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Shravan fucking horny bhabhi

Hello everyone, I am Shravan,23 year old guyliving in Bangalore, Karnataka…. I would like to know u all out here. I am open to friendship and any relationship with ladies. I was living at my Cousin brother’s place in the city in order to pursue my studies in one of the reputed collages here.. My Cousin was married and he and his wife lived in one of the apartments in the city.

My babhi was my best friend and I loved her a lot and she took care of me like a mother. She was 27years Old. Beautiful, lean and had very sweet voice.. She used to wear modern dresses and rarely used to wear saris. I lusted her and use to peak at her private parts whenever I get chance.

We were close and I used to tell her everything and we used to go out together whenever my cousin was out of station. We liked each other’s company a lot. On the day of my eighteenth birthday, my Babhi wished me 1st when she came to woke me up in the morning. That day my cousin was out of station. My babhi came to me and wished me “Happy Birthday”.

I felt very happy and thanked her. I got fresh and went out. I returned home in the afternoon and went straight to my room as I couldn’t find babhi for a chat, probably she was sleeping. My stupidity made me expect a gift from her as she was very close to me, but I received none. So was sad. So I went and slept in my room till evening.

At supper, the evening of eighteenth birthday, I came down from the room in 1st floor and found babhi sitting in front of the TV. Seeing my sad face, Babhi said, “ Why are you carrying a sad face. I guess you are kind of disappointed for having a dull birthday so far” “Nah, Babhi, nothing like that” I lied “Well, you’re close enough to being a man now that I can give you what you’ve really wanted for a long time now.”

I looked at her, a question in my eyes, what could she be talking about? She was chuckling as she continued, “You’ve been trying to peek up my skirts and down my blouse since you were here a year back, and now I think you’re old enough to get your wish. But it isn’t completely free, you got to give something in return.”

“Huh?” I was blushing at being caught and confused about where she was heading. “You want to see what I’m hiding under these clothes, right?” still chuckling. “Uh, yeah, sure.” Now I was getting excited. “All right, you get your wish, but you have to show me what you’re hiding under yours. Agreed?” “Uh, yeah, sure,” I repeated.

In less time than it took to type this, babhi’s dress was over the back of her chair and she stood there in her undies. “Well?” I was a little slower, but as I slid my jockeys over my hips, babhi’s bra joined her dress. And my shorts got hung on my rigid dick as her muff came into view.!!

“Ta-daa!” she sang and slowly turned, her arm outstretched, modelling her nudity for me. “Do I meet your expectations? My tits are kind of small, I guess.” Not that small, maybe a B cup but fine for her petite frame, and at thirty-seven just beginning to sag a little bit. Thin waist and a gorgeous, thick V of black curls that thinned out and split when it reached the beginning of her slit.

I couldn’t say a word, I think my tongue was as hard as my dick, and Babhi laughed happily. “Wow!Your prick’s bigger than your brother’s.” Looking at Babhi naked was arousing enough, but her talking about the size of her tits and comparing my prick size to brother’s was way over the top and I blurted out, “Damn babhi, you’re gonna have me cummin’ if you ain’t careful!”

“I guess we’ll just have to get dressed, then,” she said with a big grin, “Or else make sure you don’t mess up the carpet. Shall we dress?” “Hell no!” Grinning from ear to ear she pushed me back onto my chair and sat in my lap, facing me, her legs on either side and her wet pussy sliding down over my hard prick.

“Aaah!” she breathed, then gave me a long French kiss. “You do have a bigger cock than your brother,” she whispered into my mouth, “I almost feel like a virgin again.” It was awkward trying to talk with a mouthful of her tongue but I managed to mumble, “You’re tight enough to be a virgin, and dammit, I’m gonna cum pretty soon!”

“Good! Now shut up and enjoy yourself!” So that’s exactly what I did. Strange, but once I quit trying to hump Babhiand just let her massage my prick with her pussy muscles, I still felt like I was ready to cum, but I wasn’t getting any closer. I squeezed my hands between us and began playing with babhi’s tits, kneading them and pinching the nipples.

“Mmm hmm!” she hummed into my mouth, then broke our kiss long enough to say, “That feels even better!” and locked our lips together again, and then, a minute or so later she whispered, “I’ll bet your finger up my ass would really feel good,” so I tried, but her asshole was too dry. By stretching I could reach her pussy and with a good coating of cunt juice I got my finger in up to the second knuckle.

“Oh my God yes…’m….cummiinnnggggaaaaaahhh!!!” Babhi’s pussy sucked at my cock and her asshole squeezed my finger for what seemed like five minutes, then she slowly settled down and finally collapsed on top of me. “Phew whee, I almost forgot what a good fuck feels like,” she whispered, and suddenly the thought hit me, this is my Babhi and I just made her cum,

and that was the trigger that set off my own explosion, the most intense cum I’d ever experienced, my cock jumping and throbbing, my cum spurting and my heart pounding. “Wow, Howlong have you been storing that? You really filled me up!” She kissed me, smiled and said,

“Now let’s go to the bathroom so that we can wash ourselves, then we’ll start having fun in my room. We will have plenty of time to ourselves in the coming years. I am all yours honey” That’s all I wanted to hear...

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Sai romping with Akhila

Hi dudes this is not a regular sex story if u want sex u can change the page let me clarify you one thing this is not a regular erotic story also this is all about how we make the way through it so don’t flip to another story well coming to the story on the bright sunny evening I and my sister in law were in the house I was then 21

and she was also same age I have started watching porn from 8th and now I was a king in it but still im a virgin believe me on that day I was watching some telugu movie and movie was yet to finish our parents told that they will return by night but unfortunately they told they will return next day or may be at midnight then I got some crazy idea.

I told akhila about the news and I have started implementing my idea first I have started saying about love stories in our college and later we came to romance topic then I said that girls ‘Hey akhila what ever u say girls were so impotent they cant even stop their feeling’ then she said ‘stop it sai it not like that we just control our feeling if we cant control the worlds population will be doulded with in year’

then I said ‘ok then do u have a capacity to control yourself’ she immediately said ‘yes’ then I said ok how many porn have u seen till now then she said stop it sai then I said no plz tell me then she said not more just occasionally we were so free since childhood then I said ok can v play resistance game then she said whats it then I said we both should together watch a porn if

I loose my potential and I will be the loser and if u loose u will be the loser she said the game was ok but tell me the rules then I said simple rules 1.the participants should not wear any dress 2. the participants should not touch or carry anything 3. they should not cover anything and should not keep any pillow between legs 4.the person who asked the people for sex was a loser.

She listened every point and asked should the participants indulge in sex. Then I said no yaar its just the rules then she said have u played the game before then I said not yet now I want to play with u then she said how do u know abt this game then I said its my own creation waiting to play with my wife then she said go and play with ur wife then I said stop and do u have

resistance or not then she said ok v can play but what ever happens today she be a night mare for both then I said ok then she said where is the porn then I said its with me then I went to my room and started searching for the most erotic porn then I saw saniamirza’s porn and told have u seen sania’s she said no but my friend saw it and told its duplicate then I said ya there are

more duplicates but this is original here sania will cry then she said ok and play I said have u forgotten the rules ya ya wait and she went inside the room then I said hey u should be full nude then she said ok you should also be nude yaar no exception for boys then I stripped my dress ands I was just in my jockey and waiting for her and she came their will white blanket

covering from head to toe then I saw her with an disappointment face I said hey strip yaar then she said first u take off the jockey then I undress the jockey and was nude I don’t have a 6 pack but a gym trained body attractive then she took off the blanket and I was surprised and shocked to see her in full dress she with in seconds took her blackberry and took my snaps

I was astonished to see and I don’t know what was happening I was just seeing hey innocently she took my photos and said ya cought u now tell me all the truths were u a virgin then I stammered and said can I take a towel she said don’t move or else I will send these snaps to all u friends by mms then I know what was happening and I said yes I am a virgin I want to enjoy prematial sex

then she said how many porns have u seen till now then I said more than thousand then she said do u know one thing half of the porns or mms u see were like these sex only bluffing and cheating girls only most of the girls were in the same position as u then I said they will take money for porn movies then she said only in a.p there are 2416 prostitutes but the mms

were in crores this is because of u guys only when she was saying all these stuff I ot angry and said then the hell did I do then she said stop watching these stuff then I said in this world for a second 85 members were watching what the fuck will happen if I saw then she said yes everybody was thinking the same and watching but I u stop 85 will become 84

and make others stop then the trp will be down and females can somehow escape these harrasments then I said ok can I move no wait I want to ask another thing then I was so angry and said I will rape u then she said stop joking and answer do u love me I was awe by her question and said no but I had a crush on u then she said fuck the crush and tell me the truth

then I said yes but I cant marry you because my parents doesn’t like u then she said ok I will make ur parents love me and one more thing I liked this resistance game and we can play it on our first night then I said can I kiss u she said first dress ur self I immediately took my clothes as if I was a greedy animal taking food and went near her she said ok darling we can have sex

but after marrige and now no kisses and I told plz delete those photos then she said keep it I will watch it when I was in mood then I said ok and we had our dinner I was in the edge of my life in thise 5 minutes nudeness and I then deeply thought abt the girls and was ashamed by

seeing them like that ok guys I know u were upset but with in short time I will send my 1str night experience and the game details also play this resistance game only with ur wife not with others plzzzzz.

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Sex encounter with Meenu

Hi Friends, myself aryan. This is my 1st story on this site. This real experience was happened when I went to repair a laptop in hotel room of visiting Trainer of one insurance company. Such a situation was created that we had experienced a good and enjoyable fucking session.

At first I want to introduce the girl first. Her name was menu. Her height was 5’7”. She has a very good and attractive personality. Her figure was 36, 30 and 36. She was very fair in colour and being an educated lady trainer, she had a very glazing and smiling face.

One day I was got a call from one branch manager of insurance company that laptop of her visiting trainer was not working properly. I went there in the evening around 6 PM. I rang the doorbell. Then a smart girl opened the door. I greeted her and introduced myself. She gave me lovely smile and said please come inside, you are welcome.

For a moment I became speechless to see such a gorgeous beauty in front of me. She was looking like an angel. She asked me what I will take. I answered first I will see your laptop then I would like to take cold drink or juice because it was very hot climate outside. She shows me her laptop and said video files were not running properly. She was in training session today.

She thinks some one bad operate her laptop while she was in a training room. And then she gave me one CD to check after repairing her laptop. She said she had to take a shower. I told her to do her work. I will call her when work will be done. She had gone to the bathroom for shower. I repaired the system. Some window video and audio files were corrupted.

I loaded those files within some time. So now laptop was running very well. I inserted the CD and shocked to see blue film. She had given me a blue film CD by mistake. My cock became hard like rod after seeing those scenes.

Gate of the bathroom of her room was situated like that I can see her clearly when she came out. Suddenly I saw that she forgot to take her bra and panty which were on the bed. Now I was in mood to fuck her. I became to see those undergarments left. It might be possible either she came out in towel or call me to give her bra and panty.

As per my thinking she slightly opened the door of the bathroom and said – “Please give me my bra and panty, which was on the bed I forgot to take them in the bathroom.” Then I lifted the bra and panty from bed and was going to give her. But at the gate suddenly I was slipped and gate was opened completely due to touch of my legs on that. Her towel was dropped on the floor.

She was completely naked in front of my eyes. Oh my God, such a divine beauty. She was looking like sex Goddess. My eyes were forgotten to blink. She wants to hide her boobs by her arms. She wanted to stand up. But because of slippery floor with water she again slipped and now she was in my arms.

She was naked and I was in cloths. She said – “Please leave me, please leave me for God’s sake”. Now I was not in mood to stop myself. Because I was hot before this scene due to seeing blue film on her laptop. I hold her tightly and starting sucking her boobs and my one hand was pressing her ass.

She was now moaning but in little voice she was also saying to leave her. My hands were now also running on her back. “Please leave me, I want to go. Please leave me. Don’t do these things with me.” She was murmuring these sentences. Then I locked her lips by lips and deep French kiss was now going on.

Muuuuuuuuuuchh muchhh chhhc. Now she was also supporting my kiss by inserting her tongue inside my mouth. We both tasted each other saliva. She now holds my cock from the pant. When she holds my cock she tried to measure it length and width by her hands. Suddenly she said “wow! how can I take it inside my small hole. It is so big and wide.”

“Hello! Madam you are willing me to leave you and thinking to gulp my cock inside your pussy. If I will leave you, you will become starving animal for sex and will be fucked by hotel boy or room attendant.” Now I said darling open my cloths and make me naked too. Then we will enjoy the fuck session. I had curly hair on my chest.

She first opens my T shirt then she opened my pant too. Now I was only in boxer. She started kissing my chest and admiring my body. After some time she also opened my boxer. Now we both were naked in that hotel room. That lady was very sexy and having good knowledge of sex also.

She kept me on the bed on the corner and she sat of the floor and started giving me blowjob smartly. She was moving her head up and down and sucking my cock very sweetly. I was feeling very good and cold blood was running in my ribs. I hold her head and keeping that up and down. I also pressing and messaging her bare and tight boobs.

This became very hard due to hotness of that lady. She was enjoying the mouth fuck sweetly and smartly. When she sucks my pink portion by her tongue I was in the heaven. After some time we both on the bed and she kept me down and make such position that her pussy hole was near my mouth 69 position. Now I understood she also wants her pussy to be licked.

I started licking her pussy. First I chew the clitoris then started my tongue to taste her dripping salty liquid. My tongue was moving and running on her pussy walls and I was opening the lips of pussy by my fingers. Her pussy colour was pinkish. I never saw such a beautiful pussy. That was clean shaven and a sweet aroma was there. Now I also was inserting my one finger inside her pussy.

Now she was shivering with joy and sexy mood. She was busy in sucking my cock. She was taking it in her mouth deep till her throat and next moment it was outside. Her blowjob was awesome. My cock was now very hard and she was licking it like ice cream. She was also consuming my pre cum. We both were enjoying by each other tongue work.

Now my cock was hard like rod and standing as pole. She changed the position and now she was trying to sit on hard cock. She placed my cock on pussy gate and started sitting on it slowly. Slide in and up – down, then again a slow pressure and up – down and last hard pressure and Cock was disappeared in her pussy completely.

And now she was riding on my cock up – down in slow motion. This was an awesome experience for me to be fucked by such a natural and gorgeous beauty in suck a style. I was lying on the bed and that lady was doing that thing which should be done by me. Now her speed was increased. When she go up and came down her open hairs were mesmerizing me.

It was looking like some clouds were hiding the sun and showing the sun, here was the tube light of the room was the sun. This was looking and disappearing because of that lady up and down motion. I was enjoying it very much. After some time she holds me and keeps me up on the bed and now she was on my laps. Now movement style was changed.

She holds my back and now sideways movement was going on, back and front, to and fro action. She was very intelligent in fuck science. She went back and in next moment she gulped my dick deep in side her. Wow I can’t describe that time joy on words. After some time she said “I am reaching the climax, please hold me tight. Ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuu.”

Then with a very sound she released her liquid on my dick and laps. My dick was showered by her sweet and crispy love juices. Now it’s my turn to ride on her. Now I want on top and I placed her like + sign. And I was inserted my dick deep inside her and sideways fucking was going on. Her one leg was up and I was sitting on her down leg. I was giving her hard and fast pumping.

Within 40 – 50 strokes she again started squeezing her body. I know she had reached her second orgasm. Now I put her in doggy style and started fucking her from back side. My hands were round her boobs and my both legs were placed near her belly and deep screwing was going on. With every stroke she moans heavily ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh.

Bu my speed was not lowering it was increasing with every jerk. Such a nice fucking session I can’t even imagine. After some time I also released all my hot liquid in her lovely pussy. And after cleaning my rod I was abut to return. But she stopped me and told me join in a combined bath with her. We had taken a shower together. She cleaned my body and I cleaned her.

