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Delhi Guy Enjoying Sex With Married Woman From Australia

I am jord from Delhi. And the lady in the story is Rita (name changed). This happened a few years back when I was 21 in college. I got a friend request on my social network site. I couldn’t recognize her first but then recalled that we studied in the same school and she was my senior about 3 years ahead.

In school days she was not so popular with I knew her because we used to go to same tuition classes. We used to talk but not so much as she used to hang out with different friend group. I accepted the request and was pleasant that she remembered from that long. She lives in Australia now with her husband and 1-year-old kid.

We started talking remembering our school days and all old memories. We used to chat regularly and slowly became close. Her husband used to work a lot and she stayed home taking care of the baby. Slowly she opened a bit and we started sexting and sending pics and all. She was happy with her husband but she wanted something more.

As she was an alone lot of time she used to send a lot of pics. I use to wait for her pictures every day and sometimes masturbate looking at them. She had big boobs because of the baby. I used to love her boob pics. One day she messaged me saying that she is coming to Indian in few weeks as she has to sell her properties and some bank stuff.

I was happy that she was coming and she was coming alone. When she came to india she was busy for a week with her work and meeting her relatives and all that. I could hardly talk to her then. We both were desperate to meet but was hard. After many tries, she finally got free and called me to meet. we met at a coffee shop.

We hugged each other when we met and she was looking wow. The perfect figure for a lady of her age. She also had that little Australian accent. I used to just watch her boobs as they were just popping out of her black sexy dress. She noticed quite a few times but didn’t say anything. I even tried to touch her hands few times and she let me. After an awhile, we decided to go to my home.

As I lived by myself in a rented apartment. As soon as we walked in my apt I touch her ass and start rolling my hands. She looked at me and smiled and went away. She asked for the bathroom to freshen up. I showed the way. She went to bathroom leaving the door open. After few minutes I couldn’t resist and grabbed her from back and started kissing her neck.

She closed her eyes and started biting her lips. I slowly started rubbing her boobs and caressing my hands all over her. I put my one hand on her ass and started smacking. She loved that she wanted more and more of that. I pulled her hair and put my fingers in her mouth and she started sucking them. Her red juicy lips were to die for.

She put her hands in my pants and started playing my dick. Her soft fingers were too much to handle. Slowly we started kissing all over our face for abt 20 minutes. We both undressed and went to bed. She had big boobs and clean pussy. After some kissing, I sucked her boobs and also playing with her pussy. She started moaning loudly and I could tell she is wet already.

Slowly she started with my dick. Her soft hands stroking my dick making me feel the top of the world. Then slowly she went down and took my dick in her mouth. She took my whole dick in her mouth. She kept on going fast and fast. She didn’t want to stop and I was loving it to the fullest. She then started licking and playing with my balls.

Then I sat on her face and she took my dick in her mouth. It was heaven so much fun. Then we started kissing again and now she wants to put my dick in her wet pussy. She already came two times by now. I wanted to tease her so didn’t put my dick in her yet. I started kissing her ass and started fingering her pussy. My fingers were doing all the magic. She was going nuts.

After that I slowly started kissing her legs and-and she had smooth skin. I slowly put my dick in her wet pussy and she moans loudly. After few strokes, I started going fast. We were going out of breath. After 15 min we started doing in doggy style and after 10 min I was abt to cum and I said do u want in ur pussy or on the face she said pussy. I loaded all my cum in her it was great.

We took a shower after that and started kissing again inside and slowly started to fuck again. This time I sucked her pussy so much she already came 2 times in my mouth. She sucked my dick and after I cum she took all in her mouth. She was loving all the drip. We kissed for few minutes after that. Throughout all day and next few days, we had many sessions.

Loved those days with her. In next year she came two times for her work purpose and again we had some good time. We went to so many different places and did so many times in different hotel rooms. I eagerly wait for her next arrival to India to have some more fun and good times. We are still in contact and she is planning a visit soon back here so will add more stories later.

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Rajni Enjoying First Sex Encounter With Stranger In Train

Hello. This is Rajni here. This is my first attempt writing a story. First let me tell you about myself. I am a 29 year old married woman, married for almost four years now. I am extremely fair with attractive facial features getting a lot of attention wherever I go. I am 5'6'' which adds to my beauty. I like to maintain myself through exercise and yoga, with 34C-30-36.

I never had sex before marriage, so the first year was awesome. Then it started to decline, husband started to leave me high and dry. I used to be this homely marwadi girl before that but now it was a bit itchy and wanted more, but never expressed it.

This happened on our family trip to Rajasthan which we go every year. We were traveling in 3AC from Bandra to Jodhpur. My in laws were there with my brother in law and my hubby. I was sitting in the corner seat, with sasu maa in middle and sasur jee in the window seat. We left at around 3 pm, I was wearing a low waist light blue and pink saree with a pink short sleeved blouse.

An hour after we settled down, I realised that a guy in the next compartment in the side lower seat was staring at me. This got me excited when we stole glances three four times. He must have been in his young twenties, with good athletic body. He was wearing a body hugging tee shirt so I could make out the size of his biceps.

I could have exchanged places, but I let him watch me, enjoying a bit by now. I was also staring back looking directly in his eyes every once in a while, talking to my family and looking all of a sudden. This went on till almost 5 pm, we both knew we were looking at each other. He got up to go to the washroom and smiled at me when he passed our compartment. I did not react.

I wanted to get up and go, but was so scared. He came to his seat after a while and glances continued, this time with more smiles. I decided to give him a view now, so started stretching showing off my waist and side boobs, as he was looking I smiled at him. He was now on cloud nine.

I teased him more by showing him my cleavage a couple of times playing with my mangalsutra and adjusting my saree and the bra strap. I was thinking that this would stop at staring and some fun, but he had different ideas. At about 8 pm when I got up to go to washroom, he followed but couldn't say anything as my hubby was there with me.

I freshened up and came out to find him standing at the door of the train. I stood at wash basin pretending to wash my hands, my hubby was standing for me and went to washroom. As soon as he went, this guy came near and told me that I looked beautiful and would like to talk later, I just stood there and smiled and he went away to door again.

Without waiting for my hubby I came back to my seat, but he came back after half an hour, maybe expecting me to come back. As soon as he came back I adjusted my pallu and gave him a good view of cleavage smiling at him, and then tying my hair exposing my belly. He was staring like anything. After a while my sasur jee had to sleep around 9 pm after we had dinner.

I went to washroom as hubby and dever prepared the bed. This time seeing me going alone he came fast, I went and stood at the door of train. He came and stood behind me, very close. I looked at him and smiled. Seeing nobody at the gate, he kissed me on the cheek, I was taken aback and felt a shiver down my spine.

He held my waist and started caressing as I looked him in the eyes with lust, and kissed him on the cheek. I just managed to pull out of his grip and went inside smiling and giggling. Inside the beds were prepared, I got the middle berth. I went there and pretended to be sleeping. At around 11, I got up. As expected he was waiting in his seat. My family was sleeping.

My heartbeats started to increased as he smiled at me. I went to out and he followed me. I stood at the door with both my hands on the side bars, he came and hugged me from behind straight away feeling my bare tummy. Ahhh it was so divine, sent electric currents through my body when he kissed my neck. The thrill, excitement and fear of getting caught were making me wet already.

