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Fucking Assamese Hot Bhabhi In Train

Dear Visitors of Human Digest. I am from U.P. and I used to visit this site regularly and found most of the stories interesting. Here I just wished to share an unforgettable experience with you all. Sanjay & I worked for our real estate firm at Assam. We both were business partner and good friend too. Due to disturbance in law and order, we decided to shift our firm in a state other than Assam.

We liked the Bengalore City so we decided to visit there to find ways and means. Although in the journey by train, we had to spend 2 nights and 2 days, we preferred it for enjoyment. Reservation was in AC-2 tier one lower and one upper birth. We kept sufficient food stuffs with us. Sanjay was very fond of liquor, so he kept sufficient quantity for three days.

We boarded in train in day time and started to discuss our future plan. The co-traveler was an Assami pair with a child of about two years. He was similar to our age but his wife was almost sex bomb. She appeared good and smart, also very attractive handsome. She was one of those real head turners, fair complexion, long hair with full of flesh at all the places required.

She had a very big pair of breasts which looked very firm and inviting. Her ass also had lot of flesh and was tempting. To the contrary her husband was like a sick man. Although his complexion was fair but smartness was absent from his body. He was lazy & short tempered too. Soon he sought on his wife for pretty matters. He was not taking care of his wife and son at all.

When they were busy in exchanges, I could not resist myself staring at her personal assets but managed to take off my eyes which out anyone noticing it. I saw, Sanjay was also enjoying her physique. I also noticed that the lady was of good nature and always tried to compromise, perhaps to please her husband.

Her husband was going to Chennai for treatment of eye, while she was accompanying him. I and Sanjay were discussing and starring at her only. After tea at 7 pm I went to upper berth to take rest. Sanjay was alone and feeling bored. He opened the bottle and started to sip in a manner so that other can guess what was happening.

Her husband was looking at Sanjay with a greedy and thirsty eye. Lastly he could not control him self and requested Sanjay to provide him wine. But Sanjay did not care him. He had repeatedly asking for wine. He looked at his wife to help in getting wine. His wife was also watching to his pitiable condition.

She requested Sanjay “Please thodi si wine de do, nahi to wo sara gussa mere upar utaarega”. Sanjay reciprocated in reflex action “Wine ke badle aap hame doodh dengi kya?”. She was stun to hear but controlled herself and told” I have no milk with me. How can I give you”. Sanjay replied cunningly “We’ll search milk from your asset.”

After waiting for a while she smiled and requested again “Kindly aap inhe thodi si wine de do. Ye peekar so jaayega”. Sanjay given him some wine from bottle. Sanjay stood up and told in my ear in slow voice “Want milk?”. Since I heard all the conversation, I understood the matter. I came down and went to toilet. My heart was pounding. When I returned, I found the light was off.

It was not stark dark. Light was coming from passage through curtain. She was on the upper berth opposite to my berth. Her son was sleeping at lower berth. I was at a fix, what to do? Sanjay poured some more wine in his glass. Suddenly I climbed on her bed. Her husband could not notice it. I sat on the vacant space of upper berth and started to surf her leg with my finger.

She started looking at me puzzled but did not showed any reaction. Closing her eyes she started breathing deeply. It was a signal to me. She was enjoying herself, making mewing sounds deep in her chest. I got encouraged and my fingers started upward movement and reached to her thigh. I found a thrill in her leg.

My tool started to grow and created bulge in my trouser (payzama) She was trying to control herself. I slightly bent to her face and asked her name. “Nira” she told “and yours?”. I am Varun, I replied. My fingers were always on work and reached her ass cheeks, I started to squeeze her buttocks. She threw a big smile on me and said “Milk is at some where other place, Varun”.

She pulled me beside her. Now my entire body was in contact with her body over cloths. She was on walls side and I pressed her towards wall and started kissing. It was leap lock. My hardened cock was pressed between her thigh. Due to her deep breath, there was movement in her boobs which I felt. I took the rug and covered ourselves.

I made a bit distance between and put my right hand on her left boob and started pressing. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue in my lips. Now both of our tongues were dancing together. I could feel her heart beating at great speed and slamming against the wall. My brain started working in high gear looking for a way to achieve our mutual goal.

I tried to insert my left hand inside her blouse but it was tight. I could touch the upper part of it. Any how I put my both the hand on her boos and started squeezing it. Simultaneously I was unhooking it one by one. I put my right leg on her thigh to minimize the distance. Her left hand was on my back surfing it.

My hands had also kept busy roaming all over her body caressing in one place and squeezing at another. Any how, I parted the front flaps of her blouse and started to unhook her bra. “It’s unfair Varun, you should remove you shirt too” she told. I replied “It’s your job Nira but how can I milk you while bra is on?”. She started to unbutton my shirt. When I unhooked bra.

Two beautiful pigeons were jumping as if it was freed after a long imprisonment and trying to fly in open air. I could say they were never handled before. I complimented her that it were very firm and beautiful but her erect nipple is very greedy and needed to be milked. She smiled shyly and inserted her hand within my trouser.

I kissed her all over her face and hugged her tightly and went down to suck her boobs, took the right nipple in my mouth and applied full force to suck. Surprisingly few drops of milk came to my mouth. I continued with the other breast too. I was almost mad upon her. I did not notice what she feels. I was squeezing and sucking her both boobs as if trying to make the oranges pulp less.

She was moaning slowly. My wife’s breasts are of medium size and But Nira’s breast were big one which gave me immense pleasure. Due to cups of the bra I felt disturbed in surfing so I removed it with blouse from her body. She covered her breasts with bed sheet and sat on the berth, opened my shirt and pulled the string of my trouser & removed it with the help of her leg.

She bent over towards my leg and grabbed my pennis & started to lick. I pulled her saari removed her petticoat. She was already topless. Now we both were complete nude. She made 69 position over me and started to suck my cock with full force. Her pussy was in front of my mouth. Very small pubic hair was around her love triangle as if it was shaved 2 – 3 days earlier.

It was fleshy and a little dark and being that of a virgin very small and tight I saw her clitoris after separating the lips. Her thighs were parted because I was between her legs. I held both of her lips between point fingers and thumb and started to tease. Pussy was already wet so few drops came to my finger. I inserted thumb inside carefully. In reaction she made a soft bite on my cock.

We both were taking precaution not to make any sound because co-passenger may know it. She was giving me a good blow job. It was so pleasant that I could not control and started moaning. She pinched me on my thigh to stop sound. To prevent sound, I started to suck her pussy & took whole of the fleshy part inside my mouth. She was thrilled and moaned with open mouth.

To stop her, I up lifted my waist and my tiger entered to her mouth. In the same position I started humping her mouth. When I inserted my tongue in her love hole, she could not hold it and sat on the berth. Before she held her breath I pulled her to lay her back facing me. Although it was difficult on narrow berth, I tried to insert from back side.

Oops, the passage was very narrow and she was feeling pain. I could not believe that mother of two years child can not hold 2 inches diameter tool. I continued my push till it went inside to maximum. I felt tears in her eye due to pain. I said sorry to her and kept my tool inside her love hole without any movement. But it was not possible; the jerk of the train was doing it, what I needed.

But movement was painless to her. Soon she signaled making movement in her waist. I started pumping. She kept towel in her mouth not to sound. I was fully enjoying with this surprise lady. I was not fully satisfied because I was unable to apply full force in that position. My favorite play is to fuck with full force with squeezing the boobs forcibly.

I tried to fuck her in different positions But it were not adventurous. Lastly I positioned over her, penetrated directly in straight way, held both the boobs in both hand tightly and started pumping with full force. She opened her eyes large with a face expression of supreme pleasure. She could not hold it more and cummed. Water was dripping from love hole.

I was still feeling pleasure so I did not stop my play. On her request I slowed it down. After few moments, I increased the speed. She was also enjoying now. Within few seconds, I cummed inside her, simultaneously she cummed again. The entire berth was flooded. We wiped the water and rested for a while.

She revealed the fact that her husband was almost impotent and was unable to penetrate his 3” size tool inside her. Before penetration, he use to discharge during fore play. I questioned …. Your son? It’s of her husband’s younger brother. Her son born with scissorian operation and hence her love hole was intact. It was almost 12 night. I wore the cloth and came down.

She also clothed & went to bath room. I saw, Sanjay was still awakening. “Liked her” He asked. My reply was “very much”. Sanjay asked me to sit with him. I saw, Her husband was in deep sleep with his son. Sanjay took a bed sheet and hanged it over the upper berth in a fashion that if her husband opens eye, he will not be able see any thing.

Sanjay put a rug on the floor making it bed. As soon Nira came to place, Sanjay grabbed her from back side and started to fondle her breasts. She was angry a bit. But soon she became hot. Both removed their cloths and started fore play. He was sucking her boobs. While she touched her cock, she became afraid of its size. I was it was almost 9 or 10 inch long and as thick as wrist.

