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Guys Sex Bash With Bandra Girls Malathy And Geetha

I happened to stay in one of the busy multi storied buildings in Bandra in Mumbai, with my aunt since Uncle had gone abroad for business purposes. My parents were in North mumbai. My school was on vacation and hence staying in Bandra for some time to keep company with my aunt was ok.

My aunty will be out throughout the day for work for doing some social service and then Rotary Club ever so many activities. She wanted company in the night. If there is nobody lot of miscreants in the building will take her granted and trouble her. To stand outside and to watch the activity was a fun.

A husband leaves for office leaving his young wife back home, but within half an hour a paramour comes to her and they fuck for the whole day and he leave just before the husband comes. Similarly parents go to office, leaving grown up girls behind and she goes out with his boy friend to the mall. When it is time to fuck they come back and fuck here in her flat.

I became a familiar face to all the people since I am constantly visible in the veranda. One girl who did not have any lover took a fancy for me and was signalling me go to her flat. Once or twice I thought why not I am grab my own share of pleasure. For poor or rich, sex is a majoy enjoyment and stealing of sex is of greater pleasure.

To get fucked by someone when the husband is away, similarly getting fucked when the parents are way are the common things happening. Both brother and sister get different sex partners and enjoy in different rooms, besides they two fucking each other. Somebody said this is the practice in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. They are all small cities compared to Mumbai.

After some days I also decided to try my luck. Malathy, a graduate student, staying alone in her house in the absence of her paprents, called me keep her company since she is being threatened by some goondas for money and sex. I told dont worry, I will be with you. I went to her flat with my hockey stick and sat in her sitting room.

She was a beautiful girl, but scared of these goondas. After the goondas left, she took me to her bedroom and kissed me on her cheeks. I responded and took her lip in my mouth and sucked. I pressed her boobs and she enjoyed my touch. I just like that came back to my flat but she asked me to go over to her daily.

Next day I asked her to come to our flat since I am expecting a phone call, I cannot go. She came with her friend another girl. Keeping her in the sitting Malathy took me to the kitchen asking for some drinking water. But that was not her problem she just wanted me to press her boobs and kiss her.

I pressed her boobs and kissed her on her cheeks and put my hand inside her panty ran my fingers into her public hair. I gave her a glass of water and sent her to the sittting room. Immediately her friend also came to me to the kitchen asking for same water. When she said "sane" I understood what he wanted.

I too took her to a corner and hugged her squeezed her boobs and kissed her and put my hand in her panty and ran my fingers in her public hair. I gave her a glass of water. Both were graduate students and both were beautiful. Anything more you want, I asked Malathy. What you have, she asked. Ask for it let me see whther I have it.

She came close to me and murmured in my ear "Porn movie" I told her I have, but on one condition. She said on what condition. We will watch it nude. Oh, no, she cried and said good bye and left with her friend. After 15 minutes, after sending away her friend, Malathy came back and knocked at my door.

When I opened the door she said condition agreed and closed and bolted the door. Porn movie or no porn movie, to undress a girl like Malathy was a pleasure. I removed her top, bra exposing her medium sized boobs, her jeans and then her panty. Her clean shaven pussy was exposed. She undressed me. We both lied in the bed, hugging each other.

She asked what about porn movie. This is porn movie I said and widening her legs, I buried my face in her crotch. I licked her cunt and liked the juices flowing. Her cashew sized clitoris was swollen up and I sucked it with my lips and tongue. Malathy arched her back and was moaning. I asked her whther she is safe. she said yes. Are you a virgin, she said no.

I took my cock and put it at the entrance of her cunt. I went smoothly in and Malathy was moaning heavily. I started to fuck increasing my speed and Malathy was enjoying, I changed the pose and asked her to come to doggy pose. She came on all her fours. I poked her from her behind. After two or three strokes, I lied down on my bed and asked her to get on top of me.

She seemed to like my this quick change of poses. She tied her dishevelled hair and sat on me and inserted my cock into her cunt. By making some movements with her hip, she got my cock entire into her cunt. She started to fuck. She made all sorts of movements. My hands were free and they were holding her boobs.

She twisted her hip and my cock was going in and coming out rubbing against her clitoris. She appeared to be an expert fucker. I could with hold my orgasm and she too. She lied on my chest, pressing her boobs against my chest asked me whether her friends can come as she too wanted a good fuck. Ok call her but after one hour. She will come us but see our fucking.

Alright I said. She called her through her mobile and within a short time there was a knock at the door and Malathi got up and went to door and opened it. Her friend sliped in and came to me with a broad smile. Malathi gave her a chair asked her to sit and asked her to undress and be ready. Malathy came back and got on top of me. I said wait.

I asked to hold me hugging and got up with her with my cock fully embedded inside her and lifted her and walked around and went to the kitchen and took the water bottle, poured two grasses of water and we both drank. Malathy was immensely enjoying my act. I took her to the dining table, laid her on the table and fucked her.

Again I pulled her back and took her to the sofa settee and leid her and fucked her. Her was looking at my acts in amazement. Both Malathy and Geetha her friend seem to be enjoying my act. Finally we came back to the bed and I fucked, vigorously and we both had orgasm. Malathy was so happy she kissed me all over my body.

I got to know her only two days back, how she opened up to me is a wonder. Next Geetha came smiling. I said look, Geetha, I want some rest, just wait. My cock has not lost its erection. Malathy went to the bathroom and had s shower. Geetha in the meantime squatted on the floor and took my cock in her hand and kissed it and kissed my balls.

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Hasina Enjoying Sex At Dry Cleaners

I am Hasina, 21, from a middle class family. I just graduated and wrote written test for joining bank employment in various banks and other institutions. My father was in govt service and my mother was a house wife. They underwent great amount of trouble and sacrifices to get me educated. Because I was beautiful and well endowed, I wore good and attracive clothes.

I thought I should get a good job earn good salary so that my parents may not be further burdened. Though many people asked me to go as sales girls in many malls or stores, I was not interested. Such jobs involved continuous standing for hours.

A friend of my mother told her that she is opening a dry cleaning shop and since I am not going for any job, if I can be in the shop during day time it will be of great help to her. My mother asked me why dont you go. I said ok, since I was bored sitting idle at home. The shop was near our house only at a walking distance. I did not ask her who manages the shop.

When I went there I found that her son, Ibrahim, was sitting in the cabin. I went to his cabin. He recognized me and asked me to sit. He told me that I have to sit in the counter and attend to the customers who come to give their clothes for dry wash and deliver to the their dry washed clothes. He told me that I dont have to stand all the time.

There is a high rise chair behind the counter for my use. There is a girl who will help me. He told me the rates for different type of clothes etc. and said that I should collect the money when they give clothes for washing. He was squite serious and asked to come at 9 am and said I may take lunch break of an hour and leave at 6 pm.

My salary and other things he said his mother will speak to me or my mother. He took me inside the shop and showed me the girl. She was, Saji. just 16 or 17 in skirt and blouse. She appeared to be from a poor family and said she studied upto Xth standard. First day some customers came and I handles them. There was no hurry or tension.

There was a/c and hence there was no heat. Behind the show room was the godown where in one corner clothes brought by the customers are kept in crates to be taken to the factory. On the other side are the shelves with brown paper covers with washed clothes. In the corner there was a cushioned bench where one can sit for taking rest. There was a toilet at another corner.

There was a telephone where customers called to know whether their clothes are ready for delivery. I found it is ok to get into that place. I carried a book which I continued reading in spare time. When Ibrahim comes he used call Saji for doing odd jobs. She used to get tea for Ibrahim and me. Some Saji will disappear for some time and will come about half an hour later.

I thought perhaps she would have gone for some errand for Ibrahim. I asked called Saji to carry the clothes and to bring washed clothes from the shelves for the customers. One day I had an urge to go to the toilet and hence I called for Saji but there was no response, I thought I just go finish my task and come back soon. Whe I turned to the rear portion, I saw a shocking scene.

There Saji was lying in the bench with her legs wide open and clothes pulled up and Ibrahim with his pants removed was fucking her silently. I just walked to the toilet and did my job and closed the door and returned to my seat.

They never seemed to bother and they went on doing their job while I was going and when I was returning totally not concerned about my presence or my observation of their act. The sound created by them was so low that I did not hear it at all. After some time Saji came with a shy smile and I saw Ibrahim going away.

I asked Saji what is this you are doing such things in the open and in the day time. Saji said what to do, when he calls I cannot refuse. He does it all days some time both in the morning and in the evening. His wife is not in station. But even when his wife is at home he does it to me. He says he enjoys more with me than with his wife. I asked her whether he pays you anything extra.

She said sometimes he will give me, but sometime he will not. It went on like this for many days. My presence did not matter to them at all. I too never bothered. When any customer comes to take delivery of his clothes, I know Saji will be inside busy, I just go to the shelf and pick his parcel and come.

I could see from the corner of my eye that fucking is going on on the bench and they do even stop when I am in the same room to collect the clothes. Initially I was curious to see how they do it. I used to get dampness in my panty. If I happen to go into the room of course when I see them fucking my cunt releases fluids and my panty gets damp.

I just get a glimpse of a flick of a second. I could see a small portion of his cock and Sometimes he will keep his mouth on her boob. I think she also would be enjoying the act and that is why she goes without any demure. I never thought in her absence he would ask me to take her position on the bench. It happened one day. Saji did not come as she was not well.

