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Outpatient department sex action

I am Ajai, 22, just out of the medical college after completing my medical degree and house surgency. Handsome like a film star, fair, and tall 6' 0" with a athlete's body structure, I am always liked by ladies.

My posting was in the outpatient's section in the hospital attached to a govt. Medical college in Kerala. My work starts exactly at 8 am and continues upto 2 pm and even further late. There will be a male nurse to assist me and most of the time he will be out on errands

and I may have to manage the crowd myself. There will be atleast 200 to 300 patients to be examined during this six hour period. Our compounder would have prepared four general mixtures which according to the complaints of the patient will be dispensed in the bottles

brought by them. I cannot take more than one minute per patient to complete the crowd within the stipulated time. If I dont see them they wont go and there will be unnecessary murmur and I may have to forego my lunch on many days to examine the entire crowd.

There is no separate queue for men and women. Though there is a separate lady doctor to see the female patients, they, young or old, all crowd in my office. My collegues used to make fun of me to say that the ladies like to get examined by me because of my handsomeness.

After about a week of my taking over the young lady patients, I observed, wait at the end of the queue. They give way to all the old patients. When the crowd is totally dispersed, my assistant also goes away for lunch.

The young lady patient who ccame next, named, Mumtaz, looks 20, very beautiful, large boobs and ass, comes in and stood before me and with a shy smile looked at my face. I asked for her name and age which she recites mechanically. I asked her what is her complaint.

She said she has stomach ache. That means I have to necessarily examine her abdomen. I asked her to stretch in the examination table. I went to the wash basin to wash my hands and wipe. By that time the girl had opened up her blouse and her naked boobs are standing erect.

She kept a serious face and expected me to examine her chest with my stethescope. I asked her to loosen her lungi so that I may examine her abdomen. She loosened her lungi and I saw that she has not worn any undergarments and her public hair was visible.

I examined her chest with my steth, and her fair globes gave me an erection. I touched her abdomen and pressed it asked her methodically where it pained more. I could see that she was suppressing a laughter.

She moved her elbow purposely to feel my bulge and she understood that I have an erection. I place my left hand on one of her boobs and wander her lower abdomen with my right hand and asked her where exactly it pains.

She said it is much lower and still lower and thus made me to touch her cunt. Its ok, I said and went to wash my hands and told her that she may collect her medicine from the dispensary. The next girl who came also complained of stomach ache.

Her name was Nafeesa, 19, and youthful and with firm boobs and ass. I asked her whether she is married and she said yes. Her husband was in Saudi and because his income was low, he cannot get a visa for her for the time being.

I asked her whether she is really having stomach pain. She said no, we just wanted to get examined by you, you are so handsome and we all enjoy your touch. I called the third girl, her name was Aysha, 20 and very beautiful, fair, slim, with firm boobs etc.

I asked her to lie down on the examination table. She also opened up her blouse and loosened her lungi. I just looked at her face and she was smiling at me. I had not asked for her complaint and she too was not voluntering to tell me.

I just pressed both of her boobs and pinched her nipples. They were very nice and standing erect. I opened my zip and took out my tool and gave her. She took it in her mouth and was sucking it lustily.

I ran my hand down below and touched her cunt and inserted my finger inside and touched her clit and she opened her legs wide and allowed my to insert my finger inside her hole. I searched for the g spot and gave it a good rub.

Aysha was jumping like a ball and I pumped my cum in her mouth. She swallowed the whole thing and I put the tool back and zipped up my pant and went washed my hands. The girl took to some time to come to normal. In the meantime, I just came out and left for home.

I saw the other two girls waiting near a tree for their third friend, Aysha. In the evening when I returned to my quarters it was late say past 7 pm. Usually I go out for my supper at 9 to a nearby hotel.

I changed my clothes and was about to go to take bath when I heard my door bell ringing. I went to the door and opened it and was surprised to see the three girls standing. When they heard that I had done some extra favours to Aysha, they wanted the same kind of treatment from me.

I said I cannot since this is a govt. quarters and if you enter there will be a scandal and my name will be spoiled. But they were not willing to go. They wanted me to fuck at least one of them. I asked the other two to wait out side and took one of them inside.

I gave her a contraceptive pill and then asked her to remove all her clothes. She wore only a blouse and a lungi. I took her into the bathroom and sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit. I asked her lie down on the floor and pulled her clit out. I gave it good suck.

My cock was fully erect and hard as steel. The girl was having multiple orgasms. Her moanings were loud. Then I fucked her very rudely. Her cunt was very tight and refused to take my cock in easily. But I poured some water in her cunt and made it more lubricant.

I inserted my cock fully and gave her long and powerful strokes. Within 7 minutes she reached another massive orgasm. After my pumping my cum inside her, I rose and asked her to get up. Poured water over her and cleaned her cunt and I asked her to suck my cock.

She was clumsy and does not know how to suck a cock. It is the first time she is taking a cock in her mouth. I gave her lessons and she sucked for some time.Again I had a hard on and I asked to kneel in doggy style and fucked her from behind.

It gave her more pleasure and she was moaning loudly. Afer we both reached our orgasm, I asked her to go and take her friends home. She asked whether one left over friend also can be called now so that all three of them would have been fucked. I said ok, call her.

She got dressed up fast and went and called her friend, Nafeesa. She was just 19 and more youthful in appearance. I bolted the door and went through the same process but more leisurely. I asked her to remove her clothes.

She too wore only a blouse and a lungi and no undergarments at all. He pussy was hairless. I asked her to wash herself first and then come. She came in total wetness. I wiped her body with a wet towel and made her to lie down on me.

I asked her open her cunt lips and insert my tool inside. She was shy and clumsy. I opened her cunt lips and pushed my cock inside. After a lot of effort my cock got embedded inside her cunt. I asked her to move her body front and back like fucking. She was all in confusion.

I just rolled over and made her to lie down and fucked her from her top. Squeezing her nipple and occasionally biting her nipples and squeezing her clit with my fingers I gave her a nice fuck and she reached her orgasm with a loud bang.

I fucked and fucked her and made her reach one more orgasm. After that I asked her to get up, get dressed and o home with her friends and not to turn up at the hospital at all. She smiled and left. Like this I had very many experiences which I will narrate one by one.

Fucking three girls on one day was rare. I used to be called to visit homes to attend to ladies who are very sick. But when I meet them I understand that their real sickness was lack of good sex. My 7 and a half inch cock had thus entered many cunts and cured many of their ailments.

Hot summer travel sexperience

It was a hot summer day. The day time heat was unbearable. I was travelling in a train from Chennai to Nagpur and then to Delhi. As soon as the train left Renigunta it was very hot. I removed my vest and moved around in bare body

went around filling my half a dozen water bottes with water. I put a towel over my head and poured the water over it so that the dribling water would keep my head and body cool. There were lot of people among them a group of girls,

all teen age girls with dampened kurthi and their bra and its contents bulged out to give an interesting view to the traveler's. At each station I got down walked along the platform with my empty bottles searching for taps.

My pant was very damp because of the dripping water and it showed the outline of my 8 inch tool clearly. I was not bothered. I was worried when will the fruit vendor come and the lunch wala come.

The girls were all looking at me and were passing some comments about me and laughing. One of the bold girls came out with me onto the platform and asked me where is the water tap. I took her along and showed her the water tap.

While going to the tap to protect her from the surging crowd, I had to keep my hand around her shoulder. She looked at my face and then kept quiet I gave a soft press to her shoulder and pressed her body to mine. She just yielded to all my pressures.

After taking the water I just stood and lifted her face and looked into it allowing her also to see my face. It is a very attractive face. I just lowered my face and planted a kiss on her lips which shocked her. But she did not object.

We both came back in an embraced condition to our compartment. Her friends would have see her being taken carefully by me and they would be teasing her. Her name was Surya. I turned and asked whether anybody else want water or any eatables from the platform.

Another beautiful girl got up and holding te bar peeping out into the platform stood taking a look around. I asked to come on we will go and fetch water for you and then come back. She was more agile and hence ran ahead of me.

But suddenly there was a surge of crowd who descended from the bridge, she could not stand the rush she looked around and then came back to me. I put my arm around her protectively and proceeded to the tap and collected the water.

I again looked up at her face and planted a kiss on her lips. She appeared to have expected some adventure during the water expedition. I thought I can kiss one by one all the six girls in the group. And try for any of them for fucking in the night.

All the six of them were in two opposite bays and hence to go and sit with them would be difficult. Finally one of the girls called me to help her to open her box. I went and sat with them and the offending suitcase was brought. It was not that offending.

They could have done it without my help. But they wanted my company and hence they called. It was evening identities were exchanged and they were happy that such a beautiful young man is travelling with them.

I got up to leave, but they said please dont go, we will adjust, please sleep here. I said what kind of adjustment can you make, berths are narrow and I cannot be sleeping with any of them. If I occupy one berth one of you will have to go out, which I dont want.

They asked me whether I can tell them any stories, I said I will try. They asked me to take the lower berth. By 7 pm I was stretching in one of the lower berths and all the girls were around me to listen to the story I told them I would tell them.

It was very dark and the lights were not adequate. I could sense one of the girls hands touching my thigh and allowed to remain there. She was leaning forward and her boob was resting on my hand. When I turned my palm, her right boob came on it nicely.

I gave a small squeeze and the girl seem to have expected it. Her hand was busy unzipping my jeans and pulling my jack out. Most of the girls knew what is happening. This girl pulled it out and there it came in full length and hardness.

The girls looked at it in sheer amazement. I continued with my story as a cover for the exhibition. Another girl took her position moving her out from that place and she took hold of my cock and pressed it as if to judge it hardness.

I squeezed her boob and pressed her nipple. She had wisely unhooked her bra in anticipation of all these things. My story was going awry and nobody is listening to my story. They were all busy with my cock. The second girl leaned forward and took it in her mouth and sucked softly.

Immediately another girl pushed her aside and took her position of holding my cock and dropped her boobs in my hand. All the six girls one by one took turns to suck my cock and have their boobs pressed by me.

In the meantime the fellow who serves supper came and they ordered for my supper also. That will take another one hour and they could play with my cock for another hour. I got up to go to the bathroom. One girl asked whether she can come. I said ok.

She too came with me and we both entered the bathroom and bolted the door from inside. After pizzing, I felt her cunt. I asked her to lift her leg and put it on the tap and then took my cock and inserted it into her cunt. It was not going in. But the girl was cooperative.

With some difficulty I got a penetration and gave her a nice fuck. She asked me to wait in the bathroom so that her friend also would come. I came and waited, her friend came running. I made her to stand on the same posture, keeping her leg on the tap and clothes pulled up,

panty down, my cock was put at the entrance and pushed in, to a painful response and then fucked to her best satisfaction. In this posture I fucked all the six girls within two hours in the railway bathroom.

They girls all got full enjoyment and many of them were fucked for the first time. I returned to my berth and slept for the remaining part of the night. We had another day and one night to travel. With limited conveniences, fucking six girls was a real feat.

