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Sex with horny Shivani bhabhi

Hello friends, this is raj from Ahmedabad I had always loved reading stories on this site and enjoying different people’s experience….I was a simple guy from a small town from the district of Ahmedabad….after reading all the incest stories I started to think of my bahbhi as my bed partner and slowly desire arose in me to have a continuous 12 hour sex with her….

and at last I succeeded in it last month….this story is about how I made her like me and have sex with me….here the story starts. I am a 25 years in age 5.10 man with 8.25 of manhood and my gorgeous bhabhi Shivani around 29 age has a decent figure of 38-29-36, she is very sexy and typical Guju gal……

after reading all the stories I made a plan to have sex with my bhabhi for that I thought of talking and pass as much time possible with her alone. One day there was a function at my uncle’s place he use to leave 30 km from our town and I thought of going with her and start chatting to get success in my plan….

we went on bike and I tried to ride it at very gentle speed so that I can get more to talk to her….on that ride first we had a normal chat after that I asked her whether she had a BF before marriage to which she replied yes I got excited and started talking to her about him, once she replied that her BF use to look like me only.

I got excited and asked whether she had told this bhaiyya to which she denied and we continued talking on the same chat I asked her whether she had enjoyed with his BF before marriage she replied yes…. by the time we reached home after that I started to have this type of small chat with her regarding girls after few days I got the opportunity and that was the day of first fuck for me….

my parents had went to attend a function for two days to Mumbai and my brother had to go on business trip as my dad was out at that eve. I asked her to cook food that she liked so that we can have dinner of her liking and while she was cooking I had talked to her after that we had dinner at around 8 pm and after that we sat on the sofa to watch television

while watching TV I piped into her big boobs as she was wearing a nice white colored nighty from where her lines were open for me to see I got encouraged as she never use to wear it outside her bedroom while watching television. I slowly moved my hands on back and started touching her back to which she didn’t minded by that there was a big erection in my pant

to which she did noticed but kept silent after some time a thought of masturbate so slowly went to the wash room and did my hand job after I came back my sexy bhabhi was lying on the sofa instead of seating after I came we again set their slowly my bhabhi asked me whether I have a GF or not to which I said yes, she further asked I had went out with her I said no.

She started laughing and suddenly had a wild smile on her face she straight away asked me so you don’t have any experience of using a gal for sex. I replied no, silent went in the room after some time she asked me whether I would like to have that heavenly experience. I got stunned and was speechless she got of the sofa and went in the bedroom I thought.

I had missed the opportunity after some time a loud voice came from her room I went in and saw that my Gorgeous bhabhi had turned horny and was laughing at me as I enters….she closed the door and said raj mere devar I know you are attracted to me and want to fuck me…I also want you devarji you are so good I have seen you many time masturbate in your room

from the windows above the door. I feel shameless then she asked me to be relaxed and think of me as a call girl for you to fuck. We sat on the bed and slowly I started to rub her honey skin body she was great her boobs were very big while having sex we went in different position and talked to each other…me: habhi that’s true I want to fuck you.

bhabhi: raj my dear you can go ahead have your dream come true. after that I pressed her boobs and by that time was playing with my erected cock from my jeans only. I inserted my fingers and then hand inside her nighty to enjoy her boobs after that I opened up and said bhabhi my one night stand your clothes are disturbing me she replied you can take them off

and I removed her nighty for the first time I had seen a gal in just bra and panties she was looking like goddess of sex at that time to me she unhooked my jeans and took it of after that we were their only in boxer, bra and panty. I started to suck her boobs and removed her bra her boobs were very juicy wet and nipples were hard like rock I sucked her for 10 min

and then slowly went down to enjoy the heaven and removed her panty by the time she had removed my boxer and was moaning with my every bite on her boobs she then told me that she will now teach me how to enjoy a gal during sex to which I said yes and she ordered me to get into position 69 and then she sucked my tool and I was chewing and biting on her cunt

and pussy she gave me a blow with her mouth I said bhabhi I am going to blow by the time said I blow all my cum went into her mouth she started to enjoy it and said your cum is too good to taste and after that she told to me to fuck that was my first time and gave her a fucking job she said your cock is very fresh and big it seems you are masturbating every day 2 to 3

times and ordered me not to masturbate now onwards whenever I felt like that ask her me to get fuck or to masturbate. I fucked her from cunt she moaned like anything her pussy was very tight and hot I cum into her cunt and after that we went on the bed side by side after some time she begged me to have anal sex

and after I fucked from her anal which was new as my brother had never fucked her from anal we enjoyed for the whole night and slept the morning we had bath together and again enjoyed sex……since then we have been having this experience every now and then and try to arrange in such a manner to enjoy each other’s body……this story is dedicated to all the story writer of HumanDigest who aroused in me the desire to fuck my bhabhi…thanks…

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Horny Jija fucking sexy Saali

Hi I am a great fan of reading other peoples sexual experiences on HumanDigest and thought I would share mine. My name is Salim, I am 35, got married in 2005 to Uzma who is now 30. Uzma has a younger sister who is 25 named Huma. Huma and Uzma are from Lahore but we are all in Karachi.

Huma is studying in Karachi and lives with close family friends and goes up to Lahore for holidays. She would come often to visit us. For some reason she did not feel comfortable living with us in Karachi and Uzma did not encourage her to stay with us. Although Huma is modest, sharif kunwari larki, wears the scarf and does not try to draw my attention towards her.

I have lust for her. I fantasize about undressing her and screwing her. Uzma had to go to Lahore to attend a wedding, I could not get leave from work, so Uzma left for Lahore, she told me to invite friends over for company but told me “Don’t disturb Huma, she has got exams”. Already the first night alone at home, I started to think about Huma.

What if she was here with me, I would seduce her, kiss her lips and remove her scarf to see her lovely black long hair spread out and flow along the length of her back. Just as I was thinking about Huma, the phone rang, I thought it would be my wife Uzma but to my surprise I heard Huma’s soft and kind of sexy voice and the way she says “Bhai” oh god such a turn on I wish I could grab her right then.

She asked “saab theek toh hai Salim Bhai?, suna hai aap akeleh gabrarey hein, Baji ney kaha kai mein aap key liye khana laoun aur aap kai taraf chaker lagaya karoun” I was a little bit confused because Uzma had prepared some food and frozen it and I knew she definitely would not ask her sister to come to my house when I am alone. What if she did?

I replied hesitantly “haan ajao, do come by” I called Uzma on her mobile to confirm that Huma’s message but she could not be reached. It was Friday night, I was watching a Hollywood movie on cable which had a lot of sex scenes, I was already feeling horny. The bell rang. I went to the gate and there she was, my sweet saali: Huma had a maroon scarf on, red lip stick, mascara, cheeks lightish pink,

her tight yellow shalwar kameez showed off the outline of her body curves. Her dupatta just covered her neck and so I could see her busty breasts. Behind her was her university friend in his beige Suzuki Cultus car. As soon as I came out of the house to greet her, he asked her: “mein jaoun?”” like as if he was in a hurry to rush back.

She replied to him “Ji Imran Bhai chale jaen” He drove off and I greeted her, took her trolley bag and the bag which had the food into my house. I showed her the guest room, left her trolley bag and went to the kitchen to put the food she had brought in the fridge. When I had come back, Huma had taken off her scarf and had a dupatta over her head,

I could now see quite a bit of her hair and her cleavage (the tight kameez with low neck line, looked like her breasts just wanted to pop out). We chatted for a bit in the guest room about my work, her studies, married life, had she found anyone suitable for marriage etc. Then I told her I was hungry. She smiled and said “don’t worry I will take the place of your dear wife”.

I smiled and thought to myself “I so wish I could get her in my bed.”I followed her to the kitchen admiring her tight ass. In the kitchen she started to warm up the food she had brought and started preparing chapatti. When everything was ready, I set up the plates on the dining table and she brought the food on the table.

While we ate, we chatted again about boring stuff at first then went on to talk about celebrities, bollywood, whether she had boyfriends and if Uzma ever had boyfriends. Huma admitted that she preferred hanging around guys and was dating. I asked her “So what’s up with the scarve?”

Huma replied blushing “Saleem Bhai, it was the only way I could get Mama and Papa to let me come to Karachi to study and to go out in general. Otherwise I would have been married off already.” I kept silent but thought maybe I could get her to remove her dupatta as well and untie her hair to let them flow down.

I had heard from Uzma that she had long black hair but never got a chance to check it out. The dining table conversation got more “sexual” as I dared to ask her about boyfriends and how far she had been. She told me “just kissing and first base”. I was surprised that she even let a guy see her breasts/touch them/lick them.

Then she asked about Uzma and our sex life, suhaag raat, how often do we do it, what positions etc..As I described to her our suhaag raat I told her how I had to hold Uzma’s legs apart to give her her first chudai, how she screamed, tears running down her eyes as I broke her hymen and blood flowed down her thigh on to the bed, how her payals kept ringing as I fucked her.

Huma listened with strong interest, I could see her cheeks going red, her lips moistening and fidgeting her legs. I told her that we fucked at least 3 times a week and we had done almost everything except anal. As we started to clean up, I helped her by giving her the plates etc.. to wash.

As she was washing the dishes, I came behind and pressed myself against her and held on to her waist. She did not resist. I whispered in her ear “What are you in the mood of?” She blushed, closed her eyes, smiled and replied with a giggle “aap key kiya iradey hain Salim Bhai” I moved my hand down to her hips towards her inner thighs and one hand on kamarband to loosen her shalwar.

She grabbed my hands tightly and pushed me away and said “Salim Bhai, kyoun nein aap ice cream liyein aur movie deklein?” “What does she want, whats her plan?” was on my mind when she pushed her away. At this point I was wanted her so badly, I wanted to take her in my room and pull her shalwar down, rip her panties while pulling them off and just fuck her hard on the bed.

But I kept my cool and got my car key and drove to the nearest ice cream parlor to get some ice cream. I started to think “She is a fucking teaser, knows her moves, but whats her plan, is she really attracted to me, is she a nympho looking for a chance to screw a guy or is she playing games.” I was not sure about her, an almost surprise visit caught me off guard.

I bought some ice cream and went to the local movie rental store. At the store, I asked the manager “I have chokri back home that I want to bang but she is a tight chokri, hijab and kunwari, you have any movie which would loosen her up?” He replied “You need a Hollywood teenage romantic/sex comedy with maybe one or two love scenes”.

He pulled out a DVD and said “try this!”. I did not care for the title, paid him and headed home. As I got home, I saw the dishes had been cleaned, I went to the guest room and saw that Huma had taken off her shalwar kameez, bra and panties and left them on the bed. Her stockings were in the shoes she was wearing. As I approached the bathroom, I heard the noise of the shower.

As I tried to open the door, I heard her say “Kaun?” I replied “Mein houn Salim, Ice cream aur picture liya houn” She replied “kaunsi?” I told her it was random Hollywood movie, she said great and told me to wait as she had a surprise for me. As I went to put on the movie, got two cups/spoons for the ice cream and sat down to watch TV, I heard the bathroom door unlock.

Huma entered the room but to my utter surprise white towel covering her hair, sleave less light purple top with pink straps of her bra showing and matching shorts showing off her sexy slim legs. I said “This is a real surprise” She giggled, smiled, sat next to me. It was the first time I saw so much of her body and without her scarf.

Normally a dupatta would be covering her chest but here I had an open view to her cleavage and her top/bra barely covering her breasts. As she sat her shorts barely covered her hips. We fed each other ice cream, I accidentally dropped some on her right breast. I moved my head down to lick it/clean it with my tongue, she blushed and fidgeted.

As soon as the ice cream drops had been cleaned off her breast, she moved my head away and got up to go to the bathroom again. I thought to myself “damn she is putting on a great show.”I heard the noise of the hair dryer for about 5 minutes. Huma came out and returned but this time her semi dry black hair were down,

her bra was gone so I could see the out line of her breasts and her hardened nipples pointing out beneath her top and to my utter amazement her shorts were gone too. She was now just wearing black panties. She came and sat next to me. This time, I had an almost full view of her breasts. We stared at each other, Huma was breathing hard, face was blushed, she looked ready,

I could tell that her horniness had build up and was ready for me to make the move. The movie was a distraction, I started to rub her thigh, she froze as as she felt my hand moving up and down her thigh, I felt her heartbeat increase, as I moved my hand closer to her inner thighs, she closed her legs tightly and grabbed my hand and nodded and whispered “Please Salim Bhai abhi nein”.

