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Sriram Enjoying Sex With Suja

Hi friends and fans, it’s been a long time since I posted my sex story, as it goes I got my share of fun’s and hook ups but as my partners were not comfortable about their experiences been shared, I didn’t share it, but this experience I am sharing with my partner, she is 100 percent comfortable in sharing our experience,

I am Sriram 27 years old now, looking for more and more fun’s and hook up’s and one night stands, whatever you call it. Now getting into the sex story, this happened before 2 years, when I posted my previous sex story I got a mail from an unknown person named as Suja, she told she was from my same place Erode, she was too shy and she told,

she loved the sex story and she started to enquiring about the sex story whether it is real or fake and we started to talk about family and friends for 1st 2 days,I was happy at 1st but then she started to disappear all of a sudden and after some 3 months she appeared back and told that she was ill so she couldn’t be online.

This time she was bold enough and started talking whenever we got time, we started to share our whole life, plus and minuses and more about the society and also the restrictions, please do mind my manners, she was in her mid-thirties, 34 at that time, and she was a 5.7 ” inches tall (taller than me of course) and weighed 58 kgs,

and she asked me about my stats and we were becoming more of a thick friends. We both shared our pictures and numbers and started our conversation in WhatsApp ( a gift ), she was a real beauty, a perfect brown she was, and her stats were perfectly stitched by God I would say, I am also lean, brown,

she liked me anyway and we talked about sexual appetites and thin chances that women have to explore sex, then suddenly she told she is going to abroad and will never be back and we can be in touch in emails, I was really sad that I lost a beauty.

Then after 7 months I got a message from an unknown number, asking how I am and how do I do, and it turned out that Suja was the one messaging, in between this time I got many hook up’s chances and I shared with her too (later), she is in India again, she wanted to talked to me in person this time, I was awestruck,

we decided a place in Coimbatore as she got a lot and lot of relations in erode she couldn’t meet, we met in a mall, she was wearing a blue transparent saree. At that moment I wanted to fuck her. Believe me, she was damn hottest, my dick was perfectly 90 degrees.

We then had lunch and some shopping and we were time passing, I told her in ear, ” I want you to ride me now ” she blushed and she winked ” just wait “, we finished our meet meanwhile I had chances to touch her hands ( was waxed and smooth like a silk ), she gave me a ride till Thindal and we planned about our next meet,

that night we talked about the weirdest sexual chats and ended up video chats and we both jerked our life together, after 2 weeks she planned and we met at her home. I was planning on hugging her immediately once I see her, but to my shock there was her husband and daughter to receiving me, she introduced me as business dealer (like a foreign exchange guy),

and then she provided me juice and eatables, after some time both her husband and daughter left the home waving to us, immediately I hugged her from behind, she turned and released herself and asked me not to be so fast, as we have full day, I didn’t talk to her as I was upset.

She went upstairs and after 5 minutes she called me upstairs, when I entered the room she hugged me from behind and running her hands at my crotch straight away, I turned and hugged her so tightly and kissed her soft lips (which was like red velvet cake) and tasted it like a wine, we both exchanged our saliva,

and I started pressing her boobs she started letting out moans and the breath from her mouth at that time was making me more and stiffer. She undressed me straight away and asked me to make her nude like a slut, I have to be so rude to tear the dresses out from her body ( was like removing the skin of a pomegranate ),

I got those two melons which were in perfect shape and size 34 b, I was wondered how does she maintain such a body even after giving birth to 2 child’s, ( she has son too, later I came to know), I started kissing her boobs and swirling her nipples and biting it little hard for her ouch sounds and moans which were making me more hornier.

By now she was at my rod, which was dark and 6 plus inches, her hands working on that tool like a pro ( her husband never let her handle his dick ), I gave her full freedom on that after all, who doesn’t like a gorgeous lady on her knees, we both become fully nude, and she moved me into her bathroom where they had a big bathtub, we both got inside and started tasting our privates,

she sucked my dick like a child, 1st she touched it, then licked it, then kissed it, then blew it a little, I started licking her pussy and fingering for a while. As we moved on to 69 we both had our ecstasies filled out (outside the tub), she started biting my dick when she was nearing her orgasm, so I stopped but she shouted with her tooth on my dick” don’t stop just do it plssssss”

out of pain I also did it, she came on like flood, and she fell down shivering ( her first time pussy orals obviously), after 10 minutes she stood up and asked me to stand up, and she started giving me a blowjob of my life, ended up gulping all the semen. We were lying in the tub and talking nonsense and stupid ideas and sharing our fantasies,

by that time she started massing my dick with her foot, so I got mt boner back again, she came on top of me and started to ride like a pro, I shouted ” no condoms “?,, ” cool I am operated”,,, my eyes gone further zooming and then she rode me for 15 minutes and got tired, we changed the position to doggy and while I fucking her, I started to slap her ass, pinch,

it and fingering her ass hole, she was moaning out louder now. After 15 minutes, we got on to the high pitches, with fast fucks and high shouts with little bad words, we both came from hell and heaven, she asked me not to take my dick out but turn towards her,,, we tried it and ended up laughing and once we turned back we both hugged each other like soul mates for sex,,,

for 40 minutes we both were silent till her phone rang, she talked in the intercom to her husband while I am licking her inside. Just I started to fuck a little as my naughtiness came to life,,,, she gave me a weird look, but I didn’t mind and started fucking her again, she immediately told me not to do it, but she started enjoying it a little, let out a long breath, then suddenly,

came to sense and terribly tried and said, ”ok dear gotta go now” and she crossed her legs around me to make it deeper, we had had this session for another 20 minutes, she came quickly this time, and hugged me so tight, then we got up and cleaned ourselves.

Talked the sense about how much we can meet for sex, and we both loved the idea of one time sex, so talked and we parted,after that I have seen her a few times but in the public, both never reacted so much, I respect her life and started to find my luck outside the league, if you guys like the experience, please do give good comments.

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Assam Doctor Enjoying Road Side Fuck

Hey hi, friends, this is my 1st story here. I’m taking Human Digest as a platform to share my sex escapades. Dr Rohit here I am a very lusty person, among many of the fetish I have I have this, that whenever I see a girl a complete stranger to me in a new city I get attracted and straight away go to her and hit. This is what happened to me just today.

I am basically a doctor in central government posted to the northeast in Assam. Soo today I was actually strolling around the market in this new place I have come. I saw hot lady must b in mid-30s a little dusky with curvy features but hot lips and sexy eyes. Big boobs must be 38 waists coming down to 30 and butt raised to 40 walking towards me.

I went to her, her smell was intoxicating Me: Hi mam, do you live here She: (startled) yes Me:(smiling) I am actually new to this place, can you show me where do I get handbook stuff She:(spark in her eyes) there’s a place near by down that corner Me: (with that lusty smile) can you show me, mam She: come I will show u

I was following her just to check her ass where her top was lifted up and her legging going inside her ass crack, felt like pulling down the legging and force my face into that ass and suffocate myself. I went beside her silently we were walking, I suddenly made a move and touched my back of the wrist to hers she might think it was unintentional.

Next, I tried touching her finger tips wid mine. She looked at me and gave strange look. I asked if I cud know her name, she was yaniva. I said your name is as sexy as u. She blushed, then I thought I had a chance. Me:u have great taste of perfume Her: is it? I’m actually tired working all day Me: so it’s your body’s scent, which is no less a perfume den Her:(blushed red) giggles

Me:u must have someone out there waiting for fr you to smell it Her: I wish, I’m a divorcee Me:(cloud9) if you don’t mind, can I smell you more She:Oh really here, on the road By then there came a dark corner with no one around.I went to that corner and asked her to come. She followed me, I was thrilled with my adrenaline pumping.

