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Fucking Rashidha

Hi friends this is your old pal sandeep back to share with you my new experience. I guess you all dear readers know about me, if you don't here's my brief introduction. I am 26yrs old with average built and looks from new Bombay.

This experience I am going to share with you took place almost 3 months ago. The girl I humped this time is Rashidha. The manner I and Rashidha became friends is an experience in itself. One day I was just window shopping to pass time, waiting for my girl friend at the Center One mall.

As I was walking around two women wearing head scarf and knee height coat with a small kid passed by. It was nothing special or attractive about it, so I just continued looking around, talking to my friend over the cell phone. I got bored of window shopping and decided to grab some bites on the 3rd floor.

I went on the floor got myself a burger and took a table next to the railing facing the escalator. I was enjoying my burger and checking out chicks and aunties around. It was Sunday so there were lots of female to look at. I saw, the 2 head scarf females with the kid buying some meal.

I continued checking out other females on the floor. I was ogling around checking out some real nice chicks. One of the head scarf women came to me and asked "do you mind if I take this chair" I replied "yes, I am expecting some one". This was the first time I actually looked at her.

She walked away looking around for an extra chair, the other woman and the kid were sitting opposite my table couple of feets away. She kept looking around but still dint find a chair, atlas she managed to get one. As she dragged the chair I noticed her carefully.

Her coat was a perfect fit, neither to tight nor too loose. As she was walking with her back to me, I could make out she had a prefect ass. She took the seat almost opposite to me, now I could see her side ways. She kept her bag on her lap and had crossed her legs.

As her bag was on her lap, I cloud make out her breast curve. I forgot about every woman around and kept checking her out. Her head was covered with scarf just like Iranian women, her eyes were brown, beautifully made up with mascara and eye liner, her lips looked small but thick with bright red lipstick,

she was fair without any marks on her face. She had broad jaw line and long chin, which made her look cute. She noticed I was looking at her, when she looked at me, I looked away. The other lady with her looked almost same age as hers.

They were talking among themselves and the other lady would often turn around to look at my direction. I got the hunch that they were discussing me, so I changed my position and looked away from them, gazing at them occasionally. Sometimes I use to catch her looking at me.

I decided to talk to her; I turned my seat facing her. When she looked at me, I smiled at her and said "hi" by just moving my lips. For the first time she smiled back. We just exchange casual smiles for sometime. She gets up from her table and went to the McDonalds counter.

I followed her, I am standing behind, she is tall almost 5ft.2inch or more because her shoulders are almost close my chest level. I slowly whispered "hi, how are you"… "I am fine, how about you" she replied. I moved next to her and replied "good"…she smiled back…"actually that's my neighbor with me,

so I couldn't really talk much" she said. We placed our order and stood their, as if waiting to collect our order. I was looking in her eyes, they looked awesome and sparkling. I could make out, she was trembling. "My name is sandeep" I said…"I am Rashidha" she replied.

"When could we talk" I asked…"Can't really say" she replied…."is it ok if I join you at your table"….surprised by my question…"are you crazy" she replied. We stood there without saying a word, "you can have my no and call me if possible…I would like to be friends with you" I said and gave my no on a paper.

She dint replied anything and walked away with her tray. That evening when I went home I shagged my self to glory fantasizing about her. I wondered to myself that if I could see her again or would she call me. Almost a week passed and she became my fantasy queen.

After couple of days I got call from Rashidha, it was very casual call. We started calling each other regularly. At night times we use to talk for hours. She told be about her family and other stuff. We use to talk over phone in the beginning and then we started meeting each other.

We got close to each other (not physically), but she refused to have a relationship. Her head was always covered in scarf and a perfect fit knee height coat covering her arms. One day we went for a movie. I had booked the corner seat tickets for the movie Kismat Connection.

The movie hall was almost empty with hardly 10 -15 people around. We took our seat. I made my self comfortable pushing back my recliner. Rashidha did the same. Rashidha moved close, resting herself on the arm between our recliners. The movie was not good, so we were whispering to each other.

She had her hand rested on the recliners arm and her chin was resting on my hand. As I whispered into her ears, I could smell her perfume. It was fascinating. Every time I turned towards her, her aroma was arousing me. I got a hard on down under, as I whispered into her ear, I brushed my nose slightly on her cheek.

This gave her a mild sensation, as she looked at me. I continued brushing me nose on her ear, delicately rubbing my lips below her ear lobes over her scarf. I sensed she was getting hot, because she had stopped talking and was not moving at all.

She was freezed, I slowly kissed her behind her ober her ear….. aaaahhh…..she moaned softly, as I tried to kiss her neck below her ears, she turned towards me. She was breathing heavily and had her eyes closed. I moved forward towards her and kissed on her chin and then on her lips.

As I kissed her lips, Rashidha opened her eyes. She dint say a word, I put my arms around her and pulled her over to me. Now we both were on the same recliner and Rashidha was over me. We just looked at each other, without saying anything I kissed her lips again. They were soft and sweet.

She was over me, running her fingers through my hair. I was sucking her lips and moving my hand all over her back. She was still in her coat, so I couldn't really get my hands inside. She broke our kiss and looked at me, she smiled back and rested her head on my chest.

She opened my shirt buttons and was running her fingers over my chest, occasionally playing with my chest hair. "How much do you love me"….she enquired….I dint know what to reply, I just kissed her on head and wrapped my hands around her without saying a word.

"Do you love me?" she asked…."of course I do babes"…I replied. She parted my shirt and kissed on my chest. She moved her moist lips from my chest to my neck. It was a truly erotic feeling. I had this mild sensation running all through my body. I was running my hands all over her back.

I moved my one hand over her ass and tried to squeeze her ass cheek. I moved my finger along her ass cleavage. As I was doing it, Rashidha continued kissing me all over my face. My dick was hard and hurting me. I looked at her, she had kept her eyes closed.

I slowly moved my hand from her ass, to her waist. I turned her over on my left hand and delicately moved my finger over her face. Her breathing was getting heavier. I was moving my finger along her scarf line which was covering her head. She was totally aroused as her face and lips were trembling.

I moved forward and kissed her, this time biting her lips slightly. As I was kissing her, I tried to remove her head scarf. Her thick lips were pleasure to suck. I moved my tongue's tip over them. She sensed my trouble trying to open her scarf, she helped by opening her top coat buttons.

I tried to pulled her scarf out, she undid it by breaking our kiss. This was the first time I was seeing her without her head cover. She looked more beautiful this way. I moved forward and kissed her on her neck….aaaah…she moaned. I parted her coat and kissed her below the neck... I started to unbutton her coat,

she refused at first but I insisted. I opened her coat halfway, I moved my hand inside her coat but this time she caught my hand and refused me saying…"please don't do it"….I agreed for that moment and pulled my hand back. I kissed her on the forehead and parted her coat.

She was wearing a deep neck top inside her coat. She was so fair inside that her skin was glowing in the darkness. I kissed her below her neck and started moving my lips round her neck. As I was doing it, I slowly moved my hand over her breast and squeezed it lightly….aaahhh….she moaned.

I was kissing her on her neck and shoulder and moving my hand over her breast. Her breasts were not so huge. Still I was not able to find her nipple as I was feeling it over her coat. I moved my hand from her boobs to her neck. I continued kissing her and started moving my hand over her bare shoulder and neck.

I moved my hand from her shoulder, then slowly below her neck. As I was doing it, I was occasionally moving my finger inside her top. Her body was warm and silky smooth. I started moving finger more deep inside her top….I could feel my finger between her cleavage.

Rashidha was in heaven I guess, she had stopped resisting me and was enjoying the erotic feelings. Her eyes were closed, breathing was heavy and her body was warm. I had stopped kissing her and was moving my hand and fingers delicately over the breast area.

Expressions on her face showed she was enjoying every moment of it. My dick was hard and was trying to finds it way out. I pulled her top down and kissed her on her cleavage….."maat karo…pleasseee"….she cried, trying to stop me from kissing any further but this time her resistance was not so strong.

I was moving my tongue along her bra kissing her on the breast occasionally. This was arousing her as she was running her fingers wildly through my hair and sometimes pulling them. I had cupped her one breast over her top and squeezing it and was busy kissing and licking the other one.

I could feel her nipples were erect, I slowly pulled her bra cup down and pinched her nipple. Due to darkness I could not make out its color. As I pinched her nipple she gave out a loud moan. Her nipple was darting hard and thick unlike my other girlfriends.

I was squeezing her breast, pinching her nipple and trying to open her other breast too. But it was not possible as I was unable to pull her top further down. I removed my hand from breast and opened rest of her coat buttons.

She was wearing a short kurta top inside her coat, I moved my hand inside her kurta and placed it over her stomach. Rashidha was looking at me as I was doing it. Her skin was smooth, I inserted my finger in her belly button and moved my hand all over her waist line.

At this moment Rashidha came over me started kissing me wildly, I moved my both hands inside her kurta. My hands were exploring her bare back, I was moving my fingers delicately over her body and occasionally inside her trousers, suddenly she arched her back and bit my lips…..aaaaahhh……she moaned…she had an orgasm.

She rested her head over my shoulder, she was panting trying to grasp her breath. Her body was much warmer then before, I moved my hands over her back and unhooked her bra…."nahi sandy, this is not the right place"…..she whispered into my ears…"please let me do it….. I just want to feel them aur kuch nahi"….I pleaded.

She dint say a word and bit my ear. I moved my hand to her front and started fondling her boobs and nipples. As I was squeezing them, Rashidha was giving out soft moans close to my ears. This was making me more hard and wild. Suddenly lights lit up and it was interval, Rashidha hurriedly moved back on her recliner.

