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Shamla Enjoying Sex With Naushad

Naushad, after he took his PG in Maths and Science was asked by his parents to apply for a bankjob. But Naushad right from his graduation days was giving tuitions to students in maths and science subjects. Some undergraduate students also came for tuitions. There was a belief that anybody taking tuitions from Naushad will clear their exams in first class of distincton.

There was a heavy rush to take tuitions from Naushad. He shifted the bedroom of his parents to the first floor and he too slept in the first floor, keeping the entire ground floor for tuition classes. There were many girls students as boys and hence he made it in two sessions, in the morning session at 7 he took tuition to the college going girls and in the evening he took classes for boys at 6 pm.

When the crowd of boys increased, he made it in two sessions of one hour each. He increased his fees so that people may be turned down. They paid whatever he demanded and came. When the number of girls increased, he asked them to come at 6 am and another session at 7 am so that they may have time to go back home and then to their college.

For other non college going students, he had sessions at 10 to 12 for girls and from 3 to 5 pm for boys. Since he was thorough with the subjects, he did not need any time for preparations. One day one of the girls Shamla who was doing for her graduation asked Naushad that she will come at 5 am and requested him to give her some special classes.

Naushad said, you see that I am overworked and I cannot increase my work load. But Shamla said sir, I will give you whatever fees you may demand. You may see my notes. I am an above average student and your tuitions have helped me. But I want to top my class which I can do only with your help. At last he relented and asked her to come at 5 am.

He actually looked at her closely only then. She was a beautiful girl with big boobs and big ass. He asked her how she will come. She said she will come in her scooter. Her husband and her pappa were in gulf and she had only her mother and younger sister at home. Ok, said Naushad. Next day when he was in deep sleep in his bedroom he heard the door bell ringing.

He never wore any under garments while sleeping. He got up and with his lungi wrapped around him he ran down and opened the door in half sleep. Shamla was standing there. He asked her whether she will go to the class room in the ground floor or to his bedroom in the first floor. She said I cannot sit alone in the class room, I will come with you to the bedroom.

He climbed up closely followed by Shamla. Leaving her in the bedroom Naushad entered his bathroom for his morning oblutions. When closed the door and came back to his bedroom he saw Shamla lying on his bed, half naked, her upper body fully exposed. Her big boobs were standing erect. What are you doing, Shamla, get up and cover yourself.

Let us start with your studies,said Naushad. But Shamla said, please ustad, please give me a hug, a tight hug with your broad chest. After the departure of my husband I am thirsting for sex. I will study to your full satisfaction, but give me a hug with your bare chest. Seeing her erect nipples and the boob, Naushad for a minute was shocked and he moved as she directed.

She got up and his wet chest with hairs pressed hard against her boobs, she hugged him and kissed him on his face. After all this Naushad could not control, his cock started to rise and he put his hands around her and gave her a tight hug. She gave out a big sigh and her hands searched for his cock.

Her hands found his big cock and she kneeled on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and her tongue circled around the cock head. She fell into the bed, pulling him along. She quickly removed her leggings and panty and her shining hairless pussy opened wide as she opened her legs wide. Naushad being a virgin and nnt experienced in the ways of sex was fumbling with her.

But Shamla was clever and her long cherished desire of having sex is being fulfilled, she just hugged him and rubbed her boobs on his face. He opened his mouth and took her nipples and started to lick and suck them. This made both of them horny. Shamla was morning and he asked her not to make any noice to attract the attention of his parents sleeping next door.

Shamla took his cock in her hand and examined it. It was about 6 and half inches long but very stout. With both of her hands she played with it and kissed at the tip and then opened her mouth and took it it. Naushad seeing Shamla swallowing his cock was very much aroused. He say the clean shaven cunt of Shamla, small and looking lovely with fluids dribling from it.

He leaned over it and opened it and saw the tiny clit and the gaping hole for fucking. He pulled out is cock from the mouth of Shamla and tried to put it inside the fuck hole. Shamla being more experienced asked him not to be in a hurry. She asked him to suck her clitoris. With her legs wide open, she opened her cunt lips and asked him to lick and then suck her clitoris.

Naushad did it for some time and it made both of them very hot. She then asked him to bring the tip of his cock to the entranceof her fuck hole. She was lying on his bed, with her legs wide apart. He sat between her legs and guided his cock to her fuck hole and slowly pushed it in. Like a bubber band the entrance of her fuckhole held his cock tightly and he had to made entry slowly.

The vaginal walls did not make the entry easy, but his persistance made slight progress and he was going in slowly. After many months, Shemla felt a cock entering her body and it pained her. Though she had calculated earlier about her safe days she again calculated and made sure that that day was one of her safest.

Leaning his body on both of his hands, Naushad pushed and pushed and his cock reached the end. He could feel her flesh tightly gripping his cock all around. Shall I start fucking, he asked her. Yes slowly at first. On attaining full erection, the cock of Naushad was like a iron rod and when it rubbed against the soft tissues of her fuck hole it cause bruises.

She tolerates all because of the immense pleasure that is awaiting to befall on her. He started to fuck slowly and then gradually increased the speed. Shamla started to give out some shouts of joy and utterances of endearment, for having fulfilled her wishes. Otherwise whom she will approach for sex. Poor girl in her prime of youth was sitting idle.

Now Naushad has opened to her a new horizen of joy. He was pounding with full vigor. Her frail body was moving up and down with each stroke. Suddenly it started to gather from all over her pelvis and came as an explosion, her orgasm. The muscles were moving in a spasm and it could be felt by Naushad on his cock. He kissed her and sucked her nipples and then pounded hard.

Finally he too got his orgasm and he threw his fluids inside her in full force. The squirt was felt by her. Both hugged each other, he squirted till the last drop. Slowly he pulled out his cock and wiped it in her skirt. Shamla kissed him on his cheeks and neck and then covering her cunt with her hand she rushed to the bath room and drained all the fluids and washed her cunt and dried with a towel.

Naushad had the first experience of sex from Shamla and they talked about it. She said there are several poses which will be more enjoyable, we will try them in the coming days. It took time for them to bring the attention back to the studies. Their minds were fully occupied with sex, and Naushad for finding time for sex in the early morning when the whole city was asleep was lucky.

Both wanted further sex. But the time was 5.30 am and any moment his parents would wake up and he may have to do lot of explanations. Further planning is required for long sex sessions. Shamla said she will cooperate to the maximum. Let us how they manage next day.

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Malathy Enjoying Tuition Sex With Raghav Sir

Malathy in Bandra was a hot girl. In the 11th standard, with well developed boobs and lot of hair in the cunt, she was very sex hungry. She could not attend to her studies fully and her mother used to blame her on her report card. Their neighbour, Raghav has completed his graduation.

Malathy's mother went and told the mother of Raghav to see that he spares some time for Malathy so that she completes her 12th exam with good marks. She said she is good in languages and English, but only science subjects and Maths troubles her and she needs some coaching.

She can come at any time early morning or late night, or if Raghav can come to thier house she said she will make all arrangements. Raghav told his mother that these girls are more interested in movies and reading romance, not their studies, he said he is not interested if she is not serious in her studies. It is alright call her and try her for one or two days,

if she is a a muff just drop her off, but they are our good neighbours, we have to help them, see that you help them that she completes the course. Can she come at 9 pm if so I will take one hour in my bedroom. When this was told to Malathi's mother, she agreed and said Malathy with her books with be there at Raghav's place at 9 pm.

18 year old Malathi was a fully grown beauty, with big boobs and nice ass etc. They sat in the sitting room, Raghav's mother told them to go to the bedroom of Raghav and close the door, because they will play TV and the sound should not disturb them. Raghav and Malathy went upstairs to the bedroom of Raghav and closed and bolted the door behind them.

There was only one chair and hence either one of them have to sit on the bed. Raghav sat on the bed and made Malathy to sit on the chair and checked her notebooks to ascertain the portion she had covered. From the notebook he could not make out anything. Malathi got up and went near him and pointed out the pages where she had written notes on various topics.

She was standing so close that her body odour was making Raghav horny. He could see the cleavage and her entire depth of her boobs were seen. He had a mild erection. He asked her to sit near him and asked her to read out whatever she had written. She sat next to him on his bed and started to read her notes. Occasionally he put questions, but she could not reply.

He got angry, he put his hand on her thigh and told her that she should come prepared to the tuition, not to this as casual. He placed his hand on her thighs and looked into her eyes with anger. From his hand to her pussy the distance was hardly two inches and she felt dampness in her pussy. In one hour he could complete only one notes and there were two more.