As soon as she came we both were soo close panting each other on faces. She kept quiet, I lifted her arm put my face in her armpit, aaaaahh took a deep inhale. She was wearing a sleeveless top, the roughness of the little hair sweat mixed with her deo was soo sexy. I licked the armpit, she let out a moan.

I just hugged her tight crushing her massive boobs on to my muscly chest. My hands caressing her hair dug my lips into hers. Chewing her lips, tongue fighting with hers my tongue circling around her waist gums teeth palate above. My hands already inside her legging and middle finger cleaning her ass crack. My bulge crushing her crotch.

I looked around no one was coming I lifted her top, clicked open her bra behind, let free her boobs. Omg, her smell between the boobs where her sweat accumulated parted her boobs squeezing them hard nd licking crazy up and down.

Tongue rolling on her boobs nipples tracing to armpits. There was no much time but I took out my 7″ Inch throbbing engorged dick with loads of slimy precum and hard glans and put it in her hands. She was going mad and squeezed my dick harder her dusky soft fingers with sexy nails around my dick.

Went down smelled and moaning, she teased her tongue around my glans taking away the slimy precum in her mouth.She gulped whole of my dick, oh my god. I was gasping for breath. She took complete dick into her, I screamed aaaaaaaaahhhhh . Was vigorously shaking her head moaning like bitch and making sounds and slurpy noises along with playing my balls.

I turned around and stuck her face into my ass. She was getting very wild she actually licked crazy my asshole, I could not stop moaning loud but had to shut my mouth, here is a sexy hot lady I met just a few minutes back to a complete stranger licking wild my asshole. The sense of pride and achievement. I was whispering lick it harder bitch harder.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh, she did something unexpected she inserted her index finger into my asshole I bent a bit she took the dick from the front like a milking cow. Instead deep into my asshole her finger and sucking my dick. I was like going crazy. Fuck the world I was shouting madly. I made her stand up. This was payback time, stripped her leggings until her calves.

Put my face on her panty, wowwww sooooooper good the smell was… Felt her inner thighs on my face, slid her panty from the groins and was licking the groins. Licking away the sweat.Then I pulled her panties down, panties joined the leggings fate. There it was a shiny bushy smelly pussy, I immediately put my face on it feeling her bush on my cheeks, played her clitoris wid the tip of my tongue.

She was like aaaargghhhhh,,, oiiiii…. She was bending her head back and arching bending her hip. I traced her outer pussy lips all along then slid my tongue in her inner lips. Tongue going inside and out her pussy. She was like ouuuuiiiiiiiii,,,,, awwwwwww… Ufffffff, I turned her around bent her doggy, wow my best part. Parting her ass cheeks.

Licking all the way from anal cleft to asshole. She was literally shouting, I asked her to control her moans. Then entered my tongue hard inside her asshole. Spit on her asshole and thrust my finger into it.Fucking her asshole was also licking her pussy and tongue fucking her pussy.

Then I got up turned her around, I always keep a condom in my wallet, put on my dick wid one jerk all my man hood was inside her pussy… I grabbed her hair biting her neck savagely was fucking her pussy deep and hard wild. To control her screams I put my mouth on hers, then turned her around bent her, with great difficulty went inside her asshole.

Omg, it was so tight and the grip was amazing. Held her hair pulled them back and was ramming her deep. I had to shut her mouth with my palm on her face. In between, I was choking her neck while fucking her asshole. The I turned around pulled out my condom and loaded my cum spurts large thick on her face she hungrily devoured it.

We got dressed, kissed her goodbye. Didn’t want her number too.

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Story of Priyanka Getting Fucked While On Train Journey

Hello readers, I Am here sharing my real experience which took place three years’ back, once I met this girl priyanka [name changed] from a dating site, we chatted there and exchanged our mobile no.

Priyanka was then doing her pg course in one of the reputed colleges in coimbatore itself, fun loving, jovial, very fair in complexation, average height, 34b 28 34 her structure. We spoke a lot and got to know each other in the first weeks, then later our chat got spicy, guys her voice was very sweet the way speaks will give any guy boner.

Spicy chat made me very eager, want to meet her and fuck her like there is no tomorrow, I asked her if we can meet, she agreed to meet on a friday as she was going home from her college and I could drop her.

I went near her college and waited 5mins earlier, I was watching every girl passing me, there came the goddess, she came in legging and tops, exposing her curves, as she was walking her free hairs was flying in the air, her 34b boobs bouncing for her each step, I was scanning her top to bottom.

We moved from the place as soon as she entered the car, I love long drive and driving, I touched her hand and started scanning her top to bottom and often glancing her boobs, she noticed and winked, soon she removed her dupatta, I could see her cleavage and her bra from top, she was wearing black bra and her white boobs was poping out and want to get free, I felt urge inside my pants, mouth was watering.

I pulled the car off the road and parked in a deserted and well covered place from where no one could see us, I rushed towards her, pushed the seat back and went on top and hugged her tight and crushed her top against my top, pulled her tops up and kissed her stomach then cupped her boobs, when on top to kiss her pink lips,

continued kissing those pink lips for about 10mins and then we broke to catch some air, and again landed up eating her lips which tasted like honey, this time I moved away from lips and started to lick her neck holding her face, moved to her ear, chewed her earlobes and again kissed her shoulder gave a love mark and came to her neck and sucked and licked her neck like hell,

my hand started exploring her boobs, pulled her bra and freed her melons I started to squeeze them hard she left out a huge moan as I touched her boobs, I groped her boobs and enjoyed her lips and neck for about 10mins then I took her lovely brown nipple in my mouth started to suck one after the other and move my hand to her leg,

she was shouting like ummmm ufff uhaaa suck itttttttttt, I loveeeeeeeeee it, ur awessommmme, I love it, she was on her high, dint notice I removed her bottom knot and I started massaging her pussy over her black panties. Removed my lips from her nipple and moved towards her stomach, traced her body with my tongue tip and started to lick her deep naval,

moved her both hands up and started to lick her armpits, chewed her armpits, licked her arms, chewed her fingers one after the other. She moved her hand towards my pant, I removed my belt and freed my pant for her, let her feel the bulge and feel the fight of my cock which was trying to come out, I opened my zipper and my boxer, she got hold of my rock hard dick,

my dick had few pre-cum because of the kissing and fondling act, she bend down as I rested on the seat rest, she reached to my dick and started to stroke it gently and made up and down movement I was in heaven and pulled her head towards my dick and made her suck it, she started to lick my dick and tasted the pre-cum and came up and kissed my lips and gave me

the taste of my own pre-cum, then I again pushed her down and stroked my dick and she started to roll her tongue on my pink head which was awesome and I was in cloud9 she was a master in that made me moan and I was enjoying her tongue, was enjoying the way she licking my dick, she held my cock and went to my balls and sucked them both, she came up to suck my hard nipples,

again I pushed her to my dick and this time she licked my rock hard shaft and took my dick fully into her mouth and started to suck like a pro, she showed the slut inside her, she sucked for 6mins and I shot my cum inside her mouth.

