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Manu Enjoying Sex Journey With Ankita - II

Previously: Manu Enjoying Sex Journey With Ankita - I

Next day in the cab, we were bit excited, She was wearing a yellow saree, with sleeveless blouse and was looking damn sexy.. Fitted properly and showing her curves clearly. Boobs were bouncing on the bumps of road.. I put my hand inside her tummy and groped her boobs and she too groped my dick.

We couldn’t do much in the cab as driver can see us. After reaching office.. Ankita: Today you were in the mood in the morning itself? Me: Yes dear.. You are looking very sexy in this dress, couldn’t hold myself. Ankita: Thank You.. You too look handsome today.. I love you darling.. Me: Want to see you now.. kiss you.. I’ve been dying to kiss you.

Ankita: Kiss me? But how? I don’t want to take risk.. Anyone can see us in office and at home my husband will be there… you have to wait for few days.. his shift will change.. i’ll give more than a kiss.. Me: I can’t wait till then.. I want to kiss you today.. let’s go for a movie.. Ankita: I’ll check my meetings and will go.

I borrowed bike from my colleague and went to PVR next to Pheonix mall..Booked a kannada movie.. hall was almost empty.. Went to corner seat and settled. She was little nervous.. I turned her face and kissed her lips.. “Ankita… I love you a lot ra..” She kissed me hard and said “I love you too dear..”

We kissed a lot and I pressed her boobs.. I said “Your boobs are so soft and so big and firm”. She closed her eyes and said “Hmmm.. Thank you dear.. They are all yours.. Enjoy them..” I opened hooks and brought the left boob out and sucked her nipples.. in the dark and film light couldn’t see them properly, but those were pretty big and her nipple was very erect.

I don’t know what happened but we cared very little about others and kept kissing and sucking her boobs.. she gave me hand job.. We cleaned ourselves and left for office.. (later in the night) Ankita: Hi.. Me: Hi..Whats up? So late in the night, still awake? Ankita: Yes.. You made me wet.. Couldn’t forget the movie scene. Me: Me too.. you are too hot.. want you badly.

Ankita: Me too.. I want your dick in my horny pussy. Me: WOOOWWWW.. I love the way you say… Yes dear.. Take it.. it’s all yours.. imagine mine entering yours. Ankita: Not the sex chat dear.. I want it in real.. I can’t wait till next week. Me: Shall we go for long drive tomorrow? I’ll bring my car. Ankita: You have a car? Then why coming by cab daily?

Me: Yes, I’ve a car.. I usually drive 2 days a week, 2 days cab, 1 day WFH. I don’t like to travel so long. After meeting you, I’m coming daily by cab to sit next to you and see you throughout the journey… can’t waste a second.. If I drive, I’ll miss all these.. And I wouldn’t have met such a beautiful lady. Ankita: Ooooo nice… Thank you dear.. I’m lucky to get a good man like you.

I wish I was married to you…Let’s meet asap.. You plan and let me know where. Me: Then be ready by 7:00. I picked her up at 7:00am in my car.. She was wearing tight v neck tee and jacket over it.. Her boobs are protruding in that and her navel hole is visible in that.. I complimented her.. she quickly kissed me and I started the car.

Nice music.. beautiful lady.. extra marital affair.. it was an amazing feeling to drive a car with such a hot lady by my side.. We checked in to a resort in the outskirts of Bangalore.. right after entering the room, we hugged and kissed passionately.. It was a kissing marathon for 20 mins.

I was pressing her boobs and ass while kissing.. she was holding my head and neck.. put her leg around my waist and sucking my tongue and lips.. I opened her t-shirt and inserted my hand in the bra.. it was difficult then she understood and stood up finally after 25mins of kissing.. She lifted her t-shirt completely and removed her pants.

She was wearing pink lingerie.. netted bra and thong panty… hugged me tight.. I pushed her on to the bed.. kissed her on lips and came down.. slowly kissing and licking the neck, over boobs on bra.. and licked navel.. she was shivering and moaning while I was licking her navel and gently caressing her ass and inner thighs.

She was pushing my head down.. I gently kissed on her pussy over the panty.. then kissed all over her thighs till legs.. again came back towards her thighs.. she was pushing my head towards her pussy.. I moved her panty aside to get a peek of her pussy lips.. kissed and ran over my tongue.. she gasped and moaned very loud...

“Darlinggg…. Pleaseee don’t tease meeee…. plssss do somethingggg…” I removed my dress and jumped on to her and kissed her lips.. she kissed my chest and bit my nipples.. I removed her bra and was amazed to see two most beautiful tits of my life… very big, round and firm… white boobs with dark brown nipples and brown erola...

her nipples were very stiff and poking my chest while she was hugging and kissing me.. my dick was poking near her entrance.. She removed my underwear and took the dick and just kissed it.. “It’s very hard and nice.. it’s big.. I love this”.. then gently ran her tongue over it.. I pushed her back to bed and started licking her nipples and pinching the other one.

After sucking tits for few mins I moved down kissing her tummy and navel.. then removed her panty.. it’s was cleanly shaved and shiny.. beautiful pussy lips and a little pinkish inside.. I parted lips with my fingers and placed my tongue.. she moaned very loud and cussing me in excitement.. I liked her expressions.

I started licking and fuck with my tongue.. meanwhile I kept pressing her left boob with left hand and right hand in her butt hole.. She had orgasm and jumped over me and collapsed on me. She kissed my lips and she had taste of her juices. I kept pressing and sucking her boobs and she then started to suck my dick...

it was an amazing feeling… she was sucking like a pro.. licking the head slow and nice.. caressing and massaging balls gently.. I then asked her to come on me to position ourselves in 69.. We licked our love parts for quite some time.. I was reaching climax.. I stopped her and took break to hold for some more time.

I then pushed her to the extreme corner of the bed and started sucking her cunt lips by sitting on the floor while fingering her cunt and rubbing her gspot.. this position was giving me good access of her love hole.. she stayed in that position and then put her legs around my neck and pulled my hairs in excitement.. she had another orgasm…

“Heeeyyyyy dearrrr… can’t hold… need your hard dick in my pussy.. Can’t bear it anymore.. pls fuckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee” she pleaded.. I pushed her to the middle of the bed and positioned myself in missionary position…Slowly I entered my dick in the pussy and it was rubbing her pussy walls and going in… she was moaning and shouting me.

I gave a sudden jerk and pushed deep inside and she was like “aaahhhhh ooooooooocccccchhhhh….. baaapppppp reeee…. chachaaanu….” I gave deep and long strokes and she was moving in rhythm.. After 15 mins we both got down the bed.. I pushed her against wall raised her leg and entered my dick from below… she was sucking my lips in ecstasy.

After 5 mins she said it’s paining dear.. let’s move to the bed.. then I entered her pussy from behind and kept fucking in doggy style for 15 mins… Ankita was shouting and moaning very loudly with different sounds while fucking.. After some time she came on top of me and sat on my dick.

She was moving up and down on my dick.. her boobs were jumping up and down.. what a sight that was.. she took my hands and placed them on her boobs and pressed against them.. I pinched her nipples and pressed her boobs.. she had another orgasm.. she fell on me… then turned around and fucked her in missionary for some time...

then scissors position raised her left leg and fucked from behind.. pinching her nipples with right hand from below and left hand rubbing her clitoris in sideway position.. Kept fucking her for 5 more mins like that and finally cummed inside her pussy… she collapsed on me after that.. we didn’t talk for 5 mins.. fully tired and simply in love.. just caressing each others in the hug...

