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Fucking Kalpana in Bangkok hotel room

Hi my name is Mahesh and I’m 4m Hyderabad in India. This incident I’m going to tell u happened a year ago when I was traveling abroad for my further studies. I started my journey from Hyderabad. After bidding farewell to my parents I went inside. I was happy to get a window seat in the flight (as planned earlier).

I was adjusting myself and just then my eyes stuck on a stunning beauty. I was staring at her and she walked straight to me and verified her seat number and sat beside to me. I was so delighted. She also took some time to adjust herself and as time passed by the flight was about to take off. I was looking through the window and enjoying the sight.

I dint notice that she was also trying to look through the window. Suddenly there was an announcement to close the window shutter and I did so and turned to her. I introduced myself to her. She told me that her name was kalpana. I said hai and started talking to her. She was a very talkative girl and so very soon v became friends.

Let me describe her to u guys……. She was about 5’7 very slim, fair and with nice pair of boobs of 34d, and a round and firm ass (saw it when she was adjusting her luggage in the cabin). When she lifted her hands to put her luggage the t-shirt she was wearing went up a bit and I had a good sight of her navel and I felt like squeezing it……. I instantly had a hard on….

I started talking to her about various things but in my subconscious mind I was imagining her nude in my arms. After a while she asked me if she can sit in my seat to enjoy the view through the window. I couldn’t say no and while we were exchanging the seats she lost control and sat on my lap. I’m sure she could have felt my hard dick.

She was on my hard dick for almost 3-5 seconds and I was in heaven. She noticed my hard dick and turned to me and smiled. I immediately went to the wash room and shag and ease my self. When I came back she was smiling looking at me and I understood that she knew why I went to the washroom. we talked about various issues and our friends.

She asked if I had any girlfriend and I said No. she immediately asked me Hey Mahesh r u a virgin? I was a bit shocked and said yes I am (though I was not). She again asked me if I am saying the truth. I asked her if she had a boy friend. She said yes but they broke up few months back. I then started slowly touching her shoulder with mine and she dint mind.

After a while she fell asleep for a while but I hardly could. In 5 hours we got down in Bangkok where we had to halt for 12 hours b4 catching our next flight. I had my accommodation booked but she dint. She asked me to help her in getting some accommodation. We traveled to a 3 star hotel in which I had my accomidation booked and asked them to provide another room to the girl.

A very cute lady in the reception said yes and asked her to pay 5000 Bhats(currency in bangkok). Kalpana started thinking as the amount was toomuch. The girl in the reception should have understood kalpana’s guestures and she immediately said that she can accomidate her in my room by paying 1000 bhats extra.

She thought 4 a while and said ok as she can save some money and paid the money. Another cute young girl guided us to the room and as we entered, the room was very nice and big for both of us. The girl looked at us and smiled and said “enjoy ur stay sir”. I locked the room as she went off. We both got ready and went down to have our breakfast.

While heading back to the room we were joined by another couple in the lift. As the lift door closed they started kissing each other with full of passion. That was the first time I saw some one kissing in real. I was so excited and looked at her. Kalpana smiled at me and signed me to be quite. We then went to our room and I stared at her.

She said nothing and we sat on the bed and she switched the tv on…..There was a real hot scene going on from the movie Original sin where Angelina was fucked real hard. I was surprised to see her not changing the channel and I looked at her and she was watching it in excitement. I got the signal and moved close to her and kissed her on her cheeks. She dint say a word.

She looked at me and I immediately locked her lips with mine. She closed her eyes but dint respond. I started kissing her with passion. After about 15 to 20 seconds she started responding. I understood that she started enjoying it and slowly leaned on to her. My one hand was on her right boob and the other was on her back. We kissed for about 10mins.

Both of us became so hot that we dint know what was happening and I slowly put my hands under her pink top and reached her boobs. I gently slid the bra from her boobs and touched the naked boobs and creased them gently. She gave a soft moan aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

I then made her sit and took her top off and I was so excited to see her topless. I also unhooked her bra and she was totally topless. She helped me taking my t-shirt off and I couldn’t waste any time and pounded on her. We were kissing madly and I took her pink nipple in my mouth and gently gave a bite.

She was totally going mad and said Mahesh pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase fuck me…. I asked her to wait and reached her navel. I kissed her navel and she held my head and forced me in to her navel and then pulled me on to her boobs. I soon unbuttoned her jean and pulled it down. Her panty also followed the jean. Now I could see an angle lying naked on my bed.

She had a real gud pair of boobs 32d, narrow waist and a sexy round ass. She was a thing of beauty. I started kissing her from head to toe kissing and licking her body in passion and so did she respond to me. Then I reached her love hole. The scent coming from that hole made me mad and I at once kissed it and she moaned

aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………… that moan excited me even more and put my toung as deep in to her cunt as possible and started to fuck her with my tongue. I was exploring her pussy with all my passion and she said yyyyeeeeeessssssssss maheeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssshhhhhhhhhh come onnn naa paiki raa raaaa

(come on to me) iroju nenu nee daanni (I’m urs today) …… I got even more excited and increased my speed and after 10 mins she came with a loud moan an loads of her juices came out and splaaaased on my face……. I wiped my face with a towel and then I slowly reached her boobs and started fondling them and both of us were in seventh heaven.

She was again ready and her nipples became hard. Both of us were exploring each other and rolling on the bed. I couldn’t belive myself as every thing happening there was very much unexpected and unplanned. She said Mahesh please fuck me. Inka nenu aagalenu(I cant wait any more).

I took my 6inch tool and placed in at the entrance of her love hole and gently touched her cunt with myhard dick. She held my dick and kept in position and I gently pushed it in. only 1/4th of my dick moved in and I could feel some restriction. I saw her face and notieced that she was enjoying the pain. I stopped for a second and asked her “R u really a vergin”.

She nodded her head and said cishayam taravata chebutanu mundu nannu dendu raaaa magadaaa….(don’t wast time and fuck me first. I’ll tell u wat I am afterwards.…..). My joy new no boundaries…… I thought I was fucking a vergin stranger in a 3star hotel…. Then I said ok and pushed my dick in her love hole.

In 20 seconds I pushed my tool in with a sudden jerk and she shouted aaauuuuucccchhhhhhhh and a couple of tears rolled of her eyes. I stayedd for a min and started giving her small jerks. After 15-20 in and outs she started enjoying and started moaning. I slowly increased my speed and I was literally pounding on her.

I could feel her veginal muscles tightning arround my pulsating cock. I knew she was aabout to come. So I immediately took my tool out(just to keep my self from cuming). She asked me why I stopped. I said wait and kissed her pussy for a while and then asked her to sit. I placed a soft pillow under her waist to allow maximum penetration.

Then I again put my hard on in her cunt and started pounding....Both of us were n’joying to the maximum and after about 15 mins of passionate sex we came together. And lied in each others hands with my limp cock in her hole( in fact out side her hole). We slept there for an hour. I woke up after an hr and went to wash room.

The bath room was very big with a shower and a tub. I turned the water in the tub and lied there in the tub and was relaxing. Just then the door opened and walked in my sexy goddess. She asked y u dint close the door. I said do v still need doors between us? She laughed and came straight in to the tub and laid on me and started kissing me passionately.

V kissed for about 5 mins and she asked me if I mind if she go to shit in front of me. I said please go ahead darling.( As soon as she sterted I was froced to go out unable to bare the smell)........ she came back and asked me to join her for a bath. Both of us again weent in to the tub and started kissing. She took my co k in her hand and mane me comfortable.

The moment she touched my cock my 6” incher came back to life and she said “i’m going to ride u just the way anjaleena did in the movie(original sin which v watched in tv). I said ok and she took my cock and placed it near the entrance of her hole and slowly slid it in. It was such a beautiful scene to imagin........”

a beautiful young gir...pounding me in a luxurious bath tub with both our genital organs immersed in water......... wowwwww that was great sexperience. Every time she moved up and down it sounded very different with my cock moving in and out of her pussy with water arround....... I never thought ot such things even in my wildest dreemzzzz......

nor did I do it with any of my old counterparts back in india...... We fucked each other for about 15 minn and came together. V finished our bath and came and dressed up and went down for our lunch. I had a bangkok tour as a part of my package but she dint. So I too dropped my plan as I was not intersted to go alone leaving my goddess.

V finished our lunch and went back to room. V changed in to our comfortable cloths and sat on the bed and were watching tv. Just then the bell rang and there came two young and beautiful girls ans asked us if v are intrested to have a body massage. I was intrested bus she sain no... I managed to make her say yes and they immediately brought two tables

and arranged side by side in one corner of the room as the rooms were dezined for this purpose. They arranged every thing and v lide on our respective couches and the girls started to massage. Every thing was going smooth untill the girl massaginh me touched my inner thigh. My cock started to gain its life and with in no time it was rock solid.

I was only in my undies and the girl smiled seeing my tent. She slowly touched my cock and massaged it gently. I just couldn’t control my self. I turned my head and looked at kalpana. She was in similar condition cozz the girl massaging her was fingering her pussy. V both looked at tach other and in 5 mins v sent the masagures out and fucked for the third time.

It was time for us to move. V checked out from the hotel and reached the airport, boarded our flight and flew to our destiation. V exchanged some passionate kisses in the flight. As soon as v arrived in Auckland airport, v collected our luggage and I took a new sim card in the airport and gave her my number.

She took my number and kissed me and said thank you and went offf. I never got a call from her. I dont know y she dint even call me. A year passed, I finished my course and came back to India. Every thing is still like a dreem to me. This is and will always be my most favourite sexperience.

Hot sex with Salesman

I was busy cleaning the house. It was raining heavily and was quite dark at half past 5 in the evening. The little murky light showing up in the sky from what's left of the day added to the romantic effect of the whole setting. Together, the sound of the rain and the beautiful old song playing in the radio reminded me of my husband.

I stopped cleaning the hall for a moment, walked over to the window and gazed out. Two more days were to go before my husband returned. He had gone on a business trip for a week and 5 days had already passed. I missed him the most now, the last 2 days. I picked up the fallen broom from the floor and was walking back to the place the door bell rang.

I walked quickly to the door hoping that it was my husband who returned early. But it was a figure I could hardly make out standing at the door totally drenched. The young man shouted to make himself heard... "Are you interested in our product madam??" and held a plastic box with a picture of a woman in bra and panties. I couldn't resist myself laughing.

I felt sorry for him and motioned him to come in. He smiled at me as he came in. I asked him what he was doing, trying to sell stuff in the mad rain. He said that he lived 3 stations away and was done for the day. He was walking towards the station to catch his train and wanted to try his luck in our place, on the way. I told him to stay inside for some time as it was raining heavily.

He was dripping wet and his hair was clinging to his head. He said "Thank you madam" and was standing in the corner of the veranda. I caught him staring at my thighs, and then realized that I was still in my cleaning costume! My saree bunched up and tucked at my waist. He looked away quickly.

I adjusted my saree quickly, told him to wait, went inside and brought a towel for him to dry himself. I told him to come inside and stand under the fan. He did so, thanking me profusely. He was drying his hair for a few minutes while I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea for him. He thanked once again and gulped the first couple of sips.

I told him to sit on the wooden chair as his clothes were still wet. He sat at the edge of the chair. I looked at him now, for the first time in detail. He was quite well built and would have been in his early twenties. He looked at me in anticipation. Then, I remembered the purpose of his coming to our house.

About that stuff... I am not interested... (Then I thought... May be he has some special variety that looks sexy and could surprise my husband when he is back...), So I said, "ok I will look at these... But you will have to wait since I am in the middle of cleaning the house..., "Is that OK? He nodded as he had nothing better to do.

I got up to go to the bathroom to pick up the mop and saw him taking a peek through my saree at my deep fleshy navel. I am 32 year old, I have a kid of 4 years old and my kid was at my parents place for the vacation at the moment. I have a pretty good structure. I am 5 ft 4" tall, moderately fair and medium built.

I have nice big 34" boobs that never sag with big aureoles and taut nipples. My waist is 30". I have ass that is bigger than my waist and is 36". When at home I normally wear saree during the day and if I don't have plans to go out, I don't bother wearing panties or bra. The intense thought of my husband and untimely arrival of this sales person started driving my hormones crazy.

I decided to tease him a little. I tucked my saree to my waist, just above my knees and lowered my saree a bit more too below hip and secured the pallu in position and came in to the hall with the mop to clean. I could see his instant reaction. His eyes almost popped out. "Wait until I finish cleaning this hall OK?" With that, I started mopping, without waiting for his reply.

I could notice that he wasn't wasting any chance and was eyeing at my exposed legs as discretely as possible while he pretended to turn pages of the newspaper. I was quite aware of his peeking glances all over me. This was turning me on too, quite a bit. I was done with mopping the hall and took the mop back to the bathroom.

