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Ramesh Fucking Wife Raji And Her Friend Suni

I am Raji and I had a friend Suni from my college days who was close to me. She was staying in the hostel and I was a day scholar. But in spare time we talked for hours about many things including sex. She knew about sex and she used to tell me that it is enjoyable stuff. She had subsequently a boy friend who used to fuck her.

I was jealous of her for all the pleasures she enjoyed. But I knew that I may get married as soon as my studies are over. In the meantime Suni used to come to home and stay overnight. She share my bed and we enjoyed lesbian sex. She had a great hunger for sex. Her boy friend went away after his studies and she was very depressed.

In the meantime she told me that if I get married I should ask my husband to fuck her. I laughed alound and told her certainly, but you should agree to get fucked by him. In the meantime she got employed in a big company after her studies and I got married to Ramesh, who was an executive in a MNC. Ramesh was tall, handsome and with broad shoulders.

He used to dress attractively that any girl who sees him would love him. I loved him very much. After marriage Ramesh took me around Europe for honeymoon. He had a long stout cock which gave me great enjoyment everytime he fucked me. I told him about Suni and the agreement we had in our student days. He laughed and said I will honour your commitment.

My father had bought a huge bunglaw for me at the outskirts of the city where we stayed. I met Suni after a long time and she congratulated me to have got a handsome husband. I told her that I have told my husband about your request and I had agree to that. She laughed aloud. She was too busy that she could not come to my house to meet my husband.

In the meantime a friend of mine threw a grand party to which Ramesh and I were invited. Suni also came to the party and I introduced her to Ramesh. While shaking hands with her Ramesh told her that I had told him about your agreement. We all had a hearty laugh. We went to take our drinks.

I and Suni took large doses of wine, whereas Ramesh took very little as he had to drive the car back home. I observed that Suni was staring at Ramesh and was talking to him in a friendly way. We sat around a table and had our dinner. In the meantime Ramesh got up to meet a friend of his.

Suni and I finished our dinner and Ramesh came and he too finished his food and we bade good bye to the host and came out to get a taxi for Suni. But for a long time no taxi came our way and I asked Suni to come to my house and she can go next day to her home.

She agreed and telephone her mother and told her that she is staying with me overnight and will reach home next day morning. Ramesh brought the car from the parking lot and we both girls got into the rear seat. I asked Suni in a low tone whether she would like to get fucked by Ramesh tonight. She said no, not tonight, but she would like to watch us fucking.

I told my husband Ramesh that Suni would like to watch you fucking me and she does not want get fucked. We reached home and Ramesh went to park the car. We went up to our bedroom in the first floor. Ramesh came in following us. I saw a bulge in the crotch of Ramesh which I felt with my hand and found him in semi erect condition. I removed his coat and shirt.

He undid his pant and I with the help of Suni pulled his jocky down his cock sprang up at ninety degrees. While he came sat down on the sofa, I asked Suni to help me to lick his cock. Suni was looking at this cock with great admiration and the moment I said this she came to me to go to Ramesh. Ramesh said you ladies are fully dressed, whereas you removed my dress.

Ramesh got up and removed my saree and blouse. he was standing behind me to unhook my bra when Suni also came to help him. In the meantime Suni removed her jeans and shirt and was in her bra and panty. When Ramesh was unhooking my bra, I unhooked the bra of Suni. Her boobs were well shaped and nipples protruding. I felt like kissing and sucking them.

When unhooking my bra, Ramesh was sucking my left nipple, when Suni took my right nipple into her mouth. When my both boobs were being sucked by two people I was in great pleasure. In the meantime I took hold of the cock of Ramesh and asked him to lie down so that I may suck his cock. I asked Suni to help me by sucking one side of his cock.

Ramesh sat in the sofa with outstretched legs widened. We both the ladies sat between his legs and took his huge cock in our hands and started to lick from its bottom to the top. Ramesh with both of his hands was fondling our boobs. The boobs of Suni were also hard and her nipple were well projected and she was enjoying his touch.

Ramesh got up and asked me to lie down on the couch so that he may fuck me. Suni came forward to press my legs sufficiently so that Ramesh could perform well. Her fingers were working on my cunt. Her finger ran along my cunt lips and opened them widely so that the cock of Ramesh may enter. She saw the cock of Ramesh descending.

She wanted to take it in her mouth. She just leaned forward turned her face and took the cock of Ramesh in her mouth. Ramesh was surprised at the new entrance to his cock. He slowly sent it down till the throat of Suni. I knew what is happening. I was pressing the boobs of Suni. Ramesh pulled out his cock and placed it at my fuck hole. Suni guided it to enter the hole.

But Ramesh took time to make it enter. Suni was keeping watch over the slow entry of his cock into my fuck hole. It was a beautiful sight. Suni with one hand was stimulating my clitoris and she placed her mouth on the cock of Ramesh and drained a stream of her spittle.

Although Suni refused to be fucked by Ramesh, she was doing everything to help his cock enter my fuck hole fully. When she saw that our full fucking session is on, she moved away and started to put her finger inher cunt and was working vigorously. It was a new sight for Ramesh. Suni was moaning and working with her finger.

Ramesh told her why worry, Suni, I will help you reach orgasm. Suni looked at him and at me. I also told her to wait for me to finish. She stopped and was waiting for me to finish. Suni was lying on the other side of the couch. Ramesh as soon as he finished with me, went to her and his erect cock with my cunt juice smeared on it.

I got up and widened her legs and helped Ramesh to locate her hole. Her hole was not much used and hence I told Ramesh that it may be very tight for him and not to cause pain to Suni. I licked and sucked her boobs to bring her back to the mood. Ramesh also licked and sucked one of her boobs and squeezed it softly.

Suni with her hands took his cock and placed it at the entrance of the hole. I stimulated her tiny clitoris and Ramesh slowly pushed his cylinder down. Inch by inch it went in and when the whole thing went in Suni opened her eyes wide and lifted my face and kissed. Ramesh asked why not a kiss fo rme. She kissed him also. Please be very slow, Ramesh, it is very tight.

Ramesh said I know, wait I will pull back and push it in, by that time more cunt juice will come and lubricate. He was right. His further fucking was easier. Suni asked me to continue to stimulate her clitoris. It took about 5 to 7 minutes for her to reach orgasm and Ramesh too worked up so that his orgasm will merge with hers.

He shot his fluids into her and her face showed the full satisfaction of the orgasm. Ramesh lied in that position for some time and we all three went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves, drying ourselves with towel. We had one more round and then all three of us slept in our bed.

Suni got up in the morning, took a body wash and bade me and Ramesh farewell, she did not forget to thank us for givng her such a nice experience and went to her home.

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Sneha Enjoying Crazy Sex With Prasad - II

Previously: Sneha Enjoying Crazy Sex With Prasad - I

Sneha put her hand on the bulge and pulled down his boxer and up came his cock Poor Sneha after departure of her husband dreamt of a cock many nights when she was lying in the bed. She felt an imaginary cock entering her hole, she put her finger and jerked it vigorously but it cannot replace a cock. But here is a real cock large, long, and round and fatty.

Prasad said he will go use the bathroom and come. Sneha said she will also come. Both naked ran to the bathroom, she sat in the commode and passed urine and he standing at the far corner and urinated. With a mug ful of water he washed his cock and throw water so that the smell of urine may not linger.

