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Sex with my hot student Meena

I am tutor & I teach junior college students. I have different batches for girls & boys. The incident which I going to share with you happened in last year. A girl named Meena took admission in my biology class. She was just 20 yrs old. And what a beauty she was!

She had perfect curves at the right places. Her nice little shaped breasts always pointing up and usually she would wear tight jeans in which the curves of her ass would be clearly visible. She was quite fair & her eyes were remarkable.

As she was my student I used to treat her as a kid but there was an uncontrollable temptation & desire for her that I wanted to see her naked. She got late admission in my biology class & so she was not able to understand the concepts.

So one day after my class she came to me & asked if I could take extra class for her.I saw my chance & readily agreed. I gave her the class time at 5:00 AM in the morning as everyone is asleep. Moreover no other time was available.

She too agreed & started coming from the next day. Feeling of having alone with her made me crazy about her. Seeing her early in the morning made me fresh. One day I was waiting for her then suddenly heavy rain started. Just then as I thought she won’t come, she arrived fully wet.

She was wearing a frock that day. As I took her in, My heart began to race faster because her body was quite visible in her wet dress. As I looked closely iwas shocked to see that she was not wearing bra and her boobs were quite visible. Her pink hard nipples made my mouth go dry.

Suddenly she realized that something was wrong & she covered it with her scarf. I gave her a towel & told her to get dried in the next room. As she went inside, I couldn’t control my temptation & peeped through the keyhole.

I saw her taking off her dress & what a beauty she was! She made me hard & also wet this time. Her white slim legs made me sick. But she didn’t took off her panty & I regretted to miss it. After sometime she came out & sat for the class.

I started teaching her about “sexual reproduction in humans”. She was feeling uncomfortable when I was explaining her about the sexual intercourse. I told her to feel free to ask questions. She asked various questions on sex.

I was surprised to know that she didn’t know anything about sex & now she was having fun to know more about it. She asked if it would be fun to have a practical on it. This gave my heart skip a beat.

I went near her & said smilingly that it would be fun & u must try at least for once to get thorough knowledge. She smiled at me & said that she wanted to see male reproductive organs. She stood up & locked the door and said to me, “Sir, can u show me reproductive organs”.

My heart was beating faster. I nodded to her & took off my clothes. She was quite amused to see my cock. She asked me if she can touch it & I said yes. She took it in her hand & watched it closely. The warm feeling of her soft hand made my cock go hard & it got erected.

I said, “Look u have made it hard now & if u want to do it practically u can do it”. She readily agreed & took off her clothes. Seeing her hairy pussy I lost my control & grabbed her started kissing her. She didn’t hesitate & soon we were lip-locked.

We started playing with our tongues. My hand reached her boobs & I squeezed them gently& we kissed more passionately. I holded her in my arms & laid her on the floor & started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were hard & quite longer.

I sucked them & bit them & my hands reached inside her panty. Her pussy was already wet. She started moaning “aaahhh aaaaahhh ooohhhhhhhhhh aaaahhh” as I gently fingered her. I took my finger out & gave her & she licked the pre-cum of hers from my fingers.

I started going down kissing her. I kissed her navel & tickled her belly button with my tongue. She enjoyed it. I moved down further and pulled off the panty.Her pussy was fresh,tight & bushy.With my finger I moved the bush so that I could see her pussy clearly.

I kissed the lips of her pussy. Her lips were quite outward and mucus was continuously coming out. I played with her lips. Fingered them hard. When it was wet enough, I started licking her pussy. I spread her lips & inserted my tongue inside & wriggled it faster.

She was moaning loudly “aaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh ssssssssssssssshhhhhh ooooohhhh sir slowly please aaaaaaahhhhh ohhh sir please aah ssssshhhhh”. My mouth was full of her mucus & I gave her by kissing. She hurriedly licked all my mouth.

Now I took her both legs & spread them apart. My cock already very wet & hard was raring to go inside her. I put my cock over her pussy & first rubbed over it with the tip. I knew had to be gentle first as her pussy was very tight because she was a virgin.

I gently put my cock inside her. It was very hard to go inside but I managed & as it was in halfway I felt the Hymen, the wall. She told me that she was ready. This time I gave a harder thrust but it was going difficult.

I gathered my strength & gave a powerful blow in her pussy & there she was cried loudly as I broked the seal. I felt the blood coming out but I knew I had to move on & I started fucking gently. I felt the inside heat of hers. She was hot as hell.

“Oh Mina, ooooohhhhhhh yeaahhhhhh yeaaaaaaahhhh ooooohhhhh”. “aaaaahhhhhh oh sir ! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooohhhhhh”. “oohhhhhhhhhh Yes baby come on! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh oohhhh”.

She was sweating & moaning loudly. “ aaaaaaaahhh aaaahhhhhhhooooooohhhhhhh Fuck me harder!!!!!! Yaaahhhhhhhhh”. I started deep thrusting & did it harder. She was enjoying a lot. After some time I told her to change the position.

I told her to bend over so that we could do doggy style. As she bended the view of her cute little ass made me more hard. I slapped her ass & spread her legs & started banging hard from behind. Her boobs were juggling to and fro.

I holded her boobs & fucked her harder & much faster. It was raining outside& we both were sweating inside. Then she decided to take charge. I laid down on the floor & she came & sat over me. First she rubbed her wet pussy with my cock & when it was wet enough then she

gently inserted my cock inside her & started riding me. She started riding fast, up & down up & down just like professional. My cock very hard & now much longer got deep inside her pussy such that I felt touching erectile parts of inside her. I was panting.

“ohhhhh yaah baby ooohhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaahhhhhhh do it baby ooooooooohhh”. “yes sir aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ooohhhh ohhhhhhhhh”. I holded her tiny cone shaped boobs & squeezed them harder & so she was going faster and harder

making my climax come nearer. “ooooohhhhhhh Meena baby yeaaaaaaahhhh ohhhh u bitch do it”. It went deeper & deeper inside her. “Aaaaaaaaahhhh oh my god! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm aaaahhhhh sssssssssshhh oh sir mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

aaaaaaah”. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh”. I screamed. Just then I realized climax is nearer so I took her off & gave my cock to her to suck. She hurriedly started sucking & giving it deep throat.

The warmth of her mouth got me going & suddenly I realized the climax point & took out it out & blew the cum all over her body. Her face, boobs & navel were wet my cum. She then licked all the cum of my cock & cleaned my cock.

Then she got cleaned & dressed herself & kissed me again & told me that she had understood everything in sexual reproduction. Then she left. It was the best experience of my life of fucking a young girl & that too my student.

Late night hot tuition

It so happened, that one of my student was to be taught at 9pm till 10pm and as usual I went into his house as the door was slightly open. I proceeded directly into my students study room. I look all round, but my student was missing.

Suddenly I could hear the footstep voice of a lady with payal moving towards my room. It was my student’s mother brushing her long hair with her towel and drying it, she entered the room and Little did I realize what was in store for me.

The sight was amazing, a beautiful lady with a transparent linen on her body, she was shocked to see me and could not retract her steps quickly. Trying to rush to the other room, she slipped and fell on my lap and my table was just at the exit door.

The reaction was so nice, that she just lifted her hair from her face looked up and smiled. I holed her hand and lifted her up, she smiled again. This time it was a face-to-face smile. She beautiful body was visible to my naked eyes.

She told me that I would have to teach here a few lessons and I said ‘Yes’, She said.. Yes..Sxx. She hold me tight and my cock was rock hard, she just pulled her linen cloth and I could feel her body so hot and soft, her boobs were bulging with big tits,

her dick was slightly heavy but she had a flat belly. She was very beautiful to my eyes ! She wanted quick short lessons in XXX. He unzipped me and my big cock (9 inches) pops out into her hand. She starts licking and sucking my penis head, stroking me fast and lifting me high.

I was red and I removed my dress, I asked what positions that she was not used to in the past 15 years of her marriage. She said ‘My hubby penetrates only once a week’ I need a whole some meal today ! I kissed her all around her body, she sucked my cock.

