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Sexciting Moments With Mature Lady Alka

Hello folks, I am back with a yet another sexual experience I had with an older women. Alka is a 63 year old women with a slim body of figure 34-32-36. After her husband’s death she lives alone as her son is away with his wife and respective family.

Alka is my distance relative. It was for a small project that I had to visit the city she resides and since my usual relative was not around my mom asked me to visit her and stay over. She was welcoming and was happy to have a visitor after a while. It was the month of June and was a rainy day. The evening I knocked on her door I was totally drenched.

As soon as I entered her house she offered me a towel and asked me to first get myself cleaned up. I immediately rush to the guest room and starting taking off my wet clothes. As I took off my black colour underwear which was the last thing on my body I was getting a hard on because of building pee pressure, may be because of weather.

It was this moment Alka walked-in and her eyes got stuck on my hard-on. It was tempting no doubt for any women. Alka immediately turned around and went outside while I quickly covered my dick with a towel. We had dinner together and spoke about lot of general things. Alka offered me ice cream and while I was with it a small slice on it fell on my shorts.

Alka instantly rushed and got it cleaned may be the first sight of dick made her crazy. She asked me to get it off and let her wash it while I could wear one of her shorts. I was surprised to know that she wore shorts as well. To this reaction of mine she said she is all alone in this house and could roam around naked as well but it doesn’t suit the social norms.

I told her who cares about society one should do what they feel they are comfortable with. To this she instantly said given a choice would you like to roam naked, and I said,” Off course, I totally love it.” She said, let’s try that ON. And I was like, “ What?”.

It would be inappropriate and to this Alka said, “just right now you said why should one care about society and now you are going against it?” I was left speechless. Alka got up, and said.” Okay, let me try this.” and she instantly removed her T-shirt and was now in white bra and shorts. “Come on Alvin,” she said.

And I took off everything from my body, and was completely naked in front of her. “Now that is the spirit, “ Alka said as she started to take off her bra and pull down her shorts. Alka had slightly saggy and baggy tits but had a big aerola. She was wearing blue colour cotton panties. To my surprise, her vagina was shaven may be she was anticipating my presence.

“How does it feel,” Alka said. “Free at last,” I said. I further elaborated, “Aunty you have a beautiful body for your age.” To this Alka said,” Call me Alka, and I like to stay young and this is all part of that.” As she was talking she started staring at my dick. I realised what she wanted. I instantly said, “ Alka you can touch it if you want.” And I went closer to Alka.

We looked at each other for 10 minutes, and then started kissing passionately. Her one hand was on my dick while I was fondling her breasts. Alka started moaning. She said,” Ummmmm….that feels good, Alwin.” We got into 69 position and started feeling each other. Oh, I must say her cock sucking was at pro level. I was totally enjoying it.

Alka’s Vagina was full of her juices and she had orgasm after years with my licking but was hungry for more. Alka got up and said, “ I can’t wait for more, let’s do it Alwin.” And I laid on top of her and inserted my 5.5 inch dick her vagina. It was painful in the beginning as her vaginal skin was hard but with her vaginal juices it became easy.

Her vagina accepted my dick and we were off to a great start on sex escalade. With each stroke, Alka was moaning louder, “ ohhhh yeeaaaaahhhhhhhh…..;like that…..fuck me hard young boy…..this old body needs it badly….ooooooooo aaahhhhhhhhh…..uuuuuummmmmmmmm.” We fucked in several different positions for 10-12 minutes.

It was my time to release my juices and Alka ordered me to release it in her which I obliged politely. We laid naked on each other and then took a joint shower. We cleaned each other and slept naked in a single cover like a couple.

In the morning, I got up with Alka sucking my dick. Guess we were ready for another sexual expedition. We got started with feeling each other with me filling up Alka with my juices. We laid together and I playing with Alka’s hair. Alka got a little sentimental with her sexual relations and how her husband would play with her.

After this we went for shopping where Alka would some really exotic clothes with bikini strings. We had lunch together and after coming back I laid completely naked while Alka started trying the newly bought clothes teasing me. For an old women she was really looking hot.

While we were at it I shaved the pubic hair on Alka’s vagina so that the intercourse becomes more and more comfortable. As a next step, even she shaved the hair in my groin area so that she could pop my dick easily like a lollipop. After cleaning each other, we had a lengthy shower with hot water. I was pressing her butts and kissing her passionately together.

Well what happened after this you know well, more from that in the next story. Till then, have fun, have safe sex. And please feel free to post your feedback in the comments below.

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Horny Couple Having Wild Sex In Pools Changeroom

Hi, everybody! I’m 26 years old now and this story is about a year old with my then girlfriends who was of my age. I’m 5.10 with an athletic physique with a well-endowed penis and my girlfriends was 5.6 in height toned body, long hair, innocent eyes, flawless skin, 34c bust, 29 waists and ass must be 32.

She was perfect with long legs and nice feet and more importantly extremely passionate about sex. I am a swimmer and used to regular my club for practice and one day she decided to join me and it was the first time we were going to swim together.

Both of us went into change and she came out once I already was in the pool wearing a towel on her waist above the costume and she took it off to reveal a sexy one piece which cut deep into her cleavage with her boobs packed in tightly and a v cut below that came till above her hips giving a sneak peek of her wait bone and her camel toe pussy just managed to hide itself.

My jaws dropped and she dived in on one side and swam up to me looking right into my eyes and she came close and grabbed my crotch and whispered:” control your horses”. We swam for a while with a lot of intimacy as there weren’t too many people in the pool. It was almost 7.00pm and was time for us to leave.

Even though we had our hands on each other throughout we were just starting. Both of us so badly wanted to finish our business. I called her up to confirm if there was anyone in the ladies room she said that the room next to her was occupied by another lady.

I slowly climbed up on the boy’s urinals and hopped onto the wall which was 12 feet high and jumped to the girl’s loo as it was just a wall with a very high sealing between the boys and girls changing room. From there I sneaked into her cubical and the minute I entered she was just in her towel and I already had a boner.

She just dropped her towel and lowered my costume and took my erect dick into her mouth after spitting on it first. She played with only her tongue and the tip of my dick and I held her face gently and she took my entire dick inside and gagged on it for 5 minutes. She used to look at me full of lust while blowing me into my eyes.