She washed her cunt with the hand shower, and the both got up and hugged each other and Prasad kissed her on her lips. Their tongues touched each other and Sneha said let us go the bed. Prasad looked at body. So beautiful and elegant. Her boobs, thighs the whole body was beautiful. He cannot think of his ever getting a girl like this to ly with.

Sneha extended her hand pulled him closer and took his cock in her hand. It was above 6 inches in size. of the same size of her husband. He saw the precum drop at the end of the cock. She extended her tongue and tasted it. It was salty, just like that of her husband. Soon after marriage her husband fucked her several times. He just ignited her sex fire, but with no means to quench.

When he will come next nobody knows. Her lonliness was killing her. She had no interest to go for shopping or for movies. Who will take her. Now Prasad had come into her life. She reminded herself that Prasad cannot replace her husband. She asked Prasad whether he has ever had sex with any female. He said No. You had mastrubated, of course. He smiled a shy smile.

She told him, that they can have occasional sex. Never to get pregnant. They have to take all precautions. Your goings and comings should not be noticeable. Initially you may have to give lift to me to go to office. I may get a car from the company. Thereafter we will enjoy life. We will go for outing.

She got on top of him and lying on him pressed her boobs against his chest and held his head by his hand and kissed him. They both because very much aroused and she lied down on the bed and asked him to climb up and inserted his cock in her fuck hole, but it was not going. She rubbed his tip on her clitoris and then widened her hole and put it there.

Now Prasad had an idea. He took his cock and tried to place it at the entrance of the fuck hole and pressed it down. Due to non use her hole had narrowed. His cock made way into her hole and slowly entered and fnally entered fully. She asked him to move his cock in and out briskly. Prasad did so. It gave great pleasure to Sneha.

She had never experienced so much of pleasure. To Prasad also this was a stange experience. He said he had not fucked any female before. She asked him kiss and lick her boobs while fucking. He did so. Within five minutes both Sneha and Prasad were nearing their orgasm. Sneha was moaning heavily. Prasad also was giving out some sound.

A massive orgasm came on both of them. Without asking her whether he can discharge his fluids into her he shot his cum deeply into her. She twisted her legs with his and her hands were wound around him and even after two minutes his cock was spitting his sperm into her. But he was not losing his erection. She asked him to get up and move to the side.

Her cunt was leaking with his fluids and hers. Her bedsheets were soaked. She got up and took a towel and wiped his cock and put it against her pussy to absorb the flow of the fluids. She went to the bathroom and took another towel and came back to the bed. She saw Prasad ready for the next session.

She made him to lie on his back and she climbed on him with her legs on his either side and sat on him and took his cock and put it at the entrance of her hole and sat on it.It went cooly inside. Her cunt muscles were relaxed and the lubrication was great and therefore it went smoothly inside. Sneha lifted her hip and brought down.

She just laid on him and started to move forward and backwards. Her boobs were pressed against his chest and his cock was rubbing her clitoris and was going in and coming out of her fuck hole. Within five minutes they both got their second orgasm. His cum shot into her cunt went deep into her.

She lied on him hugging him and he also put his hands round her and lied for some time. She kissed him on his cheeks for giving her so much of pleasure. She got up and wiped his cock and her pussy with the towel. She looked at his cock with so much of fondness that she bowed down and took it into her mouth and gave it a blowjob.

After two more rounds, one in doggy style and another in standing pose they fucked to their heart's content. She took full advantage of him for her lack of sex for the past six months. They both went to the bathroom, had a body wash and came out and dressed and went out and ate in a restaurant. Prasad wanted to go hom to inform his mother of his getting a job.

Sneha went home and she was too tired and her cunt was aching. Prasad came the next day with his bike. He came inside the house and kissed her. He saw her fully dressed to go to office. They fucked and fucked every moment they could get alone. They were never exhaused. She took pills as a precaution.

This went on for two months when her husband informed that he is coming with her visa. They fucked vigorously till the day of his coming. He came, she resigned her job and they both went away and Prasad was very much unhappy for losing a fuck companion.

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Sneha Enjoying Crazy Sex With Prasad - I

Sneha staying in the housing complex was living with her mother. Her husband who was in gulf married her just six months back. Sneha had a sister in a town about 50 km away. Her mother used to stay with her for a month and with Sneha for a month alternatively. Sneha wanted to get a job so that she may be busy in the day time.

Her mother said when I go away you can search for a job, otherwise I will be lonely inthe house. Sneha wanted somebody to pay her electric and mobile bills. She asked her husband whether he can pay them online from gulf. He said please go and pay it yourself for the time being, I will pay after two months.

Poor Sneha went to the electricity office where there was a long Q in the hot sun. A young man came and offered to help her and said she may go sit in the shade of the tree and that he will pay. Within 15 minutes, he paid her bill and his bill and came to her and paid her the balance cash and the receipt.

Sneha was greatly relieved and thanked him and asked for his name and his mobile number. He said he name was Prasad and gave his mobile number. He said he is not employed and is searching for a job. He had a bike and offered a lift to her flat. Prasad, tall and handsome, may be around 20 dropped her in her flat and went along his way.

Sneha thought how nice was Prasad. He was thinking about him during night. She thought she should call and get friendly with him. Such kind persons are hard to find. If he is searching for a job, Sneha thought she too can join him in searching. Next day she telephoned him and asked him to come if he is free. He asked when should he come, she said say at 9 am.

She told him to join her for breakfast. Sneha just 21 years old, graduate, and had a diploma in comP. science and office management, can easily find a job. She asked her husband who gave his consent and she prepared her bio data and took some copies and prepared breakfast and was waiting for Prasad to come. He was handsomely dressed.

They both had breakfast and started on his bike. She had no idea about the companies whom to approach. Prasad took her to a cluster of companies and they went to different companies and distributed their bio data. In one company, they wanted Sneha to wait, and had a spot interview with the boss for the post of private secretary with handsome salary and other perks.

Sneha was happy expressed her willingness to join but sought one weeks time. She told this to Prasad who was also happy because in one company specialised in marketing they wanted people like him and the salary they offered was also attractive. He too was happy and he said that because of Sneha he got her lucky charm.

They bought some food from the hotel and took it to her flat and ate and relaxed. Sneha said it is because you Prasad, the idea of job came to my mind, and Prasad said he was wandering all these days today it is because of the lucky charm of Sneha that he got a job and his life is going to undergo a change.

Suddenly Sneha got up from her sofa went up to him hugged him and kissed him. Without resisting he also hugged her with his powerful hands and kissed. They did this without any forethought. It was just a gesture of gratitute. But it did not stop there. Sneha was sex hungry. She never thought she should not indulge with another man when she had a husband of her own.

Prasad also never gave it thought that he should not have proceeded ahead with another married lady. If her husband comes to know it will ruin her life. Sneha felt the hairy chest of Prasad which was very soothing. She unbuttoned his shirt and her hand went under his vest and was feeling the thick forest of hair on his chest.

He felt her bra hooks inside her blouse, which he unhooked and unhooked her blouse and beautiful boobs came out from captivity. They were golden in color with pink aerola and deep pink nipples. Prasad mever thought that he will untimately undress her. His heart was beating at a fast rate. It was a momentary decision. The time was 3 pm.

