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Hot sex with stranger one rainy afternoon

Hello guys, This is Chuck, I had written a true story of me and my maid Veena when I still lived in Bangalore. This one is about my encounter with a total stranger. Someone I did not get to ask her last name too, but had some of the most amazing time ever !! If my memory serves right this happened around a few months before I boinked Veena :)

It was during the rainy season in 2008, My work then required me to travel between Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad for trainings that I used to conduct and because I moved so much, I did not buy a vehicle in Bangalore. It was a fine afternoon but as I was getting ready to leave it started raining heavy but I went downstairs anyways

and stood in the parking lot of my apartment waiting for the rain to go down so that I could get to work. A lady drove in her kinetic honda all wet, obviously caught up in the sudden downpour, she seemed like a quite attractive mid 30's woman working in a corporate(the tag gave it away). She was wearing a light colored salwar. She must have been punjabi guessing by her large fit body.

She parked her honda a few feet away from me and started to dry herself with a scarf of somekind. I offered my handkercheif but she gave me a no thanks. I could not help but notice she had gotten pretty wet and I could see the dark bra pretty clearly over her dress. She then let out a loud panic gasp when she realised her laptop bag had gotten pretty wet too -

she took out her latitude series dell and sure enough it had drops of water on it. Thats when I felt obliged to ask her if she needed a towel to dry it off, she gave me a suspicious look and said yes. I paced to my apartment on the 1st floor and went to get her a clean towel - I saw her standing at my door step and I asked her to come in and put the fan on.

She put her laptop on the table and started to wipe the laptop clean first and I asked her to use it for herself. I went in to make some chai even though she refused it. I kept talking to her through the process - she mentioned that she was an analyst at a corporate similar to mine and we had a nice conversation about crappy leadership programs these organizations

come up with and while I was making my famous ginger tea - she came up to the kitchen and asked me if I lived alone. I explained that my roomie works from 9 to 6 something and I worked only when I had sessions to take. My bedroom was right next to the kitchen and she was standing in between the doors and talking to me looking into the bedroom.

Veena does a great job of keeping the house clean and I sort of took credit for that - she still did not seem impressed. Now, a little bit about myself - I have been with a lot of women and have a good number of women friends and knew that I could be in trouble if I made a pass at her because she was obviously thinking I was a nice guy helping her in this situation

(not unless she made a move first ) I passed the cuppa to her and said she was quite wet and that she should consider drying herself or she might catch a cold or some. She then caught me staring down at her obviously visible bra and gave me a naughty smile and asked me what I was looking at, I jokingly stammered and said I was looking at her work tag and she goes like "yeah, right".

I remember saying something like - well, you should really wear your chunni over your salwar like its meant to, otherwise you might get into trouble, I dont remember what she said after that but that did break the ice between us, I then joked about it not being a great idea to wear a dark bra over a light dress and she sarcastically said that maybe she should employ me as her designer.

(I realised we were past the time where she should have left the house thanking me, instead she was standing there in that wet salwar talking funny to me.) I said I would not mind that job if I got to get her into clothes and out of clothes everyday - and she gave me a long aha. There was an awkward silence after that - to make sure I did not screw up the moment,

I enquired about her personal life if she was seeing anyone, she answered pretty fast about not being in a relationship - I remember telling her how that was sort of unbelievable considering she was a really pretty woman. I could see that she was liking what I had to say but sort of was pretending to know it already.

She then asked for the washroom and I pointed her to one - She walked into the washroom I could hear her flush a few seconds later I heard a thud. I called out to her and asked her if everything was fine - she did not answer, 2 minutes later I went closer to the door and called out again. She opened the door and came out with a limp and told me how she had slipped and that her back was hurting.

Now, dont ask me if this was for real or if she was faking it - as you are going to see - I did not complain. I put her arms over my shoulder and made her sit on my couch and put the leg she was limping with on the table. I remember brushing her boobs on me in the process. I stood up and closed the door and asked her if wanted to rest a while - she did not say a thing but kept rubbing her waist.

I asked her if she wanted me to help her and she still did not say a thing. I got on my knees and pushed her slowly to her side to see if there was anything visible - I could not see a thing - I asked her if I could rub some blam massage it and she did not say a word still - I did not want to get up and get balm but I slowly lifted her salwar on her side and rubbed her slowly and kept asking her where it hurt -

she was looking away from me and my hands had already been around her belly and back, I slowly started to rub into her pyjamas and she still did not say a thing - I started to rub her all over and our intentions were getting real obvious - I ran down her butt crack a few times and she arched herself for me to get more access.

I lifted her salwar and kissed the curls on her tummy and I could see she shudderred at the touch of my lips - I kept kissing her slowly and she was moaning softly, after a few minutes I took my hands off her and waited for her to look at me - she looked at me and said something about how she does not know me yet -

I said it does not matter now and pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips - we stayed locked in each others mouths while I ran my hands all over her back and waist. She also started to pull at my shirt and got a few buttons off - I helped her get the rest off and took a few seconds to take my expensive cuff links off and put them away(i know, what an idiot eh ? :P)

I was in my vest on my knees and took her salwar off, it was still wet and I could feel her cold skin under it. I quickly took off her bra and sucked on her big titties till she pushed me away, I then pulled her pyjamas off along with her panties and spread her legs to see a gorgeous mound of puffed up pussy, she had some hair but her lips and clit was very much visible -

I still remember how she tasted - a little salty but man - her clit got so big and hard I could suck on it like a large nipple - she wrapped her legs around my neck and mumbled that she was coming and had a convulsing orgasm - I could taste her juices drip down the sides of my mouth but did not stop -

she tried to push me away slightly but I pushed my tongue inside her and she just opened her legs wider. After about 3 minutes she was riding my face for another orgasm. I got up and pulled my dick out and she just went at it like a kid in a candy store - she sucked at it for a good 2 minutes and came like a jet into her mouth.

She smiled and walked to the washbasin in the next room spat my cum out and was washing her mouth when I walked up behind her and started kissing her neck and her back, she stopped halfway through and turned back - I pushed her against the wall next to the sink and we started to suck on each others tongues again -

I could taste my cum from her mouth but did not care - she was so responsive in her kisses - so unihibited with her moves unlike any woman I had ever been with - she knew what she wanted - and here I was getting what I needed too - she then dedicated her left arm to get my dick up again and though it was a little sore - she started to rub my head against her inner thigh -

I did not bother to ask her if she was fine with doing it without a condom (because I did not have one) I took her hand and walked into my bedroom and put a pillow under her waist and slowly pushed my dick into her. She was not exactly tight but she did have tricks of contracting her pussy every few thrusts - which my friend was driving me UP THE TREE!!

I kept going at her very slowly at first, staring into her eyes, she was breathing with me - I was getting harder and harder with every thrust almost to a point where I knew I was going to explode soon - I kept trying to think of things at work to keep me from cumming soon but she was such a freaking good fuck -

I kept pulling out occasionally and rub the head of my dick on her clit to stay longer and everytime I did that she would make the most beautiful moaning noises I had ever heard. She then pushed me off and got on top of me and started riding me, I knew I could not stay like that for a long time but she did something I now have learnt to master with my wife.

She reached down and with her thumb and index pressed the bottom of my dick for a few seconds. It hurt like a bitch for the first few times but I realised it was helping me stay longer - kind of like a cock ring - she now had her eyes closed and was riding me bent forwards rubbing her clit against my pubic hair and her boobs were rubbing on my face -

we were sweating as if we were in the rain and then she asked me something I will never forget - "whats your name ?" I said Chuck and she said thats an odd name and closed her eyes again, she then started to fasten her pace on me, I could feel the heat on my body and she put her palms on my chest and dug into me and exploded -

she kept saying fuck.. fuck.. fuck.. fuck as she slowed down and stopped - she plunked on me and said thank you for that fuck Chuck with a toothy grin- I said - no, thank you - she moved off me and gave me a handjob - I came all over her hands and my belly. We lay there for a while and cleaned ourselves together.

This did not end like every amazing story you guys read here. Later that evening after an awkward oral session - nothing much to talk about except that she took over 20 minutes to cum and I came in a few minutes too soon on her dress. We had a wierd argument about that and I said something inappropriate..

but I think she was feeling cheap for letting herself sleep with someone she does not know and left soon after that., there was no exchange of phone numbers nor did I walk her down to her vehicle - just a plain awkward goodbye. Never seen her after that. Dont really miss her because my wife is everything and so much more than what I could ever ask for.

Lady of the story - if you happen to read this story - sorry about what happened that evening - did not mean to upset you after such a nice fuck. Hope all is well with you and your sexual journey. as for the rest of you pervs reading this story, Cheers - Chuck.

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Hot sex experience with Keralite woman

Hi folks. I’ve been a long time reader but first time contributor. So this experience with an amazing smart beautiful woman, a Keralite, whose name, for purposes of this narrative, is Poornima (or P for short). P and I met on an Air India flight from London to India some 5 years ago and I still reminiscence about our experiences like it happened yesterday.

She had been to the UK to do a 1-year stint and I had been to the U.K. on a business trip. Normally I NEVER EVER travel on Air India (that was my first ever roundtrip and hopefully last trip) because it truly is a terrible experience but this was the only airline available. I am a frequent flyer and I always have wish that some nice woman would sit next to me especially

on one of these long flights but fate is always a bitch and it never happens. Anyways I was in a bitchy mood because it was an early morning flight and I didn’t want to leave London, a city I formerly lived in. Plus I wasn’t looking forward to the ‘Air India experience’ and I trudged in late. Lo and behold I see this petite cute thing sitting on the window seat while I was in the aisle seat.

At that point I was wishing that the door would close so that there would be nobody in the middle seat giving me an untrammelled view of the babe. She was wearing a skirt and I was like nice legs and then I saw her boobs and my head went spinning. It was one of those pair you could die peacefully after sucking on.

For the first part of the flight we didn’t talk at all and then commotion happened on the flight and as a result we got talking and we hit it off. I was kind of hoping to sort of snuggle up to her on the flight and then do some hanky panky but it didn’t happen. We landed in Mumbai and I gave her my number and she went on her flight and I on mine and I thought that’s that.

About 2 weeks later I get an SMS from someone and then realized that it was from P. We exchanged messages and she said she was coming over to the city I was in and we decided to meet up. The plan basically was for me to pick her up and then go someplace. The details are hazy but we decided that the someplace would be my place.

