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Tuition with hot Maths teacher

HEY, My name is Ashraf from Chavakkad, Trichur District. And I would like to share my experience with all the fans of HumanDigest. My story is depicts the sexual intimacy between a middle aged married woman and her student.

So, those who feel offended may please stop right here. Well it happened to me when I was in class 9 at a High School in Chavakkad. My mom used to send me to this Math teacher who was supposed to be a genius.

But, as for me, I used to hate the subject as well as the teacher. I never used to do her homework or listen to her in the class. But even though I hated the subject I used to fetch good marks in it.

I hated doing the same sums again and again.I would rather do it just once with complete attention. She (my teacher) used to make me work hard so that I could perform better. But at that age, I wouldn't realize that.

However.... On one hot summer day, my mom asked me to go to her tuition as she was free at home.She had a daughter who was of my own age. And she used to teach us together. She was about 40+ with dark complexion but a very sexy body.

That day I had no intentions what so ever of going to her tuition, but as my mom had virtually kicked me out of the house,i had no other choice. I got on my bike and started towards hell. The heat was getting intense each second.

When I looked up, it felt like all the suns rays were being focused at me.I was sweating completely and the shirt had stuck to my back. After conquering all odds, I finally reached her house in a state of total mess.

I knocked on the door expecting her daughter to open the door, and then I would have to sit on a bench, take out my books and wait for teacher. But faith had something else installed for me. I knocked at the door again, but no one opened it even though

I could hear some one moving inside. After much waiting the door opened. But it was her not her daughter. And she looked a bigger mess than I did. Her hairs were loose at many ends. She was completely wet with sweat,

her sari was all-loose and her soaked blouse was stuck to her breasts as a superficial layer. For the first time I realized that she was not only a good teacher but also a sexy woman. And as my friends would say 'Charakku’.

I could clearly see her deep cleavage and that dark but beautiful navel. As a drop of sweat trickled down her blouse towards her waist, I felt a sudden thunderous hardon in my pant. Though I successfully hid it, I was feeling uncomfortable.

As I entered the room I was blinded for a moment due to change of environment. But as my eyes adjusted themselves, I realized that the room was dark and very hot, with faint light from a semi-open window.

I could understand that there was no one else at home (the other rooms were dark as the lights had been put off). Suddenly my eyes fell on something, which projected from underneath the bed.It, was a long Brinjal (Vazhuthananga). In a second, I could know what she was doing.

Even then I acted ignorant, and sat on the bench adjacent to the bed. She sat on the bed as I took out my books.She was quietly pushing the Brinjal under the bed with her feet and I acted as if I didn't see anything.

After doing it she pulled her legs back and when I lifted my head up, I saw her sitting in an awkward pose. I could see her naked thighs.All this was making me more hard and I couldn’t stop looking at her deep cleavage and her legs.

She noticed me a couple of times, but didn't even react. To break the silence I remarkingly said,"It's really hot, ain’t it". And in response she gave me a devilish smile and nodded "yes". Then after a moment or so she got up and told that she was feeling uncomfortable

and that she was going to change her dress. Suddenly the devil inside me awakened and told me to get up and follow her. I gently told her that I wanted a glass of water, as I was thirsty due to the heat. She asked me to come inside.

I obediently followed to the water filter and she went inside the adjacent room. There was a common door and I could see between the gap of the curtains. After getting the glass of water as I turned back I saw her changing her panties.

She had already changed her sari and blouse and I was scolding myself for missing that. Even though she was doing it openly I could see nothing as the sari was hanging down. Then she came out of the room and followed me closely to the study room.

She was practically pushing me from behind with her big boobs. Again after entering the hot room I sat on the bench while she sat straight and opposite to me. She was sitting with one of her legs kept straight on the bench beside me.

The other leg was folded towards her and I could see her panties if I leaned down little. She took the book in her hand and rested it on her knee as she dictated a question. I was becoming mad with hardness and was in no position to do the sum.

But even then I kept my head down and tried. As she saw that I couldn’t do it she leaned down to explain the solution. But the only thing I was able to concentrate on was the pendant of her necklace, which was hanging between those two mounds of flesh.

Her erect nipples were making a projection on her blouse.As I leaned down to my notebook I could smell the fragrance coming out of her wet cunt. I could see that wet spot on her panty. I thought that she had not realized anything.

But she had been noticing everything from the beginning. She moved even close to me and placed her straight leg between my legs. She slowly moved it from the edge of the bench towards my cock.Her leg could feel my hard cock.

I could no longer speak as I felt that my heart had stopped beating and had come up to my throat.She started moving her fingers and her toe was searching for my zipper. All this time her head was hidden behind the book.

I slowly gathered all my courage and touched her shin and moved towards her knee. She showed no signs of resentment. Infact she moved closer pushing my cock even harder. By now I knew that she wouldn't stop me if I moved further.

So moved towards her thighs and started caressing them with my palms. As I moved inside, she left the book and fell back to rest her head. Her boobs were pushing upwards more than ever.

And by now her toe had tore away through my zipper and I helped her leg to touch my tight cock. I started removing her panty and rubbed her pussy while she kept on moaning.I placed my hands on her boobs and started kissing her navel.

She had become very hot and both of us were sweating hard. She got up and took off her sari and then her petticoat. But what I wanted to see was her boobs. She slowly hugged me and took my penis out of my pant.

She started sucking and masturbating it and I could no longer control myself. I was about to cum in her mouth. But I think she realized it and stopped.I cupped her breasts and unbuttoned her blouse hastily.

She wasn't wearing a bra and I hungrily started sucking her nipples. I was experiencing the biggest bomb of my life as I held a middle-aged woman completely naked in my hands.She pulled me over herself on the bed and took of my shirt.

Then she helped me place my cock in that hairy paradise. As I moved to & fro I realized that I was about to cum and I told her that. She took out my penis and masturbated it and I cummed all over her stomach and breasts.

She again started working on my cock and it was hard in no time. This time she got on top of me and started moving. I felt a lot of pain, but the enjoyment was bigger than the pain.She exploded into orgasm and soon I cummed inside her.

Both of us were exhausted by now and laid naked hugging each other for atleast an hours. After that I got up a cleaned myself in her bathroom. While going home I could still feel her smell coming from me.

After that day I always used to visit her on Saturday’s as her daughter used to be out and she used to be alone at home. Even when her daughter was at home we used to kiss and masturbate each other as her daughter was now made to study inside.

Today I am an Engineering student, but I still remember her body and when I go to my home in holidays, I visit her atleast once.

Late night sex classes

Hi to all HumanDigest readers. This is about how I got secretly seduced by my own student. Vrinda had just turned 19 when I first met her as my student for accounts. She was as it is poor in mathematics, though far more skilful in her own lustful techniques.

I knew very well she was not interested in the subject which I was to teach her. On the contrary she made me wonder whose the teacher and in which subject. I operate my C/A business from home itself and my wife, Lalita, teaches in a girls' high school.

I've always maintained good reputation in society and Lalita trusts me thoroughly. She still trusts me, since she is still unaware of the secret affair between Vrinda and me. And I hope Lalita will never ever find out anything about it, or I'll be doomed for a lifetime.

It all began from the day Vrinda started ignoring my words while I was teaching her, and thus making me loose my otherwise excellent patience over her. I tried to encourage her in many ways towards the subject of mathematics but she never paid attention.

One day I frankly told her that if she's not interested in learning then we must discontinue the classes. Then she looked at me with those soulful eyes, emotionally trying to flatter me and explain that she was having difficulty concentrating on her subject because of her menstrual periods.

Since it sounded like a genuine reason I believed her. In the next few months she carried on in the same manner, so I asked her again that I can understand when she's got her periods, but which happens only for a week in a month and not all the time.

She used to ignore my observations and started building an emotional bondage between us, after which I found it difficult to even scold her for no matter what mistakes she made in my subject.

I must admit she was indeed a master of her own subject of lust and sensuality. Gradually with such an emotional bondage growing so rapidly I knew that her purpose of coming over to our place was not for studying maths.

She kept giving me those desperate looks yet in a shy way, due to which it was even difficult for me to make any direct approach. I also stopped taking any interest in teaching her anything of maths.

Now we had started meeting each other for another more desirable reason, which both of us enjoyed. I also had a computer with internet connection. She herself asked me to show her a few porn sites she had heard of from some of her friends.

I personally had never visited any porn sites on the net as I believed in being a thoroughbred accounts professional and so spent most of my time in keeping track of the stock markets and all.