“Darling… this is the best day of my life.. I never had such a best sex in my life… hubby can’t stand even 5 mins… I want to have these sessions often.. pls promise me..” I promised her and kissed.. she then slept on my arms with her leg around me with dick and pussy touching… we slept for some time and post lunch we fucked like dogs and rabbits.

Evening before leaving we had short sex in the bath tub.. Dropped her at 9:30 to home.. While leaving she said “it’s paining da.. my pussy has become sore.. I’ll take a leave tomorrow”.. I replied “Ok i’ll also take leave.. let’s try another hole..” She said “I can’t bear it ra.. let’s have some other time…”

We did it try all possible angles.. now a days she likes anal more.. we had sex at least 2 times a week.. either at her home or at her friend’s room.. if unable to meet, we go on long drives and fuck like lovers.

The End.

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Manu Enjoying Sex Journey With Ankita - I

I started using Ola share regularly for my office commute. I met many people in the journey. But one girl got close and infact too close. This ola journey led us to thrilling sex journey and enjoyable affair.

I’m Manu.. I used to live in Koramangala.. On regular Monday I chose Ola share for office which is in Whitefield. After two streets there was one more pickup. Here enters the my heroine. She was so beautiful and wearing Green Chudi dress with deep neck. Beautiful eyes and long hair.. so silky and shining.. I loved those eyes and lips.

I was admiring her beautiful hair and sharp eyes.. she is not slim but has fat at right places.. Her hair clip fell down and she bent to pick it up, I saw her huge cleavage.. got a small peek of two huge white boobs trapped in black bra.. Those were packed.

She bent for few seconds to find the it.. could make out that she must be 36D.. Her ass too was big and round.. must be 38.. and waist may be around 28.. much later I measured them myself.. 38D-30-38.. very tempting figure.

Finally my stop came and I stopped the cab, to my surprise she got down first. In hurry she dropped her id card and crossed the road before I called her.. I took her card and crossed the road after a minute. From her office tag I found that she is working in the same building. At her office entrance she realized that her card was missing.

I went to her office entrance saw her there and called her by name.. “Ankita, u forgot your id card.” She was surprised that I called her as if we both knew each other for long time. She took her card and rushed inside. She didn’t even say “Thank you”… but got to see her big shaped ass.. bouncing up and down while she was running.

In the evening to my luck I found her in the near the exit (She was waiting for cab). This time she saw me and came to Thank me. Ankita: Hey Hi, Thank you for your help and sorry for my behavior in the morning. There was an urgent meeting for which I had to prepare lot of stuff and rushed without saying anything.

Me: No problem, I can understand. She then shook my hand introduced ourselves.. Ankita: So, you are waiting for ola? What is the cab number? Me: No, I’ve not booked yet, I wanted to have tea and then start.. after few mins peak charges will also not be there… Though ola says no peak charges for share, they vary a lot by timings.

Ankita: Then I’ll cancel and book along with you.. Since we both are nearby we can book single cab and share right? Me: Yes, it’ll be even just over half price.. good idea.. then cancel and let’s go for chai. She cancelled the cab and we did some chai pe charcha to kill some time..We talked about our families.. and etc., Later we went in same cab and I was enjoying her beauty and her talk.

She maintains eye contact and it’s difficult to look at her parts.. couple of times she caught me staring at her boobs, but she didn’t say anything.. I shown her my kid’s pics in my mobile and while doing so, my arm I touched her hand and once her side boob.. but she didn’t move away, but was talking very freely. She liked my sense of humor and our tastes matched.

Exchanged our phone numbers and planned to start same time tomorrow.. Though my timings are flexible, I synced with her timings. We traveled for couple of days and have become very good friends.. Learnt from her that she is not really happy with hubby and always have fights.. but don’t know the exact reason.. but she was slowly opening up with me now a days.

One fine day I walked up to her pickup point and we both boarded the cab. She was sitting on left and I’m on her right side. Today she was looking even more sexier. Blue color sleeveless top and tight leggings. Couldn’t take my eyes off her bulges.. while talking to her I kept staring her boobs.. even she noticed it.. she raised her eyebrows and questioned with eyes.

I told her that she looked very beautiful today.. she smiled beautifully.. I couldn’t take off my eyes on her cleavage.. she didn’t mind I guess. After few mins there was one more passenger pick up and he tried to board from left, so she wanted to come to my right side and tried crossing me, I touched her legs and while moving to my right there was a jerk by car and she was falling,

I caught her waist pulled back and she again fall back while doing so she fell on my face.. in contact with her ASS below her top.. slightly caressing her ASS cheeks.. when she sat on seat, my hand was exactly below her pussy point.. unknowingly or instinctively I cupped her pussy with closed palm.. I felt the softness of the PUSSY and her panty line too.

She would have felt my hand too and made her eyes big.. While taking my hand back, her weight fell on me and my palm rubbed her complete pussy and left ass.. This was all just couple of seconds.. But touching her ass and pussy made me real horny.. I could see her expression as surprised, shocked and embarrassed too.

There was a silence for couple of mins, she was looking outside window and I kept mum.. I kept my laptop bag on my thighs to cover the bulge. She noticed it and immediately looked outside the window. After 30 mins or so, to break the ice, I sent whatsapp message “Sorry, it was unintentional”.

She replied “it’s ok”.. After few mins cab stopped behind the bus and one girl was groped badly while she was getting down from the bus. We both saw it and looked ourselves.. I was confused to weather to laugh or not.. After few mins she hit my elbow with hers and gestured me to see the phone. There was a message.

Ankita: Today I’m seeing all perverts only :D Me: yeah the ppl groping that girl are perverts.. but I promise, mine was accidental.. Ank: But you took advantage didn’t you Dear? Me: (I could make out that she is playful mood and horny) Hmm not really dear, I’m promise that was unintentional. Ank: Hey don’t lie.. You were staring at my ___s all the time and I caught you many times.

Me: What is in the blank? Hmmm.. “eyes”.. yes I was looking into your eyes.. those beautiful eyes.. :D Ank: Very funny.. in blank it’s not eyes.. Me: Then what? Ank: Leave it.. I know what your intention is (angry emoticon) Me: I’m really sorry.. By then our stop reached and we both got down, she was walking fast. I tried to call her, she said don’t talk to me and left.

But there was a small smile which made me happy.. After reaching my office, I couldn’t get away with those thoughts.. I went and shagged off watching her pics in FB.. I kept reading her chat many times and after some time she came online.. She was “typing” for a long time.. I understood that she is hesitating.. Then I took initiative.

Me: Sorry dear… Ank: Accept it then.. Me: Accept what? Ank: You stared at my BOOBS (Angry emotion) Me: Hmmm.. Ank: “Hmmm” what? Yes or No? You made me spell it..Now u give proper answer.. Me: Yes dear.. Ank: you pervert. Me: Sorry, I couldn’t take my eyes off.. You were looking extremely beautiful..Ank: Thank You..What did you do after going to office? Tell me frankly.

Me: If I tell frankly, you may not talk to me!! Ank: No I won’t mind.. don’t you think we crossed that stage? Come on dear.. you can be open with me. Me: Woww darling.. Thank you.. Yes.. I couldn’t get thoughts away from you.. I went to restroom and shagged off :) Ank: I observed that you were hard in the cab. I expected you would masturbate ;)

Me: OMG! I never thought you were so open type.. Today is my luckiest day. Ank: No no.. I’m not that open with all.. infact I never chatted with anyone like this.. I chatted like this with ‘this’ pervert only… you too looked very innocent in the beginning.. your face looks very innocent.. your looks are deceptive.