Time was 10 pm. He asked her to go. But she said no, sir, please finish one more notebook. Raghav said it is already 10 pm. If I take one more notebook it may take one hour or even more. Will not your mother be anxious. They all would have slept. I have locked my house from outside and came with the key. Raghav said let me see how my people are.

He went down and saw that his parents were already slept closing all the door. It was a very warm day. He told her all have slept. If we sit for another two hours nobody is going to bother. Malathy,relax, if you want to go to the toilet go. I will have to go. She said you go first, Sir. Raghav got up undressed and with his underwear he went to the toilet.

His projection was clearly visible. When he came back from the toilet he found that Malathy had removed her clothes and was only in her bra and panty. He never thought she will do this. Her stunning body fully exposed will not put him in the track for further studies. He could hear the sound of her passing the urine and her washing her pussy.

She came back from the bathroom, her panty was wet and her hands also were wet. She was wiping her hands in a towel. Raghav asked her why did you remove your clothes, I told you relax, that does not mean you remove your clothes and sit in your panty. Sir, when you removed your clothes, I thought you wanted me also.....sorry sir. Now both of them were not in a mood to study.

He just leaned on his bed and to talk to him face to face she too had to lean on the bed. Her big boobs were trying to come out of her bra. He could see her erect nipples also. Her navel was beautiful. Her panty did not fully contain her cunt hair. His cock was fully projected and directed towards her. Malathy was a beautiful girl.

Neither Raghav nor Malathy could bring the subject of their studies for discussion. What other things they will talk about. Or lying in this condition, what other thing they can do. She was just looking at him. Raghav just scratched his balls. It revealed how big his cock was although within his undergarmets.

Raghav asked Malathy, come on dress up and go back to your house, I think in this condition we cannot study anything more. Malathy said, sir, this is going to be the condition everyday. We can put on our clothes and sit andstudy. Please sir, with her hand she lifted him up. Ok,Ok, as you say.

Raghav got up put on his shirt and sat. Malathy did not know what she would put on, She steadied the wrinkles in the bedsheet, went to drink a glass of water and came back and saw the bathroom door open she went close the door, all in her bra and panty. How long a man can keep on watching such a scene.

Finally Raghav called Malathy to come near, she came, made her to sit near him, unhooked her bra, her full round boobs with grape sized nipple was visible. He asked her to get up and pulled her panty down. Her thick hairy matted pussy was visible. Asked her to sit near him. He too removed his shirt and underwear. His 6" cock was in full erection was visible. He too sat near her and said let us study, Physics.

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Maths tuition ending in Sexual orgy for Charles

This is Charles again. After tiresome but enjoyable maths tuition, I telephoned Sister Ritha to ascertain convenient time with her to get tuition on Science subjects. She said since the following day was a holiday and many people from the convent are away to come preferably in the morning and meet the Mother.

I bought a parcel of biriyani for the sister and some chocolates for the mother and went to the convent and rang the bell. A maid came and ushed me to the room of the Mother. I went bowed before her and kneeled. Mother asked me to get up. She too was young may be in the late 30s. She looked beautiful. I told her my mission.

She called for Sister Ritha and asked for her confirmation. Sister told her that I was an above average student and she need not to have to strain to fulfil her task. Mother said she too will be happy to visit us when we are in our session of tuition. I places the packet of chocolates in front of the mother. Her face brightened up on seeing the chocolates and smilingly she wished me well.

Sister Ritha led me to a secluded room among ever so many empty rooms in the convent, I handed over to her the biriyani parcel I had brought for her. She too was happy to receive the food packet from me and asking me to sit, she rushed out perhaps to keep the food parcel in a safe place. She came back soon and sat in front of me in a bench, with a desk separating us.

She was in her habit with concealed her entire body revealing just her beautiful young face. Since there was no fan and it was warm, she just loosened her habit to allow more air. I could see her cleavage and abundant bosom. When I was watching her chest, there was movement in my jockey which in my tight jeans was very uncomfortable.

When she was busy going through my papers, I just looked under the desk and I found her lifting her habit and scratching her knee. Just as I moved my knee, our knees touched each other. Sister just looked down and saw my unusual bulge which she could identify with a shy smile.

She said we should have had a private room for such tuitions, because where we may sit other sisters come spying and sometimes mother superior also come. Let me see, she said and went around to search for a suitable place and came back and told me that there is a room in the library which will give us adequate privacy.

We both rushed to this room, but we did not notice that Mother had seen our going to this room. As soon as we reached this room Sister put on a cabin fan, closed the door and asked me to pull out my cock out of my jockey. My 8" rod evinced keen interest in her and she squatted on the floor and started to suck my cock.

She said it is long time since she had a cock to eat and started to suck it with all eagerness. It went down upto her throat and her tongue was playing around it expertly which showed that she was an expert cock sucker. Suddenly the door opened and the Mother Superior came in and saw my enlarged and extended cock and Sister devouring it.

She pushed the sister aside and asked her to close the door behind and lied on the bench and lifted her garment upto her waist baring her pussy. She asked me to lick her pussy in full view of the sister. I obeyed her by bending over her and licked her clitoris and licked her hairy pussy.

She lifted her legs and opened her cunt and asked me to fuck her. I pulled down my jockey and went on her inserted my cock into her cunt. It was not going in. She asked the sister to keep my cock in the hole properly and asked me to push it down. Because of non use, her hole was very narrow and fiound it difficult to allow my cock inside.

But I took pains to push and push and finally the whole thing went in in full gaze of the sister. Then I fucked her with deep thrusts. Mother was grunting and enjoying. Sister was looking at the other side. By ten or twelve strokes mother reached her orgasm and asked me to stop and pull out. She asked the sister to take position and lift her garments up.

I inserted my cock mechanically into her cunt and pushed it forward. These things could have been done with more grace and love, but the women wanted to go through the process as early as possible so that others may not come to know. Sister Ritha was younger and her discharges were very copious. I could place my hands on her hoobs and squeeze them.

It took time for my getting full penetration, in full view of the mother, My cock successfully made a full entry. I fucked her with short strokes and then long and deep strokes. Sister was overwhelmed and was enjoying as could be seen from the expressions on her face. Now I was getting my orgasm and I had to work for it.

Deep and strong strokes brought about my orgasm and I shot streams of semen into the cunt of the sister. Mother was just looking. Perhaps she wanted another round for herself. Promising to come back again and satisfy all their needs I just escaped from the convent. Later I came to know that many sisters were ready for the experiment under the guidance of the mother.

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Charles having sex with Maths teacher Ameena

I am Charles, 18, school champion in sport and games doing in the last year in the school. I could not devote more time for my studies, which my teacher knew and they brought this to the knowledge of the Head master and the decided that I should have some special coaching in Maths and Science.

My maths teacher was Ms. Ameena, young beautiful lady with PG degree in Maths, giving tuitions to her students in emergent cases like mine. She was rich and her husband was in Dubai and there was no necissity for her to earn extra by giving tuitions. Science was handled by Sister Ritha, she was from Catholic church.

She too a PG in Science. Because of her church duties was not in a position to give tuition except under exceptional circumstances. HM instructed these two teachers to take care of me and see that I pass out meritoriously so that I may qualify for promotion to the next class. The teachers were asked to discuss with me to get a convenience time and venue.

These teachers coming to my home to teach me was out of question. Ameena teacher stayed alone in a palatial house, with her relatives coming and going for short durations. She had plenty of servants to buy things, clean the premises, cook food, etc. Some old lady, a distant relative came to sleep in the night just to keep company.

Ameena teacher asked me to go to her house in the evenings on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. She said I should take food with her. I asked Sister Ritha said in the convent there are ever so many rooms unoccupied. But Mother Superior may not approve her sitting with a boy alone in one of the rooms.

But she told me secretly that Mother is fond of sweets and better buy some chocolates and see her and give her these chocolates as gift and request her and she will agree. Sister Ritha was agreeable to teach me on Tuesday, Thusday and Friday. She cannot offer any food, but she secretly asked me to bring her some food parcels, because she will miss the call for supper form the convent.

Monday evening I went to the house of Ms.Ameena. A spacious house well furnished with lot of servants to take care of the needs of only one person Ameena. She welcomed me and took me to her study room. She checked my knowledge in the subject for about an hour and she was convinced that she need not labor much to make me pass the exam with high marks.

She said she will go inside and change and come and she asked me to relax. She came back in a nightie and asked me to get rid of my jeans. She asked me what I wear under the jeans. I told her it is a jackey. Then remove your jeans and t shirt and be relaxed. I removed my jeans, but the bulge of my cock very visible on my jackey caught her eyes.

She asked me about my family background and friends etc. Within a short time we became we good friends. She asked me to take a photo of my jackey. What is there to take photo. She brought a camera with powerful lens and asked me to stand near a table lamp tilted towards me and photographed my bulge in the jackey with its shadow.

