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Shekhar fucking hot teacher

Hi friends this shekhar here, this is first time I am going to share one incident with all of you, I am regular reader of this site so I also want to share my experience with you. This is just happen as I am living in village near Rampur small town of UP and studying in MSc final year as my exams about to come so I take some tuition in city and come back after study to back my home in village.

On 26th Jan this year when early morning about 7am I reach for tuition, my teacher say that he wants to go somewhere so we all come again about 12 noon so my all 5 -6 friends go back to home who lives in city so they have no worry but I come from village so I go with one off my close friend in his house and take his bike for going home in village and come back again at 12 for tuition.

So story start here when I go back to my home on bike and reached out skirt of city about 8.30am at one turn on city bus stop some people were standing waiting for bus. One lady come forward and wave hand to me for stopping the bike. I just stop and nothing in mind at that time.

She was about 30- 35 yrs not so fair colour but sharp features wear salwar suit and coat with healthy build-up about 38 28 38. She ask me for favour for lift as she was school teacher and getting late for school flag ceremony in same village in which I am going. I just say yes and with no minute she sits on back seat of bike. I start bike and move bike on our way.

Her school about 15km from that point and ask for in which school she is going than she tell me she is primary school teacher and just join about one month back. So we are going same village, so she feel some comfortable as per her voice tone. Now about in two km she ask about me and my family members and my villagers I just reply all question with nothing in mind.

Than I asked about her than she told me that she had two kids and living in Rampur city with her parents when I asked about her husband she told that he was some engineer guy and living in south India and for govt. Teaching Job she was living with her parents from last two years. Now same time some bad road come as all of u know village road so I suddenly put break

and she get over me from my back her big boobs touch my back I feel something good and she grab my waist and shoulder with hands I say sorry she say it’s alright I on the road of Rampur. You carry on. Now in mind something going on I want same thing again, so start with speed and after one mile when some bad road come I push the front brake same thing happen her big boob

touch again now this time she understand but nothing say I just saw in rear view mirror little smile on her face, so I find some signal, now after 2km road totally lost and only stone sand and big hole are started as new road making process going on about few km so I said hug me tight, she do same thing she hold me from my waist. At that time I wear Kurtapajama with sweater.

At one move some stone and sand are their bike is going some juggling so she catch me more tight I feel very good her big boobs and thighs touch me full and my cock going up and up. As I wear also kurtapajama and village under wear so cock feel free to standing up. Now in one turn on road so much sand is there and bike about to disbalance she catches me more tightly.

And we about to fall but I manage and control the bike and push the brake to stop, when the bike stop I ask here is she OK she say yes so we move slowly, and in mean while I notice here hand she hold on my upper side of lap and slightly touch my standing tool I feel good it was just happen in bike disbalance, so I behave that I don’t know and now the road come slightly ok,

so I run bike normal speed and I notice again that her hand moving and goes little up to near my tool as some jerk comes on road. We both keep quiet and I notice now when some little bit of jerk come her hand come near and near to tool, now my tool get full stand up position in 8” when just 2-3km left one speed breaker come,

I notice she touch my tool with full hand 3-4 times and show that she adjust her self after speed breaker, must be she also feel good. Now outside of village her primary school comes and she said ask for stop the bike by touch my lap so I stop my bike infront of her school and when she left the bike I notice once again she touch my tool and show that she don’t know anything or feel anything.

So I say good bye to her and ask how she go back she said now the school close at about 11-12 so bus come and she may go by bus and at end she said she love this journey and good luck for my future life and exam I ask what meaning future life she said you are grown up and must understand and she went inside the school gate with big smile.

Now this time I understand what she was saying so I went to home and go direct to bathroom and masturbation at once while in image to her in my hand. Now this is about 9 am now I watch the time and wait for 11am at 10.45 I left the house and told my mother I go for tuition at city,

so my mother’s say you must go for farm for start tube-well for water in crops harvesting as my father out of village next for two days and my tube-well is so far so I said I start that and go from there itself to city. Now I start again bike and went to school gate and wait for their about 40 -45 min about 11.30 she come out of school gate and two more teachers with her so I feel bad I think she must alone,

now other two lady teacher went to near by house and take out their scooty and went other side of our route and I saw she was standing alone waiting for bus, now its my turn so I start bike and stop near to her and ask her she want lift again now she give big smile and sit on bike. Now I said can you have some time as I have to start tube-well before go to city,

she said yes now no tension as school programme is complete and she like to see our farm and tube-well. So I move bike to words our land, after 10 min. We are on our tube-well room now she said she was tired can we take rest for while, so I said you can sit on folding palang inside the tube-well as we are on our farm and no one near about and it is about to mid day

so all villager near buy our land go home for take lunch so no one there. So my mind play again and I went inside and put the folding palang and said please be comfortable now she smile again and she ask about more our crops tube-well land and other things mean while she look at my tool side by side which I notice,

so I ask her direct question that what she mean about my grown up she look at me and with big smile she said you know what I mean I feel what you have when I sit back with you. now in mind question comes now and never, so I ask her would you like to see, she laugh and said yes why not,

so I go near to her and grab her in my hand start kissing on her cheeks and lips she also start in same manner, now we both start play the game, I pull out her coat and press her boobs and her buts wildly she start moaning MMMMM and I go wild on her the she say stop you hurt me this way when I support you must slow and have full fun then I start slowly -2 and her one hand

on tool and one on my back off my head we both are on wild as I start her kiss her every where. Now I put all her suit off she was standing in white bra and chocolate colour panty and her bra so tight that her boos about to come out now I pull out my cloths and become totally naked, and start kissing on her boobs on standing position she start telling put off my bra

I open her hook the boobs just burst off and jingles like ping pong ball, I stand on her back start rubbing boobs by both hand and she start rubbing her buts on my tools and she pulled her face to back and we start French kiss our tongs now playing in one to one mouths I press her boobs so hard that some time she pull off my hand from her boobs about 8 -10 min

we are same positions and I rub her so hard that her boobs become red and she feel pain now she want lay down so we both lay on folding and I start sucking her boobs what a pleasure to suck this lady boobs just unbelievable when I suck her boobs my hand on her pussy I feel wet on her panty I insert my hand in her panty feel lots of wetness I start rubbing her pussy with

my fingers she start loud mooning fuck me fuck me I cant wait daloo daloo na mein mar jaungi but I pull her panty off now she was beauty, she was dark in face and hands but in thighs boobs are so beautiful that I cant imagine that’s called the dark beauty. Now I spread her legs and start kissing her pussy she said ye kya kar rahe ho I said just wait than I start sucking her pussy she shout loudly,

mein mar jaaungi mein mar jaaungi I continue sucking for 4 -5 min. Now She start begging please dalo please dalo so now I spread her legs more and put my tool on her on pussy totally wet now I said now watch how we villagers fuck the lady she looked at my face and I push my lund with full power into her pussy she shout loudly maaaaaaa

and I start fucking her with full speed now she shouting please slowly -2-2 but I cant stop I pick up her legs on my shoulder and her pussy more on target of my 8’’tool I fuck her like drill machine. I put my hand on her breast she just moning and moning mmmmmm aaaaahhhhahhhah mmaaaa mummy HO God Ho God please- please after 3 -4 min.

She over and I continue to fuck her then she start crying but I don’t care after few more strokes I discharge my all in her pussy and lay down on her for next few minutes we just in same position our breath were so heavy run like express train. Than I just look at her and she still continue crying then I asked her what happen is that so hard or I hurt you than she quite

for some time and after few minutes she said no its natural when I feel so good in fucking I cant hold my emotion and its comes out moning or through crying. Than I feel relaxed. Now after few min. We relaxed and start put on our cloths and I asked her how about this experience she said good, I feel more pleasure than my husband as he was away from last three years and come once in two or three months.

So you give full satisfaction so I said you can try some more time she said why not as we both have same rout some times after may be we can. Than we start kissing again for few min. And than I take her to city and drop her on bus stand as she said see you again. So friends this all about my experience, May next time we have chance then again I share with you.

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Sex With Mumbai CST Prostitute

I've been to Mumbai for the first time on the purpose of a job. Having got exhausted while waiting for the return journey train, I took a walk across the Mumbai CST Railway Station (Also known as VT station). There I found a cute woman who turned out to be a prostitute.

This was the first time I've had an intercourse in my life so far. She's around 5ft 5inch in height and slim. She has a beauty spot on her left cheek just above the lips. I still don't understand how could I dare to propose her, but I was totally shocked to hear the price.

She proposed 400/- but agreed for 300/- as I didn't have enough money to travel back to my home city. Her beauty is priceless, and 300 rupees is nothing in comparision to her beauty and structure. For that moment, I thought that was the only price I need to pay, and proceeded to accompany her in a taxi. After entering the taxi, she eventually demanded an additional 200 rupees as commission.

Her demand is genuine but I couldn't afford to such an amount. I requested her by touching her feet. She then got sympathy over me, and agreed for whatever amount I paid her till that moment. Even though she didn't allow me to advance in the taxi, I tried to please her by pressing her thighs and feet.

I did this primarily bcoz I saw my lover in her (I would've done good service to my lover had I got married to her). In no time, we reached her place where there was another sex session going on at that moment. I don't know her name even today. I didn't ask her details at that time as I was only worried about catching my train that night.

As soon as we reached her place, she searched me thoroughly to check if there's any ornament or cash available with me, but in vain. She wasted 10 precious minutes since we arrived there. Here starts the actual process...

After confirming that I don't have additional cash/ornaments, she laid on the bed, and lifted her saree up... asking me to hurry up with the process. She pulled down her black-colored plain panty. Then I saw something unique that I thought I'd never see. Her vulva was so awesome that it attracted me to finger deeply. I couldn't believe that I'm fingering a real pussy.

I felt thorough wetness inside her pussy and enjoyed the moist pussy with my finger. I licked my finger and again inserted it back into her pussy that was little wide open so enough that I could see the pink texture. When I pushed my finger upwards, I found a tube-like structure that obstructed further entry of my finger; and when I pushed it downwards(in the direction of her asshole)

I again observed a tube-like opening with an opening of small circumference. I guess it's the fallopian tube that carries sperms into the ovaries and the passage for child-birth. I swear that I've never seen such a gorgeous pussy. It's just 15 mins left for the departure of my train. So, as I was in hurry, I decided to penetrate my penis into her 'love-hole.'

