Threesome With Ayesha And Azra

May 5th, 2005

Hello dear HumanDigest readers, its me Fardeen again with another great experience of mine. I am very grateful to all of you who have liked my pervious two stories, and are continuously sending me very appreciative feedback. It gave me lot of courage to write down few more experiences of mine. As promised, today I m here to share that mind blowing 3some experience between me, my horny cousin Azra and our sweet and petite Aysha Bhabhi. For new readers, let me give you a brief introduction, I m 26 years old, 5feet 10 in height and have a good physique. I am from the city of lights, Karachi, Pakistan. I m a bachelor and currently working in MNC here in Karachi. I am very found of desi stories, my cousin sister Azra, 28 years old, now married with one kid. Azra is a bombshell, 5’. 5” tall and her vitals are 36D/30/38. On the other hand, Aysha, our Bhabhi is a petite girl, not more then 4’. 8” tall and just look like a little doll. She doesn’t have any child. She got married to our eldest cousin brother almost 4 years ago but still looks like a schoolgirl due to her body structure. Her breasts are 32” with C cups/24/34.

Anyway, come to the point, When Azra gave me that idea of having a 3some, it made me really excited because I never had a 3some in my life and the thoughts of having such fun were making me crazy day by day. As I knew that both the ladies love me a lot, I was really quite desperate to share the bed with them. I then called Azra and asked her to fix up such meting as soon as possible. After almost 3 weeks, suddenly Aysha bhabhi called me one day in my office and told me that her husband (my cousin brother) was leaving for a foreign trip as usual and will be back after 10 days. She told me that she had already told this to Azra and she will be there at her place too. Aysha told me to come in afternoon. I was so much excited that I hardly passed my time in office and as soon as the clock hit 5. I hurriedly finished my work and went to Aysha’s place and push the door bell. In about no time, she opened the door and man I went speechless after watching her, she was looking so dam sexy in Red sleeveless t-shirt and blue jeans. Before any neighbour sees us, She hurrily grabbed my hand and moved me inside and closed the door. When she was closing the locks, I saw her round tight buttocks and her thin waist. I couldn’t control myself and put my hands on her belly. She closed the door in the mean time, but remained at the same position. I took my time and went on rubbing one hand on her belly and other on her neck and face from behind. She moved her hand to the back and placed it on my pelvis area. My pant was rock hard and bulging in that region. Then slowly I moved her towards me. She closed her eyes. I felt her warm lips touching mine. We went on with a long passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, my hands were rubbing her waist and hips. Then she guided me to her bedroom, pushed me on the bed and jumped on me. Wowwwwwwwww man what a scene it was, Aysha, my sweet and tiny, just 4 feet 8 inches tall Bhabhi was sitting on my belly and was busy in opening my shirts button. She took my shirt off in no time and then started kissing on my neck and chest immediately. Any experience man can imagine, how do u feel when a hot stunning beauty kiss you there on your neck and chest. My cock was so hard in my pant that I felt a little bit pain. After few minutes, She smiled and got off from me. I asked her, Where is Azra ? She replyed. Abhi nahi aaye, aati he ho gi, kyoun main nahi hoon kya yahaan, jab tak who nahi aati, hum ik round pora kar laite hain, what do u think ? and gave me a smile like a little beautiful vampire who was ready to drink the last drop of my blood. She then slowly took off her Red t-shirt and what a stunning scene it was, she was wearing a Red lacy bra inside her t-shirt. Then she slowly and like a professional strip teaser, took off her blue skin fitting jeans. I was surprised again because she had a Red matching panties inside her jeans. Now she was looking so hot and sexy in her red undergarments. I knew that she had prepared herself quite nicely for the up coming night. I was still lying on her jumbo bed, my blood pressure was rising after watching her in such sexy condition, I couldn’t help myself and spread my arms in the air, she couldn’t wait for even a single moment and jumped on me, I caught her in my arms and started kissing her like a mad man. I was so sex hungry because I couldn’t fuck anyone since the past coupe of weeks and I was so horny that time that I tore open her red lacy bra immediately and started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were hard and bigger as a result of over excitement. Soon we both became naked. She was still sitting on me and when I tried to put my hand on her pussy, she grabbed my hand suddenly, I in surprise asked her, kya hua, rok kyoun diya mujhe jaanu? She again gave me that mystery smile and said, “I have planed lots of things for today, Lets go for a bath together first. Azra kay aane se pehlay.” My eyes lit up. I knew it that this was going to be a hot experience for both of us. She slowly stood up from me and we both entered the bathroom.

She turned the shower on and began to enjoy the water. She looked at me and began to rub the soap. The soapsuds ran down her graceful HOT body, making it slick and slippery all over. Her long black hair was wet and as she pulled it over her shoulder, she exposed her lovely naked wet back to me and turned her head a little to watch my reaction. She knew her behind was exquisite. Well-rounded globes of firm hot flesh, covered with glowing creamy skin. She was giving me a perfect show which I never seen before.

She knelt in the tub, looking at me from over her soapy shoulder. I looked the muscles of her butt cheeks flex slightly as she maintained her balance in the tub. The soapsuds cascaded down over them, making them deliciously slippery and shiny. All the time she was watching me and was getting more and more aroused. My eyes followed the crack of her ass to where it disappeared down between her legs. I went crazy after watching her butt cheeks squeeze together as she wobbled slightly on her knees, but it was done intentionally.

She then went into the tub and ordered me to the side of the tub with her eyes. I went and stood there. The raging hard on of mine was pointing at her cunt. She ran a fingertip along the length of my burning, stiff rod. It flexed convulsively. She smiled. “Mmm! It looks the biggest and stiffest ever. Let me see.” she said as she caught my erection. it sent waves of ecstatic pleasure through my body and I thought I might cum then and there in her hands any moment. She slowly touched the tip of my cock with her soft lips and it gave me another shiver and I pressed my cock deep inside her mouth. She was licking the whole length of my shaft slowly. I put my hands on her head and started playing with her hairs slowly. When I was about to come, I stopped her because I didn’t want to loose my sperms so quickly. I then knelt in front of her in the bathtub and started kissing her on her hot juicy lips again. After few minutes, Aysha took my hands away, turned around in the tub saying, “Now you do me.” I knelt behind her. With the both of us on our knees, I straddled her right calf. Her toes would now and then brush up against my own calf, a constant reminder that this wasn’t a daydream, but was actually happening. I scooped up the now half melted bar of soap and washcloth and began to work up a rich lather. The aroma of the soap swirling around her legs was intoxicating. I started on her smooth shoulder with the washcloth. It was heavily laden with rich soapy water. As I caressed her, the suds ran down her supple back, making its way aimlessly, following the contours of her back muscles, down to the little vee at the top of the cleft between her flexing butt cheeks. I put one finger of mine in her ass crack and she began to twitch and wriggle slightly. I then reached her little triangle, I traced it up the line that ran from her vagina to her hipbone. Then back down that line and through her navel. I was really very excited! As she was, she began to moan softly. “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh haan Fardi jaan, touch it, put your finger inside my pussy. Oh dear I can’t hold it anymore. Please do make me cummmmm……..” she then came on her all fours in the bath tub and was giving me the most erotic view of my life. I couldn’t wait and slowly put my hot and rock hard cock in her pussy. Aysha gave a big moan “ uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Good, haan Fardi, please chodo mujhe, khoob chodo, rukna nahi…… bohat maza aa raha hai……….” Aise he chodte raho mujhe, zindagi bhat younhi chodte raho……………”
She was out of control and was saying meaning less things, she was so aroused that in no time she let out a loud moan and started cumming. “aaaahhhhhhhhuuuuggggggghhhhhhh Fardi darling main choot rahe hoon, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, zor seeeee, ummmmmmm”… She was pushing her hips in backward direction in full speed and her pussy started squeezing and milking my cock and made her hole much more tight. It made me close to my own orgasm too. I increased my speed and in few seconds I started shooting my 3 weeks stock of cum in her cunt. She couldn’t stay there in doggie style and lyed there on her chest with me on her back with my cock still buried deep inside her. After few minutes, we stood up and went under the shower. Both our bodies were fully coated with thick soft lather. We rubbed our slippery bodies against each other for couple a minutes and made ourselves clean with fresh water. I then make her and myself dry and took her into my arms and we both came to her jumbo bed. Once in bed, we again started kissing and playing with each other slowly with light talks and humors. Then after almost half and hour, suddenly the doorbell rang. It must be Azra, said Aysha with a big smile on her face. I smiled back to her and said, go and bring her here quickly and immediately Aysha got up, took her t-shirt and panties and went to open the door. I started dreaming about the first 3some encounter of my life which gonna happened in the next few minutes with those 2 beauties and this made me excited again and slowly my cock started to getting bigger in size again. Then the door open and there they were, Aysha, My beautiful and sexy Bhabhi and Azra my sweet and hot Cousin sister. I smiled at Azra and shouted, “Hi Uzi jaan”. First Azra shocked to watch me lying stark naked in Aysha’s jumbo bed but in the second moment started laughing and said. “ bare zaleel log ho tum, mera intezar bhi nahi kiya aur game start bhi kar liya”……. I said, “ to kya hua, aaj to pori raat hai humare pass, tumhen tumhara hissa zaroor milay ga, don’t worry”………. and I laughed again. They both started laughing with me. Then suddenly an idea came in my mind and I said, Listen Azra and Aysha, I always fantasized about a 3some but with that, I always fantasized about watching a live lesbian show too, so why don’t u show me a stunning live lesbian show right here and right now?