'You are almost dry now ', was my passing comment while leaving the hall. The disappointment in his face was apparent as he was thinking that my little show had come to an end, but I had other plans for him and decide to tease him some more. I came back to the hall with a dirty cloth and a stool.

I told him that I needed to clean the fan as it is quite dirty too and switched off the fan, placed the stool underneath the ceiling fan. I climbed over the stool and told him to fetch the dirty cloth as I forgot to pick up before mounting on the stool. He eagerly fetched the cloth and stood by my side grinning like he is waiting for the next command.

I told him what he liked to hear... "Please hold the stool, will you? He nodded, "yes madam, the floor is wet. I shall hold it". He bent down a bit and held the edge of the stool. I lifted my hands to clean the fan while he was holding the stool. I had left the pallu free flowing over my shoulder on purpose,

so within seconds my pallu gave way and moved a bit in the mid rib section exposing my bare tummy completely. I continued cleaning and looked down to see him get a great view of my navel. His face was actually only inches away and I could feel the hot air from his breath brush the base of my belly. I reacted to it, tucked my belly inwards a bit.

I had to stretch my hand wide, away from me and part my legs wider too, when I started cleaning the first blade of the fan in order to reach till the tip. I noticed him dropping his pen (purposefully I guess) and left the hold of the stool briefly, and then bend down to pick up the pen.

I was suddenly very conscious of my nudity underneath the saree and saw him lift his head up from his position below, getting an unhindered view of my shaven, now glistening pussy. He seemed mesmerized for few seconds which seemed to be a lifetime for me. I shifted uncomfortably and brought my thighs together.

He recovered, held the stool with his hands, and got up all the while, eyes riveted inside my saree until he was up beyond that point and once again, stood at my waist level. My left breast was completely off the pallu now and the sweaty blouse could hardly contain the pointed fully erect nipple.

He was treated with a wonderful view of my bra-free breast juggling while I was cleaning the second blade. Armed with the knowledge that I am devoid of any undergarments and my body had already given its approval via the erect nipples and glistening thatch below, he made the next move. He shook the stool gently and quickly said...

"Madam, the base of the stool is not good. I shall hold you along with the stool to be safe...With that his left hand was on my foot. The room was so much charged with sex at that moment, the silence from me, was taken to be a roaring approval. He was looking up at the fan. I was trying to concentrate. And muttered an aimless "Thanks" to him, tried to clean further...

The last blade of the fan. Within a few seconds, I felt his hand creep up a bit. This sent shivers through me. I felt his hand creep up on my bare leg and rest on the knee for a while... Warning bells were ringing in my head. One side of my brain was screaming to warn that I am at the 'point of no return' while the other half was already lulled and taken over by needs and desire.

In this brief conflict, the needs overtook the reason and I continued to clean the blade while was enjoying the feeling of his hand on my thigh.His hand was soft but firm and was creeping up inch by inch. It now reached the base of my petticoat resting squarely at my creamy white thigh. His index finger started drawing some weird circles on my thigh with some pressure,

while his face was innocently looking at the fan. That was a very different sensation and I had never felt that with my husband ever before. I gasped and stopped cleaning and looked down into his eyes. I could see a glint of fire in his eyes. He continued to perform the circular motion and let his hand travel further upwards. While still looking at my face.

His lips were parted only slightly. He released his other hand from the stool, and rested it lightly on my bare hip. Our eyes were still locked as his hand went for my navel while his other hand at the mid thigh region drew circles advancing closer to my pussy. His hand reached my deep navel and he placed his index finger inside,

and simultaneously he placed the palm of his 'killer' hand right on my pussy. I closed my eyes and sighed out aloud. He wasted no time in caressing my pussy lips and applied pressure with his middle finger in an attempt to insert. I parted my thighs wider involuntarily enjoying the tickling sensation as a result of his fingers playing on, in and around and all over my navel.

He inserted his finger inside my now totally moist pussy and it went in completely. He rocked it in and out slowly while applying pressure on my clit using his thumb. I jerked a bit. He took his finger out and bunched the saree and petticoat and pushed it over my hip and calmly admired my pussy in the light for a few seconds. I was ashamed but overwhelmed with excitement.

He drew his face eagerly, closer to my mound and planted a deep kiss on it. I felt his hot breath on my pussy.He grabbed my breast while his tongue went for my pussy. He pressed my breast with such a force as if he was kneading the dough for chappathi (Roti). The brut force felt good too and strangely made me feel wilder. He pinched my erect nipple over the blouse.

I held his hair tight, partly because I was still standing over the stool and needed balance and partly because I was seriously enjoying it. His tongue first explored the outer walls and then dived deeper. He had a rough and long tongue. I felt as if his tongue took over the "Drawing circles" thing from his hand. He went round and round with his tongue inside me.

My knees felt weak and I was shaking. He let go of the hand that was holding my saree and took it behind me to caress my buttocks. It was just too much for me to take it all. One hand caressing and drawing lines along my butt crevice up and down kneading the butt cheeks roughly and caressing along the hole softly from time to time..

While at the same time his unbelievably long tongue was doing stuff that was beyond words to express while his other hand, was busy pinching my nipple and massaging my breast.Ooooooh it was all a bit tooooo much for me and I let out a loud scream I could sense a very strong orgasm building up inside me. I was all in flames. The stool was shaking for real now.

I was shouting sounds that I had made never before ooooh and aaaaah... With my eyes shut and all other senses wide open I was having the moments of my life. The climax was building up by the second in me and sensing this from the more urgent gasps and sounds I make he continued the pattern and increased the pace.

I could hear the noise his tongue made while he licked me. It went like "cluck... cluck... schluk...cluck he was rubbing over my clit with his nose while his tongue was deep inside. That broke the damn oooooooooo I gripped his hair very tight and released myself as I jolted. I felt that my juices were flowing out endless,

and after what seemed like a lifetime I went limp and stood panting for breath. He lowered me down from the stool and walked me to the sofa. He made me lie down. Before I could come to senses, he started undressing me. He loosened, unwrapped and removed my saree off me. Then, deftly untied the petticoat and removed it off me as I lifted my waist a bit.

He took it off my legs and now placed his hands on the blouse hooks. Thy were all unhooked 1,2,3,4... And off... In a few seconds I was down to my birthday suit. He was feasting his eyes. He caressed me all over. His fingers traveled along the contour of my body stopping for a good amount of time at all the crucial spots. He then stood up, unzipped and lowered his pant.

I was wondering how come I failed to notice such a huge hard on hidden behind those pants all the while. He wasted no time and pulled down his boxers in one flash and his huger shaft was rock hard. He took off his shirt in a whiff and slowly came close to me. He then sat by the side of me in the sofa and parted my legs.

He inserted his thick long member in me slowly inch by inch. I was beginning to doubt midway through, if I could take it in fully. In one final forceful motion he inserted it inside completely. I felt like it made all the way up to the base of my womb. He held my wide hip with his hands for the grip and started rocking back and forth slowly.

His hands crawled over to play with my erect nipples and pinch them gently. I was beginning to get turned on again and I started gyrating my hip in tandem. After a few minutes of moving his cock in and out... He increased the tempo. He started doing it faster now... And faster. He bent forward to cup my now juggling tits. They were juggling due to his fast and strong movements.

He held them softly and sucked my left nipple. I felt that I was amalgamated to him and moved my hip along with his to a high degree of accuracy. He sucked my pencil shaped dark brown nipples left to right and right to left. Back and forth pinching and sucking... He bit on one of them gently with his teeth making me go berserk with pleasure.

I brought my hands and ran along his hairy chest and caressed his nipples.They were nice to feel too. He was now emitting a low aaah, aaah, aaah in a constant rhythm. And me an eeerh aaaarh eeeekh in a shriller pitch. I caressed his back and felt his tight butts. Pinched, slapped and kneaded the tight muscles in the area.

This made me go crazy as it was one of my favorite things. I could feel him go stiff right at the same time I was running my hand along his butt crevice and he was biting with some force on one of my nipples at the same time. He was sucking at it real hard and I was beginning to build up at the same time.

His body stiffened totally and after a few strokes he let out a loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaah and I could feel him cumming all the way inside me. Within a few more seconds I came once again too. This one was better than the previous. I lay there by his side on the sofa in a pool of sweat completely drained out.

After a few minutes he kissed me passionately on my lips. It was a long one with his tongue finding mine (I could smell my own juices) and my tongue explored his lips which were surprisingly tender. I tasted it a bit longer. I was feeling relieved to think that I was taking birth control pills that month.

I released myself away from him and found his eyes still ogling at my naked body stood up and ran to the bathroom to wash myself real quick. When I came back, wrapped in a towel. He was fully dressed by then and was standing in the hall with his sales box in his hand facing me. "May be you need buy some of our products madam and came close to me.

And lifted my towel and mockingly looked underneath and said "say our panties. You seemed to be not wearing one!" My face became red and I brushed his hand away quickly. I said guess it has stopped raining now?" He smiled nodded and said thank you for everything madam see you next time" and went for the door. Opened it. Turned around. Smiled and waved good bye and left.

Fucking sexy sales girl 2

In continuation to my earlier story “Fucking sexy sales girl”, we went inside and she pushed me on the bed and I fell on my back. She pulled my lungi and ran her fingers on my semi erect penis. It started to reciprocate to her touches. She climbed on top and we embraced in a long and passionate kiss.

Meanwhile I was rubbing her back and bottom, she held my penis in her hand rapping the tender finger around the shaft and started stroking up and down. I tried to insert my hands from the back in to her pants for which she did not oblige, instead she got up and removed my t shirt and started kissing me all over my face and descending gradually.

She took my nipples one by one inside her mouth biting them with her teeth, which sent shivers all over my spine. She descended further and now I was able to guess what she was up to and was in 7th heaven. Gradually she bent down and kissed the tip of my penis now attending like flag pole and oozing pre cum.

She cleaned it with her hanky and pulled fore skin bank and started to swallow slowly. I was speechless and enjoying every bit of the act. She was able to take only half of the rod inside her mouth. Then she started giving really memorable moments with her head, her mouth still filled with my penis, occasionally throwing her hair up wards and simultaneously caressing my balls.

Oh boy I thought for a second to ask from where did she learn the art and held back asking such a stupid question. Its going beyond my control and I tried to stop her. But she winked at me with a sexy smile and again started sucking my cock and taking the balls one by one in to her mouth and pulling, squeezing them.

My entire body was shivering from exitment and I was at the verge of climax. Again I tried to stop her by pulling her head. But she did not stop and finally I came with a big moan inside her mouth and held her head tightly making her to swallow the cum. After some time as released her and pulled her on me and started kissing her face all over saying thank you…

thank you and finally we sealed our lips. There was little traces of my cum on the corner of her mouth and with that she looked even sexier. I could not resist my self and turned her over and started kissing her again. She tried to hold me saying ‘bahut dhare ohgaya, abhi jane do’.

I stopped listening to her protests and wanted to give back what she gave me a little moment ago. I removed her top and started playing with her tits over the bracery. Then removed it and started sucking the boobs one by one simultaneously pressing the other. The nipples got hardened with my touches and she was moaning softly.

She closed her eyes and gave her self completely to me. I removed her pant buckle and pulled down the pant. I started kissing her naval descending and settled in between her thighs. I rubbed my nose on the panty which was wet near the triangular area due to the earlier actions. There was a sweat sexy smell which drove me crazy.

I pulled her panty down still smelling her vaginal area and rubbing my face. She was moaning ahh...ahhh.aaaa. I spread her legs and started licking the cunt lips and taking her as whole in to my mouth. Her pussy lips started pulsuating due to my continuous sucking and licking and suddenly she held my head tightly in between her legs and released her cum.

She was breathing heavily. I got up and inserted my my throbbing cock now erected to its full height in one stoke. She gave out a loud moan ooh..maa...oh..I started thrusting with full force, sucking her boobs. I continued for 5 minutes and felt her cunt muscles tightening around my pulsuating cock. With final strokes I collapsed on top of her releasing all my load inside her.

After staying in that position for some time I got up and she went inside the bath room and came back after cleaning herself and completely dressed. I was laying exhausted. She came near me and kissed and left saying thank you.

In the heat of things I didn't ask for her address or number and she never returned again. After getting transferred from Gujarat I lost the hope of again finding her. But truly it is still fresh in my mind and whenever I think of the incident my wife gets more pleasure with out knowing the reason behind.

Guy made keep by Amrita 3

Guy made keep by Amrita
Guy made keep by Amrita 2

I certainly could not let this women leave like this. I stood up behind her. Amrita was fixing her hair in the mirror when she noticed me standing up behind her. She smiled when I slipped my arms around her stomach. I squeezed her tightly, kissing her cheek. Still smiling, she reached up above her and put her arms around my neck, turning her head.