I licked her pussy and lifted her high, she groaned, pushing her butts up and down, I licked it Hard and she groaned louder.. She was shouting, I want you in, push it in, right now…. My cock was ready for a contest which I was facing for the first time !

I pushed my cock into her wet pussy, she was moving up and groaning loudly, I pushed it harder each time and she said ‘More deeper’, I like it, I am enjoying it, Strike me deep inside !! I fucked and then came fountain of white fluid which I leaked into her deep pussy.

We continued out act and rested after some time. Once again she started stroking my cock and licking and prepared me for a second arousal, this time she insisted she wanted a longer session with me. I started and I pushed my penis in various strokes and positions,

he reached orgasm twice in quick sucessions and was very happy with me. She then climbed on me and started fucking me hard ! She was pushing my balls for a hard prick inside her pussy, I was enjoying it as well.

Thereafter she insisted that I insert my big fat cock inside her ass. She was feeling the pain, but she wanted to take my big, fat cock into her ass. She applied petroleum jelly into it and after a few slowly guided strokes I push my cock into her ass.

She was enjoying it nicely, I pushed it hard each time and was enjoying the best of the fucks ! She was groaning and shouting ‘Give me more’, Deeper, Harder ! This was her third orgasm in 30 minutes !

Suddenly my fluid leaked into her dick and I was striking shot after shots into her ass. He was enjoying every moment of it, she insisted that I continue, which I did for some more time. Then suddenly rang the phone, it was here husband “Honey, I will be late tonight,

have your food and go to bed” to which she replied ‘I am having my food, there is nothing left over for you’ She was so happy with the manner I prolonged my ejection and gave her full packed long sessions of sxx

(I use various techniques to prolong my ejaculation). She wanted me to Fxxk here regularly and teach her the art to enjoy lengthy Sxx sessions. I used to teach her more than one things and we used to meet at a private place to enjoy completely.

Dream sex with Accounts teacher

My name is Krishna from Erode. Let me tell u about my incident in my college days. I will not call this a relation but it just happening when I was 21 years old and studying for my Degree. Frankly I never had much knowledge of sex at that time and the information was limited

to the casual talks with friends and I never had the faintest of idea what all is done during sex. Yes I knew they kiss and caress and just how intercourse is done, but I had confusion and doubts about many things of sexual act.

At that time my lecturer was the wife of my father's close friend in the office and they used to stay with in a km of our house. Our family was very close and we used to visit each other for social gathering. I think she was in her late 30's or early 40's

and was not that sexy but an attractive lady. She had curly hairs, tall and had an attractive face. She was having good body shape and medium complexion. She had a very attractive smile and many times I just look at her face in the class and get lost in her.

She was well mannered and good in teaching and all students listened to her in the class. Since I was finding Accounts a little difficult she told my mother she will help me with it and I used to go to her house for clearing my doubts.

It went on for sometime and I got more attracted to her because I got a chance to see and interact with her more close. Some times other students also used to come to her house for tuition. But most of the time she took classes for me alone

since I was not going for regular tuition and only for some lessons where I had doubt. She used to sit next to me and teach and many a time we made body contacts and she used to treat me as a child I felt.

She used to give me snacks tea and all and we became more closer than before. On a couple of occasion when I was alone with her in the house I saw her without saree, but with only blouse and petty coat and she was least hesitant to come near me like that.

She used to come near me and lean forward with her elbow on the table to explain me and I got a glimpse of her cleavage. I only glanced on a couple of occasion thinking that what she will think if she notices but I could not resist doing so in between.

Also when she was in petty coat while coming bath I could see the shadow of her legs through it and her back was very sensual with a small hip but well shaped. Sometimes she used to give some work and she will go for bath telling me to finish the exercise

and after wards she will come and check it after she finishes the bath. But this I noticed she did only when I was alone with her and she never did when other students are with her. At that time she will be properly dressed also.

Then sexual thoughts started coming to my mind about her and one day I masturbated fantasizing her I got a unique pleasure at that time other than the normal days when I used to masturbate thinking of some other ladies in our neighborhood.

But I was too scared to do anything further. Then one day she caught me glancing at her cleavage when we were alone while explaining me a lesson and she reacted to it sharply by covering it quickly and I felt very embarrassed and afraid.

If my mother come to know about it I could not think what will happen and I really sweated. She then told me a little seriously that this is not the age for such things and concentrate on my studies and also only because it was me she was behaving so close

and casual with me thinking I was a good mannered boy. And she is teaching me thinking I am serious about my studies and if I am not interested it studies and if my attention is going somewhere else she need not put those efforts. I really felt guilty, ashamed and bad.

I told her sorry and apologized to her and requested her not to tell my mother and was really frightened. I could not concentrate on anything else and I told her to leave me early that day since I am upset and she did so without telling me anything further.

That night I could not sleep thinking how to face her again and next day I did not go telling I am not well. After two days she came to my house and I was too afraid an embarrassed to face her. But she behaved normally as if nothing happened and told me to come that afternoon

and I agreed. I told I was not well for two days for which she smiled at me the meaning I and she only knew. I now was sure she will not tell my mom about it but she casually told my mother I have to improve my concentration in studies and smiled at me.

I became nervous at that time but nothing more she told at that time. I went to her house that afternoon and she was alone. She taught me as if nothing happened and it went on for few days. I avoided looking at her except her face and that also only when required.

Then our festival holidays started and she came one day to our house and asked my parents if I can stay for two nights in her house since her husband is going out of station for some work and her children had gone to her sisters place for holidays.

Her husband had also mentioned this to my father and my parents were only too happy because she can help me with the studies. I was shocked a little how she can do such a thing but I now became clear she is not angry with me nor she does not have any mistrust on me.

I went to her house that night and it was raining heavily. She started teaching me and we took dinner and she started teaching me again. It was around 10pm we almost finished our study and she told me she want to talk to me for a while and she asked why I was glancing at her like

that? I was taken aback and I did not reply she came near to me held my hand and told not to worry and she will not tell anyone and neither she had not told anyone about that incident. But I was nervous which she noticed,

she put off the light in that room and came and sat near me holding my hand. She asked whether I was attracted sexually to her or just looked like that? Whether I read any sex book? Whether I had seen any lady naked? I really sweated and was speechless.

She told it is normal to have such feelings and I don't have to worry but I should not lose interest in studies with such thoughts. And I should masturbate and relieve myself. She asked whether I masturbate and I told yes with much hesitation.

She asked me why I am hesitating and it is a natural thing for boys especially and even girls do it which was a information for me. Then she asked the most embarrassing question to me that whether I think of her and masturbate?? I was shell shocked and told her no.

But she raised my chin with her hand and told me to tell the truth and don't worry about it but she want a honest answer. I did not answer for long she persuaded again and again when I told yes I do. She gave a naughty smile and she asked what situation I fantasize?

I just kept quiet I was too afraid what is happening but at the same time I felt the erection. She held my hand and took me to her bedroom. She did not put on the light. But in the adjoined room the light was there and I could see her clearly even though like a shadow.

She told me whether I want to see her breast, this time I could not believe it. She did not wait for my answer, she removed her saree and unhooked her blouse and held me close to her. I told no by reflex action. But she told why I don't want to see it?

She told it is ok and only we both will know this. I got aroused and up till now I was craving to see a lady naked. She kept my hand on her breast and told me to feel it if I want. She unhooked her bra also and stood with a naughty smile.

Then suddenly she started unbuttoning my shirt and she removed it and then she felt at my trousers and she felt my erection. She whispered in my ear that I am naughty and telling I did not want but was fully prepared for it. She removed my trousers and I just stood there shocked.

She embraced me tightly pressing my erection on to her belly and in one action she removed her blouse, bra and petty coat. She was not wearing any pantee and both of us was fully naked in the dark and she embraced me kissing and sucking my lips.

She asked me if I have any objection and I told no and I responded by holding her tight to me and moving my hand on her back and buttocks. For a moment I could not believe what was happening but suddenly I kissed her pressing my erection on her belly.

