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Pleasurable Bus Journey With Mature Desi Lady

It was a chilled and cold night of January; I boarded to the private luxury bus at Bangalore traveling to Bangalore. I booked my seat in advance in the left side single seat row somewhere middle of the bus. Right side seats are sleeper seats with two berth but left side single sitter in down and single sleeper at up.

As I don’t like to sleep fully on the bus, I choose for a single seat with push back option. I settled in my seat and observed around to see any known faces are available. All the passengers in sleeper part are closed their curtains and sleeping inside their cabin, so I couldn’t know who is there inside. In my row all seats are single seats, I didn’t find any known face there.

One guy was sleeping in the backseat and one middle-aged woman was sitting in front of me. In that low dim light, I couldn’t see the clear face of that woman sitting in front of my seat but I thought she might be around the age of 40 to 45 years with round face and little fat body structure.

She also sleeping in her seat and I didn’t expect some good thing will happen in that night. I was trying to sleep but I didn’t get sleep at that point of time. My one hand is gripped on headrest of the front seat and another hand is pressing my mobile phone for time pass.

I felt something on my fingers which gripped in front headrest, slowly I realized some part of the head of the women sitting in the front seat is touching my fingers. She is sleeping and her head slightly sided towards my hands in her sleep. I just pushed my hands little further and I was able to touch her soft skin somewhere,

it was warm feeling on my fingers in that chilled night and I didn’t try to take back my hands from there. I was just feeling the smoothness and warmth of her skin; she might felt my fingers touching to her body; she little alerted in her seat and tried to look back who is sitting in back seat.

After some time she was trying to close the window glass properly which was little open and chilled air coming inside, but she couldn’t shut the window properly because it was very tight. I just went to her seat and helped her to shut the window without speaking to her a single word. By the course of helping her, I observed her properly and tried to read her mind also.

I came back to my seat and again put my hands on her head rest purposely, I know she didn’t sleep slept, I waited for few more minutes for any action from her side, slowly she leaned her head towards my hand again her hair started to touch my hands. I tried to push my fingers further so I can touch her properly and I succeeded to touch her head part properly.

She was not in sleep; still, she didn’t try to sit straight. This gave me more courage and just tried to caress her head slowly, this time she adjusted her head little bit so I could reach her earlobes easily. Now I started to brush her earlobes with my one finger and she leaned more towards my hand.

Now I could touch her face, slowly I moved my fingers towards her face and feeling her smooth skin. Slowly I put four fingers on her face and caressed her softly. By this time bus stopped for a tea break, I get down from the bus and released my urine and came back near bus, she didn’t get down on the bus she was sitting at her seat itself, I came back to my seat,

while passing her seat I just tried to smile at her and she smiled back in the same manner. Again bus started and lights are switched off, this time I tried to touch her directly on her face, she didn’t object, I touched her lips, it was very soft, I brushed her lips, she just kissed my fingers.

She looked back to me and tried to speak something, she whispered what your name is, I said my name and asked about her, then we exchanged our rough identity, where we going etc. I came to know, she is the widow of 50 years and she is going to her sons home and Bangalore, she said she didn’t have sex for last 10 years since her husband died.

Now I put my hands in the gap between seat and window and exploring her body over her saree, I put my hands on her boobs and rubbed her melons over her saree, she had big boobs, I was trying to explore her both boobs one by one. She leaned more towards the window and makes it easy to me to touch her properly.

Now I tried to put my hands under her saree and rubbed her boobs over her blouse, I asked her to loosen her blouse buttons and she did it without saying a word. Now I get access to her naked boobs, I started to pinch her nipples which were already hard and erect, I started to caress her stomach and navel below her saree, she was getting more horny,

she again put her head between the gap of window and seat, I put my lips to her lips and kissed, it was very tough to get nice kiss in that small gap, but still we succeeded to kiss each other, my fingers squeezing her boobs and our lips kissing each other.

I tried to move my fingers towards her triangle, I inserted my fingers below her saree and rubbed her pussy over her undergarments, her pre-comes are flowing on her undergarments and made her clothes wet. Slowly I put my fingers under her panty, it was a hairy wet pussy, I just tried to rub her wet pussy, and she left out a slight moan.

I asked her shall we go back to any empty sleeper seat, she said it’s risky, and we continued there only with foreplay. I slipped my one finger inside and moved slowly inside her wet pussy, she was very horny that time and she was trying to bite my lips.

Slowly I inserted another finger and started to make up and down movement, she was moaning and I was trying to stop her moan by locking our lips. She was about to get orgasm, she was tightening her muscles, I increased the speed of my finger movement, my fingers going in and out, our lips locked with each other, we couldn’t help much because of space limit,

she murmured I will get orgasm any time, asked me to do it at full speed. I increased my speed further, her muscles stiffened and she left out a big moan. Her juices are flowing on my fingers, slowly I reduced the movement and was rubbing her pussy for few more minutes till she gets back to normal, she kissed me again and thanked me for a wonderful night.

It was nearing to 4.00am and she was very tired by that time, I asked her to sleep for some time take little rest because our destination will come in another one hour. She said you didn’t get satisfaction and you could not release also, I said we meet again and do all the fun not completed in the bus.

We exchanged our phone numbers she asked me to call her number next day evening. She said she had satisfaction after 10 long years. We slept in our respective seats for nearly one hour and by the time conductor started to call location name loudly,

she gets down at her location waving her hands to me, after that we speak few times by phone but unfortunately till now we didn’t get a chance to meet personally. Hope this bus journey gave pleasure to many people; please share your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Divya On Sex Trip With Erotica Writer Harish

Hi all naughty boys and girls. This is Divya (obviously name changed). I am 34 30 32. I got married one year before and my age is 26 from Coimbatore. Let me start our story.

Like every women I also dreamed lot about my life and sexual adventures from my schooling. Me and my friends always talk about sex. I got married last year and I dreamed many things for this many years.

My husband is a good looking person and he loves me lot and cares me.But I feel something unsatisfied in bed and enjoyment. My mother in law will not allow me wear jeans and strictly insisting me to be more traditional. I hate all these things and I feel something missing in my life. I am always reading stories from Human Digest at my free time.

By the way, I am reading I liked one story and commented for his story. His name Harish and his age 24 and he too from my town Coimbatore. He given me reply after a day. We both chatting daily at our free times. He was very genuine and honest. He itself told me, his story is an fantasy, not real. I liked his behaviour. Our chatting continued for a month.

We shared our feelings and everything while chatting. While chatting he told me that “I need you with love, I not need just your body and I need you with love then only we will feel the pleasure“. I very much impressed by his words. His words made me believe him more and like him more. Then we decided to meet but I don’t want to end with one day.

Because I am starving for sex for long years, I could not miss this chance. So I decided to go for outstation for a week with him. I told this to him, he was very excited for this plan. Now I told my husband that, my friend invited me for her marriage at Chennai. So I have to go for this and I told all my college girls are coming and asking permission to go with them without him.

At first he not agreed, after many conversations and night fucking he agreed for this. Though my husband and my father is an businessmen I have good bank balance. I booked a flight tickets for me and my love Harish. We both behaved like unknown in airport before takeoff. Then we reached Chennai. From Chennai we both booked a car from Chennai to Pondicherry.

Finally we reached Pondicherry. We checked to a good five star hotel. It was the afternoon time. We both were tried on travelling so we decided take rest and then we do our best. We slept for some hours. I went in to take a bath while bathing I hired a knocking sound of Harish to asking me the open bathroom. I opened with a towel. His eyes were looking me like what.