Our lips met and we kissed soundly. She could feel my rock hard member pressing against her between her thinly covered ass cheeks now. My left hand slid up her warm body and over her bra, holding her breast. My right hand slipped down over her panties between her legs. I could clearly feel the swollen lips of her slit as I slipped a tongue into her mouth.

I began rubbing her crotch, she seems enjoying it by making a sigh. She began to consider doing it again. I pushed her panties to one side, exposing her moist slit. I began to tease it with my fingers as I kissed down her neck. Amrita sighed again, her breathing was growing heavier as her sensitive lips were being gently caressed.

I slipped the top portion of my finger into her warm hole and she found herself pressing against my hand, moaning. I slid down to my knees, slipping my finger out of her as I began to kiss her ass around her skimpy panties. I kissed all over her beautiful cheeks, and I kissed over her panties over the crack of her ass.

Amrita placed her hands on the dressing table, unable to stop herself from giving in to me. She could feel my lips all over her ass, and it turned her on to know that I wanted her so badly. I placed my fingers at the side of her panties and pushed them to one side, exposing the crack of her ass. Beneath it, I could see the pink, swollen lips of her pussy.

Using my thumb, I kept her panties out of the way and I buried my face in her ass, my mouth kissing her cunt. She sucked in her breath as tingles went up her body, and she opened her legs a little wider for me. I got my head underneath her and kissed the lips of her cunt again, watching them shake on contact.

I slipped my tongue up into her, tasting her wonderful juices. My hands squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them wide as I lapped at her pussy from behind. "Ohhhh…Raghuuuu…you should stop…" Amrita whispered, eyes closed. It felt incredible. She could feel my tongue wiggle around inside her.

I kissed her ass cheeks again, and then I grabbed the sides of her panties and began to pull them down. I slid them down to her knees, exposing her ass. "Raghuuu." She started, "You really need to go." Yet she did nothing to stop me from pulling her panties down to her feet. She even stepped out of them.

I grabbed her bare ass and spread her cheeks again, burying my face between them. My mouth sucked her pussy inside, lapping at her lips as I held them trapped. My tongue snaked out, licking at her clitoris. Amrita agve a moan this time. I was looking right at her beautifuulllll round ass, and I couldn’t help but lick at the skin between it and her pussy.

My tongue reached her asshole, and I started circling it. I licked at it, slipping it a little inside. She squirmed in front of me, thoroughly aroused again. I couldn’t take anymore – I had to fuck her. Giving her ass one last kiss, I stood up behind her. Instinctively, Amrita bent over before me, giving herself to me.

She could feel me run that fat cock of my down the crack of her ass, and when she felt it touch her slit, tingles shot up her beautiful athletic body. I could feel her warm entrance gripping the top of my manhood a little. I pushed forward. The lips of her vagina opened up for me and allowed my fat head to enter.

She moaned, arching her head back as she felt herself stretch wide for me. I placed my hands on her waist and pushed my cock, forcing more of myself to slip inside her inch by inch. Her wonderful cunt now gripped most of my cock. I pulled back a little, watching the pink lips of her pussy being pulled outward along with my manhood.

I rammed my rock hard penis into her, driving the entire length inside her. "OHHH!" Amrita groaned, wincing. She felt so filled up so fast! I loved how her white milky round ass was pressed against my groin, my cock buried inside her. I started rubbing my groin against her, trying to squeeze every inch into her that I could.

I slid my hands up her sexy body, over her stomach to her tits. My hands continued moving upward, lifting her bra above her breasts. I then grabbed one in each hand, massaging them lovingly. Using short strokes, I began to slide in and out of her comforting warmth, keeping my cock far inside her. I leaned over her body and licked her earlobe.

"Spend the night with me, Amrita." I whispered. To accent the statement, I brought my hips back a little further and drove my dick back into her. "Unh!" She moaned. "Rakesh will be here any time." She breathed, eyes closed. I released her breasts and grabbed her hips. I began to fuck her hard from behind, using long strokes.

Her ass cheeks shook with each impact as I slammed against her. ‘Slap slap slap slap slap’ the slapping noises were loud as I fucked her hard from behind while she leaned over the dressing table. I started fucking Amrita harder, pulling the beautiful lady back towards me over and over again as I drilled my rock hard manhood deep inside her.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She moaned, feeling my thickness squeeze into her body at a rapid pace. Her tits were bouncing beneath her bra as she took my penis into her needy pussy. She could feel an orgasm stirring within her, and she embraced the feeling. Suddenly, she felt me pull my cock out of her.

She felt me slowly run it up the crack of her ass and her heart pounded with both fear and desire. She felt me probing at her asshole. "No Raghuuu." She protested. "We don’t have time and I am not yet prepared for it." I stared at the sight of my penis pressing against her tight little asshole and was tempted to do it anyway. I had mercy on her.

I grabbed her and spun her around, pushing her back against the dressing table. amrita obediently sat back on it, opening her legs wide for me, placing her beautiful feet on the edge. Her pussy lips were a darker pink from all the action she had been getting, and they were parted slightly, ready for more.

I stood between her legs and she looked down, watching me place that fat helmet of my against Amritag lips. I began to run my cock up and down her slit, rubbing it hard against her clit and sending tingles up her body. "Do you want this?" I asked. "You’re an asshole!" She said, smiling. She was gasping for breath. "Do you want it?" I repeated.

"YES!" She yelled, trying to look angry but failing. I continued rubbing my cock up and down against her horny slit. " I’ll give it to you over and over again. I’ll fuck you all night long and into the morning." My words sent even more tingles of arousal up her body. Amrita closed her eyes, her breath shaky as she felt me continue to manipulate the entrance to her pussy.

She said, Please do it fast, biting her lip. I broke into a smile. "Yeah?" I asked, placing my helmet against the entrance and holding it there. She looked at me with gorgeous black eyes. "Ohhh…I guess so!" She was dying to be penetrated. Her chest was heaving, her bra was still shoved above her breasts.

She looked down between her thighs and watched, as well as felt, my penis slowly slip inside her body. She moaned, watching as inch after inch eased back inside her. It felt so incredible and I was only in her half way! I stopped, looking down at where half of my penis disappeared inside Amrita’s vagina.

She curled her toes over the edge of the dressing table as I began fucking her with just the top half of my cock. I watched the pink lips of her pussy pull outward every time I withdrew my dick, and then fold back inward when I entered her again. I still didn’t slide into her all the way. I was teasing her, using only half my length when I fucked her.

She looked up at me impatiently with her pretty black eyes. Without missing a stroke, I grabbed her bra and lifted it up over her head, still easing only part of my manhood in and out of her needy cunt. Now that I had her completely naked, I grabbed her by her beautiful feet and held them up in the air, forcing her to lean back on her arms. She was completely helpless.

She was at my mercy now. Now I had a great view of the top half of my fat dick stretching her pussy wide. I looked at her and was happy to see the intense desire in her eyes. I slid my entire penis into Amrita’s warm vagina. "Ohhhhhh yessss…" she moaned, closing her eyes as she felt tremendous satisfaction from my entry.

I began to slide in and out of her, watching as my penis pulled the pink lips of her pussy outward each time I withdrew. I raised her such a beautiful feet up to my mouth and kissed over the top of it, not missing a beat with my thrusts, her legs were so beautiful and long that I just wanted to eat them away. She groaned, eyebrows raised as she took that wonderful cock over and over again.

She opened her eyes in time to see me suck her big toe into my mouth. I was truly having my way with Rakesh’s wife!! It was hard to believe that how can such a beautiful married woman was eagerly accepting another guy’s cock inside her pussy over and over! Still fucking her, I slipped her toes out of my mouth and began kissing the bottom of her beautiful foot, looking into her black eyes as I did so.

I loved how warm and tight her pussy was! "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She moaned, closing her eyes as her cries rose in pitch. I was so hard inside her! She didn’t even notice when I brought her other foot up to my mouth and sucked that toe inside. All she noticed was that rigid penis driving into her needy cunt over and over again.

The dressing table was shaking loudly as I drilled my cock inside her horny pussy. She knew she was about to cum. Her cries grew higher in pitch and volume. I continued sucking on her toes as I slammed my dick into her warmth faster and faster. "OHH! OHHH! UNH! UNH! … … OHHHHHHHH!" Amrita cried, cumming violently.

The inner walls of her vagina were squeezing and releasing my pistoning cock, her entire body grew hot. She was gasping for breath, and I had no mercy as I jackhammered my humongous rod into her even harder, taking her foot away from my mouth. I released her ankles, putting my hands on the edge of the dressing table and gripping it, using it for momentum.

Amrita’s tits were bouncing up and down violently as she struggled to recover. Her head was arched back, and her face was winced as she took my hard pole over and over. Suddenly, the I grabbed her, sliding my hands underneath her ass and lifting her up. Keeping my member inside her, I spun them around and lay her down on the bed, lying on top of her.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, and I had a huge desire to blow my load inside her. Holding myself straight up on my arms, I pounded my long cock deep inside Amrita. Her feet were flailing helplessly behind me as I rigid tool slammed into her horny pussy over and over. Her moans were still high pitched, and loud, though her orgasm had subsided.

I was thrusting that fat penis of my in and out of her so quickly! Her ass was bouncing off the bed, meeting each of my hard thrusts and further increasing the tremendous feeling in her vagina. Her tits were bouncing up and down violently, and I was about to lose it. I slid my entire penis inside Amrita’s needy cunt and held it there.

My cock exploded, firing a thick load of my hot seed off the back of her hungry pussy. Her legs tightened around me, holding me in place as I pulsated inside her. Another load of cum shot out the end of my dick and into her depths. She squeezed me tight, moaning. I groaned, wincing as another wad of my semen blasted into Amrita’s eager vagina.

She was gasping for breath, rubbing her crotch against me as she tried to milk every ounce of what I had to offer. Her legs were still around me as the last of my cum dripped into her body. My penis began to soften inside her as both tried to recover. I looked at her, panting. We shared a smile. She was sitting on my crotch now with her back towards me she said again…

”Raghu please leave now..Rakesh will be here any time” she raised herself a bit and leaned forward to pick her undies…her whole ass was being shown to me and it was just a perfect site. I couldn't help but notice how her ass. She came back in same motion and seated on my crotch and we planned to depart.

After fifteen minutes of her seating and our talk, she wasss so pretty that I couldn't help but begin to grow hard – even though we had already cum twice! She could tell that there was a little more pressure pressed against the crack of her ass, and she half smiled. She wriggled her bum against me mischievously. I quickly shot up to full hardness.

I kissed the back of her head, and my hand slid around her body again. I continued softly kissing her hair as I ran my hand over the soft skin of her belly. Her breathing deepened a little as she concentrated on my touch. She pressed her ass against me a little harder, satisfied to feel a solid, hard rod poking out at her and said now get up and leave.

We will be definitely meeting in sometime. It seems I had no fear now and I didn’t wanted to leave at all even if it was a great risk My hand slowly slid up her body until it cupped her naked breast. I could feel Amrita's nipple harden as I squeezed the soft mound of flesh. I slid my hand slowly down her belly, over her belly button, and into her Panties.

I slipped my hand into her panties and ran my fingers through the short curls of her well-trimmed pubic hair. my hand felt the hot moisture of her horny slit. I slowly ran a finger down her slick, sensitive lips. Tingles shot up her body, and Amrita turned her head to me, her mouth searching for mine. I kissed her softly, and she snuck her tongue into my mouth.

I slipped my finger inside her warmth. "Ohhhhh..." she breathed into my mouth, kissing me a little more urgently. My hand was rubbing against her clit as my finger dipped in and out of her warm tunnel. I broke the kiss. "Do you wanna go back for all this?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded, clearly flushed…please finish it fast…believe me he will be here any time…

Amrita was so pissed off by Rakesh half day…and desperately wanted to go in for more action till we are fully satisfied. she immediately dove onto the bed and picked up her cordless phone. I watched her dial as I pulled off my shorts, becoming naked. Tingles shot up her body from her crotch when she saw my rock hard penis stick high up in the air.

It was a good thing that she had already dialed, because she most certainly would have forgotten the number! I knelt on the bed beside her and my hand ran up her smooth, creamy white thigh as she heard the phone ringing. I grabbed her shorts and quickly ripped them down her smooth legs and off.

I then slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and into the side of her panties, caressing her moist pussy lips just as Rakesh answered. "Hello?" Said the voice on the other end. Amrita had called rakesh just to check where he was. She almost forgot to answer as I was stroking her pussy. I smiled at her as I ran my fingers up and down her horny slit.

"Hello!" She said, smiling. Her sexy legs parted a little wider as she spoke to her husband on the phone. "Hey hun.". I dipped a finger inside her hot tunnel, causing her to gasp. "Oh!" She managed to change the tone of her gasp from that of pleasure to that of surprise. "Where are you now?", asked amrita "I am in office honey “ rakesh replied..he continued.