She sent word that she is running fever and hence could not come. Suddenly I heard the voice of Ibrahim calling me by my name. There was nobody in the counter and hence I went in, without an iota of doubt that he will aske me to lie down on the bench. He come usually in a dhothi and shirt. He was standing in front of a shelf looking at some of the brown envelopes.

When I went to him asking why he called me, he turned towards me with his 7" cock fully erect and protruding from the folds of his dhothi. He did not say anything but gestured me to come to the bench. His cock was in full erection and as if from a spring action it was jumping up and down. My heart beat went very fast and I was breathing heavily.

The very look of his cock made my mouth to go dry and there was increasing moisture in my pussy. He went to the bench and gestured me to sit in the bench. I dont know some invisible power made me to obey him and I sat on the bench while he stood beside me.

I was looking at his face intently and he without even a glimpse of a smile on his face slowly unbuttoned my T shirt and unhooked my bra from behind and his hand softly went around my boob. There were waves and waves of electric shock in my body and I cannot tell you why I did not get up and go away from there.

He slowly put his hand on my back to support and his other hand pushed my boob that I had to lie down on the bench. He bent low and kissed my nipples and circled it with his tongue and was very much aroused. This was my first sexual experience from a male person.

He unbuckled my skirt and pulled it down.and placed it on a chair and pulled my panty down I cooperated with him and lifted my ass so that the panry may come down smoothly. Then I saw a smile on his face and his hand was on my pussy. I had shaven it two days back and there were only stubs of hair. So far we had not spoken a word and I was moving like a robot to his mental commands.

The flow of my fluids increased and his hand felt it. He asked me whether this is the first time you are having it. I said yes, please dont hurt me. No, no, you will enjoy. He bent low and kissed my boobs and sucked my nipples and then kissed my pussy and his tongue licked my pussy all acround. he went on sucking and licking that my flow increased.

He sucked the fluid and his tongue searched for my clitoris. I was shuddering with joy. His tip of the tongue was going around my clitoris. He knew how to make the woman happy. I was so much aroused that I was on the verge of asking him to fuck me.

He got up and opened my cunt lips with his left fingers and with his right hand guided his cock to the gate of my fuck hole and pushed is cock in. My hole was small to even allow his cock head to enter. He pulled back and put his finger and rotated it to increase the stretch. After some time he put his cock head in place and it entered. It was painful and I rolled my head left and right.

My cunt muscles held his cock tight and did not allow it to move further. But he pushed it futher and with the increased viscocity it went in. He knew there will be resistance and he just pushed it roughly and tearing and crushing all obstruction it went further in and seemed have reached the end of the tunnel.

For me it was my first experience and I felt the tightness painful and pleasureable. I thought this kind of my first experience I will get from my husband or my lover who will be concerned about my sentiments. I never thought he will use me as a substitute to Saji. But I dont understand why I did agree to sit and lie down at his just hand gesture and why did I allow him to undress me.

There was time to think, because he has started to move inside me. His hot rod went in piercing me. I had to open my legs wide to give him more space so that the tightness will be reduced. My high boobs with erect nipples were open and occasionally his mouth was attacking them to enhance my pleasure.

As the first painful phase is over, the second pleasureable phase of fucking was begining. His cock was touching some pleasure spots and it mitigated the pain and pleasureable sensation started to begin and it made me to moan. Each time he went in his body weight gave me pleasure and some body part touched my clitoris and send pleasure waves.

He increased the speed and he was gasping and I felt his action very much enjoyable and I was getting what I read in books the orgasm the ultimate of the sexy union. It was gathering from all over my body like a thunderstorm and ended in a spasmodic movement inside my cunt. I felt his stream of fluids striking the interior of my cunt hole adding to my pleasure.

I could not help putting my hands around him. His powerful squirts went on for some time and stopped and my spasms also were subsiding. I read the discription of the culmination of sex in many stories but unless we experience it we cannot visualize its intensity. I lay there tired and spent but thoroughly enjoyed.

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Rahul And Renuka Enjoying Sex Night

Hi friends, This is my first story so please excuse me if there are any narrative mistakes. it was my real experiance that happened at the time of my cousins marriage.I’m very excited to write my experience with one of my cousin renuka,23.let me introduce myself Rahul,25..we use to be like little more than friends,be it any functions girls are the attractive part of it,

I’m sure that most of the boys aould like to go to functions to see them.don’t smile with in yourself standing up for my point. It was a boring wedding for me until I saw renuka in her traditional fancy skyblue clour saree with a matching blouse and flowers stuffed in her elbow length thick hair.

I couldn’t turn my face away from her then I got a beep in my whatsaap from her ina teasy manner.Not wasting much of the time getting in to the story on the wedding day I had an instinct hard on seeing her adjusting hair and dress in the function.she asked me to take her to house as she forgot some we started in car,

ooh god she is looking absolutely pretty in her dress in that dim light. Im getting turned on after seeing her exposed navel gap between blouse and lehnga (we both are turned from chat we had on the way but are not expressive to each other).her body language had changed I’m getting high after seeing her waist from back.

Here comes the bold move from me when we are searching for the jewles in tha cupboard I caught her from back around her waist while my dick is growing mm by mm and I’m sure that she can feel it between her ass crack,it was an electric moment for both of us.

Slowly I moved her hair on to her boobs and slowly kissed her bare back,and some flower pettels got sticked to swet on her back.i can see her facial expressions in the mirror,her bereathing got increased,she closed her eyes,caught my hair from back while I was sliding my lips over her neck and litterally she was going mad.

She started moaning mmhhh sss rahulll pleaseee its not right please leave meee but her hands and expressions want some more from me…I slowly slide down her pallu and what a amazing sight in the mirror.her hair and flowers were on her boobs and some part of plumy boobs were trying to project out of the blouse and she was pleading me to leave and forcing my head over her neck.

I turned her to my front and slowly cearsed her waist with my hands, her moans are getting longer.sssshhhh aah bavaaaa plzzzzzzzzzzz. Im enjoying her expressions,I could sence from her eyes that she want more from me,I clutched my fingers in to hers and push her to wall and teasing her to kiss.its like tic-tac moment for both of us.

She is leaning forward to kiss my lips and I was going back and she couldnot control that for long time and planted a kiss on my lips,slowly I started kissing her lips too and we sucked eachothers lips and I slide my hands over her back and started pressing her ass over petticoat,may be I tink with the ass press she is turning wild and the intensity of our kissing got increased.

We kissed like that for about 5 mins and exchanged lovebites over our lips and neck. She got much wilder when I bite her lower lips and on her cleavage.i threw her on bed and started kissing her navel. She was uncontrollable with my act she clutched my hair while I was kissing her navel and moaning aahh mmmhhhh rahulllll tattukolekapothuna raaaaa plzzzzzzz inkaa eadipinchakuu

(I’m unable to control and please don’t tease me).i slowly moved from her navel to her lips kissing all way over her boobs,neck and lips.while kissing her neck she closed her eyes and moaning mmhhhhhhh ssshhhhhhh and in a low voice came the sound raaahhuullllllllll…….i slowly slide my hand under her petticoat,she caught my hand said noo please don’t.

I requested her to allow me by kissing kissing on her lips and biting, slowly we cuddled each other in our hands and roled over now she was over me.i held her legs with mine and started cearsing her back and kissing over her boobs and had a gemntle press over her waist,I don’t know hwat had happened suddenly she arched her body back bringing her boobs over my mouth.

Then I slowly slide her blouse sidewards over her shoulder and pressed her boob from down,again she had gone mad saying ooohhh rahullllllllllll champesthunav raaa (ur killing meee) aahhhhhh mmmmmhhhhhhh , uncontrollably im kissing her and cearsing her body over clothes.

I don’t want to miss this moment so I got on her with much force and removed my shirt and we cuddeled each other againg and unhokked her blouse, now we are semi nude over top and deep inside we want to have that final moment and I can spot it in her eyes that how bad she want me in her.

Guys hope u have enjoyed some part of my story, rest follows up on your feed back. Excuse me for my writing style and mistakes if any. Please feel free to drop your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Rakhi Getting Sex Lessons From Classmates

Rakhi was listening carefully the talk between her friends in the corner of the veranda of the college where they had come to seek admission. All of the were in school and studied together and completed their studies and have come to see admssion in the college. Because there were all busy with their studies they never had time or inclination to talk anything other than their studies.

Now the exams are over, the hot subject for discussion was sex. All girls were 18 and above of the same height and structure. They sat to gether and filled up the forms and submitted in the office of the college. It may take more than one or two months for the finalization of admission. Rakhi was keeping away from the sex topic since it would have affected her studies,

now her studies are over and she eagerly listened to the discusson of her friends Fathima and Raji. It was a hush hush talk and hence it was secret and not meant for public discussion. But they dont mind Rakhi joining them. Fathima was married and her husband had gone to gulf for employment. She was the most experienced of the lot in sex.

The people of Raji are trying to fix her marriage and it had made her very nervous. She had hundreds of questions to ask and her Friend Fathima alone can answer. Raji knew about the marriage of Fathima. Poor girl her husband went away to gulf within a month of marriage. They had hectic love acts during this period and sudden departure of her husband made Fathima disappointed.

