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Rajesh fucking sister-in-law Savitha

My name is Rajesh, originally from Udupi and I am 33 years old, currently living in Bangalore and have been married for 3 years now to a beautiful wife.. This experience happened last month when I visited Mangalore with my wife, while staying at my wife's place for a week, where my widowed mother-in-law lives with her daughter (my wife's unmarried sister).

Her name is Savitha, 27 years old and unmarried. She is working as a school teacher in Mangalore. It all began on the day my wife and I reached Mangalore. We had decided to stay in Mangalore so that we could attend a couple of wedding functions.

We reached in the late afternoon and I was having a nasty headache. Being a diabetic, my mother in law used to go for walks daily (with her neighbour) to a park that was close by. Since my wife was also there she joined them. I had a cup of hot coffee for the headache and they asked me to take rest and not bother about Savitha who would return from school and had a key of her own to let herself in.

I went into the bedroom and dozed off lightly. After sometime, I heard some noise and was half asleep. Savitha entered my room and noticing that I was asleep and left the room. I was almost awake now and could see her leaving. In a minute, I heard another bedroom door shut. Being curious, I silently got out of bed and tip toed towards the bedroom door.

I bent down and saw through the key hole and witnessed an amazing sight !!!!! Savitha was hummming a song and slowly removing the pin on her saree pallu. I was now wide awake and excited. Soon she dropped her pallu and slowly removed her blue saree. I was hardly about 15 feet away with a door in between that was shut.

The saree dropped to the floor and she was in a blue blouse and gagra to match. I was getting hard and excited. Next she started unbuttoning her blouse. In a minute the blouse came off. She was wearing a black bra. Slowly she removed her gagra and that too slipped on to the floor. Her black panty black bra combination made her look like a sex goddess.

She slowly bent to pick up her clothes and started folding it one by one. I saw her body curves and the huge shapely breasts almost popping out of her bra and her round buttocks clinging on to her panty. To describe her features in short - she is around 5'8" tall, very fair, long black hair, very beautiful ( of course my wife is beautiful too, but the other woman always seems more beautiful !!).

She hardly had any fat around her tummy. Long beautiful thighs, big round buttocks and a wonderful pair of boobs. Soon she was done with arranging her clothes, she adjusted her bra, ran her fingers around her navel, looked in the dressing mirror and put on her nightie. I slowly went back to my room and acted as if I fell asleep.

I was happy, but determined to see her nude and if possible have an encounter with her. I woke up after some time and acted as if I slept for so long. She was in the hall, on the sofa watching TV. I joined her and talked a bit. Soon we were playing chess. I lost to her badly, not once but twice as I was in another world, but smiling and watching her closely.

She asked me a couple of times why I was smiling, and even asked me if I was planning some major chess moves. Little did she know that I was smiling about the colour of her panty and bra that she was wearing inside and the way I saw her undress. Once my wife and her mother returned, we all had dinner and that night I could not sleep well.

I was restless as I wanted to see her nude. I did not have to wait for long as I knew there was a big chance coming up later during the week. During the next couple of days, nothing happened. On a thursday evening, we all planned to go to a Kannada movie. Savitha joined us directly at the theatre (Jyothi talkies in Mangalore) coming from her workplace.

She was looking gorgeous and sexy dressed in saree. During the interval I went to get some snacks with my wife and Savitha for all of us. As we made our way back, in the confusion, my wife who was sitting next to me moved further near my mother in law and Savitha sat next to me. During the movie, I purposely touched Savitha's hand and fingers. She withdrew as I did that.

With no intent of giving up, I became more bold and held her hand tightly and she gave up. Once the movie was over, we waited for a couple of minutes for the crowd inside the theatre to move out. I was behind Savitha, I felt her back and buttocks as we moved between the rows of seats. She brushed my hands aside, but not before I squeezed hard her soft round buttocks.

Finally we returned home in an auto rickshaw and I had some more fun, feeling her body. She was giving me looks and staring at me. We all had dinner together and talked about attending the wedding the next day. I could not sleep well the whole night as I made a plan to spend time in the house when Savitha was alone.

Since it was a Friday, Savitha had school for the day and could not attend the wedding my mother in law and wife decided to go to the wedding in Udupi (60 kms from Mangalore) while I decided to visit my friend's place in Bantwal (20 kms from Mangalore). Early morning, the three of us took a auto and went to the city.

After seeing my wife and mother in law get into the bus to go to Udupi, I called my friend and told him that I could not make it. I took an auto and was desperate to reach home as fast as possible. I asked the driver to go faster and tipped him generously and thanked him as he dropped me in front of the house.

I knew that there was just more than 1 hour for Savitha to leave for her school. As I knocked the door, she opened and was surprised that I was back. I mumbled that my friend had some urgent work that day and had to leave town. I knew she was still upset about the previous night when I squeezed her buttocks in the theatre.

She asked me to watch TV while she told me that she had to get ready to go to school and had to take bath. Saying this she went to her room to collect her bath towel and clothes to take bath. She was still in her previous night saree and was looking sexy. As she came out of the room, I held her. She turned away and I grabbed her from behind.

The clothes she had collected fell to the floor. She refused my contact as she fought hard to wriggle free and said ' no' 'what are you doing'?. Pulling her towards me, I kissed her hard and long. She resisted and tried to push me away, saying ' no please, this is not right'. I was in no mood to listen. I tightened my grip and in the next couple of minutes, forcibly removed her pallu.

She tried again and again in vain to put her pallu in place, but I did not allow her. I buried my face in her breasts and started kissing as I forced her against the wall. With no where to go, she tried hard to set herself free but finally gave up after about 5 minutes.. Her huge boobs were rising and falling like the tide and she was breathing hard.

I knew she was getting excited and did not waste my time. I removed her blouse and she was looking gorgeous in her black bra. Soon, her saree hit the floor. She was very shy and not looking at me. But she made one last plea saying that she was scared. Being in no mood to listen, I tore open her gagra and she stood there in front of me in a black bra and panty - like a sex goddess.

I was in a different world as I undressed her and removed her bra and panty. She was naked and very shy. I licked and sucked her boobs to my content, kissed her lips and tasted her saliva and for the first time she kissed me back. I went down on her belly button,kissed it and licked it and moved my finger around it. Gently, I kissed her pubic hair. It was smelly and very moist.

Realizing that she was wet and excited, I licked her private area nicely for quite some time. The smell of urine and the salty taste, not to mention the slimy texture was giving me a high. For the next few minutes, I kissed every part of her body and was getting excited. I was careful not to finger her vagina as I wanted to pierce her using my dick.

I was very hard and removed my clothes with only my underwear on.. I pulled her into the bedroom and made her lie on the floor. I put on the light and saw her radiant beauty. Removing my underwear, she saw my long hard rod in position and ready to fire. She was scared and I pacified her with comforting words. Not wanting to delay, I spread her legs wide and licked her vagina.

The smell was strong and horrible and she was wet to the core. I could see that the secretions were light white in colour and sticky. I positioned myself and in one rapid movement plunged into her. I was in her and she let out a cry saying ' amma, it is paining.' I was in no mood to stop and drove into her harder and harder.

She tried to push me off, but my weight and hands held her as I pushed my penis into her and rode her like a bull. I was reaching my peak and was about to cum. In a couple of minutes, I ejaculated inside her and felt a great relief. Soon I removed my penis from her cunt. It was covered in blood and I realized that she was bleeding.

I had deflowered her virgin pussy and she was crying a bit - due to some pain and then some due to the shame she felt. I spent the next half hour cajoling her and warding off her pregnancy fears by telling her that I could give her pills ( that my wife was taking so as not to be pregnant - I later went to the medical store and got some for her).

I cleaned her up with cotton, kissed her breasts, played with her ass, fingered her asshole and licked it too. There was definitely traces of yellow shit and it was smelling real bad. She could not believe that I was doing all that stuff and said that I was so dirty. I then pulled her up and took her to the bathroom. I watched her pee and saw that any remaining blood was washed off.

Once she was done peeing, I tasted her salty private area, even as she complained and gave up. She then remembered that she had to call the school to tell them that she would not be reporting to duty as she was sick. We finally had bath together and I enjoyed every second of it - feeling her soft curves, soaping her and washing her private area and kissing her.

It was a pleasure to watch her dress up and I played with her as I forcibly undressed her to see her fully nude again, kissing her and licking her to my heart's content.. She was now ok and realized the impact of sensual feelings. In the end we had breakfast together and spent the morning and afternoon in each other's arms.

All said and done, in about a couple of hours, I fulfilled my wish and fucked her virgin pussy and tasted her hidden and private space. During the remaining few days that I was there, I did not get any chance to have fun with her. But the whole experience was worth the trip that we took.

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Pranav fucking hot bhabhi

Hi everyone this is pranav and I simply love the debonair.After reading to a lot of incidents from the site I thought I should present mine to the readers.The following incident happened a few months back and the lady I fucked was my bhabhi. I am a 25 year old guy who is taking a strong interest in satisfying my bhabhi these days.

