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Hot encounter with sexy Punjabi girl

Hi Readers, I am Mr. RAJ (name changed). I am 30 years old and this story is of year 2002 when I was in Itanagar the capital city of arunachal. I had to go to guwahati to appear exam of CPSU and I was returing in a deluxe bus. In those days I had a habit of drinking alchol(whisky) before continuing journey.

Acordingly I was drunked 2 pegs of whisky and boarded in bus and I was surprise to see a girl of around 26yrs of wheatish colour. she was accompained by her father whose seat was behind my seat. The father of the Girl(name Jassi) request me to change the seat so that he can seat with her daughter.

I told him to ask the other person with him to come in front and he and his daughter can seat togeather but he was not agreeing with me. At last jassi told her father that she is comfortable here near me. As our journey begin at around 08.30pm I felt sleep due to clod breeze coming from the window. After around one hour passed I felt that someone has touced by feet.

I thought it is due to alchol effect and I slept again. Again after half an hour I felt my feet being touched and again I ignored it. But again the same thing happened then I started loking down the seat to what is it. After finding noting I looked around and saw jassi giving smile. I understood the whole situation but I pretended as if I felt nothing. let me tell somthing about her she has a very big boobs and healthy figure.

I thought to asking her but could not dare to ask her as I was drunk n if she complains any one I will get a nice public. So I thought to check it out. I pretended to sleep again but actually I was not. after few minutes I saw that she is moving her legs towards me and is rubbing her feet with my feet. I kept watching as the entire bus is dark and other passengers were sleeping to.

I pretended that I know nothing and she kept on rubing her feet and her courage grew more and she stated to touch my thighs. I could do nothing just wathing at her. she gave a naughty simle and keep doing. Then she kept her left hand on my right thigh and started moving her hand slowly. My dick became hard.

Sudeenly the driver applied brake and condutor told that we can have dinner as bus will stop for 30mins. It was around 12.20pm night. the light was on and I looked at her she gave naughty smile again and keep looking at me. I went down from bus take dinner where as she did not come down as had brought dinner with them.

I finshed my dinner and went to toilet and came back to bus and sat on my seat. Around 12.55 bus was started . the lights were put off and withinn 15 minutes people around felt fast sleep. As the bus was mooving I kept looking her and she also kept looking at me. Around 20 min have passed she brought left hand over my dick and started rubbing.

Then I tought to ask her address and name so that in future I cane fuck her but she uttered nothing just kept looking at me with naughty smile and keep rubing my dick. sudeenly she took my right hand and put on her right tits stated rubbing with which I got courage to do so. I looked around and saw that everybody is asleep I moved my self closer to her and she to came near me.

I kept my head over her shoulder and strated givving message to her left & right boobs. she got aroused a nd started to make hissing sound which I feared if people came to know then what will happen. she understtod my situation and used her duptta as her shawl and covered herelf. I took my hand inside the shawl and put inside salwar and started rubbing her both boobs.

I was getting my dick harder n harder whose pain was unbeareable to me. for my help she lifted her bra so that I can touch them n message them. while massaging she also got aroused a lot. I took my hand from boobs n started searching for her pussy. first I tried to insert my hand from top of but due to thread closed I jusst touched her pubic hair only.

so she raised both her legs on the seat and sat in such a way that bottom of salwar I could inseart my finger and beyound I could touch her pussy very easly. thanks to salwar n sammez she wore. with my right hand I started finger fucking her and she started enjoying it. I kept doing till fulids started coming from her pussy. she started to moan AAHHH AAH.

I told her not to do so as many people r ther in bus. I ket fingering her for around huge fluids came and she colllapsed. she took my hand out of pussy and kept over her boobs for messaging. then she kept her head on my thighs n and covered her face and preneted as she is sleeping keeping her head on my thighs covering herselg with duppatta.

Then she started unzip me and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I feel she was a very experienced one . she keep on sucking till I ejaculated all my fluids in her mouth and she took completely in her mouth.. I feel relaxed and then she was still sleeping and again took my hand to her right breast for messaging. I kept messaging her boobs.

then I planned to figer fuck her once again and acordingly I with my left hand kept her boobs messaging and with right hand I opened the knot of her payjama and inserted my hand and started carring her pussy. it was so hairy as its a jungle.. I started rubbing her clitrois and she stared getting aroused again and she started moaning and slowly she told me to fuck her.

so I inserted my middle finger in her pussy andthen other finger and other finger. it was amazxing that my three fingers were coming in and out of her pussy and she was enjoying my finger fuck and in mean time she also took my dick in her mouth again keep licking hard. Suddenly she tightend her legs and my hand got wet of her juices as it flowing non stop.

her panty was totally wet. and I also ejaculated and I was completely exhausted. It was amazing expeience in bus.By the time it was around 04.30am and the visiblity outside can be seen. I asked her to get up and arrange her dress and I arranged mine. I gave my telephone number asked her to ring me when she needs me.

But my dream shattered as she and her father got down at banderdewa the check gate to arunachal pradesh. So this is my story. how you people liked it please let me know your views. In my next I will tell u how my luck favoured me and I got my dream fulfilled to fuck her.

Guy made keep by Amrita 2

Previously: Guy made keep by Amrita

Hi friends this is second part of the story on how amrita made me her keep. After that day I could barely sleep, she was always on my mind, I just kept thinking about her beautiful body. Nice long legs with those just perfectly made right thighs and posture. Just a bit of extra flesh on her breast to make it bit heavy for her body to give her status of sex goddess

and nice pink super soft nipples to make any men cum right there by just a sight of her. I was not able to take her out of my mind and desperately wanted her again but also had a fear that she might scold me because of interfering with smooth going personal life.

I waited for few days for her call but nobody called. I think she wanted me to yearn for her so that I am there and ready to do anyhting for her. After a wait for 2 -3 days I lost control and called up Rakesh (her husband) and said that I have lost her wifes photo and would be requiring one more to procceed with formalities.

I aplogized for the same and he was quick to respond "No issues you can come and collect anytime from their house". Very next day on Friday I went to their place at around 10 as I knew her husband would have left for office by now. I knocked on the front door and I got bit tensed to see amrita on door.

She had a very sexy naughty smile in her face, a bit of attitude and a sense of excitement and bitchiness and yet a non welcoming feeling. This all was driving me crazy. She was wearing nice pant and shirt a sort of business attire but not exactly. "Hi!" she said with a bit of attitude and started going inside without bothering much about me and it was giving me a feeling that she is specifically ignoring me to make me wild.

She was really good at seducing…I could not control anymore and as soon as I entered her house, I grabbed her from behind in her living room..she turned immediately and put her arms around my neck and an intense kissing session started between us. We both were not in senses as I could feel this from heavy breath and a bit of impatience among us.

I pulled her close, grabbing her soft ass over the pants. I squeezed her ass cheeks, and Amrita found herself becoming turned on by my manhandling her. Amrita kissed me a few more times, over and over, before breaking apart. She took off her shoes. It seemed that she was buzzing like crazy. As if there was an unspoken agreement, both of us straightaway headed to her bedroom.

The door shut behind us and we were on each other. Her arms were around my neck and we started kissing passionately. My hands began to undo the buttons on her shirt as our tongues explored each other's mouth. Her breathing grew heavy as she kissed me, and her beautiful classy hands started fumbling. She knew what she wanted.

I think she had been thinking about it all day since she came to know that I will be their next day. Her wedding ring glinted on her finger as she pulled my pants. Her shirt fell from her shoulders to the floor, her black bra a sharp contrast to her milky skin. She broke the kiss, her big black eyes looking at me with lust was driving me crazy.

She watched me reach down and undo the button on her pants and slide down her zipper. This was still so new to her! I was thinking that in front of me is a sexiest married lady I have ever seen with a great husband! Yet she was letting me take off her clothes! Her pants slid off her ass and down her legs, falling to the floor in a heap.

She was wearing skimpy black cotton panties, and they were soaked between her thighs. I grabbed her and pulled her close again, hands sliding into the back of her panties and squeezing her naked ass. I reached down with my right hand as we started kissing again, reaching underneath her and dipping a finger slightly into her moist hole.

She was all wet out there and I heard "Mmmmph..." she moaned into my mouth. My other hand slid up her back and under her bra strap. With some effort, I was able to unsnap her bra with one hand, and she felt it loosen on her shoulders. She pulled back a little, allowing her bra to slip off to the floor, freeing a lovely pair of breasts. To be frank I was getting bit violent this time.

I took her by surprise when I shoved her roughly back onto her bed. But she was liking it all and a sense of attitude was still there on her face which was driving me more crazy. She lay there, legs on either side, giving me way to slide between her. I grabbed her lovely feet, pulling the garment off and tossing it. I started kissing her bare foot, all over the top of it, kissing each individual toe.

I raised her other foot and she watched, panting. Now she was down to her panties. I rained kisses all over Amrita’s beautiful foot, kissing up her ankle as my hands slid up her smooth and shapely legs. I grabbed the elastic of her panties and pulled. Amrita eagerly raised her ass up off the bed, allowing me to slide the dainty things down her long legs and off.