They both saw each other and smiled. Then suddenly Azra who was getting quite aroused after watching me lying naked put her right hand on Aysha’s hand and pulled Aysha towards her. They immediately started kissing each other and I was surprised to see 2 hot young females kissing and un dressing each other. To be very honest, I only saw lesbian acts in videos till then but that scene was totally different and it made me so excited that I started rubbing my cock slowly.
Soon both Aysha and Azra became naked. They both were kissing and caressing each other in lust. Then Aysha pushed Azra on her bed beside me, got on top of her and started sucking Azra’s boobs……. pressing them hard. After few minutes of boob licking, and nipple sucking, Aysha suddenly stood up and went to her kitchen and brought some thing. I asked what was it? She showed me it was honey. She poured it all over Azra’s body on her boobs, face, pussy, everywhere. Now she started sucking all over her body. Man it was just uncontrollable for me but I managed to stay away from those 2 hot beauties and watched the lesbian game even though I wanted to lick and taste that honey from Azra’s face, boobs, and pussy badly. Aysha, the woman in charge at that time, started licking Azra’s face and lips, at that time, they both were fully involved in their sexual game, after sometime, Aysha made her way down between Azra’s boobs and started licking her right boob. Azra was a big girl, much bigger then Aysha who was just 4 feet 8 inches tall and so tiny like teenage girls, instead Azra is a full grown woman with 5 feet 5 inches of height and strong built but at that time she was lying under the pocket Venus helplessly and enjoying every minute of it. They both were moaning and suddenly Azra shout in pain when Aysha bit her nipple. Then Azra pushed Aysha’s mouth towards her dripping pussy coated with honey. Aysha immediately came between her thighs and gave her pussy a small lick with her tongue. Azra went mad with lust and immediately pushed Aysha’s face hard on her pussy and shout loudly. “ chaato meri choot ko payari Bhabhi jaan, kha jao issko pora, apni zaban meri choot main dalo na please, jaldi jaldi chaato, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, bohat maza aa raha hai, plz don’t stop, oh I love u Aysha jaanoo, lick my clit too, ohhhhhh faster uuuuggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa, yes like that, fasterrrrrrrrrrr………”

Aysha started lapping her cunt quite fast now, and suddenly in no time, Azra’s back arched up and she started to shiver uncontrollably and got her first orgasm of the day. Azra always cum in gallons and I always love to lick her pussy juices, this time Aysha was enjoying her juices mixed with honey, Aysha looked at me and smiled, I unknowingly licked my own lips and Aysha understood, she smiled and came towards me and put her lips on mine. It was like a dream come true to me, I was licking my sweet cousin sister Azra’s pussy juices from the lips of my darling Bhabhi Aysha’s lips and Aysha’s lips and honey made her juices even more tastier. Then after sometimes, Azra pulled Aysha towards her and made her sit on her face, There she was, Aysha, sitting in Azra’s face and Aysha’s face direction was towards Azra’s pussy. I was there, still lying beside both of them and watching them loving each other once again. This time, Azra was the one who was licking and with the same time finger fucking Aysha’s pussy and in response, Aysha was pulling and pinching her long thick darkbrown nipples. Aysha was moaning loudly. “Oh yesss, lick me Azra, chaato meri choot, kha lo issko, apna pora haath ander daal do, phar do meri choot, issne mera jena mushkil kar diya hai. Phaar daaaaaaalo issko, aaahhhhhhhhh, ummmm”.
Suddenly Aysha dropped herself on Azra’s body, opened her legs a bit and put her mouth on Azra’s pussy lips. Now there they were, in a perfect 69 position licking and finger fucking each other. Both were now moaning and screaming like 2 wild tigresses. Both were saying lots of incredible and meaningless words. Suddenly both girls started to cum simultaneously. Both were now almost screaming and lapping each other’s pussies madly. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I stood up and came between Azra’s legs. I lifted Aysha’s face from Azra’s pussy and started licking and sucking her lips. Aysha, my sweet Bhabhi was again sharing Azra’s pussy juices with me. She then smile and put her hand on my cock. My cock was almost burning and stood up like an iron rod. Aysha rubbed it first with one hand and spread Azra’s cunt lips with the other and pushed my cock into her cunt. This was the ultimate, my Bhabhi was making me screw my cousin sister. While kissing Aysha, I slowly started my to and fro motions and my cock started to move in and out of Azra’s cunt. Azra despite of having an orgasm just few minutes ago, immediately went aroused and again put her head on Aysha’s pussy and started to lick her cunt. Aysha on the other hand was kissing me madly and at the same time grinding her wet little pussy on Azra’s mouth. Both the girls were dam hot and sweating like hell. I myself was so aroused after watching such hot lesbian love affair that I immediately started to drill in Azra’s hot n wet pussy with short quick jerks. It was Aysha who got the orgasm first with a loud scream and dropped loads of her sweet cunt juices directly in Azra’s mouth who herself was near her orgasm due to my full and hard strokes and was almost biting Aysha’s cunt. Aysha was screaming so loudly that I once scared that her neighbors might heard the voices but she was so careless that time and was shouting continuously, saying “ Ohhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Godddddddddd, aur chooso meri choot ko Azra please, Ahhhhhhhhh, iss ka sara ras pi lo, kuch bhi baki na chorna, isskay ras ne mujhe bohat tang kiya hai, uuuufffffffffff please sara pi lo……. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I like it, Ohhhhhhh go lick my clit toooooooo, oh bit it Azraaaaaaa “ on the other hand Azra was not almost ready to cum as her face color became blood red and she was moaning loudly like Aysha did few seconds ago. Aysha was not got up from Azra’s face and was sitting near both of us and watching my cock with lustful eyes which was now moving like a piston in Azra’s wet hot furnace. Azra was moaning loudly like “ Ahannnnnnnnhhhhhh haan Fardi darling, meri jaan, my first ever love, fuck me, haan chodo mujhe Fardi, apni pori speed se chodo, bara maza aa raha hai, rukna nahi, main chootne wali hoon, plzzzzz aur zor se dhake lagaoo, Ohhhhhhhhhhh my Gooooooodddddddddd, aur tezzzzzzz, Bhaabbbbiiii Pleaseeeee meray boooobbbbssss ko Chooosooooo na, Pleaseeee make me feel the most intense orgasm of my life, pleaseeeee phar do meri choot, kha jao meray boooobbssss, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhgggghhhh. Aysha then bent down and started licking Azra’s long and hard nipples one by one. First time in her life, Azra felt two people working on her body. This double attack caused a big explosion in Azra’s hot choot. She screamed like hell, so loudly that Aysha had to closed her mouth with her hand and on the other hand I literally felt like a volcano of female cum erupted inside Azra’s hot choot and she started to cum with the most intense female orgasm I have ever seen in my life. This made me mad and my cock was ready too. I increased my too and fro motions and while fucking Azra’s cunt with full force, I grabbed Aysha from her hairs, pulled her towards me, hugged her tightly and put my lips on her. As I put my lips on Aysha’s lips, I too got my climax and my cock started shooting thick hot semen inside my cousin’s cunt. We all were shivering with lust. Then me and Aysha collapsed over Azra’s body and we three lay there motionless for almost half and hour.