After shower we dressed ourselves like respected personality of the society. We went down stairs in a restaurant and took dinner together. She said me to inform to home that you have taken dinner and will return after 1 hour. I want to ask question but she stopped me to say any thing. I responded her wish and inform at my home to come late.

I was amazed what next was left after such a nice fuck. We were again at her room. She sat and lights a cigarette and also gave me one. Now she was open with me and she was telling me how she was deflowered by her boss on first training tour in the hotel. But because of the career she hadn’t reveal this incident to any one.

She was very fond of watching blue films. Every step she learned from those movies. Now she wants to experience an ass fuck by me. As this was only her second fuck session of the life. But this was with her permission. So she wants to enjoy each and every style of fuck.

Now again we were naked on her bed. She was sucking my cock to make it ready for ass fuck. After some time it was again became hard and ready to obey every command of its master. She bring a cream from her beg and applied it on my rod and gave me to apply on her ass and inside the ass.

I obeyed her and now she was in down side position on the bed and her ass was little up from the bed. I understood what I have to do? I placed my dick on her ass and gave a light jerk. Only pink portion was gone inside because of slippery way of cream. But her body was shivering due to pain.

She was feeling the pain but she was nodding her head to continue the work in same position with slow movement. I was giving slow movement rear and front in same position. When I feel she was ready to take a hard jerk I gave a hard jerk so my dick went little inside. After 5 – 10 minutes my complete dick was inside her ass.

Now she was permitting me to increase the speed. So I was now giving the hard and deep thrusts on her ass. Now she was also enjoying the ass fuck. She was co operating the fuck by moving her ass back for accepting the jerk and with jerk she moves forward on the bed. Her ass was very tight and I was feeling that my dick was certainly got the scratches.

But because of hotness of sex I forgot about wound and continuing the fuck in fast motion. That lady was really a sex Goddess because she gave me such pleasurable and memorable fuck which I can’t describe. After 25 – 30 minutes I again reach the climax on that evening but this time in her tight ass.

Then we dressed and I have taken permission from that lady to return back. She gave me lovely smile and very sweet good night kisses to me. Then I returned from there to my home and rested.waiting for ur responses to post my next story which happened with my collage friend.

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Horny bhabhi fucked by Ashim

This is ashim from Delhi. I am married to a gorgeous and sexy female. But while I was studying in Lucknow I use to stay with my aunty ( as my parents were away). Also stayed there were my cousin and his wife Anu. She was few months younger to me. Had a great and sexy figure. We were very free in talks and she would ask me abt my Girl friends and all ( no sex talks).

She would ask me take her out onbike. This was 1990. Now as my brother is posted to Ahmedabad, she is staying wid her son and daughter in Mumbai. Her son is 18 and daughter in 16yrs old. Last year I went on a trip to Mumbai. Because of my work I was staying in the hotel and would meet her in evening. I went to stay overnight a night before my flight back.

We had dinner and took the kids out for ice cream. Back home the kids went off to sleep and we kept chatting. She asked me not to sleep and we would chat as we had met after a long time. We had coffee and chatted not realizing that the Tv was playing FTV channel and we both watched that and discussed on the dresses. She asked me if my wife wears them and I said yes.

She said that she always wanted to wear the sexy western dresses but could not as she was staying with aunty till posted out. She discussed about the bad times she went thru in lucknow wid aunty as she was quite harsh. She told me, that she wants to try out some western dresses ( of her daughter). I happily agreed, she went and changed into a very short tennis skirt and strap top.

She was looking uber sexy. She asked me take her fotos, next she changed into hot pants. Tube tops, lycra skirt and I kept clicking her. Last she changed in her nighty which was a light blue strap top deep v cut with lacy top and a belt under the breast. She sat next to me and kept seeing the pics. She asked me to transfer it to her laptop.

She suddenly asked me Do you smoke and I said yes. She asked me if she can have a fag. I was amazed but went out in the balcony and had a cigarette, it was 2 in the night. Once back in the room she asked me how did she look and I said good, pretty and nice. But she wanted to hear more and kept asking me and nudging me till I said you look hot and sexy.

She smiled and said I wanted to hear this. We kept chatting on the couch when she suddenly asked me for a dance. WE danced to the slow tune on TV and from back I was holding from her waist. She took my hand and placed it on her boobs. I got a current but just kept dancing and gave a kiss on the cheeks. She got angry and pushed me back on couch looking strict.

Next she just jumped over me and asked me to kiss on the lips. I accepted the offer and started kissing her furiously. Her dress was up till the thighs. I gathered courage and held her boobs, she enjoyed and asked me to press them. I got it now and lowered her straps, no resistance from her I slid down to taje them in my mouth she just smiled and said what are you waiting for.

I started sucking them. Amazing and well maintained mangoes ( that’s what I call my wife’s) at that age of 40. She took off my T shirt and wriggled out of her nighty. She was in thong panties only and me in undies. She asked again about her panties “you like them and does my wife wears it” I said yes and started to rub her pussy. She was now moaning and moved to hold my cock.

It was rock hard. She took off my undies and asked if she could suck my cock. I could not say no. She was sucking my cock like a pro. Suddenly she got up and said this is the first time she had tasted a cock. I was surprised as she told that my bahiya would never indulge in sucking and licking. She kept asking me if my wife does the same on every move.

She sucked again till the throat and got up to say suck mine. I asked what she sheepishly said pussy aur kyaa. I went down and started licking her pussy which was dripping. I kept asking her how does it feel and she could not reply, just moan and push my head back to it. We were exhausted and just sat down looking at each other.

Till she said what now want more, now I said sheepishly yes, she said then go on have the last bit. I was really surprised but she pushed me down and climbed on me and asked again you wanna enter me. I said nothing. She guided my cock against her cunt and started giving strokes. I was ecstatic she was moaning. Further she changed position and asked me to come on top.

I did so and started pushing from top and she kept screaming softly harder deeper faster. I took her from behind and held her boobies while fucking her. When I was cumming I asked her if I can to cum in her mouth as she had never tasted it. She agreed and I cummed my entire load in her mouth and she drankit happily and said she liked it.

Later at around 5 she went to make tea ( as I had to leave at 6:30) in her nighty I went to the kitchen and her from back with my hands on boobs. She resisted but I said I want you again please. She just gave up and I fondled her boobs from behind lifted her nighty and pulled down her panties. I went down turned her and licked her pussy there in kitchen.

She sucked my cock later on and I lifted her to the dining table and got on top. She said she wanted to scream but can do so. She got on top then and asked me to come to the couch. She asked me to fuck her between the boobs and cum there. All this while she was asking me to say something sexy ( sort of dirty) I softly started saying bhabs I wanna fuck you.

She said fuck me hard. Finally I cummed over her tits. That was the end of our sexy sojourn in Mumbai. I my subsequent trip or ever one of their trip to delhi we got a chance to have a fuck or ever a light fondling.

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Nitin having sex with his sexy bhabhi Tripti - II

Previously: Nitin having sex with his sexy bhabhi Tripti - I

Next day during our walk, we were accompanied by my mom, so there was almost no conversation between us, and we both were shy in making direct eye contact. That night I wanted to talk to her but I was little afraid, that if Rupa aunty will be near her then, she may fall in trouble, so I patiently waited for her call, and she did not turned back”.

Somehow I spent next day in office and came down to walk after dinner, she was already waiting for me, and we smiled as we looked at each other. She asked me, “kal raat ko aunty ko, apne saath kyon lekar aaye the.” I said “mom ne over eating kar lit hi, so she wanted to walk”. Then I told her that I was waiting for her phone last night.

She smiled and said; even she was waiting for my phone call. I gave her reason that why I stopped myself from calling, that I was afraid of her mother-in-law. She said ok, and from now only she will call. Then I asked her that what she did last night. She said, she was watching xxx movie, given by me. I asked “why, you don’t like na”?

She said “I will try to take these things, in my life”. I looked at her, and Bhabhi blushed, “what anal or oral” she said both, and told me that there is no other way to hold Aashu, I just said ok. Just after that I made a naughty statement, “ Bhabhi aap na bhaiya se divorce lekar, mujhse shadi kar lo, main aapko in sab ke liye force nahi karunga”.

And with that we laughed together, and bhabhi slapped me on my shoulder, and said “bhaiya aap bahut dangerous ho mujhe aapse bahut darr lagta hai”. I asked why, she said, “maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki, main kisi se iss tarah ki baaten karungi”. I said “that’s ok; I am your friend, friends main sab chalta hai”. Like this we chatted for few more minutes and came back.

Through out the walk I was looking at her nice healthy butt again and again, assuming now when Aashu bhaiya will come, he will rip bhabhi’s ass hole, and started visualizing that how she will scream in pain? Before leaving I asked her, whether she is going to call me or not. She said after 11:30. Just after 11:30, I got a call; it was none other than my Tripti Bhabhi.

We started chatting. In the beginning it was and ordinary conversation, but from my question, our ordinary conversation got converted into sex talk. I asked her “ bhabhi uss din raat ko aapne masturbate kiya tha”? She said “haan, kiya tha.” I waited for a second and further asked “ mujhe soch kar kiya tha”?

I was expecting no from her side, but she said yes... I was shocked, and could not believed my ears, and asked her again with amazement, “mujhe soch kar kiya tha, ….sach..” she laughed and said “ Haan, issi liye to kah rahi thi, ki abb mujhe aapse darr lagta hai, aap mujhe pagal kar doge”. “bhabhi I am so happy, kaisa raha aapka masturbating session, did I satisfied you bit more.”

She laughed again and said, “Not bit more, it satisfied me lot more”. I was pleasantly surprised, that she accepted that my fantasy, during masturbation satisfied her. It was just that physically I was not jumping on my bed; feeling was not at all different. “bhabhi main pagal ho jaunga, mera mann kar raha hai, main aapko kas ke hug karoon”.

She said “ achha, pahli baar maaf kar diya tha, is baar maar padegi”. I laughed and said, “koi baat nahi bhabhi, baad main jitna chahe maar lena, bass ek bar hug karne do.” She said, “Bhaiya aap pagal ho nahi jaaoge, aap pagal ho gaye ho”and again we laughed. Like that we continued further, and some where in between I asked her “Bhabhi aap prepared ho, anal aur oral ke liye”?

She said “nahi, bilkul achha nahi lag raha, especially anal ko lekar bahut confusion hai”. I said “confusion kya hai”? She said “samajh nahi aaraha karoon ya nahi”? I said “bhabhi kar lo, shuru main ajeeb lagega, fir use to ho jaaoge”. She said, “I think you r right, shuru main to, normal sex bhi ajeeb lagta tha, baad main sab normal ho gaya tha”.

I said “achha bhabhi apni first night ke baare main batao, kaisi thi aapki suhagraat”? She said “matt puchho, first night pe husband, dushman hota hai, Aashish ne mujhe first night pe rula diya tha, itni buri tarah kiya tha, ki meri cheekh nikal gayi thi.” I laughed and I think she two smiled, and then I said, “abhi ek baar aur aisa hone wala hai, jab bhaiya aapke sath anal karenge”.

“Don’t know mere sath aur kya kya karenge”? She replied. Like that we continued for few more minutes, and then said good night to each other. I felt that I am living in dreamland, Tripti bhabhi and me were doing sex chat, and she talked to me about her first night, it was amazing. I felt that I am closer to her more than any of my other male friends.

I masturbated and fucked my dearest Tripti Bhabhi in my fantasy in doggy style, and cummed like hell. Next day I searched net for oral and anal sex and took out printouts of few articles, in which positions and precautions were mentioned and I handed over her in the night, during our walk. She asked me what is it, and I explained her, exactly what it is.

She thanked me, and we continued our walk with our that days happenings and some light naughty jokes, I noticed somehow unintentionally our sex chat was limited through phone only and we both avoided talking that freely when we are face to face. On phone only she told me that what she has understood, about anal and oral sex from the articles.

I asked her in which positions she does sex with her husband, she told me few basic position. In next meeting I gave her printouts of articles with pictures explaining many sex positions. She asked me for some more xxx movies, somewhat romantic. I provided her quality stuff, which was full of romantic love making, and which had lovely oral sex sequences.

Like that few days passed, and we got closer and closer. On one day I came to know that, on one religious occasion, people of our colony are going out to a nearby city on a spiritual tour by pooling the whole cost, they have hired a bus which will go very early in the morning and come back by late evening.

Tripti bhabhi was also going with her mother-in-law and daughter, my parents also had a plan, Tripti bhabhi asked me, but I had a office, neither I was interested in any spiritual tour, so I refused, bhabhi insisted once, but I made her understand by throwing a humorous comment, that “bhabhi main bahut bada paapi hun, mujhe lekar jaaoge to aap logon ka tour bhi bekar ho jayega”.

After that she never asked again. On the specific day, my parents left early in the morning, at that time I was sleeping, I got up and got ready to go to the office, I had to arrange breakfast for myself. That day in the morning when I was thinking about what to cook in breakfast, unexpectedly I received a call from Tripti Bhabhi. She was at home, and told me to come to her place for breakfast.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy although I knew that, whatever I dream in my fantasy during masturbation is not practically possible. It was just her company on the extra ordinary time, which made me happy. Anyway I got ready and came to her place; she was wearing ordinary salwar kamiz with duppta, with water dripping hairs, as if she has just taken a bath.

Tripti bhabhi was looking so sexy because of her wet hairs, and because of her hairs her back was also wet and I could feel the existence of her bra. Breakfast was already at table. We had breakfast together. It was an ordinary cooking, which seemed special, because of her. From her gesture and body language, once I felt that she is bit conscious, and continuously she was thinking something,

but I ignored, assuming that it must be because of last night’s telephonic conversation. I asked her about the reason that why she cancelled her program and stayed at home. At that time she said, she has stayed just for me, so that I can get proper breakfast and lunch. I asked her about mini (her baby daughter) she told me, her grandmother insisted and took her along.

After that she asked me for my lunch box, I handed over her, and she got up to pack my lunch, which was already cooked. At the time when she was packing my lunchbox, I was standing on the door of the kitchen and she was facing away from me. She turned to see me and smiled, and asked me naughtily, “fir se peeche se aakar pakdne to nahi waale na”.

That reminded me that incident; I smiled and said, “nahi bhabhi, desire to hai lekin himmat nahi hai”. she too smiled and don’t know how after packing my lunch, she turned leaving box there on the slab of the kitchen and raised her arms, as she is asking me to come and hug her. I was stunned, I looked at her face, and she was smiling a bit and said, “Your wish is granted”.

I went closer to her and hugged her, I was still in shock while hugging and that consciousness wasted those few seconds of pleasure. We got separated, and then she simply walked out of the kitchen silently. I came out behind her. I was looking at her without a flick of an eye. She looked at me and smiled with a question, “what? Why are you looking at me like that”?

I was speechless, I smiled and said, “bhabhi I want to hug you again.” she smiled and again raised her arms in same fashion, and I hugged her again. This time I embraced her tight, and got the pleasure of hugging my fantasy girl. Odor of her soap, drove me crazy, and touch of her big soft breast, made me hard and while embracing her I felt hook of her bra on my palm.

Part of her bare shoulder and neck was so close to my lips, that for a second, I thought of kissing that soft skin, but I couldn’t, may be because I was nervous. It was somewhat like dream to me, and I wanted to be in that dream only, but I had to go, and more than me, she was bothered about that. She forced me to leave quickly, because I was already late.

I wanted to take a leave from office, and truly speaking it was not that, I was thinking that now I will be able to seduce Tripti bhabhi. I just wanted to chat with her for the whole day; I just wanted to be with her. But I had to go to the office too. Somehow I reached office and through out the way, I was thinking about her. I was trying to guess, that why she stayed?

