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Hot sexual encounter in bus

I m 28, 5'8" guy working somewhere in Ahmedabad, the biggest city of Gujarat. Now, let me describe the REAL incident that took place just before 2 days. I have heard many times and even read many times in this web-site about various incidents of sexual encounters in bus

or train. But till date, I was thinking that all was fake and just fictitious. But after this incident, my view have been changed a lot. Now, without boring you any further, let me describe the story. Infact, it was 2 holidays together, i.e.,

1st october for Ramzaan and 2nd october for Gandhi Jayanti, so to celebrate these days I went to my hometown. And since 3rd october was a working day. I decided to get back on 2nd october itself. So, I have boarded in last luxury bus,

which left my place at approximately 12 o'clock. Since, I had done lot of work in day time, I went to deep sleep for almost 2 hours. I woke up when bus stopped for the holt at some highway rastaurant. Till now, I was not aware that a very beautiful lady is seating with another elderly

looking lady just in front of my seat. I have occupied a window seat. And that beautiful angel was just in front of me. Because she has pushed back her seat, I could even smell beautiful aroma coming from her hairs. May be some shampoo or so.

So, it's but obvious that I couldnt concentrate on sleep. Till now, I dont have any idea what to do. Truly saying, I havent seen her properly. I guess, she must be a girl of age between 18 to 20 with big boobs (that I came to know later on).

So, time was just passing, and I accidently stratched my leg over her seat, without any bad intention. But without my knowledge or intention my leg went below her ass. But I was not aware (honestly), she just looked back for a nano-second and turned her face without any

expression. I think, she want to see my face... But I could not find any reaction of getting her angry. Although, I took my legs away. But, I could not control longer, and pushed the legs again, now little further, I could feel her panty also.

To my great surprise, she didnt reacted, that means...its working.....she liked it... And to show it she just continuing sleeping and keep her face on the left solder of her mom... It was a really sign for me.. So, I continue doing so,,,, my god...her ass cheeks was good...her bums are so I was all erected to maximum length. It was all itching in my under-wear. This, magic continued for 10-15 minutes. Then, I have decided to do the real daring. I kept my face just behind her seat, and keeping just my eyese closed. I kept my left hand on her left hand.

Ofcourse, I kept my eyes closed. So, it is obvious, that if she shouted or creates some scene, I could say, that it was just by mistake becuase I was in deep sleep. My heart-beats were beating very fast... Again to my great surprise,

she shown her consent by not showing any reaction...that means, now I have to move further...slowly.....slowly....i tried to move my hand from her hand to her chest...but I could not feel anything...I was surprised.....then I just peeped above her seat to see, whats wrong??

OH......then only I realise that she has worn a very thick, I coulnt feel the, now without wasting time.. I have started moving my hand over her right breast, which was not covered with dupatta.

With slow action, I inserted my left hand from the side of seat...I directly entered it in her dress, sliding from her cleavage, then directly inserting in her was a first touch of woman's my life....they are too soft.... I enjoyed every bit of it.

Then I found the nipple.. Till now, I have heard that nipples are erected when a girl felt horny...or something like that.. But surprisingly I could feel her arola and nipple, but it was not erected!!! Then I put my whole palm over her breast and pressed it very hard......

I am damn sure that she is awaken, but preteding that she dont know anything and continued her acting of sleeping... Then slowly I shift to her left was equally sexy. I continue this job for almost five minutes.. Even I felt her bra, her cleavage everything.

Then I removed my hand. And againg after 2-3 minutes, I again inserted from left side of the seat. But now this time, I was enjoying from top of her salwar....then after 15 minutes lights turned on, because we were very near to the town....I was so hot.....i couldnt tell u,

it was a great (S)experience, I will never forget this life time...but now, I was desparate to see this beauty, whom I was enjoying from last 45 minutes. After 5 minutes, my stop came. I stood up, took my bags, and came out...then I looked at her,

she was also looking at me...our eyes gets locked, but she turned her face away. My god, she was so beautiful, she was like young Vidhya, pretty....Then as soon as bus stopped to my point, I got down from the bus...

then again I looked at the window,,,man.....she was looking at me.......and kept looking till bus disappears...I ran to reach my flat. And immediatly masterbated twice...even, till date, I couldnt forget that great experience.

Hot Navratri Sex

It was Navrathri season. The entire Gujarat was agog with celebrations all over. Why Gujarat, every part of India celebrated Navrathri in their own way. Durga Pooja in West Bengal is their national festival. In Tamil Nadu they display Kolu in each home.

In Andhra, Karnataka and in Kerala, all nine days and nights are full of cultural celebrations. But in Gujarat it is something special. All the girls come out in the streets to sing and dance. Items like Garba, Ras are famous.

Girls especially teen age girls and women in their twenties and thirties move around to various dance sites and participate. This goes on for the whole night. Nobody can keep a watch on any girl to know where she is going and what she is doing.

Immediately after Navrathri, hundreds of teen age abortions are done privately in hospitals. Some husbands and parents even engage private detectives to know whether these girls/women go astray in the name of garba dance. Most of them do go astray, but they enjoy life.

They may have sex with boy friends, with bosses, colleagues, or even servants, or strangers. Most of them do have sex. I came to know that girls even boast about the number of people they had sex with during the navrathri.

Once I happened to be in Mumbai on my way to Kolkata and for overnight stay I went to a hotel which was in a gujarati locality. I just forgot that it was Navrathri and a great surprise was in store for me. I had to cat the early morning flight and hence I went to bed very early so that I

may a few winks of sleep. Suddenly at 10 pm I had loud sounds of drum beatings and I sprang in may bed wondering what happened. I came out and saw the preparations for the dance. They were forming groups and singers were getting ready and drummer

was just beating the drum to attract attention and to call people to come. Then the song started and the dance also started. It was a wonderful spectacle. I thought let me just watch it becaue this kind of visuals are rarely available.

Very beautiful young girls, with cheerful faces were dancing with sticks in their hands in a rhythm. I just stood at the gate and watched. I just waved at some of the very nice girls and threw flying kisses at them. Two or three girls were thrilled and responded enthusiastically.

It was a slow number and it took more than an hour to complete. When it was over new groups were being formed. Suddenly one of the girls who responded to my flying kiss came running and asked me in gujarathi something which I could not understand.

I asked her in hindi what she wants. She asked whether I stay in this hotel, I said yes, can I come to your room for some water, she asked, certainly, I said and I moved towards my room in the first floor. I was moving fast and the girl was practically running after me.

When I reached my room, I opened the door and took the water jug and offered her a filled glass. But she was not there to accept my glass. She was lying in my bed and said she was tired and just wanted to lie down for some time. Me bahoot thuggayi hoom, thoda let javoon.

I sat near her. I noticed she was a buxum girl in her early twenties, big boobs, flat navel, nice make up, Her blouse which was specially made for the dance with lot of shining materials was pinching her and she just unhooked her blouse and her boobs which were in the bra were

projecting up. I asked her whether I may help her to unhook the bra. She just looked at me and smiled and said ok and turned to her side opposite to me. I lifted blouse bottom, found her bra hooks and unhooked them. She came back to lie on her back and was looking at me with

expectations. My a/c was in full blast and the room was very cool. I ran my hand over her boobs in circulatory motion. She semi closed her eyes and enjoyed my touch. Her nipples were erect. What more invitation I wanted. She was lying diagonally on my bed. It was convenient for me.

I came in front of her and just leaned forward and held both of her boobs in my hand and sucked her nipples. She was moaning loudly and extended her hand searching for my cock. She caught my pyjama strings untied the knot, pulled down my brief and caught my erect cock in her hand.

I was surprised. I just lifted her ornamental skirt, and a pettycoat below and her beautiful thighs were visible. I lifted her dress further up and her panty was already wet. Without waiting for her permission, I pulled down her panty and saw her clean shaven pussy, a golden coloured pussy.

I lifted her knees and kept it wide in preparation of my next move. Juldi karo, log dundthe honge, she said. Do it fast, they may be searching for me. I just took my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed forward. She was tight, but not a virgin. Her tightness was very enjoyable.

She also started to moan loudly. I gave her in long slow strokes, rubbing her clit with one hand. She was quivering with pleasure and moaning as I plunged into her. It took more than ten minutes for me to come to an orgasm. By that time she came to orgasm twice.

She trembled each time she met orgasmic stroke. Finally I sprayed my semen inside her. When I pulled out she got up hurriedly and asked fo rthe bathroom went inside, cleaned herself up, streadied her dress and rushed out and thanked me and gave me a kiss on my mouth and

rushed out running. I was watching she was moving under shadow and got mixed up with the crowd in no time. I did not even ask her her name. I waited for another hour for the second number to conclude. I saw another girl coming towards my room.

I wondered how they make a beeline to my room. Perhaps she may be a friend of the girl who came earlier. I waited at my door. She too asked for some water. I said ok, come in. This girl of the same age group came rushing in and went straight to my bed and stretched herself

diagonically. I gave her a glass of water which she drank fast. I placed my hand on her navel. She looked up at me and smiled. I told her whether your friend told you to come her for water. She smiled and said yes. Ok, then turn so that I may unhook your bra.

With protest she turned and I unhooked her bra and turned her up and lifted her bra and blouse ends and revealed her boobs. Her nipples were already erect and was waiting for me to massage them. I just leaned forward and took the nipple in my mouth and sucked them.