She placed her feet flat on the bed, legs open wide invitingly. Her pink, swollen lips were pressed together, quivering, surrounded by curls of trimmed black pubic hair. Taking my time, I stood up and pulled off my shirt. I then pushed down my already undone pants, along with my boxers. My cock was freed, and was standing at full attention for her.

She felt a wave of desire shoot through her pussy at the sight of it. I knelt between her legs and kissed the inside of each of her beautiful thighs, teasing her further. I kissed closer and closer to the top of her legs until my lips gently caressed her skin right beside her bush. I could smell the strong scent of her arousal, and I kissed her moist lips lightly.

Amrita caught her breath, toes curling as she reached down between her legs and held my head. My tongue snaked out and slowly licked her from the bottom of her cunt up to the top. "Ohhhhh..." she sighed, tingles shooting up her body as my tongue caressed her slit. I slid my hands under her soft ass, raising her pussy up to my face.

I started sucking her swollen lips into my mouth, causing her to gasp in delight. I pulled the pink skin outward a bit, running my tongue over it as I held it trapped. Her hands were caressing my head as I continued to eat her pussy. I slid my tongue between the hot folds of Amrita's vagina, tasting her delicious juices.

She sighed again, toes curling again on either side of me as she felt my tongue wiggle around inside her. I understood she was fully enjoying my tongue as her hands subconsciously forced my head against her crotch even harder. I started to lap up and down the sopping wet slit of Amrita, my tongue licking wildly over the sensitive skin as she squirmed before me.

I was squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands, holding her in place as purposely dodged her clit. I pulled back a little, staring at her beautiful pussy as I became more and more worked up. Her puckered cunt lips were open a little, my tongue having successfully spread them apart somewhat. They were glistening with moisture, almost inviting me.

She was breathing heavily, lips bit apart and I eyes closed. I again buried my face between Amrita's thighs, my mouth clamping around her clit. "Ohhhh God!" She moaned. Her eyes were closed and her eyebrows were raised. She began to writhe her pussy up into my face as my tongue licked rapidly over the sensitive nub of her clit.

Her breathing grew heavier, and she began to buck her ass up off the bed as her orgasm rose. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Amrita groaned, wincing as an orgasm washed over her. Her heart was pounding, and her entire body was flushed as she fucked her my face. She could feel the inner walls of her vagina pulsate as she came and came and came.

I was squeezing her ass cheeks even harder, my tongue lapping at her pussy lightening-quick. The tingling in her crotch grew unbearable, and she pushed my head out from between her thighs. She was gasping for breath, naked chest heaving as she looked at me with those gorgeous big black eyes. Her feet were flat on the bed, legs open invitingly.

Her gaze traveled down my chest to my fat pole. I think she had never wanted a penis inside her so badly in her life! When she saw me crawl up the bed toward her, the buzzing in her pussy grew astronomically. Amrita started reaching out eagerly with her left hand. She wrapped her hand around my cock with the fingers wrapped.

Her marriage ring glinted in the light as her hand aimed my penis towards her defenceless vagina. She ran the mushroom head down the swollen lips of her needy treasure, stopping when it reached her entrance. She took her hand away expectantly. A wave of desire went through me when I felt the heat of her pussy touching the tip of my manhood.

I couldn't stop myself from pushing it forward naturally. Amrita’s pussy just opened up for me and accepted head of my penis. "Ohhhhh..." she moaned, eyes closing to mere slits as she felt herself stretch wide open. I moaned as well, loving the feeling of my penis sinking inch by inch into the tight heat of her pussy. I was half way inside her before he could push no further.

I pulled out of her a little, my shaft slick with her juices from the midpoint on up. I pushed forward again with a heavy thrust, the time squeezing most of my cock inside her hole. "Ohhhh yesss..." she moaned, arching her head back. I went in her incredibly deep, and she made stretched wide open and curl it tightly just over my ass!

I moved in and out of her again, this time pressing my groin against her and getting my entire penis inside her aching vagina. Holding myself inside her tremendous warmth, I bent to suck juice from nicely lipsticked lips. Amrita opened her mouth and allowed my tongue inside, kissing me back eagerly. She lifted her feet bit above my ass as she ran her hands up and down my back.

I was grinding myself against her, manipulating her clitoris as I kept my penis buried inside her vagina. I was kissing her excitedly, with passion. I wanted her so badly – my driving urge was to fuck the shit out of Amrita and shoot bullets of cum inside her. It was all I could do to make love to her slowly. My penis started gliding in and out of her tight, needy pussy at a steady pace.

"Mmph! Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!" She moaned into my mouth, her feet bouncing helplessly off my thrusting ass. We were kissing sloppily as I fed amrita penis of mine. Not only did she take it willingly, but also she cherished every second of it. Her sensitive cunt was tingling like crazy, and she was conscious of every inch of my pole as it glided along her inner walls.

I started thrusting my pole faster. She could feel my hardness bang off the back of her pussy over and over. She was forced to break the kiss. "Ohh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohhhh! Unh!" Her moans became so loud that even neighbours could have heard them. She raised her feet in the air, increasing the sensation in her crotch as she hurtled towards an orgasm.

Suddenly, she was silent – not even breathing as her orgasm continued to build. All that could be heard was the sounds of her ass bouncing off the bed as I pistoned into her. I started looked down on her as I fucked her, watching her struggle for control. Her eyebrows were raised and her eyes were closed. Her face was so beautiful. I was determined to cum on it!

"OHHHHHHHH!" She moaned, cumming. Her cries were high-pitched, and very loud as a wave of orgasm washed over her. The look on Amrita's face just made me want to fuck her even harder. And fuck her he did – my ass bounced up and down lightening-quick between her legs, pounding my rock hard dick into her body as fast as I could.

Her face was flushed, her tits were bouncing, and I could see below her smooth stomach where my big cock disappeared into the triangle below her belly. I looked behind myself, not breaking my stride. I could see Amrita's nicely pedicured and polished foot wave back and forth as I thrust into her. It reminded me of just how helpless amrita was now.

I had only been fucking the Amrita for ten minutes, but I was already losing it. I slammed my pole into her a few more times before sliding it out of her. I knew where I wanted to ease myself off..may be because of my fantasy or anger of teasing me all this day or whole scenario but I wanted to do it at any cost! With heavy breath I said "Let me cum on your face!"

I gasped, holding my shaft. Amrita, fresh off an orgasm, quickly scrambled to a seated position, curling her legs underneath her as she grabbed my penis in her little hand. I could not believe it, even she was thinking the same and had no problem in what I wanted to do. Our frequency was matching like anything.

Her long, straightened black hair had become unkempt, and a little wet from sweat as she held my penis in front of her face. Her beautiful black eyes were looking right at my cock as she held it in her left hand. She was completely oblivious to the fact that that same hand was wearing the marriage ring of another man! "Stick out your tongue!" I grunted, barely hanging on.

Amrita opened her mouth and stuck her tongue way out. My manhood looked bit larger when held in front of her beautiful, rich and innocent face. Her hand was able to properlygrab onto it! She heard me moaning, and at the same time she felt my penis spasm in her hand. I watched as cum spurted out the end of my dick and a stream of it shot across Amrita's eye.

She closed it instinctively, still gamely keeping her tongue out of her mouth. The line of semen ran from her eyebrow to her nose, straight over her eye. My cock jerked again, thi time the pearly fluid landed square on her tongue, with part of it on her upper lip. She could feel the hot liquid hit her tongue, and she could taste my seed.

She squeezed my pole, stroking it a little as more of my cum poured onto the middle of her tongue. I could see a thick pool form there, as I just would not stop cumming. I moaned as I watched her squeeze even more of my hot semen onto her tongue. Amrita looked up at with one eye, clearly proud of her herself and of how much she made me cum.

She was looking very pretty with my semen all over her face. She kept her tongue out for me to see, she was becoming very comfortable with me now. She slipped her tongue into her mouth and closed it. I watched her swallow. I don’t know what this lady was upto but she was enjoying every bit of it and so do I. Amrita stuck out her tongue again. It was clean.

With cum still across her face, I watched her eagerly jam my softening penis back in her mouth and suck what was left of my sperm out of me. 'Slurp!' She pulled him back out, smiling at him – still with one eye open. "Oh man!" I exclaimed. Amrita laughed so good for the first time as if she was very very happy, letting go of my penis.

She wiped her eye with her left hand, getting sticky cum all over it. She looked at it, noticing it was on her marriage ring. She sucked it off without a thought. As I collapsed on the bed, Amrita wiped the rest of my cum off of her face with a tissue. She had a big smile on her face, so proud of herself. She lay back beside me, the two of us were gasping for breath as we recovered.

I turned to her, cupping her naked breast with my hand and giving it an affectionate squeeze as I kissed her on the mouth, softly. After a few more minutes, I broke the silence. "I asked why are you doing this when you have such a good looking and handsome husband. She stared at me and smilingly said it has become veru monotomus for me.

There is no harm in experimentation till we are happy with each other. She said boldly, "i am not going to tell all this to rakesh and gave a naughty smile".. she said I am very happy with him...and in you I can see a good friend with whome I can be bit naughty...she continued saying I could not have taken cum of my here lies the difference".