Just to feed me and to give a lovely hug to me. In office I tried to finish necessary work and by 12, I was free with that. I asked for the half day, from my boss, and after a simple excuse it was granted. I came back, without eating lunch. I ranged a doorbell, and bhabhi opened the door. She smiled, and asked me for the reason of my early arrival.

I spoke the truth that I wanted to spend rest of my day with her. She smiled again and welcomed me. She was wearing saree and her hairs were open, and may be because she was laying, they seemed spread. She was looking too sexy at that time. Lights were off and TV was on in AV mode showing blank blue screen, DVD player was also on, and it seemed that it was stopped.

I asked her, was she watching movie? She said yes. I asked her which one, she replied with a smile, “wohi jo aapne di thi”. And with that she switched off entire system of TV and DVD player. And while going to kitchen, she switched on the light of the hall. From the placement of cushions on sofa, I felt that, she was lying on sofa and watching movie.

I saw a pile of papers, which was kept on the side table. They were those articles, with a bold headings, How To Give A Blowjob, Anal sex myths and facts, Is Anal Sex Or Anal Penetration Safe? What To Do And What Not To Do In Oral Sex, like that there were many lose sheets which was given by me.

After a minute Tripti bhabhi came with a glass of water, and smiled again as she saw, that I was holding articles and reading one of them. She came closer, and offered me glass of water and suddenly took whole pile of papers from my hand, and moved to her room, by saying, “aapke pass sab articles hain na, to apne ghar jake padna”.

I smiled and after a two three minutes she came back, her hairs were combed, and they were tide in a bow. She asked casually “did you had the lunch”. I said, “No, I wanted to have it with you”. She smiled and said ok. We had lunch together, and soon, after lunch we were sitting on two different sofas, and talking to each other. I asked her, why she granted my wish.

She smiled and speak in a heavy voice “because I am your jinee, you asked for that and I made it, like it happened in the story of Aladdin”. I laughed and said, but Aladdin had three, wishes. She laughed and said, “But you had only two” in a same voice. I laughed again and continued chatting.

We were sitting in drawing room and atmosphere was cool, I sensed that Bhabhi was bit dull and conscious, I asked for the reason for being dull. She ignored by saying, that there is nothing like that, and tried to pretend normal and asked me, “So you wanted to spent rest of your day, with me. May I know why? “Because I love your company, as you love mine”.

She smiled and said, “Don’t know whatever we are doing, is right or wrong”? She seemed conscious, and I sensed, this was the matter, she was thinking, and it was making her uncomfortable. I said “but we are doing nothing, we just chat, that’s it”. She said, “We don’t just chat, we chat dirty”. I smiled again and said, “Take it easy bhabhi, it’s a small thing.

You talk to me, as if you would have talked to your female friend, does it really matters to you that I am a boy”? She looked into my eyes and said yes…. Then after a long pause… she continued and asked me “tumhe meri desire hai na? I mean you want to get physical with me, or you take me just as a friend”.

I got bit conscious, because temperament of asking this question was different; she had bit serious gesture, unless it was not that I was answering this question first time. I said “yes bhabhi” and smiled just to release some tension. She continued, “Bhaiya it’s OK for you, because you are single, but I am married, I should not have desire for you”.

I was stunned, not a single word came out of my mouth for few seconds, I asked her “You have a desire for me”? She looked into my eyes and then looked down. I asked her again, “from when” she did not reply. I was happy, but Tripti Bhabhi was in strange mood. I asked her again with smile, “Bhabhi sach boll rahi hain, from when you are thinking about me in that way”?

In reply she covered her face from her hands, and said; I don’t know bhaiya from when, may be when we started talking to each other again and unknowingly I got closer to you”. Then she continued, “Bhaiya I tried a lot to control myself, that I should not think about it, but from the day you insisted me to fantasize yourself making love with me, I got out of control, and since then I am regular in that.”

I saw water floating in her eyes, and that really made me conscious, and I tried to control the situation, by saying “Take it easy bhabhi, don’t think much about it, nothing has happened in real, you have done nothing wrong”. Fortunately she controlled herself and raised her head to see me, I was smiling, she also smiled and tried to cheer her up,

by saying “aap bahut dangerous ho, khud to pagal ho hi, aur mujhe bhi pagal diya hai”. We laughed together and environment got little relaxed. Then I said, “bhabhi, I don’t feel any shame in saying that I love you, and I want to get physical with you, because I don’t know any other way to express my love, but I am really thankful to you,

that you have given me so many wonderful moments to cherish through out my life, especially that wonderful hug, which you granted in the morning”. She smiled with bit of control and asked me in a very tender voice “aapko agar main ek aur wish doon to, aap kya maangoge”. I smiled, and said “another hug” she smiled lot more than before and few drops of water dripped down,

“you are mad Nitin” and with that she raised her hands, to give me another hug, I got up and hugged her tight. And tell you friends it was the real hug it was full of emotions and lovely feelings. We were holding each other very tight, and we remained like that for around 2 minutes or may be less than that. Then I tried to get apart, but she was holding me, I detached her with bit of force,

as I saw her face, it was turning red, and there was wet mark, from where her tears rolled down, she was breathing heavy, I kissed her on her cheek, and she opened her eyes, she looked into my eyes, as if she was asking something from her eyes, I don’t know, what happened next, we just started kissing, and it was first kiss of my life.

We were sucking each other’s lips, she took my lower lip in her mouth and I was holding her upper lip. And slowly excitement increased and we both opened our mouth and started loving each other. I didn’t had any experience, but Tripti bhabhi knew, I just followed her, she entered her tongue in my mouth, and I took it between my lips and started sucking it.

Then I entered in her mouth and she welcomed me, and loved my tongue. I was holding her, from her bare waist, and slowly moved my hand to her back and tried to embrace her, her hands were already there on my back, and once again we hugged each other like true lovers. I leaned over her and in next moment,

we were laying on couch and I was on top of Tripti Bhabhi, and we again started kissing, and we kissed better this time. I had lot of her saliva, and she had mine. After few more moments of real kiss, I moved to her neck and closer to her ears. I was sucking and licking her bare skin with my tongue, and she was trembling like a fish.

Tripti Bhabhi was moaning and her body was moving violently, but at the same time she was holding my back very tightly. Then we got down from the couch and came to the carpet, and again we were kissing each other. She was on my top and once again we had long lovely kiss. After few minutes when we got up, her hairs were almost free again,

and they got spread in the kissing session we just had. I tried to look into her eyes, but she avoided. I tried to hug her and once again she clinched me. I kissed her on her cheek and whispered, “bhabhi karna hai”? In response she hugged me even tighter and just said “hmmm…” means yes. I asked her “bedroom main chalen”?

She was still holding me; again she hummed to say yes. We got up and walked towards her bedroom. Curtains were on and light were off, initially when we entered in her bedroom, it was dark, but soon we could see each other easily, as our eyes got adjusted. We were laying on bed and kissing each other tenderly, like husband and wife do, when they love each other.

It was a moment which cannot be defined in words, but that moment was so powerful, that it took our senses and we continued loving each other, although hesitation remained between us for next few minutes. I was lying on my back and Trupti bhabhi was leaning over me with support of her elbow and her other hand was on my chest and she was holding me firmly.

It was a feeling of being on the top of the world. Slowly I moved my hand to her back and embraced her, pressing her boobs with my chest. It was lovely feeling. I was feeling bit confident now, so I rolled and came on her top, and we continued kissing and hugging. Now I was holding her right breast and started squeezing, it was so soft and wonderful, she was caressing my back.

My penis was at its maximum size, and I was very uncomfortable because of that. We kissed like that for few more minutes, and then we got separated. From her facial expressions, I felt that she was bit nervous, or may be she was bit conscious, because she knew that she is cheating her husband.

I kissed on her cheek and licked her skin near her neck and whispered, “I love you bhabhi” those words did some kind of magic to her and she embraced me tight, and rolled me back. Tripti Bhabhi was again on my top and she started undoing my shirt and soon all the buttons of my shirt were open, I was wearing under shirt.

She caressed my cheeks and ears with her hands and started kissing my neck again and took my ear lob in her mouth, and sucked it. It was amazing feeling, she was kissing and licking me with passion, I was puffing in pleasure. She pulled me from my hands and made me sit and took off my shirt and undershirt.

Now she had my bare chest to love and she again leaned on me and licked my chest and took my tiny nips in her mouth and sucked them. I screamed in with pleasure, after few seconds she got up, her hairs were spread all over face. She collected them and tucked them into a knot and smiled as she saw I was puffing in strange pleasure.

She was sitting on bed and I was on my back her pallu was already off, and her jugs were eager to come out. I got up quickly and held her from her shoulder and pushed her, now she was laying on bed and I was sitting on bed, with a naked upper half. I took her big melons in my hands and squeezed them nicely, she moaned in pleasure, then I tried to open hooks of her blouse.

I remember I had bit of shivering at that time, because of that I was finding difficulty in unhooking her breast. Bhabhi was breathing heavy, and I am sure she was also very nervous. I succeeded in opening 2-3 hooks and her milky breast started peeping out and that really made me nervous, my shivering got higher and my heart beat went double.

Tripti Bhabhi was sensing every change in me, as I opened last hook of her blouse, her milky breast was exposed partially, which was caged in white color bra. Again I took them in my hands, and tried to lift her bra up, but I was unable to do it, as her bra was holding her luscious tits very tight and in that state of mind it was very difficult for me take off her bra easily,

she was breathing heavy and her big milky melons were moving in that rhythm, but she controlled her nervousness and tried to get up, and as she got up I started removing her blouse and now she was just in bra, and she herself unhooked the bra and suddenly Tripti Bhabhi’s treasure was hanging in front of me. Her luscious milky jugs were much bigger than my assumption.

They were so good looking. As I tried to look into her eyes, she blushed, next moment I pushed her lightly and she got down and again I came over her and cupped her breast in my hands. They were so soft and milky, her dark color nipples were erect and they were waiting to get inside my mouth. I pressed one of her melon and took it in my mouth.

I was waiting for this moment from years, I was sucking my dearest Bhabhi’s melons, her boobs were so delicious and nipples were too good in taste, I got mad started sucking both of them like anything. She was moaning in pleasure and humming in very low voice. She held my head and pressed it hard against her tits to get a hard sucking, and I fulfilled her desire.

I sucked them nicely and squeezed them hard, and that made her moan heavily. Then I pulled plates of her saree, and she lifted her body to help me, in a moment her saree was on floor. Now she was having petticoat on her lower half, and I pulled string of that also to take off even that cloth, and in next second, her petticoat joined her saree on floor.

Tripti Bhabhi was laying just in panty. Her thighs were so white and fleshy, I could not believe they were exactly like I use to visualize in my dreams and by just looking at them, I felt that I have cummed. I felt lot of liquid coming out of my dick. Dark red color panty was looking gorgeous on her white fleshy thighs, and I could see a wet spot on that.

Her pussy was going through a flood. Before I would have moved further, she pulled me over her and rolled on me, and sat over me keeping her knees around my legs and started taking off my trouser. And in a moment I was just in my jockey. She came beside me and again hugged me. And again we were kissing and exploring each other's mouth.

I was holding her breast and squeezing them nicely, with that I was kissing on her neck, ears and her pleasure moans were getting loud and making me crazy. Slowly our nervousness was disappearing and we started enjoying each other’s body, she bent down to suck my nipples and at the same time I was licking her shoulder, I whispered in her ear, ”Bhabhi condom hai”?

In a very low voice she said “ nahi, hum bina condom ke karenge”. “nahi Bhabhi kuch ho gaya to”?, “Bhaiya kuch nahi hoga, wo sab aap mere uppar chhod do”, she was puffing and with that she slipped her hand in my underwear and for a second I got insensible in pleasure, she was holding my rod and I moaned differently.

For me it was first time that someone was holding my dick I moved my hand in her panty and rubbed her bare hips, and squeezed one of them, she also moaned and looked at me. Then I got up and took off her last cloth, and Tripti Bhabhi was totally nude in front of me, I looked at her cunt. It was a beautiful view.

Her pussy was heavily soaked in her love juices, and slowly it was flowing down to bed. I looked at her, she was already looking at me and then she closed her eyes, leaving every thing on me. I took off my jockey and realized that I have lost my erection. I came on her and tried to kiss her, Tripti Bhabhi welcomed me and opened her mouth and again we were exploring one another’s mouth.

We were laying sideways and slowly she took her hand to my tool and I moved my hand to her hips. I was in semi erect state. We had an eye contact and she whispered in my ear, “ bhaiya aap nervous ho rahe ho, don’t be in hurry, apni bhabhi ko pyar karo, I am all yours.” And then she took one of my leg between in thick fleshy thighs and started rubbing my cock on her wet cunt.

She was getting hell of pleasure from this and she made few lovely moans, that really made me crazy and I regained my erection in few seconds. My dick grew in Bhabhi’s hand and she got excited and, started rubbing her cunt more furiously and in puffing tone she again murmured “daal do bhaiya, daal do… and she herself tried to put my cock in her wet love hole.

In a very next moment I pushed myself and I just slipped inside her easily. Her cunt was just like a lake of her juices, which was over flowing. It was altogether a different feeling for me, weird and wonderful. I was inside Tripti Bhabhi, my lovely Tripti Bhabhi. I made an eye contact with her, keeping my dick deep inside her tunnel.

She looked at me with affection and we kissed again. Then we made small adjustment of our body and now she was laying on her back with her leg spread and I was on top of her. I was holding her breast and her hands were firm on my shoulder. After few seconds, she said, “ bhaiya movement start kariye.”

I came on my knees keeping my dick inside Bhabhi and she folded her legs, to give me more access of her love hole. And in a moment I started fucking Tripti Bhabhi. She was looking so beautiful, laying under me. Bhabhi’s milky jugs jiggled and the gold chain around her neck tossed.

Finally I was fucking Tripti Bhabhi, and her pleasure moans were showing the level of sexual pleasure she was getting. I was rubbing my dick inside her love tunnel and some kind of waves were driving me faster. Faster and faster I went, ramming and reaming my cock deep and hard into her, she lifted her hips to match the rhythm.

I was leaning over Tripti Bhabhi, resting my palms on bed, fucking her in good speedy strokes, and there was a sound of chhap…. chhap coming because of that. She was moaning in pleasure, and in few more strokes, I felt that, I will cum, and I screamed in pleasure, “ bhabhi….. bhabhi…. Ho jayega mera ho jayega..

Suddenly Tripti Bhabhi pulled me and embraced me, her big jugs were getting pressed against my chest and with that, she wrapped her big fleshy thighs around me and rammed my hips with force using her legs and moaned loudly, she wanted to get fucked faster, and next second she screamed, “ Tez karo, tez….aur tez… aur tez…yes….yes bhaiya fuck me fuck me”

I moved faster with my full strength and made 5-6 very fast strokes, and my rod touched deepest corner of her pleasure hole, and next moment I literally busted inside her deep love hole. She arched her head up and gripped me tight between her hands and legs and hissed loudly and cummed heavily. For next few minutes we were laying there with out a word.

Then I got up and used the toilet, and came back to bed. then she got up and cleaned herself and came out, and opened Elmira to take out fresh cloths for her. Tripti Bhabhi was facing away from me and I enjoyed the view, I saw my sexy Tripti bhabhi’s Naked Ass and thighs. Again my cock was hard on and erected.

Her ass was so huge….D shaped and looking so sexy. She had the perfect butt in the world… I recalled my fantasy for how many days I was masturbated thinking about these ass mounds….., I got up in a moment and from behind I held her both ass cheeks, squeezed them and lifted them. She moaned lightly and then laughed, “bhaiya kya kar rahe hain”?

leaving her ass cheeks I wrapped my hands around her bare waist, and kissed on her ear, she puffed in pleasure, “Bhabhi bed pe aaiye na,” I held her lovely boobs and squeezed them and pressed my hard cock against her ass. Tripti Bhabhi felt my hard cock over her ass crack. The feeling was so good for her and she took her right hand rubbed my cock.