I excused my self and went to the toilet. I still had this bulge under my jeans. I got back to my seat with some drinks and pop corns. To my disappointment Rashidha was fully dressed up in her coat and scarf….. "what happened"…I asked…."nothing…kyo"….she replied….."Why are up all dressed up again?"

I questioned, she dint replied and just wrapped her hands around my arms. I looked at her, she was looking more beautiful and her lovely fair face was complimented with beautiful luscious lips which were red due to all the kissing.

The theater was dark again and the movie started. Rashidha was still holding my arms, this time she was holding it very tightly close to her breast. I moved forward and kissed her on the head over her scarf. I kept massaging her boobs with my elbow. I could feel Rashidha's hold was getting loose.

I lifted her face by her chin and kissed on her lips again. After kissing for some time, she rested her head on my shoulder. I slowly started to unbutton her coat top. She dint resist this time and to my surprise she had not buttoned her top completely.

I tried to remove her scarf…."is it necessary to remove this too" she asked…"yes because you too much pretty without it"….I replied. She undid it…."khush ho abhi" she asked me smiling…"yeah baby"…I replied smiling naughtily. I hugged her and pulled her over.

She was over me with her coat completely open from the front. We kissed passionately biting each others lips, kissed her on her neck and moved my hand inside her top. She had not hooked her bra, I started squeezing her boobs and nipples wildly.

She was kneeling over me on my recliner with my legs between hers. Her breasts and stomach were close to my face and her hands on my shoulders. Her coat was fully open, which gave me complete access inside. I pulled her close and raised her kurta top.

I slowly kissed her on her side waist and moved my lips along with trouser waist to her navel. I kissed her navel and inserted my tongue in it, I sucked it for few seconds, Rashidha clawing me on my shoulders, her nails were hurting me but still that pain was pleasurable.

I moved my tongue from her navel and continued kissing her along her waist line. I delicately bit her on her side waist just over her hips…she gave out a soft moan. I continued kissing her on her stomach and moved towards her breast. Her bra was already open, I turned her a bit and kissed her the left side of the boob.

Her bra was hanging over my face, I kept kissing her breast but did not touch her nipples. I was teasing her, she was getting aroused by my foreplay, I moved my finger over her breast circling delicately around her breast sending mild sensations through her body.

I was moving my tongue and kissing her between her cleavage, stomach and waist. I was rubbing my face in between her boobs, Rashidha was not able to control herself pushed my face against the cleavage. I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking it, she pressed me my face against her boobs,

I moved my hand below and undid her trouser button but dint unzip her. I pushed my hands inside her trouser trough her panty and grabbed her ass cheeks. They were smooth and firm, I tried to push my hands further deep but was not able to because of the zip.

I still tried, my finger reached her crotch it was already moist. I moved my finger forward…aaaahhh….she moaned…I had touched her pussy. Her pussy was not and leaking. I moved me finger along her pussy lips…….hhhhmmmm…she moaned.

I was not able to reach her pussy completely from behind, so I undid her zip. I moved my finger from her ass crack to her pussy. Rashidha was moaning in ecstasy. I was rubbing her pussy lips and sucking her nipple at the same time. "Please sandy, stop it….baas karo….i can't take it any more"

I she was leaking like a tap and her love juice was over my finger. I pulled my finger tasted her cum……hhhmm….it was sweet. I pushed my hand back in her panty and slowly explored her pussy. I reached her clitoris and rubbed it gently with my finger……"aaaahh….sandy baas ho gaya….aaahhh"

I moved my one hand over her breast and squeezed her one nipple and bit the other nipple and at the same time I pushed my finger inside her pussy. Rashidha arched back and a loud moan…."aaaaahh"….as she came all over my finger.

She had starched my neck and shoulder. I started moving my finger fucking her steadily….."hhhhhmmmm….aaahhhhh…..aaah" she was moaning softly as my finger moved inside her pussy.

Rashidha was now moving her hips trying to much my finger movements. I kept my hand steady and she was riding my finger. I was moving my other hand over her boobs and face. She was enjoying this steady finger fuck. I pulled her head and kissed her on her lips. It was a wild one.

I removed my finger and pushed her on the side. I pushed my hand inside her trouser from the front and started rubbing her clitoris. She was already wet, so I inserted my finger inside her pussy but this time I was bit rough. I started finger fucking her wildly ramming her pussy wildly with my finger.

Rashidha started to moan in pain, I kissed her on her lips trying to make her quite….she move aside…"aaahhh…..its hurting me…please be gentle"…"aaahhh….sandeep…pleasssee". I slowed down my speed and kissed her…Rashidha game again. This time she had cum a lot.

I still kept my finger inside her…"please remove your hand and finger"…she said pulling my hand out from her trouser. I licked her cum from my finger and kissed her back. "how was it" I asked her…."superb" she said shying. She got back on her recliner. "should I buy movie tickets for tomorrow" I asked her…."

I never expected this to happen in a movie theater" she replied. I knew what we did was groce, but what ever happened was in moment. Hope you guys know what I mean. We have never planned it, it just happened. I believe many of you guys must have had similar experience in a movie theatre.

Fucking Hot College Lecturer

Hello friends. It takes me to go back 2 year down the lane when I was searching my job in Chennai. I was generally commuting that time using city bus. One day while going for a job interview my eye got fixed on a stunning lady who was also looking towards me.

Let me tell you about her beauty. She was a brown skin, homely look with big dark black eyes, inviting butt and juicy boobs. First I thought as I look different since I am a north Indian she might be simply eyewashing her. But later I found her standing very near to me and then I started noticing her closely.

I thought to talk to her but it needs a real heart for that in a city like chennai. Adding to it I got discouraged when I saw a old guy with her I thought him as her father. But more than often she kept on looking towards me and meanwhile she came very close to me inside bus and suddenly driver hit on break,

which made me breathless as my chest collided with her boobs which was around 34 I guessed that time. But she was in no mood to pull her back and we were in that position for few seconds, she was looking straight into my eyes. I felt ashamed and told her sorry but she said no problem.

Later she got a seat in the gents row as you might be knowing that in Chennai city bus we have separate row for gents and ladies. So she sat with the old guy and I was standing very close to her to feel her left toes and rubbing her left shoulder with my right leg.

Meanwhile I got an idea as I found some small diary kinda material in her hand I asked to her a piece of paper, she gave to me and shown me her friendly nature. I made 2 pieces of that paper and wrote my mobile number on one of them and the other half I kept with me.

I folded the number paper and gave to her by saying I dont need the full paper so let's not waste and she accepted the paper and put it into her diary. I had to get down so I just turn back and had a look on her and got off. I was scolding myself as thinking it will not work and my paper will be lost.

But.. but I got a call from a sweet lady voice I thought it might be the HR buddy but guess I was wrong..It was the same lady whom I gave the paper and she told me that my friend gave the paper accidentally to her which he should have taken with him.

I confessed to her that I was the person whom she met in the bus and she was surprised I told her as I wanted to talk to her I have done like this. She got angry and cut the line. But again I got a call from the same number after some time and she asked why I have done that way

then I told her that I was worried with her father. She laughed and said he is not her father infact he used to be her senior colleague and introduced her as a lecturer in a womens college. We talked around 2 hours in night and I complimented her on a cute face and a gorgeous body.

She laughed and asked me to meet the next day. But due to work she could not make it out and we met on the beach after two days. I hugged her in the dooming light as it was evening and she hesitated. I put my hand on her shoulder but she said that it's wrong as it's a public place.

I controlled my self but kept my hand on her shoulder. Later I caressed her hair and she liked that. I asked her about a kiss and she gave her left right chick. I kissed near her right ear and gave a small bite on her ear. She said me to not to do that as some one will she meanwhile I started folding her left boobs.

I felt her boobs but was not satisfied as I want her very badly. Suddenly she got separated and stood up. I was shocked as I thought will loose her. But she told me lets get out from here. I joined her and then told her I want to see her in private. She told we will meet.

I thought its all over and left heavy hearted. She called me later and told me not to call or sms her. I was shocked but it was not in my hand later again I got a call from her after 4 days and we talked for nearly 1 hour. I gave her my apology but she said me that she will punish me for my act.

I told her whatever punishment you want I will take it. She laughed and asked me why I wanted her to see in private? I told her I will tell that when I will see her. She gave me an invitation to her house. I thought I will see her family members but when I reached she was alone there as her

husband and kid went to nearby village their hometown. I was little bit relaxed and asked her why she din't tell me. She said if she would have informed me in advance I would not have surprise. Then we talked for few minutes. We were seating on two different sofa.

It was a well maintained house. I stood and sat down a bigger sofa from where she was little distant to me so she came close and sat with me on the same sofa. She was in a night gown with no bra inside I guessed which was right :-) and a panty below as I could see the outer line on her night gown.

I put my hand on her shoulder and started playing with her hair. She din't said anything. I started kissing on her neck and licking her ear. She was breathing heavily. She put her head on my chest and asked me what I want to do to her? I was speechless. She stood up and laughed.

I got the message and I hug her tightly she said slowly in my ear let me show you my other room. I nodded firmly. She was going ahead me and was following her and my hand was playing with her inviting butt. I carresed her butt and pinched. She shown me her home and finally her bed room.

I asked her let me see the tajmahal. She laughed and asked me to take off the cloths. I wanted her to do that so I asked we willl remove each others cloths. She aggreed and pushed my chest with her hand. I took off her nighty which she helped me to take out and she tried to open my belt which she coul not so I helped her.

Now infront of me was the sexy lady and I was surprised to see her big boobs.It was arround 36 with a dark arola and nice firm tits. She lied down on the bed and asked me to come close to her. I tool all my cloths off but not the underwear as I wanted her to tease.

She dint mind it and I started playing with her boobs. It was so big my palm was feeling small:-). I started kissing her on lips. She dint do anything in starting but I was exploring her mouth with my tongue and later she also started responding with tongue. It was too sensual and nice to kiss such a nice and sexy lips.