She said it a 8" monster, Charles that you have hidden in your jackey. I said I cannot help it. She asked me whether I will allow her to take some photographs. You mean the jackey, I asked. She said no, its occupant. Oh, then I have to remove my jackey? she said yes. As I pulled my jackey down, my semi erect cock jumped out of it. I never thought it is of 8" specimen.

Making me lie down on the couch, she came near me and took photographs of it in different corners and angles. By the time it was erect and wobbling. With the tip of her finger she moved it and as it wobbled she took short video of it. She said it is a rare specimen, because it is very fair and large in size. Do you mind Ms.Ameena if I take some photographs of yours.

She smiled and asked what will you do with mine. I asked her what will you do with mine. She said she will post them in the internet. Though I was very much bigger than her in size, I was very much younger to her in age. I was hesitant in talking to her about sex. I just asked her how often her husband comes from Gulf. She laughed and said it is more than one year that I have not seen him.

It is the first time I have a young man inside my house and it is the first time I am seeing a cock other than that of my husband. Charles, shall I touch it. I said sure, you may do what ever you may like. She came and sat near me and took my cock in both her hands and put it against her cheeks and said lovely. I opened my legs wide and made her sit between my thighs and lean on me.

She saw my ballpouch and took it in her hands and kissed it. and put my cock in her mouth and ran her tongue around it. This was too much for me to expect on the first day of my tuition. I just took liberty and leaned forward and put my hand in her bossom and touched her boobs. I told her that I have not seen a pussy ever. Will you show me yours? Am I wrong in asking you this favour.

She laughed and said right or wrong we have come this far. Why not finish our supper and then go for the next session. We got dressed up briefly and went to the dining table and ate our dinner. Came back to the study room. we removed our clothes. She asked me to go near her and she asked me to have a close look at her pussy.

She opened the lips of her pussy and showed various parts like clitoris and urine hole and the fuck hole. She just leaned over me and put her lets on either side of me and took my cock and placed it near her fuck hole. She just pushed down and took the head of my cock inside. She took the camera and took photograph in that position in a close up shot.

She pushed a little more and half of my cock was in. She took some more photos in close up. Her hole was gorging my cock and her clitoris was bulged and took a prominent position. Similarly she moved a little by little and went on taking photographs. Her vaginal walls were very tight and were gripping my cock. Finally my whole cock disappeared inside her.

She gave me the camera and asked me to take different photographs from different corners. Sitting in that position she viewed all the photos and said they are magnificent. She kept the camera aside, leaned over me and kissed me. Her boobs were bulged and the nipples pressed against my chest.

She asked me to squeeze the boobs and take the nipples in my mouth and lick and suck them. It is 9 pm, do you mind Charles, if we spend some more time like this. I said it is ok. Ms.Ameena was fully aroused and she was giving deep breaths and small sounds of joy. She rotated her and my cock moved inside her and it gave us great pleasure.

She lifted herself up and came down and looked at me and asked me does her weight trouble me. I sai no, you are not heavy at all. She made more jumping movements and she leaned over me and extended her hands and held my shoulders and made movements like swimming. My cock was coming out and going in pressing her clitoris.

She was crying loudly and asked me to fuck upwards. I just lifted her a few inches and fucked her up first slowly and then briskly. her muscles were tightening and she was on the verge of her orgasm. I made a few more pushes and I too got my orgasm. We both had our combined orgasm and it was real heavenly.

She lied on me kissing me and whispering some endearing words in my ears. She never had such a satisfying fuck even from her husband. My cock began to strink and it was being pushed out. She got up and guided me to the toilet where she squatted on the floor and washed her cunt of all the fluids. She cleaned mine also.

But by her touch my cock bagan to rise and she was laughing at it. She took the semi erect cock in her mouth and sucked a few drops of my fluid from it. We came back to the bedroom and she asked me to inform my people that I will be late so that they may not be alarmed. We had our second shot. She took the camera and shot pictures of my cock entering her cunt.

I too helped her. She then asked me to concentrate on our fucking and I inserted my cock into her well lubricated hole. I leaned forward and sucked her boobs and kissed her cheeks and lips and went on fucking. She said my fucking is so perfect that she cannot believe that I am a novice. I banged my base onto hers and she wound her legs around me.

I rose and lifted her by her buttocks and stood with her embracing me. With my cock fully inside her I took her around the room and fucked her vigorously. Oh, Charles, you are divine, she said and she took thrust her body onto me. It took more time for us to come to a finish. I carried her to the bath room in the same condition and made some more fucking shots.

She was overwhelmed and did not want to cpme to the floor. At last we cleaned outselves and it was past 10 pm. She said she would very much like me to spend the night with her so that we could have slept with my cock inside her cunt. I just laughed, gave her a good bye kiss, got dressed up and left home by my bike.

Next day I had to go to Sister Ritha to learn science. I did not know what are all in store for me in her convent. Please post your comments below. Thanks.

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Horny guy fucking sexy HOD - II

Previously: Horny guy fucking sexy HOD

I couldn’t hold back, the pressure was too much, my cock with all its force was ripping her tiny pink wet pussy apart. More, more she started shouting, fuelling my lust & sending me into a fucking enthralled fantasy. I started fucking faster & faster, no control, the computer table started shaking, she gyrated her hips so the shots felt harder, I leaned in to kiss/lick her mouth, dirty kissed her & licked her tongue.

Feels great, these vulgar actions make you feel out of this world. The table slid, the ViewSonic 15” monitor feel & shattered, we kept fucking like insane & the moment arrived. I took out my throbbing rough cock out of her cunt and sprayed my magic juice all over her healthy flat abs & over the college keyboard.

We weren’t done yet, the bitch wanted more, as crazy as she is, she crossed creative limits when she tied the USB cable of a mouse to my cock and took me to her HOD’s cabin. You horny fuckers can Imagine the scene, me and my HOD stark naked inside college late at night walking from our computer lab to HODs cabin & she tugging my already hot cock with a computer mouse tied to it.

I was a play thing to her. We were atop the huge U shaped table in her room, pushed her on her knees, no time to remove panties, just slid her panty aside and jammed my dick in her ass. She let out a cry of pain, music to my devilish soul, she couldn’t take it, I couldn’t stop, she was in pain, I was in pleasure, and such is the balance of our dreaded Universe.

I knew the pain is temporary, until precum is released. I had to take my revenge for the day, she had given me just 24 marks in ADA internals, failed according to VTU standards. And my ramming cock was gonna make her pay for that 1 mark.

I wasn’t gonna follow up this story with a 2nd part, but your awesome comments pushed me to continue. Many of you praised this as the best story on this blog, thank you. For all you horny sexy guys and girls out there, this is gonna be harder, faster, stronger, better, sexier (just like daft punk). Hold your strong cocks or insert your fingers into your sweet vaginas and rub/stroke away to glory, you crazy motherfuckers.

The huge table started thumping like a subwoofer, oh the joy, the bass of sex I thought, me smashing against her curvy lovely wonderful ass, and she ramming into the table. She looked at ease, adjusted to the ass fucking. “Saali madarchod, uski itni himmat ki wo tereko fail kare? Chod de maa ki gand uski” my friends said.

(Bloody motherfucker, she has the guts to fail you? Fuck her mother’s ass). My seething rage rose again, as I loosened my collar tie and put it on her neck and pulled. Nice..!! I was able to pull her like a horse tied to a chariot. She like it, turned back & flicked her tongue sexily, enough to make me go berserk. This bitch knew to play, enjoy the hunt, was a Hunterrr.

I couldn’t hold, my earthquake blasted, splashed my magic juice all over her back, smooth silky panty & shiny black hair. We got down from the table, she made me sit on her chair. Imagine yourself sitting on the most powerful chair in campus, naked! The irony, the heat, the naked body of your god damn HOD exactly in front of you, gave me another erection.

Sitting like the meticulous sapiosexual that I am on the chair with my rough hard cock pointing straight at the ceiling. She stood savoring the scene, vice versa bitch. My cum dripping around my cock, on her legs, panty, her back, her silky hairs now sticky with cum. 2 crazy young fuckers resting after a sex battle. No pun intended.

As she came to me, swaying that holy grail of an ass, I just tilted my cock forward, for her to come and sit on. She did, sitting on my cock, me sitting on a chair, deep penetration, double pleasure. Her intentions differed.

She held my internal paper in her hand, smirking, that crazy bitch.”You could have performed better, in the Internals I mean” she said, slowly standing up a bit and taking my cock out, sat back on my thighs. “You know, I can detain you and will detain you for nonperformance in academics.” My mind twirled, academics ki maa ki chut,(I’ll fuck academics in its mother’s ass).