I did not know what to do? But I was squeezing her belly, back, buttocks, thighs and where ever I can. She took my mouth to her breast and told me to suck it and lick on the nipples. She took my middle finger and guided to her vagina,

it was hot and slippery and she was mourning and breathing heavily and stroking my penis. Suddenly she kneeled down and took my penis and started sucking it hard. I could not believe this and such things are done in sexual act.

She was doing it so fast and hard holding me close to her mouth with one hand, I could not control for long and I ejaculated in her mouth all of a sudden, she sucked hard and hard catching with one of her hand and stroking it, I mourned loudly and every drop she took in her mouth.

She went on sucking and I panted and pushed her mouth out since I did not have any stamina to withstand. I felt too shy to look at her. She took me to the bed and told me to lie down and we lied down for half and hour talking.

She showed me some English sex book with photo illustrations and I could not believe such poses are done for sexual act. She again started talking erotically and started stroking my penis. She asked me whether I want to see her in the light? I told yes.

She then asked me how long it take me to masturbate and I told less than 5mts. Then she explained me how to do intercourse and how to satisfy women and I should try to hold more time without ejaculation to satisfy the women and all. I was surprised with all those information.

She told me to fondle and caress the women a lot and do a lot of oral sex to arouse her and I was really amazed with all these. She then put on the dim light and told me to explore the body and we slowly slipped into love making under her guidance.

I was thrilled and got my erection again she taught me how to guide it to the vagina, initially I had some trouble when my skin on the tip of my penis stretched and pained a little. She encouraged me and I got slowly wild and fast.

I was kissing and sucking her lips, breast, caressing all over her body and the sight of her naked body made me mad I would say. Suddenly to my dismay she told she would now come on top, a total surprise for me.

She came on top slowly inserted my erection into her hot and slippery vagina and started pumping sucking my lips and licking my face and told me to caress her buttocks and thighs and also to suck her breast.

She went faster and faster and went on pumping so hard and talking all erotic stuff and finally fell down panting on my chest. It was really an experience and in the mean time I had ejaculated a second time.

We lied down there for sometime in each others embrace and then she took me to the bath room and cleaned me with dettoll and soap and told even if I get some itching don't worry but tell her, for the first time perhaps it may happen.

We had sex again in the morning and the subsequent night. Next day she told me not to go to any other lady for sex and don't get too much distracted because of this. When ever possible she will allow to do it with her.

She made me promise not to go to any ladies nor tell anyone about it. She told lot of teenagers get distracted from studies because of curiosity for sex and since now I have experienced it I should not get into bad company or something.

She told me to masturbate but not too much also and when ever I get too much urge tell her and she will try to have sex with her. But it did happen only once again and we never had a real opportunity again except to do oral sex, kiss and caress passionately on a few occasions.

But I could never forget that experience in my life and still linger that in my mind. The first oral sex and my ejaculation in her mouth I remember even now sometimes and masturbate, even after my marriage. My wife never was able to give oral sex with such passion.

She had confessed to me, ten years later once we met alone in her house, she all of a sudden felt a lust for me after she noticed I was looking at her cleavage and she is not a bad character or sex maniac.

She never had any feelings for me nor for any young boys till then and looked at me as her son only. It was only a spur of the moment action and she could not explain how this idea went into her.

She apologized to me if it had hurt me but I told her that she was my perfect teacher and what she taught on that night was very useful for me to get out of my sexual desires and fanatasies and I never felt the need to explore any other women,

the thing I should have done if she had not done it. I know some of my friends who got into trouble experimenting with the maid servants and relatives. Since she was matured and she guided me to sex with such a perfection and without ill effects.

I told I never had sex with any one else after that but I told I had fantasized her and masturbated a lot after that and it used to give me a unique pleasure. I told her I still fantasize her and masturbate.

She told even though she talked harsh to me when she found I was looking at her cleavage she felt sorry for me afterwards since she knew I am a good mannered boy and slowly she felt like helping me in sex.

She felt like feeling my curiosity and nervousness for sex and exploring her body and that is how it happened and once when she fantasized me while having sex with her husband she felt nice and this idea got into her.

She told she was wrong in doing so and had regretted a lot and had felt guilty for long thinking that it had hurt my feelings and I was forced to do it but I told I only enjoyed it and it only helped me and please do not have any guilty feelings.

Telling this I just took her in my arms and kissed her so passionately which she never expected and I told to remove all of her guilty feelings for the last time we will have sex once again. She resisted it initially but I persuaded and I had a passionate sex

with her after closing the doors and windows. It was afternoon, she was a little hesitant anyone will drop in by chance. But I was so passionate for her, we both became fully naked and had sex so violently and passionately. It lasted for half an hour. I made her come on my top and she

climaxed first and then I gave my penis in her mouth for oral sex and I climaxed ejacualting in her mouth by gyrating my hips violently and squeezing her breast so hard. I then told her we will not repeat it again. Now I meet her sometimes and she greets me with a naughty smile.

Horny teacher fucked by student

I am a lady prof at a professional college. I am married for the last 4 years,and issueless. 2 years ago a student, let us call him nandu, came under my tutelage. A 6 footer with very broad shoulders, dark and a rounded face,and short hair.

The only thing that gave him away where those eyes. Though they where large and feminine, they were owershadowed by thick and prominent eyebrows. And there was nothing feminine about his piercing glare.

Though myself a teacher, I could never afford to look in the eyes of this man. It always gave me a chill,which I then understood as fear,but which I now recogonise as thrill. He was the chief warlock of the college.

Every day my colleauges would iterate the many stories they heard about this modern day hercules- yes, he was damn strong as I was to find out later. Though myself 32 I am still a teenager at heart,ready for hero worshipping.

This boy I expected to be a headache,but I was utterly wrong. He was damn brilliant and had a natural flair for the subject, which was highly unexpected from a trouble-monger. Later his teacher from the previous sem told me,

that he was putty in class, very obedient, friendly&lovable despite his goonish looks,provided you do not try to boss over him,but handle with affection. I found that she was verbatim right, the next day itself.he became my errand boy.

Other teachers(mostly who had not taught him or those who did not have the knack) looked in awe as I carelessly handled this 'certified explosive'. I enjoyed the admiration. We became real friends, and I introduced him to my husband.

They momentously took to each other. He became my hubby's favourite drink companion. At the age of 20 he knew a lot more about spirits and taught him good drinking practices, due to the lack of which he was frustrated at parties.

After a while I also joined them, and this student of mine graduated me from port to gin(well now we enjoy scotch-dsp black- his favourite). By the time I was also coming to admire him. The sportsday compelled me to believe what others told about his strength.

He got prizes in shot and discus-with dismal technique. There were many other achivements in other fields which if I put across would identfy us. He became accepted as a versatile genius and many other factors made him the perfect figure to be the best 'ladies man'.

But he denounced all the beauties of the college. He was not ready to modify himself for their sake. And with the rudeness, arrogance he had, no girl could tolerate him,except me. The teenage girl in me had stopped admiring him,

she was worshipping,she was in blind love with him. Gradually we became so close that I was astonished how this visibly straight laced,authoritarian, conservationist was totally unorthodox at heart……….. And could crack toilet jokes so nasty that they left me with abdominal cramps.

Then came their batch tour. They needed a lady prof and I was forced to go with them, due to him, who was a really good friend now. In the picteresque beauties of a hill station, we found ourselves alone in a room.

I cannot disclose the circumstances as it might well be giving ourselves away. He always enjoyed his drinkand had a bottle with him. He tempted me with a peg, and I joined reluctantly,just for company sake. A tv show was running about sex fertility etc.

He asked y I had no children. I told him that I became pregnant only once and that too after treatment, and it had been lost in an abortion. I burst into tears……… Suddenly the rough and toughness vanished and there was a congenial man who took me in his arms

and comforted me. I felt comforted more than I had felt when my husband had spent 3 hours talking with me after the abortion.i knew I was in love. He changed chanells and got a station which was continuously playing dance tracks.

He asked me onto the floor to dance.he knew I loved to dance. I was fascinated. Fascinated like a 16 year old. We started dancing and he was so good at it.glasses were being the full bottle had only some more left. Both of us were drunk.

