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Sexy favours for Sister In Law

I was in the middle of picking up some groceries when I got a call from my wife that she was not able to go pickup her sister who was going to live with us for the next two weeks. I threw the groceries in the back and headed straight to the airport. I had not seen Priyanka my sister in law for over 3 years.

She had moved to Delhi for her academics and I was a little curious to see her because of all the updates I had been following on facebook, she seemed like she had grown up to be quite a hottie. I waited for about half an hour post the arrival time and noticed a beautiful girl waving out to me;

She looked way hotter in person, the last time I saw her she was in out of fashion clothes and geeky glasses just out of her school. Now, she had classy shades on, a tight tshirt and jeans. She had put on weight in the right places – if you know what I mean (wink, wink) I looked her up and down a few times and said, wow – you have really changed girl – she giggled and hugged me.

I pulled her bags to the car and we started driving back home. Every once in a while, I had to turn and look at her and say that I was pleasantly surprised that she seemed really happy and confident of herself. She just blushed and thanked me. We got home and I showed her the room she was going to stay in and gave her a little tour of the house and introduced her to the pet dog.

Her sister (my wife) Rachna and I knew each other since we were in college. I met her at a local fashion show where both of us were amateur models. We both have come a long way since, we have our own modeling agency now and part of Priyanka’s purpose to be with us was to help us with a big event we were planning to host in another week.

Later that evening, we ordered some dinner for her sister and some friends who had come over and was generally having a good time when I noticed a common friend Tilak getting close with Priya. Even though this guy was a good friend of mine, I was a little worried considering he was already married and was flirting with my sister in law.

I signaled to my wife who very nicely got in between their conversations and sent Priya to me. I warned Priya of the guy very gently but the fact that he was married did not seem to bother her, she kept saying that she was here to have a good time. Later that night I spoke to Rachna about that, she said it was nothing big and that she would talk to her sister the next day.

I was with a client the next day when I got a message from my wife asking me to call back, after I was done I called Rachna and she explained how she had talked to Priya and it seemed that she was super determined to lose her virginity before her 19th birthday which was in a week.

I asked her to talk some sense into her sister to hold on till she found a right guy but it seemed like that concept was not selling with her. Out of nowhere Rachna asked me if I would be interested in deflowering her,

I confess I was a surprised but I kind of understood where this thought was coming from because in the past year we had tried a lot of role playing sex where we acted like we were related to each other and sometimes we were two strangers meeting for the first time and sometimes we would pretend we were other couples we knew.

One of those instances I remember asking my wife to act like she was her kid sister while I was her uncle. But for real?? As much as I did not like the idea of her throwing herself at some random guy, I knew this was wrong – But again, there was a deep dark emotion hidden somewhere in me that got me very excited at the thoughts of me getting to explore and taste this beautiful woman who was untouched by any other man so far.

I asked her how she planned on convincing her sister about it and she said that she would work out a plan. My wife and Priya spent that evening sipping on wine and she got her sister worked up talking about how adventurous we were in our bedroom and how I always satisfied everything that she wanted and much more.

Priya had loads of questions and Rachna answered everything without sparing any details. I walked in a little later and noticed Priya stare at me very differently, Rachna and I said our goodnight to Priya a little later and we headed back to our bedroom. I was about to ask her how it went when she turned back and kissed me hard and whispered, “she is watching”

We both gave her a show like a porn movie; Rachna pulled my dick out of my pants and sucked them while I fingered her clit and anus. Very soon I was banging her in various positions and finally sprayed my cum over her boobs. I lay back and noticed Priya’s shadows behind the door. It was a little weird to hang around Priya for the next two days, the event she had come to help for went real smooth.

We held a little party together for Priya’s birthday; we invited a few close friends and had a barbecue on the roof top. We made sure Priya was not having too much to drink and slowly started to send people away. But around half past midnight, everyone had gone and it was just the two sisters and me.

After giving my goodbyes to the last person to leave, I went back on the terrace; the two sisters were talking when I walked in. Rachna gave an excuse to make a call and left us. I raised a toast to good health and kissed Priya gently on the lips. She shyly smiled and looked away. I stepped up to her and said, I have a birthday present for you.

Come with me and took her hand and slowly lead her to our bedroom. I played some Tom Jones and gave her a little dance, she giggled and looked away. I gave her a box and she opened it, her eyes brightened up when she saw what was inside. It was a beautiful diamond chain Rachna had picked up the day before.

She hugged me tight and thanked me; I turned her towards the large mirror and started to put the chain on her. She was in a one piece gown and I brushed my fingers gently over her shoulders and slid the chain naughtily into her cleavage and pulled it out and clipped it around her neck. She giggled and stared back into my eyes in the mirror.

I ran the tips of my fingers over her neck and arms occasionally kissing and brushing her with my lips. Her expression changed from her bright smile to a serious face, her eyes were half open and she looked like she was in a trance. I turned her face towards me over her shoulder and kissed her lips really gently. She tasted so pure like how my wife tasted when we were young.

She turned away and said something about her sister walking in on us and I said, don’t worry this is her idea. Her big smile came back on her face and said, are you joking?? I said, does this look like I am joking - and laid a big kiss on her mouth and started to search for her tongue. She kissed me back and for the next few minutes we just stayed locked there tasting each other’s tongue.

It felt like I was back in college at the backyard of Rachna’s house. She did not seem to want to separate our mouths, everytime I pulled back she would stick her face back into mine and start kissing me again. I started to run my hands all over her and she just had her arms around my neck as if to make sure I was not running off anywhere.

I lifted her dress and ran my hands over her perfect round ass, occasionally brushing her butt crack and to meet her wet spot on her panties. I leaned towards the bed and she let go falling softly on the bed, I pulled her dress down and she almost tore my shirt off. I started to kiss and nibble on her nipples and she ran her fingers through my hair and my back.

I moved down to her crotch and I was surprised how strong she smelled, I moved her panties to the side and she opened her legs and let out a gentle scream when my mouth touched her pussy lips. She wrapped her legs around my face and started to squirm all over the bed, I had to push my face up a little to avoid suffocation but I still sucked on her clit till she gushed her juices all over my face.

She opened her legs and saw me trying to catch my breath. She lay next to me and started to talk to me about how amazing that felt when we both were startled to hear my wife say – pull his dick out Priya! Priya chuckled and started to tug at my pants, my wife noticed how her sister was struggling and stepped closer and in two seconds had my dick spring out free.

Priya looked up at her sister who reassuringly smiled back and signaled her to go ahead. Priya held my dick and curiously moved it around and then lowered her face towards the head and my eyes automatically closed the second she wrapped her warm lips around it. She was no expert but she seemed like she picked up a few tricks watching her sister suck me a few nights

I reached out and rubbed my wife’s legs and she reached out to the cupboard next to the bed and handed me a condom pack. I put it on and lay Priya in a missionary position and pushed my finger in a few times and opened her up. I slowly pushed my dick in her. She seemed uncomfortable in the first dozen thrusts but she seemed to find the rhythm and started to move with me.

After a few minutes she said she could not take it any longer and asked me to stop. She went to the washroom to clean up and Rachna followed her. I looked back at the bed to see a bloody spot. I lost my hardon and pulled my condom off. I was pulling my pants up when both the ladies walked back in to the room, Priya was smiling and said – I don’t think we are done yet.

I looked at my wife and she nodded. Priya came towards me and put her hand into my pants and I could feel instant electricity pass through my body. I put her back on the bed in missionary and fucked her with another condom while the wife watched. I could see that she was doing this just to please me even though she obviously was in pain; I forced myself to cum quickly in the condom.

We all slept together that night and in the morning I woke up to Priya staring at me with a cup of coffee in her hands. Rachna had gone to work. We fucked a few times that day, she was very brave enough to try different positions that we had taken months to get comfortable in.

Long story short, she went back to Delhi a week after that but she wrote to us often of coming back but her sister kept postponing things for reasons obvious that she was getting emotionally attached to me. As for me, even though I get everything I want from my wife sexually there is a little part of me that would like to have a threesome with another woman. Well again, her mom is visiting us next month.

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Vicky having sex with Rinku bhabhi

Hi readers, I am Vicky of 25/M & stay in Delhi. A sardar by religion & Punjabi breed makes me heavy built personality with 5.9” height, weighing about 70kg. The only reason to be here is to bring you a experience I had with my bhabhi Rinku. No need to say that names are not really. My elder brother got married 2 years ago with Rinku & we are happy living family in a big house of Delhi.

Our family is well bonded with love and affection in all of us & Rinku brought the same with her when got married. I never thought that things will turn out to be on this part which is out of intention & innocence. Sometimes when I was in the house I see that Rinku is always active in her day to day activities in house. I respect my parents brother and bhabhi too.

Honestly I never had any intentions on her. We have a family business which was going well. My brother was more engage whole day with my father in business while they always wanted me to study well and settle in UK, US. My mother was housewife. I got more attracted to Rinku when once I was fetching her from market by our car & she came and sat next to my seat.

She had done lot of shopping. She was wearing a red kurta, white duppatta and thin material white salwar typical Punjabi style. The cut of her kurta was very deep, and so I was able to see mild glimpse of her lacy panty which was of red colour. Sexy lingerie’s attracts me a lot, my weak point (kamzori).

She always dresses herself in typical Punjabi style kurtis, salwar, dupattas, chudi, payal. Now, in car while she was peeping out of car window, I would stare at her blurry visible panty. Since thn I had loose my control & always was in point to look at her undergarments somewhere in her room or kept in bathroom or hanged for drying. I never gave up noticing that see have varieties of lingeries.

Now my mind has been diverted to masturbate while imagining Rinku in those lingerie’s. I use to masturbate 2,3 times in a day. Once it so happened that my mother have been to Punjab. I use to go to college & on my return I saw Rinku working in the kitchen. Of course, I don’t have courage to propose of my crush directly but was planning something or the other to reach my target.

I started being free with Rinku. Helping her, touching her casually & chit chatting with her. She asked me “kya hua hai tenu aaj bohat madddad kar raha hai”, I said “bas aap akeli ho to maddad kar raha hu”, she said “koi aur irada to nahi”, I said “kya matlab?” she said “kisi ladki k chakar me to nahi hai tu?”, I said “of course not bhabhi”, she said “to fir?”,

I said “bhabhi 1 baat kahu?” she said “mai janti hu tere mann me kuch hai, bol!”, I said “bhabhi mujhe lingerie’s bohat attract karti hai, bhabhi sorry if I had cross the limit”, she said “nahi it is ok, but it is normal if it attracts & so?”. I said “I always dream about one girl studying with me to be in designer lingerie’s & that disturbs me since she is engage with someone”.

She said “to kya?”, on her such question I left the kitchen to my room and slept in depression. I was feeling shy to make eye contacts with Rinku anyway, days pass & after a week when I return from college. I went strainght to my room, she noticed it and then after an hour she knock, it was Rinku “can I come in?” Me “yes”. She came in & sat on my chair.

I was not making any eye contact and she asked “why r u behaving so?” I replied “just nothing bhabhi” Rinku was in light orange color tight to bodyfit kurti, salwar, dupatta. She was blushing a bit & I was trying to avoid. She said “can I do something for you?”, “no bhabhi it is fine” I replied. She stood up brush my hair & hold my ears.

I said “bhabhi I m in not stable mood, please leave me alone”. She said “dekh Vicky dard batnese kam hota hai, dekho mere paas, meri ankhon mein dekho…”. I looked at her eyes they were inviting me, but she is my bhabhi & this should not proceed. While I was looking at her she open her hair & made it loose spread on her shoulder & back.

I was also arousing I guess! She came closer to me and hold my cheeks & said “cheer up Vicky”. That’s it I pulled & hugged her badly, very firm, strong grip. I said “kaha thi tum itne din, kyu tadpa rahi thi?”. “Tujhe garam kar rahi thi Vicky”. “ab ye garmi kaha nikalu?”. “mujh par nikalo Vicky”. We hugged kissed all over face, neck, she had really very sweet aroma in her body.

I said “bhabhi mujhe aur ek chiz acchi lagti hai!” she said “kya?” I said “ladies ka gandi/sexy baat bolna”. She said “naughty, Aaj teri har tamanna puri karungi”. We again hugged and explored each other’s assets by our hands. She was holding my butt & I was rubbing her back; while having French kiss and eating and sucking each others mouth.

