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Priti Miss First Sex Teacher Of Rakesh - II

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I couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t react. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. She caressed my chest. She then loosened my pajama and removed it. I was in front of my favorite teacher in just an underwear. She took me to her bedroom and I lied on the bed. She had a good glance and said I am sexy too. She was still fully dressed in the churidar.

She came near me and slid her hands into my underwear and removed it. I was all aroused and my penis which was 7 and a half inches long stood erect. Priti miss had a naughty smile looking at it and then looked at my eyes and said: “You have a nice tool, Rakesh”. I just smiled back. She sat on the bed and got hold of my cock.

She caressed it and gave a nice kiss at its tip. I was like in heaven. She began to stroke it with her hands spitting on it every now and then. She then put it in her mouth and began to suck and lick it. It gave me a pleasure that is beyond the description. Wow. All these years, I had fantasized about Priti miss when I masturbated and I today she was giving me a blowjob.

She didn’t speak anything and there were some moans here and there. She was still fully dressed and I didn’t have the courage to ask her to remove it. She continued for some 10 minutes and I couldn’t hold on for more and I came. She caught it fully in her mouth and swallowed it and licked off what was left over from my penis.

I was a little ashamed, feeling I didn’t hold out enough for her. I laid there fully naked. She too laid right next to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. While she was kissing, she was holding my penis and my balls with her hand. She continued kissing me for five minutes and it was very wet. I enjoyed it very much.

She smiled at me and lay there next to me keeping her hand on my chest. I really wanted to see her naked and I lost my patience and after a little hesitation I asked: “Can I see you naked?”. She told me “I was wondering why you were not asking me this. I was beginning to think I made you do this, I mean are you ok with this?”.

I quickly said yes and it was my wildest of dreams and I am enjoying every bit of it. Then, she told me to be a man and ask what I needed and it’s only between us both. She got up with a cute smile and stood to face me. She first undid her pajamas and got out of it. I got a clear view of her soft white legs. They were so beautiful. She then pulled up her top and removed it.

It was a real feast for my eyes. She wore a black bra and pink panty. She had a little bulky belly and thigh. But I must say they were well shaped and they only added fuel to her beauty. She asked me to get up and I stood in front of her. I had got another erection by this time and my cock was touching her belly.

She unhooked the bra and her boobs were firm like melons with large round dark nipples. It was the first time I was seeing a woman naked in real life. I held them in my hands and squeezed it. I kissed on the nipples and I couldn’t resist sucking it. I sucked them for quite a while and I got her onto the bed. She took her legs up and asked me to take her panty off. I slowly took it off.

She was really hairy down there and I loved it. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her and I said yes of course. She said that I can fuck her after I lick her pussy. I was hesitant at first, but when I started it I really liked it and continued licking her pussy for some 10 minutes. She was moaning all along talking erotically.

Then she took my face in hers and kissed me on my lips and said “Fuck me” in a slutty way. She made me lie on my back and came on top of me. She slid my penis into her already wet vagina. She controlled the strokes the way she wanted and I was like in heaven. We went on for five minutes and then changed the position. I stood on the floor and took her to the edge of the bed.

I inserted my penis again into her pussy and began stroking her. I began very slowly and I kept on increasing the speed. About five minutes into it, her grunting and moaning got louder and she wrapped her legs around me tightly and pressed both her hands down there. My penis was still inside her. She later told me that she had an orgasm at that time.

I began to stroke her again and she told me to do it very slowly. She was behaving like unconscious. We went on for few more minutes and I cum again this time inside her. I fell on top of her tired and she kissed me again on my lips. She told, “you are pretty good”. I smiled back.”It was the best sex I ever had.

My husband doesn’t like to lick my pussy and that is what I crave for the most. Did you like my pussy?” she asked. I said yes and it tasted great. We held our arms around each and other laid there completely naked. We slept for two hours and woke up before her son returned.

Before I left she told me that I should not misunderstand and said she is not a slut or anything. Everything that went on between us was because we were so close. She said she couldn’t resist the urge for sex when she saw my bulge in the first place. I said I only understand her better and I said I love her. She smiled back.

Now we always have sex when she is alone at her home and when I am free and I even fucked her in the ass which was her fantasy. Now, she is left for Delhi as her hubby got transferred there.

The End.

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Priti Miss First Sex Teacher Of Rakesh - I

I’m Rakesh. I am from Pune. This is my real sex story. I’m a student of 19 years old and this incident happened a year ago when I was in 12th. This is about my relationship with me and my beautiful maths teacher Priti. She had started teaching me at the school since I was in 7th and her home was near to mine.

So we had a good student teacher relationship. Whenever I had any doubts, I would go to her to clarify it and I’m sure she liked me as her student. We were very close and friendly. Let me tell you about Priti miss, She was probably in her mid-thirties but look far younger. Her husband was in the merchant navy and won’t be with her for months.

She had a son of 10 years old. She lived alone with her son. She was fair skinned, quite tall and was a little bit fleshy too, which balanced her height. She had a long silky hair and she always wore a sari to school. You could know from this how beautiful she was. I knew her since I was in 7th but I didn’t have anything dirty in my mind till I was in 12th.

My friends used to talk erotically about her and it was then that I too began thinking of her like that. As she lived near my home, she would give me lift in her car sometimes. I would sit in the front seat and she would be driving. I could have a good view of her belly her breasts under the blouse as well. I must say her breast were huge & firm.

When I was walking with her, I would walk behind her and would peep to see the lace of the bra. She mostly wore a black bra. All those dirty thoughts circled my mind about her. I masturbated countless times fantasizing about her. And imagine all that she was taking in the class was about reproduction, sexual organs and that kind of stuff.

I used to go home for studying on weekends and her son would be out at his friends home or in his tuition. This incident happened on one such weekend, a Saturday. I went there at 10 a.m and she told me to get in and wait for her till she finishes her bath. After 15 minutes, she came back. She was wearing a churidar and she didn’t have a shawl.

It was low cut and when she sat near me I had a good view of her cleavage. I then looked at her face and to my shock, she was looking at me and smiling. I was sure I had been caught. She didn’t talk anything about it but began teaching me. I couldn’t concentrate even a little bit and wondered what she would have thought about me.

But, I took some notes blindly just for the sake of it. After two hours, we were done and I was eager to get home. She told me to wait and she wanted to talk to me. She told me that she had noticed me looking at her body and I was embarrassed to hear that. I told no miss. She told me that it’s ok and young boys would do that.