We were there in the hideout for nearly abt more than and hours lucky no one caught us there, it was getting dark outside and we started to move from there after catching up some free air,
On way, I kept fondling her boobs.

Obviously, we dint stop there, we continue, will tell in the next part of the story how and where I explored her pussy, on the way I stopped and asked her to suck my dick.

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Guy Enjoying Sex Ecounter With Shalini While On Date

This is my first story on this forum. Its about one of my best encounter till date and the most memorable one. Story is of year 2008 when I was on a break from work. This was the time when Orkut used to be the only social networking site and youngsters were quite excited about it as there were more options to make new friends. Likewise, I had friend on Orkut.

Her name was Shalini (name changed). Of course reference was from a common friend. Though we were friend for over a year on Orkut but never interacted. Since, I was on a break I had lot of time to waste on internet and look out for more friends. With the same intention I sent her a message casually. To my surprise she responded immediately.

Then we had casual chat about each other an all. After couple of days I found her online again and this time she pinged me first and we started to chat again. Chat happened for 2-3 times in a span of couple of weeks.

Once she pinged me during morning hours, I was about to leave for out and told her that I am going out towards MG Road and she replied saying even she will be going there for some work in afternoon. Sensing the situation I asked her to meet for a coffee once her work is over and by then I will also be free. She accepted the same. I was happy that I will meet her.

Though we had seen each other in profile pics but real encounter is always better. As decided we met in a coffee shop and as expected she was looking beautiful. Let me explain about her, she was little tan and short in height but had a kickass figure and her dressing sense was classy which made her even more beautiful.

I complimented her for the dressing and she kind of blushed. That meeting was just about knowing each other little more and we left after about an hour. In the night she again pinged me saying she liked the meeting a lot and was impressed with my physique too. (I am about 5.7” slim and workout at home everyday to maintain a fit body) Now, I was on heaven.

She said we should meet again. I - why not meeting again tomorrow. She- I have work tomorrow. I- what time? She- around 1PM in afternoon login. I- Lets meet for breakfast. She- after a pause. OK. We again met in a coffee shop for breakfast. This time she was more casual and comfortable in talking. I could sense her easyness with me.

We were casually talking and she told me about how much she likes bike rides. I instantly offered her to come for along drive. But she said no as she had to go to work and she is not ready for a long ride immediately. Somehow I convinced her and made her call the office and make some excuse for a leave.

Now time was around 1030 AM and we decided to go to Nandi Hills (most famous place in Bangalore). We started our ride and after about 15-20 min she got more comfortable and she came close to me while I was riding. We did not have any shyness and were behaving like close friends. We reached the place after about an hour and started to walk in the garden.

Since, it was a weekday there were hardly any people around. We were walking on a small lane through the bushes around. Then I saw a place which was quite secluded and not everyone could see that corner. I somehow stopped and started to talk some romantic things like how beautiful this place is and how I wish I could hug someone and feel the warmth in this cold weather.

She started blushing, I inched closer to her every second… Then first time I holded her hand with a feeling and she understood and came close to me touching my body. Then as expected we hugged each other and with time our hug got tighter and tighter. I could feel her breast on my lower chest and the feel of round boobs was making me mad.

I kissed on her neck and slowly moved towards her cheek. This was going as expected and we both were feeling each other. Then I made a move and tried to reach her lips, she stopped me without saying anything. I understood she was not ready for it yet. I too dint force. We spent some more time hugging and sitting together. By this time it was late afternoon so we thought of leaving.

We reached parking and picked our bike and started. This time she sat much closer and I could feel her from top to bottom. In fact I could feel little warmth from her crouch area. She even kissed me on my neck area. Her hands were roaming around my body. After riding for 5-10 min I stopped the bike in middle of some ghat section driveway and told her to get down.

I parked my bike in one corner and asked her if we can walk down a little bit for a while. She accepted. We started to walk away from driveway and it was more of a trekking. I found a place which was again secluded and I stopped and pulled her close to me. This time I directly kissed her and she did not stop me either. We kissed for few min and by then we lied down on grass.

We were smooching like hell and caressing each other all over the body. Slowly I moved my hand on her breast and felt the smooth round boobs. I started pressing them slowly and she too started moaning. I reached to top button of shirt and opened it and stated to move my hand near her neck and slowly move my hand down and down until I reached her boobs.

The feel of touching the boobs was heaven. Since she was wearing a tight bra I could not reach her nipples but whatever I could touch it was awesome and that made me go high on my boner. We did not want to take risk so we left the place after 15-20 minutes. But by now we were clear in our mind what we wanted from each other without saying anything.

While going back on the way it started to rain heavily and we stopped in a bus stop. We waited and waited. By now it was dark also. After about 30 minutes of waiting we found ourself alone in the busstop. Since, we were still little away from highway and it was evening in a rain we did not find anyone around us. We did not miss the opportunity and started to kiss again.

Since, this was in standing position I reached out to her ass… I felt her ass while she was hugging me tight. I made a move and slipped my hand in her jeans to feel the naked ass. She got shivered and probably had goosebumps too. We enjoyed in that moment for few minutes kissing each other and feeling the body.

Since, rain didn’t stop we decided to move in rain as it was getting late to reach home. On the way back we got drenched properly and She had a chance to feel my chest and stomach without talking much. We reached her place I dropped her outside her house and left.

In the night she again pinged me saying Thank you for a wonderful day which she will never forget. I replied this is just starting and asked to meet again. She said over weekend we can meet. Now, I did not wanted to miss this opportunity and to utilize it full I arranged a house of a friend. And as decided I picked her up and bought her to my friends place.

We sneaked into the house quietly around 3pm. This is the time when most of the people will be inside the house resting after lunch. We got in and locked the door. Moment we reached bedroom I started to kiss her from back feeling her waistline and navel. She got high too and this time she got more aggressive and took off my tshirt.

She started to kiss my chest and sucked my nipples…Oh my god…what a feel it was. I felt tremors in my pant. Then I took of her shirt as well. Now we lied down on bed and were kissing each other non-stop. Slowly I reached to her jeans button and opened the button to loosen the grip. Now I slided my hand inside her jeans and felt the pussy over her panty.

Panty was already hot and wet. Then I slipped my hand inside her panty and she moaned loud. I could feel the neatly shaved pussy which was licking out juices. Then I moved up and reached to her Bra hook and I made her free from her bra. The view was amazing with just a locket on her chest. She had perfect round boobs and 34 size which is perfect. Not too big and not too small.

I started pressing them one by one and played with her nipples. I started to hold the nipples and pinched them soft. This made her go mad and she started to moan loudly. She arched her self upward making a position for me to suck them. Without wasting anytime I was sucking her boobs and biting her nipples only from my lips.

(I like to hold nipples from my lips and pull them and chew them without touching them from my teeth’s). This made her even more aggressive and she herself took out her jeans and my jeans too. There she was lying in from of me in just a panty. She was looking sexy and beautiful. She reached out to my jockey and pulled it down and started to play with my tool ( 6”).

I gave her a look asking for her to go down. She obliged and went down and took my tool in her mouth. She was not perfect in blowjob but her tongue was enough for me to get a hard boner. She spent few minutes down while I was playing with her boobs and her navel.

After a while I took the position and started to rub my tool on her pussy, she started craving for it and I could feel the liquid flowing out. Without wasting much time I inserted my tool inside her wet pussy. I had not felt this much wetness till date and the feel was just out of the world. I did not give much stoke initially as we both wanted to feel each other inside.