It was such a pleasure to see her saliva dripping off my cock and her mouth. I held her up started kissing her putting her against the wall and started going down to her ears using my tongue and lips…Moved to her neck went down her cleavage circled my tongue on her brown perfectly sized nipple,,, laid a kiss on her navel,,,

moved further and smelt her freshly showered vagina which was trimmed perfectly and I sunk my face in with all her juices and she was controlling her moans.Pulled my hair rough and said “Just fuck me” and I stood up widened her legs put my dick in all the way up lifted her put her against the wall and started pumping her…

She moaned aaaaahhh aaarrgghhhh “Fuck me you bastard…Fuck me hard…!! Her favourite was doggy. I pulled my dick out she bent over and I inserted my dick which was throbbing hard and dripping with her love juices after spitting on her asshole to lubricate it into her anal hole. She felt the pain with pleasure and I slowly pushed my way through.

My dick was half way in and I started playing with her clit using my fingers which stimulated and even wild side of her and continue my journey of the dick all the way in.. I slowly started to pump her and increased my pace gradually. I could see the excitement and joy on her face while I was fucking her.

After a few minutes I pulled my dick out and her expanded asshole tightened after pleasuring both of us and now she sat on the chair inside and spread her legs. She put her fingers deep inside the pussy and ask me to fuck her there. I put the head of my dick to her pussy and her walls looked so good around my dick.

I kissed her and slowly sunk in my entire dick into her tight pussy once fully own I slowly started to pump her and increased my pace. My ball sack would hit her butt and make a noise and she spoke so dirty” fuck me you bastard” “Fuck me like I’m your whore” these words turned me on…

I pulled my dick out went down on her put my tongue sucked on her clit gently bit her pussy lips the taste was so good I could have spent a whole night with her pussy in my mouth. Now I caught the back of her hair and she held my back and vigorously fucked her so hard and fast for a few minutes and during this, I pulled her hair making it look all messy and what a hottie she looked like…

Uff!! She dug her nails deep into my back in the pleasure of which the marks are still there. I was about to cum and I told her she pushed me back and knelt down and closed her eyes signaled me to cum on her face.

My cum jet across her face hitting her hair and followed by jets on her closed eyes and lips. It was extremely satisfying. We cleaned up and it was already late and no one was around so I walked out like a boss holding her hand out of the dressing room.

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Fucking Lonely Girlfriend in Pokhara

I was travelling during my business deal from Kathmandu to Pokhara. In pokhara, I stayed in Hotel Noor. I had the A/C room at the top floor of the building. Just opposite to my room was another room whose door was slightly open while I entered to my room. I could see a lady sitting in a chair and exploring the mobile. She was with a tshirt and miniskirt and slippers on.

I entered to my room but the view of her was striking me hard. It was already 6:00pm when I checked in. I heard from my room that someone was talking outside my door. I went closer to door to listen. A lady voice was saying, “ Come fast yaar, I am at noor and waiting, it was your fault to take a bus at such late hour and could have taken motorbike yourself”.

I peeked through the key hole and saw that same lady was talking over the phone. I heard her talkings and could make out that the guy was over the phone and he was late to board the bus and will be in pokhara in the morning and she was upset. As she was closing the conversation with him. I opened the door and stepped outside the room playing with my mobile.

I then smiled at her. She was in the varanda in a chair. I asked “Shall I sit”, I was pointing to the chair opposite to her. She smiled and said sure. I then initiated the conversation and found that she was a nice talk. We enjoyed the conversation. She was working with some NGO and was on a weekend, she had called her bf who worked in butwal to pokhara so that they could meet and enjoy the weekend.

I proposed if she would have drink with me, she agreed to it. Then we called waiter to bring beer. We sat in the lobby of each other room and drank beer. At 7th bottle, she was bit tipsy but I was fine. I was planning to hit hard on her.

She was wearing a skirt and that was giving me a hard on. It was 9 when we decided to go to the room. I took the courage to say you can come to my room and we can watch TV together. She agreed.

As I took her in, My heart began to race faster because her body was quite visible in the white tshirt. But she turned and said I would come in a while, have to take a bath. I said you can use my bathroom. She took the towel went inside the bathroom, I couldn’t control my temptation & peeped through the keyhole.

I saw her taking off her dress & what a beauty she was! She made me hard & also wet,same time. Her white slim legs made me sick. She took a bath and after sometime she came out & sat in the bedroom watching the tv. I was at back. I hugged her from behind. She responded by saying “I knew it”. It made me happy knowing she was ready for it too.

My heart was beating faster. I nodded to her & took off my clothes. She was quite amused to see my cock. She asked me if she can touch it & I said yes. She took it in her hand & watched it closely. The warm feeling of her soft hand made my cock go hard & it got erected.

I said, “Look u have made it hard now & you are a horny bitch”. She smiled & took off her clothes. Seeing her hairy pussy I lost my control & grabbed her started kissing her. She didn’t hesitate & soon we were lip-locked.

We started playing with our tongues. My hand reached her boobs & I squeezed them gently& we kissed more passionately. I holded her in my arms & laid her on the floor & started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were hard & quite longer.

I sucked them & bit them & my hands reached inside her panty. Her pussy was already wet. She started moaning as I gently fingered her. I took my finger out & gave her & she licked the pre-cum of hers from my fingers.

I started going down kissing her. I kissed her navel & tickled her belly button with my tongue. She enjoyed it. I moved down further and pulled off the panty. Her pussy was fresh, tight & bushy. With my finger I moved the bush so that I could see her pussy clearly.

I kissed the lips of her pussy. Her lips were quite outward and mucus was continuously coming out. I played with her lips. Fingered them hard. When it was wet enough, I started licking her pussy. I spread her lips & inserted my tongue inside & wriggled it faster.

She was moaning loudly and was begging to be slow. My mouth was full of her mucus & I gave her by kissing. She hurriedly licked all my mouth. Now I took her both legs & spread them apart. My cock already very wet & hard was raring to go inside her. I put my cock over her pussy & first rubbed over it with the tip.

I gently put my cock inside her and gave a powerful blow in her pussy & there she cried loudly & I started fucking gently. I felt the inside heat of hers. She was hot as hell. She was sweating & moaning loudly. Fuck me harder!!!!!!. I started deep thrusting & did it harder. She was enjoying a lot. After some time I told her to change the position.

I told her to bend over so that we could do doggy style. As she bended the view of her cute little ass made me more hard. I slapped her ass & spread her legs & started banging hard from behind. Her boobs were juggling to and fro.

I holded her boobs & fucked her harder & much faster. It was raining outside& we both were sweating inside. Then she decided to take charge. I laid down on the floor & she came & sat over me. First she rubbed her wet pussy with my cock & when it was wet enough then she gently inserted my cock inside her & started riding me.

She started riding fast, up & down up & down just like professional. My cock very hard & now much longer got deep inside her pussy such that I felt touching erectile parts of inside her. I was panting. Just then I realized climax is nearer so I took her off & gave my cock to her to suck. She hurriedly started sucking & giving it deep throat.

