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Raj Seducing Office Employee Sneha

This incident happened about 2 years back. There was a woman employee in our office named Sneha, she was 26 years old and a figure to envy. Her stats were 32-28-38. The most enviable part of her body was her ass. She used to wear tight jeans and tops to the office and her ass would juggle like anything.

I would ask her to come to my chamber on some pretext or the other just to see her ass juggle. Some info about me. I am raj and from Assam, 48 years old and have a good physique and amply endowed.I go to the gym every day so…So this happened in December 2015.

I had to go to a remote area in Assam for a project that we were executing. Since Sneha was a new recruit and wanted to see the exact way works were executed, she wanted to come. I was a little apprehensive at first, taking along a woman to the work site, but then she assured me that her parents were ok with it, so I allowed her.

We left 2 days later in my car, just me and her alone. Nothing happened on the way. We reached late at night to the work site. We had small brick hutments and for me, there was a lil sort of a suite. Sneha got a small room just beside my suite. We both got fresh and before dinner, as I do usually have a couple of whiskey pegs, we ate dinner and said goodnight and went to bed.

As luck would have it, there was a thunderstorm late at around 12 and it was pouring cats and dogs. Suddenly there was a knock on my wooden door, I opened and there was Sneha, all drenched up, wet and looking highly sexy. She said that I can’t sleep in this storm, can I sleep on your sofa? I said sure but you are all wet and where are your clothes?

She said roof’s leaking and all my clothes are wet. I said ok. I gave her my robe, I forgot that I was in my undies under the robe, and seeing her wet had given me a throbbing hard on…She looked at my crotch and didn’t react and she went to the bathroom. I crept into my bed and didn’t think much about what happened and just lit a smoke and started puffing away.

A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom and started to make her bed on the sofa, from where I was, I could see that underneath that robe she wasn’t wearing anything. Suddenly she turned around and said ” sir do you drink”? I said yes and I just had a couple of pegs! She said ” sir I am feeling cold and can I have a drink???

I said ” help yourself, it’s right there on the table. She got herself two pegs and in moments she was groggy and swaying, so I got up and helped to the sofa and made her comfortable. In minutes she was asleep and that’s the way the night went on.

Next morning. I wake up early,5 pm to be exact, went for my early morning jog and come back to my suite and I see her still sleeping, wake her up, usual sorry and all those stuff etc etc. The day goes along and in the evening she comes to my suite to apologize for what happened last night…blah blah.

I said it’s ok. You want a drink, as I was already on my first, she said yes and also I want that robe. Gave it to her, she changed and sat on the sofa, legs wide apart, I swear I could see her pussy all covered in hairs, I got an instant hardon and thought that she wants to get laid. I said ” you are sexy” she said ” you are a horse” I saw your thing it’s pretty big.

I said ” have you done this before? She said yes once before. Okkkkkk. I went and sat beside her and start to kiss her, she instantly starts to french kiss, I loved it and start to caress her boobs, oooo they are silky smooth and soft,I move down my mouth to her boobs and start to suck each one, they are so taut and the nipples are taut and erect,

I move down to her pussy and part the robe and go wild on her cunt, she just goes wild and starts to thrust her cunt back to my mouth and says ” Khai de moor phuta tu kha sala” ( eat my cunt) I slid down and start to lick her asshole, she goes wilder, starts to buck her ass againsnt my mouth and says”tika tu sudibo niki”?( are you gonna fuck my ass too?)

I said yes, I will fuck all your holes. Sir please your bari( cock) is too thick, I can’t take it my pokor (ass) I said you can have everything. I come up to 69 position now and thrust my lauda in her mouth, she resists initially but starts to suck it ackwardly. I don’t mind. We lay in this position for about 15 mins and by this time my face is all smeared with her juices…

Sneha, by this time was fully aroused, and was shouting like hell’ Sud na raj Muk sudi de, mur bur tu garam hoi goise, Bari daal bhorai de na….( fuck me raj,fuck me, my cunt is all wet now, shove your cock in). But I was in no mood to oblige Sneha,I wanted her to get wilder,,, so I kept on sucking her pussy, she was getting wilder, buckling her hips like a wild horse,

but I still kept on sucking her pussy, licking her clit,,,,I wanted Sneha to be wild and bold. Suddenly Sneha got up and said ” raj I want your cock in my cunt!!!! I said ok but before that you to have the ass treatment. Sneha said”What’s that”? I turned Sneha over and spread her legs and pulled up her ass up above in doggy style and started to lick her asshole,

she jumped at my first lick and moaned mmmmmmmm bodhiya ( nice), her asshole was puckering in and out in anticipation. I inserted one finger in her asshole and she jumped, I caught her by her hips with my other hand and started to finger fuck her ass… it was slowly getting loose so I inserted my second finger and this time it hurt her and she screamed, raj ulai diyok,

beekhai se( pull it out, its paining), unmindful to her I kept on finger fucking her asshole and after about 10 mins I could feel that her hole was quite loose…I took out my fingers and licked her asshole, I could see that her asshole was all red and puckering, I took my position behind her and a aligned my cock with her ass and the tip of my cock was on hole,

Sneha understood what I was planning to do and said” raj pokor’t nusudibo please, bot bikhabo, moi aji loke pokor’t luya nai, please( I have never been fucked in my ass, please don’t fuck me there)

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Hot Romance With Private Assistant Riya

When I reached the place, Riya was already present and enjoying the party. She was wearing a navy green sari with a strapless blouse. The blouse narrowly managed to hide her assets. As I approached her, she smiled and lowered her head, shy of her looks as she hasn’t worn saree too many times. Moreover, in this avatar, her navel too was getting exposed through the sheer material.

I complimented her saying she was looking gorgeous too which she blushed and thanked me. As it was a high-level party with too many guests, I asked her to follow me to the balcony where we can talk in private. The place was quite as guests were busy inside and there was a nice breeze blowing, which managed to disturb Riya’s hair much to her annoyance.

She got close to me and asked if I am angry. I told her she is to inform me of everything. Including the type of dress, she is going to wear. She apologized saying she wanted to give me a surprise. In return, I asked why this particular saree. The top part of her body is left almost completely naked save for the tiny blouse.

She responded by saying she thought I will like it, plus I have insisted her on wearing saree multiple times in the past. Especially to give Bollywood diva’s look with bikini blouse and low-rise saree. I knew she was going to respond like this but wanted to make sure to keep her under my control always. Both physically and psychologically.

After a minute of silence which felt like an eternity, I asked her to kiss me. She smiled and looked into the doorway to check if anybody else was there. Once she was sure we were along she reached to touch her lips to mine. Unfortunately, I was a few inch taller and her hill shoes didn’t help much. She tried again and again, afraid of asking me to lower my head.

Finally, when she was about to give up, I forcefully grabbed her open hair and took my lips into her. I was able to feel her passion throughout my entire body despite only her lips touching mine. The kiss lasted only a few seconds as we were in foreign land and kissing my PA in public may raise problems but it felt like a few minutes at the very least.

I asked her if she will be enjoying the party to which she said no. As I too didn’t have too much to do, decided to go home and finish what I started with Riya. But then she softly called out my name and said she is with mom and need to drop her at her place. I was a bit disappointed but said its fine and left to meet some officials from other companies while Riya went to the hall.

After half an hour and a few group discussions and standing meetings, I finally left the party. To my rather surprise, Riya was standing next to my car. When enquired, she informed mom was sent by uber as she didn’t want to leave me alone. I felt bad that an elderly woman was sent alone but I know Riya is a bit stubborn and won’t listen to anyone, not even her boss.

En-route to home none of us uttered a single word. After an hour long drive on an empty highway, we reached our home. She quickly entered her room as I did mine. The kiss was constantly circulating my mind. I called her and she appeared, still in the same saree. She was yet to change. I handed her an envelope and asked to check its content while standing before me.

As soon as she opened, all the glow faded away in the blink of an eye. She looked at me with teary eyes and begged me not to do so. I asked I had no other option. The way she treated her mom goes a long way to show her character. By now tears were already rolling down her cheek. She just looked at the floor and stood like a statue.

I told her she has 1 hour to leave my house. She still couldn’t believe it that the person she worked for the last 8 months will fire her for such a silly reason. I added that she can’t take any of her items as all of those belongs to me except the dress she was wearing, which was bought with her own money. She ran back to her room and started crying.

As the hour came close, the crying stopped and she came to my room. I was still sitting at the edge of the bed facing the door. She tried her best to hide her feeling and thank me for the job opportunity. As she was about to leave, I stopped her. Not sure what she felt, maybe that I had a change of heart. Instead, I asked her to remove the pendant I gave her as a birthday gift a month ago.

She removed and placed it on the table. As she was about to leave, I stopped her for a second time. This time I forwarded an offer to her. She may get a job in my company but for that, she’ll have to do me a favor. She didn’t utter a word. I asked if she is interested. After thinking for a minute she finally nodded her head.

I asked she will have to get fucked. She was shocked. Then I continued by saying, I’ll fuck her. If she can pass, I’ll think about giving her some post in my company. I warned her, it won’t be like last time. No more play and all. This time it’ll be hard and she’ll genuinely suffer a lot. She reluctantly agreed. I reminded her again and she said she is ready to face whatever comes the odd.

I asked her to get on the bed while I bring some equipment. Brought a bunch of ropes and tied her to the bedpost while she was still in the party dress. Maybe that consolidated her that I was going to be easy on her.

After fastening her hands, legs to the point she was hardly able to move, I brought a mouth gag and put it down her mouth, effectively making sure she remains quite throughout the process. She has experienced sex with me multiple times so, one more sex was not going to challenge her in any way. So I showed her something that scared her really bad. A butt plug.

She has never tried anal. The last time I tried to finger her ass she ran out of my room. However this time she was in no position to move, forget running. I showed her the form and quietly told that if she fails to comply, its over to which she tried to stay as calm as possible.

Now as she was in saree, her body was well hidden and I had to tear her entire saree as well as a petticoat to get access to her panty, which was a blue g-string which too got torn and pulled from below her body. As she was tied to the bed, it took me a good amount of poking to find her anal hole and then more than a dozen thrust just to get the plug’s tip inside her.

She was constantly moaning and screaming from inside her gag but without giving much attention, I pressed on. I had to lick her clitoris to loosen her up and when I realised she was relaxed enough, one hard thrust and the plug was placed. She continued her shouting drama. I sat near her and smiled asking if she realised the butt plug had a wire.