Later she came to my chest and kissed it over my t-shirt. I was in jeans too. She was lifting my t-shirt a bit and was feeling shy to remove it, I helped her do that. I lifted her kurti upto her gaand and was massaging her gaand covered in salwar and beneath was her lacy lingerie’s which I could feel. Touching the lingerie’s I got more aroused.

I lifted her kurti a little bit and bring it upto her boobs, allowing me to explore her tummy, belly button. Her skin was very soft and silky. I haven’t looked what color lingeries were they as I was exploring by my hand as we were busy in French kiss again. She was rubbing her hand over my hairy chest. She was loving it. She said “kurti utardo Vicky”.

I said “rinku randi saali tu aaj mere liye sabse bada accha tohfa layi ho” she said “ye kya bol rahe ho?” I said “maine kaha na mujhe gandi baate sunna accha lagta hai, bhool gai?” she said “accha yaad diya, waise mujhe bhi accha lagta hai par main bolti nahi hu kyu ke tera bhai mera pati hai is liye, lekin ab woh bhi bolungi”.

Next what she said was unbelievable “abbe ae bhabhichod, bhosadiwale, meri kurti nikal ab bohat ho gaya! Aaj tujhe main jannat ki sher karaungi”. I said “wow Rinku aur bolo…”. Now while lifting her kurti I was touching her lacy bra which was making me feel that my most pleasureable time is going to unveal today. I touched her bra’s lace and was feeling more erotic.

Then I turned her around so that she is facing against me. I rub her tummy and after making her hairs aside I lifted her kurti. I could see her bra straps, it was light yellow color designer lacy bra. I was on the verge of screaming out of pleasure but control. The moment I turn her around, I saw her boobs in light yellow bra, I got mad on it and was brushing my lips and eating those swollen mangoes, hmmm tasty.

She said “bhenchod kha mere aam chus madarchod, land ke baal, aaj teri bhabhi ko chod kar maza dilade chut marike”. Now she was only in bra, thin salwar with panty inside. I said “maa ki lodi aaj tak tere aage piche gumta raha tab kaha thi, mere bhai se shaadi ki to kya hua; mujhe ek baar chut nahi de sakti thi randi saali”. Our face were wet with saliva and we were breathing heavy.

Now I went down kissed her belly and kissed hard. She was crushing my head over her bra covered boobs. I was also pressing her buttocks in salwar and waiting to see her lacy panty. She was in dreamland and so was I. I started to pull her salwar’s nada and she stopped me with an intention if at all this can be stopped. But no chance, the arrow has left the bow and it has to hit the target.

I pulled the string and it got loosen up, I slide it down a bit and could see matching color lacy panty. I said “thank you Rinku”. She said “bhosadiwale aaj apni chudale bhenchod tujhe acchi lagti haina to bas aur kya chahiye? Mere paas bohat achhi lingeries hai jo color chahiye bol dena mil jayega aur nahi hoga to le aungi”. I was sliding her salwar down & rubbing her thighs.

I said “teri panty ghili hai aur bohat acchi khusbu aa rahi hai, aaj tu yaad karegi mujhse jo milega”. I slide her salwar and she step out of it and here she was in the best lingeries every seen by me. She had 36B bra on her boobs and nice panty. She started to move her body as if dancing and shaking to attract me. I was in jeans. On her every dance step my dick was giving a jerk upwards (raising).

I said “madarchod bas thumka hi lagayegi ya mujhe azad bhi karegi?” she came and wrap her right feet on my left leg and hugged again. Immediately after that she unbutton my jeans and I got a bit relax. She unzipped my jeans and I was playing with her boobs & pulling her panty strips to tease her. She sat on her knee and pulled my jeans upto my ankle.

I removed it on my own. I was in jockey and the bulge was near to her forehead. She rub her hand over my thighs and legs. Now I just lightly hold her hair and slowly guide her towards my bulge. She was a kind of resisting but my force made her close to the bulge. She put her hand beneath my balls and took it back to rub my butt & ass crack.

I said “kya meri gaand mein ungli karne ka irada hai?” she said “woh bhi kar dunga gandu thodi thand rakh”. From behind she pull my jockey making it to reaveal my butt. Cold air was touching my butt arousing me and she was like rubbing her hand with eyes closed, also brushing her lips to my loda which was in jocky.

I said “bhosadiki chaddi uttar ab intezar nahi hota, she got angry and pulled my jocky in one go till my ankle”. She was glad to see my dick which sprang out and hit her nose. She said “tera aur tere bhai ka ek jaise size ka hai bas uske paas time nahi hai aur tere paas bohat time hai. Aaj tere time ka sahi istemaal hoga dekhiyo”. I said “oh meri rani tu sach mein ek zabardast maal hai.

Mera bhai bhi pagal hai tujhe chhod ke who business mein pada rehta hai. Shayad mere liye hai chhoda hai tujhe madarchod” she said “kya tera land mere muh me lu?” I said “bhenchod to kya isko cut karne ke liye khola hai chut mariki, chal le randi pura andar lena nahi to maar dalunga madarchod”. She kissed the tip and rolled her tongue around it.

She said “maine teri iccha puri ki ab meri bhi kuch icchaye hai, tu puri karegana Vicky?” “teri har iccha puri hogi jann bas bol diyo”. She said “naa to nahi bolega na”. I said “kabhi nahi, bas bol”. She said winking her right eye “mere peshab (urine) se nahana padega tujhe, bol nahayega”. I said “nahi, main nahaunga nahi usse piyunga bhi, woh to mera amrit hoga”.

She was happy to hear my reply and now she was sucking my lund and making it grow more. I was holding her head and pressing towards me. Suddenly one more thought came to my mind and I said “ae raand idhar dekh, ae choot idhar dekh…dekh upar”. She looked at me with “?”, I said “tere paas high heel sandal hai?”, she said “kyu?” I said “meri gaand mein dalunga, saali choot mari ki.

Tujhe pehnaunga” she said “hai lekin bahar hall mein jana padega” I said “to jaa”. She open the door of my room and went to closed main door with scary face. Believe me she was only in her yellow lacy lingeries. She got it in her hand and rushed back to the bedroom. She got a beigh/gold color high heel sandal. I said put it “on”.

She did it. Now we were again back to each other hugging, kissing, and doing all arousing thing which was possible to do. I was slapping her when she push her gaand towards me while bending in the front. High heel was making her bump raise a bit and that was really looking great and welcoming. I was rubbing her butt and hitting slaps making it red.

She was swaying her head making her hair dance from one shoulder to other. I was in heaven and after dying will never ask for heaven, definitely prefer hell since heaven was all here in my bhabhi’s arms. Now I pull her and hugging her fell on the bed hmmm that was fun. She said “vick tu muth marta hai na!” I said “yes”.

She asked “kiske naam ka?”. “ae raand mere saamne tu rehti thi aur jabse teri red panty dekhi thi tabse main bas tere piche hi hu aur tere naam ka muth marta rehta hu, bhenchod tune meri neend udadi thi. Muth maar maar ke mera lauda dard karta tha fir bhi maarta rehta tha. Madarchod tune bohat tadpaya hai ab dekhti jaa”.

She said “arre mere Vicky darling ko bohat tadpaya hai to ab dekh kya karti hu” saying so she made me lie on bed and she came on top and sat on my thighs and took my lund in mouth, sucked once and blow air through mouth. She repeated many times making me feel cool like menthol. I said “tu bhi bohat badi chudakkad hai lagta hai”. She said “ae thoku chut hai chudane ke liye bas maze leta jaa raajaa”.

I hold her hand and brought her to have a frech kiss and were hugging and kissing each other at the same time were turning from one corner to other on the entire bed. Breathing heavily and getting sweat on our body was like fuel to fire. I told her to tie her hair, she did it and form a dough of hair and now she said

“tera bhai bhi accha chodta hai mujhe par who bohat jaldi karta hai, mujhe to aisa pyar chahiye jaisa tu kar raha hai….. Tere bhai ne meri seal todi thi, who bhi bohat jaldi jaldi mein kiya tha. Kash tu mera pati hota to mujhe seal todane ka alag hi maza aata. Khair jo hai so hai. Aaj jamke chudai karenge, bol chodega na?” I replied “aaj teri chut faad dalunga”.

Then again we were in each other arms. Finally she made me sleep on my back with my head on pillow & she sat on my crotch. Of course my dick was pushing towards her pussy but cannot enter due to her panty still on. She bend and kiss me and while going back spit on my face, I got angry but liked it. She rub it on my face and bit on my chest.

I hold her hand and brought her closer and taking my hands back opened her bra. She turned her face and was looking at the corner. Slowing I pulled her bra and revealed the hidden treasure (her melons). Fantastic guys I wish I could take some pictures and upload for you. She brought her hands on my tummy and I was massaging her boobs, holding her erect nipples.

Rubbing with my hand. She was looking at the ceiling with close eyes and moaning and started mummering “daba saale benchod, madarchod, lootle pure bubbe ko, daba aur nichod inn nipples ko….vicky aur karo bas karte raho haaaaa aeeeee ooooooo dabao meri jaan please rukna mat….!” I got more excited and was making her boobs red while pressing…!

Then while holding her gaand I turn around and she was on her back and me on top. I was sucking and sucking and sucking her boobs…..lovely feeling it was. I rolled her on her stomach and kissed her buttocks over panty. I rolled her again on her back and took my head near her crotch and was sucking her pussy over panty. She was wet like hell.

She was holding my head and was pressing towards her pussy. I put my hand in her panty strips and started sliding down. She was badly massaging her own pussy and the moment I reached her knee with her panty, she almost stood up on her knee and threw the panty after removing. She stood in a way that my face was exactly below her pussy.

Within seconds she squirted with almost 1 litre of fluid. She squirted on my face and I was wet. I tasted it, it was annoying but was giving immence pleasure too. I find it great and the very next moment she fell on bed landing on her gaand. She was almost exhausted. I said “yeh kya kiya saali raand, tu mere pe muti benchod” she said

“menu malum nahi lagta hai me bohat excited ho gayi thi, sorry” I said “lekin sahi mein maza aa agaya yaar. Chudai karo to ismein koi restriction na rakho bas maza lete jaao” “Rinku I love you sweetheart, you are great. Kaash tu meri randi biwi hoti benchod” After a break of 5 min we came into position and were hugging.

She said “ chal chod ab bas ho gaya, raha nahi jaata” I took a good position and try to push my dick in her lovehole. It was not easy on my part but was managing it by any way and little by little was pushing and finaly it was in. I have hit the target. After 30 seconds I started stroking and pushing my bhabhi to heaven, she had tied me with her ankle now and I was just fucking my dream bhabhi.

Thanks to those red panty and my like to lingeries. Since it was my first time. I stroked a finally felt my legs shivering she understood and told me “pani mere mu mein chodiyo chodu nahi to gadbad ho jayegi. I was not understanding what will happen next and how I will do wht she said?

She helped me took it out and took my wet lund in her mouth after laying me on my back and let my whole cum flow in her mouth. She lick it clean and sucked my dick. Oh we were exhaust. She also selpt beside my arms and were tired to rest. But she had really made me feel the pleasure of being a man and correct way to use my dick.

We had a lot more session of love and sex, but first one will be always remembered. I hope by writing my experience you were into my stories with me on the same bed and enjoyed the way I did. I would love your comments in return. Cheers. Good bye.

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Sex with sweet Meena bhabhi

This happened yesterday with me,I (28yr)stay in Bhopal, my cousin brother Rajesh(36yr) with his wife (Meena) also stay in Bhopal.Meena Bhabi was a damn sexy Gujju lady from Amarawati having nice boobs n innocent face she is just 26, I always dreamt of having her one day.

yester day I went to cousin house to see him, he was not there and had gone on tour, so I decided to stay back and gossip with bhabhi, she was looking gorgeous as ever in her blue sari and sleeveless blouse after some time of chatting of here and there she went off to her kitchen to make tea for both of us..

i also accompanied her and stood by the door of kitchen watching her making tea, her back was towards me as we continued our chatting. I could see her milky white waist and her anklets in her feet that made me horny.. I thought of taking a chance and placed my hands around her waist from behind and embraced her, she was taken aback by my action and screamed Bhaiya what r u doin?

