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Hot sex story of Raj and Priya

I was thinking of jotting down my story since long and now I got time and perfect mood to finish this. This is my true story and should not be read as an ordinary sexual story. Its about love and passion. Read it with passion.Names and places has been changed for the privacy of the characters.

I am Raj, 35 from Delhi working as IT manager in a big firm. This story is 8 years old when I was 27 years old and newly transferred to Mumbai. After a series of fights with my wife I was very disappointed and heart broken man. I really want to makeup with my wife but something wrong was going between us. I started feeling alone and aloof until this incident changed my life.

While working on my PC in office, my colleague Harish patted on my shoulder and asked if I can help him finding some online girl. I was really not in mood for all that but somehow I said 'yes' to his ambitious project. He asked me to open a new id on Yahoo and start finding. Next hour we messaged some 50 girls on yahoo chat room but no one replied.

Suddenly my window pop up and the lady from other side said "Hi, I am priya from Bangalore". I turned around to see Harish around but he was nowhere, I called him to ask but he said he already left office and will come next morning only. But I had to answer something on the screen and I replied with a "Hi, how are you". We started talking from there.

She was from Bangalore, married with two kid and she was four years elder to me. She had her parents in Mumbai so she used to come Mumbai to see them twice a year. It was already March and she used to come to Mumbai every April. As our talks grew we both started attracted to each other. Harish used to ask me about her but since now I took over, he withdrew.

Slowly I declared that I am in love with her and she reciprocated with same gesture. We used to talk long hours every day on chat and phone and soon we started our love making and sexual talks as well. I realised that her husband was not fond of her and they dont have proper sex. She was not satisfied phycally and mentally.

Though I was in love with her and sex was the last thing in my mind I started loving her with my whole heart. I used to miss her talks, used to watch her pics for hours and whatever happens in love was happening with me. Soon she told me her arrival date to Mumbai. The day she landed, she told me the venue of our meeting. At the given time I reached searching for her.

I have seen her only in pics till now and my heart was pounding high in anticipation to see her. When I reached, she was nicely dressed in her striped tshirt and blue denim capri and she was talking on phone. She saw me held my hand and said that she will finish her urgent call. She took good 10 minues to finish her call and all that while her hand was in my waist.

Finally when she finished her call, she held and squeezed my hands. I felt like putting my hand between the softest milky creamy thing. She had the softest and milkiest skin I had ever touched. I kept looking her in big eyes. Her hair was short, till her shoulder and her body was little plump but very very fair.

The aroma of her perfumed filled my nostrils and made me more intoxicated. She led me to the coffee shop and we sat in front of each other. For long, we kept looking in each other's eyes, didnt know what to say we just kept looking and smiling. She broke the silence with asking if I need something. Next five minutes she got me a coffee and an ice tea for herself.

She asked if I just wanted to stare her or talk something? I big grin ran onto my face and she laughed out loud. I saw her perfect lips opened, her teeths coming out first time there was a sparkle in her laugh. We kept talking till long and finally when she got a call from her home, she wanted to go. But she wanted me to go with her till half the way.

Her head was on my shoulder and my elbow mistakenly touched her ever soft breasts. I got embarassed and I apologised. She smiled, turned my face towards her and planted a kiss on my cheeks. It felt lovely and I was flying with that kiss. I thought myself as the most fortunate man of the world. she kissed my other cheek and whispered " I love you" in my ears.

I felt those words melting from my ears to my heart. It was an amazing feeling and I was feeling on top of this world. I got down from the auto and promised her to meet soon. For the next 5 days we kept calling each other and getting restless without each other. I asked her if she want to meet me in hotel and she was readily agreed.

Following saturday, we had our hotel booked and I picked her from the meeting place and hired an auto to the hotel. All the way we both were nervous never knowing what is going to happen. She checked in first the called me after half an hour to tell her room number. I rang the doorbell of her room with trembling hands but it was already open.

I twisted the doorknob, entered and locked the door behing. It was a nice room with big brown curtains. She was sitting on the sofa with her legs stretched on the table. She smiled at me and asked me and I went more nervous. I didnt know what to do what to say. I sat on the bed, shivering, trembling and feeling shy.

Being a guy I knew I would have been more bold but I was being too nervous that time. We talked about other things for 15 mins wasting our time and seriously I was not even interested in what we were talking. She made the first move. She got up and sat beside me and asked me to remove my shoes. As I removed my shoes she saw me carefull. I felt like being x-rayed.

Next thing she got up and sat directly in my lap. For the first time she was so close to me she wrapped her arms around my neck and with trembling lips she same much closer to my lips and asked "Can I Kiss you?" Without saying anything I surged forwared with my open lips our burning lips started working on each other.

We held each other tight that I felt her big breasts crushing on my chest and our lips were wersting. I felt like kissing the hot soft petals and we were sucking our lips like we never want to separate. Till now I havent tasted her tongue. I had strong urge to dig my tongue deep in her mouth but I was too reluctant to do that.

After 10 good minutes we broke our kiss with panting and our hearts pounding, she moved a little back saying " Did you notice my dress?" I examined her carefully. I rememeberd that I asked her to wear a front opening shirt with matching trouser and she was wearing exactly same. I smiled and hugged her tight again.

"I have more surprise for you" she said smiling. I asked "what is it?" She replied, "you have to find out yourself". I pushed her down on bed and I was all over her next moment. Kissing her all over her clothes. I started unbuttoning her with my teeth one by one with every button opened I saw her bare exposed skin. When I reached the third button she stopped me asking "Did you see?"

She held her shirt and moved it over her one breast showing her red transpared bra. I looked back to her face she was smiling and I rememberd once I told her that I love the red color transpared lingerie. Today she was wearing that only for me. I was elated and happy to see that. My dick started to come into life. She could feel my bulge on her thighs.

I unbuttoned her rest of the shirt kissing her neck, her breasts over her bra, her bare skin, making a tongue trail from her neck to her cleavage. She held my head and guided my head to her nipple. I bit her nipple slightly over her bra making her moan. I slid my hand below her back and made her sit straight helping her removing her shirt completely.

Now I could her big tits clad in red transparent bra and her deep cleavage. I was wonderstruck amused and astonished on the sight I was seeing. I had never seen such beautiful pair of boobs in my life. Her nipples were big protruding with large maroon areola. She wanted to remove her bra but I stopped her. I wanted to see her in red bra and panty.

She jumped and sat in lap again unbuttoning my shirt and tshirt. She pushed me on my back straddling me she started kissing me all over starting from my forehead my cheeks, sucked my earlobes and my lips. She travelled down to my shoulders and halted on my chest. She raised her head " I love your hairy chest Raj" I smiled with a reply " All Yours, Pls go ahead"

She kissed my chest all over running her lips from side to side biting softly and finally she rested her lips on my right nipple. I saw her lips parting and her pink lovely tongue coming out to savor my nipple. She circled my nipple all over round and round made me gasp for breath. A big Aahhhh left out from my mouth and she covered my nipple with her hot mouth.

She started mauling my nipple with her teeth and lips pinching the other nipple in her fingers. She changed her mouth from one nipple to other nipple treating both of them the same way. I could not handle it more and my dick wanted to tear my jeans and come out but she was more steady with her pace.

I had to push her on her back and unzip her trouser pulling it down her smooth milky thighs legs and feet. My mouth opened wide on the sight her lying in red bra and panty. I sat straight and had a nice look of her entire body. I wanted to gobble her up, eat, suck and lick the perfect piece of god's master work.

I removed my denim and I came all over her slipping my hands under her back to unhook her bra. I removed her bra straps one by one off her shoulder and finally her tits were fully open in front of my eyes. I held them in my hands and started running my tongue all over them, biting softly sucking hard slurping her skin she held my head and guided my head from one nipple

to another moaning high. Her every moan gave me a larger hardon. I kissed my way down and dug my tongue deep in her naval. I sucked it dry circling my tongue in and around it. I came up again kissing her all stomack and tits again then kissing her passionately. She rolled me on my back straddling me holding my hands above my head and pinned my wrists on the bed.

She looked at me with pure love and lust. Bending down on my face she rubbed her tits on my chest kissing me hard in my mouth she came down and stopped on my underwear. Looking up in my eyes she dipped her fingers in my elastic band, pulled it to the fullest and made my dick free. She pulled it further down my feet and threw it aside.

She came up back kissing my legs and thighs and held my dick in her soft hands. I Felt my own dick crossing all the limits of hardness in her hands. She held my balls in her one hand and ran her fist on the hard rod. She had nice look of it from base to top and all over the big knob of it. I frowned in question, she smiled and whispered that she loved my long and slendor cock.

I was feeling very concerned about my own dick. It was normal 6" cock with 4" circumference and she was liking it? I asked if her husband has smaller or bigger? She said that her husband has only 4" but thicker than me but she is in love with my dick already. Next moment she opened her pink lips and engulfed my cock with her hot tongue working on it.

Soon I came to know that she was a novice in it. She didnt know how to give a blow job but she was trying her best. I held her head and moved up and down on my dick but that didnt help. Without wasting more time I pulled her up kissing hard I rolled and came on top of her. Once again moving from her breasts to her panty I lifted her hips and removed her transparent panty.

I kissed and licked her thighs all over leaving my saliva trails all over her thighs. I badly wanted to see her pussy. I tried to open her legs but she was too shy for that. I looked up and whispered "Please Priya let me see it". She gave in and I slowly opened her legs wide. A clean shaven big wet pussy with large labia and throbbing clitories looked so inviting that I moved

between her legs to lick it dry. Her juices were already flowing on her thigh and the bedsheet was already wet beneath her. I moved like a snake between her legs and opened her pussy lips with my two fingers, She sighed loud and held my head hard. I gave her pussy a long lick from her clitoris to her honeypot hole.

Her pussy lips and labia opened like flower petals and started sucking them hard in my mouth, pulling them biting them in my mouth drinking her pussy juices she never stopped squirming all the time. Finally she could not bear it and pulled me up kissing me hard tasting her own juices from my mouth she held my cock and guided to her hole.

Inch by Inch I start pushing and she started crying. I stopped in the middle with my cock half buried in her hole I started pulling it out. I held her face in my palms asking what happened? She replied " I havent been touched in five years, my husband never enters me, I think the hymen has grown back but pls put it again in I need you in me"

I asked if she is okay she nodded and guided my cock again in. This time I kept kissing her while pushing in deep till my public hair met her public hair. I kept myself deep in her for few minuted to make her comfortable then slowly started moving. She held my ass tight pushing me in her with her legs wrapped around my waist.

My mouth kissing sucking her lips and I demanded for her tongue " Give me your tongue, I wanna suck it", Her lips parted she pushed her pink sweet tongue in my mouth and I sucked it hard as far as I could pull it in my mouth. Our tongue were rolling on each other fighting wristling and our saliva was flowing out of our mouth.

After eating her tongue I surged my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it like crazy. My hands were working on her glourious tits my mouth switching between her mouth and tits I kept fucking her hard. I looked directly into her eyes and I whispered " I love you" with every thurst. Her tits jiggled she closed her eyes enjoying the every push I made sighing and moaning repying back

"I love you too baby" she held my ass tight and started pushing from beneath. Soon she declared that she is going to cum. She pulled my head and started kissing my mouth. I knew she was going to come soon, I covered her mouth with mine while she came like volcano. She held me hard shouting" oooooooh aaaah aaaiiihh yeeaahh" in my mouth and kept fucking her with my full speed.