I couldn’t wait fast enough for D’day and when it came, I had the apartment cleaned up and made sure to get beers which is the best social lubricant ever. At the appointed hour, I went to pick her up and there she was and I was like ‘god does make awesome things come in small packages’. I gave her a lingering hug and kind of felt her boobs on my chest which made junior tingle.

So we get into the car and we went and picked some Chinese food to bring home to eat along with the beers. When we got home, we sat on a mattress I had in my living room. We got the food unpacked, switched on the TV, and started on the beers. We started on small talk but then as the evening progressed,

we were getting tipsy and I had my hands on her shoulders and we were just chatting away like old friends. Slowly we started kissing and then it was full-fledged war of the mouths and tongues. As I was kissing her, I was massaging her boobs like crazy because I just love big boobs. I don’t know how long we were kissing but I’m fairly certain that it was for a good amount of time.

By then, obviously, we had become wet like crazy but I found out later that she gets wet like you won’t believe it. At that point of time, I kind of realized that she was quite tipsy and I honestly don’t like to make love to women who are tipsy because I enjoy lovemaking more when the woman is into it. Besides, at that point, she said she didn’t want to go all the way.

I was like fine but it was too late to go back to her place and that she should stay over at my place. I offered her my bed and was going to sleep in the living room. She accepted and then she asked me to sleep next to her. At that point, we started kissing and I lifted up her shirt and bra and I saw her boobs for the first time. Let me describe her boobs because they are worth describing.

They are a C cup which means they are big and delicious. Her areola was a nice brown shade and round and her nipples were just perfect and pert. In other words it was a complete package. My mouth was all over her tits trying to tear it to bits and pieces and while I was doing that, I was massaging her pussy over her jeans.

I recall her being in absolute ecstasy and moaning loudly when I was doing the double action. I was convinced the neighbours were either going to complain to my landlord or get aroused by it; there was no middle ground. I started alternating between sucking her tongue and sucking her tits and slowly removed the top button of the jeans.

I inserted my fingers from the top of her right into her panties and boy oh boy. She was wet like you wouldn’t believe it. I inserted my index and middle finger into her juicy pussy and started fingering her while continuing to suck her tits. The reaction that I got from P was something else. She really responded to the pussy fingering.

Her moaning increased by many decibels and started rocking her hips like crazy. I removed my fingers which were dripping with pussy juice and I put it in her mouth to suck which she did eagerly. I wanted a part too and sucked some of the juice too. (Note to readers – if you haven’t sucked a pussy and tasted the juices, you should).

By now P was totally horny and she needed dick badly and she pretty much said she wanted me to go all the way. I removed her blouse and bra and kept kissing her but boy she really wanted it down there. I removed her jeans and panties and got a view of her amazing gates of heaven.

The pussy wasn’t fully shaved because she wasn’t expecting to go all the way that night but she usually keeps it shaved which is another sight to behold. I love sucking pussy and I know women love it too. I went down on her pussy and put my tongue as far as it would go. The juices just kept flowing out and I kept lapping it up.

By that time she had gone crazy and kept moaning loudly and grinding her hips against my mouth. She came with a loud moan and then she wanted some hard meat in her pussy. I obliged and open her pussy lips and entered into her. I love the moment every time my dick enters a pussy because of the sudden warmth and that envelops and this time it was funfuckingtastic.

It was also great because P gets real wet and the pussy was superbly lubricated. I kept grinding her pussy and playing around with her tits and she had a couple of orgasms. When it came my turn to cum, I pulled out (I just hate having to do that) and moved quickly to her face and came in her mouth. She then cleaned my cock by sucking it bone dry.

We unfortunately couldn’t do it again because there were no condoms in my place and didn’t want to risk you know what. I recall it being a bit chilly that day and we went under the duvet and spooning. I obviously couldn’t get enough of her body and I was constantly massaging her boobs and pussy. At some point we crashed.

The next morning we were back to pawing each other and then she started giving me a blowjob. Now I got to say that it just pure gold because boy she knew how suck a cock. Her lips provided just the right amount of suction and I was going nuts. I got a hold of her hips and moved her pussy right over my mouth to form the perfect 69.

In the light of day, to see her pussy glistening and the lips quivering right in front of me was amazing. Coupled with the blowjob, it was pure magic. I grabbed her ass and shoved her pussy right into my mouth. My tongue started playing around her labia as well as the part where the pussy ends and the butt crack starts.

As I was sucking her pussy, I put my index finger into her ass which usually drives most women nuts and P wasn’t an exception. I came into her mouth and she came in my mouth and it was a perfect union. A few days later, we used KY Jelly and I entered her ass.

She was in some pain because the ass is after all a small hole but slowly her ass sphincter starting relaxing and I started pushing my dick deeper inside. We screwed doggy before but seeing her ass while inside her ass was nice. Her ass is just one of the nice juicy asses that you want to bite till kingdom come.

As I was humping her, I was fingering her pussy with one hand and massaging her tits with the other. Screwing an ass is an unbelievable experience because the tight hole heightens the experience especially if the girl is into it like P was. I came inside her ass and stayed in as long as I could. A funny incident happened after that but that stays between P and I.

We had several great experiences after that and weren’t averse to touching each other in public which is a major turn-on. Also having her on top is just the best because she has some serious moves and seeing her boobs dangle in front is quite the thing.

Unfortunately, like all good things coming to an end, the relationship ended. I wrote this story because I reminisce all the time about the experience even after all these years and because we had a great thing even it was for a short time. Post this experience, I developed a major fetish for women from Kerala; they have very nice boobs. Hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you think in the comments.

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Hot Pune to Bangalore bus journey

This is Ram age 40. once I was going to Bangalore from Pune by bus. This was a sleeper bus & I got a sleeper in upper side where two person can be accommodate. Next to my place was vacant & it was around 6.30 pm in the evening. Other than that berth all are full due to vacation time. The bus left from Pune & was just reaching katraj ghat.

Then one girl was stopping the bus. Driver stopped & I heard the inquiry by the driver & the cleaner. The girl was requesting for a seat to Bangalore since she wants to go for an interview in IT co urgently. She was begging the person for any seat. I heard that the driver is telling that only one berth is vacant & the adjacent person is Male passenger.

But he was telling that he is middle aged person around 40 yrs old. She was telling that it is ok for her & she will manage. Since there is no chance for changing the birth,since other two lady passenger who traveled with family & deny to change the berth. She came to my berth and told me “excuse me, sir”. I said “Yes…”she told that she got the adjacent berth & she wants to occupy the same.

So I asked her to go to the window side since I may get down where ever the bus is stopping for pass urine due to my diabetics. She said thought for a minute & said ok. I allowed her to occupy. She was nervous. She was very beautiful & wore very nice tight jeans & T shirt. Her boobs are well grown & her lips very seductive. She started to read some Herald robins novel.

I asked her “r u going to Bangalore?” she replied “yes, sir”. I asked “r u working at b’lore?” she told “no, sir… am going for an interview”. So we started to talk a lot & she relaxed from her nervous & mingles with me. Then I asked her name she told “Krithika”. I said “nice name”. Krithika: Thanks sir…I: you also looking very beautiful like your name Krithika: What sir? are you kidding?

I: No baby… I am telling the truth she was very shy & smiled. After some time the light was put off by the driver. It was very cold that time & we put blanket on us and started to sleep. after some time I awaken & saw her. she was sleeping seeing my side. her T shirt was gone up & her beautiful hip portion was visible. My other side of mind also awaken & my tool got erected.

I moved myself towards her & just touched her hip and acted as sleeping. No response from her she was in sound sleep. Then slightly put my hand on her. She was not aware & she might be having the habit of sleeping with her mother or sister. So she put her leg on me & came towards me unknowingly. Then I played with her hips & moved my hand towards her boobs.

Her body hairs are aroused & she suddenly awaken and saw the situation. I was pretend to be in fast sleep. she got nervous & removed her leg. Due to that I also acted like just awakened & saw her. she was blushing & said “sorry sir”. I told “no problem baby. I also made mistake & put my hand on you. am also sorry”. By that time both are aroused individually & not showing to each other.

Then we started again to talk in lower voice, since others were sleeping. She was asking me about my family & I was asking about her family. Then I suddenly I asked her whether she is having boy friend. She smiled & said “No”. I shown my surprise. Then our topic gone to sex indirectly. she was interested on that topic & was little shy.

Then I just catch her hand & caressed and talked to her. That time she told that some dust gone inside her eye & started to rubbing. I stopped her from rubbing & I went near to her face & blow air on her eye. That time she started to breath heavily due to my closeness. The I stared her eye for some time. She was also seeing me. Then I got daring & kissed her in forehead.

She didn’t tell anything. So I suddenly kissed her lips passionately. She started to refuse me. Then I forced little & started to chew her lips. She also got aroused & started to respond me. Then I kissed her wildly & put one of my hand in to her T shirt and started to squeeze her boobs. it was very soft. Then I folder her T shirt up to her neck & release the boobs from bra.

I started kiss her tits & then started to suck it wildly by pressing her other boobs. She started to moan. I told her to control her moaning. She hugged me tightly. Then I slowly bring my hand to her jeans zip & unfasten the zip. I put my hand inside the panty & touched her nice pussy which was with mild pubic hair. it was fully wet.

Then I kissed her novel & bring my head to her pussy area. I slightly removed her panty & kissed that place. She started to moan & pressed my head towards her pussy. Then I started to lick her pussy & mild bite on her clitoris. She was jumping like anything. I started to lick wildly & the water from her pussy wet my face.

She was not able to control her moan and biting her lips & tears also flow from her eyes as well the water from her pussy. then I removed my pant zip & removed my penis. I asked her to lick it But she denied. then I slowly put my penis on her pussy & slightly tried to press. She was not allowing me to penetrate & asked me not to do this due to the fear of pregnancy.

I assured that I won’t pour cum in to her pussy & started to press. It was a virgin pussy & very tight she got pain and push me outside. Then I pressed her mouth with one hand & pushed very hard. My penis suddenly went inside & she was jumping out of pain. I consoled her & kissed her lips & not allowed to scream.