I could not control myself and removed my cloths too. They were busy in fore play so did not notice me. Soon Sanjay lied on rug on his back and asked Nira to put maximum saliva to his tool. She did it. While she was applying saliva on Sanjay’s tool, I slapped her buttock. When she noticed me I started to apply my saliva on the love triangle cleverly I put some saliva on her ass hole too.

I inserted two fingers one in pussy and one in ass hole and started to rub to make the path easy. Sanjay asked her to sit on her tool which was erected straight at 90 degree. She was much afraid but greedy too to take giant size of cock inside her. She pointed Sanjay’s cock and bent her knee to make entry. It was too difficult but I helped her by applying saliva on the opening of her slit.

She was unable to hold her weight on leg so she bent to rest her hand on Sanjay’s chest. I found the opportune time and placed my erected cock on her ass hole and made a push. Initially it pained to her but she enjoyed penetration in both holes at a time.

We both fucked her in different position till 4 am. Next day, Sanjay made her husband drunk by 11 am. I and Sanjay both fucked her in toilet by turn. Next night session continue up to 4 am again. We all three were fully exhausted…

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Sexy Mysore Mumbai train journey

Hiiiii friends!!!!! m a very big fan of this site n enjoy a lot reading the stunning n horny stories posted to this site daily!!!!!! this is a true story n its upto u to believe o not.....this is the first time m going to post a story in this plzzzzzz do drop down ur valuable comments. today I wud like to share wid u al somethin which happened which hpnd just a few months ago!!!!!!

1st of al I wud like to introduce myself... my nae is 'XYZ' conseal my identity..., m a 17yr old guy,a slim avg looking person..n a n doin my engineering in mechanical feild in 1 of the reputatd coll in mumbai i just completed my 12th n was busy preparing 4 my engineering entrance exams.

i had been to mysore 4a similar kinna exam..COMEDK...EXAMS WERE AL OVER N I WAS RETURNING was 13/5/10...i had booked a ticket 4 AC 2tier...train was at usual I reached before time.i enterd the traihn n got myself setteled wid my luggage..i saw that there were 2 uncles in their 60's seated there but still 1 seat was vacant...

so I went out to check the reservation sheet n found that the other passenger was a female ;-) i was overjoyed to atleast find some relief...i checked out her was deepti n age 22..;-) n she was to board 4rm arsekere. i aws praying 4 a beautiful cute sexy gal...mine was the lower berth si comfortably exchanged it wid one of the uncles coz e1 I had to study n it was better to stay up 4 it...

in the mean while the train reached arsekere station I was eagerly wauting 4 I beautiful sexy bomb 4 a company till mumbai......i was awaiting at the door 4 her to arrive but no clue of her 4 long time...many thoughts came to my mind ' wud she hav cancelldd her trip o anython like that????"

ths train started to move n I was very dejected...the sudenly I saw I gal runnig towars r train as if she wanted to catch r train oly..she approached thjis compartment oly n I was sure this is deepti oly....she somehow managed to enter the train 4rm the other dppr...i quickly came back n got seated....she came n sat next to me n was breathing very heavily.

i offered her water 4rm my bottle,while the botrtle she touched my!!!!!!!what a beautiful pair of hands she had!!!!!!!!!! they were soft n long...i helped her tp settle her luggage n she told me thanks n gave a cute smile..she was like a beauty goddess to me ;-)

har eyes were brown,her hairs touching her hips,har boobs vere simply superb... I guess it wud b 36B what I liked the most in her was her ROSY LIPS....she was sittin besides me to me left n was just relaxin lookin out 4rm the window..i got up n was going up 4 a small nap... while I was getting up my right elbow brushed against her left boobs.

she understood my xprsiion I gave me a wicked smile ;-) i climbed up n laid down properly n got covered wid the sheet n blanket as ii was I bit cold by now n was e1 studyin a bitt. but instead of looking into yhe book my sight was being pulled towards hr.i wud get glimpses of her boobs thru her low cut teee...

after sometym she also climbed up now we were lyin right opposite to each other...she had closed her eyes but I knew she wasnt asleep...I was continuously staring at her rosy lips.. whenever she wud open her eyes she wud catch me staring at she kept her eyes open 4 sometime n I pretented to be studyin.. but she caught me glancin at her...

NOW she actioned to me wid her eyebrows "what heppened"; i said "nothin" but she agian asked "y r u staring at me since long tym???????" 4rm this I understood she wanted a naughty reply... i kept my finger on my lips n she undrestood.... she asked" WHaT?????" she was telling me al this n I feare d others myt listen to her.

so I wrote in my book "TURN ON UR BLUETOOTH wil chat coz ur voice is auduble to othrs" n showed her the book. she immediately took out her BLACKBERRY curve n switched on the bluetooth...n I had my old sada hua N 70....i was a bit nervous but gathered some courage n sent her a note " ur lips r very beautiful I just loved them"

i was very nervous as to what wud be her reply.wil she get angry o wil she b ok??? i got her repli "ohhh thats the reason u were starin at me ;-)" i heaved a sigh of relif as she din get angry.....i took a step ahead n asked her "can I touch dem???" i knew this wud be toooooo much to ask 4 touch n al....but luck oly favours the bold !!!!!!!!!!

i was expectin a reply lik "why" o "4 wht"...but I got a reply which astonished me...she asked me "how??" 4 a sec I was like frozen...;-oi took it as a green signal n replied " with mine ;-)" she replied " its not possible now n anyways 4get it" by now I realized everythin is wid me n e1 luck was favouring me..v contd to chat n came to know she was a 3rd yr BDS student....

she had covered herself wid the blanket so I cudnt get proper view of her boobs:-( i told her to lower her blanket a bit to which she readily did :-o in the afternoon we closed al the curtains n swtchd off al the lights... both uncles were fast asleep...i took the most oppurtunity n put my hand towards her berth.she was facing the other side.

I put my hand on her hip n slowly pressd it. she quickly turned.. I directly jumped onto her berth n held her boobs n pressed den slightly....she bit my lower lip n just hummed hmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaa she herself lifed her kurti n now my hand were roaming al over her black bra...

I massaged her 4 ab8 10-15minsn told her to unhook her bra...she hesitated a bit then agreed n now her bra was off her body n her boobs just flung out b4 me....her nipples were already erect n were begging to be sucked.....but I cudnt coz of lack of space... I pressed her nipples n pinched them to which she gave a sexy moan...i den bit her ear lobes to which she cudnt control herself n creid out aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i slowly moved down her head n started lickin n kissin her breaths on her neck was turning her mad n she was beggin m to slow down..but I was literally molten hot this time my tool had already reached uts height n eas tryin hard to get freed...she said she wanted to see it but I told her its not possible now.

i allowde her to touch it n she gave me a handjob as sson as her soft hands touched my tool it became more hard.. I cumnmed very early n cleaned wid the blanket.... by this time 1 uncle woke up n switched on the lights.. she quickly took off her hand n covered me also inside the blanket.v both pretented to sleep together.den I jumped ack to my berth...

n msgd her n told wil continue at night...then we both came down n were sitting besides each other. i had kept my hand purposely on boobs n was ceressin them.. she was slightly moanin....time passed n it was 8pm. we al; had r food n every1 went to sleep. she msgd me.."BHOOL GAYE?????"i cud seee that hunger n lust n her eyes i think it was e1 her 1st tym coz becoming too uneasy n restless...

i told "kasie bhool sakte hai" at about 8.45 it was almost full dark except the night lamps....n mostly every1 was asleep.. I told deepti it wont be possible to do properly 4rm here so can I cum to ur berth above u?????? she readily agredd n I climbed above her...1stly I gave her a tight hug n then was searchin 4 he lips n ve had a tight smoosch..

we were fighting inside r mouths with r tongues..n I was continuously suckin her tongue n eatin her whole....she had become red hot by now n her hands were going diwn searchin 4 my tool. she unzipped my jeans n started strokin my dick n in no time I removed her bra n was busy wid her melons againbut cudnt see hre rosy nipples coz of the darkness :-(

but I squeezed them n sucked them like a small baby who was hungry 4 milk...the more I was suckin the more was I hungry...then I slowly went down n unhooked her jeans n lowered it I found that her panties were already drippin wet wid her love juices...i slowly slid her panyies down n stared to explore her love hole wid my fingers it was completely slippery n moist.

e1 ir was stinkin...but it was turning me more...i fingered her 4 about 20mins then she told me shedesprrately wanted to have my dick in her mouth..we got up n tried but couldnt succeed coz of space prob..i told her to come to toilet n after a few minutes she came n der I again strippd her nude..n 4 the 1st time I was seein a love hole of a matured woman...

she din waste time n quickly took my tool in her mouth in was givin an awesome blowjob...she licked n engulfed my whole shaft...i was I heavenly was the 1st time I was gettin a blowjob..within a few minutes I offloaded my whlo cum intoher mouth n she swalloaed it as if havin some icecream......she cleaned my dick with her tongue....