“Just now, I caught you staring at my cleavage and don’t think I haven’t seen you looking at me when I’m driving”. Now, this was a real shock to me. All these times, she knew that I was having impure thoughts about her. She asked me what I think of her. I was too embarrassed to speak and I gathered some courage and told: “you are beautiful”.

She laughed and replied “just beautiful? Do you watch blue films?” she asked. This time it was the fear which gripped me, I suddenly replied no. “Hmm..I’m not going to believe you completely. It was from your class that we raided some 20 CDs, even though you were clean in that, I know young boys”, she told with a wicked smile.

I again contradicted her and told no and it’s not like that. She then said “why are you so tensed Rakesh, we’ve known each other for so long and we are like friends aren’t we?? You don’t need to convince me, you are a good boy, I am sure you are and you don’t need to tell lies. This will stay between two of us.”

I was relieved after hearing that.”What about blue films?”, she asked with a teasing smile again looking directly into my eyes. I couldn’t help saying yes. “How many have you seen?” she asked. I said, “a lot” with some hesitation. Seeing my concern, she told, ” It’s OK, you still have good marks in all subjects and just make sure you do not over indulge”.

”So my boy has started to speak the truth, and what is that you think of me?? Just beautiful??”. I didn’t answer. She came and sat right next to me and took my hand. There was a bulge right away and she noticed that. “That answers my question, I guess, doesn’t it?”. I didn’t utter a word.

She then asked, “Am I sexy??”I looked at her and gained some courage and said yes. She only smiled back. She sat ever closer to me and slid her hand inside my shirt from the bottom.

To Be Continued...

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Sheena Enjoying Hot Time With Student

Hi guys I am SHEENA (Name Changed), I came mumbai 6 years back for my further studies and now I am doing my PG. I am fitness freak I hit gym almost everyday to keep my sexy figure 34 28 34 maintain. I am very dominating since birth wherever I go I want things to be done the way I want.

i am not very out going girl as I dont get gel up with people very soon may be that is the reason I couldnt survive in PG and had to take my own rented flat where I give tutions to 10 and 12th students to earn extra money.

but that doesn't fulfill my desire, I have desire of roaming with boyfriend being loved drinking, smoking with my guy and enjoy the life with him until we growup in life... but unfortunately there's no hot guy in my college with whom I would like to make pair and end of the day I end up roaming and drinking with my girls group.

lets come to the story. it was saturday and usually I used to have holiday of my college and friday night we had blast as it was my friend's birthday.. we all drank at my place her boyfriend came he was holding her from behind and kissing in front of us as he gave her a surprise with a romantic dance and the way he was holding her kissing her made me hungry for a man

but as usual I had to sleep like that only... it was 8 o clock in the morning and someone rang the bell I opened it and saw one of my student (12th standard) standing on door I asked him why is he so early so he said cause you asked me to come as I have final exam on monday. I said ohh fuck I forgot come in and you start solving sums which I have taught you.

he was starring my boobs I realized I was wearing nighty which was way above my knees and it was giving good view of my cleavage also... I asked him to solve sums and buzz me after half and hour.. I was in hangover... my head was spinning so I tried sleeping for sometime the moment I closed my eyes I started imagining scenario which I saw yesterday

and I was getting horny so I took something between my legs and wore my eye cap... my room is very bright and I have always wear eye cap before I sleep and I slept... I didn't bother to change as he was in hall and I was in my room because usually he never enter my bedroom....i slept...

after sometime I woke up with a shock as I found something weird I shouted and immediately removed my eye mask and saw it was my student between my legs licking my pussy... and because my panty was on my both knees and his head was on pussy and hands on boobs... I couldn't get up...

I shouted what the fuck are u doing over here I will fuck ur happiness move away from me... he said teacher you enjoyed from last 10 minutes and now when u r done u r shouting.i was just trying to help as you were fingering in ur pussy so I just licked it... I kept mum for a min he said u know what, I know u also want action.... I have also never done it will u give me chance to break my virginity?

i was blank I pulled my panty up and pushed him, made my way to the bathroom... I was wet and my pussy was constantly leaking.... I don't know what happened to me after peeing I went to the bedroom where he was adjusting his pants and I looked in his eyes and said if I let u do anything you will go out and brag that I have spread my legs for you... isn't it ?

he said no no teacher I was just trying to help you.. I said shut up... do as I say remove all ur clothes... and stand straight in front of me.. he was shocked and ashamed... I went and pulled his lower down and asked him to remove his underwear and shirt as well...

he did that I removed his phone clicked his pictures and whasapped it to my phone... he was blank what was I doing? then I told him.... I have clicked ur nudes and whatapped it to me if u ever try to be smart with me then I will take this pic to the police and fuck ur happiness... and I will post it to ur fb as well, he started pleading... ma'am I sorry I just tried to help you,

I saw u were rubbing between the legs so I licked it.u helped me ? how can you fucking enter my bedroom without my permission? I will put you behind the bars and file a case of attempt to fuck. he was freaked out completely as I noticed his dick became small and he started sweating as well. he looked into my eyes and when he saw that I m very serious he went on knees and said sorry,

I didn't even move a bit he was almost crying. I went and sat on my bean bag he was on loop with his sorry song. I removed my panty and threw it on his face and told him. "I can keep this attempt of yours a secret" Only if you do what I say, Also you have to keep it secret as well... werna police ladkiyo ki zyadaa sunti hai...

Chal Ab mere doggy ki tarah meri panty apne muh me utha aur yaha leke aa mere paas.... he was confused as hell, I said bastard do as I say... agar mera mood change hua to aaj hi complaint kerdungi, he came with panty in his mouth like a dog, I opened my legs and held his head and pulled it to my pussy, NOW LICK IT YOU DOG.

make me wet or I will get policeman to fuck ur ass. he was licking me. he was licking me down and I held his hand and kept it on my boobs press them as well.. u r playing with it right? play now...he also started enjoying, after some time of licking pussy he gradually got free and started inserting his finger and pressing my boobies,

and the reaction which I gave him must have given him some confidence to insert another finger which he did, I was on th urge of splashing my cum I told him to do it as fast as possible, which made him loose everything and he cummed and it splashed so hard that I came on my feet and floor.... till then I was also done,

as I lie down with my eyes closed he also lied in the floor as he was feeling weak, I told him he have to clean all the mess he created in my bedroom, and mop my flooring as well.I TOOK HIS PHONE AND SENT A VULGAR MESSAGE ON MY NUMBER AND WROTE IN THE END, ENJOY MY NUDE PICS AND BE MY FIRST SEX TEACHER,


aur agar meri sunta raha to fayede me rahega, jahan mujhe double cross kiya main bas ek complaint kerdungi, aise bhi tu hi aaya tha na pehle meri help kerne.... from that day he was my slave, I have many more stories of this bastard! will share stories once I get good audience to appreciate as I am sharing something which is very personal.

