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Fatima fucked hard in train

Hi this is Aakash Agarwal again from Guwahati Assam want to share my another sexual experience with u all people as I got a good response from my last story Fucking hot office babe Nandini & Priya.

I got a good response for this story, lets come straight to the story without boring you all, but first let me give my introduction to all those readers who are new to this site I am Aakash Agarwal from Guwahati Assam now the story starts. It happened with me last month when I was going to Delhi in train, the train was some special train from Guwahati to Delhi,

as I like traveling in sleeper class because in sleeper class u came to know more new people. As I boarded the train in my compartment where six seats are there and only one person and the other people will board the train at Kokrajhar, and at the said place the people came there and the compartment was full with the people.

The person who comes there were 3 gents and 1 ladies all the gents were about 22 to 25 years and the ladies age was 20 years lets say her name Fatima because I don’t want to give their real identity to make her in any problem.

One gent was her husband, one his cousin brother and the third person was her husband’s uncle in relation and they also have three small children two of their uncle’s children and one of Fatima’s. She is good looking fair slim lady with 32 size boobs with a figure of 32-28-34 with a innocent face,

Fatima her husband and husband uncle’s were going 1st time to Delhi as well as in train and the child of Fatima was only 6 months old and she used to feed her milk from her breast, after feeding she has the habit to keeps the buttons of her blouse open and her breast left open for many times and I used to stare at them as I was just sitting opposite to her and she doesn’t tried to hide it from me,

all the gents who were with her was spending there time while sleeping at the birth and in the meanwhile we became good friends while talking with each others. While chit chatting with each other we became good friend than I told her that I had one wish in my mind that I want to feed and drink the milk which is coming out of the boobs,

while hearing this her face became red and told that its not possible here after hearing this from her I got a green signal from her side that if my luck favours than I would get the chance to drink the milk coming out from her boobs.

While talking with her sometime I pressed her boobs with my hand and she doesn’t object and once I kissed her slowly on her lips while all the people were sleeping and also pressed her both boobs and told her that at midnight when everyone will be in deep sleep I want to drink her milk fully she agreed to come to the toilet and at around 1.45 am at night she made me

wake up that she wants to go toilet and I said ok and followed her while going to the toilet I saw that every one in that bogey was in deep sleep I was pressing her boobs while going to toilet. As she entered the toilet door and was supposed to close it I pushed the door and went inside toilet with her and bolted the door from inside.

After the door has been bolted nicely I kept my lips on her and sucked her lips for 10 minutes and her lips became red and I made her breast nude by opening her blouse buttons one by one as she nude from her breast I kept my mouth on her left nipple and started to drink milk flowing from her left nipple and in between I change to the right nipple and was drinking milk

from both the nipples one by one, and my other hand was inside her panty and removed the panty aside and my one finger went inside her pussy hole she was enjoying and started to moan I told her to be keep quiet or else someone will come to know that what we are doing in the bathroom I drank the milk coming out from her both boobs and emptied her boobs

from the milk and also she felt orgasm while I was finger fucking her and I made her drink her own juice which was on my finger and she made my finger dry by sucking my finger and she gave me a short but a good blowjob in the bathroom and we made a plan in the bathroom that how we will enjoy fully in Delhi,

as we were in the train and the train was running late about 5.30 hours late we will reach Delhi around 1.45 am and the train reached Delhi at 2.00 am so I told her husband that if u wish than I will be staying at hotel in paharganj and as the baby is very small so it will be better if you go to Nareila at 9.00 am in the morning which is situated at the border of Haryana.

Her husband thought for a little while and said that if Fatima doesn’t feel uncomfortable than he doesn’t have any objection and while talking his husband make her agree to stay in the hotel till 9.00 am in the morning and they will take her while they will leave for Nareila 1st she refused than agreed for it as it was our plan and I gave them my no.

and we took a hotel and went inside the room and locked the room as we entered the room I bolted the door and put my lips on her lips and started sucking her lips she told me to wait for sometime as she wants to feed the baby who is hungry and I told her ok and opened her blouse buttons and took out from her body and she was nude and her boobs

were hanging out and she put her left nipple in baby mouth and the baby started drinking milk while I open all my clothes except my underwear and my bulge can be seen nicely through my underwear and she changed from left to right and the baby was sucking her right nipple and was drinking milk from the right nipple.

After feeding the baby she made him sleep on the bad and slept near the baby, I went near her and said jaaneman ab kyun mujhse dur ho aa jao hum ek dusre main sama jaaye, hearing this she turned to my side and put her lips on my lips and started sucking my lips and her hand went inside my underwear and was playing with my 7.5 inch long and 3 inch thick dick

while playing with my dick she removed my underwear in a one blow and I was totally nude in front of her and she took the tip of my cock in her mouth and licked the pre cum oozing from it and later on take the whole dick in her mouth and was sucking it nicely like a children sucking a lollypop she is an expert in giving blowjob

and within 15 minutes I load the cum in her mouth and she drank all the cum coming from my dick and made it totally dry. After drinking all the cum from my dick I made her totally nude and put my lips on her clit and started kissing on her clit and pussy lips as I was sucking her wild she got her orgasm in 5 minutes and I also drank all the love juice oozing from her pussy.

While sucking her pussy lips and clit my dick again became rock hard and was ready for the final action & I put a pillow below her ass and spread her legs which she did without any objection, after spreading her legs she spread her pussy lips with her hand I kept the tip of my dick on the entrance of her pussy lips and gave a small push

but my dick could not enter as the hole was very small for my dick, again I did the same pushed my dick with little more pace and my 1 inch dick enter inside her and she cried with pain as her husband dick was very small of only 4 inch long and 1.5 inch thick which she told me later I put my lips on lips and started sucking her lips and was pinching her nipples

and within 5 minutes her pain reduces and was enjoying my foreplay I gave a strong push and my 4 inch dick went inside she again felt the pain and I did the same foreplay was sucking her nipples and pinching the other one and as her pain reduces I gave a final stroke and my whole dick went inside she cried with lot of pain and her eyes were full of tears and begging me

to take my dick out but I was not hearing her and started pumping her slowly and in about 10 minutes her pain reduces she started moaning while I was pumping my dick inside her. When I heard her moaning with excitement I took my whole dick outside and gave a hard push inside her pussy and my whole dick was inside her in one stroke and now she was

enjoying and was supporting me fully by lifting her ass up and saying that fuccccccccckkkkkkk me hard aur zor se chodo jitni tumhare andar taaqat hai aaj phaad daalo meri chut ko hearing all this from her I increased my speed and she got her orgasm in about 7 minutes and I was pumping her hard I told her to be in doggy position and made her turn in doggy position

and gave a hard push in her pussy from her back and in a single stroke my whole dick went inside her and she cried with pain but the pain was mixed with her moaning and I kept on pushing her for about 15 minutes and then I made her again in missionary style I pumped her pussy hard and within 10 minutes

I was ready to spray my cum in her pussy I told her that I am about to cum and she said me to cum inside her pussy and I sprayed the cum inside her pussy with hard strokes and fell on her boobs and bite her very hard on her shoulders and my teeth mark can easily be seen on her shoulder and we laid in this position for about 20 minutes and I asked her did u liked it

she said that this is the 1st time she have enjoyed sex fully and reached to orgasm and this is the best orgasm in her life. Hearing all this I slowly kissed her and we lay on bed totally nude in each other arms and I fucked her 6 times till 9.30 am in the morning once in her virgin ass and 4 times in her pussy in various styles in room

And also we have taken bath in the shower and I have fucked her while taking shower So after getting a good response from girls, ladies, aunties, bhabhies and widows in and around Guwahati I will let you know that how I fucked Fatima’s virgin ass and how we have enjoyed while taking shower in the bathroom.

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Sexy bus journey of Roxanne

Hi friend my name is Roxanne and I m basically from Bangalore. I have read almost all stories of this group so now I decided that I 'll share my own experience with u guys send comments about my story I like lesbian sex by the way and I have a BF also.

This is a true incident - memories of which are still very vivid in my mind... I am a 24 year old girl, convent educated. I have a fair complexion & consider myself attractive & have a good well maintained slim figure of 37-28-34 of which I am pretty proud.

Around a year ago, I had to travel with my younger brother to Bangalore from Chennai on an emergency and as train tickets were not available at short notice, I had to take the overnight State roadways bus. Our seat was at the second last row of the luxury 2x2 seater... deluxe bus & I got myself seated on a window seat and my brother in the aisle seat.

The journey commenced & after about an hour at 11.00 p.m. the lights were switched off and the bus became very dark inside. I was wearing a saree 'coz I had attended a marriage that evening & had brought my shawl & wrapped it around me & dozed off. After, maybe a couple of hours,

I felt something on my leg & realized it was my brother's hand --- surprised I thought he too had slept & by mistake his hand slipped onto the next seat & onto my thigh & I decided to ignore it. However, after 5 minutes or so he slowly started to move his hand lightly on my thigh & I then realized it was a conscious & deliberate move.

Thinking I was fast asleep, he was taking advantage of the situation & trying to caress my legs ----- I was taken aback & shocked by this & was in a dilemma of what to do --- this was totally unexpected... I then decided to ignore it as far as possible, thinking he would get bored after a while and stop & I continued to act as if was fast asleep.

The bus was totally dark & seeing no protest or reaction from me, he then slowly & very deliberately, with more pressure, begin to gently squeeze my thighs. After a few minutes, he moved somewhat & removed his hand - I then felt his hand slowly trying to lift up my shawl from the side of my waist - all this with the full confidence that I was fast asleep.

I was stunned by his boldness, but was still nervous & did not protest. I felt his hand slowly & nervously move under my shawl & touch my arm -- and after a few moments to gently caress it ( I was wearing a sleeveless blouse). He then moved his hand further inside and much to my amazement, rested it lightly over my blouse on my breast... in spite of myself being shocked,

I just could not stop / protest his actions and was very nervous but in a way strangely enough quite curious to see to what extent my brother would try to go. Seeing me fast asleep, he shifted closer to me and began to gently caress my breast... & seeing no protest from me then removed his hand to slowly slide it under my saree palloo & rest his hand firmly on my blouse over my breast.

He now was slowly & firmly caressing my breast & then gently started to squeeze it... after awhile, he moved his hand further to my other breast and continued to gently caress & squeeze it also. This continued for a few more minutes - --- I still acted asleep & unaware of his moves - though fully aware & shocked by his boldness.

Much to my amazement ( I suppose encouraged by my deep slumber - he was getting more bolder ), he then moved his hand a bit, to now slowly try & open my blouse hooks in the front --- one by one he slowly opened each hook to totally open my blouse and spread it open & then slowly slid his finger through my bra onto my breast - this was the first skin contact &

his hand felt very warm on my bosom... He touched my breast thru the bra -- & cupped my breast & slowly tried to slide his hand under my bra. I could not help being turned on further by this – my own brother was touching me intimately & I was, in spite of my initial reaction, was still not opposing it & in a way beginning to now enjoy it.

The bus was in darkness & all the other passengers were fast asleep ; it was just him & me now. & - suddenly I felt I would not mind if he tried to continue further. As if reading my thoughts, he then inched his hand under my bra to try & reach & graze my nipple, which was already becoming erect in anticipation of his advances.

He moved a little closer to me and now very slowly but confidently now was cupping my breast to assess it size, firmness etc & now moving his hand under my bra (under my shawl, under my paloo, under my blouse & under my bra too) - I continued to pretend being asleep & he believing it, was taking full advantage of the situation.

