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Sexy encounter with Neha

Dear Friends Like you all I have also been reading lots of stories posted in this site which range from reality to fantasy.Friends I am a senior level banker and would like to recall some incidents which happened in my life. The names have been changed to respect the privacy of the individuals.

This incident happened more than 3 years ago.I was working with a leading bank and based out of Delhi. I was in Pune on some official work and had logged into yahoo to check my mails.Since I had some free time between meetings so I was randomly searching for some chatting frens and after 20 mins got a reply from a girl who introduced herself as Neha.

She was also from Delhi 25 years young cos women never want to grow old. Well we started talking and she told me that works for a company in Gurgaon and she seemed like a pretty bold girl by her conversation. I left after some time and we decided to restart the conversation in the evening. In the evening she was online and we started talking.

After talking in general for some time she told me that she has a cam. Needless to say that I was excited and wanted to see her and surprisingly she switched on her cam.She was a beautiful girl with fair complexion and lovely assets. She was wearing a long gown and just generally she was showing me some of her outfits and I requested her to put on a black gown knee length.

She was hesitant in the beginning but relented after my requests and after 10 mins she was on cam wearing that gown.The gown and the black colour further enhanced her beauty.Her boobs were milky white and were every man's dream to hold on to. I got an instant hard on seeing her and thanked my stars that night.

We exchanged our numbers and started talking regularly for a couple of hours. Next week I returned to Delhi and we decided to meet up.Our first meeting was in a mall in Gurgaon where we had coffee and did some general chit chat. I could notice that she was also attracted to me. In our meeting she confessed that she was actually married and wasnt happy with her marriage and her husband.

I comforted her and we planned to go for drinks on Saturday. She told me to pick her up from Dwarka close to her residence. I put on my best clothes that Saturday and went to pick her in my car with my driver.We reached at around 5 and after waiting for 15 mins Neha emerged out of her building complex dressed in a Black mini skirt and a black top.

I wish I could describe in words how sexy and seductive she was looking in that dress. I asked her how come noone in her house objected to her going out in that dress alone to which she said her husband and her in laws are out of town and she is alone with her granny who is too old to protest.Her milky white thighs and shapely legs were glowing and could make any man die on her feet lusting.

When she entered the car I was spellbound by her seductive body and couldnt believe what I was seeing.She giggled and asked me whats the matter and I said you are looking damn sexy to which she just blushed. Her top had a deep cut and her cleavage was clearly visible.She had 36 size breasts and I was getting a hard on in my pants just by their sight.

We went to Taj Man Singh and I ordered for a large bacardi and the waiter asked her what she would prefer.She ordered for Sex on the Beach seductively and the crossed her legs to give a sight of those sexy thighs to the waiter as well. We started chatting up and after a couple of drinks she became emotional recounting the problems she had in her marital life and how her husband treats her.

I comforted her with my hands caressing her sexy thighs. We had eight-nine rounds of drinks and I was deliberately drinking less and encouraging her. Finally at 8.30 we decided to leave. We sat in our car and I could sense that she was also desperate now. I started caressing her legs and slowly moved my hands up towards her pussy.

She was wearing a white panty and I slowly started rubbing her pussy. She was moaning softly and this further turned me on. I placed my other hand on her shoulder and slowly inserted my hands in her black top. I could feel the bra string and gently nudged it down. She had amazing boobs and they were so soft and so big that my hand was in seventh heaven.

She was also equally turned on by now and she started rubbing my penis over my pants. I slowly unzipped my pants so that her hand could reach for my penish.She pulled down my jockey and her first bare touch gave a tingling sensation throughout my body.She slowly started massaging my penis and I softly whispered in her ears that I want to eat her pussy.

She smiled and said in some time. Meanwhile I had unhooked her bra and my hands were massaging her bare breasts. Her nipples were pink and they turned me even more. I slowly started encirclining around her nipples with my fingers and I could see her nipples were getting erect. All this was happening while my driver was driving us through lonely bylanes where we had our own privacy.

I kept on playing with her nipples which made her wild. With my other hand I had removed her panty was was fingering her vagina which was already wet with precum. In the meantime she was enjoying with my long thick penis which she complimented for its size and length.When she couldnt control anymore she dragged me close to her and whipered in my ears "I want to eat you".

I held her close and started licking her earlobes which further turned her on. I asked the driver to stop in some place for some soft drinks. My driver was also very clever he stopped near a desolate place in Dwarka. I gave him 500 rupees and asked him to be in and around and keep a watch on the car from some distance.He smiled and nodded and went away.

I got inside the car and checked out if there was anyone around.After checking out I smiled at her and said "Now lets eat each other". She smiled and spread her legs wide.I bent down and with my mouth removed her panty.She had shaved her pussy and it was wet and hot. I slowly started licking her legs and softly giving love bites and reaching up.

She was moaning loudly as with my other hand I was massaging her erect nipples.My tongue moved up slowly to her thighs and she had milky white thunder thighs, I dig my teeth softly for a love bite and she moaned.I went further up to her vagina and started tickling the area around her vagina with my wet tongue.She was now on fire and I could sense it from her body.

I slowly started licking her vagina and inserted my tongue deep.She was screaming with ecstasy and I started sucking her juices.She tasted good and I continued for 15 mins and made her climax twice.

Now I lay back and opened my pants and told her "Now its ur turn honey". She started licking my balls and it was the best blowjob I have had ever.She was a pro thanks to her marital experience and she kept on softly nibbling and licking my balls.She then move to my penis and started sucking my penis.

My penis being long and thick she wasnt able to get it fully in her mouth but still she was damn good at her job.She sucked me for 10 mins after which I loaded my cum in her mouth.After this she got up and spread her legs. I slowly started to insert my penis in her vagina.She had quite a tight pussy considering that she was married.

My penis finally entered with a deep thrust and she screamed in ecstasy. I was pumping her and with my hands I was massaging those wonderul breasts. Her boobs were jiggling which further turned me on and I kept on pinching and kneading them with both hands. We continued for 10 minutes after which I removed my penis and asked her to drink my cum.

She gladly opened her mouth and drank it.We lay their in each others arms for another 15 mins post which I got a missed call from my driver. I called him and asked him to come. I dropped Neha at her place at around 10.30 at night and then went home. After this I had many such encounters with Neha for another year, will post the same next time. Would love your feedback on this.

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Rajesh fucking lady from the tuition classes

Hey friends, this is Rajesh again from Chandigarh. Now I tell you about my next encounter with beautiful lady whom I met during my tuition classes. Almost after 05 years when I left her for last time, suddenly she met me again in a Mall. She was shopping there alongwith another lady.

My Dick immediately sprung to life on just seeing her. But I controlled my emotions and went close to her and wish her in a very sober manner. She smiled back and surprisingly asked me, that where I was during these last 05 years and why don't I met her and family, blah…. Blah…. Blah….. in single breath.

Although I was not interested in these questions, but in the presence of another lady, I replied in such a manner as if I was just her children tutor in the past. We reached coffee shop in Mall and she ordered 03 coffees. My heart was pounding very fast as I remembered those old days enjoyed with this old beauty. I noticed that she had gathered some more meat around her buttocks, tummy and breasts.

She also noticed my glanced and then suddenly she asked me to visit her house on Sunday morning as her husband and children were also missing me. With this she slowly squeezed my hand under the table. I bid farewell to both ladies and started for my place. Sunday morning, at 11 am, I started for her house, with the hope to meet all old people at one place.

I parked my car in her porch and press the door bell. After some time, her maid opens the door and welcomed me in. As she was old servant of house and knows me very well. I straight proceeded to bedroom of my love just to meet her husband and children, but no one was there. I came back in drawing room and asked servant about everybody.

She said, "memshahib nha rahi hai aur shahib aur bache aaj subhe he Jalandhar gaye hain" (means madam is bathing and her husband and children have left for another city). The news was shocking for me. She still loves me and this must be her plan to seduce me in the absence of her family members.

Now, I could not control myself, and asked maid, that I am watching cricket match in the bedroom and asked her to prepare a good tea for me. Although in past I was just a tutor for this family, but my relations with everyone was so good that I was treated just like their family members. Anyhow, I reached straight to bathroom where my dream lady was taking bath.

I knocked at her door. She stopped her water and asked who I was. I did not answered and knock again. This time, she simply open her door to check outside. I immediately pushed the door and entered in bathroom. Oh my gosh…. She was standing there, totally nude with water dripping from her body. She could not imagine this act and just pushed me back when I tried to hug her.

She said, "servant is still in the house and your dress will be wet, if you tried to hug me, have patience, we have sufficient time with us today." I have no other option but to retreat back to bedroom just to wait for her next move. After 05 minutes she comes out wearing just a dark color gown. In between maid comes with tea. She served tea and asked what she will cook for lunch.

Turning her back to maid my lady asked me whether I would stop there for lunch (with that she also signaled me to refuse). I could not understand her intention, but I said how I can take lunch here without children and moreover I have to go just after taking tea. "OK" she said to her servant " I will also not take lunch today, so you may go now but remember to come back at 4 PM for other works".