I gave her a big smile of acceptance and assured that I will never interfere with her personal life and will be at her service anytime she want. She was still naked and said you have to go. Rakesh is supposed to be here anytime as today is his half day and we have plan for shopping and movie. She stated as she rolled off the bed.

Damn! I was just getting aroused again with a sight of her gorgeous firm athletic body. I had spent the last few minutes caressing the soft skin of her naked body, and kissing her lightly on her face. My dick was starting to respond. I watched Amrita bend over and pick up her black panties, showing him her beautiful, creamy-white ass.

She stepped into them, slowly sliding them up her legs. She stood in front of my mirror, facing the other way as she slipped on her bra. I was still staring right at her wonderful ass. Her skimpy panties were partway up her crack on the one side, and the sight was so erotic to me. I realized he was fully hard. Icertainly could not let this woman leave like this!

Fucking horny stranger Anita

So here I am back again with a new hot story which happened after I wrote about my story (sex with my office colleague) I got lot of mails from lot of ladies but one of the ladies (Anita) and me started exchanging mails after that. I was very pleased to know that she liked and enjoyed my story.

We started exchanging mails with hi hellos and than with more hot stuff and one fine day exchanged our phone numbers and than started our chit chat about all the things. She was real hot and sometimes when we had phone sex she used to be out of control and all the voices of ummm and ummphhs used to make me real hott and horny.

One fine day that is 13th of March I got call from her and she asked me if we can meet. 13th unlucky date but lucky for me (lucky) as is my name. We decided to meet at one of the hotels in Pune and I was there at exact 3 pm. I never wanted to loose the opportunity to meet a hot lady like Anita.

Guys you cant believe what hot female she was. She was wearing black saree and that complimented her complexion. She was 36 – 28 – 36 looking real sex goddess and with such a nice smile she came near me and we hugged each other and planted a kiss on cheeks as we were lost lovers and meeting after long time.

I didn’t wanted to leave her but due to public place we had to. We ordered for coffee and some snacks and started talking about our lives our spouses and kids and whatever we could and than our talk went to our sex talks and she admitted that I made her real horny and hot while I spoke to her on phone and as today her hubby was not at home so she decided to meet me.

According to her this was the first time she was meeting any other guy. We finished our coffee and I asked her if she would like to come to my flat as no one was staying there and to my good luck she agreed and we went to my place. As soon as we entered and closed the door behind us we two were again in each others arms

holding each other in tight hug and kissing each other our tongues exploring each others mouth and saliva being exchanged. I took her in my arms and carried her to my bed and after making her comfortable I came on her and again we got lost in each other. I never wanted to hurry and wanted to enjoy this real hot lady,

so decide that I wont go in hurry and decided to give her sensual massage. She agreed and said whatever I like we will do. Friends I slowly slowly took her saree off her beautiful curvy body. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat and she asked me to take off my clothes and than she will allow me to take her rest of clothes.

I agreed and she helped me out of my clothes and was amazed to see mine tool. Now I started removing her clothes one by one and kissin and suckin and lickin on the parts which were without clothes. She was enjoying it to the extent and once she was in her birth dress like me we hugged and kissed and licked and sucked and than I excused myself

and went and got oil bottle and asked her to lie down facing bed. What a hot arse she was having how I controlled myself god knows and I started giving her massage started with her foot and than goin up slowly slowly and when I reached her inner thighs her breath and her ummms and ummmphs were so loud that I got frightened that some neighbour would

come to enquire what is going on. She realized after I asked her to control and she now put bed sheet corner in her mouth and was biting it. I started to massage her inner thighs and in-between I used to kiss her back her bums and gave her little bites on her waist and legs. Her love juices were flowing like river and the there was wet spot on bed sheet.

She asked me to stop massaging and fuck her as she is unable to control. But as I told u I wanted to enjoy with this hottty so I continued with my sensual strokes and in between started to finger her well lubricated hot pussy and I kept on teasing her for some time with inserting my finger and she came twice till this time than I started with a tongue fuck

and started licking her clit real hard and with deep strokes and she came all over my face. Now I went to her back and massaged her there and than on shoulders and than I asked her to turn around so that I can apply oil on her front side. She was totally relaxed by now and as she turned around I started by kissing her and pressing her boobs

and twitching her nipples and than sucking them real hard. Than I came to her tummy and started massaging her and in-between with long strokes I started playing with her cunt and inserted my finger deep in her love hole. She was unable to control now and she asked me to fuck her.

I took my dick to her mouth and asked her to give real good suck to it and massage it and she gave me a wonderful blowjob can’t describe it in words. You wont believe it was for the first time in her marriage of 10 yrs she sucked a cock and got her cunt finger fucked or tongue fucked. Now I started with holding her legs high and placing a fat pillow under her bums

and with teasing her pussy by rubbing my hard juicy dick on her cunt lips and tha in one stroke I entered her wet hot juicy pussy. Now she started matching my strokes. We both came together and our mixed juices started flowing from her cunt in loads and loads. Both of us got real tired after this shot and rested holding each other and than after an hour when she touched

and held my dick and started massaging it. My dick started to regain its youth and wanted to fuck her real hard I asked her to come in doggy style and entered her juicy love hole from behind and pumped her real hard. We enjoyed that day for around 5 hours and now am waiting for her husband to again go on tour which he is going on 22nd. This time am going fuck her nice hottt arse.

Raat ki baat with hot girl

This is real a story. We were leaving in Gorakhpur, UP in rented house; my landlord was also leaving in the same house in other parts. This is long time back story when I was doing my first year of graduation, Incident happened in winter session when landlord sister’s marriage date fix, they request us to use our 2 bed room in our house as well as common passage (Aangun)

because most of the hindu marriage ceremony occurs only in Aangun and room they need for his gust who suppose to come from other cities. I’m not going to take your more time let’s start the storey. When barat came and dwarrpuja start I found one gorgeous girl well dress beside me was trying to seeing Dulha I just pass my smile and she replayed with beautiful smile

and asking me if I can give her side to move forward her I obey. Now she was in front of me and I was just behind her I can feel her perfume, I push my shelf to bit forward to touch her body with my body few second later she looked me and move to other place her face emotion was totally change she looks bit angry.

Then I also move to other place and just try to look her beautiful face and innocent smile, she may realize that I’m interested in her. I asked her name but she not replied me seems not interested to me and always move to some other place if I’m some where around there this play continue till dinner and other function as well,

later I also get busy with my other neighbor friends in marriage ceremony but eyes was always finding her and was interested know more about her some how I got more details about her, she came from Lucknow, she was a daughter of landlord brother-in-law’s and she is in class 12th at the same time I know that day after tomorrow she is going back to her home town Lucknow.

Next step…..Around mid night when all of my friends went back to home I also back to home to sleep but when I reach at my home found there are main marriage ceremony is going on many girls and woman was singing a song they also invite me to join them, I was quit happy to join because my dream girl was singing a song.

After an hour my landlady request me if I can manage a tea for everyone one there and I move to manage, when I back found she was not there and I have not dare to ask about her as she was his relative. I was also not much interested to continue in ceremony and decided to go and sleep as tomorrow morning was my class.

I asked my mom that where I can sleep as it my house was very noise she suggest me to use the same room which was using by landlord because one kids are sleeping there. I went there took a 1 blanket and start finding the place to sleep as full of our bed was occupied, I found some place in between and some how adjust my self,

it was around 2 am, after 5 min I realize that the person is sleeping next to me is not a kids, there was light coming from outside in the room as ceremony was going on. I took off the blanket of next person and saw the same girl was sleeping beside me my hart beet was on top it’s took a few minutes to get back normal I thanks to god that he give me chance in night

in my room it self where nobody are there except of few kids. I decided not to waste my time and start whatever is going in mind. Slowly I move my hand around and felt the touch on her breast, she did not respond nor resist this gave me some more encouragement even I was nervous I may be caught taking courage again I proceeded for 10-16 minutes.

Then I dared to put my hand inside her skirt and squeezed her balls upon the bra for this too there was no resistance thereafter I lifted my hand and put inside the bra still not get any respond from her side. I left her skirt and open I opened the hooks, down came to her bra but her boobs did not move an inch hanging firmly on her beautiful body

with soft nipples of half an inch round & strong like marbles pointing me straight. I put my shaking lips on her nipple and start sucking slowly still she not respond even not open her eve’s, I got more courage and adjust my self in her blanket I put my one hand on her other nipple, While another hand start pulling up her choli (Skirt)

I found her panties and pulled her panties down slightly beside, and my fingers were under her panties and ran my fingers along her inner things. And rubbed her cunt slit. I moved to the top of her panties and dipped my fingers inside. My fingers moved through her pubic soft and silky hair as and searched knowingly for her cunt hole and start finger fucking solely later I put another

finger in her ass hole she slightly mover body and I get scare but not took off my finger out from her cunt and wait for few second then I start finger fucked from both sides gradually, her cunt and ass together. I pulled my finger out of my ass hole and ran my hand inside of her panties around her hips.

