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Haryanvi having sex with special friend

Bhai batt un dinoo ke hai jab I was doing my masters in a delhi university, I use to stay in delhi and my family was back in Haryana, we are an agrarian family so whenever I use to have couple of holidays I made it a point to meet them as it is hardly a 4 hours’ drive. Let me come to the point, it was like last week of December 2003 and I thought of spending it with my family.

I packed my bags and got into a Haryana roadways bus, it was like 4:30 in the evening, it was totally packed up but I managed to get a seat very near to the front door, we moved from the delhi bus stand and reached peera gharhi (its like last final stop in delhi, before the bus enters Haryana). Few passengers stepped in and when the door was about to get closed a lady stepped in.

she was wearing a red Punjabi suit, the bus started moving and I got my eyes on her, she was like late 20’s probably 28 or 29, wheatish, big eyes, pink lips, long black hairs, wearing a chunni and red matching sweater, looked like a beautiful Indian girl, Every Man's Dream. I stood up and offered my seat to her, she politely said thank you.

I stood next to her and wow what a beauty she was, lovely hands with long fingers and healthy looking girl, I was standing and admiring her, god was kind that day, within 20 min the passenger sitting next to her stepped out to get out the bus, she immediately moved towards the window and without saying any words was looking into my eyes if saying that grab that that seat and have an opportunity of a life time.

I sat down and was so happy; there are times when you feel the positive vibrations from the people close to you, today was the evening when I felt those vibrations, I asked her about her final destination and was delighted to know that we both are heading to the same destination.

Even more happier to know that I still have 3 hours with me. While I was sitting and thinking of how to start a conversation she looked at me and said thank you for offering the seat to her, I smiled and started the conversation….as time passed by we were talking like best friends, coming to the main part of the conversation I asked her it’s like dark how will you be reaching your home cause it’s not safe.

She told me that she is married for last 3 years and currently working in delhi as a software engineer, her husband is into sales job and is currently in Singapore. As holidays were starting and it was a Friday evening, she wanted to give a surprise to her parents. I told her it’s not safe going alone and I will drop her to her house. She agreed.

As we were talking I felt she was coming close to me, it was completely dark in the bus and there were no standing passengers. I intentionally kept my hands close to her hands, thought of touching them but didn’t had the courage, she asked about myself, I told her I am unmarried and currently doing my masters in delhi and would shortly be looking for a software engineer job, I told her I have a girlfriend for last 3 years and if all goes well will end up marrying her.

I felt she was getting comfortable with me and I got the right opportunity of asking her if she is enjoying her married life, she was silent for a while and mentioned it was an arranged marriage, and has a lovely husband and they are deeply in love but the only problem is he is very alcoholic, due to his alcoholic nature they end up fighting, I told her till the point of time he loves you,

respects you, takes care of you it is fine and I encouraged her to be nice and slowly and gradually make him understand the nuisance of alcohol and with time he will improve and they will have a beautiful married life. She smiled and touched my hands; I grabbed her hands and felt like a current in my body.

One of those rare moments when you feel the excitement and the only thing in your mind is to grab her and kiss her gently on her lips, feel her body and be there in the moment. She grabbed my hands and came close to me and hugged me like a bear, my right shoulders were giving her all the support she wanted, we didn’t talked for like 10 min just enjoying the closeness.

My mind was saying go ahead and grab her…kiss her…touch her boobs but heart was saying chill…relax and feel the moment…her face came close to my ears and softly told me that she doesn’t want to go home, I said how will you manage, she was quiet and after 2 mins came even more closer and told me that she will manage, she can spend the night and she can leave early morning, I said fine.

Feeling happy and thanking god that wow….am I dreaming or is it for real; I wanted to kiss her but stopped as I thought the passengers in the bus are intelligent and people will know what’s cooking. In next 2 hours we got down from the bus, there was mist everywhere. As I was a student and had crunch of money, didn’t had the luxury of getting a room for the night, neither wanted to take my friends help as I know for sure that they will also expect a piece of the cake.

Told her that we need to walk and my village is like 6 kms from this place and instead of going to the village we will go to my farm house. My farm house is like fields on all sides and a room called as Kotha in Punjab Haryana in the middle of the fields. This kotha is covered with number of fruit trees and a tube well.

As we were walking it was completely cold and mist everywhere, fields on both side of the roads, my lady was scared and was hugging me tightly and walking. We reached our fields, our dog that takes care of the field came running, when I called his name, he was all excited. I asked my girl to stand there for a while and in the meantime let me go and check if there is anyone in the kotha.

Opened the doors of the kotha and made sure that there is no one, got back and took her with me. The room had an old cot with a rajai, I hugged her and for the first time kissed her, completely enjoyed her lips, I asked her if she wants to change her clothes, or should I enjoy her in the red suit, she told me she has a nightie and would like to change, as she was changing I felt cold got some dry wood, lit a small fire.

Got in to the cot and here she came in looking extremely sexy in a white nightie. Grabbed her and we were all in the rajai. Looked at her eyes, nose lips, her neck and closed my eyes and kissed her lips, slowly I was sucking her lips and touching her boobs with one hand. She got on top of me and I could feel her, I asked her to untie her long hairs and then hugged me tightly.

We were warm in each other arms and slowly I started removing her nightie and kissing her all over, she had the shyness in her eyes which was making me hornier. Within minutes we were naked she asked me if someone comes in what we will do. I told her don’t worry, if someone is close our dog will bark and we will have time, and I told her incase the situation arises, how to leave and where to wait for me.

She felt the confidence and got herself buried in my arms. As she was on top of me, I grabbed her ass with both of my hands, squeezed them and felt the softness. She was completely in shape. Her breasts were like 34C perky, her kitty was completely pink with very less black natural hairs. I was sucking her breast and using my fingers on her wet kitty, she was completely wet.

I got down between her legs and was seeing her kitty, beautiful pink lips completely wet, I never had licked a pussy before as I don’t like the smell maybe cause all the girls I layed down use to smell a little. But the girl in my arms today was not smelling a bit and I had this urge of using my mouth to its best use.

I kissed her and she moaned, liked it then got my myself in such a position that I can suck her for hours, I used my experience of seeing porn for last 27 years to its best use. Licked and sucked her in every possible manner, made her moan, made her shout in excitement, and she was flowing like crazy, haven’t seen a girl like this in realty.

My dick was so hard that I thought if I don’t use it will blast. It was like on fire, I didn’t wanted a BJ cause I knew that I am so excited that within seconds I will come in her warm mouth and I don’t want to do that. I stood up intentionally and drank a glass of water just to give a little time to my dick.

I got on top of her and looked directly into her eyes and she was embarrassed, I could sense that so in order to make her comfortable I grabbed her hands and planted a kiss on her cheeks. I kept my dick on the entrance of her kitty lips and started to enter a little bit and intentionally making sure that she wants it really bad.

Her kitty was warm, sufficiently lubricated and was the best place to park my dick for a lifetime. Started inserting my decent size dick completely inside her warm pussy, she closed her eyes and I am sure she was loving every bit of it. I used one of my hands on her breasts, squeezing the nipples and the other hand circulating the top part of her clit and my dick doing its best to go as deep as possible,

she was like crying, moaning, taking all sort of names, I knew I would shed out pretty soon and I told her we are not using condoms, she said don’t worry I will manage, I don’t know whether she was in senses, all I heard is na…na….na….andar rakho…..pls….. sambhal lungi……..esse hi kar …..i was still circulating her clit and I guess this made her uncontrollable.

I could see all the white thing coming out of her kitty on my dick, she was like dripping liquid all over my dick and making it look like new….the feeling is indescribable, I was like this is it……she wrapped her arms around me and gently biting my ears and saying softly, bahut mazza a raha hai…..bahut mazzaaa a raaha hai…..rukna nahi…..rukna nahi pls……I like it….

i like it… are so warm and it feels so nice…….and moaning like crazy, her long hairs all over her face……..kissing my lips, smocching,…..the last 30 sec came near…….i knew I will not be handle any more….wanted to give all I have……made sure I am doing total justice to her beautiful kitty……..the last 5 sec came near and I stopped thumping…

and left my dick completely inside and threw all my liquid inside her…….felt the water coming out of my pipe and cleaning the interiors of her kitty. Stayed in that shape for next 3…4 min……. she was saying all the good things in my ears…..which I really don’t remember…….all I knew at that point of time is that I enjoyed every bit of it……I made her body and my body completely happy and satisfied.

I moved from her and wanted to see her kitty now with my liquid mixed with her juices…….felt great…..kissed her thighs and sucked her tits…..i asked if she can suck my dick……she said nothing……I brought my dick close to her pink lips, she grabbed a cloth to clean my dick…but I stopped her…and told her to enjoy it like this….she said she will not be able to do it,,,,as she doesn’t like the wet stuff,

I agreed and she took my dick in her mouth in one go……..within seconds I could feel my dick growing as if awaking from a deep sleep, magical moments, her mouth was warm and soft, I started to fuck her face…..she was supporting me……her face made natural noises….which enhanced the excitement in both of us….her mouth was on magic, working like …

today is the day to win this completion……as liquid filled mouth was throwing all warm thing on my dick…I thought she will remove her face cause she doesn’t like it but instead she was totally into it as if returning the favour………I wanted to come………I removed my dick and within 2 sec …..sprayed all the cum onto her lovely booobsss…

it was so warm and the liquid on the boobs looked like icing on the cake…….she got up…cleaned herself…..and came again……we were warm in each other’s arm……and shared the moment……..she told me that…..though she enjoys sex with her husband but this was truly a different experience…

she told me that as it was an arranged marriage there are times when you want to do something but you can do it….its like difficult to express as you never know how your husband will feel about it. She told me that the way you sucked was like magical, Ihe way I played with her clit…..took her into another level of excitement. We layed like this for hours, talking hugging, kissing, this was a start of a beautiful relationship.

She told me that she wants to spend next day with me. I told her its not right…..cause its better to keep things safe and have a long term healthy relationship. She was sad but agreed with me. We got ready like 6:00 in the morning, walking between the fields talking, holding hands and feeling each other.

Got to the bus stand, it was like totally empty, the first bus came in like 20 min, there was mist everywhere….making the weather even more romantic……got to the nearest town……got down….had garam garam chai….bread omlette…..enjoyed the early morning breakfast……the sun came….as if giving blessings for a beautiful relationship.

We talked for close to 3 hours that morning and then I dropped her close to her house……we exchanged numbers and wished each other good bye……..i got back home met my parents, they were happy to see me…… my tractor out, went directly to the kotha, where I enjoyed my night, this place is special to me and was thanking the nature …

GOD…for giving me a great night……since then……there has been lot of changes……I got married to my girlfriend…staying currently in San Francisco, California……my night rider is happy with her husband…has stopped drinking……when I moved to US, she also moved with her family and she is also staying in San Francisco………we are best friends……

and we love each other……both of our families are happy……I love my wife……and do everything to be a good husband… night rider does the same and has a very healthy happy family…..we are friends for life…..and enjoys each other company……we have a very healthy sex life and it’s never boring……each and every time is very special…

we do everything do make us satisfied and happy and I am sure it will be like this for the rest of our lives. Message to everyone……we all have relationships out of our marriage, the key point is to give all the happiness and love to your partner, they all deserve that special thing…….a healthy outside relationship will make your marriage stronger…

and you will be able to keep your partner happier……instead of having a dull life…..enjoy life and share happiness, love……for those guys who will say if you come to know your wife is doing the same, will you feel bad……my answer is no…

cause end of the day she mine….and she has every right to be happy……..a happy healthy family is good for everyone……I don’t why, I shared my story……but I enjoyed it…..i hope you enjoyed it my dear friends……peace.