Im a software guy and mine is a small town, the way I tackle people is by my public display of my knowledge and tech and love and affection, same was the case with my bhabhi. She came into our family hardly some 8 years back when she was 23 years, I didnt get to attent their marriage since I was having exams in a residential college, didnt expect her to be such a beauty.

After the exams I went home and my first look on her made my eyes dazzle, I had a huge crush on her beauty. The following days I spent at home after the exams were exiting to spend with a new member in the family and from time to time I have got chance to peek at her clevage and this used to bring arousal which is embarrasing some times.

I used to kill my thoughts which were sexual in nature initially since she is my bhabhi.But her superb figure and luscious body would always make my head turn towards her, by interecting with her I have understood a few things; that she is not well educated, jus managed to pass her degree exams, but she is not as innocent, she is a curious character.

After my vacation I joined in a new college and left for the classes.My bhaiya also moved to a new home into the commercial area of the town to facilitate himself a new job.Things went on and a year went by, I came back home on a vacation. Spent time with my parents and then thought of visiting my bhaiya and bhabhi.

I thought I should surprise them with my visit but the dark side of my suprise is that if I could get to see something. I set off at 11 from my home and reached their colony with in 15 minutes. I walked to their house from the road and it was quite tiresome and by the time I reached their home I was given a surprise.

The door is locked and when enquired the neighbour told that baiya went to office and bhabhi went to market and she would return anytime now.Jus when the neighbour finished her sentence bhabhi opened the gate.My got she has grown more beautiful.She welcomed me inside and offered me cool drink and started to talk about various things.

And in the discussion came the topic of the servent maid, bhabhi was cursing that she is absent and that she herself has to do all the work now.Say this she excused me and tied the pallu of her sarry up and started to sweep the house and talking. My god she has grown more plump and her mellons were extra ordinary, wonder how much massage is she getting from bhaiya.

I dint blink my eye all the while and her arse was soo nice. My mouth was watering and my cock was pleading to break free form my pants.Her waist and her bellybutton in that lemon red colour was soo appealing, my hands were pulling up behind her to squeeze her waist. While I was dreaming of crushing her assets in my hard palms she caught me staring at her boobs.

She tried to divert me by asking me if I have found any girl friends and I understood the situation.I answered her that I just have friends in girls but not girl friends. She jus smiled wickedly. Suddenly I got a call from my friend and I had to leave. The following day I went much earlier my bhabhi's home in the hope of meeting bhaiya.

He was there jus about to leave to the job and we jus exchanged a few words of concern and he fled in a hurry. Another day with bhabhi alone and another flirty conversation but no advancements. Things went by like that and I finished my vacation and returned to college and always used to dream of my bhabhi and I even used to mastrubate by assuming that I was fucking her huge mellons and her sucking my balls.

Years went by and in one of the vacations as usual with my wicked plan of surprising her I went to their home and this time things turned out quite dramatically in favour of me as. I knocked the door no one has answered and I kept knocking but no answer and finally I decided to walk around to the backyard and while walking around I came across the bed room window and there is bhabhi inside.

Oh gosh my sexual desire was steaming inside me.She was all naked inside the bed room. She jus came out of the shower and she was dripping wet.She had the towel covering her face and she was drying her hair infront of the table mirror.There was nothing more beautiful in the world that moment.

As she was rubbing the towel over her head she was shaking her whole body and I could see her wet boobs jiggling up and down in the mirror and the water from her hair was dripping over her back and the dropplets slided and glided over her back and ended up in her arse crack in between those mountain of a buttocks.

Her pussy was quite bushy and couldnt see much and her armpits were were also hairy. The tension of someone seeing me peeping into my bhabhi's bed room or for that matter even my bhabhi was making more and arousing and her naked beauty was enough to make me mad. The show went on for about 5 minutes or so and some one has knocked the door and I was terrified.

And before I could make any move I heard someones footsteps and I started walking casually back to the front door. It was the servent maid, I was releaved but the look on her face was suspicious. I just acted as if I was also waiting for bahbhi to open the door but in my mind I had different picture. My naked bhabhi dring her hair infront of the table mirror and her jiggling boobs and wet body.

That day I had a casual talk and thing went on and there were quite a few other experiences with her and finally a few months back this thing has happened.I came back home after quite a long time from job and the protocol was asusual to spend my first few days at home and then set off to my various passions.

So I called bhabhi that I came home and told her that I would visit her and she too has welcomed me to her home.I never expected the following incident to happen.I started from home on my bike and it was a 15 minute journey, they sky was quite cloudy and it started to drizzle sligtly by the time I reached my bhabhi's home.

Due to the heavy cloud cover the evening 5 0 clock seemed like its about night. I walked in and the air around was busy bhaiya was packing his bag, I asked him whats the matter and he replied that its a job emergency and he had to leave immediately to another city on some work.I sat there silently as he was packing and there were scarcity of words, bhabhi too was looking gloomy as bhaiya was leaving.

My wicked mind was working out plans to take down my bhabhi. As I was wondering how? when? where? "hey pranav could you please drop me off at the bus stop the will be there anytime now" said bhaiya. I said ok and went out to start my bike the drizzle was getting heavy and saying good bye to bhabhi, bhaiya came out and mounted my bike and with in no time we were in busstop.

All my thoughts were going in circles of how could creat a chance to fuck my bhabhi and mean while the bus has arrived and he has boarded the bus and he shouted out "oh shit, pranav please take some pain relief tablets to bhabhi.she is suffering from back ache".Ok I said and the bus left.I took the tablets and started to go home and its started pouring down heavily and in no time I was wet completely.

I hurried to bhabhi's house and knocked the door and she was surprised to to see me all wet. I walked in and she gave me the towel to wipe off the water from my hair. That moment I remembered the seen I got to witness a few years back, my bhabhi drying herself nude infront of the dressing mirror and there was an instantaneous erection.I gave her the pain relievers.

Bhabhi: Oh pranav you have drenched all..Pranav: Yes bhabhi the stupid rain.Bhabhi: Hey if you will stay like this you ll catch cold and fever..Pranav: Arrhh bhabhi its ok..Bhabhi: No, pranav wait I ll bring you bhaiya's dress.Pranav: No bhabhi please its ok for me Bhabhi: Hey if anything goes wrong then your mother wil blame me, wait here I ll bring the dress.

Pranav: Bhabhi but my size different bhabhi, my size is much bigger than bhaiya's Bhabhi: Hmmm I know pranav, I can see it Pranav: What? Bhabhi: Nothing wait I ll get you a lungi. She went and came out with a chequed lungi of my brother.I was a bit shy and was hesitant to change but I was having a massive erection and my 7inch cock was throbbing out and bhabhi was taking a peek at it.

I knew how ever good someone is, when the situation comes then we must give into the situation. Pranav: I ll change bhabhi you go in. Bhabhi: No you first changing then I ll go. The I took off my tshirt and she was staring at my body.As the cold breeze was touching my body there were goose bums over my body.She handed over the lungi to me and in she went.

I tied the lungi around my waist and pulled off my pants and undewear along with it.My cock was throbing out and my arousal made a tent under my lungi.The cold air is going in and its making me mad.I noticed that bhabhi was peeping from behind the door.I understood the naughtyness behind her mind.

I finished changing and called out bhabhi and she took the wet cloth from me and "Let me make them dry for you" and she spreaded them over the rope.It was around 6:30PM and I sat in the chair and asked for a shirt and Bhabhi replied in a sarcastic way"you told that your size is much bigger than your bhaiya's didnt you". I had no answer for that.

Time ticked by and I was stealing glances at bahbhi who is laying on the bed and watching tv.I asked her whats the matter about the pain relievers.She then sadly replied that she is having a back ache since some time.I replied that "You should not have tablets for every little thing bahbhi it costs your health" "then what should I do?" che replied.

Why dont you get a nice back massage? "who would do that to me?"she asked quite innocently. "Bhaiya hai na?" she laughed and said "He does not care much" "Ok I ll do it for you bhabhi I said". To my surprise she has accepted help.I tied my lungi up till above my knees and the fact that I wasnt wearing anything inside and the cool air was kissing my balls.

I asked her to lay down on the bed.I asked her to take the pallu off as it would come in the way and so she did.I slowly started to work on her back with a pain reliever balm and slowly she was feeling comfortable.I moved up to her upper back over the blouse and I could see in the bed mirror her expression as she was biting her lips.I got on the bed and was kneeling on the bed.

I wanted to take advantage and so I moved to the lower back and started to work near her arse the arse cheeks and her big buttocks and she didnt resist any.I paused for a second as to check her reaction and she looked in as if why did I stop. And so I went down and started to work on her milky thighs over the sarry and she was loving it.

I went down and touched her feet with my palms and started to work out and moved my way pushing the sarry up.I worked on the calf muscle and then slowly crept up and with me pushed her sarry up exposing her legs till her knees.There was no resistance yet and so I continued.I spread my legs wide now my legs were on either side of her legs on the bed.

I worked on her thighs and she was uncontrolably enjoying my massage and my erect cock is inches away from touching her naked thighs.I crept my fingers towards her inner thighs and started to rub her gently and she moaned a little.I dug deeper and now both my hand found their way in and was rubbing her on the outside of the thighs and lifting her sarry till her things.