She was saying “NO” but deep down I could tell she wanted it but just needed to feel comfortable, relaxed and I needed to go slow on her. As I moved closer her she moved back until her head hit the arm rest of the couch, I came on to her and started to kiss her, our tongues playing with each other, I started to cup her breasts, still covered by her sleeve less strap top.

I shifted my hand under her top to cup her breasts, I rubbed her nipples, they were already hard, as I pinched her right nipple she let out a loud moan “Auwwwn”. I could tell she was horny. She lifted her top above her breasts, they looked amazing, the hardened nipples were in full view. I then proceeded to completely pull her top off and threw it on the floor.

As I started licking/biting her nipple, cupping her breasts with both of my hands. I heard her moans grow, trying to keep her legs pressed together but the fire inside her kept building/her horniness kept building up, she had an uncontrollable lust and passion. A lust that just wanted to break free after so many years of being kunwari and under hijab from guys.

She moaned, her body shuttered, her legs fidgeted. At this point my bulge was aching me in my pants and underwear. I took off my pant/underwear, Huma got up unbuttoned my shirt, kissing. Then as we were standing kissing, my erection was in Full view for Huma, Huma smiled and admired the size of my lundh.

She sat me down on the couch and then came on top of me, legs on each side, her inner thigh/panties rubbing against my shaft, we shared kisses with her breasts pressed against my chest. She went down and started to lick/bite my nipple, I groaned as I also felt her hand rubbing the tip of my cock. She was licking/biting on my nipple and giving me an amazing hand job with a tight grip.

I started to push her head down, she got the signal and she got on her knees, staring up at her behnoi/me (sister’s husband) started to suck on my cock. Oh what a feeling, Uzma would not and could not suck my lundh the way Huma was, she sucked on it like an expert. She kept looking up at me as sucked on my cock, licking the cockhead,

sucking on the cockhead then licking along the shaft, taking my balls in her mouth then taking the whole shaft down her throat, drooling, moaning but muffled moans. Her drool going down her chin on to the floor. I sat groaning and cursing her as she sucked on my cock. I loved the way she varied the pace of her sucking, licking on the cockhead,

slapping my cock on her tongue than continue to suck with muffled moans “uhmmmmm uhmmmm”. When my cock was rock hard and dripping wet in her drool, Huma started to give me a hard and fast handjob, her fist tightly gripped to my lundh, jerking me off and licking on the cockhead. I grunted and groaned, I tried to control, I did not want to cum but I did not want her to stop either.

She stair at me and then said:“nikalney wala toh nein hai?”But before she could do anything, I shouted:ooohhh” and I cummed, the first shots of cum hit her lips, tongue and chin. The rest was streaming down along her fingers that were tightly holding my cock. Huma stood up and went to get a tissue to wipe her face, hand and rest of the cum that was on my lundh.

We kissed on the couch, Huma was not upset that I had cummed too quickly. Maybe she thought it was good in a way, she had preserved her virginity. We sat together on the couch kissing each other, I cupped her breast with her nipples still hard. As we kissed, I felt her hand grab my lundh and started to stroke.

Then she hopped on top of me again rubbing her panty covered vagina along my cock. I asked Huma “Why you have your panties still on?” She lifted herself and I pulled her panties down so they were hang on her left knee. Completely naked, full of lust, with complete loss of innocence, she started to give me a lap dance, legs spread wide,

her pussy walls spread out as she rubbed along my shaft. Huma held on to my shoulders, closed her eyes and humped making rapid jerking movements with her hips. As her humping/rubbing pussy against my cock increased, I felt her love juice moisten her pussy and my cock. Her moans increased and as her uncontrollable ectascy/lust increased.

She pulled my head back and screamed “ahnnnnn merey jannu” and her love juice streamed down her thighs on to my cock, couch and dripping on the floor. My cock was semi hard but still not hard, visibly shaken by her latest orgasm and still not fucked, her eyes wide open, facial expression saying “fuck me”, her cheeks now red.

I pulled her hand and took her to her sister’s and my bedroom. Uzma’s dressing table had Uzma’s make up kit and other toiletry. Both bedside tables had photo frames of me and Uzma, there was even a big frame of Uzma and I with Uzma in bridal dress. Huma was a little embarrassed “Should we go to the guest room?” I said “here is fine”, put the photos down,

put a white towel on the bed, looked through Uzma’s night suits and dresses, found a bright red short nighty which barely covered the hips and I found a set of payals, the ones Uzma wore on our suhaag raat. I instructed Huma to wear her sister’s nighty and her sister’s payals. My lust for Huma had taken over my fidelity to Uzma.

I lay on the bed and instructed Huma “69”, she knew what I meant and took up position sucking my cock while giving me access to her pussy and ass to eat on and to finger. Huma’s moans were muffled with the cock in her mouth as I tongued her/finger fucked her pussy and asshole.

I played with her pussy/ass, Huma moaned/fidgeted around, sucking stopping to moan and jerk off my cock with her tight grip. Huma then turned around on her knees facing me started to suck deepthroat and jerking me off hard slapping my cockhead on her tongue to get my cock hard. My cock still did not get hard. Huma gave up, we were both tired so we fell asleep in each other’s arm.

The next morning, I found Huma still asleep in Uzma’s nighty and payals. The payals rang each time she moved in her sleep. I started to spread her legs, and started to finger her, rubbing her clit with my thumb. In her sleep she moaned “uhmmm abhi nein uhmm” I lifted the nighty up spreading her legs further apart and started to eat her out, sucking on her clit/tongueing her pussy/licking along her pussy

walls/rubbing her clit/ rubbing her pussy and finger her pussy. Huma moans grew loader/ pussy became soaked in her love juice. In her sleep I got on top of Huma, took the straps of the nighty off revealing her breasts and rubbed my semi-limp cock along her wet pussy. I spread Huma legs and bit/sucked on her nipples/breasts continue to rub my cock along her pussy,

my lundh gently grew in length and hardness as I slapped it along her pussy. Huma moaned in appreciation but her eyes were closed. I then started to jerk my self to get my cock hard stairing at my saali naked on my bed. When my cock got hard, I pressed it against Huma’s pussy. Her hymen was tough to break.

Huma woke up/caught by surprise, saw me on top of her screamed her pet dialogue in Urdu “abhi nein pleese salim bhai yeh na karein”. What a teaser slut, I was over charged in lust, my lundh was rock hard solid, she sucked me, why can’t I fuck her, no one to stop me, my saali helpless on my bed wearing her sister’s nighty and payals. I was so lustful, I was now ready to even fuck”.

I spread her legs apart, pressed my cock hard against her vagina, pressed it hard so her hymen “popped” and my cock head was in, she screamed in pain “ahnnn neinnnn uhnnnnn fucking bastard” then held both of her wrists and fucked her hard. My balls slapped against her pussy, her legs spread out hanging. As I banged her hard, the payals rang.

I remembered the suhaag raat with Uzma now it was Huma’s suhaag raat. I let go of Huma’s wrists got on my knees and held on to her ankles, banging her even harder. Huma’ beautiful breasts with hardened nipples bounced with each hard penetration. I could see my cock soaked from her love juice, her pussy soaked in her own cum.

I then instructed to her “koti baan saali”. Huma obeyed her behnoi and turned around along the width of the bed got on her hands and knees spreading her legs, doggy style. I came behind her and banged her harder/faster slapping her asscheeks. Huma could not resist, she screamed and moaned trying to control the thrusts by holding my thighs.

I grabbed her hands and held them pinned on the bed and shouted to her “don’t resist saali, ffucking teasing me for too long”. She obeyed and kept her hands on the bed as I banged her hard. I started to finger her ass hole at the same time. As I fucked her, I screamed “saali, teaser bitch, behnoi kai liye itni behai, hijab e chordia?”

She replied “unnn ayeee ayee ohhh fuck behnoi jee aap ki pyaari slut saali houn ahhhhh oye fuck mein mari oh yeah”. Huma started to shake and cum, he love juice streaming down her thighs. I then had her ride my lundh. no resistance this time like a sweet obiedient saali who loves her behnoi, she rode my cock, her breasts bounced with each thrust of my cock inside.

She kept moaning “ffuck me fffuck me yeah ffuck me aoohnnnn ahnnn ffuck me”. I grabbed her breasts pinching her nipples as she rubbed her clit riding me, the bed was making rocking noise. While riding me she screamed in ectasy/massive orgasmic explosion and fell on me. I started to bang her and slap her now reddened ass cheeks.

My cock had gotten limp again. I got up to get some body cream, I positioned my saali in doggy position again, holding her hair had her suck me/taste her own pussy. As I face fucked her/her moans muffled/drooled along my cock and drool dripped down her chin. Face fucking her, I started to lubricate her ass hole with body cream.

The cool feel of the cream made her twitch for a bit. She stopped sucking and started begging and pleading: Please Salim Bhai abhi nein, nein karein please, ghandh mein nein, I beg you…” I ignored her begging, held her hair and pushed her face back on to my cock to fuck her face. I started to finger fuck her asshole, lubricating her asshole making the hole bigger.

Her moans muffled, I started to finger fuck her pussy and asshole, she could not resist, she cummed and moaned louder, jerking off my cock, When I felt my cock was ready and her asshole was ready, I took her in spoon position holding her wrists with one hand, with the other hand I guided my cock into the entrance of her ghandh pressing my cock head against the entry of her asshole.

Uzma begged me to stop and used her pet dialogue “abh nein”, I ignored her and pushed my cock in moving the cockhead and some of my cock inside her rear end. She squealed “haannnnnnn maaar gai ahnnnnnnnnn”. I held one leg apart with the other hand I played with her clit/pussing, fingering making her moan/scream.

Once I had my whole shaft was in her ghandh, I started to bang her asshole hard, slapping her ass cheek. She screamed louder in pain and pleasure.. She begged me to stop but I continued. I grabbed her breasts, rubbed her clit. She screamed and shaked and cummed. As she cummed again her body shuddered and shaked, ohh what a sight to see my nasty saali cum and have such a wild orgasm.

I then positioned her in doggy style, continued to bang her ghandh in doggy position grabbing her hair and neck shouted “whose slut are you bitch jawab deye saali” Huma moaned back “ahhh ahhh ahnnn tumari bastard ahnn fucck tumari houn”. I held on to her shoulder banging her faster and harder,

I was about to cum and Huma such a tease started to tease me like a nasty bitch by urging me on and rubbing my balls/shaft from behind: “I want you to cum behnoi jee, yeah cum now I know you want to cum so badly bastard, I want please cum in your saali yeah please jaanu I want your cumm so badly….”

I could not resist any longer I took my cock out, laid Huma on the bed, screamed “moun khole”. Huma opened her mouth wide, I digged my cock deep down her throat with her moans muffled, I cummed and screamed “yeh ley saali”. I fed her all my cum, she had no choice but to swallow, sum of my cum dripped down her chin and neck and on to her breasts.

Huma cleaned my cock with her tongue swallowing the rest of my cum. Huma then cuddled herself on the bed, I noticed the big gaping hole of her asshole and her soaking wet pussy hole. In this cuddled position Huma closed her eyes to sleep. I went to take a shower and prepare breakfast. I then heard the locking of the bathroom door, it must be Huma.

I heard the noise of the shower. I went to the bedroom, I noticed the blood stains on the towel. Huma had been broken in. Huma came out of the shower and was dressed in the shalwar kameez, she was wearing when she came last night, I put the towel, Huma’s nighty and the bedsheets in the laundary. As soon as we sat down for breakfast, my mobile rang.

I picked it up, it was Uzma, She asked “Huma ghar per toh nein hai?” I replied lying “Nein kyoun?” She replied back “apna mobile nein utarai aur kaal uska paper hai.”I told her maybe she had gone to a friend’s house to study bla bla. I put the phone down, kissed Huma and we had breakfast together.

