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NRI Guy Raghu Fucking Sexy Babe Sravani

Hi, everyone my name is Raghu 29 m USA. This is a story that happened to me when I am working in Miami…In 2012 after completing my project in Tennessee I have moved to Miami to join a new client.

There is this Indian lady who is 2 years elder to me. She totally works on a different platform and I never tried to contact her in the first place as I am a shy guy. Her name is sravani and she is from bangalore where as I am from hyderabad. Coming to sravani she is modern and tradational based on the situation and she is very cute. People used to often check her out and I used to do that too…

She comes all the way driving 50 miles to the office every day. One day I was working late till 9 and suddenly dozed off. And sravani was working with her team on a production issue that day and when they are leaving she saw me and she came to my cube. She called my name..I suddenly woke up and saw sravani. She smiled at my situation. I said sorry I slept off.

She asked me where do you live and I said 4 miles from the office and she asked me if I need a ride. That time I didn’t have a car and my roomie used to drop and pick me up from office. I told her that I am going to call a taxi and she said fine and left. Next few days I was busy. I saw her again next week when I am waiting for my friend and she said hi from a distance…

I said hi to her and we casually spoke abt each other abt where we are from, how long we are working etc… I can’t take my eyes off her smile…Forgot to tell you she has a nice medium silky little curly hair..She looks very cute when she ties her hair..We spoke for about 10 minutes and she left. Next morning I saw her in the office and said hi to her.

She and I are totally different teams. So for the next weeks its just hi and some normal talk abt work. Days passed and one fine day I went to office cafeteria to get water and sravani were there. We started talking and she asked me what time you are leaving and I said in some time waiting for my friend.

She told me that she can drop me at my place and I have agreed to the ride. It was a 10 min drive and while driving we started talking about families back in India, hobbies abt weekends etc. She has dropped me at my place and left.

At our client not many desis..So I eat lunch little late at 1:00 pm or 1:30 pm and I was going out to lunch to a near by wendys and I saw sravani in the office entrance. She asked me where I was leaving and told her abt my lunch plans.She told me that she will give me company…We had nice lunch and chatted more. She took my number during the lunch time.

She started messaging me during evenings and we slowly started knowing about each other. Slowly she started dropping me during evenings. I started liking her companyand she used to like mine.This went on for another 4 months and kinda addicted talking to her. Slowly I started falling in love with her.. But I am not sure about her intentions.

We were so into each other like talking all the time in office and during nights on phone. Once during an indian festival day, she came to office in a green saree with hair loose and I was just staring her all the time. She noticed and asked me y am I staring at her. I told her she looked beautiful and evening I took her to temple.

When we reached her place, she was about to enter her home and I told her that I wanted to say something. She said sure and I am quite nervous about her reaction. I told her that I am in love with her and instantly she hugged me tightly and said I love you too..That moment I was in heaven. She kissed me on my cheek and went inside.

I started driving to my place and I got a call from sravani and we spoke again. Next day she came to pick me up from my home in the morning. She was feeling shy to look at me initially after few minutes she was fine. The whole day we didint work much we are chatting on the company im and while she was dropping me in the evening she asked me what’s the plan for weekend.

Then I have asked sravani if we can go for a movie and dinner on saturday. I told her that I will rent a car and pick her up tomorrow for the movie and we parted our ways. Later in the night she messaged saying what I am doing etc. I have asked her to wear the same saree that she wore for the festival and tie her hair..She was fine with that.

I have booked the shows for Saturday evening 5:00 pm show and I have picked her up around 4:00 pm. She was looking very pretty and I have complimented her saying that she look gorgeous. She had a killer perfume on her and that smell was killing me. 4:45 we went inside the theater and got our seats. Slowly theater started filling up.

Sravani was holding my hand while we both were talking. We were just cracking few jokes abt movies etc. The movie started and sravani kept my hand near her face and she was not watching the movie instead she was looking at me. I asked her to watch the movie but she is not that into the movie. Slowly she started watching the movie as well.

During the whole movie, she was playing with my hand, pinching me etc. Once the movie got over we were walking to our car in the parking lot. I just hugged her when we reached near our car and bite her neck gently and while I was doing that she hugged me so tight.

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Chennai Guy Having Sex With Ex Girlfriend - II

Previously: Chennai Guy Having Sex With Ex Girlfriend - I

First of all, I thank the readers who read my last part and thanks for your beautiful comments. Hope I satisfied you all maybe not everyone, so sorry for them. I apologize for any mistake I make in the upcoming story. Myself hert(name changed) lives in Chennai, now studying in a well-reputed b-school in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.

Am about 6ft with an average muscled guy and many girls say am an above average looking guy. My ex is above average looking girl who is 5ft 4inch light brown in color with 34 as her size which makes any men to have her on the bed(short girls always give better pleasure for the tall guys).

This sex story happened between my ex and myself before two years when we were in a relationship during my parents’ tour. After our previous night session till 12 we were exhausted, so we went to sleep. We were nude the whole night. It was 4 in the morning I woke up suddenly for no reason. I saw her face in the night lamp.

It was so lovely to see her sleeping nude in front of me. I was slowly watching her from top to bottom. Her boobs were so attractive. I kept my hand on her boobs it was so firm to touch. I was playing with her boobs and circling around her nipples and pulling it. She got woke up.

She asked me that hey babe what are you doing and said darling am all yours, you can do whatever you want but right now just sleep. I said, babe I am watching you how beautiful you are while sleeping and your boobs are so firm, so just playing with it and said how can I sleep if such a lovely girl is near me.

She blushed and said ah ah then take it, babe, do whatever you like and hugged me. Then I kissed her on her forehead cheeks and neck. I turned her back kissed at back of her neck and ear lobes and started licking it. She started to caressing which indicated that she is turned on.

Then I turned her again then kissed her neck for which she moaned ahh ahh and then we went for smooching where we exchanged our saliva and had a deep tongue fight. We had cola nearby us, we had in our mouth and exchanged through our lips. This time she was very high.

Then I encircled her erected nipple with my tongue and sucked it and pressed her another one. Then gave a love bite on her nipple for which she scolded hey idiot slowly. The I went to her navel and started exploring it by licking, by this time again her body was fully spread with my saliva.

Again we went for a deep smooch. She started kissing me vigorously everywhere after the smooch. She came upon me and kissed me and bite me on my neck, lips, and nipples. I said baby slowly but she never listened :d and moved down.

She took my tool started licking like a lollipop and went for a deep throat. What a pleasure was when a girl is on the top of you and riding you like there is no tomorrow. Then devil inside me raised I caught her and went for 69 position.