As she told me of more and more such sites we used to spend almost all the tuition time in surfing porn. During this her eyes were glued to the screen asking me to show more and more while my interest grew in keenly

observing what she was wearing, not only what was visible to the naked eye but also under. Like I would allow my eyes to penetrate through her t-shirt or top (which was her usual dress code) to see if she was wearing a bra, if so what colour or style it was.

Below the waist she always wore either a pair of jeans or bermudas. Her sitting so close to me, totally involved in watching the sites increased my curiosity to actually see what a young girl's body looked like. In my childhood I never had any relationship with girls.

The only first time I ever saw a nude female body was that of my full grown wife, Lalita. Sometimes I'd get so desperate that I wished Vrinda was wearing a skirt which could make it easier for me to slip my hand up her thighs.

I started getting fed up of both of us just watching all the porn stuff on screen alone. So one day I gathered some courage to ask her what kinds of undergarments she prefers to wear and to describe her collection in absolute detail.

But she was shy to share her personal matters with me. This got me more frustrated and I thought to myself "What the hell!!! I've gone completely out of my way to fulfil her wishes to surf all these porn sites, and now that I ask her something she withdraws?"

Things had gone far beyond my tolerance now. I firmly decided to go ahead with fulfilling my own desires from now on. One day charmingly I asked her that how come she always wore only jeans and bermudas, and never anything like skirts.

I tried to inspire her by telling her that I knew a lot my ex-girl friends who wore see-thru tops and very short skirts which barely even covered their arse. She simply expressed surprise as if she didn't know that girls wore such things in general life,

and that she thought females only wore such things for movies & magazines. Next few days I found her wearing thinner tops and t-shirts through which I could vaguely admire her fancy bras in all hot shades. I knew the girl was picking up fast.

It was now time for her exam in college which she was not at all prepared. So she started spending more time for the tuition which she was still not serious about. I didn't bother anymore either since we both had only one desire left.

One afternoon to my utter surprise I saw her entering our house in a knee-length translucent black skirt! And an equally thin orange t-shirt under which I could clearly see a black lacy bra. I knew for sure that this was the day we both waited for so desperately.

I also knew that Lalita returns from school by 5pm and it was already 4pm. One hour was not less to finish a quickie at all, but it will still take time to get this shy girl started and cracking I thought to myself.

Half an hour just passed away and she was still whiling away her time asking me stupid emotional questions. My hands alongwith the whole body were trembling out of impatience to attack her body.

That's when she hesitantly asked me if she could stay over that night at our place so that she can study through the night under my guidance. I was completely taken by surprise with this decision of hers and simultaneously

afraid if her parents and my wife would be disappointed with our such proceedings. Finally in the next half hour Lalita returned home. When I told her that this is what Vrinda's plan was, I was again surprised that Lalita also did not mind.

On the contrary she was excited that we will have company at home. Lalita often felt loneliness in the house because there was no one other than the two of us in it. Lalita quickly rung up Vrinda's parents for their approval.

Vrinda's father picked up the phone, and upon a lady's request he also could not refuse the idea. So here we were, Vrinda and me with our plans going steady and strong. Lalita was so excited that she immediately rushed to the market

to get some fresh vegetables to prepare a delicious meal for all of us. She said she would be back in an hour's time as she had to meet a friend as well, leaving the two of us alone at home. Little did she know that Vrinda and I didn't need anything more delicious than our own bodies.

As soon as Lalita left we both readily rushed to the computer, and in the following 10 minutes I made sure Vrinda was warmed up enough by watching the porn sites again. Now with no more delay I took the initiative by putting my hand on her head,

rolling it over her tightly tied shoulder length hair. Slowly lowering my hand down her lightly hairy neck reached her thin orange t-shirt to feel a little of her bra. I got a perfect feel of even the hooks of her bra.

Out of excitement Vrinda pushed her breast outwards where I could vividly see her nipples protruding through the garments. I left the feeling of those breasts and nipples for the night approaching. And got going with what I craved for more eagerly, her lower region.

She was so nervous that she tightly closed her eyes not daring to see anything but only show me all she could. Before I even reached the elastic belt of her skirt she started raising it from her knees upwards, exposing half length of her silky smooth thighs.

She was not able to raise it anymore than that, so I helped her feel more at ease by not raising the skirt, but slipping my hand under it instead. She just loved this graceful move of mine. I purposely made her realise that she also had a role to play and not totally depend on me.

We were both aware that this was not the right time for the final act, since Lalita was still to come. We knew that we had to wait until we were through with the dinner and until Lalita fell asleep. So we did.

Dinner I guess was delicious as Lalita was expecting appreciation, but neither Vrinda nor I were able to concentrate on the food for the reason you very well know. I still managed with great pretence to adore Lalita's cooking skills and she believed all of me.

Even before Lalita went to bed, she seemed quite open to the idea that Vrinda and I were to stay awake till whatever late hour without her disturbing us anywhere along the line. All this simply because she trusted me too much. This made things a little too easy for Vrinda and me.

It was only a reward of a very long and painful waiting. So here we were again, just Vrinda and I with the whole fiery night ahead of us. I asked Vrinda if she had brought anything night dress to change into, but she vaguely shook her head not willing

to discuss anything out of nervousness. I offered her one of my thin ordinary Fashion Street cotton t-shirt yellow in colour and a black lungi thick enough not to expose anything so that it would not make things too obvious for my wife to guess.

Vrinda went to the bathroom to change, and returned in an instant as if out of desperation. After all these long hours I finally saw a little shy and naughty smile on her face. I made her sit comfortably next to me near the computer again.

We started with accounts programs thinking if just in case Lalita woke up we should not get caught. It was only 11pm then. This left us with plenty of time for a dramatic seduction. Vrinda was getting impatient to view the porn sites again, and I to view her assets.

As the sites started revealing on screen she was fully engrossed in viewing them while I liberally feasted my eyes on her budding tits (still under cover). Now there was just no more waiting for anything. Her cheeks were pretty close to mine and our shoulders brushing too.

I knew she was waiting for me to take the initiative. I started in the same procedure as I had in the evening, placing my hand on her head first, running my fingers through her hair. This time I loosened the bun that the hair was tied in.

her hair rolled down over the back of neck making her look more sensual than ever. It was wild and curly by nature. I massaged her neck for a few seconds followed by rubbing her back. I could already feel her t-shirt dampening with sweat along the back.

Similarly the sweat from her forehead, armpits and breast area was also drenching the front side of her t-shirt. As I run my hands along the edges of her bra she slowly for the first time looked up at me with full obsession.

Sparks flickered between our eyes and we both hugged each other tightly letting go of all our inhibitions. I bit her ears gently, and then wet her whole cheek with my watering tongue. I was roasting in the heat of her steaming hot body.

I could feel her breath span increasing rapidly as she heaved with her breasts tightly pressed against my hairy chest. I began the unveiling of this sex angel by smoothly slipping her t-shirt off getting the first exposure of her fresh buds covered in the intricate designer black lace bra.

I was still curious to know what's it like below the waist. As I said I had never seen the one of a young 19 year old girl. She voluntarily stood up to make it easier for me to undo her lungi, now standing only in the lungi and the bra.

Her body was so soaked in sweat that she looked as if she has stepped out of the bath after a fresh shower. The smell of her sweat was so intoxicating. I put my hands now on her heated arse and from there started lifting her lungi very slowly.

I deliberately did this with such slowness that she was whining in desperation. By now her body was secreting from almost all possible parts. Her mouth was dripping, sweat from all the limbs, and also her pussy I suppose which I had not reached to as yet.

Once the lungi was fully raised I was pleased to with her colour combinations. Under the lungi was her fiery red panty the material of which was like a net, except in the pussy area. I snapped off the lungi in an instant to get an adorable view of her gorgeous image.

This fresh young virgin teenage girl, with her remarkably fair complexion, standing in her most exquisite black bra and fire red panty! What a sight. "Thank you Satan for creating such a criminal" I thought to myself.

I helped her undo my shirt buttons with her own hands and then also my pyjamas. I was not wearing any underwear so she saw my dick for the first time already turned sticky with all the cumming caused by her seduction.

I turned her around with her back facing me and undid the hooks of her bra, brushing the straps of it off her shoulders. I keenly waited for the first view of her tits. But before that I thought of helping her shed the last piece of garment on her fully vulnerable body.

As I was kneading away on her fleshy arse, I pushed my thumbs into her hole which made her almost scream so loudly that we both were scared it might have woken up Lalita. Fortunately Lalita is a deep sleeper, so there was no question of her waking up before 7am.

