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Aditya fucking Reena aunty

Without wasting much time, I simply want to start off with my story.Sex and lust is an innate and essential part of the human body and mind also.There is no one who doesnt experience it in their lifetime.And I only want to share mine here.Not for you or me or anyone, but I feel that the 'genuine' stories here,help understand such complicated and intense feelings and what we crave for.And this is more than 'genuine'.

My name is Aditya and I live in Mumbai.I am 21 years of age and am currently doing my post-grad from a college in Mumbai.This story refers to my hooking up with a female called Reena, who incidently was also my teacher at one point in time.I was born and brought up in Mumbai itself.My parents being working, I had to start taking tuitions at a fairly early stage in school.

I was in standard four when my mom started looking for someone to help me out with my studies.She came to know of a certain Miss Reena through a colleague.Reena aunty(as I used to call her) was a working lady who used to teach children as a part time hobby.She used to finish her work at 5 in the evening and by 6 she used to reach my place to teach me.

Let me tell u that she was not teaching for mercenary benefits.She was earning handsomely in her job and was from a well off family.She just loved teaching small kiddos like me and thats why she used to spend time with me.Let me tell you something more interesting about her.At that time she was 29 and single.Now u realize where im drifting, right.

Even though I was only 10, I still remember her vivdly.A height of 5'8, slender and a fair complexion.She had a good bosom to boast of and was a hot chick ready to be consumed.To be fair and honest, till date I feel she looks very much like Rekha.Especially now(shes 39 now).She had and still has a deep husky voice, which makes her even hotter.

She used to help me out with all my subjects, homework, projects etc.But along with studies we used to have a lot of fun also.We used to occasionaly play games etc.She had taught me chess and made me a champion in carrom.So it was both, work and play.Now obviously you dont expect a boy of 10 to have sexual feelings of any sort.But even then I was besotted by her in a puppy way.

She used to dress in a very fashionable manner, mostly in tight salwar suits.Sometimes on off days, she used to wear westerns like jeans etc.I used to be floored by her looks and her fragrance.The perfumes used to make me mad.I was the only child of my parents and thus she used to devote time only to me from 6 to say 7.30.

All in all I was too tiny to realize what a fiery piece of God's creation she was.I now remember that many a times after studies, when she used to be leaving, I would also accompany her till the lobby as I used to go to play with my friends.I had noticed the liftman and the security guards looking intently at her from head to toe.I was too immature to understand what they were seeing.Now I get it.

She taught me for 2 years, from 4th to 6th.I was doing very well in my school and studies, scoring handsomely term after term.When she used to reach my place to teach me, she used to first get fresh ie wash her face etc and then keeping duppata aside start with the studies.As I told u I was too small to actually look at her in a desirous manner but I do remember that sometimes while teaching or while taking something out from her bag,

her neckline used to plumment down a long way.If im not wrong her size then would be either 32C or 34C.But it dint mean anything as far as I was concerned.Reena aunty was my favourite teacher as well as aunty.In that course of time she had also become a good friend of my mom's.

It was then that my mom told me that she had some problems in her personal life and thats why she had not married as yet.But after 2 years of teaching me,at 31 she was getting married.Thus she had to stop giving tuitions.I was very sad and dejected for a few days but then life moved on.She had invited us to her marriage, but because it was in Bangalore, we dint go.

She had married a divorcee and was a love marriage.They had settled in Bangalore itself.That was that.Years went by and I grew up.I never really thought about her until last year.One sudden day, last year my mom recieved a call on the landline from Reena aunty.She said that she got this number of ours after lot of searching and tracing.

We had shifted from our previous residence where she used to come to teach me and thus our number had also changed.She told my mom that they had shifted to Mumbai a year ago.She had a 6 year old son now and she was still working.She had actually called up to invite us to her son's birthday.She gave us her address and asked us earnestly to come for it.

3 days later my mom asked me to come with her for the birthday party.I was is no mood at all to attend a 6 yr olds bday.I hate such boring parties and also I was 19 now! But to my badluck, our driver dint turn up that day and I had to drive my mom there and thus accompany her in the bday.Little did I know that I was actually my goodluck.

While going towards her house I just tried to make a sketch of Reena aunty now.I thought after 7-8 years of marriage she would be a fat lady with uninviting looks or something like that.But as soon as we reached her place and entered the house, I was spellbound to say the least.She was just the contrary to what I imagined her to have become.

Slender as before,but yes a little plump at the right places.Being a regular 19yr old boy(very horny) I first took notice of her boobies.Her house door was open and she saw us and was walking towards us.Just the perfect MILF.She was wearing a light blue coloured jeans and a thin brown coloured body hugging top.'Wowwwwwwww' is all I could think of that time.

Her thighs were fuller, she looked fairer and those melons in her top.Begging to come out it seemed.They looked much bigger, round and firm.Must be 36C I thought.She came upto us howling 'Adiiiii' and hugged me.Almost ten years had passed since she had last touched me.And this was by far the most electrifying of all.Oh boy I was befuddled.

She hugged me tight and then my mum.Earlier I wasnt even half her size and now I was taller than her.She said to my mum, "My God Jaya,How tall and handsome Adi has become!!' and then looked at me and asked, "How many girlfriends do you have huh?".I just smiled and said, "None".I was infact lying.I was and I am still seeing a girl in my college.

Without being too boastful ive been blessed with pretty good looks. Anyway, back to the story.We entered her place, which was filled with mothers and their tiny tots.I was the only Big Guy there.The usual bday part was on with games and cake etc etc.My mom was busy talking to Reena aunty and other women.I took a seat in a corner where the annoying kids wouldnt bother me.

I took out my Blackberry and acted as if I was busy on it.I was infact noticing Reena aunty and her movements and her curves.And I enjoyed a hell of a lot.While the kids were playing games on the floor, Reena aunty had to bend one too often to help them out.And then I was regularly watching the greatest pair of tits ive seen till date.

Big huge melons, which were fair as milk any yummy as cream.Ahhhh....i still remember her black bra that was visible once or twice.As the guests started leaving and the house became comparitively empty, Reena aunty came and sat beside my mum and me to talk.She asked me how I was, which college, which subjects etc etc.

And then she told my mum in the course of our conversations that her husband had an alcohol problem and was travelling out of India most of the time.She dint seem very happy in her married life from her talks.She was very sad that he was not there for their son's bday.But she said she was fine and was trying to get busy with work and her son.

She again teased me and said, "So Adi, ur the typical college stud, the one after whom girls go crazy.I never thought you would become so handsome when you grow up".I just laughed off and denied any such thing.We then had dinner and were leaving when she asked us for our mobile nos.She first took my mums no and then mine.

She gave us a missed call and when I removed my cell from my pocket she saw it and said, "Oh wow ur on BB".I said yes, but she neither asked nor did she give her Pin.We said thank you and left.That night after reaching home I jerked off twice recalling her boobs when she bent down.I restricted myself only to that much and dint think of her further.

But to my surprise, next day in the evening I got msg frm her,'My BB PIN'.She had given me her pin and I added her.It was from there that the real story began.My college was in Bandra and so was her office.She started the chat.She said 'Hi Adi, am I disturbing u'.I also said hi and asked her how was she.

She then said that lunch time in her office was very boring and asked me if the next day I was in Bandra during lunchtime.I told her that I would be in and around the college that time and was free during lunch.She asked me if I would like to meet her for lunch at Bombay Blue in Bandra to which I replied yes.

I just took this as a normal chilling thing and thought that she genuinely wanted to have a good lunch.Next day I reached Bombay Blue at 2pm and was waiting for Reena aunty.She reached there after 5minutes.She was wearing a green coloured Salwar Suit and was looking smoking hot.Her lips that day looked the most appealing.I realized she was the perfect hour glass.

Sleek in the middle and curved where required.I was floored by her.A proper woman with proper assests.Not a young folly in her teens or something.I thought how lucky her husband would be.She hugged me again and I said "Hi Reena Aunty'.She stopped then and there, looked at me and said, "Adi dont call me Aunty.Ur a grown up guy now and im not that old, am i?".

I dont know what happened to my senses then and I replied,"Not at all, as hot as ever".I wanted to say young as ever, but seriously I dont know what made me come up with that.She looked at me in disbelief and even I lost my voice.She then broke into a laughter and said, "Its ok, dont worry, its all fine in this generation".I dint get what that meant, but I regained my breath.

We entered the restaurant and took a table for 2.For the next one hour we ate good food and struck conversations.She told me about her work, her office, her child, his school, his habits etc etc.She then asked me about my life.She spoke about old days, how she used to teach me etc.She then suddenly said, "You have a girlfriend dont you?".I was pretty taken aback by this.

I was trying to equivocate on this queston, when she said."I saw you and her few days back near ur college".I was shocked to say the least to hear this.She then smiled and said,"Dont be so shy.U can tell me about it.Even I had boyfriends in college".I was like "Anuntyyy the thing is...." and she said say Reena.And I had to say, "Reena if mom comes to know about it...".

She said that she wont tell it to anyone and that it was no big deal to have a GF.She said that she was just trying to be my friend rather than an aunty or teacher.On hearing this even I tried to relax a bit a thought that what she was saying was right.That now instead of considering her my teacher or that sort I could take her as a friend.

But I couldnt fathom why was she so eager be become my friend.That too a guy who was almost 20years younger to her.But I let those thoughts take a backseat and opened up.I told her the name of my girl and how we met and stuff.She was very attentive to my words and had a slight smirk.Then after a while it was time to leave.She insisted on paying the bill and said it was her treat.

We got up and left the place.She said she enjoyed this lunch very much and was glad that she has some company near her workplace.As we said our goodbyes and were leaving, said,"Adi do u have college on Saturday?".I said yes and asked her why.She said that as she had Saturdays off, I could come over to her place for lunch if I wished to.

Her place was not very far from here and I said that I would let her know later I have get time.Saying both of us left.I dint tell my mom about this lunch of ours.I just dint feel appropriate to tell her.For the next two days I thought about her and decided that I would drop by her place on Saturday.I sent her a msg on BB that I would come to her place by 3 on Saturday but not for lunch.

To this she replied,"Glad ur coming.U can eat something else.Will be waiting".My hormonal activity zoomed up reading this msg, but I thought these were worthless thoughts popping up in my pervert mind.I let them go.I must admit that reading her msgs I dint feel that she was once my teacher and was 20yrs elder to me.

Anyway, on Saturday after finishing college, I reached her place at 3.She opened the door to me and I was once more melted by her looks.She was in a ravishing blue colour saree and perfect matching make up.I asked her if she was going out somewhere.She said she had just reached home from a fucntion and welcomed me in.I sat down and asked her where her son was.

She said he'd gone for some class of his.She went inside her room and asked me to go to the kitchen and remove a Pepsi from the fridge and pour it in two glasses for the both of us.I did as she asked my to and came in the livng room.She came from her room and was looking even more appealing.She had opened her hair and had removed her jewellery and make up.

And she is one of the very few women who look better without makeup.She took her glass and sat,"Sit Adi, dont be so formal.So...whats up".I sat down and took the opportunity and said, "Ur looking great".She looked up at me and said,"Thanks, not many students say that to their teacher" and winked.I was like "I dint mean...." to which she said,"Chill, I was just kidding".

We started talking of other stuff and I asked her where her husband was and her married life etc.At first she was a bit hesitant, but then she opened up to me.She said that her husband already had two children from his previous marriage and that things were not very good between the two of them.She told me that after a fcouple of years of their marriage, he had started to take her for granted.

Also, she sometimes felt that he was cheating on her.He was travelling most of the time and dint give enough time to their son and her.To this I replied,"It would be frustrating for you to go through all this".She looked at me and said in a deep low voice,"Yes, very much.Frustrating mentally as well as..." and she stopped.

We both were looking at each other waiting for each other to say something.I asked, "As well as what?".She took a deep breath and said, "Physically".I dint have any idea in the least how to react and kept looking her in the eye.She said, "I know ur old enough to understand this and please dont disclose this to anyone".I said that friends dont let secrets out and that even she knew about my secret.

She laughed and said, "Oh yes.I forgot how is Tanya(my gf)".She then said, "I miss college life and going around like the way u are".She then said something very shicking".She smiled and said,"I infact want to know more about you'll.More secters.Have u'll...??".I understood what she meant but still proded her to say what she meant.She said, "Cmon, u know what I mean.

Have you'll indulged?".I felt highly abashed and was skeptical if I should talk on this topic.I was staring out of the window.She said, "Okay, so you dont consider me ur friend, right?". "Its not like that Aunty...." "Adi again Aunty".So I had to say, "Yes Reena, we have but not fully".

She laughed and I could see that she was enjoyong this discussion and had gained back her spirits after talking about her married life.She said, "What do u mean not fully?".I said, "As in just kissing and stuff.Shouldnt we talk about something else?".She said, "No I wanna talk about this more.Ur a big guy Adi.Ur an adult now.Not the same 10 yr old Adi.

You can speak freely about this now.Whats so bad in talking about sex?".This gave me some confidence to go about this thing and said,"Ok.We have just done oral stuff.No anal or anything.We arent ready for that yet".She said, "Who says.In USA children of your age can do everything.Its only here that people are so scared".

I dint say anything and then she asked, "So have u ever wanted to go further than just kissing".I knew that now all the boundries had been surpassed and there was no point acting shy in front of this bitch.I said, "Yes many times, but shes doesnt want it now.She too young for it".What Reena then did was crazy.She bent forward to keep her glass on the table which was a bit low.

Her pallu slid down and while doing this, she said, "Too young.So you need someone much older huh?".I was speechless for a moment.Her 2 bulging melons were fighting to come out of her light blue coloured blouse and the white cleavage was enchanting to say the least.She sat upright again adjusting her pallu.She was waiting for my reply.I said,"No".

She asked me what 'NO'?I said,"No.Not that I need someone or anything",and asked her, "I can use the washroom.She showed me the way to the washroom in their bedroom.I dint actually want to use the loo or anything, but just get a break from her to realize what was actually going on.I looked at myself in the mirror and could see beads of sweat on my forhead.

I washed my face and tried to relax.I thought to myself that maybe im just assuming her to be giving signals and that shes just trying to be friendly.With this I opened the door and to my horror she was sitting right in front on the bed.She smiled and said, "That was the most silent use if the loo ever".I just smiled and said, "I should be leaving now".