I could feel her depthness and she probably was in cloud nine feeling me inside her. Then after spending some time I slowly started to move and made some light stroke. She could not resist moaning and made the room loud. Then I increased the pace. This was going amazing.

Then after stroking her for some time I stopped and started to move in and out of her slowly, teasing her pussy more and increasing the want in her. I could see in her eyes that she was enjoying my naughtiness of teasing her pussy. I did that for few minutes and then again increased the pace of stroke.

The feel of braking her pussy walls was quite evident on my face and she enjoyed it too… we started to kiss each other again and again and our tongue, chest-breast and dick-pussy all met each other same time. Making the perfect position. Then I got up and made her sit on my laps and again stated stroking her in sitting position.

Since, we were sitting strokes were not too fast which again made her go mad. I could feel the pussy tearing more and more to make space for me to enter from every angle. Then we changed position and she came on top of me and started to jump. this was again a feel and sound of chap-chap jumping was so audible. She was jumping on me and I was playing with her boobs.

Finally I was about to cum hence I pulled out and made her lie down and came in full throttle on her stomach. Hufff…we both were tired and slept for few minutes before we left from the house in dark. Later we had few more encounters in her house and on a holiday before we part our ways. We are now good friends and settled in life separately in different countries.

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Ram Enjoying Best Sex With Sree

Hi all, this is Ram from Bangalore again with another new experience which happened a couple of days before (22nd apr). To start with this experience. Her name is sree, she is doing her B.E. Final sem and stays close by to my house. Damn! She was really hot!!! She had a really good figure and mind blowing structure 36-28-38, the best part is her lips and navel. Hope you love it.

My first story (wild adventure with chat friend) on Human Digest was published on 20th apr. On the same day, sree read my story and sent me an email with compliments and also pinged me a couple of times on hangout. Since it was a late night I couldn’t respond back to her.

The next day 21st apr I was very happy to see that my story was published on Human Digest and already received some responses. That’s when I replied back to sree and immediately got a reply from her saying she wants to make love with me.

Shared our numbers and started chatting in WhatsApp from then, by the eod we decided to catch up at Phoenix mall the next day and then head to my home as my wife had gone to her parents home and was alone. The whole night I was thinking of how good she must be in the bed and how hungry she must be to tell me so boldly that she wants me.

I eagerly waited till next day morning, reached the place before the actual planned time and eagerly waited to see the hot chick. After 10 mins of waiting, finally, there she was wearing a formal white shirt and a black mini skirt just below the knee with the top button open and clear view of her cleavage.

I was quite happy to see sree as she looked better than my previous chat friend. She was fair & had curly hair. We were quite excited to talk to each other. After greeting each other decided to have a coffee and headed to Starbucks. While walking down to Starbucks she held my hand and started walking very closely.

I could feel her heavy breath and touch of her soft breasts which was driving me crazy, a tent started forming in my pants which she noticed gave a naughty smile and gave her hand bag to cover it up. Reached Starbucks and sat in one of the corner table.

She came sat next to me placed her hot erotic hand on my bulge pressed it softly bent down and slowly whispered to my brother “Control baby still a long way to go, u r already making me wet”. I could see her nipples getting hard and bulging out from that white shirt n breathing heavily.

Started talking about personal life and all and when I touched her thighs I felt that her skin was like butter. She came near told me to place the order quickly, so that we can head back home soon as she was unable to control and wanted me to feel inside her.

Picked up few chilled beers, got into the car kissed each other passionately, I slowly put my hand around her all the way to the side of her right breast and pressed it from there. Wow could feel the softness of it. Finally, after 30 mins of drive reached my apartment, got into the lift and sree immediately lent on my back & hugged me from back tightly.

I was totally enjoying the hug from my sweetheart. I could feel her firm boobs on my back & enjoyed the way she had pressed them over my back. Then we reached our destination floor.
Entered inside my house, she rested her back on me n we both started the romantic moments by holding each other.

I was holding her right hand with my left hand n my right hand was over her belly region just below her boobs and touching the bottom of her boobs. In just a few minutes I was kissing her neck and the area below her ears. She had closed her eyes then held her neck n locked my lips on hers started to kiss her lips. The kissing went on and on.

We locked our lips and we were just not able to remove the lip lock. Our lips were locked for more than 20 min. We were kissing like mad, we were almost about to eat each other, her lips are so soft, can’t be explained in words. Sree placed her hot erotic hands on my bulge and said, darling, guide me to the bedroom. I accompanied her to the bedroom.

Once we entered the bedroom she put her arms around my neck and placed her soft red lips on my lips and started kissing my lips like a desperate lady and I too held her tightly in my arms and was enjoying the kiss. Then I undressed her white shirt and sree was in her bra, then I placed sree on the bed and took off my t-shirt and jeans and was only in my underwear.

I slept over sree to make love with her and I started kissing her lips and we kissed in french style with our tongue and then I kissed her forehead, earlobes, lips and then I softly touched my lips on her lips and then started kissing sree`s neck, we were breathing heavily and both of our body had become very hot.

Sree started moaning, ’aahhhhhhhhhhhh darling I am enjoying alot, even press my boobs’. So, I unhooked her bra and kissed her boobs and then started licking and sucking her pointed nipples and she moaned loudly aaahhhhhh……I started pressing and massaging sree`s sexy boobs and she was enjoying it and was moaning and telling me,

’darling you are giving me the pleasure I had experienced when I lost my virginity’.I kissed her navel and her tummy. I slowly removed her mini skirt, she smiled at me and she stood up and pulled her panty down and I saw that her pussy was clean shaven and then I was kissing her lips. Sree now told me, sweetheart remove your underwear, I want to kiss ur dick.

So,I pulled my underwear down and my hot cock was rock hard and she started touching it. Inserted my rod in her mouth and she gave me a blow job. Friends she is the best till date in giving blow job. Fully lubricate and suck like a leach. She gave me an unforgettable blowjob for the next few minutes I felt like I was in heaven and myself that there is other heaven too.

I pushed her on the bed moved her legs sideways she was well trimmed and after sucking I started licking her cherry, she was in 7th heaven, she started shouting come on dear eat my pussy…. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh…. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh… mmmmmmmm…. Mmmmmmmm….She told that no one has licked so well before and she is a big fan of my licking.

After 10 -15 mins she started pressing my magical road, soon we were in 69 position, her cunt juice started flowing, it tasted so well and the aroma that was coming out from her was so romantic. Now she told me that she can’t wait and ask me to fuck her.

I caught sree`s soft ass in my hands tightly and sree started riding over me and I was caressing her ass erotically and she was riding up and down in a very sexy way and was moaning, aaaaahhhhhhh, oohh, ummm, oh yeaahh and we both were pumping.

After taking some break we changed our position and went up to her in and gave her hard smooch and I simultaneously put my penis inside her vagina and started slowly. She was making sounds like aaaaahh and I slowly in creased my speed. She kept her legs wrapped around my waist and I was now pumping in full force and so her moan were louder,

ooooookkkkk and I was kissing her lips, forehead and pressing her boobs tightly and she was scratching my back vigoursly. I wanted to give pleasure to sree, so I made sure that I don’t ejaculate very early. Now I felt that my sperm was boiling inside my penis very badly and I increased my speed and sree was making sexy screams and I felt that I was unable to hold my

sperms inside my cock and I took my penis out and I spurted out tons of sperms on sree`s tummy and on her abdomen and I massaged my sperms on her abdomen. After some gap, we were feeling hungry and we went to the kitchen to prepare our lunch. I started pinching her nipples and started sucking her tits while another hand is busy in caressing the breast,

her butts and sometimes in inserting a finger in her pussy. Then I moved down still and started kissing her navel area. My favourite part. I opened the fridge took out ice cubes, ice cream, and chocolates to the bedroom. I applied to ice cream on her navel area, clean shaved pink pussy and started licking the same. She was out of her control.