Simultaneously alongwith kneading her arse I was entwining her panties with my fingers, almost wanting to rip it off but I knew she would be answerable to her mother for ripping such an expensive pair of panties, so I carefully slid it down to the floor and helped her step out of it.

There stood this naked angel in full blossom completely prepared for the final act eventually. Even her arse released such a divine fragrance that my tongue went spearing into her rear hole. Every inch of her smelt and tasted like some sublime strawberry and cream.

I let my tongue run upwards from her arse to her back and neck. As I stood up I put my hands under her armpits and slowly allowing my fingers to creep over to cover her fresh buds. I massaged them for a while but was still dying to see those teenage tits as well as the pussy.

I gently turned her face to face with me. The most amazing tender and soft buds she had topped with tiny sweet pink nipples. I suckled on them for some time. Then sliding my hands along her waist, my tongue reached for her pussy.

My tongue dug into it deeply. My watering mouth and her pussy cumming together was making everything so wet that it felt being in a pool of sex in its grossest form. I pulled her down to the floor laying her on her back and started mounting myself

over her like a cavalry man would on his horse. I was also indeed riding her like on a horse in the next few minutes. My vigorous jolts made her cry for more which she expressed by slapping my body like a baby. This went on for nearly 2 hours after which even I was dead exhausted

so you can't imagine her condition. But this was not our first and last experience. After she used to boldly walk up to me and we did it progressing in each session as and when was convenient for both of us. My innocent wife doesn't have the slightest trace of all this.

Masturbating with hot guy Pramod

Hi readers. I am a regular visitor of this site. After reading many stories I thought of sharing my experience with you all.I am Anitha from Trivandrum doing my B.Tech. This incident happens
when I was 18 year old.

I got admission to a good college for B.Tech. My cousin was doing his final year of at that time. His name is Pramod. One day my mother and me went to his house. My mother wanted to go to see one of our relatives who was in Hospital.

She was planning to go with Pramod's mother. I went with my mother so that I can get more idea about the course and all details from Promod. I had a good relation with him from the childhood. We were pretty good friends.

After reaching his home, my mother and aunty went to see my relative leaving me and Promod there. Nobody else was there. Since that was not the first time, we didn't feel anything special in that.

We were sitting in his room talking about the course and he was showing photos of his college tour in his computer. While we were going through that the phone rang. He went for taking the phone. I continued going through the folder casually.

Then I noticed a folder named Kampy. Because of the name I opened that folder. Then I opened a picture. It was a porn picture with a guy fucking a girl. It was a shock for me. I closed the picture at that time itself and looked around.

Promod was still in phone. I was so curious about the photos and there was big temptation in me to open the pictures. I couldn't control my curiosity and since he was in another room I started watching the pictures.

While I was going through the pictures he came back. I saw only when he is very near. So I couldn't close that. He caught me red handed and he asked me "Oho. You are enjoying these dirty pictures".

Eventhough I was stumped at that time, I gained confidence very soon and strike him back. "Ya, I have seen what you are doing with your computer. I will tell aunty". For a moment we both were silent. But all of a sudden he started laughing loudly and me too joined in that.

He said "I kept in my PC, you enjoyed that. So both are cancelled. No complaints from both sides". I too agreed with him with a naughty smile. Then he asked me about sex related thing. Whether I like it or not. I said I like it,

I used to masturbate but this is the first time I am seeing any porn photos. He said he also used to masturbate. Then he told me he is having a porn video with him now. If interested we can watch.

I said it is ok, since our mothers will take minimum of 2 hours to come back. He put the CD in his computer and we started watching that. It was XXX movie and scenes were totally erotic. I was completely aroused at that time.

My pussy was feeling wet. In between we looked at each other and exchanged naughty smiles. Then he put his hand around my shoulders. I didn't protest. Seeing that he advanced to bottom. Now his hand is over my breast.

I was in a confusion to ask him to remove his hand or let him. But I was totally aroused by that movie that I decided to let him. He started pressing my boobs over my top. He played with that for 5 minutes pressing and squeezing.

I enjoyed that a lot. In between he took my hand and put it over his tool. I took that back. After some time, he did it again and didn't leave my hand. It was like a big banana and after some time I used to move my hand over it.

By that time he put his hand through my top and pressing my boobs over my bra. After some time he tried to release my breasts from the bra. But it was very tight. He couldn't do that easily. At that time I got a sudden idea. He was in his lungi and didn't have any underwares.

So very quickly I took his tool outside totally exposing it. Actually I wanted to stun him by doing that but after seeing that I was stunned. I am watching a male organ in its full strength. He told me, now you saw my organ. Now I want to see yours. I told him it is not possible.

I am not going to show that. But he started begging me. He said he never saw any female organ till now. He said "Please show me. I want to just see that". I told him "No, I won't show that. I want to remain as a virgin. If you want I will show my boobs.

Nothing more than that". He agreed. I started removing my top, but he stopped me and said he shall do that. I allowed him. He removed my top and I was wearing a white bra. He unbuttoned my bra and released my boobs. It seems like he was wondering with the look of that.

He said "Anitha, your boobs are very good looking. I have seen boobs of 2 of my class mates. This is much better than that". I felt shy when I heard that. Also I felt proud about my boobs. He was caressing my boobs, pressing and playing with that.

Then he came near to my boobs saying that we wants a close look of that and suddenly he started licking my boobs. It was so erotic and I started moaning loudly asking him to leave me.
But actually wanted him to suck me more.

For around 10 minutes he sucked me hard and my boobs were getting red by that time. Friends, I can't describe you the pleasure I felt. After some time he again started begging me to show my pussy to him. I told him "No way.

I want to keep myself as a virgin till my marriage, I won't allow anyone to touch that". He said' "Ok, I agreed. I won't touch you. Please, I have never seen one. I want to see only once". I made him promise that he won't touch me and won't lose his control when he see that.

Then I brought my panties down so that he can see that. He asked me to spread my legs, so that he can get a clear view. I asked him to move back.I afraid he would jump on me if I spread my legs. But I showed him and even explained to him the parts.

I told him "Now we can finish this here. But I want to release myself. I want to go to toilet for masturbating." He said. "Do that here itself. I wanted to see how girls masturbate.

Also at the same time I shall also do that". I agreed to him. He started rubbing his dick and I started fingering my pussy. He was sitting close to me and watching my actions carefully. Suddenly he also put one of his finger in my pussy and start fingering.

He was doing very fast that my finger lost its place. Seeing that I am not defending he continue to screw me leaving his dick. He asked me to play with his dick. So that we can masturbate each other.

I started moving the skin of his dick to and fro and after some semen flew out his cock. Some fell in my hand also. It has some foul smell. He continued to screw me and even licked me in between. I had a big orgasm which I never encountered during my usual masturbation.

By that time we were tired. So we took rest for some time. Then I went to toilet to clean myself and dress properly. We thanked each other for the wonderful time we had together. We never tried that again. Better to say we didn't get a chance. So still I could keep myself as a virgin.

If we did that again we might not have controlled ourselves and I might have lost my virginity. That is power of sex. Anyway he is now in US after completing his MBA.

Hot chemistry teacher Miss Vimala

Hi everyone I'm Prajith from Kottarakkara. Im almost 19 and just did my college exams a week ago. This was my last year in. This experience that I had a month ago is a true real one not a made up one. My exams were near and I was busy with my studies.

I was lacking behind in Chemistry. My Chemistry teacher's name is Miss Vimala. She was our new teacher from Calicut University and came to our school in Feb. A 25 yr angel. Perfect height, perfect figure, and perfect face.

I always use to dream about her, thinking of any ideas that I can get to score with her. Our school was off for other students but we seniors were allowed to discuss any problems with any of our teachers. I use to go almost everyday around 9 am to school to solve my confusions in Chemistry.

Some of my friends use to come with me but not everyday. We use to study in a small room, with a computer in it, couple of chairs and a table. Our main laboratory was under some type of construction so the school gave us that room. It was just adjacent to the main lab. We weren't allowed to study in library an past paper book was stolen by some kid so library was closed from us seniors.

We sometimes sat in Staff room or in that room. You can call a small bio lab or just a room.
One day I went to school to study with miss Vimala. For a 1 hour whole we studied alone. I was only looking at her beautiful extremely sexy body. Sometimes at her legs, breasts and her white bra that was quite visible in her sky blue jacket.

It was treat for my eyes. I knew we were alone but I had not guts to have sex with her or to approach her in anyway. But I wanted it badly so I thought of an idea. I got up to bring some other book. I picked it up and when returning back to the chair I intentionally stepped on her beautiful feet. She just made a painful face.