In the midst of a salsa,his hands started to sneak in through the slits of my churidar. I was in my senses but drunk-the inhibitions were gone.and I was with the man I loved.i also hugged him tightly.his hands crept up on the nape of my neck an touched my rrt ear,

he caressed there. I went limp with the thrill. Suddenly he turned my head to one side and kissed me deep.his toungue went foraying in. I never liked that. But I liked his plugging snout and the odour, alcoholic and musculine.he was hugging me very hard,

his right thigh between mine,- I could feel it brushing against my parts( sorry that I don’t use the 'c' feels awkward to me………..).yes he was a hercules,but I could see that he was caring so much that he doesn't hurt me due to his lust.

It was this care that turned me on I sent my hands iside the flannel white shirt he was wearing. He had a terse body, not stony hard and sculpted. But the well formed supple firm body of a martial artist or dancer.

A fuzz of soft hair was barely palpable over his chest and lower back- he was a still a boy. But he was all warm,another turn on for me.he was kissing every inch of my face and neck. His rt hand was caressing my lt breastwith the chudidar on.

He was running his left index finger through the butt-cleavage and also caressing them. Suddenly he touched and squeezed my perineum-the space between anus and vagina. A wave of pleasure passed through me.

Still his toungue was in my mouth, he was tasting its ever inch. Slowly I was also liking it. Then he loosened a bit. I started to unbutton his shirt.he let me do so, all the while caressing my tummy. I liked it there more than at the breasts.

Then once his shirt was removed he again came to me from the back. He unhooked my bottom and and pushed it down. He put his hands through the panty and started to play with my parts especially with the clit. His fingers were also touching my vaginal walls.

I was lubricated enough. He then tried take away the top of my dress. I understood at once that this man was a virgin. He was trying to pull it up as if it was a t-shirt. I disrobed my self. I was wearing a corsette and panties only.

He again came and kneeled before me on his rt knee.and grabbed my lovearms and spread his lt hand to the small of my back. He kissed deeply in my deep navel and licked the whole tummy that was visible. His hands crept up and unhooked my corsette.he took them away.

My breasts fell frightened me to see him go mad at the sight. And I didn't use to like the breast act that much.he started to kiss&lick my breasts and to fondle. It was apparent that he was straining to control himself, so that he didn't hurt me.

I caught a knot of hair and brought his face up. His hands were still at my breasts.i was busy undoing his jeans.when it fell to the floor I told him"chakke(that is what I call him) unleash urself on me. I want it that way". He smiled at me.

Then like a whirlwind he fell with me on to the vacant bed. Here I really got to know his strength. He entwined me in his hevvy long arms and rolled on the bed. His legs were all around me the kiss was so deep that I choked on his toungue thrust deeply in.

Whereever his hand went it tried to pluck out chunks of flesh. My tits were squeezed flat.i was getting to know what real male energy is. I was in pain. I thought I would be hurt if he continues like this. He was right.

Men - strong men- should rather control their strength for the benefit of the girl. I somehow freed my mouth and bit his neck and scratched his back. He suddenly came to senses and loosened his grip. I pushed him off and jumped onto the floor, standing there panting.

He also got up and asked"y? Wat happenned?". "you nearly killed me" I said. "oh iam sorry. You are panting. Have some water". He got up and walked to the table to get water. Then I noticed his erection.

He saw me looking at it and asked "do you feel it is not big enough for u". He had the look of a commander staring at the face of humiliating defeat. I had a hearty laugh "do you think the penis is important for us?it is the man-the person- that is important to women.

And you the man is more than enough for me". I could see his lost confidence rushing on to his face. I also understood one thing as the pain had now worn off. My parts were dripping wet. He filled the glass and approached me. I put my finger in the vagina and took it out.

It was glistening wet with oily fluid. I raised iit before him. And turned my back on his face he should have understood. He hugged me from back and put the glass to my lips. It was scotch. We shared it. Then he leaned over me. I had to bent forward.

I asked"hey wat r u doing". "will show you now", he told. He massaged firmly my parts and perinieum. He had understood that it was my 'switch'. I had that wave again, I was on the verge of orgasm. He put me on fours legs and came over me.

He thhrust his penis into my vagina, and filled me. A few thrusts, powerful, ploughing, full contact,and his 2 hands were on my breast and pubic hair. When his left hand came near my mouth I licked hiis index finger.

That moment I had my orgasm, like a lightning,a thunderstorm or a landslide. It lasted a few moments,a few moments of intense pleasure I had never got before. I bit his finger hard. There was a "ah" and a powerful thrust. I tasted blood in my mouth.i had hurt him.

Then I went all limp. He was still blowing. It was a bit painful now. But I bit on the pillow and endured it. Then aft 3-4 blows, he suddenly went rigid with short but very powerful thursts and hugged me hard. The penis partially came out.

I fondled the exposed part and thus he ejaculated the whole load in me. He put his hands on the bed and took long breaths. The semen was flowing on my thighs and pubic hair. I didn’t want to wash it away. I was the happiest girl on earth.he didn't take his penis out.

We remained in that position for another full minute…………. Then he took it out and we botjh fell to the bed hugging each other and staring into each others eye I could see tears of regret in his eyes. But in mine he I am sure he saw tears of happiness.

Pillai fucking teacher

Hi all, My name is Pillai. I am from Mumbai. This is one of my sex experiences. I was in 12th. I studied in Mumbai. There I had a sexy teacher. Of course she is from Tamil Nadu. She was neither my subject teacher nor my class teacher.

A bit fat, coffee coloured skin and powdered face are her features. She applies lots of powder and it appears due to the contrast with her skin. She must be around 38 yrs old. I saw her for the first time during my examination. I remember it.

She was the invigilator. I tried to copy once and she had noticed that. She didn’t do anything but thereafter she always kept an eye on me. During the exam I once glanced on her. She had turned her back to me. Oh man, I still remember that black bra

sticking out of her purple blouse. Her blouse also had a deep back which revealed her naked back. My rod stood up. I kept looking at that whenever I got a chance. She noticed this. She knew that something was wrong. She went out ( I think to the toilet)

and when she was back there was nothing peeping out of her blouse.She had corrected it. And now I was a 'Naughty boy' in her eyes. She was angry at me. After the examination I stood up to give my paper to her along with other students.

When my turn came to give the paper she didn’t take it and told me,"You wait here.". She went to others and collected their papers. All the students went away. I then went to her to give mine but she said angrily," I told you to wait. Cant you understand English?"

I said sorry but she was still angry. She called the peon and gave him the bundle of answer papers. Then she took mine and gave them along with it. She then ordered,"Take your bag and come with me.Quick!!". I followed her orders.

I followed her along the corridor. While walking my eyes were on the floor as I was tensed. I was scared of the future now. I was following her footsteps. She took a right and suddenly stopped. I knew that I had entered a room. I heard her going towards the door,

closing it and then locking it. When all these strange things happened, my curiosity made me to look up. I was stunned to see the sight! I was in a ladies toilet (which was meant for teachers). As I was thinking of this strange incident Teacher

pushed me from my back which made me to fall on the floor on my chest. Lying down I turned back. I asked her,"What the hell is this ma'am?". And as I was trying to get up she pushed me with her sexy feet which made me lie on the floor.

Then she told angrily,"You were looking at my bra, werent you? You boys are such bastards. You need to be taught a lesson.". She then kept her bag aside and took her moblie phone and stood directly on top of my face. She said,"Just stay down you,

else it will not be good for you." She then slowly lifted her saree, lowered her black panties, and then staring at my eyes angrily she urinated on my face. While urinating she started taking pictures and videos of my face poured with her urine.

After urinating for 1 minute she stopped, wiped her pussy with a tissue paper and stuffed it into my mouth. She then took her panty up and lowered her saree and went aside. I was still lying on the floor with the tisuue in my mouth. She then ordered me to get up.

I somehow got up. She then said,"Poor boy. Never expexted this, eh? Now listen, I have recorded this incident in my phone." She then played it. I saw my face poured with her urine in it. "Now onwards you will do as I say. You can say that now you are my slave.