The I put my penis for some time in her pussy & slowly started to move to & fro. She got pleasure out of pain & started to enjoy. I fucked her two time till I reach Bangalore. Then she went on her route & I left for my work. It was a very joyful & interesting journey.

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Having hot sex with survey girl

HI friends, I am pramod(19) in mumbai. this is my story about having sex for the first time. this happened a few days back and believe it or not, this is real. on that day, there was no one in my home, so I downloaded some porn and was watching when my home bell rang.

when I opened the door, there she was my first sex godess, a student who came for her survey on spending of electricity in our house. I gave her the details and she showed me some product she came to sell. I refused to buy it and told her that there was no one in my house.

she again came after 2 hours and asked whether my mom came home, I said no and then she requested whether she can use the toilet. I said yes and she came inside and went into the room which had the toilet. it was also my bedroom and it had my computer. she didnt come out of the room for more than 20 min and I got suspicious and went to room to find out that she was using my computer to check her mail.

I shouted at her for using my computer without my permission. after shouting for few minutes, she asked me a question "how do u guys see such things when a girl is present in ur house" I couldnt understand it first. but later when I saw the computer some sites with porn videos was there and it was still running.

althorugh she was watching those videos and she told that she was watching these videos for the first time. surprisingly she asked me whether she can watch those videos for longer. I couldnt speak for few seconds and I said yes. she saw video for some time and came out with a bright smile on her face and she asked me whether I was a virgin.

I said yes and asked about her she also said she was a virgin. then she left. and again came after 10 min and asked whether I can do the same to her what the other guy did it in the video. it started there when I thought this is the chance. so I quickly grabbed her in and started kissing her in her lips,

she resisted first but then she also co operated and I didnt waste any time in inserting my tounge into her mouth and we were kissing for 5min. then I seperated her and took her to the bedroom and I took of my shorts and there it was my 8 inch tool. she was surprised to see it and told to me she has never seen it before.

I told her to hold it suck it, she refused but I did manage to convince her and she started sucking and later she started sucking so fast that I cummed inside her mouth itself and she fully enjoyed it. now it was my turn I removed her tops to find two perfect boobs in the world hidden inside a white bra.

I unhook her bra and started sucking it so hard that she started shouting ahhhahh.... mmmmmmmmm. I took her nipples so hard in my mouth. then I came down to her navel part and statred kissing allround it and oh my god u should have seen her face. it encouraged me so hard that I took her pants and panties in one go. and for the first time I saw clean shaved intact pussy before me.

I slowly started sucking her vagina and her cunts. soon she told that something was happening to her body and I thought I have a girl in bed who doesnt know what orgasm is. I told her what it was and as she was increasing her moaning I satrted to suck hard too. she got her orgasm and all my face was covered with her juice. it was sweet as well as bitter.

I slowly took my penis near her vagina and started teasing it by rubbing. she was shouting to insert it fast as she culdnt resist it longer. as she was virgin I know it will pain. so I told her to get up a bit and hug me tight so that she can hold on to me while I break her hymen. I slowly inserted my penis inside her,

when started shouting and crying and I told her to kiss me in my lips and when she was kissing me when I gave a full push when she shouted again and she started bleeding. I told her to get cleaned up and come. she came out and said it was paining. so I applies some oil in my penis and also in her vagina and some in ass hole too as I was going to fuck her next in asshole.

after fucking in ass hole for few minutes. I realised that it is my time to release my cum. so I started fucking in her vagina and fucked very hard till she said to stop. fortunately she didnt tell me to stop and I was about to cum in her vagina when I took out my penis and cummed all over her body. ahhhhh, there it was my first experience and she totally enjoyed it.

we had some kissing and sucking of boobs in bathroom while taking bath and I tried tofuck her once again, but she refused and dressed up and went with a last kiss. man I totally enjoyed her that day.

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Siraj fucking Sandhya

Hi friends, Siraj from Pune, and guess you have all read my earlier story, anyway let’s come back to the story, which I had a great time from one of the reader from my earlier story. Her name is Sandhya (Name changed of secrecy), guess she was a regular reader and was reading all the stories from Debonair and probably she had read my story long back ago.

She had my email id, which I had left my email id at the end of the story, like every one does. One day I received an email from Sandhya, saying just "hi" and she had written just one line, saying that I read your story and was very nice. I replied saying thanks for reading the story and guess it was erotic and sent her.

I did not get any reply for 2 weeks and later one day I received a reply from her, saying" Yes it was very erotic and mind blowing" and under it, she had written, from where are you and what’s my name was. Once again I replied I was from Pune and wrote my name and I asked her the same questions and sent it. By evening I received her reply and to my surprise she was from Pune too.

We exchanged few e-mail’s asking each other some questions and this went on for 2 more weeks and the emails were regular now. One day I asked here instead of email, can we chat online and got a reply with her yahoo chat ID and sent my Yahoo ID to her. I opened my Yahoo Chat ID and added her and buzzed her, but she was not online.

Anyway I knew she would come online and I was online waiting for her. She came online after post lunch and buzzed me and was happy to see her online and we greeted each other and we started to chat for couple of hours and this became routine everyday to chat for couple of hours, discussing on various matter and finally we came to our personal discussion.

She said, she was from Delhi and married and her hubby works in USA for a IT Company and her husband had left her to USA after 6 months of there marriage. I felt pity for her and she stays alone in Pune in a flat in Empress Garden. Guess people from Pune knows where Empress Garden is.

And she also said she is new to Pune and she is staying from last 1 year and getting bored sitting at home and when she was surfing the net she had gone to Debonair and started reading stories and that’s where she got my email ID.

We chatted for couple of weeks, by this time we were close to each other and trusted each other and then exchanged our cell numbers and one day we decide to meet each other in a coffee day to have a cup of coffee. We didn’t have any difficult in finding each other because we had exchanged photos earlier.

Let me describe Sandhya, she was very gorgeous and awesome fig, any men, would look twice, if she walks past them. She had the best figure, slim with long thick hairs until her hips. As planned we meet each other and we had a teddy bear hug and as soon she hugged I could feel the warmth of her body, we had a small discussion about Pune, and we ended up saying bye to each other.

Later on we used to chat regularly and from the day we meet and we were more closer and free now, we started to chat bit about sex and latter on she confessed, that she had no sex life, as her husband is not next to her every night and she hugs a pillow and some times masturbates herself.

This went on for few more weeks chatting about sex and listening to all her stories, I got motivated and one day I decided to ask, if she is interested in having sex with me. She took some time to reply and said she will think about it and will reply later. Well I did not ask her once again and we chatted for couple of days in common.

Until one day she came out with the answer "Yes", I was like in the heaven flying high. So, I asked her when’s the day would be, she told me very soon. After a week’s time in the morning I got a call from her and she said, if I could come to her home that afternoon and stay with her. I readily agreed for her invitation (Tell me who wouldn’t agree for that).

As usual I left home to office and lied to my mom that I am going to Bombay for a meeting and I will be back home the next day. Packed up a set of my clothes and left. I stayed in the office until noon and said to my marketing manager to look after the office for a day, as I lied to him that I am going out for some function.

Left office and went to hotel, had lunch, I rang to her to find her address, she gave me her address and it took another 15 mins to find her place. It was an apartment, so the security had to call her and I was allowed inside. She lived in a posh apartment and she was in the third floor. One best thing living in the apartment is, no one knows, where the guest goes, except the security.

I didn’t want to get myself tired before itself, so I took the lift to the thirds floor and was about to knock on her door, suddenly the door opened and she welcomed me. We again hugged with kPW on cheeks and took me over to the living room and asked me to sit on sofa and I made myself comfortable.

She served me with cool drinks; I decided not to hurry for as not to scare Sandhya as it was her first time with other men, besides her husband. She brought her cool drink and sat opposite to me and I could see her cheeks were shining as she was blushing like a rose. I felt like kissing her that moment, but had to control my emotions.

We chatted along with drinking for some time. She was getting un formal all the way; she even prepared some snacks in the kitchen that we enjoyed with our cool drinks. I took courage and stood up and sat next to her with my body touching hers from the side. She laid her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes.

I just dropped my free hand on her cheeks and started feeling her smooth cheeks and moved my fingers near her rosy lips, she suddenly opened her mouth and bit my finger, though it did not hurt me, I smiled back to her and lift her face and taught it was time to taste her to each and every limit. She hugged me very tight and whispered in my ears to go to her bedroom.

We both in hands on each other shoulders, we made our way to her bedroom. We sat on her bed and Infact I did not like to waste a single second, so I took her face in both my hands and started to kPW from her beautiful closed eyes. I planted one small kPW on each of her eyelids. Then kissed her beautiful nose tip. I was holding myself not to hurry and enjoy each and every moment.

Then kissed her cheeks, oh, it was wonderful and now was the turn of her rose petal lips. My heart was pounding at great speed while I took her lower lip in my both lips and wiped my tongue on her lip. I was not new to sex or neither to her, it had been like a cup of tea for me but still Sandhya was sending in shocks through my spine.

I could not hold on any longer and locked my mouth with hers. I tried to taste her tongue and was greeted readily by hers as she tried to suck my tongue. The taste was really wonderful, we carried on our passionate kPW for few more minutes, and then I moved to her cute tits. I tried to feel her tiny cute boobs from above her Blouse.

On feeling my grip on her tits, she gave out a soft moan. I got pretty excited from the looks on her face. I dropped down her sari pallu and planted a kPW on her fair cute tummy. She was in black blouse, and started to unhook it and she co-operated to unhook the blouse. As soon as I unhooked the blouse, I could see her small cute tits trying to look beyond the beautiful black bra of hers.

I could not hold on longer to let myself deprived of the taste of her naked cute boobs. I inserted both my hands from her back and tried to look for her bra hook. She lifted her body in order to make the things easier for me. Within a second I freed up her cute tits from her netted bra. Oh, the scene was driving me crazy, like I had never seen before.

Her small tits were very fair with a pink accent. Her beautiful nipples were fully erect to the excitement. I caressed one of her nipples with my lips and tried to make it grow more into my mouth by stimulating it with my tongue. Meanwhile, I laid my other free hand on her other nipple, trying to feel its growing dimensions. At this, Sandhya started moaning in pleasure.