And started to resist, I kept embracing her and whispered her in her ears bhabhi u r so pretty and sexy that I cant control myself anymore so plzz let me taste u, she struggled agasint me and said No bhaiya plzz leave me Now I kept my left hand on her waist and started to move my right hand over her body and placed it lightly on her left boob over her blouse.

She now shuddered and gasped slightly. now I turned her towards me and simply pressed my lips over hers, she tried to scream but my lips over her red juicy ones muffled it now she started to pinch my shoulder and beat my chest as I kept kissing her, I sucked her lower lips and tried to part her lips but she did not part her lips so I shifted my lips from her to her now

bare shoulder and arms as her pallu was now lying on the floor exposing her blouse covered boobs. I kissed her shoulder licked her neck as my hands played with her boobs and one around her back held her close to I shifted my lips on to her boobs trying to suck it thru her blouse bite her nipples above it.she screamed nooooooo.

while pulling at my hairs try ing to pull my lips away from her boobs. But she seemed feeble against my lust..i then picked her up in my arms and took her to the bed room, she tried to get off while she kicked her legs in a futile manner. as I reached her bedroom I threw her into the bed..and myself got up and with a swift movement removed my t-shirt,

she tried to get up but I was too fast for her as I grabbed her by her arms and set my hot lips on her belly button sucking at it and biting her waist. She kept saying no no no plzz bhaiya leave me..i didnt give a ear to her crying and kept myself steady at devouring that sexy and hot body.

As I was kissing her navel and waist my right hand wandered down to her calf and lifted her sari as my moved my hands upwards. and caressed her smooth sexy thighs..the feel of her thighs against my palm made me more horney as I shifted my lips once again to her neck licking and biting it.

Now as more and more I was caressing and kissing her, she also became heated up and aro used by a unfamilier hands and lips upon her naked skin..i now decided to denude her and take her full, so I got up and looked into her eyes, as I reached for the hooks in her blouse as I touched it she grasped my hands and tried it push them off I just brushed her hands aside

and unhooked her blouse and split it open to expose her golden tits barely covered by her lacy black bra..i reached her back unclasped her bra pushed it up releasing her tit from their prison and set my lips on her lips as now my hands cupped her tits with my bhabi understood that she have to give in anyway and enjoy it with me only so she I guess decided to
give in

and didnt resist as I sucked her lower lips again and try to part her lips..she now parted her lips and I thrust in my tongue inside her trying to suck her with mine, now she cooperated fully to my hot kisses and sucking as my hands tweaked her nipples I could feel her nipples harden unde r my merciless palms and she in turn caressed my forearms with her, moaning softly.

Now I sat up again and set my attention to her saree and petticoat..i slowly unwrapped her sari and unknotted her petticoat from her slim waist and pulled them down her sexy legs baring her silky legs against my lusty stare and hot lips and my naughty hands. Now I made her sat up slid down her open blouse and bra thus leaving her nude sexy hot body with her panty just on her.

She looked really hot and now I set my lips on her thighs and as I did she gasped at my touch of my hot lips on her naked skin.I started to lick and suck at her thighs as she grabbed on the wooden board above her head..and her face opened in a moan I went down to her toes licking and sucking at them played with her anklets with my lips and teeth,

now I went up to the naked and hard tits and set my lips on them, now she just arched up her tits against my mouth as my tongue twirled around her nipples and bite them and suck them hard, she now massaged my back with one of her hands while the other grasped at the bed sheet..she moaned became louder as my set my lips and mouth to feed freely upon the tits.

now I kissed her once again and held her panty by the rim and pulled it down her lgs leaving her in the bed totally unguarded against me.. i also got up undressed fully as she watched my cock spring free from it bondage. now I set myself between her legs as I parted her silky legs and set my lips upon her bush she crooned and arched her back.

i parted her clit and pushed my tongue up her clit..i went mad at my touch of tongue as she grabbed my hairs and pushed it further down her silky hot thighs and grabbed my head with her thighs..i went slurp slurp on her clit and she soon came in my mouth..then I went up kissed her now juicy and hard but wanting lips and as soon as I placed my lips upon her she thrust

in her tongue in mine and started to k iss me passiaonately..all the time her slim finger were playing at my back and with my hairs..i kissed her neck and bit her ear lobes,,she cried out ohhh..then I told her I m goin to hurt u..she said bhaiya it was ok from out but plzz dont fuck me and spoil me.

i told her dear no one will come to know and moreover now I m too hot to leave u untouched so be I parted her pretty and silky legs and lay on top of her, I positioned my rod agaoinst her hole..and pushed it as I kissed her nipples..she cried bhaiya plzzzzzzzzz dont dont do. ahhhhhhhhhhbut I entered her half she bit her lips in pain.

i withdrew again and pushed hard to reach her end..she arched her back and cried out ohhhhhhhhhh.goddd. now I embraced her and kept my lips onto her nipples and kept sucking her titts as I fucked her in slow rythem and got her moving with me..she soon started to enjoy the ride as she kept on moaning and locked her heels with anklets around my back

and dug her nails at my back and kept scratching me hard as I incraesed my speed or ramming her. Now I was fucking her madly as her mouth opned in a torn moan and she kept creaming.. ahh.ahhh ahhh.. and I kissed her lower lips and chin and neck and licked her sweat from her forehead and neck and she too masaged my back with her hands.

now I was bout to come but she came earlier as she clutched at my back and dug her nails painfully and tightened her legs around my back..and arched her back as she moaned loudly ohhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd..i too soon came in her and pumped my come in her as her cunt also milked my cum..i rammed her few more times roughly and hard then lay on top of her.

kissed her lips and she responded quickly grabbing my cheeks with her hands..i asked her bhabi did u enjoy..she said yes u were better than my hubby and this was the best sex I ever had..i asked dear do u want more of it..she smiled I got off from her naked bod y..again kissed her on her legs and licked her whole body with my rough tongue

she became hot again and moaned loudly..then I picked her legs up my shoulder and now entered her cunt hole in a single stroke..she gasped loud and held on to the side of the beds as I rammed her hard, she moved with me and kept holding on to the side..crying and gasping in short breaths..

ahh..ahhh a..hhhhI fucked her hard and rough as I kept my hands on her waist to guide her all the way I reached down and sqweezed her boobs kissed her legs as she locked her heels around my neck,, now we both came together..and after my final strokes. I fell on top off her and said I love you bhabhi.

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Garima fucked hard by her horny Devar Sonu - II

Previously: Garima fucked hard by her horny Devar Sonu - I

He raised his hands and climbed on the bed and moved towards me, I tried to run towards the door but Sonu got hold of my arm and pulled me on the bed. I was trying to get away from him and tried to hit him, but being a strong man of around 5'10" it hardly mattered to him and in a minute or two I was laying on my back totally in his control and was unable to move.

Sonu was sitting on his knees around my thighs, holding my hands. I tried to move my legs to get away but I couldn’t move as Sonu was really very heavy. I was continuously trying to push him and he was trying to maintain his control over me. I spoke while trying to release my hands and with that I tried my best to get up to push Sonu from my top

“Sonu chhod mujhe, warna main shor machaaungi” (leave me, or I will scream) “To fir machaao shor, koi hoga to sunega na...... Bhabhi tumhe main aaram se bol raha hoon chup chap karwa lo, tumhe bhi mazza aayega aur mujhe bhi, kisi ko kuch nahi patta chalega,……. tum mujhe se bach nahi sakti, sab hone ke baad agar ghar pe bologi to izzat tumhari kharab hogi, mera kuch nahi jaayega”

(then scream, nobody is here to listen, ……Bhabhi I am telling you, let me do it comfortably, we both will enjoy, and nobody will come to know about this, ………..and if you will complaint after everything then ultimately you will suffer not me) Sonu spoke casually while controlling my efforts.

I was breathing heavy, as I was really tired now and puffing and I stopped struggling and once again asked for mercy while losing strength and hope. “Sonu please maan ja chhod de mujhe, main Bhabhi hoon teri” ( Sonu please, leave me I am your Bhabhi) “tum maan jaao na, ek baar aaram se karwa lo, dobara force nahi karunga” (let me do it once I will not force you again).

I was tired, and from my gesture Sonu thought that I have surrendered, he released my hands and thought about getting up from my top may be to take off my and his own clothes. I pushed him with my full strength and for a second Sonu got shocked, but he was still partially on my top and after a minute of fumble he again got hold of me and looked into my eyes with anger

because I nailed him on his arm in that fumble and it pained him. Sonu held my both the wrists in one hand and took my duppta from the bed and said, “Bhabhi mujhe tumhara rape hi karna padega, tum pyar se nahi manogi” (Bhabhi I have to rape you, you will not realize peacefully) he tied my hands with that duppta very tight and spoke again “abb dekho main tumhare saath kya karta hoon”

(now just see that what I am going to do) he ripped off my kurta from the neck and next moment I was almost half naked from the top, I was wearing white color bra. Sonu squeezed my big tits vigorously over the bra between her hands and I screamed in pain. Sonu continued squeezing them for a minute saying, “jab pyar se bol raha tha kaarwa lo to manni nahi, abb cheelaao jittna chillana hai”

(when I was asking for this calmly then you didn’t realized, now scream if you want to scream), then spoke again after a long pause, “aj achhe se innka doodh peeyunga, bahut din se innko sirf dekh ke kaam challa raha hoon”, (today I will milk them nicely, I just use to stare them till now) with that he tried to pull bra too and with bit of effort he tore that too,

and next moment I was totally naked from the top, my hands were tied, holding my arms very tight my devar was sucking my tits like an animal. I was struggling trying to push him away, but I was too weak as compared to Sonu as he was sitting on me while holding my arms very tight while leaning on my breast.

After sucking and biting my breasts one by one for another one minute Sonu got up a bit and pulled the string of my salwar and further got up bit more to take it off. Once again I got bit of chance in that and I pushed him and tried to escape. I tried to crawl on the bed to get on the other side towards the door, Sonu pulled me from my feet and now I was laying on my stomach,

once again I was in his control and this time he scratched my salwar in pieces, I was just in panty, he spoke in lusty tone, “Bhabhi kahan jaaogi bachke, aaj main tunhari le ke rahunga” (Bhabhi where will you go from me, today I am going to fuck you in any case). Sonu turned me on my back and again sat around me and leaned a bit to kiss me.

Once again collected my strength and tried to kick him between his legs but I missed as he got conscious and finally my kick landed hitting his thigh which hardly made any impact on him physically but my this act made him angry and he spoke in anger “Bhabhi abb tum hilna band karogi ya main tumhe mazza chakhaoon, bolo kya chahti ho hain”?

(Bhabhi now if you will not stop struggling then I will teach you lesson, tell me what you want). With that he pulled my panty down and immediately inserted two of his thick fingers in my cunt, this sudden penetration of my cunt took my breath away, and I screamed in pain. Without wasting a minute, Sonu continued fisting my cunt with fast in and out movements and with every push inside my cunt he was murmuring,

“lo aur lo, hmmmm… aur lo achhe se lo, Bhabhi ye tumhare devar ki taraf se tumhe gift hai, ye lo aur ander lo”, with every fist his fingers were getting deeper and deeper and he was touching certain deep corners of my fuckhole which were never explored, and with in minute I was flooding like a river, don’t know how it happed, unknowingly my body was supporting him and apart from pain I was moaning bit in pleasure.

I tried to control my sexual urge and spoke to myself that he is doing rape on me, and tried not to feel pleasure and suddenly Sonu’s fingers went further deep and I screamed and my cunt got tight around his fingers. I closed my eyes and tears flowed down from my eyes. Sonu was continuously fisting my cunt and by this time I was wet and flooding like hell.

I was very close to my burst and every time he pushed his fingers deep inside me I touched peak and felt as if this time I will burst. His strength was incredible as the way he was holding me tight from my shoulder and fisting me while sitting on his knees between my spread legs and leaning over me I did not have any option except to surrender myself.

For the time being my struggle was over and Sonu was relaxed, but he continued finger fucking me while holding my waist now and with every jerk he tried to lift my bottom to get even deeper in my fuckhole. Don’t know it was his strength or it was me, who was lifting my bottom to get the pleasure, I felt as if I am going to faint, I was losing consciousness, and surely it was not because of pain,

don’t know if I was enjoying getting raped by my devar, I tried a lot to control myself, suddenly he placed his thumb on my clit and pressed that portion hard, I went out of my senses, a strange sensation ran through my body and walls of my vargina contracted and I went through shattering orgasm and shivered like never before while cumming in the history of my married life till now.