Thanks guys GN.

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Runal Getting Fucking Lesson In Tuition - II

She made a slow to and fro motion making my dick getting more hard-on. I released her and lifted her tops from her body. Now she is wearing bra and panty. I sat on the bed and asked her to sit showing her back to me.

I pressed my lips at the base of her back neck. I slowly came down by tasting her back body. She was wearing hook bra type and I released her boobs from the tension. Her boobs are free and her nipples can erect as much as they want now. I cupped her boobs from behind and started to press them.

By holding her boobs and pressing, I slowly moved down by kissing till her waist. Her radiant body tastes like vanilla ice cream. I bit her shoulders and asked her to turn to my side. I looked at her face. Her beautiful face was covered with happiness, unexpectedness, some fear, and more blushes.

I loved it and kissed her for very long time. I looked at her boobs. They were standing like two towers burning in fire. I immediately sucked her boobs, letting my saliva to stop the burning fire. But this just fuelled the fire more and I am not complaining it.

I swirled my tongue around her nipple region which was surrounded by a small dark circle. Her nipples were erected and bit them hard without my teeth touching them. For every action of mine, she gave a loud audible moaning and her hands groped my hairs.

I kissed all over her body and slowly reached her pussy. I removed her underwear and shorts completely from her body. She is naked now. Her pussy looked so beautiful; it was covered with her pubic hair here and there. I saw white color liquid oozing in her pussy. I inserted my finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck her slowly.

Her body shook more rigorously and she couldn’t sit on the bed. She lied down on the bed, giving me more access to her pussy. I finger fucked her tight pussy slowly enabling her to reach orgasm.

Her body was shivering; her middle body was going up and down. All this while, my dick was fighting inside my underwear, waiting to be unleashed. I kissed on her thighs and ankles. I lay down on the bed and asked her to unbutton my shirt. She unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my chest.

She kept some of my chest hairs in between her teeth and tried to pluck it out. It gave me a slight pain but the pleasure was more. She kissed me up to my lower abdomen. I asked her to remove my jeans and she did as told. She looked at my underwear and blushed. I asked her to remove my under wear and suck my dick.

She smiled and said no. I asked the reason and she said that she has never sucked a dick. I told her that there is a first time for everything. It means she has been fucked already and I asked her about it. She confirmed it and said it happened in the dark once with her ex-boyfriend.

She said that her boyfriend just fucked her without any kinda foreplay. She told me that she is enjoying this. I lowered my underwear and shown her my dick. She giggled as she said that this is the first time she is seeing a dick in the bright light.

I took her hand, put it on my dick and rubbed it. I helped her to do this few times and then I lifted my hand from her hand. She continued it and we kissed again. This time both of our kisses were so passionate that our tongues got in to fight.

I asked her to blow me but she had reservation about it. I told her again to do it and she bent her body and put her head closer to my dick. She grabbed my dick and then just kissed on its head. I understood that I have to teach her about this. So I asked her to pull back my foreskin which she did immediately.

She looked like a super nerd who doesn’t want to disappoint her teacher and ready to do anything the teacher asks. I asked her to suck my dick and she started to suck my dick so eagerly. After few sucks, she stopped it and laughed out loud. Then she started to suck my dick again. She sucked my dick slowly in a way I wanted.

Then, I asked her to swirl her tongue around my dick, which she did fantastically and that generated pulsating wave inside my body and spread through all over my body. I grabbed her hairs in my hand and enjoyed the way she is sucking my dick. It always a pleasant sight to watch your dick sucked by a beautiful girl.

Then, I put her on the bed. I asked her if it’s ok for her to get fucked without a condom. She said that she knows where her dad keeps condoms and then she told me the place. I ran there in a flash and took it out. I came to her bedroom and she was waiting for me there with her legs crossed. I spread opened her legs to see her juice-dripping pussy.

Now, it’s ready to be pounded. I stood on the floor, worn condom and I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. I bent forward and inserted my dick into her pussy. It was so tight and I could penetrate through the opening slowly. She let out a huge shout and shook her head.

Her right hand grabbed my forearm and her left hand grabbed the bed sheet. Her lower body automatically came up. Then I tried to penetrate more. She again felt pain and her breath became heavy. Her pussy is tighter than my girlfriend’s pussy. I told her to relax and she told me to do slowly. I was already doing it slowly. My half dick is inside her pussy and it felt absolutely heaven.

I started to fuck her pussy with half penetration. She is relaxed now and started to enjoy the fuck. Her mouth started to mumble something and her moaning was audible. Then, I increased my penetration and she again felt the pulsating wave running through her body.

Her eyes were moist now and I continued to fuck her nicely and slowly. Now, my complete dick is able to go inside her pussy. I looked at her juggling boobs, mumbling mouth, groping hands and looked into her eyes. It was a pretty sight to hold on and those things conveyed to me that she is completely enjoying this session.

After many slow strokes, I was able to increase my pace as her pussy got used to my dick now. I reached climax and came inside her pussy. I kissed her lips again and lay down on her. Our sex lessons continued for many sessions and every time it was amazing as she was more passionate about sex.

The End.

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Runal Getting Fucking Lesson In Tuition - I

This is my real sex story. I am working as a software engineer in a well-known company. My mom asked me to meet her friend, Sonal. I was excited to see Sonal. Sonal is in her late 30s, bit busty, but she puts up lots of makeup to look younger. Her boobs are big but saggy.

But even at this age, Sonal looks beautiful and sexy in her own way. May be it’s her thighs or her big ass or her flirty talks with me, I don’t know but she is sexy. Since she is my mom’s friend, I have seen her from my teenage days.

On those days, I have masturbated by thinking about fucking Sonal. But nothing happened between us because I have never really made a move till that time. Sonal’s husband is a retired military person. That also stopped me from making my move on Sonal.

I reached her home. Sonal was wearing black and yellow mix kurta that nicely covered her busty body. Her beige color pant encircled her big ass. She looked beautiful and I got hard-on slightly. She has invited me to take tuition for her daughter as she wasn’t good in mathematics.

I never was interested in taking tuition but this will help me to see Sonal very often. Moreover, if my luck helps, one day I can fuck her as I have imagined. I never thought that being a nerd will come in handy to fuck Sonal.