She was breathing heavily and I was busy in kissing and fondling her juisy boobs. She asked me to take my underwear out. I knew she is hot for the grand finale but ignored and started kissing her belly area and later gone down. It was not a clean saven pussy with small hair.

She got my intention and she made a "V" but dont want to do that so I have started kissing her thighs, inner thigh and toes. She hold my hair with her hand and and strangled my neck with her left leg. I switched to left leg and kissed her thighs and sexy fingers.

Licked her naval but she was asking me to take my underwear off. I stood up and shown her my errrection as I also wanted to get her service she smiled and holded my dick in her hand and later tool my underwear off. She started playing with it. I again kissed her lips and licked her chest between two boobs.

She liked that. I love to lick the armpit. She had a complete saven armpit and it was smelling beautiful aroma might be some deo's smell and a salty taste. She asked me to not do that. I said okie I gone down to her naval started licking her pussy. I used my tongues to go circular and then sea-saw.

She liked that very well with her heavy breath and moan I guessed. She asked me to insert my dick into her. But asked her to get into the missionary position. She quickly came to that position and I hold her legs on my shoulder. She asked me to come on fuck.

I was also ready and my Cock was very hard it was ready to launch. I saw straight in her eyes aand try to insert but failed as it was too thick to go inside. She took a pillow and asked me to put that pillow below her butt. I done accordingly and we resumed our sex journey.

I have started slowly with both her boobs holding in my palms and legs resting on my shoulder. Slowly I gained the speed and she started enjoying by saying "Don't Stop.. Keep Going.. Superb..Superb.." holding her eyes closed. Suddenly she gave a big oooo sound and came.

My cock felt a hot fluid coming out of her pussy. But I was not and I kept on fucking.. after nearly 10 minutes I came and she got her orgasm arround three times. I took my cock out of her pussy slowly and hugged her kissed her. She said its the best time she has in her life.

I asked her to give me a blow job but she refused it as her self integrity. I respect that and so din't force her. But she promised to get me harder by playing with my dick and balls. I got another desire and asked her to let's do in doggy style.

She got excited as her husband never go to other position than missionary position. I kissed her back chick and hit it hard which turned her ON. I pinched her ass and hold her boobs from back roughly as I wanted to give her a more aggressive fuck. I pushed my dick in a hurried manner to her pussy.

She cried and told dont be animal. I laughed and started pumping her pussy. I was kissing her shoulder and back and pinching her tits. She gave a big moaning sound and came I used her cum and applied in her asshole. She said to not do anything to her ass.

I said I will not do anything and put my little finger in her ass she said to take the finger out but I ignored. I kept on fucking her pussy and changed my little finger to thumb in her ass. She shouted on me to take that finger out I said I wont do anything..and she nodded and I started kissing her neck.

After nearly 10 minutes I wanted to cum so took my cock outside her pussy and replaced my thumb with dick in the ass hole. She jumped but I hold her with her hair and cam in her ass. She collapsed on the bed and me on top of her.

I kissed her and carress her whole body and later had dinner and again 3 times uck in different position in the night before sleep. I left her house the next day morning. She likes me and I respect her lot, we are in a friendly relation since then.

Fucking erotic story reader girl

Hello all my friends (HumanDigest readers), I am rahul ( 26 yrs ) from mangalore. Today I am writing my 2nd story for you people. As some of you who read my previous story a real incident where I got my gf priya. In my second story I promised that my next post will be about priya’s friend sakshi.

But after posting that story another incident happen and I feel its better to share this incident which happened recently. Don’t worry friends, after this story my next story will be about my experience with sakshi. In my last story at the end I had asked for any girls or aunties,

who would like to enjoy life can contact me through my email. I know there are so many females who are not satisfied sexually but I was not sure whether any one of them will try to contact me because its not easy to have faith in a stranger. 2 days after posting that story (my life my words),

I opened my own posted story on Human Digest and click on comments. I was surprised to see there was a comment from a female, praising my story and asking whether its real or fantasy. Her name was preet ( not real ). But there was no means I could contact her.

Then next day I got an email in my inbox. I hurriedly opened it and found that it’s the same girl preet. In her mail she again asked me about my experience with priya. So I replied her via mail and told her all she wanted to know. Then next day I got her mail thanking me for sharing my experience with her.

Then wrote her that everyone has some experiences in life and I feel experience is made to share with someone. Also I asked her about her experiences and at the bottom I given my mobile number and told if she ever wishes to talk to me then she can. I was not sure whether she will call or not.

Then I started waiting for her mail or call but for next few days nothing happen. I thought that I have lost her. But after about 1 week on sunday noon I got a call. I picked it. I said hello but no one responded. When I repeated 2 – 3 times then a sweet voice came. It was preet.

She hesitatingly reminds me about her and I quickly said that I remember her. Then we talk for a while just normally. I asked abt her family but she didn’t told me and said that she will tell at the right time. I didn’t mind that bcoz I know that its not easy for a girl to have faith in anyone so early.

After that v talked for next 3 days, she asked abt me and I told her. Now she started to have some faith in me. Then one day preet told me her real name and told me to keep her details secret. I asked her why then she told me that actually she is married. And this friendship of ours can destroy her married life.

I promised her to keep it secret. After that day v started to talk more freely. One day while we were talking in night (her hubby was on night duty) she said to me that these days everyone says that she looks happier than usual. She said that this change has come into her life since she is talking to me.

I said thanks to her and asked why she use to b unhappy usually. She kept quite for some time when I repeated my question then she said in faint voice that actually she has been married for 6 yrs now but still has no child. Also her hubby is sooo busy with his work that he doesn’t care much about her.

Then without asking she told all her story. I told her to b calm and b happy. Life never remains same, u don’t worry ur life will also change. Then I started talking abt other day when v were talking I casually asked her to meet some where, for which she readily agreed but she told what will she say to her hubby.

I said she can tell him that she is going to some market.. She said that she afraid of her hubby soo much, if he came to know that her wife has a male friend than surely he will divorce her. Than I asked her ok u tell what want ? "I mean how and where v can meet."

She then think for few seconds and than said u can come to my home this sunday for lunch or dinner as my hubby is going out for tour. I asked her isn’t it dangerous to meet at home. She said no its safer than meeting outside place bcoz no one comes to their house bcoz of her hubby’s nature.

So I agreed and said that I will come on sunday evening for dinner.readers, till that time I was not having any lust for preet. For me she was a very cute and nice friend. Than the sunday came and I was very excited to meet my new friend. In the evening I dressed up in jeans and cool t-shirt.

And left for her place, which was few kms away from my house. I reached there and called her & told her that I am near her house, should I ring her bell???? She told me that no need to rang bell as she has left door unlocked. She told me to take care that no one c me coming inside.

I did exactly hat and secretly entered into her house. It was a beautiful house, with every expensive item. I locked the door from inside and than called her name, suddenly I felt that there is someone behind me. I turned and found a stunning beauty. It was preet.

My eyes were wide opened seeing her she was like an ice-cream which is made to eat only. Her figure 36 28 36 was simply gr8. As I moved towards her she said hii to me and for my surprised she first hugged me tightly. I also did the same. Than v sat in the drawing room and started talking.

While talking v were also watching t v. First she was sitting in front of me but after some time she started tv and came to sit with me coz tv was on her back. I didn’t mind that. Her arms touching mine and her thighs also touching mine. V were talking normally but after some time I asked her,

that she is soo good looking but one thing I feel is missing there. She asked me what? I told that why she always seems to be tense. I told her that her beauty will increase many times if she keeps smiling all the time. She smiled looking at me and put her hand on my hand and said that u is the best friend I have ever found.

I felt while holding my hand preet was slowly rubbing and playing with it. Suddenly something came to my mind and I said that I want ask u something but I am afraid that u might get angry. She told that come on raman, u r my best friend. You can ask anything.

Soo by her words I got courage and asked with a light voice “preet, can I kiss u “ if u wont mind. She looked at me for a second. Scared by her eyes I said don’t mind it just came to my mind and I asked. Don’t get angry about that. But surprisingly she said ok u can. Now we were just few inches away.

She placed her cheek near me so that I can kiss it. But I wanted to kiss her lovely red like rose lips. Soo I first told her to close her eyes coz its not easy for me to kiss her while she is looking. So she closed her eyes. Now I hold her hairs from back and moved her lips towards mine.

Just before our lips could contact she opened her eyes but it was too late now. Within a fraction I put my lips on her and was kissing her gently, she first did nothing but within few seconds she also started responding. Our kissing was getting hotter now. I had left her hairs as there was no need to pull her towards me now.

Her hands automatically were now on my back. After sometime I felt that she is getting wild with this kissing session. Soo I stopped than v separated. I said her sorry; she said hey it was soo good. Why u feel sorry. She said it’s a long time since she had kissed like that.

Surprised by her, I asked ur hubby don’t do anything to u? She told me in sad voice that he doesn’t have time for me. Also she told me that they had sex just once in last 2 months. While telling this she started crying. I put my hand on her shoulder and patted her lightly to console her.

When she stopped crying I took a promise from her that she will never ever cry again. My hand was now slid to her back over her t-shirt. It was really good to feel her back, sliding my hand all over while consoling her. Suddenly my hand went to the bottom of her t-shirt and when I tried to slid it up again it went directly inside her t-shirt.

For the first time my hands were on her bare back and what a feeling that was. Her skin was smooth like silk. I once saw at her face, but she didn’t resisted. Now it was clear to me that she needs enjoyment and satisfaction sooo I decided to help her as she was now my good friend.

I was sliding my hand all over her back inside her t-shirt. Suddenly she hugged me and now I put both m hands inside her t-shirt and started messaging. She kissed me many times. And then in a light voice she said to me “let’s go inside”.