It was Aysha who first got up and went to kitchen. She came back with 3 glasses full of milk and lots of dry fruits. We three then lye side by side with each other on Aysha’s jumbo bed and started drinking milk and eating the dry fruits. I was in the middle of those hot beauties. Azra then suddenly gave one hot kiss on my cheek and said, “Hay Fardi, aaj bohat maza aaya, Kaash hum dono tumhari Wives hote to kitna acha hota, Hum teeno mil kar roz issi tarhan sex enjoy karte.” Ufffffffff. Aysha said “Yes Azra, tum theek kehti ho, kaash aisa ho jata. Keh hum dono fardi ki wives hote, ager kabhi us ka mood nahi bhi hota to hum ik dosre ko satisfy kar laite”. I then interrupted them and said. “Common yaar, hum abhi bhi husband aur wives ki terhan he enjoy ker rahe hain” it doesn’t matter keh hum husband, wives nahi hain”. Aur tum dono abhi bhi ik dosre ko satisfy kar he rahe ho na.

They both smiled and they both came close to me and kissed each other’s lips right above my chest. I put my hands on their boobs and slowly started pinching their already hard and pointed nipples. They both were continuously kissing each other. Aysha then broke the kiss and said “ Fardi we did that lesbian action several times before but trust me, we never enjoyed that much pleasure as we r enjoying right now, doing such things in the presence of a man is something extra ordinary. Sach main bohat maza aa raha hai,” Azra said, “ oh yes Fardi, yakeen karo main iss se pehlay Aysha kay saath sex karne main kabhi itna desperate nahi hue jitna aaj ho rahe hoon, main sochti hoon keh jo females lesbians hoti hain wohh 100% correct hoti hain, iss ka bhi apna he ik maza hai”.

I laughed and while pointing towards my now semi hard cock said, “ ohh don’t say like that honey, ager tum dono perfect lesbians ban gayeen to iss bechare ka kya ho ga ?”. they both started laughing with me and then Aysha said, “ Don’t worry my dear, iss ne to mujhe apni life ka wohh maza diya hai jo kabhi tumhare budhe bahijaan ne nahi diya, main issko kaise bhool sakti ho”. Then she moved towards my cock and immediately started licking the cum coated cap of my semi hard shaft. Azra on the other hand stood up and sat on my face immediately and kissed me with her pussy lips. I felt the well known strong feminine odor of my darling cousin sister’s cunt and within no time started licking and playing her labia with my tongue. I then took her hard clit in my mouth and sucked it real hard. She immediately moaned and rubbed her pussy on my lips very hard. With the help of my hands, I parted her labia and inserted my index finger in her pussy hole. Both the girls were moaning quite sexily and it made me aroused too and my cock became erect again. On the other hand, Aysha was busy in sucking my now rock hard cock with strong moves. Then I felt Aysha left my cock and between the spread thighs of Azra, I saw that Aysha was now sitting on my erect pole. I felt her pussy slowly engulfed my whole shaft inside and she completely sit on my belly. I increased my speed and licked Azra’s cunt quite hard. At the same time Aysha started her too and fro motions and after sometime, the featherweight baby was almost jumping on my iron hard cock while the heavy weight baby was rubbing her pussy very hard on my face. Both the girls were now again started moaning quite loudly. After almost 10 minutes of hard work, suddenly Aysha screamed loudly and bathed my cock with her pussy juices. It was Azra’s turn now to ride the pole. She immediately got up from my face and sit on my cock. Aysha came towards me and offer me her now dripping cunt full with her fresh juices. Both the girls were sitting on my body with their faces towards each other and the both were busy in pinching and rubbing each other’s boobs and nipples and at the same time I was busy in tasting Aysha’s pussy juices. Azra was jumping on my cock with full force and Aysha this time was rubbing her cunt on my face. My breath went shorter and I was about to cum and I told them about that. They both increased their speed and Aysha’s jumbo bed was shaking like anything. We all three screamed almost at the same time and started cumming, I felt the double satisfaction as I felt my sperms were pushing upward in Azra’s pussy and the same time I was taking Aysha’s fresh pussy juices. It was the peak of lust and love for me. We three lay on each other almost out of breath but fully satisfied. We continuously fucked each other till 5:00 AM morning and then slept in each other’s arms naked.

We still do the same whenever we get the chance and my poor Cousin brother, Aysha’s hubby doesn’t disappoint us.

An Evening With Preeti

May 4th, 2005

“You’re so beautiful … and sexy, Preeti…kitani khoobsoorat lag rahi ho..,” I murmured, looking at her naked body admiringly.

“Thanks, Shekhar,” Preeti blushed attractively.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, she trembled with excitement. Her creamy thighs opened up a bit, allowing me to see the wet crease of her pussy beneath the nest of her pussy-hairs.

“Don’t forget your promise, Shekhar…tumhara wada yaad hai na..?,” she said softly, blushing again.

“You mean my promise to lick your pretty little pussy?” I asked with a laugh. “Don’t worry, baby. There’s just no way I could ever forget something like that. I’ve really been looking forward to running my tongue up that tight little cunt-tunnel of yours!”

“Ohhhh, yeses, Shekhar,” Preeti hissed.

“Yeah, I’m gonna eat your little cunt all right..arrreee haaan..main tumhari chhot jaroor choosunga bay.. aur usake baad mera lund tumhare sexy lips ka maja lega… Then, before I fill it with my cock, I’m gonna feel your hot lips around my prick!”

“Ooooooh! Tumhara lund .. In my mouth? Mere munh mein..Your cock?” Preeti asked almost incoherently. She was so turned on by my depraved words that she could hardly stand it!

“You got it, baby,” I responded. “I want you to take my cock all the way down your throat… main to chahata hoon ki mera lund tumhari munk mein pura ka pura ghusa doon…”

I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it from my body. Preeti’s eyes were fixed on me as my hands moved to my belt and then to the zipper of my pants. Peeling the trousers from my muscular legs, I quickly worked my shorts down and my big cock sprang free, hard and swollen. Its smooth head glistened with the pre-cum and Preeti moaned softly as she stared at the huge prick.

“Yeah, every inch of it,..pua ka pua 8” Preeti..” I said, grinning at her. “.. aur tumako aur bhi achchha lagega jab mera lund tumhari choot aapane luns raas se bhar dega…You’re gonna love it–after I have my fill of your pussy.”

The teenager’s thighs automatically moved farther apart as I moved toward her. The lewd slit of her cunt was already damp with the pussy-juice that flowed just from the thought of having my mouth on her bloated cunt-lips. Her entire body trembled with anticipation as I lowered myself to the floor in front of her.

I reached out and my hands stroked Preeti’s inner thighs. She moaned, shuddering with hot, incestuous excitement. My eyes moved to hers and we grinned at each other. Then I turned my full attention to the golden-fleeced mound of Preeti’s pussy.

The young girl’s gaze followed my every movement as I slowly leaned forward. My lips puckered and I pressed them firmly against her wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, Shekhar..ummmmmmm!” Preeti cried, her voice trembling and her body shaking with the red-hot thrills that raced through her. “Ohhhh, that feels soooo good!”

While Preeti continued to watch my lewd actions, I slowly extended my tongue while my fingers gripped each side of her cunt. Easing the plump lips of her cunt apart with my hands, he let the tip of my tongue trace up and down the pink cleft of her little pussy.

“Ohhhh, sweeet ohhh mere bhagwan…ummmmmm!” she groaned with wild abandon as my tongue moved up and down her cunt-slit and inner cunt-flesh.

I moaned with desire. By now I had sucked and fucked Preeti many times, but I knew that I would never get used to the heady excitement of eating teenaged pussy. The taste was musky and very, very exciting.

My tongue still embedded in her quivering cunt-flesh, I began to rub her twitching clit with one finger.

“Aieeeee!” Preeti shouted.

Her body shook uncontrollably as my tongue and finger stirred within her pussy. She reached down and caressed the my cheeks, showing her deep gratitude to me for making her feel so good. Her fingertips could feel the motion of my darting tongue within my mouth and she thrilled to the obscene sensations. Her eyes feasted on the moist, pink tongue that lashed up and down the wet slit of her cunt. I used my tongue to tease her into even more desire before I finally drilled my hard tongue into her steaming pussy-hole.