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Raj fucking chat friend Deepa

Hi readers, I am Raj from delhi, I am a frequent follower of Humandigest, and now I wanted to share my personal experience with a super hot aunty through internet chat. Basically I am not from delhi, I came here for further studies, and I am from south, 27 medium built. In delhi we had an occasion ana all of my friends left to their home towns,

I dint leave because of some work in delhi itself, and the holidays were too long, i.e winter vocation for 15 days, time just passed so fast for the first 3 days as I am fully busy with my work, but later the days were too boring, so I opened my old yahoo id through yahoo messenger for time pass, and went to delhi chat room, and it was too difficult for me to find a woman,

but suddenly to my shock my messanger gave a ping sound, yes I was lucky that day, she introduced to me as Deepa and said she was studying in a college, and from then we chatted fot 4 hours, while signing off I asked for her number to which she said no. And from then onwards I was waiting online for her for 2 days and finally on 3 rd day she came back,

then I explained her how I was waiting for her, that day we had a long chat for about 5 hours, sweet chat no sex nothing, but finally I made sure she wont feel bad if I speak to her about sex and asked her to which she readily replied. And to my surprise she was very free in speaking about sex.

The following day was a turning point for me, I asked that we will have voice chat to which she agreed, and we were speaking about sex and suddenly I heard a baby crying and she immediately said wait a min, and started making the baby sleep whcih I can hear as the speaker was on.

And then when I pressurized her then she old that she was married and had a kid, But she was from a good family and cant behave like this as if anyone will get to know it will be a big problem for her. I said I will never reveal her name and keep that secret and asked for her number, finally she gave me and said whenever she rings me then only to call,

and when her ubby goes to office she used to give me call and we used to speak for long hours, I asked about her boobs as she was feeding milk to her kid, and said I wanted to drink milk from her boobs, she laughed and said you cant do it na... then I requested her to give address so that I will taste the milk and go away, but she was very afraid of doing that,

then slowly I asked her to come out at-least as I can see her boobs, but she was clever enough to not say the place she lives in. But one day she said me how his husband does sex with her, he just does that like a duty but never enjoys nor gives enjoyment to her. Then I said give me one chance I will give you what best I can and will never return to her back again in her life.

So finally she agreed on one condition, one day she will have sex with me, but after that I should never give her call, neither go to her home, to which I agreed, one thing I was very sure she is afraid of lot of things, so I felt I will fulfill my desire as well as hers just once and get out of the relation. the day came she gave me the address and asked me to come by 10 morning,

It was an apartment, and she called me and told the flat number and asked me to directly come in as the door was not locked to which I slowly went in and locked the door, this is the first time I was watching her she is damn hot, she is 5.6" boobs of size 34 as they were full milk tanks, amazing girl she was, she is 23 years old, married quiet early she gave me something to eat and said now its time you go,

to which I said I dint do anything till now, she said she is afraid if anyone comes and asked me to go, but I pulled her and hugged her tightly, and planted a sweet kiss on her lips, she requested me to go out, since she was wearing a nighty I tour thr hooks of nighty to pull her soft white huge boobs and her nipples were so erect and shard I readily kept them in mouth and started sucking them,

I sucked them for atleast 30min without lifting my head and said iam ready now with full of energy, but she had tears in her eyes and said if anyone comes to know about this, she cant live. I promised her and said I will keep my promise and asked her to call her husband and know what time he will come back and asked her to say ti her husband to get something while coming back as he wont get any doubt.

And then she fed her kid and make him sleep and came back, thats when the real story began I slowly removed her nightly mad her completely nude she was not even wearing a panty I deserted my face on her cunt and started sucking it.. what a taste it is... and she was moaning heavily slowly I went on to her boobs and started sucking them again, she said if I drink all the milk nothing will be left for her kid..

I laughed and smooched her that was a long smooch. and then slowly opened my trousers and pushed my dick inside her mouth she was so hungry that she ate whole dick into her mouth and sucked my dick so well like a lolly pop in her mouth,it gave me great pleasure and I cummed in her mouth she cleaned her mouth and came back and asked me to fuck her,

this was the first time I saw her speak like that, and I pushed my dick inside her cunt quiet forcefully and slowly started moving on her.. she again asked me to fuck hard to which I responded by hitting hard inside with my dick and my hands were all on her body pressing boobs.

And in about some time I cummed and then I layed down.. she suddenly took my dick inside mouth and made it large again and said I love you to my dick and sat on it inserting it into her cunt and started riding me... that was a great scene when she was riding me her huge boobs were moving up and down at the same tims he was moaning heavily..

hmmmmmmmm I want u I love u............................ these were the words she was uttering while fucking me..and then we had lunch together without any clothes on both of us I made her sit on my laps kept my head on her boobs and asked her to feed me... she laughed and fed me.. and since time is going fast she asked me to fuck once more and from sofa we kissed passionately and fell down from that and made sex on the floor...

I fucked her twice one after another... it was a great experience... she gave me a last smooch and asked me to go I caught her boobs and then said I will miss u both and came my surprise I got a text..."thanx... loved u loved the experience u gave me but will miss u...iam really happy now"

As promised I dint call her again neither pinged her... just waiting for her text everytime my mobile pings...I never said this to my friends also.. I still remember her waving me form her balcony with happiness in her eyes..

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Kiyara fucking stranger on train

Hey friends ds z Kiyara from Delhi... I hv read some very amazing stories on ds blog nd jst thot to write smthng about my own self dt I hv experienced wd a total stranger... First as everyone do lemme describe my ownself... M 5'6 tall with a measurment of 38-32-38.. A lil on d plumpy side.. But all u guys ur dickk will definately rise once ull c me... I hv.

Milky fair complexion wd crisp features nd as my friends complements I hv beautiful eyes... So let's start wd d story..Ds happend in d train during my journey from delhi to hoobly... I went dere to visit my aunt wd my bro-in-law as my sisiter ws already dere for d holidays.... As v moved to our compartment we saw dt we had 3 young Guys sharing d same compartment nd we all belonged to d same oringin so we 5 got gelled easily..

As if was a long journey so v needed people to who v can tok... D jurney started at 9 in d night nd v had two nights in d train... On d first night v simply had our food nd slept... I ws sleeping on d middle birth... On d lower birth dere was raj sleeping nd my bro-in-law was sleeping on d upper birth in d same row... Wen I openend my eyes in d morning I ws stunned as I saw raj staring at my face wdout a blink of eye...

After 5 mins I asked him what happend so he jst told me dt I looked beautiful while sleeping.. I smiled a lil n came down.. Den in d afternoon as we were very much comfortable wd each other we xchanged our contact numbers.... For d whole day I observed raj admiring me n my body either by expressions or indirectly by words... Nd I dint mind it at all as I ws also getting attracted towards him...

He ws tall wd 6" height a muscular body nd complexion same as mine....Den came d final time... We all had our dinner nd went on d respective Berths a lil early as our train wld hv been reaching to d destination early in d morning... Same ways I ws in d middle raj beneath me nd jiju on d top berth... As everyone slept I saw raj getting up from his berth...

I ws listening songs as I wsnt feeling much sleepy... He came near my face nd took d earphn out of my ear nd suddenly kissed my ear lobe... I ws jst speech less for few seconds... Nd widin d nxt minute he brought his lips near mine n locked his lips wd mine... Since I ws also fantisisng bot him I dnt spoke a word nd in response kissed him back...

He came near to my ear nd said " come to the toilet".. Nd he went out... Wdout giving ne 2 thought I did what he said... I went nd knocked on d door... He opened it nd I went in... He suddenly grabbed me wd full force nd locked the door... As it ws a toilet in train it ws very small.. Hardly ne place to stand... We hugged each odr nd starting exploring each oders mouth....

His hande went inside my t- shirt nd he opend d hoks of my bra... It loosens up nd he got hold of my huge boobs... Started squeezing dem wd his hands nd ws kissing me passionately... I ws loving ds foreplay nd moaned a lil... He got d indication pulled my hands up nd took of my top nd bra in a min... He started sucking my big pink nipples..... What a feeling it ws...

I ws moaning in enjoyment... Aaaahhhhhhh oh yeah... Cmon raj... Aaaahhhhhhh... Nd den My hand went inside his pyjamas nd under his underwear... His cock ws almost 6"... Nd ws huge... I took it in my hand as it ws already erected nd started stroking his dick hard... He sucked my nipples harder... As we dint had much time...

He pulled down my pyjamas nd panty together nd I pulled down his pyjamas nd underwear... Now we both were naked rubbing each oders body... I took his erected hard cock in my hand nd bent a lil to gv him a good suck... As I sucked his cock I tasted his pre cum... Now none of us had patience...

I rubbed his hard dick on my clean shaved pussy nd as I did he gave a hard thrust and his dick went inside me giving a huge I wsnt a virgin n my pussy ws already oozing out love juices his dick went easily inside my chut..My chut went numb for a second nd he started giving thrust.. he started fucking me like a mad dog... Nd I started moaning....

"Oh raj !!! Aaaahhhhhhh yeah cmon u bastard!! Fuck me hard.. Harder.. U fucker asshole... Fuck out d bitch inside my... Oh yarah...... Cmon raj... " He fucked me as hard as he could.... He said... " u slut.. I hv not seen such hot boobs before... U r a sex goddess... Ne guy will fuck d bitch out of u... " I ws getting aroused by his language nd told him to fuck me more harder....

Nd den I felt my clit inside joining in bck... I realized he ws also reaching peak.. Yeah baby cum inside me... Oh yeah... Aaaahhhhhhh yeah cmon... Leave ur hot juice in my pussy... Oh yeah cmon raj cmon... Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh:.... Nd we both climaxed together... Den he hugged me tightly nd we smooched... We cleaned ourself nd went back to our berths one by one...Nd to our luck everyone ws deep asleep... V r still in contact nd had many adventures after ds trip... Dt I'll post later...

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Sam having hot sex with chat friend Renuka

This is Sam. My desire for sex with women’s is very high. I feel sex is to be experienced in every manner/quarters. Sam (33 Yrs) from Delhi (basically from south). 5.9 Height, 90 Kgs, dark, tall, and a small tummy. Looking out for ladies (who are 30+), who are unsatisfied b’cause of any reason.

This incident happened to me once I was chatting in delhi room of yahoo. I received a message from a lady named Renuka. Unknowingly I had started chatting with her. Later I came to know that she had lost her hubby sometime back. Sensed her as if she misses something in her personal life. Asked her “how she feels about sex”, and I was very right, she was very sexy & romantic.

But missed everything in toto. She was bit too shy on this subject. We had ended our chat on the first day. Some more days had gone, I got her again, as I had added. We both introduced once again to each other. What happened to this day, don’t know she asked me, if I can help her relieve her tension. I asked her “how come”. She asked me if we can meet in person privately.

I was the first person to say a big Yes. She asked for my phone number. I was very much hesitant, hence asked to reveal her number. She revealed, and I asked her that I would call her after an hour. An hour later I had spoken to her. She was very soft spoken, after an initial greet, I slowly asked about the prospective meeting, she started to laugh and laugh.

I know both of us where novice in this matter, hence have to be cautious. Any how, ultimately we shared each other’s number. And I told her that I can be available to her only in Day time. For that she also agreed. And later decide to meet on the next day at an market close to her residence. We met finally.

She was also Just like me little plum, approx 34 36 34 (this was my assessment through my scanning eyes.) Renuka and me then shopped some snacks and cold drinks and left for the residence. For the confidentiality reason she expected me to reach after her. As planned I had reached her home and rang the bell. She greeted me to inside, it was a nice 2 room set, well managed and clean.