Sex with hot aunty inside bus

I am a regular reader of Human Digest. My name is Mohan 30 years old born and brought up at Bangalore. I am 6.2 ft well built, medium colour. The story what I am presenting is which I experienced while going to Andhra Pradesh.

When I reached the Bangalore bus station it was 11.30 pm, it was almost dark and thinly crowded. By the time I reached there I had boozed and also I had decided to fuck some one soon after reaching the lodge that’s the reason I had purchased a condom pack 5's pack.

Before boarding the bus there were 3 buses waiting to fill the passengers as the crowd was thinly populated. I checked out all the three buses in all the buses all middle aged and old persons were there, but to my luck I saw one couple in one among the three buses.

Immediately I choused that bus I kept the bag on the seat back of the couple i.e. back seat as almost was empty and with an intention to talk that beauty, let me tell few details of that beauty she was 6ft very fair good pleasing film heroine personality she appeared to be orthodox,

she was wearing blue saree and flowers over her hair. I said will you please take care of my bag I will come within 15 minutes, she replied with a smile but her husband did not care or object for me talking to her. After I came back the bus moved with hardly 8-9 passengers,

the lady was staring at me and me too later on her staring turned in to sexy smiles. The bus moved for half an hour and the conductor switched off the lights, I ensured no one can see me thereafter I smelt her hairs which was giving a pleasant smell

may be because of her shampoo she had applied then, I shifted my hand at the back of her seat and touched her cheek, eyes and ears she did not respond I thought she was asleep thereafter I touched her lips she bit my finger but never opened her eyes or mouth,

this gave me little encouragement, by this time her husband was snoring loudly. Taking advantage of the situation, immediately in the gap of two seats I left my hand, the wife had used push back where as her husband was busy sleeping,

I just felt the touch on her breast she was wearing a blue saree, behind the pallu my hand was, she did not respond nor resist this gave me some more encouragement even I was nervous I may be caught taking courage again I proceeded for 10-16 minutes

then I dared to put my hand inside her blouse and squeezed her balls upon the bra for this too there was no resistance thereafter I lifted my hand and put inside the bra at this time someone holded my hand I was nervous and the hold was so heavy

I could not lift it back before realizing who it was she bit my hand started to kiss and lick my hand after ensuring it was her only I calmed down, she turned back and asked what do you want in a low voice I said you only for that she replied the owner of this is next to me

ask him in a smiling face for that I did not respond she gave a broad smile and gave signal when I started my hand work over her breast she awakened her husband holding my hand again I was scared and nervous I tried to release my hand but she did not allow.

Since it was dark she said to her husband who was half awakener I am feeling sleepy I will go to the last seat as it is empty for that the husband was so happy and in return he said if you go first I will be more comfortable and can have a good sleep,

during this whole conversation my hand was playing with her nipples she stood up I release my hand she came next to me kissed on my forehead and lips and told to come back as I was scared she pulled me to the last seat.

When I went along with her she slept over the seat and said come on sleep over her same I followed as it was last seat we were flying whenever the driver drove over the humps and pot holes, for some time I squeezed her balls and nipple she started to hold my rod

and said to fuck her hearing this I said my policy is that I have to use condom and I will not be giving lip to lip kiss in order to have safe sex for that she said 3 years back she was married and started to curse her husband saying that he was impotent

till today he has not slept nakedly nor fucked atleast once nor even he has hugged and given lip to lip while saying tears poured down. I consoled and said to relax I went near my bag I took the condom came near her removed my pant and under wear when I was about to put the condom

she dragged me and said I have to see your dick as the lights were off I took my mobile in the light of my mobile she enjoyed seeing directly after me inserting the condom I lifted her saree and petticoat immediately due only lifted up to her abdomen and unhooked her blouse

I told her to unhook the bra too and remove both for which she agreed nom she was half naked I started to put my dick in her pussy and it was too tight she was unable to bear the pain she requested to do slowly but she was virgin I told her to bear the pain she was unable to bear

seeing her desire and pain I left her and as I was nakedly till my seat and took the coconut oil pouch went to the back seat I opened the pouch and applied little oil inside her pussy and inserted my dick this time half of my dick was inside her pussy within a minute the blood

rushed out over my abdomen her saree and petticoat seeing this I increased my speed and strokes she started to moan loudly immediately I shut her mouth and after few strokes I turned back took the oil from the pouch massaged inside her ass and started dog fuck

she enjoyed like any thing and said see my fate my first night is in bus and my husband is a spectator and she started to weep I consoled her. During fucking I was squeezing and massaging her balls (36 size) now she took my face over her balls

and massaged she whispered in my ears to bite my both nipples so hardly the pain she gets shall last atleast for one month and she said whenever she gets the pain she has to remember me as per her wishes I bitted her both balls and nipples so hardly

I myself felt bad and left her. I said there is a stop for coffee pack up immediatel6y and I myself dressed and went to my seat and pretended as though I was slept she too dressed and pretended to sleep at the back seat itself. When the conductor shouted stop for coffee.

I and she both pretended as though we were sleeping went to coffee her husband did come nor he was awake he was in deep sleep. We both got down along with others she went near the ladies toilet to clean the blood stains immediately I followed her no

one noticed as it was fully dark I took her near a tree where one platform type is built hugged her slept fucked her twice made her to drink my juice and again bit her naval and nipples since it was time I left her she went to clean,

the bathroom had a night lamp without any brightness, immediately I entered the bus as no one shall suspect me the driver started the bus and he was about to move I told the driver one lady has to come I saw her going to bathroom,

then the conductor counted the passengers and said one passenger has to come the driver blown the horn within 2 minutes she came and occupied her last seat again I waited for the lights to be

off immediately I went to the last seat had three blows, when I asked her address and contact number she refused to give saying that she will call me and inform but till today no call, hope she has lost my visiting card.

Fun in East Coast USA

I am Jay living in New York now, this incident happened two years back when I was in LA. I am narrating my experience with a desi aunty; she was 35 years old, single mom of a 2 year old. Her name is Sudha (not real), whom I met in a chat room.

After one month of chat we decided to meet outside. Through the chat I seduce her many times; she came in a Honda Accord, and was wearing a Jeans and t-shirt. She was very sexy and attractive figure even at that age, she dam beautiful and sexy.

Especially I love her boobs. She is fair in color and her boobs are really huge and those two can not be kept with in her Bra and shirt. I was exited to see her naked back over the law cut t-shirt and the smell of her perfume really turn me on,

initially we had a small chat in her car and we decided to go to her house as there was no one at home till evening. Mine became very hard after I grabbed her hand while talking. Her hands were beautiful and cute, as we entered into her house she closed the door

and hugs me tight and kissed me. I put my tongue into her mouth and explored for a minute. Her big boobs pressed against my chest and my dick is erect fully. She slowly started to remove my t-shirt and I was half naked,

then she slowly kissed my chest and suddenly stopped and asked me to go to the bedroom. I went with her to the bedroom, and she went to the restroom and came back wearing a see through sleeveless nighty without any thing under it.

I hugged her from back and start to kiss and lick her back neck, she tied her hair up. Her body was like silk and the smell was heaven. I turned her around and continued my kiss, she also became hot and grab me tight.

I push her to the wall and the bed side and started to kiss from her legs, her legs where hairless and smooth and I started kissing upwards I put my head inside the gown and continued my lick and kiss on her milky and thunder thighs …

first she kept the thighs together tight and when I started lick her pussy she opened her leg and put one leg over my shoulder, her pussy was really red in color and I slowly started to lick her pussy's outer skin then slowly went in. she was moaning loudly…..

And I started to lick faster and faster her clit, she caught my hair with her hand and cried aaahhhh… don’t stop…don’t stop….jay and finally she got the orgasm. I can see her face became red and wet. Then we moved to the bed took off all the cloth,

she laid flat on the bed facing down and her legs half up backward, it was a marvelous site to see. I started to kiss and lick her back and bite the butts. Then she turned around and we had a full hug it was really amazing the touch of her naked and smooth body,

and we rolled over the bed many times like one body. She then took my head up and started to kiss my lips. And grab my dick in her hand and started to play with her hand. We had a deep and long kiss. And I started to play with her beautiful melons,

it was really big and the nipple was red in color. I kissed her nipple and stared to suck it in my mouth harder and harder. She started to moan loudly aahhhh jay…… those sounds made me crazy… she then grabbed my dick and start to lick it the next moment I was in heaven.

My cock was springing high. She was sucking it fast and hard..... !!! And then faster and harder each time... I was screaming..... I was enjoying it sooooooo muchhhhhh She sucked it up and down... Slurping at my cock... Harder and faster... I hold her hair sooooooo tight....

I wanted her to stop and give me a break and a time to breath. But she didn't!!! She didn't care how hard I pulled her hair, but instead she was enjoying it. Ooooooohhh both of us were just sooooooo turned on. !!!! She continued it for a few minutes.

And gave me a great blowjob She also kissed my balls & played with them. Then when I was about to cum I tried to take it out of her mouth, but she insisted it on taking in her mouth. And in next few seconds I cummed & a big load of cum shot right in her mouth

and dripped out of her mouth on to her chest, I was shaking... My whole body was shaking... Then she went to clean her mouth and came back with two ice cold red bull and laid on the bed & spread her legs. Again I went on top of her & started to kiss her lips heavily.

I came lower & kissed her nipples & she moaned. I sucked hard her beautiful nipples heavily. I lowered more & licked her shapely tummy. I pore some red bull and licked it from her belly button. She moaned loudly. I licked it like a dog.

Sudha never experienced any thing like this before. Oooooooooo I looked at her face smiling and moaning. She looked sooooo beautiful. She spread her legs. I could see her vagina, which was tight. She started moaning. By that time I could see the love juice coming out of the cave.

My hand instinctively went on her cunt & started exploring it. She moaned again. My fingers went into her cunt & I could feel her clit waiting to be felt. At that moment she moaned heavily & said yes yes yes fuck me hard jay… then I took the condom abd asked her to wear it on me,

she was glad to do that with a kiss on it, for me the red bull was working I felt I am getting more energy, and slowly guided my rod through her milky thighs into her pink pussy She screamed with pleasure and me too.

I started the to and fro motion slowly I could see the love juice coming out and sudha was enjoying every bit of her life at that time. I put my dick fully into her pussy and the base of my shaft was touching her cute pussy lips,

first I started to enter all the way and take it out form for some time and I started to pump faster and faster… and harder…. The mean time I sucked her boobs and kissed her lips and we started became very hot and I bite her lips some time with my teeth and she enjoyed very much

that, we hugged very tight and her legs warped around my back, I can see that site in the bed room mirror it was exiting, and then I lifted her and we sat each others lap without taking my tool out, and then I laid down and she came on top of me and started to pump me.