Till that time I was also aroused so I just took her in my arms and she guided me to her bedroom. Her bedroom was a really nice one having a big circular bed with soft mattresses. There was dim light in that room and very nice fragrance was also there.

I think she had done all that arrangement bcoz she was having prior intentions to enjoy with me as her hubby doesn’t satisfy her. I was a bit nervous because I have never had sex with any married lady.i told me to wait for a min, she will b back in 1 min.

Then she went outside room and returned having some cd’s in her hand. I asked about cd’s, she told me that she has a secret fantasy of having sex while watching blue film. Then she said lets not waste time now and quickly started one cd on tv.

Up to that time I was also became fully aroused so I followed her to the tv and stood just behind her. When she turned after turning on the cd player, v both collide but no one tried to separate. Then both hugged tightly and then I pull her in my arms and took her to the bed.

Now she was lying on bed looking at me. I first removed my shoes, then my t-shirt and then I got over her and started kissing slowly from her shoulder to her neck and then her cheeks I was kissing as if I were sucking her flesh.

Due to my wet kisses she got aroused soo much that when brought my lips close to her lips she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me towards her and started smooching. I also was going out of control. Soon I removed her t-shirt and also opened her jeans too.

She herself removed her jeans completely and was now just in her pink lacy bra and red panty. She was looking like a sex goddess at that time. I quickly grab her and started kissing her chest area and then I opened her bra strap from behind and with my mouth I took her bra off her body.

And what gr8 pair of boobs was in front of me. Her boobs were 36 d cup size. Sooo tight and with light brown nipples and big areola. I started sucking her boobs like a hungry child and she was moaning during this time. She was also looking at the movie and that I feel was getting her more excited. Suddenly I felt her hand on my cock.

I understood that she want that now. I saw in the movie the girl was sucking cock so I quickly opened my jeans and without any hesitation asked her to do the same thing that girl is doing in the movie. And for my surprise she was more than ready to do that.

Feeling her interest, I asked her that does her hubby don’t do this thing to her. She said he don’t have time for me. He only fucks in missionary position for a short time and then sleeps. Then without asking me she took my cock in her hand and started to rub it. My cock was getting hot and bigger in her hand.

Her hands were soo soft that I thought if her hands r this much soft then how soft her mouth would be? After messaging my cock for 5 min. She was now ready to take it in her mouth. Till that time I removed my cloths completely and also her panty. Now v both was fully nude on her bed.

Then I sat on the edge of her bed and she sat on floor in front of me, with her mouth near my cock. And then she first kissed my cock tip lightly. With the touch of her lips my cock became more erect. Then she took about 2 inches of my cock into her mouth.

Her lips were wrapped around my cock and in a flash she tools my entire cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop. I was in heaven soo she was. She was eating it coz she had been hungry for sex for soo long. It was about 11pm night.

Although I had to return home but v both were soo involved that I had decided in my mind to stay with her whole night now as she sucked my cock for some time, I felt pressure in it, I understood that I was going to cum now.

I tried to take my cock out of her mouth but she didn’t let me take it away. I told her that I am about to cum now. She said sooo what?? U wants cum? I never stopped u, u r free to cum anytime u want. U want it now sooo do it right here.

Saying this she again took my cock in her mouth and within few seconds I cummed in her mouth. She tried to drink but was not able to drink it all as some on my cum leaked out of her lips. Now my cock was again normal size.

She left it now and v both went to bathroom, there I took some water to clean my cock but she didn’t let me clean it and instead she cleaned it with her tongue and lips. In this process some more cum I jerked into her mouth.

Then she cleaned my cock and also herself with water as some of my cum was also on her face and her boobs. After cleaning she took my hand to go to bedroom again. But now it was my turn to act and I did it. I pulled her towards me inside the bathroom and closed the door,

she understood what I wanted and was ready for that. Now I first took her my arms and said in her ears that it’s the best time of my life with a girl. She in return whispered in my ear that “i never thought that I cud get a friend like u, who can do anything for friendship “.

Then she asked me that can I ask for a promise??? I said ya sure. She said that u promise me that this night will remain in between us only and I will never tell anyone about it. I thought about it for a sec then told her that I can not promise that. She asked why?

I told that I want share this experience with Human Digest readers but I promise you that I will never ever tell her true details to anybody. It a promise. After which she said ok. And then v hugged tightly with my hands rubbing her tight round butt.

Also just then I started shower and now v were under shower totally nude. While rubbing her ass I slid my hand to her pussy and felt it was all wet. When I touched her pussy she pressed my back tightly. Seeing her reaction I put my one finger into her pussy and played with her pussy.

Then I slid my 2nd fingered and with some difficulty it also entered inside. Now I was moving my fingered in and out and preet was moaning with pain and pleasure. Her voice was making me even hornier and I started doing that fast and after some time she cummed on my hand.

Then I removed my hand and she took my hand in her hand and licked her own juices from it. Then I stopped the shower and took her to the bedroom. And she sat on the bed. I said to her that ur hubby fucks u in missionary position and u r bored of it soo I wont fuck in that position.

She smiled at this. I asked her how she wants it. She hesitatingly told that she like doggie style most as she has seen in many movies but her hubby never tried that. It was 12 past midnight. I sat her in doggie style and placed my cock on her love hole that was begging to get fucked.

I first rubbed it lightly between her pussy lips which made her scream in pleasure. Her eyes closed and just one word came out of her mouth, common raman fuck me now, I need u inside plsssss. As she said this I pushed my dick inside her pussy which was quite tight.

When half of my cock was entered she was in so much pain. I stopped there for a while soo that her pain becomes less. After few seconds when I felt that she is now ok, with a forceful jerk I pushed my whole cock inside. Due to this sudden insertion she almost cried and few drops of water fall from her eyes.

I was not feeling good as she was in pain but this pain she had to bear for sometime if she wants to get satisfied. Soo she did. I kept my cock full inside for some time and slowly I started jerking it in and out. Gradually I increased my speed and preet was also cooperating by pushing her ass towards me.

My cock was touching her inner walls and my balls were touching her ass cheeks with every shot. While fucking her I was enjoying her body also. Pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples etc and she loved after some time I lost control and suddenly jack off in her pussy.

I said sorry to her but she said no worry she has contraceptive pills. Then as v both were exhausted so v slept nude in each others arms. During night 3 times v wake up and every time I had to fuck her. In the morning v got up late and then v decided to take bath together.

In bathroom also v fucked under water and believe me that was the best moment for both of us. After that I had some breakfast and then left for my home. Before leaving she said to me that u are the best friend and the best partner for me. I love u more than anybody.

I also said that I did that because my friend needed that. Then I returned home and lied at home that I was in office whole night. After few days preet called me, I picked her call and found her sobbing. I asked the reason, she told me that her hubby is transferred to bangalore and so she also has to shift with him there.

I told her that don’t worry, everything will b all right. Also I promised her that whenever I came to bangalore I will definitely meet her. Then after few days preet was gone and I was all alone again. Coz I don’t believe in love, all I believe in is friendship for which anything could be done. So friends here I must end my story. I hope u all will enjoy.

Bus ride and sex

Travelling by bus gives us fantastic experience sometimes. We may meet strangers, with all unknown problems, undergoing agony not finding a solution to solve it and finally when a solution is found expressing gratitude in all possible ways.

Once I happened to travel by bus from Gudalur to Bengaluru by bus. It was a winter night, very chill outside, chill wind was blowing, occasional showers made things worse. I carried a small brief case of clothes etc., a big woollen shawl, which was too big.

I had to keep folds in my lap so that the loose ends may not fall on the floor. I sat in the window side seat of the bus and the bus was getting filled. Time was 10 pm and because of the chill wind I kept the window closed and had no idea how many people are standing outside.

A girl with a bag came and occupied my next aisle seat. She did not have any wrap around her but just a sleeveless sweater which was inadequate to protect her from cold. People were getting in and searching for their seats and a lot of confusion over reserved seats prevailed.

And finally it was all settled and the conductor was taking a head count and we were about to start. I looked at my copassenger. She was a girl of about 25 or so and she held her arms across her chest crossed to protect from cold. I was quite warm in my shawl.

The bus moved on and they put a movie in the video player. I asked my neighbour whether she is bound for Bengaluru. she said yes. If you feel very cold I can allow you to cover yourself with the other end of my shawl. She looked me with suspicion and finally said yes.

I took out the loose end of my shawl and put it around her pulling her closer to me. It covered her all over and I could feel her cold hands. In the process of covering her with the shawl, I touched her boobs or even pressed them. She did not move away.

I asked her whether I may put my hand across to hug her so that her cold may go away fast. Without replying she came closer to me. I removed the hand rest between us and she was practically hugging. me. I took her hand and put it between my thighs to warm them.

She cooperated. Perhaps she forgot for a moment that my erect cock generated all the heat required for both of us. The shawl was all over her head and her head was resting on my chest. As if to adjust the shawl I send my hand through her chest touching her boob.

I did not remove it and it rested on her soft boob. Beneath the sweater she wore a blouse and a bra. She leaned over and was lying on my lap. The warmth was very comfortable. All the passengers were busy watching the movie and sending my other hand over her back,

I tried to unhook her bra. She understood and cooperated. The bra was unhooked and her bra cups became loose and my other warm hand ran over her boobs lavishly. Now she was huddled comfortably over the bulge in my pant and the naughty girl was trying to unzip my pant.

I straightened my body so that she may accomplish her task easily. The jerks and the jumps in the journey made things easy for us and I tightened my grip over her. I asked her whether she is comfortable. Her hands softly pulled out my cock and in the secrecy of the hood of the shawl,

she was cuddling my cock and balls with her both hands and pressing my cock on her cheeks. The bus was winding its way through many hairpin bends and stopped at several places to allow other vehicles to passby. I asked her whether she is comfortable. She said yes.