The warmth of her mouth got me going & suddenly I realized the climax point & took out it out & blew the cum all over her body. Her face, boobs & navel were wet my cum. She then licked all the cum of my cock & cleaned my cock. I then rubbed her clitoris with my fingers and she was panting and gave a strong thrust of orgasm.

We wrapped each other by hugging. During the night we had three more sessions. Then she got call from her boyfriend that he has reached pokhara and will reach hotel in another 30 minutes. I wrote in a paper my email id and handed to her the paper. I was thinking to let her go after a smooch.

But I felt her boobs against my bare chest very sensational and then fucked one more session. She was just damn fucking horny. And at the end she sneaked to her room.

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Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - III

Previously: Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - II

I pulled her up, lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed. I removed her bra and felt her soft boobs. I started licking her nipples one by one and she again started to moan. I would softly take her nipple in my mouth and suck it like a baby. Pull it softly and occasionally would take the entire boob in my mouth and suck it hard and she would moan and say "sss aah..".

I loved that sound, that would make so horny. I would suck one nipple and play with the other with my hand. I could feel that she was again getting aroused. I sucked her boobs for good 10-15 mins till they became red. She definitely had much better boobs than my wife. They were of appt size and still firm and nipples were soft and silky.

In between she would roll over me and would bring her boob towards my mouth. Would not allow me to touch it with my hand and only suck it. She is would pull it out of my mouth and tease me, I would try to suck it but she would jiggle it away from my mouth and make me to do extra effort to suck it.

All this while my hand was over her ass in her panty and I would push my finger between her things touching her pussy which was already very wet. I slowly lowered her panty and started massaging her pussy while still playing with her boobs with my mouth. She too was enjoying the game.

I pushed her and came over her and after sucking her boobs for some more time I started moving down to her tummy and after licking her tummy for sometime I reached her pussy again and this time it was without any panty. She had a clean hairless pussy and appeared have been shaved or waxed a few days back. It was all drenched in her juices and glittering.

I planted a nice warm kiss over it and parted her legs to have a better view of it, she too obliged by folding her knees and spreading her legs giving me a clear access to her pussy. I ran my tongue over it and inserted it in her hole a little and she moaned. I parted her pussy lips with my hand and again inserted by tongue in it and then licked.

She again gave a loud sensual "ooooohhhh". My wife had never allowed me to do it like this, she doesn't like it slow. Like whenever I have been able to convince her to allow me to suck her she just wants me make her cum quickly. So I was fulfilling all my fantasies with Megha.

I again dug my head in her pussy and started licking and sucking it and was slurping it and she was making all kinds of moans "aaah.. ooohhh.. fuck.. it feels so good ashu... you are too good man... I have never felt like this... ".

I kept doing it slowly and gradually increased my speed. Megha tightened her grip over my head and pushed it to her pussy and with a loud moan she again reached her climax.. I kept sucking her till her body became normal again and she pulled up and we smooched again.

I was now ready to enter her. I was lying over her and were kissing and she caught my dick and guided it to her pussy. My dick just slipped inside as she was totally lubricated by that time but still I could feel some tightness inside her pussy and as I entered her, she released a loud moan "ooooohhhhh".

I was slowly fucking her while smooching and kissing her over neck and boob and occasionally I would lick behind her earlobe and it was very arousing for her. She said her husband has never done that with her and she herself did not know that it is so much pleasurable. We were not having sex, we were making love.

I the last three years of my marriage I had never enjoyed sex so much like I did with her that day. Not even on our honeymoon we made such love. I increased my speed and started ramming her and she started making loud moans "aaah... ooohh.. fuck me ashu.. fuck me hard.. I am all yours.. I your slut... ". I continued to bang her at that speed and we both came at the same time.

I discharged all my load inside her and was just laid over her. She hugged me and kissed my forehead and softly said thanks for making love to me. I looked at her, smiled and gave a peck on her lips. I slid to her side, and she hugged me and we both fell asleep.

I had a conference lined up at 11 next morning and she too had a meeting at 12. I woke up at around 6 to pee and saw her lying naked next to me. She was looking like a angel, so beautiful and sexy. I kissed her and went to the washroom but since I was tired so decided to sleep for some more time. I set the alarm for 9 in my phone and went back to sleep.

My sleep got interrupted when I felt very aroused in my dream and when I open by eyes I saw Megha giving me a blowjob. As I open my eyes she smiled and said good morning baby and again started sucking me. I had never been woken up like this before as I was feeling as if I am still dreaming. She was pro in sucking I tell you.

After sucking me for sometime, before I could cum, she came over me and we started smooching. I was still lying in the bed and she was the one who was taking lead this time. After kissing for some time, she brought her right boob close to my mouth and held it with her hand and offered me to suck it. I obliged and sucked it gently and slowly.

After some time she offered me her left boob and I obeyed her command. She was in absolute command and I allowed her to play it her way. She did not allowed me to touch her boobs just suck them with my mouth. I would jiggle them to tease me and cover them with her hands. She then brought her pussy over my face and placed it over my lips.

I was sucking her and she was moaning like anything. She was rubbing it over my lips and I was playing it with my tongue. She increased her speed and after sometime she came. She then sat over my erect dick and took it inside her pussy and started fucking me. She told me to let her know when I was about to come.

I cupped her boobs and started squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She increased her speed and we both were about to reach our climax and I told her that I am about cum. She stopped and asked me to fuck her in missionary style as it was better for getting pregnant. I came on top of her and started fucking her and came inside her.

We kept lying for some time and it was already 9:30 by that time. We got up and got ready for our respective engagements. I had to return back to chandigarh that evening only but Megha was flying back next morning, so I checked out of my hotel and she took my luggage to her hotel which was also nearby.

We both free around 2:30 and my train was at around 5:30, so we could manage another quick round in before I left for the railway station. I told her to keep me updated and asked her to find someone in Mumbai as well but she refused and told me that she'll wait for the result first and in case it doesn't happen then she might think about having sex with someone else.

She told that although she enjoyed sex with her husband and never felt the need for another man but the last one day with me was memorable. Well thats all folks as far as the present story is concerned. After a month or so I received a message from her "I have got my present Ashu, thank you very much".

She was pregnant with my child and last year September, 2016, she delivered a baby girl. The best part was that she did not forget her promise that I'll get as many blowjobs as I want if she gets pregnant and she did fulfill her promise when she came to Chandigarh to deliver her child but thats a different story and I would write about it late.