I quickly put the book on my chair and went down to show that I care. I quickly just started saying sorry. While sitting down I quickly just hold her left foot and took it out of her sandal. Meanwhile I was keep on saying sorry so the holding her feet thing didn't made her feel awkward or surprised or anything. She was just saying its alright Prajith but I wasn't stopping.

I blew air on her foot fingers from my mouth to show how much I care. I kept on blewing with my lips almost touching her feet. I slightly rubbed my lips on her feet. She I was just smiling and saying don't worry about it. After a minute or two I said with full of my courage "Miss Vimala you have very beautiful feet".

And I just kissed her foot it hard. It was lovely and very soft foot. That may have made her feel a bit awkward but she said thankyou. I knew it was the perfect time. I again gave a little kiss on her foot near the ankle area. That made her feel very awkward but she didn't say anything and I also did not said a word at the moment.

As she didn't speak on my first action, it gave me a little more courage so I raise her saree and started kissing her silky leg and moved up kissing her belly and finally her breast. Her eyes were half closed that meant she was enjoying it. I kissed her neck and moved up to her lips. We kissed for some minutes. Then I made her stand up and took her saree.

I then removed her white bra from the front sucked her sexy boobs. I quickly then removed her petticoat and her white underwear. I pushed her towards the wall. He boobs pressed against I wall and I went down and sucked her hips. Then I turned her front body towards me.

Now her back was against the wall. She was still in standing position. I then put her right leg over my shoulder and started licking her pussy. That gave her a lot of joy. She made different type of noises that I really loved. She was having the time of her life. She pulled down my pants and my underwear and then went down on me and started sucking my cock.

After 10 minutes or so I quickly pushed her to the ground and put my cock in her. I started fucking her hard. We were doing it un-safely. She wanted to say that but she was getting the pleasure of a lifetime. She wasn't a virgin. Then suddenly somebody banged on the door. She was scared but I didn't let her go. She pushed me to stop me. I quickly buttoned my pants.

She quickly got her bra and panty and her clothes in seconds and I went to open the door. It was a person from domestic staff of the school brought a message to miss Vimala from our principal. He then went away. I wanted to proceed but she said she have to go quickly. She said she had fun.

She kissed me again and then smiled and went to principal's office. We then met again on the Internet and she promised that after my exams we will get together someday and will complete what we started. She called me on this Tuesday 12th June and told me that on Saturday 16th June after 8pm she will be free and alone so she invited me.

Im gonna go to her house on Saturday 16th june. She lives in the town in an apartment. I will tell u later what happened on 16th with miss Vimala.

Hot tutor Jayanti

I am Pavan, 21 years old. Mine is a true experience which I will recount now. It was 3 years back. I was born at Kottayam and I am Fair, Height 5.6 and a Smart Personality I was 16 at the time and struggling at school when one of my parents' friends suggested a tutor for me.

The tutors name was Jayanti she had just left University with BCom and was looking for a stable job. In the meantime she was taking tution to bolster her finances. She was 23 and very fair had long black hair tied in a bun, was about 36B-28-38, Hieght 5.4 ft, She had attractive featured face with light green catty eyes and charming charismatic smile.

She wore proffessor type glasses and dressed fairly conservatively with hardly any makeup. She looked more like a bookworm than a stunner. She was definitely very intelligent and was a very strict tutor. If I raised my eyes slightly out of the books she would instantly shout or beat me with cane.Under the hard exterior was a soft hearted passionate beautiful women.

I dreamt of her regularly, her hair down her glasses off, her face made up, in a skimpy wet clinging sari with no undergarments instead of the stiff starchy serious baggy type salwaar outfits that she wore. I wanted her so badly I wanted to tell her how I felt but I did not have the guts.

It was near to my finals when I knew it was unlikely I was to see her again since she had got a posting in Calicut that I thought I'd tried to have ago. I went over to her complex to see her about some last minte revision.

Im really worried miss I said as Jayanti watched over me on the exam questions I had brought. Nonsense she said you will be fine. Just follow the things we have covered and you will do well she smiled. Oh that smile melted me. As convincing as I could be I tried to look as upset as possible close to tears.

I cannot take the pressure Miss as I buried my face in my hands. She came over and sat next to me putting her arms around me to console me. I moved my face to turn into her bossom feeling the warmth off her soft bossom. My cock going hard as I snuggled deeper into her tits. She held me tight. Theres nothing to worry about she said calmly.

Im going to miss you miss. She gently began rocking me in her arms. It was now over never, I placed my hands on her hip. She made no move to remove it. So I gained more courage and started to stroke her inner thigh. Still no resistance and I advanced to her crotch my other hand now firmly massaging her breast.

Jayanti had now started kissing the top of my head as she rocked me. My hand was now on her pussy rubbing it. I got more of an approval when she moaned her legs opening wider allowing me better access. Jayantis hands now reached for my jeans zip feeling my bulge as she opened them. She pulled my hard cock out from my underpants squeezing gently.

This made it twitch like hell rocking back and forth. I started to tongue her mouth kissing hungrily at her lips. She removed her glasses, lowering her head licking the full length of my shaft from pubic bone upto tip of the head. Oh my this was incredible, eventually she took my tip in her warm moist mouth sucking it like her favorite lollypop. I had now opened the front of her salwaar gaining access to her braless soft breasts.

The more I pulled her nipples the more she moaned. Her mouth now began to engulf the full length of my rod varying her strokes from deep to the back of her throat to half length sucks whilst fiddling with my balls and pubic hair. I didn't think I was going to hold out much longer when she suddenly stopped.

She quickly stood up pulling down her salwaar kurta and pyjamas to reveal her white panties with a damp spot over her slit. She stood astride and guided my hands ferom her breats to her panties and help me take them of her. When she stepped out of the panties I could see her pink moist fleshy innards of her juicy cunt as her cunt lips parted for a few seconds.

She was not as hairy as I had thought. She pushed her pussy into my face its your turn big boy as she grabbed my cock for some hand action to stop it from going limp. I grabbed her buttocks tight and ran the tip of my tongue along the folds of her juicy cunt. She moaned loud grinding her pussy deeper into my face.

My hand began rubbing the nub of her hardened clit making her twitch wildly all over I could feel her climax all over like an electric current had passed right through her. My reward was a face full of her tasty juices. I gave her pussy even more attention sucking her piss flaps and lapping her juices like a hungry dog. Eventually I started entering her with one finger then to building a quick rhythm.

She was bucking my fingers violently. Oh you bastard she screamed, oh you fucking lovely bastard. I was so turned on that this strict tutor spoke such foul language. She could not take my onslaught on her pussy any longer fuck me she cried, fuck my pussy. Put your hard cock in me. I want you.

She straddled me gently lowering herself on my cock, slowly her pussy folds engulfing my love meat. That feeling is so amazing its undescribable. We were both soaked with sweat. She used her full weight with each thrust down whilst I grabbed her lovely curvy bigs hips to cause my cock to go as deep in as it could.

Her vaginal walls were clasping tight to my cock, her breasts at the mercy of my searching mouth. She had one of her hands on my balls whilst her other hand had reached under my arse. She moaned abuse in Malayalam as we fucked, bastard, cunt, cock, pussy basically everything.

She knew she was driving me crazy with her foul mouth because she was always clean spoken as my tutor even when she was angry. She was very good at rotating and grinding her hips.
Eventually we came together our bodies convulsing in extasy. We held each other tight, kissing.

After we got changed she saw me to the door, look you will do fine she said kissing me as the neighbours watched, I will miss you she said, a single tear running down her cheek. That was the last time I saw her. Not surprisingly I aced all my exams and got the top marks in my class.Now thats what I call an education. Now she is married and gone to Calicut and we can't have any chance again.

Fucking angel of love, Smita

Hi I am I was working as a faculty to teach computer education. I used to talk with many sweet girls but this experience was really a nice.. Since I am aged only 28, lot of young females gets attracted and make me romantic. This Very beautiful girl Smita (24) looking like an angel, wearing a sari, smiling face joined to learn the course for office administration.

This beautiful unmarried girl impressed everyone by her looks and structure; listening to the first day class of mine. I could not resist the looks, as she was continuously looking me. I took many chances in talking with her during the class. Smita almost touched me many times by asking doubts and questions on the computer. This made me little warm.

Then she started sitting beside me for a while and again asking doubts. This time I could manage by putting the book on her lap and almost explaining the subject. Smita is listening the subject comfortably. I could not understand. Then Smita suddenly turned towards around 180 degrees..