"Thik hai bibi ji" replied servant and she was out of house. I lost no time, and just hug my love, her big boobs squeezed between us. "Wait, wait, wait my darling, let me close the door properly" she said and asked me to finish tea first. "NO ways" I replied, "today I will drink from your eyes only".

She stood up and closed the door from inside and spread her hands towards me, we immediately hug each other and I put my lips on her burning lips. Now we were in another world of lust, irrespective of the fact that this is an illicit relation. After long kiss, we broke and she asked me with tears in her eyes that where I was in these 05 years.

I said that it was my job that makes this separation. Suddenly we both went silent and sat quietly, as if we were gathering back our old memories. Slowly I turned her mouth towards me and kissed gently on her lips and laid her on bed. She spoke nothing and I pull up her gown from her body. She wore nothing underneath after her bath. Now she silently laid there without any movement.

I myself, remove my cloths and she just grabbed my dick in her hand and then kissed it. I put my dick in her mouth and she slowly start giving it pleasant mouth job. My dick was fully aroused and after a short fore play with her. She asked me to insert it in missionary position. I slowly insert my half dick in her dripping cunt.

She cried " Ohhhhfffffffffff………….. Raj……….. please don't move, I want to feel you for long time. I stopped there for few seconds and could clearly see that she was trying to feel me just at the entrance of her cunt. Anyhow I further inserted rest of my dick in her warm cunt and start making slow movements. She just closed her eyes and start moaning…

"yessssssss……..raj……yes….. ohhhhhhhhhh………ummmhhh………" Since her boobs were now much bigger than earlier so their circled movement with my thrusts were giving a unique look to her body. After 5-6 minutes she increased her upward movements and within few seconds her body ached and she hugged me tightly on her body and discharged herself.

Now I can feel much more lubrications in her cunt, so I lost a bit interest in such slippery conditions. She understood my intention and pulled out my dick from her cunt and clean it with cloth and also clean herself dry. Then she took my tool in her mouth and tried to suck me out, but I want to load my unique treasure in her cunt.

So I gently declined her mouth job and took her to my favorite place, i.e. corner of bed. Standing myself on floor, I hold her both legs in my both hands and slowly entered my dick in her cunt. Now I start my part of enjoyment and start thrusting furiously. Within seconds she again start moaning

"ohhhhh…… ahhhhh…… raj……. faster…. faster…. please……. you are killing me…… yessssssss…….yesssssssss…" and within few minutes she again reached her second orgasm and she was again limp in her approach. But I did not stop here and increased my speed. After fucking her different styles for next 10 minutes "ohhhhhhhhh…

ahhhhhhhhhh…….. I'm coming" I screamed to her. "Yes, darling, give it all to me, don't bother about me, I will take pill, please just load me with your magic water" she quickly replied back. This enhance my tempo and I hug her tightly and she also ached her body in anticipation of her third orgasm and after three four more thrust I spurt my load in her hot cunt."

ohhhhhhhhh…….. 1,2,3,4,5…… shots" a big orgasm after long long time. We were breathing fast and after few seconds I withdrew and laid with her. She turned her face towards me and after kissing on my lips she said, "I was waiting for such fuck for last many years, as you know my husband is drunkard man and he cannot give me such satisfaction"

I said nothing and just hugged her and we slept for about 02 hours in each other hands. She got up and approached towards her kitchen, again in my favorite condition, you guess right, totally nude…. Her swinging ass was diverting my mind towards another goal. I just sprung nude from bed and hug her from behind, poking my dick into her ass crack. She smiled back. What happened next…….. I will write in my next posting.

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Shashi getting manhandled in bus

Previously: Sex with Afro American students

Dear readers, this is the same shashi who works as a secretary for my boss who fucks me day in and out, u may remember me how me and my husband got raped while coming bk from ajmir to jaipur in the marble yard.

let me tell you this latest incidence of mine with six guys in a volvo bus on 17/8/11 at 6 pm, on my way to my house from jigani industrial area on bannergatta road in bangalore city, giving so much details so that the readers enjoy the real truth of the incident.

i am now 29 happily married but my hubby not much active in sex, if he touches my wet pussy he feels dirty and wash his hands, he hardly gives 4 to5 strokes and leaks out and turn other side and sleep off, which makes me leave with no other option to finger myself and quench my thirst, this exactly attracted me to my boss who treats me like a goddess of sex,

yes let me accept by nature I am bit oversexed and love it a lot, excepting during my periods or if boss is out of station, not a single day passes without having at least 30 mts of heated sex during any part of the day, he atleast fucks me in my pussy or ass minimum 5 times a week, and I swear I am addicted to his body and handling, HE JUST KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE A WOMAN TO THE CORE.

as usual on the 17 nth I finished my work at 6 pm and took a volvo bus 365 J from jigani which is my work place, it was raining for the last few days and today also it started to drizzle and by the time I boarded the bus I was 25 % wet, as I was in a saree I had used the pullo to cover my head from getting wet. the bus was fully crowded and from the front door I couldnt enter so entered through the center door,

if u r familiar with this volvo buses it has a gap in the center where only standing is possible and towards the wall there was one low lying foldable stool which even if its vacant I will not sit, as we sit there and guy stands in front of you sitting height is perfect to give him a blow job. anyway pushed through the crowd with men taking chance here and there to brush my body which happens to most of the women in bus.

as we moved on and reached NICE road where T JOHN college is there lot of girls and guys all students got up, as usuall giggling and chatting and all. I noticed some six guys coming standing behind me and one of them excused me and sat on the stool at my right side, one of them in low voice told in malyalam wish we had this girl for us,

little they knew I understand malyalam as I had studied in trivandrum for 2 yrs. I kept quite to see how far they go and I could feel one of them falling on me and he was pushing his groin on to my ass and I too didnt budge so he was having a hearty rub of his dick on my ass, at that point this fellow passed another comment to the guy sitting that girl seems hot not budging for my rubbing and pushing.

my boss was on his europe business tour and ihad really missed my sex and I kept quite to see how far they can go, the guy who was sitting slowly crept his hand under the saree and started to caress my cough muscles and I kept quite, in fact my pussy was already wet and itching for more, I didnt care the inside of my slut was opening up,

he did for little time and advanced to my thighs and he couldnt go further up as I was standing with my legs together, he pushed my legs apart so that he could reach my chuth, I slowly moved my legs apart and he reached my pussy, he looked up at his freind and said I have reached her pussy, and this gave courage for the other guys to move ahead,

without wasting any time I could feel him pull my panty down and I was in place of no return, he pulled it till my ankle and gave a push on my cough muscle to lift up and in a jiffy my panty was out and he put in his jerkin pocket and rushed his hand back to my pussy, this time I spread my legs further part.

just then I watched we had crossed arekere reliance mart and traffic was totally jammed as the whole day they were demolishing some buildings between fortis and appolo hospital, by the time the driver of the bus put the lights on it was good luck to them as the tube light where we stand was not working and these guys can have a gala time.

the guy who was sitting I could feel his middle finger enter my love hole which was dripping wet and started up and down strokes, my pussy was big enough to handle 2 fingers and which he did, in no time he was fisting my chuth with 2 fingers and I was really in heaven, the guy behind me was grinding his dick in my ass,

he put his right hand around my belly and caught my breast and kneaded them hard over my blouse, as he did that he guided my left hand to his dick, to my suprise he had lowered his zip and pulled out his cock, in that cold wheather his man hood meat was warm in my hand, I kept stroking and in no time he spurted all his sperms in my palm, I kept on caressing till his cock shrivelled to a small rat size.

he told his another freind to exchange place to come behind me, and he too didnt waste any time to guide my hand to his taken out cock, I was enoying and released too much of my juices on his fingers who was fisting my pussy, it was too slippery so he pulled his hand out and I could see him putting his fingers in his mouth to lick away all my juices which made me even more hornier,

and took back his possition to fist my chuth out. this second guy at my back must be a muslim as his foreskin was not there, his cock was so hard and stiff when he pushed I could feel if pushing thriugh my saree and enetering my ass crack, and I too stroked his cock in rhytm slowly he moved his hand from my breast down but was dissappointed as his sitting friend was still fisting my chuth,

so his hands were again on my breast, he was so aroused that he kept trying to open my blose which I stopped with my right hand and still stroking his wild cock with my left hand by this time the bus slowly came near j p nagar and I decided to get down one stop ahead of my regular stop as I didnt want them to follow me, so I increased my stroking pace and he too ejaculated his sperms on my palm and on my saree in no time.

i moved aside which gave a hint to pussy fister that I am getting down, and he too removed his hand out I got down at BTM busstop waited for while and took a ricksha to my house at HSR layout. all along was thinking what all can happen in real life. i was feeling like a slut with mixed feelings, going back without my panties,

but when a body needs certain things it overides everything, went home had a nice shower and hubby had his good quicky fuck and slept and I slept nude fingered my pussy nicely till I had a couple of good orgasms and slept.

Readers pls post ur sincere comments I have specified exact place and time and if somebody is familiar with bangalore will enjoy the truth of this experience. For ever ur randy Shashi.

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Aditya fucking online friend Sneha

Hello dear friends this is Aditya 28 from Kolkata and I m writing down my experiences for the first time. Because after reading many stories I thought to share my sexual experiences with you my frndz. I don’t know that the stories posted here are true or not but this is the true incidence of my life.