She begged me with her eyes but I show her the black box and swiftly turned the dial that read voltage. This time the screams were real. I counted till 30 before turning back off and back on before she can even catch a breath. It was done till she was completely wet both from sweat and cum.

Slowly I went down on her and used the buttplug in her tight ass as a way to finger her which caused her to moan even more loudly. While she was getting excited, I pushed my penis into her pussy. That action caught her completely off guard and swiftly her moans converted into shouts. I was in no mood to let her go easily, thrust into her ever deeper.

Having a metal butt plug and a penis was stretching her to the limit. To add to her growing agony, I started biting her nipple really hard. Slowly her shouts died away and she became completely silent. I pulled my penis off her and removed her gag. She opened her mouth expecting me to dump my load into her.

Instead, I just sat near her while she asked me if she qualified. I gave a smile and asked if she is that silly. Whatever was left of her smile vanished into thin air. She knew she has failed. I asked her if she wants to try again. She just smiled and said she has no life left and I should enjoy her body as I see fit.

She received a tight slap that must have awakened her of her drama as she stared at me with a really bloody angry face. I grabbed the black box and looked at her but there was just one emotion. Anger.

I put the gag down her mouth again, tightening it as best as I can, as I was she’ll scream like never before. Removed the butt plug in 1 swift pull to which she screamed again. Then picked up the form and forcefully show it to her saying this is what you get for showing your attitude, bitch. Slapped one more time, this time tighter.

Riya can’t take anymore broke down and started flooding her eyes. Wiping her tears, turned the form to the 2nd application which she missed, and placing it in front of her so she can have a proper read. Her eyes widened to the maximum and trying to say something from behind her gag. In return, I said “oh so you don’t want the post? Fine by me”.

To which she said something from behind the gag which I figure out was slang, that too for the first time against me. I said sorry but I too like giving surprises sometimes. Just my way of giving surprise isn’t obvious till the very last minute.

The application was the appointment letter for Riya as the Chief of Operations in my company. As soon as I untied her, she took me into bed and got on top of me. I said please be careful, I have been holding my cum for over an hour now to which she replied that she is aware of that and immediately took my penis into her mouth. Failing to hold any longer I burst into her mouth.

I cummed for 10 sec and felt relieved once it’s over. Riya cleaning my penis off cum climbed on my body and planted a kiss on my lips. Suddenly she holds my head really hard and pushed her tongue deep into the mine. Only then I realized, she hasn’t swallowed the cum and put it into my mouth instead.

She kept kissing me for almost 5 min licking every corner of my mouth and sucking the cum off me but the damage was already done. She made me drink my own cum, even if small amount that left a pungent smell for quite some time.

She asked if I like her surprise too. I said “bitch” to which she replied “dog… I love you” and forcefully kissed me as she eloped with me in bed. Though I liked her and took advantage whenever possible, I never thought she’ll have the guts to propose her own boss.

Riya was a very shy kind of girl and had signed NDA to accept whatever I throw at her for a period of 2yrs. She only had sex when I wanted to relieve myself. You know, Love can be found in the craziest corners and among the craziest peoples.

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Horny Desi Office Guy Fucking Lady Staff One By One

When I got a posting to a north Indian city, I was happy. As a bachelor I had no encumbrances, my parents at home would be taken care of by my sister. I was a free bird, just 24, with a healthy physique. My employer asked me to open a branch in this city and I took a suitable office, arranged for suitable furniture, I engaged minimum staff only females.

I liked to take females because they will take responsibility and work, it is always pleasant to have a couple of chicks running around in the office. Roza, 20 was my private secretary, Suni 21, was the computer operator, Mary, 24 to look after the admn. Kamalamma to take of the office, to clean, and take care of the general work. She was 30, a widow, without children, good looking.

All the girls worked as a team. I was busy to contact new customers and to acquire new business. Mary and Roza did identical work. Roza being young and beautiful, remained in my room most of the time so that I may look and enjoy her boobs and nice round ass all the time. She comes to office neatly dressed and talks sweetly to all customers and they all like her.

I asked her whether she can accompany me in my tours, of course only in short tours, she said she will come. I had told all other girls that they too may have to come with me to meet new customers, because in case I am not available in the office, customer should not go unattended. Total transparency is my aim and there is no secret in the office work.

I treated them all equally and they should not think that I give more preference to somebody etc. One Sunday I asked Kamalamma to come for some work, she came and we cleaned my cabin and worked for two hours. We both went to the mall and had a rich food. Kamalamma was very happy when I gave her some extra tip in the evening.

All the girls expected that as a bachelor, I will ask for some sexual favours from them. I was sex starved and sex hungry, but I did not want for the time being show to my staff. Kamala started telling other girls about the lunch we had and how well I treated her etc. That day in the evening Roza asked me to stay for some time as she wanted to empty her drawers and clean them.

I said ok and went to assist her. There was nothing much to be cleaned but made this an excuse to chitchat with me. We sat in the lounge and talked and she expected that I would make some advances towards her. But at 7 pm I asked her to go to a restaurant for supper. We had lot of things to eat and I asked her whether she would take wine. She agreed and we had good wine.

I offered to drop her at her home, but she said she stayed in a guest house and hence she offered to come with me to my home. I told her see Roza, I am a bachelor and I don't have a wife at home. I thought I am yet to settle in life and then get married. Do you mind coming to my home. She said it is ok, sir. We went home and I asked her to freshen herself and come relaxed.

She had no spare dress or nothing to change. I went to the downstairs, where there is a cloth shop, I bought her a nighty and another set for wearing the next day. I changed my dress and put on my casuals. Roza got rid of her old clothes washed her body and put on the nighty. I knew she is not wearing any undergarments.

I opened a bottle of redwine and poured a glass for her and for me I poured a peg of brandy. She sat with me in the couch and took the glass of wine and when I sipped my brandy, she gave me suddenly a kiss on my cheeks. I turned to her side and hugged her and gave her a deep kiss on her cheeks. I asked to sit on my lap with her legs on either side of me.

She was happy to sit like and the bottom line of the nighty went up and her legs and thighs were exposed. I put my glass and her glass on the table and I hugged her, pressing her young boobs against my chest. She was young and was very hot time and became horny very fast. She removed my t shirt and pressed her boobs and her nipples against my chest hair.

I kissed her on her ear lobes, on her cleavage and took her nipples in my mouth and sucked and licked them. Roza was very horny. She gave me the other boob to such and was moaning loudly. I gave her her glass to finish and I finished mine and I removed her nighty and made her totally nude, and I too removed my clothing and my 7 incher stood erect pointed to her.

Roza lied in the couch and opened her legs wide. Her hairless pussy opened up like a lotus flower and I immediately buried my face in it and searched for its interior with my tongue. I located her fuck hole and her clitoris. tickling with my tongue, her cunt started to ooze lot of honey like liquid. Roza was moaning loudly pressing my head down into her pussy.

I sucked her clitoris and I could sense it brought about a violent orgasm in Roza. I got up and put my cock at the entrance of her hole and pressed it in. It went in tightly. Roza being young was beautiful and her muscles were very strong and she hugged me tightly. I asked her to release me so that I may fuck and fuck you deeply.

Slowly pulling out my cock I plunged it deeply fast and it gave fantastic feeling to her. She begged me to fuck in similar fashion. I fucked for 15 minutes and she came another orgasm and I too through my fluids into her. She was a clever girl and had taken all precaution by carrying necessary pills. After visiting the bathroom, we had another round of wine and brandy.

She was very enthusiastic about sex and she wanted more and more of similar wild fuck. She said she will move from her lodge to my house so that we can fuck daily day and night. I laughed and we fucked for three or four times and went to sleep. She had a perfect body and every limb was just proportional. It was a pleasure to watch her sleeping naked.

Next day morning I woke her up and dropped her in her lodge. I wanted to take my other staff, Suni and Mary separately out and give them some sex. I know these girls always compare notes and I do not want them to feel neglected. Kamalam comes daily to clean my house and she found the used panties of Roza in the bathroom.

She understood what kind of games we would have played. She hinted to me whether she should stay for the night so that she may make my bed tea and breakfast. I laughed and said ok, ok. In the night I asked her to shave her pussy clean of all public hair. she was surprised, but understood what games I intend to play.

She took my old razor and shaved off her pussy and took a thorough body wash. In the night I asked her to buy supper fo both of us and we both ate. Although Kamalamma was slightly dark, she had very good and attractive features. She went to the other room and spread a mattress and lied on the floor. I called and asked her to sleep in my room which was airconditioned.

I then pulled her to come to my bed. In the process, I removed her dress, which she understood. I too removed my dress and we both lied in the bed. I asked her whether she is married, she said no, she is a widow. her husband died a year back. I pulled her closely and hugged her.

When I was pressing her boobs, her hand was busy with my cock. She wanted to take it in her mouth. Her clean shaven pussy was nice to feel and I sucked her clitoris. She was moaning loudly. I fucked her with my 7 inches rather rudely, but she took it well.

She was sex starved for a long time and hence my rude and rough handling of her pussy with my cock was very much enjoyed by her. Early morning she made good tea and then breakfast and she left for her home, promising to come to office in time.

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Raj Fucking Clients Friend Meena

Hi, im raj from chennai im going to share another experience which happened with a horny chennai lady a week before. This story happened with one of my clients friend. My client introduced me to her friend meena (name changed). Then we both talked very nicely about everything and fixed an appoinment and left the place.

On saturday eve we met in her home where her husband and childrens went to their native place. She was 35years with 36-34-36 body fleshy white skinned and shaved. She was very shy to talk first then I consoled her and she started to talk me freely.

She wore a light pink sleeveless nighty looks so beautiful and she said she likes to do lesbian when she was in college she has a lesbian partner. Now she missing those days. Then she asked me can we start and we entered in her bedroom I pulled her to me. I stared her eyes for a while she said kiss me I kissed her in lips licked and sucked her lips so hard she moaned.

My hand caught her boobs over her nighty squeezed gently and kissing very passionately she moaned. She took my another hand on her boobs I squeezed hard she removed my tshirt and kissed my chest then I pushed her in the bed. She said come kiss me suck me come on im so horny. I jumped on her started kissing lifted her nighty to navel and gently rubbed her thighs.

She was wearing a white panty she didnt wear bra and I removed her nighty completely. I was squeezing her thighs and sucking her boobs so hard she was moaning so loudly and pushing my head towards her boobs I circled my tongue on her nipples.