Because she was in the college and she had one more year to complete her studies, she could keep herself busy and forget the grief of her loneliness. Raji and Rakhi listened to her very carefully. But later Fathima did not appear to be greatly disappointed because of her situation. Fathima slowly revealed her secret to them, on the guarantee that they will not disclose to anybody.

Fathima stayed in the house of her in laws and her brother in law who is the first year in engg. course is also there. Once or twice he came to her room and told her not to worry and to tell him any problem that she thinks needs solution, he will certainly help. Her in laws were very old and hence she had to depend upon her brother in law for many day to day transactions.

She asked about the background of Rakhi and Raji. Rakhi said she sleeps in the same room with her brother and he is quite nice and helpful. Raji said her cousin visits her regularly and offered any help. Raji did not say that her cousin makes sexual advances and they have been indulging in sex for the past one year. It was a new revelation to Rakhi.

Others urged her to persuade her brother to indulge in sex so that your unnecessary tension can be avoided. If it is own brother, no problem of blackmailing, he will be readily available, but you have to take care of all precautions. Rakhi asked them back whether they are doing the same. They said yes.

Fathima said her brother in law fucks her whenever she sends him a missed call. Raji said her cousin also fucks her. It is easy to hoodwink others when we all stay in the same house. Nobody has an iota of suspicion. Usually husbands will be four or five years senior. They want us to be submissive and be a sex tool or sex slave in their hands. Here it is not the case.

They are of our own age and we can without hesitation exchange any kind of idea with them. They urged Rakhi to take advantage of her brother. She went home very much worried. She went to her room and was thinking how to broach the subject to her bro. who was just one year younger to her. He was a sportsman and was interested only in sports.

His name was Ramkumar, but they called him Ram. She called, hey Ram, please apply some balm on my knee. He asked what is the matter. She said I fell down while coming down the stair case and I bit my bottom on floor. Now my knee and hip and buttocks pain. He asked her to lie down and he raised her skirt to the knee and applied the balm. Her thick thighs were visible.

Then he asked her to lie face down and unhooked her skirt and pulled it down. He pulled down her panty at little and applied balm on her hip and ass. She was moaning and asked him to apply pressure on her ass as it was on he ass that she landed. When she moved her hand it hit against his erect cock.

Suddenly she turned to him and found that there is a tent formed in his sports shorts. She put her hand on his erect cock and inserted her hand inside his shorts and caught his cock. He was embarrassed. Please Rakhi, please dont catch it, I was looking at your ass and I gor the erection. I am sorry. He pleaded. Ok, Ok, but let me see how big it is said she.

Please, Rakhi, no, please dont pull it out. I feel shy, said ram. With her skirt pulled up and panty pulled down, when she turned, her pussy was half exposed. She put both her hands inside his shorts and his erect cock filled her both hands. Ram stopped his protestations and was looking at the thick mat of hair of her pussy.

She pulled down his shorts and saw his 6 inch cannon, fair in color and pink head. He sat in her bed and pulled her panty further down and her pussy was fully exposed. Raskhi did not mind the exposure of her nudity, because a big cock was in her hands. Ram put his hand on her public hair and ran his fingers through it. I never knew that you have such a beautiful tool, Rakhi.

I too did not know that you have such a nice pussy in her panty siad Ram. Rakhi did not know how to proceed to the next step and Ram aalso did not know.She then asked him to finish applying balm in her ass and the knee and thighs. Ram started applying.When his fingers moved in such secred area of his sister, he was becoming horny and he made her also horny.

He then brought his trimmer and the shaving set. He removed all hair with the trimmer and collected it in an old newspaper and threw it in the commode and flushed. The time was four pm and it will take two hours before their parents come. Rakhi and Ram searched for the safe days and it categorically said about the significance of safe days and it became easy for them to proceed further.

He asked his sister how she got this idea that between brother and sister you can fuck. Rakhi said very philosophically that in the life of every student days of tension and mental anguish are quite common. People go for drugs and alcoholism only because they cannot stand the tension. If sexual relation could be developed between brother and sister, The sister will be confined between them.

They both can lead a tension free life. Both of them can take precautions. Because both of them are confined to the same bedroom and to the same bed, 100% privacy can be kept from others. Rakhi further added that many of her friends are keeping close fucking relationship with their bothers, brothers in law, cousins etc.

Rakhi when her public hair was removed found her pussy exceptionally soft and odorfree. She went tothe bath room and wash her whole triangle with soap. No hair particles were left out. She admired the skill of her brother for giving such a clean job for her. Ram lying near her had a close look at the inner secrets of her pussy.

Rakhi explained to him in detail about the function of various parts of her pussy. They both decided that they will inaugurate their first fucking in the night. Rakhi collected two hand towels and and kept them under the pillow. She asked Ram to go and fetch one or two packets of condom and keep them in the drawer. A small bottle of coconut oil was also kept handy.

Rakhi telephoned and informed her close friends about their plan. The congratulated her and wished her luck. Fathima and Raji have seen Ram when he participated in several sports meets. Experienced eyes of Phathima predicted that Ram would have one of the finest of cocks. When he plays games, she found excess activity in his shorts.

She thought let the dust settle, she will ask Rakhi to arrange for a fucking with Ram. In the night when the parents returned, Rakhi was busy and Ram as usual had gone out. After a few pleasanteries, her mother when to the kitchen to prepare food. She called Rakhi and asked for some help from her.

Rakhi helped her and when the cooking was over they got ready for eating their supper. Mother usually give to her children each a glass of milk. After cleaning the kitchen they sat for a while to watch the TV. First their father went to the bedroom and followed by their mother. After mother bolted their bedroom door, Rakhi and Ram went to their bedroom.

They both entered their bathroom and washed their private parts. Rakhi took Ram's cock in her hands and pulled the foreskin back and washed the red coloured tip and the hole with soap. It was very sensitive and Ram was twisting and turning. Then it was his turn to wash her pussy. He poured plenty of water and washed the cunt thoroughly.

They both removed their under garments and left them in the bathroom. Ram's cock was already erect and its full length was seen glowing in the light. Ram removed her blouse and then unhooking her bra he freed her boobs. He could not resist kissing her boobs and licking all over the boob and sucking her nipples.

Rakhi slowly sat on her bed and extended her hand and took hold of the cock of Ram. Ram lying by her side was licking her nipples with more power. Rakhi was getting aroused and she was watching the face of Ram. He softly squeezed her boob and was sucking the other boob. He put his hand on her navel and running his hand all over and came further down and touched her pussy.

He came down and kissed her love mount and the cunt lips. Rakhi pushed him to assume 69 pose and took his cock in her mouth. Ram buried his face in her cunt and his tongue was frantically searching for the tiny clit. He could get it at the tip of his tongue.

It was a fascinating experience, to have his cock fill the mouth of his sister and his mouth busy with licking and sucking of her clitoris. The light in the room was shining bright and they could watch each other's reaction. She was very much aroused and she asked Ram "shall we fuck". Ram immediately turned around and brought his cock at the entrance of the fuck hole.

They both kissed each other and he asked his sister to guide him into her hole. It was the first fuck for both of them. They were nervous. She checked all her calculations and asserted that it was a safe day for her. She asked him in a hush hush voice to go down slowly. His cock entered her hole, stretching her hole to take his cock head was a little painful,

Pulling back a little and he pushed it in further makng very slow progress. He met some resistance somewhere, but he pushed his cock hard and tore its way in and reached a point of stop. Ram looked at the face of Rakhi. Closing her eyes tight, Rakhi kept her head turned to one side and a small stream of tears rolled down her eyes.

Shall I fuck, asked Ram, yes, but do it slow, very slow, said Rakhi. Pulling back slowly, Ram kissed Rakhi and again pushed his cock in. After three or move movements, there was a great secretion of viscous fluid in her cunt that made the movement easier. Now Rakhi opened her eyes and she seemed to be enjoying the act of Ram. But she did not interfere.

Ram was getting hotter and he made more brisker movements and he could sense a strange sensation building up in his body. Rakhi was moaning softly and Ram gave out a sound coming deep inside him. He plunged deeply inside and exploded inside her. Almost simultaneously Rakhi also got her orgasm.

She wound her legs and hands around him and pulled him closer to her body. Ram was squirting his fluids into her and she felt it deep inside her. It was a full orgasm for both and for the first time. The spasm inside her cunt did not die down and she wanted him to make small movements so that her pleasure would be augmented.

The erection of the cock was intact and he moved it a little. It was heaven for her. Much more than what her friends told her, or more than what she had imagined. They cannot lie like this for ever. Their fluids were flowing down and before it reaches the bed, Rakhi wiped it with her towel. Ram got up with his erect cock covered with thick cover of fluids.

Rakhi wiped his cock with one end of the towel and with the other end she covered it over her cunt. They both went to the bathroom and washed their private parts. Two or three drops of blood was seen in the towel, but Rakhi did not bother. She was very happy and wanted to kiss Ram who gave her this much of pleasure. They both returned to their bed and lied.

Rakhi hugged Ram and kissed him all over his face. She said you have given me maximum pleasure, Ram, of course we both enjoyed immensely. But we have to be careful and others should not suspect she said. He also agreed. Rakhi just loved the taste and shape of the cock. She continued to suck it and both of them were aroused and were getting ready for the second shot.