Let me tell u about myself I m 5.5 feet in height and have a average body and girls say that my eyes and smile are very attractive. Now lets come to the part of the story as I m a regular visitor on yahoo messenger from a long time and used to chat with lots of peoples but till that time my destiny didn’t provide me with any girl.

One fine day around july 2009 I was chatting on yahoo and suddenly a girl came to chat wit me. I also showed some gratitude and started chatting with her about all casual things and about hobbies, fav food, color and all and her likings and dislikes etc. Then after talking for sometimes we moved on to the topic of boyfriend and girlfriend.

Her name was Sneha 21 and she told me that she is doing engineering and is in 2nd year and she has got a boyfriend but he works in delhi. And they are able to meet just once or twice in a year. Then I asked her that to what extend have to moved in this relationship, she replied that she has got physical with him.

Then she asked me about my life, though I didn’t had any girlfriend at that time but I told her that I have girlfriend and she is studying and I share an intimate relationship with her. She asked me how many times u had sex wit your girlfriend during the month. I replied that mostly 2 to 3 times in month.

Then she asked me if I am looking to have relationship with any other girl or not, to that I replied in affirmation that I don’t hav any problem to get physical with any girl or women. Thus from this place the real story starts, to which Sneha said that would to like to get into a physical relationship with me without any emotional attachments and without any commitments.

I replied in affirmation as everyone guy will do. Who will miss this beautiful opportunity, I just grabed it with both hands and we exchanged our numbers. Then we started talking over mobile at nite bcas during the day she was busy with her engineering classes. I asked her why she wants to get physically attached to me, to which she replied that she is not able to have sex as her boyfriend lives

In delhi and she is realy starved of sex, that’s why she wants to enjoy the sex as much as possible. Thus we started planning about having sex with each other and we decided that we will be having sex at her home as my home is never empty. She told me that on some weekdays she will arrange her place when nobody will be at her home.

And we used to discuss about sex that how will we do and in what positions and all, and she also asked me about my experiences with other girls or women, to which she got a satisfied answer. I told her about having sex with my girlfriend and a married lady who were extremely happy with me. She was very charged up after listening to my talk and ways of fucking other girls n women.

Then one night she informed me that next day we can have sex at her place and I took off from my office and headed towards her home at saltlake, she messaged me her full address and I reached at her home according to the time given by her at 11 am. I ranged the bell and there she came and opened the door, she was wearing a orange and green color salwar suit with some work on it.

Let me mention her figure she was 5.2 ft in height and with flesh at places required on her body. Her body was very juicy with 34d boobs and her waist 30 and her ass was beautiful must be 34 in size. She welcomed me and behaved as we have meet each other number of times. She was wheatish in complexion but her body was very beautiful and very attractive.

She made me sitted on her sofa in the drawing room and went to the kitchen to bring some water for me. She served me water and sat beside me and I just took her hand in my hand and asked her that r u ok with me, r u ready to surrender ur beautiful body to me, to which she shook her head in affirmation, I just rolled my fingers on her hand and just rubbed my legs to her legs and I felt she was shaking,

I didn’t understood and just asked her wat happened, she just said me that after a long time I m feeling someone so close to me that’s why. After that I just kissed her eyes one by one, her forehead, her earlobes, her cheeks, her neck, and she was moaning and her moaning was making me very horny, soon after that I licked her ears and she was getting mad when I was licking her ears,

her hands were rolling on my back n my head n my hand we rolling on ur neck, then I kissed her lips and soon took her lips in my mouth and started sucking them and inserting tongue in each other mouth. It was a awesome French kiss which continued for almost 30 minutes, she was so good in kissing that 30 mins were like some minutes only.

She was looking at me full of lust in her eyes, I slowly kissed her full body over her clothes and she was very excited and then I removed her kurti and kissed her cleavage and her tummy, her underarms, she was in a red bra and started fondling her breasts above her bra, and she was getting more n more excited, after that I moved towards her lower portion and removed her salwar,

and saw her wearing a red panty, I asked her her about the reason of wearing a matching one, to which she replied that you have told me once that u liked matching inners, I was realy happy to hear that she had memorized my likes n dislikes and I was very happy to hear. After removing her salwar I kissed each n every part of her body from her head to the toe, her fingers, her thighs,

her legs, her back part, her tummy, her cleavage, her ass cheek, her armpits, it was amazing kissing n licking her each and every part of her beautiful body. After that I freed her beautiful 34d boobs from her red bra and her boobs swang in happiness, her boobs were beautiful with dark areolas having big size and her areolas were very stiff bcas of the excitement,

I started sucking her boobs and crushing the other boobs with my hand, I sucked her boobs lyk anything and they were so tasty to suck and she was just moaning in pleasure, and moving her hands on my back and in my hairs and pushing my mouth to her boobs, I kept sucking her boobs one by one for a lot period of time and gave some bites on her nipples which she loved it.

After that I moved to her lower portion and licked her tummy and just moved towards her things, licked her thighs and licked her pussy above her panty and then I asked her again that why was she shaking when I touched her, she replied that she got wet when I touched her. I was very excited that my first touch got her wet, I removed her panty and smelled it and the smell was very beautiful,

amazing, then I just put my lips of her pussy which was clean shaven, and her pussy was looking so beautiful in pink color, I sucked her pussy and send sensation throughout her body when I licked her G-spot, then I kept licking and sucking her G-Spot and she was getting mad and telling me to fuck her as she was getting mad, I kept on sucking her pussy and was enjoying her moaning,

the way she was moaning was amazing, its can send sensation to any person, after few minutes her pussy started licking juices and I licked it dry, After that I took off all my clothes and she jumped on me and started kissing my chest, biting my nipples and played with my body and took my dick in mouth, and she was sucking it like a lollypop,

I had sex wit many girls and women but none of them gave me suck a beautiful blowjob, she kept sucking my dick and was sucking the dick like she was so hungry for year, it was the best blow job of my life, she kept sucking my dick for more than 30 mins and I was about to cum and she told me to cum in her mouth and she drank all the juices.

After that I took the condom out of my pocket and put it on my dick and I kept her in the standing position and told her to bend towards the bed and inserted my dick her pussy and she was tight it took some time to insert there and after that kept ramming her pussy, and was mauling her boobs with my hand, I kept ramming her pussy as hard as possible and she was moaning like anything,

she was shouting just fuck me, I was so alone for so many days, I cant live without your dick and please fuck me fuck me hard and I m always for u. I kept fucking her and soon she cummed and was in sweat, I took out my dick and made her lay down on her bed and fucked her boobs and she was enjoying the session as she never had got her boobs fucked,

after that I told her to lay down on a table and fucked her on table which was a new experience for her and after that I cummed and just layed over her body for 15 minutes. After a break of 15 minutes she again started sucking my dick and it gained it strength and we were again ready for a round of fuck.

This time I wanted fuck her ass hole so I started licking her ass hole and fingering her there, first one finger, then two and then three, and then applied some cream on her ass hole and my dick her just pushed my dick into her and it just went in quite smoothly and was fucking her ass in doggy position and she was shouting lyk anything, and I kept of fucking her ass,

her ass was realy beautiful to fuck, after fucking her ass for 15 minutes and took my dick out and layed down on bed and told her to come on me and she obeyed me and sat on my dick and the dick reached the vicinity of her pussy, and then she started giving motion of to and fro and her beautiful boobs were swinging in air and I was taking those boobs in my hand and biting them and crushing them which made her very horny.

She kept on trusting on me and after some time we both cummed and she just layed on me for 15 minutes. After that we both went to the washroom and cleaned ourself and wore our clothes and then sat on bed looking in each others eyes. I saw satisfaction in her eyes and a brightness also, I was very happy to see her satisfied. I had got 5 star with me which I took for her,

I took that 5 star out and gave it to her, then some thing wild came in my mind and I took the 5 star and asked her to open her salwar and panty to which she did and just took the wrapper of the 5 star and inserted the 5 star in her pussy and started fucking her, she was so touched by my act and was very happy,

after fucking her with 5 star she cumed and I licked her cum and its was mixed wit taste of chocolate which was amazing, then we both ate that 5 star and she was so happy from the core of her heart.

We started meeting once in a month and had beautiful time with each other enjoying new new things and new new ways of fucking and foreplay which I will share to you in different episode. And I would lyk to knw the comments of you, the esteemed reader of this story.

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Joy fucking Kolkata girl Sima

Hi everyone, this is Joy from Kolkata and that’s my real name. I would like to share an incident that happened with me before 6 months. I am quite new to kolkata and have heard that the fairer sexes in kolkata are really hot. To be honest, I am married but presently not staying with my wife. I would not like to get into the details as it’s not so important over here.

May be I did not get the true love I was looking for. We live at a time when we can get friends quite easily thru the social networking site. I believe you all will agree with me on that. Let me just say a line about me. I am 31 yrs, 6’’, not so dark and an above average looking guy. I had been looking for a good friend for sometime.