I was made to sit on the Hall, we were both mum, but at the same time very happy and excited. She brought the cold drink from the kitchen and gave it to me. After Drinking the same, I felt like urinating hence looked the toilet. She helped me to locate it. I came back, and was feeling very relieved. Later I took hold of her hands, and told her to sit close to me.

Let me describe something about Renuka. She was a middle aged, fair, with a decently dressed (salwar), and thick & long hair. We were just caressing our hands. I said Renuka you are very sweet and kissed her on her forehead. I smooched her all over her face, her earlobes and neck. She was getting excited too. Renuka told me, lets go inside.

All the windows were covered with curtains and a dim light of Zero Vault was on. The room was smelling very erotic with smell and the dim light. We were standing next to the bed and I hold her up and was kissing all over. Started from the forehead started to sense Renuka from top to bottom. From Neck to the bottom when my face reached and crossed, it was awesome.

Renuka’s every curves I was feeling from my face. She was holding my face altogether with her two sweet hands. Dug my head over her breast and the pussy hole over her clothes. She later told me to stand. She told me to undress. I was now only on my underpants, and she started rolling her sweet hands all over me from head to toe. As she reached my undo’s she started to feel and mouth over my Dick.

She took my 5.5 inch long dick to her sweet mouth. I was just feeling her head with my hands, and she was busy with dick. She looked very excited as she got a tool after a long long time. She was ardently playing with her mouth on it, playing with testicles and my long and strong legs. This went on for almost 15-20 minutes. I was in heaven dear readers.

I told her to undress herself. She did the way I said. Her Salwaar Kurta was down by now. And she moved to Bed. And I also reached near to her. Smooched her face and dragged my mouth to her neck and started feeling renuka’s boobs. It was soft and smooth. Nice and firm one indeed. Rolled my hands over her Bra and teased the nipples over her.

My mouth and my hands were very busy feeling her every curves. She was now started to moan a bit. When my mouth rolled over her panty pit, she suddenly wanted to stand forward, but my both hands forced her to go back. Now I was pumping renuka’s breast with my hands strongly and at the same time my mouth & nose was dug in the clit hole.

Just was very much liking my foreplays. Now I requested her to remove her bra and panty. She did, and I groped over her boobs, and started to tongue and tease the nipples. And my hands were onto her clit. First dug one finger and there after continued till my three fingers reached in. I was jerking her and she was in heaven surely. By now she might have come twice atleast.

She told me reach to her head and she bent down. She took hold of my dick and started to tease with tongue. She was using her both hands and her mouth on my sweet dick. My dick was on its full expansion. I was loving all the plays that the renuka was playing. It continued for sometime. There after I told her to sit on me and ride. She did the way I said.

Started very slowly and there after I heard her moan little more loudly and jerking faster. She was oozing and oozing. The ride had gone for 10-12 minutes. And there after she told me she wants to go down and let the riding be done by me. I said a very big OK. I pulled her down and placed her both legs apart and felt her choot with my hands.

Now with a little assistance from my single hand I placed my Dick on the right hole (cunt hole). Pulled my dick back as I felt very much of oozing. I told her to clean her hole with any clothe. She did, and I felt it was ok and much dry. Placed my Dick inside and pumped her in nor fast and nor slow manner altogether. It went for another 10 minutes or so, later I asked her to change her position to doggy style.

She was trying for the first time hence advised her to place her legs in the right manner, and from behind I placed my dick and forced it in. At the same time my both hands were cupping renuka’s breast and caressing it. The force in similar position for 12-14 minutes. And my sperm came out and I placed on to her ass.

Me and Renuka had enjoyed this session very much and there after on the same day tried once again, she gave some money as promised mutually, before bidding farewell, SAM.

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Bangalore girls having sex in Goa - II

Previously: Bangalore girls having sex in Goa - I

We came back to bangalore on jan 1st afternoon. We were really tired. After a few days 4 of us were hanging out and having coffee and discussing about the goa trip. Rashmi was asking us what really happened that night. I said nothing we just slept. She was like dont lie come on. Pooja was smiling and rashmi asked her what really happened.

She said its ok only 4 of us will ever know and she told them that we'd slept with the 2 foriegners. I was feeling so embarrassed. Rashmi and neha were shocked and said you 2 are so dirty and cheap. I felt offended even though i'd made a mistake. I said rashmi's just a dummy baby and doesnt know anything about sex or grown up issues. They argued, fought and left.

I was feeling guilty and horrible and didnt know what to do. Pooja said it'd be fine, they'll be ok. I thought it was a bad idea telling them. After a few hrs, vivek my boyfriend msged me asking what I did in goa and he's hearing some rumours. Now I was really scared and angry on rashmi. I asked him if I could meet him in the evening. We met and I didnt know what to say.

He asked me what happened and if it was true. I felt like crying and told him I was sorry and it was a mistake. He was really angry. He shouted at me calling me a slut and left. I felt horrible, I kept calling him but he didnt pick the call for 2 days. I didnt want to ask his friends cos I was embarrassed even they'd know about me.

On the third day he picked the call finally. I said I was really sorry and i'd never do anything like that again and I wanted to talk to him. He said ok and asked me to come to his home. I went and he was looking still angry. I said i'd do anything to make up for it and asked him to forgive me. He smiled slowly after sometime and told him it hurt him so much. I said I was sorry.

He said it was ok and he loved me. I was feeling relieved but still guilty. He hugged me and kissed me. I really wanted to win him back and make him forgive me. I said i'll make it up to my mistakes and smiled. We went to his room and made him sit on the bed. I slowly started stripping for for him. He took out his cell and was making a video of me.

I was trying to be very sexy for him, holding my breasts and shaking them at him, swinging my ass near his face. I got completely naked and was seducing him. I sat on a chair opposite him and spread my legs and started fingering myself. I knew he was getting excited and hard. He was smiling at me holding the camera. I went to him and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his shorts.

He was semi hard. I picked up his semi hard cock with my lips and started licking and pressing it with my tongue. He got fully hard soon. I sucked him hard trying to take it as deep as possible. He was moaning and held my hair. I took his cock and started rubbing it in my cleavage and against my nipples. I looked at him and he was still making video.

I smiled at the camera and blew a kiss at the camera. I again started sucking him really hard and he ejaculated in my mouth. I never liked that, but didnt say anything and simply swallowed. It was getting late and his parents would come soon and got dressed up to leave. I again told him I was really sorry and asked him to forgive me. He said its fine and smiled and kissed me.

Next morning I recieved a msg from vivek that he's gonna make me pay for my mistake. He said he'd sent the previous day's nude video of me to his friends and had uploaded it on the net. I froze and panicked. I didnt know what to do. I tried calling him, his cell was switched off. I went to his house and rang the bell, no one was there.

I went back to the hostel scared, and I got another msg from vivek telling me to come to mayur's farmhouse and we'll talk and settle the issue. I tried calling him again but he switched it off. There was no way I could communicate with him so I took an auto to the farmhouse, it was some 10-12km outside the city. I reached there, the gate was open and I walked inside.

The house was small there surrounded by huge garden and trees and a garage, there was one watchman shed but no one was there. I knocked the door, I heard his voice asking me to come inside. He, mayur and ajay were sitting on the couch watching tv. He said hi pornstar. I was shocked, and saw that they were watching my nude video of the previous day on the tv, they'd connected the camera to the tv!

I couldnt believe he could do that to me! Show me like that to his 2 asshole friends! I begged him to stop it and not do this to me. I said I was sorry. He was laughing at me and increased the volume, my own moaning from the tv increased! I was never this embarrassed in my life. I could see mayur and ajay enjoying themselves. They always hated me, I dont know why.

I decided to get out of there and turned, he said he hasnt yet uploaded it on the net and I could stop that if I wanted to. I was confused, I didnt know what to do. I desparately wanted to prevent that from going on the internet. I said I didnt have much money, but i'll give them whatever I have. I'll even sell my mobile. I was desparately trying to get out of this mess.

They started laughing and said we dont want your money, we have plenty. You're a slut, be our slut for day and started smiling. I couldnt believe my ears! I slapped vivek. The other 2 started laughing. Vivek looked at me seriously and said I wanted to give you a chance, now forget it, am uploading to all indian porn websites and by tomorrow whole college would have seen you like this. And your parents too.

I was about to cry. I didnt know what to do, I was shivering. I begged them not to do it. But I cant do what they ask. I told them i'd give them money or do something else. They were acting like villians in the movie! Cold and cruel! They told me to stop wasting time and either stay there and do what they say or get out.

I was crying and begging them. Mayur said, you're a randi who got fucked by unknown foriegner, why cant you sleep with us? Are we not good enough for you. You're insulting us now, we should just upload your video. Vivek and ajay agreed with him. I knew I was trapped. I thought of running away and complaining to someone.

I knew that'd be no use also cos I had no proof and once they upload, even if I complain, it will be too late, my life will be over. I turned to them and said, fine i'll do whatever you want, just delete it and dont put it on net. They started smiling and said it would depend on me and told me to start stripping. I was hesitant and just stood in front of them.

Vivek pulled me to the center of the room and said, come on randi, strip for us. I avoided eye contact and slowly started taking off my top, within minutes I was in just bra and panty. The guys were getting excited. They told me to remove that too. I felt so ashamed to do it in front of them. The other 2 guys started whistling when I took of my bra.

Mayur told me to pinch my nipples and make it hard. I was shocked. Vivek slapped me hard and said, do as he says without question if you dont want this thing to go on internet. I started pinching my nipples. They told me to look at them in the eye and pinch it hard. This was too much for me, I silently started crying. Vivek told me to twist them hard till it becomes red.

Ajay got up saying, come on guys lets show how sluts nipples are pinched and held both my nipples between his fingers and twisted them wildly. I screamed in pain and begged them not to hurt me. He just smiled and twisted them again grinning sadistically. Vivek and mayur pulled down their jeans and sat back on the couch and called me to them. I was feeling so horrible.

Vivek told me to kneel in front of him and suck him. I just wanted to get this over and go off. I got his cock out and started jerking it with my hand and licking it. He slapped me hard, I was shocked and saw him. He told me not to use my hands and just use my lips and tongue. Mayur took my hand and kept it on his cock, I was feeling uncomfortable and didnt know what to do.

He kicked at my pussy and said, do I have to tell you what to do when you touch my cock. I curled up on the floor in pain holding my crotch. I knew they didnt care for my tears. I got up kneeled down again and started sucking vivek and jerking mayur's cock with my hand. After a few min mayur ejaculated in my hand and vivek pulled out and sprayed cum on my face.

I tried to clean my face, he kicked my leg telling me sluts dont clean cum stains. I was feeling so humiliated. I was tired from crying, I couldnt even cry any more. They both got up and told me to make ajay happy and they'll get back with snacks and drinks. Ajay was sitting on sofa opposite slowly jerking his cock. He asked me to come near him and bend over on the table.

I begged him not to do anything to me. He reminded me of the video and asked if I wanted it on net. I went and bent in front of him holding the table with my ass turned towards him. He slapped my ass 3 - 4 times telling me he loved it. I stayed silent. He got up and was holding my breasts, I could feel his cock touching my thighs. I was getting scared each passing moment.

He held my hips and I closed my eyes trying to distract myself. He entered my pussy with one stroke! It hurt more than when i'd lost my virginity. I screamed! Vivek and mayur came back from kitchen and were smiling like crazy and encouraging ajay. I felt so disgusted. He started fucking me hard and rough. I was dry and it burnt like hell.

Finally after what I felt was eternity he pulled out and ejaculated on my back. I felt relieved it was over atleast. Vivek turned to mayur and said, I always wanted to fuck her in the ass, she never let me. He turned to me and asked me, you'll let me now right. I pleaded not to do that, I told him he can have regular sex but not anal. Both mayur and ajay started laughing, look at her, such a slut she'll fuck you readily.