I kept tickling her senses for some time and then tried to suck her boobs one by one by trying to take all of the tasty stuff into my mouth. I played my mouth on her tits until they turned red in heat and excitement. At this stage Sandhya was trying to sneak her hands inside her Sari in order to reach her cunt, this indicated to me that, now is the time to give my cute Sandhya more.

I interrupted her attempt and opened the folds of her sari and the sari dropped down in no time and she was not wearing anything except her black panty. I think she was prepared for the excitement today. I guess, black was her favorite color. She again tried to reach her hand to her cunt, but again I interrupted and offered my services to satisfy her hot desires.

I pulled down her panty to find a hairless cleaned beautiful golden gate. She was really prepared herself well for the event. I could feel the wetness of her pussy lips with my hand rubbing smoothly on her pink tight cunt. My touch on her cunt sent a shiver through her and she gave out a soft moan. Aaahhhh...I knew, this all was going to be really great.

I laid her on the bed & now her lovely cute naked body was in front of me in its full glory. She was watching my eyes scanning her beautiful body. She gave a smile, got up and reached to unbutton of my shirt, which I helpfully let her do, and later on she had her hands on my flier of my jeans and in one go she unzipped and later on unhooking my jeans.

I could hear her breath getting heavier and heavier as she pulled my jeans down. I helped her by taking off my shoes and socks to provide a way for her to pull off my jeans completely. She got a little brave at this and pulled down my undies at once freeing up my hot erect rod. She looked into my eyes and smiled back at me. We both were naked now.

I took her one hand and place on my hot erect rod. I felt an electric shock at that stage, she brought her other hand and placed on my dick, her small cute hands, which felt so smooth and later on she planted a kPW on the bulging tip of my dick. The feeling of her lips touching my organ sent out a shivering wave in my body.

With my dick in her beautiful soft hands, she asked me to lie down on the bed, which I was more than obedient to do. She knelt down between both my legs and took the bulging tip of my dick in her mouth. She licked my dick for sometime until it was hard and erect to its maximum. I liked the job done by her lips,

so pulled her towards me in order to reward her beautiful lips by locking them with mine and let her taste my tongue. We both were now hot and excited to the limit. I made Sandhya lie on the bed facing the ceiling widened her legs to knelt there.I bent over her cunt in order to do what I like the most in sex.

I touched her beautiful wet cunt with my tongue and she gave out a soft moan like aahhhh I grasped her clit between my lips and pulled my lips to let it slide over her clit. At this, she shivered and gave out a soft cry again. Repeated the same sequence for some time until she was moaning loudly which was exciting me to hell.

Then I pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight cunt and grasped the swollen lips of her pussy with my lips. I started sucking madly and along with continued to swirl my tongue. This made her go crazy and she was screaming in joy. She was pinching her nipples with her one hand and her other hand was on the back of my head with her cute little fingers combing through my hair.

I continued this for few minutes, and she gave out a loud cry in pleasure along with flooding my mouth with her sweet juices. She was shaking in pleasure and screaming loudly. I continued sucking with both of my hands on her hips holding them tightly so as to feel the vibrations of her body. I sucked her for few more moments until her orgasm calmed down.

Looked at her face, her small eyes were closed and there was a beautiful smile on her face. She was still enjoying her first orgasm. She was looking so beautiful, sexy and appealing at that time. I got over her and hugged her tightly and sucked her lips. She responded so as to reward me for the good work. I got in the field again and asked her to bend her legs on knees, and lift her hips.

I pushed a pillow under her buttocks so as to lift her cunt to the height of my dick while I knelt. I rubbed the bulging tip of my dick over her wet tight cunt. I let the tip of my dick fondle with her excited clit. I kept rubbing my dick on her cunt for sometime so as to wet it with her sweet juices thoroughly.

She liked it and motivated me by her soft moaning. I got excited at her moans and tried to push my dick inside her cunt, but in vain the tip of my dick tried to find a little space for itself to adjust in but this made Sandhya cry in pain and she tried to resist the insertion. I gave up this attempt and tried to finger fuck her little tight cunt for a while.

I started with my index finger with its tip rubbing on her clit and then pushed my finger a little inside her clit while she was moaning in pleasure. I tried to push my finger inside her further and kept rubbing her clit with my other hand. On further insertion, I felt signs of little pain on her face, but she did not stop me.

Now started a little to and fro movement of my finger inside her pussy and started licking and sucking her clit with my tongue. I pushed in my middle finger also along with to accompany my index finger to the same depth. Not wasting much time, she started shaking again in pleasure. She was about to cum again.

The moment she screamed as her orgasm was on peak, I pushed my two fingers as deep as I could into her cunt. She was screaming loudly and I could clearly see her juices flowing out of her pussy again. I did not want this to end here, so the next moment I pressed my dick on her cunt and pushed it inside with a thrust. Now she was screaming badly in less pleasure and more pain.

This is because she hadn’t had sex for a long time and she almost started crying, as I could clearly see tears flowing out of her eyes. Her face was turned red, but I did not stop and continued fucking her. Now my dick could go touch her ultimate depth on each thrust. Just in few moments, my excitement was on peak and I started Cumming in her tight cunt.

I dropped over her in order to enjoy the each gush of semen that I passed into this beautiful & Gorgeous Sandhya. I locked my lips with her and kept sucking her madly until my excitement calmed down. I kissed her rosy lips and she kissed me back. We got up from the bed and she led me to bathroom to wash.

First I washed my dick and stayed back to watch her wash her juicy dripping pussy and came back to the room. She asked me if I need cool orange juice to drink to keep the tired away. I guessed she had prepared that before I came to her home. I nodded my head and she went to kitchen and brought 2 glasses of orange drinks.

As soon as she came near me, I pulled her and made her sit on my lap while we drank. Her sexy ass pressing on my limp dick made it rise again to its full glory. She was enjoying the bulge of my dick against her ass cheeks. While we were drinking, we kept kissing each other on lips, neck. I licked her ear lobes and she was turning hot again.

I asked her to take a mouthful of drink and kissed her sipping drops through her lips. We kept this foreplay go on for some time. As both of us were excited again to the limit, so as soon as we finished the drink we started it again. This time, I wanted to try a new pose. I lay down on bed and made her stand on the bed with her legs wide open besides my legs.

I asked her to sit slowly and carefully made her cunt rest on my dick. She embraced me with her legs resting on my hips and her arms around my neck with her lips locked with mine. In the same pose I inserted my dick into her vagina, which was still very tight but wet, which helped her cunt to slide over my dick and her weight helped her depth to cover all of my dick's length.

She felt a little pain again at this, and broke out the lip contact to give out a cry, but she was enjoying it now. My dick was fully inserted into her cunt, her small tits were rubbing with my chest and her lips were locked with mine. She started shaking her body up and down to make her cunt walls rub on my dick and her tits surf on my chest.

It wasn't much difficult for me to hold her on as she was not much heavy in weight in the same pose.I fucked her in the same pose for some time and she was in her full heat and jumping like a mad on my dick. She was screaming in excitement. She screamed like this, which made me feel as if she is crying but she was not.

Her sexy moans were driving me crazy and I was enjoying her cunt walls rubbing on my dick. Soon, she had her third orgasm, and was shaking in my lap. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I hugged her tightly so as to feel the vibrations of her body. While she was enjoying her orgasm. I laid her on the bed and fucked her.

Now, she was having a very good time, as she was smiling and laughing while looking into my eyes. I was kissing her lips and tits again and again while I continued my fucking. After sometime, I felt reaching the climax. I asked her to get over me without taking out my dick from her enclosure. Now I was lying on bed and she was jumping on my dick again.

Soon I reached the limit and my dick started rewarding her soft, tight cunt for the second time. She continued and did not stop even my dick calmed down. I asked her that my dick needs the magic of her tongue. She gave out a naughty smile and said "lets try 69", I said "wonderful, let’s do it".

Saying this, she turned her back to my face and let her ass pass over my face until my tongue was touching her cunt. She bent over my dick and took the whole into her mouth; she cleaned it madly with her tongue and sucked it hungrily. I was enjoying the feeling of her hot mouth and tongue motivating my dick for the next session.

I was sucking her cunt madly as I wanted to extract each and every drop of her feminine taste. We continued it for sometime until my dick was standing fully in her mouth again and she was having difficulty to take it fully into her mouth. We both were very much satisfied now and tired too. We kept kissing each other until we both fell asleep.

I woke up at 08:45 pm and it was dark in the room. I covered her with the bed sheet. And planted a small kPW on her fore head, cheeks and her rosy lips. I was sleeping beside her and was just thinking, has this really happened to me. About half an hour later Sandhya woke up and hugged me with a smile. She got up from her bed and I asked if we could bath together.

She readily agreed for that and we were in the shower bathing each other and soaping each other. I just wrapped in a towel and she had her nightie, underneath with out nothing. Meanwhile she said she is going to prepare dinner and she went to kitchen.

I followed her and helped in cutting vegetables for sambar and here and there, when she was walking past me, I used to kPW on her cheeks or on her rosy lips. She was very good in cooking, we had dinner and we watched for some time TV and later on we went back to her bedroom to start our acts. We enjoyed the whole night and we did not know what time we slept.

When I woke up it was already 10:00am in the morning. I looked beside, Sandhya was not there, I got up and walked to the kitchen, she was there standing preparing our breakfast. I had to rush back to office, so there was nothing much in the morning, had shower and got dressed up, had breakfast with her and again hugged her and kissed her for the last time and thanked her.

After that we had contact only in email or through cell. One day I received her mail and saw a bad news, written that she is flying to USA to join her husband, as her husband has made arrangement for her visa. Since then there was no phone call, but received couple of times emails.

So, this was the best ever experience of my life I had with Sandhya and shared with you all. Later in one of her mail she told me that I was the only one to satisfy her, her husband haven’t given her so much pleasure and she is dying to meet me again for the same.

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Wrong number making life more sexy

one day I just received a call from very unknown number which was I never seen before but I came back from abroad so I thought this might be some1 who was in contact with me when I was in Pakistan because after coming to Pakistan I did not change my number and activate my old number, so any how I picked up that call and ask who is it nobody answer that question and hang up the call.