On one of the networking sites I made my profile and made few friends. I gave my phone number to a girl named Sima, that’s also real name. After I gave her my number, I got a call from her and she started talking to me and introduced herself as a college student. Being a married person, I told her that I am not interested in girls who are too younger than me.

We spoke for around half an hour that evening. Next day, she called me again and told me that she is married and has got a child. I was happy listening to that. Soon we started to talk for long hours day after day. Within a short time we become quite close and use to call 3 or 4 times a day. I use to appreciate her voice and she also started liking me.

I cant remember how we started speaking about sex. Once we started speaking about sex then everyday we would speak about sex and sometime we use to have phone sex. This happened for almost 4 weeks and on one fine day she told me that I can come to her home if I liked. Frankly speaking I was also looking forward to spending sometime with her.

From that day onwards we started speaking regarding what we will do when we meet for the first time. She use to say that she would like to suck my cock as her husband never allowed her to do that. We decided that we will have sex for atleast 3 times when we meet. Atlast, the day came, I went to her house which is in Sonarpur (name changed).

It was around 10.30 in the morning and her husband had gone to office. She came to receive me at a little distance from her house. Let me tell you about her. She was 28 years old, slim, fair and an average looking women. When we saw each other for the first time we said hai to each other and she started walking towards her house and I just followed her.

Once we came inside her house, I should say that what happened to me was unbelievable! We hugged each other for more than 15 minutes and started to feel each others body. We hugged and kissed each other. Truly that was an awesome feeling. Then immediately she told me that she would like to take my penis in her mouth.

She just went down and unbottoned my pants and pulled down my trousers and innerwear. And in no time she took my cock in her mouth and was sucking it like an ice cream. I was feeling little discomfort as she was becoming wild and was sucking my penis as if she was going to suck out all the flesh from the penis.

But I was also enjoying the suck as I have never experienced that a blowjob. I would say that it was the best job and she might be the best sucker. Even today when I remember that moment I say that it was breathtaking! She was such a great cock sucker. She loved my cock very much. When I was about to cum I told her and she told me that she wanted to drink my cum.

So I uploaded all my cum in her mouth and she drank and said that she liked the smell and taste of my cum. After that we had a some snacks and juice and were talking for sometime. She showed me her house and her child who was 2 years old was sleeping in the next room. There was a door between the rooms so we closed it before we had sex.

After talking a walk in her house, we decided to have sex in missionary position. Again she sucked my cock and prepared it for the fuck! We were on the bed and slowly we undressed each other and we both were naked. Her breasts were quite lose because she was feeding the baby. I enjoyed some milk and started fondling her breasts and sucking it.

I kissed her all over the body started from head to toe and repeatedly did it 2 or 3 times. She also kissed me every where and started bitting me. Her bites were making me crazy. She was kissing, sucking and licking my body. We enjoyed this for 15 minutes and then got into 69 position. That was the first time for me to kiss someone’s vagina.

I had a deep desire to kiss and suck it for a long time. So when I got the opportunity I sucked her vagina to my heart’s content. On the other hand she was sucking my pensis like anything. She was an amazing cock sucker! She was crazy about my pensis and sucked it really hard. Then we decided to have sex in missionary position and I put her on the bed and spread her legs and inserted my penis.

To go still deeper I put her legs on my shoulder. Now I could penetrate her much deeper and we started slowly and started increasing the phase. When I was about to come, I withheld for few minutes and then again started to fuck her. She was making all kinds of sounds. Atlast both of us reached our peak and came. Then we washed ourseleves and dress up.

It was almost 12.30. p.m. so we started having our lunch as she had already prepared the lunch for us. We deliberately had a light lunch so that we can have another session. After the lunch, we went to her bedroom again and she told me that she wanted to come on top of me this time. Again we undressed each other for the fuck.

After the initial fondling we got into the mood and she came on top of me. She was a good fucker, she had all the tricks of the trade. She knew very well how to give happiness to a man. She was fucking me and I was helping her in lifting her ass and bringing it to my penis. It was a super session. In that position I was taking sometime time to come as I was not a dominant partner.

She told me that she wanted to suck my penis again….She came down from and took my penis in her mouth even though it was full of her juice. When she was sucking my cock, her child got up and come to our bedroom. As I was about to cum, I was not able to leave her and she sucked my cock till it came.

But I was feeling very guilty about myself and decided that I will not visit her again. I told her that I felt bad about what had happened. After that we never called each other…of course I remember her very often and manage by myself…

I am not sure if you liked my story. Since this is the first time for me to narrate a story I am sure I need to work hard on that. Don’t discourage me friends….so only leave your positive comments. Thank you.

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BPO guy fucking on the road side

Hi my name is raj working in a BPO in chennai. This incident happened last Monday as I was coming from my village to Chennai. As we all know last week we had 3 days of holiday, so I went to my village near T.v.malai. I went there with my bike, while returning from my village, it was around 12 o'clock Sunday night. As I was coming close to Thindivanam.

It started to drisiling. I stopped my bike near a tree. Went there to avoid getting drenched. I saw 5 people already standing there. I joint them and waiting for the rain to stop. After half and hour the rain stopped, there was a women 40 years old asked me where I am going I told her that I am going to Chennai, she asked me whether I can help her as is also going to Chennai,

i told her to come, now she called her daughter who was standing near the tree. Her daughter was around 17 years old. I was really happy that this is going to be the memorable journey, now i asked her daughter to sit at the middle as she was slim and the lady sat at the back side. Now I passed Thindivanam got the by pass road.

My mind was telling me to take initiative, so every now and then i was putting break, I girl's body was touching my back and making me really hot, my dick was fully erected. I was not able to control myself. I just moved my back Towards her boobs, my back really touching her boobs. By my movement she understood my intention, she also pressed her breast on my back.

I was really enjoying this, she slowly put her hand on my dick started to press it. By now I was nearing acharapakkam, now her mother me to stop the bike as she wants to pee, I stopped the bike they went and came back her mother asked me whether we can take some rest and go, I said yes.

There was a school, we went there and laid there together, now her mother was laying near me, I do not know what they both spoke when i let them to pee, after some Time her mother put her hand around Me and pulled me near her, I came closer to her she kissed me and straight away opened my pant zip took my penis started to play with it now her daughter came the othere side

opened her bra put her nipples in my mouth. I was sucking her breast like anything, meanwhile her daughter opened her mother's blouses, her mother was wearing red bra after seeing this i could not control myself. I asked the daughter to open her panty, she obeyed me, that was wonderful pussy that I have ever seen, I asked her to lay down and open her legs apart,

her mother helped as this is the first Time for her. I went between her legs and put my 8 inch cock at the entrance of her pussy and gave a little bit push, no way, it did not go inside. Now mother applied some of her saliva on my penis and some on her and asked me to enter inside her even now it did not go.

Now she took my cock into her mouth sucked it nicely after 5 minutes I gave a very good force, my penis went inside her, I fucked her in a slow rhythm. I fucked her for 15 minutes, now it was her mother's turn. Her mother asked me to fuck her in doggy position. I put my penis in her cunt from behind it went easily as it was a experienced cunt. I fucked for 10 minutes.

Now we both cummed at the same time, by the time it was around 3 o'clock in the morning. We started our journey reached Chennai at 6 o'clock, they asked me to come to their house which is in pallavaram, I went with them, we had another round in their house got their phone no: planning to have the rest of the fun by this weekends. Please leave your comments.

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Abhinav sex with divorcee Rashmi

I am Abhinav Kumar, 38 years, divorcee, working for a MNC in Bangalore. This is my second experience which I want to share. My first sex relationship was with Sindhu. It was by chance that I had sex with her while staying together at a hotel in Mysore. After a gap of two years; I had to continue my relationship with her and given her a beautiful son and continued to have sex with her for some her.

Sindhu has now moved out of the city due to her husband’s transfer and I was without a girl friend for some time. This incidence which I am going to present to you has happened about 6 months back. Her name is Rashmi, age 27 years, married and having two daughters, the first daughter is about 3 years and second one is about one and half years.

All the names, place and situations have been changed to protect the identity and security. One day I had gone out of office to meet a client and returned to office in the afternoon. I saw a young, beautiful, fair and good looking lady with a cute and beautiful kid sitting in the reception. The receptionist told me that this lady is waiting for me for some time.

I asked her to wait for few minutes and came to my cabin as I wanted to check my emails. After that I called the lady to my cabin and asked her what I can do for her. She told me that she has been referred to by one of my ex-colleagues and that she is looking for a job desperately and has come here hoping that I would help her.

I have gone through her resume and found that she was married and has got two kids. I enquired about her husband, immediately her face became pale and she was about to cry, but controlled and started speaking slowly and told me that she has been divorced by her husband about six months back and that her parents have literally driven her out of the house due to inter-cast marriage.

She was a Brahmin and her husband was a non-Brahmin. I said sorry to her and started thinking how I can help in getting a job. Suddenly I remembered a colleague in a different department was looking for a person to fill in the vacancy created due to resignation of an employee, I immediately called him on his extension # and asked if he is looking for somebody.

He said yes, I sent her resume to him immediately, he promised to get back to me in two or three days. I told her that I will definitely fix a job for her in two or three weeks. I enquired about where she is staying etc. for which she mentioned that she is staying with one of her friends and that as soon as she gets the job, she has to arrange for her accommodation.