After her orgasm subsided she opened her eyes looking with a satisfied look in her eyes and my cock still deep buried in her. She asked " You havent come?" I said, " You came na? Now ill make myself come. Where you want me to come?" She repled, " Dont come in me pls I am not on safe period".

I started moving again hard, fast up and down and soon I was coming too, I pulled my dick in my hands and sprayed all over the floor with long spurts.She held my big hanging balls and squeezed them till I emptied the last drop. Exhausted, I lay on her holding her tight she caressed my back kissing my head and cheeks.

We kept kissing and giggling for next hour naked. I was hard again but she was hungry and wanted to eat something first. She got up and walked toward the washroom naked. I loved the way she swayed her ass while walking. Before stepping inside the washroom she looked back at me, blinking and calling me with her finger.

I jumped out of the bed and caught her from behind in bathroom. We turned on the shower and started kissing again. I sucked her tits again she held my cock stroked it, we soaped each other while she raised her leg up on the toilet seat and I inserted her while stanging. Soon I she was coming again and I was coming too.

She came hard holding my shoulders while I pulled my cock out and sprayed my semen on her thighs. We took a nice hot shower, drying our bodies, got dressed and orderd some food. She fed me the entire lunch with her hands and mouth kissing inbetween hugging each other tight saying atleast 1000 times I love you.

We fed food to each other from each other mouth caressing each other talking and giggling. When we realised the time, she had another two hours to go home. My eyes twinkled and I picked her in my arms throwing her on bed again. Within seconds we were naked and all over each other kissing deep touching every part of each other bodies.

She declared that she want to dominate this time. She threw me on my back pinned me to the bed and started rubbing her pussy on my dick. She moved her pussy on all over my dick's length without taking it in. Gliding her pussy all the way to its base and the tip. She lowered herself on me and asked me not to touch her.

I obeyed and she held her both tits and started feeding them to me. I ate both the nipple sucked them hard in my mouth. She held both her nipples in her hands and push both of them in my mouth. For the first time in my life I was sucking two nipples at once in my mouth. She kept moaning loud that I had to keep my hand on her mouth.

She lowered her hand to lift my dick and she sat softly on it taking it all. we started moving slowly then fast. She was coming third time now and she collapsed on me asked me if I came? She came down and pulled me on her asked me to fuck her hard. Her words became little dirty. She whispered in my ears " Raj, Fuck me hard, Pls fuck me with your glorious cock,

keep fucking and dont stop". Surprisingly it made me more horny fucking at greater speed. She was coming again she asked me if I am ready to come? I said NO I will take time, that didnt stop her coming and she came with a bang, thursting her pussy up to match my length. She regained her concious saying " Raj I cant do it anymore, Pls come now.

Do you want me to suck you to make you come?" She sat between my legs and started sucking my cock again but she was not at all good at it. I had to tell her that let me come natural way. I stood on the floor and pulled her ass on the edge of the bed spreding her legs wide I started fucking again. It was already since 45 mins we were fucking and I wanted to come badly.

Few more hard thrusts and I was ready to shoot. She cried, " Raj come on my breasts baby" I pulled my cock and she held her tits together. I directed my cock on her tits and shot loads and loads of come on her tits. Her tits were covered with my hot thick semen. She looked at her tits then looked at me, " How do I look? "

I said " You look my fairy" I pulled her and we took shower again but this time just kissing as we both were tired and were in no position of making love again. We checked out from the hotel and I dropped her back her home. After that our affair continued for next 6 years and we had fantastic time together. I will write my other intimate lovemaking sessions with her in later part. Till then, comments are most welcome.

Divine Sexperience

This is my first narration of a series of sexual escapades that I have had over the years. Every word is true, but for the names and the places and the time. That would be giving too much away. So here goes my story, not the first one, certainly not the last, but one that I am thinking off and masturbating, slowly and luxuriously.

It was a place of worship 70 km from town. I had gone there with my wife and the neighbour's kids. It was a Sunday and there was a long long queue that seemed to wind its way continuously, without any sign of ending. So I settled down to wait in the queue, my wife of a year in front, the children behind me, and me bringing up the rear.

This gave me the opportunity to quietly play with my wife's gorgeous ass, and sometimes sneak a hand between her legs and right up to her cunt. She enjoys such things, so there was no problem, save for her worry that someone would notice. But I was careful. And then it started. Suddenly I felt something pushing against my back.

Two soft succulent balls pressing against me. I turned around and saw a squat woman, not very pretty, not very fair but buxom and solidly built. At a guess, she was about 35 years of age. She seemed to have come alone. When I turned back, she did not meet my eye and was looking away. At first I was terrified that may be I had walked backwards and into her breasts.

But I need not have worried. After a few seconds, I felt the breasts again. And again and again. It was a glorious feeling, a flashback to the time when my girlfriends would be hotly draped around me and I would be riding the bike, I took courage in both hands and took a small, small step backwards. The breasts pushed more solidly against me. The woman did not move back.

For several minutes, as the queue wound its way forward slowly, this went on. I was slowly catching on, and my member was coming to life. In front of me, the children were playing and ahead of them my wife seemed to not notice that I was not paying any attention to her juicy ass.

Now, the children started becoming a little restless. I squatted in the queue to play with them. And suddenly, with god knows what courage, slightly rocked my head back. It hit her pubic area. I could clearly feel the curve of her stomach and the bone. To this, the woman stepped a little forward, and increased the pressure.

I shook my head as if playing with children, but it was really intended for the woman. She liked what she felt and she came another mini-step forward. And then, as I was playing with the chidren, I moved my shoulder and hit her right on the cunt. Held position and rubbed it a little. She came forward again. I heard a little "hummph".

And she began every so slightly swaying her hips, the better to enjoy my shoulder. My cock was rock solid by now. The queue was still inching along and I put my hand under her saree and reached up... to heaven. She was wearing no panties, and she was leaking. Quietly I took my finger out and licked with with just enough "slurrp" for her to notice.

After this, there seemed to be no end. She would come forward, I would make some movement or the other to rub her cunt or her breasts, Then she turned to one side, and it was my chance to grab at her buttocks. Firm buttocks, well rounded. I gave it many many squeezes and put my hand between them.

Time flew. I have no idea how long we were in the queue. 15 minutes? 30 minutes? It passed in an instant. Suddenly the queue was ending and we were near the temple entrance. The woman disengaged. But I could not. My cock was now rock solid and I had to pull it up and nestle it against my pubic hairs so that the bulge wouldn't show.

She saw me doing this, and put out her hand and caressed it twice and squeezed it. I don't know how I didn't come. And for the first time our eyes met. In an instant, we were in inside the temple and all thoughts of sex flew out of my mind. But my body would not listen. I made a quick plan.

I told my wife to take the kids and collect prasad, for which there was another long queue, while I would bring the car to the entrance so we could make a quick getaway. The poor thing agreed and went away. The mystery woman noticed it. And she knew what was in my mind. I needlessly gestured to the woman,

whose name I did not know but whose guts and lust I came to have high regard for, to follow me. We went to the hotel accommodation directly opposite and I booked a room. It is pretty common in such places for families to book a room for a brief while, freshen up and head for worship. If only the hotel clerk knew!

I climbed up to the first floor and opened the room, refusing the help of the hotel assistant. The woman was following on my heels. The moment we were inside, I locked the door and pure pure lust took over. Without exchanging a gesture, not uttering a word, not even asking her name, I began fondling her, squeezing her breasts that had so tormented me, grabbing her buttocks,

pressing her cunt from over the saree, kissing her deeply, all this at once. She was no less. Her one hand was over my fly, rubbing my little fellow, her other hand was on by bums, her body was pressed against mine and she was kissing me violently. She knew and I knew that we had very little time. In those fleeting moments, we touched every part of each other's body.

Her thighs were strong and muscular, and she went after my strong back. If I turned her around and rubbed my prick on her buttocks, she held my ass with one hand and guided the other to her breasts. She twisted her neck around and kissed me, slurping up the saliva that was drooling from our mouths, And somehow magically it happened.

I twisted her towards the bed, opened by pants and brought my desperately deprived prick out. She sat up, and gave it a quick and heavenly blow job. She pulled the turgid skin back, sending shockwaves through my body. She took little licks of the tip of my penis, ringed the fat head with her lips. She swallowed it whole. And she left it sloppy wet.

I desperately wanted to lick her cunt, but there was no time. I lay her down and lifted her sari. Quickly, very very quickly, and ignoring all foreplay - I generally take a lot of time in gently and totally giving my woman a blow job - I brutally ravaged her swollen cunt. The clit was protruding out, the surest indication that this woman was a hot lay.

Then, with our eyes meeting each other and sending out silent signals, I slid up and pushed my prick into her cunt. She went "unnnnhh" and wrapped her legs around me and held me tight. So tight that I went in full length in one go, and my balls were crushed against her ass. She was holding me so tight that pumping into her was difficult. And then I realised her game.

The tighter she held me, I harder I pumped and the greater was the pleasure we shared. The feeling was so intense that she had her orgasm... I thing she had one when I was tonguing her. Her legs soon relaxed and I had a couple of minutes to time my strokes and give it to her at my pace. And all at once, I was fucking her, my hand was on her boobs and we were tongue-kissing.

I found time to lick her earlobes and bite her on the neck. A few more strokes, and she came again, this time making a low throaty sound that I cannot describe. It was something like "umgggghhrrrhhhmmm". That really blew my top. Giving her no time to recover, I turned her around and began ramming her doggie-style, my favourite position.

This leaves my hand totally free to molest her books and gives her a chance to turn around and kiss without either of us feeling the strain. I thought I could keep it up for a few minutes, but the fucking, the danger of being caught, the thrill of the sudden and secret encounter were so much that I began cumming.

I spurted maybe four times, maybe five... and felt that my legs were giving way under me. We both collapsed in a heap. But we had no time. The moment my little fellow came back to normal, we went to the bathroom. There I cleaned up her cunt, allowing my sperm to flow over my hand and holding it up for her to lick.

She cleaned my prick so nicely that I began having a hard on. We looked at each other, but knew that this was the end, In less than five minutes, I checked out and we went our separate ways.. I nearly ran to the parking place and took my car out and drove up to the gate, just in time to see my wife and the kids reaching there.

We had a pleasant drive back, and my wife couldn't understand why I was smiling through the children were howling in the back. I have often remembered this incident and masturbated. But of course I never told my wife about it. Though I would share it for all those generous people who published their experience, and gave me endless hours of masturbatory pleasure.

Sex with chat friend Aarti

Hey guys, this is Pratham Kamat from Mumbai. I’m a 24 yr old guy. I wont say I’m a hunk n all but I can very much say that I’m a good lookin average built guy, sure of getting a second look from women. So I’m here to narrate a real thing happened with me in August 2009. That was my first time being with an elder woman.

One day like always I was chatting on yahoo messenger for some online fun when I bumped into an ID. Casually I asked for the asl n came the reply 36 F HYD. As I was lookin for some fun I replied back sayin I’m a 23 yr old guy from Mumbai lookin for some fun online ( I was 23 then). She said she isn’t lookin for any online fun but she wants to meet in real for some sexual pleasure.

I said it wont be possible us being in different cities when she said that she’ll be comin to Mumbai in august n if I can arrange for a place v can hook up n have fun. I thought to myself why not give this a try. From there v got more n more friendly wid each other getting to know personal things about each other.

