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Hot female customer

Hi to all this is Jeethu jain(name changed) from chennai and iam a very regular reader of human ddigest stories and always wanted to share my erotic experiences over here for a long time, and finally i am coming up with my first story.

Let me first tell you about myself,iam 5 ft 9 in fair complexion good athletic body and always looked for the best in life even when planned to have sex, I looked for the best female around and this happened like this, I am in to my jewellery business and I have a real exclusive

designer collection stuff and I catered only to a very really high end family and corporate customers. I mostly have female customers coming to me alone or with their relatives or friends and this incident happened to me was with shivani (name changed) and to describe about

her,she is a marvellous beauty standing around 5ft 7in, 29 years and she being a punjabi married lady had huge tits with a really well maintained figure and complexion needs no narration……….(my tool gets hard even as I start to tell about her),

She is fireeeeeeee, can light up any dick. Shivani first came to my store with her friend and they both are filthy rich but needless to say they are down to earth.she took some stuff from me and had some repair to it and came back to me and I got that done and got it delivered to her.

She was impressed and the next time she came it was holiday and I was just sitting in the store with no one around and half shutters down, she needed some thing most urgently but I told her it is not possible and that she has to come the next day,

she was in a hurry as she had to go some wedding the next day and she wanted to a buy a gift for day she came and hurriedly got a few things and left leaving behind her bag and her mobile. After a long time she called and asked for her bag,

I told mam need not worry it is in safe hands and that she can collect it when she is coming next time or can get It collected through some body, then she enquired me wether I checked her bag, I said no,she did not know what to tell but some how she mustered a few words

and said please check in the smaller compartment of the bag if there is a diamond necklace in it and if it is safe and please don’t open the main one,I checked it and it was there and I told her to be in peace and told nothing to worry every thing will be intact,

then she asked for my mobile num(which I usually do not give to my customers),but this was a different case and I gave her.Then she said please do not open the main zib of the bag and kept the phone, I was amused, why is asking me not to open the main zib when the diamond neck

lace was in the smaller one,that excited me more to check it and I took it in to my cabin and just opened it and was thrilled to see a DILDO in it………………..i simply kept the bag and was waiting to meet her.

I thought I have got a stuff to my taste after a long time and was day dreaming of stripping, licking and finally fucking her hard. She came in the evening and I asked her to join me in the cabin and she did with a hot smile which she always had and looked a little puzzled about her

bag. I asked her to sit and relax and took up a call simply for some 10 minutes and was just giving her galnces on her sexy body and her eyes and she occasionally used to match my eyes and joined them in their lust and then keeping the phone down I said iam really sorry,

that was a ISD call and please tell me mam, you look so tensed what would you like to have, she said nothing and I forced her for a juice and made her wait for another 10 min and just started my casual chat and from her I came to know her hubby was a big business man

and was staying in london and that she was alone in her villa and that life was boring even after having so much money, this clicked my heart faster and thought jeethu beta it is the right moment just impress upon her.

Then I gave her the bag and asked her to check if every thing was fine and then I asked her what was there in the bag and you asked me not to open she said nothing and started checking it I asked was their some thing more precious than diamonds in there,

she smiled wickedly and said no no no,nothing of that sort then I told her I would like to see what a high end lady keeps in her bag that is more valuable than diamonds she said no no again and then I said come on mam,she stopped me and said please call me shivani,

that’s my name and shook her hands gently with me in my cabin,then I said shivani can I see your bag iam really very keen now to know what was their,then I asked in a low tone coming close to the table is it that thing which you ladies use during your holidays

(meant to say periods) she laughed heavily and said you naughty nothing of that sort and that my dates are aleady gone then I said now iam very much keen and I will see it what you have it in their,then she stared in to my eyes and said are you sure you did not check my bag,

I said that was a gentlemans word,I cannot open it after you have asked me not to see it.she gave her number and address and asked me, what I was doing this week end, I said nothing, she said its fine then you call me on Saturday.

I was doubly excited,but I knew how to deal with women and I never called up on Saturday and late in the night she called me by 11.30, is your Saturday yet to start, I started to pretend and asked what for, it is already over, she said you were about to call me today,

I said OH god I was so busy it totally went of my mind and we just hang up on the phone for almost 90 min and shared almost every thing except for sexual talks and then she asked what I was doing the next day I said it is my sleeping day and I get up only late

and then again go for a nap, she said this you can do it in my villa also and commanded me you are joining me tommorrow for breakfast and then you sleep in my room itself,we said bye and I went to sleep,but could not sleep just I would have shagged 2 to 3 times thinking of her.

I never got up as I never slept, did a clean shave took my shower and soaked my self in my hugo boss perfume and wore a casual jean and tshirt and went straight away to her house by 10. Shivani was surprised to see me and said I never expected you so early and I replied

when an angel calls I had to be there she just patted my bums and said hey you don’t pull my leg like that and then I slowly started to tease her and said hey shivani that’s true you are a real beauty and I cannot hide it away from you and your taste is also too good,

the way you dress, you talk and the things you carry are all excelent but above all they are complimented when YOU hold them she had a towel and came running to hit me with that I was just pushing around and she was behind me and then she suddenly slipped and fell down

I went near her………..extended my one hand and lifted her with the second one from below her arm pits and almost touching her boobs...the game started...she then rested her arms over my shoulder and asked me to help her reach the large sofa that was kept

in the hall.She sat there and then I lifted her smooth bare legs(she was in a knee length skirt and a sleeveless white cotton kurti) to be placed on the sofa and as I almost touched her thigh from back she could feel the heat and then I asked looking around,

why are their no maids or servants to help her,she said smiling wickedly,I have sent them all on leave. I asked her cunningly that is why you have called me on a holiday to do your work. She said hey you stop pulling my leg,when I have such a young sexy chap for breakfast,

I wished I should serve him myself and signalled me to come close to her and sit on the sofa,she took out the dildo from her bag and said this was what I was having it in my bag the other day and threw it away, I said hey nothing wrong on keeping that why are you throwing it

away,she then holded my hands and said when I have every thing for real why waste my energy on that and then in a second pulled me by my tshirt and planted a long french kiss and I responded to her in a positive manner and now it was my game fully having got the signal and I

then holded her cheeks and brought her face closer to me and with my fingers playing with her earlobes I was passionately involved with her in that long kiss we almost were fully in, even I was dried for a long time and even she was longing for this moment for long.

i released her from me and looked staringly in to her eyes first even she responded but with in a few seconds she lowered her eyes and melted in to my arms and said please don’t see me like that iam burning hot and I wanna have fun to the core.

we both got up and I made a drink for her and myself and then I came to know she never hurt her leg and was just acting to come close,I asked her to switch on some light music and I took her in my arms and started to dance, with my chest close to hers and almost I was rubbing it

hard on her and her already soft nipples started to enlarge and poke out,I ran my hands on to her naked waist line and gently pressed them and she pumped on me hard thrusting her hips and striking directly on to my penis which was already hard and was waiting to be released out

of the prison,but I wanted to take time and did not want to finish the fucking in normal way and waste this golden chance. I slowly caressed her boobs and they were really a lovely pair of white globes and were firm and I was taking them in my palm a lot of flesh started to pop out of her

sexy pink bra and also her low cut kurti,I ran my hands around her back and holded her in full grip and all the while she was just keeping her eyes closed and she had put her fingers in to my long hair and was already lost,

I took my hands on to her boobs inside the kurti over her bra and they were sensous and really large, sorry XXL I said you are a really sexy kudi to which she said then for what are you waiting just do what ever you want to. i then slowly took of her kurti and gave a real hard massage on

those XXL boobs and I could feel the arousal in her each time she throwing her head backwards and now I slid my hand from the naval on to her panties with out removing her skirt and could feel a very small bush inside and the panty was wwwwwwwweeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttt already

and as I touched her cunt lips and slowly massaged her she holded my hands and rubbed them harder on her pussy, I said wait baby,let me play she said hey fucker I cannot resist, please a little faster. I then pulled her skirt in one full swing,

which brought along with it the sexy panty and now she was nude from the bottom and then she took of my tshirt and hurriedly threw open my jeans,now we were in for the real game. I bent down to my knees and holded her waist grippimg it tightly at times and started to lick her pussy

lips slowly I then put in one of my finger and she moaned loudly as there was no invasion there for long and I slowly fingered her and started to lick her pussy hard and she shouted uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh cum on baby harder and I was doing to more violently and all her juices were

flowing freely from her pussy and I could not resist the stong aroma of her juices and her pussy and as I was going harder and going much deeper I almost poked my nose in to her pussy and she had already cummed twice and this time her orgasm was more violent with she thrusting

her pussy back and front with full force.i calmed for a while and took her in to my grabs and went on with our drink,she now slid her hand in to my tommy undies and started playing with it inside my undies,with half of my 8 incher just propping out and then she pulled my under pants

and made me nude and she got in to the holy job of licking my cock up from the front taking my fore skin in between her sweet lips and slowly started to lick it on the top but she could not resist my long dick and became violent, pulled the fore skin of my cock with her left hand and

putting her right hand between my legs and putting them on my bums she pulled me closer and started to suck harder and took the whole tool of mine in her mouth and I started to thrust my cock harder in to her mouth and she put one of her fingers in to my ass hole and was sucking

my hard cock like a mad. Swaying her head front and back and this she kept going for almost 20 min and I was not cumming and she gave a slow hand job along with her sucking and as I was about to cum in full loads I tried to free my cock from her mouth,

but she will not let go the chance and was really excited in taking that big load of my cum in to her mouth and as I could not resist after having reached the climax,she kept on sucking it until the last drop of it and then she embraced me in her arms and we alked towards her room,

and now I took her in front of the mirror and I stood behind her and was seeing her sexy boobs still in that lovely pink bra and her naked bottom,I again started to play with her pussy with her back towards me and the front facing the mirror,

she was feeling shy and then I unhooked her bra and loosened it and put my fingers in it slowly cuddling with her massive milk melons and then lifted her bra to have a full look at those sexy deities and they really were