Then he immediately came in and said, I like to bath you dear. He immediately kissing me all over face and hugged me tightly. He kissed on my neck made me mad and I too kissing him wildly. We both lip locked. He was a wonderful kisser than my husband. Our saliva exchanged and kissing. I removed his dress and he removed my towel and he started sucking mine wildly.

I liked his sucking and I pressed him to my boobs. While sucking he fingering my clean pussy and took his hard rod on my hand. Really his tool is harder than all to open my pussy. He takes me to bed and jumped on me and kissing me everywhere. He went down and sucking my pussy. Oh wow, what a fantastic time. He was excellent on this sucking.

I was already wet, I cummed inside and he enjoyed it. I took his tool and stroking it and put it in my mouth. I was sucking his tool and his two balls. He is giving me nice sounds and asking me to do it again and again. He immediately cummed inside my mouth. He took his cock and started riding on my pussy. Uhhhhhhh ahhhhh sshhhhhh what a feel it is.

It’s a pleasure I need for these long years. He increasing his speed continuously and he is totally inside me. Oh no, I enjoyed it a lot. We both making lots of sounds which I not able describe. Then we tried doggy style. While doggy style he pressing my boobs. Then I went up to him we both start our journey to hell. We both slept nude.

On morning we both bathing together and went to beach and some in water and we again came to room and had our fun. In the night he takes me pub in same hotel. We both had drinks and dancing. He came to me and asked me ”whether you like to have threesome and lesbian today night“. I was confused what to say for him.

So I decided to try it because this is the only time I can enjoy all in my life, I said him for it and asked to who is the another women? He showed me a lady on early 30’s sitting singly with drinks. He told me that he seduced her and he will make her to bed if I am ok with it. I also saw threesome and lesbian on videos but today I am going to do it.

We both got excited and he asked me to come to the room after 30 minutes. I went to room after 30 minutes and opened the door and went in. He was fucking her like a animal she was screaming. They both were nude. She seen me and shocked on seeing me because she don’t know our plan. Now explained all to her she too agreed for it.

Now I removed my cloths and move to bed. Harish told to suck her boobs which were bigger than mine and shaking well. He hesitates first and second time touch her boobs and pressing her boobs. At time Harish entered his tool on her pussy. Now he insisted me suck her boobs. Wow, I loved it.

Now only I know how good Harish to choose the best and I feel something different feel and kissing her. Now Harish told me “She is all yours. Now I gave a gift to love. Enjoy her and I will with you after this“.

I was kissing her she also given me good partnership and we both lying on one another. Our both boobs pressing by out hugging. I fingered her pussy. We both had good time. Now Harish came middle of us. He pressing her and my boob.

He lying up to her and enter his tool on her pussy and made me lying up to him. Then after some time we both ladies cared his chest we both sucking and kissing him all over. Till full night we three had tried many sex types and slept nude.

While morning I opening my eyes she given her number to him and said bye for me and she left. He asked me about yesterday night threesome and lesbian experience. I loved it lot which think before. After we had our sessions.

Harish told me he is going to given me surprise on evening. In evening he take me to 1(1/2) hours travel and we both entered inside a coconut farm. Harish -it’s the surprise. You told me know you like a open sex on a green surrounding. Today I made. Here this night no one will come here. I arranged everything.

I was very surprised and happy for this. Now night came he took me good place. He kissed on my forehead and I hugged him. We both removed our clothes and had a open wide sucking and fucking. Like this we had a best sex sessions throughout a week.

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Hot Sexperience With Sanjana At Wedding

Hello fellas, once a very wise man said that ”a female looks the best when wearing a saree and even better while removing it”. So as you have guessed it I am going to tell you people a real tale yet again happened with me before one year. Firstly for all my first time readers, I am 29/doctor from Pune.

So this happened in the marriage seasons last year. I had just arrived in pune and one of my old friend had invited me to his sister’s marriage which I was very happy to go as I used to get bored in pune due to lack of known people but I didnt know what a wonderful city I have arrived to complete my postgraduation studies to.

I decided to wear a black casual smart blazer and a pair of jeans on that day as I knew due to my past experiences that girls love me in black. I entered the wedding area with a heavy gift in my hand and looked for my friend around. I couldnt find him but pleasantly enough there was a group of girl which caught my attention.

A lady in pink, some in blue, red,etc but the one which caught my attention was her … The lady in sexy yellow saree “Sanjana”, a bombshell in early 30s.I could make out from her jewellary and dressing sense that 1. She was rich 2.She was classy as hell 3. She is married. She wore a sleevless blouse with lots of perforations on her blouse from behind too revealing 2/3rd of her white smooth back.

She was laughing naughtily a lot over some jokes they were cracking and as soon the moment arrived and our eyes met. Her radiant eyes saw me and we looked at each other from 50 metres away head to toe.

There was something mischevious about this woman, she had nice bosoms (maybe 36) and her cleavage was taking everyonez attention too. Her navel was literally inviting and looked sexy with a piercing on. She had this tattoo on her left neck which was of an angel. Just when I was drifting away in her dreams my friend called my name and came near me.

He took me to his relatives and we went straight to the group of attractive ladies and I was on cloud 9. The group of females which I mentioned above were some of my friends masis, buas, etc but I was interested in one. So finally when sanjana’s turn came my friend just looked amazed as he dint know her and after a moment a bua told that ‘this is sanjana,

one of her cousin from singapore and she had just came before 2 days so they brought her with them. My friend was awestruck because of her beauty and couldnt say anything. Just then bua said ‘we know she is beautiful but nikhil beta wo shadi shuda hai,dur raho (she is married, please stay away).

We all laughed and just then the photo session had started and so all these women went towards the stage to get the photo clicked with the couple and everything. Sanjana and me were literally strangers to everyone so we stayed back. I broke the eyes and introduced myself as doctor and asked about her, she was a engineer and worked in singapore.

We literally clicked very well and started joking and I tried every bit of trick to flirt with her. Complimenting her looks and style was one of them.. Could easily see her cheeks getting red. We talked about everything and then finally it was her marriage, how they fled for her bf and how life is so comfortable there in singapore but only problem was kids and spending quality time with husband.

I had found an opening from this conversation and then we immediately exchanged numbers. She was going to stay in india for 1 more month and I thought this would be a nice chance for me. Just then her sahelis returned and marriage meals and everything started. I departed a happy man.

Next day I msgd her on whatsapp asking what is she doing n all. She had a very hot pic of hers with her hubby as display pic. She replied asking how r you and everything. So chit chat started and we though of having a coffee. We met in starbucks koregaon park place in pune. So again there she was in a beautiful sarree, I made fun of her saying starbucks mein saree.

She said why achhi nahi lag rahi I said your looking sexy as hell.. Mann to kar raha hai ghar pe leke jaun.. She laughed and hit me hard on my shoulder. So we were getting more frank and finally told me that as I am a doctor she needs to know abt why shez not getting the kids and what could be the problem.

Her husband was not willing to get his reports done and her reports were normal. They did not have enough sex too. I linked all the possibilities and told her frankly that maybe your husband is healthy but its a hit and miss thing for having kids and secondly you still need to get his reports done for sperm count n all.

Otherwise I said with a wicked smile, you just try with another cute guy and check for yourself. I winked. Yes I was cute. But honestly she was very beautiful and now a friend. She immediately came close to me and kissed my cheek saying my doctor, what if to bhi bachha nahi hua (what if I still dont get pregnant). I replied ”we have a full month babe, we will try weekly 3 times”.

She held me closer and said honestly I like you, so I dont mind taking a chance with you :) “Lets fuck this whole month”. I was just dumbstruck.. What?? How could she say that so easily. I asked your home or mine? She said no, lets take a hotel.