Her melons were jumping and I grabbed her hip tight, and she started to lick my chest with her hair falling on my face and after some time I felt I am going to come then I rolled her and I came on top, I lifted her legs and thrust my cock into her pussy,

her legs were on my shoulders and I kept pumping deep into her. Then I pulled her to the side of the bed and I was standing out side and started to pump, I can feel she was getting another orgasm from her movements this made me also more exited and I pumped harder and faster to

release my load. She came again; she had dripped a lot on to the bed. She was hugging me tight when I cummed and we where in that position for some time, she told me she got three orgasm when we were pumping. Then she slowly released me and we had a bath together.

Hot bus journey from Mumbai to Bangalore

This is Trishul from Andhra Pradesh. I found this website fortunately while am surfing net. I entered into it and find a category named travel sex. Its been quite intresting after I read some stories.

This is truly happened in the year 2005 january while am returning from mumbai to bangalore. Actually I went to mumbai in flight later while returning I couldnot find a flight its too expensive so I decided to travel through bus.

Let me come to the story that happened when I enter into the bus I found my seat was last but right side. I sat there and next to me the seat is not occupied the bus has been moved through the city I decided to buy a tin beer so I feel not to be bored

and have a nice sleep the time is 2pm and the climate is so hot after some time a women around 35 years sat next to me. I took my tin beer and started to drink and finished it and sleep till pune came. After that the bus has been stoped to take food.

I finished my dinner and took a small beer and came back to my seat again the bus started to move after 15 minutes she started to ask me at wht time the bus will be reached to bangalore. She speaks good hindi.

As am aware of hindi am explaining in english later in flow I got telugu words from my mouth then she said she is also from andhra she is working here in small company and she is widowed.

After some time I took sleep I don’t have intension like touching her so I had a good sleep the lights of the bus has stopped. Am in deep sleep I suddenly woke up that some thin is touching on my pants I noticed she is pressing my think

I didn’t open my eyes for some time she really making me hard and hard my body got a full current now. After 30 mins I became bold and asked her what do u want she kept queit for some time and holded my hands I given green signal to her after knowing her urge.

After some time I kept a bed sheet on us below the sheet I used to touch her huge boobs and she is pressing my chest and feeling my hair on it..and touching my huged erected thing later she kept her head on it

and removed my thing and given a blow job for long time I used to massage her boobs, navel and her women hood for long time I released for 4 times in total night. I enjoyed my experiece later bangalore came

next day after at 4pm so I hurried up to catch the shatabdi express at 6pm I didn’t took her address or nothing because am afraid she may blackmail me later. But it’s a good experience in my life.

Sexy babe fucked on cruise

I am great fan of KE and gives me immense pleasure. Today I thought I should share my experience which is true story. Let me start the story, I boarded the cruise at Bombay on Saturday night with my friends.

After check in we went to the 9th floor(top floor) it was aroung 8PM. We had one drink and suddenly I saw a lady with slim figure staring at me and give me smile. After few exchange of smiles I gave her hint to follow me to my room.

My room was on 1st floor. But she denied and said she will go to her room. After entering in her room. She suddenly jumed on me and started kissing me here and there. I responded in same way. Then I removed her red bra size app 36 and started sucking her nipple,

I was getting wild and she was also screaming with joy. Then I opned the zip of her pant and could see red panty and clean pussy. I removed her panty and she stood in front of me and asked me to suck her cunt. I started sucking her pussy and she was enjoying it.

Her storkes were increasing after few tounge fucking. She started moving her ass fast and I could feel that she was about to come she loaded her juice in my mouth and I drank that with full taste. She was shouting and abusing me like any thing.

Suddenly she came up and took out my 6" dick in her mouth it was totally erected> I started fucking her mouth after 20 minutes I off load my cum in her mouth. We slept there for half an hr. After that she started making erotic comments and playing with my cock.

Soon it becomes rock hard. She bent down on her knees and I entered my 6" dick in her pussy from behind it was giving me clear view about her ass hole and I was having urge to fuck her ass also. She siad first fuck her pussy. We came together after 45 minutes and rested for 1 hr.

Then I started fingering her ass and applied oil on her ass. She was not comfotable at all and made her mind to get 1st ass fuck. Then I applied oil on my 6" dick. I kep the tip of my dick on her ass hole and pressed little bit she did not move and I gave 1st stroke

and entered half inside her ass hole, she made little noise but in control then gave full thrust and I was inside her, It was giving me great pleasure and started fucking her after great 1 hr fuck I filled her ass hole with my cum and she also enjoyed my fuck.

Pumping chat friend Saritha

Hi Readers of Humandigest and Fans of I am a 20 year old guy and would like to share one of my sexual experiences with an old lady.This has happened 2 months back when I was in Chennai.Generally I use to chat on internet when ever I get free time.

On one day I come across a lady named Saritha who belongs to Chennai. In the initial time we just exchanged our views in general topics. This was continued for 2 months...And then after we were became little bit closer and shared our contact numbers.

Casually we used to discuss in general topics and after some days there was some little bit change in her way of talking to me.On one particular day she called me up and said that she wants to meet me.

Then we both meet a place and introduced each other in person.When I saw Saritha I was little bit surprised...coz she look so great with her fair complexion and a figure of 36-26-34 and was a very good-looking lady She was happy to see me and we sat besides each other

and started talking about personal life and all and when I touched her hands I felt that her skin was like butter. Saritha told me that she had all the comforts of life excepting sexual satisfaction. After chatting for about 2 hours,

then saritha gave me her address and asked me to come to her house on Friday. In the meanwhile we spoke to each other on the phone and finally the D day had arrived to have a good time with saritha.I rang up saritha and asked her could I come to her house,

she told me to come immediately as there was no one in her house. Now there was tremendous excitement filled in me as I was getting the sexy feel that I was going to have sex with a married woman. Now when I reached saritha`s house, she welcomed me.

I saw that saritha was wearing a yellow colored salwar kameez in which she was looking damn sexy. I and saritha had a cup of tea and then I asked her about her kids,saritha replied that her kids studies in other city. I wondered that it was indeed a smart planning.

Then saritha placed her hot erotic hands on my bulge and said,’ Darling come on lets go to the bedroom'. Saritha accompanied me to her bedroom. Once we enter into the bedroom she put her arms around my neck and placed her soft red lips on my lips

and started kissing my lips like a desperate lady and I too held her tightly in my arms and was enjoying the kiss. Then I undressed her salwar kameez and saritha was in her bra and I was little bit shocked to know that she was not wearing any panty

and then I placed saritha on the bed and took off my red t-shirt and jeans and I was only in my underwear. Then I slept over saritha to make love with her and I started kissing her lips and we kissed in French style with our tongue and then I kissed her forehead,

earlobes, lips and then I softly touched my lips on her lips and then started kissing saritha`s neck and we were breathing heavily and both of our body had become very hot. Saritha started moaning,'Aahhhhhhhhhhhh Darling mujhe bahut mazza aa raha hai,

Zarra mere boobs ko bhi dabao na'.So,I unhooked her bra and kissed her boobs and then started licking and sucking her pointed nipples and she moaned loudly Aaahhhhhh......I started pressing and massaging saritha`s sexy boobs and she was enjoying it

and was moaning and telling me,'Darling tum mujhe honeymoon ka mazza de rahe ho,zorr se dabaoo aur pura sex mere boobs se nikal do'.I kissed her navel and her tummy. After some time thought to her panty, she smiled at me and

she stood up and pulled her panty down and I saw that her pussy was clean shaven and then I was kissing her lips.saritha now told me,'Janeman tum apna underwear nikalo na,mujhe tumhare sexy lund ko kiss karna hai'.

So,I pulled my underwear down and my red hot 11 cms cock was rock hard and she started touching it. I caught saritha`s soft ass in my hands tightly and saritha` started riding over me and I was caressing her ass erotically and she was riding up and down in a very sexy way

and was moaning,Aaaaahhhhhhh,Oohh,Ummm,Oh Yeaahh and we both were pumping. After taking some break we changed our position and now I laid above saritha and she kept her legs wrapped around my waist and I was now pumping in full force

and so her moan were louder,Ooooookkkkk and I was kissing her lips, forehead and pressing her boobs tightly and she was scratching my back vigoursly..I wanted to give pleasure to saritha,so I made sure that I don’t ejaculate very early.

Now I felt that my sperm was boiling inside my penis very badly and I increased my speed and saritha was making sexy screams and I felt that I was unable to hold my sperms inside my cock and I took my penis out and I spurted out tons of sperms on saritha`s tummy

and on her abdomen and I massaged my sperms on her abdomen. Now we again started making love and we were talking dirty things. Now I brushed my lips softly on saritha`s lips and told her that I will do something to her pussy that will give her real pleasure.

So with my erotic finger I started tickling her pussy and clitoris and was moaning with pleasure, 'Aaaahhhhhh,Uuuuuuumm,bahut mazza aa raha hai darling aur gudgudee bhi ho rahi hai' and now to my pleasure saritha told me,’

Darling mere choot mein kuch kuch ho raha hai'. We were now again back in bed and this time I slept on my back and saritha started kissing my penis and now she lifted up my legs and with her long finger nails she started tickling and stimulating

the area below my penis and my testicles,Aaaahhhh I loved it and as a result I was hard again. We now fell into each others arms and slept for a while. After sometime we woke up and started making love and as a result we both were aroused and so it was time for my penis

to go inside her pussy and I sat on the bed and made saritha sit on my lap facing me with her legs kept over my thighs, so that I could embrace her in my arms, kiss her lips and caress her boobs.

Now with my penis inserted in her pussy and I was holding her hips tightly in my hands and started pumping slowly and kissed and pressed her boobs and now saritha started moving her hips sexily and was moaning and we were caressing each others

body like anything and she was so sexually excited that she kissed my lips continuously for 10 minutes and was moving like anything and she was moving her gaand in a very sexy manner. Now I sat on saritha`s tummy and placed my hot penis in between her sweet round boobs

and started fucking her boobs vigorously and after that I started kissing her hips and then slept in each others arms for few hours. When we woke up after sometime she got a bottle of cheese spread and spilled the cheese spread on her boobs

and asked me to lick it and I started sucking and licking her boobs and she was moaning loudly for some time and she cummed 4 times. After that she was happy to be in my arms and now she told me that It would be better for me to leave,

because it was now the time for her husband to return home. The we both had a nice bath and left to my home. After that day I went to saritha`s house a couple of times in the absence of her husband and kids and had sex with her in various positions.

In this manner saritha is enjoying her sexlife quietly with me. Recently I shifted my base to Hyderabad, but me and saritha were in touch over phone and chat.

Sex with David

Hi Human Digest readers, I am Deepa who lives currently in United States. I met Mr. David thru this great site. Let me tell you my great sex story with Mr. David. Thru chat we met each other. Initially we exchanged our photos. We talked over the phone a lot.

Over the phone, his voice seemed to be very sexy. After talking to David. I felt that I have a great likening on him. So he agreed to come and meet me. We met at a Hotel. When I met him at Hotel, my heart was beating hard. I started to have butterflies in my stomach.

Let me tell about Mr. David and Myself. Mr. David, he is a 6 ft 2" tall, fair skinned and athletic body. He wore a black tee shirt and black pants. He is handsome and smart. He had sexy brown eyes, black hair and little mush. I am a petite 5 ft 2 inches.