She asked my if I had some work or if I was getting late.I replied, "No.Nothing like that, but I have taken enough of ur time".She smiled and said, "Not at all dumbo.Sit here".She motioned me to sit next to her on the edge of the bed.I sat almost a feet awat from her on her bed.She got up and sat immediately next to me with our legs touching each other.

I dint react and was staring at the floor.She then kept her left hand on my right and pressed it.I still dint react but started breathing heavily.I had no idea of the things to come next.She realized I was becoming nervous.She pushed me on my chest and made me lie on the bed on my back.She then got up on the bed on her knees.

She put her right knee on my left side and now I was in between her two legs and she was on my chest.I dint utter a word and become more nervous.She bent forward and whispered in my ear, "Relax boy, ur going on the ride of ur life".This gave a jerk to my 7 and a half inch weapon and it started rising inside my pants.She then removed her pallu and took her saree off.

My cock was bursting inside looking at her milk tanks.She placed turned back and looked at my crotch.The bulge was visible.She looked at me and said, "im impressed".She then shifted back on my lap and made me sit up.She whispered again in my ear, "Now open my blouse".I dint do anything and she caught my hands and guided them to the hook.

I opened her blouse and in front of me were the hottest pair of boobs sitting inside her black bra.She knew I was hesitating to proceed and then her one move drove away all the hesitancy. She thrust her sweet tasting tongue into my mouth and we kissed and kissed and kissed. Mmmmm...yummm.While kissing my hand went to her bra hooks and flung them open.

She said "Ouch and laughed".She said, "Cmon, I wanna c if ur a big guy or still a kiddo".I felt challenged now.I had to take over now.I wanted to fuck her bad.Fuck my teacher and aunty.I removed my T-shirt and she bit my nipple.I stopped he and said, "Thats my job" and bit her pink nipples.Wowww what a feeling.Her two milky tits were in my mouth and she was carresing my hair.

I was making all sorts of noise while sucking her melons.I then opened her petticoat and pressed her buns.I lifted her and place her on the bed.I removed my pants and boxers and was stark naked.She was moaning and looked at my shaft.She said, "Thats huge for 20".I said almost twenty and pulled down her panties.

I knew how to satisfy a woman courtsey internet porn and put my tongue to her soft spot.She was moaning softly first, but I dint let go off her and kept woking my tongue.She started moaning very loudly now, almost shouting and pressing my head down.I kept at it and then she had a thundering orgasm.Her smelly juices were all over the bed and she was sweating profusely.

I got up, went to the basin and washed my mouth.When I came out she said,"Adi u fucker, ur a pro.Dont tell me u havent had sex".I laughed and said, "Aunty I had saved it for u".She said, "Now u can call me whatever as long as u satisfy me like that".She saw my fully erect cock and said,"What are u waiting go for it".But I said, "Even I want ur tongue on mine".

She laughed and said, "So uve been watching someting lately huh".I said since a long time.She giggled and said, "Dirty boy come her".She took my tool in her mouth and was sending me on cloud nine jus when her door bell rang.She said, "Fuck, it must be Rahul(her son)".She wore a gown and asked me to lock the bedroom door from inside.

She said she would knock twice on the door for me to open it.She went and I locked the door.10 minutes passed and still she dint knock.By that time I had become even more horny.I wanted to penetrate her.After 10 whole minutes she knocked twice on the door.I had still not worn my clothes.I opened it slightly and she came in and said ive put him to sleep in his room.

I caught her gown and flung it open and pushed her on her bouncy bed.She started laughing and said "Slowly, dont make noise".I again attacked her boobs and ran my tongue up and down in her cleavage.I then Got up and placed my cock between her melons and she gave my a grat boob job.Ahhhhh...just inexplicable.She then asked me to fuck down there.

My cock was wet with precum and even her vagina had juices all over.My cock just slid in and I was having anal for the first time.I started slow, but picked up tempo soon and she was moaning away and saying, "Fuck me Adi.Fuck me ur strenght".We were in missionary position and I banged her with all my might.

My hand dint leave her melons all that while and after about 10-15 minutes of intense ramming, I said im about to cum.She stopped my and said dont cum in there.I removed my shaft and splashed all my load on her tits and face.She was more than happy to rub it all over her boobies.I was fully exhausted but I couldnt believe what had just happened.

I had fucked my tuition teacher of one time and knew that this was only the beginning.We dressed up and as it had almost been 2hrs since I had come, I left for home immediately.So as I said that was only the first time that we had sex.Its been almost a year since that first encounter and we regularly meet up at her place to indulge and satisfy her.Shes into sex toys also and surprises me each time we meet up.But yes I still do call her Reena Aunty ;)

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Nikita fucked by young student

Hi, to all readers this is nikita (name changed) from lucknow well one day I was just surfing the net when I came across this wonderful site called DEBONAIR BLOG indeed it is one of the finest website to search and know the gossip.

Well not wasting much of your time would like to post a story of me that's not a fiction but a real life true story which eventually help evolve me as a more responsible and a sensible creature as you know without falling in the pit no one learns what is rite.

So let me describe my self first BOY'S which surely will tingle your willy in your undies for sure my age at the time of this incident was 23 yrs well I used to stay with my grandmother in india as my father work's for a bank and he was posted outside india and our grandmother bieng old needed assistance and as you know it is quite difficult for old people to live abroad without assistance.

so I used to stay with my grand mother in her house my hieght is 5'6 I had a weatish complextion but on the fairer side my bust measurement in inches are 38 inches my waist 22inches and hips 30 inches well a bit dispropotionate in reading but a marvel to look at in physical form since childhood I had a big growing bust as I got my first bra at the age of 13yrs

so you can think how fast and big were maturing and size of my breasts but together I was also on the skinny side I had a long boney neck with nice emerging collar bones and neckbones which would really give a hard on to neck lovers I have a flat stomach and my navel in circumfrance is a size of 1 ruppee coin and the depth of my navel is 1.2 inch.

also I have a hairless body as I think it's all in the hormones and genes I have never gone for waxing of my underarm arm or legs because I am clean smooth absolutely hairless. well guys I hope you willy must be troubling and felling discomfort in your undies well I know i'm the cockteaser so let the story flow.

As we had a big house and only two of us living we rented the upper portion to two tenents one was a family and the other tennent a lady Gynac. the family which was there consisted of 4 people mr.dubey his wife and his 2 children 1 boy and one girl mr dubet was aged around 45 his wife almost the same age and thier girl around 6yrs and thier boy around 14 yrs both the children were school going.

as I was just in my final year of graduation din't have much to do in college so used to be back home early mrs. dubey was a nice lady but the only drawback with her was that she din't know much of english so one day while I was coming back from college I saw mrs.dubey shouting and yelling at our gate and a band of young people standing there

she was defending chote nickname of abhishiek mrs. dubey's 14 yr old son after much yelling and fighting the crowd left after that then I asked mrs. dubey what was this about she said I know chote can bunk school but do you think this little boy could do eveteasing well I thought looking at him it was no as this chap was skinny to the bones I mean if I punched him hard

he would die well that day I think I was wrong the chap was not a chap or to say the boy was not a boy indeed he was a boy hung like a horse I mean his pennis was so big..........almost if he lowered himself to the fullest he could kiss his pennis.

well this is what I came to know later mrs dubey not bieng good in english asked me if I could teach chote english so that he doesnt get much time in the evening to play in the colony and mingle with anti social boys well she said that she would pay me so I thought whats the harm in getting pocket money and I agreed hapily.

chote was a nice student quite obedient I would say he used to study listen and do as instructed but I always noticed whenever I was lookin left or right he would stare at my breasts and if our eyes would meet he would give a sly smile and look down well it was my nice cleavage visible to him as I wore a loose kurta or may be some times a blouse with my pallu of saree

dropped as I never thought about any shame from this 14yrs old kid well the things went on for quite some time then oneday mrs.dubey hurriedly came down to my grandmother to say that they were going out of town with thier daughter and would appericiate if we could keep chote with us for 17 day's as mrs. dubey's father in law had expired int the village they

had to go so then chote was shifted in my room as they were only two room's in our portion one my grandmother and other was mine but both the room's were interconnected with a same bathroom which had two doors opening in each room.

well in the evening after tution I went in for a bath while taking bath I saw a image on my ventilator that was of glass of some one standing there very nicely I let the tap on so thtthe person standing wouldn't guess that I know some one was there quickly put on my bra and panty and wore my bathrobe I slipped out very cautiously towards a small gallery next to my bathroom used for cleaning our bathroom.

In the excitement of catching I had forgot that I was a girl dressed in bathing robe with only my undergarments inside but excitement had closed that door in my mind of bieng dressed well as I moved unto the dark back gallery there was a barbed wire fencing near the gallery to be very slow steady and swift and not letting out any sound I proceeded to my horror my satin bathrobe

got hooked up to that barbwire I tried to pull it was coming out but making a noice which I thought could alert the person standing there in a gush of excitement and adventure of catching a thief I opend the lace and the bathrobe lay stuck to the fence now just in my bra and panty I was standing next to the wall I could see the road outside my house as my boundry wall

was low also people if watched closely from the strret could see me but thank god it was dark I put my head on the wasll as I realised what foolishness I was doin I could easily got raped by any pass byer as I was just in my bra and panty I shifted towards the wall and took a deep breath of sigh that thank's I am saved but suddenly when I opened my eyes I saw chote

standing in front of me a slight shriek came out from my mouth but wasn't loud enough to be audible to my grandmother or her maid. chote was 5'4 in hieght skinny to the bones as hewas but his pennis was around 8 inches long and 6 inches in circumfrance he pushed me out to the wall with his both hands holding my hand's and his massive cock positioned rite

on the entrance of my navel he started licking my neck and then started kissing the portion of my breasts which wereemrging out from my bra I resisted but he said one thing if I shout people shall come and what they will see is far beyond for me to explain thinking that I let him do what he wanted as I thought he would just kiss and suck and then leave but this boy

had other intentions in his mind he caught me by the waist tore of my bra and started licking and chewing my tits seeing this I thought if he fucks me today fore sure he is going to tear my pussy and make me slut well that happened he din't stop bitting and licking and sucking untill my nipples wre red then with on e gust he tore my panty oh my god I exclaimed and said chote

I dont think you are gonna fuck me are you to which he said didi itni mast ho tum tumhare itne rasiley bade boobs choosne ke baad agar maine tumhe choda nahi toh main apni nazaron mein gir jaunga he pushed me on the floor and gave me to tight slaps I said ok doont beat me I shall do what you say he said u better do otherwise you will only face the pain he left me there

and quickly brought a bottle of oil from my bathroom he had tied my hands witha rope in the gallery by the time I broke loose he was there he said acha toh chidiya ke pankh nahi panja mar rahi thi he held my tightly put oil on his cock and then with one go with his full force he impaled me with his cock I shouted in pain............. Mmar gayiiiii............

but a truck was passing due to which my voice was subdued again. mmmmaarrrrrrrr dddddaaalllllllaaaaaaa tumne phad di meri kunwari chut but he was enjoying after humping me for 15 mins he asked how is it feeling I said i'm feeling all teared down he again started pumping hard I was pleading for mercy

oohhhhh aaahhhhhhh plllzzzzzzzz aaaaaaahhhhhh ooouuuuuuchhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhh pppllllllllllllxxxxxzz naahhhhiiii aaaaaaaaahhhh ooooooohhh ooooouuuuuchhhhhh but I think he was getting more fun in that finallyFTER HUMPOING ME FOR 45 MINS HE STOPPED HE HAD FLOODED MY PUSSY WITH HIS SEMEN.

after that he got up and said tht if I say anything about that incident it will be quite expensive proposition for me as everyone would blame me and not the kid he asked if he could get 25000 rs to which I asked for what he said I need to deposit the fees tommorrow in the school thinking that by not giving him he may create a scene I thought t was better to give him and then take back

from his mother I went took my bath my pussy was quite sore it was bleed ing I wiped it with cloth and went to bed withouth eating my food nextday I got up my in between the legs the pussy felt hurting I went for the newspaper and was shocked to c the front page mr.dubey who was working as accountant for a renowned company in the city had done a scam of rs 1 crore

and fled the city when I showed it to my grandmother she said that chote's mama had come to see him if he were fine and needed anything but when I went into the room I saw that it was all clean no clothes or anything of chote were there in the room I rushed tothe first floor to c thier portion I opened it with duplicate key all the almirahs were empty they had left the place fully planned.

I sat in shock then I went downstairs to my grand mother to tell her what I saw in thier portion to which my grandmother said it's better they din't do any damage to our property and rest is ok nevermind if they dint give us the rent for 2 mnths but thank god we were saved. well the story doesn't end here.

As I had forgot to take contraceptives after 2mnths in discovered I was pregnant I went and narreted the whole incident to our other tenent the lady gynaec she was also a good friend of my mother after taking her her into full confidence I got my abortion done.

Well would like to tell the girls that plz be very careful even a boy of 14 yrs has the fertilty in his sperm's to impregnate a lady or girl whose mensuration cycle has started. Well this doesn't end the story as I said I learnt quite a lot from this episode but getting a cock in my pussy may it be by force I enjoyed it and now I wanted more so pls drop in your comments and wait for the other real life incident which I shall be posting soon. till then tk care luv you all NIKIta.

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Aftab sucking and fucking with Maths teacher

Hi guys this is Aftab. I am a great fan of Human Digest and the stories published here. I always used to think that the stories published here about a student having sex with her teacher are not real and just a fantasy until I encountered the same thing in my life. My first sex encounter was with my Maths teacher when I was 17.

She was around 32-35 but she was very sexy.She has maintained her very well. She had large boobs, big round ass and a fair complexion. I always use to fantasize her and masturbate. I used to get a hard on as soon as she enters the class and always used to look at her lovely chest whenever she used to teach us maths.

One day as I was watching her she saw me staring at her but she didn't said anything. Later that day she asked me to come to the staff room.I was scared because I Knew that she will be very angry. I went to the staff room and she asked me what I was watching in the class room.