I pushed him aside and came back to the wash basin smiling and looking at him with lust, my boobs going up and down due to heavy breathing. He looked at my cleavage and moved his tongue over his lips looking at me, came closer and kissed me on the lips. I just couldn't stop him as I responded back to the kiss there itself, sucking his lower lip as he sucked my upper lip.

We both were horny and rolling our tongues over lips and tasting each other. My hands were on his neck and his hands were exploring my waist. I broke the kiss and said someone might come, its not safe, lets sleep. He smiled and said yes darling, lets go to my berth, held my hand and led me there to his side lower berth.

From a shy simple housewife in the noon, I had become a slutty wife who was going to fuck a stranger in train right next to where her hubby was sleeping. I sat there shamelessly as he came in and closed the curtains and leaned on me to kiss. That was so passionate as he held me by my boobs and I was literally chewing his lips, and he was mauling my boobs over my blouse.

He started opening the hooks of my blouse one by one kissing me passionately on the lips, pressing his tongue inside my mouth. I was fired up, he already opened two hooks and his hand was inside my blouse cupping my left boob, feeling my nipple over the bra.

I made him sit with his back against the compartment and came over him pulling my saree upto my waist and kissed him wild, biting his lips. His hands exploring my waist and ass. I held him by his hair and pulled his head on my cleavage, he started playing with my boobs again. I unbuttoned his pants and unzipped him and put my hand inside feeling his dark dick over his underwear.

I decided to go down on him, moving back I pulled his pants down and kissed his dick all of a sudden. Quickly pulled his underwear down and took his dick in my hand and started rolling my tongue over tip of his dick, kissing it slowly rubbing my lips up and down over the tip. I took the dick in my mouth. I started to roll it in my mouth with my tongue and moving my lips all over it.

I kept on sucking the dick taking it in and out increasing the speed, my hands playing with his balls. While sucking him I was squeezing his dick with my lips and teeth at times to excite him more. Licking the dick like a lollipop and sucking it like a chocobar, I was going wild on him, wanting him to cum.

After 10 mins of sucking he was about to cum, so I pulled out his dick from my mouth, but a bit too late. He came all over my face, his cum rolling down to my boobs, and importantly blouse, I took his pant and wiped it off. I asked him how much time he needs to get going again. He said half an hour, so I went to check whether my family was still asleep.

After seeing them sleeping, I went straight to the washroom and asked him to follow me. As soon as we were in I opened my blouse and kept it on hanger and hugged him. He was feeling my ass over my saree, kneading it. We started kissing again, smooching harder than before. I could feel him getting hard even over my saree.

With his dick rock hard and my pussy wet and ready, he turned me around and lifted my saree up to my waist making me bend against the wash basin. He then pulled down my panties and came over me trying to insert his dick inside my pussy. Without wasting any time he reached for my pussy, it was already drenched with her juices.

He just bended me over and pushed his dick in my pussy, it slide in comfortably. His dick was reaching the very depth of my pussy, hitting it hard. He just started hammering me as hard as he could, fucking my brains out till I was moaning like mad. He increased the pace and was fucking harder and harder, and pulled out just before he was about to cum.

He came on my ass and pulled my saree and petticoat down just to let the cum cling to it. I turned around and kissed him again, adjusted my saree and went to my seat. This incidence completely changed my sex life. From one man woman, to a slutty bhabhi who is enjoying dicks in last two years. Will write more about other experiences if you liked this story.

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Hot Sex Encounter Of Ashok With Two Kerala MILF Aunties

Hi everyone, this is Ashok back again and I am gonna tell you a true story which happened to me just a few weeks back.How I had an encounter with two hot milfs who are from Kerala. I am a good looking 25 years old from Hyderabad. When I am checking my emails I met this woman named Pallavi (name changed)a 45-year-old housewife from Kerala.

She is married but her husband stays in Australia. So as you can understand she was sex hungry.We chatted for a few days.We exchanged our numbers and started sex chatting. We did for 2days. One day she told me she will be coming to Hyderabad on Saturday. Where she want to meet me.

So on Saturday I dressed well and went to the hotel which she told and ranged the bell. She welcomed me inside. What a sex bomb she is??? Uffff my dick started to rise. I started a conversation like this. Me: hi Pallavi nice to meet you P: hello. Me: you look beautiful P: thank you Me: you got a beautiful structure P: only staring, are you are going to do something???

I am waiting for that answer, I went close to her and hugged her and then slowly started patting her body. My hands are busy roaming on her body. Both of us were waiting as to who would make the next move.

Then I kissed her on her eyes and slowly started biting and licking her ears and neck. Soon our lips met and started smooching biting lips. Now slowly I started squeezing her boobs. She began moaning loudly which turned me on even more. I started undressing her, Suddenly she blindfolded me She removed my dress.

I went shocked for those act. I then began licking her nipples over her bra itself and also her clean shaven but sweaty armpits. The smell was heavenly. I removed her bra and put her tits in my mouths. The soft heavenly feel. She was in heaven she started moaning ahhh ummm ufff sssssss ahhh fuckkkkkk meeeee mmmmmm ahhhhh ahhhhh deeppppp more deeppppp suckkk it suckkk ittttt hard.

I twisted her nipples hard. I then grabbed her head pushed my dick into her mouth.And my god did she suck it good, twisting her head and licking my dick completely. Meanwhile, I had a smooch on my lips. I got shocked. I withdrew my lips and opened my blindfold. I was shocked to see beautiful women late in her 30s. Pallavi told me that she is her friend who is also unsatisfied.

Her husband is unable to satisfy her. Her name is Pallavi with big boobs and hot ass. I then took her near me and started smooching deeply and made her lie down and removed her jeans and panty. I swear to god what a lovely pussy it was. Pallavi giving blowjob to me and I then started tongue fucking Priya giving long licks on her pussy and I started licking her ass too.

She was overwhelmed by it and within minutes she came all over my face. But I didn’t stop there I continued licking her for 10 minutes more giving her a lot of pleasure and making her come once again. Now Pallavi positioned my dick on her clit and teasingly started rubbing it around her pussy. She started entering my dick in one go she put my dick inside her hard.

She shouted out in pain. The feel inside her pussy was heavenly. She was tight not having being fucked in a long time and her pussy walls were milking my dick. She is riding me and I am sucking Priya pussy. Priya reached her orgasm.Now I made Pallavi in doggy style and As I pumped in and out of her I bent forward and crushing her tits.

She is moaning like hell ahhh ummmm fuckkkkkk me hardddd ahhhh sssssss ummmmm ahhhh fuckkkkkk make me your bitchhhhh ahhhshhhh hmmmmmmm uffffffffffff I was both tender and harsh giving her best of both the worlds. She then started sucking Priya’s pussy and meanwhile, priya started smooching me. We exchanged our saliva and biting our lips.

She had orgasmed 2nd time in the meanwhile and after few minutes I cummed on her boobs. Now Priya and Pallavi started exchanging my cum and Priya started giving blowjob to me. Within no time I got an erection again. We kissed each other and I started entering Priya passionately. Its very tight and I penetrated slowly and started to and fro.