Ohterwise I'll show this to everybody and put it on the internet and then you will be doomed. So better obey." I started sobbing (acting to cry) and said," Yes ma'am" She said," Now that’s like a good boy. Now if you want then you can wash your face and come out.

I will be waiting. She went out. I started to wash my face. I somehow controlled myself. I thought that at last it is over and now I can go home.When I stepped out, she was waiting. She commanded "Now come with me" I said"sorry ma'am, please let me go.

I'll never repeat it. I promise. Please…." she said " Shut up you rascal. I know you boys very well. Come with me." As I was blackmailed, I had to go. We were in an auto and soon I was in her building. She opened her flat and pushed me in, closed and locked the door.

She ordered me to remove my shirt and pant. Now I was in my banyan and underwear. She told me" Now heres your punishment. Take the bucket and a cloth and clean the hall. Start your work and do it quick till I change and come."

She went to the room but left her purse in the hall. I spotted it. I went for it, opened it, took out her mobile phone. I searched and searched for the video. I found it. Her bedroom door was about to open. She opened the door and found me standing in the same position as she had left me.

I had deleted the videos and pictures. She roared at me for not doing her work. As I liked her dominating nature I acted as if I didn’t do anything. She opened her gown. She was in her black bra and panty.My underwear streched. She noticed it.

"So you want trouble eh?" She went and sat on a chair with her one leg on the other. She called me near to her.I stood in front of her. She rubbed her toe over my underwear. She asked" How was my urine? Want more. My bladder is full now.

Our building has water shortage at noon time. So I cant use my toilet frequently. So I brought you. Whenever I'll feel to urinate I'll need you. Do you have any problem?" I said" er….em..mmmm" She asked angrily "What?" I said suddenly"

No problem" She said" Good. Then kneel down and say aaaaa" I did so. She put both her legs to spread on the chair's arms,slipped her panty aside and started to pour the yellow smelly fluid into my mouth. I had to drink it.

Then she took me to the bedroom and gave me a blowjob, fucked my dick and at last ate my cum. Then she wanted to bath. She took me to the bathroom and we both had a bath. While bathing she made me drink her urine, shave her armpit etc.

She even spitted into my mouth. I enjoyed it. After that we both dressed up. It was 3pm. She told" That’s all for today. Never ever repeat what you did today or it'll be worser then this." She pushed me out of her house. I was very happy. It was awsome.

Fucking sexy teacher

Hello.....this is Rakesh from Chennai the first time I am posting astory in this amazing HumanDigest site. The stories in these aresurely chilling and absolutely attractive
Let me introduce myself first.

I am Rakesh 23 years old from Chennai. I come from a Middle class family and live in a colony with my parents. I am going to tell myreal life experience with my teacher who is is about 26 years old. As she lives next to our road. She is our science teacher.

I had beeneyeing her for a long time to fuck her. She was a gorgeous looking woman, lovely shape 36-28-36 she is so sexy and young. When she teachesme my eyes are always looking at her big boobs. I always try to seethrough her blouse.

Her husband was working in Bangalore weekly once he comes to Chennai. She is staying with her mother-in-law and having achild of 3 yrs. She is very brilliant in taking class but I refused watching her big boobs and her body language.

She noticed and asked meto come home in the evening. In the evening I went to her home hermother-in-law were sent out to her relatives house with her child shewhich is far from her residence. At that time she wearied a nice transparent blue sari

with the same color blouse which is alsotransparent so that I can have a clear view of her breast wearing awhite colored bra. Her body is sweated due to some works in her house.She said to sit in the sofa, and she went to take bath.

I had noticedher through the key hole of the bathroom door. Wow what a marvelousstructure. Then I came to sofa. After taking bath she wearied a towelon his breast and went to bedroom to take dress at that time she doesnot closed the door.

Suddenly a harsh air flows in the home so that thedoor was kept opened fully through that I had viewed her full structure.After getting dress she came near to me and tell that not to tell anybody regarding this. I said ok. Then she gave me a cup of tea and askedabout the studies.

Then she asked personally that whether he issatisfied with her structure. I came shy and said that if it is near Iam the lucky. Then she asked me whether you masturbate your self thinking of me. I said yes.

Then she soon sit near to me my tool waserected she noticed and nicely unzipped to take my tool and saidwowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww even my husband tool is not much thicker than me.After getting out she holds the tool in his hand and gave me a French kiss.

Then I started to give full impression on her. Her body becomes very hot. She took my hand on her breast and squeezed it. Then she toldme to follow her. It was her bed room. She told me to do whatever you dothis is your time. She told me to undress her.

I sawn a lady I kissedher continuously for 10 minutes then I had unhooked her blouse in thather two big boobs are crushing with one another. The bra is holding only 30 percent of boobs. Soonly she had undressed me. Then she helped me to unhook the bra.

It was the first time I saw a lady naked. Wow What a twodark nipples they are erected about 1.5 cm in length. I started suckingher boobs one by one. From that boob I had tasted honey sweeted milk.Then we both were sits on the bed.

She started feeding the milk to me asa child. I drank the milk till my stomach gets full. She was in fullmood. Then she took my penis and done good blow job with her mouth for 20 minutes. Then I had ejaculated the semen. She tasted it and swallowed it.

After I had a chance to taste her vagina with my hot lips shebecomes very tempered when my tongue enter in to her vagina she can’ttolerate it adjusted her hip to manage. She also ejaculate and said totaste it I also taste it. Its nice.

Then after 20 Minutes my tool wasget erected. She told me to lie in the bed. So that my tool standstowards 90 degrees. She stands on the bed and placed her vagina on my tool it was so tight and I shouted she told me not to shout.

She made a movementtowards up and down and makes some romantic noise ahhh ahhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am feeling it as heaven. Then she lied down and now Imade the movements to and fro at that time she said that fuck

me da youbad my husband didnt like this do come on fast da fast. I really proudof it I made movements too fast finally my tool was once againejaculated inside her vagina. Almost we did like this two times on that day.

Tomorrow casually we met in the school. Her husband is out ofstation is our advantage both were met in the bed weekly twice orthrice.

Naughty Abida teacher fucked by student

Hi everyone I'm Aanish from Mumbai (India). I am almost 20 and just did my o-levels a week ago. This was my last year in. This experience that I had a month ago is a true real one not a made up one. It happened in May 2001.

My O-level exams were near and I was busy with my studies. I was lacking behind in Chemistry. My Chemistry teacher's name is Miss Abida. She was our new teacher. A 25 yr angel from god. Perfect height, perfect figure, and perfect face.

I always use to dream about her, thinking of any ideas that I can get to score with her. Our school was off for other students but we seniors were allowed to discuss any problems with any of our teachers.

I use to go almost everyday around 9 am to school to solve my confusions in Chemistry. Some of my friends use to come with me but not everyday. We use to study in a small room, with a computer in it, couple of chairs and a table.

Our main laboratory was under some type of construction so the school gave us that room. It was just adjacent to the main lab. We weren't allowed to study in library b/c an o-level past paper book was stolen by some kid so library was closed from us seniors.

We sometimes sat in Staff room or in that room. You can call a small bio lab or just a room. One day I went to school to study with miss Abida. For a 1 hour whole we studied alone. I was only looking at her beautiful extremely sexy body.

Sometimes at her legs, breasts and her white bra that was quite visible in her sky blue kameez. It was treat for my eyes. I knew we were alone but I had not guts to have sex with her or to approach her in anyway. But I wanted it badly so I thought of an idea.

I got up to bring some other book. I picked it up and when returning back to the chair I intentionally stepped on her beautiful feet. She just made a painful face. I quickly put the book on my chair and went down to show that I care.

I quickly just started saying sorry. While sitting down I quickly just hold her left foot and took it out of her sandal. Meanwhile I was keep on saying sorry so the holding her feet thing didn't made her feel awkward or surprised or anything.

She was just saying its alright Sohaib but I wasn't stopping. I blew air on her foot fingers from my mouth to show how much I care. She I was just smiling and saying don't worry about it. After a minute or two I said with full of my courage "Miss Abida you have very beautiful feet".

