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Ryhan Enjoying Sex With Filipino Babe Nancy

Hi readers, as many of you I am also a regular reader on HumanDigest. So I thought I would also share some of my experiences with all of you and comments are most welcome. My Name is Ryhan, aged 34 and based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and work for an IT company in a senior post.

This is one of my first encounter in office which still hold a special place in my memories. This happened in 2015. We were hiring for our back office operations, and was looking for female staffs to fill the position. Lot of candidates has applied and were screened for interview with me. And in comes our girl, her name is nancy and she is a Filipino aged 23 and was beautiful.

Milky skin, cute face, chubby and most interesting part was she has huge boobs and that is one of my weaknesses. She was fresher in UAE, but had 3 -4 yrs experience in her country. She was one of the short listed candidates for 5 days training period and she was asked to come the next day to start the training.

To my surprise, she didn’t showup for the training next day and I was bit disappointed. The rest 3 girls started training. After a week, our receptionist informed me that nancy has come to start training, I was surprised again, but I told our receptionist to tell nancy that we cannot give her the chance as she has not shown up for the training days which were assigned to her.

The receptionist went out and informed her and came back and said that nancy wants to see me and she is requesting for a change. I told to send her in. After a min nancy came in and she was looking beautiful as always and her huge boobs were projected and I felt they were inviting me.

I asked her what she wants and she said she wanted to start the training if the position is still available, I told her the position is still open but we cannot allow her as she didn’t show up for the training. She apologized and said that she went with her cousin to Dubai, and as she was new she doesn’t know how to come back alone and her cousin returned only after a week and she was helpless.

I told her that she could have informed us & she admitted that she was afraid to ask and thought she can come back and explain directly. She was requesting again and again. After a while I said ok, that I will give her a chance and this will be the last. She was so happy and thanked me and said “sir you will never regret this favor “and smiled. She said she will be back tomorrow to start.

A week passed after that and she was very good at the training so was selected and all her visa process started. During that time she used to come to me to get instructions and submit reports. Most of the time I stare at her lovely boobs and she notices that and give me a smile.

One day she came to me with some reports and we were discussing on it, she was standing beside me and I was asking her the clarifications on the output. At one point while she leaned forward to mark one line in the report, her breast brushed my shoulders and I felt so good and I commented “it’s so soft, I thought it might be bit harder”.

She asked me “about what sir”, I said “nothing”, she asked again “what are you referring to sir”, I asked her “how is it so big”, she blushed and said “ genetic sir”, I took courage and asked her “ can I touch it”, she just smiled, and I took it as an YES and I place my hand on her lovely boobs. Ohh man, it was so soft and big. I started to squeeze them slowly, and she was smiling.

I got up from my chair and we started to kiss, her lips were so soft & juicy. And the smooch was soo good that my dick started to feel it. We were kissing and I was playing with her boobs. We broke the kiss and I started to kiss her neck. I was keeping a watch on the CCTV monitor to make sure no one was coming towards my room.

She was wearing a white shirt with jacket and jeans on that day. While kissing her neck I started to unbutton her shirt and she was already enjoying it. 3 were unbuttons and I saw her milky boobs struggling in her designer bra. I squeezed her naked boobs and took one out of her bra.

She had small brown nipples and was so sexy, I kissed her nipples and started to lick them in circle. She was feeling so good and started playing with my hair.. I started to suck her nipples and she was pressing my head hard towards her breast. I was squeezing the other breast as I was sucking the other.

My dick was hard already and was struggling inside my pants. I stood up and she saw my tent and started to run her hands over my pants, we started to kiss again. Then she kneeled down and opened my zipper and took my dick out. My dick is a little above 5” and she kissed the tip.

And then she started to take it slowly in her mouth..her mouth was so warm and she was sucking my dick like a candy. I was in heaven, and she was licking my tip and sucking my cock as she hadn’t had any for long time. I was playing with her hair and bend a bit to reach her boobs and started to squeeze them.

After sometime I was about to cum and I told her to stop, but she objected with her hand was sucking me harder and faster. I was at the verge of cumming and I hold her head hard and she understood and increased her speed, within minutes I shot my cum in her mouth and she swallowed it full and then she licked my tip and cleaned my dick.

She got up and said, “I wanted to taste you cum, so didn’t stop and I liked it very much”. I said thank you and kissed her. And I felt her pussy over her jeans. She told me that’s for next time as it has been a while and someone might come. She said she needs to go to washroom as she is already wet down there and need to relax.

We kissed again and she left.

To be continued…

Hope everyone like my experience, this is an actual incident and not a made up story. Will share more of my experience based on the feedback to this.

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Harry Enjoying Sex With Office Girl Rinky - III

Previously: Harry Enjoying Sex With Office Girl Rinky - II

It was Monday we were in office we had few eye contacts she was smiling I was smiling, Our friends can see our faces glowing but no one knew anything about us as we have kept everything hidden, everyone knows we are good friends but none knew that we go out for dinner or movies. we manage to keep our secrets secret.

So around 5 pm I pinged her asking about when she is leaving she said around 6 so I said let's go out she said ok, so we left the office around 6 pm we meet outside the office she asked where to go? Me let go to your place, I feel like partying wants to get drunk she: ok I will head home u come after some time and bring booze.

So she left I bought whiskey and vodka some cold drinks and some snacks and reached her home. As I entered her flat I kept my bag aside and just hugged her tightly and said I love u slowly in her ear to which she also hugged and said me too.

Then we kissed and kissed and just kissed for almost 10 minute's while kissing my hand were moving to her breasts but she didn't allow me to get hold of them, so kept exploring her back her ass her hair. I can't explain the feeling but I was in heaven, it was not something I was doing for the first time but with her, it was different her touch was different the way we were exploring each other mouth was different.

The way we were playing with each other tongue was different. we almost lost breath so we broke the kiss and again we hugged. It took us few minute's and get back to our conscious. She just looked at me and said u r a good kisser and I said u too. Then she adjusted her hair and dress left for kitchen and came back with two glass and plates and we started to drink,

so after 2-3 pegs I was finding it difficult to control myself and deep down I wanted more, we were touching kissing while drinking but not going beyond that, but I wanted more I wanted to take our relationship to a different level, it was 8 pm still sufficient time was left before her husband would come from office.

So after my fourth peg I just laid flat on the sofa and asked her to come over me she resisted at first but eventually she came and we started to kiss again she was over me I could see her eyes close how she was controlling everything how she was exploring my mouth it was she who was playing with my tongue. it was magical for me.

I was exploring her back she wore a salvar kameez that day so I took a step and put my hand inside her kameez and first time I touch her bare body I was keep touching and keep moving up till I reach her bra strip and may be then only rinky realize I have reached there but before she could react I have removed her bra strip and start exploring her back

and rinky just broke the kiss and start looking at my eyes and I was looking at her shamelessly. she then just hugged me and resting her head on my chest after few minutes I put my one hand inside her salwar then inside her panty and exploring her ass I was moving my hand inside her which she tried to stop me but to no success so I kept exploring.

then after some time I just rolled over now she was under me and I tried lifting her kameez and bra but she was not allowing me but forcefully I managed to so and first time I saw her breasts they were very soft and her nipple was hard I guess by then even she was too charged as she had not had sex for months now,

her tits were black I started to lick one and kept my other hand on her other breasts start pressing it, this all was happening on her size sofa, while I was licking her tits she just kept her one hand on my back and other hand was playing with my hair, she slowly started to moan she was ahhhh ahhhhh uffff ahhhhh harryyyy slowwww hmmmm ahhhhhh,

listing to her moans made me go nuts I was playing with her breasts in no time I removed her kameez and bra and there she was my love goddess top less, I could see the love in her eyes, it was uncomfortable on the sofa so I just lifted her and brought her in her bedroom.

I laid her on the bed and came on top of her and we hugged again but the difference was she was topless and then I removed my tshirt and first time our bare body met the feeling was awesome we just hugged each other for minuted we both were going crazy the feeling we were getting touching each other was different for both of us.

after some time I went down and started to open her salvaar knot and to my surprise she didn't said a word and in one go I removed her salvaar n panty and here she was lying naked in front of me It was one scene which is still printed in my memory after so many years, I came on top of her and started to kiss and and licking her tits,

her ear her neck I was playing with her body, kissing her biting her I was going wild while I was doing that I could she rinky hands on my penis when was playing with him over the paints so I stood and took off my pants and jockey and standing naked in front of her and my penis was standing hard on and as I came on bed she came on top of me and

started to kiss me on my face neck chest and kissing me on lips it was like freeing a caged lioness the way she took charge she was playing with my penis and in no time she took it inside her mouth and start giving me blow job, in starting I was feeling pain so she spat her saliva on my penis to lubricate and then she did it for minutes eventually

I had to stop her as I was about to come so I stopped her, now it was my turn to go down to her, I was exploring her vagina I was making full use of my tongue she was screaming in pleasure I was exploring her clitoris as well as finger her, at first with two and then using three finger she was enjoying the fullest and In no time she had a massive orgasm

she stopped me and just hugged me tightly she had tears in her eyes. she was puffing and I could see her shivering, she hugged me tightly she had hailed me at my back which I realized very late. it took few minutes for her to come back to normality. after a gap of few, minutes I started to suck her breasts again and started to implant a kiss on her back

I was licking her whole body from top to bottom,then again I came on top of her making her thighs apart I came in between her legs my penis was touching her vagina wall I was deliberately not putting my penis inside I was just teasing her, my act was making her hornier so this time she just toke my penis in her hand begged me to put it inside.