I told Huma you need to study. I drove her to her friend’s home to make the alibi stick and returned home. Uzma returned from Lahore two days later, didn’t notice anything except the food that Huma had brought which was in the fridge. She asked “Who brought this?” I said “It was ahnnn Huma.”

Uzma’s face changed, she was not at all happy that her sister could come when I am alone. I reassured her that I did not call her, she came herself. I calmed her down. I wondered what made Uzma so insecure in front of Huma, never understood. Maybe she genuinely sensed that Huma could take her husband away.

Two years later Huma also got married, I am not sure how she was able to cover for not being a virgin. The tease that she is, she sent me pictures of herself from her suhaag raat wearing maroon lingerie (bra and g-string panties), payals on her ankles, arms and legs covered in mehndi and another set of pictures naked in the bathroom.

While talking to her husband one day, I asked him doesn’t she say “abhi nein” a lot, he replied “yes she does say that a lot”. We laughed.

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Sex with big boobs Bhabhi

We are three brothers, one elder to me and one younger to me. I was seduced by my elder brother's wife in the first few years of my marriage.She did not have big boobs, but she taught me quite a few things of sexual pleasures.

The younger brother's wife was never a big attraction to me as she too did not have big boobs then. But, since the past few years, I observed that her boobs had grown in size. My main attraction to a woman are her big boobs. So, ever since this young bhabhi developed big boobs, I got attracted to her.

Many a times I would fantasize fondling her boobs, licking & sucking them. Then have sex with her. Sometime she would talk a little dirty with me on the phone and once she even came to meet me outside our homes, when I took her in my car to a suburban mall and parked my car in the parking lot.

We then talked a few personal matters and while talking to me she very often touched my thighs. Then, once when they came to stay at our house, I took the opportunity to ask her to hug me and she responded, though a little hesitantly. Then a few times I tried to fondle her boobs, blow her kisses and pull her to me, but she was a little hesitant.

Then one day came the big opportunity. I was visiting to a place near her home and went to her home as it was quite nearby. She was alone in the house. On enquiry, she told me that my brother had gone out of station & would be back only the day after and her son was at work. It was afternoon time. She generally wore a kaftan at home and she wore one that day too.

After some time she excused herself and went in to her room and I was sure she would change to a saree & blouse. Fortunately, she did not lock the room, rather it was slightly open. I tip-toed, peeped in and saw her completely naked. Her big boobs set my heart pounding. I slowly opened the door and she turned around due to the slight squeak of the door and exclaimed, " bhaisahib".

She tried to cover her naked body, but I told her that it was alright, as I had already seen her completely naked and her saree fell down. I went near her and pulled her naked body towards me, hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her lips. She withdrew and said that she should lock the main door as her son & husband had duplicate keys.

She came back and flung herself on me. She hugged me so tight that I felt her big boobs flatten on my chest. And then, she took my face in her hands and kissed me so hard, as if she would bite my lips. After a good long and tight hug & kiss, she caught my prick through my pant. I started to leak.

Again while kissing me she removed my shirt and squeezed her boobs on my chest. It was very enjoyable. She then unzipped my trousers, pulled down my underwear, fell on her knees and took my prick in her mouth. She sucked very nicely taking my prick in as much as she could, rolled her tongue & sucked so hard that I was about to ejaculate and told her so.

She nodded her head to say it was OK. She then momentarily took out my prick from her mouth only to say that I could release my cum in her mouth. She swallowed my cum completely and I felt so very nice. She then rose up and kissed me hard once again. She exclaimed that she had all this time wanted to get loved by me, as she found me very sexciting & attractive.

I told her that on my part I too had since the past several months fantasized seeing her big boobs naked, handling them & sucking them. I asked her whether it was true that she had got fucked by my younger sister's husband and that too for payment. She said that she would not lie to me at this point, as she was standing naked before me and had sucked my cock.

She said yes she had got fucked for payment, as their financial position was very very bad then. I asked her then what prevented her from making love to me all this while. She said that she was afraid to face me in such a situation. She asked me to please forgive her for that and asked me to make love to her as much as I wanted or in anyway that I wanted.

I took her face in my hands & kissed her really hard, with our tongues rolling and saliva oozing out. She thanked me for the re-assurance. I then sat on the bed & asked her to come close to me and I put my tongue to her left boob and she got excited. I then held the boob in both my hands and sucked as hard as I could, nearly biting into it.

She seemed delighted and put her hand on my prick, which was already oozing with pre-cum. After having got satisfied with her left boob, she moved my mouth to her right boob and asked me to suck it as hard as I had done to her left boob. I sucked both her boobs so hard that she should have been screaming, but she bravely bore it all, so as to let me enjoy.

She enjoyed it so much that she asked me to fuck her. I got up from the bed, went behind her, made her bend a little and put my prick on her arsehole & held both her boobs in my hands. She asked me to put my prick inside. I thrust it in and she in response started wriggling forward & backward and in circular motions.

She held my bums and asked me to fuck her arse hard & fast. After having done so, I removed my prick from her arsehole and licked it. I then came in front and kneeled down and put my tongue to her choot. She held my head with both her hands and asked me to lick & suck her choot really really hard. After sometime she said it would be better that she lay on the bed.

She lay down, spread her legs and asked me to now lick & suck her choot. I licked her pubic hair, the lower lips of her choot, the mid region & then the upper part all the while holding & pressing both her boobs. She was panting and pressing my head to her choot. I too, licked & sucked so nicely, that after sometime she warned me that she was going to have her orgasm.

I told her not to bother and to release her cum on my face. All her cum fell putter-putter on my face. My face was covered & dripping with her cum. I lifted my face and showed it to her. She smiled & laughed and asked me to give some cum to her too, before I could swallow it. After this she asked me to bring my prick to her mouth and she sucked it again like a woman possessed.

I then lowered myself to have my prick on her choot. I started rubbing it on her choot's lips. She was wriggling and asked me to thrust my prick inside her choot. I did and she started to move her hips up & down and in circular motions. She asked me to pump faster & harder. Within some time I released all my cum inside her choot.

She & I felt so nice that we lay like that only, with my prick inside her choot, for quite some time, while hugging & kissing all the time. After having got satisfied, I removed my prick from her choot and she licked my prick & I licked her choot and both of us kept the combined cum in our mouths and then kissed, mixed the cum and swallowed it.

She thanked me profusely for the love and said that she was very happy that I had made love to her. She said that I was a great lover as I had sucked her boobs, licked her arse, fucked her in her arse, licked & sucked her choot and fucked her so nicely that she was very very happy for all that.

I too told her that I too had enjoyed making love to her and that she was true to the saying of my younger brother that she was a devil while making love. I then carried her in my arms and took her to the bathroom. There I washed her entire body so ever slowly so as to feel her entire body. She in turn bathed me.

After having wiped ourselves, we came back into the room ad sat on the bed, both still naked. She looked straight at me and pleaded for one more time. We again kissed & hugged, she suck my prick and I sucked her boobs & choot and we fucked one more time to our heart's content.

As it was getting late, we thought to wind up for the day. But, before doing so, I took out a Bra & 4 different coloured panties from my bag, which I had brought from UK and asked her to wear the same. I put on the Bra & panty for her. She thanked me for them. She then dressed me and I dressed her.

I took out my purse to pay her. Immediately she held my hands and said, "Bhaisahib, please do not disgrace me like this. I wanted you to make love to me sincerely and not for money, please.' I put my purse back and thanked her for the wonderful time. Hugging & kissing each other, thanking for the wonderful time and promising not to miss any opportunity in future, I bid her a very very warm goodbye and left her house.

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Abhijeet fucking sister-in-law Charu

Hello friends, My name is Abhijeet I have read few stories of this site, in last few days and today I am narrating a true incident of my life, which I remember or I should say we remember as one of our biggest mistake of life, but that mistake was so beautiful that instead of hating it, we cherish it in our memories, at least me because that mistake made our life heaven.

This incident happened between me and my sis-in-law Charu, who is hardly 3-4 months elder from me, and more than 3 years elder to my wife Aditi. For my intro I would say that I am working in a call center and married to a girl who is also in same profession. We are settled in one of the major city of India, very far from our native places.

I would like to mention in a very beginning that I really love my wife, and never thought about cheating her even in my dream, but sometimes few things happen, which we cannot revert but we can learn something from that and this is what happened in our case. This incident took place around a year back, but I remember it, as it has happened yesterday.

I am trying to write this incident by giving my best, but if somewhere you guys loose interest and feel that it’s not true, then it’s my inexperience of penning down the whole thing. I am narrating this incident with some conversation at few places which we had, and this doesn’t mean that I remember each and every word we spoke at that time,

I remember the thought which I had or she had at that time and these conversations are the reflection of that mental state. From the very beginning if I will built my character sketch and describe my life in words, then I will say I am bit reserved in nature but very caring for my loved ones.

Apart from shy and reserved nature from the world I use to dream a lot about my married life or to be more precise sex life from a very long time, I use to watch movies and read sex stories on web and by the time I got married I was totally turned into a bull that desperately needed sex.

There were many desires which were eager to come out, before I got married, like desire for oral sex, and having lot of sex in different positions, but unfortunately after marriage my life turned into exactly opposite direction. The girl with whom I got married was very nice but of totally different nature, she is simple, caring and very hard working but had a very limited place for sex in life.

Although we spent really good time during our honeymoon, but for me that was not enough, what I needed was experimenting and spicing up sex life through out the life, but she had a sober taste and always preferred missionary and really had no place of oral sex except kissing, and with that a biggest tragedy of my life, that we were working in different time shifts,

I use to leave around 7PM and more or less she use to come at that time, so practically we use to have weekends for each other, sometimes I use to ask her for the kind of sex I needed, means with proper foreplay, and very often she agreed for that, sometime we use to play cards and use to take off our cloth one by one on every loss of game,

sometimes I use to tell imaginary erotic stories to her about the people who live around us to turn her on and for some time, it worked, but after sometime she was back to square one, and I had to think of something new to ignite her. Even after doing so much, I was not getting the amount of physical satisfaction I needed.

Apart from all these tiny sex frustrations I was deeply in love with my wife, and always tried to make myself understand that it’s a part of my life and I had to live with it. This is how we spend around two years of our married life, and after that we planed for a baby, and she conceived. We all know that people have sex even during pregnancy, but I was not that fortunate,

we hardly had sex twice or thrice, after we got confirmed report that she had conceived successfully till her delivery. Actually she was little insecure that child may get aborted and above all she was not willing to make love in that period, so I had to control myself. So the whole thing started when the period of delivery came closer, and someone had to come to live with us,

either from my family or from her family, after lot of discussions, finally the decision was taken that my mother in law will come, a month before and later my sis in law will join her on delivery dates to help. So my mother in law came in end of 8th month and stayed with us for almost month and later Charu came( my sis-in-law).

But by the time she came, my wife had just gone through the delivery, because of little complications, we had to go through operation. Every thing was alright but my wife was still in the hospital on the day of Charu’s arrival. I was suppose to go to the airport to pick her, that day I saw her after a gap of 1 year, she seemed happy and we both congratulated each other,

although it was earlier done on phone. I drove back straight to the hospital and we stayed there till evening. I think now I should write something about Charu. As I said earlier she is 3-4 months elder to me and fair in color, height is little short, in comparison of my wife must be 5’. Well educated and soft spoken, I will not say that she had a perfect figure;

she was housewife and a mother of one child of the age seven years. She was looking very good in Weston outfit, jeans and t-shirt. I think at that time once or twice I stared at her body, specifically her big boobs and healthy nice butt. It was really unpredicted that the delivery will take place 15 days before the expected date,

and we had a plan to do some shopping for the new comer and we both (me and my wife) were waiting for Charu to come. But in current circumstances me and Charu had to do that, so we decided to go out and do some shopping, and we moved out of hospital in the evening towards the market.