As soon as I entered her, I felt the warmth of her pussy. She was blinking her eyes, but not allowing me to either strip her blouse or to kiss her. She caught hold of me in such a way that I couldn't do anything extra except fucking. Till the previous minute I thought that I could do it, but I eventually did give up as I could manage hardly 10-15 strokes into her.

Then I asked her to move her back so that I could kiss and squeeze her buttocks which were tender. But she gave me permission only to suck her vagina. Without an argument, I rushed to squeeze her pussy and had those precious liquids swallowed into my mouth. It was only then did I realize that the women's love fluids are tastier than lassi.

I felt so much satisfied after sucking great amount of her vaginal juice. But, I didn't stop there... I spotted her urethra, and started squeezing it tightly - it was only then she started screaming. In the process, she urinated all over my face as I didn't care for her urge to pass urine. Wow! Unbelievable... Her urine too tasted pleasant, although not so sweet. She got tense.

Then she pushed me away and pulled up her panties. I masturbated before her as I didn't get to climax during penetration. Finally, she remarked that I'm a king in fucking. At that instance, I felt guilty of losing my virginity. But later I did realize that it was a unique experience though not so pleasant.

Now I'd like to know her name and her phone number bcoz I want to send her some more money as I promised her. Dear readers, please help me in tracing her identity and this is possible if someone resides nearby CST Mumbai and is daring enough to approach her. I'll be really thankful to those who can do this for me. I do love her, hence I want to keep up my promise.

I want to give her 500/- more. Now that I can't marry anyone else, I'd like to spend my days with her in near future. If you can trace her, I'll pay if you want to enjoy with her. You'll get clues if you read the story carefully. I've indicated her identification marks in the beginning of this story. I've never had a thought that I too have a heart that can't accept anyone else in place of her.

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Preethi getting fucked during train journey

I came out after a long shower with my bath robe on and drying my hair with a towel.Smitha was still waiting on the bed,waiting anxiously to listen to what happened next in the train."Hey how long have you bathed pree" "Its my wish" "Ok ok now continue the story" "Ok I will but first get me a coffee im dying for it" "Yoouu ok wait 5 minute" she got it in time.

"Ok now tell dear im dying". Ok I waited in the train bathroom for some time but there is silence for long.My heart is pounding,was afraid what those thugs will do to me since I am travelling alone.Anyway I took a deep breath,gathered courage and came out of the bathroom and proceeded towards my berth.

There are cops and TC's berth is also in the same coach so im releaved partially and went to my berth.The whole coach is sleeping except for our four bearths.The light is put on and the three people were sitting and talking to each other and when I came there they said hai and gave me way to the window.

They are continously watching me with out a blink of an eye and thoughts were running through me that even the slightest mistake these people wont leave me.Thinking this I have bent and pulled out my to stuff in my cloths.I pulled my bag and I hurriedly tried to push them and I felt a cool breeze on my back only then I came to know that the shirt was lifted up by the breeze and the chap sitting next is me enjoying the view of my arse crack.

I adjusted my night shirt hurrriedly, I was tense and while stuffing my bra fell to the floor near the feet of the chap sitting right opposite to me,i quickly picked it up and stuffed it in the bag and tried to take a glace of them to check if they saw what has happened,the two guys sitting opposite to me are enjoying my clevage when I bend down and when I saw them they quickly turned their heads away.

I pulled a cotton bed sheet from the bag and zipped it and pushed it in.I was very nervous of what might happen every next secound,my heart is beating at knots.To get rid my nervousness I said hi to introduce myself to them "Hi" said the guy sitting next to me,he is a little on the darker side and a little fat too for his height,he is more like a wild animal than like a human for his facial features.

"I am Keerthi,May I know your name please?" "I am preethy" "Nice name".And then the guy opposite to me spoke out "Hi,I am Bhaskar" He looked a bit funny to me, even when I am nervous.He had a big spects resting on his nose.He was wearing a skin tight t shirt and he is heavily muscular,may be the funny feeling about him is a mistake,Finally the guy sitting next to bhaskar spoke out.

"Hi I am vijay" and strecthed out for a shake hand,i was reluctant but he waited and we shook hands.He is lean but he is the who was unable to take his eyes away from my globes.Even though I am thin I am proud of my assets,those suckable tits and round ass,a dream come true for guys."So where are you all guys heading to?"

"We are actually going to city for a kind of tour,we will meet our friends there" answered vijay before the other guys could open their mouths.Seems like he is deeply obsessed with me already.We talked generally, shared thoughts and so on,i told them that I am going to meet my sister and spend this week end with her,they invited us to come along to enjoy,i said them I have to talk to my sister.

The conversations went on,i am slowly getting used to and now my nervousness is gone.I felt sorry for thinking cruel about them,they are just thirsty of some female flesh but not bad people.So I am safe here,but whats keeping me aware is vijay's looks,they are focussed right on my tits all the while.

I tried to cover by folding my hands this has only doubled my problems as my globes have buldged out exposing me more.Finally after some 40 minutes or so "Guys I am really tired and I need to sleep please dont mind"."Its ok preethy carry" said Bhaskar.They have lifted the berths and chained them making ready to sleep.

Keerthi went to toilet and has changed to lungi and came back and jumped on to the berth above mine,bhaskar took the berth opposite to mine and vijay to the one above bhaskar.We have adjusted ourselves in our berths and said goodnight and swithed of the light.I covered off my legs with the bed sheet I brought along.

I didnt get sleep for a while I thought to check the guys for a second just incase,i turned to my left saw bhaskar was sleeping,then I looked up slightly and was surprised vijays is still eating me with his eyes.Didnt know what to do.Thought to myself to take a walk and have a pee.I got rid of the sheet and stood up and look back and was quite surpised to see a huge tent of under of his lungi.

I walked to the toilet and in way everyone was alseep and its pitch dark.I had a pee and thought to stand in the door for a while.I stood there at the door the train is cruizing at 120kmph at the wind is blowing hard and its quite cold.My nipples are got hard and I slowly sliped my hand inside my shirt to feel them.I slowly explored my hand over the navel and reached the left nipple.

Its quite hard and the moment I touched it I felt some thing inside me,i got goose bums over my boobs and I felt like tickling inbetween my legs.I thought to take this exitement to the next level,i bent back and found no moment in the train and its quite dark and I make sure no one is coming.I unbuttned my to 2 buttons and saw my golden globes in the moon light.

I kept my hand in side and gave a little squeeze to my boobs.Im loving this,But im not satisfied with adventure I am doing here so once again checked the coach and unbuttoned my shirt completely.Now am standing at the door totally exposing off myself to the world.I held the safety rod with my left hand started to play with my boobs.

I am really getting hot in the chill of the wind at 120kmph.Slowly my right hand crept down to my pants.My fingers have found their way in and over my freshly shaved pubic region found my pussy.I was wet and aroused very much.i have inserted my middle finger into the pussy and strated to rub it.

Although I used to mastrubate in bathroom this is something special here,i found it really adventurous with the mix of fear and pleasure its breath taking.I am standing at the door with my boobs hanging out and fingering my pussy.I increased my speed and finally reached climax.I took out my finger and tasted it "Not bad".

I have buttoned my shirt and went straight to my berth,i found keerthi deep into sleep,vijay's hand was inside his pants rubbing his dick with his eyes tightly closed.Bhasker was facing the wall and so I wasnt able to see.I occupied my berth resting my head toward the window.I found vijay still watching me but acting to be sleeping.

So I got a naughty thought,to give a little exposure of my wealth.So this time I didnt cover myself with the sheet,I have unbuttoned my last and first two buttons.I slowly raised my shirt exposing off my belly button,and on top my full cleavage gave a superb look.Vijay was look at me with out a blink,his jaw has dropped.

I slowly moved my hand and reached my navel playing with my bellybutton.He was enjoying hand reached for my mangoes and touched the cherry top.They were erect,a few minutes back I was terrified by these people and now im playing with my body like slut wanted to be pounded.

I thought this would do bad and so I controlled myself changed my thoughts but im totally aroused with the things happening,there was conflict of thoughts.My mind is saying I should not do all this but my pussy is not listening to me,my panty was already wet.In the battle between my mind and pussy finally my body lost to sleep unware that my exposing my navel and clevage.

Time went by I was fast asleep.In the middle of the night I was woken up by something,some movement I opened my eyes and was literally got the shock of my life.I was unbuttoned totally and Bhaskars hands were exploring my left boob and then suddenly a flash of light.Vijay is clicking of my nude upper body with his N70.I quickly jerked off his hand and tried to button my shirt.

Keerthi is watching every thing and enjoying.Bhasker jumped off from his berth reached me and closed my mouth before even I could think of shouting.Keerthi got down and held my arms back and vijay has jumped down opened my shirt wide and kissed my nipples.Bhaskar hissing like a snake came near my ear and started to wisper "Dont panic dear it will be fine,we will take good care of you" and licked my ear lobe.

Vijay lifted his head up and "If you shout I gonna fucking bite your throat,you understand? you understand you fucking bitch?"."Keerthi:Look miss,my friend here has got a nude photo shoot of your boobs and if you wont cooperate we are gonna post this online and every fucking man on earth would want to fuck you then" Saying so vijay has showed me some of the pics.

Tears rolled out of my eyes,what could I do except for weeping helplessly.Now vijay has started to work out with my body,He held both my boobs together and started to suck them.More than being banged by these three guys I was more afraid of what would happen if someone wakes up in the train and see us like this? would they be rescueing me or would they book me under the prostitution case??

Mean while both Keerthi and Bhaskar made me stand and vijay has unhooked the chains of the berth and made it like sofa.I am slowly understanding that these guys wont leave me easily untill I bleed out my pussy.Its was dark,Bhasker sat by the window and next to him I was made to sit.He was still gripping my mouth tightly not allowing me to call for help and next to me Keerthi has made himself comfortable and vijay stood right opposite to my face.

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Horny model fucked by dentist

Hi guys, hello there ! being an avid reader of Human digest has prompted me to pen down my lusting memories which took place on the boxing day this Christmas season. Add to that, the chill of Bangalore and the aroma of Barthenium plants ( congress plants ) makes one very romantic and horny.

I am mallika Saran, and I had a great time with a dentist called Naim. I am 27 years old, fair and tall. I was an aspiring model, but my inhibitions did not allow me to do modelling then and when I am prepared and done with all inhibitions, im old enough now, not to get any modelling assignments.