She asked me to bite her nipples gently but I bit her nipple gently and pinched her other nipple hard for which she moaned heavily and begged me to leave. I enterd my another hand in pussy and started rubbing her pussy. She was cleanly shaved I removed her panty I kissed her navel thighs and came down to her pussy.

She started moaning so loud and begged me to lick her pussy. I was licking her pussy and squeezing her boobs so hard. Then I asked to come in doggy style for which she said its her favourite position then I fingerfucked her pussy and licked her asshole and slapped her asscheeks.

She pushed my head to her pussy she came with the loud moan and I licked her cum. She pulled me and kissed me. I opened my pant and undies. She knelt down to suck my cock she was surprised to see my cock. First she licked my balls then she started sucking me she cant take it fully. She spitted a lot on my cock and sucked so hard.

Then she was in doggy position I rolled a condom on my cock and started fucking her slapped her asscheeks. Took control of her and rode her hard she cummed. We changed into missionary position and fucked her nicely and cummed on her boobs. She went to bathroom to clean the cum I followed her and had a nice fucking session under the shower.

She sucked me to get hard again and fucked in a standing position under the shower. We both got dried and came to bed. She rode me in cowgirl position and she bent kissed me hard exchanged our saliva licked each other’s tongue and I came. It was above 11 pm we both slept for a while and she woke me up. She sat on my face I licked her pussy she sucked my cock.

We both started kissing and she was on top of me kissing and licking me I kissed her neck. I entered my cock in her pussy and kissing passionately. She fucked me with the reverse cowgirl position. And I took her from the bed and supported her to the wall, bent her entered her pussy from the back.

I caught hold of her boobs ans fucked so hard for which she moaned so loud and wanting more and more. We both came and fell on the bed. We both slept and it was morning 9 am she already took bath and she gave me breakfast. I got fresh and ate. She brought some oil for a massage she first applied oil on my body then she removed her clothes.

I applied oil on her body parts one by one then I massaged her boobs navel ass hip nech back pussy she came while im massaging. Then she massaged my cock and sucked it nicley. I lubricated her asshole and fucked her slowly and passionately she again came I cane in her asshole she felt my hot cum in her asshole. She took that cum and licked it nicely.

She once again sucked my cock and slapped it on her boobs. She slept nexr to me I kept my hand on her boobs started massaging it we both went to bathroom cleaned each other and had lunch. Then she went to the kitchen to wash the plates she called from the kitchen I went to see her she stood completely nude I too became nude in seconds I went near her.

She jumped on me started kissing me wildly. And she was on her knees and started sucking my semi erect cock she slapped my cock multiple times on her boobs and tongue. Then I lifted her to the corner and fucked her pussy hard she came twice I was fucking and fingering her ass.

And fucked her in different positions and came in her mouth. We went to bed and kissed like lovers. We were kissing passionately I never got a kisser like her before. I sucked her boobs and licked her pussy. She was completely satisfied.

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Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - V

Previously: Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - IV

“Ab aap niche latiye aur humen oopar aane dijiye” Next with a thought of long and controlled fucking I told him to lie down and let me come over his top and finally sitting across his waist I shoved his whole length slowly into my cunt hole and I was delighted with the length he had.

We both moaned deep while looking into each other’s eyes and next instant resting my hands over his chest I started fucking nicely. Lurching my plump ass over his crotch I moved back and forth and started thrusting his penis in and out of my hole with steady pace and Tinku went crazy in pleasure.

“Tinku Ji aapka Lund Sachmuch… bahut bada hai...aur mota bhi bahut hai...SuhagRaat pe Shilpa ko aaram se Chodiyega…nahi to bechari mar jaaygi…” I felt like speaking dirty and more than Tinku it drove me crazy and in continuation in same tone I told him not to forget me after his marriage and asked him if he will continue fucking me after his marriage

“Aap Shaadi ke baad humen bhool to nahin jaayenge na….humen bhi Chodenga na?” Knowingly or unknowingly; while trying fascinating Tinku I was turning myself into a bitch and more than him I was enjoying all this nonsense. Anyway like I needed Tinku got fascinated with my words and replied me back in same dirty fashion

“haan…main aapko bhi Chodunga…. aur Shilpa ko bhi Chodunga…” I was around him somewhat on my knees, moving his cock in and out of my hot wet cunt and hearing his words I increased my speed and moved back and forth energetically in passion. For me it was heavenly but because my bottom is heavy soon my furious fucking started hurting Tinku,

I realized when holding my waist he tried to control my speed and I stopped fucking and asked him if he would like to plunge me from behind “Peeche se daalenge…? aapko achha lagega” and he said yes to it. Next instant I got from his top, bent down over my four and over his knees Tinku came behind me.

Like it can be assumed, doggy style is difficult posture to attain for an armature and Tinku somewhat failed to locate my opening and penetrate me from behind and once again holding his cock I plunged myself. Forgetting everything; that I am fucking with him with a purpose by now I was completely into it,

moreover it was a posture which I like most and I moaned loud as Tinku pierced my belly with his thick cock. Holding my thick waist he also groaned loud while pushing himself deep into my womb and started fucking me with very slow pace.

“Haan aise hi Chodiye humen…dheere dheere” not at all bothered about the words turning my face I spoke to him and impaled myself over his monster by moving my ass back and Tinku went bizarre and pulled himself out of me and sat down on the bed. “Kya hua…nikal kyun liya” turning back to him I asked him why he pulled it out and while puffing he said he was about to cum “Mera hone wala tha…”.

I smiled over his state and looking at his falling erection somewhat teased him by saying that now he would have understood why I was saying that he fail on his wedding night “ab aapko samajh aa gaya hoga ki hum kyun kah rahe the ki aap SuhagRaat pe fail ho jaayenge….” and after a pause added nasty words in Hindi slang “Ladki Chodna itna aasan nahi hota…”

and without any words with a tiny smile Tinku moved his head in yes. Anyway somehow I had to make things happen, not just for him for me as well and pushung him over his back I rose over him and with a thought of trying 69sucking, once again spoke dirty “ab hum 69 karenge; hum aapka Chusenge… aur aap humari Chatenge...” and Tinku seemed getting fascinated with that.

Once again after kissing him for little long I licked his chest before reaching to his Cock and ultimetly widened my thighs around his face and aligned my cunt over his mouth and without waiting for him to start took his Cock in my mouth. Licking and Sucking, everything started again and to begin I rippled my tongue lovingly around Tinku’s bulging cock-head.

It was bit slippery with a pre-cum gunk butI did not bothered for slightly salty coating and just continued spitting out my saliva and sucking it back and for Tinku feeling was exquisite. I sucked him consistently for a minute but he was yet not started and I moved my ass back and touched my cunt over his lips and requested him to lick “Please aap bhi chaatiye na…”

and Tinku started, clenching my ass mounds and lifting his face he licked my cunt hesitantly. I was inflamed in lust, somewhat dying to get my cunt ragged I impaled myself over his lips for better contact with his tongue and asked him to suck me properly in mild irritation “Please acche se Chusiye naa….!” and after a pause asked him to fist my cunt in desperate tone

“Saath saath ungli se Godiye Humari Chut ko” and Tinku started doing that instantly. “yes…do it…” as his thick finger moved in and out of my fuckhole I murmured in divine pleasure and continued sucking his cock to make it harder.

Tinku licked me less and fisted me more but he drove me crazy and I asked him to fist me harder and next moment inserting two of his fingers together he started digging my fuckhole violently and I cried in pleasure vulnerably.

By now he was hard and because of brutal fisting I was also feeling that now I will climax soon so I broke the 69 posture and asked him to come over my top in simple missionary. Once again holding him in my fist I brought him to my opening and took him in my womb and in a moment Tinku started fucking me again.

Crushing me, plunging steeply moving in and out of my cunt this time he was far better and I was expecting that he fuck me consistently for little long but very soon he once again went out of his control and with a loud grunt began fucking me with deep skewering thrusts and feeling his thick long cock spliting me into two I started crying immensely.

Though Tinku did not fucked me for more than two minutes but in that span he fucked me with tremendous power, he ripped my cunt so madly that I failed to hold myself and got shattered in violent orgasm abruptly.

Crushing him in my arms and thighs with all my strength I exploded with a shudder and cried intensely as dam inside me burst and just then Tinku also crashed and with loud husky blubber shivered deep inside my womb. Heat erupted at his cock tip and he once filled my cunt hole with his sticky gunk.

Eventually puffing in releaf Tinku sank in my arms and I caressed his hairs lovingly while feeling his cock shrinking and thick stream of his hot jizz flowing out of my Cunt. Unmoved we relaxed in same posture and I was feeling delighted with a kind orgasm I just had and I expressed my state saying "Mazza Aagaya..." and for an instant Tinku just hummed to accept.

"Aap bahut powerful hain...per suhagraat pe Shilpa ke saath itni taqat mat lagaiyega...aaram aaram se kariyega" To continue same context I once again started preachering him for his wedding night and asked him fuck his wife unhurriedly and not with such power and this time raising his face Tinku looked at me and we both smiled.

Apprently over my expressions I was casual but deep inside from last few minutes I was feeling ocupied with a thought of asking him my desired favor. Once again words were over the tip of my tongue but they were not coming out and slowly Tinku rolled off from my top and I casually came out with a suggestion of spending whole night together with a declaration that I can teach him everything in one night

“Kisi din poori raat ka program banaiye...raat bhar mein hum aapko sab kuch seekha denge" and in reply Tinku told me that they have another flat which is fully furnished and we can stay there for the night. While trying finding a way to speak out real matter I came out with another preaching that if he has to keep Shilpa happy than he should learn sucking

"Agar aapko Shilpa ko khush rakhna hai to sucking karna sikhiye..." and in continuation invited him for taking another shower with me and Tinku got up instantly. Next we both entered in bathroom and this time he moved into flowing water first and touching my breasts over his back and rubbing my soft fuckhole over his ass I hugged him from behind

"Thank You Very Much…Aap aapne humen satisfy kar diya” Sensual voice, desperate tone, I continued talking to him something or other while trying my best to come to the point but unaware of my real mind state Tinku turn to me and started sqeezing my heavy melons roughly.