I felt like dying in shame, how can I feel excitement while getting raped, I asked myself and tried to hold Sonu’s hand with my tied hands, he laughed a bit, he knew that I have cummed and cummed like anything and spoke after a minute, “Bhabhi kyun mujhe rape karne ke liye majboor karr rahi ho, mujhe aaram se karne do, tumhe bhi mazza aayega”

(Bhabhi why are you forcing to me rape you, let me do it, comfortably, you will also enjoy) Somehow I covered my face with my tied hands and started crying, I was dead tired. After a minute, I felt that Sonu is getting up from my top, I lied there unmoved for few seconds and opened my eyes, Sonu was taking off his clothes while standing on the bed.

Once again I tried to run towards the door, more or less Sonu was ready for this and he again caught me and I struggled more and tried to hit him and banged him on his face with the tied hands, which made some impact on him physically, but result was same, once again I was in his control after bit of struggle,

but From his way to control me physically I could see that he was much more angry then before, on my act. He simply threw me on bed carelessly and came on bed and finally I was laying on my stomach and Sonu was on my top from behind and now he was just in his jockey.

He was pressing me hard down towards the bed from his left arm and with his right hand he squeezed my hips and spoke in anger, “Bhabhi tum maanogi nahi, abb dekho main tumhari Gaand maarunga, aaj takk bhaiya ne bhi tumhare wahan nahi daala hoga, aaj main daalunga jittna chillana hai chillao, dekhta hoon kaun aata hai tumhe bachane”

(Bhabhi you are not going to realize, now see I will fuck your ass, even Bhaiya have not inserted there, today I will inset it, you just scream if you want to, I will see who is going to come to save you). I could imagine that the way I was laying under him and the way my devar was holding my legs apart with the help of his knee, he could clearly see my asshole.

He lifted himself maintaining his hold on me and took off his last cloth and got totally naked, and spoke again, “Bhabhi main mazaak nahi karr raha hoon, dekho ye meri finger hai” (Bhabhi I am not joking, see this is my finger) he placed his middle finger on my ass hole and tried to insert it. I screamed in pain as just tip of his thick finger went inside my virgin asshole.

“Bhabhi Mera lund Bhaiya ke lund se mota bhi hai aur lamba bhi hai, abb wo iss chhote se hole ke ander jaayega” (Bhabhi my cock is bigger and thicker than Bhaiya’s cock and now that is going to enter in this tiny hole) after few seconds Sonu asked me “bolo daalun isske ander ya pyar se chut ke ander lena hai” (speak up, should I insert it here or you want to take it inside in your cunt peacefully).

I remained silent as I was trying to recover from the pain of getting bit of penetrated in my asshole. He spoke again, “bolo daalun Gaand ke ander ya chut mein lena hai” (speak up should I enter it in your butt or you want it inside your pussy) with that once again he tried to enter his finger into my asshole and again I trembled in pain and tried to freeze my self and spoke in fear,

“chut mein, daal Sonu please chut mein daal please…. Wahan nahi…please main marr jaaongi please please” (insert in my pussy, please Sonu put in my pussy, not there, please I will die, please…) “ye hui na baat,…… Bhabhi main tumhara dushman nahi hoon,….. main tumse pyar karta hoon, lekin tumhe dekhai nahi detta, main marr jaaonga tumhare bina”.

(that’s better, Bhabhi I am not your enemy, I love you but you don’t look at me). Sonu withdrew his finger from my asshole and rubbed my hips together to dilute the pain while saying that. He turned me on my back, released my hands and then spread my legs and adjusted himself between my legs and kneeled down and spoke again,

“Abb rona band karo aur aaram se enjoy karo, believe me main tumhe bahut pyar karta hoon” (now stop crying, and enjoy, believe me I really love you) he went between my legs and next moment I felt his lips on my fuckhole and he started sucking me. I was unaware of this pleasure even after so many years of marriage.

Sonu was sucking me with lot of affection, and was focused on delivering me maximum pleasure. Undoubtedly Sonu was the one who has cared me most, among all my in-laws and even today, apart from satisfying himself unknowingly he was doing something for me too. He was giving me sexual pleasure for which I was starved from months.

I wanted to enjoy this moment of sheer pleasure and love but my consciousness was holding me back from doing that, it was sin for me and I was trying to control myself from getting aroused but it was really very difficult. Sonu was gulping my juices desperately as if he was waiting for this moment for years and was trying to dig his tongue in my fuckhole again and again to take out more and more from my love hole.

Soon I started moaning as now I was unable to control my pleasure, and couple of times I lifted my bottom in the rhythm which gave him a hint that I am aroused. Sonu stopped and got up and looked into my eyes while caressing my hairs and spoke, “mera bhai andha hai, jo tumhe chhod ke uss Rand ke liye pagal ho raha hai”

(My brother is blind, that is why leaving you he is going crazy for that slut), and after that he tried to kiss me and I remained unmoved, he continued kissing me on my lips and tried to enter his tongue into my mouth. For a minute I resisted but I could feel her emotions for me and because of that I responded to his kiss once and then it just went on and we kissed like true lovers

for next 2-3 minutes and he licked my whole mouth from inside, I could taste my Devar’s saliva allover in my mouth. Sonu adjusted himself and his rod on my love opening and spoke again, “I love You Bhabhi, and I am really very sorry for what I have done, I was not in my own control”. He was looking into my eyes when he spoke that and I could see truth in his eyes.

I was still not ready to do what he was expecting me to do it with full consent, and once again I tried from my side saying, “please, Sonu matt karr, main pregnant ho jaaungi”(Sonu please don’t do it, I may get pregnant), for which he said, “ho jaao pregnant,….. bann jaao mere bachhe ki maa, main sabb sambhaal lunga”,

(then get pregnant, be mother of my child, I will handle everything) “Sonu tu pagal ho gaya hai kya, ittna aasaan hai kya sabb kuch”? (Sonu you have gone mad, is it that easy) “Bhabhi main tumse pyar karta hoon, aur tumhare liye kuch bhi karr sakta hoon,……..aur abb jo main karna chahta hoon mujhe karne do”,

(Bhabhi I love you, and I can do anything for you, and just let me do whatever I want to do) next moment I felt tip of my Devar’s rod parting my pussy lips and very next second I could feel every inch of his rod getting into my hole, ohh god what a moment that was. For a female like me who has spent big era of her life in prayer and worship, it was a moment to die in shame

but being a normal female who has desires for love and sex, it was a moment of sheer pleasure. Sonu was right he had much bigger in size as compared to my husband, muscles of my love hole was stretched to maximum and he was touching deepest corners of my tunnel with his size again and again, which were never explored.

For me it was impossible to control my pleasure moans and I was moaning with in myself in a very low voice, as I was still hesitant to show him that I am enjoying. Sonu my lovely devar fucked me for next 5-6 minutes and in those minutes I got divine pleasure. In short it was a kind of intercourse for which every woman dream before marriage, involving lot of love and care from her partner.

Finally Sonu’s pace increased and he spewed his liquid into my love hole with jerks and I too orgasmed for one more time while holding him tight. After a minute he got up and lied beside me, and we remained like that for next 5-10 minutes unmoved, without any word. He got up, wore his clothes and just said “I am going upstairs”.

After some time I got up and took bath from bit of warm water and came back in my bedroom after destroying my ripped clothes and thought about whatever has happened. I didn’t knew that what I am going to do now, and I was realizing that my accusation over Sonu will make me fall in trouble more than him, so I decided to remain silent for the time being.

Next day my husband came back after my exit and left again for his unit and in the evening once again he messaged me that he will not be coming that night too. My in laws were already out of town and I was alone in the house, as Sonu was also not there and I didn’t knew his program, I was mobbed with hell of thoughts, thoughts about last night incident,

truly speaking by now somewhere lust was rising me and I could feel the pleasure while thinking about last night’s incident, I was asking myself again that what should I do. Around 9 I came on bed without having anything, after locking the door from inside and kept door of my bedroom opened intentionally, to hear the door bell, in case Sonu comes.

I don’t know when Sonu came, I realized when he entered in my room and switched on the light. He was carrying food in a tray, I got up and moved on the other side of the bed and he placed the tray on the bed and served me the food without speaking a word. Once I said, “I’ve already had the dinner”, for which he said, “I know you, tumne lunch bhi nahi kiya hoga”.

He was right I was surviving on water tea and coffee from the morning. We had the dinner there only in the bed room, and I came back in my room after hand wash and tried to sleep after switching off the light, after 5-10 minutes Sonu again came in my room and sat beside on the stool of dressing table in the dark room and spoke, “Bhabhi I am sorry”,

I was in almost crying state, and after his words I busted in cry and continued crying for next few minutes and he sat there till I stopped a bit and spoke again, “Bhabhi I am really very sorry, actually I wanted to tell you that I love you, and apart from this I was lusting over you from the time you have came here, after marriage, and don’t know how everything got messed up”…

then after a small pause he spoke again, “from last few weeks I was trying to get your attention for this and you were so ignorant,….. and yesterday it just happened, …..Bhabhi I am really very sorry”……. “bolo Bhabhi, mujhe maaf kar diya na”? (Speak Bhabhi you have forgiven me or not) I listened to him and said, “haan.....” after a minute he spoke again, “Bhabhi…… bhaiya aaj bhi nahi aaye”?

I said “hmmm….. He messaged me”. “Bhabhi tum bhaiya ko chhodo, mujhse shaadi kar lo”, though environment at that time was too serious even then don’t know how his silly statement made me laugh a bit, and I spoke while laughing and cleaning my eyes, “Sonu you have gone mad”.

Sonu got up from the stool and first sat beside me on the bed and then slowly lied down and took me in his arms, and spoke again very softly, “ how many times I have to tell you that I love you, I don’t care, waise bhi mom and dad are looking for a match for me, why not you”? I smiled more on his silly question and tried to get out of his arms and said,

“to fir tujhe ye kaam pahle karna chahiye tha, you would have married me earlier”. “Bhabhi I cannot live without you” with that he came on my top and tried to kiss me, I think I thought for few seconds and finally got carried away and we both started making love. I cannot forget that night through out my life, when I was loved by my devar.

Sonu fucked me so nicely that night that I forgot that he was not my husband and I never realized that I am doing a sin, that night Sonu showed me what does physical love means. Initially he took off all my clothes one by one, neither I stopped him from doing that, nor he asked for my consent.

He kissed every inch if my body with his wet lips, including my love hole and sucked me and fisted me there continuously for next 5-6 minutes, till I cummed and shivered in orgasm. Then he got up and took off his clothes and once again penetrated my fuckhole in a single push to make me moan in pleasure, and fucked me till he cummed inside me and hollowed himself deep inside me.

That night we slept together and had sex one more time in the night and then once in the morning, before leaving for the office. As such there was no conversation between us about this; we were just looking in each other’s eyes while smiling and blushing. I was bit occupied with one fact, and I stopped him before he was leaving, asking, “Sonu tu prostitute ke saath sex karta hai”?

he smiled and said, “yes…..but I will not do it again, mujhe samajh aagaya hai ki what is a difference between love and lust” I smiled and asked again, “promise”? he said, “god promise”. After that we did not had sex for next more than a month and many times I tried to resolve my marital matter with my husband,

but Harish ridiculed my every statement without giving me any chance to complete my sentence and every time ended his sentence with, “tune jo karna hai karr le, don’t talk to me about this”. Finally after some time I took a leave from that house and now I am living alone in a rented flat as I don’t want to put my parents in any controversy raised from there neighborhood.

I earn enough to survive and never bothered my parents, for money, as they have to collect money for the marriage of my younger sister. Sonu often comes to my place and what should I say, we make love as we are lovers. His parents means my in laws, (as my divorce is still pending,) are looking for his match and he is saying no to every girl, I don’t know if he is actually in love with me or like me he is also driven by lust.