Well, no regrets though, as I am a successful share broker and make a decent income and live life to my own whims and fancies. I party hard and I am favourite of page 3 guys. I do not wish to get hooked to any serious relationships for the time being, because I feel when I make a commitment I must abide by the fairness of it.

I am tall, my friends say I look beautiful, weight about 68 kgs. ( thats too much for a lady ) but not much for someone who is tomboyish and measure 5.10 in height. I wear a 36 size bra. Hmmmm..... that's a big one right, but since im a foodie things have developed a lot bigger, but the best thing is, they dont sag as I regularly do some simple exercises to keep them upright and tight and also im in yoga.

I have a pinkish pussy and prefer to keep it always shaved as I feel it must be place of pleasure and not irritation.I hate hair at all those places because my hair growth is generally curly. Even my underarms are always clearly shaved.

Readers may find rather odd, that a lady is divulging so much without shame, but chill yaar..... who knows me here and who cares, what everyone cares is a good story. Every bit that had happened is true, as readers may find even more odder that a first confrontation turned out to be a sexy affair.

trust me or not, I try to pen down in the best possible way so that my narration is good, the matter juicy and the readers must wet their pants with their own juices oozing out. Now, The story goes as such : I had a root canal treatment as one of my tooth turned quiet sweet and developed a cavity. The villain of course is the indulgence of overeating chocolate and pastries.

Due to my craving for the sweets, I was a little plump with all the measures thrown in on the heavier side but this was no cause to worry as my tall frame complimented me very well. Well after the root canal and a temporary filling for the gums and tooth to heal, I was asked to report for a permanent filling the next days of Christmas.

On the day of Christmas, I was due to go the dentist the next day when I received a call from the clinic to say that my dentist was off due to Christmas ( he being a Roman Catholic ) and likely to be away for a few weeks in his hometown. They had managed to get a junior to cover his work but wanted to check that I was OK with seeing him.

I said that I had no objection and didn't give it much more thought before leaving the office during the next morning to keep my appointment. I was a little early so was sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine when I heard my name being called. I looked round a saw a gorgeous young guy in a smart shirt and trousers (nothing like the usual dentist's uniform) beckoning me to come up to the surgery.

I followed him up the stairs and couldn't help noticing the outline of his briefs showing through the trousers. By the time I was in the room and removing my winter jacket, I was feeling rather horny at the thought of having this guy up close and personal and checking out my teeth. He was in his late twenties or early thirties, about 5'9" tall, slim build with short and curly black hair.

The guy was fair and he reminded me of Neil Nitin Mukesh. The very first look attracted me to him. I sat in the chair and he adjusted it so that he could stand beside me and comfortably look into my mouth. As his body came close I realised that I was getting hard in my briefs and tried very casually to put my hands on top.

He chatted away, apologising for not having a nurse available and therefore having to do everything himself. I assured him that was no problem! The longer I could spend with the guy the better as far as I was concerned.

It was a rather one way conversation as he was busy checking my teeth but I managed to ask where he came from and how long he would be working there. He said he was originally from Delhi but had been in Bangalore for about four years and he was working as a junior in the area for a few months.

Not only did he look stunning he also had a great accent and by the time he had finished examining me I was fully hard and my nipples were tenting my shirt. He then mixed some silver thing and started applying on my tooth. It was the permanent filling being done and he had to occasionally bend over me. He was very aware of the piercing of my nipples and I too could see the bulge in his pants.

As he got closer to work, his rod was actually pricking my thighs. I was enjoying pleasantly with my eyes closed and fists folded inside and I was in my own dream fantasy. The filling was easy and not painful. I was lost in thoughts and could not concentrate him speak. He said spit and I lay there smiling like a foolish girl.

I wasn't sure if he had noticed when he suddenly asked if I normally enjoyed a dental examination this much. I was so embarrassed and mumbled some feeble excuse but he said it was fine and he felt flattered. He then said it was actually giving him an erection seeing me like that. I was stunned at his boldness, but knew that this could be a fantastic situation if handled well and without making myself look like a slut.

I couldn't believe I was hearing this but I looked at his tight grey trousers and sure enough the outline of his cock was starting to push the fabric out. Since I was reclined on the dentist chair, and it was quiet low, and he standing beside me, his bulge was actually on par with my face. I'm not sure what came over me then but I reached out and very gently stroked his bulge.

He pulled back and I thought that I have made a huge mistake but in fact he went over and locked the door. When he came back he undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor revealing a bulging pair of white briefs pushing against his shirt tails. He came and stood close to my face and I quickly untucked his shirt tails inside his briefs and put my lips down on to his bulge.

He moaned with delight as my tongue ran up and down the length of his shaft and then my lips took it all inside my mouth. By now I could feel pre cum oozing out of pants and on to my briefs so I undid my trousers and started rubbing myself as I sucked him. Then he put his hand down on my crack and moved it over so that he could stroke me.

As he got more excited his cock was pushing hard and I finally pulled it out of the leg of his white briefs and started to give it the full treatment. My hand cupped and squeezed his balls as I sucked and licked his cut cock, tasting him and savouring every moment. He then pulled open my shirt to reveal my white bra inside.

He started to squeeze them from over the top while I was servicing his strong member. He then asked me to stand up and removed every piece of cloth that covered my female hood and started sucking my breasts. They were big and beautiful to him and he was getting wild at my boobs. He was very rough at them but I was enjoying the pain mixed with pleasure.

He then got down to my clean shaven pussy and bent over and started on me with his tongue and lips. I couldn't believe this was happening to me in a dentist's surgery but I wasn't going to miss the opportunity so I pulled away from his cock and asked if he was wanting to fuck me. He said he'd love to but is scared due to his profession.

I re assured him that I will not report and this will be a purely fun session. I turned round and leant over the dentist chair and, to my surprise, he started to finger my ass hole. He said he loved fucking girls in there and would I mind. I assured him that it was a huge turn on for me too but I am scared of the pain. He then let it go and began to push his cock inside me at the right place and at the right pace.

It had been a few weeks since I have had sex and it felt really tight at first but he certainly knew what he was doing and in no time he was pushing in and out and reaching that spot that made me shout out with pleasure. He whispered to me to be quieter and I tried to control myself. I started wanking my own breasts and after a while could feel him getting ready to cum inside me.

He let out a muffled cry of 'Oh yes, I'm fucking coming' as I felt him shoot his load. When he finally pulled out I was still all mushy. He suddenly turned me round towards him and put his face down just as my spurts of creamy cum shot from wet dripping pussy. He took it all on his face and in his mouth, all the time smiling and asking for more.

Then he took my cunt in his mouth and licked it clean before finally kissing me hard on the mouth so that I tasted some of my own spunk. At last he stood up, looked at his watch and said he was relieved that his next patient had cancelled. Nevertheless he expected another one shortly so he would need to finish. I started to clean up and get dressed.

He asked, when next ? This was music to my ears and I asked if I needed any further treatment. He said that, sadly, he couldn't justify making another appointment, but if I had a spare evening he would love to have a drink with me and maybe more.

Of course I agreed and that was the start of several very happy sessions where there wasn't a lot of drinking but plenty of full on sex. When he finally moved on to another city we exchanged some gifts and I had many a happy session dreaming and remembering the great times we had.

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Nola fucking stranger in train

Hi every body! I am Nola, aged 30 years. 5 years back I got married with a very handsome Mining Engineer. We are leading a very charming conjugal life. Amit loves me very much and we can not imagine living without each other. But man proposes and God disposes. He was working in a multi national company which had world wide business.

Just after 2 years of our marriage, the company got an agreement with private Oil Company at Saudi Arab and Amit was selected to go there to establish the work and get the work started there. Amit was not ready to go there as he was to lose me. But the salary was very handsome almost 5 times, which he was getting now.

I insisted him to join as the project was for one year only. I consoled him that the time will pass. He went to Saudi and I use to talk with him every day on phone. The time was passing any how. As Amit was returning back after 1 year, I did not thought it fit to leave the accommodation provided by the company. The real story starts here now….

It was the day of DEEPAWALI and at 11 AM I was surfing the internet and found the sight “” and read some interesting stories. I became hornier. My horniness led me to read more and more stories and almost 20 stories I read in one sitting. My condition was very bad. My entire body was aching and there was some movement inside my love hole.

I was missing my husband most. Condition was so worse, if any male comes and seduce me, I was not able to even resist him. Sex potential was very high which you all can imagine from my condition. I tried to control but failed even masturbation with good size of brinjal could not make me cool. I was thinking, to whom I may invite?

But my step was blocked due to our image in the society. Loneliness was the only problem, so I decided to move for my native place. There was a train at 5 PM, packed my light suitcase and left for station. It was almost 12 hours journey. I purchased an ordinary ticket and boarded in AC II with a hope to get berth.

I was fortunate enough to get berth because it was deepawali evening and the compartment was almost vacant. It was Half AC 1st class and half ACII. Before I narrate my story it will not out of place to tell my back ground. Before marriage our family was of four person only, my parent, my elder sister Mala and me. She is 2 years elder to me.

After birth of didi, our parent were willing to give birth of a male child but it could not happen. So they brought up me like a male child and up to Std.10 I use to wear cloths like a boy. My behavior was also like male, vey daring, innovating and fearless. I was much TALKETIVE too. In college life, I switched over to normal female dress.

In college two of my saheli was very sexy who use to talk about sex when get time. I had no interest in their talk but certainly it was creating some “gudgudi” in my mond. My did Mala got married with an engineer. Whenever she use to come to our place, I noticed a noticeable change in her behavior. She use to hug me in night and surf my boobs and love hole too.

My jeeja selected Amit, who was working in same company for my marriage. After two years of Didi’s marriage, I got married. I think, you all must be feeling boring so I come to my story. Since I am not a good narrator, please forgive me for my mistakes……..As soon I got berth in the train, I relaxed on birth and started imagine Amit, my husband is fucking me and I became more horny.

I visited the dream world with closed eyes. I remembered my honey moon night. My love hole was dripping now. It made me uncomfortable and went to bath room. I saw that some of the passengers were got down and only few were in the compartment. I conveyed my feelings to TT and he accommodated me in 1st AC coupe for safety purpose.

Since it was 8 PM only, I kept the door open of the coupe. On next station a handsome passenger aged about 32-34 years boarded in my coupe and occupied another seat. His handsome and smart personality attracted me but I could not get any courage to propose. He was continuously watching me.