While going to market we were just chatting, we both were happy and once she teased me by saying that now you have became father, and I had to spend sleepless nights because of baby, and I had to clean and wash potty and susu of a baby again and again. Then she told me about her experience about that and explained that how often Manish (her husband)

use to get up in the night for this purpose. I was driving and she was looking at me and talking, we both chatted a lot during our shopping and mostly whole conversation was around the topic of baby and the time they ( she and her husband) and we ( me and my wife) spend during pregnancy period. All in all we chatted a lot during our shopping and whole conversation was very casual,

but with one different thing which I noticed that again and again she tried to look into my eyes, and this really made me conscious, and I started avoiding eye to eye contact with her. After around 2 hours we were back in the hospital. Then we had dinner in our room only, which we got packed from the market, and now it was a matter of night stay in the hospital.

Officially only one attendant was allowed to stay in the hospital, but I managed to convince, hospital staff for 2 people in the room that is, my mother in law and Charu. Now it was me who was left with a no place to sleep, so either I had to go back to my home to sleep or I had to be on the reception area for the whole night, and I decided to stay,

with one logical reason that one male should always be available, and you can say one immoral reason that I wanted to spent more time with Charu, but tell you very frankly that I could not think of trying anything with her in my wildest thought. I just wanted to talk to her, so I stayed there for some time in room and then asked Charu if she wants to have coffee,

she agreed and we moved to the ground floor of the hospital and sat in the coffee shop, and talked to each other for some more time, again the conversation was not special, I think it was about our (me and my wives) job profile. After some time we got up and now she was suppose to go to the room and I had to stay there only on the ground floor and we did that.

I remember at around 12:30 or 1 almost after 3 hours somebody slapped me on my shoulder, at that time I was taking a nap, while sitting on a chair, it was again Charu, I got up with little shock, she was smiling and asked me that if I want to go the room for sometime to sleep, then she can sit here, but I simply refused to do that, once she insisted but I again denied, to do that,

rather I asked her for one more cup of coffee, and she agreed. Again at that hour of time we were sitting in the coffee shop of the hospital and chatting to each other, again I noticed her trying to look into my eyes. This really made me think about it. After sometime she went back to the room and I was again sitting there where I was, but with lot of confusion,

that why is she looking in my eyes, and I realized that may be she had caught me staring at her, because while we were roaming in the market, many times I tried to steel a glimpse of her body. And this thought made me really uncomfortable. I spent whole night with these thoughts only, at least till the time I was awake.

At around 6 I went to the room, at that time my mother in law was awake with a baby, but both Charu and my wife were sleeping. I used the toilet, and asked my mother in law, that if she needs anything, because I was going to home, to get some rest and I had to change. She asked Charu for that, and she said yes, and they decided,

that Charu will go along with me and will cook something for breakfast and we will come back in sometime. And exactly this happened, I slept for an hour or so, by the time she got ready and cooked breakfast, and then I got up and got ready, and moved back to the hospital. Again we were chatting and continued to talk.

We had breakfast together, and then we had lunch together, which we ordered from the hospital canteen. In last 24 hrs, apart from few jobs for my wife and a baby, and playing with a baby whenever he was awake, we were just chatting on different topics, and I came to know many things about her, her likings,

disliking their life style and one important thing that she also wants to work, but whenever she had talked about this to her husband, he always tried to avoid the matter. Her husband Manish was working with one software company as a programmer in one of the IT cities of the country and was earning very well and he had a thought that she do not have to work,

when he is earning so well. According to her as well as me this was totally hypocritical thought, or may be full of male’s ego, as a result slowly Charu was getting bit frustrated with her life style, because she really did not had anything to do in home except watching television. Although Manish was a really good man and very caring, for his wife and child,

but he was too busy and could not spare much time for his family, and had to work a lot to meet deadlines. I had a hint of her problem through my wife, but we never talked about this in so much detail. So this is how I spent first 24 hours with Charu, although my mother in law and Aditi were also there and most of the conversation was happening around them,

but most of the time only we were talking and I think it was the longest time span when we have been together alone just to talk, and in these hours we were getting more and more free and casual to each other. Apart from the different topics of conversation, she did not stopped looking into my eyes, and it made me even think more, about my behavior towards her.

Again in the evening we spent some time together in the coffee shop and gradually the day came to an end, and we had to think about the dinner, and we decided that instead of eating out we should think about cooking at home and again me and Charu had to go home and she was suppose to cook and we both had to come back to the hospital with a food.

We did that and our conversation continued, and we came to know more about each other, about her school time and my school time, once she asked me about my crushes in my collage or school time, but I really did not had any past like that, so I said that I never had any crush over anybody, except few actresses of hindi movies.

She smiled and said you are very seedha (means innocent kind), I smiled and said jeisa aapko theek lage aap samajh lo means whatever you like to think you can think. At that time our conversation on this topic ended there only and we got busy in cooking, I helped her in cooking and we packed the food and came back to the hospital.

After eating and spending some time with my baby I had a plan to come back to my place to sleep, leaving both the ladies there in the hospital, and at around 9:30 or 10:00 I left the hospital, for my place. Guys, tell you truly by this time I was getting little naughty about her in my thoughts, after spending so many hours, she was having a good impact on my thinking,

and in addition to that I was sex starved from almost 7-8 months, so my desires were not in my control, but I knew these desires are not more than desires, and neither I wanted to do anything, because I am not a kind of a person who can do anything with anybody for just physical satisfaction, I really care about relations, and really love my wife.

So I got back to home with lot of thoughts and desires, and was about to settle down, when I received a call that Charu wants to stay at home, she is bit uncomfortable in sleeping there with her mom on the bed which is hardly sufficient for one. And as such there was no need to stay for her and one person is enough along with a staff of the hospital.

So I drove back to the hospital to pick her up, and with in 1 hour we were back home. We got settled, I gave her our bedroom, in which my wife and her mom was sleeping from around last one month, as we were having only one bedroom and one common room or drawing room, in which we were not having sofa or proper sitting arrangement,

we have made it with two long mattresses placed on the floor in the same fashion as we put sofa. So I changed and came to the place where I was sleeping from last one month after some time she appeared, she was in long satin nighty, which was bit tight to her, and her body shape was visible because of that,

but I was very conscious that I had to control myself and do not have to stare at her, so I switched on the television and tried to divert my brain. She came and sat on the opposite side and asked me if we can chat for some time. I said yes why not, then again we started chatting, she started talking about her husband,

and said that if she will compare the nature of her husband with me, then we will get a big difference, I asked why you think like that, she said that you have motivated Aditi to work and to stand on his own, and Manish is just opposite, for that I said Manish is earning very good, and I am not getting that much, so both of us had to work to earn more.

Then she asked was it the only reason, for which you’ve made her working? I said no, I knew that if she will stay at home then she will watch television and at one time her mind will get blocked and moreover she was willing to work, so I just inspired her and she worked. She said I believe that this is the difference, between you and Manish.

I smiled and said it’s ok everybody has his own thought, and he believes that it is right, may be he wants to give you relaxed life. Then I asked her any other difference, which makes us totally opposite. She smiled and said he never leave a chance to stare at any girl, even in my presence, on that even I smiled and said actually sometimes I also do that,

but I have a good control on myself, which he doesn’t have, that’s it. after that she pointed out 2 or 3 more differences and somehow I managed to protect him, and because of that she got little excited and asked me sarcastically that why are you trying to protect Manish, and I know there is big difference between you and Manish,

Aditi have told me that you have not touched her even once in last 7 months, and even when she was not pregnant you never asked her again if once she said no, although Manish have never forced me to do that but he is not at all like you, and all these differences makes me feel that Aditi is very lucky to get you as a husband.

After this statement I was bit embarrassed, and feeling shy, actually I never liked someone praising me, in my presence, so I just went silent, I think even she got bit uncomfortable after that and she too went silent. Then she got up and asked me if I would like to have coffee, I said ok.

I think it was very good move from her side to give a reasonable break between conversation, or to change the topic. For next 5-10 minutes I was alone lying there and watching television, I was bit nervous and conscious about my behavior. After some time she came with 2 mugs of coffee and sat bit far from me but on the same mattress, and while sipping she said sorry if you felt bad,

me talking to you about your personal life. I said its ok, I think now we are friends, so don’t bother. She smiled and got relaxed and said you know, I can understand your condition, because I am living in similar circumstances. This statement from her side really shook my head, and looked at her with a question mark on my face;

she smiled and said, No… No…, I didn’t mean that, with a bit more than a smile she said at my side everything is fine, but I don’t get enough time to talk to him, and I really love chatting. I was looking at her face and smiling, and then she said that is why I have been talking to you from the moment we’ve met.

I said that’s ok, Manish has it’s own problems, he has to work a lot to maintain himself on that level, so you just accept this problem as a fact of your life, as I have accepted mine. She smiled and said, you are not going to have this problem lifelong, I think in two months or so, you will be able to do that.

At that moment I wanted to say something, but I paused myself, and she understood that, and asked what…?, I said nothing, she said you want to say something, I said I think I have to wait for my next birth, for that. She said why, I said forget it, and tried to avoid going further in that, but she was not ready to leave the topic, and asked me again, somehow I managed to say,

that she has a very less desire for that, and I have to hold back my self a lot and sometimes I feel bit frustrated. She tried to look into my eyes, I was bit embarrassed, and tried to avoid the eye to eye contact. But she held my chin and looked into my eye, and asked me how often you do? I said hardly twice or thrice in a month, or sometimes not even that.

At that time she was just staring at me, I was sipping my coffee and once or twice I raised my head to see her, whether she is looking at me or not, and she was. Then just to change the mood I asked her that why are you staring at me like that, and by the way I have noticed from last one day, you are looking in my eyes, may I know why?

This question took her attention, she said whatever I have came to know about you through Aditi, I was impressed with you, and that’s why I was looking at you, but tell you very truly if I would have done this with my husband, then surely he would have gone out for sex, then after a second or two she said I hope you don’t do anything like that, do you?

I said of course not, I cannot think of doing that, and with that my eyes got wet, and she instantly noticed, keeping her mug aside she came closer to me and tried to hug me and took my head in her arms, and rested it on her breast, for a moment I hesitated but after few seconds, I held her from her back, and embraced her.

I was feeling softness of her breast and smell of her deodorant was diverting my mind, I tried to get out of her arms, and she loosen the grip, and I cleaned my eyes, and said, I think we should go to sleep now. She looked at me and said yes, and with that she got up, and switched off the TV and main light and took both the mugs, and finally went into the room after saying goodnight.

From the time she got up to go, till she went inside her room she looked at me at least three times, I don’t know why, with sympathy or something else. There was dim light in the room, which was coming out of the kitchen, and it was left on intentionally, I was laying there, and just recalling whatever have happened few minutes back,

at that time I was having intense desire to have sex, and I was getting bit of erection, but I tried to divert my mind, and tried to sleep, hardly an hour back I was sleepy, because of last nights tiredness and right now my mind was bit restless. I think I slept for sometime, don’t know for how long, I felt something closer to me and got awaked, as I opened my eyes,

I saw Charu’s face very close to mine, she was sitting on floor, and leaning over me, I got shocked and tried to get up, but she kissed me on my lips once and then continued to kiss, for a second I thought that we are not doing right, but in next second her tongue came on my lips and she tried to insert it in my mouth, and as a starved man I lost control on me,

and started responding to her kiss. I opened my mouth and her tongue slipped in my mouth. Now she was laying on me, and I was holding her from her back, and we were kissing each other. Slowly I moved my hand on allover her back, and caressed her hips; they were really very nice, with good amount of flesh on it.

I squeezed them for my pleasure, and then moved aside to give her a space to lay down beside me on the same mattress, and she got down from me and rested her head on my arm and we again started kissing. After that I moved to her cheek and neck and then close to the earlobes, I was so starved for this that, I was unable to sense that this is wrong, and I loved her as she is Aditi.