That may have made her feel a bit awkward but she said thankyou. I knew it was the perfect time. I just then gave a little kiss on her foot near the ankle area. That made her feel very awkward but she didn't say anything and I also did not said a word at the moment.

As she didn't speak on my first action, it gave me a little more courage so I raise the bottom of her shalwar and started kissing her silky leg and moved up kissing her belly and finally her breast. Her eyes were half closed that meant she was enjoying it.

I kissed her neck and moved up to her lips. We kissed her some minutes. Then I made her stand up and took her kameez. I then removed her white bra from the front sucked her sexy boobs. I quickly then removed her shalwar and her white underwear.

I pushed her towards the wall. He boobs pressed against I wall and I went down and sucked her hips. Then I turned her front body towards me. Now her back was against the wall. She was still in stand position. I then put her right leg over my shoulder and started sucking her pussy.

That gave her a lot of joy. She made different type of noises that I really loved. She was having the time of her life. She pulled down my pants and my underwear and then went down on me and started sucking my cock.

After 10 minutes or so I quickly pushed her to the ground and put my cock in her. I started fucking her hard. We were doing it un-safely. She wanted to say that but she was getting the pleasure of a lifetime. She wasn't a virgin.

Then suddenly somebody banged on the door. She was scared but I didn't let her go. She pushed me to stop me. I quickly buttoned my pants. She quickly got her bra and panty and her clothes in seconds and I went to open the door.

It was a person from domestic staff of the school brought a message to miss Abida from our principal. He then went away. I wanted to proceed but she said she have to go quickly. She said she had fun.

She kissed me again and then smiled and went to principal's office. We then met again on the Internet and she promised that after my exams we will get together someday and will complete what we started.

Sexy hot computer teacher

It happened accidentally to go thorough this site couple of days ago, since then I started to visit this site twice a day.Let me come out with my first affair with my computer Teacher which is real and not fictitious.

Am Raj from Coimbatore and I was studying in a convent at Coimbatore, where I had my first sexual encounter with my computer teacher, her name Latha. Now am 35 years of age with good masculine.

Of course when I was studying we usually have extra classes during summer and it winds up late at night. Let me tell about my computer teacher, then she was around 25-27 as of age then, she is beautiful,

slim with big boobs and she always wears cotton saree in which she looks sexier. She stays in our schools hostel. We are of five students who perform well and much attention was paid to us get state rank. All this happened when she was staring at my bulged pant.

(It was raining for 3-4 days continuously where all my underwear was wet and I did not wear underwear on that particular day). We all five were writing the test and I was in hurry to finish early and go home before rain.

She came to me and saw the hand writing was horrible, she tore my answer sheet and asked to come again with new answer sheet, by then rest four had completed and they leaving for home. When they left she sat near by me and said she feels for tearing my answer sheet,

asked to complete only three questions out of eight. It was almost 2130 hrs where rain started to trickle. Suddenly I felt some soft object being pressed at my left shoulder, shocked to seek that my teacher’s her right boobs out of bra which was pressing,

and then she asked whether you had seen any lady nude before this. My reply was no, like to see now….. No reply from me by then my dick started to dance within my pant without underwear. She has put her right hand on my left thigh and it was moving up and down.

Now I felt the reason for tearing my answer sheet, and she kissed my forehead where her breath was very hot and am motionless. She asked me to pull down her saree top, which I did, and she removed my shirt and asked me to remove her blouse and her black designed bra,

what a great boobs she had and I was astonished, she asked me to squeeze and suck it, literally which I followed her instructions and she removed my top inner by then. She was mourning yoooooo ahaaaaaaaaaa for long time and she asked me want to she her pussy!!!!!!

Said yes in feeble voice then I was aroused completely. She removed here saree and petticoat and I can see a pink panty covering here pussy, I put my hand over here pussy which was wet with her juice, she removed my pant and I stood nude before her.

Which is my 1st nudity before a girl/lady, she asked me to remove her panty, and widened her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy? I sucked her pussy very hard and she took my hand to her another boob and started to squeeze it and I was caressing it lovingly.

It was nice to suck and taste her salty juice from her pussy and the smell from her pussy stimulated me more and more can feel my dick was being caressed and squeezed in her hand. She asked me to put two finger inside her cunt and to suck her boobs…

which was really wonderful for me since she was moving my hot rod to and fro…. And she asked me to stop and stand up she took my tool in her mouth and started to suck, bite, and tongue around my tool where I felt I was in heaven.

I was holding her boobs in my hand and she stopped everything and she moved over to the bench and lied down she asked me to come above her and I did the same she hold me tool and placed the same in her cunt….

I felt difficult to move inside since I had some irritation over mine, she took her orgasm and put over my rod and she said me lay down and she went above me, she sucked my tools for two minutes where I felt it is bulging like.

Then she placed her cunt on dick and pressed hard, my dick went inside and I felt a great pain and she was kissing my lips so tightly and she started to pump on my dick… she was screaming ahoooooo

I has wasted lot in my life and suddenly she pressed her waist so hard and I felt she cummed. She lay over me for while and sucking my lips and biting it. After 10 minutes she came down and sucked my cock hardly and she lay down on the bench and asked to me drill her pussy,

now my dick was hot and with sticky juice over and it went easily. I done my exercise and in between she got orgasm twice and she kissed my lips and put her hand caressed at my hair, I was continuing my exercise

and I felt some pain and hot fluid is rushing out of my dick, she held my waist with her legs and pressed very hard where I cummed first in her pussy and fell over her. No words to express the pleasure, which should be sensualised.

Then she got up and sucking my cum and she cleaned everything in my dick. Now time is almost 2245 hrs and we dressed ourselves and she let us have another session tomorrow. From then we had sex almost everyday and she got special permission.

Tuition with hot Maths teacher

HEY, My name is Ashraf from Chavakkad, Trichur District. And I would like to share my experience with all the fans of HumanDigest. My story is depicts the sexual intimacy between a middle aged married woman and her student.

So, those who feel offended may please stop right here. Well it happened to me when I was in class 9 at a High School in Chavakkad. My mom used to send me to this Math teacher who was supposed to be a genius.

But, as for me, I used to hate the subject as well as the teacher. I never used to do her homework or listen to her in the class. But even though I hated the subject I used to fetch good marks in it.

I hated doing the same sums again and again.I would rather do it just once with complete attention. She (my teacher) used to make me work hard so that I could perform better. But at that age, I wouldn't realize that.

However.... On one hot summer day, my mom asked me to go to her tuition as she was free at home.She had a daughter who was of my own age. And she used to teach us together. She was about 40+ with dark complexion but a very sexy body.

That day I had no intentions what so ever of going to her tuition, but as my mom had virtually kicked me out of the house,i had no other choice. I got on my bike and started towards hell. The heat was getting intense each second.

When I looked up, it felt like all the suns rays were being focused at me.I was sweating completely and the shirt had stuck to my back. After conquering all odds, I finally reached her house in a state of total mess.

I knocked on the door expecting her daughter to open the door, and then I would have to sit on a bench, take out my books and wait for teacher. But faith had something else installed for me. I knocked at the door again, but no one opened it even though

I could hear some one moving inside. After much waiting the door opened. But it was her not her daughter. And she looked a bigger mess than I did. Her hairs were loose at many ends. She was completely wet with sweat,

her sari was all-loose and her soaked blouse was stuck to her breasts as a superficial layer. For the first time I realized that she was not only a good teacher but also a sexy woman. And as my friends would say 'Charakku’.

I could clearly see her deep cleavage and that dark but beautiful navel. As a drop of sweat trickled down her blouse towards her waist, I felt a sudden thunderous hardon in my pant. Though I successfully hid it, I was feeling uncomfortable.

As I entered the room I was blinded for a moment due to change of environment. But as my eyes adjusted themselves, I realized that the room was dark and very hot, with faint light from a semi-open window.

I could understand that there was no one else at home (the other rooms were dark as the lights had been put off). Suddenly my eyes fell on something, which projected from underneath the bed.It, was a long Brinjal (Vazhuthananga). In a second, I could know what she was doing.