I just said u wish is my command and placed my penis tip in her vagina hole and in just one stroke I was inside it was so hot inside, her eyes were closed, I was looking at her she was looking beautiful with her eyes closed, then slowly I started to fuck her she was moaning hmmm ahhhh ahhhhh aaaa ahhhh her screams were getting louder and louder with each stroke of mine.

as I was on the verge so I stopped she just opened her eyes with a confuse look or I can say asking me y I stopped, then I got up to take a condom and wore it, then I ask her to come on top of me as I had fantasy of her riding on top of me, she came and started, I could see her face her breast were shaking up n down it was a sight to watch she kept riding till she got tired and then

I ask her to come in a doggy style as I wanted to enter from behind. I dont know but there is something about this position which makes boys go crazy, I started to fuck her from behind in between I was slapping her ass I was fucking her real hard which could be seen from her screams she was asking me to slow down but I was on the verge of my climax

I was on my peak from where to slow down was not possible I was stroking real hard and fast and then I just changed my position to missionary and started to fuck her again keeping her legs on my shoulder I was pumping her hard whole room was full of sound of my balls hit her ass and her screams and in few more strokes we both exploded,we both were sweating like hell,

I was so tired she just took me in her arms and let me rest over her for some time I was just lying on top of her while she was playing with my hairs and moving her hands on my back. After few minutes we both got up and used the wash room and came back again in the bed and were sleeping hugging each other,

it was such a beautiful time we were naked lying on the bed in each other's arm, in between kissing on lips, cheeks, neck, shoulder. we both were so lost that we didn't realize it was 11:30 Pm so we got up, she then asked me to have dinner, even she needs to clean the stuff as her husband would come around 1 am, we had dinner and as I was about to leave she came and we

had a smooch and we both could see the love in each other's eyes, then I left she asked me to message once I reach my home. It was such a wonderful feeling the whole journey back home had a smile on my face. It was a start of a special relationship for us. I have many more wonderful experience to share will post in future depending on much response I get from this story.

Please leave your comment below so that inspire me to post more stories of Rinky and me.

The End.

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Harry Enjoying Sex With Office Girl Rinky - II

Previously: Harry Enjoying Sex With Office Girl Rinky - I

This situation of mine was making me mad as I wanted to tell rinky about my feeling and I knew it will hamper our relation but I was always a guy who speaks his mind out, so I decided whenever we will go out next or even at her home when we will drink I will tell her my state of mind.

So it was Friday, so around 6 pm rinky pinged me asking me about my plan for tonight I said nothing then she lets go out somewhere I said ok as I was more than happy coz I had made my mind of sharing my feeling for her, we went to one of the restaurants where there was small hut type set up and got one hut for us and ordered.

After 3-4 peg down we were chit chatting and decided to tell her about my feeling. Though I was not that high I was pretending to be high Me: Rinky I want to tell u something She: What? Me: I know u will feel strange but I have to tell u something She: Harry plz no I know where u are going to don't Me: Yes I love u I don't from when but I think I love u She: U r drunk so chill

Me: I got drunk only to tell u this, I walk from my side of the table to her side She: what r u doing? Me: (I hold her hand and just kissed her on her cheek ) I love u She: (tried to get up) me: (got up and hugged her ) She: Plz leave me, ok Harry, I got what u wanted to tell me so relaxed just wait let me use the loo will be back in a sec,

she went and came after 10min and I was sitting there a bit confuse and much relief state, she came and behaving as if nothing happened, she order for dinner I was watching her confused and finally asked her ME: Rinky She: Yes Me: u don't want to say anything She: Harry will talk on this on Monday so just chill Me: No u just tell me u love me or not

SHe: give me some time and I was like ok but in between before we left for home I again kissed her on cheek and made her kiss me back on my cheek. Maybe I was acting very cute as I get into that cute mode when I am too drunk as I won't eat myself and ask other to help me eat.

So weekend got over it was Monday I waited for ping but nothing happened we were too busy in our work Monday gone Tuesday, Wednesday also flew and it was Thursday when I finally ask will u say something she told me will meet after office but she left without telling me,

Friday I came office was waiting for her it was 1 pm and she was still not in office and then got an email in the office mailbox from her manager saying she will be on leave until next Friday, I enquired about rinky, came to know that she is on leave as she is going to her hometown Indore, I was like wow, first time in 1 year of knowing her that she didn't tell me about her plan,

that night I watsapp her why she didn't tell me she said it was not a planned is just happened as her mom is not keeping well.I said ok, week passed we had an office party it was Friday I got drunk and got high and called her as I was missing her as all the office was there but just she was not there, so called her informing about the party but she already knew she was behaving differently,

and while talking I told her I am missing her here she asked y? u r missing me Me: U know I love u She: Harry this is not possible u have a gf and I am married, already I am suffering in my life coz of my one mistake of marrying the wrong person, I really like u as a friend but can't go beyond that. I can't handle one more fail relation.

Also, there is no future for this relation, In a year or two ur and your gfs parents will agree to ur marriage then y u want to get into a relationship with me when there is no future. ME: I don't know I just love u She : there is no love it's just attraction so chill Me: I just hate this word chill, there is nothing chill in my life,

if that's ur reply sorry I don't want this relation also I just can't be ur friend or just pretend to be ur friend. It's over Bye. So from Monday my mission of ignoring her started, she brought some sweets from home for the team, everyone went and took a piece, but I didn't she ping me to come and collect sweets she has kept one for me separately but I didn't,

she came to my desk to give but I took off from there, ignore means complete ignore, During breaks complete team used to sit together for lunch and tea break everybody was talking but she was silent and from corner of her eyes looking at me, this continued for complete week I was talking to everyone normally the way I used but not talking to her,

after a week my ignorance started to affect her, boys are very good in hiding their emotion but girls are not and in rinky's case her face expression used to say everything going inside her, even some of our colleague started to point her, and ask rinky is everything ok? which she used to reply positive Some were seeing her in such state made me uncomfortable,

I just cant see her like that I always used to love her smile, her bubbly nature and here she is silent looking lost, so I made my mind to talk to her its been now two weeks I havent talk to her so on Friday while leaving I ask her to stop and told her to meet me in CCD which is just outside our office building so we went there, I ordered I could easily see something is wrong.

While we were waiting for order we were silent so I proceed and hold her hand she just took it back I again hold it this time firmly, I was looking in my eyes she had her eyes looking down and then I spoke and ask her u seriously do not love me, for which she said no I dont then I asked why u are so lost in office she said I don't know, I dont know anything and she got up and left,

I run behind her and stopped her I was standing facing her back, she was not turning as wanted to avoid looking at me. she was standing holding her scooty so I moved from one side to other so I can talk to her looking at her, so as I lifted her face to talk to her I can see her crying. she had tears in her eyes and eyes were red, the feeling I was having that time I just cant tell,

I was feeling so bad, the girl whom I love I made her cry. I started apologizing for my act I said sorry for the way I treated u I know I was behaving like a cunt m sorry!!. I just hold her and hug her for which she also hugged me. And few minuted she was feeling ok she said have to rush home so she left.

That night I got a watsapp from her around 2 am, she wrote Harry I just don't know what happened to me today, y I started to cry y I felt so good when u hugged me, I was so lost for the last two week, I was not eating properly not sleeping properly, I was so cynic last week, I was getting angry at every thing and every one. But now I am feeling good may be coz we met today,

One thing I realize that even I love u and u were the very reason I was so happy for the last 1 year because u were around me, to guide me to help me when I needed, so Mr Harry I also love u now u can hug me u can kiss me but we won't go any further. We won't complicate our relationship more as it has already become a complicated one.

So now gn this might help me sleep better as I have spoken about my feeling to u which I was holding back. Don't msg me tomorrow, I have mine in laws coming. I walk in the morning around 9 am and when I saw the message I was like finally I have the girl so it was not a one sided we both used to love each other I was so happy but I can't message her so I was just waiting for Monday so I can see her.

To Be Continued...

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Harry Enjoying Sex With Office Girl Rinky - I

Hi, Guys, my name is Harry(Name Change).Before I start let me tell u it's a lengthy story, and as it's my first story so please forgive if u find it boring and if there are some grammatical mistake as m not used to writing. I am from Banglore and in a steady relationship for last 7 years. But this story is not about me and my Girlfriend ( now wife).

It's a story about me and my best friend, now friends with benefits.before Coming to story let me give u some background I was working in Mumbai then got a job in my hometown and joined a reputed MNC. I and GF were ready for marriage but due to different caste we were facing resistance from our family but we were very persistence to marry each other only

but we wanted to get married only when both the families were ready. So coming back to story the heroine of my Story is rinky(name Change), she was married for 3 years that too a love marriage.

First time I saw her when I join my new company where my manager introduces me to all my office colleagues and there she was around 28 years height 5' 4" inch and vital stats of 34 30 32. I won't say I fall for her instantly but I was impressed by her dressing style and the way she was carrying herself. And also she was the only good looking women in the team of over 50.

So as the day passed in the new company I got friendly with almost all including her. Also, most of the colleagues knew I am in a steady relationship. But irony about a steady relationship is some time u face some rough patch where u need someone close to u with whom u can share u problem and get some suggestions, that's where rinky and me came close,

it happened as I was facing issue in my relationship and even rinky facing some issue in her marriage so we used to meet after office go to restaurant or mg road where we used to hang out, used to chat talk about our issue she used to suggest me ways to handle my issue and vice versa.

And in the period of 7-8 months, we were like buddies sharing most of our stuff, going out after office some time alone or some time with the team till then we were just friend nothing more than that.