He managed to get his hand totally into my bra to gently touch & then try & pinch my nipple and then try & push his full hand into my bra & totally onto my breast. I was surprised at myself to allow this, but frankly was now enjoying every moment of this. He then tried to gently tug my breast out of the bra &

finding it tight then moved his hand onto my shoulder to now push the bra strap off my shoulder thereby making my bra looser & was now successfully able to pull my breast out of my bra --- this was really too much – my own younger brother & that too in a public bus had touched & squeezed my breasts and now had managed to open my blouse completely,

and my bra too, to now touch & squeeze my breasts - skin to skin!! His hand felt wonderful on his movements. He leant forward to now bend & try kiss my breasts --- this was really fantastic. By my heavy breathing now he probably realised I was aware of his advances & confidently placed his lips on my eager nipples to slowly suck on them.

I was unable to protest or resist & let him continue, but now enjoying his mouth on my breast, slowly & gently sucking on my nipple. This continued for a few more minutes & then with his other hand gently pulled me a little bit forward like a semi-embrace & he quickly slipped one hand behind onto my back & below my blouse,

and in a swift motion unclasped my bra & pulled it up totally to release my other breast also. This was much more than I had ever imagined this would proceed to & now in the darkness of the bus, we were two siblings involved in a really sexy encounter. His head was on my bosom & sucking on my breasts, & nibbling on my nipples -

alternating between them and then he dropped his hand to the floor & he slipped it & moved his hand under my saree & begin to pull it up -- I was beyond caring then & did not protest, still pretending as if asleep -- he slowly pulled my sari up to my thighs and begin to caress them & then beginning to knead & squeeze them -

He tried to pry open my legs & I voluntarily slowly spread open my legs for him and he pushed his hand in between my thighs. The bus was in darkness & no one else was aware of this erotic act between two blood relations. He knew I will not resist now & was sensuously caressing my inner thighs & moving his hand further up to rub on my panties.

I shifted a little on my seat so that he could touch me better. The push back semi sleeper seat also helped him reach deeper. I was already really very aroused by then. He then got hold of my hand & placed it on the front of his trouser - he had already opened his zip / fly & taken out his erect cock & placed my hand right on it ---- it was large 7 inch by 2 inch

( much bigger than my Boy friend) really rock hard, greasy due to pre cum, hot & throbbing in my palm & I loved the feel of it and also begin to caress it slowly & move my hand up & down, enjoying it's size & hardness. I was really turned on then - still no words were spoken.

His head was on my bosom and he was now strongly sucking on my breasts & rolling his tongue over my nipples and simultaneously pulled my saree up to the maximum possible on my upper thighs & rubbing on my inner thighs & panty- he begin to try & pull my panty off - I also desperately wanted this

& without saying anything moved up & wriggled a bit and hiked my saree up to my waist & pulled my panties off & dropped it on the floor of the bus. The bus seat felt cold against my buttocks. I spread my legs open and he now begin to rub my vagina directly & insert a finger in to feel my moistness & with his thumb slowly rub on my clitoris too ---- I was really turned on by all this.

This was really beautiful & I enjoyed it - I was already extremely turned on by then -- with his mouth on my breast, his hand fingering & caressing my cunt & I holding his cock & very soon, I had a shuddering orgasm. He then very gently pushed my head downwards towards his erection & I then too slowly kissed his cock and then slowly masturbated him till he ejaculated his warm semen onto my hand.

Still no words were spoken & I rearranged my clothes & pulled my shawl up & tried to go back to sleep as if nothing happened. I was surprised at myself at to what extent I had sex with my brother & had to admit to myself it was enjoyable. However, much to my surprise after 15-20 minutes he started caressing me again - much more confidently, and slipped his hand under my shawl

& then tugged it off --- we started again & this time he was more relaxed, & confident with no nervousness. He started squeezing my breasts very sensuously and gently opening my blouse & bra again bent down & begin to kiss my breasts again & we started off on our erotic games again. Now he hugged me too very tightly and kissed me full on my lips,

pushing his tongue deep in, and caressing my back etc. It was really amazing. The other passengers were fast asleep ( there were two men in the seat opposite & a couple behind us & who were fast asleep). I was totally aroused then and thrilled at my own self. He pulled my saree up to my waist again & started his delightful act of rubbing my vagina & inserting his finger deep in.

Much to my surprise he then moved his hand onto my shoulder slowly begin to slide my blouse off my right shoulder - I wondered why, but as it was totally dark, I did not object and then he went one step further and slid my blouse off my other shoulder and removed my blouse totally off & also my bra & I was now absolutely topless ( except for my gold chain necklace) --

my shawl was on me covering the toplessness, my panties were on the floor & now my blouse & bra too - very excited he tightly hugged & kissed me on my lips& caressed my naked back and squeezing my fully naked breasts. He wanted too see my breasts and so removed his mobile and with the light of mobile he explored my fully naked breasts.

My saree was in any case up to my waist & I felt I was practically naked now --- next to my brother and having torrid & exciting sex with him. The passion we both were generating was fantastic... He was now aggressively sucking on my breasts & nibbling / biting my nipples, kissing my neck, cheeks, ears, shoulders etc he was very passionate & so was I...

His cock was out too & I bend down to rub my naked breasts on it and then to nuzzle it with my lips, cheeks, etc and rub it on my face, neck & then to kiss & slowly lick & suck on it till he ejaculated totally on my face & with his hand rubbed his warm semen all over my cheeks &, lips,. It was really fantastic...

We then took a break for about 45 minutes - he did not let me put on my bra or blouse & for a little while I sat next to him absolutely topless just managed to wrap my shawl over my nakedness. We started off again - in full confidence of our passion and lust. --- He tried to pull me on top of him &

I even sat on his lap (my saree pulled up & absolutely topless), with him, kissing my naked back & squeezing my breasts from behind & let his hard cock rub on my naked buttocks & cunt, but due to the limited space nothing more was possible - though I was willing for more. We hardly slept that night - from 11. p.m. till the break of dawn we were active

(much more than what my Boy friend ever was in all ). He made climax 5 times that night - I too caressed his cock and also sucked him totally thrice, till ejaculation & to his full satisfaction - it was a most memorable experience. The next morning we did not say anything - and both acted as if nothing had happened at all --- we were like ever again

( though we had shared torrid & beautiful sex for almost 6 hours ) I looked at all the other passengers & thought how they blissfully slept thru the night while we were having wild sex - they would have been highly scandalized if they even had an inkling of what we did. Later on in the bathroom at home, I looked in the mirror & saw that my breasts &

nipples were totally red from his aggressive & sustained sucking and there were also red marks on my back, thighs, shoulders, neck etc. The passion of this encounter was really too much & had left it's mark on me. This has been my most stimulating & erotic sexual experience ever - letting my brother intimately touch me all over, undress me, touch & masturbate me,

sitting practically nude on top of him in a public bus with other sleeping passengers around, pulling my sari up to my waist etc etc. The whole seduction was just so exciting - the initial surprise then the shock, then the curiosity, then the arousal and then to being absolutely turned on and reciprocate his advances wildly -

to be almost stripped nude by him & sit practically naked next to him, on him, suck him etc etc - there was risk in the encounter (some other passenger could have seen us ) also this was sex with no hang-ups / pretences & where you could really let yourself go & had no images to maintain.

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Kolkata guy fucking sexy MILF

To introduce me, I’m a Calcuttan studying in the first year of my schooling. It was the summer of last year. We were just promoted to class 12. Being in a morning school, we had to get up early, take public buses and travel to school. I used to be late everyday and so was this ordinary lady who hurried her two kids to school. They were in their nurseries of the same school I was in.

The lady was no extraordinary in her looks but had a figure reflecting her youth. Seems recently married, she had never escaped my eyes and appreciation when she hurried into the bus with her children and looked for available seats every morning. Remembering speeches from the classes on ethics, I happily left my seat for the little kids, and this was a daily affair.

I used to search for her everyday looking out of the window in the Rashbehari bus stand and get disappointed when the small family didn’t take the same bus. This was regular but unknown to everybody. I had a girlfriend in school, but this lady had something in her to take all my attention and expectation.

It was during the month of September. By then the lady had come to know that I often looked at her in the bus. And by that time we were known to each other in some way atleast to share a smile whenever we met. One day was different. I was looking outside the window when the bus reached Rashbehari and found them approaching near the door.

While getting up, one kid slipped out and hurt her limb. While the lady rushed back to pick her up, the bus left with the other kid inside. The woman screamed with her kid on her lap. I rushed for help and got the other kid off the bus at the next stoppage. I walked back with her and found the woman running down the road with the kid in her arms. I accompanied the lady and the kids to a clinic.

Naturally, I missed the school and to my surprise, it proved wonder when the lady took me home. While the injured kid slept, and the other one took her care, I talked to the lady for long. We talked about our background, she said her husband would return to India once every year and that her in-laws stay at a village where she would visit every month.

She also said that she was very lonely and she didn’t have good rapport with neighbors around. She also told me she had problems staying alone with two kids in a rented flat. I talked about many things, my parents, my girlfriend and my hobbies. Most importantly, we chose to become friends of each other.

I didn’t let my girlfriend know anything but I started visiting this lady on occasions, maybe a weekend, a holiday, a bandh or a working day. I was sure that my presence mitigated her loneliness. It was November when I first discussed sex with her, when she was surprised to know that I haven’t kissed my girlfriend. Her kids were at sleep and it was 7 in the evening.

I would make it fishy by quoting (as much as I remember) what we talked. I: I really don’t know how it feels to kiss. Does kissing means lip-lock? She: Yes (she smiled) I: How will it feel! (staring at her) She: You’ll know when time come I: Please…She: What?

I: Tell me how it feels She: I don’t know (she was ashamed) I: Please She: No (she was serious) I: Please She: I am not having your age. I cannot tell you. I: No one will know. Please. She: (only fear, thoughts to herself, silence) I: I have seen you in my fantasy, my dreams in many nights. I have kissed you in imagination, I have slept with you in loneliness.

Today I just want you. She: (only looked at me while I held her palms) I: I know you are lonely. I don’t want you to remember this and feel guilty forever. I just want you to feel that your husband is not around and you don’t know if he is lonely as you. She: He is not like that I: Please, no one will know. Trust me, I care for you. I love you. She: Shut up!

I: Please She: Please I took her in my arms and kissed her forehead, beside the vermillion and I whispered, “I will not humiliate the purity of your marriage. I will forget this”. She closed her eyes and whispered back, “Lights… and lock”. I went to latch the door and put off the lights and when I came back, she was lying on the bed.

I couldn’t see her in the dark, but felt her folded arms and the nighty over her body. I lied on her and kissed her rigorously on her lips, her forehead, eyes, nose and neck. She bite my ears, held my hair tight, and pressed me on herself. She said, “I don’t see you as anyone other than my husband today. Please ensure that I am cared”.

I moved my palms over her breasts while she touched me on my buttocks. I said to her, “I don’t know how to do it… Please guide me”. I found her moving her legs frantically in some pleasure and taking very audible breathes. The smell of her sweat, her arm pits, her mouth made me mad. I: Should I open? She: Don’t ask and go on, for God’s sake (she was tensed).

I took off my tee, unzipped my jeans and pulled down altogether with the frenchie. I was naked, for the first time with a woman and that was something for which I would give up everything, my parents, my love, my career. She pushed me beside and took off her nighty. I made her sit and opened her bra. While I took it off, I saw for the first time in life how female boobs looked.

And they were so soft. She: Please do it quick, I have to feed the kids (she was tensed) I: Please help me and make it quick. I made her lie again, and pulled her panty, slowly this time. She made awesome gestures and a raw smell came out from within the invisible area. I touched to feel what I had studied in my biology books and seen in porn movies.