I came to know that her name was Aarti n she was a divorcee woman stayin wid her 13 yr old son. Hence she told me its very difficult for her to have sex as much as she wants. We talked for 15-20 days n we exchanged cell numbers. I got a call from her the very same night n we had some great sex on phone. It was one of my greatest orgasms ever.

When I told her that she said if this the case on the phone then v cant imagine what’ll happen when we meet. I asked her if she seriously wants to meet n she said yes definitely. We had seen each other on cam as well so there were’nt any surprises for us as such (She was damn pretty n had a hot body).

When Aarti landed in Mumbai she gave me a call n asked me to come n meet her at the arrivals (at that time I was workin wid an airline as a cabin crew n had landed some time before her). But she told me we cant talk as she’ll be with her kid n her cousin will be comin to pick her up. When I went to see her what I saw was unbelievable.

A gorgeous woman (n I’m not exaggerating, she was nothing like what I had seen on cam. She looked so different in real, dats when I came to know that pics or even a cam can be so deceptive) was standing in front of me. She was wearing a blue color skinny top n a fitting jeans.

The first thing I told her was Are u really 36 coz u look no more than a 25 yr old (v talked since her son was lookin for their baggage)? She just blushed n told me there’s a lot more of me u dnt know yet n gave me a sly smile. After that we couldn’t talk much as she had to go so she just gave me a smile n signalled me sayin I’ll call u. I was on cloud nine.

I couldn’t believe my stars as I couldn’t believe that I was gonna get to have sex wid such a hot woman. N I was sure she’ll be horny as a bitch in heat coz she had told me that she hadn’t had sex for 6 months (n dats a lot). That night we talked a lot via SMS n decided to meet the next day.

I told her that I’ll first take her out for a coffee coz I wanted both of us to be comfortable with each other before we went ahead with anything. I stay at Vile Parle n she was stayin at her cousin’s place in Colaba so we decided to meet at Atria mall, Worli. I picked her up in the morning at 11 outside Atria n we went to Café Coffee Day opposite Siddhivinayak Temple.

We talked for around 2 hrs there n v got a lot more comfy wid each other than I had expected. We were almost like a couple in love. We just couldn’t get our hands off of each other. When we got into my car I asked her what is the first thing u would expect from ur lover. She said that she being a good kisser herself she would want the guy to be one as well.

Sayin that she just pulled me close to her n said lemme see how good a kisser are u n just wrapped her lips around mine. We were kissing like there was no tomorrow, exploring each other’s mouths n playin tonsil hockey with each other. After kissing for about 5 mins I pushed her away as it was quite a crowdy area n there were a few people around us.

I asked her to have some patience till we reach my place. She just bit her lips lookin at me. That was a sight which gave me an instant hard on n I drove my car like never before not takin my foot off the accelerator. When we reached home she just grabbed my head pulled me closer n started kissing me again.

Our tongues were darting in n out of each other’s mouths exchanging saliva. Both of us were struggling to get our clothes off. She just tore my shirt away n started biting me on my nipples. GOD she knew how to make love to a guy. I took her top off n then pulled her bra out. Damn there they were, the milky melons. She was 34C but dint look any less than a 36.

Man I still cant get those tits out of mind till date. Those perfect round boobs with dark brown nipples, a sight to remember. She started rubbing my cock throught my jeans. I was suckin on her gorgeous boobs like a hungry baby, suckin n lickin n bitin on them. She was moaning loudly takin my name.

Aarti was wet already betn her legs n I could see those wet patches on her trousers. She was dripping fluids like a running tap. I started stroking her pussy with my other hand while squeezing her boobs one by one. She had her head thrown back wid her eyes closed moaning and hissing like a snake. I lifted her up n took her to my room.

She threw herself on the bed n pulled me on her. We again started kissing n holding each other close. Our bodies were wriggling with the pleasure. Both our bodies were sweaty n hot. We got full nude n went down on me. When she took my hard 7 incher cock in her mouth, damn it was like watchin stars in the broad daylight.

She was so good at sucking a cock that describing it here will be like an insult to her. She was suckin my cock like a lollypop licking it from the base to the tip. In the mean time I pulled her by her waist n tried to put my mouth on her pussy, She being a pro immediately knew what I wanted. She spread her legs n sat on my mouth.

The aroma of her juices was makin me go mad with lust n makin my cock harder n harder almost choking her. We were in that 69 position for almost 10 mins but it felt like an eternity. Suddenly she turned towards me n said “I want u in me right now”. I took her by her waist n just threw her on her back. We knew that we both love the missionary position when fucking.

For me its becoz I love to see the expressions on a woman’s face when I’m fucking her. So I threw her on her back n put my cock on her pussy. She was pushing herself on me trying to get me in as quickly as possible. I slowly entered her at first (we dint need any lubricant as she was already wet by the foreplay), n started to get in to the rhythm.

I was pushing in n out of her n she was movin her ass with me makin it easier for me to reach deeper inside. She had her eyes closed n her legs wrapped around my waist. I was thrusting with full force for around 5-7 mins when she just arched her back n gave out a loud hiss. I knew she was havin an orgasm. That was the first of her orgasms.

She said “I want u to do me a favour, I’ve always had this fantasy of seeing myself in a mirror getting fucked”. I was more than eager to oblige as even for me it’s a great turn on. So I took her to a mirror in my parents room which was as big as a 6 ft man lengthwise. We stood facing the mirror n entered her pussy again this time from the back side.

Man it was some view watchin urself fuck a hot horny woman. We again fucked in that position for 10 mins. I never knew what made me last that long that day coz usually I cum in say 10-12 mins. She had another orgasm there. I took her back to my room n she got on her knees n started suckin my cock with all she got.

That was pretty hard for me to control n I knew I was on the verge of an orgasm. When I told her so she told me that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I grabbed her hair n pushed my whole cock in her mouth almost choking her. That day I had the best orgasm of my life till date. She made sure not a single drop of my cum came out of her mouth.

After I was done she again got up n kissed me on my mouth. I never knew that our own cum tasted that good when its in a woman’s mouth. We again kissed for some time n lay in each other’s arms for some time. After some time she told me that she had to go as she had told her cousin that she was goin out for lunch wid a friend n she wld get suspicious if she gets late.

So we dressed up n dropped her back again at Worli in the evening. She was here for a week n we had sex 4 times in that week. I again met her at the airport when she was leavin n I’ll never forget what she said to me then. She told me “All women are no different in bed n it doesn’t matter if they are young n old. Its just that the elder the hornier” n she winked at me.

There on I knew what I wanted in women n my interest in elder women was at the peak of it. Me and Aarti are still very much in touch. We still have some steamy CAM2CAM sessions. She’s again comin to Mumbai in December to spend the Christmas n the New Year. I know what she’ll getting as a present from me.

Preethi getting fucked nicely

i am MBA student at Josephs college( Bangalore). This happened during my first year of MBA. I had an affair during my engineering days n I had put up experience on HumanDigest. I got a few friends by posting the story on HumanDigest and I could fuck one of them as one of the 2 had come to Bangalore on official visit.

The other one is also a good friend, but I haven’t met her. Nor is she allowed to come to Bangalore nor I am interested to get to Delhi n hope that she would give me something during my visit. I was checking my yahoo id that I had published in HumanDigest. One day, I happened to get a friend request from a gal by name Preethi(name changed).

She said she is from Delhi n she liked my story n would like to b my friend. I added her in my list. After 2 or 3 online meeting’s she said she is flying down to Bangalore & she would be interested to meet me during her visit. Even I was quite excited, & I knew I could expect something out of this gal. She took a note of my number n once she was here she gave me a call.

She had a real good accent, n she sounded real hep over the phone. She said she is here in town and she asked me if I could catch up sometime during her visit. I said she can call me anytime n told her that I have classes only till 1pm & I can catch up any time after that. I was in my college cafe. Preethi gives me a call n she said v can meet up in koramangla.

We fixed the time and location & I start off from my college. I did a little bit of shopping at a dress shop, a shirt for myself, as I love to buy new dresses, and then I waited in my car for her call. I tried calling her back and she said she is going in for a shower n she will get there in 20 min. I said fine, I would wait for her to come over.

Its 25 min n still there is no response from her. I tried to cal her, & I am not able to reach her. I was a bit frustrated & I felt may be she is playing around with me. In the mean time I tried calling up my mom to tell her that I may get back home for lunch, n I realise that I am not able to cal her too. Then I just try calling my other friends n then I realize that the network is jammed.

I got a call from home & it’s my mom. My mom asks me where you are. And I said I am out near college. Then she tells me that there are bomb blasts across Bangalore & I better get home as soon as possible. That’s when I realize that it’s the bomb blasts that have spoils our meeting.

I got to my uncles house n v all cousins met up n by around 6 in the evening I get call from Preethi. She said she really wished if v could have met today n that she was also a bit scared n shocked about the incident. I told her anyways v can’t meet anywhere else outside n let’s try n meet sometime during the week.

2 days later, Preethi calls me up n tells me that she is free n she is willing to meet up right now. This time I didn’t want to go anywhere else & wanted her to come where I was. She comes in front of my college in 20 min. She tells me she is in front of my college & I ask her to wait near the entrance. I take my car out & I find her standing next to the gate.

Then I introduced myself n she got into my car. We drove off to Jaynagar and went to barista. I stopped the car n then I asked her if she wanted something to eat. She said she was done & we could go elsewhere. Then v headed to a decent park, n just started conversing n telling about each other n our likes n dislikes.

She told me about her job profile n y she was here in town. To tell u about preethi, she is an average looking gal, very fair, said she was 23, plump, big boobs n ass. We sat there in the park for a while n then I said v could get out of city n head for a drive on bannergatta road. During the drive I asked her if she had any experience in her life n she said not much at all

n very little n she had a boy friend earlier n she called him a dog. Then I get to the resort n v order for lime soda. We continued our conversation over the drink. (I don’t drink liquor nor do I smoke cigarette) Then I said v could take a walk inside the resort n check out what’s in the resort as that was my first visit to tat place.

V took a small walk n then v realize that there is nothing in the resort n we get back into our car. Then I took her to another location near the resort n showed her the location where I had stopped my car & I happened to kiss n strip my cousins friend( Sheetal). With Sheetal it was only XX n that too it was in my car stopped at a no man’s land. So it was not safe to go beyond that.

Preethi was really excited to c the place n then I drove back to city, n in the mid way I asked her if I could join her to her room, for which she rejected n she said she is staying in a PG kind of a place n there is no way she can take me with her. Then I dropped her at Eva mall n thanked her for the pleasant date. She gave me a hug n she got out of her car.

N then I got back home. She messaged me the next day n she said if I could take her out for a drive n if v could make in my car just like what I did my last time. I was really tempted to take her out and make out with her in car, but I told her that due to bomb blasts there could be cops on hunt in and around Bangalore n this is not the right time n that v could get in real trouble.

Knowing this she got scared, and she said lets meet the next time she comes to Bangalore. It’s around 15 days after our first date. I got a call from preethi. She said she is now in Delhi n she is flying down to Bangalore in a week’s time n she wanted me to look for a good service apartment here in Bangalore.

I told her that there are many in Bangalore n she can easily Google it out. It’s a sat, I get a message from a new number n it says, how r u? preethi. She said she is here for a week n this is her temp number n she is now staying in a service apartment n I can visit her any time. I messaged her on Sunday at 11 and I informed her that I will b meeting her at around 2pm.