My thumbs have touched her buttocks and I was carfully massagin her and made sure im not touching her pussy yet.I continued rubbing her thighs and my finger touched her pubic hair and she gave a jerk.I fell off her back on to the bed and my lungi raised up exposing my hot rod as she turned back.There were no words from then on.

Seeing my thick and 7 inch long cock she was amazed and the instant reaction was her left hand caught my cock and pulled me closer to her.She has turned up and I quickly pounced on her and opened her blouse hooks and released the heavy mellon. Her nipples were erect and looked like red cherry.I took em into my mouth and started to chew them like rubber nipple.

She was enjoying and she pulled off the lungi off my waist making me stark nude infront of her and my dick was poking her belly ring and my balls were hanging and touching her abdomen. Her hands were working over time with my body and she actually started to pinch my nipples and started to finger my arm pits.I was licking her boobs like and ice cream and kissed her and sucked her lips.

She was enjoying a lot and my other hand went down went between her legs and found her dripping wet pussy with love juices.I was warm down there and as my fingers touched her labia she moaned like a slut.I went down and started to rub her red hot pussy with my hot rod and she closed her eyes and her hands held on to the bed and her nails were digging in

and she was making strange sounds like a cat out of the extreme pleasure for all the teasing. And in one hard stroke my dick entered her.It was easy as it was alredy filled with her juices.I started stroking her gently and increased my pace and she was responding well for each stroke and she was raising her hips to balance the force of my strokes.

I geared furthur up and started to fuck her fast like a rabbit and as the bulge veins of my penis were brushing her pussy walls she was going crazy as it is evident on her expressions. And finally she came and moments later I loaded her hole full of my juice. Tired by the pounding layed beside her on the bed for some time and got dressed and left home.No words.

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Mahavir fucking horny brothers wife

I have read various stories on Human Digest, But the main attraction was incest and sex with close relatives as I have had the opportunity to have sex with a close relative. with my younger brother’s wife. And when ever I read the incest stories it reminds me of my flings with younger brother.

We stay in a joint family. We live in a big palatial house, the ground floor of which is occupied by my parents and the first floor by me and the second floor by my younger brother. We took turns in making food for the entire family. A week it was my wife’s turn and the next week would be my brother’s wife who would run the kitchen of the house.

We had domestic help for the chores and the food will be served in the common table. First all male members will eat and then the ladies. Now the story must unfold after a brief intro. My name is Mahavir Jain, my brother is Girish Jain. I will not name the place of residence as it could give away the identity of the family.

Our father Mr. Dalpatraj Jain is a famous businessman In our locality and hence he will have a lot of visitors every now and then. My wife, Smriti was in the final stages of delivery and I had to drop her at her parents house as this was her first delivery. Traditionally, the first delivery always happens in the mothers place in our community.

This day I was having plenty of business and came home late. It was the turn of Simran Katri ( my brothers wife ) to serve us the food. I was late, and my dad had a lot of visitors and hence my brothers wife was very very tired. When I came home, I was very hungry and went straight to the dining table. But there was no food as the maid had cleared the food to retire early.

I then went to my brothers room, knocked it and expected my brother to open the room. But Simran opened the room and I asked where is Girish ? She said that Girish being the secretary of the local club, had to stay back for arrangements of a club function the next day. He may come in only after midnight.

I said Simran, sorry to disturb you, but im feeling very hungry. She said Bhaiya, since you are alone will you allow me to serve you in your room rather than take all things to even im the ground floor. I said, Fine by me. I went to the wash room, changed in my pyjamas and sat on the sofa in my room watching TV. Simran came in with food and placed the food infront of me on the coffee table.

These tables which are designed to be used as coffee tables are low tables which are meant to be kept in front of a couch or a sofa. The table being low, Simran had to bend a couple of times to keep the food. First the chappati bowl and Dal Bowl and then the Sabzi bowl and finally the water bottle and glasses.

Each time that she bent, she gave me a clear view of her deep cleavage which was seen well because she was in low cut nighty. I could not get a glimpse of her nipples as the fabric of her bra was clasping her boobs. I just got to see her deep cleavage.

While I was watching her cleavage every time she bent, she also noticed me watching her but seem to ignore. This happened even while taking back the things as well. Simran is young girl having sharp features and is very beautiful. Her beauty was the talk of the town. She was around 22 years at the time of this story.

She was married to Girish from the past one year and they have had no issues as Simran said that she wanted to enjoy life before taking a leap on motherhood. Usually at night I also drink milk with a spoon of turmeric powder and honey. She came in with a glass of hot milk. But the cleavage sighting of Simran had left me in A horny mood.

If my wife was there I would have torn her apart. I did plan to fantacise Simran and masterbate that night, but I suppose destiny had better plans for me that night. Usually Simran does not wear such low necks, as we always have dinner in the main hall and all are well covered. But since now there was no need to go down, she preferred not to change and remain in her night dress itself.

She again came into my room to give me milk. She bent down again to keep down the glass, but was staring at me to catch me staring her private parts. I was bold enough not to be perturbed and come what may, I planned to see again. So when she bent again, I did see her again.

This time I was shocked, as her low neck night had one more button opened up and the bra was missing, thus giving me a very good view. Bhaiya, she said, you look nervous and also you are sweating profusely despite the aircon in full blow. What is the matter ? I gathered courage and said, come what may, I will tell the truth and after all she is also giving me an open invitation.

I was scared as well as emboldened. If she has to say anything to Girish, I can defend saying that, its her fault as no bhabhi will enter brother in laws room without a bra in low neck nighty with buttons open. So with all courage, when she asked me what is the reason of my nervousness, I said, SImran, its all because of you. She pretended not to understand and asked, what did I do ?

You bent forward giving me a clear view and im aroused because of that. And adding insult to injury, you have removed the bra and also opened up button to give me unobstructed view. Rather than reacting sharply she said, did you like what you saw ? I said, who will not ? what if Girish finds out, and I said only a mad man will disclose all this to someone else.

She said that she loves Girish a lot to lose him, but is also attracted by me mainly because I love my wife very much and care for her. I care for her so dearly that, our relatives say that a happy couple must be like Mahavir and Smriti. This quality of mine attracted Simran to me and she was also impressed with my height and mannerisms.

I then asked Simran, if she would only give me teasers or can I watch the entire action unfold. She said, it is for a man to enact and cannot expect a gild to stoop lower than that. This was enough for me to hug her and taste her lips. My lips met with her and we started exploring each other in and out.

Trust me, those seem to me the wettest lips and the tounge that went inside me was having a lovely effect on my metabolism. I touched her boob and squeezed it. This place I must explain her features to you. Simran is a 22 year old lady, 5.3 feet in height, 60 0r 61 kgs. As she said and yes, the boob cup size must be 34.

She was neither fat nor lean, medium built, wheatish colour and a strong bodied person as her boobs did not sulk and were round and firm. Her butt was protruding out, big, firm and round. She had very good features, sharp nose, a big forehead. She may not be very fair, but definitely not dusky but very beautiful. She reminds one of Ayesha Takia.

I took no longer in making love and removed her nighty. To give me another surprise, she was not wearing the panty either and was totally in her birth dress. Her navle was broad and deep and her cunt was small and cute or so it looked in standing position.

Simran, I asked, have you ever taken a penis in your mouth. Rarely she said, and did you like it. She said, its okay, no reservations. I then slid my pyjamas and brief at one go to expose my manhood. It was already in full force and in its full erection.

I am 5 feet 11 inches tall, fair and handsome according to my wife, Simran and also a few more girls. My tool can be around 7 inches and thick as well. Simran went on her legs to get to the level of my penis and suck it well. She moved so well that in 2 minutes I exploded in her mouth.

She went to the washroom almost vomiting as she had never eaten sperm. But I was so carried away that I followed her behind and was enjoying see her butt crack while she was vomiting. She had to bed down on the closet to vomit, as o prevented her from vomiting in the was basin as the drain takes a long time. But I planned to see her butt hole and can see only if she bends fully.

I went down now and started kissing her ass. I spread her ass to see the black hole. It was so sexy and intoxicating, and when I fingered it, it was contrasting more. I then started licking it, at first I did not get any taste, but later, it was awful and dirty and I had to wash my mouth and goggle immediately. How they do all this in blue films is beyond my wonder.

We came back to the room and she said, Bhaiya, Girish loves to explore this place ( pointing to her clean shaven cunt ) and not the shit place. I said I also love to do so and gently pushed her onto the bed. I got between her legs, spread them as much as possible and gave a full blow job of her cunt.

She was moaning fiercely and I felt all her muscles getting tighter. her face turning red and a small flow of liquid followed. She was nice and easy now. I licked her clean and now inserted her. She was tight as I had wiped her clean with the bed sheet and I started pumping hardly. My excitement was such that within few minutes I cummed inside her.

We rested for few minutes and started all over again and in different positions. We continued our plays whenever the opportunity came. Infact, we were madly in love with each other and inthose days when my wife was at her mothers place and my brother if not in station, Simran and I used to sleep in one room, one bed and as husband and wife.