Vivek got up and came near me and said, you slut, you go and get fucked by strangers on a beach and now its payback time. Bend over or else you know what happens. I was crying again and just stood there. He held my hair and pushed me to the floor. He took a bottle of mosturiser from my purse and put it on his fingers and began inserting it in my asshole.

I felt so violated, being humiliated in front of his friends. He got on the floor on the carpet and put me in doggy position and slapped my thighs telling me to spread my legs. He pulled my hair back sharply and told me to enjoy it and scream for him. He held my hips and pushed his cock slowly inside my asshole! It hurt horribly and pulled forward.

He tugged my hair backwards sharply again and pushed his cock full inside! He was leaning on me and holding my breasts, he was telling near my ears, how does it feel to be a randi. I was in too much pain to feel embarrassed. I begged him to pull out. He started pumping me slowly. The initial stabing pain reduced and became a dull burning pain slowly.

After a few mins he ejaculated inside my ass and pulled out. He got up slowly and kicked my ass and told, you make a good slut. I fell on the carpet weeping, I no longer felt the need to cover myself. They'd done everything possible. Three of them sat on the couch smoking and eating snacks. I couldnt dare to get up from the floor.

They told me to get up, when I didnt respond, vivek kicked my pussy. I curled up in pain and sat up on the floor and told them to let me go as i'd done everything they wanted. They were slouched on the couch tired, smoking. Mayur said, give us a show once like you did on the video, finger yourself in front of us till we say and you can go.

I was relieved they were atleast letting me go, I was scared that they'd make me stay over the night. I stood up and was thinking what to do. Vivek told me to sit and spread my legs on the coffee table. I sat up and started touching myself. Ajay told me to put in 2 fingers deep. I did that, it still hurt a little. Mayur told me to put 3. I tried to put 3, it was paining so I couldnt.

He told me to put 3 fingers deep or else take him in my ass. I got scared and pushed 3 fingers deep in my pussy. They were enjoying my pain. I was feeling very weak and tired and couldnt do it. Vivek slapped me on my cheek and told me to finger faster. I did the best I could but was feeling really tired. Ajay told me to stop, I felt relieved. He offered me a green chilli and told me to push it in my pussy!

I was scared like shit! Other 2 cheered him for the idea and told me to quickly push it in my pussy or else they'll keep me fingering till morning. I told them I couldnt do that! They said either I push it myself or they'll push it, or else I could walk home and see myself naked on the internet. I took the chilly with shaking hands and just put the tip inside my pussy.

They told me to push it deep completely and it shouldnt be visible outside. I pushed it in. Vivek gave kissed one more green chilli and gave it to me. I tried to push that inside slowly. The first chilly was itching a little inside and irritating. I pushed the second one and it began itching more! I asked to let me take it out. They were laughing calling me their slut.

Vivek told me to pull out the two chillies. I quickly pulled them out and was about to keep it on the table when he told me to bite them. I looked at it, it was sticky of cum and juices and looked disgusting. He told me to either bite it or they'll give me fresh chillies to insert. I reluctantly bit half the chilli. It was very spicy, my tongue was stinging bad!

He told me to bite the other chilli too. My lips and tongue were almost burning now and I was thirsty. Vivek was smoking another cigarette, he blew smoke to my face and said, come on randi now push that bitten chilli inside your pussy, and smiled..!! First time the chilli was intact when I inserted it in my vagina, so it didnt sting my pussy that much, with the bitten chilli, the seeds and juice exposed, my mouth itself was burning like hell, if I put in in my pussy i'd die.

I begged them not to make me do that. They said either stuff the bitten chillies fully in your pussy and then leave or stay with us the whole night, if you stay its gonna get worse, its your choice. I hesitantly took the pieces of chilli and touched my pussy lips, it already started stinging! I couldnt do it.

I dropped the chilli pieces and started rubbing off my inner thighs and pussy lips to reduce the burning sensation. It became worse. They started laughing. Vivek slapped me hard again and took the chilly pieces from the floor and stuffed it in my vagina!! And said if you touch it again, you have to stay till morning. Saying that he slapped hard right on my pussy!

It was paining like hell and was torture! I closed my legs tight! The 3 of them dragged me out of the house and left me out in the farm and threw my clothes at me and told me to go and never show my face again and they wont upload my earlier pics and video, but they'll keep it with them.

If I complained to police or anything, they'd upload it, and mayur's dad had political connection and police wont touch them anyway. They went inside. I quickly pulled out the burning chilli pieces and threw them. And hurriedly wore my clothes. My vagina wa burning and itching horribly and the lips had become red!

I searched for water in the garden, I found a broken bucket, I washed myself as much as possible and cleaned my face and hair and ran out of the farm house. I walked on the road towards the city, it was already evening. I found an auto finally and went back to my room and collapsed on my bed and cried all night.

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Bangalore girls having sex in Goa - I

Hi, i'm priya. 22yr old from bangalore. This is my real story that happened a few months back. It was a horrible time, I couldnt share with anyone, so now I thought about sharing anonymously online to get it off my chest.

It was dec 2010 and we friends were planning what to do for new year. Last yr during new yr we had exams and were stuck so we wanted to do something fun. Also my best friend pooja had broken up with her boy friend and was depressed. We wanted to cheer her up. My boyfriend vivek and his friends wanted to go to his friend's farm house for 3 days and party.

We girls werent that interested in going to farm house for 3 days with the guys. Suddenly neha suggested that we girls could go to goa for new yr for 2 days, it'd be fun and only girls. We were excited! My boyfriend was relieved that he could go peacefully and enjoy partying. So 4 of us girls (me, pooja, neha and rashmi) got ready and packed everything and left for goa on 30th.

We reached palolem beach by evening, it was beautiful! Fully decorated for new yr with lots and lots of tourists. We checked into the beach huts just beside the beach, 2 of us in each room. There was campfire on the beach and we went there for dinner. They were playing good music and people were dancing by the fire.

Since it was a beach we were wearing sleeveless tops and shorts and skirts. There were some foriegners too there. 2 guys about 23 - 24 yrs, they were well built and hot. They were sitting shirtless drinking beer and talking. We were just trying to flirt with them for fun. Actually since pooja was depressed we were trying to cheer her up and teasing her about the handsome guys.

We were drinking smirnoff vodka sitting in table opposite them. The guys were looking at us now and then. We already had 2 shots and were feeling little buzzed. We winked at them and were laughing. They came over to us and asked us if we wanted to dance. One guy came up to me and said he was andy and shook hands with me. He was so sexy. Light brownish hair and muscular.

Neha and rashmi were embarrassed and said no to dance. I pulled pooja along to dance. Another guy introduced himself as ricky and held her hand for dance. I was feeling little scared but went ahead thinking it'd be fun. We danced for about half an hr, the music was good, light jazz and country music. It was fun. Pooja was also enjoying herself and I was happy.

Andy was holding me closer now and and was getting bolder, he touched my ass once or twice, I looked at him and he just smiled. We went to the back to the bar stand and he ordered tequila shots. 4 of us did 2 shots each. I was really buzzed! We went back and sat on the beach and were talking. It was almost 11pm and crowd was thinning.

Andy was telling that he and ricky were from germany and had just finished college and was joining a shipping business and all. He started flirting with me and tried to kiss me. I was scared and stopped him. He said its ok, its just fun and he liked me and we could have fun. I didnt know what to do and looked around, I saw pooja kissing ricky about 10m away sitting on the beach!

I was surprised but happy she was having fun. I too relaxed and thought about my boyfriend, he was away and having fun. Whats there if I too have fun, will keep it a secret, he wont know and everything will be fine. I leaned and kissed andy's lips. He was so sexy and strong, he held my hair and kissed me back, he was kissing my neck and and ears. I was feeling really hot!

I didnt want to do it, but couldnt stop. He slipped his hand inside my top while kissing, I got scared and pulled his hand out! He was smiling at me sexily and told me that I wanted it. I couldnt resist, I let his hand go. He undid my bra and was feeling my breasts and kissing me. I was really feeling horny now, it was more than a month since I had sex with my boyfriend.

It was very dark and there were just 5 - 6 couples on the sand here and there holding hands or kissing. It felt great. Just then pooja and ricky came up to us. I was kissing andy and didnt even notice them. I was so embarrassed! Pooja was looking at me in shock and then smiled. They said they'd have another drink and get back. Me and andy too went with them to the bar, rashmi and neha had gone back to their cottage.

We orded vodka with coke. Pooja asked me what the hell I was doing with that guy. I said I dont know and I was feeling very horny and andy is so sexy! I told her not to mention anything vivek pls. She smiled and said I was being a slut. I was hitting her, we were pretty high and laughing. The guys were smiling at us not understanding what we were talking.

4 of us walked back to the cottage. Andy asked if he and ricky could come up in our cottage and talk and have beer. Me and pooja looked at each other and said fine. Both of them went to get some beers and we 2 went inside. We were giggling and stumbled inside feeling a lil drunk and collapsed on the bed. They guys came back 5 mins later and sat on the bed and were talking.

Me and andy were sitting on the bed leaning against the wall and talking. He had his arm around my waist and was touching me softly. Pooja and ricky too were sitting close and talking. Andy started kissing me, I was so turned on but was embarrassed too as pooja was also there, I looked at them and both were smiling. Andy was trying to slip his hand inside my shorts now, I didnt stop him.

He was touching my pussy and kissing me. I knew there was no turning back, I had to do it, I was so turned on. I just turned to see pooja kissing ricky's chest and her hand was inside his shorts! I was really wet with andy fingering me. I looked at andy and smiled, he looked sexy in the dim light. He started pulling out my top, I then realised my bra was on the beach itself!

I was topless and andy was kissing my breasts and sucking them softly. I pulled down his beach shorts, he was hard and huge! I held his cock and was gently squeezing it. I looked around and saw that pooja was already naked beside me and ricky was naked too kissing her and playing with her breasts. I couldnt believe it!

My head was spinning cos of alcohol and the mini orgasm andy gave me while rubbing. I felt it was a dream. Andy pulled down my shorts and got on top of me. He pulled a condom out of his wallet and asked me if I wanted to put it on his cock. I took it and kissed his cock and gave it a little lick and rolled the condom down on it. Omg! He was really big! Not like huge but very thick. Now I was a lil scared.

He got on top of me and slowly started to push his cock in me. Thank god I was wet or else it'd have really hurt. He started fucking me slowly while playing with my breasts and kissing me. I was holding his neck and was lost in pleasure. I was feeling dizzy, I could hear pooja moaning beside me. I looked at her and she was having fun, sweaty and naked she was on top of ricky and riding him.

I never knew she was so sexual! He was holding her breasts and she was arching and raising her hands above her head to keep hair out of her face. It turned me on even more seeing my best friend having sex beside me. Andy was fucking me hard now making me yelp and scream a lil now and then.

He stopped and asked me to turn over, I kneeled down and raised my ass to him, he mounted me doggy style and started ramming me with hard strokes while holding and playing with my hanging breasts. It felt so good. He spanked my ass and I turned back to look at him smiling and enjoying. I couldnt resist and smiled back. He spanked me again harder saying I was a naughty indian girl.

It felt so good, I climaxed. I was shivering and i'd never felt so good while having sex. I collapsed totally exhausted and tired. Andy fell beside me and cuddled me and was kissing me softly on my shoulders and drawing lines and circles with his fingers on my breasts. We fell asleep like that 4 of us naked on the same bed!

I woke up in the morning with a big headache! It was like a porn movie! I felt so dirty but still excited that I did something so crazy! I quickly had bath and woke up pooja, she woke up and was shocked trying to remember what happened the previous night. We were both laughing, she realised she was still naked and covered herself with bedsheet and went to bath and change.