Many time when I was on leave she used to msg me saying she missed me same used to happened when she was not in office to me as I also used to miss her, but there was nothing of that sort other than friendship that we used to think but eventually we were wrong which u will understand through the course of the story.

Things changed between us, I still remember one Friday rinky told me her husband is out of town for few days and will return only on Monday. she asked me about my plan for the weekend, as me and my GF was not talking that much I said m mostly be at home nothing special. then she said let meet tomorrow will go for movie shopping and dinner.

This was the first time we will be meeting on the weekend as we used to go out only after office or short breaks during office time. Somehow I was also very excited to meet her that too spending a whole day with her. as decided we met around 2 pm in one of the malls near to our home, we watched a movie and then did shopping and decided to head for dinner,

as I have selected one of the restaurant which is on the highway so we started and reached there around 9 and took a corner table it was a rooftop lounge. We ordered whiskey for me and vodka for her, few pegs down she starting talking too much and sharing some of her personal problem which she was facing in her married life,

one thing which she shared was about her sex life which she said is very boring and I asked her what happened? she replied my husband has lost his sexual desire, me: why and when the last time u had sex she: I don't know may be more than 2-3 months that too a quick one me: quick why u two stay alone and why is u having such issue?

she: he is not romantic he is like he will call me in the bedroom and will start kissing and will go down and in few minutes he will be done and m like what happened and why, so no foreplay nothing of that sort. Me: that's so boring why u don't share with him that u don't like that way, that's not a way to do sex or love making with ur wife, he should be gentle, caring as well as wild

She: I have told him much time but he doesn't listen, he also has some issue as he finds it painful during intercourse so we use lubricant, but we used it twice or thrice, coz of that I had a major infection in my vagina so I told him not to use that, that's y now it's been more than 2-3 months that we had sex.

Me: it's a major issue, I think u should have a word with him and try to find a solution She: hmmm then she asked me about my sex life and told her it been a while I had sex as I was not in a talking term with my GF. Then we drank and drank till we both got out, then by seeing her I realize its better to drop her so I called a cab and went to drop her,

she was too drunk so I took her flat key opened her flat took her inside lied her on the bed and left from there leaving a note for her. Next day she called me around 1 pm as it was Sunday even I got up late, she thanked me and asked me about what all she did, I said u were just too drunk but u didn't misbehave just a few bad words for her husband,

listing to that she said then it's ok. But after that day our trust factor got increased more and she starting invited me to her home also as her husband does a US shift so he reaches home only after 1 am, so many time we used to drink at her place, we used to start around 8pm then drink till 10-10:30 and then dinner and I used to leave her place by 11- 11:30 max,

the same we used to do it twice or thrice a week and even during weekend when she is out shopping with her husband she would ask me about where I am and if I am close by she would ask me to meet and then meet for few minutes hiding from husband and I will leave.

Though I never met her husband but he has seen my pics so we needed to be cautious, But in between when all this was happening I was starting to imagine about her, I started to stare at her boobs her ass, I didn't want to do anything foolish that I may lose my Best friend but I failed to,

I was going through strange phase of life where even after sharing so much time together I wanted more, I used to miss her on weekend, some where inside I started to love her, but it was so difficult for me to make her understand as she knew I am having gf and we wanted to get married.

For me also it was very difficult I don't know I will be able to express it as I was in a relationship with a girl for 7 years and here I am falling for another girl that too married, got close to each other coz her husband is not giving her adequate time and love and here I am fighting with my gf the reasons is our parents who were not allowing us to get married,

I know though we r not talking but my gf loves me a lot and will marry only me, not be talking doesn't make her love for me less but deep inside I was feeling my love for her start to get less and my love for rinky is on verge of rising.

To Be Continued...

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Sindhu Enjoying Sex With Umesh During Audit Report

After B.Com, Sindhu's parents asked her to take up Chartered Accountancy as a career. Sindhu and her father went around several career guidance institutions and finally she joined a well know firm of CAs as an Articles clerk. At the of 20 she had a bright academic career. Physically she was very beautiful and well endowed with assets about which anybody would envy.

She started to work and a senior Articles clerk was asked to teach her the nuances of the work. She got friendly with all her male and female colleagues. They were checking the accounts of very many firms and preparing the balance sheets, tax returns etc for them. She went to attend seminars to update herself about the changes in the tax structure.

Her employer was appointed as chartered accountant for two of the PSBs and the work involved the articles clerk to visit the branches and go through the entire transactions and report to the boss who will have discussion with the bank officials and try to rectify them. It involved travelling and staying in hotels in distant towns for the purpose of audit.

As far as possible, the firm sent only men for such outstation jobs. But when the pressure of work and shortage of personal, makes them to chose female employees also to go but only on their consent. Sindhu was asked whether she has any objection to undertake such travel if need be, she said she is willing, as she was fond of travelling and staying in high rated hotels.

Usually they sent a team of two or three girls with a senior male colleague. The male colleague, Umesh was a young man, very strict adherant to discipline, and hard work. Umesh led the team with Sindhu and Lakshmi. Umesh had gone on such errands many times and it was the first time for Sindhu and Lakshmi.

Their travel agent arranged for the tickets and booked rooms in good hotels. But Lakshmi did not turn up at the station because her mother was seriously sick and was hospitalised. There was no one except her at home to take care of her mother. Only Umesh and Sindhu had to go.

They cancelled the ticket of Lakshmi and they got into I class coupe compartment to undertake overnight journey. They ordered for food from the caterers and after taking it Umesh took the upper berth and Sindhu the lower berth. She was wearing a jeans and a t shirt and did not change her dress. Umesh wore a dhothi and removed his pant and kept it in the upper berth.

Before sleeping they sat for while for talking. Umesh could not resist looking at the boobs of Sindhu which were projecting out under her t shirt. Sindhu sat in a pose leaning forward and her boobs were bulging out. She was looking at the handsome face of Umesh. He was asking her about her background and told her about his. The talk was friendly.

When they felt sleepy Umesh occupied the upper berth and saw Sindhu stretching in the lower berth. She wanted to go to the bathroom and she requested Umesh to go with her as the corridor was empty and she was not bold enough to go alone. He obliged her and she went to the bathroom and finished her use and came out and saw Umesh standing outside.

They both came back to their berths and took to sleep. They reached their destination at 4 am and Umesh got up as he had set his alarm. He came down put on the light and saw Sindhu sleeping. He called her and shook her and saw her boobs shaking inside her bra and t shirt. She got up and they got ready to get down form the train.

When the train stopped they got down with their luggage and took a taxi and went to the hotel. But the hotel manager told them there is no room since the booking was not confirmed and hence they alloted the room to somebody else. They took the taxi and went to another hotel and there was a double room available.

Umesh took the room and the hotel boy took their luggage and took to the room. Umesh found there was a double bed in the room. That means he and Sindhu have to sleep in one double bed. He asked her what to do. She said it is ok. we will adjust. Umesh was also thrilled to sleep in one bed with a beauty like Sindhu.

Sindhu went to the bathroom and changed into a nighty in the meantime Umesh wore a dhothi and removed his shirt and pant. He told her to sleep in the bed and he will go to the sofa to sleep. She said, no, You sleep in the bed and I will sleep in the sofa. Finally they reconciled to sleep in the same bed each in the far corner of the bed.

They both turned to the other side and dreamed of the other party sharing the bed. None ot them could sleep and they thought of each other. Next day they got up and ordered for coffee and they finished their morning oblusions and Sindhu washed her undergarments and hung them in the bathroom to dry. She came out dressed in churidar.

Umesh saw her undergarments put to dry, he also washed his vest and brief and put it next to hers, and took bath. When he came out after bath he saw her almost dressed and ready. He also put on his working dress and got ready and they both came out and went and had their breakfast.

Umesh carried his laptop while going for auditing besides his writing instruments and asked her whether she has her pen etc with her. They both reached the bank. On reaching the branch they got a cover from their office that they have to do audit of two more branches of the same bank in the same city.

Umesh called Sindhu aside and told her that they may have to stay in the same hotel for 30 days more. He asked her whether she would like to continue or go back to her home so that he may call for somebody else. She said no, I would like to continue. They both smiled at each other.

Then they met the manager and introduced themselves as auditors and asked for checking up the cash on hand, both Umesh and Sindhu counted the cash and found it to be ok, then tey checked the gold packets pledged and started the work in right earnest. Umesh gave her instructions as what to do next and they went out for lunch in some hotel.

The manager told them that he will make arrangements for bringing food from the hotel and that they may not to go in the hot sun. When the food was brought, Sindhu took up serving the food to Umesh and for herself. In the evening they finished the work early and went back to leave their work dress and the laptop and put on casuals and went out to the mall and a film was just ready.

Umesh bought the tickets and they both went and sat inside the theatre. The hands of Umesh and Sindhu were together in the hand rest and after sometime he took her hand in his hand and her soft palms thrilled him. Umesh was a bachelor and it is not that he gets the company of beautiful girls often. Now Sindhu is sitting near him was thrilling for him.

He has never had a female colleague to accompany him for audit. Her soft hand in his hand gave him many dreams, for her too. This is how they both will hold hands in a wedding ceremoney. He could not watch the film or concentrate on the story. It is the same case for Sindhu, she too never felt the hands of a boy. Umesh felt a ring in her finger.

He asked her who put this ring in your hand. She said it is her mother who gave her finger to wear. Umesh said, I thought it is your engagement ring. She said, she is not engaged with anybody and both laughed. He took her hand above his and was just running his other hand over hers.