I closed my eyes to hide my face expression and started dreaming that he made me nude and fucking me. My nipples under 36C size bra started aching. Time by time my dream went higher. During dreaming him, when slept, I could not know. At about 9.30 PM I woke up and sat on my bed. He asked “are you well? Your body was shivering”. “I am OK” I replied.

He: May I close the door of the coupe for safety. I: Yes please. After closing the door, he put his hand on my forehead and told “It’s OK, No fever”. I made room for his sitting on my birth and asked him to sit. We both introduced ourselves. He was MD of a reputed company and visiting in office exigencies. I also introduced him but hide my real identity.

We chatted for few minutes and became frank. He became very fond of my beauty and praised “Aap Bahut Khubsurat Ho. Meri Patni(wife) Aap Ke Jaisi Sundar Nahi Hai” and he showed his purse containing photo of wife. She was average. I thanked him for compliments and also praised his personality. “You are also as smart as my husband but your height is more”.

“Thanks” he replied. We chatted on different subjects and lastly it again switched to ambience of my body. I became more open and talkative with him now. He added that the charm of life increases if better half is beautiful. I was silent. He continued “I presume, you must be queen in every party which you attend. Every body must have attracted towards you.

Your skin is still much glowing and extra ordinary soft”. My face became more pinkish and questioned “How can you say that it is soft?”. “It looks like that” He replied and touched the bare skin on my arm”. I could not speak a single word. Being encouraged he touched my cheek.

I resisted and said “Aap bahut gande ho. Meri Badai Karte Karte Muje touch Kiya.. Sabhi Mard Ek Jaise Hote Hain (You are a bad man. While praising my beauty, you touched me. All men are similar in this respect.)” He became sensitive and begged apology. I laughed in laud voice “Dar gaye kya? I was joking.”

He was bit relaxed “Meri to jaan nikal gayi thi. Doston ke sath mazak vi itna bhari padta hai, mai samajh nahi paya.” I laughed again and extended my hand to touch. He pulled my hand and planted a kiss on my cheeks. My face became more pinkish. I pushed him away “Tum Fir Se Gande(bad) ho gaye.”

He did not care my wordings” “I would like to be bad again and again in front of you” and planted a kiss on my lips for a bit long period. I felt sensation in my body and could not resist him this time “Tum Bade Wo Ho. Lagta Hai Tumhara Irada Nek Nahi Hai” I said. “Forget it. Tell me how you felt?”. I was speechless.

Suddenly he got up and put off the light of the coupe, arranged the curtain of the window and switched on the overhead reading bulb. He sat beside me much closer “You are looking like an APSARA in the dim light” by saying this he pulled my head and planted a prolonged kiss on my lips. I was still not ready for it but I felt pleasure.

“Tumhari Himmat Badhti Jaa Rahi Hai, Mujhe Koi Upaay Sochna Parega.”I said. “Tum Tab Tak Upaay Socho, Mai Tab Tak Kuchh Aur Karta Hoon” he told and simultaneously pulled my face holding my hair in one hand and covered my entire lips by his mouth. He placed another hand on my one of the boob and started squeezing hard. 440 volt current ran in my body.

I was astonished, by way in which he managed it joking mood, my mouth got opened automatically. He found the path and inserted his tongue in my mouth. Now I had no way to resist. I liked his boldness and frankness, reciprocated and started to suck his tongue too. A new type of sensation started in my whole body which made me energy less.

I inserted my tongue in his mouth. Leaplock kiss continued for a long period. He freed my hair and grabbed another boob over blouse and started to tease my nipple. I in my mind surrendered before him and said “Lo! mai Haar Man Gayi Baba. Tum Kamjor aur Akeli Aurat Ko Dekh Kar Manmani Karte Ho?” He replied instantly “Ye Manmani Nahi Hai Darling.

Eak Khubsurat Akeli Aurat Ko Yadi Nahi Chheda to Khubsurati Kaa Apman Hota Hai. Aur Mai Itna Uncultured Nahi Hoon.” When deliberating these wordings, he squeezed my both boobs with full power. “Uuiii” I cried because it was paining. He felt guilty and started pain relief touch on my boobs. I saw a huge bulge in his pant.

Though I had curiosity to see his tool, but could not gathered courage to touch it even over the pant. He removed the pallu of my sari from shoulder and started to unhook my blouse. I was shy before a stranger. Simply with a smile, I co-operated him. My blouse was off from my body. Now he was free to surf my boob over bra comfortably.

As soon he started to remove my saree, I resisted and told “Saale, Sirf Mere Hi Kapde Utaroge Ya Apna Bhi”, He replied “Kya Yaar, Tum Gaali Bhi Dete Ho. Ye Kya Mazra Hai.” I told that I enjoy these stuffs during intimate times. It increases the pleasure, to which he also agreed. He raised his both hand and I removed his T-Shirt in one stretch. Now it was time for removal of my saree.

Jokingly I was not co-operating him and asked to do it with his efforts. He pulled my back towards him, crossed his both hand through my arm pits, grabbed my boobs firmly and applied force to make me stand on the floor. It was easy to remove my saree now. I appreciated his intelligence in my mind. Now I was in petticoat and bra only.

He hugged my tightly from front side and started to kiss on my neck and ear lobe. The jerk of train was giving me a new type of feelings. You all may know that kiss on neck and ear lobes are the weakest point of any female which leads to full sexy feeling with a thrill. My heart started beating more and my love hole started dripping which made my panty wet.

I felt that he was a good fore player and intelligent too. I was simply enjoying his fore play. He tried to insert fingers in my bra, which he could not succeed to his satisfaction. Now it was my turn to remove his one of the clothings and only after that he may remove one of my clothing as per understanding between us.

With throbbing heart, I unbelted and unzipped his pant, which came to floor itself. He untagged the strings of my petticoat getting down automatically on the floor. Now I was in Bra and panty only. He was surfing my entire body in dim light and enjoying. When I was removing his banyan, he patted the chicks of my butt with turned in red by each stroke. In joking mood I told “Saale Chutad Par Tabla Kyon Bazaya?”

He replied “Sorry, Mujhe Tabla Bajane ki aadat nahi. Lekin Main Guitar Bahut Acchha Bajata Hoon.” And he started rubbing my pussy over the panty. I could not hold myself on leg and sat on the berth. By the time my bra was unhooked and removed. As soon he saw my pinkish 36” size firm and tight plucked mango, he became mad and started sucking it. I was in heaven.

He could not control himself and breaking thenorms, he hold my panty from his teeth and slide it down to my legs. I opposed “Saale Itne Utable Kyon Ho rahe Ho? Meri Choot Kahin Bhagi Nahi Jaa Rahi. He inserted one of his palm between my thighs and replied “Meri Jaan, Bardast Karna Meri Aadat Nahi Hai, Mai Jhatpat Choot Darshan Karunga.”

His palm was working over my pussy searching the love hole, but it was not easy because I tighten my thigh. Now the last effort I have to make, for which I had no courage to remove his undy. He understood it and pulled my one of hand to his tool over the undy. My heart stared beating rapidly. I felt huge quantity of meat beneath undy.

I started to play my hand over it and started thinking about the size of his manhood. I have heard from some lady that bigger size of tool gives bigger enjoyment and thicker tool gives overwhelming pleasure. I was worried about his size of tool and he was enjoying my light grey nipple of 10 mm size with deep pink areola 40cm.

He was busy in tonguing one of my nipples and teasing another nipple between two fingers. Remaining palm was surfing my love hole from outside. My pussy was dripping rapidly. I was feeling pleasure thinking that my sex starvation was going to be broken with stranger. I gathered my courage and pulled his undy in one stretch.

About 7.5 inch(He told me the size later. My husby toll is 6.5”) manhood sprang out. It was thick also. As soon It sprang I jumped over my berth and became afraid and told “Yaar Tera Tiger to Bahut Mast Hai. Meri To Jaan Nikal Jayegi.” He smiled cunningly & told “Teri Pyasi Chidia(bird) Ka Sachcha Sathi Hai Mera ‘Junior’, Ye Bahut Maza Dega.”

I said “Meri to Jaan Nikal Rahi Hai Aur Tujhe Mazak Soojh Raha Hai?” “Darna Mat Meri Jan, Ye Tumhe Jannat Ki Sair Karayega.”. Suddenly he switched on all the light of the compartment and started eye fuck of my entire body. In the light my pink body was glowing. He complemented that he had never seen such a beautiful lady in his life.

Further he said “E Maaldar love-hole Ki Rani, Abhi to Mai Aam Choos Raha Hoon. Fir Real Love Karne Ki Baari Hai. Lekin Pahle Mai Kuchh Aur Karunga.” His wordings made me very hot. Frankly I am telling you all that after looking his Giant Tool I became abnormal and lost my courage. I was most afraid presuming pain and how it will get passage through my cunt.

But to my luck, the train stopped at station and our movements were stopped. We covered our body with rag on separate berths. No body disturbed us as it was about 11 night. After 10 Minutes, the train started again and truly telling, in these ten minutes I regain my courage to enjoy. As the train found its speed, He pulled my rag and jumped on me covering my body completely.

With the jerk of the train our body was also at friction which made horny both of us. Sucked my lips, nipples one by one and then he concentrated to my pussy. He parted my thighs and planted a very sexy kiss over my clean shaven pinkish pussy. His head was towards my leg which made his tool very nearer to me. I was in fear to touch it.

He held my one of wrist and placed it over his tool. Wow, how thick it was? My fingers were hardly touching each other on opposite side of palm. He requested me for blow job which I started. While kissing tip of tool, I was moving my hand to and fro on entire dick which was Iron Hard and hot. He took my clitoris between his teeth and started to tease.

I was sounding Hmmmmm …. Hmmmm with pleasure. Despite my full effort, I could not stop moaning loudly. Aaaahhhhh … Oooohhhhh…. Hhhhhmmmmmm…. To minimize my moaning I took his tool in my mouth. How It was his tourn to maon: Hhhaaaaiiiii… Aaaahhhhhhhh Baaaddaa Mmmaazzaa Aaaa Rrraahhaa Hhhaaii. “ “Darling Jor Se Chooso.

Mere Pure Lu….. ko Kha Jaao”. After few minute, he inserted his tongu in my love triangle. What lovely feeling it was. I was not able to control myself and made a pee of cumm in his mouth. A few drops he swallowed. “ what a tasty love juice” “I liked It” He was also about to cumm but he pulled out his tool from my mouth. I became energyless after my cumm.