We did, and there we were on the 8th floor of a beautiful 5 star hotel. The room was dimly and romantically lit. I was having a feeling of virtually a suhagraat :d. We ordered a bottle of wine. We had all of it one go, maybe she wanted to remove her inner guilt. Sanjana was a little tipsy and the moment came and our lips met. It was a long kiss with our tongues entangled with each others.

She wanted to drink more. We ordered wine again and this time she told me that she will teach me a new way. She gulped a sip of her wine and came near me and passed it on in my mouth. She was unbelievably passionate. I could remove her saree now. She was very drunk. She took my hands and put it over her blouse. “Press me hard my doctor”.

I did what sanjana said and she moaned slightly. Her bosoms where too big.Couldnt take them in my hands properly. Her nipples were poking out from her turquoise bra.Removed her blouse very fastly and there she was in her bra. We were continuously doing it for 5 min when she started removing my buttons and held my dick with her palm.

I was very horny by then… I removed my jeans and she was about to lick my dick when I told her to try 69 and there was tinge of surprise in her eyes. She told me her husband never provided her with this pleasure and there then I inserted my finger inside her panties and juices were flowing like a river. I was so delighted that by thought of getting licked she was leaking her juices.

I dint waste any more time and removed it and we positioned in 69 and started licking each other like hungry lovers. Yes lovers… Lovers of lust… Animal licking… It was very dirty and awesome… I licked her to the level that she was moanin badly while licking my dick n wanted to have a break from it.

I licked both her holes.The moment I licked her ass with my tongue she cried in pleasure and I continued.. It was heaven for me to get so dirty with the beautiful sanjana. Now when we stood there. Her saree was lying in one corner and her bra and panties in one. I get horny looking at such things.

Looking at her, she was lying naked on the bed with that slut look on and her one finger in her mouth. She was licking her finger and looking at me. I guess I had a jackpot. I told her what position should we try and she just said. “Fuck me from behind”. Ahh that hit me… That hit me hard down there between my legs. My dick got harder and she positioned herself infront of me.

Taking a condom,rolled over and she held it.. Slid it in and that feeling. Everyone knws how it feels when you fuck a beautiful pink pussy. Phatt phatt phatt were the sound coming while I was sliding it in and out. I loved it when our sweaty bodies were making the noises. She was moaning yes. I was moaning even louder.

The feeling of me fucking her in such a way was driving me to greater heights. We changed the position and she was now in reverse cowgirl mode. She told me to relax and njoy and thats what I did for 8 full minutes… She was a beauty.I loved holding her sweaty waist. We ended up feeling very hungry and ordered some awesome food.

We fucked different places whole month and now she has a baby girl but we are still not confirmed whose it is. Such delightful things happen in life and it leads to wildest dreams come true. We are still in contact and I am happy for her.

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Sumith Enjoying Best Sex With Sonal

Hi To all readers of Human Digest and a special thanks to the founder of this site because it has been helping lots of people to fulfil their desire of sex. Let’s start with the story and this is a narration of a true event that occurred to me. I am Sumith a male aged 25 and I live in Karnataka and I am a good looking with a cute face and a sexy body.

This all started when I met this girl once named Sonal. She was working at a bank once I had been to Bangalore and she was also on the same bus we didn’t talk much tough initially I hardly looked at her coz we were sitting at different seats but after 3hours of journey the bus stopped it was a night journey and all were sleeping I woke up all of a sudden

and I needed to pee as the bus had stopped I got down and I was done with my work when I was coming back on bus a saw the bus driver. The conductor was speaking to some guys there and I found that the bus had problem with engine so they had stopped and they were trying to repair it then I got into the bus and found that all were sleeping the bus was filled with all oldies

and my eyes were searching that girl Sonal and while I was doing that she woke up from her sleep and she too looked at me and she was all drowsy and it was dark I did not have a better look of her.

I was thinking of giving a smile to her but I was confused and I heard a voice of her and did we reach and I said no and I added and we might not reach on time and then she asked why? I said that there is some problem in the engine as soon as I said that her face was all sad and pale and then I go down to my seat and tried to get some sleep but I was not sleepy.

I turned back and had a look at her she was not sleepy she was working on her phone. I wanted to talk to her so I came up with some courage and asked is something wrong? So you need help and she said nothing wrong some problem with my phone and then I moved to her seat and I asked her the phone and asked about the problem she said it and I started working on that and after some 10 minutes I solved it.

She was glad for that and she thanked me. All the talking was in whispering as everyone else in bus were sleeping then I started to have a general conversation with her she slowly opened up about herself and we spent a whole hour speaking about ourselves then the bus started and we were glad that the bus was moving again.

I did not move from her seat and we continued to talk and after a while she was too drowsy. We both fell asleep on the same seat and after some hours of sleep if opened my eyes and found her on my shoulders she was sleeping like a kid and I had a look on my watch it was around 5.30 am and I just closed my eyes and stayed there after some minutes she woke up and looked at me,

my eyes were open if smiled at her and said good morning in a whispering voice she asked sorry because she was lying on my neck. I said to her that don’t be sorry and I guess my shoulders were lucky to have you and hearing this she was blushing after a while we started talking again and we arrived at our destination I wanted her phone number but I was felling

occurred to ask it and I made up my mind and asked if she smiled at me and gave it to me and I was delighted and then we were in regular contact texting each other making calls after sometime.

We started taking about our personal things about boyfriend and girlfriend and family stuff while this was going on I got to know that she had a bf but he was taking her for granted and he was using her only for money etc. she shared her story with me I felt sorry for her and promised to b a good friend to her then one night all of a sudden I sent a non veg sex sms to her to that she replied with a smiley.

I was amazed to this then I asked her sorry as it was send to her by mistake she said it’s ok she won’t mind it and then that night I was horny all nights and I will be horny and at day times too and I began to ask her questions about her sex life with her boyfriend and she said he was Pathetic at sex and he was like a dog she said slowly I turned the chat to my end

and asked what she was wearing now and she explained to me everything including her bra and panty I was so happy receiving those. I asked her that I feel like kissing her lips and I started a sex chat with this then from that day we were having sex chats daily and it turned on to phone sex and I was having phone sex in such a way that she would moan like hell on phone and she

would cum 3-4 times during a single phone sex she was getting desperate and so was I then we planned to meet up one day as she was from Bangalore she asked me to come to Bangalore for a day or so. I wasted no time because I wanted her badly.

The day came and we met initially and we met at a coffee shop in morning and she was looking gorgeous both cute and sexy at the same time she was wearing a salwar of black color and she was looking awesome I had a look on her lips they were pink and shine and her boobs were stiff and round in perfect shape as she was walking I had a look on her butt ahhh it was like heaven

then and we talked for a while and we decided to watch a movie. We moved to PVR and got tickets for the very next show and entered the Theatre as the movie started the hall turned dark we were close to each other and I had no interest in that movie my hands were moving towards her and I rubbed her hands and she took hold my fingers and looked at me and smiled.

I moved my hands on her boobs and rubbed them gently ahh they were so soft. I was loving them I moved my hands completely on them and grabbed then on her salwar top and started pressing them harder and tighter she was breathing heavily I was trying to move my hands inside her salwar but it was not possible then I moved my hands on her pussy area on her dress

and began rubbing it was soft too she allowed my hands to slide into her pants and tightened her legs and I was rubbing her pussy more harder and pinched it on times she was horny as hell and so was.

She smooched me all of a sudden I too smooched her and I sucked her lips and had given gentle love bites on her lips but we could not do anything more as we were in a public place but all this was possible because by our luck we had got corner seats and she whispered in my ears that she wants to gets out of here and I too agreed and we moved out in middle of a movie and she said to me that.