She called her daughter, Runal to introduce to me. Runal was a teenager, must be 19 years old. Runal was lean, moderate boobs, nice round ass but more beautiful than Sonal. Runal’s hairs are so straight, thick and some streaks of hairs are dyed in purple color.

She was wearing blue jeans and red color tops. She is in the first year of her engineering course. Every day, I go to their place and take tuition to Runal. Once it’s over, I talk with Sonal for some time and she provides me tea.

Till now, I have seen her cleavage many times as she bends down to pour tea to me. Sometimes, I have wondered that she is doing it intentionally, making me make a move on her. She is a lady; she can’t say it to me directly.

But something held me back and I never really did anything apart from grabbing her ass accidentally which she didn’t mind at all. All these days, I have never noticed how beautiful Runal is.

I usually take tuition in the front hall that leads to their living room. That day, Runal was wearing tight black jegging that covered her legs nice and blue color tops with her boobs standing up. Her hairs were loose and wet.

She must have taken bath now. She smelled really nice. For the first time, I noticed her beauty and how sexy she looks. Now, I was sitting on the couch and Runal sat opposite to me. Her mom was in another room watching serial on TV. Her dad has gone out with his friends. Only we were in the room.

She has asked me one doubt. So, I went closer to her to clear her doubts. The scent came from her body pierced through my nose. I was aroused immediately. I noticed her pink lips moving here and there, twitching a bit. I want to kiss those soft lips. I want to put them into mine. I cleared her doubt. She took out her phone and started to use.

I got irritated by this as I was sitting there waiting for her. I told her to keep her phone away but she just came closer to me and asked me to give a pose for a selfie. She leaned against my shoulder and posed for her selfie. I just stood in the frame without really looking to pose. She got irritated and asked me to pose properly.

Our bodies were rubbing against each other now but it looked like she didn’t notice it at all. Then, she has shown me some of her photos. She has taken many photos of hers in different dresses. She was wearing shorts, single piece dresses and some sexy outfits in those photos. Just like her mom, she loves to put on makeup.

She was literally feasting my eyes with all her pouty selfies and sexy outfits. This naturally led to my dick getting a hard-on. My erected dick is trying to tear my underwear. She was interested in showing her photos to me. I covered my erection with her book. I told her how beautiful she looks in all the photos. In one of the photos, she looked absolutely gorgeous and I told it to her.

She liked my compliments and accepted them with a blush. After showing some photos to me, she stood up and took out the book from me to keep it inside her bag. While doing so, she accidentally touched my erected dick. She noticed a bulge in my pants and she blushed. She laughed hard and I was embarrassed to get up.

I left her home after my dick became flaccid and decided not to go there again as I felt very bad. I didn’t go to her home the next day. Next day, she called me and told she needs my advice as she has some doubts.

I went to her home half-heartedly. She opened the door instead of her mom or dad. She was wearing blue jeans shorts and red sleeveless tops. She looked absolutely stunning in this costume. I could see her long legs, shining like wax applied apple. Her thighs are in good shape.

Her tops length is small as it just touched her shorts. Whenever she lifts her hands, I could see her belly button and that aroused me more. She told me that her mom and dad have gone out and the maid is on leave. Instead of the hall, we were sitting in her room as her room has AC and it was a warm day. She took her book and asked me some doubts.

She was really close to me and I could hear her breathing. I smelled her body and her hair. My dick has erected now and it was poking my underwear. She was asking silly doubts and her words were not in sync. She kept saying something and changing her words.

Accidentally, our fingers touched while explaining one of her silly doubts and I didn’t lift my finger. I looked at her and her face is an inch away from me now. I could smell her hair and it smelled nice. My lips were close to hers and she didn’t move.

The tension was in the air. I really had no idea what to do now. Should I go ahead and spoil the relationship between my mom and her mom or just do nothing? But my lust has won and I kissed on her soft lips. It tasted like strawberry jelly. As if she was waiting for this to happen, she kissed me back.

We kissed again, again, again and again. I kissed on her cheek, lips and her neck. I slowly moved down and kissed on her lower neck. Her hands were wrapped around my head. I licked her neck and came down to kiss on her boobs.

I pressed her boobs very hard, unstrapped her tops from her shoulders. She looked at me with lust burning in her eyes. Her lips were dry, waiting for my lips to make it wet. I obliged it by kissing her lips.

Both my hands were on her tops now. My left hand was on her back, searching for a fastener to remove her bra. My right hand was around her waist, pressing it hard and that made her moan. I bent my body and licked her navel.

At this point, she moaned more, her body has arched back, and she lifted her middle body from the bed, making easy for me to touch her pussy. I touched her pussy with her shorts on. She gave a sudden jerk as if an electric pulse ran through her body. Her moans were more audible now.

Her hands clutched the bed sheet. I rubbed her pussy with my right hand and kissed on her navel, and slowly made my way to her shorts button. I unbuttoned her shorts and lowered it to her knees. She was wearing black color panty. I rubbed her pussy again and she gave a loud moan.

Her body is shaking now, asking me to embrace her. I hugged her very tightly. She put her right leg on my back, wrapping me tightly. Now my erected dick is rubbing against her naked body, in between her lower abdomen and pussy.

I kissed behind her ears as that’s the only accessible place now. I moved aside her hairs and licked her ear lobes. I put my tongue inside her ear and licked the inner part of her ears. Her moaning was louder and her leg tightly wrapped around my butt.

To Be Continued...

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Tuition Teacher Resina Enjoying Sex With Students

It was early days, you should not have any evil thoughts in your mind. Should spend most of the time in praying. I am Bhasheer, 20 staying in my uncle's house and studying for my degree. The plan is that as soon as I finish degree I have to proceed to a professional course and and to go and join my parents in the gulf.

Uncle and aunty took good care of me as I am the son of the elder brother of the uncle. They had no children and hence they showed all love and affection on me. For Maths I had totake some tuition and it was really tough. In the last two exams, I scored single digit marks and if it goes like this I am sure I wll fail. In my neighborhood my classmate cicily was there.

She asked me what I am going to do to cope up for the final exam. Do I arrange any tuition. She said her cousin who is a PG in maths has come from gulf and she is very rich and does not want to start a tuition centre. If you are interested we both can go to her. If I ask her she will agree to me. I say ok.

Next day my friend Cicily came and told me that her coursin is in bad mood and she was at a quarrel with her husband that may be the reason, we will try one again. Finally the cousin, whose name was Resina agreed, but she wanted us both to come separately. not together. Cicily agreed. She went in the morning. Because she was her cousin they each other for granted.