Sneha guided him to her bedroom, removed her saree, blouse and bra were already loose and she removed them and then she removed her petticoat also and now she was naked except her panty. Prasad got the message, he too removed his shirt, vest, and pant and he was n his boxer. They again hugged, he caught hold of her boob and massaged it one by one.

His eyes were roaming over her flat belly, raised round ass and her stought thighs. His touch over each part of her body just inflamed her. She remembered what she was doing was wrong. Her husband loved her and sent her lot of money. Called her daily and asked her to get a job to kill her boredom. She was to convey him the happy news.

Now she looked at Prasad, such a nice boy, he was younger than him. He will be around her calling her Didi and do all the work that she orders him to do. He too got a job, income from which would be a great help to his mother. She looked at Prasad, so young a boy, innocent face and he had no bad intention against her. He thinks it is because of her luck charm that got him a job.

Sneha lied in the bed and asked Prasad to lie down with her. She saw a bulge in the boxer he wore. That is the problem with men, they cannot hide their hornyness. It shows in the form of a bulge. For a girl when she is hot, her fluids may flow into her panty, which nobody will know. They both had reached a point of no return. Both were breathing heavily.

To Be Continued...

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Sai Fucking Tina And Shruti

Hi, this is Sai back again with my sex diary - fucking a pretty college girl. Once again I will introduce myself. I am Sai, age 23 years fair with a 6 inches dick. Let me come to the story. Tina called me at 6 pm.I told her that I will be there before 7.30 pm. At 7.30pm, I reached to her apartment and rang the bell.

She opened the door with a gorgeous smile (oh my gosh!). She is wearing a transparent saree with a sleeveless blouse.Her curves were clearly visible through the saree.She was looking like a sexy bitch. I entered the home and kissed on her pink lips and hugged her. Tina: wait. First, you go and freshen up. I planned a suspense.

Me: suspense! Really what is that? Tina: first go and bath. She handed me a banyan and panche (generally we wore them on the first night). I got a little idea about her suspense. I got freshened up and sat on the sofa with panche and called her. She came with a black cloth and closed my eyes with that. I asked her, “What is going on?”

She said, “Ushh ushh, I told you it is a suspense.” She grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom.When I entered the room, I felt the nice smell of jasmine. She said, “It is our first night setup with a blindfold. Sit here and I will come with a milk glass”. I sat there. After 2 mins, she came with a glass(I understood by her foot sound).She handed me the glass and sat beside me.

I had one sip and understood that it was not milk.It was vodka. I finished the glass.Then I started kissing her lips and crushing her. She was painfully moaning, “Ahaa hmmm”. I placed my hands on her big boobs and was pressing them very hard.She was moaning heavily, “Hmmm haaa ahhhh”.

After 20 mins of kissing and pressing, I removed her saree, blouse, and her langa.I was kissing her from the top to the bottom. I removed her bra and bit on her boobs. She was moaning vigorously, “Ahhhh hmmm” Her panty was already wet. I removed her panty with my mouth. Her liquid aroma was excellent.

Then I started licking her pussy. I put my tongue inside her pussy and started tongue fucking her. “Shhh mmm ahhh haaa”, she was moaning like hell.Her pussy’s taste had completely changed. I put my hand on one of her boobs and mouth on her other boob and was finger fucking her pussy. She was moaning heavily.

So, I put her panty in her mouth to silence her. “Mmmm mmmm hhmmmm mmmmm” I fucked her with 1 finger first, then 2 and then 3 fingers. She was, “Hmm mmm ahhhhhh”. After 30 minutes or so, she was releasing her heavy pussy juice. She came a lot and I licked every drop of it without wasting. I removed her panty and put my full-length rod in her mouth.

She was struggling to breathe. I fucked her mouth for some time and released all my sperm in her throat. Then I relaxed for some time and asked her to give me a bj.She had done very good.Within no time, my dick became very hard. I put my dick at her entrance of her pussy and pushed. But her pussy was so tight (I was thinking something was wrong.

She was not virgin but now her pussy was tight). Again one hard push 3/4th of my dick went inside and she was moaning, “Noooo nooooo”. Again I pushed hard and then my dick went fully inside her. She was struggling with pain. “Ohhh maaaasa mmmm mmm”. Then I fucked her nearly for 20 minutes and showed heaven to her.

When I was fucking, she was moaning, “Mmmm mmmm ahhhhh fuck me. Mmm.. Fuck me bastard. Fuck me like a bitch. I was your bitch. Fuck.. Fuck.. Mmmm mmmm mmmm haaa.” She released her liquid 3 or 4 times.After a long fuck, I released my seeds deep into her womb. I relaxed a bit and asked her, “Can I remove the blindfold as I want to take a pass?”

Then she told, “No no not now, go like this”. So I got up and went like that and came back. When I came back, she again gave me a nice blowjob and woke up my dick. Then she told, “Come to the bed when I say”. After some time she called me, I went to her. She was ready for doggy fuck. I directly entered her pussy and started fucking her.

She was moaning, “Bastard is again ready for fuck… Fuck me. Show me what you got mmmm mmmm ahhhhaaa.. Aaaa mmmmm aaaaa fuck me hard…Hard.” After 10 mins of hard fucking, she asked me to remove the blindfold.

There Nicky was nude and pressing her boobs and her friend (Shruti) was licking her pussy and I was fucking Shruti’s pussy in doggy style! I came to my senses and shouted, “What the hell was happening here?!” Tina: this was your surprise and I arranged this for you.Do you like it? Me: yeah! I like it. But tell me what was happening here.

Tina: she is my friend Shruti. She was having full sexual desires.But didn’t dare to do sex. We are very good friends. So, I promised her that her seal would be opened by a good guy.The way you fucked me last night, I decided to submit her virginity to you.That’s why you are blindfolded.

From the beginning, you were licking and fucking her (forgot to tell you that both these girls had the same structure 35-24-36 and also were sexy bitches). Then I got turned on and fucked Shruti’s pussy half hour more and then wanted to fuck her ass. But Priya asked for a break. I was fully satisfied and got tired.

Then I removed my dick from Shruti’s pussy and put in Tina’s ass and fucked her ass for 30 minutes and released my cum. I relaxed a bit and we 3 had dinner. Then I told Shruti to get ready and I will tear her ass. Shruti gave me a blowjob and Tina was busy with Shruti’s ass. I poured oil in her ass and finger fucked her. Then Tina gave a nice oil massage to my dick.

Then I entered my dick in Shruti’s ass and fucked her. Meanwhile, Tina came with a strap on and put it in Shruti’s pussy.I was fucking Shruti’s ass and she was fucking Shruti’s pussy. After some time, Shruti collapsed and said, “I can’t take it anymore”.

We removed it from her. I removed the strap on from Tina and told her to get ready for the missionary position.She slept on the bed and I inserted strapon in her ass and was fucking her pussy with my dick. Shruti was watching us with a tired sleepy face.I fucked her for a long time.

The whole night, I fucked Shruti and Tina randomly and then we slept. In the morning, we greeted each other and had 1 more fucking session with Shruti in the bath tub and fucking Tina on the toilet seat.

Ok, guys. Hope you enjoyed my story.I will tell you my another experience in the next part. Please give me your feedback in the comments section below. Thanks.

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Sharan Enjoying Sex With Prostitute At GB Road

Hey Guys, This is my First Erotica. I’m Sharan 25 Years of Age 5’11” Tall & from New Delhi City ;) I always fantasized about the night life of GB Road since school. You know how guys share their experiences. The Number “69” and “64” brings the same dirty smile on our face.