Now since she has taken possession of my cock how go about touching her pussy. She wore a long skirt and to pull the whole thing up is difficult. I told her that I want to touch her pussy. She took my hand and inserted it through the gap in her skirt and placed it on her panty.

I pulled down the elastic and touched her pussy. Either the hair was clipped or she had scanty hair, her pussy was soft and my finger located the tiny clit. She widened her thighs to allow me access. We were enjoying our journey. The bus stopped for tea and snacks.

Some people got down and many did not move. We too did not move. I was disappointed at the sudden break that I had to remove my both hands which are comfortably placed. The girl got up and stuck her head out and looked around. I asked her her name. She said softly Sheila.

I asked her do you want tea and snacks. She said no. Her hand was still holding my cock its heat was very comfortable for her. My hand in her juicy cunt was also getting her heat. What more we want. When the bus started again, in the sudden jerk she took my cock in her mouth.

My God, I thought, what this girl is doing. Totally unknown to me, she only said her name is Sheila going to Bengaluru, giving me a wonderful blowjob ever. I could not stand it any more. I shot my cum into her mouth and she took it fully.

She licked it smooth and my limp cock was in her mouth and again gettig hardened. My hand was busy in her dripping pussy and thats all. It was past midnight and she dozed off on my lap and I too leaned back and closed my eyes.

I covered her well so that she may be well protected from the biting chill weather. The bus is supposted to reach Bengaluru in the morning. I slept well and suddenly when I woke my next seat was empty. She was not there.

We were in the city and when the bus stopped in the outskirts she must have got down without even informing me. My right hand gave her a good massage of her ample boobs and my left fingers nibbled at her clit and finger fucked her.

From the oozing I thought she must have had a good orgasm. But where is she. I was desparate. The bus stopped at the bus stop and all the passengers got down. I collected my things, zipped up my pant and with a great sense of loss and disappointment I got down.

I asked the conducter where that girl got down. He said she got down at the previous bus stop. I took an auto and rushed to the previous bus stop. Foolish, will she be sitting there waiting for me. But my urge was so strong that I went looking around for her.

There were many women at the stop. Is that she or she or the other girl I thought. I remember she had a thick mat of dark curly hair tied with a ribbon or a clip, I dont remember. Her fragrance was very sexy and arousing. I thought I will take ber with me to the hotel and have a good fuck.

She would have come. She definitely was a hot type, otherwise will she volunteer to put her hands between my thighs to steal the warmth. Having had a nice time with a stranger in the bus, she must be laughing within herself for taking me for a ride. What to do, this is the first time I was cheated in sex.

Sexy journey on a chilly night

I am Sheila, 23, having gone to Gudalur, had to return to Bengaluru by bus. It was a chill night and luckily I got a seat in a bus. Since my visit to Gudalur was for a short period I did not take any warm clothes, but I regretted. When I got into the bus I was shivering with cold.

I got a aisle seat and put my bag on the overhead hold and sat in my seat. The gentleman sitting near me was kind enough to offer me a portion of his shawl to wrap myself up, which I most willingly accepted. The shawl wrap was very comfortable.

It gave me the much needed warmth. I looked at his face. He was a young man with a stubby face, looked quite attractive. I huddled close to him and his body smell was very sexy and made me hot. He put his hands around me and pulled me closer which I liked because his body heat

was very comfortable. I tucked my hands between his thigh which I was sure will keep my hands warm. But the bulge in his pants was a telltale evidence of his getting sexually aroused by my proximity. I cuddled close to him putting my head on his chest.

His thick sweater was nice. The fellow was touching my boobs and I did not resist. He ran his hand all over and touched my nipples to make them erect. I very much wanted him to suck them but it is not possible to do so in the bus.

He had unhooked my bra and lifted them up so that he can play with my boobs freely. I helped him to lift my blouse and sweater so that my boobs will be freely avialable to him. In the meantime his other hand was frantically searching for entering my skirt and touching my pussy.

I guided it through a gap and he pulled down the elastic of my panty and was on my cunt. I opened my legs to make room for him and he was there with his mischivous fingers at my clit and his middle finger was entering my hole.

I dont know where from I got so much courage, I just unzipped him and took out his medium sized tool. Just like I had seen in some porn site, I just took his cock in my mouth and gave him a good blow job. His fingers were working magic in my cunt. I had series of orgasms.

He too had his and threw his cum into my mouth and it was tasting alright. I swallowed the whole thing and licked his cock. Slowly I removed his hand from my pussy and I think he had slept off. I remained so on his lap for some more time.

After sometime I knew the bus will stop at Malleswaram where my brother would be waiting for me. I slowly rose and did my bra and got tidied up. As I expected the bus stopped at Malleswaram and my brother was there. I went home with him.

Considering the good time I had in the bus I very much wished to go with my friend to some hotel and have a good fuck. I did not know his name or even his face. All that I knew was his smell and taste of his cum. With a sense of loss I went home.

Sex at friends sisters wedding

When I was in rajshahi for my friend’s sisters wedding, I met many beautiful girls one of them were simi, she was very good looking with heavy breasts, good figure 38-28-36, about 22 yrs old. On the first day of the wedding I saw her at there and wanted to talk to her,

I asked my friend who she was, she was my friend’s sister’s friend, I asked her to introduce her to me and she did. I and simi started talking about all things she introduced me to her brother also we were together with my friends and hers for almost the full day, joking, talking,

had lunch together and I told her I am going to my room at parjatan motel at night she made a sorry face and said please don’t go stay here in the hall. I told her I will be back in the morning for the weddings again don’t worry as I am used to sleeping in the bed.

Then in the evening my friend had arranged a party for all of us, drinks etc, but I don’t drink so I was just accompanying them. After some hours I wanted to go so I asked my friend for his bike. All my friends also wanted to go to some restaurant at upasahar for dinner and drinks,

so her brother also joined them and told will come to my room after the party to sleep, I told ok and was about to go when my friends sister came to me and said, simi too wants to go home can u drop her home on the way, I told ok and she came and sat on the bike and we rode on,

on the way I asked can we go someplace for coffee or so, she agreed, she was holding me tightly from behind and her breasts were feeling soooooooooooooooooo nice on my back, something soft massaging my back, I was slowly getting an erection,

we stopped at a coffee shop and had coffee she was looking very happy to be with me and I asked her does she really want to go home, she shyly replied no, I asked her if she wants to come to my room and she agreed instantly. I was so happy after coffee we went to my room together.

I went in and opened the balcony door for some fresh air she also came there and stood next to me with some courage I slowly put my hand on hers she smiled and came a bit near I went behind her and embraced her and said, is this what you wanted,

she nodded her head in favor and I held her still tighter on to her stomach. She was wearing a tight salwar suit, the wind was cool and two hot bodies wow the feeling was great, I slowly put my hands on her breasts and slowly rubbing them she was moaning with pleasure and turned

her face to one side and I planted a kiss on her cheeks and slowly went down to her lips, she opened her lips and started kissing me her tongue was in my mouth and I was sucking it, my one hands slowly feeling her breasts the other going down to her stomach and finally to her

pussy. I slowly massaged her pussy and she was now sucking my tongue and moving her hips to my massage.we kissed for some time and went inside the room I took her hand turned her towards me and kissed her again she embraced me tightly and kissing me,

my dick was hard now and pressing her pussy, my hands were now moving on her body and hers on mine. She slowly lifted my t-shirt and removed it, I too unbuttoned her top and lifted it off, wow her heavy breasts were sooooooooooo nice covered in thin black bra,

I bent down and kissed them from her bra, her nipples became hard I caught it between my lips and was sucking it. I made her to lie on the bed and took off my pants. I undid her pajama and slowly took it off, we were only in our under things I then lay down beside her and kissed her

again and again her breasts were crushed on my chest her hips hard against my dick I rolled her on top of me and she kissed my chest and bit my nipples and stood up I was sitting on the bed and pulled her to me and undid her bra her breasts jumped out of them and I dropped the

bra and fondled the heavy breasts kissing them one after the other pressing them slowly, she was moaning, ohhhhhhhhh yessssss suck them please pleaseeeeeeeeee, feeeeeeels sooooooooo goooooooooood, ahhhhhhh yeeaassssssssssss, yes, pressing my head to her

chest offering me her nipples I was rolling them between my teeth, my hands went down to her hips and slowly across her pussy I could a bit wetness there and went on to massage her pussy.

I stopped kissing her breasts and went kissing down to her stomach and then to her pussy, she pushed me away and made me lie on the bed and said now my turn u lie down, she took off my brief and my dick sprang up hard 7”and wet with pre cum she held it and slowly was feeling the

entire length of it I was in the seventh heaven feeling good and she was moving the skin up down and put it in her mouth moving her tongue on the tip slowly and swallowed my dick and started to move my dick in out in out in out of her mouth stopping to lick the tip I was in a big ecstasy

now pulling her head to my dick, I thought that my dick will burst up I was so sexily aroused, I stopped her after some time and pulled her up on me and kissed hungrily her bare breasts pressing to my chest my hands going down to her buttocks and in her panty pushing her to me

tightly she was also kissing me in passion I rolled her down next to me and kissing her body went down till I was kissing her pussy, slowly I started to take off her panties she was wet there I lifted her legs high to take off the panty and kissed her sexy pussy kissing her g spot and

biting it slowly she held the bed post and was moving her hips higher to my kissing and shouting yeeeeee yeeeeees there theeerrreee ohhhhhh I loooooveeeee it please don’t stop doooooooonnnnnntt, I was licking her pussy off her wetness and inserted my tongue in her clit

and moved it up down up down, she held my head tightly and pushed it to her pussy saying, yyyeeeee licccck it allllllll ohhhhhhhh gooooodddd itsssss sooooooooooo goooood, yes lick it yeasssssssssssss, I held her buttocks and lifted her to me and put my tongue in her pussy

and moved it in out in out fucking her with my tongue and licking her pussy too, wow the feeling and taste was just too good,she held my head and said, ravi I cannot control anymore please come up and fuck meeeeeeeeee pllleeeeeeeaaaase.