I was speechless but to my surprise she gave me a nice smile and said that don’t do it again this gave me more courage to do the same that day again I masturbated thinking of the sight in the classroom, I was very weak in maths so I decided to take tuition's and asked my teacher to give me tuition.

First she was a bit hesitant but later she agreed which made me very happy as I can now spend more time with her and see her lovely boobs. We decided the time from 5 to 7 after school. I reached her home at the exact time as I didn't wanted to miss the chance of spending time with her.

She had 2 daughters and both were in some primary school. They were young and very much into extra curricular activities. So after school they would go to dance and music classes thus leaving me and my teacher at home with other students. Her husband was a manager in an export company and would usually come in late.

Slowly as the days went by we became frank with each other as I used to spend a lot of time with her. But I could not strike at any opportunity as there were other 2 students as well. But on that fateful day, the other students did not come and no matter what, I did not wish to lose private lessons and I was there at her place bang on time.

It so happened that she lives in an old bungalow and many of her doors had cracks. This I used to my advantage. I was looking at all opportunities to look at her. While teaching me, she got up and went into her bedroom. I tip toed behind her and saw her entering her wash room. I turned into a peeping tom and peeped into the bathroom from one of the cracks.

I told you it’s an old bungalow and hence the toilet was also not western, but an Indian one. I saw her sitting and peeing in the basin and her saree and petticoat was lifted up. The toilet was faced towards the door and I could see her peeing very clearly as the bathroom tube gave enough light to see her cracks covered in hairy jungle.

What I did not know was, she saw me peeping, but kept quiet. After about an half an hour or so, she got up again and walked towards her washroom which is inside her bedroom. I wanted to seize the opportunity once again and went to the crack of the door again to peep inside. To my horrow, she was not there in the wash room.

When I turned back she was standing behind me with a stern face. I said that I am sorry but couldn't help it because she was very beautiful. She said that she will complain to my parents and took her mobile. I started pleading and begging and fell at her feet. She was enjoying this and started black mailing me. I said maam im ready to do any work or anything, pls. Just don’t complain.

Tell me, what did you see ? nothing I said, as it was dark. But she did not believe me and gave me a stern look. I said I could see her place down there pointing at her vagina, and to my surprise, she asked, did you like what you saw ? I got bold enough now and said that it was amazing and see her totally will be my dream come true.

She smiled and asked me to shut up. She was surprised to learn that I used to fantasize about her. She told me, since I have seen her in the nude, it is fair enough for her to see me. She asked me to get out of my jeans and started stroking my member. She loved my circumsized member a lot and started sucking it vigourously as though she is a tiger let loose on a prowl.

This being my first time, I came into her mouth and didn’t know what to do or say. I just blurted sorry maam, sorry maam. She went into bathroom and came back. I held her and started kissing on her lips. She was surprised at my boldness and soon we started exploring each other with our tongue. Slowly I moved my hands on her boobs and started pressing it...they were really soft.

I tired entering her blouse but the blouse was too tight to put my hands under it. she understood what I wanted and slowly removed the hooks of her blouse and removed the blouse. Now she was in the bra in front of me and her huge boobs were coming out of her bra.

I pressed her left boob very hard and that made her moan a bit..I asked her to remove her bra also so that I can see her boobs completely. She asked me to be patient and asked me to come to the bedroom and I happily followed her.she threw me on the bed, removed my t-shirt and started kissing me all over my body. My dick got really hard because of all this and starting paining.

My dick was completely erect.She took it in her hands and gave it a few gentle strokes. I asked her to remove her remaining clothes and she did. Now both of us were completely naked in front of each other. Her big boobs,round ass and wet pussy was making me wild. I asked her to lie down on the bed and then I reached her pussy.

The smell of pussy with the fluid flowing out of it was making me crazy.I kept my mouth near her pussy for few seconds and then started licking it. She moaned heavily in the process,she was making sounds like oohhh...mmn....uu..she pressed my head tightly near her pussy and I kept licking her she started moaning even more heavily.

She was getting aroused by all this and making sounds like aaaahhh......mmnn...uuuu.....then I moved one of my hands to her breast and started pressing them very hard. She said, please be soft. I was completely aroused and didn’t listen to her and pressed them really hard.

I licked her pussy for 15 mins Her pussy was feeling so warm. Then I again started playing with her boobs and stared sucking them one by one.I took the right boob in my mouth and started sucking them and with my left hand started pressing her left boob.

Slowly I moved down and started kissing all over her body,naval,and thighs.Soon my penis got the erection again and now it was my turn to get into her hot pussy. She laid down with her legs wide opened and I came over her...then I pushed my dick inside her pussy which was quite tight. As I pushed the head of my dick went inside her.

She gave away a little moan aahhh....then I pushed again and this time my whole dick went inside her then I laid down there for a few mins and then started the strokes. she was enjoying my gentle strokes and then I slowly increased my speed and she started moaning heavily her moans were making me more horny and I increased my speed....

meri spped badte hi usko aur maza aane laga and she pulled me towards her and tightened her grip around my waist. And then we climaxed with me shedding the load completely in her. I was scared what if she becomes pregnant. She laughed and said, this is the advantage of making love to a married lady, either she is on pills,

or her husband will be proud thinking that he is still strong enough to make his wife pregnant. After this sexperience, she told me that I should concentrate on studies and not on sex, but she would give me sex whenever there is a possibility.

She warned me not to behave differently as there are other children. I used to get sex once in a week or so, and after that gradually it reduced and we stopped seeing each other as I had to move on to another city for my engineering. But this one experience, the first and last of my life, I shall never ever forget.

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Sex with English teacher Neha - II

Hi again to all my friends out there! On 4 feb 2010 my first ever story was posted on this forum under the heading "Sex with English teacher Neha". To all those readers who have come to this post for the first time, I request you to read the first part in order to get some background info. Also, please do give me your feedback. It certainly feels good to hear positive comments. Now, let me take you to the real stuff…

After a nice fuck we slept for about 4 hours hugging each others body tightly and then a ring of telephone rangs and this made us to woke up.My Ma’am attended the call and talked for about 2 minutes.After that my Ma’am told me that it was your mom but don't worry I have told her that due to heavy rainfall he will come tomorrow on home. I was happy to listen that.

Suddenly I noticed that the Ma’am is totally naked and was completing few works inside the kitchen.i saw the condition of the room,it was totally looking like a pigsty. I looked for my clothes and found them on the floor. I also found the kurta and pajama, bra and panty of my Ma’am which was also on the floor.

Then Ma’am came with a cup of tea then we drank it and then I put one boob of my Ma’am in my hand and then pushed it lightly and then watched a big smile on her face.She also watched my penis that how it erects. then she said wow!it was so small but when you touched my boob it become large why????can you answer my question???

Then I said Ma’am it become large only to satisfy you.this answer bring a naughty smile on her face.i kissed her on lips and took a taste of tea from her toung.Then suddenly somebody rang the door bell we both filled with fear then Ma’am put a gown and opened the door. It was her maid then Ma’am asked her to come tomorrow then she said ok then Ma’am closed the door.

I watched the time it was 10:30 pm.i watched the condition of environment from window.It was quite cold and dark.Ma’am said-raj lets have suhagraat on the bed.My face become red then I said ok Ma’am.Neha Ma’am covered herself with a mink blanket and invited me by showing her full naked body.I closed the window and went inside the blanket fastly.

we both touched each others body and then I took a nipple inside my mouth and begun to roll my toung on the surface.It was hard and erected.we kissed each others lips.I felt her hot body and touched her vagina which was filled with hot liquid Then I fucked my one finger and tasted the liquid.It was quite salty.she was kissing my chest madly.

Then she took my penis inside the mouth and started sucking it.She was enjoying my cock like a lollypop.while she was sucking I saw her lovely ass turned towards me. There was a pink and wet hole which was inviting me to suck.looking at the opportunity I put my hand on her buttocks. She stopped sucking me and realizing that I had touched her buttocks.

she smiled and pushed her buttocks closer to my face. There was an unfamiliar smell reaching my nose. It was little stale and flowery at the same time. It was different and it was exciting to smell it. I gently felt her butt and the genitals. Then I slowly put my fingers inside the pussy. It was all warm and wet and little sticky.

Then I opened my full mouth and drank whole sticky fluid in just one turn.she gave me a sexy smile and pushed whole pussy in my mouth.I gave one finger in her ass whole and started enjoying her vagina.Her face become red,she was continuously moaning. after a couple of seconds she grabbed my hand tightly and told me to suck fastly.

suddenly I felt my head being crushed by her thighs and my face pressed by her cunt. And all of a sudden I was drenched in a shower of hot fluid.She hugged me tightly and gave her head a rest on my chest.She felt herself too tired and slept on my chest. I was also tired. The warmness of her body made me to sleep along with her.

At 6 am we woke up and took a shower.I rubbed soap on her boobs and started feeling the erectness of her nipple.She cleaned my cock with soap and then started sucking it. In the shower we both were enjoying each others.Feeling my hands moving all over her body, she smiled at me and gave me a nice wet, slurpy kiss on my lips. I also gave her a hard kiss.

water dripping from all parts of her body. Her nipples were erect and the boobs glistening with moisture.then I put some cream on her ass and then massaged it. Then I slided my cock into her ass hole.I continued the session for about 15 minutes. Then I ejeculated my load inside her ass.Then I weared all my clothes and left for home giving my hot Ma’am a kiss.

In afternoon I met her in school.We both gave a naughty smile to each other.Well on that day I was remembering every feeling which I have got from her.whenever in school time when we found us alone we used to touch each others private areas. One day on 15 august celebration everybody was busy in arrangement.I was finding my neha Ma’am then suddenly I saw her.

She was looking very beautiful in the white salwar soot. Then I called her and greeted her.She also asked about my studies.Well I understood her intention that she was asking me about my cock but because of people around us she was talking to me normally. At the show time she secretly called me and then I stood up and followed her.

Then we went to a class room where nobody was present.She locked the door from inside and then put off all the clothes.i also unweared my clothes then she started sucking my cock I was also pressing her soft boob.Then I fucked her on the banch doggy style and came inside her mouth.she drank every drop of my semen.

Then we dressed up and went to enjoy the celebration.On sunday I again went to her house and then fucked her In this way we fuck each other weekly. Well I can not forget each and every moment which I spent with neha mam.Her mother married her with a rich reputed family in mumbai. then chatting with her was only the way to communicate with her.

Via chatting she told the behaviour of her husbend towards her.She told that her husband loves her alot.they both used to sleep hugging each other.he has a penis but not longer than me.In the last she said every bit which I spend with you was amazing and want to feel the warmness of your cock again on your birthday!!

I become exited because my birthday was on the same day then suddenly some one locked the door when I looked behind there was my love my sweet heart my life then I took her clothes from her body and then pressed her boob.I was shocked to know that her boobs are milking. Then I sucked her breast.Her milk was tasteless but I drank her milk passionately.

Then she said please do fast I have to go at my mothers place then I raised her sadi and slided panty down and fucked her cunt and ass.I then told her that whatever we have done in life we will not do this again and then I forgot her and become happy with my wife. My wife is more attractive and sexy then her that is why i forgot her.

There is a one reason for which I am happy and that is I HAVE GIVEN HER HUSBAND A SECOND HAND MODEL!!!ha ha ha ha.enjoy friends girls are like use and throw hahaha. Drink beer fuck fear hahahaha...

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Sex with English teacher Neha

Hello! Everyone I am raj. I am writing my first story on well this site is very good. I read so many stories here. Now I am writing my own one. Neha madam was my english teacher. I was one of the favorite student in front of her. I always get full Marks in exams specially in english.

so I was totally a cream in her eyes.Now let me tell you about her she is 36-28-36 with a slim sexy body her face is attractive and fair.she is slim but her boobs are big Her boobs can erect anybody's cock. This is the story when I was in 10th standared.Now let me tell you the story-i was in the class and thinking for neha madam, I was thinking about her butts,

her ass hole, her boobs, her lips. totally I was fucking her in my her class period came she was wearing a salwar soot and was looking very sexy!! She took the book and looked at me I was looking at her boobs continuously then she gave me a naughty smile. I become shy and suddenly looked at the book.

after the class I went to the home and was masturbating thinking about her. Next day She came and again gave me naughty smile. that day she was wearing a deep neck salwar soot so very little curves were visible.on that day I again was continuously watching at her breast. She was happy to see that I am looking at her.

In the recess I told her that I want some tutions of english. she took some time to think and replied yes you can come to my home.I gave her a very big smile and she did the same. On sunday I went to tution.When I ring bell she opened the gate and welcomed me with a sweet smile.

I went inside, She was having a very beautiful flat.i told her that I never watched such a beautiful house she again smiled and thanked me. Though it was sunday I was free and relaxed. she went inside the study room and called up me. I went there and sat on a chair. There was a table in front of me which was small.

the table was troubling me in writing because I had to bend my west enough from behind to write something.madam was looking at me. That day she was wearing deep neck salwar soot. i was in shirt and trouser. As soon as she bend herself to write something I watched her milky white boobs and become unconsious for some time.

My little friend woke up and started fighting with my panty there was a little bulk on my trouser.i tried to hide it with my book,notebook,hands but failed it was clearly visible. then mam watched my bulk. She was looking happy by watching it. then she tried to tease me.she fell her pen under the table and bend fully her body to take it.

Now I was not in control I watched her full tits.My cock was out of control and I realised that mam was smiling and also trying to tease me more.then she ordered me to take her book from the rack.I understood that mam want to see my bulk, then I stood up without any fear and gave her desired book.

After tution I begain to tie up my shoes, I watched her she was looking sad.she asked me about my further time table I replied that I am totally free today mam she replied that she has a backpain and want a nice oil massage.i suddenly said ok then she said ok then come with me, I followed her and reached in her bedroom.

she slided her kurta few inches up and pajama little down and then she ley herself on carpet. totally her stomach and west was visible she didn't have any single hair on her body. I took some oil from kitchen in a little bowl and dropped two fingers in it and touched her west. As soon as I touched her body I got a shock.

the air conditioner was on but I was feeling so hot that my face became red.i tried to rub her skin and also controlled myself.every touch of her skin was making me fully mad.My cock erected few inches more and I was about to come then my mam stood up suddenly and said that you have finished your job boy now you can go then I stood up and went again to tie up shoes.