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Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - II

Previously: Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - I

After lots of discussion I agreed to the proposal but I told her that I am feeling very uncomfortable with the idea as I never had sex with anybody else except my wife and I was virgin at the time of my marriage and was never in a relationship. she said she'll make me comfortable and that I should think that she is my wife and we are out one honeymoon.

She said nobody knows here that you are not my husband and that we should start behaving like husband and wife here itself and by the time we'll reach the hotel room we would have become comfortable with each other. The idea sounded logical to me but to get confidence I ordered more drinks.

After some time she dragged me to the dance floor and it worked well and within 15-20 mins or so all my inhibitions were gone and we were dancing like a couple. I pulled her towards me and gave a peck on her lips, she smiled at me a gave me a sweet 2 mins kiss on the lips. We had danced for half an hour or so when she whispered in years "shall we go to the hotel?" and I said "lets go".

We took a cab to my hotel in CP and during the ride she kept her head on my chest and hugged me tight. As soon as we entered the hotel room, we removed our jackets and hugged each other and began smooching very passionately. I was excited and the element of fear was overtaken by sexual desires. We were totally into each other totally enjoying the moment.

I was feeling her all over and so was she. She was wearing a tight fit denim and I could feel her ass completely. While pressing her ass hard I would press my hand deep between here thighs and she would moan softly. I kissed her face and sucked her earlobes and she was totally enjoying it.

I would insert my hand in her top and would caress here back and she too would the same to me. I started feeling her boobs from over her top and she started moaning. I inserted my hand in her top and started feeling them over her bra. They were soft and firm. I pulled the bra over right boob and started pressing her nipples softly and she started feeling my dick over my denims.

I pushed her against the wall and removed her top, she was wearing a black and red bra. The boob cup was black with a red strip on the top and she was looking gorgeous in that. She had very fair complexion, short hair upto shoulders and with this combination of black and red bra she was looking nothing less than a lingerie model.

She had a flat tummy and her boob size must be 34. I was totally mesmerized by her beauty. She came closed to me and removed by top and we started kissing again. I kissed on her shoulders and neck and ran my tongue all over her neck and behind her earlobes.

She was standing with her back pushed against the wall. I kissed her neck and started going downwards and kissed her cleavage and upper part of boobs. I pressed her boobs with both my hands and kissed them and kept squeezing them. She was continuously moaning all the time. I kissed her tummy and inserted my tongue in her navel and sucked it hard.

I unbuttoned her denim and slowly pulled it down while continuing to kiss her lower belly. She was wearing a black panty and I could clearly see the wet spot over her pussy. I was on my knees and she was standing before me only in her bra and panty. I took good look at her sexy body. She was perfect. Nice soft but firm round boobs, flat tummy and milky white thighs.

It was a dream come true situation for me. I planted a kiss on her panty just over her pussy and she shuddered and moaned. I could smell her sweet pussy juices and that was driving me crazy. I started licking her panty over her pussy and was thoroughly enjoying it. She too started moaning loudly and pressed my face against her body.

In between I kissed, licked and sucked her beautiful thighs also. She raised her left leg and put it over my shoulder to give me better access to her pussy. I put my left hand over here boob and my right hand was on her ass and I kept sucking her.

She started to moan louder and her body was moving in a rhythmic manner as she started pushing her pussy on my face and with her hands behind my head, she would press my hand hard on her pussy. She reached her climax and came and I could feel that it was a long orgasm. She pulled my face up and gave a long kiss on my lips.

I could see the glow of satisfaction on her face. Now it was her turn to please me and she herself took the lead. She kissed on my chest, sucked my nipples and unbuttoned my denim. She pulled it down and started kissing my underwear over my dick. She sucked from the point where she could feel the tip of my underwear. She would look up at me and suck it at the same time.

Then she pulled my under wear down and kissed the tip of my dick. She kissed it all over and started sucking my balls. Then she put my dick in her mouth and gently started to suck it. It was heavenly. I still get a hard on just by thinking about it. The way she was doing it was amazing, she knew how to please man.

I had never experienced such a pleasure before because my wife never did it like this. Megha was doing it like a pro and seemed to be enjoying it too. She was doing it slowly but was sucking it hard and then would keep the tip of my dick in her mouth and suck it 2-3 times like a lollypop. Actually I am falling short of words to describe it.

She continued for a while till I told her that I am about to cum and she stopped and said "I don't want to waste those precious sperms of yours, I want them inside me". I said "I want you to make me cum sweety, I want you to suck me dry".

She "no not this time baby. I need all of it inside me. Make me pregnant and i'll do whatever u want. I'll give you as many blowjobs as you want. Now come fuck me hard, I so want it inside me". Me "patience baby patience. You'll get what you want but let me first enjoy that hot body of yours".

To Be Continued...

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Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - I

Hi, my name is Ashutosh (name changed). I am married for 4 years and have a 1 years old son. I reside in chandigarh with my family (wife and son). My married life is ok, I mean although we have sex regularly but my wife doesn't like to experiment too much and is not a very big fan of oral sex, which I really enjoy.

So, I get a blowjob once in while like on special occasions, b'days, anniversary or other special occasion or when she gets drunk and most of the times she doesn't allow me to suck her. My wife is short tempered which results in frequent fights but we have survived till now.

If I have to describe myself, I am an average looking guy, 6 feet tall and my sex drive is immense. I feel horny all the time and despite being married I masturbate regularly, firstly because I can't keep asking my wife for sex all the time and secondly, usually after fights me and wife keep distance from each other for days.

I did not have any girlfriends before marriage, so I lost my virginity to my wife only and though the relationship is troubled but I still did not have any extra marital sex before the incident which I am narrating in the story.

Well coming to the story, which happened in December, 2015. I keep travelling to Delhi regularly for my professional engagements and while I was on one such travel during mid December when I bumped into an old friend named Megha (name changed). She was my close friend's girl friend at one time but broke up as his parents were not agreeable to the marriage.

She also belongs to Chandigarh but got married in Mumbai. We are facebook friends but not much in touch with each and were surprised to see each other in Delhi. After having a brief chat we decided to meet over dinner.

I used to find her very sexy but nothing more than that and had no ill intentions towards her so it was just a casual catching up with an old friend but I couldn't help but notice that she still hadn't put on much weight after marriage but only on right spots and looked sexier.

We met at a posh club in Saket and the session started with drinks. As we were meeting after a very long time we chatted our hearts out and discussed everything which happened in the last 3-4 years. I complemented her for keeping herself in shape even after 3 years of marriage as I had gained some weight after my marriage.

We both were 3-4 drinks down and thats when the discussion came about our married lives. I told her about my son who was just 2 months old that time and that how fond I was of him. I told her about my wife and my marriage that I feel frustrated at time with these frequent quarrels and I am unable to concentrate on my work etc. I got emotional and told her everything about my life.