We woke up the guys and told them we'll be downstairs for breakfast and went down. Rashmi and neha still werent up, me and pooja talked about what happened last night should stay between us and no one else should know, not even rashmi and neha. We agreed and went to their room and woke them up.

They asked what happened the previous night and they couldnt find us on the beach and they were feeling very tired so they came back to their cottage and slept off. We told them that we went for walk on the beach and got lost and so came back late and just slept off. I dont know if they believed or not but they didnt say anything.

We had breakfast and played on the beach. The new year celebrations that night were superb with all the fire works and music and all. I was the best time of my life and everything was awesome till we got back to bangalore, when my life completely changed forever...

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Kochi wife Vimala fucked by stranger - II

Hi everyone..! I'm vimala from Kochi,Kerala. Previously I came up with "Kochi wife Vimala fucked by stranger". I love this site and want to share my escapades with every dedicated member of this site. I like it raw and rough on the bed and my hubby Kishore has been very careful with that.He Keeps up with the needs of my creamy curves and quenches his thirst on my love juices.

But of late my father-in-law fell sick and he has become bed ridden. Things have turned bad for us, specially my husband was so depressed. And it was hard for him to go to his automobile spare part shop and for me as opposed to earlier where my Father-in-law used to help me in the medical shop, there is no one now.

After thinking hard and long myself and Kishore came to a conclusion, that we should call his brother Revanth from Kovalam to help me in the medical shop. Revanth is also not a very educated guy like my husband but and intelligent guy. He actually is a very ill tempered guy, During his I year degree he had a spat with one of his lecturers which turned ugly at home.

Its been 3 years and since then he has working as a supervisor in a small firm in Kovalam.In the following week he came home, there was happiness all around with his come back and with in a week. After making him understand the situation he was more than happy to help me out in the medical shop. Everything from the outset was fine, things were going well.

But for one thing, deep inside my body is aching. Aching for all the pleasure it has been missing lately. There was this emptiness, my husband is failing to keep me satisfied. Specially after I had rough pounding in my juicy plump pussy from the autowala in the very medical shop my sexual desire has doubled but my husband... For me the mischief always seems to start from my shop.

That afternoon I returned to the shop early after the lunch and relieved Revanth to go and have lunch and as he was leaving, I also informed him that he has to help Kishore to take their father to the hospital for the regular check up after lunch. I came and sat in the seat, it was a very hot afternoon and since the shop being very close to the tar road, the heat was enormous.

Despite of the gusty breeze I was sweating, the roads were almost empty. I was feeling very bore as I was all alone in the shop. Having no work to do, I leaned back on my office chair with my hands at the back of my head and my legs rested on the small wooden stool. I felt a little drowsy and my thoughts started to wander, wandering in all directions.

The erotic thoughts, the wild ones, the passionate one, the submissive ones and in course I noticed that I am wearing the same sari that I was wearing when I was pounded in doggy style by the autowala at this very place. I could not stop myself from rewinding those moments, arching my back I started reliving the moments..."

"I felt a cold wet hand over the curves of my waist line under my silk sari, he held my tender boobs over the blouse and started to squeeze"". The thoughts started to arouse me and obliged to crossed my legs. They meager thoughts of were intoxicating every vein of my body. I could feel the warmth and the wetness in b/n my legs... "

My struggle ended and lust took over me as he cupped my naked boobs with his rough hand and my tender nipples nibbled between his teeth"". I opened my eyes and looked myself in the mirror, I was looking sultry with desire like a slut and was getting restless. I needed some fucking badly, I got up from the chair and went behind the racks.

Looked around and raised my sari up revealing my knees and then my milky thighs till my waist and slipped my fingers into the depths of my wet pussy. I closed my eyes tightly, biting my lower lip, imagining the past moments, I started to piston my pussy with my middle finger. I was out of the world enjoying my masturbation,

at the edge of climaxing there was divine silence all around and I was interrupted by a "creeeeek" and before I noticed that I left the door unlocked, I realized that someone came in. There was sudden rush of blood, my heart started to pound heavily and goosebumbs were all over my skin, I dropped the sari instinctively as I heard "Nathoon". I veered around and found Revanth.

"What are you doing" he asked sharply. I absolutely had no answer in my mind, "Nothing" I answered and walked back to the counter promptly adjusting my sari properly and covering my sweaty curves which were flashing from side on. I came and sat in the chair and noticed that droplets of sweat was dripping down my brow, I could hear my heart beating.

I thought he saw me, actually I am not very convinced whether he saw me, I was thinking hard "Did he see me rub my pussy?". There was silence all afternoon, he was looking me awkwardly with a huge question mark on his face. I had only myself to blame for that, later I asked him at around 4Oclock "Why did you come back? didnt you go along with your brother to the hospital?"

'No nathoon the appointment was postponed, and what were you doing when I came back' he blurted out. I smiled and waded off tactfully. In the late evening customers started to flow in and we got busy. As one of the customer has asked me for a syrup I went back behind the rack to get it while Revanth was talking to other customers.

The syrup was quite high and I had to reach up standing on my toes. When I finally got the bottle and looked down, Revanth's eyes were transfixed on my navel, I unknowingly gave him a great view of my body. I quickly adjusted and proceeded to the counter. During one other incident where I was sitting in the chair and checking a prescription he stood beside me and was watching my voluptuous cleavage.

I knew somethings up in his mind. That particular look was very evident that he was craving to squeeze my milky boobs. It went on, The clock struck 9 in the night and we started to wrap up. I was closing the account and Revanth was busy adjusting the stock, all the while his eyes were sneaking for any inch of my naked skin.

That very moment I felt proud of my assets which are hard to resist for any man let alone Revanth. Finally we have finished all the work. He locked the shop while I got out my scooty and started it. He quickly came and sat on the back seat and we left. The night was very cool and the breeze is strong.

As we left the commercial area I have increased the speed and the wind got chillier, my thoughts were wavering and I suddenly felt his cold hands crept forward and gave gentle squeeze around my hips. I jerked, was shocked and could not utter a word, he leaned forward touching his chest to my back and spoke in my ears "I know what you were doing in the afternoon".

And his hands moved up and around and were feeling my naked waist under the silk sari. There were goose bumps over my entire skin and when I was in the most helpless condition, he felt my navel with his middle finger and he abruptly moved his hands up and cupped my soft 36 sized melons with his rough hands.

I tried to ease off his hands "What are you doing, stop..!" but couldnt and he started to squeeze and pinch my nipples hard. I looked around, it was the stint of road where there is nothing around except trees. As he pinched my nipples, he came forth and hugged me tighter and kissed and licked around my neck from behind.

And to top it all I was enjoying this molestation, but if I stop the scooty now I know he would take me down and fuck the hell out of me. Some how I dint feel right even though my body was dying for a nice masculine massage. As we motored along there came civilization and he left me alone and with in a couple of minutes we reached home.

Revanth got down and while I was parking my scooty he rushed into the house. My Kishore was already in the house, he greeted me in. I was trying hard not to show anything on my face and went straight up to the kitchen and started to prepare supper. "I ll take a shower and come in 15 min" said Kishore, kissing on my earlobes and left.

As I was busy preparing the supper I heard foot steps and turned, suddenly Revanth came in. His face was red and as soon as he saw me tears flowed out of his eyes and he fell on my feet and "Please bhabhi, am very very sorry. Please dont tell anything to my brother or he ll kill me. I am really sorry I could not control myself." His tears dropped on my feet as I tried to make him stand.

I wiped those tears off his face and said "Dont worry Revanth its ok, I wont tell anything Ok". And after a little genuine chat I cooled him down and he felt happy. At the dinner table we had some friendly chat and Revath told that "Bhabhi I wont be coming to the shop tomorrow, I am sorry". "Why" Kishore asked with a serious face.

"One of my friend Karim is coming from Kovalam to write an exam and I have to receive him" he said. I smiled and "Then tomorrow I too wont go" I blurted out. Seeing those quizzical faces on the brothers I continued "Tomorrow is Sunday daaaa, do one thing bring your friend to our house, we ll have some great time ok?" They eased off and Revanth said "Great then he ll be here by 6AM".

We finished dinner and Myself and Kishore came to our room while Revanth took his Blanket and settled in the couch in the hall way. We came into our room and I have locked the door for the night. Kishore has jumped on to the bed like a hungry lion and turned around and he pointed his finger towards me and gestured to come over. I gave a big smile looking into his eyes and said "I have to take a shower honey".

He leaned back on to the recron pillows and was watching me with out the blink of an eye. I slid off the sari off my breast and unweaved it off from my hips revealing my navel and my firm breasts packed in a tight blouse. His eyes were widening as I un.h.o.o.k.e.d my blouse one after the other. I pulled off the knot that held the petticoat around my hip and let it drop to the floor revealing my clean pussy dripping wet.

He is motionless, jus watching me as my left hand went behind and un hooked the bra. The round juicy mellons sprung to life as the final piece of cloth fell to the floor, kishore was swallowing air. He made a huge tent under his night pant. Raising my brow and giving a sarcastic smile looking at his man thing stand, I turned and paraded towards the bathroom swaying my round arse and filling the room with the aroma of my love juice.

"Can I join you" he requested in a stuttering voice, I turned around naughtyly and giggled. Before I could answer he pulled off the T-shirt in one go, I raised my brows in amazement for the hunger he has and ran into the bathroom. I looked around and he was walking out of his night pant and his huge and thick penis missiled out precum as it bobbed out.

I playfully closed the door, he started knocking "sweety open the door, this is not fare". I was peeping through a tiny crack of the door and said "what happened honey? you want something?". He smiled and he was actually holding his massive monster in his right hand and was taming it and said "Let me come in dear, then I ll tell you what".

I opened the shower and the door and my chweet hubby walked in with his magic wand wobbling. "I thought you finished your shower why are you here honey" I said and moved back under the shower. He came up to me "Let me tell it to you pussy" and pushed me to the wall tight, his penis was poking around me navel as he lip locked me.

He sucked my lips and bite them like cheese and I his, our tongues played around each other. I lead my right hand beneath and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. His strong hands held my mellons firm and cupped them and squeezed them and took my nipple chewed them. He licked every square inch of my nakedness from neck to nipple to navel as the water dripped down over the two of us.

He kneeled down infront of me and parted my legs gently, he then raised my left leg and place it over his right shoulder. He lunged forward and parted my pussy with his index and thumb finger and his tongue reached out and licked along the lenght of my pussy. I arched back and was swearing at him experiencing the ultimate pleasure.

I closed my eyes tight as we wriggled his tongue in my pussy, sucking my clit. He drank my juices as I was holding on tight to the shower with one hand and squeezing my left breast with other. He then came up and kissed me on my lips and sucked them. I went down and sat on my ankles, parting my legs wide and took his monster into my hand and glided it into my little mouth.

It hardly went in, I managed to suck it nicely from base to tip and swirled my tongue around the tip. Played with his balled and licked with tip of my tongue. I played with his manhood till he could hold no longer. He pulled me up and turned me around and pushed me to bend forward. He guided his magic wand to the entrance of a pleasure valley and gently glided it into my depths.

His shaft slid in nicely and he started to stroke me gently, with his left hand he held my hair and his right hand was groping at my jiggling mellons. He increased speed and started to pound me from behind as the uncontrolable pleasure was coming out of my mouth in soft moans and ugly swearings.

He was getting turned on with my moans, he slapped my wet buttocks, held my hips and started to ram me like a bull. I constricted my pelvic muscles around his ramming cock increasing our pleasures. My every vien was having a soothing pleasure and now he too was swearing me.