She came near me and asked WHAT will you give me in gurudakshina then I said mam I can give you anything just tell me what it is then she said I want your cock!!!! I got about 1,00,00,00,00,000 mega watt shock to hear that. I suddenly grabbed her and went to bedroom. she ley down on bed and I was kissing all over her body.

i shyly said to her that-Mam can you put off your clothes please??!!?? mam replied with a smile-self service..:-) then I first put her kurta off she was in a white bra, i touched her bra and started massaging her boobs over the bra.every movement of her boobs were making my condition bad.

then I slided her pajama fully down and then I saw her wet panty.Now she was only in bra and panty.Then I looked her full body,she was looking soooo sexyyyy!!! She was continuously smiling at my condition.My cock was paining me inside panty due to its largeness.then first I put off all of my clothes then she saw my cock which was increased few inches more.

Then she said Wow!! what a beautiful cock. then I leyed myself on her body and watched her face her lips was dry and was looking more sexy when she smiles. so first I sucked her dry lips. my every wet kiss was making her lips wet. I was continuously kissing her. our tongue was playing in each others mouth.

i was feeling the hardness of her nipple,for which I broked the kiss and unhooked the bra from behind. then I throw her bra and started sucking,sqeesing,playing with her boobs. I was giving my head between her tits.she was moaning loudly. I was fucking my penis between her tits and after sometime I threw my load on her face.

She grabbed my penis and slowly took it inside her mouth.she was sucking it nicely, she was sucking it like a lolipop.She was coating my cock with her toung by saliva.i was enjoying every turn.Then I kissed her boob then stomach, then panty!!!i forgot to watch her pussy.then I slowly slided her panty down and found the real stufff!!

she was having a clean shaved pussy with a pink hole in it.then I asked her about ass hole. she turned her body in opposite direction and I found two big bums.i pulled and pushed her bums and gave a deep kiss in each of them. Then I slided bums in opposite direction and a pink hole appears.It was her ass hole. Then I gave a kiss and fucked the ass hole with toung.

She moaned slowly.Then I turned her body again and saw her was wet then I smelled her cunt which was giving a flower like smell then I touched her cunt with my toung and she moaned sexily. Then I kissed her cunt and took a taste of her love juice. It was salty and tasty. then I was continuously sucking her cunt. She was moaning loudly.

After that her pussy threw more juice and I drank every drop of her juice. Then I placed my cock on the surface of her cunt and then started rubbing cock on her pussy. i was teasing her. She was saying ooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeees yes yes ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhoo fuck me fuck me. then I fucked my cock inside her cunt and she was moaning loudly.

Then I told her that I am about to came.she said unload your load inside my mouth then I put my penis inside her mouth and threw all my load. every corner of her mouth was filled with my semen. Then I slept over her body and she also slept with me.Then after about 4 hours of sleeping we both took a shower and I fucked her two times in the bathroom.

After that I fucked her ass hole too!Then I fucked her so many times.Also fucked her in the school time too.Now I am in 2nd year in college and whenever I get some time I go to her place and fuck her. I love neha madam tooooo much. Please post some encouraging comments to get the next story. In the next story I will tell you how I fucked her ass hole and some of quick fucks inside the school.

Real Hot Sex Teacher 2

Hi again to all my friends out there! On September 14, 2009 my first ever story was posted on this forum under the heading “Real hot sex teacher”. I am not a professional writer but I received so much encouragement reading the feedback from all you readers that I was forced to write about the further events immediately.

To all those readers who have come to this post for the first time, I request you to read the first part in order to get some background info. Also, please do give me your feedback, negative or POSITIVE. It certainly feels good to hear positive comments. Now, let me take you to the real stuff…

You may recall that last time due to a sudden interruption; I had to leave my teacher’s residence abruptly for my home. While leaving, I carried a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness in my heart. Happy because I had unexpectedly gained something new; and sad because I wanted more and more of what I had just experienced.

However, when I reached home, it was late in the evening and my over-used cock had begun to show the signs of suffering it had been through. Since it was the first time that my foreskin was pulled up by force while my cock was fully erect, the skin had stretched and split up in many places and now the pain had started to take its toll.

My cock was swollen and I was in pain. I just couldn’t touch it without sending a shiver up my spine. With the little knowledge of first aid that I had, I quietly and gently cleaned my cock with “Dettol” and applied a thick layer of “Borolene”. The thoughts of the day’s events were troubling me and weren’t allowing my cock to settle down properly due to which I had to spend my whole night in pain.

Next morning I was eager to rush to the school and was looking forward to meet my new found friend or love i.e. my lovely class teacher. My mind was just not into anything else other than trying to decipher how I should respond on meeting my beautiful Ma’am in the morning.

When I met her next morning in the classroom, my heart was pounding and I couldn’t control my excitement. Just looking at her lovely face, my cock began to wake up. However, she being who she was, a lady always in control, she was as calm and normal in all her actions and dealings throughout the day as she had always been in the past.

Nothing exceptional happened and I was treated as usual or as normally by her as ever. Unconsciously I understood that I too should learn to remain calm and behave as normally as I could.

Because of all this aloofness, I now only hoped to meet her the next week so began to wait eagerly for Sunday to arrive, when I would once again be in my dear Madam’s soft arms. It sure was a slow and difficult week for me. Nights were even tougher as my semi injured penis had to suffer again and again in my abusive hands with the visions of the past Sunday’s activities and dreams of the next one :-)

On Friday, my teacher asked me to inform my parents that I was invited by her to visit her house on Saturday evening for some extra coaching in Math. I was also supposed to tell them that if need be, I may have to stay back over night for some serious study. So I did exactly as instructed, looking forward to this extra class.

Remember, that Math was always my weak subject and I always wanted to improve in it. Come Saturday, and my body was almost on fire. My thoughts were on fire as well and I was waiting eagerly for the school to get over. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything other than what lay ahead.

After the school, I reached home, changed, had my meals, rested for a while and in the evening rushed to my teacher’s home. My family members had never seen me so eager to attend math tuition ;-) While going to my teacher’s home, I instinctively purchased a few packs of “Cadbury’s” chocolates as a small gift for her.

Reaching her home, I knocked on the door with a thumping heart and shaking hands. After a week’s tough separation, I wanted to see my love on the door and to hug her, squeeze her and begin the play just like the last time, the moment I met her alone but the door was opened by madam’s maid.

I was asked to wait in the drawing room by the maid while the two dogs rushed towards me playfully. I began to play with the dogs, hoping to meet Ma’am soon. Kahan to mai apne beloved ke galey lagna chahta tha, aur kahan mujhey uske kutton ko galey lagana par raha tha. Shayad issi ko kehtey hain “KLPD”, yaani ki “KHAREY LUND PAR DHOKHA” :-)

After a wait of about 15-20 mins, Ma’am finally arrived like a breath of fresh air. Looking at her, I must have stopped breathing. She had taken a bath and her wet hair was left open, framing her face beautifully. She looked like a doll. Once again, she was in a loose “kaftan” and wasn’t wearing any makeup. Even from a distance she smelled heavenly.

I was so intensely focused on her that I forgot all about her maid and the dogs. She smiled welcoming me and offered me some cold drink. Shyly, I gave her the chocolates which she accepted gracefully. We began chatting, but it was all one sided. After about an hour the maid left for the day and that was the moment I was waiting for.

The moment my teacher turned around after closing the door, I almost jumped on her from behind, crushing her in my arms and trying to reach for lips and the boobs at the same time. It was as if I had turned into a hungry animal and she was my food. STOP IT NOW! Came the thundering voice and I was frozen in my tracks. I was back on earth in a fraction of a second.

My whole body became limp. I just couldn’t understand what had got into my loving teacher that she had reacted the way she did then after all the moments and experiences we had shared the last week. In my imagination the whole week, I had hugged her, kissed her and done things to her just like the last time, but today she managed shattered all my dreams in just a moment.

“Ballu! Remember you are here to study Math from me, so behave properly.” Oh God, I was so confused and didn’t know how to respond. After that warning, she asked me to open my books and patiently sat with me taking me through the basics of Mathematics that I had hated so much. After the initial 10 minutes of study period when my brain was all clouded and confused, I began to look at Math in a new light.

How the time flew, I still don’t know, but for the first time in my life, I could understand the hidden meaning of numbers. It was like magic, real magic! And this is another reason why I will never forget my Math teacher. She had made me fall in love with something I had hated all my life and of course… I was madly in love with her.

After about 3 hrs of continuous study, the tuition period was finally over. Ma’am invited me for dinner, and after dinner we continued to chat for some more time. Because of her earlier reaction to my hug, I wasn’t expecting any more play from her so I picked all my notebooks etc and got ready to leave with a heavy heart. She too got up, ready to see me leave.

As I was about to open the door she softly called my name, “Ballu.”. I turned around and there she was in a totally different avatar, with her arms wide open, ready to receive me. I was so confused that I simply didn’t know how to respond. She called, “come here”, and I melted. I was in her arms in just a moment. It was as if a dam had broken.

She began to kiss me all over my face. What a feeling it was, but remembering how I was scolded a few hours ago, I did not respond equally well. Then she gently kissed me on my lips. This was my kiss of life, which began to stir my feelings again. I opened my mouth a little and the next moment found her delicious tongue deep inside my mouth, probing each and every corner.

This time at least, I was not worried about her getting pregnant from being kissed :-) I hugged her tight. Crushing her in my arms as my cock began to come alive. Holding her, I began to rub her back side, feeling her bra straps and the soft, warm skin. Now there was no stopping for me. I gently began to force her to sit down there on the ground itself so that I could feel her better.

She continued to kiss me harder and harder with her full tongue inside my mouth. This time I was responding back equally well. After all these years, I still remember the sweetness of her mouth and the feel of her soft body. My hands began to move down to her full hips, squeezing them, kneading them, spreading them apart slightly once in a while.

One of my hands moved up searching for her breasts. This act of foreplay must have continued for over 20 mins as she did not let me do anything else. I had become rock hard by then, ready to burst the moment I got a chance, but my teacher knew how to manage my pressure beautifully.

I don’t remember when we removed our outer clothing and began playing with each other, only in our undergarments. But who cares now? Then she began to get up, pulling me up simultaneously as well. Without leaving each other’s warm body, we moved into her cozy bedroom, and on to her lovely soft bed.

Feeling the warmth of her soft bed, we relaxed and automatically began to play with each other more freely. I squeezed her boobs as she moved her palms to find my stiff cock. Finding it, she held it between her fingers and simultaneously began to roll and squeeze my balls. I had already begun to leak from my dick with pre-cum and my “undy” was getting moist and sticky in patches.

Her palm’s pressure on my balls and cock was increasing by moment but I was enjoying it. It was a pain mixed pleasure that I had never experienced before. On my part, I found hear nipples under the bra and began to squeeze them, roll them between my fingers. She had lovely, pinkish nipples and they were standing taut.

I was getting more and more excited with every passing moment. I just wanted to remove hers and mine clothes completely and feel the warmth of her soft body over my whole body, just like the last time. Though I was a little more experienced this time, but I still had no clue about other uses of my penis with a woman.

All I knew that one sucks a cock or the vagina and that results in a lot of pleasure for the partners and this act ultimately leads to ejaculation and heavenly satisfaction :-) Remembering how I had enjoyed licking her the last time, I moved down getting closer to her genitals. The scent of her genitals was mesmerizing for me this time and this day

I simply did not find anything dirty or revolting about the wetness that was making her lovely lacy panty wet. I gently put my face between her thighs and took in a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her freshly cleaned genitals. I felt that the smell was heavenly. The panty appeared pretty wet and I could see some drops of fluid flowing on her inner thighs too.

I don’t know why but this time I just licked the fluid from her thighs. Then I opened my mouth and pressed my face on her genitals from above the panty. This action of mine made her shiver and she gasped for a moment, tightening her grip on my cock and with her thighs on my face. I began to chew her love box with my lips and my teeth and sucked her wet panty tasting the love juice.

She was absolutely clean shaven today. At the same time, my hands were playing with her lovely boobs. I must have continued sucking her for almost 10 mins and during this period she continued to play with my cock. She still hadn’t taken it in her mouth and I desperately wanted her to take it in her mouth and suck it really hard.

Then she pulled down my “undy” and freed my throbbing cock. Though I was much younger than what I am today, when fully erect I had an average sized cock of about six and a half inches in length, but that day it appeared to have turned into a giant. To me it appeared as hard as an iron rod and as thick as a cucumber.

The tip was all swollen and had turned almost purple. It was also hurting me as hell. I just wanted to release my load as soon as possible and that too inside her lovely soft mouth. Having freed my tool from my “undy”, she took it in her warm, wet mouth. The moment she began to suck on it, I couldn’t hold myself anymore and lost my control instantly.

I ejaculated tons of my thick and sticky cum in her mouth. Interestingly, this time I simply did not feel dirty about “cumming” in her mouth; rather I enjoyed ejaculating there. Ma’am took the whole load gracefully, drinking every bit of it. May be just a few drops spilled out which I really found funny.

My whole body was stiff and absolutely sensitive to her touch. Forcing me away from her cunt, she turned around and kissed me on my mouth, inserting her lovely cum splashed tongue into my mouth. It was so strange to taste my own cum, but at that moment I would have done anything for her.

Having released my cum, the pressure on my cock had vanished and it had begun to settle down, but even then it refused to its normal size. She continued to lick me, kiss me and once again directed my head to her boobs. I started to suck her erect nipples but now I was also feeling lazy and a little sleepy.

My body was going limp and I dozed off for a while in her arms enjoying the heat of her body. It was a love induced sleep. After a few minutes, I woke up with a jerk, feeling some pressure on my body. I saw my sweet, sweet teacher lying half on top of me. Seeing me awake, she smiled her lovely smile and holding my hand, guided it to her panty and made me remove her panty gently.

Next she moved up and within a few seconds was sitting on top of my face lightly. I still remember her beautiful clean shaven cunt spread right over my mouth. The heavenly smell emanating from her love-box was making me go bloody crazy. She forced her leaky cunt on my mouth and I started licking it again. I enjoyed the taste of her juice now.