I was very much attracted to her baby; she was very cute, fair and good looking. Her name is Anjali. I gave her my business card and asked her to get in touch with me after 2-3 days. It was already 6.30 pm in the evening and everybody left the office. I dropped her at the bus stop and left home.

Next day, my colleague called me and asked me to call her for interview, she came and attended the interview,;she has been selected, offered a good salary as she had experience of 3 years before her marriage. She joined the company immediately and started working. Recently I had purchased two flats, one three bed room and second one with two bed rooms.

Both the flats were located in the first floor, one opposite to other. I took Rashmi in the evening and shown the two bed room flat, she liked the flat as it was a fully furnished, I fixed the rent at Rs.5000 per month without any advance.

Two months passed and she picked up the work very fast and was doing a good job. One day, when I returned to office after meeting with a client, it was 6.30 pm and no one was at office except Rashmi, she was busy working on a report. I was surprised and asked what she was doing still in office; she said that she was working on an urgent report and that it is almost over.

I told her that it is very cloudy outside and any time it might rain, I asked her to wait for 15 minutes so that after checking my emails, I can drop her at her house. We left office at 7 pm, it was already raining. By the time we reached the flat, it started pouring very heavily. We were little drenched while getting into the car and I could see her black bra as her blouse was wet.

Once we reached her flat, the two kids came running to her mom and surprised seeing me. I always carry chocolates in my bag. I took out two chocolates and gave it her daughters. She requested me to sit in the hall while she changed her wet cloths. She went to bed room and half closed the door.

I could see her from the mirror; she removed her saree, blouse, petty coat, she really has very nice and big boobs; may be 38 size. She wore an old dress and came out of the room. She introduced me to her children Anitha and Anjali. Anitha became very close and started speaking to me, the younger one was little hesitant.

She went to kitchen and brought two coffees and kept on the teapoy. She bent down to keep the coffee on the teapoy, I saw her cleavage and looked at her face for her reaction, she smiled and got up and adjusted her dress. The coffee was very nice. It was raining very heavily and there was no chance for me to leave, but, after drinking coffee,

I told her that I am leaving as it is already getting late; she looked through the window and said, no you cannot go, it is raining very heavily and also, please have dinner with me, I will prepare in about 45 minutes. I thought for a while and said yes as it was still raining very heavily. It was 9.45 pm by the time we finished the dinner. It was still raining.

The children had already gone bed and were sleeping. It was time for me to leave, I said good night and was about to leave, she came to me and told not to go as it is still raining very heavily and asked me to stay for tonight; I asked her are you sure? She said yes, please stay tonight and go in the morning and came hugged me and kissed my lips and told me in the ears, I want you to tonight!

Our lips locked for some time and we both kissed for almost 10 minutes and she guided me to her bed room. I removed her dress except bra and panty and she removed my dress leaving my underwear. I kissed her lips for some time and removed her bra and took her boobs into my hands and started kissing and pressing.

Tough she is a mother of two, her boobs were very firm, round and very big in size. I enjoyed sucking and pressing for some time. I moved her novel and kissed for some time and then finally moved her pussy. I removed her panty and fondled her pussy with my hand, she has a very neat and clean pussy. I kissed and licked her pussy for some time.

Now it was her turn, she started kissing my lips for some time, removed my underwear and took my six inches long cock into her hand and started sucking. She sucked my cock for almost 20 minutes. We both were ready for fuck. She slept on the bed spreading her legs, I slowly inserted my cock into her wet pussy and pushed inside and started fucking slowly and gradually increased the speed.

While I was fucking her, her boobs were jumping up and down and she was moaning ahahahahahahahahahah and in between telling me to increase the speed. After 15 minutes, we changed the position; she came on top of me and starting fucking while I was pressing her big boobs. After some time, we came back to the original position and started fucking with full speed.

After fucking for about 15 minutes, I cummed into her pussy. My hot cum filled her pussy, we both were fully tired, I slept on her boobs. She hugged me and asked me not to leave. We hugged nakedly and slept. After two hours, again, I fucked her and slept hugging each other.
We got up at 8 am in the morning, she gave me a nice bath; she cleaned my cock twice and kept it in her mouth and sucked,

I removed her dress and fucked her in the bath room for about 10 minutes and after that we both had bath together. She helped me in putting on my underwear and dress. Had breakfast and started to leave, she hugged me and thanked me for giving a nice fuck and asked me to come for lunch without fail. I went home and came back in the afternoon at 2 pm. After lunch, I fucked her and slept till evening.

In the evening, we were generally chatting, while the children were watching TV. She said, can I ask you something, promise me that you will not get angry and upset; I said go ahead, she came close to me and kissed and asked if she can become my girlfriend, if not wife. You are already my girlfriend and want to have a long relationship.

She told very clearly that she will not insist for getting married, but if at a later stage, I am willing, she will be most happiest person to get married to me. There was no commitment on my part to get married to her. Her relationship went on well, everyday, I got her house in the evening, have dinner and return to my house after having sex with her.

This continued for 5 months. We went to Ooty and stayed there in a hotel like a husband and wife. Her children have become very close to me now and think that I am their father. Once I asked her elder daughter Anjali, who is your father; she hugged and said that you are my father, I was really touch with her innocent words and then and there, I decided to get married to Rashmi.

When the children were playing the garden, I called Rashmi, hugged, kissed and proposed to her. She became very emotional and tears started rolling from her eyes. I said I love you and want to be your loving husband. She hugged tightly and kissed me and told that this is the happiest movement in her life.

We extended our stay by two more days and had our honeymoon and return to Bangalore and got married at a temple. Now we are husband and wife. She is 10 years younger to me, but she has no problem. Children are so much attached to me, especially the younger one; she always sleeps on my chest. I cannot imagine living without them.

Her parents have now accepted her and me as her son-in-law and we visit them once in six months. Anjali is now in school and carry my name as her father’s name. I am proud to be father of two children and a husband of young and very beautiful Rashmi. Your feed is most welcome.

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Steamy sex with Lahore MILF Sarah

Hi, My name is shazzy and im 25 and I belong to a well respected family residing in. I recently completed my post graduation from Manchester and employed by a multinational company. The incident I am about to narrate happened more than a year ago in March 2010. This is the first time I writing about my true experience that I cannot forget for the rest of my life.

One day I was hanging out with a couple of my friends at CTC in MM ALAM road when I got a couple of missed calls on my cell phone. I didn pay any attention. When I got back home I called back the number and was pleasantly surprised when a female sweet voice was at the other end. She told me that she had called me by mistake and apologized.

I was intrigued and began chatting her up. She told me that her name is Sarah( name changed) and that she was 35 and a house wife. Days started passing by and we began taking more and more on the phone and became close and started talking about various things. Slowly and steadily we began talking about sex and she told me that her husband never cared for her and didn fulfill her needs emotionally and physically.

I was distressed and promised that I would be there for her in what ever manner she wanted me. Before I go on, let me tell you about sarah. She is fair and has blue eyes and long dark hair. Her figure is 36-28-38. A figure to die for. Her boobs are magnificent and the best thing about her is her lips. Moist and rosy and full of colour.

Her ass is round, firm yet soft to the touch and would make any man want to thrust his dick into her and keep on swaying her all night long. Like I said before, we had started having phone sex and this went on for over 2 months. I never forced her to meet me although I desperately wanted to but I respected her wishes that she could not risk anyone finding out about us and neither did I.

this went on for months and I was eager to meet her face to face. One day she called me at night and told me that she wanted to meet me the following day. I was overjoyed and said yes. The next day I woke up and put on my best suit ( Ralph lauren jeans and DKNY shirt with hugo boss perfume). I wanted to make a good impression on her and got into my SUV and drove to the meeting point (MM ALAM road).

I reached there at around 10 am and called her and she told me to wait a moment. Suddenly, my passenger door opened and she got in. I not kidding when I say that she was looking beyond sexy and attractive. Sarah was wearing a low cut green kameez and white shalwar was was hugging her at all the right places. We said hello to each other and started driving.

I was kind of nervous because it was my first time being with an elder woman and that too who was extremely sexy and provocative. We just started talking and after a while all my nervousness dissipated and I began to cosy upto her. I held her hand which felt really soft and smooth. I had booked a hotel room in avari hotel and made our way to the hotel.

Once we got upto the room I was keen to up the ante and as soon as the door was locked I held her upto me and began kissing her fervently. She was also into me and we began a wrestling match with our tongues. My hands instinctively made their way to her waist and I held her tight and her huge boobs were crushing against my chest.

We kept on kissing for almost 15-20 minutes and I was pressing her boobs and her magnificent ass alternatively. She was getting really hot as she began moaning AAAHHHHHHHHHH... HHMMMMMMMMMMM...OOHHHHHHH....AAAHHH AAHHHHHH... I took off her kameez and she was wearing a lacy black bra which accentuated her already gigantic boobs even more and I went mad at just looking at them.

I took off her bra in a flash and lo and behold! There they were! Those huge mounds with brown aerolas and her nipples were erect and perky...I began attacking her breast like a hungry child and put her left boob in my mouth and began sucking on it while kneading her right boob at the same time..sarah was enjoying it as she began to play with my dick from outside my jeans and was moaning slightly.