I slid her panties and then gently pulled it down, removing them from under her skirt. The hand in my cunt was now totally free. My slow finger fucking became more rapid. I feel her orgasm in my fingers. Suddenly I realize that may anyone can come any time in room as door is still open I move to close the room door but not look,

I come back and change my position almost a 69 at the same time I slide my paint and let my rood touch her body too as only her body was supporting me but alone I was enjoying with her body without her support. I could not control myself slowly inched my mouth up her legs and reached her thigh and I pressed my face against those silky hairs,

licking them and moving my tongue deep into her vagina and hand was busy to squeezing her boobs with my arms and licking together. Again, I was enjoying the sweet taste, I was running my tongue all along her vagina and I could feel her getting excited without saying a word and without moving a body part.

I was really enjoying every bit and burying my face between her buttocks licked her anus dry, her legs parted more giving me a better access to her vagina with my tongue. I was virtually nibbling the folds of her vagina My fingers parted her buttocks and moved to her anus, probing it gently. I wanted to lick her anus.

Parting the cheeks of her buttocks gently, I licked her across the crack. I licked her dark, tight anus gently till she eased up and her anus opened up a little to let my tongue in. Finally I decided not waste my time as any one can come at time now it was time for the final act and I told my self to start intercourse.

Now it was impossible for me to control, I start to make more space to fuck her start to pull her leg bit up finally she move her body and adjust a bit and make more convenient position for me, her legs opened a little more making it easier for my cock to reach her cunt again I change my position from 69 to be normal position

and put one more blanket in our body to protect our self in any circumstances I move to top of her and I put my dick on her wet pussy. She moan slightly and move her body bit I got scare for a second and wait for another second she didn’t move her face or body again and try to act as still sleeping I start pushing my cock slowly and gradually after five minutes of fucking

I feel some bit movement in her body I understand she is again about to come and feel gained huge orgasm as well now I increase my speed as I was also about to come I exploded my fluid in her pussy. Then I lied beside her for next 5 minutes. After that take my paint and become a normal condition and left the room to avoid any things as she was not saw my face even,

because she act that she was sleeping and everything’s happened under the blanket in dark nigh time. After I left the room back to join the same marriage ceremony and start enjoying singing with aunties and girls, my mom asked me that what happen why you back and not to sleep yet, I replied her that it is very noise and I can’t sleep here.

About 10 min later I saw her to coming from room and I was bit nervous founded her was going to bathroom she took almost 10 min in bathroom and back to sleep in other room. Next day I found organ spot on my bed cover which I take of for cleaning, same day morning I try to talk her but still she was not ready to give me a signal

I also act like a normal person and not dare to tell that I was the one who fucked you yesterday nigh. And next day she back to her home town and we never met again and still I have not idea about her. Hope you like this true storey; let me know your comment.

Enjoying sexy train journey

Hi this is Vijay from Mumbai. I got a call from my boss and was summoned to Ahmedabad in a hurry. I quickly packed some clothes in a carryall, remembering to pack some warm clothes as the weather was already cold in Bombay and it would be still colder in Ahmedabad. Since I was in a hurry I did not have any reservations

and had to get into the general compartment of the outstation train. It was going to be an overnight journey. The rush in the train was unbearable as it was the holiday season and entire families were packed into the general compartment. I some how got into the general compartment and got a place to stand between the two berths which faced each other.

Slowly the compartment got jam packed and I started feeling sleepy as the train got underway. At every station that the train stopped more people seemed to be getting in and it was getting more and more uncomfortable to even stand properly with passengers constantly getting in and trying to adjust their luggage and their children in the already jam packed compartment.

In this melee I felt my elbow hit something soft and as I turned around I saw a beautiful lady clad in a saree standing behind me. Realising I must have elbowed her breasts I mumbled a sorry with a embarassed look and tried to make space for her. She just gave me a understanding smile and continued to talk to some one behind her.

She must have been in her early twenties and was really beautiful to look at with doe shaped light brown eyes, sharp nose, lips that begged to be kissed, full breasts and great figure. I realised she was travelling with her parents or maybe her in-laws. After some time I again felt something soft pressing into my arm and I turned and saw she was fully pressed against me.

This time I didnot move and enjoyed the feeling. She didnot even look at me. After some time I moved my elbow to slowly rub her breasts and finding no reaction to the same continued to do so at regular intervals. About an hour later the train stopped at a station and a few passengers got off emptying some seats which I graciously offered to her.

She thanked me but insisted both her parents/inlaws should occupy the vacant seats as they were old aged and were more tired. This resulted in a changing of positions and now she was standing before me with her back to me talking to her parents/in-laws. As the journey resumed I was watching her figure resulting in a big hard-on

which I tried to conceal being my small carryall bag which I was still holding. After some time she slowly backed up against me and I could feel her ass against my hand which was holding the bag. I looked around and found that nobody was paying attention to us and it was night and all the passengers were feeling sleepy.

She suddenly looked over her shoulder and gave me a small smile making me realise that she was aware and was doing it intentionally. I slowly spread my palm against her ass and started to fondle them. The flesh of her ass was firm but soft. By now my penis was very hard and trying to come out of my pants.

So I slowly moved my hand out of the way and pressed my raging hard-on against her ass and moved from side to side rubbing my front against her ass and enjoying the feeling while checking around if anybody had noticed. Surprisingly not a single soul was aware of the play that was going on infront of their eyes.

Suddenly the train entered another station and some passengers on the upper berth got off the train. I looked at her face and signalled her with my eyes to take the seat on the upper berth. she got onto the upper berth and I got to sit next to her. We found that the passengers on the upper berth were haf asleep and no one was paying attention to anyone in particular.

I sat with my arm folded in front of me, my right palm being under my left arm. After some time she took the cue and acting as if she was falling asleep leaned against me. This resulted in her right breast coming squarely in my right palm. I started to fondle her breast and enjoyed the springiness of her young flesh for quite some time.

Then suddenly she sat up and looked around, then removed a blanket from her hand bag and wrapped it around herself. I suddenly realised why she was doing this and I also did the same. Now nobody could see our hands under our respective blankets. I now became more adventurous and extended my arm towards her under the blankets and fondled both her breasts turn by turn.

Then I inserted my hand inside her blouse and her silky bra and started fondling her breasts turn by turn revelling in the feel of the raw firm globes of flesh. I took her nipples between my forefinger and thumb and pinched her lightly. They hardened under my touch and grew bigger. By now she was very excited and her breathing had perceptibly become faster and ragged.

She then took my hand out of her blouse and over her stomach. she exhaled deeply, thus creating space between her stomach and the waist band of her saree and inserted my hand into her saree from the top. My fingers encountered her silk panties which were already soaked. I then inserted my fingers in the leg band of her panties and found a clean shaven pussy which was wet and slippery.

I inserted my middle finger upto the knuckles into her pussy and slowly started masturbating her. After some time she pressed her own hands against her mouth to stop herself from crying out and had a huge orgasm flooding my hands with her cum. She then pulled my hand out of her saree and sat quietly for a few minutes.

After a few minutes as her breathing came to normal she glanced at me and gave me a sweet smile. She then extended her hand under the blanket over my thighs and proceeded to open my zip. She then inserted her hand inside my pant, moved down the waist band of my shorts and took possession of my penis which by now was as hard as a rock.

The touch of her cool and soft hands were heavenly. She then took out my penis through the gap in my pants and proceeded to give me a hand job. She was quite an expert at it. Since all this was going on under the blanket non of our co-passengers was even aware as to what had just transpired in the compartment.

As I was about to come she took out a tissue paper from her bag with her other hand and covered the top of my penis just in time to catch the first jets of jism that I shot under the blanket. After all this activity and excitement we went to sleep leaning against each other in the rocking compartment.

When my eyes opened after a few hours I found that my companion had already got down at some station with her parents/ in-laws. Since then every time I travel I try to look for her hoping for a repeat of the last encounter. I am still looking…

Guy made keep by Amrita

Hi all, I recently got to know about this website and after reading all the sexcapades, I thought to write mine, which in a way still amuses me. I would say that I was rather lucky then calling me a macho super sexy guy. It all happened some 4 years back when I was at my college and just for fun I started helping one of my friend in selling credit cards.

I was quite good at talking, sober and decent looking guy and was good at selling things and my friend was more than happy to keep me with him and in turn he would give me some bucks from his commission. One fine day in the month of November he asked me to visit one of his client Mr. Rakesh to sell add on card for his wife.

Being a sunday I visited their place at Aundh sharp at 11 a.m to be greeted by a damm damm beautiful lady. Later I came to know that she was rakesh's wife -swati. Rakesh was a well built guy - sporty 5'10", very smart and Amrita was there to best compliment him with very very sharp features, very fair, big eyes roughly 5'7", 27 - 28 years of age, nice pair of full breast and a firm thighs and legs.

It was too hard to Imagine by an average looking guy to even think about such lady or to imagine even touching her. It didn't took me much time to sell the card and I asked for photograph of Amrita and some other verification proof. I was told to visit next day to collect the same at the same time.

Next day - I was there sharp at 11 a.m, and was very excited to see that gorgeous babe again and I knew that she will be alone this time so thought to just flirt a while and leave the place as I knew this lady was beyond my reach. I ringed the bell, here she was - I nice knee length skirt with a cream colour tight T - shirt.