Oh, what a feeling it was and the way she moved on my face, my whole face was covered by her love juice and my own saliva like a face cream. With time, she began to move faster and faster. She gave out a soft cry, her thighs tightened over my face and then just like the last time she burst out releasing a stream of fluid from her cunt, making me choke in it.

Strangely, today I didn’t find anything dirty or repulsive getting wet in this fluid. I think I was fully initiated into this love making ceremony. Then she too slumped over my body like a rag doll, breathing heavily, shaking her whole body. Now it was time for her to drift off to sleep. Holding each other tight, we pulled a sheet over our perspiring,

love-juice drenched bodies and drifted off to sleep. Once again, just like the last time, we must have slept comfortably for a few hours, totally unaware of the world around us. Feeling the pressure to pee, I woke up a little early the next morning and tiptoed into the toilet. Returning back to the bedroom, I was wide awake, thinking about my good luck.

I went back to lie beside my lovely teacher and gently began to play with her scented soft body. Feeling my hands moving all over her body, she woke up and smiled at me and gave me a nice wet, slurpy kiss on my lips. I was so happy that I responded with a hard kiss on her lips which made her cry a bit with pain. She pushed me aside and left the bed to visit the loo.

I waited for her to return to bed but she was taking a little too long that I started to get worried. I rushed to knock on the door of the toilet. Hearing me, she told me that she was perfectly ok and was just enjoying a bath and invited me to join her. Only a fool would have rejected such an invitation so I just rushed in and found my beautiful angel under the shower,

water dripping from all parts of her body. Her nipples were erect and the boobs glistening with moisture. I immediately joined her under the shower. My friends, I simply cannot describe the feelings of two wet and warm bodies meeting each other under the shower. A shiver ran up my spine as I hugged her gently. I continued to rub her body with soft strokes.

The scenario under the shower began to heat up again as I began to kiss her and play with her under the shower. I was getting stiffer and stiffer down there. Noticing my hard-on ma’am smiled and squeezed my cock and balls lightly, then gave me a soap to apply on her body. I followed my mistress like a dog and did whatever she asked me to.

She too rubbed my whole body with the soap and using a soft rag, cleaned it completely. In turn, I did the same for her. While bathing, for the first time ma’am held my cock gently between her thighs as we hugged. The feeling was strangely beautiful. A cock surrounded by soft thighs of a beautiful woman.

My dear friends, I was so naive that I simply did not know that a cock has other uses for a woman other than just getting sucked. I sure had heard the word like sex but didn’t have much idea about the fun acts associated with this word, like an intercourse. We continued to play with each other for sometime while bathing but then felt like returning to bed.

It must have been about four in the morning then. Being an energetic teenager, I was also feeling a little hungry. We dried each other with a soft towel and then moved out of the bath. Ma’am wore her bathrobe and also found another one for me. Ma’am being who she was must have guessed that I was hungry so went into the kitchen and in a jiffy made some lovely sandwiches for both of us.

We carried the sandwiches to the bedroom and as I sat down on the bed, she came and sat leaning over me. My arms were around her from behind. We sat enjoying the sandwiches in this nice and sexy position and at the same time feeling the warmth of each other’s bodies. Once again I just couldn’t believe my luck that my beautiful teacher who was so popular

amongst all male members in my school (teachers and students included) was laying there in my arms, and I was a thing of “her” desire. I felt so happy. We kept chatting with each other, trying to know a little more about each other. Ma’am, as I had guessed rightly, was a victim of family and societal pressures and that’s why was married at an early age to a rich but an extremely ugly looking man.

She belonged to a simple lower middle class family and her husband was the son of well known “zamindar” of West Bengal, and was also holding a decent position in the Forces. The money and position of the man had overpowered the dreams of a young and beautiful but poor girl.

Today I feel that possibly that was the biggest reason why Ma’am had revolted in such a manner against the family and the society. Anyways, one man’s loss was another man’s (well, almost a man) gain :-) Talking and continuing to play with each other, things had started to warm up once again.

Gently she turned her face towards me and I bent my head to take her lovely lips in my mouth. One of my hands was already playing with her boobs and the other was playing with her clit and the soft vaginal lips, inside her robe. Now there was no barrier between us. We were just two animals in heat lusting for each other. She turned around and sat on my waist.

We were completely nude under our robes and our freshly cleaned skins felt good rubbing each other. I had already become hard and she was now enjoying my hardness by rubbing her genitals softly on it. I just loved the sensations on my cock. I noticed that even though my foreskin had moved up automatically this time, I did not feel any pain.

I opened madam’s robe and she was sitting completely naked over me. Her face was an angel’s face. She too removed my robe and both of us were completely nude once again. Interestingly, this time the urgency of ejaculating immediately was missing. I wanted to play with her.

Ma’am held my cock between her vaginal lips and began rubbing it in a slow manner. Soon her cunt was dripping with her juices. With my thumb, I was already playing with her swollen clitoris now. I was getting harder and harder again and had again begun to drip some “precum” from my cock.

It must have continued for some time and Ma’am began to speak out some words softly which I couldn’t comprehend immediately. She was softly saying “Take me now Ballu… Take me!” I did not know what these words actually meant. Her motions were getting more vigorous by the moment. “Take me… take me… take me…” she continued to repeat.

Since I couldn’t understand her request, once again, leaving me completely confused she suddenly got up, and went to her cupboard. She took out something from there which I couldn’t recognize as it was something absolutely new for me. It was a small square pack with “Durex” written on it. I did not know what was happening.

She tore open the pack and took out a ring like thing with a nipple like protrusion sticking out. It was pinkish in color and appeared to have a rubbery texture. Remember guys, I had never seen a condom till then. Asking me to hold my cock, she bent over and pinching the nipple like tip of the thing, she put the ring over my cock and unrolled it.

I didn’t know what she was up to but found it really funny that my cock was being dressed up with some kind of clothing for some special reason or occasion. I asked Ma’am what it was and she replied in one simple word “Nirodh”. Once the “Nirodh” was completely unrolled on my cock, Ma’am once again took it in her mouth,

drenching it completely with her saliva she continued to suck it for a few moments, and then moved up to sit over me exactly the same way that she had done a few moments ago. She continued to rub her heavily lubricated vaginal lips over my penis and then slowly and gently holding the cock with one hand, guided it inside her love hole.

I couldn’t fathom what was happening but for sure was once again in heaven. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, but my cock had completely vanished inside her. Even today I simply cannot describe that feeling of my first intercourse with a woman. It was as if my cock was surrounded by liquid fire that was hot and cold at the same time.

She began to move up and down my shaft. Oh god, I must have died umpteenth deaths in a few minutes with the sensations that I had begun to feel. Her heavenly soft boobs were bouncing over my face and she was jumping over me with a rhythm that appeared as if she was swinging on a swing. In and out… in and out… in and out… it went on and on and on.

My body once again began to get stiff and I knew I was very close to exploding. I started to hold her tightly by her waist. And as if she could sense each and every movement of mine, at that very moment, ma’am slowed down and bent sideways, asking me to change positions with her, positioning her at the bottom, and I at the top.

I tried to turn around and in this struggle, my cock slipped out of her cunt. I got so disappointed and felt that now I was going to get a nice scolding from her. But she smiled and that made me comfortable. This brief pause also helped me control my feeling of cumming. We changed positions and there she was lying down with her legs spread apart,

willing to receive my throbbing tool inside her. She looked interestingly strange with her legs wide open. I brought my cock at the entrance of her soft cunt and tried to push it in, but it just slipped aside. I tried again, but failed once more. I didn’t have the expertise to enter a woman in such an awkward position while being on my knees.

She laughed softly and holding my cock with her fingers, put it at the cunt entrance again, and with another hand put a little pressure on my hips. I leaned forward a bit and at once it went inside. With a little more pressure, my whole cock was inside her cunt completely once again.

Whether it was teaching a boring subject like Math or a heavenly subject like love making, I must tell you guys that my darling Ma’am certainly knew, what to do, when to do and how to do all the right things that would produce the desired results. She held me by my waist as I leaned over her and continued to guide my movement gently that made my cock go in and out nicely.

At the beginning the rhythm was slow, then instinctively it became faster and faster. For me, at that moment, just reaching my peak and ejaculating with all my force was my objective but she had something more on her mind. She guided me to slow down and with my whole cock deep inside her cunt; she made me put pressure on her clit with my pubis.

This way she was able to control both her and my pleasurable sensations. She was a real master I must tell you. And today I am so grateful to her for making me lose my virginity to her. Being guided by her in this manner, I was able to hold my explosion for almost 45 mins for the first time ever. She continued her controlled movement of the cock moving in and out, in and out.

Once again I began to feel a sensation of tightness coming over her entire body. She grabbed my hips tightly and her cunt’s grip on my cock increased. Her body began to arch and she directed me to go faster and faster. She was making so many pleasurable noises while I was busy fucking her that my own sense of pleasure was getting multiplied with every passing moment.

She continued to make me pump into her cunt faster and faster. I had begun to sweat like a pig with the effort. My pumping was also accompanied by some interesting “fuch, fuch” sounds coming from the cunt as my condom covered cock went in and out again and again. Suddenly, she gave out a cry and grabbed me tightly in her arms.

Her arms constrained my movement but as I too was about to explode I continued to move as much as possible. With a few more thrusts, in the next very moment; I too exploded, but this time I was deep inside her cunt. Wave after wave of pleasurable sensations ran throughout my body. It was as if an electric current was passing through my body.

Exhausted, I slumped on her heaving, breathless body and continued to lay there for almost 5-7 mins. Neither of us moved all that while and just continued to catch our breaths. After a few minutes, as my cock began to shrink, Ma’am made me move by her side and hugging me began to kiss me on my mouth again and again. I too responded eagerly.

While kissing me, she repeated the words “thank you” many times to me. Then she helped me remove the condom from my cock. There was a load of my ejaculate inside the condom. It was funny to see the creamy liquid in the balloon. Now I understood the use of a “Nirodh” and also knew that one doesn’t eat “Nirodh” to avoid pregnancy.

We once again drifted off to sleep and when we woke up, it was a new day for both of us. I think it was one of the most important days of my life. I had experienced something magical for the first time and I sincerely believe that for the first time in her married life, she too had felt completely satisfied with the act of intercourse.

I am grateful to my teacher for having taught me the pleasures of love making and that she taught it to me to do it in a slow and steady manner so as to gain maximum pleasure out of the act of love making. Ever since I simply do not have the “slam, bam, thank you ma’am” approach to sex i.e. get on top, insert your dick, ejaculate with a few thrusts and game over even now.

Because of her training, I have learnt ways to satisfy my woman while love making. She always taught me the right approach by being in control at all times. After her, when I grew up, I have had a few more women in my life who have always appreciated my style of love making from the first time I had them.

Whenever they have asked me how I knew so much about love making, I just couldn’t reveal to them the name of my teacher. I have always maintained that all my learning came from books, blue films and experimentation. Ma’am and I continued our relationship of being a teacher-student and simultaneously of lovers for a few more months until she had to leave the school to join her husband.

It was an emotional time for both of us but we simply couldn’t do anything publicly about it. After she joined her husband, we completely lost touch with each other. Those were not the days of internet or mobiles so we just couldn’t stay connected. To some of the readers my teacher may appear to be a wrong kind of person who abused a growing child,

but trust me friends, she never ever allowed my academic results to suffer because of what we were indulging in, on the sly. She was a strict disciplinarian and ensured that I continued doing my best in all my subjects in the school. Ultimately, I passed out with very good marks in mathematics and all other subjects.

I still cherish her memories and my special moments with her. After all, she gave me the most beautiful moments of my life as I turned into a man. Someday, when I feel like writing more, I will certainly share more of my special moments with her and may be with some other lovely ladies who came later into my life.

Thank you, Ma’am! You are my first love and will always remain so. Wherever you are today, I just want you to know that I love you… still :-)

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Hi all! I am a regular visitor to this site. I often read the stories displayed here and today I have decided to share a small part of my life with you all. It happened a long-long time ago. I was still in the school. The class, year, and other details I will not reveal to you in order to protect many identities. But it is an experience of my life that I will never ever forget.

I was a good student in school but my performance in the subject of mathematics was pretty average. I guess most of us perform average or below average in this subject. Not because it’s a lacking on our part but may be because our teachers are not able to guide or create interest in this dull subject that would also help us perform better.

Then one fine year, after I passed my finals and was promoted to a higher class, it happened. We got a new class teacher, who was also our math teacher and simultaneously also my house-mistress. Right from the beginning of the session, she used to pay special attention to me. This fact I was simply not aware of, but when my classmates started to call me her pet.

I began to take it as a natural, friendly and little jealous compliment from my mates. Being my house mistress, during weekends she often stayed back after the school timings were over in order to supervise the completion of the house projects. I being her pet was always asked by her to stay back and help her out in completing the task as I was also considered to be a very good artist.

At this point I must tell you a bit more about her and myself. She was a married Bengali lady, and was the most beautiful woman in our school. Her husband was in the army and for whatever reasons she could not join him. Most of the men in the school, the male teachers as well as our seniors were attracted to her and wanted to be around her, whenever possible.

If you can manage to visualize Penelope Cruz in your mind, that’s pretty much how she looked like. The only difference I would say was that she was Penelope, in a saree and slightly low cut blouse. And she wore the most beautiful, sheer bras with floral designs that we had ever seen in our lives.

Our only exposure to bras till that time was typically ‘Groverson’ type of stuff that was made locally and was worn by most aunties around us. We boys had a great time watching her bras thru her sheer blouse. She had a great body. I won’t be able to tell you the sizes now, but she was a woman of our dreams, which, thanks to her, were often wet.

I am much over 40 now and people around me say that I am a good and tough looking guy. They also say that I haven’t changed at all from my school days. It means I must have looked pretty much the same then as well. But I was never conscious of my looks while growing up. Actually I always felt that I was a below average guy as far as my looks were concerned

and I was pretty self-conscious of myself too. Further, in those days, our exposure to anything sexual was extremely limited. We did not have color TV or Internet or other things. The only exposure to a woman was family, friends or at the most some filmy magazines. Being value oriented guys, family was out of bounds,

friends were as mature or immature in mind and body and pictures in magazines were hardly earth shattering. In a nut shell, we were absolute naives. My exposure was limited to a few fleeting glances at some classmates budding boobs or bums, and signs of some erect nipples under the school uniform during winters.