I lifted her skirt etc and pulled down her wet panty. This girl was very hot and was very cooperative in fucking. She guided my cock into her hole and suggested that I lie down and she would ride me. I said ok, for a change it is ok.

The girl, whose name was Rati, got on me and took my cock inside her cunt in one jerk and started to fuck me. She was an expert and did it perfectly positioning her crotch appropriately to make my cock rub her clit. I was squeezing her nipples and boobs.

She was contorting her face and giving out wild sounds and finally when she came to orgasm, she banged her crotch on me. Very hot girl indeed. When one fuck was over, I asked her for the second fuck. She said not now, people are waiting for me. I will come later.

She just jumped down, rushed to the bathroom and cleaned herself and came back gave me a kiss and rushed back to join the crowd. Time was already 1 am and I cannot have any more females for the day, because I had to catch the early morning flight. I switched off my lights and went to the bed. I was wondering the luck I had with these two girls.

Super Hot Train Story

There are places where u find sex to be enjoyable but I found it where u can least expect. My name is A.K.(nickname) and am from Himachal Pradesh. I was born in una. I had to go to Delhi to meet my friend’s grandparents. The journey from Una to Delhi usually lasts for 1 night.

I got into the train at 8:30 pm and took my place, which was the middle berth. I looked around here and there to settle off with my luggage and to see if there are any sweet chicks around. I saw each one of them but could not see the face of someone

who was sleeping on the top berth covering the face with a bed sheet. All the lights were turned off except for the one right above my head. Suddenly a hand touched me, I turned around to see who it was. It was someone whom I could not see. The person sleeping on the top berth.

She was a girl with an average figure and with big boobs. She said sorry for touching me. I said its okay and asked her name. Her name was Reshma and she was fair with marks of lipstick still on her lips, with a white T-shirt, which read I am Sucker.

She saw me for a minute and went somewhere. She came back after 10 mins and then again jumped to the top berth this time switching of the light. I wanted to sleep but could not was thinking of her boobs and her bums.

At around 11:30 pm one hand came from the top and fell on my shoulders to my surprise. I found that the hand was of Reshma. I did not mind coz I thought she must have been sleeping when her hands dropped on to me. I did not even mind to take her hands off from me.

All of a sudden her hands started moving as if searching for something and finally touched my lips. I opened my lips just a bit to slip in her finger and started sucking it very gently. I was out of control and pulled her hand slowly making her feel I want to get in now.

She responded by getting down form the top berth and gently touched my manhood and showed me the direction. She then walked straight into the bathroom waiting for me. After around 2 mins I walked into the bathroom to find her waiting for me. I stepped in and closed the door behind.

I took her in my arms and then took her lips into mine. She was really a great sucker. She gently caressed my manhood from the top and then opened my zip. My 9"long and 2 & half inches thicklike a bullet from the gun.

She bend down and took it in her mouth and sucked it as if she had not seen a penis so hard and long. She sucked my penis with her wet lips and rolled her tongue over it. Then she slowly came up and started to undress me. She took of my shirt and then my pants and lastly my underwear.

She rolled her hands all over my body. I took her T-shirt and undressed her to find her in a pink bra. I removed the night pants she was wearing and kissed her on her black silky panties. I took her in my left hand and then went down to suck her hot cum.

She had a very clean- pussy. She was wet and hot. Her red pussy seemed to have never been touched by any man with huge cocks and this was my time to satisfy her. I kissed and sucked her and she moaned with pleasure aaah --aaahh- its feeling good-- I am liking it---

pls give me more….. She pulled me from the bottom and took my lips again. She went down to suck my cock and sucked it like no one had ever before. She said with a very sweet voice I want it now.

Get into me and give me what u have. I pushed her to the walls of the small room and took her left foot with my right hand. She knew it would go in at anytime. She took my sword to guide it into her. I gently kept my sword near her pussy and then slowly pushed it forward.

She started to moan again. Its paining--- its too big… u have a big cock….. I started of slowly and then applied some force. She was much louder this time give me more-- I want it more….. Faster--- faster---. I gave her the pounding of her life. She was all red and hot.

I said I want ur ass too. She readily agreed as if reading my mind. She bend slowly and made way for my manhood to enter. I pounded her for 20 mins straight. I was about to cum and said to her that I am cumming. She wanted me to cum in her mouth.

As she wanted I emptied my cum in her mouth. She sucked my penis for another 5 mins to empty me of all the cum left out. We hugged each other for around 5 mins coz it was very tiring. Both of us enjoyed and it continued it for the next night too.

Fucked by strangers in bus

I was then about 18 and moving from school to college in Delhi. Had a long summer break and went down to my grandparents in rural Tamilnadu. I was a star attraction and curiosity as most of the people had not seen anyone walking around in skirts and short tops.

I was by 18 quite busty and most men stared at my tits before they even looked at my face. I was getting bored after a week. There was a boy of my age next door who offered to take me around to nearby places of interest.

We used to take the local buses and traveled a couple of hours to nearby temples, rivers etc. I found this boy Ashok a couple of years younger and very much a kid in many ways. Initially when he used to see me braless with tits bouncing inside a loose short top and a short mini at

home, he seemed a bit shy. He himself was mostly in short or dhoti with nothing on top or underneath, but that seemed ok with all guys there. Many walked around in loincloths like thongs. Many women too went topless but mostly of the working class.

But soon Ashok got used to me and my clothes and was quite free physically with me without being objectionable. Once or twice when we fought with each other trying to grab something or other he caught me by my breasts which were the most accessible.

I found that very exciting and wanting to stay in that grasp would grab him harder. Once I grabbed his dick as he was wearing only a dhoti and nothing else inside. It was the first time I had held a dick and it was fascinating as it grew in my hands.

He retaliated by lifting my skirt and grabbing my pussy and grabbing my nipple from under my top. It was funny. I had both my hands wrapped around his dick pulling for all I was worth while he was squeezing my nipple and fingering my pussy. I felt myself getting wet.

Before anything much happened Ashok squirted in my hands. I felt his whole body shaking and the next moment I had wet stuff on my hands. As I pulled out my hands I found stuff like egg white on my palms. Ashok looked very embarrassed.

It seemed like the first time it happened to him. I did not see him for 2 days and I really missed him. A few days later Ashok came in and suggested we go to a waterfall some 3 hours by bus which we could do in a day trip. My grandparents agreed and we two left.

Neither of us planned very well and did not carry even a change of clothes or towels. I had carried as usual a cloth shoulder bag but had my sunglasses and some cosmetics. I was as usual wearing a sleeveless short top and a short skirt. Ashok was in his dhoti and a shirt.

When we reached the waterfalls we found a few people bathing. On an impulse I stepped into the waterfall in my clothes and found it wonderfully invigorating. Ashok took of his shirt and dhoti and came in with a short loin cloth that was tied on a string that he wore around his waist.

The bra I had worn was very thin and soon my nipples were showing under my top as if I was wearing nothing. The skirt too was sticking to thin panties and for a few men who were there and Ashok it must have been a great sight watching me.

We stayed under the water for a couple of hours I and out and finally came out. I took off my clothes to dry and wrapped Ashok's dhoti around me. We lay down in a grassy spot some distance away with no one around.

Ashok was still in his wet loin cloth which was quite transparent and his dick had grown big. I reached out and grabbed his dick and pulled it out of his loincloth. He in turn opened my dhoti and started sucking my breasts. I took his hand and placed it on my crotch.

Tentatively he explored my pussy with his fingers. I had watched porn movies though I had not had any sexual experience with men. Ashok's was the first cock I was seeing up close. I had seen women sucking cocks in movies.

As Ashok sucked my breasts I turned around and took his cock in my mouth. It grew larger and before I knew what was happening he came into my mouth in gushes. I swallowed what I could and still had stuff dribbling from my lips. Neither of us had any experience before and assumed

this was normal. It felt good Ashok sucking my tits and fingering my cunt so I let it be and we lay together holding each other naked for quite a while. When both of us felt hungry we put on our clothes. I put my bra and panties which were still quite wet in my bag and wore my half dried

top and skirt with nothing underneath. We went down to the village where we had lunch of sorts and generally wandered around the place. There was a weekly village market going on and it was strange to see that there were no women around.

We were told that there was a local festival and till sunset no women came out. I was the odd one out on that day. By about 5 we decided to get back. All the buses were crowded because of the festival and finally I managed to squeeze into one just as it left.

By the time I turned to look for Ashok the bus started moving at good speed. I was about to call for the conductor and found that I was encircled by men all around far bigger than me. I could not even see past them let alone look for Ashok or call the conductor.

I told myself to relax as I had traveled on this route and knew where I needed to get down. As far as I could see all the men around me just wore short dhotis or loincloths. The guys who were around me were well muscled, quite dark and actually good looking.

As the bus picked up speed I was jostled around. I was too short to reach the handle above so I held the waist of the guy in front. He smiled and asked me where I was going and when I told him he said that this bus was an express bus with fewer stops but fortunately would stop at my village in about 2 hours.

The guy smelt good and I probably dozed off standing. When I opened my eyes my face was on his chest and my arms on his buttocks. I found I was hugging him hard and someone pressing me hard from behind. There were hands that were caressing me on my breasts,

waist and thighs. Strangely I was not afraid or angry, probably that wouldn't have done me good anyway. I was excited physically. I started caressing the guy's bum and slowly moved my hands inside his loincloth. As if on cue two hands reached under my top to grab and squeeze

my breasts. Another set of hands reached under my skirt and squeezed my arse. Some more caressed my waist and navel, and some my thighs. I was being massaged expertly by many hands. As one hand squeezed one breast the other opened.

