ran only to a few feet behind and came back to her original position again after twi or three occasions of objection, she stood still cooperating when my fingers probed her hairy pussy under her skirt. Keeping her eyes tightly closed, Sija was as if listening to gazal music cooperating with my finger probing. I know what I am doing was wrong.

I am doing thing which may rise up her passion, but in our own mental condition for forget the reason. I made her to stand facing me, she stood. I made her to support herself holding the chair and the table, she did. I asked her to widen her legs, she did. My finger explored the channel between her cunt lips and located her fuck hole and up above her tiny clitoris.

When my finger touched her clitoris, she shuddered. All in the name of music and for the pleasure of enjoying the music. For her and for me it was a first experience. I did not know what to do next. I called her name. She opened her eyes. She saw my prince coming out of my tent. She tooked at it in surprise. She came near me and took my cock in her hands.

I did not want her to feel that I am exploiting her presence and her love of music. She was doing all she could to tempt me. Lying in my bed she was showing major portion of her naked leg and her pussy in her panties. Her semi opened shirt shows well her cleavage and afterall I am a human being. When there is a good romantic song playing Sija will come and sit in lap.

So far I had not removed her panty or bra, but playing in between the gap available. We spoke less and when the music is stopped Sija ran away down the stairs and shouting bye to me from down. When comes in the morning, she will shout from the staircase to put the music on. Nowadays music is there everywhere, in the phone, in the computer, in the TV etc.

I used to wonder why this girl does not have music at her home. Are so antimusic that she may have to always come to me seeking music. For the sake of music she was going to any length. I had squeezed her boobs to the rhythm of music. I had put my hand inside her panty and squeezed her pussy. She never resisted but encouraged me to go further.

She put her hand inside my dhothi and got hold of my rigid cock and gave me hand job. But I resisted. Except on the four or five days in a month, she used to come everyday and be with me for maximum time. Rubbing her boobs on my face and rubbing her pussy on my knees are regular. She was a hot girl, I could have fucked her without any effort.

She stood in all convenient poses. She will sit on my lap facing me and hugging me. I will never remove her panty nor allow her to expose her pussy. Then who know we may loose our control. Music will become immaterial. My hand had reached all the nooks and corners of her body but with her panty on. After she leaves I may shag and throw my fluids in the commode.

One day she said I should fuck her that day. I asked her why that day. She said her father is getting a transfer and they may go away within a week. She said I have enjoyed not only music but in sex also with you. Today and for a week till I go please fuck me. Today is safe for me. But but some condoms and fuck me daily. I will loose my virginity only to you.

I know my mother will not come upstairs. I just lead Sija to the cot and kissed her passionately and pressed her boobs one by one and licked and sucked her nipples. She was very much aroused. I pulled her panty down and licked her cunt. She had scant silken hair. I licked her clitoris making her jerk her body like an electric shock.

I put my tongue into her fuckhole and tongue fucked her. Sija was moaning it was buried in the sound of music. I pulled out my dhothi and told her I am going to fuck you. she said please fuck me. It is going to hurt you. She said please fuck me. Breaking your seal may pain you and cause you to bleed. She said please fuck me, fuck me.

I put some scented oil on my cock and in her fuckhole and placed my fock at the entrance of her fuckhole and pushed it in. The head of my cock entered but did not go further. She clenching her teeth, kept her eyes tightly closed. I made small movements to push my cock in, It went in half length.

I just pulled it back and made a push, it went further in, I pushed and pushed, I sucked her boobs and kissed her lips and by waist was pushing my cock in. Finally in a strong push made the whole thing to go in. I saw tears rolling down the eyes of Sija. I wiped her tears and kissed her. She said it was very severe pain, but by god it was over. Fuck me slowly.

I made my fuck movement slowly and made only small motions. Gradually I increased speed and plunged inside full length. She started to enjoy and finally I foudn her floating in her orgasm. Within further two strokes, I too got mine. She opened her eyes and told me that pain and pleasure were beyond imagination. I pulled my cock out and found the fluids stained with blood.

I took her to my bath room and washed her pussy and my cock. I told her that we will not fuck further, but listen to music, but fuck vigorously from tomorrow. She agreed. Lying in my bed, she listened to the songs of Kishore, Raji, Latha and Shreya. I asked her to go home take food and come. She limped way to her home and I too came home to take bath and eat my food.

Sija came in the afternoon and we listened to further music. By evening her discomfort was less. I just kissed her cheeks and her boobs and sent her to come back next day. Next day she came fully energised. I had bought some condoms and then within ten minutes of her arrival music and our fucking started.

Sija loved me immensely but her love was in sex now. I dont know where she learnt all the tricks, but she pushed me down and rode sitting me and inserting my cock in her cunt she danced to the tunes of music. We fucked many times everyday.