Unconsciously my hands reached to his limping cock and while playing with that I started massaging his balls and finally came out saying that I want to talk to him “Humen aapse ek baat karni hai….”. My heart was beating high but somehow I had to do it and I started by asked him what sort of candidate Babu Ji is looking as a manager for our office and Tinku casually said,

trustworthy in concern of cash deals and the one can who can handle all the things. “Hum hi handle kar lenge sab kuch….” I spoke that out casually while massaging his thighs and asked him if in his and Babu Ji’s perspective I am trustworthy in concern of cash “hum aapki aur Babu Ji ki nazron me cash ko lekar vishwas karne layak to hain na…?”

and relecting surprise Tinku instantly replied back positively “Haan…Haan itne din se sab kuch aap hi to dekh rahe ho…” (yes why not…from last so many days you are looking after everything) Tinku spoke out while looking into my eyes with smile and I came up saying that I want to look after everything in future too “aage bhi sab kuch hum hi dekhna chahte hain”.

Till now for Tinku everything was casual and over his expressions I could see that he has not reached to my ultimate thought; that I need better salary for doing all that and before getting to that point I requested him not to think that I have done sex with him for this “Aap please ye mat samajhiyega ki humne aapke saath issi liye sex kiya hai…”

next I told him that even Anand wanted to fuck me but I never allowed him to come close to me “Anand bhi humko fuck karna chahte the…per humne kabhi unko apne pass nahi aane diya…..” and continued by saying that I consider him my friend and that is why I had sex with him and that is why I am seeking his help

“hum aapko apna dost maante hain bus issi liye aapke saath sex kiya…. aur issi liye aapse help maang rahen hain…” Tinku was silent, looking at me innocently and I told him that as compared to me Anand was getting three times more salary and for the time being I am expecting my salary getting double and with that added that I need money badly to raise my child with good education.

“Anand ko humse teen guna Salary milti thi…hum chahte hain abhi humari salary double ho jaaye…humen paise ki bahut zarurat hai….humare bache ki achhi padhai ke liye” Still silent Tinku was looking into my eyes with almost zero expression and for an instant I got scared if he has understood this fact that I have fucked with him just with this purpose

but next instant everything went good and he came up saying that he will talk to his grandfather (Babu Ji) and he thinks that it will be done “Don’t worry…I will talk to Dadu….I am sure itna to ho jaayega…”. Relaxed and delighted for an instant I rejoiced over my success but over my expression remained firm and while continuing massaging his Penis and balls sucked his tiny nipples tenderly.

I don’t know from last how many days I was dying to do all this with Tinku and up to an extent I was happy, that now apart from sexual satisfaction I will get good money as a salary too I but somewhere at one corner I was feeling miserable over what I did, it was just not about having sex, neither it was just feeling guilty about spoiling an innocent youth,

more than everything it was about asking for monitory favor after having sex. Deep inside I knew this fact very well that even after saying that I have not fucked with him for this specific purpose, he will make his own conclusion and as he immature but not a fool and he can easily conclude that whatever I have done with him is just for money and nothing else.

I was struggling with in myself but my hands, my lips and my entire body was adoring Tinku and to make him feel that money was not my purpose for having sex with him I came up saying that as I am starved for sex since long and I want to have lot of sex with him "Hum bahut saalon se pyase hain….ab Humen aapke saath bahut sex karna hai...”

and with a smile Tinku told me that he really like when I speak dirty and told me to speak dirty and rephrased my words and spoke out “Bahut saalon se humari Chudai nahin hui hai….ab hum aapse bahut Chudwayenge”.

Anyway that was end of my first fucking sex session with Tinku, as by now we both were little hungry after shower Tinku wore his clothes and went out to get something to eat and before he would have returned, ready to leave I was also back in my clothes with a thought that after eating we will go back home but just like every male Tinku was also not exception

and he stripped me again and had long dirty chit chatting with me on the bed and ended up fucking me one more time. Eventually my efforts, my sacrifice of my dignity paid me and after around one week Babu Ji called me and spoke to me about everything formally and including some perks raised my salary for more two times.

Not only that few weeks back Tinku has bought me a brand new laptop as “Guru Dakshina”; repaying whatever practical sex education I have given him. Whatever around two months are passed and gradually my financial crunch is ending and no need to say to maintain myself I am fucking with Tinku regularly,

leaving my child at friends place with an excuse of work load I have spent numerous nights with him. Apparently everything is fine and Tinku gives me lot of respect; in office as well on bed but many times in his words and over his expressions I easily feel that he consider me his personal slut. I believe Raikhal is a right word for my present status with him.

I am his Raikhal and present when I look back in my past in last few months my thinking has changed drastically but I am enjoying my success. Readers please do post your comments; tell me if I have succeeded in turning my misery into a hot sex story.

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Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - IV

Previously: Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - III

Eventually he got up over his knees and I opened my thighs for him. He was really big but bit limping, next instant I got up and holding his cock started jerking him hard and told him to do it slowly, otherwise he will discharge very early “aaram-aaram se kariyega...nahin to aap bahut jaldi jhadd jaayenge...”

My words aroused him well and just in few seconds with erotic groans Tinku started regaining his size and finally asking him to plunge it in me I lied down over my back again “chaliye ab daal dijiye issko humare andar”. Next he leaned over me and I myself pulled his cock to bring it over my opening and rubbed it over my slit to hear his moan and with erotic gasp Tinku went harder.

"Daal Dijiye..." “! Oh ma uhhhh” I asked him for final push and with a delightful moan took him into my hole and pulled him over me. Once again Tinku crushed me under his massive weight, this time with his thick monster buried in my fuckhole and streaching my swollen cunt lips painfully wide for an instant his thick and huge cock felt like a hot iron poker in my flesh.

Slowly I engrossed the pain and clamped his entire length in my cunt and clenching his teeth Tinku grunted loud in unbearable sensation. “Aaj ho hi gaya humara aur aapka Milan” I spoke sensual while wrapping him in my arms and thighs and felt him reaching to the other edge of my womb. Next I asked him to fuck me now “Ab fuck kariye humen….”and Tinku started fucked me.

Like I said physically Tinku was really good, size of his cock was also amazing but he was an amateur and lifting his taut ass, the moment he pulled himself out and moved back into my fuckhole and cried in pleasure I understood that he won’t last for long and I was absolutely right.

Gasping loud very first moment he plunged his burning cock into me with such a jolt that I cried in pain and before I would recover from that surprise he started fucking me rapidly “Ahh…O hhhh….Dheere Tinku Ji Dheere…Jaldi mat kariye….!” moaning in pleasure and pain I asked him to calm down but he was not in his control and he somewhat screamed while fucking me further hard

“Ohhhh…mujhse control nahi ho raha….” “aapko control karna padega….” Holding his pumping ass tight with both the hands; to slow down his pace I told him that he has to control but next instant he failed to hold himself and squeezing his ass 2-3 times in quick succession screwed me hard and fast and cried helplessly while quivering deep inside my womb.

I won’t say it was a great fuck, it was barely a minute or not even that, before I would have realized the pleasure that I am getting fucked Tinku was spent “Aap bahut jaldi jhadd gaye…” I told him that he climaxed very fast but next instant caressing his hairs I tried to relax him too “koi baat nahin…pahli bar aisa hi hota hai…”

Finally Tinku rolled off from my top and got fascinated to see my fuckhole oozing out stream of his thick white cream. Anyway wiping my cunt with the edge of the bed sheet I moved into the bathroom and took long time, for me it was time to speak to him about my reward and I was really very hesitant to speak to him about that.

For an instant I thought about talking to him later, may be after another fuck but I was restless and wanted to find an edge over this and finally I came out with strong intentions to speak to him. Stark naked, when I came out Tinku was laying on the bed with almost limping cock and I told him to wash himself and in addition told him that we will do it again after some time

“Jaaiye wash kar lijiye…thodi der mein dobara karnge” Tinku did what I told him to do and as he came out I pulled him beside me in same posture, wrapped myself in his arm and crossing my leg over his thighs came over him partially “Ye sirf aaj ke liye nahin hai….jab tak aapki Shilpa se shaadi nahin hoti tab tak aap humko hi apni wife maan sakte hain...aap jab bhi bulayenge hum aa jaayenge”

to prepare myself to speak and him to listen I lured him by saying that it’s just not for today and he can consider me his wife till he gets married and also added that I will come whenever he will call me. Next while caressing his nipples with my fingers tenderly I turned to see his face,

somehow to speak my desire but for an instant ended up kissing him softly and baiting him bit more by saying that I will be available to him even after his marriage “Waise hum aapki Shaadi ke baad bhi aapke liye hamesha available rahenge” and Tinku smiled in gladness.

He was happy but I was going through real fear, over the tip of my tongue I was prepared with the words I wanted to speak but nothing was coming out of me, my heart was beating high, I was uneasy with a thought that if right after having sex I will ask him my desired favor he can easily think that I have fucked with him for this purpose only

and before I would have suppressed my hesitation and fear he asked me if we can start doing again. "Fir se shuru karen...?" "haan..haan kyun nahin...?” and suppressing my desire to speak I granted his wish casually. Once again for me it was time to get slutty and I decided to give him my best before asking him my reward and holding his cock,

moving it back and forward I kissed him deep for a minute or bit long, next moving down I sucked his tiny nipples while massaging his balls and somewhat licked him all over his chest and with low voiced moans Tinku enjoyed whatever I did with him and gained some erection.

By now his cock was not limping but it was not hard either and being an experienced female I knew this fact that men get aroused with females speaking dirty and I asked same to Tinku and in continuation told him I know all the words “Agar aap chahen to hum ganda-ganda bhi bol sakte hain…humen sab words maloom hain…” “Kaunse words…”

he asked me what sort of words I know and came out with dirty Hindi slang and told him I know everything whatever guys speak “Lund Chut…Chuchiyan….Gaand…Chodna…aap ladke log jo kuch bhi bolte hain….humen sab patta hai.." he was surprised to hear all this from me and with a smile Tinku grew harder in my fist and told me to speak “Bolo”

and addressing his name I started forming dirty speech for him “Tinku Ji aapka Lund bahut badda hai...aur bahut mota bhi hai...” “aapne to aaj humari Chut hi faad di” and while jerking his cock back and forward next I moved bit up and covered his entire face with my heavy breasts and came out saying

“Ye dekhiye humari Chuchiyan kitni badi hain...inke saamne aapki Shilpa ki chuchiyan bahut chhoti hain...” and like I knew, just like my ex-husband use to, Tinku also started getting hard and requested me to speak more “Please Aur bolo” and I continued “Ab jaldi se apna Lund khada kariye aur humari Chut mein daaliye... acche se Chodiye humen...humen itna Chodiye ki hum bhi jhadd jaayen...”.