Me: Tell me you were wet down there, didn’t you? Ank: Yes (shy smiley) Me: You fingered after going to office? Ank: No, I won’t do that in office.. It’s not possible. Me: Oh my poor darling.. I can’t control it.. Ank: “Darling”.. It feels so nice when you call that.. Thank you DARLING. (I could make out that she is deprived of love and sex) Ank: You imagined me now?

Me: Yep, I saw your FB pics and shagged off.. Me: Thank You darling.. Now your chat made me hard.. I’ve to go to restroom again :D Ank: Again!! You shameless.. Enjoy maadi.. Prove me that you are hard.. send pic ;) Me: No, first you send me some good pic of urs.. PLEASEEE.. (She sent me her hot pic with a navel exposed in a saree and deep neck pic without dupatta, showing cleavage…

She sent them with caption “For the Innocent PERVERT” … that made me too hard and took some time to shagg off…) Me: WOWWWWW.. I always wanted to see your navel.. it’s so beautiful.. I’m a big navel fan… I wish to see it real… It’s amaazzzinnnng… Thank you.. I’ll ping you later..Ank: :) After some time.. Ank: Is it Done?? How much time??

Me: Aahh..Finally done.. Thank you for your beautiful pics.. Then I sent her my dick pic..Ank: OMG!! It’s nice… I like your black dick.. It’s making me wet now.. Want to stop the chat otherwise I can’t control. Me: Finger yourself imaging me. Ank: I can’t do it in office.. Infact I imagined you yesterday :D Me: Really? You had these thoughts yesterday itself?

Ank: I imagine some one while fingering.. but after we met, it’s only you coming into my thoughts.. Me: Oh my dear.. Same pinch.. Ankita: Hey let’s stop this. Me: Why? Ankita: I’m already wet down, If you keep tempting me I may leak now.. I don’t have extra inner wear.. No pls.. Bye Me: :( Ankita: Don’t worry, tomorrow we can chat.. I’ll promise…

(She told me that she will carry extra pair of inner wear). In the evening after coming out of office I was very happy to meet her, but she controlled well and didn’t show much happiness on her face. After getting in the cab she kept bag between us, I kept it aside. I took her hand and held it. Was pressing her hand and looking into her eye.

She was surprised and pushed me away and with smile she told “you are too fast.. hold on..”.. then she saw my sad face and pulled my biceps and hugged it in sideways. Then pulled my cheek and said in low voice “Sorry dear.. but they can see us” and pointed to driver and co-passenger. I enjoyed her soft boob hitting my elbow. I was giving little pressure and she was too.

I was rock hard down and she was giggling looking at my tent. While getting down from the cab she brushed my hardon with her palm and said “nice.. “. Later in the night we had sex chat.

To Be Continued...

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Vikram Enjoying Sex With Delhi Lady Apsara

Hello everyone of Human Digest, hope you all are doing good. So let’s go into the story, boys and girls get ready with your tools in hands. As usual, after my story publishing, I got a mail from a woman named Apsara. I was just a casual chat in hangouts which turned to personal in hangouts within 3 days.

She was comfortable with me and we exchanged our pics with each other. I should really tell you fellas about her beauty, I was frozen for a minute. She is really not like a married one having two kids. She is looking just like 24 or so. Chubby cheeks and a dimple when she smiles are the additional beauty feature of her.

Coming to her stats OMG!!! What to say they are 34-30-38 just amazing and her face adds her more beauty and of all. She on the 5th day of our conversation asked me that if I’m free this Saturday. I was on cloud9 and said I’m free. She told that her hubby will go for a business tour and will manage kids.

So that we can meet. I was very anxious in meeting her so readily accepted her proposal. I was eagerly waiting for Saturday which will come only after 3 days. My blood is rushing through veins waiting for her and my adrenaline is pumping high as I came close to Saturday.

Finally, I got a message from her of the address and time to come. So I got to freshen up myself and purchased safety and chocolates for her and her kids. Reached the destination and called her. She invited me inside with a huge smile and a tight hug. I was literally shocked she was wearing a short and Bra to welcome me.

In that push-up bra, her boobs are bursting to come out into my mouth and hands. She was really a BOMB shell and everyman’s desire on the earth. Thank god! I’m the luckiest. Liplocked her and squeezing her in my arms. Removed her bra strap and wow! Those melons are hanging for me to reduce my hunger.

Kissing her and taken her by lifting her in my arms hugging tightly and her legs around my waist. Jumped onto the bed, where we broke our passionate kiss. She came on top and removed my T-Shirt and started kissing each other passionately.

She already told me that she wants to dominate me during our conversation, so I’m letting her do as she wishes as she has to satisfied my by at the end of the day. She started kissing and sucking my nipples and biting them hard. I was very indulged in pain but not to ruin her happiness, just stayed away from expressing it. She is giving lots of love bites all along my chest.

Finally, she moved down and pulled my pants and now my boy is hard in my jockey. She squeezed on it and freed it from jockey, started kissed it and its balls and taken into the mouth. She was really a pro in sucking the tool, sucking hard and rolling her tongue around it which made me to ready for cum.

Same I informed her and started mouth fucking her going into deep throat. She was feeling difficult to breathe and panting. I continued with my strokes getting harder and harder and finally cummed a long shot in her mouth, which she drank without wasting a single drop and thanked me for filling her mouthful.

Now it’s my turn and overturned her. Started kissing her neck and ears, her nails are going deep into my back. Her pussy was already wet and started licking her armpits. Moved to the hanging melons taken one mouthful and started sucking it hard and biting its nipple and chewing it. Mean while another hand is busy in crushing the other melon, squeezing it harder.

Started giving love bites on her boobs and my other hand started rubbing her clean shaved pussy. Moved down to pussy by kissing each rib and her belly button. Removed her short and panty, started kissing her pussy spluuurr splluurr are the sounds coming…. She is moaning loudly aaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssss.

Started finger fucking her Pussy with one finger and with my fingers spreading it. Started licking and sucking it with my tongue and making deep moves inside it and around the walls. Kissing her thighs and making her hornier. The tongue is going deep and deep inside. She was enjoying the moves and cummed all over my face. Now both are ready for the real action.

She overturned me and asked for riding me which I obliged. Cock is inviting her and she placed herself and jumped on it in one go. It all went with bit difficulty but was all inside. While she riding me WOW!! Her boobs are dancing and what a view just mindboggling. She enjoyed herself riding me more and thanked me again where she cummed again.

Changed into Doggy Style and banged her to the core, she moaned loudly but can’t help her moans as I’m banging faster that her moans and cummed in her pussy hole. Next moved to the washroom and fucked her against the wall and in the shower and in the bathtub.

Fucked her entire Sunday in different positions and all over her home and the fuck on the dining table and couch are the most memorable for us. She thanked me a lot and asked me to give a mark on her body as a token of my love.

I gave a long love bite on her thigh near pussy which is the weird as I never did to anyone. But It was a great feeling for me as another woman want my mark as forever for her.

Please do comment and give your valuable comments below.

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Gigolo Rahul Fucking Client Tanya In Shimla

Hi everyone of Human Digest, this is Rahul verma writing my real time experience which happened about a month ago. I am 22 years old guy living in Chandigarh with 7-inch long tool which can satisfy any female of any age. My services include role play, domination, good at giving a massage, rough and wild sex etc…

This story is of my female customer Tanya living in Chandigarh with stats of 34d-32-36, a body to die for. She was 28 years old with a well-maintained body. She looked like a college student and belonged to a high-class family.