Once I got the phase I rammed her pussy she was moaning like hell ahhh ashhhhokkkk ahhhhh fuckkkkkk more harrdddddd sssssss ummmmm mmm ahhhhhhhh then I fucked her again in doggy style and came inside her. Now we slept for some time and Pallavi asked me for one more round this time I positioned my dick in her ass.

She screamed a lot and was trying to run away I held her tightly I kept on fucking her and fingering her pussy. After some time she started enjoying and started moaning. I made her orgasm again for 3 times and fucked her and came inside her.Then we both went for a shower together where we made love to each other

and between Priya too joined and I fucked her ass applying soap to my dick under the shower and Pallavi kissing Priya’s body. Where she was licked by me once again and made her orgasm twice. We had one more oral session on the bed and they were totally exhausted. We chatted for some time and smooched them again.

Then they left saying they will be back very soon for a most pleasure able experience again. They offered me some cash which I denied but they said it will be your reward. Looking for them again. I will post you once I had any encounter again. Thanks to Human Digest for giving us such a platform.

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English Lad Fucking Gorgeous Kashmiri Lady In Shop

This is a story about how I fucked a customer in my clothing shop. I am a well built 22-year-old british lad, I workout regularly and own a designer clothing store in london with branches in other cities across england.

My shop regularly has beautiful young flirtatious women as well as more mature but extremely gorgeous ladies who love spending their husband’s money and flirting with me to get a bargain. One day a gorgeous kashmiri women entered my shop. That day none of my workers were in the shop as I made them all go to the warehouse to do a full monthly stock count.

She browsed the sarees and started a bubbly conversation with me “You’re quite young to be working in a saree shop” – lady “I own this shop, none of my workers are in today as you can see its quite quiet today” “You must be really rich” – lady “Haha, this is a family run business, I am just a part of it” “These sarees are beautiful but I don’t know how to wear it” – lady

“If my workers were in today I would get one of the girls to teach you” “You can teach me how to wear it” – she said with a cute giggle. The entire conversation she was fiddling with her hair walking around my shop. “Pick a saree and I’ll show you how it’s done, you need to wear a blouse and then I’ll tell you how to wrap it around”

I picked a saree for her and showed her the blouse and told her to go into the changing room and try it on. She went inside with the blouse, a few minutes later she came out with the blouse on but it was extremely tight. Omg..She looked amazing with the tight blouse, bare belly and her jeans on, she came walking towards me asking me to hook the back on as it was still open from not fitting well.

As she came towards me her gorgeous boobs were bouncing up and down. She came towards me and turned around, pulled her hair to the front and gestured her back towards me. I didn’t know what to do. I then started hooking the blouse which was extremely tight..Each time I pulled too close one hook I could feel her boobs being squished a little.

Finally, the blouse was all hooked on. She turned around and pushed her hair back to reveal the stunning cleavage, She was in her early 20s, fair as Kashmiris are, gorgeous body with a 38 bust size. Now she was smiling looking at me lustfully and then started roaming around my shop looking at different angles of herself in the different mirrors around the shop barely covered in just a short blouse and jeans.

“You look gorgeous” I said She giggled “Thank you” “Now let’s put the saree on” So I took the saree out of the packet and unraveled it. She cutely ran back to the changing room looking back at me playfully. I went towards the front door and locked the shop and put the closed sign on. This is in the day at 1 pm ish.

I went back to the changing room with the saree to see her now undressed, in an amazing red panty. She was playing with her hair looking sexy in the mirror with herself. She turned around and saw me. Took the saree out my hand and threw it onto the floor. She grabbed my collars and pulled me towards her and started kissing me.

We kissed for what felt like hours, one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Oh god.We went mad, kissing, licking each other..Sucking her lips and then her tongue making slurping noises ummmmhh…Ohhh..She was shivering in ecstasy and orgasm..I held her arm and started kissing all over it. From the palm to the shoulders all the way across her back and then her other arm.

Then I started kissing her neck and then went back to her back, pushed her against the changing room wall and started slowly opening the blouse hooks one by one. She was smiling and giggling as it tickled. The blouse was now open. She swung herself to face me and slowly took the blouse off to reveal the most beautiful pair of boobs I’ve seen, better than any girl I’ve been or seen. Oh god.

She took my hands and placed it on her boobs, now I was caressing them passionately. (I love passionate sex and don’t like the rough style that most Asian men do) I took the left boob into my mouth while tickling the other boob, she gasped and moaned ohhh agh…Then I run my hands down her waist and turned her around and went towards her gorgeous bubble but which was bouncing in her red panties.

I shook them with my hand and slapped it lightly to see them bounce. And then she turned around and started opening my trouser belt. I quickly peeked around the room to see if anyone wanted to come into the shop, the coast was clear. I helped her take my belt off and then I took the trousers off to reveal a hard and erect 9-inch cock.

She immediately took it into her hands and bent down. (I knew then that she’s done this before) her hands we ever so called. This was during the winter and the winter in London is extremely cold.She touched my hot penis with her cold hands sending a shiver down my back and then started jerking me off. Giggling and smiling.

“Oh, babe.God..Your so hot” I said She then took it into her mouth. “Oooohhh.God..Shit..Oh my god babe.Suck it…Suck it.Shit..Fuck me god” she sucked good. Taking the whole nine inches into her mouth sucking in and out.Gagging on it.When she gagged I knew she’s had a fair share kf cock and knew exactly what she was doing.

I looked down at her gorgeous green eyes as she looked up at me sucking my hard cock.I held her hair as she sucked my good for at least 10 minutes. She was out of breath.I picked her up and placed her on my arms – she started laughing as it tickled. I picked her up and took her inside the staff room where we have a sofa. I dropped her onto the sofa and took my shirt off.

She got up and we kissed some more. I then took her panties off and kissed her ass cheeks mwaah.. I then went straight to her pussy and started licking it, she pushed my head with her but and turned around and spread her legs open for me to plunge in. And did I plunge alright, I dived into her gorgeous pussy.

Tapping and tickling her clit as I run my tongue down and inside her pussy. Slurping all the scrumptious pussy juice.Aaahh..I was full. Now I took my cock which was beating like a raging bull and plunged it deep into her pussy in one thrust ooooohhj she moaned in orgasm.

God..Fuck.Fuck in and out in and out we fucked lime crazy ohhh..I flipped her over did her doggy style she kept moaning “Ooohh baby fuck mee ahhh oh god fuck my pussy ooohglghhh” She turned her head back as I fucked her doggy style and kissed her beautiful lips mmmwwahh. Oh, shit.

Then I sat down while she did some work, she sat on my throbbing cock and jumped up and down oohhh while I played with her tits sucking and eating her up..Mmmmhhh. Then we both moaned simultaneously and looked into each other’s eyes…This was it.The climax ooooooohhhh “Fill me baby fill my pussy with your cumm..Cumm in me baby”

oohh we both came so hard…I kept cumming and cumming. The most I’ve ever cum…Oohh..She fell on top of my body and we both we exhausted on the sofa. We sat in the same position for a while.And them after a minute we kissed some more.She got off my dick and all the delicious juices flowed out of her pussy onto my dick.