”It seems I will not be able to come soon I have gor some urgent work to be finished for tomorrow and I might get bit late” Amrita felt much relived andI was happiest man after I heard it and I can also see a sense of excitement in amritas face. I began to move towards her head on my knees, massive cock sticking straight up into the air. Amrita looked at that penis lustfully.

She swallowed. "Okay, Please ring me half an hour before you will be back as I might go to market than." She said. I was now kneeling directly beside her head, my penis right before her eyes! I leaned over her a little, the top of my cock now touched her nose, and she closed her eyes. "No, I got a few minutes to talk." Said a voice. Oh yes rakesh-tell me"

She asked as she felt my penis rub over her cheek. She closed her one eye as my mushroom head rubbed over it. “We can talk later if you have got important work” She was trying not to let her breathing become too heavy. "No, that's alright. I want to talk to you, I promised I will be back by mid day!" Rakesh replied.

I was pressing the top of my penis against Amrita's lips, between them and the phone. She tried keeping her mouth closed so the dick wouldn't go inside as she answered. "So what do you want to talk about?" She opened her mouth and I was quick to stick the tip of my cock inside. Amrita gave me a 'why are you so bad?' look with her eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head of my penis.

Rakesh began to tell her a story about something that happened in office while she ran her lips a little further down my pole. She hadn't realized how far down my dick she went until she felt me touching the very back of her mouth. I eased my manhood out of her mouth, and held it above her face.

If one could see what I could see, one would realize how feared, helpless and feared amrita looked. I laid the length of my penis on her face and rubbed it back and forth over her nose, mouth and cheeks. She parted her lips, kissing at it as it went by. I suddenly aimed it downward at her mouth again, and she eagerly let me slip it inside.

Rakesh was asking her something. "Mmmm?" She asked, with her mouth full. "I said, tell me where you want to go tonight?" Rakesh asked. She pulled my dick out of her mouth with an audible 'pop' noise. "We can go to any place you like." She replied. I backed away a little, grabbing the bottom of her. I pulled it up her bra quickly, revealing her naked breasts.

She pulled the phone away from her ear as she helped me pull off her shirt. "Not just jazz by the bay?" Rakesh asked. "What?" Amrita asked. "Not just jazz by the bay?" Rakesh repeated. Her naked breasts were freed now, and I grabbed each one in my hand and bent towards them. Tingles ran through her body when she watched me suck a nipple into my mouth.

I released that one and wrapped my lips around her other one. "I don't know...anywhere you say." She replied. I released her tits and she watched my hands grab onto the skimpy waistband of her panties. Her breathing grew a little more laboured as she raised her beautiful ass up off my bed and allowed me to pull the dainty things down her legs.

The triangle of her bush became exposed, and the pink swollen lips that it framed. I rolled her tiny underwear down her legs and she pulled first one beautiful foot out of it, and then the other. She was now completely naked while she spoke to her husband on the phone! " I need to leave?" She heard me saying.

"Pretty soon, actually. you should probably go and get ready." She whispered, hoping to get off the phone before I fucked her. She knew I was gonna fuck her whether she was ready for it or not, and she didn't want to be on the phone with Rakesh again while I did it! I was kneeling beside her head again, off Amrita her my penis.

Amrita figured she'd better take it before I decides to put it another hole! She opened her mouth, eyes looking down her nose at the cock before her. I was quick to slip it into her mouth, sliding it in as far as I could before her beautiful hand pushed my groin back a little. She almost gagged! Rakesh was saying something, and she was trying to pay attention.

She was relieved to hear that I was launching into a story of my own, and wouldn't require much response from her. I stared at her face, which had most of my cock in it, and I reached down and cupped her pussy with my hand. I dipped a finger into her warm pussy, and was satisfied to see Amrita close her eyes with pleasure.

I slowly slid most of my dick out of her mouth, and then eased it back in. Amrita was humping her hips up against my hand as she sucked hard on my penis. She realized that Rakesh would need a prompt of some sort, to let me know that she was paying attention. "Mmm-hmm?" She said into the phone, her lips around my organ. "I know! Can you believe it?"

Rakesh asked, chuckling. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' I could hear the noise at the other end of the phone, but to me it sounded like she was in the kitchen stirring something. Amrita, meanwhile, was looking up at me with her beautiful big black eyes, her lips sliding up and down my fat pole expertly.

My entire shaft was coated with her saliva, and my head was poking at her throat almost every time she took me in her mouth. "Are you having something to eat?" She heard on the phone. She pulled my cock out of her mouth with a 'pop' that was maybe a bit too loud. "I'm having a little something, yes."

She replied, smiling inwardly.I think she just wanted to enjoy it a bit and pack it off and was not much interested over phone. The cock was in her hand was as hard as a rock, and her need to have it inside her was growing. She would have to get Rakesh off the phone. "I should go finish this before I go out." She stated.

"Wait," Rakesh replied, "I forgot to tell you what else happened to me today." She let go of my dick as I turned and put a knee on the bed between her legs. The sense of dread was almost as big as the sense of arousal that went through her. I was gonna fuck her! She would really have to get off the phone! "Can it wait?" She whispered to me, her breath was a little husky. "you should really go now…."

Amrita subconsciously opened her legs a little wider for me as I got my other knee in between them. She was now at my mercy. The entrance to her body was now open for that giant cock. She heard the dreaded answer, but the feeling of disappointment was overcome by the feeling of desire as she watched me bend my dick and placed the mushroom head against the swollen pink lips of her pussy.

"No," Rakesh replied, "it won't take long, don't worry. I was at my desk and..." the rest was just background noise to her as she felt my cock press against the entrance to her cunt. She felt herself slowly open up and allow my head to squeeze inside. She sucked in her breath, holding it as she felt her pussy stretch wide for my probing cock.

She was so wet, both from her arousal as well as my cum from their earlier trysts, that her vagina gave me no resistance. She felt inch after inch slide inside her, and I was moving so slowly that at least three times she thought I was all the way in, only to have me push more of my cock into her body. Finally, she felt my groin press against her.

Whole of me was inside her. "Ohhhh..." she sighed softly, closing her eyes. "What was that?" Rakesh asked. I was holding my cock inside Amrita, enjoying the feeling of warmth that surrounded me, and the tightness that gripped me. "I didn't say anything." Amrita said, eyes still closed. She was trying not to pant into the phone – her pussy was filled to the rim!

She raised her ass off of the bed, grinding her pussy against my groin. She couldn't help it! "Oh." Rakesh replied. "I thought I heard moaning." It was probably the TV –. I slid most of my cock out of Amrita. I looked down and could see the top of my penis stretching the pink lips of her vagina wide. I was holding herself high above her, looking down at her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. She was begging me to stop with her eyes, yet at the same time was begging me to enter her. I slammed my giant member into her twat as hard as I could. "Ungh!" She groaned, trying to turn her face away from the phone as she felt her body fill up again.

She was partially successful – Rakesh still heard her, but it wasn't very loud. "Oh – it was the, uh, TV." She answered into the phone, unable to disguise the fact that she was out of breath. Rakesh was saying something, but she no longer cared. I was now fucking the shit out of her. I was holding myself up on my arms and was drilling my cock into her hungry pussy over and over.

Her long legs curled over my ass and beautiful feet were in the air, flailing above my thrusting ass. Her creamy white tits were bouncing up and down violently, each time my cock shot up into her. She covered the mouthpiece of the phone with her thumb. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She groaned, over and over.

Her pussy was tingling like crazy, and she could feel the stirrings of an orgasm on its way. I bent and covered her mouth with mine, kissing her hard without stopping my thrusts.. She was breathing heavily into my mouth now as I stuck my dick deep in her cunt as hard as I could. She managed to stop moaning, but she was gasping for breath into my mouth.

The whole scenario had both me and Amrita turned on immensely. I was hard as a rock inside her! Even though I had already shot my load twice that evening already, I wasn't sure how much longer I could last in a situation like this! I stopped thrusting for a moment, holding my giant member inside her warm, snug pussy.

I threw her left leg over my right shoulder, and her right leg over my left shoulder. I held myself up above her, looking down at her. Amrita's beautiful feet were on either side of my head, and she was looking up at me helplessly, panting. "Why are you breathing hard?" rakesh asked. She realized that I hadn't spoken in about ten seconds.

Whole cock was inside her, and she watched me turn and kiss her foot, licking at her big toe. "I, uh," she said, trying to steady her voice, "just walked downstair to throw waste bag", sucked her toe into my mouth and then let it go, beginning to thrust into her wanting cunt again. "Oh. You're really out of shape, man!" rakesh exclaimed.

Amrita was wincing, having a hard time concentrating on the phone again as she took tmy huge member inside her eager vagina over and over. "Yeah..." she agreed, her voice not very steady. Her calves were on me and I was feeding her my dick! I was fucking her harder, watching her mid size. a bit fleshy tits bounce up and down with the movement.

I was now fucking her as hard as I possibly could, my manhood shooting in and out of her like a piston. She loved how wide I was stretching her pussy, and she could feel every inch of me slide along the inner walls of her cunt. "Okay, I'll let you rest." Said the voice on the phone. Amrita didn't answer. She had turned her head so that her face was pressed against a pillow, muffling her moans.

I was losing it. Her cunt was gripping my dick so tightly each time I slid into her! I jackhammered in and out of her a few more times before sliding my entire penis into Amrita's vagina, holding it there. I gritted my teeth, feeling my cock jerk inside her cunt. A thick, hot wad of my seed shot off the back of her womb as I pressed my groin tightly against her.

"Okay." She panted, almost in a whisper. my penis swelled again and unleashed another hot load of semen deep inside her hungry vagina. I groaned, wincing, more cum pouring out of me. "Alright." rakesh said, "I love you." "Bye!" She breathed, hanging up. "Oh God!" Amrita moaned, rubbing her pussy against my groin, milking every drop of semen that I had to offer.

Her legs wrapped around me, squeezing me close to her as the last of my sperm dripped into her, she was trying to get hold of my lips to suck it hard. I collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath. "Ohhhh...I can't believe we just DID that!" She exclaimed. I smiled, kissing her lips agressively.

I lay on top of her for a while, growing soft inside her as we talked about what we had just done. By shortly after 3, I rolled off of her, my soft penis slipping out of her full vagina. two of us fell asleep beside one another and I left her place by 4.30. After this incident we were not able to meet each other for a while but we used to exchange phone calls and used to chat.

Later after 3 months I guess..rakesh went onsite for a month and I stayed over amritas place for over 2 weeks..both of us fucking together in almost every corner of her house and no holes were left un explored…We experimented a lot during these fantastic days and during this time only we introduces Amritas friend swati in our leisure activity…Will share that episode as well with you guys..till then enjoy !!!

Hot encounter with sexy Punjabi girl 2

Previously: Hot encounter with sexy Punjabi girl

Hello Readers thanks for your comments which has given me courage to share my experience through this site. I would like to continue from where we left. so when jassi & her father got down. Then I went to Itanagar and keep waiting for her call but I didn't got any call. I kept on remebering her but all went in vain.

Like this around two weeks have passed then I forgot her thinking it was dream and I should forget her. Then one day at around 08.30PM, when I and one of my friend were busy in drinking beer, my phone rang and I lifted the receiver and uttered hello and asked Kaun Bol rahe ho. No response came. I keet the receiver and again we continued to have our drink.

Again the phone rang and the smae situation no reply from that side. I kept the phone uterring sale kuch to bolo, Kya juban nahin hain kya and keep the receiver. In the mean time our drink was over and my friend told that he is late for his home and he needs to leave for home, I replied it OK and he can leave as it is already 09.00PM.

So I accompained him to my gate in the mean time my phone rang but I didn,t went to lift the receiver. But it contiuned to ring for around 10 min till I came to my room. Let me tell you that I had a goverment quater with three room and I use to stay alone in it. I came to my house closing all doors.

The phone still ringing I came and receive the phone and started speaking Hello....Kon Bol Rahe ho. Kon ho Bolte kyu nahin........Then I heard a female voice speaking Itni jaldi bhool gaye. I told tum kon bol rahi ho. Aap guss karo......I thaught for a minute and told mujhe yaad nahin aarha hai jaldi bolo barna mein phone rakh raha hoon.

Then she told mein clue deti hoon phir yaad karo. I told thik hai. Aaj se thik seventeen days pahle aap bus mein guwahati se.................I told bus aage bole ki jarurat nahin hai. Tum wohi bus bali ho.........I can't beleive this.Mujhe yekin nahin ho raha ki tum phone kar rahi. Meine ek saas mein poochne laga ki kaha ho, Kaha se bol rahi ho......Mera sara nasa jo peene ke baad hua tha katham ho gaya.