I closed my eyes and left my entire bodies idle on the berth. He understood it and started to kiss me afresh. His palm also started to tease my entire body particularly my nipples. I was not cooperating but enjoying only. Within few seconds, I regained my energy and became hot again. He lifted my legs on his shoulders and directed his tool to love hole. I had no courage to watch it.

I felt his tools’ tip on the door of my love hole. He started rubbing it on my clatories. I could not stop my moan. Aaaaahhhhhhh Der Mat Karo Yaar………. Hhhiiiiii. He was also moaning with a mixed smile and laughter. Suddenly he made a gentle push. Entire red portion was inside my thirsty hole. I cried “Ooooiiii Mmmmaaaa” It was paining a bit.

“Are you OK, is it paining” expressed his fear of my pain. He saw a tears on the core of my eyes. I opened my eyes with a false smile “Not in hurry pleaseeeeeeee”. He became static for a moment and started a gentle push and half pull. I was in seventh heaven now, pain was vanished. When his tiger was on half way, I started to uplift my butt with the motion of the jerk of the train.

He smelled the situation and made a very hard push. His entire tiger was eaten by me in the mouth without teeth. The piston of engine (tiger) started to gain speed. He lowered my legs on his thighs, held my both the boob with a tight grip and started pumping. I was feeling myself amongst moon and stars in the high sky.

We both were sound some thing but I could not gather, what was the sound. The jerk of the train was adding bonus to my enjoyment. He started his movement slow but each and every stroke was very powerful giving me a very new type of thrill. Suddenly he applied full power on my boobs squeezing it and simultaneously his pennies released fluid inside.

Made 2-3 light strokes and lay down on my body. What a marvelous feeling it was but I was feeling guilty because the honesty towards my husby was broken. I saw the watch; it was quarter to 12 mid night. We both clothed ourselves. He ran to bathroom. After him I went to toilet too and made my body easier. When I returned and bolted the coupe, He pulled me on his berth.

We both were slipping on same berth. We chatted a few. He thrown some non-veg jokes. During chat his palms were working on my entire body. I was hot again. Without any formalities, we undressed each other. He intended to enjoy me without wasting a single second. He made me in standing position and hugged me tightly from front again without any movement.

But the speed and jerk of the train was working on it. He turned me round, put his hand across my armpits holding my both the boobs tightly. His tool erected again. Soon he tried to insert his tool from back side in my love hole. I bend my body in doggy position. In this shift he fucked for more than 25 minutes. It was the longest period of action in my entire life with my husby.

He cummed again inside me and this time we wiped the fluid with the bed sheets. He was not ready to leave me. I was on his lap on the berth, he started to play with my body. I was unwilling for more but he insisted & I was not able to refuse. Soon he got erection. While making love with his fingers to my triangle, he inserted one of his fingers in my butt hole.

I jumped and made a strong protest. He persuaded me again and again saying that it is his earnest desire. I never allowed this hole to my husby and it was virgin. I allowed for finger touch on ass hole. He applied some saliva on it and inserted one of his fingers. It was paining to me. I was thinking, how to get rid of him. But he put me on bed putting butt upper side.

His intention was to insert his tool in my ass hole. I was much afraid of the forthcoming unbearable pain. His tool was too thick. He applied a lot of saliva on his tool and on my ass hole and directed his tool towards the hold and made a hard push. His tool could not get passage in the narrow butt hole but due to pain I cried loudly and jumped out of berth.

I clothed my self and ran to toilet and spent about 30 minutes there. When I came back, I requested him to close the chapter as it was time to reach my station where I had to get down. He became sad with no request. He planted bye-bye kiss to which I reciprocated. I learned a task from this incident & made up my mind not to repeat it again with any stranger.

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Lucky guy fucking college fresh beauty

Hi, let me narrate this story,rather it would be a role play story from a guy to girl. In the month of November when everything around is going pleasant to sexy,the few unexpected rain showers make this sex drive go crazy.This is an incident from the same season. HI I am Raj from Delhi.

On a regular Saturday party night dancing with random faces and figures, where the smoke makes the ambience and booze sets the mood on fire I enjoyed a lot.For a change I saw few new faces may be from the girls college near by.Fresh beauties…ahhhh..there nothing like the fresh beauties around making place more interesting.

The Loud music and new moves had taken me and lots of people to new high already.Making my way through the crowd to the washroom as always I saw few desperate couples kissing and smooching near the washroom corner.As I was going to enter the male washroom I felt a tap on my shoulder

“Hey….If u don’t mind can I use this, the girls one is really crowded and qued” said the sexy babe wearing sleeveless top and strings for the back only,with high heels and mini skirt I figured it out that it was one of the fresh beauties.I allowed her skip in gents single wash room. For the next 5 min I was thinking about her only,she had a fair complexion,

shoulder length hair and I must say few good curves to make hot girls jealous. I have always been the gentleman with ladies and given respect to them until they try to get nasty, ”Thank You “ she said as she moved out adjusting her skirt a little….we smiled at each other and she went to dance floor while I headed to pee.

The night,the music and booze continued as the place started getting a little empty. I have always been a last leaver from the parties.As I made way to my car I saw those same chics having ice cream from the vendor and enjoying the giggles and girls talk. By this time it was little drizzling and these girls were enjoying the rain.

This freshness had always attracted me towards the certain specific girls. As I drove my way out of parking I saw this same girl looking for and Auto rikshaw or cab.I passed her and changed gears to speed up in my SUV, as I closed my eyes I saw her asking to move into loo, this was stuck in my head. Breaks screeched loud as I went for an immediate U turn.

I saw her still waving hand to cabs.As I reached her,I lowered the the window glass and asked her “hey you want to sneak in again?..... don’t worry am a good guy” I said smiling.She was like “No No you carry on I would surely find a cab soon,Thanks again”.I replied “Wow that would be nice …am gonna wait here for next 10 min,

if you find a cab that’s great if not allow me to be the cabbie!!!”…….She just smiled back and continued waiting for cab. May be that was my lucky night …… for the next minutes I enjoyed her working hard for cab alone while it drizzeled, her hair was already getting wet and I was really enjoying the beauty, as she moved around I saw her boobs jumping,she had a perfect ass said my devil mind.

Even she was smiling at me during her pursuit for cab. I drove next to her and said” Hey time up lady ….” She made few unsual girly faces and nodded her head as she moved in. OOOOOOOOooooooooooohhhhhh I saw that cleavage deep……Hey thanks again ….Reena….and she brought her hand forward…..

i grabbed and kissed her hand saying Raj is the savior…I saw her smiling to that ……that was the sign bout her…as we chatted I found out she was new to nearby college and was just out from DPS.Ohhhhh DPS and we had to chat bout the famous MMS.I asked her “did you know that girl?” and she was like “yeah !she was my senior…she was a nice girl but the guy forced her into all that…”

I immediately responded back “ But they both seem to enjoy the act in it…….”She spontaneously spoke up….”everyone likes sex!” Ohk that was it….i opened up and said” its getting little chilly outside …lets warm up things a little”sliding my hand on her right upper thigh …..She was quick to respond….”honey! are you sure you would be able to make me happy in here”

I parked my car in the nearby colony. As we stopped I moved my hand deeper into her skirt as she opened her legs little more….I gave her a bottle of vodka from my back seat ……Wow she was a Bitch I can say… ummmmmmmmmm… ummm…uhmmmm…..were the sounds she made as I touched her clean and smooth pussy….and inserted by middle finger in there

”Ouuuuuuuuuucccchhhhhh….it hurts…”….well this was one tight fresh pussy……..soon our lips started playing and she was trying to take a boner out ……The foreplay really set the mood high n horny…….I removed her sleeveless top from one of her shoulder to suck her nice and round white boobs……..

She was pushing my head hard to suck and bite her nipples……uffff…yeah cum onnnn…u want it I knw……aaaahhhhhhh cum on raj….She was already rubbing my cock wet while I was finger fucking her hard, sucking her boobs….Oh yesss…….deeeper….harder….cum on….yeah…aaaah.aah.ah….urghffffffff……u asshole bhenchod …..go for it ….

as she wanted to cum out….i bit her boobs hard and she came out while I kissed her hard…… ufffffffffffffffff…….tht was awesome she said drinking more of vodka……..I said smiling….ur mom is gonna be fucked now baby……..and she was a bitch saying….beti ko to karle…I loved this comment of her…..i removed her panty and slid my seat back and flat………

I kissed her hard and pushed her mouth over my cock…suck this ! She grabbed it with both hands ……..ufffffffff she was an expert in this….the tongue play she was doing with cock…rolling its tip on my cock was making me go crazy……..she giggled and said….i love the smell and taste of this big cock…….and she went stroking it harder as she sucked it…

Oh noooooo….u r mad…stop it bitch….aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh………..ufffff……nai yaar…ruk….but she didn’t stop the deep throat sliding my cock skin all back……….This was the best blow job I was ever having……….heaven…nothing beats a satisfying blowjob……..Suddenly she stopped and said “enough is enough kid ….leme fuck ur mom now………”

and rolled over seat ….facing me…sitting on my laps…she took my cock in her hand and pushed it into her pussy………the fingering had loosened her pussy a little…Ahhhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmmmmmm…ohhhhhh.aaaaaaaooooooooooouch……easy……its too big for me….cumon push it in and I pushed it hard into her pussy...

she collided on my chest …..but I started fucking her….ahhhh…ummm….ohhh…easy bastard….its paining…..but I continued anjoying drilling her tigh pusssy….within few minutes she started going crazing……I could now see her bouncing hard over my cock….take this u fucker….leme show you what pain is ……

I love drunk babes fucking me hard….and I was enjoying every push…her boobs were jumping so fast with her every hop……..she continued to ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..teri maaaa ki……………bloooody hell…cum on u boner….fuck me…..Now we both were drilling each other and seeing that bitchy look on her face was making me go

harder…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Oh godddddddddddd…yesssssss Yeah yeha!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah yeah …cum on …fuck me…..cum on…..she was nearing her second orgasm of her night… And even I was going crazy towards mine………Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh am gonna u bitch ….take this deeper….tera b mms banaunga,,,,take this bhenchodi….

aaaah haaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh as I pushed her back and took my erupting cock out after her orgasm to cum over her face……..aaaaaaaaaah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. AAAAAAAAA…and I took it all out on her face ………uffffffff what a fuck it was…As she moved back her seat cleaning sperm off her face…..we just laid and grabbed our senses back…

I asked her….how was it…..she replied…u r a tiger …grrrrrhhhhhh…I kissed her gently on her lips n soon she became a fresh beauty out from the horny bitch….i love them both…She wanted to stop for the night and meet soon again…As she got her self-ready again I dropped her to her PG at GK ….yeah we exchanged numbers we do continue to fuck till date…

how and where…..would be told to you text time as we go for shopping together next … Thanks for reading….she is bomb man…. Bht stamina hai….hey do comment for her as well she knows am gonna post it here…Happy Fucking!