Umm she was still moaning fingering her pussy to get all the cum out. We cleaned up..She wore her clothes while I wore mine. We fixed each other’s hairs and made ourselves presentable. Then I went and opened the shop to see a whole bunch of customers waiting to enter the shop.

Seeing the girl exhaustedly walk behind me, all the customers realized what we were doing and smirked and smiled and some giggled as I let them in..The girl then looked at me and kissed my cheeks and left her card inside my back trouser pocket and left.

Ohh..I was exhausted. I went to the back, got a bottle of water and slumped onto the chair near the counter as customers filled the shop up again.

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Sex With Bengali MILF Aunty Moni

I am Human Digest fan, I am 30, well built, 6 inch boy here is true story of mine, Hyderabad in year 2016 December, I happened to came to know her by chat, her name is Moni, she e-mailed me, she told me she is not satisfied by her husband, he only does sex with her once a month, she is 32 she does not have children she is house wife, a Bengali having 36-24-36″, good round shape ass.

Her husband is businessman, he always tours for his business but not bothering her, not looking after her needs, she gave me her number asked me contact secretly, particular time. I contacted her; she responded happily she is from Kolkata city only.

She used to contact when ever possible it went for two weeks I got holiday some I told her I am ready to come to her place to satisfy her, she told me her husband is leaving tomorrow for business trip come evening to by 4 pm evening, she given me her address, I went r to her place when her husband had gone on a business trip to another city.

When I got their she was dressed in a blue sari and a very tight blouse with no bras. She is too fair; she spoke good English and had a great pair of tits with an ass that was small and cute. We sat in the hall for a while she offered me tea and when she was pouring the tea her sari fell and I could see the lovely shaped tits and her nipples were sticking to the fabric.

I could not hold my self she was hot too, some one had to make the move she went in the kitchen to keep the tray I followed her ass was tight and cute I went up to her and put my hands around her waist and my hands touched the skin on her tummy it felt great she did not move and smiled and said “naughty boy” “I said yes you are so cute and sexy I cant wait to touch you”

then I moved my hands up to her tits and caressed the round mounds of her tits. I could feel the nipples getting hard she moved a bit back and her body was now touching mine. My cock was erect and I started to rub it against her ass, it felt great while caressing her tits I kissed her on the neck she moaned and took a deep breath.

Aaahhh. I bit her ears and licked them from the back she was now hot and gave a moan again aooaaaaaam. I turned her face to me and we kissed her grabbed me we had our tongues in each others mouth like hungry people licking and sucking each others lips. Kissing passionately and breathing heavily.

I was caressing her tit and then opened the buttons in front the blouse was so tight that her tits popped out I moved my hands up the mounds and squeezed them. They were firm and hard and tiny nipples were stiff now I took the nipples between my thumb and finger and rubbed them she was on fire and was biting my lips.

Then I bent down and started to lick her nipples moving my tongue around them one at a time then holding them between my lips and sucking them she was going crazy and said “oooaa yes pls suck them ooohhhh yes I love it oooo’ I then went down on my knee and slid my hands along her legs up to her ass and caressed her buttocks they were firm and tight.

She was not wearing a panties, I guess she expected this to happen. I stood up with my hands still in the sari and moved one hand to her cunt; it was cleaning shaved and small. She started to unzip my pants and it fell to the floor she took out my hard cock and started to rub it up and down, my cock was all wet and slippery with the fluids coming out it felt great

“it’s so hard I like it you like me playing with it? Let me see your cock ’she said she sat down and looked at my cock then without wasting a sec took it in her mouth mmmm it felt so good’ she started moving it in and out with her wet lips faster and faster I held her head and increased the momentum faster.

I was about to come when I pulled it out I made her stand up “please fuck me it has been so long pls” she said’ I did not want to fuck her straight away. I pulled her sari off she was now naked in front of me….what a figure. White skin tight tits shaved pussy just what I like. I make her sit on the kitchen counter and spread her legs.

Slowly I started to caress the inner walls of her cunt it was wet she was going crazy. Oohhaaa yes ooohh its so nice ooohhhhhaaa she cried. I bent down and started to lick the inner walls of her wet cunt moving my tongue up and down the sides she tasted so good.

Oohhh jaan aaaaoooyes its feels so nice aaaaaooohhhh” I shoved my tongue in her cunt hole moving it in and out this drove her to and orgasm? Ooohhhh ai has never felt like this oooh now fuck me with your cock pls ohhhh” she cried. I shoved one finger and moved in around inside her cunt she was crying with pleasure ooohhhh I am coming aaahhhhh.

She came and jerked like a mad women then I could not wait she got down and pulled me to the bed room. She threw me on the bed and came on top of me she held my cock and said “ill fuck you now just lie still ’she guided my hard cock in her wet cunt it was tight mmm it felt great.

She started to move up and down and slowly the moves got faster and faster ‘oohha a yes aaaaaoohh yes I love it oohhh fuck oohhh’ she cried. I was in heaven she was kissing me and biting my lips breathing heavily moaning and groaning ‘mmmaoooaaaaaa” my cock went deep in her cunt she was so hot from inside that my cock was melting.

I have not had sex for three months I want to fuck all day oooaaahhh fuck me” she yelled… I then moved her down and went on top of her sliding my cock in her cunt this time I was in control oooahhh yes I love your cunt aaaooo fuck aaaooo’ I said’ she was yelling in pleasure ”oooaaaaoooocome n me oooahhh fuck me jan aaaaaooo’

I could not hold my self and shot my cum all in side her I kept the momentum oooaa a aima coming aaaaaaa’ I kept moving in and out in a few seconds I had another hard on and my cock was up again.

Fuck me more please it’s been so long I want you to fuck me every day jan pls” she said I turned her over on her knees and shoved my cock in her cunt from the back doggy style my favorite position. I started to fuck her fast and hard in and out my cock sled faster she was enjoying it and so was ooohhh aaa yes aaaaooo”

we started to yell out I am coming oooahhha ayessssa a aaaaaaa coming aaooohhh’ I came all over her back and felt great. We laid next to each other we held each other arm in arm, it felt so nice she was so petite and soft she said “I feel so nice” we caressed each others parts again and again got aroused. We fucked three times. That day.

I stayed there for 3 days we enjoyed those three days I still fuck her some times when ever we get a chance. We are very good friends now and talk on the phone about any problems. Some times I go over and even if we don’t have sex we sit and talk as friends and if we feel like it we make love. It’s a great relationship.

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Guy Enjoying Orgy With Hostel Girls Rima And Megha

Staying in one of the metros in a flat in a multiblock complex, which was a township by itself, with its own walkways, swimming pool, shopping complexes, bars etc. All other open area was converted into garden and a total dust free atmosphere prevailed.

Though I had affairs with many lone women staying there, the situation did not change, many left with their husbands and many still stay there. My experience with woman, of course, you may differ, it is my own opinion, is that any unmarried girl, or at least 90% of them are interested for some nice luxury life and if you call the to come for a visit to a mall for lunch or for a movie they agree.

In your private space, if you touch them bodily they dont mind and they even cooperate. After such three or four visits to the mall for lunch and movie, if you call them for a weekend at a resort they come knowing fully well that it is for sex that she is being called and she may give you a convenient date to coincide with her safe days. Most of them know when their safe days are.