I got mad in between those massive boobs and turned her front to me and started licking her thick nipples and she was moaning loudly, yeeah, yeaaaaaaaaaah, yeah, hey bite me yes harder ayeah I want that bite me harder and she kept on asking for more and more,

I lifted her sexy body from her waist and put her on to my shoulders with her boobs, head and hands on back and her sexy pussy on my shoulder and both my hands on to her sexy ass, and I started to beat her ass like tabla and those milk white ass turned red and she started to ooze

out her juices on to my shoulders and she started to play my ass with her hand and with every hit of hers on my ass my dick started to swell a little and then I put her on the bed and holded her in a doggy style, then got some coconut oil and slowly dipped one of my fingers in it and

started to insert in her ass hole and lubricating her,she was not able to bear the pain and shouted loudly aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at first but after a few thrusts in out she started enjoying it and by now even my dick was ready for another exploration

and then I lubricated even my dick and slowly pushed it,but that wont go,it was little too big,she bent little more and tried to give the maximum opening possibly she can give and now I again inserted my finger in her and with one thrust pushed my cock all of a sudden in her sending

waves of shock and pain,now she was able to feel what a real cock was(she was least satisfied with her husband,which she told later) and the pain and pleasure it was giving her was like heaven to her and shouted get harder you bastard I want it that way for long and really hard I

grabbed her hips tightly and thrusted my massive dick in amd out of hers very hardly and now her abusing got louder and I became violent in my act she had already cummed twice and now she was begging to be left but I was in no mood of it I started to bang on her unless she could

reach her third and loads of juices started to flow from her pussy and now I was finished and ready to shoot and with another massive ejaculation I just rested on her hot sexy ass and she was speechless in the final session as I never stopped my hard core until I ejaculated and now

we both were tired and went to take shower in her nuch beautiful bathroom and just threw ourselves in that large pool tub in her room and lay there with our drink (2nd) and almost relaxed for an hour in that hot water and at the end we had already become naughty with myself

fingering her in that hot tub and she un stoppingly playing with my dick,as we were almost locked in kissing for most of the time and we got out of the tub and dried ourselves and went to have our breakfast by almost noon as we both were hungry had a good grilled sandwhich and a

glass of milk and got energised,I almost took every thing from the dining table and that was again a massive table where atleast four people can sleep,she asked me what was I up to, I said why not get fucked here, she said you try all different things and there lay our balance

food,butter,honey and salads I took her bath robe off and made her sleep to her back with her pussy on the edge of the table and her legs in air, I took a chair and sat between her silky sexy legs, I took her legs on to my shoulders and went close to the edge of the table and now I could

smell her sweet ass after that long bath in her ayurvedic spa tub and then took the butter applied it on her ass and started to lick it and now she started to ooze out juices and then in the middle I took a cucumber put that in her pussy and laced it with her hot sauces that were

dripping from her pussy and ate it and as I was licking her ass it was again ready for a hot job and thrust it with one shot and it was in smoothly with a ll that butter and earlier raids had relaxed her muscles and we both were enjoying our session to the core and as I was about to

reach the climax I took it out and gave it directly in her mouth,now she was tasting her own ass with butter and almostsucked me for 15 long minutes sitting on the table and I was busy with her firm massive tits, I told iam ready to shoot and then she slowed the sucking, she just

stopped it, got down,and came back with the plate of salad and kept it aside and again started to suck my cock harder and again I reached the climax soon as I had been playing for long she just got the whole cum of mine to be shooted on that salad and added little pepper to it

and she was enjoying the salad,she did not even ask me for one and finished the whole plate. now it was her turn she was to the core of her ecstacy and asked me to sit on the chair and she got down and sucked it hardermaking it ready for another romping session,

once my cock was rock hard,she sat over my lap and she was sitting on my lap she like an experienced slut took my whole tool in her already wet and warm pussy and started thrusting her sexy ass heavily and vigorously on my lap it was an eccentric sensation all over my body

and she was at her best giving the best fuck and from her moaning and shoutings in between her moanings I could know she reached her orgasms almost thrice, but she kept cotinuing untill I gushed her pussy with my strong thick cum and as I climaxed

I gave her heavy blows by lifting my hips and even she had a fuck of her life time.we dressed ourselves,did with all the mess around and she would almost want me there every week end and we did a lot of experimentation and later on we even had group sex 1 male + 2 female

and then 3 female and when ever she was not in town she would arrange any of her friend for me and even some times I had my friend fucking her, but she would call up the next day and say nothing like you, I will give you a better and shorter narrations of my different sex acts later.

First Sex with my first crush

Hi readers, after going through all your experiences I felt its time to share mine too. This happened two years before with a total stranger in a train journey to kolkata. I am 23 year old now. That journey was my first in a two tier AC coach,

like every young lad with a throbbing libido I too boarded the train with huge expectations. After savouring mom made food as it was lunch time, I went to bathroom to wash my hand. There she stood locking the bathroom door, our eyes met,

her stare conveyed that she is a open minded girl. Her loose clothes didn't give me a chance to estimate her initially but her stout buttocks did reveal its contours despite her loose attire. It was enough to charge my dick but alas!! What more it can do as she crossed me,

giving an askance, to her seat. I went back to my seat praying that she must be alone. But to my disappointment, she was travelling with her parents and was on a tour which I learn t later. I consoled myself that atleast her seat is the diagnol side lower to my lower berth.

She used to adjust her boobs and loose her jacket which was giving me a titillating effect. I was making all signals and signs to go to bathroom with no response from her. I was mentally scolding her why is she so stupid?

That day was over, with me speaking in a dumb's language with an insane beauty who showed no sign of understanding but glancing me when I don't, which prevailed my hope. Next day after having so called pantry car's meals I was washing my hand.

This bengali beauty was standing beside me there which I didn't sense initially. When I saw her she went to bathroom and was staring at me keeping the door open. I at once went inside and bolted the door. After initial intros and exchange of contact numbers

she was about to leave but I pulled her towards me. This made her shapely buttocks to press against my hardening cock, I further shoved her towards me.She too was enjoying the feel of my bulging manhood and turned towards me.

My hot breath was hitting her rosy cheek and I was redrawing her bum's contours with my tool. While doing this, my left hand was stroking her left breast and my right hand was measuring her love hole's depth.

This foreplay should have driven her crazy as she at once turned and gave a terrific smooch. Our tongues fought with each other and our salivas got mixed to create a love potion which we savoured for sometime.

Then she detached and said "leave me otherwise my father will come in search of me". Realizing our predicament, I let her go after making sure none were present around bathroom. Before she went I said lets meet here at night when every body had slept.

She didn't say anything but left. Now I was again back to my seat and back to my old dumb's language, reiterating my demand to her. After having dinner when every body was preparing to rest, I was planning how to spend the night with her.

She went to the side upper, right above her seat to sleep while her father slept on the side lower. I couldn't sleep and was waiting for everybody including AC attendant to doze off so that I can start executing my plan. Plan was simple; just wake her up and demand again,

I know she will yield. Around 1:20am I came down, I went near her berth and woke her up. She was speechless, surprised to see me so close and signalled me to go and sleep. Internally I was trembling with fear but something was pushing me to do all these.

I called her to come to bathroom with an eye on the lower berth. She was adamant and was unyielding. Then I accepted the defeat started to retract but suddenly I made a decision to go to her berth itself. When I made an about turn to climb,

she was watching me and I could see the fear grappling over her cute face as I kept my foot on the ladder. She at once signaled me to stop. Now her slender fingers were pointing towards the toilet and she smiled. I too smiled and went towards the toilet.

I stood near the AC door to make sure she was coming. She came down and saw her father then came towards me. I went to the western toilet as I though it'll provide a support for our love making and kept the door slightly open.

She came there, I couldn't wait and dragged her inside. She was blushing as if a newly wed bride as it was our first time. She said that don't fuck me as she wanted to retain her virginity till her marriage. I told "your words are my command mam".

I made her to see me and looked directly in eyes. Her body was hot and her blemish less barbie doll like face dazzled in the radiance of white light. Her lips was inviting and I gave a deep smooch. Her puffy lips was like a bed of roses and I was riding on it for about 5 mins or so.

She came close to me and started feeling my hardened tool. I was kneading her bum Ah!! Those tender flesh was something reminding me the kneading of chappati flour as I used to do it at my home. She now was feeling my bulge with her hands.

I slowly kissed all over her face and bit her ear lobe. She just gasped and said awesome!. I got excited to hear that word and tried to unbutton her. But my feeble knowledge of her dress made it a cumbersome task despite being an engineer.

I asked her to go off her dress, with bra and panty on as I thought it would be a sight to watch. Sure it was a worth spectacle; she, my cutie lover in a white bra and panty. I confined myself to my VIP frenchie(brief) which had a small tent.

We again smooched while I was kneading her breast with one hand and other was supporting her from back as she was small enough to smooch me without a support. I later learn t that I loved to smooch her puffy lips.

I sat on the commode and started licking her soft tummy and circled around her navel. I inserted my tongue in her navel and even bit her stomach. Then turned her licking her waist and pulled her panty down as I couldn't resist the temptation to taste those tender flesh of her butt.

I just jumped off on it used to bit and lick it often. She let out some ooos and ahss as and when I bit her butt. It was really mind blowing and even now cherish this memory whenever I see a female callipygian.

Her fair ass should have turned red but reddish streaks weren't visible as the light was not enough. I stood again and smooched her. In the mean time I unhooked her bra and kept it safe and asked her to do same to my brief. She did it.