Well, coming back to where I had left, I often stayed back after school hours to help my class teacher during the weekends. Initially I resented it as it used to cut into my personal time, but slowly there was a change in my attitude. I actually began to look forward to staying back. What brought about this change was that one day while both of us were sitting down on the floor and working.

There was no one around except the two of us. I was totally engrossed in my painting job. And suddenly I lifted my head to check something from my teacher. What I saw stopped me dead in my path. My teacher was working, sitting pretty close to me on the ground and the pallu of her saree had fallen down, revealing her ample breasts thru her low cut blouse. I stopped breathing.

I stopped thinking. The only thing I am still aware of is her superb milky breasts that were almost transparent to look at. The greenish-blue veins were also visible through the skin. Her gentle breathing was making the globes rise up and down like… I still don’t know how to describe the scene.

I suddenly began to feel warm in my body and felt some tightness in my trouser. I began to get uncomfortable but could not take my eye away from the heavenly sight. Then, I suddenly came back to my senses and taking control of myself, I just rushed out of the room. I walked out but did not know what to do, or where to go.

Instinctively I walked towards the water room and hurriedly drank a few glasses of water. After that though I felt like going back to the workroom but was unable to find enough courage to return there. My penis had got so hard that it was troubling me badly. I was finding extremely difficult to hide the bulge down below.

I then went to the toilet, tried to pee so that my naughty friend would settle down and I could return back to the room. After about ten minutes, I managed to control my stiffness and slowly went returned to the room. My teacher looked at me and smiled softly. She asked where I had vanished leaving the work unfinished. Somehow I manage to tell her that I had gone for water, etc.

She smiled and asked me to resume the work so that we could leave for home asap. I once again began to feel the stirring in my trousers but somehow managed to control it. Rest of the afternoon passed very slowly. About a week later, my teacher once again asked me to stay back after the class to complete the work. This time however, there was another student with us.

She was from a different section and was a reasonably good looking kid. But no one in the school could ever match my math teacher. This time there was no show of cleavage, or my cock playing games. However, I was dying to have a glimpse of her golden boobs. I remember it so clearly that on this day she was wearing a lovely pale colored saree with a matching blouse which as usual was low cut.

With light colored lipstick on her lovely lips, she looked astonishingly beautiful. I hardly remember my other classmate who was present that day, except that her young breasts were hardly anything to crave for. After the work got over, we left for our respective homes. My teacher’s house was about one kilometer from the school and many-a-time I had seen her in the market.

My schoolmate lived a little far away, so she called for a three-wheeler and left. Since my teacher had some extra books and other stuff with her, I offered to accompany her to her home. Of course, I was trying to be with her for as long as possible. After reaching her home, the door was opened by a maid. Handing over the books to her maid, I asked for leave but she invited me inside.

She had a nice home. There were two small lovely dogs, who came jumping playfully at me. I was then offered a glass of orange squash by the maid. Finishing the squash, I thanked my teacher and got up to leave. As I was getting out, the teacher asked me what my plans were for the next day, which happened to be a Sunday.

I told her that there wasn’t anything in particular that I had on my mind and the usual stuff, etc. Hearing this she asked me if I could come over the next day after 10 am and help her with some house work as her maid would be on her weekly off day. I promised to return the next morning and left.

Next morning informing my family members about where I was going, I picked up my bicycle and left for her home. I had tried to dress up little more gentlemanly that morning, but as I was expected to work, I had worn my best trousers that were a gift brought from abroad by a friend. When I reached my teacher’s home and rang the bell, the door was opened by the teacher herself.

I slowly moved in, and sat on the sofa. The dogs once again came running to me and we all began to have fun. Teacher offered me some lemon squash this time and began to chat with me casually. Though I was responding to all her questions, I was on guard so as not to blurt out anything that would reveal our thoughts, etc.

About 30 minutes later, I was absolutely comfortable in her presence. I enquired about her husband as I could not hear any sounds from the house. She casually told me that he was on duty for the last three months and she had been living alone all this time. I now understood why she needed the helping hand to complete her household job.

Anyway, I was too fond of her to deny anything. Remember, she was always nice to me. I then asked her about the work that needed to be taken care of. Hearing this she smiled and told me that she had asked the neighbor’s son the previous evening to do it and that it was already over. I actually felt let down hearing this. I felt that I had missed the opportunity to impress my teacher.

I think, she was able to read my thoughts and asked me not to worry and relax. Then she added that she actually wanted me to come over to her place because she used to feel lonely in the absence of her husband. I could sense the sadness in her voice and told her that I fully understood how she felt.

All of a sudden she stood up and went inside her house. After a while she called me from inside and told me that she wanted to show me her photo albums. Since I was feeling absolutely comfortable by now, I walked in following her voice. She was inside her bedroom, sitting on the bed with two huge albums in front of her.

Strangely, till this moment I had not noticed how she looked or what she was wearing. Now I recall, she was wearing a kaftan and her hair was loosely tied in a bun. She was not wearing any makeup. But that simply did not make any difference to how she looked. Actually, I found her to be more natural and appealing that day.

She began to take me through her albums. It contained photos of her right from her childhood. She was a very beautiful even as a child. And as she kept growing up, she kept on becoming more and more beautiful. Unknowingly, I told her about my observation. Since she was being friendly, I had forgotten that she was both my class teacher and my math teacher.

I was happily chatting with her as if she were my classmate. Then she came to the second album which was actually her marriage album. The moment she opened it and I saw the first photo, I just became quiet. It was as if I was electrocuted and blood simply drained away from my head.

All of you must have heard the story of “Beauty and the Beast”. There it was, right in front of me. The man in the photo was, I am sorry to say this but, one of the ugliest men I have ever come across in my life. He was dark like a crow, with bulging eyes and trying very hard to hide his protruding front teeth. Further, he had heavy moustache on his face.

In the Bengali marriage headgear, with lots of makeup on his face, he looked terrible. By her side was one of the most beautiful women on this earth. There was pain visible on her face. I removed my eyes and looked down at the bed without saying anything. After a few seconds, which appeared to be hours to me, I lifted my face and looked at my teacher.

She had tears in her eyes and her face was full of sadness. I did not know what to do or what to say. I was neither old enough nor bold enough to console her on such a personal matter. The only thing I could do was to close the album, and that’s what I did. As I was doing it, my fingers touched her fingers and a strong current ran through my whole hand.

Ma’am allowed me to close the album and then held my palm gently. My hand went limp. The warmth of her hand was not something that I had ever felt in my life. I looked at her, she looked at me and said, Ballu, will you be my friend I don’t have anybody around me with whom I feel comfortable. And ever since I first saw you in school, I felt that though much younger to me, still you are a very mature person.

I felt flattered and did not know what to say. I just smiled. She held my palm much more strongly now. I too had started to enjoy the touch now. I accepted her offer of friendship. You tell me, who could refuse such a beautiful woman, and that too when she was your math teacher and also your class teacher -)

Then she got up telling me that she was going to the kitchen to cook something for our breakfast as she was hungry. She walked to the kitchen leaving me behind in the room. I sat down quietly, again looking at the pics in the album. But this time I was curious to look at her marriage album. Frankly, this time looking at it I was sad and angry at the same time.

I felt that she was a victim of the parental pressures who had married her off just for the sake of money and position, etc. I kept looking at the pics and feeling sad for my new friend. I was so engrossed in the album that I did not notice that ma’am had walked back to the room and was watching me intensely. She must have noticed my expressions.

Suddenly I felt a warm and soft hug from behind and she softly whispered in my years, Ballu, don’t feel sad. I was my fate. I have accepted it. Her warm hug and softness of the body made me go crazy. I stopped breathing for a few seconds. I did not know what was happening. I froze completely.

Ma’am leaned forward while continuing to hug me and kept the plate that was in her hand on the bed. It contained some delicious looking aloo-parathas. Then, without letting go of me, she broke off a piece of the pratha and gently touched my lips with it. I opened my mouth but she continued to play with it, teasing me. I somehow manage to grab it with my mouth and ate it.

Man, it was delicious. Then I too picked a piece of the grub and playfully directed it towards her mouth. She grabbed it instantly, biting my fingers in the bargain. God, I was hurt, but there was an indescribable thrill in it. We both laughed and laughed and laughed. I had completely forgotten that I was in the arms of my teacher, who was probably10-12 years, my senior.

Her soft scented breath on my neck was making me crazy. But I had no idea why this was happening. My penis began to swell in my knickers creating a bulge. I tried to hide it by shifting my position but was held firmly in place by Ma’am. Looking at my face, she must have guessed what was happening. And then I felt something wet on my right ear.

As I write, I can still recall that sensation after all these years. My ear was in her mouth. Then she moved down and bit my ear lobe. She sucked on it, chewed it and blew on it. Man, I was going crazy. I tried to turn around but she wouldn’t. Her breasts on my back were like heaven. I wanted to turn around and grab them, but I was pinned.

She kept on sucking and chewing my ear, and now her hand was gently rubbing my chest. I must tell you that though I was young, still I had a hard and athletic body, which I believe is god’s gift to me. I have managed to maintain my structure even today. Then she found the opening in my shirt to enter her hand inside and rub my chest.

I must confess, I was in heaven, without being dead. At this time I had no idea about sex, except for that a couple has to get married to produce babies. But what do they do to make babies was out of my knowledge zone. Yes, I was familiar with masturbation, but I firmly believed that it was a man’s job where girls had no role to play.

That day, I was experiencing something absolutely new. My math teacher was devoted to my learning new equations. Now I was fully comfortable. I was totally detached from the world and the morals. I had tasted the pleasure of being in a beautiful woman’s arms. I had forgotten everything other than the warmth of her body and the soft breath on my neck and the soft chewing of my ear lobe.

I was in the arms of my friend. Being an athlete, I was strong. Now I used my strength a bit and turned around breaking her grip. She did not resist. I held her tight, crushing her in my arms. Till that day I had only hugged my male friends, and that is how I hugged her, without realizing there was a woman in my arms. She cried out loudly, but I had lost it.

I could feel her soft back in my palms and her lovely breasts were being crushed by my chest. I could feel her bra in my hands. And at that very moment, she kissed me right on my lips. The shock of getting kissed on the lips loosened my grip on her. She said, “gently my boy, gently”. She now opened her mouth a little and once again kissed me on my lips.

Then she held my lower lip with her lips and then with her teeth, gently sucking on it. It was wonderful. Her breath smelled of flowers. My eyes began to close and my grip was loosening. Suddenly a thought struck my mind and I pushed her away. She was shocked. I told her, Ma’am, you kissed me, now you will become pregnant.

I have not even “eaten Nirodh” to avoid pregnancy. Hearing this, she broke into side-splitting laughter. I was taken aback. I did not know how to respond. There I was worrying sick about her getting pregnant and she was just laughing at me. After a few moments, she calmed down enough to look into my eyes and said, you poor darling.

That is why I have liked you right from the moment I saw you. You just look tough, otherwise you are absolutely soft and naïve. I continued to look at her like a baby. The she explained to me that kissing does not lead to pregnancy. It needs more than that. And one does not have to “eat Nirodh” to avoid pregnancy, it is something to be worn on the penis.

I shook my head as if I had understood and asked her if she had a “Nirodh” at home. She said yes, but also added that it was not meant for me as I was too young to use it. Hearing my teacher explain everything to me, I was at peace. Thank god, she was not going to be pregnant. Then she gently led me to lie down on the bed and resumed kissing me.

Once in a while, she would giggle while kissing me but on asking would not tell me why she giggled. After some time, I felt something wet and soft entering my mouth and realized it was her tongue. It felt good. Rather it was delicious to taste her mouth and the tongue. She continued to probe my mouth with her tongue. I too began to respond in a while.

My heart was beating fast and it felt that it would jump out of my chest. My penis had grown completely and the bulge was hurting me. I wanted to remove my shirt and her kaftan and explore her body, but I did not have much energy left in my body. I think she had the power to read my mind. She with one hand began to open my shirt’s buttons, while continuing to kiss me at the same time.

I also gathered some strength and courage and moved my right hand up to her breast. My first experience of touching a woman’s breast is unforgettable. It was soft like cotton. I grabbed the boob and began to squeeze it. The lace of the bra was making me crazy. I felt like looking at the bra clad boobs. I looked in her eyes pleadingly.

She understood me and led my hand to help her pull the kaftan up. I followed her instructions. Within a few seconds her kaftan was gone. And so was my shirt. After the last week it was another view of looking at her milky boobs covered with lovely lacy bra. I held her breasts using both my hands and began playing with them.

Though now I wanted to remove the bra and see her nipples, still her semi-naked body was doing something else to me. Frankly, even at this moment I did not know the use of a hard and leaking penis. I moved down and began to lick her boobs with my mouth. The bra was still on. I continued to do it right from the top of it. In a few moments it was wet with my saliva.

In my excitement, I also bit her boobs a few times leaving my teeth impressions on them. Then using my mouth only, I pulled her bra down revealing her nipples. My, what a sight it was. She had the most beautiful nipples. They were small and pinkish in color. Mind you, I am saying this with my experience now.

As an adult there have been a few more women in my life at different times, but no one has been able to match her beauty till date. I first felt her nipples with my fingers, pressing them, squeezing them, then with my mouth I began to play with them. I sucked and sucked and sucked. First the left one, then the right one, then alternately continued to suck her boobs for over 15-20 minutes.

She began to go crazy after about 5 minutes, holding my head from behind and crushing my face against her ample boobs. I did not mind her doing so. She had a velvety feel. Both our bodies were hot and fully entangled. I continued to suck her. After a while, I felt her hand travelling down and over my knickers. She was feeling my bulge.

Initially I felt awkward, but then started to enjoy it. My body automatically began to respond to her touch. She felt my bulge for a while then began to open the buttons. We used to wear trousers with buttons then. Once the buttons were open, her hand began to play with my tool from above the underwear. Luckily I was wearing a new ‘undy’ that day.

She whispered in my ears, you are pretty hot man. All wet down here. I did not know that I was leaking. I felt embarrassed because of what she said. I thought that maybe I had peed in my knickers in excitement and she was making fun of me. I began to get up in a hurry but she asked to continue to lie down. I was getting hot behind my ears.