Knowing her desire…I released her right boob, and guided my hand to her lovely fuck hole. She held my hard big cock and started playing with it. I was rubbing Tripti Bhabhi’s love opening and my rod was vibrating in bhabhi’s hand, soon I removed my cock from her hand took her to bed. Once again we were on bed, and we kissed each other.

I asked her while looking into her eyes, “Bhabhi oral sex karna hai”? She looked at me, and seemed confused; I smiled “Bhabhi main aapki sucking karunga, just relax, there is nothing wrong in it”. Once again bhabhi just hummed, and rested herself on her back. I came closer to her pleasure hole and widened her legs and rolled my tongue over her juicy cunt.

Bhabhi felt current flowing through her body. I widened her legs further and held her thighs wide, and started sucking her love hole. In the very beginning I was feeling bit embarrassed, doing this act, but her pleasure moans were so arousing. She was murmuring in pleasure, “Oh….mmmaaaaaaaa……aaaaaaa……oooohssh.. bhaiya… aaaaaah”

her sexy voice mde me crazy and I continued. It was a fantastic sight for me seeing my Tripti bhabhi with widely opened legs showing her private pussy to me. I massaged her pussy with wet tongue and tasted her juices which were flowing fluently now. Bhabhi kept on moaning… moaning….. enjoying the pleasure.

I lifted her ass further by both the hands and lifted her pussy just above from the bed and ate it like anything. Now her legs were in air pointing roof and her lusious pussy was completely inside my mouth and I sucked her cunt like a hungry animal. I pulled her pussy lips in my mouth and sucked them well. It was my dream to lay her in bed and today it became true.

My tongue was traveling all around her pink pussy and drank all the juices flowing from it. “Bhaiya….aaaaaah……maaaaaaa…please bass kariye” Bhabhi desperately moaned again with the pleasurable pain in her sensitive part, she was flying in heaven and after a minute, she stopped me, holding my head in her hands.

I raised my head to see her; Bhabhi was already looking at me through her folded wide open legs. She was puffing and seemed satisfied. Lower half of my face was soaked with Bhabhi’s love juices; I cleaned my face with her blouse, and came beside her. She moved her hand sideways to my rod and started jerking gently.

I was almost fully erect, and as she started playing with my rod, I gained further erection. She sat beside me, and looked at my fully grown cock, I asked her softly, “ Bhabhi suck karengi”? Again she just hummed, to say yes. She then slowly went down and removed foreskin of my penis as much as possible.

The next thing I knew was having my dick in her mouth with her tongue shaking around it. First time I found it a bit odd and painful but more Tripti Bhabhi sucked my cock, more I got excited. I started moaning, I raised my head to see her, and it was a marvelous view. Half of my dick was in Tripti Bhabhi’s mouth,

her soft rosy lips were holding my cock and slowly she was taking my rod further inside her mouth, she was loving my dick gently, I was getting too excited at that time, I tried to pull her thighs towards me, and just said Bhabhi 69 in gasping voice. She understood and I pulled her further soon Tripti Bhabhi was on top of me in a 69 position.

I buried my face in her thick healthy thighs and now I was again sucking her pussy, and in a minute we both were excited in sexual lust. And we started enjoying weird way of making love. The more Bhabhi squeezed my dick in her mouth to suck hard the more force I used to suck the juices out of her pussy.

she was rubbing my cock on her tongue, and I was holding her nice healthy ass cheeks, my face was buried between her lovely thighs, and I was trying to take out every single drop of her nectar from her love pot. We lay there in 69 positions for 4-5 minutes and then, she held my dick and slowly guided it in, after saying “bhaiya main isse ander dall rahi hoon”, “ haan Bhabhi kariye,

I replied in pleasurable voice. Tripti Bhabhi started riding me up and down. I was in heaven. I started Responding. She too started enjoying. Both of us were moaning. I pulled Bhabhi down and gave her a kiss on her lips. She pushed back and started riding faster. I could feel my dick in pain and her grip on my dick with her pussy was getting tighter with every stroke.

It was getting faster and both our moans were getting louder. Tripti Bhabhi and I were going mad in ecstasy. Soon she got tired and fell over me. I hugged her and smelled her body. I was totally in love with my lovely Tripti Bhabhi. I pulled her towards my left side and entered my dick inside her wet tunnel and started fucking her. She closed her eyes. She was enjoying.

And soon she was reaching at peek, she gripped me tight around my back and raised her legs in air, to get a deeper penetration, and tightened her love hole around my cock, I started fucking her furiously as I was also struggling to hold myself for long, and our pleasure moans were getting loud and broken, and I started talking to her in that tone.

“I love you Bhabhi…Bhabhi… I love you so much. Aaaah Bhabhi… Bhabhi…. Mera ho jayega Ahhhh.. ”. She hissed in pleasure…. “ tez….. tez …. Aur tez …. Aur tez…. Bhaiya…. Fuck me… fuck me..”. and I came inside her, and hugged her. Bhabhi also started shivering in pleasure just after that, and again touched height of sexual pleasure.

I caressed her whole body for few minutes and enjoyed her succulent breast. I woke up after how long I don’t know but Tripti Bhabhi was not there. I dint know whether she slept with me or not. I got up and wore my clothes. When I came out of her bedroom, time was 5, and she was standing in kitchen wearing salwar kameez, doing some preparation.

She saw me and smiled, “bhaiya drawing room main bathiye, I am making coffee for you”. We had coffee together, for few minutes, we were silent. I felt that some kind of tension was building up inside her, and just to release that I cracked a joke, “Bhabhi aapne Aashish bhaiya se badla le hi liya”.

She laughed and threw a cushion on me, and like that we started chatting cheerfully after a wonderful love making session. Somewhere in middle I asked her, in a worried tone“Bhabhi we have not used Condom, so make sure you don’t get pregnant”. But Tripti Bhabhi was relaxed, she smiled and sipped her coffee and said “Bhaiya kuch nahi hoga don’t worry”. I said ok.

Further I said in naughty tone. “Bhabhi I think you planned this, unless you would have gone with everybody, I mean you cancelled your program on last moment”. She smiled and said, “No.. Its not true, Bhaiya aisa matt boliye, I never called you to come early, actually there was a reason, today is my date, and my periods can come anytime, if they would have started, to hum kuch nahi kar pate”.

Then she continued, “Bhaiya I don’t know what happened to me, I was thinking about you from long time, but today I just got out of control, although in these days generally I don’t feel desire for this but don’t know how I got out of control”. I was just looking at her and listening her with a smile on my face. As she finished I asked her “So you liked na”.

She smiled and again hummed for yes, and took off her eyes, to avoid direct eye contact I got up and sat closer to her and tried to hug her again, and again we hugged each other. While hugging I whispered, “You liked oral”? Shyly she hummed again to say yes.. I whispered again, “Bhabhi next time, we will try anal”.

Listening this she pushed me and started beating me with a cushion, and we laughed together. After some time I took a leave from there because, we were expecting our family members anytime, and just before leaving she said, “Bhaiya, please mind matt kariyega, par we will not do it again, it was a fever which took my senses but it is gone now, we are friends, and we will always be friends”.

I took a leave with ok and a smile. After an hour or so everybody reached back. Somewhere in the midnight she called me to inform, that her periods have started. Later I came to know, Why Tripti Bhabhi was so sure that she will not get pregnant. Friends that was my first affair, which came to an end like that. We were very good friends, the way were, but we never had sex again.

although I wanted to do it but I never asked her, after around 2-3 months, Aashish Bhaiya came with a pleasant surprise. He remained here for a month, and finally took her family along with him.

I am still in touch with Tripti Bhabhi, through mail, but not the way we were in the past, when she was here, I mean no cyber sex, no naughty talks. But yes, once she wrote about her night when her anus was ripped by Aashish Bhaiya. She is happy now, because Aashu bhaiya has promised her that he will not go out for sex.

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Nitin having sex with his sexy bhabhi Tripti - I

Hi, my name is Nitin, as everybody write in the beginning, I will also say that it a true incident of my life and I have changed just names. I know I cannot prove, that it’s a true incident, so I am leaving this decision up to readers, it really does not matter to me that it was morally wrong or right, I just know that I really love these moments, and always cherish in my memories.

One more thing which I would like to get into notice, that it’s a long story, and I am very weak in English (especially grammar), I have tried my level best to write in English, but at many places I have used Hindi through English, according to my convenience, and moreover I have read comments of one story,

which was published on may 13 2010 and it was very badly written in english, and readers have given some extra ordinary abusing comments. So I don’t want to repeat that situation. Now if I go straight away to story, then there was a family living in our neighborhood and we were living beside each other from years, from the time when I was just a kid.

Rupa aunty was widow and she is my mother’s friend and we were very close to her family. She was living with her only son Aashish.. I use to call him Aashish bhaiya. He is around 6-7 years elder to me, and sometimes I use to go to his house to ask my mathematics problems and he always helped me.

Few years back Aashish bhaiya got married to a lovely girl, Tripti bhabhi. At that time I was doing my first year of graduation, and due to my shy nature I never intended to talk to her. I met both ( bhaiya and bhabhi) many times on street during post dinner walk, many times I talked to him about my studies and future plans, but I never had a conversation with bhabhi, except hello and good night.

She was fair in color and had a nice seductive body. Sometimes I use to visualize her getting seduced by Aashu bhaiya, during my masturbation session. Time moved like that and I saw changes in her body structure, her ass got wider, her tits got enlarged, and her thighs were getting thicker.

When I saw gradual changes in her body and I concluded these changes are because of nothing except fucking. In the mid night during my studies I use to visualize that, at this particular instant, Tripti bhabhi must be laying naked under aashu bhaiya, or bhaiya will be pumping Tripti bhabhi from behind, or she must be sucking his cock to make him ready for a fuck.

All in all she was hottest among all my fantasy girls, about whom I use to visualize while masturbating. Time passed and for me she was getting sexier and sexier. My attraction towards her increased, not in a way that I was eager to fuck her or I planed anything like that. It was just that I wanted to see her and visualize her naked and myself fucking her nicely during masturbation.

Her nice round butt use to raise my dick in seconds and I was crazy about her luscious milky boobs. I use to visualize her clean shaven cunt between her fleshy thighs. Few years passed like that, I was graduate and doing my professional course, and with that I did small part time job to earn my expenses.

When this incident occurred, at that time I was about to finish my professional course but I was jobless from part time thing and I was hunting for permanent job related to my professional course. One day through my mom I came to know that Aashish bhaiya has got promoted and he is going to United States on a four year project,

later I came to know that during this project he can visit his family just twice a year for maximum 10 days. His company was not providing his families expense, at least in first two years. By this time they have been married from more than five years and they had a 4 year old daughter.

I met aashu bhaiya and congratulated him and wished him, best of luck, at that time Tripti bhabhi was very depressed, because she had to live without bhaiya for first time after marriage, and we three ( me, Aashu bhaiya and tripti bhabhi) had few words of conversation on this and then I tried to took a leave from there house.

But Aashu bhaiya stopped me and asked me about my job hunting process, I told him that I am looking for that. Then he told me that Bhabhi’s brother is getting married in next month and asked me if I can go for shopping with Tripti bhabhi, she had to buy expensive sarees for herself and for the bride. I knew this because we had an invitation card of that marriage.

But we did not had any plan for that, because it was too far from this place. Aashish bhaiya offered his car for that and I said OK. After a week Aashu bhaiya flew to states leaving Tripti bhabhi, his mother and his 4 year old daughter behind. Just after 2-3 days I met Tripti bhabhi in our colony street in night during post dinner walk.

She asked me about my parents and then with bit of hesitation she asked me about, when I am going to take her for shopping. Then mutually we decided Thursday, when we can start shopping. And on the decided day we took a leave around 11 AM. I accompanied her through out the day and we chatted a lot.

She was addressing me bhaiya although she knew that she is elder than me, it was a part of her family gesture, she was a girl of a small city who was bit hesitant in speaking English and had very simple way of talking and she was of very mixing nature.. We had conversation on variant topics like her educational qualification, my educational and professional qualification,

then on the quality of products for which we were hunting, and many more. Whole conversation was very casual and no personal matters were raised from both the sides. I was talking very less and bit shyly because of my nature, and she was just opposite, she was talking and talking and laughing on small things.

Although I was not talking to her fluently like she was talking to me, I was stealing glimpse of her seductive body parts on the house. She was wearing kurta with chuddidar pajami, which was tightly fitted on the lower part of her body, and there was a dupptta on her big succulent tits. I could feel the shape of her butt and amount of flesh she has on her thighs from her tight outfit of lower half.

I was getting good side view of her juicy breast, which was making me horny. As a result I started day dreaming about her, that she is holding my hard cock in her red juicy lips and sucking me like she use to suck Aashu bhaiya, and in those dreams I found myself holding her waist and pumping her love hole in doggy style from behind.

For me it was first time that I was in touch of her like that and I really liked her nature and caring attitude. I was already die hard fan of her body and now I realized that she is lovely female with nice concerned temperament, and Aashu bhaiya is really very lucky to get her in his life as a life partner.

After roaming in that particular market, around 3 we were very tired, so we decided to go back to home and to continue our shopping next day in other market. We came back and landed home in the evening, I entered in her house, her baby was sleeping and Rupa aunty was watching television. I had glass of water and half a glass of juice with them and took a leave.

I came back to my place and took a bath and fucked my dearest Tripti bhabhi in shower while masturbating. I murmured “I Love U Tripti “3-4 times while puffing and once again jerked my hard cock to take out the white cum on her name, and like this my masturbating session ended with a desire of fucking Tripti Bhabhi.

I use to get down occasionally for a post dinner walk, but I knew that Tripti Bhabhi do it regularly, so with pure intentions to se her body again I got down on the same time when she comes on the street to walk after dinner. I met her there and talked to each other for a while, she was bit tired because of that day’s shopping, so she went back to her place little early, and I came back to my place.

I had enough material in my mind to fuck her again on bed in my fantasy while masturbating, so I did that. Next day again we went for shopping and my feast continued, she was wearing saree and looking beautiful, I was looking at her and again steeling her glimpse. I was looking at her soft rosy lips, I had a desire to kiss her,

and I was listening her voice while she was talking to me or anybody while shopping and I visualized myself hearing her pleasure moans in same voice, during our intercourse in my fantasy. I was delighted in her company and I realized in last 2 days my sexual urge for her has gone to at least double. But there was bit of change in my visualized fucking session.

Earlier I use to fuck her in my dreams, like we see in blue films, without any emotions but now from last two days from when I came in touch of her I was making love to her softly in my day dreams. That was all because I came to know more about her. Bit of her likings, disliking, her family and her caring nature. I was falling in love with everything she had.

We had lunch together and chatted a lot and I felt that I have become more frank to her, and now I was talking to her freely. About my school life and collage incidents, once she asked me, if I have any GF, but I gave her true picture that I never had any girl friend. She asked whether I had any crush over any girl, I said no, she smiled on that as she knows that I am lying,

and asked me few more questions on this subject, I answered few and avoided most of them. I can say, that was the only conversation which was bit personal. It was wonderful feeling, being close to someone like Tripti Bhabhi. As I said I never had any girl friend and had very few female friends and I never got closer to them like this, so I was totally unaware of this feeling,

and may be because of that, I was living in fantastic world of my imagination. Many times while walking and crossing road she held my hand, I felt very good, her hands were so soft. This took me, into another imagination that I am laying on top of her and fucking her with gentle strokes, and I am holding her palm in my hands. Like that day came to an end, and we moved back to the home.