Hearing that, she too shared her story that she and her husband were trying for last more than 1 year to have a child but have failed. She told me that though her husband is otherwise sexually healthy with decent sexual drive but there was some problem with her sperm composition due to which she is unable to conceive.

They had visited many doctors and were advised to use medication which will gradually cure him but the process would take about an year or so. She told me that her husband is not aware of the exact problem and that its because of him they don't have any a child and therefore, she pretends to keep trying for it.

So, they have sex regularly and her husband hopes that she gets pregnant but she knew that nothing is going to happen before the first course of the medicine is complete i.e. before 1 years. I tried to console her that its alright and that its just a matter of 1 year and after that they'll be able to have a child but she was upset and told me that this is all very emotionally taxing

and that she is already 31 and after one year she'll be 32 and with every passing year pregnancy becomes more risky both for the child and the mother. After sometime, she started crying and as I too was very emotional at that time, I asked her "may I suggest you something if u don't mind". She said 'yeah sure".

I told her that she can try having sex with some close friend of hers and can have his child, if she so desperate and after one year if her husband recovers, plan your 2nd child with him. Initially she was taken aback by the suggestion and said what are you saying ashu, this is not right and too risky.

I suggested that she would have lots of male friends in Mumbai and she would be able to easily find a married guy who would be ready to help her. A married person would not share her secret with anybody. The idea put her to thinking and at that time I was genuinely advising her without any hidden motive.

She discussed a few names with me but I of course was not aware about any of them so could not help her much and after some more brain storming she looked me into eyes and asked "Wait a minute, I won't be able to find a better guy than you Ashu". Now, it was my turn to get shocked and I immediately said no, I won't be able to do that.

Whatever may be my equation with my wife but I can't cheat her, I never did. She said "You are not cheating her, you are only helping your friend and if you feel that your wife would understand then you can tell her as well". I told her that my wife will divorce me if she comes to know that I did anything like this.

I tried to reason out with her that she should find someone in Mumbai as she might not be able to conceive the first time and she might have to try again. She said "if I find someone appt in Mumbai i'll try again but since I am with you I would definitely want to give it a try with you.

You are very nice person Ashu, you are intelligent, soft hearted and I would love to have your genes in my child. I can't simply have a child with anybody.". She was very serious about what she was saying and was in no mood to back down and told me that I was the one who suggested her this idea and now I am backing out myself and how do I expect anybody else to accept the same.

To Be Continued...

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Rahul Enjoying Sex With Aunty During Massage - II

Previously: Rahul Enjoying Sex With Aunty During Massage - I

Then I asked her if I can proceed further and lift her towel so that I can massage her thighs now, to which she just “hmm’d”. I then, by wasting no time exposed her milky thighs to a level from where I could see the part of her panty which was covering her pussy. I got a little aroused by this view. Poured oil on her thighs and started to massage both her thighs with two hands massaging each.

Now I’ll continue in hindi. Toh dheere dheere mei uski thighs rub karte karte uske panty tak touch kar raha tha..Fir maine uske legs ko thoda separate kia taaki mujhe uski inner thighs ko massage karne ki thodi jagah mil sakey. Uski inner thighs massage karte hue kabhi kabhi meri ungali uski choot ke nichle hisse ko bhi touch kar jati, jisse wo thoda hil jati, but wo bolti kuch nahi.

Mei sirf usey tease kar raha tha, taaki usey achchi tarah se sensuality chadh jaye. Aisa thodi daer karne ke baad jab mujhe laga ki ab mere kisi bhi movement pe wo oppose nahi karegi, maine usse pucha if she wants to get her lower back massaged too, to which she said ‘yes ofcourse, its worth it’.

Then I asked if I can lower down her panty so that it doesnt get drentched in oil, to which she said okay and lifted her waist so that I could pull down her panty. OMG, jaise he maine uski panty ko ghutno tak niche kiya, uski gori gori gaand dekhkar mera lund khada ho gaya aur bahar aane ko uchalne laga.

Mei ab uski thighs pe baith gaya aur uske gaand pe oil daalkar uski gaand ko ragadne laga zor zor se ki jaise roti ke dough ko masalte hain. Mere pressure se wo bhi moan karne lagi. Ye sab abhi tak control mei tha, maine bhi control kar rakha tha. Maine uski asshole aur vagina ko abtak touch nahi kiya tha, kyunki mei chahta tha ki wo iss experience ko achchi tarah enjoy kare.

Fir maine usko panty wapas pehna diya aur usse palatne ko kaha. Mei usko apne ek professional masseur hone ka ehsaas dilana chahta tha, isliye uski choot aur gaand ko dekhne ke baad bhi control kar liya. Maine bahut sharafat se towel ko iss tarah pakda taaki jab wo turn kare, mujhe uska body na dikhe aur mei usse towel se cover kar du.

Mei chahta tha ki Nitu ye notice kare, aur usne kar liya. Usne meri taraf ek satisfied nazron se dekha jo mujhse ye keh rahi thi, that she doesnt mind exposing her body parts infront of me. But I pretended to be very professional and assured her that, I’ll do anything to satisfy her urges. So now I started with the front part of her legs and rubbed them with adequate pressure.

Kyunki humlog dono thode aroused the toh maine jaldi se uske legs ko massage kiya aur mei uske neck ki taraf aa gaya. Uske sarr ke peeche baith kar, mei uske neck ko firse rub kar raha tha aur dheere dheere uske boobs ki taraf apni ungali rub kar raha tha jo abtak towel se covered thi.

Mei dheere dheere uske nipples ki taraf towel ke niche se he ungali fer raha tha jiski wajah se towel dheere dheere khud uske boobs par se niche fisal gaya aur mujhe uska ubhara hua stun dikhne laga. Uske gol sudol se boobs dekh kar firse mera lund harkat karne laga.

Mei ab aakar Nitu ke bagal mei baith kar uske boobs ko massage karne laga jiski wajah se wo bhi thoda ecstacy mei move karne lagi. Uska haanth mere thighs pe tha aur wo apne haanth se mere thighs ko maror rahi thi. Humlog dono ke beech pressure game chalne laga. Kiske haantho mei zyada dum hai.

Mei fir niche ke taraf move kiya aur towel ko uski waist tak le aaya aur uske abdomen ko rub karne laga. Wo meri taraf dekh rahi thi. Maine isharo mei pucha kya hua, usne nazar faer li aur blush karne lagi. Mei samajh gaya tha uske ishaare. But mei fir bhi thoda patience rakha aur uske abdomen aur pelvis region ki massage karne laga.