I ignored that call and keep my cell with me and after almost 7 days I again received that call from unknown number and surprisingly again nobody answered and hanged up again, at that very moment I was not aware that, that number is the same one from which I already received, again after 2 or 3 days again same happened this time

when call was hanged up I make a call on that number and ask who is there, by my good luck on the other end there is a very sweet voice of a lady who tell her name as Noshi, anyhow I asked her why she is giving me missed calls and making me annoyed by doing this kind of deeds.

She excuses and told me that she will never do this again, any how some days passed and I got an idea to get her intentions again towards me. So I send her a message pretending that it was for some1 else. She replied me and ask me why I send her message and at that time I excused her and ask her that I came back Pakistan after so many years so it was happened mistakenly.

She excused and hanged up the call. Any how after coming to Pakistan I was screeching for a job and after long period I got a job again in call center of Telecom Company’s call center as team lead….. I was happy and sending my new official number to my contacts, and I send my new number to her as well….

Till now I did not know her name nor anything about her except that she is a lady and living in Lahore….any how she text me and congraxxxx me for this and ask for party. I just formally said any time and, on this message she text me that on that very night I have to be in her home for party and should have bring some party items to celebrate,

I was surprised to know her bold and straight answer….. one day the first day back to my home I called her and ask where to come she directed me to her home, on the way to her home there is cake & bakes bakery, I bought some tea party stuff and went to her home……. On reaching to her home a servant came out and asked me “bibi g app ka wait ker rehy hain”

and take to drawing room…. I sat there and have a glass of water….. After putting the glass back on table what I saw a bomb shell was standing in front of me with white dress whit sleeve less kameezzzzzzz, yar that was the first time I was seeing her…. She is must be around 35 years old…. Lady with 2 kids,,, and having her husband in UK, moreover let me tell you about her figure….

It should be around 36 27 39 yar a very slim smart and beautiful lady,,, I have a relations with so many ladies but this is awesome, any how I handed over these bakery items to her and ask her to make tea,,,,, I took tea and went back to my home…. This was the first meeting which was done on my first blind date… although that was not a date,,, but a sort of… so after that meeting.

She began to call me regularly and ask me to have a good friendship… I accepted and ask her to keep this relation forever (which is still with her).so the days passed and we became more good friend we usually do shopping together and take dinner together, until one we don’t have any physical relation.

Actually she wanted to share her feelings with me because her husband had a marriage in UK and he did not call or visit in Pakistan,,, her kids are getting older and they did not even saw their father. kinds and Noshi were too depressed but I gave my full support to her to keep her to live a full and proper life,,,

because when she wanted to go to school of her kids she ask me to come with her,,, she had a car but she did not know to drive,,, I teach her to drive as well… so that she can go all alone where ever she wanted to go,,,, any how one she called me at the middle of the night and I was in my office I just complete me work and ready to go my home for sleep but that night

Noshi called me and ask me to visit now (at 2.30 AM) at her home…. I ask her is everything okay or what,,, she did not say anything and ask me to come ASAP… I was worried that she need my help as she is living with her kids and only one servant,,, I just went to her home, she opens the gate and ask me to park my car in garage,

I did so and ask what happened she come inside and wanted to talk to me for a while.. I was getting worried aas there could be anything wrong,,, but I went in and she called me to in her bedroom…. I have never been in her bedroom before,,,, anyhow I went in and she asks me to have a tea, I was needed at that time.

She made a very strong and good tea which make feel better,,,after that I ask her is everything okay why she called in so late night to visit you,,, she said actually she is so much depressed because of her husband, I was shocked to hear that I ask her to just get me out from there… what can I do for you,,, do you need anything from me any kind of help….she said “ r u sure”

I said “ agar friend keha tu srif zuban ki had tak nahi keha” after these words she said “ I want you to fuck me” I said “pagal hoo” she said han main pagal hoon kion kay peachly 10 saal say main us kuty ka wait ker rehy hoon or wo hai kay us ko koi ehsas hi nahi bus mujhy nahi pata ajjj tu yeahi ho ga”

although I wanted to do the same but I don’t wanted her to know that I wanted to do the same from day one.. I asked her “paglaon wali batain na keroooo” yeah itna asan nahi hai” but she was in her full mode and wanted to do at one,,, although I have fuck many ladies but that was the one the sprats and unique case in which lady wanted to do sex and wanted to be fucked.

Any how the climax starts from here when I ask “ kay main tu pury englis style say sex keroon ga” she said “aj tum sab kuch bhool jaoo gay” I was getting horny by listing her this kind of dirty talks “she said ab chalo shru ho jaooo” I said “aisay nahi” pely tumhy suck kern apery ga” she had never done this before but she was in so much hunger that she strat giving me blow jobs

at one and there was no any hesitation, any how the sex work strat from there “chalo apny kapry utaru” I ask her “nahi mehman kuch nahi kerty” she bagan to untie my all attire and unhook my pant and pull down my underwear. At that time I was sitting on the sofa and she was on the floor and her mouth was full of my dick and she was giving awesome blow job…

even I enjoyed her deep toroth, she wore a jeans and tight t-shirt and there is no any bra under that shirt. Her boobs were so erected as no can image that she is in her late 30s. Even I was not expecting such an aged lady who keeps her body so well that no one can even imagine her age.

She told me latter her age exactly…any how lets back to story…. When she was giving me a blow job my hands were on her boobs and her nipple were so erected and pointing to me and asking me take me in your mouth… when she finished and gave me a good deep toroth one,,,, ask her to lay down on bed,, she is still in her cloths,,,

after she lay down I took off her shirt and unhook her jeans,,,, and I was having white milky color body under my hands,,,, what a sight that was…. As I did not saw such a nice and well shaped boobs and waist ever.. any how I began to suck her boobs and biting on nipplesssss, she was so much horny that she did not occur any moan until I put my hand in her pussy,,,,,

that was the time she moaned and ask me “nahi reha jata kuch kerooo plzzzzzz” on the first I inserted my index finger and give her a great finger fuck,,,, while my hands on her pussy my tongue was on her tits and doing taste the big boobs sized 36 in my mouth….till then she was moaning and asking me to do more,,,,, she was on her climax and almost 4 mins after she came and occur loud moan.

After her voice I lay down with her naked and just seeing the sealing but she was having her eyes closed and giving me hug,,,, after almost 10 mins she again ask me to do some thing. I did not fuck until she came back in her couscous now at time of 3-30 am she ask me “bus tum nay tu kuch kiya nahi or thak bhee gay hoo”

I said “main thka nahi hoon just tummy moka day reha tha kay tum relax ho jaooo” on this she said main theak hooon tum apna kuch kerooo” I said “acha tu theak ho a jao medan main”on this I ask her to give me another blowjob and she said okay’ she almost suck my dick for 5 mins and when my dick was ready to take a flight I ask her “chalo ab bata ho tunmhy main”

she heard that and smiled after that I just her legs on my shoulders and trying to put my dick inside but her pussy was so tight that it was taking time to pentrate in, although she got a finger fuck as well but it was difficult to put inside,,,, but after some time I tried more harder to put inside,,, it went in and she gave a loud moan….

She was asking me to do with full stroke as I did the same and fucked till 15minssss.. In the end when I was on my climax she said I wan to take you’re cum in my mouth that was too awesome feelings when I heard these words….

Any how in the fifteen mins time I fucked her in her pussy, in her ass,,, even I fucked her tits,,,, that night was my first night when I came back to Pakistan,.,,, and from last 4 months I am almost enjoying every weekend with Noshi and this is going onnnnnnn ….

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Zaid having sex encounter with Caucasian girl

It was getting dark so Zaid thought he would better get started down the Artesia Blvd, go finish the weekly shopping before it gets too cold to walk out there. Zaid had been here in a little town close to Los Angeles on a short term assignment. It’s been 6 weeks he was following this routine. There was nothing much to do on weekends either, so he starts off.

On the way to Albertson’s although it’s just 3 blocks from his place, but on a winter evening here, things slows down a little around this time. It started drizzling out of nowhere suddenly and things were getting bad. It is normally okay to rain during winter in America, that’s their monsoon after all, but the fog is awful.

Zaid was struggling to get into a shade or something because getting wet makes it even more difficult to coup with the cold. A bus stop was nearby and he didn’t waste any time to get in there. Not a damn fellow pedestrian on the street, and due to the fog cars are also seldom coming through the road. A mild scoff and Zaid turned around, it was a girl with a cigarette.

“Hell of a time to start raining..”, Zaid clears his throat addressing the girl, “..guess so “ was the short reply. Due to the lack of light he couldn’t take a clear view of her face but the voice seemed that of a big girl! Not much into talking is what he sensed and kept mum until she strikes a further sentence.

“You’re not from around here..”, “well, I’m just here for a couple of months, visiting on work”, Zaid replied. By this time he noticed her getup which was just normal. Stealing glances didn’t help on much detail due to lack of light. “Damn transits never run on time”, the girl whined, “were you waiting here for someplace to go?” Zaid asked.

But he was wondering how come a locale depends so much on a transit bus which never runs on time. Or might be it was due to the bad weather that they called off the evening schedule. In either way, it was something weird about that situation. “I was headed towards Madison but guess it’s a wild idea in this weather now”, Zaid explained, trying to know what the girl was doing.

She didn’t say much, just kept smoking her cigarette. “Well, nice talking to you, have a good one..”, Zaid started off heading towards the hotel. He was still wondering what this girl was doing on a Sunday evening in the bus stop. He heard a bus stopping at the signal, and turned around to see if the girl gets on to it.

By the bus light he could see she had bag, some kind of rolling travel bag which he did not notice earlier because it was on the other side of her. And this time he had a better view of her. A Caucasian, about 20-23 years, slender and a little pale. Nothing sort of very attractive though, but girls about this age always have something that attracts men!

Strangely enough, the bus left and she didn’t take it. Zaid got little curious this time but hesitated whether he should go back offer any help. Then again he thought might be she was going some other route and started walking. “You really have to rush home”? Zaid turned back at the question. “I mean in this rain, is it close by”? Zaid was wondering what’s the matter really.

“Yup! Got some stuff to attend to..”, although he came back to the stop. “Listen, ah..can I get you somewhere, or you’re waiting for something?” Zaid asked the girl. “I was hoping to go somewhere but changed my mind!” she replied with a smile. “I’m Alice by the way”. “Right, Alice, I’m Zaid”, the names were exchanged finally. “So what keeps you waiting here Alice?”