Then I got fresh, and started off from my place and I tried to get to her place. But I couldn’t find her place. I then waited at a common point and preethi comes walking to that location in a t-shirt n a shorts. She gets into my car n head to her place. She orders for a cup of coffee n v switch on the TV n I asked her about her work n her timings.

Then she told me that she is not able to access internet on her laptop in spite of having Wi-Fi at the home stay. I tried to fix it up. I saw that there was some problem with the internet and we need to release her comp from the network n then she has to reconnect as the comp was not initialized properly with the network.

While I was working on her laptop I saw that she was on the bed lying completely flat n trying to signal me to throw the laptop n get on her. I said I can’t repair it n she will have to get it reconfigured n then I just stood up n looked at her. She is lying down on the bed n she is looking in to my eyes inviting me to get on her.

Then I get to the window n pull the screen n cover the windows. Then I head to the main door of the room n I bolt the door n then I switch off the lights n then I looked at her. She was lying on the bed with a smile. All the while I was bolting the door n putting the curtain’s, I just couldn’t take my eyes of her.

Then I got on top of her n then I kissed her slowly on her neck n slowly moved my lips to hers n I placed my lips on her lips. She responded to my kiss n opened her mouth n she gave me a big n a long kiss. My right hand was on her boobs. They were really big n I could feel her hard nipples. I just guided my hand inside her dress.

My hands were over her breasts n I was touching her breasts over her bra. We just paused the kissing, n then I pulled her t shirt off n she was in her bra n shorts. I placed my hand over her breasts n then kissed her cleavage. Then she took off the bra herself n lied on her back. In a split second I was sucking her breasts giving her love bites in between the sucking.

Preethi’s nipples were already hard n sticking out. Her nipples are her real asset. They can drive any man crazy. I took it in my mouth n kept sucking it n giving lovely bites off n on. I love to kiss n bite the area just below the nipples, i.e. the bottom part of breasts. I sucked between her breasts n then moved from left to right one after another.

I went on and on and I could feel that preethi is moaning harder. Her breath was getting heavier. Then I asked preethi to stand up, n I knelt down n pulled down her shorts. Then I touched her pussy over her panty. Then I gave her pussy a sweet kiss over her panty. Then I slowly pulled her panties down.

She was still standing n I was kneeling, then I just pulled her panty and she was standing completely nude in front of me. I looked into her eyes n she gave me a smile. I put my mouth right over her pussy n I kissed it slowly I slowly pushed my tongue into her pussy, and she moaned in a low voice.

Then she lied down on the bed, and she gave me a very naughty smile inviting me to suck her pussy. I put my head right between her legs n started kissing licking sucking and biting her pussy lips. She wasn’t clean shaven, her love juices were flowing out of her pussy. I kept sucking her pussy n preethi said she really loved the way I tongue fucked her pussy and

she it felt really good. Then I got up n now preethi wanted to take my dress off. I was standing and she was sitting on the bed. I was in my blue jeans. She unbuttoned it and she pulled my pants down. Then she put her hand on my dick and she started feeling it over the underwear. She removed my underwear n then she took my dick in her hand and she said it’s hot,

and she loves holding it. She held my dick in her hand n she started playing with my dick. I was enjoying it. Made her lie back on the bed and I went on top of her n kissed her lips n then slowly moved down her neck and took her breasts in my mouth. I played with her breasts for some 3 or 4 minutes.

There was a mirror across the room and I could see the reflection of our love making. I was looking at myself sucking her boobs. I moved her breasts to either sides and kissed between her breasts. Then I went on to the bottom part of her boobs n I bit her breasts. I went down to her pussy n started sucking n licking her pussy. Her eyes were closed n her breath getting heavier.

I asked her if she wanted to try 69, for which she readily agreed n got over me with her pussy rite over my mouth. I started to suck her pussy and she started playing with my dick. This didn’t last long. I got on top of her n again gave a bite on her breasts. Kissed her lips n then placed my dick on her pussy lips.

I held my dick in my hand and I started to rub her pussy lips using my dick. I didn’t push my dick into her pussy. I was just playing n rubbing her pussy n I am sure she liked it. In between this act, I just pushed my dick into her pussy. Preethi just moaned n she said it hurts. She was a virgin. As soon as she moved I took her right breasts in my hand n gave it a bite.

She left out a soft moan n she was back in action. For the next few min I got down n sucked her pussy, parted her pussy lips n inserted my tongue inside her pussy n started to rub my tongue inside her pussy n she came during my sucking. I got on top of her n started playing with her pussy by rubbing my dick over her pussy.

I had started to rub my dick hard against her pussy n in between tried to push my dick a little into her pussy. I just pushed an inch into her pussy n took it out immediately. Preethi said it hurt when I tried to enter my dick into her pussy. I kissed her on her lips n calmed her down. Then I held my dick n placed it over her pussy. I again started to rub her pussy.

I continued the act for more than 5 min. I between I got down n suck her boobs hard. Preethi’s nipples are really amazing. Even to date, my dick gets to its full size remembering her lovely boobs. After few minutes of sucking, I asked Preethi if she would like to take my dick in her mouth. She readily accepted & knelt down to take my dick in her mouth.

She held my dick in her hand. Then she kissed the tip of the dick. She put her tongue out n licked the dick n she moved licking the entire length. She took my dick in her mouth. My tip of the dick was completely in her mouth. She started very slowly n applied her saliva on my dick. In between the sucking she also bit my dick & wow

I am sure I just don’t think my vocabulary is good enough to actually narrate how wonderfully she sucked my dick. Then I made her lie on the bed n I gave her a tight kiss. Her boobs were pressed against my chest. I grabbed her boobs in my right hand n pressed it hard during the kissing. Took her breasts into my mouth n I gave hard bites n kissed her boobs.

I moved down to her pussy n started to lick the inner walls of her pussy. I moved on all sides n all directions in n around her pussy n used my tongue quite well to suck her pussy. Preethi spread her legs indirectly inviting me to fuck her pussy with my dick. I got on top of her n placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

I pushed my dick slowly but firmly in to her pussy. She had closed her eyes n I felt she was in pain. I could feel some resistance in her pussy. Preethi had lost her virginity to me. My dick was completely insider preethi’s pussy. She never asked me to stop. I kept on shoving her pussy for more than 5 minutes. I felt I was going to cum.

I immediately took my dick out of her pussy n controlled n stopped myself from having an orgasm. Preethi said she felt so good and asked me not to stop fucking her pussy. I inserted my dick back into her pussy n started fucking her hard. I went on n on to fuck her n this continued for a few more minutes. I could feel that I am going to cum.

Right at the moment I took my dick out of her pussy n came on the bed sheet. After a minute, I just slept on the side of preethi, I held her tightly n even she stuck to me. Then I got up n I saw that the bed sheet has blood stain on it. We went to the bath room together I put soap on the bed sheet. By then, preethi had turned on the shower. We both took bath together.

I applied soap on her boobs n her body n also sucked her boobs. We bathed together n cleaned each other. She got down on her knees n kissed my dick n thanked my dick for the wonderful experience. I got dressed and I hugged preethi n gave a deep kiss n left from her place. I met her one more time.

She came to Bangalore immediately after the recession had started. She had an assignment here. I will complete the story in the next part. I never called her up on her cell as I feel its up to her to call me if she felt like speaking to me. It’s quite some time that I spoke to her. Recession has spoils our party.

Some time back in April, I met her online n she said she was missing me a lot n she still recalls the moments between us n masturbates n enjoys every second imagining those lovely moments. I asked her how many times did she cum on that day. She said thrice.

V had phone sex a few times wherein I asked her to take a carrot from the kitchen n insert it in her pussy. Though our meetings were few v had good experiences to remember for the rest of our lives. I would like to receive valuable comments from the readers. Thanks.

Anju fucked by Driver

Hi, I am Anju, a regular reader here and with my contribution for the first time. I live At Bangalore with my husband. I got married about 14 years back and my only son is at a boarding school. My husband is in hardware business and usually comes home late and tired.

Last month I decided to drive up to our cottage on the outskirts of Mysore. I packed all cleaning supplies in anticipation of spending the day cleaning and getting the cottage ready for winter holidays when my son will be back home during christmas.

My cottage is about four hours drive from the city where I live.I have such fond memories as a child spending weeks at a time every summer swimming in the lake nearby at Sri Rangapatnam, hiking in the woods, sitting on grandpa's lap on the old swing as he told scary ghost stories by moonlight.

As you might suspect, my cottage is pretty far from civilization. But the drive is beautiful through long stretches of forest and woodlands, interspersed by the occasional hay field. I left early on a Wednesday morning and traffic was very light once I got outside the 'ringroad' around the city.

I was about a half hour away from the cottage, I was on a narrow two lane blacktop and traffic was nonexistent. I hadn't seen another car for at least a mile or so as I drove though the thick forest. That's when the tire blew. Thankfully it was a rear tire or I might have swerved off the road and ended up in the deep ravine on the right side of the road.

The blown tire was making a terrible racket as I pulled off onto the narrow truck laybye as quickly as I could. When I got out of the car and went around to the passenger side and inspected the damage I was shocked to see that the tire was almost completely shredded. "Why me!" I shouted at the cloudless sky as I threw my hands up in the air.

After pacing back and forth in front of the ruined tire for a few moments to work out my frustrations, I put my hands on my hips and realized I was going to have to change it myself, or sit there along on the side of the road waiting for someone to come along. Fortunately, I've always been a pretty independent woman -- even a tomboy as a young girl

-- and I've never been afraid to tackle just about anything. Problem was, I'd never changed a tire in my life. Hell, tires don't go flat on modern cars; well, not very often that's for sure. But on village roads in India anything might just happen. The jack was located in a compartment in the cargo area of the Qualis. I raised the back hatch and looked for the compartment.

I opened the compartment and found the jack which was secured by a mysterious arrangement of clamps and bolts. Next, I referred again to the owner's manual as to the operation and placement of the jack which turned out to be fairly straight forward. I placed the jack in the indicated position and started cranking until the top of the jack was pushing up

against the frame of the car just forward of the rear wheel. I kept cranking until the body of the car had lifted several inches but with the wheel still on the ground. It was at that point the owner's manual advised loosening the lug nuts. "Pretty tight, it was ?" I said aloud to myself. So, I bent over and put all my strength into it and let out a loud groan.

Nothing happened; not even the slight little nudge. "Shit!" I shouted. "Now what?" I got an inspiration -- I removed the "L" shaped lug wrench and put it back on the lug nut so that the handle was pretty much parallel to the ground. Then I put a foot on the handle and prepared to leap up onto the lug wrench and place all my weight on the damn thing

and force the nut to loosen whether it wanted to, or not. Good plan... bad idea. The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground next to the wheel and my head really hurt. I sat up and looked at the wheel and saw that the lug wrench was lying on the ground; and I also noticed that the lug nut I was trying to get off now looked more round than hexagonal.

I realized I'd managed to strip the head and that it may never come off thanks to my efforts. "God, I screamed ! Aware that I was now totally screwed, I turned to my resource of last resort -- my cell phone. I was going to have to call the "service station" whose numbers I found on the owners manual and wait for someone to come out and rescue me. But, nothing happened.

I checked the phone's little display screen and learned I had no 'bars' -- can you hear me now?! No SIGNAL AS I WAS IN A REMOTE VILLAGE. It occurred to me that I was stranded in the middle of nowhere. I knew the nearest town, no more than a village really, was behind me about fifteen Kilometers.