She’s taking me to her flat which is nearby so we took a auto and we moved towards her flat we got inside and I locked the door and grabbed her from backside my hands were moving on her hips and my lips were kissing her neck I moved her hairs to a side and kissed her neck and gave a gentle bite on it she moaned ahhhh

while doing that my hands were moving on her pants I was rubbing her pussy and I was untying her kameez. I pulled it down she was on a black panty now I turned her towards me and I smooched her lips I sucked them badly I was mad for her all these days I started licking her lips with my tongue and I was biting her lips harder and pulling them out she was full with moans

and calling out my name while smooching my hands were moving on her boobs and I was rubbing them harder I pulled her salwar down by unzipping it and I saw her boobs on her black bra they were so good round and firm I started squeezing them more harder I turned her back to me and I removed her bra hooks with my teeth by biting her back then I took her boobs

in my mouth and sucked them like a wild animal and I sucked each boob so hard that she was moaning with all kinds of sounds ahh I loved her boobs I was squeezing one boob in my hand and sucking the other boob in my mouth. I was biting it harder and squeezing it more she was on heaven I could make out from her moans then I licked her nipples and started sucking them

I had bite on her nipples they were so erect and soft I sucked both of them to sometime then I made her fall on bed and pulled her panty in one strap I kissed her pussy with my lips and smooched them my lips were all over her pussy I licked her pussy fully inside out.

I moved my tongue inside her pussy and was smooching it all over she was full of moaning and screaming ahhhhh and I liked her pussy so much that I spent most of my time sucking her pussy with my lips as I was doing that her hands were moving on my head and she pressed my head with her hands to her pussy she was pressing me so hard then my face was stuck

between her pussy and I was feeling suffocation and then I took my face back. I made her stand and moved my hands on her butt ahhhh they were so good I still remember the softness of her ass and I slapped it and squeezed it in my hands and I turned her around and kissed her butt and gave bite on that too and she was loving it more than me now by this time my dick was all

ready and was grown to a full extent I undressed myself as she was lying on her bed I took my dick near her and rubbed it on her pussy. She was closing her eyes and biting her lips and I was rubbing my dick all around her pussy she was enjoying it she asked me to get it in and I said no then she said Sumith please do it and I was thinking of teasing her more

but I could not control now and I started to move my dickhead inside her ahhhhh it was so good and warm as my dick head moved inside her pussy. She grabbed my hips and pushed it towards herself began moving it inside now I pushed it harder ahhhh she moaned I started stroke in her harder now and as it went I did it faster more faster I was hitting her pussy

with my dick faster and more harder ahhhh she was screaming I was on heaven with her pussy then I made her to turn backwards I inserted my dick from backside in doggy style. I was hitting her from back and her boobs were turning round I started stroking her pussy from back more harder then I caught her hairs and pulled then and again fucked her from back while pulling her hairs.

I was moving my hands on her boobs and squeezing them while I was fucking her harder and I was about to cum then I took my dick outside and made her lie in a normal position and she asked me to not to stop.

I again moved my dick inside her pussy grabbed her and I hugged her so tight that my chest was pressing to her boobs completely. I was stroking her pussy deep inside again harder she held my face and started smooching me she started biting my lips and she pricked my back with her nails

by all this and I was too excited and I fucked here even harder and I made my dick pump into her and gave her long and hard strokes ahhhhhhhhh. I was inside her and she hugged me tighter and we slept on each other till evening and we had been outside at night to have dinner then we were back to her flat and had another awesome round of sex and we are still good friends of each other and Have sex regularly.

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Naveen Enjoying Oral Sex Pleasures In Bus

Thanks for writing my story here. I am habituated to see this website since 2010. I am naveen 22 years and still virgin from Vijayawada. This is happened 3 months back. I am not good in English please forgive me. Her name is geetha(names changed). I booked the ticket for Hyderabad.

It was weekday so no rush in the bus it was window seat after 10 min one girl came she sits beside me. Her name is geetha she is very beautiful and perfect body. She has 36 size of boobs by looking I found it. The journey has started I introduced myself to her she is going to Hyderabad for a job. we started speaking about college and career.

I have so many mutual friends from her college. Then I asked about her do u have any boyfriend? She told yeah I had we broke up recently. Me: I asked what the reason is?she: he is not good guy while she is crying me: don’t worry then touched her eyes. After 10 min I started touching her hands she responded and then I stared at her she gave a smile on me.

I kissed on her cheek to lips. This is a first time to kissing a girl I told to her. Then I moved into her lips OMG!! It’s very sweetylips for 20 min we kissed. My hands are searching for her boobs she has white bra her inside it. I pressed her left boob and she has pink nipple I sucked for 10 min then I moved to right boob she is moaning like “cheekuraabbhainkabaagacheekura” suck it very hard.

She is searching for my dick meanwhile I am sucking her boobs. She put her hand inside my Jockey then she opened it. She shocked for some time because of my dick. She started sucking my penis Oh My God!!! It’s very good “abha bale cheekutunavaneeku award ivachu“ your sucking like hell and can give award also I told to her.

She gave a good blowjob and then I started searching for pussy she has pink panty and hairy pussy, it’s already wet slowly I rubbed she moaning “abbhaammachalabagundi“ then I put a finger inside she couldn’t tolerate the pain I started playing with her pussy she is moaning “please dengudengubaagakasitheeradenguabbhaammaareyrara” please fuck me very hard baby.

Then she told to me near to my cum I told her I’ll lick it and then she smiled at me. I licked it. After that again we kissed for 20 mins. We exchanged our numbers we chatted for 2 weeks we planning to meet in Hyderabad. She has changed her phone number so I felt very bad. Now I am free bird I don’t have girlfriend.

Please give your comments below. I am very happy to share my experience here. I am waiting for your comments. Thanks.

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Masseur Abhi Enjoying Oral Sex With Client Pooja

Hello all, my name is Abhi and I do body massage to females in my free time at an affordable price, as I do it as a hobby for some extra money to spend. Most of my clients are from middle-class descent families and are only interested in massage and I do that very professionally.

Coming to the sex story, once I received an email from a lady named pooja asking details about massage and my authenticity as these days there are a lot of scandals which happen. I gave her my personal details and told her I charge 3000 for a massage for one and half hours. She wanted to know more about massage and started asking details about procedures and how do I do it.

She also wanted me to give her a hot water bath after massage and I agreed. We then fixed a date as 8th Nov and agreed to meet at her place at 11.00 am. She informed me that her family will be out of town and she didn’t want to go anyplace and preferred her house.

I was also concerned about the authenticity of this personal and asked for her details, she sent all her details along with a photo of hers. I was mesmerized seeing the pic, she was looking hot in an orange black mix long skirt and a black tight top. My god she had big melons and a perfect body a man would dream. I was ok with all the details she shared and agreed to meet at her place.

On the 8th Nov, I went to her place 10 mins before 11am and I rang the bell, she opened the door and I was awe struck looking at her. She was gorgeous, dressed in a baby pink saree. I introduced myself and went inside. She asked me for a cup of coffee and I agreed. It was a well-lit house with lots of pic as memories of their family trips.

We had coffee and had a chat about the massage, procedure, and stuff like that. Once done, I asked if she was ready. She said yes and asked me you will be professional right, this is my first time with a male measure. I promised her that I will be professional and asked her to change to inners and cover herself with a towel.

She said the massage will be in the guest room and she will call me inside in a few mins. After about 10 mins she said could you come, I went inside and she was lying with her back facing the sky and she had covered herself with a towel which covered all her private assets.