Tuition went on for two hours. Resina asked Cicily to ask me to go in the after noon at 3. I went there and saw Resina. Young and beautiful, she had a very serious face and asked questions to know the level of knowledge I had in the subject. She asked me to do certain sums and wanted to measure my standards. In the meantime Resina went in and changed her attire.

She looked morose. Since the day was warm, she removed her excess clothes and came in a nighty and asked me how may sums I did. All the sums I did were correct and she was satisfied and she asked me to come on the next day. Next day Cicily told me that Resina picked up a quarrel with her husband and they are almost broke their relationship.

Why we bother about her personal life. Let us concentrate on our studies. I went next day and every day. She retained me for two hours initially and then she gave me work for three hours. She will lie and read and ask me to do my home work. When the servant brings tea, she will ask two cups to be brought one for me and her. She did not ask me any personal question, nor did I.

She had a magnificent body, but I did not want to give her an impression that I notice her. She may be 24 or 25 and very beautiful. One day she suddenly said, Basheer, you know the subject, maths. Had you worked hard, you could have scored very high marks. What happened.

Did you get involved in some love affair. I wonder why you scored so low in the last exam. If up want a good atmosphere to study, you study here, in this room and all your doubts in any subjects I can clear and see that you get high rank. But tell me what actually distracted you.

Resina aunty took good care of me. She asked me to sit on her bed and she will teach me all the subjects, English, Maths, and all other subjects. Since I was sitting very close to me her body odor and her perfume odor hit me. I sometimes take snacks and even dinner with her. She was wearing a thin nighty when she is lying in the bed near me to teach me.

I could see her bra and panty underneath. Once I asked her why she came back from gulf. She could have taken up a job and settled down there. She said no he was unfaithful and hence I left him. If he apologized and calls me back I may go back to him. Resina madam, may I ask you, permission just touch your hand.

It is more than three months I have this desire, how will I ask, that was the problem. They are so beautiful and dainty. You are also beautiful and fresh as a flower. But when you were serious, I was afraid of even looking at your face. Resina smiled. Suddenly she got up and gave a hug to Rasheed. Rasheed put both of her hands around her and gave her a tight squeeze.

They remained in that condition for about five minutes. She took his hand and placed it on her boob. It was all happening preplanned. Rashed gave her boob a slight squeeze. Rasheed wanted to withdraw, he thought he is going beyond the limit. But Resina caught him tight and put her hand on his crotch and found his erect cock. Basheer was in high pedestral.

She wanted him unzip and pull down his jeans, which he did. He was removing her nighty and unhooked her bra. Suddenly she got up and ran to the door and bolted it from inside. Basheer by then had removed his shirt and the vest. Resina kneeled on the floor near the bed, pulled down his jockey and saw his cock in full erection. She opened her mouth and took it deep inside.

Basheet requested her to come on top of her so that he could lick her cunt. She came on top of him and her wide open pussy was on his face. His tongue went deep in her cunt and was searching for her clitoris. Both of them were highly aroused and were madly in love with each other. His cock went deep inside her mouth and touched her throat.

He opened her cunt lips further licked her cunt from bottom to top. He took her clit between his lips and squeezed it. She was giving out sounds of joy. Suddenly he shot his cum into her mouth and she swallowed the whole thing. She too reached climax and her fluids sprayed into his face.

They remained like that for some time and got up and went to the bathroom and washed their faces and mouth etc. When they returned from the bathroom Resina hugged Rasheed and kissed his on his cheeks, fore head and all over his face. She said this it the first time she had so much of sex in one day. Basheer came everyday. He studied a little and fucked more.

He took his dinner with Resina. It was exam time they fucked less and studied more. Days went on. In the meantime the husband of Resina came on compromise and promised not to entertain any other lady in his life. Resina was happy and bade good bye to Basheer and gifted to him a laptop. Basheer joined for law and decided to take up law as his future career.

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Shamla Enjoying Sex With Naushad

Naushad, after he took his PG in Maths and Science was asked by his parents to apply for a bankjob. But Naushad right from his graduation days was giving tuitions to students in maths and science subjects. Some undergraduate students also came for tuitions. There was a belief that anybody taking tuitions from Naushad will clear their exams in first class of distincton.

There was a heavy rush to take tuitions from Naushad. He shifted the bedroom of his parents to the first floor and he too slept in the first floor, keeping the entire ground floor for tuition classes. There were many girls students as boys and hence he made it in two sessions, in the morning session at 7 he took tuition to the college going girls and in the evening he took classes for boys at 6 pm.

When the crowd of boys increased, he made it in two sessions of one hour each. He increased his fees so that people may be turned down. They paid whatever he demanded and came. When the number of girls increased, he asked them to come at 6 am and another session at 7 am so that they may have time to go back home and then to their college.

For other non college going students, he had sessions at 10 to 12 for girls and from 3 to 5 pm for boys. Since he was thorough with the subjects, he did not need any time for preparations. One day one of the girls Shamla who was doing for her graduation asked Naushad that she will come at 5 am and requested him to give her some special classes.

Naushad said, you see that I am overworked and I cannot increase my work load. But Shamla said sir, I will give you whatever fees you may demand. You may see my notes. I am an above average student and your tuitions have helped me. But I want to top my class which I can do only with your help. At last he relented and asked her to come at 5 am.

He actually looked at her closely only then. She was a beautiful girl with big boobs and big ass. He asked her how she will come. She said she will come in her scooter. Her husband and her pappa were in gulf and she had only her mother and younger sister at home. Ok, said Naushad. Next day when he was in deep sleep in his bedroom he heard the door bell ringing.

He never wore any under garments while sleeping. He got up and with his lungi wrapped around him he ran down and opened the door in half sleep. Shamla was standing there. He asked her whether she will go to the class room in the ground floor or to his bedroom in the first floor. She said I cannot sit alone in the class room, I will come with you to the bedroom.

He climbed up closely followed by Shamla. Leaving her in the bedroom Naushad entered his bathroom for his morning oblutions. When closed the door and came back to his bedroom he saw Shamla lying on his bed, half naked, her upper body fully exposed. Her big boobs were standing erect. What are you doing, Shamla, get up and cover yourself.

Let us start with your studies,said Naushad. But Shamla said, please ustad, please give me a hug, a tight hug with your broad chest. After the departure of my husband I am thirsting for sex. I will study to your full satisfaction, but give me a hug with your bare chest. Seeing her erect nipples and the boob, Naushad for a minute was shocked and he moved as she directed.

She got up and his wet chest with hairs pressed hard against her boobs, she hugged him and kissed him on his face. After all this Naushad could not control, his cock started to rise and he put his hands around her and gave her a tight hug. She gave out a big sigh and her hands searched for his cock.