He felt her fingers, None of them did watch the movie although it was a new movie with their favourite actors. The movie was over and they both came out and while going to the eatery, he asked her how was the movie, whether you liked it. She just bowed down her head and laughed, because he also knew that she did not watch. She asked him, how was it.

He also laughed and said who watched I was busy with your hand and fingers. After taking food they returned to their hotel and went up to their room. They as usual changed into their sleeping clothes and then lied in the bed. Umesh told her that from next day they may have to visit the clients of the bank. With her nighty tucked between her knees she lied near him looking at him.

He took his left hand and was running his hand over it enjoying its softness. He put out the light and asked her to come closer and hug him. First she hesitated, but later she came close to him, their bodies touched each other and he kissed her cheeks and she was over whelmed.

She told him as an introduction that if we intend to get married all intimate acts we will do after that, if he does not want to marry her, she said firmly she is not for any sexual advances. Umesh said, Sindhu, I like and love you very much, if I marry I will marry only you and nobody else. In that case we will inform our parents and ask them to go ahead, said Sindhu.

Next week they had a formal betrothal ceremony. Many relatives and friends took part and Sindhu and Umesh exchanged rings and their marriage date was also fixed. The went back to their audit job and their continued to stay in double room but the stay was more enjoyable. Umesh undressed Sindhu and saw her naked body. He was taken aback by her beauty.

Her magnificent body structure was amazing. He never thought that he was lying withthis girl all along in the same bed. Though he wanted to make further progress, Sindhu was shy and was very inactive. He pressed her naked body against his and saw her boobs gets flattened against his hairy chest. They lived like married couple.

He wanted to fuck her but she said why not wait for our first night, when in decorated bed we will have our first sex. He aggreed and contained himself. After their audit assignments were over their marrage took place in a grand scale and many friends and relatives participated.

Sindhu in her wedding dress looked like an angel and was envied by all. After marriage they lived happily and completed all her exams and came out successfully as chartered accountants.

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Confessions of a lonely office guy - II

Previously: Confessions of a lonely office guy - I

The suspense was killing me. How can I make her turn towards me. Throw my mobile and go and pick it. No not mobile. Mobile was still on emi. In my desperation I stood from my seat all of a sudden. She looked up at me. She smiled and asked me if I was going for a coffee. I was not. I hate coffees from vending machines, but I nodded nevertheless.

She requested me if I could bring her a tea as she hated coffee from vending machines. I gave her a very weird smile, like I was happy inside but could not express it outside. Before she could change her mind, I walked out and ran to the cafeteria and got two teas for her. The tea was hot but I let my fingers burn till I reached her.

She thanked me and got up and walked towards me and took the tea from me. For a second her fingers touched mine and the burning sensation vanished. I would have done some punya karmas in my last life for which I am finally being rewarded. I could have cried but that would look foolish in front of her.

I saw that her saree may not be covering her midriff entirely but I couldn’t say for sure. She told me that she was wearing high heels and in her saree it was very difficult to bring the tea without spilling it. She looked tall in her high heels. Her saree was sticking on to her body.

As she took the tea from me and turned I saw that her blouse was very low and there was a gap between blouse and petticoat showing some skin. I told her that it is very difficult to carry oneself while wearing saree to which she replied that it was mistake that she decided to wear it as she find it difficult to hold it all together. I laughed at her statement. Actually, she was right.

She was constantly pulling up her pallu to keep it from falling. Wasn’t there supposed to be a pin holding the pallu or something. I did not ask her that though. In the 5 mins that we had tea she had to constantly adjust it from falling off her shoulders. I was staring at her shoulders all the while, her milky white shoulders.

I hoped that the entire pallu would fall off her and show me her perfectly round bosoms and navel. But that I guess was again too much to ask. I quietly excused myself and gave her some privacy to adjust it and left to the loo. I had to act like a gentleman even when I don’t like it. When I came in again she was not be found.

In a few moments, she appeared again with a safety pin in her hands. I blinked my eyes congratulating her on finding one. She blinked back and sat in her seat. I avoided looked at her directly while she was trying to put that pin in place. She very tightly pinned all the pallu on her left shoulder. I realized that she was done and looked at her.

She had in the process removed the pallu that was covering her stomach. All the pallu was in a straight slanted lined exposing lot of her stomach. My eyes lit up. She did not do anything to cover her navel when I looked at her. She turned towards me giving me the best look of stomach. Her belly button was bit under the tuck. I was disappointed.

Are you able to breathe I asked her. She smiled at me and stood up. He stomach now facing me, she put her hands and removed more of her pallu covering her stomach and with both hands on the either side of the petticoat. She pulled it down bringing her bellybutton inches away from my face. She had a flat stomach. She took a deep breath and told me that she is feeling relieved now.

I was in state of coma. She sat in her seat. He body slightly tiled towards mine. I could clearly see her belly button and exposed navel. She saw me staring at her tried to cover a bit of stomach with her pallu which sent alarm bells ringing in my head. I told her that she maintains her stomach well. And to change the subject I asked her if she hits the gym often.

Since I was caught red-handed I wanted to ask some genuine questions. She felt uncomfortable with this and told me she does not go to gym nor yoga. Then how do you maintain flat abs, I asked her. She did not respond to that just smiled as if she wanted to stop that subject there. I did not push her anymore. She saw that I had already gotten full view of her navel.

She just put a hand of hers on her bare navel and pressed it and said that running around trying to make a living is enough to maintain a flat stomach. I smiled and turned around and got back to work without acting creepy. I saw that she made no efforts to cover her navel with her pallu. She just left it exposed. We spoke some more she did not feel the necessity to cover it.

I secretly enjoyed her bare navel. She was not of suspecting nature or she enjoyed exposing it to me. I did not know. I got her another tea and this time she sat facing me and we spoke about office. He entire navel was on display to me. I openly stared at her stomach shamelessly. It was soft and white. It was so tender. I could have sucked it, licked the bellybutton till it went dry.

But I resisted the temptation. This was the best day of my life so far. Monday was a holiday. I missed office. I wanted to be back on my seat next to her. I did not have her number also. I waited for sunrise on tuesday. I got my bike and reached on time. She was there already. She smelled of some shampoo. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

There were lot of people in office. I was saddened. But the bright side was that she is here now, sitting inches from me. She was wearing a tshirt and a jean. Her breasts were pressed against her tshirt. Tshirt was short, it was raising up everytime she stretched. I had seen so much more that small skin show did not excite me anymore. I wanted more.

Since she wore no belt, her jeans hung loose around her waist. If I stood I could see her panty. She was bending forward and working and I could see her tshirt was lifted high up her back and she wore a pink panty. She was not aware of my looks. I was the luckiest guy in office who has seen her bare skin to this extent.

Since there was wall covering us from behind and side, people could only see us from the front but with the cubicle wall blocking the front as well. Since I had brought her tea the other day, today she bought me tea. She smiled and gave me tea and told that she is feeling cold. They must have increased the ac power.

She cupped both her palms around the tea mug and pressed it against her shoulders giving it some warmth. I told her that I have one warm sweater in my draw. If she needs it she can take it. She was happy to hear it. I took it out and it was a nike pullover. She put it on her and thanked me many times. I was thinking of smelling the pullover all night after reaching home.

It was very hot outside, only inside the office it was cold. So when she went out for lunch she wanted to remove it. I told her that it was super hot outside and she should take it off and wear it when she is inside. She agreed to it. In the process of removing it from her head. Her tshirt also lifted along with it. I saw the milky-white navel of hers again when her tshirt raised till her ribs.

When the cold air hit her she immediately pulled it down. The damage was done. I saw what I wanted to. She wanted to go to the restroom and remove it but she had gone there few minutes back. I laughed at her and told her that I will hold down her shirt for her. She did not know what to reply. But then she dragged her chair closer to mine. It was a risky thing to do.

Someone could see this. I looked around to see that most of them had left for lunch. I looked at her face, brought my hand inside her pullover and pressed her tshirt over her waist. Since the pullover was little tight to remove. It got stuck on her head. I let go of her waist and loosened the thread near the neck and asked her to try again. I then went put my hand intentionally over her waist.

She took it out of her and off her hands. I still kept my hands on her waist till it was off her completely. She thanked me but waited for me to removed my hands from her waist. I took my time as I knew no one would see where my hands were. I reluctantly removed it. She stared at me. I did not know what she was thinking. I prayed yet again to rectify my mistake.

But I had crossed my limit this time. I skipped lunch and hoped she would not create a fuss here. I avoided her when she came back to her seat but to my happiness she wore the pullover again. Life came back to me. She spoke normally to me. She had more work to complete and she stayed back after work. I did not have work but I stayed back because she did.

By 7 pm, the room was stranded but for us. She packed her stuff and was about to leave. I was sad that she did not remove the pullover. Maybe she will wash it and bring tomorrow. She was about to walk out that she realized that she was wearing my pullover. She called me and asked me to help again. I was happier beyond imagination.

She again brought her chair towards me and she realized that there were not anyone around. She started pulling up the pullover dragging her t-shirt with it. When it was half way up, her entire navel was shown to me she motioned me to pull down her t-shirt please, in a commanding voice.

I immediately found the t-shirt and pressed my hands on it resisting it from raising any further but neither did I bring it down. I wanted to enjoy her navel and her belly button some more time. She removed her pullover completely. I let go of her t-shirt, but since it was tight it remained halfway there and not coming down. I took a step back and enjoyed her half nudity.

Maybe she did not realize that her t-shirt did not come down and started to take a hair band and tie her hair instead giving me more time to relish her body. There was a small paper piece stuck on her t-shirt which now was stuck on to her navel above her bellybutton. When she realized that her t-shirt was still up she pulled it down and said sorry to me.