“Aaarghhhh,” she gurgled as she felt my tongue fucking into her.

Over and over again, my tongue-fucked Preeti’s cunt as my cock grew harder and harder with each passing second. I twisted my tongue about within her hot, wet pussy-hole as she moaned and bucked above me.

My hungry mouth made wet, smacking sounds as I continued to eat her pussy and the erotic sounds just served to turn Preeti on even more as she writhed above me. She pushed herself forward on the edge of the bed and forced even more of her wet pussy against my face.

Thick, hot cunt-juices flowed into my mouth from Preeti’s cunt and I eagerly swallowed every drop of the delicious-tasting fluid.

“Aieeeee! Commmiiinnnggg, Shekhar!” she cried suddenly, putting both her hands on the back of my head and shoving my mouth into the dampness of her cunt.

Her orgasmic cries filled the room and her violent shuddering shook the bed as she came. She thrashed and writhed as my tongue fucked in and out of her pussy relentlessly until her orgasm subsided.

My face glistened with the moisture of Preeti’s cunt as I rose and stood over her.

Preeti’s eyes dropped to my rigid lance of cock-meat jutting out from my crotch and she gasped with raw, cunt-churning excitement. Her lips parted and her tongue flicked out, moistening them.

My prick, fat and swollen with lust for the girl, bobbed only a few inches from her mouth.

“Kiss it, baby.. umm mere lund ko kiss karo Preeti..,” I whispered, my voice husky with desire. “Kiss my cock nice and easy.”

As I watched her, her head tilted forward. Her lips, soft and wet, brushed against the straining head of my prick. A jolt of pleasure sizzled through my loins. My cock jerked and twitched with abandoned delight.

The knowledge that her mouth gave me so much pleasure excited Preeti. And, again, she kissed the thick crown of my cock, moaning with excitement as she once more made my cock jerk and twitch.

She gripped the throbbing shaft of my cock and her tongue touched the little slit at the center of the prick-head. When her tongue moved back, its tip was coated with one of the pearly cum-drops that oozed from my prick.

She stuck her tongue out again and this time it washed over the sensitive surface of my prick. She coated my cock with the warm moisture from her mouth.

“Suck it now… jor se chooso..ohhhh” I whispered.

Her eyes rolled up to me and a smile turned up the corners of her mouth. Then her lips spread wide and even wider. When her face dropped back to my crotch, she quickly swallowed up most of my prick.

Her nostrils flared wide as she took even more of my prick into her mouth. Her lips clamped tightly around my stalk of cock and she moved her face up and down on my big, hard prick.

Preeti slid her mouth up and down, up and down, finding an easy, natural rhythm that brought fire to my groin. My hips swayed back and forth as I shoved my prick in and out of her face, fucking her mouth with my cock.

Sucking her my cock thrilled Preeti beyond belief. Every cell and nerve-ending in her body tingled with fuck-lust and an ocean of cunt-juice flowed within her hot pussy.

My prick was hard and rigid inside her mouth. And, as she was jolted back and forth by the savage thrusts of my hips, she realized that I could probably break her jaws with the massive pole of cock-meat between my legs if I wanted to. But she knew that that wasn’t likely to happen because she knew that I was every bit as excited about having her mouth on my cock as she was. I was enjoying it too much to hurt her.

Her head bobbed up and down as she impaled herself on my cock. She swallowed, drinking down the mixture of saliva and pre-cum. Her tight lips slid up and down the throbbing shaft of my prick. Her tongue licked out hard and her mouth sucked eagerly, impatient for that exciting moment when I would dump my load of cum down her throat.

My legs trembled with the rush of sensations Preeti’s mouth was giving me. She nibbled a bit on the fat slab of cock-meat in her mouth and I groaned again with pain and pleasure.

Preeti sucked harder, her cheeks hollowing deeply, bringing me more pleasure than pain now.

“Ohhhh, yeah, baby,” I moaned huskily.

She whipped her stiff tongue around my stiff cock and I shook all over with pleasure. I jerked and twitched as my prick slid over her tongue and halfway down her throat. I knew that I was about to come and I longed for the special thrill I always felt whenever I came down Preeti’s throat.

My eyes were glued to her mouth where it wrapped around my fat, throbbing prick. I watched, in fascination, as my glistening cock-rod moved in and out of her sucking mouth. Deeper and deeper with each jerk of my hips, I fed her inch after inch of my swollen cock. She took my cock greedily, sucking and licking hungrily.

My balls were on fire with desire. But I clamped down with all my might, holding back the flood of cum that churned within my nuts.

I licked my lips excitedly as I watched my prick move in and out of her lovely, young face. Her cheeks bulged out as my thick cock meat pushed inward. Then, as I pulled out of her mouth, her cheeks sank inward, waiting for my next mighty fuck-thrust.

The spongy knob of my prick nudged at the back of her throat now. Her nostrils flared again as she sucked in her breath to avoid gagging. Harder and harder she sucked, gobbling up the fat prick-meat that invaded her mouth. She took my cock into her face deeper and deeper, her lips slipping closer and closer to the base of my prick.

She licked and sucked, igniting a raging fire that spread throughout my entire body. She sucked hard, drawing me as deeply as she could into her mouth. Then she let me slide down her throat. And still she sucked, thrilling to the lust-filled groans that were constantly flowing from my throat.

She felt the base of my cock-shaft swell and she knew that I was about to come. Her own body trembled as she felt my prick jerk crazily inside her mouth. She sucked harder, pulling on me, milking my cock. She licked wildly, whipping my prick with her tongue.

And I came.

Hot scalding cum blasted into her mouth. My jism splashed over the roof of her mouth and coated her entire tongue and the inner walls of her cheeks. Gush after hot gush spurted from my twitching cum-slit.

“Commmiiinnngggg!” I cried.

“Hi bhagwan!” Preeti thought to herself, that’s gotta be the understatement of the year! Her mouth was flooded with the thick, sticky goo from my orgasm and she swallowed. Then she swallowed again and again, drinking down the cream of my come. Then she sucked my spurting prick some more.

“Ohhhhh!” I shouted.

My legs shook and quivered as if threatening to give way under me. My hands grasped her soft shoulders, clinging tightly to her to retain my balance. I groaned with relief as I emptied the last of my cum down her rapidly swallowing throat.

“God, Preeti! I can’t take anymore..lagat hai aam main jharane wala hoon..!” I moaned, my entire body shaking with an almost painful kind of pleasure as she continued to suck my cock.

Finally, she slid back, my glistening cock-shaft popping free of her mouth and jerking into the air. For long moments I just stood there, still gripping her shoulders, swaying weakly on my feet.

“Ummm.. tuma jabardast lund choosati ho preeti..You’re a great little cock-sucker, baby,” I said when, at last, I opened my eyes and smiled down at my horny little girl.

Preeti grinned up at me, feeling warmed by my praise. She knew that a man of my sexual experience had had a lot of women suck him off so if I thought she was good at it, she knew that she must be. She felt proud of being able to give me so much lusty pleasure.

Still shaking, I lowered myself to the bed beside her and we tongue-kissed each other over and over as we prepared to fuck.

I wanted to try something different today. Let’s go in the kitchen.

Preeti looked at me with a surprise. “What do you have on mind?.. aab tumako kya karane ka mood hai..?” she said.

“I am going to fuck your tight little ass today.. aaj main tumhari tight gaand marana chahata hoon… You’re going to like this,” I crooned evilly. “It’ll only hurt for a minute..but then you will really love it.. thora dard hoga lekin phi tumako bahut maja aayega..”

Preeti turned around bending over the dining chair. She was naked like I was. I pressed my cock against her beautiful anal opening. It was beautiful. So clean and smooth!. I started the pressure. I could feel Preeti’s tight ass opening around my cock as I tried to enter. She was very right, but I didn’t care a bit. Her ass was so hot that it was one of the best experiences of my life.

“Gotta get my cock nice and wet,..pahale mera lund theek se lubricate karo..” I said, easing behind her so that my cock-head throbbed against the lips of her quivering pussy. “We need to make my prick nice and slick so it’ll slide right up your ass.”