And finally she just left me crying, with one of my used condoms. I heard they left early in the morning and I did not see her again. But I play her music in her memory. In the memory of Sija.

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Guy Enjoying Only Oral Sex With Sharda

After writing my final degree exam, I was waiting in my house. Every day I used to go out with my friends for walk. But on that day I did not feel like going out and I was in our veranda sitting and watching children playing in the street. There were boys and girls in their eary teens running around in various games.

I saw a particular girl beautiful, must be around 18 playing with children much below her age. She was in her skirt and t shirt with her projecting boobs which needed to be covered with a shawl. While she was running her boobs shook which was particularly noticeable. I did not know her name or where her house was.

In our house in the front veranda, we had a parapet wall which was a favourite spot for the children to play hide and seek. Suddenly this girl came running and hid behind the parapet wall behind the chair I was sitting. She asked me not to disclose her hiding place. A boy came running asked me whether Sharda was hiding there. I said I dont know any Sharda.

He ran away, and the girl, sharda, thanked me.Thereafter we became friends and she used to come to me to just for chat. Since there was nobody in my house, sitting inside the house or watching TV was very boring. I did not want to watch porn in my laptop, because it always ends in my shagging. Thereafter I wont be interested to watch porn in the day time.

In the night after dinner, closing my bedroom door, I watch porn for about one hour and finally after shagging I will go to sleep. But in the afternoon, this girl Sharda, sitting on the parapet and talking to me gave a good view of her boobs. She had a voice which was full of passion. She asked me whether I have a laptop, I said yes, why not go inside and watch some moovy she asked.

She persuading me so much that I said ok and got up. There was none in the deserted street. When I went inside the house, sharda followed me and closed the door behind her and bolted it. I bolted it because the boys will come and trouble me and ask me to join me in the hide and seek.

Why dont you play with them, she said they are all young boys and there is no fun in playing with them. that is why I came to you. Please show me the laptop and switch it on. I switched on and went to answer the phone. When I came back to the laptop, OMG, it was playing the porn site I left the previous day night.

Sharda shocked and wide eyes and was watching the site of a boy sucking the cunt of a girl. I ran and switched off and told Sharda not to watch any movies that day but some other day and I asked her to go home. Sharda, was pleading with me, please let me see that movie which was playing in the laptop, please. I said it is a bad movie and not for children to see.

She said I am not a child, I am grown up and now I am 18. Please, I wont tell anybody, I watched a movie in your laptop. I promise, I wont tell, please. She held my hand iwth both of her hands and pulled me closer to the laptop. My cock was in a semi erect condition in my bermuda pants it was noticeable.

Her hand accidentally touched it and she felt its hardness and was looking at my face, and with one hand she touched it again. I shook her hand away from touching my cock and asked her to keep quiet and not to talk about anything for some time. I asked her to calm down. She sat on my bed and I sat in the chair in front of my laptop.

I quickly changed to youtube site to a movie site and searched for some new movie. In the meantime Sharda came near me and was leaning to get a better view of the monitor of the laptop. While leaning her one hand was on the hand of the chair and the other hand on my pant, covering my erect cock. Remove your hand, Sharda, what are you doing, this is wrong, I shouted.

She was pleading, please show me yours, uncle, please just for a short while, I have not seen any grown up one. I have seen only that of boys, small boys. Please, I will show you mine. You can see and even touch or do anything you want. She suddenly lifted her skirt, pulled her panty down revealing a lovely virgin golden haired cunt.

All this happened so fast that I could not tell her to stop. With puffed up lips parted only a a line, her cunt made me instantly horny. I have not seen of a virgin or grown up girl and she came near me so that I can touch her and feel her cunt. She placed her hand on my bulged up pant and pulled my cock out by unzipping my pant.

Sharada widened her legs so that she could rub her pussy against my knee. I just pulled out my erect cock so that she could see it. Giving out a shriek, she leaned forward and put her face near my cock and opened her mouth and touched it with the tip of her tongue. I pulled her closer and put my hand on her naked ass and felt its smoothness and softness.

She was sitting on my thigh with her legs on either side and her pussy close to me. and bending she was holding my cock in her hand. I physically lifted her and laid her on my bed so that I can have a better view of her pussy. When she saw my attention is fixed on her pussy, she just closed her face with both her hands out of shyness.

I pushed her both legs wider and she cooperated and her ivory colored big thighs were wide open and I could have a closer look of her pussy. I opened the cunt lips and examined its interior. My touching her very intimate area tickled her and she started to giggle and twisted her body.