The entire room is fulfilled with her moans and beautiful aroma. Then I removed chocolate and put same in her mouth and we both started eating it and sucking each other lips. Then I kept one ice cube on her nipples and started sucking the same. I shifted to navel and did the same there. She was totally enjoying the act and was moaning like hell.

After a while, she started shouting ”please stop teasing me… now fuck me… make me your whore…. C’mon fuck by brains out…..” By listening to this I was aroused and placed my dick near her pussy. I started rubbing it over her pussy. She shouted “put itttttttttt!!!!!! You asshole..”

then I slowly inserted it. It went in by an inch and started pushing it inside, by two thrusts my dick was inside her pussy. Then I started the action. I began ramming her pussy like there is no tomorrow. She is moaning like a hell. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh…. Mmmmmmmm…. Fuuuucccckkkk!!! Fuuuucccckkkk!!!! Fuck me!!!!!! Make me your whore… you son a bitch fuck me… yeah!! Yeah!!! C’mon tears my pussy, tear it…

I was getting excited by listening to her words and increased my pace. After 10 min of vigorous fucking, I shot my load in her pussy. She also had an orgasm for a couple of times meanwhile. I have fallen on her breasts and was exhausted. Though we are in ac we were sweating like hell. Then I lied down she took my shaft in her hands and started playing with it with her hands.

Moving foreskin upwards and downwards. Then she started kissing the tip of it, followed by sucking the tip and after a while, she took it entirely inside her mouth. She is such a good sucker you know. Like a pro.

Then we went on to 69 position. I have been fingering her pussy and playing with her clitoris and she was taking my dick into deep throat. When my dick was back to action she took my dick into her pussy and started riding it. While she is having a heavenly ride on my cock, I was enjoying the view of her boobs bouncing in a rhythm to her actions.

I was pressing them, pinching them and sucking them. She was moaning and I held her buttocks moving up and down. I cummed in her pussy after a while and she too had an orgasm. She felt on me and we slept like that for a while by then our lunch was ready.

After lunch, we slept for a while and had a shower. While having a shower we have great fucking sessions in different angles in the bathroom. We tried anal also. She screamed with pain and I held her mouth shut and pounded her ass.

The same continued till next day evening. We had our dinner on Sunday had 1 more round of orgasms and left my place to sree’s house. Sree hugged me tightly before getting down from the car in front of her house and we parted for the day.

Still, we are maintaining our secret relationship. I have started taking more leaves to enjoy with her when ever we get time. We used to try different sex positions and keep on exploring our sex life.

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Nepal Guy Fucking An Internet Friend

Hello readers at Human Digest. A big hello to people from Nepal. Very few experiences of Nepali people are shared here. I would like to add my sex experience.I am 28, well built guy operating my own business of hospitality and massage in Jhamsikhel Area of lalitpur. I love to fuck and sex is what makes me feel myself.

I have been exploring dating sites quite a lot, and I came across and there I built by profile under the ID Nepali5. I tried to get in touch with some girls from Nepal. But very few Nepali ladies were online and they did not respond. But a lady responded back. We had quite a long conversation and shared our mobile number to get in touch frequently over the whatsapp.

She was 28 and her husband was in Malaysia since one year, she was desperate as she missed her husband, both physically and emotionally. We started having conversations over the whatsapp. As she wanted sex and I wanted the same, we were comfortably having sex chats, discussing on what positions to fuck and what is the most joyful position to get fucked.

She lived in Thankot, and I was around jhamsikhel. It was a one hour ride to each other’s place. We decided to meet in kalimati. At kalimati, there is a room of one of my friend, which is more like an office, which has been unoperative and I had the key. And as the friend is living outside Kathmandu, I take care of the office.

It was the day of “Bhoto Jatra” a public holiday, I picked her up from Kalanki on my motorbike. She was a sex bomb, with a nice pair of boobs and fair complexion. The figure was so perfect, I just was too excited. We reached to the office and she sat on a sofa and I sat close to her. She had a very strong perfume which was seducing. I put my arms around her.

She was shy and her breath was increasing. I held her boobs in my hand and start massaging. She gave a strong moan and was enjoying. I then licked her back and started sucking the earlobes and my left hand was busy softening perky nipples.Hard cherry like dark nipples were pressed and pulled inbetween my thumb and index finger.

My hard on was kissing her arse crack from under my pants.I tried to turn around but she insisted me in continuing what I was doing. I let loose my pants and as it fell to the floor my tool flew out hissing like a flying snake.I held her round arse cheeks with both my hand kneeled down.

I parted her buttock wide open and my hot breath was kissing her wet pussy and she was crying out in superb pleasure. My tongue protruded out and took looong lick of her pussy along its length and this has sparked the erotic fire in her. She moved her hips up and down in pleasure.

She was in ultimate pleasure as I was tongue fucking her, my tongue found out her pleasure point, I was stroking clitoris with tongue and she was fretting and vibrations flowed across her hips and breasts.I then stood up parted her legs wide, I positioned my pole perpendicular to her hole and started to rub labia and intoxicating and making her beg to pound her pussy.

"Fuck me bastard cant wait longer, dont play with or I ll find another cock to fill in deep hole", she shouted. I then held her hips and slid in my cast iron pole into the depths of her mould.She was dripping and nerves are aching with pleasure "Ooooooh bastrad ! yes fuck me hard. Go deep honey fuck ooh fuck ahhh aaaaaaaah".

She was moaning like a wild horse and hips were shaking in rythm to her firm thrusts and boobs were jiggling and the sweat over body is making her shine like a ruby. "Oooh bitch fuck you.. Oooh fuck you my slut you bitch ooohh" I was getting wild and were talking dirty and felt like nothing is around us in this world and we forgot everything and I was pounding her like bull and my balls were slapping her wet thighs.

The pleasure was immense and building and she was getting goose bums over her biceps and we were sweating at each other and involved in the act completely "Ooooh baby im gonna cum oohhhh yeah" and I exploded my sperms inside her and in no time she too climaxed with eyes closed tight. I collapsed over her back for a minute until my dick went limp and I pulled it out of her hole.

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Arun Fucking Chennai Lady He Had Met Online

I’m Arun from Chennai age 23 height 5.6 weight 75kg penis 6.5 inch. This story is about how I fucked a horny lady…I got a lot of online friends and one of them is Bhuvaneshwari age 37 she is from chennai..First, our chat started through mail later we exchanged our numbers one fine evening got a text from her number.

Bhuvana: hey are u free today? Let’s have a coffee. Me: of course we can. She asked me to come to Phoenix mall Velachery.I got ready and started before I reach she was waiting for me in a coffee shop. I went shopping and gave her a dairy milk silk chocolate and hugged her we both were talking about personal taking selfies etc.

Finally I dropped Bhavana near her house she gave a kiss on my cheeks and thanked me[sorry forgot to say about this she has one child he is studying 5th std] After dropping her I went home and masturbated thinking about her I received a txt from her number. Bhuvana: “Honey I love you” Me: are you joking? Bhuvana: really I love u I need u.