She held my male-hardness while I got up and saw her body. I cannot pen down my feelings. I held her thighs and made them apart, she was ashamed enough to look at me. My tongue touched her vagina, I licked a salty fluid, she spread her legs apart and raised them above, folding her hips and making her asshole wide open.

My lips touched every fold of her body, while she laid imprisoned under the grip of my dominance. She was 10 years older than me. Boy, it’s awesome. Eventually she guided me into her body, my penis slipped through her opening while she moved her waist in uncontrolled thrusts.

I played with her body while I stroke her lightly, she looked at me and kissed me for the last time when we had our orgasm, which was quicker than I wanted. While she murmured, “Ummmm… aaaahhmmm”, I took her in my arms, her hair unkempt, vermillion scattered, eyes closed and mouth open.

She said, “Leave me”. We didn’t talk anything else. She switched on the lights after putting the ‘chador’ around herself. I got up, dressed myself and left her home. The next day we met, she slipped a letter silently in my hand, which read, “Thank you, I had been satisfied after so many days. That was a night I would never forget even if I wish to.

Thank you again, you will not know how it feels for a married woman to be satisfied by a young guy like you. You are a child to me and this is how you will always remain. Thank you. I’ll not meet you again, because if I do, I will love you”.

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Fucking sexy Kerala resort receptionist

It was a Wednesday morning in September 2008. Our 30-strong contingent had just reached the resort booked for a 3 day conference. Almost all were tired, having woken up quite early that morning to board the flight to Cochin, followed by a 4 hour drive.

However, the sight of the magnificent resort - sprawled over several acres of land beside the Vembannad Lake in Kumarakkom, Kerala - rejuvenated most as we took in the lush green surroundings while waiting for the rooms to be allocated. The Regional Head of our company was certainly feeling generous as we were allocated individual cottages.

Receptionists lined up to give us a traditional welcome. The area was buzzing as the front-of-house staff involved themselves in a flurry of activities, not surprising when you consider that the conference would help them rake-in close to half a million rupees in revenue. Gazing across the open space, I was lost in thoughts when I heard her voice “Sir, welcome to XXXXX resort!”

I turned around to meet a dusky young woman with a dazzling smile. Attired in traditional costume - off-white, hand woven Kasavu saree with golden embroidery work and matching blouse - she was the picture of warmth and radiance. That was the very first time I set eyes on Daisy (name changed).

Daisy certainly wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous; neither did she possess the panache of city-bred girls her age. Nonetheless, there was something about her… a rustic sensuality that was missing in the women in ‘my part of the world’. She was of slim build with long curly hair. But her bosom was in sharp contrast to her body structure - ample in size,

I felt they jutted out in defiance of her bra which just wasn’t large enough to hold them. Her blouse was made of transparent white muslin, leaving her bra and saree to safeguard her modesty. Daisy’s dusky skin tone only accentuated the outline of her undergarment. Her most appealing features were her bee-stung lips and infectious smile.

Her khol-lined eyes reflected genuine warmth. In short, she was an alternative beauty. With so many thoughts running riot, all I could do was smile and utter an inaudible ‘thanks’ as she garlanded me and handed me a tender coconut to drink. My first day at the resort vanished in no time as I was busy preparing for a presentation due on Thursday.

It wasn’t until Thursday evening that I met Daisy again. It was well past 7pm by the time I stepped out of the hot shower. The day’s activities had left me tired. But it was too early to hit the sack and so, I decided to explore the property. As I walked past the reception, I saw my colleague Vikas blasting the staff at the front desk.

On getting closer, I heard Vikas yell, “Don’t understand why they employ people like you who are neither fluent in English nor smart enough to handle customer grievance! Go call your fucking manager, if there is one around, as I’m in no mood to talk to morons.” Daisy and a couple of other women stood frozen like deer caught in the headlights.

It was apparent that Vikas was high on spirits and so, I intervened to ensure things didn’t get out of hand. One reason (and God knows there are plenty) why I hate corporate events is that though most people guzzle alcohol as if it were their last day on earth, few can handle the after effect.

And Vikas was making a right nuisance of himself over an utterly trivial issue - he felt the Jumbo prawns served as accompaniment weren’t large enough! Having started my career in the hospitality industry, diffusing such situations was second nature to me. So, I walked him back to the party, which was in full swing on the lawns by the swimming pool,

assuring to get him another portion on the house. I duly returned to the reception and apologized profusely for my colleague’s ill-mannered rant. I could see tears welling up in Daisy’s eyes. Uncertain of how to take the conversation forward, I apologized once again and beat a hasty retreat.

The image of the women being humiliated by a high-on-spirits corporate arsehole stayed with me for the rest of the evening. I felt deeply for them. After all, in the past, I too had endured such degradation at the hands of guests with inflated egos. Friday being our last night at the resort, the management had organised a Kathakali (a traditional dance form of Kerala)

recital for us in the evening. I had little interest in it and so, walked straight to the mini-bar set by the poolside. The cool breeze from the Vembannad Lake, about 100 m from the area cordoned off for our cocktail party, and the dimly lit lawns all added to the ambience. Soon, the recital came to an end and the bar was besieged by my colleagues.

The cynosure of all eyes was a pretty young thing from Delhi wearing a short, backless Indian outfit which revealed more than it concealed. Like me, she had joined the company only 3 months back but was not short of attention that evening. With men outnumbering women 5 to 1, anything moving around in a skirt drew admiring glances in no time.

Surrounded mostly by strangers, I was feeling out-of-place. Rather than leching after the angels on display, I decided to take a stroll. It was a balmy night and the view across the lake was spectacular. Though I’d downed 5 glasses of vodka and coke, I picked up one more drink from the bar.

Within minutes, the loud music, cheers and laughter subsided and all I could hear was the gentle waves lap the shore. Feeling tipsy, I found myself a place to sit. I closed my eyes and within seconds, I felt relaxed as a strange calmness came over me. As I lay on the ground, the intoxication of alcohol spread across and I found myself drifting into a gentle slumber.

A gentle tap on my shoulder woke me up. I opened my eyes but could hardly make out anything in the darkness apart from the silhouette of a human body. “Sir, are you ok?” Within seconds, my eyes got accustomed to the darkness and I realised the figure kneeling beside me was Daisy. I nodded my head, only to clutch my forehead.

Obviously, I’d had one too many drinks and was feeling a tad nauseous at that moment. “Can you get up or should I call for help, sir?” I assured her that I was fine but wanted to drink some water to hydrate my body. She took off my blazer, folded it and gently rested my head on it. Then, she left for her staff quarters (which was nearby) to get me water.

I looked at my watch and strained my eyes to make out the time but couldn’t. So, I took out my mobile from my trouser pocket. It had gone well past midnight and there were 4 missed calls from my wife. In 5 minutes, Daisy returned with a bottle of water and fresh towels. I stood up to accept the bottle but felt dizzy.

Daisy insisted that I sit on the ground and she held the bottle next to my lips. I spent the next few minutes resting my head on her shoulder, sipping water every now and then. After sometime, I began feeling a lot better. I looked as Daisy, gave her a sheepish smile and apologized for being such a bother. I also thanked her for the water and towels.

She had none of it and insisted that she was merely doing her duty. We spent the next half an hour talking about our lives. Having moved to Chennai, I was finding it lonely as my wife was still in the process of getting transferred from Bangalore. Daisy, on the other hand, was the only one in her family with a steady monthly income and as a result, shouldered more than her share of responsibilities.

Her job added to her woes as they were made to work for over 14 hours each day. When I shared my experience in the hospitality industry, she listened eagerly. She found it hard to believe that I’d worked in the kitchen of a fast food joint as a post-graduate student in the UK. Eventually, the conversation turned to the incident in the reception area the previous night.

“No one has ever given me so much respect before. I’m used to being treated like dirt. In fact, we all are. Though there was no need for you to apologise, you did. And I’ll always remember you for that”, she said with tears trickling down her cheeks. I don’t know why, but I put my arm around her and embraced her. She was sobbing and I tried to calm her down.

The aroma of her oiled-hair and the jasmine flowers that adorned it, mixed with the smell of perspiration, was turning me on. I realised my hands were on her bare midriff and my grip had tightened. She was no longer sobbing but holding me in a tight embrace. I knew one step further would lead us to the point of no return.

The alcohol ensured that I was still in a daze, now willing to pay heed to my sexual desire. I blocked everything else out of my mind and decided to let the moment take control of us. I gently pulled her body apart from mine and made her lay on the ground. Her sensuous face was visible in the moonlight. I lowered my head and kissed her thick, bee-stung lips.

She parted her lips, perhaps an invitation to explore further. Before long, I was sucking her lips dry. I slithered my tongue into her mouth, held down both her hands with mine and slowly shifted my body on top of hers. By then, my penis had become rock hard, resulting in a bulge in my trousers. It pressed hard against her crotch.

I started planting kisses on her forehead, cheeks, lips, and carefully worked my way down. By the time I got to her neck, I could feel her writhing body under mine. The soft ‘Ummm..’s that escaped her lips was music to my ears and egged me on in my exploration of her body. I stopped with her neck, steadied myself and parted her saree from the top half of her body.

Though she expected me to go straight for her breasts, I began licking her stomach, especially the area around her belly button. This added to her agony as she was getting impatient. I started biting the soft skin under her belly button. Suddenly, she pushed me away and sat up. This jolted me out of the trance and I looked away in guilt.

Before I could apologise for my actions, she stood up and slowly unwound her saree. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was expecting a verbal lashing for my impulsive actions. “Sir, you’ve won my heart and I want to make you happy. So, just down and enjoy.” Daisy untied the drawstring of her underskirt and it fell to ground.

“Please let your underwear stay as I won’t be able to control myself if you were totally naked” I said. I wasn’t carrying a condom and didn’t want to risk impregnating her. She smiled and relented. Daisy made me sit up and took off my clothes. As I lay naked on the grass, she went down with her knees on either side of my body and started caressing my now throbbing cock.

I couldn’t wait to feel the warmness of her lips and mouth. Soon, she inserted my cock in and started sucking it. While her left hand held my penis, she ran her right hand expertly across the most sensitive parts of my body. She certainly knew which buttons to press and soon I was on the verge of exploding.

Though I tried to warn her, she took little notice and soon, I shot hot sperm into her wide mouth. She drank most of it while the remaining dripped from her lips. “I wanted to feel your cum inside me and I have”, she said with a satisfied smile. Her statement provoked me and I wrestled her to the ground, not sure why as she hardly put up any resistance!

When I struggled to peel off her panty, she assisted me by lifting her hips. Her bra followed soon afterwards. The sight of her naked body was breathtaking. I couldn’t fathom how her tiny frame was able to bear the weight of those massive, well-rounded breasts. She had one of the finest racks I had ever laid my eyes on! I couldn’t get enough of them.

I made her stand up and lean against a tree with her eyes closed. Her skin was of the colour of honey and her voluptuous body had smooth curves in all the right places. I knelt down, plucked a blade of grass and ran it over her peaks, especially her nipples. Soon, they were firm. I sucked them with my lips and bit them gently.

A strange madness took over me and I had the urge to have rough sex with her. I told her about my feeling and she asked me to go ahead. Daisy’s naked body was sprawled on the ground when I parted her legs to find the doorway to heaven. She had thick, curly pubic hair which was unkempt. It was a world away from the Brazilian / bikini waxed bodies that I’d seen until then.

There was considerable love fluid on her pubic hair which glistened in the moonlight. It drove me mad and I dove in to action. I sucked her pussy lips for the next 5 minutes while running my finger tips over the inside of her thighs. Then, my fingers parted her pussy lips as my tongue penetrated deeper.

Daisy’s body jerked as my tongue touched her clitoris and she begged for more by pushing my head firmly against her vagina. When I was satisfied with her love hole, I stopped for both to catch breath. I picked up damp mud from the ground and started rubbing it against her body. This drove her mad.