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Garima fucked hard by her horny Devar Sonu - I

I really don’t know that why I am writing my incident, it may help me to take off some of my guilt. In the beginning I will say that it’s a true incident, and I would like to read your views on this. As I remember every moment of my past that is why apart from the description of the incident I have tried to write down exact wording of that day with translation into Standard English,

and from my write reader’s will come to know that I am really very weak in grammar, so just forgive me for that. I am Garima, female of 28 and I was born and bought up in middle class family which was bit more devoted towards the spirituality than others. In company of my other family members I was also grew up with same thoughts and apart from working in an export house

I use to spent reasonable time in prayer in the morning and evening. At the age of 24 I got married in the same city, in same cast and religion. My new home had five members including me, means my husband, my in laws and my brother in law, Sonu. On the very first night my husband talked to me about his past that he was in love with some other girl

which does not belong to same cast and that is why his parents did not accepted that relation and he has been emotionally blackmailed to do this marriage. For me it was relief when my husband continued and said that he has accepted the truth and he will never look into his past as I am his present and future. He just wanted to get things into my knowledge and I really liked this.

Life moved on and in the beginning everything was good and smooth. I continued my job and got adjusted in the family very easily as my life style after marriage was intact, everything in my new home was same as it was in my parents home, like eating habits and all basic things, except a female member, who was my younger sister in my parent’s home and now I had a male member who was my brother in law.

Sonu and me were at almost same age and initially there were bit of hesitation between us in conversation but gradually that disappeared and he became very good friend. He use to address me Bhabhi from the beginning and initially I started addressing him Bhaiya, but he forced me to address him by his name as he was younger than me, just a few months.

Couple of years passed in love and harmony without any trouble, between this times my husband somewhat informed me that his ex-girlfriend has got fixed with one guy and soon she will also get married. It did not made any impact on me, as I use to trust my husband that now Rashmi(his ex) is his past and he is totally out of it,

and truly speaking I never got any hint from my husband’s gesture or behavior that he is still into it. As far as my sex life was concerned, it was ordinary, Harish(my husband) never forced me and we had sex whenever we felt like having it. I must say that apart from all family members Sonu, my devar was the one who use to care for me most and use to spend his free time with me.

After some time I faced few comments from my mother in law about what plan we have for baby. I talked to Harish my husband about that and he avoided that saying that he needs some time to prepare himself before taking another responsibility. Some more time passed like that and eventually on one fateful day I saw my husband walking in the posh market in the afternoon

when I was into the same area with my colleague for some shopping. I was about to call him as I was pleasantly surprised, but suddenly I realized that he was not alone, he was walking along with a female of the same age. I stopped and moved from there immediately, as if I have not seen anything.

I remained mentally occupied through out the day; I came home in the evening and remained silent most of the time. I was praying to god with in myself for the peace and harmony in my life, and tried to convince myself that nothing is wrong. I was really much occupied and for Sonu it was very easy to guess that something is wrong with me.

He tried to ask me about it and after lot of hesitation, I asked him if he has ever seen Rashmi,(my husbands ex-gf) he said yes and asked me the reason of this question. I asked him about her appearance and he explained me about the girl which was walking along with my husband in the noon in that market.

After that I revealed the truth to Sonu and asked him if he can help me to look into the matter. Initially he took this casually and told me to remain relaxed as there is nothing wrong. But I was really worried about this as my intuition was saying that something is wrong. Sonu saw tears in my eyes and promised me that he will himself look into the matter and reveal the truth in any case.

Finally Sonu came up with a bad news that my husband is meeting his ex regularly as she had broken her marriage after being tied in the relation for more than a year. My trust was shattered, I was disappointed and could not decide that what I have to do. For me only Sonu was the one who use to think in my favor.

My mother in law was waiting for her grandchild and I could see from her behavior that she was holding me responsible for the delay, and eventually this delay was making her think about my fertility. Few weeks passed like that and slowly I was getting into depression, I stopped talking to everybody and remained very limited in daily course and use to speak whatever was required.

Nobody noticed this change in me, except Sonu, and he tried to cheer me up and said as such there is nothing to doubt about them, and they (my husband and his ex gf) could be good friends. Couple of times my husband asked for sex in the night, I had it for him, though I was not feeling like doing it, he did not asked any reason for my ignorant gesture.

One day I found Condom in the inner pocket of my husband’s wallet and that thing proved my husband is not only meeting his ex regularly, but he is also having physical relation with her and this fact made me more sadden. One day when I reached home there was nobody at home except Sonu,

after changing I went into kitchen to prepare dinner and couple of times Sonu tried to crack joke, as he use to make me laugh and when I did not reacted to his jokes he tried more and somewhere I got irritated, and screamed over him. He went silent and asked me the problem and I busted in cry and spoke everything about the thing which I found in Harish’s wallet.

He revealed the truth that he knew this fact that his brother is having physical relation with that girl from very long time even before this fact came in my sight, and he has seen him with that girl very often, lot before than me, and he deliberately hide this fact from me because he did not wanted to see me depressed.

I was already somewhat out of my senses and I simply exploded on Sonu without any reason and took out my frustration on him. He did not utter a word and remained there to hear every word I spoke. Now my behavior towards my husband changed a lot and became more ignorant and this time he sensed this change in me.

Couple of times he asked but I did not spoke to him about that and made few sarcastic notes. Next day in the evening when both the parents were not home because of some reason Sonu and Harish fought because of me, Sonu tried to talk to Harish about this matter and Harish took it on his ego and yelled over me saying, “haan hai mera affair……. tune jo karna hai karle”

(yes I have an affair, do whatever you can do to stop me). Finally thing happened for which I was scared, as such I could not see any solution of this and from my side I tried to talk to my husband in piece that why he is doing this to me and what I can do to take out the solution, but he was not ready to talk to me, and whenever he spoke anything in this context it was full of male ego,

I remember once his sentence was “mujhe meri life mein koi interference nahi chahiye, mujhe maloom hai jo main karr raha hoon, tumhe mere saath rahna hai to mere tarike se rahna padega, nahi to tum ghar chhod ke jaa sakti ho”(I don’t want any interference in life, I know what I am doing and you have to live with it, or you can leave the house).

I thought about leaving the house but stepped back after thinking about my parents at that time they were not at the stage where they can bear this shock. I remained there in the house and some more time passed, everything was normal on the surface but internally I was going through hell.

Some more time passed like that, more than two months, and in these two months me and my husband never came in contact sexually, and truly speaking if he would have asked for it then I would have did it, but as such his ego was driving him and he never talked to me about anything except the thing which is required.

Gradually my husband started spending even more time outside the house, and he use to show that he is having load of work to my in laws, only me and Sonu knew the truth that Harish is spending time with Rashmi after his working hours. Slowly I was getting isolated in the family because of my thoughts, many times Sonu tried to cheer me up,

but my behavior got bit reluctant towards him also, but he never said anything about that, some more time passed like that. One day when I reached home, I came to knew that me and my Husband were suppose to attend a marriage party as my in laws were going out of town on the same evening. I was aware of there out station program, but I was not aware of this marriage invitation.

My husband tried to avoid that but his parents insisted him to attend this occasion and initially Sonu was going with them till railway station to board them the train and later he was suppose to join us on the venue. After bit of argument we moved and Sonu joined us on the marriage venue,

later around 10 when we were standing in the gathering Harish’s phone rang and by chance I got glance of the screen and it was Rashmi, he talked to him in yes, no, ok, achha, abhi battata hoon ( I will tell you) and all and disconnected the line, and after that spoke to Sonu that he is suppose to go the factory where he works,

there is some sort of emergency and he cannot avoid that, and told him to take me home along with him on the bike as he will not be able to come in the night. I tried to stop him as I knew that he is lying, but he spoke very rudely and said, “tum apna kaam karo, aur meri life mein matt interfere karo”(you mind your business, and don’t interfere in my life).

That day even weather was not good and everybody was expecting rain anytime, and Sonu spoke to his brother about this too, that what if it will rain, as he can handle himself because he is use to of it., but Harish did not gave any thought to it and once again ordered his younger brother by saying, “tujhe jo boll raha hoon wo kar, agar wo ek baar baarish mein bheeg jaayegi to marr nahi jaayegi”

(just do whatever I am saying, she will not die, if she will get wet in the rain for once) and more or less after these words Harish took his way and me and Sonu came out to go back to home, and as expected it rained very heavy for some time when we were on the way and with in minutes we both were dripping.

Through out the way I was silent; annoying my fate, though Sonu tried to talk to me but I did not answered and remained silent and after some time he also stopped talking to me and continued driving without saying a word. Finally we landed home in around hour and I went to my room without saying a word.

After getting a quick shower and changing wet clothes with a casual salwar kameez, which I use to wear at night as a night suit, I started drying my hairs standing in front of the dressing table. I saw Sonu’s reflection in the mirror, he passed from the door of my bedroom to the living room, and after couple of minutes he passed from the door again while looking at me,

though I was facing away from him but I could see him that he was staring me every time he passed from there in the reflection. After drying my hairs I tied my hairs in the bow and suddenly realized that Sonu was standing behind me. Before I would have turned, he caught me from behind and brushed his lips on the side and back of my neck.

I got shocked with his act and tried to set myself free from him, but his grip and passion to feel my body went on increasing and he was getting crazier every second. I screamed on him while struggling to get free from his grip, saying, “Sonu kya kar raha hai, chhod mujhe just leave me”(Sonu what are you doing, leave me).

“Nahi Bhabhi, aaj main tumhe nahin chhodunga, main pagal ho raha hoon tumhare bina”( no I will not leave you, I am getting mad about you), Sonu spoke in passion while griping my waist, “Sonu kya kar raha hai, please ye sab matt kar” (what are you doing, please don’t do all this) I spoke and tried to remove his hand from my waist,

but he continued and his hands move to my breast and he tried to press them, I resisted and spoke again, “Sonu Please, main Bhabhi hoon teri”, (Sonu please, I am your Bhabhi) “Maloom hai, tabhi to kar raha hoon, devar Bhabhi mein to ye sab chalta hai”…( I know that is why I am doing this, this is ok in this relation) then spoke again, “Bhabhi tumne pagal kar diya hai mujhe”

(Bhabhi I am getting crazy about you) with that lifting my kameez, Sonu tried to pull string of my salwar to take it off. I stopped him and spoke again, “Sonu tu pagal ho gaya hai, kisi ko patta chal jaayega, please matt karr” (Sonu have you gone mad, what if someone will come to know about this, please don’t do)

Sonu gripped his arms around me tighter and embraced me, and said, “Bhabhi tumhare haath jodd raha hoon, please jo main karr raha hoon mujhe karne do, mujhe mallon hai tumhe bhi karna hai, bhaiya se tumhari ladai chal rahi hai aur tumne bahut time se sex nahi kiya hai” (Bhabhi I am begging you, just let me do whatever I am doing, I know you also need it,

you have fought with the brother and you have not done sex with him from long time). Sonu pulled the string, I tried to hold my lower but Sonu held me tight and finally my salwar fell down to my feet. Sonu immediately inserted his hand in my panty and rubbed his hand over my cunt I tried press my cunt between my thighs and tried to sit down on the floor,

to take away the access of my pussy from Sonu's hands but Sonu's palm was completely on my cunt and his hand got stuck between my thighs as I tightened my fuckhole between my legs. Sonu moved his hand to rub my cunt with a jerk and I trembled. Every time he rubbed I got a shock and I shivered with a moan, I was trying to get out of his grip continuously,

and tried to pull his hand from my vargina, but he was much stronger than me and more I tried to release my fuckhole from his grip more he squeezed my pussy in his right palm and spoke again in passion, “Bhabhi karne do mujhe, nahi to mujhe zabardusti karni padegi,….. tum mujhe rokk nahi paaogi, isse achha enjoy karo, tumhe bhi mazza aayega”

(Bhabhi let me do it, or I have to do it forcefully, you cannot stop me, it’s better that you enjoy, you will love it). “Nahi ye sabb theek nahi hai, this is wrong why don't you understand” I tried to make him understand that whatever he is doing is wrong. “sahi ya galat, jo bhi hai, abb kuch nahi ho sakta, mujhe karna hi hai, chaahe mujhe tumhara rape karna padde”,

(wrong or right whatever it is, I have to do it, even if I have to rape you) he remained unmoved, once again I tried to take off his hand from my pelvis with full strength and almost cried, “no….just leave me, mujhe nahi karna, Sonu please kisi ko patta chal gaya to bahut problem ho jaayegi”

(no…….just leave me, I don’t want to do it, please we will be in trouble if anyone will come to know about this”. Sonu spoke while controlling my body movements, “Bhabhi kisi ko patta nahi chalega, raat bhar koi nahi aane wala, aaram se karwa lo, main tumhe bahut pyar karoonga, aur jo aaj tak bhaiya ne nahi kiya wo sab bhi karunga, tum bass aaram se late jaao, aur mujhe karne do”

(nobody will come to know, nobody is going to come here for the whole night, let’s do it comfortably, I will love you and will do what my brother have not done till today) “Kya matlab jo Bhaiya ne bhi nahi kiya”(what do you mean by that) I asked him in curiosity while doing efforts to set myself free, Sonu replied while brushing his lips on my back,

“Mujhe maloom hai Bhaiya ne kabhi tumhari sucking nahi kari, jo aaj main karunga” (I know Bhaiya have not sucked you till now, I will do it today). I tried to push him with my full strength and got free and again pushed him and this time I succeeded and he got imbalanced and I got some time, lifting my salwar back I climbed on the bed and got down on the other side,

Sonu immediately reached to the door to block it and looked at me and spoke, “Bhabhi ghar main koi nahi hai, tumhe koi nahi bachha sakta, better yehi hai ki tum surrender kar do aur enjoy karo, mujhe maloom hai tum bhi baichain ho sex karne ke liye”. (Bhabhi nobody is at home, no one can save you, its better that you surrender and enjoy, I know you are also eager to have sex).