I fingered her pussy n she had her orgasm n my palm was full pf her juices...i reaaly wanted to fuck her but she was a medical student n thinkin of the consequences she told we wont fuck :-( e1 I din force her coz e1 she was I stranger to me n e1 I was afraid of infections...then we went to r seats n she slept wid me in my berth naked till morning....

full night I was lickin her boobs, mouth,lips n her whole body..that night I climexed ab8 6times.. at 6am she got up dressed herself n went back n slept in her berth.......this us the most memoreble train journey I had ever had in my whole life....

we exchanged r mobile numbers n still today we chat with ech other. we r eagerly waitin 4 r next encounter but still now havent met her again coz of r busy schedules...i hope u al liked my story n plzzzzzz do drop down ur comments n feedbacks......

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Hot Sexperience In Dubai - II

Previously: Hot Sexperience In Dubai

After posting my previous story, I got good comments. I got an email from a man who liked my story and wanted to do something similar. But he wasn’t sure about his wife, if she would like to go for a threesome or not. We started chatting and after a week we decided to meet. I followed the same protocol as before. I asked him to come to CC to meet me.

On our first meet we decided that I would try to make his wife ready for the threesome sex. I suggested him to make his wife read my previous story and then talk about something similar. He was hesitant talking to his wife but when I told him that if she doesn’t like the idea he always has the option to tell her that he was just joking. We exchanged telephone numbers.

Three days later I got a call from him and said that his wife wants to speak to me. She told me that she would like to try it however she is not sure how she would react when it really happens. I promised her that even if at the last moment she decides against it, I won’t be angry or annoyed. We spoke for few more days and decided to meet on weekend.

They wanted to come to my home but I insisted on their home. I reached their home. The husband picked me up from the metro station and took me to his house. On the way he was curious about the other couples I have met and was asking me to be soft to his wife. We reached home. She was dressed in a beautiful blue saree tied well below her naval.

She was wearing a sleeveless blouse which was almost backless. We had some drinks and snacks and little chat. I was constantly telling her that she is so beautiful and doesn’t look like forty. She blushed and asked me to stop. The husband gave me an indication to start. I stood and went close to her. Her face started getting red. I put my palm on her cheek and slid it behind her head.

I pulled her towards me and tried to kiss her. She resisted a little, but I sensed that it was not real resistance. I applied a little force and our lips met. We tasted each other’s saliva. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and she started sucking it. My other hand pulled her in my lap and I started caressing her naked back, waist and ass. We smooched for some time, she gasped for breath.

I lifted her in my arms and asked for the bedroom. The husband showed the way. I followed him and with in my arms. I threw her on the bed and started undressing myself. I climbed the bed in my Jockey and the husband also started getting undressed. I made the wife sit on my lap and started smooching her. She was moaning and I opened her hair.

At the same time the husband started licking our feet, both mine and his wife’s. It was a strange sensation. But I let him continue. She seemed to be used to it. I pushed her down and asked her to pay attention to my cock. She went down and pulled my undies down. She was a nice sucker. The husband came up and they started smooching.

They both went down and started sucking my cock. The husband took my balls in his mouth while the wife had my entire shaft in her mouth. It continued for some time. By this time I had stripped her saree. She was in the blouse and petticoat. I asked her to come up to me for 69. Now the wife’s pussy and ass were on my face while her mouth was on my cock.

The both would suck my cock and balls for some time and then smooch hard. This continued for some time. Then they wanted to repeat the position that I did with the previous couple. Husband lay down; I put my cock in his mouth and started fucking his mouth, while the wife came behind me and started licking my ass cheeks and ass hole.

After sometime I asked the lady to go into 69 position with her husband. And I came behind her. I started pumping her pussy. Her husband was licking my cock and her pussy together. The juices from her pussy were flowing in her mouth. I took out my cock and put it in his mouth. He lubricated it well and helped enter his wife’s asshole.

They told me that they had unsuccessfully tried anal sex twice before and she has experience of only finger fucking in her ass. I slowly entered her asshole. She felt the pain. She tried to move ahead but I had firmly held her by her waist. Eventually I entered her asshole and slowly started pumping her. The husband lubricated my cock with his saliva.

This continued for some time. In between this I would withdraw my cock from her asshole and put it either in his mouth or her mouth. She continued sucking her husband’s cock and he continued licking. Now I decided to change the position. I asked her to sit on her husband’s cock. She sat on his cock and placed her palms on his chest.

She asked me to put my cock in his mouth, which I did. After around 10 minutes of this pumping I decided to enter her asshole. I went behind her and spread her ass cheeks and entered her asshole. She moaned in ecstasy. I started pumping her. She was getting double penetrated. We both increased out speed. Soon her husband ejaculated.

I continued pumping her ass. He withdrew his cock and slid down. Now his mouth was right underneath his pussy and he started licking her juices. After 25 mins of hard pumping, I ejaculated. I withdrew my cock from her asshole, quickly took my condom off and shot my load on her ass cheeks and her husband’s mouth. I licked all my cum from her ass cheeks.

Now the wife turned around and started sucking my cock nicely. She sucked me dry and they both smooched hard. Then they both cleaned my cock and we rested for some time. After around 20 mins of rest, they both started playing with my cock. I was sucking her boobs. The husband sucked my cock. The wife went to her drawer and brought a strap on dildo.

She wore it and went behind her husband. She applied some saliva on his asshole and started entering it. He had both his holes filled, his mouth with my cock and asshole with her dildo. After 15 mins of pumping in his ass, he was down, but I was still horny. I came behind the wife and entered her asshole. I was pumping the wife’s asshole and he was pumping his ass.

After 20 mins I ejaculated in her asshole. The husband came and ate all the cum. We rested for some time and then all went to shower. We had a good shower. They both gave me a wonderful blowjob under the shower. This was my third ejaculation that evening. After that we all dressed up and they dropped me to the metro station. If you like my story, please post your comments. Thanks.

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College girls fucked by Construction workers

Hi friends I am a fan of erotic stories and I thought I should post one of mine. I am Indira 25 year old unmarried women. I got a job in a engineering college as a lecturer recently and I am also posted as a warden for a girls hostel of the same engineering college which had a dramatic fucking incident in the store for me. I am an average women, about 5ft6'' tall but had good structure.

I would always steal looks when I am in a sarry with a good view of my 36 globes side on.I had my share of sexual adventure with boyfriend in my college days but whats coming up was nightmare. I was posted in a hostel outside my college campus which is on the outskirts of a village on a highway.

The first few days were all fine,i was given a separate room and treated with respect by the students in there. We had a old watch man and his old wife as a maid in the hostel. One of those days when the watchman is off duty as he was sick and so is his wife and there is no one to guard the hostel.

As night fell I have ordered the students to carefully lock the entrance gate and the grill of the building and they have obeyed.It was about 11 in the night and everyone has closed their doors and went to sleep.I too have bolted mine but some where in my mind I was afraid that there is no security guard for the hostel.

Anyway thats the way its gonna be and to over come the fear within I went near the dressing table and let off my green sarry and let it fall to the floor.I was feeling that I have a great structure with my belly button exposed above my petticoat.The I unhooked my blouse and with it my black bra.My breasts have come to life and then I let my petticoat fall to the floor.

I was starring at me nude,its been a year since I have been fucked and my pussy is hairy since I gave little attention to it.I touched my boobs and they are firm and my nipples were perky.My fingers went down and had a smear of my pussy and its getting wet.I sat down on the plastic stool thats infront of my dressing mirror and it felt cold as my round buttocks touched on the stool.

I have spread my legs wide and could see my pussy shining with juice under the light.My left hand went to my nipples playing them,rubbing them and cupping my boobs and my right hand went to my pussy.I just remembered the way I was pounded in doggy style by my boyfriend and started to rub my clitoris.

My teeth dug into my lips and I have started to sweat in the cold night as my rubbing continued. I got off the stool and lifted my leg up and placed over it giving a great view of my pussy in the mirror.I have increased the speed of my middle finger as was the pleasure and pressure building up in me.

I was biting my lips and was sweating and my other hand kneading my boobs and finally I had an orgasm.It was quick just a matter of 10minutes.Then I had a good look of my naked body in the mirror and put on my cotton nighty and sudden I heard a sound of dry leaves from near the window facing the bushes off the highway.The tension in me has started again,i didnt know what to do.