This time she said you lie down I will get on top of you. Ram lied on the bed with his cock standing like a flagpole. Rakhi got on top him and somehow got his cock inside her. She jumped up and down and made all sorts of movements. At one position her clitoris was rubbing on his cock and she was on top of the world. This time they both reached their orgasm faster.

It was all fluids all over and They jumped out of the bed and ran to the bath room. They fucked for the whole night and they lost count. Rakhi decided to tell her friends of her experiences and they both slept early in the morning.

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Ashwin Getting Sex Lessons From Shahana - II

Previously: Ashwin Getting Sex Lessons From Shahana - I

She hugged me and started kissing passionately. I didn’t know what to do. I slowly opened my mouth and respond to her kiss. It came natural to me. Her tongue started exploring mine. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warm feeling. I could feel her breath becoming faster. Then I moved my tongue to her mouth and started exploring it. I was becoming breathless.

We suddenly broke the kiss. I was panting like a dog. My heart was beating like hell. I looked at her. She had a stunning smile on her face. We looked into each other’s eyes and in no time our lips met again. This time, I got a certain rhythm and did it more peacefully. She then took my hand and placed on her neck. I slowly started caressing and started moving hand down.

I placed my hand on her boobs. Wow! I have fantasized this a thousand times. But this was better than every single one of my imaginations. I slowly rubbed and caressed her boobs with the rhythm of our kiss. She started moaning in low volume. “Mmmm… Mm… Mmmmm”. I then kissed her cheek, then below her jaw, neck. I started pressing her boobs more hard.

She gave me a small slap on my hand and said “Da, don’t be too hard. You are trying to please a person. Not killing them”. She then placed my hand on her stomach. I started kissing the starting point of her boobs below the neck. I tried to pull down the t shirt and explore her boobs a bit more. She again stopped me and put my hands inside her t shirt on her belly.

So I kept kissing her neck, rubbed her belly button and started to lift the T shirt. She helped me by lifting her hand I removed it over her head. She then pulled my head and placed on her boobs. Her bra was sky blue in color. I was smooth and silky. I’d never seen anything like that. Most of the lingerie I’d seen so far was normal black or white ones.

I started kissing her boobs above her bra. I began to kiss her nipples through the bra. She then asked me to slide my hand inside the other one. I took my hand and slid inside her bra. I felt the erect nipple and started rubbing it while kissing the other one. She unhooked the bra and it came off. There it was. Beautiful wheatish colored breasts with erect pink-purplish color nipples.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Has to be the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen in my life. She immediately hugged me. I then started playing with her boobs. I kissed all over them. She asked me to circle her nipple with my tongue. I started doing that. Then I started sucking her nipple and boobs. She kept her hands on my head and started playing with my hair.

I looked at her face. Her eyes was closed. She had a very erotic expression on her face. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and hugged me. Our bare bodies touched for the first time. The feel of her nipple touching my chest was amazing. Then she kissed my chest and started rubbing my stomach. Her hands started moving downwards. She touched my guy.

A current passed through me. I was shivering with pleasure. She removed my pants and underwear. Then held my boy in her hand. Slowly moved the foreskin to back. The head was filled with pre cum. She slowly touched the pink head and started rubbing it. I closed my eyes with pleasure. Then she started stroking it.

Ohhhh… My breath became heavier and started moaning a bit. She stroked my penis with one hand and started playing with my balls with the other. It was heaven indeed. Then she did something very unexpected. She kissed the pink head, opened her mouth and took it in her mouth. I never thought Indian women did that. I thought it was just a foreign thing.

I said that to her and she laughed. She said “You are one innocent kid. There is plenty for you to learn” and again took it in her mouth. Her lips moved on it in different ways. I was almost crying with pleasure. She started moving up and down. She licked it like a lollipop, sucked it, her hands stroked it occasionally. I closed my eyes in pleasure. Finally pressure started building inside me.

I said I gonna cum now. She suddenly took it out of her mouth and started stroking it faster. I couldn’t hold it much longer. It exploded. I never came this much in my life ever. Then I asked her… “Do you like to drink this?” “No. I am not like these pornstars. I really hate the taste. Go to the bathroom, clean and come back. You have plenty of other things to do” and smiled.

I cleaned myself and came back. She was waiting for me topless in the bed. She asked me to sit on the floor. I sat and she stood near me. I kissed her belly button. She then took my hand and placed it on her ass cheeks. I slowly started to caress it and continued kissing her belly. I slowly untied the knot of her track pants. I slid it down and she helped to take it off by lifting her legs.

What remained in her beautiful body was a matching sky blue panties. She held my head and guided it to her thighs. I started kissing them. I also started to move my hands upwards to her panty. She took my hand and placed near the elastic. I stood up, immediately kissed her juicy lips. My hands slowly touched her tender, dripping love flower through her panty.

My first time feeling the most amazing thing on the planet..! It felt magical. I slowly started to rub the lips. She adjusted my hands and guided me with the movements. With her training, I started to do it better. She broke the lip kiss and started to kiss my eyes, neck and cheeks… With her hand, she also slid down her panty. She then placed my hand on her fully exposed, clean shaved love flower..!

I started rubbing it and the free flow of love juice made me crazier by minute. She then asked me to stand on my knees and take a look. I obeyed her. She guided my hands and showed every part of it. The different holes and the amazing center of pleasure - clitoris… She even gave me a small lecture about the huge number of neural receptors in that part which causes all these pleasure…

Then she guided my finger to her love hole and instructed me to finger her. I started to insert my finger and pulling it out. I then increased the speed, I could feel her breath becoming faster, I found a certain rhythm and sensitive spots based on her reactions. She instructed me to insert one more finger. I used my point and middle fingers to please her. She stopped my after a while.

We kissed again. She then laid on the bed and spread her legs. “Kiss me there now” she said. I was very reluctant at first. I had a belief that it is a dirty thing to do. But I had to return the favor. I slowly kissed her belly button and came down with each small peck. Finally I kissed on her lower lips. The smell and the taste of her love juice felt strange at first.

I even felt a bit yucky to be honest. But she was responding well to those. Then she said. “It is very important to master the art of going down on a girl. Everyone loves to get oral from their partner. You can satisfy a girl to the fullest if you can master using your tongue well”. I opened my mouth and slowly touched her pussy with my tongue… She made a “shhhh…” sound.

I then somehow overcame the yucky feeling and slowly licked her flower from down to the top. I could sense from the moan that she liked it. I started to explore the nooks and corners of her pussy using my tongue. I could find some special sensitive spots. I gave special care to those spots and licked her. I sucked the pussy using my tongue and lips.

I smooched her pussy like a giving a juicy french kiss, using the full glory of my lips and tongue. With the flow of her love juices, my amazement started to increase. I started enjoying doing this. She kept her hands on my hair. She brushed my hair and guided me sometimes by moving my head.

We stopped after a while. She got up and announced. “It’s time to lose your cherry, Ashwin”. I couldn’t hide the excitement. My little boy was throbbing in lust. She took a pillow and kept it under her hips. She signaled me to climb on her top with her hands. I climbed on top. She adjusted herself and me.

She took my penis in her hand, moved the foreskin upward, and kept in near her pussy. Suddenly a thought flashed in mind. I asked, “Do you have condoms? You will get pregnant if we do this without it right?”. She laughed and said, “Kiddo, now you need a lesson on safe periods. Just understand that there are some days in which we don’t need condoms to stop pregnancy.

And since you are also a virgin, I don't have fear of STDs. Doing it with condom is no fun. Let your first time be amazing.” She held my cock again and guided to her pussy. I closed my eyes and dissolved in the feeling of my penis touching the warm depths of a women hood for the first time. I slowly started to move my hips. The feeling was amazing.

She also moved her hips to help me. We found a sweet point and fucked in a moderate pace. Both of us were moaning with pleasure. She whispered “faster” in my ear. I increased the pace. I couldn’t hold any longer. Pressure was building up in me and I whispered “I’m gonna cum”. She said “it's ok. Do it inside me”... I sped up, and climaxed inside her.

I hugged her for a while and we kissed. She said “Since this is your first time, I knew you were not gonna last very long. It's OK. Everyone’s first time is like this. Now get up and help me reach my climax.” I got up and started fingering her. She started moaning. I inserted 3 fingers and increased the pace. Her moaning became louder, breathing became faster.

She suddenly stopped me. She asked me to lie down and climbed on me. Started rubbing her pussy on my penis. It became erect in no time. She then slid it inside her puss. She started jumping and her boobs was moving up and down in front of my eyes. I still can see that beautiful frame in my mind. Pressure started building up again. She increased the pace yet again.

My penis was hitting deeper territories with each movement.. She suddenly clenched her hands on my back and moaned. Her love juices flowed like crazy. She kissed me and whispered “I came...” and smiled. That smile of satisfaction!. I felt really good that I could make her happy. She then held my penis, stroked it to the climax. We hugged each other are lied down there for a while.

She got up after a while a lit a cigarette. Also offered me one. I said I never smoked in life. She smiled, came near me and gave me a kiss on my lips. She was smoking a Marlboro cigarette. I could feel the strange taste and smell. Even after all these years, those cigarettes always makes me think of her. She finished the cigarette and we lied down again for some time.