My best friend “Chucha” :P lives in Chandigarh and whenever he comes to Delhi, we would take a tour of the city’s famous restaurants. This incident happened last year. We were enjoying the vodka shots and beer while recalling all the funny incidents of the past at our favorite restaurant in Paharganj.

The alcohol effect was at its peak and we chose to drive around the city at the slowest speed possible. While driving, I took a turn towards the famous GB Road to show Chucha how GB road looked in real. I parked the car just opposite to the 64 No Kotha. We were excited as well scared about things gonna happen next.

We crossed the road and were surprised to see policemen sitting on a chair at the entrance of the 64-No Kotha. I asked him that we wanted to go inside, and he said “It was closed”. Disappointed to hear that we asked him if there was any other brothel as safe as 64? And said “dalla samajh rkha hai saalo” :D :P. We laughed and moved to the nearby Pan-Wala.

He said we should go to 58 and it’s just like 64. No Pickpockets, No Robbing & Same Price. Following the advice of our new-friend-for-life, we went to the 58 Kotha. It was a multistory building and the narrow stairs led us to the multiple rooms where the real business was going. With a lusty smile, we entered and looked around to see how things were going.

There were around 20 girls in a room of about 24 to 35 years of age and most of them were north eastern. We saw that we have to select a girl, pay the upfront of Rs. 230 /- ( which includes condom ) to get a token which would be given to the girl we have chosen. Chucha was hesitating so I decided to help him.

I shortlisted a 5’4” Fair Slim North Eastern Girl who was wearing shorts and tees. I went near to her and said that my friend was new and would love to lose his virginity with you. I added that he would pay you more if you serve him well. She winked and brought the condoms out of her cupboard and took Chucha to the nearby tiny room for fun.

Meanwhile, I bought a token for self & started looking for a girl for the sex-starved-guy inside me ;). I saw a 5’9” slim girl wearing black saree sitting at the corner. I went to her, and asked gently whether she would like to go with me? She asked whether I had any drinks, and I couldn’t say NO. She declined: P.

I couldn’t find any other girl that seemed interesting so I sat around at a corner while Chucha was enjoying. Chucha came after 20 minutes with a dirty smile on his face and asked whether I had selected anyone. Told him about my chutiya-kismat and suggested we should leave. He insisted to stay for a while and sat along with me.

After about 5 minutes, an average looking girl of mid-20s came in front of us and complimented my hairstyle. She sat along with me and talked about the hair products I was using. Initially, I avoided her and kept on giving sarcastic answers but then I realized that she was attracted to me. She was 5’6” tall with the figure of 36-32-36 wearing Black Tee and Blue Jeans.

We made a few jokes which led to the dirty midnight conversation and that made me place my hand on her shoulders, which I took inside of her tees and touched her back seductively. She got closed and said “Itna pyaar mat kar… rha ni jayega mjhse” to which I replied “Kaun rauk rha hai.. chaley andar ;) “ and she smiled.

I gave her the token and she took me upstairs to the more private and broader room. We closed the door and she started taking off her pants which I stopped. Said “Itni Jaldi Nahi..wait…I will take them off ;)“ and pushed her on the bed and spread her legs and made them in the V Shape to touch my erected dick in the middle while I pushed my hands inside her top to hold her boobs

and started smooching her. I also gave her a lip bite and moved my lips around her neck.. and shoulders. She started moaning “umm.. uahhhhh… aise pyaar krta hai tu…uammmm”. I winked at her and said “Abhi to shuruvaat hai ;)“. I pulled her top up along with the bra and squeezed her boobs and sucked the nipples while she moved her hands down and unbuttoned my jeans.

I continued to kiss down over the naval and moved to the waist line. I unbuttoned her jeans and took it off. I stretched her legs and started kissing around her thighs. I moved up towards the center and every kiss was making her uncontrollable. She closed her eyes and started biting her own lips. She put her hands over my head and pushed me inside.

I resisted and put my finger inside from the side of her panty. It was all wet inside. I stretched her panty aside and fingered her wet pussy. She held my arms and pushed me aside to come over. Said “Ab meri baari…. ;)” and she started kissing my neck and kept on kissing my shoulders and chest while she unbuttoned my shirt. I was feeling relaxed and enjoying her company.

She opened my jeans quickly and moved inside to get a hold of my 6” hard dick. She started playing with it and then made it wear a condom. Said “Tere liye bdiya vaala condom laayi hoon raja” with a naughty smile on her face. She then came over and held my dick and placed it on her vagina and started riding me in the cowboy position.

She was doing it so fast that I was in extreme pleasure. I was laughing and enjoying the entire session and asked her to slow down the speed a little. She was lost in her own world. I told her that I always wanted to have sex in doggy style and she obliged. She took her position and got down to hold my dick and pushed it into her deep pussy.

I held her by the waist and started stroking her slowly. I was biting my lips in pleasure and pushed my dick completely inside of her while she moaned loud with every stroke. I gradually increased the speed and spanked her ass a few times in the middle. We then changed our position to the missionary where I held her legs in the air and fucked her like a whore.

She was getting uncontrollable so I pushed my weight over her and kept on fucking her pussy. I heard the squirting sound of the juice coming out of her vagina. She was moaning in pleasure which made me more excited. I changed the position back to the doggy style and kept on fucking her for another 5 minutes. She loved every stroke and had another orgasm with me.

I collapsed on her and laid on her back for the next 2 minutes. She had the best multiple orgasms of her entire life. And I got the best partner in crime. I then hooked up her bra and kissed her on forehead. We came downstairs to hear frustrated Chucha “1 Ghanta Ho gya bhosdike.. gaand marli kya”.

P.S : I’ve respect for every girl. Prostitutes are no different. I ensured that the girl I was going to have sex with was not made to. She told me that they were allowed to take off whenever they want and they usually spend a few months in their hometown. She even asked me to join her in her next holidays.

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Akash Enjoying Sex After Party With Richa

My name is Akash. I am 23-year-old and last year I have finished my B.Tech from Vellore. I have had many girlfriends in my college but my sexual experiences were limited only to kissing, cuddling and smooching. After engineering, I moved to Bangalore for my job. Here at my new office, I got a close group of friends who were full of life and very fond of partying and clubbing.

We were some 7 people, three boys, and four girls. To give you a visual experience, I am 5.8 feet tall, with a gym-toned lean body. I don’t want to boast but my ex-girlfriends had told me not to stare into a girl’s eye if I am not carrying a condom. Coming back to my friends, we were all singles and used to organize regular home parties at weekends.

These parties were all about smoking and boozing and used to go till late nights until most of us were fully drunk or few of us had actually passed out. This story is of one such weekend when for the first time I fucked a girl, Richa. She was one of those four girls of our group and had a crush on me which I was unaware of, until she told me after that nigh.

She was 5.6 inch, taller than most of the girls and had a good body. I mean she had a really good face, bulky boobs and a perfect ass, more than that I liked the curves of her body as she regularly fit herself in a blue tight fit jeans and top. I live in a 2BHK flat with one of these 7 friends and this weekend the party was at my place.