I was clearly able to see the bra lining of nice oozing and inviting boobs. First thought that came to my mind was just press them hard and run away from there but destiny had something else as it was going to be my day and how that day has an effect on me till now. She casually asked me too sit asked for water and went inside to get photographs.

As soon as I got them I said Mam you look good in your photographs, she just smiled. Then just casual chat started with how I am helping my friend and its not my usual business. slowly time passed and it seemed that she started taking intrest in talking, I could make out by now that she is quite fun loving, outgoing girl who loves talking.

after some time she said I think we can grab some cofee. I was in no mood to leave the place and I said yes sure. She started making cofee and I started reading book lying on the table and thought its not good idea to be sitted like this and thought to help her in the kitchen. I asked shall I help you with cofee and reply came in yes sure you can come in.

It was a 3 BHK flat and kitchen was just adjacent to the drawing room. I quickly went in and stood adjacent to her. It was quite unusual for me to be with this lady in the kitchen and it came to my mind I was never so friendly with Amrita then what is going on. While preparing coffee her arms brushed with mine few times, there was no talking,

there was some sort of mysterious silence and man that was the first time I sensed some gravity pulling us together. I looked at her - Long brown hair pulled away from her face, nice subtle make-up, with just the right amount of red lipstick to make her look classy not slutty; that side of her was hidden and you only saw it if she wanted you to.

I couldn't take my eyes of those lips I could not wait the temptation and man I dont know what happened to me or my guts I simply asked Mam can I please kiss you ( maybe I sensed there is some opportunity and I need to make a move). I got very harsh stare from her as if she is about to give a nice tight slap and call up her husband.

I was totally in fear....It seemed my heart beat has stopped and I am about to fall. She kept staring at me for quite a while and just came near me...without saying anything, She came around in front of me, keeping her arms around my neck, leaned down and said go ahead...I was not able to bear all this excitement I was not understanding what is this going on here.

A lady that I cant imagine even in my dreams..much taller than you...who is so beautiful that even the most hansome hunk could have ever imagined is taking control on this average looking guy...I made my move and planted a very slow and not so agressive kiss on the softest thing I have ever sensed. She got bit agressive and took charge...

She started kissing me verry passionately as if she wanted to just feel each bit of eat..that fragnance of her mouth mixed with her body perfume was driving me crazy...Our heads slightly tilted, eyes open to see the other person, and then a slow approach and I also started feeling her.

We both knew what we were going ahead for the big thing and she had some long term intentions on her mind. I parted a bit and said mam we can go bit slow... she didn't said anything and again came back on me. we started feeling the other's hot breath, then our lips just rubbed together gently, and then the harder part of the kiss materialized.

Our mouths opened slightly and our tongues gently tested the acceptance of the other. Once it was clear that we were both receptive to a deep kiss, our tongues explored even deeper and with more ardor. As we kissed, my penis stiffened and my pants started to show the bulge. My hands were no longer idle;

I could run one hand up and down Swati's damn sexy legs and use the other to stroke her buttocks over her the slow stroking I started was no doubt felt by her as though she was naked. I was doing all this very gently as I didn't want her to suddenly scream, "Pervert" or slap me or tell Trish that I'd hit on her.

After we were well into our second kiss, I doubted any of those options would occur. Neither of us moved our bodies. Swti remained standing with me stroking up and down one ass cheek and then the other. I was now seated on a Kitchen stool laying nearby..I was seated with her breasts pressed around my left shoulder.

Our heads were turned and tilted towards each other so that we could continue kissing. I knew by now that it is my day today and I am going to have this marvelous lady..I put my hands on her hips and was holding her close, but without pulling her into my penis region..She moved forward, pushing her pelvis into against me. Believe me she was too horny to control...

She was just sitting on top of me and kissing me like anything..I was in no mood to ask what and why and reciprocating Amrita with equal ferver. I now started taking my hand from her knees towards her thigh to touch that bare milky white skin...her thighs were very very nicely shaped and my thing was just growing and growing with site of each inch of her legs...

I just reached her black coloured panty and started playing with her panty strap...there was no space for me to take my hand toward her pussy...she got up and straight went out of kitchen...I followed her as if some magnet was pulling me...I followed her to her bedroom and she moved and with her face towards me laid her back on her bed..

I straight away followed her and fell on top of between her legs..she wasted no time and grabed me between her legs and put both of them on either side of me....what a sight it was..I was now on top of her.....her skirt slightly above her thighs...and I was just running my tongue all inside her mouth to take all juice of her lips..I shall admit I was quite violent this time.

As kisses grew more passionate I placed my hand on side of her t-shirt to remove it from her.. I was dying to see those pairs of tits and her milky white body...she sensed my move We just drifted apart for a sec...and Mutually she raised her hand so that I can pull Tee out of her body... gooooooshhh... I can't explain that view....a very beautiful lady..

a milky whilt body with just a black bra, a hanging mangal sutra and a skirt...that innocent face and eyes full of some burning desire. I don't know why that skirt was tempting me so much that I didn't pulled it down but took no time to remove her black laced panty at the same time...Now here was the most beautifl lady that I have ever seen in my entire life...

with just a skirt and bra on...and lying in front of me inviting me hard and ready to take control of mine and get her satisfied....she just came towards me and made a move to remove my t - shirt.... I helped her and together we removed my tees....I was on my knees now and she went down and started removing my no time my jeans was on my knees..

she was looking at me in a very naughty way and placed her hand on my frenchies above my love handles and puleed it down...My thing was already erect and it just bounced in front of her face...she grabbed it with both of her hand and started rubbing it a bit in a move to feel my warm penis and sense a new thing that has come into her life..

she was now staring at the rod and planted a very wet kiss on its tip and can see one end of her saliva being stayed on her lips and other end conneted on tip of my penis...I just pushed her down again and gently pushed myself on top her..and I can;t describe the feeling that I got ehen my penis touched her vagina with her skirt on and those beautiful legs rolled up on my buttocks

I just raised her bit by putting my hand behind her back..and in no time loosened her bra..I put my head to her lacy bra and blew my hot breath on the tit top of first one breast and then the other, I was rewarded soon enough as I felt each nipple rise to meet my moist call. I made small biting motions through the bra's thin material at each nipple.

Amrita watched intently as I ministered to her breasts with my mouth. She cradled my head and was holding me close to her.This time I willingly got closer and closer to her pussy, I was trying to make these moments as sensuous as possible for both of us, expecting them to end at any second.

In a split of second she was on my top and started running her tongue around each of my nipples, biting gently as she went. I was going into orbit. Her bra started moving down that was already undid earlier, Her nips were highly erect and sticking out three-fourths of an inch. She just laid on my chest to kiss me and allowed her to use just her nipples to stroke my chest.

I finally stopped her and captured a breast in my mouth, suckling onto her nipple with at first gentle and then rougher sucking and biting action. Her body language told me I was hitting all the right spots. As I sucked on her nipples, I again started stroking up and down her legs with my free hand.

She stood and faced me her beautiful erect breasts betraying her arousal, We stood facing each other for a moment. Both of us were totally nude (except she was still in her skirts wich was already raised till waist level). My erection arched out from my body. Her pubic area was having very little hair as if recently shaved.

Then we came together in another hug; this time savoring the feeling of each other's bodies and our skin-to-skin contact. We rubbed our bodies together to maximize the skin contact. We had another one of those soul kisses; this time with greater meaning and feeling to it. I took her in my hand..and laid her on her back..I buried my face between her legs.

She spread her legs apart for maximum availability. I slowly licked up and down her slit, savoring her musky taste. I found her clitoral nub and periodically focused attention there. After a few moments of external stimulation, I brought a finger into action. I thrust in and out of her pussy lips with the finger as I continued my oral attention.

Amrita was jerking around on the bed and moaning encouragements to me. I felt around inside her vagina and finally located her G-spot by the slightly rougher texture of cuntal skin. I could tell I found the right place, because Amrita yanked my head into her pussy when I stroked the area and sucked on her clit at the same time. "Ohhhhhhhhh," she groaned.

I kept stroking her G-spot and increasingly focused on her clit, not fully ignoring her swollen labial lips either. I occasionally thrust my tongue in and out of her pussy too. Her moaning and panting increased. Finally, she clutched the top of my head and pulled me into her. A long "Faaaahhhuuucccckkk," replaced her groans.

Her hips rose off the bed as she thrust her cunt into my mouth. There then followed a series of little squeaks and moans as her body visibly deflated from her climax. Till now there was no talking between was just a passionate play that was going on between us...She then pushed me over on my back and arched her body over so she could take my erection into her mouth.

I had deflated slightly while I was administering to her. At first she had the whole penis in, but then a surge of arrived and my cock grew to a rigid rod, and she was only attending to the end. Amrita alternately stroked me in a masturbating move and sucked and licked the mushroomed head of my unit. I kept swelling.

Gradually, she pulled the rod deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt the tip enter her throat as her lips pushed into my pubic bone. Now I was the one moaning. I started little thrusts to emphasize that I had a mission to accomplish too. She reached up and stroked and pinched my nipples. If I have the choice of where to cum, it is not into a willing mouth,

although that's not a trivial activity. I would much rather be embedded deep in a warm pussy. So, when I felt my internal plumbing go on high alert, I pulled Amrita up to me indicating it was time to couple. At my urging, Amrita straddled my hips facing me. She rose up while she held my saliva-covered cock in her right hand.