Me: Bhavana I’m younger than you how it is possible. Bhuvana: I don’t mind about ages etc I realized that u can take care me of everything etc. Me: finally agreed with a smile and said I love u too. She asked me to come to her home nxt day morning as soon as her husband and her son leaves from home I waited in a tea shop near her area and texted her.

me: everything ok? Bhuvana: ya fine come to second-floor ill be wearing a pink colour saree and gate will be kept open. I started from the tea shop and parked my bike in her apartment and took a lift to the second floor she was waiting for me outside her home she welcomed me with a warm hug and locked the door and said me to sit on sofa she went into the kitchen and came outside

with a two glass of mango juice we both drank the juice and started to talked she asked me arun can we start?I lifted her and she directed me to her bedroom she kept everything ready the ac was kept on already she came closer and hugged me kissed on my chest and I hugged her and kissed on her forehead she was crying and saying about her drunkard husband I tried to console her but she didn’t stop.

She suddenly removed her wedding rope(in Tamil we used to say thaali kayaru) After that she came closer and gave a kiss on my lips nearly she was sucking my lips more than 20 mins we both exchanged our saliva hugging and rolling each other in bed we both were semi-nude I gradually removed all her clothes and made her nude I started to suck her nipples and finger her

pussy she was moaning in a pleasure her pussy was hairy and asked her to shave she went to restroom and trimmed all the hairs and came back I started licking her and my tongue was inside hers…I lifted her up and licked her asshole she was moaning aaaaahhhh arun fuck me please I can’t wait!!!

I took my dick and kept on her mouth she gave a good blowjob and made me cum on her mouth she drank everything. While going I got 3 packets of condom I removed one and gave her and asked her to wear it on my cock she agreed and did I stretched her legs and went between it and inserted my cock I her pussy she was crying in pain I didn’t leave her I started rubbing slowly

and after that rubbed it harder she was moaning and was shouting “Fuck me fuck me hard oh yeah”While fucking her I was playing with her tits finally she cummed. I asked her to take a doggy position I inserted my cock into her ass hole it was very tight so my cock started to pain.

Even though it was paining I didn’t leave her fucked her asshole nearly 20 mins and released my hot sperm inside her nearly we fucked for 3 hours we started at morning 9 and finished our 1st session at 12.

I asked her for an another session she agreed and said to start at 1 pm and finish at 3 pm because her son will be coming from school at 4 I ordered afternoon lunch from a hotel and we both ate and started our session.

Before that we both took bath in the same bathroom while bathing I asked her to keep one leg on the tap and inserted my dick into her pussy by standing in front of her I fucked her for 10 mins and released my sperm inside her she was really happy with my service.

After that, I took her to bedroom again and fucked her at different positions. This one of my best services to my reader she thanked me and gave me some money I refused to take the money and I gave her 5k for her expense she came near me and hugged me for 10 mins I gave a kiss on her forehead and left her home.

Before reaching home received a text from her number. Bhuvana: don’t go away from me I need your service often I miss u. That night we had an another session on Skype and made her cum. Hope everyone liked my story.

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Amarinder Having Sex With Working Professional Chetna

Hello everybody this is Amarinder from Pune. I am 45 yrs, male with an athletic body & a very strong sex drive & I have a 6x2.5 inches rock hard cock to please & satisfy any female craving for sex. I work with marketing team in an agency in Pune. So I can spare ample of time to help women get satisfaction with secrecy.

This happened last month & is about 35 yrs old married lady her name is Chetna (name changed) and she is a working professional marwadi with a MNC at Kharadi & staying in Wanorie with 2 kids, a girl & a boy. Her husband is a nerd & they got back from Australia & he is more interested in making money than enjoying his wife’s beauty.

We met on yahoo chat for the first time. And then send me a mail to me. Chetna sent a mail to me saying that she wants a good friend with whom she could share her feelings. While talking to her over the phone she told me that she is very stressed with her work & her husband doesn't take good care of her.

We kept on exchanging calls for a few days & Chetna expressed her desire of meeting me. She was hesitant initially but agreed after I convinced her that our meeting would be strictly confidential forever. Finally she decided to meet me over coffee at her place.

She was shy & afraid as this was the first time she was meeting a guy after her marriage, who was not her husband. We decided to meet on Saturday as her husband will be out of town & her kids have gone to her mothers place. As it is my off day. I reached there before time & she welcomed me with a smile.

She was sexy…! I went in & she closed the door behind me. She asked me to sit on a sofa & I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Such a lovely Marwadi woman with a good figure 32-28-32, 5.4ft tall, wheatish with flowing hair till her shoulders. She looked like a 25 year old woman. She is hot...

She laughed and asked me what the matter was. I praised her beauty with all the words I knew & she blushed. We spoke for a few minutes & had tea. But I found it very hard to control myself for long. But I didn’t want to hurry up & lose the opportunity of such a beauty’s company & sat beside her & put my hand on her shoulder.

She placed her head on my shoulder & the whole scene was romantic, slow music, faint perfume & above all a pretty woman beside me. I touched her cheeks & slowly moved my hands down to her neck. She was quicker than me; she pulled my face towards her & placed her lips over mine. We kissed & sucked each other’s lips for about 15 minutes.

I started unbuttoning her dress & she blushed, smiled & closed her eyes. I pulled her bra & saw the wonderful pair of breasts. Her nipples were about half an inch long & inviting. I could not hold any longer, I started sucking them. She started making sounds & pulled me nearer. I was sucking one while kneading the other.

Slowly I made her lie on her back & moved towards her belly button. I inserted my tongue into it & she arched her body & emotionally said that she loves me & asked me to do it for the whole day. We moved to her bed room & on the way I was holding her boobs & tweaking her nipples from behind. She was laughing & enjoying.

She pushed me on the bed & removed my trousers first & then my underwear. My cock was to its fullest size revealing the flesh with a few drops of pre cum. She took the cock & moving its shaft back, she took it in her mouth. I quickly removed my shirt & was completely naked.

As she bent over me to suck my manhood, her long silky hairs fell on my stomach & covered the sucking scene from me. I pushed her hair towards a side & enjoyed the scene of my cock being tasted by a real beauty. She seemed to be an expert at blowjob & I was getting harder & stiffer. After about 20 minutes, I was about to cum. I didn’t want to cum before her.

So suddenly I pulled her away from my cock & she looked at me in anger. I made her lie on her back & started to remove her panty. She had a clean shaved pussy. She caught my hairs & pulled my face closer to her pussy. I inserted my finger in her pussy & started finger fucking her.

With my other hand, I started slowly smearing her lips, tickling her on her neck & moved a little down to cup one of her breasts. Meanwhile I inserted my second finger also in her pussy and her moans turned into cries. Along with finger fucking I started spreading my fingers apart inside her pussy & rubbing the tender walls of her pussy. Kissing & biting her calf & thighs all the way up to her juicy pussy...

Her pussy was just dripping with the juice of love due to my pampering of he pussy...At the same time I was taking due care of both of her boobs by squeezing one & sucking the other. She said Amarinder… coming…. & before she could finish her words she came violently & relaxed with a satisfied look on her cute face. But I didn’t stop fingering, sucking & tweaking her.