I obliged her and went upon her she opened her legs wide and I inserted my hard 7”stiff dick in her wet soft, sexy pussy and moved in out in out going in all the way she held me tight and was screaming in pleasure yes, yes, yes do it do it don’t stopppppp now please don’t stop just do it

I went on fucking her she held me tightly and bit me on the shoulder and was scratching my back with her nails I was now fucking her faster she raising her hips to my thrusts my dick going in out in out all the way in out. She was becoming wet and wet there, she clasped her legs

around my hips and was moving with me the bed creaking her heavy breasts wobbling I kissed them again and after some time of fucking I was about to cum I told her so and she said no problem you can cum in me I told her no and opened her legs and just took out my dick and

came out on her tummy in big spurts of my sperms she was still in pleasure moving her hips and after draining off my cum on her tummy I slid off her and kissed her again moving my hands on her breasts to her tummy and her wet pussy, I put my finger in her pussy and was fucking

her slowly when I started to get another hard on she was also playing with my hard dick and laughed, I asked her how about a second round and she said ok we fucked again and were sweating and lay there for some time. We then went and showered I told her thanks for the

wonderful night which I wanted when I saw her first time and she too told me the same. I remembered about her brother coming there to my room I went down and booked another room for my friends so as to not catch the two of us.

My friends came about 3 in the morning I got them the key to their room and they went on to sleep. I returned to my sexy simi she was dressed in my t-shirt now looking fresh after the bath I took her in my arms and took her to bed again to get

some sleep and go in the morning to the wedding. I slept with her in my arms hugging tightly. We got up early in the morning and took her home and then to the wedding. These continued for three days and I almost fucked her almost every positions.

Buxom Sexy Attractive

The room was bare, and my footsteps made perfect impressions in the dust as I stepped in. What kind of a place was this? She told me she would be right behind. I was rather nonplussed at the dichotomy of it.

Such a warm and inviting office, but who would’ve guessed that the counseling room would be like this? My psychoanalyst appeared rather uptight and formal as she walked into the room clutching a notepad to her chest. Was she trying to hold something back?

I wondered if I had done the right thing by following the morning’s ad that had strangely jumped right at me from a jumble of little ad-boxes that were crammed in an obscure corner of my copy of the local Classifieds: ‘Delve in, and your problems will disperse, Explore freely, till the itch disappears’

It gave the contact details for a ‘professional psychoanalyst’, and I thought I’d give it a try. After all, I needed help. Could she really help? I wondered. There was a white couch in the middle of the room. I knew it was for me and took my seat. BANG.

The door closed, and she bolted it, top, middle and bottom. Oh-kay. Had I just stumbled into a closet-Dominatrix’s pad? I wondered. She didn’t look the type. It was pitch-dark. Her voice came ringing from the direction of the door. She asked me to lie down. I asked no questions.

If she was the type that derived pleasure for intimidating her ‘clients’, I thought, she would be in for a shock. Suddenly there was a flash of white. A cone of white light illuminated my sofa, and for a moment I was blinded. I blinked, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the harsh brightness.

I could make out, by the sound of it, that she had drawn up a chair and taken a seat somewhere behind me. She started by talking about psychoanalysis, how it works, about the inner-mind, the subconscious, and things like that.

The couch was very soft, and I had sunk right into it and was beginning to wonder if she was just a slightly eccentric psychoanalyst after all. Her cajoling voice put me out of my worries, and I listened to her with a slight sense of indulgent mocking.

The poor woman thought she was telling me things I didn’t know. She asked me to begin exploring my inner-mind, and told me to be unrestrained. Very well, I thought. As much as I hate to admit it, I have a very serious and potentially psychopathic problem.

For a few years now, my life has slowly, but surely, started to take on a dichotomous character, which seems to be pulling me apart from the inside. It’s definitely more of a psychogenic issue than anything else, I think, and the first step, logically, would be to tackle it from the mind’s perspective.

I’m obsessed with thoughts that I shouldn’t have, and I don’t seem to have any control over my physical urges. Everything is fine in moderation, they say, but for me such a state just doesn’t seem to exist. I think I should analyze it by going back to the beginning,

maybe then we should be able to come to some very plausible conclusions that could help deal with my problems better. They say that a lack of parental affection is the starting point for many irregular behavioral tendencies in life. I’ve seen many programs on Discovery Channel,

and I’ve also read some books that say that lack of affection drives, or stimulates, such urges as I have, and I’ve come to realize that I do the things I do to release tension, or maybe to come to terms with depression in life. Okay, that’s one aspect.

How about experiences that I’ve had growing up, that would have perhaps catalyzed my obsessive behavior or led to it, in part? Yes, when I was in school, some things happened that tinkered with the wiring in my head. In particular, those that had to do with sexual arousal,

and women, in general. I had many teachers who were sly exhibitionists, who may have impacted, very significantly, the way I look at women. They would gambol around exposing cleavage through their sarees, for whatever reasons,

which I need not fathom seeing as I have so many problems of my own. There was the physics teacher, the math teacher, the art teacher and the P.E teacher, all of them buxom, and willing to show it. I recollect that on so many occasions I couldn’t help but find myself staring

unabashedly at the cleavage that popped out of a teacher’s blouse. Not a single day would transpire without some incident that made me feel like the hapless victim of a sinister plot to mess with my head, not to mention, with my physiology too.

Those were the days in which the seed was sown, of a future rife in sexual longing, depravity, and gratification in various forms, fellatio, masochism, clandestineness and sin. It used to happen more with the art teacher than anyone else.

She was definitely an exhibitionist, and I’m inclined to think that she derived a deep sense of carnal enjoyment when young boys like me would gape at her barely containable knockers as they bounced voluptuously in her blouse, charting ravenously deep cleavage,

which had an almost hypnotic effect on me and made me do the wildest things. Every week I would wait for her double-class (I think it was on Thursday), when she pranced into class in a thin, translucent saree that accentuated her breasts so they were almost screaming for attention,

and the first chance I had to get close to her, I would grab it, like an unconscionable lunatic, my actions always pre-empting my thoughts, asking them to just shut up and play along. Those were the dark days when the virginity of my thoughts was shattered, despoiled, changed forever.

I’d talk to her about this and that, and how my art was coming along, and I think she knew too well that I didn’t really care about anything except casting furtive glances at her torso, but she played the game. She used to wear black bras, and their straps would stand out against her

mild brown skin in a vivid contrast that paled everything else in comparison as they peeked scandalously out of her blouse. I remember particularly, this one class, when she had split all of us in twos to help each other finish their assignments, when I ended up

(either by design or accidentally) being the odd one out. She came over to me, the harbinger of my philandering ways, and sat innocuously down with my stuff. We were sitting on the floor, away from the rest of the class,

and I can distinctly remember that in a series of deft and nippy movements she moved my stuff out of the classroom and into the deserted corridor next to it, so that we were out of sight of my classmates, and I followed her like a sweetly gawking puppy.

She was seated with her legs stretched slightly to one side, her poise, her redolence; the intensity of her presence fomented a strange tension in the air. The pallu of her saree slipped slightly off her shoulders. There was hardly any room between us,

and the flowery fragrance she always wore emanated teasingly from her body, as I was gazing unfocusedly at some pieces that had to be cut from drawings I had made on a plywood sheet. Without a word she proceeded to work on them, her face down, strands of her long,

straight hair falling over and grazing her chest, while her pallu was clinging to the edge of her shoulders with such incredible elegance that it gave off the impression of a perennial struggle, to adorn her body or abandon it.

She was putting quite an effort into cutting the pieces as deftly as possible, so that her body, from the hips upward, was jerking in rhythm with the jarring sounds of wood being cut by those gentle hands, which seemed to have a phenomenally firm grip.

There was a chain, a thin gold chain that was rocking back and forth, touching the skin on her neck at regular intervals as she worked away at the wood, incessantly. Her bosom was heaving profusely with the effort, her eyes riveted on the wood.

As her breasts bounced up and down, her wildly animated cleavage was doing things to me. It was a very real battle, a battle of the bulge. There’s a degree of wild excitement involved with the full knowledge of something pressing against your underwear,

while the other person is sublimely unaware. My mind was drooling. She bent over further, she was trying to fix something together. I felt honored, unexpectedly. Holding my breath and hoping she didn’t hear the fervent thudding of my chest, I cautiously glimpsed at her areolas,

and the part where her cleavage curved off over either breast. She was bouncing, bouncing; her breasts doing a veritable ballet in front of my face. I wanted to touch. The initiation was almost complete. The demigods of lust and sleaze were rejoicing. I wanted to squeeze.

I could only dream of how soft they would be, and how squeezable. Around the time ‘squeezable’ was doing the rounds in my head, I felt stickiness. It was the first time I ever had an ejaculation. At the time, my schoolboy self was completely hypnotized.

Possessed, as of a spell, and infested by some kind of darkness that multiplied my desires like a vile and potent virus. Even today when I close my eyes and care to reconstruct the scene in my mind, I am confronted with the surreal feeling that I had at the time,

when I didn’t have any exact ideas about sex, but was just enchanted, really. I was totally consumed by her, the seductress of virgin minds who was gyrating intensely over that piece of wood, and stripping my conscience.

How it all ended is a rather hazy detail in my head. I remember one of the boys coming out of class with a question on his face when he beheld the otherworldly ritual, and froze, petrified that my face had almost dispossessed itself from my body and was in her bosom.