When we reached home, again her daughter was sleeping and Rupa aunty was waiting for us, because she had to go to the temple, as there was a weekly spiritual program in the temple, which was not very far from our house. So Rupa aunty left the house just after five minutes from our arrival along with my mom.

We had glass of water, and then suddenly something came into her mind, and she stood up and said, “ bhaiya main new sarees try karti hoon, aap batana kaise lag rahi hai.” she wanted to try new sarees, which she had bought for her for 2-3 functions, and I had to tell her that how are they looking on her.

She went inside and came after 10 minutes with smile, she was wearing new saree, she asked me how she is looking, I said good. Then she turned around to show the fall of pallu, with that turn I was about to fall in pleasure, it was lovely view, saree was wrapped tightly around her and her nice firm butt was looking stunning.

My feast continued further and she changed the saree and again showed me her lovely ass mounds wrapped in a shining new cloth. Finally she came with a last saree, which was of bit stiff material, actually some cloths go through heavy kalaf in finishing, it was a material of that kind, and she faced some problem in wearing that saree, but somehow she came to the door of her room,

and called me in the bedroom, I went inside, she was standing in front of life size mirror and I could see that she was struggling with that, because again and again she was straightening the plates of that saree and she was bit sad, she said it’s a bad buy, but then with bit of hesitation I knelt before her and straighten plates of her saree, and then she made small adjustments,

and looked into the mirror, and smiled. I was sitting near her feet and as I raised my head to see her, first I saw her bare waist and her exposed lovely navel; at that moment I wanted to wrap my arms around her waist holding her nice firm hips and wanted to suck her belly button. Then I saw her face through her nice big melons, her breast was looking too good.

I was having plenty of Tripti Bhabhi, to fuck her again in the night in my dreams. She looked at me and smiled, as she is thanking me with her eyes for my help, and then she said, “ bhaiya aap drawing room main baitho, main change karke kuch banati hoon.” She change and went inside kitchen.

When she came out from kitchen, she was in simple salwar suit and then we had cold coffee and sandwich together and chatted for some time. Her baby was sleeping there in drawing room only, on the deewan. Then I tried to take a leave, I desperately wanted to masturbate on her name, and I knew that there is nobody at home, so I can watch xxx movie before masturbating.

But she also knew so stopped me by saying “ bhaiya ghar jaa ke kya karenge, aunty ( my mom) to mummy (her mother-in-law) ke sath gayi hain, yahin pe bathiye, unke aane pe chale jaana.” I said “nahi bhabhi, actually I want to see a movie, so that’s why I want to go.” She said “mere pass bhi kuch movies hain, yahin pe dekhte hain.” I said OK.

Then she showed me some movies of her collection, and I chose one comedy which was already seen by me. She played, and we sat together to see that movie, sharing single packet of chips. We both were chatting and talking about other movies, and I told her name of few good Hollywood movies and explained their stories in short.

She liked hearing that and asked for disc of those movies, I had most of them, and for rest I promised that I will arrange it for her. By that time baby got up and she got little busy, and after few minutes aunty came back, so I took a leave and came back to my place. After that day I started meeting her in the night,

during walk and chatted a lot mostly on general matters and sometimes on few personal subjects like bit of about her relation with Rupa aunty, ( her mother in law). She was very down to earth, and she always conversed with me freely, and I felt that she has taken me as her friend, and now I was also free in talking to her.

I gave 5-6 romantic Hollywood movies, to see and she saw few of them, and later we had chat on them. Once we saw movie together, at her place, once she tried new recipe, and she came to my place to give it to me. Like that gradually our relation was getting softer and free. Don’t know why one night during our walk she raised the same topic of my girl friend,

again I denied for that and also for any crushes over anybody, but she started smiling and forcing me to speak truth. I was stuck on my first statement, denying anything like that. Once again she tried by saying, “bhaiya you know bhabhi aur devar friends hote hain, so you can take me as a friend, main aunty (my mom) ko kuch nahi bataungi.”

Again I replied “nahi bhabhi aisa kuch bhi nahi hai, aap bekar main mujh par shak kar rahe ho.” She laughed and said “I know bhaiya aap ka koi affair ho hi nahi sakta, aap itne sharmele ho jitni aajkal ladkiyan bhi nahi hoti.” Then she gave some reasons that why she made this conclusion, she said, as our families are so close,

even then you never talked to me freely like this in last five years, then how will you talk to any girl. But then again she said “lekin aapke mann main kya hai, kisi ko kuch nahi patta, aap na chhupe rustam ho.” I smiled, and again denied but on the same time I realized that I am caught. Few days passed like that and we got closer, couple of times we had ice-cream after dinner,

and moved like that, once I asked whether Aashu bhaiya calls her regularly, she said yes… but in week days he make very small calls and on weekends, we talk to each other freely and after few minutes of this she said that she feels very lonely and thanked me for being her friend. I was delighted with her statement, which gave me some confidence.

Once she told me about her problem with some hesitation, that she cannot speak and understand English in a running flow, because she never got that atmosphere in her father’s house. According to her this was big trouble which she is going to face in future, because she wanted to live with her husband and if she will go there like this,

then it will create embarrassing conditions for her and Aashish bhaiya in his friend circle or office gatherings. I tried to convince her that it does not matter at all, but all my tries were waste, and finally I suggested her to read English newspaper daily and read it in a loud voice, which will improve her speech and take off some hesitation.

She took that path and started that. All this happened in 12-15 days and after few more days she left, for her mother’s house to attend marriage of her brother. It was a very long break for me, almost a month and I really missed her in that period and every time masturbated, I masturbated visualizing her.

By that time I was getting mad about her, she had already made a statement that, I am her friend, don’t know why I started thinking that she likes me and she will not mind getting intimate with me. Once she called me from there and asked me about my job and about my parents.

Then she told me that everybody liked her shopping and praised her for the stuff she has bought. I felt that she cares for me, that’s why she bothered to call me and asked about my job and thanked me again for getting her shopping done. This gave me more confidence and now I was eagerly waiting for her to come.

In the mean time I got the job, so I called her to inform, she wished me and we talked to each other for a while. She told me about marriage arrangements and forced me to join her. I said sorry for that, because now I had a new job. Like that days passed and I started living in dreams, that Tripti bhabhi loves me, and she will definitely make physical relation with me,

as according to me she must be sex starved in last two months. I was preparing myself to talk to her about that from long time; I read many sex stories, especially take away lines from which I can give her hint about my feeling, and after reading such stories, I found this task very easy, without realizing actual conditions.

Finally the day came when she was suppose to come, and I was happy. I had to go to office and she was suppose to come by 12, so I prepared myself for evening but I got late when I reached home it was 8, so I decided to meet her during walk. I got down on time and meet her. She met me pleasantly; even I talked to her freely and asked few things about her visit.

I tried my best to speak about that but it just didn’t come out from my mouth and our walk session came to an end. Like that I spent one more day, but every time, I just thought, that I will talk to her in this way or that way about having physical relation but again not a single word came out of my mouth. It was Saturday and I was at home.

Tripti bhabhi came to our house with some sweets and she was bit surprised to see me at home, and asked me about that. I told her that I have five day working. We chatted for some time and then she asked me if we can play badminton in evening. I accepted that proposal, and got down on time.

She was wearing an ordinary salwar kaamiz, and once again my eyes started exploring her body. Once she ran to hit the shuttle, her big melons bounced in a way that I was erect in a moment. After that I started hitting shuttle in wider area, so that she has to struggle to hit it, and because of that I had lovely view of her bouncing jugs.

Once she bent down to pick shuttle, facing away from me, I enjoyed dick raising view of her ass mounds. She played for some time and I fondled her luscious body with my eyes. Soon she was sweating and her arm pits were soaked with water, which made her look even hotter. She was puffing and breathing heavy and her jugs were moving in that flow.

After some time she was tired and finally stopped playing and with that she invited me to her house for glass of water. By this time I was very horny and my sex hormones were at their peak. When I entered in her house, nobody was at home. I asked her about Rupa aunty and Mini, (her daughter).

She told me that they have gone to market, because she wanted to buy some toys for her. I thought that this is a right time to do it, unless I will never get a chance again. I was standing in her drawing room Tripti bhabhi handed over me a glass of water and went back to kitchen, by saying that she is making fresh lime, so sit down.

I went to the kitchen, she was facing away from me, and she turned back to see me and smiled. I was standing on the door of the kitchen and she was preparing nimbu pani, her back was also soaked with sweat, and strap of her black bra was bit visible. I just got insane and took first immoral step of my life.

I took few steps towards Tripti Bhabhi, and before she would have turned, I wrapped her waist in my arms and kissed her on the neck, it really surprised her, she immediately reacted and tried to turn back, but I planted 2-3 more kisses and held her tight. Forcibly she removed my hand from her waist and turned around with a strange gesture and scolding tone and asked me yeh kya kar rahe hain bhaiya?

I didn’t had any answer, I was back in reality, all my assumptions and expectations were shattered. I hardly said I am sorry bhabhi, in a very low voice. She was looking into my eyes with serious expressions, and I could not see in her eyes. after a minute she said “I think u have taken my friendly behavior, in a wrong sense, how can you do this?

I didn’t had any reply, I again apologized, but she said, “aap please yahan se chale jao.” I requested her not to talk to anybody about this, and simply walked out of her house. I was so scared at that time, thinking that if she will tell anything to my mom then I will be dead. I really hated myself for this; I realized that I have lost one good friend, because of my misbehavior.

I came to my place and tried to pretend normal with others and with in myself too. But it was so difficult to be normal. 3-4 days passed like this, now I was sure that at least she will not tell anything to my mom. I made myself busy in other things and stopped post dinner walk. But I never stopped fucking her in my dreams, but story around my fantasy was changed now,

now I started visualizing myself raping Tripti Bhabhi in her house, that was because in reality she rejected my indecent proposal and truly speaking I really enjoyed those masturbating sessions. On the other hand I was also depressed, for whatever has happened. I remember after few more days Tripti bhabhi came to my place at around 8, I was not at home when she came,

when I came she was sitting in the drawing room with my mom and chit chatting. As I entered in the house she looked at me with killing eyes, and said hello bhaiya. I responded in hello and walked in my room. For a second I thought that she has told everything to my mom about that evening.

I was sitting on chair in my room and waiting for something to happen, and preparing myself to face my mom and dad for my bad behavior with Tripti bhabhi. But nobody came for next 10 minutes, I knew that Tripti bhabhi was still in drawing room, I could hear her voice, but could not understand that what is talking about.

After some time Tripti Bhabhi came in my room, my heart started beating very high, she and again said hello, I replied. She said “Bahut din ho gaye, aap raat ko ghar se walk ke liye nahi nikle.” I said “ Haan bhabhi, I was little busy” she said “ are you sure that you were busy, ya mujhse milna avoid kar rahe the.”

I again said I am sorry bhabhi, aap please wo sab mummy ko mat batana”. She said “ nahi bataongi par bhaiya aap pahle normal ho jao, aur raat ko walk ke liye zaroor aana, mujhe aapse baat karni hai”. I said ok, after few more words she walked out of my room and took a leave from my house.

That night around 10 I went down after dinner, Tripti Bhabhi was already walking on the street, I said hello and she responded. For a while we walked quietly, I really didn’t had any thing to say, I was so embarrassed. Finally she broke the silence, and said, “That day I really felt bad, when u did that, bhaiya I never expected this from you.

I was speechless, I again said sorry bhabhi, actually even I don’t know how I did that, from last few days I was thinking about you, and don’t know how it happened.” She said “I can understand your condition, at your age this is normal, everybody has a desire for this, but everything has a time.” I just replied in yes.

Then she continued, and said “ you know bhaiya I also feel lonely and Aashu ( her husband) will come after 4 months, for just a week and I may have to spent another 4 years like this. In the beginning I was so depressed because of this, but from last few weeks we came in touch and I took you as a friend, and you really cheered me up, and I was happy,

but suddenly this happened, I felt so bad and that day I hated you. But after few days I realized that you are at certain age, when these things occupy mind and you made a mistake in that, unless you r very good at heart. I waited for you, that you will come and try to apologize, but you never turned back, you must be having more friends…..

But I do not have any so I came to you, because I need your company, as a friend, but not in that way.” Her voice was going down and by the end I saw tears floating in her eyes. I was so embarrassed that I cannot explain. I again said sorry to her and apologized on my deed and told her that even I need her as a friend.

That night we did not had any further talk and we walked silently, for some more time, and before leaving we did shake hand. For me it was one of the most memorable times of my life, highly sensitive and full of emotions. After that, slowly we were getting back on track. In the beginning we both were hesitant,

because of that incident but in less than weeks time we were again very good friends, Our post dinner walks and badminton on Saturdays continued, and now I was very conscious in looking at her, although my feast of watching her luscious tits bouncing continued, and I never stopped fucking her in different positions in my dreams while masturbating.

Apart from lust I had something for her, which was pure love or it could be attraction and truly speaking at that time she was ruling on my heart. I mean I was so jealous of Aashu bhaiya, because he had the honor of being her husband. Slowly we were getting closer and closer and she told me many of her personal problems which she had with Rupa aunty,

and root cause of all the problems was that her mother-in-law needed a boy from her and because she has given birth to a girl, her behavior has changed towards her. Even I started sharing my views of life with her and with in 2 more weeks we were best buddies and she started teasing me with naughty comments regarding my marriage and first night,

and moreover couple of times she reminded me that incident in which I tried to took her in arms, and made fun of it. Once she teased me by saying that “ bhaiya aap mere khayal se apni first night ki practice karna chahte the, aur aapne socha Tripti Bhabhi kis din kaam aayengi. Hain na?” Every time she teased me I blushed and she liked that.

All in all it was a perfect relation which a Bhabhi can have with her Devar, and we both never realized that unintentionally we moved to further closeness, and started talking to each other on phone just before getting to sleep. She use to tell me everything happened throughout the day,

and one day knowingly or unknowingly I expressed my view about her by saying that I feel that Aashu bhaiya is very lucky to get you as a wife, and I am really jealous of him. In reply she said “I wish you would be my husband, I am incapable to keep him happy, he expects a lot, and I am unsuccessful.”

I was bit amazed with her statement, and faced bit of hesitation, before asking a reason behind this statement.” I felt that Bhabhi wanted to speak, but there was lot of hesitation which was very natural. I tried to ask, is it related to the matter of a baby girl, she said no. then I asked, is it related to her English speaking problem, she said no.

We were on phone and I felt that she is having tears in her eyes, because her voice was bit choked. After that I didn’t had any guess which I could ask, because next thing came in my mind was, matter their sex life. I insisted her to speak, but she remained silent. I asked her again, she spoke in a very low voice that Aashish goes out for sex.

I asked her why and how she is so sure about this. She said that she has seen Condoms in his bag. Then I asked her, whether she has talked to him about this. She said yes… I asked her that what did he said. She told me that he has admitted that he is doing outside frequently because Tripti bhabhi does not do what he needs.

Then I asked what he needs, with lot of hesitancy she told me that Aashish wants to do oral and anal sex, which she does not like. I was speechless and did not had any suggestions for her. I just said, “bhabhi iss problem ka solution, aapko apne aap dhondhana hai.” she just said yes.. And after a pause with lot more hesitation, she said, “bhaiya, mera ek kaam karenge?”

I said “yes bhabhi”. “mujhe kuch movies laker denge, issi type ki, so that I can see, all that. I said ok. Truly speaking, after putting phone down, I was so restless, and my mind was so occupied, that I felt that I have seen some kind of dream, I could not believe that Tripti Bhabhi has talked to me about her bedroom problem and asked me to get her xxx movies containing anal and oral sex.