That Saturday, I was feeling little horny since afternoon and for me, my dick really starts roaring once I am a little drunk. At around 8 pm, most of us were in the hall and had just started the drinks. Richa was last to come, It was 9 and I already had two three pegs of whiskey and was feeling little tension under the cloth of my black Levi’s underwear.

She was wearing a very sexy top, her white rounded shoulders were exposed as this sleeveless top was hanging on her perfectly round breasts. I again felt a twitch in my underpants as I looked at her perfectly shaped and oversized boobs. I just wanted to grab them and squeeze the fun out but that was too early for the night so I focused on the drinks that she had.

Just after the dinner, we have switched-off the light and everyone was dancing on loud dance numbers. Most of these people were too high. I was standing very close to Richa as we were slowly swinging along the rhythm. She was pretty high by then and I can see that her body was inclining towards mine. I slowly grabbed her hand and then her waist.

All my friends would have definitely noticed, had they were in their senses, a good opportunity for me. I knew that in some time everyone will crash somewhere in the flat. So, I just asked Richa if she wants to smoke in my room. She nodded a yes and I took her to my room which is on the opposite side of the hall.

As we entered the door, I closed it and latched it from inside. Even before I could switch on the light, Richa grabbed me from my torso and started kissing me while I was pressed against the wall next to the switch board. I was already horny so I just reciprocated in a frenzy of passionate kissing, she was all over me and now we were rolling on the floor grabbing each other from all the directions.

This went on for a few minutes as we moved to the couch kept in the corner of my room. I grabbed her top and removed it while she unbuttoned my shirt. I did not know that she will like tripped hairs on my chest and now as I sitting on the couch, she was sitting on my lap biting on the chest.

I could not control it anymore and grabbed her face with one hand, lifted it from my chest to my face so I could put my tongue in her mouth while my other hand was on her back removing the straps of a pink bra. She gasped as I undid her bra and her boobs were set free. I can not forget those round boobs and pink nipples pointing upwards. I lifted her a little up as I leaned down on the boobs.

I started sucking them, my mouth was full but I just wanted more and more. I stood up holding her up from her ass as she clung to me with her legs wrapped around my waist. I walked towards the bed as she bit me on my neck. I put her on the corner of the bed and as she was lying on the bed I could not resist my self from approaching her pants.

As I removed her pants I could see her beautiful solid thighs and the pink panty. I started licking over her panty but she was in hurry to be eaten up so she immediately removed her panties by herself leaving her perfectly cleaned Chut in front of my tongue. I really love eating Chuts in and out.

After around 7 to 8 minutes, I could feel the taste of the juices coming out of her pussy but she was pulling my head away from her groins. It was her turn now as she moved to me, she grabbed me from my crotch.

My 7-inch lund was at its full mast now. I removed my jeans and got rid of my underwear as she started licking my balls. I really like the deep throating on my dick. I pulled her head from the hairs and started pounding it over my dick which was in her mouth now. It went on for another 5 minutes as I could not wait anymore.

I made her lie on her back and spread her legs, My torso was above her’s inclining from my waist towards my shoulders as I carrying my body weight on my palm placed next to her shoulders on the bed. My dick was positioned at her clit and she was enjoying me as I was rubbing Supara of my Lund on her clitoris with one hand.

After some time she was literally begging me to stop this torture and start fucking. I wanted her to beg me for the fucking. This actually gives me a mental high as I am obliging her by fucking her. To me, I just have to lower the-the position of my Lund on her Chut as It slips down from the clit to the opening of the vagina.

I moved my hips a little in further and could feel a little pressure around my Supara. It was all super wet and warm. With a little more push my Lund was half inside her Chut and It felt like real heaven around my dick when I actually hit something as I was completely inside her. Now I can listen her moaning my name “Slowly Akash, Slowly”.

It made my Lund, even more, tighter as I continued moving my hips around her crotch. I fucked for almost 7 to 8 minutes and then I just asked her to raise her legs. My Lund was still inside but now I could now feel the more depth in the Chut and she was moaning even louder, I could also feel a gush of juices from her Chut as she climaxed.

After this she asked me to cum, In next two minutes I loaded her Chut with my cum. I can see the white cream oozing out as I pulled my dick from her pussy. It was quite late in the night and after this amazing sex, I took her again in my arms while both us were enmeshed in sweat and cum for the rest of night.

I continued this relationship but made sure that it should not go beyond the boundaries of ‘Friends with benefits’.

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Desi Guy Narrating CFNM Experience

So one day I was alone at home. You know I am very keenly excited about CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male) opportunities and I keep looking for them. But unfortunately staying at home you don’t get many opportunities. So on this particular day, I was frustrated after trying a lot for opportunities and not getting them.

At that time the doorbell rings. I go open the door and there are these two young construction worker women – perhaps in their early twenties. They ask for water in a very apologetic and requesting manner. I sense an opportunity immediately – anyway there is no one home. At home, my attire is a banian and dhoti.

So I go to the kitchen in the pretext of getting water. There I quickly get rid of my underwear, out of the sight of the two girls, and then adjust the dhoti such that it is hanging by the thinnest possible strand and will loosen and fall off at even small movements of my body.

So I take a water jug in one hand and some tumblers in the other and start walking to the door where they are waiting for the water. My hands are almost trembling now with excitement and anticipation.

So as I walk towards the door, I do a small manoeuvre on my body so that the dhoti falls down slowly. I pretend to be shocked and try to catch it. But by design, the dhoti falls on the ground, revealing all my stuff, there for anybody who wants to see. I pretend for a minute to be confused whether to pick up the dhoti and then to even try picking it up.

But since my hands are full, it is obviously not possible. By this time, the girls are giggling and getting uncomfortable. So now I muster up courage and get up and walk towards the girls! Can you imagine – totally unexpected from the girls’ side. I just start walking there with my stuff hanging and swinging around.

Both of them can’t believe their eyes and have it firmly fixated below at the attraction of the day. They hadn’t perhaps seen a grown-up man’s body like this before. They have seen only kids and so can’t believe the size of what they are seeing. Also, I am circumcised so they don’t even realize that this is how it actually looks.

Also, they don’t see hair down there, which even they have and so are confused how so because a man is supposed to have it too. It is a mix of feelings running through their minds – a surprise that such a thing is happening, happiness that they are seeing something they haven’t before, disbelief that there is no hair,

but liking the sight because they thought otherwise it was a detestable sight and currently it is not seeming so. At the same time, it is also seeming very funny to them that there is a grown-up man here with his stuff swinging around openly.

By the time they are getting to grips with the situation, I have already reached them with my stuff hanging out, which is, by the way, growing now by the sec given all the attention and the success. I remind them to take water quickly because I got to get my clothes (so that it all seems so genuinely helpless). One of them takes the water while the other is firmly glaring at it.

As she finishes the glass, she keeps some remaining and musters the courage to throw the water on my dick. Both of them burst out laughing, while I pretend to be totally submissive. As I take the glass and pour the water for the other girl, the first one now encouraged by the lack of negative response from my side to the water thrown at my dick,

reaches out and flicks the cock left and right. The other one just can’t control her laughter now and can’t drink the water too. I pretend further to tell her to finish the water so I can go back. Seeing what the first one did, the second one now moves further and grabs my balls and starts feeling around.

I am totally aroused by now but it is still under control – just the right amount to keep my dick supple but big enough. They are emboldened by the fact that I don’t tell them anything. Just letting go, they have a feast of a time playing with the dick for a while. They examine everything and ask a few questions. I don’t answer them pretending to not understand.