Her hands found his big cock and she kneeled on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and her tongue circled around the cock head. She fell into the bed, pulling him along. She quickly removed her leggings and panty and her shining hairless pussy opened wide as she opened her legs wide. Naushad being a virgin and nnt experienced in the ways of sex was fumbling with her.

But Shamla was clever and her long cherished desire of having sex is being fulfilled, she just hugged him and rubbed her boobs on his face. He opened his mouth and took her nipples and started to lick and suck them. This made both of them horny. Shamla was morning and he asked her not to make any noice to attract the attention of his parents sleeping next door.

Shamla took his cock in her hand and examined it. It was about 6 and half inches long but very stout. With both of her hands she played with it and kissed at the tip and then opened her mouth and took it it. Naushad seeing Shamla swallowing his cock was very much aroused. He say the clean shaven cunt of Shamla, small and looking lovely with fluids dribling from it.

He leaned over it and opened it and saw the tiny clit and the gaping hole for fucking. He pulled out is cock from the mouth of Shamla and tried to put it inside the fuck hole. Shamla being more experienced asked him not to be in a hurry. She asked him to suck her clitoris. With her legs wide open, she opened her cunt lips and asked him to lick and then suck her clitoris.

Naushad did it for some time and it made both of them very hot. She then asked him to bring the tip of his cock to the entranceof her fuck hole. She was lying on his bed, with her legs wide apart. He sat between her legs and guided his cock to her fuck hole and slowly pushed it in. Like a bubber band the entrance of her fuckhole held his cock tightly and he had to made entry slowly.

The vaginal walls did not make the entry easy, but his persistance made slight progress and he was going in slowly. After many months, Shemla felt a cock entering her body and it pained her. Though she had calculated earlier about her safe days she again calculated and made sure that that day was one of her safest.

Leaning his body on both of his hands, Naushad pushed and pushed and his cock reached the end. He could feel her flesh tightly gripping his cock all around. Shall I start fucking, he asked her. Yes slowly at first. On attaining full erection, the cock of Naushad was like a iron rod and when it rubbed against the soft tissues of her fuck hole it cause bruises.

She tolerates all because of the immense pleasure that is awaiting to befall on her. He started to fuck slowly and then gradually increased the speed. Shamla started to give out some shouts of joy and utterances of endearment, for having fulfilled her wishes. Otherwise whom she will approach for sex. Poor girl in her prime of youth was sitting idle.

Now Naushad has opened to her a new horizen of joy. He was pounding with full vigor. Her frail body was moving up and down with each stroke. Suddenly it started to gather from all over her pelvis and came as an explosion, her orgasm. The muscles were moving in a spasm and it could be felt by Naushad on his cock. He kissed her and sucked her nipples and then pounded hard.

Finally he too got his orgasm and he threw his fluids inside her in full force. The squirt was felt by her. Both hugged each other, he squirted till the last drop. Slowly he pulled out his cock and wiped it in her skirt. Shamla kissed him on his cheeks and neck and then covering her cunt with her hand she rushed to the bath room and drained all the fluids and washed her cunt and dried with a towel.

Naushad had the first experience of sex from Shamla and they talked about it. She said there are several poses which will be more enjoyable, we will try them in the coming days. It took time for them to bring the attention back to the studies. Their minds were fully occupied with sex, and Naushad for finding time for sex in the early morning when the whole city was asleep was lucky.

Both wanted further sex. But the time was 5.30 am and any moment his parents would wake up and he may have to do lot of explanations. Further planning is required for long sex sessions. Shamla said she will cooperate to the maximum. Let us how they manage next day.

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Malathy Enjoying Tuition Sex With Raghav Sir

Malathy in Bandra was a hot girl. In the 11th standard, with well developed boobs and lot of hair in the cunt, she was very sex hungry. She could not attend to her studies fully and her mother used to blame her on her report card. Their neighbour, Raghav has completed his graduation.

Malathy's mother went and told the mother of Raghav to see that he spares some time for Malathy so that she completes her 12th exam with good marks. She said she is good in languages and English, but only science subjects and Maths troubles her and she needs some coaching.

She can come at any time early morning or late night, or if Raghav can come to thier house she said she will make all arrangements. Raghav told his mother that these girls are more interested in movies and reading romance, not their studies, he said he is not interested if she is not serious in her studies. It is alright call her and try her for one or two days,

if she is a a muff just drop her off, but they are our good neighbours, we have to help them, see that you help them that she completes the course. Can she come at 9 pm if so I will take one hour in my bedroom. When this was told to Malathi's mother, she agreed and said Malathy with her books with be there at Raghav's place at 9 pm.

18 year old Malathi was a fully grown beauty, with big boobs and nice ass etc. They sat in the sitting room, Raghav's mother told them to go to the bedroom of Raghav and close the door, because they will play TV and the sound should not disturb them. Raghav and Malathy went upstairs to the bedroom of Raghav and closed and bolted the door behind them.

There was only one chair and hence either one of them have to sit on the bed. Raghav sat on the bed and made Malathy to sit on the chair and checked her notebooks to ascertain the portion she had covered. From the notebook he could not make out anything. Malathi got up and went near him and pointed out the pages where she had written notes on various topics.

She was standing so close that her body odour was making Raghav horny. He could see the cleavage and her entire depth of her boobs were seen. He had a mild erection. He asked her to sit near him and asked her to read out whatever she had written. She sat next to him on his bed and started to read her notes. Occasionally he put questions, but she could not reply.

He got angry, he put his hand on her thigh and told her that she should come prepared to the tuition, not to this as casual. He placed his hand on her thighs and looked into her eyes with anger. From his hand to her pussy the distance was hardly two inches and she felt dampness in her pussy. In one hour he could complete only one notes and there were two more.

Time was 10 pm. He asked her to go. But she said no, sir, please finish one more notebook. Raghav said it is already 10 pm. If I take one more notebook it may take one hour or even more. Will not your mother be anxious. They all would have slept. I have locked my house from outside and came with the key. Raghav said let me see how my people are.

He went down and saw that his parents were already slept closing all the door. It was a very warm day. He told her all have slept. If we sit for another two hours nobody is going to bother. Malathy,relax, if you want to go to the toilet go. I will have to go. She said you go first, Sir. Raghav got up undressed and with his underwear he went to the toilet.

His projection was clearly visible. When he came back from the toilet he found that Malathy had removed her clothes and was only in her bra and panty. He never thought she will do this. Her stunning body fully exposed will not put him in the track for further studies. He could hear the sound of her passing the urine and her washing her pussy.