Even then I acted ignorant, and sat on the bench adjacent to the bed. She sat on the bed as I took out my books.She was quietly pushing the Brinjal under the bed with her feet and I acted as if I didn't see anything.

After doing it she pulled her legs back and when I lifted my head up, I saw her sitting in an awkward pose. I could see her naked thighs.All this was making me more hard and I couldn’t stop looking at her deep cleavage and her legs.

She noticed me a couple of times, but didn't even react. To break the silence I remarkingly said,"It's really hot, ain’t it". And in response she gave me a devilish smile and nodded "yes". Then after a moment or so she got up and told that she was feeling uncomfortable

and that she was going to change her dress. Suddenly the devil inside me awakened and told me to get up and follow her. I gently told her that I wanted a glass of water, as I was thirsty due to the heat. She asked me to come inside.

I obediently followed to the water filter and she went inside the adjacent room. There was a common door and I could see between the gap of the curtains. After getting the glass of water as I turned back I saw her changing her panties.

She had already changed her sari and blouse and I was scolding myself for missing that. Even though she was doing it openly I could see nothing as the sari was hanging down. Then she came out of the room and followed me closely to the study room.

She was practically pushing me from behind with her big boobs. Again after entering the hot room I sat on the bench while she sat straight and opposite to me. She was sitting with one of her legs kept straight on the bench beside me.

The other leg was folded towards her and I could see her panties if I leaned down little. She took the book in her hand and rested it on her knee as she dictated a question. I was becoming mad with hardness and was in no position to do the sum.

But even then I kept my head down and tried. As she saw that I couldn’t do it she leaned down to explain the solution. But the only thing I was able to concentrate on was the pendant of her necklace, which was hanging between those two mounds of flesh.

Her erect nipples were making a projection on her blouse.As I leaned down to my notebook I could smell the fragrance coming out of her wet cunt. I could see that wet spot on her panty. I thought that she had not realized anything.

But she had been noticing everything from the beginning. She moved even close to me and placed her straight leg between my legs. She slowly moved it from the edge of the bench towards my cock.Her leg could feel my hard cock.

I could no longer speak as I felt that my heart had stopped beating and had come up to my throat.She started moving her fingers and her toe was searching for my zipper. All this time her head was hidden behind the book.

I slowly gathered all my courage and touched her shin and moved towards her knee. She showed no signs of resentment. Infact she moved closer pushing my cock even harder. By now I knew that she wouldn't stop me if I moved further.

So moved towards her thighs and started caressing them with my palms. As I moved inside, she left the book and fell back to rest her head. Her boobs were pushing upwards more than ever.

And by now her toe had tore away through my zipper and I helped her leg to touch my tight cock. I started removing her panty and rubbed her pussy while she kept on moaning.I placed my hands on her boobs and started kissing her navel.

She had become very hot and both of us were sweating hard. She got up and took off her sari and then her petticoat. But what I wanted to see was her boobs. She slowly hugged me and took my penis out of my pant.

She started sucking and masturbating it and I could no longer control myself. I was about to cum in her mouth. But I think she realized it and stopped.I cupped her breasts and unbuttoned her blouse hastily.

She wasn't wearing a bra and I hungrily started sucking her nipples. I was experiencing the biggest bomb of my life as I held a middle-aged woman completely naked in my hands.She pulled me over herself on the bed and took of my shirt.

Then she helped me place my cock in that hairy paradise. As I moved to & fro I realized that I was about to cum and I told her that. She took out my penis and masturbated it and I cummed all over her stomach and breasts.

She again started working on my cock and it was hard in no time. This time she got on top of me and started moving. I felt a lot of pain, but the enjoyment was bigger than the pain.She exploded into orgasm and soon I cummed inside her.

Both of us were exhausted by now and laid naked hugging each other for atleast an hours. After that I got up a cleaned myself in her bathroom. While going home I could still feel her smell coming from me.

After that day I always used to visit her on Saturday’s as her daughter used to be out and she used to be alone at home. Even when her daughter was at home we used to kiss and masturbate each other as her daughter was now made to study inside.

Today I am an Engineering student, but I still remember her body and when I go to my home in holidays, I visit her atleast once.

Late night sex classes

Hi to all HumanDigest readers. This is about how I got secretly seduced by my own student. Vrinda had just turned 19 when I first met her as my student for accounts. She was as it is poor in mathematics, though far more skilful in her own lustful techniques.

I knew very well she was not interested in the subject which I was to teach her. On the contrary she made me wonder whose the teacher and in which subject. I operate my C/A business from home itself and my wife, Lalita, teaches in a girls' high school.

I've always maintained good reputation in society and Lalita trusts me thoroughly. She still trusts me, since she is still unaware of the secret affair between Vrinda and me. And I hope Lalita will never ever find out anything about it, or I'll be doomed for a lifetime.

It all began from the day Vrinda started ignoring my words while I was teaching her, and thus making me loose my otherwise excellent patience over her. I tried to encourage her in many ways towards the subject of mathematics but she never paid attention.

One day I frankly told her that if she's not interested in learning then we must discontinue the classes. Then she looked at me with those soulful eyes, emotionally trying to flatter me and explain that she was having difficulty concentrating on her subject because of her menstrual periods.

Since it sounded like a genuine reason I believed her. In the next few months she carried on in the same manner, so I asked her again that I can understand when she's got her periods, but which happens only for a week in a month and not all the time.

She used to ignore my observations and started building an emotional bondage between us, after which I found it difficult to even scold her for no matter what mistakes she made in my subject.

I must admit she was indeed a master of her own subject of lust and sensuality. Gradually with such an emotional bondage growing so rapidly I knew that her purpose of coming over to our place was not for studying maths.

She kept giving me those desperate looks yet in a shy way, due to which it was even difficult for me to make any direct approach. I also stopped taking any interest in teaching her anything of maths.

Now we had started meeting each other for another more desirable reason, which both of us enjoyed. I also had a computer with internet connection. She herself asked me to show her a few porn sites she had heard of from some of her friends.

I personally had never visited any porn sites on the net as I believed in being a thoroughbred accounts professional and so spent most of my time in keeping track of the stock markets and all.

As she told me of more and more such sites we used to spend almost all the tuition time in surfing porn. During this her eyes were glued to the screen asking me to show more and more while my interest grew in keenly

observing what she was wearing, not only what was visible to the naked eye but also under. Like I would allow my eyes to penetrate through her t-shirt or top (which was her usual dress code) to see if she was wearing a bra, if so what colour or style it was.

Below the waist she always wore either a pair of jeans or bermudas. Her sitting so close to me, totally involved in watching the sites increased my curiosity to actually see what a young girl's body looked like. In my childhood I never had any relationship with girls.

The only first time I ever saw a nude female body was that of my full grown wife, Lalita. Sometimes I'd get so desperate that I wished Vrinda was wearing a skirt which could make it easier for me to slip my hand up her thighs.

I started getting fed up of both of us just watching all the porn stuff on screen alone. So one day I gathered some courage to ask her what kinds of undergarments she prefers to wear and to describe her collection in absolute detail.

But she was shy to share her personal matters with me. This got me more frustrated and I thought to myself "What the hell!!! I've gone completely out of my way to fulfil her wishes to surf all these porn sites, and now that I ask her something she withdraws?"

Things had gone far beyond my tolerance now. I firmly decided to go ahead with fulfilling my own desires from now on. One day charmingly I asked her that how come she always wore only jeans and bermudas, and never anything like skirts.

I tried to inspire her by telling her that I knew a lot my ex-girl friends who wore see-thru tops and very short skirts which barely even covered their arse. She simply expressed surprise as if she didn't know that girls wore such things in general life,

and that she thought females only wore such things for movies & magazines. Next few days I found her wearing thinner tops and t-shirts through which I could vaguely admire her fancy bras in all hot shades. I knew the girl was picking up fast.

It was now time for her exam in college which she was not at all prepared. So she started spending more time for the tuition which she was still not serious about. I didn't bother anymore either since we both had only one desire left.