Zaid wasn’t really sure if that was something he wanted to ask. “Would you show me a place to stay for the night may be?” Alice asked. “I’m staying in the Extended Stay hotel, so you might wanna come down and check with them for a room!” Zaid suggested. And they headed towards the hotel Zaid stayed at.

On their way, Alice told she was from Cupertino, another small town which was about 70 miles down west and came here to visit some friends. Zaid didn’t really buy that story, but didn’t ask much either. They checked her in a room on 3rd floor where Zaid was also staying, and they said goodbye after she settled in.

Zaid came back to his room, opened his laptop to check emails and the hotel phone just started ringing. “Hey, it’s Alice, ah listen, do you know someplace to order pizza?” Zaid thought, “for God’s sake, she called me to know that? It’s right there in the catalogue”! “Yes, but I know an Indian restaurant nearby, and their food is yum, ever tried Indian?”

Zaid asked hoping that Alice might want to join him for the dinner. They went to the restaurant at about 8:00 and it was a bit chilling after the shower. The restaurant was a lovely cozy place and they had a fine full 3 course meal. Alice had a taste for Indian food and devoured everything she was served. The two got quite friendly by now leaving the initial woes behind.

Zaid told her about his work and Alice told him how she juggles between her tax and audit classes and 2 odd shifts at a chain store to support her education. She lives on her own in a leased accommodation and has a plan to buy her own apartment when she moves to San Francisco. It is where she dreams about staying and starting her career.

Zaid, by this time started liking this simple, not so attractive girl and sensed that she feels kind of similar too. He invited Alice to his room for a glass of wine to which Alice said, “I’d love to, but it is getting late and I’ll have a bus to catch in the early morning”. Zaid still did not lose the hope and tried to persuade saying they may never meet again and he thought she enjoyed his company.

So, why not spend a little more time before they parted ways. They came back in to Zaid’s room after that. Slowly the wine got into them and both were a little tipsy flowing through their natural ways. They started talking more about private lives. Alice had a boyfriend from her high school and they were together for 3 years but broke up finally due to difference in so many ways.

Zaid had a girlfriend too back home, but they had a long distance relationship which was hard to maintain. But he described himself more as the one who called the courtship off. But Alice was on praise saying she finds him really caring and likes his courteous nature. They knew that the time was coming to end this conversation and Alice had to leave.

Zaid told her how much he enjoyed the evening and they promised each other that they will keep in touch through phone or emails. Finally, Alice got up and Zaid said, “wait, let me walk you down to your room” and the two headed through the lobby to the other end of the building where Alice’s room was there. They got to the door.

Zaid took her hand and said, “ I wish you never had to leave..shall I see you again”? Alice didn’t try to take her hand back but looked in his eyes deeply, came near his face and whispered, “I wish that too…” and they kissed softly. It was too late to turn back now, both of them were smitten by the kiss and kept sucking each other’s lips.

They got into the room Zaid took her in his arms all the way to the bed. They kept undressing each other in haste with all the time their lips locked. The passion was unbearable and their bodies were burning with it. Zaid nibbled her breasts while Alice kept moaning and kissing and caressing all over his body. They were rolling in the bed trying to get a better grip of each other.

Then Alice got hold of his penis. It was throbbing in her palms and she started taking it deep into her mouth, sucking it like a piece of chocolate. Zaid was catching her hair and breathing heavily. He was squeezing her lovely pouting breasts and telling her to suck him dry. They switched positions so that Zaid can lick her love hole.

Alice was squeaking when Zaid teased her clit with his tongue and kept sucking it until she had an orgasm. The two were quite spent by the sudden rush of adrenaline. Zaid kissed her earlobes and was playing with her short, brownish hair that smelled of lilac. He looked into her eyes and said “good that you changed your mind back there, got us into some nice action after all”!

And they burst out to laughter. They were cuddling and taking love bites which got them hot in a bit. Two horny sweating bodies, attracting each other like magnets and it didn’t take much time for Alice to mount on Zaid. It was pure ecstasy for him considering that he hadn’t got laid in a while and Alice was really playing it all the way.

Coming down on him exchanging those hungry smooches while squibbling his hot rod round and round in her wet, oozing hole. Zaid was enjoying the sensuous touches all over his body and nibbled her tits whenever Alice bent over him for a kiss. They took it slow this time not wanting to end sooner than their hunger is satisfied.

Zaid started stroking from down little slowly and Alice started moaning. They were holding hands of each other and with every pump Alice felt weaker down the spine. She laid all over Zaid enjoying the increase of thrusts. Zaid embraced her tightly in his strong arms and kept pushing harder.

Her boobs were all over his face almost chocking him but he wouldn’t let the lovely nipples slip out of his mouth so easily. He grabbed her ass chicks to spread them wide and Alice was screaming with every spank hit hard on those round butts. They were doing it like pros. Alice wanted to lie down and said “let me down, my back is hurting” and they rolled over but not splitting the love lock.

They needed to slow down, both were sweating heavily. But it was an amazing feeling rubbing the sweats against the skin and laying their still his penis inside her vagina. Hundreds of emotions were reflecting in their faces and they kept deep kissing, exploring each other’s mouth with their tongues speaking an unknown language only lovers share in those moments.

Alice had her eyes closed with heavy breathing. Zaid was watching this love struck angel with dreamy eyes and his passion was overwhelming. Something he never felt in years. Alice opened her eyes and knew what she saw in Zaid’s. “Well, break’s over, aren’t u gonna get me tiger”?

“Alright, my girl likes the show, and I’m gonna give ya a good one!” and Zaid took it on top of her this time. Her love juices made the entry real slippery and Alice got her legs around Zaid’s shoulder allowing deep penetration this time. Zaid’s little fellow was more than ready to vent his excitement and so he started slamming harder reaching deep down her womb.

Alice screamed in sheer pleasure each time the tip of his cock kissed the lips of her ovary. The two were fucking each other like rabbits rolling in the bed, humping and jumping. When Zaid reached his orgasm deep inside Alice he shoved as much as he could grunting and shouting her name. Alice was feeling so full inside with throbbing cock and loads of hot spurts of cum.

The two bodies wreathing and twisting in each other’s arms dripping whole lot of creams and juices from their tensing love tussles. It’s been a marathon game of love making and the two almost passed away in their own world of ecstasy. They had no idea when they slept off and come morning was all bright and sunny.

Alice opened her eyes and Zaid was sleeping cuddling her hands like a baby. What made her laugh was that Zaid was drooling while sleeping. She took off to the shower. Zaid got up in a little while. It was still like he was dreaming the whole last night. They had their breakfast together and hit the road on their own ways.

Some one night stands become really special that people start wishing things never change. Zaid and Alice was more than willing to give the chemistry they shared a chance. After all you don’t want to stop chasing once you got a nice flying start like that.

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International Fuck With Stranger

The older I got the less appealing traveling became. Although I liked my destinations, the actual travel piece had become dreadful, and such a drag on me physically. This time my flight had been delayed annoyingly long and I did not arrive at my hotel until 10 pm. Exhausted, but horny from all the sexy reading I'd done on the plane, I checked in waited for the elevator.

It appeared I was not alone. A man was also waiting. I noticed he was tall and well built, but quite a bit younger than I. And adorable. It made me wonder whether he was going to join his lady love and my mind wandered into some far-off fantasy about him fucking his woman. Yes, I was definitely horny. We stepped into the elevator. Surprise. Both of us were going to the fifth floor.

As we began to ascend, he reached out and stopped the elevator. Leaning over he kissed me, inserting his probing tongue as his hands felt up my tits. Now when I travel, I usually wear a simple sweater and skirt. So obviously the shape of my big breasts is visible. And from all my reading and imagining, my nipples had hardened.

Here was this man, unknown to me, feeling every inch of my tits and rubbing his thumbs on my nipples. Such was my shock that I said nothing, did nothing. He then restarted the elevator and we moved to the fifth floor where we both exited. I rolled my bag down to 551 and watched Mr. Stud roll past me and take a left.

Once inside my room I retrieved what I would need for a nice hot shower and shampoo. In no time I had finished and robed myself in terry cloth with a towel on my wet head. I sat down and rubbed cream into my arms and legs. There was only one thing left to do. Yesterday I'd had my pussy waxed and that deep inner craving needed to be taken care of.

I retrieved the beautiful glass dildo from my bag and unwrapped him. So expensive. I'd splurged on the giant size and now admired his multicolored ribs, his huge head and his ten inch length. The big chair in my room was perfect; it could have held two people. I sprawled and began to play. I'd already ordered an x rated movie to watch, so all was ready.

Slowly I stroked myself with the cool glass, feeling every nerve in my body respond. I opened my robe and used one hand to rub my big swollen tits. I anticipated a wonderful orgasm. It must have been only a few minutes into my play that there was a knock at the door. So into my pleasure was I that I took my time responding.

Shoving the dildo under my bed pillow and turning the tv volume down, I opened the door carefully, the security chain in place. Lo and behold -- it was Mr. Stud, the groper from the elevator. Once again I was speechless. Inside my robe, I could feel my hard clit. He said: "I'd like to come in for a while, if you don't mind."

Out of my mind with lust and not caring a fig for my safety, I unhooked the chain and let him in. All of a sudden I started to giggle. I was certain he could smell my cunt as he entered. We stood there, looking at each other. He could see what was on my tv and I was conscious of looking a bit flushed from my play.

We made small talk. I offered him a seat and asked what he would like from the bar. He had a soft drink and I some flavored water. He patted the spot next to him in the big chair and I sat down. He began to kiss me, rather gently, removing the towel and stroking my damp hair with his hand.

Perhaps it was the panting and the grunting on the tv screen that inspired him to go further. I noticed the blue of his eyes as I felt his hand part my robe and touch my chest, right above my breasts. I had been untouched by any man in so many years that it seemed unreal to me. I was holding my breath, not knowing what to do, what might come next. What was I thinking?

But my body betrayed me, in its raw need for a man. As his tongue entered my mouth there were fireworks. I felt his hand kneading and teasing my breasts. Part of my brain was screaming "don't be an idiot! you are an old woman; this man could be your son". Another part said "who cares? your body needs him."