The only thing we missed was a Honeymoon. But even that was not far behind as, Girish had to go to USA from the Rotary club. Simran was all alone and she was permitted to go to her mothers place. But we had different plans.

Simran went to her mothers place and after a couple of days, she said that she must go to a Kodaikanal, A hill station in Tamil nadu, to attend a friends wedding. The truth is she has no friend at Kodaikanal.

I told my aging parents that I must go to seminar at Mumbai. But we actually took off to Kodaikanal and had a lovely honeymoon there. Since it was quiet far from our native town, getting caught by people knows to us was remote. But still we were very careful and would go to deserted sight seeing places where normally not many go.

There is a dense forest in Kodaikanal which can be accessed only after taking permission from the forest department and we went there where not many tourists came. We even got cosy in those jungles and ventured deep into woods. Took some rest and yes, we mated in the open natural surroundings.

Lust had really overtaken us and we did every dirty act which may not be pardoned. But it has all stopped now after Simran had back to back deliveries.

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Raj hot fucking session with sister-in-law

Hi my name is raj working in a BPO in chennai. This incident happened last sunday with my, my wife's sister. She came from her village to chennai to find a job, after hearing this i was really because I can anyhow touch her boobs while sleeping. To tell about her she is really a fucking goddess, she have very big ass, if she shows ass towards me, really I go mad of fucking her.

It is like two jackfruit tied together. To come to the story my wife and myself stay in a rent house, it is very small, in the night everybody have to sleep together in the floor. Last saturday I took the opportunity to touch my sister in laws breast..It was around 1 o'clock in the night my wife was sleeping in between us, so I put my hand on her waist as if I am hugging my wife.

I kept my hand like that for ten minutes. There was really no reaction from her then I slowly took my hand to navel area. Poke my hand, she just turned towards me and slept, i. Was really afraid, kept my hand like that after ten minutes I still wanted to experiment so slowly kept my hand her breast and pressed it oh.... What a sensation.

Really it was very hard to press. Just by pressing I was leaking my is like a small papaya. I was really enjoying by pressing that.. That night went like next morning my went to her office, I was doing some work in my computer. She came to me and asked why I was doing that last night to her, I was really afraid, could not speak anything, then she asked why I left it by pressing half the way.

Now I got green signal from her I did not waste any time. Straight away I put her on the floor and removed all her dress. Sucked her lovely breast for 15 minutes till I got satisfied... Now I went down and parted legs licked her pussy for 15 minutes. By now she was really begging me to fuck her.

Now I took 8 inch rod tried to dig her hole with one mighty push.. She cried in pain. Asked me to do slowly, i obeyed her and did for 25 minutes and satisfied her, from that day we both enjoy a lot. Hi every one please leave your comment.

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Punjabi Guy Raj fucking Horny Bhabhi

Hi Readers this is my first story so please leave your comment let me introduce my self my name is Raj from Punjab 22 year old medium built this story is about my Bhabhi who live in USA she is 5 year older then me good built size 32 DD breast very beautiful.

Let me go straight to story she came to visit us punjab after three week she was going back and was flying to us from Delhi and I went to drop her to the airport she was looking very hot in her see through suit she was wearing black BRA and penty which was clearly visible she was asking me lot of questions regarding if I have girlfriend ETC which was making me very horney but I kept my cool and told her I have few girlfriends.

We arrive at the airport at 2 in the morning but for some reason she got the date wrong with her flight she was not due to flight 4 in the. Afternoon I suggest that its not point staying in the airport for 12 hour we should get hotel room and have rest. When we got to the hotel we checked in the AC room which had double bed and white sheets on the bed

also we found out that room is normally used by people who is newly wed and off to there honeymoon which she start smiling after few minutes she changed into the very small nighty which was up to her knee high and I can see her shoulder visible she wasn't wearing any BRA which was clearly visible her nipple were sticking out through the nighty.

As we lay in the bed she start talking to me about girlfriend and if I had any sexual experience which I didn't give her any answer for few minute she was keep asking me for few minutes which I told her I had few girlfriends with sexual relationship. After few minutes she ask me if I like what she is wearing I told her yes she looking very nice.

She told me as we are in hotel would you like to spend time with me as my boyfriend which I was shocked before I say anything she start kissing me on my lips and her tounge was going in and out my mouth which were making me so horney I start playing with her boobs she asked me to remove my clothes I remove all my clothes and she took her nightey off

she had very hard boobs and small nipples and clean shaven pussy she asked me to lay on my back she got up and start playing with my Dick and took in her mouth she was sucking lick its end of the world which was so nice after few minutes she asked me to suck her boobs I start sucking her boobs after few minutes she come top of me in 69 position she still sucking my Dick

while I start licking her pussy she was moaning very loud and was saying please put ur tongue deeper in my Cunt. After few minutes I made her lay on her back and insert my Dick in her pussy she was wet with her cum she start moaning and I was saying fuck me fast and hard you can rip my cunt apart her boobs were moving up and down swinging like rubber ball

I fucked her in that position for few minutes after that asked her to go doggy style and insert my Dick from the back she was moaning like anything I fucked her in that position for good 15 minute she clapped with the pain I think she came about 4 time. Next morning we took bath together and another session of fucking in the bath before drop her in the airport hope you like my story this is real story not fantasy.

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Anand Fucking Sexy Cousin Saali Jyotsna

Hi, I am Anand from Nagpur. I am 28 years of age. The title it self will give some idea about the story. This was happened on my 26th year of age. This is my first affair, that too with my Saali. She is a teacher. Teaches math’s to 7th & 8th standard students. Her name is Jyotsna (Name Changed).

On that time she is 24 years of age. She is little bit dusky in color with good shaped Boobs. Her figure is just remarkable 34-26-36 can raise any man’s cock. I can say that her size is 34BB (which I came to know letter).

I am in Private Firm as sales Manager. I don't know when I started intention to have her on the bed. Honestly speaking Even I doesn't have the intention to see her boobs or curves. This is happened just 4 or 5 months before that day of climax. That happened on one evening. I have gone to her home for some work.

At that time she is alone in the house. When she came to talk with me her aroma just raised my intensions to take her to bed but some how I controlled it. Almost all the time I spent only to watch the same. That was made me in compulsion to see her boob and curves in all the days. From that day I started watching her structure, when ever I go to her place and think how that was made.

Even I will think in night, whether God has done some homework before he invented her. She has such a beautiful figure. Because of some illness I can’t go to see her structure. Almost after 5 days I got time to meet her alone. On that day I through my bag on the floor and pretend that it was fallen by accident.

As she bends to pick up the bag I can watch her big boob, which is very clearly visible to me, up to the portion of nipple. Normally she wears Saree. Very rarely she will be in Nighty. That particular day was in her Nighty. On that day she received the tuition fees from other student, and she searched the place to keep the money.

Because she is wearing the Nighty, she opened the upper zip and try to keep it on her Bra. But on that day she doesn't find the Bra. Then she kept the money on other side which is available nearby to her. But she forgets to close the zip, which was opened. As I am busy watching her boobs, I don’t know when she pick up the bag.

As watching the show I got a very big bulge in my pants, she noticed that and give me a naughty smile. While giving naughty smile she asked me “What are u looking at jijaji?” I got surprised while hearing this and with her naughty smile. Gathering the courage I said “watching the beautiful & flawless show” and that was the turning point.

She told me to come on evening around 5.00. I came there around 5.15. But I was bit confused, because she is packing the luggage. Then she clarified me that her mother & father are going for out of station to see their relatives. She asked me to wait 1 hour. After that she is free around 6.00. Then she called me and said I am bit tired and I will talk with u in my bedroom.

I said no problem. I have to mention that my wife had gone to her mother’s place to see them. On that time she is wearing Rose color Saree with same color Blouse. It is transparent to shows the Blue Bra. Normally she will tie her saree below Naval. She called me. I am just following her by seeing her back, which is very good to see.

We started chatting about 4 day ago scene. She clarify that she forgot to close the zip. Then she asked me about the feeling. I told her that “It was a wonderful show to watch and it was my bad luck can’t handle” Suddenly she said “You can handle this. I am pretty much sure about that” It was a shock for me.

I recover from the shock and grab her while saying that then “you must get punishment for not telling me for these days”. I first touched her face and brought her face very near to me and slowly I brought my lip towards her lip and placed my lip on her lip very slowly. Only after few minutes I opened my lip and try to open her lip.

First she doesn't co-operate then she very slowly opened her lip and allowed my tongue to go inside her mouth and try to get her saliva. After some time she did the same with her tongue. I have done the same process at least for 15 minutes and she disable me from her coz some one has knock the door. After attending the visitor she came telling that it was a salesman.

Then once again I brought her face towards me and started her lips. But this time some vigorously. We kissed almost so vigorously like there is no tomorrow. And while kissing my hands gone to her boobs. I squeezed her boobs very well and stripped her pallu down. And just opened her blouse buttons one by one. And I sees the large mangos waiting to suck.

I kept my lips on her upper portion of boobs with bra and sucked. But that is not enough for me and I have opened her bra by taking the hooks from back side. Now my loving boob are in front of me to suck. I just forced her towards bed and started sucking her boob directly and my one hand is squeezing the other boob and done same with other boob.