Most them do not expect you to make a promise of marriage, the youth is for enjoyment and they do really enjoy. One day I met a girl in the bus stop and I stopped the bike and offered her ride to her home. She readily agreed and got on my bike. I asked her where she stays, she said she stays in a hostel and was waiting for her boy friend to pick her up.

When I said I am sorry I will drop you back, she said dont worry, I will send him a message that I am with my cousin and will not be free today. In that case shall we go to the mall where we will take tea, and then go to a movie. She enthusiastically agreed. We went to a coffee shop and took some snacks and coffee.

She said her name was Rima and was doing for her mechanical BTech. Parents abroad and she staying in the hostel and going to join parents only during vacation. Rima appeared nice looking girl, with very good features, in smart leggings and top, without any make up to look natural.

As I was making a survey of her, she too made a survey of me and by the time we finished coffee, we were very close and sat in a corner in the movie theatre. My elbow touched her boob and her hand fell on my thighs. I tuned and took a measure of her boobs over her bra, she was unzipping me and inserted her hand and took hold of my cock.

Rima was wearing her bra loose so that it was easy to insert my hand inside and get hold of her boob. Boobs were firm and the nipples were hard. Rima lifted the hand rest up and leaned over me and took my cock in her mouth. I inserted my hand into her waist band of the leggings and I reached her hairless pussy.

I sliped my middle finger into her fuckhole and I could hear small moanings keeping my cock in her mouth. Within 10 minutes she reached her orgasm and pulled my hand from her fuckhole. I shot my cum into her mouth and she gulped the whole thing. and wiped her lips. I whispered into her ear, how was it, she replied fantastic, aske me the same to get the same reply.

Is tomorrow a working day, I asked. She asked why you ask. I said I thought we may go to my flat spend one or two hours and then after supper I will drop you in your hostel. Or do you to go there tomorrow morning. She said I dont mind going in the morning. Wow, I said ok, let us move.

I took her to my block, left my bike there and took the car and drove to a dept store, bought some liquor, wine for her and brandy for me with soda and drove back to my block, carried the parcel to the flat, Rima accompanying me. I opened the flat, kept the parcel on my dining table. Rima asked me whether she can call one of her close friends to join me.

I told her that I am planning a night full of sex, she said does not matter, she also would join. Ok, Ok, I said. Rima called her friend and they spoke for some time and said it is arranged. Do we have to pick her up. Yes, Rima said and we took the car and left. On the way I telephoned the caterer to keep some food ready and that I will pick it up on my way.

Rima said her friend Megha is a good for company and she will be a game for any company. I stopped the car at the prearranged bus stop and Rima went and brought her friend Megha who sat with me in the front seat and Rima in the back seat. Rima introduced her to me. She looked quite charming, with long skirt and a t shirt with a pleasant smile on her face.

We went to the caterer and the food was ready. We collected and went to my flat. Rima was telling Megha, we are going to have jolly good time today, never ever had such evenings before. Girls helped me to carry the food parcels to my flat. I parked the car in the garage and went up and opened my flat.

Girls went to the bathroom for freshening up and I took glasses and filled two with wine and one for me with whiskey. When they came back I gave each one of them a glass of wine and I took my glass. Proposing a toast, we started to sip. Girls emptied their glass faster and refilled them. Rima said why not we be more relaxed, why not we remove these extra clothes. Megha said ok.

They went to the bedroom, removed their dresses except the bra and panty and came back to pick up their glasses. They drank fast, by the time I finished my second peg they had three glasses each. Rima asked Megha to remove my clothes. Megha came pulled my t shirt over my head and my jeans down my legs. I was in my jockey, projecting my bulge.

Megha pressed my bulge and laughed loudly. Rima also came and made her own assessment. When Megha came near me, I unhooked her bra and pulled her panty down. Her boobs were fresh, firm and beautiful and her pussy without hair was very small like that of small girls. I called Rima and removed her bra and panty. Girls gigling, rubber their pussies on my shoulder.

I pulled one of them and lifted her leg up and licked her pussy. Both the girls were well drunk and were blabbering. I made both of them lie on my bed and licked their pussies and sucked their clitoris. Rima brought the half filled wine bottle and poured the wine in the pussy of Megha and asked me to drink from it.

I widened the legs of Megha and licked the wine along with her cunt juices. We played like this on each other for a long time. Girls took more and more wine and were high on spirits. They pushed me on the bed and Rima rode on me pushing my cock in her pussy and Megha with her legs on either side sat on my face and allowed me to eat her cunt and clitoris.

Girls then changed sides and fucked me from top to their great pleasure. We took a break and ate our food. Lot of food was remaining. But girls said they will carry the uneaten food to their hostel and eat on the next day. We continued our fucking games till 3 am. All three of us lied in my bed and slept.

We woke up at 7 and the girls hurriedly dressed up, packed the remaining food and kissed me good bye and promised to come the next week and I dropped them at the gate of their hostel. That was a great show which we repeated every week with more and more girls.

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One Night Stand With Sowmya In Bangalore

In the end of December beginning of January, it was very cold weather in Bangalore. As I am doing mbbs final year my exams were going on and it was very difficult for us to wake up for studying and it was very difficult to concentrate for me as I was horny most of the time. I jerk and cum maybe around 5 times a day.

One fine evening I and my friend went for a smoke and I mentioned my problem to my friend. He was a pretty close friend of mine. So he mentioned to me about a site where we can post an ad about or interest in sex. But I didn’t take that site too serious because most of the time we could only find fake guys acting as if they are girl and fooling us. But later I visited that site and saw many ads.

I decided to post a similar ad and it goes like this “slave for married woman and unmarried woman age 22years. Would do anything and everything for a mistress.” After two days when I was sleeping I got a call, but as I was sleeping I didn’t notice and when I woke up it was around 5missed calls from the same number.i picked the next call…

She introduced me to her. “Hii I am Sowmya, I saw your ad in Locanto about the long term and short term relationship or slavery” I was literally shocked. I got super horny and with a shivering voice, I said with confidence yeah sure it is me. Her voice was a soft and light voice.

She said she wanted to meet me tomorrow night as her mom is going out as it was new year eve and can stay there in her flat for that night.she talks to me for a while and asks me if I was okay with traveling long distance. Without a pause, I said yes yes sure. She gives a soft smile which was cute.

After the call, she messages me in WhatsApp her full address including the flat number. Her apartment was near a medical college which was very far from my place of residence. On 1st of Jan 2017, I woke up early as I had to go to college and also have to leave early to meet Sowmya so I took bath in that cold water and shaved my pubic hair and cleaned myself.

I even canceled my new year plans and got a clean shave and got a perfect hair cut. I came back from college and ran bak to the room. Took bath again and packed one extra pair pant and shirt in my bag. I have to leave by 6 so as to reach her apartment by 10. Things don’t come to you easily. That’s the law of nature.

And here she texts me at 4 saying I should not come today as her mom canceled the trip, I was shocked and angry but did it show her that anger as I would loose my chance. She said we will meet on 4th of Jan. I sat down with anger and sadness and walked out leaving my mobile in the room.