She seemed to be regaining her strength & I immediately stopped as my hungry hard cock was craving for her pussy. I spread her legs & surprisingly she was ready within no time. I put her legs on my shoulder & slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. She screamed as if she was a virgin. But she was so cute that I felt I was really hurting her.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy & kissed her passionately on her lips, chin & neck. She hugged me tightly, kissed me all over my face, took my cock in her hand & she herself inserted it into her love hole. I made slow pushes & she was moaning mmm…ooohh & at the same time pulling me inside her by putting her hands around my waist & ass.

Slowly I increased my pace & her moans got louder. The whole room was filled with her moans with the rhythm of my balls slapping her ass. And I was fucking Chetna with full vigour and speed. She was encouraging me with her words ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, come on darling give me speed ooohhh,

aaaahhh, uuuuuuumm, aaaaaaaaaahhh, ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s u, ohh fuckkkkkkk aaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkk me harrrrrd, I love u Amarinder yesssssssss, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuummmmmm ‘aaaaaa…….hhhhhhhhhhh…….. uuuuuuu……….mmmmm, ooooooooo……. faaaaaaaaaaassst

I need more baby I need more dear please fuck me, fuck me Amarinder fucccccckkkkkk meee all day... Both of us were sweating while fucking her faster, I caught hold of her thighs which were on my shoulders & would nibble those milky white thighs & she was in the heaven. After about 20 minutes, she came again & again for about three times & I was also about to come.

Suddenly I removed my cock from her pussy & came all over her stomach, neck, face & hairs. She was really enjoying the pleasure with her eyes closed & had a satisfied look on her pretty face. I fell on her naked body with my cum all over her & hugged her. She was sleeping with joy & told me that she had never enjoyed sex to this limit with her hubby.

She kissed me passionately all over my body & wished she could have married me. We slept in each other’s arms for about an hour. Later we had sex 4 times till the evening, & then I left. She let me go only after I promised her that I will satisfy her whenever she needs me. We had sex many times after that.

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Hot Sex Encounter In Train To Delhi

Hello Everyone, This is my first story so would appreciate your feedbacks. This is a very simple story wherein I met a lady on a train, had a good time with her there and this lead us to a relationship we still share.

About me, at the time of the story, I was 23 and I am about 6 feet with broad shoulders and a decent physique. I also boast of a decent enough dick and tricks to satisfy anyone and unlike my esteemed writers here won’t go in the elaborate details of the size and length of my tool as it is not required here (will share the details in the further stories).

Now coming back to the story, this happened about 10 yrs back wherein I was returning from my hometown to Delhi.It was the end of Feb and there was a little chill in the air. I had booked a ticket in the chair car of a train. It was a morning 6 hr journey.

Anyways I reached station about 30 mins before the train was supposed to leave and killed my time by having tea and reading the paper at the station. of course, I ogled at the ladies/girls traveling. I had decided to buy a novel thinking like always it’s going to get difficult to kill time on the train and the novel is going to be my only savior.I kept the novel in my bag and waited for my train.

I looked at the chart and found out that nest to my seat there were two other passengers a 40 yr old man and a 26 yr old lady. I was excited and disappointed at the same time. Excited because a young lady was traveling with me and disappointed because she was with a 40 yr old man.

The train came on time and since it was only a 5 min stop I quickly found my coach and went and sat on my designated seat. I was surprised to find that a man was sitting on the aisle seat but there was no lady in the middle one. It came to my mind that maybe they are not traveling together.

As I settled in my seat I heard a voice “aap mere seat pe bathe hai (you are sitting in my seat)”.I looked the source of the voice and saw a beautiful young lady wearing white salwar suit.She had a fair complexion and had a decent pair of tits with the right amount of flesh at the right places and more importantly, she had a disarming smile.

I could have said no that’s my seat, please check your ticket but somehow I didn’t speak and mesmerized by her sight shifted to the middle seat. While moving to her seat her thighs brushed my legs and her beautiful round curvy ass touched my hand. While she was busy settling into her seat I was relishing the ass touch.

The touch gave me an instant hard-on and also ignited the thoughts of touching her. As the train moved so did my mind with the ideas and thought of touching her but I was also scared as it was a train journey and what would happen if she didn’t cooperate. I didn’t want to get a beat down. As I was busy thinking what to do she went to the toilet.

While leaving again her thighs bruised my legs and the person sitting next to me also didn’t get up and as her thighs touch her legs he tried to act smart and touch her ass. The moment this happened she lost it on him and scolded him in public.

“Aap theek se nahin baith sakte hai, apni maa behen ke saath bhi aisa hi karte hai (why can’t you sit properly and do you behave like this with your mother and sister also). I was relieved that this didn’t happen to me and also came to realize that no hanky panky will work with this lady and this journey will end like every other journey.

When she came back both of us gets stood up and stepped aside to allow this lady to sit. I started reading the paper and she was looking out of the window but our thighs touched. My hand touching her ass came back to my head and when she didn’t take away her leg, my mind again started working overtime with the thought whether I can get lucky or not.

Eventually, the lust overpowered my mind and I decided to sit with folded hands and try and touch her. Due to the jerks of the train, my hand touched her many a times but it was just limited to the touch. So I decided to open my fingers a little and target the area just below her armpit.

I thought that if I hit my mark and she doesn’t object I am in for a treat but if she does I can always say it’s because of the jerks and will sit normally. As I was trying this I felt my hand touching the area just below her armpit beneath her hand. I wasn’t sure so I kept on doing it. After a few more touches and a few minutes, I felt my hand touching something soft very soft.

I wasn’t sure whether I have touched her boobs and nailed the mark or not so I decided to let my hand remain there and make no movement. The moment I did that she held my hand and kept it on her lap stating” inko yahan rakho (keep it here)”. I was relieved and knew I’m in for a treat.

Then as I was touching her thighs she asked ‘tum yahi chahte the na(you wanted this only)’ to which I said ‘haan sab kuch (I want everything)’. She again asked ‘tumhe darr nahin laga (weren’t you scared)’ to which I said ‘haan laga toh but jub tumhari thighs touch hui toh main sab bhool gaya( Yes I was but when our thighs touched I forgot everything)’ to which she laughed.

I decided to sit with folded hands and explore her boobs. As I touched her boob I felt something very hard. She told me its her purse. I asked her to take it out. She removed her purse and also decided to put on her shawl. I put my hands inside it over her boobs and started pressing those. My dick made a big tent in my jeans and I had to put a jacket over it.

As I was pushing her boobs she closed her eyes and kept her head back on the headrest and enjoyed as if she was in seventh heaven. After a minute or so she whispered in my ears ‘Andar se (put your hands inside)’ Following her command I decided to take my hand under her kurta and slowly slid the bra strap and freed her boobs.

I put my hands on her naked boobs and started pressing them slowly taking them to her nipples. She was moaning and I had to ask her to control herself as someone might hear us. Her nipples were long and they were like a tent. I played with them, pinched them, pulled them, pressed them as both they and their owner were mine.

As I was playing with them she was nearing her orgasm. She took the shawl and placed it between her lips to stifle her sound. I kept on playing with her nipples as she came and her body relaxed. Then I tried to insert my hand inside her pajama but she held my hand and said somebody might see us and it’s not safe.

Just play with my boobs as they are covered with the shawl and for the pussy, you can touch them over the clothes but don’t go inside. I agreed to it… it was my first time in a train also and I didn’t want to arouse anyone’s suspicion.