Then the other breast was squeezed alternatively. In between thumb and forefinger pulled my nipples taut. The hands on my bum were even more expert. They moved synchronously up down and sideways squeezing and parting my arse cheeks expertly.

I was getting highly excited sexually. My pussy was wet. Then one more hand crept under my skirt and massaged my crotch. The fingers were on my clit and pussy with the back of the palm on my arse and the hand squeezed and let go while rubbing my clit.

Slowly one finger crept into my pussy and another into my arsehole very gently exploring both. The guy in front shifted his loincloth to let me have full access. His cock sprang out. My god, this was huge, bigger than a large banana, thick and long.

The tip of his massive cock was bright red against the black of the rest of the cock. I could see veins sticking out of the flesh that covered this pulsing monster. As I kept staring at this giant organ, he lifted my hands and expertly slipped my top over my head and then brought my hands

around his dick. Hands were still grabbing and squeezing my tits and nipple and now I could see how many. There were two guys on either side with both their hands on one of my breasts. Two other guys slightly behind had their hands caressing my waist and my skirt band.

Almost on cue someone pulled my skirt down. As I instinctively raised my legs, he pulled the skirt from under my feet. Both my skirt and top were crumpled and pushed into the bag which was still hanging across my neck. I was now buck naked without a stitch.

My hands were around a huge dick. My face was partly buried in this guy's chest. There were multiple hands around my tits and nipples, around my waist, grabbing my bum and across my crotch. All were intently massaging various parts of my body across the torso till my upper thighs. I was on fire.

The guy in front slowly and gently lowered my face till his massive cock entered my mouth. My hands were now firmly around his bum and mouth solidly on his dick. The tip touched the back of my throat and still he was only half in.

He kept pulling my head by my hair to slither in and out on his cock as it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Compared to what this guy had, what I saw on Ashok was a toy. The hands on my breast were replaced by mouths who were sucking greedily and loudly.

I could see a head below me as one guy knelt down and sucked at my pussy. I suddenly realized that my pussy was clean shaven which explained the beatific look on their faces as my skirt came off. They had probably never seen a bald pussy before.

The squeezing of my bum continued. The hand that was caressing my crack now had two fingers inserted into my pussy and one in my arse hole. When the fingers in my pussy pushed I realized that my hymen was still intact.

The guy felt it too as he was very gentle in his probing and was massaging my g spot instead of pushing in. With mouths sucking my clit and fingers in my pussy and arse hole, I was streaming from my cunt. As the fingers pressed on my g spot I couldn't bear it anymore.

I relaxed and felt liquid squirting out of my pussy. If the guy sucking me was surprised he didn't show it. I could see his mouth open as he drank the juice. The fingers pressed me more and I squirted more. Suddenly without warning the guy in front whose dick was shoved deep into my

throat placed his hands under my armpit and lifted me. Other hands supported my bum and waist, and spread my thighs as far as they would. In a few seconds I was sitting with my legs wrapped around this guy, with my hands around his neck and with my pussy positioned on top

of his cock. With a fluid push he pushed me down and as his cock rose to meet its mate, he clamped his mouth on mine tongue pushing deep into my mouth. I felt searing pain, as if a knife was being shoved into my cunt and tearing it apart.

I couldn't scream because my mouth was shut tight with this guy's mouth. I felt him moving my waist up and down as his cock demolished my pussy. Before I had recovered from this frontal onslaught, I felt some oil being applied on my spread out arse cheeks and within seconds a

huge shaft penetrated my arsehole. Again, the pain was intense but I couldn't move or scream. Simultaneously, the mouths on my tits squeezed and bit into my breasts and nipples. I had never experienced such pain before.

There were two pistons that were pulverizing my holes back and front. They were pushing in and out in tandem. I had no control. My hands were off the guy's neck. My body was supported just by thee two giant cocks that were pushing in and out. I could see around me.

There were a few people I could see sitting looking at me curiously as my body jerked back and forth like a stuffed toy. I may have passed out with the pain. When I opened my eyes again the pain had subsided. Instead my pussy was screaming faster faster harder harder.

I couldn't believe it. It was as if my pussy was desperately hungry for more bashing. Each time one cock went back and another pushed in I came in a violent orgasm. There were waves after waves of orgasm that racked my body, out of sheer joy this time not out of pain.

I am not sure how long this went on. I was suspended with no support with these two cocks pumping in and out and it was a crazy sensation. My entire attention was focused on only my two holes and the two pistons inside.

A while later I could sense an urgency in the movements of these two cocks inside me. I felt actually proud as if I now owned these two cocks. I could feel their own sensation as I came in waves. In addition to pushing in and out mechanically, they were now expanding and contracting

in size. They were twitching and they were growing alive inside me. I instinctively tightened both my pussy and arse hole and squeezed their cocks. Suddenly they both burst showering hot liquid inside me. I tightened more tying to contain their semen and the cocks inside me.

As they came inside me, I came in violent orgasms. The guys on my breasts were having a gala time. They were sucking, squeezing, biting, whatever they could as if in celebration. These two guys pulled out in a few minutes. As if like a toy I was shifted from these two cocks to two

others who were all ready. One cock penetrated my pussy and another my arse hole. Other mouths came on to my breast, and other hands to my waist. The pistons started pumping. These pistons were new and had energy. I was thoroughly enjoying this gangbang.

After a while I lost count of how many had fucked me. They just rotated, may be some came back. After sometime, they made fuller use of me. One of them sat on a seat with his cock in my arse hole, another entered me from in front in my pussy and a third shoved his cock in my

mouth. I was servicing three cocks at a time now instead of only two before. Someone had very considerately taken my bag off me. I was swimming in semen from mouth to cunt. Whether the bus stopped in between or not I had no idea.

I heard one of the guys say that my village was the next stop in 30 minutes. There were urgent penetrations, but they were still gentle and made sure I was not in pain. I had some who stood around and masturbated and let the semen flow into mouth.

I had a massage and a cream bath, all for free, probably from 30 over men. Then I was gently raised and was cleaned off the semen with a cloth. One guy produced my bag for me to put on my skirt and top. I had a mirror and brush there to pretty myself up too.

I sat on the lap of one guy and many others came up and kissed my head very fondly. As the bus stopped I stood up and the guy I was sitting on bent down and kissed me deep in my mouth. He was the same guy who demolished my hymen.

He smiled at me and said, hope we can meet again. I smiled back at him, sure. I reached home before Ashok. I quickly went in to the shower before my grandparents started questioning me. Despite all the banging and penetration I seemed none the worse for wear.

Actually I was full of beans. Technically I had been gang raped but my body was tingling in every pore. I had some worries about whether I would get pregnant as a result. Otherwise I was in cloud nine.

Ashok came in a few hours later by which time grandparents had gone to bed. I had worn a very short thin slip. As soon as Ashok came into the house I dragged him to my room, tore off his clothes and fucked him for all I was worth.

Surprisingly he didn't ejaculate prematurely as he did the earlier times. We fucked through the night almost and I got him to enter all my holes. Early in the morning I shooed him out to go back to his house.

Fucking hot sexy girl Nikadh 2

Fucking hot sexy girl Nikadh

Hello friends this is Sandeep back with my second episode. Thanks a lot for your comments. Once during our phone conversation Nikadh told that she never had any boy friend in her life and has never been touched by any guy.

Now I knew she was lying and that she was not the first timer as she suggested. Finally we reached new mumbai and I checked us in a nice hotel room. It was almost 2 in the afternoon and we both were hungry. Since morning we only had a burger each and she had my juice.

We got into our room and ordered for food, a beer for me and some juice for her. I switched on the TV and went to bed where Nikadh was already lying. I went next to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

She kept her head on my chest and her fingers were inside my shirt running through my chest hair as we watched tv. Food arrived and Nikadh got it arranged on the table, I went to sink to wash my hands, I smelled my fingers which were drenched in her cum….aaaah…they smelled

sweet. I opened my beer and poured a glass for me, I asked her have a sip from it, she refused at first but had it latter after my deliberation. We completed our lunch and I went to bed with the glass of beer. Nikadh went to bathroom to wash her self.

I laid on the bed watching tv and drinking my beer. Nikadh came out from bathroom, she was wearing only her petticoat and sleeveless blouse. Boy she looked like goddess, she had washed her face, she was looking fresh, what ever make up was remaining was washed up,

her lipstick was washed up but still her lips were strawberry red, her hair were wet which flicked around her face, her eyes were black. To top it all she was wearing black petticoat and black blouse with its top hook open showing her beautiful cleavage.

I kept looking at her with lustful eyes, she smiled back saying…"mujhe aaise maat dekho….darr lag raha hai". She was standing in front of the mirror combing her hair, I went to her and planted a kiss on her neck from back. I was standing behind her, my arm were around her waist.

I rested my chin on her shoulder and whispered in her ears,…"sexy dikh rahe ho" she replied….. "tum bhi apna shirt nikal do"……"tum nikal do na" I said. She turned around and started to unbutton my shirt, as she did that she kissed me on every button she opened.