As the coarse particles in the mud brushed against her breasts, she shrieked in ecstasy. I could control no longer and pushed my erect penis into her cunt. As Daisy let out a soft cry, my rod was greeted by the warm juices in Daisy’s love hole. I lay there still for a few moments. For the first time since I began playing with her nubile body,

I paused to take in the beauty of the moment - under a starry sky, beside the Vembannad Lake, our naked bodies lay intertwined on the soft, moist ground. My mad lust was now being replaced by an urge to make soft sensuous love to this beautiful female. I began stroking gently and soon built up a rhythm, ably assisted by the lapping sound of water from the lake.

I lost track of time as the love making seemed endless. I would stop whenever I felt I was on the verge of climaxing, rest for a few seconds and start all over again. This went on until both of us were close to the point of no return. When I sensed it was near, I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders, pushed my blazer under her ass and continued stroking.

Before long, both of us climaxed together and I shot a load of hot sperms into her vagina. Instead of shrieking or moaning, we just gripped each others’ body tight. We lay there for sometime, occasionally kissing passionately. It was almost dawn by the time I returned to my cottage.

I was full of mixed feelings - on one hand, the delirium of having made love to a beautiful woman and sharing moments of passion with her, while on the other, a feeling of guilt for having cheated on my wife. For a moment, I considered checking-out without making an effort to meet Daisy. But, I soon vetoed it and met her to bid farewell.

Though we promised to write to each other, we both knew it wouldn’t be the case. For us, it was not just a fucking session. I knew Daisy was not a virgin as her deft movements during love making suggested otherwise. But I was sure that neither was she a slut who slept around. I never planned to have a fling or bed a stranger.

But the fact remains that I shared one of the most beautiful moments in my life with a woman who I know very little about even today. (Keeping the readers in mind, I’ve translated Daisy’s dialogues into English, which were originally said in Malayalam. Having spent my childhood in Kerala, I understand the language pretty well.)

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Sexy encounter in private lodge

Dear friends this is not a story but the real experiance in life. So many are having some experiances like this in life and others are not having any thing. So this will be a transfer of facts process. I had my first sex experiance while I was studying for degree in a near by town. I was coming from the rural area and I had to live in a private lodgings for the course.

The convenience, cleanliness and look of the lodgings will be different from the present day ones. So many people were staying there and a good fifty percent was employees in different places. Here our advantage was the mingling with elder groups. There were different groups and every one is free to decide their friends.

I had a friend, a drop out from another college and spend some time with out doing any thing in home and wanted to continue again in another institution. As per record there is no serious comment about him but for absenteesm. By and large he was a good man but often he will cut the classes.

Slowly we became thick friends and he said he became like this because of a girl who left her after giving hope. I have not seen that girl's photo even. This fellow was bald, looked minimum 35 even though he was 28. I was staying with another boy and this man was alone in one room. His movement and behaviour was peculiar and no one knew what exactly the problem with him.

when I am free I used to go to his room and chit chat. Before entering the room I used to knock on door and he said there is no need of that since I am the only one having freedom to enter his room. He used to go for cards, films, and roaming. He has taken me for a few movies. He was wealthy and so the film was free to me.

He will be reading some books always and I was wondering what it is. One day I just peeped and understood it is all sex stories cheap editions. Normally he used to keep it in his draw when I enter. On that day he understood I have sen it and he asked me whether I have read any books. I said no and gave the book to me and asked to read in room.

I kept it very safely inside shirt and took it to my room. I can't show it to my room mate and with difficulty I hid it. On that day after my friend slept I took the book and read it. It was a such a lousy and dirty book with cheap language and slangs. But I got the effect on my dick. An old man fucking a young girl was explained from a to z and some how I wanted to mastrubate.

It is not bath attached rooms and I had to go out and carefully do it to hide from all. I got relieved even though not comfortably and returned to room. When I was about to enter my room my friend came out and laughed and asked me whether I pushed it out and proceeded to urinal. I was a bit ashamed.

After wards it became a practice to get some books and I developed a liking to it. I have noticed my friend walking there with a lungi and he never wore an under wear and the cock was partially seeen through the cloth. Often he used to catch it and give a press and it was his habit. One thing I understood. His dick is a big one and not proportional to his size.

One day when I entered his room he was sitting on a chair with two legs on the table. He used to read book in that pose and I saw no book on that day. He said latch the door and and I did it. What is the news he asked and enquired whether any new things are in hand. He was pressing his dick with one hand asked me to sit on the coat.

He continued his pressing and scratching on it as if no second man is nearby. His hand was inside the lungi and slowly it was getting erected. I felt a bit uneasy and kept quite. He again laughed and asked me whether I have fucked any lady. I said no. ok have you seen the pussy of any one. I said no. Hav eyou touched any lady on her thigh or boob or butt. No.

You are good for nothing. Then he asked me whether you want to fuck a girl. I was eager to say yes but kept mum. You want or not he repeated. Here mean here I asked. No that you leave to me. You like to have. Yes. He said ok I will arrange and told to keep some money. I said I don't have much to spare and he asked how much is available and he said enough.

He was going on pressing on it and slightly moving his hands to and fro. By that time it had taken the original shape. He never bothered my presence and nicely removed the skin and and gave a good massage. If I do this much, cum would have been out but for him no problem was there. I had never seen a dick of that size in my life time.

Easily a eight inch rod and the head was like a table tennis ball, dark black in colour. He slowly covered it and stood up and it was standing at right angles. He said ok then I will call you and I came out. From that day onwards I became restless as I have never had any contact with any lady. So I was totally confused and I was a llittle hesitant to ask him about that.

The more embarassing thing is I can't ask any one also. I was totally confused and thought of cancelling the idea. But that will create more problem if that man will take it in other way. I had few sleepless nights also. I checked my dick throughly and gave some physiotheraphy. I was not confident of fucking a girl that to in a different place. Finally I decided to go about and face the consiquence.

Then only a novel idea came to mind. While going bed I thought about the most wanted girl in my mind. I have seen enough beautiful girls and each face is very clearly embeded in my mind. So I started to imagine the girl I am going to fuck. It gave me sufficient courage and I decided to go along with him. Next saturday he asked me to get ready by 10 o' clock to start. I agreed.

I hurriedly took bath put the better dress available and applied some perfume and took the available money. I did not forget to keep a condom with me as I have heard unless we put condom no one should be contacted. He got ready in time and was very casual. He particularly instructed me to avoid any one coming across and just tell we are going to see a friend.

I agreed that also. We walked to the busstand and got into the bus. He took two tickets and said the place. The conductor was staring at me and my friend was casually looking out. I too sat near by him and we never spoke any thing till we reached the spot. At a particular place the bus stopped and he asked me to get down and follow him.

He walked a few meters and turned to one side and entered a tea stall. He was not at all talking and just sat on a bench. He was looking here and there and made sure no one else is there and slowly walked to the side room and called for the owner. A fat lady appeared with all smiles on her face and asked him why he is not seen now a days. He said I was away.

Who is the new one she enquired and he said my friend. She asked us to come inside and walked in the front. It was a name sake tea stall and I noticed the board on which it is written 6 to 9am and 4 to 6 pm only. I got some idea about the place. Then I noticed her. She was a 45 year old lady with fat body, good boob and enough booty.

While walking in front her booty was dancing. Her dress was only a lungi and blouse. Entire belly was seen out and boobs were pressing out. Full cleavage was very well visible and she was chewing pan. She asked us to sit on the bench and sat opposite to us. Her smiling was horrible. Entire face was mouth. She was trying to crack some petty jokes and herself smiled.

I thought this is the stuff we are going to fuck and totally got upset. No one was there and no sound was heard. My friend enquired about the availability and she said just wait I will make arrangement. Don't you have any one right now he asked. Yes my boy just ten minutes. They had overtime yesterday and so sleeping. Again she smiled. Do you want buttermilk.

No milk is available she said. He said we don't want any thing. Make ready we have to go fast. The fatty entered the next room and called the inmates. I was hearing her talk. It was full of foul language and asked them to clean their pussy and treat the guests. Come on quick, I will kick on your ass and so on. Some sound was heard from inside and some whispering too.

With in 15 minutes she appeared again and said the bitches are ready. Is the stuff so bad asked my friend and she said no no they slept heavily. She came near me caught on my chin and asked little one is new I think. Two rooms were there side by side and it was almost dark. She asked my friend to go right and me to left. He is well experianced and abruptly entered the room.

From one room nothing could be seen on the other but sound will be heard. The coat was a make shift arrangement. Two benches were put together and a thick cloth was spread on it. Total place was dirty and a stink was there. I was not able to see her face correctly. She was sitting on the bench with legs on the floor. She asked why are you standing come and finish.

I have to sleep. From the very look she understood I am new. I moved near her and sat on the bench close to her but with out touching. I was not knowing what to do,talk and proceed. I looked at her. She was around 24-25 range and defenitely elder to me. She was slim and wheat colour. The breast was almost flat and I could not see her booty.

It is also deplorably poor from look. I lost my dream girl in my imagination. I was expecting a charmy girl of good coplexion, nice boobs, shaped booty, well dressed in saree or salwar with all smile on face. I was in total confusion and had a flash in mind to go out. Again it will be a trouble and what he will think about me.

The girl told me to srart and informed some else will come some times. You have only limited time and if not finished that fatty will start hissing and scolding from there. She just lied on the bench and lifted the cloth upto hip. In the dim light I saw a small black bush. Her thighs were not flushy.

She just kept her hands on my dick and pressed over it with pants and commented about the dick as a deflated baloon. In that position she wanted to pull out the zip. I never felt like doing any thing and unfortunately I was not getting erection. I thought my case is gone and I have to return green. She asked me to move to her and removed the pants buttons and pulled down the pants.

I had put a tight jetty thinking that dick will get erected in others presence. She made one more comment. For this thing why do you want a jetty and pulled it down. She took my dick in hand and gave a thorough shake. I pleaded to slow down action. She continued action and said unnecessorly come to trouble others. Even at imagination of pussy I used to get erection.

Here when the pussy is at my hand stretch it took a few minutes. She said my god it is not dead. Come on now, climb over me. She spread the legs and pulled on my buts. I asked to wait and searched in my pant pocket to take the condom. What are you searching there it is here she touched my dick and laughed.

As a stupid I opened the cover and took the condom out. Then only I understood I don't know how to fix it on dick. I pulled it and the entire thing got unfolded. She laughed a bit loud and sat on the bench and plucked the condom. It was a clean 9 inches in length and mine is 4. She some how rolled it back and pushed it over my dick. I had a pain on my dick and she hastened me to start.

I climbed over her and she guided my dick to her pussy. I don't know the fundamental of fucking in pussy. I know masturbation only. I have heard and read fucking story. But you know the difference. She is a professional. The moment the tip entered the mouth she pressed on my buts with two hands and my dick slipped to her pussy.

Simultaneously I had a heavy pain on dick and I kept still. She asked to pock and I was not in the mood. She lifted my hip and pressed. I had a semi orgasm along with a slight burning. I just kept it inside and lied on her. She again laughed and asked whether it is over and the cream gone. If it is over stand up. I got up and stood near her.

The condom was hanging on the dick. I picked a waste paper from the room and covered the condom. It came out just like that from the dick. I put back the jetty and pants and came out after carefully placing the packet in pocket. The fatty opened the mouth fully and asked how was it. Come often she invited and asked to wait for friend in the same room.

By that time the girl again went to sleep on the bench. I waited for friend. I never felt any interest in the whole affair.The entire show was different to my expectation. The lady started sleeping again and I was helplessly waiting for the friend. Then I heard some sounds from the other room where my friend was engaged. It was in low tone and it continued.