Smita almost touched most of the parts to the upper part of my hand. At this stage I was feeling little nervous. Her saree was tight and I could feel the smoothness when she turned and touched with her boobs. Her boobs were fit with correnct structure. It was silky touch.. I remember the sense of touch till now.

Then Smita stayed after the class where she was pretending to ask all the doubts she had. It was almost more than 2 hours where she had put her legs across my legs and hands to hands. I was little bit nervous.. The class was over. The next day Smita came very early and pretending to sit in the class she called me from the other room as doubt.

That day, I had taken enough courage and took her into another room sat beside her. Whenever I touched her hardly she was smiling a little bit. Her smile has a sexy look and making me more closer. I asked Smita after the class to go for a resturant. She accepted and talked much things.

She had taken my hand to her hand and walking across the streets. Few days passed similarly by making ourself much closer. One day we were sitting in a park and chatting. Suddenly she asked whether she can kiss me. How can I say no? Smita she kissed my cheeks in front of the public by covering her sari across her. She is crazy and chuckled after the kiss.

After completing the kiss she asked whether any experience for a french kiss. I said I am new and also I am interested. She too expressed her interest. She questioned me again how the french kiss tastes? Then I said I dont know and we should try. She took no chance and she started putting her soft lips across my lips.

Smita closed her eyes when I opened my eyes I saw the sweet light chocklate colour of her face in front of my eyes. It was too sweet, much sweeter than sacrine. We did for 15 sec and then she laughed.. She also asked how it was? It was excellent. I never tasted a beautiful girl french kiss before. She could not resist further asked me for more kisses.

I remember a kiss for more than 5 minutes. This time Smita put her tongue into my mouth and writing something with her tongue. Initially, I could not interpret but felt that something is going. The words "I Love You" were written. After writing she suddenly pulled her head out and again looking my face. She put her toungue in my mouth and once more Smita had cleared my doubt by writing again.

Almost every alternative day for around a month we did. One day Smita called me and said that she is getting married the next month. I was little astonished and could not speak for a moment. But she continued to kiss me. The next sunday she called me at a private place where we had a ride to a lonely bushes.

There she could not resist and asked me to hold tight. I was little feared as she is getting married. Smita took no time and touched my entire body with her face. It was very smooth and and then for the first time I caught her tight into my arms with love. Smita took no chance and loosened her clothes. She kept her legs into my legs and pressing tightly.

Then Smita also pressing all her inner organs tight on my body. We almost crushed ourselves for around 30 min, then again Smita gave a loud smile. She hugged again and remove my tops and her tops slowly. Again we had a 30 minutes crush. This crushing was very soft. I pulled my pant down and similarly the complete sari.

Smita was left with only an underwear. (most of the time my hands crushed the boobs and went deep inside the underwear - also inside the pussy) I put my hand inside Smita's underwear. She could give soft sounds.. and I took my hand and rubbed across the boobs-Smita was enjoying. Slowly, Smita was completly naked in the bushes.

I was watching the white chocklate colour of her body, silky touch and black lining across her pussy. This made me erotic. She was saying ooh when I used to squeeze the boobs and when I touched her pussy she used to say aahh! She made to touch her body with my hand and then with my lips later.

I almost put my body on her body she was enjoyed every moment with happiness. I was nervous as she is going to get married next week. Smita made me courageous and said nothing going to happen. That day evening I was so happy, as if I had seen another world. I was very happy.

I telephoned and said that she was also too happy for the first time and I almost got herself every alternative day till her marriage. This continued even after marriage for a month and then we both had a understanding to proceed further as good friends. Now I'm in Bangalore and any beautiful girl or aunty wants relation with me I get aroused by seeing the beauty.

My Sexy Teacher - Malini

Hai, I am Anil from Kannur. I am 22 years of age. The title it self will give some idea about the story. I would not like to call this as Story. Because this is a real one. This was happened on my 17th years of age. On that time I am in 12th Standard. This is my first affair, that too with my Teacher. About Teacher: Her name is Malini.

She is married. On that time she is 26 years of age. White in color with good shaped Boobs. But she doesn't have the children even after 4 years of married life. But they are not worried about the same.

The cause for not delivering the child is only her husband. That's only knows to her not to her husband. Even while discussing with her she told me once "let the god decide the time to give me a child". That world becomes true through me.

I am studying the tuition from my8th standard. I don't have any intention to have her on the bed. Honestly speaking Even I doesn't have the intention to see her boobs or curves. This is happened just 4 or 5 months before that the climax. That happened on one evening. I am very poor in Maths. Even I would say I would be the first mark on all other subjects.

But still she compelled me to take the Maths group on my 12th standard. When even I am doing Maths she will call me just near to her. Normally she will were the Saree on the time of taking tuition. Very rarely she will be on Nighty.

On that day she received the tuition fees from other student, and she searched the place to keep the money. Because of she is wearing the Nighty, she opened the upper zip and try to keep it on her Bra. But on that day she doesn't find the Bra on that day. Then she kept on other note is available nearby to her. But she forgets to close the zip, which she opened before.

On that time I have shown my note her for correction. Because of I have done the maths problem very badly. She bends towards me to teach the problem. She is just watching mynotebook. But I am very keen on watching the boob, which is very clearly visible to me, up to the portion of nipple.

Almost all the time I spent only to watch the same. That was made me in compulsion to see her boob and curves in all the days. From that day I started watching her structure, how that was made. Even I will think in night, whether God has done some homework before he invented her. She has such a beautiful figure.

Because of some illness to me I was not attended the tuition for 4 days before the Onam Festival. Normally we will celebrate the Onam in our native place of one village. Because of that is my last year of School and the exam, which going to come is very important for my life and I am not attended the tuition for 4 days, my fatherand mother decided to leave me at my aunt's place for attending the tuition.

I went the day before Onam to Tuition after my family members were started from my house to my native. When I am reaching I am not knows that the tuition was leave for all the 4 days for Onam holiday. When I am entered to Tuition my teacher came out and told me all those things. But I said all the things up to my family went to native.

Then she said me that you just sit at my house and study for your exams. And asked me where you will take lunch. I told I am staying with my Aunty. Then I studying for 1 hour and watching how she is cleaning her house. And I asked her that any help from my side. At last she admitted me to help her.

During such time I got several chances to touch her and get the vibration from her body. One of such job we both wants to change the place of one table from one place to other. We both tried from one end and her husband from other side.

On that process she slipped and fell down with me. On that time I just fell down with her, my face exactly on her boob. I could not recover my self from that, reason is very simple, she lying on my hand. Then her husband helped me to recover. Then our tuition got over.

And she told me to come on evening around 4.30 and said me that she will take the class to me, which I have not attended on my leave. I came there around 4.40. But I was bit confused, because she is packing the luggage.

Then she clarified me that her husband is going for out of station to see her mother-in-law. She asked me to wait 1 hour. After that she is free around 6.00. Then she called me and said I am bit tired and I will take classes on my bedroom. I said no problem.

On that time she is wearing Rose color Saree with same color Blouse. It is transparent to show the Black Bra. Normally she will tie hersaree below Naval. She called me. I am just following her by seeing her back, which is very good to see. Then she asked me to take the Zoology Book. The Chapter she is going to teach is "Human Reproductive Organs".

She told me "If you are strong in this chapter you not only securing 22 marks from this chapter but also you able to be good husband to your wife". You can ask me any question without any hesitation. Because this is very important chapter from study part and your life part. I kept silent and watching her lip movements.

Then she asked me that "Do you have any relation ship with any of girls or ladies before". Suddenly I said No. Then she asked whether you are having any experience of seeing XXX Movies. I said cleverly "I don't know what is XXX".

Then she laughed and said, "Have you seen anysex movies". I said yes. She asked what kind of Movie that is. I said some bond movie. It is a BF category movie. No madam it is ordinary movie.

Then she laughed and said you have seen onlyXX movie not XXX movie. Then she asked me what are all the reproductive organs. I said cock of gents and pussy of ladies. Then she asked me how the reproductive process is organized.

I said by inserting Lund into pussy and by delivering the juice form cock inside the pussy will be the reproductive process. Then she asked me how the juice would come out from cock. I said I don't know. Then she asked me what are all the sexual organs. I asked is there is any differences in reproductive organs and sexual organs.