My hips jerked forward, slamming every inch of my huge cock into her cunt. She groaned as I wrenched back and forth inside her. Then, moments later, I withdrew my prick from her pussy.

Glancing down at the juice-smeared length of my shaft, I grinned. I was slick now, slick enough to fuck the horny girl up her tight little ass.

With both hands, I eagerly spread the twin globes of her ass wide apart. The taut little asshole seemed to stand up in tense anticipation of what was about to happen.

“Relax, baby,” I muttered, my hands gliding over Preeti’s trembling ass-cheeks. “Just relax.”

I moved forward. The engorged head of my massive prick nuzzled lewdly against the little asshole. Preeti moaned softly, trembling with desire, but she forced herself to remain still. She felt my cock pressing into her ass a little and she moaned again. The valley of her ass-cheeks deepened as I moved forward a little more. The muscles of her asshole slowly gave way under the pressure of my pulsing cock-head. And then my cock shot into her asshole, filling the teenager with raw, unbridled excitement and pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhh, yessss,” she hissed, her body trembling. “Oh, my God, Shekhar! That feels soooo hot!…ummmm..tumhara lund kitana hot hai!!”

She clamped her ass-muscles down tightly, trapping my prick within her vise-like asshole. She gripped and held firmly every thick inch of my throbbing prick. Preeti’s ass held my cock so tightly that I couldn’t move. But, for the moment at least, that didn’t matter because I felt more than content to just stand there locked in the squeezing pleasure of Preeti’s ass. I groaned with pleasure as her ass-walls clenched my prick like a tight fist.

“Ohhhhh, Shekhar, your cock is so big! And so hard! God, it hurts but feels good too!.. tumhara lund bahut mota aur hard hai Shekhar…lekin bahut achchha lag raha hai..” Preeti moaned aloud.

“Yedi tumako dard ho raha hai to main aapana lund nikal leta hoon..Are you sure the pain isn’t too much for you, baby?” I asked huskily while my hands gently stroked her quivering ass-cheeks. “Because I’ll pull out of you if you want me to.”

“No!” Preeti almost screamed. “No, don’t pull out, Shekhar, whatever you do! It hurts but I like the way it hurts! It feels really good. Nani..nahi.. aapana lund meri gaand mein hee rahane do..maat nikalo..And I want you to stay just where you are!”

I grinned and I moved my hands over her ass-cheeks again, fondling her lewdly. I felt her quivering and trembling at my touch. I stood there with her tight little asshole contracting around him. She squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed her strong ass-muscles.

“Mmmmm, sooo good! Okay, Shekhar, I’ll ease up on your cock now … fuck me, Dear! Fuck my ass!” Preeti cried.

I needed no further coaxing. Moving back, I pulled my embedded prick from the fiery hole of Preeti’s ass. Inch after inch of massive cock slid up from her bowels and exciting waves of pleasure shot through her as she moaned over and over again. Then, with just the tip of my cock still inside her, I moved forward with all my strength, plunging the full length of my prick deep into her ass once again.

“Aaaarghhh! You’re in me sooo deep! That’s it, Shekhar, just like that! I love it! Fuck me hard, Shekhar! Fuck me until I can’t take it anymore!” Preeti hollered, losing all control over her own body and feelings.

Again I pulled my cock almost all the way out before ramming it back into her trembling, twitching asshole.

“Ohhhhh!” she groaned with pleasure.

A hot, lewd, burning sensation shot over Preeti’s body and into her asshole as I drilled into her opened ass. I penetrated her over and over, diving deep into her welcoming asshole with every thick inch of my fat cock. I pushed into her deeper and deeper, my entry made easier by the mixture of my pre-cum and her pussy-juices that coated my prick.

“Ahhhhhh, I feel so full,” Preeti moaned. She felt stuffed with cock-meat, filled to the brim with my wonderful, throbbing prick.

The bulbous head of my cock jerked and twitched with hot, incestuous arousal. She moaned again, feeling my cock throbbing against the walls of her ass. The obscene sensations just served to turn on the young girl all the more. I thrust my hard cock in and out of her asshole in a slow, pumping motion. She wriggled her ass backwards, matching him fuck-stroke for fuck-stroke.

Each time I pumped into her, she gripped my huge prick with her strong ass-muscles. But she no longer clutched me as hard as she had at the beginning. Now the young girl wanted me to be able to move so I could fuck into her nice and fast. I slid my hands around my sweet Preeti’s body and, while still ass-fucking her, I gripped both of her huge tits, pinching the stiffening nips that throbbed lewdly against the palms of my hands.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good, Shekhar,” Preeti whimpered as her tits hardened and throbbed with desire.

I rocked to and fro, my cock plowing into the very depths of her ass. Slowly, I increased the rhythm of my deep, probing strokes. Preeti’s body picked up my tempo and she swayed back and forth faster as I shafted into her asshole. As my swollen cock shot into her asshole, she pushed back hard, ramming her trembling ass-cheeks against my hairy crotch. Together, we fucked, burying my cock to the hilt inside her ass.

“Ohhhh, Shekhar, I could fuck like this all day–and all night,” she crooned with a trembling voice.

“Me too, baby, me too,” I responded.

Sweat was pouring off both of us now and as the sweat trickled into Preeti’s ass crack, it mingled with the pre-cum and pussy-juice there, increasing the wet, smacking sound of our ass-fucking.

My balls were churning with my load of cum and I knew that it would be only seconds before I had to come. I only hoped that I would be able to make Preeti come at the same time. I knew that would be an extra exciting fuck-thrill if I could do it.

My hips moved in a blur, fucking my big, swollen cock in and out of Preeti’s clenching asshole. As I fucked her, I continued to fondle and squeeze her big tits. At the same time, my teeth, tongue and lips went to work on her neck and shoulders as I bent over her.

“Ohhhh, yesssss,” Preeti cried, responding immediately. Her ass jerked back and forth harder than ever.

I moved one hand from her tits and stroked it downward to her cunt. My finger probed into her pussy-hole while my thumb rolled and rubbed the extended button of Preeti’s clit.

“Ohhhhh, God, Shekhar, you’re making me sooo hot, I can hardly stand it!” Preeti whined.

She bucked and humped back into me, willingly impaling herself on my swollen lust-filled cock. She groaned like a wounded animal as she continued to fuck herself on her my prick. My cock plowed into the little tight asshole again and again. My balls ached and I willed myself to hold back the load of cum that was all but boiling over. I drove into her harder and deeper with each fast fuck-stroke. She bucked and writhed against me, her moans mingling with mine as they filled the kitchen with their sounds of passion.

“Commmmiiinnnggg!” Preeti cried finally, her entire body shuddering with pleasure and excitement.

Preeti’s obscene orgasmic cry took me over the edge and I came too. A flood of cum burned into Preeti’s asshole and she cried out again as tears of incestuous pleasure streamed down her face. Gush after gush of hot, thick jism shot into Preeti’s asshole until her little ass could hold no more and the sticky goo dribbled out, running down her legs and splashing onto the tile floor of the kitchen.

I Got Banged In Taxi

May 4th, 2005

It was with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I realised that my car was going to stall. After repeated attempts to gun it back to life, had failed, I gave up and stepped out into the night air. There was no point in peering under the bonnet, as I didn’t know anything about the engine anyway! It was balmy and seemed like a storm was brewing, 10: 30 at night, a single woman, stranded in the middle of a road, with a broken down car - not an enviable position - to say the least.

I had had a tiring day at work and had tried my best to thwart my colleagues from dragging my to a movie with them. I should have tried harder; I cursed myself, as I locked up the car as securely as I could - removing the detachable front panel of the stereo. I hoped that by the time a mechanic got to it tomorrow, my car would still be intact. Now how do we get back home? It was an effort to take the first few steps away from the car. The first drop of rain hit my shoulder causing me to look at the droplet fast seeping into the fabric of my blouse, causing a dark patch to appear. As the next few droplets pit patted my, I looked up to see the dark clouds and lightning streak across the sky. I tugged my flimsy chiffon saree tight around my and trudged along while cursing myself, “Wonderful, now I am going to get drenched!” It was going to be a long, wet, wade back home if some mode of transportation didn’t show up soon. I heard the noise of an engine and turned to look back with hope. In the faint glimmer of the streetlights I saw a yellow cab approaching. As I tried to make out if it was empty, I instinctively raised my hand to flag it down.