She then slowly removed my undy and held my cock in her hot hand. Then she gently held and squeezed my balls. I am not a very hairy guy and I don’t enjoy hair on my balls so ever since I began to sprout hair, I have been shaving off my pubic hair. So I was clean down there. She continued to play with my cock and balls and I continued to get harder and harder, bigger and bigger.

I had never experienced this type of stiffness in my cock ever. I also began to leak a little more. She held the cock in her palm and with her thumb rubbed the sticky fluid on the head. She then tried to pull the foreskin down. This was a pretty painful experience for me. Till then I could never pull my foreskin up when I was erect and today I was at my hardest and it was being pulled up.

I began to stop her due to pain but she stopped me. Using my own pre-cum she began to lubricate my cock and at the same time pull the skin up. I was so much in pain that I forgot everything about her boobs and the pleasure I was getting. I asked her to stop but she again stopped me telling me to stop being a crybaby. I guess, she knew how to use the right words.

She had challenged a growing man’s ego and then I stopped complaining. Looking at me she smiled. Her smile was hypnotic and I was completely engrossed in it. Then keeping the cock in her hand while gently rubbing it she came back to me and began to kiss me. I totally forgot about my pain and then after a while she just pulled the foreskin completely up with a jerk.

I jumped, but she held me tight. Kissed me again and simultaneously turned around and put her mouth on my cock, covering it completely with her saliva. This was again a shocking experience for me. A penis for me was a dirty thing and had never thought that anybody would put it in the mouth, but that’s what was happening to me.

The hot and soft mouth covered my penis completely and within seconds my pain had vanished. The discomfort was still there but no pain. My teacher continued to suck my penis and I had begun to enjoy it. Can you imagine the person who was a thing of desire for every male in my school was actually sucking my cock.

Then another kind of excitement began to take over me. My wet and hard penis began to throb. I knew, I was about to release my load. This again was a problem for my inexperienced mind. I pushed my teacher, but she wouldn’t let me go. Somehow I managed to push her away and the moment she left my cock, I erupted like a volcano.

My hot and sticky cum was bursting out of the tip and spreading everywhere. It was on teacher’s face, her breasts, her bed, on my stomach, even on the ground. I had never erupted so strongly. I was in a shock for having dirtied her and her room. I couldn’t look her in her eyes, and when I managed to gather enough courage to do so, I found her smiling naughtily.

I blurted, ma’am, I am sorry. She did not say anything and just hugged me and kissed me again. I knew, she wasn’t angry with me. We continued to lie down in her bed in each other’s arms. I had begun to love my new friend. Then I dozed off for a while. When I woke up I again felt teacher’s mouth on my cock. She was enjoying my cock like a lollypop.

But this time I could see her lovely ass turned towards me. There was a lovely lacy panty covering her private parts. I had never seen a woman’s genitals till then and looking at the opportunity I put my hand on her buttocks. She stopped sucking me and realizing that I had woken up she smiled and pushed her buttocks closer to my face.

There was an unfamiliar smell reaching my nose. It was little stale and flowery at the same time. It was different and it was exciting to smell it. It gently felt her butt and the genitals. The panty was completely wet. Then I slowly put my fingers inside the panty. It was all warm and wet and little sticky. I was also feeling a little dirty for being so close to the genitals.

But I could not stop myself. I kept on feeling the area. It too was soft like cotton. And she too did not have much hair there. I then pulled the panty down. Man, it was a site to look at. It was clean and there was some sticky fluid coming out of the buns. I felt nervous and dirty but her genitals were like magnets, pulling me closer and closer to them.

The smell became overpowering for me. I touched it gently, feeling the liquid. It was hot to touch. She turned around and asked, do you like it I simply did not know what to say. Do you find it dirty Man, she was a mind reader. I nodded my head slowly. She responded, don’t worry, it’s a natural reaction as you are still young. You will learn to like it pretty soon.

Saying so, she went back to my cock. Since I had ejaculated a few minutes ago, this time I was able to control myself a lot better and was actually enjoying the sucking. She turned around and asked me, won’t you suck me too I did not know what to say. She did not say anything and went back to cock sucking.

Feeling guilty, I began to make up my mind about sucking her vagina. I moved my head closer. It was so big and so sticky and so hot from such a close distance that I began to feel being pulled in to the vagina. It was the color of pastel pink with some interesting folds of skin. There was a small mound of skin a little above.

My mouth moved towards the cunt and my tongue automatically came out. I was expecting to taste something that was horrible to taste but I sure was in for a surprise. Her juice was sweet and salty at the same time. It was something I had never tasted in my life. I moved ahead more confidently now and began to play with my tongue, lips and sometimes teeth.

I don’t have words to describe my experience. It was just too cool. I had actually begun to enjoy the juices. With my tongue probing her cunt, she began to move her hips in rhythm with my movements. She continued to lick my cock. Suddenly she pushed me a little and then was on top of me. I did not know it then but this is what people call 69.

Now I was enjoying the act of giving and receiving at the same time. This sweet “bengalan” was a real master of the art and I had begun to feel grateful to her for choosing me to be her pet -) We continued for many minutes. And suddenly I felt my head being crushed by her thighs and my face pressed by her cunt.

I was chocking but my pleasure giving motions were continuing and the pressure continued to increase from all sides. Her sucking speed on my penis was increasing and all of a sudden I was drenched in a shower of hot fluid. I stopped, believing that she had peed on me, but in reality she had not pissed. She was chocking me like anything.

I felt a little dirty but I noticed that this time the sense of feeling dirty had reduced considerably. I wasn’t worried any more but was looking forward to being peed upon by her again. After a while, she relaxed and with a sigh slipped off me. I kept lying down, trying to catch my breath but she wouldn’t let me alone.

She pulled me towards her and made me align with her head to toe and holding me in her arms, closed her eyes and went off to sleep. I manage to pull a sheet over both of us and the warmth also made me sleepy. I too drifted off into a peaceful slumber. I guess, we woke up almost two hours later. It was about four in the afternoon.

I had never ever felt so light and relaxed in my life than that very moment. Our body’s warmth was not allowing us to leave the bed and we once again began the process to discover each other. Though both of us were hungry, we started to kiss and feel each other. I had begun to get hard again. Ma’am too was feeling my body with her warm hands.

After some time we began to get hot again. And then there it happened… It came as a shock to both of us. There was someone at the door, ringing the bell. Within a second, I separated from her and rushed to pick my clothes. She too went for her Kaftan, but she was much more calm than I was. She slowly picked it up and while wearing it, moved towards the main door.

That was a neighbor who had come to meet her to enquire about her daughter’s tuitions. While she talked with her, I got dressed. Then I heard her calling me, Ballu, please wait for a while and I will help you with the cupboard. Then she explained to the neighbor that she was busy rearranging her furniture and had invited her “best” student from the school to help her out.

Well, after that she made some snacks for all of us and after a while, I left for my home. As I was leaving she told me that I should not tell other boys of my class that I had helped her rearrange her furniture, otherwise they may tease me of being the teacher’s pet. The neighbor lady smiled hearing this, but I got the message.

I knew it was a warning and a request for secrecy disguised into one. Then she asked me if I could come over the next week so as to finish the work. I replied in affirmative. With that promise and hope for more in my heart, I left my teacher’s home a happy and experienced… almost a man.

Uma getting hot tuition sex

My favorite subject in the school and college was Maths. I did it with high credentials and finally I completed MSc in Maths and in those days the only job available for PGs in Maths is of college lecturer. My parents were proud of my achievements and asked me to take rest for some days before I start running around in search of a job.

I am Murugan aged 23, a tall and lean person and nothing to mention about physical attractiveness. I was busy studying and I had no time to think of girls or sex. I spent my spare time in the library or discussing with my teachers. For MSc maths there were only three people in my college and all the three were boys.

My both parents were working and hence they leave for office after the cooking and my mother tells me that the food is kept ready on the dining table and all that I may have to do is just to heat it before eating. I did not have many friends and hence where to go during daytime. I spent time in our house either watching TV or browsing the computer.

I have to get to know the neighborhood and know who are all staying where and where they are working etc. My father told me that the gentleman staying in the 6B in the next block is the secretary of some educational trust and they are said to be in need of some maths teachers. He asked me to go and meet him and give him my CV.

I got a CV typed neatly and took a copy and went to meet the gentleman in the 6B in the next block. When I rang the bell he came to open the door and asked me to come in and sit and went through my CV. I could see his eye brows raising in astonishment on seeing my grades. He called his wife and introduced me to her.

She too stood in reverence on being introduced to me. His name was Ramamurthy and told me that he will certainly give my CV to the trustees and put in a word of recommedation. I thanked him profusely and got up to leave, when he said my wife will tell you about a small favour you have to do to us. I sat expecting what favor they wanted from me.

He telling me that he has to leave for office urgently and left. His wife, a very decent looking and beautiful lady, very young looking, sat in the chair in front of me and and told me that their daughter, Uma studying in 12th standard is weak in maths and wanted me to give her some coaching in my spare time. I never gave it a second thought I straight a way agreed.

I will send her to your house in the morning and come and pick her up and according to you convenience, if you will come here I will be more happy and I will keep the upstair room exclusively for you. No, No, dont worry, if you want me to come here, I will come or if you prefer to come to my house I agree since my house is vacant for the day time except me.

She said thank you, thank you. I will bring her to your house tomorrow just for introducing her to you and then after one hour or so I will come and pick her up. As you please, I said and took of them. When I told this to my father he was happy and said you will certainly get a job as a teacher in their school.

I was happy thata I am getting an opportunity to refresh my memory of the maths lessons while taking the coaching of this new girl. NExt day by 10 am, the mother and the daughter came. I clad in my dhothi, asked them to take seats,asked them their names. Mother was Parvathy and the daughter Uma and Uma looked a grown up girl with all her organs disproportionately big.

I gave them seat to sit and started the subject, but Parvathy said she will go back home and come after just one hour to take Uma back. By force of habit I went upto the door and closed and bolted the door from inside. Uma was relaxed and so was I. Uma asked whether she can sit in the sofa along with me. I said ok.

She came and sat near me in the sofa whereas the chair offered to her was vacant. Uma wore a skirt with very short length that major portion of her thighs were visible outside. Her blouse was very tight and when she sat her protrusions were very prominent. She moved sideways and sat touching me to enable me to show her the notebook I am referring to to asses her progress.

I noticed that her cleavage was so deep and I could see her boobs clearly.By accident, my hand touched her boobs and her naked thigh which sent through me an electric shock. I found there was a movement in my undergarments and I knew I am getting an erection. Uma showed me all the lessons she studied in her class and I asked her where she had problem.

She said she needed some help in this place. When she showed me the portion in her notebook which was in my lap, I observed that her hand was directly above my crotch and she was pressing my erect cock down, while pointing her index finger in the last line of the page. She was not removing her hand and keeping her hand directly above my hard cock.

I looked into her eyes and wondered whether she knew that her hand on my erect cock or that she is innocently keeping it there. She was leaning on me that her boob was pressed on my elbow and her thigh was touching my thigh. I just pushed her by touching her shoulder and turned towards her and sat diagonally to face her.

She also sat diagonally, but her short skirt lifted and showed me her undergarment and some pussy hair. This was the first time I was getting a peep into the crotch of a female and my cock was uncontrollable. My mouth went dry and my words faltered. Uma was leaning forward showing me a good view of her boobs.

Somehow I recovered my composure and told her that I will clarify all her doubts if she makes a list of them all and bring it over in the next class. In the meantime there was a knock on the door and I got up to open the door by the tent like formation in my dhothi showed up and I had to take time to bring it down in front of Uma. She was giggling seeing my discomfiture.

Somehow I managed to hide my tent and went to the door and opened it to find Parvathy, mother of Uma standing to take Uma home. I requested Parvathy to come in and we sat in the drawing room, while Uma emerged from my bedroom and came in. Parvathy asked if today's coaching is over can they go home.

I said ok and asked them to come at 10 am on the following day. Uma got up and reached the door and Parvathy said you may go Uma I will have a word with Murugan sir and come immediately. When Uma left, Parvathy got up and went to bolt the door and came in and asked how her daughter was.

I said she is ok, intelligent and does not appear to be needing any coaching. However I will give her some tips so that she may fare well in the exams. Parvathy instead of getting up and leave, she came very closer tome and her body was touching mine. She said she is our only daughter and all the money we make is also for her and we are worried about her and her marriage.

Suddenly she started to cry and sat in the sofa. I was shocked. When a lady is crying and shows deep regret, I am supposed to console her. Please dont worry Mrs. Ramamurthy, she is quite nice and intelligent and she is very young and in her teens. Her marriage is long way off, You dont have to worry about her marriage now.

Instead of stopping, she leaned on me and I had to hold her with my both hands and support her. She put both her hands around me in embrace and I too had to put my hand around her and embrace her to console her. Suddenly her face lifted up and her lips were seeking my cheek and then my lips.

I was not familiar with such kinds of physical contacts with ladies and I was wondering what to do. She took my lower lip in her mouth and started a strong kiss. Her boobs were pressed against my chest and she was holding my body firmly and I had to respond to her kiss. Her tongue was deeply inside my mouth and searching for my tongue.

Her one hand got released and it went inside my dhothi and searched for my cock. When she got hold of it, her mouth left my mouth and came down to take my cock in. She was sucking it voilently. She unbuttoned her blouse and placed her large boobs in my hands. Not much familiar with the female anatomy, I held in tight squeeze and massaged it.

Suddenly she got up and lifted her saree and removed her panty and stretched on the sofa and asked me to fuck her. When I told her that I had never fucked anyone before, she laughed and asked me to come in front of her. She caught hold of my cock and put in the hole and asked me to push it in. Under her expert tuition I fucked her and again fucked her.

I shot my cum inside her. She was like a tigress. She told me that she was sexually hungry and her husband does not care to understand her sexual requirements. Since last five years she never had sex. Seeing your handsome face and figure I cannot help seducing you. I want you to fuck me at least three times a day. I simply nodded my head.

Parvathy cleaned up everything and went away. Next day when she came to pick up Uma, there was a special glow in her face. She was happy and showed it in her face. She had brought some special sweets she prepared at her home.Uma also showed me a part of her boobs and lifted her legs unnecessarily to make sure that I take a peep and see ther pussy.