She then asked me to go and take a shower. I took a shower and came back. We got dressed. I copied all the porn and installed some software in her PC. While doing that, she was sitting on my lap. I was kissing the neck and smelling her hair. We held hands. It was getting late. I had to reach my home. She made me promise not to tell this to anyone. And I kept it.

I still don’t know why she trusted me. She gave me her phone number and asked me never to call since it might became a big issue if someone saw. She was a progressive person in a very conservative family. She said she would text or call when she can. I left her home. I waited for her call days after days.

She called me after two weeks. She was in her hostel. We talked for a while about our life and she gave me tips about my exam. We also talked about our sex… She teased me for not knowing what safe period was :)... I was slowly falling in love with her… She hung up after a while. Even though I started studying, thoughts about her would distract me sometimes.

I felt a warm feeling inside my heart whenever I thought about her. I somehow wrote my exam and scored an above average mark. I kept waiting for her call. She called after a month. With a beating heart, I proposed her. She was silent for a while. Then she started talking. She said I was a teenager and this is just an infatuation.

She didn’t have any feelings for me in that way etc. I was heartbroken… But she convinced me that it was a bad idea to love her… I cried a lot that day. But I somehow got over her. I never attempted to call her back. But she called me after a week or so. We started talking again as friends. I really loved her as a friend and respected her. She was like a mentor to me.

She taught me not to judge people based on their dress or color or sexuality. She taught me the challenges women face in today's world and what can I do to make it better for the women around me. She taught me that there is no such thing as a slut and every human love to have sex. Never judge a person based on their like to have sex. Taught me how to be a gentleman.

I shared everything with her. She called every two weeks or so. We occasionally also shared some sex fantasies and adventures… I always respected her “not-call-me” rule seriously. Thanks to her, I never behaved creepy to any other girl again. We never got a chance to meet after that from our hometown.

After two years, I visited her college and got a chance to have an amazing night with her.. Then she graduated and started working in a private hospital in Bangalore. Our lives got busy. We kept in touch. She gifted me my first set of formal cloths for the placement season (selected from an e commerce site, and delivered to my hosted address).

She called once in every month or so. Then she found her true love. The frequencies of calls got low. After a while, I also found my true love. We started having sex. I explored the various possibilities of sex with my partner. Then one day Shahana called me and said her marriage is fixed with her guy. We talked for a while. I wished her all the success.

But I couldn’t attend her marriage due to a university exam. I never tried to contact her again because never wanted to interfere in her family life. I wanted her to lead a happy life. I can tell one thing for sure. I can never forget her.

She was one of the most influential person in my life. Every now and then, the smell of Marlboro cigarettes kept reminding me of her. Thank you Shahana. You are the best person I ever know… Wish you all the happiness in the world. Be happy wherever you are.

The End.

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Ashwin Getting Sex Lessons From Shahana - I

It was a hot summer afternoon in my small town in northern Kerala. I opened the big metal gate and entered to the front-yard, paved with interlock. The big two storied house and high compound wall reminded me of a fortress. I, Ashwin, was a teenager,hailing from a middle class family, just finished my +2 exams and enjoying the vacation.

In those days, my main source of pocket money was computer repairing. Nothing big. Just simple hardware fixes and formatting and reinstalling OS etc. The previous day, my friend called me and said his cousin’s computer was affected with virus and needs to be formatted. I didn’t knew his cousin in person. He gave me her land phone number.

I called her home and she said to come next day afternoon. So there was I, in front of her house. I rang the bell. A middle aged lady came and opened the door. I said I was there to repair the computer. She guided me to a room upstairs. I knocked the door. The door opened and a nerdy, beautiful girl n her early twenties appeared.

She was wearing a skirt, shirt and her head was covered in a shawl. She asked me to come in. The maid left and I entered her room. The first thing I noticed was her bookshelf. It was almost full with literature as well as medicine textbooks. A typical conservative bookworm girl, I thought. The room was air conditioned.

As a middle class guy, I never had an opportunity to be in AC for a long time. The dry cold atmosphere was making me a bit restless. She closed the door and said Hi. Her name was “Shahana” and she was doing her final year MBBS in a college near Mangalore. She was tall and fair. Her face reminded me of Preity Zinta. Juicy pink lips, innocent wide eyes and a dimple.

Her smile was beautiful. Her hands was thin and long. She was not fat or thin, just healthy. Her beautiful firm boobs was in size of large oranges. Her body was shaped like an avocado. When she turned back, I saw her luscious, beautiful ass. I was just a stupid sexually charged teenager then. I couldn’t help but ogle at her assets occasionally, hoping to not getting caught.

I checked her computer. It was a common “shortcut” virus which hidden every file in any pen drive connected to it and replicated itself when another one is connected. It was fixable under my very limited computer wisdom. I asked her “Can format the computer? Every file stored in the system will be gone. But I have CDs of most of the software and will install a good antivirus too.”

She came near the computer and bent forward to check the files. I got up from the computer chair. Ohh man.. I still can’t forget the view. She was bending a little and her shirt was lifted a bit up. Her thin skirt gave me a nice view of her juicy ass in its full glory. The skirt went a little deep to the valley between those two mountains. I could even recognize the elastic of her panty.

I couldn’t stop staring. She suddenly got up and said go on with the formatting. In those days, when nobody in my place haven’t even heard about external hard drives, my tool was a photo album like bag which could hold a lot of CDs. I took the cd of windows XP and started formatting the machine. She sat near a study table and started reading a book.

After a bit, we started chit chatting. She cracked the entrance and got admission in a Government Medical College in all India quota. We talked about movies, books, travel and the entrance exams. She reads a lot. Things she said was funny, wise and occasionally sarcastic. She had traveled a lot with friends and had a lot of fun.

What a contrasting second impression! She also gave me some valuable tips since I was planning to write engineering entrance exams later that month. Thanks to the long installation time of windows XP, we had plenty of time to chit chat. I occasionally kept ogling at her beautiful body also. After installing the OS, I gave her my CD bag to pick CDs of the software she want.

Every CD was marked with software inside. She went through the CDs and picked 3-4 ones. And finally she took one out and asked. “Hey, What’s in this unlabelled one?”. Ohh shit.. It was a porn CD a friend gave me and I forgot to move it from my CD bag. I stuttered and said “Err, its… its a software” “What software?” “Umm.. Its for de… designing”

She smiled a bit and said in a sarcastic tone. “Yeah I know, people of your age loves designing a lot..” Busted! I smiled like an idiot and went back to installing software. After a while she said. “Hey, can you install that designing software also” My heart skipped a beat. That stupid teenager couldn’t process the fact that women also wants to watch porn.

I was a bit shocked at first. Then it was such a turn on. My little friend started growing inside my underwear in no time… I strategically placed my CD bag to hide my “revelation”. I copied the video files to her computer. After finally installing everything I started to leave. She asked what is my payment. I said it’s 150. She gave me 200! It was a first in my life.

Every single client so far was a Shylock! But I never had the faintest idea that it was just the beginning of so many firsts! Even after leaving her home, I couldn’t stop thinking about her for days. Sexy, intelligent, fun loving, porn watching girl. I fantasized about her all the time. There was no way to see her since she is usually at her college.

I couldn’t even get her cell phone number. Calling her home number was not a good idea. Then I got busy with my entrance exam preparation and exams. Days passed. I developed a routine of sleeping till noon, eat and go to the ground, play cricket till evening and swim in the river, watch movies till late at night. I became leaner and a bit stronger.

I was free till my entrance results were out. One day, my phone rang. It was from an unknown mobile number. I answered it. “Hello” “Yeah. Is this Ashwin?” My heart skipped a beat. “Sh.. Shahana? Where are you?” “Yes. I’ve reached here today. Look, I need to reinstall MS Office. Can you come tomorrow morning?” “Why not. Is 11 OK?” “Sure. And bring some designing software also” (giggle)

I was awestruck. “Definitely” I said. She hung up the call. I couldn’t sleep thinking about the next day. I slept after a long struggle. The next morning, I woke up at 10 and took my best porn CDs in my collection. I went to her home rang the bell. This time, she herself came down and opened the door. She was wearing a pink track suit and white T shirt. Her head was not covered.

I asked, “Hey, where is that conservative girl Shahana I met last time?” She said “Her parents are abroad for a month, so she decided to be herself for a while” and smiled. Her white t shirt gave me a nice view of her round globes. When we climbed the steps, I followed her and enjoyed the beautiful view of her firm ass and stunning thighs.

There was only she and two servants at that home. We reached her room and closed the door. I turned on the computer and asked. “Hey, did you liked the designing software I gave you?” “Not bad. But my taste is a bit different” “Ohh.. What do you like?” “Err… Different ones I guess” I opened my CD bag and took the CD of Tarzan. It was a big hit among us at that time.

It was a porn version of the classic Tarzan. I started playing it. She came near the computer and started watching it with me. Tarzan was undressing the girl after they started a long kiss. But the most fascinating scene for me was this hot sexy girl near me was watching and enjoying all these.