Thodi daer aisa karte karte, mei uske front thighs ki taraf move kiya aur uske towel ko wrap karke uske stomach mei rakh dia jiski wajah se uski panty expose ho gayi. Wo abtak kaafi wet ho chuki thi, uski panty pe wo wetness mujhe dikh rahi thi. But mei uski thighs pe focused tha. Ye mera last teaser tha, kyunki ab mei usey poori movie jaisa experience dene wala tha.

Toh uske thighs ko massage karte karte mei uske panty ke corners tak apni ungali ferne lag raha tha jiski wajah se wo thoda shiver kar rahi thi. Fir maine usko ishara kiya ki mujhe panty se problem ho rahi hai, usne turant apni gaand uthayi aur mujhe panty utaar dene ka signal diya. Maine uske ishaaro pe act kia aur uski panty utaar di.

Readers, uski choot dekhne ke baad mujhe pata chal gaya ki choot ko jannat bhi kyun kehte hain. She was so clean down there. Those Pink pussy lips were all wet with precum waiting for my touch. Iss baar mere lund se aisa stroke maara andar se ki mujhe ek baar usey sambhalne ki zarurat mehsoos hui.

Lekin ye zarurat shayad mujhse zyada Nitu ko mehsoos ho gayi aur usne mujhse ishaare mei kaha ki isko mei sambhalti hu, tum meri chinta karo. Bass fir kya tha, uske jhatt se mere jean ko unbutton and unzip kia aur mere underwear se mere lund ko azaad kar diya. Ab mujhe bhi kaafi relax feel ho raha tha, mere lund ke bahar nikalne se.

Mei apni performance pe concentrate karne laga ab aur uski choot ko oil se massage karne laga. Mei uske dono labia minora and majora ko alag alag rub kar raha tha aur fir uski clitoris ko, jo sabse zyada sensitive hoti hai. Humlog dono mei sensuality gazab ki chadh chuki thi. She was stroking my cock vigourously.

I then signalled her that I was gonna go down on her and will massage her pussy by my tongue. To which she got excited and held my head to guide it towards her pussy. As she was already wet down there, I could taste her juice. It was sour and smelled like an aromatic essence. After licking her pussy vigourosly for sometime, she asked me to kiss her.

I could not resist her call and locked my lips with her and we both continued to kiss like two thirsty animals sucking water from each other’s mouth. But just kissing wasn’t giving her thirst any peace so she decided to go down on me and suck every single drop of juice that my cock sprinkles. So I asked her to go 69 on me.

She really liked this idea and said, she’ll be the 9 and I be the 6. She gave me one hell of a blowjob, while I on my part gave her an unforgettable massage experience. This is how it began. I hold more of experiences like these..but those will be shared later.

The End.

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Rahul Enjoying Sex With Aunty During Massage - I

Hello, Readers! I am Rahul, 25 years old living in Patna (Bihar), 5’9″ average built with strong hands and patient temperament. This is the first story about a massage given by me to a 32 years old lady at her place in Patna itself.

Giving massage turned out to be my hidden desire which I got to know about after watching massage videos on various porn sites. I didn’t find anything as sensual as giving body massage to a female. That sensual way of touching her over sensitive body parts and driving her sexual satisfaction to a level which wasn’t experienced by her before.

One afternoon after having watched almost every massage video available on the internet, I decided to finally be a masseur to a girl/lady. So I started looking for a webpage where I could post an add for my massage service. So finally I posted an advertisement with my email address about my massage service which would be available for females at her place in Patna for a price which was Rs. 2500/- for one session.

After posting this ad, I knew it would take time for someone to approach me as my offer was city specific. So one fine day, I happened to receive an email from someone whose name was Nitu. Nitu was a 32 years old independent lady who was in Patna for some official purpose accommodated in her Company’s 2BHK apartment. She was there alone for two months time.

That’s all she told me about her during those conversations we had via emails. All this while I responded very professionally to all her questions to make her believe that I am very passionate about this massage service that was offered to her.

So after two days, she finally expressed her desire for a massage session after a deep inquiry of my service and experience, the kind of person I was, how I looked like, etc. So she shared her number so that we could fix a date and time. I called her, talked for a while and then fixed next day’s 3 PM time for the massage.

After hanging up, my heart started beating at a racing speed as she was going to be my first ever client in this massage business. I was least concerned about how she looked like coz I was more concerned about my performance as a masseur. So finally the next day, I reached her place with a bottle of Olive oil.

I called on her number to let her know that I’m standing outside. She answered and invited me in the apartment which was on the 2nd Floor. I reached her floor and rang the door bell. The gate was unlocked and I saw her asking me to come in with a pleasant smile on her face. I went in and was guided to the hall to grab a seat on the couch.

I settled myself there with a deep breath and finally looked at her seated right in front of me. A classic young lady, who looked way younger than her age, seated confidently and looking at me. She was dressed in a blue satin robe with her hair clutched. She had herself maintained in shape. She was almost my height.

After exchanging pleasantries she asked me for water or any drink if I’d like to have. To which I said water, please. After having water I was finally feeling comfortable with her and started to talk about how I was gonna start this session. I enquired about the areas she wants me to focus on and if she was ticklish anywhere and other basic things.

She said her neck feels sore and the same about her arms and thighs. She wanted me to focus on her back too along the spinal chord to which I assured that all these areas will be taken special care than the other parts. She then said that she wasn’t a shy kind and she needed a deep tissue massage, to me which meant she wants me to be hard with my pressure.

So I asked her for two towels, one which I could place on her bed as I was going to use olive oil and the other to cover her body. She said she’ll call me when she’s ready with the towel in her room and she entered her room. I took out my massage oil, stretched out my hands a bit to get ready for the massage. She finally calls out my name to which I said Yes coming.

Upon entering her room, I found her laid down on the bed on her stomach with her body covered with a towel. She seemed ready. I checked for the fan to regulate its speed for a comfortable room temperature. After this, I asked her if I should start..and she said Yes, I should. I asked her to relax during the massage and feel the areas wherever I was going to massage.

She said Okay and then I moved towards her to start with her neck. I took some oil, rubbed it in my palms and applied it on her neck. As soon as I touched her neck, she left a small moan as ‘Ahh’. It seemed like she liked my touch which gave me more confidence. I continued rubbing her neck.

After massaging her neck for a while I lowered the towel down to her waist to gain access to her back. She seemed very comfortable with my touch as she was whispering out words like ‘Oh yes, I like it’, ‘I am liking your touch’, ‘Yes this spot’ etc.. So far nothing sexual as such was happening.