I just held my dick and rubbed on her dripping cunt, kept on rubbing, she started moaning, she held my dick slowly, started stroking, slowly, slowly, put thumb on cock’s head, heavenly feeling, from head to shaft, deep strokes, pumping my cock, spit on it, rubbed the spit on cock, spit some more, I spit on it too, looked into my eyes directly, our spits mixing, on my dirty fat cock. Jannat ki numaish.

Those eyes, bold, sharp, cold, piercing. The authority, the charisma, the boldness. “I knew” she said, “knew it would make you go mad”. What was the bitch saying? Did I fuck her brains out? Did my dick hit her brain? Then it dawned over me, moment of realization, she failed me on purpose, to bring out the beast, to raise the animal instincts.

Move well played, kudos, hurt me for personal gain. As she sat ravishing in her aura of victory, the gears of war started in overdrive in my mind. Revenge would be mine, the last laugh would be mine. “And yeah, the broken monitor is 5k fine, & please clean the cum on the keyboard before you go” she said, licking my cum from the USB cable from the mouse.

Next day as I came in, the lab instructor was full of smile, the HOD has planned something for you he said. What more could the bitch plan for? As I sat chewing on Miraj (rajasthani tobacco) in my ADA class staring point blank at her sexy body, imagining her strong naked abs from yesterday night, I began to get an erection in class.

The fuckers from class were busy tracing the shortest distance possible between a given paths using travelling salesman algorithm. Algorithms is an interesting subject, bill gates became the world’s richest man with them. Dumb fuck, I thought. Class ended, went to her chamber to hear what was the plan about!

Meeting was in session, all prominent faculties were present. The Java programming lecturer was sitting in the spot where I fucked my HOD last night. Couldn’t stop my smile. “What goes on in that crazy mind of yours?” The operating systems lecturer asked me, enquiring about my smile.

Round Robin scheduling algorithm I said, as everyone in the meeting burst out laughing at my witty quick retort. After all the salutations and the informally formal talks, everyone came to the point. Business, everyone’s reason for existence in this dark world of ours. Mortal souls always squabbling for a piece of fame, power, authority.

The feeble minds irritate me, with their so called PhD’s, unable to comprehend the budding talent of generation X. We as a generation have molded the world to our likings, accept it. Collectively they started, “You have a fine of 5k on your head”. “You have failed in ADA internals”. “You won’t get the hall ticket for your final exam”. “You are not studying enough”.

“You have a great mind, but lack the attitude and the motivation”, they said. As I coyly smiled and looked up, a poster of Einstein hanging in the room with the words “A piece of paper won’t determine my future it said”. How apt, exactly the words I wanted to say right now. “However, we want to give you a chance to wipe out all that”. Interesting, continue I said.

Finally our revered HOD spoke out, “There is a national level technical fest being held in Mangalore, in ST. Josephs College.” I could figure out where the talk was heading to. “We want you to lead our college team in all the events and bring home the General Championship Cup”.

My college always relied on me for such things, always the expat that I was in extra-curricular activities I was. “If you accomplish the feat, your track record will be wiped clean”, they said. Nothing new, been in this situation many times.

But as always, there always need to be a catch. “Everything sounds good, but which faculty will accompany us?” I asked. The java programming lecturer started laughing, “To keep you in control, and make sure you don’t do anything naughty and spoil our prestigious college’s name, Our HOD herself will accompany you”. Perfect, morons, irony, revenge, ball bursting sex.

“Actually my brother stays there & I thought I could also meet him when I accompany you guys” she said. The white lies with such perfect confidence seemed to pass off easily with these low IQ idiots, only I realized the truth.

I gave the names of the people who would be participating in various events like LAN gaming, quiz, best manager etc and I would be leading the pack and participating in the most prestigious event, Technical Debate.

Chances are, if you are from south India studying in a technical college, then you have already seen “ME”. I have a track record of winning in almost every debate that I participate in. Nothing new to me, apart from the sex I would be having this time. Mangalore, a wonderful place with wonderful people. The beach, the babes, the booze and my own sex slave. Mangalore, here I cum..!!

I just couldn’t wait to fuck her on the beaches of mangalore with the waves washing over us & cool our sex crazed bodies. But alas I had to wait, just as you are to now. Valuable inputs/suggestions/feedback awaited in the comments below.

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Horny guy fucking sexy HOD

As spurt after spurt of my hot sticky dirty cum landed as strings all over her beautiful glistening wet pink lips, she let out a faint giggle & her slimy smooth tongue slid out to gently caress the tip of my throbbing cock as if encouraging to shoot out a second round, I went back in time recollecting the moments and the buildup between us that lead to these wonderful memories.

Yes, we all hated our HOD’s during college, we all said fuck him/her, but in my case, I really DID. I’ve left plenty of clues regarding subtleties like college, myself, canteen, location etc. Try to guess them in the comments below. Let’s see who guesses everything correctly. Meanwhile, pull out your dicks & slowly wank away as I buildup the sexual tension.

“GUI” she called it, standing for graphical user interface. I couldn’t care less about paying attention to our new HOD’s boring ADA class (Analysis & Design of Algorithms). She had that stupid zealous smile, or should I say smirk of being the new person with power in the department.

She was appointed amidst a lot of competition which consisted of many senior faculties as well, so how the fuck did she edge them out? Her MBA from some foreign university thought some people, but I would say it was her curvy figure that got her places, & I mean literally.

All the fuckers (as I address my classmates) in the class were drooling over her curvaceous hot-bod standing at 5’6”. She was beautiful, full of attitude, spoke flawless English with such authority that most students wouldn’t get into an argument with her. None paid attention to kruskal, dijkstra or prim’s being taught on the board.

And just when she dropped the marker, all the fuckers sat up straight to catch a glimpse of the heavenly low cut neckline of her chudidhar. Fucking perverts I thought to myself, not realizing that I was about to be one. (pun intended)

Just when I was about to doze off, her eyes met mine. Piercing, sharp, cold, firm, something that I prided myself of being. This was the first time she was handling classes for us, there were rumors that she could gaze at you for 5 seconds in the class & correctly guess what no good you were up to.

A challenge for me? The legend that I was, never felt intimidated by these low life double PhD doting low lives. But I did feel her strong gaze vanquish my much needed vodka induced hangover/sleep. I decided to play along, and the chase began which would soon turn out to be a battle of intellects between 2 sapiosexuals.

Somehow I felt attracted to her strong charisma, her bold dominating charm, of which the entire department was scared of. As I sat up & faked attention to the loops of prim’s, I savored in the loops of her. Those perfect 34 sized round erect boobs, that supple petite body accentuated by the thin waistline begging to be held & pulled, that curvy ass atop those shapely thighs.

It was evident that she was figure conscious. Somehow I had a weird boner thinking/fantasizing about her. And then bang, suddenly out of the blue she said sternly, “You, last bench fellow, get out, no reasons, meet me at 10.15 break” & continued teaching as if nothing happened. I was shocked at the swiftness & magnitude of her thinking, I never bought a bag or book to college, so I just stood up and started walking out.

All the fuckers were scared to even turn back & look at me because of her. As I sheepishly walked out, I realized that I was toting a boner thinking about her and there was nothing I could do to hide it. All I could was pray to lord kaamraj that she doesn’t notice it. I walked out, roamed outside campus, had a smoke, and loitered around & finally at 10.10 I decided to go meet her.

Being the dominant alpha male I was, I didn’t want to let go of my image of feuding with the faculties. There she was, in her big cabin with a U shaped table in front of her. I never took permission while entering faculty cabin. She was aware of presence and glanced me up and down from the corner of her eye.

As I wondered what she would say, she caught me off guard by asking “what were you doing in class?”. I said sleeping, but she didn’t agree and said I was paying attention. I smiled and said in hindi “yeh pehli baar hoga jab student khud bol raha hai ki who so raha hai aur teacher bol rahi ki woh dhyaan deh raha hai” hahahaha.

(“This might be the 1st time that a student is admitting that he was sleeping but the teacher is saying that he was paying attention?”). “What kind of mockery is this I asked?”. She stopped typing on her laptop, turned to me & said “I’m aware of your antics & stories, your tricks & petty games won’t work on me”.

Damn I started getting a boner again, what was she? Some boner inducing, cock friendly witch?. I was taken aback with her choice of words, anyways she continued “I never said you were paying attention to the class, you and me both know what you were upto”.

As I wondered if she noticed me watching her figure, she showed her tactfulness by saying “If you were really paying attention to the class then it wouldn’t have risen you just as you are rising now”. Like, what the fuck? Did she just speak about my erection? I was aghast, slowly slid behind a chair to which she retorted “I wish you covered your modesty & reputation this well in campus as well”.

