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My beautiful wife Sweetie and I took a vacation trip to a beach town. Our hotel was on the beach, and during the day my gorgeous 26 yr old wife and I lay on the sand soaking up the sun. Sweetie’s five foot five inches, 53 kgs frame looked great in her small thong bikini. The guys on the beach couldn’t help but check her out.

One day I noticed three college age guys a few feet in front of us, talking among themselves and smiling while glancing frequently in our direction. Soon they got up and began throwing a football around, but their real focus was on my sexy wife.

After a while I got up and asked the guys if I could join in, and as we threw the ball around, we started talking. One guy mentioned how sexy and good looking my wife was, and then said he hoped I wasn’t offended. I told him I wasn’t.

We took a break and sat down. One of the guys offered me a beer, and then asked if Sweetie might like one too. I called her over, and we all introduced ourselves and began chatting. The guys’ names were Amit, Raj, and Sid. The three of them continued checking out my wife as we talked.

Sweetie was sitting with her legs bent and slightly parted, her feet flat on the sand. This position enabled the guys to see her bikini covered crotch as well as a bit of pussy hair peeking out the sides. I noticed their interest and so did Sweetie, and she was seemed to enjoy it more and more.

After a while Sweetie asked Raj to rub some lotion on her back, and he readily jumped at the offer. Sweetie rolled over onto her belly, treating all of us to the sight of her perfect ass. Raj rubbed the lotion onto her back, starting at the shoulders and worked his way down. Sweetie was purring like a cat.

She spread her legs slightly and Raj took advantage of the implied invitation to rub the lotion on her upper thighs. He covered the backs and insides of her thighs, working his way up as high as he could. Then he moved to her ass, rubbing and kneading it. He glanced over at me, and I smiled to show him I had no objection to what he was doing.

Sweetie spread her legs a little wider and moaned softly as Raj rubbed her harder. Then suddenly she stopped him and said that was enough for now. Raj reluctantly stopped and we continued our conversation, although there was a lot of tension in the air. Sweetie went on lying there her legs spread.

About half an hour later, she rolled over and asked Sid to put some more lotion on her. Sid began spreading it on her upper chest as the rest of us looked on. As he neared her tits everything got quite. Sid rubbed the lotion on the slopes of her boobs, down to the bikini top. Then he skipped to her stomach.

Having covered that, he moved down and, starting with her feet, began to work his way up her legs to the tops of her thighs. Sweetie spread her legs once again. Sid massaged the lotion into her ass cheeks, and then slipped around to her inner thighs. Sweetie’s breath began to come faster as his fingers worked around her crotch, eventually rubbing her pussy through her thong.

At one point Sid boldly slipped his finger under the bikini bottom, and then actually slid one finger briefly inside her pussy. Suddenly Sweetie sat up and said she had to go back to our room. She gathered her things and was gone in a few seconds. The guys looked puzzled. I apologized and said may be we’d see them at the club later.

I went back to the room and found Sweetie lying on the bed, rubbing her pussy vigorously. I immediately stripped and got on the bed, and we had a wild fuck. When we were finished, she said she had gotten really turned on by the guys, and we decided to continue the adventure that evening.

When we went out that night Sweetie wore black miniskirt and a black lace top with a matching bra and thong panties, as well as sheer black thigh-high stockings. When we got to the club the place was packed. After about an hour I ran into Raj at the bar. As we stood there and talked I glanced around the place and saw Sweetie talking to a guy with long hair. Raj and I both watched them.

Soon Sweetie and her new friend were out on the dance floor, moving flirtatiously and rubbing against each other. At one point Sweetie turned around and bent over, wiggling her ass against the guy’s crotch. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him, pretending to hump her from the rear.

As the song ended he put his arm around her and they walked off the dance floor and found a seat. Raj and I were joined by Amit and Sid, and the four of us watched as Sweetie and the guy got more intimate. Eventually they were rubbing each other brazenly, his hands sliding over her thighs and hers exploring his groin.

Then he was kissing her deeply, his hands moving between her legs. He must have been fingering her pussy, because her expressions were blissful. For a moment the movement of the crowd his them from my sight. When the view cleared, the two of them were gone.

I told the guys I would see them later and went off in search of my wife. I finally caught sight of her on a deck outside the club. She was still with that guy, and also another guy, apparently a friend of his. Both guys’ hands were all over her. They were fondling her beneath her skirt, front and back. As I watched, the three of them left the deck and headed down to the beach.

I followed them from a distance. They went about a quarter of a kilometer up the beach, the men squeezing Sweetie’s little ass from time to time and reaching under her skirt to rub her thighs and finger her pussy. They stopped at a dark, deserted spot under a pier and began kissing.

Sweetie undid both the zippers and was soon stroking their hard cocks while she kissed them. One guy hiked her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties off. Then he lifted her up, leaned her against a support pole and slid his cock into her tight pussy. Sweetie wrapped her legs around his back and continued kissing the other guy while still stroking his cock.

The first guy fucked her hard and fast. Sweetie was moaning and panting and gasping, and she climaxed while he continued fucking her. After a few minutes the guy grunted and came in her pussy. He went on pumping for a little longer and finally pulled his wet, shiny cock out of her.

The second guy took my wife in his arms, turned her around and bent her against the pole, then slipped his cock into her and fucked her from behind. Sweetie moaned louder than before and began to talk, telling him to fuck her hard and saying how good it felt. She also begged him to come in her pussy, saying she wanted him in her pussy up.

He let out a gasp as he shot into her, and then pulled out when Sweetie slumped over. After a few minutes they straightened themselves out and started back to the club. I hurried and beat them back there. I found Amit, Raj and Sid and was talking to them when Sweetie came back in by herself and walked over to us, saying she had just gone for some air.

I said maybe it was time to leave, but Sweetie wanted to stay, so we did. The four of us took turns dancing with her. During one slow number I put my hand under Sweetie’s skirt and felt the come running down her thighs, making them slick. She continued dancing the night away with her pussy swollen and come running down her legs.

The guys rubbed against her when they danced, feeling her up and occasionally even kissing her. When the club closed we walked up the beach toward our hotel, all four of us feeling up my wife along the way. Finally I grabbed her, spun her around facing me and kissed her. She dropped her shoes to the sand as wrapped her arms around me.

Amit came up behind her and began rubbing her ass beneath her skirt, and she spread her legs to allow him better access to her pussy. At this point Raj suggested that we should move to somewhere less public. We composed ourselves and continued walking until we came to a screened-off area near out hotel that had beach chairs with umbrellas.

It was about three in the morning by then, and nobody was around. Once again I turned to grab Sweetie, but when I did I saw that Raj had beaten me to it. He was smooching her passionately, his hands moving down to clutch her ass. Amit came up behind and started rubbing against her. Sweetie spread her legs as before, and soon his fingers were in her pussy again.

Amit yanked his zipper down, as did Raj, and Sweetie once again had a cock in each hand, as she had earlier that night. As Amit furiously fingered her pussy Sweetie sat down on one of the lounge chairs, then took Raj’s cock into her mouth and began sucking it. Amit pushed his cock at her lips also, and she alternated between the two, first sucking one, then the other.

Sid dropped in front of her, spread her legs and began kissing her thighs and licking her pussy. He was caught off guard when he tasted the come in her cunt. He looked up at me with an expression of surprise on his face, then after a pause started licking her again.

Amit pulled away from Sweetie’s mouth and shot his come all over her chest, soaking her tits and her dress. Raj immediately took his place between her lips and swiftly came down her throat, moaning as she swallowed his seed. When they were done, Sid stood up and pushed her back onto the lounge chair. She spread her legs and he slid his cock into her well used pussy.

He fucked her hard, causing her to groan and gasp for breath. The lounge chair rocked in the sand and almost broke apart before he came in Sweetie’s pussy, while she was taken by an orgasm of her own. When Sid pulled out of my wife, I stood her up and then lay down on the lounge on my back, so that she could get on me and ride my cock.

She straddled me and did just that, riding me hard and sucking Amit’s cock back to stiffness at the same time. After a few minutes, Sweetie’s receptive pussy took in its fourth load of the night. When my wife got up off my cock, Raj slid onto the lounge and Amit bent her over so she could suck Raj’s cock while Amit fucked her from behind.

Sweetie’s head bobbed up and down on Raj’s straining cock as Amit drove fiercely into her body with strong thrusts. Once again Raj gasped and came in Sweetie’s mouth, and she swallowed it happily. Amit pounded into her for another ten minutes before finally giving her her fifth load of come for the night.

When he pulled out, come ran down her thighs to her stockings tops like a thick white river. She collapsed on top of Raj, moaning and quivering and gasping for breath. When I looked at my watch it said four fifteen. I roused my exhausted wife and told the guys good bye, and said that maybe we’d see them again sometime.

I helped my thoroughly fucked wife to our room, where we slept almost all the next day. That evening Sweetie was packing and I was in the bathroom when there was a knock at the door. I heard Sweetie answer it, but couldn’t hear anything else. When I came out, I found Sweetie smooching Raj deeply and jerking his cock.

She looked at me and explained that Raj hadn’t gotten to sample her pussy yet. I shrugged and said okay. They took off their clothes and lay on the bed in a 69 position, and Raj ate Sweetie’s pussy while she sucked his cock. Raj stopped her before he came this time, then maneuvered around and got on top her and pushed his cock into her pussy.

Sweetie gasped and curled her legs around him. Raj fucked her slowly for about five minutes, and then began fucking her so hard that the bed was bumping against the wall. Sweetie’s mouth was wide open, and she was moaning passionately. Raj fucked her like that for another few minutes, and then flipped her over like a rag doll,

pulled her onto her hands and knees and rammed that cock into her doggie style. Sweetie was screaming and begging him to come in her pussy. Raj finally gave a shout, and with one final thrust flooded Sweetie’s womb with a massive load of his come. When he pulled out and rolled over, I climbed on the bed fucked her till we both came. Thus ended another sexventure.

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Hi all, I was much encouraged abour the activities of debonairblog for helping to its reader and promoter. I am going to narrate my first sex experience when I was of 21 plus. I graduated at the age of 19 and started preparation of MBA competition. Iam not a very brillient student but much labourious and due to which I got good marks in all my examinations.

I was thinking that the MBA may be tough for me so after preparation of one and half years I applied in MBA asnd simultaneously applied in Nationalised banks also. MBA result came in few months in which I could not sucseed. I belong to a very average family so I thought to do some job also. So I applied for job in in private companies of the State.

Soo I got the job for 9000 salary In important city of my state U.P. which was about 100 km away from my village. I reside in remote undeveloped village and agriculture is main source of income of my family. When I joined the service, I got an accomodation incentive of on month pay and leave for one week.

I was please and planned to come back home for a week as I have to reside there at my relatives residence. While going to hom, I planned to give Rs. 5000 to my parants, Rs. 2000 for my personal use and remaining for enjoyment. I was much pleased to get a job and tought to share it with the childrens of my village.

I pourchased 2 jars of toffee, some gfood chocolate, few gift like ball, and playing items for them. I also not forgot to purchase gift for girl child like hair pin, ribbon, nail polish, bangles,leap-stics. Although it was not of very good quality but was for normal and common use. At home I gave money to may parants.

they were much pleased. Next morning after breakfast I went out and met some children, asked their name and education and given them toffee. I given good chocolate to those boys whose result was good. Distributed some toffee to older boys and girls also as well as to old peoples of village. They were much pleased and paying proper respect to me and praising me also.

By doing all these when I came out of my village, I could not notice it. It was the route of the plough fields where multiple crops were growing. I could not escape from the greedyness to enjoy the fresh air of plough fields as iin childhood. My feet automaticaly led me to thos places where I spent mot of mime in early childhood. It was hot summer. Soon after I became alone.