Now both were nude and hugged each other to feel our respective body heat. She let out a moan as my tool made a contact with her pussy.Then again I sat on the commode she too sat on my thighs with her legs around my waist. I adjusted my dick so that it didn't go inside her.

She was wet and I could feel her warm cunt juice on my thighs. Then I went down to suck those untouched melons. She'd a good boobs with a brownish aerola and tiny nipple. I sucked them violently as I was at the peak of my pleasure.

I interchanged often while my hand kneaded the other. She too was making to and from motion on my dick and used to caress its tip. It sent shock through me and I was surprised by her action. She said I used to read lots hot stories and added I'll let you know more later.

I was more happy to hear it and complimented her with a deep smooch. Oh!! God I started liking her. Then I made her to sit on commode while I kneeled down. I again smooched her, while my finger was exploring her pubic jungle for the juice valley.

I took some saliva on my fingers and started massaging her clits and I continued smooching her. I occasionally shoved my finger inside her cunt hole. She was moaning which mixed with train rhythm was exciting me.

I slowly went down to her breast started sucking with my above actions in tact. Her moaning went a bit louder and her grip on my head was tightening. Suddenly her body jerked and she came. I looked upwards directly in her eyes. I could read her eyes conveying her gratefulness.

I, as you all guessed right, kissed her again. Then she just pushed me and said its my turn. I thought she's gonna give a complimetary blow job but, to my surprise she was masturbating me with my hand. I just asked what the hell are you doing?

She said I can't take this in my mouth as you pee from there. I laughed at her innocence made her to sit in the commode again and parted her legs. I kneeled down and went close to her cunt and let out my hot breath there. She at once got charged said hmmmm nice.

I again did it and started sucking them. I sucked slowly on the bottom edge of her hole then licking up the way. I again sucked the upper edge of her hole and started inserting my fore finger in her pussy. She was moaning and was making all kinda noices. I gave her clit specific licking.

My hot breath was also giving her more pleasure. Her hands had clutched the flush pipe for support. She was pushing my head with her foot. I was continuing this till she came. I gulped all her juices and sucked it to make it dry. I stood and asked her won't you do this to me??

And said that look at my tool its loosing its erection. My boy needs your juicy mouth. She said don't worry I'll make your boy raise again. her words were enough to charge my tool. She grasped it with her finger and took it in her mouth. She started playing with my balls.

She licked my dick along its length from the bottom to the tip of my glans. She asked why your balls are loose. I said it needs a hand to play with and your are expertly playing with it. She smiled and took my fully enlargened dick in her mouth. Its around 6.5 x1.5 I hope.

It was hitting her deep throat. She was massaging my glan's tip inside her mouth with her soft tonugue. It was mesmerising. She concentrated only on glans. I was at my pinnacle of pleasure but this action was not making me to cum.

I knew this tactic; some times I used to masturbate like this. But a lovely girl doing this on me was some thing more than that and this very thought was adding more pleasure to this. She kept doing like that. I grabbed her head and slowly fucked her mouth.

She again took the control and started to suck it again but more violently. I couldn't control and told her that I am about to cum. She didn't give a heed went on and on and I spurted out in her mouth as she covered my dick with her mouth. She swallowed it.

She too now stood and we both kissed again. Now she checked the time on her black wrist watch wrapped around that slender hand. She made a sweet expression on her cute face and yelled baap re time ho gaya. I asked whats the time she said its 3:00am!!

Even I was surprised how the hell did one and half hour went so fast which only reminded Einstein's relativity theory. I said be cool whats their to get get tensed? She said you fool, everybody would be awake as in one hour Kolkata will come.

I calmed her and said don't worry train is running late by more than 3 hours due to intense fog as it was early january. we will reach kolkata around 8 so don't panic. She said oh!! Again a with her unique trademark cutie expression. She innocently asked what to do till then??

I know she was asking innocently as her face showed she was not happy to learn this news. I cunningly replied how about a nice fuck. She got surprise and told no. I pleaded. She was saying no no no.

I pulled her towards me and again requested but her voice went feeble uttering no. I started licking her earloabes. She too started moaning and again our tongues got hooked while I started to knead her butt. Then I went down started sucking her boobs and pinching her nipples.

She let out sweet sound which motivated me further. This made my tool to raise again. I was on her boobs for some more time so as to take her to ecsatacy also sucking her boobs made my dick to regain its erection. Then I went down, started to suck her cunt so as to make it wet.

Then I guided her to sit on the commode with her legs on air. I kept my tool's tip on her love hole entrance and started massaging it. Then slowly pushed it. It was fucking tight and I too was aware that it will be painful for me too though I am a veteran masturbator.

So I was careful, gradually I pushed my dick till half of its length went it. Then with a single push and I went in. she screamed in pain. I kissed her again and was in that position for some time. Slowly I came out and then continued my motion.

She started enjoying it as her legs used to push my hip and we both got synchronized. As I had an orgasm a few minutes back so I was taking some time to come. Her painful face was now full of ecstacy. After some time her moans went a bit louder and she came.

Her vaginal muscles convulsed around my dick. I was feeling happy to see her like that. my hand started to pain as all my support was on it and this position was also inconvenient and I was not able to do any thing to her. So I sat on commode told her to sit on me.

She obliged and sat on me guiding my dick to get inside. My dick was glistening with her blood mixed juice. She struggled a bit then after giving some force it went in. Now she rode on it. We both stopped and kissed violently. I also sucked her breast while I was inside her.

Then she again started riding me and me too supported her by raising her hips with my hands. I was about to come. I told this to her. She stopped again and looked at me. She gave me a kiss. Then she started riding me and I sprayed my juices inside her.

She then started moving her hips and in no time my dick was soaked in her juices. We both lay there for a minute or so. She whispered thank you!. I told "why thanks, you too were great". She told no you were really caring you understood my fear.

This was the reason she said no to fucking but my careness for her changed her mind that I was the right person to give her virginity to. I said its my pleasure moreover I like you very much. She again looked directly in my eyes. I couldn't face her now and looked down.

I had to say I love you very much as as these words were on my mind. But the complications it'll arise made me to stop and moreover I thought its too soon. She started to dress and left the place without uttering a single word. I too left the place with a confusing mind.

By the time I went she was asleep. I too slept. Morning, she left with her parents looking at me with a stare which conveyed lotsa messages. I too stood there looking at her till she vanished as I had to board the suburban train.

I was too afraid to make such commitment so I didn't contact her. She too didn't send me a msg. I spoke to her after watching life in a metro which got released in early 2007 to learn that she is now engaged.

I thought she'd scold me but she just uttered two words you are a selfish coward. I'd to accept it, as it was true. Now we are friends but I always speak with a guilty feeling. She is now happily settled with her hubby and a lovely kid.

Video CD rental girl 2

Previously: Video CD rental girl

The video rental girl, Sheela, came the following day and rang the bell. I remembered I had taken a CD which I have not yet viewed. But she may want it back and the rentals for a day. I told her I did not view it yet, just for one more day let me keep it.

Pushing me aside she entered my drawing room and without my asking her she sat in my sofa and kept her huge bag on the floor. Amused at her familiarity I came and sat near her and asked her what is the matter. She said I have one other CD and please see the sample of it.

I said ok and took the CD and put it in the player. Sheela got busy unhooking her bra and getting ready without my asking her. I wondered what is happening. The visuals in the monitor started like any other porno video,

girl kissing the dick of the boy and sucking his over sized dick. Sheela was looking at the video in amazement and looked at me for not taking any initiation. I kept quiet. She got up and bolted the door from inside and removed her shirt and bra and stood before me totally naked.

She started, Sir, I have a very itchy cunt and your cock gave me great pleasure yesterday. It was big and fitted tight in my hole. I had never enjoyed like this before. Please give me the pleasure today also.

Let us both watch the video and you dont have to pay me any rental for the video. Just let us enjoy like yesterday. I was surprised, because it was the first time a girl is coming to me asking me to fuck her.

Sheela quickly removed her jeans and panty and was totally naked and was in a hurry to ride me. I just undid my lungi and my erect cock was standing like a flag mast. Sheela bowed down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it with great eagerness.

When my cock became very rigid, she sat on my lap throwing her leg across and pressed her big boobs on my hairy chest. Holding my cock with her hand she rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her cunt lips and the clit.

When my cock touched her clit, she opened her mouth and gasped and gave out a soft moan. But she continued to rub it vigorously and finally she kept it at the entrance of her cunt hole and pushed to make my cock go deep inside her.

Hugging me with both of her hands she pushed her pelvis powerfully against me which made my cock enter her fully. I took hugged her and held her tight. She wanted to watch the video in that condition and not to proceed fucking. I said ok.

I turned so that we both can watch the video screen. The visual was of that of the cunt licking and the girl was jumping with pleasure. Sheela gave two powerful pushes and then slowed. The visual proceeded to fucking. The girl wanted to ride him like Sheela did to me.

The boy agreed and allwed her to get on him. Her youthful boobs were full and the nipples were erect. Close of nipples were shown. The girl in the video, kept his cock in her cunt and pushed to make it bury deep inside her.

Her face showed all the pleasure and Sheela was all smiles in her face. She licked my face and kissed me. She asked me to press her boobs and suck her nipples. I lowered my mouth and sucked her nipples. Sheela was all joy writ her face was making brisk movements on my cock.

She was totally in command of the situation. Her cunt was holding my cock in fully tight condition. I just rotated her and made her lie down on the sofa with her legs wide open. I then mounted her and fucked her vigorously sucking her nipples.

Sheela was giving out hysteric cries of joy. She reached orgasm very fast and was in top orgasmic condition for a long time. I fucked her with deep long strokes and threw inside her my entire fluids in quick spurts. Sheela closing her eyes enjoyed it to the utmost.