She told me that that she is in itanagar and tommorow she will ring by 10.00AM as she cannot talk much because people her around and she kept the phone. I thanked my luck and it was unbeleiveale for me to receive a call from that girl. Whole night I could not sleep and I had to masburate twice for having sleep. But all in vain.

Early moringI got up and and cleaned my house and kept the things nicely and I informed in my office that I wont come as I hve some imporatant guest to come from delhi and I have to be with them. Then I got fresh took bath and wore nice dress and sat near the phone to receive the call. The phone rang at 10.15am, It was from Jassi. Aap Raj Bol rahe ho.

I told ha bol raha hhoon aur tum abhi kaha ho. She told me she is in Naharlagun market a place 12Kms away from itanagar. She told me that she has come by making escuse that she had a college friend from her and they had call her for lunch. I told her you wait near post office(because she doesn,t know the place).

I took my scooter and went to naharlagun and found her standing near post office. I told her to seat quickly and stated to drive scooter towards my home. Thanks to my helmet full face covered so that no one could reconise me. She sat as very with one hand over my shoulder other over my tighs. she started asking where are u talking me. I told chinta mat karo.

mein tumhe aapne ghar le chal raha hoon aur woha koi nahin hai. She told me that she can only be with me for 2to3hours only. I told don,t worry you will be here in time.Thanks to remoteness of place no mobile was there. On the way I asked her, what is ur name, where have you been for so many days, I was searching for you.

She kept replying but I couldn,t hear much as I was driving in hilly terrain. After 20min of drive journey I braked and told her to come to my house and door will be kept open. she got down and quickly I drove to my house which was hardly 100mtrs away and entered my scooter inside the house and close the door without being locked.

Just after five min she came quickly to my house and I welcomed her told her to seat in drawing room. In the mean time, I closed my door from outside and entered thr house from back side. Then I also came and sat in one of the chair and put the fan on to relax. I told her to be free as no one is here.

I stay alone. she also sat near me and asked me a glass of water and then she told me about her that she stays in Delhi and she had come to one their relative who stay in Along(200kms) from Itanagar. while returning she has come here as her father is working in GREF. She staying in guruduwara with one of there relatives and will leave tommorow morning. I thanked her for comming to this place.

After that around 10 min have passed, I told her to com in bed room so that we can watch TV there. Moreover bedroom is at back towards hill side and no one can notice that any one is there in home. I told her that you ring your relative and tell them that your class mate wants to help her in shopping in itanagar and will take lunch in hotel and in returnig they will drop her.

So not to worry. And acoordingly she did it and I open the phone cable so that further call disturb us. Now we both were sitting in bed. she was watching TV. I asked her how was that night on bus. she started again looking at me with big eyes. Now both of us started breathing heavly. I closed TV and went forward and hug her tightly.

I started breathing heavily and she too started breathing heavily. I then made her lie on my bed and was looking top to bottom. My Goodness what a sexy girl she is. I started pressing boobs smoothly and she started enjoying it. then I started rubbing myhand over her warm pussy and thighs. she started making hissing sould like OH...AAh...Aur dabao......

I kept on doing this as I have planned to give her complete pleasure and to myself...... then she got up and open my shirt and ganjee and started moving hand over my chest. I took her head started lipkiss and explore the taste of eachother. It continued for around 5 min. Then she started unzip my pant and took my dick out and started to explore it completely which have become like a rod.

She took in her mouth and started sucking as if she is sucking mangoes. I was in heaven and I am unable to express the feeling I had at that point of time. She took whole penis(normal size) in her mouth. I was uterring words like OH...OH...AAHh AAh..........then I told her to stop as I dont want to ejaculate soon.

I told her to come on bed and made her lie down and spread her legs looking ver pussy which was full of long pubic hairs. I started licking her pussy and she was enjoying the completely. she started m making sounds like OHH.....OHHH.... Bhaut maja aahraha hai.... I kept on licking her keeping her legs over my shoulder and her pussy vecame lubricated.

I with my tounge started licking her clitrois which started enjoying more and stated murming like aaur chhoso. mere raja..........aaj is choot ki garmi ko bhhoja do.... I kept on doing suddenly she closed her eyes and pressed her both legs around my head and huge amount of fluid started flowing from her pussy. After that I got up and slept near her started kissing each other.

she then again came back and sat above me started pressing my nipples and took the dick again in her mouth. Now the dick became hard and stiff like iron rod and I was enjoying the complete pleasue which I am unable to elpin to you all. After that I told her to come in 69 position and we both kept sucking each other very hard and vigourously.

I must appreciate her that she completely expert in enjoying sex. After few minutes she turned around and slept and told me to start the game and I took my penis near her pussy and started rubbing her clotrois. she was enjoying what I was doing but I didn,t started fucking and kept on rubbing. she was uttering OOHH AAAH aur bardast nahin hota.........Raj dalo na........

Aur mat tarpao. Then I took my dick near the tip of pussy and with slight push it went smoothly inside. She didn,t had any pain. I stopped in that position and started kising her boobs and was regaing my stamina so that I dont eject soon. Then she told me mujhe jor se chodo, Is phuddi ko phar dalo....... and I started storking hard.........the whole room was having a pungent smell.

The sound like POOOCHHHHH........PUCHHHHHHHHHHH...........PPUCHHHH........ was coming when I was stroking. she was biting her lips by closing eyes and I was stroking hard as I could.. suddely she closed her legs around my waist hard and heavy flow of liquid started flowing from her pussy which made wet my bedsheet also. I was also in heaven of pleasure.

I Told her that I am about to cum and she told me anadar hi rehne do kuki abhi safe period mein hoon and I ejected my whole liquid inside her pussy and slept over her body. Then she asked where is toilet is and I showed him and she went to toilet with my gamcha(towel) to clean her self. I was stilll on bed relaxing myself. I looked at watch it was 15 minutes left for 12.00 noon.

Then I cleaned my penis and wore my bermuda and went to kithen and drank a glass of water. I asked her if she needs water and she said yes. I told I aam preparing tea and then I will drop her. I prepared tea and came to bedroom to give her. When I entered the room she was in bra and payjama and was about to wear her salwar.

After looking her in that position from her backside my dick got sensation. I just kept the tea and caught her from behind and started rubbing her hips whicch was to sexy. she told kya kar rahe ho. Mujhe jana bhi hai relative interzaar kar rahe honge. I told thoda tumhe aachi tarah se dekh lene do pata nahin phir kab milogi ya phir nahin bhi.

I again started kising her ears, neck and back shoulder which she to started enjoying. Then I started messaging her boobs to. I made her lie down on bed and open her payjama and bra and inserted my dick in her pussy and started stroking her. She too started enjoying. I took her both legs over my shoulder and started puming her ver fast.

she was also ejoying by lifting her hips upwards. Then I sudenly took my penis out and tried to insert in her anus.. She jumped in pain................and cried AOuchh............OHH....... she told me not to do so and again I inserted in pussy. I kepty on puming her for 15 min. she too was making sexy noises as a lady makes while having sex.

Then she told mein jhar rahin hoon and with leg she locked me hard and her fluids started flowing. But I was going on. I don,t from where so much time I was able to continue.. Then I told her that I want to Fuck on your boobs and she agreed. I brought my penis and kept between her boobs ahd started pumpinghard.

I can,t explain the feelings I was enjoying. suddenly I felt that I am cumming she took the dick in her mouth and loded her mouth with my cum. Then we embraced each other and kissed her. I looked at watch it was around 12.40pm.. I told her to get ready and she went to bathroom again with her dress. I too went in another bathroom and had quick bath and got ready.

She to also got ready.I told that I cant even provide you lunch to my new guest who came to my house for first time. She looked laughlingy at me and told aaj bhaut lunch leli. Tum delhi ana to hum ekatthe luch karenge. Then I told her to go and wait in same place she told me bade budhu ho tum na address li na phone phir kaise miloge.

I told I forget then I gave her pen and address book where she gave her phone no and told me ring at evening time from 6.00pm to 8.00pm as no one use to be at home. Lastly we both embraced each other and kissed each other and she opened the door and went out. After 10 min I came out to see if any one has noticed or not.

Then I took scooter out and took her in scooter and went to nahalagun and droped few yards before gurudwara and went away. Later she rang me after reaching delhi and gave her mobile no. After one year I got an opputunity to go delhi and I called her. she showed many parks and other places in her sccoty. I fucked her once in hotel also.

Till last year April I was in touch with her and she told me that she is going to get married. I wished her goodluck for marrige life. Now I don,t where she is. But she gave me unforgettable experience of my life. So readears please let me know your views and mail me so that I can share some other experiences which I am having.

Fucking sexy sales girl

Hi! I am R who is working in a private company and am above average built with flat stomach. I am a regular visitor to this site and very much interested in having extramarital affairs, but some how didn’t indulge in any sort of activity because of my commitment to my wife and the fantastic sexual life with my wife till recent past. This incident happened last summer during my stay in Gujarat.

Normally door to door sales people use to come to houses in the after noon times to sell books, toys such sort of things and some times girls, ladies also use to come. Normally they come in groups to one society and spread to sell their products. Most of the times it is nuisance since we use to have small nap during those periods.

During the summer vacation my wife had gone to my in-laws house and I was having a boring time and starved sex life. Some times I used to satisfy myself masturbating and watching porn movies. One Sunday after noon after lunch, I was passing time browsing the site, suddenly the door bell rang. I was in my lungi and normally don’t wear anything on top.

I went cursing to attend the call and opened the door. There standing a girl may be in her early 20s (I thought) with some children books and encyclopedias. She is fair in color and has good curves. The books are big in size and due to the weight and heat out side she was sweating and the sweat feminine smell made me to forget my condition for a few minutes.

She was enquiring about any ladies in the house. Immediately I got angry and asked her to enquire about the ladies have you rang the bell? She immediately apologized and said sir I am having the latest books for children which our company is yet to release in the market and we are doing the pre market sales etc..etc… I told I am not interested and my wife & son are away.

By telling I came inside and tried to close the door, since I was in the middle of some interesting story. She came little forward and said Pl, see the books at least, they are very good and have all the latest topics covered which will be useful for your son. By coming forward there was again the strong feminine sweat smells engulfed me and I lost my senses for a fraction.

By regaining the senses again I told her really I am not interested and not in a mood to flick through the pages. By saying this I looked in her face and saw there was a clear disappointment. Again she told she will give an extra discount and ready to reduce her margin etc… Now I also gradually intoxicated due to her voice, feminine smell wanted to prolong the conversation.

I asked why she should do that. Then she told she had to sell so many copies and it was very bad day and she was unable to sell a single copy that day etc. Suddenly I remembered that I was in lungi only and talking to a stranger, I rushed in side with out answering and closing the door to put on a T-shirt and went to bathroom for pissing.

It took almost to 5 minutes and I thought she might have left. When I came and opened the door to make sure she has left. She was not there and I felt a little disappointment but controlled and went inside after locking the door. Had a quick masturbation imagining sex with her. After that I made some coffee for me and started watching TV.

After 2 hrs. or so the door bell rang. I went to see who was it and the same girl was standing there with the bundle of books in her hand. I told her now what? She asked for a glass of water. I asked her to come inside as it is about 3’o clock and the heat out side is really unbearable. Since my house is air conditioned, it was cool inside.

She stepped inside and put her bag and books on the adjoining table. I went inside to bring water. I brought the bottle from fridge and a glass. I gave the glass to her but instead she asked for the bottle saying glass of water can not satisfy her thirst. I gave her the bottle and she lifted the bottle and started drinking.

I started observing her, as now her head is inclined towards sealing and she is not holding the books. I saw well grown boobs, nice shapely body covered in her salwar suit. She must be of 5feet 4inches and good looking. Suddenly I heard some thing and came to my senses. She drank the whole bottle and handing over me the bottle.

By murmuring some thing I took it and went inside to fill it (what we use to do always & especially in summers) and put it back in the refrigerator. When I came back she was still there. I told her really I was not interested in her books rather suggestively. Some devil got in to my mind and blurted out the above words. Then she asked what was that I am interested?

I told it’s not the thing to discuss with strangers and asked her to leave, since I was going out off control in her presence, the feminine smell and lack of sex in past few weeks. She started begging, Pl take at least one book so that she can show something to her manager. I lost and told her that if it is her aim to sell only the books just forget it.

Suddenly tears started rolling in her eyes and she started saying if she returns with out selling she may loss her job and it will be very difficult for her etc..etc..Till now the door was open and I remembered the AC was on. I told her either she go out with her books or come fully inside so that I can close the door since the AC may get over loaded.

By saying this I purposefully moved forward to close the door. She was standing in the passage and her boobs touched my hand, which sent an electric wave through out my body and stayed in that position waiting for her response. She moved little bit inside sending waves of her sweat smell. I closed the door and came inside and she followed my suit.