I led towards a place which was very beautiful and a large mango tree was there surrounding which a big round cemented plateform was constructed. This place was to take rest while going one village to another village. When I reached there there were no persdon to talk with them. it was almost 11 a.m. and very hot. I had no lcourage to return back to hom.

So I sat on the platform and started to watch peopleas passing through the place. I saw some beautiful village lady and youth girls. Most of them was poor and their cloths were also not well adjusted in the body. Their boob's siz was clearly visible. One girl was wearing a blouse which was torn near the boob. My eye quickly visited to bare skin site. I felt excited.

Suddenly a fantacy came in my mind to enjoy with a girl if I get any opportunity.(This fantacy developed in my mind when I was 16. It is another story wehich I'll post later). I lay down on by bak keeping my bag of gift below my head and started thinking how to exploite a girl. My brain was running very fast. Since I was tired, when came to deep sleep, I could not know.

After 1 hour I awaken and find myself a very fresh. I saw that a girl abour 16-17 was sitting beside me. Her face was not beautiful to look at but her body was much attractive, lin and thin with a bit fleshy meat. Her boob size could not be judged because she was wearing a very loose blouse and covered with sari pallu.

Seeing awaken, she asked me to purchase gwava (amrood-kind of fruit). I saw a basket was there in which gwavas were kept. I asked the rate of gwava. It's Rupee one for each. I purchases two, wiped it on my hankey and started to eat but not paid any money. When she asked, I said, I may purchase more if needed. Entire money will be given once.

Since I was hungry I took two more guava. I wiped it on her sari upon thighg. She opposed. I gave her a toffee to eat. Now she was pleased. I may explain here that due to financial conditions toffee/chocolates are very rare things for such type of poor people. Next gwava I wiped on the blouse over the boobm for which she started quarrel with me.

I kooled her by giving a big size of chokolate. I told her thatr if she stay here, I may buy all of her gwava which was 10-12 in numbers. She was delighted to listen. Thje fantacy in my mind was working very fastly. I put my hand inside her loose blouse from the upper side. Again she objected.

I told her to give a beautiful hair pin if she allow to do so and showed her the hairpin from my bag. She kept silent and my hand started works on boob. I was keeping watch on the road also whether any body is passing through or not. I strarted teasing the nipple. In my mind there was a desire to see the bare boobs of her which was not possible at that place.

I lifted her basket in my hand and told her to follow me. She was undesirous to go any where but her basket of gwava was with me so she followed me. I fastly mooved to a plough field where ARHAR CROP (a type of pulse) was there. The speciality of this crop is it shaped like bush having no branched upto 2 feets and there after dense branches and leaves on the top.

Due to which a gap autopmatically generaged to pass through it and to sit inside. I went deep into the field and found a good space to sit inside. She came there and was very angry upon me. I gave her 5 Rupees and pulled her arm to sit beside me. Immediate I put my hand inside her blouse again started to squeeze it with power. She was sounding out of pain.

I started teasing the nepples between my two fingers. She asked to purchase remaining gwava as she want to go now. Her mother will be waiting for her who was sick. Withoutr answering I put a colopurful ribbon in her hand started to open her blouse. Oh my God, what vatapulous boob was there. It was of gray colour with slight dark areolas and deep colout neeple.

The colour combination was fantastic. Special feature of boob was it's conical shape with errect nipples. Perhaps no body had handled it earlier. I started to suck the nipple and another nipple was between my two fingers. Soon her boobs became crazy and greedynees was also in her eyes. I asked her whether she had seen the tool of any male? Her reply was affermative.

She shaw the tool of her father while fucking mother about 4 years back. Now his father is no more. I opened my pant and underwear and showed my hidden treasure to her. She felt very shy. I pulled her hand towards my tool to grab it which she did. I was poleased so I gave her a set of bangles to her. Her hand was working on my tool.

I asked her the name of my tool whci she tild as LUND. I asked the Hindi Name of her boobs. Her reply was Choochi. My hand went on the the tag of her petticoat and opened it. She all on a sudden stood up to collect all of her clothings to go away but I pulled her saree and rolled it with her blouse and threw it to a far place. She was complete nude now.

I hold her hand and pulled her upon me. She fell upon me I embrassed her in sitting position. My hand was working on her entire body. Her resistasnce was becoming less by each touch of mine. I saw her love triangle. It was covered with a very less silky brown hair which was bery good to look at. I put my finger on the oazing cunt and felt that it was already wet.

When inserted my finger inside I found that the hyman of a virgin girl was absent. I surprised and asked if she had sex with any other person. She started weeping and told that after deasth of her father, her uncle forcibely fucked her and she was in tramandous pain at that time. I consoled her and gave her a pack of powder.

She forgot her sorrow but told that she will not do that what has done his uncle. I convinced her that I shall not do it in the manner which not liked by her. I assured her to guarented pleasure which she had not felt in her life. She was in hurry so requestred to do it soon. I laid her on her back on grasses and made 69 position over her.

I put my tool in her mouth and asked to lick and suck it. I was also licking her cunt. My tongue soon found the g spot. She started moaning but the sound was less as my tool was in her mouth. I tries to push my 8 and 1/2 inch cock in her mouth which toucher her throght. I also started tougue fuck. My one hand was lcontineoudly working on her boob.

I ought to enjoy to maximum because no such chance will come again. Here I am to disclose my taste that I like good boobs to see it and fondle it rather than to exploit the love hole. It continued upto 5 minutes and I was feeling horny fluid to come out of me. I stopped it because it was not to bepent in wrong place like mouth.

I came towards her leg, put her both of her leg on my thighs and pointed myself towards love hole. When the red portion went inside she was in bit pain because mine was thicker than that of her uncle. I put some saliva on the enterance and a gentle push was there. It went inside easily and no pain was there.

I started crazy work of more pushing and less pulling and adding saliva to enterance. My entire tool was eated by her choot. she was in a bit pain. After rest of 1 minute I started pumping job with both hhand working on her boobs. The mixed feeling of touch of her boobs by hand and soft skin rub by her clatories on my tool doubled the joy of mine.

I started pumping in speed and she was also cooperating by lifting her ass upward. When I was to cumm inside, she complained the biting of insects on her back. I made her in doggie position and started to pump. Her boobs were so tight that it was not oscillating more. I grabbed it and squeezed with power and started th thrush her choot by my tool.

As soon I was to cumm, I withdrawn my tool and asked her to do the hand job. Withing 30 second my love fluid ejected with force and spread over the ground and some drops on her body. How she enjoyed I asked her. "Bahut Achchha laga" she replied in local language. "You need more?" I asked. to my utter surprise she told yes.

I remembered that I cummed once but never cummed. She told that some thing was about to come outside from her body and it was a most pleasant feeling. But unfortunately I stopped at that time. Without asking any question I started to sucking her boobs again in 69 position putting my losen tool in her mouth. Soon it errected. I started to fuck her in low-down doggie position.

I grabbed her boobs and started to thrush her cunt. Since I had already cummed just now, I had no any fear to be cummed soon. Rapid fire session was startred. My eye were on her back and hands on her boobs. She was moaning in high reathom. I felt my tool becam very sleepery inside. When watched, fluid was comming drop by drop over my restacle balls through the lroot of it.

I was not to stop that time to receive complain from her. I was on work contineously to satisfy her and my crazy LUND. She felt exhausted now and thrown her body on ground. I was holding her in a position so that my tool may not come out of the love hole and started thrushin in new position. She was requesting to stop but Rajdhani Expressing was running with break.

When my station came, I withdrawn it and soon she took it in her mouth and started blow job. My second cumm was in her mouth which lshe spitted on ground. We both laughed. I brought her dress and she started dressing. But I was idle, took one gwava from her basket rubbed on her boob again and started biting.

One mischief again came in my mind that I have not done any bite on her boobs. So I pulled her again to ground and unhooked her loose blouse. I asked why she has worn such a loos blouse. She told that it was of her mother. Her only dress was dirty so she wore mothers cloths. My teeth were on the nipple and started biting.

"Na baba, ab mujhe chhor do, nahi to maa maregi, ki itna samay kahan bitaya.". I told her that lthe gwava were not sold lso she stayed in the matket. Mine errected again. Now I laid on back on the ground, lifted her saree and forcxed her to sit on my tool. It was a horrible experience to her. she started jumps of her body. soon she cummed in large quantity on my body.

I was also satisfied now. In the last I gave her a Leap-stick and a small towel. I also paid 50 ruppes to purchase some sweets. I also asked, when she will available again. Her answer was negative because she had not free axcess outside the home. This her mother was sick and was unable to go to markert to sell the gwava, she was permitted to do so. I thought, It was opne of the luckiest day in my life.

Sex with stranger over Dessert

It was one of those lonely and tiresome nights where all you wanted to do was relax on your bed and enjoy a nice dinner cuddled up with your significant other and watch TV. As I laid down alone eating my bowl of cereal because I was too tired to make myself dinner after a long day at the office, I felt really bored and this sudden urge of horniness. What was I to do?

I wasn't that type to masturbate to porn so then I decided to log on to a chat site where there would be a little more interaction. I logged on and soon enough I received a pm from my virtual sex partner for the night. We He shared our stats...Single White Male, 6'2 with 9" cock when erect and I shared mine,

Single Desi Female, 5'5" with measurements of 38D-24-34 and briefly chatted about our likes and dislikes. Soon enough our chat turned hot and heavy and both climaxed and reached ecstasy. It was then that we realized how long it had been for the both us. For the most part, after a raunchy conversation most sign off to bed but instead we added each other

to our messengers and continued our chat. As we chatted some more, we had a lot in common. In movies, music, traveling, and most importantly the way we liked having sex. We decided that in instances such as tonight we would be each others virtual fuck buddies. Years had passed, both having gone through our own relationships and yet we still remained dear friends,

sharing stuff that we shouldn't otherwise had we known each other only because we had reached a certain comfort level regardless of the fact that till date we had never met. It was only recent that after 6 years, and many many orgasms later, we had finally decided to meet. He flew in to my city for work and had asked me if I would be free to meet and surely enough,

it was one weekend where I had no plans with friends nor did I have any deadlines. We met for quiet and romantic dinner. It was instant attraction. He sat next to me in the booth and as we enjoyed our dinner my hand rested on his groin while he whispered romantic words in to my ears and kissed my neck. We were in bliss.

When it was time for dessert, I whispered, "let's have dessert back at the hotel our way..." He smirked and agreed.We paid the waiter and off we were to finally feel each other the way we have been virtually. We were in the elevator and he couldn't stop kissing my neck and holding me from the back. It didn't matter to him that there were others in the elevator as well.

I teased him to stop and wait till we got to the room, but he just smiled and continued to kiss me. He held my hand and was rushing me to his room when we got out of the elevator. I couldn't stop laughing as to how eager he had become. I hugged him from the back as he tried to open the door with the room key that neglected to let us in.

I unbuttoned his shirt as he kept on vigorously trying. I stopped him took the key and with a gentle swipe I opened the door. He picked me up in his arms like I was his new bride and entered the room. He laid me down on the bed right next where they was a single rose. As I smelled the rose he brought a plate of chocolate covered strawberries

that he had previously ordered and chilled in the fridge. He took a strawberry and traced it on my lips. "You remembered" I said..."How could I ever forget?" He responded. He took the strawberry and took a bite and kissed me so we could both share the sweetness of the chocolate while our tongues intertwined in our deep kisses.