So the show will continue and I have to wait. I slowly walked to the partition sheet and kept my ear close to the sheet. I was clearly hearing what they talked. He has alredy completed his first shot and preparing for the second. She was trying to make a small objection and he threatened her to come to terms or else she will be out on the same day.

I understood he has good hold on the fatty and that girl can't wage her tail. She was telling she was busy till 3 o'clock early morning and had to satisfy three customers. He said it is none of his concern. I will have my own wish. What you say, willing or not willing. By the first shot itself my half life is out sir she complained. Then don't come for this job he blasted.

By half mind she agreed and requested not to ask a third time. He said I can't guarantee. I got surprised. Is he a stud bull. By the shape of his dick any girl will scream. That I know. He has tremendous stamina also to continueously fuck. Immediately an idea flashed in mind. Why not I try a chance to see that. I just went out and asked the fatty where is the urinal.

she told to go out to back and there is one. Again she smiled and said he will come soon. I said ok and went out. In the urinal I checked my dick and the knot had become bloody. I passed urine and when a drop touched that place I had a burning. Some how I kept it inside and luckly it was not bleeding.

I came out and saw two windows to the two rooms where I had the show and my friend trying now. I walked to that window with out making any sound and through the window pane gap room was visible as in a cloud. The visibility from inside to this window was poor and I managed to stand there.

My friend was sitting on the bench and asked her to come forward. I noticed her and she was a hefty stuff. Just like the owner fatty but not that fat. Good booty and boobs and the sound was male. If they speak inside no body can understand it is male and female. In this business it is advantageous. She was wearing blouse and lungi. He asked her to remove the blouse and bra.

The two boobs hung like big cocanuts. He gave a nice massage on both and showed his dick. He sat sufficiently spread she sat in between his legs and caught his dick with her big boob and gave thorough shake for few minutes. He placed his hands behind her head and pressed face towards his hip. She left the dick and freed her hand and took his dick in mouth.

With one hand she shook and at the same time sucked. Every time his dick was entering her mouth till throat and she made a peculiar sound. He asked her to remove the cloth and he stood up. She removed her lungi and lifted her underskirt to hip. He asked her to bend forward and suport her body on bench and show her booty clearly.

She took the pose and her entire boobs were lieing on the bench the pussy and ass were well projected. He took a condom and fixed on the dick. I noticed it very well how he is fixing. His skin was already in the retracted position. He applied a little salaiva on the tip and the condom was kept at the end of dick with that tip projecting forward.

Then he rolled it back and with in a few seconds the condom covered the full dick. It was almost covering the full and My eyes came out in surprise. She asked him whether this is required today sir. He said to close her mouth and moved near her. First he rubbed the tip on the pussy mouth and asked her why the hell this is so dry.

He took lot of saliva in his hand and applied on the condom tip and slightly inserted. As it entered she was mourning mildly. Spraed the legs you.... he shouted. She adjusted the legs and he entered further. With in few seconds the entire shaft disappeared in her pussy and she mourned a bit heavily. He pulled almost full out and pushed this time quickly.

He slowly leaned on her back fully and caught her boobs in hand and asked her to tighten the pussy muscle. Then it was a trebble pumping like a piston. She was mourning and screaming and he continued shots at tremendous speed. Then the speed reduced and pressing pressure increased.

Finally he have a hard press and at that time he hugged her hip with two hands and gave a swivelling motion and stopped. He remained like that for a while and pulled out the shaft. It was tribbling and soaked in some juice. He pulled out the condom and gave to her and asked to throw out.

My dick was tight like any thing and developed severe pain on the knot. I again went to the toilet and poured some water on the dick and adjusted. We came out of the brothel and he asked how was your show. I said ok. Initially it will be a bit difficult. As the time goes it will be ok he said as if telling a big universal philosophy. But what he said is correct.

I understood that for any thing some experience is required. But this is a very tricky subject. At lest we must gain enough knowledge from reliable sources about the complete process. If we go to the brothel house as if going to the first night the things will be different. I anxiously waiting for the comments of my friends.

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Sex toy boxer of Reetu

It was my 18th birthday and my parents had gifted me a boxer puppy, Pongo. As every pet lover, I too was happy. The way he licked my neck when I picked him up at the pet shop made me shiver. I never noticed it at that time. But back home when I was pouring milk in his little bowl holding him on my other hand, he seemed to love licking my neck and breasts over my t-shirt.

That brought a wild thought in my mind of training him to be my sex toy. I was excited thinking of being fucked by a dog like I see in many blue films. The thought of him becoming older was now more exciting to me. As my parents were working, I knew I would give enough time to play and train him to be my fucking boxer !!

So as he was having his milk, I went near the mirror and had a look at myself. I’m chubby and have a fat body with a wheatish complexion. I removed my t shirt. My huge breasts were a little saggy but my nipples were very large and I knew it could give an erection that would erect any dick that saw my nipples. I further removed my track pants and saw my fat thighs on the mirror.

I looked back at my puppy that was staring at me with it’s tongue outside. He seemed to be more interested to see me like this. Little did he know that he is going to eat me in sometime? I removed my bras and panties. I was fully naked infront of my Pongo. I walked towards him and took him in my arms. He started licking me all over my body and I took him to my bed.

My pussy was already wet. I filled a feeding bottle with milk. Then I lied on my bed and spread my leg to show him my dripping pussy. It was all wet just thinking about him having me. I dripped few drops of milk on my clits and gave him some milk to drink from the bottle. He licked it and then I guided him to my pussy. I was a bit nervous thinking what he would bite me.

But he did not and to my surprise started licking my pussy. He din know where my clit was but as he licked my pussy, his little teethes were rubbing against my clitoris. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh… !!” I moaned. “Eat me Pongo.. Come on lick me more and drink all your milk.. It’s for you!”

I was in real pleasure as I was dripping more drops of milk on my cunt. It was sticky with sugar mixed milk and Pongo was loving his treat. He licked me more and more. “Ooooooohhhhhhh!! I’m coming, pongo.. don’t stop.. Lick me… Keep licking.. keep licking …. “ I cried out while having my orgasm. That was a heavenly moment when my door bell rang.

I immediately got up from my bed and checked the time. Pongo was staring at me with his innocent look and tongue still tasting the taste of my cum mixed with milk. It was not yet time for my parents to come home. I wondered who it was. So I just wore my pants and top and went to open the door. When I opened the door, it was some stranger and he was a blind man in appearance.

He was about 35yrs old, thin and medium complexion. I could notice some pamphlets on his hand from which I assumed he was there for some fundraising. “What do you want?” I asked. “Bhetti.. Please help us by giving some donation.” He said. Suddenly something naughty came into my mind. I asked him if he wanted something to drink as it was a hot summer.

He was happy that at least someone offered him a glass of water. I carefully looked the surroundings and took him inside and asked him to sit on my bed. He did as I asked him to, expecting a cup of water. Pongo was watching us in excitement. “What is your name?” I asked. “Ramesh.” He replied. I undressed in front of him and he did not know that I was naked in front of him.

I could feel my pussy lips still sticking because of the sugar mixed milk I had fed Pongo. And that was the exactly what was in my mind. I kept the feeding bottle on his lips. And he was a little shocked by the softness of the rubber. “Ramesh, try this bottle of milk.” I said. Then he slowly sucked that nipple of that bottle. Though he was confused, he was happy to drink the milk.

While holding the bottle for him to drink, I took his right hand with my other hand and made him hold my boobs. He stopped sucking the nipple of the bottle for a second but again started drinking and also slowly exploring my boobs. I was fully turned on by seeing that he did not object and was also interested to co-operate.

I pinched my nipples and started crushing them a bit harder now. I knew he had done this earlier and was not a virgin now. “Do you want to lick me Ramesh?” I asked him. “Can I?” He asked. I was again wet and wanted to make him my pussy that Pongo had eaten a while ago. I lied down and guided him towards my pussy and dropped a few drops of milk for him to enjoy.

But as soon as he touched my cunt, he knew what he had to do. Ramesh slowly rubbed my clitoris with his dirty fingers and slowly licked my pussy. “Aaaahhhhhhhhh… Eat my cunt, ramesh.. Eat it!!! Suck them and have it fully!” I screamed. He was turned on by hearing my reaction and also touching my wet cunt.

Moreover he also loved the taste of my pre cum with milk. He slid his middle finger into my pussy and rubbed my G-spot while sucking my clitoris hardly. That was one great suck; I had in my entire life. I couldn’t even scream out of ecstasy now. My voice was trapped in my throat and I gave deep breath, arching back. I came instantly with an ejaculation.

He continued to suck me even when I had finished Cumming. I pleaded him to stop. But he did not stop and he wanted more. I started shivering and moaning loud then. After a while I saw him getting up all tired with my cum all over his lips and chin. I was really tired by the time. He gave me multiple orgasms.

Pongo was all excited to see the whole game and wanted to get involved so he jumped on to the bed and started licking my face and boobs. “You are going to do this for me in the future, Pongo.” I said. Ramesh was now standing up and said. “I never thought something like this would happen. But can I come here again?”

While I got dressed up, I said,”Ofcourse, you can come anytime between 10 to 5pm on Saturdays and I will be free.” “Can I fuck you next time?” He asked. I did not want to upset but was not sure if I could I allow him.

“Ofcourse you can. I want you to fuck me so hard that I will be in heaven.” Ramesh was very happy to hear this and said he will surely come back for another detailed session where he too had a chance to enjoy. I walked him to the door and said good bye.

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Punjabi guy getting lucky online with sex

Hi,this is my first real life incident which I m sending to debonair after reading so many good ones.Names are changed and about myself I m 36 yrs old 6 feet tall punjabi guy living in Canada average build and believe in discreet relationship and respect privacy of others.I m married but still wana to go out but only with hygenic,clean and who love sex.

I was going through net as I was not working bcos of some injury couple years before and so I tried a website which was recomended by my friend.I logged in by name of hot intention and start chatting with gals but mostly girls were from U.K. Suddenly a girl with name Nina start talking to me and I found out she was from Toronto canada so I was excited.

As she was from my area.We chatted for half an hour and we exchanged our e mail address and after 2 days she demanded my pic,I send her that and she liked it so I asked about her.She was little reluctant but she send me.She was alos good looking but was 7 to 9 yrs older than me but I didn't mind.

We exchanged our phone numbers and I got call from her next day from her office number. During talk she explained me that she is divorced and had a girl of 5 years age and living alone with 2 tenants in her house.Finally I was invited to meet her first time at Toronto at a chinese buffet. I went there and she was already there.

About her she was 5 feet 4 inches talk medium build good size boobs and sexy lips and eyes.I hugged her and we had lunch and during lunch she asked me about how much time I had today.I was free as that time I was engaged only so nothing to worry about.So she took me in her car after lunch to nearby park and sat with me so close that I was getting erection but was trying to hide.

She talked about her divorce and got emotional,I touched her shoulders and tried to calm her but this made her to come closer to me and all the sudden she start kissing me.Oh wat a kiss she took my tongue and then gave her to me and slowly I tried to put my hands in her shirt and was surprised she didn't resisted.

I smooched her many times and she slowly rubbed my dick which so hard and I was almost going to ask her for blowjob but couldn't.She controlled herself and asked me that she has to go to office back and if I can join her at her home on weekend.I agreed. On that day I went to her home and was able to send that she send her daughter with her tenants to local mall.

The house was decorated really good and she was wearing a tight jeans and tight top which was showing me her cleavage really good.I took wine bottle with me as I know that if I drink I can last long with her in sex.She gave me some snacks and we drank that wine which I consumed more.