I started licking her pussy, then ate it. She was moaning like anything and having my dick in her mouth and making it wet. I caught her curvy hip and played on her navel and was licking her pussy deep inside.

She started to shiver and started stroking me hard. And suddenly she kept her pussy deep inside my face where I couldn’t breathe and facial me with her cum. Then I inserted my finger in her butt hole. It was very tight, she was scared but I convinced her by saying I will be slow on her. Next, I made her turn down and took some oil and poured inside it.

I inserted my finger in it and was stroking hard as it was moving with ease. Then I inserted my second finger, it went through it. After that I inserted my third one, it was so difficult to put inside she was in pain and but I poured some more oil in it and trusted it deep inside then after some time I did so fast for which she started to moan and then she made me lie down and went for 69 position again.

She massaged my tool through the oil. Meanwhile, I was fingering her. She couldn’t handle my tool so she said baby slowly, so I went licking her butt hole. She shivered for it too and massaging me.

Then I made her lie down and slowly inserted it. Only 1/4 went inside as it was so tight she was in pain she asked me to take out but I never listened. I poured some more oil in it and trusted with full force, she shouted like anything and said to take it off but I went slowly to and fro for few minutes.

Then she got comfortable with it. She asked me to go deeper baby fuck fuck fuck me harder. Then I trusted it harder and harder. Then we went for doggy one where the whole room was filled with our noise and paat paaat sound. We both were moaning a lot ahh ahh ahh fuck fuck. She made me lie down and ride in cowgirl position.

Then I was trusting from down, she was saying harder, harder baby harder. I went with full force for which she was moaning and shouting ah aha ah ahh and cummed and I was too cumming and shot the full load inside her anal. After that, she gave me the blowjob for the session as a compliment and gave a deep lip-lock for it.

We both were exhausted by now and the session went till morning 6 and so. Then we slept on each other and cuddled. After that, we woke by 1 had our lunch. Then had one final session during and after a shower and while leaving she gave me a beautiful smooch and said we finally did it. Now we got broke up before 1 year. You are welcomed to share your comments.

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Chennai Guy Having Sex With Ex Girlfriend - I

First of all, I thank Human Digest and writers who share the stories everyday and turn everyone on. As this is my 1st story, I apologize for any mistake I make in the upcoming story. Myself Hert(name changed) lives in Chennai, now studying in a well reputed b-school in southern part of Tamil Nadu.

Am about 6ft with average muscled guy and many girls say am an above average looking guy. My ex is above average looking girl who is 5ft 4inch light brown in color with 34 as her size which makes any men to have her on bed(short girls always give better pleasure for the tall guys).

This sex story happened between my ex and myself before two years when we were in a relationship during my parents’ tour. I and my ex was curious about having a session but we didn’t get right time before this. So we were excited and prepared for this.

It was a drizzling evening. As my house is surrounded by many neighbors anyone new to the area gets noticed easily. Luckily since it was drizzling everyone were inside their house, so she entered my house with ease.

Once she entered I locked the door. She was looking cute with her wet hair. I welcomed her with a kiss on her lips which she too responded. I gave her a towel and my small sized T-shirt and Bermudas. After she changed we had a coffee. She liked my preparation. Then we watched few video songs. After few minutes tum hi ho song played.

As we know it has some hot kiss scene. We saw each other and saw the video. Again we saw each other but this time I made a slight move and planted a kiss on her lips for which she kissed me back. This gave me a signal that she too likes it. And the climate was also one of the reasons for our approach.

Then we smooched each other vigorously exchanged our saliva, had tongue fight then we explored everywhere in our body having clothes on us. Our kisses lasted for about 15 minutes. Then I carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I jumped on her and we kissed passionately.

I removed her tops and Started kissing and licking on her shoulders, back, neck and earlobes which made her moan (guys neck and earlobes are the region which makes them turned on and more sensual) I licked her cleavage and removed her bra. Melons came out and I could see those erected nipples which made an invitation to me to suck it.

I circled her nipples and tits with my tongue. I sucked it with my hand pressing the other one. She had a good moan during this time. Now her body is fully wet with my saliva. Now I removed her shorts and inners, she was shy to show her pussy so I started kissing her foot and thighs she couldn’t control and started moaning which showed a well-trimmed pussy.

I planted a kiss on her pussy for which she moaned and shivered. Then I started inserting my middle finger slowly in her pussy and then another finger after some time. Then now I started licking her pussy she started moaning heavily.After few minutes she pressed my head tightly into her pussy and released a huge cum on my face with a huge moan.

After this, she started to remove my T-shirt and started kissing heavily and she liked my ear a lot kissed and licked a lot there which also turned me on. Since I used to trim my hairs in my body it was easy for her to kiss on my chest and other areas which made her more comfortable and enjoyable. she too made my body wet with her saliva.

Then she removed my shorts and inner in one go and started stroking my erection. She didn’t like the blowjob activities so I didn’t compel her and we went for 69 position and I started licking her pussy again as she started to moan and couldn’t control herself she kept her mouth towards my tool started giving a blowjob, it was the most pleasant one I had.

After some time we decided to lose our virginity to each other and I kept the tool on the entry area of the pussy. I made a small entry into her then I went towards her and was smooching her but she could recognize that I did it to her to make her comfortable and fearless.

Then with full force, I made my tool fully into her pussy. I didn’t leave her to make a sound. As I closed her mouth, tears came out of her eyes then I slowly went to and fro motion for which it was painful for her then after few minutes she started to enjoy and moan and was saying ya baby come on, fuck fuck fuck me baby make me yours.

These words made me to increase my pace then we went for doggy position and cowgirl position which made me too see those melons dancing in front of me then finally I was about to come she asked her to do facial with my cum for which I stroked fast and released a load of cum on her face and she licked that and gave blowjob for few minutes.

This session lasted for about 2hours after that we had our dinner then again had 2 sessions the whole night then the next day morning in the bathroom. The whole two days we were nude. My girl was a reserved one after this session she turned into a sexy one. We also had an anal which I will share based on the response you give. Now we broke up before 1 year.

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Kadir Fucking Horny Sisters

In rural areas, Malabari gentlemen either go to their shops and they dont come home until it is dark and come only after closing shop. It used to be joint family and the mother manages the household and the daughters or daughters in law have nothing to do. I know a girl who brought his boy friend in a burqua and hid him for a whole day. Her mother did not come to know.

They were fucking and having a good time. If other young girls come to know of this and threaten to go and complain to the mother, they will also be roped in and initiated into the pleasures of sex. Rarely one fellow may get caught and may get thrashed by the public. There are some big houses where more number of gulf brides are entrapped.