All the time I give them a feeling that I am this very submissive person who would be amenable to such stuff. A couple of times I even pretend to return but stay back with even the slightest tug from the girls.

The girls get a call from outside – they have work to do and none of their other friends know what is happening here and how much of fun these girls are having. You know it was an incredible experience – it is great fun when some total strangers explore your body in a forbidden manner.

And to add to it, the attitude of these girls was perfect – they realized quickly that they can dominate me and even though for a brief while totally dominated me having some serious fun in the process.

I wished that this could go on forever, but as they say, all good things have to end. The calls for the girls got louder and the girls had to shout back saying they are having water and will be coming soon. My heart shrank. The girls gave a few final tugs to the cock and then reluctantly let go, going back to work.

But as they leave, they talk to themselves and to my surprise, wow to return! and the next time to be much bolder than before! They even talked about getting their friend the next time. I can’t stop my excitement. I am waiting…

What did you think of this story?? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - IV

Previously: Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - III

Sitting over my knees in the middle of three cocks I was nevertheless then porn-star we usually see in XXX movies and after Rahul once again Vinod and later Arvind again and as I got tired of sucking, Rahul asked me to stand up and turned me around. He bent me forward and asked Vinod and Arvind to hold me firm, he wanted to fuck me from behind,

that too in standing posture and he slapped my ass and agreed to Arvind's statement that I have a beautiful ass in same Hindi slang "such mein...Teri Gaand bahut khubsoorat hai..." and with that he slipped his hand into my thighs from behind, to find my fuckhole and moaning in pleasure I involuntarily widened my thighs for him.

His fingers searched my hole and started fisting me with two and holding Vinod and Arvind firmly I gasped in pleasure. I was charged by Arvind but before I would have reached to my climax he was over and now I was once again rising high and next I heard Rahul addressing me bitch

and speaking what all was happened between us in school days with the fact that now I have approached him to get fucked "You know school time mein jab maine issko propose Kiya tha...iss kutia me mujhe thappad mara Diya tha...aur aaj ye apni marzi se mere liye apni Chut khol ke khadi go gayi..."

with two of his fingers moving in and out of my flesh his voice was not loud and violent while he spoke that but suddenly he got aggressive and started fisting me brutally while saying that he will blow my cunt tonight “Saali Raand… aaj Teri Chut faad dunga main…” That was too harsh and for an instant his brutal fisting took my breath away,

I cried loud and tried to get away but all three males held me hard and Vinod suggested Rahul to plunge me else I will cum, "Rahul ab daal de...nahin to ye jhadd jaayegi..." and saying OK to it Rahul bent me further down and reached to my fuckhole with his Cock tip.

Rahul was actually taking revenge from me for that school time slap and I really don’t know if I liked those abusing words but this time it barely embarrassed me, aroused like never before I was somewhat waiting for Rahul to plunge me with his huge Cock and as Rahul did that with a powerful upward thrust I puffed in delight.

“Yes….yess….” Holding my waist Rahul groaned in pleasure while banging my ass and trying fucking me with upwards thrusts with all his strength and up to an extent he was doing good but as I am quite plump over my ass he really failed to gain his rhythm and after fucking me barely for couple of minutes in that posture he got tired and brought me to bed and plunged me hard in simple missionary.

I cried loud with the jolt he gave me and Rahul crushed me under his massive weight “Vibha meri Baaton ka bura mat maanana….I am Sorry I spoke all that…tu to meri Jaan hai” he apologized for his spoken words in rising excitement and continued screwing me with sudden jerks to go deeper and deeper in my fuckhole.

I was also getting mad in lust and holding him hard in my embrace I just kept on moaning in pleasure and that turned Rahul further on. “Meri Jaan…! Maaza aa raha hai na…? He spoke and with that started kissing me while screwing me with short but rapid thrusts.

Well in control I must Rahul was just amazing, his ass rose and fell with intense energy and after a minute as he seemed losing his control he withdrew and asked Vinod to fuck me. Vinod was ready and as Rahul rolled off Vinod climbed over me and began with kissing me.

By now I was set on fire and I wanted to get fucked fast and furious but Vinod was just opposite and after kissing he started rubbing h is cock over my opening. “Ohhhh….Fuck me….please fuck me” I cried in strange husky voice and as Vinod went into me I grabbed him hard in my arms and thighs.

Vinod took me first with a slow, measured rhythm with his ass rising and falling almost casually, he kissed me deep and long and steadily built up some speed. I was dying, I was close to pinnacle and I just wanted to blow and crying out loud I clenched his pumping ass fiercely, dragging him deeper into my fuckhole and Vinod gasped in pleasure of harsh suction of my cunt on his cock.

Barely one minute with Vinod and crying in pleasure nevertheless than a slut in heat, once again I was rising to my climax but suddenly Arvind came closer and stopped Vinod and he got away instantly. “Kutia bahut garam ho gayi hai….” Means this bitch has became too hot, Arvind spoke that and plunged me and I just went on crying in desire of reaching to my climax.

After Arvind, Rahul and after Rahul, Vinod again and finally I orgasmed with Vinod. This time he fucked me restlessly for a minute, till I cried out loud with a shudder of dam inside me getting shattered and seconds later drilling me deep with all his strength, he too came and released his seed in my womb.

Completely devastated, sweating like hell I was nevertheless than a dead but Rahul and Arvind were yet alive and they Rahul took me to the washroom to get my fuckhole cleaned from the Vinod’s gunk and back on bed he asked me to get into my four.

I was tired, my fuckhole was aching but they were madly charged and to begin Rahul took me from behind and holding my waist fucked me nicely with steady pace and after a minute or bit less asked Arvind to come and fuck me and Arvind too took me casually in the beginning.

Though I was over, yet closing my eyes I was puffing in pleasure of post orgasm fucking and suddenly I found Vinod asking me to open my mouth. He was almost limping and wanted to get hard again and he enforced me to open my mouth and I started sucking his cock while getting screwed from behind.

After Arvind once again Rahul and later they laid me over my back and fucked me hard till they both came. Arvind rode over me fast and furious and as Rahul asked him to do he did not hollowed himself in my cunt and sprayed his cum over my belly and next instant resting my legs over his shoulders and flooding me into my half Rahul fucked me vigorously and finally released his immense load in my fuckhole.

Though just for the time being but finally all three were spent now and we all stayed on bed for few minutes with mostly Rahul and Arvind speaking out something or other. Anyhow I cannot recall, mentally what all I was going through but while being stark naked with three males certainly I was feeling humiliated.

Anyhow I could not do anything and I had to bear this mess till next morning and like I was expecting we really did not slept even for a minute in entire night. Although after this session they allowed me take rest but did not left me alone in the room. Rahul stayed with me and Vinod and Arvind went out of the house to buy some liquor and I had 3-4 of Vodka drinks more or less with my consent.

Up to an extent fucking fervor was over at my end and getting drunk was the only way out from the awkwardness I was going through. Later, may be after an hour or bit more from the first session our second session started and till next morning, till somewhat around 8, I was fucked 10 times in all possible postures; thrice by Rahul, thrice by Vinod and four times by Arvind.