I wanted to tell her about the paper piece stuck on her navel. But when I started I stopped it. She asked me what it was. I told her it was nothing and that there was a small paper piece stuck on to her. She looked at her t-shirt and jeans and could not find it. I told her that it was stuck inside her t-shirt. She acted concerned and lifted the sides of the t-shirt to find it.

I told her to lift the t-shirt more and I remove it. She pulled up her t-shirt again giving me the display of her most beautiful navel. I directly touched the paper piece and threw it away. Anything more, she asked me. I lifted her t-shirt more and made her turn around and told her nothing. She pulled down her top. She gave me a strange look. Without saying anything she hurried off.

Next day she came to office and I told her hi. She did not reply. She pulled her chair close to me and said” I have a boyfriend”. I was taken aback after hearing her words. I did not know what to say. She sensed it. She continued saying that she loved her boyfriend. I knew what she was getting at. I told her that I was not a psycho who wanted to cause her any harm.

I told her that I was happy to hear that she was in a good relation. She felt relieved to hear that. I told her that I was merely her admirer and liked to just look at her. She did not know how to respond. She asked me what I wanted from her? I confessed to her that I was a navel lover. She did not know how to react. She was curious on hearing it.

I told her that I loved to see her navel whenever I got a chance. She kept mum. She wanted to hear more. I told her that I don’t want to be her lover or husband or any such thing. I just wanted to see some skin of hers. She thought for some time and asked what do I get from just staring. I told her that this is the first time that I was so close to a girl and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

She was confused. I told her not to get upset as I will stop looking at her if she was not happy about it. She was confused further. We sat in silence for some time and she asked me what do I like best in her. I told her that I liked her belly button very much. I told her that I can gaze at her belly button for hours non-stop. She was surprised. But its just a belly button.

Whats the big deal? I told her that that’s my fetish. She laughed. She told me that I am the weirdest guy she has ever met in her life. I smiled back. At least I could convince her that I was not there to cause her any harm. We went back to our seat. She did not speak anything to me. I never tried to talk to her also. I was wrong. Maybe she thought I was crazy.

Maybe she will send her boyfriend to beat me up. I got crazy thoughts in my head about hr firing me for molestation that night. I went to office scared. I should not have confessed to her. I went our cubicle she was not there. I expected the worse to happen. And then she came. She wore a jeans and a thick pullover. She had covered herself from head to toe. I expected it.

She sat on her seat. I thought of apologizing again. She kept her items on the table. I looked at her. She looked at me. Without saying a word. She lifted her pullover along with a t-shirt shirt underneath. I was shocked. She kept her pullover in half raised position, giving me all the time to see her silky-smooth navel. I was speechless. Do I thank the god for this or the devil himself.

Maybe devil had taken control of my life. I stared without blinking. She then pulled out the pullover. She smiled at me. I gave her a nod that conveyed thousand thanks to her. She gave a naughty smile and started working like nothing happened. The best-looking girl in my office had just agreed to spice up life. This could not be happening. I was not a loser after all.

Throughout the day she teased me with a bit of exposing. I loved the feeling. The excitement was killing me. She used to turn her chair towards me and stretch her hands lifting her top giving me a sneak peak of her belly button. She loved teasing me now. I never attempted to touch her. There was this time when the entire cubicle went for a meeting ad only me and her was there.

She purposely lifted her t-shirt and tied it around just below her breast. I ogled at her bared naked navel for half an hour while she acted as she worked. She started liking the feeling that she had an admirer. We never spoke of our personal lives. It was a unspoken bond that we developed.

One day we both worked late. By 6:30 everyone left and we were still there. She looked around to find no one nearby. I winked at her. She had a lot of work but she removed her buttons at the bottom and started working. I don’t know what came over me but I pulled myself out of my chair and bent down and turned her chair towards me. She was shocked.

I have never done this before. I parted her shirt and started licking her belly button like crazy. My saliva dripping on her navel. She was too shocked to react. She finally tried to push my head away but I did not relent, I started madly kissing her all over her navel. She could not scream. She pushed me away hard. Finally, I let go of her navel. She slapped me hard on my face.

She cried tears rolling out of her eyes. I did not say sorry. She hurriedly buttoned herself and left.
Next day she did not come. I knew I had crossed the limits. I deserved everything that will happen to me know. I did not pray. Even god will not save me anymore. She did not come the next day as well. She came the day after. She did not speak to me. She wore salwar.

The look on her face told me that she did not anything to do with me anymore. I conveyed a very very sorry expression on my face which she ignored. She avoided me the whole day. She was getting ready to leave when I wrote on a tissue paper that I will get my seat changed. She did not reply and went past me.

Next day I was prepared to get my seat changed to reason that there is not enough sunlight. I came and kept my bag on the table and was about to go to my managers cabin when I saw a tissue paper kept on my desk saying “no need” in bold. I smiled and sat back. I was happy. She came back after a while and smiled at me.

She wore a saree she looked stunning. She sat on her seat and pulled her chair close to mine. She pulled my hands placed my hand on her navel and covered it with her pallu. I could not believe it. Was she a psycho now? I did not care. I slowly caressed her navel all over. We both acted as if we were staring at the monitor. My hand were free to touch whatever I wanted.

I wanted to be bold. I slowly raised my hands and touched her breast. She left out a moan. I started squeezing her breasts. I massaged both her breasts for about half an hour and also tickled her belly. She was getting wet I supposed. When someone stood up I let go of her. We acted normal when people were around. This was a perfect arrangement.

When no one was around during lunch. I used to go on my knees and suck her navel, lick every corner of her stomach while massaging her breasts. We had mini orgasms every day. One day she wore a knee length skirt. I had placed my hands on her things massaging her inner thighs all day. We stayed back after work. After most of them left.

She pulled out her panty and spread her legs and sat while I liked her pussy juice dry. She got her first proper orgasm in office that day. I fingered her to heaven after that. We keep our office romance active. And this is the story of a loser turning hero.

The End.

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Confessions of a lonely office guy - I

`Tringgg!!!.. It was Monday morning again. I hate mondays. Not that saturday and sunday or even friday night was awesome. I had stayed home and binge watched some sitcoms over the weekend. Work was hectic. I hated to come back to reality. I liked the stories of people on these tv shows. I wanted to be like them.

Living life king size but here I am struggling to make enough money to pay all the bills with my non-progressive job. I had to think 10 times before burning the money in some pubs to make my weekend memorable. Well this brings me to my next problem. Even if I had money to splurge in the pubs, I lack the next important criteria. Girlfriend. Forget that I did not even have proper friends.

Only those hi, hello ones in the office and many virtual ones active on different groups I am a part off on whatsapp. I had 734 friends on fb. None of whom call me or like a post of mine, except for the many many happt returns for the day wish that I post for those I feel are privileged to get a wish from me. Most of them don’t even like individual wishes anymore.

They say a thank you in bulk the next day after their birthday to convey that they had a blast on that day and did not have time to reply personally. I opened my eyes and searched for my phone as first thing. No missed calls, no new messages, many forwards on WhatsApp, none specifically asking for me. Thank god for mute button on WhatsApp.

I casually glanced that the WhatsApp messages anyway. The building association waala group took the first place with 176 unread messages from yesterday night 11:30 pm to 7 am today. The group had erupted into a fight on which color to chosen to paint the exterior of the apartment which had now turned black during its 11 years of existence.

Not that anybody cared just that people just do not wish to give anyone monopoly over choosing the color. I stayed out of it. I made myself out of my bed and dressed up to face this very aggressive week head-on. By the time I had breakfast at a nearby hotel. It was 8:30am. Ola and uber did not show any mercy to me and showed me its surged pricing. I took a bus to work.

I smelled bad thanks to my sweat odor and from the people who pressed on to me. I sat in my cubicle and I waved at my colleagues who waved me back with a raised eyebrow not even looking at me. I was happy that the chair on my left was empty as my colleague had quit after getting 30% hike in the rival company. I did not have it in me to clear an interview anymore.

I was stuck in this company for past 6 years. I always wanted to be like those who quit every 2 years getting 30 to 50% hikes in other companies. Here I am thankful to god that I have one job at least. Going abroad was a dream that was slowing dying as I have started to accept the harsh realities of life that I may never reach the shores of America anymore.

My friends who were duffers in college reached us and posting pics on FB of their travel adventures. They keep checking in to different countries in the morning, afternoon and night. Phew what a tiring day!!! Traveled to 3 countries in a single day. That’s what their status would say. Like I am supposed to feel sad for them.

I had thought of deleting my account in FB many times but those jerks don’t let you do that either. If you login again all the amazing moments my friends enjoyed splashes on screen again. My life sucks. No doubt about that. I checked the matrimonial app on my mobile to see that someone had rejected me again. Common on a Monday morning.

That’s the meanest thing to do. Like Tuesday would have been ok to be rejected. Damn I liked that chick as she was really good looking but then again why would a girl from rich family marry a middle-class guy like me. Makes sense why her father rejected me. Well in a way he was right. I cant afford her a weeks makeup items also. Her father surely did see those old 80’s Bollywood movies.

Tumhare pass kya hai? And I would reply “mere pass house loan, bike loan and personal loan hai”. Beat that answer you would-not-be-father-in-law. And then it happened “hello”. I heard a most beautiful voice. “hello” I heard it again. I turned around to see one of the most beautiful girls, far better than the girl who rejected me on the matrimony app, looking at me.