Let’s start with the story. One day I was just looking at my emails when a message from girl name Tanya poked.I sent a reply and we talked for an hour in which we got comfortable and she enquired me about my services. We exchanged our numbers and talked for few more days. Finally, she said that she wants to spend a night with me. We fixed the date and time.

She booked a hotel in Shimla. We met in brew estate. Oh my god! She was sexy as hell wearing a black net dress and black high heels, a girl every guy admire to fuck. Her skin color was fair and looking like an angel. After meeting we said hie and gave a hug to each other. We spend some more time there and had our drinks. She was looking goddess of sex. I was feeling lucky.

There she told me that she wants to be dominated and rest of the things she wanted. She also told me that she belonged to the high-class family and her ex-boyfriend who left her after having sex and now she does not want to be in relationships but only want a casual sex to satisfy her.

I was cursing that idiot for leave such angel but I was also feeling lucky that I will be fucking her tonight. We had few more drinks and left the bar. Around 9 pm we started our journey to Shimla in her car. While I was driving she was talking to me about usual stuff. Me: So have you ever had taken the services of call boy?

Tanya: actually no,but I always wanted to give it a try and reading your stories I thought that you might be perfect for my sexy little desire. Me: yeah darling you will remember this night for your life. Tanya; how many girls have you fucked till now? Me: well the numbers are actually around 7 including you and gave her a wink. Tanya: you are a naughty guy and gave back a wink.

Me: your favorite position? Tanya: cowboy position. yours? Me: doggy style. ( while driving I was watching her boobs at regular intervals,she saw this thing) Tanya: where are you looking at? Me: at those beautiful hills. Tanya: you better focus on road or we will be under the hills. Me: don’t you worry darling. Tanya: do you want to touch them?

(drinks were showing its effect and I straight away grabbed those fine tits and pressed them hard, she was moaning and her expressions were sexy as fuck) Me: they are amazing Tanya: there is a lot more to see yet (placing her hands on my thigh) Me: I am waiting and gave her a wink. Tanya: so tell me about your first sexual experience?

Me: my first sex was with my ex-girlfriend 32-28-34 when I was 18 years old.We lost our virginity together at her home when her family was away for 1 week. We had sex for a full week and she was pretty satisfied.I was then when I found a hidden desire to have a lot of sex inside me.

(while I was narrating my story Tanya got horny and started rubbing her pussy over her sexy black dress, I was loving the way she was giving little moans) Tanya: that was so sexy I became horny. Me: yeah! I can see that ( touched her pussy over the panty and saw that it was wet as fuck) Me: Can you masturbate while sitting over there?

Tanya: anything for you darling and gave me a wink ;) She started fingering her pussy and making sexy noises which were getting me turned on, at last, we reached Shimla and checked in into our hotel room. The weather was cold and it had rained recently which was getting both of us turned on.

Tanya: I will get refreshed till then you can change. Me: ok. She went in the bathroom while I changed into my shorts after a while she came out. Dam! She was wearing a black saree which was transparent with only bra and sexy high heels. My dick got raised and she saw it and gave laugh. She came near me and gave me a push and I fell at the bed.

Meanwhile, she came near me an gave me a kiss. That kiss was amazing which I will not forget lifetime. The kisses went for another 10 minutes and she gave me a push and started giving me a strip tease. Watching her doing that my dick became rock hard and I was in heavens.

Slowly she removed her saree and was now only in black silky bra and panty with her high heels. I took her hand and pushed her towards me in bed. Waoow! She was looking gorgeous. I kissed her for five minutes and slowly went down to her neck and shoulder. She was shaking and getting horny.

I asked her to close her eyes and blind folded her along with it tied her hands and legs to the bed sides. When I came near her boobs and started pressing them hard while kissing her. She was moaning and while kissing I removed her bra. Those 34d pair of tits were amazing having light brown nipples as if they were inviting me for sucking.

While sucking her boobs for 15 minutes she was moaning aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhh! Mmmmmmm! My dick was hard seeing such a beauty getting sucked by me. Then I brought a silk and gave her one piece to eat and while she was eating I was kissing her.That chocolate kiss was amazing she was obeying me like my slave.

While kissing I took an ice cube in my mouth and started touching over her neck shoulder nipples her navel and finally on her belly. Aaaaaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Darling, more I want more aaahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh!. Then I took her black lacy panty in my teeth and removed it. I was happy to see her tight little waxed pussy.

While I was rubbing ice over her pussy she was moaning and shaking her legs. She was getting excited. I started rubbing her pink pussy and spanking her ass. I inserted my one finger inside her little pussy and pushed it deep inside, then my another finger and started rubbing it. Tanya’s pussy was so tight that it was difficult for me to insert my third finger inside.

She started moaning loudly aaaaaah Rahul aaaahhhhh! Rubb it rubb it. Aftter this I started licking her pussy. While I placed my tongue on her pussy she shivered and moaned like hell. Aaah ! Rahul aur karo rahul aaah! Mza a rha hai jaan. Putting some hershey syrup on her pussy I licked her pussy and inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy.

And did it for another 10 minutes and came to 69 position. She was licking me dick and believe me that was the best experience of my life. Her tongue was making my dick harder. She cumed once along. Tanya: mza a rha hai jaan! Chalo an chodo mujhe. Me: jaldi kya hai ( we licked each other for another 5 minutes and I placed my dick on her pussy hole)

Tanya: dheere se karna dard hooga. Me: donot worry I will give you pleasure. Tanya: aaaaaahhhhh! Nikalo nikalo isse dard ho rha hai.(I pushed my dick inside, it was very tight) Me: abhi mza bhi ayega ( I pushed my whole dick inside her and started fucking her.

Tanya: ahhhhh! Ahh! Ahhh! Mmmmmm! Maat dala aapne toh.( I increased my speed and she was feeling in heavens) Me: how are you feeling now? Tanya: bohot mza a rha hai babu ahh ahh ahhhhh ahhhh, aur zor se karo. You gave me all pleasure of my life. Ilove you aah ahha ahhhh ammmm ahhhhh amm ahh ahh ahh ahhhh!

(she was still tied up and could not move herself her ass was getting raised and I was spanking her by which it became red.) Tanya: I am loving it. Faster o yeah! O yeah! Harder baby harder. ( I removed her knots of hands and legs and came into doggy style) We continued to fuck for another 15 minutes till both of us cummed.

She was giving me a blowjob when I came inside her mouth and she drank all of my sperm. Tanya: yumm! It is tasty. Me: thanks. Now she came over me and started licking my dick and made it harder again. My dick rosed up within seconds and was giving salute to her pussy. She wanted more sex and I also wanted to have more of this beauty.

She came over the top and inserted my dick inside her pussy. She rode me in cowboy style and I pressed her boobs harder. She was getting horny and her moans spread across the room. This time I came inside the condom. Both of us were tired and slept nude in each other arms.

My dick was hard when we waked up in the morning. She realized that and gave me morning blowjob and had little shower sex. She gave me money and said, Tanya: this was the best experience I have ever had. I will surely make you meet with my friends as they also want some service.

Me: I would love to serve them. And gave her a kiss which was hot. We left for Chandigarh in the day and said good bye to each other with a little kiss. She was very happy and satisfied.

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Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - IV

Previously: Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - III

As soon as she opened her eyes she giggled like a teen aged girl and leaned back on my chest tightening my hands in her stomach. It may be around 1 am and there was a pin drop silence everywhere. In a husky voice she said “I LOVE YOU ADAM” she turned towards me and put her both palms on my cheeks and kissed my forehead and asked me to wait a minute.