He kissed my neck as he unhooked and unzipped my black tube dress from the back. My hands pushed his shirt off and reach for his belt to unbuckle him. As he pulled down my dress, I unzipped him. He kissed my left nipple and devoured my breast, sucking everything out of me. Pulling on my nipple and on occasion biting it as he squeezed my right breast.

He did the same on my right breast. At that moment, his mouth on my nipples felt so good, it made me realize what I was missing out on for the past 6 years. He pushed me back on the bed, pulled my dress off and sliding my thong off. He spread my legs and blew on my waxed pussy. He kissed my pussy lips gently and wrestled his tongue on my clit in circles.

He pulled on my clit like he was on my nipples. He licked my pussy up and down. My moans were slowly getting louder. He stuck his tongue in my pussy and tongue fucked me alternating with three of his fingers inside me. Faster he went so he could taste all my wet juices. He finger fucked me soo hard that I was almost ready to cum.

But I didn't want to cum just yet so I got up and led him to lay on the bed. I unzipped his pants and pulled them with his underwear down. Taking them off completely. I kissed his knee and his groin. slowly moving up to cock. I kissed around his cock, and gave him wet kisses on his balls. Circling them with my tongue.

I sucked them deep in my mouth almost pinching them in my mouth. He moaned, "Ohh that feels soo goood, I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for you to do that to me!" I licked his cock up to the tip and circled my tongue around it. Sucking just the tip. In and Out. Pulling in my mouth. Slowly taking his cock deeper in my mouth.

He grabbed my hair and guided me to go deeper on his cock. He was soo big that I was almost gagging but I continued to suck his cock in and out with the pace slowly getting faster. I could taste his precum in my mouth as I sucked his cock. I massaged his balls as I sucked him while his hands reached to cup my breasts, squeezing them.

He got rock hard in my hard in my mouth and told me, "I want to fuck you!" He picked me up and lay me on the bed, spread my legs and slowly inserted his shaft in my hot and wet pussy. He held on to my legs over his arms and pounded in me, making slapping noises as he fucked me. We both moaned as his pace got faster by the second.

He then lifted me up, wrapped my legs around his waist and fucked me standing up. He knew I loved it. As we fucked up and down, my breasts jiggled in front of his face. He moved to the bed and laid down so I could ride him.We continued to fuck hard as he spanked my ass and massaged my tits. He reached up and sucked them but did not stop fucking me.

We were moaning even loudly not caring if the people in the room next to us could here. His cock was rock hard and I could feel it hit my g-spot with every thrust. We were just at each other fucking away until he decided that he wanted to fuck me doggy style. I got on all fours spreading my legs a little.

He wet his cock a little and my pussy and slid his cock in and continued to fuck me at the same pace we already were. As he fucked me he reached for my boobs and grabbed them as he continued to fuck me. He pulled me up and kissed me deep with one hand on my clit. Rubbing it fast.

With my loud moans he sensed I was ready to cum and whispered hold it baby hold it. He fucked me even harder and I just couldn't hold it anymore. I came all over his cock and as soon he felt my cum trickling down his cock he couldn't hold it either. He took his cock out and came all over my breasts squirting to my mouth as well.

He fell on top of me and we both kissed. "That was the best dessert, I've ever had!" we both said simultaneously. After this session, we had several other sessions just like this on the floor, in the shower that same weekend even hotter than the previous.

Ever since that weekend, we've met every weekend where he came to visit me and I went to visit him. The other day, he popped the question and we now are soon to be married this winter but when our friends ask us how we met, we just say, "We met over dessert!"

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Hello members this is Micky(name changed) I want to tel you the real incident which happened few months a go.i have told you my name my age is 21 I am good health weighing 72 KGS.I stay in gulf but have come to india for further education after 12th.I am doing B.COM 1st year and I stay in Madhya Pradesh.

So I was staying in gulf for 14 years without any girlfriends or any relationship so I was also sex starved I always wanted to have it but couldnt do it so after coming to india I started searching for chances for me to fuck someone but I couldnt get any girlfriends even though studying in I said this to my cousin who had sex with a slut many times.

He told me that he will help with it,so many days passed but my bro didnt reply so I called him and he said it will be done by coming sunday So I waited for sunday it arrived,i got his call he said to come to his house,i went there and we left for our executing our we reached the place I started finding the girl who is to be fucked and my bro said wait she will come.

I was stunned to look she was awesome. She was 5.54 feet tall almost same height to me, little plump,her fig would be 32-36-35 I was so happy for it that I will get a chance to fuck such a beautiful women,her age was 30.I had a talk with her pimp we agreed for 400 RS for 2 persons, after 5-6 mins I was called in,

i went she was already there,i said to myself what a nice slut I got.I must say she was very beautiful. I went in and hugged her and kissed on her lips,fondled her breasts to which she moaned and I left her thinking on what should I do as I was new so she looked in straight in my eyes,

i told I am new to it I don't know what to do so she said she will teach me, she undressed herself as I did, i was shocked to see the breasts as it came out of her bra, she told me "I hope you know to enter in" I said I didnt understand so she gigled and asked to stand straight I did as she said as I was nervous I was shivering so I closed my eyes.

I felt something liquid on my cock so I opened my eyes and saw her sucking my cock,i really got aroused and my cock got hard and erect,she was a good sucker.My Cock's size is 6.5 inch after erection and only 2-3 inch when she really was shocked to see such things,she said never experienced such a thing.

She lied on the mat and sucked her pussy from its lips to the clit, i made it lubricated. So she rolled a condom on my cock and I was fondling her breasts and doing some foreplay,i sucked her big boobs which was 36 diameter,i played with it alot and she enjoyed it,now it was time for me to enter I told her I don't know where to enter,she said don't joke,

i said I really don't know,so she guided my condom covered cock in her tight pussy hole. Now I knew my work I was making the too and fro motion very slowly to feel her pussy's heat,i was doing it with little power and softness she was moaning in ecstasy I was going in and out with every motion she was moaning oooohhhh aaaahhhh

and also talking bad like fuck me fuck me hard, i was doing slow motion so that I can feel her pussy and also make her cum,i also teased her by removing my 3/4th cock and playing with the head of my cock in the pussy,she said you plz fuck me with all your might,you are teasing me very much.I started playing with her breasts and also sucked it.

I still teased her with same slow motions,i could feel the heat of her pussy now she pleaded plz dear fuck with your might I need it. I asked her to ride me she did it she really did it hard and also came, but I was did not,she said now your turn to fuck me I got her underneath me, again I did slow motions also rotated my cock in pulled it out until the head

and again put it in with full power so that I can reach the max she shouted and I started to fuck her hard, she came for the 2nd time and I was tired but couldnt cum but I had to stop because of tiredness.My Bro took over me.

Sexperience with a woman in train

Am now 25 but this incident happenned when I was 21. I was going from bangalore to jamnagar and unfortunately I didn't get my reservation confirmed and thought that was the worst thing ever possible considering that I had to go all the way to jamnagar. I never had any idea of the luck I was going to have.

The journey on the konkan coast till Pune was uneventful and I did manage to get adequate space to sleep also. But it all started in Pune, being an unreserved compartment lot of people got in and I was cursing my luck when a 40 year woman sat next to me. I didn't take much notice of her coz she had come in with her husband and she wasn't very gr8 looking either.

They were a Gujarathi village couple, the lady managed to squeeze in next to me. The husband without finding a seat went and sat down on the floor a couple of feet away. the train chugged out of Pune station and it was already dusk. Till then I had no intentions in my mind, I never was aware of the huge opportunity sitting by side despite the crampy spaces we were sitting in.

Three hours passed by and we were going along somewhere on the Western coast and people were slowly falling drowsy. I was tired of sitting in one position for quite long and therfore moved a little ahead for a change of position. The lady adjusted into the space created as I moved ahead.

now as time passed by I wanted to ease back but found the woman occupying a little of my space. Cursing my luck again, I eased back as much as possible without disturbing her too much. Now as luck would have it, I slowly realised that my back was almost touching her tit. That mere thought made me hot as a rod.

It suddenly dawned on me of the opportunity that was awaiting, but being my first time and having no experience with a woman earlier I was very apprehensive. But my dick started taking control and with slight trepidation, I was slowly rubbing her tit with my back. She was sleeping but I could find the response as the tit started to get hard.

I knew she was responding and getting hot, but to check her willingness I slightly moved ahead and stopped the rubbing. For a few seconds nothing happened but suddenly I found her tit touching me again, She had moved ahead and she wanted the fun to go on. I knew I had the bloody bitch.

I moved a little back and continued with the rubbing of the tit and squeezing it by applying pressure with my back. This went on for a while but we had to shift the gears, I felt her desperation but more than that I was even more desperate this being my first experience. I shifted uncomfortably to indicate a change and luckily she seemed to get the drift,

she made space and I eased back into the seat with our arms touching eachother. But the major problem was light, in unreserved compartments the lights are never put off and this meant I had to improvise and also be aware of the danger of her husband becoming aware of it. Being a 21 year old, the last thing I wanted to get in was in a brawl with a husband coz

I knew the woman would go into defensive mode and act like a victim if things seem to turn against her. Now since it was dark and slightly cold ( being the month of November, the chill was setting in), I saw the opportunity. I took out myjacket from my rucksack and as though feeling cold spread it over me and a part on her covering her right boob

(she was sitting on my left). Since the spaces were cramped it seemed natural that the jacket should spill on to her. Now with the cover of the jacket, my right hand crossed across and started exploring her body covered by the jacket. I started to get on her from the lowerside. The first thing that I touched was her midriff fold. The touch of raw flesh sent a jolt thru me.

This was my first sexperiencing of a woman. I saw that even she was getting excited and to cover her facial feelings she drew the saree on top of her head like a dupatta, but being so close I cud see her bting her lower lip. Being massaged by a 21 year old handsome was very exciting for her probably.

I massaged her midriff folds and slowly started to draw circles there, I cud feel her heavy breaths of excitement. After having my fill with the midriff, I slowly started to traverse up keeping her boob as target, but the moment I touched she shirked and moved away, I was very surprised and thought that she wanted no more.

I also drew back and waited disappointed, however after a couple of minutes she started to lean on me heavily and I felt that she wanted the fun to continue. I felt elated and began my exercise of massaging her midriff folds again, this time I traversed a little far and drew circles around her navel and dipped my finger into her navel also,

she was breathing a little bit heavily and biting her lip. But as I tried to touch her boob again she drew back and I felt that whatever the reason I will not try it again and spoil the fun that I was driving. But given the little coverage that I had and the lighting still being on in the compartment I didn't have too many chances.

As I was still thinking of new methods she suddenly got up without warning and I was actually afraid thinking that somebody has seen and she's assuming a defensive posture. But she got up and started to head for the bathroom. Though it was a gr8 opportunity to screw a woman in the bathroom but this particularly compartment was filled with people everywhere

right uptil the WCs and therefore the opportunity was shut even before it opened. I was ruing the missed chance as the lady came by. As she started to sit down, she trapped my hand between the berth bench and her back. I marvelled at her ingenuity and sensed the gr8 chance I was about to have.

To be doubly sure I just checked with a drowsy feeling of anyone having watched this. Though a couple of ppl were awake but they weren't noticing. After a couple of minutes I slowly eased my hand down and she gladly made space for my left hand to ease under her buttocks. Now with my left hand firmly placed under buttocks I started to explore the hitherto unknown territories.

As I said earlier, this being my first experience with a lady I wasn't aware exactly as to where the pussy falls when a lady sits. Though I had watched a lot of pornographic films, I never bothered too much about its disposition in their postures. SO imagine my shock and surprise when I felt her pussy right in my hand. I was like a miner striking gold in the very first dig.