“Sonu tu pagal ho gaya hai, kya bakwas kar raha hai”? (you have gone mad, what are you saying) I spoke in anger while tying knot of my salwar. “Bhabhi main tumhe bahut pyar karoonga, mujhe maaloom hai bhaiya tumhare saath kaise sex karte hain,…. main daily raat ko tumhare bedroom mein dekhta hoon, jab se tumhari shadi hui hai, wo dekho uss hole se”.

(Bhabhi I will love you, a lot, U know that how brother do sex with you, daily I peep inside your bedroom, from the day you got married). Sonu pointed finger towards the window and I saw a reasonably big hole which was enough for anybody to peep inside. I got shocked, Sonu continued as I turned to see him, after looking at the hole of the window,

“Bhaiya ne aaj tak tumhari, sucking nahi kari, mere paas aao main karunga,….. pichhle 2-3 months se to tumne sex bhi nahi kiya, aao hum dono karte hain”(Bhaiya have not sucked you till today, come to me I will do it, you have not done sex from last 2-3 months, come we will do it) “Nahi,.... Sonu tu maar khayega mujhse, challa ja yahan se”

(no… I will beat you, just go from here) I screamed and reflected my anger. Sonu turned and bolted the door from inside, and spoke, “Bhabhi aaj tumhe thoke bina main chhodunga nahi, tum chahe jo kar lo. usske baad jiss se bolna ho boll dena, nuksaan tumhara hi hoga” (Bhabhi today I will not leave you without banging you, do whatever you want to do,

you can complain me about this after that, you will be in loss in any case) with that Sonu raised his arms and called me casually, “Aao mere paas, pyar se karwa lo, dono ko mazza aayega nahi to mujhe tumhare kapde fadne padenge aur tumhe tumhare haath pair baanbh ke chodunga, aur choddte time sochunga nahi ki tum meri Bhabhi ho, chut aur gaand dono faad dunga”

(come closer to me, let me do it peacefully, both of us will enjoy, or I have to tear off your clothes and I will fuck you after tying your hands and legs, I will rip both your cunt and asshole, and I will not consider that you are my Bhabhi, while fucking). Sonu paused for a second as I was looking at him with shock, I could not believe on my ears,

the way he was talking to me and the words which he was using were so vulgar, he spoke again, “tumhari marzi hai, bolo kya karna hai, pyar se karwana hai ya randiyon ki tarah chodun tumhe, ……..aur main mazaak nahi kar raha, maine bahut randiyon ko thoka hai aur buri tarah thoka hai, jaldi bolo kya karna hai”?

(it’s your wish, tell me you have to do it comfortably or should I fuck you like a slut, ……..and I am not kidding, I have banged many sluts and I have banged them very badly) I started cribbing and asked for mercy, “Sonu please matt kar, tujhe kya ho gaya hai? Main bhabhi hoon teri, RAKHI bandhti hoon tujhe, Please matt kar” (Sonu please don’t do all this, I am your Bhabhi,

I tie you Rakhi). “Rakhi gayi bhaad mein, aaj maine tumhari leni hai matlab leni hai, tum rokk nahi paaogi mujhe, tum zabardasti baandhti ho RAKHI, maine kabhi nahi bandhvayi, bolo aur kya sunogi, for your kind information, maine tumhe poora nanga dekha hua hai, tum kab kya karti ho mujhe sab maloom hai” (to hell with your Rakhi, today I am going to fuck you means I am going to fuck you,

I never asked you to tie Rakhi, you do it forcefully, tell me what you want to listen, for your kind information, I have seen you totally naked, I know everything that when you do what) he looked into my eyes shamelessly while saying that, I asked unsaid question from my expressions that what does he mean by that, and he spoke again,

“tumhare bathroom ki window mein bhi hole hai aur tum pichhle do mahine se bathroom mein nahane se pahle finger se masturbate kar rahi ho,……. aur aaj mil raha hai to le nahi rahi ho…… Pagal main nahi tum ho, Bhaiya wahan Rashmi ko thokk raha hai aur tum yahan sati savitri ban rahi ho,”

(there is a hole in your bathroom’s window too, and you are masturbating with your finger from last two months, and you are denying when you are getting today, I have not gone mad, you have gone mad, Bhaiya is banging Rashmi there, and you are behaving like a sati savitri here) then after a second he spoke again. “aao mazze karte hain” (come lets, enjoy).

I cribbed again, “Please Sonu, please matt kar, main tere haath jodd rahi hoon” (please Sonu I beg please don’t do) “ek baar karwa lo I promise dobara force nahi karunga” (let me do it once, I promise I will not force it again).

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Kumar fucking horny bhabhi

My self kumar living in good city of rajasthan&posted in central Govt;office about 30 Km.from my house.Where I am posted my big bro lives with his family,two kids and bro&bhabhi.My bhabhi is sexy lady with big boobs and huge gand looking towards them water comes in mouth&thinking about them tool get erected and U/Wget stained with pre cum.

My self masterbated so many times in my room in fantacies of bhabhi.Her name is rupali I uus to call her rasgulli,at that time she looks toward me with red cheeks and killer smile,when I use to go my bro house and rupali brings tea or snacks for me and while putting them on table she leans forward and tries to show her boobs popping from her neck.

So many times she tries to touch me through hand,gand,or boobs.I have decided to fuck her but afraid of my bro,my bro remains out of house due to his duties.Once she was in kitchen I reached there and hugged her behind,"kya ker rahe ho bhaiya,koi dekh lega"she shouted in low noice,now I was fully confident that she also willing to have something with me.

One day when I reached at my bro house rupali was looking some sad,she well comed me and asked what would I like to have?i said nothing,and asked "kyu aaj sust lag rahi ho,kya khaiya ne raatbhar jagaye rekh hai"?she said "koi aise baat nahi hai tumhare bhaiya ke teen char din keilye bahar duty lage hai",

at that time we were alone and instantly I hugged her &started kissing her from lips to neck,as she was also hungry she responded well and she put her hand on my zipper and unzipped my jeans grabed my tool from my undrewhere and started sucking it,what a pleasent moment as I was in heaven,

i have also squizig her boobs and enjoying a lot,she was sucking tip of my cock and with her hingers playing with my scrotal area,we both were enjoying,due to full of excitement I told her"rasgulli bahut sexy ho gaya hai khatam hone walla hai,to wo boli aaj poora maja lekar rahoongi,tumhara bhaiya raat ko thakkar aate hai kai baar to aise he so jaate hai,"

and I bursted my hot in her mouth and she dranked all. As it was late evening both kids about to come from tution,so I told her "abhi,bahootkuch baki hai,she smiled and boli subhea jaldi aana baadme tumhare bhaiya aajayenge",i left for my house after deep kiss to her. Whole night I was unable to sleep and wating for early morning,as it was 7.00,

i left my huse told my parrents I have some urgent work.At my bro house I belled door,rupali shouted"aajao darwaja band ker dena,bacche schoolgaye hai."As I entered in room rupali was in nighty with no bra inside,tis was visible,without delay I huged her for which she was waiting, she reciprocated and after deep kiss boli"tumhe late ho jayega kel jo rehegaya tha kerlo,"

my tool already erected at 90.i putoff my trouser&u/w and" bhabhiko jameen per litadiya,aur uski nighty go upper ker diya"it was quite a sexy look for which I was waiting there was nothing under the nighty except brown panty,rupali boli"maine tmmhare bhaiya ko kitnebaar boola hai raat me nahe to subhe kiya karro per wo sunte hi nahe,dekho abhi kitna accha lagraha hai

"i pressed her boobs after covering her lips with mine and with one hand removed her panty, found it was wet and hot,with nicely trimmed hair,rupali was playing with my dick I was sucking her lips one hand on her boob and I inserted hy other hand finger in her pussy, she jurked aur AAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAA

I started full enjoyment by all ways she was nodding her hips as I was busy in figer sex,hot watery discharge comming on my hand,suddenlly wo boli"aab jaldi daaldo aur sahen nani hooraha hai",i put a pillo under her back to more enjoy and inserted my dick which is7inch with fullforceAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOO she shouted aur booli

'kya bhaiya pahele kyo nahi aaye merepass,mai tarasrahi thi aaj poori hui meri chhat",my dick was at work speedly and forcely,her mouth was covered with my lips,both hands on both boobs,oooohhhhaaaaaaa,maja aaagaya,aab hamesha mujhe chhodte rehana jab tumhare bhaiya naheho to aajana, "i removed my one hand from one boob and inserted one finger in her ass,

know her all holes was full "aaauuuccchhhh aaj mardalne ka irada hai kya"she was enjoying fully, my lips, hands & tool was at work with speed and joy, after about 45 minutes of joy I inserted my come into her she grabbed me tightly at the time of ejeculation.

Now I washed and dressed and having deepkiss of rupali I asked "kabhi bhaiya ne gandmari hai? wo boli nahi boli aaj wo bhi maarlona", as I was ate so I told her "wo agli baar".

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Raj having hot sex with horny bhabhi

I am Raj, from India. I am single. I am telling you today the story that happened sometime back. My S.S.C.(High School graduation) exam was in my cousin brother’s town. So, I wrote a letter to him asking for his permission to stay with him for some months. He agreed and I went there.

I was at of 19 yrs age. About 5-11’ tall and had a muscular built. I was not fat, but the effect of regular exercise was visible through my well shaped body. Now, I was giving company in the house. We, all three of us, (my cousin her wife and me) used to have morning breakfast together. Earlier, after my cousin's leaving for office, bhabhi used to be alone in the house.

Now, I was also there. I used to study sincerely throughout the day. Bhabhi also did not use to disturb me. But, we used to have lunch and afternoon tea (that’s a practice in India) together. After getting up from her siesta (afternoon nap), bhabhi used to come to my room and inquire regarding my preparation. We used to talk about it a bit and I used to ask her for a tea together.

Normally, she was always ready for it. We used to carry on discussion over tea. On that fateful day, bhabhi had a short afternoon nap and she got up early. When bhabhi went to my room as usual, she found the door locked. Inside, I had undressed fully and was standing there absolutely naked. My cock was fully erect.

I had held it in my hand and was playing with it vigorously. I was making some strange voices (may be see got attracted with that). Suddenly, I found that somebody is peeping from the window. It must be bhabhi so I continued. Bhabhi must be enjoying my masturbation with my erect cock in my hand. I found her looking at it so closely with her naked eyes.

Oh, what a scene!!! A young man, in his full youth, and having a muscular body built by regular exercises was standing, ABSOLUTELY NAKED!! Mere my bare chest was enough to kindle sexy feelings in a girl. While here my thighs were also visible. Very well shaped thighs!! Wow!!! And a fully erect cock in between those thighs!!! My God!!!

I thought she will come and scold me but she stood there and went on observing that interesting spectacle. Window was only slightly opened, so she thought I could not spot her. Her full attention was in what I was doing and went doing it with full fervor. Even my face was worth having a look. Extreme desire for sex was clearly visible.