The driver saw my and swerved to a halt a few metres away from my - it was empty, but there were two of them in the front seat. All my instincts warned my not to acknowledge this cab, but I ignored them and walked up to the vehicle. As I approached the cab, I saw the assistant steering at my, as he scratched his day old stubble. His eyes traveled to my full breasts accentuated by the saree drawn tight across them and then lower down to my waist, which was exposed, as I had worn the saree low, below my navel. The saree was flimsy and my dark blouse was clearly visible through it, and this scruffy fellow was stripping my nude with his eyes as I drew level with the car. The insolent fellow didn’t stop latching at my even as I spoke to him and asked “Can you take me to Cotton Street?” In silent agreement, the passenger door swung open, and as I entered the cab, the driver turned around and gave me a slow once over, his gaze coming to a rest directly on my tits. I felt a chill run down my spine as I realised that both of them were drunk. I averted his eyes and settled down, fidgeting with my purse to keep myself from looking at him. As he engaged gears, he reached up to adjust the rear view mirror and focused it on my breasts. I noticed this movement and looked up, as I did so, I came face to face with the helper who was now openly leering at my. As I gulped, I noticed the lecherous smile on his face as he turned his face away and looked at the driver. The driver met his gaze and also returned the same smile. It was almost as if an unspoken agreement had been signed. I realised all this and almost panicked into jumping out of the speeding cab, but I tried to blame it all on my imagination and tried to stay calm. Home was a long way off.

The cab sped along deserted roads, and I felt the tiredness begin to overtake my. I fought it as long as I could; yet I was unaware of the attention that the driver was paying at the rear view mirror. If only I knew that he was gazing at my lush breasts as they jiggled with every little pothole that the cab encountered. The breeze through the open window drove away my fears, but it also drove away my saree from my blouse, causing my right breast and deep-scooped neckline to come into view. The driver noticed this and rubbed his hardening cock through his trousers. I was lost in my own thoughts and reminisced about the movie, I also worried about my car and failed to notice the helper stealing sidelong glances at my exposed blouse and midriff now and again. The breeze and the motion of the car soon began to have their effect on my, and though I tried my best to fight it, an euphoric tiredness began to take hold of my. I dreamt of my bed and how I would soon crash into it, totally exhausted. As I dreamt, the breeze completely blew my saree off my shoulders and my heaving breasts clad in the low cut blouse, my fair stomach, accentuated by my deep dark navel, lay exposed for all to see. The cool breeze had caused my nipples to harden inside my flimsy bra and they were beginning to jut out through the fabric of my blouse. The blouse was made of a semi - transparent material and my bra was clearly outlined through it. My cleavage, caused by my breasts ensconced in the tight bra, peeped out of my low neckline. The driver saw all this in the mirror and he massaged his rock hard dick vigorously causing his assistant to turn around and look at the half asleep.

He licked his lips at the sight of my and imagined what it would feel like to squeeze those tits and suck the hardening nipples. They looked at each at me and nodded in silent agreement, it was now or never. The driver swung the car into a deserted lane off the main road and slowed to a halt behind a parked bus. I felt the vehicle slowing down and awoke with a start. I expected to see familiar areas, maybe my driveway, but all I could see was a dingy lane and the two men in the front seat looking at my with lusty eyes. As I regained my composure, I realised that I was exposing a lot of flesh and hastily tried to cover myself up. The assistant sprang into action as he turned around, reached out and clamped his fist over my mouth, and with his at my hand he held the saree, preventing my from pulling it over myself. The driver opened his door and stepped out of the car, looked around, opened my door and roughly pulled my in. As he slid in next to my, the assistant relinquished his hold on my and opened his door and entered from the other door. It all happened so fast that before I knew it, I was sandwiched between the two. Before I could open my mouth to scream, the driver dealt me a slap across my cheeks, that made my actually see stars and sent my sprawling into the lap of the waiting helper. As the helper held my shoulders and pulled my down onto his lap, the driver gripped my blouse with both hands and ripped it open. He made short work of my bra, slipping the straps off my shoulders, and scooping my large breasts out, which he held in his palm and began to squeeze. The helper once again clamped his hand over my mouth and prevented me from screaming. I was suffocating in his vice like grip, and the more I struggled, the tighter the hold became.

The driver hiked my saree up to my thighs and straddled my legs with his own. He looked down at my thighs appreciatively and ran his hands over them, feeling their softness. His palms scalded my as they traveled closer and closer to my snatch rubbing and fondling my thighs. As I closed my eyes and struggled to free myself, the driver slowly but deliberately began to stroke my pussy through my flimsy black panties. I was terrified and stared back at him as he began to unzip his trousers. He wore no underwear and his cock sprang out from within. It was thick and black and rapidly hardening as he stroked it up and down. He hooked his fingers into the crotch of my panties and pulled hard. It came apart like tissue paper. As my pussy was bared, the helper reached down and stroked my curly pubes, stopping for a moment as he found my lips and pried them apart. I struggled violently and tried to get up, and this elicited another stinging slap, this time from the helper, ” Fucking bitch, stop struggling or you are in for a painful time!” Tears sprang from my eyes, as I realised my predicament. The driver, now confident of my compliance, knelt down and squatted on the floor, bent my legs and spread them wide apart. He moistened a finger in his mouth and drove it into my pussy without much finesse. As he did so, he bent down and started to suck my nipples. I felt his coarse tongue and also his thick digit, which was beginning to shaft my soft pussy. As the finger went in and out my pussy began to respond and the juices began to trickle.

The helper used his free hand to freely explore my soft breast and thighs, occasionally stroking his hard on through his trousers. I could feel the heat, and the hardness of his cock through the material of his trouser as he held my cheek tight against it. The driver pulled his digit out of my pussy and bent down over my stomach. He kissed my navel and his tongue dove into it, he gripped my saree and tried to pull it down as far as possible as his tongue followed his hand and came to a stop just above my pubic line. He shoved his hands underneath my ass cheeks and lifted my up giving him a free access to my pussy. As his tongue skimmed the surface of my lips, he looked up and proclaimed to his assistant, “What a pussy, Baby, you and I are going to have a good time together!” The assistant looked at his boss appreciatively and replied, “You keep the pussy boss, leave my ass to me, seen the size - I must be a wild fuck!” These vulgar and obscene comments scalded I, but I knew that what they were about to do to me was going to be even worse. The driver shoved his tongue into my pussy lips as he pried them apart, and began lapping away at my juices. However revolting the thought may have been, I felt my body begin to respond as I experienced the hot tongue skimming my pussy and occasionally diving deep inside my. The driver speeded up the strokes of his tongue holding my soft thighs apart with his hands. The helper was trying to kiss my mouth, but as I twisted and turned my face, he unzipped his trouser and pressed his cock against my cheeks. I felt the heat of his cock as it grew bigger against the side of my face, and tried my best to draw away from it but he held my head tightly to it.