From my first top button to last button below my stomach kissed me all the way. I removed my shirt, she continued to kiss me under my navel. She kneeled down and slowly undid my jeans button. My dick was rock hard now like an iron rod, she opened the zip half way down.

She pulled my boxers a bit and inserted her tongue into it moving around……aaaaah…it felt so nice, she could see my dick trying to make its way out, but she still continued doing it. Finally she pulled my jeans down, my dick was free and it made a perfect tent under my boxer.

I stepped out from my jeans, she looked up and slowly moved her hands over my thighs. She was still down on her knees and running her fingers between my thighs. Her fingers were sending mild shock waves and the sensation was truly erotic.

She grabbed my ass and kissed my dick over the boxer. As she kept her mouth near my dick to kiss it, I pushed it inside her holding her head. I couldn't control my self any more. She gagged and pulled herself away,

I removed my boxers and stood stark naked with my dick hard like a rod. She took it in her hand, she was surprised to see it was clean shaved. She kissed my shaft and moved her tongue all over it making it moist, stroking it gently.

She slowly moved her tongue from dick to my nut sacs. She licked each nut, each lick was sending fine sensation through my body. She asked me to raise my leg and place it on a chair. She lifted my nut sac and licked the crotch area.

Boy I was in heaven, she sucked my nuts in between and kept licking. All this time she was stroking my dick gently. It was building my orgasm, I asked her to stop and pulled her up. We smooched wildly as I tried to rip her blouse hooks,

I turned her around and kissed her neck from behind. I moved my hand over her stomach and waist. We were looking our self in the mirror, we could see lust in each other, her lips were red, I undid her petticoat knot, she was wearing a yellow panty stuck between her ass chicks.

I moved my hand over her ass, its was smooth like silk, I moved middle finger inside panty trough her ass crack, as I was doing it we were looking at each other in the mirror. Her facial expressions cant be explained, she was enjoying her self.

I moved my finger down and touched her ass hole, then her pussy….aaaahhh….she moaned…I inserted my finger in her pussy……it was wet and flooded. I was moving my finger between her pussy lips and my one hand was opening her blouse.

We were not saying any thing to each other, such watching our self in the mirror. She removed her blouse, she was in black bra with frilled cups. I could see her white skin through her frills, it looked damn sexy. I moved my finger from her neck to her cleavage.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I pinched her nipple…..hhhhmmm….she moaned….she slowly brought her hand on my thigh. My one hand was in her panty playing with her pussy lips, my other hand was on her boobs pinching her nipples.

All this time she had closed her eyes and was moaning softly. Her hand was moving on my thigh, she slowly moved it up and began massaging my nuts. Hhhmmm….i loved it, she had all this pleasure expressions on her face. I slowly moved my finger from her cleavage to her waist,

I kissed her on back of her neck and undid her bra. I removed my hand from her panty and turned her around facing me. Her bra was still on her, I slowly removed her bra, kissing on her shoulder then neck. I moved my lips and tongue on her neck and gently sucked her ear lopes.

I pushed her on the dressing table and continued kissing her. Nikadh was moving her hand all over my body and in between stroking my dick. I pushed my both hands inside her panty and squeezed her ass chicks, they were smooth and soft…."plz fuck me…plz" she said.

I pushed her panty down and she undid the rest. As she stepped out of her panty, I moved back and saw her. She looked awesome, perfect body with perfect curves. Her trimmed pubic hair were the only black thing on her body. Perfectly trimmed in 'V' shape was inviting.

"kya dekh rahe ho itna…" she asked….i said nothing and pulled her close to me. I kissed her neck and moved down to her boobs. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them wildly, I was sucking and biting her nipple and was squeezing her boob together.

It was hurting her but she was enjoying the pain. She was moving her fingers in my hair, moaning…"plz fuck me now"…she said. I took her to the bed, she laid on the bed and I was standing next to her. I got on my knees to lick her pussy.

I spread her legs, her pussy was dripping and she must have had multiple orgasms. All her cum had drained on her thighs. I licked her cum…it tasted good….i licked it all the way up to her pussy. Her pussy was wet and slimy with all her cum,

I licked her pussy from bottom to top as I did it I pushed my tongue hard into it. All her cum was on my tongue. I spread her pussy lips and pushed my tongue inside. I was tongue fucking her and sucking her pussy for all her cum just like she did to me…..aaahh…hmmm….she kept moaning.

I stood up and went next to her, my dick had lost its stiffness now. I asked Nikadh to suck my dick. She did it with great pleasure, sucking my dick and massaging my nuts. I was squeezing her boobs and fingering her pussy in between. Boy she was a great sucker.

My dick was hard again, I hold her head by her hair and start to fuck her face. She took my entire dick deep down her throat. I make her lay on the edge of the bed, with her head hanging on the side. I ask her to open her mouth and insert my dick into her throat.

She gagged and pushed me away. Still I convince her and we try it again. This time I gently insert my dick in her mouth and start to move back and forth in a rhythmic way. Hhmmm…it feels nice…she closed her lips and sucked my dick as I pushed it her throat….aaah…I

moaned….even she was loving it…she was cupping my nuts in between as they were hitting on her face. I asked her to raise her legs, she did that. I pulled her legs bit close and bent myself to reach her pussy. I licked her pussy and was fucking her mouth.

She grabbed ass from behind and made me push deep in her throat and kept holding it still she came on my mouth. I had her cum all over my face. I removed my dick, she looked at me and smiled. I lied on the bed next to her. We kissed and sucked our lips.

She licked her cum from face. We were smooching wildly sucking each others lips. I rolled over her and started sucking her nipples. I tried to place my dick on her pussy entrance as I kept sucking and squeezing her boobs.

Nikadh took my dick in her hand and placed it on her pussy…."abhi karo bhi plz….main marri jaa rahi hu"..she said. I pushed my dick, it went all the way in. Aaaahhhh……she moaned, I started moving back and forth slowly. She was moving her hips to match my strokes,

Her pussy was tight and warm, I was feeling bit pressure as she flexed her muscles, every push deep in her hole was making her moan softly. My 7" tool was a perfect fit, my shaft was moving easily in and out of her love hole.

She had hugged me tightly as is increased my rhythm and scratched my back with her nails. I removed my dick and placed her legs on my shoulder, I pushed my 7" shaft deep in her pussy. aaaahhh….she almost yelled….i started moving faster,

my thigh were banging on her ass chick and making slapping noise. Nikadh clutched my hands moaning loudly….aaaahhhh….aaah…I exploded into her. I shot my cum deep into her and kept squirting inside her. I laid on top of her till my dick was num. I rolled next to her and kissed her.

We were lying next to each other, I was moving my hand over her boobs. Nikadh took my hand to her pussy. Her pussy was drenched in cum, I moved my fingers between her pussy lips. I felt her pussy lips were bit thick, my be swollen because of all the sucking and fucking.

Nikadh took my hand and licked all my fingers drenched in cum. "You are one horny lady" I said.….."You have got some of your own moves and positions…where did u learn those from" she asked…."From porn of course" I replied…."even you know how to do every thing right"

I said….."kya matlab"…she asked…"I am not fool, mujhe pata hai ke tum virgin nahi ho aur tumhe aacha experience hai…kya ab tum apne baare main bataoge"….i asked. She got bit upset and turned to the other side. I told her I am sorry, but I have know about her since I love

her and gave all the rags. She told me that her husband is working in South Africa and she's been married for almost 4 yrs. Her husband comes back couple of times in the year and he wastes his time visiting all his relatives and keeps her longing for sex.

Only pleasurable sex she had with her husband was when they were newly married. After hearing all this we had another sex session. I dropped Nikadh near Mulund station at 9 pm. We still have our relation going and enjoy great wild sex.

She has gone to visit her husband this time and will be back next month. I hope you all like my experience, please do post your comments.

Fucking hot sexy girl Nikadh

Hi friends, this is sandeep here bringing you my other experience. This experience I am going to share with you guys took place last year during Diwali. I was myself surprised with this experience as before this,

I never knew Indian females are so desperate and let you hump them on first date. The name of the female I humped is Nikadh. Nikadh and I became friends just by coincidence. One fine evening I got a friendship message on my cell from any unknown cell no.

Curious to know who it was I called back, but my call was unanswered. I messaged back to which I got a sweet sms reply but mentioning some other guys name. Trying to be a gentleman, I called back and a sweet voice answered my call.

I told her my name is sandeep and I am not the person she's being looking for. Hearing this she was surprised and immediately apologized and hung up. On the second day I got miss call for the same no. I called back and beautiful voice introduced her self to me.

Her name is Nikadh, age 23 from Mulund and working at Nariman Point. She then explained how one of her friend gave her a cell no of some other guy and asked her to message him, but by mistake she typed the wrong digits and the message was delivered to me and when I called

her back and told her that I not the guy she was looking for she was impressed by my honesty and decided to be friends with me. So we were friends now. We use to talk for hours over the phone during lunch time and late nights. This continued for few weeks.

She told me about her family, her mom and dad worked in the Saudi and she stayed with her aunty and younger sister in Mulund. I asked to describe herself over the phone. She was almost 5ft, very fair like most muslim females,

sharp features and long brown hair and mentioned that guy always turn around to have second look. I was awestruck by the way she described herself and her voice added more sexiness. It was almost over a month we were chatting over the phone,

we use to chat about every thing like most good friends do and use to flirt with each other over the phone. Diwali had arrived and we decided to meet for the first time. It was a blind date. We decided to meet the next day after laxmi pujan.