The pleasures were builing up to the brim and after a few thunderous bangs I gave a long and loud moan, shuddered and leaked my juice in ecstasy and in seconds he grunted and exploded his warmth deep inside my depths. Exhausted and tired we kissed each other and walked out of bathroom satisfied.

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Fantasy cum true in Train

It's been a long time since I traveled in a train but I always wished to do so enjoying the beauty of the nature as the mammoth engine takes us through unknown territories without any hitches. Coming out of college, this was my first interview with a company in Delhi; Noida to be specific.

I was always treated well in my family and was hence granted the wish of traveling by train for a change but parents insisted on First Class and nothing else. Well, I must admit that I would not go for a non AC coup for almost 48 hrs but at the same time I felt first class was an over kill. I could have lived with a second class or so.

1848 hrs and my train arrived in the station. Platform was crowded as usual and I was kinda enjoying it. I took out my camera and started clicking anything different that caught my eye. A beggar talking over the cell phone or a dog dragging a stolen Biryani packet from someone. Enough of clicking and it was time to board the train.

I looked for my seat and the well numbered symbols took me to my seat in no time. I was taken aback with hardly anybody in the whole coup. I guess the price difference of a flight ticket and first class ticket being so less drives the fact of this being more or less empty. I placed my bag in place, I was traveling light. I was surprised by the cleanliness.

Well they had to lure morons like me willing to travel almost 48 hrs instead of 2 hrs with something good to think of to use this service again. Few minutes in my seat and I realized that outside vendors are not allowed inside the car. That was a relief as I am little scared of snoring away to glory while I am cleaned off till the last penny that I have.

The train started moving and I realized I was the only one in my cabin. That was a heck of a feeling considering that I can just be myself for this whole 48 hrs. Unless some moron comes in and spoils the party. I took the liberty of locking the door cause I do not expect someone to board a moving train unless super man gets tired and decides to use Indian Railways to reach Delhi.

The sun had set and it was all dark outside for me to so called "enjoy" the view of nature. Not even an hour and I realized that it is not a happy thought to be alone in such a long journey. I wished that someone would have joined me and there was a knock on the door. I just cursed myself for not asking for a million dollars.

Anyway, I opened the door and it was the TTE to check if he has found someone to sponsor his dinner or it is just another boring passenger prepared with his tickets and all. Well, I turned to be the boring one. After he checked my tickets I decided to go around and see the other passengers, if any that is.

Walking along the passage, I was surprised that by now the car looked just like how it should have at the very first place. Every cabin occupied with people, still settling down, opening their dinner packs etc. Why was I left alone ? I went to the washroom to ease myself while wishing that my bag is there when I return back.

I come back to my cabin to realize that the TTE is in my cabin. Looking further in I noticed that God heard me and there was a girl who was given a seat in my cabin since she did not have a confirmed seat till now in 3-Tier AC cabins. The girl looked very well dressed and that made me sure that the TTE will have a good dinner today. I acted very normal although I was excited that I would no longer be alone in the cabin.

I sat on my seat and started looking at the pictures that I took in the platform. I own a decent dSLR and I manage to take some decent pictures. I still call myself a novice. While looking at it I kept over hearing the conversation of the TTE and the girl. The girl was returning home from her college and because of this last moment plans she could not manage a confirmed ticket.

Well, that's when we have these helpful TTEs sorting out the miseries in the life of damsels in distress. Formalities done and the TTE left. I was waiting to break the ice although I did not want to sound pushy and kept quite. After settling down the girl put her best hand forward and said, I am Trina. I shook her hand and introduced myself as Royce.

She looked jovial and a fun loving girl. She asked, "Where are you going". I replied, "Delhi". She was going to a small town which we would reach early next morning. Not so happy to hear that but as they say, something is better than nothing. It was that time of the evening when hunger takes over every other urge of mine. Hunger for food before you think otherwise.

I had packed some very good Biryani and Mutton pepper. I offered the girl and she gladly accepted although she wanted to fresh n up before having the food. That reminded me of my cleanliness habit and decided to wash my hands too. We both went to opposite washrooms respecting each others privacy. Well, I am a gentleman as long as one wants me too.

Washed my hands properly although closing the tap itself made me feel not so clean. Although I enjoy all these train journeys and all, cleanliness is the only thing that freaks me off. After I came back to the cabin I tried opening it and I realized that it was locked from inside. I knocked and Trina asked me to hold on for a moment. I was wondering if she was a thug going through my stuff and all.

I was trying to recollect how she was dressed to infer this. Black well fit jeans, a Floral frilled top with a low neck and a white spaghetti to protect her modesty. She wore a black high heel shoe. I do not remember clearly but I think she was wearing a watch. Before I could think further I heard the door opening. I realized that she changed her clothes into something more comfortable.

I guess it was primarily because it was drizzling outside and she was mildly wet; the AC made it worse. The thought of the girl being semi nude or nude in that cabin few minutes back gave me an instant hard on and I decided to sit down immediately. She said sorry as I was almost gaping at this beautiful long floral dress that she changed into. It was a very decent one.

She just moved out of the high heels and moved to a flat chappal. She looked much fresh now. I am not good with describing the size of a woman but she had all that a man could get tempted with. She was not skinny and she was definitely not fat. As I said, it was that time of the evening that hunger for food drives over anything else I started unpacking food.

I had just one plate cause I was not expecting to share my food with anyone else, which I usually do not. Trina agreed to eat from the same plate. I gave the spoon to her while I decided to use the fork. I unpacked the Biryani on to the plate and put the mutton dish alongside. We started eating and she was overwhelmed with the taste. It was not long before I realized that she is a foodie too.

We started discussing eat outs in the town and guess our taste buds matched. While eating I just saw something which changed the my hunger for food to something else. Anyway, let me be honest, I was almost done with food. I saw Priya's purse cleverly covering her bra which she would have opened sometime back but in a hurry she might have just stuffed it there.

It was black in color and had very thin straps. It took no time to end up with a hard on yet again. I did not want to rot in Railway Jails and hence controlled myself back. We finished our dinner and then washed before calling it a night. And that's what I thought. We sat for sometime before crashing. She broke the ice yet again asking me about my big black bulky camera.

Are you a photographer ? I was honest to say no although I did mention my interest in capturing anything that captures my eye. She took the camera and was pretty impressed with what I clicked. She then asked if I always click crazy things like dogs running with a pack of Biryani and all or proper images of people and all also. I did but I did not want to boast about it.

I was taken aback with her question soon after. Why do you not try with me ? I just smiled and did not reply anything to that. I felt so stupid with that reaction of mine but it was a question that caught me off guard. We then started talking about each other and the course that we are into, career aspirations etc. Suddenly she freaked out that she forgot to call her loved ones about the progress.

She spoke to her mom first and then she spoke to someone else. A quick, "Sorry, Forgot to call. Just called up to say that I got a seat and everything is fine. Looking forward to see you". Guess she reached the answering machine. It was pretty late. 2315 hrs to be precise. I said, "Ah, boyfriend". She was quick to reply. "Nopes, Bhaiya. It's been long that we met.

I did not go home in my last semester break. Settling with a guy so soon is not in my list of 'things to do' as of now", she added. I suddenly remembered the Cadbury ad with chocolates bursting in thoughts. She asked if I had a girl friend or not. I did but I have no clue why but the only answer that came out was no. She was surprised.

4 years in an engineering college and no girl friends, you are kidding right. Or did you have a break up. I could not lie any longer and asked her to change the topic in a light way. She probably thought that I felt bad and to make it lighter she said, so what about clicking me. Do you want to try that ? And this time I did not want to act dumb and said, "Well u r an easy subject.

You are beautiful already. All I have to do is click". She blushed and handed the camera back to me and sat upright and said, "All right, prove your words". First few shots and I just got the light right. I usually click in the manual mode and hence takes me a little while to get things perfect. I cleared those pics and started afresh.

This was the first time so I was not sure how to tell her to pose and all. She could sense it too. I had crazy fantasies running in my mind at that time. Come on, Who would not ? But I behaved sober and was thinking hard how to click. Before I could tell her anything, she said, Let me pose. You just click. Sounds good. Like a puppy being fed a bone, I nodded my head obediently.

She started with the usual pics of keeping her hand under her chin, clasping her hair and all. I clicked few and she was all ready to see the images. She saw them and I guess she liked it cause she wanted to continue this. But she had something to add. Abhi, can I tell you something. Lets go ahead with the shoot but after all this we will just delete all the pics.

This is just for fun. I would have loved to say no to her, but it was her permission with which I had to live with for now. I agreed. She smiled and started getting bolder with her poses and she lied down, bent forward to show a glimpse of her cleavage. I was wondering, how the heck do these guys click bikini calendars and all. They have to be extremely professional or gay to be clicking sane pictures.

I was working like a professional although I could not hide my bulge anymore. With her being so bold I thought, what the hell, let me also be normal. She started enjoying this whole photo shoot thing and so did I. I took my chances and told her, I am finding myself so difficult to focus on the task looking at something so pretty from the cam, I wonder how the bikini calendar girl photographers manage it.

She smiled and replied, well we can see how it works. I was stunned. It was past midnight now and as it is the moving train was resulting in blurred images and with this thought my hands started shaking anyway. With every stop in the station I was praying no one to come in. Being a super fast there were hardly any stops. The next station I presume is where Trina would get down.

I guess she could sense the nervousness in me and started laughing and said, I guess you should stick to dogs and beggars :) I was really embarrassed. I took it as a challenge and said, well, there is always a beginning and I am blessed to have you as the beginning. She laughed and said, "what made you think that I would be the model". I was totally confused now.

Did I make a big fool of myself or she is just playing around. Glad that she corrected soon and said, kidding. I do not mind being your model for the night. But as I said before, on condition of deleting the pics before leaving. She asked me, "Are you really ready for this". I was not but confidently said yes. She asked me to turn around as she promised to surprise me.

I turned around and could hear the zips of the bags opening. More noises of things being fiddled and so on. I was so freaking tempted to turn around but I thought I should behave. 15 minutes later and she said, all right you can turn now. I turned around to see the vision that I could never forget. And I guess I could now be more specific of the size that I previously could not judge.

She got back in her high heels and with that was a short floral dress with spaghetti straps. A little higher and I would call it a top. I was spell bound for a moment when I woke up with her witty comment. "Are you going to click with your eyes or the camera". I realized that all this was real. The door was locked and I was all ready to click.

She said, if someone knocks, I will jump into the bed sheet and you open the door. I was that puppy again nodding my head. I started clicking and my hard on by now was clearly visible over my jeans pants too. This one picture was something that was the sexiest. She lay flat on her back, bent one of the legs while the other flat showing a healthy part of her thigh and ass while she raised her hand to claps the hair and looked right into the camera.

The curves were visible all over. Be it the edges of her breasts or the curvy ass. The clean arm pits made it even better. She said, I know, I am naughty ! I was like, thank God you are. We had already clicked some 200 images by then and I wanted more. In one of her pics her breasts were a little more visible that it should be and somehow it was looking more obscene than sexy.

I wanted her to cover it with her hair. By now for obvious reasons we were pretty comfortable with each other. I went ahead and placed the hair in front. Before I could move my hand out she held my hand and placed it one her neck and looked in a way that I could not breath for a couple of seconds. I exactly knew how the next few hours are going to be.

I just asked once, "Trina, I hope you are sure what you getting us into". She was the coolest girl I have ever met. "Relax Royce, we are not killing anybody over here tonight, Just relax and have fun". I almost felt like pinching myself to know if all this was real or not but the feel of her heart beat almost felt till her neck was assuring that yes, this was real.

Although she was acting very cool and all, her breath and her heart beat made me realize that she was also tensed with this uncertain night of ours. I carefully placed the camera aside unlike any hollywood movie and sat in the same seat along with her. She was still lying down while I sat aside and looked right into her eye. "Wait, let me open these shoes", she said.