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Krish having sex with stranger hottie

I could see the speedometer of my car constantly dancing from 30 to 70 as my car swayed past the curvy battered road amidst the hilly route between Darjeeling and Gangtok. It was pouring heavily, and the wiper of the car was having a tough time struggling with the gusty storm. I was all alone, returning to my head office to submit papers of the forest.

I am a forest ranger working with the Sikkim Government. My name is Krish, with 28 yrs under my belt I have a soothing personality, perfect for my work. Suddenly, I realised that the car was running short of fuel, though enough to make me home safely. The rain had increased its pace, and still 28 kilometres to cover. I was plying parallel to the Tiesta river with dense forest everywhere.

Darkness often makes forest more horrific and rain had made it worse. While crossing a small hamlet, I could see few local people standing on the road asking me to halt. I stopped the car and came out of it. ‘Kya Hua ? ( What Happened ? )’ I asked. “Babu, bijli gira hai, yeh rasta bandh hogaya, aapko upar walle raste se jana parega !

( Sir, there’s a landslide because of lightening, so you will have to take the other road )” one of the elderly villager said. I waved my hand in disappointment wiping my face of the rain water. I felt a chill down my spine as I realised that I was completely drenched in rain. I turned my car and headed towards the other road which would cost me little more than five kilometres.

After fifteen minutes of driving hard through that unworthy road, my car came to a abrupt halt. The left Headlight was focussing sharp on a most extraordinary women with stunning large eyes, draped with a light yellow saree and dazzling blue blouse. She came near my car, as I lowered the left glass pane, “ Please help me, please let me in “ she cried.

Her milky white belly was breathing hard in rhythm to her moist navel. “ Where do you want to go ?” I inquired, all the time blatantly staring at her coconut shaped breasts, which were more than apparent in her wet stuck saree. ‘Anywhere, but not here’ she darted; I signalled her to get in and started the ignition. She got in and immediately locked the door.

I drove past the curve and kept mum. She was shivering with cold and I could feel her uneasiness. “Now could you please tell me, who are you and what were doing in the middle of a jungle at this hour ?” I asked breaking the silence. She started sobbing, I again asked her. She tried hard but could not speak. I just kept on driving the uneven hilly roads for few minutes.

Soon she had fallen asleep on my shoulder, I could see her round assets enclosed in a black bra protruding towards my thigh, feebly touching it in sporadic intervals. Confused, as to where should I drop her, I reluctantly took her to my deserted Bungalow, one kilometre away from the famous MG Road in Gangtok.

I gave her my night dress and ask her to discard her spoiled clothes, as I poured perfect 60 ml of Jack Daniel in a glass half full of coke. I sat in the dining room as she emerged out of the guest room looking all afresh, as if she had just returned to her home from school to spend her weekend. She came straight towards me, ‘ Thanks ‘ she murmured and sat next to me.

My night dress made her look sexier than her saree, the large gap in the half sleeve exposed her armpits, when she picked her hands to adjust her hair. Fluffy, slightly brownish hairs in her armpit immediately insinuated my shaft to salute. ‘ My stomach is aching’ she complained. I mesmerised with her body odour stood up and asked her to lay down on the couch,

and started acting as if I had just graduated a first class degree in medicine. Slowly pressing her stomach exactly above her navel with my right hand I asked “ Is it paining here”, “ No, little lower” she answered. I moved my hand further down and pressed. I could feel her pubic hairs above the pyjama on the mount of her vagina. “ Is it here” I said, “Yea, there only”.

My manhood was blowing horns like a angry bull, ready to smash anything in its way. “ Can I have some whisky you are drinking ?” she asked. “Sure” I said as I poured her a glass and gave her some chicken curry which my Nepali cook had made before he leaves in the evening. She retired in the guest room and I kept restlessly moving through the corridor, sad about something unknown.

Pacing down the corridor I stopped by the guest room door and tried to view the interiors through the key hole. “Woops ! “she was standing stark naked before the mirror combing her hairs, as if she had bathed again, a most unlikely assumption in the prevailing temperature. Her body had a rustic, natural touch.

Her pussy was a dense brown forest and breasts looked as if, they were made of wax, with small fluffy nipples around a half inch areola. She looked like a goddess. I slightly turned the handle to check whether the door was locked from inside or not, to which I found them open. I kept on viewing her from the key hole.

After hair dressing she sat on the bed undressed, slowly caressing her hand over her body. I slowly took my tool in my hand, carefully massaging it and watching the live show going on. She then turned the lights off and was lost again. I waited there for few minutes, then thinking she must have slept, braved myself inside that dark room.

With the little light of my cell phone, I walked towards the bed to find her sleeping with one cushion against her mouth, left leg on another cushion, right leg straight, exposing the vibrant length of her pussy lips from back. I sat there on the floor motionless, then slowly brewed my mouth near her love hole, to sniff. A most intoxicating smell filled my nostrils driving me mad.

I then slowly planted a kiss there, to which she showed no response. I could feel her gaining moisture there, as I started rubbing my index finger on her pussy lips. She still lay unturned. My courage overcame my ethics, and soon I lay next to her massaging her 32 sized breasts with one hand and the other rigorously rubbing her cunt. “Ahha..” she said at last, searching for my tool.

Without a seconds delay, she immediately took my tool and pushed it hard in her pussy. She was not a virgin, her pussy by now was full of juices flowing from inside. “ Fuck me, drill me.. hard…yes yes.. more” she screamed. I was pumping with full force. My tool measured 7 inches and she took all in her. Then she came on my top and furiously kept herself dragging in me.

Finally, we both relaxed and slept naked till dawn. I woke up as usual at 7.30 a.m. to find myself all alone in the room. I immediately wore my half pant and rushed outside the guest room looking for the damsel who’s name was also not known to me.

I looked everywhere, in the bungalow, near the garden. But to my utter dismay and disappointment, she was no where. I even asked my servant and other local people in the vicinity, but no one had any clue. This incident dates back on 23 August 2009. Since then I have never seen her…

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Sex encounter of Akash with stranger

For all those who contemplate sex.. yeah I have something in store for you. Maybe you have heard this trite story so many times but still sometimes it worth to mention. It happened with me a long time back when I was 20 years old but I have never shared it with anyone before. After reading so many stories I have decided to share mine.

It is narrated with feelings associated with it. Hope you all will enjoy it. It was a full moon night. I was not in a mood to sleep. So I decided to go for a walk. I was staying at my native place with my grandparents then. Moon was playing a game of hide n seek with the help of clouds. Sometimes it was dark. Sometimes it wasn't. Wind was cold. I was calm.

A mixture of love and mystery. I was walking along a lonely road when I saw her. She was standing below a banyan tree. She was in a white saree. A rhythmic movement was there in her hair. Thanks to those autumn wind. An angel or a witch!!Btw she was a perfect woman any Guy can fantasize about. What a curvy figure!

The two towers were presenting her as a sex Goddess proudly. As if they are requesting me, inviting me for a touch, whatever I regained my senses. Thank god for creating woman as it is the most beautiful thing in the world. As always I had a love at first sight with her. My heart was pumping blood very fast and my anxiety was at top. Who she is? What is she doing here?

Is she a witch? I gathered some courage to go near her. What should I ask to her? Anyways I was closer to her. She smiled. Lemme tell you guys, this was the most painful incident I have ever faced. I said hi, she said hi. What r u doing here in the mid night. She replied waiting for someone. Should I help you? She said can you ? I said yes. I am thirsty.

I can make you feel better. She looked at me with a tilted eye. I was bombarded with millions of questions. Are you sure? I said yes. Won't you live me in the middle. No. What does she want? How can I help her? Lemme describe her. She was around 5 feet 8 inches with a 36-27-34 triplet. Fair in complexion. Was having a nice ass.

Her eyes were inviting me with a lot of desire. She asked do you have any gf. I said no. Are you a virgin. No I am not( I lied ). Can I see your thing? I was shocked. Dun no what happened to me. I said yes. Opened my zip. Shown her. She looked at it. Smiled like a devil. She sat down. Held my thing in her hand. Gave me a little massage. Pulled the foreskin a little.

Made a little circle around the tip hole. I was thrilled. A shock wave went through my spine to head. Then she slowly caressed the tip. I can tell you guys this was awesome. Then she slowly started giving me a Hand Job. My cock never had the soft touch of a girl's hand before. I was about to cum when I asked her to stop. She stood up. I was very close to her.

Tilted my face. My lips were hungry for her lips. The lower lip touched her upper one. I started it slowly. Moved my mouth slowly. Then she opened her mouth for me. I tried to taste it. Inserted my tongue in her. She responded. Both the tip of our tongue were playing like snakes. There is no boundary now. We can exchange everything Ex: saliva.

I know man and woman are destined for each other. One is incomplete without the other. I searched for everything she has in her mouth. I licked her gum so as she. I explored each and every corner of her mouth. She was thrilled. Then I kissed her on her forehead. Slowly to both of her eyes. Kissed her chick. Then her left ear. then right. Went down then.

Started with the neck. I will make her feel that she is loved. I love each and every thing she has. Her juicy lips, her questioning eyes, her white chicks. Slowly opened her saree. She was in a bra and a panty standing in front of a stranger in the middle of a night. Decided to open her bra hook with my mouth. Put my mouth in the silicon valley. Hold the left side with my mouth.

Pulled it a little. The view was real, I can't believe it. No I am not seeing a porn movie. Took the nipple in between my lips. Gave her a gentle bite. She quivered. Licked the side of her nipple. Made it wet. Made a false attempt to keep the entire thing in my mouth. I couldn't. So left it for my left hand. Squeezed it. Feeling was awful. She was moaning slowly.

Then I thought it's injustice to her right boob. I did the something with her. Went down. Kissed the naval. Gave her a gentle touch to her belly with my index finger. She moaned. She was lying half naked. I was making wave like figures on her belly. My hand went down. Slowly touched her left abdomen then the right. Went down in a straight line to her naval.