Things were hotting up and I held her up and threw her on the bed. The sight of her boobs bouncing up and down while she was breathing heavily made my already hard dick even harder and it was jumping up and down in my jeans. I told her she was looked even hotter if that was possible and she just smiled and told me to come up to her and tell her more intimately.

I lay on top of her and began kissing her again and moved my hands on her boobs. I kept on kissing her moist lips and then began kissing her neck and made my way down. I kissed her boobs and then her navel and finally began taking off her shalwar. She raised her ass to let me take it off and the sight I saw was perhaps the best I had seen.

Her pussy was clean shaven and smooth and her pussy lips were as pink as they come. I gave her pussy a few quick pecks and then put my mouth to her pussy and then started eating her out. Sarah was getting wild with excitement as she kept on thrashing around. I thrust my nose deep into her crevasse and kept on licking her and the smell of her pussy was making me lick her even more as it was extremely sensual.

Her juices were starting to flow and I kept on licking her. Her legs were wrapped around me and she was pushing me farther in and my hands were massaging and caressing her boobs. After a couple of minutes she began moaning harder OOOHHHHH SHAZZYYYY,,OOHHH SHAZZZYYYYYYY...AUR CHAATO NAAA...AUR B CHAATO MERI PHUDDIII...

BOHTTTT MAZAAAA AARHA HAI NAA MERI JAAAN...AAAHHH AAAHHHHHH OOOHHHHHH HMMMMMMMMM YESSSS YESSSSS....KHAO MUJYYY KHAAA JAO NAAA...she kept on moaning and then had a violent orgasm and her juices just flowed like river Nile. She was shuddering and I drank all her juices which tasted a bit different but I liked it.

When I got off from under her she had a satisfied smile on her face and held my hand and had me lie besides her. Sarah was still heaving and she pulled me close to her herself and told me that this was the first time anyone had gone down on her and she loved it completely. She then told me it was her turn to return the compliment.

She made me lie on my back and took of my jeans and underwear in a flash. She wrapped her hand around my dick and began playing with it. She looked into my eyes and then put her luscious lips around my dick and began giving me the best blowjob I had ever had. She was playing with my balls and I was feeling ecstatic and the pleasure I was getting was phenomenal.

She was a pro at it and the way she was rolling her tongue around it was driving my crazy. I knew that I wouldn be able to control for much time as she was extremely good at it and the sperm was building up in my balls. I was moaning and she kept on persisting. I told her I was about to cum and she told me to cum on her boobs.

she moved away and sat on her knees and I aimed my spunk at her boobs. I kept on ejaculating for what felt like an eternity and it was a huge load. I just dropped back on the bed with my arms spread and closed my eyes. I felt her warm mouth around my limp dick and she was licking off the remaining sperm.

I told sarah that she was amazing and this was the best blowjob I had ever had. She got up from the floor and moved towards the washroom to clean up. While she was walking her ass was swinging from side to side and I could feel my dick stirring. She came out after a few minutes and lay besides me. we just hugged each other and kissed occasionally.

She told me lets start off our final session. she got on top of me and began playing with my dick and put it in her mouth and had it erect in a jiffy. I was also extremely horny and hot and held her in my arms and in one swift motion had her under me and began sucking her nipples and put my middle finger in her pussy and began fingering her.

She was moaning again and told me to get on with it and wanted me inside her right now. I put on a condom and parted her legs and placed my dick on her pussy and thrust it into her with one thrust. She moaned AAAHHHH SHAZZYYY AHISTAAA...i began moving in and out of her with varying my speed. I thrust in quick and deep and took out my pussy drenched cock slowly.


She was moving her hips with my rhythm and we both were enjoying this love making. I told her I wanted to fuck her doggystyle as I wanted to have a view of her firm round ass while entering her. I got off her and she turned around and got to the bottom of the bed and got on all fours. Her ass was sticking out invitingly and I was tempted to stick my dick into her tiny asshole.

I kissed her ass cheeks and held her butt and placed my dick on her pussy and teased her by rubbing it against her pussy. She was getting impatient and said DAAL B DO NA SHAZZY, TANG KYUN KAR RAHY HO MJY? MJY APNA LUN DO NAA..BHAAR DO MERI PHUDDI LUN SY.

I entered her pussy and began fucking her again while holding her ass and the sight of her boobs jingling in the air while fucking her was making me want to drill her pussy even more. We both were sweating profusely now and she kept on saying FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME, FUCK FUCK FUCKKK ME SHAZZYYY YESS YESSS YEAHHHHH YEAHH...

CHODOO MJY AUR CHODDOOO...OHHH OHHHH AAAHH AAAHHHHHH AH AH AH OHHHH HMMMM HMMMMMM HAYYEEEEEEE AUR ANDAR DAALOO...Sarah had cummed already and I was also getting a feeling that I couldn hold on for much longer. Her ass was hitting against my balls and the room was filled with noises of PHUCK PHUCK PHUCK PHUCK...

I was enjoying the session beyond my imagination and her pussy was clenching my dick and I was pumping in and out of her. She told me that she ws about to cum and wanted me to cum with her so I increased my thrusts and within a minute I felt myself exploding inside the condom and her juices were flowing out of her pussy and they were trickling down both our legs.

We both just collapsed on the bed with me on top of her and I took out my cum covered condom and threw it in the basket. We both were quite exhausted and cuddled next to each other and dozed off. We woke up after an hour or so and headed to the shower. We had another session while showering and then I dropped her off at MM ALAM in the evening.

She told me that it was the best sex she had had in a long time and promised to meet up again. We had a couple more experiences including fucking her in the ass which was her first time and she enjoyed it but that another story. Do comment on my story and I would like to apologise again for my writing as it is my first time.

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Kochi wife Vimala fucked by stranger

Hello everyone I am Vimala from Kochi, Kerala. I am a keen follower of the humandigest and love the way people project their experiences in the site and I feel exited and aroused to share my incident. The best part is to read the comments of how badly the guys want to penetrate our tender pussies with their hard magic wands after reading our experiences.

I have an admirable body with descent curves and fair complexion. I'm open mineded and I like admirers of my voluptous body which is 36-30-36. I'm married to Kishore, my husband is not very educated and he runs a automobile spare parts shop. He is very caring during the day but very rough on the bed, exactly how a woman wants.

I finished my and I am helping my father-in-law in the medical shop. This incident has happened recently on one rainy night. Generally my father-in-law would leave the shop to me by 9 in the night and go home and usually my husband would close his shop and come and join me by that time. And at around 10 or 10:30 we would close the shop for the night.

But that day was different,in the evening my father-in-law felt sick and he had to be taken to the hospital and for that my husband has gone along. This meant that I ll be alone in the shop indefinately, this had brought in some kinda of nervousness in me. That day I was wearing a shiny yellow coloured sarry and a matching tight blouse which was an exact fit to my curvature.

Although nervous, my dress which is a perfect match to my milky white skin tan and my blossoming assets meant that I looked special. There were not many customers which was helpful too. The clock struck 7 in the evening and I called my husband about the news of him and my father in law and got a shocker that it would be midnight before they could make it

home and they have asked me to close the shop as and when necessary and go home. Soon as I have disconnected there happened to be a cool and strong breeze which is quite pleasurable and it started to smell mud and in no time it has started to rain. The time was passing slowly and the fact of lonelyness inside me and the cool wind and rain had evoked the erotic feelings inside me.

The cool breeze which was kissing my skin has conjored goosebumps and erect nipples. My femenine intution has driven my hands to feel my soft skin over my navel and I was lost in my own world by then and my fingers crept up under my sarry and felt my hard nipples under over my blouse. I crossed my legs as I was totally aroused and could do nothing about at that very moment.

I was playing with myself to be precise and was fantasising about myself. I was getting kinky thoughts of myself indulging in romance with someone other than my husband. And then out the rain and darkness came an auto and has stopped just infront of the our medical shop. I quickly removed my hand from where it was and adjusted my sarry and stood up.

An young man stepped out of the auto from the passenger seat, he was probably around 25 and was heavily muscular and looked like a bull in the skintight T-shirt he was wearing. He had a long hair and looked fair, he wore a ton jeans and looked really hot and hurried towards the only counter to avoid drenching in the rain.

But the rain was too heavy and there is no cover near the counter like a sunshade or a parasol and as he rushed forward towards the counter I opened the door for him to avoid the rain and he understood that and came in. "Thanks" he said in a polite way and shaked of the water off his hair, the wetness made the t-shirt to stick to his body and was transparent and looking at it has furthur contributed to my arousal.

He looked into my eyes and started to look around searching for something, I asked him "what do you want?" he asked me back "Is there no one else around here?" I was alarmed, exited, anxious and a million other thoughts went through me and gave stir in my brain on what he was thinking. I replied him that no one is here but "what do you want?" I asked him once again.

He felt a little uneasy ofsoughts and my look accidentally fell on the auto that is waiting outside and the girl inside it. She looke like down to earth. She was wearing an orange caprice pant exposing off her neatly waxed legs and a white t-shirt. She has a nice structure and looked innocent and was doing something in her mobile. By then I understood what he want.