My joy knew no bounds and the soft feel of the pussy between the buttocks can only be felt than described. I was in for more surprise as I found that given the typical gujarathi style of dressing, the lady even had managed a gap in the saree giving a direct access to her treasured compartment.

The entire motive of going to the bathroom then hit me, she had deliberately re arranged her saree to give us this golden opportunity. With the soft flesh of the pussy in my hands I was at the heights of ecstasy. I was already leaking very heavily with precum and it was now seeping into my jeans also thru my underwear.

Now with the treasured piece in my hand, I started to savour every moment and was feeling her entire pussy slowly drawing my index finger on the entire length of the slit. She was leaking very heavily and within no time my fingers were dripping with her juices.As I ran my finger along her slit I could feel her cunt lips expnading and contracting trying to suck in my finger.

I let it run thru the contractions and started to go deeper and deeper into the pussy. I let it run to the maximum depth possible but wasn't able to touch her end, it was all sticky and gooy wherever I felt. She was leaking like an open tap, I drew back my finger and let my middle finger also inside. With two fingers inside I started to figer fuck her slowly.

I felt heavy contractions on my fingers as I increased the pace, all the while my other 3 fingers massaging the outer lips. This went on for a good couple of minutes when suddenly I felt a gush rushing past my fingers, she was pouring thru her love hole. I know now that she had an orgasm but I wasn't very sure then and even thought she might have leaked her urine.

She contracted her pussy lips tightly on my fingers and let them go after a long time. Slowly I felt her breathing return to normal and she had a very satisfied look on her face. After soem time,She deliberately slid her head on to my shoulder and placed a soft kiss indicating her gratitude and got up and left for the bathroom (probably to clean herself).

I felt very nice to have satisfied her given the opposing circunstances. Though I felt like having myself jerked but I was very much aware that this wasn't possible given the circumstances. This play continued well into the wee hours of the morning and she had four orgasms while I finger fucked her.

In between I also made a trip down to the WC to relieve myself as it had become unbearable to hold on for me. By dawn, the train was already in gujarath and the couple abruptly got up before a stop and left towards the door. As the lady was wheeling out of sight she turned back looked at me and gave a big smile and I returned her smile.

It was a sense of fulfillment when our eyes met each other, we knew that we would never ever meet again in life and it was kind of strange that one look had so much expressed without ever speaking a word to each other. After that I didn't try to follow her out of the compartment or have a second look at her.

I still remember to this day, the amazing experience I had with her and I cannot forget the final look we xchanged. And frankly she was the door to my other experiences, as this incident emboldened me so much that I tried this luck with every female I happenned to travel sitting close and believe me am having a 98% result.

I was never aware that all females are as adventurous as I was. But the key to this is to never push the lady or girl too far and get to know their intentions very clearly before u go into the overdrive. Like as I wrote I had only 98% success but in the 2% I could retreat before it snow balled into anything major and that's the key as u have to keep ur tracks covered.

Anyways this was my first ever sexperience which I remember like a 70mm in my mind. After this I had lots more traveling experiences including one where I had hit the jackpot with a lady in the WC of a reserved compartment. Comments on this story are most welcome as that would encourage me to take the trouble of posting more experiences here.

Lucky salesman fucking housewife

After finishing my education, I did not want to sit at home doing nothing nor to go around hunting for a job. Finance was no a constrain for me. I had lot of friends and hence meeting at the club in the evening and boozing was my main occupation. Having got bored with this kind of life, I took up a job of a home to home travelling sales man.

It looked nice to meet different types of people every day and interact with them. I went to Mumbai and started out with a bag ful of things which this kind of people carry around. My target was housing colonies and flats. Once I got into a multistoried building of flats. The watchman prevented me from entering,

but I somehow persuaded him and I went to the top floor of the 20 floor building and knocked the door. Time was 10.30 am and I knew that the male tenant would have gone to the office or to his shop and I may meet only his wife or his sister or his mother. The door opened a lady around less than 30 opened the door with a wet towel wrapping her hair and looked at me quizzically.

I opened my long and large bag with a flourish and told her that I am doing a door to door canvassing and more than selling I have to submit my project report and hence if could anwer a few questions I would be happy. What is that you have in the bag, she asked. I said the usual items like masala powder, ladies under garments, nice cutlery from China and some beauty items etc.

She evinced surprise at the variety of items I carried. Ok, tell me what I should do. I sat on the floor and took out my bulky notebook and pen. She said no, please come inside and sit in the sofa. I dragged the bag in and went to sit in the sofa. I took a closer look of the lady who appeared to be educated.

I asked her name, age, education and the name of the husband, age, occupation etc. She got up and said wait a minute I will bring you a cup of tea and then proceed. I looked around the room which was tastefully decorated for an upper middle class family. When she came with the tea, I asked her how many children and their age. She said they dont have any children.

Married for how long, I asked staring at her. She said it is four years since marriage. Is you husband on touring job, I asked. She looked on the floor and said yes and how did you guess. I meet a lot of people and I have my own reasons for coming to a conclusion, I said. Any health problem, I asked. But she said yes, my husband has some problem of BP and sugar etc.

And you dont have any problem, I insisted. She siad no. I went a step further and looking at her and taking a risk I said for a beautiful woman like you not conceiving even after four years of marriage looks strange. She started to cry. I was in a fix. I said please dont cry. These questions I asked for my project report and not for hurting you.

But she began to sob uncontrollably. I had to get up and go near her and touch her head and console her. She leaned on me a total stranger burying her face in my crotch. Her face was directly on my dick, which was stirring. I had to lift her with both of my hands and wipe her tears with my hanky and sit with her in the sofa

and supporting her with my left hand wiped her tears wth the right hand. Her body was perspiring and her cleavage was open and her boobs were clearly visible. I lifted her face and touched my cheeks with hers and hugged her with words of consolation. She immediately embraced me and kissed me on my cheeks. I asked her when is your husband coming.

She said he has gone to Hong Kong for official work and will be back only after five days. I said you should not be emotional like this and gave her a hot smooch on her cheeks. She turned her head and offered me her lips. I embraced her with both of my hands and gave her a hot kiss. She got up and caught hold of my hand and pulled me to her bedroom.

Since message was conveyed no further talk was needed.I undressed her.. Her boobs were magnificent, her trimmed pussy was fantastic. Her whole body was looking divine. I undressed and went to the door and bolted it from inside. hugging her pulled her down into her bed. Seeing me erect cock she smiled and all her sorrow seemed to have vanished.

She took it in her mouth and went on sucking when I meddled with her boobs. When she was sufficiently aroused I pulled her down on me and made her to open her legs and touched her pussy. I was all messy with fluids flowing freely. I made her to lie down and buried my face into her cunt. After licking and sucking her clit, I mounted her and put my cock inside her cunt.

She guided me into her hole and pressed it down to make it enter deep inside. Her cunt was very tight, but she was not a virgin. I fucked her and fucked her with deep and powerful strokes. She moaned loudly and we both came to orgasm together. Since my erection was still lasting, I rolled over and made her to ride me with her legs on either side of mine.

To suck her boob was a pleasure indeed while she was making up and down movement of her hip. Though it was clumsy at the beginning, she learnt the trick and was doing it and enjoying it. I stayed there till evening. But she was not willing to let me go. We would have fucked not less than five times.

She said she never had good sex from her husband since he was on tour always. I used to fuck her almost daily and sometimes I stayed back and the whole night we used to have sex. She never asked for my name and nor she ever mine. But I knew every inch of her body and its reaction to my touch or kiss.

Whenever her husband comes back she used to receive SMS messages from him and she will warn me not to come. Shen the husband goes away I used to resume my adventure. One of the days when her husband was at home I wandered with the same bag and went to a nearby block and knocked at the door of another flat.

There was a lady much younger, opened the door and asked me to show her my goods. I told her the same story about the project report and wanted to have the profile of my customers etc. I tried to sit on the floor and took out my bulky diary and pen. But she asked me to come and sit in the sofa. I started to put my stock of questions. She was doing MBA after engg.

Her father was a bank officer and mother worked in a central govt office. No brothers or sisters. Marriage did not come thru and her parents are trying. After MBA she wanted to take up a job. She was just 24. Smilingly she said so far there have not been any romantic involvements. I told her that I did my MBA in finance and wanted to do it for marketing. Her subject was HR.

She was keen to know more about me. I said I am interviewing and not you. First anwer my question and then allow me to go. I will come later to clarify your questions. She came near me and sat close to me and was smiling. I noticed she had a round neck t shirt and a bermuda. Her legs were showing and her boobs were shaking inside her shirt and hence I knew she was not wearing any bra.

Her hand was very beautiful and she was wearing a ring. I took her hand in my hand and asked her whether it was a engagement ring or some gift from a boy friend. She blushed and said no comments.. I ran my hand over her hand and saw goosepimples all over her body. I took her other hand and felt it for its softness. It was very soft and silky.

I talked about my MBA and went on touching her hand. She did not pull her hand back. I touched her cheeks and said how soft your cheeks are. She brought her cheeks close to my face and I gave her kiss. She did not pull backand I gave her a long kiss. I hugged her and kissed on her lips. Her name she said was Pooja.

She was totally surrendered and fell limp on my lap. I pulled up her t shirt and got it free and her boobs were free and shaking like water filled balloons. I leaned forward and kissed her nipples. Pooja was hissing like a snake and she fell down on the sofa on her back. I unbuttoned her bermuda and pulled it down. It was surprising to me that Pooja was not resisting my moves.

She was lying in the sofa with only a wet panty. I quickly unzipped my jeans and took out my erect cock. Looking at it, Pooja got up as if a spring pulled her up. She took a closer look at my cock and looked at me smiling and opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked it with great haste as if it will be snatched away from her.

I made her to lie down, leaned over and licked her cunt. Her cunt was shaven and bright. I opened her cunt lips and saw her tiny clit. I gave it a nice long lick and got up and inserted my dick in her hole. Pooja closing her eyes looked tense. She appeared to be a vergin since my deep and hard entry brought tears from her eyes. But she enjoyed my fuck immensely.

She wriggled her hip and gave me upward thrusts. Her reaching orgasm was very beautiful. She gave contortions in her face at every wave of orgasm passed over body. She gave funny sounds also. After fucking her four times, I left the place without giving her my telephone number or address. Of course I fucked her many times later.

She was thinking of playing romance with me and getting me into marriage. But the sight of my cock weakened her and she was ready to welcome me with her legs wide open. There is no reason why ladies go to unknown persons for sex. It is not entirely their incompatibility with their husbands, or making extra money, or seeking love from somebody, or a thrill of adventure,

or over sexed and not satisfied with one lover, or all these reasons put together. I knew girls who fall for a small worthless gift. There were girls who hated her set up and wanted to enjoy the thrill going against the establishment. But whatever may be their reason, I got a good fuck could get any time I want as much sex as possible.

Hot sex in bus to Jaipur

My friend, Rohit, used to tell me while reciting his sex exploitations, that there are two or three weak points for every woman. However distance may be your relationship with her, if you are alone with her and likely to be together for more time and when sure that there wont be any external disturbance, sex comes to her mind more intensely than to a man.

She would have schemed in her mind how to take advantage of the situation sexually. I am not generalizing but most of the woman think that way. She may be married, more attached to her husband and children, but when she finds a good male sex comes to her mind prominently. The first weak point for her is her boobs.

She wants as a foreplay the man should start with her boob, squeezing, pressing, massaging, twitching the nipples, licking around the nipples, sucking them softly and then hard, real hard. By this time she would have been fully aroused. Then touch her crotch, pat softly, insert the finger inside the cunt, place the hand on her entire pussy,

apply pressure on the clit, pick up her clit with thumb and forefinger and just apply little pressure, she would have reached the top of readiness. Thirdly take your face towards her cunt and just breath normally and your exhalation of air in the genital area make her leak her cunt fluids.