I took out my physics book and started to prepare for tomorrows class as I was not getting sleep due to fear.The time is passing slowly,its midnight and the clock struck 12.I thought its getting late and prepared to close my eyes forcefully.I threw the book into the shelf and started to walk to drink water from the cooler thats just outside my room and as I opened the door I was shell shocked at what I saw.

Its Sweety of 3rd year in my college and she is rock nude standing near the water cooler with a glass in her hand.She tall,white and fasionable girl with grape color streaks on her silky hair. She has beautiful boobs and sexy arse.Her jaw has dropped as she saw me open the door.She was shocked to see me there soo late in the night.I myself has closed my mouth awstruck.

It was a few seconds before we both came back to conscious and she has dropped the glass to the floor making a louuuud noise.She almost started to run to her room when I silently but firmly said "heeyyyy..! stop there,come here".She at once stopped and turned to me and I pulled her into my room holding her by her arm and shut the door.

"Whats this? whats happening?" I asked her in a furious note.Seeing my anger tears have instantaneously started to roll down her cheeks.I gave her a bed sheet to cover herself and brought her a glass of water.I patted her back and consoled her for a minute and asked her whats all this nonsense.She said sorry madam and was trying to convince me to forget the thing.

But I raised my voice and asked her again and this time she was catching my legs but accepted to tell. "Its a game madam,Truth or dare".Her room is second left down the corridor. I took her to the room and asked her to knock.Aish has opened door with a giggle on her face and she was shocked to see me.She is in no more than a panty and a bra.

She least expected me.As I forced my way into their room every other girl is more or less in the same state and whats worse is playing cards.There are six of them totally and the room was like a stripper club. I didnt know what to say. The next morning I kept a meeting for these girls and I have shifted to their room and shifted a two of the girls to my room.

Things went on softly.The room mats became friendly even though I am their warden and much elder to them. Sweety is the most close of them to me. In the month of october the Dussehra holidays were declared and most of the girls have went off and the staff were given limited holidays and so I had to stay back in the hostel. Sweety,Aish are also staying back for their own reasons.

Aish,sweety and me stayed in the same room.We all became close in the days and we went to shopping one day and each one of them had boy friend.After shopping they went off with their boyfriends promising me they would come back by 7 in the evening.I came to the hostel did my chores and its getting dark.Its 7 and they havent come yet.

I was getting frightened all alone in the biggg hostel,the maid and the watchman are gone too.I left the gate and the grill open since the girls have to come.I called them and they told they will be here in 30 minutes.I opened the packages from the shopping we did.I bought a few undergarments a panty and bra.

I unpacked them and took out,they are soft and nice and I thought to try them.I unhooked my nighty and it fell to the floor in no time making me nude.I was soo impressed by my figure and I put on the bra and then the panty and I looked on in the mirror it was soo nice.I turned around and looked at my round arse the lingerie is a perfect fit.

I then unhooked my bra and pulled off my panty once again making myself nude.I rubbed off myself sitting infront of the mirror closing my eyes tightly and had a strong orgasm and when I opened my eyes I was shocked.There is a person watching my show from the window. The worker from the construction near by my hostel.Seeing me he ran off.

I jumped off the stool and wore my nighty.I didnt know what to do I was soo utterly shocked by seeing the guy.I heard foot steps in the corridor and I was relieved expecting the girls coming back.I opened my door out of exitement,fear and of allsorts of feeling and there stood a black gaint of a man.

Before I could speak a word he pushed me into the room and there followed some four men after him.There is one of them I saw watching me mastrubate from the window.I started to scream out loud and before a the sound could escape my mouth one of the men closed my mouth.Another guy went behind and held my hands tightly paralysing them.

They were laughing and giggling and I couldnt understand their language.They are contract workers from outside.I was fighting them kicking my legs and the huge black man came infront and tore off my nighty with brute force.I was nude infront of them.They were eating my body with their look.Tears started to roll out from my eyes.

Their hands were all over my body exploring every inch of my beauty.They were heavily built and muscular physique.I was like a tender rose and they are like sturdy beasts.One of the guys came infront he was short but heavily built and took out a mobile of his pocket and played a video clip and it was me in that clip mastrubating like a slut.I closed my eyes in disgust.

Another guy came and held my face and spited out "do not resist,it ll be more painful" in broken english.They pushed back on to the bed and two of the guys held my naked body pinned. The other guys took off their lowers.I was shocked to see them.Their penis were huge, like monsters. The huge black guy came forward pumping his penis.

He signaled to open my mouth and I resisted.He gave a thuding slap and I almost lost consious. He put his 9 inch long penis into my mouth.It hardly fit in my mouth and he pushed it in. I gagged for breath,but he never bothered he held my head and started move it. Another guy went down and spread my legs painfully wide.He pushed his tongue in.

One guy was holding my hands back and the other two fell on my boobs.They started to suck them out and their hands were probing on my back.They were biting my nipples, i could not shout as my mouth is full with another monster.Below the guy is seriously working out.

Now feeling confident that im in no mood to rebel the guy left my hands and made himself nude and he handed me his dick as I started to pump it.Then they have changed my position.They made me stand facing the bed and lifted my right leg and placed it over the bed.The big guy came from behind and started rubbing his cock over my pussy and with a sudden jerk he entered me.

Another guy sat on knees on the bed and put his dick into my mouth and the two other guys handed me their dicks to pump them and another guy was waiting for his chance pumping his dick by himself.My pussy was being pounded heavily and slowly I got used to it and its going in and out easliy like a piston.

He increased his speed and was making ahhhhhhh sounds and he exploded.I could feel the hot cum inside me and he took it out and sprayed it on my back.Now another guy was taking his turn and some one have banged the door open.Its Aish and Sweety.Before they could run anywhere the guys have caught them both.They have stripped them nude and pinned sweety on the floor.

They were crying but who would listen to them.They molested them with bad words which we could not understand and when they tried to make sound they were beaten like dogs.As sweety is white her swellings could be seen quite clearly.I was releaved in a sense because if these girls didnt come then all the five of them would have fucked me like dogs.

Any way they have fucked us.Aish was getting heavy pounding in her aAfter some time we there have stopped resisting and enjoyed their heavy pounding.They fucked us till early hours in the morning.They sprayed their cum on our faces and bodies and we were made whore out of us.They took videos of the fucking and threathned us not to reveal.We are all left with swollen pussies and stinking bodies with cum...

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Sexy adventure of Shalini

Hi this is shalini and I like erotic stories and I am a big fan of debonair and human digest. I regularly go through the stories and I enjoy them alot.The are quite a few incidents in life because of my affairs.I really love myself and I am proud of my assets.I like arousing people with my sexy 34 size boobs and I just enjoy to see the hardon under the pants of guys around me.

I like wearing low neck tops and jeans to show off my cleavage around.I studied in chennai and had quite a few friends there and im quite used to the fast and hi-fi life there.There is this incident happened in one of those days when I was in my college.I had a friend who is native to nellore and she is getting married.

It happened to be an evening wedding and so I attended it along with another friend who is as naughty as myself.At around 9pm after the marriage we started back to chennai.Being a week end the buses are full and we were waiting for the buses near the high way and to our bad luck it started to drizzle slightly and I was wearing a black low neck top.

This little drizzle has made my dress wet and the top is sticking to the skin the bra could be seen out side.The chill in the wind has made my nipples erect.The bus has finally come it is very crowdy people were pushing and as stepped on the boarding steps a guy was getting down and he took full advantage of the crowdyness

and as he is getting down in the name of finding his way to the lonely highway bus stop which is lonely and dark he placed right hand fully on my boobs and he is squeezing it like a mango and my hard nipple touched the centre of his palm.And the crowd trying to get in from behind me a guy started to push in,He has his hand over my wet pant on my arse,he squeezed my buttock as if I were a stripper.

Even though it is embarrasing in the public I silently enjoyed it.Finally me and my friend got into the bus and no seats at all and we hardly found some place to stand.I was pushed back to the centre of the bus while my friend took refuge near the safety rod behind the driver. We took tickets and the bus has started and the lights were put off.

It was fine for some time and after that I found something is touching my back.I moved a little forward and adjusted myself and again it continued after a few minutes.I turned around to see and in the drkness I could not figure out the face but there is tall black guy standing right bahind me.He is touching his hard dik from under his pant to my arse.

I thought of testing out his guts and he never nacked off.As I stood still he is pushing his hardon more and more in to my arse.That was arousing to me.He put his hand on my buttock and pressed it gently,i dint back off.He took courage and he slid his hand forward to touch my naked belly under my top.I was sought of more and more arousing me.

But I pushed off his hand.But again he tried but only this time I didnt resist.The desire took over me.He put his finger in my belly button and I kind of pushed my arse back to found his dick pressing against my arse.He took his hand furthur up and he slid his finger under my bra.He pushed my bra off my boobs and his hand had cupped my mellons.