I enquired whether to she would like to have some coffee for which she nodded. I went and prepared 2 cups of coffee and came back. She was sitting on the sofa and sat opposite and offered the coffee. Slowly she was sipping and I was watching her and sipping my coffee. She put her cup down, while doing I had a chance to see the boobs bonded in black bra.

Asked her is it OK for her now for which again she started mumbling something and tears filled her eyes. I got up and went and sat beside her and the same sweet smell again engulfed me. I told her to control herself for which she started sobbing stating that her father will kill her if she returns with out the commission of books selling.

I felt very pity for her as there is an innocence as well as fear in her face and ashamed for myself for thinking of her badly. Then I decided and asked her to give some encyclopedia and paid for it. She felt very happy and gave the book & receipt and left. After wards I realized how foolishly I behaved and came in to the traps of a weeping woman and promised myself never to do it again.

So, the next week passed cursing me as I spent 1500 unnecessarily. But there was something in store which I could not imagine. As usual I spent working on Sunday morning and sat watching TV after lunch. Around 2pm the door bell rang and I went to open the door. The same girl was standing there, but this time with a hand bag and wearing jeans & shirt which clearly enhancing her curvy body.

Before I say something, she stepped inside and while doing so her boobs were brushed. I was speech less. She told me to close the door and come inside and she has got a surprise for me. I dumbly followed. She kept her bag on the tea tray and held my hand with her both hands and started shaking vigorously saying thank you…thank you very much…you were my good luck Muscat etc..

I could not understand what it is all about. I asked her to sit down and tell. She seems to be very happy visibly and told that her job got confirmed and needs to work only 6 days a week and she had to supervise a team of fresh batch etc..I asked how it had happened so fast and in one week.

She told that after last Sunday, where ever she went all the books got sold and even she got orders for supply to some schools and all it has happened because of me as I was the 1st person to buy from her. She had brought sweets to give to me. I accepted and asked her how come she expected me at home.

Then she told that last Sunday I only told her that my family won’t be coming back for another 1 month and I had stay alone etc. Then I remembered telling her while trying suggestively what I wanted. To hide my embarrassment I offered her some drink. Brought a bottle of Pepsi & 2 glasses and poured. Then she came and sat beside me.

Now it is my turn to become speechless and the feminine smell from her throwing me off guard. We started talking various topics and some how they all got nothing and my heart is racing so fast that I could hear the sound. Suddenly she held my hand and asked are you alright, because with the ac running I was sweating with excitement.

Now it had gone beyond my control and I grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. They are so soft. She pushed me and asked what are doing? I told I am doing what I wanted to do last week itself and till now I controlled myself. But now it is beyond my control. By saying again I pulled her by holding her waist and held her in tight embrace, at the same time kissing her fore head,

eyes, nose, cheeks, chin & ears and savoring her sweat smell. She was trying all the time to disengage from me. Finally I kissed her on the lips and took her lower lip inside my mouth sucking it and trying to push my tongue inside her mouth. She closed her teeth tightly and trying to push me away. I hold her tight from the back and started licking her ears and neck from the back.

Gradually her resistance came down and she started to reciprocate to my activities. I turned her towards me and kissed her on the lips. This time she opened her mouth and gave access to her tongue and we had a passionate kiss for very long. Then I lifted her in my hands and took her in to my bedroom.

I put her on the bed and rolled over her again kissing her face all over and this time my right hand moved towards her left boob and caressed it over the shirt. Wow…it was handful, soft and fleshy. She moaned softly trying to put away my hand. Then I hold her face with both my hands and started kissing her on lips to which she reciprocated.

Now I moved my hands to the front of her shirt and started opening the buttons one by one. The shirt fell apart. What a seen, she had a very nice and round boobs cupped in white bra. All this time she closed her eyes. Then I ran my palm on the boobs over the bra. Her breathing became heavier and she stiffened. I started kissing her again and put my hand behind her back and opened the bra strap.

The globes were out of their jail. They are round and stiff and the nipples are erect like needles. I started massaging the boobs and started sucking and licking all over them. Her moans become more and breathing become even heavier. I noticed all this time she had closed her eyes. Then gradually I came down to her waist and pulled the pant buckle and started to pull the pant for which she told a big NO.

Now it’s my turn to beg her and some how I pulled the pant half. Then she hold my hands and pulled to the top. Again we locked in deep kissing and my empty hands roaming all over her half naked body. I gradually descended my right hand and rubbed her pussy over the panty for which she shuddered.

Then I rolled on my back and pulled her on top without breaking our kiss and started inserting my hand inside her panty from the back. Her buttocks are so soft and fleshy and I caressed them for long and gradually pushed the panty down her legs. I put my hand over her cunt, which is now oozing the fluids. I ran my palm over it and turned her on her back.

Then I removed her pant & panty both in one go and laid on top of her. Started kissing all over again and sucking the boobs and massaging them. I ran my hand over her belly on to her pussy. Now she had parted her legs giving me access to her pussy. I rubbed the cunt with my fingers and started inserting the middle finger for which her moans became louder.

I brought the hand and smelled it. It has the same feminine smell which made me mad and I started licking all over her again. She was moaning heavily and body shaking. I came down on my knees and widened her thighs. What a site. Her cunt is clean and with little soft hairs. I put my face in between her legs and immediately she sprang to life and pulled me up objecting for the act I am going to do.

I kissed her on the lips and told her that it will be good and enjoyable for which she did not agree. I told her that only one time I will do and if she doesn’t like then I will not repeat for which she agreed. Again I descended and started smelling her pubic hair, licking them, pulling them with my teeth. Then I buried my face in between her legs and started eating her pussy.

I put my lips and started sucking her cunt lips and fluids were oozing out and literally she was moving her hips up and down. Now it was time for me also as my tool is burning and hard like steel. I got up and removed my lungi and underwear. My rod shot up like a soldier saluting his superior. She got up and covered her face with her hands.

I took her hand and put it on my penis and with the touch it started moving and oozing pre cum. She pulled back her hand. Again I pulled it and put it on my penis. Finally she hold the rod with her soft hand and started moving up and down. I laid on the bed pulled her face towards me and started kissing her lips and caressing her bottoms. All the time she was shaking me.

Now it was becoming very difficult for me to hold back. I got up and asked her lay on her back for which she obeyed. I pulled the top draw of the bed side and took out a condom (we use to have stock in our house, since my wife very much reluctant to use oral contraceptives) and put it on my penis which was in its highest position.

Then I positioned my self by sitting in between her legs and putting hers legs on my shoulders and started rubbing with the tip of my bulging dick on the cunt lips. Now she was moaning and asking to do it slowly as it was her 1st time. I was in seventh heaven and slowly started to move in. her pussy was very tight and she was begging to go slow.

I started giving small..small pushes and the dick started to go inch by inch for every jerk and after 6..7 pushes it went completely inside. I waited for some time to feel the warmth and tightness of her cunt. Then I pulled back half and again pushed in. She held for breath. For the 1st 2..3 minutes I was gently pushing and pulling and simultaneously massaging her boobs.

She was moaning and giving out hissing sounds. After that I increased my pace and she also joined me and started meeting my srokes in between by lifting her hips. I removed the legs from my shoulders and laid on top of her. She immediately put her hand in between us and held my dick and positioned it at her pussy entrance and lifted her hips.

Half of my penis got disappeared inside her cunt. Then teasingly I told to take the remaining by her self for which she told she did her 50% and the remaining is up to me and the words made me mad and with one stroke I pushed the remaining completely inside her and holding her tightly started moving my hips up and down.

She was meeting my thrusts and moaning loudly and asking for more. Suddenly I felt her cunt muscles tightening around my dick and I started moving fast. She is shouting oh…ah…ah…ah… and embraced me tightly kissing all over my face and held my waist tightly by wrapping her legs around them and released herself.

I was also nearing my final and started giving full thrusts by pulling out completely and pushing in and with in 2 minutes I exploded inside her and it seemed to be never ending spray of semen coming out. We held each other for some time and after that got up and I went inside the bath room and removed the condom and cleaned my self after that she went inside covering her body

with bed cover and holding her clothes in other hand. I went to make some coffee and when I came out she came out fully dressed and fresh. I went near her and kissed her on the lips and we both again locked in passionate kiss for long. Then we drank the coffee and the time is almost 4pm.

She told that she had to go but I hold her saying I won’t allow you to go now and took her to the bed room again. With out any protest she came and immediately pushed me on the bed and removed my lungi and ran her fingers on my semi erect shaft. What happened next will follow.

Hot encounter with sexy Punjabi girl

Hi Readers, I am Mr. RAJ (name changed). I am 30 years old and this story is of year 2002 when I was in Itanagar the capital city of arunachal. I had to go to guwahati to appear exam of CPSU and I was returing in a deluxe bus. In those days I had a habit of drinking alchol(whisky) before continuing journey.

Acordingly I was drunked 2 pegs of whisky and boarded in bus and I was surprise to see a girl of around 26yrs of wheatish colour. she was accompained by her father whose seat was behind my seat. The father of the Girl(name Jassi) request me to change the seat so that he can seat with her daughter.

I told him to ask the other person with him to come in front and he and his daughter can seat togeather but he was not agreeing with me. At last jassi told her father that she is comfortable here near me. As our journey begin at around 08.30pm I felt sleep due to clod breeze coming from the window. After around one hour passed I felt that someone has touced by feet.

I thought it is due to alchol effect and I slept again. Again after half an hour I felt my feet being touched and again I ignored it. But again the same thing happened then I started loking down the seat to what is it. After finding noting I looked around and saw jassi giving smile. I understood the whole situation but I pretended as if I felt nothing. let me tell somthing about her she has a very big boobs and healthy figure.

I thought to asking her but could not dare to ask her as I was drunk n if she complains any one I will get a nice public. So I thought to check it out. I pretended to sleep again but actually I was not. after few minutes I saw that she is moving her legs towards me and is rubbing her feet with my feet. I kept watching as the entire bus is dark and other passengers were sleeping to.

I pretended that I know nothing and she kept on rubing her feet and her courage grew more and she stated to touch my thighs. I could do nothing just wathing at her. she gave a naughty simle and keep doing. Then she kept her left hand on my right thigh and started moving her hand slowly. My dick became hard.

Sudeenly the driver applied brake and condutor told that we can have dinner as bus will stop for 30mins. It was around 12.20pm night. the light was on and I looked at her she gave naughty smile again and keep looking at me. I went down from bus take dinner where as she did not come down as had brought dinner with them.

I finshed my dinner and went to toilet and came back to bus and sat on my seat. Around 12.55 bus was started . the lights were put off and withinn 15 minutes people around felt fast sleep. As the bus was mooving I kept looking her and she also kept looking at me. Around 20 min have passed she brought left hand over my dick and started rubbing.

Then I tought to ask her address and name so that in future I cane fuck her but she uttered nothing just kept looking at me with naughty smile and keep rubing my dick. sudeenly she took my right hand and put on her right tits stated rubbing with which I got courage to do so. I looked around and saw that everybody is asleep I moved my self closer to her and she to came near me.

I kept my head over her shoulder and strated givving message to her left & right boobs. she got aroused a nd started to make hissing sound which I feared if people came to know then what will happen. she understtod my situation and used her duptta as her shawl and covered herelf. I took my hand inside the shawl and put inside salwar and started rubbing her both boobs.

I was getting my dick harder n harder whose pain was unbeareable to me. for my help she lifted her bra so that I can touch them n message them. while massaging she also got aroused a lot. I took my hand from boobs n started searching for her pussy. first I tried to insert my hand from top of but due to thread closed I jusst touched her pubic hair only.

so she raised both her legs on the seat and sat in such a way that bottom of salwar I could inseart my finger and beyound I could touch her pussy very easly. thanks to salwar n sammez she wore. with my right hand I started finger fucking her and she started enjoying it. I kept doing till fulids started coming from her pussy. she started to moan AAHHH AAH.

I told her not to do so as many people r ther in bus. I ket fingering her for around huge fluids came and she colllapsed. she took my hand out of pussy and kept over her boobs for messaging. then she kept her head on my thighs n and covered her face and preneted as she is sleeping keeping her head on my thighs covering herselg with duppatta.