Man, this babe was relentless, spitting fire, ripping me apart. I, I of all the people had to listen to this & keep quiet? I was a legend in my campus, with just 6 months left to complete my Master’s in the 2nd best/prestigious college of my state. I took people down with my words, if that didn’t work then my fists definitely would.

I was never good at studies but was outstanding at extra-curricular activities like debates, group discussions etc. for which I was always praised, I had a big social circle with friends everywhere, the campus, the canteen, the shop owners around the campus where I had a room. What would happen to my reputation if they heard this bitch blabber to me like this?

Something needed to be done, something drastic, something shut-your-mouth worthy. I came out from the cover of the chair that was covering my now massive erection, stunned as she was waved her hand to get out of her cabin. My turn to tease, “Mam, do I have to attend the next classes?”. Do what you want she blurted.

I promptly went out and informed the other lecturers that I had her highness’ permission to go home for the day. There’s a bar besides our college, which was my shelter until evening. As I slowly smoked my “Milds” cigarette & let the kick of the neatly drunk vodka to kick in, holding another peg I was seething with rage. Vodka fuelled thirst for revenge.

It was time to beat the war drums, time to take down before the events of the day repeated in public. Being the master strategist I was, I began spinning a web, but never realized that I too would get tangled in it.

My lab supervisor came to me rushing as I had dropped the computer mouse to the floor, just before he could say anything I saw him straight in the eye & my 2 best friends confronted him. He could say nothing, just requested me to accompany him to meet the HOD & pay a fine of Rs. 500 for breaking college property. He explained the situation to her.

“You think you are some kind of hero? Some lion or tiger walking in its own forest? How dare you misuse college property?”. I cut her short “Not a hero, or a lion or tiger. I’m a wolf, & a sly one at that”. The supervisor was taken aback with shock, sure that I would be rusticated. But I had struck the right cord, power begets power they say, how apt, the game began, gears cranking up, lines drawn.

She asked the supervisor to leave, who gleefully silently snickered “she’ll scold you”. I just retorted to him in hindi “chod dunga tumhare madam ko” (I’ll fuck your madam) under my breath. She seemed amused, interested,angry all at the same time. She knew I had dropped the mouse on purpose. “So tell me what you wanted to say?”. I’m sorry I didn’t get you I said.

“You dropped the mouse to prove a point, I’m not naïve you know, these are childish antics & frankly speaking I expected much higher from you especially seeing how high you can rise”. Fuck, another reference to my erection, this woman is crazy. “Tell me frankly, you think I’m an idiot, a chutiya?”. Perfect she’s fallen for it,defenses down, time to rip. “No Mam” I said feebly.

“So tell me, what am I”. Now or never moment. “A young highly educated confident girl born in the land of Kanakana Kindi, travelled around India during education, prefers north Indian food so always visits North Indian College Canteen, likes the color pink, always the attention seeker in her friends circle, completed education in Buffalo University,

wants to be independent so staying away from parents, pretends to be strict but deep down craves adventure & fun, became HOD not became of talent but by charming the pants off the Chairman, more worried about her looks in class rather than students paying attention, prefers luxury brands, loves sarcasm, absolutely loves Golconda wine & occasionally Romanov vodka,

had a crush in Bhandarkar’s college but soon realized men are unwise & have their brains in their groins, unworthy of her superior intellect, is 34 but looks damn young due to ponds age miracle she buys every month from Reliance Supermarket”

As I was going on and on, she suddenly got up and walked towards me, I didn’t stop, she raised her hand to slap me, I kept going on, she just brought her index finger and kept it on my lips to silence me just as I was saying “34-27-35 and prefers jockey undergarments”. Tell me she said “should I be shocked or angry that my pupil knows & speaks so much & so highly of me”.

I went deaf as I could feel her hot breath on my lips, mustered courage and testosterone & said “Neither, I know you are already impressed”. “So tell me, my little Sherlock” she queried “How did you find out so much, what resources and time did you waste on acquiring this info?”. Funny she used the word waste. “Not a waste, an investment I said”.

She stepped closer, her velvety smooth thighs just brushing my already raging hard-on. We both looked down there, looked up into each other’s eyes. Pre-cum was making a wet spot on my yepme bought cheap jeans. Her move. I Waited, just as you are to now. Please post your valuable inputs/suggestions/feedback below.

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Sridhar having sexy fun with his student Priya

Hello readers. This is Sridhar aged 23 from Coimbatore. Today I am going to narrate the incident happened between me and my only student Priya. My mom is taking tuitions at home and one of her student’s cousin is Priya. We are living in a rental home, where we live in down portion and the house owner lives in first floor.

Shewasa 1st year college student and as she took Science in her +2, she felt very tough with Accounts & Economics. So my mom asked me to teach her Accounts and Economics as I am a Commerce Graduate. She was 17, cute and fair with long dark hair touching her hips and she was very slim with extra pounds of flesh wherever needed.

Most of the time I used to give her sums and I will be doing my personal works. Whenever I get a chance to see her cleavage, I made sure that I don’t miss that view. On mid of May month, my mom left to her sister’s home as it was holiday for school kids. My brother usually comes by 11.p.m. That time Priya came to ask me some doubts in Accounts.

She was wearing a white shirt and dark brown midi skirt. I cleared her doubts and she asked about my mom’s arrival from her sister place and all. After a while when she started to leave, the house owner came down and told me that they are going out for some wedding reception and they will be coming late and asked me not to lock the main gate.

I went inside my home and watching TV. I listened to Priya’s voice “Anna, Na ullavaratta?”( Bro, May I come in?” To which I nodded and asked what she wanted. She said that she kept her note somewhere in that room last day and came here to search it. While she was searching, I got the chance of viewing her cleavage many times. She said.

“Anna, note kidachuruchu!!” (Bro, I found it!!”) I got the note from her and saw what it was. After that I gave her the note and I grabbed her hand and pulled towards me. She asked me in confusion “Anna, ennapannureenga???” (Bro, what are you doing???”). To which I didn’t reply, I just hold her face and was staring at her eyes. She said “Anna, IthuThappu” (Bro this is wrong).

Before she can finish her sentence, I kissed her lips and she was trying to free herself from me. But after a minute of hesitation, she started to respond to my kiss. I started to suck her lips and pulled her more closely. Suddenly I remembered that the door was open. And even I felt bad to continue. So I gave her an option. Whether she can leave or she can lock the door.

To my surprise she closed the door and I became very happy to see it and while she was locking I hugged her from behind and started to kiss back of her neck. She was standing still as if she don’t know what to do. I started to pull her closer and my dick was touching her ass. I was kissing her neck while my hands are massaging her boobs over her shirt.

She moaned softly which aroused me a lot. I slowly reached her tummy and my hands went under her shirt and I was massaging her boobs under her shirt while kissing her shoulders. She started to unbutton her shirt as I was busy in massaging her boobs. As soon as she removed her shirt I turned her around and kissed her lips once again and then her neck and then her cleavage over her bra.

I unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor. I lifted her in my arms went to my room and dropped in my bed and locked the room. It was AC room and I was sure that even if she makes the sound, no one will hear it. I Started kissing her lips. This time I opened my mouth to which she too responded well.. In no time our tongues started to play.

While kissing her lips, my right hand was massaging her right boob while my left hand was rubbing her pussy over her mini skirt. Slowly I came down and started to kiss her left boob and biting the nipples slowly while pinching the other nipple. She left a moan and said “Anna… orumathiriirukkuna… ethavathupannunga..pls..” (“Bro… I feel very nervous. Pls do something. Pls..”)

I asked her to remove her dress and lay back nude, to which she agreed and I was also getting nude. In no time we both are nude and I was very hard. And I could see her face turned red in blushing. I made her lay down and I started to kiss her thighs and then started kissing her hairy pussy. I started to suck it and bite it while my hands are massaging her boobs.

I put her legs over my shoulder and pushed myself a bit more closer and started to suck her hard. All I can hear is her moaning sound all over the room. I pinched and pulled and played with her nipples while I was sucking her hard and inserting tongue inside her pussy.

My dick was so hard and I wanted to enter a pussy badly. I placed my dick over her pussy and tried to insert my tip. She stopped me and said. “Vendamanna. Valikkum..Enakkubayamairukku” (Stop it bro, it will hurt. I am afraid”). Then only I came to know that she was a virgin. I consoled that I will use oil and said that it will not hurt her. To which she agreed.