I wore a Red top, blue bra, black pants and white laced panties. He greeted me with a great sexy smile when I came to the hotel. I also greeted him with a warm smile. He took me to his room which was neatly decorated.

Still I was afraid of him; because this was the first time I am seeing him in person. He hugged me passionately, still I was afraid. He kissed my wet lips. His lips are hot. After kissing me he slowly opened my red top and blue bra he started pressing my soft breasts hard.

He sucked my boobs and bites my boobs. This made me hot. I urged to have great sex with him, but still it was first time I am seeing him. I felt an electricity shock in my body. He again caressed my soft creamy boobs. He started kissing my rosy lips.

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Horny bedfellows

I waited under the pleasant sunshine on the vast expanse of green lawns of the big white marble monument which was a tourist spot in the outskirts of the city. It was a cold winter afternoon. Since it was a working day, there were fewer visitors.

I had selected a lonely spot away from the lovebirds and other couples who frequented the place as their usual rendezvous. I did so to get a clear view of the entrance gate to notice the arrival of the lady I was waiting for.

I glanced at my wristwatch impatiently which showed I had been sitting there for nearly twenty minutes now. I was beginning to wonder if she would not turn up when I saw a tall lady enter through the gate alone. And what an entrance she had made!

It was not I alone but almost everyone around turned their heads to look at her. Though I could not still recognize her as she was at a distance from me, I kept watching her as the lady I was expecting was also to come alone.

She was wearing tight red pants, sort of short red sleeveless top showing off three inches of her belly with the navel. Easy to recognize her by the person who was waiting for, she was wearing a hat and her long thick hairs spread on her back.

Yet, in order to make it difficult for others, she covered her eyes with deep black sunglasses. She looked like a fashion model for a consumer product by the way she was attired and walked. As she came nearer, I knew she did a mistake choosing her dress,

especially of unusual colour of red, because eyes of almost all people around remained popped out from their sockets to gaze at her, particularly her big and straight protruding bosom and swaying buttocks. If her bulges and pointed nipples sent titillating waves inside me,

I could guess what went inside the minds of several gaping guys sitting with their girlfriends or wives. As she turned her face slowly to look around, I knew her eyes behind the sunglasses must be searching for a lone guy wearing full-sleeve maroon colour shirt

as I had agreed to wear that shirt to help her locate and identify me without difficulty. I watched her attention zeroing in on me and she started coming towards the place where I sat. I looked at her intently. Now, I was really puzzled. No, I am sure; she was not the lady I was waiting for.

Yet I was more puzzled as she smiled at me. However, to make double sure if she was smiling at some other guys, I looked around where I sat but there was none near me. “Hi Mr. Jairaj” Her formal greeting dispelled all my doubts that it was I who she wanted to meet.

She addressed me as if she had known me for several years though I did not seem to have seen her before! I heard several gasps of breathes from other people around and I knew suddenly I became their second attraction. I thought they might be looking at me enviously.

My brain worked at maximum speed and efficiency like a computer to remember where I had met her before, but it could not succeed, even to provide a clue. “Hello” I said keeping a smiling face. “Sorry for being late and for having kept you waiting so long.

The cab broke down en route and I had to wait for some time to get another one” she said apologetically. My goodness! She was expressing her regrets for the delay to reach, though I did not know who she was.

She smiled at me as I was still unable to conceal my astonishment. “You look as if you had swallowed a bee, Mr. Jairaj. Please don’t look at me as if I am the eight wonder of the world” she said with a suppressed giggle and continued

“I know you were not expecting me though I am the lady who you were supposed to meet” she giggled. She was adding more fuel to the fire of my confusion and embezzlement. “I am sorry, but I ……” I could not complete before she did it for me.

“….could not recognize me. Right?” she said. “Yeah” I confessed. “Won’t you request me to sit and join you?” she asked. “Oh…sure” I said. I watched her sitting by my side carefully as if she was going to sit on an egg-shell. In fact, she had some trouble due to her tight pants.

I noticed her removing the hat and sunglasses and keeping them by her side. I looked at her face with microscopic precision. Yet I could not remember when or where I had seen her before. Rather, I knew I had never seen her.

“It is sad you guys forget important incidents in your lives quickly. That too in the episode of a heroic act. Right?” she asked. Heroic act? I wondered. “Yeah, I am sorry, but if you can help me” I said with an effort to conceal my embarrassment.

“I think I need to explain the whole thing in brief. If you could get the clue any time during my explaining, please interrupt and tell me, I shall stop at that point itself. Okay?” she said. “Thanks. That sounds good” I replied, looking at her face,

eager to listen to her unraveling the mystery. “Well, I shall tell it as a story in flashback” she indicated and continued “It was about three weeks back. You and a young lady were standing in a bus-stand, both waiting for separate taxis for way home”.

I smiled to remember the incident. “You got me now?” she asked. “Not yet dear..” I replied “because if I rightly remember, you were not the lady I had met then” “Oho…I think I need to tell the whole story” she paused and continued

“Well, suddenly a big car came to a screeching halt near you two. Two drunken rich youths looked like spoilt brats got out. They observed the spot and made sure there would be nobody available for help.

Then, one came near you and asked for a matchstick while the other caught the lady’s hand and began to pull her towards the car. She screamed in panic and shouted for help. You sensed trouble immediately.

You grabbed the young brat who asked the matchstick by his neck with your left hand and rammed your right fist on his face in a heavy punch that would make Mike Tyson envy. It sent him reeling back with a smashed nose bleeding profusely.

You turned and rushed to the other guy who was about to drag the lady into the rear seat of the car. You gave a heavy karate sort of kick with your right leg at his groin enough to pulverize a big rock. The thug kissed ground as if he broke the hip bone releasing his grip on her.

Then you watched both the thugs struggling to get up. You challenged them to get you. But they scrambled to the car and sped off. The whole incident, ended in less than three minutes, appeared like a scene right out from a movie in which the hero saves the heroine,

before their acquaintance, from molestation and kidnap for rape” I was smiling all this while when she was narrating the incident in which I was the hero. Yet I could not figure out where the lady sitting in front of me fits anywhere in it.

At this time, she made a deliberate movement of her bosom which made her big boobs sway under her top. My eyes suddenly shifted from her face to her bosom. And, she noticed it. “Do you wonder, Jai, how they would look like without clothes?” she sniggered.

I felt ashamed as she had noticed my look. However, the way she asked the question blatantly made me feel she was not all that cool. “I think they were not properly supported” I quipped. “You are right. I did not wear bras purposely for this particular occasion” she hit back.

What’s the great idea? I wondered but did not say anything. “Well…” she continued “that left you and the lady alone there. You felt it was not at all safe to stay there any longer or to leave the lady alone. Right at that moment, you found a cab coming from the opposite direction.

You waved it to a halt and both of you got in. You asked the lady the direction to her house. The cab moved. Fifteen minutes later, both of you reached her place. She insisted you to go into her house. Leaving you sit on a sofa in the drawing room, she went in.

She explained the whole incident to her people. They came out and looked at you like a real hero in the cinema. They thanked you profusely and offered tea and sweets. They made friendship with you and you even gave them your visiting card…”

She paused here to look at my face probingly. Noticing no change, she asked “Did it give you any hint or inkling?” But I cut a sorry figure and surrendered “No idea” “Do you know you became their living God who saved her prestige and of their family?” she asked.

“Well, I am no God. I am just a human being and I think I did just my moral duty to save a lady in distress” I said but suddenly realized what I told incidentally matched a dialogue of the hero in the movie. “Yeah, but any way, you became a superhero and I became your great fan”

I had no doubt she sounded full of admiration while saying this. “Thank you very much. But Madam, I still could not make out where you fits in all these” I fumbled. “Oho…” she sighed. “You remember the face of the lady you had saved, don’t you?

You had some talk with her that day, hadn’t you? And she had a talk with you on phone making an appointment to meet you here now. Right?” “That’s right” I said. “You remembered her face and you had a talk directly with her. Yet you didn’t recognize her voice on the phone?”

Still I could not make out anything. “What are you hinting at?” I asked. “You behaved and acted smarter when you saved her. But you were not intelligent enough to realize that the lady who talked to you on phone yesterday making this appointment

was not the same lady who you had saved, but another one” she said. “Do you mean to say it was not she but you who talked to me yesterday on phone?” I asked visibly surprised. “Exactly” she said. “Okay, so who are you and how you come into the picture?”

I asked curiously. “Well, I am her elder cousin sister. My name is Mala. When I went to her house last week, she told me everything about the incident without leaving a single detail. She was full of praise and talked very high of you.

Right from that moment I was dying to meet you in person. When she went to the kitchen, I took your visiting card and scribbled your phone number on a chit and called you yesterday impersonating myself as her” Now all pieces fell to their slots, I thought.

“Well, Mala, I thank you very much. I am also pleased to meet you. However, I wonder what I can do…..” I stopped as I found an ice-cream vendor approaching us. “One ice-cream” she ordered before I could say anything. I wondered why she did not order for two.

I thought may be she did not consume ice-creams but ordered one for me. The vendor gave one cone ice-cream which was the only variety he had. “But I don’t take ice-creams” I said giving the vendor money from my wallet. “I don’t consume alone” she quipped.

I could not understand what she meant. And she knew reading it from my face. I watched her eating quarter of the ice-cream licking it with her luscious lips and tongue. Then she handed it over to me. “Share it” she said “Now, do you understand what you can do for me?” she asked.

I was not a fool to miss her ogle and grin and know she wanted to share more than ice-creams with me. Just to please her I consumed the other quarter bringing the ice-cream to half. Then she took it from me and began to lick it again.

“Mala, I hope you would tell me your part of the story now” I said. “That’s good about valuing time. I appreciate it. I shall tell that briefly” She paused to take another lick on the ice-cream and continued “Well, I was working when I married six years ago.

I believed my husband loved me a lot. It shocked me later to find out he had amorous ways and was cheating on me. He was utterly unscrupulous. Returning home cutting my office duty one day, I caught him red-handed with one of his female office colleagues

on our bed in a compromising position. It was an inexcusable and disgraceful act of disloyalty. He begged for pardon and forgiveness promising not to repeat it again. I did believe him then but he did not mend his ways.

Things repeated” She paused to hand over the remaining quarter of the ice-cream to me and continued “I knew for sure he can never kick his habit. One day, there was a big argument in which he bent down to his knees.

Lastly, he asked me unabashedly to go around with whoever I liked. This shocked me. I knew there was no way out. Then I brooded over his suggestion. I admit, initially I had a revengeful feeling. People who act like rats must expect to be treated like rats.