I asked her would you like me to start with oil or do u need a dry massage first, she said let’s start with dry one. I started rubbing her feet ensuring she is getting some current flowing her body, which will make her relaxed. Slowly I moved from feet to legs to knee and then to her thighs and stopped at a point where her towel ended.

I then started giving a pressure of her upper and lower back and she really liked the massage and wanted me to work on her shoulder. While I was giving her a shoulder massage she complained about upper back pain and I have my own techniques for pain relief. I started working on her back and I could see the sense of relief in her face and vocal tones.

She said, please start with oil from my shoulder as it feels good to be relieved from pain. I took oil, which had the best aroma and started oil massage on her shoulder. I asked her to sit facing her back towards me so that it will be easy to help reduce pain. She agreed, wrapped the towel and sat up.

While massaging, her bra strips were a big discomfort and she understood that without me saying it. She said I know these straps are disturbing, let me lower it. I didn’t say anything as she wanted me to be very professional. She lowered the straps and we continued with massage. As it progressed, I guess she got horny and I could sense it with her low sounding moans.

I could see her melons bulging and she was breathing heavy. I came close to her and was looking at those perfect shaped melons moving up and down while breathing. It gave me a hard on but I wanted to be professional. I controlled and was happily watching those while massaging. After a while, I asked her to sleep back and started oil massage on her back.

I asked her to remove the towel and she removed her towel and took off her bra saying, I don’t want it to obstruct the procedure of massage. I was happy and started with her upper back and sides and whenever I had a chance, I ensure my fingers are rolling on the side of her huge melons.

She was getting aroused with every touch and then I moved to the lower back and I slightly touched her well-shaped butt. She made a hiss sound and I understood she was fully aroused. I started working on her butt cheeks and she asked me to take off her panty. Though I was very happy, I gave a surprised look she winked and said if you could pls take it off and continue.

I took it off within no time and was working her heavy ass. I made sure ti touch or run fingers around her pussy at every opportunity I had. She was getting impatient and asked me if she could turn around. I nodded and she turned around.

To my surprise, she did not cover herself but instead she took my hand and placed it on her blossom and asked me to massage there. I understood her situation and started circling her boobs and gave some nice erotic strokes with 2 fingers. She got completely aroused and asked me to stand behind her head and run my fingers on her erect nipples.

I wanted her to get happier, so I ensured not to touch her nipples. She got impatient and started requesting, pls touch those, it needs oil and moisture it’s getting dry. I teased her for 2 more mins and couldn’t see her struggling and I put my thumb and middle finger on both her nipples and started squeezing it.

She gave loud moans and immediately kissed me on my pants near to tent due to erection. I understood what’s happening and said, that ain’t professional. She immediately said who cares and started creasing my erect dick over my pants. Even I was aroused and started squeezing her boobs hard and she lowered the zipper on my pants and freed my dick.

It was already hard and she suddenly took it near her mouth and gave a good kiss. I understood my luck and gave a soft moan. She got up, took off my pants and undies and started giving me a nice blowjob. She kissed my dick, ensured to lower the foreskin on my dick and she licked the tip and circled it with her tongue. She was looking too sexy and was very horny.

She blew me for almost 15 mins and I couldn’t hold it anymore, I told her I was about to cum and she started deep throat blowjob and I was at the peak. She felt my dicking growing inside her mouth, she took my dick outside and said cum on my face.

After hearing it, I couldn’t hold any longer and released all my cum on her face. She then licked my dick again and cleaned every bit of cum off my dick. She said it tasted good and I could see the satisfaction on her face. I then kept my hand on her boobs and said I’m hungry.

She got up, hugged me and we started lip locking. We kept kissing for a while and our tongue started fighting, she was a very good kisser. I was squeezing her boobs and round ass while kissing and said lemme drink some of our milk. She gave a naughty smile and I took her one boob in my mouth and was playing with other.

While drinking her milk, I slowly moved my fingers to her pussy. She was clean shaved and I liked it. I started inserting my finger and she was all wet down there, I fingered her till she came and then she asked me if I can lick her. I was quiet for some time and she really wanted me ti lick. I went down and was licking and fingering those juicy vertical lips.

Within 10 mins, she came once again and she pulled me up and kissed me. We kissed, hugged and cuddled for a while and she asked me to bath her. We went to the bathroom and while bathing she gave me a nice blowjob and kissed my dick a lot. After the bath, I was ready for a steamy session but she said she doesn’t want to have sex and said I’m sorry I got too involved and lost control.

Though I was disappointed I said its ok and we dressed up. When I said I will leave, she gave me a tight hug and kissed my lips for about 5 mins and said she enjoyed a lot, she gave me 5000 and a small piece of paper which had her phone number. She said let’s be in touch and she will make up for the disappointment which we had today.

Please read and share your comments with me below.

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Erotic bondage and BDSM sex with Madhu - II

Previously: Erotic bondage and BDSM sex with Madhu - I

I deeply sucked her stiff nipples while the ice cubes melted in my mouth cos of her body heat. Her nipples and breasts were stiff now...I circled one more ice cube on her nipples and she was biting her lip....I lighted the candle slowly without making any noise....soon after the cold ice on her nipple I poured a drop of hot wax....she cried out loud as it was unexpected for her...

she shrugged in bed for a sec....she asked me not to do it....I said her body s mine!! She kept quiet....I slowly used ice on that pink region on her breasts where it was hot due to wax....she felt again I poured drops of hot wax....she shrugged but didn't say a word....I said good gal!! She smiled:) I rolled ice on her belly followed by hot wax....she was shivering with excitement...

now I went up and kissed her deeply....she kissed like a wild cat in a trap with her hands tied. I got the chilled strawberry and dipped it in chocolate and gave it to her mouth....she but half and I ate the was sweeter. I got two cloth clips....and I out one to her right it looked amazing...then the left....she cried a bit and she got used to it...

now I went down to her feet....kissing her feet again and giving it a sensual massage...she was enjoying it....I kissed her feet and slowly came up....kissing her thighs....soft milky inner thighs....I could smell her juices and she wanted me there so much....I teased her by kissing and licking her inner thighs but no where close to her vagina!!

She was becoming intolerant and wiggling her legs....I pulled legs apart and tied to edges of the cot. Wow!! There she was lying infront of me and waiting for me!! I went slowly close to her panty and blower cold air....she smiled...I got a scissor and touched the metal to her stomach...she was shocked...I laughed and said don't worry honey:)

I slowly inserted between her lanty and started slicing it and opening the fuck was like cutting the tape for grand opening:) she was all wet....dripping I kissed her there and she moaned. I went and got a glass of Jack Daniels and I kept the glass on her stomach and asked her to be still...she obeyed.

I took two ice cubes and rolled it on her vagina lips and she wigled...I warned her not to shake as the glass was on her tummy and said I will stop everything if she makes the glass fall. For my surprise she even controlled her breathing and the glass was so still even when I was rolling ice on her vagina...

that's when I saw she had bit her lip in excitement and a small drop of blood on her lip....I took ice cubes from her vagina and rolled it on her lip to remove the blood and then finally those two ice cubes went into my whiskey glass!!

It just turned the regular Jack Daniels to something exotic:) and I asked her to breathe as I had a sip of the whiskey.....I whispered in her ear "You are beautiful and u taste exotic. I LOVE U" she was grinning in her blind fold and said she was crazy about me.

To be continued...

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Erotic bondage and BDSM sex with Madhu - I

Hello everyone, myself Master RK. I am an experienced online BDSM master who is into discipline and sensual bdsm play. This story is about how I met a submissive woman in my life and the fun we had. Story is little long and will be splitting it into sections. Please bear with me and m pretty sure it's worth it.