He noticed me watching the girl and gave a naughty smile and blurted out innocently that he want a condom. As I heard it there was sudden rush of blood and my heart was racing at knots, it was the first time some one has asked me for a condom other than my husband. Generally in the bedroom when my husband asks for a condom I would put it on his dick with my lips and push it on till the base.

Remembering the naughty little things I really blushed infont of him and my cheeks have turned rosy red. My husky voice trembled as spoke "One minute please, which brand do you want?" "Moods he replied".As I bent down to pick the condoms from the lower drawer his eyes fell on my cleavage and things were really getting hot.

As my eyes caught him starring at my lustrous clevage he simply blushed, I handed him the condoms and he gave me the money and dashed off to the auto once again and before he has gone out of sight, as I was still watching he laid his hand over her shoulder and gave a little squeeze to her firm right boob. I wondered what a nice show it would be for the autowala.

I again sat over stool and by this time my sexual urge has doubled and I was despirately searching for means to satisfy me. My body was aching for a massage of the eternal pleasure. It was still pouring outside in the darkest of night and the clock struck 9 and there were no signs of any customers.

I was getting restless and thought of being adventurous, I was thinking of mastrubating in the shop itself behind the racks. I stood up and made sure the door is locked from inside on the right side of the counter and went behind the racks. I raised my leg and placed it over the stool and picked up the edge of my sarry and with it my petticoat and raised them untill my waist.

I extended my right arm down below my raised thigh and slowly felt my moist pussy. Soon as I felt it with my fingers there was a frenzy inside me, with my left hand I grabbed my left boob and started to squeeze my nipple between my fingers. I started to fantasise of the young man who bought condoms, fucking me and pushed my fingers inside.

Bang..bang.. bang...! some knocked the door loudly and I shuddered back to normalcy out of my fucking fantasy and reigned down my sarry in a jiffy and brisked towards the counter. As I looked through the counter there stood a man some 5 foot tall and well disguised in the darkness. Looking at him I was furious for disturbing my hot little adventure I shrugged at him.

Then he spoke "Hi I'm your husbands customer, he owe me some money regarding a spare part which I have returned and he told me to come in the evening to this shop". I was quizzed and before I could speak "Madam can you please open the door and let me in, I am drenching in the rain please". I said ok and opened the door.

He came and stood beside me, he hardly was taller than my shoulders and his dark colour and big belly yuk I thought to myself and to top it all he was wearing a khaki apron, he seemed like an autowala. As I sat on the stool and bent down to pick the mobile from the drawer to call my husband his look fell on my slender curves of my waist.

I felt a little proud and I called my husband and he told me to give him the money and asked me to give the phone to the man. I wondered what they spoke and After a while he gave it back to me. My husband told that the man would drop me in his auto at home. I cursed him inside me and cut the call and looked at the man and his eyes were busy exploring my sensuous curves, his looks were lustful.

He struck fear in me, I felt like I was sitting nude infront of him. But if its safe I absolutely enjoy provoking men with my attractive figure. Anyway I distracted and asked him "how much does my husband owe you?". He gave a grin and answered me. I leaned down and pulled out the money drawer but was checking him out by the corner of the eye.

His eyes were transfixed over my cleavage, I quickly adjusted my sarry and told him to wait outside while I count the money. But deep inside I am enjoying what was happening. Suddenly there was a big lightening and loud thunder, I jerked and squalled out of fright. For a second it was dead silent and a power failure.

It was pitch dark and before I took step to light a candle, I felt a cold wet hand over the curves of my naked waist line under my silk sari and psyched up. I dint move for a second out of shock but later I yanked his hand off my waist. He charged in and held my tender breast over the blouse and started to squeeze and before I could react he pulled me down to his height and locked my lips with his.

There was a tussle between us I held his biceps and tried to get rid of his hand over my boobs but I stopped resisting once he ripped open my blouse as my hooks flew off. I was shell shocked as he tore open my blouse and my drooy boobs flung out to life. My struggle ended and lust took over me as he cupped my naked boobs with his rough hand and my tender nipples nibbled between his teeth.

The femanine lust arose and I started to hiss as he bite my waxy flesh and bite my lower lip as he licked around my areola. I pulled his oily hair as he was sucking my mellons. I closed my eyes in the dark and feed my boobs to him and kept enjoying his sucking and squeezing and tongue swirling around my nipples.

The tickling in pussy was making me rub my thighs against each other in standing position it self. The man understood that I was at a point where I cannot say no, So he came up and kissed me lips and nibbled it and guided my right hand towards his groin while both hands were busy playing with my melons.

I unzipped his pant and unleased his monster, he wore no undergarment and his member came like dragon spitting precum over my hand. I rubbed the precum over his shaft and slowly stroked it from base to tip. He left my breasts and held my hair and pushed my head towards his dick like a street whore to suck it. I reluctantly have taken it into my mouth, it hardly fit in.

It tasted sultry and I swirled my tongue around his tip rubbing my hot saliva around his dick head like a pro. He grunted as my tongue touched the most sensitive part of his cock and took his balls into my hands and he hissed and moaned and held my head with both his hands as I went up and down his member sucking it and making it wet with my saliva.

Now I understood his urge and released his wand out of my mouth and stood up and turned towards the counter leaning forward over it. He didnt wait any second, he pulled up my sari and petticoat up till my waist exposing my round arse and felt my warm dripping pussy with his fingers.

As his rough fingers touched my tender wetness I shuddered and in no time he started to rub his monster against my pussy lips all along. I bite my lips and moaned and he drilled his cock into my cunt, ahhhhhhhh I moaned and he held my boobs and started to romp my pussy like a pile driver.

He stroked and fucked me from behind and we moaned in a unison and each others moaning had driven us further mad and he started to pound me hard and his balls making a characteristic sound thudding against my arse. I matched him stroke to stroke by push backwards and he was over the edge and moaned louder and grunted ahhhhhhh ha haaaaah.

Then a shocker the power came back on and I was leaning over the counter with my boobs hanging out facing the road side and my pussy being pounded by some stranger. Shocked, I pushed him back as his hard rod bobbed out of my unsatisfied pussy spraying his hot cum over my arse and buttocks. He groaned and fell back.

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Jonas fucking Zhanu on business trip

This is a real story I have changed my name and characters names. My name here is Jonas. I lost my virginity at the age of 24 only to my GF then later 2006 she became my wife. Our story I will narrate later. Now about me, I am from south India, 34 years old now and about my physique,

I have athlete body as I used to work out regularly now am bit shapeless with little belly and my member size 6inches (am not boosting here) with a reasonable girt. My wife says I am handsome, may be because she is married to me ;-), My height 5.11" weight 78 Kg.

I am a businessman and I used to travel abroad for meetings. One of the meetings was held at sanaya most of the people know this place where the Asia Pac Beauty contest happens. It was all Asia Pac meeting of a multinational company so as usual people from various countries participate. I always prefer to travel alone so that I get the freedom of wander around on my leisure.

I reached and checked in to the designated hotel and went to my room where I had to share with an elderly Indian came for the meeting just like me. The room I got was at the best location the poolside room to be more precise the sit out facing towards the pool. Even though my roommate was pretty elderly person but poolside room cheered me.

And I am always so accommodating that most of my roommates who ever stayed with me like my company. After freshening up, I decided to have a walk around the resort. As I was getting into the elevator two females came in one was older and other was young. I recognized the elder one her name was shandy and greeted and shared our pleasantries, she is the head of china market.

I had met her in earlier meetings. The first time when my country manager introduced me to her, she did leave good comment to him that I am looking handsome and very young. In fact I was the youngest distributor from India. Then onwards I used to have good chat with her whenever we meet. They left on second floor. I continued to explore the hotel.

I came back to the room and I want to take some snaps of poolside. Because these parts of the resort were built on a cliff so that the out side view from my room was awesome, first the pool then the valley and full of greenery. I started clicking and I heard someone also clicking I saw the young girl whom I met in the elevator. I really didn't notice her beauty when I met her in the elevator with shandy.

She was wearing body hugging t-shirt and tight denim shorts. She was looking very beautiful and hot. Her straight hair was hanging loose on her shoulders. She looked more of Korean than Chinese. I smiled she smiled back. Then I said hi she hi back. We introduced each other her name was zhanu, in her Chinese accent.

Her Chinese English was difficult for me to understand, but some how I managed and she also had problem in understanding me. She left as her roomie called her. Her room was 2 rooms away from mine.

Meeting started and on every brake they arranged a game, which kept us awake. On one of the game zhanu got selected and she has to choose one partner for the game and she choose me. I was surprised. And went for the game. It was a game in which we both has to walk opposite directions through a rope circle which will be held tightly by the members of the meeting we

can only hold a organizers hand for balancing and cross each others side with out falling down. When the intersection came I really had to avoid holding her but this girl hugged me nicely as she was loosing balance. I felt like she did it on purpose. We both were loosing balance to avoid this; I had to hold her in a way that I ended up holding her breasts.