I was confused and thinking what is in her mind. She came in a minute with a small container in her hand and something in her fist of other hand. She came close to me and said “Adam I want to preserve and cherish this day throughout my life and I want you to fulfil my only wish” I said “I’ll definitely fulfil it Neha, What is it?”

She moved her both hands in front of me and showed what she got. “Today I want you to make me your wife,” she said with a very heavy and intense voice. It was ‘sindoor’ and ‘Mangalsutra’. I said “Ohh Neha! Do we really need to do this?” “Please Adam, I don’t want to pretend as your wife I actually want to feel I am your wife like a married woman feels,”

She said with lots of emotions in her eyes. She sighed and slowly opened her eyes. She looked into my eyes with a smile as a newly married girl looks into her husband’s eyes on their first night. I hold her hands as she was again having tears in her eyes and hugged her.

“Thank you, Adam, from today onwards I am your wife and you have all the rights on me. Thank you very much” She said in a husky voice. I released her, looked her in the eyes and kissed her on the lips holding her cheeks in my palms. I moved my hands towards her back and hugged her tight.

She too responded by extending her hands on my back and pulling me towards her and crushing her boobs on my chest. We moved towards the bed and sat. Then I made her lie on her back and was sucking her lips one after other. I moved my hand on her ass and pressed her ass cheeks. She moaned a bit and gave a bite on my lips.

I lifted her nighty and took it away from her head. Now I came over her kissing her neck, she was moving her head from left to right and back and accordingly I was giving passionate and wet kisses while sucking her neck. Meanwhile her left hand was on my head and she was moving her fingers in my hairs and her right hand was pulling my T-shirt.

Soon she removed my T and was moving her hand on my bare back. I came down sucking and kissing her on her chest. I gave a kiss on her cleavage and she arched a bit. I slipped my hand to her back and unhooked her bra. I pulled her bra clutching in my teeth at the centre and threw it on the floor. She was looking at my act and was moaning in a low voice.

I attacked her boobs by trying to take her left boob completely in my mouth but it was big enough to accumulate. I bite her left boob and took her nipple in my teeth and gave an erotic bite. Now she arched her body in the air about 1 ½ ft and banged it back on bed. Meanwhile I was pinching her right nipple and crushing that boob. Then I interchanged my actions with the boobs.

After mauling her breasts enough I moved on her navel and sucked it. She was now moving like a snake as I was sucking and licking her stomach and navel. She was going crazy as I’ve blocked her hands by interlocking her fingers with mine. I went down sucking kissing and licking towards her love hole. It had already soaked the panty in its love juices.

I thought of teasing her and sucked her thighs and went down to her toes kissing and sucking. First I put her left leg on my shoulder and sucked it from toe to thigh. Similarly I took care of her right leg too. She was so excited and moaning my name. Then I spread her legs apart and grabbed her panty near her pussy biting a bit on her pussy and removed the panty with my teeth.

She helped me lifting her ass. I attacked her pussy now and as soon as I took her pussy lips in my lips and sucked, she lifted her ass in the air and came tremendously. She kept vibrating less than a minute and was like unconscious. I tasted her salty cum and then slept besides her moving my hand on her body to overcome from that tremendous orgasm.

After few minutes I started kissing her and she also started responding. We kissed for few minutes and it started going wild from her. So I reciprocated accordingly and we were kissing wildly and passionately. Soon she moved me on bed and came over me. She came over me like a tigress and started sucking and kissing my neck followed by chest.

She gave some love bites on my shoulder and nipples. She went down and removed my shorts and undie in a single go. She hold my penis so delicately as if she’d found a treasure of life. She admired it for few minutes shaking it very slowly and then she started sucking it. Gradually she increased her pace taking its full length in her mouth.

She seemed more effective than previous time. She soaked my penis totally in her saliva making a slurping sound. I asked her to give her pussy to me in 69 position. Without taking my cock from her mouth the turned and put her legs on either side of my head. I also started licking and sucking her pussy. I licked it top to bottom, in and out of her pussy, chewing her clit.

She was trembling as I was playing with her clit. I again licked her pussy from top to bottom but this time I continued to her ass hole. As soon as my tongue touched her ass hole she moaned loudly and trembled a lot, almost lost her balance. I applied lot of saliva and rotated my tongue tip along the opening of her anus.

I sucked it for a while and then I slowly inserted my middle finger in her ass hole. She was moaning as if she was mad about it. She was stroking my penis and was moaning looking at what I was doing lifting her upper body a bit. She enjoyed it heavily and I made a plan to fuck her in ass. I bit her ass cheeks while fingering her ass.

Now she want the real action so she turned, took my penis in her hand, guided it in her cunt and started moving up and down. Her boobs were brushing my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks and was encouraging her. She was moaning and I was trying to grab her nipple in my teeth. I started stroking her from bottom and soon we were in unison. She was moaning loudly now.

As there was no one at home so she knew she can go loud. After fucking like that for few minutes I stopped her. Asked her to blow me a little and she went down and started blowing me.
We switched to missionary and I asked her to do anal.

She said she have heard it is very painful but asked me to be gentle and slow as she was reluctant as she was never fucked her in ass by her husband. I applied a lot of saliva and her love juice to her ass hole and prepared it by fingering it for a while. Then I kept my dick head on her anus and pushed till the dick head goes in.

She was screaming saying “Adam please remove it, It’s paining too much. Aaaaaaaaaaah.” I waited for couple of minutes till her asshole accumulate my penis and her pain subsides and again I gave a hard push. Almost my full length was in but Neha was sreaming like hell. I again waited to reduce her pain and after sometime started giving slow and steady strokes.

I asked “Neha, How are you feeling now?” “I never have this kind of pleasure, it feels so good Adam, you can go a bit fast” she replied. I increased my pace and gave some hard and fast strokes. After few minutes I was about to burst and I informed her. She said “Spill it inside Adam, your wife wants to feel your hot cum in the ass.”

I came inside her with a loud grunt and collapsed on her after releasing all my cum in her ass. We both were so tired and drenched in sweat that we cuddled each other for few minutes we have one more session at night and fall asleep as it is.

In the morning I felt something wet around my penis and when I opened my eyes I realized it was Neha giving a good morning blow job to me. We did have a quickie in the morning as she was having her appointment with the doctor.

I took her to the doctor and then to a movie where we did some wild things in the theatre, we spend the evening together had dinner at a romantic place and at night we again have two amazing fuck sessions. Sunday morning again we did morning sex and she left for her home town.

The End.

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Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - III

Previously: Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - II

Her free long hairs were covering my head and arousing me the same time. I sucked her both boobs and gave some love bite impressions on both of them. Her cum was dripping on my balls but it was less than the night. After around 15 minutes I was near explosion and she sensed it.

She gripped my cock and I understood that she wanted it inside her again and I shot my load inside her. She collapsed on my body and put her head on my shoulder. We slept there for a while. It was 6:15 am when she asked me to get dressed and move on my bed and she started dressing. That day she went to the doctor and in the evening to her native place.

We talk over phone and WhatsApp every day now and do phone sex also. She promised to do it again when she’ll come in the summer vacations of her daughter. After that incident Neha and I used to talk over phone in late nights and used to do phone sex regularly. But we both were starving for another real love making.

One day Neha informed me that she’d taken an appointment with the previous doctor as she had problem with her right foot again. I asked her for what date she had taken the appointment and she said that she’ll let me know. I insisted her to tell the date as I was very excited but she said she’ll let me know.