They all take advantage of him secretly and they all join to hide his identity. In one instance Fathima a student for degree course in a college fell in love with a boy Kader. They used to meet at odd places and talk. They did not get an opportunity even touch each other and were frustrated and bother searched for places where they can meet.

Kader cannot take her to his home because there is always a big crowd of people, his brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts and their children. Kader asked Fathima can she arrange for him to meet and sit for some time in combined studies. Fathima had an aged mother and another sisteer who is married to gulf and they had convenient bed rooms upstairs where they can sit to study combined.

Only problem was that Fathima has to convince her sister and buy her peace. Fathima's safe days and her sister's safe days are marked in the calender they wont jump into any blunder. One day Fathima told her sister that she may bring her friend for combined study. Her sister asked her hundred questions, who is he, is he in love or just combined study,

You can study for one or two hours and why spend a whole night etc. Fathima convinced her without arousing suspicion..Finally it was agreed that Fathima will carry one of her burqas and give it Kader and wearing it he will come to Fathima's house and go straight to upstairs. This was the plan. They wanted to keep it a secret from mother.

Her sister, Nazira, has to be taken in confidence, but no mention about sex, just study because the final exam is due. Sister may come and examine who the boy is. Fathima told Kader, if her sister is cooperative, just give her some sex so that she may also be silenced. All women are sex starved and it is the only compensator.

When told to sister she started to interogate so much that Fathima got frustrated. Finally out of frustration they were about to drop the plan. After two day sister asked Fathima when are you bringing your friend for combined studies. She said we dropped the plan because you were so much non cooperative.

Sister started to sermonise and said I just wanted to warn you that something untoward should not happen. You are young and beautiful and added to it you are married. If people come to know that a young man is coming secretly to our house, nobody will think he is coming for studies. If you both are careful I will certainly help you.

Fathima carried the burqa in a plastic bag to the college and asked Kader to put it on when he comes to her house. Kader tried it once or twice, the size is ok. One day he put it on in the college bathroom and came out engaged an auto and went to the house of Fathima.

Luckily Fathima's sister was there and she recornized him, took him upstairs and left him in the room and she went down and brought a cup of tea for him. When burqa was removed she found him a handsome young man well built, tall and soft spoken. He wore a beard neatly trimmed which gave him the look of a greek hero.

She said Fathima had to go urgently accompanying her mother because of a sudden death of an aunt at a place little away from town. Her mother also had gone. They are expected any moment, She gave him a lungi for changing and asked him to relax. When she went down, she felt sorry that the boy Kader is alone upstairs, here she had no particular work to do.

She was thinking how handsome a fellow, this Kader, She and Fathima are both married otherwise he would have been an ideal husband for either of them. She thought who knows they may have plans for sexual intercourse, otherwise why they sit for the whole night. Can anybody study for the whole night. They may study for an hour and thereafter they my take chances to try sex.

She was sorry that she never got such opportunities. Her husband had gone now for more than seven months. All her male cousins have gone abroad. Fathima is lucky to have a boy friend like him, such a handsome fellow. Somebody said that all tall fellows will have very long cock. In that case this fellow would have at least a 7 inch cock. Fathima is lucky to get fucked with a 7 inch cock.

She thought poor fellow will get bored, let me go and keep company with him. When she went upstairs she saw him sitting in the bed and day dreaming. Seeing her he was schocked. She said we have no information from Fathima. But she promised to come as soon as the programme is over. Have you told her, kader, that you will be coming today.

He said not exactly, she knows I am coming. I did not tell her specifically that I will come today. Nazera thought if Fathima does not turn due to their own reason, what to do with the boy. Her heart missed a beat. He need not be sent back empty handed. She may lie with him to keep company.

Suddenly it stuck her, if he had come for combined studies, he should have his own load of books, but he came empty handed. A shiver ran over her body. Is it fair that she usurps Fathima's boy friend and enjoys sex with him. Anyhow she went up and called him to come down for taking food. Since their mother also has gone he need not put on the burqa,

he can come in his lungi and shirt. Kader came down the stairs and Nazera served food for her and him and they sat to take food. Besides rice, there was mutton curry, mutton fried and fish fried. Kader ate greedily. Nazera was looking at him and she felt that there was a special charm in the boy. She asked him whether he is married, he said, no.

The she asked whether he knew that Fathima is a married girl and husband is away in the gulf. Yes, she told me, he said. She asked him what is that so urgent to have combined study of a whole night and the exam is still far away, He simply looked at her face and smiled and said it was all the plans of Fathima.

She said my room is down, but to keep company with you I will come with you, just wait till I change and come. She went to her room, changed into a nighty, went to the kitchen washed all the plates they had used for taking food and kept everything in order and came adn asked Kader to come. She switched off the lights, closed and bolted the doors and went up with Kader.

In the room, she asked him where are your books. She asked him where are your books for combined studies. Kader said I am sorry, I am studying with Fathima in her college. We like each other and we never got a chance to sit and talk in solitude. It was the plan of Fathima that I come with a burqa so that we can talk for the whole night. So you are lovers, is it not?

He said no not yet, we are just friends and sit and talk that is all. But if the situation is congenial we would have gone further. You mean to say you would have had sex. He was ashamed that he walked into her mouth. You are handsome and clever, who can deny, saying this Nazera went near Kadir, unbuttoned his shirt. Kadir put his hand around Nazera and embraced her.

Nazera said, I was worried that I should not be betraying my sister if you both are lovers. Kadir said no, no, we are not lovers yet. Kader got busy to undress Nazera, by removing her nighty and bra and panty, he made her totally nude. He did it very fast and was getting ready to suck her boobs.

In the meantime Nazera removed his t shirt and lungi and his underwear and wanted to see how big his cock was. Wow, it was bigger than her estimation. Both were determined not to waste one night. Nazera verified from the calender that that day was a safe day for her Kadir was running his hand all over her body.

This was an unexpected bonanza for him, in the absence of Fathima to get her sister for sex was unexpected. Actually Fathima and he planned to have plenty of sex, they even discussed what all poses to be tried. Kadir the moment he came to know that Fathima is not there wanted to get away. But his bigger catch was more teasureable.

Nadera was more beautiful, bigger boobs, ass, more experienced. He was in a hurry to suck her nipples, but she was in a hurry to take his cock in her mouth He sucked as much as he wanted and she sucked so much that he cummed in her mouth. First they tried missionary pose. He got on top of her and his monster cock went deep into her tightly.