Ahead, I was more than twenty kilometers from the cottage, though there was a little general store and petrol station nearby. I concluded that I would just chill and hope a car came past soon. The morning was almost gone; it was hot, much hotter than normal for so early in winter. I dreaded the thought of walking four hours or more but I saw no other choice.

Perhaps, I thought, there might be a farm house on the way at which I could beg and plead to use their phone. I grabbed my half empty bottle of water, put on my cap -- with my ponytail threaded through the back of the hat - and I headed off down the road. After an hour, I had to stop. My tank top was drenched in sweat and my head was feeling light with a hint of dizzy and I knew I had to rest.

I was so wet from sweating that I looked like a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest -- I was wearing a white bra and my wet top was kind of transparent. Hell, it was completely 'see thru.' I drank the last of my water and was beginning to get concerned given how wiped I was after only walking an hour. With a good three hours to go, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it.

As I rested in the shade of a tree near the side of the road I heard a wondrous sound -- an approaching car. Not wanting to let it get by me, I leaped up and ran out into the middle of the road and faced the oncoming vehicle which was heading towards my village. Great, I thought, I can get a ride into town.

I started waving my arms frantically, oblivious to the fact that I was standing directly in the path of the approaching car and if it chose not to stop, I was gonna be dead under it. Thankfully, the driver stopped. I ran around to the driver's window; which was open. "Oh thank heavens! I'm so happy you came along. My car broke down -- a flat tire -- about a kilometre or so back that way."

I pointed back in the direction of my abandoned car. "I was walking to the village but almost passed out from the heat. Could you give me a lift so I can call someone for help from the village? My cell phone is totally useless out here. Please?" I think by then I was sounding pretty frantic. "Sure lady, get in."

The driver said; though I noticed his eyes on my wet tank top which was showing off my hard nipples as they poked through the thin wet material. A thought flashed through my head questioning the advisability of hitch hiking on such an isolated stretch of road, especially when my wet top made me look half naked!

That's when I realized the driver was a twenty something year old young man with rugged good looks and a day's growth of beard. He was dressed in dingy overalls, but that aside, he was really sort of cute. "Oh thank you soooo much." I said. "My name is Anju, and you just saved my life!" I told him.

"I'm Ataur rahman. You said it was just a flat tire?" The guy asked. "Yes, I tired to change it but I couldn't get the nuts off -- I think I stripped one of them." "Well, its not that far back -- I saw it there by the side of the road when I drove past. Why don't we just see if I can get the tire changed for you? Save a lot of time that way."

He said as he turned his car around and we headed back the other way. When we got to my car he pulled up behind my car and he got out to inspect the damage. "Doesn't look too bad to me. I think I can get the nuts off. I was totally happy to have stumbled on him; or maybe it was the other way around.

Atau returned with a couple tools and started to work on what I thought was a completely ruined nut. all the nuts came lose one after the other and he jacked the car up until the ruined tire was well off the ground. The rest of the tiring changing process only took a few minutes. He then lowered the car and removed the jack.

As the replacement was done, you're all set to go ma'am." He said as he walked up to me. "Oh sir, thank you so much, you really saved my life!" I said. I'm not very tall, just five-four, and he was over six feet, maybe six-one. On impulse I half jumped up and threw my arms around his neck and I planted a big kiss right on his cheeks.

I'd meant it to be a 'thank you' kiss and hadn't intended to go beyond that. But he seemed to interpret my gratitude as something more. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and with one meaty hand he grasped one of my ass cheeks tightly and he kissed me back; hard. At first, I was stunned; I struggled to extricate myself from his grasp.

I think he translated my squirming around in his arms as passion. His tongue invaded my mouth while his other hand slipped under my tank top and began to ravish my right breast. His strong fingers pinched my hard nipple and I moaned in delight in response. I have really sensitive nipples and very much enjoy having my breasts squeezed and my nipples sucked and pinched.

It occurred to me that I was delighting in his manipulations. As my struggling to escape his grasp changed into enjoyment from his rough but thoroughly pleasurable treatment of me, I felt his fingers slip under the leg opening of both my shorts and my panties. In no time, he had a finger exploring the inside my very wet vagina. It felt so awesome!

As his fingers penetrated my hot pussy, I got a hand on the bulge in his overalls and realized he was huge. I stoked his hard monster as best I could while hanging on to his neck with my other hand. I broke off the long passionate kiss. "hey, atau, I need you to make love to me, right now! OK sweetheart? Do you want me to do it right here, right now?" he whispered in my ear.

He didn't really say anything more, and he carried me over to the back side of my car. He extracted his fingers from my pussy and opened the back door and set my bottom roughly down on the leather seat. Then, without any warning, his strong hands grabbed the waistband of my shorts on either side of the zipper and he ripped them apart -- I heard the material ripping and tearing.

He looked the ruined shorts, and what was left of my panties, down my legs; exposing my pink and swollen pussy lips that lusted to have his cock inside. Atau flipped the straps of his overalls over his shoulders and pushed the baggy work costume down over his hips; he had worn nothing else beneath. His monster cock was immediately exposed and I saw how truly huge it was.

Larger than any I had ever seen; at least twice as large as my husbands. Oh yes, my husband -- I wasn't thinking of him at all or that I was about to cheat on him for the first time in my life. I thought of nothing but having that magnificent hard piece of meat inside me, and I wasn't kept waiting a second longer as I felt the massive head of Atau’s cock press against the wet crease of my pussy lips.

I reached down and pulled his cock up and over my clit and used it to rub my sensitive little nub for a few moments before pushing it back down to the opening of my cunt. God, I felt like such a slut... and I just loved the feeling! "Fuck me Atau ! Fuck me hard! Hurry!" I yelled at him. Ever the gentleman, he readily complied with my request by slamming his monster inside me.

I screamed from a mixture of ecstasy and pain. He was so long and he stretched my pussy so quickly that it hurt at first. But as he started pounding his hips into my plump little ass cheeks, the sensations quickly turned to pure bliss.

One of Atau's meaty paws ripped my tank top off me so he could get at my tits while he fucked the living shit out of me. Both straps broke and the front ripped half way down the middle. I didn't care. I was screaming with utter delight as each powerful thrust of Jake's huge cock threatened to split me in half.

The first of several massive orgasms took me away. When my mind returned to reality Atau was still pounding me with his luscious cock and I was still in heaven. It wasn't long before I went away again to that special place only a woman can experience in the delirium of her orgasm. I know I trashed and bucked my hips on his gigantic organ as he built to his own climax.

Shortly after regaining lucidity from my third orgasm, Atau let out a mighty groan and I felt his cock sperm inside me. His warm sperm surged into me in wave after wave as his whole body quivered and he grunted out his own intense pleasure. After several minutes we both managed to recover ourselves. "Oh Atau, that was the best fuck I've ever had. Thank you."

I said and pulled him to me and kissed him passionately. "Glad I was able to come along when I did and rescue you." He said after the kiss. "You sure do have a nice way of saying thanks." "I'd like to thank you some more... but here on the side of the road is probably not the best place for it." I told him. "I got a place a few miles down the road. Its not much but it's clean."

I told him to follow me in his car. When I got up out of the back seat I realized I had no clothes. My clothes were ripped. I managed to take another set from my packs and put them on. "I was scared that we don't get notices by any highway patrol ; I'll be arrested for indecent exposure and immoral trafficking." I said, and we both laughed.

When we entered my place I peeled my ruined clothes off my body and we fell into the bed and fucked each other silly for the rest of the day. I then called up my husband, "Hi honey, it's me. No, I'm going to spend the night up here... the place was really filthy this year for some reason and I don't want to have to drive all the way up here again just to clean.

Also, I got here pretty late 'cause I had a flat tire. Oh, I'm fine... a passing car came along and helped me change it, but I got to cottage a lot later than I'd planned. No, I'll be fine. I'll call you tomorrow... love you too sweetie." I hung up. The whole time I was talking to my dear hubby Atau’s cock was pumping in an out of me.

"Oh shit... I thought I was going to have another orgasm and scream into the phone!" I said breathlessly. And then I did -- have another orgasm, that is. We fucked most of the night and much of the next morning. Atau’s stamina was truly remarkable. He never needed much more than a few minutes between fuck sessions.

When I left early the next afternoon I was very sore, but I was also totally satisfied. "Will I see you again?" he asked as we were to leave. "Yes, I've got your number here. I don't know how or when but I will be back for more of that fantastic love making." I told him. I hurried up to the cottage and cleaned the place in a hurry.

I knew that the next time I came up with my husband the place had to look like I'd been there and cleaned it. It was dark before I left to drive home. Thankfully, my hubby didn't seem at all suspicious with my being so late. When my husband was out of town on business trips (usually once or twice a month),

I went up on my own -- something I'd often done in the past when he was out of town. But, instead of resting at my cottage while he was away, I spent days at a time getting fucked silly -- Atau and I had a marvelous love sessions together.

Gautham fucking online friend Swetha

The stories in this site are excellent and I am a regular reader of all stories. I resolute to write a story that is happening in my life till date. My name is Gautham and I am working in Greater Mumbai for 2 years. My hometown is Bangalore. I was rare user of chat and Internet, one time it happened to meet a girl in internet, when I was working in Chennai 5 years back.

We started with a good chat and I never asked for her snap and also her contact number. She is from Mumbai and by that time she was studying. We used to share everything and everything about day to day life also. We know each other very well, but only through words. I got job in Bangalore and worked for 2 years.

After that Job, I made one more change and shifted to Mumbai. In these years we never exchanged contact numbers and pictures. We continued in chat only (and not even in voice chat). Due to these reasons, we were close friends. In my mind, it was always there to ask her contact number and snap but I never dared to ask, because she may mistook me.

In these years, she finished her studies and started working. We were working in same locality only. After 6 months stay in Mumbai on eve of my birthday, when I was chatting with her I received a message “There will be a surprise for you tomorrow”. I replied that “It’s my pleasure to accept your surprise”.

That night was the lengthier night in my whole life so far, thinking that what will be the surprise? However that night went like hell for me. Next day morning I got ready and went to temple and then to office. I waited till 4PM and no surprise happened. I thought of leaving office and by then I got a call from office reception that one visitor is waiting for you.

With disappointment I reached reception and received the visitor, till that time I didn’t had any idea about the visitor. She greeted me with a bouquet of flowers and a gift and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Oh…..I forgotten to tell her name, her name is swetha. She is the person, whom I am chatting for so many years. It was a big surprise for me.

I thanked her and for the first time I am seeing her with biggest surprise. There are no words to explain my happiness. I offered a treat for her, she accepted for that. We went to a pizza corner and had our food. I said her that it was the best surprise that I had in my life. She is more talkative and I was at receiving end.

She is looking beautiful and has all good features and physic. I bit dark and average person. I asked her, Shall we go out for a ride? After thinking for a while and she accepted and we went for Iskcon temple in my bike and then to Juhu beach. I was thrilled because that was my first day I roamed with a girl.

The same day for the first time we exchanged our contact numbers and dropped her near by her home and waved bye and I reached my room. At night I sent a sms and asked her that how was her experience with me? She replied that I gained confidence in her, her boy friend (who dumped her)

never was so cool and you are a person who even didn’t asked me anything and hence I decided to give you a surprise and the one of the happiest day. Then we started sending SMS to each other and rarely used to call her. This went for two months and meanwhile we met 3 times.