Nikadh called me up in the morning and it was decided I would pick her from Vashi station. I arrived at Vashi station, I parked my car close to raghuleela mall and waited for Nikadh's call. She called and I gave my cars no and color, she spotted my car and kept the phone.

She told me she was wearing black color saree with some zari work. My heart was beating fast and palms were getting wet, I was nervous because I was blind dating for the first time. I saw her in my rear view mirror walking towards my car.

She was beautiful and looked more awesome draped in black saree and sleeveless black blouse. She was milky white and lips were strawberry red and black nicely done eyebrows. I was stuck at her sight and I never realized she had come next to my car. I got down and greeted her.

She said she has lied to her aunty about office, so she couldn't go home early so we'll have to plan some thing till 8 in evening. We got into the car and planned to go for a drive on the Mumbai – Pune expressway and then on our way back have lunch in Lonavala and later in the

evening to catch some movie. On our way to expressway I stopped at McDonalds for take away happy meal. We started on expressway munching fries and talking casually. She told me how her aunt is strict and doesn't allow her hangout with friends or for movies,

that's the reason she had to lie for today's date. All this time I was driving and trying to eat but it was all difficult to do. So I stopped the car, as we were talking and enjoying our burgers suddenly cops pulled over asked us to move as it was against law to stop your car on

expressway. We finished our breakfast and started again on the expressway. It was nice drive, the weather was perfect and there was not much traffic. So I started to speed up (actually trying to impress her) but Nikadh asked me to slow down.

She said she wants to enjoy the drive as she has never been on such drive before. Nikadh had closed her eyes and looked like she was sleeping. I got bit confused, thinking to myself, who am I? Am I a chauffer? I am on a date and this lady is sleeping.

Puzzled what to do next, I decided not to disturb her. After few mins she opened her eyes and asked me do I mind if she could rest her head on my shoulder. I obliged, she moved close to me and placed her head on my shoulder. Her silky hairs were brushing my neck and ear.

I slowly moved my hand from steering wheel to gear lever. My elbow was touching her breast. I dint moved my hand from the lever and was moving my elbow in all directions trying to massage her boobs. I knew she was feeling my elbow over her breast but instead of reacting she came

more close to. Now I knew she was enjoying it this gave me some courage. I took her hand and placed it on my lap, she smiled and asked me what I was doing. I said "trying to make you comfortable". This move made her come more close to me,

now I could feel her other breast too, I kept messaging her boobs with my elbow and in between delicately ran my fingers over her hand. Her skin was silky smooth, as I did this she gave out a soft moan…..aahh….I knew she was aroused,

I could feel her breathing got heavier and she was moving her palm over my lap, but all this time she had her eyes closed. I pulled over and stopped, I kissed her on her forehead. She reacted with surprise. "What are you doing?" she asked,

I replied "doing what people do when they are on such romantic drive", still surprised and said "its wrong but, we have just met, we don't know each other"….holding her hand I replied "we are knowing each other for long time now, this meeting was just a formality,

I know every thing about you and u know about me. We are not strangers"…..but still she replied "it is wrong, it should never happen like this"… this I replied "I love you…I was in love with you the very day when I heard your voice,

actually I had planned to tell you my feeling today evening….blah….blah…" gave her all the rag's (bol bachan) guys use. At last I succeeded, I had persuaded her….to my replies she smiled back…I again kissed her on forehead and started our drive.

I moved my hand from gear lever and placed it over her shoulder pulling her close to me. My hand was caressing her upper arm, boy her skin was smooth. I moved her pallu from arm and tucked it on her shoulder.

I was moving my fingers slowing and delicately over her hand now. This was arousing her, she placed her one hand from my back to my waist and the other hand on my chest. She was moving her fingers inside my shirt and playing with my chest hair. I knew I had nailed her now.

I pulled over again and asked her to look up and kissed her lips. It was a total passionate kiss, we were sucking each others lips wildly. I could feel her tongue over my lips trying to make their way in. My hands reached boobs, they were perfect in size,

I was holding them over her blouse, I could feel her bar and erect nipples below it. I pinched her nipples….aahh….she moaned. I squeezed her breast….aaahh….hhmmm…."aur zor se dabao"…..I squeezed it harder hhmmm….."thats right baby"…she moaned…holding me tightly.

I started driving again, fearing the cops. This time Nikadh placed her head on my lap and stretched herself on the co driver side. This was a better position for me. I started moving my fingers over her, this time I pulled her saree pallu below and moved my fingers over along her

blouse crease, I could see her beautiful cleavage and moved slowly between her cleavage, then slowly I moved down on her stomach, I moved my fingers slowly in circular motion round her navel. Her navel was deep like black hole and her stomach was milky white.

I moved my fingers from front to side, I pinched her softly….she moaned. My dick was getting bigger inside my pant now. She was feeling dick as she had her head over it. Slowly I moved my hand up over her breast and squeezed it softly….i was squeezing her boobs and pinching her

nipple. Nikadh was moaning and giving out soft cries. I opened her first 1 blouse hook, and slowly moved my hand inside her blouse. I was not able to put my hand inside her blouse, I unhooked another hook and pushed my hand inside. I reached her bra cups,

I let my finger venture in her bra, I was playing with her erect nipple inside. Soon we reached the Pune side toll plaza. I asked Nikadh to sit in normal position, we passed the toll plaza and I took the Dehu road exit and turned back on the expressway.

As soon as we joined the expressway Nikadh laid on my lap and I pulled over again. I resumed opening her blouse. She refused at first but I made her quite by kissing her and worked my hands unhooking her blouse. I opened her blouse and pulled her bra over her boobs.

Her boobs were beautiful, while color bigger then they looked from outside and pinkish color nipple fully erect darting towards the sky. She felt shy and covered her face with her pallu, I moved pallu from her face, she was glowing and smiling naughtily.

I kissed her had started to started to squeeze her boobs. They were soft but firm, I was squeezing them so hard that they turned red. I tried to suck her nipple but was not able reach her, as she was on my lap. My dick was hurting me making me uncomfortable,

she sensed my trouble and moved her head, now my bulge was clearly visible as was next to her ears. I continued massaging her boobs and started driving. When we arrived at the toll stop, Nikadh got in normal position, but covered her boobs with her pallu.

Even thou covered under her pallu, her boobs were still visible because they were so white. I dint bothered if the toll guy noticed. As soon as we passed the toll, she resumed her position and I continued to massage her boobs. Slowly I moved my hand from her breast to her waist.

I tried to put my hand inside her saree but she refused, still reluctant I moved my hand inside making my way through her panty. I felt her curly hairs, it was warm inside, I moved my finger forward…I touched her pussy….aaahh….she moaned softy….

i ran my finger between her pussy lips, it was wet and leaking….she must have had multiple orgasms. As I move my finger….she keeps on moaning…. "aaahh…. sandy… hhhhmmm….. plz…. baas karoo……"

I rub her clitoris….she arches back as she cums….she pulls my hand out and starts kissing me…I couldn't drive so I pull over….we kiss passionately…..I squeeze her boobs hard….i break the kiss and pull her over my seat and start sucking her nipples….aaahh…..aur zor se….

plz….i am sucking her one nipple and pinching the other. I bit her one nipple….she moans loudly….now lust had taken over me….i dint cared for the cops any more….we continued this way for several mins….I pull her saree up….put my hand up her saree.

I reach for her pussy….and start to finger fucks her. She's enjoying every moment…. moaning….she hugged me tightly and came again. I had my finger drenched in her cum. We dint knew how long we had doing this. She was still on my lap and I was sucking her nipple.

She whispered in my ears "karna he hai to thik se karte hai" I couldn't believe my what I was hearing. Still to confirm I asked "matlab"…she said "ab itne innocent maat bano…..u know what I mean…..and I know you are not that sharif".

I smiled back "I don't have any friends place to go, we'll have to look for some hotel" I replied. She said fine. We started again. She was on my lap and I was massaging her balls and nipple. She laid there for some time,

my dick was hard like rod and the bulge was still there next to her cheeks. She turned sideways with her face towards me as she turned her head I felt some pain because of my erect dick. Now my bulge was in front of her lips. She dint not say a word nor did I,

I kept driving with one hand on steering and other on her boobs. To my surprise she got up and slowly opened my zip, I looked at her,she moved her hand to open my jeans, she undid the button and then pulled down my boxers.

She took my dick in her hands and started stroking it…..aaaahh….it felt good…I moaned…she whispered "it is troubling me a lot…let me take care of it"…she moved down….i pushed my seat far back and raised my hips so she could pull my jeans and boxers down.

She looked at my dick with amazement and kept stroking it…she slowly brought her lips close to it…and spitted on it…and started rubbing her lips on my dick…she had just open her lips and was rubbing them against my dick and simultaneously stroking it….aaaahh…it felt sooooo

good…she kept doing this for few mins…..she opened her mouth and took my whole 7" long dick deep inside her throat in one shot. Boy she is professional I thought. She is sucking my dick and stroking it together….she made me rise up and licked my balls….

sucking hard on my dick….she kept doing this for several mins and….aaaahhh….I exploded in her mouth. She dint let my dick out but kept on sucking for every drop of cum. My dick was soft now…still she dint let it go…she squeezed it and had the last drop of cum.