If this creep can bake the cake and eat it too, why can’t I?” She paused for a while and went on “Once he suggested to me to lay with his young smart boss. I realized he was not only a dolt but selfish and greedy too. I knew by obliging him to please his boss,

he could get a promotion or possibly a salary raise. So, I flatly refused. I thought of several ways. A man can always get away with what he wanted, but it was difficult for a lady. It was difficult to distinguish a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Then I heard about you from my cousin. I knew for sure a man like you who cared and risked his own life to save a lady can not do any harm to her. If you can believe me, though I don’t expect you to believe me, you are my first attempt”

“That does not make you sure I am willing to oblige you. However, do you know you might be heading for trouble the way you are thinking?” “To be honest, I don’t care” she said firmly. “How you want to make it?” I asked curiously. “In my house itself” she said.

“What about your husband?” I asked. “Have you ever heard of an engine-driver stopping his train in front of a green signal?” she asked with a grin. “It was his suggestion to have it in our house” she said. “My goodness!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, and if you say yes, Jairaj, I assure you to have many pleasant surprises in store for you” she added. To tell the truth, it was for the first time I ran my eyes at her body from head to foot. She might be around 34 years, fair complexioned, tall with a likely vital statistics of 36-28-38.

She had big eyes, perfect nose and wide mouth with luscious rosy lips. No doubt, she had captivating tits, narrow hips and heavy buttocks. I wondered why her stupid husband ran after gilt when the gold was right under his nose! “What are the surprises like?” I asked.

“Hey, if you really agree to give and take pleasures, then I must oblige you with some pleasant surprises as well, should not I?” she asked. I put her statement under the scanner of my brain. I must admit, I could not find any veil of hidden danger or threat.

“Please don’t mind my asking this out of my curiosity. But, how on earth your husband opts for another woman when he has got a very attractive, desiring and sexy wife? Doesn’t he have any interest in you sexually?” I asked out of my genuine inquisitiveness.

“Well, I don’t know for sure. I don’t know either if he has any deficiency. May be I am right or wrong, but I have a feeling he believed he was incapable to satisfy me in bed. It was quite surprising, as soon as he saw me in nude;

he lost his erection, let alone penetrating or fucking me” she said more in disgust than dismay. “What about his liaison with the other woman?” I asked. “I don’t know. May be he was enjoying. May be she was also enjoying.

I don’t know if she was doing it for money or anything” she said nonchalantly. Suddenly I felt a seed of doubt germinating in my mind. It was foolish to think of a man leaving his sexy wife like her for another lady, however beautiful she might be.

I was sure he was suffering from some psychological disorder. And I told her so quoting some examples I had heard of. I tried to convince her that taking psychiatric help would be of immense advantage. Disappointingly, I found her showing no interest.

Though my eyes were still at her bosom but I was honestly thinking about something else. At this time, she asked “You find them pretty irresistible, don’t you?” “Huh…?” I shifted my eyes to her face now. “I was asking if you found my boobs irresistible.

Jai, they are really mesmerizing. I assure you that. If they look so tantalizing under the dress, you can image how they would look in nude” I thought she was encouraging if not persuading me to give her my consent. “Yeah. You are right” I agreed.

“So is my womanhood. You would love to do everything to it. Mind you, Jai, it has become a hot furnace. I wish if you could extinguish the blaze” she said with a grin. “I can put out any conflagration, let alone any small fire” I retorted. “I would die to experience that” she sighed.

“I will prove that to you” I said. “Oh…that means you are agreeing. I am craving for that moment. Thank you very much. You know, Jai, I was a very sober, timid lady. Circumstances and helpless condition have only made me bold and unashamed.

You need to excuse me for that” she begged. “Think nothing of it. I can understand your feelings and situation” I said to reassure her. “Thank you” she said. I kept quiet for sometime. I knew my silence was becoming eerie to her.

“Jai, can you come down to my place day after tomorrow at 12 Noon? We can have lunch together at my house?” she asked earnestly. I considered it and said “Thank you. But I would reach there after lunch.

I have an official date with a top executive of another company and I have to make an official discussion with him” “Okay, as you wish. Can you tell me the time?” she asked. “I will reach there exactly at 12.45 PM” I said. “Okay, suits me. But you must come dear.

I shall breathe only after your arrival” she said. “I won’t let you down” I said. “Thank you dear” she said. We talked for some more time. She had given me the address, location, details of route and landmark to reach her house by every inch.

I thought even a blind man could reach there easily without needing to ask anybody. Just before we got up, she grabbed my right hand and placed it in between her breasts and reminded “Jai, till you come I will remain a corpse” “Hahaha… you will be fine” I assured her.

“Uuuffff…….”, “Sshhuuuiiiiii……” we distinctly heard a deep sigh and a soft whistle from not so far off from us while my hand was still on her chest. This was followed by some murmuring of two females. We did not turn to look as we knew they came from two males

and their ladies were scolding them. We got up and she wore her cap and sunglasses. I followed her up to the gate. I watched her boarding a taxi. We waved at each other before the cab sped off. Precision to the minute, I reached her house at the appointed day and time.

I pressed the bell. It was opened almost instantly. I gaped at the man standing in front of me the way I would look at a big spider that suddenly fell on my dinner plate. As I stood fumbling, he asked me “I think you are Mr. Jairaj to meet Mala”

“Y-e-a-h” I said in a struggling manner, realizing there was no point in lying to this man who seemed to know too much. “I am Dinesh, her husband” he extended his hand in a gesture of greeting. With great difficulty I offered him my hand.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Jairaj. Please come in” he invited. I became aware my mouth, still remained in the shape of a big O, was turning dry. ‘Was there something sinister behind his invitation’? Am I taken to a trap? I wondered.

I walked after him, like a lamb taken to the slaughter. I had accepted her statement that her husband had suggested to her to get screwed in their own house. But I could not imagine he would be present in the house at that time. What is the great idea?

I wondered. He offered a sofa for me to sit. As I sank into it, he assured “Mala won’t be a minute…” He could not complete before Mala came running from inside excitedly “Hi Jai, welcome…welcome….” she shouted.

She was wearing a transparent pink colour nightgown and by the way her big boobs oscillated and swayed to the extreme right and left of her chest repeatedly, anyone can say for sure she was not wearing anything under that dress. “Hi Mala” I said.

Before I could say anything she said “Jai, I had told that you will be in for many surprises. This is one of them” “You mean to say we are going to have it in presence of your husband?” I asked unbelievably in a voice not more than a whisper. For a minute I thought she must a slut.

May be an elite whore into the prostitution racket for money. “No dear….come with me…” she said and pulled me by my hand to inside. I went with her, again the same way a sheep goes with the butcher. I could see two bedrooms opposite

to each other and she led me into one of them. Sitting on the double-bed cot with her head bent down was another lady of about 32 years old. She was medium-complexioned and average looking. She met my eyes only once but preferred to look back at the bed.

“This is the second surprise to you, Jai. She is his colleague….his paramour….about whom I had told you. It was Dinesh’s idea that you and I have it in the other bedroom while he and she enjoy in this room. I agreed to it. It would be exciting, won’t it Jai?” she asked.

I was really astonished she told it casually as if she was asking her husband to go to a movie. “Yeah” I said, thinking I was really going to have a nice time here with her while her husband screwed his paramour in another room.

All the same, it was still coming unbelievable to me that such things really happened in this world and I was going to be a party to it. I could never imagine I would fuck a lady in her own house with the knowledge and consent of her husband while he screwed

another lady at the same time. “Dinesh….” she called out for her husband sitting in the drawing room “We are going in. Shut the front door” Without waiting for his response, she pulled me by my hand and rushed to the other bedroom as if she was running to board a moving train

about to leave the platform. As soon as we entered, she closed the door but not bolted it. I could not see the room properly as she was already hugging me tightly standing near the closed door itself. I found her panting heavily.

Her big bosom rose and fell in rhythm to her deep breathing out of the excitement. “Oh…Jai…thank you very much for coming…I was eagerly waiting for you…I was very much anxious if you had changed your mind and won't come”

she was turning her head sideways pressing it on my chest the way an aggrieved child did with his mother. For a minute I felt pity and sympathy for her. I fondled her back and the long tresses lovingly and consoled “Mala, I am a man of words and I always kept my words as words

of honour” I said. “Come Jai” she led me to the double-bed. I sat on it and she sat by my side leaning on my shoulder. I quickly surveyed the situation. It was a spacious room with attached bath. It was well furnished suited to an upper-middle class family.

I found an air-conditioner below the curtained window though it was not working as it was cold winter day. In fact, my probing eyes were searching for any hidden camera. No, there was not any. I was happy to find a big steel almirah with a full length mirror

on one of its doors in front of us. I could see our reflections on it. At this time, I heard the door of the opposite bed-room being closed. I smiled to guess what it meant. “Mala, I can’t imagine it is really happening….very strange…” I said admittedly.

“Yeah…that was why I had said there would be several surprises for you. It would have lost its importance if I had told you all these before” she grinned. “That’s right” I agreed. I circled my hands around her waist from behind.

While we were still looking at our images on the mirror, I saw her catching my hands and lifting them to the place just below the bases of her boobs. I cupped her hills and began to caress them over her dress. “Haahhh…..” she moaned very softly.

“Jai, please forgive me for being selfish. In my haste for being close to you, I forgot my manners for extending hospitality to you. I have not even offered you a cup of coffee or a glass of w-a-t-e-r…” she said apologetically. “It’s alright dear. I can understand your sentiments.

Please think nothing of it now. You can offer it later…” I consoled her. “Oh, Jai, you are very sweet” she smiled turning her head to look at me. I leaned a little forward and kissed on her thick lips. They were soft but luscious.

I could not release my mouth as she held my neck with her hands tightly. Our lips remained agglutinated for nearly half a minute. I saw her close her eyes. As she chatted about her desires, I kept my right hand on her legs and caressed them over the dress.

She lifted her left leg and placed the foot on the bed. The gown slipped up to her groin exposing her nude left leg and thigh. Her legs and thighs were very fair but a little fat and very fleshy too. The sight of her voluptuous and sexy nude leg made my heart to skip a beat or two.

“Run your hand here, darling” she said. I caressed her nude leg slowly straying to the thigh. As my hand remained lingered there, she encouraged “Move up…more up…more and more..” This brought my hand reaching her love triangle and encountered with the panties.

I rubbed her pussy over the panties. May be it was my guess, but I felt the portion just over her vagina was a little wet. “Haaahhh….” she moaned softly again. I caressed her cunt over the panties several times while she continued to moan deeply.

“You know, Jai, it gives a very pleasant feeling when you rub my pussy. I was craving for it as I was deprived of it so long” she said. “I can understand” I replied. She made a movement to pull down her panties but I stopped her. “I will do it” I said.

I stood up and removed her gown over her head and flung it across to the corner of the room. I made her lay on her back. Standing on the floor, I bent forward and caught the elastic edge of her panties with my teeth. Then I pulled it down.

She adjusted her body taking sides so that the panties came off. Now she lay on the bed the way she was born. Her sizzling nude fair body glittered sending my blood gushing through the veins. Holding the panties in my hands I turned my focus on it.

Since it got rolled up in the form of a rope while removing it off her body, I made it unfurl to its original shape. I found some stains on its front which remained close to her vagina. I smelt deeply keeping my nose on that portion.