Nazera never thought she would ever get a bigger cock that her husband's five incher. It went deeply into her sending her to new heights of pleasure. She wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Kadir appeared to be a younger boy and in his every movement his youthful vigor was reflected. Nadera and Kadir came to an understanding if Fathima did not come before day break,

not to tell her of his visit. They fucked and fucked and again fucked. Kadir wanted to have oral sex. But Nadera was always ready and needed no stimulation for sex. She was always ready. Moments when they were idling were very rare. They both enjoyed as if they were long lost lovers. They did not do oral and anal sex.

At 6 am Nazera went down and prepared tea and they both took tea. she asked him to come every week so that he can fuck both Fathima and Nazera. If Fathima comes to know that Nadira also got fucked she will be happy Because in future both of them can enjoy kadir. Till Kadir left Fathima did not come.

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Ronn Making Love To Old Friend Priya

Hi, fellas, this is ronn again from Delhi with a new story which involves me & a lady whom I met at a family function. Thanks to this wonderful platform where we can share our hidden desires and secrets. About me, I’m a normal guy from Delhi with a 5-inch tool and the lady in the story is Priya who’s from Noida.

About Priya, she’s a very good friend of mine from Noida working for some corporate with a vital stats of 36-32-38, 32 years young chubby girl with long hairs. I and Priya used to work in the same company around 6 years back, but then I left the job and started something of my own and she too left the job and started working somewhere in Gurgaon.

We were connected through social platforms wherein we used to chat and discuss things but there was nothing sexual. She was a divorced lady with some bad past experiences and now as I was also married so we just kind of chatted with each other once a week but I was in a habit of sending msgs on WhatsApp on a regular basis. All those adult jokes and all.

Once she just said hi and I was like hello. We started chatting about regular stuff and all. I said that you remember I used to have a crush on you when we were working together. She said yes I do remember and how can I forget those glances and you being naughty all the time in office. We shared some smileys and I asked her if we can meet each other someday for a coffee or beer.

She was like why not? Let’s catch up. So one fine day I was in Gurgaon so I asked her if she’s free to meet. She readily accepted and wanted me to pick her up from her office. I picked her up and gave her a lovely rose bouquet, we hugged each other and that was a long warming hug. She was really happy to see me and those roses.

She hopped in the car and I asked her where she straight away said that let’s go to my place and we can grab some beers on the way and have them at her place. It sounded like a plan. I was driving and we were discussing life, work etc. I took some beers from Mayur vihar and then we entered Noida.

We get into her flat which was shared by her roommate who was doing some night shift. We met her and introduced each other, she said bye in a minute and left for her office. Now we both were alone in that 2 bhk flat. I arranged those beers in the fridge and was checking out her flat. While doing so Priya called my name and if I want some coffee.

I declined and said let’s have those beers, she said ok and said that give me 10 minutes as I need to get change and get freshen up. I said ok and switched on the tv to watch some news. She came after around 20 min and said sorry for keeping me waiting. I just turned got awestruck as she was looking amazingly hot and sexy in those hot pants of cotton and that loose t-shirt.

As she’s chubby those thighs were looking so amazing and sexy. She caught me staring at her and was smiling and blushing. She came near me and I was like wow dear. You look fabulous. She said thanks and we started talking about things. I got a call from my wife so excused myself and went to the balcony to talk.

In the meanwhile, priya took out the beer and glasses with some eatables for the drinks. I came back and she winked asking what was she inquiring. I said nothing much just a normal call, told her that I’ll be little late. She was like that’s ok, come sit and she started pouring the beer into glasses. We raised a toast and started drinking.

She is a fast drinker like me, so in 30 min we were done with 6 beers. She was feeling a bit tipsy and she turned on the music channel on tv. She was humming the songs and moving her torso with the music. We were both getting high, I got some more beer from the fridge and we started drinking more.

We were feeling good by now and suddenly Priya got up and started pulling me for a dance. We started dancing and there come this lean on the song and she came closer and we started dancing little erotically. We both were high, she took out a joint and we were smoking it and dancing.

The effect was so awesome that we both got real close to each other while dancing and she started rubbing her body with mine and that effect was making me hard. I tried to get away but the emotions and feeling swept away all the thoughts and we started rubbing and fondling each other.

She was breathing heavily, turned around and started kissing me on my face lips and cheeks. We both started kissing each other and slowly those kisses started turning into some deep wet smooches. We were smooching each other like mad lovers. Her hand went down and she started touching and feeling my dick over the pants.

I was playing with her boobs while kissing and we both were moaning and we were lost in some other worlds. She opened up my fly and took out my dick and started playing with it. The horniness in her was clearly visible by her expressions. She just went down and started sucking my dick as a lollipop.

She started pressing my balls while sucking and I took out my phone and started filming her and she started showing that slut face of her. She was doing it so nicely with those facial expressions as a porn star. The effect of all the intoxication and this lovely lady was so high that I came in her mouth within 5 minutes. She just drank all my juices and was looking so happy by her face.

I just pull her up and we again started our never ending kissing session. Her saliva and my dicks taste were giving a mixed feeling now. I removed all her clothes just the t-shirt and those hot pants. She was in a black bra with no panty, I tore off her bra and started sucking those big melons while rubbing her clean shaven pussy with my hand and fingers.

Her weakness was her nipples, those were huge pointed one. She was moaning a lot whenever I was sucking or biting those nipples. Big fair boobs with jet black nipples is a treat for any human. I started fingering her pussy harder while she was playing with my dick. I was also completely nude by now.

She just pushes me in the couch and came to me in a cowgirl position and started riding me in a rhythmic way. She was a master in moving her butt with each stroke and was kissing me madly while getting penetrated. She started moving faster and I understood that she is about to cum and yes she came a lot but I was still hard.

She quickly changed position and came in for a 69 position. We started sucking each other down there. She tasted very salty but I love eating pussies so I was focused on her cunt and clitoris. While in 69 positions she again came and those juices were so tasty that I drank them all. I turned her around and started fucking her in the missionary position.

After some deep fucking, I was about to cum but I stopped and asked her to turn around and started ramming her in doggy style. Her big butts were a treat to the eyes. I was spanking her while fucking her and she was screaming with every stroke and spank. After a while, I was about to cum so I asked to suck. She obliged and just went down on her knees and started sucking my dick.

She is a good sucker. I came in her mouth again and she drank that as well. Now we both were exhausted. We cleaned each other and I got ready to leave as the wife was waiting. We kissed each other again while going and promised to meet whenever it is possible.

That’s it for now. Will be back soon with a new chapter of life. Please feel free to enter your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Krishna Fucking Shop Lady Shweta

Hi guys, I am Krishna (name changed). I have been a great fan of HD for years. I am going to narrate the story of how I lost my virginity when I was 19. I was doing my BCA in a small town in India. I am an average looking guy with a great body. I exercise in gym regularly. My cock is 7 inches long.