I was devastated and to get out of that stress and mood I went out of the room and lighted a cigarette and smoked with friends and sat in friends room for an hour. At 6 I came back to the room and my phone was beeping because of messages. I with flash took my mobile and unlocked to see the shocking messages.

Sowmya had texted me 20 times. 20 new messages telling me to go today and reach there by 10. And she wasn’t online. She ended the message by telling she is in tuition and I have to see the address and come by my own. I said to myself I am screwed and I don’t have any luck off on the night stand. But inside me, I want to give it a try. So I took the bag I already packed and left.

My roommate knew I was going for one night stand So he wishes me Good luck with a grin. I ran to my bike and started. It started raining heavily on that day. Luckily I took my woolen jacket. I had to reach majestic and then I have to go to Dhasarahalli. But due to heavy rain after I crossed majestic my bike stopped. I try to start it again ad again but still, I couldn’t start.

I parked my bike in a garage and got into bmtc bus. Reaching halfway through I asked my fellow passengers if they knew the place and the distance and time to reach the destination. They said it would take 45 minutes to reach dhasarahalli in this rain. It was already 9:50. They suggested me to take metro form majestic to dasarahalli. As I would reach with 15 to 20 minutes.

I got out of the bus and runs to the ticket counter of the metro station.I paid and purchased the ticket and got into the metro.I was drenched in the rain and by then Sowmya had called me 5 times. I called her back and said I would reach in 20mins. It was not soon I heard shocking news from her. I literally thought she is mad.

She said come fast because her mom is there at home and if I come before 10:30 she can somehow get me in the flat or else please it will be risky. I had no choice other than just saying fine. Everyone was staring at me. I felt embarrassed. I ran through the woods to reach her apartment and crossed railway. It was scary as it was fully dark due to no electricity as it was raining.

I reached the respective apartment and called her. She had asked me not to call in intercom as her mom would pick up. So I called her and she asked me to hand over the mobile to security. She asked the security to allow me inside as I was their guest. I signed the register and walked towards her apartment.

She calls again telling don’t come now and should only come after she calls again. After 5 minutes she calls me and asks me to b in front of the room in 2minutes as she sends her mom to car parking to take her bag from the car. I reached the 2nd floor where she was staying and saw her for the very first time in shorts and small shirt where I could see her belly button.

I was too nervous and she was also nervous. She opened her room door and asked me to stay there and don’t make any noise as her mom would come back any minute. I sat on her bed drenching in the rain and was feeling very cold. I removed my sweater and kept on a chair for drying. I heard her mom’s voice and mom said Good night and slept off in other room.

She came back to the room and sat next to me and said speak with a low voice. I touched her and she moved away. She said I want to tell something. I was shocked and thought how many surprises am I going through. She said she just wanted to meet me and talk and she found me attractive.

She also confessed saying that she saved all of the guy’s numbers on the site and she selected me as she fell for me the moment she saw me. I felt really good. But that didn’t keep me away from wanting to have sex with her. We spoke about for half an hour and she said she is going to sleep. I made my face as if I was shocked. She laughed at it and said come we will hug and sleep.

I replied by telling I didn’t come this far to hug and sleep. She asked for what I had come and to show. I hugged her and pressed her boobs only to realize that I have never experienced in real life suck busty boobs in a 20year old girl. It was ver huge and busty with small nipples. Nipples were not prominent but boobs were very huge. I removed her shirt and bra.

And hurried my face in that huge boobs and started sucking it. Her eyes were rolling up when I was sucking her boobs. I went up and kissed her neck. She said I love you while I was kissing her neck. I was shocked but didn’t want to break the momentum. I moved my tongue across her neck and she was making low voices.

She couldn’t hold the pleasure and she took my hand and started sucking my fingers. She told me to wear a condom and put it inside. I removed her shorts and fingered her pussy. It was sexy to see her eyes rolling up with pleasure. After I had made her pussy wet and cum I inserted my dick into her tight pussy. She moaned a little and I closed her mouth.

She said please don’t go too deep as she is a virgin. I couldn’t take any more surprises from this girl I thought. When she said she was virgin my pleasure and anxiety increased. I started fucking her soo hard and she asked me to stop after half an hour of fucking. I was purposefully holding back my cum. Then she asked me to suck her boobs and lick her neck.

I sucked her boobs and went down to suck her Pussy. I put two fingers inside and moved my tongue over the clit. She pulled my hair and pulled me up to kiss. I kissed her she complained of salty taste. I said it was the taste of her cum. She made me suck it again and again. Finally, I lied down next to her holding her huge boobs. She started kissing me deeply.

After an hour at 12, she asked me to fuck her again. This time I was not in the mood to go near my bag and take condoms. I fucked her without a condom. She said this is better as she could feel my skin. She said do slowly and it is paining. I couldn’t fuck her as she was stopping each time as it was paining.

She stopped in between and ran to the toilet and said we won’t do again as it is burning. I agreed and lied down. But without cumming, I was not able to sleep. I told her that I wanted to do one last time and I would never come back to her as she was not ready for sex. But now I am helpless as I would regret this for the whole of my life and I wanted to do one last time.

She refused and told she is going to mom’s room. I said I would walk out with her in that case. She said if I touched her she would shout. I held her mouth and stripped shorts. She tried to move away but I put my fingers inside. I realized deep inside her she wants to get fucked again. She melted when I fingered her. If I moved to take condoms she would again change her mind.

So I put my dick directly into her pussy. She was lying on the edge of the bed and I was standing on the floor. I fucked her hard. And I made her sit in doggy style and fucked her. Her boobs were hanging and shaking. I held her boobs and squeezed and fucked her. She moaned and bit the bedsheet. I made her face me and I lied on top of her and fucked. I was about to cum.

I was going to take it out. She said if I wanted to meet her again I should cum inside. I was scared and horny equally. I listened to her and came inside her. It was a load. She hugged me and moved back. It is difficult to understand a woman. She cried after our sex and took her phone to text her ex-boyfriend. Telling sorry and she has taken revenge for what he has done.

And she shared a story. Her boyfriend didn’t want to have sex with her telling she is special and he would only take her virginity after marriage. But her boyfriend went to brothels to fuck a prostitute. So she took revenge and fucked me and slept with me. She requested me never to meet her and call her. So I deleted her number in front of her and slept separate on the couch.

It was emotional for her as she wants to b with me and also she was feeling guilty. It was too complicated for me to handle so I made sure she was completely asleep and left without telling her at morning 5. Got a cab to majestic and reached back with a sigh!!!

Send your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Rahul Narrating Male Escort Service Encounter

My love to all the Human Digest readers. I am Rahul 29-year-old working guy average guy and can satisfy any pussy, and I live in Udupi(Manipal). I love sex very much and easily I get an erection. Also, I wanted to earn money from sex.

I also love to chat on the net. Now my story starts from here, a few years back when I was chatting on the yahoo chat, I met a girl named Arundhati whose age was 32 years and she told me that she was married with two kids (1 daughter of 4 years and 1 son of 2 years), as she was married at the age of 20 years and she was a Gujarati.

While chatting we became very friendly with me and she told me that she also lived in Manipal and her husband is it professional working in us. After having a long chat we both agreed to exchange our pics.