Then I was reminded of a massage technique which I saw in the videos where the person tries to massage the front part of the shoulder by lifting her shoulders and accessing the area above her boobs. She didn’t resist instead she supported me to lift her shoulder so that I could have an easy access. Likewise, I teased her a little by massaging the upper part of her boobs.

Now when I moved towards her back to massage them, I tried to lower the towel to such an extent that if she wasn’t wearing a panty, she asscrack would be visible. But she had her panty on. It seemed like a V-shaped panty which covers most of the ass.

Anyway, I continued to massage her back with deep pressure and it seemed she was really enjoying when she said, I’ve got nice hands. Then after rubbing her back for some time, I moved towards her legs by lifting the towel up to her thighs.

I was stroking her legs in rhythm up to her lower thighs, did the same to both her legs one by one and asked her if she still feel soreness in her leg muscles, to which she said, not at all.

To Be Continued...

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Sachin Fucking Sexy Divorced Pune Lady Divya

Hey, guys, this is Sachin here, back with my second sex story. I am very fond of this site and have been reading since College days. As I m new to writing such stories, please accept my mistakes and forgive. I am 28years, working for an MNC in Pune and single (ready to mingle).

This incident a couple of months before between me my friend’s sisters(a Divorce) with 2 children’s. This all started when I had relocated to Pune and had joined a new office. As soon as I joined, I had made a good circle of friends, of which there was one friend who was much closer to me.

As me and my friend, were very close to each other, on most of the weekends, we used to meet at his flat in Kothrud, which was shared between my friend and his sister. As my friends family was very jolly and broad-minded, usually Bhabhi and my friend’s sister used to join us for drinks. This made us much closer and talk frankly about all personal life.

During these parties and normal conversations, my friend’s sister(Name is Divya) got to know that I am very honest and very shy natured guy who has been single from few years.( I had GFs before with whom I had good fun) and she got attracted towards me.

These weekend parties and regular meeting made me more closure to Divya. She used to greet me with a hug every time and used to pull my legs by asking whether I found any girl on not. Let me tell you about Diya, she is 32 with assets of 34-36-34 and has a sexy ass. She was a divorced aunt with 2 kids.

As days passed, we used to more closer and used to hang out and watch movies with all her family. This bonding made her fall in love for me and one fine day during our normal chats on WhatsApp she told she is in love with me and she wants me to be with her.

Initially, I rejected but somehow she convinced me to be with her. Finally, I had to agree on cause she was very emotional and even I wanted some fun in life. As days, passed we used to talk everything about the kiss, making out, sex and all that and we did all this sometimes in her home or in the theater.

Whenever I used to go to her house, somehow I used to go to her room and as soon as I get a chance grab her, kiss her and fondle her big boobs, which made us happy. During night calls, we used to have phone sex where used to talk so horny that I used to cum at last thrice.

One fine day, we did a phone sex for which she couldn’t control and she said, she cannot control and she needs a bath and she is going to take a bath at 11.30. I said ok and asked her to ping me once she is back. I don’t know what happened to her, she called me after 5 min and asked to check the video that she has sent.

U won’t believe guys, she had sent her nude video which she had taken. During the video, she was calling me to come and fuck her. She was talking like, “Sachin Yena, please mala Jhavana(Come Sachin, please fuck me)”.

I called and appreciated for what she did and finally decided to meet for a sex. She called me the next day and told me to come to her friend’s home(Her friend knew about me) in Yerwad after office. I followed her instructions and went there. Around 7.30, I went to her friend’s house spoke for somite and we went for dinner. (Only me and Divya, as her friend wanted us to spare some time).

We went out had dinner and came back at around 10.30. As soon as we entered the lift, I looked at her eyes and grabbed her and kissed her and started pressing her boobs. She started moaning “Ah, halu, duktay( ah, do it slowly). Ae we reached, we entered the house with another key as we don’t want to disturb her friend.

As soon we closed the door, I pulled her started kissing her again and moving my hands on her boobs. She said, wait a min and went to check whether her friend is sleeping. She changed her dress and came back with a nighty, in which she was looking damn hot and sexy. I praised her and pushed her on the sofa and started kissing her.

She too was too horny and said, “Aaj mala layi Zav, maji pucchi Phadun tav( Fuck me like anything today and tear my pussy”. I removed her nighty, while kissing her started playing with her boobs. Meanwhile, she was playing with my hairs and started dirty talking which made me horny. I kissed her from top to bottom and her ass crack too.

She became shy and asked me don’t do that. I played with her boobs and drank the milk, which was a longtime dream for me”. As the couch was making noise due to our romance, we decided to sleep on the ground. I removed her panty and started fingering her and licking her pussy. She was enjoying and moaning like anything as it had been 6 years she had sex.

I licked her pussy and made her cum In 5-10 min. I asked her to give me a blowjob for which she initially resisted but finally agreed. She took out my underwear and took my penis In hand and started playing with it. She pulled my penis skin and took the penis in mouth. Initially, she was shy, but once she learns it she gave me the best blowjob.

Meanwhile, I was playing with her boobs and was putting my hand in her ass cracks which used to make her horny. As soon as she stopped the blowjob, she asked me “ Ata Ye Zava Mala, Lay Tras Hotay( come fuck me, I need you now)”. I pulled her, licked her pussy again and started fucking her.

She was moaning like “Aa whoo, ayiga,” for which I asked her to lower her voice as her friend may wake up. She said, don’t worry even if she heard something she won’t disturb us, as I had already told our plan to her. I was shocked and started stroking.

She continued her moaning like, ah, aww, ah, amm, ayiga and finally when I about to cum I took my tool out and spread all the juice on her body. I asked her taste the cum but she resisted. We slept in each other’s arms for some time, talking about our fuck, for which she said, it was the best fuck she had. I felt happy with the appreciation and asked her shall for another round.

She agreed and we made it again. We fucked for 2 more times on that night and tried to do the anal sex which she enjoyed. We slept naked on the floor till 5 am and I saw her sleeping naked, which made me horny. I woke her up, kissed her, drank her saliva and asked her can we do it one more round. She agreed and we had an early morning nice fuck.

After the fuck, I got fresh and left to my home. Before leaving she gave a long French kiss in the house as well as in the lift. It was the best sex we ever had. We continued daily fuck in her friend’s room for some time, but since she had a fight with her friend, we stopped going there. I fucked her in Mumbai once, which I will let u know in the next sex story.

After these encounters, as we never got a place to fuck, we used to go to theaters for fun, in the lifts and sometime in her house as no one was around us. I remember once we did smooching, sucking and blowjob on the ground floor of her flat which was unforgettable.