Coming to the story, the lady I fucked the first time was a lady who used to work in my dad’s shop. Her name is Shweta. She used to stay near my house and used to smile at me whenever I went to the shop. She was 20 years old and had nice breasts. She was not dark but was wheatish in complexion.

One day, my dad and mom had gone to some temple which was 200 km from my city and would not return until late night. As vacations were going on, I was made to look after the shop. I arrived there to find her sitting alone on the stool. I could see her breasts hanging from the salwar suit as she had taken her dupatta off.

After lunchtime, we started talking about her family, how she cant afford education, how all of them work in family. All this time, my eyes used to check her breasts out. When she started to clean, I could see the shape of her ass while she was bending and decided that I have to fuck her somehow.

Several weeks passed, nothing happened. I used to see her at the shop occasionally. Then in june, it started to rain heavily for two days. In the evening, my dad came from shop but Shweta was also with him carrying a plastic bag. He told that due to the rain, the house she lives in is damaged due to the rain (she used to live in those old houses) and she will stay here for couple of days.

A thought crossed my mind of seducing her without my parents knowing. First day nothing happened, when they came home I was sitting and watching tv. We had our dinner and my parents went to sleep, we both were watching tv, I was secretly checking her body as she was sitting on the floor and I was on the cot.

As we were watching tv, she said “Saab, body mast hai aapki, bahut mehnet karte honge gym me”.I was wearing only baniyan, so she could see my arms. I said I like to take care of my body and got to know that she also likes looking at me. Before I went to sleep, I tried to feel her back and she let me with a smile.

I got full courage and wanted to proceed further but I heard a noise in my parents room so we had to just go to sleep. She was told to sleep on the floor in the hall. Next evening, when she came back from the shop, I cornered her near the bathroom, and tried to give her a kiss. She was a little shy, so she just let me kiss her on lips for two seconds.

I told her to come to my room after my parents are asleep. As I live in a 3bhk house, my room is in the other corner of the house. After dinner, I went to my room saying I have some assignment to do. I went to my room and waited for an hour until she finally came. I latched the bedroom door very quietly and took her to my bed.

I kissed her on the lips, first she was hesitant but later she opened her mouth. I started sucking her lips and her tongue. She was also enjoying and made umm umm sounds. I then kissed her ears and neck, she started to feel ticklish first but she started feeling horny. I then slowly removed her kurta, she wasn’t wearing any bra. For the first time in my life I was seeing breasts in real.

I immediately started sucking one breast while I started to massage the other one. This continued for some time. Then she said “mere ko upar se nanga kiya aur aap ab tak baniyan pehne ho”. So I removed my baniyan and my shorts, I was in my jockey now. Next I removed her lower, she was wearing a black panty. She resisted when I tried to remove it.

She said “meri dost ne bola hai uske pati ke saat kya karti hai, muhje darr lag raha hai karne mein”. I said “Daro mat, kuch nahi hoga. Then I started to kiss her on the thighs and touched her pussy over the panty, it was wet. I removed the panty and started licking it.

She started getting more horny and started saying “sab ruko mat bahut acchca lag raha hai, I continued licking her for 10 more minutes and then came near her and removed my jockey. My lund was hard, I told her to suck it but she was not ready, I told her “ dheere dheere se shuru kar aur lollipop jaise choosna. She took it in her mouth and started to lick it.

I was in heaven when she started licking it. After some time I told her, “bed pe let jaa, mein tujhe chodunga”. She said “sab nahi, agar bachcha hua toh”. I said kal mein tujhe pill laake dunga. She slept on her back. I put my dick on the entrance of her pussy and tried to push in, as she was a virgin, it was very hard. I tried hard and could pushed my dick in, I felt the hymen tear.

I slowly pushed my entire dick all the while she was crying, Saab bahut dard ho raha ha hai, please nikalo”. I did not listen to her and started to pump my dick in and out. After a while she started to like it. I slowly started to increase my speed, she was like “saab aur jorr se, achcha lag rahahi, haan umm”. After 10 minutes she had an orgasm, but I was still going on.

At one point, her legs started to shake due to orgasm. After a couple of minutes, I cummed in her pussy. Even though it was cold, we both lied there sweating. She slept in my arms for a couple of hours and went to sleep in the hall. Early in the morning I went to a pharmacy and got her an I pill. We couldn’t do anything for the rest of the stay as my cousins had come.

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South Indian Guy Fucking Ex Girlfriend In Her Flat

First of all, I thank the Human Digest and writers who share the stories every day and turn everyone on. Hi everyone this is Hert from Chennai currently studying in a well-reputed b-school down south. Am about 6ft with an average muscled guy and many girls say am an above average looking guy.

Now coming into the story, this incident happened between my ex and me during our first anniversary of our relationships. My ex is a beautiful one with 5ft4inches and her stats are 34-32-34 which make men to have her so hard. Since it was our first anniversary we planned to celebrate by bunking the college.

And the day arrived, we went to a movie, had lunch and bought a cake to celebrate. We planned to go to her flat as there will be no one so that we can have our privacy at its peak. then we went to her flat by 1. Then we cut the cake, first I gave her a piece then it was her turn. Then I took a part of cream and kept in her neck and kissed and licked it.

She was shocked by the move I made, then all of a sudden she had a huge smile and applied the cream all over my face and started licking it and finally, we saw each other into our eyes, it was all love with in us and slowly smooched each other. We ate each others lips bottom and top slowly and played a tongue fight between each other.

During the time I sucked her tongue and creamy saliva which was awesome. She to did the same. Then I removed her tops and applied the cream on back of her neck, then licked it all over her neck which turned her on more. Then I removed her bra and pushed her on the bean bag.

Now I applied the cream on her beautiful melons and by pressing the one I sucked the another one. Then I moved to her navel and licked her all over. Now it was all cream and saliva all over body. Then I removed her jean and panties at a go. Then I kissed and licked from her foot and thighs. Her thighs are so soft and it was awesome licking it.

Then I moved near her pussy and kissed her pussy which provided a shiver in her body. Then inserted a finger in her pussy and finger fucked her by kissing her well trimmed pussy. Then I applied some more cream in her pussy and licked her pussy and tongue fucked her.

After few minutes she started to vibrate and I realized that she is going to cum, so I fingered and licked her pussy very fast and she released a huge load of her cum in my face and mouth. Then she came upon me by having a naughty smile and said I am not gonna leave at any cause and removed my t-shirt. I replied that I am going nowhere and I ready baby.