I always believed experience leads to perfection and I love matured women who has experience. Madhu was married and we met online first and then we took it forward.

I invited Madhu over to my place for dinner date. I had lot of plans for the night and I had cooked chicken and salad for dinner. Had dim lighting and candles on dining table....all set for the perfect occasion.

Madhu was 30 and she looked 26. She had a gorgeous figure with pretty big boobs. I always admired her beauty. I keep thinking of her while cooking and I was done cooking and door bell rang by 7 10pm. I answered the door and there she was standing right in front of me in a red single piece party wear with red stilettos. Beauty at its best. I welcomed her in.

I gave her a hug and closed the door. We chit chatted a bit hugging her and I slowly placed a kiss on her lips, she responded gently. I made her turn around and hugged from behind and kissed her neck gently. Filled her neck line with my finger and kissed her collar bone. She moaned softly. I kissed he back neck again and little deep kiss. She shrugged.

I held her soft hands and made her sit on sofa. She was blushing. I kneeled down and removed those stilettos slowly and kissed her beautiful feet....kissed and licked each toe. Now I got up and asked if she trusts me and ready for the surprise. She said YES!! I went behind her and blindfolded her. She was looking beautiful with blindfold.

I took her to dining table and made her sit on chair and I fed her the chicken and salad I had cooked....she relished it. There was little sauce on her lower lip which was so tempting me....I kissed her deep and it was a sudden surprise for her....but she didn't flinch....she responded so well which surprised me!! We played with our tongues and she was eager for more.

I broke the kiss after 3min and fed her some more food and cleaned her mouth. Now took her to the bedroom and made her sit on bed and whispered in her ear whether she trust me completely and of she s ready for this.....she smiled....I asked her to stand up....I went behind her and was breathing on her neck.....she just shrugged and held me...

I slowly unzipped her dress and it fell down...I asked her to lie down on bed and I lifted her hands above her head and tied both her hands to cot. There she was waiting eagerly for me and not knowing what I will do next she was biting her lips...

I was just sitting there and taking her beauty in my eyes for sometime....she called my name once and I kept my finger on her lip to assure her I was right there and asking her to be quiet. I went to kitchen and got a bowl of ice cubes, chocolate syrup, bowl of strawberries.

Oh I I got some wax candles too:)... I slowly started rolling one ice cube on her lips....she shook a bit for cold...then she just smiled....I poured chocolate syrup to the ice bowl....took one more ice cube with liquid chocolate and rolled it on her lips and she suddenly opened her mouth and took that in....she was playing with me...I asked her to spit it out...

now started rolling one more chocolate ice cube down her neck...she arched her circling it around her slowly coming to her nipples....they are already hard....I rolled it on them and the breasts became completely stiff....I sucked her chocolate nipples:)

now I got two ice cubes in my mouth and sucking her nipples....she was arching her body with excitement of cold ice and my warm mouth.

To be continued...

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Raj Enjoying Sex Surat Babe Kiran

Hello friends, I am Raj Chaudhari from Jodhpur...I am also inspired from other readers and trying to share one of the incident happened in my life. I am a regular reader of human digest. But never tried to share my experiences on site as I was not so much aware that it could give me more chance. Please forgive me for my mistakes in grammar. Please go through the feelings of this real incident.

I am now settled in Jodhpur. Before one year, I was in Ahmedabad working for a very reputed company of telecom. I was working as a manager in that company. I have done my telecom jobs in various company for 10 years and now after all I have decided settled down in Jodhpur with my family.

Friends this incident happened 8 years back when I was 28. I was working as a technical desk support in my company. Since there was not much regular work, we used to browse social networking sites like orkut, facebook and yahoo messenger regularly.

One fine day, I have received a friend request named Kiran Patel from Surat. I was surprised because I did not have any contacts in surat accept one of my chat friend cum sister and she was very loyal for brother -sister relationship. I understand that she could not be my chat friend. But as per our human nature, I have accepted her request and ask her about request.

She told me that she know me very well. Yet she did not ever seen me, but she is fan of mine. I was surprised....could not understand, who is she?? and how does she know me? I have asked her few questions regarding me and to my surprise she has given all the answers correctly.

Finally, I was being restless. I have clearly asked her about how did she got my id and everything. She told me that she will tell me at a exact point of time and closed her chat and left. She did not come online for next two days. I become anger and tried to search her in any of my contacts in all social media. But I was failed.

Finally after two days, again in evening around 7 PM, she came online. I formally greeted her and started our conversation. She was also chatting very formally. I have again asked her about me to her.. but she denied. But on that day, we have chat on various topic like her studies, family and many other simple topics. No vulgarity was happened.

This type of routine chat started regularly. She often waits for me and I also was waiting for her to be online and chats. We have also exchanged our numbers after few days. We became close but I was still not aware about her that how she know me very well.

After my lot of request, She told me that she wants to meet me. She want me to meet in Surat as she could not leave the city. And if I want to know who is she, and how she know about me very well, I have to visit surat. In my heart, I started liking her. I was also now ready to meet her, but more willingness was about how she knew about me. That made me crazy till now.

One day my boss called me and told me that I have to go for surat for router configuration tomorrow due to some urgency. So I have decided to go surat and meet her finally. So I have applied for leave for one day and planned to go surat. So I told her in the evening that I was coming in surat tomorrow. To my surprise, she was very much happy.

She asked about all my arrangements, transportation mode and everything. I have told her that I will be there by train at 10 am. She was readily agreed and told me to wait on railway station for her. As per plan, I started my journey to surat in the morning at 4 AM so that I can reach on my given timing. I reached there on time. In between she has confirmed me twice at 7 AM and 9 AM.

As soon as I reached on railway station, I have called her and she asked me to come outside of railway station and given her car number. I reached near the car. She opened the door and greeted me to come in. She was stunning beauty. I have not expected so much beauty from her.

She asked me my office address where I have to go for router configuration and we reached there within next 20 minutes. During whole this drive, I was freeze. I was just thinking that how did it happen?? She was like a actress, belong to a very rich family and I was from a simple middle class family. Even my looks was also not so much good.

Not even bad but to as compare to her, I was nothing. She knew me very well then why is she so much fond of me? I came out of her car and told her to wait for one hour so that I can complete my work and will be free to meet her properly. She readily agreed and told me that she is going to one of her friend's house to kill that one hour and will be back whenever I will call her.

As soon as I reached in the office, set up was ready. They simply greeted me and I have started my configuration immediately. I have completed my configuration within 30 minutes and called her. She came in just 10 minutes and as soon as I seat, she asked me for where to go next. I wanted to have coffee first. So she drove to one of the cafe shop and ordered two coffee.

While having coffee, I have requested her to answer that question. She told me that to forget about it. and also promised me that she will reveal everything before I would leave from surat. My return ticket was in the evening at 7 PM. It was only 11:30 while we were having coffee. So she asked me what is my wish for the day. How do I want to enjoy this day?

I have asked her for movie to kill at least 3 hours time. She was ready and we reached in a multiplex. I bought two corner seats tickets and we checked in the cinema hall. Movie was not so much interesting, so we started normal talks in hall in very low voice. I was not able to hear her arguments so went near her and ask her to speak again.

She held my hair with one of her hand, planted a kiss on my lips directly. Before I can react anything, she started to smooch my lips as much as possible. I could not control anymore and I have also started to respond her. That was the first kiss and it was also lasted for more than 10 minutes. She was so much excited that she was not ready to leave my lips.