His groping was persistent and I was quite wet in my nether region. I reached my hand out and rubbed the gigantic bulge in his pants. We were making out like teenagers. Slowly and deliberately I unzipped him and pulled out a cock that rivaled the glass dildo hiding under my pillow. Never had I seen much less played with a cock this size. Impressively huge, thick and veiny.

It seemed to be oozing precum. What an invitation. I started to give him a handjob, concentrating on his head. The heat of his cock was driving me mad. I watched as he pulled off his shirt. I listened to his pleasure grunts as I gave his cock what it needed. Even when his thick fingers entered me, I did not dare to think anything further would happen.

As our play became more frantic, he held my shoulders, slipped the robe down, and ultimately off me. Then he stood and removed his pants, shoes and socks. Suddenly he picked me up and carried me over to the window which overlooked the city lights. He put me down in front of him, so gently, and pressed me against the glass.

My hard nipples were on the air conditioned glass and I felt his hard cock against my ass. He maneuvered me so he could slip inside me. This pressed my mons against the glass also. And then his cock began its assault on my cunt, driving in deep, taking possession of me. We had hardly spoken a word to each other, and in truth, I did not even know his name.

What I did know is that I was getting the fucking of my life, and it was divine! There is something so wonderful about having cock, so much better than any dildo of any material. And this cock was pounding me, drilling, making itself at home. I could feel my wet cunt respond, clutching at him, squeezing. My walls were so slimy and wet.

All I could hope is that he liked the swampy cuntal environment. Time stood still as we fucked. Finally I felt myself tense up and become rigid and my cunt went into spasms as femcum poured over his cock and seeped out to wet my thighs. Shortly after, his cock erupted, drowning my cunt with rich white semen. I nearly collapsed against him.

We slowly made our way to the bed and lay down facing each other. As he suckled my tit, I fell asleep. I awoke several hours later with dawn's light. My cunt was sore and oozing fluid; the room reeked of fucking. He was gone. I never saw him again.

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Fatima fucked hard in train

Hi this is Aakash Agarwal again from Guwahati Assam want to share my another sexual experience with u all people as I got a good response from my last story Fucking hot office babe Nandini & Priya.

I got a good response for this story, lets come straight to the story without boring you all, but first let me give my introduction to all those readers who are new to this site I am Aakash Agarwal from Guwahati Assam now the story starts. It happened with me last month when I was going to Delhi in train, the train was some special train from Guwahati to Delhi,

as I like traveling in sleeper class because in sleeper class u came to know more new people. As I boarded the train in my compartment where six seats are there and only one person and the other people will board the train at Kokrajhar, and at the said place the people came there and the compartment was full with the people.

The person who comes there were 3 gents and 1 ladies all the gents were about 22 to 25 years and the ladies age was 20 years lets say her name Fatima because I don’t want to give their real identity to make her in any problem.

One gent was her husband, one his cousin brother and the third person was her husband’s uncle in relation and they also have three small children two of their uncle’s children and one of Fatima’s. She is good looking fair slim lady with 32 size boobs with a figure of 32-28-34 with a innocent face,

Fatima her husband and husband uncle’s were going 1st time to Delhi as well as in train and the child of Fatima was only 6 months old and she used to feed her milk from her breast, after feeding she has the habit to keeps the buttons of her blouse open and her breast left open for many times and I used to stare at them as I was just sitting opposite to her and she doesn’t tried to hide it from me,

all the gents who were with her was spending there time while sleeping at the birth and in the meanwhile we became good friends while talking with each others. While chit chatting with each other we became good friend than I told her that I had one wish in my mind that I want to feed and drink the milk which is coming out of the boobs,

while hearing this her face became red and told that its not possible here after hearing this from her I got a green signal from her side that if my luck favours than I would get the chance to drink the milk coming out from her boobs.

While talking with her sometime I pressed her boobs with my hand and she doesn’t object and once I kissed her slowly on her lips while all the people were sleeping and also pressed her both boobs and told her that at midnight when everyone will be in deep sleep I want to drink her milk fully she agreed to come to the toilet and at around 1.45 am at night she made me

wake up that she wants to go toilet and I said ok and followed her while going to the toilet I saw that every one in that bogey was in deep sleep I was pressing her boobs while going to toilet. As she entered the toilet door and was supposed to close it I pushed the door and went inside toilet with her and bolted the door from inside.

After the door has been bolted nicely I kept my lips on her and sucked her lips for 10 minutes and her lips became red and I made her breast nude by opening her blouse buttons one by one as she nude from her breast I kept my mouth on her left nipple and started to drink milk flowing from her left nipple and in between I change to the right nipple and was drinking milk

from both the nipples one by one, and my other hand was inside her panty and removed the panty aside and my one finger went inside her pussy hole she was enjoying and started to moan I told her to be keep quiet or else someone will come to know that what we are doing in the bathroom I drank the milk coming out from her both boobs and emptied her boobs

from the milk and also she felt orgasm while I was finger fucking her and I made her drink her own juice which was on my finger and she made my finger dry by sucking my finger and she gave me a short but a good blowjob in the bathroom and we made a plan in the bathroom that how we will enjoy fully in Delhi,

as we were in the train and the train was running late about 5.30 hours late we will reach Delhi around 1.45 am and the train reached Delhi at 2.00 am so I told her husband that if u wish than I will be staying at hotel in paharganj and as the baby is very small so it will be better if you go to Nareila at 9.00 am in the morning which is situated at the border of Haryana.

Her husband thought for a little while and said that if Fatima doesn’t feel uncomfortable than he doesn’t have any objection and while talking his husband make her agree to stay in the hotel till 9.00 am in the morning and they will take her while they will leave for Nareila 1st she refused than agreed for it as it was our plan and I gave them my no.

and we took a hotel and went inside the room and locked the room as we entered the room I bolted the door and put my lips on her lips and started sucking her lips she told me to wait for sometime as she wants to feed the baby who is hungry and I told her ok and opened her blouse buttons and took out from her body and she was nude and her boobs

were hanging out and she put her left nipple in baby mouth and the baby started drinking milk while I open all my clothes except my underwear and my bulge can be seen nicely through my underwear and she changed from left to right and the baby was sucking her right nipple and was drinking milk from the right nipple.

After feeding the baby she made him sleep on the bad and slept near the baby, I went near her and said jaaneman ab kyun mujhse dur ho aa jao hum ek dusre main sama jaaye, hearing this she turned to my side and put her lips on my lips and started sucking my lips and her hand went inside my underwear and was playing with my 7.5 inch long and 3 inch thick dick

while playing with my dick she removed my underwear in a one blow and I was totally nude in front of her and she took the tip of my cock in her mouth and licked the pre cum oozing from it and later on take the whole dick in her mouth and was sucking it nicely like a children sucking a lollypop she is an expert in giving blowjob

and within 15 minutes I load the cum in her mouth and she drank all the cum coming from my dick and made it totally dry. After drinking all the cum from my dick I made her totally nude and put my lips on her clit and started kissing on her clit and pussy lips as I was sucking her wild she got her orgasm in 5 minutes and I also drank all the love juice oozing from her pussy.

While sucking her pussy lips and clit my dick again became rock hard and was ready for the final action & I put a pillow below her ass and spread her legs which she did without any objection, after spreading her legs she spread her pussy lips with her hand I kept the tip of my dick on the entrance of her pussy lips and gave a small push

but my dick could not enter as the hole was very small for my dick, again I did the same pushed my dick with little more pace and my 1 inch dick enter inside her and she cried with pain as her husband dick was very small of only 4 inch long and 1.5 inch thick which she told me later I put my lips on lips and started sucking her lips and was pinching her nipples

and within 5 minutes her pain reduces and was enjoying my foreplay I gave a strong push and my 4 inch dick went inside she again felt the pain and I did the same foreplay was sucking her nipples and pinching the other one and as her pain reduces I gave a final stroke and my whole dick went inside she cried with lot of pain and her eyes were full of tears and begging me

to take my dick out but I was not hearing her and started pumping her slowly and in about 10 minutes her pain reduces she started moaning while I was pumping my dick inside her. When I heard her moaning with excitement I took my whole dick outside and gave a hard push inside her pussy and my whole dick was inside her in one stroke and now she was

enjoying and was supporting me fully by lifting her ass up and saying that fuccccccccckkkkkkk me hard aur zor se chodo jitni tumhare andar taaqat hai aaj phaad daalo meri chut ko hearing all this from her I increased my speed and she got her orgasm in about 7 minutes and I was pumping her hard I told her to be in doggy position and made her turn in doggy position

and gave a hard push in her pussy from her back and in a single stroke my whole dick went inside her and she cried with pain but the pain was mixed with her moaning and I kept on pushing her for about 15 minutes and then I made her again in missionary style I pumped her pussy hard and within 10 minutes

I was ready to spray my cum in her pussy I told her that I am about to cum and she said me to cum inside her pussy and I sprayed the cum inside her pussy with hard strokes and fell on her boobs and bite her very hard on her shoulders and my teeth mark can easily be seen on her shoulder and we laid in this position for about 20 minutes and I asked her did u liked it

she said that this is the 1st time she have enjoyed sex fully and reached to orgasm and this is the best orgasm in her life. Hearing all this I slowly kissed her and we lay on bed totally nude in each other arms and I fucked her 6 times till 9.30 am in the morning once in her virgin ass and 4 times in her pussy in various styles in room

And also we have taken bath in the shower and I have fucked her while taking shower So after getting a good response from girls, ladies, aunties, bhabhies and widows in and around Guwahati I will let you know that how I fucked Fatima’s virgin ass and how we have enjoyed while taking shower in the bathroom.

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Sexy bus journey of Roxanne

Hi friend my name is Roxanne and I m basically from Bangalore. I have read almost all stories of this group so now I decided that I 'll share my own experience with u guys send comments about my story I like lesbian sex by the way and I have a BF also.

This is a true incident - memories of which are still very vivid in my mind... I am a 24 year old girl, convent educated. I have a fair complexion & consider myself attractive & have a good well maintained slim figure of 37-28-34 of which I am pretty proud.

Around a year ago, I had to travel with my younger brother to Bangalore from Chennai on an emergency and as train tickets were not available at short notice, I had to take the overnight State roadways bus. Our seat was at the second last row of the luxury 2x2 seater... deluxe bus & I got myself seated on a window seat and my brother in the aisle seat.