Though it would have been offensive to many, I felt it as a pleasant aroma though it had a little urine smell too. Then I took its inside out. While she watched, I brought out my tongue and began to lick the portion of the panties that touched her cunt.

“Aahhh….” I heard this sound. I asked her “Did this come from the adjacent room?” “No darling. It was me” she grinned. “As you licked my panties, I felt as if you licked my cunt” “Wah..wah… if you released such moans seeing me licking your panties,

what would happen when I began licking your honey-nest? I asked. “I too was imagining that” she sniggered. I threw the panties to join the gown and turned to look at her more clearly now. My eyes were fighting with the brain unable to decide which to gaze first – her beautiful face

or captivating boobs or the velvet love triangle. I think the eyes goofed up everything moving frantically from her head to foot and backward. “Jai, the way you look at me is exactly the way a hungry tiger eyes on its prey” she giggled. I did not say anything.

Somehow I made up by mind to begin from her head. I looked at her face now. She had fair, glittering skin and fleshy face. The nose and cheeks were well formed. I could particularly notice she always kept her thick lips parted a little showing off the two rows of jasmine buds

inside which were her teeth. The neck was thick, conch-shaped. The look at her bosom again made my heart beating rapidly. The breasts were big, round, fair and ripe. The way she laid, the big boobs covered spreading her entire chest.

When I saw the boobs last time under her dress, I wrongly guessed could be 36 inches, but now in naked condition, I knew they must be 38 inches. The slight brownish aureoles were crowned with big deep brown nipples, almost the size of the first phalanges of my middle finger.

I knew they would become very straight and erect once I handled them. I could not resist my temptation to keep my eyes away from those beautiful globes but checked myself from mauling them. I thought there was a time for everything.

My eyes unwillingly wandered from the boobs to her stomach and hips. The belly was well shaped with a beautifully shaped navel. The two folds of flesh in wave form at her hips were very attractive. My eyes went further down to her love-triangle now.

She had removed all pubic hairs and the area glittered like silk. I was a little surprised to see a very large pussy – in length and breadth too. I could see the lips of her vagina were a little parted and I could even notice a little of the reddish contents inside.

She was not a virgin but a married lady alright, yet such a big, parted pussy? This prompted me to ask a question I forgot to ask till then “Darling, don’t you have kids?” “Oh… let us skip that” she dismissed with a wave of hand. I didn’t know why she said so.

I was least bothered to brood over it, rather my eyes shifted from her pussy to her long but fleshy thunder thighs and legs. Sizzling and sexy! I thought. “Are you going to spend the whole time staring and admiring my nude body?” she giggled.

“Throw away your clothes and join me” she invited. So I removed my shirt, pants and inner garments and stood naked. I saw her watching my penis with a little growth of pubic hairs around. “Ummm….good…” she said approvingly.

As I tried to lay on her, she rolled, toppled and came over me. She landed on my body with a heavy thud crushing her boobs under the impact. In the same action, she held my head circling it with her hands ramming her lips on mine.

I hugged her tightly with my hands around her. I also wrapped my legs around her thighs. Her smooches were not long but quick and incessant. This was followed by her licking my lips. Then she took my lower lip into her mouth and sucked it very hard.

Though she was not getting anything, yet I found her gulping down her throat as if she was getting a lot of juices. I gave her five minutes and then I took over. I asked her to wet her lips by running her tongue over them. Then I sucked her each lip for some time.

In between she tried to insert her tongue into my mouth to play with mine. I grabbed her tongue and punished it by sucking hard. This made her to moan deeply now. Since her tongue was arrested within my mouth, she could produce “humm…uumm..” sounds only.

“Jai, don’t you like to explore more sweet spots?” she enquired. “Sure” I said. However, I concentrated on kissing and licking behind her earlobes because I knew these are important erogenous spots on a lady’s body.

“Oooohhhhh…” she moaned deeply “Jai, it is for the first time somebody is exploring behind my ears. And, it is giving me extreme pleasures. I think you knew the art of sex and how to arouse a woman well” “You are right” I said.

Then I started to lick her neck and nape down through her spine up to the hip. It was giving her titillating sensations as she wriggled her body. When I turned to her front again, she lifted her boobs from their bases and offered as if she was giving me some gifts

“Jai, squeeze them” I accepted her breasts with my hands the way a scientist would receive Nobel Prize for some great achievement. Starting with caressing in circular motions, slowly I began to squeeze them softly.

I increased my pressure steadily climbing up as I wanted to find out what pressure she could sustain as well as enjoy. It is only when the fair flesh of her boobs began to spill through between my fingers she showed any sign of pain.

I continued to maul them the way a driver squeezes the rubber horn in an old truck. In order to give her relief, sometimes I stopped squeezing but stroked, kneaded and twisted her big, erect nipples. Often I tried to pull them together as if to pluck them out of her boobs.

She was enjoying all my plays releasing deep moans. “Jai, they are craving to go inside your mouth. Suck them now” she told. I was ready for that. But as soon as my open mouth was about to take her left boob in, she stopped me.

“No, Jai. I want to feed you like a baby” said she. “As you wish” I replied. She squatted on the bed folding her legs and I lay resting my head on her laps. Then she caught hold of her left breast keeping them between her thumb and other fingers together “Here it is.

Have it” she offered. Before I went for it, she thrust the boob into my open mouth. In fact, I took not only her nipple but also the entire area of her aureole inside. I started with playing the nipple with the tip of my tongue. Then I began sucking it hard.

I raised my left hand and caught her free right boob and squeezed it. I saw her swaying her head both sides releasing deep moans now. Often, she watched me sucking with contentment. In fact, the intensity of my sucking was more than the way a calf sucked the nipples

on the udder of a cow. After five minutes or so, she offered her other boob for sucking. After next few minutes, I thought she was satisfied with my sucking as I found her lying on her back on the bed. I shifted from her boobs running my tongue on her navel now.

I inserted my tongue into her shallow hole probing inside. I saw she was deriving pleasures. But I did not waste much time as there were more erotic seats of pleasures on her body yet remaining to be discovered and explored.

Moving downward by every millimeter, my mouth reached her big pussy. And what a big pussy it indeed was! I started by kissing on the gulf between the pussy lips. “Uuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiii..” she hooted. I guessed she was right in telling me earlier that her pussy

had become a hot furnace by the way I felt the temperature in that area had become very high. After showering at least twenty kisses, I started licking it from bottom to top by running my tongue mopping the whole slit several times. “Uiiii..Uiiii….Uiiii…Uiiii…”

she screamed to my every licking. Her vagina had already become wet and juicy. I separated her pussy lips wide and without looking at it I kept my nose on it and took a deep breath. I could get a pleasant aroma which I allowed the blood to carry to all over my body.

Then I opened my eyes and inspected her vagina. The area was pinkish in colour and her pussy hole reddish. Surprisingly, I noticed a very big hole, almost one and a half inches in diameter. I thought it was unusual for a lady of her present state to have such a big hole.

I became aware the soft hairs on my nape began to bristle and I knew what it meant. There was something coming up from my mind but I decided to delay it. I looked up to the joining point of her pussy lips together forming a hood at the top. I could easily see her pea-sized clitoris.

It was brownish. I rubbed and stroked it with the tip of my tongue. “Haaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii…” she shrilled. Carefully, I took it inside my mouth and began to suck it hard. She released more wild shrills that could be easily heard by the couple in the adjacent room.

Often, I bit and chewed her clit with my teeth. After five minutes or so, I found it roughed up and swollen. So, I left it. Now, I turned again to her pussy hole. I observed it more carefully. Though I was not a medical practitioner, I had enough knowledge on the anatomy of female genitals.

I could notice some marks, may be of stitches or surgical applications made, perhaps few years back, apparently to make or bring the vagina close and tight. The effort was successful but not in full. “Mala, please don’t try to bluff me. I knew female anatomy very well.

But what you claimed earlier does not corroborate with your vagina. Well, I don’t intend to probe. But, still, can you come clean and spill the beans?” I asked. “Does it matter?” she asked. “If you can satisfy my mounting curiosity, yes” I said.

She released a deep sigh and said “Jai, before my marriage, I had a boyfriend. We had gone physical several times. We were planning to get married, but he died in a car accident suddenly when I was three-and-half months pregnant from him.

But my pregnancy was not known to him. I had wanted to give birth to his baby but since he died, there was no option for me but to go for an abortion at a risky stage. The doctor warned it might be dangerous but yet I got it done. Rest is history” she concluded.

“Did your husband know this?” I asked. “I don’t know. I have not told him. And, he has not indicated anything to suggest he knew it from any source” she said. “But you should have got it confirmed for sure as it is going to affect your life with him” I remarked.

“Frankly speaking, Jai, I don’t care. I don’t give a damn. I might have cheated him. But he had cheated me also. So, it leveled the score. Since he had no qualm to go on cheating me, I am entitled to look for my own ways. And he had agreed to it.

I was not telling lies as you know he is screwing that slut right now there” she said. Now I knew how two and two was added to make four. “Did your cousin sister know all about these?” I enquired. “Yeah, she had known about my affair with my boyfriend and abortion.

But certainly not about this illicit relationship now” she replied. I did not care either. “Jai, I hope you would like to explore inside my vagina now” she said obviously not interested in taking more skeletons out of her cupboard.

“Yes darling” She tried and took several positions on the bed to find a convenient way for me to suck her pussy. However, somehow or the other it was becoming difficult for her to spread her legs and thunder thighs to offer her hole for sucking.

Lastly, she got up from the bed. I found her inspecting the room as if she had entered it for the first time. Her stare was now fixed on the closed window. Interestingly, I saw her in deep thoughts and smiling to herself. She grabbed her mobile phone and went to the window.

I watched her nude back and asses swaying while she walked. The lower portion of the window was about three-and-a-half feet or even less from the floor level having about three feet width. The window-sill was having about nine inches width.

She sat on the window-sill facing me. Then she spread her legs keeping both feet touching each sidewall of the window. I gaped at the way she sat like a gymnast. Her pussy became very much visible with a big hole at its centre as if the open mouth of a shark to swallow me.

I really appreciated her brains. “How is it honey?” she asked “I don’t think both of us would have any problem now. Come on, enjoy it” she invited. For a minute, I wondered if any lady on earth had ever given invitation to a man and offered him her pussy to mouth

in the way and position she sat. I approached her. First I tried bending forward, but I opted to stand on my knees. Yeah, now my mouth was exactly in level with her pussy. I brought out my tongue and pressed it on her hole. I was wrong.

There was no need for me to press as it slipped inside easily. There was no obstruction. Soon, I began to twist and wag it probing and exploring the interior and sidewalls. I touched every cell and tissue inside her canal with my tongue.

“Oooouuuiiiiii….Maaaaa….” she shouted. Soon my tongue was confronted with a flow of her pre-cum. I gulped it down my throat. As I continued to explore the breadth and depth of her pussy as much as possible with the length of my tongue, I heard her dialing on her mobile.