I was getting horny too, and that night I masturbated twice, thinking about myself sucking Tripti Bhabhi’s luscious cunt, and both times I cummed heavily. After this telephonic conversation, I noted that now she was bit hesitant in making direct eye contact, and I liked that shyness. This was adding more sex appeal to her and was making me crazy,

and again my desire to have sexual relation with her shoot up. Once I teased her as she use to tease me, by saying. “bhabhi aap ko agar bhaiya ko dikhana ho ki aap bhi bahar jakar sex kar sakte to mujhe yaad rakhna, aap jab kahoge main aa jaaonga.” She blushed while laughing and smacked me on my shoulder, and we had good time together during our walk.

I took 2-3 days to choose few movies, which were full of oral sucking and licking, and had nice anal fucking, and handed over her, during one of our post dinner walk. She smiled and thanked me shyly and we walked for some time without a word, we just looked at each other 2-3 times and smiled.

Next day during our walk, I asked her whether she saw those movies or not, and she liked it or not. She said she saw those movies, but she didn’t like it, in her words it was filthy. I laughed and said but bhabhi I like all this too. In reply she smiled and said all men are alike, and like that we continued our walk.

Now we were more frank and there was no hesitation between us, and topic was revolving around these things only. She praised me for my courage, for the thing I did with her in kitchen, by saying, “bhaiya aapke ander himmat hai, nahi to desire to sab karte hain, lekin koi kar nahi pata.” I took a bow with a smile and said, “Desire to aapki mujhe aaj bhi hai, bhabhi lekin ab himmat nahi hai”.

She smiled on this and looked into my eyes and said, “achha to ab bhi aap mujhe gandi nazron se dekhte ho.” I said “bhabhi gandi nazron se nahi, pyar bhari nazron se dekhta hoon, and truly speaking bhabhi, I love you, and it hardly matters to me that you are already married, I like you, and I don’t know how to express my love, I mean I want to get physical with you to show my love, but we cannot do.”

As I finished she said, “aapke ander sach main bahut himmat hai, apne sath sath aap mera bhi deemag kharab kar doge.” I said “kyon aapka kyon deemag kharab ho raha hai”. “mujhe ye soch ke kuch ho raha hai ke, shadi ke itne saalon ke baad koi meri taraf itna kaise attract ho sakta hai?... mujh main aisa kya hai”? She replied in a frank tone.

I said “I don’t know kya hai, I just like you”. Then we both went silent, for next few minutes and walked few steps, I asked her, did she felt bad for being so much straight forward. She said “nahi, we are friends aur, aapne apne dil ki baat kahi hai, main bhi kai baar sochti hoon ki Aashu aapke jaise hote to kitna achha hota, bhaiya aap bahut caring ho, aur aashu meri bilkul care nahi karte”.

And she looked at me with arbitrary smile. That day our walk ended with that statement and we moved to our respective homes. That night there was no sign of sleep in me, and I was getting crazy, I wanted to make love to Tripti Bhabhi, and I was thinking just about her, I masturbated in toilet, keeping her in mind, and came to bed.

Even after that I was hard on my dick and I planed to masturbate again on bed. Time was around 12, I bolted my room from inside and took of my clothes of lower half, and held my hard cock and jerked it 3-4 times. Suddenly my mobile ranged, it was Tripti Bhabhi. I took a call and said hello. “kya kar rahe ho, so gaye kya.”

She spoke softly, I said “nahi bhabhi, bass sone hi wala tha”. “mere bare main soch rahe the na?”. I said “ haan, bass aise hi”. I was talking to Tripti Bhabhi while holding my rod in other hand”. She asked “sach sach batao mere bare main kya soch rahe the?.” I said, “nothing bhabhi, bass jo baaten huen wohi sab yaad kar raha tha.”

With some hesitation and a long pause she started again. “Bhaiya I want to ask you something, aap please mind matt karna, Aashish ne mujhe bataya tha, jab wo bachelor the to masturbate karte the, aap bhi karte ho”? I felt bit embarrassing, but I said “ haan bhabhi, karta hoon”. I felt she smiled and again asked “mujhe soch ke karte ho”?

I was bit stunned with a question but I spoke the truth “haan bhabhi,” I replied in low voice. “bhaiya aap bahut naughty ho, aur aapne mera bhi dimag kharab kar diya hai”. I laughed and then I asked, “kyon aap bhi mere bare main soch rahe the kya”? She said “haan.” “Mere bare main kya soch rahe the.”

I asked her, She said “wohi jo kuch bhi aapne kaha, ki aapko meri desire hai, and u love me”. “Haan bhabhi I love u aur, main aapki taraf bahut attracted hoon, don’t know why”. I continued “Bhabhi mere office main aur bhi ladkiya hain, young and unmarried, but main aapke bare me hi sochta rahta hoon”.

She laughed and said, “ bhaiya aap pagal ho gaye hain, main aunty se bolti hun aapki shaadi kar dengi”. This time I laughed again, and said “nahi bhabhi, abhi shaadi main bahut time hai”. “tab tak kya karenge, masturbate?, mujhe darr hai kahin aap wahan na jaane lago”. “kahan” I asked her. “wahan….. Red light area main”. I said “nahi bhabhi aisa nahi hoga,”

she continued “haan please bhaiya kuch bhi ho jaaye wahan matt jaaiye ga, mujhe bahut darr lagta hai, don’t know Aashu kahan karte hain”. She seemed bit worried. I replied “Bhabhi aap tension matt lo, Aashu bhaiya sab jante hain, tabhi to bag main condoms rakhte hain”. She said “I know, thank god itni akkal hai”.

Then there was a silence for few seconds. I wanted to ask her something which was very personal, but I was hesitating, but somehow I started, in different approach. I asked her “bhabhi ek baat punchoo, bura to nahi manegi? She said “puchheye, bura kyon maanugi maine bhi to aapse puchhe thi, aapne bura nahi mana na?” “Bhabhi aapne last sex kab kiya tha.”

She went silent, and said, “bhaiya aap to embarrass kar rahe hain.” I said “bhabhi maine bhi to bataya na, apni masturbation habbit ke bare main”. She said “haan theek hai, Aashu ke jaane se ek raat pahle”. Then I asked her, “last 2-3 months main aapka mann nahi kiya”. I felt she smiled and with bit of hassle she said “mann to karta hai”.

Then I continued “aap bhi masturbate karti ho”. She laughed and said “kabhi kabhi karti hoon, par mujhe satisfaction nahi milta.” Then I said “masturbate karte time kya sochti hain”. She spoke in blushing tone “yehi ki Aashu ke sath sex kar rahi hoon”. I felt that she has started liking this conversation, so I continued “ bhabhi aapne kabhi mere bare main nahi socha”?

“No…”. She replied with bit of anger and laugh. “ To Phir aaj try karna,”. Again she replied No in same tone. “ Bhabhi sochne main kya hai? actually main to nahi kar rahe na, ho sakta hai aapko achha lage”? She said “nahi nahi… this is wrong”. I tried to convince her to dream about me during masturbation, but she was hesitant to accept that she will try.

Finally after few more words we said good night to each other, and disconnected the line. In a real sense, this whole conversation took my senses, for me it was not easy believe that whatever we had said to each other on phone, has actually happened. That night I masturbated till my penis ached, and every last drop of my cum came out of my rod.

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Hot sex with horny sister in law

Hi all, I recently posted my real story to HumanDigest and got very good response from HumanDigest readers (one of that is from Jaipur itself and wanted to meet me as she also feels the same way as Leena), very much thankful to HumanDigest management as well as to co-readers who have given very good response to my feeling, as you know me,

I am Rahul dev living in Jaipur, Rajasthan height 6’1” weight 98 kgs., well built sporty and very active and decent looking guy. I have my own business of construction. After getting very hot and good response I thought of posting another real story of mine, this time with my elder sister in law i.e. elder sister of my wife

she is couple of years older then me even but she is too hot and on plumper side with big boobs and wide sexy ass. I really like plumper female and it’s again better enough if she is bit older then me I really love Them. I was out of station for few days on my business trip to Delhi and being it was Diwali holidays my wife along with our kids was at her brother’s home so I

directly went there itself to give surprise to my wife who was starving for sex for last few days. We use to do sex at least two time a day and I also did not get any chance in Delhi to fuck any female so I was also very much in mood. I was just planning the things in my mind to get her or her bhabhi i.e.

Leena (you people if remember my earlier post) but the destiny was planning something different for me this time. As soon as I reached their house, I parked my car outside and rang the bell which was in the porch, I was waiting some one to come and open the door for me, no one responded, I again rang, it was really taking time.

I was just thinking to do something and Mini opened the door. She is my wife’s elder sister and even two years older then me, who has come for a visit which I came to know later. On doorstep itself she informed me that my wife along with Leena and all the kids had gone to another relative place for a birthday party and no one except herself is there at home.

It was a bit disappointing for me because I was out of town and hadn’t done any thing for almost one week and now my wife as well as Leena was not there.But suddenly I realized that I have overlooked something,. Yes, this sister of my wife had big tits and stunning look in Blue sari revealing lot of hot stuff.

“Can I come in”, I asked. “Of course, please come in, “she showed me in, with an inviting smile. I was trying not to look directly at her body but failing miserably. “Minu always tell that you are a very nice guy, anyway… would you like some tea?” I wanted to say her, how beautiful and hot she looked and how big her tits and ass were etc.

But I was trying to be a bit decent. Our Conversation went on about lot of things and I came to know that her husband, who is computer software engineer and right nowI had gone to US for some project for three months. Her side was facing me and I just couldn’t control my eyes from massaging her body with my eyes.

I was just thinking and thinking, How to seduce her, seeing me in deep thinking, she just asked, it seems you did really got disappointed not finding Minu at home or something else is disturbing you Dev, I did not say a word but just started scratching my head and showed that I am still in deep thoughts.

She just came near me and kept her palm over my shoulder and asked again, “are you not happy to see me, it’s a long time that we got any time to talk each other, You remember we use to talk a lot when I stayed your place when Minu had her second delivery and remember one day when you just accidentally rammed the door of the toilet and seen me naked”,

I used to recalled that many times and used to thing about her a lot but I just smiled but could not say a word. At the same time, telephone bell rang and she left to attend that, I started to recall the happening of that day, when I just saw her fully naked in the bathroom in full light with sparkling water all over her body and I had said sorry and she had just smiled and I stayed there looking her for some more time.

Later on we could not talk on this as she had left same day due to some urgency at her place while I was out on my work. I really felt a sudden wave run thru’ my spine and was very hot the same moment. As I was still making my mind that how to proceed further but was very much in fear even though knowing that she also wants to cash the situation.

I was listening her talking to someone over phone, I took all the courage and went closer to her and kept my hands on her shoulder. She turned and gave me a cold stare first, and then slowly blushed, turned back and kept talking over telephone and I few moment finished the conversation.

These few moments were like years to me. After replacing the hand set, she turned to me and then asked “Dev will you make love to me??, I haven ‘t had sex for 2 months… Please”. This is too fast I thought, but there was no time to think anything. I pulled her neck towards me and forced my lips into hers, wow…

It was hot, I could feel the blood flowing in her lips, I kissed her even more passionately, by inserting my tongue into her mouth, and she responded by exploring my mouth with her soft tongue. It was nice to feel her tongue touching my throat. She started kissing all over my lips and ears and behind my neck, and her hands where grabbing my buttocks. I was searching for the hooks of her blouse.

Suddenly she pushed me back, and made me sit on a chair. Then she threw the top part of the blue sari down, and started unhooking her blouse hooks, my eyes were bulging out, and I could not wait to see those boobs getting uncovered. After removing the blouse she turned back and started removing her bra also. I pulled her towards me and kissed her back, while she was doing it.

I ran my lips and tongue across the length of her back till I touched her neck. When I kissed her shoulders she moaned passionately. She turned back, and with a naughty look through her bra off. The sight of two tight tits with the big pink areola,… wow, I could feel my dick banging on my pants trying to come out.

She pulled me towards her, and kissed on my lips again, Here tits were pressing hard against my chest, and I was feeling her big ass in my hands. I made her sit on the chair, and knelt on my knees, I took one of her big tight tit in my hand and caressed the nipple with my thumbs. I could see her shivering. At the same time I started licking her other nipple, and after some time I couldn’t control it.

I took her boob fully into my mouth, while my tongue was pressing hard against the areola and nipple. Whenever I bit her boob softly with my teeth, she gave me a very sweet “Devv.. she moaned. My experienced hand was fondling the other boob. At some point, she grabbed me by my head and released her boob from my mouth,

and pushed me back she spread her legs more widely and showed her velvet panty. She pulled my hands and made me place it there. Then she made me put my hand inside her panty. I just moved my fingers touching her cunt lips, as she sat back and enjoyed. I pulled her panty in a bit hurry and it tore off. From her face I could make out that she liked my aggressiveness.

I just pushed her legs wider and showed my head into the right place. I spread her cunt lips and pushed the tip of my tongue deep into her love hole; the nice aroma, and the wetness, and hotness of her cunt made me wild. I used my thumb to play with her love button also. She was clutching my head and pushing it deeply into her crotch.

My nose was buried deep into her thick bush and was getting tickled nicely. She stopped for a moment and separated my mouth from her wet hole and stood up. I started kissing her thighs, and went down till her tows. Then she kept her leg on my shoulder, and slid it behind me. Now my head was right under her cunt.

She lowered it slowly again, and pushed me down till my head touched the ground. She started fucking my mouth with her cunt. She was rubbing it so hard against my mouth and nose as though she had gone mad. I realized that she is wild and will come at any time. I wanted her to cum along with me and climax at the same time. I unzipped my pants and took my tool out.

I pulled her right hand and made her wrap her soft hand around my hot cock. She still continued rubbing her cunt lips against my face, but started working with my tool also. After some time, while I was on the verge of coming, I lifted her body grabbing her ass and managed to slide my crotch under hers. My dick was so straight I had tough time directing it into her cunt.

When I entered she gave a deep sigh and moaned “Love you Devvvvv”. She started fucking me softly and slowly in the beginning looking right into my eyes, and calling me all sweet names. She was so wet that, when I looked at the base of my cock, I could see her cum dripping at the opening and lubricating my cock.

With her banging movements getting stronger and stronger, I could feel my balls shuddering. She was very good at the art of fucking. I was lying down and enjoying her body working around my cock. Some times, she just reduced the speed of fucking and looked deep into my eyes, and whispered,

“Dev you are a very nice guy, I just wanted do have this the same time to saw me nude that day in the bathroom”. She even made her cunt a bit tight, at times and made it a difficult for my cock to slide through. But the feeling of her cunt tightening and loosening around my cock was heavenly…. I could feel her movements becoming stronger and her moans became louder.

My hands were fondling her tits, which had become as hard as metal. She was shouting I am coming… I am coming…, and she pressed my hands against the boobs which I was fondling, I was also on the verge of climax, and started rocking my cock hard. I could feel my dick going deep into her and then the waves of passion, flowing across my body,

and the semen splashing deep into her vagina. She had also peeked and there were those orgasmic waves occurring in her cunt, crushing and loosening my dick periodically. I don’t remember how much time I lied there with my dick in her cunt. She was kissing passionately on my neck when I got up. “Do you still want the tea “she asked?

”Probably something cold would be better to chill me out”, I answered while grabbing a piece of her ass. It was the great fuck had.after a long time. We met three times more at her place during absence of her husband and talked a lot over telephone. Now her husband as arrived back from US and she is happy with him but sometime she calls me and talk about

what is happening between her and her husband. We meet occasionally with family but no one even have a little bit idea of our relationship. Some time Leena, Minu and this Mini (all three being fucked by me separately at different time, but none of them knowing any thing about other one)

are there all together with other family members and myself, I see them innocently and every one around think of me as a very nice gay. Yes I am nice guy, what’s doing wrong… making happy all the female. I hope you people would find the above realty very enjoyable while reading.