He felt my hard nipples between his fingers and played with my boobs.He kneaded them for a long time.He took one of my hand and guided it towards his pant.I was surprised by the act,his cock is out of the zip.He is directly pushing his nude dick against my arse.I took his cock into my hand and pumped it.He came near me and I could feel his hot breath over my neck.

He wispered in my ear "shake it baby" I took control.I played wit it for a while and started pumping it. I could feel his heavy breath near my ear.Finally he exploded in my hand.I rubbed it off to his pant.And after that my friend has got a seat and called me and we both sat there.

I slept and by the time I woke up in chennai most of the people have already disemberked. I looked back there is no one there,I silently smiled in myself that I gave a hand job to a guy who is completely a stranger and never even saw his face. Weird...

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Hot Sexperience In Dubai

My name is Raul. I am a 28 year old single guy from Dubai basically Indian. I work for a European Company. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, fair, average built and an above average looking guy. I have an average long penis with extra thickness. This is the story of my adventure with a couple in Dubai.

One day I was travelling in the metro train when a gentleman, Indian, came up to me and started talking to me. It started from about the new metro and then it led to a small chat about what you do and where you stay. Before getting down from metro we exchanged our business cards. My business card doesn’t have my mobile number but it has my official email ID.

Next day I got an email from him saying hello and reminding me that we met in metro. I replied generally. Next two three days we chatted a little over the internet and then he invited me for a coffee at Dubai mall. I got a little suspicious so I requested him to come to City centre which he agreed to. We met for the coffee next Monday.

He talked to me as if he is very keen to know about me. The first thought that came into my mind was may be he wants me to get married to his daughter. He didn’t look old enough to have a daughter in her mid 20s so that thought just went off. He asked me about my family, my job, my education and so many things.

Then we exchanged mobile numbers and he went off. That night he called me up and introduced me to his wife. I spoke to his wife and she also asked me many questions. I also enjoyed talking to her. On Tuesday they called me up and invited me for a dinner on Wednesday evening. This time I agreed and we decided to meet in a restaurant in Emirates mall.

They both were elegantly dressed up. She was around 34 and had a figure of 36 30 38. The lady was a beauty. That night we had a dinner and they started talking about other personal things, like girlfriends, virginity etc etc. I got the hint of what they were up to. It was like a jackpot for me. We met for a couple of more times.

Once they came with their kids and introduced me as the husband’s colleague. After about three weeks of meetings they asked me to come to their home on Friday night for dinner. On Friday night they called and asked me to get down at Dubai marina and told me that we would pick me from there.I promised to reach to their house at 8 pm. I reached exactly on time.

The husband came in the car to pick me up. He was wearing a cotton kurta. We reached their home. The lady opened the door. She was wearing a transparent chiffon Saree, which was tied about two inches below her naval. It was orange color plain Saree. Her blouse was same color and a very thin material, thinner from back, a little thicker from the front.

Her white bra was shining beautifully. They had sent their kids to their Uncle’s home in Sharjah. During the dinner the lady was little naughty and playful. We had a nice dinner along with some whiskey. The lady took some beer. After the dinner we sat in the drawing room on the sofa. She came up to me and sat on my lap.

The husband was sitting across the table watching us. I hugged her tight and wrapped one of my hand around her waist. My other hand went behind her neck and we smooched hard. We smooched for another 5 or 10 minutes then I started licking her neck and pressing her boobs over her blouse. She was moaning.

The husband made a gesture to her and she said to me, “ Let’s go to the bedroom.” I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed. I quickly got rid of my clothes and jumped to the bed. One by one I stripped her off completely. Saree, blouse, bra and petticoat. She was completely naked now. I sucked her boobies nicely.

I licked almost every inch of her body and paid extra attention to her beautiful clean shave pussy. By this time the husband was also undressed. I was waiting for him to join us. But he was just watching us. Now I laid on the bed and she started playing with my body. She licked me all over. Sucked my nipples and then sucked my cock.

Then the husband came forward and said to her. “How does it feel ? Another man’s cock.” She didn’t say anything, just smiled at both of us. I was in ecstasy. The husband came closer and they smooched hard. Then he said to her, “Can I also try it ? How it feels ?” We both were a little shocked, but she said with a strange smile on her face,

“Why not ? It will be a pleasure seeing you doing what you made me do for so long. It took long to really start enjoying sucking a cock. Please Raul, don’t mind.” I hesitatingly said, “OK, but nothing more than that. Don’t expect me to suck his cock.” Now both husband and wife started sucking my cock. In between they would smooch with my cock between their lips.

They sucked me nicely. Then the husband laid down and the wife asked me to get on top of his face and fuck his mouth. I followed her instruction. While I was fucking the husband’s mouth wife came behind me and started licking my ass. That was the first experience of my ass being licked. Soon she reached my asshole and started tongue fucking my ass.

Every time her tongue would enter my asshole, my dick would get a strong jerk. This was too much for me and in another 15 minutes I emptied my load in the husband’s mouth. He was happy to take it in his mouth. He drank it all. My dick was limp now. The husband went to the washroom to clean his mouth and the wife sat of my lap.

She held my cock in her hand and started jerking. I asked her to go and clean her mouth. She also went and cleaned her mouth. Both came back. The wife sat on my lap and the husband on the edge of the bed. He asked me, Have you ever done that before.” I said, “No. But it was nice getting sucked by husband in front of the wife.” We all laughed.

Now it was time for me to take control of the situation. The wife was sitting on my lap. I started playing with her body and smooched her nicely. I asked them to suck my cock again which they both happily started doing. My cock was hard again. I asked them to be in the 69 position. The husband laid down and the wife got over him.

She started sucking his cock while he started licking and fingering her pussy. After about 10 minutes, I joined in. I got behind the wife and placed my dick on top of her pussy. Before inserting it in her pussy, I inserted it in the husband’s mouth. It was now wet with his saliva. I held his wife’s waist and with a soft thrust, I inserted the head of my dick in her pussy.

She moaned loudly. Her husband’s penis was longer than mine but mine is much thicker than his. Slowly I was completely inside her and started giving her jerks. The husband was now licking my balls. She was vigorously sucking his cock. I started pumping her harder and harder. In between I would take my penis out of her pussy and put it in the husband’s mouth.

During this I also started fucking her asshole. Now I had three holes in which my cock was going one by one. The wife’s pussy, her asshole and the husband’s mouth. In between the husband came over the wife’s face but they continued to lie in the same position. I fucked all the three holes for another 40 to 45 minutes. Then I ejaculated my load in her asshole.

I took my penis out of her asshole and the husband sucked me dry in the same position. Then I got aside and watched the husband lick my cum off his wife’s asshole. The husband’s mouth was full of my cum and then they both smooched with their cum drenched lips. We took shower, where they both cleaned my penis.

We then got dressed up and they dropped me to my home. On the way they told me that they chose me because I was reliable, decent and well educated. Now I am back home in Kerala and goes to Dubai occasionally as I started my own business there with a partner. We are good friends now and meet whenever I go there and try newer things.

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Shekhar fucking hot teacher

Hi friends this shekhar here, this is first time I am going to share one incident with all of you, I am regular reader of this site so I also want to share my experience with you. This is just happen as I am living in village near Rampur small town of UP and studying in MSc final year as my exams about to come so I take some tuition in city and come back after study to back my home in village.

On 26th Jan this year when early morning about 7am I reach for tuition, my teacher say that he wants to go somewhere so we all come again about 12 noon so my all 5 -6 friends go back to home who lives in city so they have no worry but I come from village so I go with one off my close friend in his house and take his bike for going home in village and come back again at 12 for tuition.

So story start here when I go back to my home on bike and reached out skirt of city about 8.30am at one turn on city bus stop some people were standing waiting for bus. One lady come forward and wave hand to me for stopping the bike. I just stop and nothing in mind at that time.

She was about 30- 35 yrs not so fair colour but sharp features wear salwar suit and coat with healthy build-up about 38 28 38. She ask me for favour for lift as she was school teacher and getting late for school flag ceremony in same village in which I am going. I just say yes and with no minute she sits on back seat of bike. I start bike and move bike on our way.

Her school about 15km from that point and ask for in which school she is going than she tell me she is primary school teacher and just join about one month back. So we are going same village, so she feel some comfortable as per her voice tone. Now about in two km she ask about me and my family members and my villagers I just reply all question with nothing in mind.

Than I asked about her than she told me that she had two kids and living in Rampur city with her parents when I asked about her husband she told that he was some engineer guy and living in south India and for govt. Teaching Job she was living with her parents from last two years. Now same time some bad road come as all of u know village road so I suddenly put break

and she get over me from my back her big boobs touch my back I feel something good and she grab my waist and shoulder with hands I say sorry she say it’s alright I on the road of Rampur. You carry on. Now in mind something going on I want same thing again, so start with speed and after one mile when some bad road come I push the front brake same thing happen her big boob

touch again now this time she understand but nothing say I just saw in rear view mirror little smile on her face, so I find some signal, now after 2km road totally lost and only stone sand and big hole are started as new road making process going on about few km so I said hug me tight, she do same thing she hold me from my waist. At that time I wear Kurtapajama with sweater.