I was exhausted, never in my life I had such blow job. Nikadh got back on her seat and asked "how was it" ………. "I have no words to explain" I said. This was my half day experience, will tell you what happened next when we reached navi mumbai and checked in into a hotel. Till then please post your comments.

Hot sex in train with stranger

My name is Mahua and this is when I was just 18 years. Sex always fascinated me at that time. I was blessed with 32 - 34 - 36 and a fabulous body. With wheatish complexion and short in height (sex bomb).

I wore cotton skirt and blouse as it was Hot and humid in Varanasi and I had to reach Delhi for my exams but had no reservation. Train was full and it was nearly 8 pm. This train was top reach Delhi in the morning.

Being a holiday season no reservation was available & I would have to go in an unreserved Compartment for the full night. My uncle who had come to drop me tried every trick to get a Seat for me but was unsuccessful.

At last he went to the extreme end of the platform where the unreserved bogie would come. There was still an hour for the train to come. We had come early in the hope of finding a seat & now had to wait for a long time for the train. Standing there in a bit cool air but hardly any light.

After Uncle left to try again for seat, I realised that unknowingly I was now alone standing very close to a man who may have been in his 40's but looked handsome. We stood near the cargo/ Parcels for the train. He asked me, “Daughter are you going to Delhi?”,

and kept his hand on my shoulder. I felt nice with his warm hand but got tensed. He put his other hand also on my waist & pulled me closer to him saying, "Are you in any trouble? Stand easy; take it comfortable, there is a lot of crowd.”

This time I felt something hard on my soft buttocks and realized that uncle was pressing his rock hard cock on my round shapely ass. I liked his hardness on my hips but told him softly, "Please, don’t do this? Let me go!”

And I moved a bit forward but uncle pulled me back to him & now he was rubbing my ass crack a bit roughly and said, "Nothing, you take it easy and stand easy, aint you liking it?" I felt nice at his boldness but was afraid too.

It was exciting in a way, and I remember holding my breath waiting to see what he would do next. Now uncle was pulling me near him between the train cargo's to hide me partially, uncle moved his hand up on my big boobs and started pressing slowly,

I felt my nipples go hard and his other hand got busy in massaging on my soft buttocks inside my skirt from back...oohhh..I felt damn exciting and began to rotate my ass harder on his rough hands. My hot pussy was dripping on his palm..slowly he touched my pussy lips.... and

massaged it..I was very horny but now a bit afraid & shy...I said again to uncle "Let me go, what are you doing?" He was now literally cupping my spongy tits & kneading my big ass. He knew now that I was enjoying his touches & encouraging him by mere words.....

Playing with my hard nipples, uncle said, "tell me aren’t you feeling nice? Tell me who is that person with you?" (I have enjoyed sex many times but for the first time any stranger was taking such liberties with me in the crowd..

This matured man was definately more confident & experienced. Than my young boy friends and really knew how to please the woman...and make her beg for the Hard long fuck....). I said, "He is my uncle who has come to see me off. Please leave me he might return”

Uncle asked, "Why? Arent you feeling good? Arent you enjoying my hands?" I wanted to be touched more but was shy & afraid too. But couldn't say anything. At last when uncle again asked, I nodded my head & said in a soft voice, "Yes this feels good and exciting but I am afraid."

Hearing this uncle caught my hand & put my soft hand on his pulsated long hard cock..his cock was huge and hard and for a moment I was stunned....but now I was enjoying the direct touch...of his erect penis in my palm and I was also getting hot-holding him.

Uncle said, "I know you are little afraid, but then this is exciting too na?.Ok tell me how do you feel holding my cock?” I said shyly “It is huge and hot” and pressed hard on his hot erect rod...Tell me is your uncle coming with you?

I was getting a pretty relaxed with him & said, "No, I am travelling alone and my uncle has just come to help me get a seat. Now uncle was facing me and said, “Daughter you are quite beautiful and sexy. Body made for making love.”

looking deep in my eyes uncle said, "I am also travelling to Delhi, keep me company. I will make some arrangement for us and if you keep me company I will make you enjoy till Delhi. Oh and what is your name?” I told him “Mahua, and I am going to Delhi for exams.”

My heart was beating fast as I knew that uncle will play with me throughout whole journey but I liked his boldness. The way he kneaded my ass and put his rough finger in my ass crack....where no one could dare.

In front of the crowd at station...I somehow liked him instantly & said, “If mu uncle manages to get a seat I will go by that, or otherwise I will accompany you" He was happy with the boldness this girl was showing. He knew that his journey would be a great trip this time with this girl.

In the crowded bogie he would play a lot with this girl. She was responding so nicely to his touches. Oh God! If only he had a berth today, he could have fucked this hot young girl. She was too good a piece to go without fucking.

Even if he could play with her today he thought of fucking her in Delhi as he would be there for 2-3 days. Mean while he saw that Mahua's uncle returning back. He quickly said, "Your uncle is returning. If he has got a seat for you, I will join you. Otherwise you accompany me.

And listen there is still 1hour, lets use that. Make an excuse with your uncle saying you have to use the washroom and follow me to the end of platform. I will be waiting for you there." Saying this, he picked his bag & went to the dead end of the platform which was totally dark.

He saw Mahua talking to her uncle. Mahua was happy to hear that her uncle couldn't manage to find a seat for her. It meant that she could be with uncle. Then she remembered that he had asked her to come there she told her uncle that she will be back soon and went in the same

direction where he was waiting near a deserted room at the dead end of the platform. Mahua found her heart beating fast. She didn't know how she was doing all this today. As she reached near him, uncle caught her hand & took her inside the cabin.

After taking Mahua inside the cabin, Uncle hugged her tightly and pressed his hand boldly on Mahua's breast & gently massaged her tits. She wasn't wearing a bra. Feeling her hard boobs he said, "Feels good? Did you enjoy on the platform?"

Mahua was dumbstruck but liked whatever he was doing. She shyly nodded her head showing her acceptance. He now put his hands under the blouse & feeling her curvy waist & stomach pulled her more close. It was the first time for mahua when someone was so bold & openly

playing with her. She was in no mood to resist. She was enjoying his touch & fondling...just a doll in his hands. While massaging Mahua's boobs, he said, "You are so hot, your sex is so inviting. We will enjoy together the whole night. Wouldnt we?"

Feeling a man's hands on her naked boobs send a shock through Mahua's nubile body. He started playing with her nipples which were hard like knobs now..”oh” A moan escaped through her lips. She felt her throat go dry. Involuntarily she put her hand on his hand & said, "Yes.

This is feeling so nice. But lets go back for now, my uncle would be looking for me." He now decided to do something so that this girl wouldn't leave his side even if she got a seat in the train."Daughter, you are enjoying this and we don’t know where we will be in the train.

Ok, lets do one small thing for ourselves to cherish and then we will go.” I had no choice, I said “Ok, but do it quickly please whatever you want to do”. Hearing this he opened his zip and took out his erect cock and kept it on my hands.

My eyes centered on his 9inch & 3inch wide huge cock standing proudly in front of me. I just could not take off my eyes of the cock and started wetting my panties just at the thought of it going inside me. "daughter just don’t stand there like that,

kiss it and make love it to with your lips." Saying this, he started playing with her nipples. Mahua too wanted uncle to play with her boobs. The male touch on her nipples was so enticing. She could feel her heart beating fast. Her cunt had gone hot, wetting itself in the process.

He was massaging her left boobs with one hand and twisting hard the nipple of the right. Mahua slowly started licking the enormous cock hungry to ravish her. Soon, he could take no more and forced his cock down her throat holding her head by her hair.

Mahua gagged and said, “Please!” She was enjoying the harshness of this stranger and was totally overcome by the exciting events. She started sucking on the cock earnestly, putting her heart into it so that he would come quickly as she didn’t want to miss the train and didn’t want

to leave this stranger in midway. She pursed her lips and played with the pee hole using her tongue. He was starting to push it deeper and she could feel the knob of the cock on her tonsils. She increased the pressure of her suck when she felt him ready to blow.

He twisted her nipples violently and said “Swallow” as he came hard and long. I felt so warm then. Uncle pulled my panty down the while hugging me tightly and kissing on my lips...his hand directly went on my shaved pussy which was already wet and dripping juices.

He started massaging and put his index finger in my hot pussyhole. I murmured a soft reply, "Please I will do as you say, but don’t stop fingering me. Your hand feels so good" He looked at the red marks on Mahua's tits. Mahua had never found sex so exciting....

She was enjoying her finger fuck with her juicy boobs being sucked & played by him. And in return Mahua was massaging the warm cock of uncle with her soft fingers very devotionally. This was the first time in her life she had enjoyed such a pleasure in sex and wanted to return the

same to she was not worried for the train but wanted to achieve the pleasure of love.

Fucking hot Delhi girl

I M telling u the incident when I was comming back from J&K to delhi.I was sitting in chair car n beside me was a girl sitting comming from srinagar.She was quite beautiful n attractive moreover she was very talktive.

After an hour journey she asked me if I m having any magazine but I was'nt have any so I offered her my mobile to listen music so our conversation started.she introdused herself Sanya medical student going to delhi in her friends marriage.

Slowly as time passed we became very formal as I m an expert to these things.she was very much attracted to me as she lie her head on my shoulder n I softly hold her hand. I cant tell u what sort of feeling was going on in me.