I took some oil and applied in her pussy and in my dick. I placed my dick over her pussy and rubbed it for a while and was massaging her boobs and was smooching her. Then I placed the tip over her pussy and tried to insert it inside. It was very tight and I added some more oil. I inserted the tip alone and penetrated it for a while, when she started crying in pain.

I penetrated for a while and I inserted my dick in full force.. She shouted very loud and was crying loud that it was paining. I kissed her lips to reduce the sound and she hugged me so tightly, that her finger nails made marks on my back. I kept my dick inside her for a while till she stops struggling and crying.

I started to fuck her slowly and she was moaning in pleasure and I began to lose my controls and I was fucking her hard and her boobs were bouncing matching my pase. I grabbed her boobs and crushing it in my hand and kissed her lips and neck and was sucking her nipples hard… after 15 mins of fucking I took my dick outside and stroked it hard and released my load on her body.

After that I lay next to her cuddling her and asked her whether she liked it. She said it was a different experience and said she will not forget this in her life. I asked her whether we can go for another round trying different position, she said she is tired and she don’t know any other positions. To which I said that I will teach them also.

She kissed my lips and said she needs a bath. We bathed together and I helped her in wearing the dress and she helped me. After that I bid bye to her and I while leaving, she kissed me once again and while kissing I grabbed her boobs, to which she stopped me.. “Anna… Venadam… Enakku time aachu… meethi tuition naamainnorunaalvachukalam”

(Bro..No..its getting late for me. U can take balance tuition some other day”) To which I winked at her and she gave me an innocent smile. From then till my mom returned, every day we had sex in different positions and in different ideas, which I will tell one by one in my upcoming stories. If you liked it, I will post some more stories which happened between me & Priya.

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The Sexual Awakening - III

Previously: The Sexual Awakening - II

I apologize yet again, for a delayed 3rd installment. In between the parts, the usual crappiness happened, called life! I appreciate all the good words and words of encouragement. For those not intrigued, I apologize at the behest, For the rest, I hope you enjoy the fuck fest!

Just reading this story, you’d have no clue For that, kindly read parts one and two To fill enough in your horny gauntlet… More lies at the other end of this couplet! So there I stood, in the room. The room was filled with a bright light and yet my vision was dampening! It seems all the blood was rushing down into my pelvis, rather than up into my brain.

I was going dizzy, yet seductively drawn to her magnificent cunt. I stood there spellbound. Her glistening creamy cunt was laid out, as if on a platter. Did a 4-course meal await me, I wondered! “So Vivek, do I make sense now? Do you clearly understand the female anatomy now?

Or do you need the description again?” she asked, as she slowly moved her hands away from her choot, slowly gliding her fingers over her skin, towards her navel, leaving behind a trail of moistness, which was glistening in the light emanating from the tubelight above. And while her hand was moving away, her legs were closing slowly and gradually.

I imagined what Ali baba must have felt seeing the cave of fortunes being closed. But I knew I had my ‘open sesame (Khulja sim sim)’ at hand! “No” I shrieked! I wished to see it more clearly! Suddenly sense came to me! It hit me, what just happened. I moved closer, emboldened by Mamta ma’am’s actions. “So come close, and have a closer look Vivek,” She said.

“I know what all has been going through your mind. Do you think women are foolish? We know when a man’s gaze is on our boob and when is it on our face. We know what goes on in the minds of men, much before they realize. We know what effect would our little change of posture have on them and their little dicks.

Yes Vivek, you aren’t the first and you wont be the last!” she spoke calmly, but I could sense her voice was trembling in between. And then she opened her legs once again! As I sat in between them, at the edge of the bed…I was sitting on my knees with my face, facing her cunt. Her legs were parted on either side. Her knees were bent and thighs far apart.

Both her hands were on her thighs, as she moved them apart slowly. “ Why don’t you touch it, little boy? Hahaha” and then she laughed. “Now where goes all your manhood? Kyun phatt gayi na”. I could not believe what I was listening to! I looked up to her in shock! She had a smirk across her face! And I, like a lost little child, just gazed into those eyes.

My mind said, go grab that cunt, but my hand was too frozen to move an inch! I tried, but courage it seems fails men when against a fierce enemy or against a woman of their dreams. For a young boy, a teacher is the former and a naked woman, the latter! I had both being thrust on to me. And now I was being mocked! She had no clothes down there and suddenly I felt ashamed. I felt as if I was the naked one.

She slowly got up, and came close to me with her face barely inches away from me. Looking me in the eye she deeply gazed my intent. She took her soft smooth hand and held my chin in between her thumb and fingers, “Bete, it is easier to peep. I know what you’ve been doing since you’ve come to my class.

Your sitting on the last bench does not mean I don’t know where your gaze lies or what you’re upto.” And her grip on my chin became tighter, as she spoke, still gazing deeply, as if she was reading my mind! “And now, not even a single word escapes your mouth… Haha”. And then she came closer, and holding my neck with the same hand, arching it she bent on to me, and kissed me on the lips.

She took my lower lip in her mouth and sucked it in between her wet lips. And slightly bit me on the lip! “Aah” I cried and backed away! There was a look of complete shock on my face. It had gone pale, as if all the blood had been sucked out. And she just laughed! Laughed like the wicked witch, I thought!

She took me by face and pulled me to sit up besides her on the bed. She folded her legs and sat facing me, with both of us on the edge of the bed. And then smiling she said, “Vivek… It’s ok. You seem shocked, as if I’ve asked you for your kidney! Relax. Come near me. Don’t be afraid. Kya hua?” I think she could sense my state of shock.

“N…N…Nothing ma’am. It’s just... I… I… I never thought this would ever… ever happen. I have never seen a naked lady in real ever in my life and it… it is too much to grasp!” I was shaking, but excitement was bursting in my mind, which I couldn’t express!

“Don’t worry, come here. Just follow my lead” she said, and took my face in both her hands, bringing her lips closer to mine and she locked our lips! I followed suit, much relaxed by her comforting tone and less aggressive stance. I moved my lips rhythmically as she did. Interlocking them with her, gently at first, and then fiercely! Our lips were like two wrestlers in a wet muddy pond.

One above the other, trying to beat it down and then slipping, only to be beaten by it. Teeth and tongues, lips and saliva! Some dripping here, some biting there, some rough handling, some caressing with care! Our tongues darted in and out. I was sucking hers as if it was a lollypop given to me, like it’d be my last lollypop ever.

And then I moved my hands… Touched the sides of her arms. Feeling the softness of her skin, and moving them slowly down. The smoothness of it, the milkyness of it and the silkiness on which my hands lay made me quiver with joy, as my fingers just seemed to slip! My hairs were rising on end as she gripped me and hugged me tight. She was breathing fast, and so was I.

Her heaving chest against mine, the heat emanating from her body. I could feel her breasts, as they crushed against my chest, while she hugged me tight. I could feel them getting squashed as the air between us thinned out. And then I took her in my embrace, moving my hands from the sides of her arms to her back. Feeling her soft smooth back, and suddenly realizing, she wasn’t wearing a bra!

Ah, the woman was prepared, and I wasn’t going to let her down! And I again looked her in the eye and gave a passionate kiss one more time. And while I did this, my hand moved from her back to sideways and then just about hit the sides of her boobs. She gasped! But her kissing just intensified. I got the encouragement, and moved my hands on front and cupped her boobs.

Both of them just about fitting in my palm. My lips were stuck to her lips like those pipe-cleaning devices being stuck to the drains and my hands were stuck to her bosom, as if plastered there. I slowly and rhythmically squeezed them. They were perfect. They were firm and they were just about juicy enough to make any man let go of his juice! I felt the firmness, as her boobs lay gripped beneath her tee shirt.

It had been a while since a man had felt those. She then stopped kissing, moved away, looked me in the eyes, and then took her tee shirt off! Oh my god. It was a sight to behold. She had the most perfect boobs. Nice and round, shapely to the core. The perfect curves beneath those mounds of womanly flesh, made me realize why nature was once hailed as gods and goddesses by the older civilizations!

Her boobs were better than what I had imagined. They were milky white. As they slowly rose from her chest and increased in volume, and then they went down with every breath. I could just gasp in amazement by the beauty of it! And atop the lovely mound was the most perfect tit! Just like those porn stars. It was a medium sized brown colored areola and the nipple was poking right at me.

It was stiff and it was really really taut! She must’ve been turned big time by that slow squeezing maneuver! “So, do you like what you see?” she asked as one of her hands moved to her left breast. Her long slender fingers brushed along the skin below her boobs and then she caressed her tit with a circular movement of the tip of her finger, before licking it and then making her tit wet with her saliva by flicking her tit with her wet finger.