Speaking out Hindi nonsense was not awkward for me, my ex-husband use to make me speak all this on the bed very regularly and it was a matter of time that I use to hate all this at that time but right now it was good for me and not only Tinku by now even I was also getting excited with what I was speaking and moving up and down, back and forward I started jerking him hard and fast.

Eventually Tinku got hard and now It was time to fuck again and I was about to get up to sit over his crotch but suddenly Tinku came out with a request of trying oral sex “please ek bar oral sex try Karen….?” “Haan kar sakte hain… ? humne to aapse pahle bhi poocha tha..."

although I never liked doing oral sex in my married life but I was ready to do anything for him and with a smile I accepted to suck his cock instantly. Next I slowly peeled off foreskin of his thick black monster and Tinku moaned loud in pleasure and pain. Laying over his back he lifted his face to see me sucking and looking at him with a smile I started with a long wet lick from its root till its head.

Ugly and horrible it was a real monster, particularly if it has to go into the mouth but I had to do it and overcoming my hesitation I took his thick cock-head in my mouth tenderly. To begin I spewed out my saliva over his cock tip and licked it back softly with the tip of my tongue and Tinku puffed in delight.

Opening his thighs slowly I made some space and lied down between his legs with support of my elbows and continued sucking his rod with my warm and moist mouth comfortably and closing his eyes Tinku started grunting continuously.

Gradually I took him further deep; more than half of his length and I clamped his monster in my hot mouth and sucked him bit harder and his belly rippled helplessly, his penis quivered in my mouth and he carried in pain “Mujhe dard ho raha hai…” I realized my mistake, for an instant I took him out but soon started all over again after spewing out lot of saliva over his cock-head.

Sucking and licking this time I was very slow and tender and with that I continued spewing out my warm saliva over his cock head. I took him deep but did not sucked him, I just wiggled my tongue around his cock and licked his cock tip and just in few minutes Tinku started moaning and grunting in divine sensation.

Looking at my face inflamed with his Cock, he swelled and grew further hard in my mouth and slowly took its full length. May be five minutes but I did not stopped sucking him, maybe I was enjoying his pleasure moans and just in few more seconds things went unbearable for Tinku and he himself stopped me.

Now it was time for me to get oral pleasure, truly speaking initially when I started sucking him I was not intended to get sucked by him, being a first timer I knew he will not be comfortable doing this filthy act but by the time I ended sucking I was turned on and now I too wanted to get sucked and I requested him to suck my pussy “Please ab aap bhi humari Pussy suck kariye…”.

Like I expected Tinku went bit timid over my demand, but I was desperate, my cunt was itching since I was left unfinished by him and I was not sure that even this time he will succeed in bringing to my climax and making him realize that I have also done with him I once again requested him “Kariye na please….humne bhi to kiya aapke saath”

and finally Tinku came out with low voiced hesitant Ok. Eventually I lied down over my back and Tinku over his chest between my folded stretched thighs. He was still unwilling but motivated him by saying that initially he might feel strange but after some he will like it “Aapko shuru mein thoda sa ajeeb lagega…per baad mein bahut achha lagega…” and finally TInku started licking me.

He was slow, tender and very hesitant and lifting my legs up and resting them over his broad shoulders I gave his mouth more contact of my cunt and asked him to stop feeling shy and suck it properly in sensual tone “Tinku Ji sharmaiye mat…Choosiye …...aapko Shilpa ki Chut bhi Chusni padegi” (don't feel shy and have to suck Shilpa's pussy as well).

I believe my words and tone worked a bit as next instant parting my thick pussy lips Tinku moved his rough tongue over my cunt bit deeper and I groaned loud in excitement. As I saw slowly he is getting comfortable with the act I lifted my ass for him and next instant his tongue sizzled into my opening.

Ohhhh….That was amazing and I panted loud and caressing his scalp continued asking him for more and Tinku did not stopped licking my cunt until I stopped him.

To Be Continued...

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Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - III

Previously: Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - II

Anyway, rapture, guilty and fear, holding everything within, unconsciously I just continued moving and throughout the way I was so lost that I don’t remember when and where I got the connivance, when I reached to the destination and how much amount I paid for reaching there. Although I was having key still I waited outside the apartment for Tinku and as he appeared I moved in.

I climbed the stairs alone and changing my mood I once again convinced myself that what I am doing is absolutely right and behaving naughty and shameless I have to give so much pleasure to Tinku that he could not think of saying no to my demand. Eventually we both entered in the flat one after another and looked around casually,

it was two bedrooms flat and in living room there was only one small dining table with four chairs and keeping my hand bag there I moved to see the bedrooms. One bedroom was totally blank but fortunately other was having one old double bed with worn out mattress over that but there was a thick layer of mud over the bed and mattress.

It was disappointing but to our good fortune soon we found plenty of washed bed sheets in the wardrobe. Next as required without many words I consciously collected whole mud in one sheet, after that we both turned the mattress around and finally covered it with a neat and clean sheet.

Bed was ready for fucking and with a smile I asked Tinku that now we should take off our clothes and hang it over chairs, so that they can get dry before we go “Chaliye ab hum dono apne kapde uttar ke chairs per daal dete hain…taaki jaane se pahle ye sookh jaayen”

as objective was clear in my mind I was back in my slutty mode and I saw with a big smile Tinku feeling delighted over my words. “Kya hua aap Muskura kyun rahe hain…?” I asked him why he is smiling and Tinku knobbed his head to say nothing and I once again came out with soft sensual words “ab humen agar aapko SuhagRaat ke liye tyar karna hai to kapde to uttarne hi padenge na?”

and I saw my words once again shivered him in pleasure. Since then untouched by any female Tinku was getting aroused with my sensual statements about his wedding night and taking it as a key for his arousal I moved close to him and holding his wrist took him out to the living room and came up with a thought of taking off each other’s clothes.

“Chaliye aap humare kapde uttariye…hum aapke uttarte hain” with that I moved my hand over his chest and tried lifting her t-shirt slowly. After t-shirt I removed his undershirt as well and hanged both on the back of one chair.

Bit hairy over his chest Tinku was really good and I kissed him over his tiny nipple and he moaned in low voice. Although I was doing all this with a purpose, still I was getting intimate with a real man after around eight years and gradually I was also getting aroused and resting my cheek over his wet chest I hugged him affectionately.

“Ab aap bhi humari kameez uttariye…” I asked him to take off my wet top and with some hesitation Tinku lifted my top and in a moment my big breasts caged in tight bra were exposed to his eyes. His heart was beating high and while looking at his armature expressions my hands reached to his belt and with the touch of my hands over his crotch Tinku started puffing in low voice.

His uneasiness aroused me and unzipping his lower I tried drifting his jeans down quickly. "Ohhh..." with a loud gasp Tinku suddenly removed my hand and moved bit away from me."Kya Hua...?" I asked him with a big smile and knobbing his head saying nothing he too smiled.

"Ye to sirf shuruwat hai....abhi to aapke saath bahut kuch hona hai" I teased him and with that pulled cord of my salwar and came out of my lower. With a naughty smile over my face now I was standing just in bra and panty and looking at my fair and fleshy thighs Tinku went further nervous.

No ethics or any sort of guilt, mentally and physically prepared to fuck with a guy who was around 10 years younger than me by now I was well into behaving like a slut and I turned around to show him my thick and wide ass "kaisi laggi aapko humari body..?" I asked him how my body is and with shyness he said its good "achhi hai".

Next I once again went close to him and finally took his lower out of his legs. I must say he was a real hunk and hard over his Cock Tinku was ready for anything and looking at heaviness of his crotch I got fascinated. It was huge, I could make out from his packed lump and next instant grabbing his bulge over the cloth I started massaging his cock and balls.

He moaned and he moaned really very loud, why not? First time in his life he was touched by a female over his cock and with presumption of getting this huge meat in my pussy after so many years I too started humming in pleasure.

Within a minute of tender massage Tinku was turned on, by now even I was feeling bizarre but I was enjoying toying with his hormones and continuing my slow gesture I turned around to get my bra unhooked. “Humari Bra Kholiye…” I asked him to open my bra and Tinku took bit long but ultimetly unhooked me and whirling back to him I took off my bra with a smile over my face.

"Hmmm..." I threw my bra away on the floor and puffed in pleasure while squeezing my wet, fair and fleshy milk mounds together and Tinku was stunned to see real sagging breasts for the first time. For a female like me it was height of being shameless but to my surprise without any hesitation,

neither internal nor apparent I was going well and once again clutching thick bulge of his cock and balls in my hands I spoke out erotic "Ab hum aapka underwear uttarenge aur aap humari kachhi uttarenge..." once again Tinku moaned loud and before he would have recovered from that pleasure I inserted my hand in his Jocky and took out his cock while caressing his balls nicely.

“Ahhhhh…” closing his eyes he gasped in pleasure while holding my bare shoulders and I drifted his underwear down to his feet. "Hey bhagwan...itna bada..?" I was really surprised, dark; almost black it was a real monster, far bigger than I dared to hope and looking at its thickness frisson of excitement stabbed me deep in my belly.

I am not sure but it was at least eight inches long and around two inchs thick with that his balls were heavy and swollen and my fingers encircled his thickness eagerly; Tinku grunted, I too groaned and caressed his balls wantonly with his beautiful penis while jerking ideftly in my fingers.

He was stark naked but I was still having Panty over my lower half and after jerking his monster back and forward for a minute or bit less I asked him to stop feeling shy and take of my Panty “Ab sharmana Chhodiye… aur humari kachhi uttariye…” and Tinku did that and as my cunt got uncovered unintentionally my fingers reached to my opening and realized that I am so wet.

“Dekhiye…aapke liye humne aaj hi apni Pussy ki shave ki hai…” Showing him my hairess slit I rubbed my opening while saying that I have shaved my pussy for him just today and looking at my wet sodden cunt Tinku went harder over his cock. We were ready to fuck but as I was feeling bit sticky because of wet clothes I asked him for quick shower and Tinku agreed for that.

Intentionally to show him my big plump ass I moved ahead and entered in the bathroom. Like every corner of the house certainly bathroom was also muddy but it was not smelly and draining mud with in a minute I pulled Tinku into running shower. Good looking face, height almost six feet, broad shoulders, muscular body with thick arms and thighs,

I must say he was a real man and while moving my hands over his thighs, ass and while playing with his cock and balls I kissed him all over his chest and to my surprise I was not doing all this to pleasure him, It was me who was suppressing my sexual urge from years and suddenly dam inside me was broken.