My cock became so hard that it was visible in my trouser,i noticed she was staring it with her half closed eyes.I did wanted to press her big breast but cant of people sitting around. It was around 9PM almost people had their dinner n slept.

I told her that I will b back in few minutes so I carried my handbag in which I was carrying whisky. I was having drink in pantry I saw sanya comming to me from cabin n wished to have a drink as she drinks socially. She had 2pegs n we both went to our seats.

After few minutes she asked me weather I can arrange for sleeper cabin.i went to TT who took 2000/- for the cabin.we both went to cabin have 2pegs more. I went outside for smoke n as I returned back I was shocked when I opened the door of cabin.

Sanya was lying on bed in just Bra n Panty.She was looking amazing I really felt to hold her breast n start sucking so I lie down beside her. She was awaken as she slowly kept her hand on my underwear n started pressing.

For 15min we locked our lips n sucked we both became very hot then I removed her bra n panty n started sucking her breast until it became red she was out of control as she pulled down my underwear n put my hard big cock in her mouth n sucked like anything my one hand was

preesing her boobs n my fingre was in her Pussy which was wet n hot.i made her lie down sat between her legs n entered my tounge in her pussy n started licking she was screeeming like anything I was holding her mouth as no one can hear us.

I then started sucking her pussy like a lolypop then I turned up on her she was sucking my cock n I was sucking her pussy deeply.i then lied down straight n she came on me entered my cock in her pussy but getteing prob as mine is very long n thick but forcly I made it entered she

started moving fastly n I was sucking her one breast n pressing other.Boobs were so big that I was unable to put all in my mouth.then I changed position n made her sit like a hourse n entered my cock in her pussy from backside n started pushing softly then started hardly after

20min we both discharged.This happened 3times more.When I waked up in morning I saw she was not there she was standing at the door with her luggage as delhistation was very near.i fastly moved to cabin picked my luggage n turned to her.

I wished her n asked for the contact no. but strange she refused to recognise me she said she have never seen me before.i was stunned I stood a side n watch her going out of station. In front of me she took taxi n went away she didnt looked me once.

One thing shocked me very much as she sat in taxi she tookout a magazine from her bag n started reading but she was not havining any magazine with her. In my entire life I cant forget this incident.

Bus repair hot sex

I am Nayana, 23, married, and a mother of a son aged one year, settled in Bangalore with my husband who was a businessman. I happened to visit Kochi to attend a marriage and could not get a train reservation and had to go by an evening bus to Bangalore.

My relatives came to the bus stand and saw me off. I got an aisle seat and the window seat was vacant till the bus started. Just at the nick of the time a young man came and dumping his shoulder bag on the luggage rack wanted me to give room to get into the window seat.

I had to get up from my seat to give room to him to go to the window seat. He sat there and turned to me and smiled apologetically.I said it is ok. I was looking at his youthful face, more childish, fair, with curly hair and thin brown hair in his mustache and few black hair in his beard.

He may be just sixteen or seventeen, well built, and tall and his handsomeness was very striking. The bus started moving through the traffic struggling to come out of the heavy evening traffic. It had to stop at several junctions for clearance signal and I could keep on looking at his

handsome face. He too was restless and was looking at me. I asked him what he is doing at Bangalore. He said his parents are there and he is in the college at Bangalore. His voice was very masculine and his language was very polished.

I took the opportunity to ask for his name and other particulars. He said he is Edward and people called him Ed. We cracked some jokes and the bus continued in a smooth drive. My one year old son, needed breast milk and I covering my body with my saree pallav fed him

my breast milk. Ed was looking at my child and was glancing quite frequently may be to get a glimpse of the breast. Having fed him from my right breast, I changed his posture to feed from my left breast when my pallav made a gap and Ed could have a glance at my naked right breast.

Feeding my child with my left breast I covered myself completely with the saree pallav. I noticed my child has dozed off keeping my nipple in his mouth. The movement of the bus made him sleepy. It was dark outside and nothing was visible and I noticed the Ed too was dozing

from his seat. My left hand supporting the head of my child was touching the thigh of Ed. He was careful not to move his leg so that my child may not get awakened. Ed was wearing a t shirt with the buttons open to give a view of his chest.

To keep the conversation going I asked him where we had reached and and such silly questions. Ed seemed to know the area very well and he was very vocal about the places we passed through. At about 8.30 pm we reached a place where the crew

said they may rake about half an hour break and anybody want to eat or go to the rest room may do so. I asked Ed whether he wanted to go. He said yes. I got up lifted my sleeping son on my shoulder and got up and gave room for him to get out of the seat.

He asked me whether I need anything. I told him that I have some sandwitches in my bag and drinking water and I dont need any thing. He went to the hotel took his supper and came back. Again the process was repeated and we both were seated.

The bus started by 9 pm in a farely good speed. I think it was a govt. bus and took a longer route via Wynad. Ed was dozing and rested his head on the head rest. I noticed almost all the passengers were asleep except me.

I noticed the head of Ed was rolling so much that it was touching my shoulders. I had to raise my right hand and support his head so that he may not fall on my child. He did not realise that his head was actually supported by my hand.

I just pushed him so that he may rest on the head rest. I touched his cheeks because his face was glowing in his youthfullness. The touch of his body made me wet in my panties. I suddenly remembered that I had not buttoned my blouse and my boobs were out of the bra.

My child was sleeping peacefully and my left hand was supporting the head of my child. Suddenly I realised that my hand was resting on a bulge in the jeans of Ed. I pressed the bulge and was sure that he too had an erection in his sleep.

Poor boy may be having a wet dream and that is why he has an erection I thought. Thus stopped suddenly at some place where there were no lights at all. The driver tried to start the engine, but it was not starting. They opened the bonnet and tried some more but of no use.

We spent more than half an hour trying to restart the bus but it was of no use. The conductor came and announced that there is some problem and they had to contact the depot and call for some mechanic to rectify the problem.

He said there is a hotel nearby where some rooms are available but they will give those rooms only to families with infants. Conductor asked me whether I would prefer to go to the hotel and have a restful sleep. He said the journey will commense only in the morning.

I looked at Ed who was awake by then. I asked him whether he also will come to help me since it was an unknown place and I do not want to go alone. He said he will come. I took my handbag, which Ed volunteered to carry and I took my child on my shoulders and got down

from the bus. Ed was following me with my luggage and his shoulder bag. We went to the hotel. They said they have only one room and we said we wanted it. It was upstairs and we were guided to the room. It had only a double bed.

I placed my sleeping child on the bed and Ed placed the bags on the floor. I asked the hotel manager whether they can spare a mattress at least. No was the reply. I asked Ed whether he has any objection in sleeping in the bed along with me.

He was shy and said he will sit on the chair and place his legs on the teapoy and sleep. I went to the bathroom, adjusted by bra and the blouse and came back. In the meantime Ed had changed his t shirt and jeans and wore a lungi. His nakedness was very charming.

I asked him to lie down near me and I moved to the middle of the bed near my child. He put off the light and lied on the edge of the bed. There was not enough space for both of us and out bodies touched each other. I turned to the side of my child and Ed also turned to me side.

I could hear his breathing. My child was in deep sleep and I turned to the side of Ed and looked into his eyes. He was too awake and was looking at me. I placed my hand on his face and pulled him closer and kissed him on his cheeks.

The small bedroom lamp in the room was sufficient to show his face glowing. He was too shy and I pulled him again and kissed on the other cheek. and forehead. I took the hand of Ed and placed it on my back and asked him to embrace me.

He, it appeared just wanted my permission, pulled me with all strength and kissed me on my cheeks and on my mouth. I sucked his lower lip and searched for his tongue. Ed was clumsy and was kissing all over my face and ears. I took his hand and placed it on my boobs.

He pressed them softly and looked at me. I told him softly to suck the nipples. His first suck gave him mouthful of milk. It was quite unexpected for him. He gulped the whole thing and he took mouthful from both the nipples.

He was already horny and me too and we did not need any foreplay. I pulled his lungi and found that he did not have any undergarment. His goldencoloured cock a 7 inch beauty was fully erect and I just got up and snifted at it.

I touched it, held it with my both hands and I felt his ball pouch. I kissed it at the tip and his precum made a thread like formation with my lip. I opened my mouth put it in my mouth. My tongue rolled around it and gave it a soft suck. Ed was busy lifting my saree and pettycoat.

I removed all my clothes and was nude. He wanted to have a look at my pussy. I had shaven it in the morning since my hubby wanted it always clean when we meet. Here Ed looked at it with great interest. I allowed him to have a careful look.

He opened the cunt lips and took a closer view. He asked me whether he can switch on the light. I said no, since somebody will notice that the lights are on and watch the happening through some crevice. He agreed and lowered his face and kissed my cunt.

He licked it and and asked me where the clit is. I smiled at his ignorance and showed it to him. He dug his tongue tip on my clit and massaged it with his tongue. I was very much high. He then pulled the clit with his lips and sucked it softly. I asked him to lick it with force. He did it.

My orgasm was building. Within a short time I reached my first orgasm and my cunt fluids were flowing freely. I asked him to insert his cock inside. He came between my legs and took his cock in his hand and rubbed the tip on my clit and then tried to get in inside.

Poor fellow was not able to do it properly. I guided it into the proper place and it went smoothly in. It went deeper and deeper and I thought it may enter my cervix. Ed then started his in and out movements. I asked him to do it deeper and faster.