She was laying beside me and one of my hand was feeling all the curves of her body, I squeezed her breast over her clothes, and she moaned in pleasure with a sound of hmmm… then I moved my hand to her hips again, by this time her nighty was up to her knees, I touched on of her naked knee and moved my hand inside her nighty and held her thighs,

they were very soft and fleshy, I rubbed them very nicely, and tried to reach her panty, I wanted to take off her panty but it was not possible for me to take it out in a way we were laying, so I got up, and made her lay down on her back and tried to drift her nighty up till her waist, now I could see her panty,

I held her panty, with both the hands and pulled it down, and now I could see her wet cunt in the dim light, which was coming out of the lamp of the kitchen. I touched her love hole with a thumb of my hand and rubbed it for a while, she got very excited and moaned in pleasure, I was looking at her dripping wet cunt with thirsty eyes,

and in a second I parted her legs little more and buried myself between her legs and started sucking her pleasure hole. I was holding her both the fleshy thighs with my hands, to separate them and digging her cunt with my tongue; I was trying to get a full access of her cunt and moving my head deeper and deeper between her legs.

She was moaning and puffing in very low voice and I was licking her wet pussy like an animal. Her cunt was releasing good amount of juices and I was trying to suck it all, she was in intense pleasure and started moving her body in to and fro motion as I increased my intensity of sucking her soft hole, she was moving towards the peak second by second,

her pleasure moans were making me crazy, and moreover I have been so greedy for this from a very long time and I started moving my tongue inside her cunt more enthusiastically and her moans got more intense and heavy. Then I took clitoral part of her cunt in my mouth and inserted one of my finger in her love hole and rubbed it deep inside on the upper wall of her vagina,

she got wild in a second and lifted her hips 2-3 times in pleasure and then squeezed her pussy between her thighs, with few long moans, like Ahhhhh….. Ahhhhh… she was breathing heavy and fast. She was laying straight, with her cunt tightly held between her leg, nighty was folded up to her waist, and her eyes were closed, I got up and came on her, and kissed her on her lips,

she responded a bit, then I kissed allover her face, and squeezed her breast for while, she was responding very lightly, then I got up on my knees and lifted her legs and rested them on my shoulders, and rubbed her hips nicely, and then I undid my Pajama and jockey up to my knees and took out my hard dick, and pulled down the foreskin of my penis,

then I lifted her legs from my shoulders and wrapped them across my waist, and leaned over her rubbed my hard cock on her opening, she became restless and opened her eyes to see me, before she could have said anything, I pushed myself into her, and my dick entered in her flesh. Again she closed her eyes and swallowed her saliva, and enjoyed getting penetrated.

She was so good and wet, that I felt like heaven, I was so starved for this and getting this pleasure after such a long time, that I have forgotten that she is not my wife, I came on her and again I was laying on her, with her legs around me and my hard cock deep inside her. I rested for a while and kissed her, and she also responded, keeping her eyes closed,

then again I got up a bit and rested myself on my elbow and started moving my lower body and my penis started moving in and out in her soft hole, with that I held her breast with one hand and started squeezing one by one. Her eyes were closed and I think she was enjoying, getting fucked I was moving my hard cock very slow and making long strokes,

I wanted to enjoy this moment as long as possible. But with in two minutes, I felt that I will go and I increased my pace of moving my dick in and out of her cunt, and with in few seconds I buried my dick deep inside her, and puffed in pleasure. She was also breathing heavy and excitedly. Then I got up, she shifted herself to make some space for me and I laid next to her.

She extended her nighty back to her full legs and I pulled my clothes back to my body and remained there in that position without a word, and slept there only. Somewhere near morning may be around 4:30 I got up from my sleep, I saw that she was not there. I got up from my bed to see her; she was laying in the bedroom, and she was awake, I went near her,

she got up and sat on the bed, she was looking down, and didn’t try to see me, even I could not see in her eyes, we both feeling embarrassment over our deed. I sat near her and said I am sorry, I don’t know how it happened, how I was not able to control myself, she was silent, then again I said I am sorry Charu, please talk to me, she said I am sorry in a barely audible voice.

Then I said Charu it’s totally my fault, and I am not blaming you for that, but what you were doing there, in the midnight? She said after coming back I couldn’t sleep and I was thinking about you, and don’t know why I felt like seeing you, you were sleeping and looking so innocent, don’t know why I kissed you, I was so silly, I could have stopped myself, it just happened,

and we did that. It’s entirely my fault, I would have stopped you, but I couldn’t, and with that she started crying. I was so embarrassed so embarrassed that I cannot explain, but nothing can be done now. I waited for her to stop crying, and after few minutes when she stopped crying, I said I am sorry Charu, but what we will do now, she cleaned her tears and looked at me,

and said, aap bolo kya karen, means you tell that what we should do now. I said nothing can be done with whatever has happened, let’s close this here, I think we both love our life partners and we should concentrate on our coming life with them. She agreed and said ok, after that we moved on our daily routine. For a day we were so uncomfortable with each other,

and only we two can understand that low mental phase of our life, we both were dying in guilt and couldn’t talk to each other properly. We spent another night at home, and we were just trying to pretend normal. After a day my wife got discharged from hospital and we were home, we tried a lot but we were not like as we were before,

and we both made each other understand again and again that we have to be normal, and slowly we were even better friends as we were earlier. We use to play with a baby in the night together and use to talk to each other, but we never talked about that night again. I respect her a lot and I think she also has a respect for me.

After few days my mother in law went to her place, leaving my wife and a baby with Charu, she stayed with us for around one month, and few days before her departure she asked me if she can take Aditi along, so that she can get proper rest, I agreed. After a month I visited her place, to get my wife and a baby home, I lived there for 3-4 days and spent good time with them,

and somewhat intentionally I raised the topic of her daily routine, and suggested Manish that why can’t she be busy somewhere, firstly he ignored, with a same statement of earning money, but I suggested him to make her join some NGO running in the city, so that she do not have to spend whole day and can spend at least some time with some constructive work.

Fortunately this clicked her husband and he agreed. I was happy that in someway I have helped her, and on the day when we were suppose to leave, she said thanks to me when I was alone, and said that I have done something for you, for which you will thank me later. At that time I couldn’t understand that, but after we reached home,

few days later I realized that Aditi has changed, don’t know what she said to her or how she made her understand but my life was changed as far as sex life was concerned. Today almost after a year when I remember that moment, and sometimes visualize that what would have happened if every thing would have gone wrong,

I get scared and that makes me love my wife even more sincerely, and I know she also feels the way I feel about this mistake, that’s why I said that this mistake has made our life heaven. We are very good friends, she often tells me about her professional life, but we never talk about that incident.

I think we have all experienced some kind of embarrassment over our deeds at one time or another in our lives. This can be a good thing if handled correctly and we learn something from that but it can leave you in your own private prison if handled incorrectly.

I know that we are still in our own private prison, and we will be only freed by speaking out the truth to our partners, but we really don’t have that much of courage. I would love to read your comments if possible. That’s it. Bye. God bless you all.

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I was thinking of writing to u for last so many days but couldn't gather the courage…today I m ready to make this confession….i m a 30 year old man who is sexually very active. I have always loved women body…especially their boobs and ass. My story starts when I got married a few years ago. I love my wife as she is a loving and beautiful lady.

But after marriage I realized that my wife's younger sister is a bomb shell… she is 22 with slim body but a beautiful round and bulging ass….her figure is 34C 26 38 which really looks great coz of her beautiful face and fair complexion. so I really started regretting my decision that why didn't I try to marry her instead of her sister…..then I started thinking of fucking her….

i had heard that men generally feel attracted to their Saalis and it is said that often men succeed fucking their unmarried Saalis… I decide that what if I couldn't marry her I can still lay her under me…….about 6 months back she came after her university exams to live with us for few days…………we started having fun as we took her round the city….

Both sisters were really happy and so was I and thinking of any chance to atleast see her nude………to my goodluck the chance came one day when my wife fell ill…….As she was pregnant at that time so doctor adviced her to get admitted for a couple of days for care…. She didn't want but I insisted that she must…

The innocent lady agreed thinking that I wanted extreme care for her…yes I did but I had other plans as well …… night I along with my Saali came back home…… mind was making different plans to take full advantage of the night…….whole way I was driving the car and had a hardon…it was difficult to hide my bulge …..

after reaching home my saali went in kitchen to prepare something to eat while I changed in to a very small short and t shirt…. As she came out of kitchen she stopped for a while as she had not seen me in such dress before…..but I behaved normally as it was just normal………we had dinner together…..

we otherwise were good friends and would chat for hours but that day I was not finding words and she too was a bit uncomfortable may be bcoz of my dress and thought of being all alone with me in home………after some time she said that she is going to sleep and went to guest room…..i kept sitting there for about an hour still undecided what to do……

after about 1 hour I went to her room a slowly opened the door…….the first thing I saw was her beautiful ass……oohh what a view that was she had her back towards the door and was sleeping………… her huge virgin butts were inviting me…. Her shirt (qameez) had only covered half of those globes …….slowly I moved closer…

i was really afraid as I never wanted to lose love of my wife………but her body was so close to me,,,,,,virgin creamy white buttocks were only about 2 feet now……..i decided that "come what may" but today I will conquer these hill……thinking this I reached the bed and laid behind her….. she was still asleep……..slowly I raised her shirt from her ass…

I could feel her ass crack in which her sleeping trouser had stuck………after enjoying the view for a few moments I put one leg between her legs and hugged her from behind……..she woke up and tried to move away but just holding her I said "Saba don't move just keep lying I just can't sleep without ur Baji so for sometime I will lye here …

she was shocked and speechless……. I think she was much afraid at that time and started requesting……"bhai jan yahan kiyon lait gaye hain,,,,plz mujhe chorein aur apne room mein jaein"….. I said Saba nothing will happen just keep lying for some time……… she didn't utter a word and turned around to face the roof so now my arm was touching her virgin boobs…

she had started shivering but I held her………after some times I kissed her on her neck…… at that time I realized that she had started crying slowly…….this infact made me more horny and I moved fully on top of her……she started screaming under me….. I again told her Saba don't worry nothing will happen… me ….just stay calm…

Don't cry…then I put one hand on her right boob and started licking her ears and cheeks… ooohhhh by that time I was mad with lust and could take any risk to bang her virginity…i then put one hand in her shirt and started feeling her boobs…….again she requested Bhai Jan plz mujhe choor dein…..i didn't reply this time and instead started removing her shirt...

she kept screaming and requesting but I took her shirt off………oooohhh what a body it was…… she was 10 times sexier than her sister…….. now I was unstoppable and removed her bra as well………her firm round boobs were open now…..i felt as if they were inviting me… so I started sucking them like a thirsty kid……….she was trying to move away but I vain…

Who would leave such a hot body speacially when it is of ur saali……. I was ready to make her my poori ghar wali by removing her cheery….slowly I removed her pajamas …this time she resisted hard but I really forced the pajamas on way down her legs………I stood up to see her nude body…….trust me guys…..she was too hot…

I went on top of her and started licking her body from top to bottom……she kept requesting me not to fuck her atleast………..then slowly I moved towards her pussy… was well shaven…still dry and tight……… I put my tounge over it I heard first moan…….i started licking her ……..i licked it for about 15 minutes…….her body had started to losen-up…

she was moaning now………slowly I removed my short and t shirt……….. she didn't see my tool as she was staring the roof ………I put a pillow under her butts ….. I noticed that she had stopped resisting now …….i took it as agreement and slowly started inserting my shaft in her virgin pussy……..what a feeling it was I felt as if I was conquering mount-everest.

As she felt the pain she again started requesting and screaming but who would listen…….in one strong thrust I was in her……… I stopped there and saw her face. She was in mix feeling of pain and lust and I was feeling satisfied as the girl of my dreams was under me with my tool dug deep inside her…….oooh I really went mad and fucked her really hard…

the next thing I know is that I tried but couldn't take my cockout before ejaculation……oooohhh I loved it…………I kept lying over her……and started kissing her on face neck….. I told her that I really wanted her…and could do anything for her…….i told her that I couldn't resist as she was too beautiful and hot……… she was quiet and listening to me.