Now 2 days later I was got her pic and got the erection of my life, as I saw that Arundhati was a Gujarati babe with a fair complexion, big round boobs with long silky hairs, she was totally looking hot Gujarati babe in the pic, so I wanted to seduce her.

Then in the night we again met in the chat, indhu told me that I was a handsome looking guy and I also told that she is a pretty looking lady. Indhu wrote that she wants to talk to me on the phone and increase our friendship, I at once understood the reason of her being desperate and we exchanged our numbers.

Immediately I rang her up and she was happy to hear my voice which I felt and we started talking like good friends and I also asked about her husband. She asked me whether I had a girlfriend. I picked up the courage to ask her about her sex life, as I asked her she became depressed and told me that she wanted sex very badly.

Then I proposed her that I want to be her sex partner, also if she pays I ‘ll satisfy her v much, she accepted immediately, as she could make out as a decent guy from the pic. Indhu told me to come to her house at around 10:30 the next morning, as her daughter will go to school and she will leave her son in a friend’s house.

Then I reached her house she welcomed me in her house, but we both knew what we were going to do. She was in a red salwar with red nail polish and lipstick. She then told me that she was missing sex. She then took me to her bedroom and we started chatting sitting on the bed, but she was giving all naughty smiles at me.

She saw the erection in my pants and she smiled at me I slowly embraced her by taking her in my arms and we both were breathing heavily and I gave her a moist kiss on her lips for at least 2-3 minutes and we were embracing each other erotically and now I kissed her in french style, exploring each others mouth. She told me lets enjoy.

Now she undressed me and my long erect penis popped out. I opened her salwar kameez and her bra and I climbed over her and started making love badly by kissing her forehead, eyes, earlobes, lips and she was moaning aahhhhhh, mmmmhhhhhh, bahut maza avee chee and also sucked her nipples. Now I was kissing her lips and my one finger was inside her pussy.

Now I parted both legs and I started licking and inserting my tongue inside her pussy, she was enjoying and moaning very loudly, aaaahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh her love juices flowed inside my mouth. I also stimulated her clitoris which she enjoyed very much and much.

The chance was mine to get a blow job and I slept on my back and she covered my penis with her beautiful soft lips and started moving up and down and she gave erotic bites to my penis, then we were in 69 position, as she was on top of me. We again embraced and kissed each other’s lips badly and our body had become hot.

Now it was time for the real action, as I slept on my back and she sat on my penis and I caught her ass with both of my hands and she started pumping up and down and she was. After some time we both changed our position, as I slept above her, both the legs tightly wrapped around my waist and I was pumping in and out and she was moaning loudly.

Now I increased my speed and so her moans increased, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I was kissing her lips and neck. I felt that my semen was boiling like anything inside my penis and it was tickling me.

I told her that I am going to cum’ and then I took out my love tool and I released my load of cum on her boobs and on her stomach and she massaged my cum on her body moaning in great pleasure, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

I slept on my back with my both legs folded upwards and with her nails indhu started tickling my cock and testicles and my love tool was again erect, she also tickled my thighs and with her long nails she tickled the area below my testicles, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, bahut maza aa raha hai,

my love tool was erect again and she started rubbing my penis on her boobs and told me that my love tool is really hot. Then I fucked her in doggie style from the back and was caressing her ass with both my hands and then my cum again gushed inside her pussy. Then she slept above me and she caught my face in her hands and started kissing my lips, forehead, and earlobes.

We then kissed each other and slept in each other’s arms. When I woke up I got a bottle of cheese spread and spread over her clean shaven pussy and started licking her pussy. Then my love tool was again inside her pussy and she was sitting on my penis and was pumping very hard as if she was riding a horse.

We were exhausted and we fell in each other’s arms and slept for an hour. She told me that it was the time for her daughter to come back, so I kissed on her lips and pussy and I went home. After that 2-3 times, I went to her house and had sex with her and enjoyed sex in 69 and many other positions.

She paid a huge amount to me. One day her friend Julie came to know about our relationship because she told her. And she was ready to pay me. Julie was a 29-year-old married girl and she was also interested in me and due to this, I went to her house when her husband was out of the house and in the meantime my long hard penis was inside her pink pussy and fucked her in all positions.

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Sunny Enjoying Hot Sex With Engaged Bangalore Girl

Hey there HD readers, I am back. for those who dont know me I am Sunny with a 8 and a half inch pride, Its been a while that I posted my experiences here. The experience I am about to share today took place just last week.And just so you know my experiences are real, and I dont need to get a authentication from anybody.

To start with I never thought these adult dating websites are real at all, just freekin cons until I met someone and I really had a fuck of my life. I am very unhappily married and I have been looking at different websites for quite some time now, fb, zorp, tinder and few others until I came across "XXX" (website name is held back)

I surfed and chatted with a lot of women from all across India but no go. it was only online fun sex chat, video chat and nothing further until the 5th of December. I looked up on the messenger to find a person named lila( name changed), buzzed her me : hey gorgeous. she: hi, me: what are you looking for, she : FUCK.

I was dumbstuck with the response and before even I asked further she forwarded me her number, now as a we all are (hungry dogs) I picked up my phone and called her, what I heard was the most sexiest voice I have heard in years.

me : hi, she: kya kar rahe ho, me: muth mar raha hoo, tum kya kar rahi ho, she: tumhe kya lagta hae, ungli kar rahi hoo.....damn after that we had phone sex, her sounds made me go crazy while having phone sex ooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me fuck m harder.........all even I was horny just went along with it jerked my gunk out. she suddenly hung up the phone.

I was like fuckin hell...did I loose her. 10 mins later I called her back and she picked up my call started talking to her about what she does and all, and later got into intimate details. She said hat its been 6 months she has been fucked and that she is engaged, I informed her that I am only ooking for a friend with benifits and nothing serious to which she was totlly fine ( lucky isnt it).

We spoke for a while and then she sent me her pic and damn I was zonged...she was fuckin gorgeous..i mean gorgeous fair, round eyes sexy straight hair small boobs litte tummy small pussy and a small ass, she was a east indian cross with american. I fuckin had a hard on instantly, this comtinued for 2 weeks and then I informed her that I want to fuck her in real.

She obliged, she stays in bangalore and stays alone she said. I was least worried about all that, I informed her that I will be there on the 22nd of December on an official trip, she was happy and said we can meet, she also said that she can come to my hotel room if I wanted and stay with me. I was on cloud nine on all the development.

so the date was set and I travelled to bangalore on the said date, with a lot of hopes and a little sceptical behaviour I called her and to my surprise she picked my call and sent me her pics...i was more than happy and excited. All day just went by with work tired as hell, in the evening we set a place where I would pick her up,we decided to meet at Indiranagar Metro station.

With a lot of nervousness I was waiting at the decided spot, waited there for almost 15 minutes, and then I got a call from her asking where I was. my heart was in my mouth, we were in the opposite stations, I walked by and saw a fuckin gorgeous sexy girl waiting for me. sexy lips, dimple chin rosy lips, sexy boobs, sexy waist, sexy ass, around 5,1" she was in her top and jeans.