I was enjoying real pleasure of being woman and gasping in delight Tinku grabbed me in his arms and started squeezing my sagging mounds roughly. Hands playing roughly with my breasts and feeling his bulgy crotch in the middle I was getting despirate but before taking him inside I had to pleasure him more and I asked him to come to bed with once again wedding night context

"Ab Bistar per Chaliye...aur humare saath apni Suhagraat ki practice kariye" and holding his wrist I took him out and wiped our body quickly with another bedsheet. Eventually I laid down on the bed over my back and opening my arms told him to lay down on me "Aaiye humare oopar late jaaiye..." and Tinku did what he was said to do.

He was huge and heavy, my soft breasts against his thick chest and feeling his hard Penis over my belly I enjoyed getting buried under his massive weight. Our faces were close and it was time to kiss and I asked him to assume me his spouse Shilpa and kiss me but again in sensual Hindi words "Ab maan lijiye ki hum Shilpa hain...aur humara chumban lijiye...".

He kissed me and he kissed me well, I don't know if it was his first kiss but he knew how to kiss, he sucked my lips nicely and as I kissed him back he slipped his tongue in my mouth and moved it all around. I too wiggled my tongue in his mouth and somewhat sucked his tongue. "aap to bahut achha kiss karte hain...pahle kisi ko kiss kiya hai kya?"

I asked him if he has kissed someone earlier and moving his head he said no to it. "Accha chaliye ab humare Boobs suck kariye..." leaving that subject next I asked him to suck my boobs and Tinku started doing that. He was eager and squeezing my soft mounds roughly with both the hands he tried sucking my nipples hard and moving my fingers in his wet hairs I asked him to do it calmly

"Aaram se kariye koi jaldi nahin hai…ye sab aapka hi hai…” After feeding one for long time I gave him my other mound to suck and he sucked that too. Laying under him, with his cock touching my naval, also while enjoying my breasts getting sucked I slid my hands to his strong muscular thighs and slowly moved up to his firm ass and rubbed my hands tenderly all over his back;

being a female I would say Tinku was too good to feel and now I needed him in my fuckhole. Finally I stopped feeding him to move ahead and asked him if he would like to have oral sex first or he straightaway wants to put it inside, “pahle oral sex karna hai ya sidha andar daalenge...?” and Tinku failed to respond and came out in surprise

“Oral sex....?” “Haan...oral sex...! aap blue movies dekhte hain na? With a naughty smiled I asked him if he watch blue movies and he said yes but sometimes “Haan...per kabhi kabhi...” “andar daalne pahle aap wo sab karna chahte hain...?” and I asked him if he wants to do all that before putting it inside and he knobbed his head in No.

I was glad, loooking at his ugly monster even I was not willing for oral sex, I asked him because I wanted to give him complete pleasure and as he said no to that I accepted and told him to put it inside

“Theek hai...fir daal dijiye....” “aise hi bina Condom ke...?” He asked me for Condom and I told him to just enjoy and not to take tension of all that. “Aap tension mat lijiye...wo sab hum dekh lenge....aap bus enjoy kariye...”

To Be Continued...

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Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - II

Previously: Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - I

Anyway eventually night ended and next day started and with a thought of staying late in the office with Tinku I shaved my pussy; if somehow I will get a chance than I had to be ready for him and I must say that my intuition was amazingly accurate.

Time was bit passed to 8 and as soon as I moved out of the house and started to walk to get a transport it started raining heavy and just in few minutes I was dripping from every pour of my body. I was staying hardly 2-3 Km from my work place, I could go back home, change and stay at home till rain ends but I continued moving towards office.

No other reason except wet woman is always good to see and soon I realized that the way water was pouring there is bright chance that there will be nobody in the office except me and Tinku. It was a matter of fact that except me and one more; the peon everybody who work in my office come from very far and the way it was raining

and the kind of city in which I live it is almost impossible for someone to cover this distance easily. I walked throughout the way, just to get as much as wet and after reaching office found everything better than I needed. Time was 9 and except Peon nobody was reached and to my good fortune because his house was flooded with water even Peon was also going back.

He was just waiting for someone to come to give away the keys of main door. Eventually relieving him for the entire day I moved into the office and called other employs to know their status and like I knew things were well in my favor.

One among two males was still in the house as rain over that part of the city was heavier than here and other male was stuck in traffic around 10 Km away from this place. Not willing to come to work, as per his words he was totally drenched in water and feeling feverish and without giving second thought I granted his leave for the day.

There was one more female to call, she was not living very far but she use to be always absent in such conditions and she was waiting for rain to stop and I asked her to stay at home today because except me nobody has came to office and I might also leave in an hour or two. Things were well set and now I needed to know where is Tinku stuck,

he was also not living far from the place we work but he use to commute by car and the kind of rush there was on road it was not easy for him too to reach here. I called him and Tinku did not picked the call. What if even he will not come? I was disappointed but it was my day and after 5-10 minutes as I got up and came out of my room to make some tea for myself I heard Tinku

addressing Peons name while entering in the office. I was still having stole over my shoulder and I instantly moved back into my room and threw away my stole and pretending normal came out of the room and walked towards the door. Saying “wo wapis chala gaya” (he has gone back) I reached to him and I was delighted to see like me he was also dripping wet.

Rainy weather, nobody in the office except one male and one female; above that both wet, male curious for his first experience and female desperate to spread her legs for him; it was perfect environment for fucking and looking at his muscular body in a moment I got so fascinated that I decided that somehow I have to make it today.

I believe if determined, it is not at all difficult for any female to fuck a particular male and for me too Tinku was an easy prey, it was just that suppressing my hesitation I have to behave slutty with him and next instant I did that casually by touching his chest nicely, pretending as if I am checking how intensely wet he is.

“Aap kaise poora bheeg gaye….” I asked him how he got so wet and with a pleasure of my touch he briefed his happening, that his car was stuck in a jam around 1 Km away from this place and instructing driver for going back home he walked down in rain till office.

By now I was not dripping but I was wet and my clothes; Salwar kamiz were somewhat enlightening my plump ass and thickness of my thighs nicely, above that like everyday my big breasts without any stole and I saw Tinku getting conscious because of all this.

Looking at his hesitant face with smile I had few words with Tinku and detailed him everyone’s status and in the end, as there was no milk today I asked him for black tea. He said yes for tea and I stood in the pantry to prepared tea and gave consideration to all aspects of the act I was about to do and one more time, for sake my future, my child’s future and also for my sexual pleasure decided to go for it.

Eventually with two mugs filled with black tea I came to his cabin and to enhance my sex appeal released my wet hairs free and staggered my head to drain water drops in front of him and smiled naughtily while looking into his eyes. For an instant Tinku looked into my eyes but in the end move his vision away.

Big breasts, fair, thick and deep cleavage, sipping my tea I was sitting across him and there was no way Tinku could stop staring at my luscious milks. “Hum note kar rahe hain ki Aajkal aap humen kuch alag nazron se dekh rahen hai…” (Means I am noticing that that these days you are looking at me with some different perspective) intended to open sex chat I spoke in teasing tone,

“Nahi to…” he denied instantly but against my smile he lost confidence in a fraction and apologized while blushing “I am sorry…” and I was more or less ready to continue “Sharmaiye mat…isska matlab hai aap normal hain…” (don’t feel shy, it means you are normal) and after a pause created humor by saying that unless these days boys get attracted to boys

“nahi to aaj kal ladke ladke ki taraf attract hote hain”. I giggled while saying that and he too laughed loud on my wit. And soon after that laughter I continued taking him on my way “Ek baat samajh lijiye… thode dino mein aapki Shaadi hone wali hai…aur ab aapko Sharmana chhod dena chahiye…Ladkiyon ko shramane waale ladke acche nahi lagte…”

(Understand one thing, soon you will get married and now you should stop shying, girls don’t like shy boys). In a way I was provoking him to approach me but he was very innocent and he once again blushed over my words and continued sipping his tea silently. "ye kuch nahi bhi karna hai mujhe hi karna hai..." means he will not do anything, and I have to do everything,

with this thought I moved ahead into the talk and I praised his looks by saying that the girl who is getting married to him is really very lucky "Waise jiske saath aapki shaadi hone wali hai wo hai bahut lucky...aap bahut handsome or good looking hain"

I was sitting across the table with an exposed cleavage and with a blushing smiling he came up with a thanks and I saw once again for few seconds his eyes got stuck over my breasts. Realizing my intentions deep inside I was very uneasy but equally my mind was running fast to get on the point as soon as possible and I casually asked him to show his fiancée’s picture.

Shilpa; her fiancée’s name and next taking out her picture over the screen he gave his mobile to me and giving complement that she is sexy I continued being naughty and suddenly once again teased him by saying that after seeing her fiancée now I am sure that he will fail on his wedding night.

"aapki fiancée ko dekhkar hum sure ho gaye hain ki aap apni suhagraat per fail hone wale hain". Once again it was a disgusting statement for Tinku but this time along with blushing smile Tinku sarcastically came up saying that I am insulting him again and again "aap to bar bar meri be-izzati kar rahe ho".

His tone was not serious but I felt as if this time my words have haggard him and I tried saving myself by saying that I am not insulting him, I am just preparing him "hum aapki be-izzati nahi kar rahe...hum sirf aapko mentally prepare kare rahe hain..." and before I would have ended my words I was intended to speak out my dirty desire in same context and overcoming my hesitation,

collecting all courage ultimately I broke the last barrier, "aap kahiye to hum aap ko aapki SuhagRaat ke liye porri tarah tyar kar den….” (if you say I can prepare you for your wedding night) looking into his eyes, with a pounding heart I spoke out what I wanted to speak with casual expressions but my voice was low and timid and before Tinku would have reacted over

my words I opened up completely in better tone by saying that I really feel like fucking with him "humara bahut mann hai...aapke saath fucking karne ka". Nervous and shocked Tinku was speechless, I was also going through strange fear but over my expressions I tried to remain firm and confident and next requested him, not to say “No” or I will stop coming to office from tomorrow

“please na matt boliyega...nahi to hum kal se office aana chhod denge...” Just stare into each other’s eyes, for next few seconds there was a silence and finally he said OK "theek hai". Finally I did it, I was happy but I remained calm and expressing emotions I asked him if he likes me “hum aapko achhe to lagte hain na…?” “Haan…”

he said yes but after a pause, with a choked voice came up saying that he cannot marry me “Lekin main aapse Shaadi nahi kar sakta…” I smiled over his innocence and replied by saying that even I don’t want to marry him, I just want to have sex with him “humen bhi aapse shaadi nahi karni hai…humen bus aapse saath sex karna hai…” and next instant I saw lines of rapture over his facial expressions.