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I'm Good Boy here from Pune.. Once again back to share my one more experience with my bhabhi Roma...well for those who haven't read my previous mail...this is about me, I m purposefully not displaying my name because, incest cases,

I believe that, secrecy is the most important thing and if not done that, it may spoil life of some body. there we will come to know about each other. and about, my bhabhi Roma.. 34-30-32... hot... vivid. sensational..lustful.full of life..hotness..desperation..

and all this in a dress like chiffon sarees...with sleeveless blouses....frankly speaking taking her name only reminds me of those some special moments..times I've spent and enjoyed with her....well all I can say is she is fucker's delight.....n I'm lucky to have her as my sweet.. delicious..luscious bhabhi...

so wont waste much time now and will share another of the truly memorable times I have shared with her...and friends I feel my experiences are different from others as in mine everything happens between the 2 of us when all other family members are at home..not like others in which the 2 lovers are home alone...same old

so be ready to find your tools and pink pussies wet.....Well this happened last week u all no its wedding season going bhaiya,bhabhi and me had gone for a ladies sangeet party at one of our friends was great fun there and we enjoyed ourselves dancing.boozing...etc etc...

we left the farm around 2 a.m.and bhabhi said that her back is aching badly...she needs to go for a body massage tomorrow....i quietly whispered whats the idea spending 500 bugs..ill give your back a good massage......she readily next day bhai went to the office and my honey Roma were at home...

basically bhai's room is on the 2nd floor and my and mom-dad's on the 1st I told mom I'll b back in an hr and went out.she doesn't inquires much about where I'm going n I went to bhabhi's room n knocked the door...she with a voice said..come in massage man...I'm waiting for u...i entered the room n was stunned...

the whole room was filled with a sexy...arousing fragrance....n on the bed was lying my bomb Roma wearing a Lime Green and slight Orange night suit...sleeveless..quite transparent..she was lying on her back reading a book "What Men Want in Bed" with her legs crossed showing her lovely..milky..creamy...clean.spotless legs upt o her thighs....

well wont deny that Roma bhabhi has such a drastic effect on me all this was enough for a hard on n 2 make me mad.....I immediately got on her...n whispered "so is my sex princess ready for the massage?""...she murmured her answer by opening the strap of her night gown...that was enough for me...i turned her around and started kissing

her...cheeks..chin...eyes...moving my fingers towards her soft red lips n playing with them n she taking her lips inside..then I planted a long french types kiss on her lips n lifted her hands backside to have a clear view of her shaved...Cool Water smelling perfume....underarms...mind blowing..

i moved towards the underarms n kissed for 2-3 mins there leaving the underarms wet with my kisses...I could c her getting hot my now....then I played for sometime with her earlobes n got ready for the massage..I took off her lovely..soft...silken gown with my hands being helped by amazing hot body was lying in front of me in just a black.lace...

bra and black...satin panties.....just 2 hot n horny....I again made her lie on her back....n opened the bottle of Olive oil I had got for the massage...i sat on her buttocks..well adjusted and started putting the my hands were going up and down on her was her voice..breath....and the movement of the luscious...ripped lemons.....

Which I cud very easily finger were rolling on the back....with different movements at all the times......and making her mad with lust and she was getting hot n horny.....I moved up a bit and started massaging her neck and earlobes.. this made her wild with the wetness of the oil.and the lovely..round...tickling movements of my hands......

she was going out of control...both of us had forgot the main purpose of massage and started paying with each other....she undressed me and started playing with my hair 1st..then with my hairy chest n scratching my nipples...licking..biting them...making we dead hot...I made her lie down and opened the strap of her vulnerable breast holder with my teeth.

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she was smiling wit pleasure n wanted I got up and headed towards the it had been waiting for me since long....stretched her legs...n my 6" was ready to explore the heaven n enjoy the wetness n heat in it.....i slowly pushed it inside... was a feeling just cant b expressed in words....

the tool was getting in.the pain..pleasure was increasing....our bodies were enjoying n move with the pleasure..the soft lemons were busy in their round movements in my hands...getting a hard erection asking me 2 suck them n eat a wild god...the room was filled with her moans......of pain n pleasure...those cries n smiles were there...

i trusted her for around 10 mins....during this her legs were wide spread and not in a position to get back 2 normal....i had trusted her with my hot..jerky strokes so much.....i was in the 7th heaven.infact both of us were......wont deny "she is a fucking sex goddess"...any1 delight.....i was about to cum n I took out my hot.

shaft it leaked it on her navel..breasts.n in her mouth...she drank more...n I swept all on her navel inside..n then licked from there....It was a really memorable day for both of us.

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Hi this is Aakash again from Guwahati I am posting my experience that how I fucked Arzoo and her sister Tina. It was the day of Sunday I went to Arzoo room and found that Arzoo and Tina was sleeping in their room and when I knocked the door Arzoo opened the door and welcomed me to her room and I told Hi to Tina and she also replied

Hi and we went on talking I had bought Cold drink with me in which I have mixed medicine and if anyone drinks that cold drink than that person feels very hot and I gave the cold drink to Arzoo and Tina. Arzoo went out to bring some snacks for me as I went to her room for the 1st time according to our plan which we have made earlier to leave me and Tina alone

in the room and she told her sister to closed the door as she went out Tina closed the door and sat opposite to me and I gave her the cold drink she drank the cold drink and after 15 minutes was feeling very hot and she was suppose to open her top but as I was in the room she could not do so and she switched on the fan at full speed but then also she is feeling hot and

I offered her that she should drink one more glass of cold drink which would make her cool she took the full glass and drank the cold drink given by me and she was feeling more hot than I said u do one thing I am going out as she is feeling shy because of me than she didn’t replied anything and I went near her & opened the button of her top she resisted and said that

Aakash ji aap kya kar rahe ho and I said nothing and making u comfortable as you are felling hot she said ok and I kept my hand over her hand and start pressing her hand and she was enjoying the touch of my hand over hand and I continued my job and started to slide my hand little up and my hand was roaming on her stomach and she became hot and was

shivering ohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh and closed her eyes and saying me please don’t do this and stop as her heart was saying me to do so because she was making soft moan while my hand was roaming on her stomach and when her eyes were fully closed due to excitement I came very near to her and put my lips on her lips and start sucking her lips

and we were lip locked now Tina also become bold and was supporting me by giving her salvia in my mouth and we kissed each other for about 25 mins and after 25 mins when we stop kissing each other I started rubbing her left boob slowly with my right hand and she moaned with excitement again and closed her eyes again now I took out her top and kissed her

boobs over bra she said in excitement aur zor se dabao meri jaan aaj kha jao meri chuchiyon ko aur inka pura doodh pee jaaooo kyunki yeh Tina aur iski chuchiyan sab tumhari hai inhe pee jaaoooooooooooo, hearing all this from Tina I took out her bra and took her right nipple in my mouth and start sucking her right nipple and was pressing her left nipple where as my

other hand went away inside her panty and I put my one finger in her chut she became mad while I was sucking her and fingering her chut she was moaning very badly saying apna lund meri chut main dal do aur phad dalo meri chut ko hearing all this words from Tina I made her totally nude and also opened my cloth and became nude and I put on her bed which was

lying in the corner of the room and made her slept there and put a pillow below her gaand and put my lund tip on her chut and push the tip of my 7.5 inch long and 3.5 inch broad lund on her chut it went slightly inside her chut and she cried with pain aur uski aankhon se aansu nikal pade aur bolne lagi apna lund nikaal lo mujhe nahin chudwana but I said don’t worry

sweetheart it happens for the 1st time for just few minutes then u will enjoy but she told me mujhe nahin chudwana tum apna lund nikaal lo I didn’t care what she was saying and give a hard stroke and my half lund went inside her chut and she again cried with pain than I stop jerking my lund and start kissing her lips and was pressing her right nipple for about 5 mins

then her pain reduces and she started moaning in excitement and seeing her in excitement I gave one hard stroke of my heavy lund in her chut and it went away fully and her hymen was broken and blood came out from her chut as she was a virgin she again cried with pain but this time the pain was mixed with pleasure and I started pumping her chut with my lund slowly

she was moaning and supporting me by lifting her gaand up I increase my speed and she was supporting me well by lifting up her gaand and saying aur zor se phad dalo meri chut ko kyunki yeh Tina tumhari hai. I kept on fucking her and said that aaj se that you are my whore ( randi) ho jaisa main tumhe bolunga tumhe karma hoga she replied haan main tumhari randi hoon

jaise tum bologe aur jab tum bologe main tumse chudwana ke liye tayyar ( ready ) rahungi aur meri chut tumhari lund ka hurdum intezaar karegi, yeh sab sunkar maine uski 35 minute tak uski chudai ki uska paani 3 baar nikal chukka tha aur 35 mins baad maine apne lund ka paani uski chut main daal diya aur uski shoulder par zor se apne teeth se kaat liya as I feel very

relaxed after releasing my cum in her chut and I slept on her for 10 mins, then I told her that main tumko kutiya (doggy) style man chodna chahta hoon she replied main aapki randi hoon jaisa aap chathe ho mere saath karo and told her to bend by making her gaand up aur Tina ko maine doggy style main kar diya aur apne lund ko uski chut main daal diya and start fucking

her and I was pressing her both boobs as I was fucking her in doggy style she was lifting her gaand up aur tab maine uski gaand main apne lund daale ka man banaya and I inserted my 1 finger in her gaand she said yeh aap kya kar rahe ho maine kaha chup raho tum meri raand ho aur tumhari har hole main apna lund dalunga she said it will pain but maine kaha jaaneman ek

baar dard hoga phir pahle jaisa mazaa aayega tumhe mazaa aaya ya nahin apni chut main lund dalwa kar chudwana main she said bahut mazaa aaya main is such se itne dino se vanchit thi aapne mujhe swarg ka anand (mazaa) diya hai main apka yeh ehsaan zindagi bhar nahin bhuloongi as she was talking with me maine uski gaand ko uski chut ke paani se gila kar

liya aur apne lund ko uske gaand par rakh kar press kiya she cried with pain and I told kuch nahin hoga just 2 mins aur apne haathon se uske dono chuchiyon ko pakad kar zor se dhakka mara she again cried with pain aur mujhe lund nikaalne ke liye bola maine bola wait 2 mins jaaneman aur pura dum laga kar ek aur dhakka mara aur mera pura lund uski gaand main

chala gaya auki aankhon se paani girn laga I stop for 2 mins aur uski chuchiyon ko masalne laga usko mazaa aane laga aur who apni gaand uthane lagi maine pahle dheere se phir apne lund ko uski gaand ke ander bahar kiya phir maine speed bada di after about 30 mins I was ready to cum aur maine usko pucha kaisa lag raha hai usne kaha bahut mazaa aa raha hai

jaanu and I start pumping her fast and within 5 mins I spread my cum in her gaand and she enjoyed very much I gave her 1500/- Rupees for buying a new dress for her aur maine apne kapde pahen liye aur Tina neb hi apni dress pahen li and usne bed ki chaddar badal daali and we both sat on the bed. Later on Arzoo came from the market and she asked me by her eyes

that whether I have fucked her and I replied yes by my eyes. Arzoo asked Tina that what was going over here I said nothing aur maine uska haath pakad kar usko apne paas le aaya aur uske lips par kiss kar liya aur kaha jaaneman aaj se tum dono meri whore(randi) ho aur main tum dono ki jab chahoonga chudai karoonga and pressed her both boobs and we all 3 sat on

the bed and later on I fucked both Arzoo & Tina on the same bed fucked Tina 4 times and Arzoo times that day and the whole night and I came back my home next morning but it will be in another story after receiving good response from all of you. Now I fucked both Arzoo & Tina daily as I had married Arzoo and Tina has become my saali means aadhi gharwali and made her stay with us at Guwahati.

Saali Adhi Gharwali

Saali, aadhi gharwali - Well, that's what they all say. I did believe in this, but never literally had the opportunity to experience the same. But then, this came to be true, literally, as stated below: I was in UK. After being there for about 2 months, my one & only saali too arrived with her husband to attend the marriage of the daughter of my 'saala', in another city of UK.

And they put in along with us. After about a day my sadoo (my saali's husband) left for another country for some business and asked me to bring his wife (my saali) along with me & my wife to the marriage in the other city of UK, as he would come directly to the marriage from his business trip.

Two days after that, I was alone in the house with my saali. After breakfast, I went to the upper floor to check my mail on the Internet, while my saali was on the ground floor. After some time, I realised that my saali was alone downstairs and I closed the computer and went downstairs, where my saali had the TV on, but was looking very sad & unconnected to the TV.