I did not care as I was fully engaged in giving and getting pleasures of the soft touch of my tongue with her pussy walls. My tongue got a free movement except for some thick juices filling her canal often. Then I heard her say on the mobile

“Dinesh, care to come inside for a minute?” I knew she called her husband in the other room through his mobile. While I was busy sucking her pussy, I heard a gentle rap on the door. “Come in. The door is not bolted” she said.

I heard the creek sound of the door being opened. “Look here, Dinesh, what he is doing to me” she said. I deliberately did not look over my shoulder at him but continued with my sucking. At this time, she held my head with her hands and pressed it very hard

to her pussy encouraging me to suck more hard. I knew she did it purposely for her husband to watch and I knew he was watching what we did. “Enjoy baby…enjoy…” I heard him say. Then I heard the sound of the door gently closed which indicated his exit.

“I wanted to show it to the bustard. He should learn how to arouse a lady” she said to me. “He knew it alright and must be doing it to his paramour right now” I said. “Not a chance. He never did it to me” she quipped. I did not say anything but continued with my vigorous sucking.

My tongue was often covered with a thick oily liquid which I consumed instantly. She made hitting my mouth thrusting her pussy forward very often. “How does my juice taste to you, darling?” she asked. “If you have tasted honey, you will know it”

I said without lifting my mouth from her pussy. She seemed to have liked what I said as she began to run her fingers through my head often pulling the hairs. I was feeling pain on my knees and legs out of continued kneeling in front of her wondering

how long it would take for her to reach orgasm. It took another three minutes of my rigorous sucking for her to explode with a thunderous roar. This time she thrust her pussy forward while holding my head pressed to her hole.

I felt my mouth and area around it smeared with some oily liquid as if sprayed with a grease-gun. I knew a gush of her lava was coming out. I pressed my mouth tightly covering her hole and took the cum inside.

I drank in quick gulps as my mouth was getting filled up again and again. I could not imagine how a lady could secrete this much quantum of cum. For a minute I wondered if she was urinating, but she was not. Her flow fizzled out after a minute or so.

I wiped her hole by licking it. Then I stood up as she also brought back her legs to sit comfortably on the sill. She held me close to her and kissed all over my face in admiration for the pleasures of oral sex given to her. “Thank you very much, honey, for a wonderful sucking.

You know, it is after several years I got this pleasure of my vagina being sucked” she said. “My pleasure too darling” I said. We came to the bed and sat on it. I ran my right hand caressing her big boobs. In fact, I was bursting with burning desires for my cock to be sucked.

But she made no sign of going to do a blowjob. I also opted not to mention it. I had never insisted a lady to do anything against her expressed desires. “We should fuck now. What do you say?” she asked.

I agreed to it immediately because my cock was aching for some action any way. I was amazed to see her looking at the bed and then at the floor as if to locate something she had lost. She had something in mind. May be, she had some wild fantasies, I thought.

I watched her get up from the bed and open the almirah. She took two duppattas from it and came to me. ‘Was she planning both of us to commit suicide by hanging’ I grinned to think it. She asked me to get up.

Then bringing both my hands together at my back, she tied them together with one duppatta. Next, to my amazement, she brought the other duppatta over my eyes and tied it behind my head. “What is the great idea” I quizzed.

“Wait and see honey” she said. I checked my hands. I knew she had not tied my hands tightly and can be easily freed with some movements. Also, the duppatta over my eyes had also not been tied tightly. I released a sigh of relief.

At least, she can not commit any crime quickly. She led me by hand to the corner of the room and said “Darling, I am going to leave you here. Actually I wanted to tie your legs also, but I am not doing that. I will be lying at the middle of the floor.

You have also to lie on the floor and creep towards me. When you get me, you have to mount on me. But mind you, you should not get up nor use your legs. Then you should penetrate my pussy with your dick. I want to see how you do it.

If you find it exceedingly difficult, I will cooperate and help you. But you have to fuck me in this condition only. What do you say about my idea?” she asked. “You should have sent to add this new position in the book of Kama Shastra of Vatsyana” I said laughing out loudly.

She joined my laughter. Suddenly she left my hand and left. I sat on the floor and then laid on it. I was trying to use my knees and elbows to move forward when I heard her say “No honey, no tricks, please creep and crawl” I knew she was watching me from the middle of the floor.

Then I heard her talking on her mobile “Dinesh, sorry for disturbing, but could you send her to me for a few minutes? I know you won’t like it, but please Dinesh, please for my pleasure. I would like her watch something very interesting….please Dinesh…..”

I could not hear what he had told. But when she said “Thank you very much” I guessed he had agreed to send his paramour to our room. I began to creep and crawl on the floor slowly towards her. Often I had to make advancement by a little jump.

I guessed my movement must have appeared exactly the way an earthworm moved. After a while, I heard the door open and Mala telling “Hey, you see and watch what he does” I guessed the other lady must be watching me in nude move on the floor with my cock brushing against it.

Mala was giving me directions. After about three minutes I reached where she lay. I began my strenuous effort of climbing and mounting on her body. From the touches, I knew she was welcoming me spreading her legs and thighs as wide as possible.

I crept and crept as if it was a never-lasting journey. Lastly, I could somehow manage to lie exactly lengthwise on her body. I adjusted my groin so that my penis was in level with her pussy hole. I raised my buttocks, kept the head of my cock touching her pussy and pressed.

Nothing happened except my cock slipped and crushed under me. I tried several times, but could not succeed. “It is not going to work, darling” I said though I was immensely enjoying a new method of fucking. “Okay, I shall help you get inside” she said.

When I raised my buttocks, she caught my erect penis and guided it into her hole. I made a massive heave and fell down. “Pplliiiccckkkkkk…” I knew my cock disappeared into her tunnel up to its hilt. “Haaahhhh……” she clapped her hands in admiration.

“Woooohhhhhhhhh……” that was an unfamiliar sound I heard for the first time. I considered it came from the other lady. “Go on watching us…” I heard Mala telling this to her. To me she said “Jai, go on fucking me now”

Since my hands were tied behind and she had asked me not to use my legs, I had no option but to raise my buttocks and come down heavily to fuck her. And, I did exactly that. I went on bouncing and bumping on her repeatedly.

At this time, Mala brought her hands over my asses. She separated my asses and thrust her middle finger into my anus. “Ooohh….” I felt a little pain. My fucking continued for another couple of minutes. Then she made a change.

When I rose and came down heavily on her, she arched her body upward and gave a reciprocating upward thrust to swallow my incoming penis with her pussy. “Ooooohhhhhhhhh…….” I heard the other lady scream.

I knew she must have wanted to say something more, but for obvious reason, she kept silent. Then I heard some footfalls approaching us. “What was that?” I asked Mala. “She came near us. She is now bending and watching our lovemaking

and the way your big cock invades my tunnel” Mala told me. After some time, I heard the footfalls moving away from us and the door closing. “She had gone. I think the whore would like to emulate it with him now” Mala said. “Okay” I replied.

We continued with our fucking again. This time she wrapped her legs around my body and caught my asses with her hands. She held my body tightly with her legs and pressed my asses down whenever she made an upward thrust.

Also, she gripped my penis inside tightly by contracting her vaginal muscles. This was giving me extreme pleasures and for the first time I started moaning. But my pleasure did not last long as she suddenly collapsed with a deafening roar, obviously attaining orgasm.

I felt her vaginal grip on my penis loosing and my cock being submerged in a deluge of her cum. I accelerated in my handicapped position and within a few seconds I too climaxed pumping my cum and inundating her tunnel fully. We lay like that for several minutes.

She stirred first and woke me up from the slumber. She planted a hot kiss on my lips. Then she untied my hands and removed the cloth blinding me. I too kissed her passionately. “It was a wonderful fucking darling. You have great ideas” I appreciated her.

“Thank you” she acknowledged. My cock was still inside her, but only half since some length had slipped out. As I took it out and was examining she said “Jai, put it inside my mouth” As I was half-hearted with my disappointment out of her not giving me a full blowjob,

I remained silent. However, she got up, bent over me and took my whole penis inside her mouth. She was not sucking it but collecting the mixed cums by swirling her tongue around my cock. I saw her swallowing the fluids.

I wondered if she could drink the juices, why not she could do a blowjob! Later, we lay side by side on the bed taking some rest. This time she asked “Darling, would you mind to do a second round of sucking me? In fact, you did a wonderful sucking

a little before and I enjoyed it the most” “Sure, I shall do it. It’s my pleasure” I said. This time, she lay on my body in reverse direction. She offered her big pussy directly on my mouth by spreading her legs and thighs. Soon I started my job.

My tongue took its journey into her tunnel in no time. It wagged and twisted inside freely as it was already juicy. To my pleasant surprise, at this time, she held my cock and began exploring it with her tongue.

She pressed its head and tried to push the tip of her tongue into the small hole at the tip of my penis. I was getting great pleasures indeed. As I continued with the sucking of her pussy, now she took half of my penis’s length inside her month and began to suck it very hard.

The sagged cock jumped to life gaining length and breadth. Due to increased size, she had to take some length out of her mouth keeping its head only inside. She too was doing a fine blowjob as I equally did the sucking.

It was I who attained climax first spraying my cum into her mouth. She swallowed it in gulps. I think the quantity was a little less than my first ejaculation. However, it took another two minutes of my non-stop sucking for her to climax with intermittent sprays.

She offloaded from my body and lay by the side still in reverse position. Both of us were exhausted not because of any physical exertions but out of climaxes. May be we rested for nearly twenty minutes. I opened my eyes by the nudges with her elbow.

“Jai, I think it is time for another round of lovemaking” she suggested. She found me still tired and my penis totally sagged and shrunk. “Any new idea, honey” I asked her. “Yeah” she replied and said “Jai, can you stand upside down on the floor?”

My eyes popped out “You mean on Sheershasana in Yoga?” She nodded. “I had practiced it but it was many years ago. I don’t think I would be able to do it now” I said. “Okay, can you do the Sarvanghasana?” she asked. I did not answer but stood up and lay on the floor.

Supporting my hips with my hands, I slowly lifted my legs and raised my buttocks and hips perpendicular to the floor to the maximum I could. At this time she sat near me and caught my penis. Predictably, she took it inside her mouth and began to suck it very hard.

It was an awkward position to do a blowjob yet I felt it splendid. In less than two minutes, my cock sprang to the full erected position. She took it out from her mouth, observed it and nodded her approval. “Get up now” she said. I came back to my horizontal position and stood up.

To my amazement, I saw her now lying on the floor near the cot in the same Sarvanghasana position keeping her legs and hips perpendicular to the floor. She too supported her hips with the hands. Then she spread the legs and thighs the way a gymnast performs

on a horizontal bar. While I watched, she brought her legs over her head and shoulders and touched the floor with her feet. Her face was hidden under her O shaped position but I smiled to see her big pussy very much revealed and exposed at the top.

“Jai, come to my back" she invited. I went just at her back and looked down upon her. I thought she was really crazy for the weird ideas and wild fantasies she kept. Then I looked at her big gaping pussy hole. A swish sound escaped from my mouth instantly.