At one move some stone and sand are their bike is going some juggling so she catch me more tight I feel very good her big boobs and thighs touch me full and my cock going up and up. As I wear also kurtapajama and village under wear so cock feel free to standing up. Now in one turn on road so much sand is there and bike about to disbalance she catches me more tightly.

And we about to fall but I manage and control the bike and push the brake to stop, when the bike stop I ask here is she OK she say yes so we move slowly, and in mean while I notice here hand she hold on my upper side of lap and slightly touch my standing tool I feel good it was just happen in bike disbalance, so I behave that I don’t know and now the road come slightly ok,

so I run bike normal speed and I notice again that her hand moving and goes little up to near my tool as some jerk comes on road. We both keep quiet and I notice now when some little bit of jerk come her hand come near and near to tool, now my tool get full stand up position in 8” when just 2-3km left one speed breaker come,

I notice she touch my tool with full hand 3-4 times and show that she adjust her self after speed breaker, must be she also feel good. Now outside of village her primary school comes and she said ask for stop the bike by touch my lap so I stop my bike infront of her school and when she left the bike I notice once again she touch my tool and show that she don’t know anything or feel anything.

So I say good bye to her and ask how she go back she said now the school close at about 11-12 so bus come and she may go by bus and at end she said she love this journey and good luck for my future life and exam I ask what meaning future life she said you are grown up and must understand and she went inside the school gate with big smile.

Now this time I understand what she was saying so I went to home and go direct to bathroom and masturbation at once while in image to her in my hand. Now this is about 9 am now I watch the time and wait for 11am at 10.45 I left the house and told my mother I go for tuition at city,

so my mother’s say you must go for farm for start tube-well for water in crops harvesting as my father out of village next for two days and my tube-well is so far so I said I start that and go from there itself to city. Now I start again bike and went to school gate and wait for their about 40 -45 min about 11.30 she come out of school gate and two more teachers with her so I feel bad I think she must alone,

now other two lady teacher went to near by house and take out their scooty and went other side of our route and I saw she was standing alone waiting for bus, now its my turn so I start bike and stop near to her and ask her she want lift again now she give big smile and sit on bike. Now I said can you have some time as I have to start tube-well before go to city,

she said yes now no tension as school programme is complete and she like to see our farm and tube-well. So I move bike to words our land, after 10 min. We are on our tube-well room now she said she was tired can we take rest for while, so I said you can sit on folding palang inside the tube-well as we are on our farm and no one near about and it is about to mid day

so all villager near buy our land go home for take lunch so no one there. So my mind play again and I went inside and put the folding palang and said please be comfortable now she smile again and she ask about more our crops tube-well land and other things mean while she look at my tool side by side which I notice,

so I ask her direct question that what she mean about my grown up she look at me and with big smile she said you know what I mean I feel what you have when I sit back with you. now in mind question comes now and never, so I ask her would you like to see, she laugh and said yes why not,

so I go near to her and grab her in my hand start kissing on her cheeks and lips she also start in same manner, now we both start play the game, I pull out her coat and press her boobs and her buts wildly she start moaning MMMMM and I go wild on her the she say stop you hurt me this way when I support you must slow and have full fun then I start slowly -2 and her one hand

on tool and one on my back off my head we both are on wild as I start her kiss her every where. Now I put all her suit off she was standing in white bra and chocolate colour panty and her bra so tight that her boos about to come out now I pull out my cloths and become totally naked, and start kissing on her boobs on standing position she start telling put off my bra

I open her hook the boobs just burst off and jingles like ping pong ball, I stand on her back start rubbing boobs by both hand and she start rubbing her buts on my tools and she pulled her face to back and we start French kiss our tongs now playing in one to one mouths I press her boobs so hard that some time she pull off my hand from her boobs about 8 -10 min

we are same positions and I rub her so hard that her boobs become red and she feel pain now she want lay down so we both lay on folding and I start sucking her boobs what a pleasure to suck this lady boobs just unbelievable when I suck her boobs my hand on her pussy I feel wet on her panty I insert my hand in her panty feel lots of wetness I start rubbing her pussy with

my fingers she start loud mooning fuck me fuck me I cant wait daloo daloo na mein mar jaungi but I pull her panty off now she was beauty, she was dark in face and hands but in thighs boobs are so beautiful that I cant imagine that’s called the dark beauty. Now I spread her legs and start kissing her pussy she said ye kya kar rahe ho I said just wait than I start sucking her pussy she shout loudly,

mein mar jaaungi mein mar jaaungi I continue sucking for 4 -5 min. Now She start begging please dalo please dalo so now I spread her legs more and put my tool on her on pussy totally wet now I said now watch how we villagers fuck the lady she looked at my face and I push my lund with full power into her pussy she shout loudly maaaaaaa

and I start fucking her with full speed now she shouting please slowly -2-2 but I cant stop I pick up her legs on my shoulder and her pussy more on target of my 8’’tool I fuck her like drill machine. I put my hand on her breast she just moning and moning mmmmmm aaaaahhhhahhhah mmaaaa mummy HO God Ho God please- please after 3 -4 min.

She over and I continue to fuck her then she start crying but I don’t care after few more strokes I discharge my all in her pussy and lay down on her for next few minutes we just in same position our breath were so heavy run like express train. Than I just look at her and she still continue crying then I asked her what happen is that so hard or I hurt you than she quite

for some time and after few minutes she said no its natural when I feel so good in fucking I cant hold my emotion and its comes out moning or through crying. Than I feel relaxed. Now after few min. We relaxed and start put on our cloths and I asked her how about this experience she said good, I feel more pleasure than my husband as he was away from last three years and come once in two or three months.

So you give full satisfaction so I said you can try some more time she said why not as we both have same rout some times after may be we can. Than we start kissing again for few min. And than I take her to city and drop her on bus stand as she said see you again. So friends this all about my experience, May next time we have chance then again I share with you.

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Sex With Mumbai CST Prostitute

I've been to Mumbai for the first time on the purpose of a job. Having got exhausted while waiting for the return journey train, I took a walk across the Mumbai CST Railway Station (Also known as VT station). There I found a cute woman who turned out to be a prostitute.

This was the first time I've had an intercourse in my life so far. She's around 5ft 5inch in height and slim. She has a beauty spot on her left cheek just above the lips. I still don't understand how could I dare to propose her, but I was totally shocked to hear the price.

She proposed 400/- but agreed for 300/- as I didn't have enough money to travel back to my home city. Her beauty is priceless, and 300 rupees is nothing in comparision to her beauty and structure. For that moment, I thought that was the only price I need to pay, and proceeded to accompany her in a taxi. After entering the taxi, she eventually demanded an additional 200 rupees as commission.

Her demand is genuine but I couldn't afford to such an amount. I requested her by touching her feet. She then got sympathy over me, and agreed for whatever amount I paid her till that moment. Even though she didn't allow me to advance in the taxi, I tried to please her by pressing her thighs and feet.

I did this primarily bcoz I saw my lover in her (I would've done good service to my lover had I got married to her). In no time, we reached her place where there was another sex session going on at that moment. I don't know her name even today. I didn't ask her details at that time as I was only worried about catching my train that night.

As soon as we reached her place, she searched me thoroughly to check if there's any ornament or cash available with me, but in vain. She wasted 10 precious minutes since we arrived there. Here starts the actual process...

After confirming that I don't have additional cash/ornaments, she laid on the bed, and lifted her saree up... asking me to hurry up with the process. She pulled down her black-colored plain panty. Then I saw something unique that I thought I'd never see. Her vulva was so awesome that it attracted me to finger deeply. I couldn't believe that I'm fingering a real pussy.

I felt thorough wetness inside her pussy and enjoyed the moist pussy with my finger. I licked my finger and again inserted it back into her pussy that was little wide open so enough that I could see the pink texture. When I pushed my finger upwards, I found a tube-like structure that obstructed further entry of my finger; and when I pushed it downwards(in the direction of her asshole)

I again observed a tube-like opening with an opening of small circumference. I guess it's the fallopian tube that carries sperms into the ovaries and the passage for child-birth. I swear that I've never seen such a gorgeous pussy. It's just 15 mins left for the departure of my train. So, as I was in hurry, I decided to penetrate my penis into her 'love-hole.'