The journey commenced & after about an hour at 11.00 p.m. the lights were switched off and the bus became very dark inside. I was wearing a saree 'coz I had attended a marriage that evening & had brought my shawl & wrapped it around me & dozed off. After, maybe a couple of hours,

I felt something on my leg & realized it was my brother's hand --- surprised I thought he too had slept & by mistake his hand slipped onto the next seat & onto my thigh & I decided to ignore it. However, after 5 minutes or so he slowly started to move his hand lightly on my thigh & I then realized it was a conscious & deliberate move.

Thinking I was fast asleep, he was taking advantage of the situation & trying to caress my legs ----- I was taken aback & shocked by this & was in a dilemma of what to do --- this was totally unexpected... I then decided to ignore it as far as possible, thinking he would get bored after a while and stop & I continued to act as if was fast asleep.

The bus was totally dark & seeing no protest or reaction from me, he then slowly & very deliberately, with more pressure, begin to gently squeeze my thighs. After a few minutes, he moved somewhat & removed his hand - I then felt his hand slowly trying to lift up my shawl from the side of my waist - all this with the full confidence that I was fast asleep.

I was stunned by his boldness, but was still nervous & did not protest. I felt his hand slowly & nervously move under my shawl & touch my arm -- and after a few moments to gently caress it ( I was wearing a sleeveless blouse). He then moved his hand further inside and much to my amazement, rested it lightly over my blouse on my breast... in spite of myself being shocked,

I just could not stop / protest his actions and was very nervous but in a way strangely enough quite curious to see to what extent my brother would try to go. Seeing me fast asleep, he shifted closer to me and began to gently caress my breast... & seeing no protest from me then removed his hand to slowly slide it under my saree palloo & rest his hand firmly on my blouse over my breast.

He now was slowly & firmly caressing my breast & then gently started to squeeze it... after awhile, he moved his hand further to my other breast and continued to gently caress & squeeze it also. This continued for a few more minutes - --- I still acted asleep & unaware of his moves - though fully aware & shocked by his boldness.

Much to my amazement ( I suppose encouraged by my deep slumber - he was getting more bolder ), he then moved his hand a bit, to now slowly try & open my blouse hooks in the front --- one by one he slowly opened each hook to totally open my blouse and spread it open & then slowly slid his finger through my bra onto my breast - this was the first skin contact &

his hand felt very warm on my bosom... He touched my breast thru the bra -- & cupped my breast & slowly tried to slide his hand under my bra. I could not help being turned on further by this – my own brother was touching me intimately & I was, in spite of my initial reaction, was still not opposing it & in a way beginning to now enjoy it.

The bus was in darkness & all the other passengers were fast asleep ; it was just him & me now. & - suddenly I felt I would not mind if he tried to continue further. As if reading my thoughts, he then inched his hand under my bra to try & reach & graze my nipple, which was already becoming erect in anticipation of his advances.

He moved a little closer to me and now very slowly but confidently now was cupping my breast to assess it size, firmness etc & now moving his hand under my bra (under my shawl, under my paloo, under my blouse & under my bra too) - I continued to pretend being asleep & he believing it, was taking full advantage of the situation.

He managed to get his hand totally into my bra to gently touch & then try & pinch my nipple and then try & push his full hand into my bra & totally onto my breast. I was surprised at myself to allow this, but frankly was now enjoying every moment of this. He then tried to gently tug my breast out of the bra &

finding it tight then moved his hand onto my shoulder to now push the bra strap off my shoulder thereby making my bra looser & was now successfully able to pull my breast out of my bra --- this was really too much – my own younger brother & that too in a public bus had touched & squeezed my breasts and now had managed to open my blouse completely,

and my bra too, to now touch & squeeze my breasts - skin to skin!! His hand felt wonderful on his movements. He leant forward to now bend & try kiss my breasts --- this was really fantastic. By my heavy breathing now he probably realised I was aware of his advances & confidently placed his lips on my eager nipples to slowly suck on them.

I was unable to protest or resist & let him continue, but now enjoying his mouth on my breast, slowly & gently sucking on my nipple. This continued for a few more minutes & then with his other hand gently pulled me a little bit forward like a semi-embrace & he quickly slipped one hand behind onto my back & below my blouse,

and in a swift motion unclasped my bra & pulled it up totally to release my other breast also. This was much more than I had ever imagined this would proceed to & now in the darkness of the bus, we were two siblings involved in a really sexy encounter. His head was on my bosom & sucking on my breasts, & nibbling on my nipples -

alternating between them and then he dropped his hand to the floor & he slipped it & moved his hand under my saree & begin to pull it up -- I was beyond caring then & did not protest, still pretending as if asleep -- he slowly pulled my sari up to my thighs and begin to caress them & then beginning to knead & squeeze them -

He tried to pry open my legs & I voluntarily slowly spread open my legs for him and he pushed his hand in between my thighs. The bus was in darkness & no one else was aware of this erotic act between two blood relations. He knew I will not resist now & was sensuously caressing my inner thighs & moving his hand further up to rub on my panties.

I shifted a little on my seat so that he could touch me better. The push back semi sleeper seat also helped him reach deeper. I was already really very aroused by then. He then got hold of my hand & placed it on the front of his trouser - he had already opened his zip / fly & taken out his erect cock & placed my hand right on it ---- it was large 7 inch by 2 inch

( much bigger than my Boy friend) really rock hard, greasy due to pre cum, hot & throbbing in my palm & I loved the feel of it and also begin to caress it slowly & move my hand up & down, enjoying it's size & hardness. I was really turned on then - still no words were spoken.

His head was on my bosom and he was now strongly sucking on my breasts & rolling his tongue over my nipples and simultaneously pulled my saree up to the maximum possible on my upper thighs & rubbing on my inner thighs & panty- he begin to try & pull my panty off - I also desperately wanted this

& without saying anything moved up & wriggled a bit and hiked my saree up to my waist & pulled my panties off & dropped it on the floor of the bus. The bus seat felt cold against my buttocks. I spread my legs open and he now begin to rub my vagina directly & insert a finger in to feel my moistness & with his thumb slowly rub on my clitoris too ---- I was really turned on by all this.

This was really beautiful & I enjoyed it - I was already extremely turned on by then -- with his mouth on my breast, his hand fingering & caressing my cunt & I holding his cock & very soon, I had a shuddering orgasm. He then very gently pushed my head downwards towards his erection & I then too slowly kissed his cock and then slowly masturbated him till he ejaculated his warm semen onto my hand.

Still no words were spoken & I rearranged my clothes & pulled my shawl up & tried to go back to sleep as if nothing happened. I was surprised at myself at to what extent I had sex with my brother & had to admit to myself it was enjoyable. However, much to my surprise after 15-20 minutes he started caressing me again - much more confidently, and slipped his hand under my shawl

& then tugged it off --- we started again & this time he was more relaxed, & confident with no nervousness. He started squeezing my breasts very sensuously and gently opening my blouse & bra again bent down & begin to kiss my breasts again & we started off on our erotic games again. Now he hugged me too very tightly and kissed me full on my lips,

pushing his tongue deep in, and caressing my back etc. It was really amazing. The other passengers were fast asleep ( there were two men in the seat opposite & a couple behind us & who were fast asleep). I was totally aroused then and thrilled at my own self. He pulled my saree up to my waist again & started his delightful act of rubbing my vagina & inserting his finger deep in.

Much to my surprise he then moved his hand onto my shoulder slowly begin to slide my blouse off my right shoulder - I wondered why, but as it was totally dark, I did not object and then he went one step further and slid my blouse off my other shoulder and removed my blouse totally off & also my bra & I was now absolutely topless ( except for my gold chain necklace) --

my shawl was on me covering the toplessness, my panties were on the floor & now my blouse & bra too - very excited he tightly hugged & kissed me on my lips& caressed my naked back and squeezing my fully naked breasts. He wanted too see my breasts and so removed his mobile and with the light of mobile he explored my fully naked breasts.

My saree was in any case up to my waist & I felt I was practically naked now --- next to my brother and having torrid & exciting sex with him. The passion we both were generating was fantastic... He was now aggressively sucking on my breasts & nibbling / biting my nipples, kissing my neck, cheeks, ears, shoulders etc he was very passionate & so was I...

His cock was out too & I bend down to rub my naked breasts on it and then to nuzzle it with my lips, cheeks, etc and rub it on my face, neck & then to kiss & slowly lick & suck on it till he ejaculated totally on my face & with his hand rubbed his warm semen all over my cheeks &, lips,. It was really fantastic...

We then took a break for about 45 minutes - he did not let me put on my bra or blouse & for a little while I sat next to him absolutely topless just managed to wrap my shawl over my nakedness. We started off again - in full confidence of our passion and lust. --- He tried to pull me on top of him &

I even sat on his lap (my saree pulled up & absolutely topless), with him, kissing my naked back & squeezing my breasts from behind & let his hard cock rub on my naked buttocks & cunt, but due to the limited space nothing more was possible - though I was willing for more. We hardly slept that night - from 11. p.m. till the break of dawn we were active

(much more than what my Boy friend ever was in all ). He made climax 5 times that night - I too caressed his cock and also sucked him totally thrice, till ejaculation & to his full satisfaction - it was a most memorable experience. The next morning we did not say anything - and both acted as if nothing had happened at all --- we were like ever again

( though we had shared torrid & beautiful sex for almost 6 hours ) I looked at all the other passengers & thought how they blissfully slept thru the night while we were having wild sex - they would have been highly scandalized if they even had an inkling of what we did. Later on in the bathroom at home, I looked in the mirror & saw that my breasts &

nipples were totally red from his aggressive & sustained sucking and there were also red marks on my back, thighs, shoulders, neck etc. The passion of this encounter was really too much & had left it's mark on me. This has been my most stimulating & erotic sexual experience ever - letting my brother intimately touch me all over, undress me, touch & masturbate me,

sitting practically nude on top of him in a public bus with other sleeping passengers around, pulling my sari up to my waist etc etc. The whole seduction was just so exciting - the initial surprise then the shock, then the curiosity, then the arousal and then to being absolutely turned on and reciprocate his advances wildly -

to be almost stripped nude by him & sit practically naked next to him, on him, suck him etc etc - there was risk in the encounter (some other passenger could have seen us ) also this was sex with no hang-ups / pretences & where you could really let yourself go & had no images to maintain.

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