I stared at her in disbelief. After getting no response from me, she kept her belongings on the desk to the left of mine. I shook back into reality and managed to say hi. She told me that she joined new. Of course my manager had brought in a replacement for my colleague who left. I never in my wildest dreams thought he could hire a babe like this.

She spoke again and I was again lost in my train of thought. When my senses woke up again she was still looking at me with a large cable in her hand saying, would you? What did she just ask me? My brain became full alert. Babe, cable, would you?? What could that mean? Aah.. It struck. Fix the cable of her computer in the socket as it far under the desk.

She wanted me to fix it for her. Then I heard a familiar voice saying “let me do it for you”. It was that bastard, he took this opportunity to barge in and took the cable from her and fixed it for her and started chatting with her. Damn this is how losers are. I cant believe that I missed the first shot. My brain got disconnected again.

I could hear faint laughter of hers as my colleague had cracked some jokes ad already etched his name into her head for first goto person in case of any help that she might require. I felt like Amol Patekar. Suddenly a crowd gathered around my cubicle. Many guys gathering to introduce them to the chick that newly joined. I sat back in the chair and acted busy working.

Many guys gave me the envious look for getting a seat next to her. From what I could overhear. She was flooded with offers to have coffee with some, lunch with some other group and even a first day evening party. In minutes all her free slots were booked for this week and few days into next week as well. I looked up at god for showing me happiness and taking it away in a flash.

I hate god. I am sure he created people like me to make other people happy that their life is better than mine. But then there are people living in slums who would kill to live my life. But why do I have to always be happy comparing myself with people in the lowest form of life to be happy. Like look at a cripple and be happy that I have all my body parts intact.

After half an hour, the crowd dwindled and it was me and her again in that cubicle. Silence. I looked at her from the corner of my eye. She was busily staring at the computer screen. She wore business formals. A shirt with buttons, pink in color, a formal pants, black in color. Neatly creased. Straight hair till her shoulders. A well-polished shiny black leather shoe or sandals.

I looked up at her face again and she was staring back at me. I froze. Damn. I blew my impression on the first day. The first impression is the last impression. She said hi again. This time I was prepared and responded immediately with a hi. She responded back by saying that her name is Nisha. My brain again got disconnected thinking if I should extend my hand or not.

The result was no. Don’t act desperate. When the connected to my brain restored, I saw she had extended her hand and waiting for me to shake it. I immediately jumped to shake it. There it goes again. Desperation. I don’t know how to behave like a gentleman. We spoke for a few seconds more where I congratulated her for the job and she said thanks.

She smiled and got back to her screen. Ok, not collateral damage yet. Thank you, god. I love you. I could not get to talk to her the rest of the day as the colleagues from systems, hr, then managers all kept her occupied. It was time to leave and she packed her stuff to leave. I gave a cursory glance at her and she smiled before walking past me.

A bye would have been better but at least she smiled. I was happy for the first time on a Monday. Something good had happened. Never has such a beautiful girl sat next to me. Back from my younger days I always prayed for a good-looking girl in the same birth as mine when I travel in trains but irctc had ensured that my wish never comes true.

But in the next compartment, they will have college girls going home on vacation. And I will get f 58, f 62 and m56 near me. Same was the case when I travel in buses. I had cursed god every time that had happened. Now I apologized for all and prayed that she remains in that seat for years to come. I will retire in that company if she sits next to me.

Tuesday morning, I stopped the alarm before it rang. I was excited to see her. I wanted to get to know her, her likes, her favorite color, her favorite movie. Maybe we can discuss all that for hours today. I paid the 4x surge pricing to uber so that I look fresh. My heart was beating fast and I reached the cubicle. She was not there. Well, it was still early; she can come in anytime.

I sat and waited. And waited and waited. It was 12:15 pm and then I realized she was not coming in today. I was disappointed. I looked up at the ceiling thinking of cursing god again. Why does he do this to me? I don’t know. I was demoralized and the rest of the day went at snails speed. I took a bus and did not crib when people pushed and pulled me. I was a loser.

I checked some porn on the net tried hard to get a boner lost interest after trying for half an hour. I spent half an hour trying to search for the right porn video to watch browsing through millions of videos and when I found that right video. It took me to another website and then another and then another and then I lost track of what I wanted to watch in the first place.

My fingers pained after closing pop-up ads. The last ad wanted me to increase the size of my dick to a length which I think had to be rolled up inside the underwear. I looked at mine. Did not feel like a emperor but still it was not that small to be ashamed off. Wednesday I decided not to pay the surge prices and took the bus instead.

I looked like shit after the journey but I am not spending cash which is becoming extinct as the month progresses on a girl who might or might not turn up. I half-heartedly walked to my seat and voila she was there. She greeted me with a smile and I smelled like shit. She smelled sweet of some perfume which I felt was made for her. I avoided going close to her.

Before I could ask her why she was on leave yesterday, asrani barged in. He kept her entertained for some time and I disappeared in my work. Before leaving he reiterated his words of contacting him and only him for any help. He avoided me totally. I was totally intoxicated with her smell, her looks. She was sitting only inches away from me. So near yet so far.

She dumped her business casuals and she was in her salwar and leggings. He legs were long and her leggings clung on to her like second skin. Her top had a huge slit on the sides. When she sat it parted giving me the best view of her slender legs. Her perfectly round bums could be seen when she shifted in her seat. I whole-hearted thanked god for giving me this opportunity.

I forgave him for betraying me 1082 times when I had to travel in chickless trains and buses. We smiled casually every time our eyes met. Maybe she was obliged to. I was so happy, thinks could be better than that. But I had better things in store for me that day. It was 2 pm after lunch and I was feeling sleepy. I heard a yawn escape her. I turned to look at her and she giggled.

She told me in a low voice that reading all the documents had made her sleepy. I nodded in agreement. She shook her head and stretched her hands up in the air. And there I saw it. Her top raised when she raised her hand and I could see that smooth skin on her waist above her leggings. I could see only a bit. I had no words to express my happiness.

I prayed to god for her to stretch again and crossed my fingers. She turned her head left and right to make her alert again. But did not raise her hands anymore. Ok I should not push my luck. This is what I deserved and got some entertainment. Seeing some real skin is far better feeling on seeing 1000’s on tv. I was happy that night. I dreamed of me kissing some girl that night.

I felt happy the next day morning. Only if we could control what we dreamt at night. It would be like 7 hours of unlimited internet for every man. But alas we don’t control what we dream. Why god why? Any logical reasoning here? Suddenly office was happy hours for me. I gave my bike for servicing again. No more surge pricing, no smelling armpits in bus.

I reached office to find she was already there. I smiled but she was not in a good mood I guess. She half glanced at me and got back to work. I guess her real work started. I might be the unluckiest man on earth but not the stupidest. I know when not to disturb an angry woman. I silently got to my work. I could hear she muttering something, I couldn’t make sense out of it.

She was furiously typing on the keyboard. She was in her business casuals again. Blue top and black pants. Blue top was tight and short. I could make out that she had tucked it in the morning when she started but now somewhere the tucks were out. When her pen fell down she bent to take it and her tucks from the backs came out completely.

As she stretched to get the pen the back of the top rose giving the good look at her bare back. She was not aware that this happened. Since it was me and her in the end cubicle no one noticed this until they come to our cubicle and stood behind her. Even after she sat back up, her top was still raised and I kept stealing glances at her back. God, I am enjoying it.

It was the tension that she might notice what I am staring at gave me that extra excitement. She was very careless and she stretched to take some papers form the shelf, her shirt lifted more and I could see even some skin on her side. She had a very slim perfect waist. I would have killed to see her navel from the front. But that was difficult. I could not work at all.

My concentration was on her midriff. I was getting greedier by minute. I wanted to desperately see her navel. Her belly button. That would be orgasmic. I felt ashamed for asking this favor. Common which god would help a pervert like me enjoy an innocent girl’s exposed body parts. I left god out of the equation and prayed he wont punish me for asking such wishes.

It was just looking, I am not touching her or anything. Hmm.. Still does not sound right. It was lunch time and she left. When she came back she had tucked in her shirt. I couldn’t see anything anymore. I was disappointed. But today was amazing. I will never forget this day. Thursday went without any excitement, as she wore a properly covering dress.

I realized I completed a lot of my pending work on that day. Girls are really a distraction. Monday was a holiday and many people had taken off on friday to make it a long weekend. I made of list of serials that I had to complete. Friday I went to office not expecting her to be there as people who have proper life take off and enjoy. Many cubicles were empty. Asrani was on leave as well.

I went to my cubicle and yes she was not there. As expected. Girl like her has a life. Many friends and definitely a boyfriend. I accepted my fate and got back to work. I had the earphones on and suddenly I felt some movement beside me. I was amazed to see her standing near me. My eyes popped off. She was wearing a saree. A maroon saree. She looked like an angel.

Sleeveless blouse. I was losing consciousness. I gathered my courage and told her that she looked good. She smiled back and sat in her seat. Oh cruel god, she was sitting to my left side and from where I was looking her stomach was covered by her pallu.

I had to be on her other side to see her exposed navel. I tried my best to control my eagerness to look at her from the other side to check if she had covered her stomach with her pallu or she left it exposed.

To Be Continued...

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Rajat Enjoying Hot Sex With HR Professional

Hi, I am Rajat 52years old from Delhi, a professional pharmaceutical executive traveling around India and had many encounters and recently got introduced to Human Digest and now sharing my latest real experience with a gorgeous HR professional from Bangalore. Her name is Ragini 31years old vital stats 36d-32-36 fair widow having a 6year old boy.