She continued to flick and encircle her tit while her gaze was fixed on me. She lustily looked at me while I just couldn’t move my eyes from the most amazing pair of boobs thrust on to me! And then I moved my hand forth and touched her right breast. Held the boob in between my fingers as I gently pressed them into her skin. She let out a little cry and arched her neck back.

I got emboldened and then moved on to cup it and then squeeze it. I squeezed it gently at first, but then with greater force subsequently. Her taut nipple slipped out of my fingers, brushing roughly against my nail, every time I squeezed her boob like an orange! And every time her nipple slipped out, she gasped.

I figured the nipple must be really stimulating, so then I held her nipple in between my fingers and thumb and gently pressed it in between. And as I did that, I pulled onto it gently and then while pinching it, let it slip out of my fingers! Oh she let out a whimper! And she shivered at this movement.

She held my head by my hair and brought my face right into her left boob, while she continued to play with her right tit. My mouth was just inches away from her brown, gorgeous tit when she cried, “Suck me you fucker. Suck my tit. Oh you’re making me so horny and wet, I can’t tell you! Suck my tit. Suck it like you haven’t sucked anything else in your life!”

And I needed no telling any further. I latched onto her tit like a baby. My lips encircling her tit while I sucked and sucked and sucked. Flicking her erect tit in my mouth while I did it, occasionally gently grinding it in between my teeth. I pulled her tits from my teeth and then continued sucking and flicking it.

Saliva was flowing from the sides of my mouth onto her breasts, while her hands they remained stuck in my scalp, holding my hair in a fist and pulling it while I continued to devour her tit! With one swift movement she pushed me off her. She seemed disheveled and trashed. She pushed me down on the bed and came on top of me! She looked me in the eyes as she lay on top.

She gazed for a bit, as if in a trance and said, “What I am going to do next, is something very bad, but I can’t help it right now! I am going to take your innocence from you, not that you have it anyways, but I feel guilty and excited at the same time. Forgive me, for I am a bitch today!” And with those words she went down on me, unbuckled my jeans, unzipped it and pulled it right off!

I lay there motionless, still fathoming what was happening, while she put her hand in the elastic of my jockey, looked at me slyly and pulled it right off! Out sprung my dick, in all its glory and fervor! The dick shone in the bright light from the precum that got smeared all over it all this while.

She looked at it with amazement, “You’ve got a nice cock here, pity it hasn’t been put to good use… yet!” and with that she opened her mouth and took it all in! OH MY GOD! Between the warmth of her mouth, the wetness of the saliva, and the excitement of having your dick in woman’s mouth, I do not know which was most pleasurable but I found myself in the seventh heaven!

I arched back as she pulled back my foreskin and sucked and licked the head of my dick. Oh the way it disappeared in her mouth, in between her pink lips again to resurface wetter and redder, it was just driving me mad! And then the moments when she looked up and into my eyes while her lips were wrapped around my lund, and her one hand holding and gently playing with my balls, ooohhhh the feeling was beyond compare.

It felt strange when she licked the head of my dick as it sent shivers down my spine. Each time she took a go at it… I simply shivered! There was building pressure inside me, and after some licks up and down, I burst into her mouth unannounced!

She looked at me, raising her head up. There was semen dripping from her mouth, on her hair, sticking to her eyelash! “Asshole, never do this again!” she shrieked and got up, while spitting the cum back on my dick. “ Batata toh sahi you’re about to cum” she spoke more calmly now realizing I was too naïve for things like these, but still her face and expressions were strained!

I got up and apologetically said, “Am so sorry ma’am, the feeling was so pleasurable, I didn’t realize when I was about to cum. I mean I realized, but just couldn’t make myself stop. Have never felt something like this, ever before!” I was feeling too ashamed for my action and just stood up feeling guilty to the core.

She sensed my state of mind and mellowed down. She held be my shoulder and made me sit down. “It’s ok Vivek! I did not realize it was your first time and I too got carried away in the moment. Don’t worry, things like these happen and I would have been surprised had I not made you cum!

We would seriously have had to get your testosterone levels checked, had you not cum… haha” and she laughed as she said this and patted me on the back and gave me a nice hug. I relaxed a bit and smiled at her, still apologetic to the core, “Am so sorry I came too soon. I am not a pussy, I can hold for very long. Don’t know what…”

“Shhh… don’t bother Vivek. It’s ok. You did great for a first time” she smiled and said. And then she came close to me, held my face and kissed me on the lips. It was a nice, long, though a less intense, but a very wet kiss! It calmed me down and I hugged her. “Thanks ma’am! I have no words to explain, how amazing it was… I…” She stopped me short.

She said, “Oh don’t be sentimental you dickhead. I wont be leaving you unless I get my share of pleasure!” as she smiled and winked! She pushed me back on the bed and took my, now partially limp, dick in her hand while caressing it and said, “This still has newer horizons to explore and am sure you wouldn’t want to blow such a chance! Haha!” She truly was the bitch that day!

She took my dick in her hand and rubbed it while she snuggled up to me and kissed me, all over my head and neck. She bit me here and there, which left marks that lasted me for a week, something that made me a butt of jokes at my swimming classes for the week to come, but it was a like a bruise a warrior bore, which I was proud of!

And then once the dick was fully up to its former glory, she got up and with her legs on either side of my thighs she sat on my thighs, just beyond my dick. My balls were lying next to her pubis and she kept caressing and playing with my dick! She then got up… held my dick by her hand, guiding it onto the very cunt she was describing to me not more than an hour ago and slid it right through!

“OH FUCK” I cried as I felt warmth, I had never felt before surrounding my dick as it slid into her tight little hole. It made its way forth while my foreskin slipped back. The tight vaginal walls were wet and the heat was falling right onto the head of my exposed dick. It gave me a sensation I can’t explain nor can someone who hasn’t been there fathom it!

It was pure joy and ecstasy and I thought it couldn’t get any better when, she suddenly got up, making my dick come halfway out and then sat back right onto me, such that my dick hit something firm and she squirmed! She did that again and again and again… Oh goodness me, she was riding me and I lay there, with my dick sliding on her choot walls, in and out, again and again.

The thin skin of my dick brushing across the folds of her vaginal wall as I felt wet juices spilling out and squishing every time she slammed right back on me hitting my balls with her cunt. I could feel hitting something firm on my way up (Her cervix, I realized later. Seemed she finally did cram up some biology into me).

She increased her speed and held me form on the chest as she bobbed up and down. After a while, I could feel something tightening onto my dick as she dug her nails into me looking up at the ceiling and shrilling, “Oh GOD!!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!!” Her cunt was tightening around my dick and she was just out of control.

I too could feel the pressure building in me and since I was being pushed down into the bed with no place to slip out, I simply cummed there, inside her, once again! She stopped and fell right back onto my chest. She was breathing heavily and and both of us spoke nothing.

She just lay there onto me, her chest heaving against mine and all I did was looked at the fan above me, moving in circular motion as little beads of sweat trickled from my forehead to the bed and her forehead to my chest. In a while we both got up, she handed me my clothes. We both changed silently, not speaking a word and we went to the door.

“I am sorry I cummed…” I was about to say, when she put a finger on my lips. “Just bring me an I-pill. And while you’re at the chemist, get a box of condoms too. I like them dotted.” She winked and closed the door after me!

I’d appreciate comments/criticism below. Thanks for your time. Apologies if the story wasn’t worth the effort. Hopefully I’ll come back with more! Cheers!

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Rahul enjoying tuition sex with mother and daughter

After my PG in Physics, I was waiting for an opening in a bank as a prob officer. I am Balu, 23, quite handsome with good physique. My parents were both working and I used to stay alone, watching TV and brosing the net. My mother's friend told her that her daughter, Radha is wrting her 12th standard exam and wanted some coaching to herlp her revision.

Without consulting me, my mother agreed and she told me in the evening she told me that Radha may come from next day for some help in her revision. I objected and told her no, Amma, dont allow any girls to come in the absence of you or her mother. Ok, she said, I will ask my friend, Radha's mother also to come and sit in the drawing room when you teach Radha.

Next day both Radha and her mother came. Her mother sat in the drawing room and I asked Radha to come to the dining room and we sat on either side of the table facing each other. Radha was just 18, slim but with big boobs and ass. She came in a maxi and a T shirt with a bunch of books.

One by one subjects I asked her questions and found that she had fair idea of all subjects. She said she is revising and I did not understand why me then. My open lap top was there playing some of my favorite porn scenes, which she cannot see. I gave her some exercise and asked her to continue.

In the meanwhile Radha's mother got a telephone call and she said she is leaving and she told Radha to come as soon as the studies are over. Radha asked me what you are looking in the laptop. I said it is some porn scenes which is of no interest to you, you study.