I enquired as to why she was looking so sad & dejected (as she is normally a very jovial young lady) to which she just looked up at me but did not say anything. I then went near her and put the same question to her again, to which she replied by saying that she was missing her man. I told her very casually that she need not worry as I was also a man and was there for her.

She kept quiet. I told her that if she wanted anything, I was there for her, to which she retorted that ' but I was not her man.' I told her that if she wanted I could be her man, to which she seemed pleasantly surprised and exclaimed as to how I could be her man, because she could not do to me what she could to her man & that I could not do to her what her man could do to her.

I told her that she was wrong, as she could do to me what she does to her man & that I could do to her what probably even her man did not do to her. She retorted, ' Jijaji, please don't play with my emotions.' I told her that I was not playing with her emotions, really & truly and that she could do to me what she could do to her man. And that I was there for her, always & anywhere.

I then held her face in my hands and made her look straight into my eyes and nodded my head, as if in a promise. She stared straight & deeply into my eyes and asked whether it would be OK & what about behanji. I replied that she need not worry about that as whatever she would do to me, or rather whatever we two did to each other,

would be just between her & me and will in no way effect my love for her behanji. Then what, as if on a cue & having been assured, she stood up and embraced me as tight as she could. I too put my arms around her and embraced her as tight as I could and planted a kiss on her forehead & cheeks.

Not being satisfied with that she closed her eyes and pouted her lips, signalling me to kiss her on the lips. I put my lips on her lips gently and kissed her and she very nearly bit my lips, put her tongue in my mouth and we kissed & smooched for at least about 15 minutes. All of a sudden she put her right hand on my penis, which was in my trouser & underwear,

& pressed it hard and moving away her face, exclaimed, ' this is what I am missing most of my man', to which I said, ' you can have mine now.' And she started to undo the zip to my trousers, thrust her hand in, pulled my, by now watering, cock from my underwear and stared at it so hard, as if she would bite it. I was getting aroused & my cock was dripping wet.

She masturbated it so nicely that it became erect in no time and then she went down on her knees and took my erect cock in her mouth. She sucked & sucked, moving it in & out, while pressing my balls. I was on fire and probably she was too. When I was about to release, I told her to stop but she did not.

Rather she told me to please go ahead as she would love it and would swallow all my cum. I had no option but to oblige her. And she indeed swallowed all my cum. ' You very pleasantly surprised me dear saali!', was all that I could exclaim. ' It was indeed very encouraging & wonderful, but by swallowing my cum what if you get pregnant, dear?'

She said that was no worry for she knew that one does not become pregnant by swallowing cum for sure, moreover that she was past that stage of becoming pregnant and that she also knew that my cum too will not make any woman pregnant. I ventured ' you have been very daring to do that, now I shall show you how daring & adventurous I am'.

' How is that my dear Jiju?', she enquired. ' Well, let's go upstairs to the bedroom and I shall show you', I said. ' Please take me upstairs my lovely jiju, I would love to see your punk', she said. I then carried her in my arms up the stairs, all the while she clung to me and hugged & kissed me, ever so passionately.

Once in the bedroom, I stood her on the ground and hugged & kissed her so much, that she was as if in a swoon. ' OK, baby, you asked for it, now I am going to give you so much excitement & pleasure that you will ask for more & more.' I started to remove her clothes with my hands and asked her not to interfere as it was my privilege & pleasure to do it.

I removed her top, admired her in her beautiful bra for some time and slowly removed her bra, all the time feeling her size 36C boobs. Then I removed my shirt and pressed her boobs on my chest, she joined me in embracing me hard and kissing & smooching me as a woman possessed.

Then I put my lips to one of her nipples, very gently and is exclaimed, 'Oooo', while pressing her other nipple & boob. I repeated this with the other nipple & boob and again she exclaimed, 'Ooo wah'. And then I pressed both the boobs together & sucked both the nipples together and now she exclaimed, ' O you lovely jiju, you are wonderful, suck my boobs hard, pleeease'.

I held one boob in both my hands and sucked it as hard as I could, while rubbing my tongue on the nipple and repeated the same with the other boob. She was gasping & pleading for more and said, ' suck me you sucker, I want your prick in my choot, come on fuck me you fucker.' and she grabbed my cock, which was out in the open as she had sucked it

& pulled it towards her choot (which was still in her jeans & probably a panty). Moving my mouth away from her boobs I told her to take it easy and that I would fuck her indeed as much & as hard as she wanted me to, but I had a surprise for her. With that I removed her jeans & yes her fancy panty and had her completely naked before me.

What a lovely figure & body she had. I then removed my pant & underwear. And we both were completely naked, face to face. We pressed our naked bodies against each other's, kissed & smooched and kissed & smooched. ' Well, what is the surprise you have for me, my lover?' In reply I started rubbing her gaand with my hands & put a finger near her arsehole,

put my spit on it and slowly shoved it in. She cried, ' Oee, that hurt, but I'm liking it, please continue.' I moved my finger in & out, all the while kissing her passionately. Then, I put my mouth to her gaand & she retorted, ' that's dirty dear, but if you don't mind, why should I, as I am enjoying it.'

I put my tongue on her arsehole & licked it.Then I put my wet prick on her gaand & rubbed it up & down. I took some coconut oil on my finger & applied it to her hole. She asked me as to what I was going to do. ' I'm going to put my prick in your arsehole, darling.' It will hurt, won't it dear?' she asked.

Maybe a little when I insert my prick, but I have applied coconut oil to smoothen the entry'. OK, go ahead my lovely jeeejoo'. And I thrust it in. She felt some initial pain, but once it was in she seemed to enjoy it as she said that it felt nice and I could pump her & leave my cum inside. I pumped her hard & left my cum inside her arsehole.

Putt, putt, putt.... it all came out with a splatter when I removed my prick from her hole. ' Well, this was a trailer, I'm coming to my surprise', I said. ' Please hurry I can't wait', she said. I started kissing, licking & sucking her from her forehead, to her cheeks, lips, throat, arms, fingers, stomach, boobs, navel, neck, back, gaand, pubic hair, choot, thighs(front & rear),

knees, calves, feet & toes. I sucked her body parts so hard that there were red marks at many places. On seeing the red marks, she asked as to what had I done. What would she tell her husband when he saw those marks. I told her that if she observed, I had left the marks only on those parts of her body, which are covered by her clothes.

She said that her husband would see them when she would be naked with him for fucking. I told her that of course she would go naked before him for fucking, but would have to see that the lights were off at night or it was dark during the day. I reminded that these marks would fade away in a few days and would be a reminder to her of my love- making till then.

I put my face near her choot & licked her pubic hair & her choot. I then lay her on the bed, parted her legs & put my tongue on her choot, gently moving it from side to side, a little in & out, and thrust it in and she shouted, ' O my God, jiju, you are great, you mother sucker, come on suck me more, come darling, suck me hard,

you suckkker..' and when I licked & sucked her clitoris she had her orgasm and her cum was all over my face. I looked up and showed her my face and she licked my face and I licked her mouth, that had licked my face with all her cum. She asked me as to when I was going to put my lovely prick in her choot.

She took my prick in her hands to put it in her choot and exclaimed that it had become small & thin. I told her not to worry, to just move it up & down, which will make it big and to squeeze & release it, which will make it fat. She did so and in to time my prick was big & fat. I rubbed it on the lips of her choot & then thrust it in. ' Fuck me hard & fast and long, you son of a gun.'

With these words from her, I gradually increased the speed & simultaneously sucked her boobs and she was, ' loveeely, pump me more, you fucker, Oh yea, more, more, mooore. Fuck me hard you lovely jijoo. More my lover, more, more, moooree'. with that she had her orgasm again. With all her hot cum inside her choot & all over my prick, I too had my orgasm.

It felt as if I was in heaven and so did she. And we lay there for quite some time, enjoying the excitement, ecstasy & sheer joy of fucking. After, maybe about 25 minutes or so, she asked whether we should get up. I said, ' just you wait my dear dear saali, here too I have a surprise for you '.

I slowly removed my prick from her choot and quickly put my mouth to it, licking all the cum, which was both hers & mine, with my tongue, showed it to her and swallowed it. There was so much cum that it took me at least 4 times to lick it all & swallow it. On the 4th occasion she said, ' please give me some too'. And I did. She too swallowed it & smacked her lips.

'That was nice & hot & juicy', she said. All the cum was indeed nice, hot & juicy. After having licked & swallowed all the cum, she enquired as to what next. I told her that I was going to give her my last surprise. I again carried her in my arms to the bathroom and cleaned & washed every part of her naked body, rubbing it ever so gently, so as to enjoy the feel of her beautiful body more.

She in turn bathed me. We then wiped each other dry and gave a tight kiss & hug to each other. I then dressed her up, just the way I had undressed her. She said, ' my very very dear jijaji, you have made my day, I have enjoyed every moment of it. You have excelled my expectations.

I knew you were very hot & sexy, which I could see in your eyes, every time you looked at me. Yes, some things we did were just fantastic, like my taking your cum in my mouth & swallowing it, your licking my arsehole, your fucking me in my arsehole & leaking you cum inside, your taking my cum in your mouth & swallowing it,

your bathing me and of course your removing my clothes with your hands. I really really enjoyed everything. I am indeed very very thankful to you for giving me so much pleasure. Jijoo you are too good. You know how to please a woman. I love you and hope this is not our first & last encounter. I love you my dear dear dear jijaji'

'Those were very nice & flattering words coming from a woman like you, my very dear saali', I retorted. ' It was indeed my pleasure & privilege to have made love to you, and I too enjoyed everything we did, believe me. It was a wonderful experience and I assure you this is not going to be our first & last.

Whenever you want me, I shall come to you and make love to you & have sex with you, just like we did now', I assured her. I reminded her of when I tried to seduce her in the early years of my marriage. She said that she still clearly remembered the day I took her all the way to town in my car for the very long movie - Mera Naam Joker, which had 2 intervals.

That I was touching her, putting my arm around her shoulders, pulling her towards me, but did not dare anything more. Also the time when I made her sleep with me in a seperate room, while Behanji, my kids & her younger brother slept in another room, when we went for a holiday to a hill station. That I lay there with her, taking her in my arms, but again did not dare anything else.

Also that when she looked back to those days and compared them with today, what a totally different man I was, very daring, adventurous & a great man to be loved by & have sex with. I added,' they say "saali, adhi gharwali", but today my saali was like a "puri gharwali" to me. I have really really relished every moment with you today & today's memories shall linger in my mind & heart for a long long time indeed.'

She ventured, ' I too shall forever remember today, my deeaar Jijoo. I am in love with you and consider it my pleasure & privilege to have loved you & had sex with you. You are truly a wondeerfullly satisfying man.' ' Thanks my love, you too are a wonderful, full-bodied, hot & sexy and a very very satisfying woman.'

During the wedding too, we never missed any oportunity to touch each other and flirt to remind us of our love-making. On 2 occasions we had the chance to have quick-fucks, besides having many chances to kiss & hug. It seemed that our love for each other was mutual, in spite of our respective spouses.

May our love be everlasting. I love my 'saali' very much indeed. This event happened in the recent past, as such it is still very fresh in my mind. I think about it every day and relish it very much.

Fucking sexy Devi bhabhi

Suddenly my parents had to leave Mumbai to Pune in connection with the sad demise of a relative. My bhayya had gone to Calcutta and said he will return within two days. Bhabhi and I were staying in Mumbai in one of the south Mumbai luxury flats in the 19th floor. I was in the engg college and had to my classes everyday in the morning, but was free by evening.

I had lot of assignments to do with the help of computers. Since I had no computer of mine own I was using the one of my brother which was kept in their bedroom. But sitting in the bedroom of bhabi I did not take any untoward liberties, just so my work and get out as soon as possible. My bhabhi, Devi, very beautiful, a good figure, was very shy and was keeping distance from.

I too did not thrust myself on her. I was busy studying and when I was free I will go downstairs and gossip with my friends. Latest cricket match or the movie will be the subject. I was very much bored. When I come back to the flat, I will sit in the drawing room and watch TV. Bhabi had their own 14" TV in her bedroom and she did not come out to join the family for watching the TV.