I got embarrassed and said sorry, she just smiled and went to the other side. Couple of members saw this and they were all laughing. I became red. But she was keeping cool. The later that evening after the dinner I came back to the room and went pool side I could see couple of girls and guy were about to enter the pool I went and sat on a pool side recliner.

Zhanu was also there. She came straight to me smiling. And I was shocked to see her in one-piece blue swimming trunk and she had a great body shape even though her breasts were small which I accidently felt earlier. She was looking hot. Beautiful big lips, very fare and smooth skin, nice thighs and I just stood dumb there checking her out, she said hi, and smiled at my condition.

I said wow you look terrific she got shy and smiled looking down and I said sorry for what happened in the game, she said oh its ok. And said don?t worry I care for you. I didn't understood actually she wanted to say that she has regards for me. Then She invited me to join her for the pool. I excused her for a minute to change cloths.

I wore a shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. When reached she was already in the pool with her roomie and her friends. She waves at me as I entered the pool. I am not a good swimmer as some how managed to reach her side; she also admitted that she also not a good swimmer. We both laughed on this and started chatting and having fun in the pool. She asked me are u married?

I said yes, and then I could see glimpse of sadness. Then I asked her about her she said no and when I asked her about her boyfriend she said lets not talk about it. Almost half an hour her friends went for drinks she asked me want to go I said I don?t drink, it was kind of shock to her. She drinks but stopped because drinks upset her stomach.

Now we were alone in the pool and climate was getting colder so we get out of the pool and rested on the recliner adjacent to each other. Our shoulders and hand were touching either me or she tried to put the gap. And she was looking very sexy in wet condition. Water was dripping from her face and her body I wanted to take all that droplets in my mouth with my tongue.

Suddenly she sat up and said she need a shower, as she was getting up to go I took her hand and asked her will you come back after the shower, she said she will with a smile and went to her room. I felt kind of out of the world. I always liked Chinese and Far East looking girls. I quickly went in to my room and checked my roommate he was fast sleep.

I wish if I had a room for myself, so that if possible and she is willing I can have some fun with her. My heart was pumping hard. I didn?t waste any time I changed my wet cloths and wore another pair. And quickly reached the bench and waited for her. The outside situation was changed no much lights were on and the pool light was also off.

When I looked at her room there was no light there also and no sign of any movement near the pool. I could only see a security guard roaming at far. I felt she is not going to come back may be because of her roommate or slept. I started feeling disappointment at the same time I felt she would come.

After sometime I could see some movements at her room I was sure that its her, she slowly an carefully came to me. She was wearing a night shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and I could see her bra line also. Her hair was undone and she looked so fresh. She sat on the bench very next to me and looked into my eyes and smiled.

I took her hand in my hand and said I thought she won't come, to that she said I care for me and said sorry for the delay. I started pampering her hand, she looked away from me then I turned her face with my hand and asked her can I kiss, she looked at me and shook her head for no. I was bit disappointed and I know she will after sometime.

I started feeling her bare shoulder with one hand and other hand held her other hand. She didn't move or did nothing and I again turned her head towards me and asked can I kiss you, this time no response she just looked down. I took this as her approval and leaned forward and put my lips on her.

At this she shivered lightly and I started giving small and light kisses on her lovely lips, they were very soft. I ran my hand on her lovely face and her cheeks with that she slowly started to respond back to me. I could feel her breath becoming heavier and I could see her breasts racing and lowering in faster rhythms.

We started smooching and slowly I could feel her wetness of her mouth on my lips I started to suck her lower lips very slowing and lightly without breaking her kissing pleasure. Her breath started breaking and I could feel she becoming weaker and melting herself on me. Her eyes become weaker we both want to stop kissing each other but couldn't we kiss with helplessness.

We forgot about our surrounding suddenly I became conscious and looked around and she too sensed this and showed me to the chairs out side her room. Immediately I grabbed her hand led her to those chairs and settled there and started kissing every passionately. I began to suck and lightly lick her lips on this she become every excited and gasped on that I entered

my tongue into her mouth and felt and took her saliva into my mouth, slowly she started to probe her small tongue back to me. I felt great when her tongue touched mine. With excitement she put her both legs on the chair. Then I sit sideways facing her so that I have more access to explore her. Back in my mind I felt, as if she was novice in these feeling.

We continued kissing and I was holding her face so passionately in my hands. My left hand started to travel down to her neck and then shoulders and finally the on her right breast. When I touched her breast I felt her padded bra. I grouped her breast for few seconds for which she began to moan her moans made me mad and I started caressing both breasts with lot of care and affection.

She became very restless. I moved my left hand further down and felt her smooth tummy skin and played with her navel then proceeded to touch her pussy over her shorts, she sensed this and stopped my hand and closed her legs, smartly I took my hand from her and put my thumb on the pussy area and felt her soft ass with other fingers I could do this as her legs were up.

I slide my hand across the pubic area and felt her pussy over her frilled panties. I could feel her wetness through her panty. I tried to slide my across the bottom of her panty she stopped me and said please no? then I again started to feel her breasts and kissing her neck and slide her left sleeve of her t-shirt off she didn't object I slide her bra strap also she knew what's coming next from me

then I put my hand inside her padded cup and cupped her left bare breast she let out a big moan her nipple stood very erect I played with it, I was kissing and sucking her shoulder blade area, I lowered my mouth went down and took her left breast out of bra and put my mouth on it, I sucked it at the same time tongued her lovely nipples she couldn't bare this and moaned little loudly AHHH?

and tired to push me away I gripped her and slide the other sleeve along with bra strap off and loved her other breasts too? at this time I smartly slide my hand inside her panty and felt her wetness and soft pussy area and her small pubic hairs, at this time she didn't even bother to resists me she just gripped her hand on the chair and kept moan as my left thumb was exploring her clit and opening for her vagina.

I badly want to kiss and tongue her there and take all her wetness in my mouth, but I didn?t hurry I just kept on loving her both breasts and her erect nipple. All these were giving her heights of pleasure from there no one want to return. I swiftly without braking her pleasure levels and before she could get back her senses I turned her chair towards me

and slide her both short and panty aside and gave a nice kiss on her lovely pussy lips. On this she just jumped on her chair before she could react I started smooching her pussy lips and clit with at-most care and affection she surrendered herself to me, her pussy had little soft hairs, her moans where getting stronger, I felt she forgot about the surrounding we where in.

By now she had spread her legs wide and was giving the room for my head to work on her pussy. Her pussy was so fresh and clean so I loved eating her I slide my tongue on the full length of her pussy some time I tongued her vaginal opening sometime I sucked her clit which made her wild and I started flicking my tongue on her clit in order to take her to her peak

without breaking my licking and flicking on her clit I myself took out my penis and started to rub and make it big, her sight of bare breasts and sight of her pussy had made me hard. when I knew she is about to cum stopped and stood shaking my dick. She was at the state where no return she looked at my dick. On this I could see her confusion why I stopped suddenly.

She knew what?s there in my mind, for few seconds she was confused whether to surrender fully to me. I knew that she would beg for me to enter her, as her body needs me more than her mind. As I expected she said the magical words, the most pleasing and inviting words ENTER ME and continued gasping.

I smiled at her and pulled her shorts out along with her panty and pulled her bottom till the edge of the chair, she too cooperated well and spread her legs as wide as possible for the support and I adjusted myself for the entry, but the position in which she were sitting and we didn't had any other place or options, I decided to do her myself standing bending my knees to her pussy level.

Even though I knew that I wont be able to do her for long time I didn't hurry to enter her, I just rubbed my dick on her vaginal opening as well as her clit, on this she became wild and grabbed my dick in her hands and put on her well lubricated vaginal opening and try to pull in. on this I also cooperated with her and push forward for the entry.

As I entered her we both felt eternity, her pussy was well tight and well lubricated. Her tightness proved again her novice. I hold my both hands on chair for support and started pushing in and out of her. I did her with slow but long and steady shots. I could feel her pleasure building inside as it build I increased my pace and I knew anytime she will explode

her mouth opened wide I kissed and closed her mouth as I feared she might make a loud moan. It was very difficult for me to continue fucking her in that position holding that chair that too without making much sound my knees were paining and becoming weak. I feared her roommate might hear us. She exploded and started bucking in the chair.

I felt really nice the way she enjoyed me. Her enjoyment made me more excited and I was also nearing my climax and pulled out on time and exploded on her stomach and pussy. She pulled me to her and kissed me wild and she looked at me with great appreciation and satisfaction. I cleaned my cum from her body with my shorts and sat there few minutes loving and kissing her and fondling her body.

We knew its time for us to part, as it was already 2 in the morning. I wore my shorts properly and she too put her cloths and adjusted it. We hugged each other and promised to meet again the next day. I kissed her tenderly on her eyes, lips, cheeks and lips we again smooched for some time. It was really very difficult to part so soon immediately after such a intimate time.

Her eyes said so many things. But we didn?t have any other option. We both loved every moment we spent. Short but very very intimate. She entered her room saying bye to me and was looking at me great love till I left from there.

I reached my room and as I lay on my bed dreaming what just happened and I slept off dreaming about her. A very lovely and lifetime memorable experience. The next day another story?. Sorry for the length of the story and grammar? Hope you enjoyed my story. Please do comment about my experience and writing.

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