She licked my neck vigorously and as she likes my ear a lot she kissed my ears and bite it, which made me turn on more too. As I used to trim my chest regularly it was easy for her and she kissed and licked it very well.

But she was more into my neck and ears which made me shiver at some moment. Then she removed my jeans and boxer at a go took some cream applied on my much erected tool and sucked it all over she even gave bite to my balls which pained a little but turned me more again then she licked my tool and started sucking vigorously,

had deep throat where she couldn’t breathe but she continued by sucking very fast and after few minutes we went on the floor and had 69 position where I licked deep inside her pussy which made her turn more and she moaned by giving sounds like ahh,,ahhhh,ahhh,more baby,ahh,don’t stop, and she again continued sucking my tool vigorously.

Then after few minutes I said I am gonna cum, where she stroked even faster and I released a huge load into her mouth and after few minutes she too cummed again on my face. Then again we kissed each other and with in few minutes my dick got erected. Then I kept my dick in her entry area and teased her by rubbing her pussy.

Then she said that I can’t wait anymore, while delivering this message I inserted my dick with full force where she gave a loud ah and then scolded me. Then I slowly moved front and back where she was moaning ah,ahh,ahh,ahh, fuck me,ahh,a lot. Then we went for doggy position where she caught the top of bean bag and I went deep inside her by to and fro.

And the chap chap chap sound where heard all over the room with her moaning sound. It was pleasure to watch her melons hanging and dancing in this position. Then we went for cow girl position where she rode me. She was going up and down and I was having her tits in my hand and was sucking it.

Then again we went for missionary and she was moaning a lot started shivering and said that baby am gonna cum, where I increased my speed and she cummed again with lot more cum. Then after sometime I said I am gonna cum and asked her where to cum. She came up and started stroking my dick fast and was giving a blowjob.

Then I said I am cumming baby, ah aha aha ha ah,aha ah ah, and released all the cum in her face. Now she her face was facialled with my cum. We saw the time it was 4 then we went for shower and had some oral sex there and then at 5 I left with some smooches. Now we broke up before 1year.

Your feedback and comments are most welcome in the comments below.

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Rahul Having Sex Fun With Priya In Sariska

The story which I am going to write is about me Yash and my friend Priya.A few months back we meet each other at a party through a mutual friend and our bonding grew strong. I myself work with an MNC into Hr Profile and my age is 28 Priya is working as an Account manager with PR Company she will be also of same age. We both live in Gurgaon on M.g Road.

Without wasting much time, I will narrate my story Still, I remember it was Thursday and I took a week off on Friday and planned a long weekend. I was looking for some friend who can accompany me on the trip which I have planned for the Weekend I posted the same on WhatsApp group and checked with people.

Surprisingly Priya pinged me on the private window and we planned a trip to Sariska National park. On Friday early in the Morning, I called her when I was about to reach her apartment on DLF Phase 2 to pick her up.As I reached she was waiting at her gate in khaki shorts which were only covering half of her thighs and army printed T-shirt.

Her sports bra was clearly visible from the deep neck. I helped her to settle down with her luggage in my Thar and headed towards. On the way, we picked our Breakfast from the Mac Donalds and loaded a cartoon of Miller. As we crossed Gurgaon we opened our beer and grabbed our food.

As we took cut from the Highway it was 11:00 Am and beer started showing its effect and we started to open up. Priya pushed her seat to back and put her leg over dashboard. My eyes were continuously gazing her toned leg and she noticed it and gave me a winking smile.

By seeing this I gained some confident and moved my hand over the gear box to get something and touched it she looked at me and moved back to my seat after a while she came close to me and kept her shoulders over my chest and I was feeling her smell.I looked at her and kissed her lips slowly the kiss turned into smooch and then we started eating each other lips.

By now I took my vehicle off the road in the middle of the field and parked it beside the pond in the middle of the bush. She moved to the back seat and took me into my arms and placed a kiss on her lips and neck. Then started eating her ears and back of the neck. I asked her to do her hand up and started licking her underarms.Her chic grew pink and nipples got firm.

I pushed my hands under T-Shirt and felt the boobs.They where warm and moist.I pulled out her T-shirt and Unbuttoned her Khaki shorts and managed to push my hands in her maroon sports style panty. She started breathing heavily I kissed on her cleavage and took the maroon bra out I was amazed to see Her Boobs they were firm and tight Her nipples were dark like chocolate.

I grabbed them and started biting them. She Moaned Haaa haaa. I pushed her to the seat and started kissing her cleavage, boobs stomach and then naval. The fragrance of her Ck was making a complete atmosphere very exotic. I pushed her down started kissing her waist line she pulled me towards her face and started smooching me.

After a smooch, she murmurs I my ears baby Fuck me hard. By hearing this I took her shorts out along with the panty and parted her legs and imparted wet kiss over her pussy. She was so horny that she came all inside my mouth and I licked every bit with my tongue. It acted as an energy booster to me.

I slapped her ass and told her baby now it’s your turn.By hearing this she got mad and pushed me over the back seat and pulled t my T-Shirt out and started licking my neck chest and with a slutty smile over her face she gave me love bite and told the first bite to our lusty friendship. She unhooked my jeans below and took my dick in her hand. It was erect like 22mm hot iron Rod.

She rubbed my dick over her cleavage and nipples then gave me a blow job for 10 mins. I got excited and took her boobs in my mouth and started licking it and biting it her pink nipples got erect we both were moaning loudly and sounding ohhh yehaaa !!!! Oh yehhaa!!!

I As I put my face again between her legs and licked her pussy for 5 mins after that she started shouting fuck me yash Fuck me. I took my dick and inserted in her pussy she moaned loudly and bit my shoulders. She was having a Quite tight pussy and it took a lot of effort to push my disk inside in a single short.

I paused and my dick was still inside we smooched for some time.Once I realized that she has relief I started giving her small pushes slowly frequency of pushes increased. I asked her should we come inside each other she said no and suggested to taste each other love juice as it was our first time we took the 69 position as it was very difficult to do it in Jeep but we managed.

We both were moaning very loudly and sweating heavily in sometimes both of us came out with full force in each other mouth licked each other love juice and cleaned each other with our tongue.

Once we were done I hugged her and helped her to get dressed and headed toward our camp. I will post about our second session in next story how we had fun besides the Pond and under open sky beside a bonfire.

Guys, please share your comments below. Thanks.

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Saritha Inquisitive About Sex

At the age of 65, I was quite agile going around all the places, meeting all kinds of people, had enough social activity, and the days went on unperturbed. My wife passed away 2 years back, my sons and daughter were all abroad and I alone here in this town. I went abroad thrice, but I chose to come back as my roots were here.