(Again, like I said, I was a stupid virgin teenager. Now I understand that women are just like men and likes to have fun). My underwear was getting tighter every minute. I somehow adjusted it to avoid the pain. She noticed it and said “Ohh… Looks like someone needs to come out of his cage” I immediately struck back and said “The only reason he is in the cage is that it’s your home, not his”

“Don’t be shy. Consider yourself at home” Mannn… What did I just heard? I looked at her in amusement. She said again, “I’m not kidding. Do what you want.” I was a bit shy and my boy was throbbing inside my underwear. I opened my belt, unbuttoned my pants, my underwear was like a tent. I slowly slid down my pants, and took my boy out of my underwear.

She was staring right at it. The thought of she looking at my tool made it even harder. I asked, “First time seeing a penis?” She laughed and said: “Fuck off. I’m a medico dude. Try a 100th. And you need some lesson on how to use a trimmer”. Another goal to my post… But I ignored her and rubbed my penis. I slowly removed the foreskin and stroked slowly.

Pre cum was oozing from the head. I stared at her face and slowly shifted my vision to her boobs. I slowly closed my eyes and started moving my hand through my penis, fantasizing about her. Suddenly I felt a breath near my face. I opened my eyes and saw to eyes real close to my eyes. Something soft pressed against my lips.

Wow! It took me a second to understand what was happening. She slowly opened her lips sucked my lower lips. My first kiss!!

To Be Continued...

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Krish Fucking Santhi And Her Friend Kangana

This happened in a fast upcoming city of Kerala. My parents were both working and I was in the last year in the school. I am Krish, 17, tall and keen in sports etc. When Santhi, my cousin came to stay with us to join her home science degree course, we were happy. we used to go to her house for vacation and stay there in the hill station. Santhi then was my play mate.

She was one year elder to me but we moved as close friends and had lot of fun running around her huge compound, climbing trees, etc. But now she is full fledged female and very serious in her studies. Our house had only two bed rooms, The one downstairs was occupied by my parents and another one upstairs by me.

My mother told me that they will put an extra cot for Santhi and I may have to share my study table and book shelf with her. We had a pc erected downstairs. I did my project work in that pc. My father had a laptop which promised to give me when I go to the degree class. The convenience with the laptop was that we can keep it on our bed and work.

I accompanied Santhi when she went to college, she went to buy her books, noteooks etc. It was not a long distance to engage an auto, we could carry our load and walk back home. Santhi was very serious in her studies and slowly she started to pick up friends. When my school reopened it wa my final year and I had to put up heavey work to be able to come out with flying colors.

Santhi helped in my studies also. My mother cooked food for all of us and left it on the table and I and Santhi took them, Sometimes when we cannot come home for lunch we carried our lunch box. Though we both slept in the same room I never carried any bad intentions towards her. Santhi carried all the exhuberance of her age and was dressed nicely.

She told me that she has lot of project work and if I could get for her the laptop, it would be convenient for her. I too can work on it when needed. When I asked Dad for the laptop, her willingly gave on condition that we both have to secure high marks. Thus the laptop came to our bedroom.

In the presence of our parents she does not talk much, but when we reach home Santhi will be talkative and talk about her friends. She used to sit on the study table under the reading lamp and do her work or sit on her bed and do.Her close fiends were Monisha, Fathima, Aarushi etc.

On holidays Santhi will help my mother in cooking and show her talents in cooking and give us a chance to make fun of her. All she learns in her cooking class she will experiment on us. One day I slept off early and Santhi was working late sitting on the bed. At 11 o'clock when I got up to go to the bathroom she was keenly watching the screen of the monitor.

She did not appear sleepy also. She told me that she did nt have college on the following day. On my return from the toilet I went near her and looked at the monitor screen. Oh, she was watching porn. She told me apologetically tht her friend gave the porn site ID and it was the first time she was watching it.

She gave me space to sit near her on her bed and we both started to watch the screen. I was also not familiar with porn or porn sites, because I was keen in completing my studies in flying colors. Though I had seen porn movies before it was in the house of my friend. It was the first time I was watching it in my own bedroom. Santhi also was watching it for the first time.

On seeing the nude fucking charactors in the screen we both were excited. Fir it was a blow job, the girl was young and the cock she was taking in her mouth was huge and because she was a professional cock sucker, she did it with ease and the boy was moaning Seeing this, I had an erection and Santhi was taking big breaths.

I was in a lungi and she wore a nighty and it can be easily seen that a huge tent like formation in my lungi. Santhi said it was her friend Konkana who gave the porn ID and Konkana used to watch regularly in her room. After blow job, making the girl lie down and opeing her legs wide, the boy burried his face in her crotch and his tongue was searching for something in her pussy.

The pussy was clean shaven and looked very pink due to excitement. Santhi seeing this was very much aroused. Her hand sneaked into my lungi in search of my tent. Having caught my cock it took a firm grip. She told me later that it was the first time she was seeing a live adult cock and touching it.

She looked closely at my 7 incher and experimented pulling the skin back and forth. I unbuttoned her nighty and her ample boobs were hidden by white coloured bra. She unhooked her bra and realeased her melons from captivity. I never thought that santhi would be available for sex game when she sleeps in my room. This was indeed a bonanza.

Without my taking any initiative all are done by her. I told to wait and let the video show be over. She waited. The boy fucked the girl in many poses. His huge cock went deeply inside her and she never ever show any signs of pain or discomfort. Or rather she welcomed it. The video boy was pumping the video girl with deep shots and she was moaning with pleasure.

Santhi looked at my face and kissed me on my lips. Finally the boy pulled his cock out and threw his fluids into her face and in her open mouth. For Santhi and I this was the first time we see a boy and a girl copulating in the video. I helped her to remove her nighty. She wore a bra and a panty. Bra was unhooked earlier and I just pulled the panty down and her hairy pussy was seen.

A peculiar smell was emanating from her cunt. I asked Santhi whether I may shave her pussy of this black forest. She asked me, can you do it carefully? I laughed at her and went to the bathroom for all implements. Put an old newspaper underneath her ass, with my trimmer I cut the excess hair from her pussy it came out in a bunch.

Then I applied water and soap and lathered the pussy. With the help of a safety razor, I shaved off the excess hair and her cunt glowed in golden color. Santhi went to the bathroom to wash off the soap buds. I too went and cleaned my shaving tools and kept them away and came back. Shanti said it is a wonderful experiece because after shaving it feels very soft and like that of a child.

I made her lie down and opened her legs and licked her cunt. I dug my tongue tip inside her opening and pulled out her clitoris. It was too tiny and could not grip with my lips. I licked and licked it that it grew into a small size and Santhi was growling with pleasure. I pushed my tongue into her fuckhole and fucked her with my tongue.

We took 69 pose and sucked each other simultaneously and got orgasm. I shot my cum into her mouth and she too sprayed her fluids into my mouth and face. This was the first time I get orgasm with the help of a girl and that too inside my bedroom. Santhi said that she never ever thought she will ever have sex and that too with me in the safe bedroom where nobody will come to know.

Santhi was not in favour of sexual intercourse where we run great risk. She said oral sex is the best and safe. She loved my cock, which is 7" and with enough girth, golden colour and stands erect for any amount of time. She took my ball pouch in her mouth and played with my balls with her tongue. Her virgin pussy gave a good taste and I was never tired of licking and sucking it.

After one more round we both slept naked. In the early morning she got up early and ran downstairs after bath to help my mother in the kitchen. My parents took food and left for office. Santhi said she may not go to college. With Santhi alone at home I thought I will also not go to school. We both confined to our bedroom and watched porn.

When we get tired we started our licking and sucking job and reached orgasm many times. In the meantime Santhi's friend Kangana telephoned and asked how she was spending her time. Kangana said if you are feeling lonely I will come there to keep company. Santhi said no, I have my cousin brother here with me I am not lonely.

Kangana said surprisingly that you have never told me about your cousin, let come and see him I am coming. Santhi was in total confusion. She did not want Kangana to know that we both are sleeping in the same room. The news will spread like wild fire amongthe girlsin the college. But how to avoid her.

Kangana reached within ten minutes before we could formulate any plan to keep her away. Santhi asked me to hide the laptop. Kangana dressedin chudidar and pyjama, carried her own backback with the laptop, came and sat in the sitting room. Santhi decently dressed came and sat with her and went on talking,

Kangana asked Santhi to take her to her bedroom as she has her laptop and wanted to show her some photos and videos. When they reached the bedroom I was there. Kangana was surprised seeing me. Santhi introduced me to Kangana. Santhi asked me to go and sit in the sitting room.

They talked and finally Kangana showed Santhi her laptop, some photos of hers with her husband and videos of her bedroom scene. Santhi was shocked. Santhi never knew that Kangana is married and her husband is in gulf. The bold girl has recorded all their sexual encounters in her laptop for her own watchin. And now she showed it to her friend.

Some close up photos of her pussy being pierced by the cock of her husband were there. However many times her husband fucked her it was all recorded and Kangana proudly displayed it. Kangana asked Santhi to call me so that I may also see these videos and photos. Santhi was in a dilemma. If I am also called lot of questions about my relationship may to be answered.

But Kangana insisted and Santhi called me to come up. I came up in a lungi and t shirt and Kangana asked me to sit with them and opened the laptop and showed the videos. As I was watching the hot stuff, I was getting an erection. The problem was that there were two beautiful girls, with one of whom I had sex only few hours back.