On hearing his voice she had started with a slight jolt, and our eyes met only for the slightest gap of time, before she turned away and got up. In that small instant she revealed to me longing, excitement, anticipation, desolation, curiosity and many other subtle things,

which moved me very deeply. I’ve always been a thinker, and this experience has indelibly marked my thoughts, so that every time my mind wanders down the forbidden roads of lust and love, a little bit of the elixir of this experience flows into my being and I wonder,

what powerful insanity it is, doc, this whole business of attraction. So that’s one of my ‘inner-experiences’, miss psychoanalyst. The room was echoing with silence after my monotone narration. I turned around to look at her. My eyes cringed, making out her silhouette.

She was not moving. I pricked my ears, and could barely make out a muffled whining, and repetitive, low, growling sounds. Slowly, I slid off the couch and headed toward her.

Bombay to Goa with white girls

Hey people. Guru here again, sharing another of my many experiences with amazing women! Its great fun sharing these stories, and I must admit, I'm quite addicted to Human Digest now! So here goes! This story dates back when I was 21. I am 25 now.

Great things happen in the great land of Goa! And when a few friends and me decided to go to Goa, brilliant things happened. All of us had gone with the traingular intentions of getting drunk on beer, getting stoned on ganja, and of course, getting laid with some hot chicks!

It was towards the end of the month of May, when we packed our bags and sat in the bus, which was virtually empty. We were carrying 15-20 cans of beer within the 4 of us, to give us company in the night-long trip.

We entered the bus, and were pleasantly surprised to find it almost empty. We could do whatever we want at the back, and there was almost no one to get disturbed. There was a random couple sitting in the front with a kid, and another older couple near them,

but the back of the bus was EMPTY! We took over the area, flung our bags away, took out our beers and started our trip with a bang! The bus reached Bandra, and stopped for some more passengers. We were hoping that no one would ask us to move from those seats.

But our jaws dropped when we saw two amazingly hot white girls climb into our bus. (Later came to know that they were British). The driver showed them their seats, which were far away from us, and they sat down.

Both were wearing these short white skirts which were showing off their hot legs. One of them was wearing a white kurta, through which her red bra inside was clearly visible, and the other one was wearing a low neck tee which was showing off her potentially tasty cleavage.

When the kurta girl stretched up to put her bags, her kurta rose, and we could see a really hot tattoo on her lower back. They had noticed us for sure, coz one of them said something to other, to which she gave out a small giggle.

My friend Prateek, the most successful womanizer I have seen, declared that the one in the kurta was his. 'Ya right!', we said, and continued our drinking. The bus moved on, and we were having a gala time in the back, singing songs, drinking, laughing, but guys will be guys,

and everyone had those two hotties on the back of our minds. We noticed that they were glancing occasionally at us, but we didn't want to read too much into it. The bus moved late into the night. By then, we had lost hope as far as the girls were concerned.

Everyone was asleep, except us, and we decided that this would be the right time to roll a few joints. Sameer, our official joint-roller did his job, and we lit up, hoping that no one would come to know. The beautifully-rolled joints did their effect, and we were in heaven,

humming a few Beatles' songs, happy! Suddenly, we were interrupted by a female voice, 'Excuse me..'. It was the girl in the kurta! We looked up, dazed, confused. Are we really so stoned, or is she really there? Well, she was, coz she sweetly smiled and said,

'My name's Camilla. Actually, we ran out of our Ganja, and were hoping that you guys could care to share a joint with us girls. Unless, it's a problem, we understand.' Problem???? Are you crazy! That's what we all wanted! Mr. Womanizer Prateek chipped in, 'Sure thing doll.

Come on over!'. She indicated to her friend, and the other hottie joined us. Anna was her name. after our introductions, Sameer rolled up another one, and gave them. After a few drags, we could see that they too were stoned.

Swaying around, with the breeze from the window making them look like true-blue hot hippies! Camilla was constantly looking at Prateek and giving him a very mischievous smile. It was really sexy! And Prateek was returning the favour.

After a few minutes, I saw Prateek and Camilla move out of their seats, and they sat on one a bit ahead of us. Anna was particularly stoned, and her eyes were closed. I was checking out her milky white thighs, and her juicy boobs, when I heard soft moans.

I looked over and saw Prateek, sitting on the chair, and Camilla giving him a blowjob! Oh my god! Prateek was in heaven! Who wouldn't be! She was doing a fucking great job! I instantly got a hard on, and I pressed my dick, and discreetly started massaging it,

looking at Prateek get a fucking good blowjob from that hot female who was now topless and getting her nipples tweaked from her guy. Suddenly, the hand on my dick felt the company of another hand. It was Anna, looking at me with those lustful stoned eyes,

and putting great pressure on my aching dick. Her other hand was under her skirt, playing with her wet pussy. Without saying a word, she just pounced on me, and we started kissing frantically. She was one hot kisser! Our tongues were just entwined beyond control,

and we were sucking at each other hungrily. I caught her by the waist, and threw her behind the seat so that no one could see us. My 2 other friends had already passed out, and Prateek and Camilla were busy, and the other people in the bus were sleeping, and above all,

I cared a damn! I threw her, and she immediately took off her tee, showing off her perfect boobs, with perfectly suckable nipples, hard as peanuts. And I took off my t-shirt, and climbed on her. We were just kissing for some time like two hungry souls.

I was kissing her, sucking her nipples, which made her very jumpy. I nibbled and bit her nipples a bit, which really got her excited and she held me even tighter. Her soft husky moans were turning me on, and my hand reached under to her panties, which were oh so wet!

I started fingering her, and she started thrusting her back and her ass vigorously. I then let go of her, and pulled down her skirt and panties, to find a wet, hot, pink pussy, ready to be sucked and fucked. Before I could do anything about it,

she just held my head and pushed my face near her pussy. I readily took out my tongue. First I started licking her on the sides, and when I made it wet enough, I plunged into one long hard lick of her pussy. She moaned like a slut! I kept on going.

Licking her pussy, sucking at it, nibbling at it. She was going wild as I started fucking her with my tongue. I went deep inside her and wiggled my tongue. I could sense she was building up an orgasm, and I kept going. Finally she pulled my hair, contracted her shivering thighs,

and came all over my face. Its was sooo fucking to have her juices all over my face. Even while she was cumming, I didn't stop for a second and my tongue and 2 fingers were fucking her non-stop. She then pulled me up from her pussy, and we started kissing.

She was unbuttoning my pants, and slid them off, caught hold of my rock-hard dick and started pulling at it. Then we turned, and she was now on top. She tool my dick in her hand, and started moving her up and down, pulling my skin, tugging at it hard.

She then got her mouth near my dick, spit on it, and started licking my dick and my balls. I took her by her hair, and pushed my dick inside her mouth, and started pushing her, choking her. She was heavenly and she knew exactly what one likes.

Her tongue was working hard, and her teeth were scraping my dick, it was wonderful. She then deep-throated me, took my dick deep deep inside. She was choking, and her eyes were red and wet, but she kept on going. I managed to say, 'Baby, I'm cumming!!'.

And she was ready for that, coz she didn't stop, and when I came, she drank every last drop! I heaved a sigh, and my dick went limp, or so I thought, coz she was trying everything possible to get it hard again. She wanted it inside her now.

She kept on licking me, sucking the limp dick, making purring sounds, and within no time, little John was up and ready to go! When I got hard again, she giggled excitedly. She then pulled me up, and went down on all fours in front me on the seat, and opened her ass cheeks.

She wanted me in her ass! I had never fucked ass before. She asked me, 'You done ass before, yeah?'. Trying to sound like a pro, I said, 'There's always a first time.'. She smiled, turned around for a bit, took my dick in her mouth, licked it with a lot of spit to lubricate it,

and turned back. She took my shirt which was fallen around, and stuffed it in her mouth as much as she could to prevent her from screaming out loud. I took in a deep breath, and slowly started pushing my stiff dick into that tight hole.

It was tight, and my dick was paining, and so was her hole. She was holding on to the window bars, screaming out loud, which was thankfully muffled. I slowly pushed, and pushed, and then with one last push I was inside her. She was going berserk. I started moving in and out.

Boy! It was soooo good! I slowly increased my pace, and then I was literally ramming my cock into her, drilling her ass, while she screaming away to glory. I was just going on and on, like a fucking machine. It was almost like I was in some other world, where there was no one!

It seemed like eternity! Next thing I knew, I needed to shoot off a load of cum, and I told her. While I was pulling away from her ass, she turned her hand back, dug her nails into my bum, and pushed me back in. So I obliged, ramped up my fucking speed,

and finally came inside her ass. After cumming fully, I finally took out my dick, and collapsed on her. She looked at me and her face was sweating as if she run a hundred miles! We kept on kissing. Throughout the bus ride, almost until sunrise, we were just laying there,

playing with each other, I fingering her and playing with her nipples, she playing with my dick and balls. We dressed up in the morning, asked Prateek and Camilla to dress up too. A long hard night had come to an end.

But that wouldn't be the end, coz all of us spent the week in Goa together. There were many more stories and kinky things that we did there, but frankly, nothing could match up to that one bus ride. Camilla and Anna are now back in London, and we still meet over the net, reliving that trip. Hope I can meet them again!