As soon as I entered her, I felt the warmth of her pussy. She was blinking her eyes, but not allowing me to either strip her blouse or to kiss her. She caught hold of me in such a way that I couldn't do anything extra except fucking. Till the previous minute I thought that I could do it, but I eventually did give up as I could manage hardly 10-15 strokes into her.

Then I asked her to move her back so that I could kiss and squeeze her buttocks which were tender. But she gave me permission only to suck her vagina. Without an argument, I rushed to squeeze her pussy and had those precious liquids swallowed into my mouth. It was only then did I realize that the women's love fluids are tastier than lassi.

I felt so much satisfied after sucking great amount of her vaginal juice. But, I didn't stop there... I spotted her urethra, and started squeezing it tightly - it was only then she started screaming. In the process, she urinated all over my face as I didn't care for her urge to pass urine. Wow! Unbelievable... Her urine too tasted pleasant, although not so sweet. She got tense.

Then she pushed me away and pulled up her panties. I masturbated before her as I didn't get to climax during penetration. Finally, she remarked that I'm a king in fucking. At that instance, I felt guilty of losing my virginity. But later I did realize that it was a unique experience though not so pleasant.

Now I'd like to know her name and her phone number bcoz I want to send her some more money as I promised her. Dear readers, please help me in tracing her identity and this is possible if someone resides nearby CST Mumbai and is daring enough to approach her. I'll be really thankful to those who can do this for me. I do love her, hence I want to keep up my promise.

I want to give her 500/- more. Now that I can't marry anyone else, I'd like to spend my days with her in near future. If you can trace her, I'll pay if you want to enjoy with her. You'll get clues if you read the story carefully. I've indicated her identification marks in the beginning of this story. I've never had a thought that I too have a heart that can't accept anyone else in place of her.

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Preethi getting fucked during train journey

I came out after a long shower with my bath robe on and drying my hair with a towel.Smitha was still waiting on the bed,waiting anxiously to listen to what happened next in the train."Hey how long have you bathed pree" "Its my wish" "Ok ok now continue the story" "Ok I will but first get me a coffee im dying for it" "Yoouu ok wait 5 minute" she got it in time.

"Ok now tell dear im dying". Ok I waited in the train bathroom for some time but there is silence for long.My heart is pounding,was afraid what those thugs will do to me since I am travelling alone.Anyway I took a deep breath,gathered courage and came out of the bathroom and proceeded towards my berth.

There are cops and TC's berth is also in the same coach so im releaved partially and went to my berth.The whole coach is sleeping except for our four bearths.The light is put on and the three people were sitting and talking to each other and when I came there they said hai and gave me way to the window.

They are continously watching me with out a blink of an eye and thoughts were running through me that even the slightest mistake these people wont leave me.Thinking this I have bent and pulled out my to stuff in my cloths.I pulled my bag and I hurriedly tried to push them and I felt a cool breeze on my back only then I came to know that the shirt was lifted up by the breeze and the chap sitting next is me enjoying the view of my arse crack.

I adjusted my night shirt hurrriedly, I was tense and while stuffing my bra fell to the floor near the feet of the chap sitting right opposite to me,i quickly picked it up and stuffed it in the bag and tried to take a glace of them to check if they saw what has happened,the two guys sitting opposite to me are enjoying my clevage when I bend down and when I saw them they quickly turned their heads away.

I pulled a cotton bed sheet from the bag and zipped it and pushed it in.I was very nervous of what might happen every next secound,my heart is beating at knots.To get rid my nervousness I said hi to introduce myself to them "Hi" said the guy sitting next to me,he is a little on the darker side and a little fat too for his height,he is more like a wild animal than like a human for his facial features.

"I am Keerthi,May I know your name please?" "I am preethy" "Nice name".And then the guy opposite to me spoke out "Hi,I am Bhaskar" He looked a bit funny to me, even when I am nervous.He had a big spects resting on his nose.He was wearing a skin tight t shirt and he is heavily muscular,may be the funny feeling about him is a mistake,Finally the guy sitting next to bhaskar spoke out.

"Hi I am vijay" and strecthed out for a shake hand,i was reluctant but he waited and we shook hands.He is lean but he is the who was unable to take his eyes away from my globes.Even though I am thin I am proud of my assets,those suckable tits and round ass,a dream come true for guys."So where are you all guys heading to?"

"We are actually going to city for a kind of tour,we will meet our friends there" answered vijay before the other guys could open their mouths.Seems like he is deeply obsessed with me already.We talked generally, shared thoughts and so on,i told them that I am going to meet my sister and spend this week end with her,they invited us to come along to enjoy,i said them I have to talk to my sister.

The conversations went on,i am slowly getting used to and now my nervousness is gone.I felt sorry for thinking cruel about them,they are just thirsty of some female flesh but not bad people.So I am safe here,but whats keeping me aware is vijay's looks,they are focussed right on my tits all the while.

I tried to cover by folding my hands this has only doubled my problems as my globes have buldged out exposing me more.Finally after some 40 minutes or so "Guys I am really tired and I need to sleep please dont mind"."Its ok preethy carry" said Bhaskar.They have lifted the berths and chained them making ready to sleep.

Keerthi went to toilet and has changed to lungi and came back and jumped on to the berth above mine,bhaskar took the berth opposite to mine and vijay to the one above bhaskar.We have adjusted ourselves in our berths and said goodnight and swithed of the light.I covered off my legs with the bed sheet I brought along.

I didnt get sleep for a while I thought to check the guys for a second just incase,i turned to my left saw bhaskar was sleeping,then I looked up slightly and was surprised vijays is still eating me with his eyes.Didnt know what to do.Thought to myself to take a walk and have a pee.I got rid of the sheet and stood up and look back and was quite surpised to see a huge tent of under of his lungi.

I walked to the toilet and in way everyone was alseep and its pitch dark.I had a pee and thought to stand in the door for a while.I stood there at the door the train is cruizing at 120kmph at the wind is blowing hard and its quite cold.My nipples are got hard and I slowly sliped my hand inside my shirt to feel them.I slowly explored my hand over the navel and reached the left nipple.

Its quite hard and the moment I touched it I felt some thing inside me,i got goose bums over my boobs and I felt like tickling inbetween my legs.I thought to take this exitement to the next level,i bent back and found no moment in the train and its quite dark and I make sure no one is coming.I unbuttned my to 2 buttons and saw my golden globes in the moon light.

I kept my hand in side and gave a little squeeze to my boobs.Im loving this,But im not satisfied with adventure I am doing here so once again checked the coach and unbuttoned my shirt completely.Now am standing at the door totally exposing off myself to the world.I held the safety rod with my left hand started to play with my boobs.

I am really getting hot in the chill of the wind at 120kmph.Slowly my right hand crept down to my pants.My fingers have found their way in and over my freshly shaved pubic region found my pussy.I was wet and aroused very much.i have inserted my middle finger into the pussy and strated to rub it.

Although I used to mastrubate in bathroom this is something special here,i found it really adventurous with the mix of fear and pleasure its breath taking.I am standing at the door with my boobs hanging out and fingering my pussy.I increased my speed and finally reached climax.I took out my finger and tasted it "Not bad".

I have buttoned my shirt and went straight to my berth,i found keerthi deep into sleep,vijay's hand was inside his pants rubbing his dick with his eyes tightly closed.Bhasker was facing the wall and so I wasnt able to see.I occupied my berth resting my head toward the window.I found vijay still watching me but acting to be sleeping.

So I got a naughty thought,to give a little exposure of my wealth.So this time I didnt cover myself with the sheet,I have unbuttoned my last and first two buttons.I slowly raised my shirt exposing off my belly button,and on top my full cleavage gave a superb look.Vijay was look at me with out a blink,his jaw has dropped.

I slowly moved my hand and reached my navel playing with my bellybutton.He was enjoying hand reached for my mangoes and touched the cherry top.They were erect,a few minutes back I was terrified by these people and now im playing with my body like slut wanted to be pounded.

I thought this would do bad and so I controlled myself changed my thoughts but im totally aroused with the things happening,there was conflict of thoughts.My mind is saying I should not do all this but my pussy is not listening to me,my panty was already wet.In the battle between my mind and pussy finally my body lost to sleep unware that my exposing my navel and clevage.

Time went by I was fast asleep.In the middle of the night I was woken up by something,some movement I opened my eyes and was literally got the shock of my life.I was unbuttoned totally and Bhaskars hands were exploring my left boob and then suddenly a flash of light.Vijay is clicking of my nude upper body with his N70.I quickly jerked off his hand and tried to button my shirt.

Keerthi is watching every thing and enjoying.Bhasker jumped off from his berth reached me and closed my mouth before even I could think of shouting.Keerthi got down and held my arms back and vijay has jumped down opened my shirt wide and kissed my nipples.Bhaskar hissing like a snake came near my ear and started to wisper "Dont panic dear it will be fine,we will take good care of you" and licked my ear lobe.