Pulled her panty a little. Wanted her to feel like she is owned and loved. She is about to feel the feelings of her lifetime but there is a little obstacle. I was teasing her. Again I decided to kiss her. While kissing I slowly pulled her panty down. Now the unknown secrets, the love hole, the mystery under a panty, the ultimate secret is going to be unrevealed.

I was fortunate, she had shaved the area. It was looking quite beautiful in the moon light. The outer lips were pink. The inner ones were juicy. I wanted to know the secret why men are so much interested in it. What a fool I am!!! I used all my senses to know. My eyes, my ears, my nose. I used all of them. Then I wanted to taste it. It was bitter. But I liked it so as she.

Used my tongue to explore the inner walls. Put it inside her. Gave her a tongue fuck. Licked the clit. Licked the outer lips. again again and again. After 5 minutes she came. I was wet. Wanted to test my knowledge, so inserted my finger to explore the G-spot. Reached there. Pressed it repeatedly. Increased the speed. She came again. But this time with full force.

Now it's my turn. I stood still. She sat in front of me. Held the tip of my cock with her right hand. she took her face right in front of it. Slowly moved towards it. The first kiss to the tip was unbelievable. The kiss of an Woman and that to my ultimate pleasure tool. She tried to open my orifice with the tip of her tongue, it was a combination of pain and pleasure.

Touched the boundary of my lollypop with the help of her tongue. She created a vacuum zone in her mouth. My tool was going inside her mouth, or she is slowly engulfing it. Her tongue is constantly exploring every corner of my penis head. She is sucking it. What does she want, my fluid or something else. Why is she so eager for it. She is constantly trying to take it from me.

No I have to control myself, I have promised her, I won't let her down. I tried to think something else, but how can i? I was in heaven. Is this the ultimate pleasure known to mankind. I stopped her. She was not in a mood. Pulled it further till the deeper layers of her throat. Now I felt like my penis is getting squeezed. Ohh I can understand now, we call it as deep throat.

Pulled my dick from her mouth when I was about to cum. Now the natural sex act. The road was rough. We decided for a doggy style. She bent down. I searched for the right hole. Took some of my pre-cum to lubricate her pussy. No it was not enough so used some my spit. It is well lubricated by now. Kept my penis head at the entrance.

Tried to make different geometric shapes around that area. She cried, was begging me to stop teasing her. So I decided to go further. Slowly inserted it in her pussy. Now I can feel the warmth. Both of us have touched those part of our body which are commonly known as the major shy point. Sex is not only meant for pleasure. It's the ultimate integration of two people.

I started giving strokes. She was feeling a combination of pain and pleasure so as I ( It's my first time ). We did it for 3-4 minutes. Decided to change the position. She slept on the rough surface. I stood on my knees. right in front of her love hole. Her pussy was full of desire, as if asking my cock to satisfy her, Complete her. A pussy without a cock is like a LINGA( SHIVA ) without the rod.

I can understand what my cock feels now. So pushed it further inside her. I knew this position will allow a complete penetration. It happened. My dick was completely inside her pussy till the base. I increased my speed. Her pussy was filled with a mixture of her juices and my pre-cum. The rhythmic motion was causing some foamy substance to get created on my dick.

I gave continuous thrusts. We fucked in this position for around 4-5 minutes. Then I slept over her. My dick was already inside her pussy. Now my lips were touching her. My nipples were touching her breasts. I inserted my mouth in her. Our tongues were playing with each other and my dick was satisfying the needs of her pussy. I was now taking full control of her.

Pushed my hand down. Now she is completely mine. Both of us are united now. There is no barrier of society, shyness etc. Every body part of mine is touching her. Is sex is only meant for physical needs, no it isn’t. It is the ultimate union of a man and an woman. I am very eager to deliver my load inside her. Why I like it? And why is so desperate for receiving it.

Why she want to keep my copy inside her. Anyways I came out of my fantasy world. I was giving her continuous thrusts. She also was responding to it. Then I felt like a nice sensation starting from my lower thigh. It was electrifying. I am completely helpless, powerless in front of a Girl! I could not stop myself from moaning when I deposited my virgin load deep inside her pussy.

I slept over her for a while. Kissing and caressing her eyes, lips, forehead and her ear.After 10-15 minutes I asked her “How was my performance today?” She said it was good. I thought she is partially satisfied and partially not. We slept there together. I asked her what your name is. She said Devsmita. What are you doing here in the middle of a full moon night.

I was waiting for a stranger to have sex with. Me: What!!!! Are you joking. She: No I am not. Me : Where is your family? I don’t have any. I am alone in this world. I don’t feel like an Woman who should be needed by a man, loved by a man. All they want is my body. So I thought I will do the something with them. Me : So you fucked me for vengeance with the man world.

She replied look I am telling you the truth. Then we decided to go for a walk. To enjoy a night view of the area. The roadside was full with palm and banyan trees. It was a nice view. Her face was glowing like the moon. I could not stop staring at her round face. After 20-30 minutes I felt an erection has started in my penis. Now we can have a second round of sex. I told her that.

She said ok. I held her face in a flash. I had a mood to completely dominate her. I kissed in her neck, buttock. Then to her lips. She responded slowly. I was licking and kissing her tongue. I bite her lower lips a little. She felt a little pain. She also bite my upper lip. I said bent down and show me your ass. When she did, I slapped her ass slowly.

She said aaaaaaaaauuuuchhhhhhhhh. I again slapped. Slapped with more force. She was getting hornier with each slap. We decided to fuck in English K style. I stood still asked her to bent a little. When she did I kept my tool at the hole. Pushed with some force. She cried with pain. Oooops it was her ass hole. But I had different idea in my mind. I asked her to relax.

Applied some of the spit and pre-cum on the entrance and on my dick. Slowly pushed it further. I asked her to take a breath, when she did I pushed further. In this way I inserted my cock around 3 inches in her ass. Now she was not feeling the pain. I started fucking her. She was feeling a little pain though. But I was enjoying it. I fucked her for around 7-8 minutes in that position.

Then I said lets try with some other position. I lifted her with my strong arms. She is now in a position where she is climbing me. She has kept her balance by holding me with her hand around my neck and with her legs around my waist. My dick pointing upwards. Her pussy hole is towards the tip of my dick. I asked her to go up and down.

We fucked in this position for 2-3 minutes. It was a sort of exercise. I was sweating like hell. She was feeling a little tired. But I was not in a mood to stop. I held her in that position. My erect cock was already in her pussy. I bent down a little.Gave her continuous thrusts. She was moaning with pleasure. I felt a combination of warmth and wetness inside her pussy.

She had an massive orgasm. I could not control myself anymore. The feeling was very very good. I came inside her pussy. Then I kept her on the ground. She was wearing her panty, bra. I helped her to wear the saree. She said I have to leave now. I didn’t ask her anything. She left. This one was my first sexual encounter with a girl which I never met before.

I hope you all will like it. The next day I decided to go to the same place to have glimpse for her. She never came back again. I went to the same place for the next couple of weeks, but could not find her. Now I am married.

Having a very good sex life with my wife. I still have not forgotten that incident and that night. I know most of you guys will think it as a fantasy of mine. But trust me it is true.

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Mumbai taxi driver fucking Parsi matron

I live in Mumbai and drive a taxi for a living. Despite having a good qualification I settled for this job as I do not wish to work under anyone and im the boss of my ownself. Apart from that, I was offered a very meagre salary and I did take up jobs earlier at the age of 20, soon after graduation, as an assistant sales man, got thrown away for not meeting targets, then as a freight forward executive,

but this company got closed in about 6 months and later as a courier company executive, but the salary was a paltry 6,000 rupees which was very difficult to survive for a city like Mumbai. I also worked as an assistant to a marathi actress ( cannot name, for fear of defamation ), but she was so rude, dirty and foul mouthed, I gave up the job and felt good riddance as I cannot compromise my self respect for any amount of pay.

The only advantage to me was, I don’t have to pay house rent as I was the only son of my parents and they had got a 2 bedroom flat from their loans, pf and other benefits. My dad is working Mumbai telephone exchange and my mother was a clerk in Reserve bank of India. I tried getting a jog in government office, but the process and the waiting period is too long.

Having had no more options, a friend of mine suggested to drive around taxi until I get a decent job. Taking up a taxi on rent and saving up all the money helped me buy my own indica a few months back. I make a very decent income everyday and much more than what many executives would be making.

The reason of my success is because, I am a teetotaller and I do not indulge in any vices or socially ill activities. I have never ever touched alcohol. These taxi wallahs or others who make decent money, blow their money on daaru, shabaab, kabaab, biryani and gutkha. So everyday almost 50% of their income goes out wasted, but they have one excuse or the other to hide their guilt.

I am now aged 25 years, a Bihari by birth and im named Prashant. I am 5 feet 10 inches, athletic and wheatish in colour. I also love to dress well and carry myself in a very presentable manner. Due to my suave and soft nature, a girls hostel in the vicinity entrusted me with the job of getting their daily supplies of essential commodities.

Apart from daily requirements which are always constant, any new addition is sms’ed to me by the matron. I was the only male member allowed in the complex apart from the watchman. Despite behaving in a gentlemanly way, I am also a man after all having all my physical needs intact and above all my virginity preserved for my wife.

But never knew things would change so fast and the incident I am going to narrate took place last month. I can also contribute my sexual escapade to the motivation given by the stories of this site. I would read a story or two every night. I got the intention to make love only because I was fired with temptation every night after reading a story.

If I had not developed this habit, I would have let go the opportunity to make love brushing it aside as unethical. But I said, damn to ethics, don’t let this opportunity go out of hand. Well, I spoke about the matron in the earlier paragraph. She is a buxom Parsi lady named Nishath. Let’s call her Nisha. A small intro about her is thus.

She is my fair lady, aged about 35, short statured, around 5.2, must weigh about 48 or 50 kgs, and well endowed with the stuff where required. I never had any bad intentions about her until this fine day. I got a phone call from Nisha asking me to come to Goregaon west ( not very far from my place ). I was there near Grand Sarovar hotel. Nisha had an accident.

She banged her car ( mahindra Bolero ) against a taxi and this taxi guy was demanding more than 20,000 rupees as damages. Being a Sunday, and an early morning, there was very less traffic and no interference from the traffic police as well.This was about 2 months back. After I intercepted, the matter got cooled down, and with the exchange of Rs.3,000/-, the matron and I walked back to her Bolero.