I was little drunk but got more confidence and then I started kissing her on sofa and took her top up and she was wearing black bra I took her bra up and start sucking her boobs uhhhh her nipples were so erect and firm that I can suck them from couple inches away.She was getting hot and asked me to bite on nipples too.

I did little so I won't give her pain but she said make marks on her breast and bite hard.But still I was feeling pain for her but she opened my shirt and sucked my nipple so hard that I was going to scream and she asked me do like this.SO I did that and made black spots on her chest she like it.She asked to go in her bedroom and I joined her.

She took away my belt and slowly stripped down my jeans and pulled my frenchie with her teeths uhhhhhhhhhh that was making me so dmn hot that penis start getting pre cum on tip,then she licked all around my dick(as it was shaven)my testies and thennnnnnnnnnnn uhhhhh she licked my penis like lollypop and made me to say uhhhhhhh aahhhhhh I liked it.

I have seen white girls doing like that but never expected that our Indian gal who was raised in Canada will be like that.She didn' allowed me to touch her in mean time as I was sitting on bed and she was on floor.Finally she get over and I put my hands in her jeans uhh she was wearing thong and I touched her clean shaven pussy it was all wet and lips of pussy where really good size.

She liked it and asked me to rubb there more and I rubbed on her ass too as ass was very good in size and round.I slowly start removing her top and then her bra.Her boobs were hanging on my lap when she was blowing me,later she put my dick which is 6 1/2 inches in between her boobs and blowed me like it.I was totally naked and she was still in her jeans but nothing on top.

I opened her jeans and she asked me to wait and she went to washroom.I was high as wine was home made and was showing effect and hot conditions made by her was making me more. she came back in thong which was black and I was excited to see thong just going between her ass and seeing her cunt which was coming out of thong.

She asked me to go in 69 position and I start licking her cunt by moving thong little away and she start sucking me again I was in heaven.Iasked her to go slow as she was making me too excited.I start putting my fingers in her pussy and used her wetness to make her anus wet too and inserted my finger there.

She became to high as I was fingering her anus too and she exploded in my mouth with tons of wetness and I was going to cum but I stopped her and licked her for 5 or 6 mins more and she was screaming do it do it ahhhhhhhhhhhhha liking it lick my anus too and I did it she was almost drinching like rainy weather in her thong so I removed her thong and she was

completely naked sitting on my face.It was summer and a/c was running but we were so hot like doing on beach.Then she came over me and hold my dick on lipps of pussy and she rubbed my dick there for couple mins and I was sucking her nipples and lips.Finally she put my dick in her pussy with great trust and my dick went in so smoothly as it was standing on slippery floor.

She went up and down for couple times and I asked her to slow down as I was building pressure inside dick.She sat there and I opened her hairs and started kissing her while her hairs falling allover my face.Then she changed her position and went reverse cowboy style as she was facing towards my feet and she again pumped me as she was moving her ass up

and down I saw that a big amount of white stuff allover my dick which she told me is her wetness as she is getting good fuck after 6 months.She told me also that her ex use to have sex and get his job done but never cared about her orgasm and as she is raised up in canada she wants her satisfaction too.

But hubby from India doesnot want to lick her much and doesn't care about her orgasm.He never shooted his sperms in her mouth or face as he believes it is only for blue movies not for husband wife,he never licked her ass and didn't tried hard to fuck her ass too.I was thinking wat a looser he was and wat a hot lady she is.

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I was thinking that she don't want me to cum inside but was surprised when she took in her mouth but while going to her mouth I came on her face too and rest she licked it and made it so clean that I was wondering whether I did it or not.She licked my dick for some moment untill it shrinked and came to original position.

She thanked me and we slept in her bed for half and hour and again she start rubbing my body and dick and when it came back in senses she gave me and my dick a great oil massage and then again back to fucking scene and we did almost for half an hour with stopping in between and startin and I also fucked her ass which was tight enough and oil and her co operation made it easier.

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I left her in evening and after that I met her many times,two times in car,one time in a park near Niagara falls and few times at her home.If you guys and gals like it let me know then I will write more if not then I will stop.By the way it was my first time from internet that I got luvky and she told me that it was her first time too to get somebody upto bed through internet.

She got married again with guy having 3 kids,lots of problem for her to adjust but I always helped her like friend and also went for fucking session 2 times after she got married as I don't want to ruin her marriage but she stills remember her days with me when she was single and she respect my married life too. Thanks all.

Hot encounter of Rinku with Stranger

She had reached the corner of the canteen block when a voice called out “excuse me! Can you help me please?” Rinku turned & looked in the general direction of the voice. It was a small alley in between the canteen building & the adjoining hostel block.

Rinku knew this comparatively dark smelly unused alley led from the rear of the chemistry laboratory & connected near the other end of the campus. All rinku could see was a fair girl whose long brown hair covered her face as she stood with one foot bent. She seemed to have twisted her ankle & was hobbling in pain.

Rinku looked around but there was nobody else nearby to have even heard the girl’s cry for help. As rinku walked towards her she noticed that the girl’s thigh was almost entirely exposed through the slit in her dress & rinku felt a pang of envy looking at the girl’s fair smooth glowing thighs. Rinku saw the girl was trying to reach her purse which had fallen further down the lane.

Rinku propped up the girl against the wall & as the girl mumbled her thanks, rinku smelt a nauseatingly sweet perfume as she went to pick up the girl’s purse. It was so dark within the alley that rinku never saw the person who grabbed her from the side & flung her face forward into the arms of another man further down the alley.

This man who had huge palms caught rinku in a vice like grip & dragged her around the dark corner. It had taken hardly a few seconds & nobody had seen it happen. As rinku was dragged deeper into the darkness, she saw a silhouette of a girl with long hair follow them into to the gloom. The girl was walking normally without any sign of a limp.

Rinku tried to scream but the man holding her throttled her scream in her throat. Rinku also realized the futility of screaming as the blaring music would most certainly drown out any noise she tried to make.

She was dragged close to a noisy generator room & was flung to the dirty floor. Rinku tried to scramble to her feet but a kick in her side made her curl up in pain. She gasped through the pain & tried to look around. She saw she was surrounded by five pairs of legs & another pair was standing near her feet.

In the darkness rinku couldn’t make out any details of the faces surrounding her. Rinku also became aware of a seventh body moving slowly amongst the men. Rinku smelt the strong perfume again & heard a few gasps & giggles. As rinku’s eyes adjusted to the darkness she saw long hair waving as the girl’s breasts & buttocks were fondled by each man as she passed by them.

“who are y…?” Rinku tried to ask but a stiletto heel placed right across her mouth cut her question midway. The odor of perfume seemed to come closer to rinku & she felt silky hair brush her cheeks. Rinku felt two soft hands grip her wrists & gently guide then upwards. Rinku lay writhing as the girl clasped rinku’s hands above her head.

The girl opened her skirt in the centre & placed her knees on either side of rinku’s head. Rinku felt the warmth of her thighs on her cheeks. A low moan was followed by a soft “oohhhh! Yesss!” As the girl rubbed her crotch against rinku’s forehead.

“fucking bitch!” Rinku screamed at her & instantly repented & screamed “noooo!” As she felt strong hands grip her ankles & spread her legs apart. Her shoes & socks were pulled away together & her belt was ripped out.

“please…please don’t do that!” Rinku pleaded as her white trousers were torn away from her fair legs. Two other hands stripped her off her shirt ripping it to pieces. Rinku screamed as her bra & panties were pulled away. “quiet, darling!” The girl whispered in her ear & placed her soft moist lips on rinku’s trembling parched lips. Her hands moved onto rinku’s breasts & kneaded them.

As rinku struggled against her lesbian rapist she felt her pussy being probed by two fingers. Soon rinku was being fucked in her pussy & anus. She lay screaming as man after man took turns to pound her. Suddenly rinku felt a firm but soft & fleshy thing being shoved in between her lips. The girl had pushed her breast into rinku’s parted mouth.

Rinku bit on it & managed to get her teeth around the other girl’s nipple. Instead of a painful scream rinku heard a long passionate moan erupt from the girl. She was actually enjoying it. Rinku turned her face away from the dangling breasts & screamed for help. Instead she felt the girl stuff something into her mouth.

The girl gagged rinku with her own panties, and then gently she bent forward & sucked on rinku’s nipples. In the meantime the men kept raping rinku in her ass & pussy till it became unbearable for her. Rinku’s ass & pussy were flooded with sperms from six unknown men. She had been bred multiple times by each man.

After almost four hours the men stopped out of sheer fatigue. The men rested in total silence & the girl brought & served them beer. The girl poured beer down on to the gag covering rinku’s mouth. Rinku gulped greedily at whatever liquid filtered in through the gag. In the meantime the girl made rinku kneel & tied rinku’s hands to a pipe above her head using the rags of rinku’s own clothes.

Then she tied rinku’s ankles to the ends of a rod lying in the garbage. She licked the traces of beer from rinku’s lips, cheeks & breasts. Suddenly she kissed rinku on her lips & fingered her slimy wet pussy roughly. Rinku gasped as pain rippled through her ravaged body. The men broke out in guffaws.

As if she was waiting for such an opportunity, the girl brought her lips to rinku’s ear & whispered in an almost inaudible whisper “darling! Please don’t fight or resist them. Just let them do what they want. Trust me; it’s humiliating & dirty but nothing compared to what they have already done to you!” Rinku looked at her startled but the girl had moved away & was lost in the darkness.

After a long wait, one of the men stood up. Rinku hoped he would leave but knew there was more to come as warned by the girl. As the man approached her, rinku felt the girl’s presence at her side. Rinku felt the girl’s hand crawl on her back & “owww…mmm!” Rinku groaned through her gag as the girl grabbed a clutch of rinku’s hair & yanked it.

The girl laid her lips on rinku’s mouth & mumbled “please don’t scream, baby!” Even as rinku wondered how she was going to scream with a gag, the girl took the gag in between her teeth & pulled it out. Instantaneously, rinku screamed & three things happened simultaneously.

The girl pulled rinku’s hair violently & her long nails dug deep into rinku’s breast & a big foot belonging to one of the men laid a hard kick onto rinku’s crotch. Rinku almost fainted with pain but the girl held onto her hair. Then again she pleaded in a whispered voice “honey, please don’t do that again!”

Whether it was because of the girl’s advice or the prospect of even more pain at the hands & feet of the men or both, but rinku had learnt her lesson & did not dare to scream again. In the darkness rinku felt a body approach her. She smelt his sweaty odor & saw that he was one of the bigger & heavier men.

She also knew he was the strongest as his thrusts had hurt her most & he had lasted much longer than the others. He walked almost into her face. He lifted her chin upwards & placed his huge palm on her head. Rinku felt his huge cock hit her cheeks & tried to move her face away from it but couldn’t as the girl used her hair as a joystick made her face the bulging cock.

Then the girl pulled on rinku’s hair till she opened her mouth in pain. The cock was bobbing up & down just beyond rinku’s lips. The girl held it gently & placed it on rinku’s trembling lips & pushed her head forward. The smelly cock penetrated inside rinku’s mouth & still the girl kept pushing her head forward till rinku gagged as it reached her throat.

The girl relaxed her grip a little & rinku managed to breath. The man was moaning & by now was lightly holding rinku’s head. It was the girl who was guiding rinku’s head forward & back over the throbbing penis. The girl was very careful with every drop of pre cum or spit that flowed out from rinku’s mouth; she would wipe it up with her fingers & rub it on rinku’s nipples or put it back in rinku’s mouth.