Radha got up and came around and stood behind me and was glancing the scene from the laptop, very hot port scenes. She went back and brought her chair and told me that we both may watch the porn scene, it is very nice and I have never seen such scenes. Within five minutes she was very much aroused and was breathing heavily.

I just extended my hand and pulled her closer. I inserted my hand from underneath her t shirt and bra and touched her boob. She placed her hand on my cock. She asked me to show her my cock since she has not seen one so far. Her both boobs were very hard and apparently untouched. I lifted her maxi and inserted my hand inside her panty.

Her pussy was without any hair, all hair removed with proper creaming. In the meantime Radha squatted on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and was keeping her eyes on the laptop. Her tender rosy lips were around my erect cock. I brought the laptop to the edge of the table and we both indulged in our own sexual pursuits and we both reached our orgasm within minutes.

It was the first time for her and for me also. I called her to my bedroom so that we may do it in the proper way. WoW, fucking her was a great experience. She was horny and was taking all initiatives. Making her fully nude, made her to lie in the bed, I jumped on her and sucked her nipples, with sssss sound coming from her mouth she seemed to enjoy her first sex act.

She opened her legs wides and asked me to insert my cock inside. I kissed her on her cheeks, on her boobs, on her stomack, and then on her pussy, I with the tip of my tongue located her tiny pink clitoris. I just rubbed her clitoris with my tongue. Radha was turning and twisting with pleasure. No, no, no, insert your coock inside me,she cried.

It was very difficult to make the cock enter her body. She kept her cunt lips open with the fingers and was crying of pain and tears rolled down her cheeks. I just banged and my whole cock was inside her cunt. Slowly I fucked her and her pain subsided and she was enjoying the fuck. I did her a fast fuck and rammed my cock every time inside her. She was asking for more.

But I threw my cum outside. I asked her to calculate safe days and come for future fucking. We both got up went to the bath room and washed ourselves and came back. Her mother called her to come and she took her boobs and rushed back, kissing me on my cheeks and she said she will come later. In the afternoon, Radha's mother came as if to search for something.

I asked her to sit in the sofa. She looked into my eyes and asked me to show her the hot scenes from my laptop. She said she was watcihing them erlier and because her daughter was there she did not ask. Now she had sent her daughter to some other place, it is safe for two hours and wanted to see the porn.

She told me not to tell my mother about what she asked for and she came and sat close to me and with wide eyes looked at the hop porn scenes. She was clad in a elaborate kancheepuram saree which she removed and stood in her petty coat. She removed her blouse and stood with the bra only. I asked her what is the matter aunty.

Balu, my boy, I dont have to conceal anything from you. I am sex starved for a long time and my husband does not give me any sex at all. He has lost all interest. How long I can go on with the help of a finger. Let us go to your bed room and start. I took her to my bed room. She lied in my bed and removed all her clothes. She must be 37 or 38 and was maintaining good figure.

She showed great greediness to take my cock in her mouth and suck to her heart's content. There was som hair in her pussy and I just opened her cunt lips, I found her big clitoris, I leaned forward and took it in my mouth and licked and sucked it. The lady was moaning and was in a hurry to have the fuck done.

OK I said and made her to lie at the edge of the bed and put my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed. Her fuckhole was tight and gave me immense pleasure. Squeezing her boobs and sucking her tongues I gave a very rough fuck. Finally she reached orgasm and told me so. I rushed through fucking and I too shot my cum inside her hole.

She hugged me and kissed me on both of my cheeks and Slowly got up and we both went to the bathroom and washed herself. She said it is first time she has satisfying sex. Her husband never gave so much of sex. I was lucky to fuck the daughter in the morning and the mother in the afternoon in my bed. Mother said she wanted more, but will come later and dressed up and departed.

Daughter and mother came of different occasions for sex. I fucked them and gave them great pleasure. Mother never bothered whether daughter came or daughter never cared whether her mother gets fucked from me. But this was for a short time, My appointment was cleared and I had to rush to take up my assignment.

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Hari enjoying tuition class sex with Nadiya

Previously: Hari enjoying tuition class sex with Sania

Hari, 26, was running a tuition center in the first floor of his house. There was a hall and two room of which one room he used as his bedroom. The class rooms were all furnished with chairs etc. They had a common bathroom and one attached to his bedroom. His mother was working in some govt. department. His father was abroad. Neelu was for her +2 course.

She was just 18 and wanted to take up some professonal course. Hari had his PG in Maths and statts. Hari had about 10 students, of which 7 were for u/g classes and 3 for grad. classes. seven were regular students and hence their classes were scheduled for morning and evening. Three were studying privately and hence each one will come during day time.

He just observed one of the students in the day time was more interested in sex than in studies. Hari had to fuck her to her satisfaction. But before her departure, Neelu came from college and came straight to the class rooms of her brother. She say him talking talking to this girl more informally. After the girl left, Neelu asked her brother whether he fucked her.

He just said yes. Neelu said she just wanted to watch when he fucks a girl. He smilingly said it is ok and he will arrange for it. In the meantime a word about the relationship of Neelu and Hari. Both are brother and sister. But Neelu used to sleep with Hari for the past two years. It was Hari who gave her basic lessons in sex.

He told her about the safe days and unsafe days and how she should protect herself etc. When she was sixteen she used to put her hand inside his underwear and take out his cock and put it in her mouth. She enjoyed rolling her tongue over it. After some time she made him touch her pussy and insert his finger inside. He did not want to make her lost her virginity due to his fingering.

But one day she made him to get on her and put his cock in her cunt and fuck her. He had no other go but pierce her cunt and take away her cherry. But he restrained her to have only one fuck during a week or just two fucks. He was reluctant to give her oral sex, for fear that she may lose her sensitivity.

At the age of 16 Neelu was a beautiful girl bigger in all features than that of any girl of her age. Her boobs were big and firm, her ass was also big and she had nice big thighs. Hari had to resist his temptations while she slept by his side. But she was bold to take initiative and take his cock in her mouth and make him fuck her.

Nella went down to take food and help her mother to prepare food. But she always spent more time with her brother and hence took all these liberties. After Hari started the tuition center, Neelu came up less and spent most of the day time with her mother after she comes back from office.

One day she came up while returning from college she found the girl who was having tuition just leaving and from her expression Neelu thought she would have had a wild fuck session. She asked her brother, Hari bluntly whether there was a fuck session and he agreed. She told him that she would like to witness when he fucks another girl.

Next day another girl was to come at 9 for tuition during day time. Next day it was a new girl, Nadiya who came for tuition. She had covered her head with a black scarf. She was also robust, and big boobs and big ass wore salvar and kamiz. Hari made her sit and asked her some questions in the subject. She was not able to reply them satisfactorily.

As usual he asked her some private and personal questions. She said she is married and her husband is abroad. He comes once in a year. He left her with his parents and asked her to complete her education so that when she goes abroad she may be employed. Here his younger brother who is 17 stayed with her.

Their house too had only two bed rooms in one bedroom her in laws slept and the in the second bedroom she and her brother in law slept. On persistant asking she admitted that her brother in law failed in 12th and is doing business with his father. Hari asked her whether he is doing mischief with her. She in soft voice said yes. Hari asked her whether they do everyday.

She said no. Because once his parents caught him and he was asked to sleep in the sitting room and asked her to lock her bedroom from inside. Sometimes he used to beg and she will allow him just once a month. Hari asked her to come to his bedroom where we will have further talk.

In the bedroom, he just lifted her kameez and bra and found she had very firm erect boobs and with erect nipple. Hari just licked and sucked both the nipples just ot arouse her. He undid her pyjama and pulled it down with her panty to see her pussy. Her pussy was hairless and was nice to look at. Hari put his hand on her pussy and inserted his middle finger and touched the clitoris.

She was aroused and was taking deep breaths. He assured her that her education will be taken care of, and whether he may fuck her on the days she comes for tuition. Nadiya agreed enthusiastically. She wanted daily fuck. He asked her to come daily in the afternoon. He was fucking one girl in the morning and now this girl will be fucked in the afternoon.

His sister Neelu wanted to witness when he fucks a girl. Hari thought he will aske Neelu to hide in the room when he fucks Nadiya and later fuck Neelu in the presence of Nadiya. Both of them almost of the same age and fucking them would be a real pleasure. Hari lifted his dhothi and showed her his cock which was already erect.

Nadiya squatted on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and sucked it. her tongue was going around it. Hari had immense pleasure. But Nadiya got up and removed her panty and asked him to fuck her.

Making her lie down on his bed, opening up her legs, Hari inserted his cock into her cunt and fucked her vigorously. Since she was very much aroused she came to climax very fast. Very carefully planning his fuck schedule, Hari fucked these three girls regularly.

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