One day my sister called me and told me that her daughter, Saritha, wants to come to my town and stay for pursueing her engg. studies. I said ok, she is quite welcome to stay with me. There are three or four bedroom unused. One fine morning at 8 am my niece arrived. I was angry why she did not inform me by which train she was coming I could have gone to the station to pick her up.

She came running and hugged me and said I am ok, I could find way to this house without any body's help. In the childhood she used to hug me as a child, but now when she hugged me with her full blooming boobs pressed against my chest, there was brisk activity in my groins. I showed her her bedroom and the attached bathroom, her study table.

I showed her the way to the terrace where she can dry her clothes, the kitchen where food is prepared. I introduced her to the servant, Chinnu, whom she can order whatever food she may need. She put on the music and switched on the TV and made her own shrieking noice to make herself at home. I was happy that the house has became vibrant like what it was a few years back.

The cook was happy that she will be asked to prepare new new dishes. Saritha ran upstairs with her luggage and kept it in her room and after some time came down after finishing her bath. It was all dirty, uncle, this train journey. She sat with me in the sofa and glanced through the newspapers lying on the table.

She was indeed beautiful, with big round boobs, big protruding ass and thick thighs and narrow waist. She was wearing a night suit. I had not had any bad intentions towards her as she was only a child. I asked her how far is the college from here. I said she does not know, may be one or two kilometers. I think it is only walking distance.

She said she is going to the college and inquiring about the timings, canteen facility etc. She said her admission was confirmed, but she had to submit some papers and collect her admission papers etc. We had our breakfast at 9, Chinnu served hot idlis Saritha ate all the idlis. I asked her should I come with my car, she said no, not necessary.

I will come back before noon. She went up dressed and came down with a folder containing the paper she need to submit. Bidding bye we went to her college. I had no special business for me to do. I just read the paper, watched TV, made couple of telephone calls and sat for browsing my favourite sites in the computer.

Checked my mails and sat for a long time watching You tube videos. etc. It was noon. My servant asked me whether she should serve me lunch or I will wait for my niece to come. I told her we will eat together let Saritha come. When Saritha came it was 1.30. She had a body wash and came back for lunch.

She went on narrating her experiences in the new college, whom all she met etc. She said classes will start within two days. She ate her food fast and called her mother and told her details of her train journey and meeting me and her going to college etc. I was watching her while talking. Her big round eyes moving constantly and looking at all corners of the room.

After food, I like some desert, say payasam. Chinnu knows it and she will make some payasam with milk, sugar and rice. Just a cupful but it is a good end to a good meal. Saritha asked for second helping. But it was not there. She say I had taken only half of what is given to me and she took a sizeable portion from it.

I went and sat in the sofa and Saritha came and sat with me and asked me to play some music in the music system. I put on a classical number. The rhythm impressed her that she started to dance to the music. I was laughing at her childishness. Usually I take a nap after lunch. I told her that I am going to my bedroom and that she may continue to hear music or watch TV.

Just as I was sleeping I felt her lying near me in my bed. I got up and asked her, she said she too felt sleepy and wanted to hug me and sleep. I said that is not proper, now that she is a grown up girl, she should sleep alone. Now that she going to the classes, she may have to work late in the night, hence it is better she sleeps in her room and study in her room.

She ok, ok, that I will do it later, had it been in my house I would have hugged my mother and slept. Please uncle, today, let me hug you and sleep. Reluctantly I said ok. But if such a grown up girls hugs and lies in my bed, what all other problems will arise. I will have an erection and my problem will be to hide it from her.

Before I could raise objection, I could feel her boobs pressed against my body and her her on leg was placed on mine. With great difficulty I concealed my erection and luckily my telephone rang and I just slipped out of bed and came out. But by that time she was asleep. I went to my bathroom and shagged and relieved myself. I was thinking how to manage the situation in the night.

I watched her innocent face and her boobs, her ass and her thighs. She wore a thin cotton night gown. She may be wearing her bra and panty. I was not in the habit of wearing underwear while sleeping. My cock comes to erection many times in the night and definitely in the morning.

When my wife was alive, she used keep her hand on my erect cock and press it to know its hardness. But now she was not there. I dont want Saritha to know about my erection. After about half an hour Saritha got up and went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen to get coffee for me and her. After coffee we changed our clothes and went out for a walk in a nearby park.

We returned by about 7.30 pm. Saritha went to the kitchen to verify what is cooking for supper and I sat see the TV serials and then the news at 9 pm. We had chappathis for supper. After supper we drank a glass of milk each. I sat for watching TV and Saritha said she is going to sleep. She did not go to her room.

When switched off the TV and went to my cot I found her lying in one side and sleeping. First I thought I should wake her up and put her in her bed in her room. They seeing how innocently she was sleeping I thought let her sleep. I took my usual medicines and then switched off the main lights but put on the bedroom light and lyed in the bed. After my usual prayers, I went to sleep.

After about midnight I felt that Saritha has caught my erect cock with her hand. I got up and asked, Saritha what you doing, I should not have allowed to sleep in my bed. Leave and go to your bed and sleep. You are spoiling my sleep also. She said, Well, uncle, I felt this thing was poking my side and woke me up. I saw in the dim light this thing erect and large in size and strong.

I have never an adult thing ever. I just wanted to see in full light. My friends told me that men use this for purposes other than urinating. Just let me see, uncle. I cannot ask anybody else to show me this object. Please uncle, please show me. I will put on the light. She got up and put on the light.

I said no, Saritha, no, no, when you get married your husband will have such an object, you can see it and do whatever you want. I am your uncle, dont do it with me, you are just a child. Please dont do it. I was covering my cock with my dhothi. But Saritha pulled my dhothi and my cock sprang out in full view and I was sitting shamefacedly.

She bent forward placed her both hands on my cock and softly squeezing it. Two drops of pre cum emerged at the end. She was passing all appreciatory and exclamatory comments She said her frend who had a boy friend, were copulating and his whole cock went inside, hurting her very much and bleeding. That day she took an oath that she will never have sex henceforth.

Another girl friend had a boy friend who fucked her deeply and they go to heaven daily. Show me what is dangling besides the cock, some balls. I showed her and she took both the balls in her mouth. I was in great discomfort Ok Saritha, you sleep today We may find a solution tomorrow.

Next she apologised to me, Uncle, in the school, two boys used to trouble me very much, Kader and John. Both of them were from rich families and gave me lot of gifts to entrap me. They took me to a TB and made me undress and Kader inserted his cock in my pussy and John in my rear. of course both applied lot of vaseline. It pained and I bled profusely.