I have become mad of sucking her boobs. I suck her boobs for at least 30 minutes. And came slowly slowly down to her navel. I rested there for at least 10 minutes while sucking. I hurriedly open her paticoat and rest of the saari. Now she is only in her Blue Panty. Her Blue panty is already wet by my act. I smelled the panty and sucked the same from outside.

Then I tried to open her panty. But she pulled me from bottom and she started removing my shirt and pant and my brief in no time. She was wondered by seeing my 8" lund in front of her. She just shown some hesitation to touch the same. I signaled her that do what ever you wanted. She kept my lund in her mouth directly. And try to take the pre juice.

At the same time I am bit hurry to see her Pussy. Then I kept my Lund in her mount and I have turned to down suck her pussy that makes a perfect 69 position. Then I opened her panty and I was very excited that her pussy was very clearly shaven. I think She made it ready for me to suck. I sucked the outside juice.For the first time I am going the open the lips of pussy.

I opened the lips and seen the rose color. I kept my lip inside her pussy. Due to over excitement the juice is coming-out very frequently. I don't want to waste any of those. I have taken all the juice in my mouth. I started sucking her very vigorously. She started shouting “fuck me hard Jiju”. Then I came to know that this is right time for the climax.

Then I go upward and started kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs. I make a missionary position and kept my lund on the opening of her pussy. She kept her two figures on the opening of her pussy for sending my Lund inside. I am just placed my Lund on front of her pussy lips and just pushed inside. Because of over juice my Lund doesn't find any problem going inside.

But still her pussy showing the stiff in having my Lund. Then I started jerking my penis in & out. She shouted fast. I made it fast. Then she shouted for pain. But I don't bothered and care for her and push 3-4 strong strokes. The show was beautiful to see the dancing of her boobs. As I was fucking her for more than half an hour I have building pressure in my vains.

I told her about that I am coming. She said just come in my mouth. I withdraw my lund from her pussy and kept in her mouth. After 3-4 strokes I came in her mouth, she drank all the cum and like the cum which was on my lund. Then I have taken my breath back but she is breathing very hardly. And I am making myself disabled from her body and laid next to her.

After some time back she started kissing me. Now the time is 8.30 pm. She asked me that can you stay with me. I said “I don’t have any problem to stay with you.” Then she asked me what would you like to take for dinner. I said I already finished my dinner and you are served me very well. She kept quite. And we had the dinner as nude.

And after dinner we had the combined bath and the full night we were very busy in exchanging sex in different positions with each other. We had the full sex on all the 2 days until my wife return from her native place.. And even after I fuck her after my office & when ever we got any chance. I have fuck her in marriage of relative while my wife was also in the same function, but that is another story I will tell u after your reply on this.

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Arun fucking sister-in-law Prabha

HI first of all lemme introduce myself, my name is Arun. I am going to describe you my sex experience with my sister in law. I am a physiotherapist by profession, 33 yrs old and im in England for the last six years.About me, I am dark, five foot eight,i am not so well built. My sister in laws name is Prabha, 30 yrs. She is really beautiful with good assests and milky white in color.

To tell you the truth I was having a desire over her from the very moment I saw her. Mine was a love marriage.and my wife is a nurse. We both were having a good time here. My sister in law was married to a person from Banglore and they were living in Singapore. Of late there were lot of family problems in their family mainly because he started drinking heavily.

So she quarelled with him and flew back to India. Two years back when we went to India,i asked my wife to tell her to try for a job in England (she has a nursing degree) to which Prabha didnt agree. I never used to talk to her for more than five minutes, though I used to masturbate regularly thinking about her.Later she changed the decision and agreed to come to UK.

With our help she got a students visa and enrolled in one of the universities which was near our place. Her plan was to get the work visa,and bring her kid so tht she can be independent. Ours is a three bedroom detatched house. My wife usually works from 8 am to 8 pm, and my work is from 9 am to 5 pm.

So when I return home usually Prabha will be at home and we slowly started talking to each other. Then we became good friends and sometimes when I go for shopping she used to accompany me. Rooms here are not separated with bricks, instaed they use a hardboard like material, which will be painted too. But it looks like solid separation.

And the sounds in the other room is clearly audible. My wife usually makes lot of noice when she reaches orgasm and we atleast have sex two to three times a week. One day she asked me, why was so much noise from your room yesterday night and gave me a naughty smile. I couldnt answer and I too smiled.

But from that day I believed that I have a good chance to fuck her and I was praying for a chance and god gave me the chance. It all happened like this, my wfe had an episode of back pain two weeksback and she could hardly walk.I treated her with massage and manipulation for few days and she got relief. Last week Prabha also complained of back ache to my wife.

She asked me to treat her. I didnt show much enthusiasm and told her that I cant and we will showhPrabha to a GP. But I knew its not easy to get an appointment and my wife insisted me to see Prabha. So the first day I saw her at the presence of my wife and did the treatment for ten minutes and it was just seeing her and advising her rather than massage or anything.

NEXT day morning my wife went by 7 30 to hospital and I told Prabha that I will treat her now. She told me, no arun we will do it in the evening. Now we wont get much time as its time for us to go. That very moment I could feel a bildge inside my pant.I felt an excitment and after my work reached home by 5 30. I was surprised to see Prabha waiting their with a cup of tea.

I called my wife in her mobile to confirm that she will not be back before 8 30. We went to my bedroom and she jokingly asked me wheather this bed makes any noice.. Hearing this the bulge that was already buliding inside my pant just wanted to explode. So I asked Prabha to lie on her stomach and lower the bottom of her churidar so that I can have a view of her painful area.

She did as I said and saw her pink panty too. I lowered her panty and my hands were palpating over her spine and also over her beautiful buttocks. I controlled my feeling to grab it with my hand. Then I asked her wheather she s having pain towards her upper back and with that started palpating towards her neck over her spine.

my hands were resting inside her churidar and so it was not free enough to move. so I asked her wheathr she can lift it a bit so that I can palpate it easily, to which she removed it till her bra s strap on her back. Her pink bra also looked sexy.Then I told her that I will have to massage her whole back and see how it goes. She agreed and I asked her to lift her churidar further up.

I just stood over her back enjoying the beautiful scene.Then I started massaging her from her hip downwards first, I massaged till her buttocks and asked her to further lower her panty and churidhar. She looked at me and then lowered it. Istarted massaging up to half her thigh and then massaged towatds her neck.

I could feel the wamth of her body increasing and when my hands came down for the second stretch of massage to her thighs it was really hot and red. I further lowered her panty and churidhar and inserted my hands inbetween her thighs. And I touched her pussy as though by accident and I could hear the hissss voice coming out of her mouth.

Now I knew that she s enjoying and I told her that you are also making noice in my bed. She smiled to this and knew it was the green signal. Without waiting for a moment I took off her panty and churidhar, asked her to turn around, and started kissing her beautiful legs. It was silky smooth, then I kissed her thighs and inner thighs.

She opened her legs further so that I can eat her pussy. But I DIDNT DO IT, I went on kissing her thighs and upto the brim of her shaved pussy, but didnt insert my tongue. Now she was caling me arun, plss and making lots of noise.I went up kissing her beautiful stomach and also inserted my tongue in her navel and was circling my tongue in her navel.

Then I kissed further up and kissed till her breasts. Hers was the most beautiful breast that I have ever seen. it had pink areola and the niples were of the size of a small grapes.later I came to know tht its 32 c. I sucked her niples and my other hand was pressing against her pussy and my middle finger went inside her pussy.At the same time I felt her nails on my upperback.

though it hurted me I enjoyed it. Then she removed my shirt ans started kissing me. We explored each others mouth. Then she sucked my nipples... oh men,, I was in heaven. I never knew tht sucking nipples will bring so much of pleasure..Now I got up and she kneeled on the floor. She removed my pant and underwear and took my penis inside her mouth.

She started suking it and at the same time she was squeezing my balls. it was bit painful,,, but now she was like a monster over my balls and penis. Now I asked her to lie on the bed and we got enganed in the 69 position, I ate her pussy and she sucked my penis. I came very fast, but she didnt reach her orgasm.

so I went on licking and eating her cunt still she came and that was a violent explode from her part, she shivered like anything and both of us collapsed. We lied down like that for 30 mts, then she started hand job for me. I asked her to get up. Now I was standing behind her against a mirror.

With one hand I was pressing her breasts and pinching her nipples, the other hand in her groin and rubbing over her clitoris and I started kissing her neck and ears. Prabha got so much aroused that I could feel her whole body weight against me. By the time my penis rose t 90 degree and I was wanting myself inside her pussy.

Then I asked her to bend down for my favourite doggy style, and started banging her. MY thighs against her buttocks and my hands in her boobs were really giving me immense pleasure. I decided not to cum in that style, so withdrew and asked her to lie on the bed for the missionary style. I put a condom and then started humping her really slowly so that I wont come so fast.

At the same time along with humping I fingered her clitoris area and she was enjoying it like hell and in a minutes time to was she who was doing the movements and I was just lying on the top. And she was calling me aloud lots of names, and that even included her husbands name too,

and she was moving her lowerback with so much speed that we both came at the same moment and she made more noise than her sister. And she told me that back pain of hers was just a fake pain.