Lick her cunt and locate her clit with your tongue tip and suck it softly and she would be on the verge of a magnificent orgasm. If you finger fuck her and rub her G spot while sucking her clit, she would have had a torrent of orgasms. At this you and she would have reached a point of no return. She will scream for a fuck, deep fuck, hard fuck and would not be satisfied very easily.

This is the long and short of what he said. As a person admiring him for all his achievements in sex, I cannot disbelieve him and take his word as the last word in sex. Rohit would have 10 or more stories to narrate to establish his theories. Quite handsome, tall and well built, his glib talk would make any girl to fall for him.

If her targets any girl, he knows how to make her fall for him in a short time. His success was that he knew how to get rid of a girl after finishing with her. But in most of the situations luck favoured him more than his ability. Rohit said one day he was travelling by an evening bus from Delhi to Jaipur in the early winter.

He had put on the sweaters and had a shawl to wrap around. In the bus there was a lady in his seat who was all wrapped up but still shivering with chillness. Since she was completely covered Rohit said he could not make out whether she was young, middle aged or old. He invited her with the eye signal to share his shawl by coming inside it.

She moved and came close to him and with one hand he pulled his shawl around her and kept her in tight hug. Once she was inside his shawl he found out she was not old or middle aged, but a young woman in her late twenties. She too put her hands around him to share his warmth.

While adjusting the shawl wrap he just touched her boob and found it to be quite hard and young. She kept her face hidden and he could not make out who she was. She was quite comfortable clinging to his body. His hands were quite warm and hence he put his hands on her navel to transmit more heat.

She pulled his hand onto her bosom and it was all the most enjoyable to keep his hands on her boobs as per her choice. She undid her knots and her blouse was open and her naked boobs were in his hand for him to massage. Her nipples he observed were erect. The lights were put off and the bus was going in a steady speed and all the passengers were in deep sleep.

All of them looked like big bundles rather than human beings. He say he made her to turn to him and open her legs. Since both of them were inside his long shawl nobody can make out what is happening inside the shawl. Rohit pulled her pyjama and panty down and his hands went over her hairless pussy.

With some quick thinking he just unzipped his jeans, pulled his erect cock out. Lifted her and placed her on his lap with her legs on his either side. and hugging her, when she directed his erect cock into her cunt. With some effort from both of them it went in and got embedded inside her cunt. So far there was no talk.

Their body language was sufficient to convey the message. Keeping his cock inside her tight cunt, journeying through Rajasthan was one of the most enjoyable experiences, said Rohit. The female put both of her hands around his head and put her own head on his shoulders giving him ample room to catch and massage her boobs,

was making small movements of her hip to make the cock to go deeper inside her. Though they did not fuck, the jolts of the bus took care of the pleasure and he sensed that she was arriving to a great organism. Knowing this Rohit gave her some deep thrusts and with their hands getting tightened on each other they had a combined orgasm.

But the woman was not willing to leave him. She continued to hold him tight and his cock which retained its erection was soaked with her fluids and his own. Rohit said they both reached orgasm thrice during the whole journey and she released him only in the early hours of the morning when they were about to reach the outskirts of Jaipur.

In the early morning he said he looked at her and found it to be a very charming young lady. And she was also charmed to see that she was enjoying with a handsome young man. They exchanged their mobile numbers and kept contact so that they can meet at Jaipur or Delhi to renew the friendship.

She was a married woman working in Delhi and she went to Jaipur to meet her relatives. Rohit found the journey to be a better place to fuck during winter. Before the close of winter they traveled together on four occasions and as soon as the winter was over he changed his mobile number and lost contact with her.

The fun is that they did not ask each other's names and he did not know her name. When other better looking specimen are available why lament over the past, said Rohit. I was thrilled to hear his experiences. I used to shag on reaching home. His next episode was much more thrilling.

First sexperience as a door-to-door salesman

Hi All, I am an avid reader of Human Digest - Debonair Blogs and have cherished all the wonderful sexperiences shared by all you fellow bloggers. I often have thought of sharing my experiences too, but couldn’t actually start with it coz I am not good at writing.

Now a brief intro of myself – I am Kabir, with 5 ft 8 inches of height and a supple & athletic built, fair with sharp facial features – a sharp nose, a tapering chin and interestingly (as told my umpteen number of aunties) a very delicate and small lip-line. I am very hygiene conscious person and strongly believe in sharing all that is required to be shared with fellow human beings co-existing on our Planet Earth.

Here’s my first of the multitude of experiences that I had working as a Door-2-Door Salesman. It was that time of my life; I was full of 17 yrs when I started working part time during my vacations just after my 12th exams. It was a long vacation and I was lucky to get a job just 3 days after my exams got over.

I got a job as a Door-to-Door Salesman and was working for a small distributor of Household Appliances situated at Bandra, Mumbai. The area allotted to me was from Mahim to Juhu and I am thankful that I got this area as I later realized how many fantastic memorable moments of my life personally and professionally that I could spend here in this area during my part-time work.

I used to sell home appliances like Magic-Mops, Non Stick Pans, and Magic Brushes etc, all tucked into a huge sling-bag and selling it door to door. My reporting time at office was 10.00 am and by the time I reached the specified locality within my area, to knock the first door it used to be around 11.00 am.

By that time in most of the homes all the men folk had left for work and the door used to be opened by either the maids or the bhabhis or the aunties. And it was routine for me to use all my selling skills to gain entry into the home and then sell the products. After about 7 days of my first starting the job, I was at Pali Hill and I knocked on a door.

The door opened and I was mesmerized to see a beautiful aunty sans any make-up, clad in a sleeveless blouse and a sari with her silky hair tied in a top bun, beaming with a sparkling smile, greeting me with a twinkle in her eyes. I was far amazed by the warm welcome that I got here and I was excited as I entered the cool living room after the aunty asked me to come inside the house.

While entering her home, she ensured that I get very less space to move in, by standing in such a way that I had to literally brush her shoulders to gain entry and whilst doing so I got a faint whiff of her body odor mingled with a woody fragrance of whatever perfume that she must have daubed.

Mum....that smell was divine and I was actually happy for being there at that moment sharing space with this beau Bong aunty in the dimly lit room. (As the curtains were drawn and a faint glow of the sunlight trickled inside). She asked me to be comfortable on a cane sofa settee with cherry red cushions and excused herself to fetch a glass of water for me.

I grasped the interiors of her home and found it to be a very warm and cozy home. There was a faint aroma of delicious fried-fish mixed with some room freshener fragrance. So it was a nice comfortable and aromatic set up, a mix of colors and aromas that tickled my senses as I basked in its warmth.

The aunty returned with a tray holding a chilled glass of Rooh Afza and a chilled glass of water as well and I was really thankful as it was summer time and the Rooh Afza with a light flavor of Khus was much needed and very refreshing. As I gulped the Rooh Afza and quenched my thirst I got up to keep the glass on a side table,

when she quickly came in front of me and offered her help to pick the glass from my hands. Whilst doing so she grabbed my fingers that were holding the glass and I could feel that her hands were soft and smooth and that her touch was deliberate although she feigned ignorance.

I again perched back on the sofa settee, with her occupying one of the two chairs placed exactly opposite in front of me. There was a glass-top short centre table placed in between us. I then started my sales pitch and while addressing her I noticed her in entirety for the first time since the time she opened the door and let me in the room.

She was maybe in her mid 30s, with a glowing fair complexion, a sharp nose, twinkling eyes and slightly thick lips which seemed to be in a perpetual pout. A small black mole adorned just touching on one side of her upper lip (which she later confessed was an original one and not an artificial mole) added a beautiful dimension to her flawless complexion and was one of her beauty spots.

She had silky jet black tresses of hair and from the size of the top bun that she had tied them in, I could make out that she had long hair. She had an unusually long neck jutting out above her shoulders, considering her height was around 5 feet 3 inches, which gave her an air of supremacy to her persona. Another brown mole adorned on one side of her neck.

She was not anorexic but healthy and yet shapely with the right curves and contours chiseled on her body. She was heavy bosomed and her boobs were firm and a bulbous white cleavage was jutting out of the low neck bottle green color sleeveless blouse that she was wearing.

Her saffron color cotton sari was worn very low below exposing her tiny deep navel and a flat belly on which a few sweat drops were glistening. She had a firm and shapely arse and one could make out in spite of her wearing a sari that she possessed well toned legs with shapely thighs and calves.

One amongst the so many beautiful features that this Bong aunty possessed was her feet. She had small and dainty soft feet with faded aalta (vermillion color put by Bengali females on their feet during puja ceremony or auspicious ceremonies) lining that was enhancing the beauty of her feet.

So in totality she appeared as a beautiful lady with so many hidden treasures to be explored and mysteries to unravel. That gave her a distinct persona which I guess any male after having one look at her would want to explore and unravel the mysterious treasures hidden within her.

Coming back to the main….as I started demonstrating to her, the products one by one and throughout my presentation, she had such a look on her face as if she is trying to convey to me that I have her undivided attention and that I can expect a very encouraging and successful selling day.

After I was through with the demonstration of the products she leaned forwards toward the centre table to pick up one of the products amongst the entire lot displayed on the table. And since the centre table was short and low-lying, after leaning forward she had to bend down to pick that product which was at the farthest end and out of her reach actually.

Again I could sense that this was a deliberate move because whilst bending down her pallu dropped and she coolly picked up the product and returned back in her normal position on the seat. I thought that she would pick her pallu up and maybe she is also embarrassed so to avoid her from the embarrassment I had turned towards the side table to pick up the glass of water she had kept in the tray.

I turned back with the glass in my hand and when I faced her again it was time for me to get embarrassed actually, because the Aunty was pretending to examine the product that she had picked while her pallu still remained unhooked down on her thighs exposing her buxom bosom with the bulgy milky white cleavage jutting out of the low necked sleeveless blouse.

I awed and gaped at her assets with hungry eyes now and that’s when I noticed that she had another beauty spot huddled on the cleavage of her left boob and my eyes were stoned/fixed on that hypnotizing spot as her bosom rose and fell to her breathing which I again felt was deliberately done more deeply.

My gaze was fixed on her heaving cleavage and the beauty spot and I had already gone into a trance with my mind anticipating and visualizing various hot scenes with this beautiful Bong Aunty. When suddenly I heard the auntie’s voice echoing in my ears and getting me out of my trance….she was asking me the price of that product in Hindi with that typical Bong accent “Yeh kittenay kaaa dhiya?”

I felt as if she had deliberately let me be in the trance as she was enjoying the site of a young male lustily gorging & enjoying the view of her bountiful & beautiful booty. I noticed she was having a sly mischievous smile whilst I was flustered and it seemed that blood was gushing through every pore on my face and it was red with guilt and embarrassment.

I blurted out a wrong price, much lesser than the actual price of that product and immediately she agreed to buy the same. I then realized that I was selling that product at a price which was 75 % discounted and got nervous over my foolhardiness as I shall have to shell out the price difference from my pocket.

The feeling of lust and shock was overcome by the feeling of loss that I shall have to bear and I mustered all my courage to express the same to her. I said “Madam actually maine galti sey aapko bahut kum price quote kiya isska actual price 180/- rupees hain”. The minute I said that she chuckled loudly and teasingly said “Dhyaan kahan tha Kabir? Kis duniya mein Kho gaye theay?”