His solid muscles did it with ease and he went on fucking deeper and very fast. It gave me my second orgasm. Ed then had his and he sprayed his fluids inside me with such a force that I could feel it touching my cervix. But his hardness continued.

He went on pumping with full force for another 15 minutes and we both had out third orgasm. I entwined my legs around him and hugged him tightly and his whole body rested on mine. We both got up went to the bathroom cleaned of all the mess and came back.

I asked him whether he has ever fucked any body before. He said no. His virginity was lost in my cunt. I hugged and kissed him. I asked to lie down and I just wanted a ride on him. That was my favourite pose even with my husband.

My husband liked my riding like a cowgirl and he sucked my boobs when I jumped on him. I rotated my hip so that his cock will also revolved around the various erotic nerves. I gave a cry of pleasure, which Ed liked very much. We reached orgasm faster.

After some time I taught him to do it in the doggy style. He liked it very much since it gave a deeper penetration. I also enjoyed it very much because his cock was very rigid even after three continuous fucks. I sucked his cock after we reached orgasm,

and licked all the fluids sticking it. He too was sportive that he licked my cunt and sucked all fluids flowing from it. It was 4 am. We had spent the whole night fucking. My child started moaning for milk. I gave him my nippled to suck. But Ed wanted to suck my clit.

I opened my legs wide and Ed kneeled on the floor and his tongue was searching for my clit when my son sucked my nipple. Finally Ed got my clit and started to suck it softly. My son was also sucking my nipple. I had to raise him above the head of Ed to enable both do the sucking.

No woman on earth would have experienced so much pleasure as me with both my nipple and clit being sucked simultaneously. We had no time to sleep. We both were tired and my son continued to sleep contentlly. I allowed Ed to have his way. He licked my cunt and clit.

He drank all the cunt juices and again licked my cunt and clit. But he was careful that he does not cause any discomfort. I was high in heaven with a continuous orgasmic pleasure. Sometime I asked him to give his cock and he turned to form a 69 posture.

I sucked his cock hard and he orgasmed and pumped his semen into my mouth. I wondered how this boy got so much fluids. At 5 we got up, washed ourselves and I asked Ed to go and enquire whether the bus is repaired and when they will start.

They that the mechanic is repairing and we may start by 7 am. We brushed out teath got dressed up and ordered for tea, cleaned up all the tell tale evidence of our sexadventure of the night. With our breakfast we started at 7.15 am and reached Bangalore at 12 noon.

My husband was there at the busstation with all anxiety. When we got down he came running and enquired the reason for the delay. I narrated the engine problem and introduced Ed and told him that Ed was very helpful. My husband thanked Ed. and took down his telephone number.

Sexy Mumbai local train experience

I am Bobby and have been a fan of Human Digest for quite some time now. I have observed that most of the stories are either from Pakistan or form Indian states like Gujarat, Kerala, Andra Pradesh or Delhi,

but I always wonder way stories from other states are less in no and so decided to send this story of mine and I am sure u will like it. First, let me tell u about my self and background of the story. I am 24 and have done my engineering last year from Bangalore

and presently in mumbai preparing for CAT 2003(MBA Entrance). I am 5’9 with and average built body (use to go to jym some time back) and a strong libido. This story started in Mumbai train, rally during office hour there is always too much of rush

in train and generally clashes with my class timing. One day, as usual I way on my way to my classes and I boarded the train from Mumbai central Stn. Though I didn’t got a place to sit but the traffic was not much and I just stood near the gates.

At dadar (next station) it was really crowded and a large no of people came in, by the time every one adjusted in there position, I saw two girls standing just in front me. I was able to get the fragrance of their perfume and it was really mind blowing.

Before going any further let me describe about them, both of them were wearing denim with a short top I was able see a bit of there navel portion and it was making me hot. The one standing in front of me was

smaller in height but had a nice pair of butts and a average sized boobs. But the one standing next to her was really a bomb, with every thing in proper proportion face as well as base.And I could have done any thing to eat her up.

At next station, as more people got in we were pushed together and I was pressed to the body of the smaller one and I didn’t mind enjoying with any one of them. I was getting hot as my maleness was touching her back, she also realised this and I think she was enjoying it too.

This gave me courage and I started rubbing my body to that of hers and touching here, but I was afraid of going any further as lots of people were around. Even the girl standing next to her knew what was going on as it was quiet evident from her eyes as it was getting red and were full of

lust. By this time my station came and I have to get down while getting down I was able to cup her breast and I got down. I was not able to concentrate in my class and even in the night I was thinking of what happened in train and even masturbated thing about her.

Next day I thought if I am lucky I will be able to see her in train but luck was not on my side. I thought its better to forget and concentrated in studies, as exams were approaching very fast. The very next day as I left for my classes in the afternoon,

train was almost empty and I was able to get a seat. I took out my books and started going through it. At next station, a girl came and set near me and I was surprised to find the same beauty which I saw the day before (the Sex bomb one),

I then noticed though there was lot many seats vacant she purposefully sat near me. I looked at her and asked her ‘you r the same girl whom I met the day before’? and she replied positively with a wicked smile. I then asked about her friend and she told me that the girl was not her

friend but her younger sister. To my surprise, she asked me what’s there in here younger sister that she doesn’t have. I was shocked by that question and told her I asked just like that and didn’t have anything in mind. By listening that she told, I know what u guys have in mind?

I thought its going out of boards but she surprised me once again by asking me, Do u want to try me?. I replied, didn’t got u? She asked me then r u free now, though I was on my way to class I instantly told yes.

She told lets move to my place then no one is at home we will be able to talk comfortably. I knew there was some mischief in the air and was looking forward to enjoy that. We took another train and headed back to her place.

Her place was a decent looking MIG flat at 4th floor of an apartment complex. In the lift I thought of doing something but resisted my urge as I was not very sure of her intent, but when she told that no one was at home after we entered her house,

I just grabbed from back and started kissing her all around and now its was her time to get surprised. Probably she was surprised at the urge of my hunger for sex, she didn’t resisted but was reciprocating the same by kissing back.

I pushed her back on to the sofa near by and we were smooching now. God, she tasted great, I mean excellent and we were getting hotter as every minute passed. I realised that she was expert at all this and probably doing this for long time as I have been doing,

and this made me more happy that she wont shout like virgins do in there first time. My man hood was in full length and I knew that I have to fuck her fast. I moved my lips slowly down words around neck and this made her more hot and she was now making typical type

of sound and was breathing heavily. I slowly started removing her cloths ( and she was removing mine) first the blue top she was wearing, my god she was wearing a white colour bra and her breast arrested in that was like heaven.

I kissed then lightly and then started pressing then softly at this she was moaning and I was enjoying like hell those big size bosoms, I don’t know how long I have been chewing her boobs and nipples but it was all reddish now and I thought its time to ‘do the due’.

I moved my hands down to her panties (she was still in her jeans) and to her G- spot and god she was wet, hell of wet. I release her of all her clothes and she was all naked in front of me, all bushes shaved off.

She was looking an angel to me, her skin glowing, eyes shining and those lips, boobs & pussy of her. We realised we r still in her sofa and at this she dragged me to the Dewan near by which bigger in size and we were in comfortable position.

I started kissing her from top to the bottom and she was hot again as I was, I slowly parted her legs and positioned me in between and started rubbing her pussy with my maleness she was moaning louder now as I was pressing her boobs strongly now.

I continued it for some time at this she told me what r u waiting for fuck the hell out of me, I was waiting for just that and pushed my 7 inch maleness inside her she gave a big cry and after few shots we both were enjoying that pumping and jumping along with the puch… puch sound.

I asked r u cumin and she replied she will take time and asked me to cum first. I told, no baby u have to cum first and started my pace in minutes she was shouting, bobby its hurting me please let me go stop it etc, but I didn’t and finally she came heavily,

and holed me tight her nails digging in to my skin and I was enjoying every moment of this mischief. Since I haven’t come as of yet I started stroking slowly once again she told bobby I have come please stop,

I replied but I haven’t hold on for some time and now once again I was stroking her fast, faster then before and I was about to come, I told I am cumin and be ready and then I finally came all my energy also came out and that was hell of an orgasm.

I was lying on top of her not moving, my maleness in side her love hole. After some 5- 10 minutes I once again started kissing her and now took my maleness out ( I looked too tired) and started liking her, she tasted good there too,

though I was not able to put my whole tongue inside her love hole but I tried my best to lick her well and she came once again but this time it was a lighter one and she told me though she have mated many time previously but this is the first time any licked her

and she enjoyed more then having intercourse. She asked my permission to lick me and I was happy to say yes, she was chewing and biting me, I mean my maleness I liked that style of blowjob and then asked her to lick like a ice cream and god he was a damn good sucker.

I was getting hooter and knew I will come soon and told her but she told I want to taste ur juice, so I came but she was not able to take all of that, she told its not because of taste but because of the thickness of it, anyway the blowjob was great.

It was already 6 in the evening she told, her mom comes around 6.30 so its better for me to leave. Before leaving I made her to masturbate me and even that was new to her, I fucked her once more time but faster this time.

I asked her to come out and leave me to the train station. We walked all the way and then I came to know more about her, what she do etc etc.. and took her cell no and gave mine and promised to see each other quite often.

That was some 5 months back and now I have joined a corporate group and travel by Bike as my office is in andheri, but bike has got its own advantages as train has, probably that story sometime latter.