As soon as the cock bobbed out she gently put it back inside rinku’s mouth. Soon the man stiffened & held rinku’s head tightly & began thrusting rapidly in her mouth. “aaaa..aaaa!” Rinku moaned as the man grunted & the girl crooned “yes! Baby! Yes! Fuck her mouth!” As she rubbed her own boobs against rinku’s naked back & ran her hands on the man’s butt.

Suddenly the man ejaculated right inside rinku’s mouth. She couldn’t believe he had so much sperm left even after he had bred her pussy & ass a short while before. Rinku had more than a mouthful of cum on her tongue. The man caught her cheeks in between his fingers & squeezed hard. “swallow it darling!” The girl whispered to rinku.

Rinku nodded & almost threw up but eventually managed to swallow more than half of the slimy warm liquid. Only when he felt her swallow did the man remove his cock from between her lips. He rubbed it on her cheeks & slapped it against her face. Rinku felt the slime stick to her face & then realized that the girl had reached out & was caressing the man’s balls.

Without warning he dumped another load of his sperm onto rinku’s face. Parts of it splashed on her hair & dripped down onto her nose & chin & then fell onto her naked breasts. The girl drew deep breaths as if enjoying the musky smell of cum flowing all over rinku’s body. In the meantime the other men had lined up & the girl helped rinku give them blowjobs.

Soon rinku was covered in thick sperm from head to toe. By now the men were completely drained & they quietly pulled on their clothes & walked away along with the girl. Before going the girl wiped some cum off rinku’s body with a rag & shoved the soggy gag back inside rinku’s mouth. Rinku could hear the men some distance away as they stopped & pissed & then walked away.

Then rinku heard light footsteps & smelt the sweet smell of perfume again. The girl had come back. The girl waited for a few minutes after the men had disappeared around the corner of the building. Rinku could see the silhouette of the girl crouching close to her. Rinku also felt the girl’s body quivering in excitement as she waited.

Finally she walked down the alley & returned only after she was convinced that there was nobody in the campus. Rinku heard her return. Her heels were clicking loudly against the rough ground. The girl didn’t seem to mind the noise she was making. Rinku realized there was nobody around to hear any noise coming from this isolated rear corner.

The girl came close to rinku & ran her fingers through rinku’s matted sticky hair. She kneeled in front of rinku so that they were facing each other their breasts just millimeters away from touching. Suddenly the girl turned & switched on a small torch & turned it on rinku. Both of them stared at rinku’s body.

Rinku was covered from top to bottom in slimy cum which was thinning & had begun to flow down her face & body. “ummm!” The girl moaned. Rinku tried to see her face but couldn’t as the torch was facing her & the light was blocking anything behind. The girl continued to focus the beam of light on rinku. She checked out rinku’s face & then stopped on her breasts.

Rinku too followed the light with her eyes. She saw her right breast bleeding & remembered when the girl had dug her nails in it to stop her from screaming. She saw her nipples taut & glistening. The light moved onto her pussy & rinku gasped “ohh!” Her tight pussy was flared & looked like as if it had been split wide open.

Cum still dripped down from her pussy & it was tinged with blood. Slowly the light moved to her thighs where cum from her boobs had cascaded & had left streaks as it flowed down. Then rinku noticed the light move lower down & heard another satisfied moan from the girl. Rinku looked down & saw a deep plastic vessel placed between her bent knees & directly below her bleeding pussy & anus.

Rinku saw the thick liquid ripple as a steady drip fell into from her pussy & from her asshole. Rinku realized that there was more blood flowing from her anus than from her ravaged pussy. The girl seemed very excited to see the almost half full bowl. She turned & placed the light behind her body so that her face was blacked out but there was enough light to see rinku’s body.

She moved her lips to rinku’s forehead & kissed her gently & then began to lick the cum with her tongue. Rinku was disgusted & began to struggle. With the men gone rinku had regained a bit of her will to fight. “umm…mmmhhff!” Rinku groaned trying to push out her gag. The girl held her head lightly & kept licking cum of rinku’s eyes & cheeks. Then without a word she pulled out rinku’s gag.

“heeeelpppp meeee!” Rinku screamed in as loud voice as possible. The placed her hand on rinku’s mouth, girl shook her head & said “rinku, you are such a slut! You let those guys fuck you but you won’t let me even touch you! Come on baby, don’t you understand, all we need from these men is sperm. The rest we can help ourselves.”

She removed her hand & rinku spat at her & said “you sick bitch! Get your hand off me! I am not like you! You gagged me or I would have screamed & even bitten off those cocks!” The girl laughed & said in a sexy voice “really babe? Maybe you did not notice but your nipples were erect & you were moaning when they were screwing your twat!”

She pinched rinku’s nipples with her thumb & forefinger & continued “they are still erect, slut!” Rinku stared at her in shock. She had not even realized she was moaning during her rape. “why did you help the men rape me? What do you want? Who are you?” Rinku asked almost sobbing. She smiled & said “so many questions?”

She stood up & in the dim light rinku saw her strip her black dress, she pulled off her heels & removed her push up black bra. She stood facing rinku in her tiny black thong panty. The perfume was over powering. Rinku saw that the girl was wonderfully endowed, almost as good as rinku herself. She had a great figure with breasts that seemed slightly bigger than rinku’s.

The only asset that the girl had which rinku did not was her straight silky long hair. It reached almost till her bums & seemed to have life of its own as it waved around with the girl’s every movement. Rinku too had silky brown hair but it was only shoulder length & right now it was matted with sticky sperm.

The girl embraced rinku. Rinku felt the warm body cling tightly to her cum covered body. Their nipples stuck to each other & rinku could feel the girl’s long hair slide & stick in between their bodies. The girl began kissing rinku randomly all over her body. “stop it!” Begged rinku but the girl continued. “why me?” Asked rinku again & again.

The girl moved behind rinku & clasped her boobs in her soft hands. Her hair was wet with their sweat & left over sperm & it was sticking to rinku & her own body. She began licking rinku’s hair as she fondled her breasts & nipples. Through kisses she said “rinku, I helped them rape you because if not you it would have been me!

Those guys wanted sex & twice tonight they tried to lay me. One of them was my own brother who agreed to let them screw me for just an extra dose of his favorite drug. I am sure he would have fucked me if it had been me instead of you!” “but why me you bitch, I don’t even know you or your brother & his friends!” Rinku retorted.

The girl licked some thick residue off rinku’s shoulder & said “you can blame me for that, baby! I noticed you right at the start of the fest, I really liked you the minute I saw you. You must have worked out by now that I am a lesbian & you are right. Although I am a closet lesbian, I flirt around with boys & even let them fondle me just to keep away any kind of suspicion.

But when I saw you I wanted to sleep with you any way I could. You are my dream come true, rinku! So when the guys began pawing & trying to force me to get fucked I gave them an option. I said I would get them another girl for a no holds barred fuck fest. They agreed as there would have been a few limitations with me as we are part of the same group.

While with you they could & they did go totally wild.” Rinku was sobbing & the girl licked down her back & kissed her bums. She carefully removed the vessel from below rinku & placed it at a side. She lay flat on her back with her forehead between rinku’s thighs & put her mouth to rinku’s bleeding asshole. She pried it open with her fingers & rinku groaned with pain.

The girl inserted her tongue inside rinku’s dripping asshole & sucked the mixture of sperm, blood & crap from inside. She nearly drained rinku’s asshole & then moved forward to rinku’s pussy. “you bitch!” Moaned rinku as a lithe tongue pushed deep inside her well lubricated vagina.

The girl watched rinku’s breasts rise & fall in deep breaths as her tongue played inside rinku’s pussy. She lapped up rinku’s flowing juices which were mixed with thick sperm. She enjoyed the taste & the fact that rinku too seemed to be enjoying it equally. Finally rinku began moaning loudly & climaxed in multiple orgasms.

The girl swallowed almost everything that cascaded out from within rinku’s pussy. Rinku’s body was shuddering & quivering because of her uncontrolled passion. The girl kneaded rinku’s bums & breasts while she teased the last drops of juices from rinku’s ravaged twat. She lay with her mouth open till rinku’s lust subsided & began licking the sweat off rinku’s steaming hot body.

Rinku had lost whatever strength she had remaining & her head lolled forward. The girl stood up & tossed her own sticky hair in front of rinku’s face & said “lick it, doll!” Rinku glanced up & began licking at the girl’s long silky hair. In the meantime the girl untied rinku’s ankles & wrists & rinku collapsed in a heap.

The girl laid next to a semi conscious rinku & continued kissing & licking her. The girl propped rinku against a wall & sat next to her. Then she pulled the sperm filled bowl & tipped it against rinku’s lips. She put her own lips next to rinku’s & both the girls took a drink of the musky mixture. Rinku gagged but the girl coaxed her to drink.

The girl drank it as if it were some favorite drink. Then she made rinku stand up & stood facing her. She embraced rinku & tipped her chin upwards. Both the girls were standing with their bodies touching each other’s. The girl lifted the bowl & poured the remaining contents over their hair, face & body. They began licking it off each other’s body.

Rinku was following the girl’s lead in licking up the mess. Soon both of them had licked & swallowed most of the sticky mess. Then the girl pushed rinku into a kneeling position & pushed her head into her wet crotch. Rinku knew what was to be done & proceeded to lick the girl’s pussy. Rinku grasped her bums & pushed deeper into the girl’s vagina.

The girl was moaning as she lay down & pulled rinku above her. She pulled & brought rinku’s crotch above her mouth. The two girls were in a 69, eating each other’s pussies. They fingered each other’s assholes & licked their crap covered fingers as they drank the juices flowing from their flooded twats.

Both of them were moaning & grunting as their bodies glistened with their sweat in the dim torch light. Both of them screamed in passionate agony as they had orgasm after orgasm. The last thing rinku remembered was her face buried in between the girl’s wet crotch as the girl screamed

as she reached another orgasm & she arched her body upwards & squirted her cunt juices all over rinku’s face. Rinku remembered her own voice screaming as she too had another uncontrollable orgasm.....

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Sexy experience in Bangalore theatre

Hi, I would like to share an incident in theatre with all you HD lovers. My name is Mike and I stay in Bangalore. This experience is all about mine with a girl in a theatre when I went for second show.

It was a Sunday evening and I just woke with an hard on in my shorts, as the climate outside was chilly (as usual in Bangalore). Nobody was in my house as all of them were away to Chennai for wedding shopping. I was getting bored and thought of visiting a near by theatre and passing with a movie. So got ready and had a cup of hot coffee and left.

The theatre was not that rush and had a moderate crowd, however the deluxe class was full and only 40rs tickets were available, so bought one and had a good fag. Later entered the theatre and found my seat in the corner and settled down. The theatre was not AC and fans were in full swing. People were coming in and settling in their seats.

My eyes were on the entrance door and watching a few girls and their assets in T-shirts and skirts. Then there came a family of five people, parents, and three girls to my surprise they just sat beside me. As the girls were young their parenst tried to secure them by sitting in the corners and the girls were sitting in between.

I just cursed my luck and was disappointed that not any of the girls sat beside me. The movie started, dont know wat happenned tow of the girls started a fight and her mother in order to stop them from fighting sat in between them and in the process one girl sat beside me.

First let me describe the girl, she would be around 14-16 yrs old, moderate boobs, good things and a wonderful ass. These assests were visible from her skirt and tight top. These assests gave me a instant hard on. For sometime I didnt make any moves, then I started to touch her with my shoulder and she reacted and moved away from me,

but still I tried again then she gave me a horrific glance and looked at me as if shes gonna complaint to her father. Then I thought wat the heck, a small girl giving me a warning, then I did nothing and was watching the movie. It was interval time and they had ice creams and pop corn, I had some chips and was involved in the movie.