My cock was getting bigger and harder. After some time, I ejected. Bhabhi must be wet that day. After some days my cousin left for 10 days tour. My mind was now stuck on her as she must need sex. My body was eager to fuck her hard. But how do I tell her? It was full of danger. She was a well mannered lady.

She may refuse my offer, and my image in front of my cousin also may get spoiled. I was thinking of some plan and next day onwards I found some changes in the bhabhi dressing. I easily make out this with comparing to her last week’s dressing style when my cousin was there and from old album photos (mainly the old blouses) which she showed to me sometime back.

Indian women wear saree and Blouse. Saree is a long cloth wrapped around to cover body from waist to legs and pallu is its part that covers boobs, Blouse are a sewn fitment that is sewn as per boob size.) Actually, she took out an old low cut blouse. Compared to that, her boob’s size was increased by now. (Probably due to their being squeezed up by my cousin daily!!)

Somehow she managed to wear that blouse, by pressing and pushing her boobs in. It being a low cut blouse, her cleavage was fully visible. And because she had pushed boobs in by force, their visible portion stood up and became eye catcher. I was able to understand this when the old blouse album photo came in my mind while masturbating.

She wore the saree also in such a way that the visible portion of her boobs remained visible. It did not get covered by pallu. She called me for breakfast. I came and started having breakfast, but did not show her that I notice her changes. She had kept all items in my dish in small quantities only. I finished the plate fast and asked for more. She stood up and came near to serve me.

She was on my right and had kept all the items on my left. She stood near my right side and bent to collect items from my left. Obviously, in that position, her boobs were now very near to my face. Now, I saw them...and my gaze just got stuck there. Those fair full bloomed boobs..... and her entire cleavage visible through the low cut blouse......

I just could not stop staring at what I was seeing. I behaved naturally, as if I am not aware of all. She took a deep breath and slowly released it. It resulted in a great sexy movement of her boobs. I was so much lost in them, that I never knew when she served my plate. She told me, pyare devarji (dear brother-in-law), have your breakfast, please.

I got started and changing my attention went on having s breakfast quietly. But, I kept a vigil on her. My eyes and mind was going to her boobs again and again. I was guessing her plan but was not sure what she is going to do. Second day onwards, she daily brought about minor changes in her dressing.

On that second day, she wore a similar low cut blouse, a sleeveless one. Now, her fair and shapely arms were also visible to me. Third day, she wore a very transparent blouse, through which her black bra was clearly visible. Now, I had formed a habit of looking at her boobs regularly, though not directly. I was still guessing her plan.

Fourth day onwards she stopped wearing bra altogether. The blouses continued to be sleeveless, low cut, transparent ones. I was able to make out this as she was trying to give me a message. Fifth day, she wore an altered blouse by cutting them from sides in such a way that now when she wore them, apart from her cleavage, her boobs were visible from sides also.

Throughout all this period, she was still keeping the items on my left, so that while serving me she had to come near me and bend herself. She started bending so much that I used to feel her warm breath and at times she used to bend so much to collect the items that my face used to touch her boobs. Now, the lust was clearly visible in my eyes too.

I was waiting when she will come to me without blouse….. Sixth day she wore the Saree also quiet low, so that her naval portion was also visible more. As usual, I went on stealing gazes to look at her heavy boobs she went on moving them seductively through her breath. She did some setting and while serving the blouse hook broke in front of me.

Her boobs, which she had pressed and pushed inside the smaller size blouse, came out with a spring effect. I had a full view of them. She pretended to be ashamed and went in her bedroom, rectified it and came back. It was worth looking at me now, with my feelings writ large over my face. I had a hard on and was thinking to masturbate…

Same day after lunch, bhabhi slept in the hall instead of her bedroom. When I peeped searching for her I found that she had brought a book, a novel, based upon illicit relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law (Devar-Bhabhi). It must have contained detailed description of intimate physical relationship between them.

She kept the book on the adjoining table, as if she went to sleep while reading it. The book was kept on the table in half open manner with front and back covers visible in such a way that when anyone lifts the book, those very pages are visible. As if she read up to there and went to sleep. She was lying on sofa, pretending to be sleeping. She had lifted her saree above her left knee.

It was now time for daily afternoon tea. But, she did not get up. After waiting for me for some time, I (acted like) came out of my room to tell her about tea. I came and saw that she is fast asleep. I came near and lifted the book. As I read it, I got horny. I read those titillating pages intentionally left for me and got all charged up.

Now she changed her side in sleep. While changing, she lifted her left leg from knee. Her saree which was up to knee now fell down. Her shapely fair thigh was now clearly visible. I looked from the corner of my eyes. I was in shorts and my cock was bulging under the shorts. I had the book in one hand and I inserted second hand inside my shorts and grabbed my throbbing tool.

I went on reading for some time and also looking at her thigh and boobs. I found bhabhi sleeping so did not dare to do anything but clearly came to know her intentions. I was back in my room thinking of those creamy white thighs. I was masturbating again. She saw as earlier. So, I was wrong and she was not sleeping on sofa and was observing me.

Today, my cock had grown like anything and was enjoying the masturbation. I ejected after some time and got calm. Seventh day morning, bhabhi took her cloths and towel & went to my room. She told me, geyser in her bathroom is not working (later I confirmed that she removed electrical fuse of her room), so, she have to take bath in the bathroom attached to my room. I nodded.

She went in. After some time, she came out with only towel wrapped around her body. At the top end, it just covered her nipples. Half of her boobs were visible. At bottom end, it just covered her pussy. Her legs were visible from thighs onwards. Her head was still wet and water was dripping from her hairs, travelling down over her curves. She was looking very sexy.

I guess she had masturbated while bathing. It was a hot day, so I was standing below fan, wearing only shorts. She looked at me. I had never seen me so much of her flash. I stood there only. Dropping all hesitation, she also dared to look at me continuously. She saw the book on my bed and took the chance to ask me, how did you find the book?

I said, quiet interesting......but such things happen only in stories. Then she told me, but the stories are also derived from society, isn't it.......And Mahendra got Veena, because he dared. (Mahendra and Veena were names of Devar - Bhabhi characters in that novel.) It is the man, who has to take the lead, always.

Even Veena was so much horny, but she took part only when Mahendra started it. I got the clue.......and moved towards her. I understood, at last she was about to get what she longed for. Her weeks long planning had paid. She came near. She lifted both her hands and moved across her wet and spread hair, she put them on her ears and cheeks.

She pressed them and lifted her face using them. I was looking at her with lustful eyes. She bent towards me and planted her lips on my lips. I got thrilled. I allowed her to suck my lips. I did not oppose at all. She gathered more courage and pulled me nearer. I also moved towards her, but before moving, I deftly opened her towel with a smooth movement of hand.

It immediately fell down. Now, she was fully naked and I was only in shorts. I went near and hugged her. I was kissing her lips all the time. I now intensified it, but being new to it, was not doing it properly. So, she also started her work. I responded with the movement of her lips and her tongue. I was a fast learner.

I understood it fast and soon we both were lost in a deep passionate kiss...... Lips met lips and tongue met tongue....aahhhaa... We were just enjoying it. I put my arms in her neck. Her arms were moving on her bare back. I told her, dont just move your arms on her back, use them to press me further towards you. She increased pressure.

Now, her boobs and nipples were pressed hard against my chest. She enjoyed it and increased the pressure further. She started getting pressed hard in my arms. We both were enjoying it more and more. She could not resist saying, " Crush me, I, Crush me". I applied all my strength. Aah....... you literally crushed me Raj.

A young muscular man was at work with all her pant up feelings. Her boobs got so hard pressed; I felt they have become flat. Nipples were also pinching deep. But, it was exhilarating....... aaahahhahaaa... In any case, she liked the feeling of getting crushed very much. I went on crushing her, and licking her lips for some time.

Then, she released me a bit, created some space between us and leaving her lips, and started gliding down. I went on kissing her chins, her neck and then her shoulders. Now, I did not need any guidance. The man inside me was now awake and I knew my work well. I further glided down and started kissing sides of her boobs softly.

I went on playing with her boobs, ohh.... touching them softly, moving her palms over them, pressing them, cupping them, caressing them, sucking them, squeezing them, twisting her nipples,....Then I took one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it hard and carried on with squeezing second boob wildly. It was getting real wild.......Ouch.....

She started feeling pain and moaning also. But now I was unstoppable. Even if she stops me, I would not stop. I just ignored her moaning and went on with her wild manners. I squeezed both her boobs with hard and wild movements of her hand in a pumping manner.......aaahhahahahhahhhahaaaaaa....... I was feeling ignited in all her body!!!!!

Her body got real hot and it wanted man in full. Now I went further down, kissing her body all the way, but keeping my hands at work on her boobs. Kissing her stomach, her waist, her thighs, I reached near her pussy. There, I got a bit puzzled and stopped for a while. It was something new for me.

I moved my hand on her boobs with love, spread her legs and placed my lips on her pussy. I started kissing her pussy.... I knew, I should widen her legs more, but that was not possible in standing position. So, after some time, I gestured to her that we now move on the bed. We went on bed maintaining the position. But now, I could widen her legs more.

I continued kissing her pussy. She told me lovingly, Darling, work with your tongue here, not with lips. That much was enough for me. I started my work in right earnest. Started licking her pussy. I opened her pussy lips slightly with my hands and got my tongue inside. I learnt it immediately, removed her hands and again took control in my hands.

Now, I went on licking inside pussy very deftly, licking on internal wall sides. She was already horny earlier, now, she got wild. Her body was dying for me. She wanted me, full...inside her... She wanted my cock...inside her pussy. I was feeling a current in my aching in the entire body. I stretched her body in a hard curvy sexy manner and moved my head from her pussy.

She told me, you have worked hard, it’s now my turn. I got up and removed my shorts. And Wow....... Out came a fully charged, big size, erect cock, jumping with a spring action...... She went to its roots and started kissing it there. A girl was kissing that cock for the first time. I was feeling the fire. Then she licked and kissed on all sides. She went to the tip.

She touched penis tip with her tongue and played for a while, circling her tongue on the tip around my pissing hole. I was now moaning. Then she took my shaft between both her palms and pressed it between them, and started moving her palms in opposite directions, rolling it in between them, the way we make buttermilk.

This treatment gets the cock ready at a great speed..... And here, my horny bhabhi was in a hurry to get fucked !!!! My cock grew fast. She removed the top skin on the tip and put the shining wet pink head in her mouth. She sucked it for a while, tasted my pre-cum and saw that now it does not need a blow job. Rather, if she continues, I may erupt in her mouth.

So, I pushed it down towards her pussy. She again stretched on bed and pulled me over her. I widened her legs and kept my cock on her pussy lips. I pushed it in, in a natural manner, and the cock got in...... Aahhhahhhaaaa..... I had started the whole game for the very moment...... I started fucking her. My cock is quiet huge and hot. I was feeling quiet different inside.

It was so hard and hot that it was paining also and was giving pleasure also, both simultaneously. My speed increased. She started shouting, "Oh Raj, fuck me hard, tear my whole pussy apart..... Fuck, me, Fuck,...... Fuck hard..... " I started hearing such words from her mouth, but then smiled and responded,

"Don't worry, I won't leave you today, You have stolen my sleep for the last one week, I will see to it that I tear apart your whole pussy today." And then I went on fucking her, fucking her, and fucking her. I really fucked very hard and came 3 times in her pussy. We both enjoyed it lot and after the fuck, went to sleep, feeling fully exhausted.

We had three more days thereafter. And now there was no need to seduce me. So, we spent all those days together. We lost count, how many times we had wild sex. By the way, I failed in my exam. But I did not regret it. I was already dreaming of getting a second chance of staying with her under same pretext.