One day she told that she got engaged and her marriage will be within a month time. I was happy to hear the news but she was not willing to marry him. But due to her parents compulsion she agreed for marriage. I attended her marriage and everything went fine, I reduced calling her and I didn’t sent sms also because that may create problems to her marriage life.

We continued in chat. After 6 months of her marriage life, for the first time in 4 and half years she talked about sex with me. She told that her husband is impotent and she is not satisfied. Her mother in law is teasing thinking that she is having some problems. She told that in medical reports she is normal.

Day by day harassing from them is getting increased and she desperately wants a baby for her and her family. I searched in internet for best time for sex to have pregnancy and everything. She followed the same and everything failed. There were no other solutions from her husband because he can’t make her pregnant. The other solutions are from sperm donor etc.

These things were unaware by her husband and mother in law. They are thinking that she has problems. Next day we were chatting and she asked me a favor saying that I am her best friend and she has trust, confidence and belief on me. I replied it’s my pleasure to do anything for you. Next statement was unexpected, she asked me to make her mother for a child.

She said that she was thinking for few days and finally decided to go ahead with you. I am not feeling any guilty for asking with you because you can understand my situation and I believe that you do it. I don’t know what to reply. I replied that I need time to think and I will let you know after two days.

For next two days there was a continuous battle between “yes” or “No” and finally I decided to go ahead with yes thinking of her situation. Third day after earlier conversation I conveyed my opinion. The day and place was scheduled at my room. The days were between her consecutive periods.

I learnt few techniques about best position and foreplay and prepared for the execution. We had intercourse for 3 continuous days in day time and advised her to have intercourse with her husband on nights to avoid doubts and misunderstandings. Two days back I received a call her and she said her report says that she is pregnant.

She was overjoyed with that news and I felt very much happy and relaxed too. We were one of the happiest persons in this world on that day. I don’t think that I had done a mistake after her over joy. We met on same day evening and we moved as good friends as we were earlier and with a slight change. The difference was we hold each other hands and walked along the shore of sea.

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Friends, this is Imran from islamabad 23m basically I am from Peshawar but settled in islamabad working in an IT company. I am about to tell you a really story as my first experience as a Call Boy.This all happened about 2 months back, I started posting myself as a Call Boy (Which I am Not) on a few Blog Sites.

I never got any reply and thought that this is just waste and will not work. But one fine day I got a Mail from a Lady called Bano (Name Changed). She wrote that she is interested in me but is married with 2 kids of 5yr and 3yr. And did not have the guts to meet me. She just wanted a Telephonic Sex talks and that’s all and she was ready to pay me for that.

But I told her I do not charge for Phone Sex and that’s free. We used to chat over the phone for a few days and one day I asked her out for Coffee and she agreed so we met at gloria jeans(cofee shop in f 6). When I saw her she was just an Average looking lady of about late 30’s but was dressed well.

As we sipped coffee I asked her that now that she knows me may be she can use my services. At first she was a bit hesitant but then she told me she would call me the next day. I eagerly waited for her call and then finally she called me by 11 AM and told me to come to her place in next 1 Hr as her Husband had gone to office

and had a long meeting and her Kids would be home by 4 so she wanted to finish it before that, As I reached her place she was just too eager the take me. As soon as she closed the door she gave me my fee of Rs. 2000 and started kissing me. We kissed for a wile and then we went to her room where she asked me to remove my cloths, and so I did.

She started sucking my dick and witching a few minutes she empted me all in her mouth. Now she got up and started removing her Salwar Kamiz. Soon she was in her undergarments, I took her and made her lie on the bed, I sucked her Brest on top of her Bra, and she was totally out of control and was morning loudly. I removed her Bra and then again sucked her.

(I believe that to satisfy a women a man needs to have a lots of pacense ) after about 15 minutes she could not take it any longer and asked me to figure her. I removed her panties and started to lick her she came soon with throwing out thick liquid, it was great to taste that. Then I got a candle from my bag and made the candle wear a condom.

I fucked her within the candle for about 15 Minutes and made her cum again. By now she was totally existed and was lying like a dead meat. Now it was my Dicks turn to enjoy her. I wore an Extra Time Condom and inserted my dick in her (To be honest she was very loose) but any how it was my job to fuck her and give her the value of money.

We made love for about 10 more minutes and then we just laid on her bed for 30 minutes before going for a second round. I left that day but now she has made me a full time call boy. She introduced me with her Kitty Party friends whom I serve also. Some of them are almost 45 years in age. But any how I love older women’s and so I enjoy being a call boy.

Mallu finding sex in Kerala Chat Room

Hi all, I am a Keralite currently in UAE, who have just stepped into my thirties. I am gonna narrate an incident, which has happened with a friend of mine, whom I befriended in a chat room. I live with my family in UAE and the incident which I am gonna narrate, has happened some 3 years back, when I was in my late twenties.

To describe myself - am above average complexion, athletic and above average looks and a height of 5’9”. I used to work for an MNC in Delhi and had to travel a lot in south of India for official purpose. Majority of the month, I would have been travelling and returning mostly on the weekends to my home in Delhi.

It was during this time, that I developed a strong liking to chatting and browsing the net, reading a lot of experiences and sexcapades of many people’s sexperiences in their life especially through this site. I am a great fan of this site now, even after I have given up chatting almost for good.

During one of my casual chat sessions I happened to meet a lovely lady in her mid thirties named Sneha in a Kerala Chat room who was settled in Bangalore. And slowly our friendship really blossomed. It was one studded with great respect for each other and intense fellowship, developed through all the chats.

Though I have made quite a few advances in our chats to be honest, she had always maintained that dignified distance and curtly cutting me off when I start off. This, in a couple of chat sessions itself gained a lot of respect for her and that marked the end of my approaches as well; but we used to chat for hours on end.

Days have passed and even weeks and we almost chat every day and we exchanged our mobile numbers and started calling each other. And once when I was in Bangalore, she agreed that we meet. And generally I had always been fortunate to be staying in the best of the hotels in any city and it was indeed a good place to host a meeting or a rendezvous.

I had office till 5 and then by the time I reach my hotel it will be another 1 more hour. So I had invited her at 8 o’clock and she obliged. Got to my room, freshened up and started working on the next days assignments, while I was waiting for Sneha. I was in a blue Jean and a pale white shirt and couldn’t really say that I was dressed to the occasion.

I was intensely concentrating on the work, as my mind was really drifting and getting lost in the thoughts of meeting her. She came somewhere around half past 8 and my heart was pounding and weighing heavily ‘cos I was meeting a dear friend for the first time, whom I have seen only online and spoke only over the phone and chat.

As and when the bell chimed, I moved to the door and turned the knob with a trembling hand and let her in and closed the door behind. She was really looking gorgeous, not the fairest of the lot, but she was fair enough and was wearing a Maroon chiffon Sari which was really hugging her. I still remember her entrance into the room, fresh in front of my eyes.

She had a real adorable figure for a lady of 33 and her bosoms of 34 which were cupped in a D size and with a waist size of 28 and the butt of 36 for a height of 5’ 5”. She was just adorable in her dress and seeing her I was lost and couldn’t even greet her properly. She asked me “Advaith, are u not going to ask me to sit”, which really brought me to my senses.

I offered her a cool drink and we embraced each other, a warm pleasantry greeting exchange. We sat and started chatting for some time and she was sitting opposite to me in the couch, crossing her legs and revealing the cleavage as her blouse couldn’t hold those awesome assets and the sari going around her waist revealing a good portion of her smooth stomach.

Her face and lips were glowing in the spot lights of the room and I was losing myself looking at her. We talked for quite some time and that was when she saw my table and the laptop and asked whether I had something to finish for next day. I said that I will do it after she leaves but she insisted on me completing I, and then taking our meeting into the night.

She was persisting and I decided to complete my work fast and rejoin her. In the meanwhile I asked her to keep herself comfortable anywhere in the room. She started looking at all the arrangements in the room and was walking inside the room and came behind my chair and leaned on me from behind, to see what I was doing.

Her soft perfumed hair falling on my face and her body brushing on me, really sent currents through my spine. I could smell the light floral musky note of the perfume she was wearing. I turned and looked at her and I accidently brushed her bosoms and kissed her on the face, as she was just behind me at my head height.

I was almost out of the world, and then she just raised her face and dint say anything about it and asked me to finish my work and she went and sat in the bed leaning against the wall and started watching TV. She was running through the channel and it took me a patient 20 min to finish my job and free myself.

Once I had finished my job, I got up from the table and grabbed a can of coke and sat next to her on the bed near her legs. We started off chatting and were cracking some silly jokes and all the time I was rubbing her on her toes and was friendly running my hand on her legs. We were both enjoying each others company.

After a days work and pressure in office I was also tired and I also stretched out on to the bed with my legs hanging out of the bed and touching the floor and my thighs and my upper part of the body on the bed next to her, till her thighs. My head was resting mid way to her stomach and we were cracking some silly jokes and all the while touching and

caressing each other - me with my hand and she with her legs and running her hand in my hair. Slowly I moved closer to her and lay between her legs which I parted jokingly. With her legs spread open and my head resting on her thighs and pelvic region we were still going on with our gibberish. I really dint want to make any advances and spoil the mood.

Whenever I was laughing and moving, my head was moving on her pelvic and touching her stomach, as her sari had fallen to a side exposing majority of her belly and curvaceous body owing to our laughing session. Feeling the sari on my side I turned and was facing her with my chin resting very near to her lower lips.

When my chin started to touch her pelvic she said “Advaith that is tickling me, u better not do that”. And what she said was true, as her body had developed a lot of goose pimples, and seeing that I started teasing her more. I started running my hand on her stomach and I could really see her expressions changing and the mood in the room changing dramatically all over.

Both us knew that we were drifting, with our cuddling and brushing for the extended period of time, doubled with my chinning on her pelvic. Both of us were really very comfortable with each others touch. I moved the sari from her body with one stroke of my hand and the sight of her maroon sari on her side and her fair complexion was a delighting sight,

accentuating her beauty and making me all the more grossly involved in her. She closed her eyes and I was blowing warm air on her stomach and slowly moving my hand on her stomach drawing circles and touching deftly. She started running her hand on my hair and started pulling me on to her.

I slide to her side and got at par with her and was admiring her, all the while she had her eyes closed. I saw her breath fastening and her bosoms falling and rising and was taking us to a different plane. I lowered my face and planted a soft kiss on her lips and slowly kissing allover her face, on her eyes, her cheek and her chin.

Then lowering myself I slowly kissed her on the neck and behind her eyes which made here really wriggle near me. I slowly tongued her neck and tasted her perfume and the tasted her. She drew me to her face and our lips locked for a long smooch and one of the hottest I had in my life.

We bit each others lips and were moving our tongue into each others mouth and were really steaming hot. We both were running our hand in each others hair and was hugging each other tight and running our hand on each others back lying in the bed. Now I started moving my hand lower and moved on her bosom and gave them a slow tweak and was moving my hands

in circles and slowly pressing the boobs on top of her blouse. She was really aroused and Sneha was making moans and holding me close to her. I slowly unhooked her maroon blouse and her beauties started to make their head out of the bonds. She had captivated the beautiful breasts in a red satin and frilled bra. The colors were offering a perfect contrast and was really intoxicating me.