She sat up and took out her shoes while I sat back comfortably in her seat. I was just looking and wondering what was happening. She came back and snuggled around me and sat down. She straight away kept her hand on my erect dick over the jeans and said, "Are you always like this or today and exception ? If you think I did not notice, you have a hard on for almost 2 hrs now".

I was so right that she would have surely noticed during our shoot. She came closer to kiss and suddenly moved back. She climbed on her seat to reach out to her bag which was in the seat above. The view of her ass through her short dress as she climbed up almost made me pounce on her but again I did not want to spoil the moment. One moment, ass ??

Freak, she was not wearing a panty and I did not realize it for the last couple of hrs that I was clicking. How did I miss it out ? I knew she was not wearing a bra cause it was very evident but how did I miss this one. She came down with a mouth freshner spray. Used it on her and then asked me to use it. I sprayed it and the mint flavor was all over my mouth.

Before I could even spread it in my mouth she came and sat right on me and kissed me on my lips. I searched my tongue through her mouth and felt her well. It was a moment of truth that this night was destined to. We kissed for long while my habit of reaching out of her ass could not hold back. I traversed through her thigh, lifting her frock slowly and reached out to the ass.

The feel of flesh in the hand was immense. I started kissing harder. By now I am sure she would be wet enough with my dick pocking her bare pussy. She got up and said, are you going to be dressed like this through the night ? I smiled and removed my tshirt. She moved off me and pointed towards my jeans. I was like, why hurry, we have few more hours to go.

She was like, "Cause we do not know what the next minute holds for us". I was unsure of stripping with her too being aware of the fact that anytime someone could just knock on the door. Being past midnight I could still benefit on being alseep for the reason of delay of opening the door. With that thought I got up to open the jeans. I had my black Jocs still on me.

She asked me to switch off the lights. One dim light was still on for which I could not find the switch. She got up and put her hand on my jocs. The feel of her hand on my dick made it as hard as it could ever get. She climbed up the upper seat, sat on it and hung her legs out spreading it a bit. I got to know what she wanted. I went close and spread her leg a bit more so that I could place my face in.

With me standing I was in the right position to lick her well. She put her legs over my shoulder and clasped on my hair. She was preparing for the ride ahead. I loved the smell of hers, and as I had rightly guessed, she was wet already. With the juices flowing around I did not have to make much effort to open up and slide my tongue inside.

I did not hear any moan or anything although I could feel my hair pulled a little harder. I traced my hand to her ass and kept feeling it while continuing to lick it softly around her pussy and licking right in, in frequent intervals. I loved when she started moving her ass in and out too making it easier for me to know the frequency at which she wanted me to move around.

The unexpected jerks of the train was making it even better. My face was buried inside her light frock, pressing her ass while she kept moving herself to the rhythm she wanted. I was loving it. This went on for few long moments when I took my finger and put it where it should belong to, while continuing to lick. She removed her legs off my shoulder and now spread out completely and leaned back to enjoy the moment.

I could now see more of her and it was a sight not to to forgotten. While I was down buried inside her frock, she took out one of the straps and pressed her bare naked breasts to feel the moment better. I continued to finger her while licking alongside. This time I helped her to press her breasts. I could not take it anymore and while fingering I moved the hand off the breast and took out my jocs.

My dick also wanted to feel free. I was completely naked now while she had a flimsy part of the dress on her. With her exposed breasts and pussy, there was not much waiting to be exposed. I loved the juice sliding down my chin when I could feel her shudder and then almost collapse. I had seen this before so I knew what just happened. I just started rubbing her thighs lifted her dress all the way.

She did not move for sometime although I knew she was not dead :) I just came and sat back in my seat feeling my dick and slowly jerking it while looking at her. I did not speed it up as I did not want to reach without her getting involved. The naked body of hers made it so difficult to not reach soon. I saw her moving and then she face towards me and saw me jerking.

She kept watching me jerk and did not move. I realized that she wanted me to reach myself and did not want to participate. I felt so foolish and used. Anyway, I had a good time and increased my pace to reach out. She whispered, slow down. Do it slowly. We still have few hours to go. "And you", I asked. I am enjoying watching you.

She took her hand in her pussy and started feeling herself while I continued jerking myself. She took her hand on her breasts and arched her back and fingered herself well. She took her hand and started slurping her own juice. I just could not take it anymore. I started jerking fast again when she turned and said, "Royce, whats the hurry, Enjoy the show".

I then understood what was happening here. She was teasing me. I almost stopped and just held my erect dick and watched her. She slowly arched her back and felt herself around the pussy and continued squeezing the breast. She took off the dress and threw it on me. It was silky material and the feel of it on my dick was as hot as it could be.

I took her dress, placed it on my dick and continued jerking on it very very slowly cause I could reach anytime now. She then came down and sat on the seat below in doggy position facing her back towards me. I was all ready to fuck her from behind. I always carry an Condom in my wallet and am kinda proud of the condom ring that is now permanent on my wallet.

I took it out as she turned and said, not so soon. Are you not thirsty ? Although I knew I was almost used, I could not resist getting into those sexy shaved pussy of hers. I bent down and started licking her again. She moved front and back to make it go deeper. I bent further and held both her breasts. It was just perfect.

I then squeezed one of her breasts, one of her ass mounds and continued licking her pussy. She took her hand and started squeezing her other breast. I started licking her pussy and ended up till her ass hole. The moment I did that, she moaned. Now I started licking from her pussy to her asshole. This was getting dirty and sexier. She was very clean so I did not have an issue.

She moved back, held my dick and slowly guided it to her pussy. I quickly put on the condom and searched my way through the pussy. We both were really wet. My favorite one, Durex extra thin made me feel every bit of her. I loved the way she was dominating the thrusts moving back and forth. I started thinking of all filthy things cause I was almost about to reach which I did not want to.

It did not help as I could not avoid what I was seeing. Somehow I held back and she stopped and said, lie down. I lied down with my dick all erect and condom all juiced up with her juice. She came and sat on me carefully avoiding an intercourse right away. My dick felt her ass line. She got her breasts on my mouth and said, "All yours".

I was on an extreme high by now and I just held those melons and sucked them. I squeezed and sucked at the same time. Being an ass loving guy too, I reached across to her ass and started spanking it. She loved it and she moaned lightly with each of the spanks. "Royce, fuck me Royce, Fuck me now. I want to feel that thing in me right now. You better fuck me hard now."

Yep it was my turn to tease her now. I continued sucking her breasts and spanking her. I did not budge. She was getting wilder. I also managed to finger her in between once in a while. This rhythm was driving her nuts. She just got up. Slid back and took my dick right in her. She arched back and started moving in the way she wanted. Really fast. There was no stopping.

Few of those strokes and I reached like never before. I flooded the condom. I just crashed as if I just got drugged with a crazy dope. She was not done. My dick was still erect and she continued with her strokes. The site of the breasts bouncing out and her arched body kept my dick erect. I was just not in a condition to move and just watched.

Few more strokes and this was the first time she moaned a little loudly being aware that she was in the train. She just collapsed and hugged me while I was still in her. She got up kissed me and then got back in the same position. I did not know what happened next but we definitely slept off. A loud honk from a passing by train and I woke up with a start.

The sun was just about to rise. It was 0430 hrs now. I slowly put her aside as she was in deep sleep and then wore my clothes. I took out the camera and saw the pictures which started it all. Trina sure is one hot girl. I kept the camera aside and woke her up so that she at least gets dressed up. She looked a little embarrassed and shy than what she was in the night.

She quickly got dressed up and went out to the washroom. She was back and started setting up her luggage. Once done we sat and she behaved as if nothing happened the previous night. I did not want to take up the discussion as well. She said, "So now do you think you can click human body or you think you are bad at it".

I just nodded my head to say, "Negative, I cannot hold my self back". She kept silent and so did I. I started feeling a bit sleepy and just put my head down. I suddenly woke up and saw someone else settling down in the seat in front of me. He looked like someone from the armed forces from the way he was dressed. I quickly saw the watch and realized Trina had already got down in her station.

I checked the camera and she deleted all the pics. I did not even get to say a bye to her nor exchange our numbers. Guess that's how it was destined to be. I still had a long journey ahead of me fantasizing all that happened in the night before.

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Hot sex encounter with Shiv and Indu

Lets start with some stats and facts… I live in Hyderabad and I am a 33 year old guy that has only had straight relationships my entire life. I have always fantasized very much about having a three-way with a couple.

Last year I decided to join an adult dating website to see if I might be able to explore some of my fantasies. After a few weeks on the site and after talking to many freaks, meeting a couple of people and having no luck…. I came across Shiv and his wife Indu, we exchanged our pics and phone numbers.

I am 5'9" tall and about 85kgs, but do not look that heavy. Black hair. shaved genitals. Shiv was about the same height and a bit thin, and a little lighter than I am. He had no chest hair. Indu was about 5'6" and a little bit on the chunky side. Not overweight but by no means a skinny lady. She had very nice curves and proportions and very nice breasts. She had dark brown hair. They were both in their late thirties, but fit and very attractive.

We chatted several times through the dating site and had a few phone conversations before we decided to meet for drinks. We went over plenty of our mutual ideas and desires while talking and the three of us were pretty comfortable with each other right away.

We decided that I would come to their place on the weekend. They lived around 10 kms from me and on the drive there that day I nearly turned around too many times to count. I was as nervous as I was turned on by the idea of it all.

When I got there we sat down and had a bit of beer while chatting and relaxing. We were all casually dressed… Shiv and I in jeans and t-shirts, Indu in a casual skirt and top. As we shared a couple of drinks the evening turned into much talk about our desires. We talked about a bit of our past experiences and what we were looking for.

Indu was straight but very much thinking about being with two men that were also into each other. Shiv was open to everything with men or women. I was ready to try anything but really still unsure about it all as well. They were OK with my apprehension.

We were sitting on a couch, Indu between he and I. As we relaxed she began to lightly slip her hand up and down both of our thighs. As she did this Shiv leaned in to kiss her. They kissed deeply as she kept her hand moving gently on my leg.

After they kissed she now used both of her hands to start to open my shirt, and then to begin to undo my jeans. When my shirt was off and my pants open she reached over to Shiv again, tugging on his shirt and motioning for him to take it off.

As Shiv did that, Indu leaned closer to me, kissing and licking my chest and stomach as she started to rub my cock with her hand. My tool started becoming hard. So was Shiv's. I slipped my shirt off as Indu started to help me take my jeans off. As I pushed the jeans down my hard dick slipped out with an audible "slap" to my abdomen.

I have a beautiful cock. I am about 7'' and Shiv was about 1" smaller. Shiv's was thicker than mine but not too big. The head slightly bigger than the shaft. Shiv was getting turned on and his cock got even harder from seeing my hard cock. Indu looked back to Shiv and without saying anything motioned for him to finish getting undressed.

As Shiv did, Indu leaned to me and started to lick and kiss cock and balls. Stroking my chest with one hand. She then pulled her top leg up and used her other hand to slip her dress up. She had no bra or panties on. She stopped and sat up, pulling her dress over her shoulders and showing her sexy body.

She had mango shaped soft breasts with dark nipples. With her dress off she leaned back to me and again lifted her leg, showing me her pussy. She had a small little strip of hair with the rest shaved.Her lips were dark, thick and swollen. I could see that she was already very wet. I felt half frozen and have no idea how long I just stood there before I heard Shiv say "taste her"….

I knelt in front of her and started to kiss and lick my way up her legs as she began to suck Shiv's cock. I slowly slipped my way up her soft and supple thighs, kissing and licking along the way. I could here Shiv moaning as she sucked and stroked his sexy cock.