He then gripped my hair in a bunch and tugged hard, “Open your mouth slut, open it and suck my dick!” The grip on my hair was violent and for fear of being slapped again, I turned my face towards the hard cock springing up on his lap. The helper held his dick and rubbed it on my lips, he leered back at my, as I begged for mercy, “Please let me go, don’t do this to me, I beg you.” my appeals fell to deaf ears, as the helper pinched my cheeks open and inserted the head of his cock into my mouth. It was enormous! I felt that I was going to choke on the head itself, leave alone the rest of the monstrosity! The helper forced his way into my mouth, till I felt that he had probably reached my stomach. I had never imagined that a human penis could ever be of such gargantuan proportions. As I gagged and tried to breathe normally, the helper began to undulate his hips and cause the monster to move in and out of my mouth. The rancid taste and pissy smell of the phallus revolted my, but I sucked on it to save my life. In the meanwhile, the driver found my erect clitoris and began massaging it with his thumb while he continued sucking the lips of my pussy. I squirmed in shame as I felt my juices begin to flow freely from all the attention. As he gyrated my clit round and round, I felt tremors begin deep inside my and involuntarily I began to buck my hips. The driver realised this and his tongue probed deeper into my quim, while he kneaded my ass fiercely. The helper was groaning as he savoured the feel of his cock inside my warm mouth and low guttural sounds emanated from his clenched lips as he held my hard nipples in his fingers and rubbed them like marbles. I was beginning to enjoy the attentions that my body was receiving from both of them, and even though my brain screamed out for it to stop responding, my body proved to be a traitor. The driver looked up at my and inserted two thick fingers into my wet pussy; he shafted my and rammed them up to his knuckles. I was taken by surprise as the fingers filled my quim and I felt them stretch my lips and walls wide. It felt good, very good, as the fingers increased their tempo and began working in and out of my cunt. A squishy sound came out of my pussy as the fingers churned it into a dribbling mess and the juices flowed out of my lips and spread on to my snatch. The driver was, by now, shafting my like a piston and as I looked at his face, I was terrified at the lust that flowed from his eyes. He in turn looked at my helpless face contorted with fear, pain and lust and this fired him up even more my nostrils were flared open; my pretty pink lips were spread apart as I sucked in my breath, my hair all spread and my eyes wide open, begging for mercy. My body was awash in sweat which glistened in the pale light of the night, my chest heaved with excited terror, my nipples taut and my breasts swollen from all the attention. My head was still on the helper’s lap, who had lifted my arms above my head and was holding them down. With his free hand, he extricated his gigantic glans, wet from my mouth and began to shaft it. As I looked up at it, I couldn’t help feeling overawed at the size of it. I had always fantasized about a truly big cock, but this one was unbelievable! It reminded my of the nozzle attached to the end of a garden hose, almost as big as my forearm and equally thick. He held it by its base and wagged it in front of my mouth and then began to beat my face with it.

Though he didn’t hurt my, I felt like I was being chastised with a warm iron rod.
What the driver’s fingers were doing to my pussy was now beginning to have an effect on my, I felt my innards begin to twitch, my thighs begin to tremble, and my hips rose up from the seat of the car to meet his fingers. I realised, as did my tormentors that I was going to come. “Shove it into my quick, before I starts cumming, I was wet and ready!” said the helper as he tried to make my take his cock back inside my mouth. I opened my lips and my soft tongue snaked out to lick the underside of his glans, a moan escaped from my lips, as the driver’s lips clamped down on my clit and he began to suck. All of a sudden, a wave of heat went over me, as my come flowed like hot lava, deep inside my. I tried and bucked and moaned with the pleasure of my release and my body convulsed as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through my. As I shamelessly realised what had happened, and lay spent from my exertions, all activity came to an end. The helper released my hands and opened his door and stepped out, I saw him looking down at my with his monster dick swinging above my face. He reached down and again pinned my arms down. The driver stood up also, and leered down at my near naked body. My saree was bunched around my waist, my panties ripped apart, my blouse had been torn open, and my bra straps slipped off my shoulders. My fair skin shone like alabaster in the diffused light with my lush pubes and deep navel a stark contrast. He dropped to one knee on the seat, spread my legs wide and slowly; deliberately undid his trousers. He then bent down, gripped my shoulders, propped his body up and levered his at my leg up on the seat between my spread thighs. I knew what was about to happen and tensed involuntarily. He lowered his whole body on top of my and his weight crushed my soft flesh, as he took my pretty face in his hands and forced his mouth on my. I tried to avoid it but he was much too strong. He drove his tongue into my mouth and played with my tongue, he withdrew and kissed me with loud smooching sounds.

He held my hair and held it in a tight bunch as with his free hand he squeezed my soft swollen breasts. I felt the heat of his blood engorged penis between my thighs and with every slight movement, felt it inch closer and closer to my pussy. As he sucked my taut nipples haltingly and slathered my breasts with his hot tongue, I felt the knob of his dick begin to spread my quim open and begin it’s journey into my. It hardly met any resistance with all the juices that flowed freely inside my and I felt my walls stretching as he filled my up slowly. He continued kissing my and playing with my lush tits while he drove his cock deep into my and filled my aching pussy with his meat. The helper kept looking down at my being rapid as his now flaccid monster wagged in front of my face. Pre cum oozed from it’s slit in a tacky flow and dripped onto my hair. He raised my palms to his organ and made my hold it. With my fingers wrapped around his shaft, began to hump his hips. This caused his dick to begin to harden again and soon my fingers couldn’t travel all the way around. The driver had begun to step up his strokes and I could feel my body hungering for release once again. With every stroke, my body shook and my breasts bounced around like mounds of jelly. By now, the tempo had reached a crescendo as the driver rained a barrage of thrusts into my helpless pussy and I shamelessly responded with a steady stream of low moans and groans. “Oh God, Oh God, aaanh, aaoow, Oh my God, Oh please” I whimpered.

“The bitch is crying for it”, opined the helper, as the driver groaned and grunted with every stroke. His cock was traveling all the way deep inside my and the friction was maddening for him. I felt the storm building up inside my; I also felt the thick cock twitching in my palms as its heat scalded my. The driver felt my respond as I involuntarily lifted my hips and rose to meet his strokes midway and his tempo increased to a frenzy. He palmed my breasts and sucked hard on my erect nipples as his cock slammed into my mercilessly. Suddenly I erupted and began to come; I wrapped my thighs around his hips and pulled him in to get the maximum penetration. His cock touched something deep inside my and I flowed like a fountain. My screams of release echoed in the darkness as I bucked my hips rhythmically. The driver realised that I had come and reached his own climax, as he plunged deep into my, his cock erupted and his jism shot into my washing my already juicy hole with more liquid. “Oh God, fuck you, you bitch, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you”, he repeated as his juices stopped flowing. He kissed my mouth, bit my lips, sucked my nipples, squeezed my breasts - did everything all at once and collapsed on top of i, totally spent. As I began to comprehend what had happened, my first instinct was to give in to my spent tiredness and close my eyes. As I did so, I realised that the monster cock of the helper was not in my hands anymore and that my arms were free. I looked up and saw the night sky; the helper was now around. For a brief moment, I irrationally contemplated running for freedom even in this driveled state. That was soon nipped in the bud, as a split second later, I saw the door near my foot open and the silhouette of the helper loomed in the darkness. The driver was still on top of my, I wondered if he had gone off to sleep! The helper bent down and tapped his boss on his thighs and said, “My turn boss, get up!” I stared in wordless terror as the driver eased himself up and his sweat glistened body exited out of the door.

For a moment I was totally free and felt a chill wash over my as a soft breeze wafted into the car. I saw the helper advance, and involuntarily shut my thighs close. He smiled a crooked smile at my as he stood there by the door, half bent, with his gargantuan cock swinging like a pendulum, “Not interested in your pussy baby, show me your asshole sweetheart.” I was paralysed with terror, this guy wanted to fuck my ass with that giant dick, I knew I would die! I had to stop him at any cost, I folded my palms at him “Oh God no please, not that way, I’ve never done it before, please spare me”, I pleaded. At this sign of dissent, he reached in held my by the waist and flipped my over on my stomach effortlessly, as if I was a rag doll. He then gripped my ankles and pulled my towards him. As I slid across the seat on my stomach, I prepared for the worst. Soon he relinquished his hold on my ankles and gripped my thighs and lifted my ass up in the air, “What an ass baby, I’m gonna fuck you till you bleed, you slut!” I heard his vicious threat, and almost blacked out as his hard palm cracked across the ample flesh of my buttocks. He hit my again and enjoyed the ‘thwack’ of his open palm on my fleshy cheeks. My ass was soft, milky white and large by any standards and these slaps left red welts on my sensitive skin. Tears sprang to my eyes. I had always been conscious of my ample proportions and took great care not to exhibit it under any circumstances; as a result I refrained from wearing trousers or jeans. For my to suffer this ignominy, getting fucked in the backseat of a taxi by two scruffy strangers was unthinkable. The violent fucking that I had endured and the stinging slaps had left my devoid of any strength to resist. I cradled my head in my arms and lay down like an Egyptian cat, with my ass high up in the air, as he knelt down between my legs and spread my thighs apart. As I resigned myself to my fate and prepared to lose my anal virginity, I couldn’t help the tears that kept flowing. He probed between my legs and found my wet snatch into which he inserted his two fingers, and spread my lips apart. I had expected him to pay all attention to my asshole and was pleasantly surprised. He withdrew his fingers, and soon I felt the large head of his cock nudge my pussy lips apart. Lubricated, though, my pussy was, I couldn’t help but gasp as the monstrosity began its journey into my. It felt as if I was being torn apart As more of the shaft entered my soft innards, I felt my walls being stretched wide and it felt like I was about to lose my virginity all over again. All the stories that I had read and heard about huge cocks, could not prepare me for the pain and pleasure that I felt at this moment. It was as if an oak trunk was spearing my, but I was also being filled - completely.