I was all the more embarrassed and for a moment I thought like running out of that room. But again when I looked towards her I realized that she was encouraging me to take that first step towards having an enriching experience with her. I suddenly realized that there is a whole lot to gain here than merely the sales of my products.

So I gathered all my courage and flirtatiously said, “Aunty ek sach baat kahoon agar aap bura nahin manengey?” She coaxed me to utter the next sentence with a confident look as if she new what I am going to say next…she said, “Bataon na Kabir jo bhi kehena hain sach-sach aur bina darey huey kaho, aur haan mera naam Shoma (name changed) hain.

You can call me Shoma.” I sheepishly said “Aunty aap bahut beautiful hain”. She blushingly said “ Yeh kya Kabir mera naam Shoma hain aur mujhe naam sey bula sakte ho tum and thanks for the compliment”. After that for about 10 minutes we both were rattling off and chatting about the products, imported products and not so other important things.

All this while there was some kind of secret messages that were relayed between each other through body language, tone of voice etc. And I guess by then she didn’t want to waste any more of the valuable time and the opportunity that lied in front of us to have a fabulous time together. She got up from her seat and came and sat next to me.

She then picked up one of the product from the table, which was a Electrical Fomenting Pad (something similar to the rubber bags that were used filled with hot water to soothe and relieve any muscular pain in olden days) and said very huskily “ Kabir yeh wakiye mein accha hain muscular pains ke liye?” to which I replied in affirmative and gave her my sales closing shot.

And the next moment I was weak in my knees as Shoma had twisted her body from the waist to her left side (I was sitting to her right side) and with her one hand on her lower back she pulled the sari aside exposing her milky white lower waist and said “Kabir yahan neeche kamar mein bahut dard rehta hain aaj kal, kya iss product sey who theekh ho sakta hain?

I said “Jee haan Shomaji aap ko bahut aaram mil sakta hain yeh use karney sey?” She turned around adjusting her sari back in place and while turning around she moved and shifted a little closer to me. She agreed to buy it and got up to get her purse to pay me. I was a bit disappointed thinking that she is about to pay me now that means

I have to leave now and any hope that I had build up to have my first experience and that too with this beau Bong Aunty seemed like a shattered dream. I was continuously gazing at her rear side as she walked towards another room to fetch her purse. She came back paid me for two products and asked me to keep the change.

I was feeling very low and unhappy because the transaction was over and it was time to leave. I started repacking the stuff in my bag. She was observing me and my movements very minutely and I still could feel that she was staring at my back from behind as she sat still on the sofa settee.

As I finished packing and turned around to thank Shoma Aunty, I was jostled to see Shoma Aunty standing just behind me with our bodies and face just few inches away and our toes almost touching each other. I could now smell her and the scent of her body sent a wave of excitement throughout my body.

I could smell her breath which was a mix of cinnamon and cardamom and her pouting lips were moist and glistening. She then looked down towards her feet and as I too looked down I could see that she held the Electric Fomenting Pad unwrapped from its plastic bag and then in unison we both looked up and our eyes locked and she huskily said “Kabir I would like to try this product out right now!

Will you please help me in demonstrating how to use it on me to get relieved of this lower back pain?” As she said this, her hand trailed backside to her lower back and as she did so her breast thrust forward and for a fraction of a second her breast brushed across my lower chest and I felt her taut nipples distinctly.

Without even waiting for my reply she then moved away from me waltzing away towards the other room which turned out to be her bedroom. I had to obediently follow her into the bedroom which was done up in soft colors and had a sprawling double bed which was very much inviting.

She drew the thick curtains and the room was in complete darkness for a second before she switched on a dim light just above the dressing table. She then switched on the AC. I then took in the atmosphere of the room which suddenly had a demanding air of some act which was soon to begin in the dim lit room.

I could see her silhouette moving around in the room making some finer adjustments around as the AC motor whirred gloriously adding a dash of trance music to the room. There was a very earthy and woody fragrance lingering in the room which I guess must be a mix of all the cosmetics which adorned the dressing table.

She then asked whether I would like to have another glass of Rooh Afza which I politely declined. She then sat reclined with her head resting on the cushioned headrest of the master bed and her legs stretched one over the other on the bed. She asked me to sit on the bed at her feet and requested me to demonstrate the product.

I got up and told her that I would require an electrical point to plug in the product. She pointed at one which was on her right just above a small side table next to her bed. I got up and knelt down to plug in the fomenting pad. Then I told her that she will have to wrap the pad ( which was like a velvet quilt with Velcro straps attached for fastening)

around her lower waist in layers and then after winding around to strap the Velcro tight. She again got up and sat on the edge of the bed and pretended to fumble around with the pad and then finally said “Kabir it’s difficult to wrap it around as my back is aching, please can you wrap it around my waist”.

My heartbeats increased and I went close to her and I had to kneel down aside her as I took the pad from her hands. She lifted her hands side ways and I began by placing one end of the pad on her belly and trying to pull the other end around her waist in turns to wrap it and fasten it.

To do so I had to use both my hands turn by turn placing one palm always on the pad around the belly part to hold it in place. I had to also bend and turn my head in the clockwise direction as I wrapped the pad around her. My olfactory nerves were titillated with her feminine body odor mixed with the faint fragrance of her perfume

which I guess was Avon and she was now breathing heavily and I could get a whiff of the cardamom and cinnamon mix. She was now also deliberately trying to thrust her bosom in the front right in my face and my face did touch her bosom couple of times. I too had a strong hard on by then and was actually feeling very cramped kneeling down and wrapping the pad around.

But still I was deliberately trying to go as slow as possible so as to linger around so close to her for a longer time enjoying the odors and the game that we had already begun. After I was through, I asked her to relax and lie down on her back as I switched on the electric switch. I asked her to close her eyes and I again got up to sit near her feet.

She shifted a little inside and gestured me to sit next to her on the edge of the bed, near her knees. She closed her eyes and I was ogling at her straight and also sizing her up from head to toe. Every now and then my eyes trailed to her heaving bosom which now was more exposed as the pallu of her sari got on one side (because of the pad on around her belly and waist)

and one more than handful of a boob was exposed. I could also see the silhouette of her erect nipples and had to adjust my erect throbbing dick from outside as it was getting very much cramped inside. After 15 mins of the prescribed time I softly told her that its time to remove it now.

She opened her eyes and tossed her pallu aside exposing the cleavage and now both her boobs were thrusting out of her blouse invitingly. She asked me to remove the pad which I started unwrapping. But to remove it she needed to toss and turn side to side which I asked her to do.

But she refused saying, “Kabir mein ab nahin hiloongi, tum hi meri kamar pakad kar upar uthao our pad nikalo”. I did so but as soon as I put my palm under her waist she shifted up and plunked her arse on my inner palm. I could feel her soft yet firm buttocks and I pressed them softly. She had closed her eyes again.

I slowly started my movements to unwrap the pad, I had to lift her waist from below while holding another hand on her side waist and turn and toss her around to unwrap the pad completely by giving 8 -9 turns. Whilst doing so, now I too was playing the game by softly squeezing her buttocks, her side waist, brushing her belly with the pad layers on as they unfolded.

Once I had unwrapped the pad, due to all that turning and twisting she lay in front of me with her bosom exposed thru her blouse, her flat milky white belly with the dainty deep navel and the sari line around her waist gone more down towards her pussy, with the bottom portion of her sari slightly lifted up exposing her legs up to the knees.

I asked her how she felt and she opened her eyes and staring deep into my eyes she said “Thanks Kabir thoda relief mila tho hai lekin woh heat sey meri skin dekho kitney garam ho gayee hain” As she said this she pulled my hand holding my palm on her belly and enquired “Hain na Kabir kitni garam ho gayee na meri skin?”.

This was more than a clean green signal so now I decided to play the game in her style and take the act progressively to next levels and enjoy every moment of this game. I said “Shoma do you have some ice in your fridge? Maybe I can apply some ice cubes and your skin will feel nice.” She told me to go to the kitchen and fetch the ice cubes myself.

So I went around and after about 3 minutes returned back. When I came back I was amazed and glad that she too had got into the groove of the game as she had removed her sari and was lying down on her back only in her petticoat and sleeveless blouse now. I came and sat next to her on the bed and she was staring at me widely trying to maneuver my next move.

I now sat confidently and asked her to relax while I picked up one ice cube and placed it on her belly. She squirmed and yelped an “ouch” but didn’t move as I slowly started moving the ice cube around her belly, her navel, her waist. I must have finished using 3 – 4 cubes when she suddenly got up and asked “Can I ask for a favor?” I said “Sure go ahead Shomaji”.

She said “Firstly, please call me only Shoma, no ji attached to it and secondly if you don’t mind can I remove my blouse too and maybe you can apply those ice cubes on my complete back, because it feels nice and very soothing Kabir”. I replied “Sure Shoma I am at your complete service”

encouragingly hinting her that I am there for running that entire marathon of a game that we had embarked together upon. She then got up and stood with her back turned on me. She slowly unhooked her blouse and removed it flinging it aside. She was now topless with only the petticoat on her body, exposing her shapely upper torso and the milky white shapely back.

I could see that her boobs must be quite big because from the sides I could see lumps of booby flesh. She again lied down on her belly exposing her inviting back to my hungry eyes. I got up and fetched some more ice cubes and then started slowly circling one cube across the expanse of her back.

She was hissing ecstatically and her sounds were turning me to heights of excitement. She then put up and crossed her both hands on the pillow above her head. I could see the booby flesh squeezed below and oozing out from the sides. I then slowly slid my hands around her oozing booby flesh continuing my massage with the ice cubes.

The minute my palms touched her oozing booby flesh on either sides below her armpit, she squealed in frenzy and swiftly turned around revealing her ample bosom to me and then I lost my control. I embraced her immediately and in no time we were kissing each other passionately.

She seemed to be very hungry and sex starved as was sucking on my tongue, biting my lips, licking my cheeks, sucking on my earlobes and I too was exploring all areas of her face, licking, sucking and biting. We both were burning with animal desire to eat out each other while we were now rolling on the bed, tossing and getting on each others body without getting out of the embrace.

Now our hands were down under our shoulder groping and exploring each others bodies. I was now squeezing & crushing her boobs and she was making short yelping sounds and moaning with hysteria…..ouch, ahhhh, aarrghhh…..haan…ahhhh. Her sounds were adding fuel to my burning desire and then I pulled the string on her petticoat to remove it

and she co-operated by lifting her bums up and in one sweep I pulled the petticoat out. She wasn’t wearing any panties and now I was super excited. I was seeing a women completely nude for the first time (I was a virgin then and it was my first sexperience). I hurriedly undressed myself and kept my jockey underwear on and we again embraced and started passionately kissing each other.

Our bodies were entwined and rolling across the bed with our tongues exploring the deepest recesses of each others mouth. I suckled on her lower lip and our tongues lashed violently and then she moved her hand down under inside my underwear and she held my penis in her soft hands with a firm grip and squeezed it very rhythmically,

pumping it slow and gradually turning into strong squeezing pumps. I was in heaven and her magic touch on my dick set my tool throbbing and pulsating as if it’s about to burst into her hands. She then pulled my underwear out and made me lie down on the bed. I lay still as she started kissing & licking me from my forehead, my nose, my lips, earlobes, neck, my nipples,

and my chest trailing down towards my navel. All this while she was pumping my dick rhythmically and then she swirled her moist tongue around my navel and I was getting waves of ecstasy reverberating thru my entire body. Then she progressed towards my crotch slowly lapping her tongue on my balls and then moving up the entire shaft of my dick upwards towards

the tip of my penile glans…..she stopped for a moment and kissed the tip of my dick and then started smelling my tool all over with hot air blowing in and out of her nostrils which was such a magnificent feeling that I cant describe it in words. Then she gobbled my balls and sucked them softly while rubbing my dick with her soft hands.