One afternoon to my utter surprise I saw her entering our house in a knee-length translucent black skirt! And an equally thin orange t-shirt under which I could clearly see a black lacy bra. I knew for sure that this was the day we both waited for so desperately.

I also knew that Lalita returns from school by 5pm and it was already 4pm. One hour was not less to finish a quickie at all, but it will still take time to get this shy girl started and cracking I thought to myself.

Half an hour just passed away and she was still whiling away her time asking me stupid emotional questions. My hands alongwith the whole body were trembling out of impatience to attack her body.

That's when she hesitantly asked me if she could stay over that night at our place so that she can study through the night under my guidance. I was completely taken by surprise with this decision of hers and simultaneously

afraid if her parents and my wife would be disappointed with our such proceedings. Finally in the next half hour Lalita returned home. When I told her that this is what Vrinda's plan was, I was again surprised that Lalita also did not mind.

On the contrary she was excited that we will have company at home. Lalita often felt loneliness in the house because there was no one other than the two of us in it. Lalita quickly rung up Vrinda's parents for their approval.

Vrinda's father picked up the phone, and upon a lady's request he also could not refuse the idea. So here we were, Vrinda and me with our plans going steady and strong. Lalita was so excited that she immediately rushed to the market

to get some fresh vegetables to prepare a delicious meal for all of us. She said she would be back in an hour's time as she had to meet a friend as well, leaving the two of us alone at home. Little did she know that Vrinda and I didn't need anything more delicious than our own bodies.

As soon as Lalita left we both readily rushed to the computer, and in the following 10 minutes I made sure Vrinda was warmed up enough by watching the porn sites again. Now with no more delay I took the initiative by putting my hand on her head,

rolling it over her tightly tied shoulder length hair. Slowly lowering my hand down her lightly hairy neck reached her thin orange t-shirt to feel a little of her bra. I got a perfect feel of even the hooks of her bra.

Out of excitement Vrinda pushed her breast outwards where I could vividly see her nipples protruding through the garments. I left the feeling of those breasts and nipples for the night approaching. And got going with what I craved for more eagerly, her lower region.

She was so nervous that she tightly closed her eyes not daring to see anything but only show me all she could. Before I even reached the elastic belt of her skirt she started raising it from her knees upwards, exposing half length of her silky smooth thighs.

She was not able to raise it anymore than that, so I helped her feel more at ease by not raising the skirt, but slipping my hand under it instead. She just loved this graceful move of mine. I purposely made her realise that she also had a role to play and not totally depend on me.

We were both aware that this was not the right time for the final act, since Lalita was still to come. We knew that we had to wait until we were through with the dinner and until Lalita fell asleep. So we did.

Dinner I guess was delicious as Lalita was expecting appreciation, but neither Vrinda nor I were able to concentrate on the food for the reason you very well know. I still managed with great pretence to adore Lalita's cooking skills and she believed all of me.

Even before Lalita went to bed, she seemed quite open to the idea that Vrinda and I were to stay awake till whatever late hour without her disturbing us anywhere along the line. All this simply because she trusted me too much. This made things a little too easy for Vrinda and me.

It was only a reward of a very long and painful waiting. So here we were again, just Vrinda and I with the whole fiery night ahead of us. I asked Vrinda if she had brought anything night dress to change into, but she vaguely shook her head not willing

to discuss anything out of nervousness. I offered her one of my thin ordinary Fashion Street cotton t-shirt yellow in colour and a black lungi thick enough not to expose anything so that it would not make things too obvious for my wife to guess.

Vrinda went to the bathroom to change, and returned in an instant as if out of desperation. After all these long hours I finally saw a little shy and naughty smile on her face. I made her sit comfortably next to me near the computer again.

We started with accounts programs thinking if just in case Lalita woke up we should not get caught. It was only 11pm then. This left us with plenty of time for a dramatic seduction. Vrinda was getting impatient to view the porn sites again, and I to view her assets.

As the sites started revealing on screen she was fully engrossed in viewing them while I liberally feasted my eyes on her budding tits (still under cover). Now there was just no more waiting for anything. Her cheeks were pretty close to mine and our shoulders brushing too.

I knew she was waiting for me to take the initiative. I started in the same procedure as I had in the evening, placing my hand on her head first, running my fingers through her hair. This time I loosened the bun that the hair was tied in.

her hair rolled down over the back of neck making her look more sensual than ever. It was wild and curly by nature. I massaged her neck for a few seconds followed by rubbing her back. I could already feel her t-shirt dampening with sweat along the back.

Similarly the sweat from her forehead, armpits and breast area was also drenching the front side of her t-shirt. As I run my hands along the edges of her bra she slowly for the first time looked up at me with full obsession.

Sparks flickered between our eyes and we both hugged each other tightly letting go of all our inhibitions. I bit her ears gently, and then wet her whole cheek with my watering tongue. I was roasting in the heat of her steaming hot body.

I could feel her breath span increasing rapidly as she heaved with her breasts tightly pressed against my hairy chest. I began the unveiling of this sex angel by smoothly slipping her t-shirt off getting the first exposure of her fresh buds covered in the intricate designer black lace bra.

I was still curious to know what's it like below the waist. As I said I had never seen the one of a young 19 year old girl. She voluntarily stood up to make it easier for me to undo her lungi, now standing only in the lungi and the bra.

Her body was so soaked in sweat that she looked as if she has stepped out of the bath after a fresh shower. The smell of her sweat was so intoxicating. I put my hands now on her heated arse and from there started lifting her lungi very slowly.

I deliberately did this with such slowness that she was whining in desperation. By now her body was secreting from almost all possible parts. Her mouth was dripping, sweat from all the limbs, and also her pussy I suppose which I had not reached to as yet.

Once the lungi was fully raised I was pleased to with her colour combinations. Under the lungi was her fiery red panty the material of which was like a net, except in the pussy area. I snapped off the lungi in an instant to get an adorable view of her gorgeous image.

This fresh young virgin teenage girl, with her remarkably fair complexion, standing in her most exquisite black bra and fire red panty! What a sight. "Thank you Satan for creating such a criminal" I thought to myself.

I helped her undo my shirt buttons with her own hands and then also my pyjamas. I was not wearing any underwear so she saw my dick for the first time already turned sticky with all the cumming caused by her seduction.

I turned her around with her back facing me and undid the hooks of her bra, brushing the straps of it off her shoulders. I keenly waited for the first view of her tits. But before that I thought of helping her shed the last piece of garment on her fully vulnerable body.

As I was kneading away on her fleshy arse, I pushed my thumbs into her hole which made her almost scream so loudly that we both were scared it might have woken up Lalita. Fortunately Lalita is a deep sleeper, so there was no question of her waking up before 7am.

Simultaneously alongwith kneading her arse I was entwining her panties with my fingers, almost wanting to rip it off but I knew she would be answerable to her mother for ripping such an expensive pair of panties, so I carefully slid it down to the floor and helped her step out of it.

There stood this naked angel in full blossom completely prepared for the final act eventually. Even her arse released such a divine fragrance that my tongue went spearing into her rear hole. Every inch of her smelt and tasted like some sublime strawberry and cream.

I let my tongue run upwards from her arse to her back and neck. As I stood up I put my hands under her armpits and slowly allowing my fingers to creep over to cover her fresh buds. I massaged them for a while but was still dying to see those teenage tits as well as the pussy.

I gently turned her face to face with me. The most amazing tender and soft buds she had topped with tiny sweet pink nipples. I suckled on them for some time. Then sliding my hands along her waist, my tongue reached for her pussy.

My tongue dug into it deeply. My watering mouth and her pussy cumming together was making everything so wet that it felt being in a pool of sex in its grossest form. I pulled her down to the floor laying her on her back and started mounting myself

over her like a cavalry man would on his horse. I was also indeed riding her like on a horse in the next few minutes. My vigorous jolts made her cry for more which she expressed by slapping my body like a baby. This went on for nearly 2 hours after which even I was dead exhausted

so you can't imagine her condition. But this was not our first and last experience. After she used to boldly walk up to me and we did it progressing in each session as and when was convenient for both of us. My innocent wife doesn't have the slightest trace of all this.


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