She did not have any undergarment and her pussy was there open. I pretended to have not seen it. When I am being seduced by her mother how can I fuck the daughter also. On the third day Uma was bolder and touched my body in unwanted places unnecessarily and conveyed a message that she too wanted to be fucked. Come what may, I thought I will fuck her also.

I turned towards her and removed my dhothi and showed her my jewels. She sat on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. I just pushed her on the sofa and fucked her just as the way her mother had taught me. Uma was not a virgin. She told me that she had fucked many people. She was keen to talk about her adventures.

I stopped her and finished my fucking and got dressed. Just as she cleaned her up and was dressed, the knock at the door announcing the arrival of her mother came. Uma put on a serious face and left and Parvathy came in and bolted the door. I was wondering about how I have been trapped by the mother and daughter. Nobody can suspect anything.

My parents also do not doubt any thing happening. My mother smells some strange smells of food. They know about the coaching I had promised to give to Uma. I thought I should leave the place immediately to escape from the clutches of the mother and daughter. But in the meantime,

Mr.Ramamurthy informed that I have been selected to work as a lecturer in one of the colleges in their maths dept. I happily accepted te job and made myself not available for any fucking activity. When I need a fuck, all that I have to do was just make a phone call either to the mother or

the daughter and call them to my home and have one or two or three flicks to satisfy my bodily needs. They got an alliance for Uma and she was married off and poor Parvathy sometimes begs me to give her a chance which I gracefull acknowledge and comply with.

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It was 3 PM in the afternoon on a Friday. As instructed by Nair mam, I reached Doorvani complex, where she stayed, with all the notes of Maths 5 I had. Nair mam was the M5 lecturer in our college. On my request she had agreed to coach me,

to help me get through M5 at least this time. I had already cleared the final year, but somehow could not get past this subject. I wasn’t that bad; yet the marks would never read 40! She opened the door with a smile. She was known to be rude in college.

But she wasn’t, as I'd realize today. She asked me to sit down near the study table in the living room and show her all the sums I had solved. Obediently, I did so. She went through my notes and said, "well, you should have cleared the exams with this much preparation".

"I too always thought so mam, but it never happened that way, I just don’t realize why", I said. "Never mind" she said, "you'll get through this time, just work hard and focus well during your exam". Those words were so soothing.

I desperately wanted to get the degree and start working. There was immense pressure on me to support the family now. Nair mam noticed me lost in thoughts. She said inquisitively, "What is it Harsh? Is there a problem?”

I could not refrain from telling her the kind of trauma I was undergoing. After I had told her my saga, with a weak voice, I said, "Mam, I am ready to do anything to get this burden off my back. Please help me mam, please. I'll do anything". I was hinting at doing a monetary favour.

She did not comprehend my thoughts correctly. Suddenly, she was not smiling anymore. "What do you think are you talking?” There was anger in her voice. "Did I cross the line?" I wondered. "Oh wait", I thought. “Does she think I am offering a sexual favour?

I have to clarify my stance, so that she does not throw me out, I thought. "No mam, you got me wrong..... by anything I meant..." before I could finish, came a stern command. "Shut up you damn thing. Do you know that you are good for nothing?

What do you think can you do?” she almost yelled. "Stand up and leave", she commanded. It was all over I thought. I would never clear the exam this time. In a desperate attempt to save myself, I mustered up some courage and tried to speak. I wanted to explain what I meant.

"Enough Harsh!!" she said furiously. "Kya kar saktey ho tum? Go dance naked in the building compound. You can do anything, right? Go do that and you'll get through". I was stunned. She too probably didn't realize what she had just said in a fist of fury.

When she did though, she couldn't look into my eyes anymore. She was calming down now. This was my chance to speak, I knew. "I will do that too mam, but not where you want me to. If you want, I'll do it here". I was talking rubbish, but those were the only words I could speak.

It was probably my desperation speaking. It was now her turn to be stunned. She stammered, "".”Mam please. I'll do that too. But please help me get my degree". I was now unknowingly forcing upon her a desire that she never had.

The woman in her was now taking over. Her mind had now started playing games with her too. Minutes ticked by; I stood there waiting for her to say something. She took a deep breath and said, "Ok, do it here". I could not believe my ears. This was not what I had come for.

But it surely was happening. I had mixed feelings. Slowly but reluctantly, I started unbuckling my jeans. "Stop", Nair mam said. "Stand in that passage between the living room and the kitchen. No one can see you there.

The curtains in the living room are transparent to some extent". I obeyed. I went and stood in the passage as directed. She followed and stood close to me. "Do not ever tell this to anyone, or you'll be in big time trouble", she threatened me almost. "Ok mam", I said, "never!”.

She pulled my jeans down. I removed the t-shirt I was wearing. "What is this?" she exclaimed! "No erection! I thought your dick would be finding a way to get out" she giggled. "Too anxious mam" I stammered. "Never been in this situation before".

She had pulled my underwear down now. I was standing stark naked now! She took my limp penis in her hand and stroked it gently. Her touch was like an electric shock, it was pleasurable nevertheless. I cannot describe in words, what it felt like. I was not breathing anymore.

Gasping probably. My heart was pounding. A gush of blood ran down to my dick and it was erect now. "That’s more like it", she smiled. She led me to her bedroom and asked me to sit down on the edge of the bed. She kneeled before me and held my dick in her hands.

Her mouth came closer to my tool, and then her tongue teased me with gentle strokes along the length of my shaft. I was in heaven when she popped in the head of my tool. I was getting a blowjob, that too from my maths teacher. “What the fuck!” I thought.

In 10 minutes maybe, I knew I was about to release. "Mam...I am....” I whispered. "I know" she replied before I could finish. "Let it go when you feel like". I shot into her mouth almost instantly. This was the best ejaculation I had till date. She got up and went into the bathroom.

I collapsed on the bed and closed my eyes. 10 minutes later, while I was still recovering from that blowjob, she came and sat beside me. Her fingers ran through my hair. "Tired?" she enquired. "No mam", I replied. "Never felt anything like this before", I said and opened my eyes.

To my disbelief, she was lying on the bed, stroking my hair, completely naked. I sprang up and looked at her completely. I don't know how many heartbeats I skipped at that moment. I had never seen a woman naked before, except in porn movies.

Nair mam had a light brownish complexion, she was not one of those sex bombs as we'd imagine. Medium sized pointing breasts, not a very curvy butt. But what the heck...she was woman, she was naked, and was for me at that moment! "Can I kiss you mam?” I asked.

"Come on", she gestured with her eyes. Soon our lips were locked in the kiss of the century! I slid down to her breasts, and fondled them lightly. I was now bringing all my porn watching knowledge into action. In a while, I was licking and sucking her breasts.

Her sighs were letting me know if I was doing a good job. I now wanted to see what a pussy looked like in reality. Slowly I slid further down to get a view of that so called divine hole. It was hairy all around. Obvious, I thought.

How on earth would she have known that she would get it licked by me today! I started by licking her inner thighs. The strong aroma from her pussy was pulling me towards it. I could wait no longer. Softly, I parted her pussy lips to reveal the pink inner side. She moaned!

I knew she was anticipating. She desperately wanted me to start licking her cunt. I waited that much longer. Then without the slightest warning, I placed my tongue on her cunt and licked along its length, to send her into madness.

She sighed and moaned while I located her clitoris and started concentrating on bringing her to an orgasm. Almost 15 minutes passed, maybe. My jaws were starting to ache now. I have to make her have an orgasm, I thought. I started stroking harder now.

Then soon, the moment arrived. Her slow hip movements turned vigorous. She arched her back and was moaning pretty loudly now. Her body tensed, her fists clenched, she went into an intense orgasm. She let out a sigh of relief.

I could feel the contractions on the finger that I had inserted in her anal hole. I felt a sense of achievement. I moved up to Nair mam's face and whispered in her ears. "Was it good mam?”. "This was your first time I guess. Not bad for a first timer", she smiled and hugged me.

"Your dick is ready again", she said pointing to my cock which was erect again now. "Do you know what you must do with it, or do you want lessons with that too?” she asked me naughtily. I smiled and positioned myself immediately between her legs.

There was no protection; I thought to myself. But then again, this woman was the least likely to transmit any kind of diseases; I reassured myself. It was a gamble, and I took it. I inserted my penis into her pussy and stared stroking her gently. She was enjoying it, for sure. And so was I.

The moment I felt the pressure building inside me, I would stop and change the position giving myself some time to regain control. I wanted to fuck her for as long as possible. Finally when I could hold no longer, I started ramming into her and let out my cum into her pussy with a loud

moan. I think she had an orgasm too. I felt those vaginal contractions on my dick again. But this time I was not sure. "I am sorry mam, I ejaculated inside you”, I apologised. "Never mind" she said. "I'll take care of that".

We lay on the bed for some time before she said, "Harsh you must leave now. It is already 7PM". We got up and went to the washroom. I washed myself quickly and watched her wash herself. Surprisingly, I had a hard on again in no time. Nair mam noticed that and smiled.

"You've had enough for the day”, she remarked naughtily. Get out and wear your clothes" I obeyed yet again. She came out in some time wearing the clothes she had left there when she came out naked. I gathered all the notes that we were going through and was ready to leave.

Nair mam gave me a tight hug and said. Give it your best shot and you will clear M5 this time. I did, took the exams once again in a week’s time and cleared it comfortably. I wonder if she had anything to do with it. I've never met her ever after that day. It has been over 5 years, but that day is as fresh in my memory as yesterday.

Hot computer tuitions

I dont know why my mother gets me into such situations. She insisted that I should take tuitions to her friend's daughter since I had lot of spare time as my exams are over. I never expected she will come up with such requests,

whereas I just wanted to relax in the top floor of the house, under a thatched shed, in my cosy cot, listening to music and watching my laptop of all the materials is offered to me from the net. But there was a steady stream of girls all wanting to study something or the other from me.

Some came on recommendations from my mother and some came on their own and some came to see the fun. I got fed up and dressed only in a very short shorts and the whole of my body bare, sweating, stinking, I gave darshan to all these damsels.

I turned down many outright but some I wanted to retain for various reasons. Nice physique, nice boobs, nice outlook, etc. One girl, Gita, came to study computers. She was having big boobs. I made her sit in the chair and I sat in a stool nearby and showed her the key board mouse etc.

But she was not looking at the keyboard but at my crotch where my cock end was taking a peep. While showing her the mouse and how to hold it I brushed her boobs many times and I was getting an erection. She did not resist but I am sure she must be leaking from her pussy.

My cock when coming to an erect condition cannot be contained in the little space provided to it in the knickers and hence he peeps out. I got hold of the hands of the girl and showed her how to move the mouse and how to click it. She was all clumsy and confused.

I leaned forward, took her left hand and placed it on my crotch and took her right hand and placed it on the mouse and brushed her boobs with my chin and noticed her hand was holding my cock tight over he knickers. I asked what is that she wants.

You only placed it there she said. OK I said and came to my original position and rolled up her T shirt. She did not resist. Her boobs were revealed without any bra, with erect nipples. Her aerolas were slightly dark and her erect nipples were very small and lovely.

I just licked them and sucked them softly. She gave a gasp and soft moaning sound. Her grip over my crotch also tightened further and she wanted to see my cock. But in the meantime, there was a knock on my door and I asked who it is. Somebody replied that it is Anitha.

I asked Gita to pack up and go and come the next day early so that we can study without any interruption. She nodded and went up to the door and opened it. There was Anitha standing with notebook and pen in the hand. She too was a grown up girl dressed in midi and T shirt,

came in and said G/m sir, I responded. She sat in the stool which I moved forward for her to sit. I asked her what was her problem. Before she started to answer, I asked her general questions like where she studied, subjects etc. She came to study internet and how to browse and all.

Her father refused to allow her to go to the cafe and asked her to get some information before going on her own to the cafe. She too had nice boobs and nice legs. I made her sit in the chair and asked her to log into the net. She too did not know how to use the mouse.

I told her she may see many things here and hear many things and she should not disclose to anybody about it. She agreed. I asked she knows anything about sex. Giving a broad smile, she said no. About fucking, I asked. She said no.

You mean to say you do not know anything about fucking so far. No, Sir, I know what is fucking but I have no experience in fucking. Just a minute, see here. I showed her a porno site where preparation for fucking was going on. She was amazed and looked at it open mouthed.

The girl was sucking the cock of the boy and then the full length of the cock was going into her mouth. Anitha, mouth went dry, was restless and was looking around. My cock was in erect condition but she did not notice. I just got up took out my cock and touched her cheeks with it.

She just looked at it and then at my face and then opened her mouth big and took my cock in her mouth. The boy in the monitor was unbuttoning the shirt of the girls and squeezing her boobs. I also unbuttoned the shirt of Anitha and ran my hand inside to run it over her boobs.

They were two large globes with erect nipples and the touch of my hand made her very hot and she gave out a gasp and then soft moans came out of her. The boy in the monitor asked the girl to lie down and undressed her completely. I did not say anything.

Anitha just got up and removed her midi bottom and stretched on my bed with her legs wide open. Imitating the boy in the monitor, I kneeled on the floor and buried my face in the cunt and started to lick her cunt. Anitha gave out a cry.

My tongue licked the surface of the cunt of all the excess fluids flowing from her hole. My tongue then twited around her clit and sucked it softly. Anitha was highly aroused and lifted her hip to press against my face. Her cries were loud moans.

I got up took my erect cock and put it at the entrance of her hole and pushed it in. There was strong resistance. But by applying pressure I pushed it slowly in and it went deep inside her cunt. Anith with tears in her eyes due to pain smiled and welcomed me to fuck her.

The boy in the monitor and I fucked our mates vigorously. Anitha who came to study the internet took her first practical lessons very enjoyably. My six inch cock just dug deep inside her and my balls were beating against her ass.

She too was anjoying since she wound her legs around me and her eyes remained closed. After we both reached out orgasms I got up and cleaned my cock with her frock and she too got up and cleaned of the mess created in the fucking.

I asked her whether she understood the net. She smiled and said yes. I will come here daily for daily practical lessons. I told her most welcome. She was a nice girl and fucking her was a real enjoyment.


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