Hot sexual encounter in bus

I m 28, 5'8" guy working somewhere in Ahmedabad, the biggest city of Gujarat. Now, let me describe the REAL incident that took place just before 2 days. I have heard many times and even read many times in this web-site about various incidents of sexual encounters in bus

or train. But till date, I was thinking that all was fake and just fictitious. But after this incident, my view have been changed a lot. Now, without boring you any further, let me describe the story. Infact, it was 2 holidays together, i.e.,

1st october for Ramzaan and 2nd october for Gandhi Jayanti, so to celebrate these days I went to my hometown. And since 3rd october was a working day. I decided to get back on 2nd october itself. So, I have boarded in last luxury bus,

which left my place at approximately 12 o'clock. Since, I had done lot of work in day time, I went to deep sleep for almost 2 hours. I woke up when bus stopped for the holt at some highway rastaurant. Till now, I was not aware that a very beautiful lady is seating with another elderly

looking lady just in front of my seat. I have occupied a window seat. And that beautiful angel was just in front of me. Because she has pushed back her seat, I could even smell beautiful aroma coming from her hairs. May be some shampoo or so.

So, it's but obvious that I couldnt concentrate on sleep. Till now, I dont have any idea what to do. Truly saying, I havent seen her properly. I guess, she must be a girl of age between 18 to 20 with big boobs (that I came to know later on).

So, time was just passing, and I accidently stratched my leg over her seat, without any bad intention. But without my knowledge or intention my leg went below her ass. But I was not aware (honestly), she just looked back for a nano-second and turned her face without any

expression. I think, she want to see my face... But I could not find any reaction of getting her angry. Although, I took my legs away. But, I could not control longer, and pushed the legs again, now little further, I could feel her panty also.

To my great surprise, she didnt reacted, that means...its working.....she liked it... And to show it she just continuing sleeping and keep her face on the left solder of her mom... It was a really sign for me.. So, I continue doing so,,,, my god...her ass cheeks was good...her bums are so I was all erected to maximum length. It was all itching in my under-wear. This, magic continued for 10-15 minutes. Then, I have decided to do the real daring. I kept my face just behind her seat, and keeping just my eyese closed. I kept my left hand on her left hand.

Ofcourse, I kept my eyes closed. So, it is obvious, that if she shouted or creates some scene, I could say, that it was just by mistake becuase I was in deep sleep. My heart-beats were beating very fast... Again to my great surprise,

she shown her consent by not showing any reaction...that means, now I have to move further...slowly.....slowly....i tried to move my hand from her hand to her chest...but I could not feel anything...I was surprised.....then I just peeped above her seat to see, whats wrong??

OH......then only I realise that she has worn a very thick, I coulnt feel the, now without wasting time.. I have started moving my hand over her right breast, which was not covered with dupatta.

With slow action, I inserted my left hand from the side of seat...I directly entered it in her dress, sliding from her cleavage, then directly inserting in her was a first touch of woman's my life....they are too soft.... I enjoyed every bit of it.

Then I found the nipple.. Till now, I have heard that nipples are erected when a girl felt horny...or something like that.. But surprisingly I could feel her arola and nipple, but it was not erected!!! Then I put my whole palm over her breast and pressed it very hard......

I am damn sure that she is awaken, but preteding that she dont know anything and continued her acting of sleeping... Then slowly I shift to her left was equally sexy. I continue this job for almost five minutes.. Even I felt her bra, her cleavage everything.

Then I removed my hand. And againg after 2-3 minutes, I again inserted from left side of the seat. But now this time, I was enjoying from top of her salwar....then after 15 minutes lights turned on, because we were very near to the town....I was so hot.....i couldnt tell u,

it was a great (S)experience, I will never forget this life time...but now, I was desparate to see this beauty, whom I was enjoying from last 45 minutes. After 5 minutes, my stop came. I stood up, took my bags, and came out...then I looked at her,

she was also looking at me...our eyes gets locked, but she turned her face away. My god, she was so beautiful, she was like young Vidhya, pretty....Then as soon as bus stopped to my point, I got down from the bus...

then again I looked at the window,,,man.....she was looking at me.......and kept looking till bus disappears...I ran to reach my flat. And immediatly masterbated twice...even, till date, I couldnt forget that great experience.

Hot Navratri Sex

It was Navrathri season. The entire Gujarat was agog with celebrations all over. Why Gujarat, every part of India celebrated Navrathri in their own way. Durga Pooja in West Bengal is their national festival. In Tamil Nadu they display Kolu in each home.

In Andhra, Karnataka and in Kerala, all nine days and nights are full of cultural celebrations. But in Gujarat it is something special. All the girls come out in the streets to sing and dance. Items like Garba, Ras are famous.

Girls especially teen age girls and women in their twenties and thirties move around to various dance sites and participate. This goes on for the whole night. Nobody can keep a watch on any girl to know where she is going and what she is doing.

Immediately after Navrathri, hundreds of teen age abortions are done privately in hospitals. Some husbands and parents even engage private detectives to know whether these girls/women go astray in the name of garba dance. Most of them do go astray, but they enjoy life.

They may have sex with boy friends, with bosses, colleagues, or even servants, or strangers. Most of them do have sex. I came to know that girls even boast about the number of people they had sex with during the navrathri.

Once I happened to be in Mumbai on my way to Kolkata and for overnight stay I went to a hotel which was in a gujarati locality. I just forgot that it was Navrathri and a great surprise was in store for me. I had to cat the early morning flight and hence I went to bed very early so that I

may a few winks of sleep. Suddenly at 10 pm I had loud sounds of drum beatings and I sprang in may bed wondering what happened. I came out and saw the preparations for the dance. They were forming groups and singers were getting ready and drummer

was just beating the drum to attract attention and to call people to come. Then the song started and the dance also started. It was a wonderful spectacle. I thought let me just watch it becaue this kind of visuals are rarely available.

Very beautiful young girls, with cheerful faces were dancing with sticks in their hands in a rhythm. I just stood at the gate and watched. I just waved at some of the very nice girls and threw flying kisses at them. Two or three girls were thrilled and responded enthusiastically.

It was a slow number and it took more than an hour to complete. When it was over new groups were being formed. Suddenly one of the girls who responded to my flying kiss came running and asked me in gujarathi something which I could not understand.

I asked her in hindi what she wants. She asked whether I stay in this hotel, I said yes, can I come to your room for some water, she asked, certainly, I said and I moved towards my room in the first floor. I was moving fast and the girl was practically running after me.

When I reached my room, I opened the door and took the water jug and offered her a filled glass. But she was not there to accept my glass. She was lying in my bed and said she was tired and just wanted to lie down for some time. Me bahoot thuggayi hoom, thoda let javoon.

I sat near her. I noticed she was a buxum girl in her early twenties, big boobs, flat navel, nice make up, Her blouse which was specially made for the dance with lot of shining materials was pinching her and she just unhooked her blouse and her boobs which were in the bra were

projecting up. I asked her whether I may help her to unhook the bra. She just looked at me and smiled and said ok and turned to her side opposite to me. I lifted blouse bottom, found her bra hooks and unhooked them. She came back to lie on her back and was looking at me with

expectations. My a/c was in full blast and the room was very cool. I ran my hand over her boobs in circulatory motion. She semi closed her eyes and enjoyed my touch. Her nipples were erect. What more invitation I wanted. She was lying diagonally on my bed. It was convenient for me.

I came in front of her and just leaned forward and held both of her boobs in my hand and sucked her nipples. She was moaning loudly and extended her hand searching for my cock. She caught my pyjama strings untied the knot, pulled down my brief and caught my erect cock in her hand.

I was surprised. I just lifted her ornamental skirt, and a pettycoat below and her beautiful thighs were visible. I lifted her dress further up and her panty was already wet. Without waiting for her permission, I pulled down her panty and saw her clean shaven pussy, a golden coloured pussy.

I lifted her knees and kept it wide in preparation of my next move. Juldi karo, log dundthe honge, she said. Do it fast, they may be searching for me. I just took my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed forward. She was tight, but not a virgin. Her tightness was very enjoyable.

She also started to moan loudly. I gave her in long slow strokes, rubbing her clit with one hand. She was quivering with pleasure and moaning as I plunged into her. It took more than ten minutes for me to come to an orgasm. By that time she came to orgasm twice.

She trembled each time she met orgasmic stroke. Finally I sprayed my semen inside her. When I pulled out she got up hurriedly and asked fo rthe bathroom went inside, cleaned herself up, streadied her dress and rushed out and thanked me and gave me a kiss on my mouth and

rushed out running. I was watching she was moving under shadow and got mixed up with the crowd in no time. I did not even ask her her name. I waited for another hour for the second number to conclude. I saw another girl coming towards my room.

I wondered how they make a beeline to my room. Perhaps she may be a friend of the girl who came earlier. I waited at my door. She too asked for some water. I said ok, come in. This girl of the same age group came rushing in and went straight to my bed and stretched herself

diagonically. I gave her a glass of water which she drank fast. I placed my hand on her navel. She looked up at me and smiled. I told her whether your friend told you to come her for water. She smiled and said yes. Ok, then turn so that I may unhook your bra.

With protest she turned and I unhooked her bra and turned her up and lifted her bra and blouse ends and revealed her boobs. Her nipples were already erect and was waiting for me to massage them. I just leaned forward and took the nipple in my mouth and sucked them.

I lifted her skirt etc and pulled down her wet panty. This girl was very hot and was very cooperative in fucking. She guided my cock into her hole and suggested that I lie down and she would ride me. I said ok, for a change it is ok.

The girl, whose name was Rati, got on me and took my cock inside her cunt in one jerk and started to fuck me. She was an expert and did it perfectly positioning her crotch appropriately to make my cock rub her clit. I was squeezing her nipples and boobs.

She was contorting her face and giving out wild sounds and finally when she came to orgasm, she banged her crotch on me. Very hot girl indeed. When one fuck was over, I asked her for the second fuck. She said not now, people are waiting for me. I will come later.

She just jumped down, rushed to the bathroom and cleaned herself and came back gave me a kiss and rushed back to join the crowd. Time was already 1 am and I cannot have any more females for the day, because I had to catch the early morning flight. I switched off my lights and went to the bed. I was wondering the luck I had with these two girls.