She said yes. I said I don't know. Then she explained, all the parts of human which is attracted by others are sexual organs. For example ladies is concerned Eyes, Lips, Boobs, ash, buttock, lap, etc. for gents Lips, Arms, Chest Hairs, Lap, etc. These are all come in the range of sexual organs.

She asked "you are not answered me that how the juice will come from Lund". I said, "It won't come automatically". Then she said the juice would come for both. That will come because of over excitement. I asked how the gents would get excitement. She said by kissing, by seeing the boobs& curves, etc. I said I don't understand. She explained when the person is kissing other person who is lady, and then automatically the both get excited.

I kept my face little confused manner. Then she said would you like trying that with me. I laughed and kept quite. The she said no problem try once. And she reached me how to kiss a lady. First, have an Eye contact and they try to bring her face into your palm and slowly kiss her. I just done the same. I first touched her face and brought her face very near to me and slowly I brought my lip towards her lip and placed my lip on her lip very slowly.

And after some minutes I pressed her lip though my lip. Only after few minutes I opened my lip and try to open her lip. First she doesn't co-operate then she very slowly opened her lip and allowed my tongue to go inside her mouth and try to get her saliva. After some time she done the same with her tongue. I have done the same process at least of 15 minutes and she disabled her self from me. And asked me how you are feeling now.

I said with shy I was excited like anything. Then I asked her you madam. She said very casually little bit excited. Then I asked her "What I have to do to make the lady full excitement". She said the lip kissing is only the starting.

After that you have do some other things like squeezing the boobs, sucking the boobs, sucking the pussy& ash hole. Then I kept quite. She asked would you like to do it with me. I am slowly said Yes madam. She shown the green signal for me to do whatever she wanted.

Then once again I brought her face towards me and started her lips. But this time some vigorously. And I gone back to her and still I am kissing her cheeks and tried to place my hands on her boobs. Exactly the same I have done.

Then I squeezed her boobs very well and stripped herbaria down. And just opened her blouse by one by one. And I have come to the front side and kept my lips on her boo with bra and sucked.

But that is not enough for me and I have opened her bra by taking the same in upward side. Now my loving boob is in front of me to such. I just forced her towards bed and started sucking her boob directly and my one hand is squeezing the other boob. I have become mad of sucking theboobs. And I have come to the bottom. Her red panty is already made wet. I am smelled the panty and sucked the same from outside.

Then I tried to open her panty. But she pulled me from bottom and she started removing my shirt and pant and my panty in no time. She was wondered by seeing my 7" lund in front of her. She just shown some hesitation to touch the same. I am signaled her that do what ever you wanted. She kept that on her mouth directly. And try to take the prejuice. At the same time I am bit hurry to see her Pussy.

Then I kept my Lund on her mount and I have turned to down suck her pussy. Then I have opened her panty and I was very excited that her pussy was very clearly shaven. She is made it ready for me to suck. I sucked the outside juice.

For the first time I am going the open the lips of pussy. I opened the lips and seen the rose color. I kept my lip inside her pussy. Due to over excitement the juice is coming-out very frequently. I don't want to waste any of those. I have taken all the juice to my mouth.

And she asked to me to give the milk juice on her mouth.Then I started playing in out play with her mouth and downloaded all the milk with her mouth. Then she called me to come up. Then we shared the milk, which is available on her mouth by kissing each other. Then she asked me to continue the sucking job, which is stopped.

I started sucking her very vigorously. She started shouting fuck me hardAnil. Then I came to know that this is right time for go for climax. Then Iam gone upward and started kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs. I asked her to keep her legs broder in V shaped.

She just shown the way in which I have to proceed with my Lund. She kept her twofingures and gateway person for sending my Lund inside. I am just placed my Lund on front of perpussy lips and just pushed inside. Because of over juice my Lund doesn't find very great problem in going inside.

But still her pussy showing the stiff in having my Lund. Then I started jerking my penny in out. She shouted fast. I made it fast. Then she shouted for pain. But I don't bothered and made the fast available for my strength.

The show was beautiful to see the dancing of her boobs. Then I decided to cum the juice inside per pussy and the same was done. Then I have taken my breath back but she is breathing very hardly. And I am making myself disabled from her body and laid next to her. After some time back she started kissing me. Now the time is 8.30 pm. She asked me that can you stay with me. I said I have only one problem to stay with you.

The problems I have inform to my Aunty. Then she took the phone the dialed my aunt's phone number and told her. For some reasons I will keep Anil with me. My aunty also accepted. Then she asked me what would you like to take for dinner. I said I already finished my dinner and you are served me very well. She kept quite.

And we had the dinner as nude. And after dinner we had the combined bath and the full night we were very busy in exchanging the sex each other. We had the full sex on all the 4 days. And even after I started having with her after my school hours and before my tuition hours. At last I have become a father through my Teacher.

Soumya's hot sunday class

It happened on a Sunday December last year. I had a good friend and he owned a computer center. On Sunday I went to see him for a chat. When he saw me, he become very happy and told me that he was going to make a call to my home, because he wants to go for a marriage urgently, and he asked me to take care of his computer class up to evening.

He was having only three students since it was a Sunday. I agreed to him and he introduced me to his students. I looked at his students which were all are females, one was aged approximately 40 years, and other two are plus two students around 18. He went out on his bike. Leena, Neethu and Soumya all of them smiled at me and started talking about their courses.

I started class for the aged aunt, her name is Leena, she was very brilliant and doing Java Course there. After that I took class off C++ for Soumya and Neethu (Both of them are average students but beautiful) Leena aunt closed her computer and told me that she is going.

I continued lessons for these girls. After solving some problems both of them are ready to go. When they went out I connected to the internet and started to watch some sex sites. At this time one of the girls came back to the center, I turned off the machine. I asked her why do you come back; she replied that her bus has not come and the next bus is after 40 minutes,

she requested me to teach something more about computers that she know only C++, I granted. She sat down in front of the computer and started Paint. I noticed that she don't have enough practice to use mouse. I explain the usage of mouse and demonstrate. She tried it, but was not accurate.

I helped her by holding her hand within my palm. At this time I notice that her hand is shivering, so I release her hand. I stood at the rear and ask her to do the same. She tried but made the same mistake. I again helped her as before, this time I didn't release her hand quickly. After a few moment I release her hand and did a massage up to her elbow.

I made it look like an accident. But it made her upset and she lost concentration. I am sure that she can't do anything correct. So I asked her to do the same. She started moving mouse and it moves like a drunkard drive.

I patted on her shoulder and repeated the same by holding her hand in my palm and I put my left arm's in her left shoulder. After this I rest both of my hand in her shoulders and asked to repeat. Her attempt again was wrong and I gave a pinch on her right ear. Ahhh she makes a noise, I asked 'did u have more pain'. 'Yes' she answered. I began to massage her ear by my right hand.

After a few seconds I moved my left hand to her cheek and started massage. She was shocked that I know but I don't mind it. I move my right hand also to her right cheek. She stopped moving mouse, but no rejection. I considered it as a green signal. My fingers moves through her jaw, chin and to the forehead also.

I draw a line using my first finger through her nostril. Then I moved my fingers to her lip and enjoy the smoothness of her wet small ruby lip. I saw her hands are shivering and she become very nervous. I don't want to waste time. So I moved my hand to her neck and moved it down.

She was wearing a blouse and skirt with kasavu (pattupavada and blouse). I moved my hand over her blouse make a squeeze at her small (her bra size may be less that 28) boobs. Suddenly she thrown my hands away and stand up from the chair. Her face became red and eye was filled and full of her body was shivering.

She took her bag and moved to the door, but I am very hot and I caught her and pulled her to my body. Her bag fell down and I bound her with my arms and started squeezing her ass. She started to moan and thrusing on my chest. I twisted her and now she is in front of me. I move my hand through her boobs, belly, thigh and pressed her pussy.

She started to refuse and trying to break my embrace. She was moaning lightly. Then I twisted her and lift up her body a little by holding my hand at the back side her neck and sucked her lip deeply and hardly and also massage her hair, shoulders and back. After this (it lengths about one minute) She become very nervous and her eyes to be half closed and stop refusing.

I understood that she haven't any experience before. I locked the main door. Lifted her up and took the inside office room and laid her on the table. I started kissing her on her cheeks, chin, lips and neck. Then I raised her skirt up to her knee only, it was marvelous scene and I enjoyed the wet smooth shin and then I moved my hand through her thigh and reached her panties.

I lost my control and squeezed madly and hardly on her boobs and she some sounds like 'avoo', 'aaahh' because of pain. I undid her skirt and began to remove her blouse, for that I twisted her because the blouse has locks in back side. After unlocking I twisted her again and started removing her blouse.