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Manoj Fucking Sexy Sumi Boudi

I am Manoj (Not Real Name), working in an ad agency in New Delhi. I am married with high sex drive, but not get proper support from my wife. I am 5ft 8in and with a assest of 8 inch long and 3 inch thick. And the opposite charecter in this story is Sumi Boudi (Name Changed) who is short height, with breast of 36D. Lets come to the story.

On December 10, 2017 I with a group of friend planned a trip somewhere in rajasthan by Car. On 9 dec we all reach in a friend house somewhere in haryana, to start our journey together on next day morning. when I reached my friend house I saw sumi first. At first instance I love her body and assest and there is a feeling in my heart to fuck her. So I stated to watch her.

She always wear tight dress so her boobs pops out from her dress and this make me a hard on. I got ample show on this day. Next day we started our journey and reached the destination on 11 am and done our breakfast and go our respective rooms in the hotel. After freshup we all come in the lawn.

Actually im eagerly waithing for soumi, when she come I cant move my eyes from her as she was looking damm sexy, I cant move my eyes from her, as her cleavage is clearly visible from her dress.

As she is my friend wife we talk little bit, and take photographs, I have taken few photographs of her and her son, as I know I can take good pictures and I will use this pic in future to contact her. We enjoy the trip and next we came back and come came to the same friend home while returning I asked her can I send you friend request in Fackbook and tag the picture.

She smiling says sure you can do that. After 2 days return back to delhi I send her friend request and upload the pics and tag her. Also some of our friend created a whatsapp group to share picture of the trip. so I got the ph no of her fro there. Then I send her personal msg in whatsapp and send her few pics in whatsapp. She liked the pics, and from then I srated chat with her.

After few days when we got more friendly with each other I told her that I have some feeling for her. I thought she will be angry but after hearing this she get more curious to know what all im thinking about her. I said I like you, and after that she also use share her secret. After talking her I know that she is not satisfied with her husband in bed. I want to use this opportunity to fuck her.

So I srated talking more with her, and make a friendship with her, now she have a feeling that she can trust me. My aim is to fuck her so I try to talk about the sex life of her and mine. Slowly slowly she started missing me and attracted towards me, and one day she says she also have feeling for me and she is feeling to hug me.

After hearing this I told her that I want to make love with her, as this feeling comes as I love you. She liked it. After this days we are searching to meet each other. My ofc is in south delhi and she is also live in south delhi, and my her residence comes in my way. So I tell her can I come to her flat. But she said no becoz of fear of catching and security at the entrance gate in her society.

So we deceided to meet in a public place. One day we plan to meet in a park at 10 in the morning. She came after leaving her child in school. We meet first time after sharing our feeling each other, we talked for one hour and she is continuously smiling that time. We just talk that day, no touching, nothing, and after that I came to my office.

After that day she is missing me more and now she want me at her flat, I assured her about the security, on 12 Feb, 2017 we deceided to meet at her flat at 10 am. At 9 I got a msg from her that her husband left for the office and her son n school, so I reached her flat at 10.15 and called her from the lift as I know her flat no.

So I go to the floor and she was waiting for me there and, her main door was already open, I enter the flat and she close the door. Now im relax after 2 month of hard work I will fuck her today. She offered me coffee and we sit in her bedroom with coffee. I quickly finish my coffee and want to start action, I touch her hand pull her towards me, I feel she is waiting for my move,

then I hug her tightly and started to kiss her, I kissed her in her neck, ear and face, she also responded well, then we lie down and and came on top of her and started to kiss on her breast over the cloth, then I asked her to remove her top, she refused, but I insist and then she allow me to she her belly, I kissed continuous in her belly and in Naval area, and pressing her boobs.

She is enjoying the feeling in closed eyes and hissing sound from her. Now I removed her top and bra I started to suck her nipple. I never seen a breast like this, she is very fair with red nipple, I sucked both nipple for more that 20 min and kissed her upper body upto naval continuously. Now I want to see her pussy, but she not agree, she is not agree for intercourse.

Then I ask her that I will only kiss her pussy once, I will not do anything more than that. then she agreed, I remove her leggins and started to kiss on her btoth feet with her panty still on, then I remove her panty slowly with kissingeach and every parts. While half open her panty I turn her back and kissed her back and neck, then I kissed her hips and lick her ass hole, she like it,

as she never touched by her husband in this area, I lick her ass hole then I turned her and remove her panty, Her pussy area is full of hair, first I touch by my hand and I felt its already dripping juices, then I kissed her pussy and inner thigh and started licking and sucking her pussy, she is enjoy so much in her 8 yrs married life, her husband never give oral pleasure to her.

I felt the level of enjoyment she is getting watching her facial expression. I continuously sucking her pussy while pressing her boobs, I sucked the inner lips and clitoris, I sucked her pussy more that 45 min and during that time she came 4 times in my face. Now she cant handle any more and she requested me to fuck her, I remove my jeans while sucking,

we changed the position to 6-9, and suck each others. She is sucking my cock like a hungry, after 15 min I said now I will fuck her, I ask her that I will change position in every 2 min, I love to change psition in every 2 min as this way I can fuck more that 30 min. I started to enter her in missionary position, though she is married and mother of a kid my cock not able to enter in go as it is so thick.

So I pushed half and after 5-4 strokes I able to enter the full, then slowly pumping her, then I started to increase my speed and after 2 min or so I ask her to change the position this time I fuck her in standing position with her legs in my shoulder. in standing position I fucked her in more speed and soft moans comes from her, she is enjoying the fullest,

then I changed the position to doggy style, she never get fucked in any other except missionary from her husband, so its a new feelings for her, I started humping her from behind holding her both boobs, I was feeling like riding horse, she is enjoying and ask me to increased my speed more, so I try fuck her as fast as possible.

Then I asked her to come on top of me and fucked me, she enjoyed the best in this position as my whole cock is entering her pussy, she leaned on my lips and kissed me passionately while top of me and said I love u in my ear. its now more than 30 min we fucked and she is totally fall on me and I changed in missionary style and ask her can her come her inside,

she nodded in yes and then I fucked 5 min in full speed and release my lot fluid in her cunt and fall on her, she huged me tightly and kissed me all over my face. After that we lay side by side for 15 min with kissing and hugging each other and she asking me when we can meet again, as she cant live without the pleasure I given to her today.

I promise to meet her every week and get ready for to go office, but she hugged me and said dont go, leave me alone, then I kissed on her forehead I asked that I have to go, and will come again when ever she want. She also have to go to bring her child back from school so I left for the day.

Hope you guys will enjoy my story, this is a true story just happened 1 month ego, we eagerly waiting for our 2nd meeting.

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