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Sex with horny Shivani bhabhi

Hello friends, this is raj from Ahmedabad I had always loved reading stories on this site and enjoying different people’s experience….I was a simple guy from a small town from the district of Ahmedabad….after reading all the incest stories I started to think of my bahbhi as my bed partner and slowly desire arose in me to have a continuous 12 hour sex with her….

and at last I succeeded in it last month….this story is about how I made her like me and have sex with me….here the story starts. I am a 25 years in age 5.10 man with 8.25 of manhood and my gorgeous bhabhi Shivani around 29 age has a decent figure of 38-29-36, she is very sexy and typical Guju gal……

after reading all the stories I made a plan to have sex with my bhabhi for that I thought of talking and pass as much time possible with her alone. One day there was a function at my uncle’s place he use to leave 30 km from our town and I thought of going with her and start chatting to get success in my plan….

we went on bike and I tried to ride it at very gentle speed so that I can get more to talk to her….on that ride first we had a normal chat after that I asked her whether she had a BF before marriage to which she replied yes I got excited and started talking to her about him, once she replied that her BF use to look like me only.

I got excited and asked whether she had told this bhaiyya to which she denied and we continued talking on the same chat I asked her whether she had enjoyed with his BF before marriage she replied yes…. by the time we reached home after that I started to have this type of small chat with her regarding girls after few days I got the opportunity and that was the day of first fuck for me….

my parents had went to attend a function for two days to Mumbai and my brother had to go on business trip as my dad was out at that eve. I asked her to cook food that she liked so that we can have dinner of her liking and while she was cooking I had talked to her after that we had dinner at around 8 pm and after that we sat on the sofa to watch television

while watching TV I piped into her big boobs as she was wearing a nice white colored nighty from where her lines were open for me to see I got encouraged as she never use to wear it outside her bedroom while watching television. I slowly moved my hands on back and started touching her back to which she didn’t minded by that there was a big erection in my pant

to which she did noticed but kept silent after some time a thought of masturbate so slowly went to the wash room and did my hand job after I came back my sexy bhabhi was lying on the sofa instead of seating after I came we again set their slowly my bhabhi asked me whether I have a GF or not to which I said yes, she further asked I had went out with her I said no.

She started laughing and suddenly had a wild smile on her face she straight away asked me so you don’t have any experience of using a gal for sex. I replied no, silent went in the room after some time she asked me whether I would like to have that heavenly experience. I got stunned and was speechless she got of the sofa and went in the bedroom I thought.

I had missed the opportunity after some time a loud voice came from her room I went in and saw that my Gorgeous bhabhi had turned horny and was laughing at me as I enters….she closed the door and said raj mere devar I know you are attracted to me and want to fuck me…I also want you devarji you are so good I have seen you many time masturbate in your room

from the windows above the door. I feel shameless then she asked me to be relaxed and think of me as a call girl for you to fuck. We sat on the bed and slowly I started to rub her honey skin body she was great her boobs were very big while having sex we went in different position and talked to each other…me: habhi that’s true I want to fuck you.

bhabhi: raj my dear you can go ahead have your dream come true. after that I pressed her boobs and by that time was playing with my erected cock from my jeans only. I inserted my fingers and then hand inside her nighty to enjoy her boobs after that I opened up and said bhabhi my one night stand your clothes are disturbing me she replied you can take them off

and I removed her nighty for the first time I had seen a gal in just bra and panties she was looking like goddess of sex at that time to me she unhooked my jeans and took it of after that we were their only in boxer, bra and panty. I started to suck her boobs and removed her bra her boobs were very juicy wet and nipples were hard like rock I sucked her for 10 min

and then slowly went down to enjoy the heaven and removed her panty by the time she had removed my boxer and was moaning with my every bite on her boobs she then told me that she will now teach me how to enjoy a gal during sex to which I said yes and she ordered me to get into position 69 and then she sucked my tool and I was chewing and biting on her cunt

and pussy she gave me a blow with her mouth I said bhabhi I am going to blow by the time said I blow all my cum went into her mouth she started to enjoy it and said your cum is too good to taste and after that she told to me to fuck that was my first time and gave her a fucking job she said your cock is very fresh and big it seems you are masturbating every day 2 to 3

times and ordered me not to masturbate now onwards whenever I felt like that ask her me to get fuck or to masturbate. I fucked her from cunt she moaned like anything her pussy was very tight and hot I cum into her cunt and after that we went on the bed side by side after some time she begged me to have anal sex

and after I fucked from her anal which was new as my brother had never fucked her from anal we enjoyed for the whole night and slept the morning we had bath together and again enjoyed sex……since then we have been having this experience every now and then and try to arrange in such a manner to enjoy each other’s body……this story is dedicated to all the story writer of HumanDigest who aroused in me the desire to fuck my bhabhi…thanks…

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Horny Jija fucking sexy Saali

Hi I am a great fan of reading other peoples sexual experiences on HumanDigest and thought I would share mine. My name is Salim, I am 35, got married in 2005 to Uzma who is now 30. Uzma has a younger sister who is 25 named Huma. Huma and Uzma are from Lahore but we are all in Karachi.

Huma is studying in Karachi and lives with close family friends and goes up to Lahore for holidays. She would come often to visit us. For some reason she did not feel comfortable living with us in Karachi and Uzma did not encourage her to stay with us. Although Huma is modest, sharif kunwari larki, wears the scarf and does not try to draw my attention towards her.

I have lust for her. I fantasize about undressing her and screwing her. Uzma had to go to Lahore to attend a wedding, I could not get leave from work, so Uzma left for Lahore, she told me to invite friends over for company but told me “Don’t disturb Huma, she has got exams”. Already the first night alone at home, I started to think about Huma.

What if she was here with me, I would seduce her, kiss her lips and remove her scarf to see her lovely black long hair spread out and flow along the length of her back. Just as I was thinking about Huma, the phone rang, I thought it would be my wife Uzma but to my surprise I heard Huma’s soft and kind of sexy voice and the way she says “Bhai” oh god such a turn on I wish I could grab her right then.

She asked “saab theek toh hai Salim Bhai?, suna hai aap akeleh gabrarey hein, Baji ney kaha kai mein aap key liye khana laoun aur aap kai taraf chaker lagaya karoun” I was a little bit confused because Uzma had prepared some food and frozen it and I knew she definitely would not ask her sister to come to my house when I am alone. What if she did?

I replied hesitantly “haan ajao, do come by” I called Uzma on her mobile to confirm that Huma’s message but she could not be reached. It was Friday night, I was watching a Hollywood movie on cable which had a lot of sex scenes, I was already feeling horny. The bell rang. I went to the gate and there she was, my sweet saali: Huma had a maroon scarf on, red lip stick, mascara, cheeks lightish pink,

her tight yellow shalwar kameez showed off the outline of her body curves. Her dupatta just covered her neck and so I could see her busty breasts. Behind her was her university friend in his beige Suzuki Cultus car. As soon as I came out of the house to greet her, he asked her: “mein jaoun?”” like as if he was in a hurry to rush back.

She replied to him “Ji Imran Bhai chale jaen” He drove off and I greeted her, took her trolley bag and the bag which had the food into my house. I showed her the guest room, left her trolley bag and went to the kitchen to put the food she had brought in the fridge. When I had come back, Huma had taken off her scarf and had a dupatta over her head,

I could now see quite a bit of her hair and her cleavage (the tight kameez with low neck line, looked like her breasts just wanted to pop out). We chatted for a bit in the guest room about my work, her studies, married life, had she found anyone suitable for marriage etc. Then I told her I was hungry. She smiled and said “don’t worry I will take the place of your dear wife”.

I smiled and thought to myself “I so wish I could get her in my bed.”I followed her to the kitchen admiring her tight ass. In the kitchen she started to warm up the food she had brought and started preparing chapatti. When everything was ready, I set up the plates on the dining table and she brought the food on the table.

While we ate, we chatted again about boring stuff at first then went on to talk about celebrities, bollywood, whether she had boyfriends and if Uzma ever had boyfriends. Huma admitted that she preferred hanging around guys and was dating. I asked her “So what’s up with the scarve?”

Huma replied blushing “Saleem Bhai, it was the only way I could get Mama and Papa to let me come to Karachi to study and to go out in general. Otherwise I would have been married off already.” I kept silent but thought maybe I could get her to remove her dupatta as well and untie her hair to let them flow down.

I had heard from Uzma that she had long black hair but never got a chance to check it out. The dining table conversation got more “sexual” as I dared to ask her about boyfriends and how far she had been. She told me “just kissing and first base”. I was surprised that she even let a guy see her breasts/touch them/lick them.

Then she asked about Uzma and our sex life, suhaag raat, how often do we do it, what positions etc..As I described to her our suhaag raat I told her how I had to hold Uzma’s legs apart to give her her first chudai, how she screamed, tears running down her eyes as I broke her hymen and blood flowed down her thigh on to the bed, how her payals kept ringing as I fucked her.

Huma listened with strong interest, I could see her cheeks going red, her lips moistening and fidgeting her legs. I told her that we fucked at least 3 times a week and we had done almost everything except anal. As we started to clean up, I helped her by giving her the plates etc.. to wash.

As she was washing the dishes, I came behind and pressed myself against her and held on to her waist. She did not resist. I whispered in her ear “What are you in the mood of?” She blushed, closed her eyes, smiled and replied with a giggle “aap key kiya iradey hain Salim Bhai” I moved my hand down to her hips towards her inner thighs and one hand on kamarband to loosen her shalwar.

She grabbed my hands tightly and pushed me away and said “Salim Bhai, kyoun nein aap ice cream liyein aur movie deklein?” “What does she want, whats her plan?” was on my mind when she pushed her away. At this point I was wanted her so badly, I wanted to take her in my room and pull her shalwar down, rip her panties while pulling them off and just fuck her hard on the bed.

But I kept my cool and got my car key and drove to the nearest ice cream parlor to get some ice cream. I started to think “She is a fucking teaser, knows her moves, but whats her plan, is she really attracted to me, is she a nympho looking for a chance to screw a guy or is she playing games.” I was not sure about her, an almost surprise visit caught me off guard.

I bought some ice cream and went to the local movie rental store. At the store, I asked the manager “I have chokri back home that I want to bang but she is a tight chokri, hijab and kunwari, you have any movie which would loosen her up?” He replied “You need a Hollywood teenage romantic/sex comedy with maybe one or two love scenes”.

He pulled out a DVD and said “try this!”. I did not care for the title, paid him and headed home. As I got home, I saw the dishes had been cleaned, I went to the guest room and saw that Huma had taken off her shalwar kameez, bra and panties and left them on the bed. Her stockings were in the shoes she was wearing. As I approached the bathroom, I heard the noise of the shower.

As I tried to open the door, I heard her say “Kaun?” I replied “Mein houn Salim, Ice cream aur picture liya houn” She replied “kaunsi?” I told her it was random Hollywood movie, she said great and told me to wait as she had a surprise for me. As I went to put on the movie, got two cups/spoons for the ice cream and sat down to watch TV, I heard the bathroom door unlock.

Huma entered the room but to my utter surprise white towel covering her hair, sleave less light purple top with pink straps of her bra showing and matching shorts showing off her sexy slim legs. I said “This is a real surprise” She giggled, smiled, sat next to me. It was the first time I saw so much of her body and without her scarf.

Normally a dupatta would be covering her chest but here I had an open view to her cleavage and her top/bra barely covering her breasts. As she sat her shorts barely covered her hips. We fed each other ice cream, I accidentally dropped some on her right breast. I moved my head down to lick it/clean it with my tongue, she blushed and fidgeted.

As soon as the ice cream drops had been cleaned off her breast, she moved my head away and got up to go to the bathroom again. I thought to myself “damn she is putting on a great show.”I heard the noise of the hair dryer for about 5 minutes. Huma came out and returned but this time her semi dry black hair were down,

her bra was gone so I could see the out line of her breasts and her hardened nipples pointing out beneath her top and to my utter amazement her shorts were gone too. She was now just wearing black panties. She came and sat next to me. This time, I had an almost full view of her breasts. We stared at each other, Huma was breathing hard, face was blushed, she looked ready,

I could tell that her horniness had build up and was ready for me to make the move. The movie was a distraction, I started to rub her thigh, she froze as as she felt my hand moving up and down her thigh, I felt her heartbeat increase, as I moved my hand closer to her inner thighs, she closed her legs tightly and grabbed my hand and nodded and whispered “Please Salim Bhai abhi nein”.

She was saying “NO” but deep down I could tell she wanted it but just needed to feel comfortable, relaxed and I needed to go slow on her. As I moved closer her she moved back until her head hit the arm rest of the couch, I came on to her and started to kiss her, our tongues playing with each other, I started to cup her breasts, still covered by her sleeve less strap top.

I shifted my hand under her top to cup her breasts, I rubbed her nipples, they were already hard, as I pinched her right nipple she let out a loud moan “Auwwwn”. I could tell she was horny. She lifted her top above her breasts, they looked amazing, the hardened nipples were in full view. I then proceeded to completely pull her top off and threw it on the floor.

As I started licking/biting her nipple, cupping her breasts with both of my hands. I heard her moans grow, trying to keep her legs pressed together but the fire inside her kept building/her horniness kept building up, she had an uncontrollable lust and passion. A lust that just wanted to break free after so many years of being kunwari and under hijab from guys.

She moaned, her body shuttered, her legs fidgeted. At this point my bulge was aching me in my pants and underwear. I took off my pant/underwear, Huma got up unbuttoned my shirt, kissing. Then as we were standing kissing, my erection was in Full view for Huma, Huma smiled and admired the size of my lundh.

She sat me down on the couch and then came on top of me, legs on each side, her inner thigh/panties rubbing against my shaft, we shared kisses with her breasts pressed against my chest. She went down and started to lick/bite my nipple, I groaned as I also felt her hand rubbing the tip of my cock. She was licking/biting on my nipple and giving me an amazing hand job with a tight grip.

I started to push her head down, she got the signal and she got on her knees, staring up at her behnoi/me (sister’s husband) started to suck on my cock. Oh what a feeling, Uzma would not and could not suck my lundh the way Huma was, she sucked on it like an expert. She kept looking up at me as sucked on my cock, licking the cockhead,

sucking on the cockhead then licking along the shaft, taking my balls in her mouth then taking the whole shaft down her throat, drooling, moaning but muffled moans. Her drool going down her chin on to the floor. I sat groaning and cursing her as she sucked on my cock. I loved the way she varied the pace of her sucking, licking on the cockhead,

slapping my cock on her tongue than continue to suck with muffled moans “uhmmmmm uhmmmm”. When my cock was rock hard and dripping wet in her drool, Huma started to give me a hard and fast handjob, her fist tightly gripped to my lundh, jerking me off and licking on the cockhead. I grunted and groaned, I tried to control, I did not want to cum but I did not want her to stop either.

She stair at me and then said:“nikalney wala toh nein hai?”But before she could do anything, I shouted:ooohhh” and I cummed, the first shots of cum hit her lips, tongue and chin. The rest was streaming down along her fingers that were tightly holding my cock. Huma stood up and went to get a tissue to wipe her face, hand and rest of the cum that was on my lundh.

We kissed on the couch, Huma was not upset that I had cummed too quickly. Maybe she thought it was good in a way, she had preserved her virginity. We sat together on the couch kissing each other, I cupped her breast with her nipples still hard. As we kissed, I felt her hand grab my lundh and started to stroke.

Then she hopped on top of me again rubbing her panty covered vagina along my cock. I asked Huma “Why you have your panties still on?” She lifted herself and I pulled her panties down so they were hang on her left knee. Completely naked, full of lust, with complete loss of innocence, she started to give me a lap dance, legs spread wide,

her pussy walls spread out as she rubbed along my shaft. Huma held on to my shoulders, closed her eyes and humped making rapid jerking movements with her hips. As her humping/rubbing pussy against my cock increased, I felt her love juice moisten her pussy and my cock. Her moans increased and as her uncontrollable ectascy/lust increased.