Vijay lifted his head up and "If you shout I gonna fucking bite your throat,you understand? you understand you fucking bitch?"."Keerthi:Look miss,my friend here has got a nude photo shoot of your boobs and if you wont cooperate we are gonna post this online and every fucking man on earth would want to fuck you then" Saying so vijay has showed me some of the pics.

Tears rolled out of my eyes,what could I do except for weeping helplessly.Now vijay has started to work out with my body,He held both my boobs together and started to suck them.More than being banged by these three guys I was more afraid of what would happen if someone wakes up in the train and see us like this? would they be rescueing me or would they book me under the prostitution case??

Mean while both Keerthi and Bhaskar made me stand and vijay has unhooked the chains of the berth and made it like sofa.I am slowly understanding that these guys wont leave me easily untill I bleed out my pussy.Its was dark,Bhasker sat by the window and next to him I was made to sit.He was still gripping my mouth tightly not allowing me to call for help and next to me Keerthi has made himself comfortable and vijay stood right opposite to my face.

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Horny model fucked by dentist

Hi guys, hello there ! being an avid reader of Human digest has prompted me to pen down my lusting memories which took place on the boxing day this Christmas season. Add to that, the chill of Bangalore and the aroma of Barthenium plants ( congress plants ) makes one very romantic and horny.

I am mallika Saran, and I had a great time with a dentist called Naim. I am 27 years old, fair and tall. I was an aspiring model, but my inhibitions did not allow me to do modelling then and when I am prepared and done with all inhibitions, im old enough now, not to get any modelling assignments.

Well, no regrets though, as I am a successful share broker and make a decent income and live life to my own whims and fancies. I party hard and I am favourite of page 3 guys. I do not wish to get hooked to any serious relationships for the time being, because I feel when I make a commitment I must abide by the fairness of it.

I am tall, my friends say I look beautiful, weight about 68 kgs. ( thats too much for a lady ) but not much for someone who is tomboyish and measure 5.10 in height. I wear a 36 size bra. Hmmmm..... that's a big one right, but since im a foodie things have developed a lot bigger, but the best thing is, they dont sag as I regularly do some simple exercises to keep them upright and tight and also im in yoga.

I have a pinkish pussy and prefer to keep it always shaved as I feel it must be place of pleasure and not irritation.I hate hair at all those places because my hair growth is generally curly. Even my underarms are always clearly shaved.

Readers may find rather odd, that a lady is divulging so much without shame, but chill yaar..... who knows me here and who cares, what everyone cares is a good story. Every bit that had happened is true, as readers may find even more odder that a first confrontation turned out to be a sexy affair.

trust me or not, I try to pen down in the best possible way so that my narration is good, the matter juicy and the readers must wet their pants with their own juices oozing out. Now, The story goes as such : I had a root canal treatment as one of my tooth turned quiet sweet and developed a cavity. The villain of course is the indulgence of overeating chocolate and pastries.

Due to my craving for the sweets, I was a little plump with all the measures thrown in on the heavier side but this was no cause to worry as my tall frame complimented me very well. Well after the root canal and a temporary filling for the gums and tooth to heal, I was asked to report for a permanent filling the next days of Christmas.

On the day of Christmas, I was due to go the dentist the next day when I received a call from the clinic to say that my dentist was off due to Christmas ( he being a Roman Catholic ) and likely to be away for a few weeks in his hometown. They had managed to get a junior to cover his work but wanted to check that I was OK with seeing him.

I said that I had no objection and didn't give it much more thought before leaving the office during the next morning to keep my appointment. I was a little early so was sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine when I heard my name being called. I looked round a saw a gorgeous young guy in a smart shirt and trousers (nothing like the usual dentist's uniform) beckoning me to come up to the surgery.

I followed him up the stairs and couldn't help noticing the outline of his briefs showing through the trousers. By the time I was in the room and removing my winter jacket, I was feeling rather horny at the thought of having this guy up close and personal and checking out my teeth. He was in his late twenties or early thirties, about 5'9" tall, slim build with short and curly black hair.

The guy was fair and he reminded me of Neil Nitin Mukesh. The very first look attracted me to him. I sat in the chair and he adjusted it so that he could stand beside me and comfortably look into my mouth. As his body came close I realised that I was getting hard in my briefs and tried very casually to put my hands on top.

He chatted away, apologising for not having a nurse available and therefore having to do everything himself. I assured him that was no problem! The longer I could spend with the guy the better as far as I was concerned.

It was a rather one way conversation as he was busy checking my teeth but I managed to ask where he came from and how long he would be working there. He said he was originally from Delhi but had been in Bangalore for about four years and he was working as a junior in the area for a few months.

Not only did he look stunning he also had a great accent and by the time he had finished examining me I was fully hard and my nipples were tenting my shirt. He then mixed some silver thing and started applying on my tooth. It was the permanent filling being done and he had to occasionally bend over me. He was very aware of the piercing of my nipples and I too could see the bulge in his pants.

As he got closer to work, his rod was actually pricking my thighs. I was enjoying pleasantly with my eyes closed and fists folded inside and I was in my own dream fantasy. The filling was easy and not painful. I was lost in thoughts and could not concentrate him speak. He said spit and I lay there smiling like a foolish girl.

I wasn't sure if he had noticed when he suddenly asked if I normally enjoyed a dental examination this much. I was so embarrassed and mumbled some feeble excuse but he said it was fine and he felt flattered. He then said it was actually giving him an erection seeing me like that. I was stunned at his boldness, but knew that this could be a fantastic situation if handled well and without making myself look like a slut.

I couldn't believe I was hearing this but I looked at his tight grey trousers and sure enough the outline of his cock was starting to push the fabric out. Since I was reclined on the dentist chair, and it was quiet low, and he standing beside me, his bulge was actually on par with my face. I'm not sure what came over me then but I reached out and very gently stroked his bulge.

He pulled back and I thought that I have made a huge mistake but in fact he went over and locked the door. When he came back he undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor revealing a bulging pair of white briefs pushing against his shirt tails. He came and stood close to my face and I quickly untucked his shirt tails inside his briefs and put my lips down on to his bulge.

He moaned with delight as my tongue ran up and down the length of his shaft and then my lips took it all inside my mouth. By now I could feel pre cum oozing out of pants and on to my briefs so I undid my trousers and started rubbing myself as I sucked him. Then he put his hand down on my crack and moved it over so that he could stroke me.

As he got more excited his cock was pushing hard and I finally pulled it out of the leg of his white briefs and started to give it the full treatment. My hand cupped and squeezed his balls as I sucked and licked his cut cock, tasting him and savouring every moment. He then pulled open my shirt to reveal my white bra inside.

He started to squeeze them from over the top while I was servicing his strong member. He then asked me to stand up and removed every piece of cloth that covered my female hood and started sucking my breasts. They were big and beautiful to him and he was getting wild at my boobs. He was very rough at them but I was enjoying the pain mixed with pleasure.

He then got down to my clean shaven pussy and bent over and started on me with his tongue and lips. I couldn't believe this was happening to me in a dentist's surgery but I wasn't going to miss the opportunity so I pulled away from his cock and asked if he was wanting to fuck me. He said he'd love to but is scared due to his profession.

I re assured him that I will not report and this will be a purely fun session. I turned round and leant over the dentist chair and, to my surprise, he started to finger my ass hole. He said he loved fucking girls in there and would I mind. I assured him that it was a huge turn on for me too but I am scared of the pain. He then let it go and began to push his cock inside me at the right place and at the right pace.

It had been a few weeks since I have had sex and it felt really tight at first but he certainly knew what he was doing and in no time he was pushing in and out and reaching that spot that made me shout out with pleasure. He whispered to me to be quieter and I tried to control myself. I started wanking my own breasts and after a while could feel him getting ready to cum inside me.

He let out a muffled cry of 'Oh yes, I'm fucking coming' as I felt him shoot his load. When he finally pulled out I was still all mushy. He suddenly turned me round towards him and put his face down just as my spurts of creamy cum shot from wet dripping pussy. He took it all on his face and in his mouth, all the time smiling and asking for more.

Then he took my cunt in his mouth and licked it clean before finally kissing me hard on the mouth so that I tasted some of my own spunk. At last he stood up, looked at his watch and said he was relieved that his next patient had cancelled. Nevertheless he expected another one shortly so he would need to finish. I started to clean up and get dressed.

He asked, when next ? This was music to my ears and I asked if I needed any further treatment. He said that, sadly, he couldn't justify making another appointment, but if I had a spare evening he would love to have a drink with me and maybe more.

Of course I agreed and that was the start of several very happy sessions where there wasn't a lot of drinking but plenty of full on sex. When he finally moved on to another city we exchanged some gifts and I had many a happy session dreaming and remembering the great times we had.

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