On my recent trip to Hyderabad, after completing my meetings for the day came back to my hotel being tired hit the bar to have drinks and relax. Was sitting at the bar counter and saw two ladies Ragini and Neha walked in and sat behind on sofas and were having business discussions.

Ragini was wearing Blue saree and was looking hot and ravishing and her figure was inviting to be explored and Neha(later on Ragini told her name) was a lean and short lady in her business attire wearing shirt and pant.

After finishing their discussions Ragini walked to the bar counter and ordered and Bacardi and sat next to me. After few minutes I initiated conversation and introduced myself and Ragini responded and we both exchanged information regarding our professional life and later on conversation led to discussing personal life and then Ragini informed that she is a widow

as her husband died two years back in a road accident and she has a four-year-old son and she lives in Bangalore with her parents. We sat for an hour but all the time was feasting myself with the beauty and assets.

Almost after an hour we were heading towards our rooms Ragini invited to join for Dinner as she was also alone and so was myself to which I heartily agreed. We returned from our rooms after getting fresh and was excited to see Ragini as she was wearing a tight knee length skirt and T-shirt exposing her curves which made me horny and had immediate hard on.

We headed to the restaurant and had dinners and were cracking jokes and in less than two hours were like buddies. We had another round of drinks with our dinner and came out on the road for an after meal stroll and I started smoking and on our return to the hotel, Ragini said she also felt like smoking but since her room was the non-smoking room I invited her to my room and she immediately agreed.

We went to our room and Ragini was relaxing on the sofa and I offered her Cigarette and asked if she wish to have one more round of drink as normally I carry whisky with me for emergency to which she agreed and requested to have without soda/water.

We started having our after meal liquor and smoke and were sitting on the same sofa as in room it was the only sofa and cracking porn jokes and unknowingly she was laughing and placed her hand on my thighs.

I also gathered courage and placed my hand on her thighs and started massaging her Ragini was enjoying and closed her eyes and enjoying her smoke than suddenly she moved towards me and planted a kiss on my lips and were lip locked for almost ten minutes.

I started exploring her body and moved my hands to her breasts and started pressing her boobs and teasing her hard nipples which were clearly visible from her T shirt and Ragini also started moving her hands on my chest and started removing my shirt and whispered that she has not sex winch her husband died and wanted to enjoy the night.

I started moving my hands to her breasts and lifted her T shirt and removed in one go and unhooked her bra and her melons were hanging ready to be squeezed and molested. Moved to her nipples and started playing with tongue and she started moaning pushing me to eat her melons hard started saying kha jao inhe bahut tung karte hain and my hands moving her skirt up

and reached her panties and started playing with her cunt and realized that panties were completely wet. I started moving my tongue to her bally button started pushing her skirt down and removed her skirt and panties in one go. Her choot was shining and warm juices were flowing.

Moved my tongue to her choot and licking the lips of the choot and parted the lips and started lip fucking her choot. She was on fire moving her hips and pushing her choot in my mouth. and suddenly got up and pulled down my pants and underwear and just started sucking like a hungry tigress and I exploded in her mouth.

She drank all of it and just lied on the bed and was making naughty gestures and asked for her drink and finished in one shot and asked to switch on music loudly and started dancing to which I realized later that dancing is her passion.

Ragini was nude and dancing seductively and than moved towards me and held my lund and started licking and I was back in action and than she pushed me to the bed and started riding on my lund. It was amazing as her boobs were swaying and ragini was in full control of me and bending on me to suck her melons and after about 10 minutes we both had orgasm

and she just lied on me with my lund inside. After about half hour she went to sofa and sat with legs wide open and started smoking and I also joined her between her legs and started playing with her choot and was smoking and licking her choot simultaneously. Ragini was enjoying and wanted to have another round of whiskey and wanted to share the same glass.

We both were enjoying whiskey and suddenly she poured whiskey on her Tits and asked me to lick her tits to which I happily started licking her nipples and sucking her melons and my lund started to rise again and she was playing with my lund with her feet.

Then we moved to a bed in 69position and started sucking each other and I started playing with her ass hole to which she was enjoying. Ragini said she likes to be fucked from behind and assumed doggy position and I positioned my lund and started humping started vigorously and suddenly moved out lund and started pushing in her gaand and she was in pain and asked to

move in slowly but did not pay attention to her request just pushed in two shorts and started fucking her ass and after few strokes she started enjoying and after 15min both had orgasms. Since we both were tired we slept nude cuddling each other.

Around 4 am I realized that Ragini was licking my Lund and wanted me to fuck her in missionary position and we again had another round filled with fun and slept again. We both woke with a phone call from her home around 8 am and she talked to her and son since he was ready to go to kindergarten. We both had another round in the shower and bid goodbye to each other.

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Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - V

Previously: Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - IV

She was moving her hips easily and rhythmically in a steady up and down motion. Her cunt a hot vortex that engulfed the throbbing mass of my cock-flesh was squeezing and contracting greedily on its thickness. Deepti’s scream to fuck her harder and harder, and by her wanton behavior, I thrust into her harder and faster, deeper and deeper into her ever-willing cunt,

reaching depths that had not been reached in a long time. I started in full throttle and banged her like a cheap whore. My face got wilder and wilder, as if a caged tiger had been released. Every thrust carried her heated body to higher stages of yearning and she wanted me to pump harder and faster. My organ stroked deeper and deeper into her cunt, jerking her head from side to side.

I was ramming my steel gun in and out of her cunt like a machine. She gasped and moaned with every hard stroke I slammed into her willing cunt. She was taking it all and moaning her lusty approval every time a thrust found its target. We fucked for fifteen long minutes and then the sheer novelty and passion of the situation overcame both of them.

I was about to reach climax with a roar and she caught on, as my gun was loaded fully. She was begging for more. I removed the gun slowly and removed the protective cover, without any hint to her before she has any idea, I slowly inserted with hard push. “Sameer ah..ah.ahhh.ahhhh.aaaaa. she screamed loudly.

I smiled, kissed her, and picked up my rhythm and pumped her few more times. Before long I stiffened, and shoot an incredible load of my milks spraying inside her hole, my cum was hitting her strongly like a strong waves after waves inside her. Each corner of her cunt was being milked with my cum.

I shot loads and loads of cum and she might be feeling her whole insides being washed with my hot seed causing her pussy to continue to throb and clutch fiercely. She had never known such a mind-blowing orgasm before, probably because she had never been fucked in such a risky situation before, nor had she been fucked this well by any one.

”Sameer your hot liquid is being felt deep inside, you are so warm. I kissed her…I released her from my grip.. Like a true chauvinistic male, I just released her hips with a grunt, let go of her feet, pulled my shrinking dick out of her pussy and quickly pulled on her saree, before she could move. There she was well fucked. She looked at me and felt like a horny whore.

I disappeared without one word of farewell, leaving her gasping in pleasure in that naked, well-ravished state and absolute wonder that she had cum many time in less than 5 hours. Eventually she rose slowly, picking her sweaty braless blouse still open, but her saree pallu was in her hands and she couldn’t decide whether to put it on or to clean herself up.

Her thighs were sticky and some cum still settled wetly over her puffy pussy lips, as they had not yet begun to dry. She ran her fingers over her cunt lips and felt them tenderly. She scooped some of his cum out of her cunt with her fingers and brought them to her nose to smell the sexy aroma.

She went away with tickling smile and said you just start breakfast, she will clean herself and will join in few minutes. I told her I already had such delicious breakfast, there was killing smile on her face. The quick explosive fuck in the morning was a dream which I had for woman like her.

She went into the bathroom and as she looked in the mirror she saw her hair was disheveled and was probing the marks which I were there due to bite & marks during love making. She took a bath to freshen herself up, then we had breakfast.

I dressed up and went to nearby medical shops to have some birth controls pills and came with half and hours and gave it to her. She told me not to worry, she will have it and then she took it. I took rest the whole day and that day we had two more sessions, where in I screwed her two different position which she wanted.

One position she enjoyed was sitting on my cock and dancing on it which gave tremendous pleasure. She was a really dominant player in this position and I saw her real wild part of her. Again that night was doggy position at night. I rarely thought there might be such ladies who are really sex starved & lust. Its only man who is real lust and sex starved.

With 4 marathon sessions of pounding her she was complaining about soar pussy and weak legs she was unable to walk properly nor was able to move her legs. After that also we had two more encounters wherein we met at his place for an hour and had a nice fuck. We both never wanted to destroy our married life. It was a just discreet encounter to spice up our married life.

Then onwards as an when I visit Mumbai, I avoid informing her. She is irresistible, and I cannot have my control over her. Few times, whenever she came to know that I am in Mumbai, she came to meet me in my office. With her beautiful & lusty looks, I was uncontrollable and she too. But just we ended up kissing and I massaging roughly her boobs and fingering her cunt.

But lastly, as there is no more recruitment activity going out due to slow down we are not having any major assignment with her firm. A few days back only there was a message from her side in my email, she will be visiting Ahmedabad. I have not answered her, I won’t be able to resist her, the scent of her pussy, her aroma, her sleeveless looks, swollen melons, lust in her eyes.

It is understood her cunt is again craving for the cock to milk her pussy. I have broken all the taboos, the hypocrisies and the conservative notions about sex. Am glad I could easily overcome the initial guilt and enjoyed what I did. I am really happy I did it, no regrets it adds spice to your life.

I would in fact definitely, would prefer to have a discrete & wild encounter with any preferably dominant married or working woman to break this routine, without any strings attached, to experiment different sexual pleasure or who can teach me. It is really fun to have sex with another woman, who is open to being explored and sex starved.