“Hey, what was that?” she asked. “Mala, I was thinking if I drop a coin into your hole, it would go down flat without touching the vaginal walls” I said with a wide grin. “Then check it with your rod” she challenged, obviously not amused with what I had said.

I caught my penis that stood at an elevated angle and bent it downward. Then I bent my own body and approached her hole. I placed the head of my cock on her hole and made a small push. “Plishhhh….” it slipped inside and disappeared.

The sight made me laugh. “Good” she said and continued “Jai, now fuck me in upright position” I began the interesting task of taking my cock in and out of her by rising and lowering my body repeatedly. I was amused but was enjoying the fucking

in a new way which I had not practiced before. My action looked exactly like the way one pumps air into a cycle tyre. However, in this position, whenever my penis rammed down, I could clearly feel it was hitting her uterus walls as the length of her tunnel remained contracted

and reduced due to the posture she adopted. I didn’t know if it was hurting her but I did not bother to ask either. Then I remembered the position would help me to locate her Grafenberg Spot (G-spot) easily and stimulate it.

I tried by hitting the walls about five centimeters deep with the head of my cock. After some try I could see she stirred whenever my cock hit a particular spot inside her tunnel. I concentrated on it and went on hitting that spot several times.

I felt that location was becoming thicker and swelled. “Uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…” she began releasing wild hooting shrills. “Jai, your fucking has started giving me some new, inexplicable pleasures suddenly. I had not experienced it even with my boyfriend.

What exactly are you doing?” she asked. “Do you need to count the trees or eat the mangoes?” I asked and went on with a laugh “I am hitting your G-spot now” “What is that, darling?” she enquired. I had no time or interest to teach it to her.

So I gained up momentum and went on fucking her savagely. Since her juices inside could not ooze out as the hole was tilted upward, whenever my penis penetrated inside, the fluids escaped through the gaps in between the circumference of my cock

and her pussy walls and splashed to outside in tiny bubbles. The only disadvantage in this position was we could not have body contacts nor could I squeeze her boobs or kiss her. During my fucking she said, still in her uncomfortable position:

“Jai, I wish this scene to be watched by those bastards. Can you call them dialing the number I will tell on the mobile?” “Oh…why do you bother to show them, darling? There is no sense in making them envy us. Let them enjoy in their own way” I replied.

To tell the truth, I was immensely enjoying fucking her in the new position and I did not want to interrupt to take the mobile and talk. However, this time she reached climax first followed by me in less than five minutes.

There was a sudden burp of our mixed juices emanating out of her hole in effervescence the way boiled milk spills out of the container. “Jai, don’t take your dick out and let it remain inside for some time” she requested.

I was finding it difficult to stand in a bent position particularly after my ejaculation. Yet, I fought with the odds for her pleasure. However, after a minute she asked me to withdraw. I was happy to hear and stand straight releasing my cock from her tunnel.

She too brought her body back to her normal straight position but continued to lie on the floor. “Did you want to become pregnant, darling?” I asked. “Haha…, nothing of that sort. I just wanted my body to absorb your cum. You know some ladies feel inexplicable pleasures in doing it.

I am just one among them. I am adopting precautions, so no question of pregnancy” she said. She extended her right hand and I pulled her up. Both of us bundled ourselves on to the bed, fully tired and exhausted out of the lovemaking.

We didn’t know when we slipped to a nap. After half an hour or so, it was I who got up first and woke her too. She smiled while looking at the puddles and stains on the bed sheet caused with the cums oozed and drooped from our genitals during sleep.

“Can we have a wash” I asked. “Oh sure” she said and accompanied me to the attached bathroom. We washed our private parts and wiped with a towel she gave. As I was wearing my clothes, she said to me with growing concern “Jai, you are not going.

We should spend the night and sleep together” “Sorry and thanks, darling. I need to go” I said with a stress of determination. “When can we meet next? You give me a call. I eagerly look forward to our next……” I raised my hand to stop her.

“Sorry again, darling to have to disappoint you. But no more meetings” “But…w..h..y..? Didn’t you like me?” she implored. “Just a matter of principle. I never meet a lady for the second time. I don’t want to develop any sentimental or emotional bondage with her.

You know, a man may live in many places still not call them home” I said. She did not say anything but I thought she was about to weep. I went near her and consoled by caressing her head and tresses. She stood up and kissed me on lips. She was still nude.

“Time for me to go” I reminded her. She came out of the bed reaching for her clothes. “It’s alright darling. Leave it. You need rest” I insisted her not to accompany me to the door. “Jai, please at least have a cup of tea” she beseeched.

“No. Thank you very much” I insisted. “Okay, I will see you off from the door of this room” she was virtually begging now. I didn’t say anything. She took a bath-towel and wrapped it around her body covering from the level starting from the middle of her breasts

reaching up to the half of her thighs. To speak the truth, when I looked at her semi-nude body with only the towel on, my blood boiled up gushing through the veins once again and I had to resist my temptation to rush to her. She came and clung to me.

I nearly had to drag her up to the door of the room. She gave a final kiss on my lips “Thank you, Jai” “Thank you too” I said. We saw the door of the adjacent bedroom remained open. Mala peeped inside. “I think the bitch had fled. No sign of them” she said.

I smiled but did not say anything. We waved at each other. Standing at the room-door, she was still looking at me as I moved to the drawing room. While crossing the drawing room in a hurry to reach the front-door,

I did not notice her husband sitting on the sofa paging through a magazine. “She is a stinking whore, Mr. Jairaj. All the same, I hope you enjoyed with her” I turned to look over my shoulder at him. I didn’t know what to say to him. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is innocent?

Who is guilty? Who is to be blamed? Who is to be acquitted? Who is the bastard? Who is a whore? I never knew. I stopped as I saw him get up and extend his hand once again. As our hands remained locked in a handshake, he said “Goodbye Mr. Jairaj.

Please remember, just because I allowed you to fuck my wife does not make me a pimp. I hope you would be intelligent enough to know your right from your left” “Just because I agreed to and satisfied your wife in bed does not make me a gigolo either.

I hope you would be wise enough to identify your weakness than your strength” I retorted. I did not look back at Mala who clapped her hands from behind the door in obvious appreciation to what I had replied to her husband.

Nor did I bother to meet his gaping eyes but withdrew my hand saying “Goodbye to you too, Mr. Dinesh”. I crossed the door, reached the road and waved at a passing cab. Just similar to an earlier occasion, sitting at the backseat of the cab, I thought

“Why do people fool around playing with their follies and lives? Why do they wash their dirty linen in public? Do they not realize a few minutes’ pleasures could land them in eternal pains? May be they blamed it on the ways of life

and sought solace in the Urdu shayari “Vo nahin badnaam jisne dilko hein paida kiya, Dil se jo paida huyi vo aarzoo badnaam hein..” (He who created the mind is not disrepute but the wishes emerging out of the mind are malice).

Hot train journey

This happened during one of my travels. I had gone to attend one of my friend’s marriages who hailed from Calcutta and was heading back home. He had come to send me off and we were talking near the door to my compartment.

I had booked myself a berth in a 2nd class AC. Well, I was stationed in Vizag but basically from Kerala and so in a way was quite lucky to speak the south Indian languages. Well to come to the story. We saw two pretty girls heading towards us and as they came nearer

we made way for them, as they passed us my friend told something in Bengali to which they giggled and boarded the compartment. I asked him what he said to them. He told me that he gave them a compliment that both are beautiful.

A small briefing on them…. Rajeswari and Gayathri were their names (which I came to know later). Both were cousins and Rajeswari was pregnant, in her 6th month. We were talking about them and how sexy they were even though one of them was pregnant.

Gayathri was slim and tall, the breasts were just ripe enough to be sucked and eaten. Her measurements were 34-29-36. She was wearing a light peach colored churdidhar. Rajeswari was wearing a dark red sari. She was on the plump side.

I heard the whistle blowing and so said bye to my friend and boarded the train. I saw these two pretty girls near the bathroom laughing and giggling. I saw that there was an old man in the bathroom peeing with the door not fully closed and as a result these two girls

were watching his tool. As they saw me they pretended as if nothing happened and they started to leave, talking to themselves. Raji was telling Gayu how big the thing was in Telugu and I was quite relieved that they were from Andhra and so thought if I played my cards

well I can have atleast one of them. Immediately I told them… they should see mine and will not be disappointed. They went motionless and were speechless at my comment. After a few seconds, they just left with their heads hung down.

The journey was nearly 15 hrs and so had ample time to wind. The compartment was not completely full and after a while I just walked the whole compartment to see where these two girls were seated. Mine was nearer to the door and they were seated three rows after mine.

As I passed by them they looked at me and were giggling. To cut the story short and not to be too boring…….I was standing near the door and was gazing out, that’s when I saw Raji coming to use the bathroom.

As she passed me I told her that the invitation was still open with a wink. She just smiled and after using the loo she came to me and started to talk. She introduced herself and told me that she was wither husband in Calcutta,

now going back to her home which was in Vijayawada with her cousin who had come to accompany her. As we were chatting, I was thinking that time was running out and so had to take a quick decision.

I told her how beautiful she was even though pregnant and her husband was lucky enough to have her. She blushed and said, “Naughty” to which I said my invitation was still open. I told her we will be getting down in two different stations in a short while

and why not let this be a little naughty adventurous trip. She started to look down at her feet and was smiling. I said we can go to the loo and I just held her hand and walked to the loo. She didn’t resist and the moment I shut the door,

I just hugged her and started to kiss her tender lips sucking each petal and at the same time my hands went to her boobs. As I kept kissing her I undid her blouse buttons from the front at the same time from behind I let go of her bra hook.

Those beautiful melons were so happy to be released from captivity and my hands just grabbed them and put one into my mouth like a hungry child sucking and nibbling it. She was moaning and her hands moved down to my pants, unzipped it to release my hungry tool.

She was amazed to see it which was hard rock erect at 8inches. I couldn’t control anymore and just made her turn lifting up the sari. I took my member and inserted into her hot pussy and started to move with the rhythm of the train.

I was playing with her boobs and she was moaning. As I was about to come I took out my tool and then with her juices I rubbed her anus and slowly inserted my tool into her anus and started to ride her. With my free hand I inserted my two fingers into her hot pussy.

Within a few minutes I came and loaded her anus with my cum. I took out my tool and kneeling down started to suck and nibble at her pussy which was overflowing with her juices. She started to press my head to her dripping pussy and I was drinking the juices greedily.

She was biting her lips to stop her moans and soon after she came with the juices flowing into my mouth. I just drank all and licked clean her pussy. I told her it was yummy and she was blushing, told me that her huby never did this and was very happy for this adventure.

I just hugged her and left the loo smiling. As I came out I saw Gayu coming and guessed she was searching for Raji. I told her smilingly that she was still in the loo but not to worry as she was fine and enjoying it there. I was already thinking of how to trap Gayu but the very unthinkable happened. Well that’s in other story.