I also became wild now. I also started smooch her lovely lips and started to press her boobs over her t-shirt. She was getting more and more excited. she wildly kissed me on whole my face and came to my neck and started to bite me there. I was unable to control hence I used some pressure and pushed her back and asked her to stay relaxed for some time.

She obeyed me and rested in her seat. Next 10 minutes, we both were silent. I have several time tried to read her face. She was looking very happy like she has cleared some task or what. I became normal and asked her about her sudden change. She told me that she loves me and this was her wish to kiss me. I was again surprised by hearing this. What was she saying??

I never expected this kind of love from someone to me. She told me do not go in deep right now, till evening before boarding you will know everything. She also told me that she knew I am liking her and came here to meet only. She asked me to keep trust on her and let her enjoy this full day with me. She requested me to be like a lover with her that full day.

I do not why but I agreed with her request and again started to smooch. This time I was more powerful to her. and started to kiss her all over her face and lips. Slowly I came down to her neck and kept my right hand on her left boob and started to massage slowly. she was moaning and liking my whole act. she wanted to enjoy more and more so was giving me full access to her body.

I slowly started to kiss her cleavage and she became more and more horny. She was moaning like hell. Ahh... Aahh... hmmm...... I love you jaanu... I wanted this since a long time... keep it up... please do it... like this she moaned in my ears and it was making me in full mood. I slowly pulled her t-shirt up to her breast and started to enjoy her breast over her bra.

I could not see the exact color of that bra but I was enjoying as well as she. Slowly I have hugged her and unhooked her bra from back. She also co-operated very well so in a single try it was opened. She was now more confident about me. so trying to excite me more and more.

She tried to repeatedly bite me on my neck and then kept her one hand on my jeans's zip and was trying to massage my dick over my jeans. I understood she wants everything today. She was so much aroused that she might have sex in that cinema hall.

So I have again parted and taken rest for next few minutes till interval. I have offered some popcorn and soft drinks to her and she accepted it. Movie started again and lights again switched off. As soon as lighted switched off, she kept popcorn and soft drink on next chair to her and came close to me and kept my left hand with her both hand and rested her head to my shoulder.

Again a romantic song came and she pulled me to her face and we started smooch again. This time even wild than earlier. She was going crazy. she opened my shirt buttons and pushed me on my chair and kissing me on chest very vigorously. I also kissed her and our saliva exchanged to each other's tongue.

She tried to open my belt but I stopped her there and told her that not to do all here. She understood my meaning. She tried to become normal. She again wore her bra properly and fixed her hair with band and asked me to get up. I said what happened?? she said she has some place where nobody will disturb us till evening. I have looked into her eyes.

She was so much aroused. She do not want to leave me at any cost. She again asked me get up and follow her and I did the same. We came in parking and she again started to kiss me. but this time she was normal. I asked her where we are going. She said one of her friend's house. She has given her apartment's key as her parent is out of station and she is alone here.

She was on her job. So apartment is all ours. Nobody is going to disturb us till 7 PM. She stopped the car near a restaurant and asked me to wait 10 minutes. She came with a packed lunch in parcel. We reached to that apartment. She opened the door. It was the noon time so nobody was outside.

We have entered into the apartment very easily and closed the main door and bolted it properly. She has guided me to bedroom. We entered into the bedroom. It was well furnished and very well decorated room. She has switched on the AC and asked me to stay relaxed. She came back with lunch in a single plate. We both had a lunch together in a single plate.

During the lunch, I have so many times observed satisfaction into her eyes. She kept her eyes on me and my movements. I was not hurrying for anything. After lunch she kept plate in kitchen and came back again. I was sitting like resting on wall side with the help of pillow. She came near me on the bed and kept her head on my thighs.

I was getting aroused as her face was near my pant's zip and she was very softly touching it. I have again asked her the same question. Now please tell me, how do you know about me?? Why are you so much crazy about me ??? I am not a rich person. My looks is also not that much good. what have you seen in me?? what made you crazy about me??

She stopped me in between and again planted a kiss on my lips. Again action started with more and more lust. I was also much relaxed on bed. She started open my shirt buttons and I have opened her T-shirt. Her figure was 32-28-34. Looking like a milky white bare skin. She was looking like a sex goddess. I have started her to kiss on her tits and she became restless.

She started to kiss me on my chest and kept her hands on buckle of belt. Opened my belt and straight forward opened my pant as well. She was still in her jeans. I started to kiss again on cleavage and came below to her belly. Kissed there and more moved to downwards to her jeans. She understood and kept her thighs in the air so that I can remove her jeans easily.

She was wearing pink panty. I opened her jeans and trough it on to the floor. Started to stare on her bare body. She was a stunning sex goddess. Perfect figure, nice soft voice, Softest skin. I again came to her lips and kissed her vigorously. Now the moment was that I was not in my control. I wanted to have sex with her right now. So I kissed her boobs and few times also bite on them.

At the same time, I have kept my hand into her panty and reached to her love hole. Suddenly she shivered and asked me to be soft to her as this is her first time. She was virgin. I Slowly started to kiss her belly and again went near her panty. Pulled it down out of her legs and thrown on the floor and looked it properly. She was wet there.

I opened her both legs and went near her pussy and started kissed on her pussy. She pulled my hair and again asked me to be genuine with it. It is all yours today. Please do whatever you want. but be gentle with it for the first time. I planted 5-6 small kisses on her cunt. She started moaning.

Aaah....aaah... plss..... ufff..... pls kiss me there...... and kept my head there only... I have kept my both hands on her tits and was squeezing them and the same time I was now kissing hardly on her cunt. She sprayed her first orgasm on mouth.. she became silent. and relaxed for a while. She has asked me to rest on the bed and she came up on me. She started kissing me everywhere.

She started to pinch my nipples with her teeth and more gone down to my underwear. She pulled it down. And my dick was saluting her. She was surprised by my tool's size but keep it on. She kept it in her hand started to give me handjob. I told her to give me blowjob. and she obeyed. She straightly moved her mouth to dick and started to kiss it from outside first.

She was jerking my road and also kissing from outside.. slowly she kept his mouth on the tip of my road's head.. wow what a feeling was that.. I was in seventh heaven. My eyes automatically closed and she gave me blow job very satisfying way. I have asked her to come near me. And I came over her.... She opened her legs and welcomed me...

I positioned my dick on the entrance of her pussy. and started to rub it on her cunt... She was moaning loudly... pls do not do this.. pls enter into me... I want it since a long time.. please do not tease me. I have positioned my tool and tried to push it but I was not able to enter fully in the first jerk.

She also screamed in that pain.. but she told me not to stop.. push more...tears came out of her eyes.. but she wanted it fully. so I pushed it more and it gone more than half into her.. in next jerk, I was fully in... and she was moaning in pain. I kept silent... and been there as it is with my tool inside her... I kissed her and again started to massage her tits... she was also now relaxed...

I have again started my action. Now I have started to and fro into her.. she was moaning and enjoying me... She was shouting like.. pls fuck me.. ohhh yess...pls... thoda jor se karo... muje aur chahiye....pls jaanu karo na.. thoda fast... ha aur fast... aur....aaah...ohhh...uff..... I love you jaanu....bahot majaa aa raha hai...... bus aise hi karte raho....muje ye chahiye aap se...

pls do..... aur do..... aaah a... ohhh ma... yess.......uffff.......she reached on her climax....and hold me very tightly.. I understood so I have also stopped my moment for a while.. she was relaxed within a minute...again I started to fuck her and she was screaming more loudly now... I also got loaded fully and about to cum. so I have asked her to what to do...

she told me to released my cum into her pussy...she will take pill... but she want real enjoy of the sex with me only....So I did... we were stayed there in that same positioned till next time... she was looking so much relaxed... and totally satisfied with me. I asked her about pain. She said "Ye pain to muje kabse chahiye tha aapse....dont worry I am fine."