I love experimenting lady’s, who can drive me, add spice, thrill, and the excitement in bed. The fun in allowing her to lick her smelling pussy, who can come in my mouth like waves of juices, likes to undress you, who can suck my cock and can spring it to life, teach me different styles about sustaining and having long lasting fucking sessions.

Using different styles or methods to arouse make cock rock and hard like steel. No routine every pussy is different, has a different scent, has a different diameter, has different size of melons. Some women have puffy nipples, some have very sensitive, some less sensitive, some are pink, some are brown, some are small and some have hard pointed nipples.

Every woman have different approach, her style is different, the there appeal is different, some are wild in bed but looks innocent naturally, and some are wild in nature but are boring in bed. Their body heat is different, there under arms smell differently, some smell erotic, some smells wild, her touch is different, their kisses are different,

their lips are soft or some lips makes you aroused instantly, some takes time, the way they kiss, rub their hard lips. The way they kiss the cock, caress the cock, some only chew, where as some of them tease the cock glans with their tongue or through their soft finger touch makes you go wild, some are really experts in managing wild cock, some of them are just dumb.

The way She makes love to you is different, the lust is different,their orgasm is different and the satisfaction they gave you is different, it’s not only men who have to satisfy women, there has to be role played by women dominantly to give and take erotic pleasures. It only needs to be experimented. So never be introvert it should be upfront and demanding and who can satisfy your crave.

The End.

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Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - IV

Previously: Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - III

My warm jet was hitting her womb and it triggered another deep orgasm in her, she screamed and clawed at my back. It felt as if the whole world was whirling round; it was so wonderful. When I finally rolled out of her and pulled my cock out her red and swollen pussy, she slowly sat up on her elbows and looked down at how totally fucked she looked.

She was unable to get up…and walk, due to the rough fuck. There was expression of happiness and satisfaction in her face.. Her dresses were bunched up around the bed and soaked petticoat & panties were lying at corner of bed. I laid there on the bed and wondered if she would be able to walk perfectly by morning. It was 2.00 am in night. She went to her bedroom.

I thought she might have gone for getting shower, and closed the door of her bedroom. I went to sleep and woke up in the morning. It was still raining slowly. I waked up it was 7.00am as there was knock on my door. I was still nude, I got my Bermuda and opened the door. It was Deepti; she was wearing light pink saree with deep neck and exposing large back and pointed melons.

She was ready and had taken bath, her in laws were also in hall room. She told me she had gone to temple with her in laws and had just returned and found that I have not woken up and hence knock the door.

I went for a bath and came out and saw there was message from our company admin person that office is closed for Saturday as it has been declared holiday due to heavy rain. Now I can only go to office on Monday. I came out my room and found that her in laws had already left after having breakfast.

She was in kitchen preparing breakfast, there was a sense of guilt In me in facing her. Though she was talking to me normally as if nothing has happened at night. I can see back of Deepti, I was again getting wild feeling and was unable to control. Deepti told me that she is yet to have breakfast and was waiting for me to have breakfast together after that I can leave for my work.

I told her that it has been declared holiday due to heavy rains. There was small smile in her face. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw me and as she turned towards me, I got hold of her sweet swollen boobs which I was laying last night. I was unable to take my eyes away from them. I told her if she requires any help in kitchen for preparing breakfast, she told me no she will manage.

I was getting hungry might be because of exhaustive session of last night. I wanted to say sorry to her and went to kitchen to say so. As I went near to her, she turned around and we both of got hit and stuck. I just saw in her eyes, there was small smile in her face. I was unable to control.

I got hold her up through her back and pushed her towards me, she trembled and I caught hold her up strongly and put my lips again kissed her passionately & brutally to her neck. I made her speechless, she was pushing me, Sameer you are really still strong. I lifted her and made her sit on kitchen Platform.

I started again caressing that beautiful ripe melons, with rough massages, she was resisting. Sameer not now, its morning my In laws will come any time, I didn’t heed her request. I was just getting mad seeing her in Saree. She was extremely hot and gorgeous. I tore open her blouse and started caressing her boobs with my palms brutally.

”Sameer it’s hurting”…I was unable to control myself “As animal in me had woken up”… I lifted her bra from front, it seems she was wearing costly bra of pink soft material. I can perfectly see red and bite marks of the last night sessions. There were bite marks of mine on her pinks nipples. I started licking her gently and chewing. She was pulling my hair to push me.

Sameer…it’s giggling. Again I took some ice from nearby refrigerator and rubbed on her sweet strawberry pink nipples. She was shivering. My palms began to kneading and slowly squeezing her breasts, bringing them to life and sending waves of pleasure flowing through her lust triggered body.

Sameer slowly please, we are not at right place we shouldn’t do it here, but there wasn’t no patience in me. My rod sprang to life again and It was getting smashed between both of us, it had smelled the scent of pussy and was pushing to come out of the cage.

Slowly I lifted her saree till her thighs and started to caressing her thighs she was getting slowly aroused and tied her legs tightly to me from back. I pushed her saree towards upper till her buttocks…wow great, it was perfect scene I can see her light magenta colored panty fully wet and soaked. I moved my fingers and started caressing the mound from covered panty.

There was wetness on my palms. It was smelling exotically, she had put her exotic deo too, smell emanating from her cunt was making go wild and strong. “”I’m going to fuck you right here and now, whether you like it or not, so you better not to struggle because I’m not going to stop!” She couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth and didn’t say a word.

She was staring like a innocent lady,just standing silently as she could feel her breasts getting crushed against my broad chest. Her excited body started giving in and she wiggled her hips, pushing towards me as if to hit his crotch. I remove her panty and made her sit properly in the platform and started licking the opening of her pussy wildly like a thirsty dog.

She was moaning, Sameer it’s not right place…I was adamant. She was moaning, My wet tongue was hitting her clit, she was going mad, she exploded her hot lava from her tunnel, as wave after wave of pleasure she moaned & screamed with ecstasy.

She had pressed my head strongly, I was breathing heavily as my head was covered with her saree and due to lack of ventilation, she too was breathing heavily. I was licking my favorite health juices. Pressing my mouth close to the opening, I pressed my mouth tightly pressed to her hole and swallowed her hot juices.

As I stand up she caught hold of my Bermuda…and starting caressing my bamboo, which had fully sprang to life. She pushed me and went to her bedroom, I thought she wanted to get fucked in her bedroom; hence she might have gone there. She came and there was something her hand, it was liquid gel which is used to reduce pain and there was pack of ribs & dotted condom.

She said.Sameer please put this gel around my pussy, as it will reduce the pain during entering me, I want to have more fun, hence put on this, they are dotted & ribs condoms, will give me more pleasure. As I see her the previous night, the pain she went through, I thought it I shall heed to her request. She was not on pills hence it was wise to use the protective sheet.

I took some liquid and rubbed around her opening, I can see her pussy was red, due to last night activity and removed the wrapper and she removed my Bermuda and put that peace of protective cover on my Standing Bamboo. I went near her and put my gun near her opening of pussy lips and start rubbing near opening.

My Loaded gun founded the target, slowly I kissed her lips, she was resisting my strength to go wildly inside her, as she had experienced of previous night. But I was clever enough too, I teased her few more times, pretending her that this time I will be going slowly. As I saw she was engrossed in slow pleasure I slowly starting pushing my gun.

Due to its girth it was not easy for her to take it easily, I was adamant this time too, I am going to screw her as per style, as I have accepted her wishes to use the protective cover and the liquid gel to lessen the pain. In one single plunge I entered her roughly deep into her cunt and she screamed in delight as my cock stretched her wet cunt walls which gave it a fully lubricated welcome.

I kept her kissing wildly till my bamboo settles down perfectly. She shrieked in passion and cried out in lust as I began fucking her with long, deep, thrusts, rocking his lean hips steeply and swiftly to and fro, flexing and unflexing his taut buttocks. My cock slammed in and out of her cunt, glistening with juices, piercing deeply with each inward thrust.

Her body jerked back and forth on the kitchen floor and she gasped and cried out in a frenzy of joy, her fingers spread in tension, scrabbling at my arms, the floor or anything she could reach. I was stroking into her sloppy pussy with deliberate motions and her body throbbed with lust as her pussy started leaking its juices.

I pumped my cock into her incessantly and her cunt muscles started clasping my cock in greed, milking it to new heights of passion. It seems, she was getting the perfect pleasure she was expecting. Her cunt was unrelenting on my distended cock, and my body was tense and taut. This was our second session in less than 6 hours.

She was going wild. Her eyes were closed, she had caught hold me strongly with her hands and twisted her leg tightly to my buttocks. My cock with full night sleep was fresh and was charged. I felt wonderful in her slit, my strokes were long, heavy and hard, mashing her engorged clit as it passed to and fro across it.

My bamboo probed the deepest recesses of her cunt, stretching her cunt-lips to their fullest. In her ecstasy she gripped my buttocks, keeping me pinned inside her and began moving her hips deftly in gentle undulating circular motions. She was crying and sobbing out of sheer lust and joy, as I was pounding into her pussy roughly and crushing her body against mine.

My thrusts continued in a steady rhythm, with standing style fucking enabling her to gaze at her new lovers lust aroused, red face. My hands now fully cupped her tits, massaging them roughly, squeezing and kneading the trembling orbs.

Her saree was completely disrobed, and had fallen on floor, I had removed her panty, which was soaked with juices and sweat. Her blouse was some were near wash basin. For the sake of saying I can say she was wearing bra that too was hanging as if they too have lost the battle of covering sweet melons.

To be continued...

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