She pulled my head back and screamed “ahnnnnn merey jannu” and her love juice streamed down her thighs on to my cock, couch and dripping on the floor. My cock was semi hard but still not hard, visibly shaken by her latest orgasm and still not fucked, her eyes wide open, facial expression saying “fuck me”, her cheeks now red.

I pulled her hand and took her to her sister’s and my bedroom. Uzma’s dressing table had Uzma’s make up kit and other toiletry. Both bedside tables had photo frames of me and Uzma, there was even a big frame of Uzma and I with Uzma in bridal dress. Huma was a little embarrassed “Should we go to the guest room?” I said “here is fine”, put the photos down,

put a white towel on the bed, looked through Uzma’s night suits and dresses, found a bright red short nighty which barely covered the hips and I found a set of payals, the ones Uzma wore on our suhaag raat. I instructed Huma to wear her sister’s nighty and her sister’s payals. My lust for Huma had taken over my fidelity to Uzma.

I lay on the bed and instructed Huma “69”, she knew what I meant and took up position sucking my cock while giving me access to her pussy and ass to eat on and to finger. Huma’s moans were muffled with the cock in her mouth as I tongued her/finger fucked her pussy and asshole.

I played with her pussy/ass, Huma moaned/fidgeted around, sucking stopping to moan and jerk off my cock with her tight grip. Huma then turned around on her knees facing me started to suck deepthroat and jerking me off hard slapping my cockhead on her tongue to get my cock hard. My cock still did not get hard. Huma gave up, we were both tired so we fell asleep in each other’s arm.

The next morning, I found Huma still asleep in Uzma’s nighty and payals. The payals rang each time she moved in her sleep. I started to spread her legs, and started to finger her, rubbing her clit with my thumb. In her sleep she moaned “uhmmm abhi nein uhmm” I lifted the nighty up spreading her legs further apart and started to eat her out, sucking on her clit/tongueing her pussy/licking along her pussy

walls/rubbing her clit/ rubbing her pussy and finger her pussy. Huma moans grew loader/ pussy became soaked in her love juice. In her sleep I got on top of Huma, took the straps of the nighty off revealing her breasts and rubbed my semi-limp cock along her wet pussy. I spread Huma legs and bit/sucked on her nipples/breasts continue to rub my cock along her pussy,

my lundh gently grew in length and hardness as I slapped it along her pussy. Huma moaned in appreciation but her eyes were closed. I then started to jerk my self to get my cock hard stairing at my saali naked on my bed. When my cock got hard, I pressed it against Huma’s pussy. Her hymen was tough to break.

Huma woke up/caught by surprise, saw me on top of her screamed her pet dialogue in Urdu “abhi nein pleese salim bhai yeh na karein”. What a teaser slut, I was over charged in lust, my lundh was rock hard solid, she sucked me, why can’t I fuck her, no one to stop me, my saali helpless on my bed wearing her sister’s nighty and payals. I was so lustful, I was now ready to even fuck”.

I spread her legs apart, pressed my cock hard against her vagina, pressed it hard so her hymen “popped” and my cock head was in, she screamed in pain “ahnnn neinnnn uhnnnnn fucking bastard” then held both of her wrists and fucked her hard. My balls slapped against her pussy, her legs spread out hanging. As I banged her hard, the payals rang.

I remembered the suhaag raat with Uzma now it was Huma’s suhaag raat. I let go of Huma’s wrists got on my knees and held on to her ankles, banging her even harder. Huma’ beautiful breasts with hardened nipples bounced with each hard penetration. I could see my cock soaked from her love juice, her pussy soaked in her own cum.

I then instructed to her “koti baan saali”. Huma obeyed her behnoi and turned around along the width of the bed got on her hands and knees spreading her legs, doggy style. I came behind her and banged her harder/faster slapping her asscheeks. Huma could not resist, she screamed and moaned trying to control the thrusts by holding my thighs.

I grabbed her hands and held them pinned on the bed and shouted to her “don’t resist saali, ffucking teasing me for too long”. She obeyed and kept her hands on the bed as I banged her hard. I started to finger her ass hole at the same time. As I fucked her, I screamed “saali, teaser bitch, behnoi kai liye itni behai, hijab e chordia?”

She replied “unnn ayeee ayee ohhh fuck behnoi jee aap ki pyaari slut saali houn ahhhhh oye fuck mein mari oh yeah”. Huma started to shake and cum, he love juice streaming down her thighs. I then had her ride my lundh. no resistance this time like a sweet obiedient saali who loves her behnoi, she rode my cock, her breasts bounced with each thrust of my cock inside.

She kept moaning “ffuck me fffuck me yeah ffuck me aoohnnnn ahnnn ffuck me”. I grabbed her breasts pinching her nipples as she rubbed her clit riding me, the bed was making rocking noise. While riding me she screamed in ectasy/massive orgasmic explosion and fell on me. I started to bang her and slap her now reddened ass cheeks.

My cock had gotten limp again. I got up to get some body cream, I positioned my saali in doggy position again, holding her hair had her suck me/taste her own pussy. As I face fucked her/her moans muffled/drooled along my cock and drool dripped down her chin. Face fucking her, I started to lubricate her ass hole with body cream.

The cool feel of the cream made her twitch for a bit. She stopped sucking and started begging and pleading: Please Salim Bhai abhi nein, nein karein please, ghandh mein nein, I beg you…” I ignored her begging, held her hair and pushed her face back on to my cock to fuck her face. I started to finger fuck her asshole, lubricating her asshole making the hole bigger.

Her moans muffled, I started to finger fuck her pussy and asshole, she could not resist, she cummed and moaned louder, jerking off my cock, When I felt my cock was ready and her asshole was ready, I took her in spoon position holding her wrists with one hand, with the other hand I guided my cock into the entrance of her ghandh pressing my cock head against the entry of her asshole.

Uzma begged me to stop and used her pet dialogue “abh nein”, I ignored her and pushed my cock in moving the cockhead and some of my cock inside her rear end. She squealed “haannnnnnn maaar gai ahnnnnnnnnn”. I held one leg apart with the other hand I played with her clit/pussing, fingering making her moan/scream.

Once I had my whole shaft was in her ghandh, I started to bang her asshole hard, slapping her ass cheek. She screamed louder in pain and pleasure.. She begged me to stop but I continued. I grabbed her breasts, rubbed her clit. She screamed and shaked and cummed. As she cummed again her body shuddered and shaked, ohh what a sight to see my nasty saali cum and have such a wild orgasm.

I then positioned her in doggy style, continued to bang her ghandh in doggy position grabbing her hair and neck shouted “whose slut are you bitch jawab deye saali” Huma moaned back “ahhh ahhh ahnnn tumari bastard ahnn fucck tumari houn”. I held on to her shoulder banging her faster and harder,

I was about to cum and Huma such a tease started to tease me like a nasty bitch by urging me on and rubbing my balls/shaft from behind: “I want you to cum behnoi jee, yeah cum now I know you want to cum so badly bastard, I want please cum in your saali yeah please jaanu I want your cumm so badly….”

I could not resist any longer I took my cock out, laid Huma on the bed, screamed “moun khole”. Huma opened her mouth wide, I digged my cock deep down her throat with her moans muffled, I cummed and screamed “yeh ley saali”. I fed her all my cum, she had no choice but to swallow, sum of my cum dripped down her chin and neck and on to her breasts.

Huma cleaned my cock with her tongue swallowing the rest of my cum. Huma then cuddled herself on the bed, I noticed the big gaping hole of her asshole and her soaking wet pussy hole. In this cuddled position Huma closed her eyes to sleep. I went to take a shower and prepare breakfast. I then heard the locking of the bathroom door, it must be Huma.

I heard the noise of the shower. I went to the bedroom, I noticed the blood stains on the towel. Huma had been broken in. Huma came out of the shower and was dressed in the shalwar kameez, she was wearing when she came last night, I put the towel, Huma’s nighty and the bedsheets in the laundary. As soon as we sat down for breakfast, my mobile rang.

I picked it up, it was Uzma, She asked “Huma ghar per toh nein hai?” I replied lying “Nein kyoun?” She replied back “apna mobile nein utarai aur kaal uska paper hai.”I told her maybe she had gone to a friend’s house to study bla bla. I put the phone down, kissed Huma and we had breakfast together.

I told Huma you need to study. I drove her to her friend’s home to make the alibi stick and returned home. Uzma returned from Lahore two days later, didn’t notice anything except the food that Huma had brought which was in the fridge. She asked “Who brought this?” I said “It was ahnnn Huma.”

Uzma’s face changed, she was not at all happy that her sister could come when I am alone. I reassured her that I did not call her, she came herself. I calmed her down. I wondered what made Uzma so insecure in front of Huma, never understood. Maybe she genuinely sensed that Huma could take her husband away.

Two years later Huma also got married, I am not sure how she was able to cover for not being a virgin. The tease that she is, she sent me pictures of herself from her suhaag raat wearing maroon lingerie (bra and g-string panties), payals on her ankles, arms and legs covered in mehndi and another set of pictures naked in the bathroom.

While talking to her husband one day, I asked him doesn’t she say “abhi nein” a lot, he replied “yes she does say that a lot”. We laughed.

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Sex with big boobs Bhabhi

We are three brothers, one elder to me and one younger to me. I was seduced by my elder brother's wife in the first few years of my marriage.She did not have big boobs, but she taught me quite a few things of sexual pleasures.

The younger brother's wife was never a big attraction to me as she too did not have big boobs then. But, since the past few years, I observed that her boobs had grown in size. My main attraction to a woman are her big boobs. So, ever since this young bhabhi developed big boobs, I got attracted to her.

Many a times I would fantasize fondling her boobs, licking & sucking them. Then have sex with her. Sometime she would talk a little dirty with me on the phone and once she even came to meet me outside our homes, when I took her in my car to a suburban mall and parked my car in the parking lot.

We then talked a few personal matters and while talking to me she very often touched my thighs. Then, once when they came to stay at our house, I took the opportunity to ask her to hug me and she responded, though a little hesitantly. Then a few times I tried to fondle her boobs, blow her kisses and pull her to me, but she was a little hesitant.

Then one day came the big opportunity. I was visiting to a place near her home and went to her home as it was quite nearby. She was alone in the house. On enquiry, she told me that my brother had gone out of station & would be back only the day after and her son was at work. It was afternoon time. She generally wore a kaftan at home and she wore one that day too.

After some time she excused herself and went in to her room and I was sure she would change to a saree & blouse. Fortunately, she did not lock the room, rather it was slightly open. I tip-toed, peeped in and saw her completely naked. Her big boobs set my heart pounding. I slowly opened the door and she turned around due to the slight squeak of the door and exclaimed, " bhaisahib".

She tried to cover her naked body, but I told her that it was alright, as I had already seen her completely naked and her saree fell down. I went near her and pulled her naked body towards me, hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her lips. She withdrew and said that she should lock the main door as her son & husband had duplicate keys.

She came back and flung herself on me. She hugged me so tight that I felt her big boobs flatten on my chest. And then, she took my face in her hands and kissed me so hard, as if she would bite my lips. After a good long and tight hug & kiss, she caught my prick through my pant. I started to leak.

Again while kissing me she removed my shirt and squeezed her boobs on my chest. It was very enjoyable. She then unzipped my trousers, pulled down my underwear, fell on her knees and took my prick in her mouth. She sucked very nicely taking my prick in as much as she could, rolled her tongue & sucked so hard that I was about to ejaculate and told her so.

She nodded her head to say it was OK. She then momentarily took out my prick from her mouth only to say that I could release my cum in her mouth. She swallowed my cum completely and I felt so very nice. She then rose up and kissed me hard once again. She exclaimed that she had all this time wanted to get loved by me, as she found me very sexciting & attractive.

I told her that on my part I too had since the past several months fantasized seeing her big boobs naked, handling them & sucking them. I asked her whether it was true that she had got fucked by my younger sister's husband and that too for payment. She said that she would not lie to me at this point, as she was standing naked before me and had sucked my cock.

She said yes she had got fucked for payment, as their financial position was very very bad then. I asked her then what prevented her from making love to me all this while. She said that she was afraid to face me in such a situation. She asked me to please forgive her for that and asked me to make love to her as much as I wanted or in anyway that I wanted.

I took her face in my hands & kissed her really hard, with our tongues rolling and saliva oozing out. She thanked me for the re-assurance. I then sat on the bed & asked her to come close to me and I put my tongue to her left boob and she got excited. I then held the boob in both my hands and sucked as hard as I could, nearly biting into it.

She seemed delighted and put her hand on my prick, which was already oozing with pre-cum. After having got satisfied with her left boob, she moved my mouth to her right boob and asked me to suck it as hard as I had done to her left boob. I sucked both her boobs so hard that she should have been screaming, but she bravely bore it all, so as to let me enjoy.

She enjoyed it so much that she asked me to fuck her. I got up from the bed, went behind her, made her bend a little and put my prick on her arsehole & held both her boobs in my hands. She asked me to put my prick inside. I thrust it in and she in response started wriggling forward & backward and in circular motions.

She held my bums and asked me to fuck her arse hard & fast. After having done so, I removed my prick from her arsehole and licked it. I then came in front and kneeled down and put my tongue to her choot. She held my head with both her hands and asked me to lick & suck her choot really really hard. After sometime she said it would be better that she lay on the bed.

She lay down, spread her legs and asked me to now lick & suck her choot. I licked her pubic hair, the lower lips of her choot, the mid region & then the upper part all the while holding & pressing both her boobs. She was panting and pressing my head to her choot. I too, licked & sucked so nicely, that after sometime she warned me that she was going to have her orgasm.

I told her not to bother and to release her cum on my face. All her cum fell putter-putter on my face. My face was covered & dripping with her cum. I lifted my face and showed it to her. She smiled & laughed and asked me to give some cum to her too, before I could swallow it. After this she asked me to bring my prick to her mouth and she sucked it again like a woman possessed.

I then lowered myself to have my prick on her choot. I started rubbing it on her choot's lips. She was wriggling and asked me to thrust my prick inside her choot. I did and she started to move her hips up & down and in circular motions. She asked me to pump faster & harder. Within some time I released all my cum inside her choot.

She & I felt so nice that we lay like that only, with my prick inside her choot, for quite some time, while hugging & kissing all the time. After having got satisfied, I removed my prick from her choot and she licked my prick & I licked her choot and both of us kept the combined cum in our mouths and then kissed, mixed the cum and swallowed it.

She thanked me profusely for the love and said that she was very happy that I had made love to her. She said that I was a great lover as I had sucked her boobs, licked her arse, fucked her in her arse, licked & sucked her choot and fucked her so nicely that she was very very happy for all that.

I too told her that I too had enjoyed making love to her and that she was true to the saying of my younger brother that she was a devil while making love. I then carried her in my arms and took her to the bathroom. There I washed her entire body so ever slowly so as to feel her entire body. She in turn bathed me.

After having wiped ourselves, we came back into the room ad sat on the bed, both still naked. She looked straight at me and pleaded for one more time. We again kissed & hugged, she suck my prick and I sucked her boobs & choot and we fucked one more time to our heart's content.

As it was getting late, we thought to wind up for the day. But, before doing so, I took out a Bra & 4 different coloured panties from my bag, which I had brought from UK and asked her to wear the same. I put on the Bra & panty for her. She thanked me for them. She then dressed me and I dressed her.

I took out my purse to pay her. Immediately she held my hands and said, "Bhaisahib, please do not disgrace me like this. I wanted you to make love to me sincerely and not for money, please.' I put my purse back and thanked her for the wonderful time. Hugging & kissing each other, thanking for the wonderful time and promising not to miss any opportunity in future, I bid her a very very warm goodbye and left her house.

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