It was three bedroom flat with a spacious drawing room and all the rooms had balcony and it was fun to watch the city from the balcony. My bhayya and bhabi were newly married and they had their own plans to enjoy life. That day was unusually hot and clouds were gathering in the western sky and the wind was also very strong and severe.

I closed the balcony door for fear of the rain water entering the room and drenching the carpet. Bhabi with her head covered with her pallav came and asked me to have the supper. I said ok and came to the dining table. I asked Bhabiji why dont you also come and have supper so that that work will be completed.

She said in a low tone that she has to serve me food and after my completing my food she will take. What Bhabi, No. dont give me so much importance. Please come and sit with me and we both will take food. She looked at me and smiled and came to take food. She was keeping her head always bowed and when I put questions she answered in mono syllables.

I did not want to embarrass her on the first instance. If you need any help from me please dont hesitate to tell me I said. She said no, no, devarji, please go and study, I will take care of the other work. It was raining heavily outside. Poor Bhabiji forgot to bolt her door and windows and water entered her floor and lot of water was accumulated.

She called me and asked me to help her to close the doors and windows since the wind power to great that she could not do it herself. i went in my pyjama and vest and both of them became totally drenched. Somehow I managed to close three windows opening westwards and the balcony door. But there was lot of water on the floor which had to be mopped and drained.

We could not keep quite till next day morning when the servants will come. Bhabi brought a bucket and a mop and started to mop the water. I told her to stop and with the floor cleaner I made the water drain into the balcony and very little water was left to mop. Bhabi was totally wet and so was I.

My pyjama was sticking to my thighs and my cock was imprinted in my brief that its shape was clearly visible. Bhabi was looking in the sly at my cock. Same was her condition, her saree was sticking to her thighs and her boobs were clearly seen on her blouse. There was some movement inside my brief and I was afraid my cock will wake and cause me embarrament.

Bhabi was keeping staring at mycock and I looked busy mopping the water. She also came squatting on the floor mopping and squeezing the water into the bucket. She tucked her saree up and I could see her naked knee and some portions of her creamy thighs also. When I sat on the floor squatting my cock was standing like a gun. She looked at and was laughing.

I looked at her and asked her what is the matter. We mover all along the floor and came near each other. Bhabi was looking at my gun and her hand was coming closer to me with the mop. As if by accident, she lifted the mop and touched my cock with the back of her hand. I turned and stretched my hand and touched be boob. We both laughed and took as as a joke.

But we both knew that this is not a joke. Suddenly bhabi's left hand stretched and caught hold my cock when her right hand was mopping. I took my free left hand and squeezed her boobs. We both looked each other in the eyes. We left the mop and the bucket on the floor and she pushed me into my room.

I slowly undressed her, starting with the saree and then the blouse, while she was pulling the strings of my pyjama and brought down. She pulled down my brief and there stood my cock fully erect in its full form. I removed her blouse, pettycoat and there she was standing in her panty and bra with her left hand across the chest as if to protect it, while her right hand was on my cock.

I took a towel which was in the easy reach and wiped her of all the water and then pushed her into my bed. Bhabi was a real hot stuff. She was pulling at my cock and place it in her pussy. I said wait. We have to do lot of other things before I put my cock inside. you. I asked her why you are so much in a hurry, dont you get adequate sex from my brother.

She said your brother is always thinking of business and business and even while having sex with his wife his mind is not in making his wife happy. I dont enjoy sex when your brother is busy thinking of next day's tour etc. I said dont worry, we will enjoy today. Tell me what do you want. She said just lick me and eat me. Ok.

I took her nipples in my mouth sucked it softly and licked it and again sucked it hard. My Devi bhabi was hooting and cooing and was crying. I got afraid. I asked her what is the matter. Oh, please dont stop, continue, she said. I kissed her on her abdomen and then in the lower abdomen and to her cunt.

There were small stubs of golden hair, but her cunt was flowing with cunt water. I just licked her cunt lips and probed my tongue in the crevice. She kept her knees wide open lifted her hips to help me reach her cunt. I took control of her clitoris and licked it with my tongue. Bhabi was delirious. She placed her hands on my head and pressed my face down into her cunt.

I was afraid that I may ckoke. But I gave her a nice sucking of her clit. Devi clenched her feet around me and kept her cunt lips open with her fingers and asked me to fuck with my tongue. Though I was not an expert on these things and my experience was almost nil, but she gave me guidance as to what to do From the way her muscles tensed, I knew she is undergoing an orgasm.

But her orgasm did not come down. It kept her the top of the cliff for some time and Bhabi was at the best of her enjoyment. The time was just 10.30 pm. We got up and bolted all the doors and windows and switched off all the lights and moved around the house in total nakedness. It was a pleasure to watch her moving totally naked.

With the frontal protrusion of her boobs and reat protrusion of her ass was symmetrical and she was with a leaking cunt came running to me to take my cock in her mouth. She pushed me into my bed and sat near me to give me a nice blow job. She did it expertly with her tongue rolling around in her mouth. I shot my cum into her mouth and had my first orgasm.

She knew it was coming and kept on waiting for it. The shot was full of her mouth and she gulped the whole thing with pleasure. We got up cleaned ourselves and sat for a talk. It was 11 pm. She told me that it was the first time she had so much of sex in one go. My brother had a similar tool and he sometimes fucked her to her full satisfaction.

But he is not in the habit of wasting time in the fore play. He wanted to poke his tool and finish it off soon. Most of the times she would have just getting ready but by that time he would have finished and filled her cunt with semen. She kissed me in gratitude and asked me to give her similar pleasure more often. I said ok. I told her that to please my bhabi I am ready to do anything.

Her body which was fully nude was a feast to the eys. Ber boobs were perfect and her naval was flat and her cunt was neatly done and there was no hair at all. Her thighs were ivory coloured and just looking at her my cock was rising. She saw it and asked why not we have a leisurely fuck. She thrust her nipple in my mouth and asked me suck and lick it.

I opened my mouth to take the nipples, but said wait, went to the kitchen and brought a small plate full of honey. She smeared it all over her boobs and asked me to suck. while her hands were busy soaking my cock in the honey. I took more time to suck her nipples and it was really sweet. She then bent low and took my cock in her mouth and began sucking.

Her lips and tongue made my tool very stiff. Making me to lie flat on my back and she climbed on me and inserted my cock in her cunt. keeping her hands on my shoulders she began to move forward and backwards making my cock to travel all over her cunt and clit and go deep inside. I kept my hands on her magnificent boobs and began squeezing them.

She opened her mouth and was breathing heavily. Her face was taking different shapes to indicate the depth of her pleasure. She was really crazy of sex and how she could control herselves for all these days was a wonder. She may be hardly 22 or 23 and her face was very charming.

She rotated her hip to make my cock travel through all the hidden folds in her cunt and make her pleasure increase many fold. We both were experimenting with sex. Suddenly her face became tense and muscles stiffened and she was getting a big orgasm. Poor thing it was the first time for her and for me too. Finally she collapsed on my chest.

I too had my orgasm and shot my cum into her cunt. We both got up, washed out selves up and came back to the bed. To walk around the flat naked was a great pleasure. There was no neighbor to watch, none to listen to our talk. We shouted all our sex words loudly. I put a XXX cd which we played in the player in the computer.

I was keeping the CD for a long time to enable me to watch alone. Now I had babhi to watch with me. She became hot and asked me to lick her clit. We started all over. I licked her clit which was already swollen. Bhabi was pressing my head down We both were like two crazy people sex starved for a long time and suddenly let loose in a flat.

We fucked and fucked the whole night. But bhabi was clever to remove all dirty clothes and put them for washing. We slept nude hugging each other and promising to take the next opportunity for further sex. I had great sex with her for quite a long time until she got pregnant. Even during pregnancy I was fucking her in the sly till she went for delivery to her own house and came with a beautiful male child.

Seduced by hot Bhabhi 2

Previously: Seduced by hot Bhabhi

My wife & I both had a year to complete our graduation after marriage. On one occasion, my wife had again gone to her mother's place and I used to study in my 2nd room at night. This room had 2 doors, one leading to the passage to other rooms and the other to my 1st room & my Bhabhi's room, through a little passage that had a bath & WC.

At night I would bolt both the doors to my second room and my Bhabhi would bolt the door to the Hall from the little passage as well as her bedroom. One day, when my elder brother had gone on a business tour, my Bhabhi was alone. I had bolted my 2nd room and was studying at night, after all the others had gone to sleep, there was a faint knock on the door leading to the little passage.

On opening it I saw my Bhabhi and she went to her bedroom as if asking me in. I ventured in. She sat on her bed and signalled me to do so too. Then she hugged & kissed me. And then she picked up her nightie exposing her choot and silently asked me to remove my pyjama. Very obediently I did. She then took my cock and signalled me to put it in her choot.

Very obediently I again did so. We fucked to our heart's content and when I was about to ejaculate I whispered that my cum was about to come out. She said I need not worry and that I could leak it in her choot. I told her that she might get pregnant. She said not to worry as she had her husband & my elder brother to fall back on, as they fucked regularly too.

Then, throwing all caution to the wind, I leaked all my stuff into her choot. She seemed satisfied and I too. It was my first fuck to another woman. On another occasion, we two were again alone in the house. She asked me into my parents bedroom and sat down on my mother's bed. She told me to sit beside her and told me that I ejaculate very soon. I agreed with her.

She then said that she would now show be how to ejaculate in a delayed manner. She asked me to remove my pant & underwear to take out my cock. She held it in her hand, gave it a little shake-up to make it long & fat. She then lay on the bed and raised her saree & petticoat and asked to insert my erect cock in her choot, which I did.

After settling my cock in her choot with her hands, she asked me to turn sideways alongwith her. She then asked me to fuck her as hard as I could in that position. And lo & behold I fucked her for a far longer time to ejaculate. She said that was the secret for delayed ejaculation. Our affair continued even after my wife had returned home.

Whenever she went to her room I followed her and if nobody was around, I would grab the opportunity to at least kiss her and fondle her tits, arse and choot. Many a times she would go to the balcony attached to her room and there I would take out her boobs from her blouse & bra, pick up her saree & petticoat and do various things. She always enjoyed whatever I did.

Sometimes she would go to the terrace and saw that I observed her so that I could follow. There also we did various things. My Bhabhi was the Hunter and I the Hunted, till then. Now I became the Hunter, as She had me taste her love and sex and from then on I never missed any opportunity or chance to fondle her, kiss her, lick her, suck her and of course fuck her.

I practically followed her everywhere and kept track of all her movements and signs. I was like a dog after the bitch and the Bitch she was, because she had lured and enticed me with her sexiness. Then in 1971, I separated from the joint family and lived alone with my wife and three kids. There was a lapse of time before we could be together again.

Then one fine day an opportunity came. I had gone to their house and she wanted to go to the doctor and my elder brother, her husband, was busy with some work at home. She told him not to worry and she would have me take her to the doctor. He agreed. I took her in my car to the doctor and on return I steered my car towards my house and she asked me why.

I told her I wanted to pick up someting from there. On reaching my house I reached for my keys to my house to which she enquired as to where were my wife & kids and I told her that they had gone to my wife's mother's place. We entered in and I bolted the main door, swung around and grabbed her and took her to my bedroom.

She said what was it that I wanted to pick up from there, to which I replied her with a hot & hard kiss on her lips and a hard hard hug. I told her it was 'ages' since we had made love, that was why I had brought her to my house. Immediately, we swung into action. I removed her clothes and she removed mine. We were completely naked.

I sucked her boobs, licked her pubic hair and choot and she sucked my cock really hard. Since we did not want to waste time so that nobody back at her home get suspicious or make enquiries as to what took us so long, we rushed through things. We fucked as hard and as long as we could and enjoyed the short opportunity.

It is years now and we have not met alone. But, I am sure one day we shall get the chance and we will be grabbing the same with open arms. My hot, hot Bhabhi took care of me when I was sad and taught me quite a few things about sex and that is why I cannot forgot her. I still love & long for her and I am sure she must be too. This is the concluding part and I would love viewers to post their comments.