I took my nose closer to her and found it smelled of her urine and some other smell which was not bad. She was fully aroused and my cock was also fully erect and I wanted to initiate fucking her so that she may come daily at this hour when my parents are not there and I can show her some porn and fuck her nicely.

To give her a taste of sex, I just licked her cunt and her clitoris, which gave her a jolt. I told her that we will not do anything or watch the movie, but just come tomorrow when nobody is watching and when my parents are gone, we will watch the movie and you may hold my cock and I will lick your cunt.

She begged me to give one more lick of her cunt, I said ok and made her to open her legs wide and licked her cunt and clitoris deeply. she cried out OHHHHHH. I pulled her up, helped her to put on her panty and I put my cock inside my pant and went to the door and sent Sharda her way. It was already late and my parents may come at any moment.

Next day in the morning at 10 am, my parents had gone to their working place and I took bath and ate my breakfast when I heard the knock on the door. When I opened the door it was Sharda. I let her in and looked around to see whether anybody have noticed her entering my house. Sharada was particularly attractive wearing a t shirt and a long skirt.

Her boobs inside her t shirt was so much bulged out that her nipples were projecting out. I asked, Sharada, what do you want now today. She said let us watch the movie in the laptop. I put on the porn video we saw the previous day. The beautiful teenage girl was giving the boy a blowjob. His long and stout cock was going in and out of her mouth.

She was taking in the full legth of the cock. The boy was wriggling with pleasure. Sharada was thrilled to see the visuals and she put her hand on her pussy and watched intently. The making the girl lie on the mat, the boy widened her legs and leaning over her licked her cleanshaven cunt.

The girl enjoying the act, opened her cunt lips with her hand and exposed the interior of her cunt for the boy to lick in detail. Her small tiny clitoris pink colored, was focussed and his tongue ran over it. It began to grow in size and came to the size of a pea nut. The girl with her hand pressed his head down burying it into her cunt. She was enjoying it immensely.

Sharada gave out a hissing sound extended her hand to search for my cock. The scene changed. the boy holding his cock in his hand rubbed its tip along the gap between her cunt lips and then rubbed it on her clitoris and then placed it at the entrance of her fuckhole and pushed it in.

The girl closing her eyes put her hands at her head, and gave a shrill sound, as the cock entered her. The cock went in and in and in and the full length disappeared inside her cunt. The clean shaven cunt was shown in close enlargement. I too had a big erection and I looked at Sharada. She closing here eyes, inserted her hand inside her skirt and was touching her cunt.

I pulled hher closer to me and planted a kiss on her cheeks. Sharada opened her eyes and looked at me with half closed eyes as if drunk. I unhooked her long skirt and dropped it down and pulled up her t shirt. She was left in her bra and panty. Her boobs were bigger than the size of the bra and when I removed the bra, the boobs jumped out to freedom.

Her tiny nipples were already projected and hard. I just lower my face and took one nipple in my mouth and sucked when I squeezed her other boob. I made her to stand up and pulled her panty down. Sharda cooperated and was keen in pulling out my cock from my jockey. Sitting on my beg I opened my knees and allowed space for her so that she can come closer.

She squatted on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and played her tongue around it. Her mouth was small and she could not take my cock in her mouth. I pulled her up to sit on my thighs with her legs on either side. My cock like a pistol was aimed at her pussy. I pulled her closer and with my hand rubbed the tip of my cock in the divide of her cunt.

With her hand she opened her cunt lips and allowed my cock to press against her clitoris. Sharda hugged me and pressed her boobs against my chest. Sitting in this position we were watching a new video which opened up in my laptop. It was a repetition of blow job, oral sex and fucking with more vigor by a new couple.

Sharada hanging on my neck with her hands made a swinging motion with her hip so that my cock may enter her cunt. I told Sharda not to be in a hurry to make and entry of my cock into my cunt. When her seal is broken, her virginity will be lost and when my cock enters fully her cunt and fucks vigorously my cum may go inside and the risk of her getting pregnant will arise.

Hence we will take small small doses of pleasure than go for big pleasure, without any precaution and get into trouble. She knodded and agreed with me. Let us concentrate on oral sex. It will last longer and we can enjoy for more time. I showed her the 69 pose shown in the laptop by a new couple.

While I was lying down she rode on me from the top and pressed her pussy into my face, her fluids were flowing all over my face. I licked her cunt and clitoris, while she made effort to take my cock in her mouth and succeeded. We went on like this for about a month and by the end of the month we became experts of oral sex. Either I will be lying down or she.

She became an expert blow jobber, and I an expert cunt and clitoris licker. Without discharging we could hold on for an hour or more. Everytime we were riding the zenith of pleasure, while her virginity was intact. I got a job interview and was about to go. We did our farewell sex in grand gala way and I left. When I come on leave I search for her and continue to enjoy her.

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