She rubbed the mushroom head along her slit several times, focusing on her clit. She started little up and down jerky movements over me, sometimes thrusting her hips forward and sometimes to one side or the other. Each time she came down, my dick would go a little deeper into her cunt. Quarter inch by quarter inch she worked her pussy down my cock.

Until at last our pubic bones pushed together. We didn't move for a few moments, just enjoying the sense of mutual coupling that we had accomplished. I relished in the warmth surrounding my cock, punctuated as it was by an occasional muscle twitch from her. I reached up and again started to stroke and smooth her breasts, rubbing her nipples between my fingers.

I could actually feel her cuntal muscles contract when I pinched or bit into one of her nips a little harder than usual. Gradually, we established a rhythm as I pistoned in and out of her vagina. We enjoyed this pace for a few moments and then Amrita started to rotate her hips in a rolling motion that sucked my cock deep into her body on her forestroke -- right up to her cervix,

and then released me on the backstroke. I bet she knew what she have to do.. She was bent over me as she was doing this so that I could suck on first one breast and then the other. Her nipples were rigid, the same as my cock; all were steel rods of varying lengths extending from our bodies to maximize our pleasure in some way.

Swati's rotating hips did me in. I couldn't hold back any longer and told her so. "I'm going to cum," I said in panting voice. She smiled and kissed me again; "Me too," she said. We pumped only another thirty seconds with increased vigor as my orgasm arrived. I could feel the approach from deep in my body.

The first rays of ultimate pleasure filled my whole lower body as I thrust up into her cunt. The wonderful sensation radiated outward until it was focused on my balls and cock. Rapidly, then, signals going to my brain said this is spectacular; you feel good all over -- and I did.

My little pump called forth the frothy white semen from deep within me and I could feel the surges moving down my urethra into Swati's body. I came and came and came, filling her exquisite pussy with my love juice. Swati's orgasm arrived simultaneously with mine. Her vocalizations became louder and louder again.

Moans had turned into squeaks of enjoyment had turned into slutty words, spoken and then shouted, urging continued fucking, sucking and licking until the end of time. Her back arched and she thrust her cunt down onto my cock for deep penetration. Her arms moved back to support her from falling backwards onto my legs.

I was deep into her body, my cockhead by her cervix as I exploded. I could feel the strong rippling muscles inside her milking every drop of fluid from my cock. What a great fuck it was...We just laid on top of each other for some more time... I was just watching the contrast of color her body was giving with mine and was still wondering how this happened with me today...

Silence was still maintained... she just got up... dressed herself and walked out of bedroom...I didn't knew what to I just dressed myself and went see her sitting on the couch filling form for the credit card..I came beside her...she just looked at me and smiled...and gave her photograph...Relief came with her smile...

She took my phone number and gave me Rs 5000 and said don't get too serious about it..and just forget whatever happened...Let me know if you are intrested in more money....It didn't took me much time to collect that she wanted to keep me as her keep and wanted to call me to satiate her sexual urge...

Who will say No to god damm sex godess and to the extra buck...but that was the day when it started...This has already become too long..she is a mother of a 2 yr boy (ofcourse its not mine) but I am still her keep...she calls me occasionally whenever she feel alone and wants to talk out loud...we are very good friends now but I never try to interfere with her personal life that is going great.

Foreplay in Train

I am Kannan, age 28 and still a Bachelor. This is the first time I am submitting a Story, which happened two weeks back when I was returning to Hyderabad from Bangalore in Train. I am working in a MNC in Hyderabad, due to my work I will frequently travel to Bangalore and Chennai.

This time also I went to Bangalore and returning to Hyderabad in a unreserved compartment as I didn't get any Berth, due to unplanned travel. The Train compartment is almost empty and on the opposite seat of mine there was a Mother (45) and daughter (20), they are also traveling from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I had a laptop bag with me, I didn't kept it on the luggage stand.

I kept the bag on my lap and I started to sleep by keeping my head on the bag. Suddenly I woke up as I was feeling some disturbance on my feet. The time have crossed Twelve in the night, Train is going on its way and the girl who sat on the opposite seat of mine was sleeping on the floor covering her with a Bed spread. Her mother is sleeping on the opposite seat.

Nobody else was there in that cabin except us. The girl's feet is touching on my feet, I thought she is in deep sleep. Till now I didn't have any wrong intentions about her in my mind. So I adjusted my self and started to sleep again. But after about 10 minutes she kept her foot on mine and started to rub, now I understood her intention.

I maintained the silence and I pretend like sleeping. After some time she raised one of her foot to some level and continued raising my trouser, rubbing on my bare leg. Now my dick started to erect. I thought of starting my actions. I slowly stretched my legs, by seeing my movement she had taken back her legs to normal state and pretend like sleeping.

But I stretched my legs till it reaches her leg and I touched her leg over the Bed spread. I haven't stopped there, She is sleeping on her back, so I have slidden my leg inside the Bed spread till it reaches her thigh. I kept it there for some time by touching her outer thigh and I started to caress her outer thigh using my leg fingers.

Then slowly I inserted my leg fingers below her bums inside. Suddenly she kept one leg above other in crossing position, so I got some space to insert my leg. I inserted my leg till it reaches her anus and started to tickle using my thumb finger of leg. She started to act for my tickling, she is jerking her body slowly.

Now I bent downwards, took my right hand and inserted in to her bed spread. She was wearing a Churidhar, I kept my hand over her thigh and started to caress slowly. Now I progressed my hand towards her inner thigh and slowly I touched the warm triangular area of her and continued my fondling.

Now my leg's thumb finger is tickling her anus under her bums and my hand's fingers are fondling her pussy area over the churidhar pant. I could feel her movement now, she is moving her hips up and down slowly and enjoying the activity which I am doing. I continued this for some time, then slowly I inserted my hand inside her churidhar top and touched her bare belly.

I progressed my hand upwards and reached her boobs over the bra. I caught her left side boob and started massaging slowly over the bra. Suddenly I pulled the bra downwards and started to squeeze her bare boobs and pinched her nipples one by one. She adjusted herself so as that I can easily put my hand inside her churidhar top to squeeze her boobs.

I did this for some time, then again I brought my hand down to her belly and massaged there. I slid my hand inside her panty on the top and squeezed her bare pussy. Now I can feel her pussy hole with my fingers. It was wet, I inserted two of my fingers and started to finger fuck her. She started to move her hip up and down again.

All these time, she is closing her eyes. Now the time is almost 4AM, I could hear some talking sounds on the next cabins. I squeezed her pussy again, took my hand to her boobs again, squeezed them. And took my hand out before somebody comes and came back to my original position.

All these time, my leg's finger was continuously tickling her anus. When everybody got up, she also got up and sat on the opposite seat of mine next to her mother and smiled at me. When we reached the Junction I went on my way and she went with her mother.

Fucking sweet Shalini

Hello all my friends (HumanDigest readers), I am raj ( 26 yrs ) from lucknow. today I am writing my 1St story for you people. some days ago I have posted amassage on a website that who would like to enjoy life can contact me through my email.

After some days posting this I opened my inbox I was surprised to see there was a comment from a female asking whether its real or fantasy. Her name was shalini ( not real ). But there was no means I could contact her.

Then next day I got an email in my inbox. I hurriedly opened it and found that it's the same girl shalini. In her mail she again asked me about my experienceand other detailswhether I am a workin person or oher etc.... So I replied her via mail and told her all she wanted to know. Then next day I got her mail thanking me for sharing my experience with her.

Then wrote her that everyone has some experiences in life and I feel experience is made to share with someone. Also I asked her about her experiences and at the bottom I given my mobile number and told if she ever wishes to talk to me then she can. I was not sure whether she will call or not.

Then I started waiting for her mail or call but for next few days nothing happen. I thought that I have lost her. But after about 1 month on sunday noon I got a call. I picked it. I said hello a sweet voice came. It was shalini.

She hesitatingly reminds me about her and I quickly said that I remember her. Then we talk for a while just normally. I asked abt her family but she didn't told me and said that she will tell at the right time. I didn't mind that bcoz I know that its not easy for a girl to have faith in anyone so early.

After that v talked for next 3 days, she asked abt me and I told her. Now she started to have some faith in me. Then one day shalini told me her real name and told me to keep her details secret. I asked her why then she told me that actually she is married. And this friendship of ours can destroy her married life.

I promised her to keep it secret. After that day v started to talk more freely. One day while we were talking in night (her hubby was on night duty) she said to me that these days everyone says that she looks happier than usual. She said that this change has come into her life since she is talking to me.

I said thanks to her and asked why she use to b unhappy usually. She kept quite for some time when I repeated my question then she said in faint voice that actually she has been married for 6 yrs now but still has no child. Also her hubby is sooo busy with his work that he doesn't care much about her.

Then without asking she told all her story. I told her to b calm and b happy. Life never remains same, u don't worry ur life will also change. Then I started talking abt other day when v were talking I casually asked her to meet some where, for which she readily agreed but she told what will she say to her hubby.