Without withdrawing I fucked her twice and made her to orgasm. She rushed to the bathroom and cleaned herself of all the fluids in her cunt. I gave her five dirhams towards rental. She wanted to leave because she has to call on lot of customers.

I asked her whether she will come the next day. She said, yes, I want one more good fuck. I told her to bring Maria also. She asked me whether I will fuck both of them, I said yes. She said ok and left.

I asked Joy, my friend and room mate to take leave for the next day. I told him there is a important work, which you will not get usually. He said ok and stayed back from work. I asked him to hide in his bedroom and not to come out till I call him. He said ok.

On the next day the door bell rang at the exact time. Sheela and Maria were there with their broad smiles each carrying huge bags full of CDs. I called them in. They came in and sat in the sofa. They brought a new CD which I put on the player and waited for the visuals to begin.

Sheela unhooked her bra and asked Maria also to unhook her bra and remove her shirt. Maria was hesitant and looked at my face. I said go ahead. Maria, reluctantly removed her shirt and bra etc and exposed her youthful boobs.

Sheela in the meantime removed her jeans and panty and was fully nude. She asked Maria to suck my cock and make it ready. Maria came and removed my lungi and took out my cock which was getting erect. Maria started licking and sucking my cock.

I signaled Joy to come to the drawing room. He also came in his lungi and it was a shock to him to see two girls in the drawing room of which one was totally nude. I asked him to come and sit near me and watch the video. Sheela was looking at his cock which was as big as mine.

The girls were also surprised but they did not create any fuss. I asked Sheela to start with Joy. She sat and took his cock in her mouth and started to suck it vigorously. Totally sex starved Joy was very happy to have such a young beautiful girl sucking his cock.

I told him not to hurry, take his own time and fuck as many times as possible, give relief to her itchy cunt. I told Maria to get ready for a good fuck. Maria said after hearing the experience of Sheela she also wanted to get fucked but since it is the first time for her to see that I dont

cause any pain to her. I said ok, and made her fully nude and to lie down, open her legs wide, put my finger inside her cunt and finger fucked her, later I put two fingers and then three so that her hole may get widened to take my cock in.

By that time her cunt was full of fluids and it was well lubricated. I kept my cock at the entrance of her cunt and slowly pressed it inside. It went in upto half length. I turned to Sheela and saw she was riding on Joy, and jumping up and down with his cock deeply inside her.

Both Joy and Sheela were giving our shrieks of joy and pleasure. Joy was massaging her boobs. I slowly pushed my cock inside Maria fully. She just winced in pain when her seal was broken but later she began to enjoy. We had a good fuck and she reached her orgasm well.

I pumped my fluids inside her. I saw that Joy and Sheela also completed their first course and were to begin their second. I told Sheela to come to me and Maria to go to Joy for the second fuck. We fucked both the girls three times each. We were fully exhausted and hungry.

Joy went down and ordered food for all of us from a nearby restaurant and the girls were hidden in the bedroom when the caterer brought the food. All of us ate our food and sat for exchanging our experience. Sheela was all thrilled and so also Maria to have so much of sex in one day.

Joy was overwhelmed. I too said I have been having it for the past three days. I wanted a respite for at least two before we start all over again. These are the unbelievable experiences I had in Dubai. But I had a change of assignment and had to leave that place in a hurry.

Video CD rental girl

For a short spell I was in Dubai. I worked in a multinational company and my work was scheduled for the night. When my room mates worked during day time and enjoyed the evenings, I had to work in the office or visit customers etc.

I am Arun, 25, did my MBA in marketing, and I am 6 footer with a good personality and physique. Of course transportation was no problem because the company car with a driver was at my disposal and I can call it anytime I like.

One day in the morning when all my room mates had gone for work, at about 10 am when I was just sleeping with minimum clothes on me, the calling bell rang. I thought the caretaker has come with the bottles of water, rushed to open the door clad only in a lungi.

A Filipinos girl, in her teens carrying a huge bag dressed in a jeens and a T shirt was standing flashing a smile asking me whether I need any CDs or DVDs of cinemas in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu or Hindi or English. I was angry but why show it to the girl, I said I dont want anything.

She said she had latest hits please have a look. Her eyes were so pleading that I stopped to have a look at the CDs she displayed. Just to irritate her I asked whether she has any porno CDs. Suddenly her face became serious and said Sir, please dont ask me such things,

I am working for earning a living etc. I said if you dont have please leave and I was about to close the door. She said yes, I have, I have some good new titles. I had to stop closing the door. She brought out three CDs and showed them to me.

I told her I cannot take unless I see how they are. She said you put it in your DVD player and see and I will wait for you to come. I said, NO. I have to close the door, you come in and wait when I watch the CDs for sample.

Reluctantly she came in with her huge bag and sat on my sofa. I put on the DVD player one CD and it started running. I was watching the girl. She may be 16 or so, nice looking, nice boobs and nice ass. Without any expression she was sitting and watching the TV screen.

The visuals started to come, the usual boy and girl meeting and exchanging conversation and going to a room and undressing. Girl sitting on the floor and sucking the cock of the boy and then the boy pressing her boobs and sucking them.

I noticed sales girl was watching the show in great interest. She has probably not seen any of these CDs. I did not stop the CD, it went on playing. The philipino was watching with wide eyes and open mouth. The boy in the screen was licking her cunt and clit.

I asked the philipino whether I can stop the CD. She said no, Sir, let it run and let us see whether it is good. When the fucking was just commencing, I went to the philipino and lifted her T shirt. She yielded and removed her shirt. I unhooked her bra and brought out her ample boobs.

I sat near her and squeezed them and put my mouth on them and started to such them. Sir, what are you doing, are you not watching the Cd, she asked. I will sample these nice boobs, you watch the show. She was moaning and hissing when I was sucking her nipples.

What is your name, I asked. She said between gasps, Maria. Maria, your boobs are very tasty, I said and went on sucking. The video was playing and she was watching. I asked her to undo her pants. No, Sir, I am still a virgin, please dont fuck me, just suck my boobs only.

I did not want to pressurize her at the first instance. From the jerks her body showed I thought she had her first orgasm. Closing her eyes she was showing her utmost enjoyment. I said OK Maria, I will keep the video for today and come back with your other CDs tomorrow

and we will see how they are. Ok,Sir, she said, getting up, putting on her bra and shirt, smiled at me and kissed me on my cheeks and carrying her bag, she left. I did not tell my friends about the new video CD but left it on the table. Next day when I came back after work,

it remained there untouched. At the same time, there was a knock on the door and I went to open in in my lungi. Maria, flashing her smile was there. Without my invitation she came in and closed the door and bolted it.

She kept the bag on the floor and took out another CD and told me to try this today. I told her to get ready for my sampling when I put the CD on my video player. Maria removed her T shirt and unhooked her bra and sat exposing her nice boobs.

I sat on the floor between her legs and started to suck her nipples. When the video started to play, she was wide eyed and fed me with her boobs and was watching the video. The visual was of a different couple, sucking the cock and licking the cunt in great detail. Maria was gasping.

She kept her legs wide open and allowed me all the freedom to hold her boobs and suck the nipples. She apparently was enjoying the sucking of her nipples. I kept my hand on her crotch and pressed. She did not remove my hand. Her hands were resting on my head.

I unhooked her jeens and unzipped and lifted her bottom to pull down her jeans and panty. She cooperated and her pussy, bald and cream coloured was exposed. I opened her pussylips and saw her tiny clit. Holding her nipples in my mouth I nudged her clit with my fingers.

She again gave out a gasp and looked at my face. I smiled and she smiled back. This jeans is a hindrance, remove it, I said. She got up and removed her jeans and the panty. The bright video was showing the cunt on full screen.

I lowed my face and smelled her pussy which was giving a sweet smell. I licked her cunt and the clit. Maria totally nude, gave out a cry of joy and kept her legs wide open. I asked her to keep the pussy lips open. With her fingers she kept her cunt lips open. I licked her cunt and clit.

Suddenly she pressed my head down and pressed her thighs on the sides of my head. Poor thing had a massive orgasm and it followed by many. She was moaning heavily and I continued my licking. I made her to lie down on the sofa and her hand was searching for my dick.

I gave her my tool and removed my lungi. She was trying to keep it in her mouth. I tongue fucked her and Maria was again got a orgasm. None of us were watching the video. After three orgasms, I tried to push my cock into her mouth.

But she did not take the cock entirely in her mouth. She was keeping the head in her mouth and tickling it with her tongue. I got a orgasm and shot my fluids in her mouth and face. She was taken aback. Her copious fluids were flowing from her cunt. She was in ecstacy.

We got up and went to the bath room and cleaned ourselves up. I told Maria, leave the CD and take back yesterdays CD and gave her three dirhams towards its rent. She was happy and got dressed and bring another CD tomorrow and we will watch it tomorrow just as we have done

today. Gleefully she agreed and left. I knew that I will be able to fuck her the next day. But next day instead of Maria, another phipini girl came with a similar bag. But she was elder than Maria and was better endowed. She said Maria told her that I am interested in a particular type of CDs

and she had three such new CDs. I asked for her name. She said she is Sheela. I told Sheela, I wont take your CDs unless I am satisfied that they are good. Sheela laughed and said that is what Maria told her and she is ready for my sample viewing.

I called her inside and put on the CD in the player. I was watching Sheela. She was a grown up girl and good looking. Her boobs were large and she had an attractive voice. The video started with the visuals of the boy and girl meeting and undressing etc.