The second is a sex hungry girl showing photos of how she was fucked by her husband. She noticed my discomfiture. She showed the videos were her husband was fucking her. I noticed that her husband had a cock which was smaller than mine in size. I asked her since how long he is in gulf.

She said immediately after marriage he left and it it more than six months he has not come. It may take another six months for him to come. In the meantime there was a phone call and I had to get up with my cock standing erect, my lungi slipped and fell down and for a fraction of a second I was standing stark naked before Kangana.

Santhi had gone to get tea from the kitchen. When I turned back I saw Kangana standing amazed. Santhi came with tea for all of us. Kangana called me to see some more videos. She had used some perfume which was alluring. I sat meakly next to her and watched her laptop. She was totally naked and her husband was fucking her in all concievable poses.

She had a marvellous figure, but her husband was a lanky fellow with a tiny cock. I asked her who took the photo and kept the lights. Kangana laughed and said it was her husband's brother who worked as a photographer in gulf. Where are his photos, fucking you or fucking his wife. Kangana stared at me and said there are in a different folder.

She showed me her husband's brother fucking her and his own wife. She admitted that her husband called his brother and his wife to come for the sex party and all the four nakedly fucked each other. All of them are recorded in the laptop. Santhi was shocked and dazed. Kongana asked Santhi to make me fuck her.

Santhi said I cannot tell him you may ask and if he agrees you go ahead. These conversations were taking place in my presence and some how I was shocked and surprised. Finally Kangana came to me and asked me meakly whether we can go to my bedroom. I had to tell her that this is my bedroom and that Santhi and I sleep in the same room.Kangana looked at Santhi.

Santhi looked the other side. She did not want to encourage Kangana to have sex with me. But she is sex starved and sex crazy She pleaded with Santhi and finally Santhi came and asked me to help her. You should not come every other day and ask me to fuck you. Now it is ok. She agreed. I took her to my bed. Santhi was watching. I removed her dress one by one.

She had nice boobs with pink aerolia and dark nipple. Not much fat in the body, flat navel, clean shaven pussy big thighs and big ass. She was not a virgin and has been fucked by many people and hence I had no difficulty to insert my cock into her. This was my first attempt to fuck a girl. Santhi was watching closely at my attempt.

Kissing her on her cheeks, boobs and nipples, I aroused Kangana so that she may get ready for the sexual encounter. After fucking her for two minutes, I increased the tempo. She came to her first orgasm. I stopped for a minute and then started again so that she may get ready for her second orgasm. After that I too combined my orgasm with hers and it was nice to fuck a girl.

Kangana hugged and kissed me and requested me to promise her that I will fuck her at least once a week. I said no I cannot promise. We went to the bathroom and washed our private parts. Kangana admired my cock, its capacity to keep its stiffness.

Somehow Santhi managed to send her off to her home. Santhi asked my own experience about fucking her friend. I said it is ok, but suddenly fucking a stranger is making one nervous.

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Suraj Fucking Best Friends Sister Liya

Hey, all sexy Human Digest readers. This is your Suraj from Bangalore with a fantastic story with a sexy shy friend’s sister. Her name is Liya. Me and my her brother is very close friends since 4th class, he had one elder sister and one younger sister who was 2 years younger than me. In school days she was not so attractive and I never had any feeling on her.

But when she entered 10th her breasts started growing and her nipples were always poking out from uniform it was so big and poky. Later she joined puc were she has uniform chudi lite color top again through which I can see her poky nipples her poky nipples make me go mad on her.

Wen I visit her home she used to be in a tee in which I don’t feel like she worn anything inside that tee because her nipples were so big and can see through t-shirt. She was perfect shaped with flat tummy big breasts and chubby ass.

But as she’s my friend’s sister I couldn’t go for her directly as it might ruin my friendship and my self-respect in his home so I was thinking about how to get her into the bed. She always speaks with so much shyness. I thought I couldn’t fulfill my desire for her.

But once when we were chatting she asked me whether I have gf to which I acted sad that I don’t have any like your bro my life is so boring. So she said don’t worry I will search for you. And asked me to search boy for her in a kidding way to which I replied: “Naane idini alva” (am only there na) she said hoo you will be my bf ahh am not so good pair for you.

To which I said you are beautiful and just grabbed her attention in a humorous way. Day by day our chat continued like this but we never got a chance to chat about sex or anything like that. One day early morning I went to their home to pick my friend to play cricket when he opened the door

I was dumbstruck to see the view my lovely girl is sleeping in her loose chudi through which her breast were trying to pop out. This made me fall for her beauty more and more. But my friend annoyed it saying let’s go. So I took this as an advantage and texted her ” you look sexy wen you are sleeping ?” she was shocked and said wen did I see her sleeping so I said I came morning and saw you?

She was shy and just slowly asked wat made you say am sexy. I don’t want to keep postponing so I just replied directly that your breast was visible ?. To which she got angry and said I never thought you are so bad and blah blah. So I said ok sorry but don’t say this to anyone. Then she said something which killed my mind. She will not say, anyone, until I show her my down part to her.

I was like wat the fuck. She said she’s curious to see and feel it and she’s mad at seeing my cock in my tracks pant. I thought I was a lusty person but she’s actually a blonde. So I said it’s all yours if you give me yourself. But this must be very secret because if we leave small clue my friendship and your respect is gonna ruin. So we were waiting for a perfect day.

Once my friend father got admitted in the hospital due to some sugar issues so his mom and elder sister was in the hospital with him and my friend was in work. He called me to go home and take lunch and give to the hospital as Liya is alone. I was so happy after listening to this and just rushed to his home without texting liya. And Liya was in kitchen washing dishes.

I just locked the main door went directly into the kitchen and hugged her from behind and started to kiss her neck like a dog. She turned and kissed me on my cheeks nose forehead but she was closing her eyes all time. I just grabbed her waist and squeezed it saying I love you sexy. She hugged me tightly and I just lifted up her. Now her breast was in front of my eyes.

I just brushed them with my face and kissed. Now we shifted to the room. She was very shy to see my face. I just took her hand and made her sit on my lap saying don’t be shy you have everything that you need. If you want to enjoy then throw out your shyness. She was same still. I started smooching her gently by sucking those lips and then her tongue.

And placed my hand on her breast massaging it gently she started to breathe heavily and my dick was poking her in between thighs. I whispered shall we get naked. She nodded her head giving the green signal. I made her sit and removed her t-shirt, slip, and pant. I removed my clothes too now we were only in our inner. I just wondering at her sexy body how shaped it is.

Such big boobs in that tight bra and flat tummy. Pink panty which is already wet near the spot. I lifted her head and said, “Here’s the thing which you wanted to see and feel, please go for it”. In shyness, she hugged and her face rubbing my hard dick. I removed her bra hook and freed those melons. Wow wat a piece of flesh so fresh so soft and so erected nipples.

Can’t resist for a moment and started sucking it like a mad baby. Biting those erected big areola. My dick was slamming up and down mean time. She was holding my hairs so tight and shivering her body. I licked every tip of her breast and took maximum in my mouth but couldn’t take her half also such a big melons. Now I started playing with her navel kissing it.

Slowly placed my hands on her panty and rubbed it was hairy which I loved to see. I dropped her panties down but she was trying to cover it by twisting her legs and closing it with her hands but I stopped her and spread her legs. Wow wat a view bushy hairs and in the middle two lips which are shining with that cum. I just spread those lips and it was too wet sticky and pink.

Smell was arousing. Took my face near and kissed on the tip. She shivered I just took out my tongue and licked over those lips it was salty and different but lust inside me was like don’t stop just lick it lick more of it. But she was” enough please enough” and covering it.

Then I stood up made her sit in bed took her hand placed on my inner and she was amazed she said how can this big go inside my tiny hole. I winked at her saying just wait for some moment I will show how it goes. She put her hand inside my inner took my hot dick and shaking it.

I removed my boxer. She was wondering as she’s seeing a dick for the first time in shyness she started to see every cm of my dick and she placed her hands near balls and loved it and started playing wit my soft balls. I took her hairs and pushed her towards my cock asked her to taste but she was like cheee no. I said once you taste and if you don’t like then don’t do.

With so much force she just took the tip of my cock and didn’t even taste it. So I pulled my foreskin back and said lick it with her tongue. She did and felt comfortable and started to suck slowly by holding my balls. She kissed my balls licked all over my cock.

I asked shall we fuck? She didn’t answer anything but just lay on the bed so I took this chance and spread her legs widely licked that hot pussy again while playing with those big melons and started fingering she got very horny and started saying please insert your dick. I made her sleep on bed end and I took my dick near her pussy started teasing her rubbing between her ass and pussy lips.

She was moaning loudly. I pointed near her hole but it was damn tight not even tip is getting in. She was screaming in pain. I thought to stop by seeing her scream but then I thought its common at first and should give her pleasure. So I hold her hands by mines I kept my dick pointing in her hole laid on her lips locked and just started to push my cock slowly she started

to bite my tongue lips hardly in pain and at one point we both felt a jerk and my cock was taken by her pussy 75% and tears were rolling out of her eyes and blood from her pussy. But we were not in the mood to worry about it. I just kept my dick inside for 10 mins and started stroking it slowly and gently. She was getting out of pain little. and enjoying the fuck.