It was summer time;. My routine was going as it is. Morning 11 to 7 office and at night 11:30 to 1:30 with Neha. There was a marriage at our native village of a relative so my mom and dad planned to attend the marriage and spend few days in the village meeting relatives.

Their plan was for five days and my brother’s vacation was for 8 days. Mom and dad were expecting to leave on Friday morning as the marriage was on Saturday and my bro was leaving on Friday night as there were two holidays coming in a row for him i.e. sat and Sunday so they want to utilize it to save leaves, so as I.

I am a good cook so there was no problem of my food and all as I learn to manage it all in my graduation when I was away from home. And here comes a surprise call to me on Friday afternoon. It was Neha she informed me that she is coming by evening as she is having her appointment with doctor on Saturday morning.

My bhabhi told her that mom and dad are also gone for a marriage to the village but asked her to come as I am here. After their call bhabhi called me and informed me about Neha and I immediately called Neha from the office.

“So this was your plan ha?” I asked her excitedly “Yes this is the plan, I knew that they are going for vacations but I was surprised to know that we’ll be alone as your mom and dad are also gone to village” she replied. “So what are you going to do for me tonight,” she asked in a naughty tone. So why should I stay behind, I replied “Will let you know in the night honey”

“I’ll see” she exclaimed naughtily. We disconnected the call as we both were having work and I thought that she is too a govt servant and was having the same holidays. If she stays till Sunday it will be heaven. I started making plans for the night. While going home I bought some aroma candles and a pack of flavoured condoms.

I thought of buying her a pair of sexy lingerie but dropped the idea coz mow much time she’ll stay in that. So I reached home around 7:30pm and was very happy to see her. But I hide it so did she.

We all have dinner at 9 and were all set to go to the railway station. My brother’s train was in the night at 10:55pm we reached there in our car at 10:30pm, boarded them and soon train left the station. Neha sat beside me in the car holding my arm while we drove back to home. As soon as we reached home and I was locking the door Neha hugged me from behind.

I locked the door and slowly turned towards her and looked into her eyes. They were sparkling with happiness. After all it was a long time and there was no obstruction for us. I hold her cheeks in my palms and kissed her on her forehead. She hugged me very tight putting her head on my chest. I then lifted her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom.

She was so carried away that I can see tears in her eyes. I put her on the bed on her back and sat beside her to her right leaning and moving my right hand on her left cheek and I asked “Hey, what happened? Why are you crying?” She replied “Nothing” “So why you’re having tears in your eyes?” I questioned her again.

“It’s just, I’ve never been so loved, cared and pampered as you do. I always wanted a husband like you but what I’ve got” she answered and started crying. I took her head to my chest and hugged her and was moving my right hand on her head. She was crying grabbing my T-shirt in her left hand.

I consoled her and gave very passionate kisses on her eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and everywhere. I said “If you always like a husband like me then think as if I am your husband” and jokingly said, “but you have to treat me as if I am in real”. We both laughed and I asked her to freshen up and change.

She got up and went into the attached bathroom in my bhabhi’s room, I took out the candles and light them and switched off the remaining lights and I too went in the common bathroom to freshen up and change into my shorts. After that, I went to bhabhi’s room where I found Neha changing.

I stood there admiring her body, she smiled and asked, “Why are you looking at me like this?” I said “Neha you look amazing” She blushed and asked, “Ok ok, so what have you planned for me tonight?” As she finished changing I replied, “Nothing, Am I not special for you tonight?” She came to me, put her arms around my neck and in a sexy voice she said

“You are the most special gift I’ve got in my life” and took my upper lip in her soft and rosy lips. We kissed for few minutes and I asked her “So let’s go in our room honey, but first let me close your eyes” She was surprised and raised her left eyebrow and said “So my dear adam has planned something”

I put my hands on her eyes from behind and asked her that she will not open her eyes till I say. She said ok and we walked towards my room. I pushed the door let us in and closed it back. Now I put my palms on her arms and moved it towards her palms taking it both in my palms and hugging her from behind. I kissed on her right cheek and asked her to open her eyes slowly.

To Be Continued...

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Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - II

Previously: Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - I

I slowly leaned her on bed and came beside her to her right. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her chin and again her lips. Then I moved down to her neck sucking and kissing. Her neck was fairly long making her look even more sexier. She was trembling and moving her left hand on my head and right one on my back.

After 2 long years she was getting what she was starving for. The ultimate pleasure. I started to press her boobs. They were stiff and handful. I thought what a gift I’ve got today. I pulled her night gown up and removed it from her head, she wasn’t wearing an underskirt. As soon as I did that, she too removed my vest and started moving her hand on my chest.

I moved down with my kissing and kissed in between her boobs. She arched her body in pleasure and moaned. Immediately I moved my right hand on her back and unhooked her bra and removed it from her hands. In the dim night light I saw her naked boobs. They really are an amazing part of her body.

I started sucking them. I took her left boob in my mouth and tried to take it full. “Aaaaaaah Suck it hard Adam Aaaaaah” She whispered. I sucked it hard and now started to bite her left boob all over. Meanwhile she moved her right hand towards my short and removed it along with my underwear with the help of her left feet and started stroking my 6” fat penis.

She was moaning in pleasure and murmuring “Adam aaaaaah please put it inside I am starving for it from 2 years, aaaaaah Pleeeeeeease” “Wait for a while Neha, you are about to get lifetime memories” I said. She became so excited hearing her name from my mouth that she pulled my head with both her hands and kissed me wildly. I also started kissing her wildly.

It was so wild that our lips started burning after few minutes. We broke the kiss and I concentrated on her right boob now and she on stroking my penis slowly. I moved down on her navel and started sucking it. She arched her body like a bow and was moaning in pleasure whispering my name. Now I put my tongue in her navel and started moving it.

She was trembling and arching her body so much. I moved down kissing and removed her panty with my teeth. A different kind of smell was coming from her pussy and her panty was totally soaked in her cum. I threw the panty on the floor and slowly started kissing her inner thighs.

As soon as I put my lips on her pussy lips and started sucking them she passed a loud moan and I got scared that somebody might listen to her moans. I told her to keep low. My penis was in her hand and I was in the right angle. She pulled me with my penis towards her and started sucking it. Now it was my time to moan loud but somehow I controlled.

Now we were in 69 Position from sideways. She was a pro in blowjob. Cum was boiling in my balls and I told her that I am about to cum. Listening to this she started taking my penis full and moving her head in full pace. Here I was also sucking her pussy wildly biting her pussy lips and clitoris.

Suddenly I burst and loads of cum were shot in her mouth. In response to this she also burst and her fluid was all over my face. We were so exhausted that both were catching breaths. I turned and kissed her lips and hugged her. “You are an amazing lover Adam, I loved it,” She said with a heavy voice.

“You too Neha, where did you learn to give such an amazing blowjob?” I replied and asked. “I didn’t know it was called blowjob but always wanted to suck a penis. My husband never allowed me to do it.” She replied. We hugged and took some rest.

After about 15-20 minutes she started kissing me and stroking my penis slowly and in couple of minutes it was at its fullest. She came on top of me and guided my penis into her pussy and started moving up and down kissing my lips. I was squeezing her ass cheeks and supporting her movement.

She started gaining speed and I also started moving my hips from below synchronising with her movements. Her pussy was having quite a good grip on my penis. She started moaning like “aaaaaah…….aaaaaaaahh….aaaaaaaah…ashiiiiiiiish I lovvvveee youuuuuuu. You’rrrrre the bessssssst” her juices were flowing along her thighs and my penis towards my balls.