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Ragini fucked by Jijaji

Hello Readers, Ragini here (of course the names & places are changed). I would love to share with all of you an erotic and sensual experience of my life, which is still continuing since last three years. But I want here to narrate how it all started between me and my Jeeju, (Bro-in-Law) Amit.

Many of the readers may feel that the story is a longer one and more details have been added than those were necessary but it is requirement of the story and more so of eroticism that real story should be enjoyed as real. So without going in much detail, I am 25 year old girl at present with wheatish colour, and having a figure of 34-28-33 settled in an MNC in NCR Delhi.

This story started five years back when my elder sister Neeti got married with a Handsome Guy named Amit, in the same town of Punjab in which my family also resided. After marriage of my sister don’t know how, but I suddenly developed a strange habit in myself and that was to look at my cleavage every now and again (especially in the presence of Amit)

in order to make sure that the position of my suit or top etc. is all-right and my cleavage is not visible to anybody. But this habit of mine was no longer a secret as this was observed by Amit, who used to smile every time at me while he caught me red handed in checking the position of my dress.

May be I developed this habit due to being extra cautious but still I noticed many a times that now Amit was rather trying to peep inside whenever he got a chance, followed by some naughty smiles from him, when I caught him doing so. Even few times I also enjoyed being a teaser.

Then within a span of two more years the marriage life of my sister was going through some unpleasant phases, regarding which my sister’s behavior as well as sometimes Amit’s behavior was equally responsible. Even then no special change was there in Amit’s behavior as far as I was concerned.

One day when he was at my home then I asked him regarding few things on my PC, which required an internet connection. Though I had net connection but was having a problem with that those days and it was not working properly. So Amit asked me for my Email ID, and assured me that after doing the needful he will email me the same.

After giving him my email id I further requested him to accept some of my friends in my buddy list in my id as I was unable to do the same due to my internet connection failure. He asked me for the password of my mail id and I told him the password as I thought that I will change the password as soon as my connection will be OK, and as I had nothing like to be concealed in my mailbox.

Next day he gave me a call and said that my assignment is ready and he mailed it to me. I was more than happy with his performance and co-operative attitude. Even I asked about accepting the friend’s request in my mail, he told me that it is also done, and further told me that he has asked one of his friends to check the connectivity problem of internet at my end also, who will come there by the evening.

In the evening one of Amit’s friends came to our home and repaired the connection in no time. I again thanked my Jeeju for the favor. In the night after taking my dinner I decided to kill my time while surfing on net and in addition to it download the attachment regarding my assignment.

When I opened my email id and logged on to yahoo messenger as well, I saw that in the list of my friends a new and unknown email id was added by my name i.e. Ragini itself. I tried to recollect but I could not remember anyone as my buddy. Hence again I called Amit and asked him that who is this Ragini.

He replied me that how could he know and told me that you asked me to accept your friend requests so whoever requested for it I have accepted. Then after wishing gud nite to each other we disconnected the phone. I thought of deleting this contact but again I thought what harm in it is if I have a friend who has the same name of me, and I did not delete the contact.

Later on I downloaded the attachment of my assignment. In the meanwhile a chat window popped up and to my wonder it was Ragini on the other end and we started chatting. After a formal chat I decided to sleep and wished her gud nite. Again on the next day when we were doing chat, suddenly she asked me that if I have a boy friend, to which I replied ‘no’ and I also asked her the same then she replied yes.

When I asked her about her BF’s name then she told me Ankit. After that I asked her regarding since how long they were in to relationship, to which she replied that soon after marriage of her elder sister. This reply seemed a bit amazing to me and I asked her how, then after a little bit of persuasion she told me that Ankit is her Jeeju (Bro-in-Law). This was yet another shock for me.

I was confused and asked her to explain to which she replied that they are in to this relationship since last 1 year. The conversation was turning hot as I asked her that have they had sex. To which she replied in affirmative. After a lot of chatting I wished her gud nite and advised her to end this relationship. But her reply was negative.

After that I went to sleep but I could not. Whole of conversation was driving me crazy. Somehow I slept. On next day also she asked me for role playing on the net and for having some horny chat, as I was a virgin yet and very keen to know and experiment sex, so I agreed and asked her to play the role of Ankit while I was assuming myself as Ragini.

She agreed for role play with a further request that for this I have to address her as Jeeju, I agreed. Our conversation went on and on and I masturbated twice while imagining that Ankit is fucking me. I was in such a state of mind that it had become difficult for me to think about anything else apart from sex.

Next day my elder sister Neeti came to our house for staying a week, with us and after the week was over Amit came to our house for taking her back. During these days I was continuously chatting with Ragini and enjoying our chat through role playing. The day Amit came to take Neeti back he had to stay for the night in our house and while my sister and mom were busy in kitchen me and Amit were busy in chit-chat.

Suddenly Amit asked me that did I came to know as to who the Ragini was, to which I replied that yes she is a childhood friend of mine, as I did not remember her so she find out me incidentally on the Yahoo. Amit suddenly said that thanks to ‘Yahoo’. After that his next question was did u enjoy the company of Ragini on the net.

I was bit surprised with this question but replied yes. Again Jeeju asked me regarding that what I liked the most in her company. Questions of my Jeeju were taking me by surprise but again I thought he is asking it generally, and replied that nothing special. After it what Jeeju asked me fell like a bomb on my ears. He asked whether it was role playing which I liked most in the company of Ragini.

This question has not only taken me by surprise but also my mouth was wide open. At this on the pretext of closing my opened mouth, Jeeju touched my lips with his finger, and I came back to reality. After touching his finger on my lips he put the same in his mouth and sucked. I had no words to speak.

After it Jeeju asked me if I wanted to know that how he was aware of these things, I had just dropped my head in affirmative. What he told me after that was taking me by surprises one after another. He told me in detail that on the day I had told him my id and its password and requested him to accept my friend requests.

A plan worked in his mind and he made a fake email id in the name of Ragini and sent a request from that id to my id and later on while operating my id he accepted the same in my id. After that when I asked him regarding Ragini, he came to know I am online, and he also became online on the id of Ragini.

After that he told me a story from the mouth of Ragini and even had cyber sex with me while role playing. I was astonished as well as angry, by his plan. After a little while I asked him ‘now what.’ He simply replied nothing special. I was having fear and doubts in my mind that now he will black mail me, as I had told him few personal things about my body on the net.

But he said he liked me, and want to enjoy my company with my due consent. I replied him that I am not going to do this. Then he very frankly told me that there is nothing wrong in it, as sister-in-law is considered as half wife. But I flatly refused him that I don’t want to ditch my sister. But Jeeju remained adamant on his requests and me on my refusal.

In the night we had to sleep in the same room. My Jeeju and sister slept in the bed while I slept in the adjoining folding bed due to my mental state and for the sake of separate bedding. It was winter season then. I could not sleep whole night due to feeling of guilt and shame. After two or three hours my sister was in fast sleep and snoring.

I felt as if some hand is there inside my quilt, as my bed was just side by side of the bed. I remained still and was pretty much sure that it was my Jeeju. The hand suddenly touched the bare portion of my arm. Then with some cautious moments, his hand touched my cheeks, then lips.

He further tried to poke his one finger in my lips, and after feeling some moisture and wetness inside my lips, he withdrew his hand after a short while. Then I heard some sound of sucking, and as I was already used to darkness in the room, and found that my Jeeju is sucking his finger which he poked inside my lips.

Again his hand slid inside the quilt, and this time his actions were bold enough, and he touched and caressed my breasts, slid his hand slowly inside my suit which I was wearing and as I was not wearing a bra at that time so his hand easily slid inside and reached till my perky nipple. There he pinched my nipple and caressed my whole left breast.

I remained still because of fearing the expected blackmailing from his side. After that he left my breasts and traced the outlines of lower portion of my suit, and put his hand inside and caressed my bare stomach and poked one of his fingers in my navel. It was now becoming unbearable for me and due to the acts of my Jeeju and my whole body started trembling, but Jeeju did not care.

He again slid his hand down and searched for the knot of my Lower’s string. But he could not succeed as I had the habit to tuck the whole string inside the lower. After considering this position Jeeju with a bit more force, put his two fingers inside my lower and somehow managed to take out the string, and very slowly opened it. I felt as if my breaths have stopped.

After opening the knot, he just loosened the grip and caressed the whole groin area of mine. All these things were driving me a bit horny and angrier at that time. So I decided to put the show to an end. After that I got up from my bed and went to bathroom to ease my self up. After doing so I went back to the room, took my quilt and came in another room and slept there,

and I was thinking that this would surely have put my Jeeju in the thoughts about resistance from my side. Next day when I woke up, everybody at home was busy in their daily chores. As soon as I came out of the room I found my Jeeju sitting in the sunlight of early morning and enjoying the newspaper and sun at the same time. I looked at him with hatred and did not even wish him good morning.