At this time she said its not right...”let me go.. please....”. I told her that a good experience is waiting for you. I removed her petticoat also. Now she is in a black bra and green panties. I also undid my shirt and jeans and shuddy.

My penis become very hard and thirsty. I pulled up her from the table push to the wall and I started kissing and enjoying her. I removed her bra and panties also and squeezes and suck her nipple. At this time she made some sounds like ahh, ahh. Then I pushed her down.

She was sitting on the floor then I pulled a chair to there and I sat on it, trapped her between my legs. I asked her to massage my penis. She didn't respond to my request. I requested again. I took her hand and put it on my penis. But she pull it back. I pulled her head by holding my right hand on the back side of her neck.

She opened her mouth. I insert my penis into her mouth and moved it front and back. I asked her to suck using tounge but she didn't do it. She sucked it about three minuts and stopped. I asked her to lay on table and she obeyed me. Now she is laying on the table and I am standing near. Once again I kissed her and massage her all body.

Then I grab her thigh, lift slightly in air and split. My penis is ready and I just shake it nicely touching her vagaina and I pushed slowly it into her vagaina. It was not easy. After a few moments I made a hard push, ouuuu, her mouth opend and eyes bulged out. On that position I began to squeeze her boobs and make horse riding slowly.

And then I increase speed gradually and she makes some sounds and acts like a snake. At last moment of enjoyment I pulled out and shaked by hand and my juice sprayed to her belly. I looked up to her and she is laying eye closed. I give her some more kisses and massage on back. She got up.

I told her to go to the bathroom and wash face and wear dress proper. She went to the bath room. After I consoled her with some soft comforting chat, I got a promise from her not to tell to anyone about this. She went out. I sat in front of a computer and thought about it.

After two minutes someone was closing my eyes from my behind using palm. I caught that hand and looked back. I was amazed!!! Soumya is standing there again. “What happened?” I asked “Nothing, that bus also gone” she replied with a naughty smile.

She made a call to her home. Told her mom that 'She will be only coming in the evening, because she had some extra classes' her mom agreed. I was stunned. She come very closer to me hugged me tight and whispered in my ears “It wasn’t enough for me....I want more”. I was on top of the heaven. We played about two hours on that day.

Fucking sexy chemistry teacher

This is a incident that took place when I was studying. I stay in trivandrum, and I am going to relate an experience I had with my chemistry teacher "sujhita". Sujitha teacher was our school chemistry teacher. She was the woman of my erotic fantasies.

She was 38 yrs old and about 5. 4 in height. She had a medium complexion. She was fat. She had a shakeela figure . She had very big boobs, a nice broad belly and a huge bust. But more then these parts, I was fascinated by another part of hers. It was her sweet plump armpits.

Usually its very hot in trivandrum, so the armpits part of her blouse used to be soaked with sweat and it looked wet. This used to arouse me very much. During her class I used to pray for her to lift her hand so I could see her wet blouse. Once I got aroused so much, that after the class I ran to the toilet to masturbate. I was not very good at chemistry.

My mom decided that I should go for tuition. She asked me if I knew any good teacher. I told her that sujita teacher was good. The next day we went to her house. She told that usually she doesn’t take tuition. But my mom insisted her and she finally agreed. And finally I got the chance I was praying for, to sit next to my favorite teacher. The next day I started tuition.

Her timings were 5-6:30 pm and I was the only student. She used to wear the sari she wore at school. She used to sit beside me to teach me. Sitting next to her I used to admire her boobs but never got much of chance to see her armpits. Then one day her while she was teaching she wanted to take a book.

The shelf was beside and she raised her hand to take the book. For the first time I saw her sweaty blouse up-close I smelled the air, the smell of her sweat aroused me, and I got an instant hard-on. She saw me a dazed state and saw that my jean had a bulge. She immediately put her hand down and looked at me . I suddenly became conscious and looked away.

I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about the experience. I decided, I had to have her . The next day was hot as usual. I went to her house and to my luck there was no current and it was very hot inside. She was wearing a light purple sari. We sat down and she started to teach. Suddenly the electricity came. She then went to switch on the fan, the switch was above me. She lifted her hand, again I caught the glimpse of her sweaty armpit. I couldn’t control myself.

I hugged her and kissed her on the neck. She was startled. She said "arun nee enda cheeyane,veede ene". I payed no heed and continued to kiss her neck, licking all her sweat around it. She screamt "eda veede ena. . Arun enda cheyune. . Veede". I said "ma'am please, eniku ma'am ne veenum please onum prayale". I grabbed her face and kissed her on her lips. Now she became quiet. After that I removed my lips. I started to remove her pallu.

She said"illa venda, edu sheriala. . Umma vechile adu madi". I didn’t listen to her. I kissed the upper portion of her boobs since the rest was covered by her blouse. I then lifted her hand and kissed her sweaty blouse. The smell was awesome. . . I started licking the sweaty blouse. I tasted her sweat. It was salty. Then I started to unhook her blouse.

She said"arun. . Aye. . Yan nende teacher aa. . Venda. . Idu vennda". I said "ma'am pls. . Idu yan arodum prayathila. . Pls". She then agreed. She said "shery pashe ende mula kande neerthanam". I then took off her blouse . I took her blouse and took the armpit part of her blouse and sucked it, drinking all her sweat.

It tasted awesome. I then got to see her 40 size boobs it was packed in a red bra. She said "vegam ave. . Enda mula nake". I said "ma'am nende mula nakene mumbe eniku nekulude kacham uma vekanum". I lifted her hand, for the first time I saw her beautiful armpits. It was slightly black and had some hair on it. I went near and smelt it. It was lovely.

I then kissed it; it was soft and very warm. Then I slowly licked it. It tasted lovely. I could feel her armpits hair stroking my tongue. She giggled "eniku ikile edukunu. . Pashe nale sugham thonunu". Slowly I licked her armpits; licking off all her sweat. I sucked her armpits. Then I lifted her left hand. I started licking it too.

I licked and sucked every inch of it. Then I said "ma'am eniku ma'am inde kasham bangare ishtama". She giggled. I then slowly took of her bra, and saw her boobs. It was very big, her nipples were dark. I gently sucked it and liked it. She started moaning. I started sucking it a little harder. I licked all over it and licked her chest between her boobs.

She caught my head and pressed my face on her boobs. Then I went down and kissed the upper portion of her belly. I started kissing all over her belly. It was smooth and warm. She said "madi. . Madi, enda mula ne naki ila. . Ini madi". I said "ma'am please . . Ma'am inde vaite . . . Yan uno umma vechote".

She said "ila venda. . Alenge nenuke control cheyam patatila". I said "maa'am pls idu yan arodum parathila. . Ma'am inde pokul yan onu nakikote". She said "shery pache . . Ade karinjute. . Nerithanam". I kissed all over her belly then I went a little low and saw her pokul, it was deep. I kissed it and then inserted my tongue into it.

She moaned and pulled her belly back. I caught her back and rammed my tongue into her belly button. I started licking all inside it. She shivered slightly and giggled "ikulli edukunu". I continued to lick her pokul. I started moving my tongue up and down inside her pokul. Then I went down and started licking the line down her pokul. She moaned.

She said "ini madialu. . Ne nende teacherne oru vepati akialo. . . Madi". I said "ma'am pls. . . Yan kore kalam konde ingene cheyan agrahichu. . Pls ma'am ende vepati ala…pakche ende mistress aa. . Yan ma'am de sex servant". Saying this I started to remove the rest of her sari. But she caught it "venda. . Edu cheriala". I begged her.

She said "shaery pakche ende panty ooran yan samapikila". I agreed and removed her sari. Now she was in a black underskirt. I told her to sit on the table. I took her feet and kissed it. I started kissing her on the ankles. I moved her underskirt and went up to her legs. I kissed all over it. I moved her underskirt more and saw her thighs. I kissed all over her thighs.

It was soft and fat. Then I moved her underskirt further up until I saw the down part of her panty . I kissed the upper part of her thighs. She was moaning and moving her legs. I then pushed her underskirt full up. I saw her brown panty. It was wet at the pussy part. I lifted her right leg and kissed her inner things. It was a little black and was very soft and warm.

I started licking it. She started moaning loudly. I went uptil the edge of her panty near the pussy and smelt the wet panty. It smelt very nice. Then I kissed the inner thighs of the left leg and kissed all around it. She moved and said "ikile edukunu". I said "ma'am pls. . Yan ma'am ine poore kandote. . Yan onu nakikote". She said "venda. . Yan nende teacher aa". I begged her.