But they did not allow me to go. They said we wont let you go you unless you say you enjoyed our fucking. On the third day of course it was enjoyable. They brought lot of food stuff from the hotel. Within a short time we had very great amount of sex. From third day onwards I started to enjoy sex. Both of them took me to the skies on every session.

We ended the session after one week. When I returned home after one week, I had to tell my mother lot of lies. That is why I wanted to stay with you. If I stay in the hostel my nature is such that I will go to some boys and get sex. Boys are always like Kader and John. They will enjoy and make me suffer. Because of lot of pills I consumed, I did not get pregnant.

Right from the beginning I went in a wrong path. None of my friends knew that I am being seduced by these boys. I did not tell them I am going away to the college. They wont bother, they may get fresh girls. When opportunity and secrecy are assured, 90% of the girls are willing. All of them are itching for having sex. Please Uncle, you fuck me as much as you want.

We will have sex every day. or as many times you want. But dont send me away to the hostel. I noticed she was totally nude and projected a very beautiful body. What if she was my niece, to have such a young and passionate girl one should be lucky. I did not say anything. I just switched off the light, hugged her and lied down in the bed. Our two bodies merged into one.

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Guys Sex Bash With Bandra Girls Malathy And Geetha

I happened to stay in one of the busy multi storied buildings in Bandra in Mumbai, with my aunt since Uncle had gone abroad for business purposes. My parents were in North mumbai. My school was on vacation and hence staying in Bandra for some time to keep company with my aunt was ok.

My aunty will be out throughout the day for work for doing some social service and then Rotary Club ever so many activities. She wanted company in the night. If there is nobody lot of miscreants in the building will take her granted and trouble her. To stand outside and to watch the activity was a fun.

A husband leaves for office leaving his young wife back home, but within half an hour a paramour comes to her and they fuck for the whole day and he leave just before the husband comes. Similarly parents go to office, leaving grown up girls behind and she goes out with his boy friend to the mall. When it is time to fuck they come back and fuck here in her flat.

I became a familiar face to all the people since I am constantly visible in the veranda. One girl who did not have any lover took a fancy for me and was signalling me go to her flat. Once or twice I thought why not I am grab my own share of pleasure. For poor or rich, sex is a majoy enjoyment and stealing of sex is of greater pleasure.

To get fucked by someone when the husband is away, similarly getting fucked when the parents are way are the common things happening. Both brother and sister get different sex partners and enjoy in different rooms, besides they two fucking each other. Somebody said this is the practice in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. They are all small cities compared to Mumbai.

After some days I also decided to try my luck. Malathy, a graduate student, staying alone in her house in the absence of her paprents, called me keep her company since she is being threatened by some goondas for money and sex. I told dont worry, I will be with you. I went to her flat with my hockey stick and sat in her sitting room.

She was a beautiful girl, but scared of these goondas. After the goondas left, she took me to her bedroom and kissed me on her cheeks. I responded and took her lip in my mouth and sucked. I pressed her boobs and she enjoyed my touch. I just like that came back to my flat but she asked me to go over to her daily.

Next day I asked her to come to our flat since I am expecting a phone call, I cannot go. She came with her friend another girl. Keeping her in the sitting Malathy took me to the kitchen asking for some drinking water. But that was not her problem she just wanted me to press her boobs and kiss her.

I pressed her boobs and kissed her on her cheeks and put my hand inside her panty ran my fingers into her public hair. I gave her a glass of water and sent her to the sittting room. Immediately her friend also came to me to the kitchen asking for same water. When she said "sane" I understood what he wanted.

I too took her to a corner and hugged her squeezed her boobs and kissed her and put my hand in her panty and ran my fingers in her public hair. I gave her a glass of water. Both were graduate students and both were beautiful. Anything more you want, I asked Malathy. What you have, she asked. Ask for it let me see whther I have it.

She came close to me and murmured in my ear "Porn movie" I told her I have, but on one condition. She said on what condition. We will watch it nude. Oh, no, she cried and said good bye and left with her friend. After 15 minutes, after sending away her friend, Malathy came back and knocked at my door.

When I opened the door she said condition agreed and closed and bolted the door. Porn movie or no porn movie, to undress a girl like Malathy was a pleasure. I removed her top, bra exposing her medium sized boobs, her jeans and then her panty. Her clean shaven pussy was exposed. She undressed me. We both lied in the bed, hugging each other.

She asked what about porn movie. This is porn movie I said and widening her legs, I buried my face in her crotch. I licked her cunt and liked the juices flowing. Her cashew sized clitoris was swollen up and I sucked it with my lips and tongue. Malathy arched her back and was moaning. I asked her whther she is safe. she said yes. Are you a virgin, she said no.

I took my cock and put it at the entrance of her cunt. I went smoothly in and Malathy was moaning heavily. I started to fuck increasing my speed and Malathy was enjoying, I changed the pose and asked her to come to doggy pose. She came on all her fours. I poked her from her behind. After two or three strokes, I lied down on my bed and asked her to get on top of me.

She seemed to like my this quick change of poses. She tied her dishevelled hair and sat on me and inserted my cock into her cunt. By making some movements with her hip, she got my cock entire into her cunt. She started to fuck. She made all sorts of movements. My hands were free and they were holding her boobs.

She twisted her hip and my cock was going in and coming out rubbing against her clitoris. She appeared to be an expert fucker. I could with hold my orgasm and she too. She lied on my chest, pressing her boobs against my chest asked me whether her friends can come as she too wanted a good fuck. Ok call her but after one hour. She will come us but see our fucking.

Alright I said. She called her through her mobile and within a short time there was a knock at the door and Malathi got up and went to door and opened it. Her friend sliped in and came to me with a broad smile. Malathi gave her a chair asked her to sit and asked her to undress and be ready. Malathy came back and got on top of me. I said wait.

I asked to hold me hugging and got up with her with my cock fully embedded inside her and lifted her and walked around and went to the kitchen and took the water bottle, poured two grasses of water and we both drank. Malathy was immensely enjoying my act. I took her to the dining table, laid her on the table and fucked her.

Again I pulled her back and took her to the sofa settee and leid her and fucked her. Her was looking at my acts in amazement. Both Malathy and Geetha her friend seem to be enjoying my act. Finally we came back to the bed and I fucked, vigorously and we both had orgasm. Malathy was so happy she kissed me all over my body.

I got to know her only two days back, how she opened up to me is a wonder. Next Geetha came smiling. I said look, Geetha, I want some rest, just wait. My cock has not lost its erection. Malathy went to the bathroom and had s shower. Geetha in the meantime squatted on the floor and took my cock in her hand and kissed it and kissed my balls.

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