Shila was also watching but she was watching my movements also. I went near her and sat and touched her. She looked at me and smiled and asked whether she should remove her shirt and bra. I said yes. Since she knew my methods, without wasting time,

I made her remove her jeans and she was totally nude. When the visuals were of sucking the clit, Sheela stood up and came and embraced me. I sucked her nipples and pressed her boobs. She sat on my lap with her legs on either side of me and hugged me pressing her boobs

on my hairy chest. My already erect cock well positioned to enter her hald cunt. She took it in her hands and directed it inside her cunt and pushed it in to get it embedded inside fully. In that condition we both watched the visuals of the CD.

The visuals of the video were great and the fucking was done with great force and enthusiasm by both the boy and the girl. It was very good CD. Here Sheela made the forward and back ward movement to make my cock enter her fully.

She was doing it slowly so that we may enjoy the most. I had to keep my hands behind her to hold her. The show went on and on and we also went on. Finally when he pulled out and spurt his fluids on the face of the girls, Sheel told me that she is on the verge of an orgasm.

I made some powerful thrusts and we both reached our orgasm together. Similarly we had two more fucks and Sheela was an expert in fucking. Finally I gave her five dirhams towards rental of the CD and she left kissing me on my cheeks.

This was a fantastic sexperience I got. without the knowledge of my room mates. If I had informed them, sex starved as they are, there would have been a crowd and the girl would have been frightened and ran away.

Hot train journey with Jhansi lady

Seema was a 42 yr old married lady living in Jhansi. She had 2 kids – 12 yr old boy and 15 yr old girl. Her husband Girish was a government servant at senior position. They both had a wonderful relationship with each other. They had been living together for over 20 yrs now.

Life had its own ups and downs so far, there wasn’t anything unusual. Then one day Seema got a call from her mother’s house and she came to know about the illness of her father. She decided to visit home along with her kids.

Girish, came to railway station along with Seema and kids to help them board the train. Seema and kids boarded the AC compartment comfortably and the train started. Just about 2 hrs had passed and the train came to halt.

Thinking that it must be for train crossing, people continued to do whatever they were occupied with. Seema was busy reading her magazine while her kids were dozing off. When the train did not move for over an hr, people started to get uncomfortable.

They started to enquire about the situation. Even Seema was curious to know so she tried to hear what people were talking about. Just then a TT passed through their compartment. Through him, people came to know that there had been an accident ahead on the same track,

so the train was to get delayed further. The short harmless journey was now to become a long painful wait. Since she was carrying sufficient things to eat, she wasn’t very worried. She called up her husband and home and updated them about the situation.

Now 6 hrs had passed. Due to continuous calling, even the battery of her mobile was close to empty. Looking at the worried expression on her face, a fellow passenger – Sunil (myself) offered his mobile phone.

I am Sunil, 36 yr young handsome man. I work at senior position in sales and keep traveling across the country, frequently. After she handed me back, my mobile, we started our conversation.

I introduced myself and told about myself, work and family. She felt a bit comfortable and started telling about herself, her husband and her reason for traveling. She was very educated and spoke fluent English. Even her sense of humor had me spellbound.

Now let me tell you about her looks. She was about 5’4, wheatish, slim. The best part of her personality was her voice. It was so sexy to hear her speak. The way words left her lips and reached my ears was turning me on.

When she was telling me about her home at Delhi, I closed my eyes. She asked, what happened, are you sleepy? I replied, I was just relishing listening to her sexy voice. Listening to this, she blushed. I loved the expression on her face. It was as if, she was 19 and not 42.

I asked her, why is she blushing. She replied, if such a handsome guy, would give compliment to any girl, she would definitely blush and we both burst out laughing. She looked around to see her kids. They both were fast asleep.

None of us wanted them to hear our conversation so we moved to the other side of the section of the compartment. The boggie was very sparsely populated. We settled in seats opposite to each other and stared our conversation again. She looked more comfortable than before.

Our topics of discussion moved from movies to politics to kids.. and to finally our married lives. I opened up first. I told, my wife is very adventurous about sex. We have had plenty of events outside our home, on our building rooftop, at a lakeside, behind trees and what not.

She just laughed out loud. She thought I was joking. It took me sometime to convince her that it was true. She said, imagining such adventure is strangely turning her on too but she was too scared to try it out.

I told her, if anything is done carefully enough, there are no dangers. All we need to be is smart enough. Then, I slowly asked her, do you wanna try. For few minutes there was complete silence. I thought she may loose her temper and go back to her seat.

She may complaint to her husband too. So I immediately said, I was just kidding and sorry if she found it inappropriate. She enquired, what kind of adventure did I have in my mind? Do you seriously want to know? She said, yes.

I said, the adventure is something that she can enjoy if she doesn’t know about it all. Otherwise it would not be very exciting. The tough part of the experience would be that she will need to trust me and do what I ask her to do. She gave it a thought and agreed.

I just couldn’t imagine that this was happening to me. Though I was communicating with a lot of confidence, inside even I was scared. I had never been into any such situation with a strange lady ever.

So far it was only with my wife and all our adventures were well thought of and researched. Anyway.. since I had started it, so I had to complete it. I asked her, this shall be your first time with a stranger and outside home? As expected, she replied affirmatively.

It was already dark and people were about to sleep or already in bed. I told her, that we were going to walk to another bogie, and would enter one by one into same rest room. Since it was late people were already sleeping.

The train was moving and next stop was 1 hr away. We were to spend 5 min inside only. She checked up with her kids and we continued our walk. As we walked across, our heartbeat became louder and heavier with excitement. We reached to one of our potential destination.

She entered and I followed as there wasn’t anyone around. As soon as we reached inside, I put my lips on to her lips. My hands started cuddling her breasts. Then I lifted her kurta over and reached out her sexy suckable tits. She was wearing black bra.

I continued nibbling from over the bra while my hand reached behind to open her hook. Finally I could uncover her boobs and what a site. Those erect heavenly brown nipples looked so appealing. I did not waste anytime and started to suck them.

I could hear her moans mmmmmmmmm….. I shifted to her other nipple for a while and back to her lips. Then I stopped since it was already around 5 min, from the time we were inside. She looked puzzled.

I reminded her, we need to change the location before we continue for next 5 min. We walked back to our boggie. She went and check on her kids and came back. We moved to the next available rest room. My hand reached out to her salwar and opened it to drop it down.

While we were still smooching my hands entered her panty to find her neatly trimmed pussy. I went on to my knees this time. She spread her legs and opened her pussy wide, as much as she could. My tongue moved quickly inside her pussy. She was already soo wet.

My hand reached up to her boob and started squeezing, while I tasted her hot love juice. My other hands held her ass tightly and kept spanking. She was in 9th heaven. I could hear her moans, which were getting louder and louder.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck me.. go on …… you are such a great fucker. I want you asshole. She kept on murmuring. In just about 2/3 min.. I felt her body move with pleasure of orgasm. She just couldn’t keep her own balance. I quickly stoodup and held her in my arms.

She hugged me tightly. After few moments she gained her consciousness. She quickly got her attire right and we moved back to our seats. There she lay on her seat absolutely motionless for a while. Then she looked at me with tear in her eyes and smiled at me.

She whispered, thanks Sunil, without you, I could have never experienced such an ecstasy. I told her, it was my pleasure. She teasingly replied, you haven’t felt the pleasure yet while her eyes pointed at my cock. I told her it was fine, I just wanted her to enjoy the pleasure this time.

She stood up and held my hand and almost dragged me back. We entered our dream shell again. This time she went on to her knees and pulled out my tool. She was amazed at its size and thickness.

She first rubbed my cock with her soft hands and then started licking it like icecream. Her tongue kept on moving up and down. Then she started softly sucking my foreskin. I was already flying high. This Goddess of love was just too good at it.

Then she caressed my testicles and took my entire cock in her mouth. The way she took it deep in, just made me loose my breadth for a while. She built her momentum and I started to move closer to ejaculation. I told her.. get it out and do it with you hand.

She just refused to even hear it. Finally I just couldn’t control and I exploded in her mouth. She seemed to love it so much. We cleaned and came out and moved back to our seats. Since we both were happily married, we decided not to stay in touch. It’s been over a year now.

Sex during hospitalisation of Ashok

This time let me narrate the story of my friend, Ashok (name changed), aged 26, six footer, with robust athlete's built, very handsome working in an MNC in their marketing division in Chennai. After the week end with his parents in the village he was returning to Chennai

in his Bullet motor bike when he met with an accident and fell down unconscious in the road, his heavy bike falling on his left leg. He had multiple fracture in his leg. A good samaritan lifted the fallen bike, extricated Ashok from beneath,

collected his laptop, brief case and papers and wallet and took him to a hospital in Chennai and left him in the casualty explaining the accident, all the articles recovered from the site. The hospital people found that his life is not in danger,

got his leg x rayed and the damage due to the accident was assessed. Since it as a hit and run accident they reported the matter to the police, but proceeded to revive him and informed his parents and the employers about the accident, from the addressed found in the brief case.

His friends rushed to the hospital, identified him and asked the hospital authorities to give him the best of treatment whatever may be the cost. The money bundles found in the brief case was intact. In the meantime his parents arrived and they took possession of his articles and asked

him to be kept in a separate a/c room. The surgery needed to correct the damage done to be bones took lot of time. Ashok who recovered consciousness and asked for his laptop. The doctors and the nurses took special care during surgery and his leg was put on cast

and he was shifted to a deluxe room with a full time nurse to take care of his needs. Visitors were restricted and even his parents were allowed to visit only during evening visiting time. He was put on pain killers and sedatives.

Radhika, a 20 year old, beautiful nurse was given charge to take care of him. She was there in the surgery room when his surgery was taking place and she was one of nurses asked to prepare him for the surgery.

When his pants and underwear were removed, the nurses present were astonished to see his 7 inch cock and the balls. When they were asked shave off the public hair, Radhika's hands quivered and she asked her friend Renu to do the task.