I gave both the boobs knead from over the brassiere and removed the blouse off her and it fell off the bed. Ran my head on to her clean shaven arm pits, holding her arms above her; I inhaled the mixed scent of her body mixed with the perfume. I licked her in her arm pits and gave her small bites, which greatly aroused her.

I started again back on her lovely boobs and started to bite them over her brassieres. She was like a sculpture in an artist hand, silently letting the sculptor work on her for further finesse. She had a nicely chiseled body now wriggling in my hands. Her hands were moving on my chests, finely making way to my chest hair,

unbuttoning my shirt with great ease and she threw them on the floor. Now as our bare bodies touching each other and brushing each other, I was really getting a massive hard on and my 7 inch meat making big tent in my pant rubbing on her thighs and trying to break free. I moved my head over her body from her lips to her bosoms and tonguing the way over her belly to her waist.

This really made her bent with pleasure and she arched and moaned by the touch of my tongue on her stomach. I slide down further and slowly bit her on her pussy over the sari and then moved my head back to where her sari was tucked in. With my mouth and slowly tonguing her in the tucked region, I slowly pulled the sari out, with my hand and I unrobed her.

Now she was in her maroon underskirt, panties and red bras. This was an astounding site and I was really enjoying every moment of this and so was she. I started to move over her pussy with my head and was making small bites and ruffling on her pelvis. She started to moan louder and undid her skirt and I helped her slide out of it.

She was really a beauty to be admired and that now being just in her red bra and a light pink velvet panty. I could really spot the huge wet spot on her panty and I started to move my hand over the spot. She was wriggling more than ever and I could feel the lower lips throbbing and welcoming me for more artistry on them.

She was pulled me up and ran her hand on my chest and then down on to my manhood. She stopped at my tent and started pulling my dick head and started pulling and pressing on it and messaging my balls. She almost tear my pant and almost shouted “Advaith take this off u..” and she pulled my pant down together with my boxers.

She was startled to see my 7 inch sprawling cock, as I understood later that her hubby’s was smaller and she started running her hand on my meat frantically. She was really being aroused and was enjoying each bit of our time together. She started to squeal under me and the penis already creaming with pre-cum was all the more started to slide in her hand really taking me to heaven.

I couldn’t control myself and I was also going wild. I effortlessly unhooked her bra to free her treasures. The sight of the voluptuous boobs with a good two inch radius brown areola was too tempting to be mouthed and I really started feasting on her inch long brown nipples. I slowly bit on her nipples and she was now with one hand pressing my head on to her boobs.

I with drew from her clutches and started to make long circles on the bottom of her boobs slowly working on towards her rock hard nipple. This was making her tremble and was calling me by the name and started to frantically move my foreskin up and down and squeezing my dick in between.

I was also getting uncontrollable and I started to bite into those heavenly boobs and started sucking them and licking in long strokes. My other hand moved over to her stomach and on to her panties and pinched her pussy a little hard from over the panties. She really gave out a loud moan and fortunately it drowned in the TVs voice.

I moved my hand into the already slippery pussy and started to play with her clit at same time and at the same time consciously working on her boobs…I got my hand out and pulled the panty down and she helped me this time by raising her butt and I took the panty off her an threw it on the floor.

We both were naked and playing with each other and her clit was throbbing and I started to move my middle finger from her pussy bottom to top of her crevice, in between kneading the clit. This was more than what she could control she was moaning and breathing heavily. She asked me change positions,

and in a flash she was moved to my tool and started to lick on the pre-cum on its head. The very feeling of her tongue on my tool made me almost spasm into a violent climax. I with drew her head by puling on her hair and I made her lie down and me moving on to her pussy. Now we were in a really snakes bind in perfect 69 position.

The wet clean shaven pussy of hers was dripping by now and I was becoming mad by the slimy smell from her pussy. I started to tongue her on long strokes from the start of the pussy till her top. Now she spreading her legs wider on each of my long strokes and I started to suck on the clit hard and long, making her push the pussy on my face and grinding on my face.

She was on top and was meeting each of my tonguing with well pressured and grinding rub of her pussy. I started to insert the tongue and finger together really seeing how involuntarily she is grinding on my face. She started to moan all the more loudly. All the time she was deep throating my 7 inch meat and was sucking me off.

She was a really good in blow job and was taking my entire meat in her mouth. She had her mouth wide open to engulf the entire of the 3 inch thick dick in her. I was really been taken into heavens and was enjoying the blow job to the maximum. I told her “Sneha I am going to cum” and she said with a mouthful meat, to cum inside her mouth.

This made her also really horny and creaming, and started to grind harder in my face with my each stroke of fingering and tonguing. I exploded into her with my sperm splashing into her deep throat. The quantity and spurts were too fast and large volumes, that it started to drip from her mouth on to her.

She moved more frantically and now was crying loud “Advaith u tear me dear, I love u” and with this her body started to tremble and arch again and with her juices overflowing her pussy into my mouth she collapsed into a trembling climax, me trying my best to suck her dry. We lay there for some 5 min and still my bone was not losing its stiffness and was rock hard.

I was game for a good session of love making. I again started to finger her and lick her pussy and she almost suddenly reciprocated by starting of with a blow job. After a few strokes we changed positions and she pulled me on top of her. I started rubbing her pussy lips with my dick, with both sliding and poking in both of our juices.

This was making her almost wild and her fingers were really nailing into my back and she was pleading to be loved. I slowly started to lower myself and my 3 inch thick 7 inch long member moved into her with any fuss as we both were tremendously wet. I stroked her slowly and with every single stoke she matched with a timely upward one.

We were really in synch and I started to increase my pace and then she was starting to moan and was calling my name loud. I moved up and down and started to rub it inside her pussy in stroked which took her completely mad and she really bit into me. My dick could feel the complete circumference of her pussy, feeling her inner hot walls.

She started to tremble, and arch heavily and started her second climax and was going out of control. She came hard and almost peeling my skin from my back with her fingers in the peak of the climax. I wasn’t fully done and so I made her lie on her back with 3 pillows beneath her, raising her body and turning her leg on towards the outside of the bed.

I stood on the floor with the manhood really throbbing for one fast and tight session and I started to pump her from behind. She was slowly again moving to the tune of the act and I started to stroke long and deep and fast. I increased the pace and was matched equally by her stroke backwards and we both were climaxing this time together.

We stroked faster and harder and I started to ejaculate into her pussy. I was also moaning and was having the time of my life. We both collapsed on to the bed, as were exhausted and almost panting.

We lay in each others arms cuddling for half an hour and decided to take a bath together, which again resulted in a lovely warm session in the shower and tub. I will narrate this incident some other time and would like to know your responses in the comments.

Hot Moumita fucked at the gym

Hey guys. This is Varun here. I am 18 years old, living in Mumbai. I am a regular reader of, and quite frankly, I think the site totally rules. Thumbs up to the guys at for a cool site ! Anyways,here's a story I would like to share with you. Well, I am 6' 3' and have a good body. I don't have those muscles but I do not have fat anywhere.

Attracting girls has never been too much of a problem for me. Well the girl in this story is Moumita, she is 18 yrs old too. We both aren't good friends, as we rarely meet. She is slightly on the darker side of complexion, and has a very very sexy tight figure...and not the biggest breasts you'll see, but nonetheless very attractive.

And she is a Bengali, I have always had lusty feelings for her. One day, I was working out at the gym of our building, having a run on the treadmill. And then she came in. (This was at about 8:30 pm) I was on the second treadmill, with the first one ahead of me. She was looking too hot to be true.

Wearing pink shorts and a really tight white top, I could clearly see the sports-bra beneath. We both greeted each other with a smile and I said "Hi !" to her, she replied similarly, waved and I got back to jogging. So she hopped upon the treadmill and began jogging. Her cute, tight ass was in full view as she jogged, I was concentrating on her butt, able to see her panties' outline quite clearly.

After a while, I was tired and stopped the treadmill. I had a sip of water and wiped the sweat of me. I sat down on a chair and was looking at her and watching her jog. Then, I went to the bathroom. And I had no idea what was in store for me. When I returned, I found her holding my cellphone, and watching my XXX videos.

(I had put like 4 videos, each of 30mins, and full hardcore) The volume was very loud and I was embarrassed, quickly, taking the phone from her, I hastily packed all my stuff to leave when she suddenly stopped me and held my hand. She pushed me against a wall, came really close to me and said that she wanted to do more than just watch porn.

With that wicked smile, I gladly obliged, planting my lips on her's. Oh man, that was so so so good ! Her tongue tasted so good. I then drew away. I shut of all the lights, leaving one spotlight on, and locked the door. I then went to her and grabbed that ass, that all so tight ass of her's and squeezing it, I kissed her. Tonguing her, I was having the time of my life !

Slowly I put my hands above, up her curvy back, lined with a little sweat, I took that tight top off, and unhooked her black sports-bra, revealing her just-perfect tits, with gorgeous pink nipples, I sucked them as she moaned in ahhhhh's and oommpphh's ! Her moans really made me hard.

Then I went to her neck and shoulders, lapping them up, as she rubbed her hands through my hair, moaning, " Ooh Varun ! Yeah baby !Fuck yeah! " I then picked her up and placed her on the table, removing her pink shorts, and that tight hot pink panty, revealing her beautiful pussy. The pussy was completely shaven, pink and wet.

I then ate her out, getting her to the top of her orgasm. Then, she stood up and pushed me on the table, I removed my shirt as she undid my shorts and boxers. Then she took my hard, throbbing cock in her cold hand, gripping it tightly. Then, she stroked me for a while. Then, she slid my cock into her mouth and and sucked the head off so well, I was in heaven.

I was constantly moaning as her tongue lapped at my cock. I then screamed in pain and pleasure as I shot my hot cum into her mouth. Man ! That slutty little babe lapped it all up ! After licking my cock dry, I pushed her onto the table, turned her around and she bent over. Her all sooo tight ass revealed her pink pussy, as she said, "Varun, I beg, please fuck me !!!"

That made me crazy. I took my cock and shove it into her hot tight pussy, then I held her hair, pulled face up, placing one arm on her curvy back, I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy, fucking her harder and harder, faster as she screamed her brains out, yelling, "Oooompphhh!! Ahhh Ahhh fuckk yeahhh baby...Fuck me fuck me !!" Her dity talk made me go crazy !

Then as I was about to cum, I pulled out and she instantly went on her knees, as I moaned, she sucked and hand-jobed me a little more, as I gave the largest cumshot of thick warm jizz all over her cute little face. She blowed me more and then got dressed and went away. Till today, we have phonesex each night as I can' get enough of her. The next time I ran into hot mom, but I'll write about that later!

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Hello friends, I am Legend Akka Rahul (name changed). My pet name is Rocky. I am 6' tall and well built, my 7 inch long and 2.5 inch thick tool. This happened few years ago when I was in Delhi. I have internet friend name Kamini she 26 years old, but she has great boobs 37D, 28 waist and 36 inches of great big ass.

She is fairly white and her nipples are reddish pink. Oh she has great pair of lips too. Myself and Kamini have been chatting on internet for quite some time; one day we decided we should meet I made arrangement to travel Mumbai, and reserved the motel "Shikaara" in Vashi for 2 days. I send my travel details to Kamini.

Kamini's husband is a business man and keeps traveling to all over country, so on those two days he was out. Early in the morning I landed on airport and went to motel straight by taxi, from motel I called Kamini, and informed her that I am in Mumbai. She said she will come to motel around 5:00 pm.