The pain was excruciating, as it traveled into my inch by inch, yet I began to savour the feeling of being completely filled up. I wondered if an average dick would ever satisfy my in future. In a few moments, he reached down and grabbed my breasts and began to squeeze them hard. His thumbs and forefingers found my nipples and rubbed and pinched them to hard points. The tip of his cock touched my somewhere deep inside and pulled into that sensitive organ. All at once my orgasm broke loose again and I began to convulse and come. My pussy flooded once again, he extricated his cock to the tip of my lips and then, without warning, rammed it back up to the hilt. As I felt it travel back up my pussy, I continued to come. “Oh my God, that feels so good, Oh God that feels great, Oh God fuck me, fuck me…harder, fuck me.”, I said. He had felt my coming and now he heard my moaning, that was enough for the helper. He tore into my pussy like a sledgehammer, every stroke shaking my body. My ass cheeks shivered under the impact of this onslaught and he gripped them in both hands and kneaded them like dough. With every stroke, I felt his abdomen crash into my ass, his thighs slapped against me. I had capitulated completely, and was lost in my own pleasurable sensations, when I felt hands on my face and looked up to see the driver standing in front of my. His cock was hard again and he was rubbing it on my lips. I opened my mouth wordlessly and accepted his stiffening member and began to suck it like a lollypop.

It grew in my mouth, as did the monstrosity deep inside my. I felt it begin to thicken and twitch and knew that he was about to come. I myself had a tickle starting somewhere inside my and as he increased the tempo of his strokes to a violent tempo, I felt his open palms cracking across my fleshy ass. The pain that these slaps caused, inter mingled with the pleasure that they created, caused my pussy to begin to twitch - again! The driver was holding my head with both his hands and fucking my mouth in rapid strokes. He suddenly gave a guttural groan, “Oh fuck you baby, fuck your pussy, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!”, and discharged his spunk into my mouth. I tried to disengage and spit it out, but he held my head hard and after a while, I felt the hot spunk travel down my throat. The helper with his massive cock was ploughing deep into my pussy, his body on top of my, my ass still smarting from the hard slaps, and his palms were kneading my soft titties when I discharged yet again. “Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, harder, harder!”, I moaned amidst my tears as I bucked my hips to meet his strokes mid way. Whether he heard or not, his tempo increased till a continuous vulgar, squishy sound from my pussy joined the chorus of my moans and his steady grunts. One final lunge and he released his load of come deep into my quim, ” Fucking bitch, your pussy is so juicy, you bitch, you slut, slut, slut!” he kept repeating as he collapsed on top of my. His monster cock spat the seed that filled my pussy with the hot fluid. I had passed out a moment earlier under the onslaught of his cock and my own final release and did not hear all this. When I came to, I was lying in the back seat of a moving car which was speeding through the night. I smelt the rain soaked streets and as I sat up and gathered my saree to cover myself, the assistant of the cab turned around and asked, “Right Ma’am where do you want to go?”

Sex With Maid

May 4th, 2005

Hi to all Human Digest readers I am Sudeep and I am a regular visitor of this page I have learned many thing from this sight.
I have decided to narrate you a true happenings which happened to me a few months back. Well about me I am quite smart and belonging to upper middle class family and I am 5′10″ tall having big chest and biceps and of course great curves on my chests I weigh 80Kgs.
It happened in the month of April I live at Jodhpur with my family. My family decided to attend marriage of my cousin sister so I was left alone at home beacuse my college examinations were going on .So my mother told my maid servent to look after me and make food also for me. So our family left for marriage. I usally wear full pajamas and kurta at home and show to my parents that I am a very shy type of person.
The next day when the maidservant came she was looking dam sexy Her name was Santosh and she was 27yrs of age and having a fair complexion. She had a sexy fig of 38d 32 38 the most sexy thing were her Big Boobs which she didn’t hesitate to expose often her chunni fell fm her shoulder exposing her biggies. Here in Rajasthan ladies wear langa and choli the choli or blouse is of special type it has a deep cut and there are only threads at back covering the back and the whole back is exposed and in the front the choli is made of such type that it like a push up bra and it pushes up the boobs and she had allready got a big pair of them. She was looking dam sexy on that day and was wearing red color choli which were giving great combination for her milky white boobs fully exposed. So I decided to have something with her on that day.
She came and asked me if there were some clothes for washing I told her yes in the Wash tub and rest I am giving So I removed my Pajamas, Kurtas, baniyan and I was left only with frenchie when she came with the wash tub she was surprised to see me in that was as I always used to wear clothes in home and this was the first time she was seeing me naked In surprise she told “HOOW Bhaiyaji” I asked him innocently what happened she told me she had never seen me like that before and she told that I have got a good Body and further asked that is it a show body or I do also have power (Dikane ke liye hi hai ki dam bhi hai)
I asked her that how can I prove you that its has power also she laughed naughtily. Then I grabbed her in my arms and carried her in my strong arms she was a bit fleshy with 65kgs of weight in the process of grabbing her chunni felt and now I could easily see her milky white huge boobs trying to come out of her choli as she was wearing no bra as the don’t wear under choli so I could see her nipples under the choli they had started hardening up and I was caressing my beauty in my Strong arms and she was Laughing. She asked me how long can you carry me (Kitne deer thak mugh ko utha sakte ho) I told her for the whole day she laughed and kissed my chest then my nipples and started to suck my chest nipples slowly and biting also this continued for 10 minutes then I started too feel her weight and put her down she laughed and said (bus thak gaye kya) exausted.
I said no and asked her that would she massage me with Oil she happily agreed then she came with massage oil and made me lie on my chest and she sat on my ass and started massaging I was enjoying the massage by her soft hands after working on my back for few minutes she turned me over and tool my leg on her chest and start massaging it I could feel the touch of her soft boobs on my feet then after legs she sat on my dick and start massaging my chest as she was massaging to and fro sitting on my dick my Dick became too hot and hot like hot iron I count bear the heat and grabbed her and opened her back lace of the choli and removed it she was over me with her boobs hanging I took one of them in my arms and another one in my mouth and started sucking.
I can tell you that she might have got the better pair both were round in shape with light brown nipples and I started sucking, licking, squeezing, biting and doing every thing with them they made me mad and I continued my act with the other one too for about 15 minutes then she got of me and took my 6′ dick in her hand and pulled its foreskin and started sucking it first slowly then heavily I was about to reach my climax and I cummed inside her mouth she ate all my cum and licked my dick to clean.

Then she stood up and removed her ghagra I could see her milky thunder thighs her thighs were like Rambha (An Indian actress ) I was stunned to see those muscular thighs I too got up and start to kiss it lick it and then I moved up and started licking her pussy which was hiding inside dense bushes it was already wet with sex juices sucking its wall and also started fingering her asshole she Started making morning sounds like mmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I sucked her pussy deeper and was simultaneously fingering her pussy then she had her first orgasm I licked her juices the I got up kissed her deeply on her lips and found my way to her mouth and tasted her tongue then I carried her to the bed in my arms and then lay her on the bed and spread her legs apart and then I wore a Condom and Inserted my head of my dick in her pussy her pussy was already wet and was not so tight so I didn’t find any difficulty inserting my dick to its full length. I increased my strokes and pressed her boobs and sucked them in the meantime then we change position. In the same position I asked to hold me tightly and wrap her legs around my waist then I stood up and she was in my Strong arms I was Fucking her in the air She started telling (Bhaiya aapke bajuo me to bahut dam hai) your arms are really powerful and started moaning lightly.
I increased my jerks then I pushed her against the wall and she hold me tight and I put my full power and increased my strokes then I came inside her pussy then I put her down and she immediately licked my dick and make it clean then we kissed each other.
After that I fucked almost everyday in every pose We saw from blue films till my family came back after my family came back her father in law died and she left the work so now I am in desperate need for sex.