Renu could start the task but somehow their touch made his cock to get an erection and the girls were scared. They already had leaking from their pussy and somehow they completed the job for fear of reprimand from the doctors.

After shaving him off completely they ran their hands in the shaven area and enjoyed the rigidity of the erect mast. Poor Ashok was unaware of the tortures he inflicted on their poor girls. After successful completion of the surgery, he as lying totally nude in the bed,

covered only by a cotton sheet and his contours were clearly visible outside. Radhika was asked to monitor his pulse and breathing rates and record it at regular intervals. When he is in deep sleep she used to insert her hand inside the sheet and hold his cock softly.

If there is no sign of awakening she used to remove the sheet partially and look at the object with great interest and pull back the skin to see the colour of the glans. The problem is the object was so mischivous that mere touch by the nurse made it pulsate

and start to increase in size. Radhika was scared that the patient should not know that she is enjoying at the cost of his helplessness. Sometime when he is awake he used to ask her to help him to urinate.

She will bring the vessel for the collection of urine and gently lift his cock and place it in the vessel. But Ashok cannot urinate when she is looking at him or at his cock. He used to ask her to go away from near him so that he may urinate in peace.

She used to smile at his discomfiture but cooperate with him well. He liked her looks and he picked up small talk with her. She also liked to watch his face when he talked. He used to ask her to place his laptop on his chest so that he may browse with his wireless connection.

She was not familiar with computers and least of all with laptops or internet. She never peeped to see what he is looking at in the screen. One day she happened to see that a porno site was displayed in the screen. She was aghast.

Can such things ever happen, or atleast be shown publicly in the computer. When he sensed that there is another interested observer, he called her near and asked her to see in his presence. She noticed his cotton wrap was in a tent formation.

She was shy at first to come near him. Ashok called her and sit near him and watch. It was a porno video where the girl gave the man a blowjob and then the man was licking her cunt and clit. Ashok allowed his hand to stray over Radhika and touch her boobs.

With all the clumsy nurses's clothes it was difficult for him to get near the boob. He asked her to hold his cock in her hands. Radhika immediately obeyed him and saw his cock in broad day light in full erection.

She could not resist the temptation to lick the tip of the cock where a drop of precum was shining. She opened her mouth wide and took the cock in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. In the meantime Ashok's hand was groping under her skirt and reached her panty.

She held her legs wide to give him more room. He inserted his fingers into her panty and reached her cleanshaven cunt area. His left hand was holding the laptop from falling, right hand feeling the tenderness of her cunt, when his cock was trying to get deeper into her throat.

Too much of rubbing of the clit brought a uncontrollable sensation of orgasm and she allowed the cock go deeper into her throat and having been chocked, she coughed and lifted her head. She saw a vigorous fucking session going on in the laptop screen.

She has not seen such a scene although she had a fucking experience with her cousin, it was with fear and not with pleasure she went through it. When Ashok's fingers were busy in her cunt, she watched with great interest the fucking scene where the girl straddled him

and was moaning and hissing and crying with pleasure. Finally Radhika looked at her watch and told him to keep quiet since the doctor may come at any moment for his rounds. Ashok closed the laptop and asked Radhika to arrange pillows to cover his erection.

She went to the bathroom and adjusted her dress to cover up the disarray. After about 15 minutes the doctor and the nurses came on routine check up and since everything was progressing in the normal course they left immediately.

Since the routine ritual is over, Radhika was relieved and went and bolted the door She told Ashok that they cannot have such wild session during day time and that it is just the third day and they have another twenty days to go.

They have to be careful not to attract the attention of the doctors. Ashok agreed provided she gives him a french kiss. She agreed on condition that her dress should not be disheveled. She told him that she will give him blowjob whenever possible to relieve him of the sexual tension.

The day went on peacefully. It was Renu who has to attend on him in the night. Renu was equally charming girl of 20 with very good charming features. Radhika did not want to go but what to do, duty is only for the day and somebody has to work for night duty.

She left murmuring some secrets to Renu. Ashok had some porridge for supper and some fruits. Renu brought the urine collector to help him to pass the urine. Ashok's cock was in erection and it wont bend to get into the urine collector vessel. Renu could not control her mirth.

Why you are not able to pass urine, she asked. He said there is some block, just take it in your mouth and suck it so that the block may come off. Renu said ok and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously.

She felt some pleasurable sensation and her panty was getting we with viscous fluids. Suddenly Ashok shot his cum into her mouth. Poor Renu did not expect it. Her mouth was full of cum and in the frenzy of sucking she swallowed the whole thing.

After the last drop also shot into her mouth his cock came out of her mouth. She looked at it in satisfaction. He asked her to place the urine vessel and he passed the urine in ample quantity into the vessel. He asked her to clean the tip with a tissue, which she did.

He asked her to keep it in her mouth for some more time. Renu pulled a chair, sat on it and laid her head on his thighs and took his limp cock in her mouth. How handsome the fellow is she thought. He asked her to get his laptop and he asked her to come and sit near him and watch

the screen. The porno video with the blow job and cunt licking scenes sent shock waves through Renu. His hand went inside her panty and pulled it down and groped her cunt and clit. Renu, wide eyed amazement saw the fucking scene in the screen.

The girl was enjoying the fucking. Ashok's middle finger went deep into the cunt of Renu. To take out a boob out of the nurse's dress is difficult, but to access the cunt is easy. Ashok's fingers got busy with her tiny clit and deep inside her hole insearch of the g spot.

Renu was jumping with pleasure. She was very close to her orgasm. She wanted his cock in her mouth very badly. She stretched her body so much to reach the cock while allowing him to meddle with her clit. Finally the orgasm came.It came like a torrent.

It was the first time she was experiencing such a massive orgasm. It took time to subside. Ashok asked her to get on top of him with her legs on either side of him and take his cock inside her cunt. She said no, no, how can I, you have a fracture in the leg.

He said dont touch my leg, just climb up I will show you. She climbed up, and lowered herself on his cock. He guided his cock into her hole and asked her to press down to take his cock inside. Renu, did it clumsily but after two or three attempts she was successful

and it went inside half way. By some more pressure it went fully inside and it was a tight fitting arrangement. He made her move up and down slowly and she was in seventh heaven. It took solid ten minutes of fucking for them to reach orgasm simultaneously. Renu was all in ecstacy.

It was past midnight. She got up much against her wishes and jumped to the floor and went to the bathroom to clean herself. Before her duties are over she did it once more and Ashok did not sleep at all. He has to keep something for the day duty nurse, Radhika.

Twenty one days of hospitalisation ended at the end of twentyone days. Ashok feigned pain so that he may stay there for some more days. Radhika during day time and Renu during night time gave him heavenly pleasure.

The straddled him and fucked him, they straddled his face and made him to lick and suck their clits. Both the girls exchanged notes and knew what the other is doing. Ashok's company gave him the entire cost of hospitalisation, and his salary.

Outpatient department sex action

I am Ajai, 22, just out of the medical college after completing my medical degree and house surgency. Handsome like a film star, fair, and tall 6' 0" with a athlete's body structure, I am always liked by ladies.

My posting was in the outpatient's section in the hospital attached to a govt. Medical college in Kerala. My work starts exactly at 8 am and continues upto 2 pm and even further late. There will be a male nurse to assist me and most of the time he will be out on errands

and I may have to manage the crowd myself. There will be atleast 200 to 300 patients to be examined during this six hour period. Our compounder would have prepared four general mixtures which according to the complaints of the patient will be dispensed in the bottles

brought by them. I cannot take more than one minute per patient to complete the crowd within the stipulated time. If I dont see them they wont go and there will be unnecessary murmur and I may have to forego my lunch on many days to examine the entire crowd.

There is no separate queue for men and women. Though there is a separate lady doctor to see the female patients, they, young or old, all crowd in my office. My collegues used to make fun of me to say that the ladies like to get examined by me because of my handsomeness.

After about a week of my taking over the young lady patients, I observed, wait at the end of the queue. They give way to all the old patients. When the crowd is totally dispersed, my assistant also goes away for lunch.

The young lady patient who ccame next, named, Mumtaz, looks 20, very beautiful, large boobs and ass, comes in and stood before me and with a shy smile looked at my face. I asked for her name and age which she recites mechanically. I asked her what is her complaint.

She said she has stomach ache. That means I have to necessarily examine her abdomen. I asked her to stretch in the examination table. I went to the wash basin to wash my hands and wipe. By that time the girl had opened up her blouse and her naked boobs are standing erect.

She kept a serious face and expected me to examine her chest with my stethescope. I asked her to loosen her lungi so that I may examine her abdomen. She loosened her lungi and I saw that she has not worn any undergarments and her public hair was visible.

I examined her chest with my steth, and her fair globes gave me an erection. I touched her abdomen and pressed it asked her methodically where it pained more. I could see that she was suppressing a laughter.

She moved her elbow purposely to feel my bulge and she understood that I have an erection. I place my left hand on one of her boobs and wander her lower abdomen with my right hand and asked her where exactly it pains.

She said it is much lower and still lower and thus made me to touch her cunt. Its ok, I said and went to wash my hands and told her that she may collect her medicine from the dispensary. The next girl who came also complained of stomach ache.

Her name was Nafeesa, 19, and youthful and with firm boobs and ass. I asked her whether she is married and she said yes. Her husband was in Saudi and because his income was low, he cannot get a visa for her for the time being.

I asked her whether she is really having stomach pain. She said no, we just wanted to get examined by you, you are so handsome and we all enjoy your touch. I called the third girl, her name was Aysha, 20 and very beautiful, fair, slim, with firm boobs etc.

I asked her to lie down on the examination table. She also opened up her blouse and loosened her lungi. I just looked at her face and she was smiling at me. I had not asked for her complaint and she too was not voluntering to tell me.