Then she started unzip me and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I feel she was a very experienced one . she keep on sucking till I ejaculated all my fluids in her mouth and she took completely in her mouth.. I feel relaxed and then she was still sleeping and again took my hand to her right breast for messaging. I kept messaging her boobs.

then I planned to figer fuck her once again and acordingly I with my left hand kept her boobs messaging and with right hand I opened the knot of her payjama and inserted my hand and started carring her pussy. it was so hairy as its a jungle.. I started rubbing her clitrois and she stared getting aroused again and she started moaning and slowly she told me to fuck her.

so I inserted my middle finger in her pussy andthen other finger and other finger. it was amazxing that my three fingers were coming in and out of her pussy and she was enjoying my finger fuck and in mean time she also took my dick in her mouth again keep licking hard. Suddenly she tightend her legs and my hand got wet of her juices as it flowing non stop.

her panty was totally wet. and I also ejaculated and I was completely exhausted. It was amazing expeience in bus.By the time it was around 04.30am and the visiblity outside can be seen. I asked her to get up and arrange her dress and I arranged mine. I gave my telephone number asked her to ring me when she needs me.

But my dream shattered as she and her father got down at banderdewa the check gate to arunachal pradesh. So this is my story. how you people liked it please let me know your views. In my next I will tell u how my luck favoured me and I got my dream fulfilled to fuck her.

Guy made keep by Amrita 2

Previously: Guy made keep by Amrita

Hi friends this is second part of the story on how amrita made me her keep. After that day I could barely sleep, she was always on my mind, I just kept thinking about her beautiful body. Nice long legs with those just perfectly made right thighs and posture. Just a bit of extra flesh on her breast to make it bit heavy for her body to give her status of sex goddess

and nice pink super soft nipples to make any men cum right there by just a sight of her. I was not able to take her out of my mind and desperately wanted her again but also had a fear that she might scold me because of interfering with smooth going personal life.

I waited for few days for her call but nobody called. I think she wanted me to yearn for her so that I am there and ready to do anyhting for her. After a wait for 2 -3 days I lost control and called up Rakesh (her husband) and said that I have lost her wifes photo and would be requiring one more to procceed with formalities.

I aplogized for the same and he was quick to respond "No issues you can come and collect anytime from their house". Very next day on Friday I went to their place at around 10 as I knew her husband would have left for office by now. I knocked on the front door and I got bit tensed to see amrita on door.

She had a very sexy naughty smile in her face, a bit of attitude and a sense of excitement and bitchiness and yet a non welcoming feeling. This all was driving me crazy. She was wearing nice pant and shirt a sort of business attire but not exactly. "Hi!" she said with a bit of attitude and started going inside without bothering much about me and it was giving me a feeling that she is specifically ignoring me to make me wild.

She was really good at seducing…I could not control anymore and as soon as I entered her house, I grabbed her from behind in her living room..she turned immediately and put her arms around my neck and an intense kissing session started between us. We both were not in senses as I could feel this from heavy breath and a bit of impatience among us.

I pulled her close, grabbing her soft ass over the pants. I squeezed her ass cheeks, and Amrita found herself becoming turned on by my manhandling her. Amrita kissed me a few more times, over and over, before breaking apart. She took off her shoes. It seemed that she was buzzing like crazy. As if there was an unspoken agreement, both of us straightaway headed to her bedroom.

The door shut behind us and we were on each other. Her arms were around my neck and we started kissing passionately. My hands began to undo the buttons on her shirt as our tongues explored each other's mouth. Her breathing grew heavy as she kissed me, and her beautiful classy hands started fumbling. She knew what she wanted.

I think she had been thinking about it all day since she came to know that I will be their next day. Her wedding ring glinted on her finger as she pulled my pants. Her shirt fell from her shoulders to the floor, her black bra a sharp contrast to her milky skin. She broke the kiss, her big black eyes looking at me with lust was driving me crazy.

She watched me reach down and undo the button on her pants and slide down her zipper. This was still so new to her! I was thinking that in front of me is a sexiest married lady I have ever seen with a great husband! Yet she was letting me take off her clothes! Her pants slid off her ass and down her legs, falling to the floor in a heap.

She was wearing skimpy black cotton panties, and they were soaked between her thighs. I grabbed her and pulled her close again, hands sliding into the back of her panties and squeezing her naked ass. I reached down with my right hand as we started kissing again, reaching underneath her and dipping a finger slightly into her moist hole.

She was all wet out there and I heard "Mmmmph..." she moaned into my mouth. My other hand slid up her back and under her bra strap. With some effort, I was able to unsnap her bra with one hand, and she felt it loosen on her shoulders. She pulled back a little, allowing her bra to slip off to the floor, freeing a lovely pair of breasts. To be frank I was getting bit violent this time.

I took her by surprise when I shoved her roughly back onto her bed. But she was liking it all and a sense of attitude was still there on her face which was driving me more crazy. She lay there, legs on either side, giving me way to slide between her. I grabbed her lovely feet, pulling the garment off and tossing it. I started kissing her bare foot, all over the top of it, kissing each individual toe.

I raised her other foot and she watched, panting. Now she was down to her panties. I rained kisses all over Amrita’s beautiful foot, kissing up her ankle as my hands slid up her smooth and shapely legs. I grabbed the elastic of her panties and pulled. Amrita eagerly raised her ass up off the bed, allowing me to slide the dainty things down her long legs and off.

She placed her feet flat on the bed, legs open wide invitingly. Her pink, swollen lips were pressed together, quivering, surrounded by curls of trimmed black pubic hair. Taking my time, I stood up and pulled off my shirt. I then pushed down my already undone pants, along with my boxers. My cock was freed, and was standing at full attention for her.

She felt a wave of desire shoot through her pussy at the sight of it. I knelt between her legs and kissed the inside of each of her beautiful thighs, teasing her further. I kissed closer and closer to the top of her legs until my lips gently caressed her skin right beside her bush. I could smell the strong scent of her arousal, and I kissed her moist lips lightly.

Amrita caught her breath, toes curling as she reached down between her legs and held my head. My tongue snaked out and slowly licked her from the bottom of her cunt up to the top. "Ohhhhh..." she sighed, tingles shooting up her body as my tongue caressed her slit. I slid my hands under her soft ass, raising her pussy up to my face.

I started sucking her swollen lips into my mouth, causing her to gasp in delight. I pulled the pink skin outward a bit, running my tongue over it as I held it trapped. Her hands were caressing my head as I continued to eat her pussy. I slid my tongue between the hot folds of Amrita's vagina, tasting her delicious juices.

She sighed again, toes curling again on either side of me as she felt my tongue wiggle around inside her. I understood she was fully enjoying my tongue as her hands subconsciously forced my head against her crotch even harder. I started to lap up and down the sopping wet slit of Amrita, my tongue licking wildly over the sensitive skin as she squirmed before me.

I was squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands, holding her in place as purposely dodged her clit. I pulled back a little, staring at her beautiful pussy as I became more and more worked up. Her puckered cunt lips were open a little, my tongue having successfully spread them apart somewhat. They were glistening with moisture, almost inviting me.

She was breathing heavily, lips bit apart and I eyes closed. I again buried my face between Amrita's thighs, my mouth clamping around her clit. "Ohhhh God!" She moaned. Her eyes were closed and her eyebrows were raised. She began to writhe her pussy up into my face as my tongue licked rapidly over the sensitive nub of her clit.

Her breathing grew heavier, and she began to buck her ass up off the bed as her orgasm rose. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Amrita groaned, wincing as an orgasm washed over her. Her heart was pounding, and her entire body was flushed as she fucked her my face. She could feel the inner walls of her vagina pulsate as she came and came and came.

I was squeezing her ass cheeks even harder, my tongue lapping at her pussy lightening-quick. The tingling in her crotch grew unbearable, and she pushed my head out from between her thighs. She was gasping for breath, naked chest heaving as she looked at me with those gorgeous big black eyes. Her feet were flat on the bed, legs open invitingly.

Her gaze traveled down my chest to my fat pole. I think she had never wanted a penis inside her so badly in her life! When she saw me crawl up the bed toward her, the buzzing in her pussy grew astronomically. Amrita started reaching out eagerly with her left hand. She wrapped her hand around my cock with the fingers wrapped.

Her marriage ring glinted in the light as her hand aimed my penis towards her defenceless vagina. She ran the mushroom head down the swollen lips of her needy treasure, stopping when it reached her entrance. She took her hand away expectantly. A wave of desire went through me when I felt the heat of her pussy touching the tip of my manhood.

I couldn't stop myself from pushing it forward naturally. Amrita’s pussy just opened up for me and accepted head of my penis. "Ohhhhh..." she moaned, eyes closing to mere slits as she felt herself stretch wide open. I moaned as well, loving the feeling of my penis sinking inch by inch into the tight heat of her pussy. I was half way inside her before he could push no further.

I pulled out of her a little, my shaft slick with her juices from the midpoint on up. I pushed forward again with a heavy thrust, the time squeezing most of my cock inside her hole. "Ohhhh yesss..." she moaned, arching her head back. I went in her incredibly deep, and she made stretched wide open and curl it tightly just over my ass!

I moved in and out of her again, this time pressing my groin against her and getting my entire penis inside her aching vagina. Holding myself inside her tremendous warmth, I bent to suck juice from nicely lipsticked lips. Amrita opened her mouth and allowed my tongue inside, kissing me back eagerly. She lifted her feet bit above my ass as she ran her hands up and down my back.

I was grinding myself against her, manipulating her clitoris as I kept my penis buried inside her vagina. I was kissing her excitedly, with passion. I wanted her so badly – my driving urge was to fuck the shit out of Amrita and shoot bullets of cum inside her. It was all I could do to make love to her slowly. My penis started gliding in and out of her tight, needy pussy at a steady pace.

"Mmph! Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!" She moaned into my mouth, her feet bouncing helplessly off my thrusting ass. We were kissing sloppily as I fed amrita penis of mine. Not only did she take it willingly, but also she cherished every second of it. Her sensitive cunt was tingling like crazy, and she was conscious of every inch of my pole as it glided along her inner walls.

I started thrusting my pole faster. She could feel my hardness bang off the back of her pussy over and over. She was forced to break the kiss. "Ohh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohhhh! Unh!" Her moans became so loud that even neighbours could have heard them. She raised her feet in the air, increasing the sensation in her crotch as she hurtled towards an orgasm.

Suddenly, she was silent – not even breathing as her orgasm continued to build. All that could be heard was the sounds of her ass bouncing off the bed as I pistoned into her. I started looked down on her as I fucked her, watching her struggle for control. Her eyebrows were raised and her eyes were closed. Her face was so beautiful. I was determined to cum on it!

"OHHHHHHHH!" She moaned, cumming. Her cries were high-pitched, and very loud as a wave of orgasm washed over her. The look on Amrita's face just made me want to fuck her even harder. And fuck her he did – my ass bounced up and down lightening-quick between her legs, pounding my rock hard dick into her body as fast as I could.

Her face was flushed, her tits were bouncing, and I could see below her smooth stomach where my big cock disappeared into the triangle below her belly. I looked behind myself, not breaking my stride. I could see Amrita's nicely pedicured and polished foot wave back and forth as I thrust into her. It reminded me of just how helpless amrita was now.

I had only been fucking the Amrita for ten minutes, but I was already losing it. I slammed my pole into her a few more times before sliding it out of her. I knew where I wanted to ease myself off..may be because of my fantasy or anger of teasing me all this day or whole scenario but I wanted to do it at any cost! With heavy breath I said "Let me cum on your face!"

I gasped, holding my shaft. Amrita, fresh off an orgasm, quickly scrambled to a seated position, curling her legs underneath her as she grabbed my penis in her little hand. I could not believe it, even she was thinking the same and had no problem in what I wanted to do. Our frequency was matching like anything.

Her long, straightened black hair had become unkempt, and a little wet from sweat as she held my penis in front of her face. Her beautiful black eyes were looking right at my cock as she held it in her left hand. She was completely oblivious to the fact that that same hand was wearing the marriage ring of another man! "Stick out your tongue!" I grunted, barely hanging on.

Amrita opened her mouth and stuck her tongue way out. My manhood looked bit larger when held in front of her beautiful, rich and innocent face. Her hand was able to properlygrab onto it! She heard me moaning, and at the same time she felt my penis spasm in her hand. I watched as cum spurted out the end of my dick and a stream of it shot across Amrita's eye.

She closed it instinctively, still gamely keeping her tongue out of her mouth. The line of semen ran from her eyebrow to her nose, straight over her eye. My cock jerked again, thi time the pearly fluid landed square on her tongue, with part of it on her upper lip. She could feel the hot liquid hit her tongue, and she could taste my seed.

She squeezed my pole, stroking it a little as more of my cum poured onto the middle of her tongue. I could see a thick pool form there, as I just would not stop cumming. I moaned as I watched her squeeze even more of my hot semen onto her tongue. Amrita looked up at with one eye, clearly proud of her herself and of how much she made me cum.

She was looking very pretty with my semen all over her face. She kept her tongue out for me to see, she was becoming very comfortable with me now. She slipped her tongue into her mouth and closed it. I watched her swallow. I don’t know what this lady was upto but she was enjoying every bit of it and so do I. Amrita stuck out her tongue again. It was clean.