After few minutes I hugged her and moved her below me in missionary position without removing my penis and again started giving long and deep thursts. She was enjoying and asking me to go fast. She was supporting me by wrapping her legs around my ass and pulling me towards her. I gradually increased my speed to the fullest and gave her some hard strokes.

She was smiling in pleasure with her eyes closed. I kissed her and asked her to be in the doggy position. She immediately changed the position and I entered her pussy. I grabbed her hips and started giving hard and fast strokes and she was moaning very fast.

After fucking few minutes I moved her on her back took her silky smooth legs on my shoulders and started stroking her in missionary. After 10 minutes of fucking, she started vibrating like a vibrator and her pussy was pulsating on my cock gripping it tight I waited for couple of minute to let her enjoy her orgasm. Her fluid was all over my penis and also on the bedsheet.

She had grabbed a pillow near her head very hard. I gave few more hard and long strokes and informed her that I am coming. She asked me to come inside her. Her wordings were “Come inside me Adam fill my womb with your seeds. Come inside me pleeeeease”. And I shot my semen inside her vagina. It was a revolver emptying all the bullets at point blank.

We were so tired. She hugged me with her legs around my ass and I slept on her for a while and moved to her right side. “It was a really amazing time I am experiencing this kind of pleasure, thank you very much, Adam, thank you very much” She whispered.

“It was my best experience Neha and You’re amazing Neha, truly amazing” I replied in a whisper. She hugged me and kissed me. When I looked at the clock it showed 2:15 am. We slept as it is on the bed. I felt a hand moving on my penis and my lips were being sucked. I opened my eyes and it was Neha.

She broke the kiss and said, “wake up its 5 in the morning, go and wear the clothes and sleep on your bed”. I was having morning hard on and I pulled her tight. “I didn’t want to waste my morning hard on at least today when you are here with me.” I requested her. “Its 5 am anybody may wake up” She replied with a naughty smile.

“No one will wake up before 6:30. We have one and half hour” I replied. She came over me and was rubbing her pussy on my cock and started teasing me with a naughty and erotic smile on her face. I took my penis and guided it into her love hole. She closed her eyes and moaned crushing her left boob with her left hand.

She started moving up and down and her boobs were jumping along with the mangal sutra. I was a damn erotic and arousing view. Now I also started stroking her from below. She leaned and put her right boob in my mouth and was pressing her left boob.

To Be Continued...

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Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - I

Hi readers of Human Digest, I am adam, from Mumbai, It was my friends brother’s marriage, when I first saw her. She was tall, fair, long black hairs, well build, wearing an sky blue colored netted saree and a some amount of jewellery. I was wondering “who is she?” most of the time standing near the bride. I moved through the crowd towards the stage to get a closer look.

My eyes were sparkling when I saw her. She was looking damn beautiful. I realized she was wearing a Mangalsutra that too was of great designing work but I didn’t see sindoor is her head, which generally an Indian married women use to wear. I was keen to know who she was. But kept some patience and started talking to my friend.

From them I came to know that she was the elder sister of the bride i.e. my bhabhi I also came to know that her name is Neha, she is a clerk in a govt dept and she have a daughter of 8 yrs old and Neha was divorced since 2 years. I figured out she must be in her mid 30s. The marriage ceremonies ended and it was time to take our bhabhi to her new home.

I was wandering if Neha is coming with my bhabhi or not, as in our friends culture brides’ sister used to come with bride as a part of ritual. And soon I saw her and her daughter sitting in the car heading towards friends I was close to his family I was staying with them,his mom and dad take me as their own son.

We reached home and got bit relaxed and had some refreshments. The next day there were some rituals and the whole day I was just observing her. She must be 5’6” and her figure would be around 36-32-38. I was scanning her like X-ray machine. She noticed me looking at her two or three times but she was stone faced.

Finally in the evening they left along with my bhabhi for rituals at their home.Days passed and we got to know each other well as sometimes I used to go drop bhabhi to her native and bring back to home when friend was busy with work. Once she came to our home as she was having an appointment with a reputed ortho. She was having too much of pain in her right toe.

I remember it was Friday and her appointment was on Saturday. Her daughter was with her grandma and uncles as she didn’t want her daughter to miss her school. Finally we had dinner and it was sleeping time. We have a 3 bedroom banglow. Master bed is occupied by uncle and aunty, other by bro n bhabhi. The third was my friends.

First it was decided that both the sisters will sleep in bhabhi’s room and I never expected what happened next. Neha said bhabhi that there’s no need to do this and she’ll sleep in my room on floor. Immediately I offered my bed to her and said I’ll sleep on floor. After bit of persuasion she agreed. I put an extra mattress on floor and make my bed.

Till then she changed into a night gown and took the cot. I was in my shorts and vest. I asked her if I switch off the light and did she need a light lamp and she said yes. It was a decent lamp with a 0 watt bulb. It was 10pm and everyone’s lights were off.

We were quiet for few moments and then she broke the ice by asking “so what are you doing nowadays?” “I am working for XYZ firm ” I replied. “Ohh, I thought you are studying PG” She said surprisingly. “After graduation I prepared for competitive exams and was appointed. I am just 24” I again replied.

She said ok and was silent. Now I took the move. I really want to get close to her and make love to her. “How’s your pain now? I heard your toe is paining” I started. “Yes it’s been a week now. It is swollen and the pain is increasing” She replied. “Ohh, do you mind if I take a look,” I asked. She reluctantly said ok and showed me her toe.

It was swollen and I tried to touch it with my finger. As soon as I touched and pressed a little, she hissed in pain and asked me to be careful. I asked, “Is it paining too much?” “Yes, with a bit of pressure also” she replied. “I’ll get a pain relief ointment, it will subsidise the pain a little bit” I said and got it from the drawer of the cupboard.

When I opened the cap and squeezed it on my palm, she said “There is no need, I can manage” “No formalities please, let me do it or you’ll be struggling with the pain whole night and will be sleepy tomorrow whole day.” I kind of ordered her with authority. She said ok and I started doing the work with my right hand.

Initially she was hissing due to pain but after some time she was smiling and was looking at me. “How are you feeling now?” I asked and looked at her. She blushed and was caught looking at me and smiling. “It’s paining less” she replied. Now it was my time to blush. “Why you were looking continuously at me the other day of marriage?” she asked.

“You were looking so beautiful, that I can’t stop myself staring at you. So you noticed, ha?” I replied immediately. She blushed again. And this time I thought like grab her head and suck her lips. “You too were looking handsome by the way” She surprised me. I moved my right hand little bit up from her ankle moving her night gown and was massaging her lower calf.

She was having goose bumps and was enjoying by closing her eyes. Again I moved my hand up massaging her calf towards her thigh. Her long and slim leg was making me hell horny. She was breathing very heavy and her eyes were closes and when I grabbed her thigh hard in my palm she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes as if saying “please fuck me”.

I moved a bit towards her and brought my face near her face and looked into her eyes very closely. Our breaths were mixing now and I put my left hand on her right cheek. She was moving her head to brush her cheek against my hand. Very delicately I put my lips on her lips and started sucking her upper lip very passionately. Slowly she started responding.

She put her left hand around my neck and started sucking my lower lip. We were so engrossed in our smooching that we both forget her toe was paining. Now I took out my right hand from her night gown and grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me.

Now her both hands were on my back and we were hugging each other. Suddenly I remembered that the door is open. I got up and locked the door and again hugged her.

To Be Continued...