Sorry guys,, but I will explain further into my next part... please give me the comments and be in touch with me if you really liked my story.

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Sex With Cute Department Store Girl Rusmita

I am a college student. I live in a flat with two friends. Every now and then we host get-togethers at our apartment – booze is a must, accompanied by music, sometimes it gets loud. Neighbors do complain, but seriously who gives a fuck.

Anyways, this is something that happened last week. We as usual bunked classes and smoked up the whole afternoon. After countless hours everyone started craving for munchies.The three of us decided to visit the department store which is just across the road.

Straightaway we grabbed some chips and started eating them like they were the last few packets left on the planet earth. While we were busy filling our mouths instead of our stomachs, a cute girl ( I mean really cute ) came to us.Her clothes said that she worked in the store and name tag said “Rusmita”. In a very polite way, she asked us not to eat.

My friend asked her the reason, to which she said that we hadn’t yet paid for it. We have been living there for 3 years and we know each and every guy of the store. I asked her whether she was new or what. The answer was affirmative; in fact, she had joined the previous day only.

I tried to explain to her that it was fine and we were not going to run away, but she didn’t seem to understand. In the end, the manager had to intervene. But deep inside I just didn’t want it to end. That girl was all over my mind.

Next day I went there again to buy some stuff. She was there, but now on the counter. Bought something and went to her. She looked at me and then got busy with merrying herself with the beep sound. She wasn’t paying any attention towards what I was doing. That was the time I had some serious look at her body.

Boobs definitely 34, waist – 30 around I guess with the perfect amount of fat, couldn’t reach down to the ass. She must be 5 feet 5 inches tall. In the end, she asked me if I needed a poly bag, she looked at me and I started smiling like a dumbfuck. I have no idea what happened to my lips, they just wouldn’t close. And there she was looking at me in sheer amazement.

She must be thinking ” what’s up with this guy? Is he a fucking retard?”.Anyways, paid my bill and got out. Never mind. Next day was Saturday and friends decided to get wasted as fuck and that too by doing shots. OK. But the problem was that we didn’t have shot glasses. Time to hit the store again.

I and my friend grabbed two glasses and again went to her counter, although her counter had the longest line. She grazed her eyes on us and I could see her lips broaden a bit. :-). Our turn came and I put the glasses on her counter. She beeped them again and asked whether we needed a carry bag.

Me and my friends started laughing and I said ” Itni si chhoti cheez k liye bhi carry bag, kya yaar!!”. She also started giggling. And then to my utter surprise, she asked ” kya piyoge isme? Beer?”. We again started laughing and then I explained her the purpose of those glasses.

Next day was Sunday. Woke up at around 2 in the afternoon. I hardly remember any Sunday without a hangover, so was this one. My head was paining like hell and I needed some coffee. Went to the kitchen to find that there was no coffee left. It was time to hit the store again. I was hoping that she wouldn’t be there, but she was.

Today I wasn’t in the mood of flirting but then suddenly something struck me. I took coffee and also picked two cups. It was Sunday and there were very few people. I went to the counter and kept the coffee and the cups. I was smiling again and so was she. Just looking at her cute smile was so mesmerizing. She broke the silence by saying “Kal vodka aur aaj coffee!”.

I asked her “Do you like the cups”. She said, ” yeah, they are lovely”. Then I said, “So this means that you would like to have a cup of coffee”. She didn’t say anything and just returned to her work. But in the end gave me the cute smile again.

For next three days, I went there just to meet her and buy some useless stuff. On the 4th day i.e. Thursday she agreed to have a cup of coffee and I asked for her phone number. She usually gets free after five in the evening. She also lives nearby and we met at a restaurant. Had coffee and then I asked her if she really didn’t know the difference between vodka and beer.

She said that she really didn’t know but wanted to try vodka once. We then chit-chatted for a while and then decided to leave as it was getting late. While returning I asked her if she wanted some shots. She hesitated but agreed after a while.

We straightaway went to my apartment. I had already texted my friends to go out for few hours. I opened the door and asked her to sit on the mattress. Brought the two glasses and poured some alcohol into them.

With a fair warning about the taste, I asked her to swallow it all in just one go. Hahaha… her face after the first shot, fucking amazing. I asked her to do one more, she resisted but again agreed after a bit persuasion. Again the same face. She started all that bullshit about why people drink if it is so bad in taste. I was waiting for it to kick in.

We were sitting there, talking to each other when she said that she is feeling something. It was something warm and suddenly her shoulders were light. I went close to her and pressed her shoulders from behind. She first looked at me by turning her head and then kept it on my chest.

That was for the first time I smelled her hair. It was so fresh and something like I have never smelled before. I slowly removed my hands from her shoulders and slid them down her hands and held her palm. She was leaning all over me now. I moved my nose to her left ear and started slowly rubbing it. She didn’t resist even a bit. Then I bit it. I heard her moan.

She turned, looked at me and came even closer. Without losing even a moment I kissed her. Those lips were so soft. She is a good kisser, she responded to my each move with a better one. Like when I bit her lower lip, she got on her knees, pressed her boobs against my chest and bit my ears while licking them. God! It was like heaven.

We missed each other for like 10 minutes. Then I guess the alcohol started losing its effect. I took one more shot and gave her too. She took it immediately. I asked her to take off her top. She smiled and asked me to do it. I took it off in no time. Aaahhh those breasts were just waiting for one snap to break free from that tight black bra of hers.

I couldn’t resist and dug my face into her cleavage. I was kissing them like a lion who hadn’t eaten in days. Mmm ….those soft, juicy melons. I could have lived there for eternity. When I got overexcited I just pulled out her right breast and put the nipple in my mouth. She wasn’t resisting at all. I sucked it to my full. She removed her bra.

I was dinned on those perfect tits for like countless minutes. She took off my shirt and kissed me all over my chest and neck. She is a wild tigress, trust me ! While doing so, even gave me some love marks. One is right on my neck. I had one more shot while she was licking my chest. Her firm ass was filling my palms and her nipples were inside my mouth.

Licking, sucking and what not. I moved my hand to hey pussy. She was already dripping. The wet spot was clearly visible. Removed her pants and started rubbing her clitoris. Also, put one finger inside her vagina. Mmmm …it was so warm and wet. I too got completely naked and she started stroking my penis.

She took it inside her mouth and started sucking it. I liked her techniques. She has a special way of rolling the tongue over the glans before giving it a stroke. She even rolls her tongue while stroking and then takes it whole in.Man, it’s awesome!

We got into 69 and I started licking her pussy. She was literally dripping. Her brown pussy is tight, reasonably tight. I felt like she came about 2 times. Her muscles tensed and she moaned loudly. But then the worst thing imaginable happened. She received a phone call from her roommate. She had to leave as it was urgent. I asked her to at least made me cum once.

She started giggling again. I don’t know what happened to me.I pushed her on the mattress. Went to her face and put my cock on her lips. She understood and started sucking it again. I stopped her and began fucking her mouth.

She made me stop in between and asked me not to cum in her mouth. I obliged. After 2-3 minutes of hard mouth fuck which was full of gagging, I finally came. She was again smiling. Her smile is like Mona Lisa’s. The only difference is that I have fucked this ones.

While she was getting dressed I grabbed her pussy and said “ab zindagi me bas yahi chaiye” she laughed and said “next time dear”. We smooched for a while and then I dropped her. We are again meeting tomorrow. I will be sharing my experience soon.

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