With cum still across her face, I watched her eagerly jam my softening penis back in her mouth and suck what was left of my sperm out of me. 'Slurp!' She pulled him back out, smiling at him – still with one eye open. "Oh man!" I exclaimed. Amrita laughed so good for the first time as if she was very very happy, letting go of my penis.

She wiped her eye with her left hand, getting sticky cum all over it. She looked at it, noticing it was on her marriage ring. She sucked it off without a thought. As I collapsed on the bed, Amrita wiped the rest of my cum off of her face with a tissue. She had a big smile on her face, so proud of herself. She lay back beside me, the two of us were gasping for breath as we recovered.

I turned to her, cupping her naked breast with my hand and giving it an affectionate squeeze as I kissed her on the mouth, softly. After a few more minutes, I broke the silence. "I asked why are you doing this when you have such a good looking and handsome husband. She stared at me and smilingly said it has become veru monotomus for me.

There is no harm in experimentation till we are happy with each other. She said boldly, "i am not going to tell all this to rakesh and gave a naughty smile".. she said I am very happy with him...and in you I can see a good friend with whome I can be bit naughty...she continued saying I could not have taken cum of my here lies the difference".

I gave her a big smile of acceptance and assured that I will never interfere with her personal life and will be at her service anytime she want. She was still naked and said you have to go. Rakesh is supposed to be here anytime as today is his half day and we have plan for shopping and movie. She stated as she rolled off the bed.

Damn! I was just getting aroused again with a sight of her gorgeous firm athletic body. I had spent the last few minutes caressing the soft skin of her naked body, and kissing her lightly on her face. My dick was starting to respond. I watched Amrita bend over and pick up her black panties, showing him her beautiful, creamy-white ass.

She stepped into them, slowly sliding them up her legs. She stood in front of my mirror, facing the other way as she slipped on her bra. I was still staring right at her wonderful ass. Her skimpy panties were partway up her crack on the one side, and the sight was so erotic to me. I realized he was fully hard. Icertainly could not let this woman leave like this!

Fucking horny stranger Anita

So here I am back again with a new hot story which happened after I wrote about my story (sex with my office colleague) I got lot of mails from lot of ladies but one of the ladies (Anita) and me started exchanging mails after that. I was very pleased to know that she liked and enjoyed my story.

We started exchanging mails with hi hellos and than with more hot stuff and one fine day exchanged our phone numbers and than started our chit chat about all the things. She was real hot and sometimes when we had phone sex she used to be out of control and all the voices of ummm and ummphhs used to make me real hott and horny.

One fine day that is 13th of March I got call from her and she asked me if we can meet. 13th unlucky date but lucky for me (lucky) as is my name. We decided to meet at one of the hotels in Pune and I was there at exact 3 pm. I never wanted to loose the opportunity to meet a hot lady like Anita.

Guys you cant believe what hot female she was. She was wearing black saree and that complimented her complexion. She was 36 – 28 – 36 looking real sex goddess and with such a nice smile she came near me and we hugged each other and planted a kiss on cheeks as we were lost lovers and meeting after long time.

I didn’t wanted to leave her but due to public place we had to. We ordered for coffee and some snacks and started talking about our lives our spouses and kids and whatever we could and than our talk went to our sex talks and she admitted that I made her real horny and hot while I spoke to her on phone and as today her hubby was not at home so she decided to meet me.

According to her this was the first time she was meeting any other guy. We finished our coffee and I asked her if she would like to come to my flat as no one was staying there and to my good luck she agreed and we went to my place. As soon as we entered and closed the door behind us we two were again in each others arms

holding each other in tight hug and kissing each other our tongues exploring each others mouth and saliva being exchanged. I took her in my arms and carried her to my bed and after making her comfortable I came on her and again we got lost in each other. I never wanted to hurry and wanted to enjoy this real hot lady,

so decide that I wont go in hurry and decided to give her sensual massage. She agreed and said whatever I like we will do. Friends I slowly slowly took her saree off her beautiful curvy body. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat and she asked me to take off my clothes and than she will allow me to take her rest of clothes.

I agreed and she helped me out of my clothes and was amazed to see mine tool. Now I started removing her clothes one by one and kissin and suckin and lickin on the parts which were without clothes. She was enjoying it to the extent and once she was in her birth dress like me we hugged and kissed and licked and sucked and than I excused myself

and went and got oil bottle and asked her to lie down facing bed. What a hot arse she was having how I controlled myself god knows and I started giving her massage started with her foot and than goin up slowly slowly and when I reached her inner thighs her breath and her ummms and ummmphs were so loud that I got frightened that some neighbour would

come to enquire what is going on. She realized after I asked her to control and she now put bed sheet corner in her mouth and was biting it. I started to massage her inner thighs and in-between I used to kiss her back her bums and gave her little bites on her waist and legs. Her love juices were flowing like river and the there was wet spot on bed sheet.

She asked me to stop massaging and fuck her as she is unable to control. But as I told u I wanted to enjoy with this hottty so I continued with my sensual strokes and in between started to finger her well lubricated hot pussy and I kept on teasing her for some time with inserting my finger and she came twice till this time than I started with a tongue fuck

and started licking her clit real hard and with deep strokes and she came all over my face. Now I went to her back and massaged her there and than on shoulders and than I asked her to turn around so that I can apply oil on her front side. She was totally relaxed by now and as she turned around I started by kissing her and pressing her boobs

and twitching her nipples and than sucking them real hard. Than I came to her tummy and started massaging her and in-between with long strokes I started playing with her cunt and inserted my finger deep in her love hole. She was unable to control now and she asked me to fuck her.

I took my dick to her mouth and asked her to give real good suck to it and massage it and she gave me a wonderful blowjob can’t describe it in words. You wont believe it was for the first time in her marriage of 10 yrs she sucked a cock and got her cunt finger fucked or tongue fucked. Now I started with holding her legs high and placing a fat pillow under her bums

and with teasing her pussy by rubbing my hard juicy dick on her cunt lips and tha in one stroke I entered her wet hot juicy pussy. Now she started matching my strokes. We both came together and our mixed juices started flowing from her cunt in loads and loads. Both of us got real tired after this shot and rested holding each other and than after an hour when she touched

and held my dick and started massaging it. My dick started to regain its youth and wanted to fuck her real hard I asked her to come in doggy style and entered her juicy love hole from behind and pumped her real hard. We enjoyed that day for around 5 hours and now am waiting for her husband to again go on tour which he is going on 22nd. This time am going fuck her nice hottt arse.

Raat ki baat with hot girl

This is real a story. We were leaving in Gorakhpur, UP in rented house; my landlord was also leaving in the same house in other parts. This is long time back story when I was doing my first year of graduation, Incident happened in winter session when landlord sister’s marriage date fix, they request us to use our 2 bed room in our house as well as common passage (Aangun)

because most of the hindu marriage ceremony occurs only in Aangun and room they need for his gust who suppose to come from other cities. I’m not going to take your more time let’s start the storey. When barat came and dwarrpuja start I found one gorgeous girl well dress beside me was trying to seeing Dulha I just pass my smile and she replayed with beautiful smile

and asking me if I can give her side to move forward her I obey. Now she was in front of me and I was just behind her I can feel her perfume, I push my shelf to bit forward to touch her body with my body few second later she looked me and move to other place her face emotion was totally change she looks bit angry.

Then I also move to other place and just try to look her beautiful face and innocent smile, she may realize that I’m interested in her. I asked her name but she not replied me seems not interested to me and always move to some other place if I’m some where around there this play continue till dinner and other function as well,

later I also get busy with my other neighbor friends in marriage ceremony but eyes was always finding her and was interested know more about her some how I got more details about her, she came from Lucknow, she was a daughter of landlord brother-in-law’s and she is in class 12th at the same time I know that day after tomorrow she is going back to her home town Lucknow.

Next step…..Around mid night when all of my friends went back to home I also back to home to sleep but when I reach at my home found there are main marriage ceremony is going on many girls and woman was singing a song they also invite me to join them, I was quit happy to join because my dream girl was singing a song.

After an hour my landlady request me if I can manage a tea for everyone one there and I move to manage, when I back found she was not there and I have not dare to ask about her as she was his relative. I was also not much interested to continue in ceremony and decided to go and sleep as tomorrow morning was my class.

I asked my mom that where I can sleep as it my house was very noise she suggest me to use the same room which was using by landlord because one kids are sleeping there. I went there took a 1 blanket and start finding the place to sleep as full of our bed was occupied, I found some place in between and some how adjust my self,

it was around 2 am, after 5 min I realize that the person is sleeping next to me is not a kids, there was light coming from outside in the room as ceremony was going on. I took off the blanket of next person and saw the same girl was sleeping beside me my hart beet was on top it’s took a few minutes to get back normal I thanks to god that he give me chance in night

in my room it self where nobody are there except of few kids. I decided not to waste my time and start whatever is going in mind. Slowly I move my hand around and felt the touch on her breast, she did not respond nor resist this gave me some more encouragement even I was nervous I may be caught taking courage again I proceeded for 10-16 minutes.

Then I dared to put my hand inside her skirt and squeezed her balls upon the bra for this too there was no resistance thereafter I lifted my hand and put inside the bra still not get any respond from her side. I left her skirt and open I opened the hooks, down came to her bra but her boobs did not move an inch hanging firmly on her beautiful body

with soft nipples of half an inch round & strong like marbles pointing me straight. I put my shaking lips on her nipple and start sucking slowly still she not respond even not open her eve’s, I got more courage and adjust my self in her blanket I put my one hand on her other nipple, While another hand start pulling up her choli (Skirt)

I found her panties and pulled her panties down slightly beside, and my fingers were under her panties and ran my fingers along her inner things. And rubbed her cunt slit. I moved to the top of her panties and dipped my fingers inside. My fingers moved through her pubic soft and silky hair as and searched knowingly for her cunt hole and start finger fucking solely later I put another

finger in her ass hole she slightly mover body and I get scare but not took off my finger out from her cunt and wait for few second then I start finger fucked from both sides gradually, her cunt and ass together. I pulled my finger out of my ass hole and ran my hand inside of her panties around her hips.

I slid her panties and then gently pulled it down, removing them from under her skirt. The hand in my cunt was now totally free. My slow finger fucking became more rapid. I feel her orgasm in my fingers. Suddenly I realize that may anyone can come any time in room as door is still open I move to close the room door but not look,

I come back and change my position almost a 69 at the same time I slide my paint and let my rood touch her body too as only her body was supporting me but alone I was enjoying with her body without her support. I could not control myself slowly inched my mouth up her legs and reached her thigh and I pressed my face against those silky hairs,

licking them and moving my tongue deep into her vagina and hand was busy to squeezing her boobs with my arms and licking together. Again, I was enjoying the sweet taste, I was running my tongue all along her vagina and I could feel her getting excited without saying a word and without moving a body part.

I was really enjoying every bit and burying my face between her buttocks licked her anus dry, her legs parted more giving me a better access to her vagina with my tongue. I was virtually nibbling the folds of her vagina My fingers parted her buttocks and moved to her anus, probing it gently. I wanted to lick her anus.

Parting the cheeks of her buttocks gently, I licked her across the crack. I licked her dark, tight anus gently till she eased up and her anus opened up a little to let my tongue in. Finally I decided not waste my time as any one can come at time now it was time for the final act and I told my self to start intercourse.

Now it was impossible for me to control, I start to make more space to fuck her start to pull her leg bit up finally she move her body and adjust a bit and make more convenient position for me, her legs opened a little more making it easier for my cock to reach her cunt again I change my position from 69 to be normal position

and put one more blanket in our body to protect our self in any circumstances I move to top of her and I put my dick on her wet pussy. She moan slightly and move her body bit I got scare for a second and wait for another second she didn’t move her face or body again and try to act as still sleeping I start pushing my cock slowly and gradually after five minutes of fucking

I feel some bit movement in her body I understand she is again about to come and feel gained huge orgasm as well now I increase my speed as I was also about to come I exploded my fluid in her pussy. Then I lied beside her for next 5 minutes. After that take my paint and become a normal condition and left the room to avoid any things as she was not saw my face even,

because she act that she was sleeping and everything’s happened under the blanket in dark nigh time. After I left the room back to join the same marriage ceremony and start enjoying singing with aunties and girls, my mom asked me that what happen why you back and not to sleep yet, I replied her that it is very noise and I can’t sleep here.

About 10 min later I saw her to coming from room and I was bit nervous founded her was going to bathroom she took almost 10 min in bathroom and back to sleep in other room. Next day I found organ spot on my bed cover which I take of for cleaning, same day morning I try to talk her but still she was not ready to give me a signal

I also act like a normal person and not dare to tell that I was the one who fucked you yesterday nigh. And next day she back to her home town and we never met again and still I have not idea about her. Hope you like this true storey; let me know your comment.


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