She started kissing my neck and biting my chest and I squeezed her boobs sucked it and I increased the pace she was raising her hip supporting me and spreading her legs very wide. The blood mixed with her cum and my pre-cum making a noise which was tempting a lot.

Then I asked her to come on top of me so I just lifted her without taking my cock out and I lied down and she started sitting slowly her boobs were jumping which is the best view of my life. I was squeezing her ass and making her fuck me hard and I was about to cum so I made her get up and came a lot on her big boobs we were sweating like a getting wet in rain in the pleasure.

Suddenly got a call from my friend where are you did you take lunch? So we just got cleaned dressed and I left to the hospital and many other incidents happened between us which I will share personally if anyone liked my story and willing to read more please mail me.

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Fantasy Sex With Wild Desi Girl In Train

This is a fantasy. It all starts at Secunderabad railway station, time was around 8:30 pm I guess. My train was already on the platform ready to leave in 15 min. I bought a parcel of chicken biryani and got into the train.

Since it is monsoon season there are only a few passengers on the train which is entirely ac. So I was one among the 6 people in my coach, all of us got different seat numbers. So from my seat, none can see me and curtains played their part too in shielding me from activities of other people.

So the train moved. I wanted to change from my jeans to cotton track pants and full hand t-shirt since it was a long journey, about 36 hrs. It was almost 1 hr since the train had started and I was busy texting. Just then I saw someone is moving the curtains and entering, it was some lady for some 28 years.

I helped her with luggage and then we settled. We exchanged smiles. I introduced myself, and we had a little chat about the journey and I came to know that she is also heading for the same place.

Let me describe her, she is about 5’8”, fair, voluptuous (she had solid assets) lady. Her stats would be like 36-28-40. She was in her jeans and top. After few minutes of chatting, she saw me in my outfit and said that she would also change.

She went and changed her outfit, she also wore track pant and a loose t-shirt, she wasn’t wearing any bra as such, and one can clearly see her nipples pokies. I was looking at those boobies and lost in my own thoughts she came near be and said stop dreaming you jerk, and patted on my head…

I said she was having heavy boobies she smiled and said you must have seen enough boobs, what is so different in mine. I said l guys never miss a chance to look at new boobies even though they had seen/sucked many boobs.

She smiled off at that comment and gave a look at my crotch, which has got her attention. She could see the size of my bulge as I didn’t wear any undergarments. As she was staring I heard some sound perhaps a coin or something, it’s her small locket which just fell down and we both started looking for it because she was fat she couldn’t get under the seats so I was doing that job…

And found it I said from under the seat, she was not responding. She was busy looking at my ass crack… yes, my pants came down a little bit, she was like you got sexy junk! Before I said something she started to grope my butt…I was like oh do you like it…she was biting her lips and continue to grope my butt and she said I love men’s butt a lot…

I like to eat man’s asshole and she pulls down my pants started to grope my butt and she started to finger my butthole… I was in heaven I can say I was enjoying it as much as her. She started to sniff my butt…Due to that hot, my dick got hard…

She pulled my butt aside and started to lick my butthole and moving her tongue in and out I was like go fast bitch lick it shove your tongue deep inside my butt…she pinched my butt and she said aye master!! And she was furious and started to bite my butt while doing…

She I pulling my dick from the back while playing with my butt…she was pulling my dick and balls hard and moving her tongue in and out of my butthole…..It was feeling that words can’t explain…and was thinking man girls like butt a lot!!! Thanks for all those squats I have done in the gym!!

She gave rest to my butthole and now she took my ball sack into her mouth and was sucking and playing with my balls inside her mouth her tongue is touching my balls alternatively…She was damn good at sucking…

And now she took my balls one by one inside and sucking them simultaneously pulling my dick real hard and she was showing no sign of stopping and she continued for a minute I and I was like I’m cumming bitch she started to stroke my dick real hard and I cummed all over her face and I fell down and kept my head on her boobs…She drained me out of my energy.

She then took her top off cleaned her face. And she kept my face between her boobies she was massaging my face with her large boobies and she kept one boobie in my mouth to suck and I was sucking like a small kid. She asked did you like it I said never has someone ate my asshole like that before…

I was sucking and groping her boobs and simultaneously pinching and pulling the nipples and biting them and slapping them at times.She was like slap these boobies they deserve to be treated like that…and my dick got hard again….She asked me to bang her now.I said shall we do it in the toilet.She got up..And caught me by dick and started to walk towards toilet.

Yes she caught my dick and pulling it as she was moving…she was topless (since it was night all lights are off…no body could see us) we reached the toilet and she dropped her pants, I took from now. I opened her butt cheeks and started licking from butthole to her pussy …Shoving my tongue deep inside her pussy and fingering her butthole…

She said I can’t wait anymore.Please bang the shit outta me… I took my dick and shoved it up her pussy and banged her. We finished in 25 minutes. And she we both washed and came back to our berths and slept…no exchange of number..We don’t know each other names. But had a great fuck…

If you like this story please comment down below. Thanks.

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Old School Friends Enjoying Sex In Shimla

My name is J Thakur & I belong to Shimla, North India, Himachal Pradesh. An engineer by profession, average height & married now.

Incident happened five years back when I finished studies, got a job. I met one of my school mate in Chhota Shimla while waiting for a bus. Her name is K Thakur, average height & she had very arousing bouncy assets 34/30/38, slim & very much fair like me, as people from Shimla known for much fair skin & blushing faces that glows like an apple.

We exchanged our contacts after reminding each others funny moments of school life. After that day our conversation started from SMS to long late night calls & talk was on varoius things/issues around us because she was a journlist. Our talks went on sex also in a general way.

Once she asked me to help her in buying a laptop. Next day I left my office early & went to a computer shop with her in New Shimla (HP World). We selected a laptop that I suggested her, we paid that & she requested me to install various necessary applications. She gave me her laptop & asked to visit her on upcoming sunday after finishing all necessary installations.

I reached her home on sunday, she welcomed me with her mom at home. I had dinner with them & her mom asked me to stay with them because it was already too late. Finally I agreed & they show me my room to sleep. K & her mom went to sleep in their seperate rooms too.

As my room was in ground floor, I was feeling scared because there was some movement outside window & I called K to come on phone. She took her quilt & slept next to me on a double bed. We were talking late night & she told me that shes feeling cold. I asked her to let me warm her quilt & she welcmed me in. It was so cold that we were hugging each others.

I dont know what happnd to me but for the first time I was feeling & getting aroused touching her assets. Even she was also breathing high. Whole night we kept on teasing each others desires. I was holding her ass & kissing her neck all around. She was aroused, breathing high & moaning slowly. My rock hard dick was poking her love hole while hugging.

But she never allowed me further. I masterbate 5 times in morning after this. After that day I asked her that I wont visit her again because we are going far from a good friendship. But after few days she again take me her home & for me situation was same. Finally we kissed on same bed for five minutes. Sexual desire was on the top. But she never resisted this time.

I removed her kurti, sucked & squized her globes. She was kissing like a mad. I untied her pajami thread, my hand went on her completely wet panty. I removed all of it & finally reached her vegina. It was wet like honey streams flooding out of it. I removed my clothes too & her asked her, "should I go ahead?"

She was silent, restless, on the peak of having a verge of sex & dying to burry my monster with closed eyes & green signal. I put my 5" penis on her love entrance, it was rock hard, completely wet with my precum. I smell her love hole & placed it on her honey spot tried hard pushing it in. It never slid inside as she was much tight.

Finally she hold my penis in her hand, placed on hotspot & asked me to push in....ab daalo.. I tried again,...ja nhi rha andar, I replied. It was paining me too like her. I have a very fat penis but its 5". Finally I was in with a single jerk & I hugged her tight...ghus gya andar...she touched down with her hand & said again...ab dhire dhire karo..mza aa rha hai.

It was an awesome feeling. I can feel her pussy walls. She was continuously leaking her honey & I was sliding in n out slowly. She was scraching my conversation..just action was going on...I was stroking long & slow.

Her legs were spread for me & I was inbetween her legs pumping in missionary & it was so much wet & slippry...pachh..pachh...fachh..fachh..sounds were arousing both of us. It was my first time & I was building my load to expload. Within 4 minutes I filled her vegina with my hot sperms & she also exhausted after cumming first orgasm of her life.

That day we both realised why people are mad for sex. My penis was still rock hard inside her wet hot spot, I never pulled out. We were again building desires inside & after five minutes we continued another session. This time I was fucking her hard hitting her hot spot with warm long strokes. We exhausted within another 15 minutes.

After pulling out I was surprised to see amount of my sperms on bed sheet that came out of her vegina. After taking 15 mins rest we went for another session of rock hard 30 minutes. After that day we fucked every where... In washroom, in bus, in a car, in kitchen, in hotel, in hospital, even while watching TV with her Jija was snoring on sofa & once her mom was cooking in kitchen.

We were much frequent for 1 year. Sometimes we make 7-10 fucking sessions in 24 hrs. Never used a condom & always filled her vegina. Always followed women fertility cycle of 28 days. We tried evry position but our favourite position was doggy. Later we broke because of my job location changed & it was difficult for both of us to keep distance relationship alive.

Thanks for reading my real life stuff with all true incidents & sorry for mistakes. Please feel free to give me your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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