She tapped her fingers all over on my dick shaft and then moved up to slowly gulp my dick in her mouth. I moaned…..ummmm….ummmm…Shomaaaa…..ahhhh so nice so nice…..ahhh…and then she started her movements….she sucked my penis in slow movements of moving her lips encircled on my dick from the top to the deep bottom of my shaft

and coming up and down sliding and rolling her moist tongue on my penis tip and the shaft ….ummmmm and then after 4 – 5 minutes I couldn’t control and I gripped her head with both my hands and told her that I am going to ejaculate any moment now. She signaled me to stay in and release my cum in her mouth, which I did in no time,

the dam had burst and loads of my hot semen was spurting out in spasms into her mouth mixing with her saliva and engulfing my dick in a moist wet and fluidly cavity of her mouth with the tongue patting my shaft softly and her lips squeezing and sucking on my penis till the last drop was out and she hungrily gulped all the juices.

My dick gradually went limp in her mouth and then after 5 – 6 minutes she removed it from her mouth kissed and licked all over once again and came over me hugging me and kissing me softly and smiling on her conquest of a virgin dick of a 17 year young boy who she considered as her prized possession from then on and we had many sexual encounters after that

throughout my vacation and even later when my college started. Ummm….fond memories. There was more action later but I shall leave it for my next sharing of experience… we made wild love half an hour later and she guided and tutored me into having my very first sexperience of my life time….which was really divine.

Fucking mystery girl at marriage

The month of May 2009 was a month of marriages. There were so many to attend. I had to attend a marriage of our family friend, who was also our neighbor for a pretty long time. They were also our distant relatives. I was not too keen to attend it. However, because of our family friendship I had to go. After done my business things, I left for their place.

By the time I reached their residence, it was about 10.20 pm. Uncle welcomed me and called aunty. She was lightened up after she saw me. Both of them thanked me profusely for coming. I had dinner chitchatting with them, and after they forced me to spend night in their house and he took me to a flat opposite theirs and said I could sleep with the other guests there.

As both of us searched for a place to sleep, we could not find any. He then called Aunty and told her about the problem. Aunty then asked me to accompany her and we went back to their house. We went from one bedroom to another and ultimately found a place. It was a bedroom without any beds but the mattresses were laid on the floor on which about eight people

were sleeping side by side. In the really dim night lamp, we saw at one end of mattresses there was some place next to a small child of about 2 years sleeping. Next to the child was a girl/lady sleeping on her side with her face towards the kid. To avoid embarrassment to my hosts, I convinced them that I was comfortable and accepted to sleep there.

Aunty came with a sheet and handed it over to me saying because of the mosquitoes she had kept both the ceiling fans in the room on. I said goodnight to my hosts and retired. They went away. I took my mobile and set an alarm for 7.00 Am. It was 1.07 a.m. Moving the sleeping child a bit, I pulled up the sheet to my neck to avoid mosquitoes.

In the process, I also covered the child. Therefore, the child and I were sharing a sheet. The baby was also under another sheet that the lady had on them together. In the darkness I wondered who the child was and who was sleeping next to him, but I could not. I could only make out the fairness of the face of the lady/girl sleeping next to the baby.

I could not get sleep as the ceiling fan, was making some irritating noise. As I lay awake, the child next to me shifted upwards and he pushed the pillow down. After about two mins, as I thought of the child wetting the bed and my situation if that happened, I felt a leg on my leg. An electric current ran through me because, I could make out that the leg was of a female.

I thought it was accidental. It rested on me for some time and then started moving up & down. I could feel the warmness and the smoothness of the naked leg. We had formed some kind of V shape and because the baby was between the female, and me I could not see her face. The leg was now on my thighs and the lady was actually slowly massaging with her foot.

I was getting excited. I stayed in the same position. The leg now again moved up. It was positively hot now. My cock started stirring. However, my mind was not accepting this. Before I could react, the knee of the leg was on my hard cock and it was pressing it. The thighs were touching. I decided to enjoy.

I shifted downwards a bit and made it comfortable for the lady to press with her leg. She too shifted down and I knew she was awake and was deliberately doing it. She then placed her hands on my hard COCK and started feeling it. I have nice 7 inch. cock that is just the right thickness. I could not resist.

I open my pant buttons, held her hand, and through the underwear sides, put it on my cock. She instinctively held it and started moving her hands up and down. She moved her thumbs on its top and tickled the slit. She moved her fingers down and expertly massaged my balls. I do not know why, but on the same morning, I had shaved my pubic hair.

She seems surprised not to find any hair. She continued to expertly massage my balls and cock. All this was happening under the blanket. As she continued to use her fingers, something snapped in me. I did not want to do it. I had a bout of sudden righteousness and I took her hand off my cock and pushed it away. I turned on my side with my back to her.

Now I felt and heard some shuffling and the night lamp went off. Suddenly, one hand again was on my underwear. I turned to feel the girl lying right next to me. She had moved the child behind her. The sheet covering us was now thrown away. I could see the glow of her fair limbs. No sooner had I turned, she put her had to my face and turning it towards her put her lips to mine.

The lips were full and moist. It was great feeling. Her wet lips, warm breathe and her smell was intoxicating. She expertly used her tongue and I responded. As I kissed her, I moved my hands on her back and found that she was wearing a nighty. I pushed the nightie up and moved my hands on her buttocks and squeezed them.

My! They were fleshy and firm, not exactly round, but felt immense. I pushed my hand inside her panty and kneaded her ass. I kissed more passionately. She started to respond and kissed me back. For some time we just continued kissing each other with Me rubbing her ass and squeezing it.

Then while continuing to kiss her I moved my hand on her boob and squeezed it slightly. She moved her head back and let out a low moan oohhhhh. I fondled her boobs from over her nightie. I kept kissing & inserted my hands inside her bra and felt the smoothness, softness and warmth of her boobs with my palms. The boobs were nice and big, if not huge.

Compared to her ass they were more rounded, supple and firm. She moaned again AAAhhhhhhhh. After a while I undid the hooks on her back and removed her bra. She carefully kept her bra above her pillow. The whiteness of the boobs was visible in that darkness. The nipples on the tips of her fleshy boobs had grown hard and pointed.

Now I started kissing her on her neck, below the ears and moving really slowly downwards, I placed my lips on her nipples. I jutted out my wet tongue just a bit and moved it on her nipple. She moved her hands behind my head and pulled them towards her. As I opened my lips and squeezing the tits, she pushed her boobs right into my mouth.

She then used her hands to pull away my pant. She threw her legs over my waist and pushed the another boob into my mouth. She was moaning and making some low hissing sounds Oohhhh eeeeeeee ssssuuuuuuu AAahhhhhhh. They were all drowned in the loud ceiling fan noise. She then very quickly pulled her panty off and tossed it next to her clothes.

I could now feel her wet pussy on my navel. She had a shaven pussy as I could not feel any pubic hair. To confirm, I pushed my hand between and used my finger to feel the lips of her pussy. She again let out a soft aaaahhhh ssssssssss and bit my lip. She was wet. Using the palm stuck between her and my navel she started moving up and down,

rubbing her clit on my fingers. I teased her by inserting and moving the fingers just inside her pussy lips and rubbing her cunt lips. She squeezed her thighs really tight. I knew she was enjoying my every touch to her pussy. My hardened cock was thru my U/W touching her ass crack and her slight movement was massaging its top.

She pulled down my u/w and took it out from my legs using her hands and her feet. It remained entangled in one of my legs. She pushed my undershirt (vest/banian) up and made me remove my hands out and it remained in my neck like a brace. She then released her grip and getting away from me a bit for a moment, felt my hard cock and spitting on her fingers,

curled them around it. It started getting harder as she pumped it for a minute and then pushed her cunt on the cock. Holding my fuck-pole in her hands she tried to insert it in her love pot. I arched my back and moved it away from her. I inserted my index finger right inside her pussy and moved it. She was all hot wet and sticky and slippery inside. I then inserted another finger.

As I rifled my fingers inside her, she gave a loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh and gripped my hand and squeezed her thighs, trapping my fingers inside. I could not move my palm, but continued to move my fingers and she came. With another loud ooooooooooohhhhh she crashed her lips on mine and pushed her tongue in.

I could feel her pussy contract and grip my fingers inside. The fingers were now all drenched in her juices. We lay in the same position for some time kissing each other. As she released my gripping hands by opening her thighs, I quickly moved them on her clit. Plucking her pussy lips with my thumb and middle finger, I used my index finger on her clit, driving her crazy.

She was thrusting herself on my fingers. She forcefully removed my hands. As I was guessing what she was about to do, she came over me and sat on my crotch. Her moist pussy lips enveloped my cock that was oozing the precum. Lubricated by her own cum, she rubbed her clit on my cock. My hands were now again on her ass, kneading and squeezing them.

Her silky thighs resting on my thighs, I again attended to her pointed nipples and sucked them. Using her hand, she pushed my cock in her hot dripping cunt. She emitted a aaaaaahhhhhhh. sssssssss, as my tool slipped slowly in her dripping cunt, and started rocking... However, I stopped her. I could feel her pussy, though wet was still tight.

Arching my back, and lifting her a bit, I started pumping her slowly. She rested her knees on the mattress and her ass was suspended in air. She responded and tried to grip my hot cock inside her for my every up thrust. As she lifted her head, I moved my fingers on her lips and she used her tongue licking my fingers and salivating them on it and making them wet.

I stimulated her with my hands on her ass by really pulling away her ass cheeks and using my wet finger on her ass hole. She could not stop and whispered..faster...faster ooohhhh plzzzzz in my ears. I increased the speed and she locked her lips again with mine. As I continued to pound her,

she kissed my ears and let out a string of aaaaahhhh ooofffffffff ooohhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhh sssshhhh uuuummmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh and as the tempo of fucking reached its peak, she sank down on me, pushing my arched back on the bed and lay there. She came again, and I could feel her cum running down my still erect cock, sunk into her convulsing pussy.

As I waited to let her enjoy her sensation, she kissed me again and moved away from me. I was about to pull her when I felt her turn and move in 69 position. Before I could understand what was happening, I felt the wetness of her mouth, her hand wrapped around the hardness of my cock, she was using her tongue and her lips on my hard cock.

Gripping my pole with her fingers, she was doing it like a pro. I could not restrain myself. I lifted my ass and fucked her mouth. My hands were again on her ass cheeks squeezing them. I could not stop now. Her lips tightly clasped the root of my throbbing cock. She threw her hand around my buttock and pushed her mouth hard into my crotch my cock throbbing deep inside her mouth.

I knew I was not going to last this time and went stiff. She took her mouth away from my hot rod. I groaned and shot my hot frothing cum on her face and her naked breasts. Some cum dripped down my cock and she started licking it. I pushed her away from my cock and she again turned towards me. I kissed her and felt the taste of our love juices, and her saliva.

We continued to kiss, as I again started to fondle her boobs. We would not stop kissing and me fondling her breasts and her tits, squeezing them with my fingers. After kissing for some time, she again went to 69 position and suspended her pussy on my face. Holding her hips, I ran my tongue over her soft thighs, dribbling my tongue with my saliva.

Her shaven pussy was giving out a nice aroma. I planted a kiss on her pussy lips, and shot my tongue out to explore her pussy lips. She started gyrating her ass. I licked up with my flattened tongue but did not slid into her. I went back and sucked one of her pussy lips into my mouth. She then changed the position and turned herself on her back in the same 69 position.