I just went and we shaked hands and hugged.we travelled to my hotel in brigade road in a metro. we reached hotel within 30 mins, and the minute we walked in I just hugged her tight and kissed her louscious lips.we were disturbed by a bang on the door, we ordered some tea and snacks and also dinner so that we dont get disturbed later.

sat there talking for a while, after some time dinner arrived and we shut the door locked it. I just turned to her and started kissing her she had the most tasty lips, I slipped my hand under her tshrt and pulled out her boobs damn small handfull and sexy, started squeezing them while kissing her. I then went down and started sucking her nipples while squeezing her sexy boobs.

In the mean while I unbuttoned her jeans and dropped it with her panty damn she was shaven and looked sooo fuckin pretty. I continued sucking her boobs and nibbling her nipples my hands just moved down and touched her pussy....she let out a sigh ooo sunny.....i started rubbing her pussy and damn she got horny while doing all this.

she just rolled me on top of her and said that she cant wait any longer, I slowly pushed my dick in...fuck in hell she was tight just like a virgin, she started pushing me I just thrust my dick inside her and she let out a cry, I asked her if she wanted me to stopshe just said no.

I held my dick tight inside her trying to control my eagerness after a couple of seconds I pushed my dick in harder and strted ramming it deep inside. fuck fuck fuck is all I could feel she was tight she was sweating she was crying and I was about to cumm, ( I never knew tighter pussy faster cumm) so neways I increased my pace and climaxed deep inside her.

I laid on her for few seconds and then got up, she had a satisfactory smile and I gave her a kiss. This continued for the next two days..i fucked her 6 to 7 times (nothing animalistic) I am human so ya 6-7 times and had a refreshing loving and caring fuck all night long.

I am still in touch with her and will be meeting her next month again when I go to Bangalore.

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Pleasurable Bus Journey With Mature Desi Lady

It was a chilled and cold night of January; I boarded to the private luxury bus at Bangalore traveling to Bangalore. I booked my seat in advance in the left side single seat row somewhere middle of the bus. Right side seats are sleeper seats with two berth but left side single sitter in down and single sleeper at up.

As I don’t like to sleep fully on the bus, I choose for a single seat with push back option. I settled in my seat and observed around to see any known faces are available. All the passengers in sleeper part are closed their curtains and sleeping inside their cabin, so I couldn’t know who is there inside. In my row all seats are single seats, I didn’t find any known face there.

One guy was sleeping in the backseat and one middle-aged woman was sitting in front of me. In that low dim light, I couldn’t see the clear face of that woman sitting in front of my seat but I thought she might be around the age of 40 to 45 years with round face and little fat body structure.

She also sleeping in her seat and I didn’t expect some good thing will happen in that night. I was trying to sleep but I didn’t get sleep at that point of time. My one hand is gripped on headrest of the front seat and another hand is pressing my mobile phone for time pass.

I felt something on my fingers which gripped in front headrest, slowly I realized some part of the head of the women sitting in the front seat is touching my fingers. She is sleeping and her head slightly sided towards my hands in her sleep. I just pushed my hands little further and I was able to touch her soft skin somewhere,

it was warm feeling on my fingers in that chilled night and I didn’t try to take back my hands from there. I was just feeling the smoothness and warmth of her skin; she might felt my fingers touching to her body; she little alerted in her seat and tried to look back who is sitting in back seat.

After some time she was trying to close the window glass properly which was little open and chilled air coming inside, but she couldn’t shut the window properly because it was very tight. I just went to her seat and helped her to shut the window without speaking to her a single word. By the course of helping her, I observed her properly and tried to read her mind also.

I came back to my seat and again put my hands on her head rest purposely, I know she didn’t sleep slept, I waited for few more minutes for any action from her side, slowly she leaned her head towards my hand again her hair started to touch my hands. I tried to push my fingers further so I can touch her properly and I succeeded to touch her head part properly.

She was not in sleep; still, she didn’t try to sit straight. This gave me more courage and just tried to caress her head slowly, this time she adjusted her head little bit so I could reach her earlobes easily. Now I started to brush her earlobes with my one finger and she leaned more towards my hand.

Now I could touch her face, slowly I moved my fingers towards her face and feeling her smooth skin. Slowly I put four fingers on her face and caressed her softly. By this time bus stopped for a tea break, I get down from the bus and released my urine and came back near bus, she didn’t get down on the bus she was sitting at her seat itself, I came back to my seat,

while passing her seat I just tried to smile at her and she smiled back in the same manner. Again bus started and lights are switched off, this time I tried to touch her directly on her face, she didn’t object, I touched her lips, it was very soft, I brushed her lips, she just kissed my fingers.

She looked back to me and tried to speak something, she whispered what your name is, I said my name and asked about her, then we exchanged our rough identity, where we going etc. I came to know, she is the widow of 50 years and she is going to her sons home and Bangalore, she said she didn’t have sex for last 10 years since her husband died.

Now I put my hands in the gap between seat and window and exploring her body over her saree, I put my hands on her boobs and rubbed her melons over her saree, she had big boobs, I was trying to explore her both boobs one by one. She leaned more towards the window and makes it easy to me to touch her properly.

Now I tried to put my hands under her saree and rubbed her boobs over her blouse, I asked her to loosen her blouse buttons and she did it without saying a word. Now I get access to her naked boobs, I started to pinch her nipples which were already hard and erect, I started to caress her stomach and navel below her saree, she was getting more horny,

she again put her head between the gap of window and seat, I put my lips to her lips and kissed, it was very tough to get nice kiss in that small gap, but still we succeeded to kiss each other, my fingers squeezing her boobs and our lips kissing each other.

I tried to move my fingers towards her triangle, I inserted my fingers below her saree and rubbed her pussy over her undergarments, her pre-comes are flowing on her undergarments and made her clothes wet. Slowly I put my fingers under her panty, it was a hairy wet pussy, I just tried to rub her wet pussy, and she left out a slight moan.

I asked her shall we go back to any empty sleeper seat, she said it’s risky, and we continued there only with foreplay. I slipped my one finger inside and moved slowly inside her wet pussy, she was very horny that time and she was trying to bite my lips.

Slowly I inserted another finger and started to make up and down movement, she was moaning and I was trying to stop her moan by locking our lips. She was about to get orgasm, she was tightening her muscles, I increased the speed of my finger movement, my fingers going in and out, our lips locked with each other, we couldn’t help much because of space limit,

she murmured I will get orgasm any time, asked me to do it at full speed. I increased my speed further, her muscles stiffened and she left out a big moan. Her juices are flowing on my fingers, slowly I reduced the movement and was rubbing her pussy for few more minutes till she gets back to normal, she kissed me again and thanked me for a wonderful night.

It was nearing to 4.00am and she was very tired by that time, I asked her to sleep for some time take little rest because our destination will come in another one hour. She said you didn’t get satisfaction and you could not release also, I said we meet again and do all the fun not completed in the bus.

We exchanged our phone numbers she asked me to call her number next day evening. She said she had satisfaction after 10 long years. We slept in our respective seats for nearly one hour and by the time conductor started to call location name loudly,

she gets down at her location waving her hands to me, after that we speak few times by phone but unfortunately till now we didn’t get a chance to meet personally. Hope this bus journey gave pleasure to many people; please share your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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