I observed that the girl who went away from me as "TOUCH ME NOT" now sat comfortably and her hands were on the hand rest. I didnt do anything, by accident my hand touched her shoulder and she didnt move. Then slowly I tried pushing her hand away and she resisted, now its her turn she pushed my hand away from the hand rest and I saw at her, she had no moves.

Then I tired to touch her legs with mine, no moves from her. I thought let us a give another try. Slowly I put my fingers over hand and started to rub them, due to fear or shy she took her hand little bit away, but was there on the hand rest. Then I caught her hand in full and was taking my hand in the upwards direction,

stopped near her opening of dress hands and slowly started moving insde her dress, she looked at me and shaked her head as if saying plz dont do it, now I understood that she is not able to take my rough touch over her sensitive hands.

I caught her hand and pulled her towards me as she was away from me, she came near to me with no resistance. Already the excitment started in my pants and my little brother in my underwares was growing in size.Now, I placed my other hand on her thigh, wow wat a soft and big thighs she had, I slowly started to caress them and press them and started to move upwards,

reached her groin and tried to insert my fingers over her skirt but it was not possible. Again I came downwards and started pulling her skirt up, first she cought it and my hand and said no pleassssss, I cant take it, but I was mercy less, pulled her skirt up and felt her milk white, satin soft, hairless thighs. Went on pressing them caressing them.

Meanwhile my other hand was alrewady in control od her boobs and boy!! she had a wonderful pair. My hand was not sufficient to hold thgem tight, I went on pinching her nipples and twisting and pressing those virgin boobs.. I was in heavin, I just wanted to unzip my pants and take out my tool and band her in that theatre chair, but cant help, its not possible.

After somtime, I reached her panties and found them wet and soaked in her cunt juices, she was flowing heavy, I smelled her juices and boy!! its aroma was divine. Then from her panty side I touched her pussy, she left out a moan aaaHHHHHHHH, as the theatre was a DTS sorround sound novody could have heard her moaning.

I inserted my fingers into her pussy and tried going in further, as she is a minor girl my fingers arent being taken inside, but I was determined atleast to finger fuck her!!! On top I have already removed a few buttons and my hand slid inside her top and from under her tight bra, I slid my hand and had full control of her left boob.

She could no more take it and came in no time, releasing flow of juices on my hand which was trying to get inside, I could see her face, she was sweating and eyes closed and biting her lips with pleasure. I slowly removed my hand opened my jeans zip and took out my tool and forcefully took her right hand and made her catch it and showed her how to masturbate it.

As she was already in deep pleasure without any resistance took my tool and started follow my training. Again I went back to her pussy and this time with all force pushed my middle finger inside, she left out a cry making lot of noise and which made her mother turn her head ask what happened?

I was frightened as my hands were inside her pussy and on her boobs and her hand on my pennis. But she said something to her mom and made me carry on. I felt something really wet on my fingers, could be blood. I started to finger fuck her and inserted one more finger and was searching for her g-spot.

I hooked her inside and caught hold of her g-spot and now she couldnt control herself anymore, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm, were her moaning.

With that level of pleasure she was masturbating my cock severly and I was also coming to climax, finally I let my sperm on her hands and kissed her neck and for the first time gave her a love bite on her neck. As the movie was about to finish, I zipped up my trousers and got up and walked away from the theatre, as I didnt want anyone to see me in lights.

Sexy encounter of Rohan with Asian girl

Hi to human digest readers. I am reading the stories here since last over 8 months and really love few of them. I had thought to share mine story many a times but then just don’t know somehow I just stopped. Today I read one more wonderful story and it gave me a feel that I should also share mine.

This is a three year old story when I happened to go for a holiday in Europe along with couple of friends. Here is a small intro about me. Myself Rohan(name changed) presently 28 years old, quite fair, curly hair, strong shoulders, average body and as girls says killing smile with 5'9" height.

During our trip we went to UK, Spain, Ireland & Germany. In Frankfurt, I still remember that day while shopping, I and my both friends met an NRI named Harry who came from US with his family at his relatives place. I don’t know why he was so happy to meet us and we went to our hotel room in the evening to have some hard drinks. We were staying at best western hotel in scala.

We had almost 2 bottles of Jim Bim Black Scotch and then as per harry’s suggestion we hired a cab and went to Zum Gemalten Haus pub later on in the evening. At the pub we had tasted most wonderful beers of Germany and we were kind of over drunk. We stepped out of our chairs and started dancing on the beats of lovely music.

While dancing I saw a beautiful young Asian girl and our eyes just met and within very first glimpse she entered in my heart coz to my surprise she was true copy of the girl whom I had loved more than anything else in this world and due to some reasons I just couldn’t say her that how much I loved her and she was already married and living a happy life.

I couldn’t control myself staring at her like anything. I was not at all watching what she is wearing or what she is doing but just her lovely face which had taken me some 4-5 years back in my life. She noticed me staring like that, even in couple of occasions she passed smile also but I was just behaving like a statue on that dance floor where everybody else was dancing.

Within few minutes she also stepped onto the dance floor along with few more girls and I could not stop my eyes following her. We came back to our table and my friends were so surprised as they were known that its not the real me as they knew that I can’t do such act with any girl. But Harry who was not that much known to me was thinking if I am a big time flirt

and badly after this girl and it’s just a trick to get that girl. I just drank a lot of beer within no time and was continuously staring at her and within sometime she just came to me and we exchanged hi and she asked me the reason why I was glancing like that to her. I simply could reply “Sometimes you even don’t know what you are upto” with tears in my eyes.

She just noticed that and was shocked at it. She became so curious to know the reason of such reaction and offered me to go out to talk for a while. We just went out of pub and upon her questioning me again and again I told her the reason. She just said you seem to be a man with golden heart.

After that she asked me about myself and even told about herself that she is an Indian girl of 25 and her name is Ruhani. She had moved to Germany 4 years back when she got married here and her hubby died 2 years back in a car accident and she has a kid of 3 years and she usually don’t go to pubs and since few days back it was her friend’s birthday

so today she has thrown a party for 3 of her close friends at pub. I couldn’t believe that she was married. Anyways my friends came out searching for me and found me with this girl. I introduced her with them and they insisted us to go inside but I said I don’t want to go inside anymore and want to go back to hotel room.

We left in no time and dropped Harry on our way to his relatives place. It was 11:30 at night by the time we reached hotel. And my both friends went to their room and I went to my room but I just couldn’t sleep and all of sudden I heard somebody knocked the room door and I just opened the door and got surprised to see Ruhani at the door.

She asked me if she can come in and I just let her in and asked what she is doing here. She said she was returning home and was thinking about me and just wanted to talk to me more hence dropped in here (she had already asked me where I am staying at stuff). She asked me more about that girl and all the time she noticed that I was telling her everything with a

heavy voice and with tears in my eyes. I saw tears in her eyes also and I don’t know why and how she just straight away kissed me on my lips and it was a surprising move from her which made me stunned. I asked her what this is. She repeated my line “Sometimes you even don’t know what you are upto”

I was answerless and she just said Rohan I don’t know why but I just loved your company and within no time you have developed a soft corner in my heart. She also added that she is not able to control her emotions. And then all of sudden our lips met and we had a deep long smooch where we both just not only sucked each other’s lips but also exchanged our saliva and licked tongues.

To describe Ruhani: she was 5’5”, quite fair, deep black eyes, really sharp features, lovely pair of natural pink lips, a figure of 36-27-34 and she was wearing a black deep neck top with a cool jeans. Nobody could say she is married and has a kid.

While smooching she placed my hand on her boobs and I massaged and squeezed them a lot. And within no time we both were topless and she was licking my ears and planting soft kisses on my cheeks. And I was just getting melted in the aroma of her body which was mixing up so well within entire room.

I just licked her all over her face wherever I could have licked her. I licked her neck, bit her neck, bit her hot shivering lips and just sucked her tongue like a bubble gum. While this entire act I removed her bra and was massaging her hard and fast.. And I buried my mouth in her breast and sucked and licked her entire breast and had run my tongue all over her

cleavage and finally rested my mouth on her hot erect pink nipples which were so juicy and sucked them very hard one by one. She moaned like anything and just was saying suck me honey as much as you can. I just love you. I circled my tongue all over her boobs and bit her nipples a bit.

She took my head up and starting sucking buried my bottom lip in her mouth and sucked it really crazily and took it under her teeth and by mistake she bit it hard and all of sudden blood started coming from my lip. She just said sorry and licked every single drop of blood with her tongue and finally sucked my lip for some more time until the blood stopped coming out.

I again came down kissing all over her breast, navel, and stomach and soon she removed her jeans and panty and stood naked in front of me. She came close to me and removed my lower and made me naked too and came towards me and sat on bed and again our lips locked and she held my dick in her hands and started rubbing it.

I was getting lost in that hot beauty but then suddenly I realized what I am doing. And I just pushed her aside a bit and with tears in my eyes I said I am sorry Ruhani about all this I can’t indulge myself in all this. She was like Rohan, What has happened to you? You are not doing anything forcefully with me. Why are you feeling embarrassed?

Even she added that you are the only person apart from my husband with whom I got indulged into all this and the reason is simple that I found you really good at heart. But I just said sorry and I covered myself with bed sheet and turned my face on other side. And soon I realized that she is also lying beside me.

She slowly started moving her hand over my body and held my pennies in her hand and again started rubbing it, to which I turned around and removed her hand. She was just pleading me to make love with her and again said Rohan trust me you have really won my heart, I have never seen a guy like you in my entire life. Please make love with me and she again kissed my lips.

I really controlled myself a lot all this time but somehow I got melted. I started kissing her again all over and she started playing with my dick and made it rock solid good 7” long. She came over me and kissed my face and then neck and slowly she brought her tongue out and started licking my chest and then circled my nipples and bit them a bit and then again

moved her way down crossing my navel, stomach and then finally got settled near my dick started licking the head of dick so delicately that she drove me in some wonderland. Then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me like anything. She did not touch it with hand during this act and with to and fro movement of her mouth over my dick made me lose my senses

and then she was totally on my mind. She licked my tool as if she is licking her favorite ice cream. She kissed and licked my balls. The next moment she guided my dick into her wet hot cunt while she was totally on top of me. She was behaving like a sex goddess and started riding me fast.

I also started giving her hard strokes with my full force moving my ass up and down as much as I could. Her beautiful melons were swinging in the air and I was caressing them in between with my hands. Then I placed my both hands on her waist to help her riding up and down on me.

In about 25 strokes she came and came so hard that her juices were flowing around my dick and onto bed sheet and her body was shivering and she was giving jerks as if she is getting electric shocks. And within few seconds she collapsed on me and her lips were totally inside my lips and I was just sucking her with all pleasure and she had tears of satisfaction in her eyes.

I stopped my jerking for a while as she was in some other world and was breathing so heavily. In about couple of minutes she regained her strength and kissed me and asked me to take the command. Now I came on top of her and opened her legs wide and placed them on my both shoulders and massaged her cunt with tip of my dick for a while and then inserted myself

in and started jerking hard and within no time I shoot my whole load inside her. Her cunt just swallowed my hot load and she was sucking my bottom lip. I just moved aside in a while and was lying on bed besides her and she kissed my forehead and said I Love you many a times.

After that we just slept and in the morning she asked me if I can marry her but I was already feeling guilty for whatever that had happened. She provided me her full contact details and asked me to be in touch and even told me that she is working at Frankfurt airport and asked me to meet her at airport before leaving back the following day.

But I had such guilt in my heart that I decided not to face her again and almost for entire day I felt bad. That one night had no doubt changed my life a lot. Even after returning back to India, I just couldn’t forgive myself and I was concerned for her also. Later on after almost over a year I somehow managed to get info about her from her native place in Delhi that she again got married to someone in Italy and that relaxed me a bit.


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