Now what? Since now I was thinking about doing naughty, but now it was time to do naughty and I went out to lock the main door. I was thinking about fucking just there, in his cabin, either me sitting over his crotch on the chair or me leaning against table and he fucking me from behind but Tinku came up with far better Idea.

Here in office we were having keys of one vacant flat which Babu Ji wanted to sell, keys were kept here to show the premises to the buyers and as Tinku asked me if we can go there and I agreed for that. Though that place was unseen by me but I knew that with some furniture it is located around 4-5 Km from that place in same direction from where I come,

it was any moment safer than this place and soon we both left the office one after another separately. Mild showers outside it was not raining heavy now but there was hell of water logging and traffic conditions were gone worse.

It was a span of around 20 minutes or bit more, unconsciously looking for transport I walked in the desired direction and I really don’t remember what all came on my way on the road. I was lost in some other world, after more than seven years I was about to get sexual pleasure but that instant more than sexual arousal I was feeling sad.

There as mild stickness in my Panty but more than that I was feeling guilty of spoiling an innocent child, not only that moving towards destination I was going through strange fear continuously, it was a fear of losing my dignity and losing all my religious values,

which were nevertheless than my life at one time. It would have been better if I would have fucked with him in the office, that time I was flowing in lust and by now we would have finished fucking but that instant while being alone deep inside;

at one corner of my heart I wanted to run away from this situation but anyhow I could not run from the truth of my life and truth was that I had to go shameless to come out from the shell in which I was nevertheless than a daily labor.

To Be Continued...

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Sneha Fucking Young Boss For Moolah - I

Hello Friends, few days back I accidently found this site and after reading around one dozen sex experiences I too started feeling like sharing hidden truth of my life. I am Sneha, 38 years of age, fair and average looking female, divorcee, living alone in small but renowned business city of eastern UP with my 10 year old son.

Academically I am not highly educated, just a graduate of commerce stream, Hindi medium from very ordinary university and while living in my home town I am working in a small but reputed company as accountant from last 7-8 years; since I am separated from my husband.

As heading of my write up suggest this is about me being a slut and having sex with my young Boss of 26 for tranquilizing my sexual urge and more than that for good money appraisal. In appearance I am not sexy and slender; rather I have a evident belly with plump ass and thick arms and thighs,

but with big round breasts I was attractive enough to lure a virgin male who was keen to experience real fucking. Tinku; unreal but very similar to real nick name, 26 years of age, tall almost six feet, good looking male with good health was my Boss’s son who was already engaged but his marriage was postponed for uncertain period because of his father’s sudden demise.

To brief the environment in which I behaved like a slut and fucked with a male who was more than 10 years younger than me I would say I was working in this company very hard from almost eight years but I was never appreciated and that is because of our manager Anand.

Almost 50 years of age, with two children, girl and boy of 23 and 21 years and this bastard wanted to fuck me against the benefit of good appraisal every year. I was 33, living alone from around 3 years and somewhat struggling to survive when Anand expressed his lustful intentions to me and being a religious female with strong moral values I complained about his attitude to Babu Ji;

the main boss; father of my next boss, who use to look after wholesale counter. Babu Ji reacted over this violently and he wanted to fire Anand just then but his son, in a way who was looking after entire business took his favor and saved him and since than me and Anand were somewhat enemies of each other’s life.

Years passed, almost 5 years and in Babu Ji’s shade I did not faced much trouble to work, neither from his son nor from Anand but I never got good monetary appraisal which I always deserved and on one unfortunate day my Boss; means Babu Ji's son passed away in fatal road accident. It was awful and including me everybody was deeply anguished.

Couple of months passed and ad gradually things started coming back on track I saw stress between Babu Ji and Anand rising on daily basis. With lot of liberties Anand was sort of right hand of my Boss but he was not up to the mark in Babu Ji’s perspective and on fine day Babu Ji fired him.

I was happy over his decision as after Anand's exit I could see hopes for my rise at this place but Babu Ji was having some other plans. He called me and including accounts asked me to look after the entire work which was including, purchasing, checking, cash payments and lot of other things, in short including mine he wanted me to do Anand's job as well but just for the time being,

till he hires someone at Anand's place. I was disappointed, I wanted to lead this office just like Anand was doing and I was good enough to do that but that instant I failed to express my intentions to Babu Ji. I don’t know what all discussion happened next between Babu Ji and other family members but after around 10 days of my meeting with Babu Ji his grandson Tinku joined me.

Initially I was disappointed over his joining but as few days passed I realized that at the moment Tinku is not at all mature enough to handle so many things running here and I collaborated with him and took him out of work stress. Little shy and hesitant in nature, like I earlier said Tinku was a good looking boy, though bit dusky but tall and healthy, 26 years of age, he was already engaged,

it was an arrange marriage in same cast but girl's family belonged to some other town. Over the period of one week we were good friends and being a matured female I easily saw him looking at my body with lustful eyes. It was normal at his end but soon his lustful perspective for me made me think weird.

While being on bed just before getting into sleep I often use to think about my future in this company, I desperately wanted to lead the show of this work premises but Babu Ji was still looking for appropriate candidate to handle this office and he wanted to settle Tinku at his place on the wholesale counter.

He has crossed 80 years, what will happen if someday he will also go away, after is death there is a bright chance that I will be thrown out, but if somehow I will clutch Tinku, he could be my key to success for rest of my life. Because of his father’s sudden demise his marriage was postponed for uncertain time and he was not in good touch with a female to whom he was engaged,

things were in my favor, certainly my thinking was weird but it was logical and next day onwards I unintentionally went further friendlier with him. He was an innocent boy with lot of curiosity for female body and as I saw him getting sexually attracted to me I found the sure shot way to get better position in the company.

Suddenly my passion to succeed and earn more money overcame my religious thinking and moral values and I started thinking about luring Tinku sexually. As in proportion of my body my breasts are quite big, round and well in shape and just for Tinku, I started putting off my stole from my shoulders after reaching to the office and on very first day onwards

I realized enhancement in Tinku’s overall uneasiness because of my cleavage. Not only he somewhere even I was moved by all this, I was untouched by male specie from last 7-8 years and I never felt starved for sex, may be because soon after my separation from my husband I was indulged in spirituality and devotion towards god and mentally I blocked myself to think in that direction.

But now things were changing and apart from getting complete job security I was realizing sexual urge growing fast in my gesture. Tinku was a good looking male with very good health, good enough to satisfy my sexual urge and me who more or less never fisted my pussy in last so many years and fantasizing him fucking me hard in next few days I started masturbating almost every day.

Sometimes in the morning while taking bath, sometimes in the night just before getting into sleep, unexpectedly slut from deep inside my soul was out and I started dying to get real pleasure of being a female. Gradually my urge for Tinku went on rising and soon I realized that more than Tinku it is me who is looking at him with lustful intentions.

While being with me often his eyes use to be over my cleavage and much more than him my eyes use to be over his crotch; to see if he is getting hard because of me. Deep inside I wanted to approach Tinku but I was scared, what if things will go wrong, I was sure that till Babu Ji is their my job is very much safe but if I will do this and he will come to know about it more than

my job I will lose the faith and trust I have attained in his eyes. It was prevalent dilemma I have ever faced in last few years, at one side I was having my morals values and esteem attained in so many years and on other hand I could see along with physical love I can get considerable enhancement in my salary with honor of handling entire office.

What to do? And overnight I decide to go for it but in diplomatic way. Attraction for my body was evident in Tinku’s eyes and keeping this consideration that things may go wrong and Babu Ji might come to know about it I decided to go so friendlier with Tinku that he himself gets crazy to approach me so that if we get caught I can say that it is Tinku who approached me and I did it just to retain my job.

I don’t know what was happened to me, I was never so selfish and dirty minded, it was mainly desire to earn more and bit of craving for sexual satisfaction which was driving me crazy and on very next day I did something which changed Tinku’s thoughts ferociously towards me.

To reveal my fair cleavage I was already not keeping stole over my shoulder from last many days and it was matter of co-incidence that in that state I got to move some furniture with him in his cabin. Time was bit passed to 6 and except one field guy who was sitting on the gate there was nobody in the office who could move furniture with Tinku.

For an instant Tinku asked me call that guy but I asked him do it with me. It was a long side cabinet ending around my knees and I bent down to pick it up with him. I won’t say neck of my Kurta was deep but I intentionally bent myself so much and for so long that Tinku consistently saw my fair and heavy breasts caged in tight bra.

I don’t know intentionally or unintentionally but as I realized that his eyes are glued to my milky white soft melons I suddenly raised my vision and caught him red-handed. I saw him with a smile and like I expected Tinku went nervous and instantly moved to desired place to put the desk down and for an instant I just ended with a smile over his facial expressions.

In last few days I don’t know how many times I have seen him staring my breasts, thighs and ass but I never caught him but now after catching him red-handed I wanted to use of this opportunity and after settling down the one more side cabinate I asked him what was he looking “aap Kya dekh rahe the…..?” “Kuch nahi…”

like an innocent boy saying nothing he fumbled over his expression and words and I continued my teasing tone and asked him to say what was he looking without feeling shy “Arre sharmaiye nahi….bol dijiye kya dekh rahe the….” I was going good but as I saw Tinku getting nervous I decided to leave the subject but to end came out with a notorious statement with a naughty smile

“Achha mat boliye…Sharmate rahiye…..waise bhi humen maaloom hai aap kya dekh rahe the” (Ok don’t speak…just keep on shying….by the way I know what were you looking at) Although entire incident was more or less unplanned from my side but particularly last statement was something which came out of me instantly and after saying that even I felt little uneasy and I walked out of his cabin.

Almost 6:30, for me it was time to go home but I did not wanted to go, deep inside staying there with him alone in the office I was feeling like giving more hints to him about my desire to make things happen as soon possible. I sat down in front of my PC for 5-10 minutes and somewhat failed to convince myself going slutty so quickly and decided to go home.