I just pressed both of her boobs and pinched her nipples. They were very nice and standing erect. I opened my zip and took out my tool and gave her. She took it in her mouth and was sucking it lustily.

I ran my hand down below and touched her cunt and inserted my finger inside and touched her clit and she opened her legs wide and allowed my to insert my finger inside her hole. I searched for the g spot and gave it a good rub.

Aysha was jumping like a ball and I pumped my cum in her mouth. She swallowed the whole thing and I put the tool back and zipped up my pant and went washed my hands. The girl took to some time to come to normal. In the meantime, I just came out and left for home.

I saw the other two girls waiting near a tree for their third friend, Aysha. In the evening when I returned to my quarters it was late say past 7 pm. Usually I go out for my supper at 9 to a nearby hotel.

I changed my clothes and was about to go to take bath when I heard my door bell ringing. I went to the door and opened it and was surprised to see the three girls standing. When they heard that I had done some extra favours to Aysha, they wanted the same kind of treatment from me.

I said I cannot since this is a govt. quarters and if you enter there will be a scandal and my name will be spoiled. But they were not willing to go. They wanted me to fuck at least one of them. I asked the other two to wait out side and took one of them inside.

I gave her a contraceptive pill and then asked her to remove all her clothes. She wore only a blouse and a lungi. I took her into the bathroom and sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit. I asked her lie down on the floor and pulled her clit out. I gave it good suck.

My cock was fully erect and hard as steel. The girl was having multiple orgasms. Her moanings were loud. Then I fucked her very rudely. Her cunt was very tight and refused to take my cock in easily. But I poured some water in her cunt and made it more lubricant.

I inserted my cock fully and gave her long and powerful strokes. Within 7 minutes she reached another massive orgasm. After my pumping my cum inside her, I rose and asked her to get up. Poured water over her and cleaned her cunt and I asked her to suck my cock.

She was clumsy and does not know how to suck a cock. It is the first time she is taking a cock in her mouth. I gave her lessons and she sucked for some time.Again I had a hard on and I asked to kneel in doggy style and fucked her from behind.

It gave her more pleasure and she was moaning loudly. Afer we both reached our orgasm, I asked her to go and take her friends home. She asked whether one left over friend also can be called now so that all three of them would have been fucked. I said ok, call her.

She got dressed up fast and went and called her friend, Nafeesa. She was just 19 and more youthful in appearance. I bolted the door and went through the same process but more leisurely. I asked her to remove her clothes.

She too wore only a blouse and a lungi and no undergarments at all. He pussy was hairless. I asked her to wash herself first and then come. She came in total wetness. I wiped her body with a wet towel and made her to lie down on me.

I asked her open her cunt lips and insert my tool inside. She was shy and clumsy. I opened her cunt lips and pushed my cock inside. After a lot of effort my cock got embedded inside her cunt. I asked her to move her body front and back like fucking. She was all in confusion.

I just rolled over and made her to lie down and fucked her from her top. Squeezing her nipple and occasionally biting her nipples and squeezing her clit with my fingers I gave her a nice fuck and she reached her orgasm with a loud bang.

I fucked and fucked her and made her reach one more orgasm. After that I asked her to get up, get dressed and o home with her friends and not to turn up at the hospital at all. She smiled and left. Like this I had very many experiences which I will narrate one by one.

Fucking three girls on one day was rare. I used to be called to visit homes to attend to ladies who are very sick. But when I meet them I understand that their real sickness was lack of good sex. My 7 and a half inch cock had thus entered many cunts and cured many of their ailments.

Hot summer travel sexperience

It was a hot summer day. The day time heat was unbearable. I was travelling in a train from Chennai to Nagpur and then to Delhi. As soon as the train left Renigunta it was very hot. I removed my vest and moved around in bare body

went around filling my half a dozen water bottes with water. I put a towel over my head and poured the water over it so that the dribling water would keep my head and body cool. There were lot of people among them a group of girls,

all teen age girls with dampened kurthi and their bra and its contents bulged out to give an interesting view to the traveler's. At each station I got down walked along the platform with my empty bottles searching for taps.

My pant was very damp because of the dripping water and it showed the outline of my 8 inch tool clearly. I was not bothered. I was worried when will the fruit vendor come and the lunch wala come.

The girls were all looking at me and were passing some comments about me and laughing. One of the bold girls came out with me onto the platform and asked me where is the water tap. I took her along and showed her the water tap.

While going to the tap to protect her from the surging crowd, I had to keep my hand around her shoulder. She looked at my face and then kept quiet I gave a soft press to her shoulder and pressed her body to mine. She just yielded to all my pressures.

After taking the water I just stood and lifted her face and looked into it allowing her also to see my face. It is a very attractive face. I just lowered my face and planted a kiss on her lips which shocked her. But she did not object.

We both came back in an embraced condition to our compartment. Her friends would have see her being taken carefully by me and they would be teasing her. Her name was Surya. I turned and asked whether anybody else want water or any eatables from the platform.

Another beautiful girl got up and holding te bar peeping out into the platform stood taking a look around. I asked to come on we will go and fetch water for you and then come back. She was more agile and hence ran ahead of me.

But suddenly there was a surge of crowd who descended from the bridge, she could not stand the rush she looked around and then came back to me. I put my arm around her protectively and proceeded to the tap and collected the water.

I again looked up at her face and planted a kiss on her lips. She appeared to have expected some adventure during the water expedition. I thought I can kiss one by one all the six girls in the group. And try for any of them for fucking in the night.

All the six of them were in two opposite bays and hence to go and sit with them would be difficult. Finally one of the girls called me to help her to open her box. I went and sat with them and the offending suitcase was brought. It was not that offending.

They could have done it without my help. But they wanted my company and hence they called. It was evening identities were exchanged and they were happy that such a beautiful young man is travelling with them.

I got up to leave, but they said please dont go, we will adjust, please sleep here. I said what kind of adjustment can you make, berths are narrow and I cannot be sleeping with any of them. If I occupy one berth one of you will have to go out, which I dont want.

They asked me whether I can tell them any stories, I said I will try. They asked me to take the lower berth. By 7 pm I was stretching in one of the lower berths and all the girls were around me to listen to the story I told them I would tell them.

It was very dark and the lights were not adequate. I could sense one of the girls hands touching my thigh and allowed to remain there. She was leaning forward and her boob was resting on my hand. When I turned my palm, her right boob came on it nicely.

I gave a small squeeze and the girl seem to have expected it. Her hand was busy unzipping my jeans and pulling my jack out. Most of the girls knew what is happening. This girl pulled it out and there it came in full length and hardness.

The girls looked at it in sheer amazement. I continued with my story as a cover for the exhibition. Another girl took her position moving her out from that place and she took hold of my cock and pressed it as if to judge it hardness.

I squeezed her boob and pressed her nipple. She had wisely unhooked her bra in anticipation of all these things. My story was going awry and nobody is listening to my story. They were all busy with my cock. The second girl leaned forward and took it in her mouth and sucked softly.

Immediately another girl pushed her aside and took her position of holding my cock and dropped her boobs in my hand. All the six girls one by one took turns to suck my cock and have their boobs pressed by me.

In the meantime the fellow who serves supper came and they ordered for my supper also. That will take another one hour and they could play with my cock for another hour. I got up to go to the bathroom. One girl asked whether she can come. I said ok.

She too came with me and we both entered the bathroom and bolted the door from inside. After pizzing, I felt her cunt. I asked her to lift her leg and put it on the tap and then took my cock and inserted it into her cunt. It was not going in. But the girl was cooperative.

With some difficulty I got a penetration and gave her a nice fuck. She asked me to wait in the bathroom so that her friend also would come. I came and waited, her friend came running. I made her to stand on the same posture, keeping her leg on the tap and clothes pulled up,

panty down, my cock was put at the entrance and pushed in, to a painful response and then fucked to her best satisfaction. In this posture I fucked all the six girls within two hours in the railway bathroom.

They girls all got full enjoyment and many of them were fucked for the first time. I returned to my berth and slept for the remaining part of the night. We had another day and one night to travel. With limited conveniences, fucking six girls was a real feat.

Sex with hot aunty inside bus

I am a regular reader of Human Digest. My name is Mohan 30 years old born and brought up at Bangalore. I am 6.2 ft well built, medium colour. The story what I am presenting is which I experienced while going to Andhra Pradesh.

When I reached the Bangalore bus station it was 11.30 pm, it was almost dark and thinly crowded. By the time I reached there I had boozed and also I had decided to fuck some one soon after reaching the lodge that’s the reason I had purchased a condom pack 5's pack.

Before boarding the bus there were 3 buses waiting to fill the passengers as the crowd was thinly populated. I checked out all the three buses in all the buses all middle aged and old persons were there, but to my luck I saw one couple in one among the three buses.

Immediately I choused that bus I kept the bag on the seat back of the couple i.e. back seat as almost was empty and with an intention to talk that beauty, let me tell few details of that beauty she was 6ft very fair good pleasing film heroine personality she appeared to be orthodox,

she was wearing blue saree and flowers over her hair. I said will you please take care of my bag I will come within 15 minutes, she replied with a smile but her husband did not care or object for me talking to her. After I came back the bus moved with hardly 8-9 passengers,

the lady was staring at me and me too later on her staring turned in to sexy smiles. The bus moved for half an hour and the conductor switched off the lights, I ensured no one can see me thereafter I smelt her hairs which was giving a pleasant smell

may be because of her shampoo she had applied then, I shifted my hand at the back of her seat and touched her cheek, eyes and ears she did not respond I thought she was asleep thereafter I touched her lips she bit my finger but never opened her eyes or mouth,

this gave me little encouragement, by this time her husband was snoring loudly. Taking advantage of the situation, immediately in the gap of two seats I left my hand, the wife had used push back where as her husband was busy sleeping,

I just felt the touch on her breast she was wearing a blue saree, behind the pallu my hand was, she did not respond nor resist this gave me some more encouragement even I was nervous I may be caught taking courage again I proceeded for 10-16 minutes

then I dared to put my hand inside her blouse and squeezed her balls upon the bra for this too there was no resistance thereafter I lifted my hand and put inside the bra at this time someone holded my hand I was nervous and the hold was so heavy

I could not lift it back before realizing who it was she bit my hand started to kiss and lick my hand after ensuring it was her only I calmed down, she turned back and asked what do you want in a low voice I said you only for that she replied the owner of this is next to me

ask him in a smiling face for that I did not respond she gave a broad smile and gave signal when I started my hand work over her breast she awakened her husband holding my hand again I was scared and nervous I tried to release my hand but she did not allow.