Dream or nightmare! I don’t know what was it? But it is a matter of fact that since I have started watching porn after my marriage break up I have often liked threesomes, especially two males with one female and while watching all that I have fantasized myself with two males and here, in real life I have experienced three at the same time.

Anyway after that day I stayed out of the group for really long and barred all three male’s phone numbers but somewhat after around one month as I opened Vinod’s number I got call from him within two days and after long telephonic conversation he agreed me for formal date.

No wonder after that sexual blast my body was demanding sex more desperately and at present, out of three I am connected with just Vinod. Although he is not as strong as Arvind and Rahul but he is the only one I need to tranquilize my physical desire. This is it!

Readers please post their views, I am sure many readers will consider me a slut and most of them will not trust my write up but believe me friends this is my real life story and I have just tried to look like a sex story.

The End.

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Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - III

Previously: Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - II

Eventually Vinod broke the kiss and started sucking one of my breasts and seeing him Rahul started sucking other. Going deeper and deeper with his tongue Arvind continued exploring me while fisting my cunt with his finger and soon I started rising to another pinnacle.

I could feel thick streams of my love juices coming out from the depth of my womb and as my thighs started shivering again Arvind stopped sucking me and somewhat told Rahul that I am about to cum again “Ye to dobara jhadne wali hai…” and Rahul told him to fuck me in same Hindi slang “To fir Chod de issko ek baar…”

My body, my soul, I was literally dying for that and reflecting no resistance from getting fucked I just asked them to use the Condoms “Tum log please Condom lagga ke karna” and Rahul came out saying that he has bought pills for me followed by a statement “hum teeno Condom lagayen…is se achha tu i-pill le lena…”

means instead they three putting Condoms it is better I have pills and before I would have thought about saying NO to fuck without Condom Arvind widened my thighs and rose up to adjust his Cock over my opening. I tried to push him saying No but Rahul held me and next instant Arvind plunged me with sudden jerk.

Eyes closed and mouth tore open and I gasped sharply, don’t know exactly what is his size but Arvind was thick and long and hard like iron rod and as he shoved his Cock deep in my fuckhole I got bowed under him. “Ohhh…Vibha…meri Jaan…I love you baby…”

He murmured softly and came over me completely, his words aroused me and holding him in my embrace I puffed in relief of getting stuffed with a real cock after ages. Though Arvind was not at all good looking but his body was wonderful, lean and hard and sculpted and crushed my breasts hard under his thick chest.

His balls squeezed my thick fluffy opening and my fuckhole convulsed over his throbbing Cock and unconsciously I opened my legs and rose higher and coiled them over his ass. “Ohhh…yess…I will fuck you baby….” Arvind groaned in desperation and finally his ass flexed and unflexed.

I cried in delight as he started fucking and next instant he lip locked me while screwing me with slow but deep thrusting jerks. Arvind fucked me slowly and steadily in the beginning, while exploring my mouth with his tongue, his hips rose and fell in rhythm and Rahul and Vinod who were lying beside me went down over my lower body, certainly to see my cunt getting filled and unfilled.

“Arvind ragad ke Chod…bahut garmi hai isske andar….” Rahul spoke, he asked Arvind to fuck me hard and Arvind broke the kiss and began moving faster and faster. His ass moved up and down rapidly and my body started rocking under his thrusts. “OHhhhh uhhh Oh God…..” I cried ecstatically while nailing his back and seeing me in pleasure Arvind abused me

“Vibha…you are a bitch…Tu Raand hai…Rand…” it was embarrassing yet arousing and gritting my teeth and gasping and panting I just went on going crazy in lust. Sweating like hell by now Arvind was gone somewhat mad over me and suddenly he groaned loud and started grinding his cock into my cunt with short but rapid thrust again and again and finally twisting his head exploded with a loud cry.

I felt him quiver in my womb and next instant he flooded my fuckhole with his thick and warm Jizz. Hardly two minutes, though I did not climaxed but it was wonderful and laying over me for another minute Arvind was nevertheless than a dead. No resistance, by now I was completely surrendered and buried under his weight I really don’t remember exactly what all was running in my mind,

certainly I was embarrassed over what all they were doing with me but I was fucked after somewhat two years and in spite of feeling humiliated I was feeling lightheaded and relaxed. Anyway after a minute or bit less Arvind rolled off from my top and I saw, holding their cocks in their fists both Rahul and Vinod were ready for me.

Rahul asked me to get up and holding my wrist brought me to the washroom and while I was watering my cunt from the tap he turned the shower on. He curdled my body from behind and started playing with my breasts and as Vinod saw him having fun under flowing water he too came in.

Vinod; simple, bashful and very down to earth, as I mentioned he was the best male of the group as far as basic nature is concerned and in spite of this fact that he is nevertheless bastard and opportunistic I got bit more aroused to find him playing with my body.

Although Vinod was not as muscular and manly as Rahul and Arvind but I always liked fantasize him while watching porn and while Rahul was squeezing my breasts from behind as Vinod tried kissing me I responded to his kiss instantly. “Vinod ab tune Chodna iss Raand ko…” “Nahin…Tu Chod le pahle….main baad mein karunga….” “theek hai….yahin pe lay leta hun isski”

once again addressing me prostitute in vulgar Hindi Rahul spoke to Vinod, somewhat told him that now he has to fuck me but Vinod asked him to fuck first and Rahul accepted by saying that he will fuck me just there. Once again Raand; but Rahul was not at all wrong, that time I was nevertheless than a slut and to my surprise I was very much adjusted into all that.

I was enjoying two males playing with my body under shower and next Rahul turned me around to face him and asked me to sit down and suck his Cock. “Neeche baith jaa…aur mera Lund Choos…” Though not casually but sometimes I use to do all this with my husband, actually I never liked going filthy in that era but from last two years,

since I was separated and since I was watching porn movies regularly such things were fascinating me but that instant I did not wanted to do that and for an instant I denied saying “No…I will not do that…” and he insisted me with mocking words “Yes baby…you have to do it! Randiyon ko Lund to chusna hi padta hai….” and after him,

Vinod who was now standing behind me came out with a kind of request that I have to suck his cock too “Please Mera bhi Chusna….” No choice and as Rahul pushed me down over my knees I kneeled down and he plunged my face with his Cock. Thick and long and hard, he was also good in size and after sucking tip of his cock for few seconds as I took him deeper Rahul groaned in pain.

I liked the way he cried and holding his thighs I just went on sucking Rahul hard until he himself stopped me. “Vibha ab mera Chus…” Vinod spoke that and turning my face around brought his Cock over my lips and I took him in mouth too. Almost same as Rahul, Vinod was also good and as I started sucking tip of his Cock he started caressing my cheek while moaning in pleasure.

Since that day Rahul was my favorite but suddenly I was feeling more attracted to Vinod, Why? I don't know, may because he was not abusing me saying Rand and all and I did not tried to suck him hard. I knew soft gentle sucking gives pleasure to males and I did that with Vinod for a minute and groaning in pleasure he grew hard in my mouth.

Next before Vinod would have stopped me Arvind was also in queue "Mera bhi choose..." he spoke and turned my face for his crotch. I sucked Arvind too, may be for a minute and after him Rahul once plunged my mouth with his cock.

To Be Continued...

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Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - II

Previously: Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - I

Everything was set now, though somewhere deep inside I was little conscious for getting caught by Vinod, also I was feeling bad for Rahul’s wife but it is a fact that slut inside me was not letting me think much about his wife and I was more concerned about the pleasure I was about to have in the night and as far as getting caught by Vinod was concerned I was sure that Rahul will handle him casually.