I packed my bag walked through the corridor and opening door of his cabin and sneaking inside I was thinking about just saying bye to him but in the end I entered in his cabin and created really vey naughty humor over his shyness “Tinku Ji Aap please bura matt maaniyega par agar aap Itna Shamaayenge to SuhagRaat pe kya karenge….aap to hum logon ki beizzati kara denge”

addressing is name initially I requested him not to mind my words and ultimately asked him if he will behave so shy then what will he do on his wedding night and in the end sarcastically came up saying that it will be insulting for us. What was that? Tinku was stunned to hear that, why just he, even I was shocked over what I said, I don’t know how and when it came in my mind and how I dared to speak that so casually.

“I am sorry…humne aise hi bol diya….” Looking at his expressions next instant I realized I have made a mistake and I apologized and to my good fortune saying “it’s OK” Tinku blushed away innocently.

Eventually I moved out of the office with my mind set on fire, it took me hardly 15-20 minutes to reach home on public transport and throughout the way while thinking about Tinku fucking me by the time I reached home I was totally wet and dripping in my panty.

Since then I was keen to get fuck with Tinku, not only because of sexual satisfaction, much more that I was desiring better place and remuneration from the company but now I was feeling that desire of getting fucking pleasure is getting balanced with the greed of increment I am expecting as a reward for the sexual pleasure I will give him.

“I have to hurry, I don’t have much time…Babu Ji can appoint manager any day…after fucking with Tinku I have to ask for compensation as soon as possible, but how? How will say that…? Let’s see first I have to fuck with him”.

Leaking at my pussy consistently while standing in the kitchen and preparing dinner I was going through various thoughts and it was not that I was thinking just slutty, many times I thought about not doing all this but every time I looked at my child I suppressed all ethical voices coming from inside.

Just 10 years of age and my child was spending almost entire day without me; till 1 in a very ordinary school and after that in a cheap and messy daycare. Like every mother I wanted to give my child good education and good luxurious life but even after trying hard I was earning just to live and now after five years; when I was asked by Aanad to fuck with him,

I was realizing that Certainly If I would accepted Anand proposal at that time financially I would have been in better state. But Never mind, life has given me another chance and as compared it is good to fuck with young and good looking Boss, instead of fucking with that filthy minded 50 year old Manager.

To Be Continued...

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Mira Enjoying Table Corner Sex With Pramod

Aged 20, I am Mira, just graduated and entered as a trainee in one of the trading establishments. I was staying in a WW hostel. My parents were in our village and my sister got married last year. From early days I had a problem. I got an itchy pussy. So also my sister. We both rubbed and found some relief.

My sister warned me not to insert any hard object as it will break the seal and the husband will find it on the first night. Keep the seal intact for him to break, she warned. Mutual rubbing was a pleasurable solution to both. We used hands or turkish towel etc. I used to press, desk corners or table corners into my crotch as it will subside or enhance the problem.

I did it secretly so that nobody would suspect. Only my sister knew. I asked her after her marriage how was it. She said when he rams it in, it is gone for the time being. But it is better than rubbing. I used to wear pyjama kurtha, or saree or jeans to my office. There were lot of men around me and I had to be careful while searching for the table corners.

My supervisor's table corner suited my height and I go to him often to clear my doubts. He asks me to sit but I prefer to stand, you know why. Sometimes I lean over the table to appear to concentrate, but the sweet table corner presses against my clitoris and I enjoy the pressure.

My colleague, Pramod, calls me to chat, I go and stand before him with his table corner safely buried in my crotch. Hello, Mira, sit down, he says. But I say no, I am tired of sitting and keep standing and talking to him. Pramod may be 25 or so, handsome, and jovial way of talk, and looks makes him very attractive.

Sometimes he is naughty and puts obscene comments about others to make me laugh. All double meaning utterances, sometimes sexual comments. I noticed that he makes his comments only for me to hear. I think he also likes me because I was the youngest in the lot. My body shape was good and I was beautiful.

Everyday he will call me three or four times to go to his table for chat. He used to ask me to hold a paper in the hand and a pencil so that it will appear that we are discussing official matters. The moment I stand before him I start laughing expecting him to pass some comments. One day he touched the corner of his table and kissed his hand. I asked him why.

He said this went deep inside you and smells like you. I felt embarassed. He asked me in low tone that he can help me find a solution. He called me to the restaurant nearby and ordered tea for both of us. I have seen your problem for some time, he said. He asked me to cooperate with him so that we can find a solution. I asked how and what solution.

Next weekend we can go to a hillstation for two days stay and enjoy and come. Lot of your problem will be solved. Pramodji, I think you are married. He said no problem. Marriage or no marriage I can help you to get over your problem. Just try once. Next week just for two days. Pramodji, I am a virgin and would like to be so till I marry. You can be a virgin and enjoy.

There are so many methods. Let us try some, he said. I was reluctant, but he made me to say yes. He asked me to carry a woollen shawl and come to the bus stand where he said he will join me. I packed a small bag with essentials and a shawl and went to the bus stand at the appointed time. Mr. Pramod was waiting for me.

He had booked seats in a fast bus to the nearby hill station. Bus was full with tourists and we started in time. We reached the hill station after three hours and went to a hotel by an auto. The boy took us to the room, a cozy double room. The climate was chill and the time was in the afternoon at 5 pm. He asked me to wrap the shawl and we both went out for tea and snacks.

It was mountainous terrain and walking was difficult. Road was full of people. Pramod and I after tea went to a store, he bought some liquor, soda, snacks etc and we hurried back to the room as it was getting dark. After undressing we changed into casuals. Pramod asked me whether I take liquor. I said no. Never. Today we will just taste a little and let us see how it goes.

He opened the snack packets and the bottle and poured a small quantity in one glass and a large quantity in another glass. After cheering each other we took a sip. It was bitter and I kept the glass aside. After couple of sips, Pramod started to talk. He said you are an itchy girl. I have seen you rubbing your pussy at each table corner. I saw change of expression in your face.

I was wondering how to give you relief. You know when I got married, my wife was of the same nature as you. Any sex talk,she starts getting wet and the flow was too much. When she sees a handsome boy she gets itchy and her pussy gets wet. After marriage in the first night I realized her problem. A hard fuck is the only solution. We lied in the bed and I started the foreplay.

She was a beautiful girl with firm boobs and ass. She had a perfect body structure. But the problem was that she was shy. When I touched her body, she felt ticklish. I told her no, no, things will not go like this. You have to come to some terms with me. I have to fuck you today. But I dont want to hurt you. Fucking is for pleasure for both of us.

Control your shyness and ticklish sensation. We have to live like this naked during the nights for the rest of our lives. Come on let me undress you. She came to terms and came near me. I unhooked her blouse and bra. Her beautiful boobs jutting out were immensely nice. I removed her other clothes and pulled her panty down.

She made all attempts to cover her pussy with her both hands. I removed her hands and found a beautifully shaved small cunt. I felt like kissing it. I kissed her cunt before I kissed her cheeks. Then I hugged her and pulled her down to the bed. Similarly let us finish our glasses and make the best of our time. He emptied his glass in one gulp and I too emptied mine.

Pramod suggested that he will undress me and I should undress him. Before I say yes, he pulled me and removed my top and my bra. His fingers when touching my bare skin tickled me. He then removed my pettycoat and was pulling my panty down. I allowed and cooperated with him. I too had removed my hair from my pussy and it looked clean.

He pulled me closer and licked my pussy and kissed it. While kissing he sucked my clitoris into his mouth. This sudden act of his made me shudder and I pushed him aside. Though it gave me a shot of pleasure, my first instinct was to push him away. I was struggling to pull down his boxer. Like spring his rod jumped out and I was taken aback.

He too had shaven his public hair and I was looking at his cock as a strange object. Pramod laughed and asked me to take it in my hand and assured me that it will not bite. His tool was nice, cylindrical and with red head. I just put a kiss on it and wanted to put it in my mouth and suck it. I looked up at him He said go ahead.

I opened my mouth and I could barely take the head in my wide open mouth. He then pushed me aside and open my legs wide and buried his face in my crotch and lick my pussy. His rough tongue sent shock waves throughout my body. With my fingers I opened my cunt further so that he can go deeper into my pussy. There was a flood of cunt juice from my hole.

He stopped and took his cock and rubbed the tip against my projecting clitoris. His mouth was on my boob and his tongue was making circles around my tiny nipples. I was aroused very much and I asked Pramod to fuck me, fuck me soon. He was again laughing and rose and repositioned his cock and inserted it slowly into my hole.

It was not going in. He got up, poured a large peg for himself and a small peg for me and asked me to gulp it in one go. It had its effect and I did not realise the pain and his cock was half way through my hole. In two pushes the whole monster was inside. I felt it tight in my hole.

Keeping me tight against his body, he got up, I was sitting in his lap with my legs on his either side and his cock fully embedded inside me. He got up and sat in the chair and poured liquor for me and him and and we ate snacks and drank the liquor in one gulp. Liquor had its effect on me. I was dizzy.

He again lifted and laid me in the bed and started to fuck me slowly at first and then increased the speed slowly. My whole body was as if set fire, because of the pleasure in my pussy and the liquor in my stomack. Within three minutes I was getting my earth rocking orgasm shaking my body vigorously. It was indeed heaven. I told him I have had it. He said he knew it, but went on fucking.

I was getting ready for my second session. It took another five minutes when my next orgasm also rocked me. The pleasure part of it was similar to the first or even more. I told Pramod that I will have one more peg. He was roaring with laughter. Again he carried me and went to the table and poured equal quantity for me and him. We both gulped and came back to the bed.

Pramod continued his fuck. He reached his orgasm fast and threw his fluids inside me. I enjoiyed when his spray shot into my groins. Slowly he pulled out and we both ran into the bath room and poured some warm water over my pussy and washed off all the fluids, his and mine. Pramod himself was washing my cunt with soap and I felt like kissing him.

This he broke my seal, if at all it was there, he gave me the heavenly pleasure about which my sister has told me so much. I was tired and hungry. Pramod and I hurriedly put on our casuals and called the room boy and asked him to bring chappathis and chicken curry. Pramod asked me whether it was better than pressing against the corner of the table.

I laughed and said it was heavenly. After food I told him I am tired cannot stand another round now. Ok, we will try later, said he and we hugged and wrapped in thick blanket stretched into the bed. We stayed there for three days. we would have fucked at least 10 times. We emptied one bottle and bought another and consumed half of it.

Pramod asked me to take it to my room and said our further sessions will be in my room. I hugged and kissed every inchof his body in gratitude for giving me the pleasure and a new experience. But within three months, my marriage was arranged and my husband was a great fucker than Pramod. Do you want to hear the story.

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