Since it was dark she said to her husband who was half awakener I am feeling sleepy I will go to the last seat as it is empty for that the husband was so happy and in return he said if you go first I will be more comfortable and can have a good sleep,

during this whole conversation my hand was playing with her nipples she stood up I release my hand she came next to me kissed on my forehead and lips and told to come back as I was scared she pulled me to the last seat.

When I went along with her she slept over the seat and said come on sleep over her same I followed as it was last seat we were flying whenever the driver drove over the humps and pot holes, for some time I squeezed her balls and nipple she started to hold my rod

and said to fuck her hearing this I said my policy is that I have to use condom and I will not be giving lip to lip kiss in order to have safe sex for that she said 3 years back she was married and started to curse her husband saying that he was impotent

till today he has not slept nakedly nor fucked atleast once nor even he has hugged and given lip to lip while saying tears poured down. I consoled and said to relax I went near my bag I took the condom came near her removed my pant and under wear when I was about to put the condom

she dragged me and said I have to see your dick as the lights were off I took my mobile in the light of my mobile she enjoyed seeing directly after me inserting the condom I lifted her saree and petticoat immediately due only lifted up to her abdomen and unhooked her blouse

I told her to unhook the bra too and remove both for which she agreed nom she was half naked I started to put my dick in her pussy and it was too tight she was unable to bear the pain she requested to do slowly but she was virgin I told her to bear the pain she was unable to bear

seeing her desire and pain I left her and as I was nakedly till my seat and took the coconut oil pouch went to the back seat I opened the pouch and applied little oil inside her pussy and inserted my dick this time half of my dick was inside her pussy within a minute the blood

rushed out over my abdomen her saree and petticoat seeing this I increased my speed and strokes she started to moan loudly immediately I shut her mouth and after few strokes I turned back took the oil from the pouch massaged inside her ass and started dog fuck

she enjoyed like any thing and said see my fate my first night is in bus and my husband is a spectator and she started to weep I consoled her. During fucking I was squeezing and massaging her balls (36 size) now she took my face over her balls

and massaged she whispered in my ears to bite my both nipples so hardly the pain she gets shall last atleast for one month and she said whenever she gets the pain she has to remember me as per her wishes I bitted her both balls and nipples so hardly

I myself felt bad and left her. I said there is a stop for coffee pack up immediatel6y and I myself dressed and went to my seat and pretended as though I was slept she too dressed and pretended to sleep at the back seat itself. When the conductor shouted stop for coffee.

I and she both pretended as though we were sleeping went to coffee her husband did come nor he was awake he was in deep sleep. We both got down along with others she went near the ladies toilet to clean the blood stains immediately I followed her no

one noticed as it was fully dark I took her near a tree where one platform type is built hugged her slept fucked her twice made her to drink my juice and again bit her naval and nipples since it was time I left her she went to clean,

the bathroom had a night lamp without any brightness, immediately I entered the bus as no one shall suspect me the driver started the bus and he was about to move I told the driver one lady has to come I saw her going to bathroom,

then the conductor counted the passengers and said one passenger has to come the driver blown the horn within 2 minutes she came and occupied her last seat again I waited for the lights to be

off immediately I went to the last seat had three blows, when I asked her address and contact number she refused to give saying that she will call me and inform but till today no call, hope she has lost my visiting card.

Fun in East Coast USA

I am Jay living in New York now, this incident happened two years back when I was in LA. I am narrating my experience with a desi aunty; she was 35 years old, single mom of a 2 year old. Her name is Sudha (not real), whom I met in a chat room.

After one month of chat we decided to meet outside. Through the chat I seduce her many times; she came in a Honda Accord, and was wearing a Jeans and t-shirt. She was very sexy and attractive figure even at that age, she dam beautiful and sexy.

Especially I love her boobs. She is fair in color and her boobs are really huge and those two can not be kept with in her Bra and shirt. I was exited to see her naked back over the law cut t-shirt and the smell of her perfume really turn me on,

initially we had a small chat in her car and we decided to go to her house as there was no one at home till evening. Mine became very hard after I grabbed her hand while talking. Her hands were beautiful and cute, as we entered into her house she closed the door

and hugs me tight and kissed me. I put my tongue into her mouth and explored for a minute. Her big boobs pressed against my chest and my dick is erect fully. She slowly started to remove my t-shirt and I was half naked,

then she slowly kissed my chest and suddenly stopped and asked me to go to the bedroom. I went with her to the bedroom, and she went to the restroom and came back wearing a see through sleeveless nighty without any thing under it.

I hugged her from back and start to kiss and lick her back neck, she tied her hair up. Her body was like silk and the smell was heaven. I turned her around and continued my kiss, she also became hot and grab me tight.

I push her to the wall and the bed side and started to kiss from her legs, her legs where hairless and smooth and I started kissing upwards I put my head inside the gown and continued my lick and kiss on her milky and thunder thighs …

first she kept the thighs together tight and when I started lick her pussy she opened her leg and put one leg over my shoulder, her pussy was really red in color and I slowly started to lick her pussy's outer skin then slowly went in. she was moaning loudly…..

And I started to lick faster and faster her clit, she caught my hair with her hand and cried aaahhhh… don’t stop…don’t stop….jay and finally she got the orgasm. I can see her face became red and wet. Then we moved to the bed took off all the cloth,

she laid flat on the bed facing down and her legs half up backward, it was a marvelous site to see. I started to kiss and lick her back and bite the butts. Then she turned around and we had a full hug it was really amazing the touch of her naked and smooth body,

and we rolled over the bed many times like one body. She then took my head up and started to kiss my lips. And grab my dick in her hand and started to play with her hand. We had a deep and long kiss. And I started to play with her beautiful melons,

it was really big and the nipple was red in color. I kissed her nipple and stared to suck it in my mouth harder and harder. She started to moan loudly aahhhh jay…… those sounds made me crazy… she then grabbed my dick and start to lick it the next moment I was in heaven.

My cock was springing high. She was sucking it fast and hard..... !!! And then faster and harder each time... I was screaming..... I was enjoying it sooooooo muchhhhhh She sucked it up and down... Slurping at my cock... Harder and faster... I hold her hair sooooooo tight....

I wanted her to stop and give me a break and a time to breath. But she didn't!!! She didn't care how hard I pulled her hair, but instead she was enjoying it. Ooooooohhh both of us were just sooooooo turned on. !!!! She continued it for a few minutes.

And gave me a great blowjob She also kissed my balls & played with them. Then when I was about to cum I tried to take it out of her mouth, but she insisted it on taking in her mouth. And in next few seconds I cummed & a big load of cum shot right in her mouth

and dripped out of her mouth on to her chest, I was shaking... My whole body was shaking... Then she went to clean her mouth and came back with two ice cold red bull and laid on the bed & spread her legs. Again I went on top of her & started to kiss her lips heavily.

I came lower & kissed her nipples & she moaned. I sucked hard her beautiful nipples heavily. I lowered more & licked her shapely tummy. I pore some red bull and licked it from her belly button. She moaned loudly. I licked it like a dog.

Sudha never experienced any thing like this before. Oooooooooo I looked at her face smiling and moaning. She looked sooooo beautiful. She spread her legs. I could see her vagina, which was tight. She started moaning. By that time I could see the love juice coming out of the cave.

My hand instinctively went on her cunt & started exploring it. She moaned again. My fingers went into her cunt & I could feel her clit waiting to be felt. At that moment she moaned heavily & said yes yes yes fuck me hard jay… then I took the condom abd asked her to wear it on me,

she was glad to do that with a kiss on it, for me the red bull was working I felt I am getting more energy, and slowly guided my rod through her milky thighs into her pink pussy She screamed with pleasure and me too.

I started the to and fro motion slowly I could see the love juice coming out and sudha was enjoying every bit of her life at that time. I put my dick fully into her pussy and the base of my shaft was touching her cute pussy lips,

first I started to enter all the way and take it out form for some time and I started to pump faster and faster… and harder…. The mean time I sucked her boobs and kissed her lips and we started became very hot and I bite her lips some time with my teeth and she enjoyed very much

that, we hugged very tight and her legs warped around my back, I can see that site in the bed room mirror it was exiting, and then I lifted her and we sat each others lap without taking my tool out, and then I laid down and she came on top of me and started to pump me.

Her melons were jumping and I grabbed her hip tight, and she started to lick my chest with her hair falling on my face and after some time I felt I am going to come then I rolled her and I came on top, I lifted her legs and thrust my cock into her pussy,

her legs were on my shoulders and I kept pumping deep into her. Then I pulled her to the side of the bed and I was standing out side and started to pump, I can feel she was getting another orgasm from her movements this made me also more exited and I pumped harder and faster to

release my load. She came again; she had dripped a lot on to the bed. She was hugging me tight when I cummed and we where in that position for some time, she told me she got three orgasm when we were pumping. Then she slowly released me and we had a bath together.