Whatever eventually door bell rang and it was none other than Rahul. I was bit nervous but like always he was too casual and moment I opened the door he tried to kiss me on my lips while addressing me hello darling. I pushed him a bit and behaving formal for an instant reflected concern about Vinod seeing us and as he asked me not to worry about him I told him that

I am feeling bad for his wife and he told me to leave all that and asked me to just start “chhod na ye sab…chal ab jaldi se shuru karte hain….”. He was far more desperate than me and next instant he grabbed me his arms and kissed me hungrily. I was dying for all this to happen with me and I started responding to his kiss instantly and with in no time while kissing me deep

Rahul started squeezing my breasts roughly and I grunted in delight of getting handled by a real man after ages. Next moving his hand down Rahul reached to my cunt and pressed it hard with two of his fingers over the cloth and I just went crazy in pleasure.

Wet and aroused I was already dripping in my panty since morning and touch of his fingers literary blazed me in lust and no hesitation, I shamelessly moved my hand over his cock over the cloth and Rahul was hard like iron rod. “Vibha…aaj tu Raat bhar Chudegi…” Rahul spoke while lifting my top and throwing it away and being a slut in heat I really liked the slang he uttered.

What else? Next we both moved in the bedroom and wasting no time stripped each other completely and rubbing my clean shaven, wet and flooding cunt with his fingers Rahul asked me to wash it with the words “issko achhe se dho ke aa…I will suck it” and I entered in the washroom.

I didn’t had any clue what all is ultimately going to happen with me whole night and barely after 5 minutes, after peeing and washing my cunt thoroughly when I came out of the washroom I was stunned to see three males standing stark naked. Not only Vinod, Rahul called Arvind too and holding and moving their cock back and forward in their fist they were waiting for me.

I screamed a bit but giving me no time to do anything, Rahul moved ahead and holding my wrist brought me close to the bed. “Aaja meri Randi....dekh main tere liye do Lund aur lay aaya Hun….” Rahul uttered, addressed me “Randi” which means prostitute and before I would have realized what he spoke he took me in his embrace and started kissing me.

I don’t remember exactly what all I was going through mentally; it happened so suddenly that I could not think anything. Certainly I was terrified with the mess I was about to face with three males but this is also true that there was a kind of pleasant sensation which was not letting me revolt.

I don’t know if I am a nymphomaniac but I was not touched by a male species from somewhat two years, above that I was waiting for this moment with Rahul from last few days despiratly and suddenly standing in the middle of three males to get fucked was so fascinating that I cannot describe in words.

Anyway Arvind; my third cock of the night; still unmarried and I never fantasized him because of his appearance, although like Rahul he too was quite cheerful in nature but he was not at all good looking, Very dark; almost black, he was not as tall as Rahul, may be 5’8” but physically he was very good and as clenching my breasts against his firm chest Rahul was kissing me deep

and hard Arvind moved ahead and holding one of my ass mounds addressed my name and told me that I have a beautiful ass “Vibha teri Gaand bahut Khoobsurat hai” and touch of his hand and his words drove me restless. I pushed Rahul and requested them not to do anything with me “please mere saath kuch mat karo…” “arrey yaar tu tension mat lay…we will not hurt you…”

Rahul spoke and holding my wrist once again pulled me closer and started caressing my breasts. For and instant I tried to set myself free but next moment Arvind once again reached to me and started kissing my back and shoulders while playing with my ample ass.

I was nowhere, they were three and I was alone, anyhow I could not escape, somewhere I was uneasy with a thought of getting brutally fucked and also with a fear of getting filmed but my hunger of sex was not letting me oppose them to my fullest and I started puffing in pleasure.

Vinod; who is little shy in nature was still standing far from me and next Rahul called him closer and asked him to rub my cunt “Tu bhi aaja…aur Chut ragad isski….” and Vinod did that. He moved ahead and extended his hand into my thighs and started rubbing me there.

Ohhhh…God…I cannot forget that weird yet blissful moment of my life, standing in my own bedroom, when my starved body was getting caressed by three males at the same time for the first time. Rahul was squeezing my breasts and apart from fondling my fleshy hips Arvind was moving his finger in my ass crack and just then Vinod started rubbing my Cunt.

I gasped loud and before I would have thought about trying to get away from them Arvind also reached to my cunt from behind and somehow inserted his finger into my flesh. “Ohh…God” holding Rahul hard from his arms I cried helplessly and no time to think and I felt myself rising to pinnacle.

I was Cumming and I really failed to hold my state within me and started crying in husky voice while saying that. “Mera ho jaayega…. I am Cumming…I am…” that was me and seeing that Rahul asked Arvind and Vinod to fist my cunt hard to make me cum “Achhe se ungli ghussa ke Chod issko” and I think it was Arvind who did that.

As Rahul said he widened my thighs from behind with his feet and adding two more fingers to my cunt fisted me hard swift and I started quivering in unbearable delight. My thighs shivered, not only thighs my entire body; from head to toe trembled in electrifying sensation and with woofing gasps I started cumming with sudden jolts over my belly.

Eyes closed, thighs clenched and I orgasmed hard and they held me firm throughout my shudder and after a minute as I recovered a bit Rahul slipped me over the bed over my back. I was shattered and all three were smiling over my devastating state and next Rahul asked Arvind to begin “You are my best friend…aaj tu hi sabse pahle Bhog lagayega isski Chut ka…”

and he smiled while looking at me. Very dark with jagged masculine face; by profession Property dealer, Arvind was always decent in behavior with females but I never tried getting friendlier with him because of his appearance and now he was the one who was about began my fucking night.

For an instant Rahul and Vinod stayed as is and he came beside me on the bed kissed my lips, I did not responded and he started again and inserting his tongue in my mouth sucked my lips until I reverted back and soon both the other males; Rahul and Vinod also climbed on the bed.

I got bit scared with a thought of getting attacked by three at the same time and moved up to try getting away and Rahul and Arvind held me and Rahul asked me to relax. How can I relax while being on a bed with three males but I didn’t had any option and for an instant I sobbed and preached them to leave me and Rahul tried to comfort me saying that they will not harm me

and with that added that I just have to let them do what they are doing “Tu tension mat lay….we will not harm you…bus jo hum kar rahen hai humen karne de” and with that Rahul started kissing me. I did not want to respond to his kiss, he was the main culprit but after few seconds I responded and barely one minute of kissing and Arvind opened my thighs to suck my cunt.

It was bizarre, I was going through all this more or less against my will but I was getting more and more aroused with every passing moment and as I felt Arvinds’s hand opening my thighs I started puffing with imminent pleasure of getting sucked over my cunt. I broke the kiss and moment before Arvind would have gone into my thighs Vinod started kissing me.

By now I was gone high and moment I responded to Vinod’s suck over my lips Arvind started licking my wet sticky cunt while sizzling his tongue into my flesh. I trembled, my belly went through strange ripple and for an instant I tried to push Arvind but Rahul held me and started squeezing my breasts roughly.

I was laying over my bed, over my back and three males were literary milking me up to maximum, I was crying in strange uneasiness but pleasure I was going through was evident in my gasps and they just kept on eating me like this for couple of minutes.

To Be Continued...

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