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Horny bhabhi fucking devar

hi guys & gals,this is my first sex exp with my cute devar.we both r very good friends use to share everything.once my husband went for a business vist for 3 days and that also on weakend I was pretty upset as would hv to sit at home only.on saturday evening deepak my devear cm to my room and asked to accompy me to market for shopping as I was free told him lets go,

we went to skg mall bougt sm stuff fr him while going tru I saw a very sexy nighty it was very nice want to buy but I had not brought my purse so asked deepak to pay he naughtly said u hv to were and show me than only I will pay fr it. I thought he is just joking and agreed and took and stared to move,wn we strated it stared to rain haviely and we both wr fully wet,

we reached hm and went to our own room deepak was carrying all the stuff after sm time he knocked the door and said sonal take ur nighty and wr and cm out as u promised I was shocked to listin this.i did not hv courage to wr sexy night in front of my devar. after some time I made up my mind lets wr but wil not all him to touch me as I wil not be able to control

my self as was horny for not hving sex for 2 dys.I called deepak and said I am rady wit ur gift and went to make tea in kitchen,he just cm fr behind and hugged me I was shocked wit his daring and shouted leave me its not right.he said sonal u r looking so hot and sexy kasie chod do tuje aaj to tuje rat bhaar pyar hi karoga.

I just stared to cry as I dont wanted to do anything dat wil mk me fill guilty,he immediatel left me and said sorry kya karo tu intni sexy dik rahi thi ki me bhol gaye you r my bhabi.and wnt and set on dinning table.I did not know wat to do we had tea and chat for very long. than at eight I said let me mk dinner,HE SAID lets go out u get ready we wil go to gpo,

i said ok changed at this tm we moved by car as it was raining.we had our food and tan we went to kalyani nagar for a drive as ihad not drived for a long.we had ice cream and than jst begin to cm bk. he halted at one lane and we started to chat,i dont knwn when we cm close to each other and started to smoch achanak se he stopped and we moved but this had made me horny AND WET

and I wanted sex.we reached hm and went to our room I changed and wore thats same nighty and tried to sleep but nind he nahi a rahi thi I was feeling very horny,i went to deepk room and his door was opned I just took a peak he was lying naked wit his peniss erected and masutabating this made me mr horny and went inside and just took his tool in my mouth

and stared gving a blow job first he did nt response but than stared to enjoy.than he cm and I drank whole his cm his dick size was pretty good than he pushed me on bed and stared to open my nighty I han not wore bra and panty purposly he straight stared to suck my boobs and made me wet down than straed to lick my pussy

he was better than his brother in licking than we went to 69 position and both cm in each others mouth. after sm time we staretd to smoch agani and he got erection adn stared to fuck me in missonary postion he is really good fucker he kewn how to make love to woman,while fucking he said I was waiting for this day for last 2 yrs,

the day I saw u wantedto sleep wit u u r so hot and sexy sonal,i hv seen u many times naked while bathing my eyes would always be on ur cleavage when ever u bend etc this made me more horny and he made me cm thrice and finnaly he cm tat whole night we had sex and than in morning we both had bath together and after break fast he left for aome work.

he had made me crasy there was a guilty in my mind but the pleasrur I got was very good.i messages him cm soon chocklate lady is waiting for u at 1.00 pm. I had poured a lot of choclte on my body no skin visible at 1.15

I heard the door opening I knew he was ther and already got wet he cm ih wit dairymilk and took a pic and we eat together with mounts no hand toucc. tn he staretd to suck my boobs and than licked my pussy.we had sex and than slept. Hey guys please do reply and share ur exp also.

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Shravan fucking horny bhabhi

Hello everyone, I am Shravan,23 year old guyliving in Bangalore, Karnataka…. I would like to know u all out here. I am open to friendship and any relationship with ladies. I was living at my Cousin brother’s place in the city in order to pursue my studies in one of the reputed collages here.. My Cousin was married and he and his wife lived in one of the apartments in the city.

My babhi was my best friend and I loved her a lot and she took care of me like a mother. She was 27years Old. Beautiful, lean and had very sweet voice.. She used to wear modern dresses and rarely used to wear saris. I lusted her and use to peak at her private parts whenever I get chance.

We were close and I used to tell her everything and we used to go out together whenever my cousin was out of station. We liked each other’s company a lot. On the day of my eighteenth birthday, my Babhi wished me 1st when she came to woke me up in the morning. That day my cousin was out of station. My babhi came to me and wished me “Happy Birthday”.

I felt very happy and thanked her. I got fresh and went out. I returned home in the afternoon and went straight to my room as I couldn’t find babhi for a chat, probably she was sleeping. My stupidity made me expect a gift from her as she was very close to me, but I received none. So was sad. So I went and slept in my room till evening.

At supper, the evening of eighteenth birthday, I came down from the room in 1st floor and found babhi sitting in front of the TV. Seeing my sad face, Babhi said, “ Why are you carrying a sad face. I guess you are kind of disappointed for having a dull birthday so far” “Nah, Babhi, nothing like that” I lied “Well, you’re close enough to being a man now that I can give you what you’ve really wanted for a long time now.”

I looked at her, a question in my eyes, what could she be talking about? She was chuckling as she continued, “You’ve been trying to peek up my skirts and down my blouse since you were here a year back, and now I think you’re old enough to get your wish. But it isn’t completely free, you got to give something in return.”

“Huh?” I was blushing at being caught and confused about where she was heading. “You want to see what I’m hiding under these clothes, right?” still chuckling. “Uh, yeah, sure.” Now I was getting excited. “All right, you get your wish, but you have to show me what you’re hiding under yours. Agreed?” “Uh, yeah, sure,” I repeated.

In less time than it took to type this, babhi’s dress was over the back of her chair and she stood there in her undies. “Well?” I was a little slower, but as I slid my jockeys over my hips, babhi’s bra joined her dress. And my shorts got hung on my rigid dick as her muff came into view.!!

“Ta-daa!” she sang and slowly turned, her arm outstretched, modelling her nudity for me. “Do I meet your expectations? My tits are kind of small, I guess.” Not that small, maybe a B cup but fine for her petite frame, and at thirty-seven just beginning to sag a little bit. Thin waist and a gorgeous, thick V of black curls that thinned out and split when it reached the beginning of her slit.

I couldn’t say a word, I think my tongue was as hard as my dick, and Babhi laughed happily. “Wow!Your prick’s bigger than your brother’s.” Looking at Babhi naked was arousing enough, but her talking about the size of her tits and comparing my prick size to brother’s was way over the top and I blurted out, “Damn babhi, you’re gonna have me cummin’ if you ain’t careful!”

“I guess we’ll just have to get dressed, then,” she said with a big grin, “Or else make sure you don’t mess up the carpet. Shall we dress?” “Hell no!” Grinning from ear to ear she pushed me back onto my chair and sat in my lap, facing me, her legs on either side and her wet pussy sliding down over my hard prick.

“Aaah!” she breathed, then gave me a long French kiss. “You do have a bigger cock than your brother,” she whispered into my mouth, “I almost feel like a virgin again.” It was awkward trying to talk with a mouthful of her tongue but I managed to mumble, “You’re tight enough to be a virgin, and dammit, I’m gonna cum pretty soon!”

“Good! Now shut up and enjoy yourself!” So that’s exactly what I did. Strange, but once I quit trying to hump Babhiand just let her massage my prick with her pussy muscles, I still felt like I was ready to cum, but I wasn’t getting any closer. I squeezed my hands between us and began playing with babhi’s tits, kneading them and pinching the nipples.

“Mmm hmm!” she hummed into my mouth, then broke our kiss long enough to say, “That feels even better!” and locked our lips together again, and then, a minute or so later she whispered, “I’ll bet your finger up my ass would really feel good,” so I tried, but her asshole was too dry. By stretching I could reach her pussy and with a good coating of cunt juice I got my finger in up to the second knuckle.

“Oh my God yes…’m….cummiinnnggggaaaaaahhh!!!” Babhi’s pussy sucked at my cock and her asshole squeezed my finger for what seemed like five minutes, then she slowly settled down and finally collapsed on top of me. “Phew whee, I almost forgot what a good fuck feels like,” she whispered, and suddenly the thought hit me, this is my Babhi and I just made her cum,

and that was the trigger that set off my own explosion, the most intense cum I’d ever experienced, my cock jumping and throbbing, my cum spurting and my heart pounding. “Wow, Howlong have you been storing that? You really filled me up!” She kissed me, smiled and said,

“Now let’s go to the bathroom so that we can wash ourselves, then we’ll start having fun in my room. We will have plenty of time to ourselves in the coming years. I am all yours honey” That’s all I wanted to hear...

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Sai romping with Akhila

Hi dudes this is not a regular sex story if u want sex u can change the page let me clarify you one thing this is not a regular erotic story also this is all about how we make the way through it so don’t flip to another story well coming to the story on the bright sunny evening I and my sister in law were in the house I was then 21

and she was also same age I have started watching porn from 8th and now I was a king in it but still im a virgin believe me on that day I was watching some telugu movie and movie was yet to finish our parents told that they will return by night but unfortunately they told they will return next day or may be at midnight then I got some crazy idea.

I told akhila about the news and I have started implementing my idea first I have started saying about love stories in our college and later we came to romance topic then I said that girls ‘Hey akhila what ever u say girls were so impotent they cant even stop their feeling’ then she said ‘stop it sai it not like that we just control our feeling if we cant control the worlds population will be doulded with in year’

then I said ‘ok then do u have a capacity to control yourself’ she immediately said ‘yes’ then I said ok how many porn have u seen till now then she said stop it sai then I said no plz tell me then she said not more just occasionally we were so free since childhood then I said ok can v play resistance game then she said whats it then I said we both should together watch a porn if

I loose my potential and I will be the loser and if u loose u will be the loser she said the game was ok but tell me the rules then I said simple rules 1.the participants should not wear any dress 2. the participants should not touch or carry anything 3. they should not cover anything and should not keep any pillow between legs 4.the person who asked the people for sex was a loser.

She listened every point and asked should the participants indulge in sex. Then I said no yaar its just the rules then she said have u played the game before then I said not yet now I want to play with u then she said how do u know abt this game then I said its my own creation waiting to play with my wife then she said go and play with ur wife then I said stop and do u have

resistance or not then she said ok v can play but what ever happens today she be a night mare for both then I said ok then she said where is the porn then I said its with me then I went to my room and started searching for the most erotic porn then I saw saniamirza’s porn and told have u seen sania’s she said no but my friend saw it and told its duplicate then I said ya there are

more duplicates but this is original here sania will cry then she said ok and play I said have u forgotten the rules ya ya wait and she went inside the room then I said hey u should be full nude then she said ok you should also be nude yaar no exception for boys then I stripped my dress ands I was just in my jockey and waiting for her and she came their will white blanket

covering from head to toe then I saw her with an disappointment face I said hey strip yaar then she said first u take off the jockey then I undress the jockey and was nude I don’t have a 6 pack but a gym trained body attractive then she took off the blanket and I was surprised and shocked to see her in full dress she with in seconds took her blackberry and took my snaps

I was astonished to see and I don’t know what was happening I was just seeing hey innocently she took my photos and said ya cought u now tell me all the truths were u a virgin then I stammered and said can I take a towel she said don’t move or else I will send these snaps to all u friends by mms then I know what was happening and I said yes I am a virgin I want to enjoy prematial sex

then she said how many porns have u seen till now then I said more than thousand then she said do u know one thing half of the porns or mms u see were like these sex only bluffing and cheating girls only most of the girls were in the same position as u then I said they will take money for porn movies then she said only in a.p there are 2416 prostitutes but the mms

were in crores this is because of u guys only when she was saying all these stuff I ot angry and said then the hell did I do then she said stop watching these stuff then I said in this world for a second 85 members were watching what the fuck will happen if I saw then she said yes everybody was thinking the same and watching but I u stop 85 will become 84

and make others stop then the trp will be down and females can somehow escape these harrasments then I said ok can I move no wait I want to ask another thing then I was so angry and said I will rape u then she said stop joking and answer do u love me I was awe by her question and said no but I had a crush on u then she said fuck the crush and tell me the truth

then I said yes but I cant marry you because my parents doesn’t like u then she said ok I will make ur parents love me and one more thing I liked this resistance game and we can play it on our first night then I said can I kiss u she said first dress ur self I immediately took my clothes as if I was a greedy animal taking food and went near her she said ok darling we can have sex

but after marrige and now no kisses and I told plz delete those photos then she said keep it I will watch it when I was in mood then I said ok and we had our dinner I was in the edge of my life in thise 5 minutes nudeness and I then deeply thought abt the girls and was ashamed by

seeing them like that ok guys I know u were upset but with in short time I will send my 1str night experience and the game details also play this resistance game only with ur wife not with others plzzzzz.

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