I moved to her pussy and she lifted her leg a bit more to let me get closer. I licked and kissed around her lips, gently brushing the hood of her clit with my lips before pushing my tongue deep into her pussy. Her thick lips wrapping my tongue as it pushed inside of her. I sucked her lips and flicked my tongue on her hard lit and she came almost as soon as I slipped my tongue inside of her the second time.

That made her suck Shiv's cock deeper and faster with the pace of her orgasm. She was so warm and wet that my lips and chin were covered with her tangy juices. I kept on softly licking and sucking her pussy as she got off. I was stroking my cock with one hand the whole time I licked her wet pussy and I was as hard as I have ever been, with precum dripping from the tip of my dick.

As she cooled down a little Indu gently put her hand in Shiv's head and held his hair, hlooked him in the eyes and said "Are you ready to share his cock with me?" Shiv seems like he was frozen there for what seemed like hours before she urged Shiv to move closer. She remained beside me and started pushing her husband down close to his knees. She went down on me along with Shiv.

As Shiv knelt there, Indu started to slowly lick and kiss up and down the length of his shaft… stopping to flick her tongue on the head before sliding back down… looking me in the eyes the whole time. She held her hand around the base and pushed my dick forward to her husband. Shiv hesitated at first but then he could not resist them any longer. He was so turned on.

Shiv leaned forward and at first just barely licked my head. I was rock hard and the veins on my cock were bulging. I am still slippery from Indu's sucking me. Shiv started to lick more. Shiv was slipping his tongue around the head of his cock and licking the balls. Indu still held my cock for her husband as he took me into his mouth. First just sucking softly on the head.

Then Shiv began to take more and more of my dick and started to suck it deeper into his mouth. Slowing sliding it in and out. Indu had moved up and we were now kissing deeply as Shiv continued to suck my dick. Shiv moved his hand up and started to stroke my shaft and balls as he took as much of my penis in his mouth as I could.

I was too long for him to take it all but he sucked me deep and felt my head against the back of his throat as I began to move my hips up to him when he took him me. My hard dick felt amazing in hhis mouth and I was so turned on I was almost delirious. I was kissing and fondling Indu's breasts at that time. It felt incredible to finally experience what had been fantasy for years.

Shiv kept sucking me like that. First taking me deep and then slipping my dick out to suck just the head. Licking the tip. He started to gently stroke and tug on my balls and then use a finger to stroke and push against my asshole now and then. The more he did that the more I began to push my hips up to meet his mouth. I was forcing my hard cock deeper each time and almost making him gag.

I was moaning and telling Indu and Shiv, how nice it felt to have my cock in Shiv's mouth while Indu was giving me sweet and sexy encouragement to her hubby. She was stroking Shiv's hair and gently pushing his head down on my hard dick. Indu pulled Shiv's head up and made me slip out of his mouth. She looked at me and said "Let's give you a little treat".

I smiled and winked at her as she reached down and took my dick in her hand and told Shiv not to suck me but to move in closer. She squeezed me tight at the base and slid her hand up his shaft. As she did a huge drop of precum started to ooze from the tip. Before I had to say anything Shiv leaned in and put his mouth to the end of my cock.

Shiv felt the slippery wetness on his lips before sucking my dick. She kept her hand on me and helped Shiv squeeze out a big salty shot of precum as he sucked hard on the head of my dick. Shiv swallowed and started to suck me off again. I kept pumping my cock into his mouth, as deep as I could.

Shiv sucked me hard like that for a couple minutes before I stopped him again. She moved on top of me. As she moved over me, Shiv took my cock in his hand and helped guide it to her pussy. She held herself over me and let Shiv slip the tip of my dick over her slippery wet lips and clit before she pushed down hard. She took my whole cock in one stroke and she held me deep like that before she began to ride my dick.

Then she began pumping up and down the full length. Shiv stayed between my legs and started kissing and licking her back and ass and caressing her body. Shiv was also reaching down to touch me as she rode his dick. He stroked his balls and felt the slippery shaft of my cock as it moved in and out of Indu's pussy.

Shiv leaned in closer and kissed my inner thighs and licked her juice from my balls as she rode him like that. She then held herself up over me and I started to pump my hips up to her. I was pushing my cock deep in her pussy. Shiv leaned in even closer now and started kissing her ass. I had my hands on her ass now and was spreading it for Shiv. Shiv moved to her and started licking her.

Flicking and circling his tongue around her tight hole. Then moving down and feeling my cock with his tongue as I slid in and out of her. It was amazing to see my cock slipping in and out of Indu's wet pussy with her thick pussy lips wrapped around my dick. Now and then I slipped my cock out and Shiv licked and sucked Indu's juice from me.

Squeezing more delicious precum from me to swallow down. Also moving up to lick her pussy. She was so warm and wet from fucking me and with all Shiv's licking. It felt like my whole body was going to explode and my cock was dripping all over her thighs. I felt as if I was in another world and I had little control over where my desires were taking me.

Very quickly my balls started to tighten hard to my cock and my legs began to tense up and tremble a little. I was nearly ready to cum. Shiv moved up to kiss her back and neck as I kept pumping into her. Shiv kissed her and whispered "Please let me taste his cum" She just smiled and gave me a little nod.

Shiv moved back between my legs and started to rub and squeeze my balls. He was using his thumbs to stroke his asshole. I was moaning to push a finger deep into my ass. My ass was so slick with Indu's dripping juice and my precum that Shiv's thumb easily slips into my tight ass. Shiv hold it there and started stroking my balls at the same… I can feel I am tightening even more now.

Indu lifted Shiv from me and moved to the side again and they both moved to my cock, licking and sucking me alternately. Before too long I am beginning to let go. Indu moved back a little and kept her hand on Shiv's head and pushes Shiv to me. He is sucking deep a couple times and then start sucking my head hard while she strokes his shaft for me.

In just a few seconds I have started to moan more deeply and told them that I am letting go. Shiv held the head of my cock in his mouth as I start to get off. They were shocked by the size of my orgasm. I was even more shocked that I could not seem to control myself when I got off. Shiv was saying that the cocktail of my cum with Indu's pussy juice all over it was amazing.

Indu was stroking her hubby's dick while I was shooting the load into her husband's time. He came almost at the same time.. and Shiv's cum was all over Indu's body. Indu moved next to me and all three of us started licking and kissing each other while we cooled down. Would love to hear the comments and stories of all the adventurous couples out there. Share your thoughts.

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Fucking French Hair Stylist

Hi, I have been following the stories off-late and really enjoy them. Here is an incident from my life when I was in France. I work for an IT company and was deputed to France at a client location. I’m from Chennai and lived in a city south of Paris with my wife and kid. I'm 30 yrs old, 6 ft tall, slim, wheatish complexion.

There was a coiffure (hair stylist) right next to my appartment and I used to go there for my haircut. The first time I went there, I didn’t know much French and tried to enquire with my broken french. After I managed to get an appointment, I was greeted by an absolute bombshell of a brunette, she was may be 5ft4, amazing body with assets to die for and her name was Elza.

I don’t know what size she was but she is what you can call a "belle petite brunette" in French. I guess she was newly employed so she was allowed only to shampoo the customers and clean the place then. I still remember the site of her boobs from the mirror in front of me, when she bent down to shampoo and massage my hair and make small talk. I had a hard-on almost immediately.

She used to admire my progress in French every time I visited. Since I was with my wife, I couldn’t do much other than to have chit chats with her while passing by the shop and to get a peek of her cleavage every time I got a haircut. I came to know that she was 23 yrs old and was single without a steady boyfriend.

We decided to move back to India, so my wife and kid moved back to India in July and I moved to a smaller apartment in the city centre since I was asked by clients to work till December. I thought to myself that this is the ideal opportunity (if I had one) to get Elza in my bed. It was late summer and I met her once in a bus stop while I was cycling after work, she inquired me about my family.

I told her that I'm alone since my wife and kid are back in India. So she asked me if I'm bored during the weekends, to which I replied yes. She asked me if I'm interested to join her that Saturday to a pub with her friends in city centre (Downtown). I told her I will, if she agrees to have dinner with me before we hit the pub.

Usually in France the pubs (discotheques) are open after 11pm and go on till about 5am. She agreed to meet me in an Indian restaurant (since she wanted to try Indian food) around 7pm. I met her on Saturday and she was wearing a mini-skirt and tank tops which was hanging for life on a flimsy strap. The top revealed almost half of her boobs and the skirt revealed more than it concealed.

We wined and dined and left the restaurant around 10pm, I should say she was drunk by that time and on our way back to the city centre, she wanted to pee. So we decided to spend sometime in my apartment till the pubs open. We went up and I had some beers in the fridge which we started drinking.

We both went to the balcony since she wanted to have a smoke, when she was trying to lit up her cigarette, she dropped the lighter and bent down to pick it up and I got a good glimpse of her boobs and nipple. She caught me staring at them. I told her that she has a great body and she is not afraid to flaunt it. She just smiled casually.

We came back to the living room after the cigarette and sat in the couch, by this time I was horny and couldn’t control myself. I leaned towards her, and she knew what I wanted to do. She just turned towards me and we kissed. While I was kissing her I slowly caressed her hair and dragged her closer by holding her shoulder.

She slid down with her head rested on the hand rest of the couch; I was on top still kissing. I brought my right hand down and cup her left breasts. She started unbuttoning my shirt and her skirt was all rolled up till her hip by then, she was wearing a black laced lingerie. I removed her tops and she helped my unhook her bra.

Man that was best pair of boobs with fluffy pink nipples that I had ever laid my eyes on. I was about to suck her boobies when she stopped me to ask if I had a condom at home. I ran to my cabinet, searched for one and came back by then she had removed her skirt and was standing on the carpet with just her panties.

I took her into the bedroom; I had removed my pants and we slid in the bed and I started kissing her again with my right hand rubbing her clit over the panty. She took her hands and stroked my penis which was hard by then. I laid her on her back and went down to remove her panties. She was clean shaven and had a pink pussy which was a wet a little bit.

I removed my jockey and slid on the condom. Then I bent down to lick her pussy while my hands were busy kneading her boobs. She started moaning and grabbed my hair and pressed my head closer to her pubic bone. After a couple of minutes of licking her pussy was completely wet and I couldn’t hold it anymore.

I inserted my penis in her pussy and it just slid in, I can’t say she had a tight pussy but it was live heaven, my first French pussy and I was savoring every moment. I stoked her for about 5 minutes and I wanted to cum probably because of all the excitement and not having sex for a month. I couldn’t go any longer and came in the condom and lay over her for a good minute.

She asked me if I can go another round to which I replied yes and went to get cleaned and fetch another condom. By the time I returned back to the bedroom she was sitting on the edge of the bed and grabbed my penis and started sucking it. Within a couple of mins I was again good to go.

She stood up and I bent down to kiss her, I slowly lifted her and she wrapped her legs around my hip and I penetrated standing up. I didn’t have the condom on this time and it felt so good to feel her warm pussy. I fucked her for a while before I lay on my back and straddled her up, after a few mins she came with huge moan and fell on my chest.

I let her lay down for a few seconds and stoked her holding her ass. Then I got up and took her in doggy style, since it was my second time I could go on longer. We switched positions after every few times and after like 15 mins, she came again and I was about to cum. I always had the fascination to tit fuck her so I sat on her belly and held my penis between her breasts and started tit fucking her,

within 2 mins, I spurted cum all over her neck and chin. We got up took a shower and went back to bed dropping our pub plans. Since I was travelling back and forth between Chennai and France, we used to meet at least once in a week during my stay in France to have a hot session till I had to bid her goodbye and move back to Chennai. Man, I miss the raw sex with No Strings Attached.

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