She said "shery pache ide arodum parayarude". She continued"adende nombe. . Eniku nende nagna shariram kananam”. I agreed. She took off my tee shirt and started kissing my chest. She licked my nipples and pokul. She removed my jeans and took off my underwear. My 5 inch inch finally got freedom. She said "nende undi atrem validala. .

Pakche bangare thadi aa". She kissed the tip of my undi and started sucking it. It felt very good. She kissed and sucked my balls. She took me to the bedroom she lied down and spread her legs and said "vaa. . Nende teacherne nanam eduke". I went to her and took out her brown panty, and saw her pussy. It was very hairy.

Since it was hot, she had sweat in the area between her thigh and the pussy. I slowly licked it and tasted it. It had a stronger saltiness then her armpit sweat. I tasted it to my hearts content. I then kissed her pussy and started licking it.

She was moaning and shaking her hips and pushed my tongue deep inside, it was very soft inside and very watery. The water was a little salty. I sucked her pussy . Then I slowly liked my tongue downward and saw her asshole. I licked all around and licked inside it. She was moaning. Them I got up. She said "madi. . Nende teacherde manam ne edute kalgile. .

Ende alam bagam ne kandile. . Madi". I said "ma'am pls. . Yan ma'am porruil enda kunna ketate”. She said "venda. . Yan nende teacher anu". I knew she was simply playing. I took her legs caught each in one hand slept on her. I then took my dick and inserted it into her pussy. She screamt "venda. . Venda". I started moving my dick up and down in her pussy .

It felt very good. She now stopped screaming. It felt very nice . She now said "ichiri uli kete". She caught my back and started pushing me. My dick went deeper and deeper. It felt very nice. Suddenly the feeling became bigger and bigger. . And I burst inside her pussy .

I continued to fuck her but slowly my dick started shrinking. I became tired now fell beside hugged her and kissed her. She told"nee kolam. . Eniku ende jeevthethil ethram sukham ketiila. . . Edu arodum prayarudu". After this we went to the bathroom and took bath together. She then wanted to urinate. I said "ma'am iniku ma'am inde muthram kudikanam".

She agreed and sat down on her toes, moved her legs apart and started to urinate. I went and started to lick her muthram. It was warm and very salty, but tasted nice. I then put my face under her pussy, all the muthram was falling on my face. I then put my mouth on her pussy and her muthram was going directly into my mouth and I drank her muthram. .

I got horny again . I said "ma'am inku ineem cheyanam". She told me to lie down. I lied down on the bathroom floor . She came on top of me took dick and sat on my hip. My dick went rite into her pussy. She started moving up and down. After some time I was going to burst and I told her "varunonde". But she got up. I asked "enduna nerthiya".

She didn’t say anything and took my dick and put it inside her mouth and began sucking it. I burst inside her mouth and she drank my sperm. My dick got smaller and now I wanted to urinate. She said she wanted to taste my muthram. She put my dick into her mouth and I started to put muthram. She said it tasted very nice.

She then took my dick and started to suck it while I was putting muthram in her mouth (like a baby sucking breast for milk), this made the muthram come faster, it felt great. We then toweled and put our clothes on. After this we used to have sex on every tuition class. We used to study for an hour and used to have 1/2 and hour sessions. During these sessions we used to concentrate only on one part.

Like on one day her lips, next day her boobs, the next day her ass. But on all days before starting, I used to enjoy her armpits, licking and sucking it off all the day’s sweat. I shaved her armpits and tried licking sweat from a clean armpit on the next day, but hair adds more smell and hence more flavor to her armpits. We used to masturbate each other and drink each others muthram.

Student humps as teacher

Hi all, I visited Human Digest site truly by accident and believe me I have liked it very much. I like the teacher stories very much and as I was going through the stories, I recollected an incident that happened with me around 8 years back.

I was doing my engineering and although I managed to get a good score was not that very brilliant at studies. Infact, I was never very good in my studies right though my schooling days. Forget my academics that is not what I have come to write about. A bit about me, used to go to a gym and hence had a good athletic body. Not very tall, average height of 5’7” and had curly hair that was my asset.

The incident that I am going to tell me happened when I had a study leave for my exams. During the day I used to study and then in the evenings I used go to our campus and play cricket. There lived a couple prakash and malti with their 4 year old child on the ground floor. After we used to finish playing we used to go to their windows and drink water.

This became such a routine for us as well as them that malti would keep the bottle of water ready before we have finished our game. Prakash had a business of decorators for marriage halls or seminar etc…and his profession was such that he would have to wait till the function got over and he and his men used to dismantle the decorations and keep it at their store and then come home.

As for malti she was a house wife and was doing part time M.Com, she was also a beautician. Now it happened that one evening as usual we finished our game and were drinking water, when one of my friend asked if I could help him with a formulae in maths. Now here was one subject that I liked the most and I explained it to him about how the formulae is derived. All this was heard by malti.

After a couple of hours we all went to our respective homes and I freshened and sat for my studies. I did not realize when malti had come to our house and my mom called me. Mom,asked me if it would be possible for me to teach malti math’s asked her when do I have the time to teach her, as I had my own studies to take care.

Mom scolded me that instead of wasting my time playing stupid cricket, why don’t I help her in studies. I was reluctant but had to agree under protest. But I had my condition and the condition was that malti would have to come to my house in the evening and I would teach her. My reasoning was simple that in that way I would also get time to study a bit more. Days passed and malti was not that dumb as I had thought and she started to pick up the topics faster.

One evening, my parents told me that they would be going to my uncle’s place and would be returning late. I was like mad at them because I thought I would miss food. But mom told me that she has asked malti if she could make it for me a bit more extra. That evening there was something special about malti. She had worn a black sari and matching blouse.

We finished her session and as she was to leave she asked me if it is ok that she stays with me till my parents are back as her husband is also going to come in late. I thought yes in that way I would be able to finish her studies a bit faster. She rushed home, cooked the food and came back with her sleeping child and without any books. I asked her what does she intend to do without her books. She said that she would just be here and read some novel.

I asked her to go to my room that had an ac so that the child will sleep properly. I was not able to concentrate on my studies so I decide that I would go and talk to her for some time. As I entered the room, I was stunned at what I saw. She was lying on her stomach and she was reading her book. As she was reading she was swaying hers legs and this had caused her sari to fall down.

When I looked up I saw an even beautiful, in the mirror opposite to the bed I saw her sari fallen off her shoulder and for the first time I had seen the cleavage of a woman. I was so dumb stuck that I did not even notice when she got up from the bed and was looking at me and the state that she was.

She came upto me and touched me, that touch was different and led me to the bed and made me sit and asked me to close my mouth and laughed. Then she asked me is first time that I saw a cleavage and I said yes. She knew that I had a girlfriend. She said that tonight she would be my teacher and me her student. I had nothing to say and I agreed.

She asked to touch her cheeks and I placed my palms on her cheeks and then she asked me to kiss her wherever I felt like. I was so mesmerized by her cleavage that I kissed her there and as I tried to lift my head I found a resistance and she had held the back of my head so tight that I had no other option but to continue with my act.

I kissed her and licked her cleavage and then it was an involuntary act that followed. My hands reached upto her breasts and I fondled them slowly. She on her part was removing the hooks slowly and as the blouse parted I could see more and more of her breasts.

I moved my mouth from her cleavage to kiss her on her breast and I helped her in removing the hook of the bra. As the bra came apart I slowly caressed her breast and held her right nipple between my thumb and middle finger and started sucking on her left nipple. I felt like I was out of this world.

Slowly we both stood up and she was half naked from top and I was going on sucking one nipple after the other till both of them gleamed with my saliva. Then I started kissing er over her milky body and licked her navel real deep. My hands moved down and lifted her sari and caressed her legs and then continued till I reached her thighs.

She parted her thighs and my hands continued their ascend till I reached her panty. I tugged her panty down all the while kissing and licking her navel. As I removed her panty I had the access to her shaven love hole and I pushed my fingers into her. I think I heard her moan and then moved my second finger into her and this time I was sure that I heard a moan.

I lifted her sari upto her waist and replaced my fingers with my mouth and started licking her with my tongue. By this time she was going weak in her knees and so I lay her on the bed and continued licking her and fingering her clit. This went on for some time and suddenly her body shuddered and she held my head tight in between her thighs and I saw that her love hole was leaking. She had the most beautiful smile on her face. A look of being completely satisfied. She got up and kissed me on my lips and said thanks.