He was sitting there alone at that time and while feeling it somebody is around, he just drop the news paper in his lap and asked me what Ragini you even did not say good morning to me, anyhow a very good morning to you. He wished me and I could see a grin on his face. I just said good morning and went away from there.

In the evening both my Jeeju and sister went to their home, and I was left in midst of thinking regarding the last night incident, the talk between me and my Jeeju and of course about his plan. After a week, all the members of my house had to go to some relative house at a distant place, due to some death in relation and they had to come on the next day.

After they had gone I received a call on my mobile from my sister that she has forgotten some of cloths here previous time and Amit is coming to take them. She further asked me to send one of my Sports Bra in the packet and hand it over to Amit. I wished to stop my sister from sending Amit here, and said that I would come and give it to you at your place.

But my sister replied that today is Sunday and Amit has to go to meet some of his friends and my house is on the way so he will collect the same and then go to his friends. At this I had no other option except to keep mum. After half an hour or so Amit came to my house. He wished me hello and asked for the packet which my sister has asked him to bring.

I asked him to sit till I bring the packet from inside. I went in and bring it and asked him what he would like to have. He replied me a tea if I make it and serve him. I asked him but you never liked the tea. He replied that he can not dislike anything prepared by me. I went to the kitchen, prepared tea and served him.

After sipping it he said Ragini tea is very good and I would like to kiss the hands by which you prepared it, and straightway held my hands, and tried to kiss those. I asked him to behave properly and went out of the room. By the time he was sipping his tea. As soon as I was in the other room I felt something strange in my body.

After 5 minutes or so I returned back to the room and Amit was ready to leave at that time. Don’t know why I asked him to check the packet if everything is in order Didi had asked for. He checked the packet and there he was with my sports Bra in his hands and asked did your Didi ask for it, it does not belong to her. I was taken aback and with a muffled voice I said that it belongs to her.

To which he replied that I know which sort of undergarments your sister is used to and for sure it does not belong to her. Is it yourself Ragini? I just nodded in affirmative. He said to me it appears as I m having some flesh of you in my hands. I asked him what you mean. He replied that I am feeling as if I am having your beautiful boobs in my hand.

I was astonished at his bold words and asked him to return my Bra. But he responded negatively, and said that it is a treasure of life time for me, how I can return it. He further insisted that he wants to have a look at me in my undergarments, but I kept on denying. All of a sudden he said that I will tell your sister that you assaulted at me asked me for having sex with you.

I said that but I never did so and no body is going to believe you. He replied me that when I tell them about on which part of your body you have moles and birth mark, and then they will believe me for sure. I was taken aback by his answer; he was trying to blackmail me. I requested him not to do so, but he was adamant.

After much persuasion when he did not mend his way then I agreed to come in front of him in just my undergarments, but with a condition that he will not touch me nor he will come near to me, to which he instantly agreed. I took my mobile phone with me in the other room and there I removed my cloths and I was just in my Bra and panties.

After doing so I gave him a miss call as a token of his entrance in the room. The light in the room was switched off. The first thing he did on his entrance he switched on the light and soon after that (before I could understand), he took a pic of me with his mobile camera. I was angry at him, but he remained there watched me for few seconds, asked me to turn around,

watched my semi nude back, and asked me to wear my cloths and come to the other room. After wearing my cloths I followed him to the room, and asked him why he has taken my pic.
He replied me that for further blackmailing. I was angry but could not do anything. All of a sudden he held my hand, and pulled me on the sofa. I was sitting beside him now.

He took out his mobile and gave it to me and asked me to delete the pic of mine from mobile. I was just looking at his face, dumbfounded and speechless. I deleted my pic from the mobile and asked him what is in your mind. He took my face in his palms and told me that I neither want to hurt you nor blackmail you. What I did few moments ago I am sorry for that, and wont repeat same in future.

The only thing is I love u madly and I don’t know how I have developed a crush on you. All of these words melted my heart and all the bad things for him, and by now I was feeling much more sensuous and wet down my panties, because of sitting so close to him and of course the strip show few moments ago was also having its effect.

I just leaned on to him and as he was holding my face already in his hands, I kissed him on his lips and said thanks to him, and further said that I also love him so much. He too responded at the same time and took my lips between his and kissed me for another 5 minutes or so. Meanwhile his hands started to feel my boobs over my cloths, and this was too much for me.

My boobs got hardened with nipples pointing out, and my grip round his waist tightened. Then he lifted my top and placed his hand on my boobs and started sucking the left one. Gosh! I had gone mad. While playing like this for another ten minutes, his hand started moving towards my panties and on its way he played with my navel for a brief movement, and then inserted it in my panties, and felt my crotch there.

He asked me don’t you shave your pubes. I replied him that I do but have not since last two months. Then he asked me for any hair removal cream etc. and I gave it to him. He then took me to bathroom where he applied the cream on my pubes and washed it thoroughly after few minutes, and there it was my glistening silhouette. His mouth was wide open and eyes were lightning.

He then wrapped a towel around me and took me to my bedroom. I asked him his friend will be waiting for him. To which he replied, let him wait, and made a phone call to him that I can not come. In my bedroom he straight way bend on his knees on the floor, while placing me on the edge of bed, and placed his thirsty lips on the opening of my cunt.

I was again going mad while he was busy licking my virgin cunt. For 10 minutes he licked my cunt and during this time as and when he felt that I was on the verge of coming, he stopped and did not allow me to reach my climax. I was angry as well as wanting him more and more inside my cunt.

Suddenly he started turn around in such a manner that we were in 69 position by now and while sensing his intentions I removed his undy (as by now he had removed his other cloths by now), and licked his dick from his testicles to its head and took the globe inside my lips to return the favor. After few minutes he just took out his dick from my lips and lay down on me in missionary position.

He asked me have you done it before. I replied that with my fingers only. He further asked me that do you want me to enter you now. I replied will you stop if I deny. He replied not for sure, and placed his throbbing dick on the opening of my cunt lips, and as he was an experienced person he touched my twat first of all and then inserted his properly lubed (through my spit) dick, in a short jerk in my lubed cunt.

The only words which I could speak at that time were,” Aaaahhhhh! Jeeju dhire karo please. It’s paining. He acceded to my request. And remained still, and kept on sucking my lips and playing with my boobs. Then with some short jerks he was completely inside me. He kept on fucking me for next 15 minutes in this position and after that asked me to come over him.

Which I did and now I was riding his dick and this position added a lot to my excitement and put my lips on his lips, while he caught hold o my boobs and matched my pace with his jerks from below, and all of a sudden both of our bodies stiffened and I felt something getting bigger and bigger inside me and pulsating furiously.

Now after this sensational feeling we both were tired, h kissed my lips. And after lunch we had one more round. About that any other time. Please appreciate with your feedbacks, and tell me how you liked my story.

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Smitha having sex with Brother In Law Pradeep

Hi everyone around.I am smitha and im a 26 year old house wife.I am married to sandeep couple of years ago and im enjoying my life quite well in the metro.The incident I am going to narrate is my sexperience with my brother-in-law,Pradeep.Even though I am not very adventurous desi wife my situation has taken control of to have sex with pradeep.

He is a great flirt even though he just 19 when he fucked me.May be its my voluptuous structure thats making him an even bigger flirt of me.He would never miss a chance to steal a glimse of my milky globes which are more than a fistfull for him.There are a numerous incidents where he tried to rub his limbs to my arse or boobs.

Actually myself and sandeep were staying in an appartment alone and having a great life untill pradeep came in to have some coaching in the city.Now we are having a hell of a great life. Sandeep as he is doing job in an emerging software company he will always have to put that extra effort in the company which means extra pleasure for both of us.

All this seducing episode from pradeep has started very recently.Infact he was a virgin untill he lost it to my pussy where his very own brother lost it.It was monday morning,me and sandeep woke up early.As he is to go to the office by 8 I had to hurry with all the early household work. Pradeep's coaching starts at 10 so he can wake up late so he is still sleeping in his room.

I was wearing a red cotton sarry and a matching blouse and there is nothing inside my faintly transparent blouse which if observerved keenly can make my dark nipples visible over my white tanned boobs.I rushed through most of the work and has sent sandeep to office. The I started to mop the floor.

I was carrying a bucket of water a cloth with my sarry below my belly button exposing navel and with tight blouse which gives a very clear out line of my breasts and loose pallu.I went on to mop the floor of our bedroom and went to the next.Pradeep was still sleeping there on the bed. He was jus just wearing a boxer and was exposing his sensous body.

He had a athletic and strong body.I never had any bad intentions untill then but just for a secound felt that itching between legs.I then started to mop the floor by sitting on my knees and bending forward and most of my clevage is clearly visible from the front with my pallu is loose.

Even though I was busy mopping the floor I constantly kept looking at him,the boxer has not covered more than his thighs and I had a great view of his tight buttocks.He wore no shirt and his body is great to watch.I finished moping on one side and went to other where I was facing him,he was lying side on.

It was almost time and had to wake him up but I thought otherwise to just enjoy looking at him and continued mopping while feeding my eyes.And at one moment when I looked up,he was feeding his eyes on my cleavege while I was bending to mop.i know what he must be thinking, he would love to have my nipples on tongue and my globes squeezed undr his palms.