She came back from the bathroom, her panty was wet and her hands also were wet. She was wiping her hands in a towel. Raghav asked her why did you remove your clothes, I told you relax, that does not mean you remove your clothes and sit in your panty. Sir, when you removed your clothes, I thought you wanted me also.....sorry sir. Now both of them were not in a mood to study.

He just leaned on his bed and to talk to him face to face she too had to lean on the bed. Her big boobs were trying to come out of her bra. He could see her erect nipples also. Her navel was beautiful. Her panty did not fully contain her cunt hair. His cock was fully projected and directed towards her. Malathy was a beautiful girl.

Neither Raghav nor Malathy could bring the subject of their studies for discussion. What other things they will talk about. Or lying in this condition, what other thing they can do. She was just looking at him. Raghav just scratched his balls. It revealed how big his cock was although within his undergarmets.

Raghav asked Malathy, come on dress up and go back to your house, I think in this condition we cannot study anything more. Malathy said, sir, this is going to be the condition everyday. We can put on our clothes and sit andstudy. Please sir, with her hand she lifted him up. Ok,Ok, as you say.

Raghav got up put on his shirt and sat. Malathy did not know what she would put on, She steadied the wrinkles in the bedsheet, went to drink a glass of water and came back and saw the bathroom door open she went close the door, all in her bra and panty. How long a man can keep on watching such a scene.

Finally Raghav called Malathy to come near, she came, made her to sit near him, unhooked her bra, her full round boobs with grape sized nipple was visible. He asked her to get up and pulled her panty down. Her thick hairy matted pussy was visible. Asked her to sit near him. He too removed his shirt and underwear. His 6" cock was in full erection was visible. He too sat near her and said let us study, Physics.

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Maths tuition ending in Sexual orgy for Charles

This is Charles again. After tiresome but enjoyable maths tuition, I telephoned Sister Ritha to ascertain convenient time with her to get tuition on Science subjects. She said since the following day was a holiday and many people from the convent are away to come preferably in the morning and meet the Mother.

I bought a parcel of biriyani for the sister and some chocolates for the mother and went to the convent and rang the bell. A maid came and ushed me to the room of the Mother. I went bowed before her and kneeled. Mother asked me to get up. She too was young may be in the late 30s. She looked beautiful. I told her my mission.

She called for Sister Ritha and asked for her confirmation. Sister told her that I was an above average student and she need not to have to strain to fulfil her task. Mother said she too will be happy to visit us when we are in our session of tuition. I places the packet of chocolates in front of the mother. Her face brightened up on seeing the chocolates and smilingly she wished me well.

Sister Ritha led me to a secluded room among ever so many empty rooms in the convent, I handed over to her the biriyani parcel I had brought for her. She too was happy to receive the food packet from me and asking me to sit, she rushed out perhaps to keep the food parcel in a safe place. She came back soon and sat in front of me in a bench, with a desk separating us.

She was in her habit with concealed her entire body revealing just her beautiful young face. Since there was no fan and it was warm, she just loosened her habit to allow more air. I could see her cleavage and abundant bosom. When I was watching her chest, there was movement in my jockey which in my tight jeans was very uncomfortable.

When she was busy going through my papers, I just looked under the desk and I found her lifting her habit and scratching her knee. Just as I moved my knee, our knees touched each other. Sister just looked down and saw my unusual bulge which she could identify with a shy smile.

She said we should have had a private room for such tuitions, because where we may sit other sisters come spying and sometimes mother superior also come. Let me see, she said and went around to search for a suitable place and came back and told me that there is a room in the library which will give us adequate privacy.

We both rushed to this room, but we did not notice that Mother had seen our going to this room. As soon as we reached this room Sister put on a cabin fan, closed the door and asked me to pull out my cock out of my jockey. My 8" rod evinced keen interest in her and she squatted on the floor and started to suck my cock.

She said it is long time since she had a cock to eat and started to suck it with all eagerness. It went down upto her throat and her tongue was playing around it expertly which showed that she was an expert cock sucker. Suddenly the door opened and the Mother Superior came in and saw my enlarged and extended cock and Sister devouring it.

She pushed the sister aside and asked her to close the door behind and lied on the bench and lifted her garment upto her waist baring her pussy. She asked me to lick her pussy in full view of the sister. I obeyed her by bending over her and licked her clitoris and licked her hairy pussy.

She lifted her legs and opened her cunt and asked me to fuck her. I pulled down my jockey and went on her inserted my cock into her cunt. It was not going in. She asked the sister to keep my cock in the hole properly and asked me to push it down. Because of non use, her hole was very narrow and fiound it difficult to allow my cock inside.

But I took pains to push and push and finally the whole thing went in in full gaze of the sister. Then I fucked her with deep thrusts. Mother was grunting and enjoying. Sister was looking at the other side. By ten or twelve strokes mother reached her orgasm and asked me to stop and pull out. She asked the sister to take position and lift her garments up.

I inserted my cock mechanically into her cunt and pushed it forward. These things could have been done with more grace and love, but the women wanted to go through the process as early as possible so that others may not come to know. Sister Ritha was younger and her discharges were very copious. I could place my hands on her hoobs and squeeze them.

It took time for my getting full penetration, in full view of the mother, My cock successfully made a full entry. I fucked her with short strokes and then long and deep strokes. Sister was overwhelmed and was enjoying as could be seen from the expressions on her face. Now I was getting my orgasm and I had to work for it.

Deep and strong strokes brought about my orgasm and I shot streams of semen into the cunt of the sister. Mother was just looking. Perhaps she wanted another round for herself. Promising to come back again and satisfy all their needs I just escaped from the convent. Later I came to know that many sisters were ready for the experiment under the guidance of the mother.

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Charles having sex with Maths teacher Ameena

I am Charles, 18, school champion in sport and games doing in the last year in the school. I could not devote more time for my studies, which my teacher knew and they brought this to the knowledge of the Head master and the decided that I should have some special coaching in Maths and Science.

My maths teacher was Ms. Ameena, young beautiful lady with PG degree in Maths, giving tuitions to her students in emergent cases like mine. She was rich and her husband was in Dubai and there was no necissity for her to earn extra by giving tuitions. Science was handled by Sister Ritha, she was from Catholic church.

She too a PG in Science. Because of her church duties was not in a position to give tuition except under exceptional circumstances. HM instructed these two teachers to take care of me and see that I pass out meritoriously so that I may qualify for promotion to the next class. The teachers were asked to discuss with me to get a convenience time and venue.