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Nandini Enjoying Steamy Fuck In Hyderabad - II

Previously: Nandini Enjoying Steamy Fuck In Hyderabad - I

Me: hey. I am sorry yar, I was just afraid of losing you as a friend. Nandini: we are still friends baby. Friends with benefits as per you ;) Me: Haha. :* That night, we had a long conversation over the phone which ended in phone sex. So like this, we were now enjoying this new level of friendship, having sex chats, exchanging nudes (obviously without faces).

Now, we both were dying to meet each other so that we could eat each other ;) And then our wait was over. Her flatmate was also going home for a week. So we had decided that we would stay together in her flat! So finally, I reached at her place at 9 pm in the night and headed straight to her apartment.

As soon as I knocked the door, she opened. There she stood in a white tank top and black mini. Seeing her like that, I wished to fuck her then and there only. She sensed my wish and whispered. “be a patient baby, you will get more than this” and I entered the flat. 
She had already ordered food for us and told me to get fresh.

As I was getting fresh, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. On opening the door, I saw Nandini. Standing in a black bra and panty. That was a jaw- dropping scene. I was only in my jockey which was obviously wet. Then she entered the bathroom and hugged me passionately. That was so awesome man, her boobs getting crushed on my chest.

I was longing for a woman’s touch since months. We started smooching each other like there is no tomorrow. I started squeezing her butts from over her panty and gradually rubbing her pussy. “Aaah. Ahhhh.” all she was moaning. ” do it like that, my pussy needs more of this baby. Do it. Aaahhh”

Then, I unhooked her bra and two of the sexiest boobs were in front of me. Inviting me for a feast to which I readily agreed and started sucking one and fondling the other. Bavana was constantly moaning in pleasure due to my hand job and sucking. And her fingers nestled in my head and pressed my head more towards her boobs.

Now, I inserted my hand inside her panty and started fingering her already wet pussy, rubbing it. Pressing it and her moaning became heavier. I could easily make out that she was not able to stand properly. So I lowered her panty, took off my jockey and lifted her in my arms and took her to bed. I lied her down, she was completely naked in front of me and so I was.

Her clean shaved pussy inviting me. So, I got on top of her, kissing her legs, licking all the way to the top and reached her pussy. I sensed that she was already shivering, perhaps she knew what was coming (we had already done phone sex and she knew what I could do to her).

I smelled her pussy as per my satisfaction and kissed it intensely and then started to lick her pussy like an ice-cream bar. By this time, she had dug her nails in my hair and pressing my head against her pussy, raising her pussy to give more access. Now as I licked her pussy, my hands were constantly fondling her boobs and rubbing her nipples softly.

I did this for 5-6 minutes and she must have cum 2-3 times in my mouth and was asking me to fuck her hard. So I got up and took a condom that I had bought, wore it and placed my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it. “Please. Don’t tease me yar, I need this thing inside me right now. I can’t control any further” she begged me to fuck her.

“As you wish baby.” saying this I lifted her legs and kept on my shoulder and placed my dick on her pussy and pushed. There I was, all in. Ahhh. She left a huge moan. “after such a long time. It feels so good.” she said in extreme pleasure. “ah ah ah” she cried with every thrust and her hands on my hips pressing it more towards her pussy.

“harder. Harder baby. Ahh ahh oooh yes. ” sounds like this was filling the entire room. I fucked her for more than 5 minutes, after which we relaxed for some time. Later, at around 2 am, she woke me up for another round and this time she rode me. As we had not switched off the light, I could see her facial expressions which were hot as hell.

She rode me like a pornstar, and as she rode my hands were constantly squeezing her ass and rubbing her ass crack. She was licking and biting my lips as she rode me. Trust me guys, nothing can be sexier when a woman gets this wild in bed. She rode me for 10-12 minutes and I could not cum as that position never suited me for cumming.

So, after riding me, she gave me a fabulous blowjob and made me cum in less than a minute. And gulped all my cum. After this tiring session, we decided to sleep as we both had to go to work the next day. There is no need to say that we fucked the hell out of each other in this 1 week, roamed naked in front of each other. Fucked at all places, whenever possible.

Fulfilled all our fantasies. One thing I learned from this is casual sex is seriously better than serious relationships. But yes, you must be sure it is casual and nothing serious and a woman’s consent and comfort should be your top priority as only then she will be able to show you her wild side and believe me, nothing can be better than a wild and beautiful woman.

And as for me and Nandini, we are still in touch and are enjoying our casual relationship and looking for more opportunities like this. Hope you liked my sex story :) Feedback are welcome.

The End.

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Nandini Enjoying Steamy Fuck In Hyderabad - I

I am 5’10”, athletic, fair, fully boosted stamina body, into crossfit training, used to reside in Dubai, UAE. Now, I completed engineering and now pursuing masters in structural engineering here in Hyderabad, and yeah a fun loving guy too! This sex story starts with a simple application called tinder!

It all started 3 months back when I was trying to move on from my ex and had installed a few dating apps on my mobile. Obviously, I was not in need of another relationship and honestly, I had no idea about what I wanted through those dating apps.

Anyway, while I was swiping left and right on tinder, I came across Nandini. She was my coaching friend and we were connected on Facebook too. Seems she was in Hyderabad that time.So, I just swiped up (super-liked her) with no intention other than teasing her in a friendly way.

Now, let me describe her a bit. Nandini is one hell of a cute girl, had a great figure. 36-26-36 to be precise which I came to know later. Now, coming back to the story. Nothing happened in the next 2 days. The third day, I got a ping from her on Facebook. Nandini: super liked me. Hmm? Me: hehe. I really like you :p Nandini: Ohh. Should I tell your GF?? :p

Me: Ya. Go and tell her, she should also know that I am moving on d Nandini: ?? Me: nothing yar, I broke up with her last month. Nandini: Oh sad. I too broke up with my bf 3 months back. Me: so that is why tinder ;) Nandini: no yar, in no mood for getting into a relationship again.

Like this our conversation started. Gradually, we started chatting on WhatsApp, sharing almost everything including our past relationships, our crushes. Day by day, we were becoming free with each other and we started to talk about our sex lives we had with our exes. We talked about how we made out, our fantasies, etc.

Seriously guys, talking to a girl about sex is better than having a sex chat. Her naughtier side is far better than her slutty side I guess. Slowly we started talking over the phone and most of the time, the topic used to be sex. One day, while chatting on WhatsApp, as the topic was sex only, I asked her that does she miss her sex life?

Nandini: obviously yar, you know girls need more sex than boys once they have done it. Me: Hmm. Then you should make a bf as soon as possible :d Nandini: don’t even think about it, it’s better to be single. Me: but then what about sex, you are not getting it anyway.

Nandini: hm. True!! What about you. Are you able to live without sex? You used to do it 3-4 times in a night :d (I had told her this before) Me: Haan yar, I to miss it like hell. But I also don’t want a serious relationship. Nandini: what do you mean by serious relationship ;) Me: What I meant was, a casual relation is always better than serious relation.

Nandini: hmm. True ;) serious relationships bring so much stress in our lives. Me: But you don’t get such girls here in Bangalore. Nandini: you can find some girls here in Bangalore ;) Me: hehe. So are you gonna help me find a girl there? Nandini: hmm. And the conversation ended. On that night, I received a ping from her.

Nandini: so you cannot understand it hmm. A girl talking to you about her sex life, how much she misses it and even ok with the concept of a casual relationship. And still, you can’t figure out. Do I really need to ask you for it? Isn’t this hint enough. Well, honestly speaking I was shocked. I had not expected this from her.

But hey, I am a guy and when a hot girl approaches you for sex, you cannot reject her, especially when you are deprived of sex for a long time.

To Be Continued...

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