At 5:00 pm I was waiting in lounge and Kamini came in, she was wearing hot pink see thru saree and matching blouse etc. She asked the counter man which room I am staying in? The counter man said Mr. Rocky is right there waiting for you in lounge. Kamini and I met, we hugged each other, and then Kamini said, well what your plan is for now on?

I said nothing in particular, hoping for fun for rest of the day and whole night, Kamini said sounds so Exciting! I asked her she wants to have drink? She said yes. We went to motel's bar and both of us had wine to bring up The romantic mood. After drink I said it is too early for the dinner, should we go up in room we will come back for the dinner later? She said yes.

We both went upper 5th floor to my room. As soon as we entered the room, I kissed Kamini so passionately she started responding back putting her tongue in mouth and sucking my lips so passionately. Then I new she is ready I took her in my arm and she locked me by her both hands in neck.

We kissed for about 5 to 7 minutes and her extreme boobs were touching my chest and screaming to relieve from bra, and my lund started making a big tent in my pant. I carried Kamini in my hands and made her seat on bed. She looked at my pant and smiled and said let me release him from prison, so I said it is a good idea,

she started opening my belt and fly and dropped my pant on floor then she pulled down my underwear, mean while I was helping opening her blouse buttons and release bra hooks, then she remove blouse and bra together and massive boobs I kissed her boobs and she kissed my Lund’s knob, and my lund grew to full size 7 inch long and 2.5 inch thick,

she said "Wow your lund is so big, at least twice the size of my husband and thick too. I said you have great pair of boobs this night will be the fantastic night I ever had. Kamini took my lund in her hand and started caressing and lift the testicles bag and said "oh bag is full of jism I guess you going pour every thing in my pussy?” I said, yes that's true.

And she started sucking my lund she could not take all so she took about 1/3 and sucking it then she started leaking by tongue all over my lund. Then she took my testicles in her mouth and said oh so sweet. Then I said Kamini I like to eat your pussy and taste the juice, I can smell it up here.

She said first you suck my boobs and make me arose to highest level then you suck my pussy after that you fuck me like a crazy. With that I made her lay on bed and started sucking her nipple and with other hand I started squeezing other boob, Kamini started moaning, deeper and deeper.

After 10 minutes she said please now eat my cunt so I moved down to her pussy I opened her shaved pussy lips and sucked her clitoris then my wet tongue I started circling around her pussy hole and she was in heaven, she became more erotic and said "Oh Jay, oh my god you are the best pussy eater in the whole world, you should teach my husband".

Within 10 minutes of eating her pussy, she came she grabbed my lund in her mouth and started jerking and kept on sucking her clitoris. Within couple minutes she calm down, and enjoying back again, then she said oh man now my pussy wants your great lund Jay please fuck me fuck me like a bitch.

With that I got up and made her lie on her back and spread her legs wide open, the I took baby oil bottle from my hand bag and applied lots of oil on my lund, then with one hand. I opened her pussy lips and pointed my lund to her pussy hole and I started moving my lund circling around soft pussy lips and Kamini was out of control she said "man you are giving the best pleasure in my life,

please now fuck me", so with my hand I entered my lund know in her pussy and with great force I shank my entire lund in her pussy, my lund was touching her womb entrance and she came again, she hold me tight and started shaking all her body. After 2 minutes of climax she calm down and said "your cock has fill up my whole cunt,

tonight I am sure I am going to get dozens organisms I am completely under your control, Jay do what ever you want to do, but make me satisfied, my old man husband has never fucked me like this before" With that I kissed her on lips and said "Are you ready for the roller coaster ride honey?" and she said you bet.

With that I started fucking Kamini’s pussy by moving my cock in and out about half length in pussy. I fucked and fucked she was just relaxed and enjoying my big lund. Then again after 12 minute she came same thing again she held me so tight I kept on fucking and she started getting jerk all over her body. After 2 minutes she calm down again and I kept fucking.

After 20 minute my heart beats raised and I started fucking so furiously and then I announced I am cuming where do you want my jism and she said in my cunt, with last long stroke I came in her pussy I squirted 10 times hot guiee jism every squirt hit her womb hole and she was in heaven, she came with me too, we both held each other and I collapsed on her.

I was breathing heavy and sweating too. She started moving her hand on my hair and said oh dear that was the best fuck. After two minutes we got up went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves I washed my lund in sink and she sat on toilet bowl and jism started oozing from her cunt, Kamini said "Rocky, you fuck like a horse and you cum like a horse.

We were fucking for more than a hour and after cleaning I sat on sofa and Kamini was pissing in toilet and sound of her pissing made me more exited. She came from bathroom and sat on my lap and kissed me and said, darling I am tired, I said dear dress up we can go for dinner, but she just sat on my lap naked for 15 minutes. I said Kamini you have a great ass bend over.

I want to see your ass hole, and she bend down and I fingered her ass hole and said " Oh it looks great I am sure ass will love my cock in her" and Kamini jerk her self and turned around and said "No, baba don't even think about it, you will rip off my ass" I laughed and said that's what every woman says then they love it".

After that we put on our clothes and went for dinner. I told waiter to give us nice and quiet table and he gave nice corner table Kamini sat right beside to me we ordered drinks. I told her feel free to order any thing you like and she said thank you. We both ordered food, mean while food was getting ready we drank wine and all the time Kamini was caressing my lund.

She kissed me 100 times and I was rubbing her butts at the end of dinner we danced for a while and slow romantic music was turned on and we danced real close to each other. Her boobs were touching my chest and my lund was touching her pussy hole. After 45 minutes of dancing Kamini said lets go up stairs dear,

and we left the dance room and went to our room where in balcony. I pulled up a chair and said I am going to bring another one. She said, "why dear, I am Going to sit on your lap and enjoy the scenery,” I sat on chair and she turned around facing opposite to my face and she lifted her skirt and she was not wearing panty and she sat on my lap butt naked.

Oh I was enjoying every bit of it. She said "How do you like Kamini’s gaand? I said, "it is the best fantastic, and tonight I am going to fuck her too. She smiled and said she is yours and fills her up with your creamy jism. We watched the city moving people ocean for hour and we talked romantic thing and she was again erosed and said

"Rocky, do you think you can fuck me again?” I said my lund is always ready for good pussy and ass. She said lets go inside the bedroom and fuck. We went to bedroom and took off our clothes and both naked climbed on bed. “Dear, this time you sleep on your back and I will suck your cock and make you cum, she said.

I said you will get tired she said you haven't taken joy of my mouth and she made me lie down and she started sucking my cock. After a while she Saw my pre-cum and she leaked it and said it is so sweet, she likes jism. She sucked my lund she sucked my testicles and again she started sucking my cock.

This time she was taking 1/2 of my Lund’s length and sucking so deep I loved every second of it. After a while I said honey turn around and let me eat your cunt so she turned around. I started sucking her cunt and she started sucking my lund, for 15 minutes we sucked each other and she came, she started jerking and holding my lund in her mouth tight.

I kept eating her cunt. After two minutes she calm down, took out my lund from her mouth and said "Man when you going to cum my mouth and jaws are getting tired ", I laughed and said I told you so, if you suck me like that it takes one hour me to cum. So far no woman has sucked me and makes me cum. I always have to cum by fucking pussy or ass.

Finally she gave up and said you are right your lund has lots of stamina I don't think I can make you cum by sucking. So I said I am laying and you come over me and fuck me. She climbed over and spread her legs and by one hand she held my lund and guided in her cunt. In one stroke she buried my entire lund in her cunt, and she sat on it for a minute.

Then she started moving up and down and started fucking me. I was enjoying every bit of it. She fucked for twelve minutes and she came, same way all the time. After 2 minutes she pulled out my cock from her cunt and said, "I am dam tired of fucking you now you finish it". So I said lay down your head on pillow and keep your ass up in air I will fuck you doggy style.

She laid in the doggy position and I went behind her and penetrate my lund in her cunt. It was wet all ready so I started fucking her wild. She was going wild. She said, " Common Rocky, aaaahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk me Moreeeeeee. My husband has never fucked me like this before; you are the best fucker I ever had".

Then I started putting a finger in her wet asshole, suddenly whole finger went in. I said Kamini looks like your ass so wet and ready to take my cock in. Suddenly she jumped and Took out my lund from her cunt and looked at me and said "Oh no you are not going to fuck my ass look at the size of your cock you will rip me off.

I said, if you don't want it is up to you but my finger felt it is Ready, and I resumed fucking her again in cunt. About 20 minutes fuck I came in her cunt unloaded my jism 10 squirts all warm guiee jism was hitting her womb and she got another organism. After that we cleaned up, she came back from bathroom and sat on my lap and asked me?

Do you think my ass can take your huge lund? I said only way to prove is to try, if you hurting then I won't pursue any further. Then She said promise make sure you do not rip of my ass my husband never have fucked me in ass. So again she started sucking my cock, since I was going to fuck the ass.

I got so excited and immediately my cock 7 inch became so hard, then I told her to turn around and she did I started massaging her butts and She said oh jay I like it. Then I took some Vaseline and lubricated her asshole and plugged in two fingers then rubbed more added more Vaseline and then entered three fingers in.

I asked Kamini do you feel any pain she said no but I feel pleasure all the way, then I said you are ready for my lund and she said go ahead and jam it up in my ass. I applied lots of Vaseline on my lund and I held her by my one hand from her tummy then with one hand I held my cock and pointed to her asshole and applied lots of pressure.

Suddenly my Lund’s knob went in, she screamed oh fuck it pains so I said I am going to take it out, then she said, don't move, and let it get adjusted, so I just held my Lund’s knob in her ass for few minutes till she said. Now I am comfortable go ahead and penetrate some more. I gave good push and her ass took another 2 inches of my Lund’s length.

Then she said "oh Rocky, you are right. Now I like it." So slowly I started moving my lund from her ass in and out, pushing more in within 5 to 7 strokes she took my entire length 7" and 2.5" thick lund in her asshole and she was going crazy. She said, “I love it fuck me like a horse, fuck more, more in, more hard Rockyyyyyyy, Ohhhhhh, Huuunnnnnnnn."

I started fucking her so good, my balls were hitting her. Within 10 minutes Kamini came. This time her organism was much longer and tensed then all before she had. She held my cock in her ass for more than 2 minutes and caressing my balls. After her organism I resumed fucking her again and in 15 minutes I said I am cuming

and she said go ahead spray it all in my ass, with that I squirted 8 times hot guie jism in her asshole and filled up her ass completely, my organism was far better than I had fucked her in her cunt. Finally we both got exhausted and I collapsed on her. After 5 minutes I pulled out my limp cock out of her ass and went to bathroom to cleanup. We both cleaned up went to bed.

Early morning about 8:00 am we took breakfast then Kamini left for home. I went to my room slept for a while and at noon I took my lunch. I prepared to leave for the airport, since I had another 4 hours to kill I went to bar and ordered a beer. About 4:00 pm Kamini came back. I was surprised and asked her did she left here some thing? Kamini said "No",

Then she came close my ear and said, my ass is itching can you lubricate with your jism, I loved the way you fucked me last night. So we went up to my room, and I fucked her again in cunt, tits, mouth and ass. She loved every moment of it.

At last she said "Rocky, please promise me when ever to come to Mumbai you will fuck me". I said that sounds good I promise you I will fuck you every time I come to Mumbai. And we both kissed each other and left. I hope you will like this story which is infact a real story.


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