I was now on top. My tongue moved in and slipped deep and hard into the folds of her pussy. I used my tongue on her clit; My mouth was feeling her juices. Slowly I swirled through her dampness & teased the pussy by shoving it inside her hot love hole. Using my tongue, I pushed her clit and slowly moving up circled her clit

with my dripping tongue & slid my lip up and down over her clitoris. Sporadically I moved my tongue into her pussy and delicately licking of her clit. She was now pushing her buttocks up urging me continue to do it. She let out low moans and sighs as I tongued her pussy, gripping my head in her thighs.In the meanwhile she ran her tongue along my half erect cock's

length and then slowly opening her mouth wide open, took it in her mouth massaging my balls. My cock started hardening again. I could feel her hot breath on my balls. She took hold of my hardening penis and pulled back the fore skin exposing the swollen head. Using her lips and tongue expertly she concentrated on the head

slipping it in & out of her mouth and then proceeded to take the swollen head into her hot mouth using her tongue to lick all around the head, concentrating specially on the underside of the head. Her one hand was squeezing the base of my cock and the head was getting bigger ad harder.

She then caressed my hairless balls with her tongue taking each of them in her mouth and sucking on them while still maintaining the up and down motion of her head. While my penis was being sucked and hardened, I squeezed her boobs and tongued her cunt. At last she could take it no more.

She turned again from 69 to face-to-face position and pulled my head and kissed me. It was a deep kiss, and each of our tongues entwined relishing each other's juices. She was now pushing her cunt up to me imploring me to screw her. I too could not take it. I positioned my cock at her steaming hole opening and pushed it deep in.

She let out aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh in my ears. I placed my hands on her boobs and pinching her nipples, increased my speed. She started rotating and shaking her ass for my every stroke. My GOD! It was an awesome sensation, which I had never experienced. I was experiencing waves of pleasure and I really humped the babe with all my vigor,

forgetting the thudding sound it made which was felt as small shocks on the floor as the bed was on the floor. I was now madly kissing her boobs as she did not stop her shaking of her ass, and I was about to explode, when she let out a oooooommmmmmmmmmphhhhhh and wrapped her legs on my back, pulling my hair and scratching my back with her another hand.

I stopped quickly and took my tool out of her and pressed its base to stop myself form jerking. I now sat on my haunches and taking her feet on my shoulders, inserted my fingers in her hot cunt. I could feel her juices overflowing. With my curled fingers, I started giving her the G-Spot massage. She was cold to my finger movement initially, but started warming up.

As I continued to apply pressure and in between rifle my fingers in and out, she started her patented gyrations of her ass, pushing it up, and squeezing my head between her legs. I used my other hand to cup her boobs and massage them. I increased my speed, and she came, she had an orgasm, which came with a loud moan aaaiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeo ooooooommfffffffffhhh

that was heard over the racket the ceiling fan was making. I swiftly threw her legs from my shoulder and locked my lips with her and stifled her moan. My fingers were experiencing the flooding of her pussy with her love juices. I withdrew my hand and moved to her side. She was giggling uncontrollably.

After some time, she inserted her own fingers inside her pussy and using her juices, she commenced the stroking of my cock. I then turned her on her side and lifting her leg up, I inserted my cock in her dripping snatch, and started stroking her. As I banged her harder and faster, I was also pounding her fleshy ass.

The stoppage in the fucking earlier was great, as the sensations had to build again to enable me enjoy thrash the girl with my strokes. As I could not get my pleasure, I turned her on her back and mounted her in the missionary position. I could now fuck her really fast and I increased my humping speed. In addition, suddenly, the electricity went off.

The fans went silent and I could hear the squelch chuck squelch chuck squelch chuck sound our fucking was making. Hearing those sounds, I got really charged up and excited but slowed down my speed. I then put my lips on hers, and kissing her mouth, her earlobes softly, I enjoyed my love sounds, which were now Sqquuuueelch chhhuuuukkkkkk.

She was also nibbling my ears and breathing hot air on my ears. I then mounted her, just like one sits on a bike, with her legs together between mine and increased the tempo. The squelching sound was now deadened but the sound of our thighs and crotches crashing thump thak. Thak thump on each other was sensational.

She again started her ass gyrations and I stiffened. About to explode, she pushed me away and held my cock and directed my cum on her tits and stomach. As I laid down on her exhausted after a long and really enjoyable fuck, I could feel the stickiness of my own juice on my bare chest.

She ran her hands on my sweaty wet bare chest and I kissed her boobs softly and tasted the sour taste of her sweat and my cum. The clock struck five and I was surprised that we had fucked for almost 4 hours. She was glistening with the sweat and cum on her. As I continued to kiss her softly on her lips and her boobs, she whispered..Thanks.. in my ears.

Suddenly the baby woke up with sobs. She quickly separated from me, moved the baby between us in a flash and covered herself with her sheet. I too remembered that my pant was near my pillow, I quickly grabbed it, pushed it near my waist, and turning on my side, pulling up my rug, pretended to be asleep. She patted the baby and comforted it.

The baby went back to sleep. Then she got up gradually, trying to find out whether some one else had also woken up and took her clothes. Standing up, she wore her clothes, came over to me, kissed and went back to her place to sleep. I again fondled her breasts, massaged her pussy for a moment and as the sleep overcame me

I fell sound asleep till the alarm went off as set at 7.00 waking me up. My reaction was to see who the lady/girl was who gave me such a lovely enjoyment and pleasure. However, alas, she was not there. Everybody had woken up, the mattresses were rolled and only the baby was sleeping next to me, smiling sweetly in the sleep.

Till today, I do not know who I fucked gloriously on that day, as all my attempts to find out who all were sleeping in that room on that day got varied responses. I still don't know whether she was one of the young married ladies who had come as guests - because whatever she did sucking, shaking her ass was amazing or one of the beautiful girls who are there in every marriage home.... However let me know how you found my story.

Fucking hot chat babe Tina

Hello to all Human Digest readers', this is Harry again with my second encounter that happened in mumbai with a lady who was in neighbours a few months ago when she lived in bangalore. Her name is Tina(that was her pet name), Her structure is 38-26-38... she is awesome to look...and when u see her immediately u will have a hardon...

It all happened when I went to meet her in she had invited me becuase I never met her after she left to mumbai..i always used to stay in touch with her in chat and she asked me to come there...and since I was on a long leave here with work..i decided to go there.

So allow me to Start...I landed at mumbai railway station... it was my 1st time in mumbai, she told she will pick me up..and I when I saw her in the station...she was on a pink saree..and just could not take my eyes of here...i could see her navel through the saree.. and she was hot...but I could not think I had to control my feelings..and I have never knew what she had in her mind.

Later I reached her home, and I entered her house right behind her and noticed that my phone's battery was dead, and so asked her for a charer, and she was searching for that too, and I was too tired and was sitting on the couch and watching her walk up and down for a charger, and she bent down to search in a draw and her pallu

just slipped of her and I noticed her sexy clevage and noticed that she was starring straight at me...i immediately turned my head off her direction and then she got the charger and gave it to me and then she looked at me and asked me to have bath and refresh and that was in a very harsh tone, and I was assuming that she did not like me what I was looking at,

and then I went to have bath and unfortunately forget to take my towel and then I asked her to get me a towell from my bag, and she did get it for me. I finished bath and came out and then I realised that I had kept a condom pack in my bag right below the towel and went running to my bag and searched my entire bag and noticed that the condom was not there in my bad.

I was scared and did not what to do and just turned and saw tina standing there, with her right hand behind her and she asked me what I was searching for and I did not what to say and was searching for words..and I mangaed to say that I was searching for my deo, and then she said fine and she asked me if I wanted to have something..

with a naughty smile on face and a wild look in her eyes..i was wondering if I was in reality or just dreaming and then she came close to me...and again asked and if I wanted to have something and I did not know what to reply, my throat went dry and tried to swallow my saliva and she asked me, are u dry..and I said yeah!, and asked for some juice..

and she asked if she needs to serve it warm for her, I was wondering what was she upto and was hoping she could gimme some hint. She then asked why I got the condoms, and I could not answer and she asked me if I had anything in mind and I said no in a very low voice and she said 'lets see' And she just turned round and waled towards the door,

and that time I noticed the codom pack was in her hand and then she went near the door and closed it and bolted the door..and she asked me sit on the couch and I was sitting there and she asked me to wait there, and I was just on my towell, she left the condom on the table and went to her room, and did not know wht to do.

And she cam back and when she came back she was in a Red skirt and then she was wearing a red skin fit t-shirt and she looked so hot and looking at her like that, my crane started to get to its position and just to change track, I asked her can we go for a ride outside and she looked straight at my bulge and she came close to me and said she is gonna ride alone,

and I asked what am I to do alone at home, and she replied and she is gonna ride me.. and I was shocked hearing that. She then gave me a look, which has been wildest look that I have ever seen till date. Looking at that I straight pulled her close to me and locked my lips on her, and she was responding straightaway, and I just did not think she would respond so well,

and as I was on the couch she just pulled my towell and started to play with my dick and started jerking it vigorously, and I was kissing her deeper and deeper and both of us started to explore eachother's body. My dick was standing upright... all of a sudden, I just hugged her, n she reacted hugging me... she moaned...

I got so excited that I instantly slipped my hands inside her t-shirt n was caressing her bare back... she began massaging her boobs against my chest... my hard DICK was touching the bottom of her stomach.... thats wen she regained consciousness... She started sayin "Harryl!!! STOP IT!!! Its not right!!!! Please...".

But she was pressing herself hard against my body... I knew that if I don't proceed, she'll regain complete consciousness n this will stop... thats wen I moved my hands from her back, to her BOOBS... it was soooooo soft which made me squeeeeze it.... she let out a moan that was intense... she was helpless now... thats wen I slipped my right hand into her panty...

I was surprised to feel that she was not wearing a panty... I felt her wet, clammy PUSSY... I never wasted any time n I started pressing my hand softly on her pussy... I made her lie on her back... I put my head inside her t-shirt n strted kissing her BOOBS... she lifted the t-shrt n grabbed my hair n started pulling it... it turned me on even more... all this time,

I never lifted my hand off her Pussy... I didn't want this to end, n neither did she...Within 1 second, i, with both my hands, pulled her panty down n threw it away... She was completely awake... he sat up n said "No... Harry please ... " I just jumped on her... n she started moaning again.. I can't express how I felt... she was looking clothes between us...

v were clinging on to each other... I took the courage to slowly spread her legs with my own... she moaned into my ear n said " Do it soooonnnn.... I can't wait..... I beg u.... do it soon..." I obeyed... I guided my rock solid 6.5" dick into her vagina.... She hugged me so tightly that I couldn't move my body... I used to work out so I cud move just my groin ...

I took my penis back n thrust it forward.... She got so excited that she grabbed my ass... V fucked so hard... after a while she ordered "I'm goin to cum... Fuck me harder and faster" .... I soon reacted n made my thrusts faster n deeper... thats wen she said "OOOOHOHHHHHHHHHHH..... dont' stop....." I was abt to cum too...

but just wen she said that, I cudn't wait... my dick spurted inside her vagina... it was 10 full discharges from my dick.... the feeling was Ecstatic...V both cummed at the same time... n were exhausted... we both were drippin with sweat... I saw her pussy... it was drooling out my sperm... " Did u enjoy?" She replied " I dono. I feel like I used u."

Thats wen I said " I want u to use me again. " .. then v fucked the whole time in different positions...She started dressing up to go to office... I insisted that I watch her do so... she was giggling all the time while dressing... thats wen I asked her if she can stop working She giggled again... then she left for office..and I was waiting for that evening for her to return.


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