She was writhing in pain, and was limping back. I said, Maam, you sit in the co – drivers seat. I left my taxi in a nearby mall and drove Nisha back to the hostel. I walked her back to her room. I then proceeded to check her wound which was not serious at all. I picked “volini” from the shelf and gave her a nice warm massage.

She was moved by my gesture and thanked me a lot. This incident braught us very closer. I again visited her that evening and this time, I applied volini again as well as a hot water pack massage. She thanked me again and invited me for dinner. They usually have the dinner along with the hostel mates in the dining area. But this day, the dinner was called in to her room for 2 of us.

We became very close after this and within a week we started discussing various topics. She asked me about my family and marital status for the first time. I said I am a bachelor and waiting for the right time to make the move. She checked if I have any girl friends to which I said, that who will befriend a taxi driver. She felt sorry for me and asked if she can get me a job as a clerk in a school known to her.

I declined the offer politely stating that I make atleast about Rs.1,000 everyday and an office job cannot pay me 30,000 a month to begin with. I said I am happy and content with what I am making and wish to remain the same. I also said that I own this taxi and if I save more money I can buy a few more taxis in future and can be a businessman.

I asked her about her marriage or love life. She said, that many years got wasted searching for the right man, and her parents could not find one at the right time and now age is catching up. She sounded quiet frustrated and said that if she does not find anyone no sooner, she must remain a spinster for ever. But, how do you control your urge or physical needs, I queried ?

To which, I just met with a golden silence. But our friendship continued more with frequent visits and outings. We also went to a few movies in the nearby Inorbit mall. But both of us wanted more and we planned a trip over the weekend last month. September 11 and September 12, 2010 to be precise.

She applied for a casual leave and we drove on the evening of Friday to Lonavala. We reached by 7 pm and checked in at Citrus Hotel. This hotel was beyond my reach and budget, but Nisha had booked it in advance online and the check in was quiet easy. We were very tired after a long drive and food was ordered inside the room. After the food we switched on the TV and watched the movie.

We were given 2 twin beds and after the movie, we settled to sleep. I wore my shorts and she went into the bathroom to change into a nighty. I was till now not in the mood of sex as my respect towards her prevented me from thinking of sex with her. We settled down on our respective beds and in no time, I went into slumberland.

I was woken by some soft tingling over my thigh area and opened my eyes to see, Nisha sitting down by my bed and slightly massaging my thigh area. The ticklish feel had a magical effect on me and my penis was slowly growing in size. My shorts were very loose and she slowly inserted her hand from the bottom of the shorts to reach my pillar of strength and manhood.

She slowly touched it with her cold and soft hands. She then called out to me, Prashant, I know you are pretending because your shaft is pointing towards the ceiling and without any feel it may not be erect. I opened my eyes and said, yes, maam, I was checking out what you were upto. What do you think ? she asked.

I said, its time, we bridge the gap, close the space between beds and join them to make it into one. She asked me, both are queen size beds, why not we cuddle up in in one bed rather. I said okay and we both sprang onto one bed. But we just remained silent not knowing what to do. We sat there looking at each other for quiet some time. I did not know how to proceed.

I just asked her, maam are you a virgin ? I told you im unmarried yet, she said. But don’t you have any boy friends, I asked. No was the reply from her. I wondered how a beautiful lady like her, a soft and docile lady could ever be single. But I was slowly counting my lucking stars as she was getting prepared to mingle.

Can I ask you a few personal questions please ? yes, what are they ? asked she. I always wonder why women bleed every month, though I knew this, I wanted to proceed further as Nisha was too shy. She no doubt fondled me, but hoping that I was fast asleep. But to do so in my senses, she was a little apprehensive and I was trying always and means to further open up.

She told me all about menstruation cycle and I gave a patient listening. I asked her, are you going through the menopause now ? To which she replied in the negative. I then asked her what her bra size is and she kept quiet for some time and after a further probe, she told me it is 34 size. Can I see them please ? She remained silent and I slowly probed her chest pressing them from atop her nighty.

Trust me guys, it was awesome as I was touching the boobs for the first time in my life. I never knew what it felt like before and this was amazing. I then touched her lips and brought her closer to me and kissed on her neck. She was breathing hot, the atmosphere was heavily charged and we were both slowly feeling the pain as well as pleasure as it was the first time for both of us.

I can say it was our “First Night”. We then met lips and kissed them hard. I put her hand to my penis and she started pressing them. She said, “ you wanted to see them ( pointing at her boobs ), are you not going to see ? ” I asked her to stand up and removed her nighty to reveal her self in a lingerie.

While I was sitting on the bed, she was standing on it and I was very close to her thigh and crotch area. I started to kiss her thighs and moved on to her crotch. I kissed from over the panty. In one sudden pull, the vagina sprang in front of me, but fully covered with bush. I kissed her there and asked her to lay down.

I could not see her vagina, but I spread her legs and now, the inner layers were seen. I reached the inner with my lips and kissed her while my left hand was fondling her breasts. I got up from the vagina and unhooked her bra. The bosom was revealed and I immediately placed my mouth over it.

I felt it was good catch, fresh lemons, right size, not sagging, erect nipples, small areola pinkish in colour and snow white boobs. They were as soft a sponge, but also as firm as a air tight ballon. I enjoyed pressing them. This was the first time that I am seeing a lady in her birth dress.

I could no longer take it anymore and I removed my shorts. It had pre cum on it. I now wanted to penetrate and spread her legs. I got inbetween them. The pleasure and pain was unbearable and Nisha was also moaning and sighing as this was the first time for both of us. I tried to go in, but the passage was tight. I again tried, but my foreskin was causing me some irritation, maybe due to first time.

She then asked me to apply her “Fair and Lovely” to lubricate, but I did not wish to do so, to spoil the first pleasures oh an intercourse. It had to be natural and real and I slowly started thrusting little by little and my pre cum helped me gain access. I was half way through when she started contrasting her inner muscles and pushing her up wanting more,

I too went in and in, until she left a shriek, and yes, I deflowered her. It was then easy to move in and out, up and down and this continued for a few seconds when something in me was happening, the pressure was building up, something was trying to rush out of my penis, I knew it was sperm and I started moving faster, I was also in ecstasy and shouting,

screaming and in seconds I felt shooting and this shooting continued many times and I sprayed like a gun inside. The climax ended and I still kept put in that position for a few more seconds when y penis lost size and I had to pull out. There was sperm and blood on her vagina and also on the nice crispy white sheets of the hotel.

We were scared, but I asked Nisha to lie on my bed and I washed that part of the bedsheet to remove the blood stain or else the hotel will feel that we checked in only to make love. After washing and also pissing, I again went and layed next to her, now on my bed. I could not keep my hands away and started fondling her breasts. In no time, we were ready again and again and again.

Totally I did her 4 times till 2 am and then we slept of till late morning. After breakfast, we went out for a walk, bought chocolates and chikkies, spent time here and there and came back to room after lunch at about 3PM. Slowly we got ready for action again, but I told her that I would love to see her clean shaved and gave my razor and cream.

She came back from the wash room after 10 minutes, cleanly shaved. The pussy smelled fresh, with pinkish lips and they were voluptuous and this time I wished to eat them and suck them as I see in blue films. But the games we played is a different story altogether and wait for my next and concluding part as we had sex many times and with different experience. Please do write your comments.

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Sex encounter with Police woman in South Africa

Hello HumanDigest readers! Here is a true experience story to enlighten you about one of my sex experiences. I reside in hot, sunny South Africa & I am a sex crazy pervert. I simply love looking or undressing women with my eyes. I just wait for voyueristc opportunity of upskirts, peeing or changing women. This is what happened during a 2010 World cup event.

I was waiting in the que for the park & ride to pick us up & the girls around me were absolutely sexy and in a good mood. Some were wearing short skirts and some shorts and I couldn't resist a few gropes here and there, also a few upskirts and downblouses, this gave me an incredible idea to make the best of it and snap a few pictures. This got me horny!!

And I started to rub my cock in my trackpants. When I was about to come I puld out and spurted my juices on the sexy girl in front of me. Damn I was busted! She reported me to the police on duty and I was called out of the line to the police office. I was taken in for questioning and I started to panic.

Fortunately I was surrounded by just 2 female officers, they asked me why I was such a naughty boy and told me I was going to be jailed. I noticed one was a bit randy and offered her a bribe if she let me go. She told me she would come collect the cash at my home later. When she arrived she was still in her uniform and I asked her to take a seat, I brought the money and left it on the table.

She asked me about my sexcapades. And I told her that I couldn't resist women. She asked me what I liked and I told her how I loved women in sexy lingerie & that's when I got blown over. She slowly opened her shirt to reveal a sexy bra and asked if I liked, she then stood and dropped her pants. She was wearing sexy stockings and thongs.

She told me she also loves sexy underwear but in her job she can't show it off and this was the ideal opportunity to show it off. She noticed my hard cock thru my pants and came closer and started to strip me. She held my throbbing cock jn her hands and started to blow me. She sucked me gently and tickled my balls with her hand.

I couldn't resist and came over her haur and cleavage. I told her to relax on the sofa and I started sucking her thru her panties. She smelled so sweet, I pulled off her thongs to reveal a shaven pussy except for a small triangle above, this drove me mad with lust and I started to 'chooso' on her! She was crying in pleasure.

She must have come about 4 times and was soaking wet! She pushed me down on the floor and climbed onto me and rode me till I came. She then surprised me by handcuffing me to the sofa legs. She slowly traced her tongue down to my limp cock and sucked our mixed juices. She flickered her tongue over my cock head, along the sides down to my balls and finally down to my bumhole,

gosh that felt good, she spent a little more time tonguing my bum and I was moaning with extasy. My eyes were closed enjoying her pleasing until I felt something at the entrance of my anus.... It was her police baton, oh fuck I said as she slowly entered my ass with her baron. To my surprise my cock was rock hard as she fucked my ass.

She put the other end of the baton up her pussy and we both fucked until I felt myself cumming. I shot spurts of cum up in the air which landed on our stomachs. She screamed an orgasm soon after. She pulled out the baton and licked the cum off my stomach telling me that this was the first time she saw a guy cum without even having his cock touched.

She never took the money and we became part time lovers. We fuck most of the time either at my place or hers, even in her police car. She once even gave me a blowjob while I drove home. We even fucked once while shopping at a clothing store changeroom.

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