These teachers coming to my home to teach me was out of question. Ameena teacher stayed alone in a palatial house, with her relatives coming and going for short durations. She had plenty of servants to buy things, clean the premises, cook food, etc. Some old lady, a distant relative came to sleep in the night just to keep company.

Ameena teacher asked me to go to her house in the evenings on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. She said I should take food with her. I asked Sister Ritha said in the convent there are ever so many rooms unoccupied. But Mother Superior may not approve her sitting with a boy alone in one of the rooms.

But she told me secretly that Mother is fond of sweets and better buy some chocolates and see her and give her these chocolates as gift and request her and she will agree. Sister Ritha was agreeable to teach me on Tuesday, Thusday and Friday. She cannot offer any food, but she secretly asked me to bring her some food parcels, because she will miss the call for supper form the convent.

Monday evening I went to the house of Ms.Ameena. A spacious house well furnished with lot of servants to take care of the needs of only one person Ameena. She welcomed me and took me to her study room. She checked my knowledge in the subject for about an hour and she was convinced that she need not labor much to make me pass the exam with high marks.

She said she will go inside and change and come and she asked me to relax. She came back in a nightie and asked me to get rid of my jeans. She asked me what I wear under the jeans. I told her it is a jackey. Then remove your jeans and t shirt and be relaxed. I removed my jeans, but the bulge of my cock very visible on my jackey caught her eyes.

She asked me about my family background and friends etc. Within a short time we became we good friends. She asked me to take a photo of my jackey. What is there to take photo. She brought a camera with powerful lens and asked me to stand near a table lamp tilted towards me and photographed my bulge in the jackey with its shadow.

She said it a 8" monster, Charles that you have hidden in your jackey. I said I cannot help it. She asked me whether I will allow her to take some photographs. You mean the jackey, I asked. She said no, its occupant. Oh, then I have to remove my jackey? she said yes. As I pulled my jackey down, my semi erect cock jumped out of it. I never thought it is of 8" specimen.

Making me lie down on the couch, she came near me and took photographs of it in different corners and angles. By the time it was erect and wobbling. With the tip of her finger she moved it and as it wobbled she took short video of it. She said it is a rare specimen, because it is very fair and large in size. Do you mind Ms.Ameena if I take some photographs of yours.

She smiled and asked what will you do with mine. I asked her what will you do with mine. She said she will post them in the internet. Though I was very much bigger than her in size, I was very much younger to her in age. I was hesitant in talking to her about sex. I just asked her how often her husband comes from Gulf. She laughed and said it is more than one year that I have not seen him.

It is the first time I have a young man inside my house and it is the first time I am seeing a cock other than that of my husband. Charles, shall I touch it. I said sure, you may do what ever you may like. She came and sat near me and took my cock in both her hands and put it against her cheeks and said lovely. I opened my legs wide and made her sit between my thighs and lean on me.

She saw my ballpouch and took it in her hands and kissed it. and put my cock in her mouth and ran her tongue around it. This was too much for me to expect on the first day of my tuition. I just took liberty and leaned forward and put my hand in her bossom and touched her boobs. I told her that I have not seen a pussy ever. Will you show me yours? Am I wrong in asking you this favour.

She laughed and said right or wrong we have come this far. Why not finish our supper and then go for the next session. We got dressed up briefly and went to the dining table and ate our dinner. Came back to the study room. we removed our clothes. She asked me to go near her and she asked me to have a close look at her pussy.

She opened the lips of her pussy and showed various parts like clitoris and urine hole and the fuck hole. She just leaned over me and put her lets on either side of me and took my cock and placed it near her fuck hole. She just pushed down and took the head of my cock inside. She took the camera and took photograph in that position in a close up shot.

She pushed a little more and half of my cock was in. She took some more photos in close up. Her hole was gorging my cock and her clitoris was bulged and took a prominent position. Similarly she moved a little by little and went on taking photographs. Her vaginal walls were very tight and were gripping my cock. Finally my whole cock disappeared inside her.

She gave me the camera and asked me to take different photographs from different corners. Sitting in that position she viewed all the photos and said they are magnificent. She kept the camera aside, leaned over me and kissed me. Her boobs were bulged and the nipples pressed against my chest.

She asked me to squeeze the boobs and take the nipples in my mouth and lick and suck them. It is 9 pm, do you mind Charles, if we spend some more time like this. I said it is ok. Ms.Ameena was fully aroused and she was giving deep breaths and small sounds of joy. She rotated her and my cock moved inside her and it gave us great pleasure.

She lifted herself up and came down and looked at me and asked me does her weight trouble me. I sai no, you are not heavy at all. She made more jumping movements and she leaned over me and extended her hands and held my shoulders and made movements like swimming. My cock was coming out and going in pressing her clitoris.

She was crying loudly and asked me to fuck upwards. I just lifted her a few inches and fucked her up first slowly and then briskly. her muscles were tightening and she was on the verge of her orgasm. I made a few more pushes and I too got my orgasm. We both had our combined orgasm and it was real heavenly.

She lied on me kissing me and whispering some endearing words in my ears. She never had such a satisfying fuck even from her husband. My cock began to strink and it was being pushed out. She got up and guided me to the toilet where she squatted on the floor and washed her cunt of all the fluids. She cleaned mine also.

But by her touch my cock bagan to rise and she was laughing at it. She took the semi erect cock in her mouth and sucked a few drops of my fluid from it. We came back to the bedroom and she asked me to inform my people that I will be late so that they may not be alarmed. We had our second shot. She took the camera and shot pictures of my cock entering her cunt.

I too helped her. She then asked me to concentrate on our fucking and I inserted my cock into her well lubricated hole. I leaned forward and sucked her boobs and kissed her cheeks and lips and went on fucking. She said my fucking is so perfect that she cannot believe that I am a novice. I banged my base onto hers and she wound her legs around me.

I rose and lifted her by her buttocks and stood with her embracing me. With my cock fully inside her I took her around the room and fucked her vigorously. Oh, Charles, you are divine, she said and she took thrust her body onto me. It took more time for us to come to a finish. I carried her to the bath room in the same condition and made some more fucking shots.

She was overwhelmed and did not want to cpme to the floor. At last we cleaned outselves and it was past 10 pm. She said she would very much like me to spend the night with her so that we could have slept with my cock inside her cunt. I just laughed, gave her a good bye kiss, got dressed up and left home by my bike.

Next day I had to go to Sister Ritha to learn science. I did not know what are all in store for me in her convent. Please post your comments below. Thanks.

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