Then she put her hand over my tent and played with it a little while. She couldn’t take it out because of space crunch and also we were afraid that someone can catch us in it. She massaged my dick over my trousers and the excitement of her boobs and her hand on my dick made me come in my undies.

It was a little uncomfortable to sit in the wet undies but who cares when the experience is so awesome. I did play with her boobs throughout the journey but didn’t go beyond it. She told me that she is married but was sex starved for last 3 months. She didn’t have a mobile (that time) so I gave her my number. She promised to call when the time is right.

On reaching Delhi I asked her to accompany me to my place and assured her that I will drop her at her place later but she didn’t agree. Her departing words were ‘I will call you’. She did call me a few days later and we had a lot more than just playing with the boobs and touching over the clothes.

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Rajat Fucking Sexy Cricket Mom - II

Previously: Rajat Fucking Sexy Cricket Mom - I

Saying this she pinched the tip of my dick very hardly and I almost let a sigh out. Then, she smooched me and after a few seconds I too responded. I broke the kiss and pulled her towards me and our tongues were playing with each other.I tasted her lipstick then and pulled out her upper lip with my lips.

I inserted my hands from the front side of her saree and she spread her legs until I realised she was cumming inside her pussy. She put hand inside my joggers while kissing and took my 6 ‘ thick cock out of my pants. She bent and rubbed it with her saliva by spitting on my dick. I suggested her to take it in her mouth. She tried sucking my cock for few minutes.

I was almost in heaven and sat still as she sucked my cock. Few minutes later she said she wasn’t comfortable and needs more space. She said we should head towards her house for further action as her son might be playing indoor games in society with her maid. By that time my cock was fully wet with her saliva and I was aroused.

I asked her to stay in same position and she helped me to masturbate. she kept smooching and I told her I was cumming. She bent near my cock and I came straight into her mouth. She ate all my cum and cleaned my cock with her pallu of saree. Then, we drove towards her house. She lived on the 3rd floor near Babulnath temple.

We took stairs instead of lift till her flat arrived. Just as she closed the door, I hugged and bit her from behind on her neck and she was making sounds of “ooohhssss ahhhhs hooooff.” Then, she said she needs to check whether her 5 year son and maid is home or not. She stayed in 6 BHK house, which was made by joining 2 flats of 3BHKs.

She checked whole house as I walked behind her and she said, “My child is playing and my maid has accompanied him. They won’t return before 2:30” Hearing this, I grabbed her from behind and pinned her against the walls biting her back and bare skin inside her blouse. She pushed me aside and now she pinned me to the wall and bit me on my chest.

She raised my hands and removed my t-shirt. She bit me on my chest leaving red marks. then, she held me and bit on my biceps and back leaving hickeys over there. Then she took me on herself and I started tasting her lipstick this time by biting her lower lip. She too bit my lips and our lips had started bleeding. But we didn’t stop there.

Now I made circular rounds from my tongue on her neck and shoulders and I bit her. I removed her pallu and was inserting tongue in her cleavage. She was slowly moaning and was rubbing my penis and it didn’t took long for my penis to get erect. Then I pulled her saree and peti-coat while sucking her cleavage down from her waist and now she was only in her blouse and panties.

Then, I squeezed her pussy from outside the panty and she moaned harder. Sssss aahhhh Ummm she was moaning, the I removed her blouse and went to her navel. I sucked her navel for half a minute and teased her by moving towards her pussy and again went up and kissed her. She held my head and said, “Please eat my pussy. I will do anything you ask.”

I then took her bra straps and removed them. I was watching her melons for first time. They were whitish and had red nipples. I became mad seeing her boobs and first had a look at them. Then I pressed them as I kissed her. I rubbed both her boobs between my fore-finger and thumb with bot hands and she moaned real hard. As she broke the kiss, she panted and moaned.

I continued sucking her boobs and she was pressing my head against her melons. Then I alternatively sucked her boob and rubbed other boob between my forefinger and thumb partly. She was moaning loudly and calling out my name. Then I went towards her opantytried pulling it and then she removed it and pushed me to bedroom.

I lied on bed while she was above on my face. Her pussy was clean shaved and she stayed afloat on my face and made circular motion closing her eyes her pussy touching my mouth. It went on for a minute now she lied on bed. I went on her top and kissed her. I played and fondled her boobs as I was teasing her from navel to boobs and vice-versa but not going to pussy.

Then she finally slid her body above and made me lick her pussy. I spread the walls of pussy and straight away started licking as she was instructing. I then the bit her cunt softly and pinched it. She moaned and lifted her boad. This continued and she moaned “ufff mar gayi. Khaa jaa mari chut ne. I love you. Jo chahiye wo karungi. Aaj meri chut khaa jaa tu. Chod mujhe.”

After few minutes she came. Then she slid her hands inside my joggers and removed them. Now I was in my undies and she grabbed my dick and bit it from above my underwear and said, “Aj to tera lund khaa jaungi main.” Saying this she almost tore my undies while biting my cock and I undid my undies and now we were both naked.

She tried taking my whole 6’ cock in mouth but wasn’t able to. Then I pushed her head on my cock and she was literally in tears. She continued doing for minutes until I came too. We sat and she bought cakes to eat. We ate them just when she rubbed cream on my dick and licked it. This again aroused my Semi erected cock to full size and I pushed her and made her lie on bed.

I rubbed my cock between her thighs to tease her and then she held my cock and put it in her pussy.She let a huge moan as my dick inserted her pussy. She then held my back and made up and down motions. I kissed her while doing so and played with boobs too. She kept moaning and kept saying “chut faad meri. AAj chod de mujhe.”

Now she went on upper side and I was down and she almost jerked every second on my cock and jumped. She kept increasing pace as I was breathing calmly and fondling her boobs. Then she finally came and lied on me. I meanwhile pushed my cock inside her pussy and inserted my short nails in her back and kissed. She kept moaning harder.

Then she lied down me and did same and inserted nails on my back and kissed my shoulders and biceps. It went for few more minutes and we both finally came together. She then immediately took my cock in her mouth stroked it and drank all my cum which was dripping. She watched the clock and it was 1 o’clock. I was already feeling a bit tired by then.

She asked me to wash myself and I washed myself and was still naked. We ate bread and some cakes until she went in bathroom for shower. I grabbed her from behind in my arms inside the shower and rubbed my cock against her buttocks. She then went down and took my cock into her mouth.

Then she pinched my balls as I shouted in pain and then she bit the skin surrounding my balls. Then she sucked my bells. Then I lifted her up, kissed her and went on for 5 mins. Now, I lifted her in my arms, pinned her against wall and made her jump on my cock. She hesitated, but once the grip was set she moaned and I kissed her and we started back and fro motions.

Within 5 minutes I came inside her. Together we both came in the shower. I was very weak by now and could hardly walk. We somehow washed ourselves and she made glucose water for me and I drank, as I was too weak after practice and after almost cumming 5 times.

It was almost 2 pm by now. She then said she would call me tomorrow if possible and she would like to try different positions. She kissed me hard and we both dressed up. She asked me to take her scooty with me which I rejected. She asked me to go by taxi. She booked and paid in my wallet for taxi for which I hesitated too. But she made me keep it as a sign of friendship.

Then just when she was opening door she kissed and hugged me and said thanks to me. I said, “no worries. We’ll meet tomorrow.” She said,”Yes, tomorrow I want to try anal too. Have good rest so we could have fun.” Saying this I went home instead of practice.

The End.

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