But when I saw straight at him,he just pretended to sleep.So I thought to play it naughty,with the name of waking him up I kept my cold palm on his naked thigh and pushed him he didnt wake up, i knew he was acting.He simply changed his angle as if sleeping upright. There was a huge tent under his short where he wore nothing underneath.

Next thought is to reach the top of his tent and hold his bulb.In the name of waking him up from sleep I raised my hand and jus when I was about to reach his manhood the clock has struck 8.I came back to consious and I was taken aback.What am I doing? The situation is quite hot in the room I just took the bucket and came out of the room.

I continued with other works and called out pradeep to wake up.He woke up and came into the hall,he still wore nothing on top and could see the tent is still on.He is daring me now I can feel it but I kept my cool.I gave him tea and told him I am going to bath and took the towel and went into the attached bathroom.

The handle lock of the door is broken and it left back a small hole to the bathroom door, as much as a 25paise coin.But I least expected him to take advantage of it.I slowly strated to undress. Took the sarry off and placed it on the hanger and the unhooked my blouse and my boobs have sprung to life like birds released from a cage.

Then I pulled the string of my undergarment below as it dropped to the floor.I placed them all on the hanger.The next thing I did was I reached to my hairy pussy with my right hand and was not surprised its wet.I know it needs some nice trashing.I smelled the hand and them I cupped my boobs with my hand felt proud of my sexy structure. My nipples were hard. i pinched them playfully.

I still had this naughty feeling to have my pussy filled by pradeep but was unable find courage. Out I exitement I slowly bent down stcking my arse in the air and peeped through the hole of the door wanting to watch pradeep.I never expected it but the sexual urge I me wanted to watch him and I got it.

He slowly walked into the room and opened the wardrobe and searched and pulled out my bra from it.He burried his face into it and smelled it like a dog.He then reached for his pole inside the boxer and brought it out with his right hand and placed my white bra over his dick and rubbed it.

At that moment I felt like he is gently stroking his penis in between my boobs while I was holding them together.I was serously getting wet in my pussy.I kept my middle finger deep inside and started to stroke it while watching him play with his penis infront of the dressing mirror. Then he walked forward and started coming towards the bathroom door.

I know what he is going to do next.I immediately moved under the shower and took my position. Opened the shower fully and got hold of the knob with one hand for grip and bent forward sliglty and reached my pussy with another hand.I closed my eyes tightly and was imagining being banded from behind like fucking dog by my pradeep.There was intense urge for sex.

I increased my speed of stroking and was gently touching my clitoris regularly and finally came to climax after sometime.I stayed like a rock for a minute catching my breath.I turned around and peeped thorugh the hole but didnt find him.Guess he has spilled his seed.The I finished my bath and came out in towel, it was just about covering my nipples but revealing my cleavage and hardly covering my knees.

I was really exited with the course of things,i walked to the bed room door as I would generally dress up with the door closed.As I was about reaching the door I saw pradeep sitting straight to door in the hall.The door is half closed and if it is fully open then he would be sitting straight to the dressing table in the bed room.I thought I to give him a nice show,so I opened the door ever soo slowly.

Now he can directly see the dressing mirror.I started to dress up behind the door so he can clearly watch my juicy body through the mirror.I dropped the towel to the floor making myself completely nude.I know he will be watching me.I am expecting him to take chance but he never did.I have dressed up.

I wore the white bra which he rubbed against his dick a few minutes ago and wore a skin colour blowse to arouse him and wore a matching sarry.I made sure I did wore it below my belly button. The blouse was tight and my boobs were pressed up revealing my cleavage. Now I am mentally fixed to have taste of his cock.But I should tempt him to make the move.

I know he is burning with desire to taste my pussy juices.I went out very normally and asked him to get ready,then he replied that he will not go out today.Now I know he too is planning something naughty. I served him the breakfast after he has brushed and I finished all the work. Finally I came and settled infront of the TV.We both sat in the individual chairs.

He still was wearing the short and his cock is throbbing from the side of his boxer I could the buldge quite clearly.He kept some channel and placed the remote on his thigh.I reached for the remote and by the back of the hand touched his cock.There was slight moment in him but still he not getting courage.

I have changed the channel and placed the remote on my lap and kept my hand behind the head giving him a nice view of globes side on.There were rabbits in the rooms beside the tv which we used to pet.Sudden they started to fuck madly and there was that funny sound. He then asked me innocently what are they doing?

I smiled and said they got the age and doing what they have to.Then he reached for the remote in my lap and pressed it against my pussy gently and touched my thigh.I am getting very exited. Then I asked him to go to bath.Then he went and removed his cloths and tied the towel. Then I called to get something from in attic in the kitchen.

He climbed up on the chair while I was holding it.I could have clear view of his manhood from under. He knew why I asked him to climb the attic now,he saw the exitement in me and the way I was watching his dick.He then let the towel to fall to the floor and stood naked on the chair with his dick standing like a beacon.

Ohh he said and before he could get down I caught his penis with my hand and gave a gentle stroke."What is this pradeep" "Sorry Bhabhi"."Its not time to sorry"."You need punishment,give me a massage right now."

As I stood there he hesitantly has removed my sarry and the with both hands started to unhook my bra and with my hand I reached his standing dick and pulled him closer and started to stroke it gently and could see on his face he was enjoying it.As he unhooked me my erect nipples came out and my boobs have sprung to life.

He took them both in his hands like a hungry cat and he started to suck my nipples.I held his face and took him off my boobs and kissed him on his lips.He never kissed anyone like this I knew it the way he is doing it to me.I then made myself nude infront of him completely.Pushed him on to the bed and spread his legs.Took his dick deep into my mouth and started to suck it.

He just gave a shiver.He didnt know what to do.He held the bed spread with his hand and the other was place on my head and he was pushing me on to his cock.I took his balls into my mouth and was playing his penis with my hand and as I was about to increase the speed he just exploded and the cum was sprayed over my face.He innocently said sorry.

Then I said no problem and I sat on the bed and asked him to lick my pussy.He hesitantly went down and brought out his tongue and placed it over my clitoris.I was just over the cloud nine. And as he went on to work out with my hairy pussy I was rubbing my nipple and was swearing out loud.He is really a good licker though he was hesitant in the starting.

He was licking me soo much but I never was at climax but he got back his erection.He was gasping for breath.Then I made him lay down and mounted on cock to ride it.As I sat heavily on it the dick just deep into my pussy.I gently started to ride his cock.As was increasing speed he loved everybit of it.And finally we came together.

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Sex with horny Saroj bhabhi

I am 45 yrs and live in Delhi. It happened when my distant cousin came to our house 4 years back. I was living with my parents as I was separated from my wife. The cousin’s wife Saroj was very attractive and they were married for one year. Cousin came to Delhi for a job and we told him till he collect good amount of money, he can stay with us so that it is easier to find a good house for a rent.

Saroj always helped my mom in household works and was very helpful. Within 15 days I got attracted to her and started thinking of getting her on bed. She never talked to me much as I was elder to her husband and in our culture they are not supposed to talk much with them.

Anyway, few days later I got an idea. I had a one porn booklet of hardly 20 pages with great exciting pictures of fucking. One day I put that booklet in open on my bed so that she can see it while she comes to my room for cleaning and setting. I prayed God that my mom does not come that day.

I went to bath room as soon as I got an Idea that she is coming. I just concentrated the room activities and when I was sure that she has left, I came from toilet. And I was looking for that booklet. It was no where, I searched my room completely but all in vain. I wanted this and next day when I was in my room and Saroj came to set-up my room, I took a courage and asked her that did she see a booklet.

She denied, but then I requested her, that it was not mine, and I have to return it to my friend, If she like that I can give her another one but not that one. She did not say anything and went. Next day in the evening she came to my room and told me that “Bhayiya Ji that book I have kept where it was.”

I was happy that she has seen that book and now I had more courage and waited for next day when she comes to my room. Next morning when I got to know that she is coming to my room, I went to Toilet and did not close the door and was sitting on my western WC. She opened the door and started managing the items in the toilet.

She did every thing without seeing me. I knew that she knows I am there. I did my my stuff and get out of the toilet, And then she again went to toilet to clean the huge mirror in the toilet. This time I gether my full courage and hugged her from behind. She was little shoked and said “ Bhaiya pls mat karo, kisi ko pata chal jayega” With her reply I was now sure that she was only scared and not that she does not wanted.

I took her on my bed and started pressing her boobs. She had small one but they were very firm. I took out her salwar and panty. It was so cute pussy, it was small and had very few hairs on it like a gal of 16 years. This excited me too much. I started sucking her pussy and the juices were flowing like anything.

I could not control myself and took my pants off and put straight my dick in. Ooooooh my god, it went in so smoothly because it was wet or else my 7” dick would not have been easy for her. While fucking I kissed her and she was enjoying it too. She said “Bhaiya aap bahut kharab ho” But I did my fullest exploration and we fucked for 20 minutes and then I came.

And then I saw her fully, her waist was so sexy, slim and slendor. We did few sessions when ever we got time and later they moved. But since than we never had chance. I still remember her marvelous body.

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