I said she can tell him that she is going to some of her friends to which she has missed a lot after marraige. She said that she afraid of her hubby soo much, if he came to know that her wife has a male friend than surely he will divorce her. Than I asked her ok u tell what want ? "I mean how and where v can meet."

She then think for few seconds and than said u can come to my home this sunday for lunch or dinner as my hubby is going out for tour. I asked her isn't it dangerous to meet at home. She said no its safer than meeting outside place bcoz no one comes to their house bcoz of her hubby's nature.

So I agreed and said that I will come on sunday evening for dinner.readers, till that time I was not having any lust for shalini. For me she was a very cute and nice friend. Than the sunday came and I was very excited to meet my new friend. In the evening I dressed up in non denim jeans and cream color t shirt

And left for her place, which was few kms away from my house. I reached there and called her & told her that I am near her house, should I ring her bell???? She told me that no need to rang bell as she has left door unlocked. She told me to take care that no one c me coming inside.

I did exactly hat and secretly entered into her house. It was a beautiful house, with every expensive item. I locked the door from inside and than called her name, suddenly I felt that there is someone behind me. I turned and found a stunning beauty. It was shalini.

My eyes were wide opened seeing her she was like an ice-cream which is made to eat only. Her figure 34 26 32 was simply gr8. As I moved towards her she said hii to me and for my surprised she first hugged me tightly. I also did the same. Than v sat in the drawing room and started talking.

While talking v were also watching t v. First she was sitting in front of me but after some time she started tv and came to sit with me coz tv was on her back. I didn't mind that. Her arms touching mine and her thighs also touching mine. V were talking normally but after some time I asked her,

that she is soo good looking but one thing I feel is missing there. She asked me what? I told that why she always seems to be tense. I told her that her beauty will increase many times if she keeps smiling all the time. She smiled looking at me and put her hand on my hand and said that u is the best friend I have ever found.

I felt while holding my hand shalini was slowly rubbing and playing with it. Suddenly something came to my mind and I said that I want ask u something but I am afraid that u might get angry. She told that come on raman, u r my best friend. You can ask anything.

Soo by her words I got courage and asked with a light voice "shalini, can I kiss u " if u wont mind. She looked at me for a second. Scared by her eyes I said don't mind it just came to my mind and I asked. Don't get angry about that. But surprisingly she said ok u can. Now we were just few inches away.

She placed her cheek near me so that I can kiss it. But I wanted to kiss her lovely red like rose lips. Soo I first told her to close her eyes coz its not easy for me to kiss her while she is looking. So she closed her eyes. Now I hold her hairs from back and moved her lips towards mine.

Just before our lips could contact she opened her eyes but it was too late now. Within a fraction I put my lips on her and was kissing her gently, she first did nothing but within few seconds she also started responding. Our kissing was getting hotter now. I had left her hairs as there was no need to pull her towards me now.

Her hands automatically were now on my back. After sometime I felt that she is getting wild with this kissing session. Soo I stopped than v separated. I said her sorry; she said hey it was soo good. Why u feel sorry. She said it's a long time since she had kissed like that.

Surprised by her, I asked ur hubby don't do anything to u? She told me in sad voice that he doesn't have time for me. Also she told me that they had sex just once in last 2 months. While telling this she started crying. I put my hand on her shoulder and patted her lightly to console her.

When she stopped crying I took a promise from her that she will never ever cry again. My hand was now slid to her back over her t-shirt. It was really good to feel her back, sliding my hand all over while consoling her. Suddenly my hand went to the bottom of her t-shirt and when I tried to slid it up again it went directly inside her t-shirt.

For the first time my hands were on her bare back and what a feeling that was. Her skin was smooth like silk. I once saw at her face, but she didn't resisted. Now it was clear to me that she needs enjoyment and satisfaction sooo I decided to help her as she was now my good friend.

I was sliding my hand all over her back inside her t-shirt. Suddenly she hugged me and now I put both m hands inside her t-shirt and started messaging. She kissed me many times. And then in a light voice she said to me "let's go inside".

Till that time I was also aroused so I just took her in my arms and she guided me to her bedroom. Her bedroom was a really nice one having a big circular bed with soft mattresses. There was dim light in that room and very nice fragrance was also there.

I think she had done all that arrangement bcoz she was having prior intentions to enjoy with me as her hubby doesn't satisfy her. I was a bit nervous because I have never had sex with any married lady.i told me to wait for a min, she will b back in 1 min.

Then she went outside room and returned having some cd's in her hand. I asked about cd's, she told me that she has a secret fantasy of having sex while watching blue film. Then she said lets not waste time now and quickly started one cd on tv.

Up to that time I was also became fully aroused so I followed her to the tv and stood just behind her. When she turned after turning on the cd player, v both collide but no one tried to separate. Then both hugged tightly and then I pull her in my arms and took her to the bed.

Now she was lying on bed looking at me. I first removed my shoes, then my t-shirt and then I got over her and started kissing slowly from her shoulder to her neck and then her cheeks I was kissing as if I were sucking her flesh.

Due to my wet kisses she got aroused soo much that when brought my lips close to her lips she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me towards her and started smooching. I also was going out of control. Soon I removed her t-shirt and also opened her jeans too.

She herself removed her jeans completely and was now just in her pink lacy bra and red panty. She was looking like a sex goddess at that time. I quickly grab her and started kissing her chest area and then I opened her bra strap from behind and with my mouth I took her bra off her body.

And what gr8 pair of boobs was in front of me. Her boobs were 36 d cup size. Sooo tight and with light brown nipples and big areola. I started sucking her boobs like a hungry child and she was moaning during this time. She was also looking at the movie and that I feel was getting her more excited. Suddenly I felt her hand on my cock.

I understood that she want that now. I saw in the movie the girl was sucking cock so I quickly opened my jeans and without any hesitation asked her to do the same thing that girl is doing in the movie. And for my surprise she was more than ready to do that.

Feeling her interest, I asked her that does her hubby don't do this thing to her. She said he don't have time for me. He only fucks in missionary position for a short time and then sleeps. Then without asking me she took my cock in her hand and started to rub it. My cock was getting hot and bigger in her hand.

Her hands were soo soft that I thought if her hands r this much soft then how soft her mouth would be? After messaging my cock for 5 min. She was now ready to take it in her mouth. Till that time I removed my cloths completely and also her panty. Now v both was fully nude on her bed.

Then I sat on the edge of her bed and she sat on floor in front of me, with her mouth near my cock. And then she first kissed my cock tip lightly. With the touch of her lips my cock became more erect. Then she took about 2 inches of my cock into her mouth.

Her lips were wrapped around my cock and in a flash she tools my entire cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop. I was in heaven soo she was. She was eating it coz she had been hungry for sex for soo long. It was about 11pm night.

Although I had to return home but v both were soo involved that I had decided in my mind to stay with her whole night now as she sucked my cock for some time, I felt pressure in it, I understood that I was going to cum now.

I tried to take my cock out of her mouth but she didn't let me take it away. I told her that I am about to cum now. She said sooo what?? U wants cum? I never stopped u, u r free to cum anytime u want. U want it now sooo do it right here.

Saying this she again took my cock in her mouth and within few seconds I cummed in her mouth. She tried to drink but was not able to drink it all as some on my cum leaked out of her lips. Now my cock was again normal size.

She left it now and v both went to bathroom, there I took some water to clean my cock but she didn't let me clean it and instead she cleaned it with her tongue and lips. In this process some more cum I jerked into her mouth.

Then she cleaned my cock and also herself with water as some of my cum was also on her face and her boobs. After cleaning she took my hand to go to bedroom again. But now it was my turn to act and I did it. I pulled her towards me inside the bathroom and closed the door,

she understood what I wanted and was ready for that. Now I first took her my arms and said in her ears that it's the best time of my life with a girl. She in return whispered in my ear that "i never thought that I cud get a friend like u, who can do anything for friendship ".

Then she asked me that can I ask for a promise??? I said ya sure. She said that u promise me that this night will remain in between us only and I will never tell anyone about it. I thought about it for a sec then told her that I can not promise that. She asked why?

I told that I want share this experience with Human Digest readers but I promise you that I will never ever tell her true details to anybody. It a promise. After which she said ok. And then v hugged tightly with my hands rubbing her tight round butt.

Also just then I started shower and now v were under shower totally nude. While rubbing her ass I slid my hand to her pussy and felt it was all wet. When I touched her pussy she pressed my back tightly. Seeing her reaction I put my one finger into her pussy and played with her pussy.

Then I slid my 2nd fingered and with some difficulty it also entered inside. Now I was moving my fingered in and out and shalini was moaning with pain and pleasure. Her voice was making me even hornier and I started doing that fast and after some time she cummed on my hand.

Then I removed my hand and she took my hand in her hand and licked her own juices from it. Then I stopped the shower and took her to the bedroom. And she sat on the bed. I said to her that ur hubby fucks u in missionary position and u r bored of it soo I wont fuck in that position.

She smiled at this. I asked her how she wants it. She hesitatingly told that she like doggie style most as she has seen in many movies but her hubby never tried that. It was 12 past midnight. I sat her in doggie style and placed my cock on her love hole that was begging to get fucked.

I first rubbed it lightly between her pussy lips which made her scream in pleasure. Her eyes closed and just one word came out of her mouth, common raman fuck me now, I need u inside plsssss. As she said this I pushed my dick inside her pussy which was quite tight.

When half of my cock was entered she was in so much pain. I stopped there for a while soo that her pain becomes less. After few seconds when I felt that she is now ok, with a forceful jerk I pushed my whole cock inside. Due to this sudden insertion she almost cried and few drops of water fall from her eyes.

I was not feeling good as she was in pain but this pain she had to bear for sometime if she wants to get satisfied. Soo she did. I kept my cock full inside for some time and slowly I started jerking it in and out. Gradually I increased my speed and shalini was also cooperating by pushing her ass towards me.

My cock was touching her inner walls and my balls were touching her ass cheeks with every shot. While fucking her I was enjoying her body also. Pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples etc and she loved after some time I lost control and suddenly jack off in her pussy.

I said sorry to her but she said no worry she has contraceptive pills. Then as v both were exhausted so v slept nude in each others arms. During night 3 times v wake up and every time I had to fuck her. In the morning v got up late and then v decided to take bath together.

In bathroom also v fucked under water and believe me that was the best moment for both of us. After that I had some breakfast and then left for my home. Before leaving she said to me that u are the best friend and the best partner for me. I love u more than anybody.

I also said that I did that because my friend needed that. Then I returned home and lied at home that I was in office whole night. After few days shalini called me, I picked her call and found her sobbing. I asked the reason, she told me that her hubby is transferred to bangalore and so she also has to shift with him there.

I told her that don't worry, everything will b all right. Also I promised her that whenever I came to bangalore I will definitely meet her. Then after few days shalini was gone and I was all alone again. Coz I don't believe in love, all I believe in is friendship for which anything could be done.

Fucking hot Mallu aunty

Hi my name is viru(name changed) I am residing at Chennai, I am regular reader of stories at Debonair blog and also give my contributions too which I have experienced in my life the below incident happened in my life two days before only. I used to go to college in city bus where I have smooched lots of girls and sexy aunties.

As usual I was going in the bus I saw a very sexy aunty getting in to the bus. The bus was full and it was heavy traffic outside. I went near her and stood behind her. I started to touch her dick gently but she didnt know that, because the bus was full of rush not even single person can get in.

I started to lean on her dick so that naturally my penis got brushed at the centre of her anal crack. This made me to go crazy and started to fully rest my body on her comfortabily while doing so I saw her cleavege through her saree.

She might be around 35 years of age and married but anyone can guess that her boobs are still inviting by looking it at one glance. I slowly started to brush her navel in a very gentle manner. Immediately after that I saw the lust on her face she was biting her lips this confirmed the msg that she is enjoying it.

After this I slowly touched her boobs as if I am asking for ticket from conductor. She laughed at me and after that I made this a routine everyday by going at same time. This continued for one week one fine day she spoke to me and invited me to her house. I accepted her request immediately and went to her home.

She told that she is married and her husband is working in banglore and she had a child (2 yrs). She gave me coffee we both chatted for a while. While chatting with her I visually raped her by looking at her thoroughly from top to bottom. She was 36-28-36. Any person can go crazy by looking at her dick.

It was like football on both sides with some gap in between. I wondered whether I can see her body fully naked. She went to take bath with door opened willfully to attract me. When I saw that I ran in to bath room and hugged her very tightly even her husband wouldnt have hugged her this much.

I started to press her dick my god what a experience that was. She moaned loudly when I did so "aahahah oh come on come on man you can do it kill me please" I soaped her boobs and the nipples were standing very straight as if inviting me to bite it and I did the same slowly her pressed her fleshy navel and juices came oozing from her vagina.

Then she gave me a blow job.She took my penis in her hands and placed it at the entrance of her vagina I gave it a push and it smoothly went inside she started to moan very loudly and cried I went very slowly and started to increase my strokes I went very hard she begged to go slowly but I didnt mind it

after doing this for a while I asked her to bend in doggy position and launched my rod in to her ass hole she was such a sex beast she didnt leave for about 15 minutes while doing so. After this we took rest for about half an hour. She said she has to breast feed her child I said that I am also feel hungry

so I too want to drink some breast milk.She feeded me on her left breast and the baby on her right.Throughout the day we had fuck sessions and I had to get me dressed and went to home satisfactorily.So dudes be careful while fucking hot mallu aunties or else they will finish you.

Fucking hot stranger girl in Chennai

"ahuha..........aha..aha." was the sound coming from the neighboring room late in the night. It was intermingled with the sound of the screeching of the cot. My sleep was disturbed. It was a hotel, cheap, with only wooden partitions between rooms, since I could not get rooms in any of the decent hotels I had to take this room.

After finishing supper in one of the nearby restaurants I just changed and stretched in my bed and switched off the light and within minutes I started hearing this sound. The loud female moaning was definitely was as a result of the bumping by a man in the missionary style. I got interested.

There were only two rooms in the top floor of the building and one of them was occupied by me and the sound was coming from the other. Having been in a touring job and having had no sex for the past one month made me more curious and I just kept the door opened and kept a watch.

There was an open terrace and a bathroom and a washbasin. I saw an old man coming out and going to the bathroom followed by a girl of about 16 or 17, going to the wash basin and washing some clothes, may be towels. The man came back and hugged her in my full view and then pushed her into her room.

There was silence in the room and I thought everything is over and they would have gone to sleep. But some time later I heard sound similar to earlier sounds of fucking. The girl was moaning heavily and I thought she is enjoying the fuck, The creaking of the cot was heavy.

At about 4 am or so I heard their door being opened and someone leaving from the sounds of step emanating from the wooden stair case. There was a crying sound from the neighboring room. I went to that room and knocked. A girl with all tears opened the door.

She was apparently naked and was covering herself with the bed sheet provided by the hotel. I just walked in and consoled her and asked her what is the matter. She said the man who was in the room had gone with all her money and clothes. She had to go for an interview for a job and there were no clothes left.

She was the only daughter to her parents and she had to appear for an interview in Chennai. Her father asked his best friend to accompany her to go to Chennai to enable her to appear for the interview. She had done her graduation from the local college and there were some relatives in Chennai but her father did not want her to go to them for any help.

But father did not know ultimately who went with her. The fellow who came was a scoundrel. He was keeping his eyes only on her body and the moment they entered the room he demanded fucking her. Without any alternative she succumbed to him and he fucked her the whole night and by early morning

he decamped with her money and clothes. I told her not to worry and gave her my spare dhothi and pyjama and kurtha to wear for the time being. Luckily all her papers were with her. I said I will buy her a new set of clothes so that she may go for the interview. She was brownish and was a rustic beauty with huge tits and round ass.

She was scared to sleep alone in the room. I asked her to come to my room and sleep. With the bedsheet wrapped around her she came with me to my room and we lied in my narrow bed. My cock was was in fully erect condition and once or twice it poked her. Turning to my side she unwrapped her bed sheet and exposed her total nudity to me.

I hugged her and she responded. KIssing her on her cheeks and then on her lips and then squeezing her boobs and nipples and then kissing her nipples and sucking them I brought her to fully fore play and fuckable condition. Murmuring sweet words of gratitude she opened up for my climbing up on her.

Her pussy was neatly shaved and smooth for touching. I brought my six inch cock to its front, opened her cunt lips and poked. On account of the previous fucking her cunt was fully damp and poking was smooth and without any obstruction. I fucked her continuously for one hour which she also enjoyed.

I made her to ride me like a cow boy which she enjoyed very much. Her fluids which were copious made my lungi totally wet. In the early morning as soon as the shops were open I went and bought for her two sets of clothes and undergarments. She bathed and readies herself and went out for appearing for the interview.

I gave her some cash for her expenditure. By evening she came at about 5 pm and freshened herself and after supper we went to bed early. Another fresh bouts of fucking for two hours She was a nice and decent girl well educated. It was only by misfortune she was cheated by this stranger.

She had healthy appetite for sex and responded well for all my overtures. Thereafter she did not cry over her misfortunes, but enjoyed sex to the maximum with me. She sucked my cock to ready it for the next fuck and I gave her nice lick and sucks of her clit. Her on top fucking was a classic.

She climbed on me and in one jerk got my whole cock inside her and she knew many movements which will enhance her pleasure. In every movement she would see that my cock rubs against her clit or pokes her G spot. Her face contorted to reveal her emotional level of ecstasy.

After three days of interview she was told that she was selected. Beaming with happiness she was readying to go but wanted to give me a special treatment of sex. We had the wildest of sex. Her vaginal muscles squeezed every drop of my cum from my cock. She licked every inch of my body and rubbed her cunt all over me.

Though I had to spend lot of money for her, every pie was worth considering the pleasure she gave me. Finally I put her in the train by buying a ticket to her native place. I asked her what was the test she attended all these days.

She said it was civil service exam and she got her IAS while being fucked by me. She said